Anger Management

Watching the events of the last few days, it is impossible for a sensible white person to not get angry. Blacks and now Antifa are running wild in the streets, looting and now killing people. Meanwhile, the cops stand around doing nothing, while the politicians stumble all over themselves trying to excuse what’s happening. Worse yet, they are now blaming white supremacists. It is, as the great man once said, enough to cause a normal man to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats.

The people responsible for this, of course, want you angry. Angry people lose focus and pin their anger on convenient targets. Angry people say and do things that make them easy to dismiss. No matter how much they think they are “owning the libs” right now, those angry BoomerCons on Facebook posting boogaloo rants are just playing a role laid out for them by the usual suspects. Their anger is confirmation to those leftists who define themselves in opposition to normal white people.

Instead, now is a good time to think about excluding from your life those anti-whites who you would like to punch in the face right now. Just as blacks need to be around whites, those anti-whites trying to explain why this nonsense is justified need to be around you and people like you. They need to see you unhappy in order to feel the closest thing to happy their dead souls can experience. If you really want to “own the libs” in your life right now, calmly and clearly disassociate yourself from them.

That’s hard for a lot of people to do. Generations of conditioning have designed the right-wing American to think their purpose in life is to squander their time trying to convince lefty of the errors in his ways. Just as every Mormon dreams of bringing a Jew or Muslim into the church as a convert, every conservative dreams of the day when that lefty in their life says, “You know what? You are right.” Even if that epiphany does not lead to conversion, to be right just once is the dream.

If that instinct is still with you, now is the time to put down the needle and begin the journey to political sobriety. The white people who instinctively side with the blacks against the whites, are not your people. They can never be your people, because they hate your people. Granted, what drives them is hatred of self, but it is not your job to heal them. These people are driven by the thought of your people living as hated minorities in their own lands. They cannot be saved.

That’s the thing the modern dissident must keep in the front of his mind. Every event, every crisis, every great disappointment, is a chance to bring one person on the journey this way. Wasting a second of your life trying to “own the libs” is time you could be using to help a fellow traveler on his journey over to this side of the great divide. They are just as angry as you, maybe more so, because they have not yet come to understand the reality of the great struggle that lies before us.

That may be the greatest challenge for the dissident in times like these. Those normal conservative types in your life are now feverishly trying to explain why this is not about race, despite the images and rhetoric in the media. Maybe they are focused on the how the cop should not have been so rough with the Gentle Giant. Maybe they are focusing on the white people the media so carefully shows in their coverage. Worse yet, they are now doing the “Democrats are the real racists” chant.

It’s frustrating, because they are like people who clearly see the problem, but somehow the cause of it is invisible to them, while it is brightly illuminated for you. The frustration is the same as when they tell you how Israel is our greatest ally, while at the same time condemning the neocons and the forever wars. The natural frustration you feel with these people is probably more enraging than what you feel with lefty. You know lefty is an idiot, but these people should know better.

Succumbing to that anger and calling them a stupid Boomer is just as self-defeating as yelling at that idiot liberal in your life. There’s no point in it. Instead, now is the time to shift the focus, break form and knock them off-balance. If you have read this far, those BoomerCons in your life already know where you are coming from on this and they are expecting a certain response. They may even be looking for some fellowship by letting a few racist comments slip in their discussion with you.

The thing you can’t forget is these people have spent their entire lives being trained to be the respectable conservative. It is instinct with them. If you let loose with an unvarnished explanation for what’s happening, that programming will be triggered and they will close down. Their sense of righteousness will lie between those terrible liberals they hate so much and you, the right-wing extremist they have been trained their whole life to avoid. Don’t make the mistake of playing that role.

Instead, now is a good time to use the most powerful weapon in the dissident arsenal when dealing with normie whites. That is the fact that whites will soon be a minority in this country and that their children and grandchildren will be minorities. This fact unnerves the normal white person in the same way that seeing signs for Martin Luther King Boulevard frightens the white driver. It touches them at the deepest part of who they are, the part the Left can never take away from them.

For example, now is a good time to send them an old VDare column like this one that talks about Pat Buchanan. “If we had only listened to Buchanan” and a link to something like this is the sort of thing that nudges that person onto the path that eventually leads to here. Alternatively, “Pat Buchanan was right, but everyone was worried he was a racist” is another subtle way to undermine the conditioning, by creating a contradiction in the mind of the target.

The goal of the dissident in these times is not to find fellowship in anger or offer fellowship in anger. The goal is to use scenes of blacks pulling down statues and setting fire to historic America, in order to undermine the prevailing morality. Find a way to make that normie friend in your life struggle with his anti-racism and the images he is seeing on his television. Make him think about his children and grandchildren living at the mercy of those mobs. Do him that favor.

It is a long struggle and not everyone can be saved. That angry normie in your life who has maybe let fly with a few colorful metaphors may not be ready to hear the Good News about white people just yet. Until you are sure, keep calm and keep nudging him along the path. Being angry at avatars on the television and internet does nothing to change what’s happening. As the old saying goes, think racially, act sensibly. That means being the calm voice converting one soul at a time.

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344 thoughts on “Anger Management

  1. My liberal friends are shutting down mentally and totally unable to process what they are seeing, grasping at phantoms (white supremacists, lol) and sealing their mind away in compartments safe from reality.
    My conservative friends are mostly standing back and laughing, saying “See? Told ya.”

  2. Instead, now is a good time to think about excluding from your life those anti-whites who you would like to punch in the face right now.
    Good advice. Additional thoughts:

    1. Be sure it is someone who you can realistically exclude (e.g., simple acquaintance) rather than not (e.g., current employee)
    2. Fun parting shot: You live near good schools, don’t you?
  3. So I read the post. And I recognize on a gut level that you are right, z-man. But in addition to being an American completely sympathetic to what you are saying, I am also a Jewish Zionist, and I’m not about to relinquish either. So .. am I in or out? (I’m not baiting; I honestly want to know)

  4. One interesting thing from all of this is that the US Government is unable to control a riot. Another is that the police are slowly being alienated. We sometimes wonder what the police might do if the SHTF. If things get any harder to be a white police officer – the answer will get a little clearer.

  5. The first problem is simpler. You have to figure out what combination of reason or feelings will work.
    The libertarian nominee gave a great example on a recent podcast – when she was asked to support Bernie, she said “no, I’m for the little guy”. I would have said “Why do you hate the little guy – are you being paid by the big corporations so they can continue to crush people?”
    The reaction is something like the planet of androids where Harry Mudd took over where they started overloading. In the case of the lib their amygdala is having a seizure, not their neocortext.
    I’m for green energy! Why do you want to slaughter old people – freeze to death in the winter or die from the heat in summer?
    The key is the left wants to FEEL they are good people. When you point out they are monsters advocating for horrible things is something like a buffer overflow where you can get root.
    They will deny it but then is when you use evidence for the coup de gras (London had its first killer smog in decades because they had to burn wood to keep warm – electricity was too expensive; How many old people died from the pollution!”.
    The “Whites will be a minority” will fail because they will think “so what, we will have Ben Carson, Kanye West, and Clarence Thomas types”. And a Michelle Malkin or two.
    I’d say something like: “The rioters are disproportionally black – will you REALLY want to send all of them to prison, or otherwise remove them from polwhite society when they are screaming you are a White Supremacist?”. When you judge them by the content of their character but they scream it is only because of the color of their skin?
    Or simply point at Rush Limbaugh v.s. the Breakfast Club today. It was surreal. They kept saying something about “stopping the system of ‘white supremacy'”. (Note since racism no longer works, they say white supremacy instead). They were asked several times to define it or what they suggested but wouldn’t. I don’t think they could. Then there would be an immovable goal post.
    Ask anyone who is a SeiveGnat to listen and then ask them if they won’t actually demand something concrete, how can they ever be satisfied.
    I think the reason is obvious. Envy. Envy seeks the destruction of what someone else has, including joy and happiness. They don’t want to be happy, they want you to join them in misery.

  6. Based on my experience with Normie conservatives, the country will need to be solidly blue with gun confiscation before their eyes are fully open. They believe guns are their saviors and are enthusiastic about rioters coming into their communities so they can show them what’s what. They will need to see neighbours get the James Fields and Proud Boys treatment

  7. Now this is VERY interesting!
    Not just in Phoenix, but around the country there is pressure to get rioters out of jail as quickly as possible. There is also an effort by celebrities and other goodwhites to get as much bail money to rioters as quickly as possible.
    Now, why would they be doing this if there are suspected “white supremacists” among the crowds in jail? Wouldn’t you want to root them out?
    Maybe globohomo is worried that Antifa terrorists really might be punished in some fashion. Punishment seems hard to believe because Antifa has such well-documented ties to the rich and powerful, and it’s unlikely Barr would ever want to ruffle those feathers. But maybe Antifa colored outside the lines too much (shouldn’t have been so (((anti-bank))) guys!) so maybe our rulers felt they had to rein in their spoiled kids a little? Any punishment will probably be a slap on the wrist, though.
    Of course, what we shouldn’t lose in this story is that BLM terrorists and black looters won’t be punished at all: they’re now fully exempt from the white man’s law. The entire political spectrum doesn’t even have the courage to say “black” after a wave of race riots worse than anything from the 60s.

      • This is absolutely true. Whites have no political representation. Zero.
        We have become a People without a country.Refusal to believe the evidence that proves this leads to endless nattering about Democrats / Republicans, coupled with comic book fantasies about Trump and his 6 Million-D Chess Antics.
        We are an occupied country and a People slated for destruction.

    • Streetshitters are blacks crossed with joos. The worst of both. They’re irrelevant wannabes for both sides.

  8. Maybe we are mistaken.
    So, maybe Floyd was murdered because he was black, but maybe not. How do we know? A black is harmed by a white – ipso facto, he’s a racist? Maybe he is psycho. Maybe his wife just left him, he’s alcoholic, and he was primed to kill someone – anyone. We really don’t know his state of mind. What puzzles me also, is how those other 3 cops watched this murder take place. Wasn’t one of the other cops black?
    If the victim was white and the cop black, would we assume that that cop was racist also, not that It would matter.
    What a sorry state of affairs we have when any adverse action by a white to a black person is necessarily considered to be motivated by race. You are not allowed to hate someone cuz he cheats at cards, kicks his dog, and beats his wife if he is black.

    • All that matters is that he was black. Whether a ‘good one’ or the usual POS, his race is all that matters. And it means that as a black, his interests and yours are antithetical. His death, or whether it was ‘just’ or not, is irrelevant. Get over it. Demographics uber alles.

