In Paris, during the interwar years, the avant-garde and artists developed a passion for what they saw as black culture. Part of it was due to the trade in exotic items from French colonies in Africa and part of it was due to exposure to black troops from America and Africa during the war. The word negrophilia is derived from the French négrophilie that means love of the negro. The modern and fashionable of the day would collect African art, listen to Jazz and hang out at clubs where the Charleston was popular.

A century later, a similar sort of frenzy has gripped people who fashion themselves as sophisticated and fashionable. Instead of Jazz, they listen to hip-hop and worship black sports figures. Instead of collecting African art, they collect African orphans. More important, instead of admiring the cultural products of blacks, they have developed an unconscious worship of blacks. They have elevated them to minor gods, who must be protected at all cost. The protection of these gods is a sign of righteousness.

This new form of negrophilia is entirely a conservative thing. That’s conservative as in right-wing Progressive, not historic conservatives. These are the people who see Candace Owens as something of a shaman. So much so allegedly sober minded people are willing to embrace nutty academic fads in order to prove their love for her. It’s not her specifically, but black exceptionalism in general. Any black who embraces the habits of white bourgeois society becomes something sacred to be defended at all costs.

You see that with the so-called principled conservative crowd, who are suddenly up in arms about the media harassing someone for their political opinions. Those principled conservatives took to their quill pens to denounce the Daily Beast for posting personal information about a black Facebook user, who mocked Nancy Pelosi. He either created or doctored a video of Pelosi, which showed her slurring her words. The Left was very upset by it, as it mocked their octogenarian leader.

Up until this point, the principled conservatives were silent on the campaign of harassment by the Daily Beast against other people holding taboo opinions. The reason is those victims were white and their opinions are pro-white. Conservatives were not just silent about the social media purges of pro-white users, they celebrated it. They wrote snickering posts about how private companies had the absolute right to censor speech and the victims were free to create their own platforms.

The obsequious David French tries to find some principles that makes it OK for the media to harass white people, but not black people. All he is able to do is insert himself into the story as an alleged victim of mean people on-line. His effort to defend the sacred black man is just autoethnicgraphic groveling. For those unaware, when the term “cuckservative:” was popularized, French was one of the first guys to see it turn up in his twitter feed. He has never recovered from it.

One thing to note is that none of these principled conservatives can be bothered to defend a principle here. Theirs is an emotional response. They see a sacred black in distress and they naturally rush to his aid. It’s what drove them to slobber over Diamond and Silk, the black YouTube performers. It’s what made Sheriff Clark a star. Sure, it is a way for them to shout “DR3” as they hiss at the Left, but the driver is not just the desire to zing the Left. These people worship an idealized black.

This fever has gripped them to the point where they are unable to defend their own ideas, what few of them exist, without finding a back to confirm them. Conservative Inc. has been vexed by the rise of white identity politics, but could never muster much of an argument against it. The reason is it would require attacking left-wing identity politics and they can’t risk that, so they now have a black to do the job for them. Blacks are always used as a cat’s paw by principled conservatives.

Of course, the cause of this is a phenomenon that started on the Left in the 1980’s, when liberals moved past the street theater of radicalism. Instead of going to the ghetto to link arms with people like Jess Jackson, the new radicals wanted to invite blacks into their world. Not just any blacks, of course. They preferred the talented ten percent, who would be happy to confirm the sensibilities of bourgeois radicalism, by aping the opinions and mannerisms of the bourgeois bohemians. Barak Obama says hello.

Forgotten to the mists of time were Obama prototypes like former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke. Back in the 1980’s, he was the first of a new breed of black politician. He was Ivy League educated and more comfortable in the boardroom than the ghetto. As the saying went at the time, he was black, but not, you know, black. His role was not to be the voice of black America in the ruling class, but instead to be the symbol of ruling class virtue. White politicians loved having their picture taken with him.

Because today’s principled conservatism is just yesterday’s Progressive fads, the modern conservative now embraces the negrophilia of the 1980’s. Just as the liberals of yesterday were interested only in an idealized black, today’s conservatives only care about blacks who play a similar role. They ignore the blacks who the Left employs to attack white culture, as they fear being called a racist. Instead they worship people like Candace Owens and Diamond and Silk, who are willing to confirm their virtue.

That’s not to say that Sheriff Clarke or Candace Owens are dishonest in their presentations or running a con on white people. They seem sincere in their beliefs. According to all accounts, they are genuinely nice people. The thing is, what they say is not remarkable. The reason they are stars is they are black people saying the same things Sean Hannity says every night. These principled conservatives love these people because they assure them they are not going to be called a racist.

The one big difference between the Left’s negrophilia and that of these principled conservatives is self-awareness. For the Left, these good blacks were just useful pawns in the culture war. They were a means to an end. For principled conservatives, these sorts of fads are an end in themselves. That’s because principled conservatism is a defensive crouch, not a set of ideas aimed at a goal. Despite all of their howling about their principles, principled conservatism is just a pose.

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230 thoughts on “Negrophilia

  1. The reason is it would require attacking left-wing identity politics and they can’t risk that

    C’mon, Z. Conservatives rail against white, black, Arab, gay, etc. identity politics in the mainstream every day. There’s exactly one group whose identity politics conservatives won’t risk attacking.

    • I’ll give you that. I was thinking more about the meta-politics of it. They will argue against identity politics in the abstract or maybe, maybe mention race hustling, but they never get into the weeds of the issue. Too risky.

      • Z: Fair enough. When you put it that way I agree.

        Rod (below, don’t want to clog the thread): That may be. Funny you say 3 years ago, because it’s been about that long since I completely quit even trying to keep a sense of what the NormieCon talking points were. I lost interest after election night 2016 and get it second hand from FTN, Z, etc., so I may be prone to forgetting just how cucked those people are.

    • No one touches Muslims anymore, least of all FoxNews. No one says anything about the Gay mafia or the various Hispanic identity groups like La Raza, Mecha, etc.

      Basically any group who isn’t white and male is off limits. It’s far worse now than it was say 3 years ago.

      The only person I know who sort of goes there is Tucker Carlson and he has to be real careful lest he get fired.

  2. “That’s not to say that Sheriff Clarke or Candace Owens are dishonest in their presentations or running a con on white people. They seem sincere in their beliefs.”

    Clarke doesn’t seem like he should even know which end of the pistol goes in which direction (might be sideways for all he knows) and Owens ran her own little intel gathering startup doxxing “bullies”. Neither one are what could be considered “honest” nor “nice” (Clarke, perhaps, is nice in that same way happy idiots are).

    Owens is a cockroach. For people like her, histories do matter and as she eventually comes to whatever position of influence, the old narcissistic traits will show themselves. In a soft, atomized country like the States, there is less reason to completely replace old habits.

  3. Back in the nineties I made the mistake at the suggestion of our HR department in trying out a black guy for an operational position in my department. After a few weeks, two and a half months before his probationary period was over I informed the HR people of his incompetence and suggested we fire him. The power to hire and fire had been taken away from anyone other than Director level managers, otherwise I would have fired him on the spot after two grueling agonizing weeks. Getting them to act was like climbing Everest without oxygen. Company policy at the time allowed for anyone to be let go with or without cause within a ninety day probationary period. Unless I guess, you were black. After following my suggestion that they monitor his phone calls they finally agreed that we/they had enough cause to get rid of him. He was on the phone conducting personal business (he was evidently brokering BMWs on the side) ninety percent of the workday. He was never able to take on any new assignments or to complete any of his basic responsibilities. He came highly recommended by a number of people both inside and outside our organization. It was suggested that my team would “benefit from a little diversity”. Human Resources exact words. He was touted as a Magic Negro. Negro worship manifests itself in many ways. If you are white and demand everyone in the business group you manage do their jobs regardless of race be very very careful my friends. You may be saddled with more than just a poor performing team member. Standards for me not for thee is part of the White mans burden. If he would have just done his job there wouldn’t have been any problems. If he had been white he would have been immediately let go at my suggestion no questions asked. Negrophilia is alive and well and living in Paris with Jacques Brel.

  4. Writers at NRO, 15 years or more ago, used to mock the Left for its constant search for the “numinous negro,” who, through some metaphysical voudou, tapped into a higher plane of morality than YT could hope to reach. An example of this was the proliferation of black, female judges in Hollywood little and big screen productions. Alas, the twits at NRO and throughout the rest of the cuckservative realm, are now on constant quests for the numinous negro. Some, such as David French, even adopt them…

  5. Zman, regarding drive from Prague to Copenhagen,

    There are good roads from Prague through Germany where you can catch a ferry at Rostock to get you to Gedser, Denmark. From Gedser, you can drive from Copenhagen in 2+ hours, traffic gods willing. I’ve driven this route, last time about 5 years ago. But there are numerous active construction zones and these (or an accident) can generate hours of stopped traffic. Don’t try it unless you have plenty of time for the trip and don’t mind being trapped on an elongated cement parking lot with many furriners. There are fuel stops with restaurants right on the autobahns. Be sure to have a good GPS.

