A Pause On The River

When you are hurtling down a fast-moving river in a kayak, the one thing you don’t do is take in the scenery or contemplate the changing nature of the river. Your focus is on navigating the river, in order to avoid getting splattered on a rock. Something similar happens to people in rapidly changing times. Current events are that fast-moving river, while politics are the rucks creating the rapids. Those engaged in it are living in the never ending present, taking on each obstacle as they come.

Unlike the kayaker, people in the fast-moving currents of a rapidly changing society can stop and think about just how far down the river they have traveled. In fact, it is probably the only way to keep your head above water. It’s also useful in preparing for what is coming, as in the moment, just like the kayaker flying through the rapids, it is hard to understand what is driving events. The reason things today are as they are is people made specific decisions in the past that led to this point.

One of those things that is very different now, compared to further back in the journey, is how the Right thinks about the media. In this discussion, the Right are dissidents, not the flaks and hustlers hired by corporate interests. Not so long, the Left saw the media as mostly fair, while conservatives saw the media as biased. The complaint was the typical media person was honest, but on the Left. Today, dissidents see the media as wholly corrupt, even what passes for right-wing media.

Added to that is if you go back far enough, say the 1980’s, the Left used to complain about corporate media. The Michael Moore types would warn that corporations gobbling up local newspapers and radio stations would destroy the media. The Right mostly dismissed these concerns. After all, capitalism is always good. It turns out that those left-wing cranks were right. Astoundingly, to those of a certain age, modern dissidents sound a lot like those left-wing cranks from back then.

In the 1980’s and into the 1990’s, to be on the Left meant opposing the corporatization of America. This was mostly a carryover from the economic radicals of the prior generation, but honest liberals worried about the power of global capital. They argued against liberalization of banking and the creation of massive financial institutions that were impossible to regulate. To be on the Right back then was to dismiss these concerns as vestiges of a bygone era.

Today, dissidents are the harshest critics of corporate capital and globalization, often sounding more like Bolsheviks than right-wingers. It’s why older dissidents, like Jared Taylor, are a bit alarmed by what they hear from the younger generation of dissidents regarding economics. They hear these critiques of modern capitalism and hear the ugly echoes of Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky. Of course, those younger dissidents formed their views far downstream from the prior generation.

Listen to dissidents talk about the culture, if you are of a certain age or older, and you hear the faint echoes of the hippies and beatniks of yesteryear. It was the counter-culture types that first criticized mass culture for its dehumanizing effects. They were the ones to first suggest dropping out to avoid being rubbed out. Today, it is dissidents dropping out of mass culture. Cord cutting and “not consuming product” are the modern version of “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

This inversion of cultural reality is hard to appreciate, especially if you are a young person, as like the kayaker, the demands of the present don’t leave much time to contemplate the past. Even so, it is an important change in the culture of the country that should inform dissident politics. Maybe if more right-wingers had listened to the critics of corporate power a generation ago, we would not be dealing with the reality of a Jewish oligarch buying the White House in 2020.

It is also a good reminder that reactionaries always lose. The Right a generation ago, whatever its original aims, was transformed into a dancing partner of the Left and not the lead partner. The result was a Right that defended that which should not have been defended and blind to that which was the true threat to the nation. Conservatism in the 1980’s became nothing more than reaction to the excesses of left-wing people, rather than a response to left-wing politics.

There’s also the fact that the people manipulating events are not stupid and should never be dismissed as such. The anti-white raging we see today started a long time ago with the push for tolerance. The people pushing it knew what they were doing. When they told us to celebrate diversity, they never meant it. They always meant diversity to mean no white people. They just knew they could not say that, so they used the weight of the right-wing reactionaries against them instead.

That’s a lesson the modern dissident should try to learn from the failure of Buckley conservatism, as well as the failure of the old Left. Those people criticizing mass culture were right, but they did not win the argument. They had bad optics. The people worried about the growth of corporate power lost because they did not appreciate the power of material comfort. Simply opposing people you don’t like, almost always leads to succumbing to events you like even less.

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197 thoughts on “A Pause On The River

  1. On a spiritual level, everything is sped up, because the Devil knows his time is short. So those that play on the Devil’s team are pushing the Overton Window left. No longer satisfied to slouch towards Gomorrah, they are causing us to careen towards Gomorrah at break neck speed.

  2. I used to think of myself as a bit Lefty during the mid to late 90s and early 2000s. I hated the Yugoslavian, Somali and Iraq misadventures. I felt they were embarrassing wars that the tax payer had been conned into paying for. I hated the power of corporations and government overreach. I didn’t care if there was a profit justification – the answer should have been no. I hated Bush Jnr, Cheney and Rumsfeld. I still do. I was anti-racist and pro-drug legalisation. I suddenly woke up to what was going on over the Trayvon nonsense. I noticed black crime rates, the constant anti-white animus and that women were miserable trying to do the GirlPower thing. I still should be a lefty but the Left has abandoned me and the Right has run away with it to get gay married. The things I used to hate the Right for are the same things that have screwed them over 20 years later. The dissidents my age who reject laissez-faire capitalism, Hollywood Degeneracy, sports worship, LGBTQP screeching are mostly ex-Lefties. Their views haven’t especially changed, but those who once fought for them have sold out and are now getting pimped. We would like to buy houses, send our kids to decent schools, speak freely and associate with who we please. Those basics are now basically taboo and the chickens are slowly coming home to roost.

    • “We would like to buy houses, send our kids to decent schools, speak freely and associate with who we please. Those basics are now basically taboo and the chickens are slowly coming home to roost.”

      Epic. That’s The Program.

  3. I clearly remember the 1990s when the political left was anti-globalisation and the political right was pro. Does anyone else recall all those violent “anarchist” marches and protests in major capitals all over the West? I do. They were hurling bricks through shop windows to protest against “global capitalism”.

    25 years on and the sides have switched.

  4. Big Jew Money degraded and corrupted this country, bringing it to its knees while we used our blood to fight their wars. These arrogant assholes don’t realize they crossed the Rubicon. Whitey woke the fuck up. Poking the hibernating Bear is a real bad idea, but they can’t help themselves. God dwells in the righteous, the pure of heart.

  5. The optics of mass culture are a matter of policy. The public did not acquiesce to any major social policy in living memory. All were acts of subversion or judicial fiat. The individuals responsible and the beneficiaries are matters of public record. Who is more impotent than the dissident who struggles against platonic forms instead of individuals and their institutions?

  6. Destruction of media credibility may well be Trump’s greatest achievement, perhaps even more important in the long run than whatever sort of wall it is that he leaves behind.

    • True, but politics (and politicians) don’t lead the culture, they reflect it. The mainstream media has been dying for years, and Trump is giving it a bit of an extra shove.

      That’s what is so funny about the Dem freakout over Bernie. Bernie didn’t bring hardcore socialism to the doorstep of the Dems. It was already there, and he just picked it up and ran with it.

  7. It’s another useless wish, a “we oughta” bloviation, but you know what would reform the government?

    Civilian capitalism and government economy are two utterly different systems.
    Therefore, hiring shouldn’t be the same either.

    The reform?
    Government jobs are only available to those who’ve served in the military. Veterans only.

    Better those who earned their orientation in Patriot School than grandees, careerists, and opportunists primed and hired by Frankfurt School nepotism.

    It limits the size of the political industry, plus it doesn’t depend on idiots hiring idiots.

    • I know, I know.
      But! The citizen militias WERE the only standing army in 1792. So gov’t jobs were still hiring only from the ranks.

    • One long life of parasitism.

      The idea of limiting government jobs to demonstrated morons is already operative.

  8. In the 1980’s and into the 1990’s, to be on the Left meant opposing the corporatization of America. This was mostly a carryover from the economic radicals of the prior generation, but honest liberals worried about the power of global capital. They argued against liberalization of banking and the creation of massive financial institutions that were impossible to regulate. To be on the Right back then was to dismiss these concerns as vestiges of a bygone era.

    This explains my own slight Democrat leanings over the years where I never fit into the mainstream Right.

    Does this also track with anti-trust laws and Catholic support for the Democrat party (which would be ironic given the corporation of the catholic church and the pope). Distributism was a uniquely catholic economic position.

  9. ““Spreadsheet capitalism” — the soulless belief that maximizing profits, efficiency, & GDP is the only goal – Chris Arnade”

  10. “Simply opposing people you don’t like, almost always leads to succumbing to events you like even less.”

    I supported globalist capitalism and opposed environmentalism because hippies irritated me.

    I supported the Iraq invasion because I hated pacifists.

    I’m trying to be smarter from now on.