  9. Here’s another aspect of the new normal: every group/company/concern now has to publicly take the sanctimonious side and crow about it.
    We’ve all seen the Covid page at every conceivable website. Now they all have to feature some crap about racial justice. Two sites I used to visit regularly, one about Shakespeare and one about rugby, have both had their last visits from me. Today they feature the usual outraged cant and cuckery.
    The left has always wanted to get rid of the private sphere in its every manifestation.

  10. One of your strongest posts, Zman, in the purity of its logic and its grasp of reality.

    Many of my childhood friends are upper class liberals. We’ve kept in touch and stayed interested in each other over the years, but from the beginning of Corona I’ve refrained from communicating with them. Just before it hit, I had had an unpleasant experience with some of them: a “political” exchange where my charity for old time’s sake was not reciprocated, and was abused. (I had a generous exchange in this forum about it with the great Felix Krull, for which I remain grateful.)

    Though I’ve been unresponsive to their interminable texts, I have enough affection for them that I still read them. Smart guys all, they fall for every idiocy that comes down from on high. Right now they’re wondering which of various black women would be the most magical VP nominee.

    What I’ve resigned myself to is the fact that we simply have no basis to talk on public matters any longer. We’re just inhabiting different worlds; might as well be different countries. I long ago stopped arguing with them, stopped imagining I could convince them of anything. But now, sadly, I realize I simply don’t care what they think, or even what they reap for thinking that way. It might be that a lot of the country is in the same place, or will be there soon.

    • Just wanted to sympathize with you. My relationship with my decades-long best friend is the same. He’s liberal and anti-white but in every other respect an admirable and upstanding guy.
      We are members of two different irreconcilable religions.

    • ChrisZ, If you have any children, then think about what your so-called friends’ future would mean for them . . . and then ask yourself, can you really call someone like that a friend? I did precisely that back in ’08 and jettisoned someone who had been a good friend for about 25 years. Cut her dead. My sons matter more. You need to harden your heart, or your progeny will pay the price.

  11. “Yeah, but now whites are going to be a minority in this country. So this is how we need to live now…”

  12. Some wisdom from the past:
    As the Roman Empire crumbled, good men got comfy.
    There was a retreat from the public sphere to the private one. “Political quietism” increased. The sentiment expressed by Cicero was common, “If we cannot enjoy the Republic, it is stupid not to enjoy our private affairs.”

  13. Speaking from deep blue country, I support the Z-Man’s approach of avoidance of and emotional detachment from the delusional white anti-white bird brains. It is a matter of social hygiene. Just get rid of the TV. We live in an upside-down country where politicians shut down “non-essential” businesses and their street thugs burn them down. Perhaps we can take some satisfaction from the assaults on the CNN and Nike establishments.

  14. This is the best thing you have written and that is after a series of insightful and excellent posts.
    This struck me as particularly powerful:
    “The white people who instinctively side with the blacks against the whites, are not your people. They can never be your people, because they hate your people. Granted, what drives them is hatred of self, but it is not your job to heal them. These people are driven by the thought of your people living as hated minorities in their own lands. They cannot be saved.”
    There has been so much time and effort wasted to reorient white leftists. While the motivation to reach them is laudable, it is as you pointed out a fruitless venture. After a point, to continue in that direction is such a fool’s errand it makes the person doing so also a candidate for total avoidance.
    Almost all conservative whites and whites who are not self-loathing, to hazard a guess, instinctively know we are at the end point where racial, cultural, and societal separation is a necessity. The self-doubt troubles them and makes them question their own ethics and morality. Greg Johnson has suggested we make the moral case for racial separation. Johnson is right even if he doesn’t focus on white conservatives (he still issues calls to reach anti-white whites, although not so often any longer). The reachable whites no longer can afford to remain in denial and they know it. We need to give them the proper exit ramp, and it helps them get there when they realize it is the moral and proper thing to do.
    The horrors the anti-whites have inflicted on all of us reached the tipping point this weekend. Let us exploit it by being honest both with those who need to be led in the right direction and most of all let us be honest with ourselves about who is worth the effort.

    • The last moment I had using Twitter was when I realized that I was arguing with a leftist over some YouTube idiot who wore a swastika armband to a rally for some reason. It was in that moment that I saw that the stupidity has a very strong undertow, and political social media is designed around that undertow. It’s not quite as powerful in real life due to the lack of anonymity, but it’s equally worthless.
      The liberals in my life who I value as friends or family members remain valued for what they bring. We don’t talk politics. It’s just an exercise in frustration. As for the people who are just sort of in my life due to inertia, they’re not really missed.

  15. Liberals are best ignored, but your standard boomercon who lives in a mostly white neighborhood knows why he is there. My dad and I have a variant on this conversation almost weekly, and I always try to subtly remind him that there’s a reason why both of us left the darker parts of the L.A. metro once the opportunity arose. Yes, in all of our ideal worlds we’re all the same, but the truth is that certain groups of people lower quality of life, and that nice couple at church are probably the exception to the rule.
    I think every generation of white people since the 60s has had to come face to face with that moment when the sane among us realizes that none of the kumbayah bullshit is real. Detroit, Watts, Los Angeles, and now Ferguson and Minneapolis are doing more than we really know. (By the way, it’s worth noting that this integration experiment really isn’t that old.) People might mouth the egalitarian platitudes, but their actions show that that’s mostly all they’re doing.

  16. Re the ongoing riots. It’ll be interesting to see what if anything Trump does. “Nothing” I’d guess. Are pallets of bricks magically appearing in cities? Yes. Still no word on whether the law is investigating these suspicious activities. All they have to do is show that rioters used the bricks and… There must be surveilance footage to identify what co. delivers the bricks. Where are the subpeonas of construction material suppliers? They could easily trace who ordered the bricks, then there is grounds for further investigations. Conspracy to riot at the least, they could put dozens, maybe hundeds of people into jail if they wanted. Come on Mr. Trump, we’re waiting. The Democrats sure aren’t going to vote for you.But many of us on the fence might, if you show some balls.

    • Trump’s people don’t telegraph or announce their moves. They are investigating all this stuff, with intent to expose and prosecute, or they are not. We won’t know until later. If they are working it, the last thing they want to do is tip everyone off before they figure out who the big, behind-the-scenes players are, and how to take them down. We’ll see.

      • We won’t know until later” What you say is especially true since there has been no indication that the FBI has gathered any info about anything up until now. If there are any charges at all in the future, they will be RICO charges. So if Barr is really going to investigate antifa for racketeering the investigation probably has to start from scratch and will involve months of surveillance.

    • There’s probably plenty of evidence from surveillance cameras during the riots to trace out exactly who is behind all this stuff. I imagine that one could also investigate some of the medical “experts” and media people for conspiring to destroy the economy and sabotage the elections through the virus panic. Of course a lot of the same types of people, if not the exact same actual people, will turn out to be neck-deep in both. At this point, Trump’s people should have enough evidence to send a good many elite people to Guantanamo for life. I’m sure if they want to they can also get some of the foreign manipulators like Soros declared terrorists and given the Bin Laden treatment.
      Will Trump do anything like this? I don’t know. His track record of action is poor but he may be starting to become aware that America’s days of pretending to be a free country are ending. If he doesn’t stage some kind of authoritarian putsch himself the Left may do so against him. The usual GOP strategy of just letting the perps walk away without asking them too many questions might not be an option anymore. He may be forced to investigate. What happens then?
      Well, for one thing I don’t see Trump being able to conduct a methodical by-the-book investigation into these things without the Left mobilizing it’s recently energized anti-Fa and minority shock troops to start renewed rioting, this time with much more ambitious goals than “justice for Floyd”. If Trump faces that he will need to use the military even if it means calling forces back from overseas. At that point there’s no point in not going for the total win and rolling up all his enemies even if it means “postponing” elections indefinitely and martial law in DC and many other places.
      By the way, I’m not suggesting that this means that Trump will turn out to be “our savior” after all and that we’ll soon be back to “normal”. Normal is probably gone now. It died this year, 2020, in the spring, just before the Solstice.

  17. Is there any way to extend the number of comments that get loaded before the “Load more comments” button?
    I find that feature useless. I’d rather all the comments get loaded at once, then I can more easily search them without having to scroll all the way to the bottom and load the rest.

  18. Thanks for the article Z. ” Divorcing” longtime friends is no easy task. Perhaps our leftie friends are the spouse that was the last to know.
    We’ve moved on a long time ago , but our liberal friends remain delusional like everything is still the same. As far as the president is concerned think his strategy is working perfectly. Why wade into that shitfest when he can let the governor’s screw up their states even further. ( if that’s possible ).
    Had to laugh . The mayor of Boston says we need a protest march to honor the memory of Big Bad Leroy Brown. So the protesters did what protesters do. Looted and burned the downtown area 😂
    Now the papers say the mayor is mad. What a complete loser ! Hopefully these idiots will destroy themselves

  19. Rush is having a live convo with young, black BLM right now.

    Balls, the man has balls

    Update- yup, they’re turning the problem to “white supremacy”

    • “Balls, the man has balls.”
      Dear Lord! The utter lack of insight or comprehension inherent in this remark.
      OK Boomer.

  20. Driving back from lunch I heard even Limbaugh going cucky on this issue. He is having group interview with several black morning talk show hosts. I realize Rush is a civnat boomercon but he was not reliably that way and he had some flashes of independence. I guess dying is making him think of his legacy.

    • Yep. Rush is thinking about the news cycle and obituaries after his death. He very much noticed the carrot in front of him as he watched the favorable coverage of McCain and Bush after they died. You have to love our Dissident writers. Impossible to imagine Derbyshire, Brimelow, Zman etc. ever pulling this “deathbed” redemption faggotry.

      • Which means Rush didn’t really believe what he preached. I guess I rely too much on my Baptist upbringing which taught if you attempt to live a moral, righteous life, at best you will be disliked and thought weird, at worst you will be martyred.

  21. I am angry. Anger is an entirely natural emotional response that arises at the approach of impending evil. It either resolves into hope that the evil can be overcome or despair that it cannot and must be suffered. What Zman’s call for sober, almost Stoic restraint ordered to enlightening this or that normiecon fails to address is the sense of futility in the face of inevitable demographic replacement. That futility is antithetical to hope. I’ve stopped asking “Why?” I just want the idiots who make me angry to get it good and hard, as Mencken prescribed. If they can’t wake themselves up and get real, f**k ’em! I feel like Sampson chained to the pillars of the temple.

  22. Interesting that White men pay a lot in taxes yet consume little in expenditure. One would think that government would want as many White men as possible and as few Black who pay little but consume much?
    That every government worldwide wants more Blacks and no Whites should be noted.
    Either government is uninterested in patronage and graft or they get real money connected to Blacks and it’s a huge spigot.
    Local and state government want more riots obviously. Perhaps to get part of the 400 trillion demanded in reparations by BET.

