October Grab Bag

My first week back had me in the car most of the week, running around between Philly and Washington. I try not to do much driving these days, as the traffic in this area is the worst. In the DC area, people face two and three hour commutes that can turn into four and five hour commutes. The combination of having not driven much around here and having been driving around Denmark made for a striking contrast. Last night, I had close to four hours on the road before getting home to finish the show.

I knew I might get caught up in traffic, so I did most of the recording on Wednesday night. That way I would not be up all night if I got home late on Thursday. It was a good call as I got home around eight. By the time I stopped seething with rage, it was close to nine before I got started. I think if I had to deal with long commutes every day, I’d quit my job and find something else, even if it meant poverty. I used to have an hour commute and that was hell. I can’t imagine two and three hour commutes to work.

Sitting in traffic at some point, it occurred to me that parts of America may already be seizing up, as a practical matter. In Northern Virginia, traffic jams are pretty much constant during the daylight hours. If you want a quick trip in that area, it means doing it in the dead of night. That means the people spend more time in traffic than they do at home with their families during the week. That’s not living. That’s being a minor gear in a machine that is slowing grinding to a halt. Even bugmen have better lives.

Of course, here in Lagos, there are large swaths of the city that are off-limits to normal people, as a practical matter. That has an impact on traffic patterns. Roads that were never intended to have heavy traffic are snarled, as people look for a way to avoid driving through the ghetto, especially in the evening. That’s on top of the roads that were built for traffic loads a third of what they have now. The traffic is not as bad as some parts, but it gets worse every year, with no relief in sight.

I forget where I was, but I started to think about the last time I recalled seeing new road building in the area. Nothing came to mind. I then tried to recall the last large scale project on the east coast that was intended to ease traffic. The only thing that came to mind was the Big Dig in Boston, which was completed a dozen years ago. I may be all wrong on this, but I bet a politician could get a lot of votes by promising to build new roads and bridges, possibly even a big beautiful wall along the border.

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95 thoughts on “October Grab Bag

  1. Ha, I just heard you bring up a point I keep hammering on: what the hell are we even doing in Chad? I remember reading that some marine had died in Chad, and I thought to myself “Chad? What was he doing in Chad?” I never got any answer to that. It makes you wonder where else marines will be doing mystery things and occasionally die.

  2. It looks like the FBI will simply match in and either arrest Trump or shoot him. Military will back Dems over Syr ia. They made it clear they won’t tolerate Trumps peace mongering.

    Won’t be a civil war. Just a giant prison camp for straight Wh ite men.

    Hillary is running again. Maybe the general will make her president

  3. “……Cummings to lie in state at the Capitol

    “…..It’s a rare honor to lie in state or honor in the Capitol. The last person to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda was President George H.W. Bush after his death last December. Before that, it was Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in August 2018.  ===========================
    A rare honor?  Yeah, no s***.  He will be only the SECOND House Rep, and the FIRST since Thaddeus Stevens in 1868, to lie in state.

    Now what could possibly be the reason to elevate Elijah Cummings to a place usually reserved for former Presidents, a handful of Senators, and the most rarified of military heroes  (ONLY MacArthur, Pershing, and Dewey.)??????

    Wait……. it will come to me…..

    Cynical?  You better f****** believe I’m cynical.  And with good cause. 



  4. Before I left norte mexico 10 years back, in my final year of commuting through the mad max streets of LA an hour plus each way, I was hit three separate times by uninsured invaders.

    First it was debris from the back of a pickup truck filled with junk, likely scrap metal. An old car wheel came at me in the fast lane like a saw blade on end, looking to enrich me by diversifying me into two half-whites. Luckily it only split my grille and radiator in half. My car had less than 500 miles on it at the time. The first and only new car I’ve ever owned.

    Next was a sideswipe on a different freeway. The driver was likely drunk or half blind as he hit me both from the side and from behind, pretty much where no blind spot could exist. Our eyes met as he careened into the slow lane toward the nearest exit.

    Finally, I was rear ended while sitting in one of those dead stop freeway gridlocks that make you want to simply get out and walk away forever. He actually hit the car behind me hard enough to send him into me. We started making our way to the shoulder in time to see the culprit drive off (amazingly it could still move).

