The Gay Debate

For the longest time, it was assumed by science that there was not a single gene that caused homosexuality. The reason is a gay gene would make the person less sexually fit and therefore less likely to reproduce and pass on the gene. It does not take much of a disadvantage for a trait to disappear from the pool over enough time. If such a gene did exist, so it was thought, it would have disappeared from the human gene pool a long time ago and homosexuality with it. Therefore, something else must be at work.

Human societies have, for the most part, assumed homosexuality was to some degree a choice. Like an excessive desire for drink or criminality, that natural inclination could be controlled with enough determination. Like alcoholism or criminality, homosexuality came to be seen as a moral failing. On the other hand, there was always that sense that like alcoholism or criminality, some people are born bad. For whatever reason, they lacked the mechanisms to control their passions or the will to do so.

The source of this divide is the philosophical argument that there are facts that can be tested and values that are purely opinion. A scientific theory is one that can be tested, while an ethical proposition cannot. If something cannot be tested and possibly falsified, it is not science. In the case of something like human traits, it means there is either a biological mechanism to explain it completely or it is purely a social construct with no biological root. Traits fell on either side of the fact-value divide.

As in moral philosophy, the fact-value divide with regards to human traits is starting to come apart, as science gives us a greater understanding of human genetics. For example, complex human traits like intelligence are not the result of a single gene, but the result of many genes. In the case of intelligence, science has identified 55 alleles that influence general intelligence. How these switches are set influences intelligence, but the combinations are also an important factor.

In the case of homosexuality, it is starting to look like it may be the result of both a combination of genetics and environmental factors. A recent study has found two SNPs that influenced both male and female homosexuality. These are not the “gay genes” some thought existed, but two “switches” that have a strong association with homosexuality in men and women. That means homosexuals tend to have these two markers, but it does not mean all people with them are gay.

As with intelligence, something as complex as human sexuality probably has many genes that influence the trait. It could also mean other traits come along with the ride, as they are also associated with the set of genes that cause homosexuality. It’s entirely possible that this set of genes is responsible for a range of behaviors that are often associated with homosexuals. In other words, the attraction to the same sex is just one result of many from a set of genes turned on or off in the person.

A useful way of thinking about this is to imagine genes that cause someone to become an alcoholic. Let’s say ten genes positively or negatively influence a person’s propensity to alcoholism. If all ten switches are on, you will be a serious drunk. If all ten switches are off, you will be a teetotaler. Then there are the combinations in between. Alcoholism is therefore a spectrum. The person’s ability to control their drinking will depend upon where they fall on the spectrum and their access to alcohol.

That last part is where the either/or way of thinking falls apart. Someone with a lot of the drunk switches set to on, but living in a society without alcohol or one with severe repression of it, like Saudi Arabia, is less likely to be a drunk than the same person living in Ireland. In fact, that person with the high genetic propensity to alcoholism may never express those traits, because they are never exposed to alcohol. At the extremes, at least, environment can overcome nature with regards to behavior.

Now, bringing this back to a behavior like homosexuality, it is plausible that it is a spectrum, like the alcoholism example. Anyone who has been out in the world long enough knows that gays come in many varieties. At the one end are the flamboyant Milo Yiannopoulos types, while at the other end of the spectrum are the prudish Lindsey Graham types. In reality, homosexuality probably has more complexity than a linear range. Those switches result in a variety of manifestations.

What it means is that the trait is probably not purely biological. There’s a lot of evidence that homosexual males share more than two SNP’s. They also seem to share grooming stories in their youth. Homosexuals report a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than do heterosexual men and women. This may simply be a downstream result of genetic factors, but it has been something science has observed for a long time, going back to when homosexuality was treated as a mental disorder.

This is where the fact-value divide closes. If it is a fact that some human traits fall along a range of propensity, based on genetics, then environment plays some role in how those traits are expressed. Put in terms of this topic, if homosexuality is a propensity, then cultural logic that discourages the activity will reduce the amount of homosexual activity in the society. This is the same logic behind banning alcohol. If it is hard to get alcohol, many people prone to alcoholism will never become drunks.

We may be seeing this put to the test with the youngest generation. There have been quite a few surveys indicating young people are the gayest generation. Here’s a story from last year on a survey of young people and sexual identity. Here is a post from the Progressive-adjacent blogger Audacious Epigone using recent survey data. According to that study, nearly 1-in-5 people under the age of thirty identify as something other than heterosexual. It appears that Gen-Z is super gay.

Now, such surveys should be treated with some skepticism. Young people are dumb and most are prone to repeating what they see in the media. Because the usual suspects tell them homosexuality is the best, many will claim to be some exotic sexuality as a moral signifier. The problem with surveys is respondents tend to tell the survey taker what they think is right. What these surveys may be picking up is the public reaction to the new morality being imposed on them by the usual suspects.

Even so, if sexuality, particularly homosexuality, is purely genetic, independent of environmental factors, then we should not see a real shift in homosexual activity when the culture changes. A study of venereal disease rates would probably be a good proxy to measure homosexual activity. If what the survey data suggests is true and we are seeing a real increase in homosexual activity, then it is not unreasonable to conclude that culture plays some role in the frequency of homosexuality.

That means debating these cultural issues is not only valid, but a necessary thing for every society. After all, if sexuality is purely natural, then debating the culture issues surrounding it is a waste of time. On the other hand, if culture matters a lot, then debating the morality surrounding sexuality is a primary concern. Do we want more homosexuals or fewer homosexuals becomes a valid topic of debate. Leaving it up to nature is no longer a justifiable response.

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242 thoughts on “The Gay Debate

  1. Queers just need to shut up already. I don’t want to work next to or with a transweirdo. If you are right wing gay who looks masculine, does your job, and does not inject politics into your orientation, you can stay. Leftist gays need to die of some STD or physically removed from society.

  2. In the last few years, around the time that gays went from “Please stop beating us!” to, “You will let us teach our perversions to your kids, otherwise you are Nazi!”, I noticed something.

    Anal sex between normal couples, was suddenly the new trendy thing everywhere from Cosmo, to my buddies’ conversations and porn. Anal sex between men and women is still degenerate for all the same reasons homosexual anal sex is. So my question is that since these issues happened simultaneously, was this a tactic of the gays to gain acceptance or a result of them gaining acceptance?

    • You’re right, it’s trendy, like everything gaily glamorous. It’s a result and an agenda.
      All the cool kids are doing it! It has the added benefit of degendering us all, because, like opinions, everyone has one (very inclusive). It’s part of the normalization of all the things. You can always count on Salon, but I wouldn’t read this citation if I were you. TMI.

    • Look at who runs the porn industry & who has a group interest in cratering the White family. Infamous hobgoblin pervert Al Goldstein told the whole world 1000x that he was an uber sleaze pornographer b/c wreck the goyim. See also Hugh Hefner. The gays are just Janissaries for the guys who own the Megaphone broadcasting “butt-stuff is great” to normie-Westerners (particularly wahmen). Billionaire donor-class gay Jews like Singer are a two-fer of cultural toxicity. Singer just keeps a lower profile than Soros, but Putin & Orban would do well to firewall him as well. So should we, OFC.

  3. Saw a chan post a couple years ago where an incel boasted of adopting a large female dog from a shelter and having regular sex with her, and how much better she was than a Fleshlight or a faggot’s anus. His attitude was like, come on guys, why would any non-Chad bother pursuing human females when such an easy alternative is available?

  4. Who gives a shit what causes teh homosox? The idea that it makes a difference completely accepts the left’s frame of the issue. The only thing that matters is this: Public faggotry is corrosive to decent societies that want to continue existing. Therefore, that shit has to go back in the closet. End of “The Gay Debate”.

  5. Zman, can you recommend some Essential Knowledge, where do we start with the basics on genetics?

    That would include how to understand the stats.

    (Online and Cliff Notes is best for me, thanks.)

    • (Holy smokes. I just realized how insanely valuable this is to my own strange, alternative model. That “susceptibility to ‘Infection'” thingie as a response to and of nested EM phenomena, or ‘radiant DNA’.

      Simply put, the ecology of bodies and souls, material and immaterial aspects of the Seeding of worlds)

  6. If the pervert lobby is so convinced that sexuality is heritable, then why do they spend so much effort at indoctrinating school children?

    • Because it’s behavior and not hair color. You can still influence people to behave like a gay – even though your genes might not have made you that way.

      In my experience gays also have a very subversive nature. They’re always tinkering and screwing with things just because.

      Just because they’re basically a-holes.

  7. In my more foolhardy days, I went to the Imperial Capital to get credentialed. It was my impression that DC is quite possibly the gayest locale in the country. I rented a room in suburban Maryland and the owner/housemate was one of these guys that got married, had one kid, adopted another, and then came out and moved out. His acquaintances were all gay, what the Taiwanese call the “glass circle”, and among them it was rare to find one who hadn’t also done his marital duties before breaking away to live the hedonistic lifestyle.

    This man was also a member of one of those churches that has been completely fagged out. His pastor came over to our house once and he too was a donut puncher. One of his buddies brought up Genesis and matter-of-factly stated that the fruit of the tree of forbidden knowledge was sex and that everyone knew that.

    They were all wildly promiscuous, of course; their entire existence revolved around getting their rocks off. I was making dinner one time and had to suffer the sounds of my landlord in the other room, getting pounded by some dreg he’d met on the Metro on the way home from work.

    Anyway, queerness is just about everywhere in that town. Perhaps Hollywood is in the ballpark, but I can’t imagine it surpasses Washington for brazen sodomites. Does anyone else have a learned opinion on this? I’ve always thought it explained a lot. A lot.

    • ” It was my impression that DC is quite possibly the gayest locale in the country.”

      Funny you mention that. At another blog I frequent, it was noted today that the State Department is full of homosexuals, or at least men who embody the worst gay stereotypes (fussy, prissy, touchy drama queens; the “another man’s penis up your bum” thing wasn’t specifically discussed).

      Thus the acronym for Foreign Service Officer, FSO, was back-ronymed to Faggots Serving Overseas.

      • Funny you say that. My father’s brother, who is now well into his 90s, is gay, but of the respectable variety. Grew up in the depression era as a farm kid in the midwest, military service, then into the foreign service for a time. He met his life partner in the 1950s and they lived together their entire lives until his partner died about five years ago.

        Ironically, my wife’s mother’s brother, had a very similar live story. Also a gay depression-era farm kid, he was in the FSA for most of his career serving in Germany following WWII. He never married or had a life partner, and died somewhat unexpectedly the day before he was to testify in a trial as to the identity of some alleged Nazi who had been rounded up for deportation and trial. My wife’s brother believes he was murdered to prevent his testimony.

