Walking Away From The Deal

A good salesman, in the business of providing a complex product or service, will tell you that his first step in any deal is to see if there is a deal to be had. He will assess the potential customer to learn if there is a need and if the prospect knows there is a need for the product or service. Assessing needs and motivations is a big part of determining if the salesman should commit his time to the deal. Finally, he tries to assess the prospect’s willingness to actually commit to a potential deal.

The purpose of evaluating a prospect before engaging in the sales process is to avoid wasting time with tire kickers and people who simply lack the means to do a deal. The salesman is really selling time, when you analyze it. He has so many hours to work on and close deals. Every hour wasted on some guy, who has no money or is really not interested, is time that could be spent on a real opportunity. Talk to any good salesman and you learn that they are really good at managing their sales time.

Politics is a lot like sales. A candidate has so much time to ask voters for their support, so the campaign has to be as efficient as possible. In politics, the game is to motivate the natural supporters of the candidate and demoralize the supporters of the other candidate, in order to sway the stupid and uninformed. The stupid and uninformed, often called “swing voters” in America, will go where they think everyone else is going and they judge that on enthusiasm. They bet the strong horse in the race.

The way this has to work in a democracy is the successful candidate has to be seen by the opposition as someone with whom they can strike a deal. In other words, the supporters of the opponent have to look at the other side as people with whom some compromise can be reached. That’s why in America, the candidates are strident in their primary races, but become conciliatory in the general election. They want the other side to know they are going to sit down and strike a fair bargain.

Accepting the results of the election is a vital part of any popular form of rule. In fact, it is the most important element. If the losing side thinks the winning side will use its power to crush them, then they will revolt against the system that makes them vulnerable. That also means the winning side will be motivated to crush the losing side, because they will assume the losers not only will revolt, but try to crush them as soon as they win the next election. Politics becomes a blood sport.

This desire to make a deal is why Progressives have run wild in American politics, especially over the last few decades. Their opponents in every election are white civic nationalist types, who are always willing to accept the results of the election and work with the other side on a good deal. Progressives, in contrast, use this willingness to do a deal to ram their agenda through when they win. When they lose, they use the same intransigence to bottle up any effort of the winners to push through their agenda.

If you want to understand why Buckley conservatism is headed to the dustbin of history, this is the place to start. They were always so ready and eager to do a deal; they never could walk away from a bad deal. They would win an election and then cut a deal with the Left that was a complete sellout. The joke among dissidents in the Bush years was that the greatest thing that could happen to you is to find yourself across the table negotiating a deal with a Republican. It was like hitting the lottery.

Now, the reason the Left wins even when they lose is not because they are shrewd or even that the Right is dumb. It’s that they reject that central premise of popular government, where the losers accept the results of an election and the winners reach a fair bargain with the losers. For the Left, what is theirs they keep. What is yours they seek. This is the central cause of the ratchet effect in American politics. One side exploits the rules, while the other abides by the rules.

The question that has been on the minds of dissidents for a long time is when will people wake up to this reality? When will those civic nationalists and good government types realize that they can never bargain in good faith with the other side, because the other side never bargains in good faith? Unless and until the good citizen accepts the cynicism of the Left, not necessarily embrace it, but just accept it, elections will always be heads the Left wins, tails the Right loses.

Conventional critics of conservatism and the Republican Party work from the premise that a more jaded approach will work. Not only will it result in better bargaining, it will put the Left on notice that they will not get to play by their own rules. Put another way, if the Right gets as good at politics as the Left, then the system will work and elections will once again have meaning. There has always been a battered wife syndrome with conventional conservatives, who blame themselves for the failure of democracy.

This line of thinking always assumes that the non-Progressives, to use a better term, will continue to support the orderly democratic process, but be more aware of the way the Left does politics. You can have the civic nationalist dream of orderly democracy, but with a clear-eyed view of the Left. The results of an election, in terms of the resulting policy, will then reflect the voting. It’s the same system, except the Republicans are not treacherous sellouts and morons.

Putting aside the probability that this is an impossibility, that the “opposition” is really just a creation of the Left, why would anyone want this? This sort of politics, which is what Buckley conservatives now talk about in response to their decline, is like volunteering to live in a viper den. A deal where one side cannot be trusted to abide by the terms is not a deal at all. It is why contract law does not exist in low trust countries, like in the Arab world. Why make a deal that no one will respect?

In the context of American politics, what happens when most white people figure out that the other side will never cut a deal with them? There will always be suckers, who never give up hope, but what happens when the majority of whites realize they can never make a deal with their opponents? How long before this realization leads to the conclusion that they can never live in the same country as their opponents, because their opponents hate them and want them dead?

Most likely, the typical white person looks at the madness engulfing the political class and thinks the fever is bound to break soon. Maybe Trump winning in 2020 or the Democrats nominating a shrill crank like Warren will break the spell. Older folks talk about how the 1960’s eventually burned itself out. Lots of normal white people think something similar will happen this time. What if it doesn’t or what if whites simply get tired of waiting for their opponents to snap out of their rage?

The good salesman, who realizes the prospect is not an opportunity, finds an expeditious way to exit the process. He’s no longer willing to commit time to the deal, because there can never be a deal. There is no deal. This is where dissidents often insert their favorite collapse fantasy, mixed with their favorite revenge fantasy, but no one really knows how this would work. If a large portion of white people are no longer willing to play the Left’s game, will the Left just let them walk away?

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267 thoughts on “Walking Away From The Deal

  1. America needs an “Adolf Pinochet”. I consider leftist sub humans for the most part since few have any integrity or even know what the word mean. Team R is a bunch of useless cucks that might as well be leftist. None of them care about destroying the country with outsourcing of jobs and the never ending importation of the turd world.

  2. There will be a crisis when the Federal Government can not pay for the “entitlements” that the diversity lives on. When welfare and all the many other give away programs stop there will be blood in the streets.

    This must come. The State can only inflate the currency so much till hyper-inflation robs the currency of all value. Then it is worthless and then the blacks will start a war.

    That is the future in my opinion.

  3. >How long before this realization leads to the conclusion that they can never live in the same country as their opponents, because their opponents hate them and want them dead?

    About the time they realize who their opponents actually are and have the strength to name the aloud. Another big financial crisis where Jews first bail themselves out and then give themselves bonuses ought to do it.

  4. This was another excellent post. As a former hi-fi retail sales manager I appreciate your knowledge of the art of “qualifying” a customer. It is the most important part of the sale.

    It should also be noted that the reason many Boomers and some Gen Xers think that the current political fever will burn itself out is because they saw that happen before. The revolutionaries and flower children, the Weathermen and the Diggers of the late 1960s did fade away. Occupying the administration building on campus and phoning in bomb threats stopped. Yuppies, the Preppie Handbook and the Decade of Greed succeeded them. The hip TV shows were “Thirtysomething” and “Family Ties, not The Smothers Brothers.”

    Why they’re wrong today, and why this fever will not subside as it did before, is due to two factors, one major and one minor.

    The minor one is because those old hippies and yippies went into our colleges and universities, acquiring tenure and gradually turning their departments into left-wing indoctrination cells. The result of the multiplier effect of almost three generations of cosseted anti-Western instruction is plain to see.

    But the major reason things are going to get worse, not better, is continuous Third World immigration into America. You can have the colleges and you can have Hollywood. You can even have the media staffed by the worst and dullest fresh off the campuses. But you can only get things done in a democratic republic with votes. Immigration has given the febrile Left the voters it needed — and they are not going away.

    Every day on conservative media you hear one or another Boomer or Gen Xer host pronounce confidently that “the American People will not stand for this, will see right through that, can never be persuaded to go along with some other” crazy, quasi-Marxist or anti-white nonsense. None of them seem to recognize that after a 40-year, unprecedented, top-down experiment on the demography of this nation, the American People ain’t what they think they are anymore.

    • I don’t even know what “the American people” are anymore. In most people’s minds it is likely legacy Americans, a part of the population that is shrinking fast. Do you think Barak Obama would have been elected in 1980? This is what Conservatism, Inc does not seem to understand. They think we can convert these Third World immigrants into Republican voters like we have with prior waves. Unlike prior waves, this wave has too many that are not part of the West and can’t identify with this nation’s history.

  5. I fantasize about dropping out and joke about the Ethno State becoming a reality. It seems like there is nothing within my purview that I can do to implement any change. The scope of my influence is limited. Very limited. At least I can look forward to paying my punitive property tax next month. Which is nice. Total consciousness Is just around the corner. Or is it?

  6. One of the earliest signs that we had awoken was even before Trump was elected. When Cocaine Mitch held up Merrick Garland, I knew we were coming to grips with the zero-sum game the left has been playing. We need that times 1000.
    So when I hear the Rs barking that the Ds aren’t adhering to historical norms on impeachment, I think “good – the sooner we so obviously discard with niceties the better. Let’s get on with the inevitable conflict.”
    It can’t go on like this.

  7. “If a large portion of white people are no longer willing to play the Left’s game, will the Left just let them walk away?” Absolutely not! The Left are parasites and parasites need a host.

  8. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable. A predictable result when all the important pressure groups push in the same direction. A good salesman knows that If you feel pressure and I don’t, I can keep mine and negotiate for yours.

  9. The problem with the left’s Frankenstine push things through monster is not just that McConnell the Turtle has turned into Gamera. But even worse, the crazy left has realized the Monster is a robot that will keep pushing left when activated and destroy even moderate democrats. All the way so there is no negotiating the Green New Deal – they won”t walk away.

    I think Pelosi, Steyer, etc. didn’t want to even utter the I word, but now we have AOC and the Squad turning the same monster on the Democratic party (since not only does it NOT work on Trump, it makes him stronger).

    I think there are democrats in the Senate who think they are safe because they have been there a long time. But having cut down the rules to achieve their goals, they are no longer there to keep the crazies in line. That is how Omar and AOC got elected. The Democrats are stuck with well organized and funded no-deal socialists who can win the primaries in deep blue districts, and probably enough purple ones to give a fair margin to the GOP in the House and Senate.

  10. The Left never leave people alone. Utopians and those driven by religious fervor never do.

    Also while the Left does produce some wealth, they can’t produce enough to satisfy themselves of their own effort. Also what they produce is rarely the unglamorous everyday stuff that people need.

    A capitalist produces clothes you get all manner of styles, designs and something for everyone. The Left produces clothes, you get a Mao suit for everybody.

    The kind of society the Left likes living in requires stability, homogeneity capitalism and freedom to make it work.

    These idiots end up eroding all that to such a degree the edifice starts to fall apart. They double down and we all know where that leads.

    Ultimately the Actual Right won’t be allowed to walk away but they have a lot of guns, a lot of trained men and only a little patience left. Once they realize the Left will never allow them the society they want, TL;DR version, a great place for a family and kids , they’ll have to force a separation.

    If they are wise about they’ll crush them utterly and take power for interregnum but that may not be possible as the Right has so damned many civ nats, cowards, money cucks and corporation worshippers.

    This is why we may just have to settle for separation into several nations after the hack fest.

  11. Z – I agree with you mostly. But what explains the fact that there were 12 republican appointed ussc justices confirmed by a democrat controlled senate from 1955-1991? The last time there was a justice appointed by a democratic president appointed by a republican president was 1895.

    • William Brennan, Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O’Conner, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, John Roberts. Which of those do you believe the Democrats should have opposed?

      • Roberts and O’Connor were appointed by republican controlled senates. You’re forgetting Rehnquist and Thomas. A senate with 57 democrats allowed Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall. Also, while Alito was confirmed by a republican senate in 2006, he was confirmed by a democratic senate to a circuit court in 1990. If they had blocked him in 1990, he might be working at private practice in Trenton.

        • Politics played a substantially smaller role in judicial appointments in 1990. Bork got the game going, but even that was mild compared to the clown show that was the Kavanaugh hearings.

          Also, district court and appeals court appointments rarely drew any attention until recently. Nominees were confirmed as a matter of course and typically without hearings.

    • “The last time there was a justice appointed by a democratic president appointed by a republican president was 1895.”

      ? This sentence makes no sense whatsoever. What are you trying to say?

  12. I had a 35 year career in sales, the last 11 of which were spent as an international sales manager of complex systems used in the measurement of crude oil & thereby can confirm that Zman hit that nail right on the head…as he usually does. Moreover, I not only agree with most of his assessments about the situation we’re in, I’m constantly in awe of his ability to summarize the salient points with his laser-like gaze, as well as the exceedingly cogent comments by those who frequent this place. As such, I decided to break my silence as a long time lurker to weigh in on this.