    Three uninsured, likely unregistered and unlicensed, invaders that cost me my deductible and much more to “the system”.

    The commute thing has always been a spiritual toll on me. One that I just can’t fathom doing again.

    You see the worst of the detritus, Wage-slave misery, hurried but empty lives, brutish and ugly landscapes, and chaos of a system under siege. It is hard to not feel the dystopia closing in while sitting in traffic.

    Once in a while I would take the longer way. Just to see the sun rise from atop the canyon. But in the end that made me more depressed, knowing that my destination, while among the cloud people – quite literally, twenty-seven stories above the proles, could not replace the simple beauty that I was missing out in every day I donned the yoke.

    Luckily I have no commute. So now I just contend with regular car break-inns where I am left to contemplate the street value of a guns n roses CD.

    • Damn Tax…I would gladly pay more into the system if I didn’t have to deal with any of those taxes…

  5. They have been working on the intersection of I-4 and I-95 for over 10 years now. Still at it. I don’t think I will live to see the job done as they must be at least another 10 years away. There is one bridge that needs widening and they have not even started on it yet.

    The last several threads have been real manna from heaven for me. To see this many guys who really understand the problem is very satisfying. I could see this coming by the middle 70s and it has been lonely since so few others were out there. Or at least so few that I knew about. The net has been great for finding members of the hard right.

    As more and more areas are overrun by “diversity” and as more and more white people are discriminated against in college, jobs, and all the rest — we will see more people who wake up to the reality that “diversity” is killing us.

  6. Copenhagen? How ’bout Mall of America!

    I’m sending Normie a gift card.
    He’ll love the Vibrant-American tradition, plus: free skydiving lessons for the white kids!

    • Speaking of Mall of America, I have been watching Stranger Things. Except for the obligatory POC, a coupla’ “strong women”, and a coupla’ obligatory stupid white guys, it’s kind of fun. Pretty much all white middle class, the kids can play outside unmonitored, and anyone can go wherever, anytime (except for the mostly unseen boogeymen). And the dystopian parallel universe is called “upside-down world”. Sweetie has no idea why I giggle uncontrollably, every time they mention ”upside-down world”.

        • I had to finish watching it by myself because I kept on shouting out things like “we had that same popcorn popper!” (The pink dress that the character “Eleven” wore in the early part of the series? I had my school photo taken in an exact copy of that dress.) I know Netflix is basically a cesspit, but that show was a trip down memory lane.

  7. The Big Dig was the most corrupt project ever attempted in a corrupt state. It went 800% over budget, which was probably always the plan. And it leaked, massively.

    I learned from my Dad’s commute to DC, and that was way back in the late sixties. I have never lived more than a few minutes from work anywhere in the country, which does indeed mean there are places where you can’t work.

    • And best of all… The Democrats living north and south of Boston don’t pay any tolls for their new road – they just jacked up the tolls on the nasty Republicans commuting in from Worcester County on the Mass Pike.

      • From the North Shore both the Bridge and the Tunnel have tolls. The “free riders” are the from the South Shore (no tolls at all) and the Rt. 93/Merrimack Valley/NH commuters. And not for nothing, the “Big Dig” made every pre-existing traffic jam worse in both distance and duration.

  8. Another little problem with modern transportation:

    Cargo container ships mostly run on ‘bunker diesel’.

    15 – fifteen – of these ships put out as much toxic pollution byproducts (tuolulene, benzene, etc) into air, water, and soil as all cars on earth combined.

    There are 55,000 of these ships in current operation.

    Maybe, just maybe, there are unseen costs to all the money we’re saving at Walmart

    • The solution is found at blumedistillation.com

      100% alcohol fuel.
      Its only exhaust byproducts are CO2 and H2O.
      (More horsepower and much less engine wear, too- no carbon microabrasives in the piston sleeves, rings, bearings, etc)
      Renewable, it avoids the costs, pollutants, and hazards of LNG, coal synthfuel, hydrogen production and nuclear alternatives (pebble-bed, heavy-water deuterium, molten salt thorium) although those are also a reduction of some kinds of pollution.

      As to CO2, we’re currently at a historical low of about 400 ppb.

