The Perfidious Right

A feature of Buckley-style conservatism has been its willingness to borrow the language from those it purges, but tarting it up with modifiers in order to make it acceptable to their masters on the Left. They are not really borrowing the ideas, as they have no interest in those. What they are looking for is the energy of the people they purged, in the same way a mythical beast sucks the life force from its victims. The idea is to direct some of the excitement toward themselves, without having to do anything.

It’s not just an American thing. It may be better to cast it as a feature of English-speaking politics. A great recent example is from England, where the Tories decided to steal the thunder of the nationalists by putting Brexit up to a vote. The game was to pretend they wanted Britain to leave the EU, but have the vote go the other way, so the Tories could pretend to be nationalists, without having to clash with their paymasters and moral betters. It did not work out that way, but that was the plan.

The first example of the Buckleyites playing these games was way back in the before times when they purged the Birchers. There’s little doubt that many of the Birchers were nuts and unstable. They accused everyone of being a tool of Russia, which makes them a forerunner of the modern Democratic party. The thing is, Buckley purged them from the movement, but kept extreme anti-communism as his issue. Conservatism was thereafter defined by a less than serious opposition to communism.

Often, what the so-called conservatives will do is bolt on modifiers to ideas popular among their base or in dissident circles. The game is to pretend to be enthusiastic for the thing, while telling the Left there is no reason to worry. The compassionate conservatism stuff peddled by the neocons is a great example. The unspoken meaning was that these compassionate conservatives were big fans of Reagan-style politics, but would make sure the Left was happy with whatever they were doing.

As Buckley conservatism fades into the background, the push now is to revive it by tarting it up as a defense of nationalism. The first effort was the Yoram Hazony book and roadshow this past summer. Now, Rich Lowry has a book out claiming to be a manly defense of American nationalism. Lowry was at the Hazony show over the summer and no doubt noticed that no one bothered noticing him. He wandered around the venue like a lost soul. Suddenly he is a nationalist.

Of course, his brand of nationalism must first be accepted by the globalist oligarchs that keep Conservative Inc in business. According to the official blurb for the book, “He explains how nationalism is an American tradition, a thread that runs through such diverse leaders as Alexander Hamilton, Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan.” You see, as everyone knows, nationalism has always been about diversity, because everyone knows diversity is a nation’s strength.

Lowry is not the only body snatcher trying to repackage the arguments of Pat Buchanan into a new movement palatable to the Left. Someone calling himself Colin Dueck has a book making the same claims as Lowry. Here’s his latest bit of self-promotion on the National Review website. His big idea is the clunky term Conservative American Nationalism, which he would no doubt pitch as CAN. Maybe he’ll take to calling himself the CAN-man or sell coffee mugs with CAN on them.

Dueck is a defender of the liberal international order and he is primarily concerned with preserving that order, while addressing public unhappiness with it. His book does not clearly make that point, but he has made that point himself. Here is a short clip of him doing so from last year. In other words, the game here is to use the language of nationalism to defend the liberal international order. It’s the same gag they ran on the Tea Party people. Borrow the language in order to neuter it.

You see the perfidy in the opening paragraphs. Dueck writes, “With regard to foreign commitments, America’s conservative nationalist tradition goes back to George Washington’s Farewell Address, along with Thomas Jefferson’s confirmation of it, urging the country to avoid permanent entangling alliances.” Notice the modifier attached the phrase “entangling alliances.” The implication is that Washington was fine with temporary entangling alliances, just not permanent ones.

In his farewell address, Washington said something different. “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.” At the time of his address, the United States had few political relations with Europe. Yet, even these temporary connections were seen as a threat by Washington.

Later, Washington is even more explicit. “Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.” Washington was describing Buckley conservatives perfectly.

Of course, the main flaw in these new calls for nationalism in America, even if they are sincere, is that the time for that has passed. The people now throwing around nationalistic language were the people, who purged people like Pat Buchanan back when it was still possible to preserve the historic American nation. Instead, the Buckleyites usurped the confidence of the people, in order to convince them to surrender their interests to cosmopolitan globalists.

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160 thoughts on “The Perfidious Right

  1. In the last few years, around the time that gays went from “Please stop beating us!” to, “You will let us teach our perversions to your kids, otherwise you are Nazi!”, I noticed something.

    Anal sex between normal couples, was suddenly the new trendy thing everywhere from Cosmo, to my buddies’ conversations and porn. Anal sex between men and women is still degenerate for all the same reasons homosexual anal sex is. So my question is that since these issues happened simultaneously, was this a tactic of the gays to gain acceptance or a result of them gaining acceptance?

  2. You write:

    “Of course, the main flaw in these new calls for nationalism in America, even if they are sincere, is that the time for that has passed. The people now throwing around nationalistic language were the people, who purged people like Pat Buchanan back when it was still possible to preserve the historic American nation. Instead, the Buckleyites usurped the confidence of the people, in order to convince them to surrender their interests to cosmopolitan globalists.”

    I don’t believe the time for Nationalism has passed. You see a revival of Nationalism across the whole of Europe and the world. First PIS in Poland, then Hungary, then Italy, not to mention BJP running India and Dutarte in the Philippines. The internationalist soy-boys (and women) like Trudeau are the ones who will be hearing: “the time for that has passed”.

    Sure Buckley and his crew did many bad things, and in retrospect, very few valuable things in constructing Conservatism Inc. The good news is that everyone on the right has figured that out. The creation and use of the term “cuckservative” was the sound of the coffin lid slamming closed on that movement. Eric Erickson, to hear his name is to laugh.

    So, we men of the right have to stand up, dust ourselves off, figure out our new axioms and how to communicate them to our potential allies, and set to work building the nation we want in place of the one we have.

    Yes, it would have been nice if the building we are now going to renovate had not been let go vacant. As a result there is a lot of water damage, all the windows are gone, and some of the walls will have to be ripped out. Our first task is to decide “do we keep the shell and do a total interior rehab, or rip it down to the ground and start over?” Either way, something better is going to rise on this patch of land.

  3. This article reminds me why Limbaugh, Levin, Ingraham etc are such frauds engaged in distracting and misdirecting the energies of legacy americans by employing canned, meaningless slogans in a pretense that the values and conditions of the America of the 1950’s can be recovered.

    • Limbaugh, Ingraham and even Carson all have to tow the line or they get pulled off the air. Tucker and Pirro have already had temporary bans because they started touching on subjects the ruling class didn’t like.

      There hasn’t been true free speech over the airwaves or in the newspapers for a very long time.

      Though the is looking DR ifoolish throwing everything away and hoping for a dictator/king to fix things for them as so many here want. Talk about a toxic mix of abdication of responsibility and arrogance.

  4. “Instead, the Buckleyites usurped the confidence of the people, in order to convince them to surrender their interests to cosmopolitan globalists.” – Z-man

    I have hated the Buckleyites since the 70’s. They were transparently helping to destroy the USA. It is heartwarming to have lived to see so many people understand that cancer for what it was. If only I could have convinced people back then.

    • Not sure I’d say I’m having trouble, but the time stamps are indeed goofed up to Heck and gone. (e.g. response posted BEFORE the original comments, etc.)

  5. But there is something positive in this. The gatekeepers realise that the old mummery about muh…free markets has run its course. So they’re seeking a new wholesale supplier for the gaudy retail outlets. They chose Causa Nostra because they’re just smart enough to sense what the public wants this season. We should be honoured.

    Of course, they will try to pass it off as their own and slap their brand labels all over it. That’s what retailers do. But they cannot purge our people again because they no longer have anyone to purge. We’re watching them now and it won’t be long until we can open our own, bigger and better shops.

  6. Couldn’t find much about this Dueck fellow’s background, but it is clear he is one of the many shape shifting never-Trumpers haunting the halls of power. He apparently wasn’t A-list enough to directly participate in the infamous National Review “Against Trump” issue in February 2016, but that same week he penned this:

    A couple choice quotes: Trump “is completely unfit to be America’s commander-in-chief,” and “before this year is over, Donald Trump is going to end up as the very thing he hates most. A loser.”

    He also signed on to this never-Trump “open letter” a couple weeks later:

    Now, don’t get me wrong, Mr. Z was spot on when he called Trump “a bullshitter who got lucky,” and even if he had been something more, I don’t think he could have overcome the forces arrayed against him. That said, what the never-Trumpers REALLY hated about Trump was his ideas: immigration restriction, trade policies that benefit American workers, and opposition to the forever wars in the Middle East at the behest of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    And it is the last of these three that might cause Republicans to go along with impeachment and removal, since, e.g., pulling out of Syria threatens to cut them off from their donor base. As always, the answer to all your questions is money.

