The Growing Darkness

The term “dark age” came into popular usage among intellectuals during the 18th century, but the term itself was actually coined by Petrarch. He was an early Italian Renaissance scholar in the 14th century. It was originally used to describe a certain period of time, but eventually became synonymous with the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. The assumed lack of human progress, due to the lack of records and demographic decline, was a dark time for humanity.

The term began to fall out of usage as scholars gained a better understanding of the middle ages. The period described as dark, in terms of human accomplishment began to recede, eventually covering just the period immediately after Rome. Eventually the term fell out of fashion altogether, first because it was not terribly accurate and then because the usual suspects got involved. The image of dark versus light was seen as problematic, so now using the term is a microaggression.

That’s a good point to wonder if the West has not already entered a new dark age, in which superstition rules over rationality. The concept of the microaggression is something superstitious people living in a dark age would have understood. After all, a microaggression is the idea that certain words and phrases, incantations, will cause a miasma to develop around the people saying and hearing the words. This miasma or evil spirit will cause those exposed to react involuntarily and uncontrollably.

In fact, everything about political correctness and multiculturalism relies on oogily-boogily that people in the dark age of Europe would have found ridiculous. The people of Europe in the middle ages may not have had a sophisticated understanding of the natural world, but they did not think the dirt had magical qualities. Magic Dirt Theory would have struck them as laughably ridiculous. They may not have understood cognitive science, but they knew the apple does not fall far from the tree.

This twitter thread from last month is a useful example. It is primitive howling at the moon, but the source is someone claiming to be a scientist. Granted, anthropology is now just a dumping ground for girls, who could not find a husband, but the fact that such a thing exists in a college campus suggests a shadow is now hanging over at least part of the West. If you look at the twitter profile of that person, you’ll note she has her pronouns listed. These are the talismans of the modern academy.

Mx. Townsend is not some isolated example. She is a milder form of what is becoming quite common in academia. Cordelia Fine wrote a whole book denying that there are two sexes or even that sexes exist. She was carried around from campus to campus, celebrated as a great thinker. Her book is complete nonsense. It is now a race to see who can most completely deny observable reality about humans, in order to please some undefined spirits that will usher us into the age of equality.

It’s tempting to dismiss the madness we see in academia as trivial or temporary, but this has been going on for several generations now. Stephen J. Gould, for example, spent his life trying to shrink the stock of human knowledge. While his motivations can be debated, his purpose was not. This deliberate effort to pull down the shades and plunge the intellectual space into darkness has been going on for generations. We are just now seeing the shadows creep across the college campus.

A dark age is always imagined to be a period when the stock of human knowledge stagnates or even declines. Another way to think of a dark age is one in which the people are unable to manage the complexity bequeathed to them. As a result, society goes through a period of retrenchment. It devolves into something simpler that can be managed by the available human capital. A dark age is one in which the people rebuild the floor of their society, so future generations can build on it

Somewhere in the last century or maybe the prior century, people in the West began to lose the ability to control their institutions. By control, it should be understood to mean the knowledge of how they work and why they were created. It is one thing to know how to use the toilet. It is another thing to understand public sanitation and the reason it is a vital public service. People in the West no longer seem to know why their institutions exist or how they must be maintained in order to properly function.

That’s why the college campus is a good place to examine, when thinking about the crisis in the West. In theory, the people running the society of tomorrow are now being trained on the colleges of today. Yet, they are being taught things that are laughably false by people who are often suffering from mental illness. In other cases, they are taught by people who hate them and hate the West. A people who understood why these institutions were created would never have permitted this to happen.

There is another aspect of the term dark age. We often use it to describe a time when it is unacceptable to be curious about things. Everyone is forced into a conformity of thought and belief. It is associated with primitive superstition. Of course, the usual suspects always apply this to whites and Christians. Within living memory, they would portray Christians as closed-minded bigots, who were obsessed with stifling curiosity and free expression. The victims were always the usual suspects.

That’s just another part of the blood libel against the Occident and it is this blood libel that is steering the West into a dark age. In a frenzy to eradicate all that is white, they are stamping out what it means to be white. Since curiosity about the natural world is an implicitly Western trait, enforced conformity around a body of anti-knowledge is seen as the solution to whiteness. In this context, the dark age is not the result of a natural process or an accident of history, but the goal of the people who rule over us.

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244 thoughts on “The Growing Darkness

  1. “Somewhere in the last century or maybe the prior century, people in the West began to lose the ability to control their institutions. By control, it should be understood to mean the knowledge of how they work and why they were created. It is one thing to know how to use the toilet. It is another thing to understand public sanitation and the reason it is a vital public service. People in the West no longer seem to know why their institutions exist or how they must be maintained in order to properly function.”
    And that explains it all.
    Too many non-thinkers trying to explain what they don’t understand

  2. Growing up in the extreme rural areas of the USA, mostly as a free range child, I was not required to form predefined racial, or religious dogmas to form decisions of human beings. Humans are humans, birds are birds, canines are canines, equines are equines. Although public sector school systems still held deeply ingrained policies of racism, even after the Kennedy assassination, after the forced integration in schools. Politically, it seems that putting cultural “skin color ” “racism” , instead of who is best skilled at what particular job in government, and not what party they are affiliated with, is the better resulting design of a successful economy.
    Humans just want fair pay for their work. When politics faulter, economic growth collapses, people and the environment all starve.

  3. Yes, this was very good. Good observations. But, the next question is the big one: once we know the West is sinking in to a dark age, what can or should a healthy, sane, practical Western man do? What to do?

    Other Westerners have “noticed” this dark age, especially after the collapse of the old European orders in World War I. Lots of Western people looked to classical civilization, to Asian civilizations particularly Egypt, Persia and India. Our God(s) had failed us so some of our best people looked to other, older Gods and some found that these “other Gods” were once our Gods and might come again.

    Check out Savitri Devi – “The Lightning and the Sun”
    Karl Jung – “Wotan”

  4. Many people on the right side of the divide understand why the institutions were developed. They just don’t care. The left doesn’t care why the institutions were developed, they just want to use the to achieve their goals.

  5. Recovery from the Dark Ages was slow. See chapter 3 Charles Murray’s “Human Accomplishment”. He describes life in Antonine Rome and Roman Briton to Samuel Johnson’s 18th century London, to the disadvantage of London.

  6. Curiosity about other cultures and ways of life IS implicitly white. We grew up in it and just assume that the rest of the world is exactly the same. They aren’t. The brown and black world will go somewhere (preferably white) to escape the savagery of their homelands and live beyond 30, not because they are interested but in order to survive. Otherwise the swarthy folk wouldn’t give a shit about how we live. This white curiosity is fine and we tip our hats at missionaries and explorers who have have been thrown into the cannibal’s pot or contracted yellow fever. The problem is when whitey chooses not to risk life and limb by experiencing their culture but wants to bring it to the white suburbs. When Brazilians or Ghanaians move in, they don’t want to become like us – they want to be them on our dime. Forget that.

  7. How about the growing Dark Light?

    Besides Dark Enlightenment and Yarvin et al on the higher end it’s beginning to peep in shafts all over including popular culture.

    * Man in High Castle effect
    * Nazis don’t look crazy anymore. Evil yes, crazy no.
    *Counterpart; Summary- Human nature wins, mixing worlds catastrophe. The summary argument by Yanek to Management; “It took 40 years for the DDR to admit its experiment had failed. How long will it take you? Admit it- the experiment has failed.”
    *All the light on Roy Cohn cuz Trump- Rehabilitation of Roy Cohn already underway.

  8. Z-man,

    This was a great post. The death of the West is a most important topic and you did it well.

    The thread that followed was filled with inciteful posts. It reminds me of why I like this site better than any others on the far right.

    Bravo to all.

  9. ‘Enforced conformity around a body of anti-knowledge is seen as the solution to whiteness’. Bull’s-eye!

  10. After reading a number of comments I am struck that everyone is so close to the actual motive force behind the present cultural decline but unable to see it clearly. I am of course speaking of the ‘r vs K reproductive theory’ that was quite well known only a few years ago. I think if you check it out (there’s a web site) you’ll agree!

    • Legion,

      You’ll find this place to be quite versatile and intelligent. I’m, admittedly, at times at a loss to follow and often floored by the input of many of these folks. Stick around. You’ll get a dose of r/k, JQ, CQ, centrifugal-culture analysis, and a bachelor’s degree in ancient civilizational studies.

    • Z does this often. I’ve not done so recently, but Ice People vs. Sun People and Derb’s Northern Alliance are two big themes I believe in. As an RK guy you’re among informed friends here.

  11. We need not go into another Dark Age, it’s not set in stone because the people pushing it are basically educated idiots in positions of power. It’s sad that most heritage whites and the DR has accepted box car rides to the incinerator rather than resist these lunatic whites living in bubble world.

    It was about a century ago when whites fought and died to get a decent wage, working conditions and a 8 hour work day. Today whites just bend over ask for more abuse across the board. We let the lunatics “educate” or indoctrinate our children for 12 years in public school where in the end they learn nothing except the Gender bender unicorn. And then on to college where they become debt serfs and mental cripples.Yet even here Heritage whites worry about what college to send their offspring to. This is pathetic when when parents won’t protect their own.

    It doesn’t have to be this is way but it is. We either accept there are things worth fighting and dying for or accept our demise as a race.

    • For now we’re fighting by shaking people awake and teaching ourselves to organize under cultural fire. The dissident right is a pretty new thing, and we’re reviving a culture of Noticing that was virtually extinct a few decades ago, consisting of few fringe guys exchanging xerox’d newsletters in campus basements and swap meets. The internet and the hubris of the opposition in openly declaring us dead too early are the current errors we’re learning to exploit. They’ll make more in the future and our tactics and focus will shift accordingly.

  12. The whole phenomenon reminds me of the Imperium of Man in the Warhammer 40K table-top RPG. To any WH40K fans reading, please don’t blowtorch me.

    Once upon a time, Man knew how to build spaceships, tanks, fighters and bombers capable of atmospheric and space combat, laser and plasma weapons, and all manner of things. Through a series of centuries long unfortunate events, the knowledge of HOW to build and innovate things was lost. They still have what are called Standard Template Constructs, machines that build other things, but only know how to build Constructs from sets of terribly rare blueprints. Since no one knows how to build things outright, they don’t quite know how they work either. How anything mechanical works is explained by the presence of a “Machine Spirit” and an entire department of the government called the Adeptus Mechanicus is dedicated to keeping everything technological running. Part of this is worship to what these Tech Priests of the Mechanicus call the Machine God, or Omnissiah. And this extends to everything with something mechanical or technological in it, or any process involving the same, from a typewriter, all the way up to and including Titans; building sized, bipedal walking tanks. Are you an Imperial Guard tank commander who wants to start his Leman Russ tank? You’d better have a Tech Priest present to say the proper prayers, in the proper order, burn some incense or oil, and if the tank’s Machine Spirit is in an accommodating mood, only then will it will start; so the beliefs go.

    Perhaps in our future, life will imitate art; and we might not even have to wait for the 41st Millennium to see it.

    • S18-1000,

      I came across a couple of War Hammer 40k books in a thrift store once and read them. Not my cup of tea but they were interesting. I actually understood the point of your post. You may be on to something. My Dad used to slap the TV when we lost signal and intone several spicy prayers at it hoping to get it to work. What will Mr. Bongo do when we are a thing of the past and his fridge goes on the fritz?

  13. What would be the practical difference, in terms of What Is To Be Done, between anti-UsualSuspect-ism, and counter-UsualSuspect-ism?

    • At this time, practically and tactically speaking, I don’t think there’s much difference. The camps tend to split more in terms of what is to be done once we have power. I don’t think very many of us around here still believe that counter-signaling against either anti-Semitism or counter-Semitism makes a difference to how our enemies treat us. There’s some disagreement as to whether hard A-S drives off potential recruits, and whether we should allow “based Jews” in the ranks (ala Paul Gottfried, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir), but we effectively work in arms-length loose alliance with them regardless.

      For those not read-in on the terms (not necessarily you, Veg), the distinction most used on this blog is that “anti-Semites” are simply opposed to Jewry on principle, 100%, across-the-board, send them back regardless of variations and outliers, while “counter-Semites” are either a) advocating the imitation of Semitic tactics (“countering”) or b) those acting out of cultural self-defense rather than a more basic animus toward Jews (i.e. those who support Israel for Jews, the West for Whites, but would tolerate Jewish outliers remaining among us). I’ve called the B option “contra-Semitism” before to split those two.

