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Catching up with the correspondence this week, I have to say that the questions made for a good show. I’m not the best judge of these things, but it feels like a good mix of topics to me. I don’t use every question that comes in, as many only require a quick reply, while others are outside my area of interest. One of the first steps to wisdom is confidently saying “I don’t know” when you don’t know something. As I’ve grown older, I say “I don’t know” a lot more than in the past.

It occurred to me while going through the mail that something seems to be changing in the audience for dissident content. The topics are expanding, but also the perspectives on these topics are expanding. It is easy to get blue about the state of things, but there is an undertow pulling more and more people in this direction. Many seem to be showing up without really knowing it. I see this on Gab as well. People are slowly becoming aware of the changes in society and slowly responding.

That’s what shows up in the correspondence. I wish I had a nickel for every time I hear some version of “I just started listening/reading you and …” It could just be a coincidence and maybe I’m suffering from confirmation bias, but I sense that the tides are flowing in our direction. At the minimum, the instinct to signal against dissidents is now waning, as the radicalism of our rulers is on full display. Suddenly, dissidents are the reasonable voice in the room.

I’ve also noticed an increase in the number of e-mails from college domains. Some are students, probably most, but some are staffers too. I think the groyper rebellion on the college campus probably has a lot to do with it. As young people are re-normalized they are thirsty for content aimed at normal white people. They turn up on Gab or find their way here via search results. Both Counter-Currents and AmRen are seeing a steady increase in their traffic, in spite of the censorship.

Now, the black pillers can take solace in the fact that the people in charge are increasingly deranged and still in charge. This apparent good news should not lighten your mood and diminish your melancholy. We remain a subject people, ruled by deranged fanatics, who want us dead. For dissidents, it is vital to always think like an underdog, even when things are going your way. The time to come out of the shadows is when that which casts the shadows is destroyed.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the number of e-mails related to current events has dropped considerably over the last year. I went through the whole backlog this week and not a single mention of Trump, impeachment or any of it. That is encouraging, as it means our side is disengaging from that stuff. That suggests our side is truly on the other side of the divide now. Fewer people are standing on the shore, looking over to the other side, hoping for acknowledgement.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00 Opening
  • 03:00 Black History In Lagos
  • 06:00 Libertarians
  • 10:30 Homosexuals
  • 17:30 The JQ
  • 27:00 Alex Jones
  • 31:30 Diversity
  • 37:30 Blogging
  • 43:00 Supporting The Cause
  • 46:30 Lying
  • 49:00 AFPAC
  • 00 Thank You

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106 thoughts on “Dear Z Man

  1. Growing up, my father was the pastor of a Baptist church in the Deep South. This was when I was in elementary school in the early 80’s. Two of the members were a lesbian couple, who were active in the church. The “husband” in the relationship was very wctive, teaching Sunday School and volunteering for stuff. She was one of my regular babysitters.

    The thing was that everybody in the church who paid attention “knew” these women were in a homosexual relationship, but they were accepted by the community anyway because they (the lesbians) were not slapping everybody in the face with it. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” worked and worked well for everybody concerned.

    The militant homosexuals trying to destroy everybody’s closets was every bit as bad for “normal,” for lack of a better word, homosexuals who had carved out space in their communities to peacefully coexist with the heterosexual majority as it’s been for society at large. I don’t know what happened to the lesbian couple at my dad’s old church, but because of the unchecked rise of homosexual militancy, I imagine that at some point the congregation was forced to make a choice. I imagine it was very contentious and whatever happened, the lesbian couple probably suffered the most.

  2. I am very puzzled about Trump and the Jews. By all accounts,Mr. Trump is the most pro-Israel president ever, his daughter married a Jew and I read somewhere that she has actually converted. Yet, American Jews seem to despise him like poison.

    So, what gives? I am struggling to understand.

    • They hate any white person with a pair of balls, who isn’t ashamed of being white

      Trump also talks of boarder control and maybe less immigration, the Tribe want open boarders, they want a multiracial, multi cultural US/Europe, only then will they feel safe, or course they want none of this for Israel

      That IMO is why they hate Trump

      Its a foolish strategy of course, the people they want imported into the west despise Jews, just look at the situation in France, the Muslims regularly attack Jews, and I would not be surprised to see France Jew free at some point in the future

      After WW2 the Tribe had a sweet deal in the US/West but they just had to fuck it up for themselves and everyone else

  3. Z Man, I know the JQ is something you prefer to avoid, but your discussion of it today struck me as a bit…off the mark. For instance, I think you are wrong that Jews in physics v. jews in finance is an equivalence, but I’m not going to play “count the Wall Street Jews” to try to prove you wrong.

    Much more importantly, however, a look at the list of big money donors in our political system (go to to see for yourself) makes it clear that their role in our political system is…massive beyond the imagination.

    Further, the recent impeachment carnival was almost entirely a Jewish operation: Schiff, Nader, each of their lead attorneys, the whistleblower’s attorneys, the whistleblower’s friends who had joined Schiff’s staff, the seditious army officers at the NSC (the Vindman brothers), the former ambassador to Ukraine who Trump fired (Yavanowhateverthefuck), the three “legal scholars” who testified in favor of impeachment, etc. This was NOT “one Jew among the goys.” This was, as the TruNews guys aptly called it, a “Jew Coup.”

    I love your blog, your podcast and the commentary they comprise, but you lose credibility when you fail to see what is obvious, and demonstratable, to anyone who takes the time to look into this issue.

    We wave endless wars in the Middle East to protect Israel. We protect Israel because of the Jewish/Israeli lobby and their massive donations to our political machine. I assume you know this, but when you discuss the JQ but ignore this, you come across as disingenuous. I have normy and even liberal acquaintances who are connecting these dots. Don’t fall behind out of some misplaced desire to avoid impoliteness.