    • Tax revenue is essentially irrelevant Kabuki theater at this point. The amount US government spends yearly (and especially this year) is so far in excess of what it collects in revenue that I said recently only half-facetiously that the government might as well stop collecting taxes altogether.
      The idea that the budget will ever be balanced or that the debt will ever be paid, that government will ever even stop running at a massive deficit, is a fantasy on par with belief in unicorns.
      The government is controlled by financiers, and what the financiers want is debt slaves, not taxpayers.
      What the actual politicians want is loyal voters dependent on their largesse.
      The only reasons they bother collecting taxes are a) it’s a weapon to use against the troublesome, and b) if they stopped it would become too plain to normies that their money is Monopoly money (or jelly beans, as the Zman said).

    • Blacks will get 1% of the the cotton tax, and a few government jobs rewarded to loyalists. Heck, the bosses don’t pay their salaries, anyways.

  23. Late yesterday, Whiskey said we may be in a 1917 moment.

    If not this year, they’ll keep trying.

    I think whites understand this, even if they don’t allow it to rise to the conscious level.

  24. I found out today that Ryan Gosling is not Jewish. I always thought he was. Party because the name Gosling, while not typically Jewish, has that odd Jewish aspect. Partly because he played a “self-hating” Jew once, that I’d assumed the studio would only deem appropriate to be played by an actual Jew. Partly because his star power doesn’t seem warranted. I’d been wrong all my life about him. I’ve told fans of his that he’s Jewish, to their great disappointment. Not only is he not Jewish, but he grew up Mormon. I wonder how many other non-Jews are walking around out there that I’ve pegged as Jews. I need to get my shit together.

    • Frip, how are the riots in your ‘hood?
      Fortunately, my western town has been quiet but I know that nearby Spokane Washington had ~500 mostly white protesters who broke windows at a Nike store and then the police fired tear gas.
      Portland, Oregon will have its third night of curfew.

      • I don’t know of any violence in this western part of the “Inland Empire”. I’ve got a bunch of guns so I’m prepared. I should probably get a pitbull. You see the Manson gang home invasion scene at end of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” ? Check it out sometime. Pretty funny.

  25. Actions speak louder than words. Now is the time to bug out, as soon as you can. This is a much bigger wake-up-call than Corona. These kinds of disruptions are going to be an ever-more-common feature of America – the Looting Phase. Nothing persuades a “normie” like watching you load up the van & leave, putting your money where your mouth is.
    As you can see, and most good prepping books will emphasize, the time to leave is before the SHTF. Once the fires start, your ability to get out of Dodge is compromised and you’re a moving target for Vibrancy.
    I’m more interested in saving the guys who are already red-pilled right now than playing politics with the normies.
    If you can’t relocate now, start planning – give yourself a firm timetable, stop worrying about the housing market, etc…. and get a move on. Get as close to where the water & food actually comes from as you can. Look for the Whitest most remote communities you can that still have basic infrastructure – don’t worry about meta stuff like strategic locations & don’t worry about national politics unless and until your family is safely relocated away from the kind of shit we’ve seen over this weekend.

    • I’ve seen a few protesters a couple towns over, so I’m prepping the go bags right now. Moving to the pine barrens in Nov. Getting our bodies and broomsticks together and going somewhere with infinite water. Food, well, we’ll manage with hunting and what we have.
      I left on a sour note, so I’m here to wish you all fortitude, safety and fortune. Soon, we dissidents will be as numerous and distal as the stars of the abyss. But know this: if one of your paths ever crosses mine, there’s an open seat at my table.
      These days, I love a man just for having the audacity to speak the truth. Our friendly handlers aside, that’s you: my dissident brothers. If there is a God, I pray that he empowers you to survive. Good luck.
      “Oh God of mercy. Oh wild God.”

    • You shouldn’t panic over this, it’s nothing compared to the Rodney king riots.

      • This isn’t panic – this is planning.
        This is worse than the Rodney King riots. I lived here.
        For the 100th time, what’s your strategy, at least for today’s knee-jerk counter-signalling post?
        Some days its FIGHT NAOW!!! some days it’s “don’t panic, no biggie” some days it’s “work the system.”
        You’re one of a half-dozen or so guys around here who seem to post by committee on shifts and don’t bother to agree on a consistent script. Or you need to lay off the sauce. The fickle contrarian shitposting is tiresome.

    • Agree with you in principle. However, my father was a “survivalist” in the 1970-80s and i got a good dose of this life especially in high school years. Fortunately I never had to live the hermit lifestyle, except a year or two in my late teens. While country life has its pluses, frankly I want to live where the mailbox is not a fifteen minute drive (to the nearest State road.) Frankly, if forced to choose I would take my chances in the city, crime and supply issues be what they may. Yea, the country life in normal times haveth its charms, but there are reasons why people migrated to the cities over the centuries.

  26. My struggle with fence-sitting whites is that they’re always a bit late to the party, and then tend to leave early. I’ve seen a few of them over the years react to the likes of Y2K, the Great Recession, and now pseudo-pandemic and feral blacks. A great many of them are my fair-weather allies for the short-term, i.e. as long as the crisis is in the news cycle. Weeks later, though, they’re back to their cuck lifestyle.
    I’m through with nodding heads that say they agree with me … that’s not an ally worth my time or trust. I’m looking for substantive lifestyle change, even if they’re baby steps. Cutting cable, moving children out of public school, learning food preservation and life-skills, pinging the 12″ gong at 500 yds, etc etc. It’s that skin-in-the-game thing. There are those who esoterically virtue signal with “Who is John Galt?” and those who set about to genuinely secede from the nonsense. One of the latter is worth 100 of the former.

    • Cable cutting is an early litmus test of whether someone is really willing to go against the culture. All you can do is make this decision as explicit as possible to these people.

    • John Galt’s creator used the term “withdrawing consent” or perhaps refusing to give one’s consent, was sometimes the only or the best response to the surrounding madness. Based on your report, I’d say you are withdrawing your consent in a positive way.

  27. Sorry for the length–but here is something my spouse received, representing “good white” thinking in our little uber income zip. Nuf sed.
    Dear Members,
    The events of the past week have once again underscored the severity and violence of racism that our communities experience in the United States and across the world every day
    This has been a tragic week, where we’ve all watched the hurt and anger on display at the death of an unarmed and restrained Black man. And now we see cities across our country have erupt in response to racial injustice.
    As Junior League Leaders, we cannot stay silent and sit on the sidelines watching as our community feels the heaviness of grief.
    In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this week has again raised the veil of racial inequities that are pervasive in our cities and in our countries, seeing racial turmoil unfold in our communities is particularly painful and difficult to witness.
    We as Junior League women strive to be civic leaders in our communities. As such we should hold ourselves accountable for our own racism. We must do the work. We must be willing to be humiliated and vulnerable. We must speak out and we must be visible. We have to know when to be quiet and listen. And equally important, when to speak up.
    “…the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action.”
    16 April 1963
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Letter from a Birmingham Jail
    We must give support to our members of all races, religions, cultures, and orientations, as well as to our neighbors, friends, coworkers.
    As an organization that believes in building better communities and strives for leadership excellence, many of us have asked what we can do. We must serve as an authentic ally in this fight for justice. 
    Earlier this year, we discussed the implementation of a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force for JLP, and now, it feels more relevant than ever. If you’d like to be a part of JLP’s effort to increase its diversity and inclusion efforts both within the League and the community, please express your interest with an email to {redacted}. Now is the time for us to act.
    Our commitment to equity and inclusion is as important as ever.

      • These people are a wonder to behold up close. Funny thing though, last night was some of the rioting and looting got closer, FB was entertaining as hell. There was a sudden sense of “oh shit…what are we going to do if they plan demonstrations in our towns…” I just chuckled.

    • Agree and Amplify:
      Dear Ms. Junior League Leader:
      I agree wholeheartedly! We should immediately open up the Junior League membership, dues waived, for all inner city baby mommas. In fact, we should require each Junior League member to host an inner city jogger family in our very homes, or be expelled from the organization. As you are our Leader, I await for you to personally take these steps first, and we will follow.

  28. Prepping

    The new white sport

    Fun, fascinating, clubs form naturally

    (The inspiration was “hurricane relief”, thank you)

    Side note: how many blacks do we see in Home Depot?

    • Alzaebo, I’m using the “mutual aid” club for hurricane prep right now. We’ll see how it goes!

    • Ah, for my youth, when Preppie meant something else.
      And to answer your question: “not very many, because they rarely own anything worth fixing, and most of the merchandise won’t fit in their pockets or under their clothing.” 😀

    • This weekend has been a strange one for me. The riots in the cities could not have been better propaganda for our side than if we had planned them. Combined with the fact that we’re still reeling from the self inflicted wounds of the lockdown this should move a lot of people our way. At the same time my personal bugout plan is on hold now for another year because of the fact that the wife and I are too poor to move right now without a job in place and in practice neither of us has the connections or credentials to get one remotely. I’ve been feeling pretty black-pilled and down about all this in terms of my ability to take useful action myself.
      I keep trying to find out how to reach people IRL. The last time I checked for gun clubs the local ones were all “full” somehow and not accepting new members. A few days ago I re-activated my Meetup account that I had rage-quit when they went openly anti-Trump after the election. Apart from a few civnat and GOP groups that mostly had no activities planned until Jesus comes back with a Covid vaccine I didn’t find much.
      Prepping, now that’s an avenue I haven’t explored. Sadly I’m stuck in a tiny apartment with relocation away from the West Coast on hold as I mentioned. We don’t get many hurricanes in Oregon either. I’ll check for prepper clubs though. Anyone have any other ideas? I’m somewhat free to travel around by car or plane too. It would be great to get involved in something that had some national or regional “reach”. I’m in Western Oregon and I’ve emailed with a few of you guys in So-Cal (Hello to Dutch and Lineman!). I also have a rather disparate set of skills in electronics, computer software, math, “maker” stuff like 3D printing. My wife keeps telling me to get involved in volunteering too but pretty much everything I’ve seen around here is solidly pozzed.

  29. Went to work. Was immediately chastised by pajeet faculty woman to wear my mask. The dean had sent the cuckest, most revolting, anti-racist screed i’ve ever personally received. You should see the responses of the usual suspects. “powerful message” “as a faculty of color” etc… I couldn’t quit gagging. I would would say we have descended into farce, but it is more hideous than that.

