Our Interregnum

One of the most remarkable things to happen in the West since the end of the Cold War has been the rise of identity politics over the last half decade. It is remarkable for a couple of reasons. One is that it has emerged in what economists consider to be a time of unrivaled prosperity. People should be happy and content, rather than angry, with post-national liberal democracy. A central tenet of liberal democracy is that the end point of human activity is to create a world of material plenty.

The other remarkable aspect is these movements are flourishing in the face of strong moral prohibition, often backed by force. It’s literally dangerous to be an identitarian in most of the West now. America is now a land that bans books and subjects dissenters to internal banishment. The titans of industry are studying China for ways to suppress internal dissent. Despite these efforts to anathematize identity politics, white people throughout the West are embracing identity politics.

The aggressive assault on dissidents is a direct result of the unpreparedness of the ruling classes. They really were convinced they had ushered in the post-historical moment as imagined by Francis Fukuyama. The great battles of political economy in the 20th century were settled. All the “isms” had been vanquished by liberalism and there was nothing left to discuss. The sudden reappearance of old cultures and old ideas about how people should organize themselves was like seeing a ghost.

Now, this is a good time to note that the phrase “identity politics” has been kicking around American political circles for decades. In the mouths of conservatives, it was always part of the grift they have been running on white people. It looks like an attack on left-wing tactics, but in reality it is an endorsement of Progressive morality. For the Left, it was always a cover for anti-white agitation. They could not come out directly in favor of anti-white polices, but non-white camp followers were free to do it.

The success of this game of good cop – bad cop played by the American political class is another reason they remain baffled by what’s happening. This game has worked for so long, its sudden failure is like the sun rising in the west all of a sudden. Perhaps a better metaphor is it seems as if all swans are now black. Everywhere political elites turn, the world is no longer as they imagined it. All the axioms upon which they based their world view are suddenly being called into question.

It turns out that Fukuyama was sort of right after all. The West had reached an endpoint after the Cold War. It was not the end of a great ideological battle, but the end point of the great multicultural project launched by the Frankfurt School following World War II. The West, particularly America, had become fully actualized as multicultural societies. They no longer possessed a core identity, based in biology, which informed their politics or restrained their politicians. It was just one big open marketplace.

The trouble is, you cannot have a nation without a sovereign identity and there can be no sovereign identity without a nation. This is the core insight of multiculturalism, which was never intended to strengthen the West but to destroy it. To have a multicultural society is to have no culture at all. Once the people’s sense of who they are is destroyed, the nation must follow with it. That is exactly what we see in the West as political classes struggle to perform their basic duties.

The reason for this, is that the people’s sense of who they are is what animates the political institutions of the state. That shared reality of a people is the soul of every nation, just as the soul animates the body. To kill it and simply try to artificially animate the body, is to create a Frankenstein’s monster. The modern Western state is now a collection of cultural parts robbed from graves around the world. It is neither organic nor natural, so it is always at war with normal human sensibilities.

Multicultural liberal democracy, when lying on the table, is ugly in appearance, but when animated it is truly horrifying. Multiculturalism becomes a monster that attacks everything around it, because at some level, like the mythical monster, it knows it is an abomination, a sin against creation. We have quickly moved from eradicating the people’s sense of identity to systemically eradicating the people. Instead of creating a new society, superior to the old, multiculturalism has destroyed the very essence of western society.

In addition to the end of the post-war cycle, we may also be at the end of a much longer cycle that began with the Enlightenment. The thinkers and philosophers who gave us liberal democracy had a mechanistic view of nature. This led them to see society as nothing but a collection of parts, like a watch. In order to make a better watch, the watchmaker simply had to improve its parts. Make a better spring or a better crystal and snap it into place. Liberal democracy is the full expression of this belief.

It turns out that human society is nothing like a watch and the people in it are not simply automata that can be tinkered with as necessary. Human society is the expression of the shared reality of the people. That shared reality is the result of actions, experiences and mating decisions made by their ancestors. Who they are is what they are. The Frenchman is French, because his ancestors were French, not because the map maker said he was born in France. The nation is the manifestation of this reality.

The confluence of these two end cycles, plus others forces like demographics and technology has brought us to this interregnum. The reason the ruling elites helplessly lash out at the gnats whirling about them is they are built for an age that is fading into the past. Their weapons are crude and destructive, but ultimately ineffective at halting the march into the abyss. The weird nostalgia of American politics is just another aspect of that effort to halt the momentum. It’s an effort to stop the clock.

Similarly, the incoherence and confusion among dissidents is due to the inability to break free from the Enlightenment ideas of liberal democracy. Those looking for an alternative, rummage around in the past for prior rejections. First it was the neo-reaction trying to revive the age of kings. Then it was the alt-right trying to revive 20th century fascism. Like clothes from a prior era, they were a poor fit and made the wearer look odd. They are answers to questions no one remembers, not the questions of today.

That’s why the on-going efforts to put Buckley Conservatism back together will fail. It was an answer to an old question. Similarly, libertarianism is in crisis, because it was a set of tools made for a tradesman who is no longer needed. Whether it is an effort to impose the old forms on the new opposition or re-brand the old stuff as a new form of nationalism, the effort must fail as it is an artifact of the past. The emerging opposition to the prevailing orthodoxy will be rooted in a rejection of its core principles, not an embrace of them.

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226 thoughts on “Our Interregnum

  1. The liberal elites collectively realized sometime in the 1980’s that they had lost the confidence of ordinary voters in the United States. At that time, they recognized that the 1965 immigration act was causing demographic changes in our metropolitan areas causing suburbs to become more politically Left. They enacted the 1986 immigration law with the illusory promise that the U.S. government would start to enforce our immigration laws. Instead, the 1986 immigration law gave an immediate amnesty to large numbers of illegal aliens and the federal government under presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama refused to enforce our immigration laws.

    The Democrats love this situation because they are importing Democrat voters that make the Democrat party competitive against a GOP that draws almost all of its votes from long-standing U.S. citizens. The Democrats have become a coalition of educational and media elites, immigrants, and niche special interest groups, and no longer cares what happens to working class Americans.

    The Republican establishment made its peace with this situation because they are intimidated by accusations of racism and they thought to themselves that the demographic wave would doom the GOP long after the current members of the GOP establishment had retired. The GOP establishment even consoled itself by telling themselves that immigration depresses wages and this will enable them to afford having large numbers of servants. The GOP establishment also believed that corporate management and Wall Street elites were still conservative forces despite all evidence to the contrary. The GOP assumed that Republican voters would never look to replace them with someone who actually cared about the economic well being of ordinary U.S. citizens. The GOP’s establishment had no idea that their voters recognized that the leadership constantly sells out its voters, and that the voters had lost confidence in the GOP establishment.

    That is why GOP primary voters elected Donald Trump as the GOP’s presidential candidate in 2016.

  2. What is called identity politics has existed in America for hundreds of years. This is just what minority groups do. It started with Quakers who were the Jews of the 17th century. The founder of Singapore, who strongly believed in multiculturalism was eventually redpilled by reality said “In a multicultural society, all politics is identity politics”
    But what we are interested in is better described as anti-white politics. But even this has been around since at least the 1950s in America. America’s high trust European society was just not equipped to deal with Soviet financed and backed Jews organizing themselves and blacks against the larger white society. Now that they have taken over our institutions, they guard them jealously and tamp down any backlash no matter how reasonable. Because of this the system is incapable of reform. The rules are stacked against us and only we have to obey them. The rules are optional for them. The rules have been weaponized.
    The system either breaks or we are oppressed by it.

  3. I remember reading this in the Atlantic when it was published back in 1990 and wondering how the multi polar world was going to shake out. https://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/politics/foreign/mearsh.htm

    Also not a bad idea to listen to the repost of the podcast with Herbert Meyer over at Powerline. Meyer was one of those guys that could see patterns that other couldn’t and famously told Reagan the Soviet Union was a tottering wreck when the rest of the analyst world was predicting it would economically annihilate the West.

  4. The delusional progressive left cannot share a reality with us. Their reality is a false one.

    • JMDGT I was born in Colorado and in the summer we used to go up into the rocky moutains fishing. We would have to ride horseback to some of the lakes, following deer tralis. That’s as close to reality as I ever got. And yah, the lefties are completely hopeless.

  5. Ugh, so many posters here remind me of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and that stupid “Logos” guy that’s currently sputtering retro-Catholic nonsense – the Middle Eastern radical cult called Christianity is not the way out of our mess, it was the way into it.

  6. It seems to me that a rejection of liberal democracy is identical with rule by a king. Not necessarily an absolute ruler, which seems to be what everyone imagines by the term. Instead, a selection of one man from among the local rulers to be the lord.

    Aragon was said to have made an oath such as, “We who are not less than you, swear to you, who are not more than we, that you shall be our king so long as you recognize our traditions and rights. And if not, then not.”

    Such an idea is a sort of subsidiarity of kings and has two considerable advantages. First, St. Thomas Aquinas thought it was best. Second, we are evolved to live this way.

    The idea of something genuinely new strikes me as vaguely absurd. The industrial age is over, and concepts of a continent-wide polity are as outdated as Amalgamated Steel and Coal, Inc. The age of petty kingdoms must come!

    • Completely agree with you.
      And St. Thomas Aquinas was Catholic. Hmmm… maybe The Church does know what it’s talking about….
      The Catholic Church has the idea of subsidiarity, and in a Kingdom, it is possible to have a benevolent king who is supported (mostly) by all.
      God’s kingdom is a kingdom.

      Note here that I am NOT referring to the Marxist Antipope Bergoglio.
      I am referring to Popes BEFORE Vatican II, such as Pope Leo XIII and earlier.
      The Catholic Church is such a beautiful thing, but with faggy Jorge and his girlfriends, things have gotten so much worse.
      Benedict has “resigned” in error, and therefore has not resigned at all.
      The See of Peter is meant to act simiar to a kingdom, using the principal of subsidiarity.