  4. Z man, Jews are hostile alien ethnic group who convinced your people to open the door and accept total strangers and share everything
    means allow that hostile alien ethnic group looting and destroy your people
    white people who listen to the “intellectuals” from eastern bloc of soviet union are white upper class who hate you

    your proposal mean ignore that hostile alien ethnic group and wait until white people somehow convince to pursuit self-preservation
    that’s totally paleo-conservative point of views, which means they do concern about white people, but didn’t concern enough to do anything that useful

    I suggest white people must form the closed community
    organize totally closed community, exclusive secret society to destroy any form of illegitimate institution that against white people
    enemy group will be elite class from northeastern states, Jews, Fifth Column Republican party

    I’m not talking about Dylann Roof style of stupidity, I’m talking about our own version of Operation Greif
    attacking non-white is stupid and waste of times, must focusing on social reformers
    adapt the Otto Skorzeny’s commando tactics, infiltrate and sabotage Republican party and white upper class workplace

  5. Watching the Democrat debate. Can’t resist clown shows. Waiting for one of them to quote Louis Farrakahn calling white people “blue eyed devils.” The whole debate is a nice little red pill for channel surfing whities.

  6. With regards to jews ? Sure , every group promotes its own self-interest. Well, except for whites of course. We seem to be some kind of suicide watch.

    The issue is when one group uses their influence and power to the detriment of another group. Not just securing more money and power for their group, but actively trying to undermine and ruin the lives of whites.

    They’re not even trying to hide their treachery anymore as evident by the latest impeachment fiasco. Then again, the president is very pro-israeli. Hell , even his daughter married a Hebe. Perhaps this is just more jew theater ?

    The truth is out there 🙂

    Thanks for another great podcast.

  7. One imagines that Christopher Wray looks askance at the sort of language you suggest Whites use with their Jewish neighbors.

  8. Regarding the libertarians, I think they’re pretty much washed-up actually. It’s not just a question of understanding that their utopian vision of a totally open, anarchy wouldn’t last beyond teatime, it’s that their fundamental beliefs have been visibly and comprehensively trashed by reality in the last few years.

    Libs claim that freedom can only come about when we abolish all concepts of government and everything is owned and run by private actors and companies. Well, we’ve all witnessed the exact opposite, courtesy of “woke” capital.

    Just today, there is warning published in the London Times from a British government minister to British universities to the effect that, unless they take serious steps to guarantee free speech on their campuses, the British government will step in and enforce it for them. It’s behind a paywall, so won’t link to it here.

    How do the libs explain that one away?

    No, their ideological goose is cooked. No longer can they make their ludicrous claims without inciting gales of laughter in response. They will soon drop out of history with a whimper.

  9. Even in the days of the closet, there were gay bars where gay men could discretely meet. A family might suspect that bachelor Uncle Floyd and his special friend were a little too friendly, but as long as they didn’t make issue of it and bother the kids, people turned a blind eye.

    Years ago, I was watching the news with a friend and there was something on about an gay pride parade in NYC. I remarked that making their sexual proclivities the centerpiece of their identities was sick. Imagine a group marching down Fifth Avenue called The United Adulterers of Greater New York.

    Gay Men’s Chorus, Gay Olympics, Gay rodeos. On one hand, they claim they’re just like heterosexuals, except that they prefer men. That’s what Mayor Pete does. Then so many of them flaunt the poz that’s pervasive in their “community.” Indulging in poz would have killed anyone, gay or straight, off a century ago. That’s the number one reason for the breakdown of sexual self-restraint. Sex without consequences.

  10. Well the FBI just put WN’s (see WRSA) in the same threat level as ISIS. All you DR types who thought if you just acted all nice and docile the Feds would leave you alone. It doesn’t work with people who want you dead and gone.

    And this is not a list you want to be on.

  11. I always wonder what kind of traffic the DR sites get, what are the numbers, and what type of people are reading, if the Z man is getting mail from colleges thats a good sign

    • Back in the summer I was getting over 150K unique hits a month. It was hard to tell as the server kept toppling over. That’s why I upgraded my resources. I have not checked the numbers in a while. Counter-Currents probably has a little larger readership than me. Greg used to post stats that were not far off from my numbers at the time. Unz probably gets a million unique hits a month. Maybe more. His site gets more traffic than sites like NRO.

      • Thanks.

        Next to the MSM the numbers are small, but IMO I think the DR sites are having an impact, at this point Unz must have more influence than the likes of CNN, even the normie right hate and laugh at CNN, and if they continue to attack Bernie a large % of the left will hate them too. Good.

        Back when Trump was still taking the piss out of Jeb! I was at my cousins wedding, since Trump was in the news and one of my cousins was back from Florida, a few of us got talking politics, the interesting thing was how many had DR views or ideas without reading DR sites.

        Ideas can become mainstream without people reading the source of the ideas, we see this with the left and Marxism, how many of the Bernie bros have actually read Marx

        Some good news, in my neck of the woods we have an election tomorrow, and the homo Indian is set to lose badly 🙂

  12. Yesterday, I watched some of Trump’s “vindictive and bitter” speech ending the impeachment sham and it was really kind of extraordinary. He continually talked about how ‘we’ have made it through this, I don’t think he ever said I, and the rest of the time he individually thanked people. I didn’t watch the whole thing but I definitely got a sense of the purpose. Like a lot of people here I’m iffy on Trump beyond his use as a fantastic wrecking-ball but he really does have some underappreciated good points also.

    Anyway, he agrees with Z man, thanking people is important.

  13. I agree w the views on homosexuality and the JQ here. I don’t care if ppl are gay if they keep that side of their lives to themselves. But it would be nice if ppl could keep the swishiness out of the public sphere.

    The part about blogging was really interesting. Not b/c I want to start a blog myself but b/c I do enjoy writing and I use ‘I’ all the time when I write (4 times in this sentence plus a ‘myself’ lol). It’s an interesting challenge to try to get rid of that. It feels natural to say ‘I’ when writing something in the first person but it is probably more elegant if you can avoid it.

  14. Great podcast today. Love the mailbag episodes. Thanks for all of your tireless work, Mr. Z-Man.

  15. I’ve always said if the Libertarians were given their own country one of three things would happen within the first year…1 They would be slaves to a local strongman that came in and took over 2 They would have banded together after some of them got killed and formed a gov. 3 They would all be dead…

    • Libertarianism is like pacifism, it could only work if everyone agreed to it. Or put differently, it breaks down as soon as someone decides not to play by their rules. It is the equivalent of having an organism without an immune system.