    • Trump announced a “Permanent Ceasefire” in Syria today and declared our troops were “getting out” and leaving the “blood-soaked sand” for others to fight over.

      And the President is getting slammed for it. Somehow, some way, the Deep State/Media/UniParty Complex must be completely and utterly destroyed.

  7. I read Revilo P Oliver’s, America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative this summer. Many of his criticisms echo ZMan’s sentiments, so this crockpot has been simmering for quite sometime.

    These CONservatards are coyotes, hunting for scraps to chew on from an easy kill. They will hunt small game but if challenged they will up and run, cowering and hiding. What they really love is to gorge themselves on someone else’s kill. The Kosher Conservatives have been satiating themselves on the bloated corpse of our Republic for a while. It was murdered in 1913 with the popular election of senators, installation of the Fed and establishment of the federal income tax. Since then, we lost the country, they kept the name on it for beguilement purposes but effectively we ceased being a Republic then; we rightly should have changed the name to Jeckyl…fitting as it conjures an image of a Jackal, the slinking cousin to the Coyote, fighting for scraps.

    I can’t really fault a coyote for being one. In my home state they are vermin and we deal with them with the business end of a 30/30. The best way to hunt them is to think like them…they are greedy, lazy but crafty and can turn the tables on you and if you lose sight of them they can actually sneak up on you and attack. Most of the time however they will manage to get away.

    We are a different breed of animal. Far more dangerous and craftier, yet to date, unable to hunt in packs. If we can take one point from our (European) history, its that the Westman is terrifying, ferocious and utterly destructive when we turn our attention to war. The Boomer conservative types act as a pressure relief valve on the pot. It’s designed to fail eventually, but (((they))) want to contain the explosion. Too bad for them, that the pressure cooker seems to be powered by propane when really there’s a bubbling magma chamber underneath.

    So until them, count everyday of peace and prosperity as a blessing and a chance to get a little more prepared. Me I’m hitting the woods today, enjoying the smell and sounds of Fall, going out for a hike, maybe putting some rounds down range, maybe trying to see if I can track some Coyotes…

    • You’re speaking my language. Learning how to work in a tribe again is going to be tough, The guys who form the core of our “outside the wire” presence will largely be guys who would have been at home in the frontier days.

      Explorers and adventurers are a hard bunch to lead – it took guys like Boone, Morgan & Crockett. That said, small, well-led mannerbunds of hardasses like that held down territories the size of Kentucky and Tennessee for decades and did a great deal to win the Revolutionary War. It’s worth the effort.

  8. Washington knew ancient Judaic political theory better than Jews do.

    Aren’t foreign entanglements the stuff Hezekiah put a stop to in Judea?

  9. St. Martin the Down-Low would have to get caught sodomizing married parishoners in a motel orgy before normie-cons….

    Wait, what?

  10. Maybe I’m just seeing things through partisan glasses, but the thing that gets me is the malice of it all. These writers are essentially just using crude verbal tricks to befuddle people (often the writers’ own people) into accepting their annihilation. I hate them, I tell you, I hate them. It’s unforgivable.

  11. What is becoming more clear to me, with every passing day, is that our thing just isn’t for most of the people we live with. We need to build our communities and expand our reach to like-minded people, but there is a limit. That limit is that the normies and everyone to the left of norm (and some on the right of norm) just don’t get it, and just sway with the wind.

    I’m not sure how to square the circle, that we have something great to offer many of the people who we live amongst, but getting from here to there just doesn’t seem possible, that normie is just not up for the mental discipline and stubbornness that this will take. Those who sway with the wind and have no foundational principles, other than the ideas-du-jour fed to them through the media and the powers-that-be, really can’t participate meaningfully in our thing, but can only simply drink from the trough that we might provide and fill for them.

    • There was nothing more enjoyable and relaxing for me than to have dinner & beers with like-minded Scandza attendees in Copenhagen. You don’t need to measure your words, you don’t need to explain, qualify or look over your shoulder – you’re among loyal members of your tribe.

      Seeding the normie-sphere with red pills is usually work, rarely a pleasure. Unlike some Bronze Age cultists we know, living a double life is basically unnatural for Whites and it’s a much greater burden on us than it is for the Most Moral Guys in the Universe.

      In the future, guys who want to bug out and farm, hunt or otherwise live a separate unplugged life away from the constant grind and GoodWhite sermonizing can help us build settlements outside the Empire’s reach, places where we can rest, recharge and take shelter. We need safe places like this to raise and train the next generations as well.

  12. Notice also that if they steal the word “nationalism,” making it mean some sort of cucky civnat thing, then our thing–wanting to live with our own people in our own way–won’t have a word any more.

    It’s actually a very Orwellian move. If our thing has a clear term that crystallizes its meaning and appeal, that’s a very powerful portal. That word would lead people into our thing.

    It’s harder for us to have a thing if we don’t have a word for our thing. That’s why they’re trying to pervert the language, and make sure that there’s no verbal entryway into our thing. Nasty people, but that’s the war we’re in.

  13. Yawn. The “manly defense of American nationalism” is a suicide pact for Whites. If anything this nonsense should reveal to normies looking across the river at us what issues are trivial to Dissidents and the ones that actually matter. The main one being the blank slate is a lie and Whites are exclusively being brainwashed to believe it and pay the price in full.

    At times I find myself agreeing with Colin Kaepernick. This place is awful for my people. America will never be the rainbow utopia ‘conservatives’ want it to be and the longer they embrace the lies their ‘GOP’, their tricorns, their flag and their constitution masks, the more pain and suffering White Americans will be forced to endure.

  14. “2 Proud Boys Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison For Defending Themselves From Antifa Attack”

    Four effing years! And NO one, on the “Perfidious Right” or any other “Right, ” rises to call out this obvious travesty of “justice.”

    This country is done.

    • Bingo!! It’s war against whites who dare get uppity.

      As for the “right” what do you expect? They already embrace trannies and homos.

      It will only get worse for us from here on out.

    • Yeah, it’s no joke out there. CivNats are fags. I’m sick of their hiding behind their precious Constitution when it’s obviously gone. Pussies.

  15. It’s not just National Review types who can’t accept nationalism. We have our own CivNats who refuse to accept the true meaning of the word. Over at Unz, Steve Sailer has a review of a new book spouting the usual white people are bad and should silenced message.

    Sailer takes umbrage that the writer would equate Steve’s “Citizenism” with white nationalism.

    Steve writes: “Citizenism calls upon Americans to favor the well-being, even at some cost to ourselves, of our current fellow citizens over that of foreigners and internal factions. Among American citizens, it calls for individuals to be treated equally by the state, no matter what their race.”

    Obviously, Sailer is on our side and one of our Mount Rushmore leaders, but his Citizenism is just a variant of Civic Nationalism. Citizenism explicitly demands that you favor people of a different race or ethnicity over your own because they have a piece of paper that lists them as a citizen of the United States.

    (Personally, I always believed that Steve was trying to do a triple bank shot with Citizenism. He’d use its non-racial aspect to make it sound good to fellow whites to accomplish severely limited immigration, which, in turn, would keep whites in control of the country. After all, limited immigration is good for current citizens.)

    Citizenism failed for the same reason that Civic Nationalism will fail: It lacks humanity. As Sailer himself says, a race or ethnicity is simply an extended family. To put a piece of paper or a set of laws above your family is wrong and cruel. A guy from India living in Virginia will not put the Constitution about his brother struggling in India, which is exactly what Citizenism asks him to do.

    That someone as smart and our our side as Sailer can’t see this shows how far will still have to go.

    • I frankly can’t believe that Sailer doesn’t see all that. It’s like a guy doing a puzzle, the puzzle is done except for one piece, he’s holding that piece in his hand, and he doesn’t know where to put it. I just don’t buy it.

      Maybe he thinks he can still get write-ups in the “mainstream” media, which will help him get the word out and do more damage? Or his 23andMe had some suprises? (He’s adopted.)

      • That’s my suspicion as well. Steve is too smart not to see that the demographics makes our future ethno-nationalism, whether as separate nation-states or semi-autonomous ethnic communities within a larger society. Multi-racial societies will not be held together long by a piece of paper.

        Some of it is probably just his generation. Boomers have a hard time accepting that it’s over. But, again, Steve’s a smart guy who’s been doing this a long time. You’d think that he’d have accepted reality by now. I have to believe that he believes that he’s best used as starting point for Normies who will eventually move toward people like Z-Man. That’s what happened with me.

        OTOH, maybe Steve does look at that 23andMe report and see that he’s been arguing all these years with guys who are part of his biological extended family. Caught between two worlds, perhaps. Who knows. I do know that Steve is still one of our treasures. I support him every month.

