Cartel Land

A popular item of discussion in some quarters of the dissident right is what will be the thing that puts the current regime in crisis. The instability we see in the West is largely due to the instability of America. The economy staggers on, but no one really believes it can continue as currently constructed. The political class is looking like a pirate ship, rather than orderly democracy. The elites operate like America is a smuggler’s cove and they are the pirates. Everywhere you look you see instability.

Usually, the two top answers for what will be the spark that sets the world ablaze are economic collapse and military failure. Maybe the economy will spin out of control, resulting in a great depression. This will be the spark that ignites public anger toward a ruling class they already despise. On the other hand, maybe a great military catastrophe, something like the Varian Disaster. This will destroy the America military reputation and the order that depends upon it will begin to unravel around the globe.

Another possibility is something small that at the time seems insignificant, but in the long run turns out to be an inflection point. There is the trajectory before the event and the trajectory after the event. A great example of an event that was interpreted one way at the time, but was later seen as a great turning point was the Roman defeat of Carthage and Corinth. The consequences of these two victories changed the trajectory of Rome, creating the conditions for the shift from republic to empire.

If we are looking around for some small event, or seemingly small, that could turn out to be an inflection point today, the Mexican failure to deal with the Sinaloa cartel this past week is a good choice. The operation by the Mexican government to arrest Ovidio Guzmán López, the son of former drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, and then turn him over to the U.S, may be more than a typical Latin bungle. It has revealed that Mexico is a failed state, largely controlled by large criminal cartels.

At some level, even the dullest member of the America foreign policy elite understands that Mexico is not a normal country. The Mexican government does not have control of its territory. Much of the population is ruled over by local warlords, who operate various criminal trades. Some of those warlords wear expensive suits and show up at Davos to party with the global elites. The vast manufacturing and distribution operations in Mexico are there because global business can operate there outside the law.

From the perspective of global business and the flunkies they employ in our government, this lawlessness has been a boon, but it comes with a price. That was made clear last week when the Sinaloa cartel forced the Mexican government to hand back their leader. If you live in Mexico, you now know who is actually in charge of that part of Mexico. More important, the Mexican government and the cartel now know who is in charge and they know the other side knows too. It was clarifying.

Well, it should have been clarifying. Judging from the reactions of official Washington, it appears they barely noticed. In the long run, this staggering ignorance of what is happening just over the border may be the most important item of this age. While serious-faced politicians lecture us about the need to build a wall between Syria and Turkey, we have a new Afghanistan forming up to our south. Like Afghanistan, Mexico is now run by warlords, willing to do business with anyone.

The stupidity of the American ruling class will no doubt result in doing the dumbest thing possible in Mexico. That’s helping the Mexican government assassinate and arrest some leading cartel figures. Rather than address the problems of Mexico, it will be an effort to maintain it as a free zone for well-connected pirates to operate outside the law, but with more compliant warlords in place. The result will be an acceleration into anarchy and eventually the collapse of Mexico as a country.

Killing the local warlords was a strategy American employed during the War on Drugs in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Most urban areas were run by a local heroin kingpin, who controlled the drug trade in the city. He also controlled the people in the drug trade, which meant limiting the street warfare. The urban black population fell back into the normal pattern of governance. This meant big man rule, where the heroin kingpin operated like a local chieftain. He kept things under control.

In order to look good on television, the authorities decided to combat the drug problem by arresting these local drug kingpins. That allowed them to make flashy arrests, where they would display stacks of drugs, cash and guns. This, of course, was about getting bigger budgets by gaining public support for their efforts. The result was a busting up of these local cartels, but they shattered into thousands of small gangs. The result was the urban warfare we still see today. A place like Baltimore is a tribal war zone.

Turning large swaths of Baltimore into a no-go zone is easily overlooked, as people can just move away and avoid it. The same is true of the Middle East. As we have seen, the occasional exploding Mohamed has not caused the public to turn on the ruling class in great numbers. Mexican cartels taking over American towns and turning cities into war zones would not go overlooked. That is what’s coming as the American ruling class tries to maintain Mexico as a free zone for their pirate buddies.

On the other hand, if there are some sober minded people left in the American ruling class and they wake up to what is happening to our south, it could be the turning point in the ruling elite. The collapse of Mexico could force the American ruling class to sober up and start acting like a ruling class. That means protecting the interests of the people over whom they rule, by making sure the ruling class always has the public interest at the forefront of their mind. We become our greatest ally again.

The future is not written, but for those who like to think about what comes next, what bookends this interregnum, the chaos of Mexico is a good study. It is that reality which will not go away if our rulers stop believing in it. At some point, they either address it and solve it or it forces a change in rulers. There’s simply no way the public will tolerate the chaos of Mexico spilling in their cities and towns. That means the rulers, if they wish to remain rulers, will not be able to tolerate it either.

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140 thoughts on “Cartel Land

  1. To assist our southern neighbor Mexico our own politicians need to stop cashing in on open borders, drugs and human trafficking and much more. The El Chapo trial gave us an insight about the bribes to Mexican politicians such as Nieto who received yearly 100 million dollars, HRC received 16 million dollars during the 2016 election (WikiLeaks) and others like Pelosi, Schiff and more.
    The wall currently under construction to stop these activities will also dent the cartel’s business.
    AS the rest of the current landscape there are a number of divergent all coming to a head. Still trying to overturn the election of 2016 and the current attempt to impeach the president is not going well as there is no crime. However the investigation of Barr and
    Durham visiting and re-visiting countries like Italy causing not only panic and desperation but also even more vengeance.
    The psy-op media stirring the pot ‘orange man bad’ day after day riling up their mob while Antifa is on the spree of insulting and assaulting Americans,
    Meanwhile in DC nothing gets done favorable to Americans.
    The deep state wants nothing more than chaos hoping to create and retain the fear Americans are feeling.
    And so it goes day in and out and the engineered division continues to built while they continue to fuel the fire.

  2. eh, Varian’s defeat to the petty chieftain Arminius was more like the American loss to Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam, as in, the first time you get defeated badly and show you are not perfect, but your empire still goes on for a while winning battles and controlling the area through proxy. Rome did this through clients in outer Germania, seeing that the violent and not too wealthy northern Germans were not worth the losses of trying to impose actual imperial rule; just as America does currently through Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, NATO, and other chess pieces. of course, Varian and Vietnam are important in marking the first wound; after that, even with the proxies/mercenaries, and of course assuming there is no reform nor course correction among the elites, the empire eventually starts grinding ever smaller returns to its increasingly ill-conceived conquests (Rome’s Late Empire only got some extra places in the Balkans and barely held onto Persian lands before its clients betrayed it or took it over, late America barely held onto Iraq and Afghanistan while former allies desert or become colonies). all of this leads to eventual implosion.
    a more fitting analogy to a disaster today, would be Alaric’s sack of Rome in 410. idk, we may be that advanced along the plotline. get your Mandarin lessons in. you already have the Spanish ones – ask your children, in many “American” school boards “dual language” classes are implemented…
    and yes, the chaos of Mexico will come, although it will be tempered by the increasingly militarized police that will have to deal with these cartels. will a “Mexican Baltimore in every city” finally make America look south? true, many Hispanics in America today flee from drug violence, but such is the luck of the smaller right end of the bell curve… not to mention, that right end brings the left end along too willingly too often, so that whites get mad at the few odd white suburban school shooters (which target their usually rich diverse suburbs) while ignoring the more common crime of the lower classes of browns, who live in the seedier areas that suburban goodthink whites never touch because they are “impoverished and crime-ridden”… so who knows, maybe enough Anglos will learn their Spanish willingly? while i’d be honored, i know there’d definitely be an even stronger reaction, and perhaps, the empire will finally devolve…
    the question remains, what will be the trigger… and will it make a bang or a whimper…

  3. Yeah. I know some guys who worked at a Spanish bank – subsidiary in the U.S. – who had their main data center in Mexico. They all tell this story about how one of the cartels laid siege to the place one afternoon, bottling up all the workers on the campus for several days. Eventually, the cartel quit.

