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There was a disturbing report the other day from Pew Research which claimed that 91% of Democrats think political violence is what comes next. In the same study, 61% of Republicans said violence is inevitable. The poll was done in the context of Trump spat with the foreign women in Congress. There’s no break down by race, sex or age, just party self-identification. Usually, the lack of demographic data invalidates a poll, but people willing to self-ID as either party these days are going to be easy to generalize.

The report is disturbing, because of the well-established pattern of the Left signaling what they are going to do, by warning that they fear it. For example, in the Bush years, they regularly told us they feared the government would use these new powers to spy on Americans and subvert the political process. As soon as they had the chance, the Obama administration began widespread abuse of the government surveillance powers and tried to subvert the 2016 election.

Of course, the game the Left has always played is to use violence as a pretext to impose their preferred policies. We’ve had waves of left-wing violence since the Obama administration, all intended to elicit a response. Those responses are used to justify what amounts to political terrorism. The toppling of statues and the ruination of people, who hold unpopular opinions, was all justified by one or two incidents. Charlottesville is still used to justify anti-white pogroms by the Left.

Given past patterns and the trajectory of the country both ideologically and demographically, what comes next is important to consider. Most insiders assume Trump loses the 2020 election to whoever the Democrats pick. Last time they could muster a few million illegal votes in key states. This time it will be more than ten million, as they have been working the problem for four years. The tech oligopoly has been hard at work to make sure there will not be a repeat of 2016.

There’s also a good chance the Republicans lose the Senate. Even if they hang on, the senate GOP is so easily bullied, they will offer no resistance to the Left. After 2020, the Left will have complete control of the federal government. More important, given the demographics, they will be the dominant party for as long it matters. The future will be one in which people like Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez gloat about their ascendancy, while championing anti-white policies. The future will be vibrant, but not bright.

In order for such a world to stagger on, expect the tech giants to ramp up their censorship operations using anticipatory censorship. They are tinkering with this now on platforms used by children and stupid people. Instagram is now preventing users from posting things that they prohibit. Instead of the user posting it then having the post taken down after complaints, the system censors the post as they submit. You can expect this technology to become widespread, even in e-mail.

Dissidents tend to respond to this stuff by arguing that there are ways around it and alternative platforms will inevitably spring up in response. That’s not really what they are doing with this type of censorship. It’s about nudging the frame. Even if in the narrow area of social media, people get used to self-censoring, anticipating what happens with this technology, that habit will carry over into their daily life. This is something the tech giants have learned from their Chinese communist engineers.

Of course, semi-permanent control by the Democrats will usher in the demographic collapse that immigration patriots have been warning about for decades. Record numbers are crossing the border every day now and that is with a political atmosphere not welcoming of migrants. Just imagine what happens when President Harris gives a speech inviting half of the world to come to America for free health care. The rush to the border will be unprecedented.

That’s the thing to keep in mind when contemplating what comes next. The pattern thus far has been that the future comes faster than expected. In the 2000’s, people warned that homosexual marriage would have all sorts of negative consequences. In a little more than a decade, parents are being forced to take their children to drag queen story time at the local library. In a flash, we went from “let them get married” to little boys doing drag shows at gay clubs. Cultural collapse tends to accelerate.

That really is how to think about what comes next. When you are in the avalanche, every minute feels like a lifetime. In the crisis, time slows, but in reality everything moves quickly. Two decades ago, immigration patriots warned that America would lose its white majority by 2050 at the earliest. In all probability, it will happen by the middle of the next decade. Today, dissidents are warning about the coming left-wing authoritarianism, as if it is far in the distance, when it is right around the corner.

There are two types of coping strategies that will emerge. One is to over-estimate the awfulness of what comes next. People insulate themselves with hopelessness in order to avoid facing reality. The flip side of this is to dismiss the warnings about what’s coming, a sort of whistling past the graveyard. Even today people still say that the radicalism of the Left will destroy itself. You see this with the “go woke go broke” chants that fly in the face of reality. No woke corporation has suffered in the slightest.

The proper response, what must come next for those on this side of the great divide, is to accept the reality of the situation and act accordingly. That means getting involved in social activities that allow you to recruit, building social networks of likeminded people and working to always be the reasonable voice in the room. The vibrant future may look like a dark age, but the future is not written. Even in the depths of the dark ages, communities thrived, even prospered, and people lived good lives.

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  1. “Even today people still say that the radicalism of the Left will destroy itself.”

    Even today people still say that the radicalism of the left will destroy the United States.

    FIFY. And that is our opportunity. When they fail as managers that will be our only opening, since as long as the checks keep coming and the average joe can feed his family he isn’t going to make a move. If they can keep the checks coming they can boil the frog.

  2. “Permanent” “democratic control” because “muh demographics” is a meme. Republicans are not an opposition party. They are making noise in the direction, that’s it.

    Can The System keep the lights and TV on, retain the mandate of heaven? Can The System credibly offer the cops what the cops demand in order to keep enforcing The System?

    There’s your permanent control. Doesn’t matter how many brown people there are.

    The fake economy is going to meet reality long before Whites become a minority. What will The System do when this happens? What will you do?

  3. In AD 400 Britannia was a cosmopolitan multicultural diversitopia. In AD 500 it was a unicultural patchwork of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Dark ages are fun when you’re the barbarians, and white people can be pretty awesome barbarians when they get around to it.

  4. Quite right that “Get Woke, Go Broke” was a soothing wishful thinking bromide for our side. Most likely we are headed for something a lot like Sao Paulo & Mexico City. There will be a 3 or 4 tier caste system. 50-60% will be in the lowest caste while Kamala Harris ` Mark Zuckerberg will be with the 1%ers in an Anti-White, Anti-Christian Ruling Class. The composition of the middle castes is a bit murky & will likely depend a lot of the region.

  5. To be blunt, violence would be a positive step, believe it or not. I mean real kinetic violence that precipitates an actual civil war. Reason? We have both rationality and firepower on our side, and if it can be done early enough in the transition, at the very least it would speed up the process of knowing the specific point in which this country either survives, or more likely, falls, as we don’t have the numbers of committed patriots pre-destruction.

    Unfortunately I believe we will never get to that point, and the country will be systematically be plundered while a strong law enforcement presence will manage the economic and social degradation of the country, until the communist structure is in place; in which case, there won’t be any chance of a response to maintain the republic.

    In short, we are screwed. Obviously everyone here has their bugout plans in place, alliance analysis, acceptance, and rejection protocols in hand, and, if you have kids, the ability to make DAMN sure that each and every one of them know what’s coming, most probably sooner than later if the 2020 vote harvesting / demographics have flipped the senate and ousted Trump. Obviously, the “Bugout Day” decision may be difficult to determine (again, knowing that the Communists will make that type of decision as ambiguous as they can make it), but without the mindset, that date will be one of “hope it doesn’t happen”…. which will be suicide.

    The United States, Phase 1, is over. The question is when the demarcation point is ascertained.

    • Jonah Kyle said: ” To be blunt, violence would be a positive step, believe it or not. I mean real kinetic violence that precipitates an actual civil war. Mr. Kyle. Please allow me too be blunt as well. Urging people to violence is an extraordinarily stupid idea. Even if your just thinking out loud. The last thing the people on this site needs is for someone to suggesting that they go out and face an overwhelming force that is massivly armed and expertly trained in the sloughter of millions. If you want to commit suicide that’s your business, but don’t try to take me with you.

      • Of course, I don’t advocate violence/kinetic action. That still doesn’t alleviate the impossible situation we are in. The boiling frog trope is usually the way we can explain the process, but I believe we are way past the point where the frog is able to leave the water increasingly getting hotter. The difference is that with a boiling frog, we have physics to determine actual threshold points that the frog will be officially boiled, or officially unable to leave the water. The oppressor’s greatest weapon, as always, is enforced chaos.

    • No, any violence against the state will get you destroyed like Waco.

      Any action against the government can only succeed at a point where it is considerably weaker, and with the active support of Russia and China to train and arm insurgents.

      Yes, lots of people own small arms. But many of those people are also overweight. Or old. The presence of combat arms veterans in these movements is basically nil, especially officers.

      We are a movement that can’t manage to merely persuade single white women. There is no room to talk of insurrection, not with a newly aggressive FBI in a world where Islamist terror has fatigued.

    • To be blunt, violence would be a positive step, believe it or not.

      Let’s at least be honest, the ones who use violence before everything spirals out of control (if it ever does, the future could be Brazil, not Bosnia), are dead men. If you want to be some of the first ‘grapping your guns’, well I cant stop you. But just know what’s gonna happen to you; you will die for your cause. Either 6 feet down or in a concrete box in a supermax.

  6. Z Man said: “… Even if in the narrow area of social media, people get used to self-censoring, anticipating what happens with this technology, that habit will carry over into their daily life. This is something the tech giants have learned from their Chinese communist engineers.” Mass surveillance in china was normalized decades ago. But of course, that wasn’t good enough for the “Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.” They had to take it one step deeper with their “Social Credit System.” Here’s the Wiki link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Credit_System How do you suppose the feds will justifie doing that here?

    • The feds will outsource it to banks, credit card systems, colleges and others. Oh wait, they already did.

      • Moran ya Simba said: ” The feds will outsource it to banks, credit card systems, colleges and others. Oh wait, they already did. ” I see your point.

        • Moran ya Simba said: “The feds will outsource it to banks, credit card systems, colleges and others. Oh wait, they already did.” Wait a minute. I can still see your point somewhat, but the fact is the banks can’t denie you air travel if your account is overdrawn, nor the colleges if you flunk an exam. In China, if your social points fall below a certian level you go nowhere. Big difference.

          • “…the banks can’t denie you air travel if your account is overdrawn…”

            But the airline will if your credit card is declined.

            “… nor the colleges if you flunk an exam.”

            Well, the colleges can, but they won’t, because their objective is no longer academic but monetary.

          • OBT, It is not as bad as in China, yet. But the point is, they found ways to do it that are ‘legal’ in a narrow sense. Just let private business handle the social credit system, no need to get authorities involved. And that model is infinitely expandable, so it ll get much worse.

  7. I finally read the linked article on which today’s Zblog topic is based
    https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/07/18/americans-say-the-nations-political-debate-has-grown-more-toxic-and-heated-rhetoric-could-lead-to-violence/ and I’m failing to see where it says anywhere in the article “that 91% of Democrats think political violence is what comes next. In the same study, 61% of Republicans said violence is inevitable.” What Pew Research said was that 91%/61% believe “‘heated’ rhetoric by politicians raises risk of violence.” RISK, not ACTION (what comes next) and not INEVITABILITY. I believe what Pew Research and the article actually report is misrepresented here. Basically, the poll found a majority of people on both sides believe we should play together more nicely or bad things could happen. Of course. That’s not surprising and is probably always true. Granted, people may be more aware of political and racial tensions these days, but that’s very different from an expectation of violence.

    • I’m not terribly worried about the level of violence or the upcoming risks of same.

      Compared to the 60’s and 70’s , the current era is downright placid.

      While certainly possible that things could go pear shaped and society is more heavily armed , it doesn’t look to me like anything more than a slow collapse

      An attempt at Leftist score settling after Trump might be an exception but my guess is the Democratic party leadership will be wrested away from the Left if only to avoid a party implosion

      No way in hell are the Neo Libs going to give up power that easily

  8. Lordy I envy Dutch his ability to go grey, Bologna Tester the simplicity of his studio!!

    I finally revealed to the missus my secret plan all along, and she was delighted! (The plan is working, is why.)
    That plan is: places for more pretty white babies to be born and raised.

    Since I’m of limited means, skills, and intellect, I go with cheap but doable, and avoid mortgages.

    Buying or securing dead relatives’ homes, cheap land and trailers with used cars, that sort of thing. This way I can also pay the light bills and provide for the endless stream of very small “loans”.

    Yes, I’m a Boomer feeding off the seed corn capital, the houses that were affordable to a previous generation, because that’s where we are. The basics are still the basics.

    • Plus, they might be old dumps, but that’s Grandma’s house, that’s Granpa’s, that Aunt Tata’s- the emotional attachments make those family bonds much stronger, gives them roots. “We’re from here.”

      Put your name on the title with a quitclaim deed by a paralegal.
      That doen’t affect SSI payments, and there need be no sale or change in prop taxes after decease. Title will be tied up until after probate, but that can wait for a long time. You can’t sell it or loan against it, either.

      • PSS- those white babies aren’t blood kin, but that don’t matter. Our family and neighborhood chains are broken, so I don’t blame kids for everything.

        Everything for my People.
        Nothing for the rest.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! Some more pieces of the puzzle. Keep in mind that you are unlikely to be able to directly fend off The Man. We had the pleasure of a visit by two uniformed Sheriff Dept. process servers some time back, who were looking for someone residing at a similar street name somewhere else. They were armed, armored, and twitchy. A good lesson. So choose a neighborhood that is collectively somewhat defensible, with good guys willing to work together to defend it, and don’t be situated at the edge of it, but in the middle somewhere. Also, if things heat up and the neighborhood perimeter is breached, or the guys with lists are out and about, the best defense appears to simply not be home. As to your personal specifics on accomplishing that, map out a few alternatives. A micro version of Remus’ “staying away from crowds”. For me, a couple of twitchy armed armored guys looking for me would be way too much of a crowd.