      • I don’t think there is any, either.

        And this is reflected in the fact that between people like Z and actually existing hitters a sort of white version of the kosher sandwich is forming.

  14. Stephen J. Gould, for example, spent his life trying to shrink the stock of human knowledge.

    Indeed, and Mr. Gould was the foremost proponent of his generation of the theory of evolution. People on the DR who insist on strict adherence to the materialist theory of evolution as promoted by Gould, Dawkins and their fellow travelers should stop and take a good long think about whether they’ve been misled about that, just as they have about nearly everything else leftist academia has promoted.

    • Better yet, search their websites for keywords such as “diversity”, “opportunity”, “justice”, “environment”, “minority”. Then search for words such as “merit”, “scholarship”, “achievement”, “science”, “awards”.

      Add the hits for these two categories. Compare. This will tell you where their emphasis and interests lie. Choose wisely, your children’s future depends upon your choice.

  15. Nothing to add except: Unless you’ve been on campus recently, it’s far worse than even you imagine. I just recently paged through the course offerings of one of the places I used to teach: Indigenous this, African that, Gender the other thing. Nothing but gays, girls, vibrants, and trannies. Even classes like “Colonial America” should’ve been subtitled “Why Johnny Tremain was really a disabled lesbian trans-woman of color.”

    • Well, the target market for all of that ain’t us, brother. Give them credit for selling what their customers want to buy. Oh, wait, you mean education isn’t supposed to be like that?

    • A few years ago I was paging through the sexual harassment pages for my own alma mater and I realized that according to university policy, there was no acceptable way to engage in romantic or sexual relations with a disabled person. No exceptions were made for a disabled person of sound mind — say a one-legged war veteran, for instance. It was assumed that even they were incapable of consent. You (I mean other readers, not Severian, I know he knows the score) may think I am exaggerating, but I swear I am not. That was the literal reading of the policy. If you have sex with a blind girl, your fate is totally in her hands. All she has to do is file the complaint: by policy you are guilty because she’s blind, no matter the circumstances.

    • This nonsense will not stop until we quit attempting to get everyone into college and have the government pay for it. The “courses/studies” you reference are simply created to allow subpar intellects an excuse for being in college. HBD science tells us that there are only a limited number of folks willing and able to master a rigorous course of study—in college or in high school.

      Most people I interact with seem to readily admit such in the abstract, but when it comes to their offspring they seem to all live in “Lake Wobegon”. In there lies the rub.

  16. What growing darkness?

    Zman, I’m ashamed to admit I missed it yesterday, but you’ve saved us, you’ve saved us all!

    You found him. You found him!

    The African Einstein— MR. BONGO!

  17. That’s some serious xirl science right there.

    I’ll take this post as an opportunity to reinforce a point I make here quite often, which is that the left wins because they are committed in a way that the right is not. They may be mentally imbalanced and ill, but they are committed.

    By any reasonable standard, Cathryn Townsend is a lovely young woman. Her Twitter picture is downright beautiful. Properly motivated, she would have no trouble finding a dedicated, caring husband with whom to start a family and pursue happiness.

    Instead, it appears she spent the last 10-15 years pursuing a PhD in anthropology and now appears to be barely employed as a research assistant at Rutgers. Most likely, she has been flat broke for all of her adult life and will spend the rest of her life eeking out an existence as an academic, unless she gets lucky enough to land a tenured position at a university. She will probably die penniless and alone. Deep down insider her she knows all this, and nevertheless she persists. She is, quite literally, tossing her only life onto the historical trash heap of the political left.

    This is why the left wins.

    • FWIW, I don’t think she does know this – how many cultists know deep down that the cult is a lie? Religious fanaticism is a motivation that’s hard to match and fighting monomaniacs carries the risk of becoming one.

      Witness the dilemma of the J-woke, forced to Notice, unable to look away or forget what they’ve seen, surrounded by examples of mendacity and subversion so numerous that to name even a sample makes you look mad, or actually drives you mad.

      It’s important that the D-Right police its ranks for nutters, but let’s not forget that many of them are casualties of cultural and psychic war, not all bad actors. Let’s do what we can to keep each other sane in an environment of gaslighting, fanaticism and weaponized absurdity that’s calibrated specifically to drive us nuts.

      For those who were decrying real-life activism over the weekend, for instance, it’s important to keep in mind how inhuman the “extremely online” existence is and how much humans need real meaningful social contact, face-to-face, in the face of the shitstorm of insanity and deceit we weather ever day. It’s why I think a multi-front approach is vital. Guys who’ve been in the digital vanguard too long need a space behind the lines to recover and we need fresh reserves ready to take their place.

      • “Witness the dilemma of the J-woke, forced to Notice, unable to look away or forget what they’ve seen, surrounded by examples of mendacity and subversion so numerous that to name even a sample makes you look mad, or actually drives you mad.”

        Indeed, one of the hallmarks of the intelligent psychopath is his ability to leave the normal, nonmalignant person scratching his head and muttering, “Am *I* the crazy one?” Or in this case, muttering “AM I a Nazi?”

        • All of the Cluster-B disorders leave the people around them scratching their heads. And we seem to have a far larger number of people who are Cluster-B than ever before…

    • So I went and Googled the images of Cathryn Townsend. I get a creepy vibe from the visage. One of my crazy pet theories is that a face tells a story, and that one, right there, is not a good story, at all.

    • She is told that this is what you do to succeed in our modern world. Her own parents, family and friends probably reinforce this idea, being fellow-slaves themselves. And since she’s alone, she needs to keep at her job so she can make ends meet. Before she knows it, she’ll be way past her prime, unmarried, poor and unhappy. But she won’t be able to step off the financial treadmill lest she perish, so she’ll work, alone and unhappy, removed from nature, beauty and truth, till she drops dead. That’s the modern formula offered to western women.

      • That’s the reality for a lot of men today as well – especially the younger ones. We’re all trapped in an infernal synthetic machine-culture with nothing but sharp edges and angular lines. We pile up money but little value. I like Fifth Political Theory most for its focus on human needs and the prioritization of creating a healthy culture (parallel to or separate from the Hive) from which the rest of the political project grows.

      • My divorced, child-less, dog mom, extremely liberal sister literally hates small children. They enrage her. It’s frightening and sad. If she could, she would perform (white) abortions with religious passion.

  18. From the thread: “If you think that genetic group differences between sub-Saharan Africans & Europeans means they’re different races, you have to then explain why different counties in England aren’t also races…”.

    No we don’t. A toddler can tell the qualitative difference in the distinctions between labradors vs. poodles and those between white vs. black labradors. Any layperson who’s read even only the first few chapters of Cochrane’s “10,000 Year Revolution” can debunk this nonsense, but this zombie fallacy keeps rising from the grave because human homogeneity is as much a creature of belief as the zombie.

    Like voodoo and witchcraft, many of Woke Science’s greatest practitioners are wahmen. Townsend is a modern Marie Laveaux and “peer review” is nothing but her coven of doctoral wine aunties and soycuck warlocks chanting praise to their vodoun. And the ‘dark man’ who seduces them and gives power to their incantations though the aether of the airwaves wears a funny little hat and writes the names of the damned in the Black Book of the ADL.

    White men have been unique in their “Faustian” ability to live with one foot in the religious sphere and one foot in the scientific. Maintaning this creative dynamic tension is hard and we’ve obviously lost equilibrium in the Current Year. Duschene and others who’ve developed this theme are quick to point out that it’s double-edged, an internalized conflict from which great misery as well as great wisdom arises.

    One of those miseries is that our spirit-body conflict acts as an open psychic wound which parasites can infect. Cochrane hypothesizes that the psychic pathology of male homosexuality may be due to a physical pathogen (and I’m inclined to believe him). The cultural pathology of “spiritualized science” likewise seems to arise from a pathogenic Levite elite. Empirical evidence is mounting, and laypeople are increasingly starting to Notice.

    Quarantining Typhoid Shlomo in a remote desert somewhere south of Lebanon would do a great deal to arrest the ongoing White Death of our latest Dark Age.

  19. OT:

    I blame Zman for the hearing a “honk-honk!” inside my head whenever I see a linked article from Reason or one of its writers mentioned by name. Especially Nick Gillespie / Goth Fonzie.

    • I think it’s probably his *best* bit of rhetoric he’s ever created. You simply cannot take them seriously, ever, if you always hear a clown horn when you see Reason Magazine.

    • I’ve always wondered if Z’s use of the clown horn inspired someone to dream up the clown world meme.

  20. Dissidents love to write about how lesser peoples don’t understand why something exists or what its purpose was, or why it was built the way it was. This is especially true of the academy in our age. They don’t understand why it exists or why it functioned the way that it did. This is largely true of education in general. The magical thinking around education is widespread and almost an article of faith. It has even entered the cultural lexicon in the form of needing to be educated, even in the most trivial of matters. Like if you notice HBD a little too much, it is because you are ignorant and “need to be educated,” so that you will hold the most fashionable and up to date views.

    But by far the biggest misunderstanding is that education exists as a mechanism to prepare people for a job and that a diploma is the primary mechanism by which you can earn a living and largely controls the earning potential of the diploma holder. The more diplomas, or the more prestigious the diploma, the more salary one can expect. It also acts as credentialism for knowledge itself, ie.. if the lettered people believe something, then it must be true.

    • What was historical apprenticeship but education by another name? Or are you talking about ‘higher’ education?

      • Both, really. I don’t think modern education, even K-12 is even remotely like apprenticeships. But I also think the problem stems from the higher education portion, which is how K-12 teachers are trained.

  21. The prog penchant for constantly shifting language, titles, or simply creating new terms from thin air had the desired effect of making good little civnats constantly being behind the power curve on being good in polite company. “Wow, we dont say negro anymore, Bigot… the preferred term is African American…”

    Now the P.C. rules have morphed one step further in that only certain people of that group can use the officially approved words. More chaos.

    The great thing about the social justice vanguard throwing it into hyperdrive is that they are now leaving their own behind in the wake… and the eating of their own is accelerating.

    Bon appetit, Swine.

  22. One of the standard explanations for the fall of the Roman Empire is that the structure of the government itself was meant for a city-state, and was applied, as it grew to a massive space of people and places across the Mediterranean. You would think that with jet travel and internet, the government would be functioning better than ever, after all we’re practically an online city-state. You can even instantly e-mail your politician. Yet the opposite is true. As a government or even large corporation ages, it centralizes. All decisions become command and control from a narrower and narrower subset of people. the internet, while allowing for collaboration on an unprecedented level, now allows for centralization and control on an unprecedented level, where a boss from literally 3000 miles away e-mails his marching orders and metrics without ever stepping foot into the region to contemplate the results. The Romans had to do this with scrolls and horseback. It took months to bark orders, and Rome lost the plot decades prior o its collapse. The Romans has nothing on us.

    Centralization creates a terminal lock-up of the institution until it fails and must be reorganized on a decentralized basis. The USSR was centralization on a grand scale, right down to the number of matches and shoes to be produced. Look at the old videos from the late 80s on YouTube showing women in babushkas just standing there at an empty meat counter. We’re beginning a new era where reforms will be made in the aftermath of everything just not working in the next crisis. And crisis always comes. Systemic risk is an embedded risk, and when we look back at this era we will wonder how it was kept together for so long.

  23. “Stephen J. Gould, for example, spent his life trying to shrink the stock of human knowledge. While his motivations can be debated, his purpose was not.”

    I’m pretty sure his (((motivations))) can be ascertained. Sorry for the obvious digression to the mean argument, and not to dismiss his achievements, but every single time. Patterns impose themselves on the human mind despite social conditioning. It’s spotting the difference between a lion’s brush-colored mane and brush.

    • The Zman’s discretion is one of his most valuable tactics to learn. We all know immediately what he subtly refers to: the Noticing.

      • Alzaebo,

        Noted. Sometimes it is difficult not to shout “Lookout, ambush!”

        Fine when you are with a gaggle of recruits… not when in the company of salty combat vets.

        I spend most of my day, every day, with those unable to Notice or willfully blinding themselves with contorted logic explaining away their Noticing. It is difficult to shift gears when I arrive here again.

        Thanks for the reminder.

  24. It’s good how you attack the problem by defining terms. I’ve often thought of the historical motivations in labeling the Dark Age vs the Age of Enlightenment. Regardless of the microaggrieved, the light (i.e. Truth & Reality) vs dark (i.e. Superstition & Illusion) is a necessary distinction and exceptionally accurate metaphor. The fact that we even have the word “microaggression” in our lexicon plants us firmly in an age of illusion.