    • What I thought was interesting was when Kasich ran for gov in Ohio the lefties squealed about how he was going to sell the state off to his “Wall Street buddies”. At the time I, and apparently a majority of the state, thought they were kooks who would say that no matter who was running.

      Low and behold though, that’s what he exactly what he did! He “bonded out” the liquor sales, “bonded out” the toll road, and was going to “bond out” the lottery too but I think he issues with that (I can’t recall). The state got nothing but his banker buddies now get a cut of the state’s solid revenue stream.

      When Kasich ran for president I waited for them to make hay about this, I mean, they were factually right, for once; but, they didn’t care, I couldn’t squeeze more than a “meh” out of them.

      I think I had a point to that comment when I started, but now I can’t recall. Probably, like most elections, it didn’t really matter…

      • Sandmich, everything on the Left is situational. “Meh” is their way of ignoring what must be ignored in order to fit their situation of that moment. They can then come back to it and raise the roof about it when the new situation deems it necessary.

  11. “A Pause in the River”. A play on Naipaul’s “A Bend in the River”? That’s a big blackpill right there, but an appropriate one, IMO. The idea of trying to make good in a really bad environment…

    Naipaul’s message, IMO, is that the way to win (or at least survive) is to not play, and to get out of Dodge City.

  12. The Left opposed big, powerful institutions until it managed to infiltrate and take over those institutions. Shocking, I know.

    The Left will advance from one glorious victory to the next as long as they can print enough money to pay for their nonsense.

  13. “… hippies and beatniks of yesteryear …” I watched that from the sidelines, being too busy studying and working to engage is such frivolity. And a little too young. We discussed the influence and danger of the ubiquitous “outside agitators” who seemed to fund and organize those circuses then ‘majic’-ly disappear into the ether afterwards.

  14. “… modern capitalism …” is, of course, fully licensed, regulated, legal and chartered as corporations. By whom? And why? And what “free market”? Where’s my ROFL?

  15. The left wing hippies got sucked into the Reagan jet engine that gave them money, great jobs, cocaine, legalized porno, and steps toward sexual degeneracy and a loss of their white Christian civilization. The end of the Soviet Union and the roaring 90’s provided more money as blow jobs in the White House was poo pooed as “just sex”.
    The 2000’s gave us “gay marriage” and wars in the Middle East against terrorism but in truth benefited our “ worlds greatest ally” Israel and the oil oligarchy in Saudi Arabia.
    Now in 2020 we got a choice of three great leaders for the “transgender rights” nation
    1. A Communist Jew, Bernie.
    2. A billionare Jewish Oligarch, Bloomberg.
    3. The self proclaimed “King of the Jews” ,Trump.
    You white Christians getting tired yet?

    • Wanted to add that I tend to think we are seeing the enlightenment play out in America to its logical conclusion, radical eglatarianism.
      The Jewish Oligarchs and the Jewish Communists along with the flashy Gentile Casino operator Trump are just the result of the decadence that a secular culture creates. The Puritans and the WASPS once held back the outlandish secularism because they still clung to a form of Christianity. Now that form of Christianity is gone and a secular progressivism replaced it as the new religion of the progressive Gentiles and it just so happens that secular Jewish interests fit nicely into that progressive philosophy.
      Secular Jews are along for the ride with the now secular Puritans.

  16. The follow up to this post is that we must learn from the failure of those who failed to prevent the Second Iraq War. Optics matters as does building an argument that is persuasive to the other side. It is extremely important not to be a condescending know-it-all and it’s likewise essential to craft an argument that is effective for persuading those on the other side to buy your viewpoints. Being pointlessly racist or crowing about Jewish this or that detracts from our main arguments. We have to build a message that the other side can buy and that means being pragmatic over being 100% correct.

    Being a smart ass sperg certainly has its benefits in winning arguments with those without the progressive moral restraints and who also retain the intellectual capital to understand them. But they cause others like persuadable white women and reasonable potential allies to be turned off. That’s why Z-Man is sagacious in pointing out the fact that we need to build a message that appeals to the morals of those we can convert – not one wallows in the limbo of complex logical arguments and scientific papers. People won’t buy that shit – make your argument sound, moral and compelling. Be effective.

    • To me, authenticity counts for everything. It’s refreshing to hear someone being openly racist and ant-semitic as long as they’re being themselves. The offended parties are the problem. We shouldn’t bottle up who we are because (insert white woman with golden retriever) might be offended. Of course she’ll be offended, and love every minute of it.

      • I agree with this statement somewhat but we have to understand that Becky with Roofus is the key to victory. Keep a lid on the stuff that Doesn’t help the cause. Once we have won we can do as we please but until then that shit simply won’t fly.

          • Becky and Karen have no idea what is coming. They will be judged and convicted by the color of their skin, after being told and taught all their lives that skin color doesn’t matter. Their cog dis will be epic. Lots of tears.

  17. Turn on, tune in, drop out indeed.

    Back in my faux hippie days that meant acid, see reality for what it is, take action. Not too much different from what I see as many having on this bog. Red pill, see reality, take action to disengage and build a different community. But this proved much harder than it looked.

    Back in the day, corporations, the rulers of academia, the FBI, the CIA were “the man” and were evil. Then came the Yuppie phase of making money and living a comfortable life.

    The Donald and The Bern as the yin and yang of grasping at the last straw to stay comfortably afloat.

    Timothy Leary noted that “Unhappily, my explanations of this sequence of personal development are often misinterpreted to mean Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity.

    May the dissident of today not make the same mistakes of the hippie of yesterday. May God have mercy on our souls.

    • I know the hippies well, I live in old hippie land. In the early-mid 70’s they wanted Volvos and Birkenstocks and Osh Kosh overalls for their kids. All that was expensive. They also wanted the Pioneer stereo system for their “tunes” and it was off to the races by the 80’s. They fell into the same trap as their parents, only it was for luxury European and Japanese items not the new kitchen range that grandma liked. All this required money, and a lot of them became entrepreneurs to finance all of this Some of those businesses made it big (Apple). Did they betray every last thing they believed in? Are they the biggest hippiecrits on earth? You bet.

  18. In 1955 or even 1985 those big corporations were indeed still giving us material comfort. Outside of Google and Amazon, the youngest of the monoliths, I don’t think you can still say that. The reason people (especially dissidents) are waking up is that these large companies are now using US as cash cows. The seating room on the airline, the old Comcast cable box that you “rent,” the customer service from hell, many reasons, but the real driver is how they treat their own employees. These companies are big enough to have at least one friend or family member that works for them, including the banks. Who doesn’t have a friend whose key card failed to work one morning at the bank after some layoff? Who hasn’t known someone to work bizarre swing shifts for these places, and get literally nickels and dimes are raises as they announce record profits? You could say, oh, why don’t they just quit? Well, it’s not like the mom and pop business is hopping out there. We have record low new business formation in this era. A lot of those mom and pop places are broken themselves, started in 1983 and then passed to a nit wit that’s bankrupting it. You could say, okay whippersnapper, just hang out your own shingle. That’s easier said than done. Not everyone was meant to hang out a shingle. Personalities, motivation, responsibilities mean that entrepreneurship was always meant to be a small but not tiny subset of the population. The main reason dissidents are heading in this direction is because they see it in their own lives. It’s unhealthy, unsustainable, and terrible on family formation, which is the basis of civilization. So, yes, I don’t mind being called a “socialist” (I’m not) by an elite that kicked its citizens to the curb 40 years ago. Old boomers cry “we’re going socialist!.” What they need to realize is that we’ve been a socialist country since 1933, we’re just not getting our money’s worth.

    • JR, well said. I believe not too strongly can it be said. To criticise the current American experience is often seen as shibboleth. But I don’t think this group sees it as such—so no apology necessary.

      Z-man on more than one posting has spoken out against what you allude to, “unbridled capitalism”. To speak of such danger is not the logical equivalent to embracing “socialism”. Unfortunately, our young folk today experience all too often the bad side of capitalism, without the wisdom or knowledge to understand the good side of such a system. That is not their fault, it is the fault of those at the top of the system who do not understand their perverse use of that system solely for their own gain sows the seeds of the destruction of that very system they depend upon.

    • I’m not even sure that it’s “socialism.” The wealth transfer has been from labor to global capital and they no longer pretend that “trickle down” even exists. Now it’s all GDP! GDP! GDP! So what if life expectancy is down? Suicides are up? So what if communities are being destroyed? Move! Learn to Code so you can train your third-world replacement after spending three hours a day commuting!

    • Well said, if and when socialism comes to America, I will have no problem if every single CXO is marched to an Alaskan labor camp. They broke it, they can keep it. Assholes. Once again, this started under Milton Fraudman and his BS “capitalism and muh freedom” and taken to the hilt by the Great Phony, Reagan.

