The Managerial Man

Every era produces men, who come to symbolize the age or at least some important aspect of the age. Otto von Bismarck, for example, is the embodiment of 19th century European empire building and national conservatism. Ronald Reagan was the full expression of the New Deal ideal that launched the American empire and reordered America in the 20th century. It was not an accident that he was the president to close the Cold War era and start the age of cosmopolitan globalism.

Similarly, a person can come to symbolize some movement or feature of a particular historical epoch. Ernest Hemingway, for example, is the face of the Lost Generation, the cohort of writers and artists who lived through the Great War as young people. Jean-Paul Sartre is what people think of when they hear about existentialism. Whether or not the person is the full embodiment of that movement is not important. They simply possess the important qualities associated with it.

What we may be seeing in the Democratic primary is the pushing aside of the old ideal that still rattles on in the form of Sanders and Biden. Both men are artifacts of the late New Deal period that came to a close in the 1980’s. Sanders still talks about politics as if most men work in factories and coal mines. Joe Biden is running like the friend of the working class, even though his party now hates the working class. These are men of the bygone era, not men of today.

They are being pushed aside by what may be the fullest expression managerial capitalism that accelerated into dominance forty years ago. Pete Buttigieg is both symbolic of his generation and of the class he inhabits. At 38, he is the quintessential millennial, having come of age at the turn of the century. He was 18 years old when everyone was wondering if the Y2K people were right. Of course, he is also a product of the managerial system that now runs society,

Like all managerial types, Buttigieg is a box ticker. He is not a man who actually does things in the world. Rather, he participates in things, gains a credential for having participated in them and uses the credential to advance his career. He was valedictorian of his high school and “won first prize in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum’s Profiles in Courage essay contest.” Then it was off to Harvard and then Oxford for a Rhodes scholarship in Philosophy.

After accumulating all of the credentials he could from his college experience, he went off to work entry level positions in politics and the media, in order to build his resume and network of contacts. Then it was off to McKinsey & Company, one of the major training centers for managerial class strivers. In anticipation of a political career, he joined the Navy reserve for an uneventful turn as an intelligence officer. He finally landed as the mayor of South Bend Indiana.

Buttigieg has the nearly perfect managerial man resume. The only thing that tarnishes it is he may have accidentally done something useful while in the service, like empty a trash barrel or remember to turn off the coffee pot. Otherwise, his is a resume littered with participation medals. From youth to middle age, Pete Buttigieg has avoided doing anything that involves risk or sacrifice. Instead, his life has been like ascending a gentle slope to a position he has always known is waiting for him.

He exists because a system that has evolved over the last half century now selects for men like him. That system’s only purpose is to perpetuate itself, so it selects for people who will never challenge it or even question it. Instead, it populates itself with people, who have internalized the logic of the system to the point where it is habit. The hive mind of the managerial class is the sum of these automatons incapable of existing outside the managerial system.

He is also symbolic of his generation. The generation of Americans, who grew up in the Clinton years and reached adulthood at the turn of the century, are probably the most entitled and effete cohort ever produced. They grew up in the easy years after the Cold War and never faced anything resembling hard times. They came into the world expecting things to turn out well for them. They were also raised by women in a highly feminized educational system and took on those qualities.

The fact that Pete Buttigieg is a genetic dead end is probably the most symbolic aspect of his character. The oriental empires of the ancient age liked to employ eunuchs in sensitive roles. These were men without ambition, as it were, so they were never going to be a threat to the people at the top. The promotion of and popularity of homosexuals in the managerial empire adds a touch of Orientalism and irony to a system that is otherwise sterile and pointless.

It is easy for normal people to dismiss Buttigieg, but he is both a symbol of his age and the system that produced him. He is the full expression of the managerial class that has come to dominate the American empire. His rise is the polls at the expense of the yesterday men like Biden and Sanders is an important moment. The fact that he is every bit as sterile and pointless as the system that produced him could perhaps make him the fullest expression of the Managerial Man.

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  5. We need to bring back effigies, and the burning of them.

    A Buttigieg effigy tied to a stake and set alight would be understood instantly by the degenerate wing of the neoliberal uniparty. But would anyone else?

  6. Pete BootyGig is the logical next step for Democrats . . . Bill Clinton was the first Black president . . . Buh-Rock O-bah-muhh was the first Ghey president . . . Pete BootyGig can become the first Trans president, also the first Woman president . . .

  7. A few random observations. First, Bloomberg is going nowhere. The FT printed what had to be the ugliest picture of any candidate anywhere. Shot from below looking up, Bloomberg looked like a freak with a face transplant. Page 2 of the Weekend Edition. Its all gay, all Buttgig.

    Second, not only is Buttgig the odds on favorite for the nomination but the Presidency. The Deep/Derp state road tested rigging elections in Iowa (Bernie really won decisively and likely Buttgig was not even second or third) and will likely simply put him in November the same way. They likely won’t even hide it.

    Third, Bernie terrifies them because he has an army of followers wanting to unseat the current bureaucracy and hereditary leadership group. No jobs for Hunter, Chelsea, Jeb! etc if Bernie takes over. He’s got the White male soyboy contingent, their moms work for NPR and they still live in the basement, while working part time as a Starbucks barista. They are as much incels as the 4Chan dudes. Thus they dream of gulags and shooting people so they can take their women and stuff. They saw the Lives of Others and figured they’d be the bad guy. The other part of Bernie’s people are the non Whites who want to lead: Saikat Chakrabarti (AOC’s money man), Ilhan Omar, etc. In both cases, an overproduction of elites is leading to crisis: fighting between the lower elites seeing a decline in their status/power and needing to raid the tax cattle: White men, to gain in both; and the upper elites who have theirs and don’t want to share with the lower elites.

    Fourth, the constituency of angry Wine Moms, is not large enough to push either Fauxcahontas or Klobberer over the line.

    Fifth, our salvation may be in the stupidity and idiocy of the diverse. Tjidane Thiam has been ousted at Credit Suisse, after he spied using private investigators on not just one but two subordinates he had feuds with and ultimately forced out. Facing huge fines and lawsuits they had to draw a line under the liabilities. Thiam is of course from the Ivory Coast. Not even the biggest shareholders could save him.

    Sixth, that the Deep/Derp state is undoubtedly diverse and gay and such means that competence is low. They may yet bungle it giving us a chance to prepare and get ready for the clampdown.

    Seventh, if Buttgig does take power, look to France and Macron for what will happen. Punitive taxes and measures against Whites to pay for the lower elites of vibrancy and NPR Moms spawn. Most Whites will be paying huge reparations bills, as part of the Civil Rights Act, and will live in shipping containers while slaving for Globohomo. But expect non White police, military etc. going door to door seizing guns and valuables.

    • Whiskey, nice to see you man but you Black Pill far too much. Americans cannot be made to pay super high taxes, you can’t get above 20% GDP no matter what they’ll quit working/slow down or cheat as they;always have

      .Door to door gun seizures would provoke succession if not a civil war. Virginia is nearly ready right now for that or bugaloo and the desire would spread far faster than any actions the Left could take.

      Also to do something that radical would require a huge crazy Democratic majority which isn’t going to happen.

      Now as to the Bernie Bros as much as I hate Reds but good for them.

      Whatever one says about those guys is they have ambition and a will to power.

      if we had the ambition and the will to power they do , we’d have fixed things a without going hot. As I’ve said many times “Leave me alone.” is not an ideology and to paraphrase the Big Lebowski “say what you want about Socialism at least its an ideology.”

    • What difference does it make? We’ll just send them an extra helping of gibs to ensure their demographic edge.

    • Don’t help? I’m sure we have some spare locusts around here that we could send over.

      Huh? Oh. Never mind.

      Plan B. Send Chinese advisors, a few CONEX loads of woks and cooking oil, and the locust problem AND the eternal famine problem are solved. Locusts are very nutritious.

      Plan C. Send Chinese advisors with coronavirus. Enact absolute travel ban. Overpopulation problem solved in a few months.

  8. Too late, but I’ll bring it up tomorrow.

    “men, who come to symbolize the age”

    Example A:

    This must be the fakest, gayest oppo ever.
    Right on cue, of course- are they even trying anymore?

    And the “replies”! So much bot AI, my phone is about to achieve sentience.

    Update: now I get it. They’re giving themselves something to talk about. Told ya I was slow.