      • Carrie. Show me a benevolent king and I’ll show you a hamburger. Seriously folks, this is 6/24/2019. This is a time to look to the future. “Our Interregnum” is all about blue sky thinking about what happens next. No offense meant but we are hurtling tword a future that looks a lot like the 20th Century and then some. Only this time if we don’t pull it together were going to be the jews. What I’d like to know is just how the hell are we going to get all hands on deck?

        • And yet, I never hear an actual idea on what this out-of-the-box, sparkling-new, suitable for {current year}, next thing looks like.

          Here’s an idea that’s positively medieval: the nation is like a body with different parts. And while some parts are feet or hands and other eyes or ears, the body cannot be healthy while a foot or a hand is in pain.

          • Speaking of pain here’s a few more ideas that are positively medieval as well: The Malleus Maleficarum. And how about all those medieval torture methods. Restraint or confinement in painful or damaging positions
            the Barrel Pillory, or Spanish Mantle, or Drunkards’ Cloak
            Branks or Scold’s bridle or Gossip’s Bridle and Variants,
            Scavenger’s Daughter Animals
            Rats, Horses

            Extremes of heat and cold
            Boiling Water
            Branding Irons
            Brazen Bull

            Physical Damage – Piercing,
            Instep Borer,
            Chair of Torture or Iron Chair
            Iron Maiden

            Physical Damage – Crushing
            Boot, Spanish Boot, Buskin & Foot Press
            Crushing Devices,
            Thumbscrews or Perriwinks

            Physical Damage – Mutilation
            Denailing Devices,
            Flaying Knives,
            Flogging Eqipment: Whips, Flails, Cats o’Nine Tails
            Hanging, Drawing & Quartering (& castration)
            Mutilation Tools

            Physical Damage – Amputation:
            Axes and Swords
            Decapitation – the Halifax Gibbet & the Guillotine

            Physical Damage: Twisting & Stretching
            Hanging (suspension)
            Judas Cradle
            Pear of Anguish, Pear of Confession, Pope’s Pear, Oral pear, Vaginal Pear, Anal Pear
            Tearing Limb from Limb,
            Wooden Horse

            Public Humiliation
            Drunkards’ Cloak
            Branks or Scold’s bridle or Gossip’s Bridle and Shame Mask
            Tarring and Feathering.

            Restrictions on Breathing
            Ducking Stool, Cucking Stool(North America, Dunking Stool)
            Pressing, Peine Forte et Dure,
            Water Cure (Water Torture).

            Starvation or Thirst
            Wheel or Breaking Wheel or Catherine Wheel
            Coffin Torture.
            Sensory or Sleep Deprivation
            Heretic’s Fork,drugs. Christianity was shure a fun game to play back then. The point I’m trying to make is real simple. We can learn from the past but to try do bring it forward and try to duplicate it is absurd. We have to live life now.

          • We have to live life now.

            So, we should outsource pain management to the North Koreans? Dilly Dilly! Also, seek help.

    • King Tut. HAhaha! Interregnum indeed. It looks like things are progressing nicely. And I quote: “Driving the dilution of acceptance are young women whose overall comfort levels plunged from 64% in 2017 to 52% in 2018, says the survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD.” Can you guess why women are leading this survey? Sports! They are sick of guys with teats butting there big wangs into girl territory. Sweet!

    • I see this in my own kids. Probably the most “accepting” generation ever…yet now wondering why we have to “celebrate” and “embrace” every former DSM listed issue. My 14 year old recently asked why a parent would permit their 9 year old to dress up as a drag queen and dance for other men. She thought it was disgusting.

  7. I see the bloody birth of the Protestant as a funded, political Tikkun Olam to attack the Roman Church.

    It worked, leading a century of war that was as deadly to the white world as the Black Death, and to some abandonment of hated Christianity in favor of Rationalism.

    Yet look at what the Whites did with it! They took the machinery of murder and turned it into the more benevolent Protestant Ethic, and Catholic scholarship, and into scientific inquiry.

    The nonwhites are frightened. They don’t want to to be all Crips and MS13 and Red Mao and Moghuls.
    If we fudge it up, they know they surely will; they have no idea how to fix things, either, and await a leader.

    It’s the White Man’s Burden.
    They, and we, are looking for us to save us, and them. It’s what the God of Nature made us to do- to fight the Infection that afflicts the Frankfurt School, who have spread their internal civil war with it to the rest of the world.

    • Mr .Alzaebo. Herding those cats back into that bag is hard work. It’s in the very language we speak, our world view. It’s the water the fish swims in. It takes persistent effort to get modernism and post-modernism out of your skull. It’s not impossible but it takes time ,study and commitment. How many will take up the challenge?

    • I also admit I’m a fool for trying turn browns against the elites, blood will turn to blood in the end.

      But I was in L.A., surrounded by the good-natured racial ribbing of decent working joes; I am too white to demand that they hate themselves, their people, or their children.

      • We all get Impatient for results. But just remember, the foundation of the disaster we live with was being set in place over 300 hundred years ago.

  8. Politics has gone the way of marketing. If you watch TV commercials from the 50s, marketing is very general – “This detergent gets your clothes clean!”, “This cereal tastes good”, or “Here’s a fun toy”. It looks quaint and refreshing.
    Today marketing is very carefully calibrated to appeal to a specific sliver of the market. Not just sex, but age, race, geography, lifestyle, etc. The same obnoxious marketers have taken over political messaging. Logic and good of the country are both omitted from the messaging.

  9. Western nations are being led by metastasizing governments, and government is a living thing that places it’s own survival above all else. Failure to convert it’s citizens into hive-minded insects will not be tolerated, and tyranny will be the end result when all else fails. If conformity conversion cannot be obtained by soft memetic infection, then harsher methods will be employed as necessary. That is the nature of the coming battle, not a competition to see who wins the popularity contest.

  10. On an even more granular level, absent identity, a person is a homonculus. The shabby potemkin patriotism & community we see in Numerica is the best one can expect of a nation of homonculi.

    White pill: soulless consumerbot NPC’s led by Last Men have strength only in numbers. Stay alive, fam, & we’ll live to watch Mammon devour itself. Don’t be Tiananmen Tank Guy – Odysseus is a better role model for dissidents than Achilles.

  11. I would say that every nation is forged by war. That’s how you unify all the warring factions, The guy that proved that was Professor Bismarck in 1862-70. Not to mention Professor Roosevelt in 1941-45. After the war national unity slowly falls apart as political actors enact my maxim that “politics is division.”

    So, if we want to put the US back together again it will probably take a war.

    • Dear Mr.Chantrill. No offence, but I’m not sure you’ve been paying close attintion. We are smack in the The Forever War and I for one can’t see a whole lot of national or cultural unity. Anyway, war is about money, the Great Machine only needs national or cultural unity to gather the raw materials to throw into the woodchipper.

      • The Unity will come from the war on Us. Already happening, Mr. Chantrill.

        That last big one gave them dominion over our lands, buying off us helots for a time while making them rich enough to proceed.

        You are correct, however, they will try again. The third Brother War with Russia will finish off the White World as a power.
        The BRICS One Belt is the planned replacement.

        First the fathers, then the sons, then the grandsons, we must never be allowed to reunite.
        Russia, remember, is European.

        • One question- America’s war debt was 120% of GDP.
          So… who got paid?

          Who could make such loans?
          Perhaps someone who had taxed ancient Egypt into bankruptcy and civil war- and then stored that loot in a great Temple.
          And continued this process, of war, of debt, of slaves, of supplying the armies, for millenia.

    • Yeah. I generally agree that the thing that brought the Irish, Italians, even the Germans into the Anglo-sphere was the experience of WW2. Too bad about all those nuclear weapons that would destroy the planet if WW3 broke out.

  12. A powerful article. I hope it’s true, in the sense of their thing not being able to hold together. It looks, however, that they are pushing harder for outright totalitarianism. The (((people))) now in charge always push for that, after getting in charge. I’m afraid we might have to go through something like what the Soviets did, before we come out the other side.

    I hope you’ll forgive a small gripe. The paragraph at the end begging for money is really starting to grate, especially with its emotional-blackmail-y opening (“if you care about your community…”) I always end the articles irritated by that paragraph instead of thinking about the content. It’s one reason why I don’t comment as much as I used to. Perhaps you could just end with a short sentence in italics (click here to support the Zman) taking people to a payment options page. Just some constructive criticism. I’ll keep reading (and supporting you on SubcribeStar.)

    • I guess Zman can try the shortened version with the existing version and see which one garners more support.

      I noticed he took down the tongue-in-cheek bit about being a freeloader after some complaints. I thought it was amusing.

      • The rotted brains of our ruined people didn’t get the tongue-in-cheek bit, so Z Man removed it. He should have just left it in and told the complainers to go have another bong hit, take another pill, have another drink.

      • I too thought the tongue-in-cheek comment about “letting everyone else do the heavy lifting” was funny.
        I guess those people who aren’t regular or long-enough readers of Mr. Z didn’t get the joke.

  13. Perhaps someone can help me understand something. I fully understand the Oligarchs thinking they can tinker with Utopia, nothing new (Nazis, Communists, even the Pilgrims). There is a temptation to pursue that which is only God’s.

    What I dont understand is their seeming incomprehension that nations in particular and whites in general are beginning to awake to the identity game. The bile being heaped on whites by other groups; was that unforeseen or simply calculated to weaken whites while empowering their pets?

    If calculated, why did they assume that there wouldn’t be a growing resistance? Maybe they thought we’d react like post-war West Germans and engage in self-shaming (I know some do). Honestly though, West Germans were looking at their destroyed cities, half their nation behind the Iron Curtain, a whole generation dead, the holocaust bar tab, etc. None of those things occurred here or in recent memory in Europe. Why would they think that there wouldn’t be a growing resistance in the West against the Oligarchs?

    I seriously dont know if they are just daft or we are part of the calculation that there will be some grumblings before the final Utopia is achieved.

    Interested in someone explaining this to me.

    • They use probing, calibration of messaging, and measurement of feedback. Coupled with the “isolate and destroy” strategy. So far, it is working for them. We are a remnant, a rounding error, and we probably way overestimate our numbers, because we are steeped in what we believe in. A reverse Pauline Kael thing.