    • I remember hearing from East Coast female college friends who went to DC to ‘do for their country’ (late 60s) that there were very few guys around similar in age/social class to date. So . . . next best thing was go out with a Congressman whose bride was back raising kids in Tunkhannock PA. The bride usually won and the college girl would end up single working in DC at the National Archives for 20 years, then retire with her cats in Silver Spring MD.

      • Dr. Dre
        That’s hilarious that you know Tunkhannock.
        (N.E. PA, in the vicinity of Scranton, for anyone who’d like to grow their geography knowledge.)


        • I was with someone from that town the other day, so it was on my mind, but first heard of the spot as the hometown of a college classmate, and then her brother married another classmate and the couple ended up living there until they divorced! Don’t remember what happened to the original classmate from Tunkhannock, a very unappealing girl, at least to me back then.

          I wish there could be some sort of survey of my classmates, getting info before it is lost forever: marriages/divorces/abortions/# of children/mental breakdowns and so on. All my college friends but one — and she died in 2013 — have been divorced, some more than once. Lots of them did not have children, or only one. I think my attendance at most of their weddings has been some sort of curse on their fertility;-)

    • It’s demographically (and metaphysically) impossible to be more gay than West Hollywood. 100% is 100%.

    • I wonder how much of this is explained by decision to allow women to vote?

      An awful lot of women in my experience – have a strange fascination with male homosexuals. They tolerate and associate with them far more than men do – and definitely more than you would find a “normal” heterosexual male associating with lesbians.

      Makes me wonder if – since women got the vote – they haven’t been somehow subconciously selecting homosexual men preferentially thru their voting habits.

      And once those gay men get into positions of power – you know damn well that they will bring in their “associates”. So what you get is a ratcheting effect where over some timeline the entire power structure is all gayed up.

      And it all traces back to women.

  8. I’m not entirely convinced that “gay” is a real thing. As Gore Vidal (of all people) wrote, any category broad enough to include Frederick the Great, Franklin Pangborn, and Eleanor Roosevelt isn’t really of much descriptive use.

    • My guess is that there are men who sincerely want to be the object of male sexual desire.

      There are no authentic lesbians, just disappointed and unhappy heterosexual women.

      • You may be right about that. With the increased acceptance of homosexuality, one of things I see in the high school I teach in is an increasing number of girls, not really good looking, but not necessarily hideous, either, that can now, if they don’t have boyfriends, go the lesbian route, and get kudos for how ‘brave’ they are.

    • Elenor Roosevelt was mud fence ugly. Nearly all U.S. first ladies have been ugly as sin except for our current imported one. Betty Ford wasn’t bad looking, but drunk off her ass walking across the dining room table. Nancy Reagan was okay in her prime. Fun Fact, FDR contracted polio in the 1920s while skinny dipping with his mistress in New Brunswick. Why wouldn’t he cheat on that mud fence who, like Hillary, was usually busy with her strap on and some younger aide.

        • Would have to look up Grace. Jackie was overrated. By no means ugly, but middle of pack. Would look good around ugly women but dog meat around most of JFKs mistresses. Definitely prettier than Laura Bush.

          • Louisa Adams
            Frances Cleveland
            Dolley Madison
            ..And Lucy Hayes was pretty as a girl.

            And Edith Roosevelt for this

            “The word ‘Establishment’ is a general term for the power elite in international finance, business, the professions and government, largely from the northeast, who wield most of the power regardless of who is in the White House. Most people are unaware of the existence of this ‘legitimate Mafia.”

            “The power of the Establishment makes itself felt from the professor who seeks a foundation grant, to the candidate for a cabinet post or State Department job. It affects the nation’s policies in almost every area.”

  9. Well, someone may have said this, but the creation of “gay identity” and common legalized gay bars has probably shifted many homosexuals by orientation out of the closet and into the gay lifestyle. It’s not unusual at all for gays to be married with children. Most of the ones I know are. Your higher form of gay will usually be this way.

  10. I’d like to get feedback on an observation about lesbians that I’ve known.

    These women that became lesbians did attract some men, but not of the caliber that the women wanted. For these women, especially the not unattractive ones, I wonder if their desire for status was better satisfied by becoming a lesbian than pairing with a low status man. Has anyone else noticed hypergamy in a woman declaring herself a lesbian?

    (I have read that many lesbians have been abused by men but I have never known a lesbian well enough to broach the topic.)

    • Yes, spot on. Most all of the lesbians I’ve known, especially the ones who proudly announce “me and my wife”, were molested by mom’s welfare boyfriend when he was out of jail.

      That crap really messes up the way they see men. Even so, hypergamy and plumbing still rule, as most all will also happily flirt with and seduce the right kind of guy. *cough, cough*

    • Many Lesbians are either rabid man-hating feminists or Leftists seeking an additional point on the intersectionality scale. Then there are the women who were molested or raped and the ones that simply can’t get a fellow.

    • Yeah. I know one who is theatrical – too heavy, and needy, but would make a reasonably good catch if she weighed much less. Curiously has lots of stories about white, working class men behaving badly in some situation or other (all made up stories, of course; the main sin of working class white men is that they are not interested in her at all).

      Anyway, she isn’t gay: she is fat. If she weighed 115 pounds, she would immediately rediscover the wonders of men. For her, being gay is a way to avoid facing the fact that, but for her undisciplined eating habits, she’d have been able to land a good man.

      • BTP
        Without knowing the person to whom you refer, the other psychological part of it could still be that she was abused as a young lass.
        The psychology of women who are seriously overweight, oftentimes, though I’m sure not always, can be that the extra body fat is subconscious “protection” from a minor or major trauma of some type.
        Not saying that that’s her situation, just merely pointing out that sometimes all the extra body fat can subconsciously mean “protection” … for many reasons.

        • Ah, hadn’t considered that. How odd that the psychology could – at bottom – be as simple as, “I was victimized because I was small, so I fix it by not being small.”

  11. Have you guys noticed gay men tend to be noticeably smarter than heterosexual? Similar to how Jews are smarter than nonjews. So who are the smartest people on earth? Gay Jews!

  12. I think the reason that gay people are so angry and nasty is that they suffer from an unfortunate mismatch–their hormones don’t match their anatomy. They’re like a machine that has been assembled wrong; they don’t work right.

    I remember I had an epiphany on this subject when I saw a photo of a butch lesbian soccer player who had been arrested ( I realized “jeez, that’s just a dude without a dick.”

    If I were a dude without a dick, I’d be angry, too.

    The political left systematically weaponizes screwed up and angry people (see Spandrell’s important essay Biological Leninism, So this Nasty Cohort will inevitably be a political and social plague, unless they are suppressed–something that healthy and growing societies do.

  13. There is no definitive test for sexual deviancy, only testimony and behavior. Not very useful, so statistical information is the next best thing. Certain correlations pop up in surveys but these look at the subject from a bottom-up perspective. From a top-down perspective (cultural) it can stated with certainty that sexual deviance is sterile and offers nothing for the future. The same can be said for childless heterosexuals. Both groups are more prevalent in the west today than in the past, and less stigmatized. As these groups grow so doesn’t the cultural perspective on sex. Family rearing is seen more as a lifestyle choice rather than a biological imperative for society. This attitude gives proponents of sexual deviancy an important selling point as a movement. No-fault divorce laws, the Family Court industry and the welfare state pervert the incentives for family formation. Single mothers, high divorce rates and kids on psychiatric medication are one set of manifestations. Low fertility rates are another – this has tangible consequences.

    Pecking at genetic theories to explain sexual behavior is a favor to proponents of sexual deviancy. It prevalence, like that of shrinking families is simply a sign of a dying culture (do the math yourself). The quantity and quality of children is the most important bellwether of a society and it’s future. If Gen-Z, “The gayest generation” is an indicator of where the future is heading then we’re doomed.

  14. Back in college, I read non-crackpot popular science book advancing what you might call the “hormone bath” theory, which hypothesized that different embryos receive different amounts of hormones (estrogen & testosterone) during development, and that the results make up a bell curve ranging from very feminine to very masculine.

    Interestingly, it speculated that it might be party genetic, partly random, and partly from the mother.

    I always thought that this would have a good “group selection” outcome, because it means that, among the men, you have a small number of 3-4 standard deviation guys as the alpha males, i.e., the leaders. The you’d have a lot of +/-1 SD guys as the followers.

    Of course, the male and female curves are far apart, but the “girly end” of the male curve and the “manly end” of the female curve is where you find the gays and bisexuals. You might say that, though genetically sterile, gays are the byproduct of this robust group-selection dynamic.

    Of course, if you separate testosterone and estrogen in this schema into two different dimensions, you end up with four quadrants. You’d have essentially four types of men:

    (1) high testosterone, low estrogen: regular hetero guys. Of course most of the “data points” (i.e., individuals) cluster in this group
    (2) high testosterone, high estrogen: drama queens, “artistic types,” “tops,” screw-anything bisexuals, tranny sports champions
    (3) low testosterone, low estrogen: self-abasing androgynous losers
    (4) low testosterone, high estrogen: girly “bottoms”

    (You could make a similar chart for women.)

    I reckon a guy like Milo is a high-estrogen, high-testosterone guy, a sort of alpha fag.

    I don’t know if that’s all true, and sorry so long–just summarizing a book I read.

    • Excellent, Babe, thanks for the education.

      (And thanks for the summary. We don’t have enough time for all the millions of books, and can’t duplicate each and every other one’s work. Society is parallel processing, not serial.)

      Pss: you’ve solved for me the 20 y.o. mystery too, above- that the gay is a chemically triggered, prenatal, neural birth defect.

      Hormones are a much better fit than stressors like cortisol or adrenaline.

    • To buttress that description, I’ve seen the insula/amygdala playing a role in 1) self-image and 2) preference.

      For instance, a man who:
      Sees himself as a man, and prefers women: straight
      As a man, prefers men: homosexual
      As a woman, prefers men: gay ‘bottom’, a queen
      As a woman, prefers women: cross dresser
      (Often married to a female cross dresser)

  15. There is strong evidence that homosexuality….at least in men, is a result of high stress in the mother while she is pregnant. This stress results in structural changes in the brain of the developing male fetus. This change is visible on MRI image of the brain. Normal male and female brains have consistent structural differences. The brain images of gay males have changes that make them appear more similar to female brains. Experiments with mice shows that increasing the stressors pregnant females experience results in a marked increase in homosexual offspring. There may be genetic markers that make some more susceptible to the effects of prenatal stress. However it’s becoming clear that homosexuality is the result of several factors and choice is NOT a major factor.

