The Global Paradox

When one era ends and another begins is always a hot topic for historians and academics, because history does not make it easy. The old staggers on for a long time, despite it having become pointless or exhausted. The new is not always ready to take center stage, so it is never clear as to when it started. It is Sorites Paradox. Just as we know there is a point where grains of sand eventually become a heap, we know one epoch gives way to another, but exactly when is impossible to say.

Of course, while you are in such a transition period, it is even more difficult to know when the old has finally receded into the past and when the new has begun. History is full of false starts and false transitions. Ideologues are always sure the great transition is right around the corner. For the people living through a transition, it just feels like a “great muddling through” for those aware of what’s happening. For the rest it is just the way things are, as they try to not to think about such things.

Whether we are in such a great transition is hard to know for certain, but people who think of such things are thinking about it. This paper on how NATO can adapt to the populist era is such an example. It is written by Jeff Giesea, someone who has been on the edges of populist politics in America. The focus on the paper in how NATO can adapt to the rise of populism in Europe in order to maintain itself and address some of the issues that give rise to populist movements.

NATO is a great example of why marking the end of one period and the start of the next is so difficult, especially for the people living through it. The senior administrative staff in NATO probably started their careers in the Cold War. Many of the senior political leaders in the West are still people who came of age in that era. NATO has already outlived the Cold War and now may be outliving the age of globalism. It is a legacy institution that still staggers on for no obvious reason.

That’s why they invest time and money thinking about how the institution can adapt to the new age, whatever one calls it. What started as a temporary alliance among Western nations to guard against Soviet aggression in Europe, is now a permanent part of the European landscape. It’s like a union job or a government contract. No one wants to see it end. The Red Army is long gone, but NATO remains ready for them if they ever reappear on the European Plain.

It is a good example of the problems of post-nationalism. NATO was always a national entity, designed to defend nations. In a world without borders, having a military organization built for defending borders makes little sense. Critics of the organization always point to the collapse of the Soviet Union, but the bigger problem for NATO is that it is rooted in the concept of sovereign nations. Each member contributes men, material, bases and money to maintain a joint military force.

In a world where European countries don’t have control of control over their own budgets and cannot mint their own coins, how can they possibly have an active voice in a military alliance? Italy, for example, has to get permission from Brussels to operate a new landfill or power plant. The EU regulates the acceptable size of bananas and how much can be spent on picking up dog droppings. Globalism reduced nations to dependents with no agency of their own.

NATO also underscores a hidden truth about globalism and that is it only exists because the American empire exists. NATO exist because America keeps it going. If America ever started acting like a real country again, it would abandon legacy entities like NATO, as they serve no national interest. The same is true about globalism. The EU has been allowed to flourish, because it enjoys American protection. Take that protection away and Europe returns to a continent of nations.

It’s also an example of how the people muddling through a transition period may be all wrong about what they are noticing. The conventional wisdom says the world is transitioning from nationalism to post-nationalism. Global entities will supplant nation states and global corporations will manage the global economy. These populist uprisings we see in the West are just rearguard actions by those who will not be part of the glorious multicultural global paradise that is tomorrow.

In reality, we may be living through the opposite. The Cold War era may have been the globalist era, dominated by two great democratic empires. On the one side was the democracy of communism. On the other was the democracy of natural rights. First the Soviet Empire collapsed and now the American Empire is receding. The flurry of cosmopolitan globalism is not a rearguard action, but more like the scavengers profiting from the end of that great epoch in Western history.

What is called populism today is simply the West waking up from the long slumber that was the great battle between two empires. Generations of Europeans sublimating national interests for a common defense are now waking up from that period to assert those interests again. In the US, regional and now racial interests that have long been suppressed are bubbling up to the surface. Just as NATO is an entity from a bygone era, cosmopolitan globalism is the echo of a bygone age.

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  5. You know you’re in deep shit when they drone kill people who are not a threat to the mainland, 7 thousand miles away….but if you shoot a beaner climbing over a wall to fuck you over and take your shit, that’s murder. We kill the Jews enemies for decades, while we’re overrun, and America turns to shit…..Rome 2.0. Goodnight Irene.

  6. What indicators show “nationalism,” or the breakdown of “globalism,” in any meaningful way? It is completely disingenuous to suggest that what proles, living hand to mouth as they always have, might be feeling has much or any impact on politics more generally. The bourgeoisie were always the vanguard of revolution and they are still militant liberal globalists and zionists to a man. Not a single iota of reform was wrested from the bowls of the “deep state,” by the present American administration. Not a single meaningful inch will be gained by British “nationalists,” post-Brexit. The proles had their symbolic rejection of “globalism,” perhaps, but in effect both Anglosphere populations were told that their opinions were immaterial.

  7. This sounds a lot like Peter Zeihan’s theories. He has been jawing for years on American exceptionalism and our post-Soviet transition from global hegemon to the so-called absent superpower. He relies on a well-curated and provocative collection of economic and demographic facts; but somehow the end state of the transition never manifests. He’s like a surfer that catches waves but never rides that perfect pipe; so he keeps paddling his board for another try.

  8. This ought to help bury globalism; 5 million Chinese fled Wuhan prior to the quarantine.

    This ought to give us comfort about the limits of power; If the Chinese (who will kill you if you defy the govt) can’t with all their power, controlled internet, social credits etc can’t quarantine one city what chance these feeble would be tyrants of the West at FANG, gov, Intel/ govcorp/HR?
    ^seriously? You’re afraid of the fat retarded bitch in HR^?

    Z is right; we’re seeing death pangs of the old order. The old order are has beens who have no idea how to adapt.

    We’re watching the USSR implosion redux, just with a far less scary crew of geriatrics.

    In fact its farce; look at Biden.
    “You lying, dog faced pony soldier.”

    I hope when my mind goes I have better taste. PG Wodehouse, Monty Python…even King Lear.

  9. “What is called populism today is simply the West waking up from the long slumber that was the great battle between two empires.”

    Think of the modern world’s process and infrastructure, well beyond NATO or EU, and consider it’s all propped up by our people. The normies I know have not been sleeping, they’ve been distracted into toleration.

    Apathy by our people contains the reckoning.

  10. Globo-homo may never completely expire but that doesn’t mean we can’t drive a stake through it’s heart and bury it facing down now that we have the opportunity. As with all things of importance there is a price to pay in making this happen therefore resolve your beliefs, harden your body and gird your loins. Never surrender your arms!

  11. “Just as we know there is a point where grains of sand eventually become a heap, we know one epoch gives way to another, but exactly when is impossible to say.”

    Too right, mate! We unz-reading Sailer fans, hip to HBD, know that history is non-STEM, and therefore unworthy of study by our high-IQ youth. They might as well study Home Economics with the ladies!

