The Modern Dionysia

For the longest time, the Right, variously understood, has argued that the best weapon of the Left is control of the media. The fact that they own the megaphones of society gives them the ability to overcome the best arguments, merely by putting their message on blast to the general public. When everyone in the media agrees with them and agrees that the opposition is evil, it changes a lot of minds. In a democracy, the people who control the organs of propaganda control the democracy.

While it is true that controlling the propaganda organs is vital to the Left, it misses an important point. That is, controlling the cable news shows or the major print publications is only useful if you know how to use them. The Left not only has control of the media, but they are experts at using this control. A vital part of that mastery is they are experts at anticipating how their opponents will respond to their media campaigns. They are expert showman who account for every aspect of theater.

For example, they have always known that the so-called conservatives crave the chance to make their case to the public. They know the Right seethes when the Left gets to speak in public unchallenged. This knowledge has allowed them to master the morality play, where they bring on a conservative to make his case, but in reality he is cast into a role that emphasizes the arguments of the Left. For decades, so-called conservatives would go onto lefty shows, only to be pilloried.

If you stop and think about how this works, it is rather amazing. The Left controls the media, but manages to convince their opponents that the path to victory is getting on media platforms, controlled by the Left. That means public debate is always an uphill slog in the rain for anyone opposing them. The Left is so good at this they continue to lure in people, even after decades of setting these media traps. It’s like cats convincing mice that the only way to be a mouse is to hang out by the litter box.

This is not just a natural consequence of controlling the media either. When media people solicit people for interviews or media appearances, their go-to move is to tell the intended victim about their opportunity to reach a different audience. They will say something like, “This is a great opportunity for you to get your message out to a broader audience.” That’s the bait and they always use it because they know it works. The Left has a mastery of media and their monopoly of it.

A good recent example is Richard Spencer turning up on CNN. The producers picked him because they know he is desperate for attention and would agree to anything, as long as it got him on television. He would be happy to play the role of cartoon Nazi in the story about the evil orange racist. Not only that, they also knew it would get them enormous attention from the cuck belt that lives to insulate the Left. Dutifully, the typical dullards scolded CNN for having Spencer on the air.

What CNN did was turn their opponents into their marketing department. First, you get the white nationalists promoting a guy who, let’s face it, has been a disaster for their interests. Then the cucks light up like fire flies at dusk, blinking their disapproval at one another. Some choose to denounce the white nationalists, while others blink about how liberals are giving racists a platform. All of it funnels attention on CNN and their propaganda campaign to declare orange the new white.

It was a remarkable three cushion shot for a network that has no viewers, outside of airports and mental hospitals. It shows that even the worst talents in Progressive media are very good at using their tools. More important, they know how to manipulate their audience and their opponents. Mike Enoch has probably mentioned CNN more times this week than he has in the last five years. They triggered a guy, who is quite media savvy himself, into playing along with their program.

The trick the Left has evolved is to use their media power to tell stories. If it is the choice between the truth and an obvious lie, the public will pick the truth. If it is a choice between the unvarnished truth and a lie wrapped in a heroic tale of moral courage, the public will always side with the latter. Thus mass media is an endless series of morality tales, a Dionysia to reinforce Progressive civic morality. All the actors on the stage are cast in service to the morality tale the Left is pushing.

That’s the real lesson dissidents need to grasp. It’s not that the Left controls the media or that they are expert at using it. It’s not even that they have people like Richard Spencer ready to play whatever role they need, as long as he can get on stage. It’s that the Left maximizes this power by always fighting a moral war. They never let facts and reason become an obstacle to their morality play. It’s always about controlling public morality, as that allows them to control public behavior.

If a genuine alternative is going to rise up, it is going to have to provide an alternative to the current moral framework. In order to do that, it must cast the issues in explicitly moral terms. You don’t convert people to a new religion by explaining how their current god is empirically flawed. You offer them a better moral framework, one that allows them to feel as if their self-interest coincides with the natural moral order. That means putting on better morality plays in your own Dionysia.

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194 thoughts on “The Modern Dionysia

  1. “The trick the Left has evolved is to use their media power to tell stories.”

    That’s an old PUA trick. Women love narratives and being cast in them. It’s a way to pull them into your “frame”. It’s why this trick is primarily effective against women.

  2. We had a better moral framework. It was called Western Civilization or Christendom. But it did things like say that all sex outside of marriage (and contraception inside) was wrong. It said debt was evil and thrift and savings were a virtue.

    Right now, it is do what thou wilt until you wilt, and we wilt have Euthanasia so you don’t have to suffer. At least until you get to hell. If nothing really matters, why have a low time preference? And there’s zero interest rates and inflation and taxes if you try to go against the stream.

    If Hell and Heaven don’t exist, then why not spend life in “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace”?

    Christendom encouraged a near zero time preference. So it could build a Notre Dame. Today we have next-day delivery.

    The virtues, either cardinal or civil will not be there if they are merely “their own reward”. At best it creates vainglory, “I’m better than you because I practice it and you don’t”. The condescending snootyness of the cuckservatives has its pleasure, and would be evil in the Christian moral framework, but today, hey, whatever gives you the Dopamine hit.

    Dopamine vobiscum. Et cum spirts with sufficient alcohol content tuo.

  3. The Answer is right in front of us: Israel. Duplicate everything they do image wise but for America. Substitute America – the land, the nation, the people, our achievements but otherwise carbon copy Israels program. Including Discovery Tours, including religious angle if possible.

    The key difference; it will be focused at white people and be about white people. Don’t mention the others, not even to disparage. Don’t dwell on the Founding Documents, others have that covered.
    Focus on; Great White Men and their great achievements.

    Ignore the negative, emphasize the heroic. As Israel does.

    • We became afraid to toot our own horn so we transferred our affections from our own to Israel.

      Well copy their program and transfer it back. We have plenty of heroes. Plenty of real life mythic, soaring achievements.
      We went to the moon.

      Ignore the others. Don’t attack, celebrate your own. In this vision the others do not exist. Just like the Pals didn’t in the Israel founding myth of our lifetime.

      • This doesn’t mean we don’t attack our enemies.
        We just don’t mix the streams.

  4. I don’t disagree with the assessment that Spencer is an attention whore, but the idea that this was a massive failure because he’s “helping” CNN is just ridiculous. CNN doesn’t need Richard Spencer’s help to stay on the air or push their message to the NPCs.

    Plus, he told the truth about Trump. I haven’t seen any other right winger with a platform point out how big a failure Trump has been.

    • True, which is exactly why no one said such a thing. They used him to promote their narrative. They got what they needed from him. In fairness, Spencer got what he wanted, which is attention.

  5. OT: Vox posted about and linked Z. Glad the silly infighting has passed. Vox can be arrogant and scathingly retributionative but he’s also crackerjack smart and fearless. We should save our bile for enemies, turncoats and false friends.

    Also seeing Z linked on more sites like Woodpile, WRSA, etc. This is good. I dont always agree with Z’s take but he’s on the side of the angels. I will continue to pray for his continued anonymity and pony up financial support should that anonymity be compromised, God forbid.

    • Commenter from Vox website: “if Z-man (who is himself a Jew working to keep the White hardRight safe for Jews)…” I’m dying. A line for the ages. “Z-man, who is himself a Jew.” LOL. Why is that so funny!!! Damnit my whole miserable day has been redeemed. “Phil Simms, who is himself a black man.”

    • Vox Day can’t stand Z-Man, but he posts his stuff when he finds it interesting.

      I used to read Vox regularly, but he’s just become to much of a sperg for me to bother at this point.

      • With respect to some unspoken truce, I’ll refrain from comments about Vox Day. As long as he remembers his place in the pecking order he can remain in the maid’s quarters undisturbed.

  6. I’m not really sure what the answer is as far as getting our message out either
    .. when all of the organs of information are owned by our foes and arrayed against us. Hell, you can’t even stand on a soapbox and talk. Do it enough times and eventually you’ll be physically attacked by antifa or a righteous diversities and the local media will sing your attackers praises, a full two minutes before you are doxxed and unpersoned. You may have convinced all of three people before you are destroyed..

    Perhaps the only answer is a Hail Mary civil rights suppression case that goes all the way to the USSC. Good luck with Chief Justice Robert’s sitting there… an Establishment jurist if ever there was one.

    Nope, the only model I see is that of the early Christians. Word of mouth. Exemplary living. Moral fortitude. Secret meeting and signs. Acceptance that eventually you may be persecuted.

    • To be blunt time we are almost our of time, We should have had local organizations up and running during the Obama admin.

      The stuff Z is talking about should have been done a decade ago, Look our backs are against the wall. Z still thinks its 1985. But the very fact we cannot speak out in public without being destroyed pretty much says it all.

      And all our side can do is blog and attack anyone who does anything.

      We bullshit ourselves that Trump is looking out for us while he’s slitting our collective throats through a open Southern Border. And no one cares.

      And our collective snark and indifference to being abused only encourages the Left. In time it will culminate in boxcar rides for whites which we will happily board.

      • We face the eternal fate of men: we have to fight or lose it all, every generation. Forever.

        Man up, fight or justly go extinct.

    • No. We’ll be exterminated.

      And early Christianity only held on because of charity, good works* and their women marrying enough Roman Soldiers that eventually one married into the family of Constantine.

      This is not a path for men.

