Alienation And Its Discontents

If you were to transport into this age, someone from a prior age, say the 19th century, that person would certainly be amazed at what he saw. From the perspective of this age, the assumption is he would be most impressed with the technological advances relative to his time. The ability to easily communicate with people, from all over the globe, would probably be the most dazzling. Instead of waiting weeks for a letter from a friend, we exchange e-mails and texts instantly from wherever we happen to be standing.

People in the modern West tend to think of progress in purely material terms, so that would be the thing most people think of in this thought experiment. Our communication systems are better. Our transportation systems are better. Our food and entertainments are vastly more plentiful, if not necessarily better. It’s not unreasonable to think that 19th century man would marvel at a fast food drive through. To him, at least in a material sense, this age is beyond the world of fantasy.

Something else would probably stun 19th century man. That is the lack of human interaction compared to his time. This is one of those counter-intuitive things for people in this age, because this age is awash in communications. Everywhere you turn, the rulers are sending messages to you about the latest products you must consume or the most recently approved thoughts you should promote. Humans in this age are awash in mass media, which bombards us wherever we go.

When you look past that top layer, however, what you see is people “interfacing” with one another, but very few people bonding and interacting. Look at the typical customer service experience. You call and someone, from somewhere, responds to your prompts, using a script provided to them by the software in the call center. Increasingly, the customer service agent is a robot. Most people order their prescriptions, for example, from a robot, not a pharmacist. It is purely transactional.

This sterilization of human interaction is not limited to the impersonal contact we make with global corporations. Inside the corporation, relationships are increasingly automated and systematized. Managers are trained to use management systems to interface with their direct reports. Staff is no longer encouraged to be loyal to a manager, as that is as sensible as being loyal to the coffee machine. The manager is just an entity that inputs data into the management system.

The argument in favor of automation in the work place is it reduces errors and lowers costs, but often the driving force is to limit human interaction. The shift supervisor, so used to dealing with systems in his life, is unequipped to actually manage human beings on a personal level. Instead of monitoring their work and correcting their errors, adjusting for personality, he posts their efficiency reports in the break room, along with all of the other management metrics that come from the quality control system.

This is something people in the process management world have come to understand about the modern workplace. It’s not as much about efficiency as about the fact that young people no longer possess the social skills that were an assumed part of society just a couple of generations ago. The young manager does not have the social skills to confront an underling over an error or the intuition to encourage someone who needs a little motivation to get through a difficulty.

The general reputation of millennials in the work place is that they are self-absorbed, needy and entitled. Companies have responded to this with tighter structures that remove the need for initiative and adaptability. In reality, the cause of the problem is a generation of people raised by robots. The well-adapted millennials are those who played sports or served in the military. In those environments, stripped of automation, they learned how to be leaders, teammates and adapt to new conditions.

This is not just a workplace phenomenon. This post from the London School of Economics is amusing in many ways, but one line jumps out. “Occupational segregation matters because it can lead to inequality between workers and limit the talent pool for employers trying to fill a position.” The sterility of language will remind anyone over the age of 40 of the jokes made about communism. That’s a line that would seem at home in a provincial report on the latest five year plan.

This is something you see all over the social sciences. It’s why the author of the post claims, with a straight face, that economists are baffled as to why homosexuals are clustered into certain fields. Within living memory, people just knew why this was and did not think much about it. It was so obvious, it was assumed everyone knew it. In the atomized transactional world of today, humans are the most baffling thing to their fellow humans. No one knows anything about themselves now.

Part of this is the result of multiculturalism. That man brought here from a century ago would have been snatched from a world in which everyone was like him. If he was a city dweller, he may have bumped up against other tribes of immigrants or natives, but his daily life was spent around his people. What he knew about those other people was through the lens of his understanding of himself and his people. It was not through a description in a textbook or from a class on human development.

Today we live in a world of strangers. White communities have been shattered, along with the sense of community. In fact, whites are no longer permitted to have a sense of community. Since most of what makes the modern world possible is still run by whites, the result is a world run by deracinated strangers in a sea of alienation. Those management systems are simply a response to this reality. It’s a solution to slow what is the inexorable process of multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism.

There’s also the fact that technology has not just made stuff cheaper. It has changed how humans interact with the world. This shows up in standardized testing. Young people are better at taking tests, because they live in a world of tests. Their games are structured along the same lines as a standardized test. Instead of a free form world of play, it is the range of options available in the video game. Instead of problem solving, it is leaning the combination of available inputs.

This transactional existence is not without its consequences. The alienation that is a daily part of modern life manifests as nostalgia throughout the culture. Hollywood movies are either based on childhood items, like super heroes, or remakes of shows from when America was not this way. The rising tide of populism and ethno-nationalism, particularly among the youth, is a romantic response to a modern world that offers plenty of ways to use your time, but no answer for how to live.

That’s what would most shock and horrify 19th century man about this age. He could live without the instant communications, but he could not live a life in which no one had anything to say or a reason to say it. He could live without modern transportation, but he could not live without a place to a go or a people to visit. He could not live alone in a world full of strangers. It’s all those close, smelly, sweaty connections with your people that makes you human. He could not live without that and in a probability, neither can we.

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210 thoughts on “Alienation And Its Discontents

  1. The sheer level of noise that is seemingly everywhere would certainly shock a 19th century person, probably up to 40 years ago.

  2. It is common to think of the modern west as the 1st world because of technology and economic performance. Over the last few months I’ve come to disagree with that perspective. If we were suddenly stripped of these things and yet maintained Western Culture it is my opinion we would still be 1st world. In the late 1700s the US was more civilized than it is today slavery notwithstanding. As the the west tribalizes it moves down from 1st world status regardless of the bells and whistles of modernity.

    • Carl Jung toured the U.S. and lamented that the well-intended idea of living among blacks would be a serious detriment to whites. True, it has happened and now we have heartbreakingly scummy whites living in squalor in hip hop and other black culture having black and brown babies. Single motherhood, hitting a forte in its civil rights days with blacks after occurring in patriotic white families who lost their soldier fathers in unnecessary world wars, is rising like never before among white, asian, latino women. The elite know that single mother families leave the child-rearing to the state and that’s why it’s heartily egged on with government subsidies. In case you needed proof that our government acts against stabilizing forces, like white mothers *and, crucially, fathers* who carefully raise their children to become good, God-fearing, responsible, independent thinking, literate citizens.

  3. O/T but; The New Watchmen will apparently have R.Redford as Liberal POTUS and Killer Cult based on Watchman Rorshach- who may be White Supremacists.

    This is the smartest idea the Left has had since “Man in the High Castle”. 🤣😉

    Yes by all means DO THIS!
    Whom the Gods would destroy they first make OUR scriptwriters. This is much more practical for Americans than a Nazi reboot anyway.

    • TMITHC was interesting at least the first season. I kept thinking how non-diverse Third Reich USA seemed like such a great place to live compared to diversitopia Japanifornia.

  4. Is there a pejorative term for heterosexual white men who support or vote for the Democrats? A sort of equivalent for an “Uncle Tom”. Maybe there already is such a term but, if so, I am not aware of it.

  5. Transactional existence = people tell lies and those hearing the lies know it and tell lies themselves. Low trust. Anti human. We need moral people who believe in God and Jesus and truth, beauty and goodness. That’s what makes beautiful, prosperous civilizations!

  6. I used to know to Christian Egyptian man in the 90s. He spoke of how the Brits left a pretty good bureaucratic apparatus for the governance of Egypt, except that he and his family, as Coptic Christians, could not expect to land a cushy government job (or any decent job) unless they were part of the Muslim Brotherhood. I imagine that’s how it will go here; we have all these institutions and systems, built by men with morals in a better time, which already are heavily staffed by people of color (blacks, latinos, middle-easterners, indians, asians) and increasingly they will staff all our government posts with their tribe. So whites are out. Even though we tamed the land, developed it, made roads, bridges, infrastructure, banks, whites are now out, with people of color expected to take up all positions and rule. I think most Americans understand that we are exactly on this trajectory, with various thoughts as to why, whether it’s good, and how it will all go. The Egyptians fully realize that they do not do British bureaucracy like the white Christian Brits. Many Indians believe the same, though we see Fareed Zakaria and others who think that because Caucasian blood is in their middle eastern, eastern and african heritage, that they’re white. Nope. But they’re definitely better than black.

    • I have read stories of Black managers in South Africa begging for government dispensation to keep Whites in positions in all areas in order to keep the damn system running. Seems they know what side the bread is buttered. Also makes me wonder why, with such power, the SA Whites don’t simply strike and let the system collapse. Then again, we have half the White population voting democrat here, so race traitors abound.

  7. Years ago Scott Adams did a Dilbert strip about Dilbert at a grade school on career day talking about being a engineer.

    It went like this:
    Diltert: After college you get put in a cubicle for 30 years and if you’re lucky you might be near a window so you can look outside.
    Boy in class: Are there girls in engineering?
    Dilbert: No
    Another student: So you sit in a cube all day for the next 30 years until you retire or die?
    DilbertL Yes.
    Stends: they start crying and teacher is ready to hit Dilbert with a ruler.

    • I am an engineer , and that is not a good thing to tell kids. Engineering is a great career that allows you to support a family. Which is the real goal. Looking for too much personal satisfaction at work is a trap . It’s a job, not a f—ing “career” . you family , friends, and faith are for that Ideally your community too, but that’s a work in progress.
      He is not wrong that your boss or company will not give a crap about , and the work may not be thrilling adventure, but that’s why we call it work. H2-b’s have made engineering lower paying than it used to be. When whatever comes next happens and is over with, no matter the outcome whoever is left’s first job will be to try to find some engineers and tradesmen to start things back up. everything I said goes for skilled trades too.

      • Not all engineering is as described—cubical work. My son designs, tests, and manufactures. He has plenty of experience on the factory floor in manufacturing and the items produced are designed to explode. Testing can be a blast. Pun intended. 🙂

  8. I was thinking about Our Girls, betting that a return to fish markets would soothe many lonely souls.

    By “fish markets”, I imply all of the work-home-family patterns disrupted by modernity.

    Reading further, I realize that rubbing shoulders with like kind is what we’re all dying for.