    Leave history and other useless, irrelevant pseudo-sciences to be taken over by low-IQ types, like Jews….wait, what? Hmm, that does seem kinda odd, but I’m sure turning culture over to the Jews won’t cause any problems.

    • Who’s talking about leaving history & culture to the Jews?

      Z’s talking about the fuzzy logic threshold ala “we know who’s White but can’t give you an equation for it” or “we know porn when we see it.”

  12. The conversation is gradually, tentatively but perceptibly changing, IMHO. I have noticed in the UK that people are starting to say things openly that they would not have dared say even a year ago.

    Among normicon voters, usually the most ovine sub-set of British society, there are dark mutterings about “replacement migration” and the uncomfortable fact that London is now 45% white. People are beginning to notice. This is not to say that revolution is at hand, comrades, just that the colour and shape of the discourse is changing.

    Some may say that this is a symptom of Brexit. That may be true. As zman points out, it is very hard to say for sure where these things begin and end or categorising with any degree of certainty what is cause and what is effect.

    The new Conservative government in Britain has very publicly and clearly stated that it intends to become the Party of the working class. We all know what that implies.

    • IMO, Rotherham is never spoken of, but has permeated all of British politics. Brexiteers do not speak of it, but the implications are well understood. Remainers have no answer to it, because no good answer exists. It is the elephant in the room.

      • Dutch, the British state has brought down the iron fist on all public discussion of Rotherham, Telford etc. But the silent, brooding consensus is there, just beneath the surface. We know it and, more importantly, they know it too.

      • Agree -without Rotherham, no Brexit. The fact that a bare majority of Brits can be roused from their self-congratulatory cucking stupor after that horror show is a sad thing. In the six countries in Europe I visited, London was the only place that truly felt like Eurabia – missed France this time around. Englishmen are very conspicuously in the small minority, more noticeably than Whitey in Los Angeles.

        • Exile, I entirely understand why you drew those conclusions but you may be referring to London, not Britain. Rotherham and the other Paki enclaves may have fed into Brexit but, just as causal IMO, was Merkel opening the gates of Europe to the Islamic hordes.

          Whatever the cause(s), we are where we are. All I will say for sure is this: don’t write off the British.

          • Tut, I’m referring to London – I didn’t see any of the rest of Britain and I have a lot of friends from the country in England who say that life outside London & the other urban sh*tholes is still decent. I consider London England’s answer to Detroit. England’s not done but they’re going to have a harder time than any Whites but the USA in terms of separating and de-diversifying.

          • “…..but they’re going to have a harder time than any Whites but the USA in terms of separating and de-diversifying.”

            Yes I concur.

          • I assume you have never visited France or Belgium. Belgium sent more volunteers to ISIS than the UK. France had 70% of its army deployed on its own streets for over 18 months.What ever the problems in the UK they are a poor echo of the troubles manifesting in la belle France. Try visiting Marseilles next time or ,god help you,Lille.

            To compare London to Detroit is silly,you’ve got Chicago, Baltimore, New York. US crime and general social dysfunction is much higher in most US cities than London. The worst US cities have no comparison in Europe.

        • “London was the only place that truly felt like Eurabia – missed France this time around. Englishmen are very conspicuously in the small minority, more noticeably than Whitey in Los Angeles.”

          I wonder if this story is even being reported in the English media:

          Probably whites are too busy following football and celebrity antics to Notice the heat turned up another degree.

          • Merkins gloating about England and Europe knowing that they are so much more diverse.

            Its a sign you’ve given up and are trying to console yourselves with others’ misery.

            “Englishmen are very conspicuously in the small minority”- the person who typed this is a liar or an idiot.

      • Rotherham was just one city among many where cultures clashed and young girls (from broken families) were groomed and trafficked. The State exonerated one and demonized the other.

  13. The U.S. Air Force is mostly out of business without overseas bases, so the Pentagon will forever prop up our involvement in NATO. It is not geopolitical strategy that keeps us there, it’s institutional self interest.

  14. In the not too distant future, we’ll finally get to see George W. Bush’s statement “America is a nation of ideas.” incinerate into an ash heap. This one statement encapsulates that last 60 years of American life. What if the ideas abruptly change? Suddenly the country vanishes itself, like a thought bubble that bursts. I don’t see a military dictatorship taking over. I do see the country fragmenting into four or five different pieces as we return to ethnic identity, the natural state of humanity.

  15. This is a staggering fact from that paper: “In Canada, more than 20% of the population is foreign-born, the highest proportion among G8 countries.”

      • That’s spread out. The reality is that they’re geographically concentrated: NY, CA, TX, FL. What do these states have in common?

  16. Z casts useful light on the question of “post-nationalism.” We’re post-American in the sense that what we thought of as the American nation has turned out very different from the brochure, but nationalism is just the expression of natural human organization and affinity. We can”t be “post-national” any more than we can be “post-human.” But we can tweak a lot of the parameters if we realize the forces at work.

    This is what Faye was getting at with “archaeo-futurism” – we keep what’s either worth keeping or simply can’t be discarded (e.g. what stems from human nature) and replace what’s truly broken. We’re not about making “New Man.” We realize there’s a lot worth preserving and a lot that can’t simply be “overwritten” in Old Man.

    Nationalism, like identity and tribalism in general, is baked into the human cake. In the circles of affinity in a society, the people of your nation are usually just outside the circle of “community” and just inside the circle of “race” – though those boundaries obviously vary by person, circumstance, etc… Kin, tribe, friends, community, nation, race is the general order.

    Scaled-up nationalism on the level of billion-man empires seems to strain the bonds, though. The sweet spot is somewhere well short of today’s scale of nations.

    Building our own parallel society from the ground up gives us a chance to learn ground-level lessons on social construction and interpersonal relations. It gives us a chance to see in real time where the scale “breaking points” really are. We’re all new at this – we haven’t had this kind of social “frontier” since the West was settled. A lot of the lessons we learn from putting together a small community can be applied more generally once we start getting the hang of this dissident living thing.

    Learn by doing.

  17. We will know it is truly upon us when times get hungry, violent, and terrifically uncertain. The ruling class will no longer be able to paper over social fractures and pretend we are all just good product consumers under the skin.

    • “The ruling class will no longer be able to paper over social fractures …”

      Fiat currency enabling deficit spending on gibs to mollify diversity keep the globohomo show on the air. It is one node of civilizational control that might be successfully attacked.

  18. Difficult to see which way the wind is blowing. Dems imploding and the president’s popularity rising is encouraging. Unfortunately gun grabbers in Virginia are unrelenting. Now Rhode Island and even Arizona of all places have introduced draconian gun legislation.

    And of course the push to a cashless society indicates the globalist are still going full steam ahead with their evil plan.

