The Wilderness Of Mirrors

A general rule in democratic politics is that nothing anyone says or does should be taken at face value. James Jesus Angleton famously described the espionage game as a wilderness of mirrors, a term he borrowed from T. S. Eliot. The same can be said of democratic politics. Everyone assumes that everyone else is operating from a hidden agenda, so no one plays anything straight. That is something to keep in mind when examining the weird impeachment show the Democrats are staging.

Conventional wisdom says this is an extension of the long running tantrum that began after the 2016 election. The Left, spiraling into revolutionary madness, is demanding vengeance for 2016. Party leaders, fearing a schism in the ranks, went along with what is a ceremonial process. Pelosi has refused to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry, as that would trigger a legal process that could easily get out of control. Instead, she has gone along with what is turning out to be a melodramatic fishing expedition.

Now, Adam Schiff is mentally ill. That’s not an amusing criticism, but an obvious fact based on his bizarre behavior and deranged demeanor. He is not too far from demanding witnesses play leapfrog while entering the hearing room. He’s not the first party member to serve while suffering from mental illness. David Wu, a congressman from Oregon, went around dressed as a tiger. The reason for this circus could simply be that the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum.

If we assume that not everyone has gone insane and that these lunatics were allowed off their leash in order to serve some other purpose, the question is what? It’s clear that they have nothing. If Pelosi allows this to move to a formal impeachment process, then she would be betting that this nothing stands up to what the White House would offer into evidence, which would be very bad for everyone in the political class. The party leaders are not going to roll those dice heading into an election.

All of this, of course, is against the backdrop of the investigation into the seditious plot to overturn the 2016 election. What should have wrapped up a year ago is supposed to be reaching some sort of denouement. Supposedly CIA officials are hiring lawyers and the Inspector General is ready to issue criminal referrals. U.S. Attorney John Durham is making the sorts of inquiries that suggests he is serious. Despite the foot-dragging, it looks like something may finally happen on that front.

This impeachment charade may very well be a part of some political negotiating going on between Democrats and the White House. The IG report has been delayed for months, so it is not unreasonable to think there is backroom dealing going on that is holding up the release. If there are to be indictments, then those who are indicted will surely consider cutting a deal. This impeachment stuff could be a stall to give the party time to cut deals with those who will take a fall and keep quiet.

There’s also the possibility that this impeachment stuff is a stall for time so the party can figure who did what exactly. One of the interesting aspects of the 2016 spying plot is the number of people involved. If it was a small group of conspirators, this would have been swept under the rug a long time ago. The scale is no doubt slowing the official inquiry, so it probably has slowed the unofficial ones as well. Maybe that’s the real point of the impeachment show. The party is still sorting the issue.

On the other hand, many of the people involved in the impeachment charade were involved in the spying plot. The outside lawyers conspiring with Schiff’s committee, were also involved in setting up the fake evidence in the Russian hoax. Some were working in the DOJ during the plot, while others worked on Mueller’s team. Much of the news “reporting” on this is being done by “reporters” who had worked hand and glove with the conspirators during the plot. We’re back to the lunatics running the asylum.

What could be happening here is that the Schiff committee is really trying to get a handle on what the administration knows about the Ukrainian corruption and the seditious plot. These hearings are about getting administration people to secretly tell Schiff what is known about these scandals, maybe talk about what the IG has been doing over the last three years. In other words, it is not about fishing for dirt on Trump, but fishing for what Barr has on the conspirators.

Another angle to that is the Ukraine plays an absurdly large role in American politics for some reason. The scandals of the Obama years always seem to have some roots in the place. Maybe that reason is a bigger, much scarier bit of corruption involving Ukraine that no one wants made public. At this point, the image of Hillary Clinton’s cackling visage should come to mind. Her off-the books e-mail system seems to have a role in all of this. Maybe she sold Ukraine something big.

There is one other facet here to consider. The genesis of this impeachment stuff was the revelation that Joe Biden and probably many other party members, were taking bribes from Ukrainian officials. That probably ended Biden’s campaign as he has been fading ever since. Maybe this Ukrainian stuff was just a way to get that information into the public domain, either by the White House or by party radicals. This is the sort of scheming these people do as a matter of habit.

Of course, you can go the other way with this and maybe the whole point of this was to get the White House to reveal the Biden stuff. If that came from some other source, the party media could not dismiss it as political shenanigans. By raising questions about Trump and Ukraine, the White House had to reveal what they had on Biden and anyone else getting their beak wet in Ukraine. That’s a bit of 4-D chess, but it is a common practice in politics. Accuse the other side of something outrageous in order to make them talk about it or disclose their own schemes about it.

Then there is the planted story about Obama cautioning the party about going too far into crazy land. These stories are written up and handed to sites like The Hill by the party, as a way to communicate to party members. This brings us back to the decision by Pelosi to allow a fake impeachment inquiry to proceed. Given the lack of public interest and the lack of any evidence of wrongdoing, this whole thing may have been a concession to the crazies, a concession that may soon be withdrawn.

Finally, any rumination on this impeachment charade has to acknowledge the lack of interest by the public. The media had their amplifiers turned to eleven. The actors on cable chat shows were given the right lines and the show opened with as much fanfare as possible. Like the new Terminator movie, it has been a flop. People took a peak and then stopped looking when they saw nothing there. Schiff really thought this was going to be a hit, but he may have been the only one.

At this point, the Cloud People are so divorced from our reality they are left to guess as to what interests the Dirt People. What we could be seeing is the fantasy world of the Cloud People in the inner party’s radical ghetto slamming into reality. They are suddenly learning that the rabble does not share their obsession with the orange golem that haunts their dreams. This impeachment show was just a big ceremony by the ruling class that failed to resonate with the general public.

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238 thoughts on “The Wilderness Of Mirrors

  1. “What could be happening here is that the Schiff committee is really trying to get a handle on what the administration knows about the Ukrainian corruption and the seditious plot. ”

    Trump will be investigated his entire term(s). The investigations are the point, and they will be used to tie up witnesses and evidence. It gives people the opportunity to say I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation and walk away from anyone who isn’t onboard with the narrative.

  2. Back in 2013 had to, for business reasons, take a fairly deep look under the covers of the Clinton Foundation/CGI. From the little we saw it was not pretty. My bet is much of this wrapped around that and fact that a massive percentage of official Washington was willing to throw all caution to the wind to earn brownie points with the “sure thing” incoming Hillary admin.

  3. Speaking of wilderness Brookings informs us that the Federal Reserve is the new Catholic Magisterium and that Holy Emperor Trump threatens a divided Avignon Papacy.

    >I am going to make my main point that we have administrative govt in the Fed, that it is under no politicians control ~ including democracy.
    Yes Dear Sir all voters in democracy are politicians.

    Brookings nicely makes my earlier supporting point about Humphrey’s Executor and adds this gem (concerning a divided Fed chairmanship)

    (From Brookings); “This kind of Avignon papacy in the Federal Reserve—a world with two people with claims to being the Fed Chair—is unprecedented.”

    Papacy indeed. And what a religion indeed. A Pope of money. Sorta money.

    We Catholics will stop apologizing now… 😀

    • Perhaps Mr. Z in the finest traditions of Protestantism you can stop worrying about not having a Right Wing Canon and simply point out the Left’s obscene indulgences.

      A word on Canon; you are Protestants my fellow Americans. You can’t form a Canon, it is not possible for you to do so.
      Indeed the Progressives can’t and they’re the real Protestants. They have no canon (canon’s are fixed). Stick to what you’re good at (the sacrament of denunciation~ala Luther forward) and denounce this most unholy, universal and Predator Drone in Drag Apostolic Church.

      • VXXC: I see one of your group of posters has decided to add an additional title to your handle.
        You guys keep playing; your different comments from different people keep it interesting.
        Some aren’t spot-on. Some are troll-y.

  4. “And he (Cornpop) ran a bunch of bad boys. And back in those days — to show how things have changed — one of the things you had to use, if you used Pomade in your hair, you had to wear a bathing cap. And so he was up on the board (diving board) and wouldn’t listen to me.” – Joe Biden, U.S. Vice President and Senator

    What decade are we in Joe?

    Joe Bribing first learned how to give a bribe when fucking greasers called him a sissy at a swimming pool and pulled a switch on his wannabee tuff candyass. Once he got elected he gave enough bribes and favors to start eventually having the power as a career politician.
    Greasers named Cornpop
    Elected Senator in 1973
    I repeat: Dementia.
    Joe Bribing is a fucking caricature. Hillary Clinton will announce and win the nomination again, and then lose again. This has been a theatrical performance from the start, Biden was never serious. He got .09% of Iowa in 2008. Come the fuck on.

    • I love the writing style of this comment. Grassroots Americana at it’s best. A story well told that sticks to the ribs.

  5. Ukraine has been shoveling money to Democrats for years. These hearings are about who gets exposed. Biden can’t be saved.

  6. This exercise of democracy seems straightforward – more gun sanctuary laws ~ resolutions, etc.

    Now many mock the gap toothed molon labe types, but they’re the only conservatives to conserve anything, and they conserve things and rights most tangible. Moreover they have an entire gun culture and even identity that lines up with tradition. This is a force in being that checks the Left, and the state. It works. Learn from them, and I daresay join them.

  7. Wonder if Ukraine is a major dark money / drug laundering center for US / NATO / Israeli intelligence operations in addition to providing easy cover for kickbacks to US politicians. The Obama administration’s State Department did not go the trouble and expense of overthrowing the Ukrainian government in 2014 solely for the purpose of irritating Putin. Toss in Soros’ interest and influence in the place and the truth is probably scary indeed.

  8. The simplest explanation is that these hearings serve to motivate white democratic voters to get out and vote. Pelosi is giving the Democrats what they want: a formal attack on Orange Man Bad. My view is colored by the Democrats I know. They have been convinced every bogus step of the way that OMB should be impeached and now see definitive evidence that Trump should be impeached over the Ukraine. Democrats seem to be winning the elections now so why stop what works?