  9. What else we can do:

    Work on the persuadable to win hearts and minds. Many have not been exposed to the intelligent arguments made by many of our thought leaders.

    Provide financial support to Zman, Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire and others.

    Don’t patronize left wing media sources. Newspapers are dying. CNN viewership is way down. Let’s support these trends.

    Forward essays like Zman’s to your list of persuadables.

  10. In other words, join or die.

    Being reasonable got us into the mess though so maybe it’s becoming time to be unreasonable and take a zero tolerance policy to cucking and Leftism.

    This might break the union but so be it. A society at war that had many children destined to become soldier to retake lost lands would be far healthier than the one with ennui we all live in now.

  11. Complaining about our lot on websites doesn’t accomplish much. Do something a bit more radical, join the Oath Keepers if you qualify, or find a patriot group to support. The Bundy Ranch standoff made the news, but many more incidents (Sugar Pine Mine for instance) are kept quiet. Put your money where your mouths are.

    • To each his own. But at every meeting of proto-militias there will be at least one informant or undercover Fed, and in some cases the majority of participants may be Fed. Such is the nature of government with unlimited resources. They also prefer the easy pickings where the targets do all the work. What they fear most is the Walter Mitty that flies under the radar.

        • I hope you’re right. Regardless, if you’re solo and operate solely within your own headspace, betrayal is not a possibility. Take care, and have a Plan B.

    • Organizing in meatspace only makes you a target, you might as well report yourself to the feds for wrongthink.

      Bitching on the internet hones your alt-white arguments, so they’re ready to be deployed casually and confidently when you talk to your blue pill acquaintances.

      • I don’t think we should do much of anything to recruit. People have to seek us out and join of their free will (sorry determinists).

        As mentioned above, the idea is to join legacy fraternal orgs like the Knights of Columbus. In the US we also have things called “volunteer fire departments” in many rural areas.

        A Dem admin that seizes power in 202(4) will give the FBI an increased budget and a new mandate to go after domestic terrorism. That means a tranche of cash to recruit informers everywhere, and setting up front groups.

        The example of MI5 is clear, most every far-right group they have infiltrated and subverted. Tommy Robinson is probably working for them, witting or not.

        • Same holds true for the leftist groups. Infiltrated from top to bottom, and very likely funded by the respective governments as well. That’s why it drives me wild with rage when the leftists commit terrorist acts and don’t get prosecuted for it.

      • I think local somewhat covert chapters of Zman acolytes is a good idea. Nothing like real face to face conversation, support, comraderie. But, how to recognize one another and organize w/o being infiltrated – Trojan horses. Neutral places like public library could be found.

    • Oath Keepers are part of the problem because they are color blind. If you reject race realism, any solution you come up with will likely make things worse, for example, “We oppose illegal immigration but want more legal immigration!” or “The problem with Detroit is that it’s run by socialists!”

      There are many videos of Oath Keepers initiating conflict with WNs at protests.

  12. What comes next? Basically one of two scenarios.

    1. Leftist singularity or
    2. Caesarism, ie, Pinochet, Franco, etc.

    Will we be recapitulating Weimar, Republican Spain, Allende Chile?

    • Or a collapse/civil war where the US exhausted from infighting or just not in the mood for mass death , falls apart like the USSR

  13. “Borat director Larry Charles took to Twitter Monday and compared Trump supporters — or as he described them, “Maga people” — to the violent, pro-China “triad” mob who attacked peaceful pro-democracy protesters Sunday night and essentially encouraged far-left agitators to arm themselves for “war.”

    Bring it on, (((boy))).

  14. The coming dollar crisis (Yen will be first in a year or two) will be the wild card and send all of this on an interesting trajectory. It will be 2008 except without safety nets. It will unleash all sorts of social convulsions that have been bottled up for years. The future is a big question mark but this will also trigger all kinds of strife world wide. In reality we’ve reached an end to globalism and the unwind will stun the world.

    Look at what happened today with the debt ceiling negotiations. Unsustainable yet rapidly accumulating debt is the volatile chemical added to this.

  15. Something I like to do that gets both normies and leftists all worked up is to tell them, quite calmly, that anti-semitism does not exist in America.

    Which is true, of course. The non-hoax instances of some tepid grumbling about Jews, or the occasional badly-drawn swastika that isn’t a fraud, are, in a nation of 330 million people, the merest whisper of statistical noise. There are about as many of these anemic, timid “anti-Semitic” occurrences each year as there are instances of people with a mole on their index finger getting a bad haircut. There are more people in America who hate the cast of “Saturday Night Live” than there are people who hate Jews. Pound for pound, they don’t signify, except as radio static. In contrast to the overwhelming, monolithic, unimaginable edifice of Jewish power, wealth, and influence in this country, so-called “anti-Semitism” has all the force of a gnat splattering on the windshield of an 18-wheeler.

    Then, I tell them, compare and contrast the phenomenon of violence against Whites. Not just violence against Whites, but gruesome, savage, malevolent, willful violence against Whites, and especially against White women and children, committed by blacks and other POCs is a daily event in America, so common it is considered normal.

    I tell them, look at sites like SBPDL (Paul Kersey’s blog at unz.com) or at Andrew Anglin’s site, and you will see a daily roster of rapes and murders committed by blacks and POCs against Whites. Daily. Nothing of the sort exists, nothing even remotely close exists, with respect to Jews. So no, anti-semitism does not exist in America, not even remotely, not at all… and yet we hear about it every single day. But not a peep about what is happening to Whites. Did all the pogroms of Russia and Poland combined, compare to the ethnic cleansing of Whites via crime and violence, chasing them out of Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Birmingham, Newark, Trenton, Camden, half of Chicago, half of DC? The mind reels at the scale. And this is never mentioned, but I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a holocaust museum.

    What, I ask them, does that tell you about reality?

    Put calmly and politely, the question gets them thinking.

    We need more questions like it.

    • In the words of Ann Coulter, It’s not always about the f-ing Jews!! I get your point re comparative levels of violence and media whores, but facts and numbers rarely change anyone’s mind who isn’t rational enough to notice to begin with. Newsflash: Most people are idiots.

      • If his post leads to just one inquiring normie to go to Kersey’s blog, his post was a success.

        Newsflash: the moral narrative always carrying the day sans facts and numbers and reasoned argument does not always apply.

        • Yup, Liberty, yesterday I couldn’t keep a lid on the weekly mention of Israel’s Supreme Wonderfulness (with the obligatory negro worship tacked on), I burst out, “screw Iz, Denmark contributed more soldiers, they’ve never lifted a finger to help us,”- the brother, a vet, ended up agreeing. He’s still white enough to accept contrary factoids.

          (Even though I actually burst out with “screw Iz, that crime syndicate with nuclear weapons”…! Never went that far before.)

          • Last week, I was reminded how much of a cuck Tucker Carlson remains. He had an opportunity to distinguish himself last week from the Donald, Pence, Hannity, and countless other cucks.

            If one’s principal response to the squad’s grievances about heritage America is condemning the same as anti-Semitic, one is at once conflating America with Eretz Yisrael and seconding Ms. Omar’s motion that it is all about the Benjamins.

      • “It’s not always about the f-ing Jews.”

        Well, ok, not always. Just 99.8% of the time.

        They have been directly involved in causing or at minimum exacerbating nearly every major harm to our country and culture that I can think of. And they have made no contribution indispensable to our race or culture that I can think of.

        Even when they are seemingly subordinate, they always and everywhere manage to subvert and parasitize. We don’t need them. They are nothing but trouble. If Aryans and jews are somehow to peacefully coexist on this planet, they must do so separately and as far away from one another as possible.

        Everything else you said is true.

    • Thanks, Blues, I really needed that. So goshdam hard to keep my mouth shut on the JQ, especially with the uber Cuck Zionist brother.

      The way to bring dire home is to talk about the demographic carnage. That, others can relate to.

  16. Moving away from the cities and “desirable” suburbs is one way to lower your antifa/poz exposure. Take a pay cut & enjoy the unmonetized sanity and antifragility. This summer I’m traveling, camping & fishing/hunting near small CA towns that buglords in Sacramento, LA or San Freakshow don’t know or care about. It’s like being in another state – strong White majorities of friendly industrious people, no street shitters, etc… Nevada, Wyoming & Montana promise to be even better as I head north. I want to learn about the places and people who live largely apart from and forgotten by Kamela’s imperial court
    toadies, places we can come together and grow while the Empire devours itself.

    • No matter where you are in California, the Overlords have you by the gonads with Big Taxes. Another giveaway supplying guide dogs to blind polka-dot lesbians. Utah is 20 years behind Calif, importing lots from Californians and Las Vegas, and groveling for once being bad Whites, virtue signaling by moving rapidly to being Woke. 5% state tax and small towns, stay away from the Salt Lake corridor, St. George sprawl, Cedar City is lost-endless development, explore hwy 89 central to east utah. Moab/Bluff is Lefty enviros, climbers and mt bikers. I’m surrounded. And so quickly it happened.

      • Range Front Fault: Darn, I drove through UT a lot on business and thought Cedar City was a nice place. I guess it’s gone. There’s no real chance I would ever move there (spouse, etc.), but snowy mountains and farms are my thing.

  17. “To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.”

    I hope Z’s book is coming along nicely, because what DRs need right now is a small, but steady and growing, set of foundational documents. We need clear, lucid, calm, well reasoned manifestos and pamphlets and short, sturdy blasts of argumentation. We need a version of “Common Sense.” We don’t need squawking, or The Turner Diaries. We need The Federalist Papers, as well as Poor Richard’s Almanack, and the Committees of Correspondence.

    And eventually we’ll need a Declaration, because the only real solution to all of this is Partition and Secession. We have mutated into two very different and separate nations, without anybody really noticing it. (Or rather, we have allowed a cancerous tumor to grow within the original body politic, but the tumor is now larger than the host.). Sooner or later this must be openly acknowledged, and new arrangements must be made, in factual accordance with the new reality.

    It is worth remembering that, despite the stirring abstract flourishes of the Declaration that everybody loves to quote, most of the actual document consists of a long, detailed list of specific complaints, facts, and reasonable assertions.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations… It is their Right, it is their duty…”

    We need to start laying the solid theoretical groundwork now, so that when this finally happens, as it most assuredly will, it doesn’t seem flighty, fanatical, hot-headed, short-sighted, “hateful,” or poorly thought out. The way, for instance, that the CSA was.

    • Greg Johnson’s “White Nationalist Manifesto” is unlikely to be surpassed with respect to your criteria. If anyone thinks we can survive without being explicitly racial, they don’t understand what led us to this desperate time.

  18. Nudging is big among leftists. A couple of Prog academics wrote a book about it. It’s a way to advance the agenda in a seemingly benign, even helpful, way.

  19. The pattern thus far has been that the future comes faster than expected. In the 2000’s, people warned that homosexual marriage would have all sorts of negative consequences. In a little more than a decade, parents are being forced to take their children to drag queen story time at the local library. In a flash, we went from “let them get married” to little boys doing drag shows at gay clubs. Cultural collapse tends to accelerate.

    Things are certainly moving faster than I think anyone had imagined. I do see a risk of things degenerating into a Jacobin-like frenzy that could get really bloody. Also, following this trajectory, organized violence against whites, which is today reality in South Africa, British back-alley slave brothels and islamized ghettos in Europe, will arrive in the not too distant future. When that becomes undeniable then, as Z says, the future is indeed not yet written. Part of me wants the clash that I feel is the only alternative to slavery and extinction. That is also why I think the last paragraph, which basically says ‘roll with it and try to survive in the best way possible,’ is too black pill for me. Successful rebellions do happen, after all. That is also historical reality.

  20. Great post Z Man. Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: “To be a reactionary is to understand that man is a problem without a human solution.” White, heterosexual, traditional Americans need to stop fantasizing about restoration. Our America is gone forever. We have to make a full, clear eyed assessment of where we’re at and start thinking about practical solutions. Survival will mean accepting reality for what it is. So stop calling the facts “black pills.” That’s a defense mechanism. It let’s you off the hook from doing the hard thing. I’d rather be associated with one tough minded person with lots of practical knowledge and experience than all the “alt-right” daydreamers on Earth. Oh, and one more thought. Nature, when it has a free hand, culls the weak without mercy. So you may want to renew your gym membership. Think about it.

  21. I suspect the white Rhodesians told themselves as much as Zman has written here. The problem is it doesn’t work when your a hated minority with no real rights that the other groups view as either a resource or for target practice.

    Really WTF is whitey going to do when social infrastructure collapses under the weight of a 100 million more 3rd world low IQ savages while at the same time watching their jobs taken over by Hindu and Chinese imports? Go kick back smoke a blunt and be “reasonable” and hope the hell that some savage doesn’t rape your wife on the way back from the state run grocery store.

    What’s going to happen when the local police forces are mostly Mexican and black? Here in Los Angeles we have Mexican gangs forming among the Sheriffs deputies.

    And guess what comes down the road? The Cartels. BTW they are already here but they will be running things once they have the numbers.