    On the bright side well-to-do white’s do seem to be having more children. Sadly the less well-to-do white’s can’t afford children. Their too busy paying taxes for all the filthy savages invading the country.

    Television is unwatchable as they keep promoting white females to breed with the mud monkeys.

    It all smells like desperation, and that could be a good thing. Now as white men all we have to do grow a pair and take back what is rightfully ours.

    • Arizona may have the biggest elite-prole disconnect in the whole country. I haven’t met too many AZ sh*tlibs so my sample is skewed. Every Zonie I meed is a raging Boomerwaffen anti-Mexican gun owner. I must be missing the college towns, but even the AZ State guys I know tend to be based.

      • Tucson is an entirely different cup of tea from the rest of the state. But AZ is still largely leans our way. The new senator, she seems to be real aware that though she is a (D), she doesn’t dare go full Pelosi/Schumer or AOC.

      • This would be correct. AZ will probably dump our remaining Rep Senator who was a machine selected and appointed replacement for McCain. Not a loss. Even as a Trump supporter, I’d not vote for her.

        Her replacement will be a rabid, anti-gunner, but he will be a Fed official, not State. So I’m not sure what laws—at the State level—he may affect. If the State turns blue at the State level, then some laws may be enacted wrt registration, back ground check and such. But I’m not seeing them being proposed as of yet. A big Trump turnout may prevent the State turning blue for another four years. But the handwriting is on the wall.

        The State has very liberal gun laws that have been passed over a long period of years which have not proven to be unpopular nor caused increased violence. Actually, we are perhaps *the* most liberal Sate in the Union wrt gun rights and perhaps—after Virginia—the most organized in support thereof.

        We are pushing majority Hispanic population and we see what that does to our neighbors, CA and NM. However, Hispanics like their guns too. Certainly their enthusiasm in exercising that right is the main cause of the gun crime we see. 😉

        • Most Mexicans like guns the way Weinstein likes girls, while most White gun owners like guns the way grandpa liked grandma.

          Responsible normal-citizen gun ownership is a very White thing. I see a handful of Latinos in the CA gun community but they’re almost exclusively White-presenting, no barrio squats. There are a handful of Magic Black Powder Negroes as well, but those are jealously coveted by the Tea Party gunners and usually only appear at special events.

          A few Asians as well, not representative of their population percentage yet, but Asians rather than Hispanics seem to be the only non-White CA constituency that’s ready and willing to adopt White American gun habits, albeit slowly.

          • The one Asian I used to shoot with bought every damn machine gun he found for sale before most of the draconian bans and shortages as the market dried up. His entire family—father, grandfather, uncle whoever. Came to the matches sometimes. Never saw so many Chinese outside of a restaurant. 😉 Anyway I know he’s siting on weapons he bought for a few hundred dollars, that now cost a few 10’s of thousands. He used to call them his kids college tuition fund. Lucky kids, however I suspect they all got scholarships. He, himself, was a mathematician.

    • Gun laws are among the most selectively enforced laws on the books. Go to any online “newspaper” site in a blue state/city. Search on “serial number” or illegal-gun-related term of your choice and there will be dozens if not hundreds of results for people caught with illegal guns with effaced serial numbers. Then search their names. See what happened to them? Usually nothing. If they’re from the protected classes

  19. This era that is ending feels like we are just giving up. The West isn’t being conquered by a technologically or militarily superior foe, it just gave up trying. In Douglas Murray’s excellent book, The Strange Death Of Europe, he writes:

    “Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument.”

    That is largely true of people of European descent in America, aka Americans. I probably won’t live long enough to see an honest epitaph of Western civilization, but on the other hand there might not be anyone left that knows what an epitaph is.

    • It ain’t over. Most Americans and Europeans live very comfortable lives as a result of Industrial Revolution affluence. No one is going to rock the boat until things get desperate and people are genuinely hungry and scared. When things get real, the old ways (founded in our DNA) will resurface. May you live in interesting times.

      • The most frustrating thing about human nature is this the preference for “management by crisis” instead using foresight, planning, and minor course corrections to maintain smooth sailing.

  20. “History is full of false starts and false transitions.”

    The Jews who revolted against Rome in 66-73 AD thought they had a chance in hell because the empire was unstable due to internal competition between ruling elites (crisis of legitimacy). It was widely viewed by regional client aristocracies that the collapse of the empire or at least degraded ability to enforce imperial will on the periphery (where lay Judea) was not inconceivable. Instability in Roman imperial governance culminated in the Year of the Four Emperors which ended with Vespasian in charge. He ruthlessly reorganized the empire putting it on firm foundation (especially economic to support military) to keep on ticking for a while longer. The Jews bet wrongly on a false transition.

    The Roman Empire during that period had all kinds of advantages that our corrupt imperial elites do not. The soldiers of each legion were regionally recruited from the same place and legions were never garrisoned (during the healthy period of empire, it changed during the death slide) where they were recruited. Legio X, for example, was recruited from Hispania with a new crop of recruits brought in every 20 years, but was stationed on the other side of the empire.

    This was for the same reason that the CCP used Mongolians in part of their suppression of Tiananmen. You don’t want your imperial killers having social roots with or sympathizing with locals that imperial elites might want killed. Centurions, the non-aristocratic officers promoted from the ranks, were sent to other legions to serve. So the officers class, pleb and aristocrat, were multicultural with at least a strong component of imperial personal identity. I don’t know how accurate the numbers are, but I’ve read before that legionary pay was about 3 times what a farmer would make (which is what these guys would have been had they not enlisted) and VASTLY higher (50 times) for centurions (who were the most capable of the farmer-class people). These are things to keep in mind as we observe Old Europe rootless cosmopolitan efforts to build a European military out of the existing national institutions.

    • My suspicion wrt legionnaires was that, as was usually the case with farming in ancient times, there was always a shortage of land to inherit and farm from generation to generation. The legions were a good way to survive if you were a second or third son—and retire with a promise of land—if you could handle the rigors of the trade. Plus there was a promise of a share of the booty should you be successful. Not entirely different from our 20 year, 50% pension and free medical care for life for GI’s. But I’m not educated in such ancient history to be sure.

      • The Eastern Empire lasted longer in part because for centuries the soldiers were often landowners as well in the Frontier areas and in their core of Anatolia. They had a stake in the system. The Western army had that to an extent but the main marching Army kept getting called away for Civil Wars. The landowner frontier troops were supposed to be the first line, reinforced by the main army- which eventually was gone.

        The Western Empire was fatally weakened by endless civil wars less than the Germans. The real nail was the loss of Africa to the Vandals. That was their breadbasket. Their economic base. Perhaps if Flavius Aeitus had lived he would have recovered it and saved Rome.

