The weather last weekend was not very good here in Lagos, so I tuned in for some of the football games. I used to watch a lot of college football, but that has waned quite a bit over the last few years. When I consume college football, I’m usually doing something else, so I half listen and pay attention when I hear some excitement. These days, you can rewind the action if you miss something, so this sort of consumption is a lot easier than in the old days. You can watch the highlights in real time.

One thing you quickly learn when you cut the cord, which I did years ago, is that regular TV watching habituates you to the degeneracy. I’m not sure if you get used to it or your mind just learns to filter out the offensive garbage. Take a few weeks off, come back to it and you’re appalled at what you see. It’s not just the degeneracy, which is a big part of it, but the stupidity. Television has always been aimed at the 90-IQ crowd and that jumps out to you when you are away from it for a while.

Something similar seems to be true with televised sports. Once you take a break from watching these shows, the warts become obvious. Last weekend I could not help but notice the volume of commercials in these broadcasts. I was working on something and every time I looked up to see what was happening in the game, it was a commercial and usually for something alien to me. At some point I looked at some other games and sure enough, they were all in a commercial break.

Of course, the commercials are atrocious. This is where you see the propaganda effort behind all of this. Most likely, the typical viewer of college football is a white middle-aged male, living outside the Cloud People zones. That means suburban and exurban. That also means the sort of guy who voted for Trump. Yet, they blast ads featuring race-mixers and homosexuals. The products are things this demo is not buying, like AIDS drugs and cloud services. It’s ruling class porn as advertisement.

At some point, I decided to watch until I saw an ad featuring anything resembling normal people doing normal things. I gave up after about thirty minutes. If a space alien tried to understand America based on television, its conclusion would be that we are ruled by frizzy-haired mulatto lesbians and homosexuals. Their main task is keeping the simple-minded, almost retarded, white males under control. The TV ad world is the complete opposite of reality and any possible reality.

As far as the presentation of sports, it is pretty close to unwatchable. The endless commercials are a big problem for a casual viewer. I wanted to watch the Ohio State – Penn State game, but the presentation was so bad it was hard to watch. When it is not commercials for lesbians enjoying their work at Amazon, it is insipid airheads talking constantly while the players wander around between plays. Turning the sound off makes it worse, as you see how little is happening on the field.

It used to be popular with the sporting press to bad mouth baseball for being too slow and boring. The real reason they are told to bash baseball is the game has not been Africanized. It is not a running and jumping sport. There are no opportunities for the blacks to draw attention to themselves with the usual antics. Putting that aside, the slow pace of baseball makes sense in the context of the game. The slow pace of modern football is just a way to squeeze in more agit-prop.

The ruination of televised football is one of those examples that point to a deliberate, well thought-out war on white people. For a long time, football and baseball were things most whites could share as a cultural item. Despite the color on the field, the audience has remained stubbornly white. It was the thing white people could talk about at the office, without having to fear the PC police. Instead of leaving that as an oasis, the usual suspects seem to have targeted it for degeneration and destruction.

That said, the television ratings for this stuff have held up. There was some decline, but the usual suspects have convinced normie white males to return. The new thing now is the celebration of the black quarterback. There’s nothing that stimulates the normie whites in America more than worshiping blacks. White guilt remains a powerful delivery vehicle for the repulsive propaganda around it. Watch an NFL game and you get why the usual suspects hate white people so much.

That said, there is no way the country survives wholesale cord cutting. Once you are free from this stuff, it is impossible to come back. The old gag about baseball was that if it did not exist, no one would invent it. Something similar is true of TV. If the nation was not already hooked on it, no one would become hooked on it.  It is so trashy and so degenerate; you can’t get past the revulsion long enough to get hooked on it. My rainy weekend experience was just enough to turn it off for good.

That’s why television watching will eventually be mandatory. Orwell got most things wrong about the dystopian future. The one thing he nailed was the video monitors installed in every hope. It may not be as heavy handed as he described, but there is no way the usual suspects allow the public to cut the cord. Without the daily dose of poz, there is no way white people go along with their dispossession. The revolution comes when the televisions go dark for any length of time.

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330 thoughts on “Unbear-a-ball

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  2. Zman – I continue to be amazed at how much alike our thinking is. I completed the move to Tennessee and what an incredible change. We have been there for 4 days, gone to 2 big neighborhood dinners, and I have already been invited to join the TN 3%. Finding a like minded man just requires looking out the window or going to the local store. What an incredible difference. The people are so friendly it is still making me suspicious. Everyone has guns, including all the 60+ year old neighbor ladies. I will keep reporting. On this move we cut the cord with just internet connectivity. No broadcast tv but I will join the big 10 network so I can watch my Penn State football, Maryland and Hopkins lacrosse, and wrestling.

  3. I pulled the plug about twenty five years ago. Surprisingly, my wife went along with it. We did come to a compromise, though. I bought her a satellite radio so she can listen to FOX News. We do have a flat screen TV but no subscriptions. It’s hooked up to a Blue Ray player so I can see John Wayne once in a while.

  4. That’s why television watching will eventually be mandatory. Orwell got most things wrong about the dystopian future. The one thing he nailed was the video monitors installed in every home. It may not be as heavy handed as he described, but there is no way the usual suspects allow the public to cut the cord. Without the daily dose of poz, there is no way white people go along with their dispossession. The revolution comes when the televisions go dark for any length of time.

    They even have these tv monitors installed at all the gas pumps now. Constantly trying to push the poz in your face at every opportunity. I just look away.

  5. You’ve listed all the reasons, i cut the cord and stopped watching. However, when I did follow a game, I either listened on the radio or taped the game and watched it later. The padding in a 2.5 hour football game is incredible. 50 minutes of commercials, 50 minutes of action, and 50 minutes of half-time and announcer blather.

    i agree the destruction of college football goes way back and deliberate. The liberals have always hated it, and almost every College president would be happy if the stadium and team disappeared. The constant cries about “Unpaid athletes’ is a backdoor way to destroy it. As is “How about that black QB”?” . Evidently, if 90% of CB and RB’s are black that’s OK, but if 65% of QB’s are white, well we have to do something about that. The black QB’s are an “oppressed minority”.

    • If the last football game you watched took 2.5 hours, it must have been in 1974?! They are 4+ hours long now, with pre-game etc. And there is only about 10 minutes of actual playing time.

  6. I have cut the cord on all sports, news and commercial programming. I only watch commercial free old movies on TCM so I can spend time in the past (outside the inanities of progressive America).

  7. “The revolution comes when the televisions go dark for any length of time.”

    Well, in California they went off for me, and a few million others, for about three days a month ago. Now, -I- got mad at the Governor who appointed the CPUC which authorized that unnecessary and pointless return to a 19th Century that hardly anyone was prepared for, but most everyone else blames PG&E, which isn’t driving the bus. No revolution seems to have been contemplated by the sheeple.

  8. The only challenge I have with reading this site is it is like if I read the things I write down out loud, but better written/thought out. I can kind of skip ahead without missing any thing.

    I’ve turned watching sports (the only TV I regularly watch) with my kids into a bingo card of ethnicities/genders/hair colors. If you “gamify” it, they kinda figure it out on their own.

  9. All I can add is Charlie Brown’s memorable lament that “Sports is supposed to build character, not tear it down.” Too bad it’s mostly been going in the wrong direction.

  10. It only occurred to me a few weeks ago that I don’t watch television at all any more apart from Premier League football*. And I am watching less of that than I used to. No commercials during the game, only during the half-time break, so that’s something.

    Otherwise, I don’t watch TV at all. I do have a Netflix account and you can find some excellent shows that are refreshingly unpozzed.


  11. See movies for free: most public libraries have considerable holdings of DVD/Blu-ray films. Costs you merely what you’ve already paid in taxes. Go to your library’s online catalogue, request movies on disc, your library sends you an e-mail when the disc arrives at your local branch. In many instances you can renew the borrowing period on the library website.

    My city’s public library now has video/movie streaming via Hoopla, but to see films that way you must register with a corporate tentacle of Google, so I have not registered.

    As far as television fare goes, to me there is one shining moment above all others, and that is the late-1970’s production of Brideshead Revisited, starring Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews, Claire Bloom. I have the series on DVD and each long dark winter I enjoy watching again all thirteen of its episodes. The series is far and away the most intelligent, the most civilized bit of television ever done.

  12. John Rivers convinced me to cut the cord, went with amazon firestick because I already had prime (Walmart and amazon having destroyed small city and country retail). I find I’m reading lots more now. Only problem is I’m getting ticked at amazon for their woke programming, including the latest, Hunters, or some such nonsense. Have to find a way to sub for the firestick.

  13. Can somebody theorize the line of thinking behind tptb pushing to destroy white male sports fandom and demoralize them through commercials?

    If I were in charge, and I wanted to slowly dispossess whites, I would make them MORE into sportsball. Give them a real feeling of “community” amongst their tribe (sportsfan) members. Argue passionately over the players. Keep them distracted until it’s too late.

    What I hope is that, now that white males can no longer enjoy sports, they will start to “wake up”… but maybe (((they))) have psychological data that shows the contrary… who knows. I’ve been pretty disappointed in white people lately, to be honest.

    • (((They))) don’t understand white sportsfans first of all and, second, can’t stop themselves from gloating. (((They))) really do hate us.

    • Because they think at this point whites are so dumbed down and docile that they can just let their mask drop and give it to us good and hard…

    • It’s too late. That’s the message.

      No need for masks anymore.
      The strong horse is calling.

      Are you In?
      Are you With Her?

    • I don’t think they can control themselves.

      There’s a tipping point where the harder they poz the more people they push to our side. With blacks we’ve already reached it. With others we haven’t.

  14. I see FB stories and memes about some random black person doing a good deed. Help someone across the street, or stop a theft or something. I see them all the time, and people randomly hit like so they are spread. Conservatives love these stories.

    Someone has to be mining for these unicorns on purpose. It’s designed to give a false impression of black Americans.

    The opposite tactic would be for stories and memes about blacks committing crimes against whites. While we should definitely do that it’s not as viral as a feel good story. Nice white ladies love these kinds of things. We should find a way to get them to spread news more favorable to our side.

  15. We have pretty much the same adverts here in the UK but maybe not on such heavy rotation. I have always viewed them as ‘look whats coming and there is bugger all you can do about it yt’ kind of warnings.

  16. “The revolution comes when the televisions go dark for any length of time.” I came to this conclusion years ago. They don’t necessarily have to go dark. Just pixellated enough to be unwatchable, even for the pozed.

  17. No TV for the kids, except on Saturday. They have become more creative, found ways to entertain themselves and use their imagination, and seem more relaxed and focused on school. I may watch a few episodes or a movie on Netflix or Hulu during the week, but I like to pursue other activities. People don’t realize how much time they waste when they engage their brain with a screen.

  18. OT, but since I won’t be back until later this weekend: I Thank Z for giving us such interesting topics, takes, and a place to bounce ideas around with each other. Thanks to all the regulars (even Tiny, in all xis iterations) and newbies who post their reactions, experiences and ideas. Have a good holiday and drive carefully. (P.S. If you’ve ever been or cared for an invalid, TV can be a godsend.)

  19. “The new thing now is the celebration of the black quarterback”

    Yeah, but Tom Brady is still the GOAT with his German wife and Aryan kids. Only that New Orleans cracker has any hope of catching up in tge foreseeable future.

    Since my patriotard days I’ve been saying there’d have been no American revolution if the internet had existed in 1776. Two weeks without media would force us to talk to our neighbors and the country would explode. Distraction is the opiate of the people.

  20. With the commoditization of video the upside is we can now record our cats or catch a communist AntiFa in the act of violence. The downside of it is broadcast programs have become a lot lower quality. Sports used to be more entertaining but squeezing in as many beer commercials and ATT homosexual happy married guys has ruined the experience, Z is right.
    Automation and TV News on every channel has also devalued news programming too.
    Now everything is Breaking News!!!
    If television wasn’t a wasteland 50 years ago it certainly is now.

  21. The last time I was in the U.S. the hotel was playing a cable news channel in the breakfast room. It was too loud to ignore and very partisan in favour of the Democrats. In the 20 or so other countries I’ve been to this decade I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before – at least not with the volume turned up. Apparently even restaurants now have that stuff on. This is disconcerting because everything bad about your country eventually spreads to the rest of the West. (The good things about the US never seem to spread beyond your small towns).

