Radical Parallels

At the end of President Trump’s State of the Union speech last night, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, dramatically tore up her copy of the speech. Given the state of left-wing politics, it is smart to assume it was a well-rehearsed stunt cooked up by an army of pollsters, drama coaches and consultants. On the other hand, the woman is so feeble minded now it is unlikely she could remember where she is, much less a carefully constructed role. It was probably authentic.

Pelosi is considered one of the more sober minded people in the Democratic Party, but that speaks to the derangement of the party and the political class. Not so long ago, she was a member of the fruitcake wing of the House. That was the collection of far-left goofballs that everyone joked about, often to their faces. Her district was known for being the most left-wing, and whitest, districts in the House. Now she is the Speaker and the head of the “moderate” wing of her party.

This is not without precedent. In the 19th century, radical anti-abolitionists started out as the extreme fringe of social reformers. These were mostly women and effeminate males coming from reformed Christianity. The sober minded reformers wanted to find a practical way to wind down slavery. Even Lincoln saw the radical Republicans as a threat to sanity, but eventually the radicals were able to push their way to the center of American political life in the aftermath of the war.

It is a useful parallel to this age. The story of the Civil War was recast in the 20th century to please the vanity of the new managerial class, so most people have no idea what happened before or after. The impeachment of Andrew Johnson, for example, should be a popular topic today, given what is happening, but that incident does not fit the modern narrative. It was not much of a topic during the Clinton impeachment either, which speaks to the larger issues involved in the narrative.

In the run-up to the Civil War, the radical abolitionists were every bit as delusional about human nature and how society could be organized, as the radicals of this age. Their experience with blacks of any type was limited to those they experienced in their salons and meeting houses. The “magic negro” phenomenon was probably born in this era, as it both titillated and encouraged the radicals. The radical was not ending an immoral practice but saving a glorious people from bondage.

The radicals were sure that defeating the South would not only end the practice of slavery, but wipe out the culture and people that maintained it. This was the birth of anti-white hatred among Northern radicals. These people imagined a South that was literally run by the former slaves, while the white remnant lived under their rule. Of course, the reality of war and its aftermath did not sway them. The reality of reconstruction only made them more fanatical and angrier.

If you look at the history of someone like Henry Winter Davis, a radical from Maryland, you see the decent into radicalism. He was an Episcopal clergyman, then as now a common source of radical madness. He was a slave holder and Whig, then moved into anti-slavery politics. He then flipped into abolitionism, siding with Republicans and eventually becoming a leader of the radicals. He co-sponsored the infamous Wade–Davis Bill, which even Lincoln thought was too much.

It is a useful parallel to now. The radicals of today really thought the election of Obama was the dawn of a new post-white age. They even talked about the parallels between him and Lincoln. The new post-white world would no longer have to tolerate, much less placate, the bad whites in places like the old South. Further, the elevation of Hillary Clinton as the first female president, would complete the circle. The door would finally be closed on old white male America.

Just as the reality of the war and its aftermath further radicalized the already radical Republicans, the election of Trump sent the modern radicals into a frenzy. In the 19th century, the frenzy led to the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, for the crime of holding office and following through on Lincoln’s reconstruction plans. Today, the radicals have impeached Trump for the crime of existing. In both cases, impeachment is a cathartic tantrum or a moan of agony of the unrealized destiny.

Interestingly, Henry Winter Davis wrote a book early in his career, titled, The War of Ormuzd and Ahriman in the Nineteenth Century. In it, Davis described the American Republic and the Russian Empire as the opponents in a global struggle for the salvation of humanity. Given that America could barely guard its own shores at the time, it was quite a grandiose vision. It is a good reminder though that American radicals have had an obsession with Russia for a long time.

Historical comparisons are only useful as rules of thumb, rather than precise, point by point, comparisons. The radicals of the 19th century were operating in a different world than the radicals of today. Even a fanatic like Henry Winter Davis would have recoiled in horror at what passes for normal now. Even so, it is a useful comparison that helps explain the current year. Then as now, radicalism must burn itself out in the destruction of that which it seeks to reform.

In the fullness of time, this age will most likely be viewed as the end point of a cycle that began in the last century. Perhaps the end of several cycles. The end of the Jewish century in America will be a cabal of paranoid Jewish radicals failing to remove the last white male president. Impeachment will be the last gasp of the old order, ushering in an age of reform. Maybe it will be the end point of order itself, setting off the final battle between the radicals and the defenders of civilization.

No one can know, but the Civil War was both the end of a long cycle that dated back to before the founding and the start of something new. People living in the age of Lincoln could easily relate to the people who lived through the Revolution. Two generations later and the people were entirely divorced from their past. They were the product of a new founding, a new republic. Something similar probably lies in store for the people two generations from now. This age will be foreign to them.

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246 thoughts on “Radical Parallels

  1. These last two posts have been some of Z’s best. The Good Whites have been so conditioned to not notice anything counter to the narrative that the left is becoming free to openly discuss their conspiracies.

    A little while back a co founder of Extinction Rebellion felt safe writing an article for Medium where he openly discussed how his goal was to destroy White societies because he considers Whites evil. Now another co founder had gone on record on an interview that he also wants to destroy white societies and return them to pee industrial wild societies. He said that you can’t tell people they will end up without enough food and will need to watch their children die. He also said that ER includes White Supremacists.

    Maybe this is all for the best. As the meme says, hard times create strong men who build strong societies. We may need to tear it down to start again

    Mr Bramwell was filmed at the event saying: “Extinction Rebellion is the spirit of our age. It contains absolutely every dichotomy and absolutely every flaw and beauty that our present society encapsulates. It is white-supremacist, it is racist. It is also very very beautiful and there is incredible people doing incredible work within the organisation. It is also deeply deeply patriarchal and people like Roger Hallam completely and utterly 100 percent exemplify that patriarchy“


    • To: My_Comment:

      I’m a little unclear on your comment. It does not make sense. You describe the Rebellion in one way, but then it reads like Bramwell has a totally different view.
      Could you clarify?

  2. Z Man, I think you have it slightly offset, Trump’s election in 2016 is equivalent to Lincoln’s election in 1860, it triggered the all out war from the other side. If Trump wins in 2020, it will feel like Sherman’s March to the other side.

  3. One of your best essays Zman!

    The deep-seated commitment to “Equality Or Bust” was a uniquely American phenomenon well underway in the 1820-30s. Almost 2 centuries later, Blacks’ failure to thrive, in spite of the nation devoting itself (twice) to righting our Original Sin, simply can not and will not be recognized for what it is – literally, diversity among humans. It’s no one’s fault – it just is what it is. And that’s not acceptable.

    Some 8-10 generations past rectifying the Original Sin, we are fixing for a third re-enactment – with an additional bunch of POCs here who are completely unrelated to the original situation. With a buldging victim base (and fewer grievances than ever) the outcome is likely to be less satisfactory than in the previous attempts. It’s hard to imagine how they can effect anything like the nirvana state of “equality” that they envision without giving in to the temptation of force. Cue, nasty rhetoric.

    Blaming pale stales and males is a crude justification for action (redistribution, theft). At some point, even this formality will be dispensed with.

    Christopher Caldwell’s book “Age of Entitlement” concludes, in a nutshell, that civil rights (post 64) has been a mistake (well-intended). That’s a hell of a shift in the Overton window and concrete building block for our side.

  4. Some valid points, but surely, (although strangely reminiscent of crypto-Jew Moldbug’s anti-WASP distractions), but logically and morally, the onus of guilt belongs on that part of the country that brought them over here, and actually fought to keep them here.

    The real parallel to impeachment is the South’s fight to preserve its “peculiar institution.” A similar doomed, self-defeating obsession. And just as today, we could ask the legislators of the 1830s-1860, “so, I guess the country must be pretty well off otherwise is THIS is all you have to spend your time on.”

  5. One last OT thought before I sign off:

    If anybody wants to see perhaps the last whitetopia in North America, head over to Quebec City. It has sparkling demographics – 93.6% white out of a population of 531,000. The strict French-only attitude and xenophobia has worked here. The metro area is 800,000 and is even whiter. Really is a beautiful place with beautiful women.

    88.9% White Sherbrooke, Quebec is also a good bet.

    Check it out before it’s gone!

    • Is there enough bourbon in Kentucky to get you through their long cold winter? Sorry, but you know there’s a wise guy in every crowd. I have been to Quebec. Very charming. In the summer time.

  6. What a complete and utterly disrespectful hag ! Can you imagine the howling and gnashing of teeth from the left if anyone tore up the magic negroe’s speech ?

    The whole democratic party should be under investigation at this point.. Sadly the intelligence community is just more of the same DC swamp things.

    And that’s the problem. We have the DC crime syndicate working against the people of the United States. They’re desperate to disarm the peasants so they can rule with impunity. Do we end up like Mexico being terrorized by a handful of sadistic drug lords ( Okay, maybe not a great analogy. ) Or do we rise up and fight the tyrants ?

    Only time will tell.

    • Remind me again how politicians get into office? Last time I checked it was by the citizens voting for them. Which means “we, the people”, and a lot of them, think what these leftist are doing is a good thing.

      What you’re seeing is not so much the evidence of a corrupt government, it’s evidence of the mentality of the majority of American voters.

      Which is exactly why democracy never works long term.

