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Every once in a while, I like to do a show on world events, not so much because those events are interesting, but because they are illuminating. We tend to get wrapped up in our politics and lose perspective on things. It’s only natural. We care about the stuff close to home, so we get emotionally evolved. Events abroad, however, have no emotional resonance, so we can look at them with a clear eye. That means we can see the salient points, without all the emotional baggage.

The Brexit story is probably the best example of this. Talk to a Brit and they have strong opinions about what is going on with their government. Those opinions run counter to what you see from their news, which is something all of us can understand. For most Brits leaving the EU is a symbolic issue. It is not about the facts of leaving the EU so much as what it would represent in the culture war. Like the battle of immigration in the US, each side of Brexit has emotional reasons for their position.

The self-abnegating side wants to remain so they can disappear into the nothingness of Europe, but most important, stick it to the other side. Like all leftist politics, it is just a pose. For the other side, it is about regaining their national identity. The trouble is, none of that really matters. What Brexit is really about is the rotten ruling class of Britain. These people hate the people over whom they rule and they take pleasure in defying them. The people stalling Brexit are doing it mostly out of spite.

From an American perspective, this is blazingly obvious. We look at a Jeremy Corbyn and wonder how such a grotesque character came to lead one of the parties. More important, how is it that he can walk around promising to sell out his fellow people, as if he is the head of a foreign army. Further, how can the Tories tolerate people in the party who are actively and unashamedly trying to subvert their party? From the perspective of an outsider, this whole Brexit show says England needs a rebellion, not Brexit.

Of course, this is true on America, maybe more so. It’s when you look at something like the Brexit story that you start to think about what is happening in America with the same detached perspective. To Europeans, what is going on in the Imperial Capital with our rulers looks like madness. There’s also the added fact that our rulers have control of the world’s most potent military and a nuclear arsenal. If you can imagine Jeremy Corbyn with a nuke, you know how the world feels about America right now.

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159 thoughts on “Autumn World Tour

  1. Regarding the use of Spanish language (Spanish and Castilian is the same, wherever you speak it. Accents differ, but that doesn’t make them different languages) in Spain: Spanish is widely spoken all of the country, including Catalonia, Basque Country and Galicia. There are rural areas in these regions where it’s not, but it’s understood, and there are places where Spanish is predominant. Moreover, in these same rural areas the Catalan/Basque/Galician which is spoken differs from the one which is taught in the education system. Old Castilian became the language of America for demographic reasons: castilian speakers outnumbered non-castilian speakers, and they were the majority settlers of the New World. Pure Galician and Basque speakers were a tiny minority, and catalan/valencian speakers looked eastward (Sicily, Naples).

    Regarding the unity of Spain. Spain has been a unified country since the end of the Reconquista, with the excepcion of the Kingdom of Portugal. The essence of the Reconquista was the restoration of the Visigoth Kingdom of Toledo aka Regnum Hispaniae, destroyed by the Islamic invasion that caused the Spanish retreat up north and the later appearance of several Christian kingdoms, with it’s own rule and laws. Following the Reconquista concluded by the Catholic Monarchs Fernando of Aragon and Isabel of Castile, all of the little kingdoms of Spain were unified, for the crowns of Castile and Aragon merged following the royal marriage.

  2. Somewhat OT but this is the Autumn World Tour and a positive tale might be welcome. I was vaguely aware of self-sufficient, all white (specifically, Afrikaner) enclave of Orania in South Africa. The Guardian had a detailed piece about it a few days ago. (I can’t do links but if you search “Guardian” and “Orania” it pops right up.)

    The Guardian wrote in tones of astonished horror but I found it heartwarming. They’ve survived legal action thus far thanks to provisions of the SA constitution protecting cultural minorities. I also assume they’re heavily armed.

  3. I finally figured out how to classify the Zman’s old nemisis, the Puritans.

    Communism is secular Abrahamic Messianic culture.

    Islam is Arab Abrahamic Messianic culture.

    Puritans are European Abrahamic Messianic culture.

    The American slave-auction blocks had a huge synagogue behind them, but they had Puritan ships in the harbor before them.

    The Puritans would fight a proxy war for their bankster allies to keep control of King Cotton, to keep it out of the hands of the indebted plantation owners in their bid for independence.
    The banksters had meant to expand it into the New Spain lands south and west, but failed, and avenged themselves before sending in the carpetbaggers.

    WASP resource wars in 1900 and drug turf wars in 1980 would make perfect sense to such a mindset.

    The Evangelical movement was funded from Israel and given plentiful TV time by the (((networks))) to promote Messianism as the WASP rulers were being pushed out.

    • A corollary? Islam in East Africa, say, the slavetrader’s Swahili language (promoted by ykw in the US for blacks, absurd), the Luo raiders, female castration in Togo, the Muslim Hausa-Yoruba uniting to take the oil lands of the Christian Igbo.

      All these cultural elements are foreign to conservative African societies. Islamic culture has no connection to African culture.

      Edit: this was a clunky example.
      Simply put, Puritans adopted a localized version of a foreign culture, Judaism.

      The Puritan leaders been imperializing ever since.

  4. @ zman – Listening to you quote the BBC about Brexit was a bit off-putting to say the least. You’ve been to Europe, how about actually talking to the people who live here and get first hand information. Like most Americans, you pop in for one of your society of mutual admiration club benefit events, talk about the same topics you write about and then jet home and tell us all about your experience in Europe as if you know what’s going on.

    You complain about fake news and laughable journalism, but that’s exactly what you’re doing with these whirl wind Euro trips and then quoting Pravda, I mean the BBC. Please come over, spend a month or two with the locals, rub elbows with them in the pubs and talk to people. Pull your finger out of your bum and put it on the pulse of working Europeans instead of quoting mainstream propaganda.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you actually quote the Daily Mail and Die Bild? You do realize that those papers are on par with American Star gossip rag. It’s a shame you can’t read German because we have some excellent, serious news papers (e.g. Süddeutsche Zeitung) that are what the New York times or Wall Street Journal were 50-years ago.

    I’m in the UK on a regular basis and despite my disdain for the European Union and what is trying to become, I understand why there’s a split on Leave or Remain. It’s not liberals vs conservatives or anti-democratic Parliament squashing the will of the people. It’s about a dwindling empire terrified of losing economic support when they’re no longer part of the EU.

    Britain is heading for the industrial dust bin and the politicians know it. But mainstream news won’t talk about it because it’s the truth. That’s why politicians have been dragging their feet on this whole Brexit thing. Cameron knew they never should have put a referendum out there in the first place, especially with the likes of Farrage spouting his anti-foreigner rhetoric, and now they have their backs against a political wall.

    Of course the old story we’ve all heard is the old people who voted leave are enjoying their hard earned retirement benefits and want the foreigners out because just like Mexicans in the US, those bloody foreigners are taking all the jobs. Meanwhile the younger people can’t find work and if they’re not skilled enough to find a job they have two choices, they will have to leave the country and take their chances or go on the dole. I’ve spoken to enough Irish parents who’s kids have moved to Australia not because they think it’s a great place to live, but because they found work there. How long do you think that sort of brain and skill drain can continue?

    If you’ve followed the industrial history of the UK over the past three or four decades, you’d know it’s in serious trouble and has been for a long, long time.Today it has a very dim economic future for it’s young people and that’s a fact. Older people only complain about foreigners in their country and of course that old British couple in Salisbury are going to be offended when the waitress in the Rose and Crown takes their order with a Polish accent.

    Unfortunately the older generation has failed to recognize that many of the young Brits have been leaving for Europe for the past several decades because they can’t find work at home. Why do you think 30% of Switzerland’s population is ex-pats; professionals like engineers, doctors, etc. it’s because among those thousands are young Brits, Irish and Scots who’ve had to move abroad because they can’t find work at home or because the wages are so low and taxes so high it’s just not worth staying.

    The younger people who want Brexit-Remain see the benefits of being part of a larger political and economic organization, especially when they see billions of Euros being pumped into Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. In fact, if you do the research, you’d see that in many communities across the UK, it’s been EU funding supporting local projects because the Brits communities can’t afford to do it themselves. New libraries, play grounds and various economic development projects have been funded by the EU which have benefited thousands of Brits.