    • Kentucky and Louisiana were fucked by the same business as usual Republicans. Would it have been nice to have won those two governor races? I guess.
      Are we Republicans or are we something more? Let the coloreds and white liberals win these stands against the old guard Republicans. Makes it more likely such don’t get chosen over more nationalist figures.

      Trump’s mandate is anti-establishment and pro-American, American as it is supposed to be. His voting block is not the same as Conservative Inc., their interests just align as Trump aligns to the interests of those expressed here.

      • Gunnolf, you’re hitting up against the big question on the pro-American Right: Is it better to stay home when an establishment RINO is running—think McCain and Romney against Obama in 2008 and 2012—or should we still vote GOP and take one for the team? Should we let the Dems win when the GOP puts up anti-Right candidates, hoping the GOP will eventually learn? Or is it more important to support the GOP over far worse Democrats no matter what?

  9. Just as Z likes to give the lolbertarians a well-deserved thrashing, nothing picks me up after tons of day-jobbbery like taking the switch to muh Ashkepaths.

    The main reason Ukraine looms large in our politics is because “never forget” was a Chosen slogan long before you-know-who. Ukraine provides the ideal stage to avenge the alleged sins of the Russian fathers, grandfathers, yea unto the fourth generation (and then some).

    “I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate Me.”

    Unlike the Amalekites and the Canaanites, there are still plenty of Russians around. So long as one of us remains above ground, the Ashkepaths cannot rest easy. That’s why the halls of Congress (((echo))) with the rattle of their ancestors’ bones and the klaxons of Western media shriek with Jackson-Vanik panic.

    Boomers and Xers grew up under the Cold War’s shadow of nuclear annihilation and perpetual bipolar conflict. Millenials and Zoomers are still trapped in the neoliberal shadow of its shadow.

    Because Some People “never forget,” unto the four-hundredth generation.

    I’m hoping the fifth post-war generation shrugs off the iniquity of Yahweh and finally forces Pharoah Shlomo to let our people go.

  10. It seems like a combination of things. It keeps Trump sputtering on Twitter about how wronged he has been, which prevents him from accidentally doing anything that he promised to do as Candidate Trump. It also served as a way for the party to kneecap Joe Biden when he started drooling on himself during debates. Plus it was mostly about trying to undo the election results when our betters made the mistake of letting our votes count. Everything in D.C. is made up of a bunch of different angles all being played at the same time, conspiring and scheming is what the members of that freak show do for entertainment.

  11. Occam’s Razor suggests that the simplest explanation is often the most likely. There is no denying that the NeoLiberal World Order is literally falling apart. There is a Civil War raging behind the scenes in the civil service where crony cartels are trying desperately to hold on to their fiefdoms as the wheels fall off the bus. The Democrat dog and pony impeachment show is the proverbial silk dress on the pig…the irony not being lost that the pig is dead and it’s a tranny pig anyway. The politicos do what they do to lie and distract, the mainstream media spins and distorts. I think that in the end no one really has control of the reigns of power and we are entering a state of chaos and entropy. Trump excels at creative destruction. Let’s see if he can pull a silver lining out of this whole mess.

    • Absolutely agree that no one is really in control; control is at best a narcotic delusion, at worst a means of inflicting misery. What concerns me is that TPTB (the oligarchs, not the stage performers) understand the hegelian dialectic, and the meanings of the phrase ‘Ordo ab Chao’, and definitely believe ‘Deus Memque Jus’ (Dieu et Mon Droit for our British friends).
      This is much bigger than burgerland and Trump. The shifting sands have spread across the globe; China is about to (quietly) nationalize it’s fifth bank this year. Iran is experiencing protests due primarily to fuel price increase, itself due to runaway inflation. Germany is in a recession, which means the EU is in a recession.
      In short, everything is on the table, and I think a sizeable percentage of the population on both sides of the spectrum see that there is a big discontinuity in front on us. At an instinctual level, people sense the unease. What that is and what it means, we will find out in time.

  12. Here’s my question: how are we supposed to defeat a foe who cherry-picks, en masse, its engineers for their intellect; its officials for their psychopathy (Biden, the Clintons, Ryan, etc); and its voters for their ideological obedience? The answer is that we cannot — at least not while our minds are algorithmically enslaved.

    Online activism won’t encompass the scope of our true will. We cannot dismantle our masters with our masters’ tools. That’s always a losing battle. And yet it’s all we ever seem to do.

    We complain about Google, Facebook and Apple being superconglomorates. “They have too much power,” says the everyman. Well, that’s right; so how about we organize? How about we deprive them of their precious clicks, ad revenue, downloads, and user traffic? How about we keep our internet use strictly goal-oriented, stop playing goofy-ass Candy Crush, and commit to something greater than a car payment? What if thousands, even millions, started dropping out of Zuckerberg’s bullshit social-engineering project? What if we sacrificed the conveniences that our overlords have afforded us, and demanded that our minds be treated with respect?

    It can be done. We can instill a sense of consequence within our enemies. We can delete our social media accounts and knee them in their monetary nuts. We can exclude from our lives any product or application affiliated with Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. We can do it. It’ll take work, but it can be done “But I only use Facebook to keep in touch with my great uncle in Spain!” Sorry, but write a letter. He probably moved there to get away from you.

    Use a VPN, Get Adblock (it’s free), and start speaking out.

  13. Iran appears to be burning down in Hong Kong style (or is it, it’s so hard to tell the truth of things these days). No thanks to the media, who have carefully ignored it. If you want to do something under radio silence, the way to do it is to go where Obama has gone before. The MSM is going to quietly protect that guy to the bitter end.

  14. This whole thing makes me think of Stephen A. Douglas. By 1850, any old-guard leadership the nation had was dead (Calhoun died early that year). With no one to keep the factions in line, and illegitimate leadership at the top (Millard Fillmore, who ascended on the death of Zach Taylor), the nation’s actual business devolved onto hair-splitting weasels who were good at parliamentary maneuvering.

    Douglas was a genius at that, but unfortunately also was the ultimate “if all you have is a hammer” guy. He could pass a bill like nobody’s business — the Compromise of 1850 was a brilliant bit of maneuvering — but with no grand vision, all he could do was pass a bill, any bill. So, the same guy that prevented the outbreak of civil war in 1850, actually started it four years later with the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

    Why? Nobody really knows. He was trying to enrich himself with railroad stocks, of course, but anyone could’ve seen what would happen if you allowed “popular sovereignty” in a border state… anyone except Douglas, that is, because all he could see was the 4D chess he needed to do, politically, to get the bill through. All trees, no forest.

    Pelosi is no Stephen Douglas, of course, but she’s in the same boat. She still has no idea what to make of AOC — Donkey Chompers wasn’t supposed to beat out their #2 man in New York, but she did, largely through the Browning that Pelosi et al only ever saw in terms of electoral advantage. If they can’t see that, then how could they possibly have a plan for “impeachment,” much less the obvious (to any thinking being) probably political outcomes of impeachment?

    What you’ve got, then, is a bunch of individual actors, doing their individual things, based on their own individual polls (or quirks). There’s no strategy. There can’t be. It’s like that battle scene in Apocalypse Now, at the bridge — everyone is fighting their own battle on autopilot. “Where’s your CO?” “Man, there ain’t no fuckin’ CO.”

    It’s terrifying, but there it is.

    • So if we stand together with a clear vision of the future, we cannot be broken individually, and we will win.

      Just like that story about the farmer who taught his quarreling sons a lesson about strength through unity via a bundle of rods. If only there was a symbol to express that truth succinctly.

    • Sev;
      Excellent historical observation. More parallels: Division into four political parties was a prominent feature of the 1860 election. We’re seeing this 4-way split emerging now: Commie Left; Cloud Globohomo Left; Never Trumper Cloud Right; Trumper Populist New Right.

      Civil War I was ignited by *only* 1 of the 4 1860 election factions (Southern Democrats) absolutely refusing to accept the result of the 1860 election. Coming attractions for 2020_? Dear God, I hope I’m wrong_!

  15. The whole thing had an explicably rushed atmosphere from the start. Obviously something pushed Pelosi and the Democrats to move quickly. We can speculate why, but a defensive matter seems most likely. It’s been a flop with the public, and while it’s too early to say it will backfire, it’s not too early to say that’s the most likely political outcome. This was something more than pure politics, so the guess it is connected to the investigation of IC and FBI corruption seems a good guess.

    And coming so soon on the heels of the Epstein murder? That can’t go without notice.

    • The primary purpose of the current “Epstein was murdered” meme is to push the unproven allegation that he is, in fact, dead.

    • Jack;
      Forcing the pace of operations in the critical theater of war is the mark of a strategist being in charge of the campaign. Just sayin.

  16. As Z enumerated, there are several possible reasons and meanings behind the shenanigans we see, and they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. All I can say is that the next year will be interesting, in the sense of that immortal Chinese proverb. Stay vigilant.

  17. Ukraine plays an absurdly large role in American politics because the opportunity to profit from corruption there is absurdly large. Ukriane has massive reserves of natural gas but it takes something like 30+ permits from the government to drill for gas, and those permits are handed out based on bribery and corruption at the very top level. The Ukraine is so corrupt that none of the international oil and gas majors even attempt to drill there. The oligarch who owns the President gets the permits, and hence the oil and gas revenue. When the government changes hands, as it just did, there’s no guarantee that the existing permits will be honored by the new government.

    The previous president Petro Poroshenko, himself an oligarch, is Ukrainian and holds interests in a broad array of corporate entities including oil and gas, defense, food, and television. He came to power in the wake of the 2014 CIA sponsored revolution, during the remarkably scandal-free Obama administration.

    The current President Zelenski simply a puppet for the oligarch (((Ihor Kolomoisky))), who literally made Zelenski famous by featuring Zelenski as a star comedian on a television show on the network owned by Kolominsky–Zelenski resembles a young Mr. Bean. Kolomioski is Russian, and is from the Eastern Ukraine. Kolomioski holds assets in oil and gas, television, and other industries. He owned one of the biggest banks in the country, but Poroshenko nationalized it. Now it’s time for (((Mr. Kolomoisky))) to get his payback.

