We Need A New Elite

Probably the worst thing Buckley conservatives did to their middle-class white supporters is instill in them an unconditional love of rich people. Conservatism accomplished very little, but one thing it did amazingly well is hypnotize middle-class whites into instinctively and ferociously defending the rights and privileges of the rich and powerful. Even today, the most racially aware white still gets a little angry when they hear an Ocasio-Cortez or Liz Warren rail against the rich.

This conditioning, of course, was deliberate. The super-rich donors that made Buckley conservatism possible saw the movement as a vehicle to protect their interests from the Left during the Cold War. It’s not that the American Left was ever a real threat to the rich and powerful, as most of them came from rich and powerful families. Progressivism has always been a rich man’s religion in America. It’s that the Left put a lot of conditions on the rich, something we see today with the Left-Corporate alliance.

With Buckley conservatism, the middle-class could be turned into an army of defenders that put no conditions on the rich. By the 1980’s, the anti-communism of Buckley conservatism was turning into the worship of rich people. The movie Wall Street or the popular TV show Family Ties are good examples. There you have heroic figures, who are pure materialists, with no sense of duty to their fellow man. Getting rich, by any means necessary, was a social good in itself.

This conception of conservatism is thoroughly at odds with any past conceptions of conservatism. In fact, there was never anything conservative about Buckley conservatism. From Joseph de Maistre to Russel Kirk, conservatism accepted that every society has a ruling elite. In order for a society to function, that elite must be explicit and indebted to the welfare of the society over which they rule. Conservatism always started with an understanding of duties and obligations.

Whatever Buckley may have said or written in his younger days, by the time the conservative movement reached it maturity, it was something that would have been unrecognizable to a historic conservative. It was a celebration of materialism and individualism that placed no obligations on the elite. Instead, it divorced the rich and powerful from their duties, turning their indifference into a virtue. That virtue has now curdled into a contempt not seen since the French Revolution.

To this day, the few intellectual hobos shuffling around the ruins of Buckley conservatism still try to peddle this lie. They wave around the Medusa head, painted up as Ocasio-Cortez, in an effort to scare their dwindling ranks into thinking socialism is their great enemy. That only a suicidal defense of those terribly vulnerable billionaires will prevent the Left from raising their taxes. It is a revolting display of toadyism that makes a decent man ball his fist and have dark thoughts.

Much of what ails the American Empire today is rooted in this terrible trick played upon the white middle-class of America. Once the Cold War ended, vast resources used to fight the communists could have been turned toward addressing long ignored problems in the homeland. Instead, the white middle-class went on a long orgy of pointless consumption, while a new class of super-rich oligarchs rose up, unconstrained by any obligation to the society that spawned them.

The truth is, if America had better rich people, rich people who felt a sense of duty to their fellow citizens, there would be no dissident right. Even putting aside race realism, if the rich just embraced an immigration and economic policy that was explicitly good for Americans, there would be no Donald Trump. The political center of America would be to the Right of the current GOP. The debates would be about how best to manage trade with the world and how best to guard the border.

Instead, we have political parties that despise their own voters, financed by billionaires, who despise the American people. Of course, this culture of contempt is not just an American phenomenon. It has spread throughout the empire, infecting the rich and powerful of the West. This story about the billionaires of France reneging on their commitment to rebuild Notre Dame is a perfect example. These people carry on like spoiled brats, living in the moment, indifferent to everyone.

In a business, bankruptcy is when the current arrangements are no longer sustainable, so the enterprise is either liquidated or reconstructed. That requires terminating current management, either to be replaced with better people, who will bring the firm back to solvency or so the firm can be dissolved. In a nation, revolution is similar, in that current elites need to be eliminated so a new set of elites can retool the country and bring it back to health. Bankruptcy and revolution are about new beginnings.

That’s where things are in the West, but America in particular. The current elites are rotten to the core. They are irredeemable. There’s no talking them out of their corruption or appealing to their humanity, at least not until they are on the gallows. These are people who now define themselves in opposition to that which makes nations possible and makes a people possible. For the people of the West to regain their sense of self, to make countries into homelands again, it means replacing the current elites.

The people can not be all, & always, well informed. the part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. if they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. we have had 13. states independant 11. years. there has been one rebellion. that comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. what country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? let them take arms. the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. what signify a few lives lost in a century or two? the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.

–Thomas Jefferson, Paris 1787

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287 thoughts on “We Need A New Elite

  1. Usually find a gem or two .
    My favorite –
    “”” makes a decent man ball his fist and have dark thoughts.”””

  2. We need a new elite? Only one problem, Z, we don’t HAVE an elite. The elite has us.

    The sum total of that realization is that change occurs only with their concurrence, at least since the 19th century, and, arguably, even then. Understanding the ways and means of the influence of power by the elite is a first step to being more free from them. But changing elites, like we change our oil, not happening.

    I like the redux of Buckley conservatism, on point.

    As to good ole TJ, he lived through the era of ersatz populism and disposable monarchies, the rise of republicanism, etc. As such, he can be forgiven for assuming that the grip of the power elite might not have grown so exponentially as it has since then. But the quote is as anachronistic as a buggy whip.

    • Coldwarvet said: ” We need a new elite? Only one problem, Z, we don’t HAVE an elite. The elite has us.” Indeed. you can’t change the power structure like you change your shorts. And a “new civil war” is also not going to happen. The only thing that would induce millions of Americans to rise up fully armed and march on D C would be massive, prolonged nationwide social unrest. Coupled with the mother of all economic disasters. That’s not acctualy what I’m hoping for. What we need is some really smart people that know the system inside and out , that can tell us how to slip through the cracks. Social and economic jiu-jitsu. That would be Ideal. Like I always say, try to think outside the box.

  3. The current cultural war in America is between Good Whites, who love liberty for themselves and their posterity, and Bad Whites, Who hate liberty, themselves, and their fellow Whites. I suggest we on the dissident right start using this nomenclature to describe what is going on. Heritage White Americans – good. Marxist Whites – bad.

    There is no doubt that Good Whites will eventually win. You may doubt me, but hear me out – POCs are little more than pawns who know they can’t survive unless they live near Good Whites. If you doubt me, consider how that very few freed slaves were willing to return to Africa when given a chance (Liberia), or list a country or US city that is majority non-white that is not a shit-hole. I will wait while you try to think of one. Detroit? Baltimore? Zimbabwe?

    The real fight is against the majority of us who are Good Whites who love heritage America, and the crazy minority of Bad Whites who are outsider Traitors, and hate our history and despise America. Despite all the media tries to tell you, there are still many more Good Whites than Bad Whites. I do not bring into the conversation Jews who side with and encourage the Bad Whites for their own nefarious nationalistic purposes, and who are the most racist people on the earth, other than to point out that such are clearly of a different tribe.

    So what do we, as Good Whites, do while Bad Whites try to transform our nation into a shit-hole? At present, we still have political means to express our disagreement. We, who are Good Whites, must continue to use these means as long as they are available to us (although Google, FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. try hard to limit our access to the public square) and infringe upon our natural rights of expression in the public square.

    Longer term, we should realize that the White Tribe exists, and we should take all available steps to strengthen the ties among our community and advance our own interests. It is OK to be a heritage white. If POCs can take pride in their respective tribes, and Jews can be proud to be Jewish and do subversive Jew things as they can’t help but doing, we who are Good Whites can do so as well.

    It is time for Good Whites to realize that we are a tribe. it is not racist to do so. You have to admit that it is REALLY NICE to be among our own tribesmen, and not forced to be around those that hate and resent us. I suggest all Good Whites begin viewing themselves as a tribe, and begin advancing the rights and benefits that best support and help our fellow tribe members. Marxist whites are not a part of our tribe, and should be treated as the pathetic outsiders that they are.

    I have a special hatred for civic nationalists and libertarians who refuse to recognize the tribal nature of men, and instead try to apply this to land or ideology. No, the Good Whites are a tribe, and we are going to advance our interests. Suck it.

  4. OT: The nig family throw down at Disneyland is going to red pill a shiton of mush headed whites: true or false?

    • That event, the NYPD hose down and increasing social disorder across the country are raising awareness. If you see it, record it and render it viral and the red pills shall register.

      Edited to add: carry a firearm properly calibered with rounds expansionist and bonded. Properly handled, you will command respect if challenged by violence else you can endit.

    • Pretty sure it’s already been forgotten and the next news item is coming along. Sites like World Star Hip Hop are providing the same material day in and day out and the mush heads aren’t changing at much. Maybe we’ll see some movement but the thing is – most whites KNOW this already. They just compartmentalize it and refuse to allow it to affect their Views.

  5. For nearly 30 years have spent the summer in what is increasingly the playland of the oligarchs. And each year it simply gets worse. The jets get bigger, the houses are more monstrous, the observed behavior in day to day interactions worse. And the generation of offspring they are breeding are worthless. They have outlived their usefulness.

      • Compared to what I see here, Ivanka would be a standout of work ethic and responsibility. You haven’t lived until you’ve been lectured on environmental responsibility by a 20 something wastrel who is squatting in Dad’s 5000 sq ft beach house and driving the Range Rover to parties on the island all summer. Couple interesting data points on the Trump kids. Buddy of mine used to hunt with the ex-NYPD guy that was the driver/bodyguard for the Trump kids during their school years. Had drinks with him a couple times (was before the political stuff). Trump kept close tabs and all the kids worked when not in school–Jr. was only partier of the bunch–and Dad cracked down pretty hard on him. Another–back in ’06 was flying back from Dubai on Emirates and who pops onto the plane? Trump with his entourage in tow, including Eric. Trump goes up to First Class, rest are in Business with me. Eric was two “pods” over. Entire flight back he was buried in papers, computer and spreadsheets for whatever deal they were working on–and he had to have been in high school or college at that time.

  6. I bought an interesting book some time ago, ‘French Corporative Theory, 1789-1948’, by Matthew H. Elbow, and I was reading the first few pages the other day. This quotation from it seems relevant to Zman’s essay (and I agree strongly with it):

    “Among the theories which the corporatists borrowed from St. Thomas Aquinas were his stewardship concept of property, with “the implication that its use should redound to the good of society, and that compulsion might be used where the owner failed in his duty,””

    I think the natural evolution of capitalism and democracy, which naturally evolves into plutocrat oligarchy and plutodemocracy, are at the heart of our current fall into oblivion. The elite, across the board, are united in lock-step behind our trajectory, which leaves me unafraid to indict the systems that emplaced them and provide their incentives. I think this same class controls mass media and entertainment, think-tanks and foundations, education, and thereby poison the thinking of the masses below them. I think capitalism naturally leads to a mass culture of consumerism/hedonism, another important component of our demise.

    I believe regaining a radical (compared to today) Right-wing anti-capitalism is vital, both for implementing a new and healthy system in the West, and for recruiting young, economically disaffected whites for a “peasant revolt” against an elite whose interests are, and will remain, diametrically opposed to those of the white masses (and to the rebuilding of a West of true nobility and high culture). I think corporatism, distributism, nationalist socialism, market socialism, national bolshevism/communism should be studied for ideas and insights in developing a contemporary alternative to the status-quo that is annihilating us.

    • “I bought an interesting book some time ago, ‘French Corporative Theory, 1789-1948.” Mister you’re a better man than I.

  7. Even Joe Sobran, as well-grounded as he was, was an anti-tax obsessive. Anti, as in, there should be NO taxes. I don’t think paleos had enough to write about back then, so they’d fixate on taxes, Bill Clinton, abortion, and what the Catholic ones liked calling “sodomites”. It wasn’t till late in his life that Sobran clued-in about immigrants. If I recall, some of his buddies like Brimelow took him aside and set him straight. Before that, as a good Catholic, he was glad to welcome his family-loving soulmates from Mexico. And wrote many pro-immigration columns.

  8. Well shhh….inola!
    A bit of forward signaling by the elite:

    New York Times Praises Soviet Union For Unprecedented Gender Equality In Gulag Labor Camps

  9. Re: ” Probably the worst thing Buckley conservatives did to their middle-class white supporters is instill in them an unconditional love of rich people. Conservatism accomplished very little, but one thing it did amazingly well is hypnotize middle-class whites into instinctively and ferociously defending the rights and privileges of the rich and powerful. Even today, the most racially aware white still gets a little angry when they hear an Ocasio-Cortez or Liz Warren rail against the rich.”

    I don’t think you understand the dynamics here.

    “Love of rich people” (and I don’t really think that is what it is) – was not instilled in anybody by Buckley conservatism. It’s something that is deeper and wider in this country than just Buckley conservatism.

    The country was founded by people who came here looking to get out from under the thumb of European monarchies – and have something to call their own. That’s where the roots of “love of rich people” comes from. If Buckley conservatism instilled anything – they were just riding coat-tails of something that’s existed here for a LONG time.

    Most white middle class aspire to be rich. So they will (of course) defend something that they aspire to be. When people like AOC or Warren attack the “rich” – the semi-aware middle class people recognize that the left is in effect attacking them. Because the rich never suffers thru the shit imposed by the left – the middle class does. The “rich” might pay an awful lot of taxes when the lefties start screaming for more money – but the middle class is who really gets porked when the lefties decide to look for money to harvest. A rich man might have his taxes raised from $1mil a year to $2 mil a year – but the reality is it doesn’t REALLY affect his lifestyle. And rich people run away – they always have – because they have the resources to. Middle class people are generally stuck in place, so they make easy marks. The more self aware – understand this.

    When lefties do shit like impose Obamacare taxes – the few thousand dollars that it costs a middle class person DIRECTLY translates into a week or so worth of work that just went POOF .

