Rebellious Thoughts

Most people reading this will claim that they are not surprised that the people behind the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election will not face charges. To be on the dissident right requires a degree of cynicism about political institutions. Democracy assumes things about humans that the dissident knows are false. Therefore, a system relying on people to act in a way that is against their nature is doomed to fail. That and the people attracted to democratic politics are always the worst society has to offer.

No matter how clear-eyed you are about the nature of man, politicians always have the ability to disappoint even the most cynical. If most people on this side of the great divide are being honest, they are let down by the news that the oleaginous James Comey will escape justice for his crimes. There was that flicker of hope that William Barr would not be another slithering reptile and do the right thing. Again, these people always have the ability to disappoint even the most jaded among us.

The thing is, there has always been a sense that these people operate by a different set of rules than the rest of us. It’s such an overused trope that when you see a James Comey type of character in a movie, they seem one-dimensional. They’re just the stock bureaucratic bad guy everyone knows how to hate. The same is true of the duplicitous villain like Bill Barr. In movies, that’s the guy the hero foolishly trusts, only to learn that he is more villainous than the James Comey character.

That said, the reason that most people have been holding out hope that this seditious plot would be prosecuted is they don’t really believe everyone in the ruling class is a villainous gangster. Again, even the jaded on this side of the divide thought something would come from this caper, even if it was just the release of a documents showing there was a plot. Maybe a few low-level punks like Lisa Page and Peter Strzok would get a show trial and be sent off to Club Fed for a few years.

It is increasingly clear, that nothing will happen. Bill Barr is just the latest flim-flam man to bamboozle Donald Trump into trusting him. It is clear now that his assignment is to cover up the crimes of official Washington. It has been six months since he was authorized to start releasing the classified documents describing the actions of the FBI during this caper. So far, nothing has been released. In fact, Bill Barr is fighting public disclosure of documents a federal judge ordered released months ago.

The path to revolution starts with dissatisfaction. The people are unhappy with their lot and begin to demand changes. At first, they appeal to their rulers, who they assume want to do a good job as rulers. When that fails, they begin to demand their rulers make reforms and address their concerns. At some point, the people realize they cannot appeal to the humanity or the pragmatism of their rulers. Reform will never come, so the last two options are knuckle under or revolt against the system and it rulers.

There seems to be a scale along which people move from pacified to rebellious that is determined by their view of their rulers. At the pacified end, they are happy with how things are going in their personal lives and assume it is in everyone’s interest to make the system work. The rulers benefit from a happy populace, so even if they indifferent to the people, they work to make them happy. The system of rules and the people operating the system are working about as well as possible, so there is peace.

At the other end is where people no longer believe the system is just and that the people ruling over it are beyond appeals to reason and humanity. In fact, the people in charge relish the injustice of the system, maybe taking extra measures to inflict chaos and mayhem on the people. The system is so bad and the condition so intolerable, it is assumed that anything must be better. At this end, the people no longer view their rulers as human men. They are just the face of an evil system.

As Bill Barr slowly and efficiently covers up the seditious plot and other crimes committed by the FBI and DOJ during the Obama years, it is not unreasonable to wonder how far down the scale this moves the political center. Twenty-five years ago, most dissidents would have thought this level of corruption was improbable, if not entirely impossible. The typical normie was still sure the next election would bring reformers, who would chase off the crooks and clean up the system.

It’s hard to gauge these things, because our biases come into play. If you are an accelerationist, for example, the Comey result is good news. You want to think that this moves everyone closer to the “burn baby burn” camp. If you are a Trump-truster, you probably just tune this stuff out, as it contradicts your preferred narrative. Maybe you convince yourself that letting Comey walk is part of some super-secret 4-D chess game Trump and Barr are playing to entrap the deep state in their web.

The likely answer right now is most normal white people are a bit shocked by what is happening, unable to process it. It’s one thing to overindulge in negativity and self-pity, calling the pols a bunch of crooks. That’s just a coping strategy. It is another thing to realize that it really is hopeless and the system is beyond redemption. It’s like that moment when you decide to find a new job or change careers. Nothing changes on the outside, but inside there is a revolution in your thinking and outlook.

That probably explains why the ruling classes in revolutionary times make so many costly blunders. In retrospect, it is baffling, but in the moment the people in charge look out and see nothing but calm. They conclude that things are going well enough that they don’t have to change course. Maybe that’s why Barr is working hard to cover up the crime and corruption. He thinks once the whole thing is dispensed with, it will no longer vex people. Trust in the system will slowly return.

Again, it is hard to gauge these things in the moment. One thing we know is that dissident ranks are growing. Even the Left is admitting it. The popularity of dissident sites, podcasts and video shows are at record highs. More important, the general sense within dissident ranks is that reform is impossible. We not only need a new ruling class, we need a new system. The center of gravity for the opposition to the status quo is moving further down that scale toward rebellion.

That said, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the civic nationalist to operate in anything but a fantasy world. Whatever you may think of Trump, the result of the last three years is proof that elections don’t matter. This shameless refusal by public officials to apply the law to Washington insiders makes a mockery of the rule of law. Throw in the stunning dishonesty of the mass media and the metastasizing surveillance state and it is impossible for even the most gullible to remain a civic nationalist.

Even accounting for all the various biases, a sober minded view of things suggests we are rapidly heading to that place where the people are faced with two choices. It’s either knuckle under and surrender any sense of dignity or revolt against a system that is beyond reform. Maybe like that guy in the cubicle who decided to quit, that’s where everyone is right now. Or, maybe most people are like the other guy, resigned to a life as a cubicle slave. Events suggest we will find out sooner, rather than later.

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240 thoughts on “Rebellious Thoughts

  1. It is impossible to drain the pool if every guy you sent to open the drain valve secretly installs a chain and lock to KEEP the valve tightly closed.

    “It is another thing to realize that it really is hopeless and the system is beyond redemption.”
    In the Armed Forces we call that “FUBAR” – F**ked Up Beyond Any/All Repair. I think the government became FUBAR shortly after the Constitution of 1787 was ratified. Washington led troops to Pennsylvania to put down the “Whiskey Rebellion” a mere 7 years after the Constitutiion was ratified. The “Alien and Sedition Acts” were passed into law by President John Adams in 1798 – little more than a decade after the Constitution was ratified. If anyone should have been sympathetic to the farmers in Pensylvania, shouldn’t it have been the people who pledged “[their] Lives, [their] Fortunes and [their] sacred Honor.” to overthrow a government they deemed to have “evince[d] a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism”? And I wonder how easily the legislature passed and John Adams signed the Sedition Act which, in essence “prohibited public opposition to the government.” Fines and imprisonment could be used against those who ‘write, print, utter or publish…any false, scandalous and malicious writing…with intent to defame the…government” or ‘to stir up sedition within the United States.’ against the government.”

    “One thing we know is that dissident ranks are growing.”
    And from what I’ve seen, it isn’t merely on the right. People on the left are running out of patience – with the lack of what they feel is the proper response to President Trump and the deplorables who ignored the proper workings of government to sweep him into office. I truly believe that we will see increasing numbers of increasingly violent demonstrations by leftist radical organiatiions such as AntiFa. A couple of years back, during the standoff at the Bundy ranch in ’14, I expected the “shot heard round whe world” for AR 2.0 was about to happen. Now I am convinced that the first shots of AR 2.0/CW 2.0 may well be fired by latter day “brownshirts”.

    “Even accounting for all the various biases, a sober minded view of things suggests we are rapidly heading to that place where the people are faced with two choices. It’s either knuckle under and surrender any sense of dignity or revolt against a system that is beyond reform.”
    Unfortunately, I expect most of the populous to “knuckle under” and “go along to get along”. Hell! I’m not sure that if someone was holding a gun to my childern’s, grandchildren’s or great-grandchildren’s heads that I might not do a little shuck and jive and utter a couple of “Yessa massa. Yessa massa” sort of things. I learned almost 50 years ago never to predict how I would react in a crisis. Honestly? I am REALLY hoping to be resting down the street from my folks at Ft Sam Houstion National Cemetery before things get that bad.

  2. Recently I heard Bill Barr use the word “Intent” for the second time to excuse a lack of action for prosecuting Comey. The first time I heard or paid attention to the use of that word was when Comey used it to excuse his lack of action on Hillary for her actions while Sec. of State. I do not understand either the supposed “lack of intent” argument, or the excuse of “we will let this lesser infraction go because we are going for bigger crimes against Comey.”

    You and I know that if I am to rob a bank, shoot a guard making my escape, crash a police car into a private business killing the officer in pursuit, and wind up in a shoot out where I kill or wound civilians and other officers before being apprehended, that I would be brought up on multiple charges. So why they refuse to charge Comey for lesser crimes to go after the big ones is beyond me. Seems they should be nailing him for everything they can convict him on.

    And as far as intent goes, all these clowns are “lawyers” and supposedly know the law, hold many years of experience in high positions dealing with sensitive information, have been briefed, have signed secrecy and non-disclosure agreements, and have pledged oaths on the Bible to uphold the law and defend the US Constitution, and yet, their excuse is “they did not have intent?”

    If I go to court, I don’t think any judge in the land would cut me any slack for claiming ignorance of the law, or “not having intent.” A crime is a crime. Isn’t manslaughter an example of a crime without premeditation or intent? It was an accident and yet, most people are held liable and face the consequences for their actions.

    You are right, however, my patience with the wheels of Justice is threadbare. And the latest with Epstein being killed in a high profile case is beyond the pale. Go figure.

  3. I was disappointed with Trump’s appointment of Barr from the beginning given his anti-gun views and his history with defending the Ruby Ridge sniper from prosecution for murder. He has done his job to defend Trump but he has many other negative aspects and a this post points out simply another insider supposedly playing for a different team.

    Mueller to has been in a number of positions over the decades.

  4. Happy September!

    September 1, 1939
    W. H. Auden – 1907-1973

    I sit in one of the dives
    On Fifty-second Street
    Uncertain and afraid
    As the clever hopes expire
    Of a low dishonest decade:
    Waves of anger and fear
    Circulate over the bright
    And darkened lands of the earth,
    Obsessing our private lives;
    The unmentionable odour of death
    Offends the September night.

    Accurate scholarship can
    Unearth the whole offence
    From Luther until now
    That has driven a culture mad,
    Find what occurred at Linz,
    What huge imago made
    A psychopathic god:
    I and the public know
    What all schoolchildren learn,
    Those to whom evil is done
    Do evil in return.

    Exiled Thucydides knew
    All that a speech can say
    About Democracy,
    And what dictators do,
    The elderly rubbish they talk
    To an apathetic grave;
    Analysed all in his book,
    The enlightenment driven away,
    The habit-forming pain,
    Mismanagement and grief:
    We must suffer them all again.

    Into this neutral air
    Where blind skyscrapers use
    Their full height to proclaim
    The strength of Collective Man,
    Each language pours its vain
    Competitive excuse:
    But who can live for long
    In an euphoric dream;
    Out of the mirror they stare,
    Imperialism’s face
    And the international wrong.

    Faces along the bar
    Cling to their average day:
    The lights must never go out,
    The music must always play,
    All the conventions conspire
    To make this fort assume
    The furniture of home;
    Lest we should see where we are,
    Lost in a haunted wood,
    Children afraid of the night
    Who have never been happy or good.

    The windiest militant trash
    Important Persons shout
    Is not so crude as our wish:
    What mad Nijinsky wrote
    About Diaghilev
    Is true of the normal heart;
    For the error bred in the bone
    Of each woman and each man
    Craves what it cannot have,
    Not universal love
    But to be loved alone.

    From the conservative dark
    Into the ethical life
    The dense commuters come,
    Repeating their morning vow;
    “I will be true to the wife,
    I’ll concentrate more on my work,”
    And helpless governors wake
    To resume their compulsory game:
    Who can release them now,
    Who can reach the deaf,
    Who can speak for the dumb?

