Better Beliefs

The one universal quality of left-wing politics that is true in every time and place is the need for an external enemy. It is onto this enemy the movement focuses its attention, making it a rallying point and a rallying cry. Ideally, the enemy is mysterious, maybe even a bit supernatural. A supernatural enemy supports the idea of the movement being in a decisive battle for the future of humanity. An important element of left-wing politics is a sense of urgency. There’s no time to wait, as the final battle is at hand.

Orwell, of course, understood this well and created two the great left-wing bogeymen in English literature. Emmanuel Goldstein is the “enemy of the people” during the two minutes of hate at the beginning of the novel 1984. In Animal Farm, Snowball is the blame for all the farm’s troubles, after he disappear. In both cases, the bogeyman is a traitor, who willingly turned on the cause. In both cases, the bogeyman is mysteriously absent, thus can be amplified as an almost supernatural villain.

Eric Hoffer said, “Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” This is certainly true, but it has a peculiar application on the Left, as the positive beliefs of left-wing politics are most often the least understood by the adherents. A feature of left-wing politics is a vague understanding of what they are for, but a detailed understanding of what they oppose. In fact, it is what they oppose that gets the attention. The bogeyman becomes an obsession.

For example, the modern Left in pretty much just a collection of incoherent bellows and yelps with no real purpose, other than opposition to white people. Last week the Left was anti-war and now this week they love war. Their position on foreign policy is dependent on whatever Trump has to say about the issue. The American Left is purely reactionary, tethered to Donald Trump like a slave being taken to market. Their politics are devoid of practical meaning It’s just ways to point and sputter.

This Rolling Stone article in the latest ways to spot an evil doer is a great example of how the Left invests everything in its bogeymen. The ADL, a left-wing terrorist organization, maintains a database of symbols they claim are used by the supernatural members of their even more mysterious enemies. Putting aside the absurdity of the bowl cut or the OK sign being secret symbols, think about the sort of person who thinks this way. It is a person obsessed with what they imagine is in the shadows.

That is why the Left invests all of its energy into inventing and describing various aspects of the Eternal Enemy. It’s not that they need the bogeyman as a rallying point for their coalition. That’s a mistake paleocons like Steve Sailer make. He’s a practical guy so he projects practical reasons onto the actions of the Left. If they were sober minded enough to reason through these things, they would not be on the Left. To be on the Left is to abandon all reason in favor of a set of beliefs.

Belief is powerful magic. Because the Left controls the high ground of the American empire, their beliefs are imposed on the rest of the world in a million little ways. For example, Neo-Nazis are the most hated group in the world. People from around the empire hate Nazis more than they hate criminals. The fact that Neo-Nazis really don’t exist, while criminals are a daily part of life is important. People have been convinced to hate an imaginary enemy more than the enemy at their door.

Of course, democracy is the most fertile ground for left-wing magic, because democracy provides no mechanism for uniting people. In fact, democracy is all about creating divisions, over which the public argues and comes to some compromise. Short of an official religion and extreme intolerance of alternative beliefs, a secular religion fills the void as a unifying set of beliefs. Democracy makes a people crazy, emptying their heads of reason in order to fill it with the nonsense of civic religion.

It is the desperate need for bogeymen that must be the focus of any successful dissident movement, because it is the spirit of the ruling class. The reason the Left advertises those lists of “hate symbols” is to encourage stupid people to adopt them as some form of rebellion. Again, the Left needs enemies to exist, so when none exist, it manufactures them. As the saying goes, the demand for Nazis long ago exhausted the supply, so the business of the Left is in creating new Nazis to meet demand.

Therefore, the successful resistance to the Left in a democracy is one that avoids playing the role cast for it by the Left. The battle for the shared reality of the public culture is a war of attrition. The winner is the one that is most efficient in the use of resources, but best at driving up the cost to the other side. Whatever comes after liberal democracy, the people who replace the Left, will fill a void created when the Left collapses after having exhausted itself maintaining its control of society.

This is a lesson of right-wing failure in its fight with the Left. The Right in American always countered left-wing belief with empiricism. Facts and logic would prevail over the emotions of the Left. Ben Shapiro chirping “facts don’t care about your feelings” is a rallying call for the Left. The reason is it turns the resistance to the Left into an easily demonized opponent. The alternative to left-wing belief is not the lack of any belief whatsoever. The alternative is a different, more appealing set of beliefs.

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218 thoughts on “Better Beliefs

  1. How does the dictionary define a nation?—-“a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.”

    Common descent – NOPE

    Common history – NOPE

    Common Culture – NADA

    Common Language- That’s racist.

    So we’re just left with a “large body of Walmart shoppers occupying certain latitudes and longitudes on the planet. According to the dictionary, the writing is on the wall for us and has been for awhile now. Stick a fork in us,, we’re done.

  2. I’ve found that trying to deal with the typical lefty in a rational manner is impossible. They will not deviate from the latest faddish thinking on any subject, and as such, mocking and laughing at them at least drives them into silence due to foaming at the mouth. The point you made about Neo-nazi’s was spot on, I frequently point out that they don’t exist, beyond a few people who play dress up, or are LARPing.

  3. ‘People have been convinced to hate an imaginary enemy more than the enemy at their door.’ I was thinking the same watching the tens of thousands of Extinction Rebellion idiots paralyzing London while muslim immigration continues to cut the throat of british society and culture.
    ‘The right in America always countered left-wing belief with empiricism.’ Tune into talk radio, fox news or visit civic conservative websites and see the pathetic ineffectiveness of this truth demonstrated ad nauseam.

  4. Ann Coulter just stated the obvious in one of her tweets: “Republicans cannot get fair-play Anglo-Saxon Law in liberal jurisdictions. The country needs to split up.” – She’ll probably be arrested for sedition as she’s pointing out the current lawlessness. This is now a nation the way Yugoslavia was a nation. And Trump is no Tito.

  5. I guess this is as good a place as any to notice that the founder and president of the Association of American Atheists happens to be Every Single Time.

    (That’s the org putting up billboards sneering at ‘religion’, Jesus, and the good Saint Nick)

  6. The alt right figured out that facts don’t matter back in ’13, hence the Meme War. Rather than present reasoned arguments, alt right trolls just ridiculed leftist and conservitard talking points. The ultimate effectiveness is open to debate.

  7. At least on Vox Day’s blog he explains clearly what topics are not permitted, and also why he has removed certain comments.

    You lack the courtesy to sincere readers and commentators to do either, it’s quite disappointing to have thoughtful comments removed with no feedback.

    And, I know I’m not the only one.

    • Our host has no obligation to justify removing comments. His house, his rules. If you don’t like the company he keeps, find company elsewhere that you find more agreeable.

      Is this really a problem you have in life in general, or just online?

  8. Vox day has taken the useful step of formulating his beliefs in a concise way, and published them on his blog, and they have been translated into a dozen languages.

    These were originally titled “the Alt-Right: 16 points” but later changed to: “Nationalist Right: 16 Points”.

    His point 14 recapitulates the 14 words, which of course is the famous white nationalist credo.

    While I am cognizant of the problem with this, which Z has alluded to in this column, that of “the successful resistance to the Left in a democracy is one that avoids playing the role cast for it by the Left.” and one could accuse Vox of stepping into the role the Left has cast for him with his 16 points, I still think something like this is needed, possibly without the white nationalist point 14 baggage.

    I think the alternative to plainly stating things is your entire movement becomes a reactive movement, which describes the Dissident Right pretty well.

    It may be that the Left are currently captured by Trump, but the Dissident Right are even more captured on the leash to the Left.

    “Dissidence” largely consists of endless critiquing of Leftist actions, Leftist policies, Leftist ideas, Leftist attitudes, Leftist violence and Leftist hypocrisy.

    The Left meanwhile: they ACT. They advance their agenda. Schools are teaching gay acceptance all across the fruited plane. But, that’s not enough: lets have cross-dressing gays read stories to children in libraries. The Army Rangers are taking females into these elite units. The list is endless… it goes on and on.

    But, we are told, not to play into their hands at all. I sometimes feel that most of the Dissident Right want’s to clean out the stables of Leftism without getting shit on their boots. That’s isn’t going to be possible.

    One day I hope to read a concise summary of beliefs (similar in form to Vox’s 16 points of the Nationalist Right) from our host, Z Man. We are long past needing to formulate them, and if we are going to have a Nationalist Right that isn’t explicitly White Nationalist then I suppose Z is one of the thought leaders of that.

    Does Z man agree with the 14 words? If not, what is advocated by his version of DIssident Right? How is it different from Vox’s?

    • Formulating a detailed platform has a number of serious downsides, including promoting in-fighting, counting chickens before they’ve hatched, inflexibility in the face of changing circumstances and inviting “arguments from impracticality.” Z’s covered all of these in the past here, and I’m sure will do so again.

      Vox is a useful ally most of the time but I see no need for Z or anyone else here to debate the details of platforms none of us have the ability to implement at this point. See Nick Taleb re: predicting the future. VD’s 16 points did a lot to fracture the Alt-Right and came across as a Spencer-esque leadership play. Libertarian-style purity spiraling and faery-castle constitutions are part of what has hamstrung the Right for years. Let’s stay focused on the enemy and leave the pissing contests for later.

    • “Schools are teaching gay acceptance all across the fruited plane.”

      This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time. Hahahaha!

  9. Americans have a history of paranoia and conspiracy theories that seem to be ingrained in your culture. It is woven into the very fabric of America.

    It started with hanging the first witch back in 1647 and you’ve been looking for witches in one form or another ever since.

    Now you have people who believe the earth is flat and NASA has been conspiring against everyone with this notion the world is round. Of course the world isn’t flat. Because if it is was, cats would have knocked everything off the edges by now.

    • Trier, Fulda, Bamberg, Würzburg. I’ll take “Witch trials with a higher body-count than Salem Village for $1000, Alex.” I’m just pulling your leg, Karl. The idea that witch trials were unique to Salem Village is as absurd as the notion that slavery was unique to the North American colonies. The thing about kitty-cats is true, though. 😉

      • R.O.B.G.;
        Can confirm indirectly. I was told by a local relative in Hess who was highly knowledgable about local history that witch trials in that duchy only stopped when the troops of the French Republic showed up 200 odd years ago. That is, well after the famous Salem Village witch trials*. He even pointed out the dank stone tower the witches were imprisoned in.

        He had the proper attitude (and one we should emulate re race, etc. IMHO), namely that it was an unfortunate fact of history but that it had nothing to do with him today.
        *Said trials only became famous when Commie NE intellectuals were looking for a way to excuse their own subversion by likening them to McCarthyism as persecution of the innocent. BTW, we now know via the Verona Papers that the NE intellectuals were *not* mostly innocent: I.e McCarthy was more right than not.

        • I know. I was doing a friendly jab at Karl, who’s one of this blog’s best mates. FWIW, I grew up with the Proctors and Osgoods and Osbornes so all of this is like water off a duck’s back to me. I’m used to it. My people (and all that.)

