What Lies Beneath

An axiom of politics is that scandals are about sex or money. The politician at the center of a scandal got caught with a live boy or a dead girl. The public loves those stories, so it becomes a scandal, even when the politician is from the inner party, as was the case with Bill Clinton. Alternatively, the politician confused his money with public money or someone else’s money and someone blabbed. This is almost always the heart of local political scandals, where political machines run on graft.

It’s something to keep in mind as the years long FBI scandal has apparently entered a new phase during the lock down. The General Flynn cases was surprisingly dismissed, after a document dump by the Department of Justice revealing gross misconduct by the FBI and DOJ. Everyone sort of knew Flynn was setup, as is always the case when people are charged with lying to the FBI, but the extent of the entrapment scheme appears to lead to the inner circle of former President Obama.

Then there is the release of the transcripts of testimony to the House committee investigating the Russian collusion hoax. At the time, everyone in official Washington was required to pretend it was legitimate, so the House brought in over 50 people to answer questions under oath, behind closed doors. Those mostly unredacted transcripts have proven to be revelatory. Everything about the official narrative, according to the sworn testimony of the people involved, was entirely fake.

Probably the most amazing thing in those documents thus far is the fact that all of these people have been able to maintain a complex series of lies. The old adage about three can keep a secret if two are dead does not apply here. It’s not just the people at the core of the story either. Peripheral people, who have plenty of reasons to run to the media and tell their story have maintained a rigid discipline not seen since the heyday of the Italian mafia. Even now, they still refuse to rat out their friends.

That is the part of this that need special emphasis. Why are all of these people risking their freedom to maintain an obvious lie? Take, for example, the story about the Russians hacking the DNC e-mail system and handing the contents to Wikileaks. Just a few months ago they were repeating the claim that they were brought into investigate the crime and found that the Russians had gained access to the server. Yet, they testified under oath that they found no such information.

Putting that aside, the question is what was driving all of this from the start. Sex and money are not the motivators. The other thing that drives political scandal is power, which makes some sense here. The Clinton campaign, like the Nixon campaign in the 1972 election, was not content to just win with their massive advantages. Instead they decided to cheat with help from their friends in the intelligence services and apparently people in the White House. That may be the starting point.

The trouble with that theory is Team Obama really never liked Hillary Clinton all that much and did little to help her campaign. While it is possible that the people in the FBI and CIA were happy to help, it seems unlikely that the White House was going to be enthusiastic for such a caper. The bizarre Susan Rice e-mail to herself regarding the Flynn entrapment scheme suggests the White House really hated Flynn and was willing to do anything to keep him from re-entering government.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the DOJ in their filing to dismiss the Flynn case left breadcrumbs leading to that memo. There was plenty of information of general misconduct by the FBI and the DOJ, as well as Flynn’s original defense team, to warrant dropping the case. The government could have done one of those dramatic “to protect the integrity of the system” announcements that would leave open the issue of Flynn’s guilt, but close the issue from further discussion.

One possibility here is the Obama administration had been exploiting a workaround to the limits on domestic spying. By making Flynn the target of an investigation, the FBI could monitor his electronic communications and track his movements. This means they could know who he was meeting with as a member of the Trump team and monitor what he was discussing with them. In other words, the entire fraudulent Flynn case was just a way to spy on the campaign and later the transition team.

This would be the second and possibly third example of this play. It is quite clear that they used the same tactic on Carter Page. They faked up a case for him being an international spymaster, so they could monitor him and everyone in contact with him during the campaign. They may have been working the same angle on George Papadopoulos, the low-level foreign policy adviser. In other words, this may be a pattern of behavior that was standard operating procedure.

This ultimately may be what the Durham investigation is about in the end. A domestic spying system had evolved in which private companies worked with public officials to get around domestic spying limits and put the results to use for the inner party. The FBI and CIA would make raw information of their legitimate surveillance available to private contractors, who would leak it to the press or party members. Those press reports were then used to obtain warrants for wider domestic surveillance.

That could be the power motivator behind this. The reason for the Russian collusion hoax was to cover up the operation from the Trump administration. Team Mueller could threaten anyone making the wrong noises about it and the whole thing would remain hidden from the administration and the public. Still, that does not explain the amazing discipline of the conspirators. At this stage, a private party like Crowdstrike should be looking to cut a deal with the Feds. Yet they are sticking to their story.

One possibility is that there really is something much bigger at the heart of this conspiracy than simple spy games. Maybe the Seth Rich assassination looms larger than anyone realizes. Maybe that secret e-mail system running out of Hillary Clinton’s spare toilet is involved. Maybe it is simply ideological fervor. We know from their private communications that most of these people were fanatics. Their Trump hatred was just one aspect of their zeal to serve the inner party.

Government will always be corrupt, as men are not angels. Whether it is the lust for power or the temptations that come with power, corruption is part of the human condition. A much more serious problem is a government overrun by fanatical ideologues. That may be the heart of this scandal. The long march through the institutions has been followed by a radicalization of the institutions. The inner party now operates like a religious cult, rather than a political operation.

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228 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

  1. I like the line in Crane Brinton’s “Anatomy of Revolution.” All revolutions produce disappointing results. So the marchers through the institutions keep amping it up. Because there must be justice at the end of the arc of history.

    And that is the state of our liberal friends. They cannot believe that their foolish cult is failing on all fronts. There must be a fault in there somewhere. There must be a conspiracy for a dope like Trump to get elected. Redouble your efforts, comrades!

  2. Tbf the whole country acts like one giant cult, its not just these institutions.

  3. There is no incentive to go to the media, none of them would report it. Anyway just as as with the mafia a willingness to murder a few snitches or a seeming willingness to do so would tend to keep people quiet. After Seth Rich was killed the message got out and Epstein was a nice reinforcement.

    The funny thin is is even if these weren’t anything but what the narrative says they are, it doesn’t matter. The effect is the same. Snitches get stitches.

    Given the the US was formed by a conspiracy so given the right circumstances, a wide ranging conspiracy is perfectly possible.

    Hell Ben Franklin was in the Hellfire Club and most Founders were Freemasons no reason a modern version of Thelema or any other secret society wouldn’t attract high ranking people.

    For example, Nxivm is public record and had influential , wealthy and powerful members. A smarter run cult.secret society/ The Skulls kind of thing is perfectly possible.

    Now I’m still in “its probably a psy-op” category myself but events suggest there could be some truth to the Q Anon stuff.

  4. I wouldn’t necessarily discount money as a motivation. Uncontrolled access to a stream of our country’s most secret HUMINT and SIGINT could enable a dishonest person or organization to amass truly immense amounts of wealth, far more than enough to bribe any public servant or have them whacked if they cause trouble. Perhaps what we have here is the world’s richest and most brutal Mafia gang pretending to be a political party.

  5. Well whatever may lie beneath there’s always what’s right in your face.

    Here’s the letter signed by 2000 DOJ Alumni objecting to Flynn getting off.

    You know it doesn’t hurt to look at the Ham sandwich and say it’s Ham sandwich.
    (((if you know what I mean)))

    “We, the undersigned object to this assault on the rule of law.”
    Yes…do read the names of the apex predator lawyers who rule us.

    Do read the list of names of the undersigned 2000 DOJ alumni…
    (((Guess who)))

    It’s going to be pretty obvious by A’s and B’s but just to be certain you may advance to the W’s and Z’s…


    High functioning retards. I’m LOLZ ROLF reading this…

  6. Once again, our most powerful gov’t institutions are revealed to be utterly and unabashedly corrupt, and once again, not a single consequence aside from maybe a token firing will befall them. The only possible way reform is going to happen is if enough people end up angry enough with too little left to lose to be fearful anymore. Neither team of cloud people gives one iota of a shit about us little folks. There is no hope for interior reform for an aristocracy this rotten.

  7. It may be simpler. They think they are more Teflon than Hillary who was caught, and nothing happened. Also see the Pakastani IT scandal which WAS forgotten. Crowdstrike probably assumes they will never be held accountable.

    A second problem is who do they go to? CNN? Even Faux News covers things up more than exposes them. I wonder how many of Dan Bongino’s sources are in the loop. Maybe QAnon?

  8. Yet another great post Z.

    I fear that there is another power behind the ones that have been talked about here today. A power bigger and stronger than we have imagined. I don’t pretend to know what it is and I don’t have my tin foil hat with me today. I just fear there are people with deep, deep pockets pulling the strings from way, way behind the throne.

    I pray I am wrong and just having a bad day, but everywhere I look and read today there is nothing but really bad news — almost as if a master plan had been put into action.

    • “Public Health” will be our demise.

      Friend’s sister is a Goodwhite media computer programmer. Quite smart. Anyway, she’s fled from her apartment and commandeered her parents house. She refuses to let them leave, screams at guests when they touch stuff, and refuses to go home. And she makes a taintwad of money. Essential job, of course.

      These people are children.

  9. Money. The Iran deal likely had trillions total with Obama to FBI wives getting a taste. Why Flynn and Trump had to go. Money was contingent likely on the Iran deal continuing. Likely exports marked up hugely to Iran under the deal with every one getting a taste.

    Our leaders are even more corrupt than Ukraine. Look at Hunter Biden. He might as well be a Central Asian dictators son.

  10. Don’t ignore that Flynn at DIA shook the IC communities branches, thereby Flynn had IC enemies galore. Not all of them as weak as Evan McMuffin.

