Right-Wing Activism

Political and social activism is most effective when it reveals some moral contradiction hidden from public view, reveals perfidy by the ruling class or exposes some immoral activity by the rich and powerful. Activism is about changing the moral battle space so that the critics appear to have the high ground, while their targets appear to have something to hide. What the activist is doing is using morality to even the fight, but also using the disparity in power to amplify their moral claims against their opponent.

Every movie or documentary about activists takes great pains to portray the activists as plucky and sincere. They are driven by a hunt for truth or justice. They sacrifice for their cause in order to right some wrong. Meanwhile, the target is always big and powerful, motivated by lower instincts like greed, ego or power. It’s why the rich and powerful, who bankroll left-wing street activism, take pains to launder their money and support through not-for-profit front groups like Propublica.

There is another component to effective activism that may be the most important in the modern media battle space. That is the element of surprise. Those posters someone created that read, “It’s OK To Be White” worked because the Left did not see it coming. They were unprepared for how to react to it. Worse yet, their normal instinct to surround a threat and scream at it compounded the problem. By calling it heresy, which is what they mean by racist, they revealed their moral contradictions.

The street artist Sabo works a similar angle. The Left has a big blind spot when it comes to the arts. They assume they have a monopoly on artistic expression, because so many of their cult members pretend to be artistic. It is a bit of the self-flattery that is integral to modern Progressivism. Sabo turns that against them with clever and very well done guerrilla street art that lampoons liberal self-regard. Not all of it is effective, but some of it hits the Left where they never bother to defend themselves.

This is something right-wing activist need to consider, especially when it comes to guerrilla tactics like street actions. Unlike the left-wing activists, which have the full support of the ruling class, the Right must always be looking for soft targets. The Left can mass up a bunch of zombies to fill a street and have their media organs broadcast it around the world. The Right must operate like guerrilla fighters, probing for weak spots in the perimeter, so the actions have to be small and precise.

For example, the Left is largely blind to the realities of immigration. For them, it is a purely moral issue at this point. They don’t even understand the financial interests of people like the Koch Brothers or the Silicon Valley oligarchs. That’s a pretty big blind spot that can be exploited. Instead of a banner drop over a highway, a better target is the apartment complex that runs migrant flophouses on behalf of local employers. It’s a soft spot that is undefended and the Left is not prepared to react.

This is one of those issues that angers middle-class white people. They don’t know about these flop houses, often operating on their edge of their towns. They don’t know the mechanics of smuggling in these indentured servants from India to work in programming shops and engineering firms. That’s never presented on Fox News, because the Murdochs would never allow it. Revealing the perfidy of the ruling class by bringing these flophouses to public view will rustle the right people.

That’s just an easy example of low-hanging fruit that dissidents tend to ignore. The Left is so powerful and so explicit in how it wields power, it has a gravitational force. It draws even its harshest critics into it, so they must fight on left-wing terms. Immigration becomes a moral issue pitting the romantic immigrant narrative against the cold-hearted nativists over what to do with illegal immigration. The real opportunity, however, is legal immigration, which has a much greater impact on white people.

The thing that right-wing activists need to keep in mind is their target audience is often incredibly naive about the world. The reason so many college kids fall for the TPUSA scam is they grew up in nice suburban neighborhoods with nice bourgeois parents, who think we still live in an orderly republic. More important, the people in charge are very good at concealing the truth from these people through control of the media. As a result, even though the result of the great replacement are all around them, they don’t see it.

The most red-pilling act is when that hidden reality is suddenly made plain. Tell the typical Baby Boomer about books being banned or banks closing down accounts of political activists and their blood boils. Even though this stuff is plastered all over social media, they don’t see it, because they are trained not to see it. For most of their lives, banning books is what happened in backward communist countries, not in a place like America. There was never a reason to think about it.

That’s an important thing to keep in mind for all dissidents. The shared reality of the modern age is carefully and effectively manipulated to keep people blind to what’s happening around them. The people running the media are good at their craft. That’s why guerrilla tactics like those “It’s OK To Be White” were so effective. The people in charge have grown used to a predictable enemy. They don’t know how to respond to those sorts of tactics. That’s their weak spot that can be exploited.

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122 thoughts on “Right-Wing Activism

  1. The legal immigration issue is never going to even get a hearing – until illegal immigration can be talked about head on.

    Which is probably why the left supports illegal immigration so explicitly, while they’re bringing in all manner of people “legally”.

    The legal thing has become such a scam – that nobody even asks why half the world apparently is in such dire straights that they should qualify for asylum or should be considered a “refugee”.

    Portland Maine just got a few hundred illegals dumped there from places like the Congo and Cameroon – after they had run over the Mexican-US border.

    The pure ridiculousness of incidents like this – where the people running over the border HAD TO get to Mexico somehow by sea or air – and therefore HAD TO pay a significant sum (or have it paid for them) – just never seems to even be allowed to be talked about.

    The Ebola aspect of the Congolese asylum seekers is at least making some waves. I’ve seen it mentioned in a number of places that Customs only screens for fever symptoms – and a person can be contagious for Ebola – WITHOUT having a fever.

    So Ebola carriers are potentially being seeded around the country.

  2. Love to see more of this here in the future. As someone with a good deal of anti-fragility, I can risk relatively “active activism,” but everyone, even those with high-dox-risk jobs and young kids at home can do their part. If overt activism isn’t your style or risk profile, be part of a support network. Provide side jobs or a couch to surf on when a dox victim is between jobs. If you’re broke, provide moral support. And don’t forget that just acting White day to day is a positive effort for the cause, so long as you don’t extend your natural empathy and altruism to those who want to destroy you and yours. There’s a reason why “that’s mighty White of you” is still a phrase among those of us in the new underground. First, be White to each other, then give a little more when you can.

