Travelogue: Nordic Newark

I was somewhere around Malmö on the edge of the tundra when the drugs began to take hold. I’m not a drug taker, but drugs must have played some role in the decision to turn this quaint Swedish city into the Beirut of the north. A third of the city population is foreign born, according to government reports. Given the nature of the Swedish government, those numbers are most likely wrong. Malmö now has the reputation for being the rape capital of the world, which is entirely due to immigration.

My journey to Oslo takes me over the bridge from Denmark to Sweden. The Øresund Bridge is a combined rail and motorway that is nearly five miles long. I left at first light, so I got to take in the beauty of the crossing. The signs for Malmö and the impressiveness of the bridge, had me wondering what people a thousand years from now will make of it. They will no doubt have grand theories for why a people capable of conquering nature were unable to ward off a barbarian invasion.

According to official statistics, 20% of the population of Sweden is now foreign born, but that is not the whole story. According to more sober minded estimates, the demographic replacement is advancing quickly. Like America, the white population will be a minority by mid-century or sooner. In that regard, it will no longer be Sweden. Why the rulers of Sweden decided to suicide their people in this way boggles the mind. America, can at least blame slavery. The Swedes can only blame themselves…

The drive up is easy, a bit boring, but the coast line is magnificent, if you get off the highway and hit some of the side roads. Once you pass Malmö, Sweden gets rural in a hurry, as 85% of the population lives in urban areas. That means a very low population density outside of cities. Until you get to Gothenburg, which is a few hours up the cost from Malmö, it is one farm after another, occasionally broken up by stands of birch and pine. You’ll see plenty of Swedish cows, which muu, instead of moo.

I think if I was from another planet, reporting back to my home planet, I’d call this part of earth “the land of the steep roofs.” My first thought is the steep roof is better for a snowy climate, but maybe they just like the look. The roofs are also red, which has no obvious meteorological utility. In fact, red is a very popular color, which suggests something in the ground that was useful for paint, but only comes in red. The color red is also good for soaking up UV rays, so maybe that’s the reason for all the red…

It’s a long trip, so I decide to take a break. One of the fun things about this part of the world is the ubiquity of the traffic circle. In New England they call them rotaries. In other parts of America, they are called roundabouts. Every exit off the main highway results in a traffic circle. Inevitably, there are three options at the minimum. One option takes you to food and fuel. One option puts you back on the road in the direction you were headed and the other options always send you off in the wrong direction…

To enter Oslo from the south, you go through a long series of tunnels, which take you from the countryside to all of a sudden in the middle of the city. This is my first trip to Oslo, so I was expecting it to be like Copenhagen. Coming out of the tunnel, I instead found myself in Newark New Jersey. It really was quite of shock. I’ll grant that the overcast sky probably hurt the curb appeal of the place, but my first impression is it is a city that has seen better days. It has the aging industrial city vibe to it.

Once I check in, I go on a walkabout to see if maybe I was getting the wrong impression of the place. The first thing I notice is the lack of white people. There are whites on the street, but most people I see are non-white. The number of sub-Saharan Africans is quite surprising, given the environment. I’d say there are equal parts east and west Africans, but that’s just a guess. I saw a lot of black women in Muslim headgear pushing strollers, but I also saw a lot of round face black males.

The biggest slice of the diversity pie belongs to the North Africans. Everywhere you look, you see young swarthy males. My guess is Morocco exported a lot of its excess male population to Norway. For some reason, the Nordic countries are a popular destination for Moroccans. Regardless, they all have the look of North Africans, rather than Mesopotamians or Levantines. Five minutes on the street and I see why Mohamed is the most popular baby name every year in Oslo.

I ducked into what looked like a mall. A pretty good way to read the local diversity in any western city is to check out the shopping mall. This was full of Africans, Saharan and sub-Saharan. There were whites, but I’d say they were a slim majority. Oddly, all of the workers in the stores were white, but many were not Norwegian. I heard more than a few British accents. Why someone would leave Britain to work in a Norwegian shopping mall is a mystery, but there is no accounting for taste.