          • Sailer is no coward. He was putting his name out there long before there was any hope that we could win. It’s because he’s no coward that he confuses me.

        • I like your thoughts on Sailer, Citizen. I’m also a longtime supporter of Steve, and often wonder what he “really” thinks these days, considering the demographic changes since he started writing about this stuff.

          I remember reading the debate he had with Jared Taylor (in the mid-2000s?) where he argued for Citizenism over White Nationalism. I went into it thinking Sailer would win the debate, since I was on his side of the issue then. To my surprise, Taylor had the better arguments and won that debate in my opinion.

          • After reading Sailer’s response to Taylor about Citizenism, I’m happy to report that I was right. Sailer saw Citizenism as a backdoor – and politically palatable – way to maintain the white majority in the country. Sailer didn’t believe whites would rally around white identity at the time (really not until things got Zimbabwe bad) so he was looking for a political idea that would get whites behind serious immigration restriction.

            Good for Steve, but that opportunity is now gone. Shouldn’t it be time for him to change his tune.

      • I think Steve is stuck in the same place most people get stuck – there’s some intrinsic urge to treat America as an exception to the nation-race-family dynamic. Derb is the same way (but for more obvious personal reasons).

        • So are far too many here as well. It’s all about the exceptions and “what about meee” rather than accepting the hard, cold truth.

    • I have hung around enough non-whites to come to the conclusion that the civic-type nationalism that SS espouses does indeed work. Visit any decent community and it’s chock full of whites…and often has a large contingent of non-whites, most likely east Asian, south Asian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic. These communities work just fine. Everyone gets along. Good school districts. Nice homes (usually). This is not to begrudge ethno-nationalism, which I am not against. But civic nationalism and civic spirit can and does transcend race.

      • It can only do so at the micro level, and only to a certain point. There is a critical mass to groups at the micro level, where the group takes on the biological and social characteristics of the majority, no matter what. The existence of the “whattabouts” come from the outlier individuals joining a community of people who are something else. But we have seen, time and again, that an ethnic or religious minority joins some other majority, eventually blockbusts out the old majority, and the community takes on the new characteristics of the new majority. Over and over again.

      • You’re wrong – and I suspect that you know it. Culture is downstream from biology. If whites are the overwhelming majority, we can force other races to abide by our culture, some of whom probably even prefer it.

        But as soon as whites lose that majority status, other races revert to the culture dictated by their biology. Look majority black areas. Look at majority non-Cuban Hispanic areas. If you think for a minute, people in those areas are Constitution-loving whites in dark face, you’re either a fool or a liar.

        • Notice that I didn’t mention blacks in my little civnat screed. Maybe it’s the old socialist in me, but I think that class matters as much as race, in many ways. If you live in a country hell-bent on importing foreigners, and the ones that settle in your community are doctors/engineers/analysts, they will not necessarily F up the community. The problem is when migrants or other poors enter a community. For instance if hundreds of tracksuit-wearing white Russians settled in Mankato, MN, that community would go to s**t real quick.

          • Marko, keep in mind that every part of the gene pool will quickly revert to its mean, and the mean for each group and population is different. Some parts of the gene pool resist the slide to the mediocrity of its source gene pool, whatever waterline that gene pool wants to go to, and others find it real quick, like in the kids of the people you are talking about. It starts with IQ, which translates to frustration and anger when the person is in a population with a consistently measurable higher IQ than he has. Then things go all to pot when that population of frustrated and angry people reaches a certain percentage of the group. Have you ever been in a room where everyone else is smarter and more with it than you are? Not a very comfortable place. Imagine dealing with that 24/7/365 forever. Not blaming these people, they are just plunked down in a place that is not healthy and supportive of them. If IQ isn’t comfortable for you, how about a room full of alphas that have a much higher SMV than you do? If that is gibberish to you, how about being the only guy in an environment that’s all female. We need peers in our midst, and suffer if almost no one around us is a peer, especially if we are lower somehow than the rest of them are. That’s what mixed communities create, by definition.

          • Good God, man. Have you not heard of Regression to the Mean. Look it up. And wake up. Oh, and by the way, there’s no Santa Clause either.

          • I can only speak to the “doctors” part, but having been among many (WAY too many) South Asian doctors, I can state definitively say that they WILL “F” things up (in general). Yes yes, NAXALT and all that, but still, and to drive the point home: One of my best friends is a Pakistan-born medical doctor, and she purely HATES working with “brown people” as she puts it. (The Reasons to Hate list is topped by —in rank order — ego, laziness, status seeking, incompetence.) But she’s very Americanized and definitely a mutant. (As am I, alas.)

            Class IS important, and I agree too often overlooked in the US, but culture and biology will rank higher (in general) if you do a principal components analysis.

      • My experience has been that these communities largely don’t exist. When I’m told about them I usually find they are actually something like 90% white. Which means they aren’t diverse at all.

        We all know a 90% white or Asian community works fine, but the problem is America is at 65% and falling country, and those communities aren’t doing as fine. And for some reason all the citizenest blacks never seem to form a community that’s 90% black that isn’t a ghetto.

        Of course you can boil off the top 10% of blacks and top 20% of Hispanics or whatever and make a kind of diverse good neighborhood. But that still doesn’t mean civic nationalism works because you still have to figure out what to do with the other 90% of blacks and 80% of Hispanics with sub 90 IQs. They’re still in the country even when they’re not in your neighborhood.

        It’s sort of like the libertarians that figure if you have big business move in and real estate prices rise it might clean up Detroit. Which it might do, but only because all the current residents will just make another place their ghetto.

      • Maybe in small doses but in CA it’s been a utter disaster.

        Whites have had to take their kids out of public schools because the browns and blacks have turned them into daycare centers for morons. Social services groan under the mass of minorities who are on the dole and fill our hospitals and prisons full of 3rd world scum and gangsters.

        Those non-whites also don’t see themselves as Americans but as Mexicans, Muslims, Africans, etc. And they only behave because of the police and welfare they get at our expense.

        African Americans certainly do not see themselves as American, Muslims remain Muslims and loyal to their theocratic bosses in the Mosques. Guatemalans remain Guatemalans, etc. That’s the reality of it.

        And all of them bring their defective cultures with them.

        • The strategy in place for many decades in CA is The Cloward-Piven effect. The goal was to overload the system to the point that all social services collapse thereby bringing about a class revolt from the proletariat. The true irony is, the Anti-White ideologues in charge of CA have completely lost sight of the fact that this policy has been in effect for 50 plus years. They think that the ship they are steering into the iceberg is actually the SS Progress and they are boldly creating a just and more equitable future. They are stupid and insane and blind to the fact that the entire structure has been on auto pilot for years with the only goal being self destruction and societal immolation.

      • That some non-whites can survive and even prosper in a white society is no evidence at all that they can build, or even maintain one in the absence of a white majority.

        I’m sure you have a myriad examples that prove me wrong.

      • You conspicuously omit Blacks from your list of civic-amenable minorities.

        Does civic nationalism transcend Black?

        The civ-nat conceit that BadWhites don’t really know about minorities is ironically most common in places like Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota or Vermont.

        In fact, most of us have “hung around with enough non-whites” to come to different conclusions – enough to form a representative sample of their groups on average rather than judging them by outlying smart fraction diversity pets in the suburbs.

    • My problem with “white nationalism” – is that you’re trying to lump a whole bunch of whites together – who have not really been lumped together before. Decades before the current POC screamfest – it wasn’t really a “white nationalist” issue. Over here it was an Italian-American thing. Or an Irish thing. Or a Scots-Irish thing. Among the white people I lived with – there was always at some level at least – a recognition that we were NOT all originated from the same tribe.

      In Europe – that distinction is even more pronounced. When Germanics went on a rampage – they went after the Slavs. All the other white tribes – make jokes about the French, etc.

      The Euro elites have been bitching about “nationalism” – since WW1 broke out. Yet when the Germans and English soldiers climbed out of their trenches and gave each other Christmas presents and played soccer together – the elites told their generals to get those people back in line and get them back to shooting each other.

      So where is the problem really? Is it with “nationalism” – or is it with the friggin elites? My votes goes with elites. The elites were the problem that started WW1. After the war there were new – commie – elites. Their understanding of human nature was even worse than the ones that came before. So when people didn’t go along – they had to start killing them off by the tens of millions to try and make their bad ideas work.

      Now we’ve got a new elite – that once again doesn’t have to truly suffer the consequences of their decisions. But the problem is the same as it always was: defective elites.

      Jefferson shouldn’t have said “water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots” – he should have said : ” take the whole government at all levels and all the people in the power structure – including their friends and family – and kill them all every 25 years or so” – and start over from scratch.

