Travelogue: The Journey Home

I had an early flight out of Copenhagen back to Lagos, so I did the sensible thing and went out with the conference goers until the early hours. I had enough time to take an early morning walk, then pack up my kit and head for the airport. That meant I was working on about four hours sleep over two days, so I would sleep like a baby on the plane. When you do enough traveling, you learn what works best for you. On an ocean crossing, I want to be comatose for as much of the flight as possible.

The first leg of the trip took me to Brussels for a connection. I had never been in that airport, but my few hours there taught me why the EU is hopeless. For starters, I had to go through passport control, which makes no sense. Apparently, they cannot tell who is entering from an EU nation and who is not, so everyone is treated as a foreign nation entering the EU for the first time. It was not a long line and passport control is always the fastest part of the travel process, unless you have something to declare.

After a mile of walking I get to the gate and I have to present my passport and boarding pass again. Then I do this again. Then another time. Three times in the same line with three officials standing next to one another. Then I’m told I have to go to another person, who checks my passport and boarding pass. I’m up to four government officials within a ten foot square, who have demanded to see my papers. This happens four more times before I can get on the plane to Montreal.

Things did not get better once on the plane. I was in a window seat and my traveling partner was a particularly pungent African. Let’s call him Mr. Bongo. Now, Mr. Bongo smelled like a dumpster on a very hot day. Most likely, if he was outside, he would have had a swarm of circling around him. On the other hand, his funk was so powerful even flies would have to think twice before getting too close. The other people seated around us had something over their face in an effort to avoid the funk.

This is why I prefer to be comatose on these long flights over the ocean. It is a part of travel now, at least around the US. We have a lot of South Asians, who are not big on daily bathing. There’s usually one on the plane, so be prepared for it. On one trip, I saw one so ripe that the flight crew hung an air freshener on the seat backs. That trip was three hours of knowing what it was like to be around bears doing their business in a pine forest. Nowhere is diversity so personal as on an air plane.

At some point, Mr. Bongo started to have some sort of trouble with the seat in front of him or maybe it was the tray, I don’t know. That seemed to be the focus as they talked with him in French and he responded in some other language. He may not have been African, as it sounded like creole he was speaking, but I was still a little out of it, so I can’t be sure. That turned into a skirmish with the crew. They calmed him down and I went back to sleep, after getting a nose full of summer dumpster.

I’ve seen this before on these flights. Africans seem to struggle with flying. Last spring I saw an African flip out on the plane over his seat back tray. He started attacking the back of the chair, which had someone sitting in it, so it was quite a scene. In both cases, I was reminded of the fact that mentally disabled people will often throw tantrums when confused or frustrated. Taking Neolithic people and putting them into modern situations is a challenge under the best of conditions. Airplanes are not the best conditions.

Of course, living in Lagos, I’ve seen firsthand when first world infrastructure is handed off to primitive people. The same thing that happened in Africa after colonialism will start happening all over the West. Many of these people can serve in various roles in the system, but they have no idea why those roles exist. They lack the capacity to know and they lack the capacity to operate these items that have evolved in advanced western societies. From their perspective, this stuff is magic.

We see this in our daily lives. Some men can take over a division and run it well, but it takes special talent to build the division from the ground up. That solid manager is unable to develop the policies and procedures, but he can execute them. Someone with vision and talent had to create the rules and define the roles to match the available talent. That’s how societies work as well. Our institutions can be run by average men, but they always need talented men to step in when it is time to adapt.

Dozing in the miasma of Mr. Bongo’s personal funk, I started to think about those people living in the Roman Empire wondering why the water no longer comes from the big stone thingy anymore. Some may have remembered their ancestors working on them for some reason, but they no longer recall why. The people who knew how and why those aqueducts worked were long gone. No one was around who could figure out how to make them work again, because they lacked the capacity to do it.

I got into Montreal looking forward to some lunch. I had a good long nap and my olfactory receptors were cleansed of Mr. Bong’s stink, by the waves of perfume from the shopping area passengers are now forced to endure at airports. Everyone is forced through a shopping zone now, as they want to make sure you are always ready to consume next product. As a result, airports now smell like the dressing room of a strip club, but it beat the smell of Mr. Bongo, so I was thankful for that miracle.

Normally, when you connect on an international trip, you just walk to the next gate and maybe you have to go through passport control. In Montreal, I had to go through customs, then security and then passport control again. It was a slow mess, but my plane was delayed so it did not matter. Montreal airport is cleaner than Toronto, with no Sikhs. French Canadians have a chip on their shoulder about speaking French, but I find their obstinacy admirable. Good for them..

I finally made it back to Lagos with a collection of great memories of a wonderful time with friends in the European scene. Frodi is a great host and wonderful person. I’m thankful for having got to know him and now count him as a friend. The same is true of so many familiar faces I saw this time, people I have met at other events. To play a public role in dissident politics in this age means having readers and listeners all over the West, not just your home country. Special thanks to those I met this week.

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170 thoughts on “Travelogue: The Journey Home

  1. Actually, a lot of aqueducts were cut on purpose, because invaders could walk through the service accesses. Others were damaged by invaders or taken apart by people needing stone. A fair amount of water systems were destroyed by earthquakes, and then there was no money to fix them; so soon there was no town. And then there was the Islamic takeover.

    But a surprising number of Roman water and sewage systems, or even of Etruscan water and sewage systems, were maintained up until the Renaissance or Early Modem times, or are still working today.

  2. “No one was around who could figure out how to make them work again, because they lacked the capacity to do it.”

    That phenomenon was covered nicely by Isaac Asimov in his “Foundation Trilogy” chapter called. “The Tech Men”.

  3. Regarding the slow decline of modern white European intellect in government, government contracting, and semi-public infrastructure institutions, I noted that at least two highly destructive fires in California in the past few years had their source in inadequately maintained public utility equipment.

    The brownies and blackies may very well have their day of rath and ruthlessly murder countless Whites, but then will come the day when they discover they can’t keep the lights on, can’t keep the clean water and sewage systems running. And then they will blame whitey for hiding the magic from them that appeased the lightning god, the water god, the sh** god. And they will sink into the new DARK age secure in their moral superiority, cursing the White Devil, who even in death continues to plague them.

    • How can a man be so breathtakingly stupid and at the same time be so filthy rich will be the much-discussed subject of future historian’s study of the Last Days of The American Empire.

  4. There are certain airlines to avoid. For whatever reason, certain airlines attract more of the wrong kind of customer than others.

    They tend to be Air ______ (insert country name here) airlines.

  5. I couldn’t even afford to take the family for a long weekend in Salt Lake City this year. How the hell are these Africans able to jet around the world?