    What’s common to any dark age is rampant hubris, thinking that every previous generation was primitive. Can’t remember the source but I once read about some expert F18 pilots who were strapped into a simulator of Orville & Wilbur’s rudimentary flying machine – they couldn’t fly it. In my old world of ships, engineers stood on the shoulders of their WW2 mentors and could literally repair just about anything. Our new fleet of ships are highly advanced, the young sailors are schooled to death, but when things crap out we often can’t make a repair without an air-dropped part (usually a plug & play component.) But today’s pilots and sailors don’t know any better – they just know they’re s@@t-hot and better than any warrior of any generation. Meanwhile the cocksure Admirals and Generals tout their multi-billion dollar assets as far superior to anything that’s come before, and today’s sailor/soldier/Marine as the best ever. It’s absolute BS. To my mind, enlightened people are modest enough to consider engineering simplicity, built-in redundancies, all founded on muscular moral fortitude. Dark age people tout their complex technology, then shroud its weaknesses with an intricate tapestry of bobble-headed pseudo-morality.

    Any age of enlightenment depends upon a culture that reveres its history and respects its ethical/moral tradition. Enlightenment demands conservatism of all that’s good and true. Paradoxically, the first sign of a dark age is when its people assert their enlightenment. Enter the progressives, who think overspecialiization, needless complexity, and university degrees in meaningless studies allow us to cast off the cobwebbed lessons-learned of our ancestors.

    • When speaking to the skilled, I find they nearly always have men around in their childhood. They seem to have simply soaked it up, as did girls from women.

      We’ve lost the skills because of our broken chain, our broken families. No place to lay roots or a tree that will branch. We can’t invent what grandad built from scratch.

      I know this, because I have no practical skills, none, and am constantly reminded.

      • Ah, but skills are learned, and you have hands, a brain, and some time left. Choose some skill to master, or at least gain competency, and go for it (I am currently learning how to cure meats for long term storage, because when the balloon goes up, I will really miss meat and milk).

        BTW, you are a provocative story teller, that forces us to hunt for the nuggets in the tale, as you rhetorically hide them in plain sight. I suspect a gift as well as a practiced skill, but I enjoy your “just-so” stories (w/apologies to Kipling).

      • Ditto on Dutch’s comment: the beginning of wisdom is knowing what you don’t know. Align your learning with your interests – learn and do what you enjoy – then work on connecting with others with skills. Never a better time in history to learn skills … used to be it was the luck of the draw on whether one got a skilled father or mentor … the plethora of books, e-libraries, and online videos helps solve a lot of that.

        Your assessment is right about broken families though. The only thing we can do about it is turn things around, one family at a time. There was a time that the Boy Scouts would fill in the gaps of derelict dads, sadly no longer. The support system we used to have to turn boys into men is crumbling; thank God there are still some coaches, teachers & pastors that take it seriously but they’re few & far between.

      • That may be true – but I think I would modify that to say that having men around in their childhood probably just set the spark. My father taught me basic carpentry skills, and I build tree forts and helped him build a deck. In my adulthood I added a 2nd floor to my house and built a large barn. So I took those basics and expanded on them exponentially.

        My father taught me the basics of working on cars – doing brake jobs, diagnosing problems – etc. . I expanded on that and learned body work, suspension modification – etc.

        A mechanic friend of mine lost his wife while he was in his 50s. He hooked up with a woman who was a widow and a family friend. This woman had a son who she introduced to my friend, by bringing him over to see the son and his friends working on their “hobby”. Turned out their hobby was building trucks to do offroad racing. She thought it was a waste of time and these “kids” (they were in their 20s) – were just pissing their lives away. My friend set her straight once he saw what they were doing. They were building engines, welding together tubeframes, learning fiberglass and metal work -etc. They’d go to their day jobs – then spend all nights working on the truck for the race the next weekend.

        He told her that those kids have some real ambition. They’re not doing drugs, or wasting their lives playing video games. All of those skills that they have are DIRECTLY applicable into a job – and the fact that they have all that dedication is probably the most important piece of being a successful person in life. They’re not always going to win the race – and the truck is always going to break. You fix it – you move on – you get to the next race and maybe this time you win. And the thing was: these kids learned most of this ON THEIR OWN. They just had the urge to go racing and it all unfolded from there. Instead of quitting when they were confronted by issues – they kept moving ahead. When the truck frame broke – they learned to weld. When the engine blew up – they learned how to rebuild engines.

        MOST women in my experience – simply do not understand these kinds of things. A lot of men don’t either these days I suppose.

        You don’t necessarily need a man around to get you moving ahead on learning skills. That is up to YOU IMHO. You see something you want to do – and you start pursuing it. In many cases the most important thing to do is develop a thick skin – and simply not listen to the naysayers and go do it anyway.

  25. “…There is another aspect of the term dark age. We often use it to describe a time when it is unacceptable to be curious about things. Everyone is forced into a conformity of thought and belief. …. ..”

    The present day “dark age” is no different than the political / social climate that existed in Russia during the rule of Lenin or Stalin; in Germany during Hitler’s rule; in China during Mao’s rule; in Cuba today and during Fidel’s rule; in N.Korea today and during the rule of rocket boy’s father, etc.etc.
    It is nothing more or less than totalitarian communists here in the USA and Europe attempting to impose their Marxist-Leninist agenda upon the world and they are using pseudo-science and just plain outright lies and deceit to further their agenda; just as they have always done.
    The use of pseudo-science is most pronounced in the social sciences where all that is required to join their “cults” (e.g., sociology, anthropology, psych, etc) are the proper political views (e.g.,totalitarian communism) and a good handle on the total bullshit, gobbledygook – wordy and generally unintelligible- vocabulary they employ.
    Controlled experiments cannot be conducted in the “soft sciences.” Thus the results of any experiments will be totally in line with the political agenda of the experimenter and will just affirm his/her preconceived views .

    Orwell’s “1984” was published in 1949 or thereabouts and in it he basically describes the political/social “dark age” milieu that existed in Stalin’s Russia.

    Communists never, ever give up; you have got to give them that. The appeal of a utopian dream, a heaven on earth, is political/social crack cocaine.

    • Please learn about the real Hitler, and why this 5-foot 5″ guy with a limp was a superstar, loved and adored by the millions he, for a time, saved. His People, murdered and savaged in the millions as well, by fools who harkened to the whispers of demons.

      I know you’ve not seen the pictures and counterpoints of this Christian ally, this defender of the Third Holy Roman Empire, just as the great Tsar Nicholas was Christ’s Vicar on Earth with an economy and reforms to match.

      The rest? 90% of their advisors and backers were of the same tribe.

      I can no longer bear the endless blood libel by goblins. They have sold you a false history and philosophies that will be the death of this world.

    • I would get some other first hand accounts of what life was like in National Socialist Germany after the terrible times of the Weimar Republic were ended, mass inflation, mass undemployment, Communist terror were all ended. If you can’t bring it upon yourself to listen to what German Germans had to say about this brief golden age, listen to what a half Black African, half White German had to say: “Destined to Witness – Growing up Black in Nazi Germany” by Hans Massaquoi. It’s similar to listening to honest Black Americans from good families describing what life was like say growing up in Nashville TN in the 40s and 50s – yeah there was racial segregation, but the R&B Black singer writer, turned country writer Lionell Ritchie said it was a good place to grow up – his Black neighbors in Nashville TN looked out for each other and made sure he was a good boy – Lionell Ritchie said pretty much all the adults in the neighborhood had the OK to beat his ass if he misbehaved. 🙂

  26. In a decade old Opie and Anthony segment, guest (((Mexican))) comic Louis CK offhandedly said, “Lies are magic. They change other people’s reality in an instant.” I’m not sure if it was his smug, breezy tone, but it disturbed me, and it has explanatory value in real world with regard to how we got here. “Soon, I began to hate them…..”

    • Every 3 year old knows this. It takes a lot to train it out of them. We don’t do a great job of this anymore.

      • )))3 year olds((( don’t have 2,500 years of accumulated and honed deception skills passed down to them like a treasured family heirloom. Nor do 3 year olds control all of the major media outlets in the USA save one. I’d prefer it tho.

  27. I wonder then, in this dark time, who is keeping the flame lit and illuminating the manuscripts and maintaining the knowledge? Where are the monasteries, I guess, is the question. As much as people dump on Rod Dreher, his Benedict Option seems sound, and the fact that he has created a school where the teachers are mostly sane white people who are having families shows that he not only has an idea, he is executing it. Of course, that’s a high-school and not a college, but a high-school that stresses a classical education is going to beat the kind of college education one gets now, even in the ivies. Especially at the ivies or near-ivies The solution seems to be: let the suicidal take center-stage and destroy themselves and each other, let them pay for the privilege and go into debt for it, and meanwhile build strong and healthy institutions and in the heartland, on the margins, in the shadows.

    • In truly hard times, the flame is often kept lit at the margins, away from the center of things and the center of attention. In our surveillance culture, the margins (and the Benedict Option) may be more important than ever.

    • You are underestimating the level of seething hate our hostile foreign elite have for us. During the 2016 election in anticipation of a Hillary win, Harvard Law Prof. (((Mark Tushnet))) wrote:

      “For liberals, the question now is how to deal with the losers in the culture wars. That’s mostly a question of tactics. My own judgment is that taking a hard line (“You lost, live with it”) is better than trying to accommodate the losers, who – remember – defended, and are defending, positions that liberals regard as having no normative pull at all. Trying to be nice to the losers didn’t work well after the Civil War, nor after Brown. (And taking a hard line seemed to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.)…”(1)

      They have no plans to leave you alone. Your suffering fills them with glee and bloodlust. They control the commanding heights (gov, media, banking, education, law). They defend the murder of babies like it’s a religious rite. When “Nazis” are up for Kulaking do you think they will temper their passions? Personally, I’m just relieved the Patriot Act won’t be abused to target political dissidents. Oh wait, they already do, and have since (((Rep. Steve Israel))) tried to sic the state upon the milquetoast Tea Party calling them “domestic terrorists”.


  28. During most of our species’ evolutionary history, we lived in an environment of extreme hardship and existential threat. In those days, being stupid, more often than not, got you dead before you could reproduce, and as a result, we got stronger, smarter, and more robust. Now-a-days, being extra stupid no longer gets you dead, it gets you promoted to Dean of your Department. And nothing will change until the environment once again demands better of us.

    • When the environment demands better of us, that is where the white has always done best, because of a long term time horizon and a true spirit of cooperation. Other cultures, for whatever reason, tend towards the selfish, and resort to theft and plundering of their own. Whites have traditionally mastered the art of cooperation for mutual benefit. Has it been bred and coached out of us? We may soon find out.

    • During most of our species’ evolutionary history, we lived in an environment of extreme hardship and existential threat.

      True; but I think that the degree of destruction of civilization necessary to bring us back to a state where selection again favors the more intelligent individuals is not possible in our future. A change of power back away from women might be possible, so there is that.

    • All civilization is dysgenic because it collectivizes survival. Taxing the fit to subsidize the unfit is the opposite of Darwinism and yields the opposite result, making each generation lazier, weaker, and stupider than the last.

      Dark ages cull the imbeciles so that the next great civilization can rise and flourish. We must either succumb to the barbarians or become the barbarians.

      Our imbeciles are still breeding like rabbits, so our decline has a ways to go.

      • Scale, subsidiarity and localism matter in this. A family or clan fit enough to care for its own weaker members doesn’t burden the tribe or nation with its baggage in the same way that a scaled-up, top-down national welfare system does. The system tends to equilibrium on a grassroots level and accounts for deadbeats and the hopeless closest to home, where the knowledge of character can inform charitable allocations. Darwinian selection will always conflict with family and social cohesion and I don’t care to live in a Randian society where the weak are left to die. Keeping charity closest to home seems the best way to balance fitness with group loyalty.

        • There is a middle ground between being left in the street to die and being given a free ride. We need to find that. The main goal is to assure that there is survival of the fittest from generation to generation. But since by definition, we all die off each generation, what good does literally being the “fittest” gain you?

          Answer, progeny—a passing down of your genome. We need to ensure that the unfit do not pass down their genes to another generation that will burden society more than contribute. That requires some tough choices which I’m not sure this society can make.

