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The NBA’s public relations disaster with China is one of those unanticipated events that is both amusing and clarifying. The amusing part is easy. The people who run the NBA are the worst sorts of people, so watching them get slapped around by the Chinese government brings lots of pleasure. Seeing the Chinese carry on like hysterical girls is a lot of fun too. The paper-thin skin of the ChiComs is a reminder that despite their tough talk, they live in mortal fear of the society over whom they rule.

The clarifying part is the most important, as it reminds us that despite what our rulers tell us, countries still matter. China likes consuming product, but they like being Chinese more than they like watching the human flea circus that is the NBA. When the choice is between who they are and consuming product, the former is going to win. As John Derbyshire pointed out, the Chinese are focused on becoming a global power, not folding themselves into the bland nothingness of the global community.

Of course, what makes this so clear is that the NBA is a billion-dollar enterprise that throws its weight around America in the culture wars. When George Zimmerman shot the hoodlum Trayvon Martin, the NBA players took the side of the hoodlum. The players would wear hoodie sweatshirts like the hoodlum. When the Ferguson cop shot Michael Brown, the players came out against the cop. The league and its players drip with anti-white animus and no one in authority dares say anything about it.

In contrast, one unfortunate tweet and the NBA owners were crawling on their bellies, begging the ChiComs for mercy. Lebron James, the league’s biggest star, was seen volunteering to harvest organs from executed Chinese political prisoners. As Derbyshire pointed out, it was a display of raw power. The NBA will tell Donald Trump to take a hike, but they won’t dare get on the wrong side of the communists. The ChiComs have no fear of the human flea circus. They know who holds the power.

This incident gets to some eternal truths about human society. One of those is that power springs from identity. The man who is confident in who he is, will project power, regardless of his circumstances. This scales up very well. Societies that have a strong sense of identity, can punch well above their weight. You see this in Eastern Europe where countries like Poland and Hungary are successfully squaring off with the EU over immigration policy. The EU can’t stop the Poles from being Polish.

Of course, that strong identity is not enough. The people have to believe they have a shared destiny. They need a coherent narrative to explain how it is they are a people and why they have a future. It does not matter if that narrative is true. What people believe will always trump facts. That is another one of those eternal truths about humanity. The Chinese believe they are a people with a future, one where China dictates terms to the world. That’s what makes them so bold.

All of this is a roundabout way of getting to the great chain of causality. The starting place for a human society is the people, the biology. Whatever the potential of the people is the potential of the nation. The Chinese are a smart, resourceful and resilient people, who have been around a long time. The reason China went from something close to feudalism in the middle of the last century to a global powerhouse today, is there is a lot of human capital in China. China has good biology.

The next link in the great chain of causality is culture and that’s something China has more than anyone. It probably has to do with the homogeneity. The Han are roughly 92% of the Chinese population. The other people are relegated to the fringe. When there is no need to accommodate differences, the culture can concentrate. Whatever the reason, Chinese culture is as strong as any on earth. So strong, in fact, it could endure the homicidal maniacs of the Cultural Revolution.

China is the great proof of concept. They have the biology right and they have the culture right, so they have been able to survive disastrous institutions, insane economics and homicidal politics. If you get the biology right and the culture right, you have a chance to get the rest of it right. There are no guarantees and China is proof of that as well. That’s the other side of it. If you get the biology right and the culture right, you can survive the mistakes made downstream in politics and economics.

Western globalists have had to lie to themselves about China, in order to square the fact that China is prospering despite rejecting Western liberal democracy. To accept China as she is would mean rejecting the great multicultural project. The looming conflict with China will drive that point home to the West and it may be a good thing in the end. Whether or not there is time for Western nations to pull out of their death spiral and get their biology right is unknown, but they will have the example of China.

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197 thoughts on “Proof Of Concept

  1. Would a world dominated by Chinese nationalism and imperialism be better or worse than a world dominated by globalist financial elites?

  2. “…strong identity is not enough. The people have to believe they have a shared destiny. They need a coherent narrative to explain how it is they are a people and why they have a future.”

    This cannot be understated or neglected going forward. Even with the constant poz beat into them and the fractured, untethered nature of our American immigrant roots, it hasn’t been too difficult to get most of my normie White friends to at least privately admit they have a generally positive ancestral past filled with rich history and unique, distinguishable characteristics. Going forward though, I don’t see much hope out there. Most of the guys I talk to are in their 20s, economic prospects appear grim and unawareness, degeneracy and drug use are rampant.

    As Zman has often alluded, narrative is key. Ours must be clear, consistent and filled with hope and purpose. What Yeats called “This handful of dreams”. To stare endlessly into the abyss won’t do, there must be a concentrated effort (particularly from our leaders and the creative types among us) to talk about the light at the end of the tunnel. The necessary conversations about how we got here and the symptoms of our current decline must be tempered with an alternative that sees, if not us, then our descendants rise.

    • You make a very good point. There has to be a positive narrative, a vision of where this is going. Red pill makes aware, black pill leads to despair — we need another “pill” (so the speak, I’m not channeling Carlos .Castaneda here!) to give direction and energy to those of us on this side of the divide. If a lot of us work on it in our own way, hopefully the best “stories” will bubble up to the general consciousness.

  3. The conservative fandom of sportsball must come to an abrupt end if the Right is to achieve self-determination. Long beloved as non-partisan and unapolgetically masculine, the Right overlooked its so-called principles and let athletics receive public subsidy and in some cases exemption from criminal punishment. Jack Kemp was the worst offender.

    At the point where it looked like Trump was truly “breaking the conditioning” with Kapernick, Kemp’s boy Paul Ryan stripped out the part of the tax bill that would have ended tax-exempt stadium bonds.

  4. Z Man, I apologize for repeating myself. You are brilliant. Thank you! So many head exploding essays. Don’t know how or where your magnificent — truly magnificent — God-given intelligence rises up in your soul and brain to present itself to us, in a seemingly endless flow, but I am so grateful. God bless you, you brainy, beautiful white man! Love you! God help you in the search for a chaste, young, beautiful, loving maiden who is worthy of bringing forth little Z Men. Please join me in prayer and best wishes for Z Man and his future. Let him feel it now. The world will be better with more Z Men in it! God bless.

  5. The funny thing is, the one mistake they did not make was importing a bunch of foreigners and then telling said foreigners how bad they were. The Chinese comparison just highlights the pathetic nature of our rulers.

    • Our ((rulers)) are neither pathetic nor stupid. They knew what they were doing and why. It’s their WASP and Catholic lapdog elites who are pathetic.

  6. “The paper-thin skin of the ChiComs is a reminder that despite their tough talk, they live in mortal fear of the society over whom they rule.”

    It occurs to me that our actual rulers also have have remarkably thin skin and live in mortal fear of the society over which they rule.

    Resentment fueled by high IQ, paranoia secondary to “genetically-transmitted” victimhood and crippling lack of self-awareness are a toxic combination.

    • Both parties promote victimhood as a virtue. In China, it results in endless Xinhua stories about how this or that has “hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.” Over here, the Progs, with little to no resistance from the “conservatives” have made a fetish out of people claiming oppression.

  7. There’s one thing missing here, per Breitbart, Wright, etc.

    Politics is downstream of culture is downstream of religion is downstream of biology.

    But, the religion of China right now is Communism. I’d say they need a rectification of that before they can really take their place and the Hegemon of the World.

  8. I’m not sure that the response of the NBA to the Chinese has anything to do with either biology or culture. It has to do with the particular character of their neo-imperial, one-party State. Unlike liberal democracies, all disputes among the elite are contained within the Party system of discussion and debate. One the Party has spoken, no *public* dissent by any member of the Party is permitted. Thus, the CCP represents a united front against any transgressors. What the Party says, goes.

    We have not idea how post-Mao China would have turned out if (a) Richard Nixon had not opened up relations with China and (b) the West had not decided to transfer production and technological know-how to China. The economic ‘miracle’ that is China is simply a result of the perfidy of Western elites willingness to sell out their own people for a massive financial windfall.

    There is one cultural factor that does play into the strength of the CCP: The Chinese prefer stability over freedom. This is why the CCP can oppress all ‘outliers’ in society in the name of social stability and receive support from the majority of Chinese.

    Most of the unhappiness with the CCP stems not from oppressing ‘minorities’ (as it would be in liberal democracies) but the abuse of power — corruption — that is often exacerbated by a one-party State.

  9. There was a time where I had a good deal of respect for the Chinese, but that was as an outside observer. I sold my house a few months ago and rented a room from a Taiwanese woman. Mean while my buddy married a gal he met online who came here from China.

    The Taiwan gal is a U.S. citizen but her husband isn’t. How does he qualify for medicare? She claims to have let women rent rooms here in order to drop a baby.

    My buddy’s now Chinese wife dropped two kids here, from the same donor in China. She said to me, “They (the Chinese landlords) won’t trust you since you are a westerner.” I said, “If Chinese don’t trust us white guys, why are you marrying my buddy.” I don’t think I will be watching CFB on Saturdays there much longer.