    • Faker than Mrs. Krull’s orgasms and gayer than Liberace singing “It’s Raining Men” with a chorus line of naked boy scouts doing high kicks.

      Identical flags, masks and caps, straight from Central Casting. How much do you want to bet not a single one of these gentlemen will be doxxed?

    • I guess I’m dumb. I find Patriot Front inspiring. Their leader Tom is an impressive guy.

      The argument against this kind of activism is that it allows the members to be doxxed and have their young lives ruined. I get it. That’s why I wouldn’t join them.

      Yet the young, disaffected white men I know instinctively want a mannerbund and to reclaim public space. Someone has to be the vanguard.

      It’s probably a bad idea but I still smile.

      • The USG has spent and inordinate amount if time trying to infiltrate and destroy organizations like this which has left all of us a little paranoid that
        all of them are fronts for the Feds

        There are a lot of reasons for that effort by those same Feds they are in fact a threat to that order but mostly because its easy. Its far easier to infiltrate a social club than a genuine mafia and if someone gets outed even if you can’t roll them up. nothing will come of it.

        Think of the elation n the face of the Feds when they busted that Russian spy Anna Chapman some years ago, it was for a few minutes back to the cold war which had lines and boundaries and rules they understood and was almost fun.

        Modern espionage and to a slightly lesser degree undercover police work in complex and because of information flow, a lot of tradecraft is becoming much harder. The arch examples here being networked cameras , cell phones and the proliferation of biometric scanners

        One the recent James Bond movies played to that with picture of Bond in an embassy going viral making him a burned spy

        Throw in the real complexity of fronts and espionage even of the police infiltration variety and the wilderness of mirrors got wilder.

        In the end information warfare will become a bigger thing and just as the Chinese stole the entire security clearance database , so will efforts to garner information, collate its connections and figure how to use it become more important and more common.

        More importantly, its democratic. In the past it required to efforts of agencies, these days, a few guys may well be enough.

        This will keep everyone on all sides on edge but as always tech is a two edged sword.

  9. Theodore Dalrymple on Richard II:

    The book about him suggested that there was much criticism of Richard at the time, but that it never got to the root of the problem, which was the very nature of the medieval political system. His critics thought only that he failed as an individual, not that corruption and misrule were inherent in the very feudal system of which he was at the summit. This was a system in which the only remedy for incompetence or worse was overthrow, usually accompanied by murder.

    Can someone point out a political system for which the remedy for incompetence doesn’t ultimately prove to be overthrow?

  10. The fact that Pete Buttigieg is a genetic dead end is probably the most symbolic aspect of his character….These were men without ambition, as it were, so they were never going to be a threat to the people at the top.

    Also, the globalists prefer front men with no offspring, because they don’t mind selling out future generations.

  11. This is a really good explanation of why our elites are such rubbish. It isn’t exactly that the elites attempt to perpetuate themselves, it’s that perpetuating themselves is a pointless exercise. Having no vitality or virtue or purpose, they’ve chosen a more or less random set of abilities to reward. It’s working about as well as you’d expect.

  12. “civilian but former Naval intelligence officer” Pete are literally CIA
    his homosexuality shows his true nature, a natural born fifth column
    very young Kissinger with so eunuch type

    Another candidate are Bernie the Zionist whom pretend as socialist
    Elizabeth who very white looking girl, but claim to be “minority”
    Biden the puppet
    Yang the Chinese man who doesn’t belong to stage
    And of course, Trump the self-deluded Boomer
    Bloomberg who don’t give you anything why you should vote for him

    this is State of American Politics 2020
    America doesn’t look like America anymore
    Actually it doesn’t look like Brazil nor Africa either
    it does look like Anti-Humanity Alien vessel which purpose is destroy European civilization stuff

    • “all Blacks really want is Nigger-ing to be legal”

      Not according to Earl Butz (q.v.). The magnificently-named Butz says it’s three things, one of which is “loose shoes”. The other two things are left as an exercise for the reader, owing to the family-friendly nature of this blog.

      Hahaha. Though honestly I think most men enjoy those two things. Except for Mayor Pete who doesn’t want the first one. (Whew, back on topic at the end of my digression!)

  13. Can someone please explain Jim Goad to me? It seems to me he just bitches about stuff without any clear principles underlying whatever ticked him off. In this week’s

    The Week that Perished the following two items are back to back:


    He says he is willing to be jailed to protect his son from growing up gender-confused.

    If only indigenous Britons were as principled over the fact that people named “Jabar” and “Amin” are now living in Britain, they might still have a country over there.

    And then this:

    Michael Heath is a “long-time anti-LGBTQ activist in Maine” who is obsessed with homos to the point where you’re forced to wonder why he just doesn’t turn around and look away.

    So when you’re a Muslim in Briton who opposes the trans mafia, you’re “principled,” but when you’re a minister in Maine who opposes the LGBT mafia, you’re “obsessed.”

    Got it. Thanks, Goad.

        • He’s not smart.

          Notice how this type of person really enjoys writing off white countries which often are less diverse than the US.

          The vitriol always aimed at European countries, not African,Asian or Latin American.
          Is it some vestige of civnat belief,this constant peacocking against other Western countries?

    • I don’t know of anyone who ever got here via Goad. And I don’t know of anyone who got here who pays much attention to him once they do.

      Some dissident podcasts have had him on but this was never an exercise in giving him a platform. Rather these are attempts to poach his audience.

  14. Off topic thought for the day.

    Patient Zero for this novel Corona Virus fell ill on December 1st 2019.

    Why was Johns Hopkins running a Seminar about it 6 weeks earlier?

    And Mr Zman sir, you might make this just one more place in Lagos to avoid,

    Track progress here

  15. You certainly managed a telling critique versus Buttplug.

    Neither Sanders nor Biden have managed a new idea since when they were young in the 1970s. That is very much the case with Sanders, with Gropin’ Joe managing to sleeze with the times.

    You still believe in incremental as opposed to waterfall or Seneca Collapse?

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  16. One important point, gays are NOT eunuchs. Making that mistake will get you cuckolded. If they were, sultans and others wouldn’t have needed eunuchs.

  17. Buttigieg strikes me as a strong challenger to Trump, for a eunuch anyhow. His only weakness is among black and hispanic males. The crazy cat ladies love him. The silver lining is that these managerial eunuchs don’t reproduce. Unfortunately, they reproduce by proxy via the educational system. Any hope of delaying decline will rely on addressing that problem.

    • They reproduce more often than you’d think. Other than that I agree w your analysis and would only add this; he is not only dangerous to Trump but the worst that could happen to us b/c he is the omega male, the traitor-as-sexual-strategy. He naturally hate ‘jocks’, ie straight masculine white males. He will SWAMP us with vibrant competition.

      Unless you want to go for accelerationism, which I don’t, I think we re gaining traction but also need time, this guy is our worst nitemare.

  18. Homo Sovieticus was the tongue-in-cheek term for the perfect Soviet man, the man born and bred to Bolshevism.

    Mayor Pete is a type specimen for Homo Homoglobus, the species best adapted to the non-Euclidian hothouse of Current Clown World – high-income, with feminine habits and levels of shopping, hyperconsumer hedonists living entirely in the present, childless, polyamorous and perverse, with appallingly high levels of openness and novelty-seeking.

    The Ascent of Hand-in-Hand Man will be a short one, but the party will be fabulous while it lasts.

    Dissidents could get a lot of work done while Rome flames.

    Bernie-Butti 2020 – Bern it Down.

    • “with feminine … levels of shopping”

      Whoa there, good buddy. I’m gonna have to ask you to take 20% off of that one. It is impossible for a man to own too many guns, or knives, or books, or tools. A similar argument can be made for GoreTex, and boots.

      And they’re NOT “dolls” – they’re action figures!

      • @Mike_C –

        You’re mistaken. Gear and guns are investment goods and therefore not really shopping. And any piece of camping gear that cuts weight by any amount OR increases functionality in any way whatever are properly considered necessary upgrades. Not the same thing at all, when you think about it.

  19. “The fact that Pete Buttigieg is a genetic dead end is probably the most symbolic aspect of his character. The oriental empires of the ancient age liked to employ eunuchs in sensitive roles.”

    *Sigh*. You were doing so well until you fell back in the old Stupid Party bag of tricks. Unless you are privy to some inside information, I am not aware that Cheatin’ Pete is either sterile or impotent. Instead of complaining about how non-whitey won’t let whitey go to the moon again, you should pay more attention to what whitey has been doing with something called reproductive technology. (Is biology manly enough to be considered part of STEM?) William Shockley knew about that decades ago.

