Labor Day Thoughts

One of the consequences of the neoliberal order is that labor markets in Western societies are at war with themselves. On the one hand, the relentless competition within the managerial class, the so-called meritocracy, results in a relentless, passive-aggressive struggle for status. Within that class of people it is a state of constant anxiety, as these people worry that one small misstep will cause them to lose their standing within the managerial class. Everyone is miserable.

On the other hand, the math of the managerial system means pitting worker against worker, usually relying on foreign mercenaries, to suppress wages and prevent class solidarity. In order to support the swelling army of otherwise useless people in the media, academy and government, it means extracting ever more from the laboring classes and their private employers. The typical private sector worker is under relentless daily pressure to do more with less.

Compounding this is the natural response to these pressures, where workers accumulate in areas shielded from competition. Government grows, as a jobs program and as a way to maintain support for government. The massive growth in government, education and now health care are responses to the relentless competition within the so-called private sector. Skip to the bottom of this post, where there is a graph showing the growth in administrators within the American health care industry.

One vice jaw is the relentless pressure for efficiency in the daily lives of most workers, while the other jaw is a metastasizing layer of naturally inefficient services crowding into daily lives. The typical American spends all day under relentless pressure to perform, while having to navigate a labyrinth of ineptitude in the other parts of their lives. A trip to your kid’s school or a visit to the doctor is like entering a secret world where nothing gets done, no one gets fired and no one cares.

A reason America is such an angry place, despite the massive material prosperity, is that the labor markets are upside down. Prosperity and efficiency should result in a more relaxed and predictable private work place. Good times are supposed to be good times, not a frenzied state of constant worry. Within living memory, a booming economy meant a rise in general happiness, as workers and business enjoyed the fruits of general prosperity. Today, good times are defined by constant dread.

On the other hand, the administrative side of modern society, government, education, health care, should be declining in the lives of the people. In the dreaded private sector, automation means reductions in labor. In the public sphere, automation has meant an explosion of people. The post-Cold War economic boom has seen government more than double. The education bureaucracy has swollen like a tumor. Health care, as seen in that graph, has grown to become a dominant part of life.

Now, the dynamics in the workplace are not the only reason for the rising unhappiness in the West. Importing those foreign mercenaries to undermine domestic labor markets and dilute the vote has consequences beyond economics. Today, people find themselves living among strangers, who practice weird customs and speak exotic languages. America is rapidly becoming a land of foreigners. Diversity plus proximity always results in conflict. No one can afford to relax anymore.

There’s also the massive wealth gap in modern America. As the middle-class is being squeezed to support the managerial class, the over-class is looking like the aristocracy of 18th century France. The tech and financial barons live lives incomprehensible to middle-class people. Worse yet, the reckless disregard of the over-class makes them natural villains. Americans have been trained to admire success, but today’s successful are ugly, un-American people, who elicit nothing but contempt.

The growth of mass media certainly plays a part in the general unhappiness. At the end of the Cold War, most people had television and a newspaper. It was impossible for unwelcome advertisers to invade the private space. Today, we are awash in media and most of it is terrible. How many times do you have to have a video start playing while you are reading the sports pages, before you are in a sour mood? Make that a constant state and it is easy to see how mass media immiserates us.

Immigration, mass media and massive wealth gaps are certainly sources of unhappiness, but they can be remedied. People can form local communities, tune out the media and enjoy their own prosperity. The conflict in the workplace and the growth of the administrative state are unavoidable. Even in traditional homes, worry about the workplace will cause private anxiety. The swollen ranks of single people, defined by their career, are beholden to the daily uncertainty of the workplace.

Turning America is an economic zone, modeled on 20th century business management techniques, has resulted in a marketplace of miserable customers. Rather than economic prosperity resulting in a happy populace, it is a free-for-all of Darwinian competition, where everyone sees everyone as a threat. Prosperity itself becomes a daily threat, as it is built on a relentless drive for efficiency. Bad times meant belt-tightening. Today, good times means being replaced by a Hindu.

That slams into the other jaw of neoliberalism, which is the incoherent inefficiency of the managerial class and their plaything the administrative state. Leave the office to attend to something at your kid’s school or get a physical and you are confronted with a world of negative productivity, run by people with prestigious credentials, frittering away their days in nonsense activities. The constant clash of unpleasant realities makes a normal man spit on his hands, hoist the black flag , and begin slitting throats.

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192 thoughts on “Labor Day Thoughts

  1. That “labyrinth of ineptitude” has also crept into a lot of workers’ work day…at work.

    For example, my employer has gone hog wild with offshore IT and we find ourselves, more and more, swimming in a rising tide of IT mediocrity. Whether it’s from developers who sometimes seem smart (and outsmarting themselves is what they do best) but just don’t get it, or IT infrastructure that’s infuriatingly buggy and generally unreliable, we often get bogged down with unproductive stupid stuff that we rarely had to deal with until recently.

    It’s like being expected to drive as fast as possible to point B when the road has unexpected potholes and detours, in a under-powered car with bald tires and a stuck brake peddle.

    If I was 35 and looked at the prospect of another 30 years of this crap, I think I’d jump out my window.

  2. I wish I could find a growth chart of federal and state healthcare regulations to overlay on the Administrator growth chart. I bet we’d have a pretty close match. Twenty years ago I was working for an insurance company that sold it’s health-insurance division to Aetna – partially because they just couldn’t keep up with the pace of regulations.

    Each state has been passing it’s own “Mandated Health Insurance Benefits” for decades now. The result is an incredible byzantine labyrinth of rules that vary wildly between each state. Layered on top is all the recent federal crap like Obamacare. Doctors have no idea how to deal with it all and still make a living – so they hire administrators.

    It’s hard to imagine a worse system if I tried.

  3. The common denominator: government destroys whatever it pumps money into, particularly education, health care, and itself. I would draw a distinction between cartel doctors and cartel medicine, and the declining number of private doctors and entities struggling to survive in a progressively socialized health care system.

  4. How many of you have seen this quite epic 1.5 minute video of evil Vladimir Putin, the KGB man raised under “communism”, putting an oligarch and his cronies, publicly and humiliatingly, in their place?—s2moA

    That’s what a proper State can do (only to a much greater extent). Under liberal democracy, this is denied from us in short order. My fear is that Russia and Hungary, for example, will lose leaders like Putin and Orban (both grew up under “communism”), and will collapse into liberal disintegration (a la West Europe, America, Australia, etc.), in the near future.

  5. “The tech and financial barons live lives incomprehensible to middle-class people.” Nah… read up on the lifestyle differences between rich and poor during the industrial revolution in England or the northern US. Cholera outbrakes, syphilis epidemics, infant mortality and EXTREME workplace danger. 40 people lived in each household in London at this time, according to some accounts. Open sewers in the cities. Today, 75% of americas poor have cable tv, smartphones, air conditioning, a used car, and twenty pounds of extra weight. Sure You’ll never have a lazy boom like the boomers had. Free markets are always competitive. It brings the cost of products down for all of us. Two of my old clients now have hundred million dollar businesses. Yes They bought amazing properties and sports cars, but we still have similar lifestyles. Same local restaurants, same police force, same public water, same grocery store, same library, gym, mayor, same rights, practically the same neighborhood. We both take uber downtown to the same bars to get shot down by the same women. Its not like the middle class are shoeless and hungry with bunk beds and 1 family toothbrush… I dont see the disparity in lifestyle youre painting here… Unless youre specifically referring to billionaires, but there are only about 600 total in the entire US. Thats .0002% of the population. Using that as evidence for any argument about disparity is just a marxist sales pitch.

    US is nowhere near as exploitative as most other countries. Too many suburban communists are claiming an air conditioned sales job is “wage slavery” while chinese children crawl through mines for cobalt in their iphones. I love to work and we were born to do it, otherwise our body and mind self destruct. Its articles like these that cause people to vote for big government which CAUSED the health and education bubbles. Pick a side.

    • I’m sure as hell not on your side, friend. I wouldn’t just give my life to defeat it (everywhere, and forever), I’m willing to live a long, boring life of anonymity, patiently chipping away at the foundations of it to the best of my ability, doing everything in my power to collapse the whole rotten ignoble structure, and send it to “the ash heap of history” where it belongs.

    • So our options are either materialistic cog-in-the-machine, devoid of meaning, life-and-soul-destroying capitalism, or materialistic cog-in-the-machine, devoid of meaning, life-and-soul-destroying communism?

      Gosh I can’t believe I used to be a libertarian. Are we really just ‘stuff-collectors’ for whom a job is the highest value?

  6. The idea they taught us in the economics programs was simple: a guy with a computer had higher marginal productivity and, since labor earns the value of its marginal productivity, the real wage of labor has to go up. Not only that, if we re-position the economy such that we are all doing only the highest value work, then the value of the marginal product increases, too. Magic, guys.

    The analysis is true, I think. But what it means it that the wage of capital, relative labor, has to decrease. What was supposed to happen was that capital would flow to where its return was greatest, which is basically where the wage of labor is low. But that’s not the main thing that happened.

    Here is the proportion of our nation that is foreign born since 1860:

    Think of the early period of immigration, with gigantic quantities of capital (in the form of land, at first, then in the form of factories) relative labor. We were literally giving away farms to people on the simple condition that they work the farm in the 1890s. Cheap capital, expensive labor.

    Now, here’s a look at total real, non-farm compensation. Does it seem like there is a trend break right around the point where significant quantities of labor started being imported, say around 1975?

    Cheap labor, expensive capital. Happy Labor Day.

  7. “Americans have been trained to admire success, but today’s successful are ugly, un-American people, who elicit nothing but contempt.”

    The problem is they are wealthy, not successful. The simplest example are the foundations or the offspring of real successful people who inherit wealth and want to mold the world. But that is old money.

    The newer versions are “Bain Capitalism” – do a leveraged buy-out saddling the company with debt, declare a huge dividend so you get an immediate huge profit, then sell off any functioning parts, outsource labor to MexiChina, and eventually go bankrupt from the debt (RadioShack, ToysRUs, ShopKo), but the dividends will never be clawed back.

    That is the destruction without creation in the alleged “creative destruction” Schumpeter suggested. More is just financial engineering like the mortgage crisis where obviously risky if not outright bad mortgages were sliced and diced into MBS tranches and sold to people who had no ability to understand 100 page financial gobbeldygook from Goldman Sachs.

    Lottery winners aren’t “successful”. Pirates aren’t “successful”. Bankruptcy attorneys aren’t successful. Outsourcers arent “successful”. Cronies aren’t successful. Those who can negotiate subsidies and tax abatements aren’t “successful”. Even if they are highly compensated.

  8. The chart about the growth of hospital administrators is fascinating and reminds me of a similar chart that Cato put out before they went completely crazy showing the explosive growth in cost and employees in public schools that result in no improvement in results ( ). When you look at a big hospital system campus, try to imagine how few people working there are actually caring for patients versus those “administering”

  9. I would argue that the “relentless pressure to perform, while having to navigate a labyrinth of ineptitude in the other parts of their lives” should actually be: “all day under relentless pressure to perform, while having to navigate a labyrinth of ineptitude and process at work”. The amount of insane process we have to deal with in bigger corporations to make simple changes is nuts. Million dollar projects to build something that should cost at most $50k, 2 consultants in 2 months. 95% of the staff on those projects are make-workers. And the h1bs are some of the worst. They couldn’t find an American to ask idiot ic status update questions in the 4th meeting of the day?