Back on the street, I hiked the city for a few hours. As in the rest of the Nordic countries, the locals dress like goth Eskimos. The temp was hovering around 50 Fahrenheit, so I was in a pullover and jeans. Plenty warm for walking the city. I looked like the guy in the States, who wears shorts in winter. People had on winter coats, scarfs, gloves. I also saw quite a few race mixers. It was always a swarthy male with a white female, but I did see a soy boy with a big fat African. He must have a high social credit score.

Despite what it looks like on the street, Norway is only about nine percent diverse, so it is not facing the same collapse as Sweden. Still, something occurred to me as I was taking in the local color, so to speak. At some point, the white population in these countries will not be able to carry the non-white population. The social welfare system will collapse. At that point, nature takes over. These people are not built for living in the harsh north on their own. A great cull is building toward the end of this century…

Watching some Norwegian television, I saw an ad for Choice Hotels. I’ve never seen it before, but I don’t watch a lot of television. The ad pitches Choice Hotels as the destination for homosexuals in Norway. Like open borders, the fetish for homosexuality is like some were disease that has infected the West. Maybe one day we’ll learn that it is the result of a pathogen that only infects white people…

Part of the deal at the hotel is free breakfast and dinner. The Nordics really like the self-serve buffet. Breakfast was the typical stuff we’d see in America, along with fish and various peasant breads. The butter in this part of the world taste like magic. For dinner, I had brunost, which is a national food of Norway. It looks like brown cheese and tastes like savory caramel. It’s made from whey and goat’s milk, then boiled into a semi-hard cheese-like consistency. The brown color is the worst kind of brown.

This weird food stuff came into being because a milkmaid got the idea to use the leftover whey from cheese making to make something different. Her creation was a hit and helped her region escape economic difficulty. She got married and moved to a new area and created another version, which was also wildly popular. Her cheese-food is credited with helping the local dairy industry escape depression. The milkmaid’s name was Anne Hov and she is national hero…

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94 thoughts on “Travelogue: Nordic Newark

  1. I was in Gothenburg and Gislaved in May of “15. Gislavid was 20 Km from where i was starting up some equipment for a customer (I am an industrial automation engineer). Gislaved is about 120 Km from Gothenburg and has a population about 10,000 people. It has the only hotel in the area, which is why I was staying there. The hotel is in the center of town next to a plaza. While sitting on the outdoor part of the restaurant in evenings, I saw many Muslim immigrants walk by. Mostly, they were Sub-Saharan Africans rather than Middle Easterners, although I saw both. If Gislaved has such immigrants, then it is likely that all of Sweden is filled with them. downtown Gothemburg is still nice though.

    This was in May of ’15, right before the recent wave of Syrians and others. I’m sure there are more now.

  2. Incredible character I came across after putting ‘diversity norway’ into the youtube machine. This Indian lady ADMITS ‘with diversity can come a lot of tensions’. Her career is about ”diversity leadership” and she’s speaking to a capitve(in the literal and figurative sense) audience about why less Norwegians is good for the future of Norwegians.

    its truly breathtaking to watch stuff like this

  3. I intend to read the new Kevin MacDonald book about why whites have a tendency to pathological altruism. But have always found Whiskey’s (Whiskey’s Place) argument interesting: deprive women of strong masculine figures from their own society and they will import those men from other cultures, even at personal risk and the obvious signs of societal deterioration. It’s probably not the entire explanation, but it is a hypothesis that has substantial empirical support. Unless and until patriarchy is reinstituted and women’s influence brought under control, the demographic replacement will continue.