      • I’ve actually talked to several hotel managers about it, politely, as in “Can you turn off the TV? Hardly anyone seems to be paying attention to CNN that’s playing in the breakfast area. In fact, there are people trying to talk over it. And it’s just making a lot of noise.”

        In each case, I was told that “it’s on CNN by corporate orders”. (Sometimes they said “head office” but you get the idea.) One woman in particular expanded her remarks with, “I’m sorry, I know it’s annoying. *I* have to listen to it every day because of this job, and it’s killing me!”

        Now my sample size is small (N=6 or so) but it was very consistent.

  22. Word. How do we throw a life ring to our friends? I’ve tried to point out the ridiculously retarded crap there watching and the fact that they used to be someone of disciplined character that wouldn’t be caught dead wasting time that can’t be recovered. It (TV) pulls their IQ down to sewer. TV is going to need a new market of rehab centers. Betty Ford clinic for TV addiction. One week with no screen will fix it, like Z said. You won’t go back.

    • Get them outside – far enough for no cell coverage. Take a week-long group hiking, hunting or fishing trip. Better yet, two weeks. Then give everyone a challenge – keep the TV off for another two weeks. No JewTube on the phone, no browsing for muh shows or muh sports. Then get together and watch some TV with them after a month.

      It sounds too easy, but a week to a month off from the Truth Screen will help a lot of Possibles progress to being at least Prospects for Our Thing. Like a cult, Big Other needs full-spectrum 24/7 coverage and isolation of the subject to keep the conditioning fresh. Get them involved in a group of non-degenerates and get them away from the Screen and the Old Ways start to reassert themselves.

  23. “The products are things this demo is not buying.”

    Of course. The purpose of such ads is NOT to sell to you, the purpose is to demoralize you, to make you feel isolated.

    I tend to listen (on-line) to baroque music while doing routine work, and was struck by how many commercials feature blaring rap or hip hop music (looking at YOU, Apple). My first thought was, “People listening to Bach are generally not the hip hop crowd. This is poorly targeted advertising.” Then I realized that they aren’t trying to sell me an Apple Watch, it’s just an in-your-face.

    Back in ye olden tymes you’d have some asshole with a boombox turned up to distortion levels, strutting around in a public place, just to intimidate whitey. These ads are exactly the same thing.

    • I think the purpose of the ads is to annoy average Americans. It is almost like a moral dare. “I dare you to complain about this. If you do I will accuse you of racism.”

  24. Keep your TV off for a few days and when you turn it back on, the first thing you notice is the noise. Then you notice the preponderance of blacks, hispanics, Asians and Jews. We’re becoming invisible.

    • Guess I am the only one here who actually chooses what they watch. Just don’t fukking watch or listen to anything that you don’t want to. I know all these things are going on on the shit channels, so I don’t watch them. Consequently my view of the world is not nearly so gloomy as most of the sad sacks here.

      • Your still paying for those things you hate and don’t watch so you’re still feeding the beast…I thought you would of understood that…

  25. I love when you post about sports and TV commercials, which I have decided are comic gold for mockery rather than anger. I watch CF but no NFL but if it continues to trend as NFL-lite than I will give it up too. Not sure Orwell was incorrect on future dystopia, He did foresee PC and the manipulation of thought through control of language. He also foresaw humiliating people through the power to get them to confess to things they know are wrong.

  26. The great Moo Moo Cow (ne Frogwave) had a great gedanken experiment the other day, re: sportsball. If your favorite team were to acquire all the players of your most hated team, and vice versa, whom would you root for?

    Ask your normie sportball-devotee. Watch the cognitive dissonance.

  27. Go watch the old ABC series MaxHeadRoom – mostly social commentary/satire set in the near future where TV’s had no “Off Button” and anyone caught turning a TV off got a 10 year prison sentence. Books were almost non-existent in that future as well.

  28. Sadly have to pay for Comcast just to get internet service. The TV comes on when laid up sick or injured. The “poz” is infuriating.

    Stopped complaining after always get the eye roll from the wife.

    Never cared for football, watched a little baseball only because a favorite uncle enjoyed it and would keep him company. Finally gave up on hockey after last year’s debacle and yes , nothing but black commercials between periods.

  29. I know a lot of people who only follow the NFL because they are in a fantasy football league. Women and others that would normally be uninterested in sports even know the names of players because of fantasy. I guess that’s harmless enough but otherwise, the NFL ratings would be way down.

    • The whole thing reminds me of the movie The Last Boy Scout where the NFL survived strictly on the back of gambling. Such an institution eventually becomes a shell of its former self.

  30. Once you see that any given TV show is either New York angsty Jew or L.A. angsty Jew, or the true crime or Hallmark “flyover people are dumb and/or criminals”, it’s all over.

    The eggball Chargers leaving San Diego was the best thing that ever happened to our city. We have big league baseball and minor league hockey, and that seems just right.

    • I think the eggball team moved to HellA – not sure though, haven’t seen a single fan north of Oceanside since the Big Move.

  31. Are you familiar, Z, with the story Dr E Michael Jones likes to tell of the conflict between the IDF and the Intifada? The IDF placed snipers on the rooftops, keeping everyone inside. They also took over the tv station and broadcasted hardcore pornography. This is one of the first documented cases of overt military use of television/pornography as a mind control weapon.

    Degeneracy gives the mind tunnel vision, it loses the ability to see things for what they are. If you choose that which is wrong, you lose the ability to discern right from wrong.

  32. TV has been a weapon of war since its inception. Maybe by design, maybe by accident.

    When white flight began in the ’50s TV was there to keep them occupied in their homes as their cities became overrun by blacks. When Whites took flight for the suburbs it was the escapist entertainment and the assurances of fatherly and grandfatherly figures that read the news that all was well; so no one felt the need to do anything except sit in their Archie Bunker chair and grouse. It worked so the floodgates opened.

    Suburbs remained suburbs and never became villages. Our Atomization was born with people watching Uncle Milty, Cronkite, the Honeymooners and The Game of the Week – their substitute community…instead of engaged in real community activities with their neighbors or building real community-cultures as we had done since the Pleistocene.

    Having a television in our homes has allowed our enemies and manipulators to babble in our ear all day long telling us what to think and how to act. This is why so many of our own tribe are seemingly so useless. Challahwood and associates have had the goyim playing fetch for decades.

    • Television would not have taken off (in quite the manner it did) had it not been for the atomizing effects of surburbia, as you stated. James Howard Kunstler has dedicated his career to explaining how disastrous suburbs are on the psyche, and how they are the antithesis of a community structure.

      I live in a farm house on a few acres in the middle of nowhere (near Lagos), and it is quite pleasant. Recently developers have been razing what used to be farms and are building mcmansionvilles in their place. These sell for over three quarters of a million, are pre-fab and low quality, yet *some* people still buy them.

      I’ve been seeing more and more of them at my local country market: cold cunty women in yoga pants and an under armour jacket (with expensive designer handbags, shoes, and sunglasses), driving a beemer, Audi, Mercedes, or Porsche, uncontrollable hellspawn children, meek timid feminine men that wear beards to cover their soft fat face.

      Race incidentally doesn’t matter too much: white, Oriental, Indian, and negro; the archetype still applies. Perhaps it is the selection factor for the kind of person who would want to live in a mcmansion. These people most assuredly consume massive amounts of television, and pornography for the men.

      • “Race doesn’t matter too much: white, oriental, Indian, negro…”

        You are missing the point entirely. This is YOUR country, your land, your culture. There shouldn’t be ANY orientals, Indians, or negroes. None.

        They are here to mooch off of what YOUR people built. They themselves built nothing here. They have no past here, and thanks to the Jews talking you into accepting them, you now have no future here.

        Do not accept the presence of mooching “orientals, Indians, negroes…” (one would add Muslims too of course.)

        They have no business here, none whatsoever. No relation to this country at all: not historical, not cultural, not religious, not linguistic, not ethnic, not racial, nothing. They are simply here to scam and take.

        The Jews will tell you, “This country was built by immigrants.” Why yes it was. And they finished building it quite some time ago, and now it is built. Today’s immigrants build nothing, they merely come to live in what YOUR fathers built, they merely enjoy your patrimony instead of you.

        • The context of that statement was with respect to the nu-behavior described above. Of course race matters, and I agree with your point entirely; my point (perhaps not worded well) was that the meat grinder of nu-society turns all races into vapid materialistic slaves of common archetypes known as consumer demographics.

        • Try to control yourself. Immigration will never stop. It’s time to celebrate the wonders of soy, TV and feminism…. for the POC hoards. Let them become “American,” that uniquely contemptible creature of consumerism and saturated fat.

          The important thing is to liberate the White race while ensuring the PoCs maintain that nihilistic lifestyle. It’s the only tactic to repair this lands demographics.

          • Tykebomb: yes, yes, yes!
            Time for alt-tactics to counter the assault.
            We must build redoubts for Gen Zyklon.

      • I’m unfamiliar with K. but it sounds like he’s taken up Lewis Mumford’s criticisms. Another forgotten figure who should be more widely known and more widely read.
        Thanks for the suggestion.

        A taste of Mumford:

        In the suburb one might live and die without marring the image of an innocent world, except when some shadow of evil fell over a column in the newspaper. Thus the suburb served as an asylum for the preservation of illusion. Here domesticity could prosper, oblivious of the pervasive regimentation beyond. This was not merely a child-centered environment; it was based on a childish view of the world, in which reality was sacrificed to the pleasure principle

        • Will have to read him. A guy who also did a good job on this is Alan Ehrenhalt, “The Lost City.” How we lost a sense of community, the loss of community authority figures in our lives. Fascinating book.

      • You are looking white urban upper class professionals and they are by nature a bunch of assholes and snobs who almost all vote Democratic.

        The suburbs didn’t create them, they created themselves. Those men gelded themselves so they could work in corporate America without blowing their brains out. Being lonely they married social climbing bitches who are only attracted to them as long as they make $$$$.

        It’s pretty much a living hell in a gilded cage.

    • I weep when I think of us 60s kids, every one who wanted to be an astronaut, and of the squandered opportunity of what could’ve been the greatest educational format ever.

    • I think television and widely distributed newspapers mark a unique era in history.

      At no time in the history of the world have our rulers been so able to send out one mass message to the masses. And the message went basically uncontested.

      The 20th century was the age of propaganda.

  33. NBA ratings have collapsed, and were never that large to begin with.

    NFL tv ratings are supposedly stabilized, but who knows if the ratings are not lied about. A shit-ton of empty seats in the stadiums though.

    Even with Tivo technology (record-and-skip) the games are unwatchable. They actually stop games to let a commercial happen?! None of this is sports any more, it’s WWE++

    I find it strange that suburban white guys still watch this crap though, with all the other entertainment options available. I would watch old games from the 70’s before I would watch this rancid slop.

    I know I talking into the void when I recommend European soccer as a still very high quality sporting experience. They genuinely let the players go at it for a full 45 minutes without ads. The game can get into a rhythm, and the sight of huge green fields is Elyssian.

    Clay Travis at Outkick The coverage goes over the economics of cable tv packaging, and sports programming costs. The bottom line is that once the cable/satellite companies go under, pro sports here will shrink back markedly.

      • Me and some Sanchos were watching a bit of rugby in the breakroom. The futbol channel had switched it up.

        Repeated cries of “Holy sh*t” and “Mira le! (Watch out!)” were forthcoming. “Didya see that?!”

        We were rather intimidated, I must say, by the defiantly undiversified players. Big, tough white boys, they were- and they didn’t stop.

    • The NBA has decided that China is their future. Something like 40 million Chinese watched the NBA Finals. They really don’t care about USA ratings or local ticket sales. Plus there are 36 million blacks – and they love it.

  34. “For a long time, football and baseball were things most whites could share as a cultural item.”

    And with non-Whites to a large degree. I used to use muh sportsball as an ice-breaker and bridge with guys of all tribes – and the occasional sports-gurl.

    The amount of brain-space, time & energy I used to invest in sportsball is embarassing to recall, akin to drug addiction or alcoholism and now that I have some perspective, serving the same purpose.

    Flashback – sports-bar Sat-Sun, 30-40-somethings wearing kids clothes & shoes, an unbecoming look unless you’re full Am-Black – even Jeets & Pedros look ridiculous in this stuff. Swilling the alcohol-equivalent of Purpa-Drank. Basically white-ghetto weekend, then get up with a hangover on Monday & do it again until MNF. Repeat until dead.