      If we drop to 250 ppb, all life on earth dies.
      Land plants and ocean plankton need a min of 260 ppb of CO2.
      (most of our O2/CO2 recycle is done on the ocean surface)

      Now, what the fudge do toxic footprint, short lifespan, grid unsuitable, negative EROI solar, windmill, and rail-to-nowhere have to do with cleaning up toxic and ocean pollution?

      I also prefer geothermal- volcano drilling turned energy poor Iceland wealthy, into Europe’s most independent economy.

      Thermal depolymerization, garbage gas-
      42 hours of superheated steam turns anything with a carbon chain into super light, sweet oil, cleaning up the trash.

      And cattail ethanol or brackish water algae hydrogen, for cleaning up the water.

      Israel is close to dropping the price of cleansed water per foot-acre to the range of current irrigation prices. We could turn the deserts green with food/fuel and wash the skies as well with the organic evaporation.

      There are about 40 viable alternatives, but we’ve only built out infrastructure for mineral-source energy: oil, coal, uranium.

      Screw the oil wars. “The Kurds” is an attempt to use latest iteration if alQaeda/ISIS- the YPG, founded by a J**ish Marxist- to create an artifical state contiguous with Israel, controlling the oil corridor from Mosul through Golan to the offshore deposits of Palestine to Cyprus.

      There are a dozen similar theatres, such as Ukraine, Caspian Sea, Petrobasil and Pemex, Arabian Sea, Mogadishu and Cape Verde;
      Whoever controls fuel for the militaries controls everything else.

      (ps- thorium fans, no element yet found can contain those molten salts. Sorry.)

  9. I’m wryly amused by corporate America, in this case the NBA, pretending to be defenders of free speech. (FYI, their (((Commissioner))) defended free speech rights of the guy who made the offending post.) I’m sure he would have done the same if some white player, TV announcer, etc., had said 13 do 50 or 85 mean IQ….

  10. Zman,

    Thank you for the inclusion of occasional upside stories in your podcasts. Black pills are frequent and bitter. I dont need much to soldier on and those help make the travails more endurable.

  11. Feminists really hate the idea of men enjoying sex-robots, while considering their drawer full of vibrators something else.

    • Re: Sexbots with a headache …

      To be interesting they’ll probably be programmed like the online video game “Date Ariane”, or something similar, where you have to seduce them properly in order to get sex. Perhaps programmed with pick up artist training algorithms, but they’ll let you know what you did wrong, and you can reset them and/or back up and start over.

      • I have a dystopian novel in my head about a guy who gets paid to disable the feminist programming of sexbots. Haven’t thought of a conflict yet.

        • Tykebomb,

          Malcolm is a repairman in a gynocratic dystopian future. Minus a few attractive and well trained “pillow boys” for wealthy or high society women in charge: Men are superfluous and kept around for lowly, menial, or dangerous jobs. It’s not a great life for the men (‘male’ is the legally proscribed title) but hell it beats being aborted like the 90% of male babies are, right? Malcolm repairs Companion Robots, somewhat intelligent ‘female’ partners for the male workforce. They are the only legal companions males are allowed to have. Specifically designed to be physically unattractive, they are a cold comfort. Integral to their A.I. is a training routine for their male partners. Their males must treat them with deference and obsequiousness for extended periods of times in order to activate their sex programming routines. Variations or failure to do so will cause the Companion to signal report the male’s behavior to the Office of the High Priestess Inquisition Commitee. That can be a death sentence.

          Malcolm repairs the Companions for the usual breakdown stuff during his shift hours. Off-shift he does black market jobs, the usual stuff the males ask for, remodeling the robots from the standard design: remolding the companions to remove the obesity of the frame and body piercings, removing the ever-present and extensive Gaia tattooing, giving them natural shades of hair instead of the blue or green standard issue. It’s illegal but as long as he gives a kickback to his Femvisor Superior… it’s easy money.

          Malcolm’s world changes when he gets his first job, no telling where this guy got the creds to pay for it, changing the A.I. core routines. Sure, Malcolm’s made minor subroutine changes in the past… tinkering with minor changes to the sexual programming to fulfill some kink of the male client. Quite a few cheap reprogramming gigs to make the Companion’s somewhat burly and scolding vocal emanations less so. This was different. His client wants something different. He wants his Companion to be… nice. Treat him as an equal. Value him. Respect him and care for him and expect to be cared for by him.

