The Narcotic Of Outrage

The legacy right-wing media is working hard to breathe life into the story about Joe Biden sexually harassing a women decades ago. Tara Reade has been turning up on conservative chat shows to tell her story. Evidence to support her claims has been circulating around the internet. One can’t help but be impressed by the effort to locate old television show clips and old acquaintances familiar with the event. That, of course, raises suspicions about who is behind this effort.

As usual, the so-called conservatives are flabbergasted to learn that the media is working hard to ignore the story. The same people who were hyperventilating about the goofy old women accusing Bret Kavanaugh are now too busy fabricating stories about hero nurses to bother with politics. Here’s a piece by Reason Magazine wondering why the media is ignoring the story. Here’s a post by National Review about the media’s double standard. They are shocked by the hypocrisy.

Most people on this side of the great divide no longer pay attention to this stuff, as it is like watching an old movie that you liked at the time, but you now realize was not very good after all. The Legacy Right has not aged well. In fact, a lot of people struggle to admit that there was a time when they were really into this stuff. The truth is though, almost everyone on this side of the great divide used to be really into these tales of left-wing hypocrisy. It mattered for some reason.

That’s the thing though. Why is anyone still fascinated with this angle of attack at this point in time? If you are under the age of 90, the so-called double standard has been a feature of politics your entire life. The complaining about it has been a staple of your politics until you made the journey over the great divide. The complaints never change and they never have the desired impact. It turns out that the people in charge are not swayed by appeals to their virtue or appeals to their sense of fairness.

It is one thing to play the long game. It is quite another to keep performing the same rituals over and over expecting some miracle, only to see nothing change. Even the truest of true believers starts to doubt after a while. Yet, the Official Right never seems to waver on this stuff. When Brett Kavanaugh was being assaulted, they did the same things they did when Clarence Thomas was assaulted. In fact, they were giddy. It was like they were working from a script.

It’s not an age thing either. It would be understandable if the people performing these rituals were old guys who spent their life doing this dance. The Reason writer is in his 20’s according to his bio. The National Review writer looks like he may still be in high school, but is probably fresh out of Hillsdale or Yale. If you are over 50, you have seen three generations work from the same script with the same results. A cynical person would suspect that this is not entirely an accident.

There’s no doubt that the people paid to stand around yelling at trains perform these rituals because they are told to do so. The people funding the Official Right are the same people funding the Official Left. This level of politics is intended to be theater to sustain the illusion of choice. You, the active citizen, are supposed to pick a team, put on their jersey and yell at your television every night. The political-entertainment complex has its formulas just like television and movies.

The puzzle though is why so many people fall for it. You can be sure that the people who read Breitbart will be fully enraged by the hypocrisy. The comment section there will be full of ritualized grunts and groans to signal unhappiness over how this poor woman was treated by old hairy legs Biden. They will be in ecstasy when Trump retweets a story about this or maybe likes a Tara Reade tweet. The campaign probably has that event on the calendar for this summer.

It may seem pointless to wonder about this, but any effort to alter the political dynamic must first start with breaking this conditioning. Simply pointing out to these true believers that their outrage is wasted does not work. If you went into the comment section of Breitbart and pointed this out, you would get shouted down as some sort of commie liberal. The same is true with social media. Confront these people on Twitter and they will just block you. They are programmed that way.

For a very large swath of right-wing people, even many on this side of the great divide, valiantly losing is a powerful narcotic. That’s at the core of the “let it burn” chorus regarding the coming economic depression. There’s some deep-seated belief that only through utter destruction can the sins of the modern age be washed for the collective soul of the people. It’s the other side of following the hypocrisy script. Instead of shared outrage, it is shared despondency.

That probably is the real narcotic of these quixotic battles we keep seeing. They provide a sense of security and community in a world where being “right-wing” means being an isolated individual in perpetual competition with his fellow citizens. The alternative to the Left has always been the lonely isolation of individualism, with the exception of these outrage rituals. Like solitary woodsmen coming into the village for a festival, it is a time to reestablish their humanity.

This is the trick of alternative politics. It’s not about grand plans or sophisticated meta-political discussions. It is about offering an alternative community. Libertarians, despite the ridiculousness of their cause, hang together because membership in the community provides a sense of belonging and bestows upon them a sense of dignity. That sideline they imagine to be the high ground is not a lonely place. Imagine a similar movement built around something based in observable reality.

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226 thoughts on “The Narcotic Of Outrage

  1. all true, but fuhrerprinzip dictates the need of a leader and an accompanying aesthetic-artistic-metapolitical vanguard to take the masses along, starting with the market group most willing to listen to our ideas – which must be concise enough to be accepted by this base while portable enough to expand to independents/swing voters.

    instead, all we have is a coalition of tribes based in varying degrees, unified only by Trump and/or opposition to enough antinatural values, which vary depending upon who you ask as well.

    big fissure points:
    -degree of religion/morals/churches/national culture acceptable in society;
    -degree of racial minorities acceptable as guests in one nation;
    -degree of trust in government and/or mass centralized/collective action vs decentralized corporations/institutions/organic groups and/or individuals, whether at domestic or international level.

    ergo, we have no fixed ideaset,
    ergo no fixed base market group,
    ergo no cohesive vanguard nor masses,
    ergo no leader but rather a negotiator and speaker,
    ergo we get only what Trump can/will deliver.
    which is better than other Republicans, but won’t be enough.

    thus, let’s try to push him…

  2. Television polluting the living rooms of every living room in America with vulgar and degenerate behavior.

    The likes of Richard Dawkins, the militant atheist and his publication of The Selfish Gene, supporting his cynical view of life. Are we just robots obeying the commands of selfish genes? Can a, should a robot feel proud, dignified? What ppl believe changes their behavior. The belief that we are selected for selfishness is socially corrosive.

    “So can you convince me that you are altruistic?”

    “Sure, I went out of my way to help a little old lady cross the street”. “Convinced?”

    “I might have been until you bragged about it”.

  3. “This is the trick of alternative politics. It’s not about grand plans or sophisticated meta-political discussions. It is about offering an alternative community. Libertarians, despite the ridiculousness of their cause, hang together because membership in the community provides a sense of belonging and bestows upon them a sense of dignity. That sideline they imagine to be the high ground is not a lonely place. Imagine a similar movement built around something based in observable reality.”

    You want membership in a community that provides a sense of belonging? A movement built around something based in observable reality”?

    The obvious, logical move is for the Dissident Right is to infiltrate and take over the Brotherhood of Freemasonry. The Masons have a long history in North America and in Europe. They have lodge buildings in cities and towns all over the USA. Many of the lodges are venerable community landmarks.

    The Masons screen screen prospective new members. Journeymen Masons do a pretty good of keeping Brotherhood secrets secret. Freemasonry is currently withering away because most Masons are elderly. Freemasonry is ripe for a takeover and a change in direction.

  4. Most of us don’t care about building the kind of community we’d need to make a difference. It would be an arduous crawl that’s fraught with sabotage. Worse, it demands a level of patience that most younger Millennials and Gen Zs just don’t have. (Decades of round-the-clock exposure to pixelated light doesn’t do much for focus.)

    The internet, while great for discussion and debate, is next to worthless in helping us build a better community. The world wide web is now primarily for the modification of public thought. Ask a question in class and some kid surreptitiously googles the answer. Kid raises his hand, gets a pat on the head, and feels smarter than everybody else. However, in reality, all he did was fetch the stick like a good dog. That’s the true internet of things: inauthentic reinforcement of one’s self worth. (Some of us don’t use the internet in such a way. But most do, including most of us who think who think that they don’t.)

    Just watch how people disagree with each other online — sometimes, even on here (though it’s quite rare). People reflexively preen and start the dash for a moral/intellectual high-ground. People research shit for hours for the sake of winning arguments. Look at how the left uses its hegemony over the internet by projecting decontextualized coffins and graves to our cellphones — a reminder we’re “all in this [war] together.” It’s like some gay jihad.

    Guys need to move with their wives and children to places in the heart of the country. States where being a neighbor actually means something, and one can have a shot at true self-sufficiency.

    • I think my idea of it would be something like physicalism. (Materialism sounds a little too secular, and actually, religion would likely play a significant role.) The idea that your physical body has to be making tangible connections throughout its surrounding society, and also to the sanctity of one’s physical land. Both of these things are neglected by many of our era, especially by cosmopolitan types.

      And I’m not saying that real meaning can’t be derived from the internet because of course it can. For example, as far as Z’s community goes, it’s a real boon to anyone who wants to exchange ideas with smart people. Reading that morning article is like meeting a maskless friend in the street. Fresh air from all the bullshit. But lately I’ve been thinking to myself: “How can I take what I’ve learned from here and apply it to my life?”

    • Worse, it demands a level of patience that most younger Millennials and Gen Zs just don’t have.


      People research shit for hours for the sake of winning arguments.

      See what I did there?

      Politics is all about winning arguments, and the beauty of the internet is that it makes it difficult just to drown a debate in word salad, when people have time and resources to fisk their nonsense into oblivion.

      • Yes, I do, and it does illustrate your point; however, those two statements are non contradictory. That’s like saying a kid doesn’t have ADD (which is a bullshit disease, granted) just because he can sit for hours playing Halo. There’s still a problem with him prioritizing healthy, communal tasks over self-indulgent ones.

        Politics is about winning arguments? I’ve witnessed a whole crowd miss someone win an argument. Not a matter of subjectivity; the person refuted the other’s claim, but because it was an unpopular point, that person was still viewed as the loser.

        I think politics is more about keeping arguments a certain way.