  3. The word HERESY stood out to me, connecting a few dots. There is real (and pointless and evil) racism, but what they call racism is NOT that.
    Their racism is just a Heresy against their stupid secular religion.

    This is an interesting leverage point. In sales you are looking for ways to help the person do what they want to do. A lot of people think its trying to get people to do what they are trying to avoid, but that’s a stupid waste of time.

    The sales point in this case is in helping them to destroy themselves. That is their actual goal. They happen to want to take us with them but suicide is their primary intention.
    Their lives are meaningless. They know it. All of socialism/communism is the rationalist project coming to it’s inevitable end.

    Give me free shit because I’m too lazy to do a damn thing for myself. Why get up in the morning? Oh yeah, to go kill someone I don’t like, say a normie or conservative or Christian or Jew.

    That person is suicidal. Add to their dissonance that their sputtering the word racist is actually a religious appeal to God himself. Ha!

    Lefty “Racist!”
    Normie “So, it’s true! You do believe in God!”
    Lefty “What the F are you talking about?”
    Normie “You’re taking a moral stance, so you believe in God! Ha!”
    Lefty (Insert any retort here ________)
    Normie “You’re calling me a Heretic against your stupid religion.”

    And shut your mouth. Just smile. Game.

    I expect I’ll add and subtract from this point over the next few months but it has my interest. I’d like critiques if anyone feels like it.

    P.S. My captcha code was ZxwJQ
    There’s a joke in there somewhere.

  4. Typhus is making a comeback in Los Angeles. What will those precocious Progressives think of next? Uh-oh, now I outed myself as a diseasist.

  5. Anyhoo, I was thinking along these same lines. The cultural AIDS, or give it a name and call it the Deceiver, or the Infection as I do-

    It operates along viral lines.
    Exactly like physical AIDS, cultural AIDS makes itself invisible to the antibodies that would attack it.
    Perhaps that’s why I think a penicillin, and someday, a vaccine.

    An early vaccine, the Jesus archetype, worked even though it was adulterated. That’s proof this contamination can and should be resisted.

    • (Dammit! There I went again jumping right over today’s point. So disrespectful to the host and the readers, it’s an awful habit and I need to quit doing it.)

  6. “It’s okay to be white,” presumably succeeded precisely because it turned the racism charge, historically deployed exclusively by Leftists against whites, on its head. It strongly implied that Leftists were the true racists because they routinely vilified whites. Leftists, so smug in their supposed moral superiority, were brought up short by being condemned for the worst “sin” of all, racism.

    Now “It’s okay to be white,” is old enough that it no longer has the advantage of surprise. But the statement still has value inasmuch as it points out the anti-white racist reality of the Left. Unfortunately, Conservative Inc., rather than march through the breech created by “It’s okay to be white,” stuck its head back in the sand and muttered “muh free markets.” It is enough to make one think “our side” is simply too stupid to win.

    • In the words of St. Brenton:

      “A Jew, residing in Israel and not seeking to undermine my people is no enemy of mine”

  7. Agreed. One area that I have found effective is in my contacts with blue-collar Democrats who remain loyal to the party, or who do not see immigration as a big issue. They still have the Statue of Liberty in the background of their understanding.

    But when I call it “scab labor” brought in by the bosses to lower their wages and displace them, working class whites see illegals in a much different light than the big-city Democrats their leaders support. It becomes a real issue for both them and their families, not just a sentimental attachment to Grandpa Giuseppe.

    Same with middle class whites when I call immigrants “scab voters.” All of a sudden those liberal lessons they learned in Howard Zinn history take on a different meaning.

    You can see the fog lifting as you speak.

  8. How do we achieve that unspoken fluidity, that common knowledge of what small actions to do?

    The Left doesn’t get stuck on the actions because they have a greater goal always in mind- to overthrow their enemies and destroy their culture, those hateful troglodytes that hold back Progress.

    What is our greater goal?
    What clear picture can we paint?

    A commenter here showed us that 3-legged stool of neighbor-hood:
    Home to school to church.

    This is the stable structure of family formation, of roots and comity and heritage, and it works for all groups of any color.

    This is what was broken. What was taken from all of us. This is the image we must sell, the future we offer.

    • Addendum: we aren’t going to deport our way out of this. It is baked in the cake that we will be outnumbered. Ffs, the central tenet of the new religion is to prevent deportation, its darkest blasphemy.

      Since we needs must coopt the nonwhites, understand that they want what we want. They light up at the idea of a seperate space where they can become who *they* are, a place where (white) people don’t look at them funny.

      That constant, unconscious pressure of white eyes is the actual source of their complaint. Black men don’t want to be Urkel- yet this is what the Left offers, to make men women and women, men, to make children sexualized adults and adults unsexed children.

      The Left’s weakness is their vision of a world turned upside down. Let us help them advertise and showcase that vision, coopting their efforts.

      Agree and amplify. That little Mexican kid with upraised middle fingers is a perfect case in point. We want what others want, now we understand each other, we have common ground, and can go on from there.

      • Further: having been the only white face many times, let me tell you that they goshdam worship us, and want to have what we have inside of us. Even most of the specials. Why are we letting the special Left steal this resource, these numbers?

        We don’t want to kill everyone, to crush the women, or rule the world with fear. We just want the attacks to stop. We want to shut up the barking sh*t-stirrers imposing the values of rootless nomads, to make them stop stampeding the herds, and allow some peaceful grazing.