    Perhaps we don’t need a war returning us to the dark ages, or to 1850. My first impression of walking in Eastern cities (Boston, 1992) was of how remarkably self-segregated the neighborhoods were. You knew when you had crossed a boundary.

  9. From the link the Zman posted:

    There is an unusually high concentration of gay or lesbian workers in certain occupations. For example, both gay men and lesbians and are overrepresented in psychology, law, social work, and university teaching. And there are real occupational patterns behind some popular stereotypes, from the gay flight attendant to the lesbian truck driver.

    Where does this kind of occupational segregation come from? This question has puzzled social scientists for nearly a century, but it is not simply an academic problem. Occupational segregation matters because it can lead to inequality between workers and limit the talent pool for employers trying to fill a position.

    While the puzzlement is amusing, what is more chilling is that the authors seem completely oblivious to the agency, happiness and choices of the workers. “Occupational segregation” means that the workers are not sufficiently interchangeable economic cogs, and that there is something wrong with that.

    They can’t be happy with the fact that gays like doing those jobs and choose them, regardless of the “mysterious” underlying reasons.

    These people are evil.

    Also I can’t resist an aside into their methodology. They provide a list of jobs with high representation of gays and lesbians and — just as they predicted! — they find that all these jobs involved “task independence” and/or “social perceptiveness.” But it’s completely obvious from the list that these were completely subjective and often baseless decisions. The idea that a director has a very “task independent” job is ludicrous. I can’t think of many jobs in which there is more task interdependence — you are constantly balancing the demands of producers, studio execs, unions, writers, crew and actors. There is virtually nothing you can do as a director without negotiating with half a dozen people, some of whom have the authority to fire you.

    Same with probation officers, post-secondary teachers and other occupations on the list. They clearly started with a conclusion and mashed the data to fit it.

  10. This is something you see all over the social sciences.

    Noam Chomsky explains the origins of sociobabble:

    And you’ve got these guys in the physics department and in the math department, and they’ve got all kinds of complicated theories which, of course, we can’t understand, but they seem to understand them. And they have principles and they deduce complicated things from the principles and they do experiments and find that they work or don’t work. That’s really impressive stuff.

    So I want to be like that too. I want to have a theory. In the humanities, literary criticism, anthropology and so on, there’s a field called “theory” – we’re just like the physicists! They talk incomprehensively, we can talk incomprehensively. They have big words, we’ll have big words. They draw far-reaching conclusions, we’ll draw far-reaching conclusions. We’re just as prestigious as they are.

    And when they say “look, we’re doing real science and you aren’t”, well, that’s white, male, sexist, bourgeois, whatever.

      • He’s no fool. Paradoxically, he was a big help on my red pill journey. I used to think our rulers were idiots, but Chomsky made me understand they were merely evil, which was a huge relief, made be sleep better at night. Of course, back then I thought they did evil mainly for the benefit of their constituents, and simply shaved a few billions off the side for themselves.

    • Chomsky, like Ayn Rosenbaum, seems to be one of those Tribalists so enthralled with their own brilliance that they can’t resist bragging to the goys about it. Noam gives us some clues about inner circle thinking once in awhile. Leo Strauss weeps.

  11. Modernity is the social equivalent of sensory deprivation for the soul and spirit. similar to what exercise is to the body. If you were to sit down in a room with a toilet and a bed , have your food and water brought to you. and you did no exercise at all besides moving between the two. How would your body be in 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? My guess is that you would not survive, much less thrive.

    We live in the social equivalent of that. When everything is safe and easy we have nothing to motivate us, be proud of, love, fight for,fight against.
    Without the virtues developed by those struggles , we are all bland simple interchangeable flesh units. In the past , a man could reasonably believe that his wife had saved herself for him and him alone. That she chose him above others because she had confidence that yo would support her and her children. He knew she respected you because her father , a man she loved and trusted had allowed you to date and marry her. Indicating his approval.
    This was an idealization, and the struggles of life would test them both, and expose the imperfections we all have. If they persevered, with the support of their community they would have children they loved and a life of dignity and respect from their community. Especially if they had the character to continue through the inevitable disappointments they are bound to inflict on each other.
    The woman would have the love of her children and grandchildren as a reward. She would have the security that her husband would not leave her as soon as she lost her looks. Vanity would demand that she continue to take care of herself as best she could, and to keep the husband interested .

    Where is the equivalent today ? Our kids are superficial because looks are the only differentiator in a passing contact that has no future or past.
    Without community there are no guidelines or support. Everyone is a temporary unimportant cog in each others live.

  12. Turns out Marx was right after all — the very “alienation” he saw as the root problem of industrial capitalism, that would inevitably bring it down, is the same alienation that will destroy postindustrial capitalism. Which, I guess, is why the Left doesn’t bother with ol’ Onkel Karl anymore — if they actually read Marx, they’d be out here with us dissidents (I’ve always said that Marx is like one of those medieval Plague doctors in the bird masks. They’re 100% right about the disease (you’ve got the Plague, all right) but their proposed cure is guaranteed to make things worse (they want you, and 1000 of your best Plague-ridden friends, to travel to all the cities of the kingdom, to tell everyone to repent of their sins)).

    • Turns out Marx was right after all

      Too early to say, but it looks like he was on to something.

      if they actually read Marx….

      If they actually read Marx, they’d discover that the revolution is not going to occur until capitalism has provided the required technostructure that socialism will rest upon. He realized that a socialist society wouldn’t have the dynamism or creativity to build it.

      The Commies are, in a sense, right when they say that the Soviet Union, China or Cambodia weren’t real Communist systems, because none of those countries went through the industrialized, ultra-capitalist phase that, per Marx, is a requirement for a successful revolution.

      (Of course, Marx was a globalist too, so he also predicted that national socialism was doomed to fail, another reason the above countries can’t have been real socialist societies.)

      • I forget which group of Mensheviks back in 1905 wanted to cut a deal with Russia’s few industrialists for exactly that reason — they wanted the Revolution to come, but since the Scriptures dictated that you need an advanced industrial Proletariat for Revolution and Russia didn’t have it, it was in the Socialist revolutionaries’ best interests to help out the capitalists. Ahhh, “theory”…. is there anything it can’t do?

        • Ahhh, “theory”…. is there anything it can’t do?

          “That works splendidly in practice, but will it work in theory?”

  13. A while back I read about this minor news story about a bunch of Chinese high school students who won some sort of academic contest back in China, and the prize was a free trip to New York City.

    Apparently there was some sort of human interest story on the local NYC news, and a reporter interviewed the kids, who looked noticeably baffled and uncomfortable.

    “So, what do you think of America?” the reporter asked.

    “It’s… it’s nice. It’s, uh, very cynice. It’s just… somehow, there was something… we thought we were going to see…”

    “What is it?” the reporter nudged.

    “It’s just… um… Where are all the Americans? We thought that we would get to meet Americans. Where are they?”

    Reporter gestures to street full of mohammads, dots, Guatemalans and negroes. “They’re right here. These are all Americans.”

    “No, no. You know what I mean. Where are the /Americans/?”

  14. I first started noticing that my managers could not evaluate people or manage their interactions around the mid-90’s. You increasingly saw “office administrators” and HR’s with high-level credentials in mid-large law firms who were utterly lacking in both people skills and the knowledge of our actual jobs necessary to determine whether a secretary, paralegal or attorney was socially corrosive and/or simply incompetent. And this was the age before ubiquitous email, social media and cell phones, which catalyzed a chain-reaction fission of atomized Dunning Kruger-Peter Principle particles. Scott Adams had the best sense of this Cubicle Clown World. Burnham’s managerial state is already suffering for lack of managers, and as Z has recently observed, the Ascendancy will only accelerate its descent as more PoC’s are socially promited into positions they can’t handle and our talented Whites are baristas rather than baristers.

    The spirit of poetic justice will have a place in the pantheon of my future ethno-state. The Greeks venerated her as Nemesis. May our progency live to praise “Catalypsis” as her eponymous collapse throws Davos World into the Darkie Ages.

    • I’ve never known a time where annual evaluations weren’t a despicable joke to everyone except the HR drones whose job depends on their existence.

      Except early in my career it was because the managers already knew full well how their employees were doing, what their strengths and weaknesses were, and didn’t need a formal process to tell them.

      But later in my career, the managers just slavishly went through the motions, but really had no idea how to evaluate their employees and the silly exercise wasn’t going to help them. My last manager and his manager above him before I retired were serious null entities. At their best, they didn’t get in the way, at the worst — the higher level manager was an active saboteur of morale and confidence. I stopped willingly interacting with him in my first year there.

      • Most of the ‘goals’ on the yearly review at the current megacorp I work for have nothing to do with my performance. One of them is “practices diversity and inclusions” for God’s sake. Others are mostly how well the *organization* has a whole has met metrics that I have no control over. Your rating is basically just “of the 8 people on your team, 1 gets ‘exceeds’, 6 get ‘meets’, and 1 gets ‘needs improvement'”. Which one you are is based on managerial whim.

      • As a woman in the private sector work force I must say how much even I hated HR and all that came with it. To be honest, I never should have been in the corporate work force in the first place. I should have been wife and mother on a farm. The fact that I wasted my best life energy and years on stupid corporate jobs is something that embitters me and I hope to steer future young white women away from corporate work and toward home life work of wife and mother. Being a great wife and mother is more important and more beautiful than anything else. It’s God’s plan, natural order, as better women here have taught me.

    • One of my neighbors is a lawyer and she bragged to me a couple years ago about how her law firm sponsored “kids from the barrios” to get their law degrees. I asked, “What about your son? Your daughter?” and she shrugged and looked offended, saying something vague about them being OK. Oh, the sadness. Can she at least stop and think about her own children, for crying out loud? But no, once again we see a white “higher-educated” woman acting on behalf of non-whites and against her own kind, whites. Against her own children. That’s a seriously successful propaganda campaign waged on white people, if you ask me. Willingly destroying our own kind, and paying for it whenever we can. And celebrating it!