      • One thing I tell my trainees is: “The question isn’t ‘Am I being paranoid?’ but rather ‘Am I being paranoid ENOUGH?’”

        Now this was in the context of academic medicine and medical research (infighting), but it applies more broadly as well. A few months ago my fellow was advising an intern wanting to get started in research and apparently the phrase “popped right out of my mouth! My God, I’m turning into you!” So said my fellow who was so excited (or disturbed) by this that she texted me right after her counseling session. #soproud #myworkhereisdone

      • Paranoid, not really. Naive or stupid is the better word. Especially with the current influx of the great unwashed and the potential results of culture clash. We have zero experience with this whole “melting pot” concept and too many on the left think it’s going to be unicorns and rainbows.

    • Nobody was hanged for Witchcraft in Virginia. They did hang some men who hung Witches aboard a ship when it got to port. The attitudes of New England, Virginia, Appalachia, and Pennsylvania are dramatically different. Radically different.

      As for a belief, pride in ones ancestors. Most were real life heroes after all.

  10. “In both cases, the bogeyman is a traitor, who willingly turned on the cause. In both cases, the bogeyman is mysteriously absent”

    Why, hello, Jesus.
    Thought you were dead.

    • Bile;
      This article is darkly amusing if you know something about the history of the state of WI. Besides the current local inhabitants, the proper people to thank for the condition of the ghetto in question are Madison liberals and the UAW.

      Specifically, because the area was previously heavily industrialized (as stated) during WWII, there was ample tax revenue that enabled the Madison liberals to throw money at their favored constituencies. So, in the ’70s Milwaukee paid higher welfare benefits than even Chicago. *That’s* very likely why the people quoted moved there at that time, despite their other claims.

      More out of old Democrat class warfare pissed-ness than economic extraction, the UAW made life difficult and expensive for the businesses concerned. And the high state taxes didn’t help either. So the employers moved their production to the non-union, low tax South in the late ’70s and early ’80s, leaving a rustbelt in Milwaukee and other Northern cities.

      IOW, Pres. Reagan removed the pro-union coercion that Madison liberals historically (but largely unknowingly) depended upon to keep up their cash flow. But rather than changing their thinking or adjusting their program expectations to their circumstances, they *raised* taxes to keep up the welfare. This created a self reinforcing feedback loop that was not broken until the election of the much maligned Gov. Walker in 2010.

      Rather than move back South along with their previous jobs, the residents fatally relied on the con and welfare cash of the Madison liberals. I mean, if the Blacks left for work outside the state, how *were* the liberals going to retain their political power_?

      Not much to do with redlining, the complaint which, yet again, conflates the results of a middle class life style with the conditions that cause and enable it.

  11. Good post Z. Taken more abstractly, people have a moral need for the two opposite poles we colloquially refer to as good and evil to orient themselves to. Normally these are held to be transcendental qualities that belong in the realm of religion, and even then, should be free of dogma, best understood in the apophatic sense of negation, because it is impossible to describe in language other than the language of symbolism. Perhaps the best word for evil is selfishness.

    What you have described is a hijacking of these terms into something manipulatable and controllable. Perhaps this is one of the primary reasons why globalism seeks to eradicate genuine religion.

  12. “A feature of left-wing politics is a vague understanding of what they are for, but a detailed understanding of what they oppose.” I’d say this is far truer of us than them. The Left of course has a detailed knowledge of their self-created caricature of “the Right,” but about the actual Right they know less than nothing. Prove it, if you like, by asking a Leftist for specifics. They’re convinced, for example, that the source of California’s power woes is “deregulation.” But…. which regulations? What law did California have in, say, 1980, that it doesn’t have now, that caused the blackouts? They don’t know. They have never known. They’ve never even thought about it.

    So it goes with all of their boogeymen. I used to have great fun in grad school (where of course I posed as a good Leftist) winding my colleagues up about the stock market. Isn’t it obvious, comrades, that Wall Street is nothing but theft? I buy a share of stock for $1 and sell it for $3. Where could the $2 “profit” possibly have come from? Money doesn’t emerge out of thin air! How was oil $75 a barrel yesterday, but now it’s $100 today? Did the wells somehow stop pumping? Nobody ever called me on it, and that’s why they win — every action is on the table when it’s ALL a fantasy.

    Folks in Our Thing, though, know all about the Left. The real Left, far better than even Leftist “intellectuals” do. Find 10 people who have even heard the name “Herbert Marcuse.” Then find 10 people who have actually read him. It might be 50/50 Left/dissident on the former — if the 10 people you picked had PhDs — but it’s sure to be almost 100% dissident on the latter. And it gets more detailed the closer to practical it gets — we all knew the six facts there were to know about Barack Obama back in 2007; none of the people who voted for him twice know anything about him even now.

    But: what are WE for? What could this “different, more appealing set of beliefs” be? We’ve at least heard the name “Joseph de Maistre,” and that’s a start, but is that what we’re going with? I’ve never heard anyone pitch me a version of “race realism” that didn’t end in a caste system, and whenever I point that out, I either get called a cuck, or hear some version of “well, it sucks to be them.” Yeah yeah, the upcoming Dark Age will take care of all that, but starting with “the total collapse of society as we know it” doesn’t really sound too appealing to too many people….

    I don’t have an answer, but asking the question seems to be the first step.

    • Not sure what you mean by “caste system”, but monarchy doesn’t seem so bad. The monarch had fairly strong rule over certain, limited things. But most important, unlike democracy where losing an election results in speaking gigs, lobbying gigs, and other forms of graft for a comfortable “retirement”, losing the monarchy meant losing your head. Tends to focus one’s energies toward maintaining the common good.

      • Whenever I hear the word monarchy I think of tampon man Prince Charles, and say “check please.” We need a very limited voting franchise. Property owners. This can’t be put back into the constitution, because millions of people will have to be told, sorry, losers can’t vote anymore, look what you did to the place. I think what will naturally happen is a Putin like oligarchy that has “elections.” Whether that can be bridged into a Republic again, who knows, it didn’t work for Rome.

        • I recently saw somebody propose something I had offered up to people a good 10-15 years ago:

          I multi tiered system.

          You vote for what you want – and HAVE TO ABIDE BY IT (and pay for it)

          I will vote for what I want – and I will HAVE TO ABIDE BY IT.

          Given the amount of animosity among the races – and the incessant bitching coming from the “inner city” – I’d say that this is a proposal we might even be able to shove thru. Just entice the blacks with promises of no more white police in their neighborhoods – and tell them they can run things exactly how they want.

          And we can run things the way we want. No more welfare queens outvoting my desire to not pay their welfare benefits. No more neocons outvoting my desire to not pay for their wars.

          I understand that this effort will run headlong into the efforts by the vast majority of the electorate to force other people to pay for their shit – but that’s the point. If there is a large enough voting block that says I want NOTHING – then it starts to get more and more obvious that the rest of the electorate is voting as a way of getting free shit.

          And that will (hopefully) – just accelerate the push towards separation.

    • Along with huntsman’s enviro-nationalism and 7-11 nationalism, I’d like to see again emphasis on the three-legged stool.

      Home-school-church in local neighborhoods,
      With local government only policing for safe streets so those three can function.

      Small is beautiful.

  13. The green boogeyman is the best one they have, and it plays perfectly into the Christian redemption story, to which our society is already attuned. Everyone is sinning in their own way against mother earth god, their carbon footprint tells the tail. The heavier the footprint, the more weighted down the soul with sin. It reminds me of certain stained glass windows in some European cathedrals where a soul is being weighed against a feather. It has to be lighter than a feather to get to heaven. So mother earth god will destroy us unless we live a monastic existence, where we bike everywhere, drink from mason jars, use mass transportation, pay heavy taxes to “clean” the world of carbon, etc. You can even pay indulgences. If you purchase an airline ticket you can buy an offset (an indulgence, the movement is still pre-reformation). Movie stars and politicians can spew carbon all they want because they’re in the “missionary” class, spreading the good news about how we need to save mother earth. Unlike Christianity, there is no redemption in this religion. There is no “if I do X I get Y.” The goal is not to be loved by mother earth god, it’s to be tolerated by her. She still hates you and wants you dead, but not as much as the bad ones who drive F350s.

    This boogeyman is sadly durable and society has been utterly brainwashed into it. And if you stand against it they shout “denier! denier!”, “you deny the science!” The torture devices will soon be rolled out by that retarded Swedish Joan of Ark that they cart around in Teslas (those cars full of strip mined heavy metals that don’t pollute).

    • We can steal that issue from them – mock & berate the AGW hucksters (such as pointing out the gobs of $$$ they take from guys like David “Geffen” to prostitute their precious principles). Stand for scaled-down environmentalism based on resource use and management (hunting, fishing, camping, anti-pollution, etc). This undermines (((unfettered global finance capitalism))), elevates small-business White constrained capitalism and gives us a GoodWhite-palatable reason for shipping birth control pills to Africa instead of Infinity Africans to the West.

      • Stop shipping food to Africa – and we won’t even have to ship as many birth control pills.

        The whole “go to Africa” thing has become some sort of weird pilgrimage that whiteys need to take in the Globohomo besotted West.

        The major networks have been all over Prince Harry and his POC bride making a trip to Africa for the last couple of weeks. I don’t even know why. They don’t really say why. I guess the implication is that I’m just supposed to know why it’s so important to go to freaking Africa.

        One of my nieces went on some sort of school trip to Africa when she was in college. When I asked what they did over there – the answer I got back was that they dug wells or something. So now we’re sending college age girls from suburbia – who probably don’t know which end of a shovel to hold – over to Africa to dig wells? Haven’t the friggin Africans figured out how to dig a well after a few thousand years? And red haired white girls are the best people to be digging wells – in Africa?

        You see there is ample territory for derision well within arms reach. Once I started saying these things ” white girls in Africa digging wells – that seems like a perfectly logical reason to spend a few thousand dollars in airfare” – the subject never came up again.

        The next time somebody brings up food exports to Africa – show them news stories about how farms in Rhodesia and South Africa have seen plummeting outputs once the natives were put in charge. Then ask why we should be exporting food to people who obviously don’t want to eat. If they really wanted to eat – they’d figure out how to run a friggin farm.

    • Just saw the video of Catholic lay people taking it upon themselves to remove the Amazonian false Gaia idols from the Vatican and tossing them in the river. A sublimely medieval act of defiance. Going medieval on all the lefty things can take on all sorts of forms. The more cleverly subversive and naughty fun, the better.

      • And those folks right there are the true Catholic Traditionalists. The ones who know that Benedict is still the Pope.
        Jorge never has been.

  14. We can learn from this: the Canadian election.

    Bernier lost on a national stage…but his implied sentiments won 70% of the vote in Quebec.

    The CAQ, a new nationalist party won 37% of the vote (leading the election). They won the suburbs, the rural areas and many identitarians. The 2 separatist parties ( 1 left, 1 right)won 33% of the vote. The CAQ and the right separatist ignored the Clown World of the urbanites. The socialist separatist did very well in Montreal.