    All I have is a voice
    To undo the folded lie,
    The romantic lie in the brain
    Of the sensual man-in-the-street
    And the lie of Authority
    Whose buildings grope the sky:
    There is no such thing as the State
    And no one exists alone;
    Hunger allows no choice
    To the citizen or the police;
    We must love one another or die.

    Defenceless under the night
    Our world in stupor lies;
    Yet, dotted everywhere,
    Ironic points of light
    Flash out wherever the Just
    Exchange their messages:
    May I, composed like them
    Of Eros and of dust,
    Beleaguered by the same
    Negation and despair,
    Show an affirming flame.

  5. No one will see this, but I had an off-topic epiphany and I’m sure I’m that last one to know it: Most or all of Leftyism is based on bottomless-pit guilt of whites or anyone who has their shit together. Bottomless pit is the key.

    It’s irrational. And that makes it INVALID.

    And that’s the answer to “RACIST!!$#%!!!”.
    “No, it isn’t. Racism doesn’t exist. Racism has become bottomless guilt. Endless guilt is lie. I reject it’s existence.”

    Instead of a simpering “No, I’m not!!”

    • Accusations of “racism” are a product of will-to-power struggles. Plutocrats want their open borders McWorld, and whites who don’t want to be Braziled or South Africa’d are “racist”. Negroes want to rob everyone blind, right up to eating the seed corn and starving to death. Low tier hispanics want a First World existence which they are incapable of producing. White Leftists want to be ranked among the Good, and want to be accepted by, and ideally placed near, the plutocrat elite. That’s what I think is at the heart of things.

      “Racist”, “sexist”, et al are not about equality, they are about inverting the traditional, legitimate (biology is real), necessary (for high civilization to be constructed and maintained) hierarchy. Inequality is often a product of biology, and many types of inequality are necessary for humans to thrive, to build high cultures and civilizations.

      As far as accusations of historical white cruelty are concerned, like slavery for example, we first of all did not personally have anything to do with those things. Secondly, horrific cruelty is the norm throughout human history, and is in the fact the norm across the animal kingdom (the state of nature). Read about the Barbary pirates at wikipedia. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans, from as far north as Ireland, were enslaved by Muslims and sold in slave markets through the early 19th century. Here’s one highlight:

      “Attractive women or boys could be used as sex slaves.”

      Here’s some highlights of the galley slaves on ships:

      “galley slaves of the Ottoman Sultan in Constantinople would be permanently confined to their galleys, and often served extremely long terms, averaging around nineteen years in the late seventeenth-century and early eighteenth-century periods. These slaves rarely got off the galley but lived there for years.”[35] During this time, rowers were shackled and chained where they sat, and never allowed to leave. Sleeping (which was limited), eating, defecation and urination took place at the seat to which they were shackled. There were usually five or six rowers on each oar. Overseers would walk back and forth and whip slaves considered not to be working hard enough.”

      Inflicting cruelty is the norm throughout history, and negroes, for one, are no stranger to that (to put it mildly). Our unquestionable, sacrosanct Progress is bringing whites back toward the historical norm, considerably closer to the state of nature. This is not about equality, this is about “we gain, you lose.” There are many, many irreconcilable conflicts of interest in this world, and if one side will not acknowledge this fact and fight for themselves, then they will suffer for it, often horrifically. If requisite inequality is not imposed and maintained, then high culture and civilization dies.

  6. ” ” If you are a Trump-truster, you probably just tune this stuff out, as it contradicts your preferred narrative ” ”

    Oh ? So i’m a deplorable now ? What’s thousts sayest knave ? You don’t agree with my trump bashing ? Off to the dungeon with ye !

  7. Oh, right, and for you forgetful, sycophantic cultists:
    “Barr was in charge of the Justice Department during Ruby Ridge, and he knew what was going on.

    Barr stated, under oath, that his chief gun priority would be the Ruby Ridge-like gun confiscation orders (sugar-coated as “red flag laws”).

    You may remember that Barr’s federal agents descended on Randy Weaver’s Idaho compound in August, 1992, and (1) shot weaver in the back; (2) shot Weaver’s wife Vicki to death, while she was holding her infant son; (3) shot Weaver’s 14 year-old son to death; and (4) shot Weaver’s dog.

    Courts subsequently largely exonerated Weaver, while excoriating the FBI and the Department of Justice. And, although then-Attorney General William Barr claimed to know nothing about the Ruby Ridge fiasco, a 1995 Washington Post article reported that there were 20 high-level DOJ calls about Weaver in the 24 hours preceding the murder of his wife — and two of them directly involved Barr.”

  8. “We not only need a new ruling class, we need a new system.”
    Fuck you, we don’t need a new ruling anything.
    What American citizens need is a return to the rule of law, and equal justice under the law, applied evenly and vigorously to criminals.
    Until there is a legitimate and genuine change in no laws applying to your desired “ruling class”, while all laws (coming and going) contine to be applied to the rest of us, the killing will soon begin in earnest.

  9. I saw way back in the 90’s that the Feds were corrupt and lethal. We had Ruby Ridge, Waco where the Feds murdered innocent people and got away with it.

    Then the case of Richard Jewel whom the FBI pinned the Olympic Park bombing on even though he was the one who saved people.

    The Anthrax case where the FBI hounded a innocent man into committing suicide and ruined another. BTW Comey and Mueller led the investigation.

    9/11 – Not one federal employee was ever disciplined over it even though Americans warned the FBI.

    Then there are the mass shooting which the FBI was warned about and did nothing.

    The Oxycontin and Fentanyl fueled opioid epidemic. We know who the main manufacturers are and could shut them down in a heart beat but the Feds won’t.

    Our government is evil and doesn’t care about you unless you’re part of the political – corporate class.

  10. If anyone still believes that Trump or any other political parasite
    will stand up for what’s right and save both America and Western
    Civilization, take the time to watch this short video by TFM and
    Halsey English:

    News: The Government Has Taken A Side (TFM 42O)

    So, are you ready to take women’s un-earned right to vote away
    and end both their empowerment and ALL welfare both domestic
    and international?…and in that order?…

    Time is growing short.


    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. We’re not close to Revolution or Civil War today. We’ll have it when the Ruling Class goes to War.

    Sad but true.

    Now they well may, but it will require them blessing it, Left or Right. They’ll certainly have to start it.

    American socialist dystopia won’t be Gulags, it will be Sweden. That’s depressing but not cause for war.
    The country would need centuries of statist mismanagement to be poor and hungry enough to revolt.

    There would have to be ruling class led overt acts of war that are unlikely but possible; killing or violently deposing Trump, an actual statist gun grab instead of symbolic nibbling at guns. Simply put the revolution you dream of has no leaders – fair to say many troops – but no leaders. No organization. No powerful backing.

    It takes power, leaders, backing, money and troops to successfully make Revolution.

    Lenin had the German Army and Gold, then he co-opted the Russian Army by offering peace. The Jacobins had backing and money from the Duc de Orleans, rival to the Bourbons for the throne. The initial French Revolution had of course the King calling the Estates then incompetently dismissing them* – so the revolt was Middle Class and had middle class backing.
    Luther had German Princes – long rivals to Rome and the Hapsburgs.
    Mao had the USSR and America to defeat the Japanese, leaving him their arms. That’s when Mao really got going.

    *I can see an American President calling a Constitutional Convention then dismissing it when he saw the maws of the politically dispossessed gaping death at the political class – that would be a likely outcome.

    Sorry its going to take more than indignation and disgust or even suffering. It will take leadership, organization and at least enough troops to constitute a decent Army.

    That leader is not here, his army and organization are not here.

    It takes far more than dissidence.

  12. For the normie peasants, serfdom is acceptable as long as everyone else around them, save for their betters, are in the same degraded conditions as themselves. The serf comforts himself with the belief that this is the natural way of things and spares him any painful introspection on his lowly status and that with effort that he is afraid to make, he may free himself. Normie always likes the path of least resistance.

    The serf even comes to resent the dissident who challenges this natural feudal order that reduces them to mere chattel because he does not want to face the humiliating fact that he was lied to, played for a fool and passively allowed himself to become a slave. Often, such people will become the most ferocious supporters of the ruling class.

    That is unless there is a critical mass of active dissidents and their acts of civil disobedience including getting even a small handful of dissidents or sympathizers elected to various offices and some tacit support from law enforcement and the military that normie will start to sympathize with the dissidents.
    Then the breakpoint comes when the ruling class after at first tightening the screws of authoritarianism into totalitarianism to combat the dissidents starts to back off and make concessions to the dissidents. Then, even the most milquetoast of peasants will sense weakness in their masters and at least passively support a dissident revolution. They may have tolerated their master’s blatantly using them like cattle, degrading them and making complete fools of them but always on some deep level, resented it.
    In the opposite scenario where a small minority of dissidents, with no elected representatives or political sympathizers in gov’t, the police and military, actively attempt to fight the government and are decisively crushed. Of course the winners will afterwards control the official “narrative” and will write the histrionic history of it. The failed rebels will be portrayed as the most vile and heinous of white supremacist scum ever to threaten humanity with their bad thoughts and the managerial state should be most effusively praised by all for turning the evil nazi rebels and their families into fingerpaint.
    In response, Joe and Jane Normie, like the good, loyal peasants they are, will increase in mass, volume and intensity their panegyrics to the open border multicultural globalist order of their masters. The peasant’s faith in the natural order of feudal serfdom and their lowly status within it will be validated. Resistance is not only futile but downright stupid, smart people wear their chains with pride and the managerial state is their lord by divine right.

    Normie will then happily accept hoards of hostile invading foreigners and their looting, pillaging and raping of their country that really isn’t their country according to their betters in return for a pat on the head as a “goodwhite” who won’t be imprisoned or killed as a rogue. For the “goodwhite” accolade and the (vain) hope that the Identity Marx god will expunge his original sin of racism and remove the stain of “white privilege”, normie will passively accept any level of victimization brought upon him by higher status “people of color”. There is a caste system now even among the country class. Betters amongst
    The peasant will accept these degradations, even if he secretly resents it and despises his master, as tolerable as long as he has a full belly, some creature comforts and entertainment. Normie will see this as his preferred path of least resistance.
    The current order will then stand as long as normie doesn’t perceive state totalitarianism as an existential threat to himself and a large enough percentage of peasants and the previously mentioned breakpoint isn’t reached.

    • Let’s be careful not to confound our Last Man with the devout, hardy Catholic/Christian peasants of old. They were massively more noble, clear headed/reality calibrated, willful and brave, than the demented, disgusting race of Last Man that we are left with. Hierarchy is inevitable, inescapable, and the Kings and aristocrats of the past, for all their faults and failures, did a far better job at developing the lower tiers of society, and at building up a genuine high culture, than the plutocrats at the apex of our society (naturally emplaced and incentivised by our system of liberalism, “capitalism and freedom”, the “shining city on a hill”) have performed.

      Throne and Altar Europe wasn’t determined to wholly and permanently obliterate, down to the genetic level, Western Civ./Western man. The liberal elite bent on globalization, on an open global plantation over which to rule and reap profit, are the ones driving that development. It seems to me that the natural evolution of capitalism is toward absurd wealth inequality, toward the obliteration of the middle class, toward leaving the earth overflowing with “peasants”, only far, far more degraded, demented, and miserable ones than the peasants of old.

    • “The peasant’s faith in the natural order of feudal serfdom and their lowly status within it will be validated.”

      Interesting, well thought out prognostication.
      The most severely abused children, corporal or sexual, often grow up to be the strongest supporters and copiers of such abuse.

  13. It’s hard to know what is going on at the DOJ. There is simply no doubt in my mind that the Mueller investigation got shut down by Bill Barr….yet now this….and the Epstein thing. And regarding Epstein — it made no sense to release the fact that his neck was broken. That pretty much makes the official story impossible. I haven’t made up my mind on Barr yet, but what is clear is that virtually the entire federal government and judiciary is open rebellion. The ODNI refuses to release the FISA information.