  15. Well articulated lamentations that are not dissimilar to Wendell Berry’s concern for disintegrating communities. Berry’s critique of 50+ years ago still resonates (read “The Unsettling of America”), however, we’ve only exacerbated the problems by buying the lie that technology “saves time.” So many paradoxes … never has man had more robust communications; never has man been more lonely. I think 19th century man (after enjoying a Big Mac) might suggest we unplug from much of modernism. I also have many Amish neighbors with whom I do business and I’ve taken a cue from them: whenever weighing whether or not to adopt a certain technology, the elders ask the question, “What will this do for our community.” Good question for every head-of-household to ask whenever considering a technology leap, “What will this do for my family or our network of friendships?”

  16. “Young people are better at taking tests, because they live in a world of tests. ” No they’re not, as 60 years of steadily declining SAT scores has established…Go to CollegeBoard’s site for the details..And those lower scores are despite dumbing the test down and handing out free points to everyone in the 1995 “re-norming” of the test…That works out to a decline of more than 1 IQ point per decade, which is comparable to what has been seen in other western countries….

    • Not when adjusted for race. The Flynn Effect, it turns out, is driven, in part, by better test taking skills.

      • As Z-man pointed out a few weeks ago, look up Charles Dutton’s YouTube channel and videos. He’s done work in this field and explains why the Flynn effect can be real, yet intelligence “g” declines. Remember, “g” is the attribute of interest, IQ and SAT are only proxies.

  17. Before his account got holocausted, the great Twitter poster “frogwave” had an interesting observation on all this. He said (I paraphrase), ” If your great-grandfather got sent in a time machine to any American or European city, he would walk ten steps down the street, and turn to you in total astonishment. “What happened?” he’d ask in shock. “Did we lose a war? Who are all these foreigners? Have we been conquered?”

    The answer of course is yes. We DID lose a war, and we HAVE been conquered.

  18. What a 19th Century man would find most troubling is our passivity in the face of all this miasma.

  19. The shocker for the 19th Century man would be the self-loathing and loss of confidence. Whites embarrassed to be white and ashamed of our ancestors. Christians who have given up Christianity and “celebrate” Islam rather than resisting that evil – converting or expelling them. Western Civilization collapsing before our eyes and nobody cares.

    • Well to be fair, colonial Europeans through out the age of exploration, up until the mid 1800’s in America, forced the indigenous to abandon their native religions and assume the “white mans way”. Now, as history repeats itself, the local indigenous are being displaced and instead of churches being build on old pagan temples, they build mosques.

      • Throughout the age of exploration, Europeans were still fighting off Muslim invasions and piracy. During that period Vienna came under siege twice and a million captured Europeans were sold into slavery.

        • The Knights of St. John and the Venetians did a pretty good business selling Muslims to Europe as well. The Siege of Malta seems to have been the big turning point.

      • Karl Horst, the same problems from human conquest have been imposed on white people just as much as non-whites. White tribes and communities have been snuffed out along the way just as colored tribes. When white men first ventured to Africa, they took with them money and precious goods, not knowing for sure if these things would be appealing to African natives, but with the intent on entering into trade agreements with the natives, to mutual satisfaction. Imagine, then, the surprise when white expeditionists found human beings who did not know the wheel and had no idea about the concept of contracts, private property or any of the elevated mentality that came about from Christian teachings. Who did not violate the 10 commandments, just simply had no idea what the 10 commandments were or any of the accompanying thinking that builds great civilizations that people of all stripes desire to live in. Where do you start with such people, who, when whites wanted to start harvesting African resources, had no one to enter into agreement with because European business mindedness was completely absent with these animal-like humans, who still killed *and ate* each other, whose only comparison to magnificent European cathedrals was a pile of rocks.

    • We didn’t lose God, he’s not under the couch cushions.

      Our gods have been replaced by the gods of foreign conquerors.

      “… the ashes of our fathers, the altars of our gods”

      • Alzaebo, your quote is so meaningful to our predicament/movement that it should be shared in its entirety. One of my favorite:

        “Then out spake brave Horatius,
        The Captain of the Gate:
        To every man upon this earth
        Death cometh soon or late.
        And how can man die better
        Than facing fearful odds,
        For the ashes of his fathers,
        And the temples of his gods”

  20. Today we live in a world of strangers.

    In the working world, one reason for this is that the state sits very close. People know that they have easy recourse to the brutal power of the state in the form of lawsuits, and they are corrupted by that power.

    The litigiousness of modern Americans means that state power seems to be permeate every big office, like a ghost. Or like a gangster cracking his knuckles. Conversations and emails, especially with women or minorities, are fraught. You need mountains of ass-covering paperwork and contracts. Ass-covering projects. Ass-covering departments!

    I see this more clearly because of contrast. (“What does he know of England … etc etc.”) In a previous lifetime I was embedded in a manufacturing concern in Taiwan. They had a zero-PC, zero-litigiousness business environment. It wouldn’t even have occurred to them to sue a co-worker or the company because of spicy language or “generalizations” about groups of people.

    The result was an environment kind of like a fraternity in its rough-and-ready, can-do spirit. People just got shit done. Banter was saucy and unconstrained, even with the women. Co-workers socialized happily after work. The “contracts” among local businessmen were, by American standards, comical. Huge deals “contracted” in one or two lines on those carbon receipt-pads you saw in diners a long time ago. But of course contracts didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, and spell out every possibility, because the people had so much common understanding, and all lived in the same community. They trusted each other.

    And I can also say that in an un-PC, unlitigious work environment, women aren’t nearly as toxic as they are in the west. They just aren’t weaponized like they are here. I accept /our/ argument that a lot of working women is a killer for the birth rate. But just addressing the work experience itself, it can work just fine when women aren’t always itching to bring in the Gangster State to smash somebody down because of a small squabble.

    • MGTOW is a way to avoid lawsuits and getting ripped off in all sorts of ways. The atomization of humanity, along with the demonization of masculinity, turns interaction with the rest of the world into a minefield.

      • Dutch said: “The atomization of humanity, along with the demonization of masculinity, turns interaction with the rest of the world into a minefield.” Have you ever heard of the mouse utopia experiment? A scientist named John Calhoun did some experiments concerning population density. It turned into a nightmare. Even though the mice had been given everything they needed to thrive, the mouse society fell to pieces. Here’s the Wiki link. And here’s a Youtube vid. Here’s a Youtube vid called “Mouse Utopia Experiment – MGTOW”

        • I am currently preparing my isolated hilltop, surrounded (at a certain distance) by aware white folks. I need my space, I don’t want to be one of those mice.

          If you doubt MGTOW, “keep it zipped up”, and “stay away from crazy”, read about that stupid Harvard professor in the latest New York magazine, it’s all over the internet.

          • Skimmed the article, couldn’t help but notice that it was a white man done down by Jewish women. I’m telling you, once you have a functioning Jewdar, it’s amazing all the things you see. It’s almost like a curse at times.

      • I get the anger of the MGTOW guys but they’re not really allies to the dissident cause. Refusing to *create* the next generation of our society is just as selfish as the what the degenerates practice.

        • Yep, MGTOW are honoring the wishes of those who wish to destroy white people. (Though I understand a man’s desire to walk away from all this crap.)

      • For better or worse I’ve had a way with crazy shitlib career gurls since pre-red pill days. Living in California for years it’s been more an adaptation than a preference. For you younger men out there, I’ll offer the usual boring fatherly sounding advice – don’t overvalue IQ & “achievement” in women, upvote beauty & good hearts. This is the Heartiste (PBUH) “Boss Secretary Strategy.”. It worked for Grandpa, it can work for you. If you choose to ride the crazy train, be anti-fragile & treat them like a willful beast to be tamed at all times.

        • Part of the problem is the break down of the old environment of school, community, and church wrt young people pairing off for marriage. The night life in bars creates a tough environment and the social “acceptance” of women sleeping around to find a life partner, extremely toxic to bonding.

          Say what you will, but we need more “Yentas” (really “Shadchan” in Hebrew).

    • Wow. Hilltop, this is important.

      In other words, they didn’t need all that government, because they didn’t have a Mafia Occupation government.

      • Two words to solve the ‘working women’ problem:

        Part Time
        (with a social safety net that WHITE WOMEN didn’t abuse)

        Two more:
        Local voting
        (Women are designed to protect the home camp.)

        Three or four more:
        Expose the yammering yentas.
        The yentas are false alpha females, leading ours astray.

        For cripes’ sakes this “beat up the wimmin, strip them of a voice” crap is too all-or-nothing. They had and have legitimate concerns, guys can be smarter than this.

        Go for the win-win.
        Win our women back.

        • Utah…first state to give women The Vote. Hmmm….maybe I shouldn’t use that example.

        • For cripes’ sakes this “beat up the wimmin, strip them of a voice” crap is too all-or-nothing.

          Yes. I think a quarter of a vote would be fair.

          Say what you want about Mohammadans, but they know a thing or two about women.

      • What you don’t need (in this case) is the American damages compensation systems. In most countries, punitive damages are not awarded to the complainants, only compensation for the actual loss you’ve suffered. If a company is to be punished, the government fines them, not the judiciary.

        So if a wahmen complains she’s been harassed, the court will only award her a sum they find is proportional to the indignity suffered, a few thousand dollars at most.

        • If a company is to be punished, the government fines them, not the judiciary.

          Wait a moment, I’m not sure that’s actually true. Don’t quote me.

        • There needs to be harsh punishment when people (wahmen) are found to be putting forth lies and exaggerations in an attempt to shake down money or position or destroy another’s career/reputation. That doesn’t seem to happen any more and we suffer for it.

    • And I can also say that in an un-PC, unlitigious work environment, women aren’t nearly as toxic as they are in the west. They just aren’t weaponized like they are here.

      They tried to get a #MeToo-thing going in Denmark back when. Their first target was Peter “The Eel” Aalbæk Jensen, dictator of Zentropa, the production company of Lars von Trier.

      Some girl complained that she’d had her ass grabbed, and when a journalist asked Aalbæk Jensen about it, he explained that sexual harassment was part of Zentropa’s corporate culture. That pretty much stopped #MeToo cold in Denmark.

      Only six months earlier, Aalbæk had taken out a full-page ad in Denmark’s largest newspaper, wishing his customers a merry Christmas:

      Forewarned is forewarned!

      (And yes, that is actually him. The headline in the paper he’s holding, is about him having embezzled some monies.)

  21. “The well-adapted millennials are those who played sports or served in the military. In those environments, stripped of automation, they learned how to be leaders, teammates and adapt to new conditions.”