      • I think the old and new elites, and the interwar commies, understood human nature quite well. And the understanding was that if the little people understood the real nature of how things were being done, those with their hands on the levers were dead meat. So it was not that they didn’t understand human nature, it is that they didn’t want the rest of us to understand human nature. Therein lies the grand scheme to deceive and to strip the commoners of their ability to think, to discern, to figure things out.

        As to the white nationalism thing, that’s a great point. Whites are pretty good at detecting white subgroups and fraternizing accordingly.

        • Sure but will those subgroups really matter when the ascendant POC decide to attack you for your “white privilege”? Plenty of time to draw distinctions between ourselves after we deal with external rivals and those who are deliberately subversive.

          Once again, our enemies hate us. They want our women, our wealth, and our deaths. When they come for you, do you think it will matter that you are Polish, German, Danish, or British?

          • We’re only starting to learn how to be a tribe again. You’re on point with the message. Common survival against a common enemy is more important than Nords vs. Meds or who fought who in WWII.

            Unless and until the Ice People come together to push back the tide of Sun People, arguing over “who’s really White” etc… is meaningless.

            We don’t want the grandkids of Gen Z arguing about this stuff on reservations while they kill themselves with heroin and booze ala the Indians.

          • Our enemies want to divide us and break us one by one because that is the only way they have a chance to conquer us. If we stand together, we are strong, just like that Aesop’s Fable about the bundle of sticks.

            If only there was a symbol to express that truth of strength through unity.

    • Steve goes out of his way to throw shade on the WN “micro-celebrities” he thinks he’s been unfairly lumped in with. Like his buddy Charles Murray, he will never learn that guys like Mike Enoch*, who would take blows for Steve and stand up for him, are worth defending, while courting the respectable crowd with anti-rayciss civ-nattery still makes you a Nazi.

      He’s not a bad guy but he has generational blinders and suffers from too much surfer-dude chillax mindset. He also has that college prof “above it all” air of smarty-smugness. If he ever gets totally deplatformed, he’s finally going to learn how triangulating away from BadWhites has left him on a lonely island with guys like Charles, hated by GoodWhites and resented and mistrusted by those who should, could and would have been his allies.

      * In his Unz summry of the Taki review, Steve mentions Marantz avoiding debate with “micro-celebs” in the BadWhite right – a veiled reference to Marantz’s Mike Enoch interviews.

    • Citizen of a Silly Country: I’m truly sorry, but how can you write “Sailer is on our side” at the same time he genuinely believes that all “be treated equally by the state, no matter what their race.” He’s a civ nat. A race-aware civnat who, despite his race awareness, doesn’t believe it’s really nice to enact policies consistent with what one notices. He’s fine with noticing, just not taking any action based on that noticing. He’s another form of a gatekeeper. People stay penned in with him for decades and never move another inch.

  16. “…willingness to borrow the language from those it purges…”

    The concept of “patriotism” went through a similar catharsis among the neocons and their sycophants. They used the military as their means of accomplishing their sleight-of-hand radicalization of terms. After the first Gulf War under Bush 1, Conservative, Inc. stood by while feminists pushed through a series of “reforms” that would allow women to serve in combat units and on board warships…eventually aboard submarines. When Clinton came along, homosexuals were allowed to serve under the “don’t ask/don’t tell” rubric. By the time Bush 2 entered office, the social changes were cemented into place using frequent photo ops with the president…award ceremonies, virtue signaling about “our fine men and women in uniform”, ad infinitum. By the time Obama left office, homosexuals were being married in military ceremonies and sex change operations were being performed in military hospitals. And by then, the word “patriotism” was firmly ensconced with the association of military boosterism. If you supported our military, you had to also support feminism and gay rights. Conservatism, Inc. quietly sat back and pretty much absorbed the new propaganda as by osmosis. Then, the day came when the leftist takeover of the Pentagon was secure: former representative Charles Rangel called for a reinstating of the draft. They now knew their military brainwashing apparatus was firmly in place. They could now use the military to pick up where schools left off.

    • There were a couple of old White guys outside a local store the other week, collecting donations – I’m not really certain for what. They plaintively asked me to “support our veterans.” I didn’t even answer them because all I wanted to say was “Your descendants will curse your name for destroying their patrimony.” My late father-in-law was a career army officer – and a very honorable man – and even now, my husband bitterly notes that it was all worthless – to “serve” a country turned over to the non-White deluge.

  17. I’m starting to think this Buckley character slayed your girlfriend one night while you were out getting on the turps with the boys 😏

  18. Re:
    “Later, Washington is even more explicit. “Excessive partiality for one foreign nation and excessive dislike of another cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots who may resist the intrigues of the favorite are liable to become suspected and odious, while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.” Washington was describing Buckley conservatives perfectly.”

    Who Washington was describing perfectly – are the Israel dick-lickers and the Saudiophiles.

    Even though nations sink our ships, steal our secrets, and their agents jump up and down and cheer when our buildings collapse with the resulting loss of thousands of lives – we are still told we must support them , or WE are un-American.

    And that nation which sends forth those people who fly planes into our buildings, and supports Chechen terrorists who blow up our sporting events – and funds terrorist training and indoctrination centers within our borders – gets defended with the blood of our soldiers – and the kowtowing of our politicians. When we dare to question the relationship – we’re told that WE are un-American.

  19. The evolution if the dissident right has its foundation based in truth. The truth can be handled. Pay no attention to the conservatives behind the curtain. These aren’t the conservatives you’re looking for. Seeing them attach themselves to the Tea Party only to marginalized the effort makes me want to see a resurgence of The Necktie Party. A kinder gentler dissident right will not be needed.

    • We used to have a Necktie party.
      That’s why I suspect the Klu Klux was largely as astroturfed as the Tea Party became.

      You see, my Grandma had crosses burned on her lawn, twice, in the 1920s. By men in white sheets, but they weren’t the Klan.

      They were the mayor, the principal, the sheriff, the town council and upstanding citizens.
      Vigilantes. One only had two suits in those days, an everyday suit for the week and a Sunday suit. Even with a hood, one could be known by one’s everyday suit, so white sheets were also worn.

      The crosses were a warning. “He will leave town by morning, or we take him tomorrow night.” Unsavory men who had crossed a line were given notice, before embroiling the town in a trial and soiling it’s image. A small town’s image was everything in those days.

      There were many impromptu town klans, but a movie a decade before had given one long-disbanded Klan a special cachet. Imitators glommed to it like Star Wars groupies.

      It became the unofficial arm of the Democrat Party. Opponents, on occasion, as well as very bad men overlooked or freed by the courts, were sometimes lynched.

      One notable actor, Bobby Byrd, was awarded West Virginia’s coal instead of an Oscar.
      Harry Truman, driving around the country in his own Buick, investigating corrupt war contracts, had to join it to be acceptable to the Party.
      Big, showy nightime torch rallies were held with photographers present. One of them featured Margaret Sanger as speaker.

      Sensational pictures of dead, tortured negroes also appeared at auspicious times. Oddly, the evidence of horrific crimes were left for those same photographers. False flags, increasingly common during and after the War, were not yet a watchword.

      The newspapers would print the pictures.
      Anyone’s picture could appear beside them, cementing the visual association in the public’s mind. (Nixon, Sarah Palin and Trump’s profiles have been featured next to a pic of a Klan rally.)

      When the cameras conveniently showed up for the organized “Segregation Now! Segregation Forever!” protests, those ‘hate-filled’ white faces were broadcast- conveniently- seen nationwide for the first time, in 1962.

      The criminal puppet MLK had already been seen with his hallowed crowds at the Mall, but the riots that followed his every appearance were never covered nationally.

      The heads of the networks were of a unique ethnic clique. Yet they and their fellow-traveller editors in segregated, Democrat cities had suppressed black journalists’ reports from Selma for months. Almost as if they were shaping a narrative, whose direction they controlled.

      Six months after the 1962 Segregation broadcast, Klan membership fell from 2 million to less than 20,000. It had served its purpose, cementing power, and was now re-purposed to the shapers’ narrative.

      (Six years later, Nixon would be blamed for a side comment at a Southern rally, “I feel a lot of energy here”; that comment became the basis of the ‘Southern Strategy’ mythos, even though the South continued to vote majority Democrat until Reagan.)

      White power was discredited and broken.
      The shaper faction had now seized control of the nation’s largest, most powerful party.

      A President died. The nation veered toward Civil Rights, Great Society, Model Cities, Medicare, expanded immigration, and a sudden renewed interest in Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle.