    • Yea until we get rid of the state enforced matriarchal system everything will continue to get worse…

    • Almost everything we talk about here has its roots in the feminization of society. I actually think that if somehow Western society reversed course on immigration the demagogues who pander to women would soon invent some new madness to get them all clucking over that would be just as suicidal. I expect it would take the form of some new and extreme form of climate change hysteria that would institute a kind of Soviet style “minder” program where green commissars would be placed in every institution and given vast coercive powers. Meanwhile China and India would laugh and build up their militaries. Eventually they would just annex vast parts of what used to be Western nations knowing their disarmed and cucked populations would have nothing to stop them with. I imagine Australia going under the Chinese boot would be the first domino in that chain to fall. If women’s role in politics and decision making in general is not drastically rolled back advanced Western civilization on this planet will be gone in 100 years.

  4. Sweden and Norway suck. Go to Finland, instead. Seriously, Finnish vodka is worth the trip alone. Don’t drink? Well, all right. Quaker.

    • Finland is an interesting alternative. It isn’t yet as vibrant as Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and the impossible-to-learn language and rigorous climate function as barriers. But there is a vibrant community in Helsinki. As far as alcolhol is concerned, it is very high priced and there is a strenuous anti-alcoholism campaign in Finland.

  5. I’m surprised that no commenters on this post have blamed the Jews for the demographic decline of Norway and Sweden.

      • OK, tell me. Who runs Swedish media? It looks as thought the largest newspaper is controlled by a listed Norwegian corp originally founded by a guy named Christian Schibsted. You’re telling me that a mere 18,000 people are responsible for little shits like Greta Thunberg and her parents?

  6. These travelogues are great, Zman. I think it’s because it’s Euro culture and lifestyle filtered through your perspective. Since I’ve been a daily Z reader since 2014 (hat tip to Vanderleun) and have lived in and visited some of these places, it’s great to view, say, Malmö, et al from your perspective.

    A book perhaps?

    Enjoy the Aquavit.

  7. The consequences of vibrancy will take generations to play out. Diversity and white guilt are religious beliefs. To reject them is to become a heretic and be driven from the mainstream of society.

    Look at South Africa. Middle Class and higher whites in cities adapt and virtue signal about doing so. They gladly sacrifice the working class and rural population.

    Good whites will continue to be willing to believe the lies that enable them to stay good whites. As long as there are good paying jobs in it, the government will have no problem getting enough whites to prevent bad whites from disrupting the decline.

    What happens at the end of this is anyone’s guess. Only thing that is certain is that it won’t be the fairy tale happy ending the Dissident Right dreams about. It will be a religious war for good whites not an economic one.

  8. In fact, red is a very popular color, which suggests something in the ground that was useful for paint, but only comes in red.

    Ferrous oxide. Very cheap, anti-fungal properties. Traditional for barns in America too, I believe.

    • Paint was traditionally very expensive. And yes, we had a red horse/cow and sheep barns on the old family homestead. One reason “whitewash” was traditionally used. In places like Nantucket, having a painted clapboard front on your house that required paint was a “show of wealth”. This was before Mercedes and Land Rovers….

    • The anti-fungal property piece of that is probably important. In an environment where the temps never get hot enough to really burn all the crud off the roof – the layer of dirt and organic matter that can build up on a roof over a relatively short period of time can lead to moss and fungi and other crap growing into the roof and destroying it.

      Around here (New England) – roofers often put a strip of copper along the peak of the roof. The copper leaches down and kills off the fungus and other crap that tends to grow into the asphalt shingles that are typically used on roofs in this region.

  9. Zman-

    I was similarly disappointed in Oslo. It is clearly a major hub for implementation of the globalist agenda.

    What I found most depressing about Oslo was the downtown area with 8 or 10 large structures that look like enormous, black parking decks. They are similar in appearance to the equally depressing terminal structures located in the US national disasters known as JFK and LAX airports. In Oslo these structures seemed to be mixed use retail/office/residential space.

    I don’t know if you had the opportunity, or will have the opportunity, but I highly recommend visiting the smaller Norwegian cities of Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim. All of them have their own unique character, and all have easy access to Norway’s natural beauty. I found the transit system easy enough that I was able to reach all of them via train or bus.