    The suggested route on Google maps takes you past Dresden (well worth a look if you have time) and Berlin (also worth a look, but other than a full day is a waste). Rostock is an old Hansa town with some classic buildings of that era, similar to Tallin.

    Google maps says it’s a 10 hour trip driving straight through, but don’t believe that. You might need ferry reservations.

  6. There is absolutely nothing cuckier than watching Lou Dobbs converse with Diamond and Silk. His condescending, pukey grin always has me reaching for the remote control.

  7. The best thing our Modern Day Masters have done in the past decade is to accelerate the attempt to shame people by calling them “Racist”. When it used to work, it was a shameful thing, but as the desperation of the Left to control the narrative increased after BHO’s election, any sort of dissent became RAYCESS, which weakened the term. This resulted in more regular folks going, “Hang on a minute…” and being called RAYCESS in return… and the cycle continues until today. When no one I take seriously bats an eye when noticing the active miscegenation campaign on the TV and is subsequently called a RAYCESS, then I know we’re doing something right.

    • There is a lot of the “grey man” thing going on, but don’t think people don’t notice.

  8. Roses are red
    Violets are nifty
    How does 13%
    Become 50?

    My eleven year old told me this little ditty the other day. His best friend is black. But he already knows what’s what. I trust that GenZ will be based on race.

  9. Hollywood has a big role in this. There’s been a formula in the movie business since the early 80’s at least, actually the 60’s in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. The formula, especially in action/thriller genre is a “wise negro” – insert “James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, etc., who shows the way for (insert leading white actor) and provides a moral basis for action. Sometimes while dying in a hospital bed in Christ like homage. Then you have the “man of action” negro like Jamie Foxx, Wesley Snipes,Will Smith etc. The brave shock trooper of justice who rights all wrongs and sometimes literally saves the world.

    This is now engrained in our culture. The interesting thing is the formula cal for only one “wise negro” or “man of action” negro. Notice that Dwayne “The Rock” wants to run for President. This would be the ultimate “negro saves the world” reality show.’

    • On TV shows and in movies, the Army general will always be a black man. Sometimes the general will be a white female and the ultimate leader will be a black female general My favorite is the 90 pound woman beating the crap out of a 200 pound man.

      • Then you get into the “woman formula” the Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie, knocking down men left and right. The strong empowered female in a man’s world. We’ve become pavlovian to these Hollywood tricks.

    • In the movie “The Martian”, the mathematical genius who comes up with a hitherto never imagined solution for getting our hero back from Mars is, drum roll, black.

      • Actually, the thing that drove me crazy about that bit in “The Martian” is that gravity slingshots are a well-known technique in space flight, there was nothing new or visionary in Black Genius’s proposal. What I found even more grating was the guy’s rudeness and condescension to his superiors.

        • TBF, would you expect Hollywood to invent a revolutionizing ballistic technique? This is raw Newtonian mechanics, there are no short-cuts if you want stay within the laws of nature.

          The book is somewhat better, although not one Uncle Felix would recommend if you’re not a space buff. Lots more geek stuff, and his attitude is better explained: He has to cycle through two airlocks to get at the radio, and mission control wants to micromanage him down to his every toilet visit.

          What annoyed me most, both with the book and the movie, is his insouciant attitude to being stranded on Mars, you get zero sense of dread and desperation.

      • Yes, that would be the “wise negro” who shows the path of the way home. A classic character. Similar to the Terminator 2 negro who got SkyNet to work based on a half burnt micro-chip.

        This is why Hollywood is dying by the way. It can’t burst out of the formulaic rut.

      • Notice who was in that movie about every one of them was a fucking Communist…Look in to that cast backgrounds…

  10. What is notable about Candace Owens is that she never says anything unique or even mildly interesting. What makes her noteworthy is that she is black. She is a magical talisman for normie-cons, giving them a warm and fuzzy feeling because they are following a black lady on twitter. If she were a plain Jane white girl no one would pay her the slightest attention but a black woman saying “conservative” things is a novelty.

    • Watching “Oprah” used to serve the same purpose for normie-cons. I know because my grandmother–requiescat in pace–was one.

  11. It’s too vulgar to go mainstream, but I really like a term I first saw in your comment section to describe this phenomenon: Dinduism. It’s got a rigid caste system and everything. (I hope no horrible rayciss slaps a sideways ball cap, a grille, and some chainz on Hanuman, as the AUM symbol for the new millennium. So dank a meme would be wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong).

  12. Modern punditry is about monetizing your personal demons, a Freudian “win-win” in the sense that Freud himself monetized his inner pervert (his theory itself is auto-erotic charlatanry). Making money by expressing your feelz is the modern solipsist’s dream gig.

    For French, defending Big Other serves many purposes. Muh paycheck is in that list, but in his case, not at #1. That slot belongs to owning the guys who called him a cuck. Given that French married a Goths for Christ thot who was groomed by her pastor (as she informed us in her WaPo op-ed) who is clearly the materfamilias of the French clan, right down to making him support some African’s child (hopefully via adoption, but…), cuckservative was all too apt a label. He is beta-to-the-bone

    Throw in LARP’ing as a decorated veteran of Iraq (rear echelon desk jockey ala McMullin & Buttigieg) and you have the type specimen for cuckservatism. Not even Yesterday’s Man, but worse still, Never-Was Man.

    The authentic, if atavistic, masculinity of blacks, male & female alike, is a flame for moths like the Frenchs. As Z has noted before, Blacks tend to despise the kind of inauthentic fakery which the French clan apparently considers a family value. The more Blacks disdain them, the more the Frenchs mudshark them, as with their negrophilic Fellow Travellers.

    • French-bashing – and NR bashing in general – is awesome, and I enjoy it as much as anyone.

      The thing is, David French is not our enemy. He’s a putz; meanwhile serious forces are mobilizing out there to destroy us.

      Just thinking priorities here.

      • To be fair, French and company are helping neutralizing people who could be fighting the left. He deserves some pushback for that reason.

  13. Reading today’s screed, the memory of Tom Wolfe’s description of Leonard Bernstein’s dinner parties in the Radical Chic/Mau-Mau book comes to mind.

    If there is anything valuable in the Leftie delusional pantheon, it is the intense focus on race as it relates to every-last-thing. We can use that attitude to our benefit. The more things get defined by skin color, the easier it is for us to break the door down and make people understand, one by one.

    Making people try to defend what is going on in Minnesota and the Somalis is a good start. When you share all the stuff that has been happening there lately, but is hidden by the press, well, there is an opening waiting to be created. Use it, make people take a side.

    • Tom Wolfe: Radical Chic

      A great visionary. Also read his (equally lengthy, equally excellentt) essay on modern architecture, explaining how Commies destroyed the modern cityscapes.

      I’m increasingly convinced that modern architecture (like modern art) is a deliberate attempt to cut us off from our cultural history, severing connections to the past in order to replace our heritage with ugly, meaningless crap. A global state needs all cities to look alike, no national or regional traditions allowed.

        • Gehry

          Much worse. We’re talking Mies van der Rohe, the stuff that looks like a white brick put on its end – Bauhaus, an exercise in purist virtue-spiralling, competing to make the most nondescript building imaginable. Basically every cheap skyscraper in the world.

          The early Bauhausers decided they couldn’t have it with steepled roofs because – I kid you not – it symbolized a crown and thereby hierarchy and oppression. That’s why early modernist buildings are streaked with grime: without a roof, the rain water just seeps down the walls. Maybe those 5,000 years of architectural experience has a point, after all?

          • And then there are the brutalists. Irony abounds as ((Dr. Seuss)) gets a brutalist library dedicated to him at UC San Diego.

          • Modernist architecture falls into roughly two phases.

            Early modernism (1940s to 1970s) was bland, stripped down, sterile: glass-box or ice-cube-tray high rises, raw concrete low rises.

            Modern modernism (1980s to present) is “individualistic,” designer-centric: look-at-me sensational, bizarre, stridently anti-traditional. Like Gehry’s buildings as crumpled aluminum foil.

            They are equally contemptuous of beauty and artistry.

      • Wolfe also wrote a good critique of contemporary art and its press agents: A little book called “The Painted Word”.

      • Google “American Thinker”, “Somalis have changed Minneapolis” by Sunny Lohman, 6/3/19. A good connect-the-dots overview.

      • Normie, you must live in International Falls, MN or maybe in the southern part of the state, like Worthington, MN far away from the Somali settlement in Minneapolis. Otherwise, you’d know.

      • I call BS. You live in Minnesota, and you’ve never heard of Somalis making live worse in Minneapolis? Are you a fucking shut-in or something?

        Never heard of the Somali that threw the white kid off the balcony at the Mall of America? Never heard of the Somali cop that shot the white woman? Never heard of the crime in Somali neighborhoods? The refugee racket? The stabbings?