    • Judge… time save money and stay in Cedar City. Explore Cedar Breaks….Zion….Bryce post Labor Day for less people. The fall color change is on.

      • Was in Utah visiting Bryce and Zion last spring. We saw a performance of the a capella group from Brigham Young I believe, vocal point? That concert may have been in Cedar City. We liked Utah so much we want to emigrate from the gulf coast.

    • Same here. But with the media against us who will question it? My fav story is the Angolan family who traveled across oceans and continents to seek employment on the oil rigs of . . . Maine? They’re all either rich or subsidized. Even the Central Americans’ pay thousands upon thousands to the people smuggling industry to bring them here.

  6. Kinda’ new reader here. Why are you folks using “vibrancy, vibrant” in code? Are we talking “color”? Just askin’. Thanks.

    • If you need a new German word for your diversity training, here’s one; Treppenaffen. We don’t really have German word for “porch” or “monkey”. But we do have one for steps (Treppen) and apes (Affen).


      • Completely OT: Is it true that Germans have a thing against open windows and AC? (Z-man we could have a feature: “Ask a German.”)

        • Not true. In fact we love open windows! Which is why ours open in two different directions AND we have Rolladen so we can even leave our windows open at night, allowing cool air in and keeping pesky Auslanders out.

          You will find AC here, but only in the south close to France (Freiburg im breisgau). Despite everything you’ve heard about German shorts (lederhosen) , Germany isn’t really known for it’s balmy weather.

          German windows and rolladen –

          • Thanks, Karl: There’s a great deal of propaganda here in the US promoting all sorts of absurdity about Europe. (HDTV promotes most of it.)

          • It’s why I encourage people to come over and see it for themselves. Like most Western places, the cities are a bit crap, but once you get out into the country side and less touristic areas, it’s a great place.

            It goes both ways. If we believed half of what we hear about Trump, we’d be expecting guillotines in the streets.

  7. The under 85-IQ issue is going to be a big one for the future of Europe. Even the least educated European has had some exposure to European schools, and without bragging, our school systems are generally very very good. I’ll go as far as to say East German schools were, in their day, better than West German schools.

    Having said that, the average European has not been exposed to the number of low IQ people you Americans have become accustomed to and have accommodated in your societies, schools and work environments. Most Europeans who have had very little contact with them, still see Africans as people who need to be helped and cuddled like little children. It’s not a racist thing, it’s just our experience level with them is quite low. Africans and black people in general are still a bit of a novelty.

    When you lived all your life in a society where everyone has a certain level of intelligence which is roughly the same from Greece to Norway, you tend to think everyone in the world thinks the same way as you do. It’s not a snobby thing, it’s just sort of a natural assumption about human beings. This is one of the reasons I have so such a pleasure watching my German colleagues discuss technical issues with other engineers from other countries, especially Americans.

    It’s not just how well educated or how smart you are, it’s how you approach an issue. Americans are THE classic example of pragmatic approach to problem solving. They’ll try a dozen different things and see what works. Europeans, especially Germans, have to have meeting after meeting until they are convinced their idea is a sound one. Whether it works in actual practice, is another thing.

    But back to the new arrivals – when these people become more and more involved and engaged in a society that has very different intelligence level, ways of thinking about life and how to solve problems in a first world country, it’s going to be a very interesting scene as their numbers increase.

    I suspect it won’t be long until we find ourselves wishing for the “good old days” when Pont du Gard still had water in it.

    • This is spot on. As an American, I’m gobsmacked by how naive most Europeans are with regards to vibrancy. Not all, of course, but most. Just wait until you get to see the realities of 13/50.

      • Keep in mind, even during the height of European colonization, there were very few whites in those countries and blacks did not come here. Even Indians from India or Africans from Morrocco were few and far between in the UK and France. Given Germany had almost zero presence in Africa, why would anyone expect to see a black in Frankfurt?

        In fact, the first time Germans were exposed to blacks in numbers was during and after WW2. And since then it was mostly black GI’s in the Army or Air Force that had any significant numbers in Germany. And those black men, like most military men, were relatively bright, friendly and polite. So we had a very different experience with our “first contact”.

        My favorite story about German exposure to blacks was a friend who went to America back in the 1980’s. Her daughter was about age 9 and in those 9 formative years in German schools, she had never seen a black person.

        When they got on a public bus in America, she saw her very first black man. To which she said (thankfully in German) “Look mommy, there’s a big monkey on the bus!”

        You have to love culture!

        • I went to a primary school with 600-800 students. We had one Turk and one Gypsy.

          When they got on a public bus in America, she saw her very first black man. To which she said (thankfully in German) “Look mommy, there’s a big monkey on the bus!”

          First time I was on a holiday to the Mediterranean, I must’ve been five or six, and my parents asked me how I liked France. I said (or so they claim) that I loved it, but “why are there so many dwarfs?”

    • “… the number of low IQ people you Americans have become accustomed to and have accommodated in your societies, schools and work environments.”

      Karl, I suppose you could say that, but accommodated is a word that needs some more defining. Here it means that where vibrancy has gone past the tipping point in numbers, our schools have changed functionally to “accommodate” the new population of low IQ, unruly students—such that the schools have stopped being institutions of education and intellectual growth and have turned into daycare centers and feeding stations. The good students, what’s left of them, suffer and fail with the rest as standards lapse and discipline erodes. Similar in business environments as well, where “token” diversity hires wile away their time collecting a paycheck doing nothing of a productive endeavor. Barnacles on the ship sort to speak.

      I guess I’m saying that it is no great thing to tout USA’s accommodation of the new vibrancy. Learn from our mistakes before they sink the institutions that made your country great.

      • @ Compsci – What I meant was how “affirmative action” has affected nearly every aspect of American life from schools to the work place. When I was working in the Bay Area (SF) during the 1980’s, it was everywhere.

        The HR department was always going on about it and hammering it into everyone’s head with Black History Month, Mexican Heritage Week, etc., etc. Of course for an Auslander like myself, it made no sense. Especially when it came to higher education. Why would you allow someone with low test scores into a school just because of their race? That made no sense.

        But Americans embraced it, put it on a pedestal and saluted it. Liberal whites patted themselves on the back with one hand while patting the heads of blacks with the other.

        It was always interesting to me when Stanford made a big deal about how many blacks were admitted. But oddly, they never mentioned how many actually graduated. Unlike the Asian graduate, the blacks were not showing up in numbers as engineers and technicians at tech companies in the Bay Area.

        Unfortunately, the dumbing down of German schools has already started to accommodate Turks and other non-native German speakers who are simply not bright enough to get through the German school system. And as would be expected, we’re following the American model.