  9. Great post. Was discussing this with a friend. Whites are very complacent and don’t realize the future their children and grandchildren face. They will be squeezed by Asians from above and sun people from below. If Asians win their suit against Harvard, guess whose kids are not getting in? It won’t be Hispanic and Black kids

  10. There are some really ugly components of libertarianism. The Koch brothers are a great example. Soft targets are targets none the less. Shared reality is unreality. We have work to do.

  11. Let’s bounce around ideas for propaganda posters. I’ll start:

    -Take a Norman Rockwell painting of a normal white family. Fade the color out. At the bottom, the words “THIS WAS STOLEN FROM YOU.”

    -Take that famous picture of the little Mexican boy flipping off the camera. Add the words “This is ours, fuckers” at the top and “you’re too pussy to do anything about it” at the bottom. Print it on stickers and put it outside places poor whites like to hang out (bowling alleys, minor league baseball stadiums, etc). The bonus is that Mexicans will unironically love it and shove it even harder in whitey’s face.

    Maximum Chaos. Exhaust the establishment.

  12. This entry made me happy. Hopefully, we are now past the stage of commiserating with each other at just how bad things have become and how much worse they are going to get. We all know. We need to focus entirely on guerilla-warfare resistance: methods, tactics and means.

    • Don’t be a Patrick Little-tier WigNat and do something stupid with it.

      Israeli flags should be used to mock caved-in Boomertards and TPUSA types. DO NOT mock Jews with them. The purpose of any Israeli flag propaganda is to discredit the aforementioned “Muh Israel” types. Do this and people will begin to take the first steps on the JQ on their own.

  13. Let’s all keep one thing in mind, just because we’re treated as if we’re a fringe movement doesn’t mean we are a fringe movement. Where ever you live, even if it’s in places like LosAngeles, NYC, Marin County, Seattle, etc…there are a lot of people who think like you and many who are on the verge of thinking like you.

    Find a way, without screwing yourself, of contacting and organizing these people. There are 10s of millions of us and people who to a large degree empathize with us. What we lack are line of communication. The only way to overcome this is to start with 2 or 3 people you can trust and take it from there.

    Once you have a solid core make contact with similar groups.

    Churches, schools, alumni, professional organizations, community clubs, pubs and bars, guys of you’re sure of at work, old friends you haven’t seen in years from the place you grew up, existing dissident organizations that can already make those local connections for you, and so one…

    Every single one of these places, none requiring social media, and many more have people who think like you and like you keep it hidden away. Our activism will be infinitely more effective when we break out of our own shells.

    • I don’t want to be demoralizing, but I found very little support for anti-illegal sentiment in Marin County, and I was quite public.

      A memorable moment was one of my colleagues arguing before the city council against high-density housing that would have gone mostly to illegal immigrants. She argued how cruel it was that we planned to house these people near the pollution that comes from being near freeways. This was as radical as my friends were willing to go.

      I concluded that their lives are going to have to get a lot worse before they wake up and I decamped.

      • That display was too public.
        The best poll we have of sentiment at least leaning our way was the outcome of the 2016 election. That Trump was an implicit white nationalists whether people who voted for him were conscious of that or not.

        Even in the SF Bay Area we have raw material to work with if we do it in the right way, which means sub-rosa.

        Trump’s % by county:

        Mendocino 31%
        Napa 30%
        Contra Costa 26%
        Sonoma 23%
        Santa Clara 20%
        San Mateo 19%
        Santa Cruz 18%
        Marin 16%
        Alameda 15%
        SF 10%

        Not great but in an area of more than 6 million people that’s a lot to work with. Even in Marin, 1 in 7 people you pass by is a potential ally. 1 in 5 in the South Bay, 1 in 4 in the North Bay, 1 in 4 on the other side of the Caldecott Tunnel. Not great but worth pursuing.

        In 2016 despite every single cultural, social and political institution united against him, Trump won. He may lose this time around because the demographics in TX, FL and elsewhere have changed enough, but pay attention to the white vote. He will win a majority of the white vote, at least the white men. That matters. Nature will take its course, eventually.

  14. Excellent. We need to realize that we are on the verge of becoming an actual minority and in terms of influence and power we already are. We aren’t going to win this by voting or wearing MAGA hats.

  15. I submitted a long comment about this in response to a previous post, so I will keep this one short.The most effective act of right-wing activism today would be to encourage whites, and particularly working class and middle class whites, to check the box for black or Hispanic on applications for college, jobs, scholarships, financial aid, etc. This is a strike at the heart of the racial spoils system that is one of the pillars of existence for the left.


    • Exactly. I’m a transgender black woman on those forms. And if you get called out say “How dare you! I identify as a black transgender female. But it’s fluid, today I’m identifying a Jewish lawyer who feels like filing an EEO lawsuit against you.”

      Once they detached all of the EEO box checks from they physical form, by allowing “identification” as those forms, they actually disarmed the security system without knowing it. It will be a few years before smart people start exploiting this. Then they’ll have to back-track culturally, saying “I’m sorry we no longer allow “identification” as a particular race, etc. The craziest of the left will then throw a fit. I don’t know how the left can back-track on something like that because since 1780 it has moved as an arrow pointing in one direction. It would be like watching a really stupid dog or cat trying to think about backing out of a confined, dead end space.

    • If I take your advice, won’t the HR department determine that I’m deliberately subverting their metrics?

      • Are’nt most HR depts run by shrewish SJW types?
        Don’t bet on Ms Dullard figuring out anything more subversive than what’s for lunch.

      • What’s the HR department going to do? Make you submit to genetic testing to prove your ethnicity?

