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I’m on the road so I don’t have much to post here or much time to do it. As I type this, it is 5:30 PM here in Denmark. I’m expected to meet some friends in a bit. I did put together a show this week, so this makes me the hardest working guy in dissident show business, or at least one of them. I was in a rush when I did this, so it is not the best quality, but it is not the worst either. Have a great weekend everyone and I will be doing some more travelogues over he weekend.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00 Opening
  • 02:55 The Conference Scene
  • 06:45 Be Prepared
  • 11:00 Fight The Hate
  • 16:45 Dealing With Lefty
  • 23:30 Libertarians
  • 28:10 Trump’s Pandering
  • 33:20 Marry An Asian
  • 38:45 Metal & Muscle
  • 39:50 Coffee
  • 41:40 Money
  • 49:00 Thank You

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34 thoughts on “Letters To Z Man

  1. About the black and Latino vote (they consider “hispanic” a slur, btw):

    Each demo is about 4% of the vote, i.e.,
    Black 4%, Brown 4+%.

    The Shapiru conservatives pin their hopes on the nonwhite vote of about 10%. Should work, yeah?

    • Uriah Heep. Heh. I remember him screaming “Stand up! Stand up!”, furious at the Mormon kids at the Salt Palace, sitting politely and clapping. They were a bit… perplexed… by Uriah Heep.

      70s? Nazareth rules. ‘Hair of the Dog’ remains my ravin’ fave album. They blew Ted Nugent right off the stage, as he had to scream at the audience a bit too.

      Frank Zappa just pulled up a chair from backstage, lit a cigarette, and nodded contentedly along watching his own band.

      Addendum: woah, what a great closing song, Zman, thanks!

  2. Commenter from Oklahoma re: Monuments. Absolutely spot on. The type of observation we’ve all probably noticed from time to time. We are not a proud nation anymore…..and it shows.

    Here’s the HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE. 123,000 and counting. Mapped and photographed. (I admit I just stumbled upon it.)


    Here’s an example——


    Perhaps he only thing better than Zman’s blog entries and podcasts is……..his audience. I visit tons of blogs, as everyone does. None as insightful as the comments here. I know I am not the first to point it out, but it bears repeating.

  3. You define anti-semitism as hating jews.

    But that’s not how THEY define it.

    If you notice they want different things than they do, you are anti-semitic

    If you notice the punditry class and the MSM reporters are significantly over-weighted as Jewish vs other races, you are anti-semitic

    if you disagree with them, you are anti-semitic

    If you …

    the list is endless.

    You have a Tribe who created entire organizations whose mission is to demonize any and all criticism. They write books about how horrible everyone different than they are is.

    Here-in lies the problem.

    I wish it was as simple as you define it.

    • This has been intractable, one that regrettably feeds into homicidal rage that we must discourage.

      The average conservative is borderline worshipful of Jews, even though a majority of Jews hate conservatives.

      But the average Jew is largely unaware of “why” they attract criticism, but they are well aware of the “how”. If they think of “why”, it goes no further than “envy”.

      I think there is No Solution, but if there is one it is in convincing people of the why, which is a world-breaker to Judaism. Perhaps this is biologically impossible for some people, but I believe in moral agency.

      • The average white moderate has largely adopted a worldview where Jews are superior to Christians on the basis of being the opposite of most negative stereotypes of Christians. Even people who are notionally attached to a church will operate this way.

        Before we get to the institutional level, we start at the individual level. We have to knock the sheen off of the idea that Jews are better than us, and privately humiliate any Jewish person that complains about Anti-Semitism but doesn’t move to Israel.

  4. It’s surprising to see Bin Shapiro ripping off the chain with a direct call for violence.

    Our people should support the deplatforming, his handlers may not be able to save him this time. Getting him cancelled obviously means that a new gatekeeper will be installed, but in the time it takes to build a new one, we can cause some mayhem.

    • Ben Shapiro is my normie brother’s guiding light. He is inspired by Shapiro’s calling out of liberal hypocrisy and suspects that Iran is building nuclear missiles to strike the US.

      He hopes that Ben Shapiro will convince the country to return to Reagan conservatism.

      I am unable to change his mind.

      He thinks my political hopes are crazy and I his.

      • For most, it takes a long time to get here. Little Ben is effective because he hits the trip wires of conservatives while talking too fast to allow them to reflect. That’s his job, to keep people from getting here.

        • That’s why we need to cynically align with the left whenever he screws up, as to convince the Wilks Bros to pull the plug.

          It has been a major failure on our part that Dinesh managed to keep coming back despite scandal after scandal. And he didn’t have the advantage of a billionaire patron, just stupid middle class Boomercons.

          “Ben Shapiro is the leader of the Alt-Right”

  5. Sound effects: you need to bring back that one with the applause and standing ovation. Reserve it for especially rotten/hateful and vile comments on whamen, vibrants, and other garden variety chitlibs and vegetables.

  6. “Kulturnatten” here tonight (9 pm now). Stone’s throw from Bishop Absalon, seeking blessings before I visit the Great Synagogue of Copenhagen (it’s like a block from the Bishop’s monunent – E.S.T.)


    I plan to beg Absalon’s forgiveness for the TGI Fridays near the bar I’m at. By our fruits shall ye know us.