  10. “Diversity plus proximity always results in conflict. No one can afford to relax anymore.”

    This is one of those things vox day repeats over and over as if it’s true, but the empirical evidence shows otherwise. the data shown by pinker and others shows that violence has been falling for decades in spite of increasing diversity in the us. Look at the Civil War: ethnically and racially both sides were identical. This narrative that if there are enough non whites that whites will rise up or that the system will flail, seems like wishful thinking.

    • Your citing of Pinker’s work is quite relevant and requires further discussion.

      With regards to the Civil War and other white-on-white conflicts, I say that white ethnostates won’t preclude conflict but will preclude inter-racial conflicts. We don’t need that extra problem.

    • The saying is not “Only diversity plus proximity equals conflict” but the proximity of hostile competing tribes is a guaranteed recipe for conflict. There have obviously been wars between whites but even then there was an ethnic component.

    • Pinker showed that things have been improving. But correlating this to “diversity” is as daft as correlating this to the widespread consumption of video games.

      If you’re interested, there’s an easy check to make sure you’re not talking out of your ass with regard to diversity. First, look at yourself and figure out which racial or ethnic census box you fall into; second, look around where you live and work and figure out what boxes the other people fall into. If you have kids, weight the diversity makeup of your kids’ school at 3x. Now you have some baseline to determine out how committed to diversity you are.

      For what it’s worth, I think Pinker has something interesting to say on this, but it’s not gospel.

    • Oh good lord. They *weren’t* ethnically and racially ‘identical’. Read a freaking history book. The US Civil War was essentially the English Civil War(s) re-fought over here, with the conquest of the southern (US) cavaliers by the northern (US) puritans as the result (with scots-irish in both armies). Sure they’re both ‘English’, but a Bavarian and Saxon are both ‘German’ in the same sense, but quite different.

  11. It’s the bottom of the ninth bases loaded two outs here comes the pitch. It’s a high hard one down the pipe. There’s the swing. ZMan hits the ball it’s going going towards center field it’s going going going gone! A home run. The contingent of South African Super Models goes insane at the real world observations. Well done Sir!

  12. This was foreseen 70 odd years ago
    “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.
    Ayn Rand “

  13. “Diversity plus proximity always results in conflict. No one can afford to relax anymore.”

    This is one of those things vox day repeats over and over as if it’s true, but the empirical evidence shows otherwise. the data shown by pinker and others shows that violence has been falling for decade in spite of increasing diversity in the us. Look at the Civil War: ethnically and racially both sides were identical. This narrative that if enough non whites that whites will rise up or that sometime will break and the system will flail, seems like wishful thinking.

    • Diversity significantly contributes to making people feel miserable, to making them alienated and distrustful toward their neighbors and communities (there are other factors contributing to all this, however). As for violence, I’ve wondered what it would be today if technologies like surveillance cameras and DNA testing, and mass imprisonment as well, had not come into being. Note that the money for things like these, and the IQ’s to develop them, are leaving the West more and more with the continued onward march of Progress. Note also that these same developments are killing privacy and anonymity, and will be utilized by our elite to ever more quash dissent (like us). I’ve also wondered what the murder rate and rates of crippling injuries would be without modern medical technologies and procedures to limit them.

      The shooting sprees that are continuing are, of course, not being used as justification to keep a lid on diversity and Progress, but as justification for disarmament (of the white, peaceable types centrally. As always, the liberal elite are using developments to their advantage). I joke that Progress is leading toward a future of humans being kept in confinement cages, for the safety of themselves and everyone else of course, and the Burger King, Hollywood, porn, alcohol, marijuana, anti-depressants, et al can just be fed into their cages via conveyor belts.

    • You have to look at this over an extended period of time, currently if you looked at places like NY and SF, you might easily conclude that diversity works pretty well there, but look a little deeper, what sustains these places are bubbles in sectors like finance and advertisement, take them away (which will happen eventually) and see what happens.

  14. “The swollen ranks of single people, defined by their career, are beholden to the daily uncertainty of the workplace.”

    I found this unsettling. It’s true and the saddest part of this Zman post for me.

    I see this constantly, or at least iterations of it. A friend’s daughter raised in good solid home, now, post university, she thinks only of her university job, her stupid cat, and virtue signaling (she facebooked she would like all gifts to her for her birthday to be converted into cash donations to Planned Parenthood instead).

    The 20-30 something year old neck-beard obese males I see come into the convenience store to take a break from their weekend long video gaming to load up on Ho-Hos and caffeine drinks. Then back to their room in mom’s house in a junker car bearing faded Bernie stickers.

    Men I work with striving to remain 16 at the age of 35. Childless. Still clubbing and playing grab-ass like boys. When I was thirteen my friends and I couldn’t pretend enough to be men. We’d try to choke down a swiped Marlboro because we wanted to be like the WWII Marine vet down the street. We all wanted so badly to grow up and become Men.

    None of Our young people seem to want children, at least not more than a maybe-someday-passing-thought. Their idea of a fulfilling life seems to be to go someplace exotic in order to take an interesting selfie. Not to immerse in the history of a place. Not to inhale the beauty and soulfulness of an idyllic natural setting. They have their friend take a picture of their dumb asses hanging over a cliff edge.

    What the hell did we let these kids inherit?

    • You’ve just described the wages of prolonged affluence and the extinction of hardship and existential threat. Our current environment makes no significant demands on self improvement or hard work. You can be as lazy as you wish, and government will provide welfare galore; including food, housing, indoctrination masquerading as education, medical care, clothing, cell phone, etc. All they ask in return that you vote slavishly for a Progressive D politician.

      • TomA, the degenerate effects on society of affluence is one of your main themes. The implication seems to be that a prosperous society cannot be a healthy society.

        Do you have any thoughts on the socialist, high tax, affluent Scandinavian countries before the massive immigrations? They were usually ranked as the happiest countries on the planet in spite of the bad weather.

        Of course, it is probably true that their affluence caused their welcoming of massive immigration and their cancerous feminism.

        • They were usually ranked as the happiest countries on the planet in spite of the bad weather.

          Look up the stats on alcohol consumption.

          • Do they consume more than Scandinavians in the USA?

            I have no idea. It was a bit tongue-in-cheek; Swedes and Norwegians are pretty moderate drinkers, but Finns and Danes are certainly doing their part in eradicating alcohol from the face of the planet.

          • Thanks. Mencius nails it pretty well. I don’t believe the story from the airport, but the rest is on the nose.

            The thing about Scandinavians being the most happy people in the world, is bs. It must be some kind of artifact of socio-linguistic conventions; you just need a few hours in, say, Australia, to debunk that.

            Scandinavian Noir didn’t come from nowhere – in the original tale, The Lille Mermaid dies and the prince marries someone else since, without her voice, she cannot tell the prince she loves him.

            The one nugget of truth, is that the welfare state eliminates a lot of financial anxiety. Getting sick won’t bankrupt you, and I’ve left two jobs in a pique, without having a new employer in my scopes: unless you fuck seriously up, there’s no way in Denmark that you can starve or get evicted from your home.

            A curious aside about something I noticed in American travelogues: they’re extremely focused on whether a place feels “safe”. A Danish traveler would never think to comment on their feeling of safety, unless they had directly felt threatened. All the stranger since you’d have to look VERY hard to find a spot in Europe where you’re less safe than in an average American city. I suspect, for no reason I can rationalise, that this quirk is related to economic anxiety.

            At any rate, Americans tempted to relocate to Scandinavia should read Mencius’ tale of woes. Scandinavian societies are notoriously hard to integrate into, but (of white people) Americans have it hardest, and usually move back home inside a year. If the boredom doesn’t get them, the winter will.

            Mind you, America is not sending their best: most American expats here are BernieBro-types looking for handouts or for racism to stamp out. Pretty amazing seeing some Angry Black Woman on the news, fresh off the plane from Commiefornia, kvetching about how little is done to stamp out white supremacy in Denmark. And doing so in English.

            Your Obama ambassador was a flaming homo grifter, ripping ass all over Copenhagen and spouting SJW talking points whenever a political commissar from DenMarx Radio stuck a phallic object in his face.

          • Mind you, America is not sending their best: most American expats here are BernieBro-types looking for handouts or for racism to stamp out.

            Hold on, that’s stretching rather a bit too far.

            There are a lot of Americans here on business, and ordinary people who simply had the poor judgement to marry a Dane. It’s just that it’s the BernieBro-types that the government broadcaster gives airtime.

          • Let me tell you about a little thing called synthetic opioids… For every commie prole drowning in vodka, there’s two rustbelt Americans in an early grave from pills.

        • When I was a teenager, my father and I went back to the “old country”. As some of you may recall, I’m a first generation American. Albeit, I was young and wet behind the ears, I still remember my father commenting on his relatives—brothers, sisters, aunts, etc. We were discussing why these people always went out to restaurants and bars and “party” when we came over.

          My father—not a philosopher by any means—had an explanation. Basically, he pointed out that these people were in the throws of socialism, although he did not use the term—soft, European style socialism. They had little housing costs as that was provided/subsidized. Folks therefore accepted the limitation on such housing set by the government. No cars, too expensive for gas, even if you could afford a highly taxed vehicle. Subsidized public transport. No medical costs, all government provided. No educational costs, again free. Retirement and guaranteed 12 weeks vacation. Old age homes on the public dime as well.

          So what do you do with your 30% or so of your income after taxes? You party on! About all you could save for and spend on was yearly holiday’s and nights out at the bars. Worked for them I suppose.

          • Between being stuck in neoliberalism’s developing dystopia of open borders Third World ghetto/favela/South Africa existence (if you’re lucky, you can get one of the shrinking number of middle class cubicle slave slots), and a quiet simple life working at a factory in the GDR or Brezhnev’s Russia, I’m choosing the latter two. Their poverty kept them traditional, and their elites weren’t racing to flood their lands with genetic barbarians. Communism largely froze Europeans from the ravenous, decaying effects of Progress. Their births rates were higher, their family lives more stable, they ate traditional foods. The people were kept basically sane (traditional), and could even speak the truth among loved ones behind closed doors. Our Progress has driven most people insane, they can’t even acknowledge truth in their own minds, and thanks to our mass (excuse for a) culture, our people are losing ever more of their dignity. The Soviet Bloc tried to imbibe martial and patriotic values through military parades and such, while we have Hollywood and porn.

            “Muh freedumb” is plutocracy, licentiousness, the death of high culture and, indeed, of any living thriving culture worthy of the name, mass hedonism and impenetrable left-liberal indoctrination, social decay, Western economic decay, the eradication of the West right down to the genetics that alone could have produced it, the list goes on:


          • This probably wasn’t the place for this comment. That Con., Inc. degenerate lower in the thread raised my blood-pressure.