    • Sid, that’s minor. My former university has closed a dorm and remodeled it into a COVID quarantine center ready for the Fall resurgence on campus (they had no cases when the school shut down after Spring break). They’ve hired a former Surgeon General to organize and implement their reopening plans for Fall enrollment. Sportsball is still undecided. Love to be there to see if they implement masks for students or attempt to limit class size for appropriate distancing. Everyone is currently taking up to a 20% pay cut, since they decided to bankrupt themselves by closing down. These are supposedly your best and brightest. We are doomed.

    • The left decided a few weeks ago that wearing a mask would symbolize which side you are on. You were scolded for failing the test.

      • Glad to hear it. I have not worn a mask a single time in Arizona, where I live and practice medicine. I did wear one while working in California in March before I realized that Gell-Mann’s hypothesis applies even to original pandemics. (Love the poster here who called it a plandemic.)
        My clinic follows the CDC guidelines, which we have posted. For low-risk patients (negative on screening questions and temp check), it is recommended that neither the patient nor the provider needs to wear any PPE.
        There’s another wrinkle for medical personnel, where the recommendations are less ‘strict’ or ‘punitive’ or whatever: a health-care worker with Covid-19 can return to work sevens days after a positive test as long as they have not had a fever (and no fever-suppressing meds) for 72 hours.

  30. “Hi I’m Allen, and I have the problem.”
    Telling other people they have the same problem never goes down well. The first rule in any of those 12 step programs is that the person has to come to the conclusion they have a problem by themselves. If they don’t they cannot be saved. Furthermore they will react violently towards you rubbing their nose in it.
    The only helpful thing you can do is talk to and support others who are working to stay on the path.

    • Yes as a *hic* member of one of those groups, also we say “It is a program for those who want it, not those who need it.” I by nature am not a rescuer, my occasional forays into saving others always end badly for them and me. That is a tough pill for family and friends of the addict, to be told that virtually all attempt to help are a waste of time, or worse! Those who crawl in the door have the best chance of recovery…

  31. Actually, quite a few normies in my circle are getting very redpilled over this. Over guns, and over observing the composition of the rioters.
    The LA riots were the redpill moment for me. This will be the redpill moment for a new generation.

    • Yes – I’ve had similar conversations with people, including my own brother who are close to crossing that great divide. I’ll be helping him select a first gun when this is over.

      • Can I make a suggestion? Buy the gun(s), but also add a quality air pistol and/or air rifle that fires pellets, particularly for those who’ve never used firearms. Pellets are cheap; air pistols/rifles are quiet. This allows a great deal of marksmanship practice – even in the middle of suburbia – at low cost. My boys have lately been shooting about 500 rounds/week, and they’ve gotten progressively better. Next progression is the .22 but those 550-round bricks have gotten pricey … if you can find them. Best of luck!

        • Pellet gun up close-ish?

          Does the job til they meet the crowbar.

          Excellent suggestion, since I know nothing of guns, they’d only get stolen anyways.

          (Ladies, go for the eyes, groin, knees, thighs- crowbar optional.)

        • I’ve never fired one, but I would think paintball rifles would be good too. Maybe bows and arrows for the kids. Crossbow if you’re into LARP. But a Trebuchet is over the top… 🙂

    • Same. What struck me was those not particularly close to me felt no need to feel me out on the subject, either. Hopes of a white political bloc, which as Z wrote never will include anti-whites, could be realized.

    • This year’s? 1992? Watts (1965?) You’ll have to be more specific 🙁

  32. Z’s patient determination is what keeps me reading! It took me a long time learning to cultivate the same sort of patience in converting others.
    “The black flash mob phenomenon is grudgingly covered, if at all, and only locally.The national media have been insisting on the theme of the allegedly brutal Minneapolis police department. They said nothing as black-on-white robberies rose in downtown Minneapolis late last year, along with savage assaults on passersby.”
    Heather MacDonald, for example, still attributes black dysfunction to the breakdown of the black family. But it would be absurd to attack her for “not getting it”: she raises uncomfortable questions, like the example above, and is a gifted writer. She’s a nudger and could very well be nudging herself too. It took a long time for me to learn not to reflexively attack or dismiss others for not being in the same place as I am yet because that makes no more sense than me attacking myself of ten years ago for not understanding what I know now.
    Patient conversion might seem like a fool’s errand as we become an increasingly besieged minority, but the other option of hurling away potential converts simply because they haven’t made the journey as quickly as us isn’t going to help at all.

    • The normie idiocy is wearing thin, but yeah I showed some normie comment (“black people are worth defending, white people not so much”) to a relation and although it was infuriating I realized I didn’t sound much different than them 15 years ago.

    • Well put. A movement or a community requires people. If we aren’t at least trying to attract people, then we aren’t serious about advancing our cause.

    • “It took a long time for me to learn not to reflexively attack or dismiss others for not being in the same place as I am yetbecause that makes no more sense than me attacking myself of ten years ago for not understanding what I know now.”
      Wow. That is good, good stuff.

  33. So I guess texting “die nigg ers die!” to my family members was a mistake. My bad.

    • I’m enamored with the nuevo term, “joggers”. I’m using it almost reflexively now. Normies hear it and look at me with puzzled expression. This heightens the effect for me. If they are serious, I explain. Otherwise, just let them think I’ve lost it. 😉

  34. There is a video online of a group of pussy ass white people bowing down to a group of negroes begging for forgiveness.  It made me sick to my stomach.

    Those fuckers need to be the first to be swinging from lamp posts.

    • A friend shared an interesting story out of DC yesterday: the antiwhites burned St. John’s Church, but when one impulsive antiwhite started attacking a nearby synagogue, the rest of them panicked and reined him in. “No, that’s a synagogue!” The attacker hung his head in shame and retreated.
      Curious how our betters are allowing some things to be put to the sword, but other things are absolutely off limits…
      And yes, Z is right that this is waking up some normiecons, who we should continue nudging. After all his Arbery delusions, even Matt Walsh was forced to wake up after thsee riots, and all credit to him!

  35. Ha! I sure needed that laugh today. Thanks Z! You ticked all the boxes on the collective nature of the Mormon community in southern Utah. From “we love everybody” to astounding naivete to women spouting “hear us roar-down with the priesthood.” Oh! Oh! Convert the Jew and Muslim, then the Second Coming can commence! Hell, the Mormons will figure out how to make money off them. The Gilberts and Leavitts and Jews will form a construction company to build out the suburbs named JMM Construction, Muslims in name only because they won’t build shit. Oops….forgot the Gilberts already have a construction company building out the suburbs.

    • If they are, it is due to the huge number of migrants, excuse me, “refugees” they accepted in recent years 🙁

  36. I feel totally in sync with this column right now because this is exactly how I have handled this. One Lefty in my life I did say they are they’re going to blame it on white supremacist just wait and I have not gone back to say see I told you. I just let that sink in. And I feel good I’m done with with all these people’s blindness. And there’s a real peace that comes with it I’m in a good mood

    • Good teaching story. Thanks! One of my parents must have been a volcano. You remind me to let my boiling mud pots lower to simmer. You and I both recently have been jettisoning the old lefty nutter girlfriends. 2 went down in the last 6 months. One to go. She plays by the rules and doesn’t talk about anything testy…a rare trait for a Boomer Karen. She just likes me and doesn’t poke to watch St Helens blow. I know the day will come when she wades into the fever swamp. I keep her around just to see what and how they are thinking, like space aliens. Best to you and appreciate you.

  37. The good news is that the number of rioters is samll even with hordes of good whites to bolster their ranks.
    You don’t see Hispanics joining them it’s just blacks, mud sharks, mulattoes and mystery meat. Most crowd are into the 500 range maybe a thousand at most.
    They clearly want these riots to continue. As to why my guess is to hurt Trump who is now hiding in the WH looking very weak.and wreck what is left of our economy.
    This is war and we don’t get it.

  38. The mention of Pat Buchanan, Vdare, and HL Mencken all in one post is heartwarming. I did not know you younger fellows realized we were fighting the left and the non-whites a long, long time ago.
    Yes, the far right anarcho-capitalists were happy to be allied with Pat and others like Lester Maddox, David Duke, Ross Perot, or the great one Ron Paul.
    The blacks and the left-wing crazies have been committing aggression against me for decades on end. It is time for revenge.
    They say that revenge is a dish best served cold; so let us not run off half-cocked.

    • I recently pissed off one uber liberal cousin by saying “The good news is I respect some Democrats. The bad news is it was Lester Maddox.” 😀

      • I have met the man, and he remembered me three years later. Lester had a gift shop in Underground Atlanta while he was governor of Georgia (this was 1972) and would show up to sign the axe handles that they sold. I bought one for my father, who appreciated it. Maddox signed it and then shook hands with me and my girlfriend.
        Three years later I toured the state capitol as part of a college course. Jimmy Carter was governor and Lester was the lieutenant governor. We ran into him in the hall.
        He went down the line, shaking hands. I said, “We’ve met before at your store a few years ago.” He instantly said, “With your girlfriend, Debbie.”
        I’d heard about this this talent in pols but it is amazing to experience it. And no, Debbie was not the universal memorable babe.

        • Wow! Two other people in this thread who knew Lester Maddox. I am flabbergasted.

  39. I don’t know if this works according to Z’s excellent instruction on persuasion, but I’ve been having fun with this comment I’m proud to say I made up myself:
    “Now that the all sports we used to watch are off the TV because of the lockdown, at least we get to be entertained by watching the real-time race riots”
    I’m thinking about adding: “How long do you think it will be where the Philadelphia race rioters are going to contest the New York race rioters? Who do you think would win?
    Or we could have a couple of rioting teams in a contest to topple and deface a monument.


    • I got 20 bucks on the New York Wildings to beat the Baltimore Lagos.

      Washington Blackskins?

      Jogga, please. They won’t even make the playoffs.

  40. “The natural frustration you feel with these people is probably more enraging than what you feel with lefty. You know lefty is an idiot, but these people should know better.” This is why I lost friends to the Kung Flu. Real, actual friends I mean, not Facebook buddies or whatnot – in some cases, our friendship went back decades. We used to have great fun laughing at Lefty and his retarded antics… but when the Wuhan Flu came around, these people went Full Karen fast enough to give Soros wood. And now they’re out there denouncing “White supremacists.” I’m not even angry anymore. I’m just very, very sad. I thought “the blue pill” was a metaphor for the default state… but no, you can actively take it (usually as a suppository).

  41. Being prime geek in extremely technical jobs helped when I was professionally engaged. Over the years, I became less socially entangled with those not in tune with my proclivities.
    I have been fortunate, in that I was able to find a place that even physically isolates me from the braying crowd of race sycophants. I will argue on social media platforms as a form of entertainment. It is the most fun to demonstrate a knowledge of the rhetorical fallacies in their arguments. You can turn them into spitting, sputtering idiots with only a little effort. If and when they become openly abusive and harassing, block.
    Oh well. Off to tend my hens and garden. Have a great day. I love that this forum provides a group of nominally like minded individuals.