    Most all agree that we cannot solve it via the ballot box since we’re dealing with the Uniparty/DeepState/Cabal or whatever you want to call the Washington DC crime racket controllers & many excellent theories have been put forth about how we got here. It also seems that there’s a consensus here & elsewhere that if someone doesn’t step up with a actionable plan “to fix this”, the only options we have fall somewhere along the “bug out” to “grab the bullet box” continuum. Now that might play out in one degree or another anyway, yet in my looking high & low for an actual plan that makes sense, I happened across a fellow Texan who has developed something that may, just may, be a way forward.

    FYI – I ain’t him, yet I’ll be interested to see what y’all think once you’ve had some time cogitate on it.


    • Well. I hate to be a wet blanket, but I just read his “Our First Right Now” pdf and it’s all a very nice idea and all.

      Just one problem — there’s not a chance in hell that our current ruling class will pass the necessary legislation or ratify the amendment. Protections like this have to be passed before your government has been co-opted by a cabal of your enemies. Expecting them to assist in formalizing their own demise is just wishful thinking.

      The author himself recognizes that not a single legislator at the federal or state level is to be trusted, then proceeds to hand-wave right past that.

      Even if passed, this does not deal with the fact that all cultural redoubts — media, Hollywood, academia — are controlled by the enemy and politics is downstream from culture.

      • Vizzini – Can’t disagree with any of your your comments & will add that Mr. Zuniga’s approach will neither be easy nor quick.

        On the other hand, as John Smith stated in his first post above “we’ve put the chains on ourselves”…so who better than to throw them off? All I’m saying is this may be one of the ways we can…difficult as it will be.

        In any event, Mr. Zuniga offers a plethora of materials that go far beyond just that 1 pdf and I’ve found his writings on the subject quite compelling…so perhaps further reading is required before rejecting his suggestions outta hand.


      • As Claire Wolfe often says “America is at that awkward stage It’s too late to work within the system but too early to shoot the bastards.”

        Until the Dissident Right decides on why it wants power that is what it’s aims are it can’t take power

        Not though election nor by any means necessary.

        It’s not laziness or cowardice though these things are issue, it’s about lack of purpose.

        Don’t be feckless, don’t give freedom to amoral children. Be the leader of men and the rule of women, children and manchildren . When you get to that stage, you can start thinking about how to get power.

        I don’t have to read that PDF to know that any solution that requires the globalist governments to help it along will fail. Almost no one has the character to give up power and our leaders, mostly a fathomless black hole of corruption will no more do the Right thing that the cartels give up crime or the crips disband

        It’s who they are , its identity, its prosperity its status . No one would give that up willingly.

        It might, maybe be possible to sort some of this out via elections, we did get President Trump after all but it can’t be counted on.

        You are the resistance and once you stop being a rebel without a cause and make a cause, you can make forward progress

  13. A good example of our future is California, once a reliably red state. But the GOP cucks who gained control of the party there were great examples of “beautiful losers” who were stupid enough to believe the left would burn itself out and the Democrats would be happy to see them go. Didn’t happen. Lefty simply doubled down on a series of wacky demands while Republicans stood around trying to defend themselves from charges of bigotry. Fools like Dornan and Wilson had no answers to the burgeoning Mexican invasion, even if they thought it might be a future problem. Reagan then gave the store away by signing an amnesty deal. Poof! California is gone with the wind in one generation. Look at the treatment meted out to local conservatives. They’re treated like lepers. There’s your future, white America.

    • Yep. And all we have left is old Beach Boys songs and old men tooling around on a hot rod in the garage with Mark Levin on the radio, while eating a carne asada burrito made by a woman with three anchor babies and on Medi-Cal.

    • Republicans were the problem as much as the Democrats.

      Mexicans are cheap labor and once they’ve selected a brand often very loyal consumers.

      To the business class and the country club, this is far better than Whites demanding good products good pay and good work conditions and the Black Americans who they hate.

      This means any reform would be hit with an inundación de dinero rapido and the flood gates opened.

      Given those people reliably vote Democrat, which is frankly in their best interest , the Democrats like it too.

      This is not a party thing. It’s a people who care about Heritage America vs the Selfish thing and while some Republicans do care , the leadership mostly did not.

      If they did, we’d have had President Pat Buchanan , closed borders and a lot of repatriation years ago.

      if the Dissident Right gets power and they’ll probably have to take it, they will have decades of work ahead and will have to be willing to use very severe measures, collective multi generational punishment probably

      Before they do this though, make sure people get it through their thick skulls.

      This isn’t a sports match (R vs D) is outright class warfare (Right Working and Middle along with most Poor Whites and tiny smattering of the Lower Upper ) against the Elite . It’s a war of extermination , to the knife, to the hilt

      If it all goes south , happily the middle does have the brains to keep things functional but they lack the interest and that has to change.

      Make a society which is great for heritage families or the USA dies and it deserves it.

      • Keep in mind, that Prop 187 passed before it was thrown out by the judges. Prop 187 was the last gasp in CA. Too little too late. And it wasn’t just big money people. Illegal labor was everywhere “liberating’ women in office buildings. In the late70s my mom quit her career, and stayed home to take care of me. She got a lot of heat from her friends to keep her career “just get an illegal alien to take care of him, everyone’s doing it.” She never wanted to be in a man’s world. She had nothing to prove. Illegal aliens and modern feminism are tied together. An army of Marias pushing strollers while selfish white woman is at the office.

        • Not all of this is feminism, urbanization has as profound an impact and its not remotely the US went sub replacement in 1973 or so
          this well before huge level of female workforce reentry . It was tied to stagflation

          Still I do agree values are an issue as long term , even the Maria’s stop having kids and take on Becky’s value set.

          I live in a split White/Mexican area in So Cal and there are a lot less kids being born to all races , it almost seems like Y/T has slightly more kids around these parts.

          I also know a ton of these Mexican gals who are like “don’t do what I did, live life before you have kids” or “I just can’t afford them.”

          We still have plenty of Niños back from the early 2k period of course but the number of baby bumps is dropping like a brick

          Official states say Latino fertility is between 1.8 and 2.1 or so and that seems to meet observation.

          More repatriation and an end to immigration and we should be able to deal with the issue.

          That said, a nation or nations and this is basically every developed nation that becomes disinterested in reproduction will simply stop being industrial.

          Its self correcting. Too much city, too few babies, cities die back.

          There aren’t any social hacks that can replicate the weirdness of the baby boom , low fertility is permanent now.

          So long as the immigration doors are closed and the US is homogeneous enough , over a few generations, the nation will be much as when it was founded , agrarian and Christian

          If you want a self replacing moral society, it’s all good.

          If you like some part of modernity though. Sorry . It’s become too costly and no one has yet been able to reverse course in any nation, anywhere.

        • Literally my story, except my mom was a corporate working gal in the late 70s and went back to work when I was a week old. I never saw her and was raised by an illegal “nanny.” Needless to say, I knew by the time I was 8 that when I became a mother, I would stay home with my children, no matter the cost, and I did. Daycare, brown nannies playing on their phones in the park, and women “who have it all” sicken me.

    • Nobody would argue with just “who” moved into California that changed it and who forced expatriates to flee to places like NV, AZ, TX, ID, and TN.

      So I am baffled by proud folks from “Missourah” when they say, “Don’t come to my state!”

      I always rip ’em a new one when I force them to look at their future options: conservative white refugees or imported Democrats who will never become assimilated and successful.

      Thanks for helping me make the case.

  14. OT: I read now where the 1-meter tall fossil hominids of Flores Island are determined to have reached that stature from ‘normal’ ancestors who stood 1.5 meters or so within about 10,000 years, about 650 generations by the model used. This didn’t just make them different, it made them a unique species.

    But despite the several-to-many tens of thousands of years humans have been in Europe, certainly no really significant differences could have arisen there. Thomas Jefferson himself told us so!

  15. “If a large portion of white people are no longer willing to play the Left’s game, will the Left just let them walk away?”

    Absolutely not. White enslavement is their prize, their goal, their dream and they hate us with an intensity that could split atoms. Does anyone honestly think they are going to stand back and allow a social construct like electoral politics to thwart their ambitions? They hunger to feed on white flesh and will accept no substitutes.

    Let me put it another way: a hunter who needs to feed his family pursues his quarry with the intention of killing it and eating it. He may fail to trap or kill the animal but what he will never do is to simply let the animal walk away.

    • It’s not a matter of “walking away” or being allowed to walk away. It’s a debt laden, credit based economy that has no future. Almost everyone plays the game of life like hungry hippo, trying to gain as many marbles as possible. A radically altered economy where the bills come due, where money once again becomes a scarce commodity (as it will) where non-performing entities are shuttered, and taxes must fund outlays, will create radically altered politics. Just as the realities of industrialization created vastly different politics, so too will a return to a normal economic environment. We’re living in the abnormal. So walking away, in reality, will be standing in front of a gaping hole where what we thought reality was used to be…which will have been an industrial age government in a post industrial world.

  16. “When will those civic nationalists and good government types realize that they can never bargain in good faith with the other side, because the other side never bargains in good faith?”—— Answer: They won’t. Even when the Filipina night crew at the nursing home is letting them sit in their own fetid beds and robbing them blind of the few possessions they have, they still won’t “get it.” Civic nationalism is a secular religion, much like environmentalism on the left, which is a branch of socialism. It’s hard for people to just quit their religion and find a new one. Look at Pat Buchanan, going to latin mass every morning, for a religion that threw him overboard by 1972. This is the reason God created death, so humanity can move on. As these little Gen Zs are getting beat up on the playground by the vibrant kids, the Civ Nat religion will ring totally hollow to them. Sadly, I’ve seen this with some friends kids who were zoned for the wrong public school. This kids have a whole different outlook than these old coots. They won’t be looking to some Gerald Ford like imbecile for leadership when they become of age. And I highly doubt that most of them will be up-and-up on their taxes, feeding an establishment that abandoned them from birth. People don’t quit their religion, and the young are the first to abandon a religion, as they see the naked realities of that religion around them.

  17. Can’t say I buy the notion of the GOP as a bunch of suckers. Because you really have to believe that both parties are really different. I don’t.

    As far as I can see both parties hold near identical views on all the major issues, it’s only on the bullshit hot button wedge issues(which don’t matter) they differ on and it’s been that way at least since Clinton got into office. And we all saw how both parties were against Trump when he ran for president.

    On trade both are pro globalist, pro-offshoring of American industry
    On immigration both support the massive importation of foreigners.
    On foreign policy both support perpetual war across the globe.
    Both support letting Wall Street rape our country blind while enriching China
    Both support China dumping vast amounts of Fentanyl into the country and poisoning our people.
    Both support turning our college students into debt serfs.
    Both support the massive tech monopolies
    Both support the intelligence community.

    Before Trump won, both Ryan and McConnell had legislation for Hillary to sign once she won. Amnesty and TPP. This pretty much says it all.

    The parties are a distinction without a difference.

    This is why it’s called the Uniparty by Sundance.

    • Abortion is the only true philosophical difference between the parties. Either it is human life to be protected, or tissue to be destroyed at will.

      • It’s not even that. I’m Dissident Right from the Palecons but because I’m not religious at all have no issue with abortion.

        Honestly it is almost entirely my enemies and the dysgenic having abortions . To my way of thinking, since abortion nearly ended a number of genetic defects like Down’s Syndrome and lowered the population of poor and hostile Leftists., Abortion is a huge social good.

        Frankly I’d hugely prefer a reason based, secular non religious state designed around family formation and social continuity. Society as a self licking ice cream cone I guess.

        I’m not sure we can though

        If Vox Day is correct, that Christianity is a mandatory pillar of Western modernity and there is a reform, it may be needed to give them far more political power than I’d like. Give this utterly absurd view of the formation of life and the absolute moral weight it has for them, abortion may have to go.

        This will make things worse across the board but any system will have compromises,

  18. This week there has been a lot of talk about how Trump is going to win based on economic models. I dont see it. Are there any election models that take the straight racial data of individual states and add up the electoral votes?

    The 2018 election played out like that with diverse counties swinging the house blue. Rubbing demographic destiny in the face of the Republican apparatus should break them after a few election cycles of it.

    • Trump won by the slimmest of margins in a handful of states back in 2016. Since then ~3M immigrants have taken the oath of citizenship. (Immigrants vote “D” 2:1) We also have PRs from hurricane Maria and felon voting in Florida. The numbers seem against reelection, but who knows?