      • Can’t happen soon enough… We aren’t living in a Capitalist society, we’re living in a Globalized hellscape and ignorant “conservatives” and Hillary “neoliberals” defend it.

    • Nicely said. There is a hell of a lot of difference between wealth redistribution and government ownership of the means of production and our insistence that one always leads to another and the incessant propaganda is enough to turn anyone into a Bernie Bro

      Now I’m not a socialist or a social democrat, I’m a functionalist and if it requires wealth redistribution to make a functioning society (i.e healthy moral fertile populace) so be it.

      Of course wealth redistribution even in an honest society (which ours is not) is expensive and takes a lot of taxes. Americans don’t like each other very much and don’t really exists as a unified group of people so the social capital that allows say Norway to have Social Democracy isn’t there.

      Even excluding illegals from the equation and restricting immigration to basically nil its going to be hard to get say the upper middle much less lower classes to say pay taxes so that everyone can get health coverage and to get everything else done.

      Generally the most Federal taxes that can be collected is just under 20% (Google Hauser’s Law) which doesn’t bring in nearly enough for our spending . This is why we borrow so much and why we will get a collapse or 3rd worldizing in not that much time.

      How we get to high functioning from here is beyond my pay grade though I can tell you “money as speech” screwed us over badly and may well end up with “the only way to fix anything is lead.” either from the Left or very possibly the Right

      If we manage a fix, money as speech i.e legalized bribery will have to be heavily regulated.

      • If all the money in the world disappeared overnight you’d still have “money” in politics. It’s called quid pro quo (barter). Destroying the usefulness of money by curbing its application does not solve the problem and merely invites Orwellian monetary surveillance.

  19. This reminds me of the Iraq War Part 2. Really, it was a monstrously stupid idea from the beginning that had no basis in any real security interest of the United States. The old-school conservatives interested in great power politics knew it was a monumental waste but their views got lost in the screaming from the anti-war left. It was these people, and their smugness, self-absorption and unfounded piety that launched the war.

    One didn’t necessarily have to think through the implications of the war itself. All they had to do was look at the people opposing it and it was clear those anti-war losers had to be stopped. To me, the cultural cleavage and the obnoxious left explains the war just as much as anything else – don’t invade because it’s smart, do it because those who oppose it are horrible losers and therefore must be wrong.

    • Correct about IW2.

      The fundamentally correct post-9/11 action, assuming one believes OBL was the mastermind, was to send a team to capture or kill OBL.

      That is exactly what Obama did in 2011, when it was almost ten years too late and he needed a cheap political win.

    • ” it was a monstrously stupid idea from the beginning”
      It was not stupid.
      It perfectly accomplished the goal of destroying the most prosperous, literate Arab country and turning it into an ungovernable hellhole.
      The people who believed the lies used to sell it were stupid.
      Iraq War II was monstrously evil, not monstrously stupid.

  20. Bad Optics. heh. That assume we have a honest and open MSM.

    The people criticizing “mass culture” didn’t have bad optics, they had no optics when you have a MSM controlled by the same people who promote “mass culture” You simply get shut out. Even if you are allowed, you end up being confronted by a massive private sector PR machine and both political parties ganging up on you.

    This is what happened with Free Trade critics during the 90’s through 2016. The were shut out with the exception of Lou Dobbs when he had his show on CNN. It doesn’t matter who your front man is if what they say is a seen as a threat to the established order.

    Free Trade critics dealt with a MSM that made 10 million unemployed workers vanish from public perception. They made the massive de-industrialization of our country a non topic. They made Wall Street’s systematic betrayal of America and it’s people something to be proud of. Goebbels wished he had a PR machine like the one we have today.

    Material comforts you say? That’s mostly a illusion when your wages as a middle-class worker have been flat for over 30 years and the middle-class has been shrinking since the 90’s and will probably go extinct. Or when a majority of Americans don’t even have $400.00 in the bank for emergencies and have to rely on their CC. Of course listening to the MSM and talk radio, one would never know this.

    See our MSM(including Conservative talk Radio) is like Tass and Pravda, they basically lie all the time and are very good at making horrible running sores of our society go away.

    • “They made the massive de-industrialization of our country a non topic.”

      A big, fit, bearded dude made me a sandwich last night. He looked utterly defeated.

      This guy ought to be working with a chainsaw, wielding a rivet gun, or throwing bales of hay around, not working at a service job.

      I wanted to say something sympathetic but didn’t want to be patronizing.

      • Machines do a lot of these things better , faster and cheaper than any workers . Unless the New Right State is going down a profoundly anti tech and anti capitalist path, its only going to get worse and in time when sandwich making machines get cheaper than people, the big guy will be replaced too.

        The only fix essentially requires us to embrace the concept common good. a degree of central social planning and to eschew progress as a major social goal. This isn’t easy, the US Right is immured in techno libertarian values and is allergic to even considering the idea of the State being able to properly enforce social standards much less direct an economy to flow in a certain direction.

        • People will still pay more for hand made things, which were always scarce compared to the pile of machine made crap we have today.

          In fact, authenticity is more precious today than ever. People will pick up their lives and move around looking for it.

          When people get involved in their own lives the state starts to become irrelevant. Neighborhoods take care of their own. Sort of as it was in colonial America. Self government and federalism suited a people who minded their own business. So the state and corporations etc. had to make us dependent on them.

          I think the biggest barrier is the attitude that authenticity can be bought. It’s not a commodity. It’s something people create for themselves with their own hands, their labor, their intention and attention. It’s the last flicker of human spirit the technocrats can’t snuff out.

          As long as it persists (it will), things aren’t as bad as they seem.

          • Not wrong at all but this is not a nation made of mostly Anglo German farmers with a tech base that King Arthur would have had no trouble adapting too.

            Its now mostly urban (80%) cyberpunk dystopia and has to be governed as such.

            The people and conditions you need for the old ways are as dead as the Etruscan people.

            I get the loathing for change, we are after all mostly Conservative reactionaries here but there is no way back while the current situation holds. Trying to bring back a dead society and dead conditions is basically throwing a temper tantrum against a raging river.

            You will have State and lots of it otherwise greed and shortsightedness will result in a private Wuhan flu , more of a a Facebook dystopia, pushing Oxy, greedy meat producers ending the availability of antibiotics thru abuse and along with that very likely chemo or a hundred other terrible things all of which are going on.

            There is no private sector way to get out and unless you plan to wreck the grid or end it, fewer holes you can hide under.

            One knucklehead flying from China or somewhere could kill millions with the next disease

            This means you not only have to run a functional state but you’ll need boots on necks to keep the greedy, grifters, short sighted and reckless morons in check

            Now if you can’t do this, than the US will be Brazil or some other 3rd world place and drown in its own corruption and if you won’t do to “muh principles” than don’t count on anyone to help you.

            Leviathan is corrupt, degenerate and run by fools but it makes an effort to do some of the things sometimes which would be far better than nothing.

            You aren’t getting out a big state and taxes and I know it sucks but complexity is expensive and the cost for failing to play is collapse

          • You’re right about how to govern a society like we have. I have a feeling we’ve gone over the peak.

            Rolling blackouts are a thing in California. So is the plague. Cali is the trendsetter. Moore’s law is toast. We weren’t supposed to need unskilled labor by now, yet illegal immigrants and Chinese slave labor are in demand. I take that as proof high tech has failed to deliver its ultimate promise. Probably capitalism too. These things have to keep growing and progressing or people lose confidence in them and they fall apart. So much of it is a confidence game. Z’s post yesterday points to one aspect of it.

            I’d be on board with change if it was progress and I might join leviathan if I thought it had a future. That’s my theme: there’s no future in this. So why did it happen, what historical forces are at work, what worked in the past, where do we go from here?

          • Low skilled mass immigrant labor is much cheaper than a living wage and automation at this point.

            Understandable because of asset inflation in housing and elsewhere a living wage would render many business models untenable.

            Assuming say a full time workers doing semi skilled labor should have 4x the income of a one bedroom apartment , this makes the wage of you McDonalds assistant manger $50 an hour!

            Now sure repatriation will help but the fundamentals are out of whack.

            This will require either an apocalyptic depression with mass death or government action on a massive scale to fix. We have small scale collapse and nothing gets done which rules out easy mode.

            As for why, all civilizations become decadent when the elite become rich.

            For the US, we were formed to enable fast growth and economics above all else.

            These things don’t mesh and with an elite that hate the demanding citizenrey you have a recipe for disaster.

            If you want a solution, decide how the new society you want to live in is to be run in line . DO so with an an understanding of human nature, take power and make people in your borders behave.