      Frankly it never was. It’s not a masculine religion. It’s for raising families and children, keeping women in line. There was no path for men to be warriors until 1095 AD. Until then killing in war was the sin of murder and required penance after war.

      We cannot look to a discredited religion (at present) to overcome our core failure; we are no longer men. Nor can we look to permission from our women to be men. They will never grant it.

      Nor can we blame the dead past for our present weakness.
      Its our watch and we fail.

      We are choosing weakness because its safe. Safe now, extinction later.

      We face the eternal fate of men: we have to fight or lose it all, every generation. Forever.

      There is no safe or legal path to be men – especially now as we’re being outlawed – and there never will be. The quest for safety in our path does not exist.

      Man up. Or justly go extinct.

  7. Z: “The trick the Left has evolved is to use their media power to tell stories. If it is the choice between the truth and an obvious lie, the public will pick the truth. If it is a choice between the unvarnished truth and a lie wrapped in a heroic tale of moral courage, the public will always side with the latter. Thus mass media is an endless series of morality tales, a Dionysia to reinforce Progressive civic morality. All the actors on the stage are cast in service to the morality tale the Left is pushing.”

    Great stuff. Morality now is indeed simply what makes you feel sad-good for others. Feelgood stories. Feel good about even caring about this story. Feel good about hating the right people. Feel good about your powers of discernment (what we’ve programmed you to think came from yourself, dummy). Feel good about your anger, as it’s so damn heated it’s sexual.

    It couldn’t have gotten this bad without the feminization of society. Women never much cared for world news. “Who’s the bad guy here? Who or what am I supposed to be crying for? Who’s Dag Estan? It’s all so complicated.” So now the world is shown to us in the form of a Hallmark movie.

    As for the astute, truth vs soulful lie, part of it. Go to any YouTube video about something controversial or topical, and that we can’t really know who or what is at fault. Or if fault is even relevant. The comment section will be filled with people (usually young girls, women, and soys) jumping to all the proper conclusions about who should be stoned to death.

    • >Women never much cared for world news. “Who’s the bad guy here? Who or what am I supposed to be crying for? Who’s Dag Estan? It’s all so complicated.” So now the world is shown to us in the form of a Hallmark movie.<

      That is pure, unalloyed, adamantine genius. Our beloved gatherers are 80% of the consumer market, and also the enforcers of social norms.
      It has been thus since our bonobo ancestors.

      (Plus, that's the two dozen women in Uncle Warbuck's family, to a T.
      I just laugh and "loan" 'em more money.)

  8. What are the end states of “our thing” for

    1-members of our thing in America

    2-members of our thing in Europe

    3-whites who will not go along with our thing or cannot be trusted



    6-black diaspora

    7-black Africans

    8-China and the other East Asian countries

    9-Latin America

    10-all the rest

    whether peaceful or imposed?

    We need to coalesce around the answers, or objectives if you will, and yet I am unaware of any contemporary who has addressed the ultimate “place” where 1-10 above live sustainably or disappear or otherwise end up in some end state.

    If we don’t know where we intend to rest, how do we get there. The “maps” available often disagree wildly. We need a reliable map distilled into a SIOP or plan for when SHTF.

    Wanna write a piece of history, Z?

  9. I think the comments to this piece really bring out one of the big problems that Zman hits head on here: We’re focusing on the negative. We’re saying, in many words, “Tell the normies how evil lefty is!” I get it, I have the same feelings – “We Are Doomed!” is the standard dissident state of mind.

    But you have to offer Joe Normal a positive vision of the world and his place in it. You have to say “Strong Communities have shared values. Shared values come from shared upbringing and culture. Upbringing and culture come from the family and nation (ethnicity/race). Be part of a strong community of your people. We need men that care about their people to join with us to create a better place for their children.” etc etc

    • BadThinker said: “But you have to offer Joe Normal a positive vision of the world and his place in it. You have to say “Strong Communities have shared values. Shared values come from shared upbringing and culture.” Sure, I’ll go for that. But first, your going to have to get Joe’s attention. And once you’ve got his ear, how are you going to convince Mr.Normal that what your selling is better than what he already has? I assume your talking about a guy that has already been red pilled just a little,yes? One of the things that community organizers complain about is emotional Inertia and apathy. How do you get people off their ass and get somthing done? The fact is, the solutions to motivating people have been worked out for centures. The fact is, most people aren’t moved by logic and reason. You get people motivated through appealing to their emotions. A good place to start would be to study propaganda and sales techniques. Here’s a webpage from ” West side toast masters.” Called ” The power of persuasion.”

  10. “Conservatives” have been dancing to the tune of the Left for as long as i can remember.

    During the “culture wars” of the 1980’s, the fashionable thing for a “conservative” to say was “I’m economically conservative but socially liberal,” in other words, the Left can have all their anti-social lifestyles and creepy sexual predilections, and the plutocrats and big donors can continue to impoverish the working class, just don’t call me names.

    When the NeoCons decided to burn down the Middle East with the US military, and anyone who noticed that only one country benefited was called an anti-semite, then fashionable “conservatives” became “anti-anti-semites,” if not out and out shills for our greatest ally.

    When Trump awakened the idea in white people that they have interests (alas, only to abandon them), and anyone who expressed pro-white sentiments was called a racist, fashionable “conservatives” called out from the highest mountain tops that they were “anti-pro-white.”

  11. Outrage! Pr0N. Outrage Distractions. We are wired for survival response. It’s “Fight or Flight” not ‘let’s discuss facts here, bucko’. Plenty of outside stimuli can hit that ‘sweet spot’ of emotional response/engagement without us running away in fear or turning to tooth & claw. Media ‘live’ for those Sweet Spots. Advertising. Drama. “News”. All earn by making those neurons ‘burn’.
    Media also milks the ‘reward’ center of the brain. Self-affirming, self righteous emotions are ‘Sweet’. Being ‘right’ is a High.
    Haven’t said anything about facts yet. Funny, eh?

  12. First time I have stopped reading a Zman post before the end 🙁 The MSM is broken and no longer a threat. gop cucks — but i repeat myself– go on tv because they are on the same side as the msm. If you weren’t so wrong about Trump, you might have picked up on this…

  13. Trump disavows ‘send her back’ chant from his rally

    President Donald Trump claimed Thursday he “was not happy” with the crowd at his campaign rally in North Carolina the previous evening for chanting “send her back,” after he had goaded the audience with a fiery attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.).

    “I was not happy with it. I disagree with it. But again, I didn’t say that. They did. But I disagree with it,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, adding that he “started speaking very quickly” in an attempt to silence the rally attendees.

    • Trump consistently wrong foots his opponents. You don’t demand Boxers stand their ground. They dance all over the ring. But they do fight.

  14. The left has always played dirty and make no bones about it. Tiz madding watching the Right jump on the moral soapbox time and time again only to be shouted down by the lowlifes and perverts.

    The President lobbed a grenade into the ranks of lefty and they went wild. Then he got back on TV the next day and doubled down on the same comment. He didn’t care if his comments were accurate and why should he ?

    The left has been lying through their teeth forever and he used their same tactics. Americans love a winner.

    Somebody said our cause should start at the dinner table and have to agree. Kid at the deli counter last night told me he wanted to be a fire fighter. Kinda shrugged my shoulders and put my hands up . His buddy nodded. They both knew. Your the wrong color. Fat chance buddy.

    People don’t want me around their kids. I refuse to lie to them. Young people aren’t stupid. They know what’s going on. They need to know there’s still some sane adults out there.

    • And today Trump backs off a bit on it. Keeping them off guard and back-footed. In the meantime, internet searches are coming up with all sorts of shady stuff about her. This process is fun to watch play out.

  15. “…. If it is the choice between the truth and an obvious lie, the public will pick the truth. If it is a choice between the unvarnished truth and a lie wrapped in a heroic tale of moral courage, the public will always side with the latter……”

    Not necessarily.

    “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”
    Adolf Hitler

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
    Adolf Hitler

    And morality has nothing at all to do with propaganda. Propaganda is knowing how to frame a message, irrespective of its veracity, morality or virtue, that will reach the listeners on an emotional and personal level.

    “The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force”
    Adolf Hitler

    Arguably Hitler and his good pal Joe Goebbels had totally mastered the art of propaganda; good enough for the former failed artist and all around loser to become the absolute ruler of Germany.
    Morality never was part of his message; it was not needed.

    “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach”
    Adolf Hitler

    The problem conservatives have is they have no balls.
    Trump has balls.

      • F**K Adolf Hitler! That prick was, without a doubt, the most incompetent freaking dictator in history. What a waste of flesh and blood. That jackass did way more damage to use than he did the jews. That numbskull gave the jews and everybody on the left side the perfect excuse to completely dismantle Western Civilization and push us over a cliff. I hope he’s burning in the sub-basement of hell !

        • OBT, you are correct , and that is why Richard spencer should not be saluting him in front of TV crews. or anywhere else for that matter.

    • Adolf Hitler’s weather service:
      “Ze vinters in Ruzzia are short and mild….”

  16. One good move is to knock the Media off stride. Pres. Trump is the master of this. If there are any smart ones left in the mass media after three + generations*, they have to know he is doing this deliberately (and it drives them nuts) but they have yet to figure out how to counter it effectively. We must emulate this whenever given a chance.