    • Perfect breakdown – it just cant end well without doing it the same boring old way everyone else does it.

      Theil’s one super-rich lolbertarian who’s big on the “seasteading” concept. If I were Emperor I would give him a patch of ocean to construct Galt’s Galleon or whatever. I would coddle them, give them aid, whatever it took, just to prove that they had a shot at “real libertarianism” and it didn’t work.

      • Exactly Exile I’ve often wondered if it would fail first because of internal fighting or an external force… Looking at some of these past Communities that they have patched together in a Society that tolerates them I would say it’s 50/50 on what would cause it’s downfall…

  16. The absolute idiots going after VD are making stuff up. VD never ever claimed to be writing any software or having server farms. They aren’t even primarily after VD to begin with, they are after Owen Benjamin.

    They claimed that VD is running a scam because VD said he would get live-streaming on UATV, which they don’t actually have yet. But this is just a cover story. None of them are UATV subscribers. The whole thing was rolled out early because Owen got himself kicked off of Paypal and YT.

    They absolutely hate Owen Benjamin because they used to be his biggest fans and Owen blocked them. That is all it is. It really doesn’t even involve Nick Fuentes. Again, this spat with Fuentes (which was minor and blew over) is because of Owen. Owen is just way more trouble than he is worth.

    • I’ve read VD for a long time and still read his site. He does things and takes chances. While a bit prickly, we need people like him. My only real issue is how is is always ‘gamma’ this and that. I understand he’s making an important point, but sometimes it seems just a little obsessive.

      • I agree it can be annoying, but I would also say that I think the social-sexual hierarchy is what VD will be remembered for. I think it’s very accurate. I’ve known guys that fall almost perfectly into “gamma.” His laying out of the male hierarchy is very helpful. He should probably write more about it.

    • Ok guys—
      Please do not make assumptions that all of us know what this alphabet soup is, that you throw around.
      Define the use of your terminology.

      If I used some of the gubmit’s terminology that I am regularly exposed to here, in the Imperial Capital where some acronyms /abbreviations are commonly used, without defining it, it would simply be poor writing.

  17. The reason Zman will never have as big an audience as Alex Jones is because Zman is far more intelligent and sober-minded. The wacky bombast that Jones produces grabs a lot more eyeballs than sensible low-key commentary.

  18. Today was a refreshing dose of frank, honest musings about life as it really is for a lot of us. Ironically, Our Thing is also a small minority that wants to have an outsized impact. Drawing flack is just a sign that someone senses that impact. Perhaps my favorite bit today was the aside about thanking table servers. It costs nothing to inject a smile or a compliment into transient social interactions, but it pays cumulative dividends. I totally agree that it cultivates an attitude of gratitude that is a potent antidote to black pills. Today’s podcast really reinforced the vibe I usually get, which is that it would be a very good thing to just sit down and have a beer and a chat with Zman.

    • It’s a valuable lesson I’m working hard to teach my young son. Anytime someone is doing something *for you* you need to be nice.

  19. I appreciate the podcast today for it’s common sense and moderation.
    I don’t like homosexuality and the sexualization of our culture.
    But I don’t care what is practiced in private. It’s none of my business nor the public’s business. Just don’t teach it to my kids as a acceptable alternative lifestyle. Pretty soon the flamboyant gays are recruiting my grand kids. Then the crap gets real and men like me go ape shit against homosexuality in all its forms.
    Same with the usual suspects. I wish Jews well and I have no problem living with them or working for them. Just don’t undermine my society and make it obvious to me.
    Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer are not doing you any favors. Nor Epstein, Weinstein, and Matt Lauer. Get your people under control.
    Moderation and common sense is a good thing and the Z Man does a great job at expressing that.

    • Coming clean here, my extended family has gays, alternative genders, (legal) immigrants, POC, Muslims, feminists, atheists, and a whole lot else. None of it really bothers me, though I wish some of it was different. All this stuff is not the problem, IMO, people are going to be who they are going to be, but the problem is Progressivism and the Progressive mindset that weaponizes all of it, and pretty much disallows the private “live and let live” elements to be so.

      • Yes. It is the weaponization that really grinds most folk. People are more than the sum of their habits, and making sexual preference a primary identity is a reductive move. To demand that others acknowledge, respect and celebrate that identification is monstrously narcissistic. My younger brother says he is a homosexual. He tells me he felt same-sex attracted well before puberty; so I don’t know if it’s a matter of choice or hardwired. With hindsight, I recognize that while he isn’t effeminate, he did avoid male domains like scouting and sports in adolescence. But I do know that I am able to bear him a deep fraternal love still because he does not mince about in a rainbow flag. I have never witnessed him engage in so much as a public display of affection. Some of his social circle are a bit too much, and he admits that he lives in a city with a large gay population because it makes issues like discrimination and safety less tenuous. The key fact is that he keeps his business in the bedroom private, which is really what we ought to expect from everyone. The destruction of free association was advanced in part by the demonization of tolerance, which as Zman noted in today’s podcast implies an underlying dislike. Our greatest moral failing, which is never to be permitted in the Progressive utopia, is disliking something other people do. In the Progressive Church, you cannot even hate the sin.

    • With respect to jews and homos, you are hoping that the leopards will change their spots. Neither group can “live and let live,” although for different reasons.

      In a society where public displays of homosexuality are criminalized, loneliness will drive homos to subvert.

      As for why jews subvert, well, think of them as beavers, who instead of having an instinct to build their own dams, have an instinct to commandeer the dams built by other beavers.

  20. Whenever I dig into any major White problem, I find Jews are involved – in vastly disproportionate numbers. Did they cause the problem? Maybe, maybe not. But they’re there. Every single time.

    Does the local crack dealer cause drug addiction? Not entirely, and he certainly didn’t invent it. But you still don’t want him for a neighbor. You don’t want more people agreeing with what he says and does.