    The more aware right wing middle class guys that I know – are also fully aware of where commie revolutions always end up going. The rich people will run away – and the kulaks will fill holes in the ground.

    You can also point to shit the lefties have pulled in the past – like the AMT. It was supposed to only target the rich, but it (of course) neatly filtered down to pulling more money from middle class taxpayers over time.

    If you don’t understand why middle class people defend being rich in this country – you don’t really understand some of the basics that make this country tick.

    Which (once again ad-nauseum apparently) – why it seems I constantly have to circle back to pointing out that the comment pages here seem to be chock full of disaffected lefties. Because lefties don’t seem to understand shit about anything they start screwing with.

    • Calsdad….very full of thought post. I am a disaffected Lefty. I don’t have your background to understand history by understanding our roots of politics, nation or historical finances. I know I am blinkered. Through a glass darkly and all that. And often I know….when I don’t know.
      I’m quite pessimistic. This is what I wrote earlier today in my morning blackpilled frame of reference and didn’t post until now. It’s all your fault:

      For you who want to krall up with like-minded people and learn back-to-the-land skills (survival skills are a degree beyond)….this is a good website. Great title RURAL REVOLUTION.


      We’re missing a Huge reality. This is not 2005. This is 2019 Big Tech working with China to bring Big State Surveillance and some form of social credit system to the U.S. I live 3 hours from Utah’s NSA Data Center keeping track of us. Do you really think you’ll get a pass standing there like a Minuteman with you rifle ala Randy Weaver style?!

      Folks…Dutch just wrote about being paid a visit by the Big Police State and truly daunting. They now have drones to spy everywhere and CCTV and gunships. There is no dropping out and forming a Ruby Ridge to plan push-back. However, being armed is vitally important as the Reverse Scotch-Irish grow the rampage. That’s where you defend yourselves.

      So krall up for support, community, knowledge, barter, living frugally, but this revolution must be done entirely differently than Ruby Ridge. Krall up together for economic survival, for moral support.

      This is the time we cannot see a plan forward. Be patient. Keep working to change and white pill minds. Have faith… as time goes on, the outside world will obviously change and inspiration for Dissident planning will rise to the surface.

      Don’t depend on advancing the cause of Succession. Study Lincoln and the Civil War. They won’t let us go quietly. It’s about money, power and control. “The rich people will run away – and the kulaks will fill holes in the ground.”-Calsdad. They will not let you secede! Face that that option is dead in the water. “Do not underestimate the depravities and cruelties they will sink to as their position becomes more and more tenuous.”–Yves

      Unless or until the costs to keep us are greater than then costs to let us go along with territory…and that’s a long way into the future. Hell, Hispanics kicking out whitey from the Southwest and reclaiming Aztlan have a better chance than Dissidents claiming a place.

      Back to Base 1 is spread the White Pills and effect change one on one. Wait. Until the next option has risen to the surface and is obvious. Then solo and quiet.

    • Carlsdad: I think there’s also the question of self determination, or what others today term anti-fragility. I want FU money so that I can say what I want and live as I please, not to purchase overpriced rags designed by gays and peddled by Jews. If I won the lottery I wouldn’t buy anyone I know a damn car – I’d pay off the mortgage for a select few and put aside $ for my boys, and I’d fund every aspect of the dissident right. To me, money represents freedom from repression (and no more arguments with or stress for my hard-working husband). I want enough to have a well appointed private workout room at my rural retreat, so I no longer have to exercise amidst the detritus of humanity that now occupies what once was Texas.

    • Cal, spot-on.

      The more astute white middle class, particularly those in the enterprising class, understand that calls for the imposition of a billionaire’s tax and more financial regulations mean more hurdles for them to surmount. They know that more regulations almost always impose costs that the entrenched multi-nationals can more easily absorb. They also know that more regulations mean more bureaucrats and more public employee unions and more compliance rackets. None of the foregoing leads to a healthier society.

      What Z and so many others here fail to grok is that the aspiration for financial success by means of enterprise has been part of heritage America from the beginning and that it has played a far more beneficial role in creating America I love and want to preserve than muh government or muh billionaire’s tax or muh social security or muh populism or muh desire for a strongman to pull muh pecans out of the fire.

      The pursuit of wealth by economic means, and not by political means, is a prerequisite to an advanced, civilized, cohesive, and flourishing society, and an accountability society.

    • This is mostly modern revisionist history.

      The settlers of America did *not* come “to get rich” – you don’t go to a frontier to become a millionaire. Having “something to call your own” was an English and broader N. European tradition far before it ever came to America. Wanting to be a householder is not the same as wanting to become ‘rich’. The English middle classes prided themselves on *not* being like the wealthy landholders.

      As for the settlers of the USA…

      The Puritan separatists came to the USA to set up their theocracy that they were trying to have in Britain. The book Visible Saints describes their motivations very clearly. Hint: It’s not “get rich”. https://www.amazon.com/Visible-Saints-History-Puritan-Idea/dp/1614275300

      The Quakers and Anabaptists who settled Pennsylvania were not seeking wealth either (particuarily the German Anabaptists, who we now know mostly as Amish / Mennonites). One *might* be able to say that the Dutch came for wealth (the Dutch West India Company), as did the Swedes in Delaware, but these populations were quickly overtaken by English.

      Georgia was essentialy a debtors/penal colony to empty the debtor’s prisons of England. *Land ownership was basically limited to 50 acres* to *prevent urbanization* and try to stop accumulation of wealth by a few. Of course once the planters took over they changed everything for their benefit and re-instituted slavery (which was originally outlawed there).

      The southern planters were aiming to create feudal estates much as in Europe, and while that’s sort of wanting to ‘become rich’ it doesn’t fit with the modern notions of ‘pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.’

      Fundamentally, this notion of Americans all wanting to become rich is a product of the mid 19th century, not the founding of this country. Horatio Alger is a big reason for it with Ragged Dick. (as an aside, Alger was kicked out of the Church for “the abominable and revolting crime of gross familiarity with boys”).

      Traditional Conservatives are in favor of small property ownership and small proprietorship. They are not and were never in favor of massive impersonal conglomerates of business that treat people like things.

      • First, free enterprise, and the aspiration to conduct a business and own land, is one thing; the desire to be one of a handful of oligarchs who own / control 90% of the wealth is another. Do you agree?

        Second, that some who came to the New World were motivated by communitarian / religious reasons, does not thereby mean that there were not significant others who desired to be business owners and property holders.

        Third, I do not deny that the more base, the more backward, the more evil, the more flagitious, the more foul, and the more profligate elements of human nature such as communism, envy, jealous, laziness, progressivism, socialism, and a strident streak of gimmie dats, soak the rich, and there ought to be a law, along with a busy-body, do-gooder mentality, all have ben part of heritage America.

        I submit that the desire to engage in free enterprise and to own property and to respect the aspiration of others to do the same constitutes the best of heritage America.

    • @Alzaebo. Hunter S.Thompson said: ” When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

  10. We do have a working model from the past.

    Back in those terrible libertarian days of my grandparents, before Federal war planners had taken over the country and economy, there was this little thing by free citizens called vigilantes.

    • Vigilantes didn’t have those pesky little intrusive devices called CCTV. Even that dumbfuck Smollett got caught on CCTV but because he’s a pet he gets a pass.Tough to be a vigilante these days, ain’t it. You’d really have to plan.

      • Range Front Fault said: “Tough to be a vigilante these days, ain’t it. You’d really have to plan.” I’ll tell what’s even tougher is using your head instead of your ass to find soutions to your problems. If your looking for a way to help your people, get a job, get married and have some kids. And tell them it’s a beautiful thing to be the descendants of Anglo-Europians.

      • Think Beltway Sniper and “unintended consequences”. Don’t limit to just one target group or weapon system.

        The Beltway sniper terrorized the capital and the elites couldn’t do a thing about it because they used a trick they red about in a Army sniper manual that anyone can download for free.

        • Rod1963 said: ” The Beltway sniper terrorized the capital and the elites couldn’t do a thing about it because they used a trick they red about in a Army sniper manual that anyone can download for free.” Hahahaha! lovely, absolutely lovely. Now we’re singing the praises of black sociopaths. What next, Snoop Dogg for President? 😜

  11. What we need is a new priesthood, not new CEOs. Woke NYT writers aren’t rich, and aren’t even motivated by money. The billionaires are mostly just playing Havel’s greengrocer.

    Blaming the capitalists is Marxist bullshit. The average VP doesn’t know what his “Trust and Safety” team is actually doing and definitely doesn’t know how to fix it. If you replaced the religion, most of the managers and CEOs would immediately begin regurgitating the new shibboleths. They’re doing what the system makes them do.

  12. Truly, I think the best form of government is either a strong monarchy with basic rights and/or the Florence model, where you had a ruler selected for like a 1-2 year term from a select group of men and that was it. Universal suffrage is insanity.

    • Johnny55 said: ” …I think the best form of government is either a strong monarchy with basic rights and/or the Florence model, where you had a ruler selected for like a 1-2 year term from a select group of men and that was it.” Actually the Lord’s Prayer described the best form of government.

      Matthew 6:9-13 “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” Anything short of that and ya got problems.

  13. So true. WFB was a known CIA asset. Also, there is a weird JFK assassination connection with that guy’s brother. The “conservatives” were infiltrated by trotskyites and special people, but I repeat myself. Stalin sure did know a few things, and one of them is that all trotskyites must be eliminated. ASAP.

  14. Some of you have your heads up your asses. Better off if Trump lost?!?! Not doing anything on immigration?!? It took more than one term to get us into this situation, it’s goiing to take more than a few years under Trump to fix it. Especially when Trump has had to fight practically the entire DC establishment to get anything done. Yet some of you can’t stop WHINING like little b!tches that Daddy Trump hasn’t fixed everything yet. You’re pathetic. You’re witnessing arguably the greatest president in over a hundred years and all you idiots can do is complain. Losers.

  15. Before, the wealthy often got that way by doing something useful, with Adam Smith’s invisible hand. Now the Financial pillagers of wall street burn down companies to strip them of assets so they can pay themselves. I term it “Bain Capitalism” and point to Mitt Willard Romney.

    But the root cause is the eliminating of Christianity from the equation, and I don’t know what it could be replaced with, that would cause people to value the same things Christians would – things eternal, or objectively true, beautiful, and good.

    There is often great difficulty in great works, so why suffer the pain of building a Notre Dame when there is no Notre Dame, Sancta Maria, Mater Dei.

    The closest attempt I know of is Jefferson’s University of Virginia, and you can see what happened. This not specifically Christian college could only be sustained in a Christian greenhouse where reason – philosophy – was the spouse of theology with Natural Law from Aquinas. The rest were originally colleges to teach Theology, this was the trade school for vocational ed.

    When Christendom is gone, you get Materalistic or Hedonistic, or some other Magnificientl Evil paganism, Mammon, Bacchus, or Molech. Man needs something to feel righteous, and the SJW religion provides it, the same way Aztec pyramids did before Our Lady of Guadaloupe.

    Why were the rich lauded? Because they produced a cure for some disease, made some product like steel or the automobile or radio, built transport or cities, and had a nobless oblige if not real humility. Even the financiers arranged for people to invest to build the companies that built these things. And there was a purpose – GM had a lot of vendors, employees, and customers, and what was good for GM was good for all of them. But they wanted GM to be around so they could work there 30 years and retire. Or keep getting better cars. There was a desire to be great and over the long term. People that crashed their companies weren’t rewarded, they were expected to end up poor and/or in prison. Now they get appointed to other boards or move to another to goose the stock price so as to cash out the options.

    The Buckleyites managed to do the bait and switch – riches as a means to riches as an end. Through the lens of Christians, wealth or rank was a grace, blessing, and obligation. But that was the con. That the rich were always going to be stewads, not pillagers.

  16. Consumerism is not something that can be laid at the feet of Buckleyites. It’s an outgrowth of the 19th Amendment. At least 85% of all spending in America is done by women. Look at a mall. Any useless product is being sold exclusively to women. That’s their nature.

    Women cannot conceive of paying back a debt. It’s why women hold the majority of credit card debt. It’s why as soon as women became the majority of college students, billing taxpayers to cover college loans became a huge political issue.

    Nothing can be solved while women vote. Every problem can be solved once they don’t.

  17. Once the Cold War was over the war industrial complex went looking for another boogie man to keep those white middle class voters and TAXPAYERS marching in lockstep to the war drums.

    The fact is that the United States has been on a war footing since probably about 1939 or so (the US didn’t get “caught” by Pearl Harbor – they knew damn well something was coming – and war production had already been thought about , planned – and even started long before the Japs attacked).

    It was really the FDR administration that set us down this path. First it was an effort to hugely expand the size of the Federal government using the Depression as an excuse – and that seamlessly transitioned over into increasing the size of that government due to the war. Once the war was over we seamlessly transitioned into the Cold War.

    When the Soviet Union fell apart – there was some expectation that the constant beating of war drums would end – but we “found” that we were now going to be attacked by terrorists and the ISIS blue water navy. So the government continued to increase in size and we continued to fight wars.

    The fact of the matter is that I simply don’t remember any substantial periods of time in my entire freaking life when this country hasn’t either been at war – or being prepared for the next one. This is a wholly abnormal state of affairs – but try making that argument to the average white middle class sportsball watcher. They’ll tell you that you’re a commie or hate America – or remind you how that ISIS blue water navy is right off the East coast as we speak.

    It’s just fucking retarded – and it’s COMPLETELY non “conservative”.