  42. The authorities cannot find their intestinal fortitude. They have found their rationalization card and are using it with wild abandon. Help those along the way if you are able. It is up to you to go in the proper direction. What will change? Racists anti-fascists Good Whites neocons the oblivious. No justice no ………justice. GTFOM. Gum ball.

  43. This is good advice, Z Man. I would add that there’s also huge value in talking to people who have disengaged from social media.
    It’s important not to get discouraged from social media, because too much consumption might lead us to conclude normies are stuck in a “dems are the real racists” bubble. But social media is a hive mind: it misleadingly amplifies a small cohort of virtue signalers, filtering out all those who have given up on the narrative, giving us the impression that those who reject the narrative don’t exist.
    But they’re out there! For every one “look at those DEMONrat cities going to hell!” comment, there are hundreds off social media who are quietly in mental anguish and shedding those old narratives. Of course the still-brainwashed are going to amplify each other on social media, while those who have given up or are consumed with anguished self-reflection or conversion are not going to be broadcasting that on social media. They’ll be looking for fellow travelers in meatspace through careful conversational openings.
    One of those openings is “I’m not a racist, but…” That’s a sign that someone’s beginning to reject the NABALT brainwashing. The response to this conversational tease is to carefully start nudging that person into the reality that no matter what or how they think of “minorities” (the global majority), those “minorities” will always hate that person for the color of their skin, and that if they have kids, their kids will be the terrorized minority. As Z Man said, that rattles people like nothing else, though another wake up call is to point out that when they’ll get old, their fate is to get beaten to a bloody pulp by some POC in a nursing home.
    Responding with “it’s OK to be racist” isn’t that effective off the bat, but simply discussing in neutral and dispassionate terms that only “your own community” (their mind will translate that to = “white”) can care about your young kids or you when you get old seems to be an effective wake-up call.
    It’s cliche to say that there’s a “silent majority” out there, but it’s important not to get discouraged by the misleading virtue signaling on social media. Find the people that are giving up on the ever-shrinking, but ever-louder circle of public mutual-reinforcement of social media and nudge them. This also gets to Z Man’s point about why we need to have sane, sensible “onboarding”: you can’t throw a stupid, idiotic swastika at someone who’s questioning NABALT because they’ll just run shrieking back to the other side. But you can given them John Derbyshire’s “The Talk.”

    • I operate more simply, because simple is better, IMHO. People who are buying what is being sold to them are not worthy of any sort of engagement. Those who are questioning what is really going on here are the people I want to talk to.

    • The only news I read is Hate Twitter.
      There are tons of factoids and quips, tons of ’em.
      Read, not talk. No time.)

  44. Z, I’ve been thinking of your Cotton divorce solution. Although it is a solution, it is as much attainable as are the theoretical ends of communism and libertarianism.
    This is where a return to the fundamental roots of Christianity would be the correct and achievable solution (Christians must start being Christians first and foremost again). This solution would re-establish Christian morals within the government frame-work whereby they are enshrined within the constitution (although I’m Catholic, I can accept that it would not favor any particular brand of Christianity, somewhat similar to our founding – understating that our then they largely Anglican & Calvinist who outlawed Catholicism in most parts of the new country).
    From there we need to outlaw religions that conflict with the Christian morals and democratic liberty (i.e., Islam and any other form of devil-worship). Consider this an extension of our dismissed ban on Communism: A recognition that these religions are anti-societal and/or against the concept of democratic liberty.
    Historical proven peaceful religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism would be tolerated (their worship practices must not conflict with society norms: Along the lines of the British ban of the practice of Sati); however their ideals not allowed a voice in government. They will not be second class citizens, their morals are just not tolerated in governing affairs.
    Laws of a nation must come from a pillar of non-negotiable truth. Our problems today reverberate from the unpinning of our government foundation built upon on Christian morality (which come from a bit of a flawed/compromised founding).

    • It pains me to say it, but your solution of a returun to fundamental roots of Christianity also applies to your cotton divorce statement: Although it is a solution, it is as much attainable as are the theoretical ends of communism and libertarianism.
      That said, I will keep my finger(s) in the dike.

    • Separation is much more feasible than libertarianism, communism, or a return to Christian society. Compare the effort needed to force everyone into one system and keeping that system stable vs convincing belligerents in multiple jurisdictions or states to mostly leave each other alone.

    • Simpler: Christianity is White.


      By us, for us.

      Hellenic civilization extended deep into the Middle East. Your typical Syrian, Anatolian Turk, or Persian is white- and is descended from the Caucasus.

      (The original Fellow Whites were called the Cult of the Bride Gatherers in Mesopotamia- as herdsmen, they understood breeding and capturing traits very, very well. They used to look like their Bedouin brothers.)

    • “Laws of a nation must come from a pillar of non-negotiable truth. Our problems today reverberate from the unpinning of our government foundation built upon on Christian morality…”
      Have you not read any of Western History? The union of government and religion has always lead to death and destruction as much as the injection of any ideological dogma to the laws of a land.
      I have no plan to cure all the ills the American electorate has voted itself into, but religion, in my opinion, isn’t it.
      Religions have always seemed to turn into a flashpoints. There have always existed clashes between religions, races and political factions in this country. But, we seemed to be able stand together at dangerous points in our national history. Today we have added ethnicity to an already volatile mixture.
      I know that most folks cannot stand not trying to push others around. I also know that I try not to let it happen to me. I support those who hold similar views and let the others choose their own paths.
      America will never again be the America in which my parents raised me, but I believe that a separation of groups who wish to live apart within the United States might be a feasible alternative.

    • we need to outlaw religions that conflict with the Christian morals and democratic liberty (i.e., Islam and any other form of devil-worship).

      The problem is, how the hell do you actually do that without utterly destroying the 1st Amendment?

      • Enough with muh magic constitution. It’s a dead letter, and it never worked properly to prevent all the stages that have led us where we are today. Get over it already.

  45. Stepping back a little, if I may, is this just the latest manufactured crisis? Since Trump was elected we’ve had 1. Kids in cages 2. Russia, Russia, Russia 3. Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment 4. Covid, Covid, Covid and now 5. Burn the town down, I can’t breathe.
    I’m sensing a pattern here.

  46. But what if that person on the Left is your own close flesh & blood and you can’t bear to write them off? I will have to perservere but do so more strategically, choose my battles more carefully. Anger got the better of me for sure yesterday, talking about Derek Chauvin, who I think deserves his day in court without the howling mob. It’s funny the image thing, the photograph, just as I’m reading “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman, how much it affects our thinking. We swim in that sea & can’t imagine the truly literate society of our ancestors that existed up until the end of the nineteenth century. Thanks for the reference, Z.
    I’m surprised how many on the right are taking it for granted that Chauvin actually committed cold-blooded murder. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. I resist judging him.
    As for the boogaloo movement, I had no idea. No wonder I got such funny looks wearing my Hawaiian shirt with cargo pants to the home improvement store last year.

    • OK, Boomer.
      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. ;-). Boomer here, I agree with you. But also understand this ain’t gonna happen. It’s a understanding that took me decades to inculcate.

      • No problem, man. Another guilty as hell Boomer. And it took me a long time too but in discrete stages/ identifiable turning points. Waco in 1994 to understand the true nature of our ruling regime, Obama’s 2nd term for racial/ethnic awareness.
        Having grown up in the South, you’d think I would intuitively understand the latter, but nope, mainstream media saturates every corner of modern life going all the way back to the Eisenhower years.
        Something one of my grammar school teachers said caused me to correct her (!!!) because I had read it in the back of a comic book, lol. “All races, colors, creeds are created equal,” Memory seems to phrase it in the form of a question, however. Even she hesitated, not wanting to directly confront whatever “gods” I had consulted. If only she knew… straight from Our Fellow White People in the NYC comic-book publishing industry!

    • FWIW, I’ve noticed that my Leftie relatives don’t hate themselves or their Whiteness, they are simply motivated by fairness.
      I come from a family of BadWhites. I strongly suspect the Goodwhite/Badwhite divide has a genetic component to it.
      Id be curious to know what other’s experience is.

    • I don’t know think the right is taking for granted that Chauvin murdered Floyd. They just realize the details don’t matter either way. The state autopsy showed Floyd didn’t die from any injury caused by Chauvin kneeling on him but, again, that doesn’t really matter to anyone. It probably won’t matter to the judge.
      Don’t write off your flesh and blood. But don’t ever lose your tempter either; and don’t give in to their baiting to get you to “play the role”. Your habit should be to keep quiet when they needle you, or go on an anti-white tirade in your presence. Say nothing. Later when you have calmed down you can let them know in a calm and concise way that you are not going to listen to their garbage, as much as you love talking with them otherwise. Make sure you take the moral high ground.

  47. Yesterday my town got cleaned out starting at lunchtime. Cars of youth pulled up (in newish vehicles) and helped themselves to everything but the parking meters. Helicopters hovered all day, but it took about 10 hours for the cops to move in and the NG to appear.

    These same liberal towns had been willing to crack down in 1992.

    But looking back on the sixties, there were BSU guys who took over dorms at the Ivys. UCLA had a shooting over the direction of the new black studies dept. There were well-defined theoretical differences between the Black Panthers and a rival group called US. IOW, the blacks had their own intellectual movement brewing and the state felt sufficiently threatened by them – enough that the US group was set up by an FBI informant. Yesterday’s crew wasn’t burdened with any such weighty matters.

    • United Slaves, the actual bombers.

      Good point- Black Power was built out, then co-opted, just as “drug gangs” are.