    Of course I blame British politicians and business managers. I’ve met plenty who act like total prigs towards the plebs and employees, and have for decades promoted the most horrible relationships with their “underlings”. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, the class structure in the UK is totally unique in Europe. Even we Germans treat our workers better, and have for over the past 125 years, thanks to the foresight of Bismark. Unlike the French, Brits or US, German unions generally work quite well together with management and for the most part, always have.

    Point being, the Brits have failed to invest in their people, equipment or industries for decades. The result? They are in a free fall of industrial decline like no other western country. Take the Poles for example. They have been quite happily taking low wages while becoming well trained and skilled on decapitated old mills and lathes. And now, thanks to people like Farrage who want them to go home, they’re quite happy to do so and are leaving by the thousands. All happily heading back home to Poland. And the British industries realize they are in deep and serious trouble because they don’t have local young people who can do the work of those “dreadful, non-English speaking” foreigners.

    And who can blame the Poles for leaving? First and foremost, Poland is their home, Second, when they get there, those brand new companies have brand new machines which are clean and well lighted. And third, Poland has been modernized, thanks to the EU. Raytheon, Borg Warner, Ford, John Deer are all opening huge factories in Poland and across Eastern Europe. Why? – China.

    In many ways, it’s actually a better life in Poland than the UK. I’ve been to Poland on many occasions. Sure, it’s a bit drab and East Bloc, but unlike the UK nanny state, there’s no video camera on every corner. No thought police listening to everything you say or watching websites you visit. And hey, kids can even buy spoons in Poland! They can’t do that in the UK!

    What most people don’t realize, including the Brits, is Brexit-leave is going to be the final kick in their collective British a$$es which they have desperately needed ever since they joined the EU.

    Honestly I hope they go. Really. Remaining will only make them the biggest economic welfare parasite in the EU. And unlike the Greeks, who got screwed over by German banks, the Brits have no one to blame but themselves.

    • If I may, govnah, bloody excellent tyke, er wot?

      Really, that is the best description I’ve yet seen.
      Karl, do you see any chance for Britain?

      Aren’t they not part of the Schengen Zone?
      If so, it still didn’t save them from the immigrant invsion.

      Replaced if you do, bankrupt if you don’t.

      What to do? The Kingdom is our mother, for gosh sakes. My grandad was born in London.

      • @ Alzaebo – The “immigration invasion” as you call it, has almost nothing to do with the present economic state of the UK. In fact, the majority of “non native” Brits are Commonwealth citizens; e.g. Indians, Pakistani, etc. and in accordance with British Commonwealth laws, they have every right to be there –

        Now if you’re talking about immigration from other EU member countries, that’s based on “right to work” laws under the EU which Britian, and all other member countries, signed up for. You can’t have it both ways. Did you hear Nigel Farage stand up and call for the Brits to return home from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, or Germany?

        It will be interesting to see how this works out now as the UK is currently requiring EU member citizens living in the UK to register. If they’re clever, they now have the opportunity to deny non-UK citizens the right to residency.

        Just to put things in perspective, London alone has approximately 8.9 million people, while the entire country of Switzerland has 8.5 million so keep those numbers in perspective. Until the UK decides it’s time to use it’s service sector monetary gains and re-invest in it’s industries, anything outside of the City of London is in for a long, hard struggle. Especially as the US, German and other industrially powerful countries, continue to invest and set up shop in low cost countries in Eastern Europe.

        One of the biggest problems in the UK is the political and economic disconnect of the City of London from the rest of the country. Consider the landscape when you view images of it, all those fancy new buildings are in the City of London which also include the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England.

        The organizations which reside there are focused on short term gains, not long term strategies so they’re not interested in venture capital or investing in brick-and-mortar industries.

        There’s a very good book on the subject which sums up the how and why British industry is in such great trouble – “Tragedy & Challenge: An Inside View of UK Engineering’s Decline and the Challenge of the Brexit Economy” by Tom Brown.

        • Superb. Much needed perspective, many thanks.

          The City, reaping and pillaging- what they did to Ireland in the 1840s, and why the starving Irish came here to the US.

          And the Commonwealth citizenship, yes- it was an (ethnic) firm that shipped in the Windjammer Jamaicans in ’48, for “much needed labor”. Of course they brought in Indians, Sikh and Pakis from Sasoon’s Raj.

          Polish plumbers and Latvian call girls?
          Illuminating about the EU labor cross-flows and EU investment.

          I had once asked some English about Saudi money in London, they said no, the post-Wall “Russian” money buying the lux properties was worse.

        • They can change who has a right to be there. The commonwealth rules aren’t written by Jesus. I can assure you England has no future if the don’t stop immigration.

    • “It’s been the EU supporting funding projects because the Brits communities can’t afford to do it themselves “
      For every pound we give the EU they give us back 38 pence and tell us how to spend it. So your sentence is complete bollocks. We’re a major contributor to the EU and not an “economic welfare parasite”.
      The future is not heavy industry, especially when your electricity prices are double those of Continental Europe. That’s thanks to the green nonsense. We don’t have the luxury of building lignite power stations because we stupidly obey the rules of the EUSSR.
      The Z man actually hits the nail on the head regarding Brexit. That’s from someone who lives in Britain, not a kraut visitor with a massive chip on his shoulder.
      We’ll be fine if Brexit ever happens. It’ll help collapse the EU and Germany’s “takeover of Europe without firing a shot” policy.
      Oh, and we’re okay with Poles. We’ve had them flood into the country before when their nearest neighbours overreached themselves.
      Fuck off.

  5. Slightly OT, but Ace of Spades is going full DR over there today. He seems to have turned a big corner.

    • Re: Jonah Goldberg – “he’s a corporate-supremacist pop libertarian at best.”

      Easy with the anti-Semitisms there, goy.

      Ace is one of the best of the civ-nats but being a dissident just isn’t in his makeup. He’ll go down with the ship but at least he’ll be bitching all the way down.

      “I said ‘iceberg ho,’ but you a**sholes wouldn’t listen!!! Hope you’re happy!!!” glug glug…

      • Ace is having a bit of trouble in identifying the source of the problem, it appears to be an incomprehensible mystery to him. But he is getting enlightened on what is going on, and what it means. Give him time, he’s inching over to our side.

        • “The rules created by the left will be applied to the left as equally and punitively as they have applied them to the right. And when they beg for mercy, I’ll begin to reconsider. Or maybe not. Because fVck these people. …

          I will never play defense again. I will attack, attack, attack, attack using their own tactics against them until they learn their lesson.

          What I will not do is let them play my values against me ever again.”

    • Haven’t read Ace since the Schadenboner incident. (from ‘schadenfreude’)

      When Trump was a candidate, my schadenboner became self-aware.

      When Trump was nominated, my schadenboner became an FAA flight hazard.

      When Trump was elected, my Schadenboner went on a seek-and-destroy mission for Kate Upton’s clam canyon!

  6. Speaking of the British press scooping the American press, check out California’s finest, the young upstart Katie Hill, the pride of the U.S.A., brought to us by the U.K.’s Daily Mail. You must open the article to see the pics, which are outrageous. What kind of people would run for office after photographing themselves naked with bongs and making out with their staffers? Well, New Americans, that’s who. This is one skanky ho. Unfortunately, this is what the American culture now produces.

    Shocking photos of Congresswoman Katie Hill are revealed showing off Nazi-era tattoo while smoking a bong, kissing her female staffer and posing nude on ‘wife sharing’ sites
    Katie Hill, 32, has been seen in a series of shocking photographs obtained exclusively by

    Hill was pictured kissing and brushing her young female staffer’s hair, who can identify as Morgan Desjardins from Santa Clarita, California

    The then 22-year-old began a throuple relationship with Hill and her husband Kenny Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017

    Texts and photos between Hill, Heslep and Desjardins reveal their throuple was steamy at first, but ended with Hill leaving them ‘high and dry’

    The congresswoman was also seen posing naked while smoking a bong on 9/11 in 2017, as a tattoo of a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her bikini line is on full display

    The tattoo could open the congresswoman to accusations of hypocrisy, after she criticized racist Facebook posts that included a similar-looking cross

    Sources revealed Hill and Heslep also posted Hill’s naked photos online in 2016 under a thread called ‘WouldYouF**kMyWife’ and ‘wifesharing’

    Shocking photographs of Democrat Katie Hill posing naked with a tattoo of what appears to be a Nazi-era Iron Cross on her bikini line while smoking a bong and making out with her young female aide have been obtained exclusively by

    The congresswoman, 32, was also pictured naked brushing the young woman’s hair, who can identity as Morgan Desjardins, 24, from Santa Clarita, California.