    Not falling for it by going on their shows, as Z Man says, is a good start. As is his “don’t chase the stick” admonition. But these are defensive tactics. An ability to go on offense is badly needed but right now you have to have your own platform as does Conservative Talk Radio.

    One key to a better strategy** is to understand that Z Man is right that that the Media are not just leftist bullshyters in a bubble. They have established a smoothly functioning system of Prog propaganda, namely the morality play in several acts. So much so that it so that it is all but automatic for them now. But it takes time for them to set up and stage the next new play. And their model demands that there is always a next play. I estimate that the cycle takes about a week to 10 days to execute from the talking points going out or the first published insider leak.***

    One small way I’ve been able to put this knowledge to use is to explain this to my acquaintances who complain about Pres Trump’s tweets. For example, ‘Look, the Media are our enemies. In fact, they are the enemy center of gravity in the short term. But it takes a good week for them to set up their next outrage storm. Pres. Trump knows this so he is deliberately knocking them off balance every few days by trolling them with yet another tweet likely to bait them into freaking out. It’s a plan and it seems to be working.’ For you.

    Once you point out the phony media cycle, they usually can’t unsee it. The completely phony outrage storm about Romney’s ‘dog on the car roof’ is a good example to use on a ordinary ‘normie’.
    *The bad times of the WWII era created some hard men in the media. But the good times these hard men crated for the media from the ’70’s until the internet age have, in turn, created a lot of soft men and women in the Media now.
    **If I had a strategy fully formed, I’d give it out. But it is not a waste of time to learn from the enemy’s methods.
    ***After the talking points go out, the new meme is surfaced by a compliant outlet. Then the bobble-heads on cable news float it abroad more widely, then it appears on the evening news, then it’s all over the elite papers then it’s back to cable, etc.

    • **If I had a strategy fully formed, I’d give it out. But it is not a waste of time to learn from the enemy’s methods.

      Exactly. Creating that strategy/strategies is going to take lots of hard work, and I wish that I had more to contribute than pointing out “that’s not going to work,” but I don’t.

      The main thing for the Dissident Right to focus on is how to get the message out to the larger world without using the preexisting media sandbox which is always stacked against DR. We can’t go from zero to 100 in a year or two, but I’m sure that people much smarter than me are exploring options that might pay off in 3-5 years.

      • “A week to 10 days”
        This is extremely valuable, a true gem.

        No wonder they can keep up the madness, they’re never surprised.

  17. I was explaining to friends recently that to get the housewife vote, your story has to hit two buttons: ‘is this the popular opinion’, ‘will it make me a good person for choosing it’. It’s really that simple.

  18. The Victors my Dears make the New Religion. The victors determine the peace.

    Win. Then Priest.

  19. Excellent, I really like this one. I always end up with my face in my hands shaking my head when I see people from the right trying one more miserable time to reason with the dark side. It’s hopeless. It’s like some nitwit showing up to the hells angels club house every saturday night with a Bible in his hand, asking the 1%s if they know Jesus, only to get yet another ass pounding. Z Man said: ” If a genuine alternative is going to rise up, it is going to have to provide an alternative to the current moral framework. In order to that, it just cat the issues in explicitly moral terms. You don’t convert people to a new religion by explaining how their current god is empirically flawed. You offer them a better moral framework, one that allows them to feel as if their self-interest coincides with the natural moral order. That means putting on better morality plays in your own Dionysia. ” That’s the $64 000 question. All of our concerns have been so utterly demonized that even the merest hint of white issues well trigger the full mobilization of Mordor. Without a doubt, the tide is definitely turning in our direction in many places at once. People are demanding national sovereignty, that Christian nations stay Christian, that mass uncontrolled immigration stops. Lots of things are happening that just a few of years ago seemed impossible. But that’s still the same old moral stand. So as you say. How do you ” provide an alternative to the current moral framework.” Honestly, at this point, I have no idea. But I keep coming back to the same spot. Our ancestors new how to do that. The past is all there to study. Plus people in other cultures had enormous amounts of practical knowledge. Why are there so few people on our side these days that seem adverse to learnng from the deep past and trying to modify what they learn and apply it to today’s challenges. Yes, there are some smart people doing that. But not enough. I’m just an old fart, and my poor brain doesn’t work like it used to, but I’m on the net every day reading my ass off looking for more knowledge and a better understanding of the world. You have a platform Z Man. Encourage all those young people out there to learn, learn, learn.

  20. Z a couple quibbles:

    1. “In a democracy, the people who control the organs of propaganda control the democracy.”

    Then how is Orange Bad Man President?

    2. We’re not a democracy.
    We’re a Federation. A Federation of really hundreds of major political units in 50 States. Control of the Capitol is not overall complete political control, which is probably impossible. All American political arrangements are Federated going back to the Iroquois. The Colonies (Crown Centralizing set off the Revolution). The Articles of Confederation. The Constitution of 1789.
    The New Deal National Government we have today is in truth a Federation of Bureaucracies and Departments, elites. We commoners are out, we’ve just noticed, we want back in and hence our current conflict.
    Really you could call our government the Federal Republic of Administrators and it would be more accurate than the Cathedral.

    What this means is changing peoples minds is less important, and less possible than you seem to think. You see its for their interests you must appeal. Their interests are the drive to power. Washington greatly admired the Crown. Crown policies drove the Colonies to Revolution much to their sorrow.

    3. I keep hearing about the new moral framework/religion we’re supposed to invent. As this would look I think like Trad Christianity and Trad morals I wonder if this is worth the bother or if we have the time?
    On the other hand when you have genocidal lunatics who luckily for us happen to be insane (boys can be girls, reality is a social construct) and they’re clearly insane and demanding all Point Boy Make Horse. Etc why abandon the offensive when we’re winning?
    Do what works – which is attacking them. You don’t abandon a successful offensive to build a lasting peace *BEFORE YOU HAVE WON*.

    In short you win before you rearrange the peace to suit your tastes.

    That was the mistake of the Confederacy BTW. In their need to have a very weak central government as their war aim they created a government so weak it could not mobilize and direct its resources, already inferior at outset.

    4. In any case restoring morality or establishing a new one *REQUIRES VICTORY.*

    The Victors my Dears make the New Religion. The victors determine the peace.

    The British make their 1st Principle of War “Selection and Maintenance of The Aim.”

    “ Selection and Maintenance of the Aim – A single, unambiguous aim is the keystone of successful military operations. Selection and maintenance of the aim is regarded as the master principle of war.” -British Doctrine.


    Our main goal is Survival, which makes our main Aim Victory.

    You Sir may be aiming at I think saving their souls.

    No Sir.

    Get Power. If we are victorious our gods and our morality follows, at least in public, As it has always been. As it always will be.

    The Aim selected must be wresting power from the insane, genocidal enemy.
    The aim to be selected and maintained is our survival.

    Really the Enemy makes this very easy, don’t complicate the problem.

    The UnBlinking yet Winking Cossack. 😉

  21. Six media giants control 90% of what you read , listen to – and watch:

    This infographic created by Jason at Frugal Dad shows that almost all media comes from the same six sources.

    That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983.

    NOTE: This infographic is from last year and is missing some key transactions. GE does not own NBC (or Comcast or any media) anymore. So that 6th company is now Comcast. And Time Warner doesn’t own AOL, so Huffington Post isn’t affiliated with them.

    But the fact that a few companies own everything demonstrates “the illusion of choice,” Frugal Dad says. While some big sites, like Digg and Reddit aren’t owned by any of the corporations, Time Warner owns news sites read by millions of Americans every year.

    Anybody paying attention? : ” That’s consolidated from 50 companies back in 1983. ”

    There was definitely more “choice” on the airwaves back then. My major exposure was to radio – when independent rock radio stations (like WBCN in Boston) – were able to make themselves wildly popular and have major social influence as well.

    Then in the 90’s – I distinctly remember during the Clinton years finding multiple stations talking about all the crap that came out of the Clinton White House.

    That is until Clear Channel bought everything. Now you can spin the dial all day long and just get the same crap regurgitated on 20 different channels.

    The effects of media aggregation by a very few main corporate owners has been demonstrated on Youtube multiple times with those videos where they first show one talking head on a news station talking about an event – and then just keep expanding that out to dozens of different talking heads – all regurgitating the EXACT same words about the exact same event.

    The Telecommunications Act that allowed all of this – was signed by Bill Clinton.

    Is it any wonder that the media gives to Democrats? And that in the intervening 20 years or so the media and government have become an incestuous relationship?

    Ever hear any Republicans talking about this?

    Doubt it.

    You want to concentrate on something that might make a difference? Find ONE state where there are some willing politicians – and force thru a bill that bans outright the ownership of multiple media outlets. Want to own a newspaper? Fine – that’s what you can own. ONE newspaper. Want to own a radio station? Fine – you can own ONE radio station.

    I have to admit this somewhat offends my free market / libertarian / conservative sensibilities – but it’s plainly obvious at this point that the media and government have become one.

    That shit needs to get broken up.

  22. Your great grandfather was a hero and so are you if you want it is a powerful messag e. Works for Japan.

  23. Fighting the progs in our current state on their turf is dumb. We should be focusing all of our energy on the cucks. Destroy the cucks by showing our own people how useless they are in protecting our interests and we’ll have a chance. Without a power base we are pissing in the wind.

    Spencer did the right thing in attacking Trump he just did it in the wrong place.