    I grew up watching the Vietnam War on TV. I can still recall seeing the news reports as we sat down and ate TV dinners. I was probably 6 years old. Now I’m in my mid 50’s – and we’re trying to scare up a war with Iran. Which is something they’ve been trying to instigate for AT LEAST 20 years now.

    At least the elites we used to have – would march to the war drums as well. The Civil War, WW1 and WW2 all contain multiple examples of “elites” putting their asses on the line and sometimes dying. The Vietnam War was the end of that. There were a few during the Vietnam era – but not many. I don’t recall any prominent examples of elite service in the wars of the last 20 years. I know there’s a few politicians whose sons “served” – but I don’t believe they were front line combat troops.

    The war thing – IMHO – is a direct contributing factor to the elite’s ability to disassociate themselves from the people they ostensibly rule over. The entire machine that has grown up to support that never-ending war effort – feeds endless supplies of money into the open pockets of a great many of these elites. The combination of the Fed which prints money, and a tax structure that takes money – combined with a “people” who have been conditioned to willingly accept all of the constant ass-raping (gotta pay your taxes or we can’t have roads and we’ll get attacked by ISIS!!) – all have their place in the matrix that grown up and created the current mess.

    • Laurence Vance is right: perhaps more contempt, disdain, ridicule, and scorn should be directed at the fly-over types who want “to serve” the empire by inflicting misery upon Abdul and Ahmed only to come home miserable themselves with nothing to show for their “service” other than PTSD, amputated limbs, and a much higher chance of offing themselves.

      No elite has forced Johnny to march off into war since Vietnam

    • Cal, the only thing I might add to your wonderful insight is that we *are* already at war with Iran. Not sure the American public understands what the definition of war is anymore. Seems we have persistent visions of fleets leaving our shore and men and armaments storming far away beaches.

      Anytime you have “sanctions”, you have defacto war with the sanctioned country. The form is different, but the intent is the same and in some cases the casualty rate is no different for our “enemy”. Not coming down on one side of the issue or the other, just saying let’s get real here.

    • Calsdad says: “I simply don’t remember any substantial periods of time in my entire freaking life when this country hasn’t either been at war – or being prepared for the next one. This is a wholly abnormal state of affairs.”

      Not so.

      You might want to read Fletcher Prouty’s The Secret Team, and listen to his interviews in various YouTube videos.

      Prouty contends that war is the primary stabilizing factor in the political structure of nation states. Leaders tell their people that there are bad guys over the hill who want to invade, kill all the men, take all the stuff, and take the women. This provides a motivating force to organize society, store food, build roads, build defenses, build communication, have more babies, etc. He contends that preparing for war and going to war have been the motivating forces of societies throughout human history.

      Prouty also contends that after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, all the world’s leaders instantly understand that there could never again be a real war because it would always end in nuclear annihilation for both sides. The development of atomic weapons thus created a problem for world leaders. If you can’t start a real war, what can you use to replace it?

      The answer was covert war. Prouty has written extensively on his experiences in the pentagon where he oversaw the use of military resources to support covert war waged by the CIA. What we have seen since WW II is an endless progression of covertly ginned-up mini-wars where neither side wins but the protagonists profit from the endless battle.

      Leaders come and go, but the cabal manages the game. That’s why the elites despise the commoners. They are in the game to keep their society ginned-up against the boogeyman, and they derive their power from constant conflict of one sort or another.

      That’s why all this talk of the dissident right organizing against the left is rather sophomoric. What we are seeing in America is just another cycle in the endless repetition of conflicts to extract wealth and power for the cabal.

      The left is a tool for the cabal and they will use it to extract wealth and power. If you want to prosper, find a way to join the cabal. Otherwise, hunker down and hope that your remaining days will not be too unpleasant.

    • Cal;
      Can verify your statements about US WWII mobilization starting in 1939 despite domestic political opposition. I learned this researching the WWII Army Air Corps service of a couple of near relatives of my parents. Both joined the day after Pearl Harbor and stepped into a system that was well organized, though overstretched, went to training bases that were already established, though now undersized, worked on planes that had been already designed and had been put into (previously limited) production, etc. Factories went to three shifts from one, training went to 12/7 from 9/5-1/2, etc. Not easy peasy but nothing like the clusterfarks that characterized Civil War, Spanish American War and WWI mobilizations.

      As another example, I recall hearing/reading that almost all the US Navy ships that turned the tide in the Pacific had already been laid down (meaning designed, model tested, assigned shipyard space, etc) at the time of Pearl Harbor.

      Don’t think you’re right about seamless transition into the Cold War, though. There was a vast demobilization of men; Both guys were back home in civilian status by Oct. 1945. Aircraft were melted down in large numbers, etc. The only reason we were able to resist the N Korean invasion of the S in 1950 was that Japan was pretty pacified and we were able to send the occupation troops. Besides this, the Progs lie to this day about the methods and intentions of their Commie buddies and their plans for world revolution (and our demise and immiseration).

      Afterwards, I have to agree. I recall a real sense of looking for new enemies in the early ’90s. It was almost as much like the Clintons sold China the ICBM technology for campaign money in order to get some rivalry going again as it was just that they are grifters by nature.

  18. This is one of the best Zman posts I’ve read. I adhere to my decades old principles that the most effective corporate tax is zero, as is the best minimum wage. Yet, it’s clear that the “robber barons” of the past were better rich people than today’s billionaires. Long after Zuckerman and Bezos are dead and forgotten, folks will still benefit from the philanthropy of Carnegie and his kind.

  19. A new elite born of the commitment to Aristotelian virtues, particularly with temperance habituated by thrift and self-reliance would be a wonder to behold. But the programming that began in the late 80s has sunk the mindworm pretty deep in the proles. Popular culture espousing the rich was much more ubiquitous and iniquitous, particularly on television. Whether explicit, with shows like Dallas or Dynasty, or implicit, with Fantasy Island or the Love Boat. Money was portrayed as the root of all good things. The absolute nadir was Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous; hosted by the odious Robin Leach, with his “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”
    But as Ecclesiastes teaches, there is nothing new under the sun. Even the poofter Oscar Wilde, an avatar of the Roaring 20s zeitgeist, wrote that a cynic is a man that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. There are entirely too many cynics walking the earth today to hope that Mammon can be dethroned either quickly or easily.

  20. A new elite indeed. My worry is to what pool a new elite would be selected from. Conservative inc. seems to offer up few candidates. The rot has seemingly consumed the military. Academia is bereft of reasonable people for the most part. Perhaps we do need a period of chaos so that the decks can be cleared and new ruthless and smart leadership can arise from the states or business communities. The prep school ivy league pipeline to leadership needs to be thoroughly eradicated.

    • Sid;
      Nothing like a war to throw up a new set of elites. For the first generation or two following a big war, the surest ticket to the top was to have shown distinction in that war. I’d name names but the list is way too long.

      *However*, to wish for a war just to change out the feckless grifters-in-charge is perverse in the extreme, considering all the death and destruction entailed.

      But, no worries, knowing history and human nature, having feckless grifters in charge is a really good way of getting a war. By now we all should know the (very true) cliche:
      – Bad times (i.e. war) make hard men (war leaders).
      – Hard men (in charge) make good times.
      – Good times make soft men (feckless grifters).
      – Soft men make bad times (feckless grifters in charge carelessly slide into a war).

      I’d vote against this reality but I fear it is useless. Best to prepare for the likely possibility.

  21. We no longer have a functioning civilization because the estates (castes) that evolved have been so corrupted and turned on their head that chaos rules the day.

    In an age that worships miasma it is the slime that rises to the top. Parasites who would have been kept in check in a sane age now set the agenda and rule. Yes, they are superior at being manipulative lowlifes in a civilization that idealizes mammon and orgasm. An aristocracy of vermin.

    And they are well aware of what they are and that their power is knotted with flimsy propaganda and not deeply rooted natural leadership. This is why they are so terrified by small groups of dissenters.

    Do not underestimate the depravities and cruelties they will sink to as their position becomes more and more tenuous.

    When it comes expect no quarter. Give no quarter.

  22. To play devils advocate, emphasis on the devil, the Elite do have a peculiar view of our interest. They believe in an utopian vision of all of us lazing our lives away at creative, computer jobs. You can see this in the utter revulsion they have at manufacturing jobs being brought back stateside. They’d rather the government shepard us through every facet of our lives than have a vibrant middle class working manufacturing or other blue collar jobs. So the racial hierarchy of immigrants slaving on their yards is the preferred solution. And it’s cheaper to them in the now.

  23. The left has played their part as well. It is their job to construct a false narrative so that we will become defensive because of the falsity of the constructed narrative. For example, when the left bitches about the excesses of the militarized police in America, it is never solely about the police being jackbooted.

    The left (anti-whites) spin a yarn about how the militarized police are constructed to keep the good POC in their place and about how the good POC, especially blacks, are “criminalized” by “over-policing” and put in a “cradle to prison pipeline” for the corrupt capitalists who own the private prisons.

    Because this narrative is mostly false, we become reflexively defensive of the criminal justice system and the militarized police who think nothing of throwing flashbangs into your house in the middle of the night or a SWAT team to break down your door because you and your friends are playing poker.

    This is why they almost always pick guys like Travon Martin and Mike Brown as their martyrs. It is precisely because they obviously caused their own deaths that the media takes up their cause. They take up the cause because they know there is no chance the cop is going to be arrested. This is why they almost immediately dropped the story about Walter Scott. The cop who shot him in the back was fired and charged with his crime. That might have placated the masses. It is far more effective to claim Stephon Clark was in his yard and shot for no reason other than being black, The cops will never be charged and the left can stay good and outraged and the right can defend the cops.

  24. I agree with Z that the ultra-rich have become villains. And I think he is correct in diagnosing the overweening materialism and self regard of the so-called “conservatives” among this group. However, I think a second factor is that a large percentage of the ultra-rich have eschewed conservatism altogether (if they ever were conservative) and have adopted AWR as their ideology.

    Leftists such as Slavoj Zizek have feared that capitalism will co-opt the Left. Instead, what has happened is that that Left has co-opted capitalism. All one has to do is view corporate advertising–if you have the stomach–read corporate Statements of Values on corporate websites, and learn to which causes and people they give their vast wealth. At some point in the past, Big Business was at least notionally conservative. Now it is a blowcharged engine of cultural Marxism.

  25. To pick a nit in an otherwise fine piece:

    ” The movie Wall Street or the popular TV show Family Ties are good examples. There you have heroic figures, who are pure materialists, with no sense of duty to their fellow man. Getting rich, by any means necessary, was a social good in itself.”

    Regarding Wall Street, Oliver Stone certainly didn’t intend G. Gecko to be a hero. Remember, this is Oliver Stone. The fact that people did admire GG, even quoting his speeches (“Greed is good”) and one-liners unironically (“If you want a friend, get a dog”) dismayed him. Actually that proves your point anyway: there was a market out there for heroic greedheads. Sorta like when the Dissident Right likes a film for reasons that cause the filmmakers to disavow those deplorables.

    • Barn Jollycorn said: “Need to stop that Tom Jefferson guy from Fedposting. Could lead to trouble.” “Fedposting”, just an updated description of an agent provocateur. It’s easy to beat one of those turds. Humor is your first step just laugh in the guy’s face. Then gently but firmly tell that puss rag that violence of any kind is out of the question. No matter who on this site talks about violence or any other illegal activities, simply tell them to knock it the hell off.

  26. It is a truism that people get the govt they want and deserve Z. The old saying goes “be careful what you wish for…”

    We really, really need to be careful going forward…

  27. I’ve said it before, but it is more germane than ever: There is no political right worth speaking of. Anyone with an interest in politics per se should be looking for a place at the table on the left. The progressive wing of the DNC is where you can apply pressure to the neoliberal elite.

    • I’m not sure there is a Left either. Enlightenment radicalism seems to have reached a terminus, that of total self-abnegation.

      • I would say that the weaponized progressive caucus is just as much a prop as the evangelical caucus in theory, but in practice the former has far more leeway to cause trouble on behalf of neoliberalism, historically, and therefor would be more difficult to remand if they went off script. The diaspora also has a soft spot for revolutionaries of the left. It is probably not a massively exposed flank, but the only meaningful area of neoliberal vulnerability when the GOP invariably drowns in the rising tide of color.

        • I’ve wondered lately whether the last chance for the West will be the elites losing control of this globalist project of theirs, and facing a radical Left revolt from the brown masses, creating a state of chaos and an opening for a remnant of the West to squeeze through. That remnant will have to be properly constituted (militant and self sacrificial), and have a vanguard elite, intelligent, shrewd, ruthless, cohesively bound around a body of theory, to lead them.

      • Atomized consurmerist individualism, atheist materialism, entropic family formation, blank-slate Lysenkoist science, Harrison Bergeron style egalitarianism, rent-seeking multinational Woke Capital, anarcho-tyrannical who-whom law enforcement, with severe restrictions on political, legal and cultural liberties/freedom of disassociation with “liberty” almost wholly confined to the sexual sphere.

        • That is “a” definition. I’ve heard many others, and they’re all pretty much mutually incompatible. Ultimately, neoliberal is a meaningless epithet not unlike fascist.

          • That definition matches pretty much everything I’ve encountered over the last few years in alt right and dissident right politics. the community seems to have a pretty good idea of what constitutes neoliberalism. Max Boot and Bill kristol used to say that neoconservative was a meaningless term without a coherent definition, but we all knew what a neocon was even when half of us were neo cons.