    Because the nacht is made for H8ers…

    PS there’s even a Leonard Cohen expo here in two weeks – just passed the venue. Since I’m doing a Scandza two-fer October & November, not gonna miss an homage to my favorite Canadian Esquimeaux.

    From the sounds of Z’s pre-recon of the Oslo scene, Copenhagen’s looking like my Valhaliya guild haus for this winter’s Ice People pilgrimage.

    More on the Synagogue after I J-mo up to stand in the J-queue.

  7. I hope you are having better success than I figuring out where you will move to next spring. Good luck. It’s a huge decision.

      • Lineman – What were your top issues for determining location? In no particular order, mine were the confluence of these factors:
        1) At least 60 miles from urban areas
        2) Consistently voted red for last 20 years (not that the GOP is our party, but that’s where we dissidents are most likely to find fellow-travelers.)
        3) Demographics – majority white, period.
        4) More demographics – mostly working class white, with relatively lower income per capita (helps exclude progressive whites)
        5) Relatively cheap but fruitful land; abundant water and wildlife. Important – off main roads and preferably not visual from rural road. Minimal access points on to property, and ease in which I can isolate and control unwelcomed entrance.
        6) County by county, assess their “master plan” for growth; if they have a master plan then they got tossed from the mix. I know the type of “growth” these local governments are looking for and it’s all about confiscating revenue, not building community.
        7) County newspapers and local blogs are helpful in gleaning insights into how they “do” community. If it’s all about Big Education and Big Agriculture then it’s probably not for the contrarian dissident.
        8) Minimal local regulation; I wanted to do my own electricity/plumbing without incessant inspections; I wanted no interference in how I constructed outbuildings; etc. E.g. I asked our potential county building inspector if I could have a building with a composting toilet – answer, “Hell son, you can build whatever you want!” That was the answer I was looking for.
        9) Visit the prospective area, go to cafes and greasy spoons, meet the locals up close. If eligible, visit the local VFW and/or American Legion. Ideally, find an airbnb or campsite so you can stay in the prospective county for at least a month, or even better, rent for a year before buying.
        10) Be damn sure that you’re bringing something of value into the community. That typically doesn’t include professional credentials – it means being able to do something with your hands, or having a particular skill that melds with community needs.
        11) Assess income needs based on potential area of relocation. Given opportunities to raise food and providing my own labor (auto repair, construction, etc), along with very low property taxes, I found that I could live quite well on $40-50K/year. If I outsourced everything I’d need at least twice as much. Making more money is great, but assess NEED vs want, and then weigh the opportunity cost of making bigger bucks (higher stress) vs DIY (actually therapeutic.)
        12) Almost forgot – I’m a southerner so I was looking for a southern community that had a confederate monument and was PROUD of it. That earned bonus points.

        I added #9 as something I wished I’d been able to do. Not sure if it would’ve changed my opinion but it would’ve helped manage my expectations. Finding dissident community and earning trust is hard work, but forging it from nothing is damn near impossible. My list is not exhaustive but I’d love to help any who are thinking along these lines.

        • I would say you have covered it pretty well Brother…I looked also for a place that the Community itself could isolate itself pretty easily and that there were a lot of artisans and Craftsman in the area also…I also looked for a place that had quite a few conservative transplants so the hostile cliques would not hold influence if there were any…I did do your #9 for about 2 years before I moved to get the feel of the place…

      • 1. Being cold when for 60 of my 62 years I am used to easy weather in greater LA, east and inland. I do think I will adapt, but I would need people to help me and not resent me relocating from the dreaded CA.
        2. Not knowing anyone in other destinations or having a wife to go with me, so, loneliness. Kids are doing their own thing and aren’t fearful enough to leave CA.
        3. Retirement income only, maybe $50K at most.
        4. Concern that low cost of living today in a rural or small town will not be so in a few years since many others might be heading there, e.g., Idaho, MT.
        5. Pension default possibility in CA. What if the soviets there say, “Expatriates, come back and live here or else….” My own delusion, but a smart guy suggested the possibility.

        • Well Brother I understand your concerns and would say come visit this next spring and we can see if this place would be a good fit for you…

          • I don’t know where the place is. I’m getting my oil in my car changed for the third time since driving to MT, ID, and NV already. Will be traveling more too!

          • I was in Hamilton and Corvallis the first week of June and part of the second. LOL. I almost rented an apartment right by the H.S. but wasn’t ready to move that fast. I am thinking about driving through NV, Idaho, and MT in a few weeks, this time for a more lengthy visit, just to see what it is like in cold and snow.
            Edit: Is it snowing where you are much earlier this year? someone up there said it usually starts snowing in November.

          • You should of contacted me Brother…Every once in awhile we will get some snow in Oct but it’s not a regular occurrence…

          • If I am in the Valley do you want me to post here on this blog? I recall two restaurants and a laundromat (LOL, the ladies took my stuff out of the washer and tossed it into the dryer when I went on an excursion. They were country-nice!) How do you get notifications when a person replies to your post here? I don’t see a bell icon, etc.

  8. My God, he did one from across the Atlantic. Thanks, Zman, for taking the trouble, I sort of assumed a pause in the flow of content while you were traveling. Shows how much I know.

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