  19. “If a large portion of white people are no longer willing to play the Left’s game, will the Left just let them walk away?”

    I quote Markus Meechan, aka Count Dankula:

    “And when we win, do not forget: that these people want you broke, dead, your children brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.”

    The Left will not, can not, ever stop.

    • I recently read a book about the history of Puritanism in the British Isles and New England. One of the things that struck me was that Puritans (and other religious groups, to be fair) considered even the presence of heretics in their midst as a grievous sin and error–allowing heretics to live among them risked the conversion of others to heresy and to their eternal damnation. Puritans did, however, allow heretics to walk away from the Puritan community; to Rhode Island, for example.

      Something similar is going on here, I think/ Woke progressives see dissidents as essentially heretics and consider even their presence as a grievous affront and threat to their self-righteousness. And I’m not at all sure that there’s going to be Rhode Island for us.

      • Friends and I were discussing a modern application of that exact topic; maybe they read the same books as you. Instead of Rhode Island though, one friend said:
        “Why don’t the Left just say ‘here, take Montana and go be all racist and horrible over there’ and we’ll go there, and won’t bother them or muck up their diversity, and everyone will be happy?”
        And I said:
        “You know good and well the Left would never tolerate a state populated solely by Deplorables, especially when it starts thriving on its own without them. A functioning, productive, happy state without Leftism and diversity?!!! Un-possible! Heresy! Blasphemy! REEEEEEEEE!!!!”

        It’s the same reason socialist and communist regimes always end in death. You can’t have heretics because they tend to make good points and arguments, and everyone has to play along with the scam to make it work. Allowing people to even just go their own way isn’t acceptable, because that tells everyone else that if things get too harsh, you can just walk away; and that screws everything up. And while the Puritans had an entire undeveloped, vast wilderness beyond the borders of the colonies to send their dissidents into, no such place exists anymore. So instead of letting dissidents and heretics go, the Leftists have them shot.

  20. Honestly I am becoming more convinced that it will be the white leftists who finally make the move towards white identity politics. The white left already embraced identity politics on behalf of their pet ethnic groups so it’s not really out of their way. I think this is the reason the socially liberal Libertarians moved to the Alt-right so easily.

    Bernie Sanders rallies look like a Klan meeting and Antifa is embraced by these same whites. The Democratic party is collapsing along with the GOP as legitimacy is being withdrawn by both sides of the political spectrum.

    The white right lacks the organization and the mentality to form any meaningful political force. Their social and political efforts seem far more focused on trying to restore the old republic than on the future. Trump effectively tapped into this nostalgia.

    I think many on the right would join a movement if it showed up but I don’t see any sign of it forming on the right as yet. The Christian right would oppose such a group, as would the Oathkeeper types and many fiscal conservatives.

    • Among reformed Christians (small sample size, of course) I sense the gloss of megachurch / megashow theology wearing thin. Best Life Now faith has not shown up for many of these folks. I suspect they will not be too resistant to the idea of Natural Order. That’s been my focus…redpill me some brothers and sisters.

  21. Our political “battle” is just plain embarrassing now. It’s like a troop of Boy Scouts taking on Meyer Lansky’s National Crime Syndicate.

    Speaking of Boy Scouts, there’s an old movie called The Last Boy Scout. In one scene, a player in a football game pulls a handgun from his uniform and starts shooting opposing players right in the middle of a play (https://youtu.be/VVrsGHs2MCk?t=201).

    Now, when something like that happens, you might say, well, all rules are off now. But the political “right” is like a football team that, when the other team starts shooting them with guns, still keeps playing according to all the rules about holding, blocking below the waist, etc.

    Just like Zman says, for a deliberative two-party system to work, both sides have to play by the rules. But the cuckservative right doesn’t realize that when just one side doesn’t play by the rules, then the “game” as such is over, there are effectively no rules at all, and you have to act accordingly.

    • They did start shooting Republican members of Congress with guns about a year and a half ago. The Republicans did keep playing like nothing happened.

      • The mainstream Republicans are really only interested in money and the monied class. Many are spineless pukes as well.

        Given that Leftist judges often run interference , a real cure requires basically removal of the Left from all systems of power and authority.

        This would probably require or cause a civil war and would certainly, assuming you could even get anyone to cooperate, cost huge numbers of lives, a vast fortune and destroy the US economy for decades .

        They don’t have the balls for it and frankly I don’t blame them all that much. If they lose, they die. If they win, they go broke and are saddled with what is essentially nation building.

        Better to up security a bit and write it off as a cost of doing business.

        What is that poem about men without chins and bade them, yeah that one.

        We are run by merchants after all and until they are banished and no I don’t mean ((merchants)) I mean any men who put money about nation, we can’t have a good nation.

  22. Liberal democracy is like a spinning coin: people naively think that the spinning (here representing the peaceful transfer of power between two parties) can go on forever. But it won’t: in the long run, the coin will fall–one side will crush the other.

    In the long run, the only two choices are left-wing totalitarianism or right-wing authoritarianism.

    The coin is now starting to slow down.

    • Artificial selection can help rid us of the proclivity for totalitarianism and authoritarianism. When the life expectancy of tyrants is measured in days (or even minutes), then their harmful influence on others will be minimized and their reproduction (or copycat) prospects will decline significantly. This is the one area where modern technology is our best friend.

      • Go watch Slaughterbots and say that again.

        The goal of the people in charge is a society in which pervasive surveillance and autonomous kill weapons make sure that anyone who speaks out, acts out or has has wrong think (face expression, posture, whatever) is instantly locked out of all social function (banks, buying food whatever) and/or killed by drones. No trial, no people involved, cold relentless all the time enforcement of the left mob think via machines

        And no you won’t be able to live in the country either . The Left can’t allow the smallest amount of freedom except maybe to screw

        It’s the only way the R selected mob thinks it can be safe.

        Ultimately heavy control over any tech that looks like a threat, think Warhammer 40K level here will be necessary to ensure human survival.

  23. I fantasized about “the walkaway” circa 2010-2014 in just the way Z describes. Thanks to this site and a few others, I can now see that the entire negotiating process was its own trick. Think “Die Hard,” with the faux terrorists using sham negotiations to misdirect and delay the cops while they looted the bank.

    Walking away is still the solution – no point in wasting more time chasing cheese in a maze purpose-built to frustrate the White mice. That said, Z also hits the nail on its head when he says “no one really knows how this would work.”

    History provides more examples of the fade-out and the overrun than the walkaway, but the “last guy out turns off the lights” scenario of the USSR provides a good recent roadmap for the latter. While not as powerfully hegemonic as the US today, the old Soviets were an imposing empire whose Politburo found itself sitting at an empty table with only a rump state to govern as the proles flooded the exits and tore down the walls.

    Our “Atlas Shrug” needs to be one of indifference, not just unburdening. We have to be willing to Let it Burn. The present Empire is too strong to reform or replace. Time and events must be given the chance to work their necromancies of decay and error.

    I have a few ideas to share on how we might ride out the interregnum as an internal-external diaspora ala you-know who, loosely anchored to settled dissident havens far-flung and/or fly-specked enough to evade countermeasures. By the holidays, I’ll have a forum rolled out where we can discuss the project(s) involved. There’s room for every approach. In the same way our enemies got us here by advancing congruent agendas into every open social vacuum, given the same long timeline, we can build something better out of the ashes.

    The one thing we can’t have is America back. Sitting in cafés on this far northern foreign shore writing concept-pieces for a site amounting to my country’s eulogy is one of the sadder things I’ve done, but Z’s right in pointing the way out of America’s Zio-Malthusian electoral trap. America was only a means to an end – the future of the White race. And along with that, humanity’s last chance to someday transcend the truly Malthusian trap* of too many Sun People incapable and unwilling to reach for the stars.

    * http://www.unz.com/akarlin/where-do-babies-come-from/

    • “By the holidays, I’ll have a forum rolled out where we can discuss the project(s) involved”
      Let’s get tactical, Exile. Anxiously waiting (while girding up)…

      • Lifestyle & cultural strategy more than edgy stuff. Let’s figure out how to make as many of our own ideas work together as practical/possible. Small groups dedicated to their own core ideas, open source project. I’m just helping to re-frame the issues and mediate.

        • Excellent. Meat and potatoes is what I’m after. Best practices, distributed efforts…I’ve resolved to work out the plan online, as meat space seems too risky now. So let’s get into some practical ideas and day-to-day decisions that focus on strengthening our individual positions. I’m in.
          A small rebellion for me is a list of Companies That Hate Me. Action item there is avoid giving them money. Other small things include going grey (casual discussions are less casual, OPSEC with neighbors, bumper sticker politics gone).
          I appreciate your spirit and I’m excited to see the fruit of effort.

  24. You’d be shocked at how many whites desire an ethnostate, even a kingdom. This view is particularly embedded in the younger ones. Once people realize that loving our people doesn’t necessarily mean hating others, conversations can move in interesting directions.

    There are swarms of our Tribe who are quite content to let the rest of the world do as it pleases, while we focus on developing our own ways.

    The problem is that while many people think it, few want to say it for fear of retribution. The secret is to be the guy who doesn’t GAF and speaks the truth that’s on everyone’s mind.

    It’s probably true that the left would never allow a peaceful separation, but the coalition of the ‘ascendancy’ has enormous internal stresses that could be exploited without resorting to physical violence.

  25. Good post by the Z-man; I have just a few observations. First, the concept of a loyal opposition is quite Anglo in origin. In most political system, the winners do crush the losers (one man, one vote, one time, then tyranny). That’s clearly the direction the U.S. is headed.

    Second, in Russian, there is a word meaning “not agreement worthy;” there’s no point arriving at an agreement with certain people or groups because there’s only a small chance that they will abide by that agreement. Dissidents need to think of the modern left in such terms.

    Third, like the Z-man, I don’t know how this will play out. I think a lot of dissidents are undergoing an internal secession, treating the government solely on a transactional basis. I think, however, internal secession may be insufficient when confronted with the power of government wielded by a vengeful Elizabeth Warren and her almost certainly even-more-vengeful appointees (think Eric Holder on steroids).

  26. The fact that at least half our political leadership has stopped playing by any rules gives me a queasy feeling. This is late Rome Republic stuff. Gaius Marius stopped playing by the rules and civil war broke out. Sulla tried to restore the republic but it was over – as is ours.

    • I disagree. I think the rules of the republic became irrelevant in 1861, our time seems to be trending toward the 3rd century crisis.

  27. One thing that I noticed in my younger years in DC was that the Left – well, the whites and Jews running the Left – lived for this stuff. The Republican staffers, who, btw, were far more liberal than their Rep or Senator’s constituencies, saw everything as more of a job or stepping stone.

    The Left truly believed that they were fighting against evil. You don’t compromise with evil. You don’t care if you lie to stop evil. We were evil in their eyes. The GOP staffers and think tank research assistants never understood this. To them, it was just policy disputes among people who were acting in good faith.

    To paraphrase Vox Day: They believe that you are evil and want your people defeated and at their knees – because it’s the right and moral thing to do. Always remember that last part.

  28. Progressives are human parasites. Their intransigence is a survival imperative, not a personal choice that can be persuaded away. For them, politics is life-or-death, not societal optimization. As long as we live in an environment that rewards and selects for parasitic behaviors, their numbers will grow until the host is killed. In nature, parasites have evolved self-regulation, but the human version has not yet acquired this restraint. The USA is the “free stuff” capitol of the world.

  29. While reading this article, I thought about George HW Bush and the words “no difference” came to mind. The left self destructed with McGovern but struck back by taking out Nixon and we were left with a limp dick, Carter. Then the savior Reagan came upon the scene and HE CHOSE JAMES BAKER AND GEORGE BUSH as successors instead of a fellow conservative (Kemp comes to mind), and being the typical naive lad that I am and was, a co-worker gave me a quick lesson, one that I had never learned in school, and he said that Bush is part of the “one” world order, a member of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, and selecting him as vice president was a sellout to the conservatives! I remember that lesson and thought my coworker was simply implying the rising dominance of UN governance encroaching on national sovereignty, and was not seeing oligarchs behind the bushes. Pretty lame of me not to know more, but the guy did his homework because Bush I and Bush II were the only two Republicans since RR and they have advanced a key facet of the progressives’ plan, so much so that nothing else matters as it has become the elixir for watering down and destroying conservative middle Americans’ voting power.