          • It’s funny, because usage of the term neoliberalism in academia apparently began soon after pomo homo AWR philosopher Michel Foucault began using it as a term of disparagement toward everything and everybody to the right of Trotsky.

          • The site Naked Capitalism used the term constantly, I could never figure out exactly who it was they were sneering at.

  28. The need for a new elite is best met by a 5th position approach. We could try to reconstruct a Rube Goldberg system of checks, balances and rational incentives for the Empire, but any system can be subverted by lawyers and sophists. The Founders’ idea that you could make bad men govern well with checks and balances was hubris, and we’re witnessing the age of nemesis. Character begins in childhood, and we need to build communities where our children can be nurtured to elevate kin, community, nation, duty, honor and noblesse oblige more than selfish, personal Enlightenment values. It’s up to us to start laying the foundation, getting separation from the fatally diseased imperial culture and building small core White communities where we control, first and foremost, the education of the next generations, whatever physical relocation, personal sacrifces or outright dindugeld it requires to make the Empire leave us that space. Healthy-minded children and grandchildren who can exponentially increase our future numbers of even stronger descendents are the best hope for White identity, long-term.

    We’re the generation that needs to start sorting the seeds and planting those trees to which Z often refers in whose shade we will never sit.

    • Exile, I too would like a new “civic” religion to replace the old Christianity we seem to have “outgrown”. But I suggest, it is easier to reduce the power of the “uncivic” among us, than to improve their behavior.

      To that effect, we need to change from universal suffrage to earned suffrage. One often lambasts the Founders in the creation of this nation. But how does this nation’s operation/organization now reflect the nation’s organization left to us by the Founders? The Founders for example did not implement a system of universal suffrage, nor could they imagine such. It is we, the people, who later voted the changes we now see as one of the root causes of our current predicament.

      • In a new ethnostate, I would suggest limiting voting to a) White men who b) are fathers and c) net taxpayers, not benefit recipients and d) aren’t guilty of serious crimes or major civil malfeasance.

        • Good start for a robust discussion. I’d advance the age of suffrage as well. At the turn of the century, an 18 yo had a wife, a kid and a job. Today we have about a third of college grad’s living in their parents basements.

      • Compsci: “It is we, the people, who later voted the changes we now see as one of the root causes of our current predicament.”

        I would argue the fault was more the judicial branch with its unintended accretion of power, as well as our tolerance for poorly behaved outliers. For example, 8 of the original states had rules in place, which the Constitution did not automatically abrogate, requiring not merely property but also profession of the Christian faith to hold office. I realize that is no automatic guarantee of moral behavior, but even that attempt was subverted early on. Although I now cannot find it (just spent some time looking), I believe I read it was a Jew who first challenged the religious test for public office in a number of the 8 of the original 13 states who had them. That all went out the window after Lincoln, of course, when the 14th amendment unconditionally extended federal jurisdiction. Fwiw, even the original lack of a federal religious test for officeholders was strongly resisted by Americans legitimately worried about Jews, Turks, etc.

        • Dissidents can’t afford “millions for war not a penny for tribute” principles – realistically, if you lack the strength to take on a stronger power, you buy them off and build your strength. Even Rome paid tribute when necessary. Only when a much stronger enemy can extort you and prevent your growth simultaneously are you forced into the fight. See the US from the Revolution to 1812 – we overplayed our hand in 1812 and almost died in the cradle.

  29. First , the disease of affluence is infecting all levels of our society (indeed the whole planet). Today, even our poorest class is literally dying of obesity. Second, the corruption and degeneracy of the elite class is a reflection of the overall decline of our entire society. We no longer choose the best among us to lead, but rather select politicians based upon skill at bribery. Every single Democrat running for president is trying to outdo each other with promises of more gravy for more votes. But as to your core point, yes, when the collapse begins, it will be the French Revolution all over again.

    • TomA said: “First , the disease of affluence is infecting all levels of our society (indeed the whole planet). Today, even our poorest class is literally dying of obesity. Second, the corruption and degeneracy of the elite class is a reflection of the overall decline of our entire society. Excellent! Now we’re getting somewhere. If this keeps up can Armageddon be far behind? Here’s a YouTube vid called “The Age of Decadence.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG8OAXMbfYw

      • The rise of decadence may simply be a way to placate an unnatural social order.

        We evolved in a pastoral environment. Up until 150 years ago 90% of the population lived in the countryside or in small villages. Cities proved to be important in building a more complex civilization, but for only a small percentage of a population. Some of us evolved with traits that are better at constructive urban life than that of others. But under this arrangement only 10% of the people in a civilization lived in cities.

        Our genome’s phenotypic expression in an overgrown urban(suburbs included in this) setting is chaotic because it is unnatural.

        We aren’t clones. 10% living in the cities seemed to work. 90% is decadence, decay and conflict. Add outsiders to the mix and …

      • Glubb is on to something profound. The cycles he observed are presumably linked to something biological about humans.

        • ‘The Fate of Empires’ is a quick read, and available online for free. It’s hard not to draw the conclusion that our civilization is rapidly drawing to a close. It’s interesting that the rise and fall cycle holds true for different races, religions, and geographic regions. As you say, it’s like it’s in our DNA, we can’t avoid it any more than the human body can avoid death.

          • Agree. Im curious about the explanations that try to tie in human physiology and biology here. Two attempts are called ‘r/K selection’ by ‘Anonymous Conservative’ and the other ‘biohistory’ by some Aussie guy. As far as I can tell, there are no mutual inconsistencies between Glubb and these biological conjectures.

            Intellectually I find this ‘bio’ approach the most interesting. Our conflict w leftists must go much deeper than mere ideology. Not merely because the views of neither side are entirely logically consistent (the left’s side especiallly not) but also b/c it is so instinctive and visceral, the mutual dislike. I used to be such an easygoing guy. I really dont like leftie anymore. I believe it is biology.

          • Moran ya Simba said: ” I used to be such an easygoing guy. I really dont like leftie anymore. I believe it is biology. ” Here’s one of the big reasons we are all going quite mad. Here’s a Youtube vid of “Marshall McLuhan on tribalization and the loss of identity in the global village” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtFB_nMej20 I didn’t own a computer until about 10 years ago. I can’t imagine what it’s like for young people having lived all their lives with their faces stuck in computers and cell phones,not to mention video games. They must live in a completely different mental world than I do.

  30. Thanx Zman, for the post. Alexander Fraser Tytler said: ” A pure democracy is a chimera. All government is essentially, of the nature of a monarchy.” Here’s a short YouTube vid with more of his quotes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grVoDtwBv-U How pray tell, should we go about doing that? I thought we all understood that mass movements where not an option. Anyway, replace all of the elites you like. That’s been tried lots of times. “Out of the frying pan into the fire.” Seriously, the more I know about history, the more I realize that we simply can’t jump over our own knees. I think we should take some hints from the Amish, small and simple does the trick. But untill we find a better replacement for human nature, I’m afraid we’re stuck with what we have.

  31. America is a country based on greed. Mammon is our God. It’s even printed on our dollar. All conservatives care about is conserving their own wealth.

    The twin sister of our greed is that thing Rush Limbaugh won’t shut up about: individualism, which is just another word for selfishness. I got mine. Screw you if you can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Screw you if you can’t compete with the entire third world. If you think the government should help the little guy you’re probably a commie!

    • Nathan, it may be selfishness, but it also is adequately explained by belief in blank statism. If everyone has equal ability, why not encourage them to get off their butt to succeed like “I did”. As HBD science becomes more accepted, such attitude can only come more and more into disrepute. And as far as rich only caring for protecting wealth, how does one explain such figures as Gates and Buffet assigning their fortunes to charitable institutions and spending the rest of their years giving such away (not that I support that either, but that’s another thread)

      • Charitable foundations are a form of tax evasion for the wealthy.

        I remarked on this before, but I once attended a barbecue and a fellow told me that he was from Tewksbury, NJ (a wealthy area), and that his family was comfortable, but not rich. The children of the self-made rich at school asked, “we’re rich, you’re not, what’s the matter with you?” He went on to say that the old money people were more down to earth: They wore old clothes, drove old trucks and would talk to him while standing in line at the supermarket checkout.

        It’s always been popular to mock the Royal Family, but Prince Harry did serve in Afghanistan and Prince Andrew in the Falklands. Queen Elizabeth herself, as a young princess, served as a driver in WWII. The old landed elite, for all their flaws, served their country. They had skin in the game.

        • The British Royal family is fairly accomplished when you look into it. They wouldn’t let Prince William go into combat so he became a rescue pilot for whatever they call the coast guard over there. Many of the lesser royals served in the armed forces snd now run businesses. There’s pressure on them to perform and be respectable, i think that prevents the trust fund baby syndrome to some extent.

          • Rogeru, well in fairness the British royal family is one bill in parliament away from abolishment. That if nothing else keeps them on their toes so to speak. If the American people had such control of their oligarchs, I’m sure we’d not be having this discussion.

        • As I’ve pointed out before on D-day, TR Jr. was only general officer to land in the first wave despite crippling arthritis and a bad heart. At the same time his son was in the first wave at Omaha. Roosevelts quick thinking in redirecting the troops who missed the correct landing spot to a new axis of advance likely saved the Utah landing. They had skin in the game.

      • @Compsci

        Valid point about blank slatism as a way for the rich to preen about how they did it all themselves, as if most of them weren’t born on third base thinking they hit a triple.

        What I said was aimed at conservatives. Wealthy lefties love using the money they couldn’t possibly spend to virtue-signal.

        I got so sick of talk radio because so much hot air was devoted to talking about how tax cuts for the rich are good for Joe Sixpack. Then these rich bastards by a house in FL and import a new servant class from Latin America to mow the lawn, or they give money to all kinds of pozzed non-profits.

        • Nathan, point well taken. I agree, but as others have pointed out, it’s what you do to get rich and stay rich that is the “problem”. Dance with the one that brought you—or else.

  32. Anon conservative had a few posts detailing what a sadistic psychopathic bastard Buckley really was. My sense is that he was also a closeted homo.

    Institute a wealth tax and confiscate everything after $1m. Sorry charlie 😛

    • Karl, that’s plain silly. There will never be anyone willing to exert effort above 1M compensatio/wealth accumulation—assuming that such requirement is not worked around, like the 50’s 90% tax rate. Next time you want a top notch doctor to operate on you, think about it.

      • Then live under the heel of a billionaire, you seem to enjoy it. Zman, this is the type of person you are trying to build a revolutionary movement out of 😛

        • Brokeback Buckley. He was good friends with the late David Brudnoy, long-time WBZ talk radio legend, who was an open homosexual.

          The Fair Deal, the New Deal, Socialism, taxation, and the like have all worked to weaken the white man.

          Whites flourish in an accountability society, not a soak the rich, reward the bureaucrat, reward the postal worker, reward the public employee union society.

        • Karl, I would hope so. Can’t make a movement out of folk that can’t think past their envy and bitterness. Perhaps you come from a Leftist perspective?

          • Those who want to impose taxes and take what others have are the bitter and the envious.

            If you insist upon taxes, how about taxing the takers, and giving to the creators?

          • Most of today’s so called creators are worse parasites than any welfare mom

            In any case , the way money is generated today is murdering our societies and if regulating the hell out of them means our people have a future and America becomes a good place to raise a family, that’s fine with me

            we could lose half the GDP so long as the distribution is somewhat flat and be well set.

            The Economic Liberals and Libertarians ought to go carpetbag and grift to africa or somewhere else and let us run a society without you

            America doesn’t need you and the Dissident Right sure as hell doesn’t. Go make your own movement over at Reason or something.

          • A.B., why distort what I wrote?

            Did I endorse carpetbagging and grifting?

            Perhaps you should acquire a better grip on what makes carpetbagging possible. To wit, see Reconstruction.

            America does not need any redistributionist gimmie dats. The dissident right is doomed to failure if it insists upon socialism.

          • Wealth redistribution is one the primary functions of the state outside of war Its has been since Haumarabbi at least

            In any case making things worse does not involve government owning everything which is stupid

            However if your cognitive dissonance can handle it, the government in ultra capitalist Singapore owns and sells or leases 80% of property

            They do this so that people can afford to have somewhere to live at a reasonable price.

            This is not super effective, its too busy and crowded for kids but its improved that nations quality of life without making goods from there unaffordable

            We do not need such a thing but State solutions are not inherently bad ones

            Now the Libertarian Right has some good points re: regulation and the like but as I said before the Dissident Right isn’t Libertarian at all or even necessarily capitalist and its not designed to put the corporate cocksuckers and their sycophantic minarchist lackies in charge

            It is a functionalist and authoritarian movement , try top the do the best smartest thing and do as we say or face consequences which is the likely winning play and best long term

            Doesn’t mean that the US will become a tyranny only it is going to be less free in some areas for some time.

      • The graveyards are filled with indispensable men

        Almost no one in the real world would ever see such a surgeon anyway , For most of the nation it’s utterly moot . Under any system they will mostly see a P.A and the results if we train smart people, will work fine

        What they will see are less people who own everything and have the resources to opt out of bad policy choices with ease

        That alone is worth the loss

        And yes I’m aware it won’t raise a thin dime, that’s not the point. Too much wealth in too few hands is poison and one the best ways to fix that economy of scale problem that wrecking the country is too simply forbid it

        Maybe you won’t get a Micky D’s on every corner but you’ll; get a lot more choices . local diversity and that’s a damned good tradeoff

    • I would put the limit much higher than that but I agree with the idea. If a person feels oppressed by such a system, where they can still be very wealthy relative to the average person, we are probably better off without them.