            Its what works and is what will always work. If you are lucky, the people within your borders will be pretty good and close to what you already want and you can use a light hand otherwise it will be harder.

            In this world, power is truth

          • It doesn’t seem like we’re far apart on this. There’s two ways to look at it:

            1. The Jetsons future was a scam. We were sold it so the rich and powerful could get richer and more powerful. They are in control, and it’s a reality we have to deal with. If I understand you, that’s more or less where you’re coming from.

            2. The Jetsons future was the plan, but because of the limits of tech, degrading competence, or something else, it hasn’t worked out, and what we see today is an effort to keep people on board so the whole thing doesn’t fall apart. That’s my take.

            It comes down to whether or not the elites are in control. Each of is tackling one of the alternate realities. Who’s right? Who knows.

          • The Jetson’s future was post apocalyptic akin to Elysium minus the human misery.

            This is actually canon in the avoidable PC reboot FWIW and its standard fan canon.

            Everybody downside is dead (or its the Flintstones take your pick) probably after an eco disaster and maybe mass genocide since everyone is White

            What you want is something more akin to Doc Smith’s Lensmen (minus the world smashing psi powers one hopes) or early/juvenile Heinlein where you have a healthy, natal, traditional (though not necessarily religious ) culture along side technology.

            I don’t know how that can happen without a lot of control though.

          • Used to be access to knowledge was restricted. If you weren’t a scholar, monk, engineer, statesman, whatever, too bad. Sounds horrible in this democratic, internet age. Always thought it was self-interest at work, but I’m starting to see there might’ve been wisdom behind it. The mass of people are chaotic. It’s strange saying that.

        • Both conservatives and liberals were and are entirely devoted to the State enforcing social standards, instead of doing its damm job.

          • The US is not and has never been a libertarian society. Thus a huge chunk of the job of the state is enforcing social standards.

            If you don’t want sodomy, drug use, porn, public nudity or sex, prostitution or a hundred other things none of which are crimes with actual victims the State needs to have laws and enforce those laws.

            The problem comes about when there are large gaps in the moral reasoning of the elite and the people or from one group of people to another. These gaps can only be bridged by force either by containing views till they vanish or by open warfare, c.f the civil war.

            You cannot have minarchy. I suppose you can have federalism but these days the social gaps are so great, it makes no sense to allow some States to have gay marriage or polygamy (c.f the recent attempt in Utah) or gun control or whatever and other not. One people, one core morality

            This overarching problem is compounded by easy mobility.

            A new social model will need a much more uniform legal code and/or some serious franchise restrictions so more populous states can’t export bad policy to the others

            And no, you won’t have a super moral population for a very long time, a century and a half maybe longer. Urban living and modernity create a different value set than the one that would allow for minarchy and federalism.

            If you don’t want the cities to impose their values on you than you must either separate and isolate (be different closed nations) or impose yours on them. No opt outs, rule or be ruled.

  21. Within reason, I’ve never understood the appeal of material comfort. I always feel better about myself after a day of hard, honest work than I do after a day of lying about. That warm, achey fatigue tells you you accomplished something. Doing nothing is relaxing but depressing.

    To my mind it’s like addiction. The high feels good, but in the end you feel worse off for it. It becomes a downward spiral of chasing that first high. Then it ends one way or the other.

    • Physical exertion feels good because it is good. Good for the mind and body—there is a nexus. Those who lay about destroy their bodies and eventually their minds. We are made for work. It is as natural as breathing. Nature designed us to do physical labor and thereby to survive.

      First we needed to hunt and gather. Then we needed to farm and harvest. Even the Industrial Revolution at first produced employment which predominately involved physical labor. The change from an agrarian society to an urban society was thus ameliorated. But that was not to last.

      Technology then came upon us like a plague and we went against our nature. Vacuum cleaners, TV’s, fast food, automobiles—let the good times roll. Jobs now entailed sedentary, and often physically/mentally meaningless effort. Physical illness and all to often mental illness (existential angst) followed.

      And so, here are the bulk of us today. Society’s response—more automation, more unemployment or under-employment, more welfare and of course what logically must follow—the legalization of drugs (soma), euthanasia, rationed healthcare, and the wholesale replacement of useless/dying human capital with imported third world replacement.

    • And I’m the opposite. Every time I have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, in winter, in northern New England I devolve into ancestor worship. Hail my people! I am forever in your debt.

  22. My blackpill is that i fail to see a institution or substantial faction pushing back against the degeneracy and poison being pumped into our culture. The churches seem largely to have collapsed. I keeping hoping that Catholicism will reform itself and get busy, but alas, they seem hopeless. Even the mormons seem subdued. I even sense that many jews (the better ones) are almost disappointed in our lack of cultural assertiveness. We need a incorruptible and uncompromising core that can be rallied around. I think that it would attract unlikely allies.

    • In the end, all we have is us. We will not vote our way out of this, we will not cleverly take power in other ways, and we will not cancel the “arrest and confiscate” tactics that are right around the corner. Why do you think local law enforcement agencies are taking pictures of everyone’s license plates as people travel around, and then trading the info with each other? Our job is survival, not prevailing. Prepare for it now. My blackpill for the day.

      • Not a black pill. That’s a recognition of reality, Dutch. It’s a black pill only if you are still grieving, as I admit I do from time to time, for the lost America where you spent your childhood and younger years. Once you stop mourning that loss, you recognize that we have to outfit ourselves for a vastly different world.

    • Problem is you are depending on faith to solve your problems for you.

      Its no more possible for the modern church to reform the system now than it was for the Temple of Jupiter to do so during the decline periods in Rome

      The reason is simple, fewer and fewer people believe in those things including many, maybe most on our side, me included. While the other side certainly has faith of a sort its a redirection of the religious impulse to secular goals. No deity required.

      You and yours have to have goals, explicit goals and not depend on cheap social capital from religion. You want anything? You will pay for it, no freebies, no moral freeloading. Pay or do without

      Consider it this way.

      I am told the Tamil Tigers invented the suicide bomber. The big deal? They they were an atheist movement .Now I oppose this sort of thing for obvious reasons , the fact that they would guaranteed die for the cause without a religion or an afterlife and only the faith they were serving something bigger than themselves takes stones.

      Most of the whiners don’t have the stones to cut Hulu and Netflix much less anything serious.

      This is fixable, Virginia militias have been active as of late but reality check, unless you have goals you are willing to sacrifice for and our side does not, they cannot achieve them.

      Let me rip off Babylon 5 until this is you, you deserve no victory

      We walk in the dark places no others will enter.”
      “We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass.”
      “We live for the One, we die for the One”

  23. Whites have been keeping their heads above water by packing up and moving…and moving again…and again…and again. Most of suburbia is now built upon lands that were recently farms and woodlands.

    Trump is doing away with the Obama era Section Ape program for the suburbs and rural area because much of the work it was designed to do has already been done. Suburbs are already full of government subsidized housing and there are already enough brown people to buy their way into the lower end of the RE market, especially in markets that are depressed. Rural areas are depressed and are ripe for brown colonialism (whites could do the same but they’re too atomized to get it together).

    So now, when whites take their attention away from the rapids those old options of packing up and driving out for another 20 minutes are drying up. They are getting antsy. Those desperately holding onto Trump or rallying about Bernie are praying for a last refuge. The day it dawns on these two sides that they are grasping for the same basic thing is the day this wild ride down the rapids comes under our control.

    • Hard for me to believe that folks promoting Trump or Bernie have anything in common. I’d need some more examples, especially of ethnic/racial solidarity (albeit a hidden, underlying current).

      • Social networks can only function well in a racially homogeneous community. When Western Civ was 99% white we’d always had a mix economy, a mix political structure and a mixed urban-rural culture. The winner take all aspect of our politics and economics has been grafted onto our civilization as a form of control. We have an internal diversity that evolved symbiotically; there was a natural give and take between the castes/estates. It was the system under which we built a civilization – especially the Atlantic-North Sea civilization of modern Europe (800-1789).

        What largely prevents this union is…on the “conservative” side an obsession with muh market…and on the “liberal” side an obsession with muh diversity. Both sides are beginning to get it that both sides are going to end up with neither.

        A well functioning white civilization is both in areas socialist and in other areas market driven. But to be well functioning it must first be white.

      • They are both lower class people that are tired of “globalism” and the rich taking everything but crumbs.

        Trumpkins that I am buddies with think he’s going to “tear things down” and love watching him “drive the libs nuts.”

        Bernie people I have spoken with want to see the smug boomer politicians die off and the neoliberal order torn down, and a fair system that helps poor people created.

        Two in the same. Yes Trumpkins hate socialists and Commies and Bernie people hate the evil moronic racists but when it comes to how the economy should benefit you can’t tell the difference.