  15. Now connect the dots. The parasitic crazy is accelerating and the house of cards must eventually collapse when the host is bled dry. Then what happens? Analyze and predict. The hungry parasites will demand an autocratic government that feeds them at the expense of whatever productivity remains. But then the producers may choose to go on strike, and it’s hello tyranny and jackboot time. The process of subjugating an armed population is difficult and slow, so there should be time to nip things in the bud. Simple/secret/solo/spontaneous.

  16. This is the state of affairs that nearly 70 years of peace has given us. White men replaceable by Chen and Pajeet and Mahmoud. White women “empowered” to mimic celebrity sluts like Miley Cyrus. An ever growing government staffed by Stacey Abrams and Triggly Puff look-alikes, and a war of all against all in the private sector abetted by periodic anti-White purges.

    Now let us imagine a state of war. Imagine say China nuked San Francisco. We’d lose “Lightworker” Mark Morford, and the Castro Street Fair, and a goodly portion of the divine gays so worshiped by White women. Plus Mayor London Breed, much of Silicon Valley, and the developers of the SF poop maps.

    As terrible as that would be, a long, dragging war with China that saw serious defeats and set backs would sweep away in wartime mobilization all the Stacey Abrams types, who would be put to work in a shipyard sweeping up asbestos or something. White men would be needed — as engineers, scientists, etc. as now Pajeet, Chen, and Mahmoud could not be trusted.

    The feminine industrial consumer complex would be replaced by the military-industrial one. The former is innately hostile to White men while the latter depends on them for survival and operation. Triggly Puff is not going to be piloting a new SR-71 Blackbird.

    Western peoples seem to need War to sweep away the corrupt detritus of hereditary aristocracy the way a forest has evolved to need periodic small fires. To put off a big one.

    Not the least, War allows men of ability to rise from nothing to the heights of power, and exposes those of no ability as the frauds they really are.

    We’ve had peace for this long. What has it gotten us?

    The logical endpoint is slavery of all White men to prop up the Dindu/Hindu/SJW/Triggly Puff alliance and provide money for the semi hereditary elite who run the top of all institutions public and private. That was the solution the Muslim Caliphate had — White slaves sent south by the Vikings who created the “blooming” of Islamic civilization in exchange for Arab silver and gold. Once the Vikings stopped slaving their neighbors the Muslim world fell into a huge decline until the Turks cut out the Middle Men and started slaving again. Its not as if a bunch of low iq and non cooperative Dindus, Hindus, and Mohammed-Jihads can build and maintain a complex society requiring both brainpower and brawn.

    Warriors or slaves, White men must choose one and be damned.

    • This should be in National Review; “The Conservative Case for War: Building a Better America.” I think we find ourselves in this predicament in part because WWI and WWII put a big dent in the alpha white man population, in whose absence less desirable people harnessed political and financial control from WWII up till today, people whose beliefs required dismantling of white Christian society in order to come to fruition. Now we’re seeing the fruits of that globalist or oligarch/peasant model. Another world war or civil war should just about finish off the rest of the best white men, leaving us with undeveloped males raised by single moms and porn, possessing a puerile fear of demonized women, to complement the modern harpy women. We need for the blacks and browns to do a lot of warring amongst themselves, while whites need to form many small, self-sufficient communities, live as peacefully as possible and create their own prosperity for their own communities. With white men wearing the big-boy pants and their wives being trusted, loyal, supportive companions.

      • Ursula,

        You may be correct in thinking another Civil or World War (is that even possible with nukes anymore?) may finish Us as people.

        I believe this will end well. That is because I believe in the Promise for the end of days. I don’t know if that is now, (falling into that encourages sitting on our hands). It is hubris to think I can read “the signs and prophesies” and thus know the mind of God in regards to His where and when. No, it is best to carry on as if this is just another cycle in the eternal struggle… and act fervently and think wisely about what is best for Our People.

        Spirituality aside I want to give you a bit of an earthly white pill to swallow if I may. I watch, interact, and listen to this new generation closely (we’ll adapt the common Zgen moniker).

        They are different (at least the majority of the boys, the girls less so) than either the Millennials or X gen.

        They see through the PC charade. They snicker and joke amongst themselves about it but can put on a serious face when there is a dangerous authority figure present. They are quite adept at it.

        They’re hungry for the opposite. I see them get wide-eyed and enthusiastic when someone older lays out some simple truths or tells them about some of the shining parts of their forebearers’ history (why did your school choose the Spartans as its mascot? Here’s why…). You can see that they’ve had enough of hearing how bad their People are. They want to believe. Trump. God. Country. Something, anything.

        I’ve noticed they’ve come to despise the participation awards versus real achievement. They’re tired of being second class citizens and watching praise being heaped upon any girl that happens to be mediocre at whatever they do or seeing other teens that fly their freak flag being held up as moral paragons. They roil at having been expected to behave like good little school girls and punished when they didn’t.

        I don’t offer them any serious red pills when I interact with them… more children’s chewables… I dont want their youthful enthusiasm to get them in trouble. But an example, driving some to practice I listened to them go off about the NFL kneelers (hesitantly, some didn’t know me well). I just interjected, “I’ve never owned any slaves, any you boys have?” Silence. Then roaring laughter and they all let loose and I stayed quiet.

        I’m long winded but what I’m saying is, there’s reason to hope. If we provide them with a model of unrepentant strength they won’t be drawn to action with likes of antifa. They won’t turn their natural urge for attention into mutilating themselves into sorry facsimiles of a girl. They may very well pick up the banner for Our People.

        A few words of caution. They are different than us. They will define the stuggle in their own terms if they fight back. They like some ghetto culture like rap but they compartmentalize it. They are quite comfortable with mixed race or non-white friends provided those friends “act white.” Fine. If they rise to the challenge when we didn’t but should have… they get to set the terms.

        The girls are a bit more problematic. Much more pozzed than the boys. It’s hard for them to give up their current leg up and position of power. I do hear many of them talk about children though. What they need is some strong good women about them instead of prozac-scarfing single-mom Becky-harpy. I can’t fill that role.

        It’s weak porridge to hope your children fight when you should have but there it is.

        Pardon my lack of brevity. Just thought you might be interested in an in-the-field SITREP that has a silver lining.

        • Penitent Man, thank you. You inspire me. I was a fan since you first posted. I too believe in the Promise but often assume I won’t be here to see it and that dam is not yet ready to break, so I need to continue on in faith, flawed and amateur as I am, and as a woman and of average intelligence to boot. Perhaps my passion mitigates my ignorance? Maybe not! The gentlemen here are gracious to tolerate me.

          I too see signs of ‘end times’ but, as you said, treat our times as just another part of a cycle leading to that end. And how now to act in the best interests of our people? Your reply gave me some ideas, for which I’m grateful. I’m lacking good fatherly guidance in this life, as both my mom and dad lost their fathers in WWII and, though their mothers did the best they could, their children needed and were lacking a father’s guidance. Today’s American society proves the issues that arise with that deficit.

          My siblings and I were raised in the modern, deracinated way that will saturate any child in the public school system or subjected to American popular culture/media unless they have parents who have time and wherewithal to instill Christian [as well as _insert Euro particulars here_] values and family mores in their children. From what I’ve witnessed, children with fathers who spent time teaching them their family history, Christianity, and the ways of the world, come way out ahead. That’s why I admire so many of the smart, good men who comment here, who I hope would not restrain themselves from giving their insights to me any time they see fit, as I would welcome it.

          Even though I have a father, he missed all that teaching because his father (and uncles) was killed in Belgium in WWII right before he was born, and therefore I did not get all the family teachings or religious practices. Recently I came to understand that kids without fathers (or with fathers who weren’t parented) were by default RAISED BY THE STATE. This seems obvious, perhaps, but the ramifications are deep. Especially given modern day fatherless kids, at least 1 in 3 these days. Women are so easily swayed and inculcated by school, govt, media, that the single moms end up really suffering in parenting when there is no father to complete it.

          When one takes a look at the curricula of public schools since WWII, the agenda becomes clear, now that its fruits have come to bear in our current time: deracinated, degenerated people, Godless, illiterate, immoral from nihilism and moral relativism. From once a great people.

          You give me great hope in our children and thus our future. I should aim to do some good with lost young girls since I was one myself to a degree and have some understanding… but will keep in mind, per your wise advice, to listen to them and understand they will have their own generation’s terms. You’re so right. Completely reasonable!

          God bless you. Don’t know if you’re a teacher or a priest or a coach or what, but thank you and keep fighting the good fight.

    • This Semitic revolution- war without bullets, yet achieving full spectrum dominance- is killing us and the world (overpopulation, pollution, environment).

      Sadly, it is the false peace.

      • Can’t help but mention again it’s in the Book-
        The false one will appear to die (the “Holocaust”), but spring back to life to go on and rule the world in a false peace-

        A peace so terrible it will bring untold suffering, the end of the world

        • Yes. It’s all there in the good Book:

          Matthew 13:37
          He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;
          Matthew 13:38
          The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;
          Matthew 13:39
          The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.
          Matthew 13:40
          As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.
          Matthew 13:41
          The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
          Matthew 13:42
          And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
          Matthew 13:43
          Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.
          Matthew 13:44
          Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.

          The tares have not yet been gathered and burned but they’re starting to be increasingly noticed.

    • In every war—including modern ones—White people took the brunt of casualties. POC, reliable enough to form the tip of the spear, are not plentiful. Was not a problem when numbers were of non-Whites were low. But today? A protracted war could simply speed up the current replacement calamity we face by a generation.

      (Whoops, I missed Ursula’s better stated comment. Sorry.)

  17. Z-Man, I repeat: wh n you become Warlord of the Atlantic Northeast, make me your Commissar for Pajeet and Kebab Removal. Loyal and efficient service 💪👌💯🙏 guaranteed!

    • Heh. Susseriakhar, khehali! (Hello, how ya doin’)
      Ghurkas were the business end of the Empire, and ran railroads on time in Africa, even, that most insoluble of places.

      Added plus: that turban means “I kill Muslims”
      Our Carpathian forces would welcome the help

  18. Best Labor Day essay ever. Once upon a time, the American worker could take a week of well-earned leave and rather seamlessly roll back the following Monday without missing a beat. Today, before you take off for a mini-vacation you bust your butt to empty the inbox, then carry your electronic leash everywhere you go for 24/7 “emergencies”, and when you get back to work there’s about 10-days of 12-16 hr days of catch-up. All that to say there’s no resiliency in our workforce. And if you’re one of the truly indispensable, hard-working and smart laborer, watch out – you’re get worked like a mule to ensure the cart (loaded with a bunch of useless oxygen-thieves) moves forward.

    Then there’s this: “The typical private sector worker is under relentless daily pressure to do more with less.” Surprisingly this is very much a fact in the public sector as well, particularly the military. You’d never know it based on the DoD budget, but the guys at the pointy-end of the spear are often working myriads of workarounds (e.g. cannibalizing parts) or working incredible hours to keep up with the operational tempo. Try to tell a Flag Officer that it’s all unsustainable, or the troops/sailors could use some additional resources, and most of them will just give you their motivational “can-do Hoo-rah” speech.