    Maybe Pete just doesn’t want the TradCaths on his back, screaming about “gnosticism” and other “errors of scientism”. Or maybe he just doesn’t want children, which makes him no different than the average alt-Rightist.

    Even in the old days, someone like Oscar Wilde had more children than the average alt-Rightist. By their fruits ye shall know them.

    • Our host is basically correct.

      Oscar Wilde was almost certainly Bi and Bi guys have often have kids.

      Rubio FWIW isn’t proven to be gay or Bi at all and has 4 children. I wouldn’t vote for the guy for any office other than maybe the House where he couldn’t do too much harm if I was in Florida which I’m not.

      Buttigeg as far as I know is an exclusive public homosexual and has no female sex partners and thus no future progeny.

      OTOH Pat Buchanan clearly hetero also has no kids so its not possible to tell from number of kids.

  20. “The fact that Pete Buttigieg is a genetic dead end is probably the most symbolic aspect of his character.”

    He represents the ultimate expression of degeneracy – civilizational death. He is Feminism’s end product: Nothing.

    It’s no wonder Pete is in so tight with Deep State – he’s sympatico with the progressive movement’s shock troops. Check out the mug shots after Trump rally protester arrests. They are not from happy stable families.

    On the surface he seems the least crazy and people just assume the most competent. His supporters are probably the wealthiest cohort on average – and they’re extremely political and noisy.

    In the late 80s/early 90s a gay activist handcuffed himself to one of the PBS news anchor’s desk or chair and screamed just seconds before the evening news broadcast went live. It seemed mental at the time, but it has become the norm for Pete’s cohort today. Imagine the lethal power of the state behind an administration of 24/7 performance art antics.

  21. If this Buttigeig fellow is going to become the Democrat candidate to run against Mr. Trump then, realistically, what are his chances? I expect that he will sweep the NWL and AWFUL votes because white wahman adore and worship homos.

    But what about the blacks? Zman has stated on more than one occasion that blacks, particularly black men, won’t vote for a homo. Will that change? Can he win without the black vote?

    • My area of the country is so gay, and so full of fag hags that he would get a boost, but you still have 3000 miles between the I5 corridor and I95 corridor. I’m not sure if the megachurch people would be ready for this. I know black women generally say “that sh*t ain’t right,” which is one of the few endearing qualities about them. My area will go for Bernie over Bootygig because of the war mongering issue. If you pay attention Bootygig is more militant than Hillary Clinton, and that’s saying something. Should he become President (the country is a sick joke now anyway) he would likely consider himself to be the next Alexander the Great, which according to modern legend, was also gay.

      • Dunno what his appeal will be to the Black Church Ladies. Biden’s was going to be the claim that he only ever molested white girls,

    • I agree w your analysis. The penny suddenly dropped on me about why Trump talked about releasing blacks from prison. He recognizes that Buttigeig is far more dangerous, especially w women, than geriatrics or fake Indians but that his weakness w blacks suddenly leaves an opening for who would be the ‘black candidate’. And this could matter if the race is tight b/c a lot of women fall for Buttigeig’s sweet boy gig.

  22. One thing I’ve noticed about established entities, whether governments, companies over one generation old, etc., is that the older and more established they are, the more gays they have. It’s a sign that the place is aging badly. Sure, you have outlier dynamic companies in niche industries that are full of them, but for the most part, a place with gay middle managers is a failing place. Look at Apple. It’s not what it was. It’s stuffed full of money based on its legacy but you just know it’s over the hill.

    A Bootygig presidency would be the ultimate symbol that the country needs to be broken up.

  23. Much as I hated the attempt at multi generational political dynasties from Bush (Old Bush, W Bush, Low-T Bush, Mesito Bush) and Clinton (Bill, Hillary, and Hubble spawn Chelsea) at least they thought in terms of how to hold it all together to have an empire to hand down to their progeny.

    Electing infertile cat ladies and homosexual men is a giant finger to the future generations.

  24. Buttigieg also serves other purposes. Buttigieg represents the culmination of progressive Puritan Christianity seperated from the New Testament doctrines of that Christianity.
    Progressivism with the zeal of the Apostle Paul only changing what the Apostle Paul taught is the new religion.
    Buttigieg confidently declares the Apostle Paul wrong when he wrote in the book of Romans about homosexuality.
    And any Christian believing the Apostle Paul over Buttigieg he declares them a heretic.
    The Millenial generation.
    They sure are a confident lot.
    Buttigieg knows better than Paul.
    The millennials know better than all of human history.
    We will see about that.

  25. Nice post.

    Though Biden is more of the GloboHomo Man on the take than anything else. The notion that he’s for the working class is quickly dispelled when he goes on about the virtues of open borders, globalization, kissing China’s rear end, etc. “Lunch Box Joe” is basically a media creation meant to sell a man who has spent his entire life on the government teat selling himself to corporate interests.

    Sanders is a out and out communist right out the 1930’s when Communism was popular among our educated classes.

    And yeah Buttplugs is the ultimate empty suit, Much like those FBI people, the Vindeman brothers who tried to take down Trump. There is nothing to them. You cannot trust these sorts at all because they are all about climbing the ladder. Buttplugs superiors saw that in him and why they relegated him to a position that is normally held by the most lowly private. They must have seen him as being worthless.

    • Speaking of the Vindman brothers, the Lefty outrage at their reassignments is delicious. I can only think wistfully on the days when enemies of the king like these would actually be executed

  26. Lyndon Johnson followed a similar path for his age. He began in simple circumstances, went to a teacher’s college, actually taught school for a time, and began ticking off all those New Deal boxes to plunge into politics, get appointed a Lt. Commander in the Naval Reserve (for one year), acquire important contacts, and skim off money to advance his career and buy crucial media companies. He was marinated in corruption and career-climbing from the beginning. And it finally destroyed his reputation. Anal Pete will be with us for a long time, though I don’t think he has a chance against Trump. But in the future…?

    • you forgot the part where 300 dead Mexicans voted for LBJ in the ’49 Senate election.
      True story, and LBJ’s team were proud of what they had done, and bragged about it. Photos of the 300 fake ballots exist.

  27. Great article. Trump is a bit of a charlatan. He inherited hundreds of millions and had mixed success. His main skill is self promotion. But he actually did some real things like putting up buildings, dealing with NY bureaucrats in a cut-throat environment, managing a business, creating a successful TV program. Checklist Pete, Senile Joe, and Breadline Bernie, have never done an honest days work in their lives. Pocahontas at least taught some classes, but in a safe, tenured environment, while gaming the racial spoils system. Bloomberg is the only one on the left who has actually accomplished anything, but he has no understanding or respect for the system and culture that gave him the opportunity.

    • I met Bloomberg at some tech show back in, I think, the early ’90s, hanging around his booth showing off the Bloomberg terminal. If I knew then what I know now, I would have followed him into the bathroom and drowned him in a toilet bowl.

      • A “death swirly?” LOL. But every time the “Who would you kill from history?” game is played we go back further and further. (FWIW, for me it would be Wilson.) Yet the theme of modern Christian literature (e.g.,Tolkien and Lewis) is that “what might have been” is unknowable and therefore irrelevant. I’m a work-in-progress.

        • George Will is a pud, but he had a great line about Wilson:

          The Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist George Will made a startling assertion when he took the podium last year at a banquet sponsored by the Cato Institute, the libertarian think tank in Washington, D.C. “I firmly believe that the most important decision taken anywhere in the 20th century was where to locate the Princeton graduate college,” Will declared.

          The university’s president, Woodrow Wilson, then a high-minded political scientist who’d yet to run for public office, insisted that the new residential college be integrated into the main campus. But after a lengthy and bitter academic feud, in 1910 the university’s trustees and donors sided with the graduate school dean, who chose a more secluded location adjoining a golf course.

          “When Wilson lost,” Will told the black-tie crowd, “he had one of his characteristic tantrums, went into politics and ruined the 20th century.”

        • Old saying

          Amateurs kill Hitler

          Professionals kill Wilson/Gavrillo Priceps

          Masters kill Voltaire

          Romantics kill the Puritans

  28. Spot on. There is one aspect of the Managerial Class that portends for a violent future.

    Men like Reagan, Trump, hell, even Bush and Buckley, either were born into or gravitated into a rigid class system, but there were expectations of them to benefit those below them or those they left behind. It was noblesse oblige writ large.

