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Sportsball has started up with college programs kicking off their season and the professional sportsball getting started this week. Like most dissidents, I have lost interest in sportsball, for the most part. I’ll watch the college games, mostly because I tend to work on Saturday afternoon. I’ll put on whatever game is available and listen to it while getting work done. The professional games are close to unwatchable. The media presentation is unbearable and the games themselves are not good.

Professional sportsball is totally poz’d up now. During their summer practice period, there were stories about allowing girls to play. Since a girl would get snapped in half playing sportsball with men, the point of entry is kicking. A girl calling herself Carli Lloyd is contemplating a tryout as a NFL kicker. Where this stands at this point is unknown, but the idea of it is ridiculous. I’ve been to a lot of sportsball games in my life and never have I heard anyone say they hoped to see a girl playing the game.

I’ll take it further and say I vehemently oppose adding girls to sportsball. In fact, I’m OK with ending girls sports entirely. Girls should not be playing sports. They should be learning how to be proper women. Exercise is fine, but teaching girls to compete like men is as dumb as trying to teach a fish to ride a bicycle. Sure, a bear playing piano, a monkey drinking a beer and girls playing basketball can be amusing. Building a society around freak show attractions, however, is barbaric madness.

Probably the most vulgar example of this barbaric nonsense is female fighting, like UFC or boxing. Reportedly, a Chinese lesbian beat up a white lesbian to win a trophy and become the first Asian lesbian to do so. The sick bastards that stage this stuff would be torn to pieces and fed to the dogs. The beta perverts enjoying these displays should be sent to the camps. Only a degenerate wants to see women beat one another to a pulp in a fighting ring. This is not how civilized people treat their women.

The reason this nonsense is pushed on us is mostly spite. The fans of sportsball are overwhelmingly male. The paying fans are overwhelmingly white male. Since the religion of the ruling class is based in hated of white males, forcing girls, homosexuals and exotics into the games is normal now. Over the weekend, a sportsball player announced to great, orchestrated fanfare, that he is bisexual. The whole point of these stories is to ruin what little enjoyment white males can find these days.

Of course, when normal men object to this crap, the response from the usual suspects is “why does this bother you?” The answer is that the whole point of forcing this junk on sportsball fans is to bother them. That’s the reason they have girl referees and girl coaches now. It’s why they keep trying to interject homosexuals into the story. The point of the question is to obscure the fact that our cultural masters are trying hard to ruin anything that normal men find enjoyable. These people hate us.

Putting all of that aside, what jumps out when watching sportsball these days is how everything is drenched in sentimentality. Instead of presenting the two squads fighting one another on the field, the game is filled with stories of how the various players had to overcome hardship. You get the sense that the next revolution in television is going to be a hookup that causes the viewer to experience sadness, anguish and despair, as each of the heroic stories is relayed during the game.

It’s not just the television presentation. The coaches and players have all been trained to complain about the difficulties they have had to overcome in order to be in the sportsball competition. Every player says no one thought he could do whatever it is he did and every coaches swears his team overcame great adversity. The point of a sportsball presentation is to convince the viewer that life is hopelessly rigged against you and only the exceptions find any happiness. Just kill yourself.

Presumably, the presentation is popular, but it is hard to know. The normal people I know all complain about the way sportsball is presented. Many have simply stopped following this stuff as a result. My interest has waned, for sure. On the other hand, they say the television ratings are strong, so people must watch this stuff. Then again, the ratings for these shows are probably a lie like everything else these days. The presentation of constant sorrow comes with constant lies.

The funny thing, though, is a key part of keeping the populace pacified is keeping them entertained with things like sportsball. Allowing the lunatics into to ruin it for the target audience seems like a bad move. In dissident circles, you find lots of former sportsball fans, so a good way to fight the dissidents would be to make sportsball attractive to the typical white guy. Maybe these people’s need to hate us simply overcomes their desire to rule over us. Hatred is a powerful narcotic.

On the other hand, maybe the hardcore sportsball fans can be counted on to overlook the poz that is slathered onto the presentation. If you are really into following your team, maybe you don’t notice the rest of it, so the proselytizing falls on deaf ears. Those who notice either turn off these shows or already believe the nonsense. The effort to poison the minds of white males is just a waste of resources, maybe even driving white males away from media and into dissident politics.

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205 thoughts on “Thoughts On Sportsball

  1. Z, you miss a resource in your generally correct assessment of sports, and that is the college football alumni base. College sports are the analog of European football(soccer) teams. Truly organic fan bases allied with a particularist geography.

    These are white, right wing and affluent folks. The sport is strongest in the most race realistic parts of the country. It stems from areas where high school football is king, a community based Friday night ritual. Convince part of this audience to support our cause with 5% of their Saturday fervor, and you begin to have a pale reflection of euro nationalist football hooligans. It fits your model of something hard for entryists to corrupt, apart from the rest of the pozzed university system.

    Slowly bringing my alumni circle around,

  2. Sports are morality plays with physical contact. Sports moved into the spiritual realm when religion mattered less than an RV set up for epic tailgating, but it’s now solidly back into morality plays.

    When you fight for democracy, you will get it good and hard.

  3. To understand how bad things have gotten, Clint Eastwood made a movie about a Female boxer that got all kinds of awards, and everyone acted like it was perfectly normal/acceptable for women to box!

    Some good female sports: Track, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice skating, Field Hockey, Volleyball.
    Repulsive Women Sports: Wrestling, Boxing, Weight lifting, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Shot put, Discus, American Football
    Absurd women sports: Soccer, Baseball and Basketball.

  4. 1. Professional and college sports are a way to dissipate our tribal nationalist instincts into something harmless for our opposition.

    2. Wearing another man’s name on your back is beta. I will be the hero my future son deserves.

    3. Women’s sports with a few exceptions, namely gymnastics, ice-skating, beach volleyball, track, dance, and tennis are boring compared to the men’s versions.

  5. I used to enjoy attending college football games in person but that changed several years ago. Now, the entire event is so scripted and sanitized it’s taken the fun out of it. You can barely get an over priced beer at a game now, plus all the announcements to the women in attendance that they should text to a number if they don’t “feel safe”. The price of a ticket is why too high and games now take forever because of the TV timeouts. You find yourself sitting for hours between two middle aged fatties that are wearing a team jersey with some 20 year old kids name on the back, and usually, these idiots never went the the university. I stopped going.

  6. I would say that the pozzing up of sportsball is motivated by the “no exclusively heterosexual white male activities” rule. (Talking the fandom part, not the menageries on the playing fields.) Our rulers must HATE hunting and fishing….
    I think purpose of women in sports, like women in the workplace, is to reduce the white birth rate. Keep white women doing other things when they are fertile, then get them a cat and a bottle of vinegar.

  7. Many men have to watch sportsball because that is one of the few ways they can feel like a man in modern society. Just like men will lower their standards to accept manly fat women if that is all that is available, they will lower their standards for what it takes to identify as a man. People are weak and need to grasp any status possible. That is also why uni educated males must cling to all the misandrist narratives. Without that they can’t have status as good and smart men

  8. Never did “get” football. All the locker room grab-assing, towel snapping, phony machismo, etc.

    And later on having to share the same bleacher seat with some bloated, beer-swilling, blowhard.

    Hockey was it until they basically threw the Stanley Cup finals last year so some town could finally get their “cup”.

    The all-black commercials in between periods was really something else. Gotta say one thing for the Hebs . They’re not shy about sticking it in your face.

  9. Regarding women and exercise, Laura Wood of The Thinking Housewife writes:

    “That feminists approve of immodesty is one of the paradoxes of our revolutionary times. A woman’s strength and dignity are, first and foremost, in her soul, not her body. All of society hinges on the dignity of women. Immodesty undermines that dignity. It’s disrespectful of men, who are distracted by what they see. All of us have been conditioned to dress immodestly so we have to war against that tendency and follow clear standards. It’s a battle and learning process that takes time. … As a mother you have an especial interest in preserving your dignity since your children will so love you and look up to you. Try to follow the Marian dress code, which is very explicit (please, no pants). But also try to avoid frumpiness, which is ugly.

    “Exercise is important. I urge you to find an activity you enjoy and that helps you feel healthy. But bear in mind these words of St. Thomas Aquinas, which I quote from this article (one of many good articles on women’s dress at Tradition in Action):

    ” ‘Outward movements are signs of the inward disposition, according to Eccl. 19:27 “The attire of the body, and the laughter of the teeth, and the gait of the man show what he is,” and St. Ambrose says (De Offic. I, 18) that ‘the habits of mind are seen in the gestures of the body,’ and that ‘the body’s movement is an index of the soul’ ” (Summa Theologiae, II, II, question 168, article 1, reply to objection 1).

    “Martial arts and jogging cultivate an aggressive mentality in women, don’t you think? I say that as someone who used to jog. (I also used to swim laps about four or five times a week. I don’t miss it at all. It was like being a shark in a tank. Everyone was subtly competing with each other.) I can’t imagine being thrilled as a child at seeing my mother jogging. It’s also almost impossible to jog in a modest way. I would consider walking, dance, hiking, horseback riding, or bicycling. In a ballet class, you are probably going to be just with women, so I don’t see a problem with that.

    “It’s important for your children to learn to swim and, in my opinion, it’s okay for your daughters to swim in modest suits in co-ed pools up until the age of ten.”