    Why is there a data center for a bank in Mexico? Why does a cartel think there is any reason to threaten it? Having convinced themselves there is a good reason to threaten it, why do they eventually leave the defenseless employees to get on with their business?

    Why, indeed?

  4. There will be no downside for the elite when cartels take over many American cities. To understand that you just have to look at California today. The elite will let the cartels do their thing as long as they don’t do it in the elite’s neighborhoods and disrupt the elite’s businesses.

    Democrats have an amazing ability to create a fantasy reality and live in it. Just like with black violence, good whites will call for going easy on the cartels because the head honchos will all be Hispanic and regular arrests of them will be seen as a police war on the Hispanic population. Addressing cartel violence will result in the same censorship as does taking about black violence now.

    The one area where unraveling will take place will be guns. The majority of the population will be good whites and non whites. The anger over cartel killings will be directed at the 2nd amendment and this may prove to be the tipping point on getting it repealed and getting guns out of the hands of white men. Now that will cause turmoil.

    In the 70s there was a backlash against violent crime but that was among primarily bad whites who were the majority then. This time they won’t be the majority and will behave like the expats in Mexico. The gringos live in a fantasy version of Mexico that is paradise on earth filled with the most wonderful people on the planet. Gringos love to talk and post about how the violence never impedes on their lives and how they feel so much safer in Mexico than in the US. The Mexicans live in a polar opposite world that is reality

  5. There’s a third (or fourth or fifth) possibility that you and everyone else here is ignoring.

    That the war-lord conquest of American cities will be accepted, even welcomed by the local population. Because the alternative of imperial DC rule will be much more tyrannical and chaotic. The progressive cult is actively pushing insanity, and threatening those for thought crimes. I somehow,doubt that the cartels give a shit about trannies, the gays, fairness and diversity and all the rest of the left’s nuttiness. Your example of the urban drug war is one of the virtuous pols making the situation much worse. A war lord that took his ten or twenty percent tax and then left the population alone would be a welcome relief from the joys of “democracy”.

    BTW, that’s basically why the Roman Empire fell in the fourth century. The locals in Spain, France, North Africa and even Italy decided that barbarian warlords were preferable to “Roman” tyrants.

  6. 1. The federal, state & local debt levels grow
    2. Large institutional investors slow/stop procurement of federal T-bills.
    3. USG forced to cut spending via the welfare budget (the poor get the shaft)
    4. Food riots etc. including ethnic cleansing and self-segregation
    5. Economic collapse as financial, manufacturing & distribution infrastructures fail
    6. Local sheriffs deputize armed citizens to keep the peace in local districts
    7. Western Civilization slowly rebuilds itself up from tribal and ethnically cleaner entities

    I recall how just a small number of animals caused the various police departments to become overwhelmed and the greater LA area to seize during the ’92 riots.

  7. The financial hammer is already falling . Those who have chosen a debt based lifestyle will be the first to be eaten by Mammon . The end times debt bomb is set . Waiting to turn the people back to their god . Be ye separate !

  8. A couple years ago, Peter Hitchens recounted how the British Empire was suddenly “reduced” by Eisenhower during the Suez Crisis and speculated that Iraq may have been our Suez Crisis, (but we don’t know it yet). Either way, Trump appears to be reigning in on Empire’s aggressive, expansive posturing and reducing the risk of catastrophic surprise stress tests, at least abroad. We haven’t seen this much MSM hand wringing since ginning the public up for the Gulf and Iraq Wars. Both were massive snow jobs, but the media still had some credibility on which to trade back then.

    Maybe the sheer arrogance of our administrative types grew with the explosion of Empire (after the USSR imploded). Contrast the earnest portrayals of 1960s nose-to-the-grindstone bureaucratic men portrayed by Efram Zimbalist Jr’s “FBI” (always driving sensible GM models) with Comey’s glamour-puss celebrity tour. (Supposedly Dir Hoover had loose approval over the series.) You have to wonder what Mark Rich (silent star of the Nixon coup) might think of the new pomposity, if he had lived a few more years.

  9. America will slowly dissolve into pieces controlled by various groups. We won’t be one of those groups.

    • Rogueu, you may be right, but won’t you still fight with your people because you cannot do otherwise? “If you’re gonna die, die with your boots on.”

      • There will be fighting but it will be sporadic and disorganised . No heroic stand like the Alamo, just defense against roving bandits. America will slowly drift apart into third world territories controlled by China, Mexico (or cartels ) and whoever else. The numbers, money and the will to fight are against us. In the future, our descendants will hopefully carve out a nation, but short term we’ve lost.

  10. “There’s simply no way the public will tolerate the chaos of Mexico spilling in their cities and towns.”

    There is no fight left in most Americans. You can poison whites with Oxycontin and whites do nothing but roll over. You can ass r*pe them with medical fees and they do nothing. They watch as their country is being invaded and their jobs taken by foreigners and they do nothing.

    The cartels will own the SouthWest given a decade or so and have tentacles in every other state.

    • It’s here all right, and yes we do tolerate it. In fact, we place its practitioners onto public boards and commissions. We have an attorney general who openly acknowledges that a lot of his family are here illegally. We were sold out by our own people, including “salt of the earth” farmers who just had to have that cheap labor.

      • The irony is that the “cheap labor” was never cheap. The cost of such was just transferred from the employer to the tax payer through a myriad of social benefits this cheap labor partook of. What you saved at the grocery store, you paid for (and then some) at tax time.

      • Veth: “We have an attorney general who openly acknowledges that a lot of his family are here illegally.”

        Link? I searched and couldn’t find anything.

  11. If Mexico becomes the catalyst for a collapse of our ruling classes, I would dearly hate to be a member of the Bush family.

    • Why? They’ll just move to Monte Carlo or their gigantic compound in Brazil and hire Blackwater to defend them.

  12. Two observations:

    1/ Chicago belies the idea that the American Pols have to clean it all up. On average 7 homicides occur every week in ChiTown.

    2/ I elect the Sauds as the inflection point that triggers the huge down slope. The Houtis have shown that the Saudi Army is inept, having just lost to them in a set piece battle after buying all that American gear. Couple that with the refinery assault and the need for them to IPO Aramaco to pay bills and they are in a tight spot. The House of Saud will end the way it began, in a coup that changes everything.

  13. A truly failed Mexican state is an existential threat and we should literally be thinking about what we need to do to prevent this, which may be impossible at this point.

    Killing Mexicans involved in the drug trade is pointless. They have been able to inflict and absorb levels of violence that frankly out to command both fear and respect.

    But put the fear of God in the *real* Mexican elite with a gaudy assassination or two. Someone wholly white and wholly unrelated to the cartels. Then put the word out.

    Get a Bolsonaro type elected. Law and Order. Soldier of Christ. Whatever. Bring back Cristero War propaganda, tweaked for the evangelicals.

    Move to seal both the southern border with between Mexico and the rotting banana republics to its south while the northern border is closed via physical barriers and the introduction of five divisions of regular army in California, Arizona, New Mexico and two in Texas.

    Take the money we give the Jews and the Arabs and throw it around below the Rio Grande in a way that makes the most sense.

    As the capital flows begin to slow and even dry up, lay on the spikes.

    Bring in the filipinos who work for Dueterte. One cartel at a time, target leadership in Mexico and the US, then let their competitors take out the muscle. Goal being reduce the number of organizations and then begin to liquidate, re-structure, co-opt them — whatever works.

    100,000 Mexicans have been killed in the drug war the last ten years and who knows how many of our people have died from it. And yet I think people understand Mexico about as much as they did Iraq in 2003.

    • I’m with you. We need Trump to become more of a strong man like Bolsonaro. But Trump’s probably too nice to do that.

      “Bring in the filipinos who work for Dueterte. One cartel at a time, target leadership in Mexico and the US, then let their competitors take out the muscle.”

      We don’t need to import little brown filipinos, we have plenty of white American men who would be up to and savor such a task.

      “Take the money we give the Jews and the Arabs and throw it around below the Rio Grande in a way that makes the most sense.”