    • Clearly several genes are at play in predisposition while the culture is in the driver seat. I’ve wondered if there’s a gene that makes you not sick at the sight of feces. It seems like hospitals are gay enclaves. You can’t be grossed out by bodily functions to work there. Even a cat instinctually wants to cover up its feces. Is there a gene turned off among gays where they’re not sickened by contact with decaying refuse? I would think it would be instinctual as various epidemics would wipe out people if they didn’t have that instinct. The AIDS epidemic could even be included in that.

      • By your metric all the pajeets would be gay – and their staggering reproductive rates tell me that’s not so. They live in filth that sickens me even in pictures, but reproduce prolifically and worship their worst genetic mutants as Gods. What a culture . . . not.

    • Because settler/colonist/pioneer women experienced no stress. Nor did the women who gave birth during the Wars. But all-of-a-sudden now that there’s Medicaid . . . muh STRESS! Seriously, mate, when in the course of human events has there been less existential stress for expectant mothers?

      • Also extremely true, Best, which is what makes it so puzzling.

        I was going to say maybe cultural stress, but then I look at Muslim mothers.

        So depraved and deranged they mutilate both boys and girls, while the men f*** both and each other, yet they force-breed soldiers like crazy.

        • There may be something else going on. Other factors at play. It could be environmental. I just hope we find out before it’s too late to do anything about it.

        • It’s not that they breed soldiers, it’s just that the alphas soak up the women worth anything and the betas are left with the path to 72 virgins.

    • That’s how I read it, as a birth defect in the delicate wiring.
      Triggered chemically, before birth, not specifically genetic.

      The predisposition would be the genetics part.

    • I think I read somewhere that Lindsey Graham’s mother (single woman?) managed a bar/saloon in some smallish town in South Carolina so he grew up seeing some real charmers. Not a luscious place like Charleston, though, and that city was full of gays 50 yrs ago when we lived there b/c of the US Navy;-) Ever hear of Dick Jenrette? One of the founders of DLJ brokerage. He was an early historic preservationist and did much good in preserving some of the most gorgeous houses up and down the East Coast, starting with one on East Bay St in Charleston. He went on to be head of Equitable Life Assurance Corp. He was a fine gentleman but always surrounded by the Gay Remora, resembling the fish that follow a shark, well-dressed gents that never quite met your eye, always trying to keep an eye on the “big one.” They do keep their secrets, don’t they. They think the rest of us don’t know what they are up to. Women in preservation, unless they are old money, are treated like trash.

  16. I was waiting for the Lindsey Graham line, and it delivered. The Lindsey Graham type is actually a Victorian era southern woman trapped in a man’s body, with fainting couch in the corner as she gets the vapahhs.

    For years I was pro gay marriage. I said, well, just give them what they want and they’ll go away. Wrong. It turns out that what they want has nothing to do with being happy and fading into the woodwork. Not all of them by any means. Late stage democracies end with the most feminine traits in both men and women being magnified. The late state democracy is topped by men from the outside who know that they’re men, and like being men. It doesn’t even have to be a democracy, a late stage government like Louis XVI France was highly effeminate. A lot of primping and powdering going on among the highly resented upper class.

  17. Common Filth has been very much vindicated in recent years as both Corporate and Societal forces have been outed with their ridiculous subversive agenda. Look at how rapidly we have (((progressed))) from:
    * We just want to be left alone…to
    *We just want to be tolerated…to
    *We just want to be accepted…to
    *We must be celebrated…to
    *#Bake the Fucking Cake Bigot!
    *Next up: we must be worshipped!!!

    I firmly believe that Sodomy is a virus spread to children through pedophilia. Children have less developed immune systems, thus have a harder time to resist the virus.

    If, as you have noted above, there truly are heritable gene switches for sodomy, we can reliably anticipate that insane Leftist reactionaries will try and switch them on. The most recent data polling from Gallup has Americans thinking that 23.4% of then are (((gay)))…meanwhile, self reporting of (((the chosen aristocracy))) shows the prevalence of sodomy to be at just 1.7% of the population.

    Mockery and shunning have been potent weapons that I have successfully employed in my own life toward this leg of the culture war. It requires steadfast fortitude to maintain a sense of righteous indignation and moral absolutism in the face of such blatant social engineering. We do not have to tolerate this insanity and deviancy in our lives and we can simply #walkaway from the (((gay))).

    If we stop buying it, the merchants will stop selling it.

    • Mockery works wonders. Z related a story in a past podcast where a gay demanded his obeisance at a party for CrimeSpeak.

      The Ghey: “I’ll have you know I’m gay and I’m here with my partner.”

      Z-Man: “How’s that working out for ya?”

      The Ghey: lip quivering silence, holding back the tears…

      The “Goyim No” works as well on the fey footsoldiers of globohomo as it does on their Nose-ghoul generals.

      Just let them know “Sodomite Supremacy Card canceled. What else ya got, Princess?”

  18. I’ve held the “spectrum” view on gays for decades. Simple observation tells you, for example, that there is usually the dominant “butch” gay and the subservient “feminine” one.

    But that is true of heterosexual people too. There are men who are heterosexual who are almost absurdly butch and there are heterosexual men who are less-so but every bit into sex with women. There are heterosexual women who also fall on this spectrum. It’s plainly obvious.

    It’s also why I thought the gay marriage battles of the mid-2000’s were pointless. Unless you’re willing to put anatomical diagrams and chromosome requirements into the state constitutions, there would be no way to hold the position of male vs female…which is EXACTLY where things wound up. As I predicted, “gender” has been quickly redefined as “whatever”. Even if SCOTUS doesn’t declare gay marriage legal, SCOTUS would have eventually been confronted with “male and female have no meaning”…and ruled accordingly.

    By the nature of my job, I interact with a lot of teenagers. They are definitely gaying it up in large numbers. This is the culture, not genes, at work. If you’re a teenager trying to stand out in a world of snowflakes, you decide you’re “gay”. Ditto the kids who are “transitioning”. Over time, the Gayest Generation is going to revert to historical norms once there’s no longer a perceived social status, and their human urge to procreate kicks in.

    The ones I feel saddest for are the ones being child abused into “transitioning”. They’re going to hurt a lot of people. That girl who transitions to a boy will fall in love with a girl who, unwittingly, thinks the tranny is a man to settle down with, but a house in the burbs, and have children. It’ll fall apart when the truth can no longer be concealed. We’re going to compound a tragedy with another and another…

    • The worst I have seen among the “kids” (teenagers and those in their twenties) are the ones who seem to collect conditions and maladies as if they are building video game points or Pokémon catches. A competitive “how many do you have?”. Gay goes on their lists, along with trans, transition procedures and treatments, other ailments, conditions, handicaps, emotional support animals, autism spectrum things, claims of suffering, abuse, and abandonment, seizures, scars, wounds, and so on. Each one trying to top their peers.

      • The Education System offers a ton of perks like extended testing time, private testing rooms, added “support” (cheating), shorter tests, extended due dates, etc. The parents love it because the various maladies excuse the behavior.

        The ones I feel bad for are the kids with legitimate learning disabilities due to low IQ or they were a low birthweight drug baby (marijuana, meth, etc) and their small cranial size and underdeveloped brain means they can’t keep up. But they get shoved through the mill anyway, and thousands of kids who are just fine soak up resources with their feigned anxiety.

        It’s good business for Big Pharma too. The trannies are a gold mine of drugs, elective surgeries, and child psychologists who then hand these destroyed humans off into an even more lucrative system waiting for them in adulthood.

        • Another reason I wish 28 Sherman were still available. He had a great post outlining the burden of annual expense gays with HIV put on the rest of us. It is staggering, on the order of 35 to 75 thousand dollars per year.

          • George;
            Yes, only a very rich society could afford to carry the ‘gay-load’ imposed by the current degeneracy. I predict that, come the collapse, all the closets will be refilled because the alternatives will suddenly become most unpleasant.

            If you think about it, it’s pretty easy to see why pre-industrial societies were intolerant of such depravity. Assume that, as Z Man postulates, homosexual, non-reproductive behavior is established (and maybe locked in) by tripping a number of randomly-produced gene-switches through the behavior of others. Then it is in any such societie’s long term interest that those behaviors be suppressed so that those switches are mostly never tripped. In the next generation the odds are good-to-fair that these gene switches will be re-combinated away.

            People today mostly don’t understand the then-costly societal investment required to bring a tribal member to reproductive adulthood. To begin with, *half* of your newborns will die of illness in childhood*. And a non-trivial number of your young females will die in child-birth. And a like number of your young males will die in accidents and in the constant, low-intensity, inter-tribal warfare that characterizes such societies, etc. IOW, so far as you know, you have no surplus young adults that you can safely dispense with simply so that they can indulge themselves in non-productive behaviors.

            Put another way, it would dysgenic (and hence intolerable, long term) to allow one of your tribe’s members reaching adulthood to take out not only themselves but the other third parties that they’re targeting, of the adult reproductive pool: All the more for purely selfish reasons of personal sexual gratification. Hence strong suppression for teh gehy.

            Maybe this behavior was a matter of custom rather than observation, but you never know. So-called primitives had a great store of observed, practical knowledge/wisdom that was maintained by their elders.
            *But all must be fed because you don’t know which ones will have the ‘bad luck’, even today, for the most part.

        • “The trannies are a gold mine of drugs, elective surgeries, and child psychologists who then hand these destroyed humans off into an even more lucrative system waiting for them in adulthood.”

          Got a trannty in the family. Basic Husband’s granddaughter was a mess when I first met her. She was 12. Her introversion appeared neurotic. Plus she was homely and her mother was good looking. The mother never got help for the kid and the mother never faced that she was coddling this neurotic behavior because she would have to face her own neurotic need to keep the kid goofy and attached. This played out until 4 years ago, the Gdaughter started showing real interest in moving away, going to school back east and then school in England. Soon after displaying this budding independence, the mother attempted suicide. Her son said she didn’t take enough pills to do the deed….it was a signal. You bet it was! The mother has a chronic illness and she didn’t want her daughter leaving. She chained her F’d up daughter to her hip. The daughter figured out with a quickness that if she made another independent move, the mother would suicide signal again. The deal that was struck between mother and daughter was the daughter could become an incel tranny and the mother would ferociously protect daughter’s decision, and provide money and encouragement for trans drugs. They are saving for a tit cut-off. Of course the mother’s politics swung far-left.

          I thought this quietly through a few months ago, my head exploded into awareness, and I now look at Husband’s daughter as not only screwed up, manipulative to the Nth degree, but Evil. To pull a stunt like that to forever shackle her daughter to her is Evil. Am having great difficulty thinking of ever talking to the daughter again. 3 week ago I left on a walkabout knowing they were coming to visit Basic Husband. Didn’t wish to see the mother for obvious reasons nor the tranny granddaughter because, like Smeagol, I didn’t want to see the pain and the mess and the disfiguration.
          No talking to Basic Husband about this. He seems to carry his own guilt. Leave him alone.