  7. Very instructive column, Zman.

    OT, I want to share an experience from this morning. I got into a text debate with a bunch of lib friends. I usually avoid these like the plague–it’s so useless. Usually when they’re going on about “Orange Man” I don’t even take notice. But today a longstanding pal asked me “seriously” about Trump and “conservative values.” I gave a polite, terse answer (Trump acts to support some mix of old conservative issues, but times are changing and the current age is less about ideology than prior ones)–and almost immediately the knives came out. Understand I’m the only rightist in the group (likely a familiar situation to many of you), but we’ve been having these battles for 40 years, although not anytime recently.

    What’s changed is that my pals really cannot tolerate the idea of dissenting opinion any more. Most of the vocal ones were Jewish, although extremely secularized. While they were going ape (throwing out words like “traitor,” peddling their Russia BS, trying to dredge up the Holocaust), I stayed cool and on-point, keeping clear of their weedy digressions. I have to say I drew on some of the positive mojo I get from this site and its many excellent commenters.

    One thing I noticed, and the reason I’m writing this, was the power of the word “projection.” Someone would tap out a long asinine paragraph of indictments, and I’d reply, “That’s called projection.” I wasn’t expecting it to work this way, but it clearly struck a nerve, and subsequent comments would be pure lunacy and frustration–but without, I note, any dispute to my observation.

    The left’s projection is, of course, a classic Zman theme–so thanks Z. I’d be interested to know whether others here have played this card, and what the results may have been.

    • I don’t use that one very often, but here’s a ploy I’ve had great success with:

      When they start on muh racism, you reply: “What’s wrong with being a racist?” (This is what we in the trolling business call “the bait” – the trolling metaphor originally being about fishing.)

      Leftist screeching ensues. You then pick the alpha-leftie and proceed with “the hook” – something so self-evidently reasonable that he HAS to reply or be seen to flee the debate:

      “I love my own children more that I do my neighbors’. That doesn’t mean I hate the neighbors’ children, think them inferior to mine or want them dead. Please explain what’s wrong with that.”

      If he takes the hook, you can proceed with “the reel”, which is to string him along with a polite and earnest exploration of the subject; try to get a few concessions from him, but the main point is not to convert or argue with him, but to fill the talkboard with reason, logic and fact under the guise of a debate.

      Always remember, you’re not debating him, you’re using him as an excuse to talk to fence-sitting lurkers, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t “win” the “debate”, your job is to drop nationalist talking points.

      People have different styles, but overall, I recommend steelmanning your opponent, filter out all the ad hominem, strawmanning, whataboutery and general leftie brainfilth, find a nugget of reason in Lefty’s posts and reply to that.

      Don’t reply to stupid points or low-hanging fruit – leftie already knows that late-term abortion is murder and that people with penises can’t be women, and so does the audience. He’s just saying otherwise to rattle your cage.

      Be polite to the point of mockery, never use ad hominems, never use derogatory terms and try to avoid strawmen. This works better the more filth Lefty employs, because the more he attacks you personally, the more your on-subject and polite answers will contrast with his infantile rants.

      • One more thing: take your time. One of the main strengths of social media, is that you don’t have to shoot from the hip, you can think your reply over, so try to control the impulse to fire back immediately.

        And never post when angry or upset, walk it off, have a cuppa, and only press the reply-button when you’ve calmed down.

      • The latter half of your comment was my very experience, Felix. The guys I was texting with are very talented, but looked childish as they descended into name calling. We’ve all been friends for decades, and at a certain point I almost felt embarrassed for one of the guys, who really went off the deep end.

        I was very aware that a crowd (as I mentioned, my gentile lib friends) was “listening in” but not responding, just observing. I can’t imagine they were oblivious to the childishness of my opponents, no matter how much they feel in tune politically. At some point a person has to ask, Is this the team I want to be identified with? Maybe our “show” today will plant a few seeds.

        Your racism strategy sounds strong. I used to float a similar idea: that racism is rational, not irrational, because it is based in love of one’s own. I didn’t try to argue that it was good or justifiable, merely get them to agree that it’s rational and natural. It was meant as a first step to take the moral onus off the word.

        But I was a younger man in those days, and willing to be a bit more daring. 😉

        Nice to finally correspond with you Felix. I enjoy your comments.

        • Thanks, and thanks for sharing.

          at a certain point I almost felt embarrassed for one of the guys, who really went off the deep end.

          A sure sign that you’re winning. Since they’re your friends, I figure there’s a limit to how hard you want to ride them, but the more potty-language you can coax out of your opponent, the better.

          Godspeed to you and your country – we’re going to win this war.

          • Good stuff Felix. I utilize a similar strategy.

            Another essential thing to do. Your target has more ammo and allies than you do. You must convince your antagonist that the MSM is untrustworthy. Otherwise, even when you best him, he will go away unconvinced. He will believe that there exist somewhere out there, an argument he can’t invoke because he can’t find the exact essay at the NYT that would put you in your place.

      • My line when accused of racism is “You say that as if it’s a bad thing”.

        That gets the bats flying.

        I like to take the 95% of the worlds population disagree with you. line.

        You can usually throw in in a “don’t you believe in democracy?” just in case things quieten down.

    • The Left’s increasing disinterest in dissenting opinion is the central argument in the Flight 93 Election article that proved to be fairly influential among the Trump-skeptical Republicans in 2016. But most Boomer CivNats still labor under the delusion that things like tradition of civil discourse and First Amendment (Muh constitution!) will protect them even as they play Foil for their Leftist masters.

      I think much of the Left’s growing intolerance stems from their response to Obama as Failed Messiah. Most Leftys I know really did believe that Black Jesus was the final revelation and see no reason to continue politics as normal anymore since his revelation was so certain, and so final. I’m quite confident that a Trump re-election will result in violence. Having exhausted every possible procedural method to get rid of Orange Man, I’m not sure if their next step won’t involve Trump having “an accident.”

      • Great point, Milestone. Deep down they know that Obama was “peak black”–and it ain’t comin’ back.

        I’ve floated the idea of printing up T-shirts for depressed liberals, reading “My country had a black president, and all I got out of it was some lousy gay marriage.”

  8. I wanted to add, the actions by your Chairperson Pelosi was both appallingly rude, and immature. An absolute no-go! It was discussed at work and even here people were embarrassed for Trump that someone in your political elites would actually do something like that. It’s just incredible.

    Her actions are a poor reflection of herself and bring discredit to her party. Although many Europeans were very much against Trump in the beginning especially after 8-years of a wishy-washy man like Obama, But after watching what the Democrats have been doing against Trump and his family, opinions are changing and Trump is actually gaining popularity in Europe.

    • Don’t be embarrassed for Trump. Be embarrassed for the rest of us. Such childish behavior by Pelosi (all through the event) reflects on her, not him, but also gives insight into the level at which much of our politics and culture now operates. Given that wide swaths of people agree with what she did, it means that big parts of our culture are shallow and know nothing of manners and adult behavior. We are a nation of children, led by children, which, sooner or later, turns into “Lord of the Flies”, and is also why separatism is so popular in our thing. Who wants any part of what she represents?

      • A friend sent me this. Can they enforce it against her?

        U.S. Code § 2071.Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally U.S. Code Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

        • Karl, the “Code of Law” in the US is subjectively interpreted and applied selectively based upon the political affiliations of the parties involved. Judges letting illegal alien poison pushers out the back door lest they be deported. . . .

  9. The modern empire is simply a collection of Radical Whigs role-playing two parties with opposing worldviews. Trump is virtually identical in his politics to Nancy.

  10. You can and should cause psychological damage and physical discomfort to the Enemy by wiping your ass on all he holds or pretend to hold holy.

    That MLK poster? Scrawl RAPIST across the it. Those nice cars parked outside their temple? Pay an illegal to put Smiling Adolf flyers under the wiper blades and then call ICE on him.

    If everyone in this thing brought in only one person and made a single anonymous high-viz act of defiance every year, in three years we would begin to see mass copycatting by our own people & withdrawal by the Enemy.

  11. Blacks were elected to public office (largely at the local level) during Reconstruction, but how many of them were simply pawns of White radicals?

  12. I doubt a civil war will unfold in the US, it would cause too much economic havoc and the corporate elites won’t stand for that. Just look what a little pandemic did to China’s economy over the past week or so.

    While you may be armed, your guns and ammo are irrelevant. The State doesn’t even need to show up at your house with armed officers or para-military. They’ll just shut down your bank account, terminate your credit cards, turn off the power, water, cell phone and internet and you’re done.

    You’ll all be compliant under the new order after you get tired of hearing your kids crying about being hungry and cold. Sure, a few preppers might wander off into the woods, They’ll just die hungry or be eaten by wolves.

    Europeans you ask? We’re already complaint and have been for a long time.

    • Correct, Karl. The setup of the modern economies, governments. communications, legal and financial systems gives governments and their business-world enforcers so many tools to control the populace that overt violence isn’t necessary.

      The Beans, Bullion and Bullets crowd had a chance to effect change and survive until the late 19th Century, but those days are long gone.

    • We will see a rise in criminal gangs controlling their territory. If they become too aggressive we’ll see vigilante groups arising in opposition to the criminal ones. Once you have two different sides that are willing to shoot things can escalate.

      Very few people ever saw the next war coming. Ever.

      • Doubtful. It’s impossible to control anything when you’re food and water supplies have been cut off. And bringing down a grid (shutting off power) is easy. If you’ve ever driven past substations, you’ll notice they are only protected by a chain-link fence. Throw a bicycle onto a transformer and see what happens. The French underground did it with great success during our little “misunderstanding” back in the 40’s and took down more than one or two industrial sites. It’s a lot easier than you think. Not to mention American the majority of power and communication lines are on poles. Which makes them easy to access!