    I found Norwegian women far, far better looking than Swedish women. Far more slender, blonde, and fit. I did not notice many blondes in Sweden, and I found most of the women there to have pear-shaped figures. I won’t comment on the miscegenation since I am about to prepare dinner.

    I stayed at Best Westerns during my time in Norway, and I found the breakfast spreads quite good there. The lack of air conditioning was problematic because the country was experiencing record heat in the mid-80s, and their building are very well-insulated for the typical cold winters.

  10. I lived in Stockholm…hmmm, nine years ago now for 2 years. I lived directly in the city center in an area called Vasastan. It was literal heaven. Slow, leisurely and safe but with a touch more Americana that other Euro cities. (I guess that’s why they call it Europe on safety wheel or something like that)

    At that time, the city center was reserved for native Swedes and expats. You had to travel into certain suburbs to feel the diversity. I knew all about what was happeing because I read stuff like this but honestly, in those two years, I rarely saw Muslims unless I went into Kista where my husband worked.

    In fact, one night, I went into the McDonalds in Kista –the place was packed, standing room only. I was the only white person in the place. Certainly the only blonde woman not in cover.

    When we first settled, I noticed all the Swedes just let their kids travel the rails unchaperoned. As a neurotic American, I was a little shocked. Six months in, I was doing the same. I’d send my daughter on the train, sometimes, to her ballet lessons or let them shop and eat in the city with friends.

    I used to just imagine what the magic of 1970s Sweden must have been like. Even then there was such an innocence. A beautiful culture, it just angers me to no end that it’s been given away.

    • I spent significant amounts of time in Malmo in the late 90s, before the diversity really took hold. It was a lovely city, safe to walk about at all hours of the day/night. What happened there is a terrible shame.

      Even back then Sweden was suffering the impact of population decline because most people did not marry or have kids, and those who did had only one or two. Real estate prices were dropping because, in addition to economic factors, the population was declining so there was simply nobody to buy existing houses, much less to drive the need for new housing. I used to joke with my Swedish friends that they should turn southern Sweden into a summer destination for retired Americans from the Southwest. They scoffed at this notion and instead imported third world Muslims. Error.

      • The root of the problem here is – as you point out – the inability of all of these white Western countries to have even enough children to replace themselves.

        Maybe instead of incessantly harping on the side effects of that – more time ought to be spent on the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.

      • “…population decline because most people did not marry or have kids, and those who did had only one or two.”

        Are fewer kids then the real cost of New Deal or postwar ‘socialism’, state safety nets?

        Social Security allowed the kids to leave the farm, as they no longer had to take care of Ma and Pa.

        (In Europe, the men were dead, so the State stepped in as provider.)

        Edit: fewer White kids.
        Other peoples are rabbits.

      • If you have spent significant time in Europe and you are an observer, you will agree with this statement.

        What killed Europe was addiction to leisure.

        There is no level of abuse or indignity that (the average) European will not withstand to ensure their leisure time goes on unabated.

        The lack of children is a symptom of their addiction to leisure. It was an expense that would have interfered with the welfare state that enabled the leisure, at least in the short term.

        We don’t even have that excuse.

    • I feel the same way about growing up in the 1950s in rural upstate NY. When I was ten I hitchhiked all the time to my friend’s house. No one thought anything of it. Quiet, not too prosperous small town nearby. No crime, unlocked doors…

  11. Well, if you were staying at a Choice Hotels when the ad came on tv for Choice Hotels promoting Choice Hotels as the destination for homosexuals, I could only think when you came down for dinner that it would make it a little hard to enjoy your brunost.

  12. I am not sure what retribution will be justified to inflict on those who did this to our countries and their posterity. I do know that it sink deep and wide into them.

  13. Well, I guess I have to gush a little. This is one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time. I grew up reading magazines back when those were worth reading, but obviously quality has slipped across the board. Thank you Z-man, you just got yourself a subscriber. Bye the way, thank the guys over at Myth of the Twentieth Century, without them I would never have heard of you.