  48. OT (somewhat)
    I saw a graphic Saturday comparing New York State and Florida wrt covid-19. Not willing to blindly trust someone else’s numbers, I decided to look at them for myself using the numbers available at (
    Here’s what I found:
    New York (#4 by pop) is #1 in Total Cases, Total Deaths, Active Cases, Total Cases/1M pop, Deaths/1M pop
    Florida (~ 2.5M more pop than NY & #3 by total pop) is #9 in total cases, #11 in total deaths, #6 in Active Cases, #36 in Tot Cases/1M pop, and #28 in Deaths/1M pop
    Moving on to a couple of other states I’m interested in:
    Texas (#2 by pop) is #7 in Tot Cases, #15 in Tot Deaths, #15 in Active Cases, #39 in Total Cases/1M pop and #41 in Deaths/1M pop. Not great but all in all pretty good.
    New Mexico (#37 by pop) is actually pretty consistent. NM is #37 in Total Cases, #34 in Total Deaths, #34 in Active Cases, #23 in Total Cases/1M pop and #21 in Deaths/1M pop.
    New York’s case rate (Total Cases/1M pop) is 3.5 TIMES the national case rate. Florida’s is less than HALF (.47 times) the national. For comparison, NM’s is .66 national and Texas’ is a measly .4 national. 
    Looking at the death rate (Deaths/1M pop), NY’s is almost FIVE TIMES (4.8 to be exact) that of the nation as a whole! Florida’s death rate is a tad over a THIRD of the national (.35) with Texas at a measly .18 and NM at .53 of the national.
    All in all, 14 States (plus DC) have higher case rates than that of the nation as a whole while 11 States (plus DC) have higher death rates than the national average. 
    Interestingly bit of trivia; the STATE of Rhode Island is much smaller and has fewer people (1 million vs 2 million) than Bexar County, Texas (where San Antonio is) but has suffered over FIVE TIMES as many cases of covid-19 (14,928 vs 2,825) and almost TEN TIMES THE DEATHS (718 vs 73)! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on?!?!

    • wrt NY state, is Cuomo seeding nursing homes with cases the cause of the higher fatality rate there?

    • It will take a long time to digest the numbers and filter through the possible explanations and see what rises to the surface as plausible. That being said however, there are some fairly well established facts/data.
      The disease is not overly fatal (as in non-existent) to groups under 65. And when over 65, mostly in those people with other conditions (co-morbidity)—and at that, perhaps no more than a 20% death rate.
      The disease has been particularly bad in convalesce and nursing homes. 40+% of deaths reported.
      Logic would dictate that the most valuable and productive segment of our population is most affected not by the disease, but by the efforts to contain it. Deaths of despair are real but not taken into account. We will see those tally up in the years to come. And they will contribute to an ad hoc cost/benefit analysis and it won’t be nearly as persuasive as the false modeling we’ve been following.
      Logic would also dictate that since we have identified a very susceptible (sub) population, that we aim our resources at isolating and protecting that population and conversely, by not concentrating our resources there upon, prolong and exasperated the effects of this disease.
      Finally, logic would dictate that—as with all prior new diseases—there is a first wave which burns through the population, culling the old and weak, and producing a “herd” immunity of a sort. Present efforts only delay such “normal/Natural” occurrence.

    • There is so much unreliability baked into the COVID-19 tests, deaths and so on, it’s hardly worth even looking at them.

    • My guess is it probably has to do with

      1. Population density
      2. Use of public transportation
      3. Weather
  49. Until Fortress Suburbia is comprised all the news is entertainment and all political talk is gossip. The protesters say they’re coming to the burbs. Do they realize it’s over for them if they do it? Boomercons are fearful people, and fearful people go crazy when they feel cornered.

    • The fantasies of shooting rioters who come to the suburbs are just that: fantasies. Cops will come with the blacks and protect them. Any Boomercon who harms one hair on the rioters’ heads is going to jail for life.

      • I meant politically people will demand change. Rural/blue collar whites have been awake for a long time. Urban blacks/browns too in their own way. It’s the inertia of the burbs, the fact that whites can keep fleeing farther from the cities, that lets this go on. Nothing will change until those people are forced to stand up. Until then it’s more grumbling, ceding territory, the slow grind.

        And who knows, I’ve seen cowards snap. It ain’t pretty.

      • One man with a rifle can do a lot of damage. If you’re going up for life or worse, may as well make it worth the cost.

    • Yes, you don’t need training in urban warfare to see that if they ever tried to bring The Revolution to the outer city or country, they would quickly be outnumbered. If they remained as a large group, it would work against them most likely, an easy target. If they committed mayhem in small groups or alone, that would be regular everyday crime in most areas 🙂 Lacking Antifa or other outside organizers with IQ > ambient temperature, the Revolutionaries couldn’t organize anything more successful than a pick-up basketball game or a flash rob of the local convenience store, much less an organized assault on Whitedom.

      • That’s what I can’t get over. We have every advantage. Every single advantage. And yet it’s a rout. There’s no excuse for what we’ve allowed to happen.

  50. Great post and a great reminder. Its a troll response but I am now an unironic believer in repealing the 19th amendment. 90%+ of the virtue signaling I saw on my normiebook account was suburban affluent white women. Even the supposed conservatives. They parrot every antifa, BLM, and anti-white meme. They lapped up every fake news story and talked about the police like they were featured on an NWA album as opposed to the $60k earning analyst who makes PowerPoints during the day and drives a hybrid SUV that they really are. My girlfriend was starting to post those memes but stopped once I talked her through the logic; she would rather stay silent than go against the grain.

    • My wife is almost entirely on our side, the excluded residual being that second X chromosome. She has two particular life-long friends who having been hiding under the bed since March surfacing only now to condemn racism. I have long since cut off contact with the husbands, both of who had also been my friends for forty or more years, but she still suffers fools and their shit.
      Lately she’s telling me that she’s thinking about letting them lapse. When she unfriended by brother I was very supportive, even though it means we’re not invited to the family home for Fourth of July reunion week that’s been happening well over half my life. (Our parents are gone or it wouldn’t be up to him.) I hope my wife finds the guts to dump her friends – I’m sick of listening to her talk about them.
      I’ve started the positive listening thing. I’ll repeat back what outrageous thing she just read and then say, “Who posted THAT?”
      By the way, I just realized that we here are genetically different. The Z chromosome explains at lot!

      • Women need to have conversations with friends where they all heap support on each other, or at least pretend to. The extent to which they need this is not well understood by men. If they don’t get this semi-regularly they won’t be happy. She will have to find new friends through clubs, church groups, etc.

      • I once heard a water treatment operator say he has more in common with a man who wears leaves over the crown jewels than his wife. Ha! Space aliens to each other.

      • There is some validity to the idea that if you haven’t alienated friends and family, you may not be radical enough. Mother against daughter, father against son or whatever that Jewish Carpenter said 🙂

  51. Thank you, Z-man! Concrete suggestions for what to say to people who might be brought over to our side are just what some of us need.

  52. Gawddammitalltohell.
    Maybe you young ones are right, and us old ones need to be turned into food paste. I saw that too: “WTF? Lookit all the white people involved with this jackassery???”
    Well of COURSE they were staged, you silly old bugger!!! Look closely at those white people: the ones taking part are mostly street people, crackheads, and the usual ANTIFAg fart suckers. In the photo ops showing greater detail and more respectable whites… the vibrants are in much smaller numbers and are properly house trained.
    Fuggin lame stream media!!! Thanks for the catch on that one, Z. Jeez, I am getting old and stupid when I can be gulled like that.

    • Keep in mind that Antifa is simply the new KKK. The KKK was the public revival of a defunct terroristic secret society of sixty years prior, all dressed up as a Wilson-era Progressive project to do their version of what we now call doxxing and intimidation. Nominally set up to “keep the black man down”, it was a white male group with enough public support to protect its own membership from too much criticism, even as it burned and terrorized people of its own choosing, for its own reasons, and daring anyone to do anything about it.
      Exchange white shrouds and hats for black outfits and masks, and you have the same deal. A Progressive project for white males, that revives a moribund totalitarian street gang of almost ninety years ago. Nominally set up to “fight the (non-existent) ‘White Supremacy’ movement”, Antifa basically intimidates and attacks whoever they want to, for their own reasons. They dare anyone to do anything about it, under threat of personal attack by anonymous, masked thugs.
      To the extent it is worth engaging any normies on the subject, equating Antifa to the KKK probably has some shock value, in peeling away the layers of the onion for them.

      • I think the KKK still exists, but you might as well just join the FBI and collect a salary and benefits in the meantime 🙂

    • As satisfying as seeing Soros die would be, it’s his money that is the root of the problem; and confiscating that to deprive the street theater of actors would probably prove futile. Better to deprive the fire of the oxygen of attention. Actors crave an audience, after all is said and done.

  53. This is what the orange clown aka bunker trump tweeted this morning after he run into the bunker last night
    “Trump” is leading in all swing states. Heavily biased Democrat Poll, just like 2016. Biggest “enthusiasm” lead ever!

    Not just a conman, scoundrel of highest order but also a pussy of softest kind
    Anger management lol
    You have to organize and take streets back or you will be literally enslaved,murdered and perish
    The reason why after all of this there is still so many trump cultist is a simple one, these cowards are pussies just like their beloved bunker leader.Stop supporting hims would mean they will have to take action of which very idea makes them violently shaking from fear
    Move to the furthest suburb and buy more ammo lol but after 60 years of running there is no place to run to any longer
    The problem is not the absence of political programs,once a great man said, the problem is the lack of men
    It was true then it is 1000 times more true today

  54. Should our side even be on “social media”? When I’ve asked this question at other places, the answer is “We can’t just leave the field to the enemy.” type stuff, but if you can’t win any real victory on that field, why be there in the first place?
    Seems like if white people left Facebook, Twitter, Whatever…, those things then lose all their ability to influence anything.

    • What’s the proposed alternative? Honest question. Our own online bunkers, IRL?

      • Our own online bunkers turns into “F**k your optics, I’m going in” pretty quickly.
        Its doing the Fed’s work for them.

      • Does there really need to be an alternative? Didn’t we get along just fine, if not better before Facebook, Twitter, etc?

    • Yes, absolutely! For better or worse (obviously, it’s worse), that’s where the Normals are. You don’t have to win, simply disrupt. Send “plausibly deniable” signals, e.g. a picture of a Jogger jogging out of Target with a high-end tv, with the caption “I stand for social justice” or something. The goal is to pull them up short, to confound expectations just a little bit. (That’s why “OK Karen” works so well as an all-purpose reply, too. Both Lefty and Normie expect you to at least defend yourself, if not buckle immediately. In PUA terms, this is called “controlling the frame.” Even if you “win” the “debate,” you still concede that Lefty has the moral authority to upbraid you. “OK Karen” — and that’s it — short circuits all that. It says, better than any “argument” could, that the very premises are faulty – No, you don’t get to control the terms of the debate, and no, you don’t get to pass judgment on me. Take your sandy vagina somewhere else. You’ll lose the “friend” you use it on, of course, but her epic hissy fit on the way out will do a lot to open Normie’s eyes).