        Were doomed.

      • If Germans had the wherewithal to resist multiculturalism, they would inherit the earth by default.

  8. “French Canadians have a chip on their shoulder about speaking French”

    I think this must be the main thing that people notice upon visiting Canada. Or at least we infer this from the dual language scenario that hits us as far back as London (if flying Air Canada).
    Is there a dissident right slant to the story behind all of that?

    • The Québécois are not unified when it comes to splitting from Anglo-Canada (IMO it’s economically impossible at this point) but they want to preserve themselves as a people with a unique culture and all that goes with it. Now that they’ve had Haitians and French-speaking Africans seeking refugee status there (before Trump renewed TPS again) we’ll see.

  9. The increase in scholarzzz on campus has made general education requirement classes entertaining. There used to be a lot of classroom chimpout videos on youtube. Most have been scrubbed. Students are also now instructed that taking and posting such videos will result in disciplinary action.

    The cognitive gap between the brighter students and the scholarzzz is probably bigger than is the gap between the scholarzzz and chimpanzees.

    A species-like gap…

  10. I live in Arizona and thus usually arrive late to the commenting party, especially considering that I don’t get to check in with you guys until the initial crush of business lets up at work. Then I wonder, who’ll read what I say in the 150th comment?

    So this was primed ahead of time, off topic. But reading of Mr. Bongo, potentially one of our ‘fellow citizens’, made me feel very sympathetic to the character I’m going to discuss.

    I read where KDW mentioned multiple stagings of Coriolanus being in production as a response to Trump. (I know, I know, but I like reading the guy because of his analytical style. I think he’s potentially one of us but he’s still crippled by color-blindness.) That led to me listening to Shakespeare’s play again yesterday.

    The title character is definitely one of us. If you’ve seen or read it, think back and you’ll see that it fits. If you haven’t, you’ll have a framework for interpreting it that will add to your enjoyment in the future.

    Coriolanus, Rome’s hero and defender, is banished for not actively embracing their alpha version of multiculturalism, which is kissing down to the proles, the way we have to wait in line for Dindunita to do her nails at the DMV. He in turn banishes them:

    And here remain with your uncertainty!
    Let every feeble rumor shake your hearts!
    Your enemies, with nodding of their plumes,
    Fan you into despair! Have the power still
    To banish your defenders; till at length
    Your ignorance, which finds not till it feels,
    Making not reservation of yourselves,
    Still your own foes, deliver you as most
    Abated captives to some nation
    That won you without blows! Despising,
    For you, the city, thus I turn by back:
    There is a world elsewhere.

    Ignorance which finds not till it feels? Was Shakespeare listening to the modern left discourse? Delivered as captives to a nation we didn’t even fight against? That sounds equally prescient: without those who will face the facts and tell the truth and without those who will defend what they have, a culture is done for.

    There’s a scene where they ask him to tell the common people of one of his great victories over the enemies of Rome, in order to gain their support. He chafes at the very idea and says, paraphrasing, the common people? They ran like dogs who should have been flogged on the spot.

    This is like us when someone tells about their Talented Tenth buddy who really does fit in at the country club, we launch into chain migration and regression to the mean.

    He really is one of us. But of course to the left, he’s the guy who put the “anus” in…, you get it.

    My favorite line in the play is said by the hero’s mother, who made him who he is, and I believe that all of us here will have felt this way at least one time, atheists included:

    I wish the gods had nothing else to do
    But to confirm my curses!

    • I read all comments generally but you are right that you likely won’t be in the ‘most voted’ because of time constraints. I wouldn’t take that as an indicator of who is reading though. The readers here are smarter than your average bear.

      That being said, –however–, one thing about this post and this forum is that other Shakespearean quip is often overlooked and that will get me scrolling. I try to check myself too in that regard, and generally do but the message should fit the format so as ol’ Billy said- “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Walls of text my eyes start to glaze over especially with so many commenters.

      • Brevity….true, but if the commentary is interesting, I’ll read it through. What is more important than brevity to me is conciseness of thought and clarity in expression. Nothing stops me reading faster than “alliterative jargon/slang”. I am not going to use a dictionary to read your commentary. Say what you mean and say it clearly. There are commentators who are sometimes too cleaver by half, and their message suffers from it. Those folk I simply skip over after reading their name.

      • Same here. I am genuinely interested in what folks here have to say. We all have our own biases. There’s the occasional Troll, but that’s to be expected.

      • “The readers here are smarter than your average bear.”

        Yes indeed. I find that those who comment here are indeed a pretty smart bunch. I also notice that they never brag about IQ or certifications or such. The really smart ones never do.

        So much better than at some place were they all claim to be “high I Q”. I also find very little bigotry. Race realism as in this thread is not bigotry in my book.

  11. I remember being in an elevator at the Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong. I was in there with an African. He smelled the way you’d expect. Then he farted, and let out an exhale. I wasn’t sure if he was showing his white elevator mate disrespect, or he was just being himself.

    But as far as general, offensive BO, nobody beats the Russians.

  12. It was my first time meeting Frodi & seeing him in action. First impression – he’s an enormous asset. I spent Saturday night with some pagan folks who knew him and they had nothing but good things to say, ie he has the qualities of a good leader, particularly when it comes to bringing our often fractious factions together.

    I saw this in action. He handled a very stressful situation well, caught between the cops, the Lovecraftian cultists outside and even some static from the ranks. Praise all of our gods that he’s on our side.

    I’m staying over for Oslo and hope to meet more of Our People in the interim here. The group I was with plan to attend as well, KMac & Ed Dutton are worth the trip in their own right. Frodi won my trust that he’ll handle his business with the same level head and confident positivity he showed in Denmark if the chaos-worshippers try the same shit there.

    In a perfect world I’ll stay to celebrate New Years & Christmas (in that order) in St. Petersburg then descend back into HellA via Norwegian Air, which was Bongo-free & insanely cheap on the flight over. If they ever need a fashy American shill, I’ll be glad to pimp myself out. Gods know I’ve done worse things for worse reasons. If they’re not profiling, they’re just blessed. Hopefully both.

    It may be off-putting to see the stories we’ve told about Antifa drama, but I encourage those who can bear some risk to attend one of these events. Keep in mind they’ve usually gone much smoother, and regardless, the heart & gut-level reality of real-life fellowship can’t be done justice in words.

    • the heart & gut-level reality of real-life fellowship can’t be done justice in words.
      Amen on that Brother…

    • Frodi is a great guy. Awakening is in the spring. That is another great event. Tuuka serves his gods well. The Finns are wonderful people and Finnish activists are the best. In Oslo, you will meet some first rate activists. You should also talk to Professor Nyborg. He is one of the nicest people you can meet and a very interesting man.