    • Yes, that is a realistic prediction about the future (especially for California which is now a province of Mexico). Now extend your prediction. At some point, the veil falls away and a militia-based opposition will arise. Since government is the apex predator in a democracy, LEOs will be deployed to put down the insurgency. The incipient tyrants want Blue-on-Green decimation in order to pave the way for the jackboots to mop up. Don’t play their game. Don’t waste energy or resources targeting the wrong enemy.

    • Rod’s bedtime stories to his grandchildren: “Despite all, the townsfolk held fast to that glimmering spark of hope. But they were fools. The darkness came and devoured them. Some children escaped to the forest. “We will live on through the young ones,” it was said. But, trust me, they’ll be killed too. Or drown in the bog. Or slowly die of starvation. Everyone’s gonna die. The End.”

      • I like it, Frip, with a slight revision to the denouement.
        “And the ones who called it correctly rubbed the tards noses in it forever, but the tards were all dead so it wasn’t much fun. The End.”

    • Whites in southern Africa were not just a minority, but a tiny minority, far smaller than what whites in the US will ever be. For that reason alone, their plight is not analagous to our current situation.

  22. Dissidents tend to respond to this stuff by arguing that there are ways around it and alternative platforms will inevitably spring up in response.

    Alternatives already exist, but most dissident content providers seem to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They piss and moan about YT censorship and exhort their minions to follow them on Bitchute, but when you go to Bitchute, you notice they themselves only use Bitchute as a backup, and that their videos are made to conform with YT sensibilities. So what’s the point of me following you on Bitchute, if what I get is a bunch of YT-compliant, circumlocutory waffle, timid dog whistling and bleep-outs of naughty words? Hell, most of them don’t even put their Bitchute link in the description, because they don’t want to offend TPTB.

    We’re never going to win the war, as long as we rely on enemy infrastructure. So do your favorite Youtuber a solid and report him to the thought police, get them to shut his channel down so he’s forced to leave enemy service. He’ll thank you later.

  23. The Dissident Right’s most glaring weakness is its atavistic, visceral disdain of illegality. Even the most redpilled & disillusioned among us regard unlawfulness as the preserve of ruffians and ne’er-do-wells. Traditionalists value order, which in the American tradition means lawful order. In the pioneer context of local democracy which they idolize, the law is the embodiment of communal sovereignty. The discrepancy between legal country and real country, obvious to any European, doesn’t compute with Americans.

    It’s tough recruiting revolutionaries when you worship the law. Even when talking rebellion, the Right will point to 1776 or 1860 as their inspiration, which were lawful insurrections within their respective contexts – secession was voted on by state assemblies, and the Founders were lawyers who cloaked themselves in English jurisprudential exegesis.

    The empty threat of Whitey picking up his rifle if pushed too far must be uproariously amusing Leftists, and serves mostly as a recruitment tool for their own purposes. Whitey’s will to fight was weighed in the balance on countless occasions throughout the 20th century, and found lacking every time.
    Whitey will write pamphlets, canvass neighborhoods for votes and signatures, see political saviors in the unlikeliest of men, move houses, seek solace in drink, opiates, porn, fantasize about payback, pray harder, console himself with humor, grumble, build muscle at the gym, order dietary supplements, engross himself in old tales of heroism, hoard guns and ammunitions, spend his day at the range, stockpile foodstuffs, become a hermit but he always, always complies with the law. It’s the magic word that settles him down.
    After more than a half century of gradual but systematic humiliation, spoliation and denigration, he has not yet found a trench he is willing to fight in. What makes any one think he ever will?

    Even as the Left giddily runs roughshod over the lawful order, subverting it, redefining it or disregarding it outright depending on what’s expedient, he remains incapable of entertaining vigilantism or unlawful activism. It is beneath him somehow, or he just doesn’t have much regard for the figure of the righteous outlaw which so completely permeates leftist lore, from John Brown to Che Guevara.

    The cognitive dissonance is on full comedic display every time an Alex Jones ends an impassioned tirade about how grave the hour is with “But please, folks, don’t do anything illegal”.

    Say what you want about the left, but the temperament and psychological disposition of their recruits suit them for carrying out a treatment that matches the diagnosis.

    • So I guess you’ve never heard of neighborhood watch? When the violence get’s widespread and frequent, Whitey will use his “guns” to protect hearth and home and the outnumbered police will do nothing in response. We have seen this time and again in emergency/disaster situations—Katrina was no exception, despite the hoopla wrt attempted gun confiscation by “visiting” police units in the field. Those incidents drove out the dozens of examples of folks sheltering in place and protecting their homes and supplies.

      • “Protecting their homes and supplies”. As in, lawfully defending your property? Tepid, feeble and inward-looking in the big scheme of things. The mentality of the besieged responding to immediate stimulus. The ethos of the rooftop korean.
        Yes, people will take up arms in a defensive capacity if the authorities give them the nod, or in situations where the fear of legal jeopardy is greatly reduced. Not much of a conquering spirit.
        Face it, we are first and foremost law abiding. We take pride in that. That will be the end of us.

        To my earlier point: observable reality being increasingly at odds with this law-abiding predilection, grifters like Jones or Cernovich swoop in with their boner pills to monetize the cognitive dissonance. “Don’t do anything stupid in the face of this bedlam that I just laid bare before your eyes; what are you, a jailbird? Buy some bone broth instead, that’s how you fight”. Variants include: “Give generously to this candidate instead, he will save us within the law”.
        That this angle is so lucrative speaks volume about our fundamental reluctance to right wrongs by means outside the system.

      • Compsci: My older son was with the Texas national guard. In addition to overseas service (albeit not combat, which he greatly regrets) he served on the border before wheelchair gov pulled them off, and was mobilized for a few weeks for the last hurricane (Harvey, I think?) and all the Texas flooding. On the border their hands were utterly tied and he had to watch illegals cross and merely advise the largely Mestizo Border Control and wait for them to react (or not). Re the hurricane, most of those who “sheltered in place” were utterly unprepared and there was a lot of unreported crime in the aftermath, which is what the guard’s presence really served to do – show the flag and give the impression the “authorities” had everything under control (they didn’t and it was a classic clusterf&$#k).

    • Seems like WWII was started in Poland with some fighters disguised as “the enemy”.

    • I’m pretty much in agreement and have been since I used to read prepper and threeper sites 10 years ago. However, in the interest of autism (mine) I need to point out the first Klan and some other groups, both organized as well as ad hoc, acted outside the law when state law enforcement and election law was corrupted during reconstruction.

      • The Klan is interesting, though I doubt it has much contemporary relevance. It is a spent force with little to teach us in terms of tactics or organization, because it could not have endured without the connivance or at least beneficence of Southern Democratic machine politics, kind of like “the Resistance” today.
        It operated within the system instead of existing in opposition to it.
        Still, I’m open to being educated on the early days Klan, as I’m sure what little I know about it is full of liberal embellishments.

    • he just doesn’t have much regard for the figure of the righteous outlaw which so completely permeates leftist lore, from John Brown to Che Guevara.

      Both not only broke the law but killed people. The first to grab their guns, will end up like John Brown. Whatever you think of his specific beliefs, he is the historical model of what you are asking for. He threw it all away for what he believed in and he took the stand that a man is not bound to respect perverted law. It is an interesting question if he hated slavery more than we hate being made minorities in our own historical homelands.

      • The conventional bravado on gun grabbing goes like this: If you come for our guns, patriots everywhere will go Turner Diaries on your ass. Yet through their mastery of salami tactics, the Left has been whittling away at the Second Amendment since the mid-60s with no conflagration to date. People got used to the hurdles, the exceptions and the red tape, and meekly fill out their paperwork.
        Ask a gun enthusiast, one of those don’t-tread-on-me types, to describe what additional anti-gun measure exactly would be a step too far. He’ll invariably tell you about that fantastical scenario wherein gun confiscation is proclaimed in all the shires in the land, whereupon he would say “Confound everything!” and start his own yeomanry. In actuality, he has no answer to the gradual gutting of gun rights already far advanced.

        EDIT: My bad, Moran y Simba, I read “The first to grab their guns” a little too quickly and misunderstood your sentence.

        • N/p, in an, even by Z blog standards, very interesting post and comment thread, I thought yours was one of the best comments. I think you are 100% right, we re too much suckers for rules, whether principles or laws. And you re right about guns. One little step at a time, they make it harder.

  24. Violence comes next? Have these people been sleeping? Political violence started a long time ago. There was a brief hiatus in the 80s, 90s and aughts, but it came roaring back in the 2010s, first with BLM and then Antifa. There is no telling where the violence would be right now if not for the arrest and imprisonment of any members of the right who fought back. If we get arrested and imprisoned under a Republican government, just imagine what will happen under a radical anti-white Democrat like Obama.

    BLM was not “natural” When BLM started getting out of control, the funding was cut and it collapsed in matter of months. It will come back under President Harris. Like Obama, her family alienation from African Americans will cause her to overcompensate and go full Afro-retard just like Obama.

    Not only do we have this political violence, but as SJWs have taken over most of the cities in America and it has become impossible to control violent crime, the cities now experience regular violent episodes often involving hundreds of people. Flash robberies are now a regular occurrence. Groups of hundreds of “teens” (any black person not obviously a senior citizen) wreak havoc on downtowns and trendy areas and malls across America. They are almost never arrests when these things happen and even when there are arrests, it’s one or two people and the charges get dropped. There are even cities now where they are making it a crime to call the cops on black people! (let that sink in. think BBQ Becky)

    What is next? Just more of the same, perhaps with more intensity.

        • True, the situation now is not identical. But neither is escalation of violence inevitable.

          • Am sure you’re a nice person….but you’re living in the world of fluffy bunnies and unicorns. And even they will become activists and get quite nasty. When animals are pissed, they can be most unpleasant. My folks were Trots….they NEVER stop, they just Shapeshift. My father would tell You to live life as he thought you should. By any means necessary.

          • Oh, if it comes to that, I’m sure I could could get quite nasty myself. But the Doomers don’t have a lock on the future.

      • I see this often on right-leaning sites, and here’s why it’s irrelevant in addition to the demographics change Z cites below. In the Sixties the Left didn’t control the institutions and levers of power and had to use violence. They control all those things now and use violence as gratification and punishment. But the need to wield violence to gain power is gone.

        • But the need to wield violence to gain power is gone.

          Their violence didn’t gain them power, they achieved it through cultural warfare and through The Long March Through The Institutions.

    • Excellent summary of what is happening.

      Here in CA. the state has redefined many felonies as misdemeanors so the police won’t even response to many calls because they know nothing will happen to the criminal. Also the homeless are out of control in the state and can do as they please.

      Our ER’s look like a TJ clinc. Our schools are in total collapse. Social services are pulling their hairs out dealing with all those Mexicans. The police having no support from the white Dems political leadership are demoralized as hell.

      • Can confirm on CA hospitals. Blacks and Hispanics in CA already receive free socialized healthcare and UBI. Cops are either converged (many homos) or so bitter and burned out they do their jobs with great disdain. The number of gays and mystery meats in our public services in general is staggering.

    • What is next? Just more of the same, perhaps with more intensity.

      If things just keep on getting ‘steadily’ worse, w no ‘phase transition’, we re on the way to Brazil. But I believe, and I frankly hope, for something a little more dramatic. The slow, nihilistic whithering away of all that makes sense is, to me, worse than bloody drama. And I neither savor war nor imagine it to be ‘fun’ or ‘adventurous’. But it is worse than just wilting, the same way a fight is better than a depression.

  25. Z Man;
    In broad *political* outline, your 2020 scenario sounds broadly like the run-up to the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s.

    TlDr, The Spanish Left, consisting of Socialists, Communists and Anarchists ‘won’ what turned out to be the last election and began aggressively persecuting their enemies, most particularly the Catholic Church. Priests were murdered, nuns were raped, etc. The Spanish Right, most importantly including (much of) the military revolted, staging a coup. The coup failed, but not decisively. So Civil War ensued. The right eventually won because they became just a vicious as the Left, plus had better officers and foreign friends (Mussolini & ‘you-know-who). These two brought real help to counter the significant help the USSR gave the Spanish Left. An unfortunately necessary purge of Progs then ensued that the Left of today has still not gotten over (although they do excuse their fellow Progs).*


    If the sort of scenario you posit unfolds along Spanish Civil War lines, it will matter greatly what the attitude is of today’s military rank and file, NCO’s and mid level officers.** Likewise the availability of foreign help. I could see role reversal happening in the foreign help category.

    Since the US military is mostly CivNat, God and Country, in outlook, it would be a good idea for your readers lose any militant anti-CivNat hostility that they harbor and adopt an attitude of CivNat agnosticism, based on the implications of your analysis. Viz, If Pres. Trump can pull off 2020, great. Then there’s time and protection to work for a better definition of America.

    If your scenario unfolds, and it well might, then there is no protection and not much time. So, then we are going to need the loyalty of the US military very badly: Likewise local police rank and file, if only for their numbers.***
    *That’s why nobody should be LARPing about US Civil War II, etc. Known Spanish Civil War casualties = 500k on a base of 25 mil, or 2%. Refugees = another 450k. Scaled up to the US today that’s ~14 million dead or made (real) refugees. Let the downvotes flow_!
    **At crunch time, generals and police commanders can only hope that their orders will be obeyed. NCO’s and mid-level officers are the ones able to make that happen (or not happen if they think they have political cover).
    *** A Ground Forces company or two can likely take any town: A battalion or two, any mid-sized city. But they can’t hold it, as we found out in Iraq. Loyal local police are required for that. In Iraq it was/is about the loyal part.

