The Media Awakening

In the current crisis, one of the useful and clarifying ways to divide people is in how they respond to the mass media. On the one hand are those who just assume everything reported, regardless of the alleged partisan bias, is fake. It’s manufactured for some undisclosed reason and fed to the many airheads working in media. The other side of this dive are those who still think the political theater is real. They take one side or the other in the mock battles between the two wings of the bipartisan uniparty.

You see this in the “fake news” stuff among Trump supporters and opponents. For those supporting Trump, the fake news outlets are those that “report” bad things about their guy, while the real news outlets are the sites that sing his praises. Of course, the people in the anti-Trump camp take the opposite view. In other words, these people don’t think the news is fake. They think the other side’s news is fake. It’s the same old Red Team – Blue Team dynamic, just decorated with new language for the Trump era.

For the legacy people, the fake news meme has been a coping strategy to deal with the collapse of the old politics. Every day, an assumed partisan comes out and says something that seems at odds with his side. This past week, so-called liberals have been out saying all the things neocons used to say in the Bush years, regarding the forever wars on behalf of Israel. They have all but called Tulsi Gabbard a dirty hippy for her support for a withdraw from the never-ending Middle East theater.

It really is incredible to watch the assault on Gabbard. Her position on foreign policy is what we were told was the mainstream of the Democrat party. Even before Bush and the neocons bankrupted the nation on pointless wars of choice, the America Left was anti-intervention. They were the side that argued for multi-lateral talks and negotiated settlements to disputes. For eight years Obama preached this line, as he cut deals with Iran and allegedly pulled troops out of the Iraq disaster.

Now, politics is about lying, so lying about past positions, even if those positions were held just an hour ago, is nothing new. The game is to attack an opponent for their lack of purity at the moment, thus elevating yourself. When Hillary Clinton attacked Gabbard as a Russian asset, it was about trying to rehabilitate Clinton, at the expense of Gabbard, not about the facts as presented. Clinton is worried that the investigation into her 2016 election shenanigans may leave her holding the bag.

That’s something even the naivest legacy person can grasp. It is the conduct of the media that is the tell. Instead of pointing out that Gabbard is saying the same thing all of the Democrats, including Barak Obama, said during the Bush years, they are piling on the Syria issue. The far Left is even joining in on attacking Gabbard as a tool of Putin, Assad and other bogeymen of the Left. In other words, we don’t have a media in modern America. What we have are amplifiers of the party line.

It is not just the left-wing engaged in this. It works on all sides engaged in the official political process. This post in American Conservative is a good example. It is written by one of the army of dingbats in the Washington dingbat chorus. The people hired by B and C list news sites, are young, dumb and eager. They repeat what they are told with breathless enthusiasm and seriousness for whoever will pay them. They don’t ask questions, because they dream of making it big in political media.

That story is complete nonsense. It is the neocon line of attack on Trump, hoping to finally destroy Trump, before he dismantles their forever war regime. The line being pushed is that any inquiry into Ukraine is illegitimate. Since all of these people are up to their eyeballs in Ukrainian corruption, the last thing they want is a thorough examination of American involvement there. Joe Biden is not the only guy who was taking bribes from various Ukrainian oligarchs over the last decade.

American Conservative is supposed to be an anti-war, non-intervention publication, but here they are pimping the neocon party line. Like the people at Mother Jones, what the people at American Conservative want most is to be in the club. The so-called ideological positions and resulting policy claims are just decoration. In the end, even the fringe media is just another amplifier of the party line. Their dissent is a sales pitch to keep the racket going. Otherwise, they repeat what they are told.

That right there is the divide in retail politics. One side gets this and the other side is still trapped in the old model. The legacy people still spend their time pointing out the hypocrisy, thinking this time it will make a difference. The dissidents, when they pay any attention to it at all, just note that our media is propaganda. That “both sides” are working for the same team. Otherwise, retail politics is a game for legacy people, who still visit the Drudge Report and watch cable news programs.

This is probably where the awakening for most people will start. The journey to this side of the political divide begins with awakening to the fact the media, small and large, is just propaganda. The people pitching it are not any side but the official one. If word comes down that Marxism is the new conservatism, Ben Shapiro will be doing show in the glories of Lenin and Mark. When people wake up to this reality, they begin their journey as a dissident. It may be that fake news is the dissident’s best weapon.

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223 thoughts on “The Media Awakening

  1. I estimate 80 percent of people who get that the media are just Pravda West are in the Dissident Right. Few people want to believe that the mainstream is corrupt and it is all a game especially since the emergence of Orange Man Bad. If the left acknowledges that the media are frauds they have to rethink OMB and they have too much emotionally invested in hating him.

  2. Deplorables are starting to understand that China is NOT our friend despite the non-stop propaganda.

    No one really cares if rich NBA owners lose their shirts because they were relying on CHINA revenues to justify overpaying their players.

  3. Although I am prone to accept the side that yells, “fake news,” I think the author’s first paragraph is rather enlightening. So, we simply have to accept the fact that we are ALL being played like violins. I’m only on page 285 of Griffin’s Creature From Jekyll Island, but I get where it is going. So, how do we kill the puppeteers? Or, were we blessed to have them seemingly working on our behalf for a century, or more, until they discovered there is no more pot of gold here for them?

  4. The fact that the media (both legacy and ‘conservative’) is dying is the reason why both side — either overtly or covertly — want censorship of dissidents, especially the Dissident Right. The goal is to make sure that a person who no longer has faith in the Program of The Current Year cannot come into contact with an alternative vision.

  5. So Zuckerberg has been quietly providing Buttigieg with Facebook staffers. And this is coming out across the MSM. So we know that Buttigieg is not the anointed one among the lefties, or this would have been buried. Seriously, these were the analytical assumptions used to parse the Soviet media, in order to find out what was really going on. Take from that what you will.

    • Butt plug could be neutralized with one line. In the next debate, whomever he attacks (he appears to be an aggressive fag) that person should turn to him and say “why are you trying to ride my ass?” It would be even funnier coming from Booker. That one line, full of double entendre, would immediately crystalize the fact, even among most Democrats, that you can’t nominate someone like that as President. It was amazing that Obama was able to keep it on the down low. Lincoln too, but he lived pre modern media.

  6. Working on my “Normie Talking Toolkit”. I’ve started adding P to the LGBTQP stupidity…80% of the time the normie asks me about the P. And I can explain it’s already being mainstreamed…so far, not one conversation has stopped there. I don’t push but I’m planting seeds.

    Pedophilia normalization is already here, just isolated. The evil others test market everything, then roll it out nationally and internationally. So it’s a matter of time..

    Polygamy is an interesting one. I predict it will be less “marriage” and more “network-bonking”, perhaps with a new moniker. Orgy with a P? Polybonking?

    As many of you wonderfully smart folks have pointed out, the left projects like a mother…so seeing their future targets become a matter of paying attention. And seeing the inverted world they live in for what it is; clownworld.

    • There is already a word for the polygamy relationship, we call it “throupling”. As per the congresscritter up in Santa Clarita.

    • LGBT-M for “Minor-attracted persons.

      “It’s the new edgy activist thing. Like gay used to be.”

      • Man they are good at marketing-speak. Style Guides for their movement. We must default to natural, accurate language. So pedophile still cause some internal revolt for most. So I use it. Homosexual, not gay.
        There are many more opportunities to speak plainly and not use their language.

  7. There’s a way to predict the Party line of the OGP, the Official (or Occupation) caste.

    They’ll attack any potential threat to their rackets, their cash flows.

    For instance, open borders are about keeping Cartel cash flowing.
    Just one example amongst dozens.

  8. The propaganda outlets no longer have to depend of advertising to survive. Billionaires and other stake holders pay for them to broadcast or print. So there really is no need to don a mask.

    There tend to be “a-ha” moments when people realize that the “media” is straight up propaganda. For me, it was Waco. For those older, it was Vietnam or the so-called civil rights movement. So, yes, it has led many of us to be dissidents. But at this point, if someone still doesn’t realize the propaganda outlets are not information disseminators, can they even be reached?

    • Don’t underestimate the ability for people to not see things, in order to maintain their personal financial and emotional status quo’s. Also, don’t underestimate their ability to see the light later, when they sense their personal status quo’s have been yanked out from under them. Preference cascades are born when such realizations spread like an infection.