  14. I agree with your analysis on this issue. If none of the big players get serious jail time before the next election, Trump will lose badly. Monkey wrenching on a large scale will be the next stage of collapse, I think. A million monkeys putting sand in the gears, on their own volition, will do a lot of cumulative damage. On top of the large scale damage governmental incompetence is doing.

    Letting these ass holes off is going to lead to massive amounts of jury nullification, I think.

  15. Is there a “How to guide” for renouncing your US citizenship if you are in the USA? Being an illegal has its advantages.

  16. Once you kill a president, Kennedy, and get away with it….anything goes. We’re programmed to believe bullshit. Work to kick up cash to the rich fucks….till you’re dead. That’s what’s on the menu…enjoy.

  17. “… and it’s not okay because if they take my stapler* then I’ll set the building country on fire…” — paraphrasing Milton Waddams, Office Space

    *and by stapler I mean my freedom, my dignity, the sweat of my brow.

  18. There is no crisis facing the elite. Most whites still love their lives and are happy. Home equity and remodeled kitchens are the most important things to them. Guns are magical. If you own one you don’t have to care what happens in society. You are a free man. Sure there may be 10 percent of the people who are thought criminals but they are being deplatforned and hunted down to the relief of the elite on both sides of the aisle.

    Democrats don’t care about double standards where the elite are above Justice as long as they are in power. In fact they welcome crimes if they will get orange man bad out of office.

    Deplorables will get to the point where they are fed up but they don’t matter. They don’t have a lot of power. Most don’t live in the right neighborhoods and join the right clubs. Besides, they are being replaced. They are deemed expendable and deserve what they get.

    The new Americans welcome a ruling elite that doesn’t care about the masses as long as that ruling elite looks more like them and many have vaginas. There will be no uprising just increased disfunction that will plague the masses but not the elite. The new masses are from m9re disfunctional societies and do not have high standards for a functioning society so they will be satisfied as long as the gibs are still there.

  19. Bill Barr’s daddy was a member of the OSS- precursor to the CIA. He was also the Headmaster at Dalton school when a totally unqualified college dropout- Epstein was hired.

    Billy Barr himself, was of course, a CIA agent with a past mired in the Iran-Contra affair where his job was to cover it up.

    So a free-ranging honest investigation was obviously guaranteed.

    • @bilejones.

      “This is our purpose: to make as meaningful as possible this life that has been bestowed upon us . . . to live in such a way that we may be proud of ourselves, to act in such a way that some part of us lives on.”
      ― Oswald Spengler

      Sooner or later, the smart people will turn their backs on politics and simply go do something worthwhile with their lives. I wish them luck.

  20. What’s the percentage for anyone in D.C. pushing hard for justice? What’s in it for them? A few people in Congress stuck their necks out to get at the facts. Congress Nunes, Congress Jordan and maybe Gowdy. But not many more that I could see. In the Imperial city, there’s one way to succeed and lost of ways to fail.

  21. The national debt is in the twenty trillions and even the elite know it is game over, so they are playing the game that we po’ folks try to play when we see what is happening….

    … up large sums of money, goods, supplies, food, and water.

    The more wealthy you are, the better are your chances to prepare and survive for what is coming. Being in their position allows them to reap huge financial windfalls. Why buck the system? If Congress doesn’t have the will to cut entitlements due to it being suicidal, then the only play left is to prepare for the collapse. All of them….Every. Single. One. Of. Them…knows this. It’s “Honey, stock up, we’re gonna have to hunker down.”

    Nice paychecks that Mueller got. He’s got a castle.

    Barr? Why would he be any different?

    The power brokers know a thing or two about ultimate prepping.

    • you can’t worry about the national debt and totalitarian take over. pick one or the other, they are mutually exclusive.

    • Gonna offer a possible whitepill:
      Barr was CIA for 4 years, this is true.
      He’s also favors strong unitary executive. He’s been a DOJ attorney since the hitch in the CIA.

      White Pill; It is just possible that Trump has found his Bill Casey.

      Casey was OSS during WW2, but mostly he was Wall Street. It was Casey who told Wall Street subsidizing the USSR was over – and the USSR always basically bankrupt became insolvent.

      Barr may-may-be that messenger to DOJ, even perhaps Intel. DOJ and Intel are the closest thing to an army Progress has.

  22. I for one am glad our betters should have elected not to vent some of that pent-up anger with a few show trials. It’ll make the explosion all the more spectacular.

    As to the observation that cynicism comes with the territory, I think it’s more of an effect than a cause. Our engagement doesn’t spring from jadedness, but it does entail a great deal of detachment to achieve any level of staying power, and an understanding that one must first and foremost maintain a dispassionate outlook.

    Following daily events on the dissident side ever since the summer of 2016 has felt like being cooped up in Hitler’s doom bunker. Upon reading the latest on twitter – today’s teletype ticker – your mood seesaws constantly from euphoric to despondent, back to hopeful then way down to dejected again. I’ve forbidden myself to take things to heart to safeguard my sanity.

    As a reluctant accelerationist, and a temperamental conservative with a deep aversion to change, I take no glee in hastening the inevitable. I have but resigned myself to the realization that reform is impossible, and that a clean slate is required that anything at all may be salvaged.
    None of that “Burn, Baby, Burn!” sadistic rejoicement, just a sombre “The quicker, the better. It must be done”.

  23. Black pill? Screw that. Someday we will be TAKING OVER the prisons!

    (And then… the camps… a zek can dream, can’t he?)

  24. Is anyone naive enough to believe that Trump would have been allowed anywhere near the most powerful political position in the world if he were not a made man in the global elite?

    The very best that could have been hoped for from Trump is that he represented a segment of the global elite that had its gag reflex triggered by the murderous greed and the outright degeneracy and perversion of other elements.

    It is now becoming apparent which faction is ascendant.

    A ruling class that has been honing its manipulative chops since Noah’s Flood will not be easily displaced.

    Trump is turning out to be nothing more than a convenient distraction for the fading baby boomers while the globalist corporate surveillance state consolidates its power.

    Now, the Lizard People are driving a Cat 4 hurricane right at Mar-El-Lago.

    Any questions?

  25. “We not only need a new ruling class, we need a new system. The center of gravity for the opposition to the status quo is moving further down that scale toward rebellion.”
    It seems like the ruling class isn’t even shy anymore about telling us that that’s what they want too. They want us dead.

    • Mac said: ” It seems like the ruling class isn’t even shy anymore about telling us that that’s what they want too. They want us dead. ”

      No. They don’t want us dead. They just want us all to work for nickels and dimes, stay in debt slavery, eat lots of processed food, buy lots of cheap crap and obay f**king orders. I ask you, what is wrong with that?

      • Agree. There is likely no real plan for a total YT genocide. The ruling class still do need us to some extent and best kept in a helpless minority. But they’re goading us, the dissidents into trying to fight back so the more combative dissidents, which our rulers reckon is only a small percentage of the population, can be killed off.
        This will bring home the lesson that resistance is futile, love your chains and praise your betters for allowing us an occasional extra crust of bread or teaspoon of gruel in our iron rice bowls. And the normies will cheer.

        • Agreed, but it will be a hell of a balancing act. The elite are basically a percent of a percent. They need a support base to live their lifestyle. That’s the upper 10%. The 80-90% left are basically useless to them, except as a voting base—for now.
          However, this bottom 4 quintiles are the tax eaters, who produce less than they consume. How to feed them? Well, tax those upper 10%—but there is not enough $$$ in the upper 10-20% to do so and keep them loyal to the elite. Something’s got to give.

          As you said, give them a crust of bread from the table. Fine, but you get what you pay for.

        • Donald Cavaioli said: “his will bring home the lesson that resistance is futile, love your chains and praise your betters for allowing us an occasional extra crust of bread or teaspoon of gruel in our iron rice bowls. And the normies will cheer.”

          In the movie Gladiator Senator Gracchus is talking about the mod to Senator Falco.

          Gracchus : Fear and wonder, a powerful combination.
          Falco : You really think people are going to be seduced by that?
          Gracchus : I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they’ll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they’ll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the senate, it’s the sand of the coliseum. He’ll bring them death – and they will love him for it.
          Here’s the Youtube vid. Start at 2:19

  26. There’s a big gap between knowing what will happen and having no clue of the future. In that gap is also the possibility of nature, reasserting herself as she has before (plague), or an accidental release from a military lab.

    I can’t think of any other non-nuclear way to run round the globe, destroying every institution, polity, media, culture, caste. Complete collapse of urban everything.

    Resets the Awareness of the half who survive.

    • “I can’t think of any other non-nuclear way to run round the globe, destroying every institution, polity, media, culture, caste. Complete collapse of urban everything.”

      I can and it’s called Islam.

  27. Where did Barr come from? He came from the Bush 1 era. His appointment was breezily confirmed by the Senate. Either Trump knew this wouldn’t be prosecuted (after all these crimes were against his campaign) and is fine with that as some strategy, or…he’s just too stupid to be President. I believe in the later. A shallow, shallow man whose own daughter mocks him after he buys her a pony.

    And by the way, that “personal assistant” that just resigned for leaking worked for Romney! All I can say is, just how stupid is this man? Who hires an ex-Romney aid as a personal assistant?! And of course, another question that you have to ask with Trump…was she “assisting” in hand jobs as well? Well was she? That’s where my mind went given his history.

    I don’t feel sorry for this orange blob, he’s doing it to himself. And the general public are animals who deserve even worse leadership (and are going to get it). Politics is pure darwinism and we have a bright orange obese salamander not long for this world.

  28. We’re all suffering from battered wife syndrome. Stop loving your abusers. Whatever America may have been in the past, it’s not that anymore. So suck it up and move on.

    • The worst is yet to come. Rise of tyranny is now very likely and survival in this Brave New World will require active measures. Do not despair. Keep a low profile and go dark if feasible. Stay alert. Use what you know best. Opportunities always arise. Act when appropriate.

      • TomA said: “The worst is yet to come.” That’s true. Then a bunch great stuff will happen, coupled with long periods of boredom and lots of trips to the bathroom. And then who knows, the second coming of Christ or the next asteroid. Personally, I went to the Safeway yesterday and I’m hoping to get to the Haagen-Dazs before anything major happens.

  29. In his first go around, in 1992, Barr participated in the attempted Iran-Contra coverup. He also had dealings with Bill Clinton in Arkansas, and the CIA drug trafficking operation in Mena.

    This guy is deep Deep State.

  30. I mean, Epstein was blatantly disposed of, they clearly don’t have any concerns about consequences of their evil machinations. Face it, they are biding the very short time til 2020 when they can lock down total control, forever. It’s over. Who’s going to revolt? We live in a police state Stalin could only dream of.

    • Total control by 2020? Not even close. Read some Gulag Archipelago before you sell Stalin’s state short. They’re not taking truckloads of shitposters to the Lubyanka for 9mm therapy. Epstein was ganked because he was in House of Cards level shit with dozens of top-level bad operators. We’re not functioning on that level and don’t have that profile. Take a shot of courage or three and regroup.

  31. Barr simply returned to form vis a vis his first pass as AG in ’91-’93; the consummate bureaucrat towing the line. I was hoping for better, but not expecting it. Uncertain the future is…

  32. There’s speculation online that Comey will be nailed on the FISA issue. I still hope that these SOBs are brought down. Pres. Trump is the kind of Republican who actually fights back.

    • He just fired a close aid this morning who gave info to a journalist without authorization. Letting things slide is not Trump’s style. So I imagine he will press Barr for results. Whether he gets results or not…

  33. “that flicker of hope that William Barr would not be another slithering reptile”
    Hey, watch it with the anti-semitism!

    I had a flicker of hope when Whitaker was appointed, which was promptly crushed when Barr was tapped.