    • China very well could play in California the same role Stalin did in the Spanish Civil War.

    • >>> it would be a good idea for your readers lose any militant anti-CivNat hostility…. we are going to need the loyalty of the US military very badly: Likewise local police rank and file….

      Two excellent points. There are certainly DR members who express considerable hostility towards the military and (especially) the police. These elements are a mixed bag, but both include sizable numbers of folk who will, when TSHTF, be on our side, and not on the side of the NYC-DC-California axis of tyranny. We need to get and keep those numbers as high as possible.

      I’d even go so far as to say that state and local politicians are not a completely “lost cause”; depending on which state and locality we’re talking about, there are still some decent people, chiefly CivNats, in retail politics. Ultimately, if Mordor on the Potomac is ever to be undone, state governments will have a major role to play in the undoing process.

  26. While this indeed is what the insiders think, my gut and thinking (and it’s not wishful thinking) is Trump narrowly wins. Obviously if he loses there is no way the Republicans keep the Senate. I’m uncertain who will have the Senate majority even with Trump re-elected, though. It’s a tough map for the GOP. Conversely, the Democrat’s House majority also is up in the air as of right now. Trump very well could lose but the odds are he will be returned to office.**

    THAT written, the rest is rough news. The Left even more violently will react and make damned certain no one even close to the center ever again is elected because it will be without the popular vote. This obviously is what is intended this go-round in response to 2016 but the numbers, even with massive fraud, aren’t there just yet because Nevada, New Hampshire, Minnesota and possibly New Mexico may come into play and that’s just too many states at to have to rely on stealing Michigan and/or Pennsylvania. The cucks/Buckleyites will attempt to appease the open communist rebellion that follows and will try to force the Republicans in the Senate to vote for impeachment if the House remains in Democratic hands, and even will urge GOP lawmakers to leave USSC and federal judicial vacancies unfilled. The cucks/Buckleyites will drop all pretenses with Trump re-elected. California, New York, and other states flatly will refuse to obey federal laws to a degree that makes the current unofficial secession pale. In some ways, a Trump loss might be preferred but the time bought offsets that.

    Meanwhile, the trend of White Middle America continuing to refuse to join the United States military will accelerate. The recent proposal to reduce the minimum age to join the military to 16 indicates the War Cucks know this is a permanent trend. Sand will be thrown into the gears in other ways, too, from tax avoidance/willful impoverishment to refusal to serve as police officers, firefighters and so forth. White America, at least initially, will engage in passive resistance. That probably has started now. Just as the Big Blue states have started to leave the federal system in significant ways, small and medium Red States will follow suit.

    The shit will hit the fan in 2024, probably preceded by an economic collapse before the 2022 midterms, which will flip Texas Blue.

    I do disagree with you, Z, about how awful things will be. The world never has seen the likes of what will happen once a nuclear power becomes the Paris Commune. We are, at best, on the fast track to dissolution.

    **With even a larger loss of the popular vote.

  27. Your writing, always good, has been exceptional lately, I think because dealing directly with the so-called “nationalists” and the likes of Harzony has sharpened your senses. Conflict does that.
    While I think there are no small number of your readers who are accumulating a good sized pile of ammo and canned goods in the basement, I think the future is not an apocalypse but a long grind in a multiethnic empire, very unpleasant at the vibrant edges, like living in a borderland in the Austro Hungarian empire. Getting to a white area like I have isn’t a practical choice for everyone.
    You often say, “We can’t vote our way out of this,” and sadly, I think you’re right. The republic and a viable democracy are barely distant spots in the rear view mirror.
    The advice to make friends and allies, to encourage good thinking among the groups we belong to, and to start forming such groups, is spot on. As much as I love my newly acquired Betsy Ross flag, patriotism is a dead end now for us. We need to begin in many ways disengaging from the country and the culture. There is a writer I’ve been reading, James C. Scott, best known for “Seeing Like a State.” A Yale lefty, to be sure, but an honest writer, and more than a bit anarchistic. My latest of his is “The Art of Not Being Governed,” (about hill tribes in SE Asia!) and I’m looking forward to it. In short, we need to be thinking of what props up our overlords and ways to withdraw our support and our money from the state and its culture. John Rivers on gab for example is constantly suggesting ways for people to stop supporting television media with our bucks, and ways to withdraw our “identity” from the internet. That’s a start.

  28. Demographics = destiny… there is no escaping that. We are being outbred by people with whom we have no cultural commonality. These are people who are quite comfortable living under the thumb of oppressive dictatorships and totalitarian governments. First and foremost we need to embrace self interest and White Identity Politics, we realize that we will soon be the minority “Boers” of the world. Surrounded, hated and besieged by savages.

  29. Realism about the demographic trend is one thing, but the recent trend among the DR of calling an election 469 days out is misguided.

    • The white share of the vote in 2016 was 74%. The black share was 10% and the Hispanic share was 10%. In 2012, the numbers were 72%, 13% and 10% respectively. We know with certainty that the electorate will not be more white in 2020. Trump lost the popular vote when the white share was 74%, but squeaked out wins in states like Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

      There’s no reading of the situation that should fill Trump supporters with confidence. If the Democrats put Harris up, the black share will increase. Shear demographics says the white share will fall in 2020. if the economy slips in the next year, we could be looking at a 2008 wipe out.

      Miracles happen and all that, but I think everyone needs to be prepared for the most likely outcome.

      • Biden is still the most likely Dem nom and he doesn’t inspire a fraction of the enthusiasm among Dems that Trump does among non-Leftists. I expect the white turnout to be historically large and for it to break overwhelmingly in Trump’s favor.

        • I don’t think he makes to to the first primary. He’s the front runner until some else becomes a credible alternative.

          • I despair that the “credible” alternative will be Michelle Obama, showing up after most of the debates are over but before the primary votes are cast, first because she’s an Affirmative Action moron and they’ll need to limit her mic time, and also because she’s too royal to stand for being roughed up by the other 20 candidates.

            I think ValJar and Barry are busy keeping the seat warm for her with their shadow gubmint. There’s a reason the Obamas never left Washington DC.

            And I truly despair how the women of America will respond when Michelle hits the scene. Let’s just say that I’m not too optimistic about the critical thinking skills of the ladies, come election day.

          • Ah yes, “the most admired woman in America”. Why? I don’t know. I’m not even positive she’s a woman.

          • Yep, my money is on Michelle, the angry eyed Magic Negress. What with the high tech tricks and ballot stuffing and a GOP congress that won’t challenge her because they’re too busy peeing on themselves and corroding into a puddle. Picture Romney dancing on a piano bench, clutching his pearls, screaming and peeing ….at us…while all platitudes for her. How did McCain reincarnate so damned fast?! Didn’t he have some shit to take care of up there! Like being turned over The Big Guy’s knee and paddled. And then made to write 5,000 times on the chalkboard, “I am Songbird Turncoat John…I am Songbird Turncoat John…

          • I’m not sure the Dems have an alternative that is credible to those not a part of the unhinged Dem base. If I’m right, The uninspired Joe “The Only Adult” Biden gets thumped by Trump, or Killwhitey Harris scares even left-center whites so badly that, again, Trump wins in a laffer.

          • It’s not even clear he wants it. Since Kamala’s Llyod Benson ambush moment, he seems to be acting as a resigned placeholder. Maybe he’s doing his party duty, but with the bare minimum of effort.

          • But the people who actually run the show, behind the scenes, will be very busy indeed, and will write the teleprompter scripts for Big Mike. All the while hoping that xe doesn’t go off script and rant.

      • Everyone needs to be prepared for the mostly likely outcome, while doing everything they can to prevent that outcome.

    • The demographic trend certainly matters, but the propaganda megaphone since Trump was elected matters even more regarding the 2020 contest. And what matters most is the Democrat willingness to utterly ignore rule of law. Thus massive election fraud is a no brainer.

      They’ve painted Trump as the literal incarnation of Hitler, so fraud at the ballot box is a moral imperative to these cretins. Zman is 100% correct. The lessons of 2016 have been learned from all swing states that Trump unexpectedly took. There will be no mistakes like that in 2020.

  30. There is ancient wisdom to be shared. Don’t be in a city when the chaos erupts. Practice and demonstrate tangible skills that offer a productive contribution to your community. Possess at least one firearm and ammunition for self defense. Do not whine or complain loudly, or otherwise draw attention to yourself. Do not get entrapped in Blue-on-Green (LEO vs Patriot) warfare. Be patient and alert and anonymous.

    And always remember, the fish rots from the head. Simple/secret/solo/spontaneous. Tyrants are cowards, not warriors.

    • I’ll vouch for simple, secret and solo;
      spontaneous would be better restated as opportunistic.

  31. I’m guessing that 2020 won’t be that bad despite the Democrats best efforts to cheat and steal. 2024 will be the disaster.

  32. “Even in the depths of the dark ages, communities thrived, even prospered, and people lived good lives”

    I appreciate this. There is too much gloom and doom from young people. A common nickname for Gen Z/Zoomers are Doomers because of all the pessimism.

    In a sense, things are always getting better and its better to live now than probably 50, 100 years ago. In my mind, however, the questions isn’t “Is the quality of life better than it was previously”, it is “How much quality is there for a quantity”. Quality of life is no good if a huge quantity of people, a nation, cannot enjoy in it.

    • MartyEv: Quantity matters only insofar as you are considering your own people – not people with magic papers or born on magic dirt. White Americans whose grandparents were all born here (by that metric my husband matters but I do not, fwiw). No, life does not eternally continue on a positive trajectory heading to a man-made paradise on earth. Major crashes and die-offs do and have occurred. No one’s survival is guaranteed.

    • >>>things are always getting better and its better to live now than probably 50, 100 years ago.

      Fifty years back, I was a university student, and employed part-time.. Things, in most meaningful ways, were better then than now, unless you happen to think that universal smart phone ownership and 900 cable channels constitutes human progress.

  33. Can I whitepill for a sec? Thanks. Z says, “There are two types of coping strategies that will emerge. One is to over-estimate the awfulness of what comes next.” I think you are over-estimating. Watching social media and the news will do that. It’s meant to do that. But even my liberal boomer NYT-reading mother thinks “The Squad” is often ridiculous. And to be fair, I live in Oklahoma, but I have spoken to no white person who would give away this country quietly. They may not be white advocates, or even know that thing exists, but they do have a strong anti-socialism/anti-communism reaction, which is their benign and misguided sense of white advocacy. These people just need permission to think in terms of their race and its role in the power of the United States. And it will come.

    • “no whiter person who would give away this country quietly.”

      They ALREADY gave away this country without a peep. That is why we are having this conversation in the first place.

      Reality is already here. America as previously understood is gone. You are now merely standing upon a blank piece of real estate, the ownersip of which is being squabbled over by various gaggles of hostile foreigners.

      To repeat: this is the reality. Your country has already been given away. For decades now, again and again and again, pundits and analysts have been quite calmly saying in public, to anyone who would listen, Whites will be a minority in America by X date. And Whites responded to this warning with a calm shrug, and a sort of “Oh, what an interesting data point.”

      At no point in time did people say, No, that is not acceptable. We will not stand for that. How do we stop this? How do we reverse this? Who did this to us? Who needs to swing from a lamp post?

      As Sophocles once said, You snooze, you lose.

      Well, guess what? You snoozed, and you loozed.

      So the big question now is… NOW what?

      • The fact that America is gone may actually be a good thing. We now have growing latitude to “make other arrangements.” And it may be possible to do so with a minimum of violence.

    • The only way we can avoid widespread violence from becoming manifest is if enough whites come to understand the importance of white group interests and show group solidarity. This would be…not a use of force but a show of potential force.

      This would force our enemies to reconsider their dive into the abyss. Maybe.

      Then we’d have at least some chance at turning things around through our cultural and political institutions.

      The critical pivot points are (1) can white actually achieve a degree of solidarity and take real world action beyond bitching on the internet and voting now and then? (2) Who has the reigns in the anti-white camp: those with a low time preference or those with a high time preference?

      I don’t believe (1) is achievable unless (2) goes at least category 4 chimpout.

      That will offer us a very small window even if it does happen.

      Violence is mimetic. Once normalized, even if on only one side, it will spread.

      Look at our past: have the stakes ever been more volatile? This conflict is rooted more in biology than it is in ideology. A conflict this deeply seeded in our innate nature takes longer to dig out because it is encased in a carapace of civilizational institutions, but once those institutions decay enough nature will erupt.

      • I think that’s a pretty good assessment, YV. My hope for some sort of reasonably non-violent solution springs from my rather firm belief that a white consciousness is dawning. I simply do not believe that our survival instinct has been amputated. It is dormant, but as the threats to whites become more manifest, and they are becoming more so every day, the survival instinct will revive.

        AWRs believe this too, BTW, which is why they are in such a panic.

  34. It will be interesting to see how these deluded MAGA types react when reality hits them in the face. Right now Daddy Trump is in charge and all is well. Israel is safe from Muslim Nazis, gays are everywhere, and he’s owning the libs with based tweets. What happens when it’s obvious that no conservative can ever win the Presidency again and the Cohngress is in permanent Democrat control? I used to dread the day, now I cannot wait.