      This idea also inhibits the creation of a small class of plutocrats who can purchase the legislators for schemes like open borders.

      • Line, correct. But how to do that is the question. As has been pointed out here, schemes that are sold as “only” affecting the rich have a way of working their way down to the middle classes as the government tirelessly attempts to secure more and more funding to transfer to the unproductive in exchange for their votes.

        • I guess that’s where the desire to keep government small and our representatives as people we know and trust is validated. It seems we really need to balkanize into smaller regions/republics so as to re-store power to rule to the workers and normal folk. Sometimes I fantasize that, since so many Central American and Mexican citizens are already living in the U.S., the U.S. should simply gather the leaders of Canada, Central America and South America and say, Look, we’re already mixed, let’s combine to create more prosperity to our people and let’s create a new Federation of American Republics which includes Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Central America and South America (with the strong sub-message of, You have a nice little country there that we can easily take over, let’s do it peacefully and prosperously rather than with a lot of bloodshed. It’s payback time after the U.S. citizens have shed so much of our national wealth to the latin americas). Allow people to separate into regions of their liking and their strengths. Let the whites develop the remaining uncivilized Americas and thus re-build our prosperity and re-create some beautiful civilizations. Basically, I guess I’m saying that white Americans should be allowed to spread their pioneer spirit of development and civilization to all of the continent of the Americas. [Neo-imperialism for the sake of neo-populism? Egads!]

    • one mil might be a bit low even with regulation though a 5-1 or 10-1 remonitization would make it work

      It should be inflation adjusted though and I don’t know maybe 2-4 depending on remon

      If you are going that route, large corporations have to go bye bye though. If anyone wanted to try this they’s need overwhelming force

      The last time a very lite version was tried under F.D. Roosevelt we nearly got a coup

      Many Americans would rebel if they weren’t allowed to steal , grift, swindle and chisel and as I’ve noted before , after many people were jailed after the S&L crisis nothing was learned other than to try and change the law

      The large subset of the American attitude to money is utterly without morals

  33. Wall Street Globalist (((elites))) have gone full-Prog/Marxist and they intend to remove Trump and open/keep open the borders wide by any means necessary. The Great Population Replacement Project has been an unqualified success.

    If anyone has a plan to rid the country – indeed the world – of these (((elites))) please enlighten us. As it stands right now it looks like victory for the elites – again – and catastrophe for everyone else.

    • A now-retired hedge fund manager friend once remarked to me in disgust that it really was all about money with the Jews. She married a Jew (now deceased) and converted, but said that she would take back her maiden name if she didn’t have children.

  34. Hmmm. Jefferson says that 150 years is plenty long between revolutions. Let’s see, it’s been 154 years since the end of the Civil War. I’d say that we’re right about on track.

    In fact, I might argue that a revolution/insurgency started ~1965 and is finally about to gain total control. So far, that revolution has been fairly bloodless, outside of increased crime. That may change when its leaders start to openly and oppressively wield power against the defeated whites.

  35. The Booby agrees 100%.

    Our ruling class is a post-Cold War marriage. Once the “threat” of Soviet Communism ended, the rich no longer had any reason to continue pretending they had any affinity for the people. It was back to paying $100 000 000 for degenerate abstract artworks by left-wing artists, falling over themselves to be seen at fashionable events hosted by left-wing intellectuals, and embracing enthusiastically the political correctness reign of terror imposed by left-wing academia and the new establishment.

    The left, for its part, gets to fatten itself on the fruits of corporate largess. Gov’t jobs, academic jobs, arts and culture jobs, are all made possible by the taxes collected from income taxes (taken from the people, of course, not the rich), sales taxes, sin taxes, etc. etc. etc. Meanwhile, bourgeois little women frantically try to keep up with whatever fashionable moralism is ruling the day.

    The West’s rich are every bit as degenerate as the Marxists whom they should – at least by theory – be in opposition to. But as always fashion prevails.

    Screw ’em. Boycott the economy as much as possible. A falling GDP is the biggest threat to their tax flows and banking systems.

  36. 400,000 employees.
    78,000 companies.
    200 universities.

    With but one goal in mind:
    Reach the Moon.

    That was an America-centric policy, when elites, government, and the middle class worked together.
    Back when we were one nation.

    • What we’ve lost: a unified sense of purpose, a drive to attemp great feats, an appetite to discover new wonders…and a willingness to sacrifice to achieve those ends…

      Kill a civilizations great dreams, give them lesser ones. Replace striving and sacrifice with gorging on trinkets.

      Corral a people’s spirit, curb its appetite and they will no longer be a great people.

      • From moon landings to “polish my female balls” in 50 years. That’s a hell of a regression.

    • And it was an nearly useless goal that was for national vanity vanity projects are for decadent nations

      You want good things that required a great nation to accomplish?

      Hoover Dam, REA , CCC, Interstate Highway , that is what a great nation accomplishes not once off useless bullshit sending men to a dead rock

      • Nonsense. Apollo 11 was not the product of a “decadent” nation. It was a grand adventure, by people who still understood the concept of glory. Conservatives have been doing the green eyeshade act for 40 years, and it hasn’t helped to ward off decadence one bit. By now, I’d be grateful for some project that was truly original and daring. The problem isn’t that we spend money on frivolous luxuries, but that we fling it into a welfare state sewer, getting nothing for it but a lazy, useless underclass.

        It was a “practical” man who fussed over wasting a jar of valuable perfume instead of selling it and doing good with the proceeds. The competent judge of virtue on the scene ruled that the bottom line wasn’t always the supreme value.

        • For those that don’t get the reference: John 12:4+

          But Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples (the one who was about to betray him), said, “Why was this perfume not sold for three hundred denarii and the money given to the poor?” (He said this not because he cared about the poor, but because he was a thief; he kept the common purse and used to steal what was put into it.) Jesus said, “Leave her alone. She bought it so that she might keep it for the day of my burial. You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have me.

      • @ A.B Prosper said: “And it was an nearly useless goal that was for national vanity vanity projects are for decadent nations.” Mr. ABP. In my humble opinion, You have the soul of a bourgeoisie turnip.

        • Perhaps I do but I’m still correct.

          The Hoover Dam makes power every day for 8 million people. The Space program got us some rocks, a now bleached white flag all the while the nation was burning

          In any case humanity is not going to the stars no matter what, the vast bulk , 6.5 billion of us are too low trust , too short an attention span and/or too stupid

          We might get a moon base if we make it but it’s useless and a waste of money

          1969 USA will in a few decades be as dead as The Hittites and if the New America wants to feel great accomplish something fucking useful like stopping the drug epidemic, fixing families, having a homogenous population instead of dwelling on the vainglories of a dead nation

      • We did the impossible- as a nation.

        The Space Race was not another damned war. You want useless?

        • Once the last of Gen X is gone in a few decades that nation is dead never to return. Its irrelevant as we speak.

          Your new nation if you can claw back a fertile land from the oceans of blood and filth required to make it., can if you really wish try such folly again in some decades. Perhaps if your Interregnum government is wise and lucky you’ll succeed

          Its not impossible but a minority White USA will be Brazil at best. With our tensions, likely much worse

          China will carry the space torch for a bit, might get a man on the moon but we aren’t going anywhere and neither is mankind

          2248 isn’t hyper-drive or Mars Colonies, its horses and trains if you are lucky

          If you want that glorious space future , you can construct a new myth and a new nation but you’ll need a vast will to power to get it

          The Dissident Right has far more power than they think but no will to power to speak of so till it changes you don’t even have a dim chance

          • A.B Prosper said: “Your new nation if you can claw back a fertile land from the oceans of blood and filth required to make it…” My heavens, “oceans of blood and filth”. I can see that apocalyptic rhetoric is definitely your forte. My advice is: BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER, AND KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM! 😀

          • I’m not sure if this a compliment or an insult.

            I’ve been in L.A. quite recently it is a pest hole with break outs of typhus and very soon possibly plague . This is in good times . It will get worse

            As for blood, do you really think you can vote your way out of clown world

            . If things go hot enough to threaten the union , millions will die, very possible tens or hundreds of disease, starvation and violence

            This is why our side has trouble doing anything. We see the cost of the future but have trouble finding anything worth paying such a price for

  37. It should be noted that Gordon Gecko was supposed to be the villain of Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street.” However, Michael Douglas played the character with such scumbag charm that many mistook him for the hero. Douglas has stated that numerous people have told him that his portrayal of Gecko is what inspired them to become stockbrokers. Doesn’t get much more American than that.

    • If only our corporate elite were concerned with profits….seems we’ve entered an age where they care more about SJW causes than profits. Banks refusing to do business with you because you don’t support open borders? It’s insanity.

      • Max, the fact that AWRs are willing to put ideology before profits is one of their greatest strengths. If the “conservative” elites Z describes had channeled their money and energy into supporting conservative causes, America would still actually be America.

        • I dunno. Stuff like that seems to be a hallmark of a dysfunctional society. If Dems and Rs need separate banks, it’s long past time for separate countries. If all politics has to be a morality play that is bad enough. Extending that to business relationships seems insane.

    • I thought about making this point, in the context of just the culture had changed. The movie came out in 1989. The same movie in 1979 would have been a flop, probably never made, as the idea of a charming, heroic greedhead would never have passed muster. if it is not clear, I think the white middle-class got the ruling elite they deserved. In order to get a new elite, we first must redefine bourgeois values to include tribal loyalty, among other things.

      • You see the same movie I did? Charming yes, heroic, how? The basis of the story, made clear quickly, was that Gordon Gecko was not playing by the rules. He traded on insider information. In short he was an “anti-hero” which I admit was the trend in movies and society during those years (and now as well).

        Gecko was a grifter presenting himself to the masses as a noble/successful competitor in the “free” market. But a successful criminal is still a criminal and those who emulate such behavior have simply lost their moral compass. They should present no role model for the society—at least the one I would prefer to live within.

        • The movie was released in 1987, not 1989.

          Oliver Stone was honest enough to depict corporate bureaucracy as it was in the very scene in which Gekko uttered “greed is good.” In that scene, Gekko is speaking at the annual stockholders’ meeting of Teldar Paper. He said:

          “Teldar Paper has 33 vice-presidents each earning over 200 thousand dollars a year. Now, I have spent the last two months analyzing what all these guys do, and I still can’t figure it out. One thing I do know is that our paper company lost 110 million dollars last year, and I’ll bet half of that was spent in all the paperwork going back and forth between these vice-presidents.”

          The majority of Gekko’s speech concerned the mismanagement and waste of Teldar’s executives. Although Gekko himself may not have cared about middle-America, his speech certainly spoke to the interests of all the little guys who owned stock in the company. Their interests were not being served by the company’s executives.

        • Nothing is more American than grifting . I mean the founding fathers fought a civil war, committed treason and murder for lower taxes every bit as much as freedom

          The USA these days is nothing but the remains of a long con with the shoe scrapings of Europe and low trust swine from all over the earth decamped here to be free to loot

          For a while there was a kind of Christian check to this but that is long gone and the Christian strain, hell heresies that plague us, Universalism and Prosperity Gospel are poison.

          If we want a new elite ,we will need to make it happen, set good sound rules and morals and make them stick.

          This means regulating people, business and favoring policies that make American a great place to raise kids

          Doesn’t mean we can’t have guns or fast cars or barbeque or fun but we need to be forced to be moral till it becomes second nature

          Its not pleasant, won’t be easy if it is even possible but that is what a new elite means , your guys have to be the goons behind the curtain that make the Hallmark Channel world possible

          • We need to raise our children away from indoctrination centers (public schools) and away from degenerate black ghetto culture. These ruin our kids.

        • “You see the same movie I did? Charming yes, heroic, how? The basis of the story, made clear quickly, was that Gordon Gecko was not playing by the rules.”

          Check your testosterone levels. Characters like Tony Montana and Gordon Gecko hold a special appeal that’s not logically explained through fussy moral frameworks.

          • “Tony Montana and Gordon Gecko hold a special appeal”

            Hollywood-made anti-heroes. Good for white people? No.

          • A revolution that ended up with most of the degenerates in a ditch would be a very good thing for all if it could be contained.

          • It’s porno plain and simple.Pornography is showing regular people what they will never have – living in a fantasy make-believe world. Quick rush before return to reality. Self-aware people can deal with it but trash cannot. Tony Montana was a lottery winner as was Gordon Gecko. Every day thousands of working-class slobs play the lottery. And lose.

      • I think that the key to going forward may lie somewhere in here. In my experience, most white people are still repelled by rhetoric about white ethno-states and shipping out immigrants all of which carries more baggage than Samsonite. It may be unfair but it is what it is and it has always been perceptions that matter.

        However, I think many white people would be highly receptive to messages about building and maintaining family and community bonds and the inestimable value of decency and amity. That’s a far easier sell in my opinion. Everyone wants to feel that they matter and that they are a part of something greater than themselves and that they have a purpose and a place in this world.

        I’ll even go as far as to submit that there may be many tens of millions of our people who are longing to hear that message, even if they don’t quite understand why.

    • How many young men watched Full Metal Jacket and said “cool, man! I’m joining the Marines!”

      It’s a funny thing how people often get the wrong messages from movies . Or maybe it’s a mindfuck from the start?

      • The takeaway from people not understanding the messages of movies: folks just ain’t that bright. There is a notion that no such thing as an anti-war film exists. Just showing war at all glorifies it, even if the intent was to disparage war. That’s plausible considering how much of the audience is comprised of damn fools. Perspicacity is an anomaly.