        • Well Citizen he certainly is living up to his handle…Bet he doesn’t even know that Normie is an insult given to those who are willfully ignorant…

          • Ha!
            I bet you dont even known that people on the internet who are always begging to “meet in person” are rather trying to doxx or a ragging ho……
            I’m sure despite your desperation you’re neither…

          • Yep, you’re definitely a troll. Too bad.

            Don’t worry, you’re side almost certainly will win. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those on your side hate you, and we hate you. Your kids and grandkids will sleep with one eye open, waiting for that knock on the door. Didn’t have to be that way, but it’s what you wanted.

          • I can smell the stink of fear on you all the way over here Normie…You can’t stand the thought of white people getting together to rid themselves of you Communists Fucks…Now come on give me a down vote again…

        • Nope. Just not a person who takes 3 events in 12 months and brands a whole race of people as evil.
          Just like I dont deem the whole white race as terrorists for a menatlly ill reject killing 50 people in NZ.
          I can see why old peole reading propganda websites would think that though.

          • Now I know that you’re a troll. You remind of me that douche bag over at Sailer by the name of Cornivus or something. Same M.O. – though, admittedly, I haven’t read the guy for years. (Indeed, within a comment or two, I suspected that you were the same guy.)

            1. Push whites to never think in identity terms
            2. Never understand regression to the mean, i.e. why would you have a problem with the nice black family that moved in.
            3. Mexicans are the new Italians and Irish
            4. Force everyone to define every word ad infinitum
            5. Bog down the debate until no one remembers what the hell they were talking

            That schtick (and, yeah, I use the word schtick on purpose because I also suspect that it fits your background) may have worked back in the day, but times are changing.

            Here’s my response to you and Corny: Z-Man is right. We’re moving from the Ideological Age to the Demographic Age. Things are getting tribal. If you’re not in my tribe, you have no say in our affairs – and you’re sure as hell not in my tribe.

            Maybe over at Sailer, it’s still a debate club, but in these parts, we’re starting to look at what to do. So save the debate tricks for another crowd, we’re past that.

          • Dude,
            Not only should you be the first Prez of our soon to come Ethno State, but you should be the head of the new Ethno FBI!!! Your detective skills are amazing!!!
            Maybe after you and Lineman have your manly powwow you two dandies could give us the road map to beating 45% of whites who would rather see every conservative crucified upside down, than tell a poc to turn their music down on the city bus…
            Ill save the reasonable questions for the people with a higher IQ…. where my schtick is understood and not rejected cause I dodnt drink the fantasy ethno koolaid…
            Thanks for the laugh buddy!!!

  14. Since it’s the worst thing to be a racist, the conservatives view blacks like Diamond & Silk, the HodgeTwins, Larry Elder, Candace Owens and Terrence Williams as proof that blacks can be smart and successful and that thought gives themselves a shot of feel-good. Maybe it’s a dopamine hit. They think all we need to do is convince them to have fathers in their lives and work hard, and rid themselves of the Democratic plantation mentality and all the rest of it, and the black dysfunction problem goes away. If they can just live like us white people is the underlying premise.

    When I talk to Boomer-Con types, I can mention Rush, Hannity, Laura, Tucker, etc and they’ll all agree that they’re great. But mention the HodgeTwins or Sheriff Clarke and their eyes light up and they flash a big smile, and enthusiastically say how much they love them, while thinking if only all blacks can be like them! (and that they can be like them.)

    I really think we’d all be much better off if “The Bell Curve” was required reading so everyone would understand that these smart black folks are outliers at the tails and the vast majority aren’t going to achieve at high levels and that there are deep, innate reasons why there aren’t “fathers in their lives.”

    • I agree with you, but with one caveat. The primary reason there aren’t “fathers in their lives” is because we pay the mothers to not have fathers in their kids lives.

      • “We” are just as willing (Actually I’m not willing but I prefer to stay out of jails.) to pay white mothers to not have fathers in their kids lives, but a much smaller percentage of white mothers take the cash vs black mothers. It’s true that the rate of unwed white mothers has risen quite a bit since the sixties, along with the rate for black mothers. The difference in the rate is still staggering.

      • Read the latest piece on HBD blog “Those Who Can See” (on hiatus, she put this up from past posting in May). She points to past Progressives who deplored the lack of family structure in post-Civil War Blacks. I used to buy the Charles Murray “Losing Ground” argument until I became more well-read in history, American & African. Black promiscuity and irresponsibility aren’t the product of the Great Society, although subsidizing their vices doesn’t help them, for sure. One of the CivNats on Milt Rosenberg’s radio show some years back was pushing studies which claimed to show Blacks in pre-Great Society Detroit, for instance, were more religious and faithful to their wives than Whites, but I suspect cherry-picking or worse is at work there given the vast evidence of the past which says the opposite.

        • You beat me to it. I always recommend Those Who Can See to those who like to attribute Negro dysfunction to democratic politicians.

      • No, the primary reason there aren’t “fathers in their lives” is because all Negro societies, when not pressured to develop otherwise by outsiders, are highly matriarchal in the home and the status of marriage or pair commitment is extremely fluid.

      • African tribal society has been this way for tens of thousands of years. It still is. It’s how they evolved in the sub-Saharan tropical forests and savannah. Bigamy, K-selection mating, many babies with multiple men, low or absent paternal investment in raising children, high time preference, year-round availability of food, frequent inter-tribal violence, black enslavement of other blacks, etc. In America easy access to White resources is just another environmental advantage that reinforces a survival strategy set in motion eons ago.

    • I think for a lot of people – even many on our side – the reality of the situation is so dark that they simply can’t face it. Blacks as a group will always be low IQ and prone to criminality. Mestizos as a group will never doctors and engineers. Things will never change. And if whites want to rid themselves of blacks and browns, there will be violence on an unimaginable scale.

      Whites would rather watch their shows and hope for better times. Hell, they even do that in South Africa. But the black and brown tide continues to rise.

    • Plenty of Blacks can be smart and successful. Who cares. I want them out for the same reason I want smart Hispanics, Asians, and Jews gone. This is our thing, and I want it to stay our thing.

  15. Everything is fake.

    Get into a discussion about ideals with a progressive or a principled conservative, especially those under 40, and fictional characters from TV and the movies creep into the conversation as the ideal.

    The talented 10th, who struggle to be mediocre, have graduated from the minstral show to demi god because most people can’t tell the difference between entertainment propaganda and how nature actually functions.

    Hamilton is a perfect example of this. 100 years ago this was a minstrel show full of belly laughs, making fun of both white pretentious and of the clumsy aping of white culture by blacks. Today it’s semi religious high culture.

    Fakery rules the roost.

  16. If the “conservative” press even one time coordinated a defense of a white person as a white person, as part of a group with legitimate group interests, and didn’t back down from the frenzied leftist reaction, it would be a veritable earthquake in American politics.

    It is interesting and important to consider why /our/ ideas have filtered up to some figures in the normiesphere, like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson, but not others.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think either Ann or Tucker has explicitly talked about whites as a group with legitimate interests. They’ll talk about it, but as “Middle Class Americans,” not as whites. That’s a dam that needs to blow up. Once it does, it’s a new ballgame.

      • Actually, Tucker tickles the race angle. He’ll talk about the white suicide rate or white unemployment in the rust belt, but usually steps back towards dr3. I think Tucker is closer to our position than he lets on, but he knows his show will be cancelled mid sentence if goes to far.

      • Agreed. Right now Pro-White is treated anti everyone else. Whether it is anti everyone else only becomes relevant when you reach the point of forming the Ethnostate… which we are light years from right now.

        At this point Pro-White issues are surprisingly reasonable from the prospective of the “laymen”. Free association, throttled back immigration, and anti globalism. Those issues benefit a hell of a lot more than just White people.

        I believe that is why they are pushing the “White Supremacy” narrative. Because right now our pro-White agenda is pretty modest, that it is hard to make a case against.

        • I hear a ton about free association on this blog. How would that look? Are we talking Jim Crow South: restaurants, schools etc. being segregated?
          I think most people would think that’s a pretty radical idea in the real world.
          Again, maybe I’m wrong.
          Would love to hear what Free Association means to “Dissident Righter.”
          I for one would love to exclude all the cranky old people from living in my neighborhood… Sadly I think that’s pretty unrealistic as well.

          • I for one am talking about Jim Crow. Blacks can have restaurants blaring Kanye and we can have White places.

            The “cranky old people” bullshit is another CivNat/libertard (((slippery slope))) argument. Excluding ferals from nice shopping malls does not inevitably lead to death camps for people who the majority dislikes.

          • Not trying to suggest a slippery slope… Just stating a fact: I can’t stand my old neighbors and wish I could live in a neighborhood without white trash old people.