    After seeing just how stupid and deluded the average normie conservative is I will just laugh and say “we tried to warn you.” Maybe then they’ll finally get off their soft asses and get in the fight. Probably not. They’re like children who burn their hand and then blame you for warning them the stove is hot. We’ll get blamed for causing the hellscape by pointing out where this is all headed.

    • I still dread the day there’s permanent Dem control. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not looking forward to saying “I told you so,” THAT much.

    • Nathan – well said. Most normies are unreachable and not worth the attempt. A great reset is coming, want it or not, and then they’ll be running to badwhites for protection. I will smile . . . and decline. Not merely actions and beliefs but also choices have consequences.

  35. “the well-established pattern of the Left signaling what they are going to do, by warning that they fear it.” “the game the Left has always played is to use violence as a pretext to impose their preferred policies. “Last time they could muster a few million illegal votes in key states. This time it will be more than ten million, as they have been working the problem for four years. The tech oligopoly has been hard at work to make sure there will not be a repeat of 2016.”

    Am commenting about the deep fear on our side of the divide. Even my dear Basic Husband has sand attached to his hair follicles from turning into an ostrich. I can smell his fear. Z’s comment about losing the next election because Big Tech has been hard at work figuring new ways to “stuff” the ballot box, and knowing that there’s a minimum 40 M illegals not counted, is facing reality. Our Oligarchs won’t let us win again. When I rarely talk about this, Basic Husband gets agitated, says the millennials will hand over the country to socialism/communism, shuts the conversation down and….that’s it. Hell….when I bring up Death and Dying he walks out of the room. Are you guys out there coping with D&D and the upcoming future? Am having to do the facing of the future for two of us. Women made of the earth, I guess. Facing demographic reality and the Audacious Epigone Great Chart on Future African Population. No where to run no where to hide. Some things have to be dealt with. Must be a lot of Normies out there doing the same fearful head in sand. Doesn’t bode well. The Left is overplaying their hand and making big mistakes. There will be violence. How that plays out…. As Calsdad above says….There will be pushback.

    Z….thanks for trying to give us a tiny white pill about surviving after the takeover. “Even in the depths of the dark ages, communities thrived, even prospered, and people lived good lives.”

    “The future is not written.” Hm. Keep it coming, Z.

    PS: Head of LDS Church, President Nelson (we were bad whites/now we’re good whites!), sucked up to the NAACP this weekend. They know which side of bread is buttered and by whom. Covering their bases.

    • Range Front: “Are you guys out there coping with D&D and the upcoming future? Am having to do the facing of the future for two of us.”

      Interesting that your husband just shuts down – sounds like he’s stuck in the “denial” phase of coping. My hubby took longer to come around to reality than I did – his basic American patriotism and beliefs, as a result of growing up with an Army officer dad, were really hard to let go of. Plus he kept insisting Texas wouldn’t fall because of all the White men with guns. He now accepts that even Texas is lost and even if those with guns weren’t afraid to use them, there simply aren’t enough of them. While he is still incredibly resistant on the economic side (muh free trade/muh capitalism), he knows a financial crash is coming and is prepared to face social collapse guns blazing (metaphorically of course, dear government readers). His main concern, like mine, is the future of our sons, so just quitting or trying merely to cope rather than triumph is not an option. Die on one’s feet rather than living on one’s knees.

      • 3g….appreciate your thoughts. Yes, life is messy. My Husband unit is normally very realistic and tuned into the messy darker aspects of human nature, and can see long-term trends. However, some of his future is now Now, agitation is growing. Can’t say anything negative about Trump. He knows after Trump, the St. Francis Dam collapses, so to speak. He’s wishful that The Orange Man gets 4 more years and therefore so do we. I’m betting on Big Tech and Big Left and Soros and all the other minions contriving and insuring to throw this election. They lost once. Won’t lose again. By any means necessary. When he can see the pyroclastic flow rolling out at 500 mph (Mayday Vancouver!) he’ll be standing.

  36. Not only will Trump not lose, he will win in a borderline landslide. Even election models authored by AWRs show Trump with an extremely high percentage of winning reelection. Hell, the insane attempt to impeach Trump despite no evidence he committed impeachable offenses, is borne of the recognition that no Dem can beat him in an election.

    As for the rest of this doom and gloom, we shall see.

    • Ostei, I don’t know if Trump will win or not. But, let’s say he wins. That just puts off the Left’s complete control for four more years. Then we’re in exactly the same situation.

      In terms of action or accomplishments, Trump did nothing. But at least he talked a good game (relatively speaking). After Trump, whether in 2020 or 2024, we won’t even have that.

      • We cannot know what the political landscape will look like after Trump’s second term, and whether or not another, perhaps even more potent Trump appears on the horizon. It is not foreordained that the Left will soon, or ever, obtain total authority in America, although I’ll grant that the trends don’t look promising.

        As for Trump’s accomplishments, there are two that are more important than anything else any president could have done: he has robustly defended Western, i.e. white civilization and he has cast grave doubts on the supposed “benefits” of diversity. From such rhetorical kindling I expect a white conflagration to eventually appear.

    • In an honest vote, I totally agree with you. But we don’t have honest elections any more…

  37. Re: ” Cultural collapse tends to accelerate ” …. and Re: ” Even today people still say that the radicalism of the Left will destroy itself “.

    There is however some truth in this.

    I don’t know of any historical examples of where the lunacy that we’re seeing currently didn’t reach a crescendo and then implode.

    Maybe the lefties are bitching so loudly and persistently about Nazis because they know damn well that their overreach is going to enable and legitimize the cleanup crew into social acceptability. At least among the whites.

    Lefties tend to think that certain things just happen as if by magic. That’s what it seems they believe about Trump’s election. The truth is that there was a sizeable portion of people out there – even black people – who had been looking around and thinking things were effed up for a LONG TIME. The stuff Trump said : were things people had been thinking for probably 20 years or more. And the Republicans just keep offering up diversionary tactic after diversionary tactic. There was also the Ron Paul effort – which anybody who paid attention at the time – saw clearly how it was sabotaged.

    So along comes Trump – and he just starts saying shit nobody else will say. On one of the forums I spend time , somebody posted a topic the day Trump announced his candidacy. The second entry to that thread was ” Oh Shit”.

    Pretty much sums up the entire thing – and still does.

    It’s not like Trump has really done a lot – except to show the Swamp that a sizable portion of the electorate was sick of their shit – and was able to get him elected DESPITE all the shennanigans designed to put The Cunt into office.

    Maybe I’m hoping against hope – but I really don’t think the lefties will be able run roughshod over the country even if they gain all the levers of power. There WILL BE pushback. If they push hard enough – things will pop.

    • And here I thought I was the only one who referred to her as “The Cunt”.
      I guess great minds think alike….

    • Good points Carlsdad, I don’t think it can be emphasized enough that Trump’s win demonstrates that, at least in 2016, a VAST number of people were no longer mentally tuned in to our versions of Pravda and Izvestia (the two big soviet dailies). So many people didn’t “do the right thing” and do what they were told that almost all the polling organizations got the outcome wrong. Does that mean that this will happen again? My feeling is that, really, all the Dems need to do is run another woman, black, or mysterious-neo-Obama again and they will lose again. It’s not that the people who voted for Trump in ’16 are exactly pleased with his performance (I’m not) but they will vote again for the guy holding back the flood – as they see it.

  38. The 2020 election will be the defining, crystallizing, moment in the cultural battle. And anyone who doubts that democrat controlled urban America will not manufacture millions and millions of votes will be rudely awakened. The same urban enclaves that openly ignore the law don’t give two shits about fidelity to election laws. I’ve got some beautiful swampland in eastern Iowa to sell you if you think Trump can win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and even Texas, where lawless Democrat hegemony is the majority report. Once the Democrats have total control in Nov 2020 all the crazy rhetoric you hear being spewed now will be codified into actual practice if not the law. In other words they will be enabled to crush any and all opposition to their lunacy.

    On the bright side, if there is one, most levers of power are controlled by the lunatic left anyway at this point in time. Trump is just a paper, toothless tiger. So life probably won’t be much different after 2020 in the short term than it is now. And don’t hold your breath waiting for white people to become a monolith after the 2020 carnage. Self-loathing can be intractable.

    • “They want to plunge society into chaos, set up a totalitarian gangster state, and kill us.” That’s quite the dystopian fantasy you’ve got going there. Undoubtedly, a few would like to see us dead. Well, please answer these dissonant questions. Where are those shock troops going to come from? Antifa? Not very many of those, what percentage of the population do you imagine is Antifa? Even the most fanatic, dyed in the wool generic “liberals”-say, for instance, some extended family members I know-would be loathe to go about attacking their dissenting friends, neighbors, and relations. Black ghetto dwellers? Not sure that there are enough of those, either. Nation of Islam? Ditto. La Raza? The same. A coalition of black and brown ghetto dwellers? Not sure they could be allies. LGBTQ? Please. If the economy hasn’t totally cratered, would big tech/business/politicos be down with killing off the golden goose? Do you foresee an attack from beyond our borders? If you’re going to gaze into a crystal ball, could you please flesh out your scenario of doom to include the identity of this vague “they” who are going to come kill us all? An aside-“parents are being forced to take their children to drag queen story time at the local library.” No, they are not being “forced. ” A relatively few number of idiot parents voluntarily take their children to these events, then it gets blasted out on the internet for everyone to hyperventilate over. That these events are held in a public library at all is disgraceful, but attendance is not yet mandatory.

      • China is the big beta test for everything that is coming to my doorstep and yours. Note how the Chinese media shows the vandalism, not the million+ people in the streets. The triads are sent out to rough up people, not the army. Here, that means organized vibrant gang bangers with a list of names and addresses doing the deed on you and me.

        • Besides the fact that U.S. big tech is working with China, what evidence is there that an even more leftist future U.S. gov would follow the Chinese model?

          • China is a centralized, communist oligarchy pretending that it has the best interests of the common man at heart. Exactly what our Uber-leftists aspire to. That the Chinese culture is basically high-IQ and has an identifiable specific cultural history, it lines up fairly well with ours. One big difference is that China is systematically eliminating its minority populations, while our Uber-left is intent on eliminating our majority population. That’s because our majority population is either less tractable than theirs, or it still has too much power. Or both.

      • They won’t kill us en masse, although I suspect the more effective dissidents are on the chopping block. They will instead rob us en masse, I’d say. Of everything: real estate, funds, businesses. There’s ample precedent in past communist revolutions to make that prediction an easy call. And we are heading swiftly, like others have commented, far more swiftly than anticipated, to the endgame for this one.

      • “That these events are held in a public library at all is disgraceful, but attendance is not yet mandatory.”

        Making attendance mandatory isn’t necessary. All that’s needed is for non-compliance to be perceived as risky, socially awkward, expensive in time and effort, and apparently futile.

        That kind of pressure is what we’re up against, and it’s not a dystopian fantasy. Not even a prediction, but the status quo.

      • I hate saying this, as a former police officer, but the “shock troops” will be military/police following orders in order to keep their pay, pensions and special privileges…along with millions of just plain niggers.

    • The talk about millions and millions of manufactured Dem votes is overly alarmist. We’re not yet a banana republic, there are still very real safeguards to control voter fraud, and most of the fraud that does occur will happen in states Trump can’t win anyway.

    • On the upside, the left has a fragile coalition based on defeating the GOP. Once that’s done, there’s a good chance the left’s coalition will crack.

  39. One big problem: the very nature of modern leftism is that it selects out of the general population the most vicious, sociopathic, and degenerate.

    (Who could possibly come up with such an insidious, mass-murder-making sorting scheme? I (((dunno))).)

    Thus, in very general terms, left vs. right is the battle of bad people versus good people.

    The problem is that bad people are much more willing to lie, cheat, and kill. We want to do productive work and read good books. They want to plunge society into chaos, set up a totalitarian gangster state, and kill us.

    It’s the battle of the wolves versus the sheep.

    Thus, to win, we have to adopt a sort of “willed sociopathy” and beat them at their own game. I’m not saying it’s hopeless. The awakened Saxon can do much. But it will have to be terror versus terror. We will have to lay down our principles and pick them up again after we win.

    • We will have to lay down our principles and pick them up again after we win.

      Exactly; Queensbury rules don’t help when the other side is fighting by any means necessary.

  40. Left is going to war.
    Prepare for war then.

    Now when they want you extinct and they want your lands there are only 2 coping skills; Fight or Flight.

    Flight will quickly exhaust.
    Fight is usually the better choice when marked for genocide. No…NZ even if you can afford it cannot shelter you.

    Refugee? They’ll look at what that got us. If they have any sense they’ll sink our boats.

    They’ll find the sense.

    Will you?

  41. The IRA had an interesting approach. Much is made about their attacks on Britain but what is often glossed over is their handling of opposition and turncoats among the Irish themselves. They cleansed the voices opposing them within their own people.

    The process didn’t draw much international outrage and it solidified the idea among the people the only true Irishman was one that wanted Independence.