        More likely they are going to tacitly collude with you in an effort to improve their diversity numbers.

        Either way, we win.

      • The HR types will be too busy rejoicing in achieving their goals to notice a little thing like bullshit.

        They haven’t so far, have they?

    • Thank you! I play this broken record quarterly here because I feel like if I play it enough it will reach some people. I play it everywhere I post. Fucking normies are not very bright but even a chimp can play the piano w/ enough repetition. So here we go:

      –You must turn the enemies weapons against them–
      –You must turn the enemies weapons against them–

      Hispanic is 100% unprovable because it isn’t genetic. That is your first tick box right there. Transgender? Same, and once this Satanic ‘Equality Act’ passes nationally you are protected -by law- if you claim to be a chick w/ a dick.

      Blow this motherfucker up until there are no ‘cis hetero white males’ left. It is hard to fight when the enemy has ghosted on you, you lunatics. Then they are stupid enough to start the circular firing squad we are already seeing a bit of. Infighting is next, because people this full of hate and toxicity must always be attacking. Let them destroy each other by becoming background noise. Hispanic Transgender -at a minimum- and then add some more die-versity pokemon points according to your risk tolerance from there.

      Do this in any way you and -especially- if dealing with toxic SJWs / NPCs. That cunt at work that looks ready to pull the trigger on HR against you for breathing at her wrong? Preemptive strike. “She used the word tranny in the hallway talking to colleague, since I identify as female I found this very offensive and now have PTSD and anxiety just by seeing her”.

      Honor, accountability, honesty. These are dead. We are living in the weasel world. Clown world. Grima Wormtongue world. Deceit, cowardice, group think, blaming others, pussified spineless feminized. This is the world today. Adapt or die. I’ve recalibrated to this already and my radar is up for any faggotry that looks like it will be a risk to me. HR depts, the police, whatever, these are your weapons now.

      • Apologies for the profanity and expletives in that other post. I get -really- fired up about this if it wasn’t obvious. 😉 But that post came off more crude then I would have liked. I think you get the point though with or without the sailor talk.

  16. The “predictable enemy” (Sean Hannity) is on the payroll. His office is 20 feet down the hall. I pulled the plug on cable news three years ago and never looked back. I wasn’t really watching it for the last eight years. I have noticed You-Tube clips that Tucker Carlson is getting edgy on these issues. They’ll get rid of him despite the ratings. Some blow up will happen and he’ll be let go using the words “to be consistent with our values.”

    The media chooses the voices of the right to this day. Just about all of them. And the ones who get too edgy get disappeared. One in particular who comes to mind is Gavin McInness. A total gadfly and mostly a fraud. He was far, far from some neo-Nazi waving a tiki torch, and on the gay stuff he was practically hanging rainbow flags from his windows. He literally kissed that other fraud on the mouth. When they disappeared him I said to myself, really? That one was too much for you? Looking at the Soviet Union, they were doing this all the way to the end. The only correction for this is the current media model just going belly up, Soviet style.
    Just plain running out of cash to pay the gatekeepers, and it is happening every day.

    • “His office is 20 feet down the hall.” What? You’re in his building? If true, you must really see how the propaganda is made. My guess is that the media lies far more by omission than commission (not covering black/hispanic crime or homosexual perversion). How much actual lying do you see versus suppression? How much explicit talk is there about enforcing a multicultural, universalist, race-blind narrative?

  17. They assume they have a monopoly on artistic expression, because so many of their cult members pretend to be artistic.

    Or perhaps because leftie “artists” have better access to government and private institutional funds. That is the case in Denmark, at any rate: being an artist is all but a government job and it show in the quality of their “art.”

    • We have the better memes and some extremely effective street art. I have yet to find some decent music with right wing themes. Saga has some good covers but the music is a little dated and some of it has overt Nazi references which of course render it useless.

      Otherwise, we have plenty of patriotic rock groups in the US. Only problem is, they play stuff like this.


      I can just imagine the crowd of middle aged white people dutifully singing and waving to the music while La Raza and BLM do their thing.

      • they play stuff like this.

        A bit anodyne, but I’ve seen worse. We need to drop the metal and drop Saga too, it’s not normie-friendly.

        We should have something upbeat. We’re selling a happy message, the music should be happy. Lefties are killjoys and depressives, they hate happy.

        • The lyrics are the exact opposite of what we need though.

          Point taken about the metal though. What we really could use is a decent pop artist. Something that would allow us to reach a broadest possible group of whites. Figuring out how to sell that is way beyond my paygrade though.

        • There is a retro metal thing going on with the kids. I introduced my kid to Sabaton as it is great workout music with themes of western civilization feats of arms. We were shocked when we heard the “Winged Hussars” playing in his High School weight room one afternoon. We had nothing to do with it, apparently it is becoming a thing.

          Dont right off metal quite yet.

          • Sabaton….. interesting fellows. Neutral country them Swedes, but Sabaton has recorded songs about both Lauri Torni and Simo Hayha.

          • Well those two are Finns but they’ve also recorded songs about swedish Vikings and king Charles xii. The band pretty much covers major themes in the western military tradition with the exception of one song about a samurai revolt. They’ve taken to doing g accompanying historical informational videos too from what I understand.

            It’s just ballsy music that works well with a workout… particularly when the evening manager at my gym favors mindless gangster rap.. I can put the headphones on and hear about paratroopers jumping into bastogne to speed guitar and heavy drums
            .. in lieu of “gon get dat n**** and get dat money, money, money…”

        • Listen to Nina Nastasia, it’s rural-folk-rock if I had to catagorize her music.. The lyrics are very trad based without telegraphing or staging the theme and the music is modern americana..
          I understand that she eschews the spotlight – is it possible because all that that goes with it?