    Zman’s recent infiltration of the Con Inc conference and his filleting of their ideas and motives should be where and how we focus our time and energy. Cuck politicians, journalists, think tanks, civic orgs, pulpit cucks, neighborhood harpies, etc. Making fun of clowns like this…and IRL organizing (even in small informal groups) is where we should focus our attention.

    And maybe we should also discipline our own ranks by ostracizing those who continue to play the media’s little game.

  24. Totally disagree

    Some of the biggest wins for the Alt-Right have come through media coverage.

    There are times when the media is willing to give WNs relatively fair and flattering coverage in order to rile up their base and/or discredit Trump.

    The Spencer / CNN thing was one of those times. He did not play the cartoon Nazi in the least, saying he did is ridiculous.

    He came off far better than the good optics crowd, who gave CNN exactly what they are looking for… dumb WNs publicly jumping at the red meat Trump has thrown to his base.

    If you believe you are competing with the Zio-Conservatives, then it can make sense to make use of the media, when it is willing to give you something in order to hurt the Zio-Cons.

    If you believe you are cooperating with the Zio-Cons, then you will want to keep your head down and not take the beneficial media coverage to avoid “hurting Trump”.

    But the Zio-Cons see themselves as competing with WN, and will actively work to crush WN, so if WNs think that way, they are essentially cucking… in the original, inadvertent sense of the word.

    Ironically, the people who talk about optics are often less effective at using the media, because they want to be portrayed as good and respectable, and that will never happen.

  25. I still feel like the key to storming the citadel, winning the war, and capturing the narrative centers on their key word-weapon-concept: racism.

    If you simply embrace it (“racism is good, man”), then you run the risk of simply volunteering for the role of devil in their drama, as per today’s post. (This is in fact the attitude I’ve taken in my own mind, but it still ain’t gonna fly in Normieville.)

    But if you deny it (“I’m not a racist”) then you seem to have signed off on their whole morality, and you feel pressure to cave on everything (“Oh, if you’re not a racist, then how come you’re not for open borders?”)

    Etymological attacks–claiming that the word “racism” doesn’t really mean anything, or that it was coined by the evil Trotsky for evil ends–might attract a few spergs on our side, but the other side won’t care at all.

    Charges of racism have that “when do you stop beating your wife?” quality of doing you down no matter how you answer. It’s a clever coinage by evil people. Destroying or somehow transcending the “racism” frame-weapon is central to winning the propaganda/narrative war.

    • Exactly. Racism is a perfectly normal evolutionary survival strategy. As long as one uses it as a means of helping one’s own people, preferably by separating from other people, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In other words, racism hardly equals genocide.

    • The words ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ are too far gone to ever be rehabilitated or seen as anything but awful (or its rhetorical essence, “hateful”). We should just avoid the word, and when necessary agree that it’s wrong to be one. We have the reasonable and not too awkward “racialist” or “race realist”.

      There are defenses when accused of being a racist, where you can disown it, agree it’s wrong, yet not expose yourself to gotcha! moments or accusations of hypocrisy. Prog: “So you’re a racist then.” You: “I’m no racist but I’m not stupid either.” Or, “I’m not a racist. More like a race-realist I guess.”

      Never try and redeem “racist” like gays did “queer”. It’s not gonna work. You’ll just declare yourself a retrograde mental defective hater. They won’t even bother arguing with you at that point. You’ll have declared defeat and they’ll just walk away and await your extinction. And you won’t even get laid by the skank who halfway agrees with you.

      • It would have worked a decade ago. Today it’s not even worth it.Just walking around with Jordan Peterson’s book will trigger lefties into meltdown mode. They are for all intents budding Maoists.

        As it stands their leaders have made it abundantly clear they want us dead and gone and the sooner the better.IOW it’s moved way beyond talking and into positioning for the fight to come.

    • I have been arguing for a while that we can de-fang the enemy (at least partially) by neutralising the word “racist”. Just like globohomo did with “queer”.

      “It’s OK to be racist”

  26. Allowing our enemies to chose our leaders for us has been probably the single largest problem we have ever faced. Because the enemy controls the media, the public face of the dissident right is chosen by them and they always chose the worst possible people. Every single one of these so-called leaders is a clown or possibly even a plant.

    We really need to make it rule number one that you never, ever, ever talk to the media. The BEST possible scenario is that you give them nothing and they don’t use the interview. The most probable outcome is that they get to make money making you look like a psycho. You might as well be writing them a check giving them your money.

    Anyone who shows poor judgement needs to be immediately disavowed. It is very disheartening to see people ostensibly on our side defending people like Enoch, Duke, Collett, Spencer, Anglin et al. Every single one of these people are bad for the dissident right.

    Spencer is a complete screw up. He has not one redeeming quality. He has destroyed everything he has ever touched. This moron got his funders doxed. If that wasn’t bad enough, he invited the guy who did the doxing back into his organization because he had “matured” He was single handedly responsible for the fuck up known as Unite the Right. Then, after he fucked it up, he went on TV and threw Kessler under the bus. Kessler is no genius either, but there is documentary proof that it was Spencer behind dragging the likes of Duke, Enoch, Eli Mosley and Cantwell into that shit-fest. Now he is on TV berating the president for his “racist tweets”

    60 years of failure will never be reversed until we get rid of these retards.

    • Tars: You are painting with much too broad a brush. You do not wholesale disavow those to your right. You can reject tactics, but not your own people.

      • But they are not on my right. Furthermore, NONE of them are fit to be leaders. Even if they were to my right, their position on the spectrum has nothing to do with their fitness to lead. They show poor judgement consistently. They are incapable of speaking in soundbites, which is absolutely necessary to gain a larger audience. They are not personally unimpeachable. They speak with grotesque and low-brow racism.
        Take Duke. The guy is a complete retard. He started with the klu-kluxes long after they were functionally defunct and near universally hated. That was a clear sign of what was to come with him. Or take Cantwell. The guy rants and raves like a maniac.
        They are not leadership material. If any of them had the sense they were born with, they wouldn’t be media whores.

  27. Notice that what Hollywood does is really about the same as what the “media” does, in creating propagandistic narratives. It gives them a huge advantage in capturing the NPCs. And the same people running both industries in the same way. That’s why I think we’ll simply have to be free of those people in the long run if we want to survive and prosper.

  28. It sounds crude, but when we write about our opponents for “swing readers,” i.e., people who aren’t firmly on our side yet, we should never fail to point out the people running the left are bad people and even sometimes evil.

    This has the added benefit of being largely true.

    Well-educated people might need a little spergbait–stats, graphs, weighty historical or philosophical references–to feel that a political argument is respectable, but every piece should make it clear who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Establishing that framing is really the whole point.

  29. Making your enemy doing your marketing for you: that’s what Trump did with the Squad kerfuffle. The chants of “send her back” tell us the idea is out in the open now.

    • What Trump said is a much much milder version of what goes through my brain when I see them. Probably the same for most people.

    • The problem is that he also wants the most legal immigration ever.

      Even illegals aren’t *actually* being sent back.

      Trump is riling up the left, to a murderous rage.

      He’s also riling up his base… to go vote for him, but otherwise to feel like they’re winning and everything is OK.

      Radicalizing our enemies, soothing his base back to sleep.

      Meanwhile, our demographic and political decline has sped up under Trump, due to uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration.

      If nothing changes in terms of actual policy, Trump may well have made things worse.

      • Reporting from Idaho, the demographic transformation has accelerated from a slow crawl under Obama to warp speed under Trump.

          • Vegetius said: “At some point the Mormon Question needs to addressed in the west.” What!? Why not the Amish and the Mennonites? And don’t forget the Hutterites. Maybe we should round up all those pesky Pentecostals. Now that I think about it, I’ve always had my suspicions about the Universalist Unitarians.

          • You joke because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            The Amish, Mennonites and Hutterites do not have co-religionist Senators, Congressmen, and Governors. Nor do they fill the federal bureaucracy, especially the law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

            All these things are true of Mormons, who went from being based Bircherites to the most cucked of globalists in roughly four decades, and whose networks of influence are stronger than the Tribe’s when it comes to non-portable sectors like agriculture, mining, etc.

          • Vegetius said: “You joke because you don’t know what you’re talking about.” First things first. I joke because I’m funny. #2. You didn’t mention any of that stuff in your first post. Now did you? All you said was ” At some point the Mormon Question needs to addressed in the west.” So I think to myself, what the hell is the Mormon question? So I make jokes because as I said, I’m one funny guy. 😃

          • The biggest issue with Mormons is that they are too dependable for their own good. This turned BYU into a globalist factory where they come out full of anecdotes about the “good” pajeets and Pedros.

            LDS were based AF well into the 1970’s. Their official teaching is still that the “bad Israelites” were cursed by God with dark akin.

  30. The Left carefully picks out morons and / or gatekeeper type conservatives. Spencer as you pointed out, George Will, David Brooks, etc… They steer clear of the truly dangerous.

    I remember as a kid watching Donahue debate Milton Friedman and quickly realized even as a kid that Donahue was fighting way way out of his weight-class. The Left learned to avoid that kind of debate. They prefer a show-trial.

    • Spencer is nothing like Will or Brooks, who are allowed to speak freely and unedited. Spencer is only used when they can edit and use small sound bites. They never allow a full uncut interview or debate. Same with Taylor, although many years ago you’d see him on Donahue’s show and some others and allowed to speak freely (through the hoots and shrieks from the audience, that is.)

