Travelogue: Scandza

Europe has what they call a protest culture, which varies from country to country, but generally means a habit of doing politics in the street. In America, street politics is purely a left-wing phenomenon and totally synthetic. It’s mostly organized by the Democrat party and its affiliated organs. In Europe, everyone does street politics and it is not necessarily attached to the parties. As a result, dissidents and nationalists know how to work around Antifa in order to organize and hold events.

Without giving anything away, this morning I received a secret message, telling me where to stand at a particular time and to have the secret symbol visible. I arrived at the spot at the assigned time and in a few minutes, a man walking a dog passed by. As he did, he dropped a crumpled piece of paper onto the ground. I waited a few minutes until he was out of range and picked up the paper. On it was the location of the event. Others were sent to dead drops or met a courier at a specific location.

That is a bit of an exaggeration, but the point is to give Antifa as little time as possible to organize a riot. It works pretty well, but not this year. They were onto the location just as the doors opened. The cops were there to support them, allowing Antifa to close down the streets.  As a result, we were forced to shelter in place for the day. Most people got in, but some of the speakers did not get there in time. We could hear the lunatics bellowing in the street below, but otherwise the event went off as planned.

As we see in the States, Antifa in Denmark enjoys broad police protection. It is unlawful in Denmark to have a protest without a permit. It’s always unlawful to block the streets and prevent people from going about their business. The cops could have arrested the whole lot of them, it was maybe fifty, and been done with it. Instead, they let them run riot for the most part. The only thing the cops did was keep them from attacking the building in which the conference was held. The cops were there to support Antifa.

The cops in Copenhagen are a complete joke. They have all these tall fit guys in the police, kitted out like storm-troopers, but they looked like they would burst into tears if they had to confront the noodle armed Antifa rioters. From what I gather, the police force is thoroughly pussified. They spend more time learning pronouns than doing actual police work. Based on my conversations with some of them, they would not last an hour in Lagos. The locals would eat them – literally.

As far as the conference itself, it went a little sideways due to a couple of speakers not getting into the conference. Mark Collett made it inside and he is a very powerful speaker, who has a lot of great things to say. If you have a chance to see Mark speak at an event, don’t miss it. He brings the house down. Millennial Woes also made it inside, along with Dr. Tom Sunic and Fróði Midjord. A lot of dissidents have read and recommend Sunic’s book, Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age.

European events are a bit different than American events, which are much closer to a business or academic conference in style. In Europe, they start around noon, have short speeches, lots social time and a Q&A at the end. They break up around eight, at which point people are encouraged to socialize at a local bar or restaurant. There is a much stronger emphasis on the socializing than we see in the US. I prefer it, as it allows people to network and trade ideas about what they are doing.

During the Q&A, someone asked about doxing. It is a different issue in Europe than in the States, as you can’t get fired for politics. There are some exceptions, but workers have more rights than in America. You also get government health insurance, so you don’t have to worry about losing that along with your job. In Europe, doxing is about harassing and anathematizing a person. Collett and Fróði both come down in favor of self-doxing in order to get it over with, so you can move on.

This is an old topic I have been debating with Fróði for months and we don’t see eye to eye on it. I don’t think the Euros appreciate how American dissidents are driven to poverty by the Left. I’ve tried to explain this to them, but they don’t get it. A man with a family can’t lose his job, his health insurance and his access to the banking system. He has a duty to his family, which must always come first. Even a single guy with nothing to lose still needs to eat and sleep indoors. The stakes are a bit higher here.

It also ties into another topic that is popular at dissident conferences and came up in this one during Q&A. In America, dissident politics tends to attract losers and weirdos, who have nothing to lose. They don’t care about being outed, because no one cares enough about them to bother. In order to attract high quality people, we have to deal with their fear of doxing. Allowing guys to stay anonymous is a part of doing business in American politics now. That’s not the case in Europe.

Another thing that is different in Europe from the US is the dissident movements spring from different roots. In Europe, the guys you see organizing came out of hard right party politics and the underground scene. Collett was in the British National Party, which is a fascist party, for the most part. Fróði got into politics through the far-right Scandinavian subculture and from reading people like William Pierce. Over time, their views moderated and changed in the face of multiculturalism and immigration.

In America, most dissidents came through libertarianism, but not through organized structure like the Libertarian Party. Some came this way through conventional conservative politics. Of course, some older guys came this way through paleoconservatism. Hardly anyone was in organized politics, much less underground politics. The typical guy you meet at a dissident event in America was a libertarian until he spent time around vibrancy and realized it could never work.

It is an interesting contrast, in that the Euros are trying to clean up their act, while the Americans are trying to dirty up their act. For example, Collett, who is a reformed drinker, is intolerant of alcohol and drugs in his organization. He is relentless in his demand for making the right presentation. He talks about health and fitness, personal grooming and how to properly approach people on politics. In America, dissidents are always on guard for cucking, to the point of distraction.

All-in-all it was a good time. There are things Americans can learn from the Euros, particularly when it comes to organizing. It’s always good to socialize with people who understand the issues. A big part of the dissident project is community building and that can only happen with in-person events. No matter what comes next, the people to come out the other end in the best shape will be those who have the community strength to handle whatever comes. When the crisis comes, we have to be ready for it.

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147 thoughts on “Travelogue: Scandza

  1. You’re completely wrong about the Danish police. They made the decision to stand down because there weren’t enough officers on hand to control a crowd of that size.

  2. Ancient wisdom. The Euro police are not pussies. They are incipient jackboots. That’s a key distinction. They can (and will) get tough when the time comes to open the detention camps and begin rounding up the non-comformists. Do not get fooled into thinking they are harmless or benign. And it’s happening in the USA as well (mostly at the federal level and large urban PDs). Stay with anonymity if you want to survive.

    • Can confirm. The ones I saw in post-conference operation were tough enough. Antifa was higher on their threat profile for whatever reasons and they protected us this time and this place (afterward, not well enough before or during the conference), but I wouldn’t underestimate the potential threat they pose to us physically, legally and from an infiltration standpoint as well. They’ve had a lot of experience with protest movements and more violent covert political operations in the past. Unlike the mythology of the FBI v. the KKK here in America, the Euro-cops’ history is more authentic and bloody. Their body-count disparity compared to American cops isn’t due to cowardice or weakness, at least on the Continent.

      Stay covert unless you can afford to take some risks and if you take risks, measure them carefully and don’t let your anger override prudence and discretion. Things can go very wrong very fast.

  3. The leftists currently at the controls of “the system” Labyrinth Bureaucracy-Universities-Media-Government Contractors, never built the place. The people who built the system are in the cemeteries, and have been since the mid 20th Century. These people have had half a century to play around in a sandbox that they never made. They get more wild and extreme every year because they have no checks.

    The American system will be driven to its knees by these people. Once they bankrupt the place, our country will pretty much be a regional power, not a global one. It’s as hard to fathom as a Brit in 1912 contemplating what his country would be in 1930 or 1950, but it will happen. We’ll be lucky to keep even a deep water Navy at the end of all this but there will also be major positives. We’ll be forced to look our Dorito eating, opiate addicted faces in the mirror and re-learn self reliance. We’ll learn to operate a country that benefits “us” and not foreign entanglements. The non-producing bureaucracies will face massive layoffs as we have to live within our means. The layers of Kamala Harris like women (and so called men) in these places will get pink slips. The days of doing nothing but surf the internet while going on a Starbucks run will be distant memories for these people. Real business models that make real money will take off, even in a high interest rate environment. “Dissident” politics will come out of the shadows as reality emerges. Reality being the world of scarce resources after the Fed credit bubble is popped.

    Democracy is so bred into the American electorate that it will still be highly democratic. The price to pay for this will likely be a breakup of the country. The region with the most black people will be the biggest loser. Democracies only work, and barely work, on regional levels not on this multi-time zone, continental sized structure. If we wanted this “sea to shining sea” country, we should have stayed a Republic. That ship sailed by 1910, and was always going to sail.

    • I respectfully strongly disagree about the latter half; agree strongly with the first part of your statement. And would amplify that it all depends on money.

      Modern industrial societies are expensive to run. There are medical obligations, including but not limited to, hospitals, emergency services, clinics, drugs, equipment, and the highly skilled and expensive people to run them. Plus sewage, electricity, telecommunications, transportation, and the like. PGE has said that the Northern California blackouts will last four weeks as they simply lack the people to turn the power back on faster — lines must be inspected after the winds, etc.

      The elephant in the room is that the West is running out of money. France is dead flat broke, the Yellow Vest movement was based on a middle/working class revolt over being taxed out of existence while non Whites get free housing, food, etc. and they get to live as renters in exurbs of places their families lived in for half a millenia. As noted previously, in the UK and elsewhere the high cost of immigrants has led most younger White people to be priced out of London, Manchester, and other cities and White mobility is over. The same thing happens here: NYC, Portland, Seattle, Austin are simply too expensive to attract young Whites and instead you get a massive influx of Chinese and Indian H1-Bs living and working in conditions Whites won’t tolerate but that is better than back home. These people bring in very little tax revenue versus Whites.