  13. At one time I thought about doing some European travel but it sounds too depressing to even consider today. Seeing the great cities of Europe overrun by low IQ ingrates is not my idea of fun. When these people hit critical mass, it is going to get ugly. Spending some time in Haiti was very educational. As a people they are completely helpless. We go in and try to fix stuff, then leave and in short order what little semblance of civilization collapses. It is Detroit without white suburbs. Our misplaced and suicidal altruism just makes it worse.

    • “At one time I thought about doing some European travel but it sounds too depressing to even consider today. Seeing the great cities of Europe overrun by low IQ ingrates is not my idea of fun”

      Europe doesn’t end at Germany, just FYI. I went from Budapest through the Visegrad 4 countries up to Prague and other than 1950s America you’ve never seen fewer ‘diversity’ faces in a crowd. Homogenous European peoples & faces as far as the eye can see. Pick your spots…

      • Just returned from a visit to Portugal and Spain and there’s remarkably little diversity in the areas of Portugal and Spain that we visited: north of Porto in Portugal and the Galicia region of Spain.

        • If you want white Europe they way it used to be you’ll need to head to Poland, Czech or Hungary. The beer’s great, and the pierogi are excellent. In Poland, the housing and buildings are a bit dull, brutish and old school east bloc, but they’re really friendly and love Americans. Prague is wonderful and like Budapest they were not obliterated during the war. In fact, most 16th century period movies like “Amadeus” are filmed in these locations because they have preserved their historical buildings. And like Portugal, they’re still relatively cheap too.

        • Speaking of Portugal…

          “In 2015, the governments of both Spain and Portugal passed laws to allow descendants of Sephardic Jews to apply for citizenship and a passport. Four years later, we learn that the Israeli press has proclaimed that ‘millions’ of Israeli Jews are eligible for Portuguese citizenship. The following translation of an Israeli article provides a clear window into the Israeli psyche. According to the Hebrew article, 2200 Israelis apply for Portuguese citizenship every month, but not because they are enthusiastic about Portugal: its culture, its history, its language, it heritage, not because they plan to live there or, god forbid, mingle with the locals, but mainly because of the business opportunities in real estate. Apparently, all it takes for an Israeli to be eligible for Portuguese Citizenship is approval from the Portuguese Jewish community.

          “The article exposes a disturbing picture of a deeply parasitic mindset. According to the Hebrew article ‘it is estimated that in Israel, millions are eligible for a Portuguese passport from the descendants of Spanish Jews.’ It is peculiar that Israelis, who see themselves as entitled to ‘return’ to Portugal or Spain after a few centuries, can’t see that Palestinians who still hold the keys for their houses in Yaffo, Lod and Haifa, and who possess land deeds for those properties, can’t return to their land.

          “On further thought, if those ‘millions of Israelis’ are sincere about their intention to acquire a Portuguese citizenship and return to Portugal the Israel/Palestine conflict could be resolved in a matter of weeks. Sadly, it would quickly turn peaceful Portugal into a new Palestine. One may wonder where the new Gaza will be located for all the indigenous Portuguese refugees who might refuse to fit with the new Jewish promised land.” — Gilad Atzmon, “Is Lisbon the New Jerusalem?”

          As if the EU doesn’t have enough trouble.

          • The more I look at Portugal and study its history under Salazar, the more I want to see it for myself. Hopefully I can in-before the Nosenbergs show up in sufficient numbers to auction the place off.

    • Copenhagen’s a helluva lot Whiter than any large American city I’ve ever seen. In a week I’ve only seen a handful of hijabs and a smattering of Euro blacks, much less feral than American Blacks & Windrush Brits. The woggiest wog here rolls more like Obama than Tookie and probably wouldn’t last a week in Columbus Ohio, much less Lagos, Detroit or LA.

      • The woggiest wog here rolls more like Obama than Tookie

        I have noticed that as well. I figure they haven’t reached critical mass yet, they haven’t established a subculture, so they have to roll with the locals, because the Arabs and the Turks hate them. I haven’t got hard numbers, but my impression is that, per capita, there are more employed blacks than browns in Denmark.

        You should see Europe while there’s still some left. Rent a car, get out of the metropolises and tour the countryside. From Bavaria to Sicily, Europe is one, big tourist attraction, rotten with medieval towns and villages and nary a hint of diversity.

        Back in the mid-noughties, I spent three weeks hiking in the French region of Ardèche, I don’t believe I saw a single vibrant, even in the towns. Stopped for a week in Eifel, Germany on my way back – same thing: medieval stuff all over, streets that could’ve been cleaned with a toothbrush and not a Mohammadan in sight.

        I figure the critical point is half a million inhabitants: towns smaller than that don’t seem to appeal to diversity.

    • I think you are getting the wrong impression over there. Outside of the big Western European cities (particularly Paris, London and Berlin) it is not just white but completely white. You can travel around big chunks of Europe and never actually see a brown or black face.

  14. A few years back I attended a wedding in Manhattan in August and had the misfortune of riding in Jasbir’s cab from the upper East side to the church in Hell’s Kitchen. I thought I was going to be sick; it was that bad. But it gets worse: apparently the stink molecules adhered to us so that people were edging away from us in the pews. We couldn’t change before the reception because we hadn’t brought more “nice” clothes to change into, so the same thing happened at the reception. It was mortifying. Two dry cleanings wouldn’t even take it out. ;-(

    • Yeah, that’s happened to me, too. These guys clean the back seat, remember, and they drip their sweat on it during the summer. The warmth from your body heat warms up the dried sweat, and, well…you’ve got “perfume.” If it hits you when you get in, you gotta’ get out. I typically say, “oh, forgot my debit card, sorry man” and exit.

    • That’s a Seinfeld episode. I think Jerry ended up selling the car. I am so happy that Netflix is streaming Seinfeld because a bunch of Millennials heads are going to explode. I can hardly wait for the articles

    • Hate to tell you this, but would have been better off taking the 4-5 to GCT, swapping onto the S over to Times Square and walking the rest. I don’t take cabs in the city unless it is some weird corner of Manhattan with no nearby train service—too many experiences like yours + a few near death ones.