    That’s a very interesting observation. I think you may be onto something.

    Edit: Do we think the situation is as bad in Europe? I saw unattended kids riding bikes all over busy Amsterdam. In America, busybody women will literally call the police on unattended children outside playing. I’m not sure European children are sheltered as much. Is this correct?

    • Only applies to some now. The effects described above are wreaking havoc in the military too — degrading unit morale and readiness in some respects — due to impact of technology and social decay on the involved human material. There is great opportunity in the military for one with the right “character” to develop into something different from their peers — more like that 19th Century man. But general cultural, social and political forces are rapidly transforming that realm too.

    • The age old answer is…it depends. Generally, I believe children here are much safer than in America.

      I ride a public bus to work most mornings, and in many communities, children from the age of 6 are commuting to school unattended, sitting quietly on the seat next to me. Why? Because we don’t have school buses like you do.

      Small children, age 6 and up, usually walk together up to 1-2 kilometers to school completely unsupervised. Or they ride bike, scooters, etc. Some parents choose to walk with them, say goodbye at the school, and continue on their way to work.

      Dropping your child off at school in a car is a major social taboo. Keep in mind, at lunchtime, children will walk back home, have lunch, and then walk back (or take the bus) and then come home at the end of the day unattended too.

      Germans typically rely more on public transport than private vehicles too. Many of my kids friends don’t even have drivers licenses but manage quite well without one. Even holidays to Spain, Turkey, Norway, are quite easy without a car and obviously they have cash in their pockets without the massive debt of car ownership.

      • In the U.S, in the 1970s almost all children walked to school. By the 1990s, almost none did. Now children are chauffeured everywhere by parents. It’s very unhealthy, both physically and mentally. Sounds like children have more opportunity to develop autonomy over there.

        • I remember walking home from school, age about 11, with a bunch of friends in the pouring rain. There was no way to call anyone’s mother, and almost none of them had a car during the day anyhow. It was a big deal to get a second car back then. In comparison, the one year my younger son attended public school, everyone drove their kids to and from school, from kindergarten up.

          There were just a few years that another White, Texas family lived across the street from us, and their kids would regularly come over and invite my older son out to play with them (ages 4-6 perhaps). That was like my own childhood – they’d go from backyard to backyard and we’d check out the window periodically. But then they moved (to an undoubtedly much whiter area) and it was back to driving my kid to his friend’s houses, particularly as he attended a Christian school quite a few miles away.

          It really is dreadful to contemplate the freedom and safety and community our kids have been deprived of.

    • One of the things I tell my wife I like about our town is that do relatively frequently see kids (young teens – pretty much always boys) – out riding their bikes WITHOUT HELMETS.

      To your point about women : she’s unenthusiastic about the point I’m trying to make.

  22. Z Man said: “Something else would probably stun 19th century man. That is the lack of human interaction compared to his time. This is one of those counter-intuitive things for people in this age, because this age is awash in communications. Everywhere you turn, the rulers are sending messages to you about the latest products you must consume or the most recently approved thoughts you should promote. Humans in this age are awash in mass media, which bombards us wherever we go.” Marshall McLuhan said: “The medium is the message.” Here’s a Youtube vid I posted yesterday called, “Marshall McLuhan on tribalization and the loss of identity in the global village.” Here’s the links to 4 vids by Adan Curtis called The Century of the Self – Part 1: “Happiness Machines”
    The Century of the Self – Part 2: “The Engineering of Consent”
    The Century of the Self – Part 3: “There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads; He Must Be Destroyed.”
    The Century of the Self – Part 4: “Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering”
    Here’s another must see Adam Curtis documentary.
    The Trap 1 – F**k you Buddy!
    The Trap 2 – The Lonely Robot
    The Trap 3 – We Will Force You to Be Free
    Like I was saying yesterday. I didn’t own a computer until about 10 years ago. So I can’t imagine what it’s been like for todays young people to grow up with their faces stuck in computer screens, cell phones, not to mention video games. I have a Gutenberg mind as Marshall McLuhan would say. The minds of todays young people must be very different than mine.

  23. What would drive our 19th Century friend insane – as it is driving us insane – is the near-total absence of contact most people have with the natural world.

  24. I’m in my early 30s, and being a writer, always need stories. Bars are usually a good place to scout for them when all else fails.

    I am an absolute magnet for drunk old men. Not in a sexual or perverted sense. When hammered, they are desperate for anyone who’s willing to listen to what life used to be like. I don’t even have to say much. They need a vessel to pour their experiences in, hoping perhaps a few drops get retained.

    In a way I feel like a living diary, entrusted with the pages of life these men found most important.

    This is not limited to white men, or even Americans. In some of the most unlikely places on earth drunk old men have used their phones to translate their thoughts.

    It is a humbling experience to say the least.

    • People into that sort of thing should check out James Crumley’s masterpiece, The Last Good Kiss, which is all about a detective talking to old guys in bars in the West and Midwest. It’s a bittersweet look at the human types of the Lost White America–as well as the Degenerate New America.

      In fact I learned about Crumley from an excellent essay about modern loneliness, and the literature of modern loneliness, in The American Sun:

    • I’ve always been a sucker for Studs Terkel. ‘Working” was my favorite book of his. In any event, there is great need for such remembrances and the passing on of elder wisdom to the next generation. Too bad we don’t have the time amidst our electronic distractions and endless work schedules and “busy” lives.

  25. When the bad guys pushed through the 1964 Civil Rights Act, they also pushed a knife between the ribs of whites. By the early 70s, the knife in our ribs was twisted by a series of bureaucratic regulations and court rulings. Busing, integration, “disparate impact”, and affirmative action were a series of alienation bombs that destroyed communities and neighborhoods across the nation. I know. I was there. Young though I was, I was keenly aware of what was happening. I cannot express to you younger ones the despair we felt at what was being lost. Now throw in the media madness and technological mayhem that Zman has described, along with open borders for third world people, and you have the perfect storm of approaching white fury.

  26. When I read a story from a hundred years ago (HP Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”), I was not struck by the thriller/horror aspect, but by how helpful, friendly, and open the strangers in the story acted towards each other.

    • Lovecraft was a Bad Thinker if there ever was one. He’s on the way to complete depersoning in the horry/fantasy/scifi ‘community’.

      “It would be too hideous if they knew that the one-time heiress of Riverside—the accursed gorgon or lamia whose hateful crinkly coil of serpent-hair must even now be brooding and twining vampirically around an artist’s skeleton in a lime-packed grave beneath a charred foundation—was faintly, subtly, yet to the eyes of genius unmistakably the scion of Zimbabwe’s most primal grovellers. No wonder she owned a link with that old witch-woman Sophonisba—for, though in deceitfully slight proportion, Marceline was a negress.”

      • The spectrum of genetics determines the degree of susceptibility to spirit Infection.

        Lighter skin tones, in any race, mean higher status. Why?

        I suspect tone denotes more than climate. It seems, also, to denote resistance to Infection.

        Whites, with their prevalence of cortex mechanical thinking, are the most resistant. Non-Caucasians, processing more with the emotive insula hindbrain, are more susceptible to the animal spirit.

        Ladies too, thus their fascination with magic. Emotive language- hindbrain processing- is the province of breeding groups.

        Religion, which uses emotive dialect, is concerned with social organization, our breeding groups. “How should we get along?”
        Since it relies on insula thinking, it senses and asks the supernatural question, but will answer with an idealized family model.

        Resistance to animal spirit Infection is why whites are the least heated, most inventive, and sexually desired race in the world.
        Everybody wants some of that.

        Compare. One group in particular seems almost deformed, as if by something inside. Now white skinned, but not originally, and not originating in Europa. A different mutation, or hybrid.

        This is the part IQ guys can’t get. IQ doesn’t explain torture, or madness.
        Physical beauty- regularity of features- signals resistance to disease. But there are other germs and viruses, made of immaterial, electromagnetic DNA. The Infection.

        Demons. Once they have mitochondrial fusion with broken bits of human souls, becoming infectuous.
        Intelligence arose as an antibody to Infection.

        We are not only the bodily seeds, generating souls that can coalesce into Signal- we are also the filters bending background Signal, purifying it to retransmission or warping it away into producing pain on which demons feed, the electrical surcharge of stressed nervous systems.

        We must fight. Fight for the Good, for the Beautiful- for Heaven itself.

        • Carlsdad is right when he says, “I believe, because it is absurd.”

          He is hearing Spirit with the part of brain that dreams. It doesn’t much speak in words. Try putting any dream- holographic, non-linear processing- into linear words.
          We can’t. It sounds… absurd.

          The partition space required is heavy, so we often must be at rest, to dream, and to hear.

        • Alzaebo, I would love to have had a conversation with your mother, to find out what you were up to when you were a kid. No judgement being passed, I simply think it would have been a fascinating conversation, especially if the apple did not fall far from the tree

  27. I think what would shock him the most is the degeneracy and the celebration of degeneracy to the point that people wrap up their core identity with degeneracy. People used to create an identity around things like family, ethnicity, gender and occupation. This is even happening on the dissident right. People on the dissident right are taking at least some of their identity on their opposition to degeneracy.

      • The nobility of the “oppressed.”

        Who runs the media?
        Whose cultural lens are we viewing nobility through?

        We’ve achieved the transactional relations of a travelling merchant. Perhaps that is the most fit response to a hyper-mobile, diverse, distributed urban environment.

        Watering holes.
        Fish markets.
        Young toughs.
        Neighbors for 30 years.
        Local small parks.
        Perhaps it is the car that erased all this and led to the rise of ‘keeping in touch’ tech.

        No, they had all of those in 1918 Germany or 1960 America, so tech isn’t the only cause. Shucks.

    • The traveler would be terrified and think he landed in Hell. We have cartoons on the CN late night showing beastiality and necrophilia now. other shows like Family Guy are just plain sadistic and nihilistic crap. Most anime is just pure sickness meant for creepy boys with transgender issues living in their mom’s basement.

      Most TV series are just crap aimed at audiences with a maturity level of teenagers. and if it has a laugh track you know the show is aimed at morons.

      • Rod, as culture is downstream from biology, I say biology is downstream from spirit. The Word is the immaterial template for the Body.

