July Grab Bag

It has been an interesting week for yours truly. Starting off with the trip into the Imperial Capital then the fallout from my reporting on it. Lots of new eyes on the site as a result, which is always welcome, but not all eyes are good eyes. I’ve gotten a lot of interesting e-mail from these new readers. Then there were the links to social media posts about the VDare piece on the conference. This is one of those weeks where I was glad I was not on Twitter. That’s not a distraction I need in my life.

The funny thing to me about this week is I went into it thinking no one but me and a few others, maybe, would care about this thing. I was not all that excited about it, because I thought it was going to be three days with people trapped in the past. There was certainly some of that, but there were also a lot of people now on the river’s edge, looking across to our side of the great divide. That was quite an eye-opener for me and the big white pill of the week. It’s not always bad news.

That said, I am looking forward to things returning to normal. I have a million unfinished projects right now, which brings me stress, Getting back to the normal routine means slowly knocking things off the list. My dream, for decades now, is to wake up one day, look at the to-do list and see everything crossed off. Of course, that will mean I am dead and finally ascended to the next plane of existence, so maybe I should be happy that the list of open items is longer than it seems I will ever finish.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Letter From A NeverTrump Crackpot (Link)
  • 12:00: The Great Invasion (Link)
  • 22:00: The Anti-American David French (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Lots of Clown Horn (Link)
  • 42:00: A Lawless Land (Link)
  • 47:00: Learn From The Best (Link)
  • 52:00: Another Pron Related Death (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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188 thoughts on “July Grab Bag

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  2. “That’s not an image we need to contemplate” of Mr. Doom. Damn…sprayed my coffee laughing. Image is fastened in my head forever. Still trying to figure out the logistics, uh..where there’s a will there’s a way and all that. Darwin award for Mr. Doom. And your image of casting Lefty herpies seeds hither and yon. Then Basic Husband reads me a story of some Dumb**** Lefty who was so insulted by “our” descriptives of Shitehole third world countries that he traveled to Somalia to relish the beauty and wonderful people and was promptly killed. Darwin award for Dumb****. The nativity of Lefties is astounding.

    Didn’t plan on doing laundry today, but after spraying out my coffee twice!
    Good work Z!

  3. Off topic: My normie con brother relishes the thought of war with Iran. He speaks with masculine pride when he talks about kicking Iran’s ass. His listening to Mark Levin and Michael Medved has had the intended effect. He seems to believe that our country will be better off if we repeat Iraq in Iran. I wish I could redirect that energy to a cause that actually helps us. He’s an enthusiastic Golem.

    • The purpose of endless war is to kill off as many Alphas as possible. When the host population is largely ruled by Betas and Cucks, then the jackboots will have a much easier time crushing any conventional opposition. Historically, this has been an effective path to tyranny. But nexgen warfare will be different. Instead of the sniper’s motto of one shot, one kill; the new paradigm will become simple/secret/solo/spontaneous. And anyone can play, not just the Alphas.

    • LineIn. Here’s a little ditty about my brother. He was seated on an airliner, near the front, as it was boarding. He sees Jerry Brown appear at the front of the aisle and he starts doing a loud slow clap. He’d hoped everyone would join in. No one did. So he’s sitting there slow clapping because he’s too proud to admit defeat and stop. Everyone’s embarrassed. Jerry’s embarrassed. My brother is actually conservative, except he’s a rabid vegan environmentalist. I guess that’s why he likes Jerry. Besides that he has a celebrity fixation. What a goofy f***er.

      • How does your brother explain your political beliefs? My brother thinks I am basically a good person who has been brainwashed by Jared Taylor and Mike Enoch.

        • LineIn. Really? You can get that detailed and personal with your family? If I mentioned Enoch or Taylor or even Z, my family would flip out. They’ve been in my bizness my whole life. Starting at age 12 destroying my radios, headphones and records, then breaking out the belt afterward. I just don’t need the hassle anymore. I hold true to dissident right values when I’m talking to them. But to mention names like VDare? No way. They’re not subtle thinkers. Very binary and judgmental. If I said I was even “Alt-Right” they’d just lose their shit. Kinda cool your family is crazy Left, but you can still tell them what you’re a part of. Me telling them I follow, say, AmRen, would be like saying I hang out with Larry Flint and the Hustler crowd.

  4. Because we all spend a lot of time here, we may be forgiven for regarding ourselves as voices crying in the wilderness. But, actually, it is not so. Even in the last week, I have noticed that more than a few of my conservative and lolbertarian friends have begun to see the light. They are, as I type, crossing over to the dark side to join us. Their days of waving spreadsheets around are over.

    • The left makes this easier than we think.

      Us: we are you, and we want us to go on.

      The Left; we hate you, we want you degraded, dead, your children raped, your history erased. We think its funny.

      They’re very much like the Jihadi now. Mind you the Founding Jihadi were often Leftist and certainly copied their methods.

  5. Many are blaming the Jews for our own weakness. If it wasn’t the Jews it would be someone else. Actually looking around its everyone else too- the world has got our number folks; we’re weak males and they’re coming to take our richest lands on earth, guarded by matchless geography.

    Of course they’re coming.

    We’re weak.

    We face the eternal fate of men: we have to fight or lose it all, every generation. Forever.

    Now man up and fight.
    Or lay down and die; just do it quietly. At least have that much dignity.

    No of course it isn’t legal.
    Of course its dangerous.

    Fighting is NEVER LEGAL.
    But that doesn’t mean you’ll be jailed. Or killed. Not even if you lose. Killing men who show heart and prove courage is wasteful, even shameful. Its like killing a fertile woman. Frowned on by the others.

    You don’t have to win fights, you must show heart.

    We face the eternal fate of men: we have to fight or lose it all, every generation. Forever.
    Just our turn is all.

  6. FRIP! Read this book and it brought you to mind. This is your Nightmare! I think I remember it was you who opined we have entered the season to be cautious of women. The danger from undisciplined hyper-emotional wamyn and the teaching and absorbing wamyn hatred of men is growing. Just having a drink and a cigar can draw dangerous harpies on the attack.


    Harvest Home…..This book is for you. Tom Tryon, also actor “The Longest Day,” wrote it in 1969. It’s a prescient book about the “female principle” gone unbalanced manifested in a goddess earth religion in a small New England town. Every guys’ nightmare. Begins slowly and builds, well written, Tryon’s descriptive writing ability is remarkable. The moral is…stifle your curiosity and leave well enough alone.

    In 1973, the movie The Wicker Man was released, with the similar theme of the unbalanced goddess earth religion in Scotland ensnaring men for human sacrifice to appease Mother for a good harvest. The first SF Burning Man guys must have been smoking dope on the beach and watching this movie, as at the end of the Burning Man Festival, the giant wicker man is burned.

    Lots of anti-guy stuff going around. Remedy with ….A double brandy for the gentleman. Lock your door! Choose wisely!

    • Not sure it was me. We’re all pretty wary of women these days. Though we got no fault with the range front fault. I’ll check out that book. Thanks.

      • Felix and Frip…..you bet it’s regressive woo woo about female behavior. It’s pre-Stephen King horror and fiction. Many guys don’t read fiction. Not asking for a manual on male behavior. Have one walking around my home and I pay attention. This is an early female cautionary story. When wamyn go tribal. And they are now. Women are going demented and men are giving up on them. Emotionally overwrought women don’t do well and spell trouble.

        And why do we assume that human sacrifice for earth religions has left the planet? Keep importing Meso Americans who quietly worship Tlaloc and regress ain’t the word. Z-folks….Please don’t be naive. We think we’re so sophisticated and urbanized. These cycles do repeat. Voodoo and Santeria sacrifice is growing. When people stop believing in God, they’ll believe in anything. Heard of a rental house in Sacramento rented to Middle-Easteners (?) who dug through the living room floor, created a deep pit and roasted a goat in it.

        Just watched The Longest Day! Reading and learning about the African Campaign. I’ll take Richard Burton in African Campaign war movies any time. Nice to look at, great actor, but way too intense, moth to a flame, and self-destruction for the Range. Like a fault line, one must control the great power inherent…until it is time. New book out on Longstreet at Gettysberg debunking his takedown. Best to you!

        • It’s pre-Stephen King horror and fiction.

          I see. I rather like Stephen King, regressive warts and all, but one thing is Pennywise, I’m not really sure I have the nerves for wahmen tribalism.