          Malcolm has a few problems with the “lecture and instruct routines” at first but after figuring out how to reprogram them falls in love with the challenge. Working night after night with his client he creates his masterpiece. She is, simply, beautifully normal looking. More than that, upon activation she proves to be kind, intelligent, resourceful, and yet loving and supportive to his client. Malcolm leaves with a wad of creds, but parting from this creature also leaves him with a heavy heart. Back to surreptitiously lasing off fat and reducing the harpy level for a couple of creds here and there.

          Then the black market core reprogramming orders come in. And keep coming. Where are these men coming up with the credits? Sure a power plant service male makes a low but decent wage, but janitor males with 20,000 creds? What gives? Malcolm goes to work. All the men say the same thing, “Make her nice. Make her sweet. Make her worth loving.” Its like a damn mantra. The creds don’t really figure into it anymore. He’s now got more than any male could ever hope to spend without drawing the attention of the High Priestess Committee. It’s the challenge. How to make this one sweet. That one more tender. Strong but not overbearing. “Like most women used to be” one old males whispered to him. Malcolm isn’t sure he believes women were ever like these new Companions… all he knows is that they are large, angry, beastly and… in charge.

          It all fell apart the day he came in and tried to pass over his small bribe to his Femvisor Superior. Not the share of the big profits he’d been making (that would draw attention) but the usual fat-slag modification take. She didn’t want it. Acted like she knew nothing about. All proper behavior, professionally demeaning to males as per most bosses these days. Not her usual easy and personally insulting abuse.

          That afternoon. Three of his clients disappeared. Word gets around the all male slum quick. The three disappeared and their flats were violently destroyed. Normally Malcolm would have suspected that the heavily armed bulldyke Security forces were the culprits (the slum has been crawling with them the past few days) but after lingering around the scene of one of the blasted out apartments, the Security force personnel seemed just as confused as the male gawkers.

          Malcolm panics. Got to get back to the flat. Get rid of the reprogramming equipment. Burn it, dump it. Lay low for awhile. Damn. How much physical evidence did he leave in his clients’ flats? Did the fires destroy it all? What if one of his other clients spills on him? Have to get back to the apartment. As he frantically heads back to his apartment… Malcolm realizes he’s being followed. Didn’t he see that heavily tattooed woman with the rainbow mohawk a few blocks back? What are the chances she’s going his way. He runs down an alley only to hear the sound of pounding feet behind him.

          There ya go. Its pulpy at best but a start. Feel free to take it or toss it, Brother. I think the pursuer may have something to do with a small fragment of the gynocracy that want real men back and have the money to fund the first stages…

  12. Stopping the crazed left is going to be a very difficult task because of their concentration in two key areas: media & education. They will not cease their sedition until imprisoned, killed, or bankrupted. I leave it to you to figure out how to minimize their influence.

    • We’d have to patiently work through a “march through the institutions” just as the victorious enemy did. It took them 50+ years; it will take us a lot longer than that because they know the game, and we’ve just begun to figure it out. Which means they know all our moves if we should undertake the same game. If I undertake to beat Anatoly Karpov in chess by studying his games, then I will not win. If however I am Larry Evans and open 1 a4 against Karpov, I freak him out and pull off a win against a superior player.

      Thought experiment: Let’s say all of the remnant – the non-pozzed – assert that the earth is flat. The leftist media reports this, shocked, shocked! And the consumers of said media think to themselves: Ok, even I don’t buy that. You guys are going way too far. No one – not even Trump supporters, Nazis, etc., believe that.

      That’s our 1 a4.

      Otherwise, I don’t know what to do. We cannot imprison or kill them, not under present circumstances. We might be able to bankrupt them, at a catastrophic cost to ourselves, by collectively refusing to participate in the modern economy. Even that’s a crapshoot: They are rapidly importing a new labor/consumer population to replace us, so, even if we act collectively or telepathically, as a counter-borg – like the kids in ‘Village of the Damned’ – it may not be sufficient.