    • The Chinese only rent to other Chinese. This has been going on in San Francisco for ages. They also play every angle to maximize welfare benefits,. Hmm, You think whitie can buy a clue here???? The achilles heel of the Chinese is a fierce, and I believe biologically driven gambling addiction. They’ll work 12 hour days, only to blow it at the casino. The real winners are the fake white Indians who own Indian casinos. God invented gambling to keep the Chinese from ruling the world.

      • They rented to me because at the time I was dating a Chinese gal, here for 40 years. That didn’t work out and she was honest. But some of them are huge LIARS, and I think the females fit this category. They are clever and good at calculations and have fixed beliefs, but they are stupid, which I say because I catch them lying so easily. But they are also pretty decent and very hardworking. I got over the Asian fever. I knew one business owner from Taiwan living here since the 70s and he gambled. Since I don’t gamble I can only imagine seeing a bunch of them at the slot machines trying to get rich quick.

        • They love the table games too. I had the yellow fever myself at one point. She loved poker. They also keep their looks 10 years longer than white women, who don’t age well because white people weren’t meant to live below the 40th parallel. Too much sun damage.

      • Around San Diego, the Indian casino billboards use a lot of red (lucky color in the Chinese culture) and go overboard for Chinese New Year and “year of the ______”. Also the indeterminate mystery people in the billboards are a bit extra Asian. They know who their best customers are.

  10. The NBA is Just a business development contractor for consumer athletic apparel (Nike, Addidas). They entertain as a means to sell garbage to aspirational consumer drones.

    As such, they must do the bidding for their economic masters. Just like all media must bow to their woke advertisers; the must stay on script.

    The global economy is grand, isn’t it? The Economy known as the USA is addicted to labor and enviro arbitrage. These apparel companies and their cousins in ‘tech’ like Apple were just early movers.

    Borders and culture are basically just troublesome business problems that must be navigated to keep the money printers going.

    This arrangement allows the chinks to throw their weight around but its not about what the chinks have as much as it is about what the US consumers don’t have.

    Its easy to blame the mercenary nature of the shoe corp swooshing their purchasing power to control the narrative they pay for in exchange for a production line that makes shoes for pennies. Who wants trouble on the line?

    Once everything became about leverage and arbitrage nobody really owns anything, so the paranoia scrum of power ensues.

    Calling attention to any of the multitude of evils within this system is a no-no. The NBA Players and coaches are just spokesholes for the shoe brands. The shoe brands must whore to their labor.

    We saw this all play out on a bigger scale when the Chiners got awarded the Olympics. It was a race to cow-tow and cuck to the greatness of China. Just don’t point the cameras over where that village is being plowed under.

    But it was – and still is l, really about the what the Unites States of Economy lacks: soul, culture, principles, and a shared sense of ‘who we are’, that if robust and vital would have never allowed for these arrangements to happen.

    At the very least there is always voting with our dollars and all that. But thats the rest of the story: the Citizen Consumer is complicit in all of this.

    Whether it is washing the balls of the negro dolts, lapping up adverts of aspirational brand programming, or consuming vast quantities of disposable bric a brac stitched together by a child with no access to clean water, the Citizen is party to the trade.

    When the loan shark sends his muscle to break our legs because we didn’t make good on the leverage, we can hardly blame the thugs, or the loan shark, for they answer to their masters too.

    And just because the real cost of those shoes is hidden behind a cardboard cutout of a 7’ tall negro doesn’t mean we don’t know how the deal works.

    The unifying thing here, and what should be obvious by now, is that China, Nike, the NBA, and the rest of the media whores all falling over each other about this awkward dust-up, is that they all hate the white man and everything about his culture – except for his penchant for leverage and arbitrage.

    The NBA is for cucks.

    • I have lately wondered whether a Wal-Mart type store that openly only sells domestically produced stuff, produced under fair wages, by actual American workers, wouldn’t go over very well, even if the prices are a bit higher.

      For example, look at Chick-fil-a. The food is ok (IMO), but people are lining up like crazy to buy it. There is a message in that. People want themselves and their culture respected, and they are willing to pay for it, in the stuff they buy every day. Nike and Adidas can go pound sand.

      • Dutch, I often wonder the same. On two levels.

        First, is that source of loyalty to brand really an authentic reflection of a kind of blood and soil bond?

        Or is it something else? I think it is not so much about how identity or culturally driven the brand is, but rather to your point more about how some corporations manage to stop-short of openly hating their customer base and their labor base.

        Perhaps it is even an alignment of those two groups; people who consume there are not that different from people who work there. It may be that simple.

        Second, given that (a) the majority of consumers across the SES solve for price and convenience above all else (iow they don’t care about the actual hidden costs and trade offs. They may virtue signal but signaling is free and easy, their votes with dollars reveal otherwise. Or maybe they just aren’t that smart and we are ivory-tower pontificating); and (b) per above, most consumers will tolerate a great deal of disdain and dehumanizing from their ‘favorite’ brands, what is (if any) the secret sauce to slip between those two buns?

        On one end, Walmart, the other amazon prime. In the middle we have the bread and circuses like the NFL and NBA. They all hate us. Yet people can’t seem to get enough.

        I remember when people hated walmart coming into town. They said it would kill the small businesses.

        Pure virtue signaling. They just hated the idea of poor people massing in their neighborhoods.

        But then the magic of “tech” let them off the hook, and Amazon killed both the small biz and many of the big boxes.

        Yet Walmart rages on because our new tech economy is really good at making more poor people.

        In any case I have been noodling of late the feasibility of applying a specifically anti-woke approach to brands and businesses.

        I think the time is right for businesses to appeal to the shared cultural bonds and basic human dignity of heritage Americans. There is a real thirst for truth and I don’t think it would take much to quietly separate from the competition.

        And I question just how much of woke capital and the resulting hysterics is due to groupthink, gynocentric herd mentality, and a preponderance of angry cat ladies and fags that run the ad/media world versus the actual power of the Prog cult to direct such efforts.

        I need to get another business off the ground and I would love nothing more than to counter signal clown world and provide my people with something of value that doesnt cost them more in the end or treat them like shit.

        If our nation is really nothing more than an ‘economy’ anyhow, then we need to carve a new frontier from that plane.

      • I think Chik-Fil-A is more about the Christian angle and the paying good wages angle than anything. I remember being in Atlanta years ago, seeing my first one and saying, why can’t I get a chicken sandwich on Sunday?” And what do you get? Four crinkle cut fries? What am I going to do with that? In-N-Out always has a line for the same reasons, minus the Christian angle. People like to be served by clean cut white kids earning good wages. But this is still a small subset of the greater population which stuffs their faces with McDoubles.

        If you had a Walmart with only non-slave wage, non Chinese hellscape products it would likely fail. Because that’s the kind of people we are, regardless of race and ethnicity. A regressed, fat, child like people who want cheap plastics that they stuff in to their garages, covered in cheap, T1-11 siding, exposing their cars, on a 7 year auto-loan, or a three year lease, to the elements as they sit in the driveway.

      • I will go out of my way to patronize Chik-fil-A and In-N-Out mainly because it pisses off the people I despise. The food at both places is decent, and the service is excellent compared with other fast food chains. Conversely, I go similarly go out of my way to limit transactions with McDonald’s because of their racial pandering programs (for those unaware, McD’s has HACER for Hispanics, and for blacks; I believe there is some Asian/Pac Islander thing too).

        In our home Chik-fil-A is referred to as “Hate Chicken” — as in “Let’s just grab some fast food tonight. I vote Hate Chicken.” Obviously this is to mock our Moral Betters, not Chik-fil-A.

        As to “In-N-Out always has a line for the same reasons, minus the Christian angle.

        Huh? In-N-Out has references to Bible verses printed on its cups and wrappers. The soft drink cups say “John 3:16” on the underside; I don’t remember what the other references are. Or am I totally misunderstanding what you said?

        • In-N-Out gets cut some slack for two reasons. One is that their owner has not been observed donating funds to any anti-gay marriage propositions, as CFA’s owner has. Which is a fig leaf for number two, which is that burgers vary widely, and a lot of cloud people love INO, so they pretend those Bible verse references aren’t actually there.

          • Why do you think the leftists are all in that we can “all agree” that “Hate is bad…”

            Cuz HATE is the best emotion – HATE your enemies. Hate them until you DEFEAT THEM. That’s why they want to neuter us – our burning hate is the emotion that will drive us.

            Tell me baby killers do not deserve HATE. Pelosi? Biden family crime cartel, and their higher ups, the Clinton influence peddling crime family? Please – if you cannot summon HATE – you are weak.

            How much energy during World War II – the previous conflict – went in to conjuring HATE? You think Iwo Jima didn’t have a little hate flowing? You don’t burn a man out of a cave that won’t surrender without it. It is a necessary component.

            So sure, the enemy wants us to “love” – not hate. And the CUCKS want us to “compromise”. Sure, we all want our opponents nice and WEAK.