    Is there a blog somewhere that identifies the head of the snake and discusses how to cut it off?

    Anyone read Bracken’s and/or Schlichter’s novels? Which does a better job of portraying the near future?

    • Kemp was a cuck, and one of the first so called conservatives to hail the immigration wave in CA. An empty headed football jock who loved dropping into East LA and showing us white people how those waves of brown people are going to be our bright future. As I turn out the lights in this state and move to some northern mountain town, I’ll stop by his grave and piss on it.

    • Reagan didn’t “choose” George Bush. He was told that he would take Bush , or be savaged by the Swamp and the media. Reagan was informed this would happen – by no other than Walter Cronkite and some other CFR members.

      • I can see that, and I sensed, although crudely then, that he was bowing to some sort of pressure. Do you have a source for me as some interesting reading?

        Edit: Just did a little research which helped me recall the only reason that publicly explains how Bush got the job: Ford wanted to be a co-president and RR didn’t agree, so it was Bush. The whole process of crowning individuals based on their jockeying years ahead and getting set up for positioning is rather cheap and I’ve always disliked it. Many of us were not happy with Bush’s selection, not being “a true conservative,” and I doubt that Ford was either. Kemp was called a true conservative at the time, but I was told here, today, that he was open borders. That much I don’t remember and I would have to fact check. No matter since we can’t do it over and we are in a world of hurt.

        • The source is Gary North. He wrote an article a few years back after Cronkite died detailing the behind the scenes meeting where Reagan was told he’d take Bush – or get savaged.

          Supposedly the meeting was directly confirmed by a person who was there in the room. I’ll have to see if I can find the link to the original article.

          • I read an article this morning on Politico that discussed the matter but could not glean anything like a deep state threat towards Reagan by Bush; BUT, when you watch the video of Ford talking with Cronkite, an informed observer watching the video understands what Ford means when he talks about knowing the ways of Washington, as he was a long standing insider going back to the days of the Kennedy assassination. Had you not commented I would not have looked into your theory and picked up on that in the video with Cronkite. Still, did Ford imply “threat” to Reagan or just the fact that RR was too much of an outsider? No matter; DC is a fucking swamp and I waste my time trying to learn about the past when I am trying to plan for the near future.

          • Just assume that everything you’ve been told or read for the past 50 years or so has been a lie (of either commission or omission or both) and work from there. You do need to relearn the real past to try to help your children understand their coming future, but other than that don’t agonize over it.

    • Both Reagan and Thatcher failed to choose like minded successors. (Trump could do the same thing if he pushes Jared and Ivanka as his successors.) I liked Kemp back in the day, but he turned into a mass immigration enthusiast. Buchanan would have been the best to follow Reagan. He would have kept most
      Republicans on board since he had been loyal to both Nixon and Reagan. His positions on foreign policy, trade, and immigration would have brought in many socially conservative Democrats and independents (who now back Trump). He was ahead of his time. The sad loss of an opportunity.

      • I think Buchanan would have been good, but there will always be someone here who is ‘more informed’ that would disagree. Time to get back on making plans for the next step instead of the past.

      • Does Bracken give a real good look at the near future, you think? Do you recommend reading them in order, or just one or two books? Thanks for the info.

        • His first 3 books are
          a trilogy, best read in order. Amazon handles his work,or you can get autographed copies directly from him.

    • I’ve read both Bracken’s and Schlichter’s novels. Both authors are good and entertaining. I think Schlichter does a better job of skewering the left’s insanity (they’re too extreme to truly parody, of course) and Bracken does a better job re preparations for violence and/or extreme solutions. The future? It will suck. Normies cannot truly be convinced – it’s like Hitler’s description of arguing with a Jew – even if they acknowledge a point or two, the next day it’s as if your discussion never happened and you’re back to square one. The normalcy bias is unfathomable – I won’t waste my time listing the myriad of examples of people rushing to embrace the diversity that slaughtered their loved ones. I also won’t waste my time “arguing” with or “persuading” people who refuse to see what’s right there in front of them.

      My advice is look out for your own – prepare for where you and/or your loved ones will attempt to ride out the cataclysm (whether it’s a fast implosion or a slow Brazilification doesn’t matter – it’s a cataclysm either way for White Europeans) and make whatever mental and physical preparations you can. You cannot effect mass change or make “nice white ladies” acknowledge the reality of race. Even after the cataclysm you’ll face the same refusal to acknowledge reality. You can waste your time banging your head against that wall or prepare to go around it and let the chips fall where they may – if the great sifting effects various blind friends or relatives, too bad so sad.

      • How anyone can look at South Africa and not understand the future White people have here is mind boggling. I suppose the answer is most people don’t look at South Africa.

  30. “If a large portion of white people are no longer willing to play the Left’s game, will the Left just let them walk away?”

    At this point, the Left won’t let us go! Sent Z this book: “When in the Course of Human Events: Arguing the Case for Southern Secession.” It’s grim, folks. We are their cash cow. There will be no peaceful secession. They won’t give up the land, our money and taxes, or the power trip to lord it over us. The South called the war The War for Secession. The ruling overlords called the war a Civil War. Big difference. The South wanted Out. The North wouldn’t let them.

    The awakening is still slow. My son-in-law in the Bay Area is oblivious. He’s not a Lefty. Just a moron. A nice moron who treats his mother-in-law well. And pays no attention to politics. However, I read the Z’s daily writing to my daughter in front of him. That coupled with the Half of California forced power outage and me telling both of them this is the beginning of Venezuela for California. Tiny red pills sifting down through the air. The next day he announced to wife and me he may think about an out of state job and moving out of California. He still can’t think through and never will. The Venezuela/CA collapse and out-of-control Vibrants and meth freaks scare him, things will have to get a lot worse. He’ll still watch “Ellen” on TV in another state.

    My Mormon neighbors elected Globalist Romney so you know where they are on the Woke Scale.

  31. “Older folks talk about how the 1960’s eventually burned itself out.”

    Boomers believe this. What they forget is that the United States in the 1960s was white. This will not burn itself out anymore than any ethnic conflict burns itself out. Ethnic conflicts burn out when one side kills or enslaves the other, or they physically separate themselves.

    • Of there is one thing we know about Mexicans, it’s that they would never let their country collapse into street violence and socialism.

    • It didn’t burn itself out. It burned itself into the deepest recesses of the establishment. Follow Hillary Clinton’s ark of life, and you can follow the 1960s into the seat of total power and control. The 60s were the firewall that it burned through.

  32. Winning in the political arena is only of paramount importance to the left. The right of the divide has more important things to do like watch sports, buy guns and remodel kitchens. They don’t care if there is a deal or not as long as their home equity continues to grow and they have a team to cheer for on the weekend.

    Trump understands this which is why he focuses on making politics fun with rallies and tweets not on saving the nation.

  33. Their side wants to be up in everyone’s business. Our side wants to be left alone. The sales analogy is not just a time commitment, but it is also an energy commitment. The rest of us don’t want to spend the energy required to deal with those people, because it exhausts us, keeping us from enjoying the rest of what we want to do each day. They seem to have inexhaustible energy to fight these battles every day (ask the Trump people about that). The only chance we have is that a sleeping giant (the rest of us) gets awakened, has enough of all of this, and goes like Godzilla on Tokyo. As much as we would like to see all of this madness run its course and burn out, I think that’s not a likely outcome.

  34. White male slavery. It is coming. You will get a Warren shock collar to zap you every time you think bad thoughts and you will live under a bridge and slave away at Globohomo for your food ration of bugs and beans.

    Oh it’s coming.

  35. The problem with the Repubs is not just that they are sellouts and morons. The principal fact that makes them our enemy and not really the enemy of the Left is that they are globalists. What they really care about is profits for global corporations. As long as the money is rolling in, they don’t care all that much about Drag Queen Story Hour.

    • It takes two to make a “deal.” In America there is only the UniParty. There are no more “deals.”

      The next step is an ever-growing all-powerful State making slave/drones of everyone – or revolution.

    • Those global corporations and their lobbies are very, very, good to the obedient after they leave office. It’s how someone like Kelly Ayotte (the one term senator from NH) who began as a prosecutor making a five-figure salary now sits on multiple corporate boards for million$ each year.

  36. The Left won’t let them just walk away. Watching the Democratic debate last night brought once again the familiar feeling that one side or the other winds up in camps, if not this go-round, then in a few years time.

    • Oil and water don’t mix……A house divided cannot stand…..

      One side wants to crush the other. And we know who the bad guys are here.

      The good guys are one hundred million plus strong, despite mass brainwashing. They won’t go away quietly. The math for serious civil unrest is easy as 1+1=2

  37. The 1986 Reagan amnesty was the paradigmatic example of the typical GOP-Dem agreement. “Give us amnesty now and we’ll secure the country later.” We all know how that played out.

    Were the Republicans duped or complicit?

    • There have been seven amnesties since 1981. At the end of June Trump was on Telemundo saying that he’s always been in favor of amnesty – so get ready for the next one. Eighteen years after 9/11 we still don’t have visa tracking even though that was signed into law in 1996 (IIRIRA.) There is only one party and they want open borders and wars. Voting seems to have no effect.

      • Check out the FTN episode on St. Ronald. I’m inclined to believe Chomsky (as referenced in Shamir’s latest Unz piece on Turkey/Syria) that Nixon was the last US president independent of The Lobby..

  38. Here’s the thing, brown people don’t do organized. So their areas will be typical 3rd world shit holes full of 3rd world shit people. They won’t be a threat to invade the white areas.
    Whites will have their areas, where things will work and the white leftists will be prevented from settling. Critical reaction is snuffed out and subsides.

    • The lack of invasion threat may be wishful thinking as time goes by. POC, 3rd worlds, Islamists, etc. could easily be organized, manipulated, and motivated to do most anything by the prevailing leftist machine. Their efforts to take things apart will be unceasing now that the mask is coming off. Losing in 2020 will be a speed bump for them.
      If the interest is in trying to save what we have, then the new generations must be educated correctly. If the left continues to control education, media, entertainment, etc., the system and culture are toast..

    • If you really want to drive home that point, just look at the aftermath of natural disasters. In “black and brown” areas, at best people just stand around waiting for help to arrive and at worst they start looting and pandemonium breaks out. Whereas in white areas, people are working even as the event is still happening. I remember watching footage of Harvey when it hit the suburbs and a bunch of white suburban guys were patrolling the streets in their boats. When he hit the black and brown areas, looting and pandemonium ensued.

  39. I never understood why the GOP would negotiate in good faith, agree to half of what the Progressives wanted and declare victory while getting nothing in return.
    Now that I’ve come to realize they’re on the same team, working toward the same goal of an egalitarian paradise. The only difference is the speed of the decline.

    Nicely done Zman.

    • Both Republicans and Democrats are the flower children of the 18th century Enlightenment religion. Anything or anyone that contravenes (or might lead to the contravention of) Liberty, Democracy, Equality, and Natural Rights is anathema to the disciples of Locke, Rousseau, and Voltaire.

      Left and Right comes from the French Revolution – the radicals of the Enlightenment sat on the left of the National Assembly and the not-so-radicals who wanted to preserve some of the old ways sat on the right, but they were all true believers and on the same team. Those to the “right” of cuckservatives are actually unenlightened heathens and therefore deserve no mercy or consideration. That’s why cuckservatives and civnats would rather punch to the right than to the left.

  40. “If a large portion of white people are no longer willing to play the Left’s game, will the Left just let them walk away?”

    A couple years after my banishment from a family of woken progressives… I happened to be reading my estranged lesbian daughter’s blog. Like most SJW’s she was incensed when I rejected her sexuality, her world views and her moral authority. You know the drill when you refuse to bow and scrape and apologize before these lunatics. The little shit took to her blog where she tried to gin up a sensitivity mob to come pay me a visit. One of the volunteers asked her if I was armed, and if that would be a problem. Everybody rethought their priorities when the answer came back.

    Keep in mind boys, these lefties rule only in a consentual and artificially created environment of political correctness. That environment is unstable, unsupportable, and unsustainable. It’s already starting to burn – look at the Donks as they struggle to put out the flames engulfing their candidates. Trump just pours on the gasoline and passes out the Zippos and matches and their own minions set them alight.

    If we remove our consent and support – and many of us, more everyday are doing so – they are done. There will be no dark ages. There will be no civil war – who are the teams? Where can the battle lines be formed? At most, some black baboons will burn down their own neighbourhoods as they always do, and some idiot kids will have some brawls in street demonstrations. We may get lucky and see a few swamp creatures lynched. If we get really lucky, some outraged mass media slobs will get lynched too when they write about it.