      • Lots of folks in my field (IT) have been force fed the red pill by massive H-1B imports. But even here it’s amazing how many folks will pretend like it’s totally okay and good (it’s often the *worst* performers that will jump to the defense of the H-1B servants).

    • Without government there would be no such thing as a “Billionaire.” The sooner folks realize that the better.

  9. Like the people at Mother Jones, what the people at American Conservative want most is to be in the club.

    AmCon was started by PJBuchanan, but his presence there is minimal these days. What you DO have there is at least one ex-State Department apparatchik, who is probably speaking for the entire State apparatus, against Trump.

    Trump has taken the toys away from CIA and State and told them all to go to their rooms and STFU. Along with Pentagon, those two entities will not take this well at all.

  10. I always thought Germany had one of the best propaganda machines during the 1930’s to mid 1940’s, That was until the Soviet Union showed us what real propaganda was all about. Now, I think the Americans are teaching the world a “woke” lesson and not just in government sponsored propaganda, but in all media; private and government. And in ways no one could have imagined possible until the internet and technology made it so easy to change news, modify images and video.

    Of course China is also a master in propaganda, but at least they’re honest that it’s propaganda and are not stupid enough to actually believe it.

    • Did the German government, during the time period that you mentioned, ever lie to their people?

      If a “best propaganda machine” is promoting healthy families and cooperation between economic classes, then my concern is minimal.

        • From duckduckgo:

          “German Anti-Semitic poster. ‘Der ist Schuld am Kriege!’ translates to ‘The war is his fault!’. 1943 WW2 poster depicts a finger pointing accusingly at a man wearing a top hat and with a yellow star.”

          But Karl, you might- horrors!- have been speaking German right now.

          “Lugenpresse”, ‘fake news’, was a Natsoc term. Uncle Dolphie himself said that the ((ethnic)) press would create a lie so big, no one would dare call them out on it.

          Of course propaganda serves the state, religion is propaganda- it can be used for good or ill.

        • Confused. Are you saying the Nazis were wrong?

          Regardless, I’m so fucking sick of the Jews. I don’t hate them. I don’t want anyone to harm them. Truly, I wish them well. I just want to live in a world that they don’t. Naturally, that’s they’re greatest fear: Being left alone – with their fellow Jews.

      • I’m trying to think of anything post Fed, Woodrow Wilson era, that wasn’t a lie. I’m certain there are one or two, but mostly it’s all “your kids for our interests.”

    • Read Bernays (American nephew of Sigmund Freud) 1928?9? “Propaganda””
      5 Years before Goebels really got in the game.

  11. A true pacifist always says no to war… unless there’s a pro-war Democrat or an anti-war Republican in the White House!

  12. If Trump ever cured cancer, the headlines would say:

    Trump Trying to Single Handedly Corner The Health Insurance Market. Time To Impeach is NOW!

    Breitbart News may be for us patriots and conservatives but they more often than not counter with the true stories. They do a good job of calling out the liars.

    • (((Breitbart))) is for TruCons and CivNats. If most readers here define themselves as “conservatives” I’d be surprised (and disappointed). I’m an unapologetic fascist.

        • Labels? You don’t know me. Explain yourself.

          Libertarian? No thanks. Never went for the “anything goes morality as long as it doesn’t bother me.”

          Monarchist? Hmmmmm. “Catholic theocrat,” maybe?

          What is it with some of you guys? Finding out is going to be fun.

          • You are confusing libertarian with libertine.

            Not making something illegal does not imply endorsement.

          • I don’t have time for labels. The guy who may have labeled me as a libertarian does not even know me.

          • Easy there, Pro, most of us could live with either real conservatism, Tenth Amendment libertarianism, or Church-balanced monarchy.

            Any would work, as long as it supports our People.

            See below. We can even like Jews!
            We can like fascists! Like Breitbart and Rush!

          • Thank you. I am trying to understand these people and this blog. It has my attention and will take some time. I don’t label Breitbart or Rush as fascists, based on the definition and on past practices by fascists. So, there you go. Now, white people: If I did not sense a real threat to us, I would not be reading here. That much I do understand about the blog.

      • TruCons, CivNats, lots of labels here. And honestly, I don’t really know what they mean. Our society is inventing labels faster than I can keep up with them.

        So, you are an unapologetic fascist. Your words. Does that mean you side with the fascists in Antifa? Or, do you see them as bad and thus side with being FASCIST? Are you sympathetic with Hitler? Is this blog likewise? Do I need to be a Jew hater to be here? Or is it not okay for me to hate the really bad Jews, like fuck-stick Schiff and the long line of his predecessors, and contemporaries, while liking other Jews who want the same as I do? Am I finding that I’m in the wrong place, reading and commenting here? Are you a Christian? Just curious.

        So you like the fastening of the rods of government and private oligarchs? What else makes you a proud fascist? And please tell me if this entire blog is pro fascist. I’ve been uncertain, liking some of what is written here and not liking other stuff. So, now I must have a label.

        Breitbart, Limbaugh, Hannity, they are not perfect but they fight against (I thought!) this evil shit going on here and now. But, no, “They’re CivNats, TruCons.” Uh huh. So this is getting interesting.

        If you are really fascist, then I can assume you are in the streets shutting down free speech and hating everything that the left has hated since the sixties, if not before?

        • Pro;
          Some time ago Z did a podcast on fascism in its many historical varieties. Broadly, it means you mostly get to keep your stuff but the all powerful state/govt. tells you what you can and can’t do with it. And you’d best not complain about the situation or else you’ll feel the boot pronto. So, theoretically, you own your property, but you really don’t have any inalienable rights to anything.

          Sound familiar_?

          • Al, of course, fascism is a no brainer. I don’t wish for it. Do fascists hang out here? Something attracted me to the writings of Z; I think seeing him referenced by Remus was a plus for me. I think my new label is going to be “normie.” Something wrong with being normal? Schlichter writes good stuff about normals as opposed to the dregs bringing down our country. Yet, here in these comments, people tag you with “normie” and all sorts of labels. They’ve got a secret they don’t want to share, and it’s about YOU. Now, normal Americans are suspect? I’m not going to write what I think it is until I have proof; if I’m wrong, then I’ll be happy and keep on reading.

          • Of course. But you can’t converse with someone, or learn from them, when they toss out one word replies. “Not making something illegal does not imply endorsement.”

            Yes, it does imply endorsement. I don’t identify with being libertarian or libertine. And I don’t know what a man believes when he comments, “Libertarian, small L, or Monarchist.”

            So, I’ll keep reading.

      • And the few normies here now head for the exits. Could you please define fascism, 3g4me? Nobody has answered ProUSA’s questions.

      • On Breitbart, negative observations made about Blacks are common and tolerated by the mods, but the mere mention of the words “jew” or “Israel” triggers a automatic review. People deliberately misspell “jew” in the attempt to avoid scrutiny.

      • And they don’t produce facts that dispute the establishment media? Just crime stories? Keep going. I want to know more about this site.

        • Allow me: I was a victim of Identity fraud by illegal aliens in Salinas, CA. Every last place where they initiated/spent their fake credit was willing and able to help me. Who wasn’t? Law Enforcement. Everywhere. CA, NM, etc. . .

          • I get the fact that illegal aliens are bad and need to be deported and are criminals since by definition are illegally here. I keep getting down voted here by people who love labels but who also are not interested in the one source of news that does report factually. The enemies want to close them all down. Says something to me.

          • Pro, Breitbart can do much good, but also harm- it can’t always say what needs to be said.

            People are afraid of being misled down another blind alley. We are unsure.

            Some are suspicious of Breitbart or suspicious of Fox.
            Suspicious of libertarians, or of conservatives.
            Suspicious of the religious, or suspicious of the atheist or agnostic.

            This, my friend, is what a low-trust society means. We suspect disagreement means the other wishes to do us harm.

            Don’t let the acidic tone throw ya, ok?

          • “Some are suspicious of Breitbart or suspicious of Fox.
            Suspicious of libertarians, or of conservatives.
            Suspicious of the religious, or suspicious of the atheist or agnostic.”

            And some draw the line at fascists. Real ones, I mean.