          • The most effective anti war film I’ve seen is All Quiet on the Western Front since simply no one had anything positive to say about trench warfare

          • “…no one had anything positive to say about trench warfare”

            I think the image of WW1 that has come down to us has been skewed by the Left.

            “It is important to recognize, however, that the anti-war myth has not always enjoyed such hegemony. In the 1920s and 1930s, it vied with a powerful “pro-war” position for interpretive rights to the conflict. For German writers (and veterans) like Ernst Jünger, Franz Schauwecker, Werner Beumelberg, and Edwin Dwinger, the war’s violence was less victimizing than empowering. Life in the trenches had meant an experience of comradeship and newly awakened feelings of national belonging, and an encounter with emotional intensities denied by the security of civilian life. Far from senseless suffering, the war had been a transcendent event, a revelation of the beauty of collective struggle and the nobility of self-sacrifice for high ideals. The war, Jünger declared in 1922, had created a “wholly new race, intelligent, strong, and full of will.””

            I understand that the recent WW1 documentary ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ likewise provides testimony of veterans who’s views of the war were quite positive.

            Although a hard man to discern at times, Junger seemed to believe the war marked the dawn of a new race of men, and a new age, of which he clearly approved in his earlier phase (Nietzschean affirmation seems to have been a part of this, and note that his views changed over time (he ended his life converting to Novus Ordo Catholicism)). Here are some translated excerpts from his 1922 book, ‘Battle As An Inner Experience’, provided in the book ‘The Weimar Republic Sourcebook’ (the excerpt is only a few pages long, anyone should be able to read it via a search at the amazon preview page):

            “…this is the new man, the storm pioneer, the elite of Central Europe. A whole new race, smart, strong, and filled with will. … The glowing twilight of a declining age is at once a dawn in which one arms oneself for new, for harder battles. Far behind, the gigantic cities, the hosts of machines, the empires, whose inner bonds have been rent in the storm, await the new men, the cunning, battle-tested men who are ruthless toward themselves and others. This war is not the end but the prelude to violence. It is the forge in which the new world will be hammered into new borders and new communities. New forms want to be filled with blood, and power will be wielded with a hard fist. The war is a great school, and the new man will bear our stamp.”

            I believe the interwar European Right’s at least temporarily successful revolt against the modernity that is still with us, and leading us to oblivion, was fueled by those WW1 soldiers, enamored by the war experience of trench socialism, the mannerbund, martial values, daring and risk taking, perhaps tapping into something primal and instinctual in man that modernity had formerly erased. They wanted these experiences brought into the peace-time world, and broadened to include the whole nation. Young men, who had not experienced the war, became allured to this ethos, and joined them in their battles. To sum up, I think these men were fundamentally de-bourgeoised, and that this was central to the interwar Right’s at least temporary success.

          • Must appreciated post.

            I have kin in what was Prussia and I suspect like many in that region have a warlike nature . These are the kind of men who slaughter a legion in the Teutoburg forest and love it

            Were we more like them, our problems would have been resolved long ago but easy access to stuff made us soft

            The thing is while the plurality of White Americans are German, they aren’t Prussian and neither are our Poles

            When it came to wartime experience, neither my stepfather or my great uncle had anything to say positive about the endeavor nor have any of my friends who served . Neither did Tolkien for that matter and I trust his moral reasoning

            As Gen. Smedley Butler famously wrote War is Racket

          • We’re not chimps though. Human social groups operate *very* differently from chimp dominance hierarchies (a place were a guy like Jordan Peterson gets things really wrong). Anthropologist C.R. Hallpike in “Do We Need God to be Good” puts it like this:

            “Positions of power and leadership in human societies are produced by situations in which some people control what other people want or need, like food, land, personal security, political skills, status, wealth, the favour of the gods, professional expertise, knowledge, and so on. In other words, power requires dependency, and among hunter-gatherers there is precious little of that, because social organisation is very simple and everyone has equal access to resources. This is why leadership roles are so muted in their type of society, not because we have inherited ‘a reverse-dominance hierarchy’. In the more complex societies produced by agriculture and the domestication of animals, people may cease to be self-sufficient in defence, or in access to resources or to the supernatural, or a host of other things, so they will be willing to accept inequality of power because they obviously get something out of war-leaders, or clan heads, or priests. Once we understand that human social hierarchies are based on dependency, not on bullying, and are generally regarded as quite legitimate and in the general interest, Boehm’s claim that ‘One of the great mysteries of social evolution is the transition from egalitarian to hierarchical society’ ceases to be a mystery at all, but a non-problem produced by the delusion that humans are still really apes at heart.”

          • I’m sorry but none of that disproves what I said. I may be wrong and I happy to accept being wrong but not one word of that gives me cause to review my opinion.

  38. Not to defend Buckley, but I wonder if the elites would or could have reached their present state of sociopathy without Ayn Rand.

    • Rand was but one side of the kosher sandwich. Sociopathy is to be found on either end and would have migrated to the elites without her.

    • @Vegetius. Buckley pitched Ayn Rand under a bus.They wouldn’t even stand in the same room with each other. Her ideas where accepted and put into practice by Wall Street.

      • Thanks to the welfare state, there has been a general loss of a sense of personal obligation to others. Socialism replaces the idea of a personal obligation to people in particular with an impersonal obligation to people in general. In most places and times, relationships are horizontal — between you, your family, friends, co-workers, employer-employee, neighbors, community, country, etc. Socialism replaces this with a verticle relationship — solitary you and the all-providing State.

        Under socialism, society atomizes. The strongest way to hold a family, a community together is not love or even morality, but need.

        Globohomo would certainly like to replace the traditional family with a “Life of Julia” situation of single mothers raising their children with the assistance of the government every step of the way. People won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

        • Don’t want a welfare state? Stop automating jobs away and stop outsourcing and importing goods and people.

          If you can’t stomach the automation controls and unionization than let wages rise , prices stay decently static and cut the damned work week

          We’ll have plenty of work and much less need for a welfare state.

          If you want an exercise, nest time you get fast food and see a kiosk there, realize that the people replaced by that machine are probably going to voting socialist in the near future .

          They can’t get ahead through work, might as well take dole.

          • A.B., pay me now or pay me later. Yep, we just love Dollar Store trinkets and Walmart “specials”—but my next door neighbor losing his job of 20 years—not so much.

            My son busts his balls attempting to buy USA, and it is often impossible unless one simply does without, such is the sorry state of affairs today.

          • Compsci and A.B.: You are both correct.

            Plato observed in The Republic that one of the characteristics of a tyrant is that he would deliberately impoverish the people in order to make them more dependent on him. That seems to be the modus operandi of the modern-day rotten elite that rules over us – keep us fed and keep us entertained and we won’t bite the hand that feeds us.

          • Economies of scale are a tyranny or at least function as one,

            This kind of thing makes landowners and small businessmen into renters and employees so that a small elite can profit

            No doubt Xopher will come along screaming any moment I’m a Communist entryist or some nonsense but most of problems are caused by “big” both government and state

            The Left for all their flaws is far better at observing the problem space the the Right is. They get it, problem is most of them favor “big” as a solution and you don’t solve complexity and efficiency traps with more of the same

            The sustainable zero growth guys do get this but they often are far from pro family and no one is going to vote to impoverished himself and wisely so

        • ” strongest way to hold a family, a community together is not love or even morality, but need.”

          I’ve thought about this too. I wonder if the increase in divorce and decrease in fertility might be attributed , among the various other reasons we discuss, to the lack of need for family. For the first time in human history its actually possible to live as an individual without starving or being enslaved by the neighboring tribe.

          There does not seem to be an answer to this as long as the economy functions. Women can earn their own money and children aren’t needed to help around the house due to dishwashers, washing machines, etc and you can eat out every meal. Modern, industrial society makes individualism possible by vastly reducing labor and attractive to our hedonistic human nature.

          • I recall a comment made by a family therapist in a magazine. He observed that people nowadays are quick to cut themselves off from family and blamed Social Security. At one time, if they cut themselves off from their family, they might have no one to care for them.

            A century ago, if you walked out on your spouse and kids, you walked out on your old-age pension.

            The family is no longer a unit of economic consumption, but a unit of economic production. Kids go to school and are frequently raised by third-parties. Affluence, too.

            We don’t need each other.

  39. Cultural Marxism is the moral philosophy (religion?) of the educated classes, and especially the elite. It’s been completely institutionalized. Somehow, that has to change if we want a functional ruling class.

      • @vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉. Power is desire realized. Force is merely a means to an end. Desire better things.

    • @Max.The French Revolution began in 1789. 230 years later, the flowers on the poisonous plant have finally started to bloom. Mix that with the Soft Despotic manigerial state and industrialized, Consumerist, buccaneer Capitalism, and you have America the not so beautiful.

  40. We won’t change our elite without changing the monetary system. All this “funny money” created, managed and given value by our despicable elite and its institutions – it controls us and undermines us. Money isn’t a facet of society, it’s the skeleton of society. We will know the dissident right is serious when it starts talking economics and currencies. Too bad our laws don’t allow the states to experiment with different types of currencies – commodity-based, private, debt-free sovereign, etc. I thought Initiative Q was kind of a bold attempt to slip a private currency under the wire. Unfortunately it didn’t get much support.

    • Disagree. Economic systems are relatively unimportant, so long as they aren’t blatantly corrupt. White people can make almost every economic system prosper. Socialist Scandinavia was a great place to live before massive immigration. Let’s focus on economics after we get the demographics right.

    • The ruling elite control the money. That has been true since the Athenians took possession of the Delian League’s treasury. It’s why Offa and Charlemagne monopolized the coinage. Conservatives and libertarians always get things exactly backwards. Economics is at the end of the great chain of causality.

      • THIS THIS THIS THIS!!! There is a reason Jesus whipped the usurers out of the temple. What I want to know is what changed in the 1770s. I have studied this very intently, the usurers were always around, ripping everyone off for thousands of years. But suddenly, around the advent of the Rothschilds and the illuminati they started to sweep into power in all major European countries and here as well, although this was in the late 1800s. These groups were behind the French revolution, the commies, central banks, etc. In roughly 250 years they have reached heights they never got close to over the last 2000. Very strange.

        • Johnny55, simplistically, I’d say the industrial revolution happened. Capital is needed to organize and create the means of production. Heretofore, usurers supplied funds to the elite for their vanity projects—like endless petty wars. Now there were new—and bigger, horizons to begger.

          • Don’t forget about the Freemasons’ role in all of this. They’re in there, too.
            ANd have done a pretty decent job of infiltrating the Catholic Church, as well.

            They had a hand in the revolutions.

            I read somewhere once (would need further research) that a revolution takes people AWAY from God/ Christianity. (ie Commies)
            And counter-revolution goes back toward God/Christianity, right/wrong, justice, rule of law, etc.

            Look at France during the Revolution: the Vendee genocide killed off the last of the Catholics who held out.

            And look what the country has had to show for it since then: increasing levels of social-democracy. It doesn’t look good on them.

    • I absolutely don’t want to discourage you from contributing to this conversation but I must offer a word of advice here: if you have the time and resources take a tour around some former Warsaw Pact countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Spend some time in cities such as Prague, Krakow, Budapest or Minsk. There are many others I could list.

      Sure, there is some residual dysfunction and ugliness but that’s only to be expected after the devastation of WWII and then 50 years of communism. Still, those scars grow fainter with each passing year.

      Then, when you’ve done that, take a trip to free market Haiti.

      Actually, you don’t need the time and money. You can do all this from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of YouTube.

      • Tut, what’s your point—free market vs something else? If so, there is a conflation here wrt to population within country examples. Any country with a population averaging room temperature, such as Haiti, will always be a basket case.

        • Compsci, yes. Economic systems alone to make good societies if the raw material is not there to begin with.

  41. “Diversity is a strength!”

    Yes, that’s why the British were able to conquer all of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal with a few thousand men.

  42. The wealthy, tucked away inside their gated communities, have increasingly pulled away from social and civic commitments to their towns and cities. Now we’ve added a growing and massive number of Third Worlders to communities who lack civicmindedness and a sense of duty. Steve Sailer writes about schools running out of white kids, who keep test scores up. Communities are running out of regular white folks who make places nice and pleasant.

    • The wealthy—ah yes, but who are the wealthy, or “rich”. This is not a trivial question. Ask the average Lefty, and the rich is anyone who has more money than him. Not just Bill Gates or that clown Zuckerberg. In regards to such oligarchs, I tend to agree with Z-man, but need to advise caution with the label and whom we apply that to.

      If one looks at the breakdown of national wealth, we have an upper 10% of the population that “own” 80% of the nation’s wealthy, the gazillionaires are aproximately 1/10% and they have 20%. The remaining 60% of the national wealth is held by what we might call the well-to-do (9.9%). Last I read, to break into this class of folk, you need somewhat less than $2M in assets. Assets are defined as real estate, cash, stock and securities.

      The above would include small business owners, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. These people are not the controllers of power—at least not in the class of real oligarchs. Indeed, in my city, they are the ones contributing to many of the social programs that Z-man laments the oligarchs avoid. They are part of the community. They live in nice areas, but not necessarily remote gated communities. I even share a coffee shop with perhaps the most famous of them. Good guy.

      That wealth is distributed too unequally is not under dispute with me, but to put the “rich” up against the nearest wall, or in some way begger them may be tossing the baby out with the bath water.

  43. Elite.

    You keep using that word.

    I do not think it means what you think it means…

    • That expression stopped being clever about 15 years ago. How about updating your snark to this decade, before trying to correct your betters.