      My endangered-white-race fantasy is to absolutely bring home our troops and monies based around the globe and use them to really secure our borders and — Imperialist Fantasy Alert! — make a deal with cartels that they can stay if they keep the peace while the U.S. takes over Mexico, and white people move en masse to Mexico to develop it and make huge prosperity for the USA and her constructive white people. Backlash to the re-conquistadors.

  14. Crime will always be with us, thus organized crime is preferable to disorganized crime under most circumstances.

    San Diego is more habitable (for now) than Los Angeles because the vast majority of its criminal activity is confined to SE San Diego and some adjoining neighborhoods like the ironically named City Heights (locals prefer to call it Sh*tty Heights, of course, or the more highbrow “Baja Kensington.”) Los Angeles crime shows little regard for neighborhood boundaries beyond a grudging and inconsistent avoidance of the 1% enclaves like Beverly Hills & Malibu.

    Not to pick nits, but while White populations will eventually revolt in the face of spiraling crime, Latinos are built to endure criminal governance and staggeringly high levels of mayhem, as Columbia demonstrated for decades and Los Angeles increasingly demonstrates now.

    Importing a population of peasants with a total aversion to civic participation and a genetic and cultural preference for keeping their heads down (as well as a quasi-negroid taste for immediate gratification and consumer tranquilizers) has and will continue to permit million-dollar part-time mayors like the Bell, California haciendero to rule over their plugged-in, jacked-up population of diabetic farm equipment for decades to come.

  15. I respectfully disagree ZMan. The people will be MADE to tolerate the joys of Mexican Cartel violence diversity. That is the whole point.

    At one point in her life, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy asked who all the cars at her private chapel belonged to. When told it was her servants, she asked appalled “What is the point of being rich if ordinary people can have nice things too.”

    That is the motivating factor behind our elites. The desire to punish and immiserate ordinary people so as to distinguish themselves from ordinary people who share their dress, language, habits, vehicles, etc. There are no hereditary titles, baronial estates, pomp and ceremony for the ruling upper class so the desire to distinguish themselves from ordinary people by being the only ones not physically miserable is their primary motivation in daily life.

    This is why they are demanding we live in used sewer pipes (saw this on KTLA-Los Angeles recently its Andrew Yang’s pet project) or shipping containers. Bugs and beans for us while they dine on Wagyu beef. No flights for you while they jet around to Davos on Private jets. Mandatory car buy backs while they are driven in limos; the crackdown on Uber and Lyft is driven by the limo set outraged by this stuff. And of course gun ownership — none for you but plenty for their private security. [Can’t someone start red-flagging Steven Spielberg, and Babwa Streisand’s security people?]

    The more misery, the better for our elites. The happier they will be. After all, Hillary! is angling for the FBI to simply march in and arrest or shoot Trump and install her as the new Empress. To stop the Tulsi Gabbard Russian Menace and Trump’s peace mongering. I’m sure all the Generals will back Hillary!, more pointless wars for them to make their reputations is all they care about.

    By what mechanism would Cartel control over: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts ever be a concern for the Elite? By what mechanism would White men replace their elite after enduring that violence? Blacks would be overjoyed, as would Chen and Mohammed and Prajeet. Whitey gets his. White women like Hillary! or Warren backers would sip some Rose Wine and laugh at the images of White men shot and killed. There is no operational control mechanism to remove the new hereditary class of rulers — none whatsoever unless it is foreign invasion and rule by a competent power.

    I suppose China could invade and rule California at that point, or perhaps a big Kingpin could make himself ruler of both Mexico and much of the United States formally as Kingpin. And THAT would remove the elites by a lower level Flight Lt. Jerry Rawlings coup (or Master Sgt. Samuel K. Doe).

    Nothing else would. Sorry to be Black Pilled but I see no solution other than trying to survive by passing for non-White. There were plenty of Romans who wanted to reform and save their Republic and Empire but none were successful. The entrenched social structures were simply too powerful.

    • Back in 2010, when we fled Maryland, I was adamant we would not move anywhere near the southern border.
      California is already a de facto part of Mexico. A dozen other states are already within a few demographic percentage points of the same.
      I anticipate a balkanization of the FUSA. Going to be so much fun.

    • I think the elites buy the zero-sum argument, that less for the rest of us is more for them. To a point, I think they are right. But pikes and bonfires are how the balance is put back in place, and they aren’t looking that far ahead.

    • Well Whiskey what’s the point of even coming here and telling us of how bad we are f$&ked…I’ve noticed and I’m sure others have to that your last posts have become a all is lost just give up attitude which makes me wonder what your purpose is here…I understand feeling frustrated and down but if you can’t offer a solution with it other than just shoot ourselves then you need to keep it to yourself…A lot of people’s perspectives come from where they live and what they have to deal with and if they get out of that situation then their perspective brightens…Keep your chin up we aren’t beat by a long shot…

  16. “if there are some sober minded people left in the American ruling class…”—Now there’s a false dilemma. I suppose the ruling class could stumble on the right decision, only if Mexico becomes too bad for business in El Norte. Our major banks all have branches and partnerships in Mexico. They just have a little “S.A.” at the end of the same. Bank of America would have collapsed in 2008 if it wasn’t for the hard drug money sloshing around in its Mexican unit that it was able to leverage to stabilize itself. The ruling class up north has been making money on this situation for a long time. Just as they make money from the cheap servants that pour over.

    I don’t read the Guardian, but they do a better job than WSJ on banking shenanigans. Mostly because they’re Bernie Sanders types that hate they’re war on drugs:

    The problem in Mexico is Mexicans. Just like the problem in Somalia is Somalians. Mexican culture is a culture of thugs trying to be hard, but who instantly cower to “El Jefe.” Mexican culture is generally warm. There are high points to it, and great food. But, even before the Spanish, it’s always been a top down culture where someone has to be taken to the top of the pyramid and disemboweled to show all those wannabe tough guys below that they’re nothing. It’s a tragedy of a country. So many resources. So many beautiful beaches, but with a basket case of a culture. As Ann Coulter tweets with stories like this, “Our new country is going to be so great!”

  17. For years, people like Ramzpaul have been hammering away that all white Americans want is what Israel has, functioning borders and a government that protects their interest. It was easy to ignore the double-standard with the dual-loyalists (although it’s much harder now), but when Joe Normie sees the Mexican people and Mexican government raging against refugees pouring in from the south of their border (especially the African ones) it’s a hypocrisy that’s much harder to ignore, these people lecturing us about our heartlessness for refusing to be a dumping ground for their poor now clubbing Ugandans and Hondurans in their streets (rightfully). Hysteric libs and mainstream conservatives love to shout, “It can happen here!” But I’ve been quietly wondering, “Why hasn’t it already happened here?” It’s been so long since the Tree of Liberty’s been watered that it might be dead.

    • Nothing serious will happen until Americans finally admit to some very basic premises, ones which should be obvious but which instead have been ignored or denied:

      1. America is a country, an actual country. It is not a global lifeboat, and it is not a global cookie jar, and it is not an ATM. Everybody in the world can’t fit in the lifeboat, and, no, they can’t all have a cookie. There are not enough cookies. There will NEVER be enough cookies. And the ATM needs to start telling the Jews that sorry, their debit card has been declined.

      2. Not only is America an actual, real country, it is a White, Christian, European, Western nation. It is not a proposition, it is a living iteration of a specific historical, real civilization — and that civilization is White, European, and Christian. The presence here of negroes or Jews only proves that Whites are very generous and patient people — it does not prove that Whites don’t exist, or that America is not their patrimony, or that they have no right to it, or that they must hand it over to Muslims and Hindues because Magic Jewish Statue Poem.

      3. Insofar as America concerns itself with a Proposition, the proposition ought to be something better than, “Hey, sailor-boy, you looking for a date?”

  18. The way this is going to break, is the opposite of how you think it will.

    An analogy from more recent history is the 1683 defeat of the Ottoman Turks at the gates of Vienna. Keep in mind just exactly how deep into European Christian territory Vienna actually is. But the Turks marched right up to it.

    The Christian victory demonstrated to the whole European world that the Turks were not invincible. In fact it meant that the European armies were now superior in technology and organization, and Turkish ambitions in the European sphere were finished, at least for centuries. Turkey had become a regional Middle Eastern power, not a European power. It was a huge psychological boost for Europe.