          And why do we assume that human sacrifice for earth religions has left the planet?

          Because in this day and age, paganism is pretty hard to sell? All the pagans I’ve heard about, are larpers. My ex was a multi-pagan, subscribing to every crackpot con out there, but if she got sick for real, she saw a real doctor.

          I’ll take Richard Burton in African Campaign war movies any time.

          Ryan also wrote The Last Battle, about the Battle of Berlin. It has photos from one of the first military summits between the Reds and the Western Allies. The Western generals are dapper, well-groomed gentlemen, looking like they’ve come directly from a Parisian night club, their mustaches as razor sharp as the creases of their pants. The Russian generals are hulking, primordial monsters from hell: shaved skulls, broken noses, scarred faces, missing fingers, straight from the battlefield.

          I suspect Stalin hand-picked the emissaries himself.

          • You are a treasure and so enjoy your thoughts. Thanks for The Last Battle Info…will research and share with Husband.
            Sounds like your ex’s paganism was nuttier than fruitcake. Playacting.That was rough for you. I realize this sounds top over and we have little experience with sacrifice, But.. the collapse has barely begun. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Human nature is a lot stranger than you’re copping too. This is a warning…..check in with me 5 years from now and see what you’re starting to notice. Chesterton was correct. They’ll believe in anything. And the more fearful they become, the more violent they will be in their religious expression.
            Living in Utah…am keeping my eye on the Meso Americans.
            Please read House of Rain and come up to speed. And Childs is a good writer….not dull and plodding. But then where you live your great replacement looks different from the great replacement here in the Southwest.


        • I’d worry more about Santa Muerte than Tlaloc and Marianne Williamson than your garden variety white woman, although I don’t think that either are too much of a threat at this point, realistically speaking.

          • Anon….1)We can juggle multiple balls in air. including Woo Woo Marianne and current crop of harpies..2)The future becomes the present pronto. 40 Million + illegals. Arrests of MS13 on Long Island after killing and cutting out heart…..they may not do full on Meso American ritual with tiny cymbals and parrots, yet they take the inspiration from their ancestors. The old ones cut out 1000’s upon 1000’s upon 1000’s of hearts still beating. This is reclaiming Aztlan…they hate us and want to re-conquer the Southwest..this is a demographic numbers game….and they are winning.

          • I agree it’s a numbers game. The vast majority are Christian. Let’s not get too carried away.

          • Okay, out of your wide acquaintance of Hispanic immigrants, how many Aztecs, Tlaloc worshippers, or MS-13 gang members do you know? Not saying we need any more immigration, legal or illegal, just keeping it real.

  7. Zman, thanks for your description of the conference you attended. You should not be surprised that the Jewish neocons are more likely to attack you than anyone else – you are closer to uncovering what they are up to than anyone else. Jews hate white people because we are more Christian than anyone else, and happier than anyone else. They are afraid that we are going to kill them all. Honestly, I never cared or wanted to until I realized how evil they are: at this point I would be very happy if we ejected all the Jews and sent them to their homeland, or killed them, I don’t honestly care. You can only betray me so long until I honestly don’t care if you live or die.

    • They’re Tribesmen.
      They’ve never gotten along with anyone outside the tribe because Tribesmen never do.

      They’re just Arabs gone to college, mind you the Arabs are much more polite people and their society is much healthier, killings and all. I have no use for Islam (although I admire how they fight for their God) and want the Saudis and Pakistanis genocided. But they have a great family life and there are no beggars or homeless, junkies, drug addicts in their streets poor as they are. No skid rows in Islam: the family does not allow it, the shame would be unbearable.

      You cannot say the same of our society.

      To return; they’re tribesmen.
      They do hate Christianity.
      They also hated Pre-Christianity; the Egyptians, the Seleucid Greeks, the Romans, they massacred the population of Cyprus. This is what tribes DO, they can’t help it.

      • Agree 100%. The problem isn’t that Islam exists, it’s that we are forced to coexist with it in our own countries. And who keeps pushing for that, goys? The idea that a significant number of “islamofascists” are sitting around in caves plotting to take over the West simply because they subscribe to an evil universalist religion is the most persistent of our 9/11 shibboleths. When I saw how the Saudis, who were neck-deep in 9/11 were so chummy with Bibi’s government I started to wonder. When I first heard about the well-documented incident of the dancing schlomos, I started to “notice.”. Reading Pat Buchanan led to more noticing. The idea of murderous islamofascism plotting to come kill us in our beds for some reason other than an our one-sideed entanglement with Arab Israeli politics has been a useful one in leading America down the same path to failed permanent hegemony that shattered Britain. Let Islam be Islam in Islamic lands. Peace through separation.

        • Correction, if I may, Exile:
          Islam is NOT a religion. (I had to correct a priest about this fact, after his homily once, too.)

          It is a satanic ideology and/or political system masquerading as a religion.

          Many Christians are morons, but how many of them grab the nearest ax, and run at another non-co-religionist screaming an equivalent to “Allahu Snackbar” with the goal of death to said non-co-religionist?

          It is an evil system that must be eliminated from the earth.

  8. With the dozens of truly brilliant observations yesterday and lately, I am very much whitepilled. The Z-tribe is getting it together, moving beyond the despair.

    And the List? It’s my mantra now, has been for years. My favorite last words, by a businessman on his deathbed: “Still so much left be done..”

  9. Be of good cheer. We’re in a fight. Have fun with it. The Emperor Has No Clothes. Find subtle ways to point that out every chance you get. With a smile. No need to shout. You can even (stage) whisper it.
    The NeoNCons are comedy gold. Neo_New^(n+1). Always ready to help us find New! Ways to recognize the importance of Israel & why we should fight her wars. So have fun pointing it out from the back of the class. There may soon come a time when we’re all “Back of the Bus”

  10. Good comment on the courts. The law schools have been producing increasingly leftist lawyers for at least thirty years and these people are turning up now more and more on the bench in state and lower federal courts. Mark Stein has been describing the difficulties that he’s had defending a defamation lawsuit in the District of Columbia Circuit now for many years (because the case has been going on for many years). Mark finds that he cannot get a trial to clear his name, due to procedural wrangling. I think differences over defending the case led to his breakup with National Review. It’s a fairly depressing litany of being trapped in a Kafkaesaue process. Mark has noted the excessive deference paid to judges in American legal and political culture, even more so than in other common-law jurisdictions. In the U.S., judges are lawyers whose political connections put them in black robes. But they’re treated as minor gods.

    I think that one of Trump’s earliest mistakes was in not defying the court when the judge enjoined Trump’s first travel ban. The law could hardly have been clearer on the president’s authority to exclude aliens for any reason. (“Yes, the travel ban affects Muslims more than any other group. That’s a feature not a bug. In fact that’s why I did it!”) Jeff Sessions was just too steeped in the tradition of deference to judges to defy the courts. It could have been a defining moment of the Trump Administration, just as firing the air traffic controllers was for Ronald Reagan. Opportunity squandered!

    Insofar as John Roberts is concerned, some of his behavior does seem well-nigh inexplicable; blackmail may well be an incentive. To be as charitable as I can, I think he is deathly afraid that the court will be the subject of intense criticism, especially from leftist politicians.

    One really pernicious trend is for courts to start questioning the motives of legislators of executive branch officials, and to hold otherwise valid laws and regulations unconstitutional or otherwise invalid, because the officials making the law or regulation had motives the courts consider improper.

    • >>>Insofar as John Roberts is concerned, some of his behavior does seem well-nigh inexplicable; blackmail may well be an incentive. To be as charitable as I can, I think he is deathly afraid that the court will be the subject of intense criticism, especially from leftist politicians.<<<

      Roberts May well legitimately fear for his life. I’m a firm believer that Antifa is going to start assassinating politicians soon, and that they’ll continue to get away with it.

      • There’s speculation that his and his wife’s adoption of two children from Ireland was of questionable legality.

        • Very interesting.
          As soon as Roberts became the tie-breaker on the sodomite “marriage” thing during Soetoro’s reign, my FIRST reaction was : “someone got to him. He has something to hide. His voting this way on that issue does NOT add up.”

    • Mark Steyn wrote a column for National Review called The Happy Warrior, and was kicked off the site for telling a gay joke in his column. Guess it hit target and ruffled the feathers of humorless Rich Lowery. Sensitive Gay trumps freedom of speech.