    • Karl, you postulate a government that can take away everything—which assumes a government that can provide everything. That is an assumption not supported by facts. For example, how many folk will be using banks after the process of confiscation of accounts and assets becomes widely used? This is one of the reasons we must fight a cashless society. But even so, alternatives to cash currently exist and can be used by dissidents for trade. A government that seeks to punish the dissident to the extreme you envision must become so totalitarian that it will be counter productive to its goals and more conducive to ours. China will be a good example to see how such a rule as you envision will eventually play out.

      • You assume access to water, electricity and communications are a protected right. They’re not. None of these services are protected by your Constitution. Your federal banking is owned privately, so they have no obligation to the government. There are already plenty of laws on the books to seize your property (and money) if and when they see fit. Look up “Civil Forfeiture”. You’re country has already outlawed the ownership of gold once before, so it’s not a new idea.(Executive Order 6102).

    • Then at that point a man has nothing to lose by hunting down local party functionaries for sport. Remember under our law after the first one all the others are free.

      Seriously it’s a foolish idea in a land where those targeted ate the primary owners of guns. Sure it makes sense in say China or England where the people are disarmed and harmless. But to hack off men who can place a shot at 500 yds it’s asking for major payback.

      • You might want to look up the definition of Siege Warfare. Because that’s exactly what they will use.

    • “They’ll just shut down your bank account, terminate your credit cards, turn off the power, water, cell phone and internet and you’re done.”

      They will? Let’s see, several States recently tried to pass or have passed laws rolling back the 2nd Amendment. Local law enforcement and governments though have just told them to fuck off. Once employees of banks, power utilities, and other service providers see themselves being ordered to cut off services for basically political reasons all but the stupidest will figure out they might be next themselves. Then there’s the fact that those organizations themselves rely on delicate systems that are subject to monkey-wrenching by rebellious insiders. Oops! looks like I pulled the wrong cable and took down the whole company intranet – again. Attempting to utilize this kind of “soft power” itself could trigger exactly the economic havoc the elites would like to avoid. America isn’t China (or Europe) and won’t be controlled as easily as either place.

      “Europeans you ask? We’re already complaint and have been for a long time.”

      This is basically the problem. Europeans got used to knuckling under to tyranny a long time ago. So of course this makes them very easy to tyrannize in an endless loop.

      • You have a surplus of unwarranted faith in the intelligence, integrity, and intensity of the American populace.

  13. The worst tragedy of the Civil War was how unnecessary it was. The country was chugging along just fine with a state-by-state approach to slavery. Muh Constitution 1.0 was working. If radical abolitionists and carpetbagging opportunists hadn’t forced the issue, no war.

    The idea that the war was fought over slavery is a half-truth. Slavery mattered, but practically no one who fought wanted Civ-Nattish union with Blacks. That said, without the war, slavery itself would have become Jim Crow on its own, a generation or two later.

    Was the Jim Crow South a worse place to live, for Whites or Blacks, than today’s Atlanta, Memphis or Miami?

    The “we fought for this?” meme is evergreen from the sons of the Confederacy to WWII to today’s vets of the Forever Wars.

    The tepid Iran war fever – even among Hannity-cons – is not a good sign for the elites, nor is the public’s utter indifference to impeachment.

    Look at all the White-on-White wars since the Civil War. How many of them achieved “the greater good” for our people, or any people (other than a certain people in the short term)?

    Magic Negro Colin Powell stumbled over a nugget of truth with his “break it, buy it” sound-bite. Politicians who stump for war should be held responsible for all of the war’s outcomes, intended and otherwise.

    “What’s in it for us” is a question White America is learning to ask. Yes, but HannityCons – still overall things are looking up in the war fever swamps.

    • North-South was a troubled marriage from the beginning, and slavery was an issue from colonial times. The only thing that’s ever united Americans is war. The half century antebellum of peace and easy victory exposed the cracks in the union.

      Out of control financial interests, mass importation of non whites, mass legal immigration, foreign interests, disunity… nothing much has changed.

      America hitched its wagon to the Enlightenment’s endless revolution. Though the nation is there it’s never allowed itself to mature because that would be illiberal. And somebody somewhere might not make maximum profit.

      • It wasn’t supposed to be a marriage: the Articles of Confederation had them as members of the same posse.

        • Sure. War was what brought the states together. First the Articles for the revolution, then the Constitution for strength against the continuing threat from the UK, the Union victory in the Civil War cementing union by force, then military/industrial/big government complex for WWII. Always war leading to unity.

    • It beggars bellief that the Civil war was about Slavery bullshit is still promulgated.

      Here’s what Lioncoln said in his First Inaugaral Address. The one you don’t get taught in school.

      ” I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists.
      I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so. Those who nominated and elected me did so with full knowledge that I had made this
      and many similar declarations and had never recanted them;
      and more than this, they placed in the platform for my acceptance, and as a law to themselves and to me, the clear and emphatic resolution which I now read:

      ” Resolved, That the maintenance inviolate of the rights of the States, and especially the right of each State to order and control its own domestic institutions according to its own judgment exclusively,
      is essential to that balance of power on which the perfection and endurance of our political fabric depend;
      and we denounce the lawless invasion by armed force of the soil of any State or Territory, no matter what pretext, as among the gravest of crimes….”

      I now reiterate these sentiments.”

      So what was it about?

      Money, of course. Lincolns need to pay his Railroad owners from the tarriffs on importred manufactures that he had in some cases recently quadrupled.

      So a little later he says.

      “The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the Government and to collect the duties and imposts;
      but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere”

      So : pay me or get invaded.


      • Lincoln made slavery THE issue because the Union was losing the war. Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the Confederacy— where it couldn’t be enforced. But it got the zealots behind the Union cause.

  14. An interesting historical thesis. I wonder how this vision fits into the Fourth Turning template. Are the two nearly congruent, complementary, or wholly differing alternatives?

  15. We are already in a civil war. We’ve been in one since at least ’68 and arguably much earlier. It’s one sided for only the anti-whites have been actively fighting it. Not by marching down Main Street and taking over (because they can’t, not even yet), but by preying and corrupting our ideals. They pervert our sense of public morality and our cooperative nature and spin an alternate reality in which it is now our moral duty to serve the needs of everyone who is not a descendant of what was once called European Christendom. To not accept this made up sanctimonious drivel is to sin, is to forgo good citizenship, is to paint oneself as not worthy of being a part of a great tradition. So we accept and take part in acts of self destruction and lunacy to prove how righteous we truly are. The more public the act the better person you are in the eyes of the community. For many their natural inclinations tell them something very different…but to not belong to the group by refusing to go along is too great a price to pay. The more you go along the easier it becomes to continue doing so. By nature at least 80% of us are not capable of bucking the herd. Nature gets stood on its head until it no longer can. Also due to our nature we were evolved to put up with a lot of crap. Lots and lots of it. So things have to get dismal before enough people want to even bother themselves to take action.

    We turn the other cheek again and again and again because in this case our long time horizon works against us. Our enemies know us well. They savage us hourly. If we even name them our own people ostracize us. This isn’t called winning. It’s not even fighting back. We are forced to wait for innate biology to finally ball its fist while our enemies hoard the gifts of our ancestors.

    Our enemies drove us out of the cities we built and we did nothing. They drove us out of the nearby suburbs and all we did is move a couple of exits further away. They drive us out of our industries, our universities, our institutions (the small Gothic churches build by our families, many of them works of art, are now full of people who can only build with mud and straw)…they warp the minds of our young…and after all of this we still do nothing. Atomized, fractured, community-less; we’ve become easy prey.

    Finally, after decades of being on the receiving end, people are beginning to get it. But effective action requires effective group action. How does a community-less tribe engage in group action? The internet helps but it’s not nearly enough. This is why, as our host and many on this site have argued for, real life community building – which requires a lot of agency and a lot of time, money and risk taking – is a duty we all must shoulder. Many of our tribe are now willing to listen. It’s time we came out of the catacombs (not foolishly) and quietly began planting gardens. Even reaching out to someone once a month would be a major step forward.

    • Lineman and I have been working up some notes on how to do a meet-up, from the Jan 18th SoCal one we did. If you are one of us (we are vetting the responses), drop a line and we will send you a copy. I think everyone at the meet-up would agree that it was completely worth the effort, will do again, and really important for f2f community and trust building.


        • Just to be clear, these are notes on how you can do a meet-up, anywhere. We hope to see a bunch of people jump on this and start doing them around the country, and perhaps in other countries, too. You could parse this stuff out at your kitchen table in an evening, but since we have done one already, just learn from our experience and get a head start on ways to get it done.

          • Dutch, I will be e-mailing you for the notes. I have some SoCal roots and so I get out there a couple times a year. Saw the build up for the meetup last time around but was laid up due to a health issue so no travel for several months. Back on my feet now. Will be looking to start making IRL traction here in CO front range, especially once I move out of my current city to slightly more friendly territory. Its not quite the Bitterroot Lineman, but it will have to do for now.

    • Spot on.

      The old saying goes that most fights start long before the first blow is thrown. Problem is most whites don’t understand that and by extension your argument that we’ve been at war for over 50 years with the Left and it’s allies.

      One main problem is that our side does not understand the Left views politics for the acquisition of wealth and power by means other than war. Worse the GOP and Conservative Inc went out of it’s way to keep us in the dark since the 60’s about the continual encroachment by the Left across the board. It was not until after the Internet and the creation of alternative news sources that many whites eyes were opened to the truth of what is going on.