    A new conservatism is rising. It’s going to be guys like you making the decisions and calling the shots once the current garbage fire burns out. Now would be a good time to make plans to move forward.

    • Not sure I agree? The worst part of the past decade is the blood lust of “woke” family members. They would happily send brothers, sons, sons-in-laws, etc… to the Gulag if there was the slimmest chance of a Utopia on earth. That blood lust will never disappear, it waits.

      • Correct.

        As our blog host notes, the left does not negotiate. They don’t back down. They pick stupid fights and often win stupid prizes. Why do you think that is?

        My theory is (and I stand ready to be proven wrong on this) – that the bulk of this lunacy is driven by women. Were it not for that demographic, The Donks would never get into the Oval Office. Were it not for them, Obama and Hillary would have been laughed out of politics. Were it not for women, we *might* be having sane arguments with the democrats on legitimately divisive issues. As it is, to plagiarize our host – “they shriek about conservatives sewing their legs shut after stuffing their uteruses with bibles…”

        Women are socialists and fascists by nature. The founding fathers understood this, and wisely forbade them positions in gov’t or authority. When women fight – they lose all perspective. They are far more vicious and vindictive than men. They will happily destroy themselves as long as they can take their enemies – real and imagined – with them. We are seeing that now – the democrat hag squad has made the party into a clown act.

        In order to get gulags, you need motivated men to build them and run them. Vibrants and women won’t cut it. If I recall correctly, I think they had a rainbow bridge they built somewhere to much fanfare and publicity recently – and it collapsed a couple days later. Such is the fate of any project they take up.

        Fellas – we have put these chains on ourselves. We are talking about dire futures and we haven’t even fired a shot. The fat lady has not sung for us yet – she is guzzling wine by the box, posting pics of herself and her cats on BookFace, and shopping at Walmart.

        And you lot would give up and say we are saying we are done for?

        • Here I go again. The Squad are puppets for Justice Democrats and Saikat Chakrabarti. (male)
          The Brains Behind AOC

          “Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…happen to be Justice Democrats, a group that’s quickly gained currency under the leadership of a handful of determined alumni from Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign.”

          “Their stated purpose is a continuation of the anti-establishment left-wing movement started by Bernie Sanders [male] in the 2016 race.”
          The term Bernie BRO: “It was also associated with allegations of sexism and racism, as associated with a group that was predominantly white and predominantly male.”

          The founders of Justice Democrats:
          Cenk Uygur (male)
          Kyle Kulinski (male)
          Saikat Chakrabarti (male)
          Zack Exley (male)

          Key people
          Saikat Chakrabarti (male)
          Zack Exley (male)
          Tara Reilley
          Alexandra Rojas, Executive Director

          Behind every great woman, there’s a great man. Women are mostly foot soldiers/canon fodder. You’re right, too many women vote Democrat. But since voting doesn’t matter anyway…

          • We complain about women’s instincts.
            But what about ours?
            We are just as easily seduced, as in love with our imagined virtues, as eager to obey smooth-talking psychopaths, blind to where they are taking us.

            How ’bout we beat the judges, the oligarchs, the politicians, the criminals instead?
            The false preachers?
            The official yentas, whom our women copy?
            The spies who stab us in the back?

            Or is that too hard for us sheepdogs, tough and vigilant to every danger?

            So who let the scabs in to sweet-talk our women and take our stuff?
            “Cucks” indeed.

            “Women should stop being so female!”–
            really, geniuses? Who wears the pants?

          • Not insignificant:
            Cenk Uygar is an ‘ex’ Muslim (apostate? then why is he still alive?)
            Saikat Chakrabarti is Bengali, which is to say Bangladeshi, IOW probably Muslim

            From which I automatically assume subversion.

        • ” I think they had a rainbow bridge they built somewhere to much fanfare and publicity recently – and it collapsed a couple days later. ”

          But it ceased to be a Vibrant Project about 20 minutes after it collapsed.
          Quickest memory holing in history.

      • Here I tend to agree. Stories of NAZI and Communist youth organizations come to mind with accounts of condemnation of parents and others for bad thought. No reason to think a vile “ism” like Progressivism will turn out more virtuous.

    • I think one of Z’s points is that the current garbage fire may not burn out. I’d add that massive immigration makes it more likely that fire will grow and burn down what’s left of conservatism and traditional America.

      Some conservatives I know comfort themselves by saying that eventually the pendulum will swing back from all this leftist craziness. I don’t believe that.

      This is what motivates talk of separation.

      • I don’t know what people on here think of Coulter, but she was on some talk show the other day and was brutal in her assessment that it’s all — all of it — going to be lost, quite soon, due to demographics and immigration.

        Everything we’re “fighting” about now politically won’t mean a lick of salt in six, seven years. More and more babies, each and every day, requiring cradle-to-grave care courtesy of someone’s wallet, and politicians who’ll promise them everything in return for a vote.

        Got an elderly mother who is utterly confused by the fact that most of the people she calls now with customer service questions — people who “work for these companies,” as she quaintly believes (as if they’re full-time employees with a pension in 1961) — are totally unintelligible. They’re all Spanish speakers. It’s completely out of her worldview that the national government would allow other countries to send millions of their own people into the continental United States without a shot. In fact, she won’t believe it. And I suspect that’s the case for many Boomers. Their trust has destroyed us (along with other less admirable traits, too).

        They also believe it’ll “burn out,” too — as do some of my Gen X friends. They believe that systems move toward equilibrium, and that this current episode of insanity is due for a course correction very soon.

        The implicit bias here — that what’s happening right now is the worst case scenario — is what’s going to kill us. They counsel moderation and patience because they simply do not comprehend the nature of the problem. They are concentrating on the system’s corrective mechanisms, when in reality, the system itself is already broken. Nor was it ever designed to handle such a contingency, either. A piece of paper can’t stop a foreign invasion and subsequent swarming of the ballot box to consolidate the fruits of that victory.

          • Ann is at the pinnacle of understanding of the direction we are heading . there is nothing cyclical about it

        • One thing to keep in mind is that every ten years, about 12% of the people will have been replaced. Twelve percent changing sides will swing almost any election ever held in this country.

          Most of those dying nowadays are my cohort – white people over 65. Most of those replacing them are anything but white.

        • Speaking of the disconnect and the inability for Boomers to even conceptualize what’s happening in this country… I was at a rural bar in a swing state. Talking to the bar tender, a man in his late 60s, and several other boomers ranging from late 50s to early 70s. Gay marriage came up, then I mentioned the trans issue. They all laughed and said that this was just stuff on TV, that no one was actually doing this. And of course they were very condescending as they explained “the real world” to me, a dumb millennial. Well, one of those men had a child who I happened to know had been in a sexual relationship with a trans whatever (after meeting the person I still have no idea if it was MtF or FtM). The father was completely unaware of this, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him so I just sat there and took the condescension.

          • Don’t drop that blanket over all of us boomers. I am from the early wave of boomers and I have seen what’s been going on for many years. My son is Gen X and I’m up to speed with him, sometimes more so.

        • They also believe it’ll “burn out,” too

          In a certain sense, they are right. It will burn out, and burn everything else with it. The trick is to have a certain core survive to rebuild from the rubble. The unfortunate part is that it could take decades, if not centuries. Even the burn out may be agonizingly slow making it difficult for that core to survive. Such is the task at hand.

          • True. But their definition of “burning out” centers around an electoral triumph. They cannot conceive of any political solution to any social problem that isn’t based upon majority vote — and, naturally, can be reversed by the same process just two to four years later. They imagine some kind of Reagan 1980 “red tide” sweeping it all back into the Pacific. This is based upon the belief — the hope, really — that there’s a massive silent majority of “Americans” who are “fed up” with the left. They can’t imagine that normal people support all of this. They have an utterly false image of the state of this country and who lives in it.

            I don’t think these people are serious, to be honest. I’ve come to this conclusion about many people I know over the last few years. Beyond their “I Voted!” sticker and hating or loving various politicians, they put very little thought into anything political or cultural at all. Their beliefs are built upon their own wishes and projections, nothing more.

            The worst part is when it begins to turn against them — and it will, soon — they are going to find the nearest person and take out their fury and anger upon them. Guess who that will be. (The same people in the crosshairs right now.)

        • Ayatollah, I fear you are correct. I know far too many “intelligent” people” who are stupid as stumps when it comes to the political situation today. All sweetness and acceptance, and “why can’t we all live in harmony,” despite evidence to the contrary right under their noses. They have been brainwashed to see the world as presented by BBC, The Guardian et al, and they will never take the red pill. There are A LOT of these people, and unless they wake up, we are in deep flip. I am (sadly) not optimistic.

    • I feel you John. Even small push backs – like calling out some family members who uses the world “white” in a negative way – is met by stunned looks. The other side is never questioned and has no clue the anger building.

      Their strength is our silence. We are like the elephant tied to a post by a weak little rope who no longer tries to escape. The other side’s power is wide by not deep – and they know it, which is why they fight so hard to keep anyone from pulling back the curtain.

      • At the zoo where I worked, we were taught that the chains holding the elephants don’t actually restrain them, but the animals believe that they do. If we are the chained elephants, we need to remember that those chains only appear to be holding us back, but we don’t need to let on that we know. Let the other side think that we are convinced of our own captivity, and never let on that we know the reality of things. Spring it on them when they are not expecting it, after we build strength, a strong sense of purpose, and significant numbers. Allow them to have the delusion that we are the deluded ones.

        • I was not an elephant handler, but I worked in the vicinity of the animals. In chatting with the handlers, it was noted that they would watch for an animal’s testing of the boundaries of their confinement. Even occasional casual tests meant that the animal had to be shipped out, away from any potential contact with the public, and controlled contact with the other animals. A lesson for us is in there.

          • Yep. I work with cattle, not elephants, but the same applies. Especially with bulls. Any fencing you put up, no matter what, is all psychological barrier. Once they lose respect for it nothing will keep them in. Both I and my farrier had to sell our bulls this spring because they learned to go through the fence. Once they learn, there’s no stopping them.

      • The risk of job loss is a pretty strong rope. Avoid social media, be careful in emails and phone calls, have your taxes in order, etc.

      • I told my sister about the Mohammed quotient, thinking she would find it funny. (This is when you divide the number of perps in a terrorist attack into the number of times the name Mohammed or one of its myriad variant spellings occurs among them. You can play at home. Sometimes it is greater than one!)

        She immediately said, “I’ll bet you could do the same thing with Billy Joe Bob and KKK attacks.”

        I asked her to let me know when the next ‘KKK attack’ occurs and I’ll do the math.

        • It surprises me how little attention has been paid to the fact that with the FBI (and their “Counter-terrorism chief in especial) so deeply enmeshed in trying to dump Trump, the supply of exploding Mohameds has dried up.

      • I agree with the not allowing casual, anti-white remarks to go unchallenged. I do so with a mild but firm tone and don’t personally attack the speaker. I get incomprehension in return, but it’s the least I can do.

        • I do the “are you trying to be offensive or are you just stupid” line,

          Hunt the fuckers down every time. Only exception is if I’m in their house, then it’s I’m sorry I can’t stay and listen to this. Leave.

          I have a fairly high tolerance for friction.

      • Well said. I make it a point to challenge PC garbage, e.g. I point out that shows that obviously disparage white people are in fact racist — to the horror of some. But we have to start challenging the narrative, politely, calmly, logically but firmly. The “progressives” have this built in thing that they can’t possibly be wrong, partly because they are so rarely challenged. They need shaking up — and if some of them classify us as racists (the default reaction), then so be it.

    • They will never ever ever go for separation. They cannot.

      They understand we would create a space where a very powerful rival would rise and be forced to crush them to stop the endless chaos bleeding out of the shitholes we leave behind. Their goal is to destroy us no matter the cost to themselves…as long as it’s them ruling the rubble. These freaks and their savage barely early neolithic bioweapons truly deeply believe that our erasure will open up the gates of paradise here on Earth. YT must be cast into the abyss or the sun will never shine.

      We have one and only one path forward

      • Even a successful separation would be temporary. The other side would bide their time and bring in outside help to make an attempt at destroying whatever white-dissident-controlled redoubts might exist. The next armed struggle will be the last one. The left will never quit until they are completely destroyed and/or driven off this hemisphere. Any person on the right who disagrees should just get out of the way. They are useless.