        • Bernie is Bernie Bros, their moms work for NPR and being dateless incels they dream of running gulags, and Brown masses who want La Revolucion now and White peoples stuff now

    • Yves—indeed, there is no place left to run. Section 8 is coming to your neighborhood as the left is working to end local zoning for single family housing and replacing that with state or national mandated zoning for mixed neighborhoods of single family housing with 3 story apartments that have no parking.

      The rich will have their escape routes but for the vast majority of evil whitey….bye, bye.

          • There are so many nice little neighborhood enclaves, where you feel safe outdoors, without listening to other people playing loud ghetto music and screaming at each other. I’m going to miss all that, when the time comes that teams are sent out to eliminate such places in the name of “fairness”.

  24. Now we not only have the natural rocks and boulders sitting in front of us to crash our kayak into, but there are also helicopters dropping boulders in front of us.
    For quite a while after 2016, the YT search engine was still pretty good. Today, they have made it all but useless along with Google. If you try searching for, say, Coronavirus in YT, you get page after page of MSM videos. Search for Trump and you get page after page of MSM videos. It wasn’t doing this as recently as a year ago. You now have to work pretty hard to find anything not MSM approved.

    I remember back in 2015 and 2016, if you searched for Trump, you got page after page of videos about Trump from lots of different sources including a lot of montages of Trump’s greatest hits and SJW meltdowns. While I don’t see them shutting down dissident material anytime soon, it really doesn’t matter if you can’t find it easily. It’s like having a “free-speech zone” in the middle of a forest.

    • My general impression and experience has been that YT DR videos/channels/sources are not found, they are promoted via direct discussion among DR folks. I can’t remember a channel that I regularly view that was not made known to me by others. Those channels that I view via search or YT recommendations are never really DR stuff worth a second look. Heck, they’re not even the grifter channels we all decry so often.

      II can not think of a single channel of frequently viewed DR material, that was recommended by YT no matter how my recorded viewing habits skew. So yes, you are onto something here.

    • Google bought-out many of the alternative search engines, including DDG, which is why most search engines promote the same dreck. I’ve been playing with this one: https://swisscows.com/ It’s seems a little more family-friendly than some as they block pr0n results.

  25. I’ll take our host’s analogy and run with it…

    I good kayaker, even in the most fierce rapids, is able to locate opportunities to ‘eddy-out’ and find moments to take a breath, read the waters and continue on with clarity. He understands the features that create the rapids and is practiced in moving with the water, instead of fighting against it.

    Occasionally, he’ll find a fun wave and stay in it for a while, surfing it, playing and enjoying the ride. An even better boater, while enjoying a fun surf, will always be aware of that large raft full of tourists who want to crash through his wave and ruin his day, sending him out of the surf and maybe even out of his boat.

    Basically, don’t ride the big rapids until you’ve gained lots of experience and knowledge from the little rapids.

    Sorry, that was just me having a bit of fun.

  26. Zman makes an excellent point when he insists that “dissident” does not mean reactionary. I have come to believe that a lot of the really outlandish stuff out there (the transgender frenzy for example) is really just a way of provoking reaction, with the aim of distracting our side from reflecting on, and creating real theoretical and practical alternatives.

    It seems increasingly important to ignore the loud background noise and focus on what can actually be done. We may get somewhere by lying low,boxing smart, taking whatever small steps we can (eg cutting the cable, dropping FB and Twitter, backing sympathetic local officials, converting Uncle Joe etc.) to our way of thinking.

    We will get nowhere by simply reacting to the incessant BS we are bombarded with.

    • “… with the aim of distracting our side from reflecting on, and creating real theoretical and practical alternatives.”

      It’s not all that bad. There is out there unavoidable progress in an underlying alternative explanation/view of the human condition. That view lies in HBD science. The initial reaction was to simply nay say the theoretical basis and initial research. In short they found hacks to scream louder than the opposition, but the science/technology moved on and evidence accumulated. The genie is out of the bottle, it will never be replaced.

  27. 30 years ago I was already aware of the Left’s long march through the institutions. Yet somehow it never occurred to me that they would eventually take over big business. I always assumed that “the real world” of business would be an effective firewall to their craziness. Silly me.

    • No one even 15 years ago could have imagined that trans girls would be beating actual girls in sports, that grown men’s access to girls’ locker rooms and restrooms was suddenly a ‘civil rights issue’, that the NY Times would stand by a crazy, sh*t testing Korean girl spouting genocidal language against whites or that genocidal language against whites would move within throwing distance of Overton. The current state of affairs is far crazier than any reasonable person could possibly have conceived of only a few years ago. Things are accelerating and at some point, while the West is going 150 mph down the mountain road, a wheel is gonna come off. Prepping and guns, whatever you think of them, are not going to save the West. But they seem like a good idea to hang on to when the world is going ape around you.

      • California is moving to exclude convicted trans and gay pedophiles from the sex offenders lists. Because of gay rights or something like that. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

        • Eventually it will have to be to our advantage that our opponents are, evidently, batsh*t crazy. Being up against someone totally cuckoo is scary in the moment. But with the significant silver lining that you know they will defeat themselves at some point, or nature will step in and do it. I guess the trick is just to be somewhere else when that happens.

          • “Somewhere else” is the go-to plan. The electronics and the smart devices are constantly pinging your whereabouts. When the balloon goes up, you need to be in a sustainable cubbyhole that is thousands of feet away from any of your pings, ever, and that also is relatively invisible. A tall order.

          • Since 97% of our pharmaceuticals and electronics come from China, Jesus might be listening.

            Imagine Leftmerica with no Prozac and no Internet of Things.

        • Cali do what? OMFG.

          Two words. No, three.
          Gavin Fookin Newsome.

          Wait, didn’t a Newsome get his name in the papers with the “Under God” lawsuit?
          Is our governor that same nobody?
          Another plant in the audience?

      • How about Boy Scouts of America allowing gay scout leaders and abandoning its Christian mission? The sex abuse lawsuits were already starting to pile up, so naturally their solution was to allow openly homosexual men to take boys on camping trips..

        • If we cant beat these nutjobs, we probably dont deserve to survive. This freak show cannot go on. We are blessed with insane opponents. Our bad that we re not able to make that count, yet.

          • The liberal media bullies people into silence. Normies figure if something doesn’t affect them directly, it’s not worth the effort to complain. After a long enough time, the insanity becomes normalized, and it’s on to the next tier of crazy.

          • The crazy will come for everyone, sooner or later. The difference is that we have some level of comprehension about what is coming. Leverage that understanding among you and yours.

        • How about the BSA allowing pedophiles as Scout leaders for 40 years and doing nothing about it…

          People seem to care more about Gay’s in the ranks than pedophiles. I don’t get it?

          • It seems to me that there is a larger intersection between male homosexuals and pedophiles than between male heteros and pedos. Male homosexuals are sexualized at a younger age. I’m not sure gays have a problem with a 30 year old man and a 15 year old boy, whereas heteros tend to see this as an abhorrent age difference.

            I think this is what we see in the Catholic church abuse. If pedos were evenly distributed in orientation, why are the priest abuse victims almost exclusively male?

          • Rewriting history is what they do.
            Normie, 40 years my azz. I was in BS and it was troop dads volunteering, with moms as the Den Mothers, so sod off.

            Can’t have normal, responsible family dads and moms showing neighborhood kids- even ones from single parent homes- how to be self-sufficient adults with skills. Oh no, so sod RIGHT the fuck off.

            “I still can’t see people in terms of race or sexuality though. Too many life experiences tell me…” that you are a sniveling, cowardly, self-righteous chickenshit.

          • I tried being nice, above, I’m a sucker.
            How damn dare you say that about Mr. Phillips, his fine family, and my exhausted mom literally saving nickels and pennies so we could do Boy Scouts for a few months! “Normie”, you just made an enemy.

          • I was in the BS forty years ago and my Scoutmaster got caught being inappropriate with more than one boy younger than 13. He was kicked out and banned from returning to the BSA for ten years. (It should’ve been lifetime ban). This was an unusual situation in that he was in his twenties, unmarried with no kids of his own. He shouldn’t have been allowed to be a SM obviously. You know, he should’ve been asked, “Just why do you want to be a SM at your age with no kids of your own. Shouldn’t you be dating in your spare time?”

            Also, in that same Council at that same time another Scoutmaster was caught with a boy and also booted out and banned by the BSA HQ. He was also in his twenties, but married. No kids yet. He also shouldn’t have been allowed to be a SM.

        • A Wash Post headline from 2015:
          “Reform Jews urge BSA to include Gay/Transgender”

          And guess the ethnicity and sex of the director responsible at the BSA? You bet, yentas rule!