    You are going to see the same thing happen here very soon, when the POC decisively rout Whites politically — say a 2020 electoral blowout, or a successful impeachment coup, or the Squad somehow masterminding a Congressional takeover, or all three. Whites will then be seen as having been thoroughly defeated by the invading forces of New America. Whites will no longer be invincible. It will be seen by the whole world, very clearly, that Whites no longer own or control America, that they can be defeated worldwide by the Jewish-led POC global coalition.

    Already we have the full groundwork being laid for this. All this hateful nonsense about imaginary White privilege, toxic whiteness, imaginary “structural systemic racism,” struggling against whiteness, attacking them as “colonizers,” dismantling imaginary white supremacy… This is all a moral and intellectual framework carefully, patiently constructed by the Jews and intended to delegitimization and dehumanize Whites, so that when the desired numbers and percentages are reached, and the actual mass slaughter of Whites begins in earnest, it all has a pre-packaged moral and historical justification.

    1683 is coming, and it’ll come fast and hard.

    • Every so often I see a slogan on a T-shirt (or maybe the title of a book or a magazine article) smugly proclaiming, “Brown is the new white.”

      Think of that. Think of exactly just how badly you let yourself be duped. The entire purpose of civil rights, affirmative action, race-blind this, color-blind that, dismantling so-called racism, radically re-ordering white society so as to disadvantage whites (what dominant group ever in all of history voluntarily agreed to such a thing?!?), all of it was allegedly designed to create a society where there was no categorically dominant group, where neither white nor any other racial identity signified inherent dominance.

      Ahem. (((Allegedly.)))

      Remember equality? Joke’s on you!

      As soon as Brown has the numbers and institutional whip hand, there will in fact of COURSE be a “new white” — Browns will be dominant and superior, and gleefully, proudly, unapologetically so. And they won’t be (((talked))) into giving up the advantage.

      WHITES: (sniffling) But, but… We voluntarily gave up our domination so that there would no longer be ANY domination!

      BROWNS: Ha ha, and you were dumb enough to actually believe all that Jewish horsesh!t. Sorry… Neck, meet boot!

      • And that’s when HBD kicks in and everyone finds out how stupid browns can be when they are in charge of everything. As to whether whites can still kick up their propensity for solid organization, adapting on the fly, commitment to each other, and fearsome ass-kicking, that is to be seen.

        • Dutch, correct. I’ve read that in SA, the biggest complaints against increasingly harsh laws pertaining to White and *colored* employment quotas in government and industry is from Black management. They basically can not run the show on the Black “talent” available and they are not shy about complaining and finding all sorts of work-arounds to such laws.

    • They want Trump being led out of the White House by armed Secret Service agents after he’s convicted in the Senate. Oh do they want that image shoved down our throats. “Where’s your white chief now?” This fantasy is what keeps their lunacy on full boil at all hours. They lust for the feeling of power and domination they will experience at that moment. It’s their Iwo Jima over the United States, 1787-2019.

      I think that will be the tipping point. If there’s no reaction to that event — which of course may or may not happen — then we have our answer as to what the future is, as it will begin on that day.

      Stunned at the muted response to what happened the other day in Mexico. Pretty good litmus test if you point it out to someone and get nothing but a shrug. Last night on ABC News the reporter in the studio talking to the anchor essentially repeated the cartel’s official response to what occurred, rather than the government’s. She actually quoted “a cartel spokesman.” Very disturbing. Of course the person I was with thought nothing of it.

  19. We’re already seeing real civic decay, tending toward third world poverty and chaos (look at California and the 20 or 30 big cities run by Democrats for decades). But the Big Spark hasn’t occurred, and may never (although vibrant rioters moving into and burning some suburbs might do it). BUT. We may have already hit the trajectory-changing inflection point: Trump’s astonishing election. Consider the changes since 2016: Increasingly sharp and ugly national political division; the sharp and aggressive change in public tone by both Trump and the masses who support him; popular recognition of and hostility toward the ruling elites, their media, and their Deep State parasite class. We’re in the middle of a Fourth Turning , and it may be another decade before we see an emerging outcome.

    • I remember 2015-2016 when a Rancher by the name of Bundy(?) was getting hassled by the bureau of land management so he summoned a militia to defend his land. Or the border militias who disrupted invader supply drops. Or Y’all Queda who seized a park ranger station for a few weeks.

      Trump was really a step back for white identity. He made us all comfortable.

      • “Trump was really a step back for white identity. He made us all comfortable.”

        True, it would have been better to get the shitshow going.

        • As long as people can keep sending money to non-profits and politicians, they live under the assumption they’re safe for another day. Not until those options are gone will folks realize it’s now their turn to go and actually have do something, sometimes you will have to drag them, screaming, to lead them to survival. And most will resist rather than survive.

        • Perhaps, but let the average reader here answer: How many of you were reading this site in 2016? How many of you were as well prepared in 2016 for the “shitshow” as you are now?

          I believe the Trump era (4 or perhaps 8 years) has bought us time and new converts. That of course needs to be balanced against negatives, like CivNats also gaining a breather. We shall see.

          I know I’m better off for whatever will come than in 2016.

      • Sometimes I wonder if the election of Trump wasn’t part of a deeper plan to gaslight the remnant, to give us the Emmanuel Goldstein of “our thing”. The close results in so many states couldn’t have been quite honest. It all seems, in hindsight, strangely… staged.

  20. Many of you refuse to see the big picture. Our rulers are part of the cartels, possibly even running some. How many times did HRC, Pelosi and others travel to Mexico in the past decade? it sure as hell wasn’t to discus immigration. Their money pipeline is on the brink of being cut off if the border tightens, no wonder they lie and have the media working for them to obfuscate facts.
    Unfortunately the masses will never figure this out, low IQ voting for more corruption at the top, there is no turning this around since our backbone left us a long time ago.

    • I usually assume that most people on the right know Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, until recently the richest man in the world, is the largest single shareholder of The New York Times.

      The globohomo pirates are all in this together. The sooner they’re hanging from lamp posts the better.

      • Did Slim end up with Equity?
        I know his initial influence was through a couple hundred mill of bonds, a far safer way to go.I thought the Yids still maintained control of the equity side.

    • Many of us do see it. In the past few years I’ve read more and more evidence that makes me wonder about a lot of what I saw as fever-swamp lefty delusions back in the day – drug running collusion between Bushies and Clintonistas, all the way to the top, CIA poppy fields, NAFTA as the ultimate cartel trojan horse.

      Pesto-soaked pedophile cannibal blackmail rings sounded pretty crazy until Jeffrey Epstein managed to break his own neck in three places with a pillowcase despite a bevy of (conveniently malfunctioning) cameras and (conveniently sleeping) guards.

      Once you accept that the ruling class considers you cattle at best and considers transgressing our puny mortal morality a badge of ascendancy, there’s little you won’t believe them capable of.

  21. I don’t think many will even notice if Mexico creeps over the so-called border. So many border towns are now filled with Mexicans who are used to the way the gov works in Mexico. If warlords start taking over American towns, will the Mexicans living in those towns really care? They are bringing their culture with them and that includes the culture of corruption that exists in Mexico. Shithole people can only create shitholes and it really doesn’t matter on whose soil they happen to be occupying.

    • Wealthy Mexicans have been sending their adult sons and their families to the U.S. side of the Mexican border for decades, to try to keep them safe and out of the fray by living quiet, pay-for-everything-in-cash lives over here. As the cartelization of the border areas continues (and it is, there are murders in driveways and on front doorsteps that are being carefully covered up as we speak), they will be moved further into the interior of the U.S.

  22. When it looks like an act of great courage to grab a banner from a small group of pussy activists blocking our way to our jobs, just what kind of country will there be that won’t stand for the chaos you mention. We stand for an awful lot now.

  23. Unless I’m mistaken, California is pretty much an object example of “the chaos of Mexico spilling in their cities and towns” and nobody is doing much of anything about it.