    Desjardins began a relationship with Hill and Heslep shortly after she started working for Hill in 2017, before the three-way affair broke down this summer when Hill told both her husband and her lover that she wanted to focus on her work.

    Hill’s wild lifestyle has been laid bare in a cache of texts and intimate photographs obtained by, as sources revealed Hill and Heslep also posted her naked photos online under a thread called ‘WouldYouF**kMyWife’.
    Metadata from the picture reveals it was taken on 9/11 in 2017, before marijuana was legalized for recreational consumption in California.

    It is unclear whether the congresswoman had a medical license for the drug at the time.

    The picture also shows an iron cross tattoo on Hill’s pubic area, similar to the symbols formerly used by white supremacists referencing a World War II Nazi medal.
    The tattoo could open the congresswoman to accusations of hypocrisy.

    She has criticized racist Facebook posts that included a similar-looking cross, posted by a Santa Clarita veteran who was featured in her political rival’s campaign adverts last year

    The veteran, David Brayton, posted racist memes on his Facebook page including the KKK insignia of a ‘blood cross’, a similar shape to the iron cross.

    Hill called out the veteran at the time, saying the posts left her ‘deeply disturbed’ and that his ‘hateful rhetoric’ helped fuel ‘violence across America’.

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) references in its hate symbols database that the iron cross symbol goes back to the 19th century, included on medals for the German Empire.

    It was later adopted by Nazis for their medals, putting a swastika in the middle of the cross.

    However, the ADL does note the ‘Iron Cross in isolation (i.e., without a superimposed swastika or without other accompanying hate symbols) cannot be determined to be a hate symbol,’ because bikers, skateboarders and extreme sports enthusiasts frequently use the symbol.

    Another set of images obtained but not published by shows Hill and Desjardins inside a steamy shower, embracing and kissing each other.

    In a letter to her constituents on Wednesday, Hill admitted the relationship with her 24-year-old female aide but she did not name Desjardins.

    But sources close to Hill and online posts reveal that this was not the first time she and her husband opened their marriage.

    A former tenant of the estranged couple said Hill and Heslep, had a ‘sexual relationship’ with a 21-year-old woman in 2010, the same year they were married.

    A Local man said he rented a room in the couple’s Santa Clarita ranch and ‘walked in on the three of them’ multiple times.

    ‘I can absolutely confirm stuff like this went on even back then,’ he told

    ‘I left the house after six months because of all the weird sexual stuff going on in the open.

    ‘I walked in on the three of them in some very weird situations a few times so I know there was a sexual relationship going on.’

    In 2016, Heslep, who Hill is currently divorcing, allegedly posted a naked picture of his wife on two forums of social media site Reddit called ‘WouldYouF**kMyWife’ and ‘wifesharing’, according to a source close to the couple.

    The pornographic Reddit forums describe themselves as ‘a place to share pictures of your wife or girlfriend’ and for ‘pictures and videos of couples sharing their sexy and intimate moments’.

    The picture, captioned ‘Do you like our goat?’ shows a woman lying naked on her front on a sun lounger, with a baby goat in the background.

    In another picture from the same period obtained by, Hill is pictured at her Santa Clarita ranch with a similar baby goat.
    The post was uploaded under the username ‘Angelbutt-123’, matching Heslep’s nickname for his wife revealed in texts between the couple obtained by

    Texts and photos between Hill, Heslep and Desjardins, obtained by, reveal the three-way relationship was steamy at first, but ended with the congresswoman leaving her two lovers ‘high and dry’ after moving to Washington DC.

    Hill and Heslep started a relationship with Desjardins in late 2017 when she was 22, shortly before the Democrat hired her as a campaign aide, a source close to the three claimed.

    Desjardins was hired shortly after she graduated from UC Davis, where she studied Biological Sciences.

    In a Vice documentary about Hill and her run for office, Desjardins was seen constantly at Hill’s side, as well as a clip from when she was lying on a bed with Heslep, watching Hill have her hair done.

    Photos taken over the next two years that has chosen not to publish, include pictures of the two women showering together and kissing in a steamy bathroom.

    Another intimate picture shows Hill naked, brushing Desjardins’ hair who sits at her feet. The picture was taken during a holiday to Fairbanks, Alaska the three took together, according to a source close to the throuple.

    Other pictures show the two women hiking in Sequoia National Park in northern California, and hugging each other in a kitchen while both dressed in pajamas.

    The relationship continued until around May 2019, when Hill told them she was breaking it off to focus on her political career, the leaked texts reveal.

    But sex between members of the campaign team did not stop there.

    In text messages to Heslep, Desjardins revealed that after the breakup she slept with another of the congresswoman’s aides during a romantic weekend at a hotel in Santa Barbara.

    ‘He called me hammered and said and I quote ”I have an average sized penis and a freakishly long tongue” and I was like hmmm could work,’ Desjardins wrote.

    ‘Sooo we started talking about it and it turned into a vacation.’

    And in posts on his Facebook page earlier this month, the estranged husband accused his wife of having an affair with her campaign finance director, Graham Kelly, allegedly cheating on him and the other aide for a year of their throuple relationship.

    ‘Why has she been sleeping with her (male) finance director for the past year at least?’ he wrote, accusing his wife of ‘being with her husband (me) for almost 15 years and then leaving me for another MAN, not woman, whom she is still seeing’.

    Heslep also posted a screenshot of texts from a former videographer for Hill’s campaign, Jeff Bomberger, admitting to the estranged husband that he knew about the alleged affair with Kelly.

    ‘Allegations that I have been involved in a relationship with Mr. Kelly are absolutely false,’ Hill said in a statement to website Politico.

    Hill continued: ‘I am saddened that the deeply personal matter of my divorce has been brought into public view and the vindictive claims of my ex have now involved the lives and reputations of unrelated parties.’

    Kelly did not respond to requests for comment.

    Desjardins was devastated by the breakup, telling Heslep in one text in June ‘I’m still a mess over you f***ers.’

    ‘I didn’t realize how much being the dirty little secret bothered me,’ the staffer wrote, adding that the three-way relationship was ‘toxic’.

    ‘It was a dark time and you treated me really poorly but I also stayed which I also have to own,’ she wrote. ‘The relationship was just not healthy.’

    Desjardins texted Hill that the breakup was ‘crushing’. ‘I am not going to be a toy for you on the weekends,’ she wrote to the congresswoman.

    ‘I at least thought you enjoyed that time and that it meant a lot to you. It’s really crushing to find out that it doesn’t.’

    Desjardins told Heslep that she is struggling to get over Hill, who was still paying her for ‘fundraising consulting’ as recently as last month according to FEC records.

    ‘I am still in love with her,’ Desjardins wrote to Heslep. ‘It rips my heart out every time I have to see her or have someone say something nice about her.

    ‘She doesn’t care or really have any concept of how deep the wounds go.’

    Desjardins also confessed she was having nightmares about her ex and boss that caused her to wake up ‘in a sweat’.

    In a text to Desjardins, Hill wrote that the breakup was ‘maybe partially’ over the ‘political risk’ of the relationship.

    ‘Honestly though, it’s that I want to be alone,’ the congresswoman wrote. ‘I don’t want to be accountable to anyone else. I want to be entirely focused on this work that I think is so important.’

    Heslep claimed in his July divorce filing that after the breakup Hill diverted her congressional salary to a separate account and he was left without money to run a car or feed the animals on the couple’s ranch outside of Santa Clarita.

    But in a text to her husband, Hill writes that she will ‘continue to pay the bills and the mortgage’ for him.

    ‘I hope you know that my intent was never to leave you high and dry. I simply was trying to separate things since I was moving out,’ she wrote.

    The House Ethics Committee announced Wednesday that they are investigating Hill’s relationship with Desjardins, which could violate congressional rules.