        I have come to despise snark. It used to amuse me a bit, but now I see some wag snarking on about this or that and think that snark is the lowest form of criticism or commentary. It is too easy and a sign of intellectual laziness.

        The worst snark-offenders are women and the Inverse Scots-Irish. Many of the snarky women are generally repulsive, whether physically, intellectually, or morally. But what sort of man desires to spend time with an attractive woman if much of her prattle is snark? They are pleasing to the eye, but not the ear and not to be tolerated long. Of such are bitter and lonely cat ladies made.

        Snark, being a more feminine than masculine approach, is a natural for the Inverse Scots-Irish way of conflict.

          • I like it cause its open ended in its meaning, not deterministic, and forces people to think about what the opposite of individualistic hard working pioneers is.

          • Bunny:

            I was thinking about characteristics of various folks and their inverse and discarded several:

            * Inverse German / Scandinavian? Nope, both have a communitarian streak similar to HWMNBN.
            * Inverse Puritan / East Anglian / Yankee? Nope, even more similarities to HWMNBN.

            And a few others. I could be enlightened, but I see no euro tribe with behavioral characteristics as inverse to HWMNBN as the Scots-Irish. And it has to be a euro tribe used in this fashion.

          • Thank you for trying to explain, but now I am more confused. What is HWMNBN? He who must not be named? Just taking a wild guess, but do you mean Jews?

        • The problem with snark—as I’ve come to notice—is that it all too often becomes an end in itself and some authors (Ann Coulter comes immediately to mind) go out of their way in writings to develop some way to introduce it into the narrative, almost always in detriment to the major points to be made.

          In that manner, I guess intellectual laziness is as good a description as any. In any event, I too simply stop reading folks who come to depend upon such in their writings.

        • Chicken-egg question: Was (((Jon Stewart))) the father of nihilistic irony-bro snark or the son? Either way, social media, particularly Twitter, has served as the step-parent during this cultural hellspawn’s teen years. Time this delinquent grew up in either case. We’re facing adult problems by the score and this thumb-sucking smartass worldview is nothing but noisy useless baggage at this point.

      • Guys;
        Agree about snark. But *ridicule* is very effective against political enemies, especially the current elite. It delegitimizes them.

        Having the elite lose legitimacy is a critical, necessary condition to replacing them.

        So how to tell the difference between useful ridicule and useless snark_? I’d say if a pity comment (and either one must be pithy) has the potential to, or better yet, does move the ball on delegitimization, then it it is useful ridicule and should be cultivated. Otherwise it’s just useless, preening snark for a personal dopamine hit.

        • Snarky quips have become the defacto reasoned entreaty of our age. They fit into a soundbite, a tweet, a highlight reel, etc. and don’t overly take up the precious literal seconds you have before the modern mind loses interest or taxes its gnat-like attention span.

        • As the old saying goes “talk is cheap” snark doesn’t fix anything. It just identifies you as another Jon Stewart wannabe.

          You want to remove the elites? Well that takes hard work and sacrifice – something the snark masters want no part of.

          And really what good is snark as political violence gets more and more mainstreamed? So when you’re snarking some Lefty in meats pace, he decides to use you face for a speed bag what are you going to do? Go snarky as you spit out teeth and blood and ask for more like Charlie Kirk does?

          Snark made sense 20 years ago when it was safe to debate people in public. Not anymore. Not when it’s open season on conservative whites.

  44. You explained quite clearly the present problem (crisis?) on what is seriously wrong with America. I await tomorrow’s essay on your plan of action for a remedy for all of this.
    Cultivating our own gardens will help for us to manage and survive sanely in an insane world but it will not be a form of revolution, soft or otherwise.

    Voting is not an option.

    • Voting is a useful tool for less harmful or even helpful people having legitimacy of force.

      Its not a solution – probably.
      But the enemy should certainly not be granted elected legitimacy of the organs of law and force.

      That in our current situation is effectively 90% disarmament.
      With legitimacy some of the 100 million rifles may march – probably enough. Without legitimacy even the Brave will falter – at this very moment that is why our guns are silent. If the Dems have legitimacy through elections they’ll remain silent.
      Silent to their grave. Historians will marvel a people so well armed went extinct. This is a hard truth of our situation – the Law is our religion and Lawyers our priests – and it cannot be ignored.

      Voting Democrat if you’re White and aware: That’s like the Jews gassing themselves in protest of the Nazi genocide.

  45. Great follow-up to the “What Comes Next” essay. Biggest problem I see, though, is that no matter how much we now disagree with Buckley conservatism, most of us remain stuff-oriented, “American Dream” materialists. My sense is that we’re far too soft a people – far too comfortable – for rebellion. We’re faced with two options: 1) Proactive revolt, for which we’re mentally/physically/spiritually unprepared, or 2) Post-collapse, reactive survival, after which a “new elite” of leadership is possible.

    • It is a problem, for sure, but the thing to keep in mind is social change, particularly broad, sweeping change, is like an avalanche. The part you see was made possible by the large part you don’t see. Exactly no one on July 1 1789 was thinking about storming an near empty prison. It just happened and what happened next, like the avalanche, followed after it. The people demanding detailed plans for what comes next, how to position this or that and how to set up the provisional government after the revolution, those people must be ignored. The focus now is turning one mind at a time, a little at a time.

      • I’m still the pessimist Z-man. Back in those good ol’ days people knew how to extract hardy independence from a 5 acres piece of rough land. Not so today. I checked out of the mainstream long ago in order to have land, cattle, garden, root cellar … i.e. independence. And I’m only independent as long as me and my neighbors have the knowledge and wherewithal to defend it, i.e. rifleman skills. But we’re minority outliers. Changing hearts/minds at this point is still doable, but folks need to simultaneously make rapid lifestyle changes and develop some life skills that haven’t been around since the days of my great-grandparents. I started this learning curve in my 40s and I’m just now learning things that old-timers used to know by age 12.

        • We will not need nor do we want as fellow riflemen those who need more convincing. They have ready only an inexhaustible list of conditions to be met for their threshold of action.
          Action they are determined at their core never to personally take.

          Events may force the hand of some but those events come from men of action.

          Men never can and never could, never will be able to wait on such creatures. Our species would not exist if our ancestors were still waiting on them.

        • Rural and /small town values don’t work in modern cities and suburbs as they aren’t fit for them

          A city that say has regular use for a cadre of rifleman other than ceremonial purposes will not be a functional city for long . It’s a war zone

          The bulk of Rightists such as they live in cities and thus think differently, act differently and operate differently by necessity

          They may have to learn rural skills but it won’t be easy.

          That said cities are imploding at an alarming rate and this will shift thing fast. I mean there was a story on Fox with Dr. Drew saying L.A. may have plague epidemics soon

          We are getting the expected collapse at a alarming rate and thus those rifle cadres may yet have some use.

      • What you’re saying boils down to the Underpants Gnome strategy of 1) Topple the current system 2) ??? 3) achieve a better society. Most normies won’t go for this.

        True, you can change some hearts and minds by convincing them the current system sucks and will work against them but most normies will still want to know what we have in mind afterwards. Even if it’s is only a vague idea most people won’t want to blindly jump off the cliff preferring instead the devil they know to the unknown, wild blue yonder.

        We don’t need to get bogged down in minute details but we need some kind of alternative to sell the masses.

        • That exactly what I’m not saying. Stop thinking you have to have a fully worked out perfect society to offer as an alternative. Utopian loons have been trying that for years and it never works. Right now, at this stage, the job is to work normie to both a) lose faith in the current system and b) start thinking collectively as a white person. Just stick with that.

          The planning of Utopia is way down the line from where we are now.

          • I disagree. You need a vision. Something to aim for. Not just “down with the system”. A high level vision at least is necessary.

          • I’m not understanding Zman on this one either, I’m afraid. Why take the always risky step of rebelling against the elite if there is not an alluring alternative to motivate? It seems to me that past revolutions had vanguards armed with, and united around, sophisticated critiques of the reigning order, and outlines of an alternative order to improve matters.
            Lenin and his gang were united around a body of theory, the revolutionaries of the French Revolution we’re steeped in Enlightenment thought, the German Conservative Revolution fed into 1933. Bernard Bailyn’s ‘The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution’ would seem to provide another example. I’d like for him to expand on his understanding of all this.

          • Those who start revolutions don’t finish them. Being prominent now is a recipe to end up like Georges Danton.

            An army of silently pro-white Talleyrands will have the opportunity to forge a new destiny when the Reign of Terror ends. One can only rebel against reality for so long.

          • Vision is indirectly important. People aren’t willing to jump ship and step into the unknown unless they feel confident, capable men are ready to take the helm. They must be satisfied a shadow elite has assembled in the bleachers, ready to replace the old, otherwise they’ll keep throwing in with the devil they know.

            It’s not that people won’t bestir themselves to action absent a coherently laid out plan, it’s that without the brainstorming, networking and congregating that accompany the will to devise, refine and promulgate an alternative political cosmology, the replacement elite cannot be born.

            Intellectual spergery, though pitiful to watch at times, is the necessary crucible that allows a new class of statesmen to emerge.

          • The problem with having a specific plan for society is that no one really knows what’s going to happen next. Will there be a dramatic event like a revolution or another Civil War? If so, we really don’t know what form it will take, when it will happen, or what will precipitate it. Or will things change much more gradually? America in say 1980 was very different than America in 1880, but there was no civil war or revolution during that time.
            If, as Z Man says, we “work normie to both lose faith in the current system and start thinking collectively as a white person” that helps out no matter what happens. That’s how we get prepared for some kind of revolution type of event. It’s also how we prepare if there is no revolution. If white people start putting their interests as white people first, we wouldn’t even need a revolution. It’s identity politics. It has worked well for lesser peoples, think what it could do for white people.

          • Yes. We should have general realistic goals, but only loosely defined. The evolution of events will reveal options as we go along. There will be surprises.

          • It is like travelling an unknown road at night with Freddy Krueger chasing you. You may not see the road ahead more than a few steps, but you sure as hell know what’s coming behind you. In short – your choices are move forward or die immediately.

            I would choose move forward and work out the details later. Problem is, there is not a sufficient critical mass that feels they are in that dire of a situation. But my guess it will creep up slowly and then pounce, which is not good. That’s why it is critical to get normie freaked about it.

    • True, but your personal path to both is basically the same: start building networks in the real world.

      These groups will be useful whatever the future holds.

  46. In order for a society to function, that elite must be explicit and indebted to the welfare of the society over which they rule. Conservatism always started with an understanding of duties and obligations.

    A nation will thrive when the elite wins when the nation wins. A nation will fall when the elite is isolated from the nation’s failures.

    I think Trump tries to be the kind of elite requested here. I believe he actually loves America. I just dont believe he’s smart, charismatic or sophisticated enough to do it. And also, while he may be rich, real estate is not where the smart money is these days. Silicon Valley is the new elite and it, and the old elite, finance and hollywood, are the current Louis XVIs

  47. That they are hated by the very wealthy is probably one of the biggest things that normies (who aren’t lunatic SJWs but haven’t come over to our side) don’t get. For all of his faults, Trump seems to actually have some concern for the common man. As a billionaire, he is an extreme outlier. This fact may confuse some people.

    • I fear we may regret Trump winning in 2016. If Hillary was ruling us, it would be impossible for bourgeois whites to not see the contempt. On the other hand, Trump’s feud with the Brown Clowns is making our job a bit easier. Racialized whites are more open to populist ideas. They have already accepted that economics is downstream from culture.

      • Trump exposed the underlying hatred that the media and the elite feel toward whites – except, of course, Goodwhites like themselves. This has been useful and likely would not have been so clear if Hillary had won.

        But Trump’s utility is waning. He’s not going to fight immigration in any real way, but his presence anesthetizes many on our side (or those who would move to our side) who believe they have someone fighting for them.

        We may need a President Harris to make them understand that there is no hope under the present system, indeed, that the system – their precious government and institutions – is illegitimate and deserving of destruction.

        • @vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉. Power is desire realized. Force is merely a means to an end. Desire better things.

          • Sir- politics is power.
            That’s all.
            View it through any other lens and you’ll go astray.

            Yes in the political realm which is my purpose here Sir its about taking power from madmen.

            Then we’ll be free to desire better things.

          • vxxc💂🏻‍♂️😉. “Yes in the political realm which is my purpose here Sir its about taking power from madmen. Then we’ll be free to desire better things.”
            First of all. I was born free and nothing can change that. Not even solitary confinement. Second of all. If you think you can take power from ” madmen” then you have been infected with their disease. Your putting the cart before the horse. Free your mind and your ass will follow comrade. Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: ” A man is truly mature when he understands that politics won’t save him. Seek wisdom and insight. Then you’ll find real power. The kind of power that no one can ever take from you.

        • In the context of the current discussion – power is flowing from deceit and manipulation. Not thru any application of force BY THOSE WHO HAVE GAINED THOSE LEVERS OF POWER.

          I can’t think of any individuals who make up the current power structure who have gotten there thru application of force. They have manipulated and connived and used their connections and standing amongst the elite to get where they are.

          They then use the power of force given to the Federal government to enforce their agendas.

          This is exactly why I keep arguing for minimal power invested in the Federal government. We don’t currently live in a world where dynamic leaders rise to power by fighting it out on the streets , building a political power base – which will do their dirty work (brown shirts) – and then rising into the higher political offices until they are in command of the government running the entire country.

          We have a government and political structure which has been infested with those who wanted those levers of power – and have gotten there by playing a manipulation game – or have willingly diddled children so that they would be allowed into the club.

          Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty needed to be watered with blood on a regular basis.