    • The thing is, facts and evidence don’t matter. Warren is a shapeshifting weasel, Biden is brain dead, Bernie is an angry old Jewish fool that has a need to infect everyone around him with his angst, and Trump will fight mightily to protect his own good name but is largely indifferent to the rest of us, as to our own needs and preferences. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Obama and Hillary are all common criminals. But none of it matters to most people. All of this, or the arguments repudiating it, is simply grist to advance preconceived narratives. Most people on all sides are prone to it. It is completely putting the cart before the horse, and defending a meme rather than looking for the truth of things. That’s what makes everything irreconcilable. Competing narratives have no room for each other. When narratives cannot be pierced by evidence, we are done, as a culture.

  34. I think we are very near some sort of crackdown on no name people like us (people who are dissidents but with no public profile).

    To keep things as they are they can’t just prosecute the dissident protesters at Charlottesville, they need to ruin the guy sitting on his toilet posting to Twitter.

    Things like right wing memes will be labeled as terroristic threats. They will publicly embarrass and punish some random people. Kick in some doors and let the dissidents know they are not anonymous.

    It will be like what Antifa tries to do except it will be the FBI. That’s what I see coming.

  35. People should have a five-year plan and one for the day after tomorrow.

    In the event of a recession, obviously we wrap the tribe around the banks. Directly where possible and indirectly (but obviously) where not.

    In the meantime, study.

    Study A Savage War of Peace. Study David Kilcullen. Study the Malheur occupation. Study the Arab Spring. Study Mao. Study Hong Kong. Study Zarqawi. Study studies of the anti-Partisan campaigns of WW II. Study how the IRA operated in Derry and Belfast. Study the local natural disaster plans for your city and county.

    And study FM 3-24, the COIN manual, which is available for free all over the internets.

    • Just put Kilcullen’s “Accidental Guerilla” on my Audible list yesterday. Doing “The Rural Ranger” by Ron Foster and “Survival Theory” by Jon Hollerman this weekend while bumping around the mountains.

      I’ve said above that I don’t think we’re facing near-term destabilization or collapse, but I’m not betting my life and future on that prediction, and neither should you.

      Developing survival and disaster skills are their own reward. It benefits your confidence, frame and overall mindset and sharpens your awareness of practical problem solving and real priorities.

      We need to cover all bases in fighting to win. Be the ones who are best prepared for black swan events. Be the ones ready for the long haul, building communities and networks of mannerbunds and home & private schooling that can sustain a long resistance if necessary. We can build ourselves and our clans with a diverse set of strategies. We need guys who can best operate as high-tech urban dissidents in a meme war and guys who can live off the land. We need catastrophists and futurists. None of us knows for sure what will happen.

  36. I’m convinced that the US intelligence apparatus/permanent government/deep state spies on anyone and everyone seeking a position of power in any administration, including Democrats and particularly presidential candidates. This is standard procedure.

    What they are looking for, however, are not not so much threats to the US, but rather threats to their power and agenda. For instance, the Clinton Foundation sewer was leverage for them, not a threat.

    The spying on the Trump campaign was fine and expected. Consider the establishment (anti-Trump) Republicans that were tits deep in it, e.g., John McCain (PBUH) and Richard Burr, to name just a couple.

    The game changed, however, when pro-Trump Republicans (Nunes, etc.) learned that, due to political and personal animus, the spying was weaponized in an attempt to sway the election. This is no longer deniable. What we are witnessing now is an attempt to “punish” the politicization of US intelligence, but preserve the ability of the permanent government to spy.

    (“Punish” in this case means everyone involved loses their government jobs, with the low level folks getting sinecures at obscure law firms, etc., and the high level folks getting spots on CNN, MSNBC, etc., and book tours…)

    The irony is that it was all unnecessary, at least for the permanent government. The “insurgent” Trump has been brought to heel, likely via another arm of the deep state, e.g., threats from the New York attorney general to go after his business dealings and/or his family.

    • Spot on, Steve. The pirate Companies, operating beyond borders and above laws, rule the world. They are like dark matter, wrenching all the visible world out of true.

    • As far as I can tell, politics runs on favors, bribes and blackmail (my phone apparently agrees, it suggested bribes and blackmail! ). Epstein ‘s role was to get video of powerful men having sex with underage hookers for leverage. Presumably each faction has it Epstein. Spying is another way to find leverage material, who knows what they’ve got on Trump, Barr, everybody .

      Politics can’t be honest, that would be unpredictable.

  37. The lack of being able to listen to an hour of Zman’s deep voice saddens me today. And the black pill is strong with the post today right before the holiday!

  38. It is Donald Trump who never fails to disappoint. Just this morning on Drudge there was a story about how his personal assistant betrayed him by running her mouth to the press. Further down in the story it is revealed that The Donald hired a personal assistant who CRIED on election night because he got elected, despite being a Republican!

  39. Dear Z. Your posts have been absolutely smashing lately.

    This one is SO damn good that I am sending it to everyone I know

  40. The likely answer right now is most normal white people are a bit shocked by what is happening, unable to process it.

    Well, I hate to “punch white,” but the average normie white guy is too much of an overfed, over-entertained marshmallow to be shocked or angered by much of anything. It’s the land of the lotus-eaters out there.

    It reminds me of one of the old Frogwave tweets to the effect of “just watch your sportsball and consume your garbage Netflix series while you get genocided, morons.” Of course, he intended that as a wake-up call, but that’s literally what most normal white people are doing. We’ve got to find a way to speed up the redpilling.

    • Revos are always fought by minorities, with the majority of population as cranky reluctant ballast annoyed at the turbulence but unwilling to do shit about the situation either way. Google the “25% revolution.”

    • I had to wait five minutes to get into REI this morning. Mistimed the traffic and arrived early. When I got there I found a dozen or so white male yuppies, the Outback driving types, milling around, texting, etc. I wanted to punch them and didn’t know why. Maybe just to let them feel something for a change.

  41. Absolutely concur w/ your rebellious thoughts. A looming problem, however, is that just about every competing faction feels similarly (that all is lost), and no faction seems to garner more than 10-20% support. For example, rebellion and cynicism is shared by all the competing factions that fall under the rainbow banner. But give them their own state or city (California, Detroit, etc) and all you get are homeless vagrants, drug crime, and Antifa.

    I’m not as well-versed in history as Z and many commenters (I continue to work on that.) But I’ve worked in the dark recesses of DC and know those people will NOT save us. Historically, it seems that most rebellions can be rather simply distilled into a small handful of competing camps, sometimes just two or three. I look at 2019 America and it appears to be ten or more camps, all passionate and right in their own minds, and zero trust in government to negotiate a peaceful settlement. No easy pathway forward for the dissident.

    So if the myriads of rebellious factions continue to roil it’s looking more like a Yugoslav outcome than a rebirth of 1776. We dissidents can’t simply head into the south, and certainly not north, or even blindly away from the coasts. Instead, before this conflict gets any hotter, dissidents have to start cobbling together physical (vice virtual/online) communities in predominately white and conservative states. SurvivalBlog is a good place to visit because Rawles has been talking about relocation (from a different worldview) for years. In short, we seriously need to be thinking about physical relocation, because the Constitution isn’t going to save ANY civilized people when the music stops. When conflict comes a few cans of Spam and an AR15 won’t ensure survival, but like-minded neighbors, in a non-diverse county that doesn’t border any urban areas … that’s the place to be.

    For those whose income relies on urban, coastal dwelling, start thinking differently about your assets … skills and tools have to be at the top of the list, and get together with fellow dissidents for a GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) plan. People wisely head for high ground when the hurricane bears down on their city … we need dissidents thinking similarly. Hurricane Demographic Reality is CBDR; constant bearing, decreasing range.

    • 3% of the American population actively fought the British. Maybe 10% provided support. About 1/3 of the population sympathized.

      Homosexuals and transgenders are a tiny fraction of the population. They got their desired world.

      God only chose a dozen men.

      Big changes come from small groups of true believers.

      • I hear you my friend, and those stats are encouraging I suppose. But. I would be a lot more optimistic if I knew a lot of men with a great big pair of brass ones, teamed up with a tactical mind and capable hands. Fact is, I know very, very few of those guys (although I expect many are here on this blog.) Maybe, however, that just says something about the poor company I keep. Then I talk to my vet buddies around the country and things don’t look so great where they are either. So we’re either a bunch of curmudgeonly old farts who think too highly of our brass, or we’re on to something when we wonder if 3% of today’s population could endure hardship. Hardship means being cut off from municipal water & power, empty supermarket shelves, having to quickly discern friend from enemy, and then being mentally prepared to dispatch the enemy. These are the things that separate men from slaves, and I hope we have that 3% … but as we say in the service, Hope Is Not a Strategy.

        • Endure hardship? Our own president doesn’t think we can get through a Christmas without cheap electronics.

  42. Cheeto Schicklegruber is now trying to claim the latest “one hand washes the other” as a sort of rare and hitherto undiscovered species of victory.

    The plan is working out perfectly.

    1. Replace demographic most likely to rebel (check)
    2. Enstupidate and enervate the ones that are a clear and present danger. (check)
    3. Bribe the populate while they are being culled with cheap goods, drugs and sex. (check).

    Essentially, when America is just one big shopping mall cum mental asylum cum open air prison comprised of all sorts of low-IQ and low-trust apes in human form, there will quite literally be different castes with the initial unspoken understanding the rules that apply to the proles don’t apply to the bosses.

    First, lets get this “worse is more out of the way.” Americans are not going to take up arms against their government. White America eagerly participates or cynically co-opts GloboHomo. The kosher sandwich is America’s favorite food. White Americans didn’t rebel when they were deracinated, their daughters turned into whores, their sons mercs for Merchants.

    Worse is worse. And its gonna get worse.

    As a Pajeet who is of the Harry Coomer type (cf: Jewel in the Crown), my journey from naive admiration to bitter cynicism has brought me “home.” America is, for the most part, culturally third-world. Lack of social mobility, arbitrariness of law, near constant ethnic strife, declining general competence and ability, and finally, mad, mad religious fanaticism and thoroughly corrupt government.

    It is one thing to ruin India, but this deliberate destruction of America is a crime so heinous, there is simply no punishment that can fit the crime.

    • We’ve already achieved a soft caste system, the kind of thing Charles Murray documented in “Coming Apart” (prescribing more libertarianism as an antidote, OFC).

      But we’re not entirely replaced, enervated or tranquilized just yet. Globohomo won with soft power and so can we – it’s a race to preserve our numbers and red pill a critical cultural mass. Your co-ethnics and their main competitors to displace us from the throne of PissEarth (the Chosen and Han) are having a hard time boiling the White frog slowly. Sailer’s a great collator of Bindi triumphalism and I’ll stack those guys up against Noah Rothman and Bret Stephens any day of the week. The eastern Asian division is doing its part, though Han discipline and sneakiness seems to be limiting the Sarah Jeong eruptions in China’s own ranks.

      I appreciate the support and hope more than a few more Old School paleo-Aryans are pulling for us with you. If we win, we’ll give you the regionalism Trump promised and you can guys can work out how to run Asia with the Russians, Arabs and Han. It’s a big planet, and Whitey’s always been good at sharing.

      • Brother, if you win, make me Commissar for Pajeet and Kebab removal, and let me keep 0.1% of 1% of all expropriations. I’m a simple man with simple needs! 😉

    • Aditya, you’re like the Eastern Europeans, who say “we’ve seen all this before, back in the old country.”

      For many historical reasons, the Sikh and the Anglos were and are natural allies. We ‘get’ each other.

      The strains of Aryan in India, South Americas, Mideast… of Ice People in Asia… I think we have more natural allies than we realize.