      Or, there are big numbers on our side, and they are invisible. The midterm elections got me over that idea, in a blackpilled sort of way.

      • Dutch,

        So we are the calculated discontents. Grognards to be expected and managed out to pasture. Foreseen? So you dont think the deplatforming,/banning/de-personing is a frantic reaction, rather, methodically calculated?

        • Penitent Man, I see it as a combination of reaction and calculation. IMO, Facebook and Google did not set out to be the ringmasters in such work, as their roles were hard to imagine ahead of time, for no better reason than that people would not be expected to put up with it, but, sure enough, they do. The reaction/calculation calculus is a work in progress, always adjusting, always calibrating. Sort of a self-teaching AI, hiding in plain sight.

          Furthermore, FB and Google set out to do something new and amazing, then worked to make a lot of money with it, and now they act to protect their turf. Protecting their turf means taking out those who see through the game, those of us who see how their power has corrupted and warped things. We are a threat, and not to be treated lightly. Depersoning and deplatforming are only the start, I fear.

          • Dutch,

            So, an overall plan but tech offered a tool of opportunity. A symbiotic relationship develops. That’s why you can juxtapose photos of young bright eyed tech teen Zuckerberg with the more savvy older Zuckerberg whispering back and forth at Angela Merkel’s knee without too much cognitive dissonance. Makes sense. I will pray that our foes are a trifle more incompetent and shortsighted than you suggest though. Itll make victory easier, or at least less bloody.

    • The bile heaped upon YT is a function of the Left’s near monopoly on power. They would have been doing this back in 1969 if they felt they could get away with it.

      • Ostei,

        So you see it differently, the bile and attacks aren’t necessarily part of a plan and we aren’t being cooly calculated in this cold war… rather they are simply expressing their disgust for us, damn the consequences?

        I have to admit your take is more heartening than Dutch’s. Yours implies foolishness on their part while his has the air of an implacable foe. Dont know which
        rings more accurate. Maybe a fusion of both

        Thanks gentlemen.

  14. Not only did the Magic Dirt of America not turn Somalians and central Americans into anything resembling real Americans, whose core is English and Scottish settlers, but it couldn’t even turn Jews and southern Italians into anything resembling the real Americans who built the country…This was revealed quite starkly after Trump’s election, when 75% of my Jewish friends supported various ideas for removing him from office, including the 25th Amendment….The 1965 Immigration Act killed America, and what Rough Beast(s) will arise in its place will be determined only after much bloodshed…

    • Take a look south … anywhere between the Rio Grande and Tierra Del Fuego. I believe that’s the America to come.

      • Worse. Traditionally, in Latin America, Whites dominated even in countries where they were a minority, such as Mexico. South Africa was a first-world country under White rule. Under the browns and blacks, everything will go fall apart.

        • Latin America has a “bronze race” narrative to bind the brownest native together with the aryan conquistador descendant.

          The Democrats use the word “white” like the Nazi’s use the word “judaic”. In this open air market, it’s all against us.

    • I’ll take Italians. Any Europeans.

      The Others have white skin but aren’t of the Caucasus. That’s the difference- even though 80% of the Diaspora are from the 1880s Russian Pale.

      • Thanks no. I want reverse immigration. In any case the know nothings were right.

        The only high trust peoples are western and northern Europeans and Japanese, the later only trust their own kind

        As such only immigration of highly Conservative people from those regions should be permitted

        We will still never end up the same again, that ship sailed with the Southern and Eastern European and most Catholic immigration but with enough time and ruthless will we can make something work

        Numbers though don’t support migration, they have no surplus population and low fertility and once things stabilize , so long a society remains modern in tech and urban, everyone will

    • The State using snipers to defend groomers from protesting moms.

      That tells us something, ya think?

      • That they are afraid of reprisal for one and that the government no longer has legitimacy only force.

        It also means that the police are happy or least least willing to follow orders of people who support child groomers or lack the spine to strike or quit .This says nothing good about them whatever

        Ultimately White and decent people will end up jettisoning any respect for the law, not for the first time, c.f prohibition and end up becoming lawless,

        This can be a good thing, if it get dangerous to enforced the law after a few attempts it will stop. However it can also lead to chaos and misery

        That said for all you Constitutionalists out there , this is constitutional and legal. maybe we ought to make some changes down the line that enforce morals at the Federal level n’est-ce pas?

        If you want a moral society you cannot allow opt outs at any level and must have a fairly uniform,sense of morals for all nations in a union otherwise they can’t work

        Being as we clearly do not, things must change

  15. Look at where we were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago 2 years ago…

    Our politics are not in a state of inertia. Since Trump came down those steps we have been in a period of acceleration. The conflagration isn’t a decade or two away, it’s around the corner. We aren’t the only ones with agency. Our rulers have lost control of their bioweapons. It’s the anger and panic of the Blacks and Browns that now drives things. They will become even more animated and out-of-control in the next handful of years.

    Victory is some years away but the fun of getting there is close to beginning. Organizing IRL should be our main focus.

    • Yves “Bioweapons” Vannes, you’re very precise about when the conflagration will not be. Not 2029. Not 2039. But vague as to when it will be. “Around the corner.” Since you’re so confident and have figured out what every possible scenario equates to, I’d like a more exact time frame than around the corner. You’ve got a crystal ball so you owe us precision. Our lives depend on it.

      • The next two presidential elections will be the pivot point.

        Once our enemies gain both houses and the presidency there will be nothing to hold them back. They can barely restrain themselves today. The organ grinders no longer control the monkeys.

        2025 will be our 49BC.

        BTW, our fetish for Trump getting to appoint more SCOTUS judges is the governing equivalent of the Maginot Line. If the anti-whites control the gov’t and the court says no to some action they’ve passed … they will be ignored, assuming out of fear they don’t simply ok everything anyway.

  16. The driver of all of this is the idea that people understand their environment as some sort of story or narrative. The traditional white-centered American narrative has been broken and discarded. In place of it has been the multi-culti -homo-globo thing, enforced with the idea that this new thing must be jammed down everyone’s throats. To believe the narrative is to be empowered to beat people over the head with it, so the story goes. Beyond that, people are swindled into defending these false narratives at all costs, not seeing the downside of that. Google and Facebook are the new enablers and enforcers of all of this. Edward Bernays smiles.

    The new narrative is exhausting, and full of cognitive dissonance. Provide a soothing alternative. People will find it. Maybe not enough to matter, but those people will form the nucleus of what better thing that comes later.

  17. This piece is a very fine companion to VDH’s article over on American Greatness.


    Piggybacking on a couple of Z’s points:

    1. Instead of multiculti as Frankenstein’s monster, perhaps the more apposite analogy would be multiculti as a golem unleashed on the West by Benjamin, Marcuse, Horkheimer and Adorno, and then sustained by second-wave cult-Marxists such as Derrida, Foucault, Barthes, Lyotard, Althusser and Deleuze.

    2. The nation is the expression of the culture, and the culture is the expression of the race and ethnicity. That seems the proper formulation for what Z expresses about the nation.

    • Ostei Kozelskii. Those people you mentioned were the ringleaders, the useful idiots were leagon and still are. the long march through the institutions has been a resounding success. But more and more white people all over the west are waking up to what has happend. There is hope.

  18. “To kill it and simply try to artificially animate the body, is to create a Frankenstein’s monster.”

    You definitely have a talent for this sort of thing 🙂

    • Frankenstein’s monster is good. I’m going to use that one. What they’ve cobbled together with parts from all over the world is going to end in a nightmare.

  19. “Similarly, libertarianism is in crisis, because it was a set of tools made for a tradesman who is no longer needed.”

    Not so sure about that. My own trade is doing just fine. And the plumbers, electricians, dental hygienists, car mechanics, etc. in my town are all pretty busy these days. Don’t know what I’d have done if the guys who re-shingled my roof last year weren’t otherwise needed.

  20. I blame the libertarians. There is nothing intrinsically small government about conservatism. There are government solutions to these problems and the tools to do so are laid out in article 1, section 8 of the constitution. But we can’t have that conversation becuase some “principled” RINO jackass will write an article demanding we do nothing. Which means the only party that can suggest action will suggest we expand the federal government beyond the constitution.

    Take the housing crises. We should stop immigration and raise tariffs so that products have to be made in America. We need just enough tariffs to cover maritime bulk shipping rates. The need for land for factories will move jobs out of city centers. This means that the factories return to small towns. With severe immigration restrictions they cant just import new workers. The cities are now less crowded becuase there are job opportunities elsewhere and no one is shoving 8 billion people into them. Boom. Didn’t even have to violate the constitution.

    Do we do that? No, Reason magazine and National Review write articles at behest of their masters demanding we privatize profits and socialize the costs. So the only other option is to centrally plan the economy with minimum wage laws and section 8 housing. At least, we wont be ruled by these idiots for much longer. Shame their replacements hate white people.

  21. Trying to figure out what’s coming isn’t easy. As much as the neocons are attempting a comeback, the recent Iran war talk shows that there’s considerable pushback on neoconservatism.

    Normally I might think Trump (“campaign Trump”) populism is the future, but the rapidly changing demographics will stop that once Texas and Florida goes Dem.

    Since the Coalition of the Fringes left is increasingly getting favorable demographics, you might think the future is blue. Except the demographics also are a problem for them. There are still a lot of whites here, and there will still be quite a bit more than any other ethnic group at least for awhile, even after whites dip under 50 percent. Since the left’s tactics revolve around identity politics, the whites will continue to figure out that’s a game they also have to play. 200 million white people playing identity politics is a big problem for the anti-white left.

    With the complex society we have, with all of the various groups jostling and competing for political power, I agree that the old ideologies will be a poor fit. The only thing I can see is a breakup. There’s no way it can hold together.

    • There is no underlying basis for union. It has been put in place at the point of a gun. How much longer can they enforce multiculturalism?

      • The only thing that people have in common is the common desire to make a lot of money to buy a lot of stuff. That’s it.