      Indeed White males are the #1 tax revenue source for governments, which uniformly despise them* and seek to minimize them while maximizing the amount of vibrants, gays, etc. that drain revenues. In Europe you can see France, Germany, and Italy all frantically trying to raise money as they have various degrees of lacking revenue to meet obligations. The UK is a bit richer and always has been back to Viking times but is teetering on the edge. In the US other than the military might backing US debt we are broke and California and Illinois are likely to be bankrupt in any big crisis like NYC in the 1970s.

      I frankly don’t see a breakup of any Western nation for the following reasons: A. Money. B. Power.

      For A, the money will only be available on a national or EU level. California, New York, Illinois, and Florida won’t be viable on their own, only through national confiscation of kulak wealth will those in power remain in power. Elizabeth Warren is already talking about seizing Facebook, Google, etc. This is just a predictable power struggle among the New Class vs. Silicon Valley. Ask the Knights Templar how the situation of having lots of money when the sovereign has none goes …

      Secondly, the Elizabeth Warrens, James Comeys, Peter Strozks, Lisa Paiges, Rod Rosensteins, etc. will never give up power over the nation, to rule say the People’s Communist Republic of Massachusetts.

      Rather, I see a concerted effort like in France, and here, to first seize the kulaks wealth and liquidate us, and secondly seize the big tech companies wealth and critically, control and run them by the New Class of permanent hereditary bureaucrats. With some titular hereditary head like in China. Nominal elections whose outcome is known in advance but bureaucratic feudalism at its core. With more and more vibrants actively imported to provide manpower to crush kulaks; until the vibrants simply overthrow the power skirts of feudal bureaucracy and like Alaric sacking Rome, rule directly themselves. Every place in the West will be like Puerto Rico meets Yemen.

      *It is pretty clear that there is a direct correlation between the status and power of women in White nations and the degree to which anti-White (really anti White male behavior) is official policy. Where White women have lots and lots of safety, security, social standing, freedom from social censure for being slutty, etc. anti-White male policy is iron-clad: the Scandanavian nations, Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. It becomes worse the more powerful the female-driven consumer market has been, and the length of time for female consumerism to drive social and cultural attitudes towards White men. Eastern Europe has a new, relatively fragile consumer market that mostly hits an affluent urban elite. The FT had an article a while back on the Law and Justice Party in Poland and how they were successful. The shock therapy of 1989 led to most being impoverished and worse not better off, and a tiny urban minority making money. Civic Justice just continued that pattern and people finally had enough. Law and Justice put money in their pockets and critically funneled money to the Church and families.

      Summary: if most of your young people in your nation are like the characters of “Friends” you will get the social attitudes of “Friends.” If they live like the characters of some hillbilly comedy you’ll get those social attitudes.

      Women seek to trade up in partners status, and seek social dominance, swagger, violence, and naturally low iq with lots of aggression. Dhokar Tsarnaev being the best example — nurses at his ICU had fist fights over who would get to care for that sexy bad boy, and Neil Gaiman’s rocker wife Amanda Palmer wrote a love poem for Tsarnaev. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone, after all. When women have safety and security covered, already, they want Dhokar and will do whatever they can to get him. A female dominated society will trade its White men and tax revenues for female likes on social media and feelz. Particularly when half or more of the hereditary bureaucrats are female themselves.

      This is the argument made by the Monarchists like Moldbug — the monarchs may be stupid and inbred but recognize the military and tax revenue utility of White men over gays, vibrants, and women and seek to maximize their power in competition with other hereditary monarchs doing the same. How true in reality that argument is remains debatable but its clear the current model does not work for White men — though it works very well for White women and vibrants and gays.

      I think the money run in the West will lead to first: kulaking us Kulaks, outright seizure of bank accounts, land, property, etc. held by all White men with various powerful White men like Zuck exempted as they find they are 1/1024th Indian or something, and then those people get the Knights Templar treatment after the easy money of the kulaks is gone.

      Making women equal was and is insane, but it was done by accident: the same technology that sheltered the West destroyed it with the pill, condom, safe urban living, and consumerism. The West is not coming back and can’t be rebuilt any more than Notre Dame Cathedral can be rebuilt (or will be). Survival is possible if we are sufficiently useful to our new masters, maybe, but that is not certain either, if we are realistic. China is already facing the same thing. Hong Kongers are not all about Freedom and Democracy — its a revolt of urban young people not wanting Xi’s total control over their sex lives and living like in China proper, basically. If one is realistic about the motives.

      • I don’t disagree with what you’re saying. One thing that I never mentioned is that there will be no breakup of the U.S. as long as the bills haven’t yet come due, and as long as the current currency regime is in-tact. As long as we can pay the bills and add more liquidity to the system we will remain “united.” Much like a couple with a marriage long over, but stays under the same roof because material seperation would be too financially difficult. This isn’t how countries stay together in the long-term however, as hardship eventually does arise. When hardship does arise, you’re right, the confiscatory taxation will be overwhelming, but will only hurry along our demise.

        The problem with confiscatory taxation is that there’s always a place for the money to go. Europe has Monaco and Luxembourg. The productive in high tax U.S. states are decamping for other places. You can’t get blood from turnips. No Elizabeth Warren would be able to hold everything together. Not without a checkbook. Finally the Yellow vest movement was not a movement of the middle class of France for less taxation and more liberty. It was a movement of anger because their slice of the pie was shrinking. The state had to effectively bribe them with extra baguettes to go away. The real movements will take place when there is nothing, no extra funding available, to make people of any group go away. They will be a different kind, and much more violent movements.

      • Excellent, Whiskey. In the Oldest War, our ancestors, driven from their homelands by catastrophe, were subsumed in the east, merged in the west, and met indigenes in the south who would neither assimilate nor submit.

        Those indigenes, forever segregate, came up with something new:
        Total war, WITHOUT WEAPONS.
        Culture War.
        Storytelling, banking, administration, slave-trade– the Scribe’s war.

        Women learn the rules and apply them for status games. Their rules no longer come from us. Their rules and our livelihoods are undergird by this war without weapons.

        What is holding the new superstructure together is international public-private corporations.
        The key to the kosher sandwich of communism-kapitalism is its international aspects, above borders and above local restraints.

        First, we must abandon their legal fictions, their organizations, and abandon their BIS bank debt-money and government/corporate paper, which has less and less to do with the reflection of real things. These fictions are made for one thing, and one thing only: Conquest.

  4. The first step in actually organizing a dissident group in America is to find out how many of us there really are. To do this, you’d need a sort of “national coming out day,” but with a plausibly-deniable “identifier” so that your fellow dissidents could spot you. Z Man’s readership is pretty big, so I’d suggest something like: “On D-Day, H-Hour, all Z readers go to a public place wearing a plain white t-shirt. Be in public as much as possible for the rest of the day.” You’d get some false positives, sure, but plausible deniability is much more important. Use common sense before approaching anyone wearing one, as infiltrators are likely. The point isn’t necessarily to meet your fellow dissidents yet; it’s just a head count, to see how many of us there really are. If you go a whole day without seeing another plain white t-shirt, well, we’ll know that we’re the tiny band of fringe weirdos we’ve always worried about being. But if there are LOTS of us… All it takes is someone to step up and start the thing. Not trying to volunteer you for anything, Z Man, but you have among the biggest readership out there. If not you, maybe Sailer would do it?

    • The proper course is to be an entryist in largely non-partisan community organizations. Meet people online, then have them join you. Fraternal orders like the Knights of Columbus, local “Friends of the Parks”, Volunteer Fire Departments.

      Forming an explicit organization will get you infiltrated, so any organization that does exist should be private and invitation only. It arguably shouldn’t exist on paper, so as to be undiscoverable in a court of law; the Hells Angels defense is not applicable to us.

      For starters, form a Telegram group.

      • Just so. That’s how the Commies did it.

        Forming an explicit organization will get you infiltrated,

        Be the infiltrator, not the infiltratee.

    • It’s so sad that we would have to resort to tactics like some gay bar scene from the 1950s. Tells you where we are as a country and just how lost the place is. We actually need our own Castro District in some city. Normietown or something.

      • The left has been caught in a tension between radical politics and respectability politics. A major part of mainstream gay acceptance was a movement in the 1990s to adopt bourgeois norms, it also helped that gays acted as subversives within Mainline churches, rather than leaving them in the hands of conservatives.

        If we take a look at ourselves, we think any respectability is cuckoldry, and we tend toward a purity spiral without any authorities to tamp it down. And most secular people here wouldn’t be caught in a Methodist church with female pastors.