    Although it’s unclear, it appears that (((Kolomoisky))) also controls Burisma which, while under investigation for corruption in 2014, prudently hired Hunter Biden as a board member to lend his significant legal experience in leading the anti-corruption legal compliance efforts for the company. Coincidentally, this occurred immediately after Hunter Biden accompanied Joe Biden on an official trip to Ukraine. In 2015 Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1BB in US aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor (Shokin) charged with investigating Burisma was removed. He was fired immediately and replaced by Yuriy Lutsenko, who is aligned with Poroshenko. The investigation into Burisma was transferred to a different agency, which dropped the case. (((Kolomoisky))) was one shrewd cookie and hired Hunter Biden to shield Bursima from investigation–that was probably the best $3MM he’s ever spent.

    Lutsenko (who is allied with Poroshenko) re-opened the Burisma case in 2018 and assigned it to the lead anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytskyi, who promply discovered the payments to Hunter Biden. In March of 2019 Marie Yovanovitch, the US Ambassador to Ukraine now lionized by our left-wing media, openly called for Nazar Kholodnytskyi to be fired, which is why Trump recalled her. Lutsenko was ousted after the Zelensky won the 2019 election and replaced with an ally of (((Kolomoiski))).

    It will be no surprise that George Soros is working openly and actively with the US State Department in the Ukraine as a joint sponsor of the AntiCorruption Action Centre. This puts the US State Department in the untenable position of having openly sided with Poroshenko in a country now controlled by (((Kolomoiski))).

    A meaningful investigation into Ukraine will expose the vast corruption at the US State Department under the Obama administration. The prospect of an impeachment trial in the Senate is a nightmare for the Democrats. The Right needs to lean hard on Senate Republicans to ensure that McConnell does not limit the scope of the defense available to Trump in the trial in the Senate.

    • Oliver Stone (so take it with plenty of salt) has produced two documentaries – “Ukraine Burning” and “Revealing Ukraine” available on Amazon Prime. He gets into the weeds on American activities there leading up to the coup, the fake Russia thing, and the roles Soros, Biden and the rest played in looting the place.

  18. What ought to be shocking but apparently isn’t, is the pretty obvious role of the Obama CIA in all of this Ukraine nonsense. Cloud Folk are now fine with being ruled by the CIA_?

    It now seems that Russiagate was CIA initiated and handed off to the the FBI which apparently bungled their role and dropped the baton. So the CIA is running this one themselves, it seems.

    The author is one of the few sane Leftists left. Back in the day, Leftists distrusted if not anathematized the CIA. Maybe it’s yet another sign of elite degeneracy.

    Here’s a hard Left take that strikes me as pretty honest, from a Bernie Bro perspective:

  19. From the “there are none so blind as those who will not see” file:


    Republicans: “Jews, we love you more!”
    Jews: *yawn* *vote 70% Democrat*
    Republicans: “Hispanics, we love you more!”
    Hispanics: *yawn* *vote 70% Democrat*
    Republicans: “Asians, we love you more!”
    Asians: *yawn* *vote 70% Democrat*
    Republicans: “Blacks, we love you more!”
    Blacks: *yawn* *vote 90% Democrat*

    I’m sensing a pattern here.

    CivNat Guy:

    Yes, the pattern of being useful idiots of what pop culture and academia tells them about the universe.


    So you are tarring the vast majority of mutltiple races and ethnicities as idiots? Wow. Plus, that’s not the typical view of Asians or Jews at all. The most left-voting ones tend to be the most wealthy, powerful and educated out of two very wealthy, powerful, educated groups.

    Why would Whites fail to be “useful idiots” at much greater rates than the other groups? They also consume the same pop culture and go to the same universities.

    Maybe they are just voting their interests, as they see them, and their interests do not align with the interests of White Americans.

    • I think I see you over at Insty trying your best. That place is a snake’s nest of neocons and Israel-firsters.

      • All one has to do is read the privacy policy. For all they rail about Big Tech, they use Google Analytics and openly admit harvesting your data. I still think a lot of folks would have supported Insty w/o PJM and all that comes with it.

      • Actually, I’m surprised how many more red-pilled commenters there sem to be recently. The steady drumbeat of hate Whitey is doing the job better than anything else could. A core of regulars keeps trying to go for DR3 or “We just haven’t explained things well enough to minorities yet — soon they’ll understand how much better we are for them” but day after day after day of stories about how some Black college group wants to be able to live apart from White people and how White people are terrible, and the more your average Joe is likely to say “Fuck it, I no longer care why they hate me. I’m done apologizing.”

    • Followed by civnat guy saying “Next election blacks are voting Trump! Have you seen Candace Owens!”

      Yeah it’s brutal, and worse, replace Owens with Sowell and the same conversation has happened over and over again for at least 20 years.

  20. It’s been said that DC is Hollywood for ugly people. I think that’s what this is. The DC (cloud people) love Netflix type shows like House of Cards, and all of the intrigues, betrayals and sudden turns. They see themselves in those roles. It’s the mark of a degenerate effete elite, the same elite that occupied Versailles in 1788. All of the little whispers in the powdered wigs, all of the little paperwork traps that they create for themselves. It’s a people who’ve never really lived, had punched meal tickets from birth, and are acting out for excitement and entertainment, as the world burns around them. As the bridges disintegrate, as the country speeds into a debt abyss. Not understanding the white hot rage on both the far left and far right, with a center rapidly shrinking. Only the cloud people, far removed think this is all sustainable. But it’s their twilight.

    • “The West Wing” was, for network TV, very well written, shot, and acted. And that was why I really disliked it. It glamourized a class of people who were, in real life, nasty and stupid.

  21. Why Ukraine? LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of money thrown at Friends of Bill, Friends of Biden, Friends of Obama. The “Ukraine anti-corruption Commission” (whatever it was called) was staffed by big-wig (D) lawyers collecting millions in “fees”–funded by US State Department and Soros.

    Rule One: Follow the Money.

  22. I don’t think anyone really has a handle on all of this. And my sense is that they are trying to find a Madoff-type character completely unrelated to the real scandal and scapegoat them.

    I know some people here are regular visitors to Colonel Lang’s Sic Semper Tyrannis blog. There’s good stuff there, just realize that it is largely an older crowd for whom trolling is counterproductive.

  23. If you were a foreign investment advisor supervising hundreds of millions, or even billions of dollars, and you saw a country, let’s say in Central America, where all this was happening, would you park your money in that country or would you find a more secure, politically stable one? Billions and Billions of dollars are still parked in this country because it has the veneer of an almost Swiss like stability. The veneer hasn’t cracked yet, despite all of these intrigues. The people who once made this country stable and secure are now in cemeteries. History hasn’t caught up with us yet otherwise this sad clown show would already be causing capital outflows. Not too many countries can pull that off. Ours can, for now. The future belongs to places like Singapore, not here.

  24. 𝐺𝑖𝑣𝑒𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑘 𝑜𝑓 𝑝𝑢𝑏𝑙𝑖𝑐 𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑡 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑘 𝑜𝑓 𝑎𝑛𝑦 𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑑𝑒𝑛𝑐𝑒 𝑜𝑓 𝑤𝑟𝑜𝑛𝑔𝑑𝑜𝑖𝑛𝑔, 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑤ℎ𝑜𝑙𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑚𝑎𝑦 ℎ𝑎𝑣𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑒𝑛 𝑎 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑡𝑜 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑧𝑖𝑒𝑠, 𝑎 𝑐𝑜𝑛𝑐𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑡 𝑚𝑎𝑦 𝑠𝑜𝑜𝑛 𝑏𝑒 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ𝑑𝑟𝑎𝑤𝑛.

    The fragmentation within each party is the more interesting part of all this. If Pelosi had to give the ascendant a chew toy to quiet them down and keep them in their pen… image how much more difficult they will be to deal with when the whole thing implodes.

    The Never-Trump wing of Conservative Inc will also have its hand forced.

    If they can’t get to the Orange Demon they will ratchet up the attacks on his supporters and their White Supremacy(existence). I don’t see a downside for us.

  25. Connecting dots. Iran reveals huge new natural gas resource. Europe needs NG badly. Pipeline can go through Syria or Ukraine. Soros hires Obama to overthrow Ukraine’s former president, installs his own cronies, and now owns the Ukraine corridor. Then transfers Ukrainian arms to new faux resistance army in Syria. Presto, a low grade war kills off the Syrian pipeline option. Obama, Biden, Kerry, Clintons and others get paid handsomely. Not rocket science; just world-class grift.

      “Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy agree on $7b. East Med gas pipeline to Europe”
      “an agreement with Israel to lay a pipeline connecting the Jewish state’s gas reserves …… that will supply gas … to Europe, as the continent seeks to diversify its energy supply. ”

      maybe ukraine won’t be the location of the gas corridor after all.

      BTW wasn’t Yugoslavia supposed to be the new gas corridor, what.. 15 years ago??

      there also happens to be an abandoned pipeline from SaudiArabia-through-syria-into Haifa, which could connect saudi gas into southern europe.

    • The whole “muh Kurds” “Assad must go” campaign was to prevent a pipeline being built from Iran to the Mediterranean and prevent Syria from accessing its own resources.

  26. Funny enough, there was a story on Drudge this morning from The New York Lies about how people don’t believe their BS anymore. Of course, they have their anti-Trump excuses, but what it all comes down to is when you scream wolf every single day for years, nobody cares anymore.

    However, the anti-Trump press does have one thing going for it. It energizes their side and demoralizes our side. As if that weren’t good enough, they are also making piles of cash doing it.

    If we ever win, I want to build a big beautiful wall in the White House garden and put members of the press up against it and televise the executions.

    • The MSM and late night comics are houses of cards held up by Trump outrage on the left. They made the decision to cast off half of their potential audience because they can make up for them with the intensity of their core liberal viewers. When Trump is gone, their ratings will plummet to unprofitable depths. I suspect leftist billionaires will keep them afloat as a propaganda arm (see Bezos, Jeff).