        • The left needs a productive parasite to bum off of since none of their constituency knows what work is and never will. And it’s been shown that with exceptions most non whites are a drag on economic productivity.

      • Talk of separation is a moot point.

        It would require forceful violent action on the part of those who wish to seperate themselves from the left.

        The mere discussion of violent resistance has been deemed immoral and forbidden at every level of the non-progressive fraction of the population.

        I expect only endless impotent complaining as the white population fades into extinction.

        • This didn’t apply when the USSR fell – very little violent resistance happened, mostly during the abortive coup vs. Gorby after most of the horses had already left the Warsaw Pact stable

          • Russians and Eastern Europeans are different nations with different genes. We also rejected cultural Marxism with instant nationalist backlash. Actually we have violence, war is always violent. You have brilliant thinkers and optics, Eastern Europe has drunken football fans who beat communists out of the streets. We also have different thinking and different values. It is impossible to copy paste our fighting methods to Anglosphere.

          • All the more reason why violence is even less necessary vs. Western oppression vs. Eastern. Accepting your point that the East is more violent, yet the USSR dissolved relatively peacefully, doesn’t that say that the same dissolution in the West would be less violent?

          • Well, USSR dissolved peacefully because we are very violent and liberals knew what will happen to them when their resistance to dissolving the USSR goes too far. All the mess in the West is because liberals feel unpunished. In Eastern Europe you can not crush somebody’s scull with bike lock and hope that society leaves it like this. We do Alinsky all the time. When was the last time, all white nationalists concentrated their efforts to destroy life of one single anti white to warn all others ?

          • At least 40% of the US population either has a passionate commitment to the idea of a United State, or a strong financial interest in the status quo… and this percentage may in fact be MUCH higher.

            By the time Gorbachev was running the Soviet Union, true believers were few, and the number willing to actually defend the Soviet status quo was pushing zero.

      • Many, many years ago I recall an interview with the first black Mayor of Atlanta,(too idle to look him up) who outlined his plans to a white guy who commented that he would drive white drive people out of the city. He replied: “We will follow you”.

    • Every day I enjoy reading your delusional Dark Utopian vision… Its nice to read someone who is “positive” about how things will end up.

      It helps me forget that demography is destiny and the cake is already baked. That 40% of whites and 75% of whites under 25 would happily erase this site and take away the jobs of anyone who posts on it…

      Whatever gives you that adrenaline rush though!

        • Great, actually. I invest in my two sons education (already taking Code Ninja class) and I make sure they are super Woke so that when they go to College they’ll fit right in…

          In all honesty, I’m not too pessimistic. Every generation believes everything is about to fall apart. Where I live in MN I just don’t see the sky falling. We’re a Blue State and are Governed by pretty rational people who value Education and the Environment. Hence by every metric we are a top 5 state to live in.

          It’s not POC that worry me, it’s automation and Oligarchs eating up 75% of the GDP on a few hundred employees.

          If anythings going to tear the country apart it will be a lack of jobs and people getting into tribes and blaming each other because they “look different.” It’s hilarious to me that Z says Lilberal’s won’t negotiate… When Obama won they were one Senator away from a Super Majority in all houses and he couldn’t pass anything because of obstruction. In fact in the first 4 years the GOP filibustered more times than in the whole history of the Senate. If anything, what happened to Obama woke up Liberals to the fact that: all you have to do is “just say No.”

          There will be no Civil War. There will be no Ethno State. People just want a good job and peace. More than any other country on Earth we have it awesome. We’re fat and happy.

          When POC take over there will be no camps. They’ll just do what the Whites have always done and shift all the Gov. benefits to their people.

          I’m not in need of Gov. benefits and tax breaks so I could give two sh… as long as I don’t have to watch the Bad Orange Man embarrass us every day on the news with 3rd grade tweets and crying.

          • Get back to me when your 401k gets seized to pay for POC benefits, and family members get picked up at midnight and disappeared when an old tweet gets discovered—or maybe you get it because you posted on Z’s site (“but, but, look at what I said, I’m on your side”—doesn’t matter, bubba). The scorched earth policies of the left are what brings this stuff around.

            Also, when the POC take over, don’t assume that the heritage white norms will be maintained. Different tribes have different ways of going about things. Normalcy bias is not your friend.

          • And Obama was going to take our guns and put chips in our heads too…

            That stuff is all fantasy guys. All fantasy.

            This country is owned and operated by Oligarchs and their corporations. Making money off of all of us is their purpose. They don’t care if its POC or us.

            They control our Gov. Even when Warren wins, there will be no new regs. on banks let alone death camps.

            Nothing ever changes. There’s never gonna be a wall. There’s never going to be Universal Ins.

            Big B won’t allow any of it.

            Yeah, we’ll have to see a POC on TV every night instead of an Orange dude. Big fing deal. That POC will be owned and operated by the Fortune 500 just like Obama.

          • Do believe that your boys are being damaged by being taught whites have an evil history and that white men in particular are uniquely evil?

            Do you want them to turn out like the ethno-masochist Beto?

          • No ones teaching them that dude… No one. Slave owners were evil. The ones in African kingdoms were 2000 years ago and so were our fore fathers. Accepting that fact doesn’t harm our kids. Accepting that our country did some terrible stuff doesn’t bother me.

            Yes they’ll get taught that their skin color gives them advantages. And whether anyone wants to admit it or not WE DO. Im cool with my kids knowing they’re lucky to be born white. S… they are. Every study shows people fear minorities because they are different.

            I say we fix that before we become the minority…

            I have a question for you dude, should be brush over history or tell the full truth? There are no perfect heros.

          • Of course we should not ignore history but history comes with an interpretation. For example, many young people talk as through out history only white people held slaves and they don’t know only whites ended slavery. If your boys even know that slavery was the norm everywhere at all times, ask them about the relative sizes of the slave populations in the US versus the Arab world in the 1800s.

            Also, I wonder if you will agree your boys have white privilege when they apply for schools and jobs.

          • Agreed.

            Those Arab people were horrible people who shouldn’t be looked up too either.

            Abolitionists were the true heroes that should have statues all over the South.

            As for the school and job stuff: get back to me when POC are represented evenly by their demographic number. Most colleges and jobs are prob. 90% white even though whites are 65% of the country.

            Yeah Harvard might not accept them, and one job out of 10 will be off limits… but at least they’ll be able to drive around high, party hard at bars, date anyone they want without being singled out and arrested at a much higher rate… Plus, everyone will smile at them and they’ll have high self of steam just by being born to two good looking white people!

          • I think your kids should walk through the ghetto at midnight and test the theory that anti-white teaching has no effect.

          • Except you know darn well you could walk through Appalachia at midnight, whether you’re black or white, because whites have low crime rates.

            If you believe what you say, that we’re all equal and anti-white propaganda is meaningless then you should be just as safe walking through the Baltimore ghetto, just as you are walking through Portland Oregon.

            But of course you’re lying to us, and your kids, and yourself.

          • Wow… so stop the Anti white propaganda and Black crime in big cities will go down?

            The biggest criminals in this country live in million dollar homes and they sold our jobs to China. Trust me their way worse than the 18 year old gang banger trying to make ends meet in Newark.

          • I feel like Tiny Duck has joined the conversation. Did you get tired of being stupidly annoying over at Sailor’s blog?

          • Normie, the more you talk the stupider you sound, but that’s because you attempt to post here as some sort of conservative, middle of the roader, enlightening the benighted—when you really are spouting the Progressive narrative dressed up in disguise.

            It’s not that teaching children that their skin color or ancestors gave them advantages, it’s rather passing on the sins of the fathers to them and robbing them of any claim to legitimate achievement, preparing them for subservience—not based on lack of merit, but rather skin color—all while propping up others’ excuses for failure.

            You are a fifth column within the movement.

          • No ones passing on sins… you sound like a snowflake cry baby.
            Admitting mistakes of the false bs past is only a problem for those who have no personal achievements… what do I care if my kids look at the Founders as slave owners? Theyll make the world a better place hopefully instead of yearning for the past like some cry baby Boomer.
            The only people that are going to be subservient are the ones who refuse to accept the reality of their culture. Who cry about being forced to live and work with people that dont subscribe to their dead ideology.

          • There are still slave auctions in North Africa, FYI. You seem really earnest about all of this, but you need to understand that the powers that be have no interest in informing you, only in indoctrinating you. You believe they have your best interests at heart, along with all of those you support. They don’t. You are the time tested pawns for the designs of the wealthy and powerful, and you are blue pilled to the point where you can’t see it. You are in red pill territory, and everything we say is foreign to you, and “triggers” you, just as your handlers have trained you to respond. You are not a free thinker, you have been programmed. The programming is blocking you from the reality that is out there for all of us. It is not a good reality, or a comfortable one, for any of us, but it is real. It is historically informed, and takes in an understanding of human nature and human behaviors, not externally programmed ignorance of them.

          • Yep

            The guy who genuinely tries to see others perspectives and converse is in the Matrix and beleives everything hes told not what he sees in his daily life.

            But you… you see everything as it truly is… got it!

            Thank you for helping me to see that POC are coming to put me in a Nazi camp…

          • I assume you found this site to find out how people with a different understanding than you actually think, and you are appalled that all the stereotypes seem to be true. Now you are playing whack-a-mole with every point we make, because it is seriously at odds with what you think to be right and true. Fair enough. But don’t for a minute believe that we simply go off in disagreeable directions for no good reason at all. This place is one where everything is questioned and worked through. I am not really interested in convincing you of the truth in anything we speak. Instead, it perhaps plants a seed of understanding, so that if things around you start going in ways that are unexpected for you, you might have some kernel of understanding in order to help you figure things out. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here, assuming you actually are interested in an exchange of ideas. But the vibe I get is that you are so offended by what you have found here, that you are now more interested in flamethrowing in enemy territory, with an oh-so-intellectual veneer. To the extent that is true, I guess there is value in that for us, as a reminder that some, uh, normies, really are very closed minded and engaging with them is a waste of time.

            As to the world around us, the battle lines have been drawn, not by you or by me, but we all have to live within them and choose our allies. You are going with the percentage play, I get that. So is LeBron. There is a danger of a purity spiral on all sides, where people turn on their own. There is a danger that things get totally out of hand, in which case there are no winners, only survivors. There are all sorts of possible outcomes of all of this. Prepare for as many likely ones as possible, as best you can, for your own sake and for your family’s sake. You didn’t make this situation, and neither did we. We are all along for the ride, though.

          • Well I am who I am like you said. I read this daily and love the comment section. Believe it or not this is my go to site every morning.

            Correct I live in my bubble of vibrancy and enjoy it. Trump winning with his blatant race baiting and the reaction he got from his rhetoric made me want to look into alt right like ideas ( I understand this isnt Alt Right blah blah blah…)

            Sometimes,like you said, Im stunned and in the mood to see how someone who beleives “race realism” reacts to a mid aged white male whos not a SJW.

            I appreciate not being kicked off or insulted. You guys are all in all good people as am I, as are most POC.

            I believe we are in a real battle against the super rich and race baiting will keep us down. Id rather win with 55% POC and 45% white women than let our country be ran into the ground by .01% rich white NPC.

            I think this Ideology is dangerous and devisive. I think it makes broad generalizations and gives people an exuse to not see why we all are feeling dispossessed.

            POC who are Americans are just as much a part of my tribe as you, sir. I hope that when the time comes and automation kills millions of jobs you stand with me and take back out country. Even if the figure head is a POC woman…

            And Orange man very bad.

          • Id rather win with 55% POC and 45% white women than let our country be ran into the ground by .01% rich white NPC.

            I am a little confused – what makes you think you will “win” (I assume you mean against the Oligarchs) with the POC/WW? What evidence do you have that the Oligarchs (who you rightly despise) are not in fact utilizing the POC/WW to maintain their power? Why are so many oligarchs so woke? Whom do you think is pushing for immigration laxity? Doesn’t it seem odd to you that the typical politician (if not an oligarch itself) goes into politics with modest means or lightly well off, and comes out wealthy? Where does that $$$ come from? Have you seen a typical African/S. American country in the past 100 years? The Oligarchs do pretty well there. You rant against the Oligarchs, and then fall right into their POC/WW trap.

          • Hey Normie:
            Are you a woman?

            I ask in all seriousness because I am genuinely curious.

            The more I read, the more I seem to think that you are, with your faux intellectualism.
            The female emotion is still coming through in your writing, methinks.
            Or maybe that’s just your normalcy bias.