  19. Currently reading up on the French Revolution, late eighteenth century. Some things jump out at me. The government people, working hardly at all, most either incompetent or not giving a fig, basically sucking the rest of the society dry, even though the French economy was actually doing ok. Same government types lording it over everyone else, as they appointed themselves as a special caste. The public learning to love emotion, not discipline. Holding up women and motherhood as the ideal. As the media and the arts became available to all, the culture flattened out and everyone got a say about everything, even though most people had little clue what they were talking about. The public became fascinated with quack science and weird experiments. Huge government budget deficits. Movements to reduce the deficits, essentially letting surplus government people go, eliminating private sector red tape, and introducing a version of supply side economics to the private sector, were all stopped in their tracks by the government officials whose ox would be gored. Judges who didn’t like someone or something would simply summarily rule against them. Evidence suggests that most of the people running the government show were real dolts.

    I’m with Maus on this one, the time to bug out is here. The French who bugged out generally came out the best at the end, as all sides staying in the game were fratricided.

    • There are some great books on it, and as they say, history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes. Human nature is fixed, only the technology changes. They were writing the same things that we are today, only with quill pens. The natural cycle of things like this is years of stasis with dysfunction growing each year, followed by a sudden rage, usually some straw that broke the camels’ back that spirals out of control. You need a certain threshold of people to say (check please, I’m done).

      • Argentina

        With their stupid decision to re-elect Kirchner, they ensure more economic stagnation and decline. People will be running away, not trying to immigrate. That’s probably about as good as it would get for despised exiled conservatives.

  20. This phenomena seems to tie in with the concept of a society not being able to sustain a modern economy once the number of imbeciles rises to a certain point.

  21. I used to buy the “Murikan free market capitalism” bit and would regularly lecture lesser intellects on its virtues. Then the waves of mergers and offshoring and H1B displacement hit and wiped out most of the good paying jobs, eventually mine too. The last “Thanksgiving spread” at the office was indistinguishable from the buffet at an Indian restaurant.

    But, hey, that’s “Murikan free market capitalism”, so it’s all good.

    • Shrugger, not to deny your reality, but H1b VISA example is a better one of crony capitalism as these VISAs were prohibited if natives were available to do said work. Near as I can tell such restriction is weakly enforced. Disney example of a few years ago was infuriating.

      As to off shoring jobs, you have a point there. There are and should be limits to free capitalism when it beggars your population and wipes out the middle classes.

      • The tech industry is screaming that DOL is denying too many applications, but the Big 5 are able to afford better lawyers and still get their visas mostly approved.

        The worse part is that the predominantly Asian H1Bs, when naturalized, display unimaginable contempt for white conservatives, voting even more leftist than Hispanics.

        You don’t assimilate unless you mirror white voting patterns.

      • Sorry, guess I wasn’t clear–this company flagrantly abused the H1b system, as many do. It’s a government-supported form of profit enhancement and should be shut down.

    • “Freedom isn’t free,” indeed. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” indeed. Capitalism is not neutral, it carries things in its train. For example, the incentive for globalism to an elite at the apex of society, an elite who benefit from absurd inequality in terms of wealth and control of the means of production, and who are therefore in a position to make their wishes a reality. Ever more economic centralization and wage-slavery is another example that comes to mind (I’m thinking of Distributism and men like Belloc here). Resistant political elites, whether of the far Right (like those rooted in anti-modern religiosity, for example), or those of the far Left (like the “communist” regimes of history, who are looking incredibly nationalistic and traditionalistic set next to the capitalist world of today), can be overthrown, either by funding the spread of poisonous ideas, or by force, or by a combination of the two. In my opinion, that’s been story going back centuries.

  22. I read the Atlantic article. The author’s antidote to meritocratic stress seems to be to increase the number of people who can compete! I’m not sure how that’s supposed to reduce the stress of cut throat competition, but who am I to question such a credentialed professor?

    The land of foreigners link shows a map of counties that have become minority white. I lived in one of those counties until last year: Guilford county, NC. In High Point, there was a Sikh temple, a Buddhist monastery, mosques and halal markets, women in full ninja costume walking down the street, corrupt mayor… We moved back to the South.

    The root problem is probably best stated as materialism. If we’re all focused on acquiring more, we’ll never have communities or a nation. If our rulers are focused on extracting as much from us as they can to remain competitive, they’ll never see us as anything but resources to exploit. If we only see them as our exploiters, we’ll never trust or respect them. If we never trust or respect them, they’ll never trust or respect us. Round and round ’til the whole thing rips apart.

    I don’t think there’s a solution that allows everybody to keep what they have.

    • It’s not just that extractionary businesses have popped up, it’s that American culture has no pride. So now every city is identical, only the weather changes. The super Target across from the Super Walmart, with the Costco down the street. Everything has become centralized, one size fits all, and fits no one. Right down to the auto companies that fit cheap plastic shells onto the same platform. So everyone has the same ugly, egg shaped car. And they expect the average American to trust a system that they’re no longer connected to in any meaningful way. It feels like trusting the aliens in the mini-series V. You’re just waiting to see the lizard scales underneath the skin masks.

    • Hmm..

      According to Wikipedia, in 2010 Guilford Co. was 64% white. According to Pew, by 2018, it had reached only 50%. That’s a 14% drop in 8 years… out of a population of 530,000.

      Is it really that drastic? And if so, how is that being allowed to happen? Chain migration out of control?

  23. >>> The constant clash of unpleasant realities makes a normal man spit on his hands, hoist the black flag , and begin slitting throats.<<<

    Careful with that kind of talk, goy…wouldn’t wanna trip one of those Red Flags you hear about…

    • It’s never goes from A to Z. There’s a progression.

      Look at military recruiting quotas that aren’t being met even after lowering the standards. The kids are wising up to the scam.

      The next thing you’ll start seeing as the suckage increases is sabotage of the infrastructure. Traffic cameras getting burned out by lasers, transformers being shot out, company toilets being filled with expanding concrete, management’s cars getting their valves cut, etc.

      And as the corporations and Fed keep kicking the white worker in the teeth and telling him the game is totally rigged against him comes:

      The disgruntled worker who monkey wrenches key corporate assets or takes out critical pieces of infrastructure. Just wait when the power companies start importing foreigners to run the plants, Or the white cops realize their masters hate them and want them gone. Or the career Marine office or non-com who sees their career can be ended by a single comment by some fat female. They will turn on the system like a rabid dog. Not at first, but the hate and disgust for the system and elites will grow.

  24. “The constant clash of unpleasant realities makes a normal man spit on his hands, hoist the black flag , and begin slitting throats.”

    As an example, take our recent Texas spree shooting. Heard he was a recent RIF.

      • Reduction In Force. That is to say, politely, “fired”. Another shooter who was angry, but rather than shoot his immediate supervisor, or the head of the company, decided to gun down symbolic targets, i.e., society at large.

        At least the Crypt’s shoot at their rivals, the Bloods. (Facts still coming in may change my conclusions here.)

    • Maybe another “Falling down” case. The guy had no real criminal record, just a few misdemeanors.

      He just had it, He was begging for help so to speak by calling 911 at work after he was fired and just rambling(emotional breakdown) and then calling the FBI. He was at his wits end.

  25. “The typical American spends all day under relentless pressure to perform”

    Yes. Do you think the dude at McDonald’s wants to ask you if you want “to add two cookies to your order for only $1.25”? No, he f’ing hates it. The customer hates it. If the Booby wanted to add two cookies to his order he bloody well would have. The customer snaps at the dude behind the counter, then the dude’s manager asks him at the end of the week why only 1% of his orders took the extra two cookies. It’s a shit world.

    A co-worker’s daughter recently applied for a minimum wage retail job. You don’t get an interview anymore, apparently. Today you get an “audition”. Apparently, you sit there with the other applicants and do activities designed to show the interviewers how much you “learn” about the other applicants (all in an airy-fairy, feel-good, matriarchal sort of way, of course). All this for a part-time, minimum wage job that offers no benefits.

    The Booby’s going to go apply for one of those jobs, just so he can tell the interviewers to go &%#$ themselves.

    Happy freakin’ Labour Day.

    • The lack of meaningful work is one of the biggest problems for scaled-up capitalism. No amount of corp-speak can make a kid find meaning in “providing a customer service experience” unless he owns a piece of the place and has an actual say – as a minimum, and that’s for higher-level kids, not the left side of the Bell Curve. Just pulling a check or even tips won’t cut it. I’ve done those jobs. Those jobs are drivers for Adderall abuse, as with data entry, code monkeying, and similar repetitive grinding jobs. It’s the kind of drug that lets you “zone out” while doing work AI or a robot could perform without going mad with boredom and purposelessness. Automation, population and meaningful work are very interrelated problems, and we’re not really addressing any of them well even separately.

      • Well said. We are meant to work, but work without meaning… is not the answer. Wish we were discussing such in a national discussion rather than UBI. However, there must be jobs of all sorts out there with some type of fulfillment that you or I don’t conceive of.

        Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” seems to find such people for his show. One of Rowe’s shows was on people gathering blood worms for fishing. Back breaking piecework, but they seemed to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and gathering. Studs Terkel in his famous book, “Working”, has hundreds of vignettes of people taking pride in their (seemingly) low status jobs.

        I’m still optimistic.

        • In the fishing village where I once lived, the hands-down hardest and dirtiest job was unloading trawlers, harder than anything you’d find on a fishing boat. It was also one of the most popular; it paid a small bonus, but the main attraction was that it gave the young bucks a chance to show how hard they were, how much faster you could shift tonnage than the faggots in the next village. Sometimes, when the quay master was assembling a team, we’d ask him to pick fewer hands, because that made the job so much tougher, gave you more bragging rights.

          I’ve later noticed the same attitude in some agricultural jobs I worked.

          • Jerry Rice’s dad was apparently a brick layer or something, and made make young Jerry catch the bricks he threw down from top stories. Gave him good hands.

          • Felix, good observation. Our folk music here—think Johnny Cash—is full of songs about the working man doing hard manual labor and through such labor winning the respect of his fellows. Listen to any singer’s version of the “Ballad of John Henry”. To listen to these songs, which are not that old, tells a story of what this country once was wrt the working man.

          • Listen to any singer’s version of the “Ballad of John Henry”.


            Disney made a small masterpiece based on it, but it seems to have been removed from Youtube. Can’t have videos about black a man working, that’d be racist.

          • When I was seventeen, I was hired to work 2nd shift near Christmas time at a big city Post Office. The first two hours of the night were picking up and emptying bags of mail that came in from mailboxes into bins for a conveyor belt for initial sorting. You had to work fast. Some bags were light but most averaged 50-60 pounds. You were lifting and emptying one every five seconds or so. One night I tried to calculate how many tons of material I handled. I was astonished by the number Two hours of it would be over 40,000 pounds shifted. 20 tons. It made me sweat to work that hard and fast, but it didn’t wear me out at all. Ah, youth.

  26. “Turning America is an economic zone, modeled on 20th century business management techniques, has resulted in a marketplace of miserable customers.,,,Today, good times means being replaced by a Hindu.”