    • Drudge is such a waste these days. His boy-toys running the thing have gone full on lefty talking points. He recently linked to a left hit job on Fuentes and the Groypers. Michelle Malkin was just defenestrated from another Conservative Inc. gatekeeper org, YAF.

      • Yes, Drudge has turned anti-Trump.

        But Michelle Malkin showed her true colors by spending so much time and effort trying to get a 1/2 jap cop out of prison for rape.

        The whole rape thing is just a shit-show with blacks hitting the ghetto lottery, still, it shows how Malkin and other token conservatives will always put their identity over ideology.

        • Yeah, but I’d still that say Malkin is still a good gateway instead of gatekeeper on the way to our thing.

  27. I was starting to trust the Durham/Barr investigation, but the delays support Zman’s thought about negotiations behind the scenes. Keep in mind, Durham is running out of time. If a Dem wins in less than a year, any ongoing prosecutions will be immediately dropped faster than you can say Smollett.

  28. You know, I was thinking, this vindictive cast of mind is typical democratic behavior. It happened in 1999. Al Gore’s climate change crusade was really an attack on bush/Cheney, whom everyone understood to be shills from the oil industry. Climate change was really an attempt to get the government to legislate against the petroleum industries. It had not been a defining feature of the leftist platform before then. But Being aligned with the neoconservatives, and planning the destined conquest of the Middle East, the Republicans were too politically strong to be dented at that time.

    • Remember, it started out as global warming and later morphed into the “climate change” slogan. It’s always been a hoax aimed at legitimizing new energy taxes, which are viewed as politically doable if incremented slowly. The beast of the Federal budget needs new revenue. Without it, the bubble bursts rather soon I think.

  29. I think the Byzantine complexity of the Russia coup plot was done on purpose: to exhaust people investigating the matter so much that they give up.

    Then, if anyone gets on your trail, it’s like handing them ten Rubik’s cubes to solve. The trick is, even if the investigators have the stamina to solve them all, the public and/or juries won’t, and will be too exhausted to convict in court or in public opinion.

    This is covering your crime not by caution, but by complexity.

    Strange parallels: the Hilltop was once in a position to observe how a very special group of people shifted money in and out of a bewildering network of nonprofit organizations in order to avoid taxes and cheat donors into paying the personal expenses of the nonprofits’ founders.

    The information flows in all the Fusion GPS ( connections are very similar to the money flows in the nonprofit cases I observed–almost as if carried out by people long-practiced in such things.

    • There is a pretty good international skim game going on, with a bunch of players. The shell game associated with it is an attempt to hide the ball. The broader system has evolved to help the games along and hide them, not to expose them and break them down. If things do get uncovered and dismantled, it is going to be a huge shock to the system.

    • If the tax laws were changed,it might be possible to alleviate much of the shenanigans.
      What if charitable donations were no longer deductible?
      what if every donation was taxed, not only by income tax before the donation, but what if the receiving organization paid a tax on all incoming donations? a sort of transfer tax..

      in any case, the phrase “nonprofit” is a misnomer..
      the people who work there are profiting quite a bit, money-wise and power-wise.

      • Also-
        tax policy has rarely been about raising revenues in a fair and equitable way (whatever your defination of that might be)..
        tax policy in recent decades has been all about forcing/goading/demanding ordinary people to do certain behaviours.. what they buy, eat, where they live, etc….
        the myriad taxes and fees on things like cigarettes, booze, gasoline, plastic bags or straws…
        taxes “encourage” people to do what the elite want them to do, whether it’s driving a smaller car, or eating less meat; taxes are the way to get the sheep in line.
        the deductibility of donations is just one more way to get people to do something they might not want to do otherwise.

  30. I’ve been reading a lot more science and history stuff lately, just because American current political discourse is so dumb and insulting to the reader’s intellect. I think once you said Steve Sailer gets up in the morning thinking about golf course architecture. I’m more concerned with the Crimean War or some new underwater species that’s been discovered than with whatever talking heads are shrieking to each other now. I will say though that when I’m unfortunate enough to see Schiff’s face, it is disturbing, especially the eyes. I’ve seen some Bug Men, but he is some sort of sociopathic little anti-man, soft featured and puffy faced (and not with alcoholic bloat, more like an infant, or a man-baby, like they accuse Trump of being). He just has the look of never having had some kind of formative experience that helps one pass from boyhood to manhood, whether it’s war or some kind of cultural ritual or feat of athletic prowess; he makes David French look like Charles Bronson.

    • Reading old books (and books about old things) is not only interesting in itself, but makes contemporary events more clear when you come back to them.

      I’ve been trying to read more old books recently, and not just make myself angry by checking the Twitter “outrage feed” all day.

      • If you read the “old books“ that people actually used to read, it is eye opening. I’m talking about the popular favorites (the ones that always show up in the “50 cents bin” because there are so many copies and no readers), not the literary stuff they used to study in school.

        What you find is that there was an enduring sense of western rot in the popular literature of the ‘50s, likely emanating from the Great Depression, along with a slightly cynical “get with the program” vibe, likely from WW2. Taking it as a whole, you can see how the people sort of pulled the cover over their heads, deciding not to look too hard for answers, while only somewhat buying what was being sold to them by their superiors. If there was a solid roof over their heads, food in the fridge, and the neighborhood was OK, it was all good. Beyond that, if the issues of the day didn’t actually show up on their doorstep, they seemed to let it all go and didn’t get involved. IMO the forced busing of students to schools in other communities was what broke the door down.

        Studying how institutional shame and blame were used to shut down the angry white response can be useful for our present situation. There is nothing new under the Sun.

    • Funny, but I picked today’s topic because I thought maybe I had not been doing enough current events stuff. As I’m writing, I started to realize just how little I have been following any of the political stuff lately. I’ve not had a single normie engage me in this impeachments stuff. The other day, someone asked me if I was following it. I said no and he said the same. He usually follows this stuff, but he has lost interest.

      • I don’t follow the news at all. I learn about current events via osmosis from you, Sailer and few others. I suspect that I’m not alone in that.

        Following the news daily, like watching your stocks, its counterproductive. Best to just check in once a year, if that.

      • Out here in the Utah West, I follow the news, local and Empire, to stay prepared when the Regulators pull some “land use” trick on the dirt people, like demanding more tribute or pushing them off some land, i.e. found a tortoise on the land so remove those horrible greenhouse-gas cattle. Just need to know when folks need to go all Bundy again. Lots of normies back here are quietly watching for that Bundy moment.

        Also keeping a watch on what the LDS Church is up to, usually some form of virtue signaling, love the world-invite the world, and trying to fly under the radar of the Empire.

      • From the early stages I just sort of assumed this was another scheme like the Russian Collusion game. I don’t know whether either attempt is serious but inept, or not that serious.

        Either way I figured drilling into the details was probably a waste of time since they’ll just be another one in a year anyway.

  31. “Another angle to that is the Ukraine plays an absurdly large role in American politics for some reason. The scandals of the Obama years always seem to have some roots in the place. Maybe that reason is a bigger, much scarier bit of corruption involving Ukraine that no one wants made public.”

    Funny you should mention that. What’s really funny is that no one is mentioning the hare-brained attempt at regime change that the US under Obama orchestrated in Ukraine… and which blew up in Washington’s face… again.

    The Booby doesn’t believe it’s necessarily corruption that has the Democrats so scared, though there’s probably no shortage of that. Rather, it’s the potential revelations about the Deep State and the US military that has EVERYONE so scared.

    It’s not even all that speculative. It’s no secret the emphasis that Brzezinki placed on Ukraine in his blueprint for foreign policy, and it’s no secret about how enamored the Democrats are with him.

    The US is pushing for a war with Russia, folks, make no bones about it. If you have sons, nephews, etc. of fighting age tell them to STAY THE #$@% AWAY from US military service.

    • Things are rotting so fast I have no doubt we would get a black eye even in a proxy war with Russia. We would probably still win, but in a painful way that will show us to be a paper tiger.

    • Vampires are by their nature predatory creatures. And predators tend to have well-marked hunting grounds, viz. Predators are highly territorial, and they defend their territory vigorously.

      Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Eastern Europe are viewed by the Jews as their proprietary hunting grounds, the traditional source of the sweet, sweet goyisch blood which they crave, and without which they cannot live. They are furious with Putin for halting the Jewish looting and plunder of Russia, but that biz was thwarted, so they switched their sights back to Ukraine, which they are happily looting and plundering now. This is the chthonic source of the seemingly bizarre, Ahab-like raging fixation on Russia and Ukraine which we have seen nonstop. The Dems could have picked any weirdo target worldwide to sell to low-information Americaburgers as the source and fountain of all evil. But they always center back to the Slavic blood bag.

      This whole zany circus tells you more about the psychic hangups of our Jewish masters than anything else.

      • How should a right-thinking person respond to this Ukrainocentric Blood Libel ™?

        Pop quiz: Fill in the blank.
        But muh holo_____!
        a) caust
        b) domor

        While we’re at it, a general question. How old were you when you learned about the Holocaust? And how old when you learned about the Holodomor?

      • Drake, the last thing Congress wants is an investigation into their highly lucrative extracurricular gigs (enabled by K-street.)

    • The Russians would go nuclear before they would lose to these monsters. Unfortunately, it won’t just be the Imperial City that will have a mushroom cloud billowing over it, and all of us would be plunged into poverty. Patriotic forces within the military must be willing to topple the Deep State if it gets to that point. Most Americans would applaud the action.

  32. Despite the foot-dragging, it looks like something may finally happen on that front.

    LOL, I’ll believe it when I see it. (At least the fifth time I’ve written that here.)

    But I will say, if nothing happens, and all of the conspirators get away scot-free, that will be a huge demoralization for people who still hope for a restoration of basic justice, and it will embolden the totalitarian sociopaths to go further.

    Even vigilante punishment would be better than no punishment at all. I think regular people are not so picky about where justice comes from, just that there is justice.

    • Z wrote a good piece and made me conclude that this is ALL ABOUT GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

      Up until recent years, I believed Oswald killed JFK. I didn’t believe in conspiracy theories. But a lot of key people are killing themselves with two shots to to the back of the head, or voluntary hanging. It won’t happen, but I want wholesale indictments and after trial executions or life sentences. USA still dies slowly because “its the people, stupid.”