    So the more or less identitarians won a solid majority by appealing to the different interest of whites in different enclaves. They didn’t attempt to shoehorn everyone into the same narrow political ghetto. All 3 will now form a coalition. The diversity party led by the New Canadians was obliterated in Quebec.

    Regional identity and a political platform that address the needs and diversity within our own ranks needs to be taken into account.

    • Met a Quebecette in Copenhagen last week, pretty sure she was well down The Road to Whiteville, definitely didn’t like what was happening to her people. She warmed up to me when I flashed some anti-Empire signals. I’ve been looking for info about “Based Quebec” as an ally, reviews are kinda mixed from what I’ve seen so far.

    • Lol, the CAQ lowered immigration from 50,000 per year to 40,000 per year.

      Long term it doesn’t mean shit.

      • Short term, it got them elected.

        “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough. ”

        It’s moving in the right direction. Next election, they can talk about lowering it further or ending it all together depending on the political situation. *

        *This assumes they aren’t “controlled opposition “.

  15. Both sides use fear to persuade and motivate, as it’s the most effective means known. Trump used fear of illegal immigrants and China to motivate his base. Now those may be legitimate things to fear. I’m just saying both sides do it.

    • Tough choice: Waves of illiterate illegals vs. “Orange Man is Hitlar!!”

      Chinese totalitarianism vs. “How Dare You!!!”

      As you say, “both sides do it.”

    • No. I think a large number of citizens were fed up with the consequences of mass immigration (depressed wages, out-of-control housing and health-care costs, crime, congestion etc.) combined with the outsourcing of the economy and Trump recognized that acknowledging the legitimate concerns of heritage Americans was a winning strategy. Letting the left frame the debate has never been a winning strategy.

  16. “The alternative to left-wing belief is not the lack of any belief whatsoever. The alternative is a different, more appealing set of beliefs.”

    So what are they?

    Is this the feature of your next post or podcast?

    • Miy take is simple. Yours may not be,

      “It must be a good place to have a family and raise children.”

      This gives you the flexibility to whatever it takes on the economy, social rules and restrictions and since multiethnic societies have low social capital , restrict immigration as well.

      If that isn’t your cuppa there is also “A Christian Nation.” or Vox Days 16 Points

      They key is to avoid the tendency to be abstruse and intelectual. Most people we care about are not high IQ types. They are above average by a shade, 5 points maybe and typically higher IQ than Blacks or Latinos.

      For the vast bulk of people not named Moldbug long complex dialectic manifestos are boring.

      How society feels is as important as how it works.

      The Left understands this, the socially just society they want to create would feel open, exciting, fair safe and with a glorious future on the horizon among other things. Its an emotional state of mind and its meant to be a nice fun place to live your personal life.

      It’s also utterly unrealistic and unattainable which is why it shouldn’t even be tried.

      Our society would feel a lot more like living in a Hallmark movie and if we do it right, family life and decent contentment for most people is possible

      To get there will have more than the Left to contend with though.

      Our grifters, libertarians , liberals warmongers, greed heads and the other looters won’t like it. We will be living in a mature society designed around stability which means less freedom to screw people over and higher costs, moreso until people keep corruption in check.

      The difference is between them and us is our simple.

      Our model is workable and takes human nature into account .

      Left wing society while it means good outcomes opposes human nature and thus cannot work.

  17. Our enemies haven’t completed their job yet.

    Our institutions still seem to more or less function … so normies, civnats and too many in our camp are still believers in a glorious restoration of Americanism.

    It’s nice to believe that we have the agency to bring about the needed change. Maybe in numbers we do. But since we lack the lines of communication to organize effectively, since every institution is controlled by our enemies, since the majority of white men still think in terms of “getting back to the constitution and letting the market decide” and a handful of other delusions…our enemies need to complete their job of wrecking our institutions.

    Accelerationism is our ONLY friend at this point, and luckily our enemies are only too eager to help. We should put most of our energy into organizing ourselves…making real world contacts. There are a lot of us but we’re an atomized keyboard army. We need to become a real community if we are going to be at all effective in spreading an alternative to Clown World.

    2020 and 2024 will separate the wheat from the chafe in our tribe. A handful of sound positive and negative covenants will provide us focus and a place from which to move forward.

    We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Those principles built this civilization. They’ve been discussed here and in many places. But we need a community from which to operate. The online alt right needs to organize sub-rosa. Ignore the public stage and our enemies for now. 2020 and 2024 will force us to become more organized and thus more public. Get your affairs in order and organize those closest to you.

    • Accellerationism is underrated. Things keep moving along a trajectory until there is a system failure. Look at the Federal budget. It’s now mathematically impossible to reign in, even if we tried. Can we still pay the interest with newly credited money? Sure. For now. But the event horizon has already been crossed. The laws of exponentially compounding debt “pyramiding” are now in play. It’s already slowly drying up liquidity in the banking system. Corporate debt will go first.

    • Fourteen words. Respect for evolution, scale and the Dunbar Number. Race realism. HBD. Aristocracy as a necessary counterbalance to democracy. Tempering natural Darwinism with noblesse oblige and strong social engineering to care for one’s own family and the deserving needy in your local community. Subsidiarity and localism (scale again). Sustainable growth & empirically-grounded environmentalism. The necessity of transcendent belief including religion for human happiness.

      The Greeks & Romans in their respective primes had this stuff pretty well balanced. I’m not a pastoralist or revivalist but we should definitely look to those two cultures for ideas we can modernize.

      • Exile;
        I applaud your effort. But, with all ‘respect’, the theory of evolution in general is one of the reasons why we find ourselves where we are today. It was used as a bluff to social-shame the weak-minded out of any belief in transcendence and so to accept that man is just another animal with no intrinsic worth or rights.

        If you mean human adaptation to local surroundings over time, then fine, I agree. But we are all remain the same species, despite the obvious physical differences. Darwin claimed to explain the origin of *species*. The creation of a new species has yet to be observed in nature or even in the lab, BTW.

        • We agree on enough. The most important thing we have to learn is to unite around the 14 words and leave the details for post-victory wrangling between our grandkids. If your overriding concern is the preservation and prosperity of the White race, I’m standing the line with you.

      • An Internet search: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” This blog is somewhat coy, so I guess I know why, but like another commenter here, don’t quite understand the code words and the indirect language.

        When I spend hours online reading the news and some blogs, I can relate to the 14 words because I am reading about a real threat; not so much for my old ass, but for my white sons, who may be punished due to the fact that they are a) men, and b) white. I really picked up on all of this cultural and governmental attention given to minorities towards the final days of my teaching career, and when I saw what was going on I:

        – Stopped worrying about the girls education and ramped it up for the boys. The girls had already surpassed the boys, on average.
        – Stopped worrying about the brown and blacks because upper middle class blacks were doing quite well, but browns were still planning on forming a family and becoming auto mechanics, uninterested in academic mathematics.
        -And never seriously attempted to teach the illegal or legal immigrant high school student, as they came here at least 6 years behind but supposedly expected to be mainstreamed up to grade level without knowing how to speak English…or do basic math.

        It was then that I looked at these white sons and saw them as future victims, and I could not stand the thought of it. The outside observer of this comment will damn me to hell for suddenly shifting my focus, but the Internet world confirmed the theories we had about what was happening to our young men. I stopped looking compassionately on the colored kids when it dawned on me that the almighty forces of the universe were setting out to marginalize the blond/blue eyed male babies.

        Strangely, however, I don’t see it in everyday interaction with people. But I am becoming a minority here. You can see it when they walk past you at the park, and the look and body language is “Your days are done. No more ‘Si, senor’ for you. This is our state. Just look at the names and faces in the legislature…”

        Am I on board with you? I don’t know. I certainly don’t want to see the white population gang-raped, or murdered, by men and women in law, politics, law enforcement, business, and anywhere else; but call me paranoid, I do think the threat is real: they have issued the threats, themselves!

        Being the good little Christian boy that I was, my entire life was based on helping everybody, especially the disadvantaged back before the world turned upside down on us. So when you grow up coaching and teaching ALL kids with maximum effort and urgency, and then discover the system now works against the stronger, er–the lighter skinned. You can find out swaths of research being done by individuals who know what the combination of psychological and education research, in conjunction with UN agencies, is doing to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE HUMAN BEING. Sounds conspiratorial, but the school system is controlled by big money agents and they are changing minds. Before I quit, call it retirement, I saw conservatism in many of the kids, but they were not inner city kids, so I don’t know if one should get one’s hopes up.

        I really woke up when Obama was president. Never before had I heard anyone challenge Whites, Whiteness, men, etc., until his tenure stirred it all up.

        • “don’t quite understand the code words and the indirect language”

          Learn the codes. Not to obfuscate things (I am a big proponent of direct, unambiguous speech), but because sometimes they can be convenient shorthand. And to a lesser extent, they serve as (probable) recognition codes when parties meeting don’t know each other.

          Also, sometimes you can have fun. Example: someone was asserting that Chick-fil-A is “racist”. I countered that this was not the case, “because if they were, they’d be charging whites say, four bucks for a chicken sammich, but blacks would have to pay $14.88.”

          Some other person started citing laws forbidding charging customers differentially based on race and this was a wrong hypothetical. I just smiled, admitting that I was clearly wrong to have concocted such an example, while watching my actual point fly off over their heads. (If you get a smile, frown, or smirk in response to “1488” you’ve learned something about your listener. A blank look tells you other info.)

          And incidentally, the flipside is also true. Try to learn the leftist/prog codes as well. Recognizing those codes and key words also can tell you much.

          • I guess I’m forced to learn the codes and the writing style as I read more alternative/prep/survival/military type blogs now. I’ve gone away from American Thinker and opinion because I am exhausted by it. Sometimes after reading a column in Zero Hedge, I have no idea what some of them are saying in the comments, except when they’re bitch slappin’ each other.

          • As Z discussed some weeks back in the podcast on secret societies, insider language is a common thing with dissident groups. The TRS guys discussed this recently as well – their site used to have a dictionary for it. One reason they gave for using esoteric language was to foster a sense of community. (((Strauss))) is a good source for the theory on this, another Levite ala Rand who, for whatever mixed motives, revealed some of the Tribe’s inner teachings on religious and social engineering to the goyim.

  18. “The battle for the shared reality of the public culture is a war of attrition. The winner is the one that is most efficient in the use of resources, but best at driving up the cost to the other side.”

    The Meme Wars of 2015-16 were our best implementation of this proactive Art of War strategy. Neither Red or Blue Team Globohomo could find a way to Alinsky us. They’ve been forced out of the metapolitical arena, resorting to simply hitting our big brains with FBI-ADL rocks. It’s undisputed that our narratives win on a half-level playing field.

    I’ve been digging into the Alinksy playbook and other rules for radicals for some future posting, including Greene’s 48 Laws of Power*. I was familiar with Greene by reference from a past girlfriend (pro-tip guys, if she knows this stuff and openly talks about it, sleep with one eye open).