          Totally aside, Basic Husband has put up a small picture on the dining room table of Trump and a couple of small American flags. Asks at night if I wish to watch Hannity and I say got other things to do. My husband is clinging to the old world and afraid. Must keep his fur smoothed down. Am not the only one dealing with Boomer Clinging to old world.

          • That endless, unspoken refrain in his mind: “what did I do wrong? What did I do wrong?”

            You did nothing wrong, friend.
            You tried your to do your best.
            You’re only human, every birth is a gamble.

            We normals don’t know what to do.
            We’re stuck in place, unable to deal with this onslaught of insanity.

          • In hindsight, of course, some clearly oppressive patriarchy might’ve helped.

            “No, no, NO! You will NOT treat your daughter in this way! My grandbaby is not your goddam punching bag!”

            In the old days, Grampa would have simply taken the kid home until Ma got her head together. Now we have this confused stew of courts, orders, and benefits stepping in where they should never have been allowed.

          • Alz Hon…..that was sweet. Thank you! How perceptive! Yep, divorce when the kids were about 10. The mother moved them 2,000 miles away. Very common this time of history. You read between the lines the guilt of not being there. He’s not willing to be the patriarch and tell daughter off as he lost rights in his children’s view to guide and correct by not being in the geography of their life. He could handle it differently; however, that’s the line that has been drawn. So he hangs on to what little family they can do and the insanity. I’m the interloper and it’s not my business. Marriage with other people’s children have a high rate of failure if you don’t realize and map out the fever swamps. Range has learned to stay the hell out of the way on this one. At least he doesn’t spend a lot of angst time or give away the ranch to guilt.

        • “It’s good business for Big Pharma too. The trannies are a gold mine of drugs, elective surgeries, and child psychologists who then hand these destroyed humans off into an even more lucrative system waiting for them in adulthood.”

          When degree’d psychologists couldn’t find work, the teacher’s unions gave them work as counselors in schools, dispensing antipsychotic medications to kids without a psychiatry license.

          We got “high school cocktails”, multiple, changing “meds” for young kids, the weekly schiz shooting his family, and now gay then tranny goldmines.

          Also, the twisted vote for twisted judges, are customers for twisted professors, who become twisted administrators, selecting and sieving for twisted applicants, offering career paths for twisted interests…

          So many goddam hands washing each other. But muh economy!

        • When I was a child in school, back in the Dark Ages, no pupil wanted special accomadation due to a supposed “learning disability.” “Retard, retard” would have been the jibe.

          Children are now told by their parents to misbehave or fail in school so that they can go on SSI disability for their “disability.” SSI has taken the place of AFDC.

      • That’s something Kurt Shchlicter does an excellent job of in his dystopian fiction books – parodying the tallying of points for “special” or “hardship” or “different.” I know I’m a unicorn on all sorts of fronts and I don’t get any breaks for it whatsoever. But then, I’d only care if it was all about me . . . and it isn’t. I really think that’s what a lot of social pathologies come down to – every child wants to believe he’s the center of the universe and very few, of either sex, grow up enough to realize just how little they matter individually.

      • For forty years now I’ve been seeing patients, and they all are asked about their allergies and to fill out a review of systems, a checklist of possible symptoms.

        The number of ‘allergies’ per capita among those I see now seems to be around five and the checklist comes back with more checked than unchecked. Both of these have increased by a factor of five or so, in my estimation, and it’s worse in the younger cohort than the older.

        I routinely see healthy-appearing (to the professional eye, after interview and exam) people in their twenties who list a dozen or more chronic symptoms. And none of these will be the reason for the visit. They just claim to have them.

        Intersectionality in the exam room, indeed. Victims all, laying the groundwork to get sympathy now and money out of someone, somewhere, at some point down the line.

        If they are fine, I tell them they’re fine. Twenty-four years of schooling, training, and all that. Wake me up after you eff off.

      • Never-Trumper Charles Sykes once wrote a book called “A Nation of Victims: The Decay of the American Character.” There is a bizarre competition to be more victimized than thou.

        • Nothing bizarre about it at all. The people to whom we have largely ceded popular culture, news, Hollywood (i.e. modern mythology) much of academics, and too much of the law, have a long, long history of obsessing over their victimhood. (To be fair, there truly was actual suffering involved at times, though they probably go overboard on how it was and is ALWAYS totally unprovoked.)

          Anyway, victimhood is a core tenet of not only no few religious ceremonies, but a cornerstone of their very identity as a people. So if your culture has been outsourced to such folk, of course you get ever escalating victimhood.

    • ” Unless you’re willing to put anatomical diagrams and chromosome requirements into the state constitutions…”

      When tomorrow finally belongs to us, that will be exactly what we do. Science can be used to fight legal Talmudry if the scientists and lawmakers are on the same page with a sane population. That said, nothing beats a judge who honors the spirit of the law.

      • It’s fun to indulge in fantasies, but sooner or later we must get back to the world…

        This is one of those self-correcting things, like Temporary Lesbian Ann Hesche.

    • I’ve had that conversation with other DR’s as well – adolesence is so painful and you want to belong so much that LGBTQWERTY is a fractured form of belonging preferable to total isolation.

      Some of the saddest and scariest things I’ve read recently are the stories about how teens are growing up friendless and alone, without meaning or purpose. I don’t know how we’re going to fix all these broken people and I applaud anyone for having the fortitude to stand that line as a day job. Stay sane & do what you can.

    • If you’re a female – who is falling for a tranny that is “male” – you’ve got your own set of issues. Same with the male falling for a “female” tranny.

      From what I’ve seen – there are always markers in trannies, little things that stand out that just scream “something wrong with this person”

      Of all the male to female trannies I’ve seen – it’s got to be a single digit percentage that actually come off looking female enough where a male with an eye for the female form might say ” I couldn’t tell “. The other 98% come off looking like that guy in the Youtube video who went on a rager because the shop clerk wouldn’t call him Mam.

      • Almost all of them look like a fellow with a woman’s hairstyle and clothing. Not long ago, a man would dress up like a woman to attend a costume party and get a good laugh.

      • I take undue pride in spotting something way off about the 1972 Olympic decathlon champion before he even sold his first box of Wheaties.

    • There will be no reverting to anything for today’s individual twinks.

      Everything is documented, everything is archived, everything is searchable.
      What is deniable?

      “I just wanted to try out sodomy for a few years” isn’t going to open many doors in a sane world.

  19. We evolved over the ages to be fit in fitting into a pastoral-rural-farming social structure with tightly knit communities. Until 200 years ago that’s where 90% of us lived. Even urban areas had tightly knit cultural ethnic enclaves.

    Now 90% live in urban or near urban environs. Our enclaves are deracinated cultural wastelands and kinship rots away in social media make-believe.

    The rise in all sorts of aberrant behavior shouldn’t be surprising. The genome has to express itself in an environment it didn’t evolve in with fake social structures that only make things worse.

    • Actually, we evolved as tribal hunter gatherers. Agriculture and its consequences are an evolutionarily novel environmental condition. While it is certainly true that human accomplishment in all its manifestations would not be possible without agriculture and animal husbandry, it is also the root cause of most of the unhappiness and suffering humans experience. We transitioned from being part of the natural world to dominating and altering that world.

      • “Agriculture and animal husbandry, it is also the root cause of most of the unhappiness and suffering humans experience”

        Think about that for a moment.

        Farming and animal husbandry increased human suffering relative to a hunter-gatherer violent nomadic feast-or-famine existence? You sure about that?

        Yes,violence became more methodically organized… but as you’ve observed civilization would not have been possible without it.

        BTW, pastoral implied an HG existence otherwise why put it in with rural and farming…

        7,000 – 10,000 years of ag, 400 generations, has had a pronounced evolutionary effect.

        • We have the skeletons of many pure hunter gatherers and compared to “civilized” people . Hunter gatherers are for the most part much healthier .

          This is the same thing seen when Rome imploded. Health improved in the dark ages for a great many people.

          The most miserable people are the semi hunter gatherers who suffer not only from the food insecurity that hunter gatherers do only magnified as they can’t leave and the endemic violence of civilization.

          As for modernity being misery. Human fertility has been in steady decline for more than a hundred years well before easy birth control and over the last 50 or so any society that is in any way modern is well below replacement.

          If you had a species that suddenly stopped having offspring, any biologist would assume its in big trouble . Any anthropologist would also assume the same about a culture they were not a part of.

          Any culture with our “weird” values that is western educated industrialized rich democratic is on a suicide run. The ones that rebuke them, religious groups mostly, aren’t.

          At least in the US a record number of people have decided not to have kids which tells me all I need to know. Our society sucks and is not worth showing up for

          As Mark Steyn famously said the future belongs to those who show up which means the ultra religious.

          Also on topic, gayness or wokeness had little to do with this. US fertility is in decline but it went below replacement back in 1973 which was not a woke time and homosexuality was pretty much illegal everywhere . Hell it was still illegal in places till 2006.

          Modernity is rootless and purposeless and thus will cease to be. Good riddance.

  20. The spectrum of genetic markers influencing human behavior makes perfect sense. Personally my preference is to inhabit a culture that does not foster homosexual behavior. It is hard to argue against scientific fact. None the less Leftist Progressive Marxists will insist on beating their heads against the brick wall of truth. Idiots every one.

  21. When I was in grammar school (in the 1950s), there was always a boy in my grade level that, to put it bluntly, did not have “boy like” tendencies.
    This was most evident during recess where that boy threw a ball “like a girl,” etc. Of course, he was never chosen to participate in those games the boys would play unless it was required to have “even” sides.
    Back then the term “gay” only meant happy, and there was no social pressure or encouragement to be gay (as there is today.).

    I don’t think the social milieu of that time “caused” or encouraged that boy to be gay; he just was. He was never the subject of abuse at school, but “we” all knew he was just different. (Mind you, “we” were about 8 years old at the time).

    I can’t believe that this boy wanted to be gay. After all, young kids, male or female, (talking about 8 year olds or thereabouts) in general want to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

    I can only guess that he was genetically programmed to be that way.

    Gay folks have been around forever and probably have existed in every single culture that ever existed, even those in which this propensity is highly discouraged. But it is only recently that this trait has been promoted and encouraged , which may explain the recent upsurge in the number of gay folks.
    Not that long ago, gay folks would just hide their lifestyle and certainly would not promote their sexual orientation.