  16. After Pelosi tore up the speech Pence should of grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and turned her over his knee and paddled her backside…In a normal country that would of been the right thing to do…

    • I watched the State of the Union address with friends and remarked that I would like to grab Nancy Pelosi by the scruff of the name and kick her butt.

  17. Didn’t watch the SOTU, can’t stomach a self-congratulatory speech on “look how high muh stock market is” and “look how many Jamal’s I let out of prison”. Trump has been a big fat 0 on the only two issues that matter: trying to stave out demographic suicide (which we are on the brink of) by kicking out muds, and throwing enormous amounts of traitorous liberals in prison.

    When Texas turns blue in 4 or 8 years, it’s game over and what happened to California (mud importation = permanent democrat majority) will happen to the country. 100 years of deranged, insane, uninterrupted Democrat rule which will make today’s Democrats seem like sober intellectuals.

  18. The thing I have trouble squaring is how the radicals were on the free labor side. They were the ‘progressives’. Todays progs are the throwbacks. Or progress is down the drain. It’s like a snake eating its tail. Makes no sense.

  19. It is my hope that the moderate, virtue signaling Republicans and the crazy-as-hell leftists manage to kill each other before we dissidents get in the fight.

      • Good point. Virtue signaling is Lordosis Behavior. “Bent backwards” Aka “presenting” in animal husbandry. It is also no cohencidence that it is a distinctly female behavior.

        The Repubs have been taking it like a bitch in heat for ever. Thats how we got 26 (and counting) genders. Some kinda island of doctor moreau back there in the swamp.

        The cringe reflex is a natural response to seeing a presumably grown man present.

        Its arguably the only natural thing those things create. Also a good tell for those who may still be sane. I look around the pub during the stupor bowl halftime POX strip tease would be another litmus. But alas a thirsty male will drink sand from an oasis so maybe not as reliable.

  20. People living 2 generations from now in America won’t be Americans. They will have no tie to America’s past because neither they nor their ancestors were part of America’s past. Even now, there is a large % of the population that has no past in America. Either they or their ancestors came to America in the 70s or even more recently than that. We do not have a shared history for them to ever forget.

    I don’t think Nancy Pellosi and the rest of the feak-show in the press or Congress are all that radical. She and her ilk mouth the radical talking points because that is the route to power. Most of these politicians went from “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman” to “bake the cake, bigot” in no time flat. They got their talking points and they said what they were told to say and did what they were told to do. Check out Cynthia McKinney, an SJW true believer. She went to Washington believing her civics lessons, even at the university level. When she told AIPAC to go pound sand, she found out how things really work.

    • In the most recent McSpencer Group I believe Ed Dutton said that no Americans lived in America; it was just English people who happened to live there. Etc. I agree with this sentiment. America was colonized and the idea that it has been a ‘nation’ is bogus. It’s merely been a multi-ethnic economic zone, especially after the Civil War. This is not an argument for civnattery, rather I think it’s an argument that ‘America’ should go away and be replaced by independent ethnic enclaves or other agreed-upon unions of people.

    • “People living in America 2 generations from now won’t be Americans.”

      They aren’t already.

      Typical swearing-in ceremony: “Yes yes, 1776, free speech, railroads, Indians, something destiny, civil war, slavery bad, Something Depression, WW 2, holocaust bad, JFK, civil rights, I have a dream, white privilege, diversity something strength. Okay fine, I am now an American, can I go now? Also, please where is my welfare check, my college scholarship and my free white girl? Also, where is America application for my fifteen cousins and their children?”

  21. I think the civil war talk is just LARPing, our people did nothing when abortion became legal, they did nothing when perverts were allowed to go to the bathroom with their little girls, they do nothing when millions of illegals invade our country, they do nothing when their sons die in forever war…what will wake them?

    • All sadly true. But the fact that nothing HAS triggered us does not mean nothing “can” or “will.” Some possible examples: An electrical grid collapse; ending the provision of potable water; a breakdown in the food distribution system. We wait.

      • People are believing animals, without a real moral athority that gives us the right to be a people and have legitimate concerns, I’m not sure we can sway our people with out it. Otherwise we just sound like nut jobs and Nahzis to the people we are trying to win over. Anything out there that can challenge pozzed Christianity? I’ve been looking for any church that cares for its congregation/community more than the third world.

    • This would be my argument against the “the other guy is worse” voters. Remind them that the GOP holding both houses and the presidency continued every neo-liberal policy in existence. Even the ones they explicitly campaigned against.

    • for me, it’s going to be hard to top suggesting a 9yr old tranny will be picking the head of education for a nation….(I expect that to be eclipsed by the end of the week given the past year)

    • It’s already started. The question is whether the public will pay attention to the displays or laugh/shrug it off. I do think most people laugh it off.

      • You laugh it off, I laugh it off (sort of), but many are not. What does this mean? I think it means people are beginning to wake up. I used to get mad, but that was because they should have known better, been more respectful, been more informed, etc. Then I caught wise. But the first step was anger, not laughter. That’s perhaps the last step, but not the first.

        • If the first step is anger I’ve been on the stoop for a very long time. I just cannot bring my self to laugh yet.

  22. One larger issue is the state of the white female. In 1865 that white female by and large still married and had children. Today marriage and having children are on the decline.
    Except in third world nations.
    Lots of children are happening there.
    In 1865 we looked across the pond to a Europe teeming with lower class whites just waiting to come here.
    In 2020 that does not exist.
    If the radical left gets its way or even if the moderate right does not recognize the danger of legal and illegal immigration we will be swamped by sheer numbers.
    I seen no sign of Trump fearing this scenario last night. He called for more legal immigration.
    Of course most of that legal immigration will be non white, Indian, Asian….
    What we really need are more white children.
    And the benefit of women taking care of their children and helping society and not stuck in a cubicle working for Wall Street.
    Trump bragging about women being a majority of our workforce is nothing to brag about.
    And the Christian Pence stood and clapped.
    What was shown last night is that many white women in our current society are represented to us dressed in a white suffrage uniform as a symbol that they have no intrest in a traditional marriage and having children.
    And the white Christians like Pence cheer women working In large numbers. He is cheering his own demise.

    • White, the traditional color worn by brides, now used by feminists. The rainbow, a symbol of God’s promises now stolen by those who refuse to follow the Bible.

      It seems like the other side obtains energy from twisting good symbols.

      • “It is not enough that we die; that will not satisfy them. They must make the things we deem precious seem grotesque and ugly” –from the book Awake in the Night Land”

    • The Pence applause for team woman is the “conservative” version of diversity is our strength. Its pavlovian.

      Daddy’s little girl is a strong independent womyn who doesn’t have time for a family (yet) because she is too busy living an awesome busy life.

      The result, at best: “I heart my grand fur babies” bumper stickers as they drive off into the progressive sunset.

      Meanwhile, she hates her job, pops pills for anxiety, sells her body on an app for a dopamine hit, and wonders where all the good men went. There just aren’t any real men at pussy hat marches or Bernie rallies. Its all so confusing.

      • Yeah it was mentioned here before that these women want a man with traditional values, but one who espouses woke ideology.

        They want a man with a respectable career, money, somewhat dominant, protective, doesn’t do drugs, etc. Basically, a conservative. But they turn 100% bitch as soon as you tell them you’re against homosexual marriage, or abortion, or race mixing, etc.

        So basically as usual they don’t know what they want. We know what they want but who really has the balls to speak up? Easier to just white knight it.

      • I wonder if POCs, when assembled in their safe spaces devoid of anti-diversity whites, tell each other proudly that “one of my best friends is white and is hardly even raciss” whenever the discussion inevitably turns to rail cars and re-education camps?

        How much of the tribute paid to the others is empty platitudes of media salve vs legitimate pandering to the elusive “black vote” and cowering before the prog god of anti-racism?

        Does it matter?

    • Historical demography is certainly an interesting subject. But you can’t compare an agrarian society that had high maternal- and infant- mortality, before the advent of antibiotics, where most of the population originated from within the Hajnal Line, to what’s gone on since Hart-Celler.

  23. When you have serious University intellectuals arguing feverishly over whether there are 16 or 17 different genders, and fellow-traveler politicians ready to imprison anyone who fails to use the myriad of new pronouns associated with these newly discovered gender variants, then we have truly crossed into a Twilight Zone of institutional insanity. It is not improbable to think that Sanders will be the next president and Ocasio Cortez will be the next Speaker of the House. If that doesn’t trigger the revolution, nothing will.

    • Ireland currently has a homosexual Indian as Prime Minister. I think you give white people at large too much credit. This is not a heroic age.

      • Ireland is a very interesting case study (to me, anyway.) I grew up seeing the NorAid billboard and hearing justifications for the bombings and other acts of terrorism against civilians. “Ireland for the Irish.” Now, just in the last few years, it’s refugees, asylum seekers, and the whole multi-culti agenda because Ireland needs people. Meanwhile the Irish Envoy travels around the US arguing against deporting Irish illegals and granting more work visas to Ireland. Makes one’s head spin.

      • Marko, I see your point. The abundanceof dumb whites makes me wonder about the worth of building Honkeytopia or whatever the Dissident Right is trying to do. Plenty of white people are fully complicit in everything wrong with the country. Why not Notice that also?

        • That’s actually a liberating realization.

          So, most of society is useless. Stop wasting your energy trying to save society, then.

          Focus in influencing your immediate surroundings, starting with yourself. A self-actualized white man shines brightly, believe me. Focus on creating DR networks and subtly spreading our gospel. Yes, 97% of whites appear to be brain dead. We can build ourselves around that. More will join the strong horse, later on.