    One thing I’ve Noticed is how our Meme War gains came from the observing Greene’s 48th Rule of Power – “assume formlessness.” Z’s often stated that principles are a dangerous luxury for dissidents and pointed out the kosher trap of process-worship. We’re fighting enemies who practically invented the strategy of using impossible moral standards to both demoralize their enemies with guilt and camouflage their own ruthless lack of out-group reciprocity.

    Alinsky famously exhorted his merry band of social wreckers to “isolate, freeze & polarize” their enemies. As the Right has demonstrated for decades, anyone using the Shapiro Strategy plays to Alinsky’s strength. Where the chaos-worshippers hold the Megaphone and the Cathedral, it’s been a metapolitical turkey shoot.

    The next generation of cultural warfare will be won by guys who refuse to play demonized Redcoats for the milk-shaking guerillas of the Resistance. In a battle of raw values, stripped of the Talmudic tactical baggage of “who we are,” those fighting for Nature, Order and Beauty, grounded in the Real, can only lose if they Epstein themselves with the noose of process.

    Our nature is to fight European style, man-to-man, with the vanquished accepting the verdict of victory and submitting to the yoke in peace. This worked wonderfully in pre-modern conflicts largely fought by mutually-honorable European brothers, but we’re fighting the original asymmetric social warriors now. Victory demands we use their playbook. Reciprocity sanctions it. The survival of our race depends on it.


    • This reminds me of the book Voltaire’s Bastards. It’s written by a Canadian liberal, but a great book in showing how process, cloaked as reason, can be used by anyone, or any government for anything they want to use it for. This is why the Mark Levins’, the Shapiros’, etc., force their listeners into this blood pressure raising, masturbatory process where the square peg should go into the square hole yet those crazy libs are putting it into the circular hole, not thinking about who made the peg, who cut the holes, and why you’re even sitting around playing with blocks…

      • Just wish-listed it – thanks for the reference. The three “goddesses” of Reason, Liberty-Statue-Poem and Love are the Furies of modernity.

          • Parked next to a soccer mom’s car that had a sticker on the back that said “Do good. Be nice.” If I had a sledge hammer handy . . . .

    • E. You are a dangerous man… ” if she knows this stuff and openly talks about it, sleep with one eye open)”. Wow.

  19. Every person runs around with a little narrative in his head about who he is and what he stands for. A little hero in his own personal play. The internet has allowed these silly little stories to be reinforced by others with similar ideas, and to coalesce into larger groups, and also to be manipulated by yet others. That’s how you get people thinking they are saving the world, one bike lock at a time, and that they are the hero in a play that actually has no heroes at all, only villains and victims.

  20. As John Smith pointed out, we are all now, or will be in the future, Nazis to the left. Make no mistake, any identifiable markers that the left sees in us will immediately be labeled as Nazi or WS. There is no escaping this.

    Dino made a great point about ridicule. It seems that most of the normies out there are starting to realize just how silly and over-the-top the left has become. They really just need, are desperately waiting for, a sign that it is okay to feel that way. The more we effectively ridicule the left, the more normal people we can turn to our side. This may even hold true with their Nazi/WS signifiers. We can get creative with creating new ones for our side, just to make the left go crazy with explaining how they are the new Nazi/WS markers.

    • That’s fine, as long as it does not lead to embracing the symbols the Left characterizes as immoral. The bets way to lose is to say, “they will call us X anyway, so let’s go ahead and be X.” That’s just glorifying surrender.

      • Agree. This is one point where most of the TRS guys & I seem to differ, though I agree with most of what they say. I think we can have the platform and the values of the Third Position without the baggage, though it’s a tricky balance. I agree with Enoch that we need to puncture the myth of the Holocaust and re-legitimize the German people, but I think we’re a generation or two too early to popularize hard revisionism of the entire mythology of the world wars. The JQ-level of Based will remain esoteric in our thing for awhile yet. If we can get White self-interest re-legitimized on a mass scale, we can let Hitler’s ghost rest unrequited for a few more decades.

        • There are ways around that – without directly trying to “re-legitimize” the German people – or address the ((())) question.

          For instance: Unz has a good article about how Hitler’s attack agains Stalin – might have been pre-emptive:

          You can completely sidestep all those leftie induced taboos against questioning the commonly accepted myths of WW2 – by simply bringing this up. A person who is TRULY interested in history – will want to look into this.

          And once you start to accept that the common story of WW2 might not be correct – the doors are opened to questioning a number of other things about that war as well.

      • I see dissidents make this mistake when arguing – someone uses “Hitler”, then the dissident goes on about how Hilter ‘wasn’t that bad compared to stalin/mao’ etc. It’s like, the name is just a synonym for ‘most evil person ever’ used by the left. Make a positive case for our values instead of embracing the negative imagery.

      • ‘ “they will call us X anyway, so let’s go ahead and be X.” That’s just glorifying surrender.‘

        Agree with this (and BadThinker’s comment below), but just as a example of how we’ve been intimidated into reflexive self-policing [1], my grandmother was a devout Buddhist. We wanted to put the Buddhist “manji” symbol on her headstone but did not, basically out of fear. For those not in the know, the manji is a swastika “pointing the other way” from the swastika used by the Nazis. It is in common use in Japan to this very day: on maps it is used to denote a temple (much as your phone’s map app has a knife and fork to show an eatery, etc.). Of course the usual suspects are trying to strongarm the Japanese into abandoning this “symbol of hate”.

        [1] self policing: frequent air travelers, have you noticed how you self-frisk before submitting to the RapeyScan machine? Well, most of us have been trained into doing the same, figuratively, before opening our mouths.

        • Oh, I just self-frisk by submitting and paying for TSA “PreCheck”. At least then I usually just have to go through a metal detector instead of the Rape Cancer machine.

  21. This is a war between secular forces and religious extremists. Obviously, the secular forces are those on the Right, and the Left are the religious extremists — some distilled version of Protestantism marinated in Soviet agitprop which many call Universalism. Trump is the supposed figurehead of populism, but maybe he more so represents the rise of the secular Right (or maybe they are effectively the same thing).

    • You are trapped by your programming.

      You put secular on one side and religious on the other. That isn’t it at all. What’s worse you are doing the typical conservative trick of defending yesterday’s leftist redoubts as if they are on the right. Are you old enough to remember when the left championed “secular humanism” against “the religious right?” Well, they won that battle and now you are defending their old position now that they no longer need to. They aren’t afraid of that at all. You are fighting by their playbook.

  22. Rene Girard wrote of “mimetic desire” and the scapegoat mechanism. That is, the mass of people imitate the desires of those around them, often quite disastrously. We’re social creatures, not gods or beasts, and we relate to others through the language and norms of our political community. Many don’t arrive on the scene ready-made with a set of existing beliefs and desires: they pick them up and sort them into what serves them, and what harms them. The average person isn’t interested in the Kurds, for instance — but they’re interested in being liked and accepted. When you have a sick political community, then those living in it are, by definition, sick as well. And when those at the top dispensing the medicine are giving out poison and telling you to take it because the guy next door did and he’s flourishing, well…most will gulp it down without checking to see if it’s really true.

    One of the primary conditions for acceptance into the social and political community in large parts of the West now is consenting to this psychopathic regime of “socialization” that has risen like a Leviathan over the past 50 years. This postwar project has obliterated the structures of civilization — family, church, freedom of association, procreation, virtue — for half a century, and there is nothing for most people to hang onto except the illusion of being part of a transitory “community,” movement, or declaring one’s “identity” in order to differentiate yourself from 300 million others sitting a desk pushing a button on a keyboard. Wearing your favorite sports team’s hat doesn’t cut it anymore. Those old institutions provided some ballast and stability in the face of the assault from NGOs, mass media, and educational “reformers,” which is why they had to be levelled.

    When you have an omnipresent “social” media apparatus — partnered with political parties, international finance and capital, Hollywood and the media, the educational system, and law enforcement — you have the power to generate and advertise desires at a rate and scope unimaginable even to a person like Edward Bernays. Images are flashed before the eyes of hundreds of millions daily in the West of an utterly false reality, of ideas that have no valence in the physical world, and which act like viruses in the way they attack and paralyze rational resistance by isolating and scapegoating those who refuse to consent to these fictitious images. Our natural imitative impulses — designed for survival, for watching and noticing what *works* and what doesn’t in nature — can now be turned against us in corrosive and destructive fashion. (For instance, multiculturalism: there is no reality behind the image; no multicultural society is ever going to exist in this country and not so long ago — prior to World War II — this would’ve been considered homicidal folly: people are different, why on earth would you force them together? Yet this falsehood is the center of everything in our social life now not because it has any persuasive force, but because we see others around us doing it, and we join in. Where does this lead? We see it in front of us. And yet, we don’t, because the images overwhelm reality.)

    Trump is the scapegoat here. Some see it. Perhaps I’m wrong. But there are people who are going to spend months of their lives, cumulatively — obsessing over Donald J. Trump. What a tragic, tragic waste of existence. It is hard to witness this in real time, this madness. And it continues to accelerate by the day as each new instance of outrageous behavior leads to imitators, each of them grasping at that big chance for fame, for acceptance, to be noticed by The Many. To stand out. To “punch a Nazi.” They are convinced that it is a test of their very *being* to remove Trump from office. It is like original sin to have this man as the titular head of their community. Why? Because they cannot imitate him, and for them, this stifles their raging desire to consume and to be all things around them before they expire. In order for this multicult of diversion and inclusion to fully and finally gel, it must be cleansed of original sin. Guess who Trump is in this story. Yep. They want to pull him down off the throne and to make those who put him there *approve* it, as in Orwell’s “1984.” (Of course, we won’t, which is why they’ll just try to jail and kill us and remove us from their cult — er, “community.”)

    This is what we see in sexuality now, in discussions of race, of immigration, and of Trump. There’s no limit because there is no one who can ever validate the desires of these people to the point where they will be satisfied with what they have. They want *us* to recognize them, and to force *us* to nod our heads and say, yes, this clown act, this imitative orgy, is good, and we agree with it. (We won’t, so, again: they’ll try to jail and kill us.)

    This is never going to happen, and they know it, which is why this is going to end very, very badly short of some kind of contemporary natural disaster like the Lisbon Earthquake in the 18th century. The natural must intervene to stop this supernatural bewitching that is consuming the minds of so many, to serve as the physical hard stop to the madness of imitating and one-upping the monkeys to our right and left. It’s gotta’ stop, but it’s not going to, is it?

    • Re:
      ” One of the primary conditions for acceptance into the social and political community in large parts of the West now is consenting to this psychopathic regime of “socialization” that has risen like a Leviathan over the past 50 years. This postwar project has obliterated the structures of civilization — family, church, freedom of association, procreation, virtue — for half a century,”

      What is it with you guys?

      It’s been more than 50 years.

      It reaches AT LEAST as far back as the FDR administration.

      Why do you ALWAYS refuse to follow the trail back to it’s source?

      • I’m just throwing a ballpark figure out there. Maybe post-WW2, maybe FDR.