        They don’t understand me when I say the new rulers are possessed, a strain driven by demons. Nothing mortal could maintain such focus for millenia. Breeding patterns maintain vessels conducive to the Infection, culture selects for susceptible vessels.

        Wait until the Owners can strip off the mask. Epstein’s Temple in every city, right next to the special museum (and out of sight of the camps). We shall see things we couldn’t believe.

        • PS- they already know how this works. MRI scanners in airports depicting the neural fingerprint of a jihadi brain were proposed, then abolished, so they know about hosting.

          I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, but I may be too late. Nonetheless, I’ll continue to work on a simple foundation for understanding this phenomena, so I can translate to and recruit you smart guys.

          We’re gonna need all the smart guys, the Christian, Bhuddist, and Sikh guys, and all the white guys and non-Caucasian allies we can get. The vessels of Goodwill. The Defenders.

          • Christians, Bhuddists- no more running away!
            Promises, only, of escape!
            Yet to leave the rest behind!

            That’s all that could be done at the time, I get it.
            But now, we can do more.

            Much more.
            We are the soldiers in the battlefield, so on with it.

  28. The main thing a visitor from the 19th Century would see is the sharp decline in Christian belief, and the sorry state of Christian churches, led astray by their pathetic shepherds. Compare Leo XIII to Bergoglio. Or Dwight L. Moody to Joel Osteen.

  29. Z: “That’s what would most shock and horrify 19th century man about this age…he could not live without a place to a go or a people to visit. He could not live alone in a world full of strangers. It’s all those close, smelly, sweaty connections with your people that makes you human. He could not live without that and in a probability, neither can we.”

    This is why foreign visitors and immigrants (from England to Jordan to India, etc) always found America to be a chillingly lonely place. Not sure if that’s still how they feel. But that’s how they felt prior to the 00’s. Like the U.S. was a big airport. I noticed Indians like to walk in the evenings. Either just as a couple, or with the whole family. Walking very slow and serene-like. It was a little odd to see this in my suburban white neighborhoods or apartment complexes. I’d imagine when they’d walk like this in the home country, they’d be stopping every 30 feet to talk with friends and neighbors, or maybe be invited into some “stranger’s” abode for dinner. Here, they’re probably like, “where IS everybody?”

    Side note. I could be wrong, but Indians seem to handle independence more. Coming here alone and making it without getting homesick and running home to India after 3 weeks. Whereas the Chinese freak their sh*t unless they’re surrounded by other Chinese.

        • I was thinking myself clever…And then the lightbulb went on. *We* should be doing this for our genuinely needy relatives. Two advantages: Recreates solidarity and increases the Cloward-Piven burn rate.

  30. To use an obvious example, as recently as the 1980s we had Personnel Departments – now we have Human Resources.

    When texting first came out, my reaction was, “Oh, how rude! Just call.” I text now, but for quick messages. Some people prefer to use them for long “conversations.” I can understand if a person is a little sneaky and texting from work or is busy with something, but to prefer to text over calling?

    The Amish reject the telephone because they prefer to speak to people face-to-face. 19th Century attitude.

    • I write paragraph texts because when I try to articulate a thought (not a long thought, just a thought), people interrupt me to talk about the squirrel that just grabbed their attention. My Silent Generation grandparents are the worst. People over 70 are impossible to have a conversation with, despite the radio being their only communication growing up.

      • People over 70 are impossible to have a conversation with, because they are in the process of losing their faculties. Humans are designed to live to age 45 or 50, and everything after that is a gift. But the physical and mental deteriorations are incessant and cumulative. Part of it is that older folks lose the ability to put things in context, and they also become much more suggestible. They parrot back what they are told from a source they choose to trust, without thinking about it for themselves (because they are incapable of doing so). They have the simple minds of youths, wedded to the arrogance of being an “elder” and “having seen it all”. If you doubt any of this, ride in a car driven by a 75 year old, and then suggest he should give up the keys, and see what happens. I know, some 75 year olds are sharp, just like some of those dusky neighbors are cool people. But, in general…

        • The same can be said for many 30 year old white males. Outside of current movies most 30 year old whites are boring shits with nothing of interest to talk about.

          Think about it,these males were raised by the state for all intents. Their parents worked so they had no time to educate them so the state did by feeding them a watered down curriculum that left them knowing nothing and caring about nothing. Constant exposure to electronic media fried what was left of their brains. and social skills.

          The reason why some older people aren’t worth talking to is because they don’t know anything and don’t care to. Just like today’s 30 year old numbskull with a Ipod

        • Simply not true. You’re projecting the pathologies of some people with senile dementia on a vastly larger population.

          As for the car key experiment, it’s a poor metric. If the 75-year-old is still capable, he’s rightly going to tell you “Eff off, whippersnapper” and if he’s suffering from diminished capacity, he’s not going to recognize it. Meanwhile, there are very, very many older people I have known who voluntarily ceased driving when they realized their reactions and awareness were no longer sufficient, my mom among them.

          Quite often, the 75-year-old understands fundamental truths about humanity a lot better than some arrogant person 20 or 50 years his junior and you’d do well to shut up and listen and at least consider what you’re being told.

          • As to driving, they’ve earned the right to go a little slower, whippersnapper.

            Imagine losing a lifetime of freedom, of going where you want, when you want.
            I was behind an old Japanese farmer when he failed vision at the DMV.
            “Please, not me,” I thought.

          • Spot on. My mother lived to age 90 and was mentally sharp until her last breath. At 85 she learned how to summon Uber on a smartphone and promptly gave her car to a grandson. She was an interesting conversationalist because she read voraciously and had an unquenchable curiosity. And, no surprise, her circle of social acquaintances and friends were equally wonderful and wise.
            Now you damn kids get off my lawn!

          • I was privileged as a boy to to live in a house with a women in her 90’s. Sharp as a tack and a living link to the past that even a child could appreciate.

            If you are having issues with the 70+ Y/O’s in your life and they are healthy, it is probably not age more Boomer complacency that makes things hard

          • I might add as well, that perhaps an elderly person (of this I know better and better 😉 ) may just have no interest in small talk. There really is only so much one can say wrt the weather, sports, and ridiculous complaints about whatever riles you today.

            Women seem to abound wrt small talk (apologies to the impressive and real solid females commenting on this blog), but I’ve never mastered such. It is my impression that this phenomenon has now infected our men as well. Perhaps it is a sign of the times and we are all cowards of increasingly limited insight, experience, and intellect.

        • Dutch, I fully agree. Your first two sentences…I’ve said verbatim in real life many times. Older people get offended, but obviously, there are millions of exceptions. You’re simply stating the effects of aging. You should have left out the car key/driving thing though. That’s a serious trigger. My god man, you couldn’t have come up with a different example?! LOL

          • Frip, you are right about the trigger. Probably has something to do with my recently being run over by an 85 year old in a Lincoln, barreling out of a driveway at about 30 mph, totaling my car, and continuing up the road for a block or so before getting it under control. Obviously mistook the throttle for the brake. Then standing around not saying much, while I had to lead him through what to do on exchanging information, locating his paperwork, etc. But that’s just me, revealing my biases.

            Joe Biden is 76 and Robert Mueller is 74. They aren’t exactly drooling on their collars, but they each have lost a step or three in the last couple of years. Reagan did that too, during his second term, but he had early stage of a form of dementia going on. Look at Pelosi lately, ew.

    • Increased Amish settlement here in Southside VA where I am visiting. Wagons, carriages, buggys, little two-wheel jobs abound on roads hereabouts. Produce markets, great horse-drawn groups traveling to bi-monthly collective worship … follow the horse droppings to see where they’re held any given Sunday.

      They use powered balers, but the actual baling machine is pulled by draft horses. Mowers and wagons are powered by horse or mule (with a kerosene motor for the baling mechanism). They have many small sawmills, and this group is allowed powered tractors, though rubber wheels are replaced with finely made metal, and the glass is knocked out. They also hunt, and have neatly made orange covers that fit their flat-brimmed hats. I hear they are pretty good at knocking down deer and predators on their property.

      I also note that when a bearded man is plowing, mowing or tending fields and animals, there are often several early teen boys accompanying him. They teach.

      But enough of the travelogue …. they also have phones. These phones are housed in small, generally rudely made huts at the lowest end of their fields. They are supposed to be used only for business, but I suspect that the men I’ve occasionally seen lounging on the chair inside are primarily socializing. And I’m pretty sure that the older teenaged girl I saw glancing furtively from the one just up the road, later one evening, was doing more than checking availability of buttermilk at a neighboring farm.

        • When I drive through PA and see them, I always get the sneaking suspicion they’ll be teaching me subsistence farming in a few years – in return for security services and / or instruction in guerilla warfare.

          • They’re pacifists. That’s not going to change without destroying their entire community, so they won’t take your training. But you are right that they probably wouldn’t object to hiring you for security services. It’s just like cars — they won’t drive them, but they will hire people to drive them places.

        • They’re not really much interested in converts, as far as I can tell — you’re always going to be an outsider in the community and a potential source of trouble.

          Also, it’s not an easy life for those of us raised in the world, and I’m not just speaking of the physical deprivations, which they are remarkably clever at working around. There are power politics, interpersonal drama, character assassination, intolerance — I know what I know from friendship with a midwife to an Amish community. They’re good people, better than most, but it’s not all bonnets and buggy rides.

          • Vizzini said: ” There are power politics, interpersonal drama, character assassination, intolerance,” Sooner or later there’s always going to be scapegoating in every community. it’s who we are. It’s one of the ways we determine the pecking order.

          • Vizzini, what about the Great Beard War?
            Gangs of angry men armed with scissors, storming in and… and… cutting off each others’ beards!!

            Such barbarity. Such unfathomable violence. Civilization is surely lost.

  31. So are we back to the Stoics vs. Epicurean view?
    Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. For most of us huwhites that won’t cut it.

    • I think that is exactly right, Wright. We are in the midst of a Stoic vs. Epicurean civil war. You know who the Epicureans are. They started taking over in the mid-60s after a long Stoic period.