    Comfortably numb works for awhile, but that voice inside that says “more than this..” gets loud enough to pierce the bafflegab more often as you get older. Only the meaningful rage of awareness satisfies that hunger.

    Tune out, turn off, drop in – to real life. Yesterday is not soon enough.

  35. If you want to know how cucked Goodwhites are, look no further than the Rooney family and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
    They could not be any more flagrant in pushing poz and negrodolatry and the idiot yinzers in Pittsburgh still stuff money into their pockets which they then give to the people who hate white Steelers fans and what them dead.
    Even kneel-o-rama couldn’t break the conditioning.
    But what can you expect from a city that hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1933, and who re-elected (without opposition) Bill Peduto.

  36. Too many of us finance the enemy and/or giving them our head-space. I cut the cord in the early 2000s. I have a roof antenna, but almost never watch TV. You are right that after being away from it for a little while, it seems repulsive when you have a weak moment and try to go back. I would rather slit my wrist than cut a check to Comcast every month. I used to work in their main headquarters in the 90s and even then it was loaded with degenerates and freaks. I was placed there in their IT dept as an independent contractor. I had to work directly for a homosexual who talked endlessly about his homosexual conquests.
    The day Dear White People was announced, I cut my Netflix subscription. I only rarely watched reruns there anyway.
    The lack of decent entertainment is just one of many ways clownworld takes its toll.

  37. Z, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Try watching Nice White Lady shows like Heart of Dixie. The writers of that show must stare in amazement with what white women will put up with. It’s almost as though they’re trying to insult their intelligence and they keep lapping it up.

  38. I’ve not had TV service since summer of ’16, when I moved. I occasionally watch TV in hotel rooms in the evenings when I am traveling. The enanity that passes for programming these days makes clear I’m not missing anything by not having TV service. And yes, there are far too many ads on TV these days.

  39. Corporations and Ad men are evil. Once they sniffed hope and change in the air, they became whores to the new money masters, and so they easily ditched American values, mom and pop, and apple pie. For them, it is always the almighty dollar. They can just go flock themselves.

  40. Yes, television-based memetic reprogramming is pretty bad, and is disproportionately targeted at the few remaining robust males in our society, but by far the most insidious and destructive methodology of indoctrination is occurring via cell phone addiction. And it’s happening all over the planet, not just here in the USA. We are morphing into insect-like drones in real-time. As an example, the Harvard Yale football game was delayed by 48 minutes by hundreds of SJW climate change protesters.

  41. I cut the cord more than 30 years ago when my first son was little. It made me a different person. I no longer had my head filled with the subliminal and overt brainwashing of the boob tube. I stopped being conditioned to cheer for the heroes they told me to cheer for. It took a bit longer to experience the same break with conservative internet media — there were cracks even before Trump, but Trump blew the whole thing open. I realized more every day that the Shapiros and Goldbergs they sent to placate me were really my enemy. I don’t know if I would have realized it that readily if my head was still full of TV poz.

    I cheat a little. I did have occasional contact in hotel rooms on business, and I’ll watch shows on Netflix or Amazon, but it has mostly been an ad-free experience for all that time. I don’t know how anyone can stand them. They drove me crazy in hotel rooms. And even that — I haven’t watched a hotel room TV in probably 10 years or more.

    A few times I have found myself at the homes of working class people who have the TV on all. The. Time. Usually endless episodes of home flipping shows on HGTV or something like that. They stare at it like zombies and it is hard to hold a conversation *shudder*.

    I saw a series I wanted to watch on Amazon Prime last week and the first season was free with ads. The ads were excruciating. Not only dumb, but actually creepy and disturbing.

    Of course, the low IQ target on the shows is something I just grit my teeth over. The plot developments would seem dumb to an 8-year-old, I think (well, a 60s 8-year-old). Nothing is really clever. Every show seems to move the plot forward by having characters stupidly withholding information on the flimsiest of excuses from other characters when it would obviously be important and helpful to have them know. Don’t get me started (too late).

  42. Orwell got a few things wrong and a whole hell of a lot right. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” remains a perfect summation of the outlook of our oligarchic ruling class. “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” could easily serve as a slogan for today’s America. Finally, ideas such as newspeak, double think, and thought police are as relevant as ever in our thoroughly pozzed culture. Don’t underestimate Orwell — in numerous ways, he was a sage. P.S.: Huxley too was quite prescient, arguably more so than Orwell. Both were visionaries.

    • Most of Z’s elbows are thrown accurately and land hard. But that jab at Orwell was just ornery foolishness. What Orwell got right about language propaganda and conditioning makes what he got wrong (the wallpaper) beside the point.

  43. My few remaining elderly relatives who grew up in Mayberry will, when asked directly, say that way back, long before even the before times, there might have been a local bachelor or two who was viewed as ‘funny’ – but who were understood to be permanent members of the community nonetheless.

    Now enfeebled and stuck in front of a screen for all their waking hours, these old folks will, when asked directly, guess the homosexual population at around 25%, and already seem to think that whites are a minority.

  44. It’s been said that, according to advertisers, the average American family is an hispanic father, a black mother, and 3 gay Asian children. From what little TV I watch I’ve seen nothing contradicting that.

    I cut the cord about 15 years ago and don’t miss it; couldn’t tell you what’s on because I don’t watch it so I don’t see the ads for the shows. I like the DIY stuff, but I’ve noticed that – thinking of This Old House, etc. – it’s less on “how stuff is built” and more on “SJW heaven.” I figure it’ll piss me off enough in another season or two to stop watching it. I have occasionally DVRed some of the old Perry Mason late night reruns, but quickly get tired of 4 minutes of commercials out of every 10 and stop after half a dozen shows.

    I watch one sportsball game a week, whichever SEC game Gary Danielson is working because I like his detailed commentary, but even that’s starting to wear pretty thin; the NFL is now a monied black thug culture that I neither belong to nor desire to support, and college football has become a junior version.

    I’m concerned about the psych impact the constant stream of propaganda on TV has; where it ends up I have no clue, but it ain’t gonna be anyplace good.

  45. I had to hunt a bobcat taking our free range hens. Every day hidden on the verge of the hen run, from 2:00 pm until as late as 8:30 (twilight in late summer). As a consequence, I was away from any entertainment venues for that time, focused on the girls and waiting for my opportunity.

    After two months, I got the bastard. I shot him in the act of dragging off one of our older, more productive hens. But that is a different story altogether.

    I found, when I tried to return, that the talking heads were insufferable. We still watch a few shows. but not many. Most of that is pre-recorded so we can skip the incessant commercials.

      • haha i had a raccoon problem in a tony neighborhood (jewish i found out humorously after i bought in) in charleston sc. Some old lady had been feeding them for years and they were huge, numerous and lacked any fear of humans. Back then i lacked the sophistication i now possess. I was a sterotypical hillbilly. I shot one racoon in my carport but the law payed a visit and told me to knock it off. F’cking neighbor must have ratted me out. Anyways, resorted to turning over a red wagon with wooden sides and propping it up with stick in the carport. I used cat food as bait and ran a string tied to the stick to a window. Caught one the first night but hadn’t really thought it out beyond that. It was big and bucking the wagon around… and i guess i panicked a bit. Anyways i grabbed a baseball bat and beat it to death. Over the course of a summer i trapped 8 coons out of my carport, i shit you not. Started to smell metallic, like an abattoir. My elderly jewish neighbors started treating me with a strange new respect, but to their credit they didn’t rat me out again. Ahem, that was back in my drinking days.

    • You know they do make traps and snares Brother but yea there is a lot more things people could be doing with their time that is a whole lot better that watching the boob tube…

      • I have a trap. It is considerably more difficult to trap a bobcat in a rural setting than it would appear. I lost 25 hens to this animal over just over two years. My neighbor, about a half-mile from the house told us they had lost 83 hens over a similar period.

        I have been a hunter and/or protector for almost 50 of my 64 years. I will say that this was the single most satisfying shot I have ever taken in my life. At least two pellets (#4 buck) entered the animal’s brain pan and it was an almost immediate death. Keeled over, two kicks, immobility.

        I came to love the afternoon and transition to evening. I am surrounded by forested hills and listening to the animals go to roost and wind down for the day came to be more satisfying than I ever would have imagined. In the three months since I made the shot, the girls have been molested once by a stray dog. I “did the needful” and that particular animal will not bother my hens again. I don’t get the mentality of some dog owners that leaving their unwanted animals in my valley is wise.

        • All animals have habits finding out those habits is the key to trapping… Sometimes it pays to call an expert or if it’s a reoccurring problem to learn it yourself…

  46. The problem with handegg, baseball and, to a large extent, basketball, is that only Americans play it. This means you don’t get to have a meaningful national team so, at all the important games, fans wave corporate colors rather than national ones. This is what football looks like in Poland:


    Also, handegg is gay. I mean, what’s with the spandex? It’s like watching a gang bang at a turtle fetish party.

    • >>>Also, handegg is gay. I mean, what’s with the spandex? It’s like watching a gang bang at a turtle fetish party.<<<

      Now Women’s Volleyball on the other hand makes for excellent television…

      • That’s why you watch European club soccer. A better game played by better athletes. Of course provincial rubes will cackle and hoot at that, but that’s how those types roll.

      • > girls and pussies

        Had a couple of white yanks turn up in one of my stores in Yokohama this past weekend. Tourists who wanted to rent bicycles (don’t offer that service, but directed them to a guy who does) Allegedly they were a married couple, but the “dude” had a lower T count than his lardass of a wife. What’s worse, they looked like they could’ve been brother/sister. There’s a certain homogeneity to unhealthy people I can’t put my finger on, but it used to be infrequent with gaijin visiting nippon. Nowadays it’s almost the given.

  47. Avoiding ads us the best investment I’ve made. Brave has built in ad-blocker, YouTube has a subscription fee and so do other video services.

  48. The race-mixing, homosexuality, and degeneracy in commercials convinced me that the free market defenders are wrong when they say that the market delivers what most people want.

    Large corporations will leave money on the table in favor of reshaping society. This is one more example of how libertarians are entranced by a mental model that doesn’t apply to our world.

    • Show me on the doll where all of these corporations you’re referring to are 100% being funded by the government (and therefore your tax dollars)….. and then maybe you’ll have a point.

      But until that day – the corporations stay in business by giving somebody what they want – otherwise they don’t get paid. Just because it’s not what you want – is irrelevant. I think Dodge trucks are pieces of junk. But decade after decade they just keep producing them and people keep buying them.

      It’s not a free market problem – it’s a stupid consumer problem, or probably more accurately these days: An I don’t give a shit consumer problem.

      Figure out why so many people are willing to put up with so much abuse and you’ll be able to change the world. Until that time – the free market proponents are correct.

      • You’re a good guy, Carlsdad, but you sound exactly like my husband re muh market and muh capitalism. You really need to rethink your economics.

        • Government run economies and economics simply don’t work. I see a bunch of people in this tread pissing and moaning about corporations – but they can’t seem to admit that corporations ALL OF THEM – are relatively easy to eliminate – just stop buying their shit. That’s something you simply cannot do with any level of government. Go try telling your town “you don’t plow my road, I don’t use your schools, and I my house is built out of stone so I don’t need your fire department – therefore I’m not paying my property taxes”.

          And then let me know what happens.

          Not getting exposed to corporations is VERY easy. Stop searching thru Google. Stop buying shit from Amazon. Don’t post stuff on Twitter. If you don’t like the liberal agenda of the Ford Foundation – stop buying Ford vehicles – etc.

          Your options to oppose corporations are a multiple. Your options to oppose governmental power are almost nil.

          When I see people who refuse to admit this – all I can think of is that what’s really going on here is just the next iteration of Conservative Inc. – with a new line of bullshit to peddle to the masses – this time in TOTAL deference to government power.

          No thanks. My economics are just fine.

      • You’re both correct.

        LTSs complaint was about commercials being propaganda, and probably turning off more people as a result than the number of new customers they create.

        You are correct that a business is selling what a customer wants. In this specific case it is the ad agency selling what the marketing buyer or ceo wants – a reinforcement of his own moral superiority. The potential customers the ads are ostensibly aimed at are a third or fourth level consideration at best.

        • And you can always turn off the commercials.

          Try telling the local school that you don’t want your 3rd grader watching the school mandated “educational video” about transgenderism and homosexuality – emcee’d by a drag queen.

          And then get back to me about how the police visit with the Child Services representative worked out for you.

          I just can’t take anybody who bitches about corporatism – without acknowledging that at it’s base there is government power FORCING the issue – seriously. Quite frankly I think they’re either trolls, fifth columnists – or just plain morons.