          • Normie, so move to Zimbabwe then. They are literally asking for white people.

            Take your sons, too. Imagine their eternal gratitude to Dads the visionary pioneer.
            Think of all the white privilege possibilities– they will hail your genius!

          • We don’t fear non-whites because they’re “different”. We fear them because they’re dangerous. Go live in their neighborhood in Newark and let us know how it turns out. And stop blaming whites for the shortcomings of non-whites, dimwit. If you think they’re “just like us”, make sure your kids marry them. And enjoy the vibrancy.

          • Go live in Appalachia and enjoy the 95% white culture old angry guy…

            See how stupid that sounds?

            Unlike you if my kids married someone they loved Id be happy no matter what race… I honestly feel sorry for u and everyone who has to live with your dying deplorable beliefs.

          • Don’t worry, Little Hobbit. Everything is fine in the Shire. All those stories of wickedness will never come to you and yours. Never. Ever.

          • “It’s going to work out perfectly for everyone because it’s working out perfectly for me.”

            Oh, and Orange Man Bad.

          • Things are working out fine for me as well, so far, but I do understand that our culture goes about things rather differently than most others, providing domestic peace and prosperity unseen in most times and places, even today. Big parts of our culture seem hellbent on tearing things down rather than working together to try to find better ways to do things. I attribute that to a form of tribalism that is common in other places, but historically largely absent here. I lay the recent changes at the feet of Obama and Hillary, pawns of the elites, who never showed any interest in working together with opponents on anything, instead going for the personal insults, both one-on-one and collectively, and who, in turn, resulted in Trump as a response to their attitudes. The die is now cast, and sides have been drawn. I have not wanted to see this state of affairs, but here it is. There is no going back now. You have chosen your side. You obviously are aware of that, but you have not thought about the personal longer term consequences of having done so (actually your having been forced by the times to do so), nor do you seem to be aware of what everyone being forced to take sides actually means for the future. Personally, I wish things were different, but they are not. Your assumptions for the future represent a widespread version of historical ignorance and normalcy bias, once this tribal path is taken.

          • Agreed.
            There are clear sides now. And yed thats a bad omen.
            You say Obama I say Big B and the conservative values of market over everything destroyed this nation.
            Soon it will be a class war, and I am firmly on the side of the Lower.
            The difference between you and I is I dont care about race. Throughout history as you know, only the ignorant let race and religion divide them. Most Trumpkins are obsessed with blaming someone for their woes. And yes Im def. against that… Hes the perfect avatar for the fat racist ignorant American and his supporters love it. That will never be forgiven. Ever. Conservatives will always be looked at as a Trumpkin. And no, thats not a good thing.

          • You do understand that Obama and “big B” (big business?) are on the same side? Big business hates Trump.

          • Ha! Yeah that huge tax break Trump decided to make his 1 priority really annoyed them in 17… and they loved when O raised the corporate tax rate!!!

            What planet are u living on?

            There both owned. At least Obama wasnt a bumbling moron who was laughed at by everyone all over the world.

          • “There both owned. At least Obama wasnt a bumbling moron who was laughed at by everyone all over the world.” No, and I bet he wasn’t semi-literate either.

          • Opposite and wrong.
            Ignorance is precisely the reason why more people don’t hate. After all, it’s not the far Right censoring people and suppressing information.

          • You’re hoping to be eaten last. Hoping to hold up your iPhone13 with Twitter open proving that you were an ally.

          • So true, Normie, everybody on earth knows immigrants boost wages and keep the White crime down, too.

          • If, as you said, you have raised two “productive” offspring, then you may very well have simply raised two more “tax” cows to be milked by the government. If you are content to see your progeny become hated Helots in their own country, then I guess you’ve done well.

          • The only people I see as full of hate are the racists who want it to be 1950 again when they could see people that believed what they believed. They are begging for Cival War and want to live in a country where everyone looks like them…

            If thats what you want for your kids bravo man… Im sure thatll be a lovely place to raise a family!

          • They want to live in a country where everyone looks like them…

            If thats what you want for your kids bravo man… Im sure thatll be a lovely place to raise a family!

            Have you ever lived in a white country?

          • Uh? Nope just the best country on earth and I did a six week backpack trip around Europe including some Eastern countries….

            Amazed at how scary and disgusting Prague was. Enjoyed Ireland where my ancestors are from… Dublin especially. But Im a big city Urban man.

            I meant no disrespect. I just see an ethno state as looking like Nazi G. That to me wouldnt be a great place to teach the values my religon and parents taught me to my boys.

          • Nope just the best country on earth

            …with five (!) times the murder rate of “scary” Prague.

            I just see an ethno state as looking like Nazi G.

            Paranoia. Do you teach your children that?

          • That people who want only “their kind” and everyone else deserve gas chambers are evil….

            Yes. I teach my kids that Nationalists are “bad.” That only accepting people of your race is “bad.”


            And parionia is thinking POC are going to put American whites into camps. Agreed.

          • That people who want only “their kind” and everyone else deserve gas chambers are evil

            Who are you referring to here? Nobody think that.

            And parionia is thinking POC are going to put American whites into camps.

            Nobody think that either.

            I teach my kids that Nationalists are “bad.”

            Do you teach your children that Zionism is bad and that Zionists want to put everybody else in gas chambers?

          • Felix,

            Normie reminds of Cornivus over at Sailer. Same MO. Corny went with more of “We’re all God’s children” fictional character while Normie’s costume is that of the “blue-collar diversity lover” character, which is pretty ridiculous when you think about it.

            Anyway, Corny was fairly amusing if you’d push him on Jews. Even though he was in character, he just couldn’t condemn Jews for doing exactly what he was condemning whites for doing. Obviously, Corny was a Jew, but you’d think that for the sake of staying in character, he might chastise Israel just a bit to keep his cover. Nope. I suspect Normie will do the same.

            He’ll use Corny’s excuse: We’re talking about the United States, not Israel. Of course, Corny would gladly condemn any and all gentile white countries along with the U.S.

            But Normie is useful. He sharpens your arguments because as silly as his character is, there are plenty real “Normies” out there.

          • Even though he was in character, he just couldn’t condemn Jews for doing exactly what he was condemning whites for doing.

            Yes, strange that. I used to think it was pure duplicity, but I’ve come to realize that a lot of Jews genuinely can’t see the similarity.

          • Can’t imagine where Normie woud get such ideas. He’s such a deep thinker!
            Highly observant, too.

            Gee, I wonder who he works for?
            Someone who hires only the best, most qualified applicants, for sure.

          • Ian,

            Absolutely. He’s a hired gun to play a part. But it’s a good reminder of what’s out there. Use him to hone your arguments for real Normies.

            Also, he’s a reminder that they won’t leave us alone. Trust me, there’s a reason why you put heads on poles. It’s us or them.

          • Vlad the Impaler is actually an interesting character. When you really, and I mean really, look into it there was so much propaganda and very little, if any, impaling. The propaganda was used to scare the Moslems away and it worked.

          • I assume that you’re just trolling, but in the off chance that you’re not, my heart goes out to you and I wish you the best.

            To not have a people is the same as not having a family. After all, a tribe is an extended family. The love that you feel for your sons is what I feel for my people. I see in my own children the history of my ancestors, my people. They are all the same.

            You worship the all mighty dollar and offer your sons to its alter. I can’t even imagine the loneliness of such an existence. Please keep posting to show others what the other path offers.

          • Thanks man!

            I appreciate the kind words…
            I think your misunderstanding: my community is my people and I could care less about money as long as my fam is happy. I worship at the alter of Utopia.
            Tribes have nothing to do with race or background in my mind. My friends and my blood realtives are my tribe and they are diverse and vibrant.
            I feel for you if you can only love people of your own race. Youre truly missing out and history tells us that only caring for creed and nationality leads to conflict.
            I will def. keep posting so that people in the race realism bubble can see that you dont have to be unhappy and blame people that look different from u for your plight…

          • “I worship at the alter of Utopia.” Hey, it’s your life and live it as you please but you might want to be careful about that particular form of worship.

          • “I worship at the alter of Utopia.”
            “Tribes have nothing to do with race or background in my mind.”
            “My friends and my blood realtives are my tribe and they are diverse and vibrant.”

            Kind of says it all.

            We have different views on the world. Let’s each build toward the future that we want. I invite Europeans and European Americans who are proud of their heritage to come with me and to be a part of building a community that doesn’t hate them, a place where they can be proud of themselves and their history.

            Normie offers you “Utopia” where your children and grandchildren will be persecuted or, if you’re lucky, will look nothing like you and despise your European ancestors. Normie offers you a quiet, comfortable extinction.

            Keep posting Normie. I can’t buy the type of motivation that you bring to this community.

          • ?

            So your Utopia is amazing and how you see it and my Utopia is a Dystopia how you see it… Interesting!

            How about my country looks like a nice neighborhood in Chicago or MPLS in 2020 after Trump gets his ass handed to him…

            Im having a big party with my Vibrant neighbors. Our kids are playing together. No one cares what race anyone is cause we just elected Yang and were going to take it too the .01%.

            The 1st order of buissness is publicly humilating everyone who loved Trump for his “honest rehtoric.”

            How about thats my Utopia. Everyone lives like a wealthy Chicagoian in Lincoln Park. We all accept each other as we are and punish the Oligarchs. We have strong hate speech laws so that young people who are angry with life dont get tricked into the blame game (like England.)

            My view of Ethno land looks alot like the Handsmaid tale. Rich S or the Moldbug guy is running things. People live in fear of being caught not believing the proper far right orthodoxy and everyones fighting over if Jews should be allowed in. The country is laughed at and has 0 trade partners. Within a couple of years all the woman are escaping but hey… all the disaffected white men have a place to love!

            Bam. Now weve each been honest instead of words beimg put in each others mouth…

          • My view of Ethno land looks alot like the Handsmaid tale. Rich S or the Moldbug guy is running things. People live in fear of being caught not believing the proper far right orthodoxy and everyones fighting over if Jews should be allowed in. The country is laughed at and has 0 trade partners. Within a couple of years all the woman are escaping but hey… all the disaffected white men have a place to love!

            Sounds just like Denmark.

          • all the disaffected white men have a place to love!

            Sounds like you are on board with Ethno land! That is all the Nationalists have ever asked – just a place to call their own. They would gladly leave you alone if you leave them alone. They enjoy Ethnoland, you can enjoy Diversitopia. I think that is what’s called a win-win.

          • Hahahahahaha*gasp*hahahahaha

            No, please, tell us more!

            Altgeldt Gardens sounds wonderful!
            I’m packing to move right now!

          • “Tribes have nothing to do with race or background”

            (It was real…) “… in my mind”

            You do continue to amaze.

      • Normie, and it’s refreshing to once again partake of your smug superiority as you deem to bless us with your commentary. But you fool no one. Your purpose is not to contribute, change opinion, but to undermine morale. In that, you reveal yourself to be a troll.

        • Compsci
          You have figured me out. Im here to demoralize and anger you with my foolish mainstream beliefs.
          Perhaps you should ban me or censor me like the evil SJWs…

          • Normie is obviously a fake, but he’s useful. As ridiculous as his completely made-up arguments are, they really are shared by a fair amount of real Normies. Learn to counter them in a gentle way. They will come to our side.

            Normie also reminds us that there are people out there who hate us and will do us harm. It’s time we start getting together to push back.

          • Citizen, the problem is that responding in a thoughtful way to an intentionally disruptive troll like Normie is a waste of time. He is not here to exchange ideas, only to incite by putting down ideas/opinion professed in this group. This is how the sick mind of a troll works. The more consternation and diversion he provokes, the more enjoyment he receives. Responding to him just increases his pleasure at the expense/distraction of the group.

            Read all of Normie’s postings today. Tell me which ones contributed to one’s understanding of today’s topic? None. Normie’s initial posting was simply to insult the current group’s commentary and naysay the discussion in an overbearing and condescending manner. In short, to treat folk here as one would treat a small child.

            We, myself included, fell for it and I indulged myself with a response. I’m all for a good argument, but responding to Normie isn’t it. Notice that Normie did not comment on Z-man’s posting, rather he admits freely only to reading the comments every morning, like one reads the newspaper, to amuse himself.

            That is not a person interested in the general concerns of the group, but rather a sick person interested in manipulating others’ passions for his enjoyment. He is not a principled individual and need not be treated in a gentle way. He needs to be ignored at best, banned at worse.