    • Yep, and just this week Governor Nuisance signed law that allows illegal aliens to serve and be paid on California state boards. Let’s see, California is a “Sanctuary State” sharing border with cartel-run Mexico. By all appearances, California elected leaders are facilitating cartel gaining strong foothold and ability to govern and do business in one of the U.S.’s biggest, most important states. What could go wrong? Yeah, and unfortunately we see that Americans will sell out their countrymen for money, whether the money is from Arabs, Jews, Chinese, or Mexicans, it’s all good and there will be an elected ruler, government official or businessman somewhere who will take it. Another fruit of a society that dismantles high-trust Christian morals in return for low-trust secular degeneracy.

      Excerpts from “California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law to put illegals on state boards”:

      Undocumented immigrants [sic] and other non-citizens will be allowed to serve on state boards and commissions after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a package of bills Saturday intended to integrate immigrants further into society.

      SB225 by Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, D-Los Angeles, expands eligibility for state appointments to any California resident over the age of 18.

      In a signing message, Newsom said applicants deserved to be considered on their merits, rather than their immigration status.

      “Building a more representative government requires an assessment of barriers that prevent talented and qualified Californians from consideration for public service,” he said. “California doesn’t succeed in spite of our diversity — our state succeeds because of it.”

      The idea is so bad it was vetoed in 2018 by the state’s previous governor, Jerry Brown, who rejected it on the grounds that citizenship for this form of public service “is the better path.” The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, is a far-left activist who accompanied Newsom on his first trip as governor to El Salvador on a junket to find out how to make illegals in California happier.

      It’s a shocking encroachment to the “consent of the governed” idea now that anyone, citizen or not, legally here or not, loyal to the U.S. or not, can get himself a sinecure as part of the state’s ruling class. Think the Chinese government might just want to take advantage, sending someone over to defend their interests with a national loyal to them? All they’d have to do is talk left-wing, which is not hard for a hardcore Chicom to do, and they could get on. Think the Mexican government might just do the same? It’s an astonishing open-borders move to put illegals in ruling positions now, as if consent of the citizens no longer mattered.

    • I actually wonder if some people, even whites, would not actually welcome cartel rule in places like California. I remember reading a story a few years back about how some Mexican college students were holding some sort of SJW-style protest in their town. Unfortunately for them their town was cartel turf and whatever they were doing was pissing off the local warlord. He sent his goons, rounded them up and put them all on a bus. They were driven out to the desert, shot, and disposed of. One of the henchmen later sent a chilling text “we turned them all into dust”.

      The problem with today’s California (and places like Oregon that are trying to become CA-lite) is that while the idiot voters keep voting for the policies that lead to the chaos, they don’t actually like the results of it. Even SJWs don’t like stepping in human shit on their way to their make-work jobs at the Save the Gay Communist Whales Foundation. I suspect that Californians all across the racial and political spectrum would prefer that the anarcho-tyranny balance were more weighted in favor of tyranny. The cartels might well be able to provide just that.

    • CA is run by Silicon Valley globalists like Brin, Zucky, Ellison, etc. Without their top execs and workers paying into the CA taxbase the state would have collapsed over a decade ago.

      As for the Cartels, they already have a presence in the state except it’s mostly American born Mexicans who decide to work for them. Occasionally the MSM will doa story about the death of some American Mex who was butchered in TJ when he decided to short the cartels.

      The cartels have a much greater presence in Texas and AZ. As those states grow more blue the greater the cartel presence.

      There will be no push back for a number of reasons.
      1) The police will protect the cartels at the behest of the local polls
      2) Whites are mostly idiots who think the party will go on forever. The clowns are so a-historical they think the U.S. is immune to the same shit that took down much more competent empires. By the time these pantloads see that the party is over they will be marched off to the local quarry for execution.

  24. I suspect Mexico will have to be taken over by the US government, as a kind of protecorate. Even with the wall up. Personally I would keep it de-populated as a kind of buffer zone. Move all the mexicans (further) down south and be done with them.

    • The US Empire erred in not absorbing Mexico in 1848 at the conclusion of the war. Placed under a firm viceroy appointed in Washington, the Mexicans may have developed a society and government worthy of eventual autonomy and independence, purged of its ancient ruling conquistador families.

      Mexicans, like Russians, aren’t bad people; they have inherited systemic political failure and that’s not easy to overcome.

      Personally, I would keep San Francisco and Boston de-populated as buffer zones: Move all San Franciscans (further) out west, and all Bostonians (further) out east, and be done with them.

  25. “[P]rotecting the interests of the people over whom [we] rule, by making sure [we] always [have] the public interest at the forefront of [our] mind.”

    I’m reminded of the Steve Martin sketches in the 1970s Saturday Night Live show where he would say something perfectly reasonable, and then say, “Nah,” and go back to what he was doing. I think the U.S.’s present ruling elite will be a lot like that Steve Martin character. They may, in fact, find it easier to deal with Mexican drug cartels in large areas than in governing those areas themselves. But I wouldn’t want to be a small-time black criminal in an area governed by a Mexican drug cartel. I think I’d have a life expectancy measured in weeks.

    As for what might send people into the streets, my view is it will have to be something economic. In France the Gilets Jaunes were mobilized by a gasoline and diesel fuel tax and I noticed that people rioted yesterday in Santiago, Chile over an increase in public transportation fares.

  26. In my rural white school district, a shockingly high percentage of my daughter’s classmates have daddies in prison. Impulsive, immoral, stupid (if smart, they wouldn’t get caught) men have a clear reproductive advantage in our society, and it portends a complete breakdown of civil order as bad boys sprout like weeds.

    There will be no more Mr. Nice Guy if nice guys can’t get laid.

    • Impulsive, immoral, stupid White men are the shock troops we need. They’re the ones with the least compunction about accepting their White identity and doing violence on the Other. Most White men are far too civilized. You just need the talented tenth to point them in the right direction.

    • In our progressive gynocracy, white men have low status. Without a high SES education and career trajectory, the only path is through the trap door of r-selection.

      Even with economic status young white men are in a sexual dystopia of pareto insta-whore driven scrum to compete with mr big for the dopamine addicted gina tingles of the modern prog female.

      There should be no more mr nice guy. The beta male is despised. Boys need to get in touch with their inner savage; kill the beta.

      Nice guys are a result of strangling masculine virtue in the cradle. Whats left gets reprogrammed in the feminized institutions of schools and churches and even ‘boy scouts’. Which is how we got goodwhites and christcucks and the femcentric prog clown world.

      Men should make sure their sons do not become the dutiful, submissive betas that don the yoke of the feminine and become compliant tax cattle.

      All these deferential ‘happy wife happy life’ pussies with their harpy prog wives and their MMA training law-school bound strong independent daughters and their spergy noodle armed sons who mysteriously just can’t seem to muster the kind of sass that their daughters have…. yeah its a real head-scratcher why we have all these males without chests who are ‘falling behind’.

      The incentives are fucked. The boys know it but nobody ever bothers to address the causes because it might illuminate the unsavory truths about female nature, particularly sexual selection.

      We have plowed under generations of boys so that their sisters can have good feelz and make poor choices without owning the consequences and their POC pets and exotic big men can be free to roam under a different set of rules.

      Don’t make the gurlz feel bad and don’t make the black kids angry; the ballast are those nice white boys. How long before that runs out?

      The sexual dystopia as a result of the inversion of the masculine and feminine virtues is the core of much of the disfunction at the cultural/societal level.

      If a ‘good’ boy can’t become a good man and form a family, its a lot to ask of the systems of politics and culture to remedy itself or be taken back by force by castrated males.

      An army of ghetto whites, keen on the arbiter of violence, may be useful in some scenario, but without cultivating masculine frame in the balance of white boys and destroying the gynocentric power center, its all for not.

      • Sir,

        All it takes is money or its handmaiden power. I have not seen a woman yet that does not seek it out.

        • Money is not power, and is not especially sexy. If it were, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos would be plowing much younger, hotter women.

          • Dave, the guys you mention can have whatever type (well, hotties) women they want. They simply don’t want them—and I can’t blame them. Bezo’s is hard to call, he cheated with someone fairly low class. Gates hooked up with one of his VP’s if I recall at MS. Zukerberg something similar from Facebook. There are guys out there whose ego is not attached to their dicks. But there are plenty of women looking for the fame and fortune they hold. And not one of them would be worth the risk of putting a ring on.