      • If it hadn’t been a formal wedding. . . . I don’t go NYC much anymore, but I do harbor a fantasy of getting in the “Cash Cab” someday 😉

  15. re: dysfunctional airports and aqeducts;
    I like to repost this every once in a while when we start talking about the rapidly forming dystopian future and how not long from now, no one will know how to maintain this society anymore at the startling rate we are adding sub 80 IQ retards to the population. A little dark comedy trip to the near future of the former USA (FUSA), if you’d indulge me:

    200+ years from now on our current trajectory (if unaltered) you will see a missile silo control panel somewhere in the Midwest. The mocha brown and black people standing around it will remember it was built by the Pre-Cursor Race. The Nephilim. But they had long since been eradicated. They will have no earthly idea how to use the panel that controls the weapons of the White Nephilim, the dead Elder Gods.

    The village shaman has told stories that the mystic panel can unleash the power of the sun against your enemies. A spear from god, tipped with nuclear fire. But the technology and the way to even control it has been lost for at least a century. After a long journey by donkey, they had finally reached the weapon of the gods buried under the earth as the Shaman foretold. But there was no earthly way to make it work anymore.

    Getting more and more frustrated the Mocha Browns of the FUSA start to revert back to their base nature. They light incense around the panel, and sway in rhythmic chanting. The more aggressive and low IQ among them start to hoot, howl, jump around, and throw sh!t at the panel hoping it will somehow spark it to life. The witch doctor shaman shakes his head sadly- “It probably would have been best to keep one of the Race That Came Before Alive.”

    Already worked into a bloodlust for wanting to unleash the Weapon of the Sun against their enemies, having coated the entire control interface with sh!t, the aggressive Mocha Brown People turn their rage onto the witch doctor for breaking for the First Commandment: “Orange Man Bad, White Man Worse”. They use a black metal object nearby shaped sort of like a spear which was also said to rapidly spit death and fire at one time to simply bludgeon the shaman to death since nobody knew how to make it fire anymore. Then they return to chanting and praying in front of the ancient artifact after wiping the feces off of it.

    • Those low IQ brown skins will go extinct long before that. Without whites(and a functioning economy) to provide them with medicine and other necessities that allow these savages to live in hostile environments they will die like flies. Diseases that we made extinct are already making comeback in Los Angeles because of them. Typhus, Typhoid, Hepatitis, Measles are now common among the homeless encampments.

      Imagine what happens when there is a economic collapse and the welfare state dies. No more free food, free medical, free apartment living, etc. The Bongos and Guatemalan squat monsters will start dying off. That day is coming.

    • Good one, but I think “The Time Machine” hit the nail on the head. Morlochs vs. the Eloi – we’re almost there.

    • Actually by fertility rates it will be a mostly Amish world by than and while the Amish will probably know what it used to be , they’ll assume it will be the work of the devil in human hands.

      You might see a few enclaves of Mormons, Orthodox of every stripe and Evangelicals too but the tech base will be 1900 or so with some schizo tech areas. You might have electricity and running water in places as well.

      Not as nice as we have now but far better people.

  16. A few years back there was a meme called “what it’s like being black in Asia”. There were a few variations, but the main theme was always a selfie of some African person on the train surrounded by Korean (makes it even funnier because Korea smells weird and everyone smells like kimchi) or Japanese people holding their noses. Not a lie, even the Indians who unfortunately reside in Japan tend to use copious amounts of body spray.

    • I spent some time in Seoul back in the 90’s, doing the English teacher thing. When you’re packed cheek by jowl into the subway during rush hour, you smell the garlic and chilis oozing out of the Korean pores. I also remember one time being sat on the subway, conversing with a Korean woman who merely wanted to be sociable and practice English, and yet there were a dozen older Koreans boring holes into me with their eyes. For a brief shining moment I was the vibrancy.

      • That’s a main reason I for one welcome our future Chinese overlords. As the most racist people in the history of the earth, the Han don’t take any shit from the vibrants. Bonus fun: All the goodwhites who whine about “Western imperialism” get to see what life’s like under people who think King Leopold’s Ghost is a how-to manual.

        • Now we have two groups, about which we are not allowed to notice. Islamist Muslims and Chinese Communists. It’s an amazing coincidence, that the people we are not allowed to notice, just happen to be the people who are quite willing to rip our collective faces off at the slightest provocation.

    • You have to read PJ O’Rourke’s piece “Seoul Brothers” about his coverage of the anti-government riots in the 80s—It’s in “Holidays in Hell”.

  17. Next time, take a few weeks out of your calendar and charter a racing yacht and a crew, like a normal person. The toilet arrangements are about the same but the air is much better, and if you just yell “asylum” when you make landfall, you won’t have to go through all papers-please-hassle.

  18. Speaking of Lagos, I just watched a documentary that said 21 Million (!) people live in Lagos, Nigeria, but only 2 million access to clean water since basically none of the water treatment infrastructure works anymore. Might help to explain the smell.

    • One can also check out Capetown, SA. They ran out of water some time ago. Last pictures I saw were of women filling their clay pots with water from the few remaining taps in the center of the city. This sort of was where London was for the poorer of the population in the early 1800’s

      • Many places are running out of water. And infrastructure is not keeping up with the growth that depends upon and doesn’t contribute to the tax base.

    • It would serve a few of you well to take some courses in water treatment. Lineman and Capt S write about their post decline skills. Often water treatment and water distribution is ignored. Water is the top of the pyramid. We can do without electricity and less food, but we cannot do without water. Before the turn of the last century, dying from cruddy drinking water was common. Anyone for Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, Cryprosporidium, Giardia…not to mention worms. Please add water treatment/distribution to your study list. The Romans perfected the use of Slow Sand Filtration. When I worked at EBMUD, learned of a small mother load community that still used slow sand filtration.

        • Sweet! Water treatment skills are still good to have in case we get pushed into other territories.

          • IMHO the Berkey line of filters are hard to beat because of their simplicity – and they just work. If you’re hunkering down w/ family then the Big Berkey is the ticket; if you need a get-out-of-Dodge filter there are smaller Berkey units, LifeStraws, and the crude but effective iodine tablets. A lot of folk think you can simply boil water and all is well – not so. I agree with RFF … don’t delegate your critical water needs to municipal authorities. Whether it’s a hurricane, pandemic, or EMF, we dissidents should be the most prepared because we’re contrarians by nature. Contrarians don’t outsource water/food/shelter. Also – look into water collection, both the bushcraft variety and around the home. On the latter point, think about converting a gutter downspout into a cistern source. And there are some good YouTube videos on how to dig your own well.

            If you work a distance from home it would also be wise to develop a Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) that includes water filtration, food, critical tools & clothing. Gotta be small enough to carry but equipped for a potential hike home (or to your bug-out location).

            When it comes to survival skills think of layered redundancy.

        • Yep, I’ve got two springs on the property and a lot of surface water. In my area having a good spring will add about $1-2K per acre of land but it’s worth a LOT more than that.