      The good news is that 10,000 years from now there will not be liberals. That much I can guarantee. Leftie plays a long game, but Nature plays a much longer game.

  13. One good thing about living in mid size rural cities such as Shreveport Louisiana is that traffic is not So bad, yet there are big city amenities like Barnes and noble. But traffic is rapidly worsening here as people figure out how good we have it!

    While waiting in traffic, on a happy note, I recommend to all you yanks to read Deep State Target by papadopoulas for a window into the sort of shenanigans that took place during the mueller probe.

    • Sir Balin,

      Grew up as a little kid near by in Haughton Co. It was the best time of my childhood… real Tom Sawyer time of running around in the woods like kids should. Is the Red River Revel still a huge deal? Loved sitting on the banks above the river and watching the fireworks.

  14. Pretty revealing that our elite are now openly in favor of sending the children of deplorables off to die for their globalist interests.

    • It’s also true that’s it’s pretty revealing when the deplorables still think it’s Patriotic to send their kids of to die for the globalist…

        • I hope you are right. In my town they still hang portraits of “our hometown heroes” from the utility poles. It’s sentimental and condescending pap, not least of all in the view of the recruits themselves, who know better: They join up as a short-cut to useful training, to financing a college education, or simply “getting a government job” (as Derb used to urge).

          These kids aren’t idiots. The really bright ones turn their “service” to account, tapping into government goodies on the cheap, being “thanked for their service” all the while. It’s true that from time to time one of these “hometown heroes” becomes an actual hero – or victim – of the ruling system, killed or maimed in some obscure corner of the world, ignored by the ‘American people’. That applies to 1 in a 100, as a rough guess. A good risk, though, in view of the short-cut to the goodies.

      • Lineman, it shocks me as well. But so does the idolatry of men toward the NBA/NFL players and all that.

        I think for a lot of flyover types the military is the only institution left that does not openly hate them so by contrast it seems inviting.

        The perversion of a mans innate call to serve his people, to fold himself into a system that rewards competence of that service, to seek out ways to earn and display honor valor, and the siren calls of brotherhood, is one of the most destructive aspects of the war on (white) men.

        But for many the job training angle still has pull. Especially coming from poor areas under social decay. They need out. Working at the home depot might pay well but it doesnt get them out.

        That was the case in my family. Sports and IQ got me out. Some hard work too but I don’t kid myself. I was lucky. My brother and sister joined up. But not after wasting much time on the dead-town treadmill.

        Not that any of us would recommend the military at this point. Especially my bro, who got mentally ground up in AfgahnIraq. Of course I wouldn’t recommend going to an elite private college like I did either. So there is that.

        If I had to do it over. I would have bought a truck with my brother and started a landscaping company. I would be retired on my ranch down the road from you wasting my mid afternoon nap writing overly verbose posts on dissident blogs.

        • It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. I get it, you can object to how they’re used. But what happens when nobody wants to do it anymore? Can you argue the military is unnecessary?

          I went into a public ‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer,
          The publican ‘e up an’ sez, ” We serve no red-coats here.”
          The girls be’ind the bar they laughed an’ giggled fit to die,
          I outs into the street again an’ to myself sez I:
          O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ” Tommy, go away ” ;
          But it’s ” Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the band begins to play
          The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,
          O it’s ” Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the band begins to play.

          I went into a theatre as sober as could be,
          They gave a drunk civilian room, but ‘adn’t none for me;
          They sent me to the gallery or round the music-‘alls,
          But when it comes to fightin’, Lord! they’ll shove me in the stalls!
          For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ” Tommy, wait outside “;
          But it’s ” Special train for Atkins ” when the trooper’s on the tide
          The troopship’s on the tide, my boys, the troopship’s on the tide,
          O it’s ” Special train for Atkins ” when the trooper’s on the tide.