          • Unwashed, I’ve downloaded of her songs and will give them a listen to, tonight. Thanks.

            Sperg time, I should have said don’t write off metal yet, above. I work the grave shift and don’t daytime well.

        • Subtle sometimes works the best.

          Look at some of the “Christian” rock. They often don’t overtly even mention God. And without picking up the signs – it might not even comprehend what it is they’re talking about.

          Lauren Daigle has hit the top 40 and is showing up on many of the popular lamestream media shows as well as singing at the awards shows and so forth.


          In other words she is penetrating deep into leftie country.

          That might not mean much since so much of the Christian church is so pozzed. But much of the left is openly anti-Christian. So it’s still there poking them in the eye at least.

  18. The left have always defined us according to their own emotional needs. I can attest to this on a personal level due to my experiences when I lived in California. Unfortunately, I did not possess the proper forms of response that would have confused liberals back then. I know better now. Plus THEY are no longer quite as confident as they were before. They understand that their narrative is being challenged as a result of internet communications. This means that they are doubling down on absurd positions like reparations. Good. Let them. Avoid speaking to them if possible. If challenged, smile and poke them in the eye with the kind of logic they despise. I discovered in the early 2000s that laughing out loud at their alarmist climate claims would reduce them to silent or spluttering rage.

    • I keep burning tires, eating meat and jacking my AC up, but New York isnt under water yet. Al Gore lied to me!

  19. The (mostly phony) flag-burning debate is cycling through the news again, while everywhere I look I see rainbow flags marking “pride” month. How about a meme that displays the virtue-signaling slogan, “I support flag burning”—over a picture of the rainbow flag in flames?

    Wouldn’t that cause cognitive dissonance in the enemy? Is it free speech? Or a hate crime?

    An afterthought: maybe the meme pairs an American flag with the rainbow one, to really sow confusion?

    • They would call it hate speech and as we all know, hate speech is not free speech. It will work on anyone over 30, but that is it. A better answer is to spread the word that white separatists are using the rainbow flag as their latest covert symbol. They chose it because the colors are beautiful when distinct and separate but mix together into an ugly black.

      As a Christian, stealing back God’s symbol would make me very happy. God flooded the world because of sexually degenerate behavior and then placed the rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise to never flood the world again. To see that symbol turned into a sign of perverts is galling to the extreme.

      • Correct. Desecrate their symbols and you make yourself a target for their vengeance. Steal and subvert their symbols and there is not much they can do.

        • King Tut.-How about a a rainbow flag with a white stripe in the middle with the words” IT’S OK TO BE WHITE” across it?

      • I like this idea, TLS, and commented to that effect on an earlier thread.

        On the other hand, it’s ALL hate speech, when our side says it. The idea is to get the “hate” out there, let it be seen, let it register as yet one more thing that people know is right yet fear to say. If it has to be withdrawn from view, as it inevitably will be (I mean, the enemy can’t even tolerate “It’s OK to be White”), so be it. But potential allies will know they’re not alone in the resentment they feel. That building resentment is the fuel of change.

        • As always, the problem is, once the source of criticism is discovered to have originated from somewhere to the right it is summarily dismissed out of hand without address… I give you the woefully pathetic “Democrats are the real racists” D’Souza campaign that appealed to exactly nobody outside my sainted mother’s set.

          The Left has taken more damage from apparent internecine conflict than anything we have mustered from outside. I give you the #metoo, the BDS fight and the now the first stirrings of a showdown between Title IX and the deranged men-as-girls athletes.

          Perhaps taking a page from the tribe would work better as part of the guerilla campaign,; “Let’s you and him fight.”

          Every city has an MLK Blvd or freeway. A letter, online petition, or sticker campaign to change the name, on behalf of anonymous concerned citizens against the exploitation of sex workers, patriarchal rape of women, separation of church and state (why is there a “Christian” reverend adorning public streets in every city?) Etc. Even a #metoo sticker campaign against the street signs would generate interest/discontent if the media decided to cover it.

          Why are boys and men now dressing as girls and taking the athletic prizes and scholarships from our girls. Anonymous feminists want to know! Etc.

          Light the fuse under their walls and let them fan it themselves. Let them tear down their own gods.

          If your anonymity is somehow blown, you can always answer with a heartfelt and teary-eyed proclamation that you are deeply concerned about the gurlz, mother gaia, the little Palestinian lambs, the wicked patriarchy etc. Free press is a two-fer.

  20. You need to build base, and that base is built locally. You also need to build those local alliances to attack those local issues, then leverage it into larger things. Lets look at the whole drag kids and drag queen reading time issue.

    Here’s how conservatives could address this is they had used left wing organising techniques.

    1) They would do their research, then identify people in the local queer community and local feminist community who are against this.

    2) They would form a basic committee.

    3) This committee would then begin going around to various churches and organisations giving seminars on why this stuff is bad, with a variety of presenters from the allied groups. this is consciousness raising.

    4) at these seminars they would begin networking with the various interested community leaders.

    5) they would pick a target..say a beauty contest for drag kids.

    6) they would send out the plan of action to the various community leaders, relying on them to mobilise their own communities and groups.

    7) Then they would contact the sponsors of the show and try to get it cancelled, get their sponsors yanked, have the organizers and celebrities attended doxxed and shamed etc.

    8) On the day of the Drag contest, they would show up in strength at the venue and occupy that space.

    They would not stop..they would apply unceasing pressure on all the various groups involved until they achieved their objective. Then once this was accomplished, they expand the org, purging the elements no longer needed.