    She’s pretty conservative by today’s standards but I find her refreshing. This post of hers came to mind a few nights ago after I watched a women’s MMA match for the first time. Crazy! Perverse. Undignified. Don’t think I need to go back for more of that, thank you. And I can’t stand when they have women reporters down on the football field to talk to the giant male players after their game. Or women in the panel of commenters at any professional sports. For crying out loud, no one except lesbians and feminist beta males want women playing professional football. Can’t the white men have anything any more? I miss seeing more white men on TV. Many of the “experts” and pundits on political shows are women any more. I prefer men, dammit, white men!

    • Great post, thank you.

      “Outward movements are signs of the inward disposition, according to Eccl. 19:27 “The attire of the body, and the laughter of the teeth, and the gait of the man show what he is,” and St. Ambrose says (De Offic. I, 18) that ‘the habits of mind are seen in the gestures of the body,’ and that ‘the body’s movement is an index of the soul’ ” (Summa Theologiae, II, II, question 168, article 1, reply to objection 1).”
      A great bit of wisdom for people to meditate on, in my opinion.

      “Immodesty undermines that dignity. It’s disrespectful of men, who are distracted by what they see.”
      I strongly agree, but ironically, I find women who dress with extreme modesty a great distraction, but in a very positive way.

      I’ll never forget the time I set eyes on a young (early 20’s I’d say), diminutive Amish mother, wearing a simple white cotton bonnet (covering the top and sides of her head), an Amish lady’s winter clothing, and holding a newborn. It was in a small town hardware store, when I was in college. When I got back to my car, I shook my head so I would come back to my senses before driving. She was the idealized Dulcinea brought to life, and I was ready, by the sight of her, to charge machine gun nests on her behalf.

      Women, excelling as women to the best of their ability (no, they do not have to be naturally beautiful physically), demand the greatest respect and sacrifice. At the extremes, they honestly leave me feeling uneasy, I feel challenged to live up to very high standards and to not disappoint them. I read F. Roger Devlin and Heartiste years ago, shortly after making my way into the dissident Right, and I agree that making yourself the doormat to a woman loses her respect (that’s been my experience), but I also believe in that higher Duty, and the trick is striking the proper balance.

      Women dressing and behaving traditionally and with dignity, I would think, would quite commonly elicit greater respect and consideration from men, particularly higher status men. It surprises me that more women don’t take advantage of this.

      Reading your post inspired me to do some rereading about traditional Catholic contemplative nuns (high level women of another kind). Here’s an old picture of a contemplative nun of the Carthusians, my favorite monastic order, after having become a consecrated virgin (an ancient ceremony which the Carthusian nuns, quite uniquely, maintained through the Middle Ages and into modernity):

      From the old Catholic Encyclopedia:

      “The Carthusian nuns have retained the privilege of the consecration of virgins, which they have inherited from the nuns of Prébayon. The consecration, which is given four years after the vows are taken, can only be conferred by the diocesan. The rite differs but slightly from that given in the “Pontifical”.* The nun is invested with a crown, ring, stole and maniple, the last being worn on the right arm. These ornaments the nun only wears again on the day of her monastic jubilee, and after her death on her bier.”

      * “The ceremony prescribed in the Roman Pontifical is very solemn, and follows, step by step, that of an ordination.”

      Here’s some great old pictures of Discalced Carmelite nuns (following the great St. Theresa of Avila, they took their vocation, and the Faith, seriously):

  10. To watch professional sportsball, the nfl app allows you to watch a version of the games in which it is only the plays. It takes about 45 minutes and you miss all the poz. But the truth is if I wasn’t from the south and the team wasn’t part of my family heritage, I would shitcan the whole operation with the rest of TV.

  11. I livestream or replay FIA RX race events on occasional summer weekends. Great to play in the bg while working in the garage, just our old world European cousins enjoying their motorsports. Still catch an occasional minor league baseball game with my dad, but that’s more about family time/catching up than anything else.

    As an American kid in the 80’s and 90’s I thoroughly enjoyed playing and watching football, but after high school walked away from all that. It just became pointless, every year the same teams play for the same trophy. I can’t remember the last time I watched a game.

    My millennial cousins are altogether different, they worship their NFL teams and being straight White boys the overt poz is a definite annoyance for them, but they put up with it while I drop red pills whenever possible. At some point, that light-switch will flip and they will start noticing too much. The elite aren’t exactly hiding the object of their hatred, our guys just need the tools to become self-aware. Thank you, Jared Taylor, Zman, Derb and many others. The long march continues.

    • NASCAR was not about the cars, it was about the culture, such as it was. It was sort of a secret society. Then the National TV broadcasts showed up, and it all changed. Now NASCAR is hooked on the corporate gig/money tree and financially leveraged out, so they have to play the poz game. Just like stick and ball sports, if the old school culture surrounding the sport is what gets you going, visit your local track. It’s still out there, and they really need paying fans in the seats. The quality of the show is all over the map, but that is part of the old school experience, too. And, trophy girls!

      • NASCAR went full on mainstream about twenty years ago. Suddenly cigarette sponsors were icky and Confederate flags were problematic. Never mind that their newfound and growing fan-base was composed of normie white guys who were tired of rooting for 90 % Black NBA and 75-80 % Black NFL teams. Not to mention the S.E.C. NASCAR is no longer sponsored by cigarette companies or even cell phone providers. They are reduced to being sponsored by an energy drink company that the majority of their remaining 55-65 -plus year old fan base has never heard of much less purchased.

  12. The only game I watch is the World’s Strongest Man contest. it used to be popular with the family on Sunday when most were still alive.

    It also used to get me psyched about pumping iron and moving heavy things around for fun.

    I also liked it because there were no blacks in it. Whites just totally dominate it.

  13. Sportsball follows the woke path of all government, business, education, movies, theater, music, media and any conversation allowed in public. Sportsball’s deterioration simply parallels everything else.

    The sadness-and-difficulties-the-athlete-overcame stories that accompany every event, demonstate that American life has transformed from a John Wayne western to the Oprah Winfrey Show.

    It’s what we’ve become

    • Lorenzo,

      I agree. That was a great comment.

      There is another site on the net where they are all “high IQ” fellows who blame boomers for everything bad that ever happened. (boomers can time-travel apparently) and don’t like out host the Z-man much.

      Yet, I find the Z-man and the people who comment here very perceptive. Often Z-man talks about the bad things that have happened to our society — and these things need to be said. It is not “black pilling” to talk about reality.

      • Mark Stoval said: ” It is not “black pilling” to talk about reality.”
        Hear Hear! Speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

      • Well, that comment apparently sent Mr. Day and all his followers into a meltdown. Funny how tough talking guys turn out to be so fragile.

      • Oh, Z has lots of folks that hate boomers too, heck he recently gabbed about it:

        You boomer retards cannot die soon enough.

  14. Hockey. But kneel during the Canadian anthem over their PC excess.
    OTOH, it started to decay when places like LA and Phoenix, not known for lots of ice, got teams.

  15. Here’s one fun story from earlier in the decade. A high school under the traditional Catholic SSPX (who are, wisely and quite necessarily, unabashedly disobedient of Rome) forfeited a high school men’s baseball game, after they learned that the opposing high school team had a female on it:

    I tried to find a small local newspaper article (not my local newspaper) I read like 8 years ago, in which a man who’d observed a high school basketball game in which either an SSPX or FSSP boys academy team participated (a boarding school I believe) stated that “this must have been what a high school basketball game in the 50’s was like.” The boys were under the watchful eyes of their priests (I believe they’re coach was a priest as well). He didn’t just mean the players, he meant the large number of classmates from the traditional Catholic school who had come to watch the game, who were disciplined and dignified in every way (dress and speech, for example), and who gave co-ordinated, dignified cheers for their team. He emphasized the sportsmanship and respect for the opposing team that both the players and their classmates in the stands demonstrated.

  16. Real men ought to be occupied with existential questions but that does not mean sports shouldn’t be a fun diversion.

    I do think it is apparent the establishment hates white men which is one reason there are so many hosts of sports blather shows who are women and an increasing number of female play by play announcers in the NFL.

    I have always been an Oakland Raiders fan since the get go and now the team has an ugly woman calling the games – as though their last two decades of existence was not punishment enough.

    Of course this aberrant behavior will continue because hating whitey has long been a thing.

    The sad thing is so many white men continue to deny the establishment hates them and they are always searching for other reasons for what is being done to them is being done to them.


  17. “Then again, the ratings for these shows are probably a lie like everything else these days. The presentation of constant sorrow comes with constant lies.”

    Our world is nothing but scams. Everyone and everything is out to cheat you and take everything you have. We live in the most predatory society ever created. It’s a Libertarian paradise.

  18. OT: Here’s a great rock video to view and listen to if you find yourself by the pool or relaxing this Labor Day holiday weekend. You may enjoy looking at the gorgeous crowd as much as you enjoy these great southern gentlemen rocking out! Ah, great memories of our beautiful, prosperous country.

    “If I leave here tomorrow
    Would you still remember me? …

    Bye, bye, baby, it’s been a sweet love
    Though this feeling I can’t change …

    Cause I’m as free as a bird now
    And this bird you’ll never change …”

    It all has an extra layer of meaning now. Have a good day, all. 🙂

    • …great southern gentlemen rocking out! Ah, great memories of our beautiful, prosperous country.

      Oh, I think I can do better than that:

      If this is not the most wholesome thing you’ve seen all week, downvote this comment and be condemned to the Tenth Circle of Hell for un-American activities.

      • It is good to have a reminder that what we are fighting for still exists and will always exist as long as we do what is necessary to preserve it. Thank you, Felix.