        • A few of us at least saw the admission of sodomite “scout leaders” in the BSA coming from a proverbial mile off when the organization first announced it was going to capitulate to demands to include open homosexual scouts among its ranks. We saw it coming way before that, in point of fact, but we also knew that the way for sexual degenerates/NAMBLA pedophiles to infiltrate scouting had to be opened from the bottom up, not the top down. In other words, via the boys themselves, not their leadership. This is why we so strongly opposed initiation of a process of homosexualization of scouting to begin with, not because (as some were accusing us) of harboring ill will towards prospective scouts who also were most in need of the benefits young men (used to) derive from scouting. We took a lot of flak at the time for taking such a stand and making such predictions, but that’s the nature of the beast and all that, so it didn’t bother us much. And of course the very fact you and others are now decrying sodomite infiltration into the leadership ranks of scouting is vindication enough for the positions we took. See the comments under the linked post for one example of what I’m talking about.:


    • 30 years ago I couldn’t have envisioned that the Republican squares I so despised, and was convinced had an iron grip on “the system”, would be replaced by shrieking leftist church-people who have since thoroughly taken over “the system” and instead of tacky Bud Light commercials and smug country club white guys in suits, I have multi-culti SAS commercials and managerial homosexuals. I want James Baker back! I was wrong!

    • @Drake I too never imagined the business community taking such a hard left turn. A company assuming an extreme political stand publically was once taboo. I mean everyone buys dish soap. Right? I also never thought that SJWs would infect the culture of football. Having played in the South up through high school in the late 70s and early 80s, I shudder to think what my coach would have done to me if I had decided to “take a knee”.

      • Judge, why did we think the successful Long March had stopped? Will ever stop, unless stopped?

        Material comfort ceases Gramschi?
        Success and riches stops radicals, what, in their tracks?
        Is that, like, a law of physics or something?

  28. It’s important to note, for historical purposes, that while the Left may have been right about corporate media power back in the 1980’s, they were wrong about almost everything else, most especially race. It would have been very hard to support them on this one issue without advancing the rest of their dangerous and stupid agenda. Hindsight is 2020.

    • We need to promote and further develop a right wing critique of Capitalism. This requires digging into obscure 19th and 20th century philosophers and descends into a lot of fascist and communist minutia. Remember that there was a conservative wing of the Democrat party until recently.

      • “Remember that there was a conservative wing of the Democrat party until recently”

        Yeah, I know, I used to be one…

      • I wouldn’t dig into men from the age of steam talking about ideas from the age of sail.

        I’d point out, first, that things ain’t what they used to be.

    • The only major difference between the dissident right and the “dissident” left (AKA Bernie/Tulsi/Mike Gravel voters) is belief in racialism. I was (still am) anti-capitalist and anti-war, which by normie standards should make me a lefty, but my belief in race-realism throws me to the “right”. Us and the dissident left could be one big happy family, were it not for their childish insistence that race doesn’t matter. If you want to turn a Bernie Bro to our side, hammer that point that race does matter and thinking so does not make you a supremacist or evil bad man.

      • “Capitalism” in the sense of price discovery, markets, and creative destruction hasn’t existed since before anyone posting here has been alive. I vaguely remember the first car-manufacturer bailouts. I don’t remember if there were protests or not. But a precedent was set.

      • I love this post Marko. Being an old school Liberal I enjoy reading this blog because every now and then (like today’s post) I feel like I agree with a lot of what our host has to say.

        I still can’t see people in terms of race or sexuality though. Too many life experiences tell me that people are individuals and what were born into makes way more difference than the color of our skin…

        • “I still can’t see people in terms of race or sexuality though.”

          Individuals are unique and should be treated as such but your personal experiences are overwhelmed by the implacable outcomes of demographics and statistics.

          I can have a black Jewish f@ggot friend (Jussie Smollett?) and still believe that the blacks, homosexuals, and Jews, as groups, are enemies of traditional white people.

        • That’s what makes this hard and sad, Normie, because we all feel as you do.
          We don’t hate any sinners, only the damage they and coddling them does.

          That’s why the adults have to stand up and take back over.

          There are too many good and decent people on any other side, but being beyond fair is going to get everyone killed.

        • Normie, what you wrote is derisively termed as ‘NAXALT’ in these circles. I also tend to see people as individuals, when I meet them, and I don’t like bringing my HBD baggage along when I meet or speak to new people. That said, I will judge people or groups of people based on their appearance, and I have no problem stereotyping either. It’s a natural human instinct, and yes it can turn people into bigots and worse. But the opposite is the ethno-masochism and serial open-mindedness that’s threatening destroy white/Western societies. I do feel guilty when I pre-judge some person and then find out they’re cool or even based. But luckily I can keep that in my head and they’ll never know.

        • With respect to race, it’s not the skin color (that’s just a handy proxy); it’s the low IQ, low impulse control; aggression and high time preference. POC just don’t function well in places where Western Civilization is the dominant cultural force. So, Africa for the Africans and, in general, the northern hemisphere for the Ice people and the southern for the Sun people — to use Derb’s terms.
          With respect to sexuality, if some dude wants anal sex with another dude in the privacy of his closet, that’s his problem and not mine. If, however, I am forced to celebrate sodomy by baking wedding cakes and ensuring that public education teaches how “normal” it is; then your so-called individual has made it my problem and become my implacable enemy. So, stay in the closet — don’t ask, don’t tell.

        • The problem with denying race realism is the same as denying any observable fact – it will lead to disastrous policy decisions. One of the biggest examples is the illusion/delusion known as “disparate impact” – the false notion that because achievement outcomes don’t mirror the particular racial makeup of society, it must be due to racism rather than inherent attributes of a particular ethnicity/race. This leads to horrible policies such as quotas promoting incompetents simply because of their race/ethnicity. Recognizing that differences do exist and letting the chips fall will still allow the top of any ethnic/racial group to rise, without punishing the rest.

        • Think of it this way. The human mind evolved two strategies for evaluating people. One is individually and the other is as members of groups. The former method is slow but more accurate, the latter is extremely fast but less accurate as it misses the outliers in the group. Both strategies have proven essential for survival. Systematically preventing people from using the group strategy is an attack on their survival.

          Actually it’s worse than that in our society since the DIE (diversity, inclusion, equity) methodology forces people to actively disfavor their own group and favor hostile outgroups. This doesn’t so much eliminate the group strategy as invert it. No group will tolerate this forever.

        • “can’t see people in terms of race or sexuality”
          Hopefully you’re not a physician. Our job is all about applying stereotypes about those (more usually sex rather than sexuality, but still) factors, then testing the initial hypothesis in the case of each individual patient.

          If patient AA comes in with chest pain brought on by exertion, and AA is a fat 60-year old male smoker then heart attack (or angina at any rate) is pretty much first on my list of potential problems. If BB comes in with chest pain that can be evoked by pressing on a particular spot, and she’s a 25-year old marathoner, heart attack is pretty low on my problem list. On the other hand if AA comes in with poorly localized abdominal/pelvic pain, I’m not gonna be worried about ectopic pregnancy, but with BB, that’s on the list.

          You got an Ashkenazi patient, there are genetic diseases you worry about that are much less likely in non-Jews. Same idea with sickle-cell anemia.

          Stereotyping is a tool, and a useful one. It is in and of itself neutral. If one uses it blindly and as a final-decision maker instead of a first step that leads to further investigation, then bad things can result. But to refuse to use it as the tool it is, is nonsensical.

  29. Makes sense to me. The ‘elite’ has married hypercapitalism, especially finance, media and off-shore manufacture in exploitative conditions, to leftwing ideas about egalitarianism, generous welfare and importation of millions of very alien aliens. It seems anyone who cares about the normal heritage people, would have to oppose this.

    But to think that this is primarily about economic interests of different groups is to miss the big picture. The reason oligarchs and social justice warriors can agree and merge so effortlessly, is that they share the same materialistic view of life. Life, to them, is ‘just things’. This shared point of view comes directly from Marxist materialism and is the common denominator between multibillionare Bloomberg and the screaming antifa.

    This is in direct opposition to our view, especially as regards traditional Western, that is to say white, culture and spiritual traditions. And that is what makes the spiritual and cultural side so important to us.

    But this leads me to an important divide within our ranks. Some of us see a revival of Christianity as the answer, especially in the US. Others see Christianity as essentially ‘our first mistake’, ‘us’ being Europeans or whites, wherever we abode. This side looks to a revival of pagan traditions instead. While still marginal it is probably not random that it is the strongest in the areas of Europe that were christianized last, ie the parts never fallen to the Roman empire, the Germanic world (essentially Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia).