  5. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, but I don’t think the mainstream right is mad, no, I think what’s happening is that they don’t actually care about winning. The most obvious explanation is usually the correct one so I go with Occam’s razor on questions like this and what’s seems most obvious to me is they don’t want to win, because they’ve already won. The donor class controls both parties and has already gotten pretty much everything that it has wanted. What the donor class doesn’t want is a real threat to their power, so they distract the masses away from the issues they don’t want discussed with shiny objects.

    I think the thing the donor class wants the least is what they fear and fight back against the most. White collectivism. White people banding together to further their own group interests is what the donor class fears most. Every group that has tried to do this in some manner has been blacklisted and attacked ruthlessly. But when you are taking fire you are over the target. I think the first practical step towards that would be the creation of a white version of the ADL, SPLC, NAACP, CAIR, La Raza, etc. They would fight it’s formation tooth and nail but it’s a hard thing to argue against the right for whites to form an advocacy group when literally every other racial group in America has one but us. An organization that protects whites legally from getting fired for badthink would be a major boon, as long as it doesn’t become compromised by “Fellow whites”. Imagine if we were able to state obvious truths without the risk of losing our livelihood?
    Diversity is a codeword for less white people.

    • Fash, you understand that this is about racial awareness, power dynamics and collective organization. It’s why we have to form our own networks inside and outside their system and support ourselves as much as possible. So long as we remain atomized, unaware and divided by false dialectics, (((They))) are going to maintain their power.

      Karens vs. Chads, Chads vs. Cucks, capitalists vs. socialists, Red-Blue, all of it is intended to keep our eyes off the little man with the little hat behind the curtain and his goy apparatchik strivers.

  6. Zman, you’ve hit on the secret sauce, the One Ring of human affairs.

    It’s the virtue signalling.
    The relational tiers of opportunity in groups.*

    Your mastery of political theory and history has taken you to a place where you speak to both high and low in such common sense terms that everyone can understand, and relate. Friday’s podcast was a superb example.

    So- now how to harvest that secret sauce, and make virtue signalling work for our side, not against it.
    We must organize. Polemics alone won’t cut it.

  7. Z- great blog that I look forward to every day, as do I the comments of your readers/audience. I do have a request though – please quit bashing Libertarians. Your site does not actually need it at all and I don’t see it adding much value to the conversation/dialogue/community you are trying to sustain and create. Truth be told being curious about the concepts of that ideology is what drove me to learn and go deeper about a lot of subjects/things and eventually arrive here. We all have an arc/road/path we travel that led us to evolve in our thinking, some of which may be through that path.

    If you are writing a blog post about the waste of time it is to be offended or outraged or have a feeling of moral superiority because of some ‘hypocrisy’ or a ‘can you believe x,y,zs’ situation of the red/blue, left/right as you did in your 4th paragraph, why bother bashing the libertarians? How many people does any of us win even with perfect logic and reasoning with others who presently hold differing beliefs be it red/blue, right/left or even libertarian?

    Why waste your time? Why risk alienating those who are curious?

    • 1Subject, the Z has been pinching the doggy’s tails as long as he’s been here.

      Don’t let it bug ya. He likes to go on a winder at times, just Z being Z.

      (Plus, it’s a fine example of the power of virtue signaling, no?)

    • Libertarians, such as my former self, should be beaten until morale improves. Ridicule is actually a good way to draw in folks who are willing to look past the dogma and mostly believe this stuff because it sounds good on a bumper sticker. Deprogramming True Believers is far too much effort for very little gain to the cause.

      If your belief cannot stand up to a little ridicule, then maybe you didn’t actually have a good reason to hold to that belief to begin with.

  8. “That’s at the core of the “let it burn” chorus regarding the coming economic depression.”

    I have yet to hear a good argument for how keeping the Imperial economy healthy advances our interests. If you accept that Woke Capital is a pillar of globoshlomo, it’s going to have to be undermined at some point in order for any meaningful change to happen. There will never be an economic downturn, much less a collapse, that doesn’t hurt people.

    The “let it burn chorus” didn’t Tyler Durden the Make America Great Depression. It happened without our help. The “ghoulish delight” meme is another straw man attempt to shame us back to the plow. If we’re all going to run for Lady Liberty’s apron-strings when things get nasty, it’s going to be a very long war.

    • “I have yet to hear a good argument for how keeping the Imperial economy healthy” Keeping MY job is a pretty compelling arguement.

    • The trillionaire and billionaire classes will buy up assets at fireside prices thereby further consolidating their grip. That’s the consequence of your “burn it down” strategy, JB Pritzker becomes even fatter if this can be imagined.

      • Unless they go too far and too many people have too little left to lose. But what you posit is indeed what is currently occurring. Enabled by the “loans” of trillions of dollars of printed new money courtesy of the Federal Reserve. It’s not gonna go without consequences though, if MMT were infallible Argentina and Zimbabwe would be thriving right now. And hey, history doesn’t repeat but it often rhymes. They did nearly the same thing in Wiemar Germany, and that certainly didn’t turn out well for them, NatSoc rose up instead.

      • CT (and Sid above) – that’s a consequence of globalist domination of the financial system. Just like 2008, they will bail themselves out with your money whenever anything goes poorly for them. You have to take them down before that changes.

        Get used to it and accept the reality that so long as you are connected to their economy you will suffer disproportionately when they suffer until they fall. Or don’t – but until they fall that’s the way it is.

        Get anti-fragile, unplug from them as much as you can and outlive them.

        Otherwise, they have you in a chokehold. There’s no solution that doesn’t require burning down the globalist financial system – regardless of whether we prop them up or help them burn.

  9. So empiricism is Z’s nec plus ultra for the dissident right, huh? Interesting. This would position us diametrically opposite Cult-Marx and would be a general nullification of all dogma, to boot. But what would that do to the place of religion–mainly Christianity–in our little group?

    • Empiricism and Christianity are not enemies, even though there has been quite an effort on the part of the fundamentalists to engage in the “let’s you and him fight” push from modern culture.

  10. Why do I care?

    I can’t say I care much about the back and forth antics of the political sphere, but there is a part of me that cares simply because of the terrible realization that I minimally benefit from the current order.

    Will a new order be better or worse? Then there is the “devil you know argument.” In other words, I cannot entirely break free from caring.

  11. As somebody who is guilty of doing this, I can tell you the whole hypocrisy thing is really annoying. It can be tough to stop yourself from doing it. I get why the Breitbartians do this. It feels good and it’s something, that for the most part, you are allowed to do. That is how we know it is ineffective. If it works, it’s banned almost immediately.

    For me though, it’s not so much the double standards as it is how fake it all is. These people aren’t hypocrites, they are fake. Yes, it comes off as hypocrisy and hypocrisy is annoying and even infuriating, but it really just exposes how fake and manufactured it all is. The Brett Kavanaugh thing is the perfect illustration of it. Whether or not he had some teenaged gang rape was really beside the point. It was all just so nakedly fake. It would have been impossible to get a grand jury to indict. The fact that it was kicked off by an Israeli citizen masquerading as a Senator was just the icing on the cake. Nobody thought he was actually guilty. They were just pretending. It matched up with their idealized hated white boy who commits just as much crime as Tyrone, but “the system” is out to get Tyrone while it protects Chad, or in this case, Eugene.

    • Some dude on the internet noted that hypocrisy is the cardinal sin of the modern age of politics. But just because you can’t live up to your own ideals, doesn’t mean those ideals are bad, it just means you’re not a perfect human being.

      Hypocrisy, famously, is the compliment vice pays to virtue.

      • That’s another fake aspect to all this. The right winger says ‘the ideal is X,’ and not living up to X as an ideal is not the same thing as trying to force your enemies to live up to a standard which you yourself you set and do not apply to yourself.
        Also, not living up to a standard is not the same thing as celebrating the fact that you don’t even try to meet the standard.
        This is one of the ways leftists attack the cuckservative right. They criticise the Cuck for not meeting his own standard while maintaining no standards for themselves. Instead, every degeneracy and evil is presented as “progress” and something to be celebrated.

  12. Yes. It’s time for a new response. Just as the reaction to an accusation of racism should be “OK, is there a problem with that?” and not futile protestations of DR3 or declarations of love and admiration for Blacks; we have to reject the #metoo frame. The proper response to sexual harassment accusations is rooted in biology. Men like women. They want to have sex with them because it’s a natural drive hardwired to promote procreation. So, don’t deny. Agree and amplify. If particular women don’t want the attention and reject the sexual strivings of men, let them get cats and drown their bitching in box wine. But for God’s sake, don’t give them a public forum in which to bitch out loud, especially about events that transpired many years in the past.
    It is probably too much to hope for that we restore the critical distinction between awkward and infelicitous sexual stumbling and actual, penetrative rape. The former is an unpleasant life lesson that must be borne with fortitude. The latter is a crime worthy of death.

    • Or we could just sit back and enjoy the show when those chickens come home to roost? Biden’s current predicament used as a case in point.

  13. There is no such animal as a double standard. A double standard simply means there is no standard, no rule. The sophisticated rubes who complain about a double standard are just trying to create a rule that harms their interests.

    A useful example of this is the latest Alabama senate race, where Evangelicals simply could not bring themselves to vote for Roy Moore because Roy used to like girls who should have still been in high school. So, given that no standard exists against this sort of thing, they invented a reason to vote against their interests. Presumably that reason was moral preening.

    • The Roy Moore thing shows how the Left plays the flip of NAXALT, and it is the TOXILT. “That one _____ is like that”. Any non-Leftie is guilty of something, they just need to figure out what it is, invent the “guilty” part of it, and then paint the guy with it. Kavanaugh, for example. He may have been at a party somewhere, sometime, and a guy may have swung his dong out at some girl, and it might have been him. Maybe. “That one guy Kavanaugh is like that”.