      • Lowry is a more strict enforcer of neocon/J-Right narratives than many actual right wing Jews. Rather than a true believer shabbos goy he strikes me as a straight grifter. It’s all about the 30 pieces.

  11. French has the same effect on me that Elway Occasional Cortex has on Tucker. I simply have to hate. It’s Pavlovian. FWIW, I’m one of the trolls French was crying about for ragging his diversity totem on muh Twitter.

    Z’s take on this is the best direct hit I’ve yet seen on the Christcuck obsession with Africa, better even than Coulter’s takedown of the ebola docs a few years back. It’s pure selfish peacocking by Other-fetishists. Contrary to JAG-off French’s Audie Murphy & Russell Moore LARP’ing, he loves himself much more than Murika or Jesus. Mx. French, who wears the pants, is worth a Google in her own right (hint – slept with her pastor). My father refused to attend church for years after getting fed up with the Sunday morning peacocking of holier-than-thou’s like the French “family.”

    David, try living your life by Proverbs 8:13 for awhile: “To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.”

  12. This would be an interesting test for “proposition nation” civic nationalists:

    Every single adult citizen has to take a lie detector test, asking them if they indeed support the “propositions” of the civic nationalist “proposition nation”: the Declaration of Independence, literal interpretation of the Constitution, equality under the law, refusal to engage in jury nullification, absolute disavowal of voting fraud, support of legal immigration but ruthless punishment and enforcement of illegal immigration, et cetera. Anyone who doesn’t pass the test is stripped of constitutional protections and/or citizenship.

    Would the proposition nationalists support that?

    I mean, if you want to play an ordinary board game, you have to agree to play by the rules to even join the game, right? Thus: only people who agree to the propositions get to play the proposition-nation game.

    The funny thing is, in practice this would reduce to white nationalism, because at least 95% of people who pass the test would be white.

  13. The left uses legal and illegal means in tandem to get what they want.

    But the “conservatives” not only don’t use illegal means, they usually don’t even use perfectly legal avenues. For example, there are very strong grounds for stripping Omar of her citizenship based on immigration fraud. But the cucks don’t even use that!

    It’s like a fight where one fighter is using both fists, but the other fighter insists on fighting with both arms tied behind his back! The cucks couldn’t be more pathetic.

    • I’m tempted to go full Enoch and say it’s all about deliberate machinations by a controlled opposition but I think in truth the largest part of cuckery is driven by social cowardice. Con, Inc. lets its base be used as a punching bag and tells them to like it because they;re not fighters at heart. Conservatism to them is about peace, quiet and stability. If you yell loud enough, they will placate you. That’s why I live to see them burnt down. Unless and until we defeat the weak dad Right, we will never get the bitchy mom left to shut up and behave.

    • One of the weapons the left skillfully uses is to make non-left people afraid and ashamed to disagree with them publicly — and even in their own minds. Crimespeak and crimethink. It’s the left’s version of brass knuckles.

      The most pressing task for dissidents is to help normies to think and speak for their own personal and group interests. As with most learning, I would think it’s easier to start with small things and progress from there.

      This may be obvious, and I suppose people are trying to do it. But I would suggest two things: 1. This goal should be the top priority for dissidents. 2. Anything that detracts from this goal is counterproductive and should not be done.

      As I visualize this, I see political correctness crumbling like the Berlin Wall.

      • Cerulean said: “One of the weapons the left skillfully uses is to make non-left people afraid and ashamed to disagree with them publicly — and even in their own minds. Crimespeak and crimethink. It’s the left’s version of brass knuckles.” Here’s a quote from Theodore Dalrymple that I never get tired of posting. “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to. ”

        • OBT, I agree. I’ve appreciated this quote for a while. I probably frist saw it here. Maybe from you.

          Interesting to me that the left got to their dominant position incrementally.

          They also got there by convincing enough normal people that things needed to change to be “more fair.” So now we’re at a point where it’s considered “fair” for companies to can people for expressing their opinion outside of work. Ditto for schools to kick out students who do the same.

          We really ought to be able to capture the fairness issue and turn it against lefty. I’m sure many of our friends and neighbors would be receptive.

          • Cerulean said: “They also got there by convincing enough normal people that things needed to change to be “more fair.” So now we’re at a point where it’s considered “fair” for companies to can people for expressing their opinion outside of work. Ditto for schools to kick out students who do the same.” The free speech movement began at the University of California Berkeley in 1964-65. It was never about free speech. The left has a motto, ” the issue is never the issue” because it’s always about power. Then, they demanded free speech. Years later, once they were in charge they shut the door in everybodys face. That’s how it always works. Here’s the Wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Speech_Movement

      • I sense cracking ice in our everyday life. Or maybe it’s just me. Recently I asked an SJW brother of mine why anyone would take pride in being a sexual degenerate. It flipped him out, because that form of question had never been presented to him; it put him in the dock, instead of me. I stated no opinion, I merely asked the question. His reaction was unhinged and sub literate babble, rooted in the 1970s horsehit he imbibed at college. Oh my, what a virtue-ejaculation. But after the ejaculation, there is exhaustion and self-examination, right?

        That’s when I realized that embracing your inner shitlord makes you free. It will lose you “loved ones” but it buys back your dignity.

        Our enemies are idiots. I’m inspired by that. We can’t lose if we just treat them as they deserve.

  14. As for the “rules” debate, I think that most people accept the idea that “all’s fair in love and war.”

    I think the main problem is that most white normies don’t know there’s a war on.

    Our job is to make sure they know, and what the stakes are.

    • “Most white normies don’t know there’s a war on.”

      You mean “was”. There /was/ a war, and it’s been fought and won, and we /lost/.

      What you’re living in now is the mopping-up phase.

      Just wait til the new junta takes overt formal control: Vae victis.

    • As Larry Correia said, white conservative American men tend to have 2 settings:
      1. Everything is fine
      2. Kill all my enemies

      We aren’t very good at the in-between stuff.

      • No, because in the meantime we are busily engaged in hard work and higher pursuits, loving our families and creating beauty and order. Not seething with envy and plotting to destroy.

      • Its always the few that fight.

        The vast mass of humanity avoids war, suffering, danger.

        To read history you’d think that an error. That’s because most are invisible in war and history.

        Right now if the USA re-introduced mass conscription most of us would quit as fast as we could. Because “normies” to use the term are worse than useless in most wars.
        They would have to have no other option but certain death and even then… I doubt that most of the Jews in the Warsaw Uprising of 44 fought. Its just contrary to real human nature.

        There’s only one form of violence they’d join freely: mob violence. A lynch mob.
        Because its safe and the crowd gives them their sanction. This is of course a very dangerous tool. But it does work. Look for nothing more from them

  15. French has gone completely nuts and obviously can’t properly read the Bible. He went around the world to adopt a kid when there are many opportunities in this country.

    1 Timothy 5:8 Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

    A nation is just another step out in the circle of commitments.

    His abuse of the Neither verse is pathetic. The go to quote for people who understand nothing.

    I have an extended family member who did the overseas adoption thing back in the 90’s. It’s been a sad disaster. Most people I’ve seen do it are simply signalling how great they are. They are like the parents who suddenly have trans-kids.

    Adoption is better than kids on the street. However, parents of adopted kids are almost always behind the 8-ball in understanding the kids they adopt. With your own kids, you usually understand their behavior because they are part of you. There’s not that connection with an adopted kid.

    • A friend of mine had an aggression problem with a pit bull she adopted. I discussed the matter with a mutual friend involved in animal rescue and she pointed out that we didn’t know the dog’s breeding nor how he was treated before he was adopted. The same is true of human beings.

      It’s fashionable in some circles to adopt a black baby. The offspring of a gangbanger and welfare mamma will not grow up to be a Rhodes Scholar even with Affirmative Action. Not only is IQ is around 50% inheritable, other personal characteristics. can be transmitted genetically. On top of that, Blacks in general tend to be more aggressive and less willing to abide by rules.

      That personality and intelligence could be transmitted genetically was once acknowledged. In 1954, a novel called “The Bad Seed” was published, followed by a play and then a movie centering on an 8-year-old psychopath. She was the daughter of a serial killer, adopted by a good family, but followed her genetic predisposition to kill.

      As another friend likes to say, what breeds breeds.