            As for going back to Jim Crow, you aren’t accepting the reality that we live in a country that values making as much money as possible. Restaurant owners don’t care what color their customers are as long as they’re spending money, even in the deep south.

            In fact, the way birth rates are going, most restaurants are going to be playing more Kayne than Billy Ray C. Why? Because there’s more money to be made serving the libtards and the poc than old white people.

            That’s what Conservatism and the Big B lobby has gotten us… A Globalist society that values money over everything.

          • You’re forgetting one other group that has led the charge to where we are. Interesting.

            Regarding just making money, many, many whites would give up big parts of their wealth/incomes (and in someway already do) to live among their own. Look at we pay in housing to avoid blacks and browns.

          • Perhaps. But perhaps not. At any rate, the decision should rest with the restaurant owner.

          • “Restaurant owners don’t care what color their customers are as long as they’re spending money, even in the deep south.”

            Then why are you so very afraid of putting your bold assertions (which you incorrectly view as facts) to the test? Let there be restaurants solely for Whites, solely for Negroes, solely for old farts, or where everyone is welcome. Wait and see which thrive and which go out of business without the threat of government violence compelling them to serve all. You most assuredly will be surprised by the outcome; I will not.

          • Im not affraid of anything. I just understand how corporate america works. No big corp would allow any of their franchises to exclude anyone. You and I both know that.

            McDonalds wont even put more than one white person on their adds….

            We live in a globalist society whos religin is multicult… not out of fear, but out of conservative capatlism. McDonalds knows to make the most profit they should advertise and cater to libs and poc.

            Agreed, some small buissness in the country might want to virtue signal and be white only, but not any buissness that has any social capital. That would be market suicide.

          • And that’s fine. I don’t think anybody’s saying McDonald’s should be forced to exclude anybody. But from that it does not follow that other restaurants might not want to. The restaurant business has many, many different markets.

          • You could say no restaurant would ever serve Chinese food only because they would be excluding people who don’t like Chinese food. Specialized markets exist and are exclusionary by definition. It seems very likely that a restraint that only serves whites in s black neighborhood or vice versa would have a market. Or certainly an HOA.

            Arguably this is already done by creating expensive businesses designed to hone in on a customer base with very few blacks and Hispanics. Gated communities work this way.

          • Would even be better not to have to worry about it because the only people around would be white people…

          • Opinion from a Cranky Old Woman…..boooga…..booglie….finger waving……I fart in your general direction! Malicious flatulence! Ha….the next young idiot paying no attention tapping on his effing Iphone hits my trip wire and…..BOOM! All gone from my neighborhood! That’s free association, Baby. (Boy are you going to be surprised by getting older and the veil of crankiness descends on you…’s called not suffering fools wisely.
            Okay….okay….settle down….back to work now…..Range… Bad nicely with the young lad.

          • Free association means having the ability to create neighborhoods, schools, shopping, political groups, community groups, business associations, credit unions and clubs for whites who wish to join such groups without fear of getting fired by employers or prosecuted by the government.

            So, no, it’s not Jim Crow. Jim Crow was keeping people down; free association is keeping people out. Any group/tribe can do the same thing. Indeed, many – such as Jews, Muslims and Asians – already much of this. We only want what is considered perfectly normal for other groups.

            Think gated communities or country clubs but instead of forming them around money, we form them around tribe.

            That’s all that we want, but that’s everything and it’s why TPTB will do everything in their power to stop us. Take the stigma out of white communities and whites would flock to them. They already do in a sense, just look at where whites move.

            I suspect that you’re playing a game here, so I wouldn’t normally answer you, but others may read what you write so it’s important to tell them the truth.

          • No game. I enjoy this blog and like to know if the ideas are pipe dreams or have some basis in reality.

            Like you said, these already exist all over the country. Their called the rural areas and rich suburbs.

            Personally (again) I’d rather keep out people based off of other factors than race. But that’s just me…

            Thanks for taking the time to lay it out man…

          • It has to be race. Same as immigration policy. Once you move away from race, you open the criteria up to lawyers or other clever sillies defining it into nothing.

            I don’t care how smart some guy is, he’ll never convince me that some black kid is my kid.

            Principles are just words. Race is blood. One is a lot more vulnerable to being manipulated. You CivNats don’t seem to get that.

          • The reimposition of Jim Crow, on a community-by-community basis, may turn out ultimately to be the least radical of all available options. But, yes, for the vast majority of even whites, it’s still a bridge too far.

          • Citizen I think if we could sit down and have a f2f with a few others here we would be able to get something moving that couldn’t be stopped…I have some ideas that they would have to rip their mask off completely to stop it and lose the war in doing so…

          • We need to form groups. However small it starts, that’s where it begins. We won’t vote our way out of this, nor will we debate our way out. We need a home base and that starts with identity groups – though we can’t call them that yet.

            This is why the TPTB come at any European-American or white group full guns a blazing. They know that once we established a beachhead, they’re fucked. And you know what, they’re right.

          • I would envision it to be not “Jim Crow,” but “No Crow.” That is, blacks/whites/etc. would not be excluded by law, but not included either. The proprietor, service provider, whomever could choose to serve or not whomever he pleases, for whatever reason he pleases.

          • I can also imagine some towns choosing to restrict, by law, certain neighborhoods to certain groups. And even public accommodations such as swimming pools. But that is probably far down the road and assumes a white ethnostate doesn’t form in the interim.

          • Good lord that would be a depressing country to live in… can you imagine whole towns being defined by their hatred of a whole group of people? Come on…

          • It’s never seemed to me that the Japanese desire to keep a place Japanese was because they are defined by “hating” other people. Nor any other place of which there are many. I assume they love their people, which doesn’t imply hate. My house is only for my family, not because I hate all other people.

            You appear to believe exclusion is harming people. I’m not harmed because I can’t immigrate to Japan, or Israel, or many other places. I don’t assume boys or girls schools exist because boy hate girls or vice versa.

            It just sounds like you find leftist rhetoric convincing, when most around here probably see it as too shallow to bother repeating.

          • We don’t live in Japan. We have 40% of our country poc…
            Yes Japan and Israel have kept their countries mostly Japanese and Israeli…
            We haven’t… and that’s not changing. Conservative Big B have made it this way.
            I find a lot of different rhetoric convincing. I just live in reality. And reality states that we live in a diverse nation, and telling a whole race of people that live close to you that they aren’t wanted would sure seem hateful to me.

          • Yes, we’re terribly diverse and that’s the main reason we’re screwed. The country will disintegrate in due course, and when it does, it will do so, largely along racial lines.

          • No one here defines his space by hatred. It’s about rational self-defense against black, jewish, and alien criminality against Whites, a perfectly natural preference to live and work among our own kind, and an urgent desire to secure our existence and a future for White children.

      • Coulter’s post-neo-con shtick seems to be pushing a native White/native Black alliance vs. the foreigners. I bought in for awhile in my terminal stage of Civic Nationalism, but the racial red pills finally cured me. Just like they used to send “consumptives” to Arizona to get well, we should send CivNats to Los Angeles

        • Send them to Compton, Watts or East LA and they would come out being a WN or they wouldn’t come back out because they would be dead…

  17. These are the same people that will counter what they consider derogatory statistics on race (Black crime and low IQ amongst minorities in general) with a story about “that one smart black guy they know”.

    Any knowledge of normal distribution curves go out the window with these folks.

    • Z-Man had an article (or podcast?) a while back that talked about how the black ghettos were a kind of hurdle. Those with self-control and some brains jumped the hurdles, got all kinds of scholarships, and a warm welcome into corporate America. Those that don’t clear the hurdle stay in the hood.

      So tt’s no surprise that many of us know plenty of smart friendly black folks we meet in the hallways of corporate headquarters. In some ways, it’s not even a bad system although nobody will be honest about it in public.

      • I Know A Good One, too. ;-). Chiding aside, my concern here is with the voting stat’s we all see published after each election. Seems even the minorities that break out of the hood and seem perfect candidates for CivNat inclusion vote their skin color! And that is why we are all here, because Whites don’t—at least to the extent that successful minorities do.

        • I’d love nothing more than to see a breakdown on how the Talented 10th votes. Unfortunately we’ll never possess that data.

      • Well, your description matches actual reality but that doesn’t mean that the reality you describe is optimal, or even good. It’s asking far too much of black people (of anyone, really) and it causes unhealthy separation effects. What I mean is, ghettoes are typically abnormally violent, cruel, pathological places, and they warp and stunt the development of anybody who has the misfortune to live in them.

        It’s true as you say that those who have brains and self-control can “jump the hurdles” and escape, but that’s an inhumanly hard ask for people of simply mediocre ability, which is what most of us are. A normal White kid growing up in, let us not say “privilege” but merely a sane, orderly, relatively (for us, normatively) safe environment is not subjected since childhood to the million-degree heat of a refiner’s fire, does not have to “jump the hurdles” just to lead a quiet normal life. He isn’t warped and traumatized since birth by having to spend all his time around sadistic criminal retards, and forced into titanic struggles to overcome and escape them. He just goes about his business, and every single moment of his life isn’t a Vietnam movie or a Wagner opera.