      • Getting a buzz off “getting away with it” is a hallmark of sociopathy. Which we already know is what we have in our “ruling class” in Washington.
        And likely some psychopaths mixed in for good measure.

      • A conspiracy is just a group of people plotting a course of action in secret. The Gulf of Tonkin incident; babies in incubators; high-tech caves of Tora-Bora; anthrax that was traced back to a US military lab. I’ve become very cynical every time the gov wishes me to get upset about anything and everything except the invasion on the southern border.

  33. At this point, the Cloud People are so divorced from our reality they are left to guess as to what interests the Dirt People.

    Yes. I like how their new smear term is “Holocaust denier” after “racist” and “supremacist” are fast losing their mojo. I bet Normie is scratching his head: “Why are we suddenly talking ancient history?”

    • That has been an interesting (and encouraging) trend. Whites just don’t seem to recoil at the word “racist” like they used to. At some point, even whites started to realize that the word was just a way to push people around to get stuff.

      Also, as always, whites just don’t seem to react the same to other groups as they do blacks. When Hispanics, Muslim, etc., joined in the “hate whitey” game, whites didn’t accept it in the same way. Whites still don’t fight back, but they also don’t buy it. I also think that whites are beginning to notice that no matter what they do, the accusations never stop and indeed get worse.

      I sincerely believe that below the surface, currents are changing. How much and what it’ll mean, I don’t know.

      • They are changing slowly Brother but will it be fast enough to save what is needed to be able to rebuild that is the 64 dollar question…

      • Brietbart has an article about the Groypers where the headline was something like “Charlie Kirk fights white supremacists.”

        The commenters to my surprise we’re not having it. They were decidedly unapologetic about anti-white slurs, and skeptical of pro-Israel Kirk.

        I don’t usually go to that site so I don’t know if it’s always been that way but it certainly surprised me to see that attitude out of what I consider a mainstream right publication.

        On the other hand another place I went everyone was accusing the Democrats of Jim Crow, and keeping the blacks down.

  34. The Russia Collusion hoax had a nice, crisp narrative that could be regurgitated easily by plebs. The current controversy that Trump told the Ukraine that they could investigate an American’s criminal behavior is a much tougher pill to get even fake outraged about.

    It also doesn’t help that the Mueller investigation fell flat on it’s face and people are unwilling to hitch their hopes on something that has potential to disappoint them so badly again. It would be like trying to get people excited for a GOT sequel after the disaster of its final season.

    • Most of all, it doesn’t help that they have openly been imposing this coup upon the country since the day he was inaugurated, now for the 500th reason. Have we forgotten Russian agent, mentally disturbed, porn stars, emoluments clause, lying con-man of no virtue — and the other 495 reasons he had to be “impeach 45’d!” since Day One?

      What they want to do is nullify our vote, proving that we are not capable of electing our own leaders, with the end result being best case get-rid-of-the-electoral-college and worse case you-must-live-in-an-area-with-a-population-density-of-so-much-percent or your vote will only count a proportional amount– say, 3/5 of a vote, for us rural folks.

  35. I think it might be the emerging plot of a morality play. Problem is the actors are all immoral, none of them know the lines or can be trusted to play their part. Seems like they’re making it up as they go.

    • Washington is like Hollywood: bad people playing good people in crude morality plays.

      The big difference is that the Hollywood guys are good actors.

    • If it is a morality play, keep an eye on AG Barr. He just might be the Deus ex Machina in the thing. Perhaps a “pox on all your houses”, Trump, Pelosi, the media, all of them. We all know that somewhere, somehow, a serious housecleaning comes for all the shenanigans going on. Far better it be from the AG than from riots in the streets. One can hope.

      • Barr hasn’t convinced me of his utter rectitude. And his speech last week didn’t make him look any better. He’s kinda-sorta a monarchist (mutatis mutandis), just as his Ruby Ridge actions demonstrated.

        However, I’d be very pleased if he is now the “honest man.”

      • Barr was the originator of mass phone surveillance of citizens back in the early 90s. He was the guy who persuaded GHWB to pardon the Iran-Contra crew, which one could argue just emboldened the deep state. He’s DS to his marrow.

  36. I view the show in DC as the media oligarchs using a drip drip drip attack on Trump. Most suburban women are busy watching reruns of Oprah or the Lifetime movie network.
    Headlines that scream Trump possibly done something wrong is all they see or read.
    It’s a clown show for the dumb asses.
    And unfortunately at least half the country is now dumb asses.

    • At least *half* the country are *now* dumb asses? How about *most* of the country doesn’t care, and *most* care less about politics or are otherwise low-info voters. I actually take this as a big white pill. I think over the last few years the political class and the media got drunk on their perceived relevance. Now people are tuning out again. I predict low voter turnout in 2020, despite the media doing its best to make it a cataclysmic event.

      • I agree it could be that most citizens just don’t care and are not true dumb asses in every aspect. However in our “democratic” system if we get enough low information citizens and just a fraction of them vote in dumb ass ways in time they will easily outnumber the rest of us who pay attention and are attuned to politics.

        • Once again, how about both? Most people don’t pay attention to politics, and most people are dumb asses. They long ago outnumbered the few who can actually reason and that’s why the majority of the “leaders” in any democracy are con artists. He who can con the largest number of dumb asses wins. I like to think I’m one of those who reasons, and I am traditionally more informed than most, but I have totally tuned out the impeachment farce.

          • 3g4me,

            I like what you did there. Succinct.

            Democracy reduced to wrangling dumbasses.

            Going to steal it. Thanks.

        • As long as “democracy” means granting suffrage to any living body, it will devolve into stupidity. We’ve talked about this on this board before…if I were God-King, I would severely restrict voting rights. Basically it would be to stake-holders only, such as property owners, Z Man readers, etc.

          • The problem with “democracy” in this day and age is that the only people who are truly incentivized to get out and vote – are the ones who are promised free shit.

            You can of course be prodded into voting if you’re informed enough to understand how much of an ass-porking the current system is giving to you by supporting the Free Shit Army, but that’s a negative incentive. “Unless you vote we’re going to beat you and take all your stuff” isn’t something that really gives most people incentive to get out and cast a ballot.

            In my experience they’re just as likely to spend their time looking for a way out of the system.

            “I stopped producing , dropped out – and now I live in a camper and drive around the country” – seems to be an ever increasing answer to globohomo clownworld’s never ending pursuit of manna from heaven.

            Or as the pro-liberty crowd likes to say ” you’re not going to vote your way out of this problem – so why try”.

            I believe there’s an awful lot of opposition out there to the clown world agenda – that just doesn’t show up in the voting booth.

          • Great point, Cal. Voter turnout. Takers out vote Givers because they are incentivized by getting to vote themselves more free stuff.

          • Benjamin Franklin — ‘When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.’

    • News is now just entertainment for unproductive, childless, middle-class white women who need to virtue signal to compensate for having nothing fruitful or productive to contribute to society.

      • As well as for boomers who persist in thinking watching “the news” keeps them informed as to what’s really going on. My hubby knows it’s all Kabuki theatre (as I remind him far too often) but he still comes home and turns on the t.v. It’s a habit from his childhood he cannot break.

          • RFF: Same. My husband is actually terrific company (witty, intelligent, funny, engaging) when he’s not in front of the tube. When we visited northern Arkansas last year he didn’t watch it at all, and I remembered how much I like him and how well we get along.

        • I’m a boomer – just barely. I no longer watch TV at all, and in my dotage, have instead taken to studying under a deplorable basket of haters, racists and crime thinkers on the internet.

          The people still watching TV are mostly the oldest geriatrics… or the usual leftist morons in my neck of the woods. It’s so bad now that even most lefties won’t watch it.

          Apropos of nothing at all, My elderly father turns on the TV when my mother starts narking at him… and the louder she barks, the higher he turns the sound up. (Not to insinuate anything, 3g4me 😉 ) Once he did it at exactly the wrong time: mom started bitching, and he cranked the TV way up… and he had the hysterical hags of The View screeching into one ear, and his bat chit crazy wife in the other. The poor bugger vapour locked and probably would have croaked if I hadn’t pried the remote out of his hand and shut it off. It took an hour of NFL sports ball on the couch to put him right… and I poured an extra glass of Metamucil for myself when I got home.

          A man can only take so much… 🙂

          • John Smith: No offense taken, and well played. No, my husband doesn’t raise the volume to drown me out – it’s the other way around. Half the time I end up putting on my hearing protection (for the gun range) to mute the damned t.v. He won’t even mute it when he’s channel surfing, and if I do so while he’s snoring, he immediately wakes up and turns the volume up again. Sigh. I love him anyway, but if/when TEOTWAWKI makes all t.v. inoperable I won’t be sad.

          • Still trying to figure out the evolutionary advantage for genetic neuronal hardwiring guy remote channel surfing.

          • I sincerely feel for you guys. I stopped years and years ago and it influenced the Dude of the House (pats self on back) so that a few years later, he did the same, and we haven’t had one in the house for over a decade. That’s the answer.

            If he watches any old shows on the net, he wears headphones. I know; I AM lucky (and proof that Gen Xers and Boomers can get along just fine.)

    • You clearly know nothing about women. They’re watching episodes of The Bachelor and Real Housewives. I used to be a bartender and I had to watch those shows so I would have something to talk to the women about and I had to watch football so I would have somebody to talk to the men about. Thankfully I don’t bartend anymore and I don’t have to watch any of that stuff anymore

      • Yeah, but they’re also watching Good Morning America and other morning shows as well as Ellen. These headlines do reach them. It’s just enough to keep suburban white women thinking that Trump is trashy, which is enough to get many of them to stick with the Dems.

        Trust me, I’m married to a Nice White Lady who’s reasonably race aware but still a NWL at heart. NWLs remain the big swing vote, and Dems use their complete control of the media to flatter and manipulate them. TV does a great job of showing Trump supporters as low-class whites, something NWLs definitely try to avoid.