      • My wife just came home a few hours ago and mentioned Chick. She said there were people literally (sorry, Biden still sux) lined up to the door. While adjacent McDonalds and that place where they encourage you to have fun throwing shakes at Nigel Farage – leftist King – free dispepsia too – practically EMPTY.

        I mentioned to her that I had just read somewhere recently – and it rang true especially here in the blue state shitlibopolis – where we live – that you cannot wear a MAGA hat – but you CAN flip the bird – by eating the bird…

        .. at Chick-Fil-A – the restaurant flamers and leftist and communists tried to destroy.

        Now I don’t salivate at the thought of their chicken – but I do spend my fast food $ there when can – and get ZERO ZILCH at Burger Throw a Shake King – ZIP. As far as other converged brands – I won’t “burn” my existing gear.

        But I but NOTHING more.

    • Basketball is for cucks. I can’t think of a more shvuggified pastime. There’s nothing left about the sport today that should appeal to a dissident.

      • Basketball, the game as it was once – hard nosed defence, box out to a foul, grind – grind. Run the floor until you puke. GREAT.

        The money grubbing hood rat thing now called “basketball” – I have not set foot in a pro arena in years. Gross.

      • @KGB, can you clarify?
        I love to play every sport, basketball included. If you’re referring to watching basketball, televised sports hold little appeal.

  11. It’s not just China. The more totalitarian countries have become the growth stories in the last decade, as the “democracies” stagnate and decline. Even 20 years ago it was a given that a country HAD to be a democracy to jump into first world status. No, just competent leadership in any form. Just look at our “leadership.” GW Bush was a clear sign that it was over. A perfect moron had reached the top. It hasn’t improved with age. Idiocracy now reigns. On a bright note, the collective IQ of Congress jumped by five points as Elijah Cummings died today. On a sad note it will go down again as his replacement is appointed.

  12. The NBA-China spat is a glimpse into the future as Jews (David Stern and Adam Silver of the NBA) come up against the Chinese in all areas. Jews are used to whites who have lost their identity and thus are open to all kinds of nonsense from a capable con man. What’s more, whites think Jews are “one of us” so we’re even more vulnerable.

    The Chinese know exactly who they are. More importantly, the Chinese know exactly who Jews are. Jews are about to run into a brick wall. Jews greatest fears are 1) being openly recognized as a Jew and 2) to be ignored. This statement terrifies Jews: “You’re a Jew. I don’t want to talk to you. I only deal with my own people.”

    The Chinese will always – ALWAYS – see Jews as the “other” who is not to be trusted. They will always – ALWAYS – try to avoid doing business with Jews if possible. And when it’s not possible, they will work to create their own platforms, business and networks to avoid working with Jews in the future. The Chinese will always – ALWAYS – want to be in control of any dealings with Jews.

    That’s what’s going on with the NBA and China now. China couldn’t give two shits what Jews say about them because Jews AREN’T Chinese. The Chinese have their own TV networks, internet platforms, banks, etc., so Jews have no leverage. The Chinese are in control of the situation and showing it. Welcome to the future, Shlomo.

    Jews haven’t had to face a real opponent in 100 years, probably longer. Just when Jews are starting to lose their edge, they’re about to stop playing the Washington Generals. It’s going to be a rude awakening.

      • I was thinking more of Nosferatu.

        But, seriously, have you not noticed how Jews hate it when non-Jews point out that someone is Jewish. It’s odd because among themselves Jews can’t shut up about being Jewish, but it gives them the hibbie jibbies when a gentile simply says about a politician or celebrity or investor, “Well, he’s Jewish you know.”

        Jews really have become spoiled. The Chinese aren’t going to stand for it. Let the temper tantrums begin.

        • ‘The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”’

        • They’ve internalized the idea that “to know us is to hate us,” but they can’t bring themselves to change.

          The unmutable force is about to meet a very indifferent object.

    • Nailed it. Brahmin Pajeets also have enough raw self-assertiveness to inoculate them vs. the Jew Flu.

      If Jews succeed in permanently kneecapping the White race, they will ultimately oy vey the day. The new goyim will make Uncle Adolf look like Uncle Remus.

      Hubris bringing nemesis remains a lesson they can’t seem to learn even after 3000 years and 109 repetitions.

  13. While Trump talks tough on China, our universities are churning out Chinese tech graduates by the boat load, who are then hired by Silicon Valley companies, where they learn all the best technology, much of which I’m sure finds it way back to China.

    • The Chinese are still better than the Indians, with fake credentials and big egos hiding zero talent. I hate those dot heads with a passion. Silicon Valley became a mill by the mid 90s. Everything that made it special and unique is now commoditized. Oh wait, that’s the whole country now and every industry. See great Screwtape post above.

        • China is a country. India is not a county. It’s a miserable collection of third world ethnics. There may or may not be some future beat down coming but India is not about to wage war with China. Pakistan, maybe.

  14. In evolutionary biology, that which “works” persists. That which doesn’t work, becomes extinct over time. The planet is a cauldron of differing societal models and the evolutionary jury is still out as to which of them will persist long term. In the natural world, adaptability, fertility, and robustness are the typically paths to long term success. Once upon a time, the Chinese were characteristically very thin due to food shortages. They now suffer from epidemic obesity like everyone else.

  15. The NBA-China kerfuffle is a fun example of what Jews – Adam Silver and before him Daivd Stern – are going to face more and more in the future. Jews are used to whites, who are easily cowed because we’ve lost our sense of identity. What’s more, we view Jews as one of our own group so we actually listen to them and take to heart what they say, even though it’s an obvious pack of lies to benefit Jews.

    The Chinese are a completely different animal. They know who they are. And, more importantly, they know who the Jews are. The Chinese will always look at Jews for what they are, very smart used car salesmen trying to get you to buy a crappy car at a crazy high price. Since the Chinese are also untrustworthy, suspicious crooks who know exactly what Jews are and what they’re trying to do, they’re not going to fall for it.

    The Japanese – who are much more trustworthy but definitely know who they are – never fell for Jewish schtick either.

    Jews have no power if you just ignore them and set up your own systems. (The Asians have done this.) What Jews fear the most is 1) being openly labeled as a Jew because they lose all of their influence over people and 2) being ignored.

    The Asians are going to do just that. The NBA-China example shows who’s going to win.

    • The Japanese only took to baseball, and they are rather restrictive about letting players go to the US without a major payoff to the Japanese franchise that owns the contract.

      Otoh, South Koreans are said to be big fans of the Jews, and the Talmud is said to be often studied in private schools as a key to why the Jews are wealthy.

  16. “…despite their tough talk, they live in mortal fear of the society over whom they rule.”
    GOOD! ours should be too

  17. ” The NBA will tell Donald Trump to take a hike, but they won’t dare get on the wrong side of the communists. ”

    Truth. As always. Z-Man tells the simple truth. Well done.

  18. “When the choice is between who they are and consuming product, the former is going to win.”

    Imagine for a moment that when the NCAA boycotted a state because of gay stuff, the other red states banned the NCAA from their states for the boycott. I guarantee you that before a federal judge could even have the chance to shut it down there would be a howling mob of righteously angry conservative white men with torches and pitchforks storming their state capitols demanding the return of their human flea circuses.

    That is why a thousand years from now China will be China, and our grand experiment here in America is about to end.

    • None of the power 5 conferences need the NCAA at all. Except for the tournaments nobody in the red states gives a shit about the NCAA.

      • The proper thing to do is truly make college sports amateur again. No longer should we have high-paid coaches, illiterate scholarship athletes, lavish facilities, and egregious practice schedules.

        The NBA and NFL can set up minor leagues, like the MLB and NHL. Have these yung black kangz barnstorm in China and India.

  19. “When there is no need to accommodate differences, the culture can concentrate.”
    That is key. Whites tend to be very accommodating. Sacrificially. As the great Noticing waves crash over normies, that must be the first mental hurdle they leap in their day-to-day lives. We must STOP being so accommodating.

    • Old & Busted – Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      New Hotness – Iron Rule – Do unto others as they would do unto you.

      “Reciprocity” sums up the entirety of a new code of justice to liberate Whites from the ghost-shackles of “Judeo-Christianity.”

      • Here here…I do like the concept of reciprocity with an emphasis “before they do unto you”.

        • One of the funnier lines from an old Glen Cook fantasy series I read talked about “preemptive retaliation.”. Stole that line & used it ever since. That said, W showed us the fruits of preemptive war, a profoundly Jewish concept. Absent genuine eminent existential threat, something to avoid, but of course (((some people))) consider every frustration an existential threat of LARP it as such.

          • “Prevenge” – I like that and will remember it.

            My only principle is victory.

            This isn’t going to end well.

    • Retreating from accommodation, actively, becomes easier as my eyes have been opened (My personal “Noticing”). My frustration is fighting against the wisdom of avoiding observable action. That is, positively engaging in work / effort / projection that will change where my family is headed (conflict). I know it’s foolish to itch for a fight. But like breaking up with my high school girlfriend, once I knew it was over I dragged out the hard conversation.
      Now, the appeal of acclerationism beckons me. Still too much to lose with open warfare…at least until we can collect mass and generate momentum.