    Z mentioned alcoholism; when Europeans first introduced alcohol to native Americans, it was readily seen that indians could not handle it; they immediately would drink themselves into a drunken stupor and stay drunk until they ran out of booze.
    Was this a genetic thing or social thing or some of each?

    • I have been assigned gay male co-workers on projects, and have dealt with gay males off and on for decades. Two things jump out at me. One is that they are universally incredibly fragile personalities. I could understand it, decades ago. They were in the closet and dared not come out. These days, gayness is celebrated, and there is now no reason not to just get out there and be who you are. Yet, fragility, prickliness, mood swings. Perhaps part of the gene combination for gay lines up with that of the emotionally fragile. Two, while older gay men seem to be prickly but otherwise polite and mostly socially well-behaved, young gay men are ridiculously aggressive, angry, and needy, in my experience. I understand the typical younger gay man can have up to hundreds of sexual partners. I’ve had to invoke the “don’t mistake my being cordial to you, up to now, as anything more than that”, more than once. Geez.

    • A friend told me about a “chubby and effeminate” male high school friend of hers. After high school, he moved to NYC, fell in with the gays and turned homosexual. When she told me this story, he was in his early 60s and terminally ill, though not with AIDS. She wondered if he had found a woman who appreciated him would he have gone gay.

      I know a fellow who is a hairdresser, owns his own salon and speaks with a soft voice. Gay? Nope. He’s married with children, target shoots and hunts.

      We can only speculate why people turn out the way they do.

      • There’s a particular YouTube cooking channel I like and one of the chefs has the GAYEST OF GAY voice and vibe, but otherwise very likeable. After about 20 episodes, his wife and FIVE children were guests and he was obviously I a non fake way, into his wife.
        Sometimes people fool you.

    • “Either sodomites live in fear and loathing, or we do. ”

      Well, I already have the loathing thing down pat.

  22. OK, priorities. Today, in our current society, biological males are permitted to compete against women in sports and win routinely (see women’s track cycling championship). Juries are ruling against fathers to allow mothers to proactively (and medically) force their children in gender transition. Laws are being enacted that make it a crime to use non-PC pronouns. Yes, we can debate culture and gay proclivity, but the house is burning down while we’re out back chit-chatting.

    • Oh, I forgot one. Male restrooms will soon be forced to have tampon machines in them. Do you really think talking is a cure?

      • If true – that’s a simple problem to fix.

        Empty the damn machine – and dump all the tampons in the toilet – then flush.

        Do it EVERY SINGLE TIME you run across a pozzed male bathroom with a tampon machine.

        Sooner or later – they’ll give up.

        Alinsky tactics WILL win this fight.

        • Oh gosh no. I’ve cleaned a million restrooms. Unless… you wish to bring the dread Janitor’s Revolt?

          • You don’t seem to be getting it.

            If you keep removing ALL of the tampons from the machine – and dumping them into the toilet and flushing them – you’re not only flushing all the money spent on those tampons down the drain (literally) – you’re creating that problem you just detailed for the janitor.

            Yeah – ok , they might install cameras to see who is flushing the tampons. Now they’re spending EVEN MORE money to defend something that should not have happened in the first place. So you walk into the bathroom with a mask on – spraypaint over the camera lense – and flush the damn tampons again.

            What are they going to do next – station a guard in the mens room to guard the tampon dispenser?

            Go read some Alinsky. Because you don’t seem to understand. You can monkey wrench their system for minimal expense – while their expenses will just continue to ratchet up exponentially to try and defend something that is just stupid to begin with.

            It won’t take long before those janitors you referenced will just removed the tampon dispensers from the wall themselves – just to avoid having to clean up the overflowed toilets.

            If you’re going to be a dissident – you really should start thinking like one.

          • Here in my part of So Cal most bathrooms are kept locked do the druggy infestation.

            A lock would probably would thwart most monkeywrenching

            That said the Left doesn’t care about order in the least and can tolerate conditions that would set most of us to either leaving or loading rifles and have no problem with spending tax revenue endlessness to virtue signal either.

        • Noisy if you break into the machine. Time consuming (and expensive) if you have it dispense each one in the intended fashion. But superglue into the lock, or a slug (or coin) with glue into the coin slot? Quick and silent.

          Not that I’m suggesting anyone commit such antisocial acts, of course.

          • Have a care with this hypothetical “fix”. Coins retain fingerprints, and superglue actually helps to preserve the readability of the print.

          • Not to throw water on y’alls parade but you can sabotage the tampon dispenser all ya want- nobody’s gonna know since nobody is gonna use the machine. Its a symbol of our virtue. A statement of “who we are.” Nothing more. If you want to countersignal then write “Sponsored by the Democrat Party and the ADL” on every machine. Or something clever and subversive.

          • Another person who doesn’t get it – and 7 more people who agree with him.

            Yeah ok – super glueing the coin slot closed will piss off the one person in 100 who might actually try and buy a tampon in the men’s room. So what?

            That’s not who you should be pissing off.

            You should be pissing off the people in charge who agreed that a tampon machine in the men’s room was a good idea in the first place. And to do that – you need to create a problem for THEM.

            The people in charge could have told the one person out of 100 who wanted that tampon machine to STFU.

            Instead they told the far larger % of the population who use that bathroom and don’t need or want that machine in there to STFU.

        • Whelp, if I’m ever unfortunate enough to find myself in Portland then there’s always the sinks.

        • Signs “ordering” folks to sit are here. There was one posted in a restaurant I used to get lunch at by the University. For awhile I thought it was a joke, but was filled in later on by others that such was seen in Europe—Germany I believe. Only positive I could glean was cleaner toilet seats, since guys with a few beers on have poor aim. 😉

    • Blogs are about talking. Politics is about talking. I actively shun gays whenever I can and I’m sure most everyone here does as well. Some of us have even shared stories of breaking up their families over this stuff.

      Everything you can legally do about gays involves talking to other people and getting them to talk to other people.

      What more do you propose we do?

      • Correct. One needs to counter their “propaganda” wrt the practice. Most normies simply have no contact with them or their victims, and hence are sympathetic to their “cause” which is framed as a civil right—as if one has a civil right to molest and groom new adherents.

        Had a discussion couple decades ago with my wife’s cousin about the Catholic Church Priest scandal. She was so normie that she believed it was simply due to Priests not being able to marry. 🙁

      • I think the debate should have been done 10+ years ago before the rise of SJW’s and doxing. Now bringing up taboo subjects like Gays and Trannies when they have won the war to so speak and can get a white cisgendered male doxed and fired if he is not careful.

        Timing is everything and the DR peeps are missing more than a few steps.

        That said, about the only people I know who will condemn the buggers are hardline Christian Whites, Muzzies, Mexicans and Blacks. . I would not dare broach this topic to any college educated white unless they bring up the subject first and they won’t because they’re terrified.

        In general we need to protect our assets – IOW our children first and foremost from globo/homo.( There is a reason why they are so aggressively targeted by the Left.)That means keep them out of public schools and college. Both of which only serve to psychically scar and brainwash them.

        Then work on extended family members,

      • What else one can do? Never utter the word “gay” when you do not mean happy, instead say “sodomite” or “lesbian” or “homosexual”.

    • All I know is that these degenerates and freaks have declared war on traditional white society and seek to destroy it. They’ve gotten it so they are also a protected super class that you can’t touch or even criticize anymore.

      They’ve even made sure the public doesn’t hear about their sick and destructive sexual practices that turn them into diseased ridden monstrosities.

      IMO what we need to be focusing on is protecting ourselves and our children from this insanity. Such as taking our kids out of public schooling and keeping them away from college. The very fact liberals like Jordan Peterson recognize how toxic higher ed is and our side still thinks college is a good thing shows just how backwards we are collectively.

  23. I think this sums it up:

    2008: Society has no right to judge who or how consenting adults choose to love.

    2018: Let’s celebrate 11 year old Desmond is Amazing tucking bucks while performing striptease for adult men at gay bar.

    Sexual license, especially by males, knows no bounds. This is why all sane and moral societies throughout history have tacitly acknolwedged homosexuality, but kept it contained within the closet.

    • Let me repeat Jim Goad’s observation. Gays were a lot more fun when they were in the closet. Paul Lynde was hilarious. RuPaul is merely creepy.

      • Years ago, G. Gordon Liddy used to have a radio show. He used to say “homosexuality used to be the sin that dare not speak its name….now it’s the sin that won’t shut its mouth!”

    • “Sexual license, especially by males, knows no bounds.”

      True enough, but eventually they will hit bottom. There aren’t many deviancies left to make mainstream. Pedophilia maybe, but that would include some element of force against another’s will. Eventually this will “flame out” and become background noise due to the low actual numbers of 1-5% of the population (depending on deviancy). Though it will always seem like 20-30% due to the gay propensity toward show business.

      • I think pedophilia is the one deviance that could have serious negative consequences, as in many perpetrators getting themselves killed. How many of us, if we found out some pervert had molested our children, would allow that pervert to continue breathing? I don’t care what society says, come near my kid and you will die. Not many other perversions carry such grave consequences.

        • The Ottoman practice of kocek:
          Koceks were young, non-Muslim boys taken and groomed as a combination of clowns, dancers, and prostitutes, trained to be sexual objects and entertainers for their Turkish masters.

          • If one is a Mahometan Fag he can look forward to sodomy in Heaven with some of the pretty boys who will be there for their sexual pleasure

          • The Janissaries (guards) that the Turks had were the handsome blonde captives from Slavic kingdoms.

    • When the patriarchy controlled all aspects of the sexual market fags and feral females were kept in check.

      Now that the matriarchy runs the show normal men are low status and fags are sacred and most women go feral with fewer and fewer finding their way back to some kind of normal.

      Meanwhile happiness, the key metric of everything apparently, is in steep decline for women.

      And OOW births are all time high, family formation wanes, and last-egg spergs are becoming normal. Toss in STDs on the rise and the rest of the fun stuff and our evo-bio recipe for clown world replication is pedal-to-the-metal.

    • 2019: Black female SJW judge orders man to give his children to abusive ex-wife for state gender reassignment

      Icing on the cake: the children are biologically his, not hers (she used an egg donor)

      Short form: Chop off his son’s dick

      Is this judge, this court, and the ‘law’,

      • This is why some women end up buried in the back yard and a new patio poured on top of their corpse.

  24. “Someone with a lot of the drunk switches set to on, but living in a society without alcohol or one with severe repression of it, like Saudi Arabia, is less likely to be a drunk than the same person living in Ireland.”