      • Beautiful!!! I love it, thank you, Felix_Krull. Such a lovely girl, long blond hair, pretty smile, dancing as she plays and sings, and with a riverboat passing slowly by behind her — wonderful!

      • In this case, there is very good reason this particular video has over 22 million views — unrivaled rock and a spectacular crowd enjoying mind-blowing energy and art together at the height of its time. Forget the stupid ‘boomer’ talk. I’m not a boomer but LOVE (boomer) 70’s rock (I was 10 at the time of this concert but I grew up to this music and it’s my favorite kind of music other than classical). Because it’s the best rock the world will ever know and there’s a place for it in the white pantheon of greats. Right up there with Led Zep, Stones, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash. There’s good reason why these are all known bands still. Jury is not in yet on Dream Theater, but I’m checking them out… Thanks for the links!

  19. Being uninterested in sports ball is an attribute of the dissident right? I thought it was just me and my misanthropic ways. Good to know. I always found women playing pro Beach Volleyball interesting. It was just like being at a gentleman’s club.

    • sat·ire
      the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
      synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature;

  20. The worst I’ve seen with the wokeness was this year’s US Open. Seemed like every break was a PSA about how wonderful it was that Jaquavieon and Dequandius were taking a whack at the tyranny of the white-privileged golf ball.

    Compared with that, the NFL is quite tame.
    College FB might be worse just for the increased likelihood of women announcers, like the awful one in yesterday’s Nebraska game. If she had been taking T shots during the broadcast, I wouldn’t have been surprised, because the longing was so palpable in her voice.

  21. Dissidents need to be aware of how they spend their money. I try really hard in this area. No movies, no TV, no cable, no Netflix, no Amazon Video, nothing. I run an ad blocker on YT and I have all of Google’s ad servers blocked.
    The colleges need to enforce academic standards, but that would block virtually all of the African American sportsball players.
    Don’t get me wrong, team sports is great, but sportsball is just spectacle of thuggery and criminality. The NFL used to use college recruiting as a way to keep out the riff-raff, but when there is money to be made, it was quickly corrupted. Over 1/2 of black college athletes have some version of African American Studies as their degree.
    The teams are just stupid. IMHO, it should be setup so that a team can only take athletes that grew up in the area. Rooting for the local team means rooting for Jews running a bunch of Africans from all over the country, up and down the field. POZ indeed.

    • Yep, time to remove the facade of amateur academic student athletes playing college sportsball in their spare time. That wasn’t even true in the 1930’s anymore. And certainly not true when I was in academia.

      I can tell stories… When I was just starting out, I had a couple of stat courses I was teaching. In those days, it was not unusual to have students enrolled who did not show up for class. Most often there was an enrollment mistake and eventually the computer listing would rectify itself and remove the student from enrollment status—but if not dropped, after a certain date the student was deemed enrolled and would, of course, inevitably receive a grade of “e” (failure) for the course since no attendance or exams were recorded for the student.

      I noticed that one student who never showed up for class, nor was deleted from updated rolls happened to have the same name as our football team’s star receiver. I wondered… Well sure enough, as we approached final “drop day” I get a formal letter from the Athletic Department wrt our star receiver—how important he was to the team, how if there was anything they could do to improve his success in the course, perhaps private tutoring (from me), etc. just to let them know.

      Well, I was always a hard case, so I sent them back a memo that I could think of nothing they could do to improve this student athlete’s course success as he had never attended class, nor done any course assignments, nor taken any of the prior exams. In short, his grade for the course was “e”, but he was still welcome to attend class for the rest of the term and that might help him complete the course next year when he retook it.

      The next class day or so, I got to meet our star receiver—with his assistant coach, “drop slip” in hand, before class. I had the option of awarding an “e” or checking “administrative drop”. I graciously let him drop without penalty as both these two looked pretty contrite.

  22. I am all for fully integrating men and women’s sports, since that will effectively be the end of women’s sports, and it will also end the idea that there is no physical difference between men and women.

  23. I gave up on pro football a decade ago when it became “parity ball;” anything new, inventive or different got crushed by new rules against it. It looks like the NFL wants each of the teams to win the Superbowl once, preferably in alphabetical order, to prove how fair pro football is. That, and “Joe Schmo is sure playing his heart out for Dallas today” is meaningless when he was “playing his heart out for Baltimore” 6 weeks ago, Miami a month before that, and Detroit last season. In college football – or baseball – it’s a moderately safe bet the players will be there for the duration of their “education” and it’s somewhat enjoyable to watch the players, and their teams, progress as they learn and improve.

    Incorporation of females, and the proliferation of female sports, is just another thumb in the eye of the suckers paying for it, as is NASCAR’s recent decision to become anti-gun. Given the current state of discontent it seems a bit risky to turn Bread & Circuses, Inc. into thoroughly undesirable crap; the proles might pursue other endeavors instead.

  24. Not for nothing, Mrs. Nomar Garciaparra (aka Mia Hamm) kicked a bunch of 50+ field goals at KCC practice back in the day. Just a thing for fun. Before it became a statement. I was a swimmer. I liked playing sports. I think that beyond T-ball it should be separate.

  25. The biggest Sportsball fan I know makes spreadsheets to keep track of all the sports, movies, and TV shows he wants to watch. He sees all the super hero movies that come out. He probably doesn’t even notice the anti white messaging. You will have to literally beat him over the head with a black cock to get him to stop. I have no hope for people like him.

  26. The idea of having a girl kicker in the NFL (or college or high school) is nonsense as you say, the first time a kick gets blocked and it turns into a free-for-all, either a) she was get crushed into the dirt and possibly killed or b) the players will avoid her like she is on fire so they don’t end up on film hitting a girl. On the other hand, a lot of the diverse players in the NFL like hurting women for amusement, so maybe A is more likely. Hell, they might tackle her and the pile will turn into a gang rape live on EPSN.

    I think we should encourage this crap, sportsball is the single greatest distraction for the average white guy and the sooner they can’t sit down and watch a game with a cold can of crappy beer, the sooner they might get pissed enough to start paying attention.

    • sportsball is the single greatest distraction for the average white guy

      Sportsball is one of the last things white guys can legitimately bond over – pretend to be real men for an afternoon, and maybe even raise their voices on occasion. That’s why globohomo wants to destroy it, it elicits masculine sentiments.

        • I fail to see much difference.

          We may wish that American youth were into banjo picking and buck dancing but that’s not happening, and I figure pozzed culture is better than no culture.

      • Sportsball is about keeping white males weak and passive. If they wanted to feel like real men, go find a gun range and go shooting with your son or buddies or hike with them and no women allowed.

        • Sportsball is about keeping white males weak and passive

          How does that work?

          Surely, watching a game with your friends while knocking back a few cold ones isn’t prepping you for the Zombie Apocalypse, but I figure it’s a lot better than watching any crap series or Challahwood movie. At least the white guys have a fighting chance in football.

    • It might just be me, but I seem to notice that Blacks are a lot more pozzed than they were even 5 years ago. Thinking back 10, 20 years ago, you’d never hear of a black athlete shilling for feminism and gay pride. Now, most of them eagerly sign on.

      Back in 2007, a bench player on the Cleveland Cavaliers was protesting the Chinese involvement in Sudan. LeBron James was told by his handlers at Nike to stay far away from this. But now he’s Mr. Woke, of course he still won’t do anything for those in the sweatshops.

        • In the majority Jewish NBA, that’s quite plausible. Otoh, LeBron condemned the Jewish owner of the Cavaliers as a racist.

          But in the other leagues, most owners are either WASP or Catholic, and there was considerable anger at the protestors. IIRC only San Francisco and Oakland’s owners were in support. The owners were of the opinion that it was better to just pay Kapernick to go away. (The Oakland owner is Jewish, as are 5 or 6 others, Oakland is always the blackest team, first black coach and kicker too)

          Perhaps worse was that the NFL owners used their megadonor status to get Trump to call of the boycott threat.

          • If you go way back to the early Z-man posts, he talked about the NBA throwing Donald Sterling, the former owner of the Clippers, over the side. Z’s take was interesting, as he got into the Jewish owner/black player thing. It seems like whatever was getting started back then petered out, and the owners and players found a way to get along. I’m thinking the big paychecks all around had something to do with it.

  27. Well, Zman, I would say that whatever it takes to drive more alpha males over to our side is worth it. So let them inject fags and feminists into sportsball. I haven’t watched a professional sportsball game in 20 years and have no plans to resume. I keep wondering when the billionaire owners of these franchises are going to put up some resistance. So far, none.

    • Playing sports is an alpha behavior, but watching sports is not. The vast majority of NFL viewers aren’t former players, or coach their kids youth team.

      Conservative Inc nominally complains about tax funded stadiums, but when given the chance to make the bonds taxable, Paul Ryan stripped it from the tax bill. This is a good place for triangulation with urban leftists that want “more money fo dem programs”

  28. This Range Front Fault is on a tear and a tangent, blowing off steam, and creating a substantial seismic swarm. This is Not about sports.

    Just finished talking with Basic Husband’s daughter. She threw in at the very end of the conversation that the Chas Bono Tranny She To He grand-daughter will be taking a 2-month vacation soon. Why? To get her TITS cut off! Should have seen this coming.

    Is this what’s happening in families all across America?! Another one of these coddling “whatever my daughter wants” idiot mother with no husband-father-man in her life. Two years ago Basic Husband’s daughter started watching MSLSD and she turned ferociously culture Leftie. And this is in Oklahoma, the heartland of America! Daughter immediately got in a fight with Basic Husband. Now we can’t talk about anything except how is your garden growing?! No weather, no politics, no cultural observations, no nothing.