    • Stoicism vs. Epicureanism was a false dichotomy born of the Greeks’ fundamentally materialist worldview. Like Jews, Greeks had no developed concept of an afterlife, at least not one that held any appeal or hope. Nordics had Valhalla, Celts had both afterlife and reincarnation, and the other Northern Euros seem to have shared a belief in some kind of afterlife. You’re right in saying that Greek materialism leaves a Northman unsatisfied. As Counter-Currents often observes re: “Faustian” man, we represent a third, and if I may say so higher, way of living.

  32. The 19th century man would also be shocked by the mental tyranny – both self-imposed and societally imposed – of our times. He would look upon us as sniveling cowards, unable or unwilling to speak obvious truths.

    He would immediately recognize our lack of freedom. I know this because I recognize how less free we are compared to 20 or 40 years ago. And I speak not of just the suffocating PC dictates but of the ability to be free of phones and information, to explore without the knowledge that you have the back up of GPS and Google, to carve our own path – which is why Millennials have such a hard time operating without directions.

    We are a domesticated breed compared to just 200 years ago. But, of course, cows can’t run the farm.

    What’s more, people yearn for something more than the latest iPhone. In a world that becomes ever larger but less personally connected, people want the closeness, the touch that only family can bring. And what is race by an extended family.

    • What’s more, people yearn for something more than the latest iPhone. In a world that becomes ever larger but less personally connected, people want the closeness, the touch that only family can bring.

      But if they can’t have that, a holy war will do.

  33. God damn, the Zman is like a modern-day Vergil–our tour guide in hell.

    Up next come purgatorio and then paradiso, right?

    • Good analogy. Ascending the spheres of the Paradiso requires our own personal Beatrice to serve as a Muse towards spiritual purity. Does such a woman exist today?

        • As I walked with Dante along his tour of Hell recently, he gave quite an animated explanation. We ambled down and down through the 9 circles and came to a stop at each of the 9 viewing platforms. Dante appeared rather despondent shortly into the tour as he proclaimed the human race just isn’t learning from his great work.

          One of Dante’s favorite platform stops is Circle 7/Violence as he laughingly took great pleasure watching Count Ugolino ferociously gnaw on the scalp of Archbishop Ruggieri, quite hideous really. Dante said Gustav Dore did a bang up job of drawing the Disneyland of the Underworld. A bit concerned about Dante as he spends a lot of time picturing getting even and passing his suggestions along to You Know Who.

          Unfortunately the 9 circle stops are rapidly filling up, very overcrowded now in the new Section 8 circle suburbs of Vibrants and The Others pouring in, and additional new gated communities in the circles of Ruling Overlords from their side of the great divide. Absolutely grisly to watch The Vibrants/Others beaten until the end of time by Police, Ice Agents with the face of The Great Orangeman bobbing across the sky above. In another circle, the Ruling Overlords re-enact the Haitian Slave Rebellion until the end of time. Horrible!

          Dante has inside information that He Who Shall Not Be Named is about to open up even more circles, one of which about to be launched with great fanfare is for the Boorish Obtuse Arrogant Government Regulator Assholes, to be filled with burning acid shite, the condemned to be submerged filling eyes, nose, mouth and every orifice just as the condemned spewed throughout his lifetime onto the helpless. New viewing platform in process.

          Another circle to be opened is for Hypocrite Wamyn. In their circle, they shall be tortured by Vibrant Men, dragged by their hair around and around the circle, and atrocities to horrible to speak, over and over and over. Wamyn once thought it would be fun, only to discover the horrors. Other thrill ride circle attractions for Wamyn to be released. Dante is keeping secret the release date of the upcoming Circle of Perversion for the LBGTQ.

          As Dante and I made our way to the surface world, he reminded me that as a Woman, I am entrusted with a special teaching. Women set societal standards and are the torch bearers of morals and standards. Men look to our behavior for inspiration and structure. Women go bad…men go bad. No one to inspire love, honorably provide for and keep the great circle of life in rotation.

          I said petulantly, snapping my gum, “Don’t look at me!” Dante spun his head around, pointing his poet finger of doom at me, as The Evil One released an army of His Minions to swarm over all. Too late…. Too late for us. Sigh…

          “Beatrice,” I pouted…”I don’t want this responsibility. I’m tired and done with this, taped Yellowstone last week and just want to plant in front of the tube. Can I go home now?!

        • Bring it! We’re ready. Also the great Whitney, The Babe, NotSoThoreau, Deana, Shelby and all our other great women. We support our great men and will be behind you and by your side.

  34. Social retardation (and I mean that quite literally) is a phenomenal result of cultural collapse. It extends far beyond the workplace to all relationships, which as Z and so many others have noted, are transactional and sterile.

    The degree to which technology is alienating us is astounding, fascinating, and horrifying. Simultaneously, we have people that live in a twilight zone reality of their own construction, populated with the cast and logos of whatever show(s) they are binging, while also experiencing true reality through a sanctioned filter that results in uniformity of thought and action (at the level of principle) within well known consumer demographic buckets.

    This is a carefully crafted nightmare.

    • “Tell me what the future is like.”

      “It is gay. Everything is gay.”

      LOL fuuuuhhhhhhh !!!!

    • In ancient Athens there were phallic decorations in the agora. Nudity or partial nudity was not uncommon: public baths, sporting events, theater, statuary, other art. Some of it was even gay. Yes, the Victorians would be shocked by the public sexuality in 2019, but they’d also be shocked by public sexuality in BC 419. I would not use the Victorian age as the gold standard golden age.

      • “I would not use the Victorian age as the gold standard golden age.” Yeah, no one’s doing that bro. And often, to go back to Athens or anytime separated by centuries isn’t comparing things on a time-line. It’s comparing entirely different planets. Pointless.

        • 1969 was a different planet much less 1869 .

          The Victorians were officially publically prudes, prostitution, Syphilis, drug use, sodomy , pederasty and degerancy were quite common

          Like half the poor women in London did prostitution on the side

          It was not a nice place and all around despite it people’s brilliance, a shittier than average era for most people

          However one thing they didn’t have was grinding ennui and a faithless lurban ife. So they had kids

          • I’ve got no skin in the era game, but the Victorian era was “a shittier than average era for most people.” Really? Really. really…

          • Yes really.

            Most people in that era were poor and the poverty, especially urban poverty at that time was hell. Work weeks were insane, food and water and air quality were bad, disease endemic . It was an awful place filled with addicts either to laudanum or gin

            Hell the pure food act came about because of that addiction and because it was routine to cut milk with things like chalk

            Now the countryside was about the same as it ever was, hard.

            The more distant past was hardly wonderful but a solid argument could be made that depending on condition, serfs on the middle ages had it better

            In fact much of the fight for a 40 hour work week was framed as “getting back what we once had” since the middle ages had extensive church guaranteed holidays in many areas

          • Ah sorry if it felt like a lecture Frip . I really got into medieval economics a while back and was hooked

            I’ve barely touched the surface of the topic but wow, it wa a complex and amazing system that to my understanding was designed to allow a land based society that was short land for its population to work

            It wasn’t any sort of free enterprise as we’d understand it but it worked and it is said that prosperous peasants in England were better off in say 1200 than many Africans are today

          • Not at all A.B. The Victorian Era is like Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”. Every five years critics have the opposite take on it than they had the five years prior. They can’t settle on whether it was genius, or melodramatic posturing. (Right answer all along, genius). I need to find a good book on the Victorian’s. Maybe a recent one, where extreme contrarian positions are put aside, and the writer just cares to tell it like it was.

          • Victorian life was much shittier and, for the poor, a world of grinding poverty of licentiousness. Mothers used to pimp out their daughters to make end’s meat. But it wasn’t encouraged. The elite of Victorian life had confidence that their values were better and proselytized those values to the poor. Now, we have the opposite. The elite have no confidence in their lives and encourage every debasement in the poor’s.

          • Shittier than life in subsequent historical periods, but pre-19th century life was really shitty for just about everyone. The reason people were moving to the cities during the industrial revolution was to escape their very shitty subsistence farming lives.

          • Farming sucks and sometimes GTFO is a good course, sometimes its too many people, too little arable land. that is a common problem

            It’s also not hard for the elite to sell people a bill of goods and convince them to leave the farm for the city or to make conditions so that have to so those same elite can have a cheap labor supply

          • The time you comment on was one of change, i.e., the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the great escape (from Malthusian limits). One often assumes (wrongly) that folks had a choice between subsistence farming and chancing the big city.

            Not really, the land was limited and inheritance laws dispossessed excess children of the peasant class from limited farm land. Available farm jobs for landless peasants—“villains”, was scarce. One could become a brigand or highwayman, or go to the cities to survive, for a while. Cities were great syncs of death always in need for reinforcements from the rural areas.

            In that era, any job, at any subsistence level, was de rigor. People did not leave the farm (at that time) for the cities so much to escape the drudgery as simply to survive. That period of time arguably lasted until WWII for many people. A good read on this life and people’s existence can be found in George Orwells book, “The Road to Wigan Pier”.

          • Well I was speaking of early modern and onward but you are of course correct

            Now I’m a conservative in the old European sense so change of any sort does not sit well with me as you might guess.

            Medical tech and pollution control aside, I’d happily stay at 80’s tech so long as I had the people. It was far from paradise but unlike the madness we have now, felt like the continuation of my parents and grandparents past

    • My grandmother somewhere around 1986:
      ” when we were young we were all so gay”

      “Grandma – that word doesn’t mean what you think it does any more”

  35. What you are describing is the last era and vestige of natural evolution for our species. We evolved to move, and forage, and hunt in order to survive and thrive. Hunting necessitated cooperative communication and interaction, and as such, social behaviors became a mandatory trait, not an elective. All of that was a reaction to the environment of our ancestral adaption (the natural world).

    The Brave New World of the present is devoid of hardship and existential risk, and that will be our undoing unless we bring it back.

    • TomA, affluenza is one of your main themes. Is our only option to return to deprivation? Is a prosperous society inherently suicidal?

      • Evolution doesn’t have a goal or targeted endpoint. It’s a natural process (think gravity, it does what it does regardless of what anyone thinks about it). In the natural world of our ancestral evolution, fitness selection was driven by the necessity of overcoming hardship and existential threat. That is how our species got to the top of the organic pyramid. Without those drivers, the path forward has fundamentally changed.

        • fitness selection was driven by the necessity of overcoming hardship and existential threat.