    Lifeforms, because to call them “men” is false, like Buttiigieg have no sense of obligation at all. They are entitlement writ large, even worse than their Boomer counterparts in that regard. They have no actual interactions with the masses and the people and nation they rule might as well be foreign. In fact, those outside their spheres are foreign to them. You’ve previously written about how analogous contemporary D.C. is to late-stage Tsarist St. Petersburg. If anything, D.C. is much more detached because even the Tsars had some tangential connections to their subjects since they headed the state religion. These lifeforms don’t have any such attachment.

    It cannot hold, and it is easy to see even now. I read the group most repelled by Buttigieg are his fellow Millennials. They know him and want no part of him. Come the first downturn they will turn on Buttigieg and those like him and destroy them because they are foreigners with power. It will be quite unpleasant.

    • “Lifeforms.” That’s great. I’ll remember that.

      The men of the disconnected elite of pre-revolutionary France and Russia served in the military. Buttplug enlisted in the Naval Reserve, guaranteeing that he would never charge over a hill with his rifle blazing. He was commissioned an officer and planned to serve as a rear-echelon desk jockey in Naval Intelligence but ended up facing a certain amount of danger as a driver. Tulsie Gabbard, a young woman, faced more danger as a military policewoman. Thanks, feminism.

      • The fact that Anal Pete, (((Vindman))) and Gabbard were officers in our “best military in the world” ought to give clear thinkers nightmares if we get into a shooting war with an opponent more capable than hapless Iraqis or Afghan mujahedeen that the neocons keep trying to provoke.

        Fags, fatties and females. In uniform or out, they’re leading us right off the cliff.

        • I was watching a war movie the other night and a farmer was complaining about a enemy soldier wanting his wife to another enemy soldier and the soldier said you shouldn’t have lost then… People just don’t realize what can happen and would rather live in blissful ignorance than prepare in any way…

    • ”I read the group most repelled by Buttigieg are his fellow Millennials. They know him and want no part of him.”


    • Clinton and Bush 2 were the archetypal D and R Boomers.

      Obama was technically a Boomer, but really closer to a Gen Xer in his aesthetic — true of a lot of early ’60s Boomers.

      • The immediate environment and the larger culture can also play a bigger part than one’s birth year. Also one’s affinity for the culture of previous/successive generations. My eldest sibling would be happy as a clam in the Victorian Age. My youngest sibling gets all the ’60s pop culture questions on Jeopardy — How? It’s not cut and dried at all.

        • Coming of age certainly is a more accurate description of the zeitgeist. There is no life after high school.

          • There’s a difference between “coming of age” – and in Victorian England full maturity was reckoned around 23-25 as reflected in various trusts and wills,
            and “becoming of the age” which is what happens to all the brain dead shitlibs working on their Lesbian Dwarf-tossing studies degree,

      • Yes I really think Gen X should be from 1961 to 1978 or 9. I was born in 1965 and I feel more cultural commonality with those born in all of the 60s and most of the 70s. Nothing in common with those born in the 80s.

  29. “he fact that he is every bit as sterile and pointless as the system that produced him could perhaps make him the fullest expression of the Managerial Man.”

    All of which indicates to me that he will be the Democratic candidate for this year’s election and that every institutional, administrative, informational and financial organ will be looking to propel him into the White House.

  30. Good post Z, and it distilled my thinking regarding most politicians.
    They offer no value. None. Zip, zero nadda. If most politicians, regardless of the letter before their name, disappeared overnight, life would go on with nary a blip.
    Building a house, growing food, providing medical attention; these are all things that everyone needs. Yet the credentialed pol offers none of it.
    I’m not sure what the future holds, but eventually I think that the vast majority of dirt people will eventually mock and ignore politicians.

  31. He’s Gen-X. But other than that, a pretty good description of him. But a major obstacle he has is blacks. It probably remains to be seen how women in general will react to him. Despite all the feminist posturing, women like strong men. It’s hard to imagine he is going to build a lot of excitement outside of the woke core. It’s not just his being gay either. He is as bland and unexciting as the managerial state itself. He isn’t even fun to hate.

    • He is most certainly not Gen-X. The guy graduated high school in the year 2000. That is the very definition of millennial.

      • Gen-X is 1965-1984. Millennials were born between 1985 and 2004. Though, to be fair, there really isn’t agreement on who exactly is Gen-X. IMHO, generations should be relatively consistent or they are not really generational cohorts. There were not many 17yos having children in 1982. Almost everyone agrees that Boomers were born between 1945 and 1964 and the Silent gen was 1925-1944 and greatest gen was 1905-1924. It makes no sense to use a HS graduation period as a generational cohort.
        Generations should be getting longer, not shorter because the average age of a woman’s first child is getting older not younger.

        • Those definitions are complete nonsense. The whole reason for the name “millennial” was the millennium. Jeebus. Pedantic hairsplitting about some made up dates is denying reality. Millennials are those who came of age around the year 2000. End of debate.

          • Yeah we came of age just as the empire was running out of gas. 9/11, 20 years of the war on terror, ‘08 crash, 8 years of Obama.

            You know, a bunch of softies cruising through the easy times.

        • GenX is really a compressed generation. Most of them are kids from the silent generation. By 1980, the Boomer kids started showing up. So, while maybe not the 20 year generation rule, calling someone born in 1982 a Millennial isn’t out of bounds.

      • Thats borderline end gen x, early millenial. Its a weird line because the early Ms didnt have ubiquitous internet, cell phones, like later ones. ive seen x end in 75 to 85 depending on who you ask.

        • Yes. I remember the Sears catalog. Had a party line at home until age 6. Had dial up internet in high school. Didn’t see internet until middle school. Grew up in easy times like Z said, into the craziness of the 21st century. Definitely not feminized education until college. It was like living in two worlds. Interesting time to be born, riding the crest of a wave. A little X, a little millennial without being either, even though generally lumped in with millennials so I run with it.

    • It probably remains to be seen how women in general will react to him.

      I think he is one of the most dangerous in the donkey field for Trump. A lot women are going to respond well to him b/c he looks and acts like a sweet boy, which is a legitimate way to get action if you have the phenotype and behavior down.

      More generally male homosexuality is probably a parasitic sexual strategy which works like this: back in the neolithic day, gay guy never challenged alpha boy and his gung ho buffalo hunters in the tribe. He took the insults and hazing lying down. And when alpha boy and the spear jocks went off looking for game, gay guy stayed behind under the acacia tree, chatting w the girls. B/c he was gay, he did not, initially, show sexual interest in them but was, on the other hand, b/c he was very feminine for a male, good at chatting and socializing and probably often also funny as well. And, the girls being girls, they are interested in pushing social, more than physical boundaries. So one day, when alpha boy, was out doing his hunting or fighting thing, one of the girls took off gay guy’s loin cloth, just to see what would happen (and b/c her feminine pride was irked that he never came on to her so she could have the ego boost of rejecting him w an overbearing laugh). At first gay guy rebuffed her. But one day, before either had planned it, they were bumping hips while alpha guy, who naturally claimed the most attractive girls, was getting his rear end handed to him by a buffalo who hadn’t understood how the food chain was supposed to work. This created competition between the other high digit girls, it was now humiliating to a girl’s status among the females if she could not turn on effeminate mr not-interested when everyone could see alpha boy’s right hand guy, buff boy, drooling over her across the camp fire at night. Before anyone knew of it, gay guy had knocked up several of the most attractive girls in the tribe, cuckolding both alpha boy and sidekick buff. B/c his gayness gave him natural game. This is why guys don’t like gays. It is ancient memory etched in our DNA that gay guy is a sexual threat flying under the radar. You said it yourself, he isn’t even fun to hate. this guy’s natural element is UNDER the radar.

      Maybe this is why Trump threw blacks some bones lately. His team sees the threat, especially among women voters, and is partly trying to attract the demographic least enthusiastic about gays (and incidentally closest to neolithic living conditions historically). And at the same time making himself more palatable to women voters as well. Maybe Trump was smart to dangle the key to the prison cells in front of blacks.

      • Cockolding does not explain more modern societies—all of which seem to posses gays, but keep their women under tight rein. Germ theory (Cochran), Genetic Interests (Dutton), and in womb hormonal abnormality are a few of the alternative speculations. We’ll see who wins out.