          Yes, makin’ mock o’ uniforms that guard you while you sleep
          Is cheaper than them uniforms, an’ they’re starvation cheap.
          An’ hustlin’ drunken soldiers when they’re goin’ large a bit
          Is five times better business than paradin’ in full kit.
          Then it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an` Tommy, ‘ow’s yer soul? ”
          But it’s ” Thin red line of ‘eroes ” when the drums begin to roll
          The drums begin to roll, my boys, the drums begin to roll,
          O it’s ” Thin red line of ‘eroes, ” when the drums begin to roll…

          ~Rudyard Kipling, “Tommy”

          • No the certain parts of the military are definitely necessary but they aren’t fighting for us anymore Brother they are fighting and dying or being dismembered for what we hate…Let’s keep our men and boys ready to fight our war when that time comes…

    • Joining the military is the only way a white male can get access to affirmative action benefits.I didn’t enlist out of high school because I categorically opposed War with Iran. Being that the war never happened, and college was basically worthless for me, perhaps I could have served in the Coast Guard.

      From a purist view, I don’t think anyone should be signing up to defend the system. But otoh, a lot of middle class white conservative parents would do well to advise enlistment instead of university. The DoD will eagerly take these higher ASVAB scorers than the POC mob.

      • JD Vance deserves a lot of skepticism on our part, as a Judas Goat. But to the general public he’s one of the best regarded people of a largely despised group of rural whites. The public regard for veterans is high, and its no surprise the Dems recruited them as candidates last year. The Dissident Right doesn’t have many of these people in leadership, something we might consider changing.

        • “Trade school” is not a one-size fits all substitute for university. The so-called “labor shortage” is one immigration amnesty away from disappearing, and the current rise in pay is precisely due to the unfavorable nature of these positions.

          The least white part of the military is in support positions, which offers the most civilian-applicable training. Combat arms is the most white. So middle class parents could be persuaded that support units aren’t likely to see combat (Interestingly, Vance was in a support unit)

          • Well if they are using the military to be able to go to university I see your point but if they are just using it to get out of their situation then I still say trade school is a better option…

  15. Your mention of bad roads and infrastructure projects makes me think you should do a post or maybe even a podcast on history and roads, crumbling infrastructure in the Roman Empire, buildup in China, our own mockery of the autobahn (Eisenhower’s civil defense highway that eventually just became the highways), etc. Hunter Wallace has done some great deep-dive stuff on the Tennessee Valley Authority. I read an especially demented post by Paul Krugman the other day at his ironically-named “Conscience of a Liberal,” blog in which he said it was good that Trump wasn’t following through on his infrastructure project promises, since that would be good for Americans and might reflect well on Trump, which in turn might help get him reelected. I’m pretty sure that even the dumbest, lead-poisoned dindu in Flint has figured out that none of the nice “conscience”-possessing white liberals care about them at this point (not that Trump could break the firewall by doing anything for black people), and ditto for black politicians (Oh, I pity the worms who have to feast on the carcass of Elijah Cummings today, and the white men in my neighborhood who had to lower the flags to half-mast for that toad).

    • Hunter’s done some good stuff in that vein, esp. in the last year. I recommend Occidental Dissent as a site. He seems to have learned a lot from past mistakes, matured. He’s doing good work from the Southern heritage perspective, hope he keeps going. For a younger guy (compared to me – as Z discussed in today’s intro) he’s been through a lot.

  16. Agree re: Copenhagen – the most civilized large city I’ve yet seen, costs are in line with CA. IIRC California is about 40% pricier than US average (thanks in no small part to our 240% higher housing costs) and Denmark runs about 20% higher. I’m warned Oslo is substantially worse, will find out next week. This city will always have a place in my heart as my first Scandinavian destination. Superb first impression, Nords.

    • Maybe it is because I live in the shadow of the Imperial Capital, but I found Denmark to be quite reasonable. For example, a nice hotel room in DC is $250 a night. In Copenhagen it is half that. I had a nice dinner at a steak place for $40, which included a pint. In the US, that’s 50-60 dollars easily.

      • Housing-wise I”m paying 20% less for a sparking clean new AirB billet than I would for a Motel 6 without a fridge in Van Nuys. These people and this place are what we mean by “positive identity.” I’d forgotten how well Whites can do things when allowed. Anyone suffering from the stress of the Culture Wars should look to recover here. My attitude is well-adjusted and batteries will be well-recharged when I re-engage.

      • “For example, a nice hotel room in DC is $25 a night. In Copenhagen it is half that”- it must be 250 dollars.