          • Ed Dutton’s work on the eugenics of capital punishment points the way. Eliminate the serious offenders early – no more “juvenile justice” for stuff like murder & rape & ramp up penalties across the board. Sterilize those we don’t hang. Temporarily or permanently sterilize baby mommas who burden the system. And start transitioning to a system of clan responsibility rather than top-down welfare (but that’s for a further future). I’ve resisted eugenics for years but the Han and other competitors aren’t, That said, the main driver for my shift on eugenics is the ongoing degeneracy of our communities.

          • A small point about eight centuries of regular European public execution–murderers weren’t being executed. Relatives and friends dealt with them first. The state was eliminating, among others, those youngish men who were a hazard to the general quality of life. Impulse control.

      • “All Civilization is dysgenic” is far too broad a brush. Human social grouping and job specialization (Civilization) *enables* survival. It’s only when civilization reaches a point that there are a large proportion of people who no longer have a productive role that it becomes dysgenic. Rome fell, partially due to the massive idleness of the once-working classes due to slave labor.

        The sacrifice of the weak is not a recipe for civilizational success – it’s a recipe for a people with brutality of the American Indians and the same level of advancement.

    • I’m in the social cycle camp. Circumstances allow for a society to generate extra, which leads to stratification. The people at the top, gain the most from the extra, so they have more offspring. This raises the overall IQ of the population, producing even more extra and more smart people. Maybe a deliberate culling of the stupid and violent happens. At some point, the elite transition into a leisure class. Their fertility rate declines and overall intelligence declines with it. In time, we revert back to our mean.

          • Didn’t that book show that most white English today are descended from well-to-do farmers of the middle ages and later the upper classes and wealthy merchants. Also, Dutton, the Jolly Heretic, shows that the wealthy classes had double the fertility of the poorer classes.

            The Industrial Revolution changed that pattern.

          • Citizen, correct. Several hundred years of English Parish records recording births and wills to offspring. One showing numbers of surviving children (fitness measure) and the other showing wealth (proxy for IQ and associated traits). Very compelling study.

  29. Just to add to the pessimism:
    Petrarch’s Dark Age was not the result of the combination of (1) shift in the demographics and (2) shift of power to women. So a few centuries later that same people could pick up the pieces and rediscover the Roman Civilization. Is this still a possibility for the future?

  30. I see all of the craziness around us as a simple cry for meaningfulness, a frantic search for a reason to exist. People seem to have lost the thread of family, community, and simply getting oneself in synch with the seasons of nature and of man. Not to go all zen, but maybe just watching a fine sunset from the front porch of your own home, with your neighbors arrayed around you and your family in your home behind you, which is stocked with what you need and a pillow to rest your head, is as good as it gets.

    • Their family, community, and religion have been systematically stripped out of their lives. Public education enforces that isolation and offers the state as the alternative.

    • Our culture has strip mined all meaning out of life in search of economic efficiency. People try their best to create artificial communities , but these will and always do fail. Witness, for example, the falseness of the protestant megachurch “small groups”. Actual human connection is lost, replaced by getting together with people once a week to watch a video from some other megachurch pastor.

      When your god is Mammon, you will forever be empty.

    • Neighbors? When all your neighbors are different races, you don’t really talk to them much.

      Family? Mom’s side of the family or Dad’s?

      Yourself? We are always taught to want more and more.

      The average white has even forgotten what hes missing.

    • Yes, Dutch. Is what drove Captain Ahab mad.

      2 dangers.

      A monotheistic aspiration to a universal truth, which leads to a culture of fanaticism and self deceit.


      An atheistic descent into nihilism which leads to a culture or purposelessness and angst.

  31. The classical world was weakened when Rome collapsed, but it continued on with the Byzantine Empire at the center and the Gothic states around the Mediterranean. The Roman aqueducts were still maintained (but not expanded) at least. So things were getting a little dimmer. Then the Muslims invaded North Africa and went pirating in the Med – the economy collapsed and the lights went out.

    Our lights are starting to dim and we’re waiting for the big blow to turn off the lights.

    • Well, the Italian Peninsula went from ~12 million at Rome’s height to ~3 million by the 6th century or so. Plague and lots of wars tend to do that. The Muslim pirates basically prevented southern Italy and Spain from making much progress for hundreds of years after that…

  32. “Stephen Jay Gould was born in Queens, New York on September 10, 1941. His father Leonard was a court stenographer and a World War II veteran in the United States Navy. His mother Eleanor was an artist, whose parents were Jewish immigrants living and working in the city’s Garment District. Gould and his younger brother Peter were raised in Bayside, a middle class neighborhood in the northeastern section of Queens. He attended P.S. 26 elementary school and graduated from Jamaica High School.”

    Sometimes Wikipedia tells you more than they realize. Or intend.

    • More on Stephen Jay Gould:

      “While attending Antioch College in the early 1960s, Gould was active in the civil rights movement and often campaigned for social justice. When he attended the University of Leeds as a visiting undergraduate, he organized weekly demonstrations outside a Bradford dance hall which refused to admit black people. Gould continued these demonstrations until the policy was revoked. Throughout his career and writings, he spoke out against cultural oppression in all its forms, especially what he saw as the pseudoscience used in the service of racism and sexism.”

      Makes perfect sense that this guy is revered in today’s diseased West. I’m sure they were grateful at early 60’s Univ of Leeds to have this American Jew persecute the locals until they allowed blacks to have access to the lovely young British ladies in the Bradford dance hall. Tikkun Olam — all fixed! Leaving the world a better place than he found it.

      • Once you are redpilled to all the delusional elements of what has been going on out there, there is no way back. One can only come to terms with what you know and see. That’s our burden.

      • “…to have this American Jew persecute the locals until they allowed blacks to have access to the lovely young British ladies in the Bradford dance hall.”

        Now that, fellas, is how a lady does a body-slam. A knockout in the second round!

    • Sometimes Wikipedia tells you more than they realize. Or intend.

      About 5-6 years ago, I noticed a trend where every goddamn celebrity in history had been prominently labelled “Jewish”, if they had any Jewish heritage within six generations, as in the “Jewish-Danish” physicist Niels Bohr.

      These days, you’ll be lucky if you find a clue in bio section as to whether someone is a Hebe.

      We’re winning this war, gentlemen.

      • Just waiting for when it actually does become a war. Will be joining the military after university to gain some..err..useful skills. Goodbye pen, hello sword.

  33. With increasing female domination of the public space and the broader culture, masculine traits of curiosity, objectivity, and what the Derb would call “stone-kicking,” i.e. empiricism, as rapidly receding.

    It further appears that white women are leading the anti-white brigade as a form of “shit-test.” Sub-consciously, white women are yearning for a Bogart or a Gary Cooper to smack them across the face – hard – and restore order and sanity.

    The un-cucking and re-balling of the American male will happen. The damage is extensive but not irreversible. Who knows, perhaps constant exposure to lesser creatures crowing about their “victory” over whiteness may serve as the inspiration for the European male to gird his loins and demonstrate why he has, historically, been the best weapons-system ever devised by that merciless and malicious bitch, Mother Nature.

    • Please excuse poor grammar. I keep telling you-nobody wants a smack across the face! Subconsciously or otherwise. But you don’t listen! Women don’t have all that much power. Men still dominating all institutions. Women have more power than they used to, but still not dominating. Fact! Look at statistics. Women in gov, business, military, etc. You should concentrate on the MEN who oppose you or maybe just the PEOPLE, but easier to blame entire opposite sex. You really need to think outside the shit test theory/hypergamy box. It’s like a religious tenet to you guys, repeated ad nauseam. Who died and made that idea king? Is it scientific? I think not. That is, as far as the silly Black Pigeon women as destroyers of civilization goes. Women, children, family are civilizers. Yes, women like masculine men. Of course, women want the “best” man, just like men want the “best” woman as mate. Not everyone gonna be happy. If men cucked, it’s their own damn fault. Happened at the hands of men. By men, of men, for men. Women just along for ride. Men cucked themselves. If women in positions of power, men put them there. Women never could have seized power on their own. Think about it. Because we CAN’T BEAT YOU UP. So quit hating on us and blaming us. Except for the retarded extreme feminists, you can hate on them. You are hurting our feelings and making us mad.

      • Thanks, Dorcas.

        Women never had power before in this way.
        Too much, too soon, we expected them to run before they could walk.

        Women were given the full franchise- too much, too soon- so they could be used to malicious ends by others.

        And we let it happen, we are credulous fools, full of ourselves. We let our own be used by another.

        I say unmask the other, and understand our girls. We’ve let go our greatest prize, time to win them back to us. They loved us once.

        • PS- THE greatest prize, in all the universe that we know. There is a reason all want to have, or to be, a Caucasian woman.

          What could be more worth fighting the world, than this?

          • Brother, it is precisely this attitude that is describe, somewhat crudely, as putting pussy on a pedestal.

            Low IQ nogs and untermensch Arabs and Pakis treat white women like shit and in return women hold rallies for them and open their hearts and legs for them.

            I’m not suggesting that you behave like subhuman garbage. But let’s bring these gals back to reality and remind them that good white men are really the reason this world has any joy, beauty, and comfort.

            You need to make yourselves great in their sight once again. And they’ll do that if your mission is greater than your thirst, your life! They’ll die for you of you can show that you can live large without them.

            And then we can start cleaning the garbage.

          • Marriage is just one indicator. Examine the female involvement in organizations and movement explicitly devoted to white genocide viz. the organized push towards eliminating the institutions and cultures of European peoples and their displacement and replacement in their own lands.

          • Well, I bet if I had the names of those organizations, I could find plenty of men heading them up and on their boards. For example, of two that I just searched from a list of pro-immigrant organizations, one has eleven men to eight women on the board, the other has a male general director. Try it for yourself. These are not women only organizations or movements.

          • I think you’re being intentionally obtuse. The point is not that women are operating in a vacuum nor that men aren’t collaborators and traitors; the point is that with increasing female participation in society, there is an exponential increase in the number of collaborators and traitors and corresponding increase of female influence which leads to ever greater pozz.

            Dig it?

          • No. I don’t think women present a special problem unto themselves. I don’t think women are dominating the public space and broader culture. We’re annoying, I’ll give you that, but men are still running most of the show. So why is it women that want smacking?

          • You shouldn’t have the right to vote. Then again, most men shouldn’t either. So take comfort in that. Women simply refuse to use their intelligence when it comes to politics, even though they might shop, drive, keep house, parent, and/or run their careers with great intelligence and ability. One of the mysteries of the fallen nature of Man.

          • Because you initiate divorce 70% of the time and the Courts cater to your viciousness. Duh, duh Dorcas.

          • Factor in higher rates of infidelity, physical, mental, and substance abuse, non-support, and abandonment for men, then throw in double-duty for working wives. The fact that married men live longer than single men and single women live longer than married women is telling. Women didn’t single handedly craft divorce law. No-fault divorce was widely popular back in the day as a more humane and amicable way of ending a marriage.

      • Dorcas,

        I’ll agree with you that white men are to blame for the state of white men. Indeed, I’ve argued many times around here that white men have – to a degree – failed white women.

        By their nature, women want to follow the rules of the dominant tribe; it’s why women are always looking for social cues from the media. As Jews, gays and liberal whites started taking over the media and even churches, regular white men stood by and refused to collectively say, “No! I will not accept this.” If we had put our foot down and demanded change, our women would have followed us. (Muslims show that this is possible.) But we didn’t, leaving white women to look to what appeared to be the dominant tribe for how to behave. We failed you.

        That said, you can’t deny that white women didn’t take to SJW culture like a fish to water. Women from other groups – blacks, Jews, Muslims, etc. – have never abandoned their people and men like white women have. At the moment, suburban white women are relishing their exalted status as honorary victims – and the power to attack that this gives them – while getting to live and love among whites. All the power and status of blacks with all the comfort and safety of being around whites.

        Also, I disagree that white women aren’t shit-testing white men. Women do this naturally all the time. They shit-test their man to make sure that he’s still worth being around, which makes complete sense. Women want a man who can protect and provide. If a man can’t stand up to a women, he sure as hell won’t be able to stand up to a man. Women understand this, so they shit-test.

        There’s plenty of blame to go around. White men and white women have made a lot of mistakes and continue to make mistakes. But we need each other, and not just for babies.

        I’ll know that our movement has made it when we have women showing up at events and talking about these issues in public.

        • Enfranchised white women are to blame for the state of white men, just as unenfranchised women were once responsible for a better state of white men. When Tocqueville was asked what single thing was most responsible for the admirable state of America, he paused and thought before saying that it was due to the excellence of their women.