  5. Your comment about the police, is probably true across most of Europe. But the question is why, to which the answer is, because the police here have less than 1% chance of being attacked, and even less with a fire arm. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If push comes to shove, you’d be surprised how well trained these guys really are and just how they will react if seriously challenged.

    What you have to keep in mind is here in Europe, police forces everywhere, and for decades, have enjoyed “just another day in paradise”. That means for most police officers, their biggest issue is the occasional drunk, kids being kids and the occasional purse snatcher at the train station. Sure, there’s always some neo-Nassi challenging authority, but that’s a rare case. I also think it’s a safe bet that no police officer on a European highway has been gunned for pulling someone over for a broken tail light.

    Generally, until the recent open invitation to the great hoard of unwashed visitors, Europe has always been a pretty peaceful place. Police are respected and no one gets in their face. But, as they say, the times, they are a-changin’.

      • @ Severian – I had to spend a some time on the big Island across the channel. My goodness it’s a lovely place. It’s a shame the people running it haven’t a clue.

        Deus vult!

    • After we cleared the area for dinner & drinks, this was one of the big conversation points for my group for the night. The “fascists” uniformly carried themselves with dignity and both looked and acted like respectable adults while Antifa acted like criminals, screamed obscenities in public, disturbed citizens’ peace & diverted police resources from controlling other criminals.

      At the risk of a cringe analogy, the American “civil rights” protests moved White people toward self-destructive policies because they perceived the anti-Black pushback as unjust and anti-social.

      While we don’t have the megaphone on our side to amplify and advantageously distort narratives, I hope there were at least a few Whites who got the right message from our behavior vs. the degenerates. Whites are genuinely moved by social disruption and injustice and at least some of those who witnessed us vs. them had to be thinking “I’d rather have the fascists than these anarchist criminals.”

      We hopefully planted some seeds by carrying ourselves with dignity and honor and not backing down in the face of snarling haters.

    • Generally, until the recent open invitation to the great hoard of unwashed visitors, Europe has always since the last world war been a pretty peaceful place.

  6. When I grew up, Republicans held the money and Democrats had greater numbers of registered voters, but R’s controlled the money and wealth. It’s worse now as D’s hold both voting numbers and wealth, I think.

    Here’s what I suggested to my kids just starting out after college:

    “Kids, I want you to take as much money from them as you can. Keep your mouths closed about your beliefs, but take as much money as you can when you work for them or in trading with them.”

    • Um, no. It changed when (((someone))) – who has controlled the money in the US since 1913 – decided they had replaced sufficient numbers of Whites to declare war upon us using armed agents of the state. It was perhaps the last segment of government that hadn’t yet been weaponized to genocide us. Flooding all White nations with the 3rd world, institutionalized racism against Whites as national policy (affirmative action), destroying the middle class/manufacturing base via globalization, flooding the White working class with drugs, and criminalizing White-only spaces (free association), etc. These open attacks were accomplished over the prior decades. Their lies were believed because no one wanted to consider that those who rule us could be this evil.

      This genocide was planned in the wake of WW2. There’s an American Jewish Committee meeting minutes document from the era where the assembled board complained that they couldn’t genocide the entire population of Germany because of public opinion – apparently their goy spokesmodels in government were up for it? (((HQ))) was moved from London to DC and Tel Aviv, where the streets were freshly stained with Arab blood. They were very stressed from the Holocaust you see. And the Brits were told re: their empire “Shut it down!” The Soviet Union, our WW2 “allies” were supposed to join us in the (((New World Order))) but Stalin got tired of their treachery and started a run on rope and bullets.

      Anyway, that’s why Trump must go – no matter the cost. They have destroyed everything we cherished, and rightly fear retribution. The mask already slipped, so who cares if the goyim are a bit more angry? Were I a Levantine genocidal death cultist dreaming of world domination and oceans of goyim blood for Moloch, I might have swept up the guns before opening the borders. Loose ends are a bitch.

        • Voting for Trump doesn’t fix squat, we’ve tried voting GOP for 30 years plus and all it got us was one betrayal after another.

          Trump had two years to fix things with a GOP house and senate and instead he twitted like a teenage girl. He let Ryan and McConnell punk him from day one.

          • I made the comment only because I don’t think the reply was relevant to what I posted. Trump was not mentioned in my OP and he was not part of the point being made, which was the GOP once had the major donors in their pocket.

        • @ProUSA “No” was in response to your assessment which ignores the nature of the uniparty. Congress is comprised of actors who mouth the right words to whichever collection of debt slaves they happen to be addressing. They serve the elite. Period. The R’s were cast as “helpless flailing loser #1” who’s primary job was to manage White America into demographic and electoral insignificance so that the jews could have 85 IQ Brazil Norte in their North American colony without Shoah 2 Electric Boogaloo kicking off.

          As for Trump. Its too late. Trump is but one man, and he failed…..or he was controlled opposition. Doesn’t matter now. We are past the event horizon. He’s lucky that GHW Bush died and isn’t having dinner with John Hinkley’s parents any longer. Buy guns.

          • I see what you mean. I am a latecomer to reality and still have a hard time envisioning what is going on behind the scenes, and the “uniparty” wasn’t something I knew of until recent years. For the record, I am no proud Republican as I have seen the likes of McCain, Romney, Paul Ryan and I now know why Democrats have hated “Republicans” since these three are so hateable. I have been hopeful that Trump will give me four more years and that he will take apart the deep state and keep the economy out of the socialists’ hands, and that Barr and Durham will produce indictments. Is it being naive to hope for that and to hope to turn the ship around? I sense that you will concur, but if so, then what is the purpose of this blog and this blogger? Is it not to work with other to communicate certain truths about differences in humans? Part of that question is honest in that I am still trying to understand the purpose and nature of this blog, but it sure is interesting and it seems to center on “dissident” thinking, which is understandable. Crap, just a few years ago I didn’t know what Human Biodiversity meant, nor did I know that people had scientific data that some races were genetically more [capable] than others. I don’t know why, if it was a Christian upbringing or parents who were wage slaves, but many of us have not examined the things that I am referring to here; and they were never a part of the K-12 or post-secondary curriculum. No, never. If you think education is crappy today, I can with hindsight tell you how crappy it was in the 60s and 70s.

            So, I’m still trying to figure it out. How do I reach certain conclusions without becoming a racist or anti-semite? Two things that I cannot justify if I want to remain a Christian. Duh. This is the best I can do. Thanks for the conversation.

          • I appreciate what you wrote. Given the propaganda (lies) we have been fed our entire lives, coupled with the prosperity of the post-WW2 West, it’s a mindfuck. No doubt about it. Most Boomers can’t cross the Rubicon and reject the programming. And most don’t want to dig to learn the truth. You’re here, indicating a certain level of curiosity and awareness, so I thank you for that.

            An aside to illustrate what was done to us: In the 1970s a Soviet journalist from Pravda was in the US and remarked to a US journalist, “How much easier this must be for you. These people actually believe what you write.”

            Q: “How do I reach certain conclusions without becoming a racist or anti-semite?”

            A: Objective facts are not racist. If I call someone “racist” does that make it so? Racism is term invented by jews to control Whites who they see as their greatest competition. Has the entire pre-WW2 history of mankind been irredeemably racist, and it is only the sick degenerate, Saint MLK West of the last 50 years who deserves heaven? If one can be racist, what makes one not racist? Have you not noticed those goal posts are constantly moving? Jewish power demands White nations take in the 3rd World destroying the only homes we have, while Israel is an ethnostate. What else do you need to know? They want us all dead. If you’re worried about what your executioner thinks of you I would say your concerns are misplaced.

          • “They want you dead.”

            Are you referring to the Jews as “they”? Do Jews consider themselves to be white? Can we find good Jews who don’t want you or I dead? Or are some of the Jews (Dave Rubin, David Horowitz, Dennis Prager, to name a few) on our side only because in the end leftism presents a greater threat to Jewish existence than the far right does? Do you find good Jews in the mix?

            What little I learned about the Russian Revolution I knew nothing of the fact that the Marxists were Jews. That has been a recent tidbit. Marx was a Jew, but that wasn’t the main point when I was a student. Today, I can name so many of them, and the one who I have a real hard time thinking nice thoughts about was this European gal, Lerner-Specter, who said that Europe had to be engulfed by the Third World. But would you agree that they are not all bad? Don’t get me wrong, my eyes are opening and all too often I see Jewish names in the USA that are working to destroy the country as I know it, and they are doing it with the assistance of radical Asian and east Indian accomplices. Speaking of east Indians, Preet Bharara is a jerk but Dinesh d’Souza isn’t. A professor once said to me, “Jews represent the best and the worst in mankind.” He was a politically conservative Jew. I liked him.