          • Thank you. I don’t think the tone is at all acidic; it is very cryptic and hidden. I feel like I’m reading comments on Zero Hedge, all short and apocryphal or gnostic, in the biblical sense.

          • Suspicious. In the end, can’t we still revert to something solid? I thought that was a Christian conscience. So what does that mean? Jews. Some of us have questioned their actions and why it is that they are found at the source of so much turbulence. And, I get slammed for asking, or for typing J E W in a comment box. It’s only a fair question. But I would be wrong and I would be a fascist, or at least a NAZI supporter, if I categorically claimed that they ALL should be herded up and punished. How does THAT comment ring here? I do not know. I think the readers raise an eyebrow and think, “Poor, misguided, naive, normal, fellow.” So, where have I gone wrong? Do I suspect that David Horowitz, Dennis Prager, Dave Rubin, Jewish war veterans, and anyone else who is Jewish and doesn’t like what the left is doing, should not be trusted simply because they are Jews, and by extension, are motivated by self preservation by siding with me? Yeah, I think about that. So, I need to find out what’s going on here. People are not being direct, don’t say much, and speak in codes. The surface reading is good, but what is the message here? I think I am going to get downvoted more because I simply think like a conservative Christian.

            By the way, I got slightly zinged yesterday about BB news. Well, today BB informed me more about immigrants crap, Dick Durbin’s crap, and Mike Lee’s crap


            and the folks here in their quiet mannered way cannot even trust what BB is trying to do to counter the crap being fed to the public.

            Are you sorry that you responded to me? LOL.

    • (((((Breitbart))))) is good about pointing out crimes by immigrants (but only illegals). Pretty much ignores the bigger picture of population replacement through legal immigration. Follows the right-liberal template — black employment up thanks to Trump! Hispanics are nature’s conservatives! Villains don’t support Israel! Lincoln was a Republican!

      We have to create alternative, dissident media.

  13. I have a feeling that there’s a strong correlation between cord-cutters and dissidents. I cut my cord years ago. I stream things I want, I get all my news and information on-line. I stream the music I like. I couldn’t imagine paying some $120 cable bill to see Sean Hannity’s fat face yapping at me. It’s also a plus to not that have $4.00 surcharge for “local sports programming.” And the “equipment rental fee” scam, like our cable boxes are old bell phones from 1935. Don’t forget the 1990s legacy “HD fee” if you have that new “HD TV.” You can even hand them on the wall now. I only see cable news in hotels now, and I think, this is like battery acid being poured on my brain. It’s so fake and degenerate it actually hurts to watch it, regardless of channel. Especially that Fox News one that has a bunch of whores in pumps on a couch badgering some cuck sitting in the middle.

  14. Volatility and the accompanying delusions have ratcheted up because the kosher sandwich doesn’t have a lot left to bite into, just a few slices of baloney.

    As volatility increases expect the delusions, the conformity hysteria and accompanying shit tests to become even more demanding.

  15. The journey to this side of the political divide begins with awakening to the fact the media, small and large, is just propaganda.

    I have an even simpler heuristic: to see all the TV media people as actors, no more, no less.

    I mean, come on, the frowny face, the concern face, the goo-natured-chuckle-at-the-wacky-thing routine: it’s just crude dinner theater.

    I’ve also collapsed the distinction between news broadcasts and fictional series and movies. They’re both just simple, fictional moral dramas, all written by the same people for the same reason, with us as the bad guys.

  16. I hate to do the JQ (*cough*), but one problem is that normie white is just not used to the bottomless sociopathy of the j-media. Those guys (CNN, NBC, NYT, etc.) will just look you in the eye and lie without the slightest hesitation.

    People in our thing, through daily j-spotting, have developed an eye for it. But white normies are like a local species that hasn’t evolved defenses against an invasive species. White people project their own simple decency onto others, and thus are way too trusting. They just don’t see what’s going on.

    I don’t know what else to do besides keep banging the drum, keep building up awareness. Maybe our leaders have the real responsibility–to keep out the infiltrators, and thus to protect the normies who may never wake up, for their own good.

    • Z seems to hate the JQ, but getting Normie whites to recognize that Jews are a different tribe and that they have different goals for their tribe is integral to our cause. Where I agree with Z is that bring up the role of Jews right away with Normies is a very bad idea. It’s too much, too soon.

      Normie Whites view Jews as one of their own and with tremendous sympathy due to the non-stop “Holocaust” indoctrination. We first need to get people that the media is a propaganda wing for TPTB. Then, we subtly leave them clues as to who exactly ((TPTB)) are.

      • Nice “Fash the Nation” podcast this past Sunday on RUSSIA! I was commenting to Wolf Barney that the corruption goes so deep, the normal normie can never shift their reality to what we see.

        • FTN is so content-loaded that I often listen more than once. And they’re funny. Content + Funny! If we lived in a sane place these guys (and their guest hosts) would be mainstream.

  17. Recognizing that the media is just propaganda for the global ((elite)) is a key first step to understanding that the country and society that your grew up with no longer exists. Where the breakthrough for most CivNat Normies occurs is discovering that it’s not just the “liberal” media but so-called conservative outlets are just as much in favor of dispossessing you.

    CivNats still cling to Fox and other outlets, thinking that deep, down, they are on their side. It’s here where you need to focus your energy.

    • That’s true, you have a much better chance to open the eyes of the CivNats, since they’re generally good, decent, patriotic people, just misguided. They’re already most of the way there, they just need to veer off the path from Hannityland over to our thing. With leftists, they’re going in the opposite direction, and trying turn them around is a gigantic task.

      • The Breitbart Comments section says otherwise. These are people who will have engraved on their gravestone “At least I wasn’t a racist!” They’re stuck in the 80’s with their Tricorn hats and Constitutions, wailing about socialism and how they just want Immigration to be Legal, that’s all. After all “nothing about our country changed after the Irish and Italians and Eastern Europeans came!” They’re completely clueless about history and are on the side of the blank-slate left. Many likely have mixed-race children or grandchildren and feel like they are being personally attacked if you bring up race realism.

        • Okay, you try to change the minds of leftists and I’ll try with the Breitbart crowd. I’d bet a large amount of money that I’d be much more successful. One example: the CivNats think racism is wrong. The Left wants racists dead.

    • During catastrophe people get on their knees and pray. After which they get up and begin to help themselves (and their neighbors and community). Those that don’t perish.

      CivNats watching Fox are still in prayer mode—waiting, I guess, for Devine intervention. DR’s here are past that.

  18. Fox News is insufferable. Yes, it’s “better” than the others. That’s like saying having one flat tire is better than having two or three simultaneously.

    • I like Tu-Ca (although I ff through much of it.) He at least has the other side on. Hannity is a caricature of Boomer-takes. (I know it’s cringe to say “cringe,” but Hannity broadcasts cringe.

  19. Wars for Israel? You are an idiot if you think we are fighting for Israel. Do you think the muslims are afraid of the US, they were just sent plane loads of cash, they fear Israeli nukes, Israel needs no help. The war machine is for Halliburton/Lockheed/ General Dynamics, the petro reserve currency and JOBS.

    You talk about sheeple, sheeple blame everything on Jews / Israel

    • An unattended picnic basket draws a lot of ants from every direction. Reject “or” and embrace “and”. Put another way, there are a lot of pigs eating from a lot of troughs these days.

  20. Way back when, it was supposed to be “facts assembled into data, data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge used to take action.”

    There’s a price to be paid, eventually, if that action is based on incorrect or incomplete knowledge; sometimes the feedback loops are short, sometimes long, sometimes very long and indistinct, but they’re always there.

    “Fake news” is just shorthand for the ample evidence of bias, sloppiness and incompetence now integral to all public information flows. When the task of filtering out the the bias, sloppiness and incompetence takes longer than the useful life of the information there’s little point in performing the exercise; that’s driving people to other information sources, some of which are just as biased, sloppy and incompetent as the ones rejected.

    Which wouldn’t matter except for that pesky “take action” part at the end.

  21. For those of us old enough to remember Eugene McCarthy, Wayne Morris and George McGovern (“Come home, America”) the transformation of the Democratic Party into an interventionist “Forever War” party is especially mystifying. I’m almost nostalgic for anti-war protests!