          • IMO both you and “they” are buying into homo economics to too great a degree.

            The corporations are neither good not bad. They’re tools. Wielded by executives. Who can realistically be categorized as a class of people in the same vein as national pols and their media propagandists. Theoretically that doesn’t matter because the executives are driven by the necessity of maximizing shareholders economic value. But As they say, in theory theory and practice are the same in practice they are not.

            I do agree that the easy solution is to turned the damned boxes off. Works at the individual level – not so much at the societal level.

    • Of course corporations go out of their way to shape our tastes and values. They have to in order to sell us shit we don’t need.

      They most assuredly do not give us what we want but what they are selling. Why do you think PR/Advertising is a $200 billion a year industry.

      Take Apple, Jobs created a cult following around vastly over priced products made by Chinese slave labor in a country no better than North Korea. A true triumph of bullshit and marketing.

      Nike is no different. They convinced people that tennis shoes that cost them $5.00 a pair to make by 3rd world peasants are worth $100-200.00 a pair.

      Take designer clothes. Simply slapping a designer label on sweat shop made clothes allows a company to ass rape the consumer. All thanks to slick marketing.

    • Government-Corporate “libertarianism” was invented to diffuse the nationalist sentiments of 1910 libertarians, of Tenth Amendment libertarians, the same as Buckley Conservatism was.

      A corporation is a fictional legal entity, same as a government agency is. Neither are born citizens.

      And unfortunately, this proves Sand to be correct: “a mental model that doesn’t apply to our world.”

    • LineInTheSand: Very true. There have been numerous dissident right posts illustrating this – lost revenue on movies or t.v or books that have been pozzed. The point is (((they))) have enough money that pushing their messages of degeneracy and defeatism are far more important than adding a few more shekels. Sure, there will always be people who will watch whatever they’re pushing, but that passive acceptance is not the same as active consumer demand.

    • I wonder if there are two reasons for these types of commercials: 1) Appealing to upper middle class and wealthy suburbanites who consume a lot and are socially liberal 2) Gain favor with the rabid left to keep them off their backs

  49. No white person should be watching a game played by a bunch of negro multi-millionaires who openly despised white people

      • I’m another rugby guy. Played a bit and then refereed a bit more. Can’t quit watching, even as the game has become pozzed.

        For the recent World Cup, Australia had to leave one of their stars at home because he believes what the Bible says about homosexual behavior.

        I got to thinking. Sports are having to go farther and farther to prove they aren’t tainted by association with all of their straight, white male fans.

        What next? Players engaging in intercourse at halftime? Maybe at some future Big Game President Butt-plug could spit out the first load.

      • Yes. And once you start adding chores to your life (e.g. gardening, food preservation, livestock management, wood splitting … and don’t forget reloading!) there’s no time left for the nonsense.

    • That works for me Whitey. I was sitting in my Club on a Sunday watching a game with some of the members in 1999 when it dawned on me I was patronizing a gaggle of anti American, anti white multimillionaire blacks playing a kids game for a bunch of Billionaire Jewish owners who also hate my guts and that was the end for me. I no longer go to taverns during games. ANY games. Even the beer ads have become offensive to me.

  50. Since we’re on the topic of sports, I’m surprised the Don Cherry incident didn’t get more attention in the Dissident Right.

    Old White Man (not even a Boomer, a Silent Generation!) notices something plainly truthful and obvious about 3rd World Hordes, followed by Yids flipping lids.

    10 years from now, there will be more than a few Canadians saying that this was the moment they were Redpilled.

    • Yep. But with the mouth Don has – you know it had to happen eventually. I think the reason it blew over so fast was just as our blog host says – people have become used to seeing Whitey humiliated or demonized by the Usual Suspects, and just accepted Don as yet another sacrifice to Diversity. We are next, let there be no doubt.

      I personally cannot boycott the mainstream any more than I already am. I went to getting my entertainment from Netflix (I can filter out most of the poz with it – the second I see propaganda or morality plays I just go back to browsing) and YidTube. Although YT is now compromised too. Often I can’t skip the ads fast enough.

      The thing you have to keep in mind as dissidents – is that this crap isn’t aimed at you. It’s aimed at your kids. For the love of God and your children… you need to cut the cord for them as well.

    • Once we liberate everything west of Ontario and east of Vancouver, we will outlaw the Dixie Cup and in its place establish the Cherry Bowl.

      • Yep. As long as we are in Confederation with liars and cheaters, nothing will change. It is time to call some bluffs and see how stupid they want to get out east.

    • I saw it as a red pill as well. The more icons they smash, the more people start Noticing. Mess with a man’s last creature-comfort and quite a few will bite back.

      For American White-collar dudes, it’s going to be golf. When they turn the scolding Black sports-broads loose on golf full blast, our ranks are going to swell. Yass, Slay Qwainz

    • I was not even remotely surprised about the Don Cherry incident. I’ve had to sit through the last few years worth of Canadian New Years, 150 celebrations, etc and the only takeaway I get is Canada’s official state religion has become “all diversity, all the time”. It’s pathological.

  51. ” If a space alien tried to understand America based on television, its conclusion would be that we are ruled by frizzy-haired mulatto lesbians and homosexuals. Their main task is keeping the simple-minded, almost retarded, white males under control. The TV ad world is the complete opposite of reality and any possible reality.”

    Is it though? I sometimes we on the right do not talk to people outside of our bubble. I have an effort to and most non-whites ARE exasperated with the entitlement and poor behavior of white males. They DO feel like they have to spend an inordinate amount of time corralling and policing our worse instincts. To completely discount there truth is dishonest and no better than liberals shutting us down.

    • “They DO feel like they have to spend an inordinate amount of time corralling and policing our worse instincts.” For example?

      • 1. inability to curtail gun acquisition

        2. non-support for hate speech laws

        3. not treating people with respect

        4. harassing women

        5. not supporting impeachment

        6. historical ignorance

          • Some So Cal gun ranges are like a John Ford Apache movie. Mexicans can be such fools at the gun range that they had to shut it down for a while and lay down the rules. White guys are up there acting sensibly and thinking as they shoot. Some of the Mexicans are careless and downright dangerous. That report was given to my by LAPD personnel.

        • What’s the problem with gun acquisition – when the vast majority of guns acquired by whites never kill anybody?

          The problem is acquisition of guns by blacks. Because those guns seem to inevitably end up being used in a murder.

          It’s like that video on jewtube where somebody hands an AK to chimpanzee – you know something bad is going to happen.

          It’s also historical fact that gun control in this country has largely been driven by the urge to keep guns out of the hands of blacks (because they keep doing bad things with them).

          Any truly historically informed gun owner I’ve ever talked to in the US, understands these facts.

          The truth of the matter is that gun owners in this country would have been far better off if Lincoln had done what he said he was going to do – and had sent all the slaves back to where they came from.

          Because then they couldn’t have been used as a political cudgel to constantly beat whites about the head for shit they didn’t do.

          Plus our murder rate would be so much lower.

          • “You gotta understand…”

            You gotta understand the blacks haven’t had access to proper society (i.e., no parenting) and are economically under privileged (i.e. prefer tax-payer-funded welfare to working) and don’t have access to the same kind of socio-educational advantages that whites have (i.e., prefer smoking blunts, skipping school, drug dealing, dancing, robbing, having sex with multiple partners over learning, developing and bettering themselves to be productive citizens). You gotta understand, hand outstretched, “Now pay me or I’m coming after you evil whites.” (They’re coming after whites anyway.)

          • ” this country would have been far better off if Lincoln had done what he said he was going to do – and had sent all the slaves back to where they came from.”

            Undoubtedly one of the reasons that he was assassinated. That and his opposition to the draconian Reconstruction plans to disenfranchise Southern whites and destroy them economically (among others, I’m sure, but those I’m familiar with).

            Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not a fan of the man, but he had some very good views also, and that was not to be allowed.

    • And exactly what “worse instincts” are those that need corralling and policing?

      Last time I checked there isn’t a SINGLE city in this entire country that has an astronomical murder rate – courtesy of white males.

      It’s not the white males that are smacking people in the head with a loose helmet during football games.

      It’s not white males that are dreaming up pathetic racial attacks in the dead of winter – and would just sit back if somebody actually got (falsely) accused by the police for said attack.

      If you’re going to make the accusation – back it up.

      I think it also bears pointing out that this country was built by white males – the POC are INTERLOPERS. If they didn’t like the way we were running the place – why the hell did they come here ?

      I can tell you that there’s no way in hell I’m moving myself or my family to the Congo. I don’t like the way they run the place. And I’m pretty sure that if I did actually go there – and started mouthing off about the black males are running the place – you’d find my body parts being sold in a roadside stand as bushmeat.

      Who here is REALLY living in the bubble?

      • Taking each in turn, i will try to respond as a progressive:

        1. the murder rate is a flawed statistic but assuming it is true it is caused by systemic abuse done to non-white. You guys need to see Watchmen on HBO, as it explains how white racists use movies to tell Blacks to kill other Blacks

        2. Mason Rudolph attacked Myles Garrett

        3. read white fragility by Diangelo. Most interracial attacks are done by whites to non-whites. Look at Charlottesville

        4. The country was built by Black slave labor and stolen from Indigenous Peoples

        5. You DO live in bubble. DO you know that whites committed colonailsm, genocide, and slavery. Even if you don’t, non-whites do and are committed to righting past wrongs

        • The murder rate is not a flawed statistic. Everybody knows that the majority of murders in this country are black on black – and it happens in black run cities. Everybody knows this – even the blacks. Every now and then even some of the blacks admit to it – and then they’re browbeaten by the “whitey made me do it” crowd into shutting the hell up.

          If the white racists are telling blacks to kill blacks – then they really need to up their game. Because they don’t seem to be making a dent. If blacks are so easy to manipulate – how come we can’t get them off welfare and supporting their own asses?

          I’ll believe you that whites are manipulating blacks into murdering each other – when there’s a few extra zeros added to the end of the number.

          The assertion that most interracial attacks are white on black is another bit of comedy. This stuff has been documented extensively – and blacks are responsible for the vast majority of interracial crime. If they’re not attacking whites, they’re attacking other POC like Asians and Hispanics.

          What exactly did black slaves build in this country? Please be specific. What – maybe a few buildings and some roads here and there? That’s not the whole country. Black slaves were largely used as agricultural implements. And just because some slave picked the cotton used to make a pair of coveralls back in 1850 – doesn’t mean the rest of use have to keep paying for that pair of coveralls. The slave is dead – and the clothing has long since been buried and rotted away in the ground – after it served it’s useful life of 5 years or so.

          The whole “built the country” claim is probably the most comical claim that the blacks have in this country. So your great great great grandfather chopped some trees and built a road? IT DOESN’T MATTER. As a practical point in the current day – he didn’t build a damn thing . The road has either been regraded and repaved by dozens if not hundreds of men in the succeeding years (most likely white men) – or it’s been reclaimed by nature and simply doesn’t exist any more.

          I live in New England. Blacks didn’t build jack shit up here. It was all built by white men.

          If blacks built America – how come Detroit and Baltimore are such falling down shitholes? Seems like the evidence is against you.
          Maybe blacks can only build things when there’s a white man around to show them what to do?

          I don’t see any pyramids here in North America. Which are one of the few man made things on the face of the planet that lasted thru the centuries. Most human labor has a definite shelf life. Your cotton picking ancestor’s labor was expended on clothes that are long since rotted away. Their labor is GONE. Their progeny deserve NOTHING. Your other ancestor’s labor MIGHT HAVE BEEN expended building some roads – the roads are either washed away , consumed by mother nature – or have been built and rebuilt so many times over the years the original labor that built them is just a footnote in the lifespan of that road.

          White people took slaves because they didn’t want to spend their lives stooped over in a field picking cotton. Your ancestors who ended up here were the stupid and slow ones who got caught and shipped over.

          I encourage your obvious ignorance of real history – as well as your bad arguments however. It makes my job of convincing my fellow whites to stop cucking themselves and apologizing for shit they didn’t do so much easier .

          • White men never would have made it to the moon without the help of the black wahmen mathmeticians.


        • “Most interracial attacks are done by whites to non-whites.”
          Hahaha! You’re not just “taking the piss” but rather mainlining it by the gallon, aren’t you?

          And so far as the Watchmen TV show goes:
          “A show that might as well be called “Law and Order: Social Justice Unit.”