      Vigilantes, local men who suppressed the criminal element, were also broken.
      Enforcement was no longer in the hands of the men who lived there. Local cops, neighbors, were taken off their own beat.

      Editors now had a feast of public imagery from the courts, a feast of vultures who could pick and choose from the trials they wanted to showcase. The shaper faction gained position, promotion, and precedent in government from those show cases.

  20. Z Man said, “Conservatism was thereafter defined by a less than serious opposition to communism.”
    How was it less than serious?

    • Detente, for example. Before Reagan, the party position was peaceful coexistence and holding the line. It was not just Democrats/liberals that were aghast when Reagan called the USSR the Evil Empire and predicted that communism would end up “on the ash heap of history.”

    • The Birchers named the source of communism.
      Some of them even pointed out the Big Lie, our moral foundation.

      Victimhood determines status now, not merit.
      Victimhood at the hands of white men.

    • In 1965/1966, The John Birchers saw that Vietnam was going to be a no-win war, so they opposed it. Unfortunately, they’d called Ike and everyone else a Communist, so no one listened. That’s why Buckley purged them. He supported the Vietnam War under LBJ, despite LBJ fighting a half-ass war that had no point but compromise.

      Without an invasion of N. Vietnam or massive bombing, the war would go on as long as Hanoi wanted it to. LBJ had no desire to “impose the USA will on the enemy”. LBJ wouldn’t even mine Haiphong Harbor. The Birchers said that was due to communists in the US Government – but its more likely due to LBJ being a typical Dem-lib.

  21. Most people on this site are ideologues. If you ignore your ideologue side for a moment, what you’re seeing is the needle moving in your (our) direction. This is a very good thing. If Rich Lowry is writing “nationalist” screeds, then our side is winning. The goal is to move the needle further. By all means, ridicule Rick Lowry and Yoram Hazony and Charlie Kirk. They could be usurpers, but they are also hacks, and hacks know a winner when they see one.

    We are seeing the same thing on the left. Tulsi Gabbard got hella support for calling out Hillary. Get ready for some of the leftist pubs or minor politicians to usurp Tulsi’s message.

    I have a feeling that the political culture ten years from now, by 2030, will be much more favorable to us.

    • “This is a very good thing. If Rich Lowry is writing “nationalist” screeds, then our side is winning.”

      You missed the point of Z’s post. Fake nationalists expel real nationalists and steal their slogans to ensure that no nationalist goals are advanced.

      • While Z sees half-empty I see half-full. But I agree with you, and I don’t want the likes of Rich Lowry absconding with our little revolution. But if you believe in Hegelian dialectics, ideologues like us never fully get our way, and it will all result in a watered-down version of nationalism…civic nationalism without all the neoliberalism, probably, but with more teeth, hopefully. Putting on my realist hat, I much prefer this future of Rich Lowry LARPing as a civnat rather than penning thoughtful turds about bringing liberty to Iran.

        • Using your logic, If I stole your ID in order to steal all your money, I guess that would wouldn’t be 100% bad – that would be “Half glass full” because you had $$ to begin with. Interesting point but irrelevant.

      • “You missed the point of Z’s post.” About 75% of the time 75% of the readers do that. He’s constantly writing brilliant iterations on the same theme, and all he gets back is muh liberty, muh values, muh politics.

    • Which side will the mulatto-spawn from these legions of purple-haired, nose-ringed, “woke” White females move to?

    • It really just depends on who wins the battle for the definition of the word “nationalism.”

      If people hear all the “conservatives” suddenly saying “nationalism, nationalism, nationalism…” and people think it means civic nationalism, then it’s good for them. If people think it means ethnic nationalism, then it’s good for us.

      I take today’s post as Z noticing that the Fake Right has joined the battle over the public’s understanding of this word. It is very important for us to fight and win that battle.

    • “…the political culture ten years from now, by 2030, will be much more favorable to us”

      As much as I’d like to believe that Marko, the demographics doesn’t support that optimism. For one thing, Texas will be a red state.

      • Texas is long lost. So is most of the rest. Anyone predicting Whites are going to support ethno-nationalism or truly wake up while the system goes merrily onwards until 2030 is deluding himself. This simulacrum of a nation really doesn’t have that long, but at the same time the vast mass of people are so accustomed to being slowly boiled that they cannot even see the slow and steady degradation of their environment. It will be full-on Brazil, not just in part as now, and some of you will still be predicting a Great Awakening.

  22. People in power using their megaphone to usurp the meaning of words and Defanging them is the most effective psyop for the ruling class.
    It used to be a given that the term Nationalism had a massive ethnic dimension. Now it has been diluted to a vague civic religion, with diversity.
    This makes it harder not only to have a useful debate, but also even fellow dissidents to understand each other. Probably part of the reason why the lingo has to evolve so quickly to get ahead of the terms getting pozzed.

  23. “Alexander Hamilton, Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan.”

    As they say in the kiddies books, “One of these things is not like the others…”

    • Waal, let’s see. MLK was Black, and I have it on excellent authority from “Hamilton: An American Musical” that Hamilton was sometimes Black (Nigerian, even) and other times mystery meat. The less-bad Roosevelt and Reagan were white (I’m pretty sure).

      So race isn’t the factor identifying the difference. Hmmmm. This is a real headscratcher and a puzzlement, this is.

      PS note well my excellent use of proper capitalization: Black is always capitalized, but white must be lower case. (Not angling for a position on the NR masthead, no sir, not me!)

    • One? There is no coherent political philosophy you could attribute to all four of those men and even pretend to be serious. Lowry picked Hamilton because of the musical, TR for the trustbusting I would guess, MLK and Reagan because Conservatism, Inc. worships them both.

      • “There is no coherent political philosophy you could attribute to all four of those men and even pretend to be serious”

        Seeing as how Lowry has no coherent political philosophy himself, aside from kissing donor ass and keeping his sinecure at NR, I don’t suppose that’s surprising

  24. Blame the season.

    I can picture Lowry sad-sacking around the Harzony event like one of Anne Rice’s ghey vampires, trying to lure some fresh-faced Chad or Becky away from the blazing sun of Tucker into some dark corner so he & Prager could feed.

    Would a cross even work on Prager?

    The neo-con coven wears the Dracula costume so well that I can’t help but Notice. The purebloods lord over half-bloods and Renfields like Lowry, bride-harvesting nubile AbuVankas, shapeshifting masters of beguilement & illusion, armed with the dark wisdom of three thousand years.

    Buckley-era Righties loved the new anti-Communists that moved in from Eastern Europe, so smart & sophisticated. Then their daughters started staying out late to slake unnatural passions & their sons started disappearing overseas.

    Based Bram Stoker should have been a meme. Van Helsing even sounds German, FFS

    There’s not a lot of juice left in the BoomerCon carcass nowadays and the cool kids are increasingly hanging with Our Guys. Since Conservative going to start looking like Jerusalem’s Lot before long, they should just start holding CPAC around Halloween.

    If you drop 50 shekels for a picture with Based Blackula, will it look like a selfie?

    • Do you really see Prager as a vampire? As much as I hate most professional conservatives, I can’t dislike Prager, even when I try.

      My guess is that Prager is subject to a profound self-deception such that he literally can’t distinguish between what’s good for the J3ws and what’s good for white Americans. He assumes that whatever is good for the former must be good for the latter.

      • Blame Z-Man. I used to be solidly behind Prager as a nice guy who treated Christians decently – he was one of my final red pills. Z’s taken him down in several past pods, enough to help me see the knife in the Prager’s velvet glove. The icing on the cake was Z’s podcast where he described Prager’s Talmudry about dual loyalties and how the US and Israel would never fight unless one of them lost their “values.” Then, of course, every good American would have to base their loyalties not on kith, kin & country, but on which country was more morally pure. Doesn’t take much imagination to figure out how that war movie ends.

        Prager’s a much more subtle operator than midwit nepots like Kristol the Lesser and JPod, but he’s still slouching toward Jersusalem with them. Fool me once…

        • I agree with both Line and Exile.
          Pragers, and church ladies, and minister leaders are trying to do good, by their lights.

          They don’t know they’ve been fed a line, either.

          It’s not the intent that is ruinous, it’s the false information, a trojan horse virus in the code, a false passage in the Book, a poison in the social bloodstream.

          • Exactly, Alzaebo. And the likes of NPR work 24/7 to reinforce the lies, all day, every day, to make sure no one’s front brain comes up for air and gets any “ideas”. Keep the hamster wheels out back spinning away.

      • I follow Prager on twitter and the main gripe I have with him is his idea of America as a proposition nation, a nation based on an idea. He likes to rewrite American history, and when he does on twitter, I’m happy to say he gets inundated with replies showing screen shots of the Naturalization Act of 1790, among other facts, proving he’s either a liar (likely) or he’s ignorant of American history.