        • These other things could certainly also play in. But most of our instincts go back to pre-modern times, especially very basic instincts. I think dislike of gays could be a combination of all these things.

      • It seems to me that you have spent a little too much time thing (or perhaps the word is fantasizing) about this.

  32. And managers are not leaders. No one follows them into battle. Their agency is purely a contrived status that exists only because people need to earn money in order to survive. When money loses value, so will the apparatchiks. Yes-men are societal entropy fueled by affluence and large bureaucracy. Buttigieg is a creation of the Deep State, just like Obama. His only virtue is that he can get us to collapse almost as fast as Bernie.

  33. You indirectly bring up the “smarts” binary: ‘street’ or ‘book.’ Look to today’s White House for a combination of both, but heavy on ‘street.’ That’s why he’s a leader–and why Buttplug will never achieve that status.

    By the way, Buttplug and the Bush chilluns have a lot of parallels.

    • Even in theNavy Intel Buttplug was viewed as a joke – hence his position as a driver and coffee boy for the real intel peeps.

      Butts is pretty much a educated idiot and his Navy superiors saw that the moment he opened his mouth.

  34. I’ve noticed that Buttigieg and (surprisingly) Klobuchar are now the favorites of my Gentry lib acquaintances who just want to put Trump out of sight but don’t want to overturn an economy that greatly benefits them.

    They all seem obsessed with online questionnaires that assess the suitability of one candidate or another for their tastes. I imagine there’s some way to game the questionnaires to generate or inflate “enthusiasm” for a given campaign. It would be a low key way for the “political masters” to winnow the field and direct donations. I can’t imagine Klobuchar having such traction among Gentry libs absent their “discovery” of her through some scientific-sounding agency.

    Of course, these same people will settle for Bloomberg if it comes to that, for the same reason he was a plausible successor to Mayor Giuliani: he followed through on all of Rudy’s policies, but without the hard edges and contentious personality.

    One of the secrets of upper class libs, I’m beginning to think, is that they’re the new “country club Republicans”: they love the economic benefit they’ve received via Trump, and hate that he’s the one who’s delivered it. All the weirdo issues are just toys to them—they’re eager to give “cultural affirmation” as long as it doesn’t impinge on their standing, as evidenced by the demise of Occupy and even BLM before they could mature from protest to policy movements.

    • There will be quite a few Gentry Libs VOTE for Trump and bitch about him the nanosecond they leave the booth.

  35. I’ve often thought that the mainstreaming of homosexuality (and then the hardcore sell on transsexualism) was based in a desire of the elite to remove the threat of violent revolt (whether consciously or not) by real men. If you’re part of the global managerial elite, you know (as you’ve said) that you have a glass jaw and that you only have as much power as real men let you have (tolerating this crap because they’re busy with their actual lives and jobs and families, and not with intriguing). The solution to this problem, the way to end all this toxic masculinity and testosterone stewing among men who are not only useless to your reign, but a threat to it? Literal castration. In the land of men without balls, the men with small balls (Adam Schiff, Obama, Buttigieg, Zuckerberg, Bezos, etc.) are king. This naturally dovetails with the long-term Jewish goal of conflating legitimate authority with authoritarianism (i.e. Adorno, or something as simple as saying that because Trump wants to enforce basic immigration law he’s putting children in concentration camps, which you hear all the time).

    • Spot on.

      Look at the founders of Google – dried out twig males. Dorsey of Twitter is a twisted little runt. Bezos looks like a freak born out of a test tube. And yeah look at all the House goons – all of them look like creeps.\

      Being mostly a blue collar types I never saw men like them in real life. To me they like the last vestiges of a race where all the genetic vitality has been bred out of them.

      • It seems like any late-stage elite creates incredibly feminized males. Z probably knows more about it, since he’s familiar with French history, but all those men with ultra-powdered faces and wigs and fey mannerisms couldn’t have existed a few centuries earlier, much less called shots.

        • ” … all those men with ultra-powdered faces and wigs and fey mannerisms couldn’t have existed a few centuries earlier, much less called shots.”

          In England too. There were many in the Restoration era (Charles II) who were contemptuous of gentlemen riding in carriages rather than on horseback. It would not have been so in the time of Elizabeth.

      • “Bezos looks like a freak born out of a test tube.”

        And Butt gag resembles a late-stage fetus, born prematurely who never quite caught up.

        Okay, it’s low-class to deride someone’s appearance. In his case, I don’t care.

  36. I saw his resume on Gab. As a Yesterday’s Working Man all I can do is scoff at it. At my age I’ve met men that have Done Things. Such men invariably have gone through the wringer at least a few times. That kid has been tossed softballs all his life and no bones about it. He spent his life as The Token Faggot just as Obama was always The Token Nigger. As Hillary was supposed to be The Token Wahman.

    Tokens aren’t going to save America.

    • “No cash value”. Tokens exist so people will feel okay about squandering real value for trivial trinkets and fleeting flashes of feelz. In that regard these tokens are serving their purpose quite well.

    • When I entered the workforce in the mid-70’s, I was surrounded by accomplished men. These were people that had actually done things and the leaders were drawn, mostly, from that cadre of doers. There were a few “thinkers”, but these were guys that were practically visionary in their ideas. It was a glorious world in which to live.

      Within a decade or so, the workplace had been populated by womyn. Most could talk a good line. Then the government pushed preferential advancement of these womyn and he workplace was cheapened.

      After that, it was all sweet talking “pretty boys” that got the promotions, because the harsh reality is that acting ends in rough talk and non-inclusive action. It has amazed me how many middle managers are of that ilk: all hat and no cattle.

      I finally left that world and went mostly contract. When companies pay you big bucks for expertise in a specific area, performance counts. I am out now, even that arena has surrendered to the PC culture.

  37. Two geriatrics, one senile the other the walking dead; a harpy from hell; a guy who’s going to have to spend $100/vote; and a nonentity. They are all in this position because the oligarchs are terrified of having to unleash the brown horde onto the stage. After this election those floodgates will have to open. Within 5 years we’ll all seem like a bunch of moderates.

    • If they win in 5 years the U.S. won’t exist. Go look up a bill in the House called “The Way Forward Act”. If we get a Dem Senate or POTUS that thing will pass and the country will die.

      And we whites will be hunted down by the brown horde and whites working for the FedGov.

      Forget about all the DR bullshit of starting white communities and waiting out the bad people for 50 years like our thought leaders want. Damn fools are still living in 1985 like Sailer and his snark posse.

      • This is why I oppose accelerationism and Bernie fever on the DR. Yeah, I get it, vote in the Jewish Communist and let him make it so bad that whitey will be forced over to our side. Trump may not be good for much but he does give us 4 more years to organize, move around, do all that prepper shit, lose that weight, and tighten those groups at the range. As I see it ANY of the Dems puts us in a reactive mode fighting all their new initiatives.

        There’s no 50 Year Plan, comrades. “if present trends continue” – in 50 years Europe will be Africa, America will be Brazil, and China and Russia will be dividing up the solar system’s planets and resources, as they laugh at US President Rainbow Sanchez’s “land reform” scheme to divide up the US’s last remaining productive farmland which is “unfairly” in the hands of the awful racist Amish and Mormons.

        • Speaking of the range, how does someone without any experience in 2A culture go about learning? Do ranges have rifles you can learn on? ARs are quite expensive…

          • You can rent lots of different guns at various gun stores that have their own ranges. It’s not too expensive. I’ve tried several AR variants that way as well as an Israeli Tavor bullpup that I couldn’t have afforded to buy. Of course you can always rent pistols. Not all store-based ranges will allow you to try rifles on them though.

    • The problem we have now is that the center-right can still get elected in this country. What we need is a truly incompetent democrat party (check) that wins overwhelmingly (the senate map looks REALLY bad). It then needs to cook for a couple of election cycles.

      Once the center-right hasn’t even tasted power in eight years, i.e. losing majorities in all three federal branches, its gonna get hot.

  38. Just got around to listening to the pod.
    You made the point on a couple of occasions that shirt-lifters, yids and other assorted malefactors have power because men/whites “gave it to them”. That’s inaccurate. They took it.Passivity, not misguided action is the issue.

    • @bilejones,

      I think you’re right. But I’ve been thinking about the mechanism that might exist to correct that passivity. Obviously, the inclusive and open thinking we’re inculcated to creates this problem, because it creates space for the most clannish and tribal to exploit.