    Nutter Mom of tranny and tranny are thinking of coming to Vegas to cavort, and visit “Grandpa.” Told Basic Husband that I’m going walkabout and finding a motel in the mountains during that time. I’m not doing well with the flow of change, not feeling charitable and pretty sure my frozen stunned mask would crack upon see Sasquash and something argumentative would fly out of my mouth that would not be retractable. Not feeling mollified.

    Anybody else going through this?!

    • Checking out is the right idea. My son’s “girlfriend” had hers cut off, I guess she is an “it-friend” now. There is nothing to be said or done. Said it-friend ignores people, disrupts meals, is allergic or doesn’t like everything, and no one understands the burdens she carries. Mmmm-kay. Basically an adult that acts like a three year old. Even my semi-pozzed wife is at a loss on this one. The world is just filled with people that have no self-awareness at all. One way to look at it is that your step-daughter, like my son, gets to carry the biggest burden in all of this, in that they get to white-knight and deal with it on a daily basis. They have no idea how screwed up their own lives will get in trying to deal with all of it. They are enablers, and will suffer a special sort of hell for it. Sooner or later the white-knighting will not be enough, or the lack of self awareness will show itself in burning down the enabler, and the chickens will come home to roost. In the meantime, steer clear of the slow motion car wreck. Create physical distance. Best option, IMO. Oh, and give your Basic Husband an extra helping of support. He doesn’t have quite the set of options you do, through no fault of his own.

      • Dutch…you are a jewel! Thank you for your thought-full good thinking and shoring up. Will shore up Basic Husband! Good advice! You’re going through this, too. Sorry to hear. What also “scares” me is millions of young people are truly snowflakes and have Zero resilience to cope with life, like the Uni of Utah installing a “safe room” where snowflakes can cry and play with playdough and color and scream. And this is Utah…the land of the San Juan Mission pioneers…tough, tough folks. Jeez..and some of my ancestors crossed the great plains in a covered wagon. Yes, these snowflakes will all be dead in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail, but not without a tantrum the size of Krakatoa with pyroclastic flows fanning out in all directions affecting us all. Stay well and stay strong Friend.

    • This story is not in my direct family but still applies. My teenage niece has a male teen friend, not boyfriend, who writes songs. Since my brother has a recording studio, he helped the kid record his songs. Later, I hear that the lad is now a trans female. He’s in high school. This is in a suburb outside of Seattle.

      My guess is that he had been assaulted all his young life with anti-white male propaganda and his only escape was being gay or trans.

      You all have my sympathy and anger.

      • “You all have my sympathy and anger.” Hi Line! Jesus-H ….it’s everywhere! Sure appreciate your family story and good thoughts. Am now mollified. Sure glad you chimed in and some of you recognizable founding Z folks are out there. Very best regards….time to cowgirl up.

    • Not anywhere near as bad but the other day, my 7 y.o. nephew made a dismissive snort when hearing the name of Donald Trump; he only just started primary school two weeks ago, and already he is an expert on American politics. Danish teachers are truly world class!

      Mind you, he’s an otherwise healthy boy: he and his little brother are like:

      – “I’m bored. Let’s fight.”
      – “Mkay.”

      They then proceed to punch and kick and scream until one of them land an actual hurting blow. They do this 5-6 times a day, but if the Danish education system lives up to its billing, they’ll have them crocheting inside a year.

      • I’ve never made it to Denmark. I’e heard a rumor that right hand turns on red lights are illegal there. If so, the whole country is lost anyway.

        • I’e heard a rumor that right hand turns on red lights are illegal there.

          Of course it’s illegal, my good man! Would you have my country descend into anarchy, chaos and insanity?

          Back in the sixties, the Swedes were still driving on the wrong side of the road. They decided to get with the program, so they set a date – H-Day – and switched sides, like that. A marked DEcrease in traffic accidents was registered in the following days, because people drove more carefully than usual.

    • There’s a simple, elegant solution for this. Shunning and writing out of the will. We had this problem in our family, My grandpa left her a penny in his will. Problem solved. Shunning used to be very popular, and still works. No person who loves his or her family would do this to them. At the very least I wouldn’t walk around on egg shells for that. You’re the normal one, not them. Always remember that. It’s they who have to explain themselves to you. Not vice versa.

    • Range, I’d like to say “I feel your pain” (screw you, Clinton), but as I read over the months here from others like yourself, I’ve realized I’ve been blessed. I have no family members that I must deal with that are poz’d in the deep sense of folks’ descriptions regarding their families. Yes, there is a CivNat or two and people that simply can’t say what they know in their hearts to be true, but they are all a sensible and productive lot—and you can work with those types—decent people, who are not confused wrt role models and the importance of such.

      One odd thing happened last holiday season when I discussed the continued absence of certain in-laws at family gatherings with the children (everyone lives in town, but separate events are always held). They finally opened up and said they were keeping them away! I inquired as to why, and basically they said they were not sure if they would behave themselves in this household—such were their attitudes and beliefs and proclivities. I was not sure how to take that as I really don’t discuss politics with folks when not appropriate and I felt that perhaps there was a bit of shame involved and a class divide issue of sorts underlying all. That kind of got to me as my heritage is lower class, blue collar. Of course, the other (unmentioned) explanation is that they are protecting them from me. 🙁

      • Hi Compsi, Felix, JR, Line, Dutch…… so touched by such moral support! Thanks you, Gentlemen! Your stories that reflect this topic mean much to me. Lucky you, Compsci, even though some family folks may be dropping away, at least they aren’t igniting a giant flame thrower (like the type used on Okinawan caves during the war) in your face. Unfortunately, it will get worse. Felix….you too over there! Keep that little guy away from crocheting! Damn….I’m turning into that way! Just going through another Black Pilled streak. Time to grab myself by the collar with a rollicking good shake.

        Gentlemen, I am humbled. And a little embarrassed that I whined. I was touching the edge of the stream to gauge how many this is affecting and to what degree. I got my answer. Take care out there.

      • Compsci, I am guessing that you are being looked out for, not them. Keep in mind who it is that insists on openly spouting their opinions as facts, non-personing those who don’t agree with them, and seeing nothing wrong with disrupting social events in the name of beating people over the head with their opinions. It ain’t us.

    • Range,

      Lord. Sorry y’all are going through this. I have no advice. No, I don’t think most American families are going through this. We have to contend with the small sapper attacks from a wicked culture… you are taking a full frontal assault of massed enemy forces. Don’t know that info helps or hurts

      Be mindful of your own wellbeing. You have a duty to take care of yourself and not let this world’s madness infect or grind you down.

      • Thanks, Penitent, for your good thoughts and well wishes, and perspective reality check. Great….so we get the vanguard of Lefty insanity ahead of the wave. Best to you!

    • A number of friends are going through this with kids and/or sibs. 10 years ago this was unheard of, now it seems to be an epidemic. I’d advise you to maintain your frame of sanity and don’t give in b/c “love.”

      Real love is caring for someone enough to be honest when they’re on a self-destructive path. Real love is telling someone with a dysmorphic disorder to get genuine psychiatric care expressly aimed at curing the disorder, not pseudo-scientific feel-good therapeutics aimed at making them feel better about disfiguring themselves. Real love is being brutally honest with them about the rates of “transition remorse” and the proven fact that no amount of acceptance playacting or pharma-surgical mumbo-jumbo has ever been shown to improve the rates of addiction, suicide and other anti-social behavior among the trans-deluded.

      There’s some chance they’ll change their minds over time and if they do they may thank you, but that’s unlikely. The reason you give them “tough love” is more to preserve the sane and normal members of your family and discourage anyone else from following them down that road to madness. Tolerating or encouraging a family member makes it more likely that other vulnerable relatives and others you know will succumb to the relentless tide of propaganda on this.

      Be ready to be made out as the villain by mom-enabler if the trans-kid does something criminal or tragic. Don’t hesitate to lay the blame right back on her.

      • That is another reason why keeping a certain distance is important. The most likely longer term outcome is complete disaster (suicide especially, also homicide, arson, domestic violence, more self-mutilation). Be there, later on, for the white knight and the others peripherally involved, but not for the abuser. This is like drug or alcohol addiction, only much more serious and dangerous, IMHO. Involvement is much more likely to bring you down in some significant manner, than it is to help the situation in any way. At least there are AA and twelve steps for the alcohol abusers. Keep in mind that this is serious untreated mental illness, and our culture now encourages and rewards such behavior, rather than treating it as the significant and dangerous thing that it is. Social acceptance and space given for such behavior will one day be looked upon as a “what on God’s green earth were they thinking?” sort of thing.

      • You know, I see no way out of this family voyage on the Titanic. Basic Husband is not only a man, a good man; he’s a Guy. A Guy doesn’t go on endlessly or effusively about life….that’s my department. He won’t be talking with his daughter and laying out an argument about the 9.0 neurotic earthquake coming for the granddaughter. The game plan is to keep a big distance as no one in the family will listen to us anyway because we are Evil Conservatives. We didn’t change….they did. The Overton Window picked them all up and flung them to the Left. This will end badly in disaster…for them and by proximity over the target, we shall catch flack too. Our task is to keep our little gyroscope of two spinning and upright. And when it gets tippy, at least we have each other and our beautiful red rock country in which to escape. This is not a pity party…it’s just the way it is. And a lot of folks are having a lot harder time dealing with the 5th column destruction and disintegration. So be it.