        The other well-known damaging effect of all this is the well-known brain drain effects: ghettoes are such awful places that anybody with a modicum of ability leaves the second they can, which strip-mines all the decent human capital and leaves behind only the violent criminal retards, with compounding dysgenic effects.

        I don’t know the solutions to all this, simply that it’s unrealistic and quite glib of society to say, “Well, young Tyrone, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is keep your head down and survive 18 years or so of utter chaos and lunacy, and if you have the grit, then you can come to Andover with the sane people. And if you can’t handle it, then it’s off to jail I suppose, tut tut, can’t be helped.” That’s a batshit crazy system.

        • Your comment is true, but does not matter insofar as our own predicament is concerned. The black ghetto is what it is because negroes are what they are. Furthermore, their talented tenth does not belong in White society. They should remain with their own kind where they can work for the betterment of their own race. And for once, now that our own survival is at stake, we should cease allowing them to parasatize us, leave them alone, and otherwise mind our own goddam business, .

      • I know “a good one” myself, a diversity hire who never fails to pull the race card when it suits him. His occasional tantrums are due to the boss’ racist expectation that he perform like the rest of us. The gentleman can’t be fired ’cause there are no quotas in our union shop.

        Problem is, the whites in his Laguna Hills neighborhood and local church consider him to be one of “the good ones,” as well. I attended a street BBQ in his neighborhood, where the white obsequiousness toward him was nauseating.

        There’s a math problem here regarding all of the “nice negroes” known by white people, but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out. 😉

    • The lack of understanding of simple averages among normally intelligent people is frustrating. The next time you explain race statistics and they counter with the smart black friend, tell them to ask their smart black friend to explain averages and normal distribution curves to them.

      • Can’t recall where I saw it recently, but a great way to explain (although it was talking about economics and the difference between mean and median income):

        If Mark Zuckerberg walks into a homeless shelter, the average person there is a millionaire. Similar concept applies – relying on outliers to present a misleading picture.

    • Funny but sad Darbyshire quote on this: “White populations of course have members with low scores on behavior, intelligence, and personality, but not so many that the more capable whites can’t “carry” them. Smart and well-socialized blacks, by contrast, are numerically far fewer in proportion to the great sullen lumpen-negretariat they drag behind them.
      Numbers, frequencies, distributions, proportions. Are these really such difficult, rarified concepts?”

      • For the vast majority of the population, fractions are a stretch. So, yeah, these really are difficult concepts. Throw in not wanting to see reality, and, well, you get the situation that we’re in.

  18. Good article! As I’ve said on other blog threads and maybe even on this one, the genune national religion in the United States is the Cult of Absolute Racial Equality and Negro Veneration.

  19. Hollywood has definitely had a hand in this brainwashing with the magic negro trope that’s been going on for years.

    And the media’s reaction to the Virginia shooter. It’s just stunning how they have shut down any discussion of DeWayne. You know they’re just all itching to spell it Dwayne

    • Yeah, this guy is a terror for lefties. He was the wrong color, he used the wrong kind of gun, and he killed the wrong people. If he had been a tranny, he would have been their worst nightmare. Better to just forget.

    • Spielberg. Oy vey. Lucas is no slouch either with his Angels of Light vs. Demons of Darkness Star Wars stuff, or Indy vs. muh Nazis. I’ve blasted Jonah Goldberg on Twitter for having a Star Wars view of politics, neo-connery for Generation Comic-Con.

  20. Hardly surprising from conservatives. Just look at their religion:

    “Blessed are the meek; peace and love; pity for all that suffers; charity means never asking questions; turn the other cheek; blessed are the peacemakers the sick, the poor, the weak, the __________ (fill in the blank)”

    Christianity was the original loser-worship cult. Left wing politics is just her uglier sister. At least the original version demanded some sense of humility, sacrifice, and discipline from its adherents, but let there be no question about where the Western impulse to canonize victims originated.

      • The Booby doesn’t give a damn about Odin, either, just saying what needs to be said.

        But, since you brought it up, just take a look at the Scandinavians pre-Christianity versus post-Christianity. Where do you think the pussified Swedes, for example, get their moral tradition from?

        • Such a retarded argument. Feels like I’m back on the TRS Boards watching the same pagan LARPer create account after account and get banned over and over again.

          Good luck trying to do your little thing without Christians. Let me know how it works out for you and Varg.

        • Pope Urban called for the first crusade. Not very pacifist of him. Misunderstanding of “meek” – it means power under control, not wussification. Christ on the cross being the perfect example – one mere thought or utterance and He could have destroyed the world. But He was on a mission and accomplished it. Power under control.

        • Post-Christian Swedes could be petty formidable–Swedes led by Gustavus Adolphus were among the most effective troops in the Thirty Years War.

        • Actually, Europe in general has self-immolated in tandem with its rejection of Christianity.

    • “Let there be no question about where the Western impulse to canonize victims originated.”

      Got it! The Greek tragedians, right? Y’know, Antigone, Orestes, Trojan Women, that sort of thing, yeah? Cool, nous sommes d’accord, then.

      As the kids like to say, The science is settled.

      • There’s a difference between tragedy and loser-worship. In Athens cry-babies and bleeding hearts at least knew their place. Today they ARE god almighty, whether they’re secular or otherwise.

        • And yet people practicing this “loser-worship” managed to effectively conquer the planet, create the most fearsome militaries ever seen, and produce such losers as Basil the Bulgar-Slayer, Stonewall Jackson, “Chinese” Gordon, and Reverend Charles Dabney. Strange.

          Don’t confuse modern “Christianity” with the Faith as it has been traditionally practiced.

          • Fair point, but don’t confuse the states and conquerors with the Christianity the masses practiced.

            Unless we’re to assume those conquistadors who put cities to the sword and raped and pillaged their way though the Americas were good, practicing, church-going Christians. Nor were the many street thugs the English cleverly conscripted and sent abroad on warships the kinds of gentile folk trembling in the pews at Sunday school. Yet both un-Christian types built some of the greatest empires the world has every seen.

            Once Christian countries became democratic it was obvious what would follow. And it did.

            Christianity was useful in pre-democratic times, but became pathological once every church lady (whether that church lady be a man or woman) received the vote.

          • Except the examples he just gave you were all pew Church guys. Actively practicing and known for it. There is a tremendous history and tradition of practicing Christian soldiery.

            I know you really, really want to get to a place of Christian = pussy but you really can’t get there man without basically just ignoring the history. Even today in Afghanistan and Iraq there are actively practicing Christians who are combat soldiers and not onesies and twosies either.

          • The problem, therefore, is with an absurdly broad franchise, not Christianity.

    • Man, I really hate it when people say things like “Let there be no question” or (Obama’s favorite dose of poison) “Let us be clear”. All these lame intellectual attempts at precuding and pre-empting are bad for the soul, and plus it melts your brain. It’s leftist dogmatics, through and through.

      No, it is NOT clear, and yes, there IS a question. Nearly always. (Let there be no question about this! — irony meter fluttering into red).

      One of the scariest words in the English language is “therefore,” when handled by people who don’t know how to use it.

      • Make no mistake…
        As is well-known…
        Civilized peoples everywhere agree…
        No thinking person doubts…
        One thing everyone agrees on…
        We must act…
        The time for debate is over…
        We no longer have the luxury of…
        Every American understands that…

        In the old days the libs enjoyed building all their Nixon jokes around the phrase “Let me be perfectly clear.”

    • 1000+ years of civilization, advancement and empire building is all as naught because it’s slave morality that doesn’t want to gut the weak? Hot take Nietzsche, tell Will and Ariel I said hi.

      • Hey look what the first line of Ariel Durant’s Wikipedia page says!

        “Born in Proskurov, Russian Empire (now Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine) as Chaya (Ida) Kaufman[2] to Jewish parents Ethel Appel Kaufman and Joseph Kaufman”


        Whose interests are pagan LARPers serving?

    • Figured you’d get lit up for speaking inconvenient truth. Christianity’s universalist & egalitarian roots run deep. Those defending it should read Russell’s “Germanization of early medieval Christianity,” which not-a-pagan Sam Francis approvingly reviewed. Charlemagne read much the same Bible, but his Christianity was not cucked because Odin’s children preferred tribal loyalty to kumbaya. Universalist religions in general and Christianity in particular are very syncretic. They reflect the peoples who adopt them as much as those people are changed by the religion. Modern Christianity could use some more Thor after a few centuries of Schlomo & the Scandicucks.

      • Problem with modern Christianity (European Protestants) is you need a religious authority to stop holiness spirals. Read about the Anabaptists of Bohemian Germany 15th century. Straight up communists and delusional till the end to boot. They didn’t even have “Capitalism” to vilify.