          Yes, yes. I know about feeding the troll, but this one is so adorably bumbling. For values of “adorable”.

          • Huh?

            Watchmen is HUGELY popular. ONly Game of Thrones beats it.

            As far as crime goes: please read Nikole Hannah Jones. She explains how segregation and white racism pretty much forces People of Colour to use extra-legal means and violence to seek redress in a brutal white suprmacist power structure.

          • Black man defending himself in court for shooting up a neighborhood house full of children (black children) – and killing two of them:

            ” I was seeking redress against the white power structure!!”.

            Black jurors agree and let him off.

            Next week he shoots up the neighborhood again – and kills a sister of one of the jurors.

            ” I was seeking redress against the white power structure!!”.

            Black jurors again let him off – because whitey.

            One month later he murders the mother of one of his illegitimate kids (that he never supports).

            ” I was seeking redress against the white power structure!!”

            This time there’s a jury pool with some white people on it – and he goes to jail.

            The black neighborhood riots – because the white power structure has been oppressin’ the black man and sent him to jail unjustly. Half the neighborhood burns – including the Safeway.

            Safeway wisely decides to (finally) give up because rebuilding the store just isn’t cost effective – especially given the massive overhead they previously had due to theft and security costs.

            Neighborhood riots again because now the white power structure (Safeway) is trying to starve them out.

            Meanwhile the remaining whites located anywhere near this neighborhood are quickly making plans to bug out to the suburbs. Once they’re gone – blacks start filling the political positions in the city.

            Ah yes – I understand now.

            It’s the white power structure that caused all of this.


          • Well, at least the unjustly oppressed Halloween Airbnb Five were released, since the Contra Costa DA refused to press charges.

            Remember, those black guys who shot up a black Airbnb party? A classic case of inherited slavery PTSD.

          • It’s a disgusting, depraved show. Unwatchable. Very much reflecting modern-day sick USA. Gratuitous killing and fantasy black virtue.

        • 1. Soon, blacks will kill only white men thanks to Soros and the Left with their preoccupation with judges and prosecutors. Do you want that? If you can’t focus on history and how politics causes effects, then you have not thought it through.
          4. I think you would get a lot of blowback from Italians and Irish on that statement.
          5. African colonialism? They didn’t know what the wheel was used for until whites came to Africa. And blacks have committed genocide on their own race in Africa and captured their own to sell them into slavery.

          • Because it amuses me – and because if you noticed – he shut the hell up after somebody countered his bullshit.

  52. The Saker had an article recently where he briefly observed that commercials are the main form of empire propaganda in Russia.

  53. Apropos Z Man’s comments about all the commercial breaks during football games, I had the same experience years ago, but in reverse. In the seventies my dad used to a set of NFL tickets about once a year through his office, and we could go. Then he retired.

    Sometime in the mid/late eighties, my brother and I got a set of tickets to a game, so we went. I was taken aback by all the standing around — for minutes at at time — during the game. Of course, it quickly became apparent that it was all for the commercial breaks. At that point it became comical. What was supposed to be this exercise in manly courage seemed more like a vehicle for next product advertisement. I started singing the jingles to familiar commercials during these breaks.

    I guess people get used to it, but it all seemed so bizarre. I took my son to two games in the aughts when he was a boy, but otherwise, that experience is not for me.

    • If you add up the actual gameplay in an NFL game, it is less than 11 minutes. That means 169 minutes of 1) commercials and 2) analysis of the 11 minutes by former players.

  54. I have convinced older family members to cut the cord. I am not sure about your prediction of a revolution of any sort because of that.

    My brother had to keep his wife happy, so they purchase Sling tv, over the air antennae with HD digital recorder and a few paid apps on Roku. They are just getting it in a different dose. From heroin to methadone.

  55. I cancelled cable in 1999 and never regretted it. My family did have cable TV outside of the United States, but there are some good programs on French TV and the commercials are not as frequent or as proselytizing for degeneracy. Last year I watched some football and Jeopardy with my 90-year old father and found precisely the situation that Z-man describes. I’m leaving the U.S. in January but I cannot imagine the circumstances under which I would get cable or satellite TV.

      • Yes. My wife is French and we lived in Europe from 2011 until 2018. We moved back in 2018 but now we’re leaving again. Except for family visits I do not plan to return to the U.S. “America–love it or leave it.” I’ve made my choice.

        • I know how you feel. My wife is Canadian, and while it’s not that much different from the US (at least Western Canada), we’ll probably be moving up there soon. It’s not that they are better off (they certainly aren’t), it’s that I just can’t stand seeing my own country go through its rapid decent.

  56. I would encourage everyone reading this to cancel all their cable and streaming TV services. Hit our enemies where it really counts: in their wallets.

    If everyone on the right cancelled their TV service, these folks would lose enough revenue to take notice. I don’t imagine they’d start creating content again that would appeal to us, but at least it would be a small step towards “not financing our own destruction.”

      • I’d have to say your right Carl even Christians let that abomination in their home and will justify it to you on how much they need it or they will say they never watch it anyway and when I ask them why keep paying for it they will usually blame it on the wife or kids needing it…The thing is I will then have my wife ask their wife about why they have it and she will blame her husband for having it😂

    • I love the thought. It would be a double whammy because they would not only lose viewership, they would lose their best advertising demographic. Ad revenues would go down twice as much for every cancellation.

  57. Another thought, somewhat related, is the fact that TVs are no longer a passive device … they transmit. The problem is compounded when we add phones, Alexa, and “smart” appliances and utility meters. No sense in grumbling about governmental pervasiveness when we voluntarily welcome corporate snooping. This is definitely trending down Huxley’s path.

  58. I too find it difficult to watch football – college or pro. I have to have the remote in my hand and regularly switch to another game during the constant time outs.

    I did watch a lot of World Cup rugby and now I’m watching the European League playoffs whenever they are on. (I played back in my younger days) Much more entertaining to watch since there are far fewer timeouts, the action only stops when the ball goes out of bounds or there is a penalty. The players’ uniforms are NASCAR-like advertising billboards, but fewer commercials.

  59. I used to be addicted to watching Fox News in the morning while I exercised. Then I decided to cut the cord when Direct TV jacked the rates up again and I switched to podcasts. Now when I happen to see Fox News I find myself involuntarily yelling at the TV. It is so incredibly lame, with really lame talking heads all saying same stuff that is completely beside the point. The advertisement for the fat, black, childless lady who apparently is able to consume her home, clothes, art and job all courtesy of some sort of nonsense named AIDS drug is particularly bizarre. The spell has certainly been broken for me.

    • The great thing about cord-cutting and ignoring cable news in favor of podcasts is that your opinions get more conversational and nuanced as opposed to narrative-molded or poll-approved. (Everyone knows the Fox News Uncle who spews the most predictable “muh war on Christmas” nonsense.) I’ve borrowed quips and BTFOs from the assortment of pods I listen to, and I’m able to thunderstrike a shitlib from time to time.

  60. The political shows on TV are fascinating in their terribleness–crude morality plays that need to be intelligible for people with a double-digit IQ:

    Bad man did bad thing today. But how bad is it? Let’s ask famous Harvard Professor Goodieberg about it.

    Goodieberg: Oh, it bad, very bad. These people bad. Bad people like this no place in society.

    The plot twist to this post, and I hate to say it, is: we also have to develop versions of our own arguments for all IQ levels.

    We have to have “us good them bad” talking points for all common issues.

    What justifies it in our case is that, when we say it, it’s true 🙂

  61. I pulled this off the Radio Albion web site:

    “Anyone feeling incited to hatred should stop and remember that we only have ourselves to blame for the predicament that our race is in, and that the only area where we have the power to make positive changes to improve that situation, is in our own individual lives and in the lives of those around us. Acts of violence are entirely counter-productive to our cause and we strongly condemn any that are associated with Nationalism.”

    • >we only have ourselves to blame

      We’re not going to get very far with this sort of nonsense. This is the kind of thing people who are still in the libertarian mindset say. Blaming oneself and shelving the use of violent force as an option is to lose before you even begin to struggle.

      We were betrayed by our own elite and targeted by an alien one. Whatever our own faults and shortcomings (of which there are plenty) these were ruthlessly exploited by the parents and grandparents of the people now filling our screens with sodomites and mulattas.

      Acts of entirely senseless violence are counterproductive. And any other kind must for the time being be condemned. But this will change, and when it does, we have to be at least mentally if not physically prepared for it, depending on one’s circumstances.

    • Amusing. These people think that playing Mr. Nice guy will protect them from the ruling class even though they are nationalists is plain silly. The ruling class wants us dead and gone and no amount of rolling on our back in supplication will appease these f**kers.

      I’m not advocating violence but these clowns don’t get it, if you’re a WN that’s all it takes to get on the bad people list.

  62. We pulled the plug on TV more than 20 year ago, when our first child was born. I’ve only watched it during college football season, and yes, what has struck me most are the incessant and ludicrous commercials; Cars or car insurance, Big Pharma ads, and of course, mixed or gay couples playing house. Corporate America assumes viewers of college football games either have one foot in a nursing home, or belong to the Psychosphere of Progressive Clown World. Talk about missing your target demographic! It’s about as effective as running anti-gun ads during a televised NASCAR event, or pitching Afro-sheen during championship bowling in Salt Lake City. Televised modern-day marketing appears clueless.

    • “Talk about missing your target demographic!”

      I used to think that also. Now I believe that it is deliberate. The purpose of these ads is NOT to sell to you. These ads are an in your face to make you feel that you are isolated, out-of-touch, strange, and unwanted.

  63. There must be a plantation of mixed surrogates in California spawning all the females in commercials since they are light caramel skinned, white featured, young pretty-faced mulatto’s with that frizzy/puffy hair (I’m told that is called a “comb-out” since that is what occurs when the braids are combed out of negro hair).

    And about 70% of ad actors are black, mostly female especially the portrayals of doctors, teachers, lawyers, and scientists. And as Sleepy pointed out they all live in beautiful million or more dollar homes. No ghetto blacks here. No fat ugly angry black women either.

    Almost every new show on regular TV features a black star, again usually a female, good looking and smarter than every white ever born. The men are either complete idiots if the’re white, or evil abusive bastards. If they’re black they are wise beyond their years, professionals and all have white or Asian female interests. The mixing is ridiculous. There are more mixed couples portrayed on TV than exist in America (sarc.).

    The message isn’t subtle, it’s blatant. If one wants a career in acting in 21st century America one needs to be anything but a white male.

    • LOL, now that you mention it, I’ve never actually encountered one of those caramel frizzpuff black beauties in my whole life, despite TV making it look like they should be everywhere.

      Maybe she is the mythical black unicorn: the open-minded black voter just waiting for the right arguments to come over to our side!


      • I had one hit on me at a Huey Lewis concert sponsored by a tech convention I was at in Boston. She was charming and interested until she found out I wasn’t an executive, lol! Weirdly, she specifically mentioned to me that she was mulatto — twice. Like it was supposed to be significant.

    • Slightly off topic: When black chicks have blonde hair – is that “cultural appropriation” ?

      I’ve been wondering that ever since I saw a bunch of blacks getting all pissed off over some white guy who had dreadlocks.

      Back to your normally scheduled programming……………….

      • I don’t know about appropriation, but it looks ridiculous. Ladies, unless you are castizo-light-skinned or straight up white, don’t try this. I know Italian and Spanish (actual) chicks who can’t pull this off. Blonde hair with dark skin looks about as natural as green or purple hair.

      • A favorite TV line:

        (Whoopi Goldberg, staring hungrily at Fabio)
        “So… how do you feel about blond-haired black children?”

    • “…they are light caramel skinned, white featured, young pretty-faced mulatto’s with that frizzy/puffy hair”

      As our host said, the ads are fantasies for the white people making them. That holds for their fellow travelers in the audience, too.

      The black women in ads so frequently have this appearance because that is how the white progressive woman imagines her ideal black friend.

    • I remember not long ago when National Geographic, Time, and the rest had a hardon for the future browning of America. Their graphics and photo collages Probably base on AI “predicted” that everyone would look pretty much like those fuzzy headed cafe con leche types that are doing all the print and tv ad work.

      It is no accident. Z is right about the white guilt. Especially white women (shoppers). They get all tingles over these mulatto women. Makes them feel woke and cosmopolitan.

      But there Is also the propaganda of softening whites toward accepting out minority status and the righteousness of admixing us into the global color of choice.

      Oprah was early on this stuff. Made her bank.