    • Donahue, the wind whispers, Donahue. Such a funny name. Sounds like an old Irish ditty. When I was a kid I didn’t need an alarm clock to wake up for school. I’d wake up to dad blasting Donahue as he got ready for work. Even now I can’t see the name Donahue without evoking the white noise of a shower, the scent of shaving cream and Pierre Cardin aftershave. Jingling belt buckles. A tie slipping through starched collar. (Yes. If your dad’s the brisk alpha type, they do NOTHING quietly, hah. I could hear the man tie his shoes from my bed). All backed by Donahue’s odd cadence. If only Liberals stopped “progressing” past Donahue levels. They were annoying but not exactly hateable. Ted Kennedy, Tip O’Neill, Jack Germond, freaking Mondale. You could golf or drink with those guys. Does Schumer like beer? Has he ever picked up a football?

      • Hah! My Dad played in a charity tournament with Tip. Terrible golfer but funny, charismatic old mic. Hard not smile around the guy even if you hated his politics.

  31. I was talking to my Dad, a gen-x boomer-con, and suddenly he just started waxing nostalgic about how close we came to a post racial world. The thing that shocked me into silence was just how anguished he looked about it.

    Whatever morality play the DR puts on has to acknowledge that reality. We came close to a post racial world in the late 90s. But it failed. Or people think we did and they feel REALLY bad about it.

    • That is a crucial point. I saw it is the conference this week. many of the people thought that we are inches from utopia, only to have it snatched away by identity politics. It’s a weird coping strategy and one we need to address. Otherwise, these people will lock themselves into a pointless struggle to turn back the clock.

      I saw this today. A boomer I know said to me, “maybe if we can just get rid of the Squad things will settle down again.” When I told him the Squad is the future, the pained look on his face was quite poignant.

      • Starting about two years ago, I told some of my boomer-con friends that from now on and increasingly, all we’re going to hear about is race, race, race, and that identity politics is the future, including for whites. They disagreed at the time, but now when I remind them there’s no argument. They’re still thinking it’s all about getting blacks and Mexicans to vote Republican, and to lose identity politics, but I know they’re seriously thinking about what I tell them. AOC and company are doing much of the heavy lifting.

      • Depending on whose definition you use – I’m either a Boomer or Gen X. I’ve always thought of myself as GenX because that’s where I got slotted back in the 80’s when I first started paying attention to the generational stuff. At the time I definitely didn’t think of myself – and neither did anybody I knew in my age cohort – as having much in common with the kids from the 60’s who went around protesting everything in sight.

        So I’m in my mid 50’s now – old enough to have been dealing with all of the random cultural bullshit that’s been around my entire life (I don’t think I was ever what I considered to be liberal – as soon as I spent any time at all thinking it out – I was conservative). And yes – it did seem for a time back in maybe the 80’s or early 90’s we might be getting past all of the random racial strife and assorted other BS. My perception though was always that the blacks need to clean up their shit and become more like whites – not the other way around.

        I’m only saying this stuff to put some background behind the following statement:

        Some of us are getting old and sick and tired of this shit. The thought of shooting it out with technicals full of urban yutes actually seemed somewhat doable back when I was 45 or even 50. Now at 55 I’m just getting sick of dealing with it all. It’s not like any arguments I might have made over the last 30 years or so about how people should stop doing all the stupid shit they’ve been doing have really seemed to have any measure-able effect. I’ve thought for quite a while that pain is nature’s best teacher – but the Fed and the welfare system at all levels of government have done their level best to avoid any inflication of pain on a national scale that might have made people wake the hell up.

        To be quite frank about all of this: I feel like I’ve pissed away a substantial portion of my life – playing “politics” , in order to defend the things I would rather have been doing with my life. The thought that I might have to spend my waning days on this earth watching everything I have accomplished be looted by leftists on a rampage – and having to play infantry soldier when I’d rather just be laying on a beach somewhere relaxing after a life of working my ass off to pay for all this shit – makes me alternately pissed off – and wishing it would all just go away.

        It’s not like I don’t think I have the capability to wrap my hands around some out of control Antifah turd’s neck and watch the life drain out of his eyes – and then live with the consequences afterwards. I’m pretty sure I do. It’s that I don’t know if there’s a sufficient number of people out there who I can consider brothers in arms who are willing and able to do the same over the 30 or 40 million times it’s probably going to take to settle the whole situation down.

        Unlike your boomer friend I see “the squad” as a Rorsach test. They either wake people up – or show clearly that we’re just plain fucked, by the fact that too many people agree with them and try to implement their policies.

        It’s also become clear to me over the last 4-5 years that places I might have considered “safe zones” – are apparently even more infected than where I currently live, which is typically thought of as one of the central moonbat breeding zones.

        I’ve seen far too much retard come out of right wingers over the last 20 years to have any confidence that any solution is coming out of the right. The typical comments I see here don’t really help assuage that feeling that the right is too cucked out to fix this problem.

        • I am a few years ahead of you. and a older . I realized that there was only one party in DC, the donor’s party, after decades of working and giving to the gop. I was part of the grass roots that started the TEA party movement to primary entrenched GOP flacks. we had some success , but the party crushed the people we sent there , and many cases , as soon as we won the primary, the GOP establishment would “find ” a scandal and endorse the democrat . ala Doug Johnson for Alabama senate . who got $$$$$ from McConnel’s PAC’s .
          the answer now is to focus on family and friends . I”ll tell anybody that the most powerful blow to the overlords is to get married and have a bunch of kids. It will also give you a satisfaction and love that you can get no other way. never forget that the left controls ALL the levers of power. law enforcement feds,DHS, military, national guard, banking , media, education. It make no sense at all to poke that bear. I am with you on many of your feelings . It’s time to spend our time and energy on those we care about . and of course educating those friends , family and acquaintances who are open to learning .
          good luck to you and yours.

      • Z Man said: ” I saw it is the conference this week. many of the people thought that we are inches from utopia, only to have it snatched away by identity politics”. It’s like I was saying yesterday. Those folks thought the buckley thing would last for ever. But it didn’t, and now they want to try and get the band back together. They had a good run. It was a top shelf club with all the trimmings, and they thought they couldn’t lose.Well, ya know what they say, “pride goeth before a fall.”

      • Z Man said: ” I saw it is the conference this week. many of the people thought that we are inches from utopia, only to have it snatched away by identity politics”. It’s like I was saying yesterday. Those folks thought the buckley thing would last for ever. But it didn’t, and now they want to try and get the band back together. They had a good run. It was a top shelf club with all the trimmings, and they thought they couldn’t lose.Well, ya know what they say, “pride goeth before a fall.”

        • Hey! How the hell did that thing get posted twice? I hate computers! Grrrr! 😠 My one real wish in life is to have a computer that can read my mind and obey my orders to the letter!

      • Tell them Peace is dying.
        Mourn then get up and fight.
        Unless they want to die to.

    • “how close we came to a post racial world”

      Yes, if only we’d had a pint of ice cream with only ONE tablespoon of dogshit mixed into it, how much nicer that would be than a pint of ice cream with half a pint of dogshit in it.

      Biology is a bitch, but here’s the awful truth: the White phenotype is both unique and recessive. In race-mixing terms, only White plus White equals White. There are no “biracial” people; White plus Non-White equals Non-White. See under: Obama, Barack.

      Because the existential Prime Directive for all Non-White males is to bang dem a White girl, in a mixed society or a society which is not a White-supermajority, Whites will rapidly cease to exist because White men will not only have to compete with other White men for White females, they will also have to compete with Shlomo, Binyamin, DeShauntrious, Mohammad, Jose, Krishnarajanasthan, N’Gongo, and Ching Chang Chao. Not to mention that a non-trivial number of White females will inevitably be raped by same.

      A “post-racial society” which is not a White supermajority will only be post-racial because Whites will have ceased to exist.

    • That dream was a lie

      Whites got high on the dream of a post racial utopia and worked towards it.

      But behind the scenes other non-white groups, primarily Jews but some others as well, were conspiring to use that naivety to rob you of everything you had.

      Therefore you were never close to a post-racial utopia, you were just fooled quite badly

      • The “post-racial utopia” was actually a world without whites. People are starting to figure it out, but there is a long way to go on getting this idea out there. My sense is that quite a few more people are open to that way of thinking now.

      • Crud: “Therefore you were never close to a post-racial utopia, you were just fooled quite badly.”

        This. It’s comically easy to find quotes – of blacks in their own words – indicating they never wanted what Whites claimed to want. Start with Michael King’s Playboy interview.

    • Tykebomb – I personally think the vast majority of Whites over 40 are beyond saving, but if you want to try you might try gently reminding him that it was only Whites who thought so. Have on hand quotes from blacks from your dad’s era indicating they never wanted mere equality or the proverbial level playing field. They are easy to find, along with quotes and statistics clearly demonstrating most blacks’ antipathy for White people or White values or White history – and that what Whites consider pain vanilla civic nationalism, blacks and jews regard as evil White supremacy.

    • Tyke, I don’t mean this in an unfriendly way, but anybody who thinks a post-racial world is possible is naive. Race, for better or worse, is a permanent part of human nature and the human condition. The best we can do is mitigate its pernicious effects.

      • Post-racial world? Yeah, I used to believe that was possible as a young man in the 1980s and early 90s. Then in 1995 O.J. Simpson was acquitted in the trial of the century, and I stopped believing it, when I saw the celebration Black America had. Total WTF moment like no other.