    I don’t get it……

  25. As someone that has spent decades around gay people my own personal research indicates that 100% of the ones I quizzed over the years were molested as children. 100%. Also there is a high preponderance mean-spirited, hateful, vile attitudes towards everyone in the world including themselves. The term Bitchy Queen exist for a reason and you never want to cross these people because they will seek to destroy you. Maybe there’s a gene maybe there’s not I don’t really care, these people need to go back in the closet because this lifestyle is pure destruction and it infects everything it touches

    • Same. The half-dozen or so gays I’ve known who didn’t admit this were likely keeping that on the down-low – they were besties with my girlfriends, not with me.

      I think it was Sailer who recently pointed out how male-to-female trannies demonstrated hyper-masculine levels of aggression and were using this Girl-illa Mindset to walk all over their self-adopted sisterhoods.

      Gays are anything but merely feminized men. They’re an unstable toxic hellbrew of exponentially-multiplicative and self-amplifying pathological feedback loops. The shared pathologies are what made me long suspect some genetic component existed. That said, the Lesbian Gene continues to elude us, and according to genuinely smart guys like Greg Cochrane, may continue to elude us.

      • Lesbians aren’t real. It’s not a real thing. It’s women who were molested, ugly, rejected or hate men for some reason. While gay men have 1,000s of sex partners, lesbians do not. That’s why lesbian bed death is a thing. They usually stop having sexual activity within months of cohabitating and become nothing more than roommates.

        • I was going to make a similar point. Rubbing and fingering once a month is the typical lesbian bond. With gay men, maintaining an erection while inside of a hairy, smelly, male’s defecatory waste orifice is a serious commitment. Women are gay for social reasons. Men are stricken with it, and many of them suffer with their own identity because of it.

    • I have wondered whether male child molesters can “tell” which targets are most appropriate to pursue. IOW, that gays molested as children, were molested precisely because the attacker saw something about them, as they groomed them, and ultimately chose them to attack, not others.

      • Not the same thing – but related:

        – Street Criminals choose their victims.

        – Criminals, like their victims, come in all varieties, but researchers have found that they don’t choose their victims randomly.

        – Within a few seconds, the convicts identified which pedestrians they would have been likely to target. What startled the researchers was that there was a clear consensus among the criminals about whom they would have picked as victims—and their choices were not based on gender, race, or age. Some petite, physically slight women were not selected as potential victims, while some large men were.

        The last point says ” within a few seconds “. I saw it mentioned somewhere else that street criminals choose their victim within 7 seconds. That would imply some sort of well developed ability to choose a victim based on certain characteristics.

        I criminals do it – then molesters likely do it as well.

    • It was implied that the closet was shameful when it was rather for some an humane shelter in which to live life. But as Eric Hoffer observed a vocal minority is not satisfied with equality because it is only in dominating the majority that brings satisfaction.

      • That’s what every civil rights movement of the past century sought and continues to seek – not equality, but submission to their endless demands, superiority and revenge.

  26. “Because the usual suspects tell them homosexuality is the best, many will claim to be some exotic sexuality as a moral signifier.“
    The usual suspects are really in overdrive now. There is an ad on tv currently running for Kaiser Permanente (big hospital corporation in Clownifornia). It features lots of quick cuts of happy people living happy lives with each other. You get all the races of course, a same sex couple, and near the end, the most precious of all: a bunch of happy kids leaping around a tranny at drag queen story hour.

    The propagandistic intent is transparent as finest Baccarat crystal.

    • Given gays’ massive over-utilization of healthcare services for the logical and wholly forseeable results of practices even I will not deign to mention in print, no surprise. Gays are the ultimate consumers in many ways, and Woke Capital will do its best to provide an excellent customer service experience for them, including helping them reproduce by child grooming.

      Mammon wills it.

        • Couples without children have much more disposable income, to spend on whatever, than couples with children, all other things equal. Gay couples are a coveted marketing target by big business.

          • Gays also have higher income in general – likely correlated to some advantageous traits that are genetically linked to the homo-downside. I’ve always viewed the “gays have higher IQ” claim with some skepticism because we’re besotted with upping their self-esteem nowadays, but there’s likely some fire amid that smoke. Anecdotally, I have to admit I’ve met few bone-stupid gays, most are above-average smart but batsh*t crazy.

          • High achievement by modern gays is probably due to the mix of smarts and social awareness. Women are much better at reading a room and following interpersonal intrigue. Combine that with intelligence and male competitiveness and it makes for a potent mix in modern society.

          • I wish the 28 Sherman blog were still active. He had an excellent post with links detailing the nightmarish pathology of homosexuality but those links are long gone. The levels of self-destructive behavior, drug use, and disease would astonish anyone. Perhaps the talented tenth of gays appear to have surpassing material success however the truth is most of them lead miserable lives. I suspect the stereotype of the successful prosperous gay is just that, a convenient fiction. Sort of like the bowdlerized version of the perfect black family on tv and commercials, and with an equal resemblance to reality.

          • You’re going to turn me into a pastoralist. I hear there’s some Trad Cath grifter space open now that traitorous “PT Carlo” has heeded the call of his physiognomy and officially Converged.

          • I attribute the smarts to an obsession for thinking and studying driven by thousands of years of learning to live in fear of being found out. Of all people, they may be the least lazy intellectually. So, yeah, they’re smart and successful.

      • That makes the transgenders the greatest cash cows medical pseudoscience ever invented. Take a perfectly physically healthy person. Get paid upfront to hack off healthy bits and pieces, plus tons of plastic surgery to make facsimiles of genitals and then get paid on the back end for hormones and all sorts of other drugs to enable their mutilated bodies to maintain the charade. Over a lifetime you get to milk them for the normal procedures and drugs that most of us end up needing at some point in our lives, plus all the transgender related stuff that they volunteered for. It’s a hell of a business plan.

  27. Since our enemies hate tradition and are obsessed with equality, they’d love to see an equal distribution in the population of homo, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and straight (or maybe they’d like to eliminate “straight?). I’m probably missing a few weird categories, but you get the point.

  28. Much of this also applies to criminality, as Z noted above. There’s no doubt that some people have a higher genetic propensity for violent crime than others, but crime was far lower in the 1940’s and 1950’s, when criminals were regarded as the scum of the earth, than in the period 1965-1985, when crime was seen by many as a justifiable response to repression. Since we seem to be entering another period of going easy on crime, this is something to remember.

    • I would argue that the welfare state is encouraging the replication of high testosterone, low IQ organisms. These people have a 50% high school dropout rate, commit more crimes, pregnancies, STD transfers and overrall cheat natural selection, degrading our gene pool.

  29. Since the oughts, most people to the Right that I’ve discussed the Gay Question with have agreed that if there were a genetic compenent it would be predispositioning rather than deterministic and that grooming was a major element in “triggering” any such predisposition. We’ve also concluded that many so-called gheys are simply socialized or victimized and revert to straight absent ongoing pressure.

    Nice to see that our practical observations are being vindicated by theory.

    I’ve always seen homosexuality as the wedge issue we can use to push back against globohomo and reclaim sane social space. Trannies are now the razor-edge of a wedge so sharp that it’s wounding previously gay-adjacent femnists.

    This Ghey Blade is also cleaving cucks on the Right. Nothing has shown the utter bankrutpcy of muh conservative values like the “sweet surrender” of cuckservatives like Dick Cheney and David French (a shabbos goy for all seasons and every single time). Now that National Review has declared transexuality a conservative principle, they face the final frontier. As I’ve wondered before here, when they finally publish “the Conservative Case for Abortion,” leaving only one TruCon cause to fight for, will normie-cons finally realize what the game was about all along?

    Your stand on homosexuality is a litmus test because it triggers the monkey-brain. Jon Haidt’s theory of flavors of morality (“Righteous Mind”) was the first scientific domino to fall our way, proving that homosexuality triggers right-wingers with the moral apparatus to sense profanity and disgust (among a half-dozen moral spectrums we perceive). Meanwhile, Bugmen with their mere two attenuated moral antennae of harm & fairness were the ones infamously reporting to Haidt that the guy who “enjoyed” his chicken before he cooked it was OK because “not hurting anyone.”

    By the fruits shall ye know them.

    • Not to mention homosexuality is co-occurring with other bad behaviors. Globohomo loves to frame homosexuals as just like you and me and they just love someone different. Anyone who has spent any time around homosexuals knows they aren’t just like the average person next door who just happens to have a same-sex boyfriend. From higher rates of addiction/alcoholism to sky-high rates of promiscuity and extreme sexual habits, they are never normal.

      • I was at ground zero for the outbreak of AIDS, doing my residency in internal medicine in San Francisco in the early ‘80s, and saw several patients when there were maybe fifty yet known.

        What amazed those of us who had been told they were ‘just like us except for that’ was that the average number of lifetime sexual partners for those afflicted in the first wave was greater than 1500.

        That’s like saying billionaires are just like us except for the amount of money they have, as if it were a detail with no greater import: they live entirely different lives.

      • A century ago, moral degenerates of both the hetero and homosexual persuasion darwinized themselves out the gene pool at a pretty young age because there was no treatment for their self-indulgent behavior. The wages of sin really was death or suffering. Now there is treatment

        A major reason for the breakdown of common-sense self-control is advances in modern-day medical treatments. The widespread use of penicillin during WWII to successfully treat venereal disease undermined the wisdom of sexual self-control. The ability to treat Type II (until recently called Adult-Onset) Diabetes undermines the wisdom of dietary self-control. The list goes on.

        On top of that, people ruin their health and go on Disability, rewarding them for doing the wrong thing.

        • The television commercial that pisses me off the most these days is for Truvalta. The commercial shows a parade of homosexuals and transsexuals, most of them POC, gushing about this wonder drug that’s allowing them to engage in their promiscuous lifestyles without worrying about the HIV. It’s so awesome to live in a glorious future where medical science allows degenerates and perverts to buttf*ck each other bareback without consequences while decent folks are still dying of cancer.

          • Same here. First time I saw that ad I was in public, had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. I don’t care to hear any sh*t about the health effects of guns from people who treat AIDS-sex like it’s psoriasis.

          • The amount of money and time and public attention spent on AIDS is sickening. Of course, a huge amount of the money spent on it is public money. HIV/AIDS is one of the easiest diseases to not get. It’s quite easy. Don’t inject drugs and don’t have butt sex with men.

          • Or, black people. Sorry, but look up the stats. The people least likely to get HIV are white heteros who engage in P in V intercourse. Of course, you need to first ascertain if the other person has had sex with non-whites, but generally, whites who are straight don’t get HIV if they don’t do IV drugs. Which is why the original name was GRIDS and changed to AIDS, to guilt and scare non queers.

      • This X 1000. Normal straight folks, looking for some cheap virtue signaling by declaring themselves “allies of the Alphabet People” have no appreciation of the degeneracy that gays get involved in. It’s not just the quality of the depravity. It’s the volume.