          He was correct.

          • Force and elections to the Executive offices that legitimate force (but do not monopolize) are what’s left to us.

            There were distinct and frequent shows of force by the right in 2016. Militias, bikers, open carry, Cincinnati convention.

            And we won.

            The enemy responded with Antifa. We with Proud Boys. Based Stick Man.
            MAGA chasing flag burners.

            Force is a card we’re learning to play.

          • Proud Boys…Stick Man…Moldlylocks…each of these happened prior to James Fields.

            Ask the folks in Portland arrested for self-defense how Right Wing Street Violence is going.

          • @Bob

            vxxc failed the RedPill test. He picked the whiteknight answer on a multiple choice question on Jim’s Blog.

          • Xopher Halftongue said: “vxxc failed the RedPill test. He picked the whiteknight answer on a multiple choice question on Jim’s Blog.” A women on this site told me the other day that she thinks vxxc is also female. I have no idea.

          • Passing the Jim White Knight Test requires you agree with Jim that all age of consent laws regarding females be banned.

            He flat admitted it when pressed.

            Ahem. Proud to fail that test. Glad they pressed the question, I had been ignoring the weird and doing so missed the evil.

          • Proud to fail that test.

            You are free to explain what the passing score was.
            Do you pass?

            I did miss the evil by seeing the good. A mistake sometimes made. Jim finally admitted his “policy” so I left.

            Also I tend to skim over comments made by freaks.

      • I’ve questioned whether or not it was good for us that Trump won….I am still undecided.

        I do think that it’s a very positive thing that persuadable Whites will now see that there is no hope of working within the existing system. If cankles had won, many would still believe that an electoral solution remained a possibility.

        • If Trump had been a serious, clear-eyed man, he would have known on November 9, 2016 that all of DC was going to lock arms to oppose him, that all the knives would be out, that they would use the federal judiciary nationwide to blockade him at every turn, that every nook and cranny of the media and academia would train their guns on him non-stop… and he would have looked for countermeasures to all of this, which, though difficult, were available. His lack of imagination on this score was and is simply mind-numbing.

          I was never able to figure out whether he saw the problem and just couldn’t overcome it, or whether he really is just a lazy, narcissistic, slow-thinking Boomerclown who never had any real intention of actually doing what all of us knew needed to be done.

          • There are quite a few defeated people cursing the day they underestimated Trump. It was always a mistake to think Trump is dumb or lazy. The big problem for Trump was that he never thought he was going to win and he did not have good experienced people on his team and he ended up having to draw from the swamp.

          • Funny thing is you wouldn’t have needed to watch him that closely to know he was neither. But most of the pundits have never made a payroll or signed personally for business loans. Trump was beyond their comprehension.

          • I think he had people around him giving terrible advice. Trump was the only one who actually read his inauguration speech.

            He should have fired every appointed bureaucrat in every agency on Day 1. But he didn’t, and now here we are.

          • As Ann Coulter suggested, he should have taken the oath of office in San Diego before closing the border permanently with the Army carrying out his orders. I lost complete faith in the Orange faggot when he fired Steve Bannon instead of having his son in-law publicly beheaded.

      • As bad as Trump has been on some of our issues, we are not at war with Russia or Syria and there aren’t hundreds of thousands of Africans and Syrians and Pakis etc all walking into Europe. I don’t think this would have stopped under Clinton. In fact, it might be a lot worse.

        • Illegal immigration is worse than ever

          He had a huge mandate to deal with that, he’s completely neglecting it, he’s failing to take opportunities that are well within his power

          • But the Dow just hit another high and there is RECORD LOW BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT!!! Plus an embassy got moved a half hour down the road! MIGA!!!

          • Time is not on our side.

            The enemy adds re-enforcements faster than we convert the stagnant number of persuadables.

            After we see the whites of their 👀 it will be too late. Another Trump term just delays the day of reckoning to our disadvantage.

      • We’ll be getting another Hillary even more woke than the last one. Just you wait and see. Her name will sound exotic, like “Kamala”, and she’ll get all gun-grabby.

        • Epiminondas,

          Dont worry about President Harris and the gun grab. She hasn’t the smartiosity to pull anything like that off and while she may scree and kvetch about it, her (((husband))) will palaver with all the other fortuitously married (((family))) of our various pols and billionaires and wave off any serious attempts. They figure we great unwashed goyam masses will never get the gumption to actually use them so why poke too hard that particular bugbear.

        • The gun grab will happen slowly. Here’s how:

          1) Make family transfers difficult. As Boomers die off, local law enforcement scoops up their leftover arsenals.

          2) Normalize gun grabs for mental illness.

          3) Normalize whiteness as a form of mental illness.

          4) Allow lawsuits against gunmakers. This will Jack the price through the ceiling, as seen with cigarettes.

          5) Allow 15-20 years of demographic change.

          That should pretty well do it for the whole “law abiding citizenry” thing within a generation or so.

      • Bourgeois whites didn’t notice Obama’s contempt for 8 years. Why would they catch on to Hillary’s?

        • Obama ticks the right boxes. Hillary ticks the wrong boxes. It’s why she is a two time loser.

          • The problem with women like Hillary is that men will at times give her what she wants just to shut her up.

        • Obama is more likable than Hillary. He did a pretty good job of hiding his contempt. Hillary can’t hide it to save her life. I think that most people who are relatively apolitical would say that Obama seemed like an O.K. guy. (Before everyone gets their pitchforks and torches, I’m not saying this). These same people really dislike Hillary.

        • What everyone else said plus a lot of whites’ belief that if they elected a black president, that would put the racism charge to bed one and for all.

          • What suckers they were. The Dems use the race card to get an affirmative action bum elected, so naturally they’ll drop the very tool they used to leverage that mediocrity into the most powerful position on the planet. :rolleyes:

      • This has always been a concern I’ve had with right wing gatekeeping pols who do just enough to dampen the discontent without really mocing the ball forward. Moot point soon. 2020 will either be the last time we have to worry about that or the beginning of the overt one party state.

      • Modern white people have been taught to avoid spilling blood. Fix things with the pen and the ballot box. Let justice reign. Yet the Rule of Law only goes so far until push comes to shove. Justice is a white concept that occasionally needs putting aside. Electing Trump was the modern white way of saying enough is enough. It doesn’t seem to be working too well and the predators on both sides have started baying for blood. I didn’t buy into Z’s black pill position 48 hours ago that the technofags will have their way over us. Nature is going to win this fight. Fighting and winning is in the blood of the white man and we are going to win. And this time the losers are going to lose – badly.

    • One of Trump’s most appealing aspects for me, and I suspect for others, is that he has always been unapologetically crass. Marrying and divorcing models, gold gilt everywhere, a plane and helicopter with his name on the side in huge letters, steak well done, and for god’s sake he eats taco salads and brags about it. The Manhattan elite never accepted him as one of their own and, for his part, he always claimed Queens as his home town. It’s as though someone took a redneck with a bunch of money and dumped him in the middle of New York City. The redneck part of me finds this both humorous and appealing.

      • There is a great story from he first went to work for his dad. One of the guys told him “when you knock on the door of an overdue tenant, always stand to the side”. Donald asks “why?” “Trust me just do it”. Sure as shit a couple months later he’s doing a collection, knocks on the door and the tenant shoots through it. But he took the advice, that’s why he’s still here.

    • No he has no concern for the ordinary whites in this country. If he did he wouldn’t keep the Southern border open. He wouldn’t be taking advice from the Koch Brothers. The man has broken every promise he made to us and pushed a agenda that is hostile to us and the country.

      All most whites see is his theatrics and they confuse that with him caring about them. No he doesn’t care about whites. Go look at his response to what happened at his San Jose rally. He didn’t say a word about his white supporters being beaten to a pulp by blacks ans Mexicans. Not one word.

      Even to this day he won’t lift a finger against anti-fa. Instead he lets them terrorize whites with impunity,. He won’t stop Google and other firms from de-platforming whites.

      He is even more anti-white than Obama. But whites give him a pass because they think he’s on their side – he’s not.

      • He seems conflicted. He probably does have some empathy for legacy Americans…but with whom has he done business with? Built his real estate empire with? Who have his children married? Who are his grandchildren?

        What’s that cliche…the personal is the political.

        • Well that is a big piece of it. That’s a bad crowd he’s hanging with.

          Still Look at the San Jose rally, his supporters were beaten to a bloody pulp and he just fled the state and said nothing. Even his fan base went into overdrive to excuse his cowardice.

          And he let anti-fa and Big Tech bully his supporters while barely saying a word for the last 3 years. He’s either gutless or a sociopath. Maybe both.

          Yet whites are still giving him a pass. They would have never done this with Hillary or Jeb.

          • Rod, do not forget that ted cruz blamed the trump supporters for the “violence” . I think Kasich did too. Not a single GOP executive called out the police for their inaction and tacit support of the thugs.

        • This is a characteristic of modernity. You can’t run a nation with near instant communication (available to a degree since the telegraph) and blazing fast transit (since the train) with a constitution built for the middle ages

          This complexity and the inability of the reasonably smart but never brilliant elected and appointed to even understand complex problems leads to bureaucracies running things

          They almost have to since I can promise you most Congressweasels could not tell you what dihydrogen monoxide is much less understand say water rights or how to handle nuclear waste.

          Modernity is too damned complex for our good

          Now no one is putting me in charge but if I ran things you’d end with up with a Christianized Chinese style bureaucracy with IQ and ethics testing to hold office and that system designed to protect a subset of individual rights

          On top of that mass the default answer to most innovation would be “no.”

          A mother may I system is as un-american as North Korea but I suspect it’s going to the only way to keep some evil minded moron obsessed with gene engineering , robotics , cybernetics or whatever else from killing us all

          • A.B., recent study discussed at Unz by Dr Thompson. Basically an extension to Dunning-Kruger effect. Seems that stupid people not only don’t know they are stupid, they wildly overestimate the intelligence of others. So in short, there are a lot of stupid people out there voting for stupid Congressmen. And of course, there is little hope for those room temperature IQ types in leadership to grasp the concepts/understanding in forming policy/law needed in a modern technological society.

            Great news for our pundits on the radio, not so much for the rest of us.

          • @Compsci.So basically what your saying is that universal suffrage was a bad idea. I’m not sure but, I think most of us have been on that page for a while. Or a least I have.

          • @AB Prosper

            Oh look, anti-tech entryist is at it again.

            If you want to stop the eeeevil White Man’s technology, just flood Europe and North America with niggers!

            But you better be quick, because StarProphet Elon Musk’s Starship/Superheavy is developing really really fast… And it’s going to be too late for your anti tech dreams.

          • It should be Xopher Halfwit or Xopher Wormtongue methinks

            So you do understand,the Dissident Right isn’t a Liberty Movement (that’s over at WRSA) nor is it a Libertarian one (go back to Reason magazine for that)

            It is a bit amorphous but if it anything is an Authoritarian Right Wing one and regulation that serves the greater public good is perfectly OK with a lot of us

            Frankly if you Libertarian carpetbaggers and entryists would just pack your shit up, leave and not come back it would be better for all of us. You are as obnoxious as Tiny Duck and far less entertaining

            As for immigration, I’ve been anti immigration my entire life with my policy unvarying being “very Hi IQ adaptable to Western values, moral” required. This probably wouldn’t have allowed Musk. I don’t think he is especially sane has any morals or enough sense to avoid dipping in the crazy (Heard, Grimes) though his last couple of women are hot so there is that

            As for the spaceship, it might go up and be useful but its not starting a magic space age and nor are the freedom minded going to escape the surly bonds of Earth to the moon or some space colony. A couple of billionaires might live on a space station maybe but you ain’t going

            Such a place is not possible at this time but even if it was it will have all the freedom you’d come to expect from a maximum security prison

            So no, it ain’t happening and the various grifters, fraud artists and such that make up the space bugs and Libertarians are either going to enjoy a collapsed civilization or live in a far more regulated and bounded world

            Choose wisely

        • VXXC how about you give us even one example of an order given by Obama or bill Clinton that was ignored. that is a ludicrous statement . the bureaucracy is only too eager to enact any democratic whim.

      • you are correct Rod . why didn’t he end DACA the day after he took office? he still hasn’t. He said he would. I think that trump’s greatest weakness is that he doesn’t give a shit about those who have supported him . He let the GOP establishment freeze out the Deplorables for any administrative positions in the new white house. why let the Obama holdovers at justice and DOJ stay . ALL presidential appointments should have been vacated upon taking office. Bill Clinton fired every us attorney in the country in 1 day. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/03/flashback-bill-clinton-93-u-s-attorneys-fired-one-day-video/ . only a fool, like George W keeps the precious administrations hatchet men in positions of power.

        personnel IS policy. I worked hard for trump, lost friends supporting him . But He has been all Hat and no caltle . I will vote for him again, but I don’t expect anything too much good to come from it. If the dems get the house and senate, he is not going to Veto anything. not even gun control.

        • Miforest, Trump threatened to end the DACA program and that was overruled in the courts. To me, that’s a ridiculous overstep of the court’s authority. However, ignoring the courts authority is not easy when the majority of the legislature threatens to impeach—and convict you, if given a reasonable public pretext for the action taken.

          Seems most of the complaints wrt Trump fall under that frustration. To wit, why doesn’t Trump just tell everyone to “fuck off” and “order” that it be done! Well, had such occurred we’d now be bitching about President Pence and his inability to get things done.

          Trump is following rule number one. You must stay alive to hope to win the game. Now he could be a better player, no argument here. But outside of office, you are out of the game.

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