    Of course. In hindsight, how could we have expected it to turn out the Milton Friedman way? The number of things that are now obvious to me post-red-pill are enough to shut me down with self-loathing sometimes. It’s not just that “not everybody” is cut out for a world of Sociopathic Darwinism. Nobody is. No nation has ever been this rich, or this miserable. The world happiness report ( has special chapters on American unhappiness and addiction.

    Denmark famously tops these lists (#2 behind blissful Norway this year). As I’m planning on visiting someday soon, I decided that as an American ranked down at #19 I owed the Scandis some time to study how to be happier so as not to harsh all that mellow during my visit. Danes call their happy vibe “hygge.” It’s a combination of enjoying others’ company, lack of pretension, “taking off masks,” surrendering the stage to others, and lack of competition. Danish history, of course, was anything but non-competitive – ask any Euro who lived near a coast or river between 500-1200 or so. Their standard of living today doesn’t suggest a nation of bohos – they get their work done (FWIW, notoriously labor-obsessed and cucked Germany still comes in above us at #17). The difference is they have a community. Competition is less important than social cohesion, stability and harmony. It serves the people, rather than being elevated to Mammonhood. Intra-tribal competition isn’t as existential

    I’m sharpening my senses by good-naturedly trolling normie-Cons about muh socialisms. So far, so what I expected. They react to any deviation from laissez-faire Sociopathic Darwinism like jihadis. They need to spend a few days with Z’s “Right Wing Economics” podcast on a loop. Breitbarts and even basic-bitch HBD’s like Sailer & Epigone’s commenters at Unz truly believe that any form of taxation, welfare or regulation is “socialism.” Forgive them, Lord, for they know not that they are libertarians.

    The ultimate irony of my red-pilled future is that those tax-mad snowbillies I spent decades trashing are more happy AND more White than we are. Instead of teaching them about workin’ hard & fightin’ commies, I’m learning from them how to do something besides work and fight.

  27. The Democratic Party selling out labor for the sexual deviant lobby has accelerated the pain of working class whites. Until we get back to normal average IQ jobs able to provide for a family of four and we encourage men to marry and have families we will continue running in this gerbil cage.
    Females leading a society does not work.
    Neither does white cucks with thousand dollar suits and their “Amish” bankers “consolidating” and finding ”synergys” in the private sector while the public sector balloons in fat and unnecessary labor work either.
    It all is going to have to correct itself eventually.

  28. “That is the sound of inevitability.”

    ” It is in the interest of tyrants to reduce the people to ignorance and vice. For they cannot live in any country where virtue and knowledge prevail. The religion and public liberty of a people are intimately connected; their interests are interwoven, they cannot subsist separately; and therefore they rise and fall together. For this reason, it is always observable, that those who are combin’d to destroy the people’s liberties, practice every art to poison their morals.”
    -Samuel Adams

    Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness.
    -Titus Livius

    “To-day we live so cowed under the bombardment of this intellectual artillery(the media) that hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view of the monstrous drama. The will-to-power operating under a pure democratic disguise has finished off its masterpiece so well that the object’s sense of freedom is actually flattered by the most thorough-going enslavement that has ever existed”
    ― Oswald Spengler

    “The common man wants nothing of life but health, longevity, amusement, comfort — “happiness.” He who does not despise this should turn his eyes from world history, for it contains nothing of the sort. The best that history has created is great suffering.”
    ― Oswald Spengler

    “Man was, and is, too shallow and cowardly to endure the fact of the mortality of everything living. He wraps it up in rose-coloured progress-optimism, he heaps upon it the flowers of literature, he crawls behind the shelter of ideals so as not to see anything. But impermanence, the birth and the passing, is the form of all that is actual — from the stars, whose destiny is for us incalculable, right down to the ephemeral concourses on our planet. The life of the individual — whether this be animal or plant or man — is as perishable as that of peoples of Cultures. Every creation is foredoomed to decay, every thought, every discovery, every deed to oblivion. Here, there, and everywhere we are sensible of grandly fated courses of history that have vanished. Ruins of the “have-been” works of dead Cultures lie all about us. The hybris of Prometheus, who thrust his hand into the heavens in order to make the divine powers subject to man, carries with it his fall. What, then, becomes of the chatter about “undying achievements”?”
    ― Oswald Spengler

    “Perhaps the most dangerous by-product of the Age of Intellect is the unconscious growth of the idea that the human brain can solve the problems of the world. Even on the low level of practical affairs this is patently untrue. Any small human activity, the local bowls club or the ladies’ luncheon club, requires for its survival a measure of self-sacrifice and service on the part of the members. In a wider national sphere, the survival of the nation depends basically on the loyalty and self‑sacrifice of the citizens. The impression that the situation can be saved by mental cleverness, without unselfishness or human self-dedication, can only lead to collapse.”
    ― John Bagot Glubb

    “The heroes of declining nations are always the same—the athlete, the singer or the actor. The word ‘celebrity’ today is used to designate a comedian or a football player, not a statesman, a general, or a literary genius.”
    ― John Bagot Glubb
    You get the picture.

      • Here’s a post from yesterday between Mark Stoval and myself that got 4 up votes.
        Mark Stoval said: “It is not “black pilling” to talk about reality.”
        “Hear Hear! Speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.”
        Golly gee, what happened between then and now?


        • OBT, I just pushed your negative (-1) to zero. But really, you can’t post here and pay too much attention to the up/down votes. There is no posted standard for giving an up/down vote. A negative can mean any number of things—from simple disagreement to “you’re an idiot”. 😉

          • Compsci said: “But really, you can’t post here and pay too much attention to the up/down votes.” True. I was simply pointing out the little inconsistencies I get from one post to the next. I just think it’s a teensy bit hypocritical to through spitballs at the left for not being able to face facts if we won’t do it ourselves. That’s all I’m saying.

      • LOL.

        Here are my suggestions for those who, like myself (“dreamers of the day”), dream (“hope against hope”) of making a positive dent in the world:

        “Life is a struggle involving plants, animals, and humans. It is a struggle between individuals, social classes, peoples, and nations, and it can take the form of economic, social, political, and military competition. It is a struggle for the power to make one’s will prevail, to exploit one’s advantage, or to advance one’s opinion of what is just or expedient.”

        “Should the white peoples ever become so tired of war that their governments can no longer incite them to wage it, the earth will inevitably fall a victim to the colored men, just as the Roman Empire succumbed to the Teutons. Pacifism means yielding power to the inveterate nonpacifists.”

        “Pacifism will remain an ideal, war a fact. If the white races are resolved never to wage war again, the colored will act differently and be rulers of the world.”
        Oswald Spengler
        “Is World Peace Possible?”

      • LOL, that up-vote is from me.

        Here’s my recommendation for us dreamers of the day, Gustav Holst’s “Mars, the Bringer of War” (I prefer this recording by Karajan, who’s Beethoven symphonies I also prefer). I post it with the stipulation that this is, and will remain for a long time, an intellectual war. Only with the massive spread of ideas do we stand a chance, and violence only impedes our ability to spread those ideas:

    • “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”
      T. E. Lawrence

      For those who are 100% black-pilled (I’m just shy of it):

      “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”
      Oswald Spengler

      A Right-Nietzscheanism or Right-Heideggerianism, moving beyond Western liberal modernity, is what centrally attracts me. I think Spengler was a genius, but I’m not convinced that he was entirely correct. In any case, maybe a miracle will happen, and we’ll get our real and full Caesarism after all, lol. Interestingly, Spengler stated that he was quite centrally influenced by Nietzsche (as was Heidegger). This caught my attention not long ago as well (from Leo Strauss):

      “The philosophic deficiency of Spengler’s teaching: it required as its basis an elaborate philosophy of man, of human existence as being essentially historical; a philosophy showing that man as the historical being is the origin of all meaning; and this presupposed an analysis of truth, an analysis showing that truth is essentially relative to human existence. Such a philosophy was elaborated by Heidegger. (p. 119)”

  29. My old man was your typical boomer civ-nat free-marketer. With his humble associates degree he worked his way up the corporate ladder to a high-level senior position. Somewhere around the 2000’s executive culture changed, and it seems to be universal.
    He noticed that his job became more a matter of power struggles and political maneuvering than performance. He was never one to play the game, and figured he would keep his nose down and work his way though, the way he always did.
    Then, one day. He came to work and his keycard did not work. Ends up one of the executives did a mass firing of people he felt were sympathetic to a rival (and promoted a low-level female secretary to an executive position out of nowhere to take one of their places). He was also ten years from retirement and his pension was too much of a liability. Perfect storm.
    One of his old buddies pulled some strings and got him back in the company at a position he had 15 years before. He coasted a few more years and I wondered if he was going to shoot up the building. He retired a few years later with a much lower but still decent pension.
    Company loyalty gets you nowhere, and now neither does loyalty to country.

    • My Dad would be retired, but his pension, which he’s paid into for decades, will quite certainly go broke very soon. There are too few union members paying in (God bless neoliberalism, free trade, Ronnie Raygun, et al. We must be Free, even if middle class living must go extinct for it), and scams like the 2007 crisis, which the elite weathered, or used to further themselves, have greatly damaged it.

      “Everyone rob everyone else blind, he who dies having spent/accumulated the most wins. This is sane and decent living, and mandated by the Rights of Man.” Who could have foreseen this going wrong?

  30. The Booby once had to utilize the health care system in Panama because… well because the Booby’s a klutz, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Point is, a doctor was called – an English-speaking, US-trained, doctor – who promptly came to the hotel room (Anyone remember house calls? No, the Booby doesn’t, either), made his diagnosis, administered an injection, prescribed (and personally hand-delivered) two antibiotic prescriptions and a topical cream.

    There were no administrators, it’s not even clear if the doctor has a secretary. Cost of the house call and all the treatments? US $80. Paid in cash.

    In his own country the Booby would have received far worse care for ten times the price. Figure it out, fellas. We’re being fleeced by regulators, bureaucrats, and useless tit corporate cogs.

    Ex-pats everywhere tell similar stories. A Canadian couple the Booby met in Guatemala raved about the health care they get. According to them, they don’t even bother buying health insurance. Having $30 000 in a dedicated health care account should suffice a person for life, and you typically get better care than in so-called “first world” countries.

    Of course, you have to research the country. The Booby’s never been to Haiti or Dominican Republic, for example, but he’s betting the health care there – like everything else – leaves a lot to be desired. Due diligence.

    • This could soon be the same in the US once folk get back to an understanding that they—and no one else—is responsible for paying for their medical care. However, the political parties are vile panderers and would rather control that segment of the market than promote free commerce within. See concierge medicine.

    • Sort of off topic, but related to modern malaise. I thought of you, Da Booby, when I saw this article (I believe you commented on alimony in the past. If I have the wrong man in mind, my apologies!). I wish this man well and hope something comes of his efforts. The current set-up almost encourages women to get divorced and live off her ex’s labor. It is terrible for the children, adds to harpification of women and is so unfair to the men — very bad for white people.
      Calling alimony ‘legal extortion,’ Huntington Beach man aims to reform the law

      Steve Clark pays his ex-wife $1,000 per month in alimony. And he may have to continue doing so for a long time to come.

      “It’s legal extortion,” he groused.