    Bad Guests need to go back. Not because they’re magic, just because we live here.

    • Jews aren’t magic, but they are relentless. They never quit trying gain power and money and to use that power and money to undermine homogeneous societies – except, of course, they’re own.

      Sure, they’ll back off if you push back, but you have to be on constant guard. What’s more, the next generation has to be on constant guard. And the next and the next and the next . . .

      Gentile whites aren’t built for that. Best to just separate.

      • Pretty much where I’m at. Semites in general are too damned lawyerly and contentious. They require totalitarian levels of law enforcement to deter (((tricks))) and are constantly nibbling at the edges of every rule or social norm. Don’t get me started on their sexual habits. NAxALT, OFC, but social policy is set for averages, not outliers.

        American Germans and Scandis in particular are pushed around by these folks, Meds and Slavs less so, but we simply don’t need them no matter the nuances. Whites are perfectly capable of every high-IQ task and they’re much less troublesome about it.

        Let Jews be super-moral and super-smart in their own super-homeland.

        Let Arabs be Arabs in Arab lands – I don’t care what Fatima wears or if she drives if she’s in Riyadh.

        Not our problem. We’ll make due just fine without them.

  21. My book for Black History Month is Stanley Crouch’s bio of Charlie Parker. I’m reminded now of his discussion of real American family values in Kansas City, 1930s, when you suggest America had figured things out by 1970; what exactly was the previous settlement?

    “On [Halloween], people would go to Eighteenth and Vine to watch the parade of homosexuals. “It was the only time they could wear dresses,” Bryant chuckled, “and they put it on that night. They got on their dresses and their falsies, their lipstick. They had on their hats and their high heels, and they would strut it. That was such a good show it became a family thing. It was the highlight of Halloween.”

    Sounds more like Greenwich Village than “down home America”. And closer to home, how about some Drag Queen Story Hour:

    “For instance, [our] next-door neighbor was what you call a homosexual today, but we called them sissies in those days. His name was Julius. He was tall; he was handsome, light-skinned, looked like he could have been mixed, had almost Indian color, and he smelled good and he wore tailored clothes. Julius had a twist in his walk.” As Charlie and Rebecca sat on the front porch swing, “Julius would tell us about how he was going to go to this sissy ball that they would have on Eighteenth and Vine where there was a tent and the men would wear women’s clothes. Yes, they did! They wore big hats and big beautiful dresses. They wanted to be something like girls. I guess that’s what they wanted. Anyway, that’s what they did and everybody knew it and that’s all there was to it!” He seemed unabashed about his sexuality: “Julius didn’t hide what he was. He didn’t have to. Kansas City wasn’t like that. If you knew how to handle yourself, if you was a nice person, you had your business and I had mine. Everything was clear way back then.”

    And even today’s die-hard racist might be surprised if his beloved minstrel shows returned:

    “The sentimental ballad went all the way back to the minstrel shows, the tunes of Stephen Foster and the overweening moments of mush when the white men— yellowed up as Creoles— sang of, or to, their objects of affection, who were also white men, but in drag.”

    Yes, life in the Old, Weird America, as Greil Marcus called it.

  22. “The time to come out of the shadows is when that which casts the shadows is destroyed.”

    Heavens, you’re positively turning into a regular JRR Tolkien.

    It’s a ringing turn of phrase to be sure, but you’ve got cause and effect reversed here. The only way that “that which casts the shadows” will be destroyed, is if we come out of the shadows in force, in order to destroy it.

    And succeed.

  23. Can confirm a tarot card reader that didn’t believe it – and was very good at it. Graduated from the neighborhood crystal shop to doing the gig at parties to meet rich men. The Crowley grift of occultism, edgy politics and sexuality is even easier for clever quasi-criminal broads with looks.

    I’m still convinced we have worse women now on average than 20 years ago but there were some heavy-hitting creepy chicks back in the day.

  24. Cat fight on the left! Buttplug says killing babies is ‘up to the woman’.

    These are the men-have-babies-too crowd. Well, according to him, men can have babies but they can’t have abortions.

    Maybe he means it’s up to the woman who made the man pregnant.

  25. Douglas Murray is a self-described Neo-con! That is far worse than being a homosexual. IIRC, he wrote a book called “Neoconservatism, Why we Need it!” His homosexuality just isn’t that important next to his neoconservatism. If he were an American, I would say he should be hung for it!

    • When did Murray call him self a Neo-con ?

      I have watched a few of his recent interviews, I can tell what books he’s reading, he’s not far from dissident right IMO

      OK I looked it up, his Neo-con book is from 2005, I doubt he would claim to be a Neo-con now

      • While I agree Murry, recently, is not the worst guy out there, he is FAR from being anywhere near dissident right.

  26. I don’t put much stock into the “people are becoming aware” consolation.

    I’m a middle aged man, been following politics since Clinton’s first term.

    Going back 5..10..15..20 years the “people are finally becoming aware” has been a repeated trope on the right. It never leads to anything because inaction is a hallmark of the political right.

    5 years from now some other rightist blogger/speaker will be saying “the people are finally becoming aware!!!”. His followers will think its a new and interesting development because the right has the memory of a goldfish’s

    • Spot on. My first vote was cast for Reagan and ever since I have heard the same thing, that “white people will wake up.” Call it white woke if you will.

      A minority of people may become aware, but the majority are unaware, in denial or actually support their own demise, and that majority has grown at an accelerating rate far surpassing any “awareness”.

      Hence my view all hope is lost. It’s fun to discuss, dream, etc, but in 5 years things will not be better, but far worse. If you think they will give white people space and respect letting us live in peace think again. There is a huge contingent that want us dead, literally, and the amazing thing is some of this contingent are white. They literally come out and say so to your face. Should we believe them? I dare say yes. Got a few in my own family, on the in law side thankfully.

      And for all the negatives of Trump he has provided the first reprieve from the onslaught of anti white rhetoric since Reagan, ignoring the argument as to whether it is genuine, phony or simply imagined, at least it’s fun to have someone pretend a little. A white court jester as an advocate is better than none.