      • Actual warfare isn’t where we’re headed, thankfully, as it would just generate a few dozen Ruby Ridge disasters. It’s a culture war with a multi-generational scope. You’re fighting by red-pilling your family and making them anti-fragile. For those of us here and now, this is about providing a cultural and intellectual foundation for the next generations to build on.

        White Nationalism 1.0 started with ashes and didn’t give us much to build from, not all their fault, of course. (((They))) plan across generations. The itch to have one grand battle to settle things is an Aryan-European reciprocal tradition, part of our honor code.

        Foxes prevail over lions in a pure survival contest without an honor code. We have to teach the young how to be lions among lions and foxes among foxes.

        • Exile-
          Your cool perspective is very much appreciated. The concept of a drawn out culture war, with many fronts (perhaps some hotter) seems logical given the costs to both sides. And the other side is nothing if not lazily opportunistic. Thank you for the comment about making the family durable. That is my primary mission.

          Without thinking too long and hard, here are a few “Noticings” that have occurred over the last 24 months:
          – Global brands openly choosing the culture of death and destruction, without fear of a loss of revenue from my side.
          – A lack of serious men, all around me, but especially within my church (and every other church in my area where I inquired).
          – More passive-aggressive slants from minorities I interact with.
          – Neighbors, who otherwise I would deem traditional and conservative, repeating mainstream media talking points without thought.
          – Totally absent public decorum in children and their parents.
          – Open hostility to Southern heritage
          – Reading several books on the War of Northern Aggression that told quite the different view than the history I was taught.
          – Reading more dissident writers (eternally indebted to Z and others).
          – Open deplatforming of alternative views
          – Causal embrace by politicians of Antifa, kneeling sportsball idiots, states that voted to kill babies, and general evil that is now mainstreamed (yes, subjective I know)….

          I’m sure I can come up with a few more but the environment around us feels more and more like I need a shower when I interact with it. I want a perimeter with a decontamination station for entry…

          • Very well said. I share your view that “I want a perimeter with a decontamination station for entry.” Every time I leave the house, for anything, I feel like I’m entering enemy territory . . . because I am. The bank, with the pictures of women and Han and sub-Saharans everywhere. The grocery store, with the endless requests for “donations” for food and school supplies for the children of aliens. The gym, filled with a panoply of dregs scoured from the ends of the earth. I despise this environment.

  20. “The man who is confident in who he is, will project power, regardless of his circumstances.”

    The petty overlords of Clown World’s inverse universe of anti-value are cowards at heart, but they smell guilt and fear like jackals. Watch any Antifa milkshaking or other piss-ant act of anti-puissance. They’re only game for hit and run. We saw this up close at Scandza last weekend – literal ankle-biting. The willowy manlets in their vanguard advanced only when our backs were turned. One face-to-face look from the guys I walked out with resulted in two steps back from the heel-nippers. The only ones with face-to-face game were the snarling wine aunties, but even they kept beyond arms-length until they saw our backs were turned.

    Building on yesterday’s “walkaway” theme, the ability to just say “no” in the face of moral blackmail is the most primal and essential act of red-pilled self-affirmation. Alisa Rosenbaum did the gentiles a Promethean service when she told the goyim of “the sanction of the victim.” Her cultish conflicted agendas and cryptic motives aside, she handed us the keys to the Kingdom of David with that phrase.

    The Kabbalistic and Talmudic mysticism of our enemies is based on Will expressed through Word. Magic words like “Yahweh” were just red herrings for the real Word of Power.

    The “Goyim No” is the most primal and terrifying word the goyim can know. Speak this word of power and watch the walls of Juggalo Jericho come down.

  21. I heard Lebron’s drivel on the radio yesterday morning. I guess he is a bigwig in a silly boring game of pituitary freaks because I recognize the name.

    He was quasi-coherently tisking the coach/manager (?) for criticizing China. He latched onto the “shouldn’t criticize a different culture” aspect for his blather. Isn’t Lebron one of the goombas that was vocal about Travon and and Brown being gunned down for attacking citizens and police officers? You know… things we find antithetical in our culture. What a hypocritical muppet.

    I’m sure the highly intelligent and discerning fans of basketball will call it out, in 3, 2, 1….

    • Well if you worship at the alter of pro sports then I think intelligence isn’t your strong suit…I know though you meant it as sarcasm so just voicing my agreement…

      • Lineman,

        Yeah, I missed the sports gene when I was spawned. I like playing physical games, lifting, rare feats of individual expertise, and I do enjoy organized sports when my kith or kin are playing… but the enthusiasm for watching strangers play games is just beyond my ken. I mean, I know people are gay for pro-sportsball in the same way I know Asians will eat the ass end out of inedible animal parts. I know, I just dont know why.

        • I see the anti “sportsball” movement in the manosphere as a geek movement. Maybe striking back at the big bad jock that wouldn’t let you in the frat or somesuch. Sorry, I find this “not know why’ thing a bit disingenuous, too. They made a movie, “Revenge of the Nerds” – pretty much encapsulates my view on the subject.

          But taking this lack of ‘understanding’ at face value, I will spare a moment, stealing it from my business owner self, at your behest.

          As the father of more than 2 and less than 6 children, of both sexes, sports was an integral part of raising them. Teenage girls less likely to have bad outcomes if they play sports. Same for young males. I put in the many, many hours to coach, lessons, training, travel teams, plus time on the sidelines. The result for 100% of mine, now young, independent, non leftist, employed, living on their own adults – successful. And they ALL still play sports, hit the gym, run marathons.

          Worshiping pro athletes is not required for one to enjoy sports. As a tennis athlete, you watch that sport with an eye on YOUR game. Same if you are playing football, baseball, moto cross …. we watch, but not passively. We freeze the frame, talk about getting down on the ground ball, coming across the ball and how no pros serve with one or both feet on the ground. Doubles techniques (when you have two daughters playing high school tennis as doubles partners). Granted, you need the internet for your daughters to look up field hockey.

          When I was coaching Little League, talking baseball, playing adult baseball – bringing the kids with me – bar b qing, or their own too many to count AAU tournaments in multiple sports. AND attending pro games – disclaimer – I had a connection and almost never paid for tickets. But when I did, it was cheap Stubhub tix.

          Family times, bonding, always working on our own personal sports, coaching, travel. FAMILY times and friends. I have a feeling nerds that ‘hate sportsball’ might also be those that hate ‘wahmen’ – and suspect there is a Venn overlap there with HAVE NO WOMEN. Nor children.

          To sum up, sports was an integral part of raising my healthy, happy kids into independent adults. I will head into town this weekend to play a couple of hours of singles tennis with one of my kids – compare how our games are going – I have a league playoff coming for my self. Then hit a diner, catch up. No one in my place was ‘godding up’ any pro athlete and EVERY SINGLE ONE of mine HATE LEBRON. Long before he ran his mouth about China.

          Here’s my deal – if you don’t like something, say “sportsball” – and noting that it is indeed THE LEFTISTS that want to steal MY bonding with my son(s) over that game so why be in LEAGUE WITH THEM?? – don’t put on your ‘boycott hat’ as first impulse. Just because you throw like a girl – you already learned to code! Trump is the man – but he too would probably RIB YOU for being geeky.

          • It’s the overhyped and overpriced professional sports that are worthless and annoying, not family-oriented amateur fun.

            Anyone excited by watching millionaire illiterates bounce balls off hardwood floors is likely to be a boring idiot.

          • Chumeisterburger,

            You dont know me so I’ll elucidate a bit. I seem to have struck a nerve and you misunderstand me. Sports are fantastic for young people and adults. My boys are/were in aquatics and hockey respectively, my daughter in archery and equestrianism. I’ve assistant coached youngest’s elementary track and field for two seasons. I am “that guy” that encourages parents and kids to get involved in sport (dont care which just do!) . I was speaking to a family friend, a widow, about encouraging her daughter to get involved. I gently proposed she look up the studies on outcomes for girls in particular… better academic performance, less chances of risky sexual behavior, STDs, drug usage, criminal behavior, etc. She’s now encouraging her only daughter to investigate which sports she “will do” next year in h.s.

            For adults, participation in physical activity also has its benefits despite increased chances of injury. I myself am a regular gym-goer and practice practical martial arts. I am literally 3 pounds over my weight from 30 years ago when I was a paratrooper. No monster by any means but I’m fit.

            I enjoy watching live sports but only if I know the athletes involved, family or friends or kids on the same team as my children. I encourage them to watch youtube videos of professional or Olympic competitors in order to improve their own games. I will peruse videos of MMA fighters and combative instructors to pick up moves… or at least attempt them.

            Where I am missing the sports ball gene is this. I simply do not care who wins or losses, even with my children’s teams. I watch them individually. If I see they are excelling and giving their all… perfect. Sandbagging is the only thing that will tick me off. I was proud when my youngest was chosen MVP because I watched him excel to his maximum potential, and my oldest’s hockey concussion was earned by putting his heart into it. They earned a stern talking to when they were ejected or not played because of attitude or lazy performance. I am that annoying guy who politely claps when the other team scores because… well done.