        476 was one one German ousting the other. Or perhaps a German German ousting a Germano-Roman.

    • Any situation that involves armed men from outside your community is bad for your community. Getting cops from Madrid to break Catalan skulls is hard but some Greek debt-serfs would do the job with gusto.

      Likewise when the NYPD sends guys for fed-organized gun-grabbing in Georgia.

      The acid-test of civic nationalism is when essentially foreign strangers with guns start patrolling your streets b/c “public order.” The magic runs out of the Magic Paper really fast in that scenario.

      Most normies have never been on the business end of a cop’s gun before, or eaten a nightstick. Being mugged by Jamal might not wake them up but being mugged by Sergeant SJW and his 30 buddies might just do the trick.

      • There are 18 fed agencies that as of 2016 employed 1 million+ fed uniformed police.

        They will bypass the local cops if they think the home fires burn too brightly. › nsleedPDF
        National Sources of Law Enforcement … – Bureau of Justice Statistics

      • I’m still doubtful of police effectiveness when there is zero respect for their authority. They are force effective when attacking with overwhelming numbers and extremely sensitive to the odds not being overwhelmingly in their favor—as in retreating and letting the savages burn the city center down. When they come a knocking and the population attitude is right and the bullets begin to come from several directions…we’ll see.

  21. Yeah I think you might have missed the boat there, Z. NATO isn’t obsolete, the EU is. Britain just opted out, and I am betting Italy is next. In one of there smaller towns, all the black migrants were rounded up and kicked out. Front end loaders went in and scooped up all the trash, followed by street sweepers and hose trucks… and 48 hours later all vestiges of Africa was gone and the place was white again. The fags at The Guardian were incensed, because it looks like most of those migrants will be getting sent back. More of that is on the way, count on it.

    We are in a period of reversal, not transition. You can’t transition away from reality. The races will reassert themselves. It won’t take long either.

    • I think the problem with NATO is that the US is part of it and as Z-man noted backs up a phony alliance of worthless members with pledge of war support and nuclear retaliation should a member state be attacked. This “guarantee” inevitably produces shirkers. US gains nothing—except a screen to claim “global” support for its adventurism overseas and access to military bases within NATO states. But as has been mentioned, no ones buying that BS anymore.

      We need to get out of NATO and work out any future arrangements on a one to one basis with countries as we and they deem mutually beneficial.

    • The countries of the EU are Britain’s largest export market. If they wish to continue selling in these markets they’ll have to continue manufacturing to EU regulations/standards. I don’t see much changing on that front. The gov’t has already said no annual caps or limits on immigration (which I suspect was a major concern of the people who voted to leave.) So things on that front could potentially get worse, rather than better. Britain never adopted the Euro (unlike Italy) so they don’t have that mess to sort out.

      • Boris has already said that such restrictions on National Sovereignty as you note above will not be allowed in any trade deal. So there will be no trade deal that allows unregulated migration into the U.K. What you miss here is that the U.K. 1) voted for Brexit (twice) exactly upon such matters and any government acceding to such will collapse immediately—as did the last one, and 2) trade works two ways (or it would be called tribute). The EU has an important an interest in trade with the U.K. as does the U.K.

        One also fails to note that now that the U.K. is *free* to export to whomever under whatever agreements they wish to make, that such will likely replace the EU in time, albeit there will be a transition period of disruption, which will be lightened by the money saved from EU yearly contributions. Note the EU was *never* a free trade block, but was closer to a cartel which restricted trade outside of the cartel.

        If Trump is re-elected, look to a trans-“Anglo” trade deal to replace the Trans Pacific Partnership he dumped when taking office. I suspect such is being worked on now. We would see the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and perhaps a couple of other 1st world common law countries. That would be a big win in more ways than one. 😉

        • The difference is that the globalists outsourced our manufacturing south to Mexico, to the Orient (and more recently to Israel.) For the industrial sector, what does the UK competitively produce that we don’t? (I dream of that Morgan Aero 8 as much as the next person, but that doesn’t qualify.)

          • There will be plenty for us to trade with the U.K. The US is not without resources as you seem to think. To support this assertion, I offer Canada—who is our largest trading partner—not MX, not China, not the EU. It will take time as the British people get used to free trade capitalism once again, but it will come.

        • “Boris says” has no authority. What I asked is what commodity Britain produces. And at what cost that makes it attractive to importers. It’s the never-ending formula of globalism.

          • You literally believe the UK has no industry. How about aero engines that don’t crash the plane? Boeing might be interested.

          • I love this argument: “I lack any knowledge on the subject of the British economy therefore the British do not export”.

            I bet you’ve never lost an argument.

        • They already trade with the Commonwealth Countries. Where is their expansion market? FWIW, Where is ours?

          • See Peter Zeihan. The U.S. is now a net energy exporter; so oil imports from the Mideast are more about managing flow (literally) as opposed to overcoming a deficit. Additionally, he notes that less than 10% of our GDP relies on exports, half of which is with Mexico and Canada, both of whom signed Trump’s bilateral trade agreements designed to replace NAFTA. His whole point is that the U.S. doesn’t need global trade. We are poised to become a true autarky.

      • The UK will have access to the EU exactly as other WTO countries do. If you thing that BMW, Mercedes et al will allow the politicians they own in Berlin to endanger their lucrative export markets- they export one in seven they make to the UK- you are deranged. Follow the money, not the rhetoric.

    • If I had money to spare right now and there was a way to do it I’d help pay for those hose trucks. Once people in Europe (and eventually the US) see that those firehoses work in Italy, they will start demanding them everywhere. I’ve said before that I don’t think this will be some multi-generational conflict. The fate of Europe and the US will be decided in the next 10 or 20 years. Massive rollback of migration is still possible.

  22. The European evolutionary transition is more fundamental. Once upon a time, European nations were in perpetual war with each other over many centuries. This cauldron of conflict was natural selection in hyper-drive. Survival of the fittest honed the European DNA into hard men with supreme robustness and a talent for overcoming hardship. Those peoples were built by selection to prevail or die. But that mind, body, and spirit is now in sharp decline. And it is that transition that should worry everyone.

    • To be fair to the Euros, I think the double whopper of WW1 and 2 knocked them on their ass in a way no one can quite recover from.

        • That and destroyed a lot of psyches. WWI and especially WWII had a unique outcomes in basically producing a loss for every participant. Everyone in Europe—including the USSR lost in WWII. Hard to regroup and go back to the way things were in the old political order. US of course, took home the spoils and the new global leadership role, which like GB and their empire we’ve been trying to hold onto long after it was time to move on.

      • Too right. There’s a lesson, beyond the obvious one that war is hell. Namely, whites must never again go to war against whites.