      All a person can do is work hard to protect themselves, and if you have kids, assure the best you can that they choose careers and life positions that put them in places of dominance and control. Take a cue from the Jews and Asians on that point. If you have a child in an engineering or medical school program you will find them surrounded by Asians. Law is still dominated by Jews.

      Be demanding of your kids. That will help insulate them from what is coming after 2024. Mine already are thanking me.

      I have pity for my family and friends who kids are, say, a manager at Starbucks or a cashier at Costco for they will be subject to total rule by the majority minority. If your kid is a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc they will retain some modicum of power over their own lives.

      • If your kid is a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc they will retain some modicum of power over their own lives.
        They will definitely have more power than say those above you mentioned but they will still be affected more by the poz than if your kids are in the trades…A lot of doctors, lawyer’s, and engineers have to keep their mouths shut on certain things if they want to attain any sort of position where the trades it’s more on your ability and not on what you virtue signal… Which is why I advocate for dissident kids to join the trades especially mine…

    • It’s not so much about people becoming aware as it is those people who are aware greatly improving their store of understanding. There exist a great difference now in the quality of understandings over the last twenty years. They understand, in just one example, that we cannot vote our way out of what we voted our way into. Only at that point can you begin to seriously imagine alternatives. Such alternatives have no place in the near term, but as the the deep state gears grind in their own sand there will exist a small intellectual class that actually knows what it is doing with the playbook to run with it, and with people ready to listen. Otherwise you just recycle recent histories.

  27. Decades ago, Rush started a mild version of what is going on here. He articulated a world where “verboten” questions could be asked and discussed, though things were much more tame and CivNatty back then. Look how many people he brought over, and how far he brought them (part of the way to our doorstep). Unique to this site is respectful disagreement. The respect builds the community, and the disagreement refines the arguments and outlook.

    • Yep. What I’ve noticed over the years is particularly one word that was never spoken by mainstream commentators such as Rush in their dialogues and is *now* very commonly spoken—White!

      Folks, that is progress. Overton Windows stuff. Normalizing discussion of an identity which we have long decried as essential to our cause. True, it is late in coming, mild in discussion, often following Black and Hispanic discussions—but it is no longer verboten to members of our race in prime time media.

        • “America is slipping and sliding into third worldism.”

          IMO, Bob Grant was the greatest talk show host ever. Quite politically incorrect – he actually criticized St. Martin Luther King, for example. He once said something about when King left town, there would be riots.

          He died in 2013, age 84.

          • I used to listen to Bob Grant in the ’90’s on WABC when I lived in the NYC metro area. Loved his rants about the “fake, phony, frauds” in American political and social life.

    • Your last point is one of the joys of this site. Commenters on here are smarter and more worldly than any other site I have been on. If any of my comments are not completely thought through, the chaff gets trimmed off pretty fast. I feel like I can learn quickly without being one-upped. And there is none of the lawyerly crap of trying to win an argument with cobwebs of logic that sound smart at a micro level, but lead to idiotic conclusions.

  28. “… dissidents are the reasonable voice in the room…”

    Can’t disagree, but that does not seem to be a complete explanation. For me, “dissidents (as you and your followers represent) are the *truthful* voice in the room”. Only from a basis of truth, can we judge/obtain reasonableness—hence today’s MSM and political class (mostly) simply are a waste of time to listen to. We are done with them.

    I have always said that “you can’t learn anything from talking with a person stupider that yourself”. A corollary to that would have to be “you can’t reason with a dishonest person”. As long as we keep ourselves based in observable fact and scientific reasoning we will inevitably prevail.

    • IMO it is not stupidity, it is that they flat disagree, but won’t come right out and argue their case. Instead they parse our arguments and statements for provocative elements, and then point them out, to turn over the tables in the room instead of calmly making their case. Take a look at Calsdad’s post above. The reaction would be “you just hate gays” and walk away, angry at everyone who has anything to do with this site, instead of addressing the specific and valid points he is making. It’s how they roll.

      • Dutch, point taken. However, I attribute that behavior to stupidity—the inability to support their rebuttal/disagreement with logic and fact. They are at best stupid and at worse ideologues.

        Perhaps my wording/description of these folk needs to be corrected, because we seem to not be in disagreement of the phenomenon described, only the descriptive terminology I use.

        • IMO they simply don’t want to engage, and our culture gives them an easy out in which they can declare victory without engagement. Which, on its own, I couldn’t care less. But because that self-declared victory is used to pummel us as evil non-persons, it is a really bad thing. It is an extremely poisonous form of stupidity, sanctioned and encouraged by the culture.

          • They have already decided, at least subconsciously, that they hate and want to destroy us, so there’s no need for good faith discussion with us. I suggest we learn from them.

          • Yes Dutch, I now see your point more clearly. My background has been a lifetime in academia. You could not get up in front of your peers and in a defense of their criticism yell, “so’s your old man”. 😉 Our background always colors our perceptions I guess.

  29. Disengagement is the only reasonable way to deal with pseudoscience of the sort dominating increasingly derealized mainstream conversations. At this point it isn’t even misinformation, it’s background noise no different from static.

    Effort directed into “current events” of the “Brexit will never happen” or “These Jokers are viable candidates” sort is effort lost. The left and the folks claiming to be on the right while simply being differently left… don’t have any attachment to reality.

  30. Hey Z, I noticed you addressed the issue of faggotry in your podcast and did an acceptable job of it. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was one of the few things Bill Clinton got right.

    But you dismissed the lesbians as though they are too ridiculous to even think about. As the father of a militant SJW lesbian, could I ask you to maybe address that one day? You are correct, they are indeed ridiculous… and I would enjoy your clarity of thought on them. I am biased, but I can tell you that “don’t ask, don’t tell” won’t work with ones I know. Do you think peaceful coexistence with them is possible?

    • Don’t ask – don’t tell , was something done to allow gays to stay in the military. I believe prior to that – even if they didn’t tell – if somebody found out – their gay asses were booted out.