  14. Z Man said: ” That’s the thing though. Why is anyone still fascinated with this angle of attack at this point in time? If you are under the age of 90, the so-called double standard has been a feature of politics your entire life. The complaining about it has been a staple of your politics until you made the journey over the great divide. The complaints never change and they never have the desired impact. It turns out that the people in charge are not swayed by appeals to their virtue or appeals to their sense of fairness.”

    Complaining about leftist hypocrisy is like being upset because water is too wet. It’s not a flaw in the design, it’s a feature.

  15. The powerline blog is my touchstone for what i think of as reasonable normies. Written by two jews and a goy. I’ve been shadow banned there on two seperate occasions by PJ. I find myself increasing irritated by commentators there, especially the worship of the magical conservative negro. But, in general, i find it fertile ground to sneak in a red pill now and then. I posted an african IQ map there once. Mostly it was politely ignored but i did see one other guy repost it like it was a revelation from god ;).

    • Oh, puh-leeze. Next thing you will be telling me is that Ashkenazi* Jews and East Asians have higher IQ than the much-vaunted White race.
      *A Jewish group with “nazi” in its name! In Hebrew no less. Oy vey! 😎

  16. I have been going back and forth between whether to subscribe to the school of the Stoics, or the Epicurians. Am leaning strongly towards the latter, at this point in time.

  17. Excellent essay today. I would add that in my opinion it is an utter waste of time to be on any kind of social media or at least the kind that has mass of participation such as Facebook Twitter or perhaps even reBitbart’s comment. A possible exception is your site, and I attribute that mainly to the relatively small number of mostly intelligent comments here, Possibly excluding my own.😈

  18. Most Z essays are good. Some are better. This one is better. Z picks up on some important themes. Both sides of ‘mainstream’ politics are about denying that the other side has a point. So, for the Left, it’s ‘The Resistance’ and for the Right is ‘Resisting the Resistance’. Any time there is any attempt to point out to either side that they might no be quite right in their views, either side will lash out. It’s Pavlovian. The Normie Left and the Normie Right have become mirror-images of one another, Pavlovian in their reaction to any deviation from ‘the script’.

    The ‘political-entertainment complex’ has been around for a long time (the ‘circus’ part of ‘bread and circuses’), but never has ((the elite)) had the power to so totally dominate the consciousness of the masses. If someone is a dissident, especially a member of the Dissident Right, one is constantly bombarded by messaging — both subtle and overt — that you are an alien minority and intrinsically evil and ought to just get with the program or die by your own hand.

    So, the question becomes, how does the Dissident Right build a community when virtually every conceivable conduit or resource for connection is closed off, or monitored or becomes a target for infiltration?

    I don’t have an answer for that. Most of us are never going to be part of an actual, physical community of like-minded persons. We have to fight on, alone, like those Japanese soldiers who did not know WWII was over.

    Endure loneliness.

    Stand Fast.

    Our Day Will Come.

  19. report from the field .. here in mich, we are full blown Stockholm syndrome . masks are now mandatory. The few of us who don’t comply get heckled by the old people accusing us for killing nurses and healthcare workers by “spreading disease”. Gov. whitmer is probably more popular now than before this started because she is
    ” working So hard to keep us safe” . I really have no words for how crazy it is . I just came back from a forbidden trip to a nice southern state where none of this is happening so it is a huge shock .
    None of the this no social distancing in our most urban city , with police busting partys constantly. Know what $1200 can buy on the street?

    on a serious note. this year Pot became legal here . lots of people passing bongs , joints and pipes around since Jan 1 may have contributed to us being such a hotspot for the Wu flu.

  20. Libertarians generally hang together because they have a common set of values and notions about how society should operate, etc.

    While the DR has nothing. No manifesto, no founding set of beliefs(outside of Democracy is bad). We are not even a social movement let alone a political party like the Libertarians who miles ahead of us.

    Which is rather sad to say the least.

      • When sowed by others, rejection of FUD is appropriate. When arising from within one’s own mind:
        Fear is an appropriate response to the approach of a real evil. It triggers the fight or flight response.
        Uncertainty is an inescapable corollary of our human limitations of sense and intellect. It should lead to curiosity and inquisitiveness.
        Doubt arises from self-awareness of those same human limitations. It should lead one to “trust, but verify” the source of anything one relies upon in forming an act of the will.

    • Libertarianism like liberalism, has this grand utopian horizon just beyond our reach, if only humanity did, A-Z steps. Conservatism has always been about entrenchment, fear and reaction. Libertarianism and liberalism are more emotionally uplifting than conservatism. No one can feel uplifted when Republicans introduce Obamacare lite, “paycheck protection” lite., etc. That’s why they’ll soon be obliterated by the electorate. Libertarianism may even be more uplifting than liberalism because humanity has been down the socialist rabbit hole for so long that they don’t have the burden knowing a society that had virtually no government at all. They think it would be kind of like Idaho or something.

    • RW, more deconstructive criticism – not surprising.

      Why not channel some of this black-pill energy into writing a manifesto, founding set of beliefs or even some social conventions around which to found your movement.

      But it’s so much easier to tag our wall than build one.

  21. If you repeatedly climb into the ring, put up a good fight every time, and the referee declares the other guy the winner every time, how long before you find something else to do? The game is rigged, and the sooner we get it through our thick skulls that this is the case, the better off we are. Then we work to pull others away from the ring, rather than watching them take shots to the head for no good reason.

  22. I’m done with the whole “I was raped in 1991 or 1981 or whatever year by (insert politician or celebrity). So you didn’t scream? You didn’t kick him in the nuts? Have you no agency?
    Okay, fine, where’s the police report? You can’t support the Cheeto and at the same time be offended that the Alzheimers patient raped a woman back when he wasn’t an Alzheimers patient. You think the Cheeto didn’t drag a few women down to the floor of his office at some point? We already know he raw-dogged Stormy. So you’re going to defend a guy who raw-dogged a porn star while his mail order bride was pregnant while at the same time going after Bite-me? This whole thing has been a joke since Newt was found to be having an affair while preening away and grandstanding about Clinton. All these people are guests on Epstein’s island, even if they’ve never been. That’s the kind of people they are. They all have the morals of a slip-and-fall lawyer getting bottle service in Vegas.

    • Agreed. That’s the way the rich and powerful roll… if she’s a woman over the age of consent, it’s probably a highly moral transaction in their world… Now if the “right wing” media had the balls to run a story about some of the children Biden was involved with, then maybe I’d listen.

      Trump has probably slept with over a hundred women.

      • Even then, Trump was friends with Epstein before he abruptly wasn’t. Although I can see Biden going younger. The Cheeto likes his tits developed. Two old, degenerate sleaze bags to choose from.

        • I honestly think Trump dumped Epstein when he saw the Lolita thing, I honestly think the Lolita thing was a part of the attraction for Slick Willie.
          For me, it’s a dividing line that matters.

    • So you’re going to defend a guy who raw-dogged a porn star while his mail order bride was pregnant while at the same time going after Bite-me?


      It’s an absolute disgrace how many purported conservatives are slobbering over that Slovenian slut. At this very moment, a thousand camelfuckers are beating off to a photo of the FLOTUS making out with another woman.

      (Whoa, check that alliteration! Must be my inner Viking struggling to get out.)

    • you wrote: I’m done with the whole “I was raped in 1991 or 1981 or whatever year by (insert politician or celebrity). So you didn’t scream? You didn’t kick him in the nuts? Have you no agency?

      Here is a similar (27) take from The Book:

      Deuteronomy 22

      ” 25 But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die:

      26 But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:

      27 For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save her.”

      • Easy Moses. If everyone were to be judged by those laws of the Old Testament we’d all be “stone” dead…or fundamental Muslims 🙁

      • The earlier section i think is more applicable

        If there is a young woman, a virgin already engaged to be married, and a man meets her in the town and lies with her, you shall bring both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death, the young woman because she did not cry for help in the town and the man because he violated his neighbor’s wife. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.

        Note that this is only if she’s fornicating with him but promised to another. Otherwise, shotgun wedding:

        If a man meets a virgin who is not engaged, and seizes her and lies with her, and they are caught in the act, the man who lay with her shall give fifty shekels of silver to the young woman’s father, and she shall become his wife. Because he violated her he shall not be permitted to divorce her as long as he lives.

  23. “Imagine a similar movement built around something based in observable reality.”

    Perhaps you could share what the reality is. You probably did in another post and can link to it.

    The market anarchists see the “small government libertarians” as allies since just getting to their position (a small, weak State) would be a major improvement. 50 years ago we thought that if we convinced enough people and persuaded them one at a time we would someday win. I gave up on that in the late 80s.

    The left is selling ideas that can never work in the real world but the people are so stupid that they buy it. I come along and go all “von Mises” on them and they look at me like I am an alien.

    We will have to use violence.

    • The reality is that we need to make contact with each other, support each other, and fine-tune each other’s BS detectors. We need to share practical information on how to lay low and build invisible communities that support our way of thinking. We need to reach out, one by one, to allies who sort of “get it”. To openly change big things is a pipe dream, which is easily crushed by the powers-that-be.

      • So you guys are going to try to “red pill” one guy at a time and form communities. I swear I have heard that strategy some place before. Or course the guys on “this side of the great divide” will do it much better than the ancaps ever did. No doubt in my mind.

        • Mark, we’re actually doing things IRL rather than just food-fighting online.

          If you have a better suggestion, we’re all ears- and we’re not holding you back from whatever action or strategy you prefer.

          I’d ask you to extend us the same courtesy but it seems courtesy is in short supply lately.

    • Ah, for the old days. Lester Maddox — now there was a Democrat that most of us here might vote for!