    Where they used violence I am, of course, speaking metaphorically here. Attacking, in any form, the diversity or their leadership will buy you instant condemnation broadcast 24/7 over their propaganda networks.

    Shaming and verbally nullifying (for this example) only Quislings among your own, low level white supporters of the diversity such as local reporters and town politicians will not raise much ire or defense from our vibrant opposition or their media. If anything the diversity will cackle with amusement as whitey infights. Meanwhile, an identity among us is formed and the ranks begin to be cleared of Vichy turncoats.

    Just spitballing alternatives to the Benedict Option, which runs counter to my nature but may well be the only other option.

    • Interesting, but as a side note, you really need to get on gab and read John Rivers on internet security, anonymity, etc.

      • TimNY,

        Have we reached that point already? I guess I am not quite ready to let go of the fact that the 1A is dead. Perhaps I should do.

    • IRA is a Leftist organisation; it’s the main reason for their success post-independence.They could get away with things because they were supported by the Left so I’m not sure how useful they are as a template.

      • Fred, dont see where the leftism plays in. The Soviets were commies but became petty good at tank warfare. Point?

    • Their most effective tactic however involved far far fewer casualties.

      The planted bombs in the City of London proper, the financial district, phoned it in, and basically shut down trading and cost millions.

      Before, murdering elderly national heroes and blowing up bands in parks hardened British resolve. Thatcher even let some dogs off the leash and there were plenty of mysterious “Irish nationals found dead” stories.

      But nobody was really willing to go hardcore over no dead bodies and bankers being inconvenienced. It made it really much easier to say yes to them.

      The IRA did do what you suggested as did the PLO. It’s nasty and unnecessary really, because I don’t want terrorist gangsters bullying me because I don’t know where they’ll set the bar either. And the IRA is fundamentally crazy because there are a million plus men in Ulster who emphatically DON’T want a united Ireland, and a republic of Ireland who doesn’t want a bleeding province either. If you want a free Ireland, it’s a bus ride away, it’s right over there. “I shouldn’t have to move!” Maybe not, but you might find a more meaningful life in the Republic than trying to bend a majority population that doesn’t want to be bent and won’t lie down.

      • Hoyos,

        I bow to your superior knowledge of the subject… though what I am suggesting is in the abatract and with a very American twist.

  42. There is no doubt that there is going to be major change, but I have no idea what’s going to happen. Suppose the Dems to take full control. Are these virtue signaling but incredibly soft upscale suburban liberals going to let their wealth be confiscated? We can’t pay for what the government does today — let alone tons more free stuff. Speaking of free, what will these liberals do when their virtue signaling is no longer “free”? At some point, there’s going to be complete chaos with adults no longer being in charge in the West. What happens after the chaos? Pinochet seems as likely as anything else.

    • Re: ” can’t pay for what the government does today”.

      Martin Armstrong has covered this – and his reading of the tea leaves is that socialism collapses. There is a simple rule that rears it’s head over and over again in the affairs of human beings: “what can’t be paid for – won’t be”

      I think the lefties are going to bump up against this restriction – and they’ll probably try to vacuum up as much money as they can to try and save their asses. The problem is that their empire is already running on financial fumes – and the money they currently vacuum out is already bouncing up against limits.

      Armstrong on Chicago and it’s pension issues:

      ” Naturally, the politicians want to hunt the rich. If we then look at the households that earn $200,000 and just tax the “rich” we end up with $2 million in obligation per household. We cannot expect government officials to save the day when they too have personal pensions at stake. This story is being repeated around the nation and in Europe. Nobody is willing to address the problem because they have personal pensions on the line.”

      You really think the “rich” are going to just sit by and let the government Hoover them for $2 mil? The rich lefties are already running away from CA.

      There’s another factor at play here. I used to see it expounded on by Gary North on occasion when I read him. The “rule” (if you want to call it that) – was that the government could expect to extract somewhere around 20-21% of GDP in taxation, without causing societal unrest and revolution. Go over that – and you can expect shooting to start. This level of extraction has held true since the end of WW2 ( we never really went off a war footing after WW2 – when you compare to before the war).

      The federal government has gotten around this with all sorts of schemes like putting the Social Security money into the till and then spending it – and by using the Fed to manipulate interest rates – as well as thru borrowing.

      The point here is – the interest rates are as low as they can drive them. If they go up – the bill that must be paid for the debt goes up exponentially. The pensions are all underfunded, as is Medicare and Medicaid. The leftie experiment ALL rests on “other people’s money”.


      So the only way out – is to start OPENLY robbing people.

      That’s the kind of shit that gets you SHOT.

      So yeah – I don’t necessarily think the lefties have as much runway to pull their bullshit – as they , and a lot of conservatives – seem to think they do.

      But I guess we will see how it plays out – maybe soon.

      • Slightly OT to the thread, but I was watching the triads in HK attacking the people in public places this weekend. In a country with armed civilians, that crap would not be happening like it did.

          • Particularly as Antifa have armed bodyguards (police) and a phalanx of lawyers to protect them.

          • This would be easier if our side actually wanted to take the cities back.

            I suspect that a lot of people on the Dissident Right hate cities even if we have to live in them and while we can’t bring ourselves to destroy them we also can’t figure how to rebuild them to our values and may not want to. Collapse Porn and Urbex are still things

            This attitude makes us passive as we’d rather let them decay in hopes they’ll soon be Detroit

            Also our mindset of individual rights/individual justice is stupid . The Left is correct in that it is a collective problem , us vs them and anyone associated with anyone enabling them has to be held accountable for the crimes of those people.

            This is also a frame of mind I fully understand why people on our side avoid . Its dyscivic to say the least and what you get is Yemen or the Balkans or best case Scotland in the clan days if one side isn’t strong enough to exterminate the other.

            This is not conducive to peace or happiness

            I’d guess most Dissident Right want I don’t know the 1980’s with less divorce and no cultural marxism but how the hell we get that, no one knows

            That is if it can be done at all.

          • @AB
            Also our mindset of individual rights/individual justice is stupid . The Left is correct in that it is a collective problem , us vs them and anyone associated with anyone enabling them has to be held accountable for the crimes of those people.
            That’s one thing that frustrates me the most about the right they don’t realize when you have a collective problem you have to have a collective solution otherwise it will remain a problem…

          • This is because most what we call “Right” is “Left Lite” and the founding fathers even though great men were Leftist to the bone.

            The assumption that the states could maintain a conservative foundations was sound but our Constitution was written for a time that had more in common with Medieval Europe than modernity

            It also doesn’t surprise me that it didn’t really survive telegraphs and railroads , the middle 19th century was something of an inflection point, when information and transportation got fast and modernity kicked in

            Fundamentally a new system will have to be authoritarian at its core and designed from the bottom up.

            I can promise you the carpetbaggers, leave me alone itarians, grifters and looters will put up a fight but the Us is a fully developed high tech nation now and must change . I might not agree with FDR’s policy choices or their timing but at his core, he was correct in the nation the US had to be forced into a new form

            He however had a more moral people than we do

            His might not be the right form, but change we must and making that Making society moral and the economy support family formation while respecting our values of individual liberty and autonomy will be challenging

          • @KT
            Ding Ding I don’t know why people can’t realize that all groups would be rolled up in less than a week if the state wasn’t protecting them…

      • Didn’t the quantitative easing over the last 10 years convince our rulers that can print money forever, so that there is little need to antagonize people by raising taxes? I don’t believe this policy is sustainable but they seem to.

      • Calsdad, the sign that what you fear is about to happen will be when a “wealth” tax is passed. That will be the road to direct confiscation to transfer $$$ from the productive to the unproductive.

        • What happens is that people become less productive.

          This is not a bad thing, much materialism is fed to us to compensate for global overproduction of crap know one needs.

          The less people commerce above all else and consumption as native religion , the better. More Jesus (or Thor and Odin if that’s you bag) and less Mammon would do all us some good.

          In the end though, it comes down to all those rifles and that ammo people bought. A general attitude of fuck this bullshit “democracy” I want power for my goals and the willingness to sacrifice will get you there,

          If you make it you might get a better society or you might only get a little gas station fort and a comley slave girl but that precarious freedom might be a lot better than being harnessed to a plow to pay for your replacements

          It’s by no means time for anything stupid but be ready and more importantly organized and willing or you die.

      • Yep, good post. The running out of money crisis is going to hit FIRST, and it’s hard to see a way out politically. As you indicated, there is a limit to how much taxes people will pay (even rich liberals). But at the same time, what happens when EBT cards don’t work? In a big way, all this stuff is related — the West was completely unprepared for long-run effects of women not having kids. And now the long-run is just about here.

        • What happens when EBT cards don’t work?

          That’s simple. The inner cities riot and burn themselves down.

          They will overwhelm the police. MAYBE they start ranging outside the cities. All I know is there’s a lot of much richer suburbs between me and my local leftie blue hellhole. I expect them to get raided first.

          If a few suburbs burn – expect the police to be overwhelmed. Sooner or later dead brown bodies will not have much attention paid to them.

          I REALLY do not expect people to put up with that shit (free ranging dindus) – for all that long. Order will be DEMANDED one way or another.

          Either way – a piece of advice my father gave me as a child will apply: If you’re going to do something stupid – don’t get caught.

          • It’s a comforting scenario but the US unlike Venezuela has a sovereign currency and can by emergency order inflation index and mint enough money to pay for SNAP indefinitely

            The US could stop imports of almost everything if we wished and we’d still make it

            You cannot rely on a crash to do the heavy lifting for you as it may never happen and as the saying goes, the economy can stay irrational far longer than you can stay solvent

            As an aside to this, the modern economy is highly deflationary and policy choices that should cause 10-15% inflation or more over time get maybe 3% and it gets masked as product size shrinkage anyway.

            The only way you’ll see high inflation is massive growth in wages and that will not happen for a lot of reasons.

            I’m guessing here but over time, you’ll see the government detach further from the actual economy, it’s already at all levels of about 40% of GDP and will go up

            Long enough term, expect an ultra flat economy, 80% of people make 1k a month plus state subsidies and piece work , 19% make normalish wages and 1% make tons

            This is a fertile breeding ground for Socialism too.

            How we deal with that, I don’t know but the Dissident Right if it somehow gets power will end up taking a populist approach the economy rather than a Neo Liberal one, if they want to stay in power.

    • Nobody has any idea of what is actually going to happen. Predicting the future more than a few years out, while fun, is a fool’s errand. Human society is far too complex and chaotic to know what’s in store. And if you’re wringing your hands over predictions of doom, you’re paying a dividend to disaster before its due. What’s more, that disaster may never even occur.

  43. OR…

    The Left is actually afraid of a fight. We won’t know if we don’t fight. We do know what peace is getting us; extinction.

    Peace is death for us.

    As to “coping” …. uh…er..
    have a good friend punch you in the nethers. That will refresh your ‘gender’ coping skills, Sir.

    As to thriving during the Dark Ages … yeah if you were the winning warlord. Of course those warlords wanted captive populations as a form of wealth. Not genocide. Except when they did, in which case they got it. I can name a couple of totally depopulated regions such as Northern Italy, The Balkans, Eastern Anatolia….they didn’t thrive.
    They ceased to exist.

    We have no place to run, cope, or thrive.

    And Hell we wouldn’t deserve it collapsing before this rabble of fags, soyboys and moronic imports. We don’t.

    We lose under these conditions we are rightly exterminated. Nothing so weak deserves survival.

    We lose America we flat out need to be eliminated from the gene pool.

    • That’s cold as Hel but it’s true in every way.

      Still its along ugly path from a prosperous nation with Christian albeit a Lefty version as ideal to filling the trench graves with teenagers because nits make lice and I can’t blame anyone for not wanting that.

    • As AB says Join or Die…Stop focusing on the Left and focus on the true enemy which is the State which has brainwashed white males as it’s enforcers… Without them the left and Islam would fade into the dustbins of history…

  44. the radicalism of the Left will destroy itself

    It will, but not before it destroys everything else if you let it.

  45. Technological control requires the lights to be on. Keeping the lights on requires YT. I think we’ve seen the high water mark for clown world. So color me as not being overly apocalyptic.

  46. On twitter one of the major themes among the patriotic MAGA Trump crowd is to remove Omar, citing her sham marriage, possibly immigrating illegally, etc. They also spend lots of time and energy bashing AOC and Tlaib. You get the impression that they think everything will be fine once we get “the Squad” straightened out or silenced or whatever. There’s never any talk that AOC, Omar, and Tlaib are just a sneak preview of what’s coming, and there will be many more like them or worse, because of the biggest problem of all, demographics.

    • The inability of normie to think demographically is an infuriating problem.

      Of course the gatekeeping media, both left and right, want to keep him not thinking demographically.

      As Zman has said, however, just telling white people that they’re going to become a minority is a very upsetting thing. We need every white person to know it, just as our opponents need people to not know it.

      • I’ve posted countless times, in countless places, the true demographic numbers to the best of my knowledge, but I still see the same old myths (Whites a minority by 2045, Asians are natural conservatives and White allies, Mestizos are mostly White and totally assimilated by the 3rd generation, etc.) almost daily. Even Zman, in his last podcast (which I listened to in its entirety – whooohoo a first for me!) said the 2020 census would show Whites down to the low 60s percent–wise. With due respect, official figures (not that I trust those, but if anything I think they overstate the # of Whites) claimed non-Hispanic Whites (i.e. European Whites, the only ones who matter) were 61.9% in 2015. Subtract from that 2% Jews and 1.5% Arabs, plus another percent or two for those Hispanics and pajeets who consider themselves White, and I believe the true figure – right now – is perhaps 57% European White.