    Following the announcement, Hill sent a letter to her constituents admitting to and apologizing for the relationship, adding that she is ‘fully and proactively cooperating with the Ethics Committee’.

    ‘I am going through a divorce from an abusive husband who seems determined to try to humiliate me. I am disgusted that my opponents would seek to exploit such a private matter for political gain,’ the congresswoman wrote.

    ‘Distributing intimate photos with the intent to publish them is a crime, and the perpetrator should be punished to the full extent of the law. I have notified Capitol Police, who are investigating it.’


    Sickening modern American culture. This is the result of dismantling Christian culture and replacing with secular (i.e., jewish) culture. Disgusting, dysfuntional.

    • The only reason she is in Congress is because of vote harvesting. Born in California (and in other socialist areas), and coming to a precinct near you.

    • Brits ripping her for her “Iron Cross” tattoo = poetic justice.

      Given her lifestyle, she probably has “Property of the Warlocks – Ride or Die” tattooed to the flip side.

  7. George Soros is funding the independence of Catalonia

    “In 2014, George Soros’s Foundation, Open Society Initiative for Europe, funded organizations fighting for the independence of Catalonia. This is what La Vangardia revealed last year (2016).

    “According to internal documents the Soros Foundation provided:
    – 27,049 dollars to the Consell de Diplomàcia Pública de Catalunya (Catalonia’s Council for Public Diplomacy in Catalonia), an organization that Catalonia’s Generalitat [Translator’s note: this is the institutional framework for Catalonia’s independence] established with different private partners; and – 24 973 dollars to the Centre d’Informació i Documentació Internacionals a Barcelona (the Barcelona Centre for International Information and Documentation, which we will call “BCIID”). BCIID is an independent think tank.

    “The BCIID is playing the role of the Premier Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs for the “Generalitat of Catalonia”. It is defending every issue from the same perspective as Hillary Clinton.”

    They’re either balkanizing or federalizing, as it suits their interests. If it’s in Europe or near China or Russia, you can be sure any independence movements wanting to break off from their main country involve foreign blood and corporate interests. Also, if you look up the leadership of the Catalonia independence folks, they are all World Economic Forum attendees — neoliberals and globalists, all. That is, neo communists.

    When you see white countries at each others throats, countries falling apart, people divided, these are the classic symptoms of jewish politics working their mojo. They are potent and know what they’re doing, and, unfortunately, have a high success rate totally thrashing the trusting white country that they occupy. Look at history: a decade or two after admitting large numbers of jews, civil strife starts. At about the century mark, the country is at civil war or close to it and upon ruin. This is the U.S. now.

    China and Russia look at our crazy messed up nation with alarm, seeing as we have the world’s largest military and nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, the parasites in the U.S. see that we’re almost depleted and have an eye on capitalizing on Asia Rising. But I think (HOPE!) the asians are on to their schlickering. For the good of not just asia, but the world depends on asia repelling the jewish threat. Where there is jewish rule, there is fighting and misery and economic slavery. Unfortunately, many money-loving goyim assist them in destroying their own countrymen. The bible talks about the money of the jews always corrupting and bringing out the worst in whatever people they are focused on overcoming and dominating.

    • The breakdown of the traditional aspirational western culture. Cui Bono? I seem to be stuck on repeat today, but there are thousands of these examples out there over the past century, and they lead to the same place, every time. International socialism was a wedge to break down the west, promoting totalitarianism in a form that allowed the few to sponge off of and lord it over the rest, and in a manner in which the shape shifting tribe of players and their scorecard were hidden. WW1 was the exercise of the wedge. Incomplete, as a twisted version of it, “national” socialism, reared it’s ugly head, substituting leadership of race and nation for the amorphous international shapeshifters as the pullers of the levers of power. The nationalists sure recognized the power of socialism to grab the goodies for oneself, they just wanted it openly for themselves and their kin, rather than doing it while hiding behind the internationale. They got slapped down in WW2, as the nationalist leaders that were left were hung, and the evils of totalitarianism were successfully tied to nationalism, not socialism itself, which was where to actually lay the blame. FDR was duped by his advisers to back a side, the shapeshifter side. The rest is history, and now the shapeshifters are going into some sort of death-orgy, as “having you and him fight”, and signing up the poor and gullible for free stuff, have gotten Noticed. Also turns out the poor and gullible don’t do much other than show up and take the gibs, so racism and all the other -isms have to get jacked up to eleven, to keep things going. Ironically, it turns out a certain strain of whitey falls hardest for that stuff. Now the death-orgy is simply striking out in all directions, hoping something goes their way. They are now down for killing the patient, if necessary, if it is what it takes to not lose. And here we are.

      Sorry for the rant, I feel better now.

      • So do I!
        (Wont let upvote, so here’s a bunch)

        At any rate, last time the Cucked brother called was to wish me a Happy Rosh Hashanah- (biting my lips at “Day of Atonement”…)

        Today he sent a long email about Saint Greta’s warning, all about what could happen, might happen, will happen in the year 2100

        I didn’t have the heart to tell him these same claims were made in 1922- yes nineteen TWENTY TWO-

        But thanks, Dutch, you done cheered me right back up!

    • Another Color revolution.

      Me and the Ukrainian were watching the Orange Revolution on TV, the election between Yats and Yanucks. Georgi Schwartz (Black George) had a couple other Colors going on then too.

      “They’re either balkanizing or federalizing, as it suits their interests. If it’s in Europe or near China or Russia, you can be sure any independence movements wanting to break off from their main country involve foreign blood and corporate interests. ”
      Love. It.

      The Oldest War, using Culture war- total war without weapons.

  8. I don’t yet have a huge amount of faith that Barr/Durham will ultimately arrive at the necessary destination, but my confidence that they will is improving RAPIDLY. If yesterday we learned there is an official criminal investigation, then that investigation probably started back in September when the DOJ IG report was sent to Barr, and that report contained criminal referrals. And I don’t mean “leaking to reporters” kinds of stuff…I mean “conspiracy to…” violate 4th Amendment rights (e.g. Flynn, Page, etc.), illegal spying, falsification of official court documents, lying to a Federal judge, and so forth. That explains the sudden rush to impeachment which launched in September…right about when the people fingered by Horowitz were finding out they are targets of the investigation. You’ve also got Flynn’s lawyer uncovering earth-shattering levels of FBI corruption. She is being fed information by either a loyal Congressman or somebody at DOJ/FBI. She knows things that the government has refused to disclose – like the existence of Mifsud’s blackberries – and DETAILED email threads and investigative interviews of Strzok, Page, Baker, and others.

    I don’t think the indictments will come until after the DOJ IG report is released, but indictments are coming, and soon.

    That would be earth shattering news that even Government Media will be unable to ignore. Up to now, they could rely on the old “partisan smoke and mirrors” stuff. They’re going to struggle mightily to explain why Lisa Page rewrote the 302’s on Flynn to make him look like he lied, or why the FISA court was outright lied to by the FBI multiple times. Even better? We’ve got people like Clapper and Brennan telling outright lies on MSNBC and CNN that are going to be made public, such as how the Intelligence Community Assessment was written, who hired Joseph Mifsud and who was giving Mifsud orders, the CIA’s role in getting the dossier into the evidentiary chain, etc.

    What’s going on right now is the equivalent of the Brits getting a videotape of all the “Remain” politicians sitting in a room talking about how they’re going to prevent Brexit because the ignorant British citizens stupidly voted for something they did not approve of in advance while EU bureaucrats on the VTC nod and laugh in agreement and “Conservatives” apologize that they expected the referendum to fail and that they never intended Brexit to actually win.

    Take heart, something big has happened, and it has Trump fired up in a way that we have not seen before. Drain the effing swamp.

    • I have been watching all of this, too, and two things come to mind. One is that the bad guys know that their stuff is really bad, if they feel the necessity to go for a half-baked (actually, not baked at all and missing the bread dough) impeachment charade. Two is that the media and all the lefty mouthpieces have been test driving the idea of stating absolute untruths (e.g. Biden accusations having been “discredited”) and a big part of the public is showing a willingness to accept them and parrot them—because the untruths reflect their preferences, no matter the stunning untruths of them. We now live in an environment where normie accepts falsities, cut out of whole cloth, as truths. Not good (and won’t end well).