            Regarding blacks, they’re getting a little drunk right now and will spend all of their capital. They’re pawns and I don’t view them as the real threat. If things play out a certain way, they’ll be slaves again, subjugated by those who are right now conspiring against whites. Sometimes I feel the only way things can be made right is by highly trained and financed snipers. Growing old is so much fun as I look back on my life and ask why I didn’t go into the military in ’75. I’m old now and I like guns. All those good years wasted.

          • The jew’s own religious books command them to destroy/kill anything not jewish. Look to Ezekiel in the Torah, the Talmud makes Mein Kamph and the Koran look like a Hallmark card in comparison, and to a lesser degree the orbit of books and traditions of Kabbalah do as well (generally the 15th C Iberian Sephardic traditions dealing in black magic to summon demons to attack the enemies of the jews – there’s likely more but I am not a jewish scholar, and have a job to attend to). You don’t know about these things because they are hidden – everything that reflects poorly on the jews is hidden. They spend an incredible amount of time ass covering activities and scouring the internet for “anti-semitism” – translation: something they don’t like.

            For the record, despite their central role in the destruction of the West, I do not hate jews in any collective sense. It surely cannot be easy/placid for jews to exist with such extreme dual morality and the constant paranoia that they will be exposed and set upon by they goyim they despise yet again (their rates of mental illness speak to this). But on they press in ever more extreme and myriad deceptions. There are a handful I respect – Ron Unz, Giliad Atzmon, and Steven Miller are a few. But I trust nothing a jew tells me without verifying the facts because no people on earth so nimbly spins self interest into “No goyim, we’re helping you!”/plausible deniability. I believe it’s reflexive and sometimes they don’t even know they are doing it. That said, the number of jews who call out the their tribe’s staggering crimes, in both scope and number can be counted on one hand… 20,000,000 White Christians murdered in Russia. Until they do so, they have not repented and are still engaged in their global domination/mass genocide project and the empirical evidence confirms this. They are “all in” this time – maximum risk for maximum reward. If it starts to go south they will nuke the west out of sheer spite using their two subs and the nuclear materials stolen from the NUMEK plant in PA.

            It required 15 years of my intermittent time to research this subject and reach my conclusions – accessing primary sources whenever possible. To normies I am sure it sounds outlandish and conspiratorial. That’s irrelevant to me. Only facts matter. I’m not recommending anyone do this. It’s quite challenging to stop staring into the abyss once you recognize the bleak satanic enormity of it all.

          • Thank you for laying it out. Christians can’t be anti Semitic even though it may often be justified. This gets really complicated. I’m stuck on “I’ve seen enough and I’m ready to put them in the same class as Muslims.” Before I torch 2/3’s of the Abrahamic religions, does Christianity share any blame for the assault on the West? Thank you.

    • A: Democracy.

      The police follow orders.
      In liberal towns that means liberal mayors. A local police force in America works for locally elected govt. The local lawyers and DAs will also be filled with progressive lawyers, and nobody riots FOR the police. They are certainly not Pro—Antifa 🤣 but the same discussions about jobs, etc hampering so many and forcing fake internet handles to protect yourself apply an order of magnitude higher for the police who are very public and can’t hide behind VPNs.

      Mind you the Right’s habit of showing up to predictably get their Andy Ngo ass kicked then mewling on youtube doesn’t help. We can’t be successful as victims.

      Of course if our side does fight we have manlets of the Right cringing and denouncing the optics, the low intelligence and other left wing criteria they bought with them to the “dissident right” ie white males who realize their lefty friends will send our race to the Gulag if they could (can’t) and Brazil if they can (they can).

      If you pick a street fight go prepared to fight and WIN or don’t show. Don’t expect the police to defend you. Who here and on the right ever defends them? To the contrary you denounce them nearly as much as the Left.

      Because you’re still leftists. You’re just in exile.

      • It is rather sad on how our side attacks any white who defends themselves against anti-fa or some ethnic thug. They look down upon him as scum.

        It”s also why I don’t respect the DR in the least. They have no qualms throwing whites under the bus.

  7. I’m glad that Collett and Woes got in. Who didn’t make it?

    Are you concerned about being photographed attending and then identified?

  8. I laughed so good reading this. Your cynicism is one of the very few reasons I bother opening the browser, and I’m always checking the blog for fresh new takes. Thank you Z-Man!

  9. Bravo. Dirty up the act in America indeed.

    Take the Left’s ethics on Optics.
    And win any street fight you go to or don’t show up. Losing fights is the only bad optic for the Right that hurts.

    Condemnation is baked in, get something for it.

  10. A exotic multicultural story from Denmark a few days old; A 20-22.years old dane is walking at 1.30 night in the 2.largest city, Aarhus in Denmark and is suddenly hold up by a black man with a knife who demands that he gives him some money. The dane says that he don’t have any money and his credit card is blocked. He shows that on his mobile that is blocked. The african then says that he shall give him a blow-job. The africans sits down for the blow-job and relaxes. The dane refuses to give him the blow-job and the african then becomes very agressive. The dane runs, trys to stop several cars and then he calls for help by ringing the doors of several apartments who let him in and called the police.

  11. They spend more time learning pronouns than doing actual police work.

    They may not do much police work (unless you count writing speeding tickets as policw work) but they certainly don’t use pronouns, and they do stop the the Antifa from attacking you – they even arrest some of them from time to time, if they actually block the street:

    they looked like they would burst into tears if they had to confront the noodle armed Antifa rioters

    Here’s a cop, punching an Antifa in the face:

    I don’t think the Euros appreciate how American dissidents are driven to poverty by the Left. I’ve tried to explain this to them, but they don’t get it.

    If you don’t follow the American dissident scene, few Euros understand how dangerous it is to have dissenting political views in the US.

    And while most European workers have strong union protection, it’s fairly easy to fire people in Denmark; in fact, the politicians are quite proud of it, they even gave it a label: The Flexicurity Model: your boss can fire you on a whim, but you have a comprehensive system of unemployment benefits, about a year on full pay.

    The reason you don’t get fired for being doxxed by Antifa, is a cultural difference. Back in the late nineties or early noughties, some dude from a big engineering firm, was asked why he had so few women on the payroll. “It’s against our policy to hire women”, he replied with straight face. “We don’t hire Jews, blacks or gays either. We hire engineers.” People laugh at gender quotas, and poc quotas are not even on the table.

    Particular to Denmark, a big part of our identity is not being Swedish. And in Denmark, being Swedish is about being politically correct. To wit: a few years back, the two countries Commie broadcaster decided to host two roundtable debates with teams from the respective countries battling it out on feminism and on immigration. (Subtitled)

    These debates are interesting – and entertaining – for a number of reasons, but the most remarkable one is the format: you’d think that the Scandinavian countries would have a lot of cross-border debates, since the language are mutually intelligible and what with all the muh Nordic brethren, but that almost never happens. In fact, the above is the only example I can think of, where it’s not just yelling at each other across the borders.

    The two programs linked, give you a hint why: you can’t have a team of top-level Swedish culture warriors have their narrative poked fun at by a bunch of rude and disrespectful “Dane-Devils”, as we’re known on the other side of the sound. The Swedish narrative only works when it’s kept in the bubble.

    • FWIW, over post-escape beers we enjoyed a video of a few harsh police takedowns of Antifas which took place while we were all inside. While the police certainly should have pushed our perimeter out at least another block to allow safe access to the venue, it doesn’t strike me in retrospect as a “setup.” The police had dogs out and were giving the worst of the degenerates a good beating, and the cops defending our group when we left were respectful to us and did their jobs.

    • I hate the bloody Swedes. They’ve got their own “tikkun olum” thing going only it’s even more smug and self-righteous than the Jew version. At least the Jews have got the excuse that they’re promoting their tribal interests but the Swedes don’t even have that.

      No, the Swedes want to commit suicide and if that was all they wanted then I would be happy to leave them to get on with it. But, no, they seem determined to take the rest of White West down with them.

      F**k the Swedes. Seriously. The sooner they get taken over by Islam, the better. It will be an improvement.

      • The sooner they get taken over by Islam, the better.


        Then Denmark could declare war on them and win back our ancestral heartlands in Scania. I’m already donating $100 a month to ISIS (Islamic State in Sweden) otherwise known as Miljöpartiet.

      • Yeah – great strategy. Give over white homelands to Islam. That’s sure to make things better.

        If the Swedes want to commit suicide just ask them to sign the form – then grab up everybody who put their signature on the form and ship their asses off to the Middle East. I’m sure the goat fuckers would more than welcome a few million people who are willingly giving themselves over the slavery.

        Here’s a life tip: there’s usually more than one solution to a problem. In this particular case what you’re proposing is not the best available option.

  12. My experience with the police showed a better side. I left the venue with several others and as we expected (despite Antifa’s Twitter-announced alleged official departure) we were mini – mobbed by a dozen-ish degenerates within 2 blocks. They shouted & foamed (& Big Gulped the rear guard) for a couple of blocks before a decent sized contingent of cops descended via vans & started running interference/rear-guarding for us, jumping out & walking in step with us taking down trailing trolls for a good number of blocks.