          So, it seems that as long as a prosperous society is overcoming hardship and existential threat, the society is less likely to devolve into suicide. That’s the tricky part, as overcoming hardship tends to make life easier for succeeding generations, so how do we continue to overcome hardship/threat without becoming suicidal?

        • Without those drivers, the path forward has fundamentally changed.

          Changed to what? If Calhoun’s rat colony experiments are any indication, the new path leads to extinction.

          Many [female rats] were unable to carry pregnancy to full term or to survive delivery of their litters if they did. An even greater number, after successfully giving birth, fell short in their maternal functions. Among the males the behavior disturbances ranged from sexual deviation to cannibalism and from frenetic overactivity to a pathological withdrawal from which individuals would emerge to eat, drink and move about only when other members of the community were asleep. The social organization of the animals showed equal disruption. …

          — Calhoun, 1962

          Sound familiar? None of the rat colonies ever recovered once they reached this point. Even when population dropped the rats didn’t resume normal behavior.

          • Sounds like the Japanese, a once noble warrior society reduced to a vast emporium of consumption where the younger generations prefer cosplay and manga to making babies. As the TFR collapses and the population ages toward senescence, the hikikomori — mostly men — retreat to their rooms and wallow in social isolation. Purity of culture can be destroyed from within as well as without.

          • In defense of anime/manga, it’s about the only popular art form that a particular desert tribe has yet to subvert to their own purposes. There are many fine anime that should be enjoyed by people in our movement.

          • We have subgroups, Amish, Orthodox Jews and other devout Christians and other religious sorts immune to this.

            Humanity will survive and the low-tech religious types get the future because in a couple of hundred years, the catabolic collapse will render the material society moot anyway and they are well prepped

            No space for you, its back to horse and buggy and if very lucky, a train

            Frankly, this is fine with me, I won’t be here for it and it’s pretty clear modernity hasn’t worked in 50 years of so , starting with the sub replacement fertility all the way back in 1973

            Too many people, too much alienation from each other and pardon my Marx, the means of production as well means you get no future

          • Giving women’s rights the pussy pass again for sub replacement fertility and blaming tech for that fertility, eh AB Prosper?

            “No space for you,” only if people like you make it ILLEGAL for Prophet Elon Musk’s to do so.

          • Space Prophet? You sound like a nutter.

            Now I don’t even especially favor women’s suffrage much less women’s lib or feminism x whatever it’s at now but the US had below replacement fertility in the 1930’s without female empowerment , birth control or abortion and in a highly religious society

            It’s mostly an economic issue

            What BC and antibiotics did is make slutting around common which is bad and easy divorce made people nuts

            now the pill , should probably be banned has the nasty side effect of messing up hormonal mating cues but that is a different thing

            In any case, space isn’t going to happen for a lot of reasons. Musk will get some stuff up and good on him but the US is rapidly becoming a 3rd world nation and will be properly joining the rest of the Americas in squalor

            Sow, Reap

            I won’t be banning him if I get office though the Squad or their like might f they get power and if that provokes a civil war or collapse, ain’t no way it going on.

            The caveat to the gloom and doom is a Dissident Right take over and it will be generations before whatever society we’d build would be able to do serious work up there

            Even so, sending humans into space is a useless waste of money at any time.

            There never was a space future and baring some extreme circumstances there never will be

      • struggles are to the mind, soul, and spirit what exercise is to the body. If you were to sit down in a room with a toilet and a bed. All your food and water brought to you. You did no exercise at all besides moving between the two. How would your body be in 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? My guess is that you would not survive, much less thrive.

        We live in the social equivalent of that. When everything is safe and easy we have nothing to motivate us,be proud of, love,fight for,fight against.
        Without the virtues developed by those struggles , we are all bland simple interchangeable flesh units. In the past , a man could reasonably believe that his wife had saved herself for him and him alone. That she chose him above others because she had confidence that yo would support her and her children. He knew she respected you because her father , a man she loved and trusted had allowed you to date and marry her. Indicating his approval.
        This was an idealization, and the struggles of life would test them both, and expose the imperfections we all have. If they persevered, with the support of their community they would have children they loved and a life of dignity and respect from their community. Especially if they had the character to continue through the inevitable disappointments they are bound to inflict on each other.
        The woman would have the love of her children and grandchildren as a reward. She would have the security that her husband would not leave her as soon as she lost her looks. Vanity would demand that she continue to take care of herself as best she could, and to keep the husband interested .

        Where is the equivalent today ? Our kids are superficial because looks are the only differentiator in a passing contact that has no future or past.
        Without community there are no guidelines or support. Everyone is a lone mercenary.

        In the hills of Kentucky in the 60’s , that was the world. It was starting to change , but most of it was still there. Seems like a whole different world.

        • Our kids today are pretty weird no thanks to over-vaccination, with very potent matter being injected into our kids and there is no liability for the quality of the injected matter. INSANITY. God, please help us.

        • Children need fathers. Badly. Our modern world has carved fathers out of the picture and it’s a disaster.

      • It’s not a prosperous society – it’s the welfare state. IN ALL OF IT’S MANIFESTATIONS.

        It is perfectly feasible to have a prosperous society – where you’ve got running water and electricity and nice cars and roads and all of that – and still have to work hard for it.

        Back in the 1800’s quite a few people in this country would live in sod huts or log cabins. They rode horse as their form of transportation.

        THEY all had to pretty much build their own homes and take care of that horse.

        Who does anything even close to the equivalent any more? When was the last time you saw somebody build their own home – or fix their own car?

        When I was a child and into my teens (early 80’s) – it was still relatively common for MEN to repair their own vehicles. Now it’s only common as a hobby among white men – or among the poor. It used to be a relatively commonly heard thing: ” my grandfather built this house”.

        When was the last time you heard that?

        How many white men do you know that still mow their own lawns?

        People run away from manual labor in our current society like they’re going to catch Ebola. Doing ANY sort of actual work is apparently seen as too low class. And low class these days doesn’t mean white people – it means black people and hispanic imports – which just ratchets up the avoidance behavior of whites to things seen as work that illegal immigrants should be doing.

        You don’t need to change the whole damn world to set a better example. Go fix your own damn car. Go mow your own damn lawn. Go build your own damn tool shed. Reshingle the roof on your own damn house. Etc.

        The list is very long.

        As is the list of people who will go out of their way to avoid doing any of the above listed things.

        • I take your point about self-reliance, which is indeed admirable and worthy of cultivation. But modern reality frustrates the endeavor, particularly with the examples you note. I remember learning to rebuild the carburetor on a 1968 VW Beetle. That engine was a thing of marvelous efficiency and simplicity. Try repairing a 21st century auto with computer-assisted fuel injection and emission controls. The tools and knowledge needed are far more complex. Ditto building a house. That grandpa didn’t have to contend with codes, a planning department, water-use restrictions, inspections, the list is endless.
          Bureaucracy and regulation destroyed the Renaisance Man, who could truly be a jack of all trades and master of none. Now the world demands specialists and most others must stand impotent when our amazing, comfortable technology falters or fails to work.

          • White men need to re-create the modern vehicle, only way scaled down but really strong. No computer functions in the car. Combustion engine and related physical responses only, with a really strong cage around the driver/passengers. We need to get back to young men knowing, repairing and souping-up, if they choose, their own cars. We have the ability to do so. Will our hyper-advanced state forbid it? If so, even more reason to make the basic, boiled down car.

          • That’s already being done. It’s called hot-rodding.

            The government (which I seem to CONSTANTLY have to keep reminding people is the real problem) – will stomp on your dick hard if you get too far out of line on that endeavor.

            Becoming an automobile enthusiast is what lead me down the political road I have taken. It’s an excellent way to discover your abilities to actually build things – as well as discovering that there is HUGE contingent of people out there willing to use political power to stand in your way.

            So to answer your question: YES – the hyper advanced state largely forbids it.

            The fact of the matter is that you simply cannot have that basic boiled down car – unless you’re willing to build it yourself , and in order to do that you must be aware of the labyrinth of laws that forbid many of the things you would like to do.

            Here’s a good example: GM pickup trucks come with a very good diesel engine in them. The SUVs that are based on the same platform as the pickup trucks – do not. Many people like the SUV configuration to go camping with because it allows them to pack a family of 7 plus a bunch of stuff inside the vehicle. The diesels get better gas mileage – and make for an all around better tow vehicle. So – people have figured out how to transplant the diesels from the pickup trucks to the SUVs to create the vehicle they want.

            The hurdle isn’t actually building the vehicle. The hurdle is the various government agencies that will nix your vehicle from ever driving on the roads because it’s not an officially sanctioned and tested configuration.

            There are NO technical issues to doing what you’re talking about . They are ALL regulatory and therefore governmentally derived issues.

            So the short answer to your question is : YES – the state will forbid it.

          • The state with support from White America is what kept the Black community behaved instead of its current state by enforcing segregation and regulating how both races could act towards each-other. Save us the lolbertarian garbage.

        • Problem with you guys in the anti welfare crowd is that nearly all of you prefer cheap goods and cheap labor and automation all of which drive the nation to a welfare state.

          Automation has been eroding demand for labor since industrialization and its its 2019 for Pete’s sake . we barely need people to make or deliver goods, sell them, warehouse them , stock them, grow crops or any of the other things we used too.

          You can prate on about low unemployment as if anyone sentient believes government figures but the birth rate tell all as does the percentage GDP that is government spending (40%)

          Simply the system doesn’t work in a moder, automated, urban world

          Want a disrupter from hell? Craigslist . It created about 40 great jobs in San Francisco and destroyed an entire advertising industry cost maybe tens of thousands of them.

          You aren’t getting out of paying the cost to run society because if you do, in an urban society the best case is Japan which could described as no sex, no babies anywhere

          Too much savings to avoid paying government pensions or to prepare for inevitable layoffs , sickness and such means much lower consumption and buster, in a city, children are a consumer item.

          It’s really hard to beat, Singapore has tried everything even having essentially single payer housing since its a kind of corporate state

          Its failed

          There is no way out of an efficiency trap other than less efficiency. This is rarely voluntary so we’ll simply become unable to maintain things , people have less kids even immigrants and we collapse to a sustainable model

          That’s going to be 100 million horse and buggy BTW

          • @AB Prosper

            The anti-tech entryist displays his true commie colors… while he whiteknights for women.