      • The media is powerless to affect the hammer that is going to be dropped. This is going to drive them insane, and it is going to be fun to watch. Popcorn time.

  9. When violence is inevitable attempts to put it off will only make the inevitable outbreak even worse.

    It’s better to kill 3 than 30, 3000 than 300,000.

    Someone needs to be the “sin eater”, to commit a lesser evil to avoid a much greater evil. Pinochet faced this and acted. The Polish general who cracked down on dissidents to keep the Soviet Russian tanks and troops out of Poland in the ’80s faced a similar dilemma and acted correctly. He saved Poland from being destroyed by non-Poles…but he had to commit a lesser evil to do so.

    The European peoples are being marginalized, attacked and replaced in their own lands. To end this will require sin eaters.

    • It’s uncomfortable to admit, but good causes like the genesis and growth of the American republic have required lesser evils. Even the Revolution was hard on many relatively innocent loyalists. A lot of Indians paid a heavy price for the country’s westward expansion, and while I don’t buy the fashionable notion of indigenes as peaceful victims, their suffering was real.

      But let’s not be smug about this truth. We need to keep in mind that villains can define greater and lesser evils to suit their ends. A depressed fanatic worshiping the Union as the ultimate God — I don’t think Lincoln was honestly a religious man — led the U.S.A. into a slaughterhouse that claimed 620,000 lives with millions wounded and maimed. He died believing it was for the greater good.

    • This is a problem that modern Christian morality has. Historical Christianity seems to have managed to square the circle on this.. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

  10. This line from the Spain story really caught my attention!

    “The independence movement had been anticipating an adverse ruling and organizing a popular response through a platform called Democratic Tsunami, which uses social media to mobilize supporters.”

    You will notice that social media accounts were not suddenly banned for any made up reasons. When leftists use SM to organize violent protests for made-up causes, the SM companies are suddenly free-speech absolutists. It’s almost as if their biases are showing.

    • Saw a comment where one of the Catalan revolutionaries mentioned he was trained in Israel.

      Sigh. Not again.

  11. The Spanish Left has a habit of exhumation – you can find lots of photos of their habit of digging up nuns, posing their remains in sexually suggestive ways, and mocking. They’re loathsome people. And they are the same as the Left here. Add to that the genuine regional differences, and you have an interesting situation.

    The Spanish do offer a nod to regional differences, in principle. But as with all democracies, they can’t really mean it.

    • I’ve read that kind of thing in honest accounts of the Spanish Civil War. Franco wasn’t a devil – if anything, he was too mild. A lot of Spanish commenters I’ve read in in Our Thing have basically called him a cuck.

      • Yeah, the idea that he obliterated a peaceful republic is nonsense. The Red Terror was a thing, and the response was correct. Ws he too mild? Tough to say, these weeds never really go away entirely.

        • Thank you for that phrase, the Red Terror.
          So true.

          Franco saved Spain (with Germany’s help), returned its Throne and Altar, then stayed out and kept the Spanish Sphere out with him.

          Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico, as his co-ethnics had been taking territory in Central America since the 1890s.
          If anybody wanted revenge against Catholic Spain, these guys did. Never forgive, never forget.

          War was declared on Germany and Japan after they signed a pact to defend their nations from the Comintern.

          Per Dutch: “Cui Bono? (Do you see a pattern developing here?)”

    • Questions:

      1) Why do white Englishmen allow this?

      For every rape against a white English girl, an English man must take matters into his own hands against a Paki (not rape him). Even if it’s a random guy. Imagine if you raped another clan’s children in Pakistan. I think you guys catch my drift about what needs to be done. 1 of us, so we need 1 of their men. 1 for 1.

      2) Does the elite class allow this because they are actually pedos themselves? Tacit approval?

      It’s just mind boggling. I don’t think that even Canadians would be so cucked as to allow immigrants to rape thousands of our girls. I really don’t.

      • Note how your framed this – ‘an English man must take matters into his own hands’, instead of ‘English men should band together and remove all of these non-Enlgish men from society’. This is the biggest problem with anglo/western culture and why we have sunk to where we are – the individual as hero mentality.

        • Yeah, I mean that’s just the way we are.

          I am by nature individualistic.

          If every English man thought like me, it wouldn’t matter whether we were in a band or not. Millions of units combined into a great whole. In my view it’s the same thing. If millions of English men have that idea, or if English men band together… it’s the same thing, and they will have a pint afterwards.

          It’s in our nature and there’s nothing we can do to change that. Anglos are particularly known for that.

          My issue is not with individualism, the problem is that we as a group are using it in the wrong way, in terms of self hate and societal destruction.

          • One of the biggest fallacies in Objectivism that I fell for was the the idea that “a society is nothing more than a group of individuals” – no awareness or account for things like group psychology or the scientiific fact that we evolved as social animals. Groups are qualitatively different from each individual man within the group and need to be respected as a different sort of actor in themselves.

          • Objectivism, like all other forms of libertarianism is designed to keep white men from uniting to protect their own interests. It is hilarious because almost every libertarian I have known was a white guy, and they did not have the self-awareness to realize the implications of that.

          • I’ve had some luck red-pilling CA libertarians with that dilemma – long story short, history and science shows that if you can either have your “Star Trek economy” or minorities. Pick one.

          • There’s a real lack on national cohesion that they have been trained like dogs to shy away from.

            I read in a comment somewhere on another site that nationalism is the means by which individuals secure their rights. Problem is that Joe doesn’t think Andrew’s problem is his problem. He just thinks that Andrew is the unlucky bastard that got dealt a shitty hand and boy does he hope it doesn’t happen to him.

            We have been taught to think that taking on his pain and acting on it as if it is our personal pain is a bad and racist thing… especially if we treat the perpetrators as the group they actively act as.

      • It’s mind boggling, it truly is.

        What blows my mind are the Brits who fiercely defend all this!

        Who deny that there are any no-go zones!
        Before it became illegal to say, any mention of a no-go zone immediately got flamed with hundreds of people denying it.

        They’d demand a map.
        A map was provided.
        They’d call you a liar.

        How is that humanly possible?
        Could we imagine it in any other people?

        But then there’s Sweden and New Zealand.
        Entire goshdam streets blocked with chanting, praying Muslim men (or garbage) in the EU.
        What problem, bigots!

    • The breakdown of the traditional aspirational western culture. Cui Bono? (Do you see a pattern developing here?)

      • A lot of the victims come from homes that have been negrified by addiction and welfare, single mommyhood, etc…

        In a Britan that throws you in jail for mean tweets, they’d publicy hang you during intermission at “Proms” if you went Paul Kersey on the “Asians” doing the grooming. The damned cops practically ran interference for them.

      • They need to lose faith in their PC “justice” system first. When they realize that the only laws are the ones they enforce, retribution will be on the scale of Lepanto or Vienna.

      • You know, for all the rants we have here about the shortcomings of white women, they also have a right to complain about this serious failing on the part of white men.

  12. How did Trudeau win?

    Well, he has let in at least 1.2 million immigrants since 2015. That’s at least 300-500,000 votes for him. Immigrants used to actually support Conservatives, but Trudeau is letting in a different type of immigrant now; stupid and poor, welfare stooges and grandparents. They know Trudeau is their man to loot the country.

    But lets not blame immigrants exclusively. The wealthy, white Anglo liberals are also extremely weak and pathetic.

    That said, the Conservative Party is absolutely pathetic and cucked. They want the same levels of immigration as the Liberals. They support gay “marriage”. They want tax breaks so immigrants can come here and take our money. The only thing they are ok on is gun laws. I will give them that.

    I voted for Bernier, who started up his own populist right party. He only won 1.7% of the vote and lost his own seat. However, for a recently created party, it’s really not bad. Hopefully he sticks around.

    “Between and liberal and a liberal, people will choose a liberal”… wow what a great phrase.

  13. I have a complaint against your podcast.

    You read too much from news articles. I like to hear your thoughts and opinions, not slow reading of an MSM article.

    Read less. Talk more.

    • My thoughts exactly. Of course having our host compile a summary from the article he wants to opine on is a whole nuther time consumer… and I understand he has a day job.