    • An 11 AM update: I was just solicited via email by my favorite local restaurant, Ruth’s Chris Steak House to a Holiday at their bar celebration. The accompanying photo was of two couples, one white and the other a white guy and a Frizzy haired, cute light skinned AA female. Et tu, Ruth, Et tu?

    • A plantation does help explain the phenomenon. In a plantation system, the people running it would be better able to explain and educate the surrogates on the mysteries of white culture.

    • “Blue Bloods” is one of the few shows that promote traditional values (family prays together at Sunday dinner.) There were things I liked about “This is Us’. The dad is a Vietnam vet who saves his family from a fire and then dies saving the family dog. The adopted black child being the smartest and most stable of the “triplets” was a stretch, but hey they got lucky and won the gene lottery. Now the 13 year old granddaughter decides she’s gay and parents and extended family are all fine with it. Time to watch the old “Blue Bloods” and “Office” reruns again.

  64. When I see members of my family huddled around the TV on Sundays I just shake my head and walk by because I know I’ll never be able to convince them of what they’re really doing to themselves.
    I haven’t watched TV in years and I avoid visiting establishments that display TVs. I’ve more-or-less reprogrammed myself to instinctively avert my eyes whenever I see a large screen. There’s a weird sense of fear/disgust when I turn my head and suddenly realize there’s a turned-on television in my line of sight, like my soul is going to be sucked out or something. It’s honestly not a bad defense mechanism to have considering how hard the media class is trying to propagandize everyone.

    But since all there really is to do in flyoversuburbville, and all most average chuds do, is go to bars or restaurants and watch tv, I don’t really leave the house anymore except to go grocery shopping or take a hike by myself. I can’t relate to anyone around me, even the Whites, because it seems that all people connect over these days is whatever latest media they’ve consumed. Even the church I used to go to has a giant monitor next to the pulpit now. I never could’ve imagined the kind of isolation I’d bring just by cutting myself out the pozzed entertainment loop, but here I am.

    • Might be time to move to a different area…It’s a needed thing to be around people that are like minded that you can fellowship with…

    • You will get used to it, Kindola. I adjusted by diving into my Bible and focusing on self improvement. At my age it is kind of late, but the social vacuum out here is no worse that that inside the hive, truth be told. And – it’s far more healthy if you make the effort to make it so. Getting off the couch and hiking beats sitting on it and drinking beer and eating potato chips.

      Don’t be afraid to look around for a new church either. There are plenty of others that see what is going on and are actively rejecting it as we do.

    • Glad you don’t watch TV but not leaving the house is not healthy either… find a hobby or do some volunteering

    • Kindola. You are not alone, but indeed in the minority.

      Watching my parents, and now just my mom, commit slow suicide by TV and lethargy, was a big motivator in my own cord cutting and rejection of the culture at-large.

      Even business. I have also stepped away from mainstream biz bit when I do get pulled in I can’t believe how faggy and banal it is.

      When I first started my career in the mod ‘90’s PC was a big thing but it was more like looking out for the cops while you drank by the river.

      We talked about work stuff and getting laid. Talked shit about the competition. The usual stuff. A lot like my old locker room in college.

      Now the young guys are talking about Taylor Swift, some gay TV show, and food. Their business chatter is about their plight to network or build their personal brand. Its cringe inducing.

      Dont even get me started on the broads. They are either bitter ball busters or basically instagram cam whores with business cards.

      There are exceptions, of course. And those are the ones I gravitate toward. Then I mine them for the secrets they possess: how they are not full pozz.

      Not surprisingly it is intact families, good relationship with father, and some kind of hobby or other time consuming thing that takes them away from the culture for chunks of time.

      So keep up the good fight, engage in those things that matter to your values, and take up hobbies that operate outside the rot.

      You will find your people again. Still hurts to leave loved ones behind but have faith that they too will find their way – or some kind of peace, when the time is right for them.

      If not, well cancer takes a lot of good people too. Savor the good moments and file away the rest as motivation to build the good life for yourself and those who you invite into what you have built.

      • When you can enjoy the quiet outdoors, all by yourself, you have hit that “as good as it gets” zone. You have to train yourself to do it.

        I suspect hunters and fishermen get that, too. They are just framing and justifying the moments with the quest.

        • “They are just framing and justifying the moments with the quest.”

          I realized that about my “bird photography” a few years back. It was mainly an excuse to kit up and go walk in the woods – or wherever – for a few hours. (And, admittedly, to buy gear I don’t really need.) Makes it easier to explain what you’re about as well. “I decided to sit by the seashore, in sub-freezing weather and 20 mph winds, to watch the birds and the waves for four hours” comes across as plain weird to most people, but “I was out photographing seabirds” for some reason seems less weird.

          Having the constitution and inclination to enjoy the quiet is a blessing and gift. On long drives at night the Pretty Korean Girl has a tendency to fall asleep. She always says, “I feel bad for not keeping you company. Go ahead and turn on the radio.” Which I never do. “Don’t you get bored?” It’s hard to explain, so I just tell her “I’m not bored; I’m working on my Enemies List.”

          • I used to enjoy the 7-8 hour drive to and from college as a time to think and be by myself, no radio necessary. If I listen to music it’s because I want to actually listen, not because I need background noise. I grew up with non-stop music (my father’s symphonies or opera) and I just prefer the absence of noise. That’s one of the things I loved about scuba – the peace and quiet beneath the waves.

        • Dutch: can confirm re: hunters & fishermen. That’s when I do a lot of Big Think. There’s an atavistic energy to being “on the prowl for lunch” that engages parts of the mind where Wild Things Dwell and opens you to true mystical experience.


          ST: I know the Insty-thot Career Gurls all too well. Like the Bugmen working on their “brand,” I shudder at the lack of inner life these people seem to have. I have plenty of buddies who you could uncharitably call “shallow,” but they’re whole people, not soulless NPC’s. You can tell the difference on a gut, animal level – a kind of repellent shallow “un-life.”

  65. For me, the really unacceptable part is the invasiveness. A TV is like having a huge Globohomo Orchestra in your living room. I don’t want these scummy people or their garbage in my house. Don’t even have a TV now.

    (Not to mention the giant HD TV’s that people have now: it just makes it all the more lurid.)

    • Now I just get classic movies and TV shows I think are worth watching via torrents. I’m not giving companies that hate me one single cent.

    • When I go to the gym, they have a wall of tvs blaring the usual nonsense. I put in my earbuds and focus on what I am doing

    • I was doing some shopping at the walmart, another rare occurrence, and saw a young-ish couple wheeling out their giant tv.

      They didn’t even look particularly excited. The same kind of face I see on those people leaving the liquor store down the street with a handle of bottom shelf on a tuesday afternoon.

      Something about seeing a couple with a big tv just makes me kind of sad for them.

      • Something about seeing a couple with a big tv just makes me kind of sad for them.
        Amen on that because it tends to isolate them as well as rot their brain…Which is what they want us to be isolated and dumb down so we don’t or can’t resist being slaughtered…It damn hard though to get people to release their chains and actually do something about their slavery instead of just being resigned to it…Also getting real tired of those who sit there and tell us that we can’t escape so don’t even try or the guards might get angry and beat us more…

    • They’re already in your phones, on your computers, and suggesting content to you based on your personal tastes. They are manipulating you both overtly and insidiously, and it’s only going to get worse.

  66. I still watch, but only pre-recorded stuff, including football games. The commercials are unbearable.

    Reruns of The Office, especially the early seasons, are surprisingly good. The show lampoons early 2000’s PC culture. It even has a lazy black guy and a woman who is the target of fat jokes. The most compelling story line is whether the young white salesman and young white female receptionist will ever get together.

    Can you imagine how pozzed “Office: The Reboot” would be?

    • Hi Shrugger, I am new here – this is only my second comment. I’ve noted quite a few uses of “poz” or its various forms, by multiple people. Urban Dictionary says it means “HIV positive”, but that doesn’t work in any of the contexts. Can you (or someone) give me the meaning?

  67. I pulled the plug when we first moved to AK in the 90s. It was a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason … cable TV was too expensive so we dropped it. When we came back to CONUS we opted to reconnect the cable box and were shocked by the inanity. The 2-year fast had changed us, so we disconnected cable and never went back. It’s the best thing we ever did for our children.

    Television is a sociological tool – a propaganda tool. Their main task is keeping the simple-minded, almost retarded, white males under control. And it works supremely well. There are a lot of whites with their knickers wadded up about Chik-Fil-A’s capitulation to faggotry … and then they go back to watch tee-vee shows replete with buggery and the normalization of family dysfunction. Is it hypocrisy or retardation?

    Been awhile since I read the dystopian novels but I seem to recall that Huxley’s “Brave New World” is a bit closer to today’s reality than Orwell. The opiate of the masses is television. Orwell’s boot isn’t on our neck, it’s Huxley’s enslavement to perpetual amusement.

    • The thought I’ve always had is would they change/shut it off if they knew what we saw or would they just double down on the denial and keep on watching it…I haven’t had TV in my home for almost 10 years and when I watch it in a hotel room my disgust and anger for those pushing this shit grows stronger…It’s not just commercials either it’s the shows also pushing the hate whitey/normal people…It’s so blatant that I just don’t know how any other person can’t see it…

      • I remember kicking my younger sister out of the house and away from the t.v. back when I was in middle school, so I claim to be a t.v. hater of the first order. Even when my husband is watching an old movie, I notice the usual themes – more subtle back then, but they’re there if you look for them. Aside from the endless degeneracy, it’s such an enormous waste of time! I can always find something better to do. If I’m going to waste some time in front of a screen, it will be reading evilracissbadthink online or doing genealogy.

    • Absolutely. I was just sharing a beer with a buddy the other night. We talked about just that. I have been out of the kulture and its entertainment tentacles for well over 10 years. Plunging back in for weddings, parties, sports events, etc is nearly unbearable. The ugliness is rampant. But what gets me is that people don’t seem to notice.

      Football is painful to watch for many reasons. The latest one that makes me cringe is the excessive celebration of even routine plays. It is juvenile and even feminine how they all run around then do some ‘pose’ for the cameras.

      Remember when they tried to crack down on that, ‘excessive celebration’ penalties? They quietly gave in and abandoned that except for the most egregious. Just like schools have quietly abandoned disciplining all POCs.

      I bought one of those keychain tv killer universal remotes. Now when I am at the airport or a pub or the doctors waiting room, I can turn off the tvs. Interestingly, unless there is a ‘big game’ in process, people really dont seem to mind.

      A great weapon of the huxley oppression is how easily we habituate ourselves into accepting our own submission.

      • >>>one of those keychain tv killer universal remotes.

        I am sufficiently removed from the world of TeeVee that I was unaware that this valuable product existed!

        If I ever fly in the USA again, I’ll be sure to carry my new acquisition with me, and use it at every opportunity.

      • Going to buy one of those. That’s a great crypto-symbol for dissidents in a crowd of normies. Just show your Screen-Silencer and flash the Covington Smirk. Our Guys will mark you as a Goyim Who Knows.

      • My husband’s high school friend has one of those. It’s on my Christmas list (although I always carry earplugs in my purse and will now usually bring my MP3 player and walk around outside rather than waiting in a waiting room).

    • “Orwell’s boot isn’t on our neck” – It is actually, it is just wrapped in velvet. (For now) But step even a bit out of line and the iron spike cleats come out for added effect. Ask the Proud Boys or James Fields all about it. Our ‘chains are resting lightly upon us’ for the time being, this will end when they have the super majority. They’ve learned well how to play the long game and just the right temp to boil the frog at after the failures of the early 20th century attempts.

      • The larger point, though, is that imposed boot-on-the-neck tyranny is rather too easily noticed. The smart Marxists recognized all the lessons-learned from their earlier catastrophes. It’s worth reading up on the Frankfurt School. Like Huxley, they decided it was much more effective to anesthetize the masses through degraded culture, dumbed-down education, and a myriad of opiates for the masses. Huxley’s vision of tyranny was the velvet shackles you’re referencing … it’s a tyranny-trap into which sheeple amble.

  68. After I took my father home from an outpatient operation the other day (where I was forced to watch the impeachment proceedings on the monitors) we went to a T.G.I. Fridays to get him lunch, and there, on all the monitors, were the idiot commentators like Jason Whitlock and Steven A talking about nothing very loudly. I spent the next few hours wondering literally who was stupider and had less to say, the political class and political commentariat or sports commentators? They might as well have the impeachment proceedings on “The View” and have the American public vote via 800 number on their cellphone whether or not Trump stays in office.