          • Anyone sane is at least a little anti tech though it’s silly to call someone who has been part of this crowd, under this name for years an “entryist”

            You are a space bug libertarian type who thinks say Friday by Heinlein was a great society instead of the dystopia it is

            With people like you in charge, you get the shihole of Neuromancer or Niven’s nightmarish Patchwork Girl

            To speak plainly, you are in the wrong movement , its all fash or paleocons over here.

            Go hangout somewhere else

            Anyway If tit takes grounding people in order to make the US, clean, safe, orderly and homogenous , I’m fine with that.

            I’m certainly not a Communist or a White Knight either simply a pragmatist. Have a healthy well distributed economy or modernity dies

            Business can’t do so therefore the State must

            Its not more complex than that.

          • Waaaaaaaaaaaa – somebody’s coming for AB’s EBT card!!

            The problem with all of you guys in the pro-welfare crowd is that we’ve close to 100 years of evidence clearly showing that giving away free shit is corrosive to the body and soul and ultimately the nation.

            Your latest excuse is “automation” – but we’ve had mechanical devices replacing humans for OVER 100 years now (farm employment is a perfect example) – and all of those people found jobs.

            Last time I checked the population of the US was almost 1/3 of what it is now back in the 30’s – and all those people (who started getting kicked off of farms to go find other work decades before that) – are not ALL on welfare.

            Yet we’ve still got a black underclass that lives intergenerationally on welfare – and we’re importing people from turd world nations by the MILLIONS and putting them on welfare as well. In addition to the obvious welfare state – we’ve got all manner of corporate and inter-governmental welfare thru things like deficit spending and Fed bucks – that allow the globohomo power structure to stomp it’s boot down on your ass – and not have to rely on direct taxation to do it (which would likely get them all shot given the level of direct taxation it would take to support all that they spend).

            The arguments used today to excuse away the welfare state are the same tired bullshit used back when it was started. Just simply looking at the population numbers blows your argument out of the water: it keeps growing and if the jobs all went away at the rate you claim because of automation – then pretty much all new population growth would go directly onto the welfare rolls.

            You say we’ve got an efficiency trap. I say taking the best and brightest and most hard working – and yoking them to a welfare state that drains them to support those who can barely function AND imports even more – is a recipe for societal and national failure.

            Which is exactly what we have.

            You say continue the welfare state. I say go ahead – keep that shit up and a whole lot of people are going to end up dead. To paraphrase Kennedy: If you make a peaceful solution to the welfare state impossible – you make a violent solution inevitable.

            Or put another way – once all the people who are actually working realize they’d be better off withOUT all of the people who are squatting on the welfare rolls – people are going to start to die.

            It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

            The welfare state needs to be ended. People need to be dumped off the books. They’ll either figure out a way to get by – or they will die. Failure to do this means they will die anyway. This is a ” pay me now or pay me later” type of situation.

            Welfare is not a cost of running society. Welfare is a cost of maintaining a voting bloc for the Democrat party.

            If you’re sitting on welfare you are barely even part of society – and are in fact not even participating , because if you were you would be contributing and not taking.

            You’re a perfect example of why I keep pointing out that the comment pages here are chock full of lefties who just can’t it thru their thick heads that their way of running world has been an abject failure – and is responsible for all of the things that Zman writes about daily.

          • Libertarianism is the most left wing philosophy outside of cultural marxism. Hell it’s the kissing cousin of Antifa only with more corporate ass rape.

            Conservatism in a modern sense is imposing a functional social order in necessary by force in order to promote domestic harmony and has nil to do with neoLiberal economics since you know the later is Liberal

            Given that labor strife was near constant from the late 19th century to the mid 20th with such delights as murder, torture and the US military using planes to stop strikers, n other words to make people work at a lower wage people rightly had enough of the uncertainty and got to fixing it

            It stopped working That is the exact reason the entire developed world went socialist or social democratic and every single developed nation is to this day

            This buys stability. Stability is conservative . Too much regulation, unstable . To little, unstable.

            Marxists solutions stink but unlike the Capitalists and Libertarians, actually see the problem space

            Now I know you guys don’t really care if rivers are on fire, private water companies poison water supplies to make people by expensive bottled water or if they convince poor people to stop breastfeeding to sell more formula even though it impoverished people and sickens children

            I get this. This is why the future will be regulated.

            Corporations and their Libertarian and Minarchist enablers are basically evil and will end up made to comply either by The Dissident Right who has enough sense to back off and deregulate when useful or the Left who doesn’t

            Well or you get hell. Choose wisely


            This is what lolbertarians actually believe.

            Face it, Libertarianism by design appeals to lumpen like White nerds (nerds themselves being drawn towards siding with foreigners), Jews, Uncle Toms, degenerate women, alienated ones. It has never built a society that has the will to continue itself. Buys into noble savagery. Has a poor grasp on elite action and state scheming (see their stance on Trump’s call for war on Big Tech even though Big Tech is well aboard with globalhomo).

          • Segregation was enforced by the state and backed by White America largely. Blacks don’t behave much better in their own countries where there isn’t the American government to watch them. If anything, the state’s enforcement of segregation made them better behaved since it forced them to stick to their own, keep them rooted. Quit your libertarian babble.

            China is less degenerate than Murica and it’s thanks to their state. Lolbertarians refuse to accept that in non-degenerate society you are not floating atom but one who carried obligations to his parents, family, clan, lord, kingdom.

        • Carlsdad,

          It’s fine for men to mow their own cars, build their own grass, rehouse their own shingles if they are able to and enjoy that kind of work. But you seem to discount every other kind of activity as unmanly.

          Why shouldn’t a man spend his time reading a book, writing a book, delivering a speech, researching a topic? Or, for that matter, meditating?

          Some people are more equipped by nature for working with their mind than working with their hands. Should they imitate people drawn to physical and mechanical things? That seems to me another form of selling oneself out; inauthentically trying to fit in with expectations of others that don’t fit.

          • It’s not like you can’t do both. I enjoy construction work because I can put headphones in for long periods and listen to audio books and internet videos. A man should be able to build their own grass. If you are a dissident posting on this blog, you definitely should be able to do all that.

            All white men must become records of our culture AND men capable of weathering the coming third world.

          • The world is built from physical labor.

            Not by meditating on the meaning of physical labor.

            You won’t discover how the world works by meditating on shit you’ve never actually experienced or done with your own hands.

            Or do you think that actually working does not mean you are exercising your mind?

            Reading books is nice. I do it all the time and have bookcases full of them. It’s how I research how to go out and do things in the real world.

            Do you really think that back when most people lived hand to mouth or had to hunt their food down – that saying “some people are more equipped by nature to do cave paintings” – would have been an acceptable excuse to not join in with your fellow men on the hunt?

            Or that back when most people lived on farms – telling your family and neighbors when it was time to bring in the harvest – that you were a “religious man” – and it was time to contemplate the scripture …… while everybody else was out busting a nut digging in the dirt – would have gained you a good response?

            I’m pretty sure that more than a few people down thru history earned themselves a beating trying those stunts.

            When I see somebody claiming “Some people are more equipped by nature for working with their mind than working with their hands” – it reminds me of people I have run across in the past who say ” I’m an idea person” – as they are trying to dump their work into my lap.

            There seems to be a type of person out there who just wants to run crazy ideas thru their head – and then dump the hard work of implementation onto somebody else. I have run into these people my entire life. If I’m working on my car – they’ll come over and tell me I’m doing things wrong – even though they can’t tell the difference between a wrench and a hammer.

            In high tech – they’ll come up wild hair brained schemes – and then try to dump the implementation onto somebody else – while they run back to their office to read more books and “ideate” on their next scheme that won’t work.

            When I built my own home they’d stop over and offer up all sorts of ideas on how I should build my own house – even though I already had plans that were well thought out and detailed down the last nail (which I read books to do BTW – and then implemented in the real world).

            Typically when everything is all done – these people also want to claim credit for the better part of the project – even though they didn’t do shit.

            So – yes………… you are correct, I am disdainful of “men” who just want to sit around and read books all day or spend their entire life ruminating on things accomplished by others.

            The most simple way of saying it is that I think they’ve built up an elaborate and semi socially acceptable way of excusing laziness.

            In the same way that watching sports is not the same thing as actually playing the game – neither is reading a book about how things work out in the real world. Once you consider that people like yourself are who write most books, and give most speeches – it starts make sense why there is so much disconnection between what is said – and what we are all told to do – and the reality we all have to live with.

            It’s another variation of the dynamic that Zman points out regularly: the lefties who tell us to accept their diverse globohomo world – don’t actually have to live with it , because they never really have to experience it – or make it work.

          • You wouldn’t have the internet or other nice toys if it wasn’t for the state. But tell us more on how atoms like you invented everything worth noting.

            Noble savages are a lie by the way. Foragers in Africa and so on live in lands with murder levels comparable to Detroit.

  36. It’s exemplified by the reaction of parents to their kids use of texts, the ultimate in contact without context. A huge amount of the cerebral cortex is devoted to deciphering visual information – dangers nuances warnings threats intentions opportunities reassurances deceits honestys insecurities tensions etc etc all can be read from peoples faces and bodies without a word being said, and have been replaced with LOL or TMI.

    • When future developmental psychiatrists study what the atrophied social interations of this era did to children, we will look as ignorant and tragic as people who were enthusiastically exposing themselves to lead in our past centuries.

      • Add to that multiple gratuitous vaccinations, quality unknown, and you get a real freak society.

  37. “I’ve….seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

    All those moments will be lost in time, like tears… rain.

    Time to die.”

    • It’s 2019, goddammit! Where are the attack ships? Where are the C-beams? Why can’t I buy a replicant that looks like Sean Young?

      • Roy Batty was decanted 3 years ago.
        Incept date: January 17, 2016

        Maybe that’s who these stunted NPCs *really* are

      • I’ll take the shitty society we have over the dying choking hell that is Blade Runner, Sean Young looking sexbots notwithstanding

        The air and water here is clean, animals are plentiful , food is plentiful

        The ennui of a commercial society hurts but the Blade Runner one is if anything worse than what we have

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