        The other thing about Christianity is that it appears to have erroneously switched Pride and Humility as Vice/Virtue respectively. That is a recipe for your women not being attracted to your men and young men not knowing which men to choose as role models. If men do not display pride in accomplishment then the only metric to judge them is material wealth. Please note that Pride is deserved where arrogance is not.

        Lastly, if you separate church and state you just get a new church. And freedom of speech degrades culture so is a time bomb, unless balanced with strict social taboos (nullifying the concept of freedom of speech in the first place really). I’d happily trade freedom of association for freedom of speech. One is talking and the other is doing. Talking is for those who can’t do (doesn’t mean you lack knowledge just physical ability).

        That’s actually exactly what is happening in the West. We got a new church (secular Christianity aka Humanitarianism aka Martin Luther King) and the holiness spiral is unchecked. They want to end freedom of speech now to lock in the new culture.

        I’ll end with; the scariest thing you can say to a Christian is that you believe in Gods. That scares them more than if you say you are an amoral nihilist. Try “I believe in the Jesus God but I’m not so sure he’s the king of kings”. They will be visibly shaken.

        I tend to think a God is just a group energy manifested through ancestor worship. The next logical question is, who are our ancestors? So monotheism necessitates a single origin for all people and will always be universalist. And two forms of monotheism cannot peacefully coexist.

        • That’s why I went Catholic when I recovered from atheism. Protestantism is the religious form of neoliberal democracy.

          • I was baptized and confirmed on Easter Vigil Mass 2012, in the Mother Church, at the age of 51. It was a decision – like marriage, really – and I am sticking with it.

            The current Pope is a communist asshole. A non-trivial percentage of our parishioners are pro-abortion, open-border shitlbs. I get all that.

            Still, it’s a wonderful and ancient institution that makes me happy, removed from the everyday drugs, porn, murder, and nihilism. I pray the Rosary with old women in a quiet old church from time to time. It’s delightful and energizing.

            I’m with Tertullian: I believe because it is absurd.

      • Although the website “Faith and Heritage” has ceased, its archives remain on the web. They have a terrific discussion of the different varieties of Christianity by race/culture – one that echoes Vox Day’s 3-legged stool analogy (Greco-Roman thought, Christianity, + White European people = Western Civilization). Have a gander at The Caucasian Christ.

    • Citing achievements of past masculine, muscular Christianity only strengthens Booby’s argument. The modern mutant loser-worshipping strain of Christianity is helping strangle our people. Take a hard look into that proud past & recognize that Christianity itself must change to meet modernity’s challenge. Stop rubbishing Nietzsche and address his point. Your faith has been hijacked. We supposed “pagans” are saying you need to rush the cockpit or find a parachute.

      • You’re actually the first “pagan” to ever advance that argument in my presence, and I had this argument more times than I could count at TRS.

        It’s not a bad argument, actually. I’ll be the first to admit that the onus is on me and my people to consign the likes of Russell Moore to the dustbin of history.

        • FWIW, I converted to Roman Catholic before Pope Guevara took over (Baptist kid, atheist Randroid teenager for many years after) and I was deeply disappointed at how pozzed even the RC’s were. I’ve looked at Orthodox Church with interest after the latest Lavender Mafia scandal. I believe Christ was a divine messenger, but not for Maimonides’ volcano god. I’m on your side, for all that I suspect Thor’s running around up there somewhere as well. I’ve been dead for 5 mins once, remained aware, though no classic “tunnel of light” experience. I can vouch for life after death, but I consider most theological debates as political not spiritual. I doubt a lot of theologians have ever had genuinely transcendent experiences. Jung said this about his father, while Jung himself had many transcendent experiences despite being a “lapsed Lutheran” at best.

        • Every goddman little Christian church lady you meet these days is just falling over herself to be seen falling in line with the latest leftist social justice warrior cause, or global warming, or feminism, or multiculturalism, or….. [fill in the blank].

          Even the ones who have been to university, and should know perfectly well that said leftists would love nothing more than to send all the Christians (especially the Catholics) to the gulags and to the ovens.

          They’re willing to be Christians only to the extent that Oprah would approve of it, and certainly not to the extent that it would create social awkwardness or some kind of faux pas. And they’re willing to obsequiously bend over for the fashionistas of Hollywood and daytime talk shows.

          And where are their men? Tell the Booby. No doubt they’re at home, doing the dishes, and trying to overcome their toxic masculinity in time for the next dinner party.

      • Modern “Christianity,” as dominated by AWR liberation theologians, is not true Christianity, but rather a vehicle for Leftism. Your gravemen is really with the latter, not the former.

      • Ok, I get it; except for that 1,800 year interregnum called Western Civilization, known also as Christendom, we all agree with Da Booby that Christianity is the slow cancer that is killing us.

        By all means let us reject that brief space of delusion and poison, and consult the pages of Nietzsche to figure a way out of this.

    • Am with you here… Unfortunately modern Christianity has fully embraced the “turn the other cheek” teachings of the namesake… that and “render unto Caesar…” This is great when secluded and undisturbed by the horde, but challenging when looking to hold what we have.

      And yes I’m fully aware of the muscular Christianity of the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Conquistadora. I do not expect to see anything like that again in my grand kids lifetimes…

    • Sorry, but this is a misreading of Christianity at its greatest. The Sermon on the Mount and other messages from the likes of Francis of Assisi are to be understood spiritually, as calls to see beyond worldly status and conflicts. They are not virtue signaling, they are virtue exemplifying.

      • That’s a good way to look at it. Trying to demand that men in the world live at “apex morality” was Protestantism’s biggest failing, a Calvinist version of tikkun olam. The Orthodox Church seems to have the best grasp of how to separate the material from the spiritual in this regard, a truer sense of humility between fellow sinners in this world rather than trying to divide secular society into Elect and Fallen, sheep vs. goats.

      • Thank you, GD. The “look at how clever and syncretistic I am” bullshit that overruns the comment thread after some half-educated wise guy like Da Booby lights the fuse tells me one thing: You can’t make a movement out of a self-idolizing rabble like this. The Left is unified in self-hatred; the Dissident Right is atomized by self-love.

        Christianity is both gentle and muscular, as, for example, a good father should be. I grew up in a time when this idea was easy to understand and widely accepted.

        But ours is what I’ll call for the moment – because it pleases me to do so – the Age of Da Booby. And what an age it is!

      • I’m sorry, but until you’re able to convince the churches to take your objection seriously, then it’s meaningless.

    • Nicestianity has become the new sect of Christianity. It’s taken over the churches. Of course the Bible doesn’t really support it, but the culture doesn’t want to hear the other stuff and Christians don’t seem to be willing to point out the flaws. Being seen as pacifists is one of the nicer things they’ve been accused of the last 50 years.

      • The secular Left’s version of “What Would Jesus Do” is The Platinum Rule: Treat others (POCs) as they want to be treated. No reciprocation expected/required. It’s the morality of a good, willing slave.

  21. Nothing against the guy, but this also applies, at a higher level, to Thomas Sowell. He’s a fine writer and a genuinely gutsy person, and I’ve always enjoyed reading his stuff but he would be teaching Introductory Econ at a State University if he was just another white guy, and everybody pretty much knows it.

    • WRT Sowell, I disagree. He made his bones before AA and had a history of schooling and work that is at a high level. His books prove this as you must know. He has attention elevated to be certain with his status as a Black success, but if he were White, he’d certainly not be a mediocre professor in Podunk U.

      That being said, I read and took what was good and insightful from this man. His work on elite thinking in Visions of the Anointed is priceless and proves useful even today.. His books on race are good as well as he painstakingly outlines how different races perform/act similarly to their home countries, regardless of where they migrate around the world.

      His understanding and defense of IQ differences is simply wrong and not supported by current scientific research. That is a disappointment, but understandable since he is a Black man and now in his 80’s.

      So is he (Sowell) a gatekeeper? I don’t know, but I can say that he was perhaps the first person I was involved with to write of racial/cultural differences with authority. He certainly was no gatekeeper for me.

      • After 9/11, Sowell moved me from shreds of my left to Economics 101, to economic reality from unicorns floating in the air. My brain grasped first the economic structure and all the old lefty cant crashed. He’s not perfect but he crashed me through the window glass to what would become this side of the divide.

      • Sowell’s ‘Visions of the Anointed’ led me to Christopher Lasch’s ‘The Revolt of the Elites’. His ‘Inside American Education’ led me to John Taylor Gatto’s ‘Underground History of American Education.’

        He’ll always have my respect.

      • Was going to say Sowell was never a token anything. When he came up conservatives didn’t even care about tokens. Man absolutely had his act together is as concise a writer for economics as you will find. If you watch old debates he absolutely skinned leftists as well.

    • Tom’s race-blind ala Shelby Steele, at least in public, pushes nurture not nature CivNat style. I wondered if he was Based in private, but his NeverTrump freak-outs convinced me he’s basic-bitch CivNat for real. Still one of the better normie-Cons, 2nd tier for me behind VDH & Steyn.