      • Keep an equipment case in the basement with a gravity filter, a few Lifestraws, treatment tablets, expandable water jugs and some old nylons to pre filter water. Bad or no water will kill you quicker than anything. And always travel with a bottle of treatment tablets and neutralizer. In enough EQ zones to know things can get dicey right after one of those things.

  19. More than a little off-topic…

    Got me to wondering about the transition after Rome, in the west, how much of the cultural loss was related to the shattering of the economy after the Med became an Islamic lake and how much was related to the inability of the central government to impose its will on places like Francia and Spain. This would be a significant case where the biology was very much right, but everything else was wrong.

    Or was it? The wonderful aqueduct in Segovia, built maybe in the early 2nd century, was providing water to the city into the 19th century. In fact, the Franks and Visigoths seem to have remembered and implemented Roman techniques for building palaces and churches and so on. It isn’t obvious that these guys forgot much of anything. They didn’t write much down, but then there wasn’t any paper.

    Here’s a thought: most of what we observe in the west, post-Rome, was a militarization of the economy. Rome famously kept order with a fantastically small regular army, whose main job was to fight over who the next emperor would be. As that becomes less important (for reasons…), the fights become more local and the smaller organizations become the locus of action. Certain massive infrastructure projects become uneconomic in this environment, but the techniques don’t disappear from local memory.

    Just an idea.

    • When Egypt fell to the Muslims, the West lost it’s supply of Papyrus which was the source of paper used back then. Even if the Franks and other barbarian tribes wanted to write down anything they couldn’t. Most didn’t care though. It took those barbarians 1400 years before they developed indoor plumbing the Romans had, same with central heating, etc. Our ancestors were a really stupid and violent bunch.

      With the loss of North Africa to the Muslims, North Africa went from being a bread basket of Rome to a barren desert once again as the Muzzies had no idea how to maintain the Roman irrigation and crop system.

      • Most Romans didn’t have their own indoor plumbing. They had central bathhouses they all shared. Entire rooms for men to sit and shit next to each other. Did you know they shared sponges for wiping their ass? That’s hardly the epitome of civilization.

        It wasn’t until an Englishman in 1775 invented a flush toilet with an “S” shaped pipe (to prevent smells from back-wafting) that indoor plumbing became tolerable on any large scale.

      • To be fair, when the Romans left Britain, and it all fell back to local rule, old Roman villas with heated, mosaic floors were quickly turned into animal stalls. If you ever visit Housesteads Roman Fort at Hadrian’s Wall, you’ll discover the Romans were ordering beautiful fine pottery from France because the locals were incapable of producing it. There are dozens of letters that have been found where Romans stationed there were desperate for high quality goods from the Continent simply because the locals were just still figuring out fire.

  20. Buying booze in duty-free shops is a waste of time and effort. You don’t save anything. Find a good liquor store at home and you’ll discover the prices for those famous brands are the same as the prices in duty-free shops.

    • I always figured the duty-free shops were a scam to allow those on business travel expense accounts to drain the balance to zero at the last minute, also to buy the gifts for co-workers or the spouse at home at the last minute as well. “Duty-free” was just an extra come-on, somehow making it better and special, like you cheated the system somehow. Everyone wants a crack at cheating the system.

  21. Z: “Let’s call him Mr. Bongo.”

    I think you must be referring to Obudwindungne Bongo, of the Crestfield Heights Bongos. (Not to be confused with the Belle Harbour Bongos.) He is, I believe, in his seventh year of finishing up his Bachelor’s degree in Racial Complaining Studies at McGill Adjacent Junior College. The family is very proud.

  22. It’s not just Brussels. I felt like we were in the proverbial star wars bar scene on a recent LA to east coast flight–the flight was full to the gills of people who live messy lives. The large vibrant lady sitting next to my wife had piecings all over her face as well riped up clothes with strips of flesh pushing out. She sweated and coughed throughout the flight–and blew her dripping nose into fast food wrappers after she ate the food they contained. Plus she had extra fast food wrappers in her plastic grocery/luggage bag. All I could think of was Ebola. Across the aisle was another vibrant with a nose ring, saucer-sized gauges and grafitti all over his body–who entertained himself by watching porn on a laptop. When we got home, we stripped next to the washing machine and immediately took a long, hot shower using anti-bacterial soap. We put a lot of bleach into that laundry load–but we probably should have burned it.

    • Damn there’s that tax again that we have to pay because we haven’t got together and said enough of this $hit…

    • Jaysus! I was talking to this 70+ year-old Jewish lady this past Saturday who was flying home to Florida. I said I thought flying commercial these days was as bad, if not worse, than going Greyhound used to be.

      She replied:
      “Oh no, flying is much faster than the bus!”

      America, you are sooooo screwed.

      • It typically is faster than taking a bus. And given who rides Greyhounds, more likely better for your mental health. Your weird little geriatric Jew woman was actually right about that.

      • My husband had to make an unexpected trip for his godmother’s funeral. When he calculated the drive to the airport, the wait in the security lines, the hassle of the enriched flight, the wait for baggage at the other end, plus all the cost, he ended up driving – it was 10 hours instead of perhaps 5 with flying, but well worth it to be alone in his car. Flying’s been destroyed like so much else – dindus in pajamas, olfactory-enriched pajeets, etc. etc. It’s just so much easier to stay home. And I used to love to travel . . . and it’s really rather sad now.

        • Yep..I get it. Haven’t taken a plane since 2009. Been done with planes for 10 years for the same reasons your husband chose to drive. And the list of reasons keep increasing. My threshold for dealing with chaos, random violence, big stink, big noise and unsupervised kids on junk food is flat out low.

          Don’t give up on travel. Just drive! No unwashed foreigh naughty-bits skinkos in your car. Just drove 9 hours to Reno and then 4 hours to the Bay Area. Have a radar detector. Easy….especially with a beautiful view. In the Great Basin country, you should get to where you’re headed a half hour before sundown or run the risk of being kamakazied by big critters like elk and deer..

    • Back when I had to cover a subsidiary that was located north of LA, I stopped flying through LAX and started taking JetBlue through Burbank. Fewer flights to choose from, but man did it avoid a lot of vibrant hassles. Conversely, used to have to layover in LAX going to Australia and the single most entertaining place on earth is the United lounge at 12am—imagine the UN General Assembly on acid. It was bizarre.

  23. Got some good chuckles and fond remembrances from that post. Yep, The Diversity is vibrantly ripe. I remember the first time I was sailing in to Port au Prince with a load of Haitian migrants to repatriate. Our olfactory receptors were already blunted by having these migrants onboard for a couple days … didn’t think it could get worse until we approached Port au Prince – you could smell that place from sea, 2 miles away. It was one of those kind of smells that I can STILL conjure up decades later.