      • I don’t know how many times looking at one of my kids I went, “I know exactly what they are thinking.” You just aren’t going to have that when you adopt a kid, even a decent one. Plus, you know they are confused why they don’t look like their parents or anyone else if of a different race. It’s a selfish act to drag a kid half a world away. Much better to build and orphanage.

        • A former co-worker who was adopted said that only when he had a child of his own that he looked like someone in the family.

      • A water company friend who had raised pit bulls was dog-less, so got a new pit bull puppy. The first time he put food in a bowl on the floor, the tiny puppy ferociously attacked his hand. He knew exactly what he was dealing with. Without hesitation, he took the puppy to the vet and said, “Put it down!” His experience was a puppy exhibiting such behavior so early will be a killer dog.

        Some things can’t be fixed.

        • The dog was eventually put down for killing a cat. Before that happened, my friend sent the dog to obedience school, to no effect. Funny thing, the dog was very affectionate and loved to cuddle but would not listen to commands. Annoying in a Pomeranian but potentially fatal in a Pit Bull.

      • Higher testosterone production. Straight genetics, a breed.

        I always remember that “mom” in the restaurant. Two teen boys, black, joking around, typical black kids just goofing.

        That look on her face, growling at them. So worn, so haggard, such bitter disappointment.

        • A friend’s niece (white) has a mental disability and was knocked up three times by a black fellow. Her three daughters range in age from 4-14 and are largely raised by my friend’s sister and sister’s husband. The two eldest are on medication for ADHD – I wonder if they are just acting black? My friend and I are also concerned about the girls following their mom’s bad example and getting pregnant out-of-wedlock.

    • The people I know who adopted foreign kids did so because of the incredible cost, red-tape, and risks in domestic adoption (Mom might change her drug-addled mind). But people doing it for those reasons typically go to Asia or Eastern Europe, NOT Africa.

      • Relative got two kids from Eastern Europe. One ended up with physical and mental disabilities. The other now things they are of another gender.

  16. One thing that really infuriates me is people who talk about “rules-based” systems and “democracy,” who in actually practice don’t abide by the spirit of those systems, and do everything they can to break the rules and undermine democracy.

    It’s getting to the point where these scumbags profess “rules” and “democracy” precisely because they intend to cheat at those systems and know their opponents are less likely to cheat, while in reality running a de facto left-wing totalitarian order. “Rules-based Democracy” then becomes one of those Orwellian labels like “People’s Democratic Republic of China.”

    • Judaism is a religion based around outsmarting God’s rules. There’s a reason God kept smiting them.

      • Murdering his only begotten and freely accepting a curse for so doing figures pretty prominently there.

  17. I literally LOLed at the “herpes” thing, but perhaps a slightly more on-the-nose analogy would be HIV. The virus they spread destroys the host’s immune system. That’s exactly what the “racism” meme does to a nation: destroy the host’s ability to defend itself from external invasion and ethnic cleansing.

    As for the JQ specifically, by analogy with “Islamist” and “Islamism,” I would propose “Jewist” and “Jewism.” Simply the philosophy of what’s good for the Jews–really just giving a name to what their actual philosophy is anyway. It explains how people like Ben Shapiro, Jamie Weinstein, Cathy Young, etc., who seem to be in different political camps, when push comes to shove, all take the same side. Because they’re all Jewists. That’s their real and only philosophy.

    • No Babe, you got it all wrong. It isnt their ethnicity that binds Jews of different stripes together… it’s their love of our country, their love of liberty, of human rights. Not that ugly thing you are talking about.

      Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

    • Brilliant. Realistic.
      “Jewist, Jewism”- in a nutshell, without all the weirdness.

      That makes me an evil “White-ist”, don’t it? A Caucasoid, maybe?

  18. The blinders are coming off everywhere. It’s a common statement in dissident circles to say “conservatism has clearly failed!”

    Welp, even more obvious is the fact that liberalism failed. When Trump gave it to the Donk Hag Squad with both barrels, the media went nuts but the people laughed and smirked agreed.

    Look: those guys can go marching through all the institutions and replace our people with theirs… but the can’t run them. How do you think they will make out in a pitched civil war?

    Smile… and have a great Friday. There’s a fight coming, but it’s one we need to have.

  19. Before the conference I thought ‘National Conservatism’ was something that needed strangling in its cradle.

    Now, after your Roland Hedley trip, it sounds like we can just leave it in its wheelchair, kvetching at the wall.

    • For now, those guys are useful to us. If they consume the Buckley Right and become the new gatekeepers, then it means the walls have moved significantly in our direction. That will make them much easier to climb.

      • So now fealty to Israel requires Conservative Inc to become National Conservatism?

        That doesn’t sound like that heavy of a lift.

        It would be a shame if a three-sided fight broke out between National Conservatism, Reaganite hold-outs in Conservative Inc, and the NeoCons.

      • Hadn’t thought about it that way. Thanks for that re-frame. We’ve moved the Overton Window. White pill.

        • Don’t forget from back in May, the contribution of Sohrab Ahmari’s very public dressing down of David French in First Things, which kicked Con.Inc. fractures up a notch.

          • Frip said: “Don’t forget from back in May, the contribution of Sohrab Ahmari’s very public dressing down of David French in First Things, which kicked Con.Inc. fractures up a notch.” The reason the left always wins is because they have a message that stires the soul and hits all the righ buttons. Conservatism is a philosophical and intellectual snooze. Plus there’s nothing but constant infighting and purges. Conservatism is just a bunch of exclusive, politically active country clubs. The left on the other hand, will work with anybody.

          • Which suggests we need to stop infighting and work with anyone who’s right of leftism; a broad pool of humanity and Americans indeed. Most Americans like most people aren’t political and have no wish to be political; N.B.

            Leave them alone if not interested. We don’t need the passive masses, we need just enough determined mass. Even 10% is the Tipping Point.

      • I personally am not inclined to view this as a white pill. I question whether this will net us anything beneficial. I’d rather whites had to choose between a true Right (which I believe will forever be an anathema to the Judeo-plutocratic elite), and the full retardation of historical Conservative, Inc. As Spengler wrote nearly a century ago, in his essay ‘Prussian Socialism’:

        “In America, … the custom now is for the parties to deliver one set of promises to the people, and another to the trust that fills the party coffers; the first set is published, the second is kept.”

        The elite are still in place, with the same interests, and will continue to be the ones filling the party coffers. If history is any guide, the bourgeois nominal Right whites reared by modernity will gladly take the elite class’ new bait (fake nationalism), and get back to a life of inanity, while the elite continue to implement the End of History (the end of the West). Maintaining the illusion of democracy, the illusion that the elite are truly responsive to, or share interests with, the white masses, are the West’s death knell, in my opinion. I think this opens the door to a continued creeping globalization/Third Worldization, right into oblivion.

    • ‘National Conservatives’ is actually the term used for dissidents at least in Denmark. I dont know about in other European countries.

      A few dividing lines in this ‘community’ are the JQ (Im grappling w this myself; I WISH there werent any evidence to sustain a JQ but I have to admit there’s stuff to look at), whether democracy ‘has to be defended’, roles of the sexes and female suffage, the weight given to ethnicity. As readers here will notice these issues have a red pill/blue pill, civ nat/white identity divide to them. Maybe ‘national conservatives’ are ppl just on the knife’s edge between (in Europe highly anti-islamic) civ nat patriotism and overt white identity? Im kinda there myself, I certainly dont claim to be the hardest hardliner among commentators here.

      My point is when I heard the term being used for this conference my first thought was ‘are they trying to take the term and make it safe?’ Just wanted to mention that.

      • Honestly, we could use a manual listing all of the various forms of conservatism these days, and describing them as clearly as possible. Right now it’s impossible to tell the dramatis personae without a program.

        • Compiling such a list might also clarify where various ppl who understand at least some of what is going on, stand. The field is messy and confusing right now (but so am I personally; part of me misses the 90s)

          • Or a diagram with True Dissident Right Race-Realist Nationalists as center orbit (us), with orbiting planets being off-shoots, allies, half-allies, crazy allies, confused allies, fakes, unabashed enemies, etc.

          • My views change so much, as I first avert myself to the ugly facts of human nature and our situation as it unfolds before us and then, sometimes reluctantly, embrace and absorb that we are indeed naked on Darwin’s field and must ensure some sort of future for our posterity, that I could not even chart my own views. I think this is not entirely uncommon. So yes, things are too much in flux for charts to keep up currently.