    • I take it as evidence of two things going on. One is that the Dems are being yanked around by some mysterious group that uses them to further their own aims, whatever they might be at any given moment. Two is that a lot of the followers buy into the “Dems are the good guys” mode, and couldn’t think for themselves to save their own lives, and the mysterious group takes advantage of that as well. Look to the Clinton Foundation as a sort of a storefront, run by people favored by the mysterious ones.

      • It’s a sign of the coming collapse. Once the Democrats take power forever sometime in the mid 2020s, nothing will change. The mindless brown horde will go right on promoting the interests of the uniparty. The rich will get their workers, the generals will get their war, the dems will get their votes, poor and and middle class whites will get screwed.

        Until it collapses, slightly blacker Mexico will not he able to beat China. Slightly Browner America can’t even operate a Navy. But we will try. Once America loses a war, then Whites can tame the continent once again.

        Stay white my friends.

    • With respect, it’s Wayne “Morse”. He was briefly my Senator in my misty youth. For good or for ill, we will not see his like again.

      • I stand corrected on the spelling of Senator Morse’s last name. I’d also add J. William Fulbright to my list of anti-war Democrats whom I now miss.

    • “Follow the money” is always productive. Do you think for one minute that only Republicans profit from endless war? Really??

      I sat in a suburban living room with the #3 guy in a Fortune 50 company back in 1968 and he told me that keeping South Vietnam was critical. Why? Because his Company needed the incremental sales dollars they could get from there in power-generation, mining, and agricultural equipment. I came very close to being impolite with him seeing as I was very draft-able at the time.

      • Dad;

        Bet he had his own sons set up for draft deferment. The so called ‘greatest generation’ still gets a pass and we boomers (while not innocent by any means) get the blame for the shyt show of the late ’60s transformation of the US.

        In fact, it was the spawn of the elite pushing on an open door (aka red diaper ‘dorm commies’) that brought it about. Enough of the so-called ‘greatest generation’ NE elite were actual commies or sympathizers that the door was open.

        What’s being missed is that, starting with the Clintons, the elite spawn dorm commies took over, becoming the permanent government, blue half +. The elite spawn ‘frat rats’ became the permanent government red half -, e.g. the Bushes et al. Brennen and Comey are classical ‘dorm commies’ so they fit right in.

  22. This post is yet another anecdote of the decline our culture, society, and by extension, the decline of our people (and the species in general). Delusion is epidemic and no one pays any price for willful and persistent delusion. In a properly functioning evolutionary ecosystem, this level of stupidity would get you dead at a young age and spare the gene pool your degeneracy. Not any more. Nowadays, news delusion is the memetic version of an opioid addiction. How far we have fallen.

    • Things will turn around. The Roman Empire prospered for hundreds of years in the East. Our grandchildren might yet see a better life.

      • Things always turn around. It’s hard to know if they’ll turn around in 50 years or 10,000 years, given the current chaos of heart and soul.

        As for the survival of ‘Roman’ rule in the east, well, history shows that the descendants of the failed western half of the Empire built a new and dazzling civil order by 1200 at the latest.

        Our grandchildren might yet see a better life, under the banners of semi-barbarians like Alfred and Charlemagne, not moldering in the soulless ‘prosperity’ of a backwater empire.

        • I would take issue with the idea that the eastern empire was a backwater. Its very *existence* allowed the west to build that civil order, by spending vast resources as the bulwark against Persia and then Islam. Not that you really wanted to live there, but the west got the breathing space it needed (though the lack of a bulwark along the African-Spanish border did end up causing a lot of problems there).

      • Quite the opposite. We are working the wrong problem. Most people truly believe our main problem is a lack of success in persuading others to change. But people are mostly hardwired for habitual behaviors and change is rare. If we really want to change the trajectory of our culture and politics, we need to change our environment and restore our ancient fitness selection drivers. And there is a reasonable way to accomplish that.

        • I like and admire your comments, TomA. But “changing our environment and restoring our ancient fitness selection drivers”, as you suggest, has a Stalinesque vibe to it, requiring total power and a series of Five-Year plans. I’m eager to hear your reasonable plan…

          • One of the easiest options is to relocate somewhere where the environment reinforces the ancient fitness drivers and are still a part of daily life. Rural small towns and remote wilderness areas are still plentiful, and your neighbors will tend to be self reliant types that work with their hands and mind their own business for the most part. To get a sense of this, buy a long handle axe, drive to a remote forested area (preferably not private land or get permission) and then chop wood for a few hours. If it feels right for you, find a way to make it work.

          • So I have to relocate, buy a long handle axe, and drive to a remote forested area and chop wood for a few hours, rather than wasting my time trying to persuade people.


          • Exactly. Make a new life for yourself where the product of your labor allows you to survive and thrive. If you really need to persuade someone about something, the long handle axe can be an invaluable asset (more so than fancy words). Ancient wisdom.

    • It’s partly delusion and partly the fact that nothing will get you fired/de-platformed/un-personed faster than telling the truth. That’s weird. And it’s happened in the last decade.

    • Several media blackout items recently:
      – Dem governor in Louisiana forced into runoff
      – Trump “phase 1” China deal
      – Durham interviewing the “principles” (eg Brennan) and expanding the investigation
      – anything Jeffrey Epstein after his assisted-suicide
      – the Biden stuff (anything other than “debunked” is not permitted)

      A lie of omission is still a lie…and the stuff that isn’t reported is often more important than what is.

      • The Biden thing is amazing. Every MSM report on Biden’s doings is prefaced with “discredited” or something along the lines of “falsely described”. By whom?

        We are being trained to buy what they are selling, without questioning it. I fear too many people are going along, to get along. It’s how they get these things in place. Habituation.

      • And whatever coverage of Epstein there is, it’s all about trafficking and not about his intelligence or banking connections and dealings. If Barr (FFS his dad gave Epstein his start) was serious about an investigation they would have raided all his properties when he was taken into custody. That didn’t happen did it? And now it’s been given a good leaving-alone.

    • Not just Drunge, and not just Barcelona. Chile, Ecuador, Lebanon, etc. When was the last time you saw coverage of the “Gilet Jaunes?” A couple of weeks ago a Jewish group called “Never Again” shut down traffic in the city of Boston (no permit, of course.) Did you hear anything about that? The news is so heavily curated it’s beyond ridiculous.

    • My wife and I watch the French news almost every night and there’s been very little reporting of the riots in Barcelona, even though Catalonia is right across the border from France.

  23. It seems “waking up” is peppered in a lot of your posts lately? I see no evidence of this.
    As far as Tulsi, all the left wing attacks on her do for our side is have us defend her as our own, thus moving the Right more to the left as it always does.

    The rest is about paychecks and securing them into the future for the conservatives.

  24. What’s really amazing thing is how Orwell predicted this stuff. You’ve got this corrupt inner party and then an outer party who has drank the kool-aid and is nuts.

    Got to hand it to the Clintons though — the whole Clinton Foundation thing was genius. Get these oligarchs and Gulf states to fund it — skim most of it but distribute enough of it in DC to assure loyalty to the Clintons AND have the contributors’ wish list become official Washington group- think.

    • Look, whether the Clinton Crime family came up with the perfect crime or not. Whether they cry out for forgiveness on their death beds, a last reflection firing neural paths in their fading brains .. the maggots will be acting as cannibals – just like The Clintons – eating the eyeballs out of the eye sockets of their fellow maggots, Slick Willy and Killary.

      C’est la vie. I will still use this glorious day to sneak out of work and go fly fishing.

    • It’s a weird combination of Orwell and Huxley. Socially, we’re turning into brave new world, while politically, we’re turning into the Ministries of Truth, Love, Peace, and Plenty.

  25. It will be interesting to see how the die-hard Trump supporters react when, as I fully expect, the IG Horowitz and AG Barr’s handpicked investigator (Durham) file reports that conclude either “no harm no foul” or, at best, recommend slaps across the knuckles for a few apparatchiks like the FBI stooge Strzok. Will that be enough to make them feel like winners? Or will the veil to fall from their eyes and allow them to see that it’s all Kabuki theater for the masses? We’ll see…

    • That’s the most likely outcome, but there does seem to be a sense of panic among Dems suggesting that Barr is actually investigating this stuff.