        • No time or inclination for a thoughtful, well written answer, we’re copying and pasting today.
          Basically, because there were/are no matriarchies. The primitive matriarchy is a myth or at the least a big question mark.
          “Most anthropologists hold that there are no known anthropological societies that are unambiguously matriarchal, but some authors believe exceptions may exist or may have…Matriarchies may also be confused with matrilineal, matrilocal, and matrifocal societies. A few people consider any non-patriarchal system to be matriarchal, thus including genderally equalitarian systems (Peggy Reeves Sanday favors redefining and reintroducing the word matriarchy, especially in reference to contemporary matrilineal societies such as the Minangkabau[1]), but most academics exclude them from matriarchies strictly defined. In 19th-century Western scholarship, the hypothesis of matriarchy representing an early, mainly prehistoric, stage of human development gained popularity. Possibilities of so-called primitive societies were cited and the hypothesis survived into the 20th century, including in the context of second-wave feminism. This hypothesis was criticized by some authors such as Cynthia Eller in The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory and remains as a largely unsolved question to this day. Some older myths describe matriarchies. ”

          This is what I mean when I say women are civilizing.
          “Gilder, in his seminal Men and Marriage, states that ‘the crucial process of civilization is the subordination of male sexual impulses and male biology to the long term horizons of female sexuality.’ He argues that females are the basis of civilization and that they are the ones responsible for the future that men usually try to escape from. ‘Once the man marries he can change,’ writes Gilder. “He has to change, for his wife will not long have him if he remains in spirit a single man. He must settle his life, and commit it to the needs of raising a family…He must submit…to the values of maternal morality and futurity.”

      • Women have the right to vote, that seems to be enough to gain and maintain political power. From that, everything (bad) seems to follow.

          • The power of the individual female is in forming better men. The power of the female collective is in lowering the quality of thought in men.

          • Power I speak about is not simply women holding an office, or some other position of authority, and from there dictating policy and action. The power of the vote is one that helps to put folk receptive to your needs and ideas into political office. They may be women—or men. Case in point, our Canadian cousins put a women into office wrapped in a man’s skin, Trudeau. Women, or perhaps better said, the female nature, never had a better representative.

          • The women of Canada have repented the error of their ways and don’t think Trudeau represents their interests.
            “The same poll said that 63 percent of women don’t feel like they are better off living as women in Canada since Trudeau has been elected.”
            “Of 1,003 Canadians Ipsos surveyed for Global News, 35 percent of women said they would vote Conservative, compared to 30 percent for the Liberals and 26 percent for the NDP.”
            And I must point out that Trudeau not only fails to represent women, but is also not, in fact, a woman. So maybe disgruntled men should be dealing with the men who disgruntle them, instead of always focusing on women as enemy number one, the destroyers of civilizations.

          • Most people who read and write on this site entered a point in life where they realized everything they thought they knew about politics and culture was shockingly wrong. In my experience most people would rather avoid that process, and do. Your choice.

          • I always thought women contribute most in the home, creating families and raising children. My thinking on this hasn’t changed by reading this blog. Voting doesn’t matter, we learn from reading this site, except at the local level. Therefore, women voting should not be an issue for anyone here.

          • Dorcas. Your rebuttal fails to address my point. Women and feminized men put Trudeau into office. The damage is now done. That folk—women in this case—now regret that action is irrelevant.

            There is no reason to expect that the same thinking will not prevail when the next “Trudeau” stands for election. The thinking that I take exception to is found as a general trait among women—and now all too often among feminized men.

            Such thinking is a women’s *strength*, not their weakness when applied outside the political sphere. I bow to it in all social/familial relationship matters when brought to my attention by my wife. But when applied inside the political sphere, such thinking has only shown to be destructive.

      • Hmm, maybe they had influence behind the scenes, but “Freeborn Roman women were considered citizens throughout the Republic and Empire, but did not vote, hold political office, or serve in the military.”
        So how did they take over? I seriously doubt that they did or that their influence in Roman society and political life was great enough to tank an empire. They probably just added to the general decadence, rather than played a pivotal role.

    • The behavior of women are a symptom not the disease, they are the canary in the coal mine warning us that something really has gone wrong. The same with the invasion of the browns. They are a SOS signal.

      If you are looking whom to blame look at who are the shot callers and their associates in the U.S. and West. Those are the people we need to confront not some 30+ spinsiter who has no hopes of becoming a mother.

      Yes white men are acting like castrati because they aren’t willing to pay the price their ancestors did in standing up to the elites.

  34. I just re-read Bill Bryson’s book called “A Short History of Nearly Everything”. (I had read it before when I was a normie.) Bryson did not mean this of course, but I see it as a paeon to whites, who clearly dominated the sciences and our modern world basically sprung from their curiosities. If you want to feel good about our people, read this. Let’s not lose it.

    • Bryon can be a funny guy, but he’s a typical liberal Boomer. Hates Trump and all that. His most admired person: Angela Merkel. Pretty much says it all.

    • Really?? Yikes. I knew he had boomer written all over him…he actually wrote a book about being a boomer. Perhaps he can write a quirky pop-history book about the immigration pipeline.

  35. “In theory, the people running the society of tomorrow are now being trained on the colleges of today. Yet, they are being taught things that are laughably false by people who are often suffering from mental illness.”

    And this is what keeps me awake at night. We have to be thinking ~20 years before major calamities become a regular occurrence due to incompetence and lunacy. It would be one thing if this simply ruined the humanities in the West — that’s been the price tag, more or less, until now. But it’s going to saturate our lived environment very soon, and then, the infrastructure, and then — mother of God — the reactions to these disasters. Each new failure of the system will be met by a re-doubling of the same dynamics that have caused the failure.

    That is to say, it will be hysterical, totalitarian, racial, religious, and driven by the basest instincts of man. Once the bridges start going, they’re not coming back. Likely ever, given the genetic limitations and mutations that our destruction will wreak upon the planet. Not sure previous Dark Ages had vials of the deadliest pathogens on earth sitting around for inadvertent release during years of chaos.

    We have a functionally psychotic public square now. Listening to people argue is like watching “Fight Club” without the knowledge that there’s only one character. People truly believe that none of this will effect them, when in truth, they’re — we’re — slitting our own throat trying to prove something to someone who’s not even there.

    • “Listening to people argue is like watching “Fight Club” without the knowledge that there’s only one character.” Great line.

    • Great post. I don’t think most folks understand how fragile civilization truly is. And the paradox is that the pending destruction is caused by those with a worldview that “man is inherently good.”

      • I would argue hat the other side does not believe that man is inherently good. I think they believe that man is inherently awful and evil, but can be made to be good, but only by external force. We, on the other hand, believe that man is inherently good and capable, but is fallen and does awful things. Through self discipline and consideration of others, we learn how to show our good side and put our evil tendencies behind us.

      • OK – correction to my last: The flawed worldview isn’t that man is necessarily good, but that he’s inherently perfectible, or that the “right” environment can mold him into an eminently fine being. History has shown that man is manifestly capable but NOT inherently virtuous. Every parent who has raised children knows this intuitively. Any parent or leader recognizes the need to constantly emphasize and nurture virtue, while depravity needs no teacher.

    • In terms of coming back from the next dark age, more than bridges and other infrastructure will have been lost.

      Oil used to bubble up to the surface here and there. We learned that it could be useful, and thus motivated were able to find and exploit it in less-and-less obvious places.

      When fracking technology, directional and undersea drilling, and sufficient understanding of geology to locate oil by studying seismic waves are necessary to finding and extracting most oil, meaning now and in the future, even white people wouldn’t be able to do it again starting from scratch. You need oil (highly concentrated, portable, energy-dense) to find oil these days.

      Same with minerals and ores. The easy-to-get ones are gone. Gold is not panned out of rivers anymore. It is leached from acres of spread rubble with very toxic chemicals by miners who employ PhDs rather than pans and pickaxes.

      • Excellent points. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse for whites.

        That said, material goods aren’t the only thing in life. All around, you can see signs of a spiritual sickness in whites. We act like a man who has lost his way and is trying to find his way home. The rate of suicide among white men is horrendous. White women are not happy. Our children bury their heads in their phones and digital reality rather embrace the actual beauty of life.

        I mentioned before that I’ve known a couple of trust fund kids, except that they weren’t kids anymore, but lost adults. Money, education and invitations to nice parties, they had it all, yet they were miserable. They were lost. They had no purpose, no self-confidence and no love and respect for their own family’s achievements.

        Despite my relative poverty, I would not have switched places with them. I suspect that many a white would be far happier in a confident but poor white community than they are now. Of course, they also might like modern dentistry and indoor plumbing as well.

      • Agree. I think industrialists properly shunned the tree huggers, but then allowed their pendulum to swing hard over to unsustainable strip-mining of resources. It’s happened in every industry, from depleted energy sources to depleted soils to depleted fish stocks. Coming back from the dark age will require huge paradigm shifts, from the way we do agriculture to the way we create/use energy. Rather than outsource this to a “not-yet” reformation I’m working on a “right now” solution on my farm.

  36. Blacks and browns don’t understand what they are destroying. They just view whitey as evil, so tearing down his institutions makes perfect sense. That it will lead to the destruction of all that he has created and maintained is not something that they think about, which, of course, is why they won’t be able to maintain that society.

    Jews understand perfectly what they are destroying, but, curiously, don’t understand its implications. I suspect that their the blood libel – which, in their minds, became a Mad Max Thunderdome situation after the “Holocaust” – blinds them to what comes afterward. I mean, if you’re in a knife fight to the death, you don’t worry much about anything other killing the other guy.

    The real question is why whites are such pussies. Sure other peoples and civilizations have more or less committed suicide through decadence and corruption, but has any other people so willingly and masochistically enslaved themselves to other tribes. What other group invited their conquerors into their lands for the explicit reason to rule over them? (Sure, Rome let in the Goths but they didn’t do it with expectation that that the Goths would destroy them.)

    What the blacks, browns, Asians and Jews are doing to what was our country is understandable and predictable. Whites are the mystery.

    • Many whites have lost any faith in anything beyond this life. And they can indulge any desire or want they have in this culture now, typically before the age of, what, 20 or 25? Money is the only obstacle to total debauchery and a spiritual void that eventually consumes them.

      By 40, what does a typical liberal resident of the West have left? Their phones? A dog? Houellebecq described these hopeless losers perfectly. The problem is that there are so many of them, and they’ve decided to take the plane down with us on it.

      It’s very hard to convince average white people of this. I’ve noticed that many simply cannot — without real hard evidence — take it as a baseline that others can, and often do, act out of pure malice and bad faith. They will attack you for questioning the principle of charity or bona fides long before they understand that they’re being knifed in the back by their putative “ally.”

      Narcissistic personality disorder is a real crisis, sub rosa. There are many of these types running things now. They are manipulating the educated American upper-middle class into their own suicides. I don’t know if it’s possible to compete against these people as long as there is mass social media. They are shrewd exploiters of our inclination toward mimetic desire, and they offer a better product — by the Holy Market’s terms, anyway — than we do.

      • All my faith is in everything beyond this life – Thank you Jesus! It’s why I can sit back and smile as the stupidity level continues to rise. I used to be disgusted by it all, now I’m just amused.

        • Amen. In the Church we sit, bemused, and watch the rest of the world go insane.

          No point getting mad. Do what you have to do, create parallel communities. If you have found a conservative church that preaches the Gospel, that’s great. If you are in a prepper community, that’s great.

          Anything that’s mostly white, and creates parralel societies is a good thing.

        • No lifeboat for this one, no more running.

          A chance to escape was the most we could reach, per the Christ in the west and the Bhudda in the east. It’s grand to know escape is possible.

          But this one means to fight.
          This is my home. The Lucifer can’t have it.

          • (I’d rather be a Nanak of the Sikh, who came back 10 times to show his people how to fight the Abrahamic raiders.)

    • Sure, Rome let in the Goths but they didn’t do it with expectation that that the Goths would destroy them.

      James Delingpole nailed it in Watermelons. (Notice how the Jews get a shout-out in the highlighted paragraph.)

      It is the 4th Century AD and the Barbarians are at the Gates of Rome. Around the Imperial capitol, the citizens of the greatest civilization the world has ever known are tearing at their togas, quite unable to agree as to what—if anything—should be done.

      Some, peering over the ramparts towards the hairy hordes encamped across the Tiber decide they rather like what they see. There’s something wonderfully echt and earthy about these splendidly unkempt men with their rich, musky smell and their delightfully untutored table manners. Also, having dwelt so long away from the corrupting influence of the City and having imbibed the purifying spirit of the deep forests, these so-called Barbarians are very likely nice, caring, nurturing types. Probably all they want to do is say “Hello” and share some of their woodcraft skills.