    There is a Deep State, they bought down Nixon (Woodward was and is Deep State, cub reporter a fairy tale – nuclear cleared, WHICA officer, Offered Harvard Law scholarship but turned it down for cub reporter 🤣) the Deep State exists and bought down Nixon – but failed with Trump. Flynn made enemies in the IC and was an actual maverick- and they wanted him away from power. Intrinsically. Trump needed to have people like Flynn and Sessions gone or in checkmate; Trump needed to be in the situation where he was blind. And alone except for family.
    He improved his situation with Giuliani and Pompeo, but not so much with Barr. Somewhat with Barr – he knows too much to be pushed aside and punked out like Sessions.

    Agree with Z that politics is power.
    The IC however has its own power to protect – and did.

    • Woodward was a NROTC scholarship student at Yale, Class of ’65, which is what took him to DC after college, posted to the Pentagon, I think; interestingly he also was the Business Manager for a campus publication called the Yale Banner (I can’t put my hands on it just now) which freshman could purchase to learn about the wonders of the university they were now a part of, exciting things such as the Lit(erary Society), secret societies, JV crew and singing groups. The Whiffs, anybody? So Woodward was learning the ropes of how to make money in publishing long before anyone heard of Watergate, or thought much of the Washington Post or his own endless string of “non-fiction” tomes. He was from Elgin IL — pretty sure a public high school, too. So he was on the make, for sure, gonna show those preppies a thing or two.

  11. It may be “religious” fanatacism, as Zman posits. I agree that it’s not lust or greed, those historical drivers of corruption. The Epstein/Pizzagate/Spirit Cooking angle is a distraction precisely because perversion titillates the masses. But an equally plausible explanation for the corruption is simple stupidity. Obama’s circle of advisors was filled with joggers and jogger-worshipping types. Apply Hanlon’s Razor: not malice but stupidity. There is no Magic Jogger. Obama and his minions were a ship of fools who mistakenly thought they were clever. Time and the document trail has proven otherwise.

    • The tasks for Obama and his minions.
      1. Get Obama elected
      2. Help selves to mega-Ukraine foreign aid kickback bucks
      3. Spy on and blow up any threats to the sweet deal
      4. Get Hillary elected to protect the sweet deal
      5. Skip town and enjoy the new riches
      They blew #4, and Trump threatened to blow the lid on #2 and the efforts against him on #3. So they doubled down on #3, and used Ukraine as part of it, to try to immunize themselves from any investigation of Ukraine, by claiming that looking at Ukraine is retaliation.

      So the only question now is whether Trump and his people are for real, both in desire and in capability, in blowing the cover off of all of it? If that is so, than the Obama crew is really dumb. They should have simply skipped #3, and they certainly shouldn’t have doubled down on it. But as Mike said to Saul Goodman, “We all make choices, and those choices, they put us on a road. And sometimes those choices seem small, but they put you on a bad road. You think about getting off, but eventually you are back on it.”

  12. I think a lot of this behavior is based on a couple interrelated factors. Foremost in their intransigence is the rock solid belief that the Bad Orange Man and his Dirt People populism is only temporary. Their long term prospects as elites or ambitious wannabe elites depends on them closing ranks. That’s the motivation behind every single careerist in the ruling class. As far as I can see, that’s a safe bet because there’s nothing beyond Trump himself. There’s no future for the conservative bugman in supporting a temporary aberration in politics as usual, and there’s certainly none for the progressive bugman/woman/thing in selling out globohomo when globohomo is likely to regain the Imperial Capital sooner or later.

      • Tradedesk, (TTD). They’re about to be the backbone, the literal nexus of everything 5G.

        And Salesdesk ( ) as corps move away from buying software to subscription services cloud.

        Plus, the screentech makers and network installers, as distancing isolates us to our Hive cells.
        FAANG and Pharma, of course.

  13. Grand jury testimony was released? Unredacted??? I thought these things were always, always kept secret. One more cherished illusion of the justice system shattered. I’ll keep that in mind in the admittedly unlikely event I ever serve on a grand jury.

  14. The entire process is too adamant to be just about sex, money or even power. That leaves ideology. But, it’s hard to believe any group could be so ideologically pure. They all seem too craven for that. Maybe we need to be looking for an Adam Sutler or a Ming the Merciless.

  15. Excellent synopsis.

    “A much more serious problem is a government overrun by fanatical ideologues.” And a problem even more serious than ideologues are the sociopaths. It’s the rampant sociopathy that makes these conspiracies so difficult to unravel, because we common folk can’t fathom the logic. Sociopaths are out to destroy enemies – that’s it, period. They thrive on creating chaos, and when they get into power they thrive on destroying pillars of civilization.

    I’ve had my experiences with sociopaths … they’re very simply diabolical. I’m persuaded the only way to defeat the sociopath is with the noose. Threat of the noose isn’t good enough.

  16. “Why are all of these people risking their freedom to maintain an obvious lie? ”

    That’s the key question. The answer is the premise is false; there absolutely is no risk to the key players’ freedom. The farce of American democracy and the reality of the American Police State never has been more on display. If any of the key players ever were indicted and faced serious time, that person could bring down the who clown show. So maintaining the obvious lie is a low risk venture.

    “Maybe the Seth Rich assassination looms larger than anyone realizes.

    Although, again, the D.C. junta will face no consequences when it emerges that either an FBI or IC cut-out murdered Seth Rich, it will prove deeply embarrassing, and of greater concern, further discredit the fraud that is “our” representative government. There may be some movement on this front, too, as reportedly there have been documents unearthed that show the Rich assassination apparently was a topic of concern among the junta.

  17. I believe we are past the point where any of this really matters. Regardless of whether any heads roll as a result of this, nothing will change. The cloud people truly hate us and will not stop until we are dead or completely beaten down into submission.

    The only solution is to physically separate yourself from these vermin. That means moving to an area where these prissy little faggotts would never venture. There are still plenty of these areas in this country.

    You probably won’t get rich, but you can get by and you won’t be affected by any of this nonsense. You have to ask yourself whether you would rather be free or play a game that is rigged against you.

  18. Back in my teaching days, a colleague asked me to help him move this antique couch his wife had just purchased. I showed up at their house, and could see the problem straight off — the couch was 40″ (or whatever it was) at its narrowest point, while the doorway was 35″ (or whatever). I’ll never forget the look my buddy gave me. Long story short, the wife — who, like him, taught microbiology at the local university — simply would not accept the self-evident fact that the couch wouldn’t fit.

    We showed her the tape measure, walked the damn thing up to the door so she could see the fit, everything, but… nope. Wouldn’t hear of it. For the sake of my buddy’s marriage, I had to help him shove that damn thing at the door until it started to splinter. Only then — when this nice antique couch was audibly cracking under the strain — did she finally storm off in a huff, to demand that the guy who sold it to her come back, haul it away, and refund her money.

    Again: This woman had a PhD in microbiology. Taught it to students at the local cow college. The point is this: When you get people isolated in an environment like a college campus for so long, their grasp on reality becomes very, very tenuous. I’m sure she was competent enough in the lab, but outside of it, her life was 100% make-believe — nothing but the silly little word games and more-radical-than-thou posturing of academia. Nothing else mattered, because nothing had any real-world consequences.

    That’s our governing class. They’ve tried for generations now to make the Imperial Capital into a giant college campus, and may God have mercy on all of us, they have succeeded.

    • “I’m sure she was competent enough in the lab…”

      My experience with these types leads me to extrapolate their stupidity, and not assume competence. That is why no one is coming to save you. With the exception of the most intricate procedures, you need to be your own general practitioner, orthopedist, auto mechanic, lawyer …. and so on. I have plenty of life experience that backs up my views, in my life of course as I am sure someone here knows a surgeon that can change his oil.


      Look at that blinking nerd Fauci, passing the buck under Rand Paul’s questioning today. Putting mouth breathing nerds like this in charge of the country (world), what could go wrong?

  19. to me the silence they could enforce is the scariest part of the whole thing. I am cynical enough to believe that only fear, deep fear of something truly horrible. Seth rich was a warning to the faithful that they would be no where to hide. jeffry epstein meant that they no longer needed to pretend or conceal what they were doing. that they could settle their scores openly, this is truly frightening.

    • Per Maxine Waters, back in the day, “Obama has a file on everyone, like you can’t believe how good it is”, or something to that effect…

    • Please. Their Omerta, like that of others, pays wells. How do you think Obama afforded a multi-million dollar mansion on Nantucket? Don’t tell me about “book sales” as that is a farce, a stand in for money laundering by the leftists. I made more than Obama did in salary during his tenure and here is some news: I ain’t buying a mansion on Nantucket.

  20. Super-thoughtful essay, starting with an implicit question: “Probably the most amazing thing…thus far is the fact that all of these people have been able to maintain a complex series of lies.” How could that be ? The answer is at the end: We are dealing with “fanatical ideologues” motivated by burning hatred. In a world where HUNDREDS of millions of innocent people have been slaughtered in the name of obviously fraudulent ideology, is it any surprise these demons can maintain a wall of silence?

    • I’m not sure why dirt like this matters. “Do this or we’ll leak photos that you can say are ‘shopped, or political details that your detractors already suspected and your supporters don’t care about”

    • Virus in your link, Rezlac.

      It popped up when I got to the part that al-Thani of Qatar funds 99% of Saudi dissidents in the US.

      This is tl;dr, a deposition in the court of Toronto. Please give the summary, as I have no idea what connection Qatari fixers have to do with today’s article.

      (I’m personally shocked that the seed of Abraham (Ishmael) would employ dawa (culture war), spies, and infiltrators.)

  21. To my mind the most significant feature of all this skulduggery is that members of the Deep State know dam’ well there is almost zero chance they will be punished for their actions. They understand they are entirely above the law, which allows them free rein for their renegade actions. As Z himself noted in an earlier article, the system is incapable of reforming itself because it refuses to punish its own kind. Without some sort of purge of the Deep State, the Deep State will eventually topple a president and install one of its own. At that point, American democracy, for what it’s worth, will vanish.