      • There’s a case to be made for letting the not-US have their own social media forums. Dissenting views (like ours) are not welcome. And all but the most determined Polyanna can’t escape the barrrage of real world events that showcase the very issues we used to raise, until we were shown the door. Last week it was 200 “young people” in Daytona FL blocking the street, lying on cars, and shooting each other (5 injured.) The past week, it’s been the ever-popular “Black man dies after being arrested by white officer” (never mind that the officer may not even have caused the death),it is now merry old riot and mayhem time, causing many times the deaths…
        You guys are right, the usual suspects attacking what moves and burning down what doesn’t, only gives more evidence to our side.
        While I can understand the prevailing wisdom to only use a graduation or othe respectable photo of the latest Black victim, it’s odd when you think about it, but even the MSM in a pinch will use the mugshot or the store or phone video showing the mayhem in progess. I guess as long as you don’t describe the race of the person(s) doing the argy-bargy (Damn you, Flaherty! 😀 )

      • Was just thinking this yesterday.
        Apply Manosphere concepts to political arguments and you win. Leftists are just shrieking women at their core (both woman and soyboy).

    • With the understanding that I’m here as a commenter and enjoying all the other writers/thinkers … who has time for Facebook and Twitter? Seriously, what business do productive people have with those platforms?

    • Z had a good post or podcast about not bothering with the usual back-and-forth on Twitter. Instead, use social media to fish for people who appear to have a functioning brain. Then send them links to blogs or sites which they might find interesting.

    • I’d argue it’s a waste of time. I gave up on FecesBook 1 1/2 years ago. I’ve tried twitter twice, and it’s too schizophrenic for me. I limit my, er, “wisdom” to limited forums such as here, or maybe ZeroHedge. I occasionally post on Yahoo news, but they quickly run to 2000 comments so not much chance of even reading pithy comments, much less a dialogue. That’s one thing I like with La Cosa Zeta 😀 is that it is at least for now, small enough that even my vitriolic views haven’t been banned. Yet.

      • I agree: why give them free information where they can track us and our conversations (on FB, Twitter, mostly)?
        I have chosen not to post on FB specifically, for many months now. All we have to do is get ar res ted once, and our FB pages are fair game.
        Why provide the free & easy information? Make them work for it.
        When I get frustrated or angry about…. well… so many choices these days!, I do something constructive, like go for a run, do some gardening, call a (small number of) friend(s), or heck, even my Mom (a boomer) sees much of this for what it is.
        Over time, I have been able to “convert” her on some of the important issues.

  55. The great aha dream when people you love and care about say “You know what? You are right.” Hell, it is dream enough to imagine hearing an invitation to converse. 
    So get the literal and metaphorical bug out bag ready and if/when the time comes say I’m going in 10, come if you choose to. No looking back. What will be lost I guess was lost long ago. From seeing the events and reactions of the last few days what is already lost is incalculable. 

    • Yup. In one sense, the physical and mental bug-out bags having been packed, you get the luxury of deciding who you get to invite along, when it is time to go. That most people are speaking and acting based on the fake world that has been provided to them, they will have no basis for knowing what to do. See you on the other side, with luck.

  56. Today’s article is a great example of what originally pulled me in to being a regular reader. Solid, sensable ideas directed towards the realization of a larger purpose. I need a lot of reinforcement myself to remember not to indulge in gratuitously insulting and demeaning language when in discussions with possible converts. We may not win, we may not be allowed to live in peace, that’s a very real possibility. Every possible convert matters and I think the advice here on how best to persuade is very astute.

  57. Speaking of anger management, one happy surprise from all of this is that for once, the right is being smart and not falling into a trap. The “Boogaloo Boys” are staying home and refusing to play the designated villain (despite much goading from leftist raiders on places like 4chan). And as much as I’d like Trump to give the rioters a “whiff of grapeshot”, he’s not going to give the left and the press the pictures of streets running with the blood of blacks holding protest signs that they so desperately want.
    It’s a bit early to hope, but there’s a chance we have finally learned to not be a movement of Charlie Browns, perpetually charging at Lucy’s football.

    • It is smart to let the blue mayors and governors own this. Make them clean up their own shit or live with it.

      • Exactly. Trump should say that the mayors and governors know their cities and states better than the federal government. If they want federal help keeping down the riots, he’s more than happy to provide it, but they have to request it first and then give the feds guidelines for use of force.
        Make the blue mayors and governors make the decision to either let their cities burn (piss off whites) or put down the riots (piss off blacks and super-lib whites).

        • It’s nice to finally see some posters on here get what Trump is doing. He recently announced that the Army is ready for the governors that ask for it.

        • Yes, but, putting down Antifa is a Federal job, one he refuses to do. That being said, there’s nothing different from what he’s doing now compared to what he’s done (or, not done) in the past.

          • Locking up a few of their pawns is a complete waste. If Barr has the guts he’d try to Rico the organization to get to the organizers and money men. Big “if”.

    • True.
      There are others. Watching the filthy mobs in front of CNN brought a tear of joy to my eye. I was hoping they’d bar the doors so they couldn’t get out, and burn the building down.
      All in good time I suppose. 🙂

    • Agreed. I think that the worst thing Orange Hitler could do right now would be to unleash the dogs of war. Whether intended or not, sitting back and letting the enemy immolate American cities in full view of the world is meat-and-drink for Our Thing.

    • …or to jump into the soft pile of leaves 😀
      Clean up the riots for political gain? Easy. No bloodshed requied. Round up ten or a hundred White (or non-Black at least) Antifa agitators, charge them with conspiracy, terorism, inciting a riot, whatever. Set bonds high enough to keep them in prison. Sure, a lot of them get released by our uselss Judiciary. But if Trump took such an action, it seems to be it would be win-win. Also it’d leave the protesters with no bloody cross to carry, as well as reduce their trouble maker leadership 🙂

  58. Hate to play the “NABALT” card, but in my small circle of close friends even the hippiest among them have had their eyes forced open by the plandemic, and the ongoing coup against Trump. Suddenly they’re deep into Q, and realizing how badly they’ve been had by the media. I hear them saying “these fuckers…” in regard to the Fauci the Faceless, and all the lying scum in the media. Yeah, many of my generation are stuck in the ’70’s, but a whole lot are getting a belly full of truth. So don’t write ALL of us off just yet.

  59. Lately I’ve taken to listening to the stream of the 970 WNYM morning show out of NYC, hosted by Joe Piscopo (yes, the ex-Saturday Night Live guy). Up until a week ago, Joe was just about the most milquetoast centrist civnat you ever heard. This morning, he sounds like /pol/ – yelling about how “white privilege” is a joke, how black people need to clean up their own neighborhoods, how welfare without a work requirement just makes things worse, and how Antifa is a terrorist organization and we need to go crack skulls until it’s eradicated.
    The left has made a HUGE miscalculation, and VASTLY overplayed their hand. This is a historic disaster for them, and the most redpilling moment in 50 years. It’s exactly the kind of thing that can bring over middle-of-the-roaders like Piscopo. And that’s who we should be concentrating on, instead of getting bogged down in endless arguments with bad faith people who are lost to the Cult of Woke.

    • Bring middle of the roaders where? To a race realist, separatist position? Seems doubtful. Best you will get is a Boomer type “law and order” position. Same stuff I heard back during the first ones I lived through in 67-68. When the fires burned out, all they did was toss more welfare at the problem—but there was never a recognition that the races were different and incompatible in close proximity. What’s different this time? Not much it seems to me. The bad guy is still racism and police brutality, the solution is still more handouts. Yeah, we now have 50 years of proven failure of those solutions, but who is gonna step up and point that out?

      • Yep. I was just a little kid, but I’ve read a few historical books or documents. (e.g. the Moynihan report is sobering). The only thing that’s changed since 60s is the hair styles and we’re not supposed to call them “negroes” any more 🙂

  60. the thing i can’t figure out, is why are the dems and their handlers doing this now? this is guaranteed to get Trump elected with a huge mandate, so why do it? and it will obviously be held against the dems despite the msm blowing smoke like crazy. cui bono?

    • Trump has been such a loser through this what is the point of voting for him? A huge mandate to do what, continue listening to his daughter and son in law?

    • I think this is about the slow civil war raging on the Left. The old guard, old white and Jewish guard, is giving no ground to the new guard, the new non-white guard. The hard Left is showing they control the streets. They know Trump is a feckless pussy. If he wins, it makes recruiting a bit easier. Otherwise, no big deal. The old guard, on the other hand, wants the White House for all the usual reasons. They have something to lose.

      Given that Trump has been useless thus far, this probably damages him. It is another reminder that his Chabad handlers run the show.

      • This will be internal struggle for the Dems for a long time to come. Jews and whites on one side wanting power for traditional reasons. Blacks and Hispanics wanting power to inflict racial justice. Indians (and Asians to a smaller extent) trying to become new Jews of the party.
        Jews and Goodwhites want to run a country fairly similar to what they grew up with, just with Badwhites on a leash. Blacks and Hispanics, however, want a very different-looking country. Indians just want to make a buck.
        They’ll still hold together because of their mutual hatred/fear of Badwhites, but the fault lines will flare up here and there.

        • My take is that, now, every various element is simply going all Mogadishu. Grab what they can and what they want, be it power, money, or a set of Air Jordans. There is a vacuum that has been created, by events more than a master plan, and no one knows how to react, so they are just grabbing stuff off the shelves now. Free shit army, indeed.

      • Trump’s response or lack thereof may have been a final fatal straw for re-election – from dithering on the National Guard to Tweeting about his poll numbers and politicking as Minneapolis burned, to hiding in the White House bunker as joggers staged a War of 1812 re-enactment in Washington.
        We Wuz Cheddars, bruv!!
        The idea has been floated before that Trump’s tired of this reality show and wants to be cancelled before his next 4-season contract. It’s looking more plausible to me today than it was last Tuesday. He couldn’t do much worse if he was trying.

        • Or…he’s playing a version of letting you and him fight it out. The yous and hims being state and local Dem governments, the Antifa guys, the goodwhites, and the vibrants. In the meantime, Trump’s people Hoover up the cellphone data, arrest records, cctv records, who put the pallets of bricks in the cities, and, importantly, the money. Trump takes stuff personally, and he’s a vengeful SOB, and I can see him doing all this. We’ll see.

          • I’ve already posted twice (in this thread, I think!) thinking much the same. The data’s gotta be there, even local or State authorities must have grounds to investigate (if not a Democrat-held city or State.) [I’m making it sound like a war zone! It is sort of…] As I posted above, a master stroke would be to arrest just Goodwhite organizers, throw the book at them. No racism charges would be needed 😀

        • Exile;
          Lots of magical thinking on this thread by a number of folks about what P Trump can do about riots in blue cities run by Prog fools. Just for starters, The Posse Comitatus Act forbids the US Military from being involved in local law enforcement.