      So the Huntington Beach resident is at it again – pounding the pavement for enough signatures to place his grievance on the 2020 California ballot. To achieve that goal, Clark must flag down 623,212 registered voters by Feb. 3.

      As Clark learned in his 2015 attempt, capturing the attention of 5% of California voters is tough — especially for a topic as dicey as alimony reform. That go-around, he did not manage to collect enough signatures for his measure to qualify.

      “Men are reluctant to stop at our booth and sign the petition if their wives are with them, but some have glanced back and given a ‘thumbs up,’” he said.

      Titled “Elimination of Open Ended Alimony,” the initiative would limit alimony payments to a maximum of five years. Current California law stipulates that for marriages of 10 years or more, alimony obligations may continue indefinitely until a judge decides otherwise.

      Clark plans to disseminate paid canvassers at shopping centers throughout the state – a strategy that would cost millions. “I’m hoping to catch the eye of a billionaire unhappy with big alimony payments,” he said.

      The mission started with the collapse of his 24-year marriage. Clark’s then-wife Cindy filed for divorce, but the decision was mutual, he said.

      “We are not full of animosity,” Clark said. “Our only point of contention is alimony.”

      After the divorce became final in 2013, Clark paid child support for a while until his daughter Lea turned 18. That was never an issue, he assured. It’s writing checks to his ex that he can’t stand.

      Cindy Clark could not be reached for comment. The couple’s daughter said she is close to both parents and remains “neutral” on her father’s anti-alimony activism.

      “I give my dad props for trying to change something he doesn’t agree with instead of just complaining,” said Lea Clark, 23, a clinical assistant in Boise, Idaho. “I try to stay on the sidelines regarding this issue. Each case is different depending on circumstances.”

      An aerospace engineer and consultant, Clark, 58, bought his ex-wife out of their upscale house – where mostly blank walls and stark countertops telegraph his professed intolerance for clutter.

      Clark’s former wife works as a dental hygienist – a job she held part-time while their daughter was growing up.

      “That was her choice,” Clark said, calling the mommy track an “investment decision.”

      “But now she’s back to full-time with the potential to make $100,000 a year,” he added.

      Clark declined to state his own annual income.

      Alimony, Clark asserted “is a vestige of the ’50s” when fewer women worked outside the home. “Back in the day, it was reasonable because government didn’t want women on welfare,” he said.

      Now that more women contribute to the labor force, Clark pointed out, alimony cuts both ways – contingent on the greater wage earner.

      “Imagine if you had a cheating husband and then had to pay him alimony,” he said. “How insulting would that be.”

      On his website,, Clark lists the five “tenets” of his cause. Among them are: “Every able-bodied and -minded person over the age of 18 shall be expected to be self-supporting,” and, “People shall be held accountable for their own life’s investment decisions.”

      Dana Heyde, who practices family law in Orange, agreed that alimony “should not be viewed as a pension type thing” that remains unchanged in perpetuity.

      “It’s not like winning the lottery,” Heyde said. “You do not get alimony just because you put up with your spouse for all those years.”

      However, she added, alimony serves an important purpose and “should not be determined by an arbitrary time limit.”

      “Already, you can go to court any time and ask for your alimony payments to be modified,” Heyde said. “On one side, alimony is based on need, and on the other side, the ability to pay.”

      For instance, she said, if the person receiving alimony lands a higher-paying job, or if the person paying alimony loses a job, a judge may decide to decrease or end payments.

      “Alimony is about creating an equal playing field so people can get back on their feet,” Heyde said.

      And childcare still tends to fall disproportionately to women – the ones most likely to cut back on work hours, Heyde noted.

      “I’ve heard a lot of men say, ‘She made the choice to put her career on hold to raise the children,’” Heyde said. “Well, he benefited, too. Kids’ extracurricular activities and doctor appointments are also the father’s responsibility.”

      Such arguments do not sway Clark, who deems alimony “social welfare.”

      “I’m funding my ex-wife’s weekends,” he said. “No one has been able to explain to me how that makes sense.”

      • Thanks Ursula.

        Crazy isn’t it? If a gal’s standard of living goes up for no other reason than because she marries a fella should it not go back down if she divorces that fella? And visa versa?

        She gets to divorce the fella but keep enjoying the standard of living he provided. Huh?

        Whatever happened to “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”?

        Marriage today is a legal scam.


        • I remember thinking this was screwed up all the way back in the 1970s – when there were a few high profile celebrity divorces and the ex-wives were arguing for huge alimony payments. Their stated reasoning was ” I need to be supported in the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to”.

          This was something that really made an impression on my teenage boy mind. You mean if I marry some woman and start making a bunch of money – and then we get divorced… I’ll basically be paying this bitch for life? WTF!.

          It’s things like this that just make me laugh in the face of a lot of people these days who say things like “marriage today is a legal scam”. It’s been a scam for LONG time. I was rating marriage on the scam scale 40 years ago. Where the hell have you guys been living?

          • That was Rod Stewart:

            “Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house.”

  31. One of the things that destroyed the working people of the USA was a thing called inflation. The USA federal government sucked ever more money away from the people using inflation. Fake money backed by nothing but the power of the central government.

    This high inflation led to couples needing two incomes. It led to children being very expensive and that led to smaller families. Both parents working also led to smaller families but also to not raising the children as well as former generations when mom could stay at home.

    The satanic central government has been attacking the family since at least the ’40s but perhaps even earlier.

    It has led to the point we now see — the destruction of civilization in the USA.

    The worst part to me is seeing so darn many girly-boys due to having no dad in the house.

    • If the US had stayed on the gold standard (which sadly never would have happened ever) the government would have stopped growing in the 70’s and would have had to trip costs even more. It was the detachment from the monetary anchor that allowed all of this.

          • We went from a creditor economy before Vietnam to a debtor one afterward. That war did us in. The dollars we were throwing around the world like faux gangster-rap “artists” were coming home to roost, both in inflation and a run on gold. In fact, the “end” of the Cold War a few decades later set off the the timer on the dynamite underneath the House of Empire: 25 years. Time’s up.

            Speed up 1946-2019 and view it all from space, and you can see it. The tide is coming back in on us. Hard.

      • Gold and silver standard actually. The gold standard was highly deflationairy and caused contant bank panics and staving workers wages

        The bimetallism espoused by Bryant or some variation of it would have been far more suitable especially with a 5x population increase while still constricting spending

  32. OMFG…my mother. That bint drove me around the bend with her BS. In her defence, she’s an old Boomer that formed her opinions back when Diversity was a good idea and good jobs were everywhere. In those days a woman could still make good money doing clerical and admin work, and when she and her friends fell, it was always upward. Only the best people are employed by the govt, and if she ever had to work in the private sector…why, she’d make at least three times the money there than she did with the gubbimint!!! (She’d probably have to give up two or three weeks of her annual six of vacation though… so she never bailed. Quality of life dontchya know…). That bitch gave me PTSD – I can hear her now: “Well, Mr. Z, if you were any good at your job… you wouldn’t have to worry about being replaced by a Hindu or a Dindu in the first place!!!” As someone that has been replaced by more vibrant and diverse workers it didn’t sit well with me at all.

    She’d say that in a pissy tone of voice that would legally justify first degree murder too. In our last conversation a year and a half ago she was sputtering about Hillary’s loss in the election and I finally lost my chit on her. I told her that Hill belonged in a cage, and that if she didn’t like Trump, just wait until she sees the next guy. By the time the guy after that comes to power we should be well into our first race wars. She did the “orange man bad!!!” thing and smirked at me and called me a racist. I got so damned mad I got up and left and haven’t seen her since. I know she’s old, I know she’s stupid, but that malevolent old cnut can apologize or go run her mouth at somebody else or die alone.

    Oh… and Just so ya know, you all don’t treat your seniors worth a damn either. Her pension isn’t big enough to allow her to afford the RV that she is entitled to.

    • Required reading for those who can’t understand why the damned kids around here keep ragging on the Boomers. That world view is impenetrable. Xers have it too, I did. It took a lot of changes in life to flip my script finally open my big brain to new realities I refused to see from Reagan to Bush the Lesser.

      • My almost 90 year old mother is a silent, and before she started losing her mental edge (not real dementia, but not all there either) she would have been just like John Smith’s mother. I stopped discussing anything of substance with her decades ago, and moving 1300 miles away (after I returned from years abroad) helped a lot too.

      • Stop blaming it all on Boomers and X’ers.

        I’ve got the same attitude as that which you claim all the kids have these days – but it’s because I spent my life working in private industry. No pension, no 3 months off in the summer because I’m a teacher, no retiring at 55 because I’m a government worker – none of that shit.

        Because I work in the private sector – I’ve been laid off multiple times. When the stock market goes down the shitter – my “pension” goes down the shitter with it.

        I don’t see this as necessarily a boomer vs millenial thing.

        It’s a government tit sucker vs. have to work your ass off in the private sector thing.

        And from what I’ve read – the kids are all saying that they’re down with socialism these days. Which would mean that what is really going on here isn’t a “you screwed up the world for us boomers!” issue , but rather another manifestation of the typical socialist/commie attitude that if I’m not getting rich – it’s because somebody else stole it from me.

    • The boomers will be the least visited people in the nursing home. They’ll be ghosted worse than they did to grandma in 1987. Don’t worry, she’ll finally get to experience those exotic diverse people in her incapacitated state, as they steal anything of value from her night stand and leave her with bed sores. She can go to bed hearing the shrieking monkey like Tagalog and smelling the oils from some fish head soup they bring into the place.

      • If the Boomers are least visited, that just means the Boomer’s children are worthless. How sharper than a serpent’s tooth…

        • Indeed. Boomer here. No one I know and respect would ever use such language or descriptions wrt their parents, much less their mother. There are ghetto gang bangers who were raised (if you can call it that) in the darkest parts of our inner cities by single, drug addicted mothers who wouldn’t use such disparaging language.

          What you say may all be true, but you have not earned the right to say such. Perhaps on your deathbed, you’ll have such a right.

          • They yammer endlessly about tribalism and deracinated, atomistic post-modern society, pine for white communities and solidarity, but aren’t even loyal to their own “bitch”, “cnut” mothers, their own flesh and blood.

          • Older generations are not facing what younger people are facing. The few who are clear headed and not wealthy are understandably quite concerned (panicked at times even). My view of the future is that I am entering into a war (how hot of a war is yet to be determined), and must prepare myself for it to the extent possible (not just materially, but mentally and spiritually). In truth though, it’s not so much a war that is coming, as a hunt, in which people like me are the prey.

            My boomer parents are actually fairly sane and clear headed (maybe I’ve helped with that). All in all, I don’t particularly blame the boomers. In my opinion, if there is such a thing as a human soul, most of humanity does not possess one. I see more independent thought and reality-calibration in my beloved cats than I see in most of humanity, whites very much included. People quite wholly absorb and parrot the culture and thinking that surrounds them, which is largely sent downward to them from the elite. Our elite are the elite of liberalism, and it’s why I believe in tearing modernity out by the roots, and casting it into the fire.

          • Whites are now turning against our own parents as part of the self-loathing monkey show we’re putting on for the spectators. I don’t get it any more. Like everyone around me is in some bizarre death-by-a-thousand-self-inflicted-cuts cult.