  22. Our local government is corrupt but it works if you know that before going in. Idealistic souls thinking they will succeed with hard work and merit soon find out that’s not the way it works.

    Government employees who have been clued in from the start and quickly get with the “program” are the most successful. It’s just the way they do business.

    Can Sheriff Trump clean up that lawless town ? Not by himself. Hopefully he’s getting some help from the few good cops left in that town.

    • “from the few good cops left in that town.”

      I am thinking more of God’s countdown before nuking Sodom and Gomorrah in terms of how many “good cops” are left there.

  23. Semi-OT to yesterday’s post about joggers, there are goodwhites all over LinkedIn virtue-signaling how, “open season on young black men is not okay.”

    This is a real problem because these people are your white, upper middle class demographic that make $75k-300k per annum and have broad social networks and a fair amount of influence in their communities. I also see them as the demographic that is still most willing to swallow the Establishment narrative hook, line, and sinker.

    • They are morons. When I saw some of that video I thought “that doesn’t look good” but remember Trayvon Martin and the rest. Only an idiot rushes to judgement based on a short video clip.

  24. It’s the universities. You have a government of people who have matriculated from American universities designed to create a maoist like conformity across the upper and upper-middle classes. That sameness is uniquely exhibited by the Obamas and the whites that like them. You’re not running to the media because you’re defending your class, status and position. Plenty of people make more money than them, have bigger and better houses, and better lives, but they have no insider status, therefore they’re just seen as garish rich people. It’s a certain follower type, raised in sheltered households. The kind you would see at the tail end of any regime. Losers who don’t know it.

    • And who the hell would go to the media anyway? It’s never worth going to the media. If you see a stack of dead bodies just keep walking.

  25. Been meaning to sign up here for a while, thanks for putting all this effort into providing an oasis of sanity in the vast desert of blasted imbecility.
    I used to imagine there were smart string-pullers at some level of the hierarchy, able to observe reality and make reasonable, if self-serving, decisions. The last couple months have demonstrated definitively that we are allowing ourselves to be led by morons. They are ideologues for sure but they are also fundamentally effeminate and therefore suffer the utter deficiencies in the power of reasoning that have been observed and commented upon for thousands of years. I think that should be kept in mind when considering how to destroy their power.

    • >fundamentally effeminate

      Well, sort of. I think the really dangerous issue is weakness, or self-proclaimed-but-genuinely-believed weakness, the latter which is even worse. The Captain America narrative where (Jewish, of course) scientist Abraham Erskine tells Steve Rogers that he was selected because he was physically weak is the prime example of the weakness=virtue myth:

      This is why you were chosen. Because a strong man, who has known power all his life, will lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion.

      This is bullshit. Many weak men have complexes and neuroses because of their weakness (be it physical or psychological) and cannot be trusted with power or authority because they are full of jealousy, envy, and the desire for revenge. A person who has grown up in a culture where he has been taught from birth that every other group is out to get him, hates him, wants to kill him, is not going to be a stable person. We have a generally low-IQ group that has been told that whitey is out to get him, despite decades of evidence to the contrary. They are a problem, but not as big a problem as the generally high-IQ group that has been inculcated with tales of genocide, and how people would gleefully turn him into soap, or a lampshade, if they got the chance.

      The problem with this “I am weak, I am a victim” mentality is that it gives moral justification for nearly any terrible thing you might choose to do. Because you are NOT the aggressor, you’re merely punching back, defending yourself, defending your people. Why, you’re the real hero in all this drama. A society run by self-proclaimed victims (look who creates our modern mythology[1]) is a monstrous thing.

      [1] yeah, I mean modern mythology. How many people don’t know at least the outlines of the Captain American creation myth? We talk about comic book movies these days the way our (or your) forebears might have said, “Just like in that story where Thor tried to pick up the cat that turned out to be the Midgaard serpent” or “like Odysseus stuffing the ears of his sailors with wax to defeat the Sirens.”

  26. I believe you’re right, Zman. Seth Rich, Epstein, the list goes on. When you’re at the top and your direct link to murder becomes more clear, the level of desperation moves into new territory.

    • When your direct link to murder becomes ever more clear, enforcement of the omerta amongst the rank-and-file becomes easier.

    • I don’t think it’s fear. The state has demonstrated numerous times that it can and will kill to pretect itself without consequences to itself, and, that it will also take care of it’s own. So you work and depend upon an entity that is entirely predictable and quite benevolent. Fear is only for someone who actually becomes a traitor to their way of life. Flynn did not share their ways but he also did not properly fear them.

  27. Even now, they still refuse to rat out their friends.

    I am guessing because knowing their “friends,” they could very well end up Epsteined.

  28. “The inner party now operates like a religious cult, rather than a political operation”
    I think that is exactly where we are at.
    The elite wanna bees that our higher level education institutions are pumping out now are religious zealots with a hive mentality.
    We here on the dissident right and even the goofy libertarians are doomed if this keeps up.
    This Hive is gonna increasingly take on Soviet Union characteristics.
    We will find a way for creating a sane civilization again but what that way out is?
    It’s just not clear to me what that way out path is right now?
    Revolution by force is one answer but with the white boys we are raising in our civilization now by the AWFL’s.
    (American White Female Liberals)
    This will become more and more difficult with each passing year.
    And are there enough normal whites left to push back on any of our current nonsense?
    We are in a pickle.

    • Soviet Union?

      My friend, our hivemind is fast tracking towards Khmer Rouge territory.

      • Agreed. This isn’t the Reds vs the Whites, an ethnic struggle between Balts, Jews, and Russians, strongly based in ideology.

        This is shaping up to be a race war by people who have been conditioned to despise us. White genocide will start becoming literal, not just watching % on a graph go down. There are a decent number of us who will fight back. But let’s be honest, a significant chunk of whites will be gone before it even kicks off.

    • Regarding a path forward one thing I think like minded people need to do is to start congregating in particular jurisdictions so they can take over local gov. Start in states where 2nd is still observed.

      • tashtego-


        I’m lucky enough to be on a contract that lets me live anywhere in the US.

        The states that never locked down are looking like paradise about now.

      • Glad to see more people waking up to that fact now we just need the action to go along with it😉

  29. underacted transcripts

    I think you meant unredacted, but somehow this also seems to fit.

  30. Why won’t they crack? I think it’s pretty simple calculation that the current threat is not sufficiently strong as to make them defect. You have to wonder if that’s by design – it’s been a theme of this administration that the people who are tasked to do stuff are working for the other side.

    • They haven’t cracked because as of yet, there has not been any pressure applied. The second these people are facing any real consequence for their treachery, they will crack and sing like birds.

    • Part of the need to openly declare that all evidence of Trump will be buried and the ground salted when he is gone, is simple enforcement of the current omertà.

  31. Dirty people doing business the way they know how. It’s not necessarily personal. And it’s penetrated society to the local level. Politics comes down to how you make a living.

  32. The old adage about three can keep a secret if two are dead does not apply here.

    This is a self-serving lie perpetuated by liars and crooks to hand waive away any conspiracies uncovered by people not supposed to know these things. If people couldn’t keep secrets, why bother classifying any state secrets? People conspire to do evil all the time. Conspiracy is probably the most common criminal charge.

    The reason none of them are talking is they haven’t been threatened with RICO and other such charges that come with prison terms designed to loosen the lips of the person being charged. Let’s see how brave these people are when they are facing 40 years in the federal pen! If these kinds of sentences can loosen the lips of cold blooded killers, the cat-women of the inner party will be singing like birds!

  33. Senator McCarthy was right about Communists.

    Where’s the House Un-American Activities Committee when we really need them, now more than ever?

  34. Yes, the Democrats are increasingly being led by fanatics, most of whom seem to be women. Perhaps we are getting an overdose of estrogen in our politics. I got into a heated argument the other day with a young college girl about her zany plan to go to Africa as part of a Christian ministry to save blacks and bring them out of poverty. Didn’t she want to get married first and have children? Not really. She wants to adopt. I didn’t ask her which race she was planning to bring home. Oh, and she loves Jesus. And probably considers herself a conservative. Yes, Zman, these people are walking, talking fanatics imbued with the fervor of multi-cult Marxist religious faith. They are grain that will be finely ground in the leftist mills.

    • Good news: non-white millenial women have no interest in having kids.

      Bad news: white millenial women have no interest in having kids.

    • Ep, you’re doing the Lord’s work, however thankless. These poor, deluded young women, conditioned to be at war with their nature.

    • I feel sorry for this woman’s future husband, who will never know that the love of his life spent years in darkest Africa as a mattress for the local, “yoofs.”

    • Ask here where in the New Testament is she commanded to heal the world and bring Africans out of poverty.

      “Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.”

      Yes, Paul recommends chastity, but only if you are pursuing it for the Lord, not for your own virtue signaling (and that’s likely the reason she’s doing this, otherwise she’d be helping her *neighbors* instead of travelling across the world).

      “There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit”

      As for she loves Jesus – the failure of the English language to have different distinctions for the word Love is one of the biggest failures ever, as it makes it very easy for the enemy to equate God’s love with the more earthly kinds.

    • My cousin, a short (5’4) but gorgeous, vivacious and intelligent girl, rapidly rose through the ranks to become a leading executive at Leo Burnett. Straight, cousin waited until she was age 40 to get married. (A boring but sweet tax guy Z’s age.)

      At the wedding reception, my cousin announced several times the couple was trying for their first baby and expected to share good news within a few months.

      That was six years ago and SURPRISE! no babies have issued. Cuz and her similarly situated, beautiful and intelligent sister will not be having a family. A thing they used to enthusiastically share as youngsters were quips and quotes from the TV show SEX IN THE CITY.