        Even what passes for “conservative” today say that what binds us is adherence to the principles of the Constitution, free enterprise and individual liberty. In other words, the US is a Proposition Nation. Not traditional ties of blood, religion, culture and history.

        It’s been pointed out that if adherence to abstract ideals is what makes a person an American, an alien Gray could be an American. Someone living in the jungles of the Congo could be an American, though they are pouring into Portland, Maine now.

        One question is: If a US Citizen rejects these abstract ideals, is he an American?

        On another note, the first person to advocate “cultural pluralism” was a fellow by the name of Horace Kallen. In 1915, he wrote a book, “Democracy Versus the Melting Pot” where, according to Wikipedia, “Kallen advanced the ideal that cultural diversity and national pride were compatible with each other and that ethnic and racial diversity strengthened America. His critics pointed out his disingenuousness since, as a Jewish intellectual and member of the Zionist Organization of America, his vision of multicultural America was quite the opposite of his vision of the Jewish state of Israel as a totally Jewish nation.” Sigh. Almost. Every. Single. Time.

        • Of course not, rejecting the ideals is like disagreeing with a religion. It makes you a heretic. In short, even honest dissent from the ideals of the regime makes you an enemy. Now the supremely scary part is that standards are always changing. “That’s not who we are,” is code for, “This is what we will make you into.”

        • The term “melting pot” is said to have come from a play written by a jewish immigrant, an activist (of course) who was involved in early zionist movements:

          “The Melting Pot is a play by Israel Zangwill, first staged in 1908. It depicts the life of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, the Quixanos. David Quixano has survived a pogrom, which killed his mother and sister, and he wishes to forget this horrible event. He composes an ‘American Symphony’ and wants to look forward to a society free of ethnic divisions and hatred, rather than backward at his traumatic past.”
          “The Melting Pot opened in Washington, DC, on October 5, 1908. President Theodore Roosevelt, in attendance that night, is said to have shouted ‘That’s a great play, Mr. Zangwill.'”


          Note the ever-cultivated victim theme, perpetually effective in guilting the gullible goyim into embracing those who destroy us.

          • They know us well enough to know we’re altruistic, high-trust people, which they’ve exploited, but don’t know us enough to know they would have it great here in America, if they’d leave things be. Come to think of it, they sure don’t seem to know the third world horde they want here, since it’s going to backfire badly on them.

          • Yesterday Zman asked us to disrupt the Disrupters.

            I would do for Shumpeter and his “creative destruction” economics- just another way to say “kill it, gut it, wear the skin”.

      • The original union was supposed to take that into account. That’s why state’s rights were pre-eminent, and the nation was called “United STATES”.

        So I’d alter your statement a little and say “there is NO LONGER much underlying basis for union”. But I’d also attribute that state of affairs to the more than 120 year effort to subsume the authority of the states in favor of an all-encompassing Federal government. They have done this thru measures large and small – but the abortion thing is one good example as to how they have forced compliance down the level of the states by doing things such as Supreme Court rulings.

        The US has ALWAYS been made up of different tribes of whites – who didn’t necessarily get along. The Revolution was actually a close run thing – and could have gone either way. That whole snake flag that the liberty crowd flies a lot these days – was an effort to graphically display the realities of the day during those Revolutionary times.

        I honestly believe that IF the lefties had not deliberately worked to destroy the structures of the Republic AS DESIGNED – it’s unlikely we would be in this state right now.

        The fact of the matter is that a lot of our problems come directly down from the Federal level. So if we’re going to talk about practical measures to undo the destruction – you’ve got to look at undoing what has already been wrought.

        The current abortion fight is something to watch. The lefties got off their leash and are trying to kill babies that just got born. The response from places like Arkansas is to roll back in the opposite direction and institute outright bans. This should be instructional for a whole host of other areas (such as immigration) – where the Feds have FORCED things down to the state level.

        You want to see separation? Well this is how it happens.

        • Separation should have been allowed under the Constitution as written in the 1860’s . It wasn’t and as such the document was TP at that point at least in terms of states rights .

          In terms of personal freedoms, I’d argue outside of guns and a few civil rights matters its working exactly as intended. It’s just that the people’s and especially our leaders mores have changed

          The current US is very Libertarians which is why much punishment comes from the private sector . heck it is fine in that kind of thinking for States to force someone to bake a cake since muh States Rights

          And this includes abortion BTW. Its nonsensical for States to decide what life is or to impose a religious standard which is not permitted under the 14th amendments interaction with the 1st .

          That said the current “as written document” is outdated as it was written for a time in which technology had more in common with Medieval times than modernity

          Once the US was covered by the railroads and the speed went from day 20 miles a day to 300 or more things changed

          State boundaries are growing largely meaningless since immigration by Americans from State to State not even counting foreign immigration can change a state in a decade or two and the speed of travel of is 700 miles a day by car if in a hurry or faster by plane.

          Also modern tech creates much higher risks and demands more action

          Back 50 years ago rivers ignited on fire do to lazy cheap polluters. Feds stepped in , you can fish the same river.

          who would have thought?

          The Constitution assumes that the population of the US is honest, has low corruption and religiously observant . doesn’t move much and lives in 1780 tech or the like

          None of these things are true no matter what the race and we need one that fits who actually lives here,

          rootless people who were the shoe scrapings of the world and the original stock, cop killers , traitors and tax cheats

          Since there is no way to square that circle, inertia and force will hold the empire together till it can’t

          • “The current US is very Libertarians which is why much punishment comes from the private sector ”

            What a hoot.
            5% of the global population, 25% of those in cages.

            5,000 federal laws that are punishable by being thrown in a cage.
            Tens of thousands of regulation.

            You do lead a rich fantasy life, China is freer. Russia much more so.

          • Let us compare 1930 shall we ?

            here are 13 more freedoms you have that you did not in the past

            Reading whatever you like without obscenity laws

            Watching whatever you like save child porn

            Practice whatever consensual sex you like

            Have Premarital Sex

            Commit adultery

            Be without a residence without being jailed

            It’s nearly impossible to lock up someone for mental illness which for some people is protection from political thought crimes

            Share birth control Information across state lines

            Use Birth Control

            Drink alcohol

            Use Marijuana in many states

            Marry any race you want

            Marry any gender you want

            Divorce easily

            Crossdress in public

            In 3/5 of States carry weapons with a minimal permit or in some cases none.

            Vote at 18

            And yes sure there are more regulation than we need . I agree

            We also have a lot of people in prison, almost all of whom for violent crimes and for things that would have been illegal in the past

            Truth is this outside of freedom of association a rather liberal society and you have a lot of freedoms you didn’t have recently

            And note just because you don’t need, want them or exercise them doesn’t mean the next guy isn’t more free because the law is gone

            So yeah, this may not seem like a free country but it is in many respects compared to the past

          • With all due respect, those 13 freedoms sound like life in any 3rd world sh!thole with corrupt or no governance. Free to be homeless! Good for white people? No. Free to have consensual or premarital sex. Good for white people? Not really. Committing adultery? Bad for white people. Look at the depraved world we live in. Good for white people? No, terrible. Though there are way too many laws and regulations on our books, wouldn’t it be great if we had a little more order via our laws being enforced? Especially when it comes to anything that aids illegals to live comfortably in our society, because the immigrant question (illegal and legal) is a huge problem for white people.

          • You aren’t wrong Ursula but a state focused on the needs of any people much less White people is not going to happen. The US is corrupt and where it is not that, highly divided

            Most Libertarians and Republicans consider a welfare immoral. Good for people, hell any people isn’t in either vocabulary

            The current US isn’t a White nation anyway and while it could and should be, it will require massive amounts of repatriation to get there. This is quite a way off if it happens at all.

            As for the rest, how precisely is anyone going to enforce a moral order that people do not believe in?

            Even though we already lock up more people than anyone else, mostly for violence, our policies are a rank failure at making the US moral

            Given the US levels of corruption, until we have a genuine nationalist takeover, I’d like to get rid of whatever laws I can even if as you say, legalization isn’t good for Whites

            If individualism and atomization is dealt out of the picture and the nation becomes homogeneous the kind of highly coercive state required to force morals on people is may be possible.

            Until than, no and it may not be possible at all

            Worse you could find out that all those Soy Boy Gen Y types are willing to shoot you for making porn or newly legal weed illegal especially if we have had a civil war

        • I agree that the abortion issue is one of the issues to watch. The lefties went way overboard with wanting to kill the baby after its birth. Another issue the lefties go crazy on is gun control. The main action has been at the state level with a lot of non compliance in blue states and counties declaring that they would not enforce state laws, kind of a gun rights sanctuary area. The left does this with laws they don’t like and we will give it back to them.

        • Prior to the Wilson disaster, and always excepting dishonest Abe, the average American interacted with the Feds only when they used a Post Office.

          • Prior to the 20th century though no one gave a crap about the environment and we were a nation of small businessmen and farmers mostly using horses with a population of a bit above modern germany mostly in small towns all across CONUS

            The Founding Fathers themselves lived in a world closer to the Middle Ages than modernity in terms of tech

            Modern technology and population growth changed that and you cannot have a small government with modern tech and/ or economies of scale.

            Every single piece of tech means more government, every job automated means more State and this will go on until most of the GDP is government

            The amount of US GDP that is government 40% now and it will grow and grow as people become more dependent on the grid or of you prefer Commie, “alienated from the means of production”

            Put in a kiosk or use software to replace a worker, you not only lower the birth rate (its at an all time low) you just voted for President Cortez

            The only way out of this is ironically government intervention, controlling how tech is used and limiting scale to restore a nation of small businessmen

            This requires a dictatorship BTW so there is no win condition

            Caveat , if we get the catabolic collapse I think we’ll get, in a couple of hundred years, the US will revert and its population will be mostly rural, White, highly religious often Amish and out tech base simply won’t exist even if the nation somehow makes it which I doubt

            The only way we’ll know for sure though is if life extension happens and we don’t die of mishap though most of us, if we made it, won’t be able to communicate anyway .