    As for the Haitians, we made them as comfortable as one can possibly be on a helo deck – three hots and a crude cot, running water & toilet. We had to separate the men and women after a couple attempted rapes. Many apparently had never rested their rump on a toilet seat because we saw more than a few just drop their drawers and crap out in the open. I tell my Haitian stories to anyone who informs me “we’re all created equal.”

    I would also offer that flying with Arabs is a rather ripe experience, rivaling the Africans.

    Z-man – a hearty BZ for enduring the array of intolerables.

    • On my first deployment we caught the Kuwaiti exchange officer taking a dump in the shower in aft officers. This was when I was first introduced to the concept of a Waffle Stomper.

      • Ahoy Milestone! Great story. And let me guess – this guy was likely a Kuwaiti “prince.” Every Kuwaiti officer I met was “royalty.” Those exchange programs were (are) a royal PIA.

        • The joke at the time was the “exchange officers” had their own 3M program – Meals, Mattress, & Movies.

    • Growing up in S Florida in the olden days, we were the first recipients of Haitian refugees on scale. It was an adventure. Smugglers would dump them just offshore so it was not surprising to have dead ones washing up on the beach just up the street. Once there was critical mass, the neighborhood just over the FEC tracks became a “no go” as they went back to work chopping up each other in internecine squabbles brought over from home as well as any interlopers. And for all the vibrancy we had to begin with, the Haitians represented a whole new level.

      • I watched the slow-motion Latino invasion of the border area south of San Diego, growing up in the ‘70s or so. The Mexicans definitely had the 85-IQ vibe going on, with most of the attendant vices. There was one difference, however, and that was that they generally didn’t get angry when things didn’t work right or they couldn’t figure it out. It was more of a smile and a shrugging of shoulders, a “what are ya gonna do?” attitude. It’s as if they knew that things were not designed for them, and they were resigned to it. It’s actually a bit endearing in some cases. But when they get drunk and kill someone in a traffic accident, or burn the neighborhood down because they can’t properly operate an outdoor barbecue, the same smile and shrugging of shoulders doesn’t cut it.

    • My local college offers free open swim to the community on a regular basis, which are often sparsely attended. A few years ago I went and as I walked in I noted that the only people using the pool were a family of Mexicans. I changed, passed through the shower on my way to the pool deck, and there on the middle of the floor was a pile of crap. As you’d expect, the toilets were a 10 second walk from the showers. And judging by the size of it, the shit had been deposited by one of the adults. It was clear when I told the lifeguard that it was the first he’d heard of it, which only confirmed that it was a present from the vibrancy.

      • I stopped going to pools or outdoor swim parks years ago. They are heavily vibrant and thus fecally enriched. Unless it’s someone you know who understands chlorine, don’t go near the water.

        • Hi 3g…..I understand chlorine (water treatment). You couldn’t throw in enough chlorine to satisfy demand without causing skin damage. (Chlorine demand is the difference between total chlorine added in the water and residual chlorine. It is the amount which reacts with the substances in water, leaving behind an inactive form of chlorine.)

      • Amazing that some people think the poo-problem in CA cities is due to “not enough public restrooms” .

    • In the sixties, when the first generation of Saudi billionaires started hitting the London night clubs, the hotels sometimes had to shut down central air conditioning, because the odor from their bathrooms migrated through the air ducts.

  24. I was in transit in Brussels airport in 2017 between Rome and Copenhagen for 3.hours. The airport was full of military and police patrols. My luggage was within the airport so i was walking around within it for some hour. That made me a suspect to them and i had show my passport and tickets 3.times. When I came back I could see that there had been a major terror attack in the same area I had walked around in 2016 with 35.deaths and 340 injuries.

    • It’s an odd response, don’t you think? You see this all over the West. The outer perimeter is fairly open, but inside it is becoming like a prison camp. That Brussels attack, if I recall, involved terrorist rushing in from outside and blowing up in the open area. The response to that attack is to make life hell for people not likely to explode in public, but leave the doors open to the outsiders.

      • The response to that attack is to make life hell for people not likely to explode in public, but leave the doors open to the outsiders.
        Well they wouldn’t want to be called racist or bigots now would they so they have to treat everyone like shit instead of the people who did it…Those people can go unmolested because of that…It’s sickening how well white people have been brainwashed into suicide of everything…

      • The only good thing to come out of Belgium was Eddy Merckx. I jest, but the Belgians were particularly brutal colonial overlords. Maybe, like the British, they’re overcompensating on the atonement.

      • Sam Hyde was right. There’s no other explanation – my old standby of “assume incompetence before malevolence” has gone the way of my other cherished normie-con/lolbert beliefs.

        • Exile,

          I think you are right about our rulers. I dont know exactly when my mental paradigm switched from, “Lord, how can they be this stupid” to “Sweet Jesus, but they do hate us and wish us unhappiness and death.”

          The realization was just there one day and I can’t go back. Sure, there are still plenty of incompetencencies thrown in (they’re often even incompetent in their attacks on us) but now I can actually visualize the line of their thinking when they seek to ridicule, disempower or harm us.

          The upside is that minuscule sense of pity I maintained for their idiocy is all used up. They’ve arrogantly torn their own masks off and revealed the face of sneering unbridled hatred for me and mine. All I’ve got left is righteous anger and bile for them.

          Wish I could remain like the Missus and ignore the world around me or assume someone will always be there to keep order, keep things running, or simply write off everything as simply “a phase the country is going through” and things will return to the civ/nat suburban 1980s order of our youths.

      • It’s like George W. Bush, after 9-11, flinging the doors wide open to Islam, at just the moment when a sane leader would’ve locked the door tightly. But no worries, we’ll just tightly police the people inside the country, rather than keep them out in the first place.

        • I had to travel a few weeks after 9-11when they were “randomly” pulling people out of the airplane boarding line for additional security screening. In practice this meant grabbing 3 white people so they could talk to the one suspicious looking vibrant individual. Of course there were no real suspicious looking people taking air travel immediately after 9-11, but the security theater had to be maintained.

          Anyhow, I had 4 flights in one day connecting through O’Hare. Wearing a suit and with frequent flyer upgrade I was the natural mark to avoid charges of racism. On 3 flights I was pulled-out for random screening, but on the 4th flight, as the the troglodyte security guard was looking to make a quota, I ducked down to tie my shoe and they nabbed the 70 year-old grandmother next to me. I feel bad about that, but I paid enough of the tax for one day.