          • Simple inductive reasoning—something you don’t seem to possess Bile.

            According to your “reasoning” these guys could be getting it on with space aliens, since I can’t prove otherwise. That’s not how this works. Until there is evidence, I’ll assume they live relatively normal (wrt fidelity) lives. And that their fidelity is self imposed, not for lack of opportunity.

        • It’s called hypergamy.

          Jordan Peterson, in pointing out the humans are the only primate where females are the sexual selectors, describes it a men deciding the rules for building hierarchies and women selecting on positional ranking in that hierarchy. Through government welfare and deliberate social engineering by the usual suspects, traditional masculinity no longer scores well in the hierarchy.

  27. Observe, analyze, predict, & prepare. The national debt is growing faster and larger than at any time in the history of civilization. That bubble must burst eventually. Then what happens? Chaos, return of real hardship, rise of tyranny, jackboot time, camps & detention of the non-compliant, ruthless oppression & subjugation. History repeats. The cauldron of fitness selection once again favors the strong & smart & robust. The Mexico cartel surrender is indeed pretty bad, but we have had an ongoing coup for nearly 3 years now. That is not trivial either. There are no adults in DC.

    • “That bubble must burst eventually. Then what happens?”

      Probably nothing. This along with the rest of your doomsday scenario has been being said for at least 2 decades now. I see no reason the status quo cannot be maintained. Keep printing money and keep interest rates at zero and all the other (((economic hand-waving))) being done to pretend the problem isn’t there. And even if the US does default on its gazillion dollars in debt, so what? Markets will snap and the world economy will snap, temporarily, but then it will course correct too.

      Countries have declared bankruptcy before. Argentina many times in fact, and life goes on. I have a feeling the powers that be realize this and so just sort of said ‘let’s keep spending’ and therefore do not even put up the pretense of caring anymore.

      “The cauldron of fitness selection once again favors the strong & smart & robust”

      Not necessarily. The jackboots will likely be worn by the same people that wear them today who are globohomo enforcers who only don’t pull the trigger because we haven’t reached the time for that yet. But when the wheels comes off the same people will be in charge and then they -really- don’t have to pretend anymore. I suppose some smart, strong, and robust will be able to evade and live in hardship. Historically that has been the case, but what hasn’t been the case is these partisans and guerilla fighters upending the tyranny. You will live a brutal and joyless life and the fat cats will still be where they are now. Germans in France during World War 2 and French Partisans come to mind here. Wasn’t exactly the best of times for the french nationalists living like rats.

      • The essential beauty of reality is that it doesn’t care about what people think about it. Whether you guess right or wrong about the future, it will do what it does. If you wish to plan for status quo after a massive financial collapse and act accordingly, then your fate will dictated by whatever reality imposes. Everything about predicting the future is probabilistic. The only thing you can control about the present is your fitness and resources. I plan to face the chaos with more than just hope or despair.

        • The next financial meltdown means EBTs, some primitive level of palliative health care provisions for all, and public housing, with everyone holding their hands out for their share. Soviet Russia. The elites are softening everyone up for that already. Self sufficiency will be simultaneously secretly admired and also looked on with deep suspicion as subversive to the order of things.

          This was the path in the 1930s, until national socialism got in the way of international socialism, and it all burned back in WW2.

  28. How likely is a race revolt, Z? One where, say, and entire community of vibrants in some place like Lagos, for example… decides to burn down a white neighborhood instead of their own? I can see that sparking retribution that the SJWs couldn’t control…

    In your scenario… would it be drugs or race that precipitate the maelstrom?

    I personally like the way that Rodrigo Duterte is waging the drug war in the Phillipines. It works, so naturally Obama went over to tell him to stop it… and Duterte called him a son of a bitch and told him to FOAD. I can see the same thing happening in Sanfransisco or other liberal enclaves where social decay is reaching critical levels…

    • Much depends on whether said attack occurs before or after our government has disarmed us, and on which side the cops take.

        • Absolutely true. Do not think for one minute the Orcs and Orcettes with badges will be: “…true to their constitutional oath.” Their egregious, sinful and unlawful conduct has been documented over at WRSA and other sites for years.
          One only has to look at Venezuela to see who is still being fed and watered by the corrupt government elite. The FSSA will end up like Bosnia times Rwanda to the tenth power. Plan accordingly.

        • Cops work in a milieu of overwhelming superiority in numbers. Once this is not the case, they retreat and observe. If the populous is large and unruly and takes to the offense, the cops will not resist, but retreat until safe. They will only appear if the national guard of some other force backs them up.

    • Another possibility is that black vibrants will damage a Mexican neighborhood, leading to a cartel-backed riposte/massacre that will lead dozens or even hundreds dead and a large portion of a city in ruins.

      Insofar as the Varian moment to which the Z-man refers, both Iran and Ukraine have “Teutoberger Wald” written all over them. Thank heaven Trump hasn’t taken the bair, but I wonder if Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren have that level of geostrategic perspicacity.

      • The Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles could theoretically sink a US carrier group. Imagine a showdown over Taiwan, where the PLA can back its boast of sinking two carriers in one day.

        At a minimum we’d be estimating at least 10,000 dead, in a single day.

        Would we see a nuclear response, or a capitulation. I’d bet on the latter. I’m not fighting for the Warren Occupation so Taiwan can have Gay Pride.

        • There won’t be such a confrontation because the war plans are to have such a carrier group stand off beyond PLA reach with such weapons. Not sure if sub’s can get within range, but they are not at this time stealthy. But I hear ya, seems to me that Carriers are not defensible against 1st world opposition.

          • F/A 18 has short range, even if the carrier is only using F-35s, a tanker solution would be needed, especially if the F-35 is going to be carrying external weapons which removes stealth.

            USN ASW is well known to have degraded since 1991, Chinese ASW is unknown but probably worse. Chinese subs louder than US subs. AIP subs are quieter than nuclear, but slow, and not much use outside of “green water”.

          • No one is exactly sure of how a carrier vs carrier confrontation would work. Argentina retreated in 1982, and all previous confrontations were pre-jet in WW2. So presumably the only knowledge would come from USN wargames. The current Chinese carriers are not much, and they will take decades to match USN capabilities. But if carriers are useless, it means that the only tool remaining are the somewhat stealth Zumwalt class, whose guns have no ammo.

          • The psychological factor is also important. Losing two carriers in a single day would cripple the morale of the remaining surface ships. Without air cover they are basically sitting ducks. If the remaining ships in the task forces are sunk, that’s thousands more fatalities. And given that feminism will likely be more powerful circa 2025; a Tsushima style surrender of the surface ships could easily happen. Say goodbye to US prestige when the captured ships are towed into Shanghai.

    • “an entire community of vibrants in some place like Lagos, for example, decides to burn down a white neighborhood instead of their own? I can see that sparking retribution that the SJWs couldn’t control…”

      Yes, Johnny Suburbia is going to get up off the couch finally and turn off afroball and wander down to get his daddy’s shotgun and start plinking darkies when his neighborhood is on fire with black gangbangers stalking the street, right?

      I feel like some readers here either don’t get out much or are sort of living in some Walter Mitty world of high fantasy. White males anywhere near diversity centers are emasculated p-ssies who will do nothing and HAVE done nothing. I know this because I am surrounded by them and I f-cking marvel at how most men are now ladyboys. Not an ounce of courage amongst them particularly when it comes to nogs who they are either afraid of or deify.

      No, Johnny Suburbia will call 911 and wait for globohomo enforcers to come and round up the pets and herd them back to their cages while he cowers in fear behind locked doors. Your fantasies are just that, fantasy.

      • Won’t happen. Not because the couch potato is incapable. No, its because the riot never falls far from the source. Go look at the historical record. Seldom do riots pan further than 5mi from where the trigger point is.

        • LEOs may defer to who writes the checks, but they will never allow the dusky hordes and their riotous behaviors to migrate towards their own neighborhoods, situated in the suburbs five miles out.