        • RFF, my sympathies for you are deep and heartfelt, as is my admiration for your commitment to hate evil.

          Unfortunately, Cthulhu has won. Each of us must face what days we have left with honor.

    • I lost 2 of my sisters to the poz. Both went full feminist and will never give my parents grandchildren. I am desperately trying to keep my last sister from following in their footsteps. The only option is to quarantine.

  29. Pro football went big time in the late 1950s. The Colts-Giants championship game was the breakthrough event. College football was right behind it. By the early Sixties football became the national TV pastime. Boomers have been drenched in football ever since. Fifty years. Maybe we just got bored with it. It’s still very popular among Gen Xers and Millennials.

  30. As a Euro, I disapprove of handegg on principle,of course; if Americans joined the universal league of mock warfare and started playing real football, we could have someone to challenge German hegemony on the pitch. And instead of cheering for some corporate entity at the Superbowl, you could cheer for America when you face Germany in the World Cup finals. There’d be so many American flags on display, you’d trigger mass coronaries in the regressive classes.

    But on the other hand, handegg is unique to America, and national idiosyncrasies help build tribal identity. Any attempt to replace it with football, would be an evil, globohomo conspiracy. Sportsball is living culture, not something in a museum, but something people do regularly and voluntarily because they enjoy it, not just because it makes them look sophisticated with their hipster friends.

    Some guy on the internet made an observation about the pozification of Marvel: if they succeed in pozifying Marvel, they win. If they destroy the Marvel brand they win too.

    • The two big creators of comic book superheroes, Siegel/Shuster and Stan Lee; were both Jewish.

      Comics were routinely derided by the social conservatives of the time. Gradually they moved away from the mainstream, until their cinematic revival starting in the 90s.

      Marvel itself was proto-poz when they went against the “code” in the 1960s.

      • Perhaps so, but superheroes still constitute a very American cultural phenomenon, something straight, white males in particular bond over.

        Moreover, superhero comics contain some of the finest draftsmanship in the modern world, with artists like Burne Hogarth comparable to Caravaggio. I read comic books well into my twenties, and while superheroes never did anything for me, I was in utter awe of the artwork, it was head and shoulders above their European counterparts.

        • My experience with comics is mostly limited to some 80s era graphic novels I read from friends in middle school. Frank Miller, IIRC. I really liked the Sam Raimi Spider Man’s, not least because the third film was shot in Cleveland, OH.

          At least where I was in K-8 public school, comics were passe, anime and video games was the main pastime for non-jocks. I don’t recall any comic fans in the parochial high school I attended, presumably declasse.

          • I don’t recall any comic fans in the parochial high school I attended, presumably declasse.

            I see. I guess I’m betraying my age.

            They’re going after video games as well: too White/Asian, too male oriented, too much aggression, and I bet anime is next on the chopping block. It’s probably the tits: tits provoke patriarchal notions in boys.

  31. I watch oldies TV in an attempt to avoid the “I hate whitey” messaging but they got me with a commercial, “Mixed-ish”, that’s right, a series dedicated to a mixed race couple and their rugrats. How will they not win every award?

  32. Sure, a bear playing piano, a monkey drinking a beer and girls playing basketball can be amusing.

    Or as the good Doctor Johnson would have it:

    “Sir, a woman’s preaching is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

  33. Women are jealous and resentful of male camaraderie, and now that we have a feminized ruling class, they seek to destroy it not only out of spite, but as a preventative measure against normal males red-pilling networks of like-minded folk.

    One other thing — the breast cancer awareness pink BS. Do hobbies that cater to women have prostate cancer awareness events? I’m thinking “no”.

  34. The worst are the female bodybuilding shows. Women destroying their femininity, fertility and health to turn themselves into pale facsimiles of men.

  35. Until about the year 2000 I watched some sports on TV. Then only a game or two a year of football. Now I would need someone to pay me to watch the horrible imitation of a sport. I stopped Pro ball first, then I gave up even on college.

    The whole idea of watching sportsball is now repugnant to me.

  36. I was never a hardcore sportsball fan but I did like baseball. After 2012 or thereabouts, the game started getting…stupid. Bat throwing, D-Day celebrations after home runs, general look-at-meism. Even the managers – the last get-off-my-lawn white males in America – were approving. Baseball got….Latinized. Now of course, MLB and New Era logos are peppered all over the uniforms, the glorious, once ad-free, uniforms of baseball, and within 10 years will be full of Cialix and Landshark Beer ads. It’s risible. I openly hate MLB now. Of all the things globohomo took from me, this is the worst.

    • The people running MLB are trying to ruin the game. Their juiced baseballs are turning routine flys into homeruns. They mistakenly think homeruns are more exciting than doubles and stolen bases.

  37. How much can a dude who watches female MMA really like women? Seems like a heavy cross over with the INCEL crowd there.

  38. Played and coached from ’68 to ’92. Now all I have time for is reading and preparing for Civil War2. Don’t even know who the players and coaches are.

  39. An old, defunct blog called The Last Psychiatrist laid out the basic idea. In order to get women on the couch during sportsball, they play up the melodrama story telling. That way the woman won’t nag her husband to turn it off. Also, if watching Sportsball of our Lives is a family activity, they can sell 4 quadrant ads.

    • I think Jerry Seinfeld’s observation, that sports fans largely cheer for clothes, was pretty good.

      “You’re actually rooting for the clothes, when you get right down to it. You are standing and cheering and yelling for your clothes, to beat the clothes from another city.”

      When the player is on “my” team, we’re to root for him. When money pulls him to another team, then he needs to be defeated:

      One of the comments on that video was quite good, “you are rooting for a random collection of overpaid mercenaries.”

      A culture of participation in sports, as a means to greater average physical health of the people of the polis and for developing virtues in the service of ends higher than entertainment and consumerism, I’m all in favor of. What will it take to get that going?

  40. Tennis still has a good amount of wholesomeness with the big male stars that it is still enjoyable. Little whining about hurdles they had to jump. Some of those guys I wouldn’t king my kids having as role models.

    Women’s tennis has become a battle of muscle, which in any female sport is a huge turnoff.

    As Serena goes into the twilight, the next generation in continuing the dominance of stocky muscular female stock.


    • Tennis & golf would be the two gurl sports I’d keep around. Strict roid policing would be enough to run Predator Conseco-Wiliiams and her ilk out of those sports.

      • I could be wrong, but outside of tennis and golf, do females really even compete in sports outside of the U.S? As with a lot of things, we seem to be ground zero for this nonsense.

          • Obviously (or perhaps not), I was not speaking literally. Tell me, how is that a minor sport in the U.S. — soccer — our women dominate on the world stage? Might it have *something* to do with differentials in participation rates across countries?

        • Women are apparently competitive in White Water Kayaking, the lesser upper-body strength is offset by the lower center of gravity and greater waist mobility.

          Or so I’ve been told. It sounds plausible.

        • They need to institute a minimum “c” cup size,

          It would help remind women why men watch women’s sports.

  41. Rosey helped a lot to derail the girl-fight mania that she started. All the hiding in shame and suicide talk after having finally lost helped wake up a lot of fans of UFC to the fact that, oh yeah… she’s still a chick.

    All the girl-weeping-shennanigans after her one-trick-arm-bar routine failed her and left her a sodden tear stained little girl prevented the feminists from lionizing her, so that’s a plus.

    It didn’t put the lid on it, but it did help shuffle it off to “freak show” status for a good portion of fans.

    • Quite a few gurl-fighters have been playing #MeToo lately as well. Hopefully shakes a few fanbois back to their senses. Hearing a guy slobber over one of these chicks always makes me cringe. Danica’s serial driving-while-female incidents and feminist crybabying finally put that sideshow to bed as well.

      • You would think being “kickass” women they would be able to wreck all those creepy rapists harassing them.

  42. that black homo that revealed his taste in cock, isn’t even signed to a team (and won’t be). nba ratings are cratered (true or not), nfl ratings are a lie for sure, going by the pictures of empty seats in stadiums. you have to be a brain dead zombie to be a nfl fan these days. how many youger people watch this shit these days? seems like very few, judging by my kids and their friends.

    The super funny mini series “American Vandal” (season 1) had an episode that showed this girl going out for the football team, and she was flateened over and over; very funny.

    Personally I think the introduction of goal line cameras and so forth (in any sport) is going to kill sports faster than the pozzing; but it will be close race.

  43. Z’s also onto something with the invasion of the male-space snatchers. Morgorth Review recently brought up the death of men’s clubs in England on one of the TRS shows. I guess they held out a little longer in Old Blighty than the Colonies. The panel mentioned how women apparently can’t stand that there are places where things are being done or discussed that they don’t know about. America’s already seen this with leather-chair men’s clubs in general and golf clubs like Augusta. While globoshlomo helped weaponize it recently, I think this desire to socially permeate and surveil social spaces is something in the nature of women. Their primary strength is social, not physical, and denying them social intel is like denying men weapons. In hamster logic (h/t Heartiste, PBUH), where men gather without women, they’re up to no good, and they must be Strzok’d, Mueller’d & Clapper’d to ensure proper supervision by Big Mommy.

    Even without the gas-canning from the usual suspects, this male-female role tension will always exist. It’s up to men to re-discover the virtues of patriarchy, and it’s up to women to admit as a group what 9/10 girlfriends have admitted to me one-on-one: women don’t handle power well, routinely violate trust, can’t keep secrets and love to stir up drama. Most women I’ve been close to have preferred male friends for these reasons. NAWALT, yes, but you know we’ve waived the NAxALT rule on this blog.