      Other Romans, more fatalistic, take the view that the reason the hordes are carrying spears and swords and are now busy spit-roasting a captured legionary is that they are here with hostile intent. But perhaps this is no more than Rome deserves. Yes, it may well be that the Barbarians have come to impose on the Romans one or two significant lifestyle changes, possibly including violent death. But the truth is that Rome has had it far too good for too long. It has expanded its empire way farther than is natural for any reasonable society. It has developed far too many wholly unnecessary technologies, such as underfloor heating, straight roads, aqueducts and municipal bathing facilities, which will almost certainly deplete the world of the scarce resources that future citizens of the planet will need to survive. Sure, the coming Dark Ages may result in the odd century or so of extreme misery and hardship, but a planned recession like this may regrettably be necessary to secure the long-term future of the planet.

      Others, more rapacious and cynical, watch with a barely concealed delight. That fake beard and those Barbarian-style furs and trews they bought from the costume shop the other week are increasingly looking like a canny investment. Sure it will be a nuisance when the Pax Romana is finally over, the economy’s in chaos and it’s every man for himself. But think of all the business opportunities that are bound to arise as Western Civilization crumbles: private security contracts for all those newly unsafe roads, monopolies to be bought and exploited, alliances to be forged with the new regime, etc. As a wise man from Judaea once said: “With crisis comes opportunity.”

      Still others—and perhaps these represent the majority—glance towards the gathering hordes with a brief tremor of concern before turning to look away to look what’s showing this afternoon at the Coliseum. “Nah,” they’ve decided about the alleged Barbarian threat. “Never going to happen. After all, we’re not inhabiting some poxy little provincial capital in the arse end of beyond. This is Rome, mightiest and most enduring civilization the world has known. It has lasted over a thousand years and is destined to last just another thousand, wait and see.”

      Finally, there are the Realists– and unfortunately they’re very much the minority—who can see what’s coming. They don’t like it one bit and believe something should be done before it’s too late. Of course, they are not at all popular with most of their fellow Romans, who variously consider them to be hysterical, naïve, or tiresome reactionaries unhealthily wedded to the old ways and too selfish to make the radical lifestyle changes that will be necessary if Rome is to progress with the times.

      “But what was so wrong with the old Rome?” plead the Realists. “Didn’t we have a good thing going, what with all the trade and abundance and order and peace and prosperity and comfort and sanitation and cleanliness and under-floor heating and learning and technology?”

      No one else, though, is much interested in what the Realists have to say. In the unlikely event the Barbarians do prevail, well, all good things must come to an end and there are bound to be at least as many benefits as there are downsides. Why, already, there are rumors in the agora that the new Barbarian economy will result in a whole slew of new Barbarian jobs. Once the pampered Romans get used to the more austere Barbarian lifestyle, fuel costs and living expenses will fall dramatically. Their diet will be a lot healthier because now food will be grown locally rather than transported laboriously and decadently from the far reaches of the Empire.

      And if Western Civilization does come to an end, well, what the hell. Western Civilization was always so terribly overrated, anyway.

    • I don’t think the blacks and browns are trying to tear down institutions. That would take thought and effort. They are just following their sensual desires, and voting for the party that subsidizes those desires. It’s the white liberals who want to tear it all down to purge the nonbelievers, and then they can rule over the more easily manipulated.

      That’s all good for them, until the percentages shift too far to the dark, and we all become Zimbabwe. That is what they either do not see, or they simply do not care how future generations will suffer, because it will be so noble, as long as they can live out their lives in luxury and virtue signaling before it all goes to hell.

      • Zimbabwe and South Africa demonstrate that there is no bottom that sparks an ah-ha moment in Africans.

      • Yep, it’s the white liberals who want to destroy the West, not the brown skins. They are nothing but nihilists and lunatics at heart that are intent on burning down their own house.

    • “Roman historians often complain of the number of Asians and Africans in Rome. Baghdad, in its prime in the ninth century, was international in its population—Persians, Turks, Arabs, Armenians, Egyptians, Africans and Greeks mingled in its streets.”
      – Sir John Glubb, The Fate of Empires.

      Multiculturalism is a sign of a late-stage empire. Glubb goes on to explain how it weakens the empire and will help usher in the collapse when a crisis hits.

    • “in their minds became a Mad Max Thunderdome situation after the Holocaust”

      What on earth makes you think this mode of belief arose AFTER the Holocaust?

    • It’s the educated upper class liberal whites and Wall Streeters that are driving the destruction of the West. They are the ones who also sic the police and various goons on other whites who dare oppose their suicidal agenda.

      The Browns are just the hired help in this.

      The reason why whites are pussies is because most of them are leaderless, disorganized and infiltrated by the police. So any attempt at organized resistance is crushed almost immediately. Whites in America can lose their jobs and even their home for openly opposing the wishes of the elites.

      If we do resist it will have to be as lone wolves or in small cells based on blood or community ties. And we also have to be smart on how we do resist.

  37. One way to play the pronoun game is to throw it back in their faces.

    Add something like this to your profile




    Just use it to label how you would be like to addressed.

    I’m satisfied with Sir Outis

    • Years ago, I mean like a dozen years ago, I had to register for something on-line. It annoyed me, so I wrote my preferred title was “Your Majesty.” I still get mail from them addressing me as “Your Majesty.”

      • Herr Professor Doctor Karl-Johann Horst von Schnitzengruppen. Ich habe die Ehre! 🙂

        Just for fun, throw “von” somewhere in your name when you introduce yourself over here. Makes people look at you twice.

        • It’s not even a joke in Deutschland. We were always taught to say “Doktor” as many times as the person was titled. A chemist PhD. named Johann Gottfried who was an M.D. and had also been granted an honorary doctorate would be “Herr Doktor Doktor Doktor Gottfried.” Mostly just in correspondence, though. Zum Beispiel, “Sehr Geehrter Herr Doktor Doktor Doktor Gottfried.” Was zum Teufel! Some people still say, Herr Magister to me even though I only have my MA.

          • @ PM – Oh I don’t know…Angus von Crieff does have a certain ring to it!

            @ JJ – Herr Ingenieur is still a formal address to senior engineers with some of the older, more formal types. Thankfully I’m not that Prussian!

          • I for one appreciate more and more the formality I learned in Germany. I can’t tell you how annoying it is becoming at my age to have bank tellers call me by my first name or check out personnel call me “sweetheart”or “honey” in the cashier’s line. Although I do confess to finding such familiarity very alluring from fifty-something, gravelly voiced, bar maids. Nothing sexier than a worldly women at my age. 😉

          • With particularly august persons, we do that sort of thing in the States as well.

            To wit: the Twice Honorable Jon Corzine, who served our society as a both Governor and Senator.

        • Given my German heritage (well I am an American mutt) but I’m German enough to maybe get away with von Outis

      • This reminds me a something that happened to my company years ago. It was very early internet, we had a new online signup for information about home decor we were pushing. One of the sign up’s was from a Ms. P L N –where p stands for a female body part, L stands for something you do with your tongue and N was a derrogatory racial name. Lickedy split, the request went right through the computer system and mail went out addressed to Ms. P L N. Next thing I knew, Ms P L N was yelling racist and Jesse Jackson’s operation rainbow was screaming at the lawyers–and demanding money. We gave them $10K. We investigated and found the person who did this was a black student in Ms. P L N’s 8th grade class. Rainbow kept the money, Ms. P L N never apologized and the kid, as far as I know, became and honor student. After that we added a dirty word screen–it was a blast having a group business meeting where you could say aloud every bad word and ethnic slur you could think of.

      • Last time I bought a British Airways ticket online, the form’s prefix for the customer’s name included not only the usual choices of Mr./Mrs./Ms. but Sir and Lord. I wish I had awarded myself a knighthood or joined the aristocracy. Who knows, I might have gotten better service in economy class.

        • Heh. Online registration for scientific conferences usually requires one to select one’s salutation from among: Mr/Ms/Dr which is reasonable I suppose (though I’m personally not a fan of people who insist on being called “doctor” outside of their specific professional role).

          Anyway, editoralizing aside, a recent conference had the following bewildering array of choices (in order listed): Mr/Ms/Associate Dean/Col/Cpt/Dean/Dr/Gen/Hon/Judge/Lady/Lord/Lt/LTC/Miss/Mrs/Professor/Rev/Sgt. Note well this was NOT a military-oriented conference.

          • In a former life, one of the senior engineers made of point of always being called doctor so-and-so because he had a PhD in engineering. In a meeting I asked him, “So, how many patients lives have you saved as a doctor”. He said “I’m not that kind of doctor” to which I replied, “Exactly!”

          • Try that in an American University and see what happens outside of the Med School. My major professor used to rip his PhD students (post doc) a new one whenever they put on such “airs”.

            It also is not in line with the newspaper style manual which states only MD’s are commonly ref’d to as “Doctor” in news articles. If you are referenced as “Doctor”, you’ll immediately have PhD ref’d as a qualifier.

          • Tell a chiropractor he’s not a doctor and watch him boil – I made this a point whenever one of them tried to big league me back when I worked in that dingy corner of law.

    • I tried this with varying results with the new grand-daughter (the first, I’m sure to have other stories to tell in the future). Daughter in-law asked me how this new family member should refer to me. (I believe she was still calling me Mr. xxxx at that time as well.)

      There are a myriad of ways/names I’ve been exposed to through others, like “Gopper”, or “Gramps”, or “Boom-pa”,or “Opa”—all which I find distasteful. Not being ready to assume the mantle of old age reverence and mis-pronunciation, I responded “Sir” in my best Dickensian accent.

      Grand-daughter (now speaking) calls me “Grandpa-Sir”. 😉

  38. Universities were founded as seminaries. They were meant to educate the childless monks in the proper religion of the age.

    Now the monks are women.

  39. “Somewhere in the last century or maybe the prior century, people in the West began to lose the ability to control their institutions. By control, it should be understood to mean the knowledge of how they work and why they were created. It is one thing to know how to use the toilet. It is another thing to understand public sanitation and the reason it is a vital public service. People in the West no longer seem to know why their institutions exist or how they must be maintained in order to properly function.”

    I hear this a lot from the NRx boys and I think they’re out to lunch. Z – our institutions ARE going to fall… but unlike any other time in history… we have no need for them. I can learn how a flush toilet works off OyTube. Look up BPS Subspace on YouTube – that kid is recreating NASA and Spacex in his back yard. He is building flight control systems on his hobby bench that cutting edge engineers could only dream about 50 years ago. Nowadays, EVERYONE is educated and literate. In ancient times, only a handful of noble class scholars were. If the SHTF there will be massive casualties to start. After that though? Communities will form, and guess what? Useless people like Mx Townsend WILL find themselves excluded. We live in flush times. In Dark Times, we won’t be able to make pets out of the vibrant welfare class, or put up with them when they go feral. A second cull will be necessary.

    When The Reckoning comes – I see a reassertion of common sense. Race reality will reassert itself in the initial desperate days ahead. Also reasserting itself will be a sense of public morality and ethics. You can’t run a society without them as we see today. Mx. Townsend will be bitch slapped back to sensibility or banished. Instead of getting fired for microaggressions, college profs will be tarred and feathered for corrupting young minds with Marxism and degenerate sexual values. The left is getting ever more desperate and panicked because they see the writing on the wall. Their social experiments have all failed and the only way to prop up their religion is with tyranny… and Yanks and tyrants are very, very old enemies. Yanks’ve taken down socialists, fascists, royalists, and established protectorates and colonies in the most unwelcoming corners of the world. A handful of faggots, college flunkies and illiterate vibrants? When America reasserts itself these types will be swept away like so much litter.

    The truth is the Dark Ages were not that dark. Average people still lived and died much the same as they always did. Life only changed drastically for the entitled and coddled intellectual and noble class. All empires rise and fall… and I think the next one will improve on the one we have now.

    • Whites have been on top for 500 years. That’s a very long time, certainly long enough to forget what it took to get to the top and stay there. What’s happening now is a natural cycle. We just happen to be around for the decline phase.

      The only question is whether the future looks like the fall of Rome, where various white groups started over to build a new world, or Rhodesia (and currently South Africa), where whites are either exterminated or driven to such small numbers that they no longer can fight back.