            Eventually I imagine some more solid and permanent lines will start to form. For now I just despise leftist insanity and all the blood it shall cause to flow.

          • Well, in fairness to leftists, they’re just the paid zombies of the ruling elites. They’d be capos in death camps if the rulers so decreed. They want a daddy, and they’ll suck blood from corpses if daddy tells them to. ‘Leftism’ is not the problem or challenge. The problem – and it is not a trivial one – is the total domination all of us face by the government/corporate monolith.

            The left/right stuff is over; it’s all top/down now. Heck, Orwell wrote the bible on this transition in 1948 and we still can’t escape the linguistic trap of “left/right”.

            The rulers, their useful minions, and the ruled. It’s the natural order of society when viewed from a (say) Toynbee perspective. It’s our present, and it has only just begun.

          • I think the pseudo-Right of the West are also zombies of the ruling elites, they’re just stuck in the elites’ old script (Ronnie Raygun and such), or with a branch of the elite that is essentially no different from the rest of its class (the Koch brothers, and the rest of the Conservative Industrial Complex, to draw on Zman). Thinking outside of the entire paradigm is beyond them. They are too ignorant, too afraid, and/or unwilling to face the hard truths that come with being “reality calibrated”. Cradle to grave immersion in propaganda largely works, as does fear of being a social pariah, not to mention that most people, especially, from my experience, suburban white bourgeoisie (our perennial loser pseudo-Right), cannot be happy while being fundamentally at odds with the world around them. They want to be socially adjusted and accepted, and, above all, to climb that social ladder via professional and material success (which will be denied them if they publicly deny the elites’ central tenets), and they imbibe this in their children.

            For most people, only a sudden, hard shock of suffering, along with an awareness of a radical alternative offered by a cohesive, sophisticated, shrewd (perhaps Machiavellian) potential new elite, will perhaps break the elite class’ mental grip, and open the door to any kind of fundamental change of course. Unfortunately, I believe only a wholesale overthrow of the elite of the West, and of the system that emplaced them (liberal democracy and capitalism) and provides their incentive structure, will suffice to lastingly change course. The elite of inter-war Europe still held reactionary monarchs, aristocrats (men with “von” in their name), and high level military men, to whom the fascists could successfully appeal. These have been swept away.

          • Every week for the past year or so I’ve found a couple of opportunities to mention to groups of one or two up to 5-10 the civilizational/societal collapse that we’re living though,
            I don’t make a big thing of it just state it as a fact.
            More people nod than you might expect.

      • Maybe ‘national conservatives’ are ppl just on the knife’s edge between (in Europe highly anti-islamic) civ nat patriotism and overt white identity?

        Virtually all the “national conservatives” in Scandinavia are kosher right: Snaphanen, Uriasposten, Fria Tider, Document – notice whom they DON’T quote, re-post or link to, or invite to their little Midsummer leg-ups. With the Scanza Forum upcoming in Copenhagen, what’s your bet that it’ll get zero airplay in the so-called “national conservative” alt media?

        Mind you, some of them are doing a yeoman’s job, but their prime directive is fomenting hatred towards Mohammadans.

  20. Re: Cathy Young, whoever the hell he/she/it is:

    Whatever the cause(climate change, BC pills, fluoride in the water, soy, institutions of “higher” learning, etc., etc.)it has been very successful in reducing much of the White race to drooling idiots. What is WRONG with these people. A “White Ethno-State” you say? With whose White people?

    BTW, the slogan for the DR going forward: “Send them ALL back! BFYTW!”

      • What’s striking about Jewish group loyalty is their unawareness of it. I was talking to Jamie Weinstein, who is a rabid anti-Trumper and a lefty. I asked him why he was hanging around the conference. He rattled off a list of people involved with whom he is friends. All of those people are Jewish.

        I pointed this out to him and he just blinked for a second or two, then tried to explain this obvious fact another way. Here he is a guy ideologically opposed with the project, but happy to help out the sponsors, because they are of his tribe. Yet, he is oblivious to it.

        That’s a feature you don’t see with Arabs, who are very clannish. They know they are clannish. That reality is in the front of their mind. I’ve had Arabs explain it to me, as they assumed I would not know this about them. Once they learn that I do get it, it is a great relief to them. The Irish still have some ethnocentrism and are proud of it.

        For whatever reason, clannishness among Ashkenazim evolved along with a strange lack of self-awareness. My hunch is their clannishness evolved recently and within the context of being a guest population. Arab clannishness evolved over a longer period due to isolation, endogamy, etc.

        • Funny that. Maybe it’s their unawareness, as you say, that blinds them to their tribal loyalty… it also appears to blind them to the fact that the rest of us are starting to stare at them.

          And not in a way that should make them feel warm and fuzzy.

          • I think the opposite. I think part of what drives the lack of self-awareness is the thought that all around them are people viewing them as outsiders. Even in america, which has always been indifferent to Jews, that fear persists. When it becomes real, the lack of self-awareness grows, like a defense mechanism. In fairness, this lack of self-awareness is not exclusive to Jews. Progressive whites have it in spades. Their is made worse by excessive self-regard.

            I think we are in a very dangerous dynamic as a result.

          • So they will act even further in their own interest and refuse to see their otherness growing in the eyes of the rest of us. Fine.

            Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Country 108 and counting.

          • A Jewish former co-worker once squawked because she wasn’t allowed to be a godmother to a Christian family member’s baby. “And Jews have horns,” she yelped. Uh, a godparent is supposed to be involved in the child’s religious upbringing.

          • Re: ” Their is made worse by excessive self-regard. ”

            Yeah – dumb people with high esteem can be extremely dangerous. To themselves and others.

            “hold my beer and watch this”

          • Interesting take. As the dynamic changes their sense of who they are disembodies itself and attaches itself to some outside entity or abstraction.

            This was noticed as the WWII lumbered toward an end: German POW camp guards began identifying with their allied prisoners and taking an interest in who they were, what their lives had been like before the war and what they would do when they went home, etc.. A sort of inverse Stockholm Syndrome.

        • Living by Chosen double standards while gaslighting the goyim about muh universal principles has to come at a psychological cost. To effectively sell an idea, you need to project genuineness and empathy. Over time, or under stress most ideological salesmen will start to buy their own bullshit. Throw in the human desire to be seen as a good person both internally and externally and you have a pretty effective set of self-blinders.

        • I’m not so sure about this “unawareness” thing. Maybe it’s conditional or situational.

          For instance, for a long time I worked at a company that was heavily Jewish-dominated, and I had regular dealings with many more like it. There wasn’t a whole lot of overt “Jewish awareness” in the day-to-day. But we used to have these regular large, conference-type meetings where close to 30 people were in attendance.

          While we were waiting for the whole group to assemble, people would mill around and chat, just about regular stuff. There would always be five or six guys reading the paper.

          A regular occurrence would be that somebody reading the paper would suddenly pipe up: “Hey get a load of this, guys. (READING HEADLINE) ‘Hot Blonde Actress Marries Obviously Jewish Rich Guy'”.

          There would suddenly spread across the room a wave of triumphant whoops, war cries, fist bumps and high fives, and a shout of “Yeah, baby! We took another one down!”

          Unsettling, to say the least.

          • But who’s taking down whom? Jewish outmarriage is a prominent phenomenon and it is rapidly reducing the number of “pure” Jews. Of course, pure whites also decrease in this process, but there are a lot more of us than them.

          • Kushner’s outmarriage made him de facto POTUS, and that marriage was deliberate and strategic (see Vicky Lake’s “Kushner, Inc.”) Orange Judas’ grandkids are being raised as Jews. Point for the Tribe on that marriage.

          • Nah, you don’t know how this works.

            JM/WF couple yields kids who are not halachically Jewish, but who are (nowadays) nearly always raised either Jewish, or with a heavy dose of Jewish cultural identity/sympathy. Very good odds these children will then grow up to marry a Jew, thus bringing the grandchildren back into the fold, PLUS the “good” Aryan genes, which are also great camouflage. I know lots and lots of Jews with blond hair and straight noses, who look like a Polish cavalry captain.

            Also, there’s the pleasure of cuckolding the goyim by stealing their “best” women.

            Also, one less top-shelf White woman to make top-shelf White babies.