    • Just moved out of the Bay Area. It has been captured by East and South Asia. For now they tolerate having Latinx guest workers and a token smattering of founding stock as token/quaint curiosities. The Bay Area “community” is so atomized as to not even resemble a community. It’s just a place to shop. Those people will not riot. Last week’s PG&E outages confirmed that you can literally fuck that population into the ground and they won’t give two shits as long as they have access to Netflix and a COSTCO.

  29. I was slow to realize. Many more are even slower. As hard as it is to accept, here is the cold hard fact: these people can’t be persuaded. Stop trying. They must be DEFEATED!

    • Hear, hear, Ifrank. Echoing back to Zman’s post a couple of days ago, we must stop accommodating the orcs. A part of me thirsts for some conflict, for the personal satisfaction of any action vs. quiet biding. However, I know the expectation of traditional decorum in public spaces is gone (such as gentlemen and mobs correcting bad public behavior), so any attempt to physically “educate” the brownshirts will result in the lopsided legal hammer falling on my head…and so we wait.

      I suspect that it will be acceleration by a thousand tiny cuts. Durable, prepared and pissed off are my station.

      • Build communities with distance, walls, and gates. Leave the orcs outside of the perimeter, to deal with things on their own.

        • What if we pick a state, one of the 50. The Mormans picked Utah. We pick Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, or Idaho say. We announce that this is our place. We begin moving there. We reverse the disasterous demographic trends in the rest of the country. “E Pluibus Unum!” “Unity, not diversity is our strength!” If illegals can take over 45 states, why can’t legals legally, peacefully take over 5?

          • As the late HAC of the Northwest Front (WA, OR, ID) often pointed out, we must have a sea port or they will strangle us.

          • Just put 8k miles on the wife’s car taking some time to camp around the country and document the Fall.

            Idaho is being inundated with Californians as is Montana. Western Oregon and the entire Oregon Coast has been captured by Mordor. Medford is the only surviving bastion in Southern Oregon. Washington, East of the Cascades resists the tide for now. Nevada and Utah are encroached and beginning to succumb to POZ. Texas, AZ, NM are essentially lost.

            The Orc states may actually prove to be more resilient. At least you won’t see Orcs tolerating LGBT parades and Drag Queen Story Hour in their pits. If you can survive and thrive with the Denizons of Saruman then you may be able to avoid having to live near Sauron’s Uruk Hai.

            Flyover Country resists yet there is little economy there. Much of the East Coast is lost, at least until you get North of Massachusetts and then you encounter the delusional land of NIMBYankee Shitlib POZ.

            Currently, I am preparing a last stand in NH but this place has milk toast people, consumed by spinning the hamster wheel and powering leaf blowers on the weekend instead of putting rounds down range. Maine is worse, the economy has never progressed past seasonality. There is a giant contingent of gibs’ addicted welfare grifters there as well as a rising contingent of Caribbean and Africans to help vibrancy quotas.

            I’m thinking about bugging out to Europe. Fall back plans involve learning Chinese.

          • Nice (yet very sad) to read some realism here Obake. People just don’t realize how far the rot has spread. I read about entire Long Island towns (where I visited college friends 40 years ago) taken over by Mexicans. I remember Orchard Beach in Maine when it was all White. I read with increasing despair the colonizing of Idaho by the rapefugees, courtesy of nice White ladies who buy that God awful Turk’s yoghurt. I still read people talking about how “X” wouldn’t be tolerated in Texas, and I wonder – have they ever been here? You can’t find native Texans anymore – the state is utterly lost. I don’t expect Whites to fight until their backs are up against the wall (or the ocean when they’ve run out of places to run to) and I don’t expect many will be left by then.

          • Nope. We wouldn’t need a sea port. How would they strangle us? Just as Socialist California is still in union, we would remain in the union too. Federalism. There need not be any hostility. We would use demographics to create our own de facto homeland.

          • I’m not talking about a Fort Sumter, Mike. Just a slow, steady, peaceful migration to create a de facto homeland.

            You have a better idea, i’m all ears.

          • That came out more flippant than I’d intended (was going for bitterness), so it wasn’t meant as a smart-ass/in-your-face remark. Sorry if it came across that way.

            That said, I don’t know what makes a better idea, but I am pretty sure that any low-vibrancy community will be inundated by vibrants as soon as it’s noted that said community is functional and safe. Short of kinetic defense, I don’t see any white (or ice people if one likes) community being left alone.

          • S’ok Mike. No offense taken.

            You make a fair point. How much can we get away with? We don’t advertise widely – sub rosa. We may even deny what we’re doing. If liberals can deny what they are doing, then so can we. It’s a matter of Federalism and states rights. If we grow to control all of state wide government, can we stop illegal entry and control school curriculums, taxation, race based preferences, sanctuary cities, hiring? Is there a constitutional lawyer in the house, as if that document means much anymore?

  30. Continuing the thought, “There’s simply no way the public will tolerate the chaos of Mexico spilling in their cities and towns.”

    I suspect a lot will depend on just who winds up making money on that deal, and how much actual profit there is in it; greed can paper over a lot of sins, especially for those used to it.

    • The “public” don’t tolerate it, they move somewhere else. That’s the time tested American way. The system will continue to self-segregate, and people will community up and self-defense up.

      The people with truly no place to go will be the proggies who don’t want to live in the evolving neighborhoods, but also don’t want to live with the racists (and we don’t want them either), and have no survival or basic skills. They will end up in some sort of no-man’s-land, like parts of the California Bay Area are today.

    • The average American Just runs away – if he can. Look at busing. Look at “White Flight”. Look at every war, no matter how dumb, where they allow themselves to be drafted, whether they understand the war or not. Read most of the normie-Conservative comments on other boards. Its always about Running away to cabin with their guns or moving to Idaho or overseas. I’d like to be proven wrong, but hoping the average ‘merican is going to “Get mad as hell and not take it anymore” is a slim reed to lean on.

      • You can call me out personally on that one. What can you do in CA? Retired. Pay more in taxes, car insurance, gasoline, electricity, fees, food, and compete with illegals or new citizens at the health clinics. Not to mention the problems with enjoying your 2A rights. Most older people would head for warm climates and not cold climates, but the choices are limited. I won’t even let my son get across country by passing through NM. So I talked him into driving through Utah and Colorado and upped our car insurance membership to 200 miles for free towing.

  31. What do you think about the normal people just starting to fight back? Like the Dutch Farmers or the guys on the London Tube that beat up the crazy environmentalist people or just some random guy that stole the signs from Extinction Rebellion blocking traffic. I have feel like we’re going to hit a turning point with this stuff and normal people are going to start fighting these crazies on the streets. When I see the videos of these people getting cold cocked, men or women, it’s really satisfying.

    • “Exemplary sentencing”

      That stops any street action, and intelligence agencies do the rest.

      It’s not a popular take here, but I happen to think that elections still matter. If a Western European country elects a nationalist government, like Vlaams Belang, that would be a world breaker. Until then, its just some fits and starts.

      • You’re funny, “elections still matter” If the elites thought they did matter they sure as hell would end the practice.

        • I don’t know, the elites are still just men, sometimes we think they’re gods but they’re not. They screw up all the time, like the Brexit vote. They can be defeated,

      • Elections matter? See Brexit, see Trump wins in 2016, see referendum on gay marriage in CA. All fought against or killed by our betters.

    • If you had a magic button you could press with absolute anonymity, that erased the (((problem))), would you?

      Because current tech can’t provide that anonymity, cold fury remains stymied. Now think, what tech is reaching fruition now that will be untraceable back to its authors?

      Think nature’s way of dealing with runaway sub species

      • Gave myself a laugh after posting, thinking how the button would be a test of the greatest mythology in human history – the Inexpressible Mystery “chosen people”. Expecting that myth to be about as accurate as Magic Dirt Theory

    • @Whitney

      Surely you jest. I have it on good authority that sreet activism and especially street fighting is bad optics.

      • In the US it’s basically useless. In Europe OTOH its good optics.

        Different cultures.

        That said the US elite value only virtue signaling, status and money and unless chaos cuts into the supply of that, they’ll do nothing and more likely go after people who complain enough to force them into action.