    You do this with any number of issues, then once you build your bases, you begin to link these causes into a broader mutually supporting movement.

    • Damn dude, your posts are like a class in community organizing 101 for the political right.

      So here’s a question for you. Every year at Good Friday, I know a group of Christians who go downtown to a Planned Parenthood and picket them for a few hours while praying. Apparently the last few years, 15-20 Antifa have been showing up to harass them. Things have not gotten violent yet thankfully. What’s the best way to deal with the commies and hopefully maneuver them into doing something stupid?

      • Street brawling is a no win scenario for the right. Just work on building those connections with other community groups, so that when you show up on good friday, you show up en masse. Film everything of course.

        • I’m sorry, but history says otherwise. Every modern revolution, right or left, has been ushered in by street-level activists willing to do violence on behalf of their cause. There’s no exception to this rule for the modern right.

          I’m not a Christian, and frankly I’m opposed to Christian groups harrassing women who are making a difficult personal decision. Nonetheless, Christians have a first amendment right to protest. If they are going to exercise that right knowing full well that Antifa is going to make the show then they need to be prepared to take the necessary action to exercise their rights. If they are not, then they should not show up in the first place.

          Losing skirmishes or abandoning the field to Antifa makes the right look pathetic and weak. Violence from the left must be met with overwhelming violence from the right, every time. And the right has to win. Decisively. Every time.

          Charlottesville would be viewed quite differently if the result had been dozens or hundreds of dead or injured members of Antifa instead of one dead fat chick. Ramming your car into a group of protesters because you are scared and on the run is not an image of bravery or strength. Fighting your way through an Antifa gauntlet and leaving a trail of broken bodies in your wake makes an impression.

          • Dozens of dead people at charlottesville would have been a catastrophe. The authorities were banking on just such a thing.

            By all means, the right should defend itself. But deliberately seeking street encounters will end badly because the right has no support in the elite, no armies of probono lawyers to defend them, no mass media machine to run cover for them.
            Street brawls are theatre. The real power is in the legal and media machines that tilt the power structure heavily in the favour of antifa.

            That’s why the pro-lifers need to develop their coalition, so when they do show up, its in strength enough to keep themselves safe. And the right needs to develop a base, so that when it has to engage in street action, it has legal, financial and cultural cover.

          • In case you didn’t notice, Charlottesville *was* a catastrophe, but it was compounded by the right looking like pathetic losers who tucked tail and ran rather than stand their ground. There are exactly zero historical examples of such organizations leading successful movements.

            I did not advocate deliberately seeking out street brawls. But if your group is going to engage in some form of street-level activism knowing that Antifa will be there, your group needs to be prepared to meet Antifa’s violence with an overwhelming response. If not, then stay home. The optics of getting your a** kicked by Antifa are terrible.

            And standing their like a dope with your iPhone in hand while some Antifa goon opens up a can of whoop ass on you or your peers is perhaps the ultimate sign of weakness. Antifa wins because they are committed and they take risks commensurate with their committment. If your committment level stops at filming with your phone then, again, you are not ready to tangle with Antifa and you need to stay home.

            The right has to win. Every time. If you aren’t committed to winning, then don’t go into battle.

          • Antifa wins? That’s not the impression I get at all. Seems to me they’re a pack of capellini-armed soy-boys in black who act like Rambo when they’ve got a 10-to-1 numerical advantage, but quickly turn into Peewee Herman when the fists and clubs begin flying in earnest.

          • Charlottesville occurred because the Alt/Dissident Right attendees were duped into entering enemy territory by a “leadership” unqualified to lead.

            Self-defense is risky, even when legally permitted. Charlottesville proved, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we haven’t the legal right to defend ourselves. Since the conservative character is averse to risk and calculation, it concludes that the best defense is to not show up.

            The Right in this country has not had the stones or dedication to “show up in strength” for anything since 1940, much less acquire the legal, financial, and cultural cover even back when it was still possible to do so.

            The Left never stormed our castle. We left the gates open, because consteetooshunal fweedumbs was our principle. Our diverse “movement” was never more than “meet, greet, ‘n eats” and book clubs. Crawling through tunnels beneath castle walls is very much a part of Rightist character in this country. Rightists in tunnels are there to hide, not to sap.

            The Right must determine how to bring overwhelming force into the equation or quit its LARPing and surrender. Seriously. There will be no winning this thing once Trump leaves office.

          • >>Charlottesville occurred because the Alt/Dissident Right attendees were duped into entering enemy territory by a “leadership” unqualified to lead.

            Isn’t this the truth. Admitting your own mistakes is never fun but it’s how you grow.

          • Bravo.

            The Libertarian/Liberty Minded ideal is poison

            Before this happens though they must either come up with an ideology that everyone can broadly agree on or accept splitting up the union.

            You can fight if you don’t have goals or know what you want . This is a movement that can’t bring itself to say “I want an end to single motherhood , lower status for women, difficult divorce.” or anything that’s actually hard

            They get caught up in the abortion bugaboo or cucked by those fweedumbs oldstradesman noted

            Cog Dis hurts but we are more lIbertarian now than in 1960 in many respects

            In case it comes up and it usually does ,restoring the original Constitution is not a useful goal in 2019

            Everything that was done to the Right was completely Constitutional and a shitton of the most destructive things , immigration, porn, easy divorce , birth control , abortion, welfare (the Left does have a cogent argument for the pro abortion and welfare positions) , are well in line with a minimal government .