            Outside of instructional purposes or the rare incredible individual achievement I have no use for professional sportsball teams. The idea of people elevated to celestial status for playing games is alien to me and wearing another man’s name on my clothing is just plain gay. There is no my team/your team dynamic… the teams dont care if you exist outside of your purchasing power or their ability to sell you as an advertisement consumption unit. If anything pro-sportsball is thoroughly in the camp of Our opposition and your consumption of gear and viewership feeds them financially. Stop funding those who hate us. If you pirate games to watch, good on you, I salute you. You subscribe your viewership or buy swag of pro-ball teams… come talk to me when you stop feeding the beast.

            Nope. I’ve got a good throwing arm, but I do have to warm the crap out of it before usage… being in my fifties. Nope, I’m not the guy that wants to put tranny boys on your girls track team. Nope, not trying destroy your bonding moments with your boys… well, i didn’t understand your argument on that on… but nope.

            Yes. You start rambling on about pro-sportsball and my eyes will glaze over. I will think you are sportsball gay if you carry on. You wear some schwartz’s name on your clothes … I’ll know you’re sportsball gay. If you say “we lost” or “we won” when talking about a pro team… I’ll write you off as a dunce.

            Does this help? Hope so. Read up on people’s posts here to get the whole story before flying off. Oh, and the jury is still out on Trump in my book… so do find better heroes to use as levers. We probably aren’t that far off politically you and I… and I’ve certainly lost my patience posting before… stick around and learn a bit more about the personalities here before throwing uneducated insults Brother.

          • Its almost as if you enjoy playing sports but disdain jocksniffers. You can see how burger would take you for a sissy. Real men worship Lebron.

          • Sports are great. Enriching Negroes who hate us and have colonized sports leagues White men founded and developed is stupid. that is the reason for the disdainful term ‘sportsball’.

  22. The Poles and other old East block countries will continue to thumb their noses at the EU since more and more US companies are opening shop in their borders. As labor, material and energy costs continue to increase in the West, Eastern Europe is becoming the low cost alternative. You won’t read about it, but Germany and France have quietly figured out the great unwashed are too stupid to train and run the machines at VW, Krupps and Siemens.Despite EU and German rhetoric about needing them because Europeans won’t breed fast enough.

    Another factor in favor of the East is when German companies learned what happens when you hand over your products, drawings and technology to China just to get lower prices. It’s the result of naively assuming everyone thinks like you do and respects intellectual properly rights. Again, one culture assuming another culture acts the same way just because they’re well educated and business savvy.

    Poland, Czech and Hungary have a long history of engineering excellence going back pre-war. Most German tanks and aircraft were built there, and not in Germany. In fact, when Israel built its first air force, it used the Avia S-199 (Bf-109) that came off the Czech production lines.

    Today, vehicles like the Audi TT are built entirely in Hungary while Seat is built in Spain. And just like Americans outsourcing to Mexico, the majority of German automotive parts come from their eastern neighbors.

    • “since more and more US companies are opening shop in their borders.”

      This is my greatest fear actually. Because the countries are economically depressed big multi-nationals with lots of cash to throw around come in and wave the US / EU level salaries around and people snap at it. Then guess what? The door is now open for the ‘corporate culture’ of that particular multinational corporation to start oozing into the cracks & crevices.

      These woke companies will push hard for their (((corporate culture))) to be respected and then that based green eyed Hungarian stunner or striking blond Pole girl who walked in without much except strong nationalist vibes and intact values walks out differently, innit? She will be a green -haired- magyar girl now with a nose ring or the pole will get herself a set of problem glasses and the ‘strong empowered wahmen’ virus is now released under the cover of ‘economic empowerment’.

      The mind virus infiltrates any way it can and the infusion of (((shekels))) into economies that greatly need it has been a disease vector for quite a while. Be careful what you wish for with Western companies moving into some of the only refuges of sanity left on the planet, you may get it.

  23. Of course, a major reason for Chinese success is that the Han are not thoroughly infested with a snarling, spiteful, envious, hate-filled, bloodsucking hook-nosed Tribe of (((Fellow Han))) who pretend to be Chinese but who in fact work tirelessly, day and night, relentlessly tunneling, undermining, betraying, scheming and plotting against the Han. At least they don’t have that burden to worry about.

    You too could run fast and jump high! That is, if your flesh was not sadly riddled with (((hookworms))).

    • Yea, I wrote about that in my own comment. Shlomo is about to come up against a very, very different opponent in the Chinese. I don’t think they fully grasp how important it is that they look like us. We accept them as one of our own. (Stupid, but true.) The Chinese will be reminded every single time that they look at Shlomo that he is not one of their own and not to be trusted.

      Shlomo’s greatest fears to are 1) to be openly recognized as a Shlomo and 2) to be ignored. That’s exactly what they’re about to face. The Japanese do the same thing. Drives Shlomo crazy.

      Owen Benjamin has a somewhat funny video showing how Chinese treat Shlomo.

  24. “…This incident gets to some eternal truths about human society. One of those is that power springs from identity. The man who is confident in who he is, will project power…”

    Power games are as old as the species, Z. No doubt, they have no fear of the NBA, and the vast majority of Chinese view blacks with utter open contempt. But – a few points of order:

    – 15 of the 20 dirtiest cities in the world are in China. 90% of the water is unpotable. The problems they have with pollution are going to create health headaches for generations to come.
    – because Chinese families value boys over girls, female infanticide has created a gender imbalance. There will not be enough wives to go around for the next generation. When you have a jingoistic society where a significant percentage of the males won’t have mates… you have the makings for Mutiny On The Bounty.
    – the Chinese are frantically trying to keep the air in a failing economic bubble. They have built entire ghost cities that literally have no tenants. Initially it was great ‘stimulus’ for the economy… but the bills on that are being deferred the same way they are here.

    The Chinese are smart and resourceful but they have some very dire and serious problems that make ours look trivial.

    • When you have a jingoistic society where a significant percentage of the males won’t have mates… you have the makings for Mutiny On The Bounty.

      … or an army to send abroad.

        • Yeah , the muslims know this well and it made them militarily successful in the middle ages. the shortage of wives there wa because of polygamy. so they told the youth , ” get your sword and horse, there’s women available in (fill in the blank) . they are yours for the converting(taking). which is why they continuously invaded eastern Europe .

        • Horrifyingly, they send them abroad to Africa to be middle managers and wife up the black women there. You hear about the locals males bitching in Belt and Road articles. Which is what they did in the California gold rush as well. Chinese may hate blacks, but a holes a hole to a chink of them.

    • Your last sentence couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, their problems are trivial compared to ours. Pollution, a few extra guys of their own tribe, a shaky economy. All problems that can be solved or that will wan over time.

      We have been invaded. We will be a persecuted minority in what was our own lands. We very well may have to fight a Yugoslavia-type civil war to win our freedom or face extinction. And you claim their problems make ours look trivial. Look around, man.

      • This is well said. All I have to do is go to my local Walmart to be a minority. And by no means do I even remotely think that when outsiders have the whip hand, that they will be merciful. They will be tearing the gold fillings out of my teeth.

        At least that scumbag Cummings is STILL DEAD at the time of this writing.

        • Hear the incessant “BEEP BEEP BEEP” of the checkout follow you through the entire store – globalists just raking in the cash of the deracinated and transplanted.

        • Yeah, but before he expired he left and enriched a lot of progeny by looting from Whitey. The time to eradicate parasites is when they’re larval, not wait until they’re old and grey. Every day more Whites die than are born. Every day more browns and yellows are coming in to replace your children. I swear, people here are daily reminding me more and more of Sailer’s pollyannas that I sought to escape.

  25. South Park has been pretty amusing this season in relation to China. I’m actually happy that those guys have eff you money because they are using it. Also, black panther Tanked in China because Chinese people do not like black people. I’m enjoying knowing that one day black people are going to find that out

    • The ones in Africa that took the “belt and road” bait already are. Been quite a few articles written on that. Unlike the Westerners, the Chinese have neither guilt nor tolerance for dysfunctional IQ levels.

      • Which will make them more likely to survive…What is it with white people and their willingness to bend over backwards for stupidity and evil just so they don’t get called names…

      • The movie Empire of Dust is an absolute pleasure to watch just for the scene when the Chinese engineer points to some gorillas and then says to the black guy “your cousins, hahaha”. Wow!

        • Empire of Dust is an example of the old communist maxim. The Chinese pretend to pay the Africans, and the Africans pretend to work. Everybody is playing their game and getting played in return. Ultimately, nothing much gets done and Africa wins.

    • China is the world’s second biggest movie market and putting Blacks in leads that were either once held by or would be held by Whites won’t go over well. I’m thinking that the role of 007 was taken over by a Black masculine-looking female.