      • “I wondered if he was Based in private, but his NeverTrump freak-outs convinced me he’s basic-bitch CivNat for real. Still one of the better normie-Cons . . . ”

        That’s because Sowell and his like are, in the very strictest sense of the term, gatekeepers themselves. Oh, they’ll acknowledge black dysfunction but in the end attribute it all to culture (i.e. Sowell insists southern blacks picked up their violence and ignorance from the Scots-Irish!). One can understand – and even sympathize -with their aversion to HBD – after all, they feel they “made it” within White culture and, most importantly, their children are black. But this culture over biology is the standard normiecon dodge, avoiding the entirety of tribe, race, and biological identity (not to mention reversion to the mean). Even if all American blacks adopted White norms, most Whites would still prefer they not marry their White daughters. Sowell, Owens, and all the other numinous Negroes are yet another means of ultimately denying the legitimacy of White identity in favor of muh principles. Even if not an ultimate dead end, they represent a unnecessary and unprofitable detour enroute to White identity.

        • Thanks for saying far better what I’ve trying to say all day.

        • Scots-Irish violence is a particular strain of anti-Appalachian bigotry that J D Vance indirectly alludes to in “Hillbilly Elegy”. Kevin Williamson then ran with it in explaining the basis of white working class downfall and myoptic refusal to leave home and chase jobs cross country. KW has a point, but goes on to ask what kind of mincentives are needed to encourage junior to get up and move. Sowell

    • I don’t think that’s true about Sowell, nor about Walter Williams.

      Blacks who came of age prior to the Civil Rights Act and have made a name for themselves did so because they were genuinely capable and learned early in life that their only path to success was to integrate into white culture. Once the Civil Rights Act was passed the Rayciss mentality (and as Compsci points out, affirmative action) took over and entitlement/greed/theft became predominant.

      It’s too bad that folks such as them are literally a dying breed. They’re useful examples to show how badly black, and white, culture has been ruined by forcing diversity into proximity.

    • Sowell has a pithy way of putting together clever remarks. I don’t think he’s helpful because he’s rather skilled at civnat arguments. I’m glad he’s in his 80’s because he’s one of the few black conservatives with a bit of talent selling his ideas.

  22. CivNat conservatives desperately want to believe that their ideas – individualism, free markets, property rights and democracy – are universal and will win over blacks and browns because of their beauty and righteousness. They are the ultimate blank slaters, far more than the Left. (Heck, even CivNat HBDers such as the Sailer crowd kind of believe that these ideals are so strong that they can overcome biological differences.)

    For CivNat conservatives, a black – the hardest nut to crack – being won over by their ideals proves that there is hope, that their ideals can win over all of the other races, and they will see the light. They will become just like us, i.e. whites. Again, it’s another sign of the incredible hubris of certain whites. We are the pinnacle. Everyone can be and should be just like us.

    • Your post demonstrates why DR3 arguments with conservatives are so unsatisfying. The conservatives hold out hope that blacks will be persuaded to conservatism while dissident rightists have long grown exasperated and disappointed.

      To be fair to the conservatives, all members of unpopular movements hope that many people will be persuaded to a new set of beliefs. For me, the question is, “What is more likely, that non-whites will embrace conservatism or that whites will embrace identity politics?” Many of my friends answer the former and I just shake my head. What more can I say to them?

  23. ” Instead of collecting African art, they collect African orphans”…AND now I’m wiping the coffee off my monitor…

    …and that picture of French with his papoose makes the word “cuckservative” particularly appropriate for him…

    • Steve, I know from past experience what you mean about wiping coffee off of the monitor. This time I was prepared, though. As soon as I saw the title of Z’s post, I put the coffee down.

  24. I’ll say this for Candace Owens based upon what I’m observing with my own kids, male and female, aged 24 and 23. Both follow her podcast and other output intently.

    Surely because she’s younger, black, and female, and their whole generation was inculcated to believe that these things matter greatly despite what I preached in the home, her words regarding the current and ongoing insanity regarding race relations, feminism, abortion, etc. all seem to resonate mightily with them and their confreres.

    She’s seeming like a powerful ally in what is going to be a multigenerational effort.

    • Is she really an ally or is she just a gatekeeper to make sure rightwing whites do not form their own identity?

      Will she argue for our right to our own spaces or is she just going to argue for free trade and increased legal immigration and supply dopamine to conservatives?

      • For now, she is probably some of both. It is the role of the court jester to criticize orthodoxy from the outside, as someone not a part of the main, but no threat to the main. At some point, she will have to choice, be made to choose, between her role as outsider critic and her role as well-paid member of the commentariat. For now, she gets to speak minor taboo truths that open some eyes.

        • Unfortunately, at least for now, it takes a Candace Owens to make it acceptable for whites to acknowledge the reality of racial disparities in criminality and education.
          She gives middle class normies permission to discuss these topics in broad daylight.
          For that we should be grudgingly grateful.

          • Does she? Does she talk about genetic differences? Or does she talk about getting the economic and cultural incentives right?

            If the latter, she’s undermining our cause, not helping it.

          • @Dave -“For that we should be grudgingly grateful.”

            Why? That’s like saying the political prisoner in Lubyanka should be grudgingly thankful to his or her executioner for preventing people like them from spreading anti-party ideas. After kneeling and being shot in the neck over a drain, being grateful is rather pointless.

        • Maybe, but here’s the issue. Does she open eyes that would have been opened anyway? If so, those people would be better off learning the truth from a Z-Man or Sailer who will lead them down the right path rather than some libertarian, non-identity dead-end.

        • My money’s on the money – when her Time for Choosing comes, she will return to her Lefty roots.

      • Whether she’s going to continue to evolve in a direction of our liking is unknown (and unknowable) but she’s dosing out a lot of red pills to people, particularly young and female and black, who might be otherwise unreachable.

        At some point you take what you can get.

        But the pervasive cynicism here at Z’s Place is consistently refreshing.

      • She started out doxxing dissenters got no traction so switched tactics and became a GOPe darling.

        As this thing develops and white identity gains traction she’s going to contribute what exactly?

        Her choice will be a shrinking GOPe or to go back to the anti white mob.

        • In Spring 2015 Candace Owens made her initial YouTube splash by saying she planned to make a dox database of right wingers of all stripes. Within 6 months she had completely reversed course from left to right. These days she says her career began with the humorous skit breaking it to her parents that their daughter was a conservative.

    • You’ll have to forgive me for not being encouraged by this.

      With all due respect, your kids are young enough to know better. One doesn’t go in for Owens’ sthick without having internalized anti-whiteness to a degree.

      • I don’t pay her much attention enem though I find her attractive and personable because like most here I know she isn’t talking to me or mine.

        She’s talking to her people and pushing them in a direction that is somewhat compatible with mine. Good enough for me.

        On those occasions I want a Black view of things or to indulge in a bit of civic nationalism with someone I know genuinely holds no dislike for Whites or Conservative White culture I watch Josh Pray.

    • No, she’s a black version of Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson. She will preach to your kids that they should never view themselves as white, not have a group identity. Her job is to keep your kids from trying to form political and community groups based on their race.

      Does Owens ever say that whites should be proud of their race or does she preach that we should never see color, never acknowledge race? Her job is to distract your kids until it’s too late.

      • Yeah yeah, early twenties conservatives love Shapiro and milo. Young achieving whites are instinctively rightist, but their guilt is assuaged by hearing it from a sacred cow. Owens is a similar phenomenon

    • Conservative blacks are so rare and so needed for window dressing by the right, that when one with a modicum of talent arises, they rocket up the establishment ladder. Condelesa Rice is a representative example. This tendency is not unlike that witnessed in medicine, law and academics.

      • True, and for that very reason “Token Black Conservative” is an inviting target for grifters and conmen.

        It tells you something about the strength of black identity that more of them haven’t entered this racket.

    • Thinking about it analytically, in terms of social media connections (instead of ideas per se), I think it might be good. A lot of people who follow Owens, for example, will probably encounter people like Joseph Paul Watson. And people who find him will start hearing some of our stuff.

      • Seems like every time someone is not preaching to the right of Z-man, he is accused of being a gate keeper and implicitly to be shunned. This will never further the cause. Most all of these people mentioned as insidious gatekeepers, I have followed in the past. They all were helpful in progress to my present understanding (or misunderstanding as some may prefer). When they could no longer answer my questions, I looked elsewhere.

        So my question is this, if we could make these people disappear over night, would the movement be better off? I doubt it.

        • Well, that’s the real question. Do the Owens, Shapiros and Petersons help wake up people who eventually find their way to our side or do they siphon off people who would have eventually found their way to our side to some dead-end ideological mix of libertarianism and non-identity politics?

          If the former, they’re a help. If the latter, they hurt.