        50 is about as far as I’d go in terms of cultural war, though. Up until the 1970s a public school education in this country outside of the ghetto was pretty much Rock-Ribbed Americanism. I’m not sure how old you are, but the South was also inhospitable territory for a lot of people, too, outside of the urbanizing centers of Birmingham and Atlanta. Parts of this country didn’t go through the 1960s until the mid-1980s. You still got your news from Paul Harvey on the radio and a morning (or in some cases evening) paper.

        And 50 for the Catholic church as well (since I mentioned “church”): Vatican II only arrived in the US in the 1970s.

        Culturally, this was a normal, functional country until about Watergate. When the Boomers got hold of the wheel in the 80s, that’s when it all accelerated.

        That’s about all I meant by half a century. I know where the source is — but I was writing mostly about something else.

        • Wilsonian progressivism was a direct attack against the Republican sensibilities of this country – and the institututions setup during that period were the foundations for the houses of corruption that have been built since then.

          One of the changes instituted during that period: elimination of the militia – is something I bring up again and again and again. Why? Because it was a direct attack on male run society. The institution of the Federal Reserve was a direct attack against “honest” money (and therefore an attack against social trust) – and the 19th amendment was also an attack against male run society – and also the gate that opened and allowed in all of the insanity that has followed in the 100 years since.

          If I am to believe that blacks simply cannot peacefully coexist in a “modern” white society – then I’ve also got to believe that there are inflexion points where changes were made to our society and our institutions that cemented in place the inevitability of the rot that pervades that society in the here and now.

          How did your daughter turn into a whore? There has to be a decision that was made – that set in place the path she followed. Did she decide to blow her boyfriend’s friends at that party? Did she decide to sell sex for money? What happened? There WAS a decision made – and everything flowed from that.

          I trace it back to at LEAST that “progressive era”. That’s where the fundamental changes were put in place. If you cannot trace the problem back to it’s source – you will NEVER fix the issue.

          • Carlsdad – you are absolutely correct, but most people – even most here, unfortunately, cannot discern that. They still think we can somehow tinker around the edges and fix things enough so they can live peaceably and won’t have to struggle. The normalcy bias is staggering.

        • Ayatolllah, I respectfully disagree. Try reading a paper – and not the NYT but a small-town local paper – from the 1940s. The rock-ribbed civ nattery was out in full-force, pushing muh murricanism and muh equality and muh democracy. FDR’s admin was chock full of the (((usual suspects))) to a degree most even here do not realize. The rot goes back a lot more than 50 years – it was rooting and spreading underneath the surface for much longer than that.

  23. You can reach people’s deepest feelings and deal with facts and logic simultaneously. It’s pretty easy. Watch: Your white children are going to be a hated, despised minority pretty soon. People feel pretty instinctive about protecting their children; it’s the deepest instinct. And the most basic math confirms what you touch in the existential taproot by saying, “Your children are going to be a hated minority.” Hell, among children whites are already getting there; and we’re not waiting for open anti-white animus. All the cards are on the table and the chips have been anted. Now it’s a question of who flips the table first and draws. So what’s the belief system? The only one there’s every been: love and survival bound together for posterity.

    • Along with a heavy dose of hunter/fisherman environmentalism: good golly this is a filthy place.

      Even normie can see the trash, it’s right in front of his eyes.

      Another obvious is 7-11 Nationalism.
      I and my girlfriend want to stop at 7-11 at 2 am on Saturday night for a Coke or gas, without it being an adventure that puts our lives in danger.

  24. A positive plan and talking points about the nation and society we want To build along with just ignoring the left and when we can’t ignore them a firm NO should be our response. Like handling a 5 year old mentality firmness and saying NO is enough to stop them most of the time.
    The problem is we got too many nitwit Mitt Romney’s on our team who lack both vision for something truly positive and the ability to say NO to the loons.

      • I bet Hillary’s anatomically-correct, FWIW, but to safely prove the point you might have to file the teeth down first. Just look below the “Abandon All Hope” tattoo.

        • “you might have to file the teeth down first. Just look below the “Abandon All Hope” tattoo.”


          Wicked, wicked, WICKED thing you

  25. Now we inch toward a conversation I want (and need, personally) to have. Given the left cannot be reasoned with why waste time on them? My experience has shown that even self-proclaimed neutral normies require a great deal of work to open even one eye to the realities of clownworld.

    I wrestle with where to point my energies and resources. But I “shook the dust from my shoes” and turned my back on engaging the loons 3 years ago. Now, I seek to minimize the pull of the dark whirlpool they will create when their world collapses around them. I’m interested in hardening my station and family, not debating better.

    So many smart folks here and I’m thankful for this oasis. It seems we’ve got the diagnostics and forensics nailed. I appreciate discussions about our potential world of tomorrow.

    • Use them like they use us, as props in a morality play for the normies watching. They’re rhetorically hog-tied to stuff that hits people on the visceral disgust level now. Alinksy them – make them live up to their indefensible standards.

      The spectacle at the recent DSA hootenanny where everyone was jazz-handing to avoid sperging the bubble-boys in attendance will make all but the most-cucked hear “Tomorrow Belongs” in their monkey-brains.

      • Exile. I’m asking, what is the net goal of “using them” in the morality play? As G Gordon says below, they are toddlers (brats at that). I’m remiss to qualify their position by taking the stage with them. And they own the big stage. So I’d be playing to very, very small audiences if I choose to respond to them.

        I respect your perspective a great deal. Know I’m asking honestly.

        They are the culture of death and destruction. It will catch up to them regardless of what I do. So, I posit that energies are better suited to navigating out of the stormy valley, not debating with nihilists who have camped out there.

        • We’ll be playing to small audiences for awhile. You’re looking to recruit the small number that are open to our ideas. It’s a chain-reaction, exponential growth thing, stretched over years, but you’ll see a convergence as anti-White activity drives more people to us. We’re in the early stages now. Like I said before, White Nationalism 1.0 left us ashes to build on. The 2.0 goal is to build a solid but flexible foundation for the next generations to make White Nationalism 3.0 into something more like you see in Europe, with an open political presence. I see that presence as a recruiting tool rather than something that will end up “taking the country back,” but events may present opportunities.

          We need to be ready to react when the times are right. If you’re inclined to bug out, there’s a place for you outside the wires and you can provide support for those operating inside and in-between. For the bugged-out, it’s a new kind of American frontier/settler culture, similar to how the Indian territories worked in the first go-around, albeit with a lower profile this time.

          • A great, long-view reminder. Thank you, Exile. I’m inclined to stay and fight inside. Yours is a hopeful perspective.

    • I think that you’re on to something. Yes, we should do our best to help Normies make it to our side of the divide, but that really should be a sideshow.

      We need to build an alternative. People respect action. They respect success. Normies need to see not just that the TPTB hate them and want them dead but what an alternative that world looks like. Now, I’m not talking about create some whites-only enclave tomorrow. We need to start small and stay under the radar. But we do need to start building, even just getting together with a couple of guys who don’t grovel is a something.

      Imagine telling your Normie friend about how you played golf the other day with your buds. “It’s nice getting together with guys who are afraid of telling the truth,” you mention. Normies will respect that.

      The time has come for us to start getting together. Carefully, of course.

      • CSC-
        “The time has come for us to start getting together. Carefully, of course.”

        There is the start of pragmatic strategy. Best practices to establish connections…Zman’s “secret handshake” society.

        We should keep MOVING in the right direction, invite people to join us on the journey. So step one is finding diligent ways to start that dialog. Which of course demands attracting / connecting the right people..those normies that have an odd, unspecified itch about the world they live in.

        Maturity in thought abounds on Zman’s site (and others, whom I owe a debt). I hope to see more Dissident for Dummies action plans emerge.

        • The nuts and bolts of meeting are where I stumble. How do we publicly call for setting up a “secret” meeting? I’m quite sure that there commentators on this blog who live in my area. How do we meet?

          I suppose that one way is simply to announce the meeting and meet, but not talk about politics for a fair amount of time. If in the off chance, some guy is actually working for the other side, bore him to death. Also, get to know people. It’ll be hard to hide who you really are.

          Anyway, Z talks about joining political groups, which is fine, but I’d rather start meeting the people from around here.

          • CSC. I’ve asked this question before and typically get “start a group that would interest POTENTIAL dissidents”. Then feel your way around the conversation for clues. While I know that is the wise thing to do given the Dox Hammer that could fall on us, I find that approach incredibly frustrating.

            I’ve taken the previous advice and began connecting with existing groups coalescing around what I assume would be shared interests. In my case, self defense, guns, HAM and general preparedness (natural disaster). I’m probably obtuse but I did not detect like-minded folks there…yet. And yes, I poked around, looking for familiar tones.

            So, readers, suggestions that you’ve actually implemented? Not interested in opinions frankly, just tell me what you are doing, or have done.

            Symbology or iconography could help for quick connections. To then be discarded quickly to avoid “time in market” for discovery by the other side.

            What else?

          • Lineman, can you unpack “right area” for me? I’m in a mid-sized southern city. Rural is 25 minutes away, very red zip code bordering deep blue metropolis.

          • You guys can reach me as well at I live in the Portland, OR area though I’m trying to escape next year. So I’m also looking for a better (redder) part of the country. As far as how to find the others in Our Thing. I agree with the above. Look at groups of people that are already doing stuff like prepping, gun clubs, martial arts, etc… You’ll find a lot of civnats but most can be reasoned with at least. I’m trying to get more active on Gab too but I’m still trying to figure out the site and what they have available to help people meet in the real world.

  26. When I look on the ADL or SPLC websites, I see they have listed all these “hate” organizations clustered on the map in the relatively rural state where I live. I’ve investigated and have not been able to confirm a single one of them! Just all made up. I assume the other states and places are similar once you delve into it. It’s like these people live in some demon haunted world, seeing witches everywhere. Perhaps one person sent a newsletter from these cities once upon a time, say back in the 1950s, and they have expanded it to what they want to believe. Or market.

    • Oh and did you guys notice the ADL has the use of echo quotes ((())) listed as a hate symbol. Aren’t you guys ashamed of yourselves now?

    • Your last two words get at the reality. This is all a marketing campaign by those with the money who pull the levers. And that is because, in their hind brains, they do live in a demon haunted world where they always hear the echo of hoofbeats. Stop damning it as insanity and accept it as reality and kill it as something that simply is.

  27. Z;
    Absent a transcendent shared set of beliefs, aka a religion, you’re right about democracy. I’d say we are where we are because it turns out Civic Nationalism is a poor substitute for Christianity.

  28. Zman makes a good point here. All politics is tribal and discourse in the current age (and maybe any age) is driven by feelings not logical calculations. How else could you persuade large swathes of the Western electorate to vote for and actively pursue their own demographic demise, other than by an appeal to emotions? Reason doesn’t come into it.

    The problem we have is not in crafting an appealing emotional landscape but in disseminating it while the levers of communication are all in the tight grip of the enemy.

  29. I would argue that the essential dichotomy is not crazy belief versus reason/alt beliefs, but rather subjugation versus liberty. For the Left, the mantra is subjugate or die. For the Right, it’s life free or die. What do these have in common? The conflict is existential, not persuasion (or even elections). If you’re not inclined to be subjugated under Progressive domination, the alternative is not fancy words of protest, it’s man up and fight for your life. Evolution did not intend for pussies to inherit the planet.