    A healthy ethnostate society should have separate social spaces, strict hierarchy and well-defined and enforced roles for men and women, in the tradition of many Euro ancestral peoples like the Celts and Teutons. We’ve tried the alternatives (God knows almost all of them at this point), and women are more miserable than ever.

  44. Sportsball has gone from a community-tribal based distraction entertainment to a full-on propaganda vehicle for the globohomo empire.

    The thing that most people fail to acknowledge is that pro sports is just entertainment. It is only about the teevee, thus advertising, thus it must conform to the values of its owners: media, consumer brands, and the various entities that extract wealth and project power. Damarius the running back and Bob the fatass consumer are both chattel, useful idiot sides of the same coin.

    The girl-power pozzing is really limited to paying tribute to that side of the prog camp. Like how the NBA promos constantly pimp the WNBA. Its more reactive than proactive. Male space and male ritual bonding are long dead. In the vacuum, all matters of poz are injected, but that war is over.

    The MMA fem worship is just plain disgusting, but it says more about the prevalence of thirsty beta’s leaning-in toward cuckoldry than some overt program to create equality.

    Its the joeprah rogan show fanboy types who are celebrating their fem masters as they have been programmed to do.

    The real deviance of the pozzed sportsball is how it is normalizing cuckoldry; how it encourages the blackening of all apex aspects of our dissolving culture. Three black ladies put us on the moon and 11 similarly oppressed black guys are taking us to the Super Bowl.

    The replacement of heroes mirrors the replacement of our culture.

    It also greases the tracks for the growing acceptance of the soft cuckoldry of white men stepping aside, then celebrating their own replacement, while their dusky heroes rub it in their face. Give me your money while I take a knee.

    Expect a lot more attacks on predominantly white sports like lacrosse, aquatic sports, and tennis as ‘problematic’.

    Of course most lacrosse parents out west are the same progs who have the BLM yard signs but pay up the nose to ‘good schools’ their way out of reach of the black lives. So I’m kinda neutral on how that all plays out.

  45. Another avenue of injecting women into my sports is the female announcer. And of course ESPN is at the forefront of this nonsense. Sunday night baseball has a girl who is so bad, I must turn the sound off. She has no clue. ESPN also has girls doing basketball and college football color and play by play, because they can. What an arrogant network.

    • That lantern-jawed menace ruined baseball for me. Whenever I see a baseball game I think of that shrew shrieking on Sunday night baseball. What makes it worse is she talks like she is an authority on playing the game, which is impossible, obviously. It’s like hearing a guy talk about the pain of child birth.

    • That would be Jessica Mendoza. It’s hard to listen to that broadcast. Baseball is a game steeped in tradition, and women in the broadcast booth aren’t part of that tradition. Of course tradition is what Globohomo is trying to destroy. Nothing is off limits.

  46. Was always a casual viewer of football. Enjoyed it on occasion but life was just too busy. Took a hiatus for about ten years. Flipped some games on and in the interim they had replaced the field-side/locker room interviewers with all female “reporters.” I remember thinking, is this some sort of weird breast cancer awareness month thing? Nope.

    I wouldn’t doubt that in five years kickers will have become a female only position and sportsball fans will just suck it up. Again, good luck with that.

    • What’s ironic in this era of wokeness is that all of the sideline reporters are Huwite girls that look like supermodels. Leslie Jones, they aren’t.

    • Interesting, all female kickers. Well anything is possible in this poz’d world. However, I’d note that in general, the lower leg strength of the average—even trained—woman is below that of the average—even untrained—man. So a mandate of all female kickers would appear to me to be a general degradation of the position. But then again, the world is a big place. Might be able to secure a dozen or so beasts for the fans to ogle. Here’s a supporting NIH article:

      • What happens when Becky the kicker or punter is the last one between Tyrone with a full head of steam and the end zone?

        • Same as what happens to our combat women door thumpers—they get creamed and then it takes four men to evacuate/treat them. In case you’re not counting, that’s.1/2 a rifle squad out of action.

        • They’d change the numbers of the players on the field on plays in which the kicker is used (field goal, punt, point after). Classify the kicker as an “inactive” player of sorts — meaning, can’t be tackled and doesn’t tackle — and deduct a player from the opposing side to even it out. That way, the female kicker would be protected.

          That might be one thing they try, although I haven’t fully thought it through yet.

          Of course, the moment a woman becomes a kicker, some out-of-work ex-NFL kicker will decide he’s a “she,” get the media agitated, and become the first transgender NFL player here in Hell.

      • Compsci,

        Nah, it wouldn’t be mandated. It would just become a short-lived de facto fad. Eventually it’d peter out (sorry, the pun is just too easy).

    • The female reporters are a form of visual conditioning. Every time I see one of these on-field interviews, it’s a slender willowy blonde talking to a full-grown African rape-ape. (((Their))) idea is to condition you into thinking that this is the most obviously normal pairing, that BM plus WF equals the standard normative couple. It’s done everywhere, in every context, and it’s always (((Them))) behind it.

  47. Create Go Team!-looking accounts and troll NCAA twitter, especially the SEC. Slide into any thread concerning player misbehavior, drop a hatefact, then move on.

  48. The best sportsball stuff ever are the old Steve Sobol NFL Films videos. All the Vince Lombardi and AFL tapes, placed into the context of a timeless battle through the narration. The NFL has been living off of that perception for decades, even though it wasn’t real then, and went rapidly downhill from there soon after.

    • Yeah, Lombardi basically integrated the League. He made the white players stay in black hotels, which ended that kind of segregation in NFL-supporting hotel chains. He also brought black barbers from Milwaukee up to Green Bay. I think all that was actually decent of him to do. He was color blind, which was virtuous in his time.

      • “He was color blind, which was virtuous in his time”

        is a statement which is a lie because:

        ” He made the white players stay in black hotels”

        Why do you tell this lie?

        Oh, Yes, you want to show how progressive you are.

        You approve of racism toward whites,

  49. Sportsball has served as globohomo’s weak tea substitute for the mannerbund, patriotism and even religion since before we knew there was a globohomo. In the depths of my civnatwiggery, I often lamented the politicization of muh sportsball and talked about how it was “the one thing left that brought us together.” I thought sportsball teams would fight to preserve their good ol’ games and be a hill to die on around which we could push back against the tide of feminism and “identity politics.”

    A decade plus on, I have to laugh at myself. Muh sportsball teams have accepted affirmative action coaching, gay stuff, taking a knee and now the NFL’s bringing in Jay-Z to Oprah the audience ala Bob Costas of yesteryear about muh raycisms and intersextualisms or some such.

    The pretend soldiers of the gridiron weren’t even a speedbump for Team Globohomo’s travel bus as it monster-trucked the NFL (the NBA having immediately turned coat in return for de facto legalization of muh weed and infinity hoes). College sports followed suit because colleges are Patient Zero for The Poz. With a whimper not the roar of the Lions (who got #MeTooPizza’d – thought Joe Pa was one of the good guys,,,).

    There are holdouts and exceptions. MLB is still holding the front against feminization and its gay BFFs, having pulled their troops from the racial front and co-opted the macho Hispanic faction of Team Raycisms as well-paid mercs to fight Team WahmenHomo. This will last until Hispanic tribute proves insufficient, ala Valens and the Goths. For all their LARPy pseudo-militarism, sportsball guys don’t actually learn from military history,

    The true revanchist holdouts are the NHL and baby-momma knockers-up and knockers-out throughout sportsball.

    Hockey, college and pro, still holds out because it’s a niche sport, never appealed to Blacks or Browns, it’s fan base is vanguard-grade White and it’s passed off Euro Scandis and Russkies as “diversity hires” for years. NHL fans are the Varangian Guard of American sports, led by Tide-pod sucking commissioners beneath their contempt. Long may you hate, stickball fans.

    Team knock-em-up & knock-em-out seems to be getting a permanent exemption from Team WahmenHomo. Soyboys, Chads & Juans can’t crack a sexisms or cop a feel without feeling annudah Shoah. But Adrian Peterson-style parenting and Ray Rice-style marriage counseling remain in style. I have to assume this is just dindugeld, the tribute demanded by the cold reality that Blacks gonna Black and they make up a huge portion of the players and a big chunk of the fanbase, particularly now that Whites are increasingly changing the channel.

    I’ll still watch muh hockey and some MLB. As for the rest, when their own pozzed folly consumes them, I have no tears left.

    • Exile,

      Wait a generation and Canada starts fielding their latest crop of arabs on the ice.

      Of course, you at least will have a new cadre to keep hockey from going gay or feminist.. so it’s a win/lose scenario.

      • I have yet to see an Akbar or Jeet on skates. Infinity Browns will eventually fill all niches if unchecked, but so far we’re holding that thin blue line.

          • They’ve had tokens (ie Fuhr & Iginla in the past) but there’s been “no traction for affirmative action” (take that, Cochran!). They’ll definitely start back-dooring the Browns by way of that Scandi-labeling scam. Scandis gonna cuck, Nucks gonna cuck, Browns gonna get that bag & Fellow Whites gonna tell us it’s God’s plan, who we are, the arc of history, and what we deserve for the Shoah. Every aspect of our culture is in a race against time, numbers and the turning of our best qualities against ourselves.

        • Exile, I was just taking a jab at Canada’s importation of the Middle East and India.

          Don’t actually think I’ll see too many Pajeets or Berbers on the ice. I believe you are safe.