  43. There won’t be any prosecutions of significant players in the deep state’s interference in the 2016 election and the subsequent attempted coup because the defense would be entitled to unredacted copies of all documents relevant to the defense, and those documents cannot be subject to a protective order. The decision to bring charges is tantamount to a decision to declassify unredacted copies of classified documents, and arguably is outside the scope of authority of the prosecutors. Any competent defense attorney knows this and would advise his/her client not to take a plea bargain. There is not going to be a judicial remedy for these crimes.

    In my mind the more interesting aspect of this mess is that there is not going to be a political remedy either, because America is well down the path becoming a banana republic. Watergate brough down the entire Nixon administration and put Democrats in charge of Congress in the subsequent election cycles. This scandal is worse than Watergate by orders of magnitude and should have caused Independents and moderate Democrats to leave the party in droves. Instead, Democrats are picking up seats, particularly amongst our newly minted Americans. Civic nationalism is a white person thing.

    I expect Trump to declassify the unredacted versions of the documents in the run-up to the 2020 election. Let’s hope it helps.

  44. A very long-standing friend of mine did a Phd in Comparative Revolutions. He told me many years ago that, in his opinion, having studied several different revolutions in many different countries, that all revolutions have one root cause: dashed expectations.

    Just a theory but I think it is an interesting one.

    Now, bringing this forward to our situation, how many people earnestly believed and expected that Donald Trump would drain the swamp and restore America?

    • Dashed expectations, good one. And if our expectations are being dashed, I think they might have been fairly modest expectations, compared to those on the “other side”. They seem to be feeling their dashed expectations much more keenly than we are, perhaps because those expectations were much more grand (and unreasonable) than ours.

      • So maybe if Trump gets re-elected, the top Democrats will not be able to control Antifa, BLM, Muslims, and La Raza and things will get interesting.

    • Belief and hope are two different animals. I was hopeful, but realized that it really would be an act of Devine Provenience for Trump to be successful. After a couple of months, it was apparent that Trump was not up to the task and that the task of swamp draining was incredibly greater than I ever imagined. I still don’t take umbrage specifically with Trump as I now believe there is no man that can handle the task of cleaning up the swamp without dictatorial powers.

      But I hear ya, King Tut. Most of the folk I talk with who care to comment seem to still be betting on the man, Trump, to turn things around. Again, I write that off to a basic coping mechanism hard wired into the human psyche. It keeps hope alive and that is important to survival in harsh conditions.

      As a parent, I never told my children that there was no Santa Claus. They figured it out on the their own eventually. Likewise, in 2020–or 2024, a Dem will hold office and folks will come to their own conclusions wrt the democratic process (as it now exists).

      • I am certainly not betting on Trump. My only reason to support Trump is that, alone of all the presidents we’re likely to be getting in the near future, he isn’t actively hostile towards us. I strongly prefer a president that does nothing for us as compared to one who’s actively gunning for our scalps. I don’t see the point of ditching Plan A, unsatisfactory as it is, when you have no Plan B to fall back on. You get Trump or you get nothing. Simple as that.

    • Pretty good. Reading about the early days of the American Revolution, there is an incredible sense of disappointment that the crown wouldn’t treat them as Englishmen. Maybe the next one will be people disappointed that they aren’t treated as Americans.

    • The revolution of rising expectations followed by dashed expectations.

      A commentator here observed that some Trump supporters saw him as a Gen. Pinochet but he probably will turn out to be a Gorbachev, attempting to reform a system that is beyond reform. The collapse followed in the Soviet Union and will follow in the US.

      I’m a fan of Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics (a friend pays big bucks to subscribe to his private blog and attend his conferences), who predicts the future by looking at historical cycles. He projects civil war in the mid 2020s and a new form of government in 2032. In 2032, China will also become the world’s leading economic power. We may also see some sort of breakup of the US.

      • I agree with Maus on Armstrong. Taleb for all his hubris makes good points about guys in the prediction business. I would bet my every dime against an actual civil war or even a major civil disruption in the US on that short a timeline. Guys who monetize their predictions on that scale and guys who have scandals like that 1999 ponzi scheme in their backgrounds are all too common. He’s a two-fer. Zerohedge is full of them. On a longer timeline, he’s mostly right about China and a U.S. transformation/Balkanization, but a majority of armchair dissidents in the US are already making those predictions, and I don’t see either happening within 20 years.

        He’s not basing his predictions on correctly anticipating specific events in a causal chain, he’s just making educated guesses based on general instability and macro-trends. He’s had enough good guesses and/or concealed his bad guess well enough to develop a dangerously misleading track record. I’d advise your buddy to hedge his bets and not go all-in on this guy’s advice.

    • A lot of people believed. They STILL believe. I’m sure of it. My guess isn’t revolt, but consolidation. You’ll see a big influx into the upper Midwest, the mountain west. And those places might be a little more historic in their approach to diversity. I think it’s already starting to happen.

    • How about hope against (all) hope? Never expected anything, normally cynical in the extreme, but foolishly allowed myself to hope that this time it might be different. It wasn’t and I’m not surprised, just more disappointed that I was silly enough to hope in the first place. I’m mentally checked out of ‘Murrica and suffer no false sentimentality about what it was.

    • King Tut:
      “revolutions have one root cause: dashed expectations”

      I can easily believe that revolutions are, at root, a temper tantrum thrown by entitled kids.

  45. Very good description of the human factors involved in revolution. As much as I attempt to give Trump a “fair shake”, I knew he was incompetent the minute he met with Comey and later praised him and kept him as Director of the FBI—all while Comey was back stabbing him with secret memos of confidential discussions. Lack of insight into the swamp was the death knell of his Presidency as the only strength he ran on was as a leader who could command/motivate employees and weed out incompetents.

    As one of the “managerial” class before I retired, I came to know one thing very clearly, folks who left my employ had quit their job weeks or months previously. Once you lose their mind, the result is inevitable, Wisely, they bide their time, look for another opportunity and move on. This is no slight on the very good people I employed—just a recognition of basic human nature.

    Likewise, as Z-man sagely points out, there are many new (hidden) potential converts to the dissident right out there biding their time. Confused, angry to be sure, but no longer believing in the “old ways”. One day, as Ceaușescu found out, there will be a spark and it will all come crashing down—suddenly and apparently without reason. But it will come. It’s just difficult to anticipate the time and manner and spark. Like predicting the weather.

    When the time comes and folks are in the streets we need to be ready with a new—and workable—model of human/societal interaction and organization to be adopted.

    • Good point. There are quite a few people who have already checked out, mentally (raising my hand at this), but still are doing their daily thing. The mental bags are packed, and some of the physical ones too, but not actually making the move yet. I keep the gas tanks full in my trucks, and I am getting my passport renewed. Starting the quiet internal goodbyes to a lot of what I have known.

  46. It all reminds me a bit of my high school days. I went in the mid ‘70s, like the “Dazed and Confused” movie or “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. We basically had the run of the place, there were no enforced rules, you could pretty much do whatever you wanted, and only occasionally would we take our seats and shut up for a few minutes, to appease a teacher somewhere.

    Some things came from it. One was the idea that we were “untouchable”, and that there was never any real threat of accountability. The old joke was that something “would go on your permanent record”. Yeah, right, we laughed at that one.

    Two was that we would do ever more outrageous things to show off to each other what we could get away with. It was really about impressing one’s peers with mayhem. Sabotaging teachers’ cars. Running around on the roofs of the buildings. Breaking windows. Burning down the administration building one night. Absolutely destroying the decorum of graduation (we made the headline of the local paper with that one). The headline was supposed to be a shameful thing. We held it up as a point of pride.

    Then there were the pregnancies, the assaults, the injuries, the teachers dating and partying with the students, a couple of weird accidental deaths. All mostly hushed up and smoothed over.

    That’s what I see going on in the halls of power. Those people went to the same high schools I did, at the same time. They are reliving their teenage days.

    Trump is like our student body president, who was answerable to people, kept his nose a bit cleaner, said the right things in public, but got by with a wink and still partied with the rest of the kids.

    It was a narrow window after the end of Vietnam and Nixon, and before Reagan. The Carter Years. They thought cocaine was harmless back then, at least that was the official story. You had to be there. For about five years or so, the wheels came off as the hippie ethos, such as it was (turn on, tune in, drop out) mutated, and then mainstreamed and gutted everything.

    • Pretty much my experience too. I wonder if Xer-style slacker rebellion’s softer edge compared with Boomers comes from the fact that rebel Boomers faced harder social control. The Sixties WASP anti-hippie counter-reformation was still totally inadequate, with too few seeing this was much more than a “phase” Boomers would grow out of, but they got their skulls cracked by tradDads a lot harder than I did growing up in the 70’s-early 80’s.

    • This is a remarkably astute and insightful comment. I was a young, impressionable child in the 1970s, and we had tons of high school kids on my street in the ‘burbs. They terrorized the neighborhood, wrapped cars around trees, left beer cans everywhere, dealt drugs, and had the run of our town.

      When I later taught at the university level, I met these people again, in middle age. I was teaching their children. They had the same attitude as they did as teenagers, only now they had money, homes, and some social influence. They worked in politics, government, the media, real estate, finance, and advertising.

      I saw them as teenagers on the cusp of adulthood. I never trusted them, I never liked them, but it never dawned on me until the last few years what it would mean to have a culture and society largely dictated by their tastes and ethics. How they would view education. How they would view sex. All of it.

      We can’t survive it, in my opinion. Both the 70s generation and my own (Gen X) are utterly corrupted, cynical, and — I hate to say it — historically illiterate and deficient in basic life skills. All we know how to do is to complain, trash things that other people before us built for us to enjoy (not destroy), and live like there’s no tomorrow.

      And soon there won’t be one. We will pay for all of this. And it was always going to lead to this and end like this because that is what — generationally-speaking — we chose as our purpose in life. To have a good time, all the time.

    • That had to be a in city. In the small towns, kids snuck beer and a few tried a joint, but everybody had two jobs in the summer, or worked the harvest. High school football and fast cars were still the big deal. The culture shock of desegregation and hadn’t reached there, yet. (Graduated ’77.)

      The main thing was, everybody expected to work. The kids were allowed to stairstep into the system, to participate.

      • Southern California lily white middle class suburb. Just across town from “Ridgemont High” (Clairemont High in San Diego).

        We all had after school/weekend jobs. We got to leave after a couple of periods of class to go to work, and got school attendance credit for it.

      • Exactly. I graduated in 1976 in a small Oklahoma town and aside from a few who were drinking at the lake on the weekends and/or smoking pot in the alley at noon hour, there was football, hay hauling, working at Safeway, and more football. And guns in racks in the pickups at school. Most homes were intact, dads were respected, and just about everyone ended up gainfully employed with kids. Looking back, it was in many ways heaven.

  47. When I was still trying to stay on the side of the CivNat angels, I remember commenting at Ace that we were the only stable realistically-grounded center standing between the raving loonies on the Left and the rayciss Nazis, and if we couldn’t hold, America was going to be just like Weimar, Bolshies vs. Brownshirts.

    I was dumb enough then to jock W’s Crusade to bomb Iraq Forward!, but at least I got the Weimar thing right.

    Z’s spot on about CivNats being trapped in a shrinking window of legitimacy. Call it the Kristol effect. They’ve been wrong about everything, have nothing to offer their supporters, and no one believes their increasingly ridiculous excuses for never getting anything right, much less winning.

    Day by day it takes less effort for Whitey to see the writing on the wall. White dispossession by mass immigration and culture war is no longer something discussed in smoke-filled Party backrooms and Ivy League coffee klatches. It’s it in the New York Times. It’s on Facebook, Netflix and TMZ. Anyone who remains blind at this point has either chosen not to see or has an angle to work.

    For those who aren’t chugging blue pills or on the take, the only things holding them back are the psycho-cultural residues of Holocaustianity and White Guilt. And yes, those things are related. They don’t want to be replaced, but they don’t want to oppress others either, and they’ve been gaslit to see only those options.