        90% thought he was innocent, while 90% of Whites thought he was guilty. You can’t bridge that divide, ever.

        I gave up on race relations that day, and have never looked back.

        • It was a major black pill moment for me also. The celebrating blacks at my work had bachelors and masters degrees, so I couldn’t even delude myself with the thought that “it was only the uneducated” blacks that thought the verdict at a minimum was “pay back”.

  32. While the right patiently explains the physics of combustion the left is screaming fire in the theater. Who gets the attention?


  33. “You don’t convert people to a new religion by explaining how their current god is empirically flawed. You offer them a better moral framework, one that allows them to feel as if their self-interest coincides with the natural moral order. That means putting on better morality plays in your own Dionysia.”

    You can get a good deal of nominal conversion if you tailor your message to the interests of people who are not being served by their current religion; however, that does not work when your religion is taboo among the power elite. No matter how good your play, even civic nationalism will not be permitted by the diaspora neoliberal dominated ruling class.

    • A big part of maintaining the taboo, however, is finding willing victims to be burned at the stake for having broken the taboo.

      • We have a willingness to take one for the team deficit, that’s for sure. Hell I can feel it in myself.

        One major reason, I suspect, is that there is still no serious community in which doing this is rewarded, as it should be, w hero status. Armies hand out 50 cent ribbons as rewards for doing insanely dangerous things, and troops savor them. Why? B/c that little piece of cloth in exchange for cleaning out an enemy machine gun nest, signifies higher status in a community they want higher status in.

        Once we have more of a community I imagine we will have more ‘status trophies’ to hand out and that will lead to greater willingness to sacrifice.

      • Those willing victims are easy to find. Just grab one from the Evangelical Right. They start off as sinners and are easy for lefty to roll. Lefty knows all the hot buttons for these guys.

  34. You don’t convert people to a new religion by explaining how their current god is empirically flawed. You offer them a better moral framework, one that allows them to feel as if their self-interest coincides with the natural moral order.

    I also think this is right on the mark. We must not merely feel, we must display moral outrage, moral disgust. We must accuse the enemy of violating natural justice, of ravaging people’s natural right to a past, that they pervert history and human nature, that they are traitors who RAPE any decent sense of public order. And they do all this because they are by nature perverse, sick and they are evil. Never concede the moral high ground and never fail to say at least one morally indicting thing about the left. Give them hell, MORAL hell.

    • Is this politics?
      Then this is power.

      Our religion for power: Survival.
      Behold our freakish enemies.

      • Survival is defensive. We have to conquer these rotten bastards. It starts w showing how sick and immoral they are.

  35. The most insidious and destructive use of the media is as an instrument of memetic infection and indoctrination. Yes, there is a small cohort of the population that still possesses a modicum of cognitive ability and can ascertain messaging objectively. But most people just absorb it like sunshine and inculcate a subliminal bias the same way skin tans, slowing and imperceptively. What good does it do to debate morality while the neighborhood is becoming zombified.

  36. Two things. First, I find it hilarious that lefty is always making his morality pitch on the great issues of the day, especially when race or gender come into question. But if a lefty black jewish queer is accused of raping a ten-year-old white child, guess who gets all the sympathy? Lefty loves sex, drugs, and R&R. They keep it compartmentalized so as not to disturb their Great Moral Crusade.

    The second issue is the nature of the media. In the 1950s, a new class began to emerge: The Media Class. Their agenda has always been different from that of the vast majority of citizens. With every breath in their being, they have pursued this agenda, whether as paymasters or political enforcers. Their zeal for deconstructing America went into overdrive when the Berlin Wall came down. It’s as though the Wizard stepped out from behind that curtain and dared anyone to stop him. No perversion of history or behavior bothers these people. Anyone on the right who thinks they can appear in lefty’s media domain to his own benefit is simply sniffing glue. I spend more time screaming at my TV about this more than any other reason.

  37. What CNN did was turn their opponents into their marketing department.

    There’s something deep there and something we need to learn to use as well. In Europe, NO ONE is as effective for our side as all the muslim rapists, extremists, street thugs and, of course, terrorists. In the US things are a little different, the worst at crime are blacks and, let’s be honest, they ve been there since forever and b/c of yab yab yab… So you cant just say ‘what the heck are they doing here?’ But you sure can w illegals. This has got to be something we can use.

    Same w leftist insanity. Transgender was actually a bonanza for us. The idea that a guy can just say ‘Im a girl’, a lot of ppl who actually wanted to get w the libturd program, they couldnt swallow that one. It was too obviously insane.

    Ultimately it’s our enemies that are going to be handing out red pills by the buckets in ways we cant.

    • All the Red Pills in the world won’t mean squat unless and until Corporate Leftist Media lives in fear for their lives.

      Trad Whites, Trump voters, and DR’s everywhere are being slammed left and right today by the Ruling Classes in government and Media over a “chant” from the crowd at Trump’s NC rally last night. You, me, every White is a “Nazi” today. They have even trotted out “holocaust survivors” on TV today to bray about Trump and his fascist supporters.

      Some sort of violent civil conflict is the only way this relentless march to tyranny is halted. Voting sure as hell won’t accomplish anything. If you are “undergound” or trying to stay invisible you have already lost.

      • They may not even have to fear for their lives, the sheep I mean. They just have to be deprived of their ‘good little moral sheep’ treats and hence source of feeling superior. Always attack leftism, but not the person you re talking to, morally.

      • If chanting “send her back” or something like that makes every White a Nazi according to the media, that’s probably a good thing. Maybe at some point people will get tired of the whole Nazi/fascist bit. We (meaning White people generally) need to get over this pathological obsession with a historical event. Hitler is as relevant to America today as Genghis Khan or Pol Pot. They were all bad people, but they’re all dead and gone.

        • The whole “racist” thing is dead now. “Sexist” is next, and “cisgendered” following soon behind. Women don’t like men in dresses in the ladies room, or men winning women’s sports events. A good moment for a big push-back.

          • The trick is to not get too far in front of the goalposts, as that is what made the loony “squad” fail in the other direction. Trump is very good at calibrating, getting out front of the goalposts a bit, but not so far out that he loses the ability to pull those posts in his direction. We can learn from his example.

          • Things like Trump’s feud with the squad could help to gradually red pill some normies by forcing them to face unpleasant reality. If all they see is some brown girls with fancy do rags in Congress, it reinforces the multi-culti dream/ delusion. They really want to believe. But then normie finds out that the brown squad isn’t a bunch of flag-waving, Constitution-reading, proud Americans, like he is. Why aren’t they happy to be in the “greatest country on Earth”? They resent America (actually, whitey). Normie starts thinking, “Yeah. Why the hell don’t they go back?”

          • Not so fast, Dutch. “Racist” is not yet dead. If it was, the Left would be dead. However, I think we are finally inflicting serious wounds on the “racist thing.”

          • Not sure I agree re: women. They do what the herd tells them to, which is another reason why the 19th Amendment was a bad idea.

            Right now the herd tells them that mentally damaged perverts are “stunning and brave.”

        • We have to reject, utterly and humorously, leftist morality. That’s why I like telling people, with a big smile and absolute sincerity, that I’m literally Hitler. What they see is a middle-aged appearing suburban mom in gym shoes and a ponytail. It highlights – and more importantly mocks – the ZOMG did you hear what she just said?!!! reaction. Trivialize the left’s pronouncements. Tell them “It’s too bad you want your little White son to have a future, but since he’s a nazi whose very existence threatens women of color, it’s important for him to be taught to hate his grandpa so Somalis in America can take his place at college and in the future workforce. After all, it’s only fair.

      • lighten up carl B . we want social change here , we need to support each other and not be trying to incite bad thing . no sensible person wants that .

    • Agree and amplify. In a neutral tone, bring up the latest event in clown world: “Hey, did you hear about … ? Yeah I know, I wonder what comes next … ”

      Some people might have success in force-feeding people the red pills; I get better results by luring people in that direction so they make the connections themselves.

      • Never have a conversation w a leftist where you do not attack leftism, not the person you re talking with, morally. ALWAYS say something that shows leftist as nuts, evil, selfish and perverse (all four if possible).

  38. Amazing that a network nobody watches is endlessly talked about by the voices on the right. Just shut up already and let them die on the vine. If I didn’t hear about the latest stupid thing out of their mouths from MY side I’d never know. Or care.

    • Brilliant strategy! Keep your head planted firmly in the sand, ostrich like.

      Pro Tip: We are at war, with that in mind a little phrase you may have come across while tunneling under the earth like a mole-

      “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” -Sun Tzu

      I –want– to know what CNN is doing, and how / why they are doing it. You can damn well bet the higher ups running the show watch Fox News every night even if the useful idiot foot soldiers do not.

  39. “It’s okay to be white” is an example of a very small start down the path of offering a different moral framework. How can this be expanded upon?

    • Flyers and leaflets are a potentially potent weapon.

      We have to understand that this is a guerrilla war and that our goal is to destroy the average Huwite person’s trust in the system.

      • Destroy big media’s ability to own every single damn radio station in every market – and therefore it’s ability to keep opposing viewpoints off the air.

        Get at least one state to pass a law banning multi station ownership and/or ownership by big national conglomerates – and you’d at least have a start.