      The gays started demanding to be loud and proud as far back as the 70s – after the Stonewall riots.

      By the 80s they were all infecting each other with AIDS – and then demonstrating their true rainbow colors by essentially REFUSING to act responsibly to curb the spread of the disease. Instead of calls to contain themselves to stop the disease ….. gay “leaders” resorted to blaming everybody but themselves, They were screaming and crying about how it was some sort of conspiracy to kill gays, it was discrimination because the govt. wasn’t funding enough research – etc.

      The whole AIDS thing – and the response of the “gay community” to that disease – opened my eyes to the truth behind all their claims about being “the same as everybody else”.

      I suppose a well functioning society could tolerate a certain % of gays in their midst – with some sort of “rules” to keep them under control. Unfortunately – it looks like the experiment of allowing gays to be “loud and proud” – is turning out similarly to filling up Baltimore with more than 10% blacks, or putting women in charge of the bridge on Navy destroyers: they just go out of control and crash the ship.

      • Interesting observation. Might be worth a Z-man post. If one is old enough and read enough, your 10% observation rings true. This country (the main body of society) set certain rules for its “oddballs” and within those rules allowed them freedom to practice their out of the mainstream proclivities.

        Not sure how such rules developed and often they were not written down, but they did seem to work as compared to what we see today when all such folk are allowed to run riot—with of course, the resulting deterioration we see in the general culture today.

      • “gay leaders resorted to blaming everybody but themselves…”

        It is (or would be) interesting to notice or study the different responses of the different gay sub-communities to the onset of the AIDS crisis.

        — For instance, the combined militant/hysterical stance of the “public face of the gay community” in places like SF and NYC was horrific — take a militant stance on refusing to close the bath-houses, refuse to condemn anonymous sex, work your way around questionable behaviors, shriek and point and splutter, blame everyone else, esp the Catholic Church (WTF??!!) and Reaganites, it was ridiculous. You did have calm, measured responses like the formation of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis org, and God’s Love We Deliver, but the overall response was sickening. There exists a discipline called epidemiology, and another called Public Health, and they are in fact disciplines. My own grandfather died of tuberculosis in the midst of a very strict quarantine, they exist for a reason.

        I’m not gay myself, but I was heavily involved in the arts community at Most Prestigious University back in the mid-80s when the AIDS crisis first began to peak, so I had many gay friends and colleagues who were affected (some later died), and the organized response was very telling, and a model of rationality.

        Here is what happened: small organizations and affinity groups quickly popped up, and their message was calm, reasonable, informed, and public-spirited. (In other words they didn’t curl up into a fetal ball of identity politics, they recognized the crisis for what it was, and placed it in a larger public context.). Their public message was:

        — use a condom, they are effective preventive tools
        — take personal responsibility for your sex life, do not behave recklessly
        — be informed about how things are developing
        — give up bad habits like careless or anonymous sex, these things have become dangerous
        — have a care about the health and well-being of your partner

        Simple, calm, rational, and non-hysterical.

        • CfC, yes, the variety of subgroups within “homosexual” is very wide. As Gore Vidal (who never self-identified as gay) famously noted, any term broad enough to include Frederick the Great, Franklin Pangborn and Eleanor Roosevelt isn’t all that useful.

    • John, sorry about your daughter. Given your situation, I’m curious about your response to my theory that there are no real lesbians, only damaged or disappointed hetero women. It’s understandable that women who are abused by men might because lesbians, but I’ve seen women become lesbians due to their disappointment that they cannot attract men of the status or quality that they feel they deserve.

      In contrast, I do believe there are real male homosexuals whose authentic desire is to be lusted after by men in the way that men normally lust after women.

      • Male homosexuality is, at a first-order approximation, about sex. Prodigious, intense, frequent sex. Female homosexuality seems to me to be about relationships that can be trusted.

        Even in deviant behavior they honor the stereotypes of men and women, the same stereotypes that they would reject.

        • Think, too, about any same-sex couple that you are aware of. You can say without giving it much thought which one is the ‘male’ and which one is the ‘female’. Stereotypes come from noticing. That’s why they are accurate.

          I love to blow lefty’s head off by saying, Name one stereotype that is not accurate. It’s fun to watch their faces. They think of one – and then realize it’s probably true. On to the next. When they find what they think is a counterexample, they can’t bring themselves to say it, it’s so vile (to their way of thinking).

          • I agree, but can predict such an exchange devolving immediately into Leftist truisms—such as there is no difference between men and women. Then we’d need to get into specific examples and proceed to examine the assertion within such an example. But I love the challenge. I hope I can remember to use it next time.

          • Doc,
            I’m not saying the female homosexuality take on relationships is wrong, in the sense that trusting relationships may preempt sex for lesbians. Where the rubber meets the road is a different matter.

            In terms of physical and sexual abuse, and domestic violence and complaints, lesbians rank up near the top in occurrences of these. Violence in lesbian pairings is a socially (though not statistically) well concealed secret. It’s a well known fact in the gay crowd.

            Anecdotally, I used to live near a lesbian club in San Diego. Certainly alcohol was a factor, but the amount of brawling between the butches was ferocious and teams of police were sent on a near weekend basis to break them up. The beatings and abuse the feminine lesbians suffered could also frequently be heard in the neighborhood.

            Mental illness is heavy in that crowd.

          • Penitent – I suspect that the abuse of the feminine lesbians makes sense as an intensified form of mate guarding. Just as a lower sexual market-valued man “has” to patrol the higher-valued woman he might land, a butch has a similar problem and solves it in a similar way.

            In fact, it’s probably even more acute for her, because feminine lesbians are not only targeted by other butches, but by men as well, for whom feminine lesbians are extra appealing because they signal sexual adventurousness.

            So you might expect butches to show even more signs of aggression as both deterrence and as a method to control the feminine lesbian’s self-regard – both methods we see from low-status men who land hot girlfriends.

    • I remember 30 years ago, being an undergrad and telling my dorm buddies that, of course, gays were biologically created because who would choose to invite the disapprobation of society like that? I thought myself fairly enlightened as I made those pronouncements.