      The programming, it worked! 40 is the new 30 you know. Oh wait, it isn’t ….

      • It is a crying shame that the ideal antidote to the anti-family cataclysm and our ultimate demographic replacement, the 14 Words, has been irredeemably stained by its author’s association with that pesky bunch who wore Hugo Boss in the 30s and early 40s. It doesn’t make the message any less true. It is imperative that white men marry white women young and father many white children. This, and not RAHOWA, is the real Endlosung.

      • That’s why I just went in on mine without asking if she was ready for a kid. Surprise!

  35. No need for conspiracy when simple flocking behavior explains observed phenomena adequately. I don’t know if the parties in this mess truly qualify as “fanatics” but I think you’d have to agree that they inarguably were/are true believers. The ZMan wrote about it last Wednesday in his piece titled “The Ruling System”. Washington is so inbred these days it is like Japan. I spent some time (3 1/2 years) in Japan and observed Japanese society. Japan is ethnically and culturally homogeneous to a degree a typical American would find staggering. Even before the Left opened the floodgates of immigration we in the U.S. were never so homogeneous as Japan. A fad which might take several months to sweep the U.S. will sweep Japan in a few days to a couple of weeks. Then it burns out just as quickly.

    From what I have seen and read (including the ZMan’s blog I referenced above) official Washington is very nearly as homogeneous – in some ways – as Japan. For that reason I see no need to posit fanaticism on the part of the actors in the activities our host wrote about in today’s blog. All I see needed is a sufficiently large group of true believers and basic flocking behavior. The ZMan mentioned the lack of love between the Obama and Clinton camps. Certainly Obama’s people had no great love for HRC. But they self-evidently loathed and despised Trump to the very depths of their being. If “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”, then the Obama and Clinton camps were positively soul mates. As we have seen in the last 4 years, there is absolutely no stop the true believers will not pull out in their monomaniacal drive to rid themselves of the ultimate evil personified by the “Orange Man”.

    • Obama blew it when he had to depend on Hillary to get elected to protect and prolong his game, even though they were not really allies. That mistake is not being made this time around. That’s why Biden is being kept on, despite his gropy dementia. Biden is wholly and irreversibly owned by Obama’s people, and they will ride that horse and take their chances, rather than risk depending on outsiders again.

  36. The long march by whom and for what purpose…
    10s of millions now understand the whom on this side of the pond…, 100+ million get it ‘over there’.

    Trump most closely mirrors BJ Clinton including the nationalist sentiments yet he is out of favor? As would be BJ if he were to bring his ’90s act to 2020. 20 years ago the political class still had to offer something to the white majority. That long march through the institutions is over. To be making the same kinds of overtures that were necessary 20 years ago is a faux pas and an unnecessary raising of the dead. Trump’s nationalist rhetoric during the 2016 campaign turned the quiet and embarrassing internal conversation millions of whites were having with themselves into a very public discussion.

    The ruling class had already dug YT’s grave and was sowing it with lime and then that brash NY’er shot his mouth off. 95% of all the good whites from the upper 5th quintile had embraced their role as part of a new ruling coalition. Suddenly millions upon millions of those left behind had a sense of not being the only one thinking bad thoughts. The ruling caste began to wonder if the grave they had dug would turn out to be their own. Growing white collective identity is the funeral march for all the progressive fantasies of the past 7 decades.

    Interests are too vested. Unnatural alliances too strongly bonded since the old ones are all but dead. There is no undoing so much that is decay and decadence. Radicalization and fanaticism are survival strategies for the ruling class. That is who they are and who they will remain until the rope is placed around their necks.

    • Was watching an episode of “Restaurants on the Edge.” Were doing a thing in Norway. The hosts were walking around a medium sized town on the coast during a summer festival. Remarked how friendly and happy everyone seemed. Everyone was white.

  37. The epidemic of criminality that occurred during the Obama Administration cannot be overstated, and it was both vast and extremely damaging. The domestic spying and Flynn persecution capers were small potatoes compared to what’s still hiding in the closet. The Uniparty principals scammed hundreds of millions in bribes and payouts from all over the planet, selling everything including the kitchen sink. That is what they continue to hide because revelation either leads to prison time or a civil war. Will justice prevail? Don’t know, but Obama’s flop sweat is real.

    • The cogdis buffer established when goodhwites vote in joggers is substantial.

      How many mayors and other .gov AA grifters have been launched into the local tributary by enthusiastic post-racial, colorblind prog whites only to have the tide reverse and fill their town, city, county, state with brackish swamp water more akin to the horn of Africa? Then, how many of those get re-elected?

      The cult of anti-racism is not just evil because it demands generations of white kids to be tossed into the diversity is our strength volcano, but because once those kids are tossed in (with every vote), the parents can never reverse their twisted beliefs without indicting themselves for their obvious treason.

      So the joggers keep jogging.

      And the joggers know this about their suicidal keepers. Which is why they can be so emboldened and entitled in the face of “facts” that readily reveal their grift and inadequacies.

      Should the cogdis buffer get strained, the NYT/NPR loop will fatten them back up. Plenty of films or tv shows coming out just in time to help them teach their sons a valuable lesson about race as mentioned upthread too.

      The dreams of my father cult is real. Justice to these people is only a balance sheet in which whiteness is deeply indebted. To sully Saint Obama would require melting the amygdalae of a great many normies. Thats the real front in this war.

  38. Very interesting times ahead.

    Seems like the “Ahmaud Arbery” case is some kind of diversion, perhaps as a threat to Trump that there is a direct possibility of violent black riots if Obama is locked up.

    Surprisingly, the first jogger president also oversees standards that are just as corrupt as Africa. But let’s see what happens.

    I still don’t trust anything. When they start getting locked up I’ll start to cautiously believe that something is actually happening.

      • Welcome troll. What exactly do you think you are going to accomplish with your stinking pile of dog shit?

        • Look, I get the desperate hope to see Trump redeem himself, to prove himself, to discover that we really do have an ally in the White House, but it’s not going to happen. Time to move on… we laugh at how MAGAbots get excited at each supposedly imminent “own” or “win” Trump seems poised to deliver, only to be betrayed and then desperately explain it away, but this comment section has fallen prey to the same pathetic mood swings: “this time he’ll really come around!”

          Aside from trashing the MSM, which he does deserve credit for, what accomplishments set him apart from what will be the usual mediocrity under the incoming Biden presidency? Just as Trump largely continued Obama era crap (who in turn continued Bush era crap), you can bet that with the media heat off, Biden’s caregivers will largely continue Trump era half-assedness.

          I get the impulse to rally around a leader who constantly seems like he’s on the cusp of getting his shit together, but you’re just setting yourself up for crushing disappointment again and again, like a battered housewife. The impending downvotes will reveal all the bruised housewives who really think the punches are about to stop.

          • So, if not Trump, what?

            My answer is that we focus on the long game and build real life communities, but I’m curious to hear your answer.

          • I agree with you completely, Lineman: let’s just look after our own. 2016 was a “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” moment for me. It was probably naive of me to think Trump would accomplish something in 2016, but I’ve learned my lesson since then: disengage completely from politics. I’m now more focused on quietly converting friends than rooting for any political team.

            Neither Team Obama nor Gen. Flynn care about me, so I don’t give a rat’s ass about who triumphs over the other. Neither Biden nor Trump give a rat’s ass about me so I don’t care who triumphs anymore. Neither presidential committees led by Hunter Biden nor Javanka will do anything for me, so I don’t root for any of them. Neither the GOP nor the Dems care about me. I took Z’s message, often repeated in his podcasts, to heart: we’re not going to solve our problems politically. So I’ve disengaged from the political theatrics in Washington entirely. I don’t care about their tit-for-tat games or who is about to triumph over the other.

            I don’t care if Flynn is vindicated. I don’t care what Barr does. None of these people care about me, so I don’t care about them and I’m not going to be swayed by or return to any vestigial cheerleading whenever “our side” in Washington seem like they’re about to score a political victory for themselves, but not for me. Trump has been a handicap: our organization has stagnated because we’re constantly waiting on him to do something. So I don’t look to him or to his supposed opponents for answers or ideas anymore.

          • You could have chosen a less abrasive name.

            The fact that you did so tells me that your judgement is likely very poor, however correct your issue positions may be.

          • TBH that’s a pretty weak take, Meme, like when a woman complains “it’s not what you said, it’s the way you said it.” Besides Trump got elected because he was brash and abrasive, not because he cared about tone.

    • Anyine else notice that Ahmaud Arbery’s last name is a portmanteau of “Armed robbery?”

  39. I doubt loyalty or zeal are enough to preserve the lie as such. Rather, I think fear of what the so-called deep state can do to a rat is what is keeping people in line. The DOJ and FBI are still largely rogue arms run by people who only ostensibly answer to Trump. There is no one on the side of the angels right now who can offer meaningful protection.

  40. Yeah, i’ve been surprised to see comey’s tweets. You would think he would go dark and hunker down. Maybe admission to their club required a vacation of the lolita express or teh equivalent. They do appear to be tightly controled. I would love to see wha was redacted on that latest memo that came out. Someone/something is still being protected. One suspects it may be our greatest ally. I really hate these fuckers.

    • Comey needs to keep the people below him in the FBI on his “team”. He is tweeting to them, not to us. He has no other choice, as things are getting spicy in his neck of the woods now.