      • It’s far more than that: have a conversation with Progressives. Listen to the nonsense about the climate, transgenderism, etc. These people are religious fanatics and moralize everything. Disagree with them and they get angry — you’re a heretic!

        • “Disagree with them and they get angry…”


          Is cuz their beliefs are confirmed every day, everywhere, by everybody who’s respectable. If you disagree, there must be something wrong with you. If you stump them they get angry out of frustration that they can’t come up with a reason why you’re wrong.

          Is why I say these ppl must be defeated, not persuaded. The rare bird indeed who can bring himself to say “you know Frank, you’re right!”

        • That’s when I assume I’m talking to an NPC brainless drone. The people pulling the strings (Soros?) know it’s all nonsense. But notice the solution to all of it is more government and less freedom.

      • Race has been introduced – to bolster the forces of subjugation.

        Before the racial issue became overwhelming in the West – there was still the issue of subjugation vs. liberty.

        You’re not paying attention.

        • Whiteness is necessary for liberty. My claim is more fundamental than yours. Of course, you can have whiteness without liberty, but you can never have liberty without whiteness. And besides, “socialist” Scandinavia was a great place to live before the non-white invasions.

          • People of European stock certainly have a greater appetite for liberty than others. They seem content to live in authoritarian cultures. Political liberty in Asia is a post-WWII phenomenon.

          • And one imposed by the American empire, and one that the left is still uncomfortable with because each Asian nation prefers to maintain its identity and its own version of “democracy” within a communitarian society.

        • 200 years ago, the issue of subjugation vs. liberty. Race was introduced in the late 19th Century by the usual (((suspects))). They succeeded in reshaping the West to reflect their values, serve their interests and gratify their 2000-year-old spite against Christianity and even more ancient spite against the goyim in general.

          • Race goes back far more than 200 years, my friend. Negroes have been on this continent for about 400 years. Do you truly believe their discontent and dysfunction only began with the usual agitators? When even most readers here still fall back on muh liberty the same way TruCons fall back on muh constitution, it again amazes me that Zman has the patience to persevere, rewriting the same things and trying to break that stupid enlightenment stranglehold.

      • “Freedom” is for the right what ™ “Happyness” is to the left:

        Abstract, fleeting, and basically unobtainable in any permanency. Nor would any healthy person be always and forever absolutely free or absolutely happy. To put it bluntly, those are the unrealistic wishes of children.

        One doesn’t really reach maturity until they realize they have obligations outside of themselves; to family, community, and land. Furthermore, there is much to be gained from hierarchy and duty that is lost to those who chase freedom and happiness.

        Responsibility and accountability are what turn boys into men. Catchphrases imparting good feelings are what you get when women are given political power.

        • Lefties have corrupted the meaning of freedom. Grown ups always recognized that “freedom” is subject to the constraints of morality, finances, community – and “reality” – otherwise known as nature.

          It’s why the more sober minded people on the right have always said things like ” I want the freedom to fail “. It’s not that they wanted the freedom envisioned by leftie raised children – who want free health care – so they can (in Nancy Pelosi’s words) “be free to be artists or musicians” – it’s so that they do not have a yoke around their neck that does nothing but pile an additional burden on their back – as they are still left to deal with all the realities of the world – most of which are imposed by nature.

          Leftie “freedom” in my experience – has ALWAYS been another word for “slavery for somebody else who is not me”.

          I only see “freedom” interpreted as impregnating women and being “free” from supporting them …. among leftist types and their POC pets. Among right wingers “freedom” is understood as being able to have their children – raise them as they see fit – and NOT HAVING TO SUPPORT THE CHILDREN OF THOSE WHO REFUSE TO SUPPORT THEIR OWN.

          Which in this country is largely the children of POC.

          I’ve got no problem whatsoever with packing up the children of Africa who populate the North American continent – and shipping them back the same way they came over (how many tens of thousands can you fit in the holds of a container ship? – a lot I’m guessing). I’ve also got no problem driving the ancestors of the Mayans and Aztecs back across the border thru whatever means it will take.

          But the end result of that effort is NOT going to be acquiescence to whatever tyrannical white turds who try to grab power and put my head under their boot.

          I see an awful lot of ” our problems started in 1965″ comments around here. Which seems to indicate an inability to reach even just a little bit further back and history – and see that the white world was completely overrun with conflict – well before the forces of the left decided to drag the POC into the fray as their shock troops.

          Yeah – ok, “freedom” requires whiteness. I don’t disagree. But the war isn’t over when the POC army is ejected, overrun – or eliminated. That’s just one stage of the war that is won (or lost). The white man will never be free – until all the white men (or women) who want to enslave him – are dead.

          • Most of our language has been corrupted. Arguing about what words truly mean is again a waste of time just like utilizing facts to combat feelings. What you assume “grown ups have always recognized” has usually been imposed, because such a small part of any society in any age is composed of genuine adults. As I constantly remind my kids, most people grow old without every growing up.

            Everyone here claims to believe in reality, but they keep denying the reality of today’s insanity as though it’s a mere phantasm that can be defeated by insisting on “true meanings,” a talisman like using an evil one’s “real” name.

    • Yeo for whites it’s either fight for our very lives or end up being landfill material. Seriously all the hate the Left is ginning up against us is just setting the stage for what comes next when Trump is gone. That being declaring war on whitey.

      The problem with our side is that most still think it won’t get any worse even though historically the Left if given the opportunity has tended to resort to genocide to deal with people they don’t like.

      And they certainly don’t like us.

      • Exactly, deluding yourself that this is just a war of words will be of no comfort on the way to the detention camps or killing fields. If you’re not man enough to fight for your life, get the hell out of the gene pool.

        • If it’s necessary we’ll defend ourselves, but there’s nothing approaching the will, much less the logistics, for effective mass resistance to anything like Soviet or Cambodian oppression on the near-future horizon. Deluding yourself that this can be a war of fists, much less bullets for the foreseeable future, will be of no comfort when you’re Bundy Ranch’d or Ruby Ridge’d with nothing but hostile lying press to mark your demise. That’s a 1.0 mistake we can’t afford to make. That said, I’ve always said we should teach our kids to fight & survive. The skills and mindset yield their own rewards in confidence and well-roundedness and serve as insurance if sh*t really does go down.

          • In my post above about StackExchange I was going to post this as my conclusion but decided the post was already too long.

            “Anyone participating in an institution under leftist assault should stop what they are doing and redirect all energies towards stopping the coup and expelling the coup plotters. People stuck in institutions that have been overrun must recreate them with explicit rules and language prohibiting leftist shenanigans. In the case of SE, this would be a rival organization with bylaws stating that pronoun policing is explicitly forbidden and those attempting it will be expelled.”

            Logistics comes out of organization. The left has its ever expanding network of organizations and is able to coordinate its assaults that way. Effective organization on the right is the only counter. Ultimately we need a network of institutions thoroughly purged of leftists and committed to mutual support of one another through money, personnel, and eventually though arms where appropriate. Ruby Ridge would be an example of what I’m *not* talking about for example.

          • Exactly the kind of ideas I’m working with – 5th political theory, third position. In the same way that dissidents in the Warsaw Pact organized underground institutions, we need to be able to operate both inside and outside the Empire’s effective reach. I’m working on some concept posts for how to organize so that there’s a role for those who want to stay “on the grid,” those who want to shapeshift and those who’re looking to “bug out.” We can coordinate those groups to provide some real anti-fragility and flexible response to countermeasures, all within the bounds of the existing law, but ready and able to react when they inevitably change the law.

          • Ain’t happening,

            That said, the Left is getting close to their endgame for us whites and it won’t be like the way it was under the Warsaw Pact commies. Our Left is more Maoist than post-Stalinist. IOW much more bloody.

            We either end up either in ghettos starving to death or landfills. That’s how the Left rolls when they get power and they target a group for extinction. And in case you haven’t noticed they have made that no secret they want us dead and gone.

            And that day is coming once the Left retakes the WH.

          • What the hell is this political fixation here? You think having Trump in the White House has stopped or even slowed the leftist tide? Trump’s damned government has prosecuted and incarcerated more Whites for hatefacts than the damned Abomination did. Elections don’t matter. Voting doesn’t matter. Most of all, Republicans versus Democrats don’t matter. My God, we’re talking dissident politics pre-k here.

          • I’m no one’s acolyte but Vox Day has been harping on this (purging any institution of leftists and being vigilant about maintaining hard core rules to prevent future infestation) for years. He’s written books about this.

          • Mass resistance takes many forms and only requires about 1% of the white population to wreck the system. Hell even a thousand men with thermite and rifles would cause coast to coast blackouts of the blue hives of the Left/Globo-Homo and turn them into burning charnal houses.

            Look the Left is getting close to the end game and historically we know what they do to groups they don’t like – they genocide them. That’s what they have planned for us.

            FFS this is why they are eradicating our culture and society. Wake up McFly!! That’s the first step to genocide – erase our intellectual and cultural contributions and replace them with NewThought/NewArt. Eventually they will get around to erasing us.

            It’s no joke, I know the kool kids here get a big laugh out of the Left/Globo-homo but those folks are dead serious and have the power to do as they please.

            When Trump is gone they will drop the hammer on us.

          • Trump is not constraining them! He’s only drawing their attention and hate as a temporary focus because he’s somehow a symbol of opposition to the left although he’s fully on board with over half their agenda, minus the extreme edges. How often has he trumpeted his wonderful numbers with Negroes and Mestizos lately? I wouldn’t know because I don’t wast my time listening to the man.

  30. Best article in a while. So many hidden gem phrases:
    The American Left is purely reactionary, tethered to Donald Trump like a slave being taken to market.
    A feature of left-wing politics is a vague understanding of what they are for, but a detailed understanding of what they oppose.

    Of course mentioning Ben Shapiro is a bit of a downer. My daughter and her roommate might end up attending one of Shapiro’s lectures at their University. I’m looking for some kind of hit piece on him that would summarize all of his problems so that I can ask her to read it and consider before going.

  31. > The alternative is a different, more appealing set of beliefs.

    This is really an excellent and important idea.

    When I first started dissident politics, many years ago, it seemed that “the right” was merely a complaint factory.

    We were always focused on mouthing about what we didn’t like: I don’t like X, I don’t like Y. They were always reactive. In many cases, their complaints were driven by leftist accomplishments. I called this negativism.

    To me, it seemed important to state what you DO like, what you were working towards. I called this positivism.

    You can’t build a socio-cultural/political movement on negativism. You can’t develop long-term strategies of incremental improvement merely on complaints. Yes ‘grievance’ is a powerful motivator to move people away from something, but it doesn’t work for moving people TOWARDS anything particular.

  32. At this point I time, the best way to fight the left is abject mockery.

    They’ve become so hysterical and the normie population so fed up with their bullshit that humor will break the dam.