      • I don’t know any longer if Barr feels sufficiently protected as an “ex” agency made man down there. The last few years would certainly make me nervous. If I were him, I’d be taking this seriously, although I suppose I might be called naive for thinking that.

        Still, he may not feel he’s untouchable now, which would give the next 12 months a sense of real urgency, because eventually, he’s going to be a private citizen again, and his mentally-fading buddy Bob Mueller is not going to be around to protect him, nor a lot of his old Bushie cronies who are dying out.

      • Brennan was a guest on an MSNBC segment a few weeks ago. During his scripted speaking time he seemed to go off script and started talking about his upcoming interview with Durham (which in a sane world would be HUGE news). He then went on a short rant about “predication”, and trashed the investigation, before collecting himself.

        It was a huge “tell” that made no headlines. The former Director of the CIA being interviewed by a United States Attorney investigating government corruption…is a big effing deal…

        • The former director of the CIA having a lot of communist affiliation in his past is a big effing deal. If he voted Nazi would he have been in the CIA let alone the Director? Then why is voting communist okay? Think about that.

        • It should scare the shi’ite out of everyone that a former Communist and obvious head case like Brennan was, gawd help us, head of the CIA. Things are that badly hosed.

      • Durham seems to be eliciting a lot more fear and finding a lot more dirt than I expected. We’ll see.

      • I agree. I expect nothing but some of the prime apparatchiks are lawyering up, so there may be hope.

    • Edit: “die-hard Trump supporters”

      To: “people that would not hand the country to The Clintons”

        • Thank you. I run into these “trump-trump-trump” haters, they spit their saliva at you, blinking and pecking their heads like a chicken, with each “trump!” Yet, if you ask them if they would rather Killary was POTUS, they rear their heads back, wide-eyed, “I didn’t say that!”

          So the only calculation left is not whether such people are idiots. Just what kind of idiot one is dealing with. Disclaimer: These people are affluent, “successful” adults.

      • I made my first (and almost certainly last) contribution to a politician to the Trump campaign in 2016. I wouldn’t have done had, e.g., Jeb! been the nominee. After watching the Uniparty and the permanent bureaucracy surround Trump with his enemies and thwart him at every turn, I see no reason to take the public face of our government seriously. There are no statesmen left, only entertainers.

    • I’m not sure it is heading in the direction of total exoneration. CTH has an excellent rundown of the various media leaks and what they might mean. At a much higher level, Barr tasked Durham to determine if the spying was properly predicated.

      The investigation has been expanded to look at events leading up to Mueller’s appointment in May 2017. That is a big change from looking at the foundations of the phony Russia probe. It seems to me that Durham has concluded that the investigation was not properly predicated – the ICA and JAR were politically motivated and the FISA applications were fraudulent – and has expanded the investigation to determine how that improperly predicated investigation was deployed against the Trump presidency.

      I’m a cynic, so I still doubt there will by any indictments, but the DOJ/FBI leaks and the CIA/IC leaks clearly indicate they are frightened about what is going to be made public.

      • My best guess is that really bad stuff is going to come out, and the bad guys are going to say “so what?”. A couple of small guys like Strojk will get a few years in club fed, and that will be it.

        • Yep, there always seems to be a fall guy of some low level stature to placate the rubes. The type of fall guy probably depending on the amount of damage control needed and the amount of incriminating evidence the fall guy can/will expose on other higher ups.

          However, in light of the recent and notorious Epstein affair, any fall guy will need to consider the ramifications of a threat to expose others in order to avoid jail—since Epstein’s death proved they can reach you anywhere. Hell, the mafia are pikers compared to our elites.

    • This will end with a whimper. It will be the same line as Comey’s leaks of classified information, which was “it was against departmental policies but we can’t prove criminal intent.” If no one goes to jail, the left will claim everyone involved in the coup attempt has been vindicated. Spying and deep state corruption will become the norm during left wing presidencies because there was no price paid. But during conservative presidencies, anything slightly in a gray area will be leaked by the deep state and megaphoned by all the media.

    • A ‘no harm no foul’ verdict will put Hannity, Carlson, and Ingraham out of work. And even though I believe that they and their guests know the real story, I won’t be watching any news should that happen.

  26. Completely agree. It’s more than just the “Uniparty” though. Everyone has a name for it, but I prefer the Official Government Party. Uniparty just means they’re all on the same team. OGP means there is a state-approved canon that must be followed.

    Much of the support for Trump’s piddly little Syria withdraw comes from former conservatives who gave the nation-building stuff an honest try. I was one of those people, but recognized after a few years that unless we sent in 5,000,000 troops, bulldozed every mosque from Casablanca to Islamabad, and killed 4/5ths of the natives, that nothing was going to change. Anyway, experience is a good teacher. The most common refrain I hear? “20 years of this, and they haven’t learned a thing!”

    Pepper in that outright deceit of ABC News airing footage of a night live fire demonstration in Kentucky…but lying and saying it was evidence of the atrocities in Syria…and you get the potential for a LOT of converts. Even more when you point out that Turkey, for better or worse, is a NATO ally unlike the Kurds. Even more, when you point out that duplicitous, backstabbing, globalist stooge Mitt Romney is the voice of the Government Party opposition. They really pissed people off with that vote to “condemn” Trump for pulling 28 soldiers out of the line of fire in Syria. Lindsey Graham, whose flag blows in even the most limp breeze, has now flipped to supporting Trump after 2 weeks of trashing him. That’s the non OGP voters making their voices heard.

    The new political divide is OGP vs everyone else.

    The Durham investigation is another recruiting tool. Nobody in the dissident right thinks anyone will be prosecuted for treason, even though outright treason was committed. It’ll all get buried under an avalanche of policies and procedures that need to be reformed so that they can get away with it again without getting caught. But, it is illustrative of the OGP/non-OGP divide. The OGP cannot and will not police itself. And the divide widens further. That this investigation is getting closer to Sen. Warner and Sen DiFi at the SSCI tells you where this is heading…nowhere. The Senate will remove Trump from office to protect the club and shut down Durham. That’s what the OGP hopes, anyway.

    People are ripe to change sides, or just abandon the whole charade altogether, the more they notice the disconnect between what they are told – the OGP-approved canon – and observable reality.

    • I Too was a believer in the nation-building shit and I also gave it a good try. I actually (and erroneously) believed we could democratize Arab countries. Bull! The only way to beat them is to nuke their cities and salt their land. we need to do to their cities what we did to those in Germany and Japan. Nothing short of complete annihilation will stop (temporarily) the Mohammedan juggernaut. And there is not one American leader willing to even say that let alone actually do it. But now I am opposed to any ME wars. Unless they start killing us again. But we must wipe them out.

        • Sean-
          Are you going to say the same thing to me, even if I agree with Hoagie, and need neither diapers nor Zoloft?

          How do you square that one in your logical mind?

          Methinks you need more reading up on the muzloids, darling.

          • Carrie, perhaps both of you need some more education wrt Muslims. The largest Muslim population is in Indonesia (300+ M) they are also the most peaceable. Nuke them?

            What we have is a conflation of Middle East Arab/Persian societies and an interventionist policy based upon oil needs from the 70’s. Rather than go Roman on them, perhaps we try a simpler solution—get the hell out and let them be. They are what they are, let them live in their own mess.

          • Yeah, agreed. To me the key is energy independence. That is why I consider guvment types like NY’s Emperor Cuomo counter to the well being of our Nation – he is against fracking for specious reasons.

            When we have no need for the resources of the ME, we have no national interest there. Let them live in whatever manner they choose – as long as they cannot hold a gun to our heads. Our military needs to be on our borders.

          • Definitely this. In their own nations, kept within their own area of the world, let them practice their sexual perversions and cultural habits and religious practices as they wish – not our business. They do not belong in America or Europe or any other land settled or, in recent times inhabited, by primarily Christian Whites. It’s the proximity that drives the disgust and rage. While I’d never want to live there, I actually find their history rather fascinating and their decorative arts (weaving, ceramics, etc.) are second to none. Istanbul is a fascinating city and the Turks and Iranians on the whole, are a generous and hospitable people (I realize neither is specifically an Arab, but we’re talking Muslims in general here). In Germany and elsewhere, no.