  14. The Cubans I grew up with looked wistfully at Chile and wished they’d had a Pinochet. Both countries were very similar—highly Castilian and with large middle classes (years of propaganda by Cuban apologists have erased this fact) and thriving economies. And ended up on very different paths. Viva Mi General.

        • If you read what they actually did, it goes way beyond the perceived evils of prison, the draft, taxes, wall on a border…they just might be evil incarnate.

          • Looking at public policy through the “good vs. evil” lens is a big reason why globohomo clown world exists. Maintaining order in a low-IQ, low-trust population requires strongman tactics. Saddam & Quadaffi are laughing from beyond the grave at our attempts to govern Arabs & Africans like Europeans. Our own government does equally evil stuff – they just have better (((PR Guys))).

          • Evil incarnate, you say. I have a judge in Texas who is planning to allow an insane and hateful woman castrate her ex-husband’s son because the judge hates whites or hates the West or some other goddamn reason. What would it take to put an end to such things, do you suppose? And if the only way to prevent it was to do this evil, as you say, would you do it?

          • If the only way to prevent it was to force the judge’s husband to rape their daughter in the judge’s sight, no, I would not do it. I would do my best to prevent it by some other means.

          • Some of the more lurid torture stories should be taken with a grain of salt, just like Holocaust porn & the ridiculous stories they told us about Saddam’s rape rooms, Germans spitting Belgian tots on bayonets, etc.. More often than not those are fairy tales being spun by people who want to get you involved in their feuds.

          • “If the only way to prevent it was to force the judge’s husband to rape their daughter in the judge’s sight, no, I would not do it. I would do my best to prevent it by some other means.”

            Who’s talking about such a thing? Why be so stupid?

          • It’s been reported that’s what Pinochet’s underlings did. Click on the Wiki link.

            “Not only were the suspects incarcerated, but their relatives were also arrested. Family members underwent sexual abuse in the presence of their relatives.”
            [30] “Report of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation,”

            “She was forced to have sex with her father and brother—who were also detained.”
            [39] “Informe de la Comisión Nacional sobre Prisión Política y Tortura,” National Commission Report on Political Prisoners and Torture,” 2005, 249-250

            I had rather not have to say such things, but you asked.

          • Ursula, it’s already happened.

            “The judge presiding over the case of Jeffrey Younger, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, James, from chemical castration via a gender ‘transition,’ ruled today that the parents will have joint conservatorship over James, which includes making joint medical decisions for the child.

            Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th district also put a gag order on both parents so that they cannot speak to the press about the case and decided that the father is not required to pay attorney fees. The judge’s decision means that the Save James website will have to be shut down. ”

          • Tiny, the propagandists said the same thing about the good Shah, too.

            SAVAK killed 500 jihadis in 20 years, the jihadis killed 20,000. The Shah had overthrown that queer totalitarian dictator, Mossadegh, and was bidding to reclaim Aryan Persia from it’s Abrahamic overlords.

            Islam was near dead, the Peacock Throne, Egypt’s Nasser, and the Ba’ath Party meant to kill it.

            You wouldn’t believe what they said about a certain Chancellor, or about the 5 Tsars they murdered in succession. Those 5 reformers turned the slaves of the Golden Horde into an economic, cultural, and civil rights miracle.

          • Persia has been trying to break the Abrahamic shackles for millennia, and just can’t quite do it. Those clerics have some mighty mojo going.

          • I’m not Tiny, Alzaebo. Okay, I’ll reveal my true identity. I’m Quasi Troll Bunny. I’ve used “Normie” before, I think, but I’m not THAT Normie.

          • Anon,

            I was in the Gulf War and was told Iraqis were ripping premie babies from incubators. I was 20 and believed it. Turned out it was b.s. of course.

            Anytime you go to war, innocent people will die, women will be raped, children will suffer… so simply dont go to war and find “some other way” of doing everything no matter the foe or the peril. Not a serious statement.

            I always find these claims of “made to have sex with their daughters” more than suspect. No healthy sane father is going to be sexually excited by their daughter, moreso when themselves tortured or threatened with imminent death. It b.s. prima facie.

            I know you have the caveat “it’s wikipedia” but… sperg just a little okay?

          • Yes, and our own President assured us that was the case with the preemies! At any rate, if you want to know more about the Wikipedia source, The National Commission Report on Political Prisoners and Torture-also known as the Valech Report, I believe-you can find more info here:
            Sounds legit to me, but maybe it’s like our Warren Commission or 9/11 Commission Report. Who you gonna believe? Yeah, it seems extreme, but I don’t dismiss anything as outside the bounds of human evil.

          • You don’t understand. “Evil incarnate” is when you exterminate 1% of the fellow travelers that have put in place a tried and true plan to subjugate normies forever.

      • I read a great book – a novel – by a WOMAN, no less – that dealt with this kind of thinking head on.

        To treat bad people with limp-wristed, wishy washy half-baked justice is not merciful to the INNOCENT.

        All you invite is worse for the innocent victims.

        I heard a woman testify once that she was uncomfortable with a “merciful” God who would send people to hell. And then she was raped. Now she understands that mercy is for the innocent, grace is for the repentant, and justice is for the recalcitrant.

        So don’t be such a pussy.

        • I’ve got no problem with proportional justice, but it seems the innocent, i.e., family members, were gruesomely tortured as well. Weren’t they innocent victims? What Pinochet’s henchmen did goes way beyond helicopter rides. But I guess the ends justify the means.

          • By their goodness or in other words, their quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct

          • To see who rules you in a nation governed by “right or good conduct,” look to who defines morality. We’ve been hired out for every dubious cause on the planet in the name of “fighting evil” for over a century.

          • What is the end to which a government exists, if not the safety and health of the people? That is the end, to which various means are utilized. It is that end which justifies, or not, the means to achieve it.

          • The ends justify the means, you say. You’re an Alinskyite, not a Christian. This is not your thing:
            1759 “An evil action cannot be justified by reference to a good intention” (cf. St. Thomas Aquinas, Dec. praec. 6). The end does not justify the means.

            1761 There are concrete acts that it is always wrong to choose, because their choice entails a disorder of the will, i.e., a moral evil. One may not do evil so that good may result from it.

          • Anon,

            You are having us on, right?

            Please. I’m the moralizing wank on this site. Even I’m not this wankish. Move along.

          • So what’s your solution, smart guy?

            It’s a war, a dirty war. You don’t always know who’s on your side and who’s not, who’s innocent and who’s not.

            I guess no innocent family members died in WWII. The countries that formed the former Yugoslavia are peaceful now. Why? Because they separated themselves in a brutal civil war where untold number of innocent people were killed and tortured.

            Again, what’s your gentle solution? How can you be so sure that you’d know who was innocent and who wasn’t? I’m sure that you’d never do torture, but how would you stop your men if they knew that the other side was torturing their comrades. Would you even want to stop them.

            Civil war in a very dirty business. Throw in different races and it’s gets much dirtier. You pretend to so above it all because you don’t have to make the choices. It’s not win or die for you.

            I would hope that I wouldn’t do or order what they did, but I’m not going to be so childish as say that I wouldn’t.

          • I don’t know what I would do, either. My only solution: look to your soul.

            Not that I’m necessarily anti-war but you catch my drift.

            i sing of Olaf glad and big
            whose warmest heart recoiled at war:
            a conscientious object-or

            his wellbelov’d colonel(trig
            westpointer most succinctly bred)
            took erring Olaf soon in hand;
            but–though an host of overjoyed
            noncoms(first knocking on the head
            him)do through icy waters roll
            that helplessness which others stroke
            with brushes recently employed
            anent this muddy toiletbowl,
            while kindred intellects evoke
            allegiance per blunt instruments–
            Olaf(being to all intents
            a corpse and wanting any rag
            upon what God unto him gave)
            responds,without getting annoyed
            “I will not kiss your fucking flag”

            straightway the silver bird looked grave
            (departing hurriedly to shave)

            but–though all kinds of officers
            (a yearning nation’s blueeyed pride)
            their passive prey did kick and curse
            until for wear their clarion
            voices and boots were much the worse,
            and egged the firstclassprivates on
            his rectum wickedly to tease
            by means of skilfully applied
            bayonets roasted hot with heat–
            Olaf(upon what were once knees)
            does almost ceaselessly repeat
            “there is some shit I will not eat”

            our president,being of which
            assertions duly notified
            threw the yellowsonofabitch
            into a dungeon,where he died

            Christ(of His mercy infinite)
            i pray to see;and Olaf,too

            preponderatingly because
            unless statistics lie he was
            more brave than me:more blond than you.