      But that observation leads to results we may not like. It suggests that a certain amount of bigotry – I work against these people simply because I don’t like them and strongly prefer my own – is optimal. You can’t fight passivity with a general conclusion to be not so passive, you have to fight it with genuine dislike.

  39. How astonishing. The most consequential nation on the planet, yet so incapable of producing leaders, leaders with a coherent plan, a vision. What’s lacking is a crisis. Pericles, Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, they all had their crisis. Buttigeig? A little gay guy, another DIE acolyte? Come now.

    Things aren’t bad enough yet – we don’t have a crisis. Perhaps when we’re all shaking in our foxholes, some Churchillian will pop his head up and lead us. Or maybe not. Depends on who’s in that foxhole with you. You may find yourself sharing your foxhole with a Buttigieg.

    • “The most consequential nation on the planet, yet so incapable of producing leaders, …”

      One problem is that the intergenerational transfer of knowledge has been broken, not just for us, but also for the elites. The Jewish revolt against the WASPs in the Ivy League led to the destruction of that university system as a production center for competent ruling elites. (Who staffs the admissions offices now?) They still produce ruling elites, just not of OUR nation.

      Diversity in the ruled or working classes is simply called empire. Diversity in the ruling class is civilizational death. Beyond personally enriching themselves and destroying the American Nation (and our civilizational mission of European liberty), our multicultural ruling class is not unified on a replacement civilizational mission.

    • They are the necrotic outgrowth of a rotting political system that only selects the worst people imaginable.

      That’s all it can produce anymore.

  40. After reading this I almost feel proud to be a boomer.
    Others have called little Petey the deep state candidate but your assessment is more spot on.
    It is still hard to imagine that this priissy little thing is running on his resume and bullshit mayors job of a small nothing city.

    • Z is quite correct in who the Butt boy is and how he got there. The big question, other than his unquestioned fealty to the Status Quo, is why run him?

      I wondered about that then it dawned on me that the poofter is, quite incredibly, the closest they’ve got to a normal person.

      • If a half black communist muslim from prep schools and affirmative action teleprompter academies couldn’t cleanse the white future of her past sins, an ivy achiever icon of why gay marriage was the right side of history surely will.

      • He’s the sort of homosexual that liberals love to throw in the faces of those who have a more realistic understanding of homosexuals as a group. “Mayor Pete is just like you except he happens to love a man.”


        • There were some great memes on gab about mayor pete engaging in more typical homosexual behaviors.

    • Agreed. The path of managerialism is much as Zman described it. The only difference between college for boomers and for those of later generations is that prior to the mid-1980s the liberal arts still cultivated critical thinking. But that was swamped by post-modernism and affirmative action: dumber students and a dumbed-down curriculum that denied objective truth. The political class has so debased itself that Obama finally broke the camel’s back. If a jumped-up, AA mulatto, one-term senator can be POTUS; then why not the gay mayor of a second-class, rust-belt city? Because it’s now apparent that the office doesn’t matter and merely requires a placeholder with an acceptable origin story.

      • Obama was in politics because he was being groomed for the job a decade ahead. Smart Dem’s knew the winning ticket would be a minority—women or a male POC—not too Black and not too Feminist. However, they were still of the old school which stated that you needed some political experience to gain street cred’s. Obama was, as Biden said, articulate and half Black. Not to scary for the average White voter.

        Trump of course pushed the envelope. He proved you don’t need any political experience, just a massive TV audience following and an outsider impression. In short, it’s hard for me to believe that there are any disqualifying characteristics for a presidential candidate these days. I view the process today as akin to selecting Roman emperors in the late stages of the empire.

    • I think if he continues to do well there will be pressure to have him as VP on the ticket. I pray that that happens as I cannot see blacks voting for an open homosexual candidate with a husband no less.

    • He is definitely a deep state candidate. You don’t start getting the media attention he did without his overseers orchestrating it. One week nobody had heard of him and a week later he is all over the screens and front pages. That wasn’t some kind of grassroots rise from South Bend. None of the other candidates rubbished him for being too young or inexperienced as they were told not to. He was packaged for the corporate donors and given all the resources he needs. He may not be the Dem Nom this time but we are going to hear a lot more of him in the future.

  41. Real estate bubbles from the 1980-2008 indirectly created the millennial manager muppet. “Good school district” was a popular meme for snobby whites who considered racism to be beneath them, so they used their children as human shields in protecting their neighborhoods from the diversity. “Tiger mom” schooling associated well with expensive housing that kept the wrong people out.

    But a generation later, the study robot drones are coming into power, and the housing bubble linked to school reputation is fading away. The diversity has flooded in so much, and it has so much contempt for using housing as a speculative asset, that the old strategies don’t work anymore. The culture of education and housing mania is dying.

    It isn’t just here. Look at the demographics of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It’s a failed model of society and most abusive to children, except the Asians have the blessing of being able to reform themselves rather than becoming reformed by the immigrants.

    I doubt Mayor Pete ever thinks of his origins or of history. But he forces everyone else to, if they are capable of it.

    • “‘Tiger mom’ schooling associated well with expensive housing that kept the wrong people out.”

      Was that a white thing? I’ve only heard that term used for overbearing mongoloid-American mothers.

      • Yes, plenty of upper middle class white women were tiger moms in their own way by making sure their kids excelled at activities and in school that would be their ticket to maintaining the lifestyle that their parents had established for them. Ballet, fencing, sailing, tennis, swimming plus tutoring for high SAT scores plus “excellent’ public or private schools, all these will get you into an Ivy League school and help you maintain your parents’ standard of living for your own family. I grew up in this world and saw it myself, although my mother worked full time and didn’t understand what was going on, so I didn’t exactly benefit from it, but everyone I knew had parents like this.

          • This doesn’t work because it rubs out genuinely good schools that aren’t proxies for real estate speculation. Prep school culture drags down the “study robot” culture, but it takes down the whole country with it, compared to more interventionist regimes that don’t allow the mixing of usury, housing, and schooling.

            Of all places, moderate Muslim countries seem to get it all right. Their climate often forces life in an oasis, where urban planning is taken more seriously than American sprawl, and the oil industry encouraged the primacy of engineering schools with a more objective sense of merit than the liberal arts schools. Islamic civilization is hold up better than ours.

            It’s most tragic that open minded liberal arts is most vulnerable to prep school mania, but tough as nails STEM schools have a difficulty limit mostly imposed by the nature of physics, not politics.

        • Lady, that’s something not mentioned enough. For all that we mock GenY2k as “snowflakes” in fact many of them worked very hard at crafting their “permanent record” of otherwise useless achievements which matter only as credentials.

          Kids don’t eat Adderall like Skittles for the pleasurable buzz. It’s a drug that allows you to “zone out” while doing grind work.

          Most Millennials I know took the stuff to compete in exactly the contest you describe – endless homework, extracirriculars, prep courses, even padding out with political activism, devoting your entire childhood to muh College Admissions, while the Asian and Jewish kids are constantly nipping at your heels (and often cheating).

          Clown Credential World is a bad place to grow up. It teaches little of lasting value or cultural significance. It keeps kids busy but doesn’t educate them. For all the busywork, they’re doing less meaningful reading and writing every year.

          Those who lionize tiger moms should remember that tigers are known for eating their young.

      • Millennials were the first generation drugged and beaten for bad school performance. Boomers were spoiled brats, and largely reacting badly against their own upbringing. Somehow they made things even worse.

        The key takeaway is that the high pressure prep schooling was never for the economic benefit of millennials hoping to secure a career based on high value skills. It was for boomers hoping to prop up their housing values during the bubble. Skills are for politically incorrect nations without red tape, not the West.

        Now we have a generation, at least among the middle class, that didn’t have happy childhoods, and don’t care for children themselves. The boss doesn’t care about prestigious diplomas or how much Ritalin you snorted to maintain that 3.88+ GPA. Achmed the immigrant doesn’t understand why you can’t just pay a few hundred bucks to a diploma mill that recognizes “life experience” and move on with the cheapest necessary credential. Achmed also lives in government housing with his 2 wives and 8 children, so he doesn’t think in terms of real estate speculation. He’s the future.

        Attacking Asians for abusive, cold treatment of children is indirectly criticizing WASP’s and Jews who are untouchable otherwise. You just have to hope they take the hint.

        • Not just propping up the housing bubble, but their own status. Which is also a bubble.