  24. The other story getting light to no coverage is that “Sleepy Joe” is clearly beyond the point where he is mentally capable of doing the job. Almost no legacy media people will talk about it, and there seems to be a divide among Conservatism, Inc. about pointing out the obvious. Some will do it and some won’t.
    National Review is still running Mona Charen’s syndicated column even though she endorsed crazy maniac Amy Klobuchar in the Dem primary, called for online voting because of the pandemic which would wipe out the GOP in Congress and has now endorsed Biden and called him a unifying candidate. In 2008, they pushed Bill Buckley’s son Christopher to resign from their board when he wrote an insipid endorsement of Obama for The Daily Beast. They seem to have purged enough readers that this doesn’t matter anymore.

    • The Inner Party apparently has agreed there will be a Regency established during a hypothetical Biden Administration and the propaganda outlets are down with it. No need to overthink it.

      • A regency is perfect for them. The people actually working the levers can operate behind an officially established curtain, rather than the curtain-that-must-not-be-spoken-of that exists today.

      • Nah, Clinton during the Convention (however held), following an unfortunately public, too big to ignore fuckup by Biden

    • Unsubscribed from Nat’l Review when they went after Pat Buchanan as an anti-Semite. They’ve been useless for years.

    • “Would wipe out the GOP?” Haven’t they already done that to themselves pretty much? Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Functionally there is no difference between the parties and there hasn’t been for at least three decades.

  25. Outrage?
    The television zombies are proud of their plague masks. They invent stylish new ones with cool fabric prints, and show them off on Facebarf. Outrage is directed at the monsters who are endangering everyone by not wearing the mask. The monster without a mask is the real threat.


    • I’ll take that as a compliment. Any one for a Sans Masque Monstre’ movement?

      • Indeed. Instead of being harangued for protesting in yellow vests a la Francaise, we can be vilified for daring to strut about with naked faces. Fortune favors the bold.

    • Cornavirus chic is just one bit of evidence that Coronageddon is a huge part of the pop culture, like the Super Bowl, Star Wars and the Game of Thrones. And if you’re not personally invested in Coronageddon, well, there’s just something wrong with you. You’re not part of Team America. Never mind that Team America actually destroyed America.

  26. I think the indignation comes from the fact that these media bozos try to portray themselves as non-biased referees in the great political basketball game and only give foul calls to one team.

    Everyone knows that Uncle Joe is handsy and has dementia. So what? As long as he remains on the Blue Team, he could murder someone, eat them on TV and there’d be media types either refusing to cover his cannibalism or worse yet, endorsing his behavior. The only advantage of this whole sordid affair for us is that can be a great example of how there are no principles on the Left, just winning at all costs.

    You have to reject the idea that the media is a fair and non-biased entity. It’s not a surprise when these products of leftist group think declare war on anything to the right of Karl Marx. The outrage is pointless. Just turn off the TV and put down your phone.

    I don’t read the newspaper here in my large metro area or read its website, which is filled with stories about white privilege and how the government isn’t spending enough money on causes X, Y or Z and how our state is filled with God-fearing, gun-loving rubes who aren’t nihilists. I only watch the local TV news for the weather report and ignore the constant stories on black criminality, which is a serious problem here.

    I believe my time is precious and you won’t catch me seething with outrage over media hypocrisy. All of these so-called gatekeepers are communists who hate themselves and their customers and wonder why their subscription numbers and ratings are tanking.

  27. For the misery loves company crowd there is plenty to go around. Wallowing in codependency is not a new thing. It can be blinding when one is in the middle of it. It is a regression that allows the old outrage to be seen as the new outrage. Change is needed. What will it take? Perhaps happenstance will enable the change needed. No one in government wants to change anything. Cloud people. Dirt people. Parasites and viruses abound. Change is dirty work. The reality of what must be done is unpleasant. They have put us in the uncomfortable position of having to deal with them. Again. Infinitum. Amicable separation is preferable. Just another day in yacht racing.

  28. I have a problem with the Uniparty theory, Z. It’s attractive – but for it to work as a conspiracy? There are too many moving parts, too many idiots, and too many whistle blowers. Plus there is the fact that the bankrollers of this kind of scenario often fight among themselves. There is no honour among thieves – something would slip. The left/right dichotomy exists and it’s very real and meaningful. If it weren’t – Trump wouldn’t be making heads explode the way he does. I think this is an excellent kick in the balls for the democrats but more importantly – for their lickspittles in the mass media.

    If I had to speculate on the big game here, I’d say Joe is done and be looking hard at who the wringer is that the Donks will slip in for him as the election looms. I’ve heard that the nation’s former First Sasquawtch – Michelle Obutthole is being floated. Their will be other candidates and the repubs will need to have their heads on a swivel going forward. The Donks need either another fake rocks star like Barkie… or someone who is actually on the side of the American people and not just some hysterical faction of it.

    • John Smith – there may be no honor among thieves, but there is ethnic solidarity. Does the expression “A shonda for the goyim” ring any bells?

      • Unfortunately no. I am a Yesterday Man, so many of the phrases and buzz words of the DR elude me. That and I live under a rock…😊

  29. The Anglo-right is populated by people who seem to believe that there exists some great disinterested arbiter of justice and fairness to whom they continually appeal. They’re like whiny children – s’not faaaaair!!

    I have no more time for them. I have tried to shake some of them from their torpor but it’s futile and I no longer intend to waste my time or effort. If someone believes that shaking their fist at the sky will make the rain stop falling, then they’re probably way beyond any hope of rescue. Leave them to their ghost-dances.

  30. This whole episode has shown the dissident movement to be pathetically amateurish for they have squandered fertile ground so they could engage in a food fight. We could have knocked a few more pegs out from underneath both the globo left and globo right.

    1 – Globalism and its associated constant migration of populations gave us an extra seasonal flu that will add an extra 80K – 100K death to the annual body count. White people had nothing to do with this…few if any flu strains originate in the West.

    2 – Our rulers are made of such poor stuff and oversee a system that has become so fragile and corrupt that unable to foresee where Covid was going to end up they felt they had to shut things down before things got away from them. Better to shut it down than risk losing control. This is the real reason they shut it down. Not panic over the Wuflu but panic over the possibility of their losing control.

    3 -What the Fed has been doing since 2008 and has accelerated in recent months all in support of the financial sector. It’s probably more than $50 Trillion at this point. Socialism at your expense for the super rich. Meanwhile they have thrown literal crumbs at the ruled. Non-white community organizations sucked up most of the pooled relief money because whites are not allowed to have such things. Small Biz relief went to large Biz because they can operate separate locales as independent businesses…and they carry a lot more weight with your banker than you ever could.

    4 – $1200 for what is now 2 months. I’m sure that real money somewhere just not in the first world. The majority of the workforce is 2 paychecks away from being broke. If it’s 2 paychecks per months the majority of the most vulnerable have now missed 4 paychecks. Many will not have jobs to go back to maybe for years. The small business guys and contract workers are right behind them. A couple of small shops in my little burg have already closed shop on main street. I can’t wait for Starbucks to come in and save the day.

    30+ percent unemployment and OrangeMan Incompetent can’t even manage a 90 day freeze on immigration. H1Bs will increase because we’ll need the help in reopening and rebuilding America. Shiv mahaan hain!

    Instead of our adolescent in-house food fight we could have joined forces and trumpeted these points and similar ones in the public square.

    Our ancestors with fewer resources and less at stake could muster a significant response to things that needed to be addressed. How many of your neighbors have you said more to than “How’s it going?” This is going to drag on so why not try to organize something starting today. Organize with the purpose of approaching city hall and your state house and politely demanding not just the right to jump back onto the hamster wheel and congregate in public spaces…but the demand for equity in how all of this was handled and how it’s been being handled for a long time. Billionaires get trillions, non-whites get made better than whole, you get a draw down. Congratulations. But… can’t do that…That’s socialism!

    Point out to your neighbors that every other ethnic group has ethnic organizations at the local level, at the regional level and at the national level that advocate for that group’s political, economic and social interests. This ability has given their communities an additional hand up in a time of national crisis. In a multi-cultural nation why are only whites denied this right to advocate for their group interests? We lack a network to even act within our neighborhood and community never mind national advocacy. Somebody needs to take that first step.

    Most will do nothing but you will have planted a seed. Some will act and that’s a beginning.

    You can’t go for a walk in the park or on the beach yet between 200K – 300K people arrive from overseas each and every day from. All they have to do is hand a self-reported form on their health condition over to customs. It’s almost as if they don’t want neighbors meeting in the park and deciding they have more interests in common that a bit of small talk.

    The ball is on our side of the court…but for how much longer?

    • A few days ago I went for an echo cardiogram. In the first place, I wish all medical tests were as easy! The tech/proprietor was bitching about how he was unsuccessful in applying for whatever the grant/loan that the LA Lakers get, but he doesn’t… I sympathized, and pointed out (my opinion only) that the problem is actually several: Under the current system, the government hands out money to favored interests, and you go to the back of the line because your paperwork wasn’t correctly filed, or perhaps they ran out of money. But the root problem is that the government should never have been in the business of providing loans or handouts at all. Granted, this was more of a “small l” libertarian red-pill. But I just could not see how to work mass deportation etc. into the conversation 😉

      • Problem is that the present immediate cause of the economic collapse *is* the government. And only the government has the possibility of mitigating the effects of its own idiocy—so large is the present mistake. They should have stayed out of the mess in the first place and most likely as you note, most of the money will be stolen before it does any good. I’ve yet to hear a story of any small business here receiving squat under the current relief acts, but there are many stories of such businesses being harassed for trying to survive.

        • Its a lot of truth there.

          The global economy is built on growth and growth is simply no longer possible.

          I could write a wall of text about why but no matter what we do, deflation and decline s inevitable. Money printing only slows it.

          And trust me the guys at the top will do everything they can to stay there.

          To bad we as Dissidents aren’t so driven.