          We get depressed because we want it all to change and we are powerless on such a large scale. Focus on smaller things, which are actually under your control, and you’ll feel much better and be more productive.

          • I applaud your attitude. I am over feeling overwhelmed by how much the world has changed, and, now just focus on my own life and my local community. I already went John Galt and live on a great rural farm with like minded neighbors. We always counsel each other, over beers, not to pay too much attention to the MSM as we make our own world here.

            I believe we can and need to start at the local level and move up. The top tiers will probably disintegrate down and the resulting level will probably be County or maybe State in the East.

            Just make local friends and make plans to help each other and actually follow through. I butchered 10 chickens for a buddy who had never done it before. He fixes my equipment. We can work it all out.

    • Tom, I’m not hopeful either, but would caution that we should not paint all University “intellectuals” with the same broad brush. The University folk you most decry—and myself as well—are *not* intellectuals.

      Time and time again people in this forum rightly point out that a “degree” does not make you an intellectual. For the most part, the majority of advanced degrees you can wipe your ass with for all the good they will do you (and the country as well).

      A weak, meaningless degree in Grievance Studies, or Medieval Lesbian Poetry does not make you an “Intellectual”. Indeed, I would postulate that the reason we have all the troubles in the Academe is precisely because of these intellectual poseurs. They have no real ability, knowledge, or insight so they scream all the louder for attention.

      There are wonderful things being done by the real intellectuals in the Universities—particularly in the hard sciences. For example, at my previous University there is a women faculty member who specializes in plant pathology—specifically in producing a grain type that is not susceptible to fungus growth during storage. In developing countries, poor families must eat this grain or starve. 10’s of thousands become sick and die each year.

      After a couple of decades, her grain variety is finally completing UN field testing and will shortly be distributed to all. She has arguably improved/saved millions of lives. More so than a thousand Mother Teresa’s emptying bed pans over their lifetimes.

      And for this discovery, she will not receive a nickel—only the deep satisfaction of a life well lived in her chosen profession.

      • Who’s going to benefit from your plant pathologist’s New Grain? Mainly Africans, so they can breed more and send more ant-colony migrants to the Western world. Sorry, but “humanitarianism” heedless of consequences is not a “life well lived.”

        • Famous scientists invented nuclear weapons, poison gas and the like. Such is the use “others” put to such invention. That Africa is fed and expands beyond reasonable carrying capacity has nothing to do with better gains in farming yield, but rather charitable organizations supplying such aid outside of reasonable population control measures.

          However, as the situation now exists, what do you think will happen if and when food runs short and famine appears on the dark continent? Migration in the extreme.

        • Lol.

          We don’t need a deadly strain of malaria. We just need to stop rescuing them from their tin boats once they get 500m off the coast of Algeria.

          They get better boats? Blockade.

          Literally the 18th century British Navy would have easily kept these Africans out. We are just cucked (actually our elites want them coming in, that’s why they are coming in).

      • I do not care about “developing” countries or the UN agenda. What precisely is this woman doing to secure a future for White children? At the very least, she should be tending to a husband and raising children. A new fungal-resistant grain is not a top-tier priority for White people at this juncture.

    • A very significant amount of the Left’s support comes from a new class of people that has been growing dramatically in urban areas since the 1960s and really exploded in the last 20 years. What to call them? Smart but Useless? Midwits? (Vox Day’s term) They aren’t just the stereotypical Gender Fluid Dynamics types who hang around college towns (often for their whole adult lives). They are also the sainted public School Teachers, “Civil Servants” (what a term!), NGO employees, and those whose jobs rely on there being lots of the other 3 types around (coffee houses, pretentious bookstores, etc…) I live next to Portland, OR for instance, which is basically an entire mid sized city that has no real reason to exist apart from this stuff. If it had to exist on the real economy of productive work it would still be a damp dreary logging town.

      Most of these people are white and most of them are not irredeemable but economic forces have a political logic of their own. In this case the logic is that these people know that they have few employment prospects outside the network of causes and ideas that make up the modern Establishment. Even if someone in one of these groups (say a school teacher) is beginning to doubt some aspects of the narrative there will be someone in their social circle or at one of the political events they go to on hand to remind them that “Unity is Strength” meaning that once you question some aspect of the nonsense there’s nothing to keep the whole row of dominoes from falling over.

      The challenge for the DR is to give these people a way out. There’s an old military tactic/rule that you surround an enemy on three sides, not four. It’s best for both of you if he can run away instead of fighting to the last bullet. I’ve said it many times. The main force that sustains the Brown Wave is not the browns themselves. It’s the Leftist whites and Jews whose livelihoods depend on Poz and who also form the relatively competent organizational backbone of the Left. Give them a way to do something else and all but the hard core radicals will take it. Also, the enemy loses most of its brainpower and you are left with disorganized tribes rather than a vast network institutions and people. Let’s hope that AOC is an indication of the face of that new enemy.

      • As noted before, we as a society reward products of the mind rather than physical labor. This leaves the ability to earn the good (productive) life to a smaller and smaller proportion of the population on the right side of the Bell curve. It is quite a challenge to pull the rest along. UBI is just Welfare under a nicer sounding name for those of us still adverse to the concept of dependency. It’s just survival money, but will never provide the life we all aspired to a couple of generations or so back (hence I suspect a lot of the problems we have with Millennials and Zoomers).

        But yes, in the new order envisioned by the typical DR’ist here, it is essential to consider where our “technological progress” takes us as a society. Many of Z-man’s missives discuss problems with Libertarian concepts of individualism at the expense of society—that is to say, what’s good for the individual not being good for society. I, in particular, have obtained many new concepts and understanding here.

  24. It’s clear we are living in the end of the Enlightenment period. the enlightenment required white people, white people are disappearing like the dinosaurs, the future is 20 billion browns on the planet squatting in mud huts telling each other stories about the olden times when the White Gods bestowed Magic upon the world’s population before disappearing like Atlantis

      • Peak civilization only if we erase/diminish our core intellectual base, which resides in the White and East Asian populations. This is not entirely preposterous. With Whites, we see/fear an immediate overrun/replacement by Browns. But with East Asians (Whites as well) we may simply see a loss of intelligence through dysgenics.

        Resource availability requires intellect in gathering and use. You are correct—such is no longer sitting on top of the ground waiting to be picked up.

        • One of the many reasons for developing resources (of both energy and materials) off the earth is that if the Brown Wave on Earth crests as high as our masters seem to want the only advanced civilization left may be in space colonies. Even if high intelligence evolves again among humans or some other species there will be no easily accessible energy or minerals (on Earth) to start a new scientific and industrial age.

          Perhaps this is what Elon Musk is secretly up to. As a white South African and a very smart guy who isn’t afraid of conventional wisdom he may have realized that the pozzed government space programs of the US and EU will never be able to do anything significant again. He should also be aware Black SA will be the future of the whole world if and when the Brown Tsunami crests.

          Sad that it might come down to that – some cantankerous billionaire being the Great White Hope so to speak. By the way, before I get flamed – I am NOT suggesting that we just “wait for Musk to do it”. That’s as silly as the hopes of the cucked Evangelicals who are waiting for Jesus to fix everything. What I am suggesting is that if we avoid our planned fate and see a new age dawn as this one dies the story may contain a lot of surprising elements.

          • Seems too late, to be honest.

            But, I fully agree. The white man needs to be exploring and conquering. There is nothing left on this earth for us. I hope Musk gets there.

            The sky really is the limit for white men (when we don’t get distracted by sex, drugs, r&r). I have no doubt we could colonize space.

          • You can run – but you’ll only die tired.

            Are you going to outrun mosquitoes?

            Are you going to outrun locusts?

            Or is the solution to bring back DDT ?

          • There are still enough of us and enough time for a multipronged approach. For the Earth DDT is one option but so is draining the swamps (i.e. stop feeding the Third World and then letting them use the West as a release valve). In the event that fails having a redoubt in space is another option. In any event we will be forced to expand into space eventually whether we want to or not by resource exhaustion.

            Finally, think of the sheer demoralization that knowing that Whitey is out there among the stars with infinite room to expand and grow will cause for those here who think they can just wait us out. The whole glorious project of a planet-wide brown shantytown ruled by an (((elite))) and their sycophants becomes, at best, meaningless.


          • I’m betting on the Chinese. Indeed, we are sending/exchanging much of our knowledge and data wrt HBD with them. Their government has no qualms about breeding a better, smarter Chinaman. That’s where the reversal of our present dysgenic decline may lay. Hopefully, such knowledge may be shared with barbarians like us.

          • The Chinese are certainly going to expand their presence in space as are the Russians. The only question is whether we will be there too and the Solar System will be divided.

    • I agree that we’re witnessing the end of the Enlightenment period. It was a white male thing, really an Anglo-Saxon or, at best, a NW European white male thing. It helped advance science and dramatically improved material wealth, but it also sowed the seeds of its demise.

      The Enlightenment quietly and slowly destroys the core of a strong society – religious belief and solidarity of tribe. The Enlightenment was a shooting star in man’s history, burning bright but destined to disappear quickly.

      • Agreed. And really since the 1960s (though perhaps the seeds were sown before), white enlightened society hasn’t stood a chance at surviving.

        A people focused on sex, drugs, and rock and roll over family, God and country, are never going to last. And as that generation is aging and dying, so is that lifestyle (and our people). Most just don’t realize it yet.

        It’s so easy to be reasonably successful in our countries yet we’re being outdone by the mudhut people. Don’t do drugs, don’t sleep around, pick a profitable field of study and work hard at it. Most white people do the opposite and as a result the mudhuts are gaining the upper hand. Pretty sad.