        • I swear Nice White Lady syndrome will be the death of us. My wife is the same. She really really really doesn’t like that practicing sodomites aren’t welcome in the church. “But they’re nice people” is how we got to this mess we’re in today.

          • You should have married a scholarly, introverted type whose interests matched your own. We both read voraciously, love our rural quiet, and think/vote alike. so no one has to be “the death of” the other. We both got red-pilled teaching in government schools together. Just lucky, I guess.

      • Regarding football, I joked to a big-time, sports-watching neighbor of mine that televised sports were basically soap operas for men. (Playing sports is, of course, a completely different matter.)

        He didn’t appreciate that comment.

        • That’s an excellent analogy.

          I’ll have to use that one the next time one of my sports watching friends starts giving me crap about not being up on the latest NFL shennanigans.

          • I remember hearing some guy tell this story about his father and sports.

            Kid: Dad. Did you hear about Mickey Mantle?
            Dad: No. I don’t follow the Yankees.
            Kid: What? How can you not care about Mickey Mantle?
            Dad: I care as much about Mickey Mantle as Mickey Mantle cares about me.

        • I stopped caring about pro sports the moment I realized the players were mercenaries who hate America. It also replaces healthy tribal instinct.

          I hate the merchandise aspect too. Why pay to wear another man’s name on your back like you were his property? Be the hero your children deserve.

          • There’s some sad about grown me wearing pro sports jerseys, especially with a black guy’s name on it.

      • Whitney – I never thought of tv trivia as being necessary for a bartender but you’re absolutely right. I would have gone insane – how on earth did you manage to survive that and remain as clear-thinking as you are? Kudos.

  37. I had a great white-pill moment Saturday evening.

    I live in a retirement community in the middle of the desert in Arizona (that narrows it down), although I’m working because I prefer that to not. It’s essentially the same neighborhood I grew up in starting in the mid-50s: white, friendly, high-trust, supportive, cooperative.

    We hosted a party for our neighbors. Everyone’s conservative by standard definitions. Golf’s a big deal. Most are veterans. All are boomers. Most are capable of tearing up at a good rendition of the National Anthem. They’d answer to CivNat. You know the type – but maybe not as well as you think.

    The fact that everyone is armed to the teeth had come up earlier.

    One fellow, a Midwesterner, asked, “How did California go downhill so far and so fast?”

    I handled that one, having lived in Northern California from 1980 when I thought it was a paradise, until a few years ago when I couldn’t wait to wash the stench off. Gave it to him chapter and verse, race-realism and all, with the courts overturning anti-immigrant popular votes, welfare-dependency ratios, and majority-minority already being a thing there.

    There was a silence.

    I said, “I think we are going to find out how robust and resilient democracy is.”

    A dozen furrowed foreheads nodded agreement, and nobody was smiling.

    It’s happening. We’re happening. One mind at a time. Keep doing your part.

    • Nice work, although unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. Since you were living in Northern California at the time, you must know that a majority of the whites living in San Francisco, and presumably LA, were overjoyed when Prop. 187 was surrendered by Gov. Davis.

      We have (at least) two problems: massive immigration of non-whites and whites who love it. I suspect many of those whites were persuaded by the media/education, but there is probably a Puritanical, love-of-the-outgroup-over-the-ingroup genetic predisposition at work as well.

      • Calif. Prop 13 will fall…limits property taxes to 1% increase on value. When that is axed, watch another wave of old people leaving the state. Damn… they just can’t see the tsunami rolling toward them.

        • Trust me I know. The state is now majority renter, like a massive favela. Yet another downside of living in this state is knowing that the brown supermajority will crack open the lockbox on property taxes.

      • Its setting the bar too high to look for or wait on white solidarity.
        Take heart – diversity has no unity either. Nor is hating whitey enough of a unifier. Scamming whitey – sure.
        Fighting even a small number of whites? Few takers.

        There are two groups that hate whites intensely; Jews and woke whites. In conflict the former will leave for Israel, the latter isn’t worth mentioning. As conflict approaches now both are beginning to defect.

        The Left wants not war but the power of violent antics (excluding true crazies). As they get pushback its fading.

        • That is the truth. If we could only coordinate a white exodus for a year or so. When we got back they will have all killed each other from the infighting. There would be one lone, tough but very tired butch lesbian sitting atop a pile of corpses and that would be all that was left of the progressives.

      • We won’t get all whites to change but many will. Most just don’t see minority status as something real. Whites don’t think tribally, and it doesn’t really occur to them that everyone else does.

        In order for reality to wake them up they have to be hit by diversity more. If the Democrats put forth a white guy it will delay that process, and unfortunately it looks like they will. Issues like reparations should be amplified by the right as much as possible. We want as many black antics in politics as possible.

        Blacks aren’t really as much of a problem as tens of millions of Mexicans coming over the border but they are the best tool to use to get whites to think tribally because their behavior is so bizarre, and their criminality so over the top.

      • Is it even that bad in mexico city lol? I haven’t heard of too many power outages in mexico. Could be wrong.

        The west is being set up to become a shithole of epic proportions. Organized criminality of mexico, random violence of Africans, extreme corruption and dysfunction of Indians.

        Mexico and brazil might look like attractive destinations pretty soon….

        • The Mexicans may worship Santa Muerte, but they don’t yet worship green earth god (the lamest god ever) as they do in California. I’m sure they have better access to power. And cheaper. Same for illegal fireworks.

        • I haven’t been to Mexico City, but I’ve been to a lot of other Central and South American cities. I can assure you, it’s worse there. The average American has no idea exactly how thin the veneer of civilization is down there. When we talk about the US becoming Brazil, I think most people don’t really comprehend exactly how bad that is. A thin icing of luxury living on top of squalid ghettos that stretch as far as the eye can see. Those ghettos — favelas — often have no reliable electricity, water or sewage.

          Even in the “first-world” parts of the cities the sewer systems are usually so bad they don’t want you to flush your toilet paper (To which I say, eff that. Sorry, Brazilian sewer guy who has to shovel my clumped TP out of the substandard sewer, but I’m not leaving my shitty TP in the bathroom waste basket to stink up the hotel room)

          • Yeah, inner city Acapulco (the part they never show the tourists) is just gorgeous .*gag* Hordes of filthy peasants squatting in the streets and in open aqueducts. It’s like what San Francisco apparently dreams of being.

      • That’s not why PG&E shut it off though, is it? After the 2018 Paradise fire their liability forced them into bankruptcy. Their stock/bond holders won’t risk more, so it’s freeze in the dark time.

        • The state forced them into Bankruptcy because they were the backstop if they didn’t and they don’t have any money left after providing free services to the invading army…

          • This is a tight knot to untangle with so many special interests intervening. But there’s really no such thing as a “market” when it comes to utilities and infrastructure. It’s not as if the folks affected could could choose between which grids they wished to be hooked up to any more than what road/sewer service they wished to employ. It’s a completely artificial secondary-market when you and your neighbor are both hooked up to the same grid and pay different prices to different “companies.” Ultimately, who benefits? (hint: not the ratepayer.)

          • Yes, and the state refuses to let them clear brush around power lines because Climate Change/Mother Earth. Better the red-voting inland goes without power than the coastal elites not be able to virtue-signal by stopping their electricity.

      • Here’s a riddle: if your state relies on wind for power generation, but can’t transmit power to any users while it’s windy, do you really have a power system? Or did the Chinese turbine mfg’s just get you to pay billions for the privilege of advancing to the pre-industrial-revolution Freedom Age?

    • Correct.

      This whole “boomer” issue has me confused and leaves me wondering who is feeding this crap to our young? It’s definitely coming from our side and I strongly suspect fags like Milo and Vox Day, possibly Cerno?

      Moral and ethical relativism actually predates the Boomers. They are merely the first generation to be pozzed by it, and if that is to be a crime we will need to death march far more X’ers, Millennials and Zoomers to the gulags than Boomers – most of them are dying off as we speak anyway, and the rest are running around in squishy diapers and Velcro shoes…and there, hopefully with the grace of God we will all surely follow eventually. As this unfolds I get ever more suspicious of the anti-Boomer sentiment. I myself am a Boomer by only a few months. I didn’t get any of the perceived benefits the boomers supposedly inherited, nor did any of my peers in my age group. We are all pilled to one degree or another – but firmly on this side of the divide.

      As a movement today’s Dissidents will need to do some homework on who their friends and enemies really are. There are any number of questions they must ask and answer of themselves: the JQ is overdue for resolution and now it appears the Age Question will need to be posed too. Our blog host insists that we need to police and regulate ourselves and our membership and I agree to a point. I’d hate to get kicked out because I’m old, or say, a Joo or the wrong colour… but the kids will figure it out for themselves. When they win this culture war I think they will find their problems multiply by orders of magnitude. Ruling and leading with fairness is not as easy as pulling a code of conduct out of your ass and beating your enemies with it as the SJWs have done. I believe they are smarter than that but we shall see.

      • I can’t decide whether the Boomer thing is organic or a campaign to divide the opposition. But I think hunting for enemies on the right is just as counterproductive.

        Even if it is a disinformation campaign, the reason it’s so popular is that it strikes a chord. It’s natural for youth to be angry at older generations they feel have screwed things up badly. The anger is misplaced, sure — that’s why “young and stupid” is “young and stupid.” It’s pretty easy to tell when you’re talking to a moron vs. an angry young man with a chip on his shoulder, but who actually has something going on. The latter type are pretty easy to direct toward the real enemy.

        • I can’t decide whether the Boomer thing is organic or a campaign to divide the opposition.

          Ditto. Nice take over at Taki on that. I say “campaign.” Fooling people who have never really talked to most Boomers.

      • Watching the country commit suicide, I now know exactly how those Soviets felt in the 80’s when they would down a bottle of vodka and throw themselves from balconies. It’s just so depressing. The only thing you can do is attempt to cocoon yourself from it for your own sanity. We all do what we can, but no one person moves the needle. I cut may cable years ago. That helped a lot.

        • How about committing to “no voting”?