      • Zman has touched on this. The text of proposed laws are not written by legislators or their staffers; they are crafted by lobbyists and offered to a sympathetic legislator as the sponsor/”author”. I was once a lobbyist for an association that ran 15-20 bills each session. Our clients were ready to implement from day 1 because we prepared them for the eventuality. Very few small businesses have that type of support available. They’re still trying to find the application and read the instructions while the bigger fish are poised to file immediately. It’s a rigged game from the start. Amendments are taken in closed door meetings. The committee hearings are merely political theater. A bill won’t come to committee until a sufficient number of votes to pass it out are lined up. It won’t go to a floor vote unless the sponsor chooses to make it one of the few he or she has been allocated in exchange for agreeing to support other legislators’ allocated bills. If it’s chaptered, then you work the governor or president’s staff to deal with the veto. As they say, the sausage may be tasty but you have to have a strong stomach to see how it’s made.

    • Red Pill/Blue Pill though. My limited experience has been that no one will take the red pill while the party rages on inside the Matrix.

  31. It’s outrage as a substitute for action.

    Which is really just a kind of cowardice.

  32. Just thinking out loud here–but one term that often goes through my mind is “practical separation.”

    That is, just stop interacting with Globohomo/Cathedral as much as you possibly can.

    For example, just stop mentioning their media at all. People are still doing the “but CNN hasn’t even reported on it!” thing. That suggests that somehow it isn’t real if this scumbag propaganda outlet hasn’t reported on it: it seems to make (((them))) the arbiters of reality.

    Instead, just get the “observable reality” from our side, and socialize with our guys, and, if possible, buy things from our people.

    After a while, the separation will be so complete that we’re in a de facto state of “natiation” (emergence of a new nation, coined by analogy with “speciation”).

    • i don’t watch or read any msm outlets, at all. also skip tmz and that kind of crap. mostly watch and listen to stuff from pre-2000’s (except for some decent tv series like The Expanse). and for the most part do not get outraged about all the crazy shit.

    • Yes. Same goes for the social. Ie Bitching about being deplatformed from globohomos online flea circus.

  33. I got banned from Breitbart for constantly pointing out how all their articles are click-bait filler. Oh look, Rob Reiner said something stupid…AGAIN. They are like Fox News — just pretending to be different than the obvious scum bags.

    • I sympathize. I’ve been banned from Utopian Renaissance 🙂 for posting an off-color joke about, well, colored people.

  34. This is an easy one. Why does the mainstream right do things like this? Because it works. Always? No. But enough of the time that it’s a solid political strategy.

    Gaining power in democracies means winning elections; winning elections means getting the majority of normies who don’t pay a lot of attention to policy to vote for you; getting their votes involves emotional appeals and cheap theatrics that nobody on the mainstream right should be (or, in private, is) particularly proud of. But if you want power – and we had better want it – you do what you have to in order to gain it.

    Literally nobody at Breitbart or Fox News or Reason is actually shocked that the leftmedia is ignoring the Tara Reade story. Acting like they are is a bit of theatrics. It doesn’t work on you, but it’s not intended for you. If it persuades a few thousand Karens in Florida or Ohio that Biden is kinda creepy and they don’t want to vote for him, then Trump gains four more years of power. It’s as simple as that.

    You may feel that pandering to the lowest common denominator is beneath you, and maybe it is. But there’s a reason why serious pundits and intellectuals who run for public office almost always lose. The system we have selects for performance artists with no ability to feel shame. That’s who gains power in our system. Don’t like it? Neither do I. But it is what it is, and you’re making a mistake if you hate the player instead of the game.

  35. “The Legacy Right has not aged well.”

    Truer words.

    “For a very large swath of right-wing people, even many on this side of the great divide, valiantly losing is a powerful narcotic. That’s at the core of the “let it burn” chorus regarding the coming economic depression. There’s some deep-seated belief that only through utter destruction can the sins of the modern age be washed for the collective soul of the people.”

    It is a sad combination of naivete and romanticism. Here’s the most likely outcome of the Great Depression II: an even more suffocating police state largely supported by the population. If anyone has a doubt, look at the generally indifferent/somewhat supportive attitude towards the greatest violation of civil liberties in our lifetime, the house arrest of hundreds of millions of Americans. If things get worse people will get worse and turn more and more to Daddy. That should be the takeaway from the last two months. Powerful narcotics lead to overdoses. “Valiantly losing” is the powerful narcotic of fools and hopeless romantics and the bodies have started to pile up.

    As far as Reade, anyone with an elementary grasp of politics realizes no one cares, period. “Proving” the allegation is Quixotic. Trump won despite similar allegations. They made no difference and no one cares.

    Ultimately you are right. We either produce alternative communities that exist in observable reality or we are annihilated by the Left. The smart money is on the latter given recent events.

  36. As tired as we are of it, as a matter of basic propaganda, doing the double-standard/hypocrisy bit might be somewhat useful for getting Joe Normie to take a tentative step in our direction.

    I reckon you’ve got to keep doing that as a talking point, but always pushing on to a deeper point, to keep people moving in /our/ direction.

  37. Is this article about you? Sounds like exactly what you do. What is the difference I’m missing here? And what is wrong with simply pointing out the truth? It seems very passive aggressive and twisted to get so upset about people simply pointing out the truth.

    > The same people who were hyperventilating about the goofy old women accusing Bret Kavanaugh are now too busy fabricating stories about hero nurses to bother with politics. Here’s a piece by Reason Magazine wondering why the media is ignoring the story. Here’s a post by National Review about the media’s double standard. They are shocked by the hypocrisy.

    So which is it? Are “the same people” ignoring the story, or are they writing about it? This right here is the thing that is very weird and irrational about Z-man. Why are you always weirdly angry at people on the right who have a lot of the same ideals as you, including Steve Sailer? I guess no one is pure enough in ideals to be as great as the great “Z-man.”

    • Can’t speak for Z-Man, but if you read my comment, you can see how I differentiate who on our side mean business and who prefer the kabuki dance. It might offer some insight.

    • The fact that you think I have much in common with the National Review or Reason suggest this is your first day here.

        • Good catch. That does read like T.D only with a different tact.

          I do have to ask though, if he’s paid for this , who in the hell is paying him and why?

  38. “… even many on this side of the great divide, valiantly losing is a powerful narcotic.”

    Ain’t that the truth. What drew me to Z Man in the first place was his focus on building an alternative community and not just snickering behind the bully’s back.

    You can tell who on our side is worth reading and supporting. They talk about the little things – organizing, recruiting, vetting, presenting a clear, positive message that Joe Normie can accept – the grunt work of building something new. No faux outrage at TPTB’s hypocrisy (other than to learn from it) to give you that empty dopamine hit but advice on how to build something real, something lasting.

    • CSC, re your comment about the “dopamine hit.” As someone who came to this side of the divide in a heartbeat after a lifetime on the liberal edge of the other side I have come to the scary realization that I simply don’t understand most people. How many “Rotherham girls,” “group of teens,” etc. stories does one need to wake up? And more frightening to me is the question of how many so called normies are really out there who are capable of waking up.

      I was instantly captivated by this site because it was unlike other somewhat similar sites where I kept reading “the next time we are going to…..” but the next time never happened apparently.

      The recently departed David Yeagley continually warned the white man that his tribe was headed toward a life of ghost dancing on a whitey reservation if he didn’t change quickly.

      I guess the dopamine hit is the gateway drug leading to the literal gates of the reservation

  39. Wouldn’t it be funny if diversity is the thing that saves us. Russia and China were able to keep the hammer down because they were dealing with Russians and Chinese which made it somewhat easier to collectively rule them. It’s possible the US has become ungovernable. Unfortunately the law-abiding taxpaying white people are still keeping the lights on so every day we should celebrate every time law-abiding taxpaying white person getting put in handcuffs and taken to jail for sitting in a park.

      • “Shoot him! Shoot him!” The fat negro male cop yelled to his partner, a morbidly obese ghetto sowapotamus with backend bookshelf installed. They picked on a white guy for no good reason and then tackled, pepper sprayed, tased and shot him (twice) for trying to breath as they piled their immensenesses atop him. The vicitm survived and will become a millionaire courtesy of two badged black migrating land whales who somehow dodged the weed out academy and my tax money. Mayor Hair-and-Nails, “Groot,” issued no comment.

  40. “Tara Reade” is another one of those fake sounding names that a focus group probably came up with.

    Instead of debating mass immigration, offshoring with China, and C-virus lockdown (not to mention Joe’s obvious dementia) we get the usual Red Team vs. Blue Team shit slinging fest. “TARA READE IS TELLING THE TRUTH!” “TARA READE IS LYING” “JOE IS A PERV!” “DRUMPF IS THE REAL PERV!”

    Red vs. Blue is all the same, if Orange Man actually had balls he would have banned the H1B program along with his 60 day green card processing slowdown. It’s that $100 bill on the sidewalk that nobody wants to touch…

  41. “Let it burn” certainly has its losers, but it’s also a way of saying we need a reset. It’s sound forest management.

  42. ” Libertarians, despite the ridiculousness of their cause, hang together because membership in the community provides a sense of belonging and bestows upon them a sense of dignity.” The membership of the community of libertarians is much smaller than the number of libertarians.

    What constitutes the ridiculousness of their cause? Is it because, in a bi-polar society there’s no chance of them taking power? If that’s the case, then what’s the point? Well, the point is that they get to critique without having to implement, which they are uninterested in doing anyway. And they do, at times, have a perceptible influence on events. Like devoted anarchists, who know full well that an anarchist society is impossible in this, or maybe any other era, it’s still important to point out the failings of government of any description.

    • They say men make bad authorities so we should get rid of authority. It’s impossible.

    • > What constitutes the ridiculousness of their cause? Is it because, in a bi-polar society there’s no chance of them taking power? If that’s the case, then what’s the point?