        A variety of programming would then have some place to go. At least some of that would be guys talking bad talk and black helicopters and shit like that. Just like the stations I used to listen to back in the 90’s when Clinton was in office.

        Imagine if The Heartiste Hour was playing on independent “news” stations all over the country during drive time.

        How many males would be listening to that shit and be arriving home in the evening all black pilled as they walked thru the door to greet their bitchy wife.

        You want to see change?

        That’s how you do it.

        • All require power.
          Perhaps power first, then the victor determines propaganda?

          • Not really.

            The lefties are CONSTANTLY bitching about “corporations” (as do a lot of the lefties in this comment section).

            Well with the appropriate manipulation of the topic you’d probably get even a bunch of lefties signing on for ” eliminate big business from the organs of democracy!!” – or some similar sounding nebulous political campaign.

            And I don’t think you’d get this to happen nationwide. Pick a strategic state and make it happen there. The abortion kerfluffle has already demonstrated that federal mandates aren’t carrying the weight they once used to.

            I was very surprised when the rulings agains public sector unions came down in Wisconsin a number of years ago. But that was a STATE victory.

            You want a victory against the corporate leftist conglomerate ownership of the media organs – you’re gonna have to pick a strategic state and get it forced thru. And had better be ready to tell to Feds to go eff themselves.

            You don’t necessarily need to be the ultimate power in the universe to accomplish that. You need to play the politics the right way. If the assertions I see here constantly are true: then the power comes AFTER you dissemble the leftist control of media – because then you can use it to your own ends to win hearts and minds or whatever.

        • >>>”Get at least one state to pass a law banning multi station ownership and/or ownership by big national conglomerates – and you’d at least have a start.”<<<

          I have a LARPy dream that, after Bernie or Queen Kamala KillWhitey becomes President, there will be a based Governor who will do stuff like this.

          I also dream that said individual will play his cards better than our Southron Friends did at Fort Sumpter. A man can dream, right?

          • I never thought I’d see something like this happen – but it did:


            The 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, also known as the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,[1] was legislation proposed by Republican Governor Scott Walker[2] and passed by the Wisconsin Legislature to address a projected $3.6 billion budget deficit.[3] The legislation primarily affected the following areas: collective bargaining, compensation, retirement, health insurance, and sick leave of public sector employees. In response, unions and other groups organized protests inside and around the state capitol. The bill was passed into law and became effective as of June 29, 2011.[citation needed] Public employees exempted from the changes to the collective bargaining law include firefighters and most law enforcement workers.[1] The bill was ruled to be constitutional by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in July 2014, after three years of litigation


            I remember this being on the news. Those public sector union employees were going apeshit.

            Pretty sure all you’d have to do to get some sort of media organ ownership law put into place * in the right state* – would be to start planting rumours of Russian control of the media. Or maybe target Newscorp. Start promoting “local ownership” or some such shit. You’d probably even get a bunch of lefties to sign on to the bill.

            I’ve seen it said before the Southerners at Ft. Sumter were a bunch of dopes. They should have just let the fort sit there and rot. Instead they gave the Northerners a cause celebre and probably sealed their fate on that first day.

    • Of course, “It’s okay to be white” appeals exclusively to whites, and even then, to no more than 70% of whites. Everybody else believes it is not okay to be white, and that it is deeply immoral to claim it is. However, our side doesn’t really have to convince many POC of our views. If we can get to the point where 90% of whites are unified in favor of white identity, then we’ll turn this thing around. And that is possible. We must effectively build this message and find the best ways to disseminate it.

      One other key plank of our platform should be to clearly point out the anti-white racism of the Left, and to denounce the Left’s flaming hypocrisy on that score. Doing so would undermine all of their denunciatory rhetoric about racism. And once racism loses its rhetorical charge, the Left is deprived of perhaps its greatest weapon.

      • “Of course, ‘It’s okay to be white’ appeals exclusively to whites…”

        That’s the point.

        • Which is why they are also very effective when placed in nonwhite areas and the Judacia section of bookstores.

      • First step in undermining the effectiveness of the word ”racism” is to stop using it. If you try to attack your enemies by accusing them of being ”racists”, you just end up reinforcing the notion that ”racism” is the most evil thing in the world. And you don’t decide what the word ”racism” means in the public consciousness, they do.

        So you don’t call them ”racists”, not even ”anti-white racists”. You just call them ”anti-white”. Rule number one in the metapolitical war: don’t use the enemy’s terminology. The No White Guilt guy in Youtube gets this, I recommend watching some of his videos:

        • Yup. We need to dispense with this silly notion that in-group preference is a bad thing.

      • Oh just whites is fine.
        70% of whites better.

        You can’t save everyone.
        Reward those that want to live.

    • If I had meme skills, I would combine a pic of Trump and his beautiful orange mane, with a graph of black employment rates increasing, and write “Orange is the new Black”. Have its circulation coincide with the final episode of the eponymous show. Guaranteed to trigger.

    • You don’t even have to focus on the “whites”. Just focus on them, the people who don’t think it’s OK to be white. How they hate whites, want to deny whites basic self-determination, how they want to ethnically cleanse whites, how they want to genocide the whites.

      These things are all true, by the way. Sure, it won’t win you supporters in the J-POC coalition, but it might jar white people into thinking, which is what it’s supposed to do.

      • Shouting down the heathen doesn’t build up your own positive morality. The point of the post was that we have to build up something that’s an alternative. If all you do is yell at the other you won’t win converts, since you’re not showing them what you are offering. “Join us or those guys will kill you” might work for a few folks, but it doesn’t inspire radical belief in your system.

          • If you want white women to stop reproducing and exacerbate the demographic death spiral, Fear is a great way to do that… They’re already deathly afraid as it is. More fear won’t help.

          • There are multiple causes for the lack of white reproduction–far more common among white Leftists than conservatives, incidentally–but I don’t think fear is chief among them.

      • People love to support winners, and like to prostrate themselves before the strong. It’s hard wired into being human. That’s most of the battle right there. Trump gets that.

    • Nodding my head vigorously for your message, but the big point here is that televised newstertainment is not a medium at our disposal. Anytime our side is invited to join pop media it’s to be sliced/diced and served with a side of bigotry. Much as Tucker and a handful of others seem to be on our side, this is why they’re constrained to verbal gymnastics if they wish to remain employed. Their message is designed to attract an audience that desires to be validated, NOT to change hearts/minds. And hearts/minds is everything in ideological warfare.

      My preferred medium? It starts with families around dining room tables, and expands to the workroom lunch table and neighborhood BBQs, and from there into ever-increasing concentric circles around courageous men (yes – MEN) who are able to articulate a cohesive, comprehensive worldview of American culture and who we are as a nation-state. Most of those who will be with us have already tuned out Big Media and are on the fence with Conservative Inc. We gotta think guerilla warfare, not the overthrow of Big Media. And we gotta go after hearts/minds, which is far different than just trying to “win” a debate.

      • TV no longer has a monopoly on message.

        Social media is enough.

        The Right had ZERO platform until 1987 when the Fairness Doctrine was repealed. Before that just periodicals you subscribed to, or leaflets.

        And yet.,

        • And Social Media is controlled by Big Tech who hates whites and the Republic and wants both of them gone.

          We’re almost back to where we were when the Birchers were handing out their pamphlets.

    • It’s okay for your children to be White. It’s okay for your White son to have a future. It’s okay to want your grandchildren to resemble their ancestors. It’s NOT okay for your children to be taught they are evil. It’s NOT okay for your children to be taught to hate their family or their culture.

      I think “The White Death,” although all too real, is too broad. Personalize it. Tell every White Becky it’s okay to have a White son and it’s okay for him to play with trucks and roughhouse with his dad. These people think their family will somehow remain sacrosanct. We need to hammer home there is no safe space for anyone from the left’s morality crusade.

    • Yes flyers and stickers and leaflets are excellent because they cannot be stopped or controlled. Not easily anyway. I can think of some other messages. “Civilisation: it’s a white thing”.

    • “You have a choice: be a man or be a homo”. Drop a few of those around New York or San Francisco, retreat, sit back and watch the fur fly.

      • Again, is that really a positive message? “Don’t be X” isn’t a morality. There’s a reason that Christianity has the Cardinal Virtues.

        • “Don’t be X” isn’t a morality per se, but it’s often the beginning of a moral awakening. “Don’t be a pussy” ranks as one of the great motivational phrases—especially when spoken to oneself.

    • How can this be expanded upon?

      Step on the gas pedal a little harder. “It’s good to be white.”

      Incrementalism isn’t only for proglodytes. It can be one out of many tools in the d-right’s kit.

  40. Agree with your analysis, especially when combined with Neil Postman’s finding that “the medium is the message.” Screen-dependent media relies on a culture seeking to be validated and entertained, NOT informed or educated. And then there’s the fact that Americans are schooled to death but typically illiterate. Remember, literacy is not the ability to read but the ability to comprehend and logically dissect what one is reading – big difference. We’re so effectively propagandized because of the Big Media-Big Education alliance.

    • This narrative about people wanting to be validated is a bit self-serving. It’s kind of like how the media claims we don’t read anymore because we don’t want to read their shitting propaganda rags. No amount of failure will ever convince these people that their papers and channels suck and that is why we don’t read or watch them.