          The housing, just like good schools, and the trading-up that goes with both, are just status signals of the conspicuous consuming aspirational boomer class.

          Their kids were also mere signaling objects of this status seeking. Which Is why they are not so interested in kids themselves. And are feeling the nihilism that follows the collapse of the purchasing power of participation ribbons. Hence all the anger and anxiety.

          Its also why a lot of them are rejecting the big house in the burbs full of Costco chiner junk in favor of micro-living and an array of a few compact but conspicuous thingies and “experience” spending.

          They are figuring out that they can’t have the life their parents had, so the reject it.

          But they are clinging to the credentialism and brand conscious consuming on a smaller scale because they aren’t savages after all.

          They can’t trade upon the debt ponzi like their parents, so instead of the ‘low taxes’ liberalism of their parents they are more like the Real Americans (Invaders) and want socialism and debt-relief because compound interest is hard math.

          So you are correct about the boomer motive to prop up values but I think its not housing per se, but all of it; everything is about status. Its why they continue to prop up their kids to live the credentialed urban cosmo life even though the kids economics can’t support it.

          How many millennials live in real shitty apartments with milk crate furniture and eat spaghetti every night like they should based on their own economics? No, the parents can’t have that. They buy investment properties instead.

          • Avoiding the wrong minorities is the most important status symbol there is, on top of the more basic benefits like not being mugged every once in a while. Housing costs are the modern “moat” against the diversity.

            In cynical, urban areas, there is ethnic machine politics used to keep the wrong people out. Chinatowns and barrios have their own methods for segregation that don’t involve fertility destroying real estate schemes. Urban whites and millennials are learning these ways, and they hold up better than the boomer burb. Or even university, in most cases.

            Maybe in a generation the 18th century style “secret societies” will come back, if our current “ethnic identity” themed playing field starts to get too ugly. It still has a lot of room to grow, based on how many diehard real estate and education cultists still exist.

          • “Housing costs are the modern “moat” against the diversity.”

            TLDR: The wealth moat keeps out the problematic diversity, but allows in enough non-violent diversity over which the shitlibs can virtue signal.

            Anonymous Reactionary’s statement is SO INCREDIBLY TRUE. I see this directly in my own family and circle of acquaintances and friends. There are so damn many foreigners in our land now that enough consistently make it through the wealth filter that shitlib neighborhoods all have at least a sprinkling of diversity with the problematic well-filtered out by the wealth requirement. The presence of the filtered diversity allows shitlibs to virtue signal over their tolerance. They don’t actually have to interact with them. Just seeing them in their upscale neighborhoods, knowing that they won’t pose a threat, gives them their virtue signalling endorphin rush. I think it is a hindbrain rather than a conscious process.

            So, this is the structure of our globalist society. We all have to screw each other over to get as much money as possible to get away from the diversity. When we succeed, we get to virtue signal over how wonderful we are. If you fail to make the cut, you get to live in proximity with the undesirable diversity or (the horror) flee to deplorable rural areas away from the systems from which you could have any hope of reversing your fortunes. Almost every aspect of our governance, political, social, and economic, has been engineered by those who hate us with the objective of destroying any kind of cohesive normal nation. Goodbye middle class, hello feudalism with hostile foreign overlords like Michael Bloomberg.

          • Screw, I’m working on something in a similar vein. What we used to call “keeping up with the Joneses” is a defining characteristic for the post-war generations, at least Boomers & Xers, in my experience, and it’s particularly American.

            There’s a fairly unique combination of forces and influences that formed the Boomer/Xer culture in America – being the only major post-war power not wrecked by war, television, Madison Avenue, car culture, Chosen-level national esteem b/c punched muh Nazis, leader of muh free world, etc…

            The world-view difference between pre-1980’s Europe and America was much greater than it is today where everyone who’s allowed to be anyone in the West is an aspirational neo-liberal. This is the background from which to sort out the unique American strain of the status-seeking-virus and trace its “progress.”

            There are also deeper historical roots for status signalling fever in America – Puritanism and similarly self-satisfied religious traditions, Scofield’s Bible, public education supervised largely by women, etc…

            It behooves Us to study what makes status-signalling tick, why it’s off-the-charts in America (and now in modern Europe) and how to best use it for Our purposes.

          • Exile, interesting. I agree. I often come back to the root of status as well. We need to right that ship; how status accrues. Capable white men of good character with real world skills should be high status. Must not allow limp wrist cucks and the gynocracy to control the frame.

            Thanks for including x’rs too. Boomers are easy pickens but if there is one thing us genx learned from the boomers is the status striving and signaling.

            I have many friends with precious one and done kid attending special private schools where the teachers “all have at least a masters degree” living inside the invisible fences of white collar double-income credentialed reservations that worship at the alter of goodwhite progressives.

            I find it increasingly difficult to include them in my idea of community, just as I would a potential mate who would desire to cherry pick the masculine and traditional benefits while simultaneously agitating for the destruction of same.

            There are sides. Choosing status signals over the truth is a kind of mercenary life that I want no part of. And to your point, we need to understand these motivations if we are to sort out our connections and build our communities.

          • That’s a great question. Quick theories: North America was colonized to make money. Status signaling is piety in a society that revolves around money. No gothic cathedrals to build but you can glorify God by doing well. God won’t be glorified if others don’t know you’re doing well.

            Re: boomers. Get rich or the Russians will nuke you. That was the cold war strategy. Xers seem to think the boomer way is the way it’s done, but they’re half-hearted about it. They know it kind of sucks, but they don’t find it so objectionable to toss it.

            Europe I don’t know a lot about. I’d guess it has something to do with the collapse of the USSR. No counterbalance to American influence.

          • Exile,

            Do not include Xers with Boomers. Totally different mindsets and worlds. There is a big difference between those that came of age in 50’s, 60’s and 70’s v. 80’s and 90’s. Xers also had to climb the hill of student loans, inflated housing markets, affirmative action, etc. . . . while listening to endless Boomer virtue signaling. That is why “cynicism” is associated with Xers.

          • The X-ers never amounted to much, I’m sad to say. We inherited all the absurdity but always thought it was normal, or our own fault or something.

            We were all going home from school to locked houses, experiencing a divorce every couple years, shagging like maniacs. Then we went to work where, literally, my first promotion was given to an H1B _so that_ they could justify his H1B (if they paid him the pittance they were paying me, well, he wouldn’t qualify for the program, see?)

            We didn’t rebel against it because we thought we were failing.

        • Anonymous Reactionary said: “Boomers were spoiled brats, and largely reacting badly against their own upbringing. Somehow they made things even worse.”
          Honest to f**king god man. Get over the Boomer crap. I was born in 1953, and raised in a working class neighborhood. I had two older half brothers and trust me, we weren’t spolied. No offence pal, but generalizing is lazy thinking.

          • Yeah, and I knew classmates who committed suicide over stressful schooling, and others who became drug addicts that I blame on getting forced to take study drugs as children. Even athletes in school risk their fertility and sexual health due to “supplement” abuse they have to do to perform well on the field. For zoomers, this includes girls having to compete with transsexuals.

            Boomers never went through this! Their schooling wasn’t necessary for segregation or speculation, so it avoided the degeneracy. They never shot up their schools, either.

          • “generalizing is lazy thinking…”

            And writing NAxALT after every sentence is bad writing. We shouldn’t have to do it just to preserve Boomer feelz. Or would Boomers simply prefer not to hear criticism at all?

            Boomers commenting on a blog about HBD and rayciss social policies still ask for special exceptions b/c they know a Boomer who doesn’t fit the stereotype that’s perfectly good for 2/3+ of them.

            There are three ways the Boomer Veto works out – we write NAxALT’s in every comment, we don’t criticize Boomers at all b/c feelz, or we say what we like.

          • Exile said: “And writing NAxALT after every sentence is bad writing.”
            NAxALT! Hahahaha! Fine. You want the set around and hate millions of descent, hard working people you’ll never meet and know nothing about, go for it. I’ll be here in my apartment, tip typing away with a smile of my face, thinking about all you boomer despisers pumping gallons of stress hormones into your brains and ripping big holes in your arteries. Enjoy! 😀

          • For emphasis: the whole point of HBD is to study group generalizations while acknowledging that, like all generalizations outside of pure mathematics, there will be exceptions.

            You can question the accuracy or utility of a generalization, but you can’t object to the act of generalization.