      The only libertarian who has real influence in the political sphere is Rand Paul. He’s sharp enough to understand what battles he wins. Most are too autistic and egotistical and go down in a spergy fire. For example, TDS posterboy Justin Amash is now running for president.

  43. The reason I stopped listening to/watching that blockhead Sean Hannity years ago is because I was sooooo weary of his blathering about some left-wing media hypocrisy-of-the-day event. And just when you thought he would come up with some new angle, you realized you were really listening to a radio commercial. What a circus. And if you really want to get a daily dose of an Orwellian “five-minute hate”, try listening to Michael Savage sometime. He actually performs it for you.

    • Savage has gone nuts as a doomer. He is un-listenable to me. Since he had some scientific training he is in a constant state of rage that Trump is not seeking his advice. Also on the HCQ issue he has gone something out of MSNBC. It’s tiresome. He was one of the best. Sad.

      • The 15 minutes of “experts” going on about china virus is bad enough, but when the left behind start whining about not getting invited to join the Party instead of calling out the lies, it should remind us that for most experts in commie lands its all about being in the room with all the charts when the State decides how far apart the proles are to stand in the bread lines.

    • Sean Hannity is a more committed anti-racist than anyone on the Left. Not sure how that advances the interests of his viewers, except that they place a high value on anti-racism and like to hear it expounded over and again. It is, presumably, their highest value.

      • Seems to be everyone’s highest value. Perhaps mine too. But then again I have quite a different definition of racism than I think Hannity would accept. Usually, in discussions with normies, I rarely get around to defining myself in this area. And oddly, rarely am challenged. So either I’m a fearful presence or an adroit speaker. 😉

        • Hannity still requires some degree of approval from the Capital to operate and if equalism and anti racism are the Imperial shibboleth that must be publicly respected than so be it.

          It is also somewhat understandable, a society that allows itself to become diverse must either enforce tolerance to some degree or risk all out ethnic warfare.

          Till the Silents and Boomers are gone, the simple obvious truth is that sharing space with outsiders is wrong can’t be stated publicly so it won’t.

          Gen Y will certainly play 30 year old boomer but they have no skin in the game being our least fertile generation and in time, it may well come to you are either loading the boxcars or riding them.

          If I may be a selfish middle aged Gen X, I hope I’m long dead when that happens. I’ve no kids and as such can afford to think only of me and I am too old for such things.

        • That’s the logical end of the belief that there are no innate differences between the races.

          Liberals blame Black dysfunction and failure on “racism.” Normie conservatives blame Black failure in schools on the schools themselves and teacher unions and the high rate of Black abortions on Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. With both groups, Blacks are absolved of responsibility for their actions.

          We here understand that Blacks are not Whites with a suntan. They’re different. Accept that. It’s like trying to teach your Labrador Retriever to herd sheep – your doomed to failure because herding sheep is not in its nature.

  44. I don’t participate in the hypocrisy outrage projects of the Fox News gang any longer. I just find it boring and what is expected of the left anyway.
    I am beyond that.
    But at one time I wasn’t.
    And the hypocrisy parade served a purpose moving me toward the dissident right.
    I don’t consider it a total waste of time for us and actually something we should encourage to some degree.
    It’s a step toward us for those who don’t see the world yet the way we do.
    Sort of like how Tucker Carlson is a step toward us.
    Before we had Fox News and Trumpsters on Facebook and the internet harping about hypocrisy back in the pre new media days we had Teddy Kennedy drowning a young woman with no consequences and then hanging Judge Bork and preventing Bork from the Supreme Court with the MSM remaining silent about all the hypocrisy.
    But back then there were few outlets to express those whom leaned right and whom saw the hypocrisy to even say anything about it.
    I get tired of Hannity and everybody else constantly pointing out leftist hypocrisy.
    Because what do we expect of our rulers?
    Hypocrisy will continue on.
    But maybe just maybe we bring others to our way of thinking because nothing will ever be done about it.

    • I challenge anyone to name a talk radio “conservative” show that doesn’t begin in the first 15 minutes with an example of liberal hypocrisy de jour. The latest example being pointed out, then to discuss such hypocrisy for the bulk of the show. It’s formulaic, boring, and a waste of time.

      Rarely do I hear such mentioned in conservative discussions where I feel it’s useful in moving forward. It seems simply to be a venting point and a form of virtue signaling (yes, we do it a lot too). It is so common as to be a form of salutary interaction. Like when two people meet and one says to the other, “gonna be another hot one today”. Well, two “conservatives” meet and…

      • I agree and as much as I find conservative media annoying when Hannity and others harp on about hypocrisy at least they are there for the normies and a few of the normies will look beyond them to something more substantial.
        I see conservative normiecon as a stepping stone.
        But maybe I am mistaken?
        The alternative may be what is happening right now in Great Britain which is jail sentences for conservatives whom speak the wrong words in public.
        But perhaps normie conservative media is an outlet and a way to temporarily vent then nothing really changes.
        Maybe we need Great Britain type restrictions to come here?
        I am open to whatever makes normal people come our way.

    • Tara Reade is a side story of very little relevance. Anyone with half a brain knows that the left will lie with impunity. The big (and only) real story now is that the ruling class has divided the people into two classes, the “essential” and the other “non-essential”. And this was done without any significant push back from the establishment (and even dissident) right.

      • Sign on the door in New Jersey, last nite:

        You Are Not Allowed To Enter This Building Without A Mask
        By the Orders of the State of New Jersey

        Also in many other states. Donors large and small, whether public employees’ unions, BigCorp, or small biz associations- such as dog groomers, moist snuff makers, or beer warehouse distributors- will be deemed essential only after they’ve offered up the sufficient bribe.

  45. Why do so many people fall for the stupid political theater? For the same reason you said Libertarians are attracted to each other: sense of belonging or dignity. It’s just the Breitbart or Washington Post partisans haven’t had the time or intelligence to really think about the issues. It’s sort of like people who “like music” but hitch their wagon to Bob Dylan or Madonna. Why, when there’s so much better stuff out there?

    I’m going to mix metaphors like a beast so hang on. Libertarians are just smarter politics watchers…instead of liking Madonna, they like Goldfrapp. They had to dig a bit deeper for the thing they like, and they pat each other on the back for their industriousness. Of course, there’s the dissident side(s), which like neither Madonna nor Goldfrapp, but prefer Finnish Metal. But our types are so unique and so atomized that we can’t find strength in numbers, especially at the local level. Also, most people think Finnish Metal is too “out there”.

    I certainly wish for a time when our side is on par with Libertarian numbers. But expecting most people, who were raised thinking female pop stars are the best musicians, to start seeing Finnish Metalists as the best musicians, is not likely. Our best strategy now is to lurk in the periphery of the Libertarian and Breitbart cohorts, waiting to hear someone say “I actually don’t like female pop stars” and then telling them that there is other music out there, and better. But I don’t know how many normal people are that curious. Maybe 20% at most.

        • I liked the accordianist. He looks like he should be holding a battle axe. Watching- i was, when do we start taking this shit back. Getting back to the old ways of conquering and enjoying the lamentations of our enemies women, OT Who the hell is supplying the downvotes. Do we have cuck infiltrators?

          • I don’t want the enemies women, even the White ones thanks. Hell no one wants a 3rd wave feminist.

            Then problem is that like a lot of the DR I’m an introvert and like many here, not much of a materialist.

            I’m also disinterested in imposing my mostly non existent religious views on people and making them do what I think they should

            . I want a healthy economy and a healthy society and I want a place between Hobbiton and Hallmark movie. I don’t see anyway to get that via the battleax.

        • DeathValley600 – Love the guitars – the vocals not so much. I guess that Dave Chapelle clip someone shared yesterday really applies to me – love well-played metal guitar. I never even learned to plink at a real one – although I really tried to find a way to take lute lessons in the UK.

          • Hah! I knew it – just sent that WinterSun song to my older son. He emailed back a photo of him holding his phone showing his ticket to their concert last summer.

          • Very Cool … I ran in to Nightwish on YT a few years ago and fell down the Finnish metal rabbit hole that I can’t climb out of … I’m generally not a fan of the harsh vocals either, but they work here 🙂 … Stratovarius is an early favorite, Nightwish the most popular, with a lot of other fun stuff in between.

          • My son’s been into all that for years – seen Nightwish multiple times, Eleutheria, etc. Upset that neither Powerwolf nor Pain has been to the US. You name the European metal band, he listens to it.

      • I’ll admit I’d never heard of them before – but the musicianship was terrific (anything is better than kneegrows turning dials and flipping switches and wailing ebonics and calling it myusic).

        • Marko, wasn’t just randomly grabbing an obscure genre when he brought up Finnish Metal … there is a ton of high quality talent in my great-grandfather’s homeland.

      • The 69 Eyes! “Lost Boys” is a wonderful song. As for the group’s name, who knows? From viewing mutual oral sex? 😛

    • The reason libertarians hang together is because they are allowed to. At the very least, they represent no threat to globohomo. At best, they are an asset, providing justifications for the persecution of the DR (“private companies can do whatever they like”).

      Libertarians like to think of themselves as edgy, radical outsiders. The truth is that they are house pets.

      • House pets are far more useful than Libertarians.

        Libertarians do have sort of a common core of ideas to draw upon and a common set of beliefs but even so Libertarian infighting and purity spirals are legendary.

        Meetings and gathering often fail for just that reason.

        Its harder for the DR as we have so little in common. Now if we were more agreeable to a single ideology , we could try but that won’t happen.

    • The last “female pop star” I thought was any good was probably Dinah Shore or Rosemary Clooney. I also remember when rock “musicians” were classically trained (Iron Butterfly) and truly were “artists”.