            ~i sing of Olaf glad and big by e.e. cummings

          • No. I just don’t share the enthusiasm for Pinochet. He was a repressive dictator, torturer, plotted a coup against a democratically elected government. Ha ha, what’s not to love?

          • ” plotted a coup against a democratically elected government.”

            Schicklegruber was democratically elected too. shame there wasn’t an effective coup against him. Would’ve saved tens of thousands of American servicemen’s lives.

          • Anon III- “I don’t know what I would do, either. My only solution: look to your soul.”

            Here’s a good post today from Vox to help with your morale quandary if you are being genuine.


            You want to know what you do? You listen to what your foes are telling you they will do with Your People. Believe them when they speak in the hubris of safety before things get spicy. That’s their truth.

            Listen to their casual promises of what they’d like to do with your family, your children and the people that are like you. Keep that in mind. Then you do what you must before they do unto you what they will.

            You dont have to plum the depths of depravity and evil, but your vigor and tenacity at interrupting their wicked plans is what you do.

          • Yes, it is hard to sort out the truth, but often there is enough openly admitted or obvious evil to justify action. For me, the destruction of Saddam’s military was justified just because he openly rewarded palestinian terrorists – the mistake was the rebuilding effort. Another month of war could have destroyed Iran’s military at little cost to our troops (Iran ~= Iraq, as shown by their 10 year war against each other). Then leave the ahole rulers to deal with angry populace w/o organized military.

            There we were looking for a target to blame for 9-11, saddam volunteered Iraq, hard to say who did what, the thing is to sow dissension among your enemies by picking out one to bear the brunt – let them sort out whose fault it was they pissed you off.

          • Citizen, that’s often the reason the WWll vets refused to talk. Not about what they saw, but about what they did- rather, were pushed into doing.

            (A literal Boomer here, dad and uncles in the War, I’m not blaming our guys.)

          • Oh yeah, and that SurAm feminist, Rigoberta Menchu, peddling her book in US campuses, made the same claims- except that it was all made up.

            Meanwhile, Pappy Bush’s Contra Honduran honchos were murdering entire villages in Guatemala. Had to keep Ollie’s pipeline to young governor Clinton open while they were relocating Columbian Cali to Mexico’s banks and border. HWB was competing with the Cuban and Venezuelan ‘diplomatic exchanges’ already there.
            (Zeta is Cuban cartel, Sinaloa is Bush-Salinas cartel.) Noriega was taking too big a cut.

            You’re seeing the (((PR))) by gangsters fighting a drug turf war.

            Please tell us about the butchers of Peru’s Brilliantoso Hermoso, or the jihadi smuggler’s stronghold in Paraguay’s Tri-Borders region, or the concrete/cocaine mafia of Venezuelan FARC?
            Nice guys, ya think? Want ‘democracy’?

      • If you live in a house full of pit bulls, you make damn sure that they’re extremely well trained and know who is the alpha.

        We’re changing our population from loving labs to pit bulls. You have to adjust.

      • Remember who writes and edits Wikipedia. And that Pinochet had the shining example of Cuba and the insurgencies that active in Central/SA sitting right in front of him. Yes, if you sift out the leftist propaganda, he was still brutal. But I’ve helped run business in SA—Chile was one of the few places that worked and had a relatively high level of freedom.

        • “Why not say-as some slanderously claim that we say-‘Let us do evil that good may result’? Their condemnation is just!” ~Romans 3: 8

          • Your theological error is in assuming torture always to be evil. It is, like imprisonment, not evil of itself in all places and for all reasons. doesn’t mean I’d like to be tortured or imprisoned, but it is a tool that may be wielded for the good of the polity.

          • There was no need to excuse anything or demonize anybody, it is just a grave mistake to lose a war. Remember that what comes around goes around, and indeed there were a few Slavs in 1945 with somewhat longer historical memory than what we here in the USA have, what comes around goes around.

          • Sure. And the depraved is condemned. But we generally have choices between two depraved options, do we not? And how depraved would the solution have to be before it was worse than a judge mandating a child be castrated? That’s the world we live in.

          • Absolutely agree with you there, Anon.

            I strongly disagree with BTP because the USA’s College of the Americas Unit 317 (South America) and the black rendition sites (MidEast) were NOT for the good of the polity.

            Conservatives, remember, anything they build, will someday be used on you.
            Never let them trick you into building your future jail. You are the intended target, always. ALWAYS.

          • Not really, miss, quite so.
            I mentioned torture isn’t a White thing, we won’t even allow cruelty to animals, although Mexicans do.
            (I’m thinking of our glue factory horses, wrongly moved by Lefty to Mexico, and of circus animals.)

      • It’s not ‘glorification’. It’s a recognition that the alternative is far worse, with far more death, destruction and torture.

      • In Chile, 3000 Communists took over the courts, and murdered 300,000 people.

        So Pinochet murdered the Communists, purged the judges and stayed long enough to make sure they were purged, returned the country to it’s Constitution, then retired.

        He was Cincinnatus.

          • If I know the inevitable outcome of a communist takeover will be a body count in the millions (every single time)… am I wise to not stamp out the first flames when they begin to glow? Perhaps I should moralize and pontificate on what kind fire suppression is appropriate while my home is consumed.

            Was Pinochet a saint? Nope. Was he correct? Absolutely. The body count that doesn’t exist because of his actions aren’t measurable because you can’t prove a negative. But comparable results from other communist regimes and revolutions are there for all to see. Eggs, meet omelet.

          • From a comment, long ago, by a Chilean, who survived la Plaza del Sol

            A number of others pitched in to agree.
            They’d been waiting for a chance to speak to an American audience.

      • Sure, we can trust Wikipedia. And you don’t think leftists would tell lies or make up stories about Pinochet, do you? Nah….

    • Under Bautiste, with strong unions, public health care, public schooling, and foreign direct investment, Cuba had the eighth strongest economy and living standards in the world- higher than Austria, Ireland, or Japan.

      • Before Fido the Bastard, Cuba was free. How do we know that? You were free to go. Then suddenly you weren’t. It’s not very complicated.

  15. It sounds heretical coming from a Californian, but Central and South America could end up providing more inspiration for future Americans to join Our Thing than Europe.

    Third Position populism and outright fascism has a pedigree and track record there. Despite (((best efforts))) to Holocaustianize the so-called “Dirty War” & other authoritarian counter-insurgencies, the south-western hemisphere has often accepted authoritarian rule as a net-positive given their multi-cultural and genetic situations. Their Whiteness-stratified racial caste system is 500 years old and most Latinos brag about Spanish heritage (or invent it) rather than shamefully concealing it.

    GoodWhite Shitlibs may not like it, but everyone to the Right of Woke has made a wisecrack about giving their enemies a Pinochet helicopter ride. Latino dictatorships have repeatedly demonstrated that you can keep the trains running on time without muh ovens even with a mixed population. Latinos themselves have fought authoritarian governments, but usually at the behest of the Deep State or simply in the interests of their own competing strongmen. Most see even outright fascist politics as just part of the spectrum, not something from the Outer Void.

    If a Duarte arose in Mexico, or even if one of the narco-strongmen went “legit” and started enforcing consolidated order on the present chaos, everyone would benefit, and the Holocaustian bogey of the Dictator might be more humanized for a generation of American normies.

    It might behoove us to start looking south for some castizo allies and adjacents to break tortillas with. We’re going to be stuck with a porous southern border for the forseeable future no matter what we do, and dIssidents have historically made use of grey-area borders to operate.

    • Vicente Fox is one of those “castizos” you mention and the only “ally” he deserves is an appointment with the gallows pole. I trust no Mexicans. Zip. Zero. Nada.

      • The US dealt with the Soviets and plenty of other bad actors in the past and didn’t “trust” them either.