    I think we need to bury the hatchet between these two sides, while acknowledging that there are, and as things get worse, increasingly probably will be, these two sides. I lean towards the latter (pagan) side personally. But right now, Christianity and Christians, are not my enemies. We re both being killed off by the same ghosts of nihilism.

    • Well Moran, the problem is which brand of Christians are you talking about here? I say this because the strongest brand of Christianity in the US right now is the Evangelical Dominionist one. You know, the one in which Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence are aligned with. They are the biggest Zionists in the US. Hell, there are many, many Jews in this country who are not that much aligned with Zionism. These Evangelical Dominionist whackos are ever bit as committed to serving Israel as they are to serving the interests of the US. In fact they see the interests of both as being one and the same. They want much of the OT Law implemented as the Law of our land. Not just a few states have passed laws in which it is a punishable offense for any state employee or contractor to be supportive of the Boycott Israel movement. My own state of Texas has done this. Christians have done this. So no, forget them. (I want to use the other “F” word). They are not our friends. Quite the opposite. How about the Catholics with their Marxist Pope? Nope. Forget them too. The only organized Christians that are level headed seem to me to be of the Russian Orthodox church. I’m talking about the ones only in Russia and probably some of the eastern European countries. Which of course isn’t helpful to us here in the US.

      • Well if I said what I thought, I would not be burying any hatchets as I suggested we should do. But the fact remains, Christianity is largely a new iteration of Judaism, ‘for the masses’, and b/c of its geographical origin, will always remain obsessed w the ME I think. That’s kinda why I personally think it is our first ‘ME import mistake’. But it was once a spiritual force animating the West and if there’s any spunk left in some of its branches, that’s not a spiritual fuel we may want to throw away I think. At the end of the day I prefer Christian whites to brown Odin worshippers living in Sweden

        • I doubt there are any brown Odin “worshipers” in Sweden. And from what I understand, even white pagans don’t technically “worship” Odin. The approach to the pagan gods is not the same as it is among the Abrahamic faiths.

          I will say that there are scattered about some smallish independent white Christian churches who still have some of that old spiritual force you referred to. They are not aligned with Evangelicals or Dominionists. They are very few of course.

        • Talmudic Judaism has nothing to do with either Christians (real ones, Catholic or Orthodox) or the Hebrews.

        • British soldiers in WW2 that had served in North Africa went into battle yelling “woohoo Muhammad” as a battle cry because they learned it from the natives. The Romans excelled by incorporating the good ideas from the different cultures they ran into. I’ll leave it to the rest of you to make inferences about Christianity in this context.

      • Mike D – I have had limited success weaning my dear friend away from this worship of Israel. She now recognizes just how many (((special people))) are running things, both here and in the UK, and she accepts putting American interests first, but she’s rationalized it by deciding the specials in America aren’t real specials like those in the bible. It drives me a bit nuts, but since it’s definitely stopped the blind adoration of special people, it’s enough for now.

        • If only the Hebrew god would send along some Assyrians or earthquakes or something, but noooo, it almost seems like he’s rewarding them. As if they’re actually doing his will.

          Are the evangels quite sure Who it is they’re working for?
          (I see it a bit… differently. The Deceiver can read, you know. And write.)

          I reconcile the two by pointing out that Jesus had a pagan father, Emperor Tiberius.

          The Semitic god isn’t his father; our god, the spirit of our people, was in Him, and is our father. They weren’t writing about us.

      • Evangelical Dominionism, like the rest of Evangelicalism, follows a “business model” approach to religion. What’s good for ANY business? Growth, growth always and forever. The cucking to immigration and multicult can all be explained this way.

        Up to some ill-defined point (probably in the mid 1990s) Evangelicalism could grow just by draining off whites unhappy with the increasingly Marxist mainline denominations. Most of those are now essentially zombies. They still exist on trust fund money but their congregations have fled to the mega-churches.

        Where’s the new growth going to come from? The white mainline “market” is saturated. Hey, how about those brown people in those countries down south… This dovetails nicely with the globalist plans for more cheap labor and allows the mega-churches access to some of that sweet Zionist capital. Everybody wins!

        The ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) keeps working because it’s Russian and has been Russian for centuries and plans to stay that way. It has a unique relationship with the Russian people and state. I’m not sure there’s any equivalent Christian denomination in the US. Maybe the ROC could expand into the US at the expense of the cucked Evangelicals but that contradicts the idea of staying Russian.

        • Of course the overall Eastern and Greek Orthodox Church is in the US, and there are some actual Russian Orthodox congregations here too. In fact there is one in my area.

          • The Northwest has a large Russian minority and in parts of Portland you will find neighborhoods with signs in Russian. I’ve long been interested in Russia and Eastern Europe and know a bit of Russian. I’d like to visit one of the area’s ROC congregations but also don’t want to seem like a religion tourist.

            Overall I’m impressed with any nation, religion, or region that seems to resist globohomo and Big Joo in general. American Christianity is just too entangled with it’s own sort of show business approach to religion. It’s hard to resist Clown World when you yourself are just a different travelling circus with your own Clowns and Carny acts.

            Maybe this will be the epitaph of our civilization overall – Western civilization: it rode in as a knight in armor on a mighty steed and rode out on a tiny tricycle followed by midgets on miniature horses.

      • Blame Pence and Pompous on the Scofield bible. May the Catholic Church was on to something about not letting nutjobs loose with Scripture.

        • Yes the Scofield Bible was and is a dastardly creation. It led to all the crazy prophetic nonsense in the 20th and now 21st century. Mr. Scofield was an agent of the Deceiver if there ever was one. It’s probably no coincidence that the Zionist movement started around the same time, the late 19th century.

          The very early church strongly considered not canonizing the book of Retarda….I mean Revelation. It’s too bad that they didn’t listen to their better instinct on that one.

      • I find them irritating, but deliberately writing off an extremely large group of white people doesn’t seem a good long term plan. Continually figuring out ways to paint yourself into a corner isn’t a way to achieve any cultural or political result. TimNY

  30. Oligarch News today:

    The Washington Post is taking criticism for an op-ed published Tuesday by Marquette University political science professor Julia Azari, titled: “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.”

    The Deep State, which already holds the Presidency hostage, needs more “say.” I see no other way this thing ends but in violence and bloodshed.

  31. Americans had better wake up to the fact that a filthy Jewish Communist and an arrogant, duplicitous Jewish oligarch have a good chance of taking the reigns of power in this country and destroying it.

    • I like the old fashioned way with a jewish puppet fronting for their interests. You know, like currently.

    • Or choose option 3: ‘the King of Israel.’ Waking up probably just means realizing there’s nothing to be done in the sphere of traditional politics and then get to work in other areas and public spaces.

    • Wow Carl… Keep falling for the Red team Blue team.

      That or wake up to the fact that we have a low IQ “King of Israel” literal moron exploding the national debt and worrying more about his Twitter feed and letting out DEM criminals…

    • Perhaps you meant ‘reins’ of power, but ‘reigns’ of power also works (or even ‘rains’ of power). In any case (and plagiarising ‘Z’ man description yesterday) if it’s Over-The-Top Jewish Oligarch, or Unfrozen Bolshevik Caveman – reins, reigns, and rains, all are apt.

      • I meant “reigns” because that’s precisely what those two Jew bastards will do is reign over us with the 100% backing of the fascist Deep State.

  32. The most effective current dissident is going to be the one who has the foresight to merge talking points of the old left and the dissident right and transcend the silly Team Red and Team Blue dichotomy.

    In truth, it might be easier to infiltrate the democratic political machine in right wing areas (think Blue dog democrats) with a platform of railing against corporatism, consumerism, while advocating for better wages and working conditions for employees like the democrats of a generation ago. This would make up for not voting for ‘woke’ culture politics, which, honestly, is something many liberals just pretend to care about.

    Just would need to keep your power level in check.

      • You may think that, but the constant rule changes, i.e., to exclude Tulsi, but then change and pivot to include Bloomberg are hilarious and transparent.

        • The right attitude. In a civilized environment. Hence it may be unwise with people who treat politics like zero sum war and you like the enemy.

    • National populism is the marriage of Left economics with Right social policies. Mix in a a little race awareness and you have National Socialism which, again, combines Left economics with Right social policies. The old Left/Right/Democrat/Republican/Conservative/Liberal paradigm is a dead end, has been since the early 1900’s. Were it not for two World Wars and the Cold War, what’s happening now would have happened in the 1920’s.

  33. “There’s also the fact that the people manipulating events are not stupid and should never be dismissed as such. The anti-white raging we see today started a long time ago with the push for tolerance. The people pushing it knew what they were doing.”