  46. The Left are hypocrites. In other news the sun came up in the East this morning.
    Still, it does need to be pointed out from time to time to The Left that they are hypocrites of the first rank (and they may even need reminding that the sun rises in the East)

  47. It’s OK for Democrats to fondle women because feminism is just the Ladies Auxiliary of the Democratic Party.

  48. I think most of this is based on a belief by the people who were born and built things here for generations that they are still part of the country. I’ve come to the view that we don’t have a country. The illusion of one and that your opinion or vote somehow matters is one that keeps you producing–showing up and paying taxes. I laughed at the Hillsdale comment in Z’s post. Based on some real experience, I’ve come to view that place as the Charlie Kirk of colleges. A show that is allowed to exist and ends up having nice new campus buildings because they are so reliable–they are paid to lose.

    • I’ve been to Hillsdale, it serves its purpose. It is the traditional organizational answer to our leftist Universities. People go there to receive a classical education that revolves around values that once existed, but sadly no more, in our now vibrant society. In that they hope to resurrect the dead.

      Kirk analogy is clever. I used to call them the training center for the Harlem Globe Trotters’, Washington Generals. 😉

      • @Compsci – it doesn’t serve its purpose, though. It can’t be opposed to lefty universities because lefty universities are the apotheosis of the way Hillsdale delivers a classical education.

        Hillsdale advances the idea that classical thinking promotes the Open Society. It does not. To pretend otherwise is to create the system that can write “The Conservative Case for {current_degeneracy}.”

        • BTP. That it prescribes a cure that is ineffective is beside the point. If you are a die hard CivNat of the traditional Boomer type, Hillsdale is your answer to the current poz’d University system. That is what I meant by serves its purpose. That purpose is probably not yours nor mine at this stage of the game.

    • Reno’s book talks about this sort of thing. Hillsdale, like U. of Chicago, created a curriculum based on great books and so on – all of it supposedly advancing the idea of the Open Society. Have you even _read_ Locke, bro?

      Well, the Open Society gets us exactly… here. It is exactly the highbrow version of D3. It is a failure because the society it seeks to create will kill itself. That is true whether we say so or not, so we might as well say so.

  49. The pantomime of the staged public arena is now so worn out it seems no one really can be arsed with even the pretense of a content oriented message.

    The stories are the minimum narrative tissue needed to be used as fodder for the endless pundits. Which is their actual purpose. Whether they make any sense, directly contradict the last statement or are lifted piecemeal from yesterdays lies and reheated is not even relevant. Its all about generating emotional response.

    When they talk about flooding the zone. It now means flooding everywhere with so much self-contradictory roaring noise that the trying to orient yourself via daily news is like being upside down in a kayak being swept along a cascading rapids.

    I wonder if the originators even bother keeping track themselves of what they are putting out?

    • The media’s signal-to-noise ratio has a denominator that is as large and elusive as that of the Wuflu lethality to R0 rate. It has become fruitless to sift the chaff from the wheat; so we are starved for real, relevant and actionable information. (Sorry for mixing metaphors; but trying to understand this insanity has taken its toll on me.)

  50. There’s some deep-seated belief that only through utter destruction can the sins of the modern age be washed for the collective soul of the people.

    If the game is rigged, the only way to win is to kick over the board and punch the other guy in the face.

    And it seems like we’re about to have our utter destruction, so we’ll find out soon enough.

    • “If the game is rigged, the only way to win is to kick over the board and punch the other guy in the face.”

      Exactly, in tandem with fighting a long war. Most on the Right want to appeal to reason because it is easier.

      • It is exactly the reason the police like breaking up groups of people on the beach or in restaurants these days. It’s the easiest day of policing imaginable.

      • I’m not sure what you mean by”appealing to reason because it’s easier”. If you mean that the right would like to appeal to “the better angels” – so speak – of those on the left, well then there will be no common ground to speak of as those on the left have reason to speak of. Only throwing us in a mass grave and plowing us under. If, on the other hand you mean appealing to our sense of reason, well then I would submit that that would be an even bigger problem for them because we know what their game is and we’ve made it clear that we’re not interested in playing anymore.

      • Most so called Conservatives just want to get money . They don’t care at all about the culture at all and won’t fight for us as we are an impediment to their grifting .

        A classic example, Rush Limbaugh was busted with 37 bottles of Viagra after a trip to the Dominican Republic which has a reputation, well you look it up. Someone who gave a crap war about the culture wouldn’t do that as even if his intent was innocent would be mindful of the optics.

        Hannity is maybe the exception here but way too much of the GOPe are just in it for the cash and don’t care if they win or lose so long as they get paid.

        Ultimately we need to organize and either hijack one of the parties or build our own thing enough to supplant the system when it does fall apart enough.

      • Take a cursory glance at the twentieth century and ask yourself: would you want to make the white boys angry?

        There’s a reason our overlords are chumming with the Mohammadans and the Chinamen and spending fortunes keeping us down with muh racism, muh climate change, muh sexism and now muh Coronavirus. They know we’re the real threat to them, not the teeming slave hordes of the East.

        We’ve been pacified with sumptuous consumption, but the genes are still there, and a decade or so of poverty should work wonders. If we stop our internecine squabbles and coordinate our actions, we’ll have this planet whipped into shape in no time and proceed with the conquest of the stars, as we were meant to.

          • Be careful what you ask for. The 30 Years War killed half the population of parts of Germany and modern society is much more brittle.

          • True but the state supports either Moloch or Mammon not Jehovah.

            That said if you pull it off, no one will expect it.

    • If the game is rigged, the only way to win is to kick over the board and punch the other guy in the face.

      Mike Vanderboegh (rest his soul) had some sage – and colorful – advice for such a situation.

      If you find yourself through the looking glass, where the verities of the world you knew and loved no longer apply, there is only one thing to do. Knock the Red Queen on her ass, turn around, and smash the bloody mirror.

  51. “Imagine a similar movement built around something based in observable reality.” Here’s an idea for how to cement a movement like that. One way in which previous dissident groups have failed, which you have mentioned before, is by being too different-looking and sounding in what they do. Most people, when hearing a name like “Wolves of Vinland” or “American Renaissance” hear something foreign and unfamiliar, which is easily demonizable. This makes them easy to be listed as “the enemy” or “Nazis” by corporate shills. The idea is therefore to create IRL relationships through simple clubs like walking or coffee clubs. No symbols, no special clothes, just a few guys hanging out. In this day and age, that’s radical enough. Meetup is perfect for this. Can you imagine, for instance, the SPLC trying to argue with a straight face that the Denver Men’s Walking Meetup is a fascist organization? And the best part about Meetup is, if one group is blacklisted, just disband it and form another group. Use another email if you have to. The doxxers will then be trying to play whack-a-mole with every coffee club and group of random old men in town. If you can form real relationships, you can just form groupchats of a friend group and not an organization. In other words: if there’s an informant in your Discord, they will be ratting on a group of coincidental friends and not any kind of official organization. Finally they will have to argue that meeting for coffee in itself emboldens “Nazis,” which considering the past few months could actually happen, but will then make everyone else hate them even more. Just an idea.

    • Can you imagine, for instance, the SPLC trying to argue with a straight face that the Denver Men’s Walking Meetup is a fascist organization?

      Wouldn’t surprise me at all – the fact that DMWM has been mentioned on this talkboard, means it’s probably already on the shortlist.

      The battle is here, on the internet. This is where we are strongest, this is where the fellow young persons are, this is the future. Out in the real world, our enemies hold all the cards, they have a hundred years of experience in crushing organized resistance. On the internet, the playing field is almost level, we all started yesterday.

      By all means, make Männerbunder, reach out to your neighbors and colleagues, organize around real world stuff. But keep the politics online, wait until you are safely home in your basement before ripping off your Normie-disguise. Stay anonymous and snipe at them from your foxhole; if you march onto their battlefield, arrayed in columns with flags flying and pipes piping, they’ll just call in the pre-ranged artillery strike.

      That doesn’t mean you can’t try and gently redpill people IRL, but don’t make it the point of your clubs.

      • “Wouldn’t surprise me at all – the fact that DMWM has been mentioned on this talkboard, means it’s probably already on the shortlist.”
        I made up the name lol, “Denver Men’s Walking Meetup” is just a placeholder name with a random city for some kind of generic club (it doesn’t exist by the way) that could easily be a front for people to hang out and meet. The fact that you thought it was a real club was exactly my point: hide in plain sight, and come up with some kind of marker simply to make friends with the like minded. The point is not street activism or a permanent community, and it doesn’t even have to be Meetup, but rather the equivalent of what the gays did in the ’50s and ’60s. Organizations are disposable: friendships and relationships are not. As for redpilling, it shouldn’t even be the point of the club. Many people in the club should explicitly NOT be like you. Again, it’s a front. If you have a bunch of flaming shitlibs in the group that will defend it against the SPLC, so much the better. You can pretend to be one of them, and outwardly be the most aggressive antifa yourself. (Hell, go tranny or drag for extra Clown Points.) But again, like the gays: wear some kind of distinctive mark that is still unobtrusive, (an obsidian ring, for instance) and contact those others who also wear it afterwards, so that you can pursue truth with them. Make the mark normal enough that it can be written off as coincidence if two or three people have it. You can also change up the mark every two weeks or so, coordinating online to make more and more things potentially taboo. Otherwise, when in the walking club, just walk! If no one else wears the ring, you can get on with your day. Democratic politics is in large part about uniting your friends and dividing your enemies. If you make like-minded friends from the meet, you can collectively act– just as friends, completely unaffiliated with any organization that will tarnish your reputation. Talking on the Internet is better than getting squashed like bugs by the cops, but best of all would be secretive decentralized action in both the physical and virtual spaces, facilitated by Internet coordination.

      • “On the internet, the playing field is almost level”

        Except they own the playing field.- Youtube, Reddit, Google (increasingly DuckDuckgo) Amazon, Twitter etc..

        • Except they own the playing field.

          That’s not the playing field, that’s the playground. There are plenty of free speech platforms out there.