        Americans too having lost faith in Jesus have only faith in Gnon

        Ultimately until Y/T and friends decide that they have to be in charge and are willing to play the Game of Thrones, win or die for a moral society or the US falls apart like the USSR they can’t make large changes.

        This lack of an ideology even one as simplistic as “America needs to be a good place to have a family.” ruins activism.

        This lack of energy and of fervor on any issues other than guns and abortion makes action difficult.

        Now if you want Right Wingers to have to think about issues try this

        “Its highly probably abortion will be returned to the States . Good yes?” They’ll probably be happy but if you run into a pro abortion or one nonplussed by the issues ignore it and move to part 2

        “say Trump gets a couple more guys on the court and nearly all gun laws are struck . What kind of society do you want ?”

        Almost none of them will have an answer and until they do, the best they can manage is to vote and complain and try and put in non cucked Right Wingers

  32. “There’s simply no way the public will tolerate the chaos of Mexico spilling in their cities and towns.”

    Are you sure about that? The full apparatus of oppression and control is firmly in place. They may fear and loathe it but they will be subjected to full spectrum propaganda about “tolerance” and “not all Mexicans are cartel” and “Mexiphobia”. If they raise their voices in protest then, at best, they will be ignored. At worst, they will lose their livelihoods and maybe even their liberty. Then heritage Americans will do what they’ve already been doing for decades: selling up and moving out so somewhere safer.

    The model has worked so far, why should it not keep working?

    • I agree. The leftist anti-white self hating American elite have been doing the “frog in water” for decades. Now it’s too late to even notice let alone complain. Look at Baltimore, LA, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago etc. They didn’t happen over night and nobody, NOBODY, not Republican nor Democrat tried to stop it.

      As King Tut said: The model has worked so far, why should it not keep working?”

      • This is also assuming we have a real border with Americans on one side and Mexicans on the other. But that is not what we have. We have a so-called border with Mexicans on both sides of it. Mexicans don’t stop being Mexican because they moved 100 foot to the other side of an imaginary line. As Mexicans occupy more and more of this side of the border, Mexico will assert itself more and more through biology. Border towns will look more and more like Mexico and that includes the culture of dysfunction and corruption.
        Both whites and blacks will move. Whites will want to flee the general chaos and the Mexicans will make life unbearable for the blacks and they too will flee, just as they have fled towns and neighborhoods in Southern California.

        • Tars, exactly. The ‘border’ is only for those with passports who fly to cancun for spring break. Then its three hours in line to face a grumpy govt tit sucker to let you back in. For the rest its just a toll both.

          The mexicanization extends far beyond the border. And it is not all about the importation of the failed state criminal elements either.

          Sure, they bring the incompetence, corruption, nepotism, grifting, and general detritus of third world garbage burners, but the other side of the peso is that just like how they enjoy our infrastructure without having to invest in it they are taking over the legitimate institutions as well.

          2nd and 3rd gen invaders are finding their way into city councils, school boards, neighborhood organizations, community non profits, and a yuge percentage of gov’t jobs in all the areas where they get their bread buttered: health care, human services, housing, public administration, and education.

          Through these institutions they advocate openly and aggressively for their people, their culture.

          They use their protected status as ‘minority’ to grease the tracks for moar and leverage the socially accepted anti-white, anti-colonialism, reconquista entitlement attitude to gain more power and position.

          They turn our system into a spigot of bennies for their people while slowly strangling heritage Americans and our culture out of our own civic bodies. They do this thru brute force but also Democracy!

          The goodwhites and progs celebrate this diversity. Too notice anything other than the beautiful rainbow is to be racist.

          Those goodwhites will crush you for crimethink or hatefacts or racism long before they will ever address the incompetence, corruption, and open racism that is commonplace with the invaders.

          I hate them infinitely more than the invaders. Hard to blame the browns for taking candy from the retarded fat white baby. They look out for their own. Whites could learn a lot from these shithole expats.

          • If only the US was as ‘racist’ as the race hustlers say it is. The Goodwhites only know non-Whites who are their same class, which is to say, they don’t really know non-Whites at all.

    • The virtuous Oprah-worshipping white women of the middle and upper-middle class (our presumptive moral majority, our new church ladies) don’t give a damn. They can easily further remove themselves to “family-friendly” neighbourhoods, from whence they can scream “RACIST!” at anyone who complains about the rising influence of cartels in poor communities.

      If anything it will incite them to demand a crack down on so-called “white supremacy” and insist that the state increase its budget on problem-solving social programs that they don’t have to pay for (that’s what deficits are for , stupid).

      • They can easily further remove themselves to “family-friendly” neighbourhoods, from whence they can scream “RACIST!”

        And, as soon as they’ve unpacked their moving boxes, immediately set about lobbying the local authorities to import some diversity, because why should only white people be allowed to live in nice, quiet and law-abiding communities?

    • Okay…but you can only move so far, until you either run into the pozz again or it catches up with you.

    • “”…why should it not keep working? …”””

      Because of economy. Big ships sinking long time but finally one more gallon of water pours in and then everything happens really fast. In the economy, everything is fine until average Joe somehow make the ends meet. Very soon, bubble burst, millions lose their job and then is not anymore business as usual. Elite already used their last weapon, money print, so this time is nothing left to fix the system like previous times.

    • What King Tut said.

      How many times in my life have I heard “There’s simply no way the public will tolerate X” and then 20 years later X is the law.

      This is why conservatives are wrong when they place their hope in a pendulum that will magically swing back to their beliefs.

      Just like you are called a racist today if you notice failed black cities, you will be called a racist in the future if you notice Hispanic drug cartel towns in the USA.

      • Exactly. Look how Gay Marriage has gone from a joke to a scared cow in less than 20 years. The idea that our Liberal/globalist/leftist elite are going to “Sober up” and change is ridiculous. They will double down. They are primarily interested in themselves and what’s good for their class/group. They care little about the rest of us. They are NOT going “smarten Up” and change their long range plans.

    • To further your point, south Oklahoma City is now Mexico. When I moved to Oklahoma 30 years ago, it was a blue collar, white area. It was a rough part of town, but if you weren’t looking for trouble, it wasn’t particularly dangerous.

      It is now completely Mexican and a major distribution center for meth. I know this because I am criminal defense attorney and have had several clients describe to me how it crosses the border into Texas in liquid form, and is then taken to Houston where it is crystallized, and then shipped to south OKC for distribution all over the this area of the country.

      I am a nobody and i know this. But you never hear the people in authority even mention what is happening. All we hear is what a great addition hispanics are for our “diversity.”

      The people in charge are either incredibly stupid or too scared to deal with reality.

  33. I noticed there was a suspicious lack of fatalities for so much firepower. I have a feeling it was all a show for Gringo as the police were paid off to release El Chapo,Jr.

    • Kind of like a Potemkin village?

      You stage a route of fake house fronts and take the visiting dignitary on a cruise past it.

      Mexico was never going to be a successful part of the NAFTA end of the deal. There was no need to include it in a Canada-U.S. negotiation. Mexico, as a poorer nation, siphons away factories that would do better in the northern parts of the Continent. By skedaddling to places like Sonora, the corporations show their true colors in an adherence to lower standards and lower paid wages.

  34. more than 15% of Mexico’s population (20million) live in the United States. 126 million still live in Mexico proper.

    What would the wags be saying if 15% of the USA’s population “emigrated” to, let’s say ..China; would 45 million Americans living in China be considered “undocumented aliens”, or would they be called out as Colonizers?

    • They would be executed as invaders. That’s how a sovereign country takes care of “undocumented aliens”.

    • California is already there and nobody did a damned thing to stop it. The people there passed a couple of referendums (187 +) and the political class threw them in the trash. YT moved another exit or two down the road…then to OR, WA, NV, MT, WY, AZ, NM, TX…we’re running out of places to go…but not yet. There’s still a lot of room for YT to move to and not have face the onslaught.

      Our elite are not a natural elite. Without the vibrant they are done…which is why they will make war against the bad whites before they ever turn on their pet bioweapons.

      The turning point comes when a bad white Caesar arises.

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