    The more these people actually see and hear us, the more they see that we’re not monsters looking to genocide other races. The hardest men among us are separatists, not “supremacists.”

    Our goal is to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, not to create a Netflix nightmare world of Handmaids and High Castles or a pastoral despotism with Templars hunting Saracens for sport and Inquisitors putting Wiccan wine-moms to the torch. We can take our countries back without camps, cattle cars and barbed wire. See for one idea on how.

    Kabuki “lock her up” theatre, Talmudic PragerU goy-shaming and alt-Lite huckstering about muh Q-Anon mindset & anti-Sharia brain supplements aren’t working anymore. The recent YouTube purges came on the heels of studies showing that the right flank of globohomo was rupturing and its gatekeepers had been overrun. On a reasonably level playing field, our arguments win.

    The public has met The Enemy, and he’s just us.

    • The article you shared is the reason why White Nationalism will always be a fringe movement.

      No Urban white is ever going to vote for or allow a regime to take people that have lived here sometimes longer than their own ancestors and “slowly” force them out of our collective country.

      I love reading this site, but can’t get over the fact that the war is already over. If demographics are destiny, and we shut down the border now, no matter the policies whites will be a minority in most states.

      You say the White Nationalist arguments win? What arguments? That we should forcibly try to incentivize our neighbors and friends to move into third world s… holes even if they don’t want too? I don’t think that would garner 15% of the vote.

      Winning an argument is winning hearts and minds. What arguments are even close to main stream in the White Nationalist playbook? That the Joo’s will not replace us? That even though whites control a huge portion of the countries wealth that somehow POC are “genocideing us?” That even though we work with and have close friends that are POC they are less than us because a sample of IQ tests show they are lower on a scale? That we should go back to segregation even though our neighborhoods are vibrant?

      These are fringe beliefs at best.

      At least Counter C has the balls to admit what they want. Can you imagine if normal people read that article and then attached that to the beliefs of the people on this site commenting?

      We’d lose our careers, our families, friends and within 15 years prob be put in prison for terrorism bad think.

      I’m still waiting for a reasonable argument that can make our country better. A rational argument, grounded in 1% chance of success.

      So far I haven’t seen one. Just people yelling into the wind about POC and Joo’s destroying a place that doesn’t exist anymore.

      Again, love this site

      • Greg Johnson is indeed living in the past.

        But if you ran a historical simulation of the decline and fall of the American empire, using other empires as the template, you’d expect balkanization and you’d expect that Whites would end up with some part of the territory where they are sovereign.

        However, that simulation would be flawed, because American Whites are the most propagandized people in history and at present, they do not have the mental attitudes necessary to gain sovereignty over any territory.

        The Pro-White movement’s job is to counter that enemy propaganda and alter those mental attitudes so that Whites can start to think and act more like normal humans and do stuff like preserving themselves, claiming and defending territory, etc.

      • Pure (((CivNat))) cant, right down to doublespeak about needing to hear “rational” arguments while citing your feelz for your PoC friends.

        Anyone unironically using the term “vibrant” on this site is a troll or a cretin.

        • Its not rational to have friends that are POC? You must not live in an urban setting…

          And yes I was trying to make you laugh with vibrant.

          Im an old school Liberal. Not race based. Not a fing civ nat.

          Poor vs. Rich based. Union man. I lost a long time ago. No party represents the poor any more. No party represents forcing companies to stay in this country and employ our people: black, brown, white.

          Most people are like me. They’ve just been tricked into the con vs liberal death spiral. You hate Obama I hate Trump, yet they both do the same sh… Now its the Huckster Clowns Goldmans buddies turn to rap. us.

          In 5 years itll be the green people who rap. us.

          Again whats the plan? Blame the boomers like I like to do for for fing preditory Capitilism? Blaming people trying to find a better life because they have a different skin color like most commentors here?

          Losing. Fing. Arguments.

          Sorry to black pill… sorry to need a plan…

          Love this site. Read it every day for honesty. Scary, real, honesty.

          Were in big trouble.

          • I value the honest, intelligent opposition! Preach it Normie!

            Let’s settle this. What is the deeper, more powerful force in multiracial countries: deracinated rich vs. poor or tribalism?

          • The rich want it to be tribalism… Thats their only way out of a French rev senerio.

            Yes I agree. Right now theyve tricked us into Tribalism. And were falling for it.

            POC have and we have.

      • Dear Normie: I completely understand what you’re saying. My contention is that it will once again be standard (it used to be before 1950 or so) for whites and even some non-whites to see what’s posted on this site as common truths. These common truths were buried in the post-war razzle dazzle of utopia just around the corner. It actually crested long ago. You can be friends with a latino or an Asian, that’s fine. Just remember that you can never be friends with black people. It’s not you it’s them. They’re just too different. You can get along with them fine, and see them as people with the same hopes and dreams as you. But never believe that a black person is your friend. You’ll end up saying, eventually, “I can’t believe they thought that about me all along.”

        As for changing society, I don’t come here to take notes on how to engage in revolution. I come here to sort of sit in a warm jacuzzi of truth. Yet I also know that the current post WW2 system that contains all the fallacies is rapidly unraveling and will reach a breaking point. It’s only after this breaking point that the politics on this site will become mainstream.

        • Oh hogwash. My black son in law is a rock ribbed conservative, while several of my white relatives would ship all Trump supporters off to the camps in a heartbeat. There are people out there who will listen if you take the time to educate, even if they don’t look just like you.

      • Urban whites will be the first on the chopping block when their neighbors decide to address “white privilege”. We lost at the ballot box well before. The only way out is through.

      • Normie,

        Note the amount of down votes you have; you’re swimming against the prevailing feeling of most commenters on this site. I, too, enjoy the site and the thought provoking topics and usually very astute commentary.

        But as you pointed out, there is not a plan for any real action or change, just a lot of “get off my lawn!” whinning and blaming everything on Trump because he didn’t fix a corrupt gov and culture. Then it’s adhominem attacks of civnat! bommercon! plantruster! etc. because you are asking a legitimate question and not getting on board the black pill train. It’s absurdly short sighted. And probably why listening to this line of reasoning will not move the needle a bit and will be ultimately as doomed as libertarianism.

        It’s frustrating that Comey isn’t being charged, but every time this stuff happens, it’s all just poo flinging and attacks on Trump. But you also didn’t vote for him, and have never supported anything he’s done, so now that you feel the tide turning you want to pile on.

        Great, so what’s the plan moving forward? Right now, it’s the South Park gnome underpants plan. Step 1: elect dissident messiah, step 2: ? Step 3: white nationalist utopia! It’s almost like you need to do the active listening thing and repeat back what they’re saying. “So, what you’re saying is ‘you’re surprised Trump didn’t go all Pinochet and burn the thing down.’ I’m hearing that that makes you upset and disappointed.”

        Where is this dissident who can run and get elected?

        • “there is not a plan for any real action or change, just a lot of “get off my lawn!” whinning…”

          I agree with Normie&IforgotMyPen that we don’t have clear plan, but that is a measure of how bad our situation is. When you’ve had all the wind knocked out of your body, you don’t have a plan except to persist and fight on.

          We must build our movement on the most powerful truth in in the world, which is tribalism, especially for non-whites. The tactics can be managed if we have the correct strategy.

          • Tribalism starts wars and atrocities.

            Lets focus on poor vs. rich.

            Predators vs normal working people.

            Globalism vs authoritarian “best for all of us rules for big b.”

            Nah lets blame poor POC or old dudes who are retired.

            Easier that way.

          • Non-whites don’t see poor vs. rich when they are in white countries. Ask all the white allies how they are being treated by their sacred non-whites. You are asking more of most non-whites than they are capable.

            I wish it wasn’t that way, but this is the world in which we find ourselves.

        • it’s all just poo flinging and attacks on Trump. But you also didn’t vote for him, and have never supported anything he’s done, so now that you feel the tide turning you want to pile on…

          Very true. Trump is the final nail in the white conciousness movement. Hes prob. the worst example of a white man.

          Yeah he makes libs mad. He also awoke a hatred of dirt people never before seen.

          People say the mask is off now… No. Seeing this guy embarrass our country daily and humilate himself and his own supporters daily makes people think: “you know what, maybe rural America really is as ignorant as the media pretends they are in pop culture.”

          He’s stained the GOP and White Nationalism with his obvious and stunning incompetence.

          In 10 years no sane person will admit they voted for him. Hes truly the last White Con president. No one under 30 will ever forget him, and sadley the type of people who love him.

          Mark my words…

    • “America was going to be just like Weimar, Bolshies vs. Brownshirts.”

      For some reason, that sent a weird chill of precog down my spine. The hair on my arms is actually standing up.

      (PS- the Brownshirts were WW1 veterans, a patriot org like the Oathkeepers today)

      • To quote Bush 1, “Wouldn’t be prudent.” Therefore, I delete my crude comment about the Oathkeepers.

  48. I confess to being slightly surprised by the actions of the Trump administration.

    It’s understandable and expected for them to “sell out” in some way and even screw over the more radical elements of their base.

    But if you assumed they were a real political faction of their own, you’d expect them to engage in self interested actions, to strengthen their own position and weaken their rivals. Self preservation SHOULD be one of their most basic desires.

    And, if it had existed, this desire for self preservation would have created opportunities and incidental benefits for at least some of their supporters.

    But there is no evidence of a desire for self preservation, quite the opposite, all efforts of the Trump administration have been directed towards the destruction of the people that made the Trump faction possible and towards discrediting and taking away the issues that got Trump elected.

    The explanation provided by Bannon is that Trump basically didn’t expect to win, and when he did win, he just decided to sell out to the establishment immediately.

    “In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made. You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. I mean, we totally embraced the establishment.”

    I don’t like or trust Bannon but this is plausible.

    • Bonemeal, I think you nailed it (so did Bannon). The administration still believes in rule of law, not rule of power. All failures stem from that fatal misunderstanding. This is a theme repeatedly commented on by our host in many forms—and he is right.

    • I think Bannon is dead on about Trump. It would explain why he surrounds himself with Bush/Romney/Obama people. The amusing thing is all these picks end up stabbing Trumpy in the back and he can’t figure out why.

    • yeah, you would think there would have been a real effort to replace leftists on the government teat with your own people.

  49. I can’t think of a single successful right wing revolution in modern times. I can think of a couple successful wing military coups — El Sisi in Egypt, Spain pre-WW2.

    You need institutions or major foreign backing on your side in order to win a revolution. the left control the media, the universities, the military (the low and mid ranks of the military are right leaning but the upper brass are all shitlibs.)

    None of the normies I talk to in real life have any understanding of the deficiencies of the current system at all.

    Much more likely than revolution is, due to demographic changes, the US becomes what happened to California — ushering in 100 years of one party rule. Followed by increased agitation and censorship against white people leading to white genocide.

    The only real possibility of a revolution is if we have a Great Depression 2.0. Hitler received 3% of the vote in the 1928 elections, and was in power only a few years later. As long as times are perceived as good enough, no one will ever risk changing the status quo.

    • There is a lot of truth in your assessment, but the good news is… we’re not right wingers.

      There are quite a few successful national liberation movements in history, although they usually require specific social and political conditions in order to succeed.

    • you wrote “I can’t think of a single successful right wing revolution in modern times.” but I can: Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte (PBUH)

    • What about in Merkels east Germany?

      Oh, right . Communist regimes are automatically “right wing” as soon as their true colors are shown.

  50. I don’t just claim I knew it, I’ve said it many times here. I fear it’s going to require people to seek out justice outside the legal system, and be prepared to get hung for it, to send a message to other would-be corrupt players in government. It should surprise no one, for example, that “protesters” increasingly show up at private residences of public officials. This has mainly been a scare and intimidate tactic of the Left wing mob. But really, both sides are stumbling towards that line daring the other side to cross it first.