    • Whatever it did for European DNA, it was civilization itself that advanced from the cauldron. How could the Romans or the Chinese dynasties rise above their own reservior? They proved it couldn’t be done because it couldn’t even be imagined. Only the Europeans existed in so unique a state that they had to evolve or be extinguished. Now they have built their own reservoir so we can see the end of this. And us. This is not a bad thing, at least not so bad as worshipping a dissapated dynasty. “I pledge allegiance to the flag….indivisible!”. Stand and repeat, children, 180 times, and we will call this patriotism.

    • War works for what you described except when war reaches near genocidal levels as WWI and WWII did. Not to mention WWII occurred rar too soon, perhaps by 50 years or so. European manhood barely recovered from WWI when WWII started. White males squandered their genetic inheritance as a result of WWII.

      The males who stayed behind were the most unfit and weakest and sadly became the most prolific. While the warriors never came home or ins such small numbers they were irrelevant to the drones who were becoming the majority

      look at our modern males: Gates. Dorsey, Brin. Zucky, etc. All frail little guys barely bigger than pygmies and just as physically weak.

      Ad no one wants to talk about falling testosterone levels, not even the DR here in the West.

      • Yup, while our risk-takers were over in Vietnam, the radical posers stayed on and conquered the campus- because that’s where the chicks were.

  23. There was a story going around a week or so ago about how evil Orange Man made some people in the Pentagon very sad and a female soldier cry by saying they were a bunch of dopes and babies who could not justify why NATO even exists. Brave Rex Tillerson went on to explain how vital NATA was to the world order and all the things his imagination could come up with that could go wrong from ignoring NATO and they weren’t dopes and babies, but very brave heroes. That all the things that could go wrong in the world just happened to coincide with justifying existing institutions and policies is just a happy coincidence. Had the SDI program been a technical success, we would be hearing how SDI saved the world from a nuclear disaster that absolutely would have happened if not for the SDI.

    The status quo will be defended at all costs no matter how dumb it is. These people act as if the need for NATO is self-evidently true and that no explanation is even needed. They are simply defending the institutions they helped build and which in turn have provided them with power, money and prestige. Even if they could admit that the former justification for NATO no longer exists, they would want to reform it to meet the newly created “challenges” of the present.

    • Odd, that you connect Rex Tillerson and “status quo” in the same comment. Too bad Tillerson did not fight for the Boy Scouts as he fights for NATO. Rex Tillerson single-handedly sold the BSA out to the homo’s *and* 3rd wave Feminists! Let no one forget when mentioning his name.

      • In many ways, it was the status quo, but your point is taken. But it is also true that very few politicians want to make radical changes to the status quo. After all, it is known (vs the unknown) and they are benefiting from it. Imagine that, the Pentagon doesn’t want to end one of its largest programs!

        If you look at the medical situation, I view a desire to enlarge Medicare/Medicaid as defending the status quo. While it’s true that this would be a major change, it is also an attempt to really lock in Medicare/Medicaid as an institution and protect it from any possibility of reform.

        • Yep, I was thinking of the “March of Dimes” as a good example myself. Polio has essentially been a non-issue for 50 years, and yet they still remain. Too many dollars going into too many bureaucrats’ pockets. Rice bowls for all.

  24. Along with the Cold War, the horrors of WWI and WWII made Western Europeans – especially Germans – willing to give up their national identity for globalism. In the states, 24/7 propaganda plus our history of successfully blending different European tribes into generally one people (although with definite regional differences) made American whites believe globalism. (It also didn’t hurt that we led that globalism.)

    But the Cold War and the Great Wars are finally fading into history. For my kids, WWI and WWII might as well be Rome vs Carthage. They can’t even understand the Cold War because nothing really happened.

    Only propaganda and fear of reprisal keeps younger whites from rejecting GloboSchlomo and embracing ethnic nationalism. But that propaganda crashes against the rocks every time a German walks down die Strasse and sees some Muslims hanging out or an American white kid gets yelled at for their white privilege by some well-off dot head.

    Russia and China also are killing GloboSchlomo. They present an alternative. They present a people proud of themselves and unwilling to bow to the great gods Economy and Multi-everything. And they succeed.

    “Wait, you mean that I don’t have to flood my country with foreigners? I don’t have to lose my history and my people to be successful? I don’t have to grovel to non-whites? I can just say ‘No”?” asks many a young white.

    That leaves only force and fear to keep GloboSchlomo in place, which is why you’ve seen to censorship and doxing increase over the past decade.

    But here’s the thing: GloboSchlomo is doomed. It’s doomed because it doesn’t actually work. That matters at some point. GloboSchlomo has simply been riding the momentum of a past functioning, high-trust society. As Z says, GloboSchlomo is picking its carcass. Multi-everything societies always fail, and they always will.

    Every time Trump talks about black or Hispanic unemployment instead of just unemployment, he’s unconsciously admitting that GloboSchlomo is failing. Every TV commercial trying to ram miscegenation down our unwilling throat is GloboSchlomo desperately trying to hold its failing system together.

    History is moving against GloboSchlomo, and it can no more stop the change than Soviets could stop the demise of their defective ideology.

    • Nature will reassert herself against the forces of GloboSchlomo.

      Over the weekend, looking at videos shared far and wide, among them was AOC and her white boyfriend lecturing to us white people how we’re racist and how we need to always work on combatting racism. He sounded effeminate and weak and the video was roundly ridiculed.

      Another video showed a white couple kissing the boots of several black guys in public. Again, extremely weak and pathetic. The reply tweets were unanimous in their disgust.

      While videos like this, along with the ubiquitous articles explaining how whites “need to do better,” are supposedly meant to eradicate racism and bring about a new glorious era of multiracialism, they’re backfiring on them. Healthy and strong individuals don’t want to be continually told we should be weak and take a backseat to the brown newcomers. At some point, the natural and healthy response will come, and that’s what GloboSchlomo fears.

    • War did not force Germans out of their national identity, occupation did that, an occupation like no other.

      • Plus IMHO we beat the Prussian spirit out of them far, far too much. In pre-1945 Germany, if you were an officer in the military you were a ROCK STAR, an individual held in very high esteem by the whole of society. The bedrock of the culture if you will.

        Now, you can argue the pros & cons of that but one thing about German society back then is that it was German, without any of this diversity/multicultural crap. It was celebrated without any of this self-hatred the West suffers from now.

        • Beating the Prussian spirit out of them was necessary. Germans have always had an unhealthy mix of belligerence and autism.

          • We killed too many Germans.
            The Russians mostly.

            I understand why FDR wanted unconditional surrender, and Hitler was always going back on his word.
            Still it would have been better to offer peace in 44.

            If the idiot had had the sense to take it. If we could have even offered it, with the great crusade on.