            And note too the Constitution was properly amended for female suffrage, youth voting and elected senators election so no blame there

            Hell , the worst oppressors right now are woke companies which means that globalists and corp suckers can’t be allowed to run things either

            This is a big change and the Dissident Right will end up more like Teddy Roosevelt than Silent Cal

            The original document barely made sense in 1819 with a moral and religious population mostly rural and tech that had more in common with the Middle Ages than modernity

            We don’t have that, Much of the population is agnostic or only nominally religious and the technological change is staggering . The population is also 80% urban

            Being able to rule a people like we have (even if we remove many people) but in line with conservative principles without massive force as an option , since everyone will be armed to the teeth is going to be a challenge

            The Right is going to have to think rather differently than before , not easy for Conservatives but there is time to figure this crap out before its too late.

          • If a hundred Antifa had been beaten in the street at Charlottesville, we’d have half the FBI, CIA, and NSA up our ass instead of just you and your fed posting nonsense. The Jews have every major figure in Charlottesville wrapped up in frivolous lawsuits from one beached whale.

            War in the 21st century is a battle between the sword and the camera. Nonviolence works. Street fights don’t.

          • I advocate not breaking the law. Right now the gains aren’t worth the risk and you don’t need too.

            besides the Right isn’t really ready for violence While individually they are much better fighters , violence is a group activity

            Until the Right is able to get past its own hurdles and learn to act as a group, they shouldn’t fight

            As I say in nearly every post, join or die.

            Also seriously folks, this is not the 1960’s and 70’s , days of rage street fighting bullshit is outdated. The modern skills you need are things like doxxing and understanding social networks and things of that sort

            You need data , fitness, tech skills and the ability to organize more than more bullets or a big stick

            A last thing, if it really goes hot and I pray it does not .you do not get to stop till you are in charge completely

            The Right will I guarantee it cuck and run if they get a bit ahead.

            There must be no committees or reconciliation, no worrying about the economic cost or the nation or the international community and anyone on you side with those concerns must not lead

            You win or you’ll have ten lifetimes of reprisal by the most sneaky, underhanded , subversive people out there.

            The only thing allowed must be the abject surrender of the Left

          • What you recommend will get you 10-20 years in prison and everyone associated with you becoming a target for the FBI.

            If you are going to go to that length, at least target the boss class behind it all. Beating up the hired help does nothing. Think strategically, whose removal would harm the Left the most or send shock waves through their monied class?

          • So you are not Christian, you disagree with our stance, you are calling for violence that would not be justifiable and gives credence to the talking points of our enemies. Somehow I do not think you have our best interests at heart.

          • Okay, since this exchange started with your discussion of protesting at Planned Parenthood, I’ll just point out here that as we approach the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, our Blue states are busy passing abortion laws that allow abortions right up to delivery, and possibly after delivery. Almost every contender for President on the Democratic ticket has pledged to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which bans the use of Federal Funds to pay for abortions, even though such a ban would be completely superfluous since the Feds already fund Planned Parenthood. Further, the Republicans are pretty mum on the issue.

            Face it: your side is losing. Badly. And now you are proposing to lead a group onto the street and to maneuver Antifa into “doing something stupid” while you apparently intend to stand there like a dope with your iPhone in your hand, filming them while they beat you and your peers into a bloody pulp. To what end?

            If you’re not winning, then you’re simply virtue signaling. As the Zman says, win first, then adopt principles. Your committment to the principle of nonviolence guarantees that you will lose against Antifa. If you’re not willing to do what it takes to win against Antifa then you need to concede the field and stay home. Nobody admires a loser.

          • Apparently you do not read carefully, your language is designed to inflame, and you are advocating for my side to start violence. You are a troll, and an obvious one.

          • Sigh. Abortion again?

            Personally I am indifferent to it as an issue, while I think its fairly disgusting , npt my people, not my problem

            The kind of people liable to get an abortion for anything other than eugenic or mothers life reasons aren’t my folk

            That aside you do realize that abortion is in near continuous decline and that 2/3rds of it are non White and much of the rest White Liberal . They are also 100% unwanted and liable to grow up in a dysfunctional home and use social services you have to pay for.

            Why are you spending vast amounts of effort trying to save the offspring of the people who hate you and want you dead or enslaved?

            Politics is hereditary for the most part so every abortion is one less foe that later won’t have to faced

            And yes this is unpleasant . It pays to remember that the Dissident Right is not Christian anymore than its Libertarian

          • There are a lot of you guys. I tend to call folks like you and Vox Day, the Deus Volt crowd .

            There are also more Liberty Minded ones, the WRSA types , the White Nationalists and Libertarian ankle biters we get and Trad Cons , secularists ,heathens and paleoconservatives like myself

            This is not a big tent movement as we have more in common than not but its pretty diverse within limits

          • Agreed on most points. Ultimately abortion is only outlawed when in our own state.

            I concede that the Dissident Right is not a friend of modern Christianity, but neither am I.

  21. A big problem for us when we’re talking politics and events with friends and family is a mismatch of assumptions. Since the mainstream media lies and more often, simply leaves important things out, there’s a foundation of knowledge that’s vastly different between normies and us dissidents. Rather than having a good discussion or debate, I end up having to explain a lot of things that we consider common knowledge.

    • That’s more likely a mismatch of intellect than assumptions. Normies have been appropriately de-intellected in 12-16 years of government schools. Only a very few survive that encounter with a capacity to actually think. I tend to believe there are many with a CAPACITY for an IQ of 120 but who operate in the 80-90 range due to institutional education.

    • I have given up trying to persuade my friends and family. For them, judging an individual by a characteristic that the individual didn’t choose, like race, is the worst sin. They refuse to believe that ethnocentric non-white groups can aggress against whites.