          • “The Founding Fathers never would have envisioned (insert technology here) !!! ” …….

            has been the repeated cry from lefties and statists (but I repeat myself) – for almost every infringement of rights and increase in Federal government intrusion that they’ve ever dreamed up.

            It’s such a go-to argument for the leftist gun control crowd that it’s become an annoying joke among the pro-gun rights people.

            It’s been carried to such extremes by the Federal government that they prosecute people for intruding on “vernal pools” (means puddle in Fed-speak) – and they now consider streams that barely have a trickle of water as “navigable waterways” (by what – one of those frogs in a paper boat – like in a children’s story?).

            And re-classifying barely running water as a navigable waterway then allows the EPA to stick it’s nose into all manner of places they did not have access to before.

            You’re smoking something that’s apparently allowed by all that libertarianism you whine about so incessantly if you think that we are “freer” now than we used to be.

          • Show me rationally how the things I pointed out to you are not freedoms?

            Do we have more regulations and taxes? Yes. I agree with you and have said this many times,

            Are there more people in prison? Yes caveat mostly for common laws crimes or drugs. Things that would have gotten longer sentences in 1950 BTW

            About the only freedom you lost was freedom to exclude as a private party aka freedom of association oh and in some states gun laws.

            As far as all the people spying on you, for the most part it is not the government running all those cameras, it’s the private sector.

            The government isn’t deplatforming dissidents, private companies are because private parties want to use their private freedom of association , you know the one you think they should have

            And guess what you can’t stop them from taking your freedom without government doing it

            Do we feel less free? yes but in a technical sense, outside the areas I’ve mentioned, you are not.

            The reason you do is immigration and cultural marxism, the former is lack of state action and the later is privately enforced , mostly

            Hell we even have more free trade than we did in the 30’s and freedom to obtain and purchase a wide range of goods, even allowing for categorical similarities than we did in the recent past

            As for a minimal regulatory state, you cannot have it..

            Society is too complex and far too many “products” preservatives, additives, colorants , “medicines” not to mention waste products are injurious to health and too many people cheat at every possible occasion

            Same with finance. We aren’t not an honest people and never will be

            Overquoted but “Constitution for a moral and religious people” we aren’t that and you can’t shoot so many people that the survivors will be that kind of people.

            Govern and lead the people you actually have, not the ones you wish you did.

            On top of that, we have far too many people for the economy to support, This would require a post of its own but technology and urbanization breed a welfare state and removal of such would basically wreck the economy

            If you don’t like it? Don’t like paying for the cost of society? Move to some other more libertarian country, I hear Somalia is nice and a few paid off warlords should let you fill your minrachist dreams

            More complexity, more cost

            As an aside, I now get why why the Reds and 40K had commissars. Getting people especially conservatives to live in the here and now much less to focus on the future that they are trying to achieve means you need somebody back there with a bayonet to keep prodding them

            Its 2017, the world is changed, Build a Constitution and a society for this one and maybe the upcoming one whatever that is not 1776

            Progress is not a thing in the sense the progressives think it is but change is

  22. All our enemies did was take the liberal-enlightenment values to their logical conclusion. Only in rejecting any attachment to the current institutions and authority can they be properly critiqued and attacked.

    I believe we are in for 3 generations of hell before the emerging social justice tyranny is overthrown.

  23. Still scratching my head over the term, “white supremacist”. I know it’s used in a pejorative sense, but is there any more meaningless term to describe a non related, non-unified group of people? I mean for Christ’s sakes, there’d be few borders among the white folk in Europe if they were all joined at the hip biologically. And the various white tribes in America are not exactly a cohesive bunch either. White supremacy is literally no thing, especially in the USA.

    • I only hear “white supremacist” from the left, or cucked right. The same people who talk a lot about the KKK. It’s always meant to be thought of as something sinister and to be feared.

      • Not to claim there are not some, but I have never met a single white person who believes white people are supreme. There is some fraction who realize some races are both inferior in intelligence and also challenged to control their impulses. A second fraction panics over the subject, and a third fraction are true believers in natural born equality. Some of the third fraction are religious and conservative.
        Jews make no part of this equation. There are two separate factions of supremacists to be found there.

    • In all honesty, it describes reality and our enemies resentment of that reality.

    • The entire point of the “white supremacist” label is to tag everyone who even hints at supporting, or even considering, white identity politics. It’s meant to indicate to the rest of the world that that person, that idea, is so completely beyond acceptable, they are not worth the slightest consideration. The idea is to invalidate the person/idea before it can be discussed in polite society.

      It’s also very effective as a de-platforming tool. If someone can be effectively branded as a WS, that gives cover to companies and organizations that wish to get rid of them. To be declared a WS, is to be declared a non-person.

    • It’s nothing more than a scare-word, and those who use it have no clear idea what they mean by it. Generally, however, the implication is that white identity is evil and must be snuffed.

      • In some of the old mid-century stories, the idea was that the bad guys planted ideas in people that would be triggered into action by using the key word or gesture. That has been put to wide use, and “white supremacist” is one of those trigger things, as are “white privilege” and “MAGA”. They are all signals to put into motion all of the cues to set people off into the narratives they have been trained to believe in. Astonishing, if you approach all of this as a fly-on-the-wall and watch it all play out.

        • As Derb has written about…..2 groups of white people going at each other with hammer and tongs since the war for Southern succession, who hate each other with a white-hot fury. The multi-culti other are props used in this deep divide.

      • Ostei – it’s no mere “implication.” Numerous nonWhites have stated publicly that White women bearing White children, particularly White sons, is evil and must be stopped. They demand Whites leave their houses to nonWhites rather than any White descendants. The media will never show a married White family unless the father is a soiboi/cuck being schooled by a nonWhite. I fully expect this forced genocide-via-miscegenation to become a required federal program before 2030 – and as the healthy mother of two White sons, I do not plan to submit in any fashion.

  24. This is what the TPUSA and Trump don’t get. It doesn’t matter that the economy is supposedly doing great and unemployment is so low. Every other identity group in America bases their political support on tribal identity. What is good for my tribe is all that matters. Only whites seem to care about what is best for everyone and our reward for this altruism is being replaced and being scolded at the same time. Blacks don’t care that under Trump black unemployment is at record lows. Trump has been declared their racial enemy and nothing will change that but the Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens types keep encouraging Trump to chase voters who will never support him while ignoring the people that elected him

    • Except I don’t think Trump is ignoring the people that elected him. The radical left is getting more and more radical daily. In their fear they have alienated the “working class whites” which used to be the base of the Democrat Party. Now they float insane ideas like 16 year olds and felons voting. They are scrambling in every blue state to institute motor voter and get as many aliens and illegals to vote as possible. And blacks and Hispanics who actually work and want a good life are moving to the Trump camp and all theses screaming scared leftists know it. Why do you think each day brings a new absurdity on the left, a new crisis, a new “investigation” a new charge by a woman from 30 years ago? Not to mention the Media going nuts to bury the man they said would never win.

      • Hoagie – not only do I disagree that “blacks and Hispanics . . . are moving to the Trump camp,” but even if it was true, why would I care? I didn’t vote for Trump because I wanted to make common cause with that tiny fraction of non-Whites who don’t want to live totally off White gibs. Whether they work or not, they’re not my people and I am NOT a civic nationalist. If the occasional nonWhite backs Trump because he’s been good for his people, how does that help MY people? Jews have their embassy, the sexually degenerate got their pride declaration, the blacks got increased employment – well bully for them. Trump has done nothing for Whites, not even willing to acknowledge their right to exist as White without groveling, so screw him and all his purported black and brown and cuck White supporters.

      • “And blacks and Hispanics who actually work and want a good life are moving to the Trump camp and all theses screaming scared leftists know it.”

        Citation needed. I think it’s likely that you are only seeing your own hopes. It is hard to let go of the hope that a substantial number of non-whites will affirm white culture. Very unlikely, due to their collective genetics and inherent tribalism.

        • My citation is reading the news on any non-leftist media. Beside, I really don’t do homework. I’m not saying 50% of blacks and Hispanics are swinging to the Trump camp. I’m saying the Democrat Communist left sees it is losing support from those demos and are cultivating replacements i.e. felons. I also am not suggesting PPP are affirming white culture. I’m saying they are rejecting Democrat politics. They, like we will always be tribal but even they realize it’s better to be in their tribe with us running the show. The DemComs are in a panic and their answer is to offer bribes like reparations to blacks, and now queers, tuition forgiveness to college grads who generally are better off than the average tax payer, and of course the aforementioned voting fraud schemes.

          I did vote for Trump and I will vote for him again. No, he hasn’t done many things he promised and yes, I’m disappointed. Maybe a second term and he can break the legal immigrant cabal and send the illegal immigrants back to the shitholes from whence they came. I do know he will do better than any other DemCom that is running. We need to move forward and not worry about what was. We can’t do that with Spartacus, Cameltoe Harris, Buttpeg or Swallowswell as president. Maybe we can’t do it with Trump but at least he’ll keep the Visigoths at bay for another four years. Besides, he drives all the groups I hate crazy and that makes me happy as hell.

          • An across the board student loan forgiveness would not be such a bad thing. Most of those loans are co-signed (if not outright taken) by the middle class parents of those students. Besides, I doubt the government will pay dollar for dollar, so any haircut Academia takes makes it just that much sweeter.

      • Woodstock is over, hippie

        Trump and GOP lose minority vote at every single election

        Reality said Black and Hispanic have ethnic identity

        Western elite call it racism or whatever but to me its survival instinct

    • Is the economy really doing that great? I get the sense that whatever happened in 2008 broke society in some way and that we can’t fix it becuase the metrics to gauge the problem have been broken too. We have all the cheap crsp from China we could ever want, but my rent goes up every year along with my grocery bill.

      • Isn’t it like nearly 100 million employable people that have been out of the workforce for years, now permanently on the dole? Not counted in any economic statistics.

        • Sure, the measures are terribly inaccurate. Most of our adult lives my wife stayed home with my kids, but she wasn’t looking for work so she wasn’t “unemployed” and she was “out of the workforce” but what she was doing is very different from staying at home to play xbox. This is the government after all, but using the measures we have ready access to things are “better” than they were under Obama.