      • If you read the original Ian Fleming novels, Bond is a very specific version of a white male asshole. The sort who is impossible for anyone to deal with, but necessary for the proper functioning of things. To change it up through gender, race, or even personality, is to betray the original intent of the author.

        • That’s precisely why (((they’re))) doing it. To betray the original intent and function of everything that underpins White Western society. A real White man won’t let his empty-headed wife or his kids waste time or money on anything the modern media pushes.

          • And Patrick McGoohan’s “The Prisoner” was prophetic about how the (((system))) deals with such a man, once he is no longer useful to them. They never broke him, but things descended into a crazy mess, all around, as they tried to do it. Our current situation really is similar, on a grand scale.

  26. “…despite their tough talk, they live in mortal fear of the society over whom they rule.”

    So does our ruling class. And they have much to fear.

    • …And the Chinese are more prone to disobey and riot, like the French. I never thought I’d say this, but white Americans have become the pliant & meek which was the Asian stereotype forever. With all the guns we have, it’s amazing that the most aggro we’ve gotten was the Bundy clan. If whites put on a show like the Chinese are wont to do, we’d have had closed borders years ago.

      • Patience. Normie is headed our way, if only at a snails pace right now. As Washington said of Americans reluctant to take up arms against the British tyranny, “They have to feel it first.”

        • Normie has been heading our way for decades. I call it “cultural segregation”. Normies have been moving to the suburbs to escape the vibrancy for a long time. They just wrap themselves in SJW cloaks as personal compensation for their own selfish actions. Once it is OK and safe to shed the cloak, and dangerous to continue to wear it, things will change fast. A preference cascade of sorts will ensue.

          • Dutch,

            Hopefully you are correct. I doubt “Normie” from yesterday’s post is anything but and indicative of little.

            I was just bemused y’all palavered with him so long… watching intelligent men and women humoring a clown struck me as less than worthy of y’alls formidable intellect.

          • Heh, living in California, I am used to elaborately sowing small seeds of doubt. It’s my minor contribution to the cause, but it was exhausting.

            The thing the Normies don’t understand is that while they spout off about all the SJW stuff, including the incredibly masturbatory and silly race and all-the-genders crap, they live differently than that. They culturally segregate themselves and their families in “safe” non-vibrant communities, and will defend that to the death, all the while pretending it just isn’t so (“my best friends and co-workers are black”—fap, fap). Calling them out on their cultural segregation, and forcing them to choose between how they live and what they profess to believe, that is an opening that we have, to bring them to our side, or at least to confound them where they sit.

          • Upvoted that. For the white folks you are talking about, integrated hoods sounds good in theory until the practice is observed, and then normal thinking kicks in. In the last hood that I left, the darker neighbors just kept to themselves and weren’t overtly outgoing or friendly, kinda’ like the dormant behavior I see in Muzzies. I think I’m getting woke. Raised in the 60s in a Christian home and in public schools, but then seeing and hearing stuff like “Whites must die,” has me wondering how long before THEY believe it is time to put that into action. I wonder what I am to think about Christianity itself since it taught me to love my neighbors? I tried, but a guy taught me about my Lizard Brain, which I am listening to more and more these days. At my age, my LB is more concerned about my offspring. Rant over.

          • Being more concerned about your own offspring than your neighbor is foundational to genuine Christianity. Jesus noted that even the tax collectors loved and cared for their families – not with the implication that such a thing was wrong, but that it was so basic and essential that it needed no mention because only the insane offered his children’s patrimony to the stranger. And “love” in the Bible is an action verb, meaning wanting what’s in that stranger’s best interest for him, not sloppy sentimental feelz. What’s best for the trannie is not chopping up its body but attempting to heal its head. What’s best for the sub-Saharans is to live in their own environment among their own people. You are consistently mistaking modern, pozzed churchianity for genuine Christianity, and there is minimal overlap between the two.

          • Dutch,

            I hear you and know exactly of which you speak. I’m pretty sure I live within 50 miles of you. I just thought y’all were expending a lot of energy on “Normie” the troll.. honestly he was just having you on. Who the hell says “I’m raising my boys to be super-woke ” .. he actually made me chuckle on that one. Either way y’all have the patience of saints I’m envious of.

            By the way the in-laws fit the bill exactly, super “woke” but live in the second whitest area of North County… and n’er tread south of the I-8 to feel the vibrancy firsthand, but are tickled their county has turned blue.

          • Yeah, the character known as Normie was having some fun yesterday. He kept pushing how ridiculous he sounded to see how far he could go.

            But it’s shocking how close to real Normies his arguments are, which is why it’s good to limber up with him every once in a while.

          • Joe Sobran once remarked that in their mating and migratory habits, liberals are indistinguishable from the KKK.

            A girlfriend has taught various grades in inner-city Akron, Ohio, public schools and has no illusions about her students, but, being a devout Christian says that we must take of them. I once asked if there was public transportation to Akron from her nearly all-White suburb and she replied, “Oh, no, we don’t want them here.”

          • I don’t think there was anything normal about ”Normie.” He was a straight up false front intended to sow doubt, conflict, etc. I would ignore him completely, don’t interact.

          • Yea he is the same Normie Troll that was sailing in these waters before not worth it to try and reason with him…

          • Same. I read Zman’s post and saw there were over 200 comments and settled in to read an interesting and stimulating thread. Then I got to everyone humoring “normie” by taking his purported arguments seriously and I went back to my genealogy. Yeah, sure, people claim they’re doing this for the benefit of the lurkers, but they’re merely satisfying their own ego and at the same time inflating the piece of crud’s cred.

          • Normies are the key. The far left actually knows the reality, and is just causing everything to burn for the votes and power. Just like when the votes/power were with white nationalism, the left invented the KKK and Jim Crow. Normies are the true believers in egalitarianism.

          • Normies are a waste of time. While you think you’re honing your arguments and making yourself look clever to others, you’re misdirecting energy and ammo where it’s utterly wasted. 95% of people over 35 will continually reset to their default muh equality no matter how much you attempt to use facts and proof of hypocrisy to root out what is essentially a religious faith. The only people it’s worth preaching to are the young – particularly the young men. They are ripe for the truth, having been berated for their evil White maleness every day of their lives.

    • They do if my life experience is correct. I live in a blue state shitlibopolis, a state ruled by the big city minority against the will of the rest of the state. In a red county, north of Manhattan, but within commute. The affluent males I meet here are – the bright ones – all liberals. The silent majority, not leftists (same thing; two terms).

      What the liberal, affluent males – the middle aged ones, 40-65 – have overwhelmingly in common is – they cannot change a light bulb, and despite whatever ‘alpha’ traits they bring to their law practice/career tracks – they raise the WIMPIEST sons. Laughable. Like bragging that “my son wore a dress to (high) school in solidarity with cross dresser day the kids had…” proud. Not “my Marine…”

      Their daughters do not marry young, nor have many, if any children.

      Now the elite leftists are not the least bit afraid of the middle IQ good Americans they look down on in the parts of the country that the leftists strip-mined of industry. They laugh at the very class of Americans they went about destroying.

      What they are AFRAID of are the young men I have encountered – the young STEM guys. Intelligent, keeping their ‘gray man’ fronts – DESPISE the leftists and all they stand for. Get around a dozen of these guys and see how you feel – between beers and cigars. And talk. See, men will talk in person with men they know and trust.

      So IMO it is this young cadre that the leftists FEAR. We cannot all hope that God deletes every enemy combatant like that crook Cummings – although that news made my day. We are not to lose hope though – even if things come to only a cadre of strong men.

      • Hey, you just made me feel more powerful 🙂

        That said, it’s hard to meet with like minded STEM white guys when the entire class is alien, but I digress. At least I can openly bash homos around the Pakies and Arabs.

        • “At least I can openly bash homos around the Pakies and Arabs.”

          I can’t tell if you’re purely making a joke, or also serious. (This is a terrible medium for detecting irony…) If there is any seriousness to your comment, be cautious. Be VERY cautious. The more clever among the Pakis and/or Arabs will save up your comments to be used against you at a future time that is advantageous to them.

          To be fair, this sort of betrayal can happen when dealing with any ethnicity, but personal experience strongly suggests that some members of some groups are more prone to this moral failing than others. (I’m not proud of how I gained this knowledge — because no one likes to admit to naivety — but at least I paid less for my knowledge than Odin did for his: I still have binocular vision ….)

          • “will save up your comments to be used against you at a future time”

            Oh, sh**. After last nite’s Jamaican, yup, you’re right, I’m done talking WN to duskys. Dammit, I am way too trusting that people want better.

      • A fellow at my NJ gun club owned property in rural Sullivan County, northwest of Manhattan, was able to get a concealed carry permit because of a friendly judge. NY State is dominated by NYC and its suburbs. There was talk in the past of succession from NYC.

        • Suckcession: Means you are forced to ingest a never ending stream of NYC circumcised penis

          Secession: This is what the South did. “we are no longer part of your political organization – we’re choosing to rule ourselves”

          Decession: You suck. We are kicking you out. Go off and have fun being your own political entity. We want to see how long you survive on your own.