  14. Why the rulers of Sweden decided to suicide their people in this way boggles the mind.
    And, At some point, the white population in these countries will not be able to carry the non-white population.

    The second statement is true in many more places than Sweden. But, as for Sweden, and eventually Norway, and eventually…….

    What options do they have for escape and evasion? Where will Swedes and Norwegians go when it happens?

    • I would guess all those farms and hills the Z-Man rolled past. Stay and work the land while cities burn.

      • If South Africa is any indication, the farms will burn and farmers killed while the urban good whites virtue signal in their gates communities and secured buildings.

    • The one advantage the Norwegians have is a huge sovereign wealth fund stuffed with oil money. Unlike the Arabs, ordering shiploads of Rolls Royces, the dour Norwegians put most of it in the bank.

      • The one advantage the Norwegians have is a huge sovereign wealth fund stuffed with oil money.

        It’s a variant of the oil curse. Because of their wealth fund, the importation of vibrancy can continue for longer before the welfare state breaks down.

        • Exactly. I have a mate living just outside Oslo who says that exact same thing. He debates a lot of Norgies who literally have bought into the ‘one race, human race, one world, one government’ idea. He asks them how the Chinese feel about this one world government and if it would be one person one vote (we’d be run by a coalition of India and China if so). They then go silent – as it ‘does not compute’. Get hold of media and education and detox the young.

          • Looks like I’ll have to start making regular runs to Detroit for work, I’d be happy to take one of those Norgies over the East Side for a little visit. We’ll grab some BBQ at Brothers with the peeps—it’s safe since the cops eat there, then tour around East Jefferson and Charlevoix so I can show him his vibrant future.

        • Don’t get me wrong…the SWF allows them to keep up the idiocy longer. The only saving grace might seeing the next door neighbors crater sooner and if the Norwegians decide to make a course correction they won’t have squandered it all on welfare for their little brown brothers. Sort of like the relationship between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE….the Dubai royal family have always been the spendthrifts, which the original emir in Abu Dhabi was sinking his oil earnings into gold and US Treasuries.

    • This is why Detroit is depopulating, but Atlanta is not. The traditional excuse is “racial tension”, but that hasn’t hurt the population of Atlanta. Really it’s the weather and lack of whitey to keep the cold out. Nobody to maintain, fix, and or pay for, the HVAC after it’s trashed or allowed to decay.


    • Running isn’t a real option anymore,after all it’s not like the orcs can’t track down some cowardly ass prepper community.
      The white folks either learn to fight and kill the orcs or they will eventually be hunted down and exterminated. The same applies here.

  15. I got hooked on this youtube channel called Bald and Bankrupt which is a British ex-pat mostly going through various big and ultra rural cities of Russia, Belarus and the like. Many paint their buildings and even houses in somewhat garish colors. I assumed it was to take the dullness of the landscape out of it.

    • OK now my day is shot. This dude’s got some crazy videos! I was in Kosice a few years back and we were told to stay the heck away from the gypsy section.

      • I lost a lot of time on this guy’s channel, too. I was in Bishkek a few years ago so of course I had to watch his Kyrgyzstan vid. Then it was one after another . . .

  16. “Fear and Loathing in Malmo”. Need some decent blotter and a fifth of Wild Turkey to really get the feel on.

  17. Hi Zman,

    Just listened to the podcast and you mentioned some analysis done on the Seth Rich execution. Could you link please? You mentioned some college that had completed said analysis. sounds interesting. Those demographic projections for Sweden are shocking, Ireland is much the same. I’m doing the rounds trying to get IRA supporters cornered on the Irish demographic issue, because a MAJOR component of selling the ceasefire in 1994 onward was that the demographic tide of Irish catholics would outvote the Protestants in the ethnoeligious enclave that was Northern Ireland. The average IRA /Sinn Fein member is not too bright but the leadership are hardcore marxists with all of the modern infusions. Anyway, keep up the great work.