            There’s a great danger mixing morality and notions of justice with war. It inflames those who should be cold and sober, exponentially increases the costs. Better to be cold, cynical. A Bastard like Bismarck. More of your sons return.
            I’m a cynical bastard, but hyper- protective (I’m told) of my Troops.

            Tough shit, I know what’s out there, and I know about the idiots behind us.

          • We killed the right number of Germans.

            All in all, Germany made out quite well despite the destruction they inflicted on Europe. The current situation is of their own making and it is a good thing that Germans will not exist in any meaningful way within a century.

          • Disagree Mike. It’s the reason they’ve laid down/passed the buck since 1945. We beat their nationalistic pride out too far, to the point they became self-hating and they’re ruining their country & allowing the Muslims to fully infiltrate it because of it. Thankfully @ least PDJT is finally getting them to pay their fair share of NATO.

  25. Non-whites are not celebrating globalism, they are celebrating victory over whites.

    The Superbowl halftime show was a celebration of Latino hegemony over white lands:”The Laraza (race) is great”. The Academy Awards celebrated Blacks, Blacks, Blacks, Jews, Jews, Jews, Latinos and Koreans. Normal white guys are geriatrics or more than half way to being geriatrics. Any white guy under 50 is probably gay or a fellow white.

    When the tide turns let’s move Hollywood to Peoria.

      • Lampshade-achievement unlocked!

        But is he prepared to receive the truth about the NAZI Masturbation Machines of Death?

        I am not making this up. Someone made it up. As part of his (fake) memoirs about being a Jewish child who escaped from Auschwitz and was rescued by wolves who fed him with their own vomit. q.v. Bernard (Brougham) “Holstein”, Stolen Soul.
        Needless to say, Brougham/Holstein was not Jewish and had never been a persecuted Jewish child. Shades of Steve Martin in The Jerk.

      • Hah.

        If you can move Hollywood by fiat, you control immigration and citizenship and upwards of 50 million people are going to go back.

        To those who think this will cause a rural/small town Renaissance, no it won’t unless you include a lot of central planning in your new system.

        With mass repatriation, no drugs sealed borders and likely firing squads for lifetime criminals and such cities will be cheaper and safer than ever.

        This means people will flock to the cities where opportunity is and frankly where the new higher wages can be spent on a wider range of enjoyable things.

        The only way to stop this is to basically use zoning to make sure that businesses set up in small towns and some rural areas and that they are not allowed to bring in cheap labor either.

        This might not be th4e best option or even be very effective or necessary.

        And no its not a new problem, The developed world has been growing less rural and more urban for more than a century. Heck How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm is over a century old

  26. I’m fond of saying that populism is when people the ruling class don’t like pursue their own interests. And fascism is when those people win. We’re living in a world where someone who believed what, say, congressman Sonny Bono believed, would be considered an extremist: “It’s illegal immigration. It’s illegal. Enforce the law.” -Congressman Sonny Bono, California’s 44th District.

  27. The only thing that allowed cosmopolitan globalism to gain the traction it did was the technology boom and easy capital. One just needs to look at money required to maintain the massive propaganda apparatus and use of soft power to realize what an unsustainable model it all is. As more and more lies need to be propagated and commissars need to be hired to oversee wrongthinkers, the cost of maintenance increases exponentially. Even AI is not going to be able to curb the cost.
    Our best hope is a hard recession where Capital gets tightened and normies actually feel the pain of some hard times.

    • Prior to the Industrial Age, millions died of recurring plagues and famines. Life was hard. Industry created the possibility of a safety net. Deficit spending by governments actualized it. The development of faster global transportation and instantaneous communication expanded the safety net; and massive government debt anchors it. Ultimately, it cannot be sustained at its present level. Antifragile safety nets are rooted in communities; and there is no such thing as a global community. As a practical matter, most ordinary folk care more about ensuring that poor kids get a free school lunch than they do about the thousand or so Chinese dead from a weird bat virus. I am not going to tolerate seeing my actual neighbor reduced to squalor in order to save sub-Saharan Africans from the nebulous effects of so-called climate change. America First and It’s OK to be White are the atavistic cries of people beginning to recognize that the safety net has to shrink. If people have to die as a consequence, better that it be them rather than us.

  28. We lost a couple of our best soldiers in Afghanistan last week. I hear a lot of normies asking “why are we still there?” A decade ago it was just accepted, now some people at least seem to be waking up and asking “what’s in it for us” when it comes to global commitments.

    • Soon, instead of “thank you for your service”, rural people will begin to ask people in their community who enlist “What are you, stupid?”

        • @Bartleby

          Yep, the invasion is on our southern border but our imperial military is deployed on literally the other side of the planet protecting the borders of imperial client states for the profit of globohomo elite.

        • Because we don’t make our own orders. Voters elect Civilians who decide. Your problem isn’t us, or even the Mexicans.

          It’s you. That’s your problem.
          Why don’t you join a militia, head to the Militia? They’re on station now, have been for years.

          Troops on the Border? The whole border? Seal it? Really any President can do this, Trump could. He just wants to get the wall up instead. Trump in the end wants America back without blood.

          Mind you: in the long run there will be troops on the border- to invade and pacify Mexico.

          Its a trap; we invade Mexico to invite in Mexicans, like always. MENA is drying up, the Beltway has mortgages, college loans to pay off.
          It’ll happen – see- its already started.
          Just wait.

          • “Mind you: in the long run there will be troops on the border- to invade and pacify Mexico.”

            Hopefully it will be composed of the 30 million “undocumented” mexicans in the US, returning to reclaim Mexico from the cabal and narco-gangs that run it now.
            And why shouldn’t we encourage such a reverse invasion? Don’t the deplorables of the Mexican homeland deserve to be rid of their “elites”; don’t they deserve their sons and daughters to return home?

          • Hopefully?

            If you see an American army on the Mexican Border it is going to invade.
            To think otherwise, perchance to Dream is ahistorical in the extreme.
            Extreme because you’re ignoring all your own life’s observations, as well as US Mexican History (we invaded Mexico on the 2 prior occasions in 1847 and 1916). The Eye is losing Forever War in MENA, even the Israeli/Pal scam is ending. DC Gotta eat, DC gotta get paid.

            Guard the border?
            We don’t do defense.

            We have to our south an emerging Iraq, Syria. Its already moving towards the necessary and with good reason I suspect our help.
            I’ve been in this or watching it most of my adult life. The machine is lumbering towards Mexico, never fear. Something you should know about the Blob; when it goes to war it metamorphosis into a schizophrenic Hydra with multiple personality disorder. All the heads of the Alphabet soup arrive with their own budgets, assets and above all own agendas. The factions they back will fight each other. Chaos sowing is easy when it’s your very nature.