    • I’ve been drawing comic strips for a short time and posting on twitter. I always depict the left as ugly and unappealing and weak, etc. Characters on our side will always be normal, strong, wise. The Normie-cons look normal, yet naive.

      • One point I’m going to be hammering in my own stuff is the value of aesthetics and popular art. Keep at it – we need our own Factory ala Warhol, our own Marvel, etc… as much as our own Frankfurt School – maybe more.

        • @Exile
          If I could suggest something for the more category “it’s ok to be white” goes all the way to philosophy. We need our ideas, yes, with realization of Truth

        • Exile, 100%.

          Truth and beauty. Truth finds a way to reveal itself. Because it is the natural way of things.

          Beauty is simply a reflection of this order, a physical manifestation of what is right.

          Similarly, lies will always rear their ugliness, which begets only more lies. Lies demand more lies. Ugliness demands us to lie to ourselves. The weight of this cannot hold.

          Because lies and ugliness are at odds with what is natural and good. This incongruence stands out as plainly as a broken window.

          Truth need only to exist. We see this in what is beautiful every day.

          A child is born with the ability to differentiate and is drawn toward truth and beauty.

          Thus a child must be tormented into adopting the layers of perverted facades required to live in the lie of Progress. This is a fragile system.

          We must remember that no matter how twisted the lies and how ugly they manifest physically – as they are destined to do, we are on the right side.

          We must adopt the aesthetics of the beautiful, the infinite reflections of truth in nature.

          When standing next to a shit-stained canvas of some modern statement of ‘art’ it requires us to lie to ourselves in order to manufacture some connection or meaning.

          But when standing next to a painting of a river running through a verdant valley, a person merely need to open their eyes and they know everything they need to know.

          This is a war of attrition we will win, but to your point, the effort must still be undertaken.

          • Art & dreams are the two means by which we most often touch the transcendent. No logical argument can match aesthetic power – even an INTJ like Rand recognized this. The Romantic Manifesto was one of her better works.

        • There’s a person calling himself (or his YouTube channel at any rate) Asha Logos, who advocates eloquently for the value of aesthetics in the larger overall fight. (The main pieces are however historical. Long, but I enjoyed them.)

          I’d recommend giving his stuff a look.

    • “They’ve become so hysterical and the normie population so fed up with their bullshit that humor will break the dam.”

      I’m not so sure. Before I came here this morning I was reading some stuff on StackExchange that dealt with a database question I was researching for a project. I stumbled on the thread about their “personal pronoun and Code of Conduct changes”. So as you can imagine the SJWs have now taken over at SE. I read some of the comments. Overall the response was negative. People didn’t like the changes. I sensed a weariness though in the people opposing the PC pronoun dictats and most had a very apologetic and conciliatory tone “while I fully support the LGBTQWERTY struggle…”.

      Most of these people posting were normies who simply seemed to think the mods had “gone too far” or were simply being hyper-sensitive. They don’t get that this kind of thing is an organized take over of yet another little piece of our society. They don’t get that these SJWs doing this are a dangerous little knot of utter fanatics pushing the same madness that inflamed the Chinese Cultural Revolution and created the Soviet Union. They think these people are the common cold when they are really a weaponized genetically engineered hybrid of AIDS and the Spanish Flu.

      Leftism is the central existential threat to modern civilization. All expressions of it should, by now, after almost 200 years of subversion, delusion, and mass murder, be regarded with the same alarm as a large asteroid on a heading that will cross the earth’s orbit. Normies certainly don’t yet grasp this.

      • “Leftism is the central existential threat to modern civilization. All expressions of it should, by now, after almost 200 years of subversion, delusion, and mass murder, be regarded with the same alarm as a large asteroid on a heading that will cross the earth’s orbit. Normies certainly don’t yet grasp this.”

        Best paragraph on this thread so far. Bravo.

      • You can kill a man, but you can’t kill an idea. We could toss every leftist out of a helicopter at 2000 feet, but we won’t win the war until their ideas are utterly discredited and laughable. The god of our age is Equality, flanked by Diversity and Inclusion. What will be our ideas to challenge these?

        • No, you cannot kill an idea, and certainly not an emotion-driven one by facts and logic. How do you propose to discredit the left-half of the IQ curve’s desire for everyone to be the same and everything to be fair so they aren’t at the bottom of the totem pole? That’s why I’m constantly reminding people Covington was right in his NW books – the same purportedly “discredited ideas” will always re-arise in some way, usually from women or the less capable or the secret kings, and they must be repeatedly crushed. This idea that somehow there can or will be a final victory and people can rest and just be left alone is dead wrong. Vigilance against the “fairness and equality” infection cannot ever be relaxed.

  33. Guten morgen, Gruppenfurher Z.

    Let me assure you all – in the words of our friends at USA Today – “We Are All Nazis Now”.

    Let me put your fears to rest, if you have any trepidation about joining the 4th Reich. First – you have no choice. Second – your conscription is an easy and an even enjoyable procedure.

    Couple years back I was arguing with my shitlib mother, who was berating me (virtue signalling) – for opposing mass immigration. She orated, pontificated, and bloviated about how diversity is our strength, and I was speaking out against thousands of very nice people. I retorted, “You need about 95 Somalis to move into this neighbourhood…”

    The old bitch gawped and sputtered, and vapour locked – and boom! I was done!

    “You’re a filthy Nazi,” she spat. “You’re a femcunt shitlib!” I laughed in reply. So it is that I became a fascist myself, literally worse than Hitler. I spend my days spreading hateyness hither and yon – as I gather dark forces around myself to use against hapless vibrants, wahmen, and other miscellaneous perverts, marginals and victims.

    I haven’t spoken to the old bint in years, but that is A-OK with me!

    Zieg Heil, everyone! And have good Tuesday!

    • My (single) mother was an incredible fan of Bill Buckley—and of course, McNeil-Lehrer on PBS. She spoke of how “intelligent” these folk were. Big words impressed her. She even said this to me. She was a limited person in many ways.

      From her I learned a bit about people—myself included. But none-the-less, she was my mother and a product of her time, situation, and generation. I can never speak ill of her. For all her “failings”, I find myself here—and a large part of that is her doing, even if I fail to realize such.

      John, please consider this before defaming your mother in a public forum.

      • I get where you’re coming from… but… no. Defamation? You and I are Nazis, my friend. Who is defaming who?

        This morning, we woke up to another four years of having Turdo La Doo as our prime minister up here in Canada. Here in Alberta, in anticipation of his environmental carbon taxes – the first wave of layoffs started. Thousands are going to lose their jobs in the patch. For every patch job lost, four more will be lost in the supporting industries. It’s going to be devastating. I’m currently unemployed and my prospects just got a lot darker overnight.

        But my mother is fine with this. She was a life long snivel servant, and as long as her fat pension cheques keep coming… she’s just fine with flooding the job markets with wahmen, vibrants, and shutting down the oil patch to save the environment. She’s too dumb and insulated to see the consequences of her politics and voting habits – largely because people back down from her and don’t want to fight about politics with her. She retired with the Freedom 55 thing, she doesn’t have to pay the consequences – and if nobody says anything, she’ll just keep running her mouth and voting for morons that make her feel good.

        One of the things dissidents need to realize is that being civil and polite to leftists that won’t reciprocate – is a losing proposition. I believe it is time to answer snark with snark, contempt with contempt – and violence with violence if it comes to it.

        • Violence with violence? It’ll probably come to that. War to the knife, knife to the hilt.

          The only principle is victory.

  34. Because their demonology requires their enemies to be neo-Nazis or stereotypical “rednecks,” I think what particularly bothers them is normal-looking white identitarians or white nationalists.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the very first person YouTube used its “limited state” mechanism on was Jared Taylor, a pleasant-looking and only slightly eccentric southern gentleman.

    Or that YouTube has allowed a lot of harder-edged stuff for years, but has nuked Allsup and Red Ice, channels with personable, normal family people as hosts.

    The left-wing world is a fictional world, and they have to try to disappear the real people who contradict their fictions.

    • They have to explain that people like Jared Taylor are especially dangerous because of his nice appearance and manners, which might “fool” people into accepting his beliefs.

    • And of course notice how obsessed they are still with “images of polo shirted, khaki-clad” neo-Nazis at Charlottesville. Of course, to the extent that’s accurate (the clothes, not the nazi part) it’s really a good thing, as you suggest. Back in 96 or 2000, when the Repubs had their convention in NYC and there were the first “free speech pens” to bottle up protestors, Mark Ames, in NYPress, suggested the best method of protest would be scores of folks in polo shirts and Brooks Bros suits, just being normal as they marched down the street. I wonder if Spence got the idea from Ames?

      • I would assume so. Spencer was a fan of the eXile, the Moscow-based publication by Taibbi, Ames, Brecher and others. He got the idea of the ethno-state from Eduard Limonov, who was a regular in the eXile.

        • I follow Ames and Taibbi on muh Twitter, they have their moments. Taibbi was a minor devil of my normie-con demonology but once my perspective on the Yeltsin years became red-pilled, I realized he had some lucid points amid the moonbattery.

          • Taibbi tries to transcend his ideological inclinations, which is admirable. He’s a good writer and makes some good observations. Ames was never all that interesting to me.

          • Huh. Might be time to give Taibbi another try, then. My initial impression of the man was that he was trying too hard to sound like the next Hunter Thompson.

          • he was trying too hard to sound like the next Hunter Thompson.

            All of the eXile-crew were, they were trying to BE Thompson, except jockstrap-juvenile.

            Taibbi’s eponymous piece on Goldman Sachs coined the term The Vampire Squid – John Dolan wrote some good stuff too, most memorably his pseudonymous War Nerd-colums, which, alas have been paywalled, except for some of the latest (not-quite-as-edgy-anymore) installments, written after they fled Moscow and set up shop in the Canal Zone.


            Also, a very interesting long-read about his time as a contractor in the neocon war machine, teaching Iraqi quislings English.


        • EXile was an interesting publication – especially for anyone interested in picking over the bones of the Soviet Union. Limonov always “self-identified” (as they say these days, before specifying exactly which hip urban zip they’re “based in”) a fascist. He was a “character”.

          Although a completely different animal, the World Socialist Website is a pretty good place to see Trotskyist Lefty’s underpinnings up close and some cracks among their orthodoxy. They’re still stuck on the union/capitalist paradigm (kind of passe in the US) but occasionally have something like this series on DNC’s 2018 strategy to fool conservatives and stuff Congress with Dem IC /MIC candidates :

      • The war on men is not some accident of leftism, but a crucial front in dividing men from their women.

        It serves to undermine marriage and family formation sure enough, but is also an integral weapon in the reason v. Feelz, reality v. Anti-reality, oppressor-victim narrative. A feminized culture finds dialectic to be boring and unsexy.

        Making sure white men, the boring, uncool, khakis and polo “chads”, appear to be low status sexual losers is essential to their cause.

        It also allows for the quick and easy generation of their Demons, be it rapey lacrosse teams, incel racist mass shooters, or notsees under every bed.

        It is also the central thrust of their war on normalcy. Normal is boring. No tingles for the gurlz.