    We basically commandeered a public bus with their assistance which then got trailed by masked bike-swine antifas to the huge central station. During this f*cked up Great Train Mobbery, the cops following in vans were swooping & scooping the degenerate bicyclists as they attempted to stay on our trail. We hit the station stairs & boarded a train for the burbs without further incident.

    The cops did a semi-C-Ville job of keeping antifa beyond a reasonable perimeter during the event but didn’t pretextually vacate the area on antifa’s bogus withdrawal and remained near & ready enough to handle the sleepers who mobbed us, using some pleasingly heavy handed physicality & decent bike-scum wrangling with vehicles in traffic.

    Pre-exit, I give them a 3. Post-exit, a 6. Final score – below average. They allowed the situation to fester but managed to help cover us & didn’t treat us as villains like recent US shitshows. Fortunate in that Orange Kissass would have begged Denmark to hang us given our lack of phat hip-hop rhymes & melanin.

    I give the Scandi attendees with me a 10. We have constructed a barrow of Carlsberg empties in honor of our escaping.

    There are some tough folks in Our Thing around here, fortunately tough enough to tip the scales enough to get our asses clear without injury to anyone but the honorless scum-horde. Meeting them was more than worth the shitshow. Tak til alle, fam.

  13. “Over time, their views moderated and changed in the face of multiculturalism and immigration.”

    Why? I would have figured their views would have hardened under the reality of vibrancy.

    • At some point various Euro far-right groups have been associated with coup plots, football hooliganism and organized crime. In some cases people fought in the Balkan Wars, and some are fighting in Ukraine and Syria.

      In contrast, any “militias” are treated as a joke in the US, but weren’t in the 1980-90s. Nor are largely white biker gangs seen as connected at all with a political agenda.

    • I think the threat became real, which necessity greater practicality. They also got older and learned fro their mistakes. Now they want the next generation to avoid those mistakes.

  14. “The cops were there to support Antifa.”

    Can confirm. I have see this happen a number of times on both coasts of the USA. I’m sad to hear that this is true in Europe as well.

    I was raised to respect and like the police. While I don’t hate them as individuals, they are mostly mercenaries paid by our enemies.

    When John Mark says they will join us, I am quite skeptical.

    • I’ve heard the distinction made between the old “peace officer” and today’s “law enforcement officer.” It’s a very real distinction.

      I remember as a kid heading home from a squirrel hunt with some buddies, strolling down Rural Route #2 with my semi-auto .22. A sheriff’s deputy pulled up and offered me a ride home … obviously he had no problem giving a lift to a 14 yo with a weapon. I worked the bolt to show him the gun was empty and we were good to go. Try that out with today’s “law enforcement officer” and you’re liable to end up in a casket.

      • No kidding. On various family farms we’d be turned loose with a .22 And one of the old H&R 20 gauges that were always around and told to come back when we had a couple of rabbits. Nobody thought twice about it.

          • Mind you, I was the “city cousin” that got shipped in for a couple months each summer from S. Florida. But yes we were 11 years old and wandering around with firearms. Still have one of those H&Rs that came from the local Western Auto. Sturdy little gun.

          • @Saml – Funny, my .22 is a “Glenfield” from a Sears catalog. Actually made by Marlin. Shot an armadillo with it 2 days ago. I have a couple of late-model ARs tricked out but there’s nothing like those “sturdy little guns” we grew up with. Oh – if you don’t have one get one of those Marlin lever-action .22s … lots of fun to shoot w/ kids.

          • Ha! They dig holes that can injure frolicking livestock. Best I can tell armadillos are completely useless creatures.

    • US city cops have had no problem with being snipers when a public library has a drag queen day.

      They’ll enforce the law so long as they are paid though on an individual basis most aren’t bad folk

      Rural police may be a different issue.

      In the end though they aren’t that big of an issue. What cripples dissidents is an inability to decide what they want and a high degree of fecklessness. This seems universal as seen when the Norwegian Dissidents (NPP IIRC) won power than promntly cucked and refused to form a government at all.

      They were routed by people claiming to address the immigration issue and deservedly so.

      The US cuck hunt is a good thing. Leftism is after all subversive and Dissidents need determination and Omerta and to be free of subversives and cucks to do anything

      Speaking again only for the US here, this “do nothing” ethos comes from so many being from the Liberty/Militia Right or from the Libertarians. They hate and fear power and won’t take it. Truth is these twats have more in common with Antifa than they want to think, being at heart anarchists who don’t understand the reality of modernity or human nature

      We Dissidents who come from Paleoconservatism have no such delusions alas that there were more of us

      Still it is possible to harden up the Dissidents and it is happening with the Deus Vult crowd and elsewhere. Embrace the radicals, moderates sod off

      • “They hate and fear power and won’t take it”

        It seems to be the nature of the world that you impose your will or are imposed upon. “Leave me alone” libertarianism only existed once and that was when the USA was a homogeneously white frontier nation with a small population.

        • And even then, Colonial America was very coercive. The Amerinds also got the short end of the stick and were never going to be left alone.

          To use our hosts expression, the Anglo Saxon Ordered Liberty Model is only partially suitable these days and was more honored in the breach than observance historically anyway

          Not only is the US White population (White being defined purely European Extraction maybe 7/8 or more no African) is not Anglo Saxon and unsuited to such a system but the technology we have today makes it too dangerous

          Things like CRISPR are an existential threat to humanity and the tech will only get better from here.

          A great deal of curiosity and money seeking behavior will have to be curtailed for the public good. Hell some religions simply can’t be allowed

          We can still allow an armed populace and rather free speech along with a proper incarnation of judicial system but there will be regulation and if technology keeps advancing, a welfare state too

          No one really wants the sclerotic and stifling Scandinavian Model or some variant thereof but being mutated, forcefully addicted to some product or just murdered by a homemade drone is not acceptable either

          The “connected” society makes that old Sandra Bullock pot boiler “The Net” look like Candyland

          As for dealing with the historical unwillingness to pay high taxes, that will end up dealt with by money printing and import control.

          Its coercive, its stifling but modernity doesn’t allow for nearly as much freedom as the more Liberty minded would like and forces us into a higher degree of positive liberty as well as the negative liberty we are accustomed too.

          Or well we can ride out the crash and buffer the worst of it

          Baring severe measures catabolic collapse not really avoidable anway and it might be good enough to enjoy 1.6 TFR for a few dozen decades. Future USA will then end up less populated (no immigration) lower tech and much more religious just from demography

    • I’m sad to hear that this is true in Europe as well.

      I am surprised to hear Zmans report on police behavior. They kept Antifa at bay when Pegida were doing their weekly walks in Copenhagen, and Pegida kept it up for a year without incidents, although having a getaway-car was advisable.

    • Never forget that Cops will obey orders. If the Police Chief says don’t arrest Antifa, that’s what they will do. And Police Chiefs usually are just Pols in a uniform and will kow-tow to any Mayor.

        • Felix, thanks for the link. I appreciate information that counters my understanding. I don’t want my biases confirmed, I want to see the world clearly.

          Do you have any thoughts about why the police/government chose to hold Antifa accountable?

          • Do you have any thoughts about why the police/government chose to hold Antifa accountable?

            I’m not sure “accountable” is the right word – they have not-so-tacit support and personnel cross-overs from establishment leftist youth organisations – but they do keep them on a shorter leash than in most Western countries.

            I believe the main reason is that we’ve had longer experience with them; Normies are fed up with their bullshit. Copenhagen and Berlin were the epicentres for the squatter movement, the progenitors of Antifa. They started making a nuisance of themselves sometimes in the early eighties – in fact, I hung out on their fringe for a while, went to a few of their parties attended a few demos.

            At any rate, we had a lot of police vs. Antifa stuff going on in the eighties and early nineties, creating a lot of bad blood. In 1993, we had a Battle of Berkeley-scale running street fight, where the cops used firearms on the crowd, shooting a dozen of the scumbags.

            Since then, Antifa has kept a lower profile, mainly harassing demonstrations and meetings, doxing right-wingers, scratching their cars and so forth, rather than going for the total chimp-out. The only flare-up of large-level street fights since 1993, occurred when the police shut down their club house 2006. Here’s some action footage; commentary in Danish, but the images should speak for themselves.


            More than 150 people were arrested.

            I wasn’t at the conference yesterday but I can confidently say, that Antifa “enjoying broad police protection” (from what?) is not the ordinary order of business, although they do have substantial political support from leftist establishment parties and mainstream media.

            (I use the name “Antifa” for a number of different names they’ve operated under: BZ, AFA, Black Splotch, Colored Splotch and many more that I’ve blissfully forgotten..)

          • Why not?


            I don’t see the utility of normiespace organizing at this point – all you do is give them targets. At the moment, we’re the Viet Cong, sniping from an underground network. The internet is where we are strongest, this is the battlefield we should choose.