        And that 57% includes almost all of the people ages 55 and up, so it will drop rapidly in the coming decade. While public school inmates have been officially more than 50% nonWhite for a few years now, age matters there too – high school students may average 50% White nationally, but I would estimate younger kids it’s 40% at best.

        Talk about acceleration – watch the demographics go off the cliff concurrent with the political and cultural collapse. Whether Trump wins in 2020 or not, I would argue Whites have until 2024 at best to get prepared for utterly overt and heavy-handed public and government measures designed to ensure no one more than 85% White (your Whiter mestizos like Jessica Alba) survives much longer.

        • We’re already an effective minority. There’s a significant percentage of whites who will never ever take our side no matter what the circumstances.

    • The point of attacking the Squad is to make them the face of the Democratic Party. That’s why Trump does it, and it’s working. Pelosi and the DNC are rallying around them, even though they alienate vast numbers of moderate voters (and Jewish DNC donors). Yes, the GOP needs to keep the Senate and retake the House, and the emerging DNC message of open borders, free healthcare for illegals, trannies in women’s sports, etc. is going to help them do that.

      As for Silicon Valley, I’m sure Trump is aware of the threat. I urge everyone to read the PDF of Dr. Robert Epstein’s Senate testimony: Why Google Poses a Serious Threat to Democracy, and How to End That Threat.

      • Trump is aware of the Silicon Valley threat, and he’s tweeted about it, but no action yet. What Trump’s not aware of, is the demographic threat, which he hasn’t even tweeted about. In fact, many times he’s bellowed in front of his MAGA crowds that we need more legal immigrants.

          • Some people aren’t supposed to understand what you are saying, but communicating in code doesn’t work if no one understands it. If Trump’s call for more legal immigrants is code for more white immigrants, you and Trump are the only ones who understand it. When Trump talks about more legal immigrants, everyone understands it to mean more Pajeets and/or Mestizo peasants.

          • Not likely.

            First, there are no surplus White people in any nation to send here. All developed fertility rates, White and Asian are below replacement and less developed nations are getting there too . Mexico may be there soon if they aren’t already

            Second, the Cheap Labor/Chamber of Commerce crowd has its hands on the nuts of a lot of Republicans and as such if it comes to changing the business model and raising wages and benefits a little by the market or ruining the US with labor arbitrage they always choose the later

  47. ” Just imagine what happens when President Harris gives a speech inviting half of the world to come to America for free health care. The rush to the border will be unprecedented.”

    I pray for this nightly. This slow motion train wreck we are in now is untenable and anathema to my person. It is like watching your body slowly rot from cancer but you are forbidden from either radical surgery or chemo by TPTB. You must simply watch agonizingly as you wither and the organs of the state protect the ‘cancer’ with threats of violence and incarceration.

    You can smash people’s skulls open with a metal bike lock or burn their face off with a makeshift flamethrower SO LONG as you have the correct political views and not do a day in jail. Consider that fact deeply for a moment. The State is complicit in all of this and nothing will change until that isn’t the case because should you decide you don’t like drag queen story hour turning little kids into confused whores for deviant pedos, there are snipers on the roof willing to ‘correct’ your dissent.


    When you have SWAT snipers targeting soccer moms you know your government is illegitimate and has ‘jumped the shark’ completely.

    What do I always say here? I detest whining and recycling with no solutions. We all know the problem well by now. What are -you-, white man- going to do about it? Me? I tried the direct approach, and that same said SWAT team nearly erased me, so now I know what the play is. Acceleration. The house is already on fire, add as much fuel as possible. President Harris has my vote. It is only until whitey is under the lash and the whip of pain and fear, respectively, that he will grow his balls back and take action. Or… he won’t, and will vanish into history like so many before him.

    Once things get -really- uncomfortable the chaff will be sorted from the wheat tout fucking suite, then we can make some real progress and the non-risk averse will finally say the simple word no cuck or normie is willing to say right now: NO. That is it. Drag queen story hour… no. Transgen… no. Muh divers… no. Muh civnat… no. Muh immigra…no. No. No. No. You will lose things, if you do this. Social standing, perhaps your job, maybe even your freedom or your life. But you lose –much– more by inaction and ‘going along to get along’ which is what the vast majority are doing now. “May your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen” – Samuel Adams… goddamn right.

    • And all of this happened WITH a Trump victory.

      I wouldn’t be surprised at another Trump victory. The rulers get what they want and YT still believes in the plan so he remains in semi-paralysis.

      They need another 4 years just like the past 4 years. We won the Tweet War the anti-whites took home the prom queen. Shifting the Overton window a bit here and a bit there is a great way to get the goyin to blow off steam…and do nothing else.

      Trump was an accelerationist. The problem is our enemies hit the gas peddle while whites tapped the brakes.

      Whites are going to remain in semi-paralysis no matter who wins in 2020. We haven’t been bloodied nearly enough to do what needs to be done.

      The 2024 election will be the race war election.

      • This is rhetorical question so don’t answer but if all of this is so terrible, why haven’t you organized a death squad and gotten started ? hell if that is too far why haven’t you started a Bund of some kind? A club? whatever

        No multiply that by everyone else who doesn’t want to fight a goddamned civil war for unspecified goals and no personal gains.

        We could purge the US of every cuck, every Cultural Marxists, millions of foreigners and all the globally focused types, corporate and otherwise and end up basically as Bulgaria or Yemen

        Being White helps but without an underlying order, something we entirely lack , we’ll revert to being a shithole country simply because so many of the people that came here of every race, including Whites were the refuse of nations, failures, grifters, and trash.

        hell our Founding Fathers decided were to quote WRSA, traitors , tax evaders and cop killers and many had much in common with today’s Left

        Expecting Conservative people who really only get riled up about guns and abortion to suddenly go from a very Liberal and Left leaning society to civil war with a win condition is absurd. In fact it is quite a surprise to me we are as far as we are now

        • “why haven’t you started a Bund of some kind? A club? whatever”

          Many people have been doing just that, and for a while. I think we don’t have any other realistic options right now except to make connections and build upon them. Make sure you’re ready to survive whatever comes. If we’re ever going to get back to a place where most whites want to start a family (your measure of a healthy society as I recall) we have to make sure we aren’t simply adrift as simply another voice on the internet. I don’t mean paramilitary groups either. People you can trust and who can trust you. Some plan of action for emergency situations. Low key. Hope for the best plan for the worse.

          • And Yves if someone can’t do that where they are at then they need to have the courage to be a Pioneer and move to somewhere that is conducive to that…

    • Apex:
      THANK YOU for reiterating he word that is not said enoUgh: No. NO. NO.

      I see it not being used with even my friend’s children. She is soft on them. And will reap what is being sown.

      As a woman, I will do what I can to support our like-minded brethren in the coming Troubles. I live in the den of iniquity. (Close to the Imperial Capital.)

      • Me too. I’m in DC (Sodom on Potomac). Shall we start a revolution? 🙂 man ain’t far away either so I say that jokingly but only half so. One never knows these things and ‘organic / grassroots’ is how to attack this thing in actuality. Big telegraphed moves like CVille are a disaster waiting to happen. Small groups. Small attainable goals. (And to Henry, I can walk and chew gum you can do the things you are asking for whilst also pouring gas on a fire, they bring about the same result if done properly.)

    • Accelerationsism is an idiotic “strategy” (it is really more of a fantasy). The people on this blog, and in other DR meeting places, are only hurting our cause by indulging in this stupid idea that we can make things better by making things worse.

      1. We should be figuring out how to wake up more whites to our situation and what it will calls for. This is not easy to do. We should also be devising feasible plans for organizing into activist groups. Accelerationsism amounts to giving up on these tasks, and instead hoping that some good will come out of losing. This is just as destructive as “whining and recycling with no solutions” which you rightly criticize. Whatever you did to get a SWAT team at your door was probably not the right approach either.
      2. We have no idea if making things worse will provoke an aggressive response in a critical % of whites, or if it will provoke the opposite response in a much larger %.
      3. Accelerationism ignores the DR’s greatest weakness: we don’t have a plan for normies. Without a concrete plan, everything we say will be blocked out and resisted because all we have to offer is a depressing outlook.
      4. On a related note, promoting accelerationism amounts to promoting chaos, and most whites prefer anything to chaos. And most people will not follow the advice of someone who wants society to become more chaotic. Instead, we should be telling cucks that we are trying to help them adapt to changing circumstances.

      Does anyone here have experience they are willing to share with ANY kind community organizing?

  48. The crux: “accept the reality of the situation and act accordingly.” The time for debating and proselytizing is very near its end. I think we’re looking at increasing low-intensity conflict which will grow outward from the blighted urban areas, and at some point a trigger event which causes the mayhem to spill into suburbia and potentially beyond. The key phrase for us is KNOW YOUR HISTORY. Not American history, but the history of mankind and the depravity that erupts when cultures collapse. I used to think financial collapse would precede cultural collapse … no longer, for the very reason Z-man mentions – that cultural collapse is accelerating. I’ve always thought the Republicans were strolling to the edge of the cliff, whilst the Dems were jogging. Now it’s an all-out sprint.

    What bothers me about our side, though, is that we all agree that the present situation is unsustainable. Well & good – do people know what that word really means? Frankly, most of those who agree with us at the debate level have piss-poor situational awareness at the action level. At some point everything we call civilization comes to a screeching halt. The “action” part that’s necessary at this point is relocation toward pockets of your like-minded demographic, and a “sustainability mindset” to include everything that government and WalMart currently provide, i.e. food/water/power. There’s a lot more to this than stocking up on Spam and buying a generator. Action means developing survival skills (and physical conditioning) right f’ing now.

    • Your financial collapse seems to be spinning up.

      Go lookup Deutsche Bank and it’s current troubles with derivatives. I just saw an article on Zerohedge about this – and they’re throwing around the “It’s the next Lehman Brothers” moniker.

      • The problem in the financial world is that they have all the money and customers they are going to get for a while, things (stocks, bonds, real estate) have been mostly bid up as far as they can go, and QE/money printing has lost its oomph. So it is a big fat flatline from here. What that means in the real world, we shall see.

        • Those derivatives they’re referring to are a real problem.

          I don’t pretend to fully understand the whole thing , but I’ve seen the explanation that they’re bets placed on bets that were placed on other bets.

          When they unravel they do so in spectacular fashion.

          From what they’ve elaborated on – it sounds like Douchebank has exposure to something like $47 trillion worth of derivatives – in a world where the entire Earth economy is only something like $80 trillion.

          So they’ve got a potential financial blowup worth more than half of the entire world economy.

          Pretty sure that’s going to leave a mark.

          And it’s why I have continually said that this entire globohomo world order is based on financial BULLSHIT. The only way something like this current world order of things sustains itself – is thru financial shennanigans. The lefties have been complaining for as long as I can remember about how Nazis supported their regime thru theft reaching out all over Europe.

          Given as how ZMan has pointed out before – and in today’s column things like:

          ” because of the well-established pattern of the Left signaling what they are going to do, by warning that they fear it ”

          It would seem that lefties propensity to whine endlessly about how the Nazis were a criminal regime – is an instance of them whining about what they’re already doing.

          Instead of them signaling what they’re going to do – it’s them signaling about what they’re already doing – and have been doing for some time.

          • Calsdad, most of those derivative positions are covered; that is, they own both sides of the trade and they cancel out. But it doesn’t take much out of $47 tln to put a dent in things. And there is no way to build a book and not take a stand on how things need to play out. One can cover most possibilities, but not all of them. There is also the potential for things to snowball due to counterparty risk. That’s why the Fed walks on eggs and Trump’s attacks scare the bejeebers out of bankers.

        • Worse for them, not that these guys are exactly long term focused future customers aren’t being born and the few that are, are how shall we say far from ideal customers

        • I have no idea about a financial apocalypse, but our financial institutions (as well as the government and many corporations) are built to either grow or wither. Stasis is not part of the equation. What it means and how it all plays out, anyone who says they know what it means is blowing a lot of smoke up peoples’ arses.

          • OK & D, you’re right about fiscal worries. We’ve fought every war and build most of our civilization under fiscal conditions that make our ancestors seem like paupers compared to todays paper wealth.

        • Ostei,

          You are correct of course. I’ve made choices, some good some bad, based on predictions of economic holocaust… going back 15 years. Yes, it will eventually collapse but I no longer trust anyone’s timeline.

          As an addendum, the good choices were: having an arsenal (I enjoy plinking), precious metals which I sold at a profit and plunked a fat down on my rural property, and I picked up some useful skills.

          Downside: I have a ridiculous amount of ‘survival gear’s that is collecting dust in storage. I didn’t sell my metals at peak price (just a small profit price) when I should have because I thought the collapse was coming RIGHT NOW!

          caveat emptor on economic doomsday predictions.