      • I agree that the metrics they’re using are all stacked to produce the results they want. Just like the polls.

        The unemployment rate, for example doesn’t take I to account people who have simply stopped looking for work. It doesn’t properly reflect declining male employment rates — male employment is a sign of a healthy society. The more women want and need to work outside the home, the sicker the society is. It also doesn’t reflect the fact that most employment gains have gone to non-citizens.

        The inflation rate indices are carefully chosen to not reflect price increases in many common essential consumer goods, and the people are routinely lied to about what inflation is and what causes it

      • You may be right, I feel like something broke as well. Of course, both my grandparents did “weird” things because they grew up in the Depression and it skewed their views for the next 50 years (they never quite trusted their prosperity completely).

      • True – it depends on what you define as the economy. Indicators can be cherry picked, as well as the data to get the result you are looking for. There are so many “inflation” indicators that it is almost impossible to get an accurate read. If you measure inflation using only items that have dropped or stayed flat in price (most electronic gadgets and non-essential consumer goods) inflation looks low. You add in meat prices, fuel (although that can be volatile), durable goods (e.g., cars), insurance and you get a whole different picture. Sh*t we need (or are required to buy) gets expensive, sh*t we don’t gets cheap.

      • Not true. It’s equal opportunity altruism, but that doesn’t make it any better. The deal is that the US is so prosperous in general that charity for needy rural White people isn’t as desirable or sexy as charity for exotic brown people living in conditions that are appalling for a US normie. There are so many hands stuck out these days that the average normie just doesn’t notice who’s getting neglected.

        Also the refugee resettlement industry is big business. There’s no comparable industry helping resettle Appalachian Whites in Beverly Hills.

  25. The interregnum cannot last much more than another 20 years. It was always my fear that the proverbial shit would hit the fan just as I was too old to do much more than observe events from my bed. I suspect it will be that way. As we Boomers fade into that Disco in the Sky, change is in the air. Trump has shown dissidents the way forward, though he himself is merely an unwitting enabler. But there are people out there who really mean it. The anti-Lincoln is probably waiting and watching.

    • Probably four or five years ago, I said the leader of what comes next is probably in grammar school. I still think that is true in that I will not live to see what comes next. At best, I’ll get a glimpse of its beginning. Then again, I recall in the 1980’s serious people saying the Cold War would last generations.

      • “Then again, I recall in the 1980’s serious people saying the Cold War would last generations.”

        When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, I told my roommate that the Soviet government would fall in five years; he said ten. It was over in two. So yes, things can snowball quickly.

        The confounding factors in my opinion are the astounding level of affluence all over the world, and my impression (I do not know) that we don’t have a lot of young, fighting-age men as a percentage of the population to break things and kill people in order to bring about the new order. Thus, if things look like they might get out of hand, I can foresee the State and Big Tech coordinating very quickly to hand out the goodies and keep everybody sedated.

        • While there are not a lot of young fighting age men to fight against the system, there are not a lot of them around to defend it either. I’m waiting for the banking and tech oligarchs to start forming their own private militias.

          • Considering the death spiral of California, I would expect it to happen sooner rather than later. A lot of the tech companies already have their own bus service and housing areas. It won’t take much for their security to expand its role.

          • Wouldn’t be so hard to work out. Facebook cops are given the right to make arrests in some part of the city. But now you have a petty kingdom, right?

          • Imagine being a billionaire numerous times over and not having your own country. Weak!

          • When you are that rich, everywhere looks the same and every country is identical

            We like making fun of Rep Cortez but she made a good point in an interview, it might make a lot of sense to tax the rich to pieces simply for the public good

            The Conservative view is it won’t raise money, that is not the point. It is harmful to social fabric to have a huge gap between rich and poor and simply taking excess wealth cures that

            Hell a smart nation will discourage larger enterprise and might even forbid the rich from entering . If you national cap is say 20 million or whatever we don’t need people richer than that here

            Its counter intuitive but a nation with half our GDP but a much better distribution would be richer and more stable

            This will require a dictatorial system though, money corrupts everything

          • A.B., this point about gross wealth inequality and social fabric is an important one, I feel. America’s prosperity in the last couple of generations was spread broadly in the population, and people have forgotten how fragile social cohesion can be. We take cohesion for granted, but it’s built on non-economic qualities of character that can gradually erode under the influence of resentment.

            It’s late in the thread, so I’ll leave it there; but it’s a matter worth discussing another time.

          • Too many conservatives confuse the economy with prosperity of the average Joe. The average Joe doesn’t benefit from higher corporate returns or increased stock prices, he benefits from increased wages. And they are generally diametrically opposed to the former.

          • This is probably how the oligarchs will arrange things so they don’t ever need to admit that modern California is a failed state. They will join together and form little corporate feudal Duchies within the rotting hulk of Californstein. Outside will be chaos and crime with dozen of nationalities all gibbering at each other in Pidgin Engrish. Inside will be a tight little fascist micro-state with a defacto English official language. Absolutely everyone allowed to live there will need to have some explicitly well documented relationship to the Lords of the Realm. They can probably make even more money off this (as if they needed it) by sort of renting out little fiefs within their territory to businesses that want to take advantage of some of what remains of value there without signing up for the full Californication.

          • Another thing – modern demographics make large standing armies and police forces difficult to assemble. Multiculturalism means that once assembled they will suffer low morale and factionalism. Most of the young men who join will be members of ethnic gangs (you already see this in Cali) who will use their training and weapons to advance their tribal interests. As the elite continues to make life in the pozzed private sector more difficult for young white men expect that many of them will join the police or military and once there, do the same from a white nationalist perspective.

            All of this calls into question the modern multicultural state’s stability and viability and acts as a force multiplier for small but determined, tech savvy, and well armed groups. One of the things that always made Bond movies and their imitators and satirists implausible was that the villain was always some wealthy mastermind who had somehow created his own little state on an island with scores of gun toting henchmen and teams of scientists and technicians to run his doomsday weapons. If things continue as they are though, the future may turn out to belong to Dr. Evil after all.

          • Not much stock for that. The US fertility rate has been below replacement for near half a century and immigrant fertility rates have bricked too.

            And sure you could use foreigners, you can’t trust them once the checks won’t cash

            as for an automated solution like the slaughterbots in the movie of the same name, the tech oligarchs are terrified of them same with bioweapons

            Ultimately as much as we despise it reactionaries should study tech , computers are the weapon of tomorrow every bit as much as guns

          • ” I’m waiting for the banking and tech oligarchs to start forming their own private militias.”

            Well, this is pretty much the Visigoth model of setting up shop in Spain, right? They kept the Roman forms so far as possible, with titles and taxes (at reduced effectiveness and levels) being sent to the central government. Power just devolved to the point where the locals had the best ability to keep things working properly & the guys set themselves up with various Roman titles that ultimately meant king.

            That’s where we’re headed.

      • I lived other side of the wall, in the Soviet Union and in the evening of august 18th 1991 we all went to sleep and thought that SU last forever. 19th morning the shit hit the fan, 3 crazy days and 74 years of madness was over. Like your liberal elite, our liberals also thought that they will be the spark and millions of people rushing to streets to defend liberalism or like we say, communism. Well, nobody came. Point is, the endgame will be very soon and very short. Even the richest system can`t endlessy waste material and social and moral capital. The day, the last resource is gone, the game is over. BTW, the money printing era sems to be over and financial system blows of. Then the real fun starts.

        • The globle financial system can’t let the American economy fall through the floor boards. It would take the whole world with it.The future can’t be moneygeddon or the social upheaval would tear the west to pieces.

          • I think we might say “the upheaveal would tear THE WORLD to pieces.”

            Japan, China, Korea … everyone is tied tightly to the American economy.

          • As Mom once told me, “boy, you are a fool. I’ve seen the banks fail before.”

            (Range, dear, Mom was raised in Elko; Sis and oldest brother were born there during the Depression and went to the high school in Ely.)

          • Eastern Nevada, dear. Pull up a map and explore online. Keep your eyes open for Dora and the Bear Flag.

          • No kidding! At the foot of the Ruby Mountains. Great cowboy songs about my woman of the Ruby Mountains. Basic Husband as mine manager or chief eng. spent much time up there along the Carlin Trend….Dee Mine, finished at Hycroft and so on. Great history. Will stay away from the Basque sheepherder jokes. Shortly will be in Ely to just wander. Your mom has common sense…and you do too.
            Check out Range Magazine online to stay current with Western political matters and the deep state attack here in the West. Best to you.

      • It’s probably difficult for those too young to have experienced it just how astonishing it was that the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed. Almost until it happened, it was unthinkable that the Berlin Wall would come down.

        If you were around back then, it is probably easier to accept today that the whole system could collapse or change radically in a very short period of time, even if it is not obvious right now how that would come about.

        • Indeed. If you asked me in 1980 which side would win the Cold War I would have replied that the Soviet Union. Not because they were so strong but we were so obviously weak and decadent. Ironic after winning the biggest war in history in 1945.

          In the 1980s, there were a number of books, a movie and even a tv miniseries about a Soviet-occupied US.

          As it turns out, the Russians are having the last laugh. We are becoming the country we once fought against.

        • It took four years to break 500 years of Westphalian empires into nation-states. (per Steyn.)

          The borders are being overrun.
          What will be rewritten?
          I say Rollerball- seven Corporations to rule the world’s administrative regions.

        • The nature of large scale change is that it takes much longer, then happens much faster and to a greater extent, than one ever imagined.

      • AOC will have an epiphany, realize the error of her ways and become the alt-right Joan of Arc, leading us into a glorious future.

        • Why buy the AOC bullshit?

          She’s not FDR, JFK, etc.

          Her name is Sandy Cortez.

          She’s a bartender running for an office it would be illegal for her to occupy.

          • Representative Cortez was born in NYC and is a natural born American

            Even is she wasn’t because of an act of Congress back in 1917 people and she was born in Puerto Rico , people born there are US citizens and almost certainly qualify as natural born as well.