            Also, I hate conferences.

    • The cops will do the bidding of the elites as long as the money keeps flowing. Same with career military types. Historically in early labor disputes the elites used cops/pinkerton men and the national guard to beat and even murder striking workers.

      The Army’s Delta Team showed no qualms burning women and children alive in Waco so I’d expect the Spec Ops community to do whatever the elite want.

      • I said the same last night & the Europeans said they had similar opinions. The mindset that leads you to the cops or military makes you dissent-averse. In the MBTI spectrum, they tend to be S-types, concrete-oriented observers rather than abstract experimenters, social conformists, rule-followers who don’t question or rock the boat and feel hostility for those who do. Pretty self-evident, no special insight on my part there. The Scandis in our group said they’ve seen few recruits from those circles in Our Thing here and in the neighboring nations. I’ve said at Counter-Currents and elsewhere that some of our young men could benefit from short-stint military training but it’s not for career purposes. I also believe in having men in every external camp but the dissident loyalties of anyone in law enforcement or the military are always going to be dubious and the risk of double-agency is huge. As Enoch and others have pointed out, though, you’re soldiering for the Empire if you do so and I can see where a principled stand against it makes sense.

    • No, answered above. They follow orders .
      The risk of being fired if identified is much higher. If they act Out of line they can’t hide behind a VPN- they’re on camera.

      And if the police are ever mercenaries working for our enemies you’ll notice the difference immediately. You must know zero mercs, and probably damn few cops.

  15. If one works though the twits from the danish Antifa related group “Konfront” one can see that they had plans of actions on the 10.oct. They twit about keeping an eye of central people (known by them as active on the right) and they are centred around a park called the “People Park”. They talk about using several social media platforms and use the tagging #StopScandza when people have information. It looks like a surveillance operation of known people to them. They write that “the nazis are trying to confuse them with false information of the location”. I think there has been a large surveillance operation in place like ly starting from private adresses of persons that might turn up.

    • Interesting, I was more suspicious of an infiltrator, but just tracking a few people might explain the discovery.

      To what extend is the police run by a leftist mayoral administration? Or is it run directly from the national level? If the police is locally administered, this might be sidestepped by holding events in rural areas.

    • What is more remarkable, is that NO Scandinavian alt-media outlet has mentioned Scandza at all. I would not be surprised if the Scandi kosher-right has helped Antifa dox a competitor.

      • I would suspect a spy. The Bolsheviks were riddled with spies but it ended up not mattering because Kerensky was a de facto Communist spy.

      • Just an update the record: a (i.e. one) kosher-right website has announced an upcoming report with photos from the conference – apparently the dude snapped 400 images. Looking forward to see how he spin it.

        • There were a number of “lurker” photogs operating with cellphones around the perimeter who I assumed to be Antifa and one very obvious camera photog who was working across the street. Curious as to whether that’s this K-Right site’s guy. Photos of me are useless to my enemies – I’m 90% dox-resistant. I didn’t care.

          Z’s right about those of us who aren’t similarly insulated. I think your point about normie-space organizing has merit for those with too much to lose to risk doxing. Unless and until we get stronger anti-doxing protections (even beyond those presently in place in Europe), there is an inevitable “assumption of the risk” element that Mark Collett cited in being a DR activist. Z’s right that it’s unjust and Mark’s right that it’s our current situation.

          I’d advise anyone who can’t afford the risk of doxing and isn’t comfortable with potential physical injury and unjust legal action to follow your advice and stay online. That said, I think it’s important that we trailblaze a path to normie-space and it’s incumbent on those of us whose circumstances and temperament permit to take those risks and open that space.

          As I’ve said below, the real-life bonding was worth the risk to me. I hope to maintain contacts with those I met for years to come & do some positive work together on both sides of the pond. It’s more risky for many of us to try to red-pill normies in close social proximity than to run the organized event gauntlet. There’s no one-size fits all strategy here. We need a multi-front approach and we can all contribute in different ways.

          • The K-Right dude is a professional photographer, so he wouldn’t work with an iPhone and he wouldn’t hang out with Antifa, they hate his ass. Antifa has a professional photographer too, goes by the name of Rasmus Preston.

            To be fair, I don’t really think the conference was doxed by the K-Right, but I doubt they’ll give you a glowing review either, they’re civnats, after all.

  16. Z–Thanks so much for dealing with Antifa, traveling all over, talking with endless people and gathering information….and having the focus and energy to write this to inform us.

    How did you and conference folks escape Antifa to head off for drinks/dinner and then your digs? Are the Antifa in Europe roaring useful idiots with noodle arms and loud-mouthed blue haired women like the US models?

    Am visiting daughter in the SF Bay Area today and while showering up with a thick lather of soap on face, the water stopped. Soap went right to my eyeballs. Bellowing for my daughter to Do Something, she ran in and pulled a cord with a small disk attached to the shower head. Water started up. It’s a mandatory EnviroNazi Nanny State device that senses the temperature of the water and if it deems the water too hot, it just shuts it off. Pull the cord to override the hectoring. The Nanny State was telling me not to use excessive energy to heat water and that I’m a heretic. Getting the hell out of here tomorrow.

    • In my 67 years I have never experienced a power company turning off the electricity on hundreds of thousands because they feared they might start a fire. And the state let them. Never mind that it’s the power company’s duty to keep their power lines free and clear of flammable material near them.

      • When all your capital spending goes to windmills, solar panels and all the redundant gas fired generators required to make up for the intermittency, nothing is left for basic maintenance. Plus have to cut logging roads into some of those areas. Enviros shut down the biomass generators that used to provide a market for the waste wood and shut down thinning and logging operations. The state’s own Little Hoover Commission issued a scathing report last year on the chronic mismanagement of forests. It like the “Upside Down” from that series “Stranger Things”.

        • Saml nailed the utility problem. Plus throw in corruption and mismanagement. Driving through the Sierras, pulled off into Foresthill at the base of the western foothills and all electricity kaput. No gas stations up, all restaurants closed, big supermarkets closed and traffic lights out. PG&E knocked out over 2 Million customers, meaning business and households….so a lot more people than 2 million. Told daughter she’s seeing the beginning of a Californicated Venezuela. Picture the manager of a big box grocery store throwing out all frozen food X a million or more. Lost my little travel flashlight, popped into 2 stores in Antioch and not a flashlight to be had in town. Vibrants aren’t big on preparedness. Remember Katrina. Love my family but I can’t get out of here fast enough. Can’t convince my son-in-law to bail. Heading east to home, I’ll hit Donner Pass and the weight will come off my shoulders. Hmmmm…..Donner Pass……foreshadowing.

          • So what happens to PG&E when 1 Mil people and businesses file claims for lost time and melted freezers? Bankruptcy? If so, then what?

            You’re getting a lot of snow up there. Many power lines down with trees still leafed out? Hang in there, brother.

          • Oh actually it’s not to bad up here just some light dusting😉 Well people can’t file claims against the power company for that because the state hasn’t said Power is a Right yet but who knows they might pass a bill…I have always said people should have their own means to generate power if they depend on it because I know how fragile the grid really is because I work on it😉 same with food, water, shelter…If you depend on someone else for any of your Basic needs there is always the chance of them not being able to supply it…Which brings us back around to Community once again and the dire need to get it going…

          • Well if you are ever going by UC Boulder, stop by the Alferd E. Packer Memorial Grill….never know what’s on the barbie there…

        • Yea when the state and envirewhachos control what the power companies can and can’t do it’s a shitshow let me tell you…

          • A lot of the fault lays with PG&E who cut corners on maintenance, upgrades and keeping their power lines up to spec.

            Newsom being a gutless wonder and bribe taker rolled over for PG&E and let them do these power outages.

            Just wait until summer when it’s 110 degrees and PG&E pulls this and the old and sick start dropping dead by the dozens when there is no place to cool off. You haven’t seen pissed off people.

          • Rod like I told RFF Power isn’t a Right it’s a service provider just like a grocery store, gas station, etc…If you truly depend on it then you need to prepare for that service not being there…It’s not just PG&E doing it the other major power companies in CA are doing it as well…Oh and just remember you’re getting fed the same propaganda as everyone else…

        • Agree 100%. I would just offer that we shouldn’t allow the Green New Deal wackos to hijack alternative energy; it’s a viable option for those seeking more energy independence. I installed a 21kW solar system about 5 years ago – just me and a Navy buddy who helped out – no subsidies or grants. If anyone looks into this I recommend NOT grid-tying your system … yes, in the short run you can get some money for helping feed the grid, but if/when the grid goes down so do you. Plus, when I looked into grid-tying the TN Valley Authority offered me a 21 page contract in 8-point font … I didn’t need to read it to know I wanted nothing to do with it.