          • In the event an actual North African tribesman made the NHL, TSN and Sportsnet would literally devote an entire week of programming just to fluffing his balls.

        • When the akbars can’t learn to skate – hockey will simply be done away with as an oppressive tool of the white patriarchy.

    • Mannerbund in this country used to be part of the society – in the militias that were an intricate part of structure of this society well before – during -and after the Revolution.

      It was dissembled by the “progressives” in the late 19th century. One of the complaints I’ve seen used as an excuse for this elimination was that they had devolved into just being “men’s clubs”.

      Well no shit.

      That was their purpose.

      Seems like yet another instance where the lefties telegraph their hatred – and intent.

      Anyway- many of these old militias had their own retreats, especially the ones that went thru the Civil War.

      There are a number of these buildings still preserved up in Maine as museums of a sort. Go thru one of them if you are in the area (Peaks Island in Portland Harbor has two of them on the island) – the feeling of comradery these men must have felt for each other can still be felt touring thru these buildings.

  50. I still check the scores to see how the old alma mater did on Saturday, but I stopped watching the games. The classic trope has become a cliche: government cheese is to corn dole as UFC is to blood in Coliseum; thus, O ye gods, the Republic has ended. Zman’s hatred narrative is a better explanation of the decline of professional sports. Perhaps another, more black-pilled one, is that sportsball fans are all cucks. They get some sick, twisted pleasure in seeing step-and-fetch-it paid millions of dollars to run faster and jump higher than they can. Does it assuage the guilt they feel that comparatively few blacks can do the sort of productive work they do? God forbid that they ask themselves why. That would be r-a-c-y-s-s. /sarc

    • Go to Youtube and watch your college team a day or two afterward. Highlights or the entire game free of huddle-time and commercials. You can see the whole thing in ten minutes.

      • I was just going to make a similar comment. Yesterday I “watched” four college games in one hour. Saw all the best plays and was able to get a feel of the flow of the game.

  51. Look at the new Terminator trailer. On second thought, if you haven’t, don’t. More Tomb Raider stuff with kick-ass female leads. It’s not just sports, it’s every aspect of society, right down to the butch highway patrol trooper. This is a late stage democracy, and, as such, we’ve reached a gender bending cul-de-sac in our society. Looking at the weather map of the Cat 5 that’s about to hit the southeast, that’s basically where our society is with reality. Reality being the coming storm.

    So of course, women cock-fighting is the norm. As a matter of fact, there’s something wrong with the male version too. Both are watched by men going through some masculinity crisis, maybe in different ways. Of course, the fact that half the population has gone for years without a father in the house doesn’t help. Our society even defines a “happy marriage” as being an owned cuck who lets his career woman wife get away with murder. The problem isn’t just that these woman have never been put in check, it’s that they need to be put in check in the first place due to weak fathers who never raised them right. If you have a society where men don’t know how to be men, and where women don’t want to be women, this is what you get…and the clock is ticking on it because it’s the most artificial civilization ever built.

    • The one Clint movie I will never watch is Million Dollar Baby. I cannot watch a woman get her head punched in without feeling major angst & quease. Watching Aragorn pound on GI Jane was enough for one lifetime (date movie, the chick was an Army LARP’er, sue me).

      • GI Jane was all kinds of fukked up. Starting with a SEAL candidate and “GI” in the title?! Maybe it stands for “gastro intestinal” or something. I think that movie put ole thunder thighs Moore’s career on a permanent downward spiral.

        • “GI Jane” is a catchy title. Everybody knew what was meant. It’s the movies, not the Fellows of the Royal Society.

          I bet you were really let down when you found out that “King Kong” was just a great big monkey, without any legitimate claim to a throne.

          (Actually, considering the current crop of royals in Britain, maybe a silverback would make a preferable heir…)

          • Was I the only one who saw the rape scene and said, “well, what do you expect?” Like these Navy women who get pregnant on the aircraft carriers and conveniently are able to stay home for maternity leave. Put women where they don’t belong….

            This is why WW1 and WW2 movies are classy, the service women work in hospitals and in file rooms, not on the front lines. The caretaker role was still in place.

          • JR, I recently took a tour of the Midway Museum, the aircraft carrier here in San Diego. Hugely popular. One reason is they don’t spout off about things, they basically let you self-tour the ship and figure things out on your own. The whole thing, for the most part, is basically as if the crew left the ship one day and then you stepped aboard. There are displays, but a lot of the small stuff is still there as they left it. Now to my point. After taking that tour, and seeing the hardships and circumstances of the sailors and pilots on board, there is, 100%, no way, women or open gays could serve there. Impossible. Even the race/color thing must have occasionally been a tough one. This is one of those things where the reality stares you right in the face, and nothing needs to be said. One woman aboard, especially one with “ideas” or “needs”, would have turned everything upside down. It just is. You can’t get around it.

          • Im in sd too.
            For the majority of antiquity, women provided zero value to the economy simply due to lack of physical strength to do so. All the military ex girlfriends i dated worked in air conditioned computer labs on a military base both here, and abroad, while men did all the dangerous jobs.

    • JR, agreed. I might add that women also think at some level they don’t need men any more—real men anyway. There seems to me a general thought that aside from a paycheck or so, men are pretty much anachronistic. Government keeps one physically secure and if you lose your “simp’s” paycheck, they‘ll take care of that as well. Sigh.

      • Compsci- As a matter of fact I have a friend who’s dealing with this exact problem right now. All she (spoiled white woman) had to do was put dinner on the table, he makes great money, he didn’t even want her to work…..but Noooooooo…..She was unfulfilled. Selfish c word. A lot of guys in this situation then get the mail order Thai or Philippina, but you end up with similar problems, and they usually have a fierce gambling addiction to go with it. And let’s face it, the Philipinas as a rule ain’t turning heads, I don’t know why they’re so popular.

        Whatever happened to the women who made a high-ball for their husbands when they got how from work? “How was your day?” I know they were spaced out on barbiturates at that time, but still.

  52. Good luck with the Sportsball male fan. I work with a fairly good group of macho, Murica (!) loving all male crew. When the Africans started acting up and kneeling it took the wind out of their sails for about one season. The endless talk of football, players, stats, etc. squelched for a few months. By the beginning of next season… the betting pools and fantasy whatever leagues were in full swing again and the jibing banter about “my team” and “your team” was vociferous again.

    I flat out asked a group of them, “So the African traitors stopped sh*tting on the flag?” Stunned silence. Then a feeble response, “Well, they dont do it on the field anymore and they aren’t televising it.”

    Again. Good luck with sportsball fans rising up n outrage over the poz or even moral outrage.

    • It’s why Procter and Gamble can create overtly anti white male commercials for Gillette, and know they can get away with it. It’s a self respect issue, the average white male having none these days.

      • OT: switched to a small razor producer and love it.

        Further OT: I despise the hell out of Target stores for the estrogen-degenerate cesspools they are. However, had to get my sainted Mum a b-day card on the fly so broke my prohibition on Target and popped in (Mums always comes first over boycotts, sue me).

        Huge in-store section for Harry’s razors on the Target wall. Glad I didn’t pick them when I offed Gillette. I looked at Harry’s originaly and they just felt pozzed so I went with Viking. My intuition was correct.

    • I work in football-obsessed Oklahoma. There was some fierce reaction to the NFL with kneelgate…but they’re all still watching football. Every time I hear them getting animated over D’Andre this and Quintavious that, it’s hard not to be a prickly fuck and say something to them. They have no idea how frivolous their interest is.

    • Penitent Man: This. My husband agrees with all of Zman’s objections to the poz, but he’s been a die-hard football fan all his life and still watches despite my pointed,d-right criticisms. He admits he can no longer watch basketball (which he played in high school because his parents wouldn’t allow him to tryout for football re injury concerns) but even with his disgust at all the modern trends, he still watches his football. At least he doesn’t wear team or player jerseys, to be thankful for small favors.

      I think live ice hockey is terrifically fun and exciting to watch, but I’m not into televised anything. I’d rather be online or reading

      • 3g4me,

        I understand. Sports competition is in our DNA. Most of us grew up watching professional sports. Sometimes it is necessary to put aside childlike things. Sometimes they are comforting indulgences. I draw the line when those things are bad for My People. If a pro-ball game is on at a gathering, it is hard to not be drawn in.

        I’m fortunate. I have kids in high school who compete. I can get my fix of athleticism through them and their friends. I can actually say “my team” and not mean a multibillion sports-corp that hates me. When I pick up a team hat or donate for the snack bar I know the money pays for gas for the team to bus to an event or new equipment: it isn’t buying some Wide Receiver’s possey another bottle of Dom or sending another owner’s kid to Hahvahd.

        Added bonus, the kids picked waterpolo, swim and archery which are still Our People’s sports. Archery has a lot of Ice Peoples competing and I find the kids lovable, civilized and respectful.

        Maybe you can suggest to your husband he start supporting a local H.S. or J.C. team sport. He can do more than just watch, they always need help, vending, timers, score keepers. Even if you don’t have kids there, that is your community and your People.

        • One of my former co-workers used to say that the only true sporting event was one where somebody stood a good chance of getting killed. Maybe he was already de-pozzed before that even became a thing – but he simply refused to watch any form of professional sportsball – or the college versions as well.

          Sticking to his definition he insisted that motorsports (car and motorcycle racing) – was the only true sports left out there for adult men to be participating in. The rest of them were just children’s games.

          I sort of agreed with him at the time we worked together – I agree with him even more now.

    • I can understand guys living vicariously off of watching pro sports. But listening to football players and basketball players speak on sports talk shows? Beyond redemption.