            There’s really no down side.

          • In Abraham’s day, they were known as “the cult of the Bride Gatherers”.
            They harvest traits.

          • For all those putative benefits to the Jews, they sure do bawl and squall about it a lot. And at any rate, the number of Jews in America is so small that I doubt Jewish outmarriage has any significant impact on society in general, other than to substantially reduce the potency of Judaism in this country.

          • It reduces the genetic Jewishness of the descendants – which if Jewish behavior is based on genetics is a good thing. But unless the offspring are reared without Jewish religious training – it’s not going to reduce Jewish behavior based on that training – at least not in the short run.

            I know a couple of guys who married Jewish women. The guys are not Jewish – but the kids are – because they’re being raised that way.

            In the end the question is: do Jews behave as they because of what they learn (and therefore believe) – or because of who they are?

          • 99 Year Blues said: “There would suddenly spread across the room a wave of triumphant whoops, war cries, fist bumps and high fives, and a shout of “Yeah, baby! We took another one down!” Well, here I go again. Talking about a subject that on this website will probably get me burnt at the stake. But f**k it. The facts are the facts. So here goes. According to Wikipedia as of 2017 5.6% of Americans self-identify mixed-race. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiracial_Americans Another study in 2014 found that as many as five million self-described European white Americans have Native American ancestry. https://www.medicaldaily.com/black-and-white-america-study-reveals-many-americans-have-mixed-race-background-they-314920 So I guess, for all those people that want to live in a pure Anglo-European community will have to obtain some DNA tests.

          • Yes – and a lot of those European white Americans are proud of their Native American ancestry.

            Based on actual truth or not – but there’s a significant undercurrent of respect amongst heritage America for the natives.

            Paratroopers don’t jump out of airplanes and scream Geronimooo!!! because they thought the guy was a sniveling coward.

          • I knew two women who claimed American Indian ancestry. They didn’t make a big deal about it nor did they claim legal privileges, unlike a certain presidential candidate did in the past.

            Here’s what Steven Sailer wrote about the noble red man in the 9/12/05 issue of American Conservative (reprinted on his blog):

            In contrast to their attitudes toward blacks, whites, on the whole, long held profoundly mixed emotions about American Indians…

            Of course, back then whites admired Native Americans for virtues that are now suspect: manliness, ferocity, bravery, stoicism, self-sacrifice, taciturnity, and dignity. The feminist and civil rights revolutions introduced new social ideals that made Oprah Winfrey — emotional, glib, self-absorbed, and shameless — the prototypical modern American.

            In this new cultural environment, where Bill Clinton promised to “feel your pain,” American Indians, whose elders taught them to try not to feel even their own pain, grew increasingly irrelevant. The role models of today’s American youth are rappers, who embody the verbosity and braggadocio that Indians abhorred.

            Since we pay so little attention to the real merits of Indians anymore, it’s been easy for us to invent fantasies depicting them as fashionable Noble Savages. Schools try to propagandize kids into believing that Indians were ecologists and, hilariously, feminists. (Tellingly, the Secretary-Treasurer of the activist National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media is Anita Hill of the Clarence Thomas confirmation brouhaha.)

            For true believers in the new conventional wisdom about Indians, nicknames like the U. of North Dakota’s “Fighting Sioux” sound like racist stereotypes. Who could imagine a Sioux ever doing something so patriarchal and dead-white-European-maleish as fighting? (Well, Crazy Horse and George Armstrong Custer could.)

            Not surprisingly, modern boys subjected to this school room cant assume that American Indians must have been total wimps, and go back to listening to Fifty Cent rap about how many millions he’s making.

          • Steve Sailer is great, though not in the same league as our host with the most. Sailer is on unz.com.

          • Calsdad said: ” …but there’s a significant undercurrent of respect amongst heritage America for the natives.” I would like to point out however that, an “undercurrent” is not the same thing as a full throated support. Anyway, I simply wanted to pointing out to all the racial purists on this site that nothing is ever that easy. So there ya go, another job well done.
            PS. It would be my guess that paratroopers screem when they jump out of a plain because it’s a hell of a long way down. Not mention the fact that there’s people on the ground that want to blow their brains out.

          • I notice that there are no sports teams named after Black tribes or icons. Indian names are so widespread as to be cliched. People name sports teams after those they respect.

          • @Vizzini. You mean like this team? “Washington Redskins.” As I understand it. The red folks arn’t all that happy with that one. Some respect.

          • The Skins were so named to honor their Native coach. He was delighted, as are all Indians.

            Try calling a redneck a redneck, and see if he’s insulted or vindicated.

          • Alzaebo said: “He was delighted, as are all Indians.” Obviously you didn’t bother to do a search for washington Red Skins and natives protesting washington Red Skins. So here, I’ve helped you out. Washington Redskins name controversy, Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Redskins_name_controversy From the Washington Post, September 17, 2018. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/redskins/native-american-activists-continue-their-fight-against-redskins-team-name/2018/09/17/4438443c-ba86-11e8-bdc0-90f81cc58c5d_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.bc041ed10738 These are two of many examples.

          • There is a he11 of a difference between the attitudes of “activists” and regular, in this case Indian, people. Just saying.

          • TimNY said: ” There is a he11 of a difference between the attitudes of “activists” and regular, in this case Indian, people. Just saying. ” And just because, for whatever reason the whole tribe isn’t there for the protest, doesn’t mean that there not in perfect sympathy with the activists. So dwell on that.

          • Whoever give me a down vote for the above post can’t face the reality that a whole lot of red folks don’t feel that it’s a sign of respect to call a ball club “Red Skins.” Obviously they fell that calling it that is just the white man being an insensitive prick one more time. If the name was ” The Washington Back Skins,” you’d see the problem right away. If it had been that , it would have been changed 50 year ago. But it hasn’t been changed because the red man has nearly zero political clout in Washington D C. Even the Democratics aren’t pushing hard for it because there’s not much political capital to be gained. Not enough votes.. Oh well, C’est la vie. And that boys and girls, is the last word I have to say on the Red-Q.

          • OBT. It appears that certain white folks are much more agitated about the “Washington Redskins” than are most Native Americans.

          • Again – you need to pay attention a little better.

            It’s not the actual natives that get upset with sports teams having Indian names. It’s shrieking lefties and cat women and other assorted detrius from the league of the perpetually oppressed.

            Maybe you ought to go read up on some actual AMERICAN history. The natives get respect now and got respect even back at the time they were fighting the white man – because they did things to deserve it.

            LIke Vizzini said: You don’t see teams named after black tribes – even though they’re full of black tribesmen.

          • How about the Nairobi Mud Huts? I hear they have a rivalry game this weekend with the Kinshasa Sheeeeit.

          • The 101st Airborne, which used to be a paratrooper division would scream “Gerinimo!” They are no longer airborne, rather are taxied around in helos.

            The only remaining division of paratroopers are the 82nd Airborne. They dont scream anything. They just count to four for the parachute to open then fall down like death from above onto the bastards waiting to try and “blow their brains out.”

            Its a spergy nuance I know, but I couldn’t let my beloved 82nd get grouped in with the Squaking Chicken Division.

            All the way.

          • 82nd mostly uses helicopters these days, too. C’mon man, look past your sentimentalism. You know mass parachute drops are a thing of the past.

          • This ‘significant undercurrent of respect’ has a pedigree…

            Consider the Buffalo nickel produced from 1913 to 1938, possibly the most beautiful coin ever issued by the US Mint. It’s an amazing, strange, almost tragic coin, in retrospect. So much artistry invested in a five-cent piece for buying a coffee or a newspaper.

          • Holy Crap People! Hahaha! I post a simple piece of scientific information and boom! We’ve got a seminar on the wild west. “The manly red man” “Indian head nickels.” ” Geronimooo!!!” Seriously folks, take a breath. By the way. Your all sounding a bit like hippies to me.

          • Nice try, “Bolgna”. You don’t sound like a happy person to me. Best of luck in discovering your humanity.

          • @Pimpkin\’s nephew. My humanity is not for sale. Certainly not to a bunch of whiny trolls sniveling about the plight of the red man. If you can’t stand the sight of blood, don’t talk to me about manliness. The children of soy bleed rivers of lavender piss for every struggle life puts in their way. White people, my people, reached out their hands and forged a nation out the raw wilderness of the North American Continent. Manifest destiny was the vision of a great and noble people who let nothing stand in their way of building the greatest civilization in history. Your tears are wasted on me.