          I’m hoping you weren’t seriously talking about suckcession.

          Do you mean decession?

  27. “Whether or not there is time for western nations to pull out of their death spiral and get their biology right is unknown…”

    Actually, it looks quite clear. This high flying airship is in a steep nose dive, losing altitude fast, and there is no Captain Sully in sight.

    • and three of it’s 4 engines are on fire , the landing gear is broken , the wings are cracked . the most disturbing thing in the whole equation is that whites who live away from the diversity are completely stone headed and impervious to logic.
      they are completely POZ’ed in iowa, the burbs, and Vermont. These pozed whites are a bane on urban communities because they prevent them from looking at real reforms that would help stabilize these areas. they are “free trade” and gut the industrial base in these areas , and eco freaks that shut down the coal mines in Appalachia .
      I’ve lived in both and the result is complete chaos. stable families help a ton in preventing disfunction and decay in communities. They are also Cheap labor open borders magic dirt proponents . they fall into two camps . blue haired cat ladies and ” Muh constitution ” rush Limbaugh wannabes . the two can find common ground though, you can subject preschoolers to drag time story hour , as long as it is privately funded. sorry , ranting today.

  28. Z: “The starting place for a human society is the people, the biology.”

    Some commenters find Z’s site, like it, and wonder why these ideas aren’t more common. They wonder why we can’t write a friendly manifesto that persuades the normies. Here’s why:

    The idea that a country must get the biology right is profoundly heretical, when you explicate the implications of that statement.

    We are advocating ideas that have been canonized by the media/academia as the most evil in history. That’s a tough sell, but the truth is on our side.

      • “We had the biology right…”

        Actually, we didn’t have the biology right, else we wouldn’t be in this predicament. A people goes extinct because they didn’t have their biology right. They were out competed.

    • That’s the power of the indoctrination we’ve all received throughout our years. But eventually it won’t match the power of the ancient gravity of blood and ethnicity.

      • What makes you think that all but a few Whites will ever wake up?

        I’ve been in this thing four years and things are worse now than when I started.

        • Meme,

          You might be right. But I’ve been reading Sailer and others for well over a decade. Our numbers have grown dramatically in that time. What’s more, our ideas are slipping out into the mainstream.

          Granted, it’s often two steps forward, one step back. But for those of us who have been around awhile, we can definitely see that we’re moving forward. That said, the past four years has been one of those steps back.

        • Respectfully and optimistically disagree. We’re gaining, TRS internals according to Enoch showed a big increase last year, 12% more self-identified “rightists” have a negative view of Israel. A big part of the deplatforming from YouTube came from Globoshlomo throwing ineffective gatekeepers to the wolves. Whenever we get a chance to speak, we win the argument, and our “retention” is huge – people who take the red pill, particularly to the J-woke level, can never see the world the same way again. It takes Room 101-level measures to break your new frame after that. Patience and persistence.

          • We may not be moving forward right now, but look at how far and how fast the rest of the things around us have been falling lately. By merely surviving intact for a few more years, we might be the last Western men standing.

          • Exactly. The future belongs to the living. Staying alive is our highest priority. Time & fate are indiscriminate allies but we can work at staying off their fighting side.

          • There are definitely green shoots, but there’s real problems too.

            The fact that an autistic retard was able to dox and destroy the most successful counter-Semite since Charles Lindbergh, and the fact that other “leaders” continue to embrace the individual that did the destroying, tells you all you need to know about the state of the Pro-White movement.

          • I was referring to Christopher Cantwell, and by extension Mike Peinovich’s unfathomably bizzare attempt to resurrect him.

            Andrew Anglin is the only “leader” to actually learn anything from Charlottesville.

        • >things are worse now than when I started.

          What things?

          Society? Yes, it’s worse.

          This thing of ours? Much, much better.

          What sort of metrics have other dissident, banned and underground groups used to determine the heath of their movements? We probably need to figure that out.

        • The fact that Trump won on a policy of stopping illegal immigration was unthinkable a decade ago. The worsening in the last four years is the left’s hysterical reaction to that. Now it’s a race against demographics to see what comes after Trump. Three possibilities are 1) something better, 2) a return to Republicuck or 3) total defeat. The latter two are pretty much the same. I am holding out hope for first.

        • Meme, I’ve been in this thing since the early 90’s, a reader of Chronicles, including Sam Francis and PJB and more, later a reader of VDare. In those days, neoconservatism and Buckley conservatism was shifting into high gear. Reading mainstream comment sections back then, you’d never find people on our side. I’m amazed at the change and the numbers on our side compared to pre-2015. Of course it’s still not nearly enough, but you have to compare the situation to what it was not that long ago to get a better picture.

          • I’ve been in this thing since the 1980s. Like you, a reader of Chronicles magazine, Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan. There were still some good writers and articles in The National Review such as Joe Sobran. Living in a suburb of Newark, NJ, is also a redpilling experience.

    • When I was studying in Beijing many years ago, I had a Chinese teacher who would playfully joke about American history being much shorter than that of China. Living there, you come to realize that China’s ethnocentrism surpasses that of the Zionist tribe, but not in an overtly racist way (unless you’re from Africa). Yes people can be rude there at times, but for many it’s just a survival mechanism in a land of over a billion people. They’ve likely been aided by a patriarchal society that’s endured for ages. Even the Politburo Standing Committee has never had a female member. There’s a lesson in there. As Ann Coulter said the other day, women shouldn’t be in politics.

      • “China’s ethnocentrism surpasses that of the Zionist tribe, but not in an overtly racist way”

        Yes. This is a very important point. The Chinese (which of course means Han) consider all others as barbarians beneath contempt, by definition. This often-unfounded arrogance of course has hurt the Chinese more than once, but my impression is that the Chicom leadership is more realistic and canny about it these days. But never think that the Chinese are not racist, they just take Han superiority as a given, and therefore it doesn’t even need to be brought up.

        A key difference between Chinese and Jewish ethnocentrism, IMNSHO, is that the latter is fundamentally intertwined with paranoia and resentment. Resentment breeds hostility and the belief that “preemptive revenge” (thanks to whoever it was that introduced this wonderful phrase to me) is not only justified, but entirely moral. Believe me, in the minds of most of those tearing down the institutions and ethical norms of the West, their actions are flat-out righteous.

        • Thanks for that term: preemptive revenge.

          It totally explains the actions of those tearing down institutions and ethical norms – while all the while thinking they are morally justified because of what will likely happen to them IN THE FUTURE.

          To me however – that preemptive revenge thing just seems more like the excuse offered up by a person who just can’t stop themselves from creating the situation that leads to them being beaten down. There’s a lot of women like this. They’ll torment the men they are with – just to provoke a beating. Police who work domestic violence are very familiar with the behavior. The females will torment and torment and torment – and finally the male will kill them, and land his ass in jail.

          And the feminist (all tribal members) – will all scream about male brutality.

          In a correctly run world – people who just went around torturing and tormenting and playing mental games with other people – would suffer the consequences of their actions.

  29. Western Leftist Progressive Marxists have a problem with White Privilege. I wonder how they feel about Han privilege in China. Whatever the percentage of white identitarians may be we are dwarfed by the Han Chinese. Duty now for the future. A purge is needed to ensure our survival. I prefer an amicable parting of the ways. Dissident realism is not just for breakfast anymore.

        • Look, the history of the world turned on a dime when Truman dragged MacArthur to that meeting on Wake and fired him. The choice to use the tactical weapons we had – intended just for the purpose they were created for – could have ended the Mao era along the Yalu. Then and there.

    • We’re going to be hearing a lot about the Han from now on. One thing to keep in mind is the “Han” is analogous to “white” in America. The Han is an umbrella term, kind of a mishmash of various ethnies that have interbred and washed over the eastern half of China over the millennia.

      • Nagasaki and Hiroshima, civilian cities, were the centers of Christianity in Japan.

        Intended purpose?

        (I may have already mentioned that)

  30. Strikes me that “communist” China is more like NDSAP Germany minus the “waste your population and treasure invading and killing all your neighbors”. Hitler and Mussolini figured out that nationalism sold a whole lot better than “proletariat of the world unite”. The capitalists were perfectly willing to cede control over to the government so long as there was profit in it for them. One of my old professors wrote a great book on IG Farben laying out that exact case. The Chinese leadership that survived the Cultural Revolution did an after action on WWII Europe and figured that out. And harnessed capitalism to that end. And instead of exporting their version of the Wehrmacht they simply use their capitalists to wrap around their neighbors and key points of the raw materials supply chain like an anaconda. Just ask the Africans that took the “belt and road” bait. Or ports and shipping.

  31. America will become a sort of China. A poverty-stricken, overcrowded shit-hole with a command-and-control economy run by fascist oligarchs and bureaucratic functionaries. Oh, wait……

  32. Excellent post, zman. It’s for this reason that I am more optimistic about Central and Eastern Europe than I am about Western Europe.