          Statistically it makes no sense (your vote won’t make the difference, ever. )

          Presidential voting is really dumb… it all comes down to a couple of counties in a few states. And when it’s close, the parties cheat.

          Nothing riles up normies more than telling them just how pointless voting is. That’s not where true power lies, only a thin fig leaf of legitimacy for true power.

      • Boomers get blamed mostly because on average, Normie Boomer is, anecdotally, clueless and selfish. I know several families with Boomer parents.

        One set spends winters in Florida and summers back home, while earning > $160k/yr in government pensions (plus they also get social security) after they both retired from teaching high school around age 58.

        Another set lived quite comfortable on one income, raising two kids their whole life in a up and coming wealthy suburb, sold the house for 3x what they paid for it *after* accounting for inflation, has ‘Railroad Retirement’, and lives in a ’55 and older’ community of new construction 1-story homes each costing upwards of $500k.

        The fundamental reason Boomers are hated is because many of them espouse ‘conservative’ ideas like ‘pick yourself up by your bootstraps’ and ‘work your way through college’, when there are systematic changes that make those ideas much more difficult for the average Millennial or Zoomer than they were for the average Boomer.

        For example, Heath Care costs alone have skyrocketed. I’m married with one child and in my 30s. All inclusive, my health care out of pocket costs + premium + employer contribution in 2019 was nearly $25,000. The Boomer examples above both have good health care ‘coverage’ (and when they were working, for years they paid pretty much $0 out of pocket for health care).

        What makes young folks so mad at the Boomers is not so much that the Boomers lived through a time of great prosperity for the middle class, it is that many Boomers *refuse to acknowledge this* and continue down their insane ‘I did it all by myself’ attitudes.

        • *Yawn* *pat on the head* I acknowledge it. You youngsters have it very hard. It’s very sad.

          Now, me, I do things for my kids to mitigate that. I give them advice and support that’s not predicated on the formula that was about to cease being successful when I came of age (I’m either a Boomer or a Gen Xer depending on who’s setting the silly, arbitrary boundaries).

          Everyone takes the best deal that society offers to them at the time. Nearly everyone, as they age, has trouble adapting to changing societal realities — we’re products of our environment.

          Being mad at a couple that has good government pensions is dumb, because they didn’t invent the pensions. Who won’t take that deal?

          Being mad at a couple because they lived their whole life in a house that appreciated and got a good deal on it is dumb. Not even every Boomer made out like that. They didn’t hand out certificates
          “Here’s your entitlement to a house in an area that will be popular in 30-40 years!” Houses still appreciate, you know? Some people — patient people — will make out well and some won’t.

          As for Healthcare costs — there are at least five generations that have worked together to build that mess. It didn’t start with Obamacare, but plenty of the Obamacare Congresspeople were Gen-Xers. Obama himself is just barely a Boomer — he probably has more in common culturally with early Gen-Xers.

          The problems are the problems. The mistakes are the mistakes. Assigning generational blame is pointless. The important thing is: what are you going to do about it? Keep milking the corpse for whatever you can (a valid strategy — Exile said as much the other day)? If so, you’re just like the Boomers, just trying to enjoy the decline. Try to make major structural changes? Good luck, but I don’t see that happening until the current system completely blows apart.

          • To be clear, not mad that they took the gov’t pension deal – mad that they act like everyone *today* would have the deal that they have, ‘if only they worked hard like I did’.

          • Last I checked, teachers and other government workers still get sweet pensions, and government has grown as a segment of the economy.

            In my opinion, a big problem isn’t that the pensions aren’t there anymore … it’s that they *are*.

            A lot of big promises were made and continue to be made, despite the fact that keeping them is impossible. The Gen-Xers and Millennials aren’t virtuously turning up their noses at the various Ponzi schemes either.

            As for real lack of job opportunity in real economically disadvantaged areas — I see it hitting Boomers just as hard as younger generations. I live around a lot of rural Boomers that never rode the supposed Boomer privilege gravy train, but in economically more successful areas, I see plenty of Gen-Xers and Millennials living the Boomer dream with fancy cars, big paychecks, big 401k and stock packages, houses that are in affluent, neighborhoods with appreciating property values.

            It’s not mainly a generational thing and no particular generation is more virtuous or forward-thinking in its behavior than any other.

          • $200T in (federal) unfunded liabilities should give everyone pause. Young people today have to compete with millions of migrants annually. Many of whom get the OPT treatment (neither the employer or employee pays payroll taxes for years) or the long-term, low-interest minority business loans. That simply didn’t exist before.

          • No they probably aren’t more virtuous, or forward thinking than any other. It may be that most people from each generation spends its entire life fighting perceived problems that it sees in their youth. Kind of like how they usually listen to music from their youth. If that’s the case a new paradigm shift will not come in except by the old believers dying off and youth being born into new problems.

            Either way generational politics won’t help. People will either be with us or not, but insulting potential allies for their generation probably doesn’t help.

          • Hate to burst bubbles, but no ss if you get teacher pension. And pension comes out of every paycheck. 14.5 % every month. Spousal insurance you pay, as employment only pays worker’s, and thanks to BO, that went up and up with deductables the same.

            Whole thing Keeps you from having any type of savings acct or investment, as the state kindly does that FOR you through the “pension” you yourself pay for.

            The answer is to live rural and cheap without silliness like TV, which was dead decades ago anyway and enjoy the beauty and quiet of nature.

            Quite nice, but hardly the lap of luxury the “divide-the-opposition” paints it as. .

        • The greatest generation and their parents had it a lot harder than millenials, lol, and they didn’t wine and act out like petulant children, wouldn’t have made it.

      • The Boomer thing is organic, because they keep doing this Boomer crap. It’s like a Sgt in the wermacht who keeps whining that “HE didn’t lose the war on the Eastern front, so why do these kids keep calling his army a failure and insisting that HIS failure caused the next generations strife and hardship?” Though ARVN is more apt, the Germans at least showed up to fight.
        The atomistic individualism is so strong, they cannot even think in terms of a team that they were on, never mind that their team lost. And we younguns keep banging on about it because that mentality leads to civilizational death, the enslavement of our women and the “involuntary sexual enrichment” of our progeny. Failure to recognize the causes of prior failure is intolerable. You were and are on a team; refusing to realize you are and were on a team (with this “I dunno why they rail on boomers, I didn’t personnaly shoot cops in the 70’s” stuff) is why we are in clown world. Realize the error of your “rugged individualism=i gots mine” mentality, through away your White Album, and you will not catch any more crap for Boomerism.

        • The only way you can share rights or power for that matter is with other white people…Other races will only use those against you…

      • The boomer bashing was started by Anglin at Daily Stormer, same with the woman bashing. Millenials the vanguard generation 70 pourcent of whom support Bernie

    • Civ Nats vets with the nation as cause and all armed to the teeth are the largest and strongest force. Race realism could not at present or likely future translate into race action. Sure we all know the score, but that does not translate into positive and Draconian action. > yes dears your hinted at end state requires Draconian action and so Draconian powers that aren’t materializing. Even the south wouldn’t bring back Jim Crow – never mind slavery.

      Its ok to dream, but not wise to plan or wait on the dream.

    • All the terrible policies we’re seeing are coming from the U.N. As Range Front Fault pointed out a while back, Agenda 21 and all the other related Agendas are manifesting themselves all around us, imposed by unelected officials and in the guise of “human rights” or “combating climate change.” This brave American relocated from California to Denmark in order to try to use the courts to stop the advancing agenda. For those not familiar, she summarizes the nightmare being cooked up for us quite well in 15 minutes:

      It hardly seems like this could be real as it’s so like the stuff of James Bond villains, but it is real, created by and for corporate rule of the planet. What kind of psychopaths aim for human kind to live like this? I think California is one of the vanguard states in effecting Agenda 21 policies. Utter misery.

      BTW, I’ve been in my personal penalty box in recent days as punishment for my rude and undignified comments to our wonderful Whitney and 3g4me, for which I apologize. I was very out of sorts that evening due to real life frustrations that had nothing to do with them or this blog and I had no business commenting like I did to our fantastic dissident ladies, both of whom frequently make points that I enjoy and agree with. I’m sorry and hope you’ll forgive me.

    • So? The day of the boomer has passed. It doesn’t matter in the least what a bunch of boomers think, because they’ll be dead shortly. Revolution is a young man’s game.

    • If we learned anything from the results in Kentucky and Louisiana recently, it’s that Trump is cooked next year.

      • Dream on, sucker. For all his other uselessness, Dreher knows Louisiana and writes up the real story today at American “Conservative.” And as anyone who can read English knows by now, Bevin was as popular as rattlesnakes in the martini decanter.

        Like it or not, there are a boatload of very, very, weak (R) candidates out there. Walker managed to lose his Gov race to a complete wiener, ya’know.

        • Kentucky was one of the highest per capita refugee resettler states under Bevin. Much higher than Louisiana was under the Dems. At least he banned abortion so said refugees could have an uncontrollable number of children.

        • Dad;
          Walker used to be a stalwart. Faced down nationalized opposition three times and was still standing. He busted the public sector unions and property taxes actually want *down*. But maybe he got tired and thought that voters would actually remember what he did for them in this, his third election campaign for gov. Proves the old adage that you can only buy votes with *new* money.

          To win, he needed, two things IMHO: A new initiative to serve as a shiny spinning object and organized suppression of vote fraud.

        • How about instead of being a jerk, you explain to me why Trump will win next year?

          I’ll tell you why he’ll lose in one word: Demographics.

          Also, Z agrees with me that Trump is going down, should he stop posting also?

          • Trump will win for a number of reasons. 1) No Democratic candidate has the broad appeal to beat him. 2) The Democrats have gone too far left. 3) Spygate and other scandals will devastate the Democrats over the next year. 4) The economy is doing well. 5) Lots of Gen Z are not leftists. 6) Trump is getting good amounts of black and Hispanic support.

          • it won’t be demographics next year, but he will probably be the last Republican president and that will be because of Demographics. On a side note: It’s so much fun to ask the normies if they can think of a single non-white majority country in which they would live, and then to inform them that in just a few short years the US won’t be a majority white country.