  41. “Why are all of these people risking their freedom to maintain an obvious lie?” Talking to someone at a heavy hitting publishing outlet might go a long way toward answering this questions. There’s a decent mail-order sort of market for “Fighting the Deep State” books to feed the Breitbart crowd, but all the big advances and feting and distribution is going to the “Russian Roulette” style books. Most mid-list and small publishers use print on demand, but if you’ve got a warehouse full of books with a CIA spook’s face on the cover touting him as a hero, the incentive to keep up the charade of him as a hero is financial and very real both for him and a lot of other people. This stuff is not just a big lie, but a lie with a subsidiary industry attached to it. You watch; the same refusal to retract or climb down will happen with Corona, especially with someone like Fauci, whose face will be gracing a hardcover featuring him staring off into the distance with some block letter title like: “Fauci’s Fight: My Quest to Stop Donald Trump’s War on Science.” Throw in book tours and speaking engagements, some Think Tank sinecures, and you’re talking millions of dollars.

  42. I’m surprised that it never occurs to you if government must be by people, who are all less than angels, government power must be limited. The original Constitution was a pretty good attempt that took 200 years to totally corrupt.

    • Uh, no. Recall the workout that happened around 1860. The Constitution lasted a few decades and we are living under some other organizing principle.

      The Constitution was so profoundly flawed that half the states wanted to abandon it within a few decades of adoption and were only coerced to remain through an inconceivably violent conquest. That’s not a pretty good attempt by any definition.

      The problem with the Constitution is… the Constitution.

      • Well, if Nazi is short for National Socialist, I have heard our system best described as Capital Socialism – Cazi. Not really sure if the government controls the corporations, vice-versa, or they are so intertwined you can hardly distinguish them. The last being the most likely imho.

        In this system, the government and large private corps work in tandem to rule, giving just enough social stability to the plebes to keep them under control, and either exterminating or bribing the more troublesome sectors of plebes. It may not be the most brutal form of slavery, but it is soul crushing.

        • I think Gazi — GloboHomo Socialist — is more accurate. A lot of those plebs being crushed are capitalists: small business owners or folks just trying to save for retirement. The elites hoover up their money and jobs to redistribute them to a growing horde of brown filth in the pursuit of a borderless market where materialism and consumerism are the highest human values. Gaze on Mexifornia and behold your Gazi-led dystopian future.

        • Has anyone ever worked in any organization whose number one goal wasn’t to keep itself going?

          Consider that government’s primary goal is to survive, by justifying its existence… Unless it is restrained by some counterweight force (or a real budget), it will eventually send feelers into every single avenue of human endeavor. A short mask-free stroll to the park will bring this point home.

          Businesses prioritize their own welfare first. (Not saying they can‘t be political, just that the first priority is staying in operation at all.) Now it is true there is wiggle room in how business and govt interact, to maintain an equilibrium that 1) ensures their mutual survival and 2) mutual back scratching.

          But if it’s going to survive, a business has to develop defenses, meaning hiring a workforce to deal with governmental intrusions (HR dept is just the bare minimum), providing they have the margins to finance such defenses.

          Every year, these defensive costs only increase — they NEVER decrease. (Until Trump, that is, a little.)

          As Fed govt continues to bloat and deficit spending now has no limit, businesses (especially big fish like tech, defense, telecommunications) can tap into huge govt contracts. Defense contracting became an obscene feeding frenzy under Reagan. Today, a diversity statement is probably required to take up half of a request for proposal, to even be considered.

          Much of what we see as offensive political behavior is done to minimize risk of governmental prosecution. Take those obnoxious diversity ads from banks and insurance companies for example. Purely defensive posturing, “We are complying and we love complying – see? can’t touch us”. Like a protection racket manœuvre. Being sued by the DOJ civil rights division is a very, very expensive proposition to be avoided by any and all means. The adverts they run are in Lieu of insurance policies against govt prosecution!

          The whole ecosystem of Congress/aides, lobbyists, think tanks, interest groups could best have the air taken out of it by starving Congressional “spending”. (Alternatively, the $ could collapse.) Spending pumps the rot to grotesque proportions – across all of our institutions.

          If you run your own business, you won’t find it soul crushing. It’s not a coincidence that Hillary and crew wants to eliminate ALL contract work – it’s an individual’s best route to avoid being made into a corporate zombie. (Plus, she wants all contractors unionized). In CA, you can no longer legally hire the neighborhood semi-homeless Guy to clean or do janitorial services for example. CA may go belly up any day and there is no other way to exert any brakes on its insane state house, so let it rip! Illinois too.

      • I have nothing but love for Southrons, but y’all need to understand that the Constitution continued to work well enough for the rest of us at least until FDR, and arguably into our lifetimes.

        “Union of Sovereign States” sounds good, but Daniel Webster’s 1830 speech makes it pretty clear Northerners never believed it.

        • “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” does not strike me as sovereign.

        • @MemeWarVet –

          Of course it worked great for y’all. You won the great war, did you not? You got to pillage the enemy and impose your will on him, rejoicing in the lamentations of their women or whatever, and run the country as you saw fit. What, exactly, is not to like?

          Anyhow, I don’t have too much tolerance these days for folks on the right who think everything was great until {Clinton, Obama, LBJ, Carter}. It was, as experiments go, a complete failure almost immediately.

          • BTP-

            On a personal level, My ancestors had no dog in the fight and my ancestral home state of California was the most pro-Southern of all non-Southern states during the lead-up to the war.

            My sympathies are very much with the South, but the whole notion that “the Constitution died in 1865” pre-supposes that the Constitution assumes a Union of Sovereign States which can be walked away from. This was clearly NOT the majority position very early in the Republic’s life. Indeed, if Southerners were so upset at Andrew Jackson over the Nullification Crisis (as good a test for the ‘Union of Sovereign States’ as there ever was), why did Old Hickory carry everything Southern State save SC in his re-election two years later.

            In short:

            -A Union of Sovereign States would have been more just than a perpetual marriage

            -The former never existed, except as a cope for the likes of John C Calhoun.

            The Constitution didn’t die in 1865. If you were outside the war zone, you barely noticed.

        • For Yankees yes.

          Its very clear clear that for 1/3 of States it did not and when they tried to leave, they weren’t allowed.

          That speaks against the entire document. A binding national document must work for basically an entire nation.

          If the DR gets power, it will need a new 20xx suitable Constitution filled with lawyer resistant verbiage and clear stated intent with penalties for bad rulings.

          If they can’t get that, they’ll be better off with less land and a homogeneous political system and not repeating the mistakes of the last bunch.

        • Article V is not a roll,of the dice. Same ratification rules as for an Amendment proposed and passed by Congress are in place. It simply places the initiation for such Amendments at a level closer to the States’ electorate.

        • That or a Con Con will end in lead. Too many differences for even a half ass compromise.

          This is why we haven’t seriously tried for one, no one will end up anything but slaves. kdg2n

      • BTP, what’s the dissident perspective on Jim Crow laws? Kid I’m tutoring is on civil rights, and of course there’s only one narrative.

      • That was a sad episode among many sad episodes that marked the steady erosion of a fairly free country. The fact that you can write that in a public forum and it would not be permitted to about half of the people alive today and probably 99% of the people who ever lived shows how much capital we had accumulated. You take it for granted and complain it was not perfect.

        Where was better? Athens in 500 BC ? Early Rome Republic? The United Kingdom in the 19th Century? New Zealand today? A slim fraction of history – maybe 1/10,000 and none without flaws. Nothing else even approaches. We were the golden age of mankind. Until the next great step forward for individual freedom.

      • Well said. Our Constitution did not survive early immigration (all Whites) the Slavery Compromise, Damned Yankees or the railroad and its utterly unsuitable for 2020.

        Problem is the other side, in another go around the Left can’t be give any say or they’ll screw everything up . This necessitates eventual war I am afraid.

    • Most white people have been conditioned to think that those who are fanatically committed to limited government are cooks. Meanwhile, most whites continue to cuck as they place their mouths on the scrota of cops, soldiers, and first responders.

  43. One thing left out is that the government got a subpoena to monitor network traffic from Trump tower over a manufactured interaction between the Trump organization and a Russian bank. All modern corporate phone systems are voice over IP. By monitoring network traffic out of that building, they would have had all of the voice traffic as well as the “banking transactions”. Maybe that is one of the reasons that the Trump organization vacated the tower so precipitously after the briefing from the head of the NSA..

    • Trump knew they were spying on him and mentioned as much on more than one occasion before any of the shenanigans saw daylight. Of course it was played as Trump bluster and obvious paranoia. He’s crazy! Unstable!

      The thing that worries me more than the crimes here is that a lot of people are just like the media: they hate trump more than they value the truth.

      So even as this evil scheme gets dragged out of the shadows, too many normies still think the actions may have been wrong, but necessary to save “our democracy” from literally Hitler.

      This goes all the way to Obama. When it becomes clear he was directing it, those same normies, led by their favorite media clowns, will claim the Trump team is manufacturing all of this because conspiracy theories. And raciss.

      Just like how the covid is playing out. People know it is BS but still have to Orange Man Bad, so they don’t make a fuss otherwise they support trump.

      This issue reveals the real treason: whites working against their own interests all for the cheap payout of social status chits from the prog hive.

      • The truth is irrelevant now. Many people seek out the “proper” story and frame, and then trumpet it, and that frame does not need to bear any relationship with the truth. The question is why.

        I think that goes to a very bright line being drawn in the cultural sand, and people understand that their long term success and prosperity (especially when they depend on social relationships for their personal wealth, rather than an actual skill set) depends on being on the correct side of the line. They will parrot out anything that conforms to that positioning, if they are told to do so.

        For their part, the “traditional” leadership and political class suffers from their personal benefits and wealth being supplied by social relationships rather than actual skills as well, so they play this game in a truly committed fashion. Now that they have stepped way over the legal line in trying to protect themselves behind the scenes, and having illegally used the levers of power in doing so, they are playing a desperate game of doubling down and misdirection to throw off the hunt. Think John Belushi trying to talk his way out of facing Carrie Fisher and her bazooka in “Blues Brothers”, on a grand scale.