    • It’s fun to watch the Poles refuse to be the test subjects for yet another European political “Lethal Dose 50” experiment—twice in a century was enough for them.

      • Speaking of example, the people from the former communist countries travel to the West often. They can see what is happening and they shudder with horror.

        • I’ve worked with a fair number of Russian actuaries over the years—several who were Brezhnev era emigres—so they remember all proganda stuff—Red Pioneers and all. They shudder every day.

      • On the radio the other day I heard the State Department is extending entry into the Visa Waiver program to Poland. Perhaps easier travel between our two nations will give us an injection of the Polish spirit. Ours is a seductive culture of easy lies, more likely Kowalski will head back to Poland with a suitcase full of NBA swag and tales of how great visiting Hollywood was. I will hope against hope the former comes to pass.

  33. A 6 AM EST post?!

    China and the rest of East Asia, along with Russia perhaps, are going to own the next 50 years for no reason other than rejecting vibrant diversity,

    • China does have some systemic problems common to most developed countries – particularly an aging population and lots young women without children. It will be interesting to see how they handle this. Japan has done okay with it.

      • Just a reminder that the China currently has 1.4 billion people. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see where that number shrinking greatly will hurt them.

        • they have a lot of people , but demographics is a feedback loop with long time delay in the feedback . that means is it inherently unstable and hard to correct(regulate). Once the output goes negative, the feedback drives it more negative because the correction is delayed. It s a imperfect and overly simplified analogy, but not too far off.
          This is going to be a big problem for both china and japan. Historically , this has not been reversible, but who knows? The large population does give them time to find an answer. that’s a luxury the west doesn’t have. even Poland the rest of eastern Europe are doomed in the long run if they don’t fix their demographic winter.

          • I have to imagine as well that at some point of decline, a population knows that it’s approaching a tipping point toward extinction, and might throw in the towel or start behaving in really suicidal ways.

            I’m not sure if there are anthropological studies or records that could help us with this. But I’m wondering if there’s a point where everyone in the lifeboat knows they don’t have the resources to survive absent divine intervention, and the line between life and death becomes hazy, if not practically nonexistent. That’s when you’d see death cults, public boasts of infanticide, state-enforced worship of sterile and disordered sexual perversions, self-gelding in males, unceasing assaults on the proper functioning of the female reproductive organs, and much more.

            In other words, what’s outside our windows right now.

        • I’m reminded that the plagues that swept away around half of the European population provided the foundation for economic growth by increasing the value of labor. As long as Chinese elites refrain from globalist treason replacing their own people with 70 and 80 IQ cheap labor, they will as a civilization on a centurial time scale have a very bright future.

          Civilizations ARE ecosystems. Human populations are in a perfect storm of intense natural selection, one of which is the consequence of birth control. I think a hardware/software analogy with genome/culture is useful. All women want sex, but many do not want children. Throughout all of human history they simply had no choice. Now they do. Whether it is defective hardware (genome) or software (anti-natal shitlib culture) these people WILL weed themselves from the gene pool over the next 10-20 generations. Stabilizing feedback mechanisms are built into the fabric of reality.

          Which European nations will still exist is an open question. ‘K’ always wins in the end, but it may not be our ‘K’. Smart ‘K’ learns from the failure of others, and the Chinese are watching the death throes of the pozzed American Empire with great interest, keen on avoiding our mistakes.

      • Japanese culture is an order of magnitude higher on the trust scale, though. The Chinese, for all their homogeneity, often don’t give a crap about anyone outside their immediate circle. In Chinese, there are no separate words for “he” and “she”; they use a single word which has the dual meaning of “other” as well as “it”.

        In Taiwan, every window and balcony on every building is covered by grating of some sort (this practice has somewhat abated with more modern structures). I had a elderly landlord a couple decades ago, a real Nipponphile who had grown up in the Japanese colonial period, and he said that such grating only appeared after Taiwan’s retrocession to the Nationalists.

        • @KGB – “I had a elderly landlord a couple decades ago, a real Nipponphile who had grown up in the Japanese colonial period…”

          Quite a few Taiwanese ended up in Japan after the war. I live in the Nagano prefecture and for a time until the mid ‘90s, there were still a number of ethnically Chinese families located here. Some of the grandkids didn’t even learn Chinese. One old guy I used to play go with (taught me, actually), used to be a competitive go player of some renown, he swore up and down Japan’s occupation was the best thing to ever happen to Taiwan. Disputable, but I would agree Japan’s war atrocities were overblown when compared with bullshit the Allies got away with. I miss the old guy, he was funny as hell. Hated Koreans, Russians, Jews, and negroes of any nationality.

          • That feeling is, or at least was, quite prevalent in Taiwan. It was the Japanese who electrified the island, laid a transportation system, instilled law and order, etc. When the Nationalists arrived in 1949 things took a marked step backward.

            My landlord preferred speaking Japanese. It’s also said that Lee Teng-hui, the first democratically elected president of Taiwan, spoke better Japanese than Mandarin (or Taiwanese). This affinity for a non-Chinese culture/polity by a Han populated country probably contains a lesson for dealing with the Chinese in the future.

      • “…and lots young women without children”. Set up a much better living environment, with a bright future, and that problem will go away quickly.

        • And set up monetary incentives, tax incentives for families and more kids. Change the culture, visual propaganda depicting happy multi-kid families. Change the culture….change the people. Positive reinforcement rather than No You Can’t.

          • This explains the subversive guilty pleasure of the Nazi propaganda pieces in the TV series “The Man in the High Castle”. We are supposed to hate the happy, attractive white fam w kids. Because white. Instead it inspires nostalgia for an America that didnt hate whitey. Such is the hunger among white Americans for an end to the bigotry that we could could meme the white birthrate higher by posting the fictional Nazi propaganda all over the webs.

    • In many large train stations and airports in China you see signs rejecting the last century – The Lost Century…and eagerly embracing this one – The Chinese Century. This isn’t a goal, they treat it as a fait accompli.

      There are problems in China, serious problems…but they are improving on most things steadily, year by year.

      • @Yves Vannes – “There are problems in China, serious problems…but they are improving on most things steadily, year by year.”

        No, they really aren’t. They’re just reshaping the world to work for them, steadily year-by-year. I know I’m right because I’ve done enough business in mainland China. Cheat, steal, won’t negotiate. I respect them for looking out for their own, but no way in hell would the modern Chinaman be anywhere near respected today if it weren’t for the American and Chinese economies being so mates together.

        • “They’re just reshaping the world to work for them”.
          And it’s paid off for them.

          I’ve been there a few time during the past 5 years. I agree with you on their behavior: they have zero interest in playing by the rules nor in engaging in a give and take relationship.

          If we’d walk away from a deal now and then maybe they wouldn’t see us as such easy marks.

          Every grad school, gov lab, corporate lab, etc has Chinese nationals or loyalists in it simply passing things back to the homeland. This has gone on as long as I’ve been in this game which goes back to the ’80s.

          They are getting to the point where soon they won’t need us all that much. They maybe a Frankenstein but we played the role of Dr. Frankenstein.

        • “Cheat, steal, won’t negotiate.”

          Yep. I was just a kid when Nixon “opened up China” but I do remember my (Chinese) parents commenting on what fools were the American businessmen crowing “Even if we only make a single dollar’s profit from each Chinese!” They predicted wholesale theft of US intellectual property.

          Unfortunately my parents were only half right. Not only did the Chicoms steal IP, they also stole American process know-how (which is not the same thing as IP, though there is of course overlap). We watched numerous companies optimistically opening “joint venture, joint management” plants in China and sending over technical experts. After a year or two the American experts, having been pumped dry, would be shut out and sent home. This was inevitable as winter follows autumn.

          My engineer father (deliberately) missed out on considerably lucrative “consulting” fees and the like because he refused to have anything to do with the Chicoms despite being aggressively courted. He considered it collaboration with the enemy and betrayal of his adopted country. In our home those other Chinese-living-in-the-US who aided the transfer of technology to the Chicoms were spoken of with suspicion and no little contempt. When my mother was particularly incensed the word “traitor” would occasionally pop up. (It was never clear whether she meant traitors to the US, or traitors to the ideal, vanished, China of her mind’s eye.)

          The other thing is that my parents would sadly observe that the Chinese from communist China were different (let’s call “lack of discomfort with lying and other unethical behavior”) than what my parents thought of as normative Confucian/Chinese behavior and ethics.

          • The Left everywhere made and continues to make war upon traditional moral and ethical values, whether derived from Confucius or Jesus. They promote their own secular values, which in the West means obeisance to the glories of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, while being utterly amoral in their personal behavior.

            I worked in the trademark department of a big law firm and was told that the Chinese would copy a product right down to the packaging and sell it as the real product. The Chinese courts didn’t care.

            I compliment your dad for his integrity. Confucius would be proud.

    • More to the point, their high IQ people aren’t in the business of betraying their own race and committing suicide in the process.

      When you look at who is leading the whites into oblivion, it’s our most successful and brightest – basically your HBD poster children. It’s quite clear there is something very wrong with our high IQ set.

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