      • Odd year elections greatly favor Dims. Add poor Repub candidates and Soros, mix. Trump will win easily, but so what? Who has had a positive second term since Andrew Jackson?

      • You obviously know nothing about Kentucky. What sunk Bevin was UofL, and the hornets nest he kicked the second he got into office. If he had played the same old ballgame every other politician had played he would have been okay, but instead he decided to clean up that mess, and paid the price for it.

    • I think DW is on to something here. You have the DNC’s propaganda arm in the mainstream media amplifying this in lockstep ad nauseam. The average ill-informed idiot who votes gets a whiff of this and thinks where there’s smoke there’s fire regarding Trump. At the end of the day it’s enough to swing the election in November 2020, o so they think.

      My wife’s Facebook is filled with known leftists idiots parroting anything coming out of the Democrats pie-holes on this. But they were never going to vote for Trump anyway.

      Still, in the end I think this does have the “potential” to impact the electorate and tilt swing voters (dumbasses) from Trump to the Dems this coming November. On the hand maybe they shot their wad far too early to have any effect at all? I’m going with the latter assumption. A year to the election is a political eternity and God knows what else will manifest before then that will make the impeachment farce to no effect.

      • The problem is that our side basically plays by the rules. We vote, and that’s it. The other side will vote dead people, illegals, harvested votes, and the standby “just found a bag of ballots, 99% voted for my guy, in the trunk of a car”. Plan for the worst, and remember, as far as their side is concerned, “it’s not about right and wrong, it’s about winning no matter what”.

        • If enough of us said we are going to quit playing in your rigged game then the gig would be up and they couldn’t control us anymore…

        • The other side has academia, the news media, Silicon Valley, the Democratic Party, half the Republican Party, and Hollywood.
          We have frog memes and Charlie Kirk Q & As

        • I think that’s where you’re wrong. It is about right and wrong, or in this case good and evil. That is how they justify the fraud and cheating. They’re doing it for the greater good. The question is how do you deal with a group of people like that? They think you’re evil and don’t mind cheating and lying to thwart you? You cannot negotiate with them in good faith.

    • I reckon it’s just a frenzy. Semi-coordinated at best. They just hate Trump so much (even though he turned out in his policies to be a Bush-Rubio cuck) that they’re just projectile-vomiting their red-hot hatred in his direction.

      And why do they hate him so much? At bottom, it’s racial, isn’t it? They saw, correctly, that Trump stirred something in white people–stirred the white thing in white people. And that why it’s such a super frenzy.

      • Yeah Trump essentially said as much. The attacks on him are really attacks on *you*.

        Unfortunately Trump has been reigned in, to a degree, and mass white identity has been stymied. Now we have to play the long game, using Zs strategy.

        But, it’s possible. There is so much kindling lying on the ground. We just have to light a spark.

      • Nah, they hate Trump for two reasons.

        1st. He’s an outsider, not in the club, who forced his way in. Which is bad, but they could deal with it except that …

        2nd He repeatedly called them idiots and losers, which deep down, they know to be true.

        His existence grates on them. His success humiliates them on an ongoing basis.

        • One more thing. They (the generation that got participation trophies and self-esteem and was never told “no”) were told there would never be another white, male president because of “demographics” (note: it’s happening again). They believed it with all their little hearts….and then, when there WAS one….THEY DID NOT GET THEIR DO-OVER. Say what?

          Every teacher has seen kids told “no” for the first time — when the person saying it meant it, accepted their apology and still carried through with the consequence? The result is a tantrum so furious that it makes some give in, at the very end….The ones who do not….are supposed to PAY.

          That’s what this is all about. .

    • It IS the democrats campaign. They have nothing else. What are they talking about on the trail—getting rid of all vehicles, flying and driving — and refitting every building in America for solar and wind….With that as your platform, you need a little “impeachment” embellishment.

  38. Or Trump actively colluded with a foreign power to punish and harass a political opponent. There is no grand game going on behind the scenes; just public servants trying to stop corruption and do what is right for the People.

    • Jeff, suppose that you were a political leader and you suspected that your main political opponent was engaged in serious corruption. Are you required not to pursue this because the suspect is your political rival?

    • LOL, how did a non-regular reader find and comment on the article so fast? Methinks some sort of organization out there has RSSed the Zman. But why would they do that?

    • You must be about 13 years old, Jeff. I remember the 70s and the Democrat Party absolutely feared the power of the FBI and CIA, but now they employ them to spy and then frame citizens. If they can bring down Trump, what do you and the ACLU think they’ll do to you? You got some learning to do, boy.

      • You know ever since Prince Hitler of Orange took over I’ve noticed that with the exception of political junkies most of the Dems’ narratives regarding Russia, the FBI, the CIA, etc… come across as backwards to anyone who isn’t a dumbass Millennial or younger. To us Gen-Xers it’s all *exactly* backwards. The Rooskies are (perhaps misguided) champions of workers and peasants. The FBI has a file on you for that Mondale rally you went to. The CIA is an evil shadowy organization that murders noble Leftist guerrillas like Che! fighting for the oppressed in the Third World and is probably working with Reptoid aliens…

        Now the FBI and CIA are the good guys, the Deep State, like the Mafia, turns out not to exist*, the Rooskies turn out to be worse than the most paranoid Reaganaut made them out to be… Add to that the idea that “freedom of speech” is just an excuse for hate speech. It’s as though they were never even trying to made this stuff fly with anyone over 40.

        Of course all that free expression, peace and “sticking it to the Man” stuff was always bullshit covering a naked lust for power. It’s good to see the Left taking off its masks at least.

        * It was a trope for old time mobsters to claim “there is no such thing as the Mafia”.

          • It does make it easy for the laziest citizen to know exactly what the dims did/are doing….whatever they accuse PDT and those who voted for him of….is what the “resistance” is guilty of, down to the country and the time frame involved.

            Seems like everyone knows that by now, so why Shiff/Pelosi go on with the Fascist Games is …. a cause for wonder. Are they secretly working for the other side?

        • They’re taking off the mask because they won, and now they are “THE MAN” and it’s a completely different game to be “THE MAN” than overthrowing the man and taking his position. This is why they’ve become so boring, and stupid.

          All the dumb kids want to join the establishment, but all the cool kids want to tear down the establishment. It really doesn’t matter what that establishment is, and that’s fine because establishments themselves end up being corrupt no matter the ideology that originally brought them to power.

    • LOL.

      Or perhaps Biden ran for President simply because he knew he was going to get investigated – and figured he could hide behind that whole ” Trump is investigating a political rival” bullshit as a Hail Mary pass to save his own ass.

      Because if you bother to remember: Biden wasn’t going to run for President at first. Perhaps somebody told him: “you’re ass is on the line Sleepy Joe – better get with the program – we need a reason to gin up an impeachment circus”

      • Cal;
        Interesting. A Tripwire Initiation Theory; Mid-Level NSC Obama Admin. left-behind agent get’s wind of a pro-forma call to Ukraine, thinks this is his big chance for promotion and sends out an unwarranted high alert to the DNC via the MSM. Don’t forget, Nancy P’s and Horseface JFKerry war hero’s kids have their snouts in the Ukraine trough too. And who knows who else from the Cloud is in on their scheme of using crooked Ukraine to launder US tax/debt money to their own pockets/spawn.

        Already nervous, they go to full battle stations, immediately launch Lawfare full spread torpedo salvo and then they hit a mine when Trump releases the transcript. They have to up the prop revs to maintain hope of getting to a beach before taking on too much water and turning turtle. And some of their torpedoes are now circling back. So it’s full speed ahead, they can’t quit now. Too funny if true.

        Here’s an interesting Epstein version of this theory:

        (Tl/Dr – MSM machers immediately tip off their fellow Cloud Buds about anybody sniffing around their corruption and then they stifle the story.)

        As evidence for applying the MSM the tripwire concept, I’m pretty sure I read that the NYT tipped Slo Joe off last spring.

      • Calsdad… exactly. His thinking being “if I run for president no one would dare investigate my corruption in Ukraine and China. I can hide behind that scam forever.”

      • You have to admit that Joe’s line for locking down the vital (for Dems) Black Church Lady vote was ingenious:
        “Vote for me. I only assaulted little white girls”.

        • It is so wrong, to defame Uncle Joe like that. There are photos of Joe with his hands on the knee of an overweight sheriff, and a picture of him trying to suck the life out of an elderly woman through her mouth, but I think all he got in the end was her dentures, and let’s not forget how fond he was of Obama. Uncle Joe is a fan of Diversity.

    • The guilty flee where none pursueth. Trump called Zelensky with a sort of pro-forma, “congrats and good luck on cleaning up corruption” call and Biden and his D.C. surrogates responded by shouting at the top of their lungs, “That’s not true! Biden’s son hasn’t been peddling influence in the Ukraine!” Also, this “public servant” line shows how elastic the left (or whatever it is) can be. We were told Robert Mueller was wonderful because he was a hero of the Vietnam War and a member of the FBI, a respected government institution. For decades the same kind of Berkeley professor types preaching this line never shut up about how Vietnam was a war crime and all the Feds did was shoot Black Panthers like Fred Hampton in their sleep and pin murders on innocent Indians like Leonard Peltier.

    • Or the only real collusion during 2016 was between the media and Hillary’s staff – as proven by Wikileaks – and the investigation of Trump is in fact a left wing coup to gain power.

    • Go easy on Jeff, guys. I know many Jeff’s. He is a media creation. If you are a typical media consumer who believes what you are told, then waalaa. You have a Jeff Kent. A happy, self satisfied, useful idiot, who has everything figured out, and he has the NYT, Post, NPR/PBS, the late night comedians – the whole cabal to back him up.

    • Jeff, you forgot something

      “Under the watch over Obama’s Democratic party”

      You just proved that Democratic party are equally corrupted and incompetence as Republican party

    • so Joe Biden receives immunity from investigation and prosecution because he’s a presidential candidate? You and that claim are just silly.

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