          An alternative power system isolated from the grid is expensive on the front-end but provides exceptional and reliable service. On a sunny day I can run two mini-split AC units and weld to my heart’s content. On a cloudy day we back off on the heavy power draws. At night we just run lights/fans, along with all the freezers and fridge. Slight lifestyle change but I’ve found it a good thing to be more attuned to power usage.

          The system I have has an expected 40-yr service life; I have to recapitalize batteries about every 10 yrs. Based on my 30 kWh/day usage and utility pricing, the system pays off in 12-14 yrs. In some respects it’s already paid for itself … my area sustained a 3-day power outage while we didn’t miss a beat. BUT, if you go with alternative energy and the grid goes down, be sure to learn some OPSEC principles such as light discipline. You don’t want to be lit up when everyone else is down hard … don’t make yourself a target.

          • Oh definitely Brother alternative energy for single family homes even up to a subdivision is a great idea but trying to make it part of the grid on a large scale is insanity…

      • Ah – now Californians are suing the people who clear the trees around power lines for negligence after fires start along those stretches. Those businesses are losing interest. PG&E itself is not in that business.

        Those nimrods are giving us a preview of the Green New Deal in action: California, seen from space at night, may start looking like North Korea.

      • Nevermind that you have to sell your firstborn to be able to clear brush under the power lines…You want to blame someone blame the frickin state where all the blame belongs…I actually know what’s going on not just what you hear on the news…

      • Make no mistake these power outages are going to kill people who need machines to keep them alive or emergency surgery, Imagine you have COPD and need oxygen on a constant basis and a all day power outage hits. You’re f**ked unless you stockpile bottled oxygen.

        People on dialysis the same thing. They lose a session which can be very deleterious.

      • It’s a dry run for something other than fire prevention. What that is remains to be seen but things are moving fast.

    • This can’t be real, can it?
      (Found on Americat@Commodore_1853)

      Projects Pogo and Zephyr
      Power outages to be used as cover to move white communities to ‘transit camps’
      (By the millions)

      To be ramped up after the cataloguing is complete, they’ve only got about 78% of white nationalists or potential resisters listed as of yet.

      That’s never happened before, well, except in a number of countries, of course.

      Cool. We might get our own ethnostate just like the folks in Sudenten Germany, the USSR, China, Cambodia, Rhodesia, or Syria!

      • A little hint: more French were killed postwar as “collaboraters” than died in all the years of the French Revolution and Terror.

        700,000 Germans were held or worked to death as slaves in postwar France, too.

        So odd that deGaulle was a direct agent of the House of Rothschild. Almost like they set him up as viceroy or something.

        Like a Lenin sent by the Wiemar occupation government, ending up with 66 million Christian slaves in the gulags, working the timber and mining concessions granted to Schiff and his consortium of bankers that funded the Bolshevik revolutions.

        • Well, that and half of Europe. While we got a debt of 120% of GDP!

          Who did we repay? Who won territory?
          Who are we going into debt with now for foreign wars and nonwhite benefits?

  17. “A man with a family can’t lose his job, his health insurance and his access to the banking system. He has a duty to his family, which must always come first.”

    Tough topic, but my experience is that family wants its head to do his duty as long as it doesn’t require emasculation or enslavement. And men, this culture will cut your nuts off if you let them. I’m blessed to have a wife that first wants me to be a man – and she assumes if I do that part right then my health insurance and finances will work themselves out. She doesn’t need to know the details – that’s my job as a man.

    Its a deep topic for a blog post, but my first suggestion is for men trapped in “the system” to develop an escape strategy. First and foremost, go “gray” and never trumpet your dissidence. No bumper stickers; no public tirades against the progressives. Be careful in sharing those red pills. This is war, and if you’re working inside the enemy’s camp then you better go covert ASAP. Make a sharp distinction between family & friends vs acquaintances & coworkers; sad to say, but treat the latter group with kindly suspicion.

    Second, you must get debt-free, and then accumulate skills/tools and commodity assets. Starting this at 20 is a lot easier than 50, so get your plan going ASAP. If you’re 50 or older, don’t diddle, man-up and prioritize, and get the family behind you. I’m a patriarchal kind of guy, and while I understand many nice wives aren’t conditioned to accept family leadership, it’s way past time for men to start having these conversations – ricky tick.

    I use the banking system while it’s available, but I also suggest working in the shadows – with those of similar worldview and hardcore character – to develop local underground economies; aka the black market. This is much easier to do once relocated to rural community. The people who taught me: the Amish community – rag on their religion all you want but they’re supremely successful dissidents. Know the people with whom you can trade and barter for life’s necessities. “Prepping” doesn’t mean doing it all yourself, it means developing a robust network with others seeking independence of the system. Learn all you can about how to be financially stealthy; I suspect these skills will be important in short order.

    Health insurance is a tough one. I’ve tried to shift the paradigm to NOT needing health care. My family’s emphasis went toward fitness and dietary changes, then we added a family member as a Master Herbalist, and now we have a good friend as our chiropractor. I look at insurance now as something I’d want for a catastrophic accident; if cancer or disease struck my family we’d head to a nearby naturopath MD who takes cash or commodity payment.

    Last, do NOT accept any surveillance into your home, and certainly not around the community discussions you have with close friends. No Alexa, and none of those wifi enabled appliances. Don’t hold any sensitive conversations in the vicinity of your cellphone. In the short-term this may be paranoia, but I just consider it smart SOP, particularly as those “red flag” laws become the rage.

    I think Europeans have no sense of America’s growing surveillance state and the extent of cultural rot … they still buy into that American stereotype “land of the free, home of the brave.”

    • Capt…..great survival treatise and how-to strategy! Keep your writings coming. Best to you and yours.

      • Thanks RFR … seems there are a few of us here doing the hardscrabble dissident thing, unfortunately in different locations. I share this stuff because a semblance of freedom is still out there to be had for those brave enough to sever the umbilical. I went “off-grid” at age 45, going back to school on things my great-grandparents knew when they were 12. I’m not certain that circumstances will compress us into a new dark-age, but I am certain that a lifestyle grounded in survival reality is good for the soul.

    • Good post. Surveillance bothers me as much as the thought of attack helicopters. Cameras everywhere. And we don’t often think about this. If I was a former military sharpshooter, I would have a certain vocation in America today. But those cameras would confound me.

      • ProUSA, agree. When my employer started installing cameras all over the place, I got together with Security fellows and we plotted out a route through the (massive) building to be in blind spots all the way through. It wasn’t easy but do-able, even entering and exiting the building. (Hint – those doors the maintenance team use for their very own rarely are surveilled.

        An added benefit of an in-depth survey of the battle space is that you will know where to run or hide if someone goes postal at work.

    • Outstanding comment and advice, Cap’n. These are things our great-grandparents knew well but somehow were lost over the last three generations.

      I find that in addition to the Amish, much can be learned from bikers. They also are largely independent and make full use of barter and lowkey networking.

  18. “…In America, dissident politics tends to attract losers and weirdos, who have nothing to lose. They don’t care about being outed, because no one cares enough about them to bother….”

    John Smith reporting for duty SIR!!!

    Actually I used to be a centrist or a mildly conservative normie but I could survive in a family of shitlibs. One of the things I grew up thinking was that I drove them crazy and there was something wrong with me. I was in my 50’s before I realized that THEY were crazy – and they were going to make me crazy too. At that point we rejected each other and our family fell apart. All the stuff you know about feminists, queers, SJW’s and proggies – you learned by watching them roast and torture guys like me.

    Be nice to us dregs. We may have nothing left to lose, but it was not always so.

    • Any of your SJW members of your family have a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign prominently displays on the front lawn?

      • “Hate Has No Home Here!”.

        For a while I was seeing those signs all over my town. They seem to have come down in the last year or so.

        I kept telling the wife I wanted to put up a counter-sign: ” Hate might have no home here – but it did just buy a duplex down the road “.

        She said she didn’t want our house fire-bombed so the idea got nixed.

        • I think if a local cat lady put up a “Hate Has No Home Here!” sign, the temptation to respond with a sign like “Hate Has A Home Here!” would be overwhelming.

          Of course, another way to do this is what I saw in Boston a long time ago. In one apartment window was stuff celebrating the tenets love of the New York Yankees. In the window next door was a sign reading, “That Guy’s An Asshole” with an arrow pointing to the neighbor.

  19. I was thinking of your travel columns while driving through Lagos today. I call it Mogadishu, but don’t live there. I avoided the most spicy areas, but did have to navigate through Pimlico.

  20. “In America, most dissidents came through libertarianism, but not through organized structure like the Libertarian Party. Some came this way through conventional conservative politics. Of course, some older guys came this way through paleoconservatism. Hardly anyone was in organized politics, much less underground politics. The typical guy you meet at a dissident event in America was a libertarian until he spent time around vibrancy and realized it could never work.” Z-man

    I have been a dissident and far right since I was about 20. That would be over half a century. I read Rothbard and understood. I was always for my “nation” as he identified what a nation was. Common decent is big. I was against “vibrancy” from my youth. I saw a white school become racially mixed due to the F’ing federal government’s forced busing. Destroyed it of course.