      As I got older — and coincidentally, acceptance of homosexuality increased exponentially — I came to the realization that the thrill of skirting norms was more than enough to motivate behavioral homosexuality. Even as society has stopped condemning homosexuality, it still retains an illicit component that probably increases the arousal of its regular practitioners. I suspect that’s one latent reason why, despite all the accolades that gays get from today’s culture, they persist in painting themselves as constantly threatened by violence and bigotry. They need to retain the option of acting in the shadows.

      At some point, we all engage in behaviors that society, our teachers, our family, our church, looks down upon. But we do it anyway. Why? Because it’s a form of gambling. The rush of getting away with something is worth the risk. Gays have this trait in spades.

      • “Gays have this trait in spades.”

        Heck yes. There are to this date, gay men who deliberately practice unprotected sex with HIV carriers. It is said to make the act more “exciting”.

    • It used to work because there were consequences for not keeping your proclivities to yourself. You would know pretty much who was a homosexual and the rule was to keep it to yourself. It also meant you weren’t going to adopt kids and a few other things. If you violated that, well, the community would run you out of town. So, there can be coexistence as long as the rules are understood and enforced.

      Let homosexuals fly their freak flag is never good for society. Actually, it isn’t good for them either.

    • Don’t ask don’t tell is passe. If you don’t ask I’ll tell you, but you shouldn’t have to ask because I’ll make it too obvious.

    • When Z mentioned “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the show, I took it he wasn’t referring to the Clinton military policy on homosexuals, but “don’t ask, don’t tell” as a general (unofficial) cultural or societal-wide approach to the problem. The old “unwritten code,” so to speak.

      I could of course be wrong, and I invite our host to correct me in that case. But I have to disagree that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – the military policy – was “one of the few things Clinton got right,” in your words. It was, in point of fact, one of the many things he got wrong, and one of his most egregious wrongs at that, that would change the face of the military for ever, and ultimately become a stepping stone to bigger things in the military for militant homosexuals, as many of us knew it would at the time. This policy wound up pushing a bunch of us out early who might have otherwise stayed in – something like “White flight” from communities overrun by blacks and black criminality.

      But anyway,…

  31. It wasn’t too long ago that I used to make my living in the winter seasons as a professional ski patroller. During the warmer months I would be guiding, usually whitewater rivers, but occasionally on glaciers and in forests. Of course, that is the reason for the nickname. Even had one of the very first “outdoors” blogs for a few years. Those days are past, for a lot of reasons. Yes, I miss it sometimes, especially just being outdoors every day.

    If you’re an educated and/or worldly person who has taken guided trips before, you may have noticed that a lot of guides are non-stop BSers. Not all, but the younger ones are especially bad. I’ve heard guides say some amazingly stupid things just to avoid looking like they didn’t know the answer to some question. I realised very early on that I hated looking stupid, so tried to avoid it (unless the clients were jerks and I just didn’t care).

    One day, I was taking a family down a river. During the calm stretches we chatted a lot. This was a nice family, with intelligent, inquisitive kids and adults. They asked about all kinds of things: rivers, reading water, nature, wildlife, etc. At one point, the father says to me, “I’ve been on a lot of guided trips and tours. You’re the first guide I’ve ever heard say, ‘I don’t know.'”

    I still think it’s one of the best compliments I ever received.

    • The last several years I’ve noticed that the more I learn about various subjects, the more I realize what I don’t know. Which also comes with an increasing realization how much other people don’t know. And that includes not just our friends, family and neighbors but also our government officials, academia, and media talking heads. But they sure like to lecture us that they have the answers.

      • I saw a great meme (probably by one of you dissident bums) that went something like, “I have device in my pocket that gives me access to the sum of all the knowledge of all mankind. I use it to look at silly pictures of cats, and have stupid arguments with people I don’t even know…”

        Our esteemed blog host responded to one of the fans assessing this as an intellectual blog, and I don’t see it that way either. I see it more as an inquiring blog. Not only can you ask questions you’re not supposed to, but Yesterday Men like me can ask the stupid questions and someone is always willing to drop a gear, slow down and fall back and bring us up to speed.

        If I had to critique the dissidents here, I would say that they assume a lot of their views are blatantly and intuitively obvious. Some of this stuff does require careful thought and patience when dealing with some of the more traumatically red pilled recent converts.

      • Wolf, you are too kind as usual. Don’t overestimate what is *not known* as compared to what is deceptively *not spoken*. As discussed here, and what I all too often have seen, is that folk will cling to imaginary illusions in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary—because the truth is simply too much to grapple with. A pleasant lie for them is preferable to a harsh truth. Such is our separation from Nature these days.

    • Outdoor. Your comment brings to mind a story of long ago when my new wife and I went to NYC to visit my place of birth and take in the sights. We of course took passage on a Circle Tour Line which went around the island of Manhattan. There was a young man, a tour guide if you will, explaining all the sites viewable from the boat. He started to digress however in a defense of NYC—particularly its reputation as a dangerous city (this was pre-Gulliani cleanup).

      Anyway, he began to blame us “tourists” for being naive and not practicing good “tourist” behavior. 😉 He stated that the subways were perfectly safe after dark, we just needed to be smart enough to select the “middle” car where the police patrolman was stationed. He also chided us for thinking that we could venture off of Times Square proper to visit the bars and clubs nearby. Every “good” New Yorker knows you take a taxi whenever you travel off of the protected areas—even for a couple of blocks!

      Of course, we were also instructed how far uptown one could travel before being in the part of town you don’t belong in. Wife and I later took the train uptown and when we stopped, somewhere short of Harlem, the train emptied and at the next stop filled up again—this time with the neighborhood vibrancy. After this, I was instructed to never use public transport again by wife. For me, the people and types were everything. I was back “home”. For her, a horror. She born in TX, me in NYC.

      After that “guide” talk, my wife wanted to simply go home. NYC had lost a lot of its allure for her. It didn’t help either being accosted along the streets with drug dealers offering “smoke” and “blow” to whomever would stop and listen—smoke, being weed and blow, cocaine. This was before crack cocaine.