          • I think many people went through the libertarian or conservative reserves before arriving to this place. When I was becoming politically aware there was no dissident right, or it wasn’t something you could find easily. There were Bill O’Reilly’s and Bill Buckley’s and libertarians.

            It may be that those people that the conservatives slowed the progress by being the “mainstream” instead of being a useful stepping stone.

    • I’m White so Candace Owens and Sheriff Clarke are not my people or volk if you like.

      They are my countrymen however which is a different identity and I’m perfectly fine with native born Blacks who are just regular folk like everyone else.

      I’m happy to have people like them , Walter Williams even Neil DeGrasse Tyson and such among Americans and when American as vs my people is entitled to attention and effort which these days is rarely, they sure as heck are under that umbrella

      My countrymen? yes. My Volk? No.

      The problem is that volk is forbidden for White people but not for other groups out of a somewhat justified fear we’d stop cucking and say “why are we wasting our resources on these ingrates and foreigners.”

      That is not acceptable

      Now I suspect if we just shot criminally inclined people and grifters as well as expelling the foreign trash, the US would be among the safest and most peaceful places on the Earth

      It would result in like a 35% population reduction and a 85/15 or 90/10 pre 65 Demographic which combined with an immigration ban would settle the race problem for good

      Plenty of room for the small percent of not my people but my countrymen to have a good life

      The problem is it would look like genocide do the fact it would be a larger portion of the Black population than any other group and we are not yet up to that.

  25. To truly understand the BoomerCon Mindset, there needs to be a collary to DR3.

    The Boomer looks at the Talented Tenth and thinks that what they are seeing is the middle of the overall bell curve. If only Jamal and Shoqueesha would get off the Democrat Plantation, MLK Boulevard would be a thriving hub of small businesses and taxpayers!

    If you want to see true cognitive dissonance, try convincing a BoomerCon otherwise.

    • Charlie Kirk is a good example of a young man (25?) who has the BoomerCon Mindset. A big theme of his is pointing out the violent and dysfunctional US cities and attributing their problems to having Democrat mayors. He’s even gone as far as declaring “there’s no such thing as race.”

      • True, though in Charlie Kirk’s case it’s worth noting that he’s making a lot of money mouthing DR3 and Muh Free Market talking points.

        • That’s the win-win sandwich I hit on today. Getting paid to stroke your preferences & flog your demons is the best gig imaginable for generations raised in the therapeutic self-esteem fever swamps.

      • I get a lot of huffing and puffing, when I respond that cities like Baltimore and Detroit aren’t terrible because they’re Democratic, they’re terrible because they’re mostly Black. Democrats have run cities like Portland for decades, but they’re prosperous because they’re mostly White.

        • Huffing and puffing. Be grateful you don’t get shooting and stabbing. Yet…

        • Baltimore and Detroit are terrible because they’re both. Portland is catching up.

          • Portland is very, very far from being Detroit. Yes, Democratic policies are bad in the long term, but White people and Asians can make sub-optimal systems work for a very long time, because they are not innately destructive and they possess possess the average intelligence necessary to maintain a civilization.

        • Well, since the Black vote is monolithic, you can have a Democratic city that’s not majority Black, but you can’t have a majority Black city that’s not Democratic.

          They converge. The Democratic party is becoming the party of non-Whites. Where that means Asians, things stay livable. Hispanic-dominated cities can range from pretty nice to miserable, depending on the leadership. A large Black population is always a scourge.

          So to the degree that Democrats invite in Blacks (Minneapolis), things deteriorate. As Sailer has noticed, Hispanic displacement of Blacks in some West coast cities has actually reduced crime, but not to the level of White or Asian-dominated cities.

    • Yeah, thinking along same lines. You already know NAXALT (not all X are like that), where people incorrectly claim to have refuted a statistical argument by pointing out outliers.

      Well, this is AXALT (all X are like that). Where you take the exception and try to pass it off as the rule. In fact it’s a much bigger statistical dishonesty than NAXALT.

      It’s really just wishful thinking. Oh, they can all be like Sheriff Clarke, if only we give them enough education and phrase our civic nationalist arguments just right. They’re all just civic nationalists on the inside, waiting to get out!

      Our job, gentlemen, is to undermine these illusions before they get us all killed. Problem is, you’ve often got to pry people’s illusions out of their cold, dead hands.

      • Agree, but let’s be clear that Gen Z, not the Boomers, are our priority target for this message.

      • Thing about Sheriff Clarke… I would wager he is significantly White in his background.

        Lots of the Black elite seem to be light skinned…. hmmmm.

        • A lot of the local Africans celebrated by white cucks are reverse Oreos — “white” on the outside, black on the inside.

        • W. E. B. Du Bois who coined the term “talented tenth” that gets used by Dissidents quite a bit albeit in a slightly out of intended context way was a mulatto

        • BO, Marvin Lewis, Halle Berry, Tony Dungy, Jordan Peele, Meghan Markle and on and on. The cognitive cream carries them to the top.

      • Ultimately, they are neolithic primitives deposited in an advanced, and presently technocratic, society. They are simply not designed to compete in the Western world.

        • The worst thing the U.S. did was invent pro sports. Blacks are so much better at the spectacular in sports like basketball and football that White people would object to an ethno-state just on the basis of their team being worse off. Personally I would be willing to suffer through White basketball just to escape Black disfunction.

          • One of the big things on my list of sneaky ways to reform culture that don’t involve engaging in (almost always futile) “reasoned debate” with Leftists is to destroy pro sports. It’s not just the racial angle. It’s that the whole thing is a big stupid spectacle that drains public funds and gives atomized people a false feeling of belonging to something great. The Romans knew the unifying power of giving people huge spectacular stadiums to enjoy violent contests in. It’s a way to manufacture a “false tribe” that people take pride in belonging to.

            Yet another reason is that sports help keep the media alive and well funded. Some of the ad revenue from sports bleeds over into supporting all the other garbage the media giants produce. It gives them the impression that their pozzed TV shows and fake news hours are what’s selling ads when it’s really just that people are watching that shit at the bar while they get drunk and wait for the game to start.

    • Meme..You are correct for the few “conservative” BoomerCons. Great analogy seeing the 10% as the middle/top of the bell curve.

      Most BoomerCons are lefties, so doesn’t apply. Was reading Occidental Observer yesterday. They pointed out as the flood of savages increase and brush up against blinded lefties, lefty finally becomes scared for their life, and eyes begin to open. Fear trumps herd approval. I’m a pessimist…..once we get to that point too late, we’ve lost whatever was our country…..there has already become here.

      I woke up to “fear” working in downtown Oakland….threatened with death 3 times, the 4th time might have taken me out. Huge snap-awake time of my life. 1200 people working in the EBMUD admin bldg, and I couldn’t see other co-workers waking up, and if they did they were like me…. quiet about it. EBMUD was so busy spending rate payers money on Gay Pride month….Black History month….Hispanic Heritage month..Asian Pacific Heritage month…and the status of Engineering month….with food, movies, activities, dancing and time away from work for employees to drink the POZ koolaid to enforce the correct mindset.

      I used up my 9 cat lives and moved away. In most cases, the need to conform to the PC herd is even stronger than their own safety. Safety was more important to me than clinging to the herd. Why was safety more important to me and others choose blinded herd identity…..both have an evolutionary advantage, until the lack of ethnocentrism for the lefty herd exposes them to being eaten by the “other” who comes from an ethnocentric tribe.

  26. Essentially by selecting a few choice examples of minority behavior, they can tune out the massive cognitive dissonance the blank slate worldview requires.

    Reminds me of that saying about one death being a tragedy but a million deaths merely​ being a statistic.

    • That’s a big part of it. Sven & Enoch were kicking that around recently re DR3. Cucks need to believe external spirit forces are to blame for why the guy who stole my kid’s bike isn’t like the guys from “Amistad.”. Grasping at straw-men.

      • A black Jewish boy runs home from school one day and asks his father, “Daddy, am I more Jewish or more black?” The dad replies, “Why do you want to know, son?” “Because a kid at school is selling a bike for $50 and I want to know if I should talk him down to $40 or just steal it!”

        • I think Dave Chapelle had a version of this gag. “My dad was black and my mom was Jewish. I never knew what to do in stores. I would get some things together and then argue with the guy at the counter for a cheaper price, then when he would go into the back room for a while, I’d just jack all that shit.”. Chapelle was a brilliant guy. I also like that he just got sick of the public life and said “fuck the media” and vanished. If only all the blacks… well, they aren’t as we all know.

          By the way, this really is me Pozymandias. My old install of Linux got corrupted and when I reinstalled it I had to re-login to everything. I couldn’t replicate whatever it was I had done to use Discus to authenticate as Pozy so I made an account on here. Much better anyway, I never liked going through Discus.

    • Good observation. Indeed, it turns scientific method on its head. They point to an outlier and imply it represents the population as a whole.

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