            If you aren’t tall enough for this ride, you have to wait till you grow a bit more.

          • Exile-we have had this NAxALT boomer discussion before and I completely agree with you. Say the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

            To all my fellow boomers; we f***ked it for our children good and hard while most of us had it very easy. Growing up I primarily lived in both poor black and white areas so I realized as a generation we were assholes just after I came out of my faux hippie phase and into my graduate school phase.

            We are now in the territory where it is an unforgivable sin to be white and that hurts our (straight, male) children and only hurt us at the tail end.

            So, as penance don’t rest on your laurels by just posting here. Help your children. Many of the upper-class boomers I know go to Europe (for some reason, only Europe) once or twice a year while most of their children are struggling. We don’t go on such vacations or drive nice cars and I spend everything I can to help out to give my children money for buying homes and retirement accounts. I took up a PT job after retirement precisely so that ALL the money I make goes for this.

            We screwed them; we can’t make amends, but we have to do everything we can to wash our away our sins.

          • Just want to say Thank you for doing that for your kids instead of being selfish with your money…They will remember it always…

          • Yes, say the “truth”, but support it with facts, data, and references. I can’t remember a group generalization made here wrt Boomers that has been supported by any data which may be looked at for rebuttal. What I usually see are unsupported generalizations that all reading are expected to accept as evidence based.

            Retorts such as OBT’s are then decried as NAxALT when it is in fact a logical and sufficient rebuttal to such gratuitous assertions. I’d not go so far as critique your “arguments” as weak as others have, because in reality an argument has yet to be made by you to critique.

          • Exile and AR need to stagger over to Taki’s Mag and read Jim Goad’s piece on perceived Boomer privilege. Might do you some good.

          • He didn’t deny boomer privilege. He simply whined that he did personally support any of the things that came out of Boomer land. And blaming him is simply wrong. Look, the Boomers came out of a prosperous and homogeneous America. That was a pretty privileged time. Since then, in general, it’s only been about what they want. Yeah, they couldn’t be bothered to stay together and have several kids. It’s all about how this next age decade is the new 30. And instead of stepping aside, they’ve continued hanging on because that second job is needed to supplement their retirement fund for two trips to Europe each year.

            So, yeah, it sucks to be a Boomer and get blamed when you didn’t support any of it. It also sucks when you’re Gen-X and aren’t a cynical slacker. Or your kids aren’t the typical Millennial wilting flower. That doesn’t change the general reality of each cohort. It also doesn’t mean we need to get into needless generational conflict. But, it does mean that Boomers need to stop saying things like “I paid my own way through college” and other things that don’t match today’s reality.

          • The only thing that sucks—and the point of the article—is blaming everyone in a broad generalization, e.g., Boomer privilege.

            When I say I “paid my way through college” (I did)—and I do so often—such a statement is immediately followed with the explanation that the government fucked up the educational system so much and how, that it is not working for other generations, and how that is causing all sorts of troubles for them and society in general. It is never to blame such folks for the troubles that befall them.

            I am parent to two Millennials. I do not call Millennials “snowflakes”, nor to my knowledge paint other generations in derogatory broad brush strokes. Yet, I am able to criticize socialist thinking, Leftist entities like AntiFA, pathological egalitarians, and the like.

            I’m tending to agree with a past admonishment—it’s lazy thinking using such broad brush generalities and I might add perhaps a little bit of envy/resentment is creeping into the mix as well.

          • Compsci, my daughter is a Millennial and she says most of them are snowflakes. Again, it doesn’t matter that NAXALT. If most of them are, then the exceptions don’t matter for defining that generation. If 60% of your army runs away at every battle. Your army is cowardly regardless of the rest who fight.

            You know how I meant the use of the phrase about college. And you can see a lot of Boomers use it to disparage younger people who complain about college cost. Just look at Insty anytime college loans come up.

            It’s not lazy to notice general societal trends. It is lazy to play the “I’m not like that” card. Saying it’s envy/resentment is….

          • Ritz. Goad isn’t going to persuade me on much. He’s a crank-contrarian in Fred Reed’s niche, not really Our Guy. My take on Boomers doesn’t come from ignorance, guys. I’m well aware that many Boomers don’t fit the stereotype. I’ve already said so, but the special pleading continues.

          • I’m Gen-X and I’ll admit my generation has done little to nothing to stem the tide. It doesn’t matter I wasn’t like my cohort.

          • Exile. Grouping any individuals into an artificial category based on the year of their birth is just plain stupid. I can’t understand why that is hard for anyone to grasp. Dumping on any age group is counterproductive . It puts off those who might otherwise be on our side.

        • AR, exactly who is beating Millennials for poor school performance? Back up your statement with some facts, please. Corporal punishment is declining both at schools and at home.
          “Remarkably, however, a powerful trend toward abandoning corporal punishment is already under way. There has been a dramatic reduction in its use over the past two generations—an unprecedented change in a pattern that likely had been fixed for millennia. In the United States, for example, 94 percent of parents endorsed hitting kids in 1968, but only one-half approved by 1999.”

          • Reflexively contrarian strivers, the ones who become future elites, ignored that trend and doubled down on authoritarian parenting. Forget spanking, it was more like paddling or whipping.

            “You weren’t even there, man.”

          • No, I wasn’t, but statistics don’t support widespread use of corporal punishment. It’s illegal in schools for all but 19 states, declining where it’s legal, and may require parental consent. I don’t doubt some parents abuse their children, but it’s not a generational trend.
            “The number of maltreated children in the U.S. has fallen steadily in the last two decades, according to a report this week from the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire.”

          • Given the fact that children are adopted by homosexuals and reared (hurr hurr) to be transsexuals and most people don’t care, maybe it’s a possibility that things really are different now.

            Maybe people just don’t care about children anymore. Mass obesity, a modern evolutionary novelty, might explain it, as people instinctively feel well fed and feel like the tribe is also fat and growing, even if the opposite is reality.

            In leaner and harder countries, without ivory towers, children are more prized.

          • “Maybe people just don’t care about children anymore.”

            If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes (in my own family), I would never have believed that many women would celebrate, or at least protect, partial birth abortion.

          • So many womem have been conditioned to hate themselves, their kids, and their role, because of female solipsism. I am convinced there is a biological component too. Missing hormomes from not being pregnant by 16-18 and every fews years after seems to be a big problem.

          • @LineInTheSand

            Women are the more savage sex. It was the Victorians who imagined them to be something other than that, to their eternal dishonor. If they have… certain things, then they can be wonderful, but if not, then not.

            A lot of cultures have myths about how women ran things in the before times, and how the beginning of civilization was some fellows putting an end to such shenanigans. The stories were all true.

        • One of Taleb’s more robust assertions is that no one has ever proven a link between education and economics – a well-educated population isn’t necessarily prosperous.

          Those of us who (unlike Taleb) recognize that IQ is real can easily connect those dots. IQ is correlated to success and prosperity and education is a very approximate proxy for IQ. I’d rather have a nation of 100 IQ autodidacts than a “well-educated” nation averaging 90.

          The secret’s in the ingredients, not the preparation.

    • Housing is still in bubble territory. When interest rates rise, RE will go down a lot. Lower interest rates only means cheap borrowing for a short amount of time because people tend to buy a payment and not the price. So you end up with ridiculous prices, prices that can only be sustained either by a general rise in prices including wages, or low interest in perpetuity. I’m old enough to remember my parents purchasing a home in 1981 when the fed’s target rate was North of 20%!

      • First home we bought, 13%. However, albeit I’m not an economist, it would seem low interest is here to stay since the government can’t pay the interest on the national debt should such rise. The alternative would need to be massive inflation, robbing us all. Of course, then those foreigners floating all our debt would catch wise and dump it. Right now we are the only game in town for them since as corrupt as our system is, it’s better than theirs—for now. 🙁

    • Re: “housing as a speculative asset”

      I always found it odd to hear my peers talk about the need to diversify investments across high-med-low risk stocks and bonds and then how great it was to pour most of two incomes into a 4000+ sq. ft. McMansion that you didn’t have enough furniture (or people) to fill. Then again the Chosen have always been keen on real estate speculation and their ideas have a mysterious way of becoming popular.

      It’s also odd to see such a self-consciously high-tech society pour trillions of investment dollars into glorified boxes with HVAC systems. Where are those flying cars? Cities on the Moon? Cures for cancer? Why they’re right there in your neighborhood, “gaining value”.

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