        This goes to a recent idea that political positioning hardens up peoples’ beliefs and commitments, and creates an environment of complete non-compromise and an unwillingness to entertain ideas or move one inch. Trump, for his part, refuses to knuckle under to any of this, and they hate him for his “unreasonableness” and “stubbornness”. Is this all enough to take down an empire? Stay tuned.

        • Agree about the media slant. I’ve made a hobby reading up on the Wuhan “lab release hypothesis.” And writing an essay. Most news accounts, even the recent ones that document the “Five Eyes” report a few days back, rarely mention such troublesome details as Gain of Function research or China’s destroying evidence, virus samples and disappear anyone connected to the Lab. Yes, the media can’t be trusted. Can anyone?

  44. Zman asks: “Why are all of these people risking their freedom to maintain an obvious lie”, and wonders at “the amazing discipline of the conspirators”.

    Zman answers: “The inner party now operates like a religious cult, rather than a political operation”.

    (I assume ‘inner party’ includes most of those with a ‘D’ team designation, and also more than just a few on team ‘R’).

    • Ron Unz’s theory of political success based on blackmail probably is also salient for the staying power of Rs like McCain and Lindsay Graham. Graham is a shill for the Lobby, which is part of it, but he also probably has that tag as a “reasonable republican” because he has a few dead boys in his closet. One can also become a reasonable Republican by stabbing fellow party members in the back repeatedly (Romney has been absolved for the sin of running against Black Jesus since he tried to take down Trump).

  45. Sex, money, and power are indeed powerful, and usual, motivations. A fourth motivation is the sincere belief that one is fighting genuine evil. Doing God’s work, if you will. Or maybe that should be “G-d’s work.”

    • Yeah, they all appear to be Satanist and True Believers. The rampant pedophilia seems to be both of initiation and black mailable dirt that is kept on everyone. How much they hate trump speaks well of him and he doesn’t appear to be a pedophile. Melinda Gates was on some show talking about how she and her husband need to become the rulers of the planet wearing a satanic cross the other day. All of a sudden the Gates of Hell will not Prevail make perfect sense

    • Those nutty Jews in Kushner’s cult followed a Rabbi who believed that Jesus only acquired his messianic powers by tricking G_D into revealing his real name so that he could harness Yahweh’s magic for the newly-founded Christian cult. To them Christ is just Br’er Rabbit, a shrewd goy who outfoxed the Jews to steal their power.

    • And fear. Play ball or you go to jail and your family will be begging in the streets.

      • Yep.

        This is reaching a boiling point though.

        The Internet and the fact that vast parts of the population live alone and without kids dampens the response. Its more selfish “How do I pay my bills” or “what if I get COVID19” and less “what about my family.”

        In Michigan, armed militia have made it clear that attempting to arrest an old barber will result in a confrontation.

        There have been plenty of protests too, not covered by Prada or Izvestia oh I mean US media.

        California is opening bit by bit, beaches and such and at least where I live no one plays outside anyway so its moot.

        Ultimately most people still have hope and if/when things do not return to anything approach normal economically and everyone is broke?

        I’d expect a massive magnification of problems.

        If Dissidents are thinking ahead , they’ll be thinking about how to leverage this to get power or at least changing their mindset so that they want power.

  46. The good thing about the Long March through the institutions is that once it’s accomplished… the institution always fails. The mass media can no longer sell a newspaper or a subscription. The former exclusive ivory league colleges are now laughI got stocks pumping out laughable morons with degrees. People are pulling their kids out of public schools to do the job at home… and those kids are now wiping the academic mat with publicly educated kids. Like their media lickspittles, the govt has no credibility left either.

    Sure, there will always be corruption… but like this? You can’t run a country it’s clowns like this. It is long past time to start stretching necks. We may not be able to clean our goats squeaky clean… but there’s any number of obvious chit stains that could easily be dispensed with. Once people start hanging or going to jail they will start rethinking their involvement in stuff like this. We used to hang traitors and now the run the show…

    • Two things for which Trump gets no credit is the disgrace of the FBI and the collapse of media credibility. Those are not insignificant results.

      • I find the statement “things Trump gets no credit for” to be used so often that wonder why people on our side don’t cut him more slack for the job he is doing under such extenuating circumstances.

        • I think it’s because Trump raises our expectations of what is possible and then promptly fails to reach those new heights.

          • Tarstarkas. I think there is another aspect. Folks fail to understand/accept what is politically possible under the guise of working within the system and therefore have unrealistic expectations.

            Trump has said/promised little more than most of the other lying, corrupt pol’s on the election trail, albeit not very eloquently. Difference is, instead of getting elected and simply ignoring those promises, he has attempted to work around the system—but within the system (if that makes sense)—to implement such. We seem to expect that 40 years+ of corrupt government can be turned on a dime. Unfortunately, it can not.

            What Trump may achieve is only that he has exposed the system for what it has been for decades. Hopelessly unfixable through the democratic processes the Founders envisioned.

          • Compsci, I think your analysis is pretty good. One thing to add is that the WN types thought Trump was some sort of white crusader. How they ever thought this is baffling. They usually have nothing good to say about Trump. The perfect is the enemy of the good. Trump is the best we can get right now.

          • I have had great success (in amusing myself) with White never-Trumpers in agreeing with them wrt to Trump—and then in consoling them—with the fact that there will never be another Republican elected to the office, and perhaps never (at least in our lifetimes) another White male elected to the office.

            How does that amuse me? Well, these jerks are literally stunned—like you hit them with a board in the face—when they hear this pronouncement. These “normies” have never gotten out of the 80’s, our at least the Bush years. They think politics is like a pendulum and their *savior conservative* will be elected one cycle or the next. They just got to keep trying.

            Brother in law is like that. I can’t believe he’s stupid. He simply can’t/won’t accept the end to his very culture and reason for existence. Fascinating.

          • That’s a very good point. I was already pretty cynical and even I have been amazed at the level of corruption and blocking and maneuvering they have done to stop him. He has helped expose how hopelessly corrupted the courts are, for example. Then there was a Kavanaugh affair. And, of course, Russia, Russia Russia….

        • Speaking for the people who see stopping massive immigration as our biggest issue, Trump raised expectations very high and then expended very little effort or political capital on it.

          All other problems approach insignificance compared to massive immigration, so “things Trump gets no credit for” really don’t add up to much.

      • well, if he sucessfully cleans house- he could go down as one of the greats. Mass arrests and declassication of the shenanigans would rock the system . Imagine if they released info on a cabal that assasinated Epstein, and rich, knew of 911 rpior to teh attack and s pervasive system of blackmail of some of our top officails. Not to get too tinfoily, but increasingly it is hard to not let ones imagination run a bit wild.

      • His failure with the Wall and Immigration means the Hail Mary to save the country failed.

        The contempt he created in normies for the media and other institutions will pay dividends in saving Heritage Americans.

        • This is a fair and balanced assessment. Trump is losing the game, but he has conclusively proven that the other side doesn’t play by the rules, or the law.

          After he’s gone, neither will we.

        • In what manner is the wall failing? In what manner would you have completed this task? Don’t bring in illegal immigration, the wall would never have solved that. Just tell us how the wall should have been undertaken or in what way it’s not being built now?

          Seems we have many detractors wrt “the wall”. But few live on the border, or have communication with the folk on the border who construct the wall and are responsible for IA roundup.

        • The US was never savable. If a comet gave us a plague that returned us to the US to pre 65 demography it still couldn’t be saved.

          The fault is that there is too much political diversity and views are so different among Whites alone that there is increasingly no longer a point in sharing a polity with the other side.

          Hell I’d get less push back from Mexicans than Goodwhites by far.

          The President unintended job was to give Dissidents time and morale enough to get hard, get a ideology and get organized.

          Do that instead of black pilling,

      • The most important thing is that he’s become a sort of litmus test for revealing how people feel about white people in general. He’s a lightning rod and a scapegoat for all the supposed sins of the white race. It’s not a perfect barometer, but asking someone what they think about Trump can give you an insight into how much they hate white people (or if they’re white, how much of a narrative with themselves as the enemy they’ve swallowed)

        • Speaking of swallowing narratives, I could only shake my head at the figurative tonguebath of a review that a goodwhite GenX female I grew up with recently posted on FB for the show, “Raising Dion,” and its pro-single mom, pro-vibrant, and disabled-supremacist propaganda.

          She went on about how she’s going to use it to have a, “conversation about race,” with her gradeschool son. Bear in mind this person grew up with me on Main Street USA in the 80s and 90s.

          I want to tell her that her kid is going to be the first into the cannibals’ pot, but I know it would be an enormous waste of time.

          • It would end your relationship with her. I ignored Z’s advice on not feeding too much truth to the normies in your life , and found out he is completely correct. It takes a lot less than you might think to do it.

          • Yes, sometimes it doesn’t take much. Just COVID discussions and mask shaming can do it right now.

      • I’d push back on the notion that Trump has discredited the media.

        The media was already discredited to anyone remotely right of center. The reaction to Corona proves that most will still believe what they are told.

        • Perhaps. In the area of politics, things have changed, but Gell-Mann Amnesia is real. Right-wing sportsball fans still unquestioningly believe the sportsball press, despite thinking all political media is fake news.

          • Z do you see gell-mann being most prevalent in science. People see social sciences being being corrupted but think the hard sciences are exempt from those same forces

          • The lack of sportsball has caused massive losses in the cable industry and between unemployment and lack of said sports, millions of people are cord cutting.



            first-quarter pay-TV subscriber losses topped two million , the sharpest decline on record.