      • Nonsense. Blacks can’t run a civilized country. Many of the browns can’t either – or, at best, they can only do so when more viable competitors are absent. I disagree with out esteemed blog host when he says you can hand off a working civilization to blacks and they can maintain it. Maybe so… but only for awhile. Baltimore, New Orleans, and other black cities are falling back to ruin, as are the ‘liberated’ African countries. The old nickel, “Give a white man a pile of bricks, and he will build a house. Give a black man a house – and he will make a pile of bricks” applies.

        There will be tough, desperate times ahead as Darwin and Murphy will take their toll on all of us… but it’s essentially true that some of us have far more to fear than others.

        When racial reality reasserts itself, blacks will burn their own neighbourhoods and kill themselves. The Yellows and the Whites will vie for power.

        • The erudite Borepatch distills race reality with his typical clarity of thought:

          Whites can create societies that encourage wealth creation and innovation. Other races can now emulate that… but only in artificially compensated intellectual environments. When you need brilliance and innovation from the guy out in the garage…You have pretty much whites to rely on and that’s it.

        • Obviously blacks can’t run a civilized country. Blacks can barely manage to run a pick-up basketball game on a court that they could never dream of building. That’s why I used the example of Rhodesia.

          My point is that whites can rebuild from anything IF we’re still around to rebuild. This is why I’m becoming more and more in favor in accelerating the decline. The sooner it comes, the higher the percentage of whites will be around

          • Indeed.

            At first glance it’s a fearful thought… but better a collapse of Western civilization in 2020 than in 2070.

        • Anybody here think the upcoming generation of whites will be able to keep the USA running at its present level?

      • I am worried about our low birthrates since the 60s. It seems like the whites have fallen for the fake population crisis while those in the southern hemisphere and in Islamic lands have ignored it.

        • It’s not quite that. White people tend to like more space when they can get it. If they can’t, they need heavy regulation of the commons as you see in Europe. We are a woodsy people.

          Given our society, the US has been overcrowded since the baby boom ended, say 1971 and our TFR reflects that.

          When it comes to people less is more anyway

          Globally society has grown more urban over the decades and a society where 80% of the people are in urban/suburban areas will always have a low fertility

          This is natural with children being a luxury good in a city and no kind of asset.

          Historically mass immigration from the country is a exactly how cities sustain themselves. Usually its local but now that everywhere developed is urban, its global

          The city as a construct is energy consuming, IQ shredding and parasitic and the material gains are fragile

          It takes only a little push to get Detroit and that we will.

          Sustaining it requires vast inputs and very good leadership, a high IQ high morality authoritarian State can suffice though Singapore which has something approaching that. though still Democratic can’t sustain itself.

          To do this in sustainable way you have to accept population decline or at best a steady state economy. This they cannot do.

          In most cases, this path makes sustaining cities more complex since the pool of people you can tap resources from or who demand products shrinks every year.

          It is the only way though. Otherwise the rapacious needs of capital and cities will eat everything like locusts and you get a catabolic collapse.

    • Oh, dear, I think you are in for a disappointment.

      1. Dark ages were DARK. This was not just some cultural change where folk decided they preferred wattle & daub, and thatch roofs over stone and fired clay tile roofs. Or nasty, effluent-spoiled water to cool, clean, clear water. Economic ties are broken. Mass/factory/centrally produced wares no longer available. Great die-offs to go along with mass impoverishment. Very little cultural or economic surplus that makes learning do-able or useful. The fall is hard, fast, and lower than you would imagine, as home and small scale craft/industry know-how was abandoned to more efficient mass-produciton and must be re-developed over time.

      2. Youtube won’t be up for you, me, and some other guy to learn how to sweat pipe, build a generator, or whatnot. And the materials that make such things do-able may very well be unavailable due to the basic components or tools being things we no longer know how to produce. For instance, without stainless steel, mass-produced drugs are not going to happen.

      Yes, much foolishness will be abandoned. Due to its advocates dying off and the survivors knowing it was foolishness and now having the power & social sanction to deal with fools. But, what follows will be radically poorer and simpler.

      • The scariest thing about a hard and fast fall is your second bullet point. The modern world will likely never rise again.

        The technology and infrastructure we have was developed from a base of easily accessible resources. Easily mined and relatively pure mineral deposits, oil that just flows up from a shallow hole in the ground, etc…

        Those are gone. Acquiring those resources now requires equipment and infrastructure that was built using that initial windfall. A hundred guys with shovels could build a Texas oil field in 1910. Now you need a deep sea oil rig. That just can’t be built ground up from a coal fired smelter and hand sawn lumber.

        This is actually one of the likely causes Robin Hanson gives for his Great Filter. When the modern world falls, it is gone forever.

        • Also Fred Hoyle’s perspective. A civilization gets off its planet on its first try… or it doesn’t get off at all.

          • There are no habitable worlds anywhere near Earth and any of the ones that we might try to live in our solar system are more fragile than this blue world of ours

            if we want to be space safe we will be best off with an asteroid shield that is proof against CME’s and a society with EMP proof tech that is highly resilient and stable over the long haul.

            As we do that we have to find a way to control computers, nukes robotics, chemical manufacture, gene engineering and pollution . If we can. we can survive

            This is nigh impossible but its 10,000x more possible than “getting off the planet.”

            And yeah sure, FTL drive .

            So you know, the link below is a former Nasa scientist and Star Trek fan showing how slow warp drive is.


            We may pay a visit to Mars via Musk or beyond someday if society keeps indoor plumbing and electricity and gets much much much smarter which isn’t certain but mankind is going nowhere.

          • AB, you have a gift for making the not so obvious, obvious. Thanks.

            It’s a pipe dream to fly off into space when we’ve “consumed” this world, or for that matter to even image we can use it up. A distraction from the real work at hand that folks don’t want to consider since it is “hard”—and we are a lazy bunch when our stomachs are not empty.

            As I’ve said before, we want to travel off into space on multi-generational journeys of exploration and colonization, and yet we’ve not even succeeded in mastering survival in a closed ecosystem system such as we’d need in space. Read about the “Biosphere” fiasco for more detail.

        • Yeah, this is a point I have made over and over. If we ever lose technology beyond a certain point, we will never get it back.
          Worse than the oil situation is the coal situation. The easy coal has all been mined and burned.

      • People from 500 AD to 1000 AD were healthier than people till well into the 19th century in fact and healthier than in Rome by far.

        We have the bones and teeth to prove it.

        It wasn’t until the last 100 years or so that life started to be decent and in only the last 50 was it good. And it only got here because of constant struggle and near open economic warfare with such delights as the Army bombing strikers in 1909.

        You don’t work 14 hour days without benefits because people pushed in President for Life Roosevelt and forced elite to comply (the same elite trying to Junta him BTW) and because the elite were scared spitless of socialism

        By comparison the effective medieval work week was 40 hours or so. Some days dusk till dawn, some days quit early. Thanks the church and the limits of the land

        In fact 19th century labor movements explained their demands as “we want what we once had.”

        On top of that Medieval Britain’s also has a higher standard of living than modern Africans which got slightly worse as the population grew and than increased with the Dark Ages

        Modernity however screwed everyone over

        Cities and city dweller make nice stuff like the machine I’m using and medicine but they are at heart parasites. Truth is less people usually means easier access to resources and often less useless people as well.

        A USA with a homogenous population of well under a hundred million so long as we retain some consciousness of the value of the ecology would be in every measure better than a crowded one.

        As for more people . more prosperity. After a point that is a gallon of Shiong mao niao

        Doesn’t mean I’d trade places or that modern life can’t be wonderful especially if you are wealthy but the Dark Ages often as not weren’t that bad and the people pushing the narrative they were often as not are the kind of people who want more people to control.

    • If we survive. IF.

      Panicked? I see confident- victory is in their grasp. The strong horse is rearing, flashing its hooves.

      We don’t need them for anything, true, only for their expertise in running their own weird systems.

      But! They seem to feel the same way about us. The level of comfort they wanted has been achieved, and the monkeys can be trained to prune the orchards- as Karl Marx predicted.

      It’s like that lady talking last week, going to divorce him so she could get the house and the money.

      Boy, do she, and they, have a surprise coming.

    • “Nowadays, EVERYONE is educated and literate.”

      John, let’s not overstate the case. The above is patently false to anyone following/involve in education. Not to put too fine a point on the matter, I’d say we passed peak education and literacy at the turn of the 20th century.

      What we have today—across all races—is a population of “credential” folk, but arguably less capable than most any modern generation before. That’s not to say some racial groupings are not in better shape than others, nor that we don’t have fantastic advances in technology and the sciences, just that the reservoir of talent we must draw from for maintenance and expansion of such a society as we have come to depend upon may be more limited than anyone expects.

      Today’s Z-man commentary is right on wrt a possible new Dark Age.

  40. Are we living in the late stages of the Soviet Union or the early stages of a Progressive theocracy? I go back and forth. Fake News and Fake Science are the daily dish.

    • Both- you are referring today to the Red-Green alliance, Leftists and Islam recognising each other. Abraham’s two sons. Revising history is what they DO.

      Islam finally fell with the Ottoman Empire, 1924?, but a new religion, Communism, had been developed by the same scribes who had developed Islam.

      The trick was, they took out the “God” bits, a ploy suitable to the scientism of the age.
      It is still a messianic faith of apocalypse and purification: no work, no want, no war in the Kingdom on Earth.

      Both were created one goal: to tear down the temples of the Romano-Christians and replace their rule.

      The Middle East was largely Roman Christian or Persian Zoroastrian- until the usual suspects began a 400-year process of politics, storytelling, and raids that eventually formalized into official Islam.

      These are the same bunch the Christ was fighting against. The largest movement in Roman-era Israel, they believe the True Messiah demands a world’s price in bloodshed for final victory and his return. They are the reason Rome destroyed the nation-state of Israel; the canny survivors responded with rumors and loans to Romans like Nero about the followers of Christ, as Christ was a law-abiding dual citizen, an ally who gave Cesear his due.

      These Nazween wiped out the Koresh or Quraish, the Arab Christians. Byzantium and Persia were tricked into a war that bankrupted both, and the Nazween Arab mercenaries claimed the Persian Conquest as their own.
      They then attacked the ‘false religions’ of Eastern and Western Rome, Brahmin India, the Bhuddist world from Bactria (Afghanistan) to the South China Sea, to the Yalu River of China itself.

      Islam is a resurrection of conquest Judaism as Abraham practiced it in Ur.
      Communism is a resurrection of Judaic politics as Joseph practiced it in Egypt. Taxed into bankruptcy for a predicted doom (like climate change), the temples and traditions torn down for a new god, Amen-Ra, higher than the rest. Stable Egypt was in flames of civil war after 200 years of its Semitic clerisy, who ran.

      Religious war, as we have today.
      Both the Christ (adopted by late-stage Rome) and the Persian Angra Maya (the Good Father) were and are seen as false gods, as darkest blasphemy. They await the True Coming of death, terror, and vengeance, not a pacifist “false prophet” they nailed to a cross.

      Their proxy army of Islam got away from them, as did Stalinism much later. No problem, as they still ended up the administrative class for both the Caliphate and the USSR.

      They shall do the same for their immigrant proxies, the horde overwhelming the White countries and colonies, from Catholic Europe, to Orthodox Russia, to the Protestant Anglosphere.

      Fake News and Fake Science?
      They are the Scribes, this is the Oldest War.
      Total war, without weapons. Culture war.
      They could not defeat the Aryans directly, so words, stories, religion and trade became their weapons.

      • Interesting that those setting the table for a “scientific” end of tribalism of any sort, are the tightest tribe of all. Do as I say, not as I do.

        • Thanks, Dutch, inversion.
          Inversion in all things, flipping everything upside down. Even if it was already flipped not 5 minutes before. Lakov philosophy.

          A strangely contagious mindset.
          Such a rapid spread.
          What are these daft bastards thinking?

      • *red faced*
        Okay, Max, I admit it. I had read your comment wrong, had ‘Islamic theocracy’ on the mind.

        Sorry, folks. No sleep lately. All-nighters.
        Then I make the darn-fool mistake of checking Z’s latest instead of going to bed at dawn.

  41. I agree there is a certain amount of animal spirits, voodoo, oogabooga coming from the race studies people. Microaggressions, stereotype threat, institutional racism, etc…

    But there is an element of truth to those things. Non whites truly do experience a certain amount of subtle and unexplainable discomfort in Western societies.

    The source of that discomfort is that different peoples create different cultures. Those of us with a Northwest European biology feel comfortable in a range of cultures and societies. We are very open and adaptable. From Southern redneck Appalachia, Bogan Australia, uber SWPL Seattle to upper class England – we can adapt and fit it into those societies.