          • Official,

            It’s a grab bag show. Sometimes it’s okay to take a break from the JQ, the civnat betrayals, and the obtuse writers from the Atlantic… and just talk about Indians, numismatic beauty and paratroopers and whathaveya.

          • Hahaha! 😀 I swear to god.😀 I had no idea that this site was an adjunct to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 😂😄 For a bunch of white Ethno-Nationalist jew haters, you people sure love those red basterds. ❤️ Holy crap!❓😱 But seriously boys and girls, think that over. Week after week I see people here screeming about, We Hate The Jews!! The White Man Must Privaile!! But just one small reference to Redville and all the Rainbow people throw a sh*t fit.🌈 Well, this has been a real eye opener. 👁️ So ok, now I know a bit more about who I’m dealing with. Ya know folks, skin tone isn’t enough. You can’t build an exclusive White community if the white people there don’t have White hearts. I’m just sayin’.

          • I won’t type out my first thought about this post of yours, Baloney.

            But my second thought was: did anyone teach him how to spell “prevail”?
            Odds are, not.

            Re: Indians: ask some YT folks in upper NY state how they feel about the reservations. Not too many fan clubs.

          • From time immemorial, there has always been a certain tendency among whites to “go native.” I suspect today’s Leftists are the latest instantiation of that tendency.

          • Ostei Kozelskii said: ” From time immemorial, there has always been a certain tendency among whites to “go native.” I suspect today’s Leftists are the latest instantiation of that tendency.” Indeed. Empathy is a two edged sword. Mix in political correctness and it’s a nightmare.

          • >>>Based on actual truth or not – but there’s a significant undercurrent of respect amongst heritage America for the natives.<<<

            I’ve got some children’s books from the 1950’s, one of which is about the “American Indians.” The esteem and respect in which they were held is notable. And it wasn’t a sniveling respect either, it was the sort of deference a noble warrior gives to a defeated foe who fought bravely.

            Our opponents will not give us that level of deference.

          • MemeWarVet said: ” And it wasn’t a sniveling respect either, it was the sort of deference a noble warrior gives to a defeated foe who fought bravely.” Oh the romance of the noble red man. Tell that to the Aztec priest who cuts out your heart and feeds it to his sun god. 💔

          • Yes, it was romance and it was respect. Note our many Indian (can we say that anymore? okay, Native Anerican) place names.

            “I have fallen in love with American names
            The sharp names that never get fat,
            The snakeskin-titles of mining-claims,
            The plumed war-bonnet of Medicine Hat,
            Tucson and Deadwood and Lost Mule Flat.

            Seine and Piave are silver spoons,
            But the spoonbowl-metal is thin and worn,
            There are English counties like hunting-tunes
            Played on the keys of a postboy’s horn,
            But I will remember where I was born.

            I will remember Carquinez Straits,
            Little French Lick and Lundy’s Lane,
            The Yankee ships and the Yankee dates
            And the bullet-towns of Calamity Jane.
            I will remember Skunktown Plain.

            I will fall in love with a Salem tree
            And a rawhide quirt from Santa Cruz,
            I will get me a bottle of Boston sea
            And a blue-gum nigger to sing me blues.
            I am tired of loving a foreign muse.

            Rue des Martyrs and Bleeding-Heart-Yard,
            Senlis, Pisa, and Blindman’s Oast,
            It is a magic ghost you guard
            But I am sick for a newer ghost,
            Harrisburg, Spartanburg, Painted Post.

            Henry and John were never so
            And Henry and John were always right?
            Granted, but when it was time to go
            And the tea and the laurels had stood all night,
            Did they never watch for Nantucket Light?

            I shall not rest quiet in Montparnasse.
            I shall not lie easy at Winchelsea.
            You may bury my body in Sussex grass,
            You may bury my tongue at Champmedy.
            I shall not be there. I shall rise and pass.
            Bury my heart at Wounded Knee. ”

            Stephen Vincent Benet, somewhere in the 1920’s

            During my childhood in the 1950’s, stories, crafts, school lessons, and television shows promoted The Noble Savage. The bubble burst for me when I read that the Pawnee spent a great amount of time picking lice out of their hair. Books like the below would finish off the romanticism completely.

          • @Anon. Just my point. These were just people. They where just in our ancestors way when our people were building an Empire. Sh*t Happens.

          • It goes back at least as far as James Fenimore Cooper, probably further. Talk about the power of narrative.
            Mark Twain and the Noble Redman:
            [Tom lists every known positive stereotype about Indians]

            “You reckon maybe you’ve been mistaken. Well, you have. Injuns ornery! It’s the most ignorant idea that ever—why, Jim, they’re the noblest human beings that’s ever been in the world. If a white man tells you a thing, do you know it’s true? No, you don’t; because generally it’s a lie. But if an Injun tells you a thing, you can bet on it every time for the petrified fact; because you can’t get an Injun to lie, he would cut his tongue out first. If you trust to a white man’s honor, you better look out; but you trust to an Injun’s honor, and nothing in the world can make him betray you—he would die first, and be glad to. An Injun is all honor. It’s what they’re made of. You ask a white man to divide his property with you—will he do it? I think I see him at it; but you go to an Injun, and he’ll give you everything he’s got in the world. It’s just the difference between an Injun and a white man. They’re just all generousness and unstingeableness. And brave? Why, they ain’t afraid of anything. If there was just one Injun, and a whole regiment of white men against him, they wouldn’t stand the least show in the world,—not the least. You’d see that splendid gigantic Injun come war-whooping down on his wild charger all over paint and feathers waving his tomahawk and letting drive with his bow faster than anybody could count the arrows and hitting a soldier in any part of his body he wanted to, every time, any distance, and in two minutes you’d see him cantering off with a wheelbarrow-load of scalps and the rest of them stampeding for the United States the same as if the menagerie was after them. Death?—an Injun don’t care shucks for death. They prefer it. They sing when they’re dying—sing their deathsong. You take an Injun and stick him full of arrows and splinters, and hack him up with a hatchet, and skin him, and start a slow fire under him, and do you reckon he minds it? No sir; he will just set there in the hot ashes, perfectly comfortable, and sing, same as if he was on salary. Would a white man? You know he wouldn’t. And they’re the most gigantic magnificent creatures in the whole world, and can knock a man down with a barrel of flour as far as they can see him. They’re awful strong, and fiery, and eloquent, and wear beautiful blankets, and war paint, and moccasins, and buckskin clothes, all over beads, and go fighting and scalping every day in the year but Sundays, and have a noble good time, and they love friendly white men, and just dote on them, and can’t do too much for them, and would rather die than let any harm come to them, I and they think just as much of niggers as they do of anybody, and the young squaws are the most beautiful beautiful maidens that was ever in the whole world, and they love a white hunter the minute their eye falls on him, and from that minute nothing can ever shake their love loose again, and they’re always on the watch-out to protect him from danger and get themselves killed in the place of him—look at Pocahontas!—and an Injun can see as far as a telescope with the naked eye, and an enemy can’t slip around anywhere, even in the dark, but he knows it; and if he sees one single blade of grass bent down, it’s all he wants, he knows which way to go to find the enemy that done it, and he can read all kinds to trifling little signs just the same way with his eagle eye which you wouldn’t ever see at all, and if he sees a little whiff of smoke going up in the air thirty-five miles off, he knows in a second if it’s a friend’s camp fire or an enemy’s, just by the smell of the smoke, because they’re the most giftedest people in the whole world, and the hospitablest and the happiest, and don’t ever have anything to do from year’s end to year’s end but have a perfectly supernatural good time and piles and piles of adventures! Amongst the Injuns, life is just simply a circus, that’s what it is. Anybody that knows, will tell you you can’t praise it too high and you can’t put it too strong. ”

            [Huck later asks Tom about the above and Tom says it’s fiction]

            “Tom, where did you learn about Injuns—how noble they was, and alI that?’

            He give me a look that showed me I had hit him hard, very hard, and so I wished I hadn’t said the words. He turned away his head, and after about a minute he said ‘Cooper’s novels,’ and didn’t say anything more, and I didn’t say anything more, and so that changed the subject.”