        • There are a core of people who keep this shitshow on track—the rest depend on them, whether they know it or not. “Mudhuts” and now increasingly our own kind are dependent upon this shrinking core. The welfare State (in all its forms) is our undoing. A new balance must be found, but it may be too late. Welfare is now less a helping hand than a bribe to ensure peace among the unproductive. And we all know what eventually happens to those who submit to blackmail.

          • Yeah. I am, by nature, part of that core.

            But I increasingly wonder why even bother. The better the job I do, the more the mudhut people will benefit.

            So, I basically just focus on making money and getting promoted. Extra energy goes into church, dr, and family/other groups I’m part of. Fuck general society. Enough of us follow, and everything collapses.

            A huge loss for tptb and society in general. In fact a large number on the DR would have been prominent and respected people in the past – instead we shun mainstream society as it has let us down

          • I started wondering why mainstream society seemed to want to screw me over – as far back as my mid 20’s.

            That was the 1980s.

            Once I got out of school – actually even before ( I worked my way thru college) – it became blindingly apparent that most of what I had been “taught” – was just plain bullshit and in fact was often in direct contradiction to the way the “real world” actually worked.

            For decades now – when I’d bring this topic up – Joe Normie would excuse away the questions with answers like: ” it’s just school – ‘ those who can’t do teach’ “

          • UFO. As usual a fair and honest statement. I too have those feelings—you are not alone. I begin to envy those folk more and more who can remain upbeat in times like these. I believe that’s why people like Z-man and Jared Taylor have so much of my attention.

          • I think it is easy to let everything bog us down. For instance, here we realize “man, society really hates white men”. Topics like this. But we keep that thought with us, while we drive, while we socialize – and it keeps coming back and bringing us down.

            If we consider this clearly, there is no basis for these thoughts to interfere with our daily existence. So yeah, some crazy elites do actually hate us, but it’s abstract in the daily life. I’m just going to live, kick ass, and not worry about it too much in the day to day. This is just a concept that somehow can blanket our thinking. I feel quite upbeat about my personal life despite recognizing that society is crumbling down and we are in the shit.

            We need action, not depression. We can’t change the world but we can influence our immediate surroundings: 1) dress decently 2) have a good job 3) work hard, be polite, friendly, social 4) promote white interests like shopping local 5) take care of your kids (or be on the lookout for a future wife) 6) discuss the issues with clarity, calmness, and conviction – taqqiya if necessary 7) build DR networks on the side etc.

            I think we expect too much from ourselves. Be the change you want to see, be the man you want to be, raise the kids the way you want the future to look, and promote the agenda of truth and righteousness. Just doing that is enough to shine brightly among people. Other than that, God will handle things.

        • Bullshit.

          The mudhuts were subsidized.

          Every white man carries his own family on his back – and the leftists loaded up a black family on his back as well. When that didn’t break them – the lefties then decided to import a whole bunch more POC and load them up onto his back as well.

          This finally did the trick.

          More and more white men started saying “phuck this” – and dropped out.

          The constant screeching of their women didn’t help either.

          I remember as a kid there was an awful lot of “phuck you” going around. High school was full of a lot of fist fights , as was the culture in general. Charles Bronson was gunning people down, as was Clint Eastwood.

          Whatever happened to “phuck you” ?

      • The long march of the Anglo-American Enlightenment principles of greater individual liberty and equality eventually led to gay marriage and either a choice of 80 genders or non-binary. Emphasis equality and end up with Communism, emphasis liberty and end up with Libertarianism. It atomizes society and leads to the rejection of religion – after all, if we’re all equal so no one has the right to tell me what to do or not to do. Everyone’s equal, everything’s equal – every person, behavior and attitude. The only “sins” in today’s world are offenses against the holy trinity of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity – DIE.

      • The tragedy of the Enlightenment is that the Christian churches didn’t know what to do with it and couldn’t integrate its rationalism and empiricism into traditional Christian morality. Then the Marxists and other lefty hooligans came along, grabbed some baking soda and cooked it down into a cheap smoke-able form for mass consumption. Once you cook off all that ponderous philosophical gunk you get a hard little nugget that any moron can enjoy – “God is dead, now you can drink and fuck all you want and if your neighbor has something nice that you want, just take it!” This was the perfect drug for the new and debased urban proletariat. The highbrow Marxist theorists had their elaborate utopian frameworks and debated about the role of the Party vs. the workers but the average prole Communist just wanted to burn the factory owner’s house and rape his daughter. This is actually still the understanding of the masses in our urban ghettos and the Third World.

    • And like the gods in so many mythologies, they destroyed themselves by fighting each other. WWI&II were perhaps the real life Ragnarok, the battle of the gods.

      I have to admit that, once loving the Enlightenment, and partly still do, I do wonder if it is at odds with man’s Darwinian nature and intrinsically dysgenic.

      Black-pilled but amazing comment.

      • Perhaps the Enlightenment and its Industrial Revolution should be considered an example of plateau evolution.

        (And thanks yet again, white people.
        I insist we are the tool of the Increate.)

  25. Next up- the Preston Brooks Moment, where a sitting member of the House attacks a Senator on the floor.

    I can definitely see the three unhinged women Representatives (The Puerto Rican, The Palestinian, or the Somalian)
    trying to club Mitch McConnell into submission in the aftermath of the inevitable acquittal…

    • I remember there were audible “F-You”s in Congress during the aughts between the neocons and leftists. But yeah, I’m thinking we’re not far from a physical assault. The problem is that males of both parties are cucked and would not throw down. I can’t imagine any man being that belligerent, even over the 2A. The only remote possibility is a physical assault (or at least one of those face-to-face invasions of space) between a POC female and a white male, most likely started by the POC female. That would be our Preston Brooks moment.

    • I mainly tuned in last night to see if she would lose it completely and direct the Sergeant at Arms to arrest Donald Trump.

      Civil War 2.0 aside, that would’ve been some great television.

  26. I too felt it was a bad omen when she tore up the speech. She just helped anchor ‘civil war’ inside Overton. I increasingly dont see how there can be reform without the utter defeat of them, or of heritage America. What a bitter cup to contemplate.

  27. Johnson’s impeachment was nominally triggered by the firing of Edwin Stanton, which violated the recently enacted “Tenure of Office Act”, passed over Johnson’s veto. The act was an egregious usurpation of Executive privilege by Congress, mandating that the President get the approval of Congress before firing his own appointees. Stanton was a Radical Republican, favoring harsh treatment of the South.

    • Egads. We forget that some Radical Republicans planned for Negro administrators, ensuring their loyalty depended on the Union North, and to quell Southern resistance with the gallows and secret informers.

      Worse, much worse, is that these were White people who wanted this.

      Just as today. Sadly.
      Can’t Whitewash all of it as Big Nose, although their banks fund the script.

      • It’s all ways white vs white, nobody else has the economic, technological, military or political where withal to defeat us. So one white group sides with an outside group to gain advantage over his white opponents. Voila! Clownworld.

  28. Curious, this Rousseau like appeal of the noble savage. Like the ghost in the machine, and the blank slate, some ideas die hard. Maybe it’s that it allows us to say that there is something numinous, something special about mankind that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, that we have a soul, and that even in our most primitive, we can be noble.

      • I vaguely remember reading somewhere about an Indian rights group founded in Massachusetts sometime in the 1830s. It was easy for bleeding hearts in Massachusetts to sympathize with the Noble Red Man because the few Indians left were in no position to terrorize them. I don’t think that settlers in Wisconsin had any illusions about Indians because they might end up dead if they did. There was still fighting between Indians and Whites at the time.

        Today, both liberals and cuckservatives love Blacks, love them, love them, love them, and the further away they live, the more they love them.

        • And g-d help you if these folk “know a good one”. They will begin and end all reasonable arguments you make with their one proud anecdote.

        • Happen to be on an F&I War kick right now—something I neglected over the years. And to understand the various alliances and grievances have to go back to King Philips War and prior inter tribal conflicts. It wasn’t pretty. Doesn’t make the Indians bad or good. They simply had their own particular morality.

  29. That peculiar brand of New England religious zealot with their condescending missionary zeal was bad enough.

    But when you couple the hysterical New England church-lady type (and that’s exactly hat Pelosi, Warren and Clinton are regardless of where they grew up) with Jews, look out. You now have well-financed, well-organized army of true believers (admittedly one believes in doing the equivalent of God’s work while the other believes in protecting their people) They’re like some harpy, Jewy Terminator.

    To quote the great Kyle Reese: Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until you are dead!

      • That is a hilarious strategy. “Freud Was Black” (which is to siay, wrong about everything), “Marx Was Black” (also wrong about everything). Every prominent 20th century Jew was really black. Gershwin. Salk. All those patriotic hedge fund managers.

        It is high time for everyone to start paying back Jews with their own poison, and by the metric ton.

        We must end the toxic whiteness of Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, by flooding them with Blacks, Latinos and Muslims. Diversity is our strength! Hasidic Jews must NOT be deprived of our greatest strength.

        We can end the black-white achievement gap by busing blacks into yeshivas and giving them vouchers to attend private Jewish schools, where blacks and Latinos will be uplifted by exposure to that legendary Jewish high IQ. Equity for IQ points! Jews must pay their fair share of high IQ!

        Jewish financial expertise is a key source of wealth which has been denied to blacks and Browns. Therefore access to Jews is a human right. Every Jew must be followed around by, and handcuffed to if necessary, a troupe of duskies, so that they can eavesdrop on Jewish conversation, pick up Jewish acumen and argot, immerse themselves in insider knowledge, and pick up stock tips.