  69. On Hockey Night in Canada, every ad featured a black male, white female couple – as if the viewers watching the Toronto Leafs in rural Ontario wanted this. This year, they’ve switched to Asians being in almost ever commercial for some reason. Still aliens.

    Hockey is good because they can’t get non whites to play it. However, I suspect that the ptb are just going to destroy it. If you can’t co-opt, destroy. Any gathering of white men is clearly a sinister white nationalist plot.

    Cord cutting has been great for my mental health. I cringe now when I hear middle aged white men talking emotionally about football. Another bang on column, Z. Put away that idiot box, and grow a chest. Don’t be like those cuck white males in every commercial 🙂

    • ESPN is the main culprit with 9 out of 10 commercials featuring blacks. Glad I cut out Hulu and TV altogether.

    • Hockey is one of the last bastions of men-being-men in our modern society in which real hardship and existential threat have become extinct. Do not let it die. Winters can be tough in Canada and the weak tended to die off quickly in the old days. You are descended from the toughest of those survivors. Hockey should be learned on pond ice with a 50 mph subzero wind in your face. Modern fitness selection.

    • Funny UFO, I was passing thru a pub for a quick ale with a client and hockey was on the big TV. No sound though.

      I just glanced up a few times, as the moth brain is wont to do, and they were apparently doing some protracted ball washing piece about some black player who is undoubtedly one of only a handful in the game. Just like the NFL is doing this year vis a vis the black QB.

      So yeah, if they can’t turn it they will break it.

      As for cord cutting I have noticed that it is a kind of fake and gay virtue signaling now to announce how you don’t ‘watch tv’ or ‘own a tv’ among the proggy class, especially millennials.

      This is kind of along the same lines as the claim that millennials dont consume as much, or rather, have as many things.

      But in fact it is just a facade. Like most of their life.

      They don’t have a tv but they have a new $900 phone the size of a ham sandwich, an ipad or kindle ($300), a laptop ($1,000), and subscriptions to Amazon Prime ($15/mo), Hulu ($40/mo), apple tv, netflix ($20/mo) you tube tv, etc.

      And they watch plenty of garbage based on how much they talk about it.

      So the cord cutting is really becoming converged into signaling a higher form of consumer class.

      They aren’t cable watching flyover proles, no they are evolved curators of their own content choices.

      Which does not bode well. Just one more facade of freedom that is actually a trojan horse of big data driven programming tailored to their individual weaknesses.

    • I always find it strange how middle-aged, seemingly intelligent professional men can talk about the on-field exploits of Laquan and Jamal with such seriousness and gravitas. Any sportsball discussions (if you have them at all) should be done with a sense of bemused detachment. Just saying those goofy “African-American” names out loud should elicit a little chuckle.

      • I love watching the gorgeous blond interviewing Laquan after the game, spouting the usual brain-dead cliches with that false look of interest on her face.

    • I was at a store a few weeks ago and overheard a white guy talking to white woman “You like Tampa Bay right? Look WE won” showing her his phone. I thought what do you mean “WE” white man. I wanted to puke.

      • Wish I could upvote this more than once. It’s one of my pet annoyances as well. A ladyfriend used to respond to people saying “we won” by asking, in a sweetly venomous tone, “We? What’s your jersey number? Did I see you on TV, or were you sitting on the bench the whole game?”

    • “Don’t be like those cuck white males in every commercial”
      Or like my fat-assed BIL and his son. It’s pathetic.

  70. “The real reason they are told to bash baseball is the game has not been Africanized. It is not a running and jumping sport. There are no opportunities for the blacks to draw attention to themselves with the usual antics.”

    Baseball stopped being black in the 1990s, and even then the blacks were adhering to the white baseball player’s ethos of sportsmanship, stoicism, and humility. Usually.

    What killed my interest in baseball was the influx of Hispanics (and the overt marketing as well). Hispanics, unlike blacks, did not adopt the white ballplayer’s ethos. They turned it into a circus. Even the grumpy white managers started allowing the uniform flair and the V-Day celebrations.

    • There is a whole lot more showboating and dancing around now than even a decade ago. I see guys hitting meaningless homers in May hopping around like they won the World Series. I wish Nolan Ryan was still pitching so I could watch them take one in the ear next at-bat.

      • What annoyed me this year was the over the top celebrations for routine accomplishments. For instance having a champagne party in the locker room because you won a wild card game?

        It all seems contrived.

        • Exactly. I particularly hated how a walk-off win in game 57 or whatever warranted a bunch of dudes piling on each other and ripping off jerseys. Then the postgame interviews with Dominicans who can’t pronounce “n” from “ng”.

    • White men invented football, basketball, and baseball. Black men said, “Just give us a chance and don’t discriminate when we need to be put up in hotels,” as you might learn by reading about Lombardi. So Lombardi fought against discrimination, which most of us would have done in those days; the problem is that they are just too stupid to understand that there’s a difference between being allowed to play and prosper, and knowing how not to destroy that which made you a participant and wealthy. Dumb, just dumb. And Vince would have bitch slapped Kappernick.

      It always starts out as “We just want our fair share,” or “We just want to abort a baby when we’ve been raped.” And then it ends up being reversed.

  71. I have yet to formally cut the cord, which is stupid, because I am wasting money. I have just stopped watching tv because what they are broadcasting is so dumb. I just gradually drifted away from it.

    • The fact that my cable is bundled with my internet and phone, which I need for work, is the only reason I still have it. When I move (and escape NJ) I’ll just be looking for good internet access.

      • Its sneaky how they do that isn’t it…They know what they are doing is going to turn the ones with half a brain away from having TV so they bundle it with the things you might actually need…Get out as soon as you can Brother…

      • you don’t have to take that bundle. I get internet only through my cable tv company (who have a monopoly in my area).

    • Mike,

      Cut that cord.

      My grandparents use to tell that, in Tennessee at least, Baptist preachers would preach that “where you see the antenna of a TV you see the horns of the Devil”. (this was circa Korean War)

      For a long time I thought that was just plain over the top — but around 2001 I came to see TV is Evil. All of it.

      ~ Mark

  72. The obnoxious, race-mixing, black dominant-promoting commercials are why you have to record football games or anything else you want to watch on TV. Zip through those commercials.

  73. Someone, I wish I could recall who, quipped (paraphrasing) that commercials debunk the myth of black poverty because every black family in a commercial lives in million dollar home with a father and a mother, two kids and a purebred dog.

    • I forget the product, but there is an ad running that features three generations of black men doing something. It was a grandfather, a son and his son. The odds of that happening in real life are a little under three percent. Here is Lagos it is below one percent. That said, I can see the utility of promoting such an image. Black men should be relentlessly shamed into knowing their kids, but that’s not the point of such ads. They are fantasies for the white people making the ads.

      • The only time you see a healthy family it’s non-White or mixed. The White wahmen are “finding themselves” backpacking in some exotic location or you’ll have two White men obviously fudgepacking.

        If you watch older TV shows you see how many more ads there are now too. I’ll watch an hour show from the 60’s and it’s fifty-three minutes. Today it’s what? Ten more minutes of commercials? Even if the show somehow isn’t pozzed you get a load of it anyway.

        Kill your Talmudvision subscription. I know the cable company tries to entice you with package deals, but all I want is internet. You couldn’t give me the electric Jew for free. Check out older movies at the library for free.

        • For myself I didn’t make any big resolution to kill my TV. Since the late 1990s I’ve just slowly watched less and less. Where I live now I can get fairly affordable fiber internet without being tied to Comcast’s bundling of TV with internet so I just don’t have cable and don’t really even know what’s on broadcast TV until it gets to YouTube.

          I think if high speed internet without TV was available to more people a lot more would also just ignore TV entirely. Of course this won’t prevent YouTube from pozzing us during their ads but that’s just another point in favor of Gab or something similar starting its own rival to YT.

          On another note: anybody remember when lefties were the ones wanting us to kill our TVs? I even seem to recall lefty paleo-virtue signallers boasting about how they killed their TV and just read books. As with so many things I’ve seen the roles reverse on this.

          • I remember distinctly, waiting for Neil Armstrong to step out onto the Moon, sitting around the new (my family was late-adapters) color television. The doorbell rang.

            The young liberal couple from next door, the only ones who didn’t go to church in the neighborhood and made sure you knew that they didn’t have a television, wanted to know, very sheepishly, whether they could come in and watch.

          • Liberals hated TV when it was aimed at the Average American. For example, in the 60’s you had lots of rural comedies, and the Liberals REALLY hated that.

          • Ads, on YT, what’s that. Use an ad blocker. I’m surprised they haven’t banned their use yet.

      • When I see ads like that on TV I snicker and say “that never happens”

        The wife will usually respond and say “what are you talking about now”.

        Me: ” look at this stupid commercial – they’ve got a black kid, with his black father, and the grandfather is there too – that never happens”.

        She’ll still be a bit perplexed ” I’m not sure what you’re ranting about now”

        ” a black kid whose father is raising him and the black grandfather is ALSO around as well. Three generations of a black family all together – how often does that ACTUALLY HAPPEN? Pretty sure the answer is almost never………….”

        Then she’ll try to change the subject.

        Then when commercial comes on with the white yuppie looking guy whose taking his black daughter to the yogurt shop – I do it again……

          • Yes that’s cred alright. I would like to see that on youtube, without ads. Our switch to non TV video is a continuation of the addiction, Sometimes the same vile ad stays in front of your you tube clicks for weeks.

          • Sigh…Basic Husband has gone all BoomerCon. I’m now a football widow. He even watched football when Kapernick was taking the knee. He’s particularly hooked on the 49ers. His 92 YO mother watches too and they text back and forth during games. I can’t stand the Imperial Capital race mixing commercials, celebrate fat women and gay/lesbian commercials. I read a lot and come January, it’s back to the gym using up time for me.

            The Husband has pics of Trump and Devin Nunes on the dining table along with a mini flag. When I dissed Charlie Kirk and walked away from Hannity, he got pissed. If I think of pointing out Bar will probably not deliver, he’ll blow up. Nor can I point out who the majority group is that is saber rattling. We have a bet going on whether Michelle O will enter the race. I’m betting Yes she will. Once the bet was set, he won’t talk about it.

            Basic Husband is particularly testy when I bring up you, Z! Husband proudly declares he’s a Libertardian, and blew up when I suggested he listen to your podcast on such creatures. He just thinks that if he displays the freedom to swing his arms and others have the same freedom, then he’s a Libertardian. He has no idea what a Libertardian is. So no more Z for him. Cannot quote you now at all.

            Z….I think he is weirdly jealous of you. You guys think you can’t point out the Poz to your women! Well..this D- Woman isn’t any more successful than you are unmasking the Poz to my spouse. The Range is learning to play her cards close to her chest. A good stealth skill to perfect in this declining world. The way it is.

          • RFF, he can’t be too bad if he’s with you. When push comes to shove, I’m sure he’ll see your way of thinking. Never mind the words you’ll be saying… Life will show him.

            Per those who know Michelle Obama, like our Establishment’s best girl, Dana Perino, there is no chance she will run for president. I believe it. Barack got his money for serving and now they’re rich and she just wants to enjoy the good life. There enters the drawback when people like Obummer enter into Faustian agreements for piles of money: you are always on-call — forever — and they will insist you speak publicly or enter service in order to protect and perpetuate the globalist cause. So I bet there is pressure on Michelle Obama to run, that black bitch who hates white Americans and what they stand for.

          • Ursula. Agree. She’s already told herself “I’ve done enough for America by not executing half of them for raycisms. I have suffered so for America, my dues are paid. Time to cash in.” No way she runs.

            If she did, she’d plumb new depths of unlikeability in record time. She’s at least Hillary-tier hateable. She may as well pick Kabbala Haaretz for VP out of the gate and have the hatiest-hateable-hater ticket in U.S. history. Accelerationists would rejoice and two more nails in democracy’s coffin would be struck.

          • Hang in there, RFF. I have similar issues with my husband, although he is usually happy to listen if I ask if I can read him a Zman post. He doesn’t always agree, but he’ll listen to it. The problem is he doesn’t connect it to his life. He agreed with today’s post re t.v., but insisted “That’s why I’m always changing the channel, to avoid the crap.” He refuses to cut the cord. He doesn’t identify as a Libertardian, and is fully on board re race and identity, but still holds tight to capitalism and muh free market. Just regard hubby as a work in progress. Mine is always a few years behind wherever I am politically.