  17. In the first link in the Xirl science segment to Kathryn B. H. Clancy twitter profile, i found out that she have blocked me. I have never interacted with that “women” but i think i must has been blocked as a part of my profile of followers that is very “anti-woke”

  18. Just downloaded, listening while shopping – malls here have an odd vibe, more later.

    To pluck the lowest-hanging fruit, LA is the apex traffic shitshow of America, although I hear ACELA is getting there. It’s going to be hard for you guys to beat our uniquely diverse combination of 50 shades of state driving styles, a huge percentage of outright third world drivers from the infrared side of the Bell Curve, civil engineering standards driven by every conceivable agenda but traffic safety and efficiency, and those simply driven mad ala “Falling Down.”

    I think we’ll maintain our edge if only because Babylon on the Potomac filters for the sociopathic smart fraction rather than the Empire’s huddled masses yearning to be free (of their pasts, families and all other ties to sane society).

      • Driven TJ & environs but never the Big Enchilada. A friend studied Spanish there & told me enough to put MC at the bottom of my Bucket List just above JoBerg & Mogadindu. I may visit Peru or Chile someday soon but I’m inclined to stay among the Ice People for the most part.

      • I have! I was in Mexico for a while and I drove all over the country but I didn’t drive through Mexico City until the end. It was like the white whale but I guess I gotten so accustomed to it at that time it really wasn’t too hard but yeah crazy chaotic but I’d gotten used to the chaos. There is one driving thing I picked up in Mexico which I use here which is when you come to a dramitic slow down I put my hazards on. It lets people behind you know you’re not just tapping your brakes for no reason. I think its very helpful

      • Miami has been the most multicultural city for a long time, and the “Magic City” more than anywhere else (including SoCal) is the place where one wrong turn can mean death. It got to the point where rental car agencies had to stop using rental plates since it was basically just a “Rob Me” sign for the stickup kids in Liberty City and Overtone. There was sort of a black middle and working class in Miami before the Haitians and Cubans flooded in, but rank and file blacks are ruled by black politicians who Tom to the multicult as hard as ours cuck to it.

        • Had a pornstar client some years back (case was not biz-related, FWIW. She got out too, good for her). Said South Beach was the place those girls hated most.

        • I really liked Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood about Miami. YMMV, but he captured all the different races and attitudes there very well.

      • Took a taxi in Mexico City around 1971. It was…..enlightening, and I was expert at driving the cow trails of Boston.

  19. To the Left, Highways are just evil, we should all be living in Anthills and taking trains. To the right, they’re giveaways to friends and buddies. PA recently spent millions on resurfacing the main interstate into Pittsburgh from the North, I-279, but did *nothing* to fix the traffic problems that occur every morning. They could have used the project as an opportunity to add a lane each way, to tear up the idiotic HOV lane or change it to a toll lane, but instead it’s remained pretty much exactly the same. Just a giant giveaway to the PA state highway mafia.

    We lived in NC for awhile, and the massive highway projects going on in Charlotte amazed me. They’ve got a 6-lane beltway around the city, they keep adding lanes to I-77, and they’re doing it for pennies on the dollar compared to Pittsburgh. I get that building in hills is harder than building on flat land, but the costs are crazy different.The NE and Mid-Atlantic states are corrupt disasters.

    • PA is renowned for its corruption, especially at the local level. But it really is hard to beat Logos on the Delaware for corruption and grift. They rushed through what was supposed to be a “soda tax” that would be earmarked for the keedz. But they captured everything liquid except water, beer and milk, rolled into a different fund and spent it on themselves. They also outlawed plexiglass because it hurt the feelz of the “teens” and made them feel not so special. Now, if one of the teens shots you, social justice prosecutors won’t charge the sweet innocent angel who put you in a wheelchair.

      It is now legal to stand in front of a car and stab the driver to death and run away, as long as you claim the driver said a naughty word. It is sickening. 12 jurors heard that BS story and let him go. Just getting someone in a court is hard enough with a raving SJW for the District Attorney! They even the jury a really easy manslaughter choice and they still voted not guilty. He’s been out on bail raised by a bunch of SJW organizations in and around Philly.
      AWFUL! Anarcho-tyranny.