    • “grooming was a major element in “triggering” any such predisposition.” The Greeks proved this long ago, and even took it to a new level never since reached. Maybe we’re getting there.

  30. I used to believe that homosexuality was due to poor parenting, poor genetics and mental illness. I raged at the progs in my family when they insisted that we re-write our laws, destroy the churches, abandon freedom of speech, and re-construct our society to accommodate them. A short time after the advent of mainstream homosexuality, my young daughter came home and announced that she was queer – and that if our family was to continue – I’d have to get in that closet she’d just come out of. They were going to live under the Rainbow and I could get in the game or get out. Suffice it to say that ultimatum didn’t go over well.

    I wracked myself trying to find something GOOD about homosexuality. I even found a closed and moderated forum for parents of gay kids that was pozz-free. The parents there related to, and advised noobs on how to deal with their gay children. Most ended up estranged as I did. You cannot be a rational adult and go along with the gay agenda – it’s ridiculous and anyone that says otherwise is a child, or an idiot, or mentally ill.

    The people on that forum told me in advance EXACTLY what my daughter was going to do too – about a year or so before Vox Day penned his screeds about social justice warriors. They were spot on – my daughter lied through her teeth to me and her friends with false accusations, she doubled down on those lies, she projected – but this was all new stuff to us all back then. Had it not been for the fine people on that forum – my kid and the idiots in my prog family would have driven me nuts. As it was I am just intensely bitter about it all.

    My personal belief now is that it is a choice – except in those cases where it is mental illness. Being gay is cool now – but I hope it is a passing fad.

    After I was banished from the family for my heresy, I heard through the grape vine that my daughter eventually turned on the rest of the family too. The NRx guys speak of virtue signalling and holiness spirals – and it seems some of the proggies couldn’t keep up with the cool kids. That whole family splintered and crashed on the shoals of progressive liberalism.

    I used to keep track of my daughter by lurking on the net at places where she posted. For awhile, it was good just to know she was alive, as we no longer speak. Eventually I stopped – their on-line communities will eventually sicken anyone with a triple digit IQ. Those people live in a fantasy world and eventually it has to collapse. It will not end well for most of them when it does.

    Summing up: in my scholarly opinion, homosexuality is a self induced mental illness just like feminism and progressive liberalism. The people that fall to it are seldom happy and prefer to be miserable – and inflict it on others as much as possible. The best way to deal with it – is distance. There is nothing a dissident (which could describe pretty much any rational adult these days) can do for them.

    • Male and female homosexuality is an important distinction.

      My understanding is that men are more prone to biological factors while women have largely sociological factors. More likely than not the daughter saw it was the cool thing to do and even cooler if she could pretend she is being repressed.

      If my daughter becomes posed, our relationship probably end just like yours did.

      • Wow, very revealing. The same old playbook, liberal protesters casting themselves as beleaguered innocents and presenting a sanitized rainbow version of their lifestyle to the public. Hooray Democracy! It’s been extremely effective in the U.S., dismantling Christian society and anything else decent.

    • Listened to an interview with Douglas Murray recently where he drew a very sharp distinction between “gay” and “queer”. The upshot being that “gay” attempts to fit into the society largely as it is constructed with the simple request to be accorded basic legal and societal rights. “Queer” expects a complete re-ordering of society to fit their whims along with a general affirming and constant “celebration” of who they are. I’m oversimplifying, but it seemed a stark difference with the latter being the norm today.

      • Interesting.

        Honestly, the Booby doesn’t care what perversions someone’s into, so long as no one’s being harmed or held against their will. But don’t try to sell it to the Booby as some kind of virtue, and for chrissakes don’t ask the Booby to kiss your ass by going along with gay pride day, or some other such nonsense.

        As for the “passing the gene” argument, well… there’s lots of gay men with wives and children. A lot of them probably didn’t want wives and children but felt pressured to do so. Thus, one irony might be that historically suppressing gayness has actually unintentionally created more of it.

        Now that it’s not suppressed anymore it will be interesting to see if the numbers decline over, say, 100 – 150 years. That said, the “hipness” it has been bestowed by the political class would contaminate the experiment if the “coolness” factor motivates dudes to get into it. Though frankly, the Booby can’t imagine a mentally healthy, straight dude turning queer just because it’s cool. But who knows.

    • John, I have one daughter who, now in her forties, is bucking all the odds and building a new and honest life for herself. She is very intelligent but cursed with a number of issues in the ADD-depression park. Much sorrow. I got lucky when the twentieth Hail Mary I threw in thirty years stuck, and one thing she told me yesterday was this–when your life is miserable you come to embrace that state and protect it like it is your identity, which it is. These are people will not be pried from who they are.

      • James Wilson – What is the State doing for your daughter? Providing for her financially and, in her eyes, protecting her “rights,” whatever they are?

      • What I noticed about the queers that my daughter runs with – is that they understand very well the division between what the world is, and what it should be (in their view). If the world doesn’t work the way they think it should – they reason that it has to be somebody’s fault. And since it can’t possibly be THEIR fault…. that is when we start getting into Nazi bogeymen, sinister patriarchs, toxic masculinity, and all the other imaginary monsters made real by Xirl Science. It’s a logic poop-loop that invalidates anything outside itself. The harder their views clash with reality – the more shrill and hysterical they get.

        That is how it has come to pass that all our institutions are now about denying reality and holding it at bay. It’s a large reason why they mostly don’t work anymore. The lefties won’t stop until they’ve devoured themselves with this – and possibly us as well.

        Will they not be pried from who they are… or what they chose to become?

        • +1 for the term ” logic poop loop “.

          Because that seems to be inflexion point where so many of these people go wrong.

          One thing I distinctly remember from my mid to late 20’s (late 80s – early 90s) was coming to the realization that much of what had been force fed and sold to me earlier in my life about how the world worked – was bullshit.

          The constant dissonance of trying to reconcile what I had been told – vs. what I could see from observable reality and experiences in my own life is what made me a right winger and dissident.

          It’s why I say the one common thread that I’ve noticed amongst all the variations of lefties I’ve encountered – is the root belief in “free”. Free housing, free money, free to do whatever the hell you want to do, free to be who you want to be, – etc. The belief in free is what makes them into who they are – and it’s what sets them on their life path. And most importantly – it’s what makes them into lunatics. They believe in a world of free – and they therefore believe somebody stole all the free shit they were supposed to receive.

          I don’t recall ever really believing in “free”. I’ve always been stewed in a pot of having to work for what you want. Whether it was some belief system I ingested as a child of the 60s , 70s and 80s – when traditional American culture still had some influence – or whether it was life experience – which pounded home the lesson with a sledgehammer – either way I don’t really recall every being indoctrinated by the cult of free.

          It’s why I’ve often responded to lefties in the past – once I detect that their free shit belief system is where their head is at : ” you stupid twat – there is NOTHING in life that is free – you’re whole head is completely screwed up on how the world works”

      • Have your daughter insist upon a full-profile thyroid test. I meant to say that earlier. Changed my life and many other lives. My only regret is that I wasn’t tested earlier. Never give up.

      • James, John and Steve, I’m sorry great men like you experienced such heartache. Praying for better days ahead for all.

    • Sir, I also lost my beloved son to the degeneracy. I don’t think my heart will ever recover from losing him, as he was a beautiful, kind and loving young man before he got involved in the whole lifestyle and its discontents. I miss him terribly, and wish only the best for him – but I know that, like the opioid crisis, it will only end badly for him. Thank you for sharing your story.

      • The hell of it is, Steve… there are very few places outside this blog, and the odd carefully concealed forums where bereaved parents can talk honestly about the issue. To my knowledge the dissidents are the only ones approaching the issue with any kind of intellectual honesty.

  31. “a gay gene would make the person less sexually fit and therefore less likely to reproduce and pass on the gene.” Maybe not as simply as direct production of progeny in evolution. For example having a few unattached “uncles” might confer some advantage to a tribe, and thus, tend to propagate their gay- inclined genes.

    • The trouble with the gay uncle or gay shaman theory is you still don’t get the trait passing from holder to progeny. Having the gay uncle around may be useful, but from a fitness perspective, it is still deleterious to the gay genes. I think an answer here is that homosexuality is part of a set of naturally occurring errors. Two percent of the time, a combination of those errors manifests as homosexuality. Some other combination manifests as schizophrenia or libertarianism.

      The relatively stable frequency of homosexuality has resulted in cultural solutions like the gay uncle or gay shaman phenomenon.

      • The brothers and sisters of the gay uncle would pass on the gay-inclined genes in this scenario. Take it to an extreme. Two tribes on new planet. One totally lacking in any gayness genes. Zero chance of gay arising. The other tribe 1:10 gays arise from chance combination; all cherries come up on slot machine. Unattached gay males tend to train more without distraction of women and become uber warriors. They slaughter tribe A. fast forward 500 yrs. gay genes still around.

        • My guess is that it probably works like sickle cell anemia. One copy of the gene gives you resistance to malaria, two copies gives you sickle cell. That would explain it’s persistence despite being reproductively dysgenic.

        • I hate to point out the obvious but the “unattached gay warriors” sashaying to war in their dress lilacs ain’t going to do it.

        • This is why the Muslims have it right. Although our civilized laws prevent murdering of gays, when you look at it the horrific act through the prism of protecting a healthy heterosexual society and therefore your people’s future, the greater good, well, it’s not so clear cut. But we’re too civilized to entertain such thoughts anymore. After all, see how great it’s been for the West? Sarcasm aside, I’m not advocating for any kind of violence, I’m just saying there were very good reasons for these harsh behaviors. It kept the inevitable small percentage of degenerates in the dark corners to do their thing rather than insisting that all of society embrace dangerous behavior and be dragged down and damaged from it.

        • So the solution is to remove the gays and their kin from the gene pool?
          Sounds good to me.

      • Or it may be the downside of other advantageous traits. As a left-hander, I’m more likely to have certain corellated traits, on the good side, NP-type thinking (abstract & divergent), higher IQ and social extroversion, on the bad side, psychosis, neuroticism and alcoholism (none of the above, thank you – now could one of you nice ladies help me get this couch into the back of my van?).

      • Also there seem to be a lot of gay men today, and much more so historically, who had children despite their “affliction,” whether in response to social pressure or just taking walks on the wild side. I’ve never seen much science on the breakdown of exclusively-gay men vs. those who shapeshift, but I know quite a few flaming gay-presenting dudes who’ve tried to poach a pickup from me or my buddies on occasion.

      • Or a particular combination of genes could be advantageous in one sex and disadvantageous in another, e.g. extra-effeminate traits that help your daughters attract quality mates but also increase the likelihood that your sons turn out gay.