      Ah memories….

      • I don’t really know what NYC was like before Giuliani but I went to college there in the early 00s, at the tail end of his era. NYC was pure magic back then. Now it’s becoming a super-woke, ridiculous hysteria explosion. Dating and girl fun, w every flavor available, from sweet rural blondes ‘gone to the big city’ to every variety of female color, type and temper known to man, was one of the fantastic things about the big apple. Now, a friend who still lives there, tells me girls yak on about feminist BS, dress like sluts and behave like tramps. And worst of all, he’s afraid of harassment, or worse, accusations if he even tries to flirt, much less ‘make a move’. Where’s the fun in such a world??

        I’d take traditional New Yorker chick sass over that cr*p any day of the week. NYC is just not what it once was. Another great loss to chalk up.

        • I live in a suburb of NYC and in the 1980s and 1990s visited frequently. It hit rock bottom under the incompetent Black Mayor David Dinkins (1990-1994), but vastly improved under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (1994-2002). I recall walking around the World Trade Center and admiring all the attractive new apartment buildings that went up. At the end of his administration, I walked into a store carrying bags with earlier purchases and asked the person at the counter where I should leave them. The person replied that it was unnecessary. It hit me that the crime rate had dropped to a point that the shop trusted me not to shoplift.

          • I remember some complaining that Giuliani had made NYC more ‘boring’, one complaint being that he had made Times Square too commercial when he cleaned that up. But it was really great in the 00s. It was still sassy and alive but also extremely safe. I lived in Morningside Heights, right next to Harlem. Some friends and I once discussed if you could walk 3 blocks and not see a single cop. I dont think any of us ever ‘made’ it.

          • Columbia University?

            Back in the early 80s, there were porno theaters and sex shops in Times Square and on 42nd Street. Cleaned up under his administration. Plus, the infamous sqeegee men.

            Even Mayor “Mini Mike” Bloomberg, who succeeded Mayor Giuliani, was tough on crime. Now apologizes for “racial profiling.” Who’s committing the crimes? The right to commit crime unmolested is the latest civil right.

      • Compsci, it was always tough to avoid the difficult subjects, unless you were lucky to have a homogeneous group. I spent some time in Alaska as a glacier guide, where the topic of climate change would always come up. Some of the guides really felt they had the mission of convincing people that the melting they saw around them was a sign of the apocalypse. I’d try to explain that we were near the terminus where of course it was melting, and that even though our particular glacier was currently receding, the glacier in the next valley was advancing.

        My goal in guiding was to have a safe and fun trip for everyone, including myself. Deep, philosophical, religious or political discussions are fine, as long as everyone is enjoying them. With mixed groups, I sometimes had to deflect conversations to safer topics. That’s where having a good stockpile of silly jokes and stories came in handy.

  32. “…going through the mail that something seems to be changing in the audience for dissident content.”

    Seems like it. Though I’ll admit the change seems more apparent to me once you mentioned it. I think the core of the dissident movement is shifting a little. A few years ago the main identifiable villains were the Spencers and the Enochs, Anglins, etc; but now…I can think of these things, but I have a hard time expressing them.

    Take for example TDS. I swear I’ve noticed a change in their tenor over the last eight months. They’ve started getting some rather mild pushback in their forums and subsequently Enoch or Jesse go apeshit about it, tooting their own horns how they’re the voice of whites. I don’t disagree necessarily, but Stefan Molyneux did the same thing and that was a natural point to stop listening to him. Enoch just sounds like a pissed off old man most of the time, complaining about the Jewish kids cutting across his lawn. Spencer started up the braggadocio machine and now he’s a paid whipping boy whose podcast’s introduction has more content than the actual podcast.

    Could be wrong, but I’m starting to give yesterday’s post more consideration.

    • If this was the 1970s, I could see Spencer making bank as a perennial Naughty Talk Show Guest. I could see him making the rounds on the Dick Cavett, Merv Griffin and Dinah Shore shows, being witty, charming and saying naughty and outrageous things to titillate the audience. He’d be good clean fun, kind of like a white nationalist version of Paul Lynde.

      These days, unfortunately, we take things way too seriously, and instead of taking him as entertainment, the media seems determined to depict him as The Next Hitler.

      These days, he mostly seems to thrive on being contrary. Now that he’s established the alt-right, he revels in promoting left-wing policies and personalities, probably just to be provocative.

      He is a man of talent, and if he’d just shut up for about 10 or 15 years he could probably make a comeback as an elder statesmen of dissident politics. As it is, I’m guessing he’ll just continue in his contrariness until everyone is sick to death of him.

      • For that to work, he would have to be explicitly gay. That role played by people like Paul Lynde was possible because he was outside of the acceptable set. The jester is never a threat to the king. Further, that role was always about criticizing that which the Left despised. You’ll note that those old gay gadflies always mocked white break culture and symbols.

        As far as Spencer, his talent was mostly in flattering older men, who kept giving him jobs for which he was unqualified. That’s run its course.

    • You’ve noticed a change in the last eight? The Daily Shoah started to slide when they kicked Natt and the Skyrim goys off. Over Spencer.

      That said, if Mike Enoch does nothing but talk about Jews twelve hours a week for the next three decades, I say Amen. Someone has to do it. And right now there is no one that does it better than him. Rush Limbaugh has been talking about Jews every week for thirty years and got a medal for it because he never named them.

    • I’ve listened to TDS for years, but have lost a lot of interest in them over the last year. One reason is the over the top JQ ranting. Yes, I get the point and Enoch may be right in many ways. But to make everything about the Jewish boogie man is just too simplistic. For me at least, it seems like a poor philosophical organizing principle.

      More importantly, their disappointment that Trump is not one of them has caused them to become so blackpilled that they are completely disengaging from current politics. In 2016, they were much more interesting because they had something relevant to say, and seemed to even have had some real world political influence. But now they have essentially purity spiraled themselves into non-relevance because all they have to say is that Trump and everything is crap.

      Even if they are right, they seem no longer relevant…

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