          The main problem is that our side is full of breadtubers, they piss and moan about being demonetized and whatnot, but like battered women they can’t leave their pimp, they’re on the street every day, making money for Shlomo, desperate for the pittance he lets them have in return.

          They are the knights of summer, soft and pampered, having made their careers before the Trumpenrevolution when the globalists were still soft-pedaling the tyranny. The next generation will focus more on saving their race and less on begging for shekels from the enemy.

          And still, Youtube is burning down their own business model because of us, that’s how much we’re winning.

    • Eh. Meetup is an evil sjw dragnet platform. Relying on them is no different than some facebook jerkoff group. The SPLC et al don’t need to “argue” jack shit. They just mandate. Thats the benefit of platforms like Meetup. It aggregates bad thinkers for them.

      We need to find different ways to organize. Playing whack a mole with evil corp is a waste of time. Better off just retweeting edgy James Woods tweets from the mancave while sipping IPA and feelz good man.

      Also, Denver is full of soy. The muh weed libertarians are neat and all, especially that one black friend they all have who is really into 2A, but the pond is shallow. Meetup would only drag in a bunch of catfish and pussywillows.

      If we need Meetup to facilitate the Revolution, we have already lost.

      Not busting ballz. Just been there done that with Meetup. There was a huge purge after the Trump election and the hostility was palpable. Its also just a junky service.

      Anyhow, I personally wouldn’t join shit that was part of that platform any more than I would follow fashy weightlifting instawhores on insta. But maybe the young tech fetish guys would so who knows. They seem to like going to meme war on twitter. I just keep hoping the center of gravity on our side shifts away from all that faggotry. Guess I am officially old guy now.

      • This still seems to need emphasis for some reason. You cannot use pozzed platforms to organize against the Poz. I don’t know why people still don’t get that. Getting our own versions of Meetup and all the other online realms is vital not only for organizing and breaking out of the internet ghetto but for strategic reasons as well. The first such platform will face intense opposition of course and anyone joining will be demonized in the usual way as RSH (racisssexisshomophobe). This is just like any war though. It’s a beachhead. Once it’s established more troops can be landed.

        So is Gab that beachhead? I check in there more often now than I used to but I still see most of the posts there are fairly typical right-wing Breitbart type stuff: DR2, conspiracy theories, Orange Man Good, basically the kind of outrage porn Z is talking about. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of that but that was the whole problem with talk radio. It was just a steam venting system. Call the show, rant with the host about welfare, gubmint, taxes, then… nothing. Or else march down and join the Republican Party and work for their candidates and get… nothing. To my knowledge Gab doesn’t have a Meetup type app or companion site yet. Does anyone know of any plans in that direction or other sites that are at least neutral to DR organizing?

        The best use of mainstream social media is what the 4chans were doing with meme-warfare on Facebook and other places and what Trump and others have done with Twitter. You don’t go on there to convince anyone but to raise the noise level and sow chaos. The dominant emotional tone on all these platforms is very feminine and hysterical to begin with so it’s not hard to send the Karens and Cucks there into fits of irrational (and often hilarious) rage. Warfare is not always about killing the enemy, sometimes it’s just about getting him to waste his time.

        Personally, I would recommend a mix of trolling and hoaxing the pozzed on social media (we need to laugh a bit after all), and helping to build alternative internet sites that are focused on real-world activities rather than talk-radio type griping online.

    • “The idea is therefore to create IRL relationships through simple clubs like walking or coffee clubs. No symbols, no special clothes, just a few guys hanging out. In this day and age, that’s radical enough….”

      Or the New Freemasons.

    • Unfortunately, at the moment, simply “meeting for coffee” is a jailable offense. Around here, every time the Governor (a republican) tries to relax the restrictions the (Democrat) Mayor and County Judge (head of county government just tighten restrictions. Wearing a mask wasn’t mandatory until the Governor started loosening restrictions.

  52. > It is about offering an alternative community. Libertarians, despite the ridiculousness of their cause, hang together because membership in the community provides a sense of belonging and bestows upon them a sense of dignity.

    Which, itself, is somehow substantially different than the Official Right and the Official Left you correctly skewer? OK. Maybe a follow-on article where you develop some different course is in order. I’m for the Convention of States, fraught with peril though it be.

    • A Convention of States. Perhaps you’d elaborate on the perils you speak about. I see none—at least none that do not already exist in currently used Amendment process.

      • Compsci, read Mat Bracken’s “Enemies” trilogy. I think Bracken answered your question amply. PLUS it’s a ripping good read to boot. In a nutshell, Bracken predicts that a CoS would result in a “Constitution” that the left would love.

    • I’m for the Convention of States, fraught with peril though it be.

      Read Bracken’s “Enemies” trilogy to see the likely result of such an event.

  53. Hypocrisy has become institutionalized, as has ranting about this outrage. So what’s the bottom line? It means that our culture is seriously diseased and we are rapidly descending into madness. If you want to get ahead in journalism, be the best hypocrite on the staff. Or strive to be the best whiner in the opposition. Is this any way to live a life well lived? Is our destiny to grow more hypocrisy and whining? Does it really help us to survive and thrive as a species?

  54. > For a very large swath of right-wing people, even many on this side of the great divide, valiantly losing is a powerful narcotic.

    What is best in life?

    The great philosopher Conan once said “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

    Many feel guilt at winning because it means beating down your opponent and you ascending in conquest. They want to believe being a loser is the moral high ground because it allows them to believe themselves better, preening about principles and spouting banal moral platitudes while having no power.

    The leaders, meanwhile, are making the hard, morally gray calls that is endemic to all leadership and necessary for a society to function.

    • I never felt like that and I like Rush, I also like Tucker. Plus I know I’m better than just about every person on earth because I’m American, Christian, Caucasian, and believe entirely in the concept of Liberty. And in Vietnam if I thought I wounded a commie I shot the bastard again and I was only 20 at the time. I felt zero guilt and I still feel zero guilt. Screw the commie bastard.

  55. For the Hannity/Rush/Fox folks, all will be fine as long as we elect Republicans. Never mind that mass immigration (“as long they come legally!”), endless war, outsourcing will continue…

    • At this point Hannity/Rush people are trapped in a prison of their own creation. For decades now they’ve been ranting on about how the Democrats are the REAL racists/sexists/whatever. They don’t realize it but they’ve drank deeply from the same well that those mean lefties. Their value system is indistinguishable from the left, they just want to be able to wave around an American flag at the football game.

      The depressing thing for me is that people my age, right out of college, are walking along this same, ridiculous path. I have friends who voted for Evan McMullen, that sad CIA creation.

      So it may be painful to see people still rambling on about hypocrisy from the left. But it’s not nearly as painful to see young guys describe themselves as “conservative” wearing a Regan/Bush ’84 shirt, bragging about how low the black unemployment is under Trump.

      • Remember the frequent Rush bit about “bend over and grab your ankles”? He stopped doing that and later had a big party in Palm Beach where Elton John was the featured entertainer. That was his way of apologizing. The Ruling Class had probably told him to knock it off and he meekly complied. No explanation from him ever.

        • That Elton John performance was the wedding reception for I believe Rush’s fourth wedding. Natural conservative, that Rush.

        • I admit listening to Rush in the 90’s before I understood the concept of a gatekeeper. I also used to listen to a guy named Chuck Harder and his For the People program. He was a populist who hit the Clintons, RINOs, NAFTA, and corporations pretty hard. He had a nationally syndicated show on locally owned small town AM stations in the days before Clear Channel media consolidation. Some would probably have considered him a crank but I enjoyed his show. I read that an IRS audit forced his forced his For the People oganization into bankruptcy. At the same time “conservative firebrand” Rush Limbaugh amassed a fortune worth several hundred million “fighting for our values”.

          • Judge, I listened to Chuck Harder every day for a few years. He used to have some great guests on his show. Little known fact: He once had Steve Sailer on his show. Harder was truly “for the people,” and was passionately upset about the loss of manufacturing and the tricks and schemes of the big money people (never mentioned the small hat club though). He also covered things like Ruby Ridge, OKC bombing, and Waco pretty extensively. Eventually he suffered a stroke, and then passed away a couple of years ago, I imagine with a broken heart over what America has become.

        • rush is and always has been a phony. he’s a fat kid perpetually looking for acceptance…

      • Do they count prison industry when calculating that figure? ☻ It pays to be suspicious of data. For example, unless things have changed, the GDP fails to consider unpaid work. I guess that means that volunteering at the animal shelter, baby-sitting the neighbor’s kids, or mowing your own lawn have zero value. At least it does to the bean-counters.

  56. It’s pretty transparent that the plan is to dump the Alzheimer-American and replace him with Nipples Cuomo. Even the Breitbartians have picked up on that.

    • Who knows. Given the recent 3 week transition to a country wide open prison, I would not be surprised if they decided that they were going to replace the presidency with a council of governors, and just did it.

      Given the constitution seems about as relevant as the Council of Chalcedon, I wonder at this point who would stop them?

    • So now you’ve got Globohomo, GloboShlomo and GloboCuomo.

      IT’S A FULL SET!!!

      Money tip: keep them in the original boxes.

    • Noticed that Cuomo cancelled the NY primary. What he doesn’t want is Sanders picking up more delegates. Otherwise, when Biden is dumped Sanders can swoop in / or if they screw him again, the Bros all stomp off and sit out the election again.

      • Drake, what Cuomo doesn’t want is Biden picking up more delegates. Biden is currently short the minimum, and a NY primary would make up pretty much all the shortfall. Easier to cancel out the paste eater if he doesn’t have enough delegates. Of course, the whole primary/vote thing is LARPing democracy in the first place…

    • This was my thought. That the Democrats were doing this on their own as a strategy to dump Biden for a more viable candidate.

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