    But try to cram us into black or Muslim dominated societies and we start to feel uncomfortable. The mismatch between biology and societal behavior is too great. If you are white, that feeling is racism. If you are a POC that feeling is microagressions, stereotype threat and institutional racism.

      • Nothing in here should suggest that we don’t need race realism repatriation with respect and a long term immigration freeze. Its mandatory.

        Our problems are not really caused by race though. Much of the leftist B.S. we face is class based. Virtue Signaling and Status Whoring among the rich.

        Most of wealthy on both sides (Republican and Democrat) hate the middle with a passion and if all working and middle were dead and only poor remained they think this would cement their status and give them a lasting dopamine high.

        Beyond that Y/T likes living within his own branch of our family and a SWPL from Seattle would feel ill at ease among rednecks and many might not be able to adapt. This is well enough known to be a children’s story, country mouse, city mouse.

        Now class can transcend money sometimes, the Duck Dynasty guy are rednecks if less campy in reality that as seen on but largely class counts and the rich wage constant class warfare on the working and middle.

        Americans having been conditioned to fear Communism and to think they have social mobility have trouble understanding that class warfare is real and it’s them or you.

        A last example , it wasn’t Latino’s that made gay marriage happen. They voted en mass for Prop 8 . Our better, rich people’s judges overturned the will of the people multiple times.

        Actual reform gets killed in a blizzard of Citizens United money and while this can help the gun lobby, its disastrous for everyone else. Money as Speech and super wealthy people must go.

        Until our side, the Dissident Right drives the money cucks from its ranks and from power, either during a collapse or on Der Tag and adopts a sort of populism driven around Middle Class as an ideal with respect for the Working Class and actual suppression of the rich than reform isn’t possible and it will never be that great place to have a family we need.

        • Leftist B.S. is absolutely based in class warfare. Unfortunately, you’re not going to convince upper middle-class “rightists” on that score. These easy money, high equity, “I wannabe rich” types despise lower middle and underclass whites. They have their financial “wall.” The price of real estate in SoCal’s Laguna Hills-Aliso Viejo-Lake Forest axis, for example, provides the upper middle-class with protections the lower class whites lack. Add a dash of AA diversity in the neighborhood and local church and there’s plenty of fuel for virtue signaling. They all know the same nice Negro.

    • Excellent comment.

      Another interesting thing I’ve noticed is that bringing over MORE aliens doesn’t seem to alleviate their discomfort at living in a “white” society – it seems to make it worse.

      The non-whites in Canada are much more unhappy and angry than they were 30 years ago, despite making up 25% of the population now.

      In a white supermajority, they can accept, ok what these white folk are doing is a bit strange but it’s the way it is. Now they want to “dethrone” us. Of course, most whites are also batshit insane now so that hasn’t helped their view of us…

    • I agree completely with your last two sentences: ” If you are white, that feeling is racism. If you are a POC that feeling is microaggressions, stereotype threat and institutional racism.” But I disagree that Appalachia to Bogan-ville to SWPL-land to bucktoothed inbred lithping upperclath twit society is all that different. After all, all those have a common origin, language, and ancestry diverging from no more than 400 years ago.

      Personally I have no discomfort in multiple white American subcultures despite having parents from China. On the other hand, I’m pretty shit at being a Chinaman (having temperament and inclination more suited to Scots-Irish for some reason) so who knows.

        • You’ll have to cypher that on your own, Hamp. We buck toothed, inbred Scots-Irish are busy doing your fighting for you, pussyboi. ha ha

  42. From her tweets:

    > If you think that genetic group differences between sub-Saharan Africans & Europeans means they’re different races, you have to then explain why different counties in England aren’t also races.

    Notice how academics are more than willing to take arbitrary general concepts and make wild all- encompassing theories out of them and then create ridiculous standards so they don’t have to acknowledge what can easily be seen with our own eyes.

    She knows she is a hack. She also knows what she needs to say in order to be accepted into the Hall of Goodthinkers.

    • Genetic group differences = different races
      Boundary differences in Europe = different races

      How to even begin. I can’t imagine that 40 or 50 years ago this logical error would make it past an instructor in an *intro to anthropology* course. And this woman has a doctorate.

      • In most cases these days a doctorate, especially those awarded to females, is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

        • Carl, the value/worth of a doctorate like all other areas of endeavor, depends on the field undertaken and the reputation of the granting institution/department. Sex has little to do in the long run compared to the field of study one chooses and the ranking of the department that accepts you for such study.

          Now I grant that we find a predominance of women in the soft “science” fields and “grievance” studies fields than men. But to imply that all women with doctorates are in those pseudo-science fields is perhaps to paint with too broad a brush. Check the field of study, then categorize the value of the degree, would be my recommendation. I’ve known too many women in the STEM fields to write them all off.

          • Auto-ethnographic submissions complete with unearned accolades and racial/gender exclusivity for the academics able to check whichever freak box.

            I’m shocked, shocked to find out there is catering going on in the academy.

            Here’s your doctorate parchment sir/ma’am/mx.

            Oh thank you, I’ll collect my winnings up front.

      • Actually, she’s awarded her doctorate precisely BECAUSE she’s stroking the “logical error” (ideology) of her peers. Ideology has replaced science in most faculties. No one cares. So long as the lights still come on and the TV still broadcasts Madame Secretary then nothing can possibly be wrong.

        Unfortunately, only a crisis or a catastrophe will arouse any skepticism among the public towards its elites, and a rotten system can keep the lights on for a long, long time.

    • The continued use of Lewontin’s fallacy is remarkable. These primitives think it s the Medusa head of incantations. They can just produce it and their enemy is defeated.

      • I suspect they are subject to confirmation bias and a limited breath of knowledge in the field. They’ve read a few articles, or perhaps a book that outlined the “case” against race, and became acolytes (if not already so). Further study is not necessary. They remember the “salient” evidence from their limited gleaning of the field and simply repeat it as the subject/need arises. Once in a while we get someone like the good tweeting “Doctor” who steps out of her bubble and makes us aware of her foolishness.

        I note with some irony that Sailor responded to her with his publish UNZ article summarizing/referencing all the current knowledge wrt HBD science available. Not that Sailor is a stupid man and believes it will cause her to change her opinions, but that he may get others without such biases to examine the case for HBD science now that the topic is being discussed in a public forum. Such is how I arrived here long ago.

    • Slavs, Germans, Italians, and Swedes are different races and their histories show different tribes made up their original stock.

      • It is about cladistics.
        Swedes, Germans and English all have common Celtic precursors, but with different admixtures of other ingredients.
        Mediterranean peoples and Slavs are further afield; however, much less far afield than Indians, Chinese, Sub-Saharan Africans or Native Americans.

        This is hardly rocket surgery; I am amazed that our academics can be so resistant to obvious truths.

        • Not sure the Nordic and Teutonic races were that closely related to the Celts. The Celts were hanging around Western Europe before Rome was founded. The Nordics and Germanic tribes were in far northeast Europe at that time. Some moved west while some went down into northern India.

          • The Nordic and Teutonic and the Celts are all names for various tribes of the house of Israel as they migrated into and across Europe from before the Exodus and after their rermoval from Israel proper by the Assyrians.

      • That was once generally understood. While reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s excellent book on the Boer War, I was taken up short when he called it a “race war”, since the African tribes played no part in it. But then it became clear that he meant Dutch vs British.

        • Different tribes perhaps but I don’t think the idea of race applies to Dutch V British. The Mayflower Puritans are called British but most of them hung out in exile in Netherlands before returning to Plymouth. William of Orange, was, well, from Orange. My idea of a different race is that you would be noticed a mile down the road. When you blend in seamlessly except for the weird accent, the race argument is bunk.

    • The battle for the university was lost in the late 70s. The F-Furt school had had a generation to infiltrate and alter by then. Many departments were already under their thumb. All they had to do was continue to administer the poison a bit at a time without setting off alarm bells.

      It is now by far the most anti-white of our institutions. Gatekeeping committees go out if their way to fill student and faculty positions with anyone but a hetero white male.

      There is no reforming this level of pozz. It needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

      • Long ago I said they’d poison us.
        Too late I saw that I’d neglected to say they’ll mainly poison our information streams.

        We’ll kill ourselves, and not even know why: corrupted programming.

      • The failure of movement conservatism is obvious, founded with W.F Buckley’s “God and Man at Yale”. Now, Yale is known as the “Gay Ivy” and Jews massively outnumber the ancestral Protestants that griped at the 1950s Catholic arriviste.

  43. At the pinnacle of western achievement in the mid twentieth century much science fiction of the low brow type showed many times the future as a collapsed and retrograde world.
    You know all this ancient knowledge still existing in libraries and in broken institutions but lost on it’s current inhabitants.

    Even Huxley and H.G. Wells types were predicting it. What did they assume or know ? That history shows us the cyclical nature of civilization. Maybe Christianity explains it better in the nature of pride and original sin. At any rate, those of us who have not given in to this inevitable lunacy can still resist if for nothing else than securing something good and sane for those that can still reason.

      • Note that sci-fi fantasy where the jewish Leibowitz is the conscientious one who hides and protects the books and learning of western civilization, eventually being martyred and becoming a saint (!), thus enabling white man’s civilizational revival in future centuries. We couldn’t have done it without the jews, sputtered the feckless, grateful goyim. Pass me a barf bag. I’ve had enough of this kind of Orwellian ‘learning.’

          • My objection is that this is a tale of Christianity saved by a jew! No thanks. That kind of fantasy thinking got us into this mess. Can’t we have Christian heroes? From the description in Wikipedia:

            “Isaac Edward Leibowitz had been a Jewish electrical engineer working for the United States military. Surviving the war, he became dedicated to preserving knowledge by hiding books, smuggling them to safety (booklegging), memorizing, and copying them. Eventually, whether by Leibowitz’ intention or simply through the sanctification of repetition, his supporters and followers became a monastic order, the ‘Albertian Order of Leibowitz’, dedicated to preserving knowledge. The Order’s abbey is located in the American southwestern desert, near the military base where Leibowitz worked before the war, on an old road that may have been ‘a portion of the shortest route from the Great Salt Lake to Old El Paso’. Leibowitz was eventually betrayed and martyred. Later beatified by the Roman Catholic Church, he became a candidate for sainthood.”

            First of all, a jewish engineer working for the U.S. military? That’s a little too lowly for the modern jew. More believable would be a U.S.-Israeli dual citizen working for the Israel Defense Force before taking a high desk position in the U.S. government… and building from there. Our real-life jew would then use his high-level government post to destroy the ancient knowledge of western civilization, un-person bad thinkers, hold book-burnings, topple statues, etc.

            Maybe the author, Walter Miller, was trying to make up for his own role in the military taking part in the destruction of old Europe:

            “Walter M. Miller, Jr. grew up in the American South and enlisted in the Army Air Corps a month after Pearl Harbor. He spent most of World War II as a radio operator and tail gunner, participating in more than fifty-five combat sorties, among them the controversial destruction of the Benedictine abbey at Monte Cassino, the oldest monastery in the Western world. Fifteen years later he wrote A Canticle for Leibowitz. The sequel, Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman, followed after nearly forty years.”

            “… He took part in the bombing of the Benedictine Abbey at Monte Cassino, which proved a traumatic experience for him.

            “After the war, Miller converted to Catholicism, but did not practice the religion consistently. Miller married Anna Louise Becker in 1945, and they had four children. He lived with science-fiction writer Judith Merril in 1953, and her Jewish cultural heritage informed A Canticle for Leibowitz.”


            “In 1944, during World War II, the abbey was the site of one of the most tragic battles of the European theater of the war. The Allies mistakenly suspected that German troops were hiding inside the abbey and heavily bombarded the monastery, which actually housed many civilians who had sought refuge inside the building. Tens of thousands of troops and hundreds of civilians were killed during the infamous battle.”


            Bombs away!

        • Quite so. And Z Man will never mention the major role his people played in the subversion of the West.

    • Another classic read in this field, “Anthem (a dystopian fiction novella by Ayn Rand, written in 1937)”.

  44. Just look at the costumed lunatics playing extinction rebellion theater, or whatever it is they call it. They’re no different from a bunch of Bushmen dancing around a fire to insure a good hunt.


    • “The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would become as the Great Old Ones, freed and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside, and all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy. And then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the Earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.”

      HP Lovecraft, “The Call of Cthulhu”

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