            They all agree on one thing; keep this moneymaker going. Do you know how many millionaires we’ve made around DC and the USA? Probably 1:1 for every KIA. How many mortgages, vacation homes, kids college educations, sports cars, boats we paid for? Not the 1% BTW. The thousands of 10%-ers under them. > That’s why it never ends. I was 24 when I first went to MENA. I just returned, I’m 53. No, I’m not in on the swag.

            Learned war though, it may come in handy.

            When and not if we intervene we will embrace the Tar Baby and the ensuing bastard spawn. Unless we have a radically different govt.
            It will be promised one year and drag into 20. Forever war on our borders, and all the decision makers incentives to make it eternal.

            Now Trump probably knows this, so on balance a wall slowly being built, ICE and LEO along with an aroused electorate is the better if far slower, frustrating path. And again, Trump wants peace- not war.

          • wikipedia says:
            “The HESCO MIL is a modern gabion primarily used for flood control and military fortifications. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent levee or blast wall against explosions or small-arms. It has seen considerable use in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was developed in the late 1980s by a British company of the same name. ”

            I can see how this would be fast and cheap to erect; the wire mesh and plastic liner are easily transportable, the vast bulk of the wall is fill material (dirt and rocks) found right where you’re building the wall …no transport necessary.

          • Trump, nor any other President—can not seal the border, realistically. You’d need the military in force as in a war. Such action, short of someone bringing over a nuke, is not in the cards. However, much more can and should be done to “sour the milk” and that will naturally shut down IA’s—of whom, the majority do *not* sneak across the southern border anyway.

            You’re correct in your emphasis however, the powers that be are not really serious about this issue. It’s all Kabuki theater for the rubes to imagine that the process works for them and that they have a say in the affairs of State.

      • Not so much. Rural folks know that so many job opportunities have been sucked from the rural parts, necessitating their kids finding employment and/or training where they can. An earlier example would be the many Irish who enlisted to serve in the Brit army. Employment for rural flks with a sense of shame is not optional, it is mandatory. And they have no solicitous urban champions to siphon training dollars and programs ot the hinterlands in the way they do in urban areas.

        • That should be revisited too. Colin Powell &co. posing with cartoons (not satellite photos) of the “high-tech caves” in Tora-Bora which turned out not to exist. Was anyone ever called to account for that?

          • What is this “called to account” foolishness? Don’t you know that it was our vaunted CIA pulling together their best intelligence (anonymous sources within the NYT and Washington Post close to high-ranking CIA officials) to dazzle the UN. And further, any accusation that the deep state concocted a conspiracy to set up President Bush is just schoolyard bluster.

            OTH In order to ensure success of the mission (redacted) had several meetings with (redacted) to discuss (redacted) and they concluded that the US should (redacted) even if Lt. Colonel Vindman doesn’t agree.


      • The poet, the thinker, the priest, the warrior. The great human archetypes. Each has an important part to play. I wouldn’t call the warrior “stupid”. I would call his leader, the statesman, stupid, for calling upon the brave warrior to fight in stupid wars. A Pericles would not have sent Achilles off to Troy.

      • We have an 18 year old who would make the ultimate soldier. Loves paint-balling and air-softing, is in great physical shape and is fearless. We came down hard on him not to join the military. We convinced him to enroll in engineering school. I don’t see any type of warfare on the horizon that is worth dying for. Israel can defend itself.

        • He’s too precious, DLS. All our sons are.

          The American military is a worthy and honorable vocation. But our leadership class at present is mostly profane, careless about where they deploy our soldiers. Those rightly-named S-hole countries are not worth one drop of American blood.

          • Chris, you forgot to add that the military is poz’d. It long ago forgot it’s role as an militarily vital institution and became another participant in our great social experiment.

          • #1 reason to do NG; you all come from same local towns.

            Q: is National Guard less pozzed than regulars. Yes, with a no…as in no one in uniform believes the poz.

            Yes in this way; National Guard has jobs and families outside the military and less leverage. Also we have real lives, no time for poz.

            No in this way; very few anywhere are pozzed. None of them face the enemy, they can be literally stared down into stuttering silence (I have frequently).

            None believe the poz, they mouth it as its the official religion. Mostly its mocked, until someone says pipe down so we can get the mandatory propaganda over with. Never think that because we follow orders we believe them 🤣🤣. Good God no.
            We’re like the USSR miners in Chernobyl- fux you, – whaddya gonna do? Dig it yourselves?

            The NG btw is sometimes preferred by Special Forces as backup QRF because – we’ll shoot.
            We’ll listen.
            There are 3 groups you can rely on to shoot (instead of choke on ROE).
            1. Green Berets
            2. National Guard.
            3. Mortars – if organic – part of your outfit. Our guys. NG has superior mortar crews to RA- btw.

            Honestly for awhile now its all personal bonds, otherwise how can you trust them? > this is #1 reason NG does so well and is so loyal- you all come from same area. Fail and you have to go back to same town and *everyone will know.*

            I wouldn’t want to be for instance the guy in West VA who ratted out the MPs over Abu Gharib.

            The rest? The USAF if you have USAF standing there with you- if they don’t respond, the Airman dies. FACs.
            Forward air controllers.
            Same with artillery. Officially we have those guys detached from their air force or artillery units because they’re better at calling in fire. True enough.
            Unofficially they’re our hostages to make sure their owning unit delivers the ordinance.

            Otherwise ROE and JAG in the TOC can choke the entire thing.

            Example; recent dustup at gate in Africa somewhere. SOF QRF choked, NG held the gate and defeated Al_*** complex attack of 3 VBIED, 15-20 dismounts from Jihad Corporate. Now M@**S*C aren’t cowards –

            What’s killing us is cowardice and ass covering. This is where the ROE and our coward, venal Generals and lip synching Sergeant Majors do their damage. With rare exceptions.

    • “WeGottaFightThemOverThereSoWeDon’tHaveToFightThemOverHere” among flag-waving normie-cons is thankfully long gone. Even a lot of those guys don’t think we should be there, yet there’s no robust movement to bring the troops home, other than Gabbard talking about it. Even our prez can’t get them home.

      • When normies start the “we have to fight them over there…” bit, I say that if we wouldn’t let them come here, we wouldn’t need to fight them anywhere.

      • If it were “long gone” we wouldn’t be continuing to send our young people to die there. Two last week (God rest their souls.)

      • It was hilarious to see Adam Schiff trot this line out to attack Trump for withholding aid from Ukraine. Something to the effect of, if we don’t resist Russia in Ukraine, we will be fighting them here. That he is allowed to drive is frightening.

        • Don’t see why Schiff is in such a tiff over Trump.

          Don’t worry Schiffster, even if Trump gives Alaska to the Ruskies, he will never give Jerusalem to the Palestinians. So it’s all good!