          • I believe the Great Commission said:

            “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

            Nothing about having them come live with you…

          • It may be that one can let Indonesians be. But in general letting Muslims be has failed as spectacularly as intervening has failed. Islam is the sole religion that explicitly preaches a believer cannot leave others to their heretic ways. The form of diplomacy which is war by other means is the way forward, but it appears to be an art lost with our enfeebled ruling class.

        • Let me get this straight. The Mohammadans have murdered 150+ million people on their Glorious March To The Caliphate but my suggestion we go all WWII on their asses makes ME a “genocidal idiot”? Dude, you need a brain enema. You also need to understand the reason a guy like Zman has a site like this is so we can banter about these ides without being told to STFU like leftist blogs do. Are you a leftist now Sean? You are sounding like one. How would you deal with a cult that believes we should either convert or be killed and are currently being welcomed and imported to our country by the millions? You would give them Free Health Care I’m sure.

      • You can’t wipe them all out, and of course their genetic heritage and society norms preclude them from being pacified ala Germany and Japan after WWII. Best way to handle things was the way we did prior to the oil wars, get out and bribe the strong man who finally takes over.

        By the way, Hoagie, screaming “nuke them” (and indiscriminately too) is a sure way to lose all credibility in this forum. And rightfully I suppose.

      • I thought we could make Iraq something like, say, South Korea after the war there. I was wrong for lots of reasons. But then, it was twenty years ago and I was much younger.

      • With a teeming 8 billion growing geometrically, we’re going to have to wipe out somebody.

        Send ’em back, quarantine, and let Nature do what she does.
        Heartbreaking, but it’s us or them.

        Got two candidates in mind.
        Semitics- both Hebiru and Bedouin- and Bantu. Why these?

        Spiritually- the Infected are growing vessels. Ghengis Khan happened after they had pushed back Chinese territory for 600 years. The Sikh happened. The Crusades happened. Mesopotamia was destroyed, long ago, by the Infected and their Guterian beast-men, subSaharans who are also easily Infected, suitable vessels to host demons.

        • Nature is beyond morality.
          After many, many tries, why do you think the force of Nature, the Creator, created Us?

          We’re the penicillin.

      • There was a dustup in Conservative Inc. years ago when Ann Coulter wrote in National Review that we should “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them all to Christianity. National Review, flagship of the “conservative” branch of the Official Government Party fired her. Basically for blasphemy.

        • Unless you are prepared to level a place, scorched earth style, then there is no reason to involve the military. Limited rules of engagement never work.

        • In that Coulter was dead wrong – religious conversion – whether forced or purportedly genuine – does not change one’s DNA. Religion is downstream from genetics.

          • But Religion *can* alter the course of selection over many, many generations. Northern Europe was full of barbarian tribes without much in the way of civilization until the Romans took over, allowing Christianity to spread.

          • 3g4me, if we all agree that Islam is the perfect religion for a highly repressive 85-IQ society, it is interesting to me that the Persian Shia side (which actually has a significant high-IQ population) has seen all sorts of rather apostate-looking semi-Muslim offshoots in recent centuries. The followers of the Aga Khan, and the Baha’i, for two. The Sunni side, of the Saudi-type persuasion, don’t seem to have much of a talented tenth, and you don’t see the establishment of anything that is kinder and gentler within their theological orbit. Instead the crackdown is constant and brutal. A significant high-IQ minority seems to make room for religious alternatives over time, if one pair of examples to look at has any meaning at all. There may have also needed to have been a Christian example to emulate, to get such a thing to happen. From a policy perspective, it suggests that the Saudis and their friends are strictly fair-weather, keep an eye on them, and never, ever turn your back to them. The Iranians (Persians) seem much more likely to turn upon themselves, as the talented tenth wrestles with the mullahs—though giving the mullahs pallets of cash in the dead of night looks like an awful method to try to get anything good to happen 😉

          • lol, can you imagine if she had said anything remotely close to “but it won’t work because the biology of the people of that region blah, blah, blah”…hahaha! Poor Rich Lowry woulda had to burn her house to the ground.

        • hokkoda:

          That’s hilarious (in the best possible way), re: Ann Coulter. She’s a fantastic broad.
          Ann Barnhardt of the “virulently Traditional Catholic” persuasion would completely agree with Ann Coulter’s assessment.

          As I believe Hoagie would, as well. And BadThinker. And myself.
          Converstion to Christianity would never happen without 5-7 generations of strong-arm tactics in various areas of the world where worshop of the moon god is prevalent. (Beyond just the M.E.)
          And even then it might not be realistic.
          But a girl can dream.

          • Barnhardt insists that Romans, not Jews, are alone blameworthy for the murder of Jesus. She denies any connection between jews and the subversion of White culture and countries, and angrily condemns those who point out jewish institutional dominance and perfidy in such areas as banking, debt money, Hollywood, pornography, academia, media, pop music, feminism, etc.

      • “I Too was a believer in the nation-building shit and I also gave it a good try”
        The arrogance of you fuckers is unbelievable.

      • >>>the Mohammedan juggernaut. …we must wipe them out.

        For starters, I’d settle for defunding those Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish etc. etc. organizations which are dedicated to pumping maximum numbers of Muslim “refugees” into every corner of the USA.

        Having private organizations spend their money on destabilizing what’s left of American society is bad enough, but do we have to subsidize them with (ever more) federal funds? (Yes… I do know the answer to that question.)

    • “It’ll all get buried under an avalanche of policies and procedures that need to be reformed so that they can get away with it again without getting caught.”

      Mistakes were made, an investigation will be initiated, procedures will be reviewed and a training curriculum will be developed.

      • Yep, they actually select for people who are good at using the bureaucratic rules to get away with illegal activities while making it look like an honest mistake. There was a Asst. US Attorney in D.C. fired recently for leaking grand jury testimony. That is supposedly a huge foul, and if you or I did it, we would go to prison. The DOJ just fired this person and declined prosecution. Interpretation? The DOJ has no problem leaking grand jury testimony, and if they prosecute that means they have to prosecute everyone which they won’t do. Better solution? Fire the person who got caught because s/he wasn’t able to get away with it. Those who can get away with that stuff rise to the top, and the policies/procedures are rewritten to give the illusion of reform while ensuring future bureaucrats are aware of the things that got this last person caught.

        I used to see it a lot in DoD contracting. They rig contracts all the time. Every so often, somebody gets caught, and they publish what the person did, how they did it, and how they got caught.

  27. The world keeps getting stranger. From WW2 up through Obama’s presidency, one of the main tenets of the left was that the right exaggerated the threat posed by Russia. Now those same leftists champion the belief that some, Trump and Tulsi, are insufficiently concerned about the Russian threat. And most of the Conservative, Inc. agree with the leftists.

    Why do the left and right now hate Russia?

    • Q. Why do the left and right now hate Russia?

      IMO, Trump signaled that he planned to continue on the Obama trajectory, Putin as friend and ally.

      But times had changed, and the Chinese paymasters of the leftists, recently revealed by the NBA = traitors and whores debacle, thought otherwise, since Trump was also about to ramp up an end to all this loose Chinese money handed to traitors like the Bidens, et. al., as well as the beneficiaries of the strip-mining of America – the sell off of prosperity and national security represented by offshoring manufacturing.

      The alleged “right” and “left” power base are clearly threatened by the thought of their perpetual cash flow being cut off; their perpetual war profiteering, reduced – and care not a whit about the potential geo political issues relating to a U.S. + Russia vs. China alliance. At no point will the lapdog sutlers, aka whorenalists – make the Clnton/Biden/Obama crime families explain their previous coziness with Putin, of course.

      p.s. Ever wonder how Wendell Wilkie was able to fly around the world during wartime, writing his book “One World”…?

    • Why do the left and the right hate Russia? Here are some thoughts: Russia is a sovereign nation which has been building its economy, promoting Orthodox Christianity, and is not beholding to the (((International Bankster Cabal))) which is running the rest of the world. It has also demonstrated the lack of need for the constant buildup and maintenance massive taxes and wealth confiscation by the MIC and the Perfumed Princes of the Five-Sided Wind Tunnel(h/t to Col. Hackworth and Fred).
      The curtain has been pulled back on the fraud and deceit which has been foisted not only on the FSSA but the rest of the world since the 1989 collapse of the Soviet Union. And one could argue the fraud and deceit started a lot earlier(h/t to Ike-1960). I am hoping more and more truth will come out and as more of our military assets are pulled out of the ME, they will be placed on our Northern and Southern borders. I will not hold my breath.