    • Has there ever been another European country that simultaneously promotes the emigration of its own people and the importation of foreigners while crying “demographic decline?” I’ve mentioned it before. As EU members Irish citizens can work throughout the EU. Paul Ryan’s last hurrah was to secure thousands more visas for his co-ethnics to work in the USA. I’ll never get it. What is it that makes the Irish successful everywhere and anywhere except Ireland? (BTW: All the iterations of the IRA can bite me. They were willing to blow-up innocent people for a political cause (Ireland for the Irish) they’ve since entirely abandoned in favor of globalism.)

        • What you say is true. I still find it hard to square that circle. Now the Republic offers citizenship based on ancestry. I know a couple of people who moved there when they gave tax-breaks to “artists.” Authors and programmers both qualified.

      • I often wonder about the old IRA types. Do they look around and wonder why they bothered? Or are they tempted to dig up some of their rifles and start over?

        • I wonder the same thing. What were once the “Irish” now cater to tourists in a theme park.

      • fair criticisms, I think a lot of the best were forced out during famine and subsequent massive corruption and hereditary dynastical rule from the two main parties created a brain drain. The ‘we emigrated everywhere’ argument is constantly invoked to justify turning Ireland into Mogadishu btw and hard to counter on the spot. Anyway its a huge topic, but the old guard IRA type has no clue how the rest of the world is and are only used to throwing pennies in the poor box for Africa. Anyone help me on the Seth Rich OP query?

    • Is Ireland filling up with diversity?

      To me that seems even more insane than the Swedish situation. The Swedes didn’t go thru decades of fighting against the British. To my way of thinking – to go thru all those decades of fighting to gain self governance – only to give it all up just a short amount of time later by importing your replacements is probably the ultimate in insanity.

    • I have often wondered the same thing about the Irish. There have got to be a lot of former IRA terrorists still alive. Is it possible that they don’t care whether or not their granddaughters get raped, as long as it’s not by the British?

  18. “At some point, the white population in these countries will not be able to carry the non-white population. The social welfare system will collapse. At that point, nature takes over. These people are not built for living in the harsh north on their own. A great cull is building toward the end of this century…”

    Would that I was a newborn infant today. I would love to live long enough to see the terror and resentment on the faces of grandchildren just being born today who would curse their ancestors and shake their fist at the heavens. Why?! Why did you take something close to utopia and burn it down to its foundation because you could? Why did you take what is arguably the apex of genetic stock the 300,000 year (Neanderthal and other northern hominid DNA was ‘out of africa’ a full 300K years prior and it shows)in the making nordic bloodline and reverse 300K years of evolutionary fitness in half a century? Why did you destroy my birthright? I would be -really- angry if I was just being born into this cratering dysgenic civilization.

    As Z said, it would be an entirely different matter if the bioweapon was already existing as in the case of the US obsolete farming equipment. But to –actively– import a weaponized 70 IQ bioweapon / virus is unforgivable. I have to think that a century of avoiding most of the bitter harvest of war and suffering simply made people forget what true hardship really looks like for these Scandi countries. Well, their progeny two generations removed will see suffering incalculable due to the utter folly of their currently ruling grandparents. Sins of the father, and all that, innit? It is cosmically sad I think no matter how you look at it.

    • Well, I’m not a newborn but I’m in my early 20s… I feel that way. Not terrified for myself, but certainly others will be terrified who have no clue about what’s going on.

      Things are still good enough that you can escape the tax to a reasonable level. Eventually we will end up like Illnois, though.

    • You are not angry now?

      BAP says; “They’re stiff and constrained because, in short, they live in utter fear, fear that they will lose something. They have very little to lose, but they live in this fear anyway and this is why when there is a question of potential gain or, worse for them, potential loss, they react with desperation, they freeze in terror and hyperventilate.”

      This is why nobody does anything.