      • Prager is a “judeo-Christian” cuck all the way.

        More importantly he is a pussy. A typical boomer tradcon who lectures men on how to be a better beta draft horse to the cultmarx feminized culture.

        This may be well intentioned. I don’t know. I want to believe he is not a bad person. But at what point do intentions become secondary – even irrelevant, to outcomes?

        I bang this drum a lot. In part because its all about me! Well, at least in terms of how I got here.

        But in all seriousness, the fissure between men and women and how it is amplified across the political landscape cannot be overlooked.

        In this regard Prager is a cuck and a pussy and a coward.

        He simply repackages feminism and prog values in psuedo-conservative facades and nifty slogans and a tidy little ‘university’.

        He is all about the ‘man-up’ and marry that slut mantra.

        He will take men to task for not taking responsibility. For pretty much everything that is wrong with our culture. No mention of how men have no legal or social authority. Or how we (boys and men) got to this point.

        He won’t touch the third rails of his overlords.

        His three times married relationship ‘advice’ would be a joke if it weren’t so dangerous. He is not alone. Most churches have cucked in the same way.

        They are about the money and status. Feminized, gatekeepers of progressivism.

        Maybe thats the best we can get within the commercial sphere (aka corporate advertising platforms). But these guys are not fighting my fight. They are entertainers. Clowns in a clown world.

  25. Natio* nationalism is the only real nationalism.

    My favorite of the above cases is the Hazony one, because it was so brazenly transparent. They flew him over from his home in Israel to tell Americans what nationalism is to mean for them, like a shepherd being awakened in the night to corral some unruly sheep.

    “Hazony, throw on a jacket and get to the airport! Some of the American sheep are outside the fence!”

    * (“Latin, nātiō, nātiōnis: birth, nation, people, race, class, tribe”)

    • Hazony is a repeat. The church ladies are indeed our soft underbelly.

      We’re letting them be used by seductive devils.
      I don’t blame the ladies, striving to do right-
      I blame the seductive devils, whispering false promises in their ear.

      I blame the men, the supposed leaders, listening to false leaders above them.
      That’s the male instinct for hierarchy- our weakness, just as the ladies have theirs.

      Now as to those church ladies–
      A certain small, plucky nation and it’s fellow colonists in the US directed tons of TV time and money to evangelical leaders, reinforcing the theme that said nation’s capitol was essential to the Coming of their Lord.

      (That capitol must be preserved at all costs, as nations and civilizations will fall. Especially those that don’t worship at the feet of said capitol.)

      Earlier, the churches and our ladies were sold on the idea of banning alcohol, boosting the profit percentage of Canada’s Bronfmann family, makers of Seagram’s and right across the border, to 10,000%. Those profits and the 3/4 ethnic majority of the Prohibition mafias bought up our near-bankrupt defense industries after WWII.

      Those under-the-table money flows to politicians were continued with the ban on common medications sold over the counter as tonics by soda jerks at pharmacies.
      (The claim was that darkies were using them to seduce white women, as intoxicants, since booze had been banned. True.)

      The greatest focus was on a mildly intoxicating medicinal plant with many industrial uses, granting control of the farm sector and giving case law a nice foundation for a police state.

      (As well as enriching many political players; Hearst had invested millions in wood paper-mills and didn’t want to lose it to the patent pending hemp harvester. Rockefeller opposed homegrown tractor fuel, the Duponts opposed organic varnishes, the liquor merchants opposed a common palliative for alcoholism.)

      Our ladies will be ladies, their job is to enforce social norms. They were granted the vote in time to ensure the commercial dominance of the war merchants and racket profiteers.

      Our men fell for this crap too.
      We have a soap opera driven consumer society now. The men should be bashing the illegitimate judges and sternly, publicly opposing the hysterics, setting the new (old) norm.

  26. What you’re describing is one half of the hegelian dialectic happening in real time. When the oligarchs control both halves, they control the outcome always. Ordo ab Chao, Deus Memque Jus.

  27. I am genuinely getting tired of hearing about all the highfalutin books that dress up someone’s opinions about current events with a little bit of a different twist on things. It’s all the same wishy-washy bullshit and a waste of time to even think about, let alone criticize. We are not going to talk (or think) our way out of the mess we are in. Things are going to get visceral soon, and you can fight or whine. Choose wisely.

    • I watched the Dueck video and the only criticism of the American empire that he thought worthy of discussion was that the Germans don’t contribute enough to the American empire. All of the nationalist critiques of our worldwide entanglements get reduced to this picayune complaint.

      I’m with Derb. Terminate NATO.

      • If this is a war so save the white nations – then NATO is completely and totally irrelevant.

        last time I checked Russia is a white nation.

        And even if Russia IS still an enemy ( I do not believe it is) – the Euro countries are more than rich enough to completely and totally support their own defense.

        There is no reason for American taxpayers to be subsidizing the Euros selling out their nations to Muslims.

        We need the money to send to Israel (sarc)

        • Russia needs stable Euro economies to sell to. It has an economy the size of Italy’s right now and has a hard time holding onto what it already has territory-wise. Crimea was all about Kaliningrad and the Russian fleet, not “reconstructing the Soviet Empire,” contra Max Boot & his strange bedfellows at the WaPo CIA blog.

          Strranger still, I’ve talked to a lot of Euros lately who seem to buy into the Empire propaganda – they suddenly want us to stay. Huge change from my early political days when Germans took to the streets in the thousands wearing skull masks & waving “Ronnie Ray-gun” signs. Give ZOG some credit, they’ve snowed a lot of normies here too.

          • Sounds like the Euros think we’re preventing the poz and low wages from getting worse and worse. Little do they know that the poz and low wages emerges from the U.S. — we are ground zero, we are the belly of the beast! — and spreads to the EU to lower their standards until they get to the oligarch-peasant model so popular in the Americas.

            Actually, I believe Europeans are more aware of this phenomenon than Americans, by far, unfortunately.

    • The right has got the Hamlet Problem, using long-winded disquisitions as a way of avoiding the necessary vengeance.

    • If you attempt to attend a Trump rally, visceral is a good word to describe getting in and getting out. Antifa isn’t the problem…it’s the police and the prosecutor’s office that are the problem. We have thousands of people attending these rallies. Thousands…Turning the other cheek, respect for the law and good manners are losing their appeal. The coming election circus and freakshow will force decent people to face facts…

    • Most people won’t even bother to expend the mental effort to change the bullshit bouncing around in their own heads.

      How many men do you know that would do things like stop watching sportsball because the people running it and playing it are generally against the societal characteristics that would benefit the white man?

      How many men do you know who would alter their own behavior and stop giving attention to women and supporting their bullshit?

      How many men do you know that would take the time left over in their lives when they stop watching sportsball – and go do something even marginally useful – like mowing their own lawn – or dedicating the time to figuring out how to do basic home or automotive maintainence? – instead of continuing to give money to the illegals who are currently both pieces of work for them?

      If you can’t change your own behavior -then you’re nothing more than cattle. And cattle will be herded. Cattle might complain about who is doing the herding – but the truth of the matter is that they have no real input into that conversation. Moo moo moo said the cattle. STFU said the new Jewish cowboys and their POC ranch hands.

      • They are coming our way, Calsbad. Unfortunately it’s at a cow’s pace. When prodded enough or spooked enough…cattle stampede.

        • No they are not “coming our way.” They are simply whining and mooing more. When push comes to shove they will fold. Most already have. Love your daughter’s rapist and your husband’s murderer. Jesus said so, they will tell you so.

      • Is that really a thing in the USA – hiring illegal aliens to mow your grass??

        If so, that’s pathetic. Even in Canada, I literally don’t know a single non elderly person who pays somebody to mow their grass. Either the kids do it, or the dad does it. And I have lived in all areas, from SWPL to white working class. Everybody mows their own grass.

          • No excuse for hiring illegals to do a simple job like mowing a lawn.

            All it shows is that millions of white men are nothing but lazy ass crybabies and slugs.

          • I was joking. I actually don’t know anyone that hires out their lawn work besides businesses and the elderly. But I’m not sure even if people do it’s a sign of anything. Many things people used to do are hired out. I don’t know anyone who makes their own clothes, few build their own homes, etc. And the people that do still do those things tend to be from the third world and not so white.

        • UFO, In our nation of renters and resellers, lawn services are outsourced to teams of Sancho.
          In the whitest part of town (rapidly changing, due to renters), I watched those guys bust azz while the kids watched Disney pozzaganda on the bigscreen.