            If you don’t want people with her views in office, build a society of your own where its not allowed. Otherwise you eat what others bring

      • Then again, I recall in the 1980’s serious people saying the Cold War would last generations.

        Not just serious people – twelve months before the wall came down, every policy wonk on the planet said that the Soviet Union would exist for all foreseeable future.

        And, yes, a few screwballs predicted its demise, but they’d done that since 1917 – broken clocks.

    • As a young person, I agree with this sentiment. The leader is not gonna be someone out front like a Nick Fuentes-esque e-personality or blogger. He’s going to be a competent person who is wealthy and well-spoken, Machiavellian and lays low till the time is right. In my opinion, we have enough bloggers and Youtubers in the dissident space. we have all the ideas and concepts down as to whats wrong. We need to sow the seeds so that they’re people like us from top to bottom in society, from bankers and legal experts to engineers and doctors to plumbers and farmers (people with skills and real life experience), or at the least get people off of the internet and into the real world in order to become these things.

      • I’m glad you bring this up. I see an issue of not having enough people on our side having the trade skills to physically rebuild. Maybe the interim time between now and the great crash should be spent in emphasizing to the school age generations that these skills are important and methods of teaching the skills be focused upon. We sure as s##t don’t need any more managers.

    • The end times are approaching more rapidly than I anticipated. Not so long ago, I gave America 40 years before everything hit the fan. Now I literally believe it could happen any month. “Best”-case scenario, America continues shambling for another 15 years.

    • E…..I think you and I are similar in age, and we will see the great dissolution before we kickthebucket buythefarm. A hopeful moment….had my second Mormon woman walk through my door and launch immediately into asking about why she should be taxed for something her great grandfather didn’t do or wasn’t even here to do. She didn’t even know the word “reparations” but, man oh man, her knickers were in a twist. And she’s one of those who constantly quote the prophet love thy neighbor as thyself love the world invite the world make no judgment even for survival. The blinkered..blinkered don’t wake me up churchies back here have this front and center on the brain, and don’t have a clue. They’re getting nervous……good! Took this opportunity to spread some kind of colored pills all over the place until her eyeballs rolled.

        • Yep….I think brushing up against reparations will cause a large number of Normies here in Utah great agitation, and to begin the march to this side of the divide. I mentioned to the the LDS gal that other people advocate for their side and we should start thinking that way also. Notice I stayed away from “trigger” words.

      • “asking about why she should be taxed for something her great grandfather didn’t do or wasn’t even here to do.”

        In keeping with yesterday’s discussion on tactics, you’ve hit on the right approach to the “muh GDP” types!

        Our ward leader (a Mormon head preacher) warned me against voting for Obama because of the 3% increase in mortgage taxes.
        (I told him you won’t grab ’em by the nads by talking like an accountant- oops)

    • Cautionary Tale: My father was a Trot who once had a flashing sense of humor and infectious laugh, worked hard and seemed to enjoy his life. And his embrace of the endless fight and the failure of Red Thought-World led to him being a bitter, angry, nasty, alone old man. Did I say angry and curmudgeon. Even his dog was a cur.

      DON’T LET THIS FIGHT DESTROY YOU. You’ll be no good to anybody if you succumb. I’m not talking about the civil war shooting stuff. I’m talking about the long intense roll-out into we don’t know what. Do your best to keep your balance in between great forces. I’ve seen it destroy my parents. Remember the scene in Zhivago in which Lara’s Commie apparatchik toady brother wakes up a few years into the revolution, realizes where Stalin has taken it, and ends his life. Don’t….slowly…go there. Few of us can successfully live like Utred. Keep hold of purpose in life. As much as we want to create a different better future, this does not inform with true purpose.

      • I appreciate your concern. I’m self-employed and will work until I die. I enjoy my work, am in excellent health, have a wonderful wife, am well off, travel often, and look forward to each and every day. I give young people the same advice you just gave me. But I’ll never stop hating leftie (and his sycophants) for what he’s done to us.

        • E…am not the least concerned about your ability to cope with adversity. Mine is a tale for everyone who takes up the cause…pikes must be together by the rising of the moon, and all that. Our version of The Troubles. No concern for you….just admiration. And nor should you stop hating the left…what comes out of my mouth curls hair and sets Basic Husband’s hair ablaze.

          Just look to me as Aesop spreading a teaching tale on avoiding being devoured by the wolves of war.

          The time will come though, “You may fire when you are ready, Gridley.”

          • You go man. No doubt you’re better at this revenge stuff than me. I can’t play poker well, count the cards or keep a straight face. My Hamlet revenge play would end pretty quickly. Would muff the great opportune moment, frantically waving around a knife would fall off the stage, and all bloodied up, screaming like a harpy, would rise like the apparition of Carrie.
            Nah…on second thought, that’s why we have guys like you around to fight the battle.

          • Range –
            I just searched “Carrie” for your character reference.
            It’s amusing to me that my chosen “nom de plume” also coincides with a jaded girl who is Stephen King’s first protagonist.
            An unintended connection. Thanks for mentioning.

      • Yes. I keep a physical copy of Harry Browne’s How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World: A Handbook for Personal Liberty so I can read it every 2 years or so.

        Red pilled in the 1970s he was.

        • The late, great Harry Browne- what Libertarianism used to be, before the *special* editors at Reason gutted it.

        • Dude…..he fought like a son of a bitch! Shield wall up! Lousy husband, but can’t have the whole package. In the Cornwell series, he’s making it to old age by craft and guile. Cheers!

          • Since I’m over 50 and the estrogen has settled in nice and steady, my brain is directing me to my next reading project…Patrick O’Brian/Master and Commander series. Screw the deep state and the asteroid heading toward us. Will have more fun throwing around nautical terms to be descriptive, pretentious and annoying since I don’t know what I’m talking about. At this age who cares! Fun!

    • That “unrivaled prosperity” mentioned at the beginning of the article is what is postponing the reckoning. When that ends, all hell breaks loose.

      • The cucks promised us overpopulation would never be a problem- we can fit all the consumption units in Texas!

        They also told us automation would mean a shiny, happy future as robot wranglers.
        Instead, we’re all going to be HR cat ladies at Starbucks, loyalty verified by our degree in Educational Equality Leadership.

  26. Very true. despite our justifiable nostalgia for the great past of our lost country, the only way out is forward. We can look to the past for elements and ideas that we wish to incorporate into our new country and society, but there is no going back. You can do anything with the past but live in it.

    • Zman said. “Whether it is an effort to impose the old forms on the new opposition or re-brand the old stuff as a new form of nationalism, the effort must fail as it is an artifact of the past.” Nicolas Gomez Davila said something like a reactionary doesn’t necessarily want to save the old institutions but the spiritual essence that animated them. I understand what you mean when you say “The emerging opposition to the prevailing orthodoxy will be rooted in a rejection of its core principles, not an embrace of them.” The Enlightenment ideas of liberal democracy have been a giant two edge sword and it’s all coming to it’s logical conclusion. Not to mention scientific skepticism and all the horrifying secular agnostic projects to build an earthly paradise. You call this “our interregnum”. Fine, but this in between time isn’t going to just fly by. This is going to be a multi-generational effort and children have to be tought some kind of core principles. So tell me, after we’ve rejected all the principles of the past, what do we teach the kids?

        • Not the current cucked version though. We need type that motivated the Templars and the Winged Hussars,

          • The Traditional Catholicism of Pope Leo XIII at the end of the 19th Century.
            That dude was a warrior, and told it as it was. He has some great writings and I encourage all here to google his name and the word “writings” and you’ll come up with some straight-up great content.
            Based in the strength of virile, potent, Christ-centered masculinity.
            That’s what the men of the Crusades subscribed to. They went because they WANTED to, not because someone brainwashed them, as liberal Christians (and liberal Caholics) would have you believe.

          • And here’s a cool link (below) with his writings in “audio book” format:

            Pope Leo XIII ‘s encyclicals. (He was a “top performer” in terms of the number of writings he published while “in office” from 1878 – 1903.

            He writes about:
            –Modernism (and “the modern age” and it’s pitfalls)
            –Christian Marriage
            –Socialism, Communism, Nihilism
            –Allegiance to the Republic
            –The Right Ordering of Christian Life
            –The Prohibition and Censorship of Books
            –The Most Holy Eucharist
            –Christian Democracy (I wonder what that’s about!)
            –and more.


            Here’s a link to a list of his published encyclicals, in the form of audio books (in English).


            I’ll now be listening in the car!

        • You have to be careful how you present Christianity to young people. Oswald Spengler said ” Christian theology is the grandmother of bolshevism.” Just a thought.

          • “You have to be careful how you present Christianity to young people.”

            Exactly. Your version would really confuse them. It would help to crack open the Bible now and then and learn from it.

        • Rather than demanding people swallow whatever version of Belief wholesale, let us first ask what it is, what it’s trying to talk about, and how it works.

          The time for childish things is over.
          No more running. No more pleading. No more stumbling in the dark.
          Our real war is with Evil itself.
          With Death, and Pain, and Lies.

          The sages tell us we cannot know, that we must be frightened children forever- they know nothing.
          I will not submit to fools.

          • OK, great. So what do your words actually mean? Are you prepared to get your Pinochet on?

        • I’m note downvoting this idea at all.It is wrong but it deserves an explanation as to why.

          Doing so means European people will permanently have one foot in the Middle East and will be subjected to being taught what started as essentially a Jewish heresy which ,worse, over time has become a universalistic religion.

          Are you sure this is a good idea ?

          More importantly unless the elite actually embrace and believe in, at least in public this Deus Vult Christianity , it won’t work. Do your reactionaries believe this stuff enough to fake public piety especially in a world where it is now quite hard to hide public foibles ?

          People convert to a religion in groups when its socially useful to do so otherwise they do not and will stick with what they have

          This means essentially you have to ask secular , non Western and heathen/pagan Dissident Right to support a theocracy so you can get cheap social capital to try to recreate a time that never was.

          The answer you’ll get is “No. I am not going to help you put people in power who want to kill me.”