            I despair of this ending in my lifetime, and have largely given up on making any future plans. As a Christian I do not despair of my soul, but I have abandoned hope in this culture and this regime. I fear everything of value will be taken away by the tides. This is not the school of resentment let loose in the streets, this is the madhouse of resentment.

          • Frankly, Whites have a long history of being detached from our families compared other races. Individualism drives it, and it is one of the most unique things about western society. It probably explains a lot about the current situation we’re in.

    • The great failure of the Boomers as a whole was in part due to being the first generation raised on the fantasy world of television. It gave them the illusion of omnipotence: if we can think it we can do it, we can even bend nature to our will. The first generation who believed deeply that they could replace tradition and history with abstract fairytales that would right the wrongs of their fathers and grandfathers.

    • Disgusting language… I’m sorry that you are bitter at your mother, but she is still your mother. That said, are you really not capable of setting aside your political disagreements?

      The main idea on this website is that we need strong, nuclear families and strong white communities… calling your mother a “cunt” is not really productive.


  33. Whether you die by the gun in Texas, by hurricane in Florida or by fire in Mexifornia, we are all doomed. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. I am tired of dwelling on all the sh*t I cannot control in this supposed “land of freedom.” Time to bug out. Peace.

      • In the clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter by his trade
        And he carries the reminders
        Of every glove that laid him down or cut him
        ‘Til he cried out in his anger and his shame
        “I am leaving, I am leaving”, but the fighter still remains

  34. I’ve had experience with the medical care systems of France, Russia and the United States. One thing is immediately apparent is that there are many more auxiliaries in the U.S. system–lots of people who spend most of their time standing around; In France, when you go to see a doctor, often the doctor opens the door, and when you call, the doctor answers the phone. In Russia, the overhead at the private clinic that I went to was higher, but my doctor gave me her cell phone number so that I could reach her directly. France has single payor although most French people who can afford it also purchase supplemental medical insurance. But any doctor who practices in France has to accept patients with the government health insurance–there are no Preferred Provider Organizations, or Health Maintenance Organizations. The system is starting to show strains, but overall it works better than in the U.S., but with much lower costs.

    I have a feeling that the U.S. health care/medical insurance system is rather like Superfund; everyone agrees that it is a badly-flawed system, but no one can agree on its replacement, so it continues to stagger along. It’s one of the reasons that my family is emigrating next year.

    • Western health care systems are solutions to problems that have not existed in a century. The trouble is the huge constituencies benefiting from those systems. I’m fond of pointing out that American veterinary care is world-class and dirt cheap. Our pets getting better care than people. It is a system that exists outside the state and largely outside globalism. It’s a network of small practices.

      Health care in America will collapse in the coming decades.

      • If anyone is familiar with the TV series “Trailer Park Boys” they regularly go to a vet to get bullets removed from their asses etc.

        Bureaucracy is the downfall of every society. Wars are good for clearing it out temporarily, like weeding a garden.

        • @karl – “…familiar with the TV series “Trailer Park Boys” they regularly go to a vet to get bullets removed from their asses etc.”

          In Vietnam I roomed with a guy whose dad was an actual New York mafia enforcer. He told quite a few stories of that life growing up. They had two particular veterinarians come in at weird hours to work on injured guys. Allegedly he even had Vincent Gigante use his place as s safe house once. Dude was special forces, so I don’t know how much of it was BS.

          • Nice story! I remember driving around in upstate NY (years ago), and seeing the guys in suits and sunglasses — with German Shepard dogs — out front of gated estates.

        • >>>If anyone is familiar with the TV series “Trailer Park Boys” <<<

          Truly Canada’s greatest export

      • Vet care is very good, but not dirt cheap anymore. An X-ray for the chest and thorax can cost $300- 500. Other procedures and surgeries can go from $500 into the 1000s. Cheaper than people care, though, indeed.

        I go to the doctor constantly for a variety of problems in the UC system in Sacto and I don’t know what you mean by it being a time sink. I get very good and prompt care usually.

        • Vet care also has the advantage that if Fido’s procedure is expensive, or if Fido’s surgery went badly, well, Fido had a good life. Lots of vets will include cremation and disposal if you’re a repeat customer.

          Both healthcare and vet care have changed a lot in the past two decades. There’s the standard wellness check that’s pretty much the same, and there are those base treatments that have been well-known for 50 years, but now we have a lot more available due to advances in research and technology. Genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis aren’t the death sentences they once were. Grandpa’s congenital heart failure can be stented, medicated, bypassed and fixed with a pig valve and an electronic ticker. The MRI is such a useful new technology that if you come in with a hangnail they’ll scan you just to make sure you don’t have an internal cojoined twin making trouble.

          The only thing I know for sure about the healthcare problem is anybody who says “X is the solution” is selling something. The actual solution will have to address the organization of hospitals, the education of new doctors and providers, the legal aspects of “negative patient outcome,” the baseline of what constitutes necessary healthcare and where it becomes entirely elective, interference in local zoning and statues, and certainly immigration. That’s just what I came up with off the top of my head, it’s certainly not complete.

          I deal with medical professionals as a customer more often than the average American, and I notice the baggage that Z talks about. There are a lot of people involved in things that are simply hurdles between the doctor and the patient. Some of them are important, such as the people involved with infection control; some of them are just make-work, like the 2X-minimum wage secretaries in scrubs that make sure all the HIPAA forms are signed. Any solution that doesn’t involve flattening this ratio isn’t meaningful in a patient-oriented context. Which, I suspect, is the point. Healthcare, and socialized healthcare in particular, is simply a jobs program; the WPA for the 21st century.

          • “The MRI is such a useful new technology that if you come in with a hangnail they’ll scan you just to make sure you don’t have an internal conjoined twin making trouble”.

            It’s a good thing I was on the john when I read that, because I would have pissed my pants I laughed so hard.

            Thank you good sir, for starting my day on a high note!

    • I work in the P&C side of the business….and as f-d up as I believe it is, walking into any medical encounter is positively Dickensian. I really don’t know how it functions. Had to sell a small health insurer owned by my old firm about 20 years ago. It was a truly shitty business.

    • Right now we have the worst of both worlds, our system is free market in name only, although you could say that about so many industries now. All we know as a country is putting more and more firepower on a problem for less and less results. In some cases literally. We’re paying $100mil per F35. People scream about Obamacare, but our system was broken long before that. The looming debt crisis will sweep a lot of this. The health care system is just another example of how our economy produces little to no value, and is based on maximum extraction. A very complex system of looting. Yet another symptom of end stage democracy.

    • One can’t talk about US health care inefficiencies without talking about alternatives now being developed, such as concierge medicine groups. These groups are opening where I live and they do not take insurance plans, instead you pay them a yearly or monthly fee per family member. You see a doctor, or he sees you when you need him. Procedures and costs are posted. For example, an MRI (they contract with a provider whose got the machine) is under $400. One even has its own pharmacy and fills prescriptions for cost.

      Point being that one now has a sense of “real” costs, i.e., costs devoid of insurance overhead and games played in billing. I have both insurance and pay for a “private” doctor. A primary care doctor is of course, necessary to write prescriptions and send you to specialists. I don’t see doctors much, but I’ve never felt rushed when seeing him, nor have I ever had to wait and queue for an appointment. Indeed, treatment in some cases was prescribed over the phone and drugs picked up in an hour. If not for this service, I’d have waited a day in the emergency room of the local hospital.

      As some have mentioned here, this process seems revolutionary—but it is not! I’m old enough to remember going to our family doctor who lived down the street and operated out of a makeshift office in his home. We paid in cash. He provided just about everything needed outside of a serious hospital visit—which in my long life, I’ve never needed.

      Now insurance for me and wife is somewhere around $15k—we’re old, this is not a complaint. You can buy a lot of everyday medical care for that and still have money left over for a catastrophic insurance plan. Which I guess is what I really have, since I don’t use the plans general care physicians (overpaying?).

      • I remember as a young child “emergency” paid for big ticket items. Basic care was paid out of pocket, which makes sense. You pay out-of-pocket for routine home maintenance such as repainting the walls or replacing the roof. If a tree falls on the roof, that will be covered.

        Regarding concierge service, what do you do about big ticket items? I’m an extremely strong and lucky person, healthwise, but did spend two days at a local hospital for double pneumonia several years ago. Medical insurance paid for everything except for the tv, phone and results of medical tests. The pneumonia was mild, so they should have sent me home, but I did have a good medical plan through work and they did have an empty bed going to waste. What a racket.

        • As I understand it, you buy catastrophic health insurance with a largish deduction. Say, you pay the first $5-6k. Hard to really state pricing because the Fed’s have everything so damn screwed up. But like I said, I and the wife are old, like really in the time of life to keel over and rack up a $100k bill. Indeed, the wife had a heart attack and racked up $50k five years ago, yet we only pay $15k or so for the current plan—which is good, not a phony high deductible. I believe we are on the hook for the first $3k now.

          If you were in your 20’s, married, and starting a family this is the way to go—especially with health savings accounts that accrue your unspent $$$. After about 5 or so years, you are over the hump. After 15 you are golden. Trouble is, young folk are so in debt or making so little, they must role the dice and go without insurance.

        • Part of the problem in this country – is peoples concept of “insurance” – is completely warped.

          They expect health “insurance” to pretty much pay for everything health related. Which to my way of thinking is a by-product of their free shit mentality. The majority of people in my experience have a complete disconnect between in their heads between what health care they get – and how much it actually costs – or should cost.

          They know damn well they’re paying a huge amount for health insurance – but they don’t connect this to what the actual bills cost.

          I had a co-worker who once told me that his kids had “free school”. When we asked him what he was talking about – he said his kids went to the public schools in town. One of my buddies told him “that’s not free school – you’re paying for school with your property taxes”. But ignorant co-worker doubled down and got irate when his concept of how things worked was challenged.

          This is the same level of mentality that I think most people apply to their health insurance and how much medical care costs. They know the health insurance keeps going up – so in their mind it’s “let’s make the government pay for it” – which is how we ended up with Obamacare.

          I know multiple people – my mother included – who have eaten thru 100’s of thousands of dollars if not millions in medical care. When you look at what portion of that they might have been able to pay for – the answer is down in the single digits as a percentage.

          The way I see things is that all of this is just a another facet of the world of free shitters.

          If there were no health insurance – you’d be confronted in a highly unpleasant fashion with the true costs of medical care. And from there would flow change – very quickly.

          Health insurance = obfuscation.

          When that doesn’t work to obfuscate enough – we’ll go to government run healthcare of some form. And since you can’t fix anything once the government gets hold of it – it will go on like that – until it can’t any more.

          Then it will all collapse in spectacular fashion.

          • Our self-employed small family of 4 started out paying about $450/ month for health insurance with a $1500 deductible. Seemed fair. This was in 2003. Over time it went up and up until 2015 it was $2300 per month with a $15,000 deductible. No prescriptions were covered, ever. When I told a woman I know, a Mexican woman who is in the country illegally, that one of my son’s inhalers was $175, she said, “Why don’t you just get your medicine from the county? It only costs $1.” Then I began to hate.