      However, they esteem my character and intellect and I hope that someday this will persuade them as the inevitable events unfold.

  22. “and have their media organs broadcast it around the world”

    Even in the article you linked about Sabo the media claims that FB is under attack because they helped Trump win the election, referencing Cambridge Analytics. So yes, they will make sure that even protests against progressives are couched in terms of anti-right.

  23. Everyone has a smart phone with a camera nowadays. Why not create a web space that allows users to upload photographs of the seedy side of our environment where the fruits of Progressive policy are revealed in real-space? Include a caption with location and date. No other commentary, just the image.

    As an example, a photo essay of the feces on the streets of San Francisco would likely be quite impactful.

    • A site like this exists, called “Goodbye America in a Photo”. Heartiste used to link to it. The site is still up, but doesn’t seem to be active since Heartiste got holocausted. The blogger Zombie used to domphoto-essays like what you’re describing, too. But you could always start another.

      • Perhaps this website could include a box in the upper right-hand corner that would allow users to submit applicable photos for a Photo-of-the-Day feature. Alas, I do not live in the belly of the beast, and consequently do not have easy access to the vibrancy of Baltimore or other urban cesspools.

    • ” … where the fruits of Progressive policy are revealed in real-space?”

      Not even sure a photo-essay is necessary … just go be an eyewitness at your local WalMart. The evidence is insurmountable for those that wish to see it.

    • You could easily do something like on Instagram but you need to choose your title carefully. Call yourself something like “Urban Artist” and do it sincerely as an art project. Avoid making any DR commentary. In fact, go the other way and enthuse over every picture of degeneracy and decline as an exciting vision of the “new America”.

    • Here is a guy who drives his car through the worst neighborhoods in America and posts the videos on YouTube:


      Then, of course, there is Colin Flaherty, who posts videos seven days a week on the staggering, mind-numbing, unremitting black on white violence in America.


      Does any of this make a difference in exposing the fruits of progressive policy? It doesn’t seem so.

      Colin Flaherty himself often takes the position that he publishes the videos simply to help people avoid becoming victims themselves. There is a vague sense on Flahery’s site that some day in the future his videos might make a difference, but not anytime soon.

      Flaherty has mentioned that his videos have millions of views. I think he might even have claimed that his videos have had over 100 million views in the last several years, and yet he can’t keep up with the daily carnage.

      He recently posted a series of videos after the mass shooting in Virginia Beach wherein he tried to count the number of black mass shooters in the days after the Virginia Beach killing. Every time he was about to post a video, another email would pop up on his computer with another link to another black mass shooter. He had to keep posting update videos on black mass shooters. According to Flaherty, somewhere, every day in America, there is a black person who shoots three or more people.

      Maybe Flaherty falls into the Zman’s category of expected logic-based, fact-based, managed resistance, and therefore the left deflects it routinely. However, if documenting the carnage that Flaherty documents doesn’t have any affect of the left, I don’t hold out much hope for dropping flyers around university campuses proclaiming “It’s OK to be white.”

      • The surest form of red-pilling comes when a white family is forced to flee its diversifying ‘hood. And as it becomes harder and harder, both financially and logistically to flee, the red-pilling will surely take on greater intensity. This phenomenon could be the powderkeg…

        • My family fled their row house in East Baltimore in 1979 along with essentially the entire rest of the neighborhood’s white population after the much beloved owner of the local High’s store was brutally stabbed in a daylight robbery. We all knew this guy and now he was gone. I forget whether he died or was just too badly hurt to keep working. We also all knew who did it along with all the other crimes that were on the rise there. After that my parents rented in the Baltimore suburbs for the next 20 years. They started out renting houses but ended up moving from one shitty apartment complex to another fleeing the rising tide of diversity and the rising rents.

          I like the “it’s OK to be White” flyers but maybe it’s time to start printing ones that just say “There’s nowhere left to run”. I think people will get the meaning and it should have the effect of pouring itching powder in the Left’s diaper with many lulz to be had watching them dance around.

          • “maybe it’s time to start printing ones that just say “There’s nowhere left to run”.”

            “You can only build so many subdivisions.”

      • “However, if documenting the carnage that Flaherty documents doesn’t have any affect of the left, I don’t hold out much hope…”

        Except they don’t see anything from his channel. It’s hidden from anyone who isn’t actively searching for racial content. The strength of IOTBW was that it put bait in the public square and it was pounced on by the hard left, which dutifully amplified the message. The same thing happens on the big social media sites from time to time, but it takes patience and skill to beat the colossal amount of money the tech giants are throwing at keeping their platforms banthinkfrei.

    • RE: loading camera phone photos online-

      Take the pic, then do a screenshot of the pic and upload the screenshot. This will scrub geotagging and other data that could potentially dox you.

    • “Why not create a web space…”

      This is a lesson the dissident must learn. You do not have the kind of institutional support to maintain a “space,” of your own, web or otherwise. Look at Gab. They became a dissident mecca and now they’re effectively a leper colony of totally-not-federal-agents-and-informants. Being a dissident means you don’t get the benefit of the doubt when you are allowing speech that approaches legal boundaries (real or imagined). You’re going to be shutdown or turned into a honeypot like Gab. Rather than suffer this; take the time to learn the art of sock accounting and go promote these subversive ideas on the platforms of public record.

  24. I like thinking of our ruling class as Redcoats and us as revolutionary resistance. Progressives are still fighting with twentieth century culture war battles but only now defending twenty first century poz.

    Everything the right resistance does should be more about waking up and showing normies what is at stake and what is going to happen to their progeny. Redpill your families and neighbors and any chance for a minor insurrection, take it.

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