        It’s one thing to say we have no interest in the affairs of Eastern Hemisphere nations, but Mexico and Canada are different enchiladas.

        I’m certainly not saying “trust every castizo b/c castizo,” FFS. They may be part White but they’re still foreign.

        As dissidents, we’re dealing with guys outside the “democratic” system that gave us Fox, Nieto et al. And when I say “we,” I don’t mean the USA, I mean us, as dissidents.

        • On board with that.
          It’s realistic.
          They don’t burn down their own neighborhoods after a ball game.
          They don’t tear a country up with subversion.
          They don’t do foreign wars.
          They solve the NQ (blacks). Blacks don’t raise hell here.

          The quiet, successful reconquista of Califas is proof.

          Here I am in A’ Los, Los Angeles, the only white face at a big terminal downtown.
          No problems, completely at ease.

          These guys have a hard work ethic, mad technical skills, and an easy-going attitude.
          The sons learn from the dads and uncles, the girls listen to granma abuela and want husbands, these people are not the problem.

          The traditions of cops, veterans, workers, mechanics, and shopkeepers are respected.
          Homeowners and managers are respected.

          Our insane white and black politicians in San Fran and Sacramento are the problem.
          Our (fellow whites) in Hollywood are the problem.

          • I see majority-Mestizo Latinos in general on the same level as Arabs – the smart fraction is functional but the normies need smart-fraction supervision & strongman tactics to keep them functional. The more castizo, the more likely they’re smart fraction.

            In my ideal-but-hopefully-realistic future, we develop separate communities that cooperate, which means castizo strongmen for them. We respect the homogeneity of each other’s ethnic core areas and only mix in the suburbs or the Free Cities like LA, SF etc..

            What I’m proposing above is simply to start making the first overtures to sympathetic righties among the petty aristocrats who’re locked out of real power in the present kosher-approved Mexican system. In the decades before achieving the ideal, having connections with guys who operate in the “no-man’s land” of the Amerindian Territories 2,0, so to speak, could provide useful avenues of retreat for individual dissidents fleeing the Eye of Soros and some networking, resources and options for Our Thing. More on that once I develop a detailed post,

          • Bonus, high class Latina women give pureblood white women a run for their money in the looks and femininity departments.

          • Definitely so, Last, in a competition they understand. Latinas and Brazilianas actually enjoy being feminine.

          • I appreciate your thoughts about seeking allies, but I honestly think it’s mostly futile. You’re overlooking the tribalism of non-whites. It is deeply important to them that their racial group dominate in a way that whites can hardly imagine. Even smart Asians are not like us in that respect. They can never really ally with us. At their core, they resent us and can’t forgive us for our beauty and what our forefathers created.

          • They’re welcome to dominate their own people and lands all they want. We haven’t seen a Latin strongman since Castro with pan-American ambitions, none have ever effectively been that sort of threat, and they’re forced to focus much of their martial resources on keeping their orcs in line. Whites will maintain the upper hand so long as we choose to. Browns have gained ground only where we’ve ceded it.

    • The problem is that hispanics are assimilating. To Blacks. We’ve imported slightly better blacks, down to the gangbanging and victim complex. A 2nd generation invader legitimately believes that America was always 60 percent American but the Hispanics believe their coethnics were just hidden before 1990. The population density of 18th century Mexico is beyond their meager facilities.

      This is a problem for cross border cooperation. It requires a massive asterisk to complain about our Aztec LARPing mestizos without alienating a Proud castizo from El Salvador. That is assuming you can find one who isnt riding high and wants to rock the boat.

      • I meet quite a few of the petty aristocrat class, a lot of their families got into white collar jobs like law generations back in the US. Their disdain for Blacks, casual racism in general and openness to authoritarian governement are the main reasons I think it’s worth taking a look at. Agree on Mexican proles – they’re right there with Blacks in terms of consumerism and willingness to submit to farm animal lifestyles if they can have their cervezas & Cheetos and get their rocks off.

        • Yup.

          Anecdotally can confirm.

          Mexican acquaintance is quite lazy, stupid, and slow. He is an alcoholic and watches Netflix all day.

          Doesn’t really give a shit about anything.

          You can see why his home country is a shithole, if you extrapolate that type of behavior to the majority of Mexicans (he’s likely one of the better ones at that).

          Hey, I don’t care if mexico is a shithole or what Mexicans are like. I just don’t want them in my country.

          • I remember when Mexico was sleepy, agrarian, and libertarian. It was where you’d go to get away. Cabo, Acapulco, Baja.
            Mexican Army? What for?

            Mexicans didn’t invent the cartels.
            “We” did.

            (PS- heck, Dads, on his weekly boat run down to Venezuela post-War, remembered topless chiquitas standing on the beach and waving grass mats, yelling “f*ckee, two dolor!”)

          • Drug-crime was always a thing with them, but NAFTA was a quantum upgrade for them in terms of cash flow & all that comes with it – most importantly total subversion of the government in most areas of Mexico. NAFTA took their brown-ditch-weed chihuahua drug trade and fed it until it became the Cerberus of cocaine & opioids it is today.

          • NAFTA. Of course. Billy and the Bush Republicans, and the raid on the peso, after GoldSachs crushed coffee and corn, pushing bankrupted farmers here in the first wave.

            I talked to those guys in person, in CA, Arkansas, and the first Carolina colonistas.
            Janet Reno granted the first waiver for 500,000 laborers to Tyson in Arkansas.

            Mexico, even in the 70s, had whole mountainsides of weed. My neighbor slept on a pallet of it every nite after harvesting it by day.

            The governor of Sonora had petitioned the Federales for permission to grow pot, to help his poor state’s economy. They agreed, and sent seeds.

    • The same reason millions of other young men have died in endless wars in human history:

      To obtain/maintain the power and wealth of the Ruling Class.

    • No kidding. After two go rounds by my family in the 20th century the runnin g joke was that France was just a place they went to to kill Germans…

  16. England is the in the ‘lost cause’ column until the degenerate House of Windsor is liquidated and replaced with Good King Morgoth.

  17. On Scandinavian English speakers, that’s a huge crutch I’m leaning on. I’m learning Norwegian (slowly – middle-age is not the time to learn a ton of new languages) as it’s supposed to be the easiest of the three mutually-intelligible Scandi tongues.

    I’m still pronouncing everything in a horrid mashup of Deutch-lish and phonetic trial-and-error. It’s providing much comic relief for the locals.

    Norwegian only has three new funny foreign letters to learn. Russian with its full Cyrilic alphabet is nightmare-fuel for December.

    • I looked it up and I don’t know about it’s ease of learning, but examples of white Norwegians talking indicate it’s the prettiest language of the Scandinavian languages.

    • Norwegian, or any Scandi language, is like beautiful music, like water over stones.

      I followed a Norwegian family around the top of the World Trade Center just so I could listen to them talk!

      (PS- the Twin Towers had a freight elevator taking tourists to the top floor every twenty minutes. It had floor-to-ceiling glass all around, you could see all the way to Pennsylvania and Conneticut.)

      Bonus: Listen to Bjork, singing Icelandic sagas in her native tongue. OMFG.

      • I’ll get there, it’s just going to take longer than it used to.

        Auden went to Oxford when it mattered & won a Pulitzer. I’m just a well-read redneck.

    • Are you concentrating on Bokmål or Nynorsk? As to the speaking part, get drunk, put some pieces of hot potato in your mouth and you can pass yourself off as a native Danish speaker. (Having a stroke and slurring your words is an alternative, but not recommended.)

      I’m going to catch hell for the above 😉 but it’s just a legacy of having spent too much time with a certain Swede (who has a terrible Scanian accent, so the glass houses thing applies).

      • Bokmal – all the teaching stuff says to go with that one as the more common.

        I have noticed Danish seems to be the least intuitively phonetic of the three languages for me. Haven’t tried it really drunk (yet).

    • I spent some time in Denmark in college and became somewhat conversant in Danish. The vocabulary and grammar are more similar to English than are German or the Romance languages but it is quite difficult for a native English speaker to pronounce correctly.

    • If you are an English speaker many of the Scandinavian sounds are so difficult to make. “Eueeewllll”

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