  35. Add to that white people that have children have got to be becoming aware that their children are going to be a despised minority when they’re adults. There is a desperation among those parents to make sure there is lots and lots of money for their kids to be above the chaos when the children are older. Of course the state is brainwashing the kids so chances are half of them are going to turn on their parents anyway
    Terrible situation

    • You can avoid that brainwashing but it takes constant unremitting diligence and attention. Spent last year concurrently reteaching the AP US History course to one of my kids. It was worth it. She pulled a 4 on the exam and came out actually knowing something. But if I’d left it to the teacher and that god awful Zinn book they were using…..

      • I can’t believe they were using zinn’s book. When I was in my early twenties and a liberal a lot of people I knew read that book and it was considered highly subversive. It was a badge of honor for people that claim to read it. Now it’s in the schools.

        • I happen to have a BA (and most of my masters course work) in history from what was once one of the best programs in the country–could literally mark almost every page of Zinn’s book with error corrections. Thank God, also happened to have a facility with numbers and went into finance. Never could have stomached a career in academia.

        • Whitney, it is unfortunately still widely used and if I recall was rated the most popular book of its kind a few years ago. Indeed, when we as a State attempted to shut down our Mexican Studies programs in K through 12, the Zinn book was prominent in the stack of books on the local Director of MA Studies desk. Of course, the ignorant reporter interviewing him was clueless and asked no questions wrt to content of the assigned materials, such as Zinn, he was shown.

          The other day, I saw on Amazon a book being offered which was a repudiation of Zinn’s book. I was tempted to get it, but there is only so much time and my children are grown.

          • Zinn’s book is all that all of you are describing and more, but you don’t realize that in reality most textbook used for US History classes have the same basic outlook that Zinn does. That and almost all History teachers are commies. No buzz- cutted Marines anymore..

          • Agreed. Most widely used book in intro Political Science, “The Irony of Democracy”. Title says it all. Completely against our current democratic processes.

        • Geezus – they’re using that book by Zinn as a textbook?

          I remember when that came out – and there was a lot of criticism of it (at least among the right wing / libertarian circles I spent time in ) – and how full of outright lies and errors it was.

          What I remember of history when I was in school – was a sleep inducing repeat of the same stuff over and over and over again. I admit to not paying much attention during history class – but that was probably because I had been reading a lot of history since a young age on my own – and recognized what was being fed by my public school teachers as just so much crap.

      • Or you could avoid the brainwashing entirely by homeschooling. We were forced to do this for my younger son when his Christian school (which has since closed) began importing diversity via scholarship so they could have better sportsball teams (plus the usual churchian psychobabble about how we’re all brothers). Then they replaced the retiring older teachers with shiny new products of ed schools with a bit of churchianity layered on top, and switched to more ‘inclusive’ textbooks. Even books from Christian publishers, which had been fairly good when my older son used them, now included entirely rewritten sections plus lots of added pages featuring yet more diversity. It would be sad if it wasn’t so utterly predictable.

        • A lot of homeschool kids hit adulthood as maladjusted wierdos. They have no resistance to the Cultural Smallpox Blankets GloboHomo offers them.

          I don’t say this as a defense of Public Schools, but it’s a real problem and it gets overlooked.

          • I blame the sheltered, watch-TV stay-indoors/home lifestyle more than homeschooling. Homeschooled kids should have more free time than K-12s to go out and socialize with other kids – no wasted dindu-sitting time for the instructor, less non-instructional BS in general to cope with. Parents who shelter their kids Benedict Option style aren’t making them stronger. Shelter them when they’re very young then make sure they’re socialized with other kids as they get old enough to handle themselves.

          • Regarding “dindu” it seems to me there’s a semantic problem. All dindus, as we know, dindu dat thang dey did. Fair enough. However, most dindus also don’t du nuffin all day long neither, cept fo dat thang dey did du.

            Statistically we should call them don’dus, using the present imperfect, or continuous. However, what dey dindu tends to have more impact den what dey don’ du, so it’s sort of a puzzler.

            Guess we should stick with what’s already stuck.

          • How much din would a dindu do if a dindu din du din? A dindu would do duns of din if a dindu din du din.

        • We can be brothers in Christ. But God established the nations and tribes of the earth, for His reasons. It does not mean we have to or should cohabitate. To each their own land and peoples. Fraternity without fraternization works best by design.

          This may be unpopular here and I’ll see if I can get myself to care. I do not hate the other tribes or people of the Earth. I wish them well in Their Lands. I pray they all join the Corpus Christi. We can help each other in times of need, but it unwise for the tribes to live intermingled to any large degree.

          I do not hate the sinner. I am a miserable one.

          I do however despise the wicked: those who knowingly corrupt and mislead. I hate the heretical: like Islam, Churchianity, Communism et al… heresy cunningly creates a semblance of truth and perfection but is only smoke and deceit. I abhor the chameleons insinuated among us from other tribes who seek to undermine My People. Foster degeneracy, sap Our strength, destroy Us.

          I wish all peoples well but love My People best. I hope the best for Kenyans in Kenya and the Han in China. The Jews in their Israel. Their mischief and self-caused grief is also their own to bear. I can and will love my Chriatian brothers and sisters but that does not mean I can sanction the decay and destruction of My People to that end (1 Timothy 5:8). To do so only damns me. There is nothing wrong with that. May they all come willingly to the King.

          But this tower of Babel forced upon us. It is unwise, unwarranted and unholy.

          If this whizzes in anyone’s Wheaties… feel free to let loose. I’m a big boy. I can take it. Dont worry, I won’t hate on you.

    • Worse, the kids often turn on each other fighting over the inheritance. Most important strength is the family unit, from there all things are built, or destroyed.

  36. I remember as a kid when the talk was about how efficiency would result in a four day work week and the same standard of living. Instead it became a push for more things, both parents working, and the destruction of the family.

    Of course, the media has spent, since I can remember, showing any sort of normal life as abhorrent and evil.

    • The economics literature of the 1950s predicted a 25-hour work week and questioned what we would do with all of our spare time. Didn’t quite work out that way, although I’ve heard arguments that most people actually do work about 25 hours a week and the rest of the time is just spent in the place of employment.

      • Diversity, I’d have to agree. The Internet was a boon and a bust in this regard. Used to be it would take hours to locate, download and install patches to software, now it’s minutes and often automatic. What to do with the time saved… 😉

        • I’ve been a “car guy” since I was a teenager. Before the internet came along – I had a bookcase full of parts catalogs and manuals for cars I had worked on and/or owned. A lot of these took many years to accumulate – as I would run across obscure purveyors of one-off parts for an obscure car – and squirrel that info away in case I needed it in the future.

          Every single mechanic or car hobbyist I knew back in the pre-internet days – did the same thing.

          Along comes the internet – and I could immediately see the potential to make all of that info available right at your fingers. I went to work at an internet company in 1996 in fact because I could see the potential.

          It took at least a decade though – for that promise to start to reach it’s full potential.. Now – if I’m having a problem with one of my vehicles I can go online and lookup and usually find the manual – and I can read a bunch of reviews of different choices for parts – and then I can order the part at 11:00pm at night – and have it show up at my door a couple of days later.

          In those pre-internet days I would have to call somebody up on the phone – order the part – and hope it came in a week or so.

          So even aside from software patches – which to my way of thinking are all connected to the internet anyway – since absent the internet – what would the average person be using a computer for?…… there are entire realms of life that have been affected – to the positive – by the presence of the internet.

        • Once automation and urbanization kicks in , parasitism is inevitable

          There simply isn’t enough well remunerated work to support families in an urban society and each year it gets worse and worse.

          Though closing the doors to global trade has its merits and will have a positive effect, it is not a long term solution either.

          Even in closed market you don’t need A.I. or manlike robots or most of the Scifi hooey to devalue labor, you simply need the computers we already have

          Less money for workers , less future

          If we can’t figure out a way to do this, the sane solution is to not let global capital run the show and just accept shrinkage. 1.6 TFR for a hundred years isn’t all bad in a homogenous society

          Just realize you’ll have somewhat stiff taxes to pay for senior care and to deconstruct unneeded infrastructure. Expect to see sewer levies to do repairs for lower capacity and such

          In time the population will meet ist social carrying capacity and will stabilize and if it turns out to be I don’t know 60- million? So be it.

          Sow the E-wind Reap the E whirlwind

    • I recall skimming through a Time magazine cover story in the early 1990’s that was celebrating the fax machine and other new technologies as heralds of the new area of high quality living for American workers — all the increased productivity from the technology would allow workers to work fewer days/hours and be even more productive, with more free time and higher quality of life. After that, I never saw another article like that in a mainstream publication. Work hours increased while pay stagnated. Fewer holidays. Elimination of positions meant 1 worker doing the job of 3 workers. Etc. I poked around for the article in the past but was unable to find it. If it still exists, I might have to purchase it to see it again; not worth it. I’ll note that Clinton took office after that and the massive looting of Americans really took off as well as pedal-to-the-medal hordes of Latinos flooding in.

      • There were serious proposals during the Carter Regime when the Fax was first introduced to restrict them to the Postal Service : you would go to the Post Office to send one one and the recipient to theirs to pick it up.

        In a sane society proposal alone this would have resulted in politicians swinging from lampposts.

        • Bile, I was just about through the comments and ready to go out to eat when I read yours wrt USPS. Now I have an upset stomach and no longer wish to eat. Bad memories, sigh.

        • Ugh. I went to ship a package at the local USPS office a while ago. I wanted to ship it COD and was told that the package was too big to ship COD. How could the size of the package possibly make a difference in whether COD is possible?

          • Possibly because the recipient might not pay, and the USPS would have to send it back to you, which would be expensive for a larger package. Just guessing.

      • When I was growing up, pre-internet and pre-desktop computer, my Mom worked as a “regional coordinator” for a pharmaceutical sakes team — sort of a combination group secretary, receptionist and logistical coordinator.

        Fast forward a few years to my own work as a sales engineer and that role doesn’t exist anymore. Microsoft Office and the internet killed it.

        Where are the people who did that job now? Near as I can tell, they work in HR making everyone’s life miserable to give them busy work to do.

        • Those people have to eat and if as a society we want people to have kids, they had better have jobs

          Since wages will never be allowed to go up enough for one income to support a family this means a lot of useless jobs that exist to annoy people along with loads of scams, and other sorts of leeching

          we only really have enough productive remunerative work for about half the working age population to work 30 hours full time and acres of junk jobs on top of that

          And note when upward mobility was a common thing, junk jobs were fine, work hard move up. Now? A lot of people are stuck at low wages for good

          This creates and spreads the culture of poverty, making people that would otherwise have working class or even middle class values into poverty values

          Its social suicide but we are stupid stubborn people who’ve only been able to be weaned off greed and bad conduct at gunpoint

          Our rich leech everything and only change with sate force applied

          An example

          The 40 hour work week we sort of have only exists because rich people were afraid of labor violence and socialism

          It took near 70 years or so and the election of the emergency powers President , borderline Socialist FDR to get it which should tell us something

          In the end, if we want bth technology and children, we’ll have less economic liberty. Pick two since you can’t have three.

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