        Normal comes from the bad old days where girls were sold into slavery, i mean marriage, and couldn’t have awesome jobs and funtimes at globo corp.

        Part of making a more appealing set of beliefs will require mending the most essential divide between men and women.

        No movement can gain traction if the men within it remain low status in the eyes of their women.

        So the set of beliefs will need a set designer to create and maintain an aesthetic that reinforces those beliefs but is also status accretive.

        Men lead and women follow, as the saying goes, but in an all out war of rhetoric within a culture tilted against men in every possible avenue, there should be a lot of focus going forward how to communicate and display those alternative beliefs such that they appeal to the innate pro-social drives of men but also which and how of those things can appeal to the feelz – or tingles, of women.

        Like with war on white in general, a starting place might be to take a hint from what the left is most afraid of, what they strike at with paranoia.

        Said another way, we don’t need to fret about what qualifies as white, as some on our side like to sandbag about. Just ask your favorite lefty, they will show you.

        Same goes here. What triggers them? That wholesome blonde family with lotsa kids? I don’t know exactly but it needs to be explored.

        • What triggers them? Families like the Duggars. That blonde actor from Dawson’s Creek expecting his fifth child with his blonde wife. The vicious and mouth foaming that goes on in the Daily Mail comments or on Twitter would lead you to believe these people are the most wicked in the world. That’s what triggers them.

  35. I watched the first episode of the new HBO Watchmen series because I thought the movie was cool. In that alternative timeline (where the Tulsa race riot was started by whites and a thousand times worse than ours) the mysterious bad guys really are legions of racists neo-nazis. A super-cop middle-aged black woman hunts and kills them for sport. The writers really are obsessed with bad-whites.

    • Perhaps obsessed with bad Whites, or perhaps PC has ruled out all bad guys other than Whites? Hard to write a script for an action-drama without an antagonist.

    • Well what you describe is your typical lefty produced and written show. No different than Special Victims Unit with Mariska Hagarity where the bad guy is typical a white, college educated male and the brown skins are the saints.

      Bottom line: Whites are the new bad guys/clowns/losers on TV.

  36. “…the demand for Nazis long ago exhausted the supply…”

    Oh, they just go to Hollywood and conjure up more of them. Whether real or imaginary, it doesn’t matter to lefty. For him, perception IS reality.

    One thing that I find fascinating about old lefty-boomer acquaintances of mine…they truly are stuck in the “summer of love”. I can’t figure out what keeps their minds so infantile. Is it the music? The film and TV? The images? No matter how often I point out that they are not entitled to their own facts in service to liberal ideals that do not hold up to empirical proof, they are undeterred. They love to play “red team versus blue team”, seemingly unaware that the establishment is indifferent. They dearly love their narratives and are determined to clutch them to their breasts all the way to the grave.

    • Boomer conservatives operate in a very similar way, with infantile civic nationalist beliefs that simply cannot be broken. They play the same red team vs blue team game as well. And I have found some are young-earthers or some other fundamentalist nonsense…

      • The fundamentalism comes in to play as boomer-cons watch the comfortable society of their youth collapse in greed and hedonism around them. Their children are worthless, and they know it. I have seen conservative farm families actually go along with interracial marriage and homosexual perversity in order to keep their families together. They clutch those bibles out of sheer desperation and bewilderment.

        • I think that’s one of the reasons why religious conservatives are obsessed with abortion, to the point of sanctioning bastardy and welfare dependency. They’ve lost every other moral issue – most recently the question of gay marriage. Lose abortion and they’ve lost 100-0.

      • Some of the smartest normie-cons I know go Cotton Mather when certain lines are toe’d, much less crossed.

        I’m with Jon Haidt – the cortex is the rider, the rest of the brain is the elephant.

        Years ago a prof of mine told me about dining in Singapore with a dual-PhD’d Muslima during the Salman Rushdie fatwa outrage. When the inevitable subject arose, her elephant shook its dual-doctorate mahouts and snarled “he must die, he is a blasphemer.”

        Whether you worship Allah or muh Founders, if your faith is so shallow that someone’s facts can shake it, you’re not much of a believer, and not much use to a movement.

        That’s why I think it’s critical for us to ground Our Thing in a faith that serves our people rather than crucifying them. The mix of modern Cucktianity and civic nationalism has rendered a huge swathe of Boomercons immune to empirical truth.

        • Churchianity and civnattery are cancers. But if Aristotle is correct then some high percentage of people are incapable of dialectic thinking and therefore can only be persuaded by rhetoric- regardless of their narrative.

        • A speaker at a tea party meeting I attended said that people don’t reason, they feel and then use reason to justify their feelings. I asked two individuals who ran political campaigns their opinions and they both said that that’s true of most people. I think that Jonathan Haidt says the same thing.

          I read somewhere that Orthodox Jews don’t get hysterical about the sight of a creche on public property because they’re secure in their faith. It’s the secularized Jews who do.

    • One thing that I find fascinating about old lefty-boomer acquaintances of mine…they truly are stuck in the “summer of love”. I can’t figure out what keeps their minds so infantile.

      It’s because they – 99.5% of them – missed out on the action.

      • So if we steal the sexytimes perception back from the left, and make it accessible to a broad swath of our people, we win.

        Mock them as a bunch of humorless scolds. Does anybody really believe that explicit affirmative consent is sexy?

        • My local affluent leftists, well…
          Humorless: check
          Emotions driven: check
          Raised useless, entitled children: check
          Deal with them only if I have to while mocking them in ways that they totally do not pick up on, a personal joke I have with me: check

        • So if we steal the sexytimes perception back from the left, and make it accessible to a broad swath of our people, we win.

          That’s how the Nazis did it.

    • Countering the narrative takes intense focus. When the prevailing media is abjectly Anti White and most normies are constantly immersed in media it is easy for them to believe in bogeymen. It’s like uncoupling people from the matrix, maybe 1% will be saved from the mind rot that surrounds them. History says that we only need a dedicated core of influences that will be able to tip the culture over but how to find that core and keep them on message in an increasingly atomized movement? Tilting at windmills has a fun feel for a bit but leads to burnout and insanity eventually.

      If we want to retake the culture we need to be inspired ourselves to create and more importantly maintain our focus to create. ZMan and others are great in the idea sphere. I want to see more of us contribute in the arts and take back some ground from the AntiWhites. We need artists, musicians and filmmakers to start making inroads in the culture war.

  37. This, I think, is the most important point that the dissident right has to make with normies and Boomer conservatives. Most still think that argument is about making points with logic and facts (heck, many folks on the left think they’ve got ‘logic and facts’ on their side too). This is why you always see pseudoscience articles about how liberals are smarter than conservatives, or conservatives talking about how dumb liberals are because they believe in socialism. If we’re the ‘reasonable’ ones, then it must just mean that our reason and facts cannot be understood by the other side.

    Argument today is about creating feelings in the listeners. This is a point that Vox Day does a good job on – Rhetoric, not Dialectic, is what works on most people. The modern left is pretty much nothing *but* Rhetoric.

    • It sounds simplistic, but everything has to be presented as a morality play, with us as the good guys and them as the bad guys.

      That’s what they’re doing, it works, and we should simply do the same.

      It doesn’t help that they control the media, and that people see a hundred morality plays every day, in TV shows, ads, and “news,” from their point of view. But if memes are all we’ve got, then we’ve just got to use them the best we can.

      I suggest that everybody read the brilliant twitter account of “Moo Moo Cow” (sic) on this point.

      • The vast majority of any individual’s experience is now synthetic. Derived from media in one for or another. The media promulgates the ‘morality play’ because (a) they believe it draws people’s attention and (b) serves their — and their political patrons — interests.

        A counter-narrative is not the same thing as a new — or alternative — narrative. The problem with a new narrative is that it often seems alien upon first contact, so the goal is to create ‘bridging narratives’ between the current paradigm and the new paradigm.

        To my mind, the alternative narrative is universal ethno-genetic nationalism (UEGN), the position that all peoples with sufficient numbers who wish to take on the responsibility of sovereignty and the burden of self-determination should receive a homeland. For Whites, this would mean White Nationalism. For Blacks it would mean Black Nationalism, and so on. Since the principle of UEGN is not based upon hate but reciprocal respect leading to separation, UEGN disrupts the ‘morality play’ that wants to place Whites in the ‘bad guy’ category while everyone else is the ‘good guy’.

        Nationalist-populism is the *bridge* between the current — Liberal — political order and UEGN.

    • Belief is a sticky thing. Inside the world of duality, better to operate with truths about the relative world, and save belief for that One, Inexpressible Mystery “I Am” that transcends duality.

      It’s magical thinking all right, to feel you as a personal self, can DEFINE absolute truth with the finite mind, made more dangerous when you then turn it into belief

      • You say belief is a sticky thing, Pursuvant. But belief is often held up by the mattress of doubt. Because so many men lack deep confidence, their beliefs become prone to commandeering and seizure. This is how the Left wins Swing Votes. It plays on the doubts of those hovering around the needle of the political center.

        And when the person falls, the Left just grows stronger.

        • Yes your points are good. What I was describing is that in a relative world, truths are realization from your lived experience of that world, and what works. They can and should change as experienced conditions change and what previously worked, no longer does. Belief becomes immovable & prevents realization that new workable solutions are needed.

          Belief is why boomers are stuck in their ’80s obstinacy. Realization is why we are here with Z

    • Beale’s emphasis on rhetoric, winning hearts before minds, is one of his stronger positives, a big part of what makes him a gateway rather than a gatekeeper. He’s a net-positive. His lolbertarian civ-nattery is tolerable because anyone reaching his level can see an easy, logical path to the summit and no good reason not to push on.

    • They think the same exact thing about us. They really think they are the ones with “science” and “reason” and “facts” and “evidence” on their side.
      When both sides think the other side is crazy and relying on emotions, whims and even hatred, compromise and concession is just completely impossible. But our side never seems to learn this lesson. They think they can reason with the left. They cannot understand that the left thinks we are both crazy and evil.
      Crushing them is the only option.

      • The Left knows damn well they don’t have facts on their side, just watch Tucker Carlson when he interviews some progtard. They don’t want a debate on facts, all they do is spew talking points for the 5-10 minutes Tucker is trying to question/debate them.

        Look how they flip out when some states there are only two sexes and you can’t change your sex. They go apeshit and destroy the person stating that.

        We can’t state that Blacks are responsible for over half the murders in this country either.

        Gun control – 30 + years ago the Right essentially got the Left to admit they just wanted to disarm the law abiding citizen while leaving the criminal class armed.

        Now the Left is saying that Math is racist. These people are Lysenkoists pure and simple.

        Lastly they are totally intolerant of differing views that they force us to hide our identities on-line to protect ourselves.

        No, they aren’t like us at all.

        • Nobody thinks they are the bad guy. They really do believe this stuff. If you bring up the 2 gender stuff, they have links back to peer-reviewed journals claiming there are 87 genders or whatever.
          Some are just pretending and are motivated by other things, but most are sincere.

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