      • Russia has a lot of positives if you need a good boogeyman:
        – it’s whiter than white
        – they have a President for life
        – it’s still far enough away that it seems strange, remote, not traveled extensively
        – they don’t worship multiculturalism
        – they oppose the European “project”
        – nukes
        – etc

        • Russia doesn’t have a President for life, last time I checked the Presidency was term limited. Putin is in his last term. However, he has been very crafty in remaining in power through proxies. We’ll see. If anyone knows different wrt current Russian law, speak up. But as I understand it, he can not run again next election or in any future election.

          China on the other hand does have a President for life in that the polit bureau of the party changed the law to unlimited terms recently.

          • “However, he has been very crafty in remaining in power through proxies.”

            So, they have a President for Life.

        • Russian society suffers a mass exodus of high-IQ professionals at the top and mass Islamic immigration at the bottom. Putin copes as best he can by loudly praising Islam and quietly disappearing any Moslems who exhibit radical tendencies.

      • Good lord, Derb inserts a lot of ‘clarifying pauses’ in there. “- a subset -” “- a minority-” etc… Old habits die hard I suppose.

      • And those (((people))) listening for those hoof – beats run the Media, the Banking System, and Academia with the assistance of the WASP Upper Class. It is getting late. Where are our “Cossacks?”

      • To clarify: the Hoofbeats of 1881, after they had murdered Tsar Nicholas’ father, the Tsar Alexander.

        Then they fled. Many came here.

        The ‘anarchist’ public bombings and ‘communist’ newspapers began, one of them became the New York Times.

        Afterhought- wtf were those bombings about? Did America have shtetls or something?

      • Most people tarred as Anti-Semites, are in fact Counter Semites. Appalled and acting against the actions of the Semites rather than the Semites per se.

    • Where to start.

      1. Um, Jews and their never-ending hearing of Cossack horses coming over the hill
      2. Russia is a white nation-state
      3. Russia won’t bow to the international ((bankers))
      4. Russia is militarily strong
      5. Russia promotes Christianity
      Etc, etc.

      Even more than China, the Russian example – because they are white – is terrifying to TPTB. If Russia is successful, whites in Western Europe and the United States might start getting some crazy ideas, like maybe an overtly white country might not be too bad.

    • The left hates on Russia now – because as the left has gone even more Commie, the Russians have gotten rid of Communism. When the USSR collapsed thousands of “intellectuals” across the West looked like a bunch of morons.

      If the “right” now hates Russia – it’s either because their brains are still stuck in the 80’s – or because they’re actually just lefties, or because they’re Neocons who don’t appreciate the fact that Putin doesn’t put up with Jewish oligarchs screwing with Russian society.

    • Why do the left and right now hate Russia?

      Because Russia is an apostate in the progressive religion, having decisively rejected communism.

  28. “Even before Bush and the neocons bankrupted the nation on pointless wars of choice, the America Left was anti-intervention. They were the side that argued for multi-lateral talks and negotiated settlements to disputes.”

    I think this was a holdover from the Cold War when lefties always favored talks and compromises with the Soviet Union, it just took a generation for the old school Soviet sympathizers to be overrun within the party.

    • The left only seemed to be anti-intervention…. when it came to the US getting involved in wars with Commies. And that only happened during the 60’s after JFK got shot. Prior to that the lefties were always all-in on intervention.

    • Yeah, we all remember the Staunch Republican LBJ lying us into war.
      No Democrat would do such a thing.

      And Korea was entirely the fault of that lying piece of Republican shit Truman.

      • Almost as if Truman and LBJ were protecting a struggling Mao and his inner council of (((foreign advisors)))-

        And Mao’s million acres of opium poppies in the original Golden Triangle, continuing the hundred year old HSBC money flows.

        Few know that opium was never illegal in China until Mao boosted it’s profit percentage 10,000%, as did Governor Taft in the Phillipines, as did the Canadian (((Bronfman))) family with Seagrams and the Prohibition campaign.

        • The Emperor was burning smuggled foreign opium that had not paid the Imperial tax, used by the Han rebels in their secret 300 year-old rebellion against the Mongol dynasty. And, as He complained, it was a British scourge on society.

          The (((Sasoon))) family exported it in volume from the British Raj, what is now Pakistan. I say that’s why Clement Atlee forced the genocide of the Partition, too keep the Raj out of Nehru’s hands.

  29. I’m beginning to believe that the divide is pedophilia, if you’re willing to engage in it you can be part of the mainstream if you’re not you can’t. Most of them just have images on their computers but the most elite have actual children. I kind of feel like that’s why they’re attacking Trump. He’s a horny guy but he likes women, maybe younger women, but definitely adult women. And I think that’s why despite the years of trying they can’t get him because he’s not corrupt in the same way they are and they just can’t understand. And compared to them, he’s not corrupt at all

    • I have noticed that Epstein has dropped off the radar, apparently forever. Those in charge decreed it I guess.

      • And when I raise this with BoomerCons and GenXCons, they all roll their eyes: “Of course it was going to drop off the radar. I totally predicted that.”

        Then they go back to work, smug in their wisdom of the world. Nothing seems to materially affect these guys. Ever. It’s all a game, a debate to them.

        For now. I long for the day when it no longer is.

        • This invincible ignorance was always a mystery to me until I stumbled upon Vox Day’s blog during Gamergate. It was explained long ago by Aristotle: most of us are rhetorical thinkers whose opinions are held for the same reason that fashions are worn- they make us feel good. Thus if you intend to change the mind of a rhetorical thinker abstain from facts and logic as an end in themselves. Rather one must change the way they feel about their opinions. If one wants girls to feel shamed rather than sexy for dressing like a slut then one mocks the slutty dressed rather than quote facts about the benefits to society of female modesty. If one wants conformist manbunned skinny jeans wearing incels to abandon sissy left politics then shame them for their lack of masculinity rather than quote them facts which have no impact on their precious, fragile self image.

      • Don’t think of it as a decree.

        Think of it as a suggestion, backed by threats of professional, then personal, death.

    • Maybe among the intelligentsia and upper classes. Most normies still will recoil from such degeneracy.

      • The pedo thing is one of those that the left has to conveniently forget about, like so many others. Hiding in plain sight, because one is not allowed to notice it, if one is a member of the club.

    • When pedophilia and kid diddling is legalized, as well as pedos normalized, what next? Really, what’s the next frontier that can be conquered? Legit curious here. I honestly wouldn’t rule out the exploration to occur of outright executing the greater white Western male population because of environmentalism. And I know I’m right because they’re left-handedly doing it with the opioid “crysis” (genocide) and somewhat lazily with abortion and promoting miscegenation.

      • Besides future normalizing of pedophilia as just another sexual choice, I predict that polygamy will be normalized sometime in the future. It will be used as a tool to appease our growing Islamic population, and other wierdos.

        The sewer pipe of Hollywood is conditioning us with acceptance of and getting used to polygamy with TV shows like Big Love, Sister Wives, My Five Wives, and many more.

        Here in Southern Utah when Warren Jeffs was finally arrested, 3-4 years ago the Feds started hitting the polygamists in his cult, living along the Arizona Strip in Hildale Utah, for back property taxes and busting out their Welfare cheating. They mostly moved away and spread to bigger cities in Southern Utah. In Cedar City, lots of Jeffs polygamists moved in with lots of money to throw around. Buying cars and houses with cash. Put a crunch on the housing market. Every time you go downtown you see big haired polygamists shopping.

        The point is it used to be illegal in this state. A local gal I know pointed out that in the wayback time, the Allred polygamists didn’t come out until night, stayed out of sight and didn’t flaunt themselves. Now they are everywhere, no concern, and the local police don’t give a rats ass. Polygamists even erected a billboard that people should accept alternative-type families. We may be the test ground for the future.

        • Range, you are not alone in your pedo normalization theory. Even a handful of years ago I might have thought it to be a bridge too far for the leftists, but not anymore. Re tranny story time at the library.