      • Could be that genes that helpful to a mother (or father) could lead to a gay son (or daughter). For instance, a woman being particularly feminine could advantageous for her but increase the odds of a gay son. A particularly masculine guy is highly desired by women but could lead to a lesbian daughter.

        The genes are helpful enough to stick around if the woman or man have enough children, i.e. the feminine woman has a couple of feminine daughters who all have kids along with her gay son and the kick-ass guy has a couple kick-ass sons who all have kids to go along with his lesbian daughter.

        Anyway, this article notes that women with gay sons have some issues with their X chromosomes.

        Not sure why no one is studying how lesbians come about. Probably because nobody like lesbians while gay guys run the media. Which reminds me of that Larry Sanders Show joke:

        Larry’s Producer: Larry, don’t you know who runs Hollywood?

        Larry: I don’t know, the Jews.

        Larry’s Producer: No! The gay Jews!

        • I’ve been friends with at least 2 gay men who were diddled by adult men when they were adolescent boys, and that did it. I’m not sure it’s so much they enjoyed the physical aspect of it as much as they learned at that tender, impressionable age that that’s what intimacy is. Very deep, lasting impressions on boys, now ruined. This is why our ancestors were so harsh to sexual predators preying on boys and girls. All these basic notions need to be re-learned on a massive scale. Instead, it’s all obscured by modern “science” and ideas that allow us to “progress” by normalizing and mainstreaming destructive ideas.

          • Brain-imaging technology allowed us to discover two massive blooms in neural structures occur during childhood. The first during the toddler years, the second during puberty. A lot of Soc-jus adjacent writing about “Adverse Childhood Experience” is based on the outsize impact that the environment can have on the developing brain at this time.

            Men like it young. But girls hit puberty sooner than boys. Prediction: girls seduced/interfered with at 13 and 14 have a better chance of getting on in life without developing a sexual psychosis. Anyone care to look at the data? The gay press certainly believe that if you get them young enough, you can keep them from getting stuck at “cis”.

            (Side note This is why the APA used to warn parents to never ever go low cholesterol with kids)

      • I’m sure gayness exists on a spectrum – just like everything else. For every gay that couldn’t contain him or herself back when society was much more restrictive on being open about it – there were many more who decided to “contain” themselves and live the life of a life of a hetero – at least on the surface.

        I know two gay men – they both got married, had kids – and then “discovered” they were gay when they were in their 40’s. I came to know them thru my wife – who worked with one of them. One of them in particular – made it very obvious he was “heterosexual” only as long as it took to get some woman to birth his children. Almost immediately after they were born – he “went gay”. I’m sure this is pattern that gets repeated over and over and over again – and these two tell stories about other gay men that verify that view point.

        For a long time I’ve heard the Christian right talk about trying to “force” gays to become heterosexual. Once I saw how these gay men have lived their lives – I came to the conclusion that that is exactly the wrong thing to do.

        I’d be willing to bet that the societal forces that pushed gays to stay in the closet – are what has prolonged the presence of gays (men at least) within society. I bet that most men with the “gay gene” have had the self control to just go live as a heterosexual – and therefore have had children and propogated their genes to the next generation.

        The Christian right has it wrong. If you want to root out homosexuality and somehow end it – what you want to do is ENCOURAGE gays to live as they claim to be (gay) – and follow that up with laws that prohibit them from doing things like using reproductive science to produce children. Legal repercussions to doing things like the two gay men I know (marrying women and then “going gay”) – would also help. “Going gay” should be considered “at fault” during divorce proceedings – with a very heavy financial penalty.

        In my experience gay men are liars. They manage to lie about one of the most basic things of their existence – to benefit themselves. They will of course blame that on “oppression” and “being forced into the closet” – but that’s total bullshit from what I’ve seen.

      • Z—“Some other combination manifests as schizophrenia or libertarianism.” Ha! Love you, Man! That was great!

      • There are many suboptimal conditions that recur in the phenotype for various reasons, such as Down’s syndrome, fragile x, etc., which do not necessarily convey a survival benefit but are not so backbreaking as to be completely evolved out of the species. Complex structures can fail in lots of ways. Gays and other parapheliacs seem to play a big role in the creation of culture.

        • But the culture they create is destructive, not healthy.

          “Gays and other parapheliacs [sic] seem to play a big role in the creation of culture.”

          Absurd. This is the kind of crap they force fed us in college. As if western civilization would not have all the stupendous art and science without the gays. This kind of teaching is a lie. Gays are incidental to great discoveries, not germinal. Let’s be clear: most advances in western civilization have been discovered or engineered by heterosexual white men. To believe otherwise is just more of that talmudic fantasy. So many gays try to maintain a mainstream job while living wildly and pretending it’s all good and healthy. Occasionally, a news story surfaces about a successful man found dead in a hotel room after a drug- and gay sex-fueled weekend. That some of these outcasts are artists or scientists is by no means an excuse to smear the entire community as the filth that typical gay lifestyle represents (the real one, not the cleansed family-friendly lie imposed on the public).

    • Related, I have read research that Alzheimer’s is the intersection of genetic predisposition with a harmless (or was thought to be) fungus found in the brain, the result of having encountered the fungus at some point in life, where it caused no outward difficulty and so goes unnoticed..

      Theory is fungus evolved to stay “dormant” until late in life after the host’s usefulness for sexual reproduction of the genetic predisposition had passed.

      • Brits did a recent study that correlated peridontitis with Alzheimers, fits a fungus/infection theory

    • It’s as good a theory as any, and I haven’t seen anything out of him yet that I could peg as likely wrong. He’s rocking a Feynman-level IQ and doesn’t seem prone to the Halo Effect. A real asset. I’m halfway through “10,000 Year” and fully impressed.

  32. You guys need to read Christine Medrano. She is bisexual and her twitter feed will enlighten you.

    Also, an understanding of epigenetics as Kupie Outis says is key. This will also allow you to empathize with the trauma of slavery and racism of Black People as pain is encoded in their DNA

      • Yeah, he’s still conceding that black’s place in society today is hardcoded. So we should stop trying to change it. This is actually a strong argument for sterilization or eugenics. What a sick bastard

      • BTW I see you mentioned
        “racism of Black People”;
        I must agree, Blacks are some of the most racist people I’ve met. But unlike you, I don’t empathize with it.

      • They don’t “stumble,” as I have observed, they always show up when something on GAY is written. How does this happen? Is it a coincidence or just a supercharged mental activity that causes them to obsessively search for such articles?

        I honestly believe that there is a central server that plucks out of the cybersphere anything that has “gay” in it, and the entire gay population has free access.

    • Is the “trauma of slavery” “encoded in the DNA” of the descendants of the millions of Europeans (and a smaller number of Americans) who were sold into slavery in North Africa by the Barbary Pirates? If not, why not?

    • I guess that means that being lazy , prone to criminality, and displaying the behavior of constantly looking for a free ride vs. working for the betterment of society – are all encoded in their DNA as well ?

    • Another ghey “de-radicalizer?”

      To steal a line from Alex at TRS, at the risk of upping your game, if you want to “de-radicalize” Chads, you might want to go with a cis-lift-bro who has a wife and 4 kids rather than another clown-world sideshow act.

    • Not only that but black people even have an entire slavery chromosome, only expressed in February, that was added by sneaky Confederate genetic engineers in 1864 to get freed slaves to turn on white Northerners. It’s basically why we have Detroit and Baltimore today.

      • Epigenetics isn’t pseudoscience. Environment has an effect on the expression of genes. We have known that for decades. It is sound science.

        What is bunk is the progressives trying to claim epigenetics somehow proves the existence of the white man’s magic. A nearly unbreakable curse was placed on the blacks that will be passed on from generation to generation through DNA. Only a more powerful form of magic directed against whites can break the curse. That is pseudoscience.

        TLDR; Epigenetics is real. Epigenetics does not equal vodun.

        • Jay, you are correct that environment has an effect on the expression of genes, but it does not CHANGE our genes (other than mutations during the transcription/translation phase of replication). Epigenetics insists that environment, specifically trauma, can change our genetic makeup and be passed down to offspring. This does not happen.

          Epigenetics is specifically that, and not the effects of environment on existing gene expression. Epigenetics is, in fact, pseudoscience. Don’t confuse the two.

          • As currently understood epigenetic changes are changes during an organism’s lifespan in post-translational modification patterns in the histones around which DNA is wrapped in the chromosomes. These histone modifications regulate gene expression and CAN be passed on to offspring.

            In practice gene expression is basically everything. The differences in gene expression are the only reason your liver cells don’t start expressing brain proteins or vice/versa. They have identical DNA after all. “changes in genes” is a red herring. Change the pattern of gene expression, in a cell or an organism, and you change everything.


  33. homosexuality has been in existence since time immemorial. it is an abnormal personality trait and until 1969 when the American Psychological Association changed its stance on the trait, it held the 2nd worse prognosis for recovery just behind paranoid-schizophrenia.
    What today’s moral-less society is ignoring is that evil exists.
    The devil is a good salesman, otherwise we would have very few horrible things in our society.

    • “….homosexuality has been in existence since time immemorial..”

      Yes. What’s new is homosexuals holding the reins of power in most of society’s institutions. The results are becoming painfully obvious.

      The Fabulous Nazis were really into leather…..

      • Ghey fascism is largely a (((trope))), Ernst Rohm’s boys notwithstanding. It was the 1930’s equivalent of cat ladies snarling about muh little d*k when called out by Chads. Homosexuals and Jews are also notorious for shaming the Other with traits they themselves possess in spades.

        Nazis weren’t the ones running the porno shops and bathouses of Weimar & they burned the infamous transexual studies institute of (((Magnus Hirschfield))) to the ground in 1933.

      • That is probably why our ignorant, bigoted ancestors oppressed them. They were shrewd enough to figure out that if they didn’t oppress the gays, the gays would eventually oppress them. A rather astute insight for such ignorant, bigoted people, no?

      • There are cultures that tolerate homosexual activity, such as the Moslem world, but, universally, men are expected to marry women and produce children. Homosexual activity is just something they do, but it’s not a part of their identity. In other words, homosexual activity is acceptable as a side dish, not as the main course.

    • I went to college to learn that Beowulf was gay. Like three dollar bill gay. It wasn’t just about brotherhood or anything like that. The professor took our minds right into the gutter from page one.

      • Remember when you would say “gayer than a two dollar bill?” No doubt, once Butplug gets the presidency, he will mint a 3 dollar bill.

        • I referred to “Mayor Buttplug” a number of time on Breitbart and my posting was deleted. Sensitive souls, there.

          Heaven has a sense of homor – a gay presidential candidate with a surname beginning with “Butt.”

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