            This has nothing to do with suppressing contrary ideas/opinions—Lord knows most all of us disagree with each other much of the time. It is rather how a disruptive commenter needs to be handled for the sake of the group. As I’ve said before, I follow Z-man and this group precisely because of thoughtful discussion/posters and I have left others when the signal to noise ratio became unbearable.

          • Quite true. But he’s a good reminder that people out there hate us. Also, you have to be able to counter those arguments. Normie is good to have around once every six months or so. Other than that, ban him.

            But he also reminds me that it’s time to start meeting in person. In person, this shit doesn’t happen. I’m going to address this soon.

      • You might be right but your numbers are off. Most young men, exposed to a vibrant and diverse workplace – will know the score by the time they are 21. By the time they’re 25, they will have been exposed to the type of hags the left makes of its young women – and they will be red pilled on that too. After being serially mugged and raped by reality, most young white men will be ready for dissident politics at about 23. But as you show – the cucks may take a little longer.

        • Do you work in a vibrant workplace? Are you getting laid by someone under 40?

          I am and do… I literally have no idea what youre talking about with reagrds to either being a bad thing.

          Young men care about having sex and being ambitious. Neither of those goals go with being a dissident race realist whether you want to admit it or not bro…

          • Sorry, but you’re wrong on this. In my work, I’ve been stunned by the open disdain that young white men show for system. They are light years ahead of where I was at their age.

            There’s a very good chance one of your sons will join our cause. For the first time in my life, I can say with confidence what self-hating whites have been saying for decades: You may hate us but we’ll get your children.

          • S…
            I hate the diversity meetings too!!!! We have them once every 2 months…
            My white friends and I laugh about them…
            But beleive me… Not 1 of 100 would ever talk to me again if they thought I agreed with this blog.
            But again.. Im college educated and have a high paying job in a non tech field. I dont know what type of joint you work at…

          • “Not 1 of 100 would ever talk to me again if they thought I agreed with this blog.”

            What if that 100 were also reading this blog? Ever thought about that? If none of them ever admitted it publicly or confided in you, then how would you know?

            If you met me in person, you would never guess that I was a dissident. Never. I say all the right things in public. Dissidents like me could be all around you and you would never know.

          • Your white friends not only read this blog, they have lifetime subscriptions to The Right Stuff and Die Sturmer too.

            If only you knew what they were *really* laughing about… your future will be glorious!

          • Yeah… as a young white guy, I can assure you that any young white guy with an ounce of self respect is quickly becoming more “aware” and ‘racist’. I can basically chart my political views on race: the more vibrants I knew, the more racist I became… I have changed so much since being a child in 99% white schools with liberal parents.

            Of course, the whites who have little contact with vibrancy love the vibrants… but sooner or later we are forced to work with them and their bubble is popped… my “integration” with the aliens just happened sooner than average, hence my presence on the DR.

            Normie is a troll, but I thought I’d throw this in anyways. There is a good probability that white sons will be right wing, regardless of how they’re raised. It’s really hard not to notice these days 🙂

          • I’ve noticed mainstream conservative comments drifting that way. You can only get slapped in the face by crime and hate crime hoax’s so many times before people start noticing things.

          • I have no doubt you are getting screwed at work.

            The young white male has no prospects in the vibrant and diverse workplace. He will find himself answering to low skill/low IQ vibrants, and having to babysit and coddle emotional women. He’ll quickly see that management is usually NOT vibrant and diverse and he will see why.

            See ya in a couple years bro.

          • Hahahaha well played!!!

            Love my job. Best friend is a Black woman. Cool as hell and is the one non PC person.

            Suuuuure you say… But its the truth.

            The white women are mostly cool but Im better friends with the men. Black, Arab and white…

            Surrrrrrre you say… but its true. Most people are awesome if you can get passed different cultural norms. Its honestly more fun to be close with people different from you.

            Suuuuuure you say… but its true.

          • No, it IS possible that you exist in one of the sanitized and carefully regulated multiculti biospheres where the vibrants are well trained and kept on very short leashes, and the costs of diversity and vibrancy are kept out of sight. My elderly parents and relatives would clap their hands in glee to hear you speak because they drink the koolaid too. More likely you’re just a coloured troll or an SJW hack… but technically, it is possible to make vibrancy and diversity work… but only under very carefully regulated and artificial conditions. And then, only temporarily.

            Out here in the real world the average black IQ is 85. Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 79, which is considered borderline mental retardation in whites. I laugh at the shitlib school teachers in Queerbec; they are frantically trying to teach recently imported moslem kids that it’s wrong to want to kill the Jewish ones, or the queers, or beat up the mouthy girls. They aren’t having much luck, apparently. Who knew?

            So, if you are sincere, you have some very large red pill suppositories headed your way. I the meantime, don’t burn the coal with the black chicks. North of 90% of interracial black/white marriages end in divorce. 😉

          • Normie, I am writing from El Salvador, Central America, where I have lived from the past 20 years.

            I won’t write much because I am on the cell, while my Salvadoran wife drives

            No way you are going to keep a developed USA when Latin people are the majority. It will be a third-world country with a bunch of ultra-wealthy people and everyone else will be poor.

            You should prepare your kids for that. If you want, you can send them to me for holidays.

            Full disclosure: I am from Spain (in Europe) and I have lived in the States. No, Spaniards are not Latin

      • In frontier days, cucks like this in PA had to import my family’s ancestors from Northern Ireland to fight the Indians for them. Once we did their fighting, they moved in behind us and soaked us for shekels.

        The Upper Midwesterners (ie MN, WI, IA) are both more genetically predisposed to this kind of Pollyanna thinking and have been environmentally insulated from diversity exposure. If you don’t live in a metro like Milwaukee or Minneapolis, the few diversity pets your town has are more like Obama than Tookie. I’ve been surprised at how angry these peaceful little poodles become toward their own race when hatefacts are mentioned.

        For those of us more wise and vigilant, remember to close ranks against these cucks if and when things get tough. They’ll be the first ones to sell you out in order to keep their supply of little blue pills topped off.

        • Hahahahah!
          Grew up in Chicago. Thats why you people are so stunning to me… I love reading this because its like reading a comment section of a long lost civilization that died off out of ignorance.
          I see you too man… you think like the Z man youre going to make money off these people with your own website someday am I right?
          You write looooooooong winded pseudo intellectual posts building your cred. And thats cool I guess. But please just know that anyone who actually experiences diversity is overwhelmingly cool with it. You my friend are the outcast and the one who cant survive in the real world… hense the Exile.

          PS i lived on LSD in an apartment building of 23 floors. VIBRANT AS CAN BE… Lord I do miss that… best time of my life other than college.

          • “anyone who actually experiences diversity is overwhelmingly cool with it”

            That kind of rhetoric only works on someone who hasn’t lived the experience. Not too many starry-eyed youngsters on this site.

          • “i lived on LSD in an apartment building of 23 floors. VIBRANT AS CAN BE… Lord I do miss that… best time of my life other than college.” I sympathise, dear fellow. 23 floors full of vibrancy would drive anyone to psychotropic substances.

          • Rent is more expensive than most mortgages in fly over country… Views of the lake and across the street from a public golf course.

            My dad put our old place up for rent 5 years ago and it was gone in hours…

            Utopia is possible. You just have to work for it.

          • “Utopia is possible. You just have to work for it.”

            The ten words that have preceded every pyramid of skulls in human history.

            But, never mind normie, I’m sure your version will work this time.

          • Lots of things aren’t mutually exclusive. Teach your kids to be polite and kind to each person in their vicinity who treats people well, no matter who they are. Stay away from traveling alone in certain Chicago neighborhoods at certain times, no matter who you are. Internalize some of the things we talk about here, because they might serve you well in the future, depending on how things go, so you aren’t blindsided. You can do all three at once. It’s also OK to disagree with some of what is said here, and pick and choose the things that are useful to you. I make sure to do all four of these things, as doing any one does not negate the others.

          • Working your fingers to the bone, swinging a 60 pound tool belt in 120 degree heat with Deshawn, eh?

            Picking cotton in Alabama with Felontavious, yeah?

            Grinding a jackhammer or hotmopping roofs with Te-nehisi, right?

            Down with the bruthas. He is down!
            Up the Man!

          • I think we can safely assume that Normie is a fucking liar who doesn’t have a clue about life outside his miserable suburban hell. He enjoys his blue pills. Leave him in his delusional “utopia”. He adds nothing to our discussions here and I think he should be banned. Disrupting a thread does nothing to enhance our understanding of one another. None of us would have any interest in barging into a lefty blog in order to be contentious for its own sake. Pull the plug on this prick, Z.

          • I agree w banning Normie. Any asshole threatening those who voted for Trump deserves at least that. He does deserve much more though.

          • Swear to gosh you’re converting us all here, each and every one is seeing the light.

            How could we have been so… hateful?
            So blind?

            If Zman’s screeds are loooong, cereal boxes must really give you trouble.

    • I commend you for your disciplined response to your daughter’s “lifestyle” choices. I had an aunt who discovered her son was gay. She kicked him out of the house and suggested he change his name. After a few years in the wilderness, my cousin straightened himself out, got married, and had a child. Great ending. He’s dead now, but I respected him for the courage to change. Hold out hope for your daughter. But keep her feet to the fire.

      • Thanks Epaminondas. But… my daughter is going to destroy herself out there. She isn’t growing up and when bad things happen to her or her love partner – it’s all because they are victims of evil guys like you and I discriminating against them. She picked stupid fights with the family after I got banished and I don’t see things working out for her.

        I pray. That’s all I can do. She’s in her mid 30s and she is on her own now.

        • Boys go off and do stupid sh*t, but that was your little girl, your sweet little girl.

          I’m sure if somebody messed with her, you would go through five walls just to get to that m*****f*****.

          Heartbreak, its a frickin’ heartbreak it is.

        • Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. My brother in law was once gay and a leftie. He’s now happily married with three children and loves Trump. Read Rosario Butterfield’s book. She was a lesbian college professor who found Christ (or he found her if you’re of the reformed persuasion). She is now married to a pastor and has four adopted children.

    • This would work – IF – there were legions of mini-Trumps down-ticket from him.

      There’s no question the political (and administrative) ranks below the White House and all the way down to County Dogcatcher are thoroughly infested with Progressives. Which does not mean there are zero non-Progressives, just that they’re at severe disadvantage in numbers.

      If those smaller numbers are willing to Alinsky the organizations they work in this is achievable, but that will take a level of courage and conviction heretofore MIA. It is possible that, in the face of some successes, the ranks of non-Progressives will grow, but the initial stages will be Cat Herding 101 which is a lot of work to add to the non-Progressives’ burden.

      But, one has to start somewhere, so it might as well be here and might as well be now; the problem isn’t going away until it’s made to go away.

    • John Smith – sorry to hear about your estranged daughter. That’s too bad. But thanks for the shot in the arm. I feel like Vito Corleone just shook me and told me to be a man.

      • You aren’t cured, AB, because you aren’t sick. And nobody has to tell you guys to be a man. You’re here because you already are one.

        We’ve been conditioned to sell ourselves short. What I am seeing here is men getting over that, and evaluating the goals, the obstacles and the problems. We are going to disagree on that while we come to some kind of consensus – but we will figure something out. Already the legions are falling together, and the shields are locking. After the battle it will be guys like us that clean up the mess and start rebuilding.

        This is what we do. Sure, our world is going to change, but our place within it will not. 🙂

    • Living and working in the imperial capital, you get to hear quite often from those who think what we are seeing is just a short term phenomenon. Like somehow we will eventually return to the milk and honey America of yore. Every now and then I will talk to folks who appear to see the slow motion train wreck that is likely coming, and I do my best to try to get them to see the light in subtle ways. Sometimes the naivete is quite saddening…the idea that most don’t have the idea just how fast the demographics are changing.

  41. “For the Left, what is theirs they keep. What is yours they seek. This is the central cause of the ratchet effect in American politics. One side exploits the rules, while the other abides by the rules.”

    Perhaps the most succinctly Z has stated this to date. Perhaps this needs to be featured on the home page of the blog in a nice little highlight box.

    • These pithy sayings are like the Farmer’s Almanac or the Book of Proverbs—and I do not consider this hyperbole. They are “teachings” in and of themselves and in that lies their importance. They need to be compiled and remembered, a compendium of sorts. I can more easily remember and promote the cause with such “tools”. Please consider such a project and soon.

      • One of my pet peeves is when someone asks a person who is already doing their part to add to their burden. Please consider doing the project yourself. Thx.

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