  29. Great column.

    I’ve always felt grateful to have been born in the age and society I am: I’ve seen a revolution first hand.

    The old guard has no idea what’s coming for them; the internet changed the rules, and we’re only now starting to figure out what the new rules are.

    • I’ve been alive long enough to see (and muck through) a few revolutions. It’s interesting how time gives a bit of perspective, isn’t it? Downside – near absolutely none of the crap we’re dealing with today wasn’t done and dusted in the past, having to relearn old lessons is as costly as fighting the revolution; upside – these “revolutions” seem to be getting less and less bloody as decades go on.

      • Revolutions are getting really, really old. People are tired of drama.
        Not to mention the 225 year war against human nature from the Jacobins to now.

        Restoration is due.
        And comes with legitimacy..
        We’re blessed. The Constitution legacy govt exists, the Administrative State aka Globo-Homo has chosen open conflict…

        …and Globohomo has nothing but some catladies, pajama boys and adam schiff (((et al))) in their ranks.

        Its ending. I doubt peacefully, but its ending.

    • I’ll second all of that, Felix, for all that I often kvetch about “Our Times.”

      The internet and cell communications have made it possible to have the best of both the low density rural and high density urban worlds, in many ways. The trick is in teaching our people how to use these advantages without being wrecked by their downsides (Faceberg dopamine sinks, Twitter rage, porn & butt-stuff, to name a few)

      As most probably already know, I’m not a Trad Luddite when it comes to tech. Of all the possible futures for Our Thing, I see being “fundy-Trad” as a dead end. Yes, Amish people, but they’re a fringe group. I admire a lot about them but I don’t want to straight up copy them.

      Whites have high IQ, high sociability and creativity – it’s why we invented most of the stuff out there. Leaving those advantages on the table because Here There Be Dragons seems like a self-own.

      The “use the Ring” vs. “don’t use the Ring” question is ever-present. In Tolkien’s world the choice was obvious. But we live on Earth, not Middle Earth, and Tolkien’s mythology incorporates a lot of “Judeo-Christian” elements along with the pagan.

      Anti–tech trads rely in part on a tendentious, tautological set of myths and morals to reach a lot of foregone conclusions. I don’t think modernity is going to be that accommodating.

      • It sounds like you’re talking about suburbs/exurbs. A very comm and transport dependent economy. Tech dependent in other words.

        The flip side: you don’t get the full measure of rural/urban. The peace and quiet of the countryside, high culture and commerce of the city. Also not as boring or dangerous, respectively. Jack of all trades master of none.

        Also not as resilient in this post-nuke MAD age. Country/city can go luddite if need be, country being essentially free standing as is, city being more easily provisioned. Also with density, comm/transportation aren’t huge problems. Word of mouth, walking, etc. Obviously it would be difficult, and many would die, but it would be possible, as it was before high tech. Pull the plug and the burbs disappear fast.

        Tech skepticism is about resilience not ideology. And honest work has great moral utility, because there’s no tricking nature.

        • Painter, I’m speaking more about communications than transportation. I’m for reducing transportation costs and locally sourcing as much as possible. Aim for a sustainable decentralized economy rather than an endless-growth centralized economy.

          You can be anti-fragile in terms of having the skills to operate without tech when it’s necessary without making tech a taboo. Use the tools that are available when they’re available, be aware that they aren’t always available and create a potential weakness if you become too reliant on them.

          • Okay. I agree decentralization is the way to go. Actually I think reality will impose it on us if we don’t figure out how to get there. The problem is how to keep money/power/population from concentrating as they naturally do. In the past, scarcity limited centralization. Technology largely did away with that. I think it would take an almost superhuman discipline to keep a future high tech society from going down the same road. Not sure how it can be done without limiting tech or knowledge.

          • Painter, we can have high technology without a “high tech society.” It takes an attitudinal shift away from what Taleb calls our present “neophilia” toward a critical if not outright skeptical approach to technology. We’re presently taught to look at all technological change as forward progress. If we looked at our cell phones with the same level of social caution and self-policing we employ with booze, we’d be a lot more resistant to “tech rot.”

          • I remember studying Marx back in college, in one of his earlier (I think) works (don’t remember which) when he was developing his theory of communism, he said communism would only be possible when technology reached a state where the means of production were self-maintaining. To put it another way, when people could enjoy the fruits of tech without being dependent on the labor of technocrats. I think he was wrestling with ‘neophilia’ from the power angle, leftist that he was, through his 19th century lens. And I think he had a point.

            At the end of the day, we’re talking about how to create a moral society that can stand up to the most powerful demoralizing force yet devised. It’s a tough nut to crack.

      • The problem with the ring in LOTR was that is was “foreign” tech. That is, it was designed by, for and to be used solely by Sauron, its creator. It had hidden downsides you could not control/master.

        On the other hand, Elven swords and whatnot were domestic tech, made for and utilized by our side. The message being don’t try to use what does not naturally belong to you. Good news – since whites have invented practically everything that is worth a sh*t, the door is pretty wide open. But don’t trust Asian coded electronics.

    • I have been in six nations that tried to tear up their constitutions and start over. They were never happy times for the people. George Soros and his hirelings want an “article 5 convention” to do just that. I rescued Americans from the embassy in Santo Domingo. There were about 2,500 dead civilians in the streets. It was hot weather.

      The Dominican Republic is a pretty little country. There is a baseball field in every village. Overnight, there was a revolution. The ship the president was going to escape on was blown up, sunk at the pier and on fire. All it takes to close an airport is a bunch of logs across the runway and a few snipers. For a week, I had the only helicopter in the entire nation. Chile, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Panama; same patterns. Similar results.

      Stop and think: Who wants to tear up our constitution (like tearing up a state of the union speech). Who would be the delegates to the several different competing conventions? Which convention would be valid?

      Tick, tick, tick

      Overnight, folks.

      • That’s definitely a possibility. Or it could be like how the USSR went down. Either way we need to think about how to land softly and avoid disaster. My hope is the US survives without the empire.

  30. The thing these Globalists never get is that identity is based on commonality. The Globalists *seem* to have lots in common — Globohomo sure seems like a consistent set of values — but if you watch what they do and ignore what they say, it’s clear that Globohomoism is based on *competition*. They’re all bitchy cat ladies, always jockeying for status and stabbing each other in the back. In short, they hate each other. In my white pilled moments I’m confident they’ll collapse under the slightest pushback. They’ll have the same choice the Romano-Britons (etc.) had in the collapse of the Roman Empire.

  31. Even normie is getting territorial where I live. Suddenly, in the last month, a lot of questioning the way things are being managed. Hearing ‘divisive’ language I haven’t heard since I was a kid. Masculinity reasserting itself. Exciting!

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