    “Contemporary libertarians often assume, mistakenly, that individuals are bound to each other only by the nexus of market exchange. They forget that everyone is necessarily born into a family, a language, and a culture. Every person is born into one or several overlapping communities, usually including an ethnic group, with specific values, cultures, religious beliefs, and traditions. He is generally born into a “country.” He is always born into a specific historical context of time and place, meaning neighborhood and land area.” ~ Rothbard

    Family comes first. Then comes your “tribe” (nation). Then those who share your culture. I don’t hate others, I just don’t like them near as much as my own people. I don’t trust the “other”, especially Africans.

    The one thing the dissident right must guard against is “winning” by putting a strong-man tyrant in charge. Left wing tyranny is a horror, but so is right wing tyranny.

    We need to carve out homelands for our different nations. (tribes if you fail to understand nation)

    • Me, too. I would have called myself a paleocon 20 years ago.

      I developed an interest in politics and current events as a teenager and read George Will. Then I read James Burnham’s “The Suicide of the West.” Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, Joe Sobran, Rothbard-Rockwell report and Chronicles magazine were great teachers. Even The National Review carried some good authors and articles until the neocons took over by the mid-1990s.

    • I came aboard when two things happened in the same year.

      I applied for a summer job, that would have been ideal for me, working on a project to see whether the weight of Lake Mead influenced earthquakes in the area. I’d be collecting data from and trouble-shooting the monitoring devices, driving through three states to do so. I was interviewed, and asked to explain the difference between AM and FM. The two guys seemed shocked when I reeled it off, looked at each other, and agreed to tell me the truth: they had already been told to hire ‘a minority’, and felt bad for me when they realized that I would have been able actually to do the work.

      Later, back at college, I asked a guy I had known for a year why it was that he had his own dorm room (and wasn’t an RA). He said, I pay for it with scholarships. He didn’t strike me as any kind of scholar. He explained it this way: “There are buildings full of people in Washington, DC, whose job it is to find me and give me money.” He was an Indian, not that you could tell.

      This was in 1972.

    • No that’s not the one thing we must guard against. A less than ideal option but not anything to guard against at all.

      We do what it takes to survive.

      Embrace survival – which means our dominance intrinsically – or embrace extinction.

      We cannot share power. We tried. It has been our undoing.

      Rights we can share, not power.

  21. Right in the 10 ring. Work for one of the “woke” public companies in the US and everything is at risk. Suppose it would be great if you could build a movement out of nothing but yeoman farmers…but around here even an organic farmer that did something to anger the social vengeance warrior mob got thrown out of the local farmers market. Apparently even jellies and baby vegetables need to have been “wokely” made and grown. So we’re right back at the starting line.

    • Interesting. I suspect the organic farmer opened his mouth with a suggestion about grass-fed beef or something similarly confrontational.

      However, we’re only back at the starting line when we try good things in the wrong places. This is why I think dissidents need to cede “woke” territory and collocate with deplorables.

    • The typical farmer is either dependent on staple crops, largely subject to various federal price supports; or is in cash crops/livestock and dependent on illegal foreign labor.

      The particular organic farmer in that incident was doxed as being in Id. Evr. Once you affiliate with an ADL/SPLC tagged group, the average person thinks you are a terrorist.

          • If that was the his only option I would say OK but it isn’t he could actually come out here and feed people that actually care about him and want him to succeed and have his way of life preserved…

          • Conservatives are typically not into the organic phenomenon, its something that white liberals like by and large.

            Recall that the typical con has been loudly complaining about NYC limiting soda sizes.

          • Well you should see our Farmers Market we have a good sized one every Sat from May to Oct so at least in this area we like our organic food…

          • I know some conservative ranchers raising organic, gmo-free beef. It’s just a scam to get higher prices from people with more money than sense. It costs more to raise them that way, but it’s a smaller, more select market than the commodity beef market, so you can market your own brand directly and set yourself apart.

  22. “I don’t think the Euros appreciate how American dissidents are driven to poverty by the Left. ”

    After you discuss it, what do they still not understand?

    Thanks much for the reports. Happy travels to you.

    • Euros simply don’t understand what it means NOT to have healthcare, basic social services and much stronger job security.
      They have no experience with it, so one can describe it in great detail until one is blue in the face, but they have never and will never experience it, so they think you’re just being a weak crybaby.

      • Exactly. Explaining it won’t work.

        For the few who can understand how different the US is , do this

        Show them a few pictures of people pooping in the street and tell them that this is routine in many democratic cities do to poverty and degradation

        Then show them graphs about homelessness and explain that if any American loses a job they may not have food, shelter or medicine ever again doubly so if it political

        Show more pictures

        If it’s sinking in and it can be hard to get past the cognitive bias of Euros. they’ll ask you “Why can’t you do something about it.”

        explain that large scale political change is not possible in the US. Its too corrupt and even if that could be overcome no one will support the taxes required to pay for it a welfare state

        On top of that every attempt for the Feds have made to raise more funds have failed. It’s impossible to get more than twenty percent of GDP in taxes and while a VAT tax might work, it would also result in a political backlash removing any party who put it in

        If they are smart, they may ask why States can’t do it. two words, capital flight. California can to a degree get away with it because of the weather but high tax states hemorrhage populations and jobs to low tax ones

        After that a very knowledge person might ask “what about a new Constitution.” explain quietly that the Left would demand gun seizures or an end to freedom of speech and religion would would make it impossible and if somehow it was possible to force it, it would end up in a civil war

        This should get the “oh Sh*t” expression on their face if you’ve succeeded.

        • Europeans also don’t seem to understand how difficult it is to achieve change when we have >300 million citizens who want one thing, and a few thousand donor/elites controlling the institutions and determining our choices.

          • Without a strong ideology, there can be no revolt.

            if a movement can’t write concrete goals on a piece of paper or twenty for that matter it can’t accomplish anything.

            Even ANTIFA has some vague goals, unachievable and stupid ones but goals nonetheless.

            The Dissident Right might have goals, maybe they are discussed in private among people and Drone Strike and similar conferences or maybe they just aren’t.

            Now I think public discussion of goals and legal methods is of value but I could be wrong here.

            To put or or shut up, the simple version Dissidents should support the old Paleocon platform along with mass repatriation where possible.

            This would put the US back on its feet and buy us some time to figure out how to deal with technological change and the social and economic consequences of that.

            Getting there is tricky but for the most part recruiting new people to our sphere and voting especially in primaries making sure neo cons and cucks are removed and replaced is the best action to take.

            We should also prepare for the worst as the US may not make it through this mess. We want to prevent that and I doubt any of the other ideologies will manage to do that so it’s incumbent on us to try.

            If someone has something better, I’m for it and would love to hear it but other than Vox Day’s 16 points and maybe some NrX stuff I’m not seeing much.

  23. Fantastic! I’ve some time in and around Copenhagen, although now I am about a 16 hour journey away. Would love to participate in this event in the future. It sounds like an excellent opportunity to take barometric readings.

    Interesting idea about self-doxxing. You are spot on about the American experience with regards to un-personing. A prohibitive price for anyone with a life or prospects. It is price I have paid in the past that at one point had me eating from dumpsters…not a metaphor. Lesson learned.

    Important point about the emphasis on after event socializing. It is so important to develop functional, personal relationships with like minded people. One of the primary objectives of Organs of Consensus is to keep like minded individual isolated.

    Glad you had good time and that no one was hurt by the consensus terrorists.

    Always enjoy your work.


    • How do you guys do it??? I’ve worked in progressive and diverse workplaces. It’s always the same, the women socialize and chatter, the fuggin vibrants **** the dog and the management looks the other way.

      I quit my last job over it and walked… but I am up in Canada and I have amassed a sizeable “F*ck You Fund”. Of course I left on amicable terms… but no way am I ever working around pakies and women again. I will work with white men and that’s IT.

      • If you work in the trades you don’t have that for the most part…Which is why I recommend my line of work to anyone young enough to do it and that are dissidents…

        • Agree 101%. Trades are also one of the few jobs left where you have a decent chance of being unionized, which helps you resist doxing (not as well as it should, of course, but it helps). The money’s good and these guys have on average a better moral/social foundation as well.

          There’s an episode of “Exodus Americanus” on TRS with a featured tradesman that goes into good detail on this (pretty sure this one’s not paywalled)

          • I don’t think people realize how freedom this job provides also once you get your journeyman’s ticket the world is your oyster…

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            I am looking for all kinds of help to forward my financial situation and would appreciate someone taking a quick look over my circumstances, for the possibility of joining trades and being able to support writers like zman. Msg me at nordbrunn% protonmail £com. Regards.

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