          • I Charlotte once, I got the extra treatment. This was when they would dump the contents of your carry-on in front of everyone. They would then pick through it asking questions. I had a camera in my bag. A portly black women saw it and shouted, “he as a camera.” Suddenly, I have armed men dragging me off to another room. After an hour of the most absurd questions, they set me free. I collected my stuff and spent the next hour enduring odd looks from fellow passengers. Like me, they could not accept what they had witnessed at face value.

          • My good friend recently took his 101 year old mother on a plane from Washington to Chicago. It was the final visit for the centinarian with her daughter in the hometown. TSA pulled the ancient, wheel chair bound lady aside for a body search and questioning.

          • A short time after 9-11 I was traveling with my in-laws. Mother in-law had one leg and was wheelchair bound. They pulled her out for screening, detached, and took her artificial leg and made her hop to a bench so the wheelchair could be examined further as well. Mind you the wheelchair was a curtesy chair from the airport.

            Brother in-law was given a pat down and crotch feel as well. I made mention to the wife that if I was singled out for anything like this, I would not comply and that would be the end of the family trip for me. She was sweating bullets, but they passed me by.

            Anyway, I believe that was my last airplane ride. I drive everywhere or I go nowhere. Even drove to Alaska. 😉

          • Driving to Alaska is awesome! I’ve done it twice. The second time we flew out for Christmas 2001. Boarded in Juneau, no security what so ever and a man with a knife on his hip in the terminal! Landed in Portland to catch a connecting flight…more than three hours in line for security. Missed the flight.

          • Same here. I had to fly a few weeks after 9/11 for my father’s funeral. I didn’t fly again until 6 years later, at which time they confiscated the US-made and sold grenade on a plaque from the Marine Corps museum in Virginia, to my son’s great consternation. I have not flown since and refuse to fly for any reason. F-k GW Bush and f-k the airlines. The next flight I take will be when/if I leave the former America for the last time.

          • Immediately post-9/11 I did quite a lot of flying on Northwest Airlines (RIP). Since one of their hubs was MSP there tended to a greater than usual proportion of Nordic types. And yes, the TSA would grab the first three people in line to board. Of course these were almost inevitably elderly Norwegian-descended ladies since NWA would line up the mobility impaired for courtesy boarding first.

            It became an item of bitter humor among a subset of my friends. We talked about having T-shirts made up that said “Odin Akbar!” since clearly Nordic old ladies were the greatest jihadi threat in these United States.

        • Bless you for that. Absolutely. The worst thing W did was take away our righteous anger at the moment we needed it most–and then proceed to install the first using-shame-as-a-tool process, even before the left stole it to use full force with BO and afterward. His strolling around mosques and hobnobbing with the “ROP” was infuriating. We wasted years when, even on right-leaning sites, we’d see the phrase “Syrian refugee” used for any islamic immigrant….with sympathy expressed and urged on others.

          Seemed to take forever until people like Spencer and Geller got past those still apologizing for islamic “misunderstanding,” of their own “faith” — people such as Daniel Pipes, who finally did see the light.

  25. I was in the Drive-Thru of the bank the other day doing my business and in the car next to me was a black woman in the backseat yelling at the bank teller to use some photocopy ID as her ID. Of course they didn’t. She kept explaining that it was just as good as a driver’s license. They’re very loud so I can hear her. I did think, it’s just so hard for these people to navigate the world isn’t it. All the things that are just easy and routine for us or a struggle for them. And maybe that’s why they’re going to destroy the complexity to make the world makes sense to themselves

    • As Americans, we have been multi-racial for a long time, so we have figured out how to accommodate 85-IQ people, as a small minority. Not perfect, but good enough. We have no idea how to adapt to 65-IQ people and we will not adapt to them being a majority or even a large minority.

    • “And maybe that’s why they’re going to destroy the complexity to make the world makes sense to themselves”

      It’ll take – probably – most of a couple decades, but as civilization devolves, I foresee semi-isolated enclaves where “stuff still works,” each of which will have to somehow defend itself against the incessant encroachment of those who want it to work but are incapable of accomplishing that, with the end result of donkey carts displacing automobiles and buckets on ropes displacing pressurized water treatment and distribution systems.

      When the anti-humanists preach “it all ends in 12 years” THAT may be what they’re predicting.

      • We now watch California to see how they manage their bout with sporadic electricity as well as wildfires in their metropolitan nests.

        They will probably patch it back together this time, but I predict that with each iteration of what now seem to now be annual disasters will probably be less and less robust.

        Frogs, boiling slowly.

    • Last election the only black woman to vote in our district at that time created so much havoc when she got to the election clerk. Can I have an absentee ballot for my husband at home? Then the myriad of problems that one wonders how? This crap is easy as it gets. Last I saw, she didn’t get to vote either. So there is your silver lining.

      • In my pretty solidly white city, we had an unusual number of non-white poll workers, and that bothered me. I cannot trust the elections apparatus in this country.

    • On a more banal note…when I am forced to make one of those treks to the local Costco, always pick the line with the least vibrancy, even if not the shortest. Otherwise you end up trapped behind the endless delays stemming from the inability to unload goods and organize them, five people in a pack that want to check the goods in a single cart separately with separate EBT checkouts tossed in. And if there is any problem with anything will engage in endless arguments with the poor cashier.

      • Good tip. At the moment, the Costco in St George, Utah is mostly Whitey-White-White-White! Yes! Throw in some very large Polynesians. They seem to negotiate the system better than Vibrants.

        With the forced power outage across Northern California in the rear view mirror and the slid into Venezuela established, expect to see a larger exodus of California people to everywhere. Cedar City is building like mad and I expect an onslaught. Ugh!

      • This morning I had to return something to the grocery store. A quick stop en route to the gym, I thought. I hadn’t figured on the Dominican trying to wire US$ “home” and the Negress who couldn’t get the machine to work. And as the line grew and grew, I was the only one who was so bold as to tell the Negress to call a manager. Nothing is ever simple anymore. Diversity complicates and slows every process . I compensated by playing Sabaton’s Bismarck repeatedly while working out.

        • Soooooo, an undoctored view of the breeding stock for the cabal of misfits we keep funneling into various ‘government jobs’ all while expecting to reduce government waste and ‘improve efficiency — too dumb to create anything useful yet too desperate to stand up for worthwhile societal principles.

  26. Brussels has lots of connecting passengers to sub-saharan Africa. It doesn’t matter which city in North America you fly from Brussels flights always have a lot of Africans. And yes, I’ve also noticed lots of disputes involving these passengers with each other and the crew. The one time I flew between Copenhagen and Toronto it was the least diverse flight I’d been on in years crossing the Atlantic.

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