    I have friends and family who eagerly post every new dribble of news that proves there really was a conspiracy to overthrow an election. They sound like Q-anon, and exclaim that “Huber is coming”. I kept having to talk them off the ledge, not by telling them it’s all hopeless and wrong, but by saying “I hope you’re right, but I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    You say that enough times over a year or two, and they start to wake up and slowly realize they’ve been had by the very people telling them that the “conspiracy” is going to be blown wide open any day now.

    Two days after the Hillary/email story broke, I predicted two things: she had committed easily provable and prosecutable felonies that would land just about anyone in prison, and that absolutely nothing would happen to her legally. Her punishment was losing the election and then exile.

    They are incapable of punishing their own.

    Maybe this new US Attorney Barr assigned is the real deal. I hope the people who think this are right. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • I know a guy who lives out in the county. He really believes this Q-anon stuff. I can see him sitting by his computer wearing his secret decoder ring and waiting for his coded instructions.

      • The coded instructions always are, “Trust the plan and do nothing but drink more Ovaltine.”

        • Ideal instructions for a generation that can remember an America that looked like “A Christmas Story.”

          • Time to switch the “A Christmas Story” dvd
            out of the player and insert “They Live”.

            Now, where did I put that pair of Hoffman

            Now if only Ralphie had said, “I’m here to kick
            ass and chew bubblegum…”

            Looks like it’s also past time for Duke Nukem
            to make a timely re-appearance…

            “I’m going to go Medieval on yer ass!”

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  51. Jeff Sessions, civic nationalist extraordinaire, continues to look worse and worse as time rolls on. To think that we ever thought that wet noodle was going to stand up for “truth, justice, and the American way” makes one want to wretch. The problem with Democracy is that it can only be applied locally. Once you reach our size, voting is meaningless beyond the county level. And because republics almost always transform into empires, the conceit becomes ever more apparent. Sessions was a fantastic example of the ineffectiveness of voting. The bureaucracy is forever. Sessions is in the trash heap. Plutocrats rule. And the voters are seething.

    • Sessions did get some good things done, but he’s a hopeless BoomerCon, at least a generation out of touch with how far his America had receded in the rear view mirror. You need radicals to fight radicals. To harp on Weimar some more today, and the Bolshies as well, the tepid half-measures of yesterday’s “rule of law” leaders have a shitty track record of staving off the next “Turning.” Just ask Nicholas and von Papen.

    • Sessions totally disgraced the state of Alabama. He and Trump were this country’s last chance and they punted on third down.

      • The only action Trump coulld’ve taken to save the US would’ve been the gangrene cure – build the border wall, but also wall off coastal California, Seattle, Portland, much of Michigan and Minnesota, New York city….. And then deport illegal immigrants and (D)irtbag leaders to the blue zone, by catapult if needed. But look at the obstruction he got just trying to limit moslem importation – he would’ve needed to start by arresting half of DC, with what agencies?.

        I hope I’m wrong. A wave election in favor of (R)s , followed by firing much of the judiciary might empower enough reform to avoid disaster.

    • The problem with democracies and/or republics is the citizenry. We have elected politicians that are elected, re-elected and re-re-elected until they have a lifetime sinecure. So once elected, the politicians does whatever he wants knowing full well his peasant constituents will always vote again for their beloved master. This peasant mindset is another aspect of the problem, however I digress. One of the reasons why this is I call “the great guy syndrome”.

      The vast majority of Joe and Jane Normie may think everyone else’s elected politico is a corrupt, incompetent ass and can’t understand why those other people in other districts or states keep electing him.

      That is all politicians are crooks and losers EXCEPT their electeds who are “great guys” who are the exception to the rule and do right by their voters.
      Even worse is when the old elected retires or croaks, the voters will then elect, re-elect and re-re-elect the sons, daughters or other family members of the old politician creating political dynasties because they must be great guys or girls too.

      Also instead of normie interacting with their elected representatives as the employees hired to represent them that elected politicians are, Mr and Mrs Normie will fawn over the politician like a rock star. So of course Mr Whatever Elected being worshiped by his peasants like a little tin god begins to believe himself above the unwashed mortal masses. Then concerns and policies wanted by the people over which he rules becomes the trivial nonsense and whining of ignorant peasants because as a member of the ruling class, Mr Politician knows better.

      The problem begins and ends with the citizenry and how they see themselves and see the status and role of government as well as elected politicians and bureaucrats.
      So as long as Joe and Jane Normie continue to see government as some earthly goddess-mother who takes care of her children-citizens with social safety nets and freestuff, makes ever cleaner the air and water, solves the problem of the weather and so forth even solves all of normies problems for him, Mr and Mrs Normie will allow that their betters know best and laws are only for little people to obey. The Betters gets a pass because Master should have some privileges in return for caring for their charges.

      People may complain, realize things are getting out of control, but their complaints and threats are nothing more than serfs or slaves moaning and rattling their chains. They’re only venting a bit, then feeling better, crawl off to the polls on their bellies to vote again for their beloved politician masters,
      As long as normie’s belly isn’t completely empty, has some kind of shelter over his head and there’s sports ball and whatever the popular show on teevee is still on, the peasant will remain loyal to his masters. It’s the path of least resistance.

      • As Buckley said: “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

        I think we’d be literally better off with the random 400. Sure, they’d be soon corrupted too, but it’d be different: buying enough of them to get things done would be hard work , like herding cats. There would not be TRUST AMONG CRIMINALS – the risks would be greater. They could be incentivized by giving them bonuses for ratting out bribery attempts, and disincentivized with arrests and sting operations.

        What we actually have is very close to the Harvard shithead ruling class – smart moral retards.

  52. The cubicle slave will be the vast majority report.

    And I called the Barr whitewash exactly correct three weeks ago here. It pisses me off. But, no, I’m not surprised at all.

    President Warren, next on deck.

    • Gotta keep the kids fed. If it comes between revolution and your child starves, you’re going to keep your kid fed.

  53. The absolutely stunning wealth “earned” by retiring Presidents in recent years is an ominous bell weather. The Clintons truly broke the mold; the more modest Obama’s are worth north of 100 million.

    They’ll all smart enough to let it trickle downstream. How is it that James Comey and Robert Muller are paid millions to sit on boards of public companies after they leave their careers as “public servants”?

    Pointing out just how hyprocritcial this all is (Obama’s buying a $15 million “no-one-needs-too-much-house next to an ocean that is supposed to be flooding the coasts any day now) is a fool’s errand. “They all do it”.

    Politicians and government workers alike appear to motivated mainly by how much they can legally (!) grift from the system. It’s not a government. It’s a mob.

    • I continue to say that we need to look at Britain as the model for what happens to an Anglo country post-empire. The civil servants go on to sit on the boards of big companies. The politicians get a sinecure and many become wealthy (Tony Blair, for example, is worth ~$60 million, John Major ~ $50 million). And the country slowly destroys itself, inviting the world to come live there.

      The best thing to do is to watch the 1980’s comedy series “Yes, Minister”. Virtually everything that they’re talking about *then* is what’s happening to us *now*. Sure there are some minor differences but the Deep State / Civil Service connection is far too real.

      The biggest take away from the show is the knowledge that governance has pretty much nothing to do with Parliament (or Congress, in our case).

      • ” And the country slowly destroys itself, inviting the world to come live there”
        The country did not destroy itself.

  54. There are thousands of Trad Americans out in the streets today shouting “No Justice – No Peace!” Right?

    Yeah. Right.

    • We are too busy keeping the country running. When we are no longer able to do it, the system will collapse and we will have to ride the tiger.

  55. Right wing revolutions aren’t really a thing. It’s far more likely that the breaking point will come from Antifa and its allies movements. It has to get WAY worse, generally and in our perspective, before it gets better.

  56. I assume every last thing that happens in DC is done with a political angle these days. Prosecuting Comey right now does nothing for anyone. I except Barr / Trump to bring this story back to the front burner in mid-2020 when it will consume media time during the campaign.

    Will it result in the guilty getting punished, the truth revealed. justice served? Why would they care? They care about elections.

  57. As Z Man says, it is hard to judge while in the moment, but my intuition says things are moving fairly quickly towards some sort of crisis. The trajectory we are on is not sustainable. The astonishing thing is how many people are still unaware the system is disintegrating despite the daily evidence right under their noses. Of course it is far easier to ignore the warning signs and carry on as usual, but at some point it will become impossible for any rational person. It is not pleasant to be around at the collapse of one’s civilization — the question is, what can one do to shape the coming era?

    • I know so many guys who think that if we could just balance the budget and tighten up qualifications for welfare then middle-lower class prosperity would return and all would be well.

      They assiduously ignore the systematic corruption that Z describes, outsourcing, demographic changes and the sentiments celebrated at San Francisco’s largest museum

    • It is hard to judge. I can give you a great argument as to why everything will fall apart next week, and an equally great argument as to why the system will stand for 1000 years. And either has an equal probability of ending up being true, depending on how events play out.

      I really don’t have much of a yardstick for gauging the situation. I lived through the 60s and 70s, which were likewise a period of unrest. It seemed the signs of discontent were more obvious, there was more street theatre, more dissident groups, more violence. But I’m not sure it’s a very useful comparison. I get the feeling that while the current situation may not be burning as brightly, it’s sure burning a lot hotter. The issues involved are more fundamental.

      I can’t say that I have a wealth of facts at my disposal for a comparison, but my sense is that the 60s felt more like a family feud, now feels more like opposing nations jockeying for control of territory. 60s issues were purely policy disputes, now is where we see what happens when opposing factions make claim to the same territory.

      • I’m convinced the death knell will occur when the US loses status as the “reserve currency” – when other nations and creditors realize that US bonds and dollars are not a good way to store value, and default unit of trade.

        The US currency is perhaps the best of a bad lot, but having lived through the 70s inflation, I know there are times when people will prefer to spend their money asap, so as to not hold dollars as they lose value.

  58. It’s just so much worse than that. These people are evil. They get together and have their satanic black masses and abuse children. At some point it becomes obvious that this is true and it has for me. And that’s what all this sex education for toddlers is, grooming children and corrupting the the parents are anyone that engages in it.. But they don’t think they’re evil because the master they serve tells them they’re not. It’s why they’re attacking Christian Bakers. Does anyone really think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself?

      • People talk about a “dead man’s switch” but has anyone ever actually had one? Seems like spy movie stuff, not reality.

        • I learned about the term from Tom Clancy novels. Seems like a good idea though when dealing with volatile material.

        • The big problem is that people are lazy and then one day you forget to type 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 into the apocalypse-preventer.

    • I’ve been reading Lovecraft lately and it’s clear that the Left is the real-life Cult of Cthulhu. If you’re not familiar with the Octopus-faced Ancient One, his cult of non-whites practiced human sacrifice for the purpose of opening a gateway to another dimension which would bring about untold suffering and an end to civilization.

      In the Cthulhu Mythos, a few Whites know the truth and are powerless to do anything about it, which slowly makes them insane. Sound familiar?

      • It’s funny to watch the lefties that grew up on Lovecraft slowly coming to the realization that he was a race realist.

        • The kids these days love Cthulhu. Walk into any Hot Topic and you’ll find cute and cuddly versions of the Old One next to the anal sex flag.

      • Trying to open the gates for the Old Ones is the ultimate “Burn it Down!” Instant inversion of the social order. Revenge of the Nerds on a cosmic scale. We’re the ones who’d rather accept an “unfair” universe of hierarchy, scarcity and impermanence than the false promise of an equalist utopia that, as Z said yesterday, is found only in the grave.

        FWIW, Lovecraft and (ex) Libertarianism are two of the most common factors among guys I meet in Our Thing.