        • In my California neighborhood, I am the only one who mows his own lawn. Things are absolutely feudal around here.

        • Everyone in SoCal with a white collar job thinks they’re entitled to servants. I know dozens of lawyers and only one mows his own lawn. In fairness, most of us don’t have lawns. Around 2/3 of them have Consuelas that clean, cook & nanny for Mrs. Lawyer.

          It’s definitely both a sign and driver of decadence. Cato warned us about this many centuries ago. Same as it ever was.

          As an aside, growing up with Consuela as your surrogate mother does a lot to queer kids on the immigration issue. They see us as wanting to deport their kindly nannas, not the rapey DUI guy running Fentanyl for the Zetas.

          • On the ironic side, a lot of rich kids dont know to use toilet paper. Consuela teaches them how to use Mexican non-plumbing. So there’s that.

  28. The game was to pretend they wanted Britain to leave the EU, but have the vote go the other way, so the Tories could pretend to be nationalists, without having to clash with their paymasters and moral betters. It did not work out that way, but that was the plan.

    Exactly so. And to make sure they lost the referendum, they put Nigel Farage in charge. He was deemed good enough to keep the punters from going to real nationalists, but not good enough to get a Brexit. Farage made no attempts to build a real political party out of his massive voter support, running UKIP as his personal press agency, staffing it with cronies, grifters, incompentents and Tory control officers. He clowned around, brazenly breaking Rule Number One for public figures: never be caught with an alcoholic beverage in your hand. Even the depraved, demented and arrogant überlush Hillary Clinton understood that.

    The Brexiteers won DESPITE of Farage, and after the referendum, he immediately set about trying – and nearly succeeding in – destroying UKIP. Several times. And now the moron Limeys are flocking to him again! Just take me out behind the wood shed and put an end to it, please.

      • If the British are morons what does that make your people, Felix?

        Hitler is smiling at the destruction of Europe? Well, he did say if the Germans were not good enough to win the war they deserved to be exterminated.

        They didn’t win the war.

  29. The Republicans – it seems to the Booby – are stating to see that their party is doomed, as are the Democrats. The latter have nothing better to offer the public than Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney-types, the latter have Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders-types.

    What will be interesting to watch is whether by 2024 there are four parties, or just three. Half the Republicans will opt for a more Trumpian alternative, leaving the other half for the Bushes and company. Half the Democrats will likely split off to form the AOC-style wing, leaving the Clintonites and their ilk behind.

    Only question will be: do the Clintonites and Bushies form what they portray as a “centrist” party, thus creating three national parties, or will all four factions go their separate ways.

    Better question: will it make a goddamn bit of difference either way? The Booby suspects not. It’s just political housekeeping. Reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. But it’ll make for very dramatic television.

    • The duality underlying contemporary debate is, “Are you anti-white or not? Are you in favor of dispossessing legacy Americans or not?”

      If you are anti-white, you support massive immigration, outsourcing, and hate speech laws. By this metric, all Democrat and most Republican politicians are anti-white.

      • How many cities in America resemble third world cities at present? Detroit is one good example. I fear for the future of America when democrats are voted in again.

        • It’s not whether it’s D or R in charge, it’s whether the population is White or not. You’re at least 75 years out of date. And DR3 is not an argument, it’s submission.

      • Line, yes kissing the anti-white male ring seems to be the axis.

        How normies fail to see this even though the media circus parades it in plain view 24/7 is shocking to me.

        The art of not noticing is something to behold.

        I have normie male friends, good, honest, hard-working married men with families who still vote D.

        Granted they are mostly of the apolitical, preferring the the go along to get along feel-good socially liberal fiscally conservative types. Not the rabid prog type.

        Not surprisingly they come from the blueish collar Generational Dem type families. Their boomer parents being teachers and tradesmen and the like. They tend to vote and think out of habit based on a trend line that lags by 20 years.

        Ostrich democrats. Whats it going to take for them?

        I look at their beautiful children, little blonde/blue boys being handed over to the institutions. It breaks my heart. Yet my friends seem content with this generational slumber of the goodwhite.

        They see me as “too conservative”, overly political, overly race-aware.

        I am unmarried without children, so I have far less to lose. Or rather, I have already lost most there is to lose. I should be the one asleep at the wheel. Not them.

        How do they not see that the machine they feed is going to see their children as the fodder that must be consumed for moar progress?

      • No major party is going to overtly declare itself “not anti-white” (unless, perhaps, it’s by a non-white candidate? who knows?). The major parties of the West only know and understand how to pander to the moral majority: that is to say, bourgeois white women, who are neither moral nor a majority, but believe they are because Hollywood and the MSM tell them so.

        Only a crisis will change this, and not just any crisis, but a crisis that can’t be blamed on the right by the media and Hollywood. It’s going to take burning cities, police on strike, and cartels gaining control over whole communities.

        That’s how things are slowly unfolding anyway, as it happens.

        Only raw, primal fear can shake the church lady from her perch of smug righteousness. Right now she’s pretty snug and secure in her suburban, gated, white community. The Booby doesn’t see that changing until things get a LOT worse.

        • Absolutely right, Booby. “Only raw, primal fear can shake the church lady from her perch of smug righteousness.” Utah is speeding down the road of political correctness as fast as possible. Until these people live in fear nothing’s going to change. They are so mentally isolated, they don’t know that California is having power blackouts, and that Rocky Mountain Power back here has enacted the same strategy as PG&E…big wind and they shut off all the power. Welcome to the beginning of Venezuela! We’re looking into a bigger generator. For now will run extension cords from current generator to keep refrigerator/freezers going. It will take a powerful collapse before these people wake up…..if ever.
          Talk like MLK….Live like KKK.

        • Absolutely spot on, Booby.

          Case in point: The Conservative Case For Drag Queen Story Hour (And Preteen Pole Dancing!)

          These are yummy yoga-pants wearing, ponytailed suburban moms who hung out at gay bars in their 20s, and don’t want to leave behind their cool gay friends.

          The sisters organize these “story hour” chapters so they can avoid diversifying, knuckling under to the vicious she-boons they hate, yet still signal their abundant Woke virtue.

          • There are a few things we can do:

            Support the official economy as little as possible. Don’t buy new. Buy 2nd hand from flea markets, kijiji or what have you.

            Use cash as much as possible. The state will feel less confident about outlawing cash if demand for it remains high.

            Go on strike. Stop doing the good things we’ve always done to make society a better place. Society formally hates us now.

            There’s no reason to be a gentleman in a world without ladies… if you catch the Booby’s drift.

            Work under the table. For cash.

            Use banks as little as possible. Have multiple safes (fireproof) hidden in your home with gold, silver, and cash.

            One thing people forget to hoard is drugs. Fill all your Rx refills, even if you don’t need them. Then hoard (unless you’re an addict of some kind) the unused prescriptions, be they opiates, antibiotics, or what have you. These could be more valuable than gold in a crisis.

            Etc. Etc. Etc.

            A weak economy is dynamite to our consumerist and financialized economy. Do your little bit to bring it down. Think Poland in the 1970s and 80s.

          • Exactly. Recognize the Empire is your enemy now. Treat them like we once treated the Soviets. Put your energy and loyalty into separate things for our people that they can’t touch or benefit from. It sounds trite but it really starts in your own mindset and at home in general. If you get that squared away, acting in your own interests starts to come naturally. We only have to think at it now because we’re breaking conditioning and learning a very new worldview.

          • Goodwill, Yard Sales, flea markets and eBay. Starve them out. No tv, no movies, no amusement parks, no malls. It’s exceedingly easy to do, people are just lazy.

      • LineInTheSand: Excellently put. That is all that matters. Boil it down to the essentials: Are they for you and your progeny and your future, or against it. The political party debate is part of the kabuki theatre that too many here remain enamored with. Put your own first. Everything else is subsidiary.

    • As soon as amnesty is granted. In total the official nombre of the country will be the U.S.S.A. Like it’s not that already.

    • If half the Republicans in the Senate vote to remove Trump from office, we’ll see a party come apart spectacularly.

      • I anticipate the vote would be one shy of enough for impeachment, with the bulk of the traitors coming from blue/purplish states so they can virtue signal without cost – e.g., Pierre Delecto.

      • If Republicans vote to impeach, it will soon be illegal to be a Republican, and all (R) politicians, including those who voted for impeachment, will be dragged to the gallows for public execution. And I’ll be there with buckets of rotten tomatoes to throw at them, because when you have an enemy, a traitor, and one bullet, shoot the traitor!

    • Booby, if all politics is still being played in that sandbox in 2024 w/out our movement (even a watered down version) getting some traction we will be forced into making very different and difficult choices.