          And yes once blood is shed for power, it doesn’t stop. The Christendom types will kill non conforming types. It is human nature

          Also this is not really practical outside the US. Maybe you might be able to make someone like Vox Day president for Life of the US but belief in Christianity is not a thing in Europe any longer, that dog had its day.

          Even Rightist nations pushing Christianity like Russia, Hungary and Poland have had basically little benefit in terms of fertility or anything else .

          A bump? Absolutely but I’m not seeing 2.0 or higher in any of them.

          My solution is to concentrate on authoritarian governance based off a rational understanding of human nature and long term thinking

          Callis Fashism if you like,the Left will but reigniting a dead religion or worse one whose remains are outright toxic seems counterproductive

          • Secularism won’t work, it’s been been tried and gave us the current death cult we’re in.

            As for the your notion of government It’s as utopian as anything the Libertarians emote. It goes against human nature.

            People need religion. When the West’s intellectuals turned on Christianity after WWII and thought they could replace it with some secular bullshit concocted by brain dead intellectuals in academia the people ended up turning to Marxism and Post-Modernism as their article of faith. Which permeated all of society from the arts, architecture and world view. We now have late night cartoon shows promoting bestiality and necrophilia.and trannies reading to little children in libraries.

            Worse secularism destroys a people’s notion of self-preservation. People can no longer distinguish between good and evil and predators in their midst such as Muslims and Asian.

          • Did people turn to Marxism and Post-Modernism, or was it foisted on them in the vacuum created by the banishment of traditional religion?

          • The elite got into it much as previous elite joined other cults and those who want to be part of the higher echelons are required to show piety.

            This is a common outcome and basically how Christianity started. This makes sense as Cultural Marxism is a Christian Heresy

            The difference is though Christianity works as civic glue and Cultural Marxism/Postmodernism does not.

          • Good comment, Dutch. Traditional religion wasn’t banished from on high, not in the early days, at least. It was abandoned for fun goodies like recreational drugs, divorce, sexual liberation, and materialism. The only ones who had Marxism and Post-Modernism foisted upon them were unwitting college students whose parents and prior education neglected to inculcate them with any defense against it.
            From there, it grew to permeate the whole society, as Rod noted. We willingly traded the belief system that strengthened and united us. People prefer the easier way of hedonism. Almost everyone does, to some degree, human nature being what it is. And traditional religion is a stumbling block for the hedonist.

          • The elite are into postmodernism and cultural marxism or at least are required to act like they are in public

            This gap between the elite who often get into creeds like this and the common folk who either have a structured religion or a folk religion is part of the tension right now

            Regardless , lotsots of historical societies got by without a state religion though all of them had folk beliefs of course

            However contrary to what secularists want people to think the West and the rest are doing fine on those grounds

            I mean we live ina world in which there is an entire TV channel basically dedicated to purportedly real life ghost and demon stories (the travel channel BTW) seems to me that folk beliefs and customs are doing just fine.

            This along with civic ritual is enough for a culture to get by.

            What is in f collapse though obviously it could come back is Christianity as civic glue. The elte don’t buy it, the institutional forms are often corrupt and thus there is no social reinforcement so anyone who isn’t buying it has no reason to keep buying it

          • A. B. Prosper, you raise some good points deserving of an answer.

            Let us assume that the final battle has ended and we are hailing the new dawn.

            1. Middle Eastern engagement by Christendom would be inevitable and necessary from a cultural and religious standpoint. The only solution that prevents us from being subverted by Judeo-Christian types or Muslims is a new crusade and political and military occupation of the holy places. Theoretically possible if the Deus Vult types are in power.

            Reverting to a non-cucked form of Christianity would also save us from the Judeo-Christian types. The early Church Fathers, St Paul, and Jesus all had some very spicy opinions on the Chosen.

            2. A new elite and a spiritually renewed people would be necessary and that requires a sincere conversion. The only thing I can do is live, work, and pray for the world I want and encourage others to do the same.

            3. Your point about Eastern European nations is noted. The problem is higher education for women, essentially feminism in action, which lowers the fertility rate no matter what society you are in.

            This is also a good time to note that Christianity is not the only concept that has been cucked. Nationalism has been cucked into civic nationalism and proposition nations.

            4. Now, about Christians purging non-believing pagans and atheists, I urge you to consider the following.

            Racially aware, uncucked, nationalist Christians are a minority of Christians. We have our best chance allying with Dissident Right atheists and pagans. I have far more respect for an honest Odinist like the Golden One than I do Christians who subscribe to Liberation Theology. We can be united by our nationalism and hatred of degeneracy. Get the biology and the culture right, and the laws will be much easier to write.

          • Who downvoted this? As far as your respect for other faiths, individually sure. I believe you . But the institutions? Nope.

            That said it seems like no one really wants Christendom and maybe a backup plan for of it doesn’t come back would be wise.

            I mean there might be a revival which would make things easier but it might be that just the same as previous faiths reached an end point, so did Christianity in the West

          • We will have to clean up our own house first. I suspect that once the pedophiles, gays, and feminists are expelled, it will be far easier to make an alliance with based atheists and pagans against the poz. All the nonsense about ecumenicism and diversity can be repurposed for something useful.

            I have to disagree with the idea that Christianity is finished in the West. Granted, this is disagreement is purely rooted in faith in Jesus Christ, so I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I will however pray for you and a better world for both of us.

            Consider this, the West reached the zenith of its power and most of its greatest achievements under a Christian culture. Even the Enlightenment was counting on the social capital built up by Christians.

            I will also point out that Hungary has banned gender studies in its universities, Muslim refugees, and is giving tax incentives to families of 4. They are implementing the policies necessary to encourage cultural change, and doing it from a Christian nationalist perspective.

          • DV Christianity would work, but it is not a self-perpetuating phenomenon. That is, it requires constant reinforcement and support from the PTB. It ruled once, and faded; it can rule again, and just as much fade again.

            Once they stopped burning heretics, it all went downhill.

          • You’re part of the problem.

            If Christianity is true it is, by definition, impossible for it to have “had its day.” There are the damned and there are the saved, and the truth will be fearsome.

        • Nope, not Christianity. The man just spent a whole glorious post explaining why we can’t go back to the past, and you say “teach them Christianity”?

          1. Christianity is the mother of progressivism (I highly recommend Christopher Lasch’s book “The True and Only Heaven” for a tour de force examination of the development of Progressivism in the US – spoiler: Progressivism is the logical result of Christianity + Science + Political Freedom).

          2. If white people are going to go backwards, why stop at a Middle Eastern religious cult (Christianity) that the Romans foisted upon Europe – why not go back to Paganism? (Also won’t work)

          3. Everything the progressive SJW screwballs want is deep down built upon Christian morality. Universal and personal salvation, compassion, one-worldism, forgiveness, acceptance, hope of a better future world – it’s all there in the red print in the New Testament.

          4. If you are a white European, the Radical Jewish cult called Christianity was not created FOR you, it was create to suppress you and your birthright.

          If not Christianity, then what? I don’t know. But “not knowing” is not “knowing” the answer is Christianity. It’s not the answer; it’s what got us where we are now.

          • Should we toss out science and political freedom, too, then, since those + Christianity got us where we are? Or are we already in the process of doing that?

          • I should not have expressed that idea mathematically. The morality of Christianity pretty much remained the assumed underpinning – the water we swim in – of the western concept of the good and virtuous even after science undermined Christian metaphysical and cosmological claims. The promises of Christianity and its moral teachings are not exclusively offered to a specific people but for anyone who accepts Christ as savior – accepts Christian morality. So for white people, Christianity is not their answer or special path forward – it’s a universal answer, and whites will be disarmed by appeals to facets of Christian moral teachings – compassion towards all, the brotherhood of all humanity, the equality of all before God. Add to this political freedom, which all your libs, progressives, and civic nationalists and probably most here would support, and individuals no longer had to toe the line of an official state religious moral code. So the secular progressives win the argument against the conservatives and normies by making appeals to their own (outdated Bronze Age Jewish-derived) moral premises. Basically, the progressives have gotten where they have not by abandoning Christianity, but rather by using its morality as a weapon to disarm believers (Christian whites).

            The civil rights movement did not succeed because it logically proved that blacks were equals of whites and deserved equal treatment. It SHAMED whites into submitting to the inherent moral universalism of their professed Christian belief. A small weak minority of blacks could not have forced a strong confident cohesive white majority to grant them equality in a white man’s country – it was whites’ acceptance of Christian morality that made them vulnerable to claims of hypocrisy.

          • So you don’t think other races, presuming we all occupy the same space, should be equal before the law?

          • Equality before the law is an impossible and dysfunctional concept.

            Why would different things be treated equally?

            Why are some 16 year olds tried as adults and some as children?

            Some people say contradictions (hypocrisy) is part and parcel of the world we live in. Convenient that those exceptions benefit the allies of the powerful when they want though isn’t it?

            It’s the cognitive dissonance that undermines society, not unfairness. Everyone who has matured to adulthood knows the world isn’t fair.

          • Do you think Mexicans should be required to extend equality before the the law to all the gringoes living in Guadalajara? Should there be a gringo mayor, policemen, judges and senator? Shall they be required to allow gringoes to own property and buy politicians-or shall it instead remain their country?

          • I am for tossing political freedom to a large degree. It is what got us here. When 85 IQs outnumber 135 IQs 100:1, one man, one vote is a disaster in the making.

          • Numbers matter. But then you have to ask why they are so outnumbered in the first place when they never were before and if that isn’t really the problem. You also have to ask if there was ever any real political freedom, since no one ever actually agreed to being replaced demographically. Why didn’t anyone make a moral argument against replacement, because a good moral argument against it exists?
            “Saint Thomas teaches that immigration must have in mind the common good; it cannot destroy or overwhelm a nation.” Emphasis on overwhelm. We, the American people, had a right to exist as constituted from our founding, whether TPTB wanted to import 85 IQ or 135 IQ people.

          • Enoch Powell did and no one listened because people only care about things they expect to affect them in their lifetime. Which is exactly why the old and the young vote in lock-step.

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