        • I wasn’t aware the PC Brigade had a Lovecraft award renamed until hearing about the recent similar trashing of sci-fi pioneer John Campbell — because some Asian chick who won the award complained about him

        • “In his Weird Tales classic Lovecraft represents Cthulhu as appealing, through his long-range mesmerism, to people still living at the tribal level of cultural development, to the lower anti-social classes or proletariat, and to the power-seeking but mentally dim, criminal segment of humanity, on a platform of exaggerated resentment. Cthulhu finds that degeneracy provides fertile ground for his agenda. ”

          “The modern world qualifies as Cthulhuesque in any number of ways. In December of 2017 in San Francisco a “woke” jury acquitted an illegal alien whom prosecutors had accused of randomly and lethally shooting a young woman in the back. ….Of course, in doing so, the jury placed itself beyond good and evil. It declared the advent of “killing and levelling in joy” that the cultist invokes in Lovecraft’s story. “

    • Two thirds of the people polled(as reported by Drudge) do not believe Epstein’s cause of death. When you look at the litany of events surrounds his demise you realize that he was openly murdered by the state. Just like that D.C. madam who was found hanging in her garage in FL some time back.

      And people wonder why Lil Kim doesn’t give up his nukes. He saw what happened to Gaddafi tried to play nice, and Syria and now Epstein. There is no way any 3rd world tyrant would trust us.

    • He was in prison all communications are monitored so any deadman switch could be found. He would need someone on the outside to entrust his switch to but all his friends are scumbags too

  59. I would argue that we have both passed the tipping point and the straw that breaks the camels back is very near. Barr has now put the last nail in the coffin of the corpse of the Rule of Law and sanctified the DC Double Standard. Murder is now officially sanctioned (hello Seth Rich and the execrable Epstein). Can detention camps for dissidents be far off? No one will trust any Fed now for generations to come. That is a pretty steep price to pay for the honor of wiping Comey’s ass clean.

    • Oh, no, no, no. The white hats are just waiting for the right moment, dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. It’s coming any day now. How can a man who plays the bagpipes let us down?

    • What’s holding things back right now is that most people are employed (underpaid, but still working) and can put a roof (maybe not as nice as the one they grew up under) over their heads.

      The next time this isn’t the case is when that giant lake of cynicism building up behind the dam of corruption is going to wash downstream.

      • In parts of a northeast state — I won’t say which — there are moderately-sized numbers of people already living in the woods. It’s tough in the winter, but they’re out there.

        All that’s keeping my own state going is the absurd housing market near the water. It’s like watching drunk people at a casino at 2 a.m., tossing down hundreds. There’s no tomorrow. They’re going all in now.

        I’m guessing we’ll have people living on the side of Route 95 down in the Jersey-Philly corridor in a few years. We are absolutely heading toward Camp Life. It’s utterly incredible to watch this happen in a country that 30 years ago had some decency and common sense, even in the middle of Reagan.

        The heart has gone out of so many people in the US. I have a disability, live alone, and am terrified of the future. This didn’t need to happen.

        Edit: And the worst part, I can’t share my fears with anyone. They think I’m nuts. I’m resigned in the spirit of Meister Eckhart to take it all in a spirit of releasement toward God. I just hope it’s fast.

        • California is already way into camp life. Huge camps of homeless are everywhere along the coast. And no one in power is doing a thing about it. SF, LA, Seattle are all essentially giant camps of homeless now, with normies imprisoned within their homes — for now. The crazy left is already talking of making people with extra space take in crazies.

          • How are they going to enforce that? There are 78,500 sworn law-enforcement officers in the state of California. Verses well over 30 million people. Good luck.

          • They could just pass squatter laws – like I’ve read they have in Britain.

            Do some searching on the interwebs , there are stories out there of people going on holiday for a few weeks – only to return and find a bunch of squatters living in their home. All their possessions have long since disappeared into a dumpster.

            When they true home owners complain to the “authorities” – they just simply refuse to do anything and cite squatting laws or some such BS.

            I remember reading these stories a few years back – so the details may be hazy. But you can rest assured that our leftist overlords will start passing similarly crazy laws that utterly take away any property rights you might have – if the hordes of free-shitters get large enough.

      • The pattern for right wing governments taking power is clear. People will support the current system as long as the grocery stores are stocked and the lights stay on. When the system can no longer accomplish this, then the nationalists can take power.

        Keep your powder dry, do not do anything stupid, and red pill our people.

        • >>>When the system can no longer accomplish this, then the nationalists can take power.<<<

          Very true. Also, we’re not getting to Pinochet without enduring Allende first.

          • Allende arrives if most any of the hopeful Dem presidential nominees is successful in 2020. If not 2020, then we have perhaps four years more of preparation time.

          • It’s been suggested that the Dems are intentionally throwing 2020 so they can get an Allende in 2024.

            The demographics will certainly be ripe for it.

      • Yep, the middle-class is still very comfortable and still believe to a extent that system isn’t rigged against them.

        It will only take one serious economic down turn aka: turd sandwich to wake people up. Had the 2008 bailout not have happened we would have had our revolution back then,

        This is why TPTB are doing everything to keep the bubble machine going. It gives people the illusion of wealth in terms of home and equities. Should that bubble deflate, so will the peoples patience.

        • We’ll continue doing what we’ve done since the ’50s…move 1 or 2 more exits further out from the pozz.

          Without a real leader we’ll continue avoiding conflict if that’s an option.

          Trump wasn’t made of the right stuff.

          Until a real caesar does arise we’ll keep moving and worrying only about whether our portfolio is at a tolerable risk level.

          • We will probably see local leaders arise when the house of cards collapses. I am no Aragorn, but I will protect my version of the Shire.

          • People definitely need a leader to galvanize them. Trump could have been that guy but had no interest in it. It is doubtful that the elite will let another one arise. Future ones will only be controlled opposition

        • Yea Amen on that Brother…The thing is to be having a system in place and running when the old one falls apart so people have somewhere to turn and will do what they need to so they can be a part of it…

    • Check out this piece from Yahoo news. You can just feel the self righteousness oozing from the writer as she describes the candidates policy proposals to fight white nationalism. You can also feel how she thinks the proposals aren’t even close to what’s needed.

      These policy proposals are just the beginning, but you can see where they’ll lead: The complete and utter persecution and disarmament of any white who doesn’t grovel to globo-homo. We will be monitored, and we will be taken into custody if we object to our slavery.

      Very soon, the question will be how whites will react because pretending that we’re not a persecuted minority won’t be possible anymore.

      • Nature magazine has an article on combatting online hate (that would be us, and Good Lord, do these people project…) John Rivers has been excerpting parts of it on gab.

        What hits me about the article is just the cold surgical hatred and desire to throw people (us) down the rathole. As is said hereabouts, this will not end well.

        • Same old communist screeching that commies have been
          making since they murdered and raped their way across
          Russia and Europe and were then welcomed (via the ‘Frankfurt School’) into America by ‘Frank the Gimp’ Roosevelt and others at
          the behest of his owners the Rothschilds.

          There has always been ONLY one response/cure to
          communism and it’s adherent’s savagery – choose
          and apply one’s preferred delivery cartridge accurately
          and with repeated consistency until there is no more

          Also never forget that the most cruel and savage communists
          were very often the women among them.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defnese!

        • Try mentally replacing “hate” with “white” or “pro-white” when reading that Nature article…

      • Yahoo, a loser in the Internet shakeout, clings to survival by touching bottom. All that’s left for it is to carve out a piece of the loony-left, anti-white coalition. This Tubman character is their idea of a “reporter”? I don’t have a bagful of admiration for reporters, but the title once meant something, a modest integrity based on at least conveying facts rather than one’s own opinions in a piece. Tubman is wearing a hand-me-down cheap suit that doesn’t fit her.

    • We already have detention camps, namely, the jails where political prisoners such as the RAM guys, are kept.

    • Already under Trump the enforcement agencies have been given specific orders to hunt right wingers and anyone who is vaguely pro-white.

      While they have not yet been empowered to arrest for pure speech, they are devoting significant resources to sifting through Deus Vult meme posts on ifunny, looking for anything that they can classify as a threat or otherwise criminalize.

      Speech that was normal and obviously protected a few years ago, is now being treated as criminal.

      Once they find it, they are free to conduct military style raids on that person’s house, confiscate their firearms and haul them away.

      Similarly, those who engage in public activism and protected speech activities, even proudboys tier public activism, will be subjected to immense scrutiny and if there is anything the authorities can criminalize, through any strained interpretation of facts and law, it will be criminalized.

      None of this applies to the anti-whites, nor will it.

      The camps are already here and literal normie children are being hauled off to them. (google 18 year old Justin Olsen of Boardman Ohio) Conservatives are not saying much about this.

    • Barr has done a hell of a lot to help Trump push his agenda forward. Step back and look at the bigger picture.

      Further crucifying Comey achieves what exactly?

      • At some point, one needs to win one for show value—aka morale. That’s for the peasants. It might not hurt to set an example to one’s enemies as well. One can only talk of 4D chess strategies for so long… Also, if we are to believe that these cases are being overlooked so as not to be distracted from the “prize”, why do we see so many tweets from Trump often calling for such action, then decrying these events when they “come a cropper”?

        Outis, nothing would please me more than you being correct and I wrong in this matter.

        • It’s not hard to come up with examples… the challenge of course is the MSM has filled the world with so much obfuscation that it’s hard to see what’s really happening.

          Who helped Trump figure out a way to solve the Census problem?

          He has helped with the Wall too. Which is now moving full speed ahead. Much more is likely happening behind the scenes. Do this, not that type of advice.

          Quit focusing on the wrong shit and focus on the right shit. Comey is the wrong shit.

          • Census workaround wrt citizenship was arguably a loss. This question has been on other census’s in the past. It essentially recognized the power of the judiciary to “make law” and reverse established precedent on a whim, which has been repeatedly done wrt Executive actions and agencies.

            The border wall is a success at least until the next presidential turnover. But ultimately must fail in its intent as it doesn’t address the bulk of the problem. Most IA’s do not come across the border from the South. They come via other means, overstayed VISAs, Canada, and such. The real solution is to recognize that the overwhelming problem is that IA’s can come and find work as well as collect welfare.

            If Trump spent all his efforts in spoiling the milk, the problem would resolve on its own. Of course, raiding more firms and checking that employers have used e-verify type vetting on all employees would ruffle large donors’ feathers. What we’ve seen—including H1-b VISA talk, is for show. Like local “speed traps” and impaired driver checks around holidays.

        • pour encourager les autres – French quotation from Voltaire

          Definition of pour encourage: in order to encourage the others —said ironically of an action (such as an execution) carried out as a warning to others

      • It restores faith in the system and the rule of law. A government can operate for a while by force, terror and taxation but the real currency that keeps things going is legitimacy and we’ve about pissed ours away

        So far a “this would be much better” ideology hasn’t reared its head, yet but if you look in the distance you can see that freight train on the tracks, Union Atlantic to Pacific “Revolution” and one mistake too many and we are going to get hit by that train

        And no it doesn’t matter who the conductor is, Left or Right the Us will be in shit city.

      • Name one thing. Barr looks to be the new Trey Gowdey, without the closeted homosexuality.

      • Outis said: ” Further crucifying Comey achieves what exactly?”
        I couldn’t agree more. Seeking justice is a big waste of money and time. Not to mention a completely unwarranted embarrassment to our masters. Better to let them openly subvert the constitution, commit numerous felonies, and then spit in our faces and laugh. Those stinking dogs have shown nothing but open, flagrant contempt for the rule of law and the Democratic process. They tryed to install Hillary Cinton into the White House. But as you say. Pursuing the matter would just be mean spirited.

      • Just ignoring what has happened with Comey achieves what exactly?

        The guy deserves to be in jail – along with a long list of other swamp creatures.

        Crucifying Comey achieves what Comey deserves. Pointing out the fact that he has skated from his well deserved fate pounds it into the feeble minded with short memories (like yourself apparently) – that this kind of shit is not going to be forgotten about.

        Or forgiven.

        With Comey is just means somebody needs to remember to build a taller gallows when the time comes. Because you obviously won’t.

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