    • Da B;
      Re your four parties in 2024 forecast: Can’t help but recall that the 1860 election featured four political parties as well. Civil War I kicked off when one or two of them refused to accept the results of that election.

      Hope your informed speculation is wrong, but we all ought to be concerned. It’s not farfetched to consider that the 1860 situation might re-occur in 2020 if impeachment fails and Trump wins re-election. It’s already shaping up that way right now.

      As matters stand, this current deep state soft coup/impeachment drama is the result of the Commie Progs and the permanent government party refusing to accept the results of the 2016 election. The Commie Progs were consoled and quieted right after the 2016 election by the deep state faction promising them they’d get Trump gone pronto. Hasn’t happened (yet).

      As a result, we now see the Progs trying to dump the D uni-party fraction in the D primaries. So the two left parties are shaping up: Commie Progs vs D deep-staters. Biden-gate and Nasty Woman are discrediting the D deep-staters as we speak, making such a split more likely.

      How and if the right splits will be interesting as well as dangerous. Trump has the Civ Nat fraction nailed down, it seems. Which way will the R deep-staters jump_? Carlos Romney-Danger has hurt their credibility as well, far more than they appear to know right now.

      • I think Trump cruises to reelection (whatever happens with this impeachment theater) next year and things stay at a slow simmer for another 4 years. November 2024 is when the shit will hit the fan – plan appropriately.

        • I think you have it correctly. I’m usually wrong about everything, but the Russiagate followed by Ukrainegate, followed by post-Ukraine into secret investigations to find something is all designed to FIRST, prevent Trump from getting a solid foothold, and for as long as he is in the White House. DONT. LET. TRUMP. GOVERN.

        • Seems most likely scenario to me. They have been effective enough stymieing his initiatives so far, what’s another four years. And then he will be out and either permanent Dem rule, or eGOP (but I repeat myself). Plus, it keeps CNN’s ratings above zero.

      • The fact that there’s even a small chance that the US will devolve into war and chaos is the only thing keeping me going these days.

  30. Whatever these so-called “conservatives” call themselves, will call themselves, their success or failure can be determined by pointing up:

    — who strip mined American society and off-shored our manufacturing – and why; this is a national security issue, as well as one of patriotism, putting Americans first;

    — who (and why) pushed the majority faith, Christianity, out of public life, replacing it with some bowdlerized, “judeo-christian” “values” that are absent Christian biblical values;

    — who is pushing down the American man in favor of a neutered “neu-man”, and why, including the decline of marriage, child bearing; without reference to the eugenicist dream meeting the statist dream: abort blacks before they are born while making them reliant on government as a permanent lower caste;

    — who advanced the false promised of second wave feminism, and why – removing the dignity from homemaker and mother as a female role, and pushing the most educated females into servitude to corporate masters – using the propaganda device that they are thus freed from the “patriarchy”.

    See, if the so-called “conservatives” claim that they are not the parties that created the above, really just a few thoughts off the top – then they either stood by feebly, or aided and abetted – or worse, are accomplices who, in the case of the eccentric Buckley and his current wanna-be’s – lined their pockets while feebly/aiding and abetting/accomplices.

    The so-called “conservatives” are at best, failures. At worst, traitors.

    • Solid Homer. Indeed the smallest form of politics and governance were destroyed (marriage, family, community) while so many stood by to watch the looters, many even swooping in to backfill those essential relationships and institutions with the new nation: Our Economy. But good thing they weren’t raciss!

      This Deuck manlet is like so many of our pseudo intellectuals. Smug, self-righteous, emotionally distant, cowardly, boorish, and wrong.

      I don’t know which is more tragic: the glaring fact that the founding stock of the USA was just so much better in so many ways or that these charlatans of the globalist death cult feel worthy of attaching themselves to wisdom, twisting it to their evil ends, and then peddling it as their own. Right? Right?

      He thinks that the big change, the next new thing in post-trump world could be ushered in by a democrat. Lolz.

      He sees Trump as a wrecking ball. Ok fine. But he can’t see the will of the people. Only moar opportunities for globalism rising up among the ruins.

      The cuckservative sammy: Never trumpers and post-Trump globalist restorationists.

    • Spot on.

      I’ve been watching politics since the early 80’s and not once have Conservatives protected our society and in act were quite happy to gut it the name of big business and “capitalism” which are their true gods.

      So today there is no difference between the Left and Right on social issues(gays, god and trannies) ,globo-homo and even on foreign policy.(infinite war) and putting big business ahead of the American people.

      • And it is easy to see the wreckage, wrought. People that outwardly look “normal”, aka normies .. announce they are “going to be a grandparent” – and get CONGRATS! all around – single mother. Yep, someone known to me, a Caucasian to use a legal term.

        Another Caucasian that comes to mind, two daughters, young adults – one a single mother, never married. Another, two children by two men, not married, then married to a hard working immigrant from the southern latitudes … another kid, he goes back to his country. Now “proud grandpa” has both daughters, the grandkids … under his wing while he is battling cancer and slipping into dementia while his retired school teacher wife hangs onto sanity by her fingernails.

        No churching among these folks, didn’t get their butts out of bed on Sunday mornings with the Ziploc® of Cheerios®. No faith lessons, no spelling out the facts that data shows that when Martians come to earth and knock up Earthling women, 70+% of the time they do not stick around to raise the children, let alone marry. No “talk” with the daughters – instead this faux cheerful facade, warming one’s self in the drizzling urine of “good thoughts” about how “equality” is just, well, so good. Making one a good person.

        While your kid collects food stamps and your entire adult life is crushed by those that were welcomed in with open arms .. BY YOU.

        Another local Caucasian affluent family known to me, HomerB. One son is abused, er, indoctrinated, uh, “love who you love” when he is 11, by a male high school senior. He later comes out as “gay” and goes all in on the gay lifestyle, now bouncing between cities and relationships with older men – and now a school teacher. Maybe even helped some school principal or administrator meet their unwritten “quota”. Family kept up appearances, Young man is suffering from “depression”, always out late “partying”. Note – no one in the millieu of public school did anything along the way but celebrate all this. No one punished – father did not go medieval on anyone. Very nice man, the father. Mild mannered, successful in business. My wife taught this kid in religious Ed – she says he a was a perfectly normal, happy child until this “love” entered his life.

        I could go on – you ALL could here unless perhaps my locale, East Coast – is riddled with more of these people that yours. To me, this is what SELF DESTRUCTION looks like – no matter what “appearances” one keeps up.

        • Yah — I could add the Ivy Leaguers-Phi Beta Kappa types I know personally whose offspring have contributed to the mess you describe above. Also, the Phi Bets I knew at my all-female academy who have NOT contributed a single pregnancy to the world, but instead they made sure they made Partner at Dewey, Cheatham & Howe. They are now retired and living in Naples FL. Meanwhile Shenisha has had great-grandchildren. For all the squacking re: blacks have so many abortions, most of the smart ones seem to produce way more babies than I ever “conceived” of having. Wonder why? Cliche: “this will not end well.”

        • Every nice White Christian Lady you meet will tell you “love is love” and “be nice” are the unwritten corollaries to the Golden Rule. They will parade their biracial grandchildren and their homosexual children while pursing their lips at Hate Speech. They will adopt a child from an alien race and culture and value it above their own biological children. Reason 1000183 that we left our church. And I am daily asked at the grocery store to donate to the “disadvantaged and hungry” for Thanksgiving. I used to do that for years with said church, until I actually helped deliver the food I used to donate and sort and saw who it was going to. I give to my own or no one.

    • I thought that had already been covered in the Johns Hopkins “No Shit Sherlock Study”, following the $12.7 million grant they received to conduct their research.

      My bad.

    • Its 9 months of steady hormonal state each. I’m not surprised it is good for our mental health. I think the shifting cocktail hormones of non-reproducing and fertile women has serious deteriorating effects on the brain.

    • I think the Elizabethans believed that semen had antidepressant qualities. I’m not sure if that has been studied.

      • It has been studied in modern times, and (basically) yes, it does. Esteemed surgeon Lazar Greenfield made the mistake of noting this finding in a humorous way, and was forced out of a major leadership position because of it. Ironic, because he was actually very supportive of women in the very macho/big swinging dick field of surgery.

  31. Buckley sure loved his purges, first with the Birchers, later he got his marching orders from the Neo-Cons and Russel Kirk was gone then in the 90’s with Buchanan, Sobran, Brimelow, etc.
    What was in the book his faggoty son described in his final years? Leaning out his limo door pissing out on the riff raff (prostate problems) on on the highway. Calling him the lion of the right. I wish he could have lived a little longer with much discomfort to see his legacy NR rag. Girly men and traitors.

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