    Yeah, they always knew it. They always knew what they were doing and I know that because I saw it when I was 15 in high school. I heard the maxim ‘the oppressed always become the oppressors’ and I knew that they were coming for white people and if I knew it in all my youthful ignorance, they all knew it too. It’s not particularly helpful except that I have always known they are liars and hypocrites. I guess that is pretty helpful actually. But I do find I get pissed off at people that claim they didn’t see it coming. That’s ridiculous, anyone with eyes saw it coming

    • It was the Right that was stupid, believing the Mexican replacement was okay, because they were really natural Republicans. Hardworking, christians, conservative morals. All we had to do was let them all in so as not to alienate them.

        • I think it depends on where you were at the time, Whitney. The first time I noticed ‘Hispanics’ in general and began to have a problem with them was the early ’80s when the DC area began to fill up with Salvadorans and Nicaraguans – courtesy of muh great Reagan and his anti-communism thing in South America. Very ironic, for me – who dismissed French language instruction in elementary school because that’s what everyone else took, and found Spanish more exotic and interesting and so studied that when I hit middle school.

          • Reagan was the quintessential Cuckley conservative, his only two accomplishments were tax cuts and Muh Russia. Beyond that he agreed with the old Left on everything.

          • That makes sense. I worked in restaurants After High School though and the kitchens were still filled with white guys. Now it’s all Mexicans

          • When I graduated high school in Florida in the early 80s a lot of white guys in my class went straight into construction earning decent money. This doesn’t happen so much anymore.

        • Hispanics have been trouble since that guy in the Hispanic gang, the Sharks, knifed the guy in the White gang, the Jets. That was, like, 1957.

          • It was important that West Side Story avoid racism. Natural racists might get stupid ideas.

            My gosh, they might’ve thought that rising wages would pay for that ironclad Social Security lockbox.

          • I can’t seem to find it at the moment, but Devon Stack, aka Blackpilled, made a brilliant analyses of WSS, pointing out how the white alphafemale betrays the tribe, dragging the white alphamale into appeasement, the movie basically ending with the Jets accepting that they have to share their territory with the poc.

            Plus a number of other good observations about the conduct of the police, the kike whispering and so forth. If anyone has that link, I’d appreciate it.

      • The Buckley Right wasn’t stupid but was sure that their followers were either dumb, ill-informed, or both. Basically, any political movement with as much money as the Right back then has no excuse for supporting the Latin replacement. Today, it’s easy to find things like birth rate statistics online. Back then it was all in oversized tomes at the library. So you might have needed to actually get in the car and go there. What a hardship right?

        Then there were the blossoming “think tanks”. If there had been any doubts about the likely effects of Latinization that the libraries, world news, and history books couldn’t answer they could have told some of their young math-saavy interns to do studies, build computer models, and generally fill in the details. Instead the think tanks were turned into propaganda mills to crank out slick arguments in favor of policies (like mass immigration) that they had already decided on.

        In short, anyone with a bit of time and money for research could have looked at the differential birth rates in, say 1985 and the neo-Marxism of most popular Latin politicians and predicted, more or less exactly, the shitshow of 2020 California. The Right had the time and money to learn the truth and fight for their country (and us). They didn’t – because they were greedy traitors, plain and simple. The fact that Pablo worked for 1/3 of what Andrew did was more important to them than keeping their nation free.

    • ” I do find I get pissed off at people that claim they didn’t see it coming.” I am stuck being pissed off at people who still don’t see it coming and they are the majority of whites

  34. The single greatest blackpill, to me, was going back and reading about the past elections. Learning about how John McCain lost the nomination to Bush the Lesser and then Bush immediately hiring McCain’s entire foreign policy staff for the general was disturbing. Especially, as Trump did the exact same thing to staff his White House. Going further back and listening to Pat Buchanan or Ross Perot is a different kind of disturbing.

    The Z Man has been really good about pointing out the sisyphean nature of our political process.

    • I forget who said it, but the most apt thing to describe current politics is “Whoever you vote for, you’ll end up with John McCain”.

    • Well, to be fair, Trump had a government to run and it was somewhat that or keeping the Obama team. I personally think he should have brought Buchanan in and had Buchanan help with building the teams and hiring. But Trump was also never going to be perfect and it was very obvious to anyone who wasn’t a raving idiot that Trump was not an antisemite like the media portrayed him to be. Hiring Bolton was a surprise to me though and was definitely the low point of the Trump presidency.
      Papa Bush was a neocon and so Bush Jr’s appointing a bunch of neocons shouldn’t have been surprising.

      • I never understood the idiocy of those who thought Trump was an anti-Semite when his favorite daughter married both an ethnic and observant Jew from a rich, Democrat Zionist family in NYC. (And corrupt). And one of the first things Trump did after taking office was to make Kushner a special adviser and demanded that he get a security clearance. A true White Nationalist or even nominally anti-Semite would not have even considered such a thing. He also would’ve forbidden his favorite daughter from marrying a Jew. Trump is a shabbez goy.

        • Desperate people yearn for a strong champion to lead them. Trump was the closest thing to a counter-semite in a powerful position we had. At least he seemed to be an isolationist, and he dogwhisteled the crap out of whites, criticized anti-white PC culture and called out non-white interest groups like La Raza. I had high hopes for him too, never thought he was necessarily an anti-semite just that he maybe had some loyalty to his own kind. Unfortunately it seems that he only did all that stuff to get elected. But one great thing he did do was reveal that whites are not so cucked as we had thought. They never would have elected a guy who was so “racist” if they were. I was quite young and naiive at 24 when he was elected so I will admit that I did have high hopes.

    • Your post could be called “Voting Doesn’t Matter: a New Chapter.” There are now more troops (and associated personnel) in the ME than when Trump took office. You can go back from 2009 until the inauguration and citizen Trump, then candidate Trump was in favor of disengaging from the ME. He called out the Saudis. After that he reversed course to the point of overriding congress to give the Saudis sensitive military technology. Why?

  35. The biggest problem I have in navigating the cultural waters is that much of that water is actually just saline. In 2016 over 50% of internet traffic was bots, and I’d bet that ratio is even more skewed now. Fake view counts, fake followers, fake people. How can one glean an accurate picture of the wider cultural currents when the bulk of one’s veiw is obfuscated and painted over? You simply can’t. All I can know for sure is what the trusted people in life life think and that picture is muddled by my own influence on them. They are pretty woke, but I’m not sure how woke they would be had I not been there to lead them to certain realizations. It’s maddening to live in a fake world populated by fakery and gaslighting. Tuning out helps my sanity but leaves me feeling even more blinded. I feel it’s most likely the better move though, better to be less informed than be misinformed by your enemies.

      • Yeah bots, you can buy followers, views, thumbs etc. very useful for astroturfing a bandwagon effect. One of the ways they gaslight us is by creating fake popularity for their degenerate pet projects. Which sadly in turn creates real popularity because many people are sheep who will gravitate to whatever appears to be where everyone else is going. One of the ways the uber wealthy freakshows force feed the masses to create the more disgusting aspects of our culture.

  36. Hmmmmmm. I’ve come to accept the dissident idea that our politicos are nothing more than dancing monkeys, capering to the tune of their organ grinders whom we never actually see.

    But it appears that they are coming out of the woodwork. Trump is an eeeeeeevil billionaire and in the pocket of eeeeeevil joooos. Bloomberg IS an evil Joo with billions. They don’t hang upside down in dark caves anymore; they are out among us in broad daylight.

    “Maybe if more right-wingers had listened to the critics of corporate power a generation ago, we would not be dealing with the reality of a Jewish oligarch buying the White House in 2020.”

    Chomsky and Moore were idiots back in the 90’s, Z. And for the record, capitalism works. We used to have anti trust and anti-monopoly laws and we used to enforce them. Back in the 50’s if you committed treason you got the death penalty. Today you get applause from half the nation. We don’t have a capitalism problem, we have a PEOPLE problem. I am beginning to think that the only way to fix it is to stretch some necks.

    • Those anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws were the resistance to capitalism. What we have now is much closer to pure capitalism.

      It’s in the name. They don’t call it marketism or private-property-ism. Both of which are pretty good and (I believe) predate capitalism by thousands of years.

      • Whatever. We used to regulate the predatory behaviours that would lead to capitalism undermining itself. There was a time we took steps preventing greed and aviarice from turning venture capitalism into vulture capitalism. Mind you, we used to have morals and ethics before socialists undermined the churches, the schools and the gov’t too.

        • Sorry for the misunderstanding. We agree. Been thinking it’s important to separate good from bad. Capitalism means economic freedom to some, to others it means excess. I’m a millennial. Don’t want my fellow millennials throwing the baby out with the bath water!

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