    • As a newborn infant today, your name would most likely be Mohammad. The white liberals throwing away their ancestors’ civilization have very few grandchildren, which is why they don’t care.

      This is the natural and necessary process of purging the white genome of all susceptibility to liberal ideas. In a hundred years the only white men left will be the sort who treat white women as property and shoot diversity on sight.

      Liberalism will die and stay dead because the only environment it can survive in is an ethnically homogeneous society with no birth control.

      • The white liberals throwing away their ancestors’ civilization have very few grandchildren, which is why they don’t care.
        I really hope that they get to spend their last years being savaged by the diversity they helped create…

    • The 1965 immigration act destroyed americas future. We shake our fists at the boomers and their parents, but they make excuses, and when i say “we,” its the silent majority who are dismissed as ignorant racists, etc. No one learns from history, except for the dictators.

      • “Failing to learn from history” is a lazy cope for the limp-wristed. You can learn anything you want, practically whenever you want. So what? Do something with it. *That* is what matters.

    • From twitter (Haunted Rich):

      born too late to explore the Earth.
      born too early to explore the Stars.

      born just in time to secure the future for our people.

      If we do this right, they will build statues of us.

  19. I visited Norway 25 years ago, and even then, the area around the Oslo Central Train Station was “sketchy.” The immigration train had started rolling and even though locals hated the vibrancy they seemed weirdly resigned to it. Through a friend of a friend I met a government Ombudsman (woman) that specialized in welfare claims. At the time she was dealing primarily with the heritage population.

    When I asked about welfare fraud, she seemed genuinely shocked, actually offended that someone would fraud the system. Her innocence was movingly sweet. I started to mention the increasing vibrancy and an inevitable tax on the system. She went into “typical racist American mode” and we never finished the conversation.

    I wonder where she is now?

    • Yup, sales people and politicians (but I repeat myself) know it is all about framing the conversation to limit and steer the choices. High trust cultures buy the frames offered to them. To Z’s comment above, the frame everywhere in the west is that voting works, and is what to do. That poor lady bought into a very bogus frame. The world was shifting under her feet, and she couldn’t see it. Detecting the shifts and responding correctly to them is the challenge for all of us.

  20. Apperantly, this is just scuttlebutt I’ve picked up, Sweden had a healthy eugenics program well past WW2. It was targeted at the strange reindeer people in the North called the Sami. That and they sat WW2 as a major trading partner for the NAZIs. There’s probably a lot to unpack there.

    • The oft ignored reason why Sweden was able to experiment with social welfare was the fact that they sat out both WWI and WWII and traded with all sides. Just look at a GDP graph over the period. The Swedes came out of WWII fat and happy and with an intact population and industrial base. Yet it only took them 30 years to burn through the surplus and start retrenching in the 80s. Now they have simply found a new form of suicide. Funny, but when you point that out to some Lefty who thinks you can model the largest economy in the world on a place the size of Wisconsin and they just glaze over.

      • They are certainly capitalist in business, corporate trade deals and corporate tax rates. They just give some of the profit to their citizens… until it runs out

        • Well, no, Sweden actually had a working socialist system. So-called capitalists were held to responsible social norms. You can do that sort of thing in an ethnostate. BTW, what are you? The happy-looking dude in your avatar looks like some white boy’s genetics did a round-the-Pacific island tour.

  21. I want to be your 300-pound Samoan.

    Quiet discussions of home truths over beer in dry NPR tones–craaaazy times, man!

    You can go in a crowded shopping mall in Malmo and look around, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark — that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back.

  22. Brunhost sounds a lot like gjetost (which is scrumptious.) I don’t know why butter in some European countries is so much better than what we get in shops States-side, but it is. Must be the “terroir” or contented cows or something. Glad you’re having a good time. I really enjoy these travelogues.

    • I wonder if it is pasteurization. We boil our dairy, while many European countries do not. The cheese here is better too. Not by a lot, but brighter, if that makes any sense. I’m not a cheese snob, so I could be just suffering from holiday stimulation. When on adventure, everything seems better.