      I don’t mind having my ideas challenged if it is done so honestly (in good faith) and with facts and evidence and not emotionally charged rhetoric, which is what they do. “You are wrong because you are racist” or “You are wrong because you are uneducated or stupid” are not going to get through to anyone. Between laziness, incompetency and ideology, nothing they print is worth reading.


  41. Jared Taylor is anything but a cartoon Nazi. He’s a remarkably intelligent, articulate, thoughtful advocate for white interests. But CNN can make even Jared Taylor appear as if he’s first cousin to Reinhardt Heidrich by careful editing. I know some people have defended Jared’s decision to be interviewed but I still think that it’s a mistake.

    If we want to frame a morality tale, the “White Death,” would be a good place to start. But I know of no mass media outlets that would be interested.

    • And yet even Jared can’t resist the siren song of the media. Is it just ego?

      As for the history of conservatives and the media, Sideshow Bob and the rake comes to mind.(Or Lucy and Charlie if you like). I wonder how many hairstyles Spencer tried out before actually appearing on CNN. That little tuft of hair that usually falls on his forehead was gone.

      • It looks to me like Spencer fits a little to neatly into the left’s bromide. I think he is and has been controlled opposition in the maximum all along.

      • Taylor’s greatest strength and weakness is his desire to fight under the Marquis de Queensbury rules. He believes that reason, facts, and arguments will win the day (he’s repeatedly said religion is a private matter, so he’s obviously not comfortable going to the metaphysical realm where Z-Man claims this needs to go to be effective). Sometimes I get angry at Taylor for being a punching bag for the left, but other times I think he’s more effective than the “damn the torpedoes, screw the optics” wing of our thing. I’ve seen liberals (classical liberals, I mean) swayed by Taylor and (unlike Richard Spencer) his books can’t be bought new on Amazon (much like Kevin Macdonald). A lot of people who’ve criticized Mr.Taylor over the years have quit, lost interest, gone over to the enemy or otherwise gone nuts in the intervening years, while Taylor has been steadfastly, slowly, methodically building his thing brick-by-brick for decades. He reminds me a bit of a political prisoner of a failed revolution, who stays in Bastille for 30 years or so, only for one day the doors to be kicked down by men who weren’t even born when he got started, who liberate him and reinstall him as ruler.

        • The right surrendered the moral high ground to the left. They conceded that the left was right about equality, and so put their tail between their legs and slinked off. They abandoned all morality to the left. We work with what we’ve got, and the left had the moral high ground so EVERYTHING became a moral question, and not a policy question. It’s why you’re racist if you wish to discuss immigration policy,

    • But I know of no mass media outlets that would be interested.

      So go around them; don’t even bother trying to play in their sandbox.

      • Go around them to where? Youtube? Owned by (((them))). Twitter? Be -very specific- where you are ‘going around’ too.

        Posts like this irritate me because they throw out BS advice about nebulous actions with no concrete plan or strategy. Wars are lost in this fashion and the one we are fighting now is being lost too. You are helping.

        Who. What. Where. How. Otherwise, you are mentally masturbating like so many others on ‘our side’. Solid actionable advice or probably keep it to yourself since it is of no value.

        • The war is already lost. You will not stop all of Western culture from unzipping itself. The only question is if you would like to survive.

      • Youtube is now heavily censored, bitchute etc get virtually no views

        A selectively edited interview on the mainstream media can still be better for your cause than a great bitchute video

        • I have been on bitchute almost from the beginning. the view counts are indeed at cnn levels but the numbers following some content creators are hitting 40k-60k. will it survive? too early to tell but something is starting to happen. livestreaming is expected soon, that could help, i hope.

    • Even such a powerful lede as “The White Death” would never do it and here’s why.

      The left has successfully transformed the fundamental conceptual definition of what America is. America is not a nation, it is a giant cookie jar. And everyone on earth deserves a cookie. And because the only unique thing about America is that it has more cookies than the other jars, Mommy must decide which of the world’s children has earned a cookie. Holocaust, slabery, Chine Exclusion Act, Islamophobia, even just being poor in another country — any of these means you have automatically earned a cookie.

      What did you do to earn a cookie, White man? All you did was have the accidental luck to be born inside the jar. Then, when you lost your job at the steel mill which you thought you were owed due to your sickening White privilege, all you did was sit at home moaning, doping up on opioids, and watching Fox News. Meanwhile Yolanda the Squatemalans dragged her five sniffling ninos across the length of Mexico for a chance to sneak in and mooch free stuff. She deserves a cookie,my ou do not.

      There is no nation in the sense of heritage, birthright, identity, culture, continuity with past generations or duty to future ones. You personally did not storm Omaha Beach, so you don’t deserve to vote any more than Mohammad and N’Gongwube do. You did not personally build the interstates, so you have no right to complain about being killed on the highway by drunk illegal Hector.

      You, White man, least of all amongst all the swarming darkies of the world, least of all deserve an American cookie.

      • If we accept their definitions.

        There is a path to decide the ideas; Fight.

    • Here’s Andrew Anglin from earlier today regarding Spencer’s CNN appearance:

      >>>>”They will always introduce Richard as the guy who did the sieg heil after Trump was elected. Even though he didn’t actually do a sieg heil (it was members of his audience).

      I’m sure Richard understands that they’re using him for this purpose. But again – it doesn’t really matter, because no one actually cares. We already know that no one cares. It was tested in 2020. So, I don’t think people should criticize Richard for doing this. It doesn’t make any difference if he does it or not. If he didn’t do it, they would just pump someone else up as the incarnation of evil and use them. Because it’s just a planned circus show, and the specific person is irrelevant to the process. They’re not actually looking at any of Spencer’s ideas.“

      • Look, when Spencer raises his glass and says, Hail Victory, you understand what that is a literal translation of don’t you?

      • Why are people complaining about Spencer DISTANCING himself and his “toxic brand” from Trump… and saying reasonable, factually correct things.

        Anglin was quoted in the piece giving CNN exactly the quote they wanted, the worst neo-Nazi site super excited about Trump’s pointless comments, saying Trump was doing exactly what neo-Nazis want.

        You’d rather the clip just focused on that?

        (Anglin is playing games of course, but the point is there is no shortage of inflammatory material for the media to use… Spencer didn’t even give them any, he was 100% correct and they let him get off a coherent point.)

      • MEMEwarvet. your glowing recommendation of spemcer is a complete lie. . SPENCER put those people in the audience. and he respnded to them with his own . do you really think because he said “heil victory!” it wasn’t a sieg heil? Of course you don’t. everything spencer gets into form heilgate to Charlottesville turns into an utter disaster for everyone involved EXCEPT spencer. If Andrew is giving him glowing praise , it only means that Andrew is working the same game as spencer. It is dumb and makes the left happy for anyone to try to rehabilitate anyone associated with the reich. It ‘s almost like they want the dissident s to do that . 1945 was 74 years ago. that’s a long time to be kaput, so leave it kaput

        • Whether or not I like it agree with what someone in the movement says, I’m always very wary when someone whose name I’ve never seen here before starts taking potshots at them.

          I lived through the attacks on the TRS Boards, I’m seeing a similar phenomenon here of late.

        • miforest said : “MEMEwarvet. your glowing recommendation of spemcer is a complete lie. .” You see? This is why we can neven have nice things. The left will make common cause with 3000 tribes of savages that hate each others guts and still manage to keep the crap fest together long enough to destroyer Western Civilization. We on the other hand, can’t manage a civil conversation on a blog site.

        • Ignore Spencer don’t disown him. Be the real alternative.

          And Trumps remarks weren’t pointless.
          Nor were the crowds.
          They said send her back.

          Faithlessness is not courage, nor is running for cover when it gets ugly.
          Charlottesville? 1-0 us.

          Where do you think this is going? The Rotary Club?

          If the Left wanted it to stay kaput they should have left it kaput. They wield Kaput as to whip us with? Or whip you that is … be men and grab what they fear and flog them instead.

          They conjured the Demons of the dead past, let the Left deal with them. Spencer et al are CNNs guests, their problem, their pets. Let CNN deal with it.

          Ignore them. Progs never answer our facts, why should we acknowledge theirs?

          What we DON’T do is join the leftist lynch mob, as they mean to lynch US.

    • I did enjoy listening to the full uncut interview with Fareed Z. and Taylor. I think it’s important that we study Taylor’s responses to the kinds of bad faith questions hurled at him so we can use them (or improve on them) in real life interactions.

      • you cannot win that game …ever. they control the editing. the only way to win is not to play. Lets say you diid manage to get the best of them in an interview in a way they couldn’t edit to make you loo bad. They would simply not air the piece. they always have much more material than they can use. that’s what editing is all about.

    • I don’t care how charismatic or clever you are, unless you are Donald J. Trump don’t talk to the mainstream press, period.

      You can if you know and trust someone to be a fellow dissident like say Taylor going in Red Ice Radio, fine but CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the media complex no way in hell.

      They are better at and smarter at manipulating the story to what they want than you can ever be.

    • Our side shouldn’t be giving the MSM the time of day. Period. taylor and Spencer get reduced to monkeys dancing to a accordion.

      In terms of morality tales, consider distributing it in a pamphlet and PDF form and distributed at school and college. Keep it simple and low tech.

      But never ever play in the enemies battle space, you will lose.

    • OT, but speaking of Heydrich – I wonder if / how much different history would have played out if he hadn’t gotten himself shot in Prague.
      Carry on.

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