          • >>>Oh the romance of the noble red man. Tell that to the Aztec priest who cuts out your heart and feeds it to his sun god. <<<

            The book was referring to American Indians; Central American savages were not featured.

          • MemeWarVet said: “The book was referring to American Indians; Central American savages were not featured.” This is rather interesting. You call the northern reds ” Indians” and the southern reds ” savages.” Hmmmm. I mention that because the southern reds had built a complex civilization, while the northern reds were still eating supper with there ass cheeks in the dirt. Anyway, instead of saying Aztec I could have just as easily said the name of any number of other new world Aboriginals who used torture on their enemies, or as a form of off hour interment.

          • The idea that 100% genetic purity is required to be White is another (((tricky))) tactic that (((tricksters))) use to deconstruct and “critique” the concept of White identity. Israeli citizenship doesn’t require this level of purity, but the Jews still know who’s Jewish & who isn’t.

          • Exile said: The idea that 100% genetic purity is required to be White is another (((tricky))) tactic that (((tricksters))) use to deconstruct and “critique” the concept of White identity. Hahaha! Sweet! Get your paranoid on. Personally, I couldn’t care less about how the israelis do their f**king business. The idea that race mixing is A-O-K, is in fact just the kind of one big happy family multiculturalism bull sh*t that your ” (((tricksters)))” have been pushing like forever. I know I’ve joked about that sh*t in the past. But wake up man. Why the hell do you think that every where you go all you see is multiracial couples in advertising? honestly, this is so easy to understanding. Your “(((tricky)))” people along with all of their pale skind, bourgeois bohemian, lefty/liberal Allies. Want to blind you and every other white person on this planet to oblivion. I swear to god folks, this isn’t about some sentimental dreaming about your great grand ma being Ogalala Sioux . This is a matter of life and death for the White race. Ether your a direct descendant of Anglo-Europeans or your not. End of story. Oh and while I’m at it. Why are they trying to covence every little White boy child that he’s a girl? Think about it.

          • Bologna Tester, it’s eating at you.
            You’re pouring your heart out.

            It’s OK! You’re on a bit of a tear.
            All good, you can let loose amongst your friends. No one here is alone.

          • MemeWarVet said: “If 7/8ths was good enough for Himmler, it should be good enough for you.” If I was going to consult someone about how to fight the future, it wouldn’t be a guy who helped to lose the most important war in white history. Granted, Hitler was the main screw up. But still there was plenty of blame to go around. But fine. If you want to let in a few also rans into your white paradise, I won’t shoot spit wads.

        • I dunno, Z. I get the sense Jews were pretty clannish in the Middle Ages, too. They were certainly “guests.” Except for those living in the Levant, I suppose they’ve usually been “guests” in most places.

        • Kevin MacDonald raises this issue.

          Any number of Jews imagine their tribe as morally superior to everyone else and as Jews they’re obligated to practice “tikkum olam” to repair the world. Of course, “tikkum olam” has a knack for benefiting Jews. Coincedence, I’m sure.

          Their alleged moral superiority is supposed to be one of the reasons why they’re kicked around by the goyim at times. That along with economic jealousy and religious bigotry.

          Jews certainly are up there in the ethnocentric scale, but they won’t admit that, even to themselves.

        • Being Jewish is the central organizing feature of a Jew’s life. They view everything through a racial lens.
          As bad as blacks are in this regard, they cannot even hold a candle to the Jews. I don’t even dislike Jews. I know this because I have been friends with so many Jews. Every Jew I have ever known or even just been around has had a core identity around being a Jew, even Jewish so-called atheists.

        • In the interest of acknowledging where the JQ narrative is contradicted by reality, Jamie Weinstein married a non-Jewish woman (Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro’s excuse for leaving the Daily Wire). The simple model of Jewish ethnocentrism predicts that he would marry a Jewish woman. The world is complex and our theories must describe it.

          • See the comment and replies above re: “bride harvesters.”. Ethno cultural and religious identity serve as additional layers of identity. Trump’s grandkids are being raised Jewish and will be much more likely to marry back into the Tribe. Identity and the JQ are much more complex than a strawman model based simply on genetics alone, to which even the hardest of intellectually serious hardliners on the JQ do not subscribe.

          • Are we really at the level where a literal #notall needs to be spelled out? The fact that sumguy married a non-Jewish woman is supposed to mean what? That Jews are not in the slightest bit tribal?
            This is not at all surprising either. A very close friend of mine who is a devout atheist married a Christian woman. Funny thing is, he ended up getting divorced and found a new wife on jdate. Even as one of the extreme atheists, his tribal identity got him to peruse the jdate website.

          • 5-ish percent mixed was a surprise. Sounds pretty normal, as there has and will be admixture.

            Due to the propaganda, I thought it would be much more.

        • Yes, they’re “oblivious” to it. Just totally thunderstruck when you pointed that out, I’m sure. Because we all know Jews pay no attention to who is or isn’t Jewish.

          A cynic might think the “obliviousness” is a defense mechanism; one that has served them well in a high-trust melting pot society.

          You’re certainly right about white progs having the same tendency though. Maybe it’s a universal trait in parasites looking to subvert their host.

          Great show this week, btw. We can never have too much clown horn.

      • @LineInTheSand. Bill Kristol is a true cut throat that will one day be the commandant of a death camp.

    • Meanwhile, for those of us who live in the real world, here’s what the global warming scam is all about:


      “At a news conference last week in Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.

      “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution,” she said.

      Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history.”



      “Ottmar Edenhofer, lead author of the IPCC’s fourth summary report released in 2007 candidly expressed the priority. Speaking in 2010, he advised, “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.””

      • And the UN sister operation to their Climate Change agenda is…..Agenda 21. Again…Agenda 21. Say it and don’t freak out, because it is true. The other side of the divide has gas lighted us for years on Agenda 21 by calling us tinfoil conspiracy nuts. They have really succeeded in blinding us on this one and shutting us up. Remember how “they” work with projection. The more flack you take, the closer to the target. Agenda 21 sets them off so fast into hysteria, we bow to the gas lighting, piss on ourselves, run in circles, and forget how close to their globalist flack target we are. We’re not putting up with the Racist tag gaslighting, so don’t put up with gaslighting on Agenda 21.
        Do your research by starting with one of the definitive books on Agenda 21…Behind the Green Mask.


        Rosa Koire is very unusual. Written 8 years ago, Rosa is a Santa Rosa, California, Democrat and a lesbian…now don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. And yet her job as forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation as a District Branch Chief for the California Department of Transportation (expert witness on land use and value) imbued her with the skills to research, when her own subdivision was targeted for redevelopment, which led Rosa from her local developers up to the overarching Agenda 21 development plan from the UN. Don’t snigger. It’s being thrust on all of us. Offspring of Agenda 21 succeeded in getting rid of Drakes Bay Oyster Company as part of the agenda to get rid of small business and ranches in the Pt. Reyes National Seashore and Tamales Bay, with the cry of returning them back to nature.

        Combined with the Green on the Outside-Red on the Inside UN climate agenda, as Bile revealed….they are here to destroy Capitalism. And take control. It’s all about power. And from power comes money. And consolidated power.

        • As Dombey said below, Vae Victis!
          Woe to the vanquished!

          And now we have hundreds, thousands of bio-bombs brought through a breach to clear the fields.

          • Update: I knew Ilhan Omar was in the pay of the usual suspects, she’s buying them cover.

            Cover for something nasty.
            They are planning a nasty surprise, no doubt.

            So just now, Hannity is announcing a possible cause for war with Iran. We’re going to have to pull our guardsmen from the border, and redirect all our efforts and spending to the war…

            “The Iranian Fuhrer wants to take over the world!”

            Millions of Sunnis will fight to defend Europe, their homeland!

        • I attended 2 or 3 meetings with Rosa Koire. She really confused the liberals because, since she is obviously a lesbian, they could not not simply dismiss her as a paranoid, grouchy conservative. It was amusing, in a dark way, to watch the victim hierarchy force the liberals to listen respectfully to her in a way that they never would to a normal conservative who discussed Agenda 21.

          • Interesting, Line. Strange bedfellows! Part way back to the last ice age, I worked with a treatment plant operator who was a conservative lesbian, said gay marriage was crap, went to a lawyer and took care of business for her and girl partner, wasn’t angry and didn’t wish to destroy the system. Sure enjoy the rare one who causes severe cognitive dissonance.

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