          It is all only possible with complicit cooperation from the so called conservatives.

          The rest is just progress that Feelz good. And not just to the rabid goodwhites but also the well-intentioned normies somewhere in between. Cowardice rules the day.

          Who wouldn’t want their daughter to delay marriage until she has seen the world, has kissed some frogs, dated around, is out of Law School, and then after that next promotion, and then when they buy that house, and so on until she is right up to the edge of her fertility? Thats normal right?

          What you want to go back to the ‘50’ os something? Egalitarianism is the way.

          So here’s the thing. Some uptick in culty multi-wife marriage is not the danger of this progression. The normalization of poly is already in its final chapters.

          Once the oxymoron of ‘serial monogamy’ was accepted as not just normal but good, poly was inevitable.

          If the only variable is time and the only measure of moral value is ‘consenting adults’ the rest is just hair splitting.

          The danger is already upon us. The only difference is the packaging.

          What passes as “dating” is culturally accepted poly in favor of optimizing the female sexual strategy at the cost of the male sexual strategy. (see Sheryl Samdburg’s “lean in” on ‘When looking for a life partner” ie “date all the bad boys….”)

          The technology is literally programmed to accommodate this.

          See Tinder. When tinder gave awkward badfeelz to the girls because their inflated perception of their sexual value was threatened by less attractive men contacting them the market answered with Bumble.

          Then you have Instagram, tumblr, snapchat and the rest where she can advertise her sexuality to literally thousands of men.

          Millenials are on board with the open relationships as well as openly selling their sexuality for money and clicks.

          The culture is all-in for optimizing for female optionality even if that means shutting 80% of the men out of the market, until the music stops and she is looking for a chair. Then its shrills of ‘man up!’ and ‘where have all the good men gone’.

          Even the ones that manage to stick the landing and marry are opting into ‘open marriages’ with increasing frequency. See all the media celebrating the merits of this lifestyle. Most of it is still framed as to make cucking moral and virtuous.

          Its no wonder that A marriage that follows years of casual flings and practice divorces in mini marriages ends up merging right back into Tinder/Bumble.

          Fewer women are able to stick the landing. So that means moar poly.

          Women are choosing to go without because she can’t land ‘commitment’ from a top man.

          This is now being sold as another form of empowerment. Basically elevating cat lady status as the new sex and the city lifestyle.

          The poly baked into ‘dating’ includes the joining of a soft harem of a top man over the commitment of her actual equal.

          This iteration of the hookup culture, the netflix and chill, may not be called ‘poly’ openly, but thats what it is.

          Just as these women needn’t call themselves feminists. Because feminism is already baked into the cake.

          The problem isn’t some momo grabbing three momo wives.

          The problem is a culture that celebrates feral female sexuality as empowerment, marriage as a capstone of female status achievement, Fatherhood as a financial support model, and men in general as commodities that exist solely as a means to facilitate the sacred female experience.

          These messages are rampant, normal, celebrated, and codified in laws, family courts, and policies across the prog land.

          The danger is that most normies can’t get themselves to see this. they see three wives at the safeway and their head explodes. But they refuse to see how their sons and daughters are grinding themselves up practicing the prog secular version.

          • Screwtape……that’s one hell of an article you wrote with a number of thought-out observations on the state of man/woman in this culture. Shit….one of the ways I can assess that I’m getting old, that I’m half lifted off the planet into Avalon, is I’m not paying much attention to what the youngers are up to. Some of what you said is new to me. Talk about black pilling. My values are rock strong not from my Commie parents but from making mistakes, saying out loud “This didn’t work. How can I do this better. Don’t blame anyone else. This is my show, my responsibility, and my private schoolroom.” Watching…Learning… and putting into action. This is 180 degrees from how the adult children with arrested development negotiate through life.

            Am aware that thousands of women pimp themselves out through websites to financially successful men as escorts/sex workers to cover collage expenses, etc. Then the women get humped and dumped, and wonder why the man won’t bring her home to meet mom and dad. There’s no challenge to winning her if she gets rolled in 2 seconds.

            “The normalization of poly is already in its final chapters.” Good for you. Somebody else sees this too. So we’re a test case.

            Poly for everyone and a tranny in every pot…..or home. Wonderful.

      • The Frankfurt School will celebrate the centenary of their program of “Polymorphous Perversion” in five years or so.
        Its goal then, and now was the destruction of the family as the cornerstone of Western Christian civilization.

        Next will be pets.

        Animal Husbandry will take on a whole new meaning.

        • A few years ago Germany passed some laws about animal buggery because the vets were complaining they were doctoring the growing trend of ripped open animals large and small.

      • Detente, what’s next?
        Selling them to pay the overseers, of course.

        Our boys are to be bacha bazi, our girls to be groomed as ‘white sluts’.

        • Might I suggest a Robert Heinlein book that pretty well covers everything suggested so far. As with most of his books, it might be hard to find but “Farnham’s Freehold” might surprise everybody with what he foresaw for the future.

      • Next up after legalizing pedophilia will be to make it mandatory.

        I suspect this will be justified under the excuse: “How can you knock it till you’ve tried it?” Be prepared for proponents of mandatory pederasty to say, for example: “How can a boy REALLY know he’s not a homosexual if he’s never experienced homosexual relations? The fact that only a few percent of men say they are homosexual PROVES that there is systemic discrimination against the latter in our society. It goes without saying that in a truly unbiased society, there should be just as many homo- as heterosexual people. Therefore, justice demands that every young lad be coached in homosexual acts, so he can make an informed choice in the matter. Naturally, this coaching needs to be the work of adult experts with long years of education, training, and experience in the field.”

        It will give a whole new meaning to the term “service industry.”

        (And for the record, I fully expect to hear something like this argument made in my lifetime. Our civilization is very far gone already.)

      • Cannibalism and human sacrifice belong to the grand human tradition, and no self-respecting multicultural society is complete without them.

        • Read “House of Rain!” Welcome in the exotic Meso Americans! Cannibalism and human sacrifice….a long healthy tradition.

      • Fair question Sean. Parents know that kids will push until they push back. The answer is always yes until someone with authority says no. If you remove religion, shame, the constitution, what restraints remain? Infinite progress. We can always make a more perfect union. Victimhood replaces Responsibility. “Don’t blame the victim!” As Curley Howard said, “I’m a victim of the circumstances.”

    • If you are correct, these people will not enjoy their wealth or power for long. That sort of hobby has the ability to snap even the most dumbed down public school certified population into action. You don’t mess with children.

  30. I saw literally dozens of media articles this morning about how our soldiers and Marines who served with the Kurds are “furious” at their “betrayal”. All written, of course, by lefties who have no idea which end of a rifle the bullets come out. Seems all of a sudden lefty journalists want to know what our fighting men are thinking.

    I wonder, will we get articles now about what Marines think of gun control, chicks in the infantry, or any other issue? I don’t think so. The lefties will go back to hating them soon enough.

    • About the only people the media hates more than military men is racists. When they start quoting military men, you know you are about to hear some major BS.

          • Yes, that’s the explicit, openly stated position thanks to our universities. Current thinking is that (a) everything is only about power, and (b) whites (or “people who think they are white”) always and everywhere have the most power (thanks to their “whiteness”) therefore (c) only whites can be racist.

          • Actually, I think the message of Academia is (a) everything is only about power and (b) White people shouldn’t have any.

  31. Z you formulate for minds the vital ideas, logically understanding those ideas in mind is like water building behind a dam. When future kenetics blows a person’s restraint foundation, ideas turn into a felt experience, a visceral realization.

    Myth teaches that is a necessary step,
    in that realization of Truth the hero sacrifices himself & births the warrior entering the field of action with a near perfect courage, they act to save a peoples or an idea, with no thought of self – they become the corrective force of The Universe

    Your ideas are vital water, for all men of future action

    • Star Wars shows a possible American future, remarkable as that declaration may be.

      A grand Republic grows too big to govern smoothly (Beltway gridlock), thus leading to a Great Man deciding on his own to take control and secretly leverage the Republic into an Empire (crossing the Rio Grande with an aerial division). The only opponents are those who cherish the days of the Republic. It may be Green Berets in the woods defending the last American freedoms.

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