          • Well I like to watch the occasional movie on it and there is still some stuff out there that isn’t pozzed that I like to watch. Plus I paid for the TV and I’m not in the habit of breaking my own toys. I’ve found it’s pretty effective to just point out the insanity to people – and then let it all slowly sink in. Eventually they get to the point where they’re figuring it out on their own.

        • Been there. White women want a pat on the head from society. They instinctively know that noticing these things and, even worse, pointing them out will not be good for them socially, so they simply don’t think about it. Mrs. Citizen isn’t a big fan of my pointing out the inane stupidity of Nice White Lady shows.

        • Well i’ll admit to being a bit of a horse’s ass but i can’t help to point out the poz. The fam doesn’t like watching with me. Oph look the sassy, yet wise, black woman, is reining in the dumb clueless white man! See its cool and hip to be a slut! etc….
          Although i have had the satisfaction of seeing them noticing the matrix. You can only watch so many heroic black physicists before starting to notice that it doesn’t match up with reality.

        • Women are always perplexed, clueless or outraged. Yet for some reason they think they could run complex societies, Lord have mercy.

        • I beg to differ with you Carlsdad. I have first hand knowledge of several generations of Joes being together in a group setting. However, it was the result of a block blowing up when a tactical team decided to arrest the youngest of the Orcs. Daddy, granddaddy, and great grandddaddy all poured from the house to defend the poor yewf, who “din do nuffin”.

          As a result there were four generations of the same family in the lockup being processed. The fambly that bangs together stays together!

          And in the end, every one of them had an extensive rap sheet. What is it that Z says about “culture”? Guess it just must be a cultural thang. Gnome sane??

          • Somehow your post had me thinking of some sort of horribly racist ghetto Christmas story where Santa consults everyone’s rap sheet to see whether they’ve been naughty or nice – “Hmmm… little Jamal only has a new misdemeanor for vandalism, maybe I’ll bring him that new Glock he’s been wanting and can’t buy legally. His brother’s got a shiny new felony assault and armed robbery though. Guess it’s a 40oz again for him.”

      • Z, I always hear this (“blacks should be relentlessly shamed into knowing their kids”) from white guys. I get why since it would obviously help the black community in terms of crime and general functioning of life, but in many ways, you’re thinking and acting like those color-blind and HBD-denying CivNats.

        What you’re really saying is that blacks should be shamed into acting more white. But they’re not white. They’ll never be white. It’s just like when whites quietly whisper that blacks could do as well at school as whites if they just studied harder. It’s simply not true. They could do better, but you know what, they don’t want to.

        Left to their own devices, black men generally don’t spend time with their kids. The moms and grandmothers take care of them. That’s how they want it. Sure, black families were more intact in the 1950s, but that was an alien culture imposed on them, a culture that they dropped as soon as they could.

        My point is let blacks be blacks, even if that means a lower standard of living and more crime. It’s their community. Let them live they way that they want. Granted, that community causes problems for our community, but the solution isn’t futilely trying to change blacks into whites, but separating the communities.

        • It didn’t help when the federal government started subsidizing this behavior in the 1960s. Black women do not require black men to commit before sex and children because it pays more if they leave. If black women had to support their own kids, I suspect it would mitigate the pathology somewhat.

          • Agreed. The govt is actively pushing all people to degeneracy. But at the end of the day, black men don’t naturally get too involved in the raising of kids. Look at Africa. My point is that whites have to stop trying to remake the world in our image. Let other peoples be what they want.

            Of course, we push non-white to act white now because we live around each other and it bothers us when they don’t act like us. But the solution isn’t coercion but separation.

          • Perversely, it seems whites are being pressured and propagandized to adopt the dysfunctional black culture.

          • No “seems” about it. Those to whom we have outsourced our popular culture (and academia, and much of the law) are doing it deliberately.

            A stupid, vulgar, violent, low-empathy, materialistic, immediate-gratification consumer culture is easy to control.

          • Exactly. Where did the wearing the baseball cap backward come from? And the high five? And the queer act of jumping into another person’s body to celebrate? They want to be different and they damned sure are.

          • Those trends were fresh in like, 1985.

            Whites who are about 30 and under right now are much less wiggerfied than older millennials/ late GenX were even as recently as a decade ago. Young blacks today might be more influenced by Whites than the other way around with them adopting aspects of geek culture, skinny jeans, androgyny. Even today’s hip-hop is heavily influenced by alt rock/ indie shit.

            Ghetto influence in pop culture peaked years ago.

          • Citizen, that is exactly right. In much of Africa, it is the women’s job to raise the children while the men are off doing whatever it is that they do.

          • In America it has more to do with welfare than culture.
            Black woman kicks black man out da house cause government welfare > black man income. After da Black kid reaches 15 years & becomes feral(cause he was raised by single mother) Black mother kicks him out as well & starts prowling for some thug to impregnant her again.

          • I’ve known more than a few Black folks with intact families and decent incomes . They were functional citizens, decent people but not like Whites and assuming they think like White people do is nonsense.

            We certainly need as a society to encourage intact families for everyone but its not Y/T’s job to do this for Black folks. They don’t really trust our people with this with good reason.

            As for the fantasy, 911 on Fox has to take the cake. The Grant Family , Black people, affluent , a police sergeant and an architect smart and not a racist bone in their body. Hell a White guy married in with nary a racial qualm!

            None of the characters, White or otherwise have a racist thought.

            It’s still a great show, good values (courage, friendship. loyalty, service to others) good acting , charismatic cast (including Angel Basset who is great) but the civ nattery makes my teeth ache.

          • “I don’t know about that DLS they might of exacerbated the problem but they didn’t create it…” My position exactly. It is unfixable, but we could at least stop making it worse.

          • I’m all for the whole “let them live how they want” thing , except for the fact currently – that living how they want is something I get forced to support.

            How about I get to live how I want – which is with an extremely low tax rate, so I’m not working my ass off to support Israel, and illegitimate black children, and refugee importation, and really high living standards in Mordor on the Potomac, and needless wars, and ridiculous retirement benefits for government employees, etc. (the list is very long).

            Separation of communities means no financial support flowing from white communities to dysfunctional POC communities either.

          • Calsdad,

            True. We pay the bills, so we can demand that they act how we want. Except of course, that’s not how democracy works. Z talks about becoming helots some day.

            We’re already helots. It’s just a question of how much our masters will take from us.

        • @Citizen
          Exactly right that period of time was not normal for them it was like a drunk being in rehab they are good as long as they are there but as soon as they get out the temptation usually gets the best of them and they fall off the wagon…

        • Let blacks be black. Fine but you cannot feed them or you will quickly have a feral cat problem. Paying young black women 5k to get tubule ligations would be a bargain. I wonder what the fallout would be if Gates set up a foundation along those lines. heh

          • Sid,

            All true. But we’ve lost control of the government which means we are truly helots and it’ll only get worse. Separation or slavery. Those are our options.

      • “They are fantasies for the white people making the ads.” 100% correct, based on my experience inside advertising. Advertising is mostly about telling little stories, not selling you stuff. Furthermore, what ads portray usually reflects merely the biases of the advertiser paying for the ad. If the advertising managers at Next Awesome Product Inc. believe that some particular bit of poz is chic, the ad agency will sell you that.

        There is an ad running for a pharmaceutical that features a clean cut white dad going out for family fun with a very young vibrant daughter, possibly adopted. How this arrangement relates to the efficacy of a new drug is a matter left unanswered. I call it the ad for the David French Pill.

      • The one that snapped it for me was a commercial showing an all-black pit crew at NASCAR. Yeah, you heard me.

        (((They’re))) just gloating about it now: full-on genocide.

        “Just imagine, Fellow Negroes: an entire world without White people. Yup, not even at NASCAR. We saved a few of de wimminz for you, though, as a reward. You’ve been such good pets after all.”

      • Blacks gonna black. But for their tiny smart fraction, it takes iron-fisted rule to keep them in line. South Africa style, and even then the demographics caught up with them. Separation is the best kind of apartheid. We’re eventually going to have to Lesotho our orcs in America and let nature take its course over a long timeline.

        • Hence, Jim Crow. Now demonized as we decriminalize the country. As someone else speculated, maybe they’re clearing out the prisons to make room for white men unwilling to give up their guns.

          • The more Blacks they let out, the less Whitey wants to give up his guns. We have the edge in that equation.

          • Your periodic reminder that Thanksgiving is a great time to remind your NormieCon relatives that “The Blue” are the ones will will be doing the “coming and taking” when the time comes.

    • I’ll tell you what debunks black poverty – the fact that every one of their impoverished dwellings sprouts a myriad of satellite dishes and antennas.

      • It’s remarkably unfair to expect an 85-IQ people to handle financial issues. Let on their own, blacks would create a very simple society that fits their abilities. As Sailer has noted, for our entire society, the right half of the bell curve has abandoned the left half over the past 50 years. Instead creating a world in which both sides can thrive, we’ve made society ever more complicated to take advantage of them.

        But that’s what happens when you no longer think of yourselves as a people, a family.

        • @Citizen
          Unless you have a separation that involves a barrier that takes a 100+ iq to get over or through then you will always have strife…

        • There’s something to be said for that. As Z has said before, slavery worked for a portion of that population who can’t handle modernity, not that anyone wants the responsibility or baggage that comes with shepherding today’s farm equipment-tier Blacks.

          The only “inhumane” aspect of apartheid is leaving less-capable Blacks to the mercies of their own communities. But the alternative is the destruction of Whites along with their rescue-exotics. Not acceptable.

    • Its not just the liberal social engineering and fantasy. Marketing research proves that Blacks will buy more of product when you have blacks in the commercials. Whereas white consumers don’t care who’s in the commercials. Most Normie Whites have been brought up to have positive feelings about black folks. (Quick, name me the last Movie that had black villain and a white hero). So, there’s that.

      • What product do blacks buy more of (in total, not per capita) than whites? Malt liquor? Realistic marketing would be pitched at white normies. Even with the middle class close to collapse, whites are the big spenders even if they have to borrow to do it.

        What you see on the screen is liberal social engineering.

  74. We pulled the plug a while ago, and then after having kids we thought, well what can it hurt a little tv here and there (lazy parenting). Our kids to into addicts always asking for the idiot box, having tantrums when we refused. Then my wife decided one day enough is enough (stay at home mom) and we killed it as well for the kids. They are happier, reading, playing and sometimes being bored – but at 3 and 5 that can just mean go outside and play. For us adults in the house we do a bit of Netflix now and again, but its so hard to find a show thats not somehow glorifying degenerative culture. Back to the books for us too… Makes for better relationships in the evening between spouses.

    • I have Hulu. I figured I’d use it for the occasional movie or series, plus some sports. I’m going to cancel it as I just don’t use it enough to warrant the expense. I can get movies off the Kodi if I feel the need.

      • About 14 months ago I bought Hulu for $39.99. Six months later it was $34.99. Two weeks ago I cancelled when they announced I had to renew at $44.99. When I move way up north in 20 days I won’t be getting any services except internet, cell, and landline. It’s good to be busy and meeting with people in small groups, and end the day with reading and classical music. Regarding your article, when I was raising 3 kids as a single father, whenever they started to argue with each other, I assigned them chores to do, and they would diligently do them. When they were done, they were once again peaceful and non-argumentative.

      • That’s good Z. With all the quality content you crank out each day, I don’t see how you have time for anything else.

    • We cut the cord years ago. We had the streaming services for a while; now we’re down to Amazon. My kid just watches YouTube. I’m not sure he even knows what TV is.

      • Same with my kid, but YouTube is just as bad if not worse. I’m always asking what she’s watching; I have to, its easy to stumble onto something inappropriate.

        • I’m always trying to overhear what he’s watching. It’s usually gamers and young bros talking memes. It’s probably harmless, except that it might destroy one’s attention span.

    • We have Hulu, Amazon prime, and Netflix. 99% of it is subversive garbage. I watch a few older movies, the occasional documentary, Cops, and Live PD. Between Culver Military Academy for high school, University, and eight years in the Marine Corps, I spent nearly two decades of my youth watching zero television. Reading non fiction has remained a life long joy and I have more reason now than ever to complete one to two books every week. The wife loves watching moronic chick shows that I simply cannot tolerate. I’m afraid the appeal of most television programming is utterly inexplicable to me. The degenerate commercials stimulate a cortisol and adrenaline dump that will surely shorten my lifespan if I allow myself too much exposure.

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