      • European butters often include cultures, as cheeses do, for flavor (you might even call it “vibrancy fueled by diversity” 😉). American butter generally does not. Also different cultures used in different regions make for different flavors. The pasteurization thing we do does kind of kill the opportunity for introducing live cultures. From the Repository of Useless Information, but you did ask 🙂

        • I also theorize that our milk and butter regulation here has something ( a lot) to do with the FDA, even on the French or Irish butters that are imported, such that the “brightness“ of flavor is not allowed to be imported.

          I think it has to do with a lot of factors, like Dutch said: the cultures from the milk. And also, the cows themselves, and the terroir, like someone above also mentioned.
          And the grass they eat, the fact that these countries and regions are smaller, and can also have more of an artisan process to create such amazing butter.
          Even butter from the Canucks is better than in the US, and I put it down to all those things, plus again, FDA regulation.

          It’s odd that I have thought a lot about this. But as someone who has been traveling to Europe for many years (mostly France and DE) I have wondered about this for a long time.
          And I also brought back quite a few frozen blocks of French butter to savor at home, long after the trip was complete.

        • There’s a thriving raw milk market here that’s been ignored. Even the stores sell raw-milk labelled cheese. It’s probably way down the list for the police. Too busy busting vapers, I suppose.

        • Thanks, mate! (File under: “Who knew?” Also, “How do we start an import business?”)

          • Also, different breeds produce milk with different fat content. They used to post this information at the Fair along with meat prices. Our neighbor (growing up) had prize Jersey’s. His competitor had Brown Swiss’.

        • Great mention! It’s a definitely a local specialty. Looks disgusting, but oh so good. I’m not a so-called cheese snob, nor French, but man I could easily become one.

      • As a Midwestern farm kid who grew up working on a dairy farm, I can pitch in with some expertise here. The best milk comes from healthy, grass fed cows and is unprocessed, or minimally processed. I grew up drinking unprocessed milk straight from the bulk tank, which is a huge, refrigerated stainless steel tank. I can’t drink store-bought milk.

        Modern American dairy products suck because the cows on large dairy operations are fed mostly grain and are confined in feed lots or small pastures, so the raw product is low-quality milk. That low-quality milk is then pasteurized using a modern pasteurization process that heats the milk to approximately 170 degrees, which denatures the proteins in the milk. As if that’s not enough damage, the milk is homogenized, which removes fat content from the milk. The end product is basically water with a whitish tint to it. Yuck.

        I still have fond memories of the barn cats who learned to stand on two legs with their mouths open to allow me to squirt a line of milk into their mouths when removing the milking machine from a cow. It was a charmed, magical life.

  23. It’s not only the rulers of Sweden suiciding their people, but also the people allowing themselves to be suicided. I suspect that happened because a people with high trust in their leaders were betrayed by them, and the change was so quick and complete that the people of Sweden never knew what hit them, until it was too late. High trust societies are more easy for leadership to betray, and that is one of the few advantages in having our society move into a low trust one. Not that moving to a low trust society has done us any real good yet, other than for perhaps our more easily identifying the problem.

    • People have been conditioned to vote. Look at America. Both parties agree on the important stuff. The same holds in Europe.

    • There’s an excellent review of Kevin MacDonald’s new book about the European peoples. It touches on this subject.

      The Nordic countries have a higher percentage of hunter-gather DNA. They are characterized as being more individualistic and moral than the Indo-Europeans. The Nordics are more prone to engage in “altruistic punishment” than are the Indo-Europeans who had a less individualistic social structure that revolved around a tripartite structure: warriors, priest, merchants. The English Civil War and the Colony of Massachusetts have given the hunter-gathers the upper hand…

      It’s a good read:

    • The problem is the same all over the Western world, it’s not particular to Sweden. When all Western countries make the same suicidal mistake, looking for explanations on the level of the individual state or people is the wrong focal length; you must zoom out and study the wider picture.

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