        Since the Second Amendment is constantly in play, why not the Third as well? The whole Bill of Rights is apparently fluid and elastic as silly putty. The Third shall be, um, re-interpreted, and every Jewish household will have foreign refugees billeted upon it: swarms of swarthies will take up residence in each Jewish household for free, and at full personal Jewish expense. They love to support refugees and immigration, now they can literally support them. Welcome the stranger, Jews! And boy, have we got a lot of strangers for you to welcome.

        The possibilities are endless.

      • Alzaebo. You are missing out on “intersectionality” points. Perhaps more powerful to state: “Einstein was a Black, Jewish, Autistic, Homosexual”. 😉

    • The Church Ladies will be thrilled.

      We’re going to have a choice between a Jewish billionaire, a Jewish Communist, or a gay guy with a Jewish husband.

      VP Stacy Abrams for the win, and Fukuyama will have been proven right.
      This really was The End of History. For us.

      • I don’t see Pete as particularly “gay.” I’m not hearing jokes or laughter at his speeches. He is, however, “homosexual”…and he does think he’s “married” to another male homosexual.

        • When mayor Pete brings up his “husband” on stage for a big congratulatory “kiss” (he did this once I am told), we’ll see how liberal the nation is wrt homosexuality.

        • Butt Plugs is going nowhere. Blacks and Mexicans will not vote for a fag. Neither will a lot of straight whites. Sure he’ll get the white woke coastal vote and the MSM crown but that’s it.

          And no the MSM won’t mock his gayness anymore than they mocked Obama for being black. Plugs is off-limits.

          • There’s footage of an older White Woman handing in her card for Buttigieg at the Iowa Caucus. When the young AWFL who recieved the card thanked her for voting for a homosexual, the voter looked confused then, upon understanding that Mayor Pete was a queen, requested her card back.

            Petey has tried as much as possible to avoid the revelation, but I don’t see how they expect to get around it.

      • The lovely and gracious Chasten Glezman Buttigieg isn’t Jewish, but was raised in a Roman Catholic household and his brother Rhyan (strange first names) is a pastor.

    • The Tent Revival known as NPR sent down a tweet on Nancy The Ripper. The comments were significant majority in support. And white.

      The goodwhites are indeed like some machine programmed to destroy the truth.

      They turn up again and again through time, each time more steeled in their mission and more detached from the reality that exists outside their rigid lines of code.

      I still wonder if reality split when they fired up CERN. These people are absolutely convinced that up is down. Racism de jur is the anti-racism which of course is anti-white because privilege. And aw heck slavery too.

      I don’t see them coming around even after they hand the keys to the minstrel show of the brown female future that will most certainly thank them with usurious white privilege taxes and anti-racism racism laws.

      You don’t even have to go back some decades to see that future. If POX run dem cities aren’t enough, there is always South Africa.

      They have forgotten much. Like how bread lines are a white thing too.

      How much diversity can a bread line take before it becomes something else?

      • The sh*t-test of civilization is hard and not everyone’s going to pass – those of us who don’t volunteer to be eaten b/c Love have answered the First Question correctly.

        Success is often the strongest adversary and it’s ripping through untested bugmen harder than Genghis Khan.

        Baizou Death will serve as a cull like Dutton’s Knot did for the British Empire.

        Sh*tlibs, kill yourselves, because it’s the right thing to do. No one can top offing yourself as a virtue-signal and you’ll trend for at least 15 minutes. Many likes, many followers. Just lean forward & show us you’re a star.

      • Screwtape. Before they fired up CERN, I was secretly hoping for a Black Hole to open up and swallow Earth.

  30. That sinking feeling when you realize the radicals have been here a long time and don’t intend to go away

    (Superb. Historical Z-nalysis at it’s best)

    • Liberalism means giving crazies and criminals a legitimate place in society. We might want to rethink it.

  31. “This age will be foreign to them.”

    Hell, it’s foreign to me. This is not even the country of 1999, let alone 1979. I wonder if your radicals have not already succeeded in their great project of destroying America. Sure looks like toast from where I sit.

    The amount of pure destruction that has happened in only twenty years is utterly mind-boggling. That so much of it was deliberate rather than the product of stupidity or unwisdom is staggering too. (Technically I suppose it was the product of deliberate scheming preying upon the weakness of stupidity and inattention.)

    That which was easily and readily defensible, was left undefended. Now there’s only a little patch that can be defended, and the conversation about whether to even defend it has only begun — the conversation, mind you, not the actual defense.


    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Cool for Cats. I graduated high school in Philly in 1968 and immediately went into the Army and Vietnam. Now I feel like I’m living in an occupied territory sometimes. The nonsense with Nazi Pelozi last night just one instance of the crumbling empire. They want to put people like Sanders and Occasional-Cotex in charge of energy and healthcare. Nothing solves those problems like handing them over to Stalin-style tyrants.

    • Every time Im back in America it feels more alien. I HATE this. I have a smoldering anger, like witnessing a giant, historical crime, and can do NOTHING about it.

    • “This age will be foreign to them..” because “The past is (always) a foreign country, they do things differently there “

  32. The greatest irony is that the belligerence of the North just made the South stubbornly hold its ground until the war that slayed 6% of the male population.

    If slavery was abolished peacefully like it was in almost every other country, probably doable within 30 or so years, blacks and well as whites would be better off today. The radicals couldn’t wait though, just like today.

    Also worth noting that the Northern army was something like 25% Irish, foreigners of the time. We’ll see this play out again as well as rural whites forego military service.

    • The image to keep in mind is a platoon of swarthy men, some maybe even wearing turbans, going house to house in rural areas to confiscate guns. That’s what the new ruling class in Virginia dreams of in the lonely hours.

      • That would get real bloody. Real fast. I hope it doesn’t really come to this, or anything similar.

        • Don’t make your stand fighting the bottom of the pyramid. Better to focus on the locus of the disease. The numbers are fewer, more fragile, and far more vulnerable in this modern age of technology. Knock down one bully and you won’t have to fight the whole neighborhood.

        • Read Matt Bracken did a write up on this in “what I saw at the coup” of how to deal with the opposition correctly.

          It’s a similar tactic to what the Pentagon Counter-terror ops do to the Jihadis – take out the leadership and it takes the fight out their goons.

          • A smart movement might also have diplomatic channels to remind the foreign nations that if you aid our enemies the consequences to your people will be very bad indeed.

            You must not forgive or forget. War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt.

            This is why I push and promote sane solutions even a mutually agreed up end to the union is better than that.

          • Braken’s piece is a great short story. The part that was/is different than what most would think, is that the dissidents target media figures first, in an attempt to change the narrative, vis a vis, quashing fake news. They have little or no security, and are well know. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well for Leviathans mouthpieces.

      • I used to think that the other side would never be that stupid, that they’d send white cops with a nice pension and a family that needs to be taken care of to do the dirty work. But now, I’m not so sure. The other side’s leadership is getting weaker and weaker. Hell, even the Jews in leadership slots, like Schiff, are bizarre.

        I wonder why the quality of people running the Destroy Whitey show has fallen so much,

        • Given the hard-on rural whites still have for cops, this would be the smartest. Even that hallmark is now losing its luster as more realize what we already know, that cops look out for other cops(and their pension).

          My redpilling came when I came across a story in a town adjacent from mine. A local teenage kid was pulled over on a Friday night. His teenage buddies were drunk so he panicked and took two minutes to pull over, in which time the cop called another cop in the area for backup. The other cop, who was taking anger management classes, decided this was important enough to go careening at 120mph in rural roads. He lost control and crashed into an old couples house, killing him instantly.

          The kid got six months in jail because the judge, who was friends with the cop, somehow decided he was responsible for the accident.

          • Chet. Tragic to be sure, but there are opposite stories to be told. Here, just the other day, a women who had to be forcibly removed from car after a drunk driving stop was sentenced. During the removal, she kicked an officer in the face with her heels—partially blinding him for life! She was convicted of drunk driving and aggravated assault on an officer.

            Her sentence? 90 days in jail and 5 years probation. Her race? Well, guess.

        • Since the logic of their ideology is so weak and destructive, I don’t think many of them are true believers. They are rather like mercenaries riding a gravy train. It’s their pay masters that are really running the show.

          • Certainly, any number of people who run for public office first stick a wet finger in the air and feel which way the wind blows. Live in a Democratic area and they run on the Democratic ticket. Live in a Republican area and they run on the Republican.

          • Respectfully disagree. Maybe that’s true of the hacks and Congress critters, but the moon bats I live among are true believers. And they hate hate hate other, non moonbat whites. And love the vibrants.

          • Hard to know how the real numbers break out, Ganderson. Certainly there are those as you describe, but then there are those imposters who like being known as the kind of person who believes sanctified things.

      • If we had lost the Revolution, those swarthy platoons would be confiscating knives, gardening tools, and hate tweets.

        • Actually, I wonder. A UK successfully riding here over the American continent wouldn’t be the UK we have today.

          The UK once had a strong ethic of civilian weapon ownership. They only became gun-grabbers long after they lost their empire.

          • Wasn’t it it true that a bobby didn’t carry a gun, because a few hard tweets of his whistle would bring the local homeowners running to his aid, rifles in hand?

          • The British police have never been routinely armed because, traditionally, there was never deemed to be a need for it. Up until the 1980s there were plenty of guns in Britain but no “gun culture” as such.