      • It’s ALL some variant of “We did what we had to do” or “The other team just executed better than we did”.

        And the coaches are just as bad. Watching and taking seriously the coach interviews after the game is an irredeemable sin.

  53. I used to watch the NBA when the likes of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird played. It was a real sport with actual team play. Then the hip hop and thug (BIRM) cultures took over and the game, even at the college level, became unwatchable. Pro football never held any interest for me, but having used to work in live television, college football was a paycheck so I watched a ton of those games. Besides, in college FB, the fans are far more interesting.

    I still enjoy hockey a great deal. It is still a white man’s game, even though the occasional black player gets way too much coverage, I guess because of the novelty and all. The game is just too fast for much showboating and the game culture really discourages it anyway. I also play recreational hockey, so that probably has a lot to do with my enthusiasm for the game.

    I’ve begun to lose interest in baseball. While it’s still mostly a white man’s game, the powers-that-be are working very hard to change that. Regardless, I still like to think of it as the last refuge of the white country boy to play ball for a living. Also, baseball has such a great history that is closely tied with the history of the US that it’s hard not to respect it. Football has always seemed ‘manufactured’ and fake. Sort of like a team version of pro-wrestling.

    • If the NHL made the net just 10 inches wider, it would be the greatest game ever and the only sport worth watching. 1 to 1 in the third period is brutal.

      • At least there’s more scoring and more action near the goal than soccer. So much of the activity in soccer occurs around midfield.

          • Hockey is darn popular in a lot of the frigid (Ice people) countries. Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, Northern US….

          • Of course it’s not as popular world-wide as soccer. All it takes to play soccer is a field and a ball, which explains its popularity with poor people in third-world countries. Hockey requires, at a minimum, ice, skates, sticks and pucks. The requirement for ice rules out the possibility of it being played in most shit-holes, as they tend to be located in warm areas that don’t see skate-able ice.

            And let’s be honest, how many vibrants and shit-hole citizens are truly capable of playing hockey?

            But like Wolf said, in countries with ice (and white people), hockey is most likely more popular than soccer.

          • I’m a hockey guy. Finland and Canada are the only two countries where hockey is number 1; but in Sweden, Russia and the former Czechoslovakia, among others it’s a close number 2. Both Sweden and Russia have high quality pro leagues, and lots of players playing in North America. (Lots of Czechoslovaks, too) Germany is an interesting case, hockey’s not anywhere close to soccer in popularity, but with a pretty good pro circuit.
            And even though one is seeing more players from non-traditional markets in both college and the NHL, the bulk of American players still come from New England, New York (mostly upstate, but with some Long Islanders thrown in) Michigan, and Minnesota (the self proclaimed “State of Hockey”) Not coincidentally these are pretty white parts of the country. No word about how many of Minneapolis’ East African population are taking up the sport…

    • White America’s last great sports achievement was the 1980 Miracle on Ice. Can’t think of anything like it since.

    • I was a huge basketball game in the 80s. Larry Bird epitomized what I wanted in a sportsball guy. Tough, ultra-competitive, and the ultimate team player on a team of smart players. The NBA is just showboating I individuals now and unwatchable.

  54. If you watch a Major League Baseball game, you’ll notice that the fans are disproportionately white. There’s probably a few exceptions, such as S. California, but I’m sure it irks quite a few of our adversaries.

    • If you ever go to a Dodgers game, the seventh inning stretch is when you watch thousands of obese chicanos take their insulin.

    • Yes, and the white values of modesty & sportsmanship which attracted whites to the game, has been gone for some time now. I don’t listen to sports radio anymore, but during my waning days it was clear that sports journos and other influencers were clearly making it sound as if those “old white guys” who valued modesty & sportsmanship were out of touch, intolerant, and hated fun. They were forcing baseball fans to accept neon armbands and walk-off home run orgies. And most fans did accept it, grudgingly. It’s a shame that Red Sox or Cardinals or Cubs fans still go to those games. It reveals the power of sportsball.

      • Pro sports is getting the same treatment as the various sci-fi and superhero franchises. It’s all about pushing Poz as far as possible with the smug assurance that the fans have no where to go anyway. Well unless someone comes along and starts the “Traditional Sporting Alliance” that bans wammen and unsportsmanlike (i.e. ghetto n**ger) behavior. I’m sure such a thing would be a honeypot for lawsuits and give Antifa something new to riot about. Then again maybe this is the kind of “lawfare” that people here are always talking about. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing videos of sportsball fans beating the hell out of Antifa.

    • MLB players have the same race ratios as the US overall, thus are mostly white. (Not a guess. I recently looked this up.) But there’s more to it. MLB selects for extremely fast reaction time (physical and mental), which is directly associated with higher IQ. This naturally slants MLB toward whites. There are no low-IQ MLB players; the game’s very nature doesn’t allow it.

      MLB also slants toward whites because of another factor: individual performance does not matter as much as sacrificing for the team. And you can see the difference — the whites, and the Spanish-type hispanics, are modest after doing well, and embarrassed and I’ll-do-better after doing poorly. The blacks (and black-hispanics) are look-at-me after doing well, and what-you-lookin’-at after doing poorly. This self-oriented attitude does not go over entirely well when everyone is expected to sacrifice for the team. [The handful of orientals behave like extreme whites, so I lump them together.]

      Also note that immediately after the kneel-like-a-slave-or-loser crap in the NFL, most of MLB grew beards, often in-your-face beards, and patriotic-American displays increased. In other words, MLB reacted to the NFL’s tolerance of PC bullshit by celebrating their masculine natures and their allegiance to their tribe (or for those foreign, their host tribe).

      This is why MLB is not like other sports, at least not yet.

      (And that woman ESPN has doing commentary needs to put a cork in it, or better yet, leave.)

      • Forgot to mention, the percentage of blacks in MLB spiked about a decade ago, and is dropping; will soon be well below population ratio. Ain’t no glory in it.

        As to changes in the game… every time they try to ‘speed up’ the game, they slow it down and make it more mechanical. And electronic umpires? Oh hell no. The human factor counts; baseball is a judgment game, and mistakes are part of that. Just let ’em play and stop dicking with it.

        As to football, it’s become so mechanical and predictable that there’s no joy or anticipation left in it. What happened to arena football, anyway? it was way more fun.

  55. I don’t believe the push to bring women into men’s sports is because of hatred of men, it’s because of obsession with equality.

    • But the “obsession with equality” means, in effect, war against white men. When they say “equality” they means “we want everything that white men have traditionally had, only without the white men around to ruin it.”

      • >>>When they say “equality” they means “we want everything that white men have traditionally had, only without the white men around to ruin it.”<<<

        You forgot the triple parentheses around “they”

        • MemeWarVet said: ” You forgot the triple parentheses around “they” ” I think, for the sake of equality we should have a way to indicate what type of jew we’re talking about. So for male jews the standerd ((( they ))) will do. For females it would be [[[ they ]]]. For childern it would be {{{ they }}}. for queer men it would be +++ they +++. For queer women it would be *** they ***. And for the gender confused it would be ??? they ???. What da ya think?

          • You jew haters have zero sense of humor. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

          • But getting back to sports. I’ve never been a big fan of team sports. I’ll watch the Olympics or boxing, even some professional bowling. But the televised gambling tournaments from Vegas have always been great fun for me.

          • I gave up on the Olympics decades ago when whatever network broadcasting it started the “Up Close and Personal” nonsense about whichever athlete we were supposed to idolize.

    • Obsession is a psychological term and often is used to describe an illness. And indeed that is so here. Pursuit of equality in light of observable reality of differences between the sexes wrt physical capabilities is a denial worthy of a mental illness classification.

    • That is indeed the question: who and what, exactly, is driving this shite? I mean, let’s say I hate our esteemed blog host for example: I may hate him through and through for any number of reasons… but to so brazenly demonstrate that hate while he’s a paying customer? It’s nuts! So… where IS this shite coming from?

      The best explanation I have heard so far is that this stuff is being served up for The New Man. Big ballsy kick-ass women actually appeal to the infantilized soy boys who tend to come from single mother families. The theory I heard has it that these flimps and flits grew up fetishizing their Mommies and are actually turned on by this crap.

      It sounds great… but I can’t see these effeminate he-twinks having the numbers to replace the disaffected former fans of pro sportzball. Yet, every year they truck more of this crap out. Somebody somewhere… has to be buying it.

      Women perhaps?

      • >>>That is indeed the question: who and what, exactly, is driving this shite?<<<

        Hint: they’ve been expelled from 109 different countries.

    • You really should put “equality” in scare quotes. They don’t really want equality. What they’ll immediately do is make it so the 300lb DT can’t so much as breathe on the girl or it’ll be ruled an automatic touchdown for the girl’s team.

      I ran a 15 mile trail at 9,200ft with two friends yesterday, a man and a woman. I’d run more with men but they’re insufferable pussies these days. Fat, slow, lazy, pussies. Back when I turned 40, I noticed a lot of men I knew just gave up, gained 40lbs, and started the 30-year process of dying.

      Once you do that to yourself, that’s easy pickings for the SJWs. They know a lot of men have nowhere else to go.

      I’ll maybe watch 2-3 NFL games this year. Like Zman, if I have a college game on, it’s in the background while I work in my office. I used to be an NFL Sunday Ticket guy. i watch pieces of games today, mainly because my wife still likes to watch it. Then they start pushing their agenda and I’m like “f@@k off, eh? I’m going skiing or for a run.”

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