            TV is dying.

            Amusingly digital over the air broadcast will survive, electronic rabbit ears are still a think but cable is DOA.

            Hell Charter and Frontier both huge are filing for bankruptcy

        • Trump moved the ball forward with the media. Before, Joe Normie thought the media were incompetent and somewhat biased, maybe even very biased. Now Joe Normie realizes that the media flat out lie and lie on purpose. He’s also noticing how much the media truly hates him and want him and his people dispossessed.

          • But do they? Surveys show 2/3rds majorities supporting the likes of Governor Witchmer.

            Our side is certainly more anti-media, but I’m not convinced the apathetic middle has noticed in any actionable form.

          • There are different motivations for that, not all of them altruistic (in fact, quite the opposite).

          • The support of Blue State authoritarians wrt Coronachan is as much for the medical profession as for the political class these authoritarians represent.

            What was the greatest concern in every discussion about socialized medicine in the last 30 year? “If I like my doctor, can I keep my doctor?” People have a great respect for the medical profession and trust their doctor to work in their best interests.

            As with the perennial “climate change debate”, folks used to have a great respect for scientists and in general “Scientism”. That is today much less of a case and any number of eyes have been opened as to the human foibles scientists are prone too. Similarly, the mask (pun intended) is off of our medical profession and we are seeing just how fallible they are wrt their advice and predictions.

            For the dissident right, this can not be Bad. One thing we pride ourselves on is thinking for ourselves. Hell, we claw at each other on this forum over our ideas and recommendations. 😉

          • Surveys? Like with vote-counting, survey taking offers plenty if not more opportunity for malfeasance.

      • Yes Z, T should get credit for those two things, but they have little or no value. Our enemies thinking goes like this: “ok, the FBI is disgraced, but it is OUR disgraced FBI”. “The media’s credibility has collapsed, but we own it. What are you going to do about it?”


        Funny. Knowing the media propagandizes does little to diminish its effectiveness.

    • The blogger Whiskey used to have good stuff up about how students from schools like Carnegie Mellon and Harvey Mudd were regularly cleaning the clocks of those in the Ivies and near-Ivies in every measurable area. Of course, the reason to go to these exclusive schools is for the advantages conferred which not only are not measurable but can’t even really be mentioned. If you get jammed up or caught at something and the judge was the oar behind you on the rowing team, you might have a better shot in a case. “I went to school with your son” probably gets things bigger than parking tickets shredded. But these people have gotten so dumb it’s not just that they’re figuratively incestuous. I think they’re literally inbreeding.

      • “These exclusive schools” haven’t been exclusive for years;-) I am a graduate of one of these and there were a few daughters/granddaughters of early grads in my class, what today are termed “legacies,” but probably not more than 20%. Their presence was actually an asset for the school, as it gave the newbies an opportunity to learn the ways of the elite, their stylistic tastes, manner of speaking, sports preferences and the liberal arts academic pursuits that would serve them well in their lives after college, including multiple opportunities to meet someone of the opposite sex AND similar background.

        Also considered a form of legacy, but now pretty much gone, are the college alumni clubs that used to exist in cities across the country, not just the big ones in New York and Washington that would host after-work cocktail parties in-town at a “university club” with a speaker from the college.

        Here’s an example of the second part of the legacy I’m talking about: an attractive young couple, Thomas Jones, Jr., Dartmouth College ’62, and his wife Sallie Jackson Jones, Smith College ’65, would move to St. Louis where he had landed a job with a big aerospace company. She would be at home with their young children, but was grateful that the local Smith College Club was excited to have her join. Sallie was quite a bit younger than most of the members; some of whom even knew her mother at Smith! The club depended on its volunteers to sell hundreds of bags of pecans for Smith scholarships each year at Thanksgiving, so she got to meet lots of people doing this. The Dartmouth Club was active in interviewing high school guys as candidates for the school and raised money every year for scholarships. Word was out that there was an inner-city kid who would be a great asset to the football team if accepted. It helped that the headmaster of the country day school was a Dartmouth alum, and the Jones’ little boy was accepted in the First Grade Class of the Country Day School. Sallie was asked to serve as Class Mother. And so on thru the years until about 2000.

        The difference between then and now is that today there are not that many high level corporate jobs in places like St. Louis, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, which were important “feeder” towns for the Ivy League and Seven Sisters colleges. Graduates used to get a job right after college in NYC (Time-Life!), Boston or D. C., where all the “young people” were, but then get serious about life and return home to the nest and the perfectly acceptable standards of living in these towns — super real estate for not much $$, great cultural institutions, excellent private AND public schools, neat clubs to join and so forth. Plus, enough cash left over to get a place in Naples FL eventually. What’s not to like?

        Well, the offspring of these families no longer care a bit about the old home town and prefer to hang out with silly bureaucrat losers like Andrew McCabe or Sally Yates in Washington D. C. or work as law-yahs for the Southern District of NY. There has been a huge social breakdown of the former Establishment in the past fifty years, probably in large part due to women becoming a majority in the professional class of the workforce, no longer content to serving as the volunteer backbone of communities that they once were — or really caring about their kids, except as status markers by getting into the aforementioned schools. A twenty-years’ older Wellesley grad Hillary Clinton might have ended up as President of the Chicago Junior League back in the day. She and the world would be a lot better off if that had happened IMO. Of course the colleges are thrilled that there are so many important alums now to tap for contributions, although the jury is still out on whether these clowns even contribute much to their alma maters. Now there’s an investigation worth having!!

        • Interesting.

          Eric Weinstein (PHD matematics Harvard, managing director of Theil Capital) would probably disagree. Had an excellent interview with J.D. Vance of “Hillbilly Elegy” fame; both thought this:

          Top Ivy league colleges are 50/50; half legacy students who just want the feather in the cap but could care less about it, really. Other half are the truly brilliant, and need to be nurtured as a precious resource.

          Problem: The legacy half is quickly superseding the brilliant part. It’s a real issue, and there doesn’t seem to be much stopping it.

        • Unz carried a recent analysis. 6% of merit-matriculation CalTech students were small hat wearers. 26% of Harvard undergrads claimed the caps.

          That’s 20% small hat nepotism at Harvard, where the student numbers are greater than CalTech. Right there is where authentic elite status ends and the end was in sight circa 1960.

          My wife is a Harvard prodigy, my nephews graduated Ivies, the youngest was a Princeton football stud, I have close family teaching at Ivies including Harvard, and many in my family excelled at MIT. It’s not bitter grapes on my part when I say the caliber of “elite” students today – those who are American citizens – is not elite in terms of performance.

          As with the Beltway, they know people, which is the sole reason why they were admitted. Looking at you Jared Kushner.

        • “Coming Part”, Charles Murray’s less-controversial book 🙂 says he was a Harvard student, 1950s (?) and the salient point is that in ancient times the Ivy League was not the super-premium it was to become in the late 20th century. Main theme of his book is America was much more egalitarian three generations back. Super smart usually stayed in home town, instead of being “bought” and carted off to one of the power centers. Oh yeah, we’re getting stupider too

    • The problem with the long march through the institutions is that its replacement was and will be the long slower march through the institutions.

      Trump doesn’t get the kudos many seem to think he deserves because he takes one step forward followed by 2 steps backwards especially when it comes to demographic replacement. We are faced with 30+ million unemployed and his temporary halt to immigration was very very temporary not even lasting a single day. When things open up again so will the floodgates. Under the present circumstances this isn’t simply a policy shift, it’s bordering on being a treasonous act against legacy America.

      Anyone other than the based tweeter-in-chief doing this would have people marching on state capitals and down both ends of Pennsylvania Ave…especially if they were members of the D-Party.

      Our tribe despite all this talk of being high agency seems to need to have their backs the wall and the wolf at the door before they are able to find the agency they need.

      • Not to worry. If we get into dire economic conditions, thirty million illegals and how many more “legal” immigrants taking up jobs and social benefits may well become a very hot-button issue here in Los Estados Unidos 🙂 I will take the landscaping job, you can go work in the meatpacking plant, ok? 😶

        • We can do a mobile prostitution thing if it becomes legal. I’m thinking “Whoredash”

  47. The worst part is knowing no one will face any consequences for participation in this

    • Maybe. I’ve been leaning in that direction for years now, but recent developments do not fit that narrative. The Flynn case directly contradicts that narrative. Barr could easily have made that go away without fanfare. The judge could have cut off Flynn’s attorney at anytime.

      • I remain deeply disturbed by the fact that Vicki Weaver’s killer walks around free because of Barr

          • There are a lot fewer of them now than a few years ago. Between this disgrace and the totalitarian responses to Covid – many red pills have been ingested lately.

          • You got a problem with GIs? Dissing G-men and armed government workers I can see but GIs? Are you too stupid realize that you sleep safely in your bed SOLELY because those “rough men” (and women) stand ready in the night to do violence upon your behalf? Best get down on your knees and thank your Creator for those “GIs” present and past who were stupid enough to raise their right hand and put their tender asses on the line for the likes of you.

          • All of those GIs have been trained to do exactly as they are told. Most, if not the vast majority of those GIs will do exactly as they are told. When they are told to do violence upon us rather than upon our behalf, they will do as they are told.

          • ‘Major Jessup, did you order the Code Red?!?’

            Look, I am from a family full of combat vets and other vets. The son of a vet. I also am familiar with the military’s riot control protocols. When and if martial law is declared, the soldier becomes the cop. Minus what is left of a concept once known as “due process”.

            Instead of being a LEO/military fanboi, being a realistic adult might be advisable. Read up on some of the doings during Katrina for a wake up call.

            Nobody gonna save you but you.