            There is quite a well-known story about a policeman chasing down an armed robber in 1920s London who borrowed a gun from a passing member of the public to take down the miscreant.

            Police are still not routinely armed in the UK but you do often see militarised cops with HK machine guns on the streets.

        • Not at all. The UK had loose in the 1920’s and quite reasonable gun laws into the 1930’s and tolerable ones into the 1980’s or so.

          The 1930’s was the age tyrants basically when most States started to see its citizens as tools to be used and all traditions as expendable for the industrial state. Can’t have cogs be free men.

          Also the Left exists to break tradition for world socialism and the Communist industrial state and arms bearing was a tradition so it had to be broken.

          The key is for the Right to embrace tradition or just fake it if needed.

          Problem is that a lot of traditions are “screw the working man, cheap labor uber alles.” and with automation and urbanization this means Leftism will always come back.

          I think that a Right wing state that embraces a floor and and maybe a ceiling and pushes tradition, pomp and ceremony as well as deal with subversion can gain lasting power and keep the Reds at bay.

          This does mean things like Neo Conservatism, Neo Liberalism, Thatcherism, Blairsm and the like have to go.

          My personal preference would be an authoritarian Right Wing populist state embracing the one ISM we haven’t tried Distributism but I don’t know that will work given the US history.

          It might work in Europe though they’ll prefer a top down Social Democratic approach.

          Since people mostly live in cities, they are not now or ever going to be rugged farmer types. They can’t. Its a dissonant value

          This means so long as modernity lasts and its got quite a bit of life left in it. unless the issues of “access to capital” and “lack of access to the means of production.” are dealt with, you’ll get more Communism since its the only system that says “at least you’ll get food and medicine no matter what.” even if that is waiting in a welfare line and the NHS

        • A man was arrested, and imprisoned for 16 years in Iowa for burning an LGBT flag.

          You can be fined 30 grand and have your house forclosed for lawn grass being too long.

          Asbury park NJ- a man was killed by the cops for carrying a pair of scissors in his own house.

          Eating a sandwich in a public place in California can lead you to be arrested.

          The education dept has SWAT teams launching no-knock raids on apartments that used to have somebody renting who “may have been ” delinquent on student loan repayments.

          On campuses there are no-whites days but if you disagree you face charges of racism.

          Thought crime is alive and well in the US which is why you comment anonymously, “Alzaebo”.

          Britain has a demography that is close to that of the US in the late ’70s which is why if there were confiscatory platoons they probably would be white.

          In many respects the US is much further post Western than the UK or any other European country.

          Still, guns…

          • Willpower and Will to Power are needed not guns.

            With the former you can end a regime sometimes without a shot. If you doubt me? Brexit.

            Far from optimum but a hell of a blow.

            Also its getting easier by the second to make firearms. A little street treat


            Cheap all unregulated ,basically unregulatable parts, printable magazine, semi auto 9mm . Far better than the Luty BTW

            Once ammo manufacture is made easy anyone with a few bucks can have a cheap accurate effective suppressed 9mm whenever they wish.

            The key isn’t guns but a plan and a will to achieve it.

            When you have something bigger than you that you are willing to sacrifice a lot, maybe everything for, you can have it. Otherwise you are better off finding ways to live within the currents system and knuckling down as its going to be a wild ride.

      • .

        It’s a matter of competing time lines as to what will happen. Consider: today’s radicals are mostly hard left. Sure, they were experts at marching through the institutions… but they can’t run them and more often than not, will eventually destroy them.

        When I was a young man, California had a bigger economy than all of my country – Canada. People were hauling up stakes and moving there from all over the country and it was the place to be. Now it looks like Mexico and is on fire while Nance throws hissy fits in Washington. Bastions of leftist power are collapsing as we speak. Baltimore, Detroit and other black run cities would make excellent movie sets for Planet Of The Apes.

        Today’s radicals will destroy themselves. No bones about it either. The question is… will we let them take us along for the ride. They’re all out of money and need to start seriously spending other people’s money to keep their machine going. I suspect that is the reason for the gun grabs – so that they can rob you later.

        America NEEDS to change… and if it is done right… it could be a good deal for everyone.

        • “Baltimore, Detroit, and other black run cities would make excellent movie sets for Planet of the Apes.” Funny. If the temporary usurpation of powers, more appropriately reserved for Mr. Z, is excused, I would nominate that nugget Quote of the Day!

      • There are often scenarios drawn of UN troops mixing in the fray. My general thought is, “great”. A conflict which takes the form of White against White, or citizen against citizen is a much tougher one to initiate and maintain. The more obvious the non-Americans taking part, the easier for one to chose and differentiate sides.

        • Historically, a minority group might cooperate with a conqueror or oppressive elite and gain favor. Parsis in India worked with the British and Jews in Poland worked as tax collectors.

        • They’re not insane, they’re their own nation.

          We DR speak of a separate state, but, as always, the Left got there first. The growth of government, unbridled by profit-or-loss, has given them the numbers.

          Separate religion, economy, ‘science’, history, and increasingly, a separate language.

      • Bugmen look at rednecks like Jason from Fri. 13th – one of the many (((Hollywood))) depictions of heritage Americans.

        Eagerly awaiting the inevitable Tarentino flick lionizing the gun grabbers. Jaime Fox rides again. Every ticket comes with a red pill.

      • If you want to see how that plays out – you can roll back to some Revolutionary war reading to get a sense of how much the colonists hated the Hessians.

        My grandparents lived in Lexington – so every April 19th when I was a young kid we would stay over and attend the re-enactment of the fight on the common (it starts early). One of the things I distinctly remember from reading – even as a child …….. was that the colonists really hated those damn Hessians.

        You can count on the same dynamic happening again if the new ruling class decides to use “swarthy men” to go around and suppress the natives on the next go-around.

        That’s why I hope they do it! 🙂

      • Could be. At the same time, nobody has been better at slaughtering whites wholesale than other whites. Ww2, ww2, civil war, 30 years war, basically all of history… we cling to our ideologies over race and just don’t get along.

        Sending mudhut people to boss us around might actually unite us as one…

      • The image to keep in mind is a platoon of swarthy men, some maybe even wearing turbans, going house to house in rural areas to confiscate guns.

        Here’s a little gem for the Robert Crumb-fans:


        It’s supposed to be satire of course, but it’s not so funny any more, is it?

  33. Great analogy of what were the roots and fruits of Civil War I with what is happening now. I guess we are just waiting to see if there will be a Civil War II.

    • Maybe Z said this or someone else…not my idea, but a good one…but civil wars start when there are two opposing elite factions. Our country has only one elite. And the Dirt People are not all on the same page either. Totalitarian oligarchy is much more likely than civil war.

    • If it comes to war, CW 2.0 will likely be fought out in large urban areas. Cutting these areas off from power and resources will be the order of business.

    • I doubt actual war. It’s a different world. The slave power was agricultural, flesh and bone. This power is technological. It’s a war of ideas in the matrix, the matrix itself being a product of the ideological age. They call it LARPing, shitposting, fedposting, meme-ing, whatever, but it has its own bizarre reality.

      As a northerner, I hope northern cities collapse in the aftermath like the old plantations did. It’s getting crowded up here!

      • I agree. There will not be a “grand” war with uniformed soldiers on opposing sides.

        If we are to survive it will be the result of the death of the US by a thousand cuts. Sanctuary states for illegal criminals on one side and sanctuary counties supporting 2A on the other until there is no United anything.

        For example, CA will not pay for travel to conferences in states which have laws our anointed gods deem sinful. https://www.oag.ca.gov/ab1887 As more and more states reciprocate “the mystic chords of memory” that bind will be lost to the extent they even exist now until we are exterminated or drift apart.

        • The USSR just fell part with minimal violence. Even the 1919 coup to remove Gorbachev had little effect on average citizens.

          If we are very lucky, we’ll get the same.

          • from your mouth to god’s ears . I don’t think we will be that lucky because the complete loathing of part of the population by the elites was not present in the USSR as it is in the us today. I mean look at Antifa for heavens sake . they want everyone not completely pozzed to the max dead. . they are not rational actors. They are not shy about saying they want us dead. I believe them . They clearly e nation wide and sanctioned by the government. It will be very dangerous for normal people if they are ever let off the leash. they are like mao’s Red brigades in the cultural revolution.

      • With power being technological, what happens when the banks shut off deplorables’ accounts, like four banks recently did to Martin and Brittany Sellner? A technological war can turn physical very quickly when you can’t pay bills and feed yourself and your family.

        • I’m not sure the economy could absorb a mass de-banking. I’d expect them to keep the numbers low and be selective about it. Deplorables might consider voluntarily de-banking a la BDS. It was very effective.

          • It would probably be a good idea for everyone who can to open a brokerage account and keep most of their money there. Brokerages are less likely than banks to close a client’s account. They know it would be devastating to their financial well-being if people started fearing for the safety of their accounts. Stock and bond investors tend to be more affluent than bank customers and have more political power.

        • That will go on for a bit on a small scale since large scale uncertainty would as Paintersform suggested cause havoc up to an immediate unavoidable economic collapse.

          Also people with nothing to lose might frightful soldiers. If this situation goes hot 100% this will be regarded as a dirty tactic and people engaging in it will end up facing horrendous reprisals probably for decades to come.

          Given the bankers have made enemies of Left and Right alike so they won’t be safe even if they fake wokeness.

          As for protection, cash when possible. It wouldn’t be long before a parallel economy would develop anyway.

      • Damn Yankees aren’t Northerners. These days you see the Stars and Bars flown in upstate New York sometimes and in Redneck areas all over the country.

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