      • Hmmm.

        It suddenly dawned on my why you drive a car full of dents when you’re living in a “vibrant” area.

        It’s camouflage.

        That way when you have run over some boingo who is trying to wash your window with rocks and a dirty diaper – you can hit him and just keep going. It’s not like the ONE dent on your car is going to give things away.

        Just make sure to pick the pieces of his clothes out of your grille and wash off any left behind tissue when you get home.

  20. I live in a majority-black city and black people cannot drive. They tailgate constantly, block intersections by trying to get through the yellow lights, the most vibrant area of the city get totally shut down because of just constant wrecks on surface and interstates all the time. I can always spot a car from the ghetto because it is just beat to hell on all four sides. I was on the interstate the other day and a Dodge charger came flying up behind me, the entire front bumper was ripped off, it look like Bane from Batman, the driver swerved into the fast lane to pass me and I looked over and the black guy is texting on his cell phone. And now we have an epidemic of people walking on the interstate and getting hit and dying. That shuts them down for hours. Mostly I don’t have to leave at 5 mile radius and I’m pretty happy about that. But that’s the tax isn’t it. I’ve just decided it’s not even worth trying to go to any other parts of the city most of the time

      • I’m with Lineman. What sign are you folks waiting for to move? Lineman has Montana. I just drove from Southern Utah to Lagos on the Bay and into a power shutdown that encompassed most of Northern Cal. Drove Hwy 50…during hunting season not the loneliest highway in the world. My speed was approach warp speed. Have a radar. Didn’t get a cop hit once. Nice long basins then ranges then basins. Easy and starkly nice scenery. Drove back and forth on Sundays and no rush hour in Sacramento before 2 pm.

        Z…Salt Lake is booming with tech people. Pouring into Utah. Salt Lake is majority secular with transplants and jack Mormons. And the remainder….so they’re Romney Mormons…annoying but so what. They’re prepped up too.

        • I’m with Z on the traffic in NOVA. Late night or early morning on the weekend is the only time with little traffic. I’m hoping to get my family to MT, UT or ID within the next couple of years…any locales that you would recommend?

        • Maybe they’re underwater on their mortgages. Maybe their wages and rent make it hard to save. Maybe they have family obligations. There can be many reasons.

    • Here in northern NJ, Blacks have a propensity for walking right in front of city traffic expecting drivers to stop for them. Stupidity and arrogance combined.

      • The passive-aggressive ‘white man rules are for whites’ permeates pretty much everything in the social sphere.

        Ever been to a graduation ceremony? ‘Hold all applause until the end please’. Guess what group jumps up and down hollering and screaming and clapping when one of theirs takes the stage.

        When they kill each other over a candy bar, pair of shoes, or some tribal diss, I feel nothing. They can sort themselves out.

        But when they bring their multitude of infractions upon peace, order, and tranquility, disregard any modicum of civility at any time for any reason, and insert the r-selection twitching into the faces of those of us who maintain the surrounding culture from which they extract their lifeblood, that is a death by a thousand cuts that I just cannot stand.

        The goodwhites I was with at the last graduation thought these displays to be cute and amusing, even endearing. They saw no infractions. You ever wonder where black entitlement comes from? Theres your answer. Like all big lies, anarchi-tyranny starts as a small lie in the heart of each man.

        • Screwtape, I always took those graduation displays as, basically, “up yours” demonstrations by those who got in because of affirmative action in the first place, and who had carried the anger for years before they got to let it out.

    • WTF is it with cars from “vibrant” communities and dents?

      There is a city near me that is well known for being a POC community. It’s always leading in the crime rates, tons of welfare money disappears there, the Puerto Ricans always flock in there, etc.

      Last year the natural gas system blew up and started burning down people’s houses.

      But one of the distinguishing characteristics of the place – is that it seems like every car there is chock full of dents. To the point where I don’t even know how the hell they got there. Having done automotive bodywork before – I can usually look at body damage and say “backed into the pole” … or “scraped by a shopping carriage”. The the only explanation I can give for these vehicles is that there are gangs of people just wilding all over the city going around smashing the shit out of every unbent body panel they can find.

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