          • Jim Morrison (The Doors) was from a distinguished family. In another life he might have been a naval officer 🙂 He did leave us a few songs about sailors and the sea.

          • I was there during Katrina — shortly after the storm blew through. I ran a small Taskforce. There was overreach by the military organizations early on, and things surely unconstitutional (there was no declaration of martial law). There was also a lot of ineptitude and stupidity involved. And contrary to the statement above tarring all military leaders and their subordinates, there was substantial and successful push back by military personnel against what was occurring — both in organization and operations of the military forces on the ground there. Enough said.

          • The worst part is that he can’t even be original.

            Stop pulling movie lines to make your (sad) point.

          • Perhaps this was a troll. It was just so over the top ridiculous. However, assuming it’s not, the US military hasn’t defended the country or it’s citizenry since about anyone on this forum has been alive. Iraq? Afghanistan? Vietnam? All pointless wastes for the benefits of some other country or perhaps a small sub group in this country. USMC veteran here and I wills state the obvious, that being we could cut the DOD budget in half and not sacrifice a bit of security.

          • To be fair to the military, has anyone had any trouble with an Afghani goat herder?

            Didn’t think so….

          • An Imperial Military is nothing like a well-regulated militia of the people. I don’t see our military on the border, I see them still occupying Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. What partying in Germany or invading the Middle East on has to do with doing violence on *my* behalf, I have no idea.

          • Thank you for your comedic service. What invading hordes intent on conquering the US has the US military repelled lately?

          • Give me a friggin break.

            We sleep safely in our bed SOLELY because those GIs have been protecting us?

            There hasn’t been a SINGLE war since maybe WW2 that was not optional. Not one single enemy since WW2 ever REALLY threatened this country externally.

            The threats have been INTERNAL – and continue to be so. If this country falls – it will because of INTERNAL threats- with one of the most prominent ones being the absolutely absurd amount of money that has been spent on all of those foreign wars you apparently believe were indispensable to our safety.

            We were never really threatened by Korean commies. We were never really threatened by Vietnamese commies. We were not really threatened by Iraq, and we were never really threatened by Afghanis.

            Skiping back past WW2, we weren’t even really threatened by anything going on in Europe – but that didn’t stop the empire builders from seeing opportunity and thrusting this nation directly into that morass.

            There are very good historical arguments that the US becoming involved in WW1 – directly led to the disaster that was WW2. (Without US involvement there might not have been the punishment of Germany that led directly to the Nazis coming into power) So if that’s true – then maybe it’s all those GIs that should bear some of the blame for the tens of millions that later died.

            Here’s the thing: “GI” is a term for a soldier who fights FOR the Federal Government. The founders of this country very clearly said “NO STANDING ARMY” – so all of those GIs you love so much – are acting in direct contradiction to the wishes of the founders. They should have been back in their home states – drilling in their militias – and not giving over their bodies to be used as tools for empire building. Because of what they did – we stand where we are now: TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, overrun by foreigners , a hollowed out industrial base, and a completely corrupted government.

            So why don’t you try again and convince me how I should be thanking those GI’s so profusely for my “safety” – because I can’t seem to find the safety you claim they fought for ……. AT ALL. Not physical safety, not political safety, and not financial safety.

            Your GIs FAILED.

          • I normally don’t down vote opinions but that is the stupidest thing I’ve read in ages. Its short bus , eating Tide Pods window licking stupid.

            Not to put too fine a point on it, at no point since 1812 has the US faced a serious risk of invasion from anyone. H-Bombs made sure of that for the long haul

            These days the US military has been almost entirely solving other nations problems for them and functioning as corporate and globalist welfare .

            If you can name a single war we needed to be in, other than Grenada maybe I’d be shocked.

            And yes this includes The Great War and its aftermath, WW2 .

          • Majority of “veterans” today served in administrative and logistics units. These are folks who signed up with the military because industry and the private sector didn’t want to hire them. They’ve never experienced combat.

            Normies see these “veterans” skipping ahead of them in civilian life with the added safety cushion of government benefits which normies do not enjoy but pay for. The veterans often do not perform as well in civilian life as the normie who has worked in a field performs yet the veterans are promoted ahead because they know how to work a system, appear extraordinarily loyal to the organization and its leadership, and they enjoy “veteran” status (“thank you for your service!”).

            Normie is redpilling on their neighbor the mercenary for Globohomo, the Saudis, London bankers, China Inc., and Israel/NYC/Hollywood/Epstein Resorts.

          • S&S, you sound like a typical city-dwelling lefty, or maybe even a libertarian. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

          • he most surely does. in vietnam the ratio of tip of the spear to support troops was 1:6. It has gotten more bloated since.

          • Not the ratios. We all know that to be true. The part about not being able to keep jobs, etc. BS.

          • Drake is right. That said television programming is all pro cop propaganda for a reason . To keep mighty Y/T on the States side.

        • It is hard to know with Barr. His role in Ruby Ridge was typical of defenders of the system. On the other hand, he seems to have a hard-on for Clinton. Thus far, the focus from his department has been on Clinton partisans, not Obama partisans. That’s the important thing to keep in mind. No matter what comes of this, it will not be driven by virtue. It’s all about insider politics.

          • Maybe fat old Barr is just that much closer to the Reaper and is mindful of atoning for his past sins, er crimes.

          • I would be more hopeful if Barr and Durham were actually rolling up the hierarchy. That’s typically how you break conspiracies like this. Strozk and Page both should be looking at jail time. Instead, it’s been a lot of hot air.

            It would be nice to be wrong.

          • I agree with your analysis of the specter of the Seth Rich murder looming over this whole thing. Many, if not most of these people have families and I’m sure that the subtext of harm coming to them is clear.

        • This isn’t Bill Barr’s first Deep-State rodeo. He was GHWB’s AG from 91-93 (*cough* Iran-Contra,*cough* Ruby Ridge, *cough* Waco.) Before that he worked in the CIA, doing CIA type stuff (just like his Daddy.) After that he’s been promoting the corporate-government partnership. Just do a “search” on him.

      • The only way to be really sure that there are consequences to all of the listed activities, is to view actual executions for Treason or Sedition.

        Till then, it’s all a dog and pony show.

    • And, unless there are serious consequences, this kind of activity will continue unabated. People are motivated to keep their mouths shut by looking at the examples of Flynn, Stone, Page, and others.

      • And if the left prevails, they will double down on these techniques when they return to power. They always do.

        • Well known NY Jew: “The intelligence agencies have 6 ways from Sinday of getting back at you.”

        • They will be back in power. Demographics says so. And when they do, they aren’t going to bother with civility and rules. They are going to make sure Trump or anything like him never happens again.

      • And, unless there are serious consequences, this kind of activity will continue unabated.

        {sigh} I do not believe that such activity will be reduced EVEN WITH serious consequences (which I do not consider at all likely). Severity of penalties does not deter proscribed behavior. Penalties deter behavior only to the degree that they are likely to accrue to a given act. It is the likelihood of successful prosecution and not the severity of penalties which modifies behavior. In the real world, no act is truly illegal unless the perpetrator is successfully prosecuted for it.

        • True. Severity minus probability of punishment is of course problematic. What the public sees is that ostensibly “good” people are preyed upon, and the ramifications quite severe when one tries to go against the swamp. But the ramifications for being a swamp monster are never apparent. In the end, the lesson is learned for the common folk—bend the knee or else.

    • In past cases, we’ve found out about the crimes only because ordinary citizens pressed the case, while the Uniparty tried to cover it up. Now we’re finding out about the crimes because guys like Barr – a political insider running DoJ, with the power to hide this stuff – are suddenly revealing them.

      I do wonder if the tide has turned.

      We shall see.

      • Doubtful. Remember all the recent scandals under Obama? Take the IRS abuse of power and Lois Learner as the highest “fall guy” outed. Where’s Learner now? Well, she retired with full benefits and lives in an expensive abode in DC. She played her role, kept her mouth shut, retired and was held harmless. So it will be for all the others (IMO)—assuming they even reach the point of scrutiny.

    • If there are no consequences then we are screwed. Once a tipping point is reached, once too many people become aware of our two tiered justice system and lose respect, confidence, and loyalty to our government, we are condemned. We have become a thugacracy.

      • I think we’re already screwed. For the moment at least, we have the benefit of personal lubricant and a comfortable couch to lean over while we play catcher 😈

      • lfrank. Depends if you see the glass half empty or half full. People must lose faith in a broken system before they search for an alternative. In there lies the future for a dissident movement—we need to be there to provide that vision of an alternative.

      • I don’t think there’s a two-tiered justice system. I think there are two entirely separate justice systems …. not notional, but in fact and act. They just work to keep up the fiction that the constitution is a functional and meaningful document. This (1) to placate / sooth the normie / CIVNATs; (2) to afford them legal structures they can use against us (i.e., strangle us with our own legal code, a code we yet strive to respect and uphold), and (3) to use parts to protect themselves as they go about destroying us.

        It’s not that there is a two tiered system here, it’s that they have their own legal system entirely. Hillary has no reckoning for her classified email crimes because ….. in their minds and system, it’s just not a crime to run a game like that against a people who are so obviously underclass — us. I bet they can’t even figure out what all our fuss is about. Of course she can do that; she’s one of the anointed.

        • Oh …. and our legacy system is merely an appendix to the new order’s system — cross-referenced in their documents under various attack and response drills for use against us, and in their PR appendix as a feature to be referenced in a flat-affect effort to feign some connection with us — a people they hate and are bending every effort to eradicate. Talk about genocide ….!

    • I tend to agree. I don’t see it happening with a career insider like Barr at the helm.

      It will just be a lot of noise to gin up Trump voters and that’s it.

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