        • I’ve been hearing this crap since I was a kid probably starting with Ravi Batra’s Great Depression of 1990

          The family ended up calling him Ravi Bankrupt figuring that is where you’d be if you listened to him or any of the other pop “financial planners” out there.

        • http://www.market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=236418

          The Federal Government is 25% in the hole right now on a budget basis — that is, it is spending 25% more than it can afford. Every dollar of deficit spending has produced less than a dollar of GDP since roughly 2001. This is an exponentially-accelerating series, and we are now in the terminal phase of it.

          My rough extrapolation is 2024 before it all goes to Hell in a bad way. That assumes we get there, and the market doesn’t figure it out first — specifically, the debt markets. If they do, then it all goes to Hell immediately.

          Who knows if they will.

          I know how nearly everyone sees this. You think it’s great. The GDP expansion is already less than that of deficit spending. It has been since 2000. Those are mathematical facts. It’s not subject to debate, political polemic or otherwise. It is an exponentially-accelerating series and once you reach the negative contribution point if you don’t cut it out you’re fucked — and the longer you wait to do it the more fucked you are.

          What I do know is that this announcement should result in the entirely of Washington DC — the entire Federal portion of the city, encompassing everything from the Capitol to the White House and everything between and beyond, being laid siege be protesters who refuse to leave, shutting down every bit of the Federal Government until this crap is stopped.

          All of it.

          It won’t happen.

          Nobody gives a wet crap.


          Math is not political. It cannot be argued or bargained with.

          It just is.

          So off the cliff we shall go — as a nation, as an economy, as a people.

  49. A necessary question: what are the scores of Republicans going to do on November 9th? EVERYBODY to the Right of democrats have been saying Trump will win and how much they hate Democrats. Meanwhile, The Z Man speaks true, the senate map looks terrible.

    I have several choice lines lined up to rub their noses in it like the retarded puppies they are. But, I cant help but hope that this breaks something inside the scores of white people and they wake up.

    • I have completely lost faith in the right’s ability to react correctly to the current existential crisis.

      Ten years ago I thought that the true battle of the future would be between Islam and the left. Discovering the alt-right back in 2013, I had hope for a while that it could be different and all was not lost.

      I am now drifting back to my original position, that it will be between the left and Islam with what’s left of the right being willfully impotent bystanders.

      There is some truly broken in the right’s psyche that makes it impossible for them to survive.

      • Go back and read Zman’s essay on “killing” Lincoln. Many Republicans can’t bring themselves to contemplate doing anything about multiculturalism or thinking anything bad about multiculturalism. Because Lincoln. Because black liberation. Unless these whites can be brought over to our side, they will simply continue to look like deer caught in a headlight. Whites must get past historical inertia. Or else.

        • When so many are getting shot and their throats slit that it is impossible not to notice or the media to cover it up, then some cucks might start to wake up.

          But probably not.

          • Why predicate our survival on cucks? Bet it all Coward sellouts?

            Or normies? They are NPCs to war, or anything outside their own existence.

            Cucks are to be treated as traitors. Normies to be brushed aside or in war told to dig ditches and fill sandbags.

            Both of the above are eternal truths to war, to life, to man.

            If you know your duty (and you do) do your duty and others will follow or fall silent.

            It has always been the few.
            Even in WW2 only 9% of the population served – most of them conscripts. In the Revolutionary war even worse; The Continentals record musters once they began to win never exceeded 40,000 out of 3 million.

            Don’t wait for the rest – they aren’t coming.

      • The Left allies up with Islam….the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Most of the Right will just piss on themselves and corrode into a fetid puddle of useless acid pee….some will ally with Islam. So what happens to 40 M Hispanics? Hispanics are the pets of the day to be used, then humped and dumped when bothersome, at first fed then told to fend for themselves. Post victory, Islamists won’t be all warm and fuzzy with the Squatamalans. Thoughts?

        • At this point they are brought together by mutual hatred of the White Aryan people. That will dissolve into self-interest, maybe sooner rather than later.

    • Do not “rub their noses in it,” or call them retards, or give up on them, or do as Zman has suggested before and try to bully them.

      It is human nature to prefer pretty lies ugly truths. Patiently explain the demographic facts (the comments section here: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/07/21/axios-not-single-demographic-trend-favors-republicans/ is a good place to start) and offer an alternative plan of action. The second part is key. The failure of the right through the decades has been in not offering a set of concrete steps that should be taken. Instead we mostly just complain. The sort of people we are trying to reach out to will not respond to doom and gloom alone.

    • I think it’s likely that even if trump wins the election , which I doubt, the GOP establishment will join with the dems to remove him from office. probably impeachment or article 25 , but the donors who pay them will not allow 4 more years of trump, even if it means taking off the mask.

    • You really think that white people are going to wake up if Democrats take the Senate? Wasn’t it just a year or so ago that some perky college Becky in the US was raped and murdered by a Mexican immigrant and, before her body was even cold, her father was out denouncing anti-immigrant sentiments?

      If these people are actually sanguine about sacrificing their own children, then just what do you think it will take to “wake them up”? A higher golf handicap?

      • White liberals still exist in South Africa. Despite overwhelming evidence that should have eliminated such delusions.

        About 5-7% of SA whites appear to vote for the ANC, and at least 70% for the left-wing DA party. The VF Plus separatist party gets 2% of the total vote nationwide, and part of their voters are actually Afrikaans speaking Colureds.

        • The highest the VF Plus has ever gotten in any election, was 6% in one province (1994). This year there highest score was 4% in NW province. The population is about 4-5 points less white than in 1994. Anglo whites also don’t seem to vote for them.

        • The South Africans could have saved themselves. When the Soviet Union collapsed they should have sent agents to everywhere in the former Warsaw Pact nations and offered a passport, a house and start-up cash to anyone who wanted to start a new life in SA. By now there would have been 20-25m white South Africans. Enough to separate and form their own viable nation.

          • The Group Areas Act was repealed in 1990, the fall of the USSR in ’91, the Berlin Wall in ’89. There wasn’t much time in between, and even then they would have been rendering themselves a minority to a bunch of Eastern Euros weren’t Protestant and didn’t speak Afrikaans.

            The reality is that the US and W Europe could have threatened military intervention unless the Boers got the volkstaat. They didn’t, because of their dramatic unpopularity. But we did do this for Bosniaks and Albanians.

          • The National Party government was basically doomed from the moment the Shah was overthrown. That cut off their oil supply, and a link with their Israeli allies. They had to start using coal-to-oil after that. They never exploited the Sino-Soviet split either.

            Or we could point even earlier than that, as the demographers in 1948 had no understanding of the Green Revolution driven population boom for blacks, or the contraception pill reducing European fertility.

  50. It seems the ZMan is suggesting a type of “Benedict Option,” like Rod Dreher, for the Dissident Right. Things are really looking desperate.

    • Rod Dreher is a sackless cuck who couldn’t ‘Benedict’ his way out of a wet paper bag. His latest cowardly mewling about how ‘against’ the chant at the Trump rally he was can be found here. (Trigger Warning: It is pretty sad and pathetic)


      May want to find a better example than a yellow bellied christcuck coward who roles over at the first sign he may lose a fight. People of that stripe are the walking dead, basically.

      • I’m a comparative normie for this board, and a big part of me thought “…sending her back doesn’t seem so bad does it?” As a sentiment I mean. I mean Omar seems to hate America’s people, culture, customs, history, and laws. And she’s not from here. Sooo…maybe go home? I really don’t think I’m being Hitler here. I mean that’s just kind of common sense, every nation on earth in 1950 wouldn’t sweat it and I mean every single one, including the communist ones.

        • And, like 90%+ of Somalis in the USA, her immigration status appears to have been gained through out-and-out fraud. Thank the Lutheran Church.

      • Most White Americans ARE christcucked cowards…that’s the problem. I can’t see a future for the White race in the US…but I do see a future in Russia and East Europe, who seem to be waking up and don’t have our problem of tens of millions of mongrel Blacks “Africans” permanently in prison or on welfare. And on top of this ugly brown mass sits the American White Boy, dickless and afraid. Sorry, the future is Russian…

    • The benedict option will only work if one is willing to physically defend their space from interlopers, and that includes state authority.

      • Monasteries were either defended by Knight or raided by Barbarians.

        Frankly our property has made us weak and the fragility of our systems has made it hard for us to fight for them out of fear we’ll break them

        I’m having trouble worrying about this, most of the ways we do things are pretty stupid and we can still feed, clothe, heal and entertain ourselves without vast economies of scale .

        we we can so long as the foreigners and cultural marxists aren’t around anyway

    • Forget about how cucky Dreher is. You can also ignore the religious baggage of the Benedict option. A big part of Dreher’s cuckiness springs from that.

      The basic idea is sound: to isolate as much as possible from the corrupt culture, participating minimally until after the collapse. Part of this is building communities of like-minded people. It’s a way to remain sane in the midst of insanity while preserving reality-based culture for the post-progressive future.

      • The crux is you’ll need to be able and willing to defend that isolation.

        That’s why Dreher arguing for something like this is comical.

        We don’t need a Benedict Option we need a Fortress Option.

      • Exactly. Stewing alone in the belly of the beast doesn’t accomplish anything more for White interests than taking some kind of action, even a BenOp. There’s a middle ground between Black Pill despair and believing you can somehow save the existing system.

        • So when are you all going to join me here in the Bitterroot Valley of MT😉 You would be hard pressed to find a better place than this that is easily defendable, grows enough food to sustain it’s population and like-minded people…

    • YES! In the Before Times these organizations fulfilled many functions now taken over by the state. This includes medical insurance.

      The Elks (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks) included a medical Program wherein the Elk Lodge contracted with a physician who received an significant annual stipend and took care of the day – to – day medical care of the families of that lodge.

      Imagine a sizable lodge paying for the medical school costs of a young M.D. in exchange for concierge medicine from that doctor. I bet that would be quite popular with doctors interested in family practice. Otherwise they are looking at a quarter of a million dollars in student loan debt. And they would start their career with a big group of patients instead of struggling to build a practice.

      When I was active in an Elk lodge (before moving to a town without one) a member died young. He had paid in to an Elk’s fund which acted almost as life insurance. He left behind a widow and two young daughters. The kids had their entire college costs paid by that protective fund.

      Everything old is new again. When the ubiquitous state programs stop functioning (do you *really* expect Social Security to take care of the doddering old you?) I think these social groups will rise again to fill these needs and more.

      • When he had freedom of association, small government and relative racial homogeneity, we also had civil society. Now that freedom of association is outlawed, the state is a behemoth, and we’re diversified to within an inch of our life, we’re an atomized, angry society artificially soldered together by the Deep State. Behold the fruits of AWR Leftism.

        • Read an article (can’t remember if it was the Atlantic or NYT) where black men in that city were starting a black men’s social club. The ideaman behind it stated that they wouldn’t prohibit white men from joining (CYA I think) but they would only be discussing black issues and culture in the club, and whites who wanted to join had better be prepared to be quiet and just be schooled. (I paraphrase).

          I hope they succeed in their quest to start the social club. We can model ours after the same thing. Nobody is prohibited legally from joining, but you better be prepared it will be Amero-European civ focused and we will be willing to teach you all about it but you won’t be contributing much if you are outside our demographic community.


        • Sorry for my ignorance, but I can’t find any explanation of “AWR” online. What is this thing called AWR?

      • Firewire7,

        Thank you for the info on the Elks. They seem to be very active in the small rural community I am moving to. The wife and I will check into them.

    • I don’t give a damn about being reasonable, because most of the rest of the world doesn’t either.

      I want to associate with those who care about their own survival regardless of reason.

      • Being reasonable got the white Rhodesians wiped out and the White SA will follow.

        Problem is Z thinks even with the Left and Big Tech running the show it will be business as usual. He needs to get out of the beltway and take a look at Los Angeles

        • RE: “…look at Los Angeles…”
          People in and around LA who have sufficient disgust/concern/etc. and the necessary resources can escape to non-contaminated parts of the country; Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Arizona, etc., etc. act as pressure relief valves.

          When the entire country is contaminated and no suitable “escape locations” exist the only options become “submit” or “fight.”

          I’d expect large segments of the U.S. population to select one or the other, which will have very interesting national consequences; the “fight” proportion may decide it’s “last stand time” and act accordingly.

      • Henry said; ” It’s a great idea and something WE should emulate. (The difference with us is that there would be no need to kick dues up to some central organization — we should not have any central organization.)” You know. Even a burger joint has a central authority. If I know anything about human organisation, It’s that someone has to be the boss. And the boss has to have assistants, and on and on. It’s who we are. Somebody has to be the asshole that tells you to grab the shovel.

        • spider vs starfish, starfish always wins. we don’t need no central authority. we all know what to do and when to do it.

    • “reasonable” That’s same crap you here from GOP stains like Ryan and McConnell.

      Building social networks should have been done 20 years ago.

      And tell me what good are they when you are despised minority in your own country where business and the government work to t**k you over for being alive?

      • Pretty sure by “reasonable,” Z means the following – in conversations with persuadable/recruitable people, presenting the dissident right as level-headed and prudent in appraisal and advice, rather than bombastic, alarmist, or needlessly extreme.

        Appearing “reasonable” is a recruiting tactic, not a call to compromise.

        Z can tell me I’m wrong if I stuffed the wrong words in his mouth.

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