          Second, unless a state’s national guard is formally federalized, the state’s governor is in command of it, not the Pentagon. Trump’s tweet about MN was an implicit (and largely hollow) threat to federalize the MN National Guard, putting it under his (very distant) command. But then he’d own the mess and not the feckless mayor and governor.
          As a practical matter, should said mayor and governor fail to cooperate fully, it would be a most difficult undertaking, logistically. And if they were competent, they have more than enough forces to do do the job all by themselves.
          Third, unless one were going to combat assault and secure an airhead (see above), it would take a couple days to spin up a serious force overland.
          Fourth, there are not enough uncommitted US troops to effectively put down rioting in all or most of the cities where it has broken out. So he’d look like an incompetent bully, just like the Prog mayors and governors do now.
          Fifth, it could easily turn into a bloodbath on TV. No doubt this is Antifa’s aim. The US Military are trained to military rules of engagement (ROE). Under military ROE, it’s not just expected but required to return heavy fire. Somebody shoots at you out a window, you hose the apartment with 50 cal or an RPG or two.
          Police ROE are very different as shown in innumerable video clips. Police are trained in police ROE and the military (with exceptions) are not. Under competent command, as in NY City, police ROE get a riot suppressed with minimal damage to lives and property.

          • Posse Com has been effectively circumvented for the Drug War for decades. Where there’s a will, there’s a way – like I say downthread, if this requires a Constitutional crisis, let it be now over something like this and the public support for “extra-Constitutional” measures would be massive right now.
            People are far too invested in making excuses for why Trump and government in general can’t do X b/c reasons. Look at how anarcho-tyranny operates and tell me all this process-worship doesn’t help Them camouflage the fact that this system serves Jews first, Shabbos-goys second and orcs third.
            Anti-BDS legislation is in direct contravention of the 1A. “Sensible” gun control totally ignores the 2A. Deep State surveillance ignores the 4A & 5A. On and on.
            Where there’s a will, black-letter law, process or personnel issues do not stand in the way. Stop falling for these lame excuses and start recognizing the fact that this is about cui bono and raw power dynamics.

          • Personally, I think Trump is doing the right things here. He has the laws you mentioned above about command and control of the various forces on his side and hanging back and letting the cities burn in the hands of weak mayors and governors will show the shitlib whites just what kind of “leadership” they have voted for.
            If this is his strategy it’s an extension of what he did with the lockdowns. Let the blue state governors wreck their economies while red areas ignore the rules and keep functioning. Trump may pretend when playing “TV-Trump” that we’re all Americans at heart but he knows the hard-blue areas are a lost cause anyway. Letting them suffer may also demoralize them and get a few people to stay home in November or even start hate-voting for the R’s.
            Some might think I’m making a 4-D chess argument here but even if Trump isn’t consciously doing this, his inaction means that this is his de facto strategy. As the old Rush song goes – “if you refuse to make a choice you still have made a choice.”

      • When this quiets down we will see all sides competing in The Great Giveaway. It will make the programs of Johnson’s Great Society seem like a piddling. From here on out all recovery spending will be geared toward almost exclusively Blacks. It will dwarf everything else except for Wall Street’s regular infusions. The white working and middle class will get a pittance no matter what the lock down did to their place and prospects.
        Whites are in for a nonstop and very rough ride. Most will pray loudly to the expected pieties hoping a public display of servitude may return them a few benefits. Desperation will drive some our way but many if not most will willing live in squatter camps before daring to lift a finger. Many of our people have had so much of their spirit sucked out of them that they have lost the will to do more than passively exist.
        If and when…all half-measures need to be off the table.

        • White Supremacy is another name for da Gibs.
          Riot Insurance disbursements only equal 28%. Most of it goes to administration, just like the Mafia passing it up the chain.

      • I doubt Trump has the polical acumen to pull this off, or even if he did, that the Deep State wouldn’t saboutage the effort. But if he could go after the (probable) Antifa and other organizers of these riots and press major criminal charges, no bail, and/or could subdue the streets without too many fatalities, it would gain him many votes come November. Hell, he could just arrest a bunch of White radicals and escape any claim of “racism”. Win-win. Are you listening, White House?

    • Probably because they know that they were going to lose the election anyway, so it’s a trial run for the inevitable “Resistance” riots that will follow a Bad Orange Man re-election.
      Welcome to the summer of 1859, kids. (And no, not in the moronic DR3 sense)

    • Check out Blab, Karl. Many of the Dissidents there are effed right off with Trump, because he isn’t doing enough. They don’t seem clear on what they expect him to do though.
      I think many of them want Trump to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats for them, so they don’t have to get their own hands dirty. I personally don’t think this conflict will be resolved like that but whadda I know?
      I think we will all end up having to fight or make big sacrifices in the days ahead. A country can’t run this way.

      • We expect him to act like the law & order guy he pretended to be in 2016.
        Give every governor carte blanche to call up security forces & put federal resources at their disposal. Either sic the FBI on Antifa or better yet, pull them and the DoJ back to Washington so they don’t get in the way of local enforcers who are more interested in saving their cities than playing politics. Instruct military commanders to assist governors and give them a long discretionary leash.
        The NYPD is the most effective force in America for this stuff because they’re the Janissary Defense Force for New Jerusalem and don’t have to worry about lawsuits from the ADL, ACLU and SPLC.
        If necessary, declare martial law and suspend civil liability and habeus corpus for law enforcement on a week-by-week basis. Lock up any judge that says otherwise, and Mitch & Nancy too if they won’t play ball.
        All of these things are doable if there’s a will to face the heat and weather the Constitutional crisis that some of these actions might force. They would have massive public support – the key factor in winning a Constitutional tussle. And they would also massively goose his re-election prospects.
        I’m just some rando on a blog – he has an army of subordinates to come up with even more practical and forceful measures and to iron out the details. But where there’s no will, there is no way.
        With all this left on the table, you have to wonder if he’s really in charge and/or really wants to be President.

        • That’s just it, though E.
          Are we in a position to weather that chit storm? I personally don’t think so.
          Consider the chit storm that erupted on Twatter from The Usual Suspects when he threatened to have looters shot. Taylor Swift has every bubble gumming twat in the nation screaming for the Orange Man’s blood. Maybe we’re saying the same thing different ways, but this is what I would do:
          Give the local chit libs all support they ask for – but the condition is that they have to ask for it, and they have to answer for it when the black baboons start getting zipped into body bags. Most of them Are Not Racists so they will refuse. Make them own that as well and underline for the public in the days ahead.
          When this blows over and the bills for clean up start coming in – push them back on the shitlib cities and make the point that they could have prevented this but didn’t.
          There are a number of ways to use a crisis for us too.

          • John, you said “They don’t seem clear on what they expect him to do though.”
            I made that clear. I shouldn’t have to “get my hands dirty” – we have a government that’s supposed to do law enforcement. And if we did “get our hands dirty,” Orange Wussy is going to lead the Tweet-storm to put us in jail like James Fields.
            Where are we going to get the power to impose the conditions you’re talking about. We’re in no position to tell shitlibs what they “have to” do.
            You need to decide on a consistent approach – fedposting about fighting one day (e.g. the jogger threads) and trying to sneak around the edges of the system and flex social power we don’t have aren’t compatible.

        • “We expect him to act like the law & order guy he pretended to be in 2016.”
          Trump did not expect to win. He thought that running for President would be fun and generate publicity for his other ventures. He is the proverbial dog that caught the mail truck and doesn’t know what to do with it.

    • I seem to recall that the last time a GOP incumbent faced mass rioting, he lost re-election.


      • Who was that? Last two I remember was Bush 1 and Ford. Ford of course pardoned Nixon, and folks were still pretty pissed at Rep’s for the Watergate scandal. Bush 1 raised taxes and got us into an unsatisfying sand war. But riots? I’m thinking you must be thinking Dem’s in 68 in Chicago.

        • Specifically I was think of George HW in 1992, with the riots made famous by that Sublime song.

          • I don’t remember riots, but regardless he would seem to have been taken out by Ross Perot—who appealed (IMO) more to the working blue class voter than either Clinton or Bush. And history has proven him right, NAFTA screwed us, hurt the peons in MX, and drove the IA invasion off the charts.
            My memory is not that good here, so I’ll concede to your analysis.

          • LA riots where Bush essentially said “I can’t believe that jury saw that tape and voted to acquit.” Thanks for the gas-can, POTUS. Let LA burn.
            Considering this nobody has been doing the chatting circuit lately, it’s good to remember what a PoS he was.

          • I’ve visited LA and several other large cities. For many parts of them, burning to the ground would be an improvement 🙁

          • I’ve lived in LA on and off for years – there are only maybe a dozen neighborhoods that wouldn’t be better used for crop rotation.

          • I’d post a link but this new comment system doesn’t want to let me.
            post-redpill, I still quite enjoy the final verse unironically.

          • Ah, yes. That was the riot in which one of the EBMUD employees drove into or got surrounded by the riot in Richmond and lost an eye. Now you know how I woke up!

          • Those riots, I remember. I simply never associated them with Bush 1. President usually is second to the State gov in suppressing.

          • By gum, that’s right.


            1992. We’ve seen this before, but didn’t recognise what we saw.


            (I remember the endless chain of refugees, dirty, hungry, exhausted people in their cars fleeing up the Grapevine.)

            Then Maxine Waters sold South Central to rich Koreans, and everyone lived happily ever after.

            It was a slum clearance project.

    • Cui Bono? The usual suspects. They are arranging an election where either Trump wins, and they get another four years of fanning the emotional flames of the stupid and the gullible, or an obvious dementia case wins, with all the chaos that would create. By stirring all sorts of pots in the meantime (pandemic, Russians, BLM), things will be messy no matter who wins. Which means, from their point of view, it’s a win no matter what, and they continue to play their destructive games. The rank-and-file Libs are as much victims and manipulated as anyone else in this. But it serves them right for being such “go along” dummies about the things being done in their name.

      • Unlike the Minneapolis mayor (?) who claimed that White supremacists were stirring up the riots, I suspect that if the Bidet wins in November, that it could really happen. When you think about it, a time to really worry will be if large groups of Whites are rioting in America’s cities 🙁

    • Certainly not “guaranteed.” The GOP tries to present themselves as the Law and Order party, but Trump is hiding in the White House basement while the country burns to the ground.
      For Trump to gain an advantage from this, he would have to be out there doing something productive. Show he’s engaged, at least. Maybe appear nightly on TV with some plans, or at least state over and over that Democrat state and city governance caused these issues.

    • A normie said to me at the pool the other day (retirement community) that he’s going to vote against Trump ‘just to get out of all the mess that accompanies him’.
      I pointed out that the same ‘mess’ will be applied to any politician with an R next to his name. The media has big cans of scandal that they can spray around, tagging politicians they don’t like. Then they point at ‘the writing on the wall’ as evidence that the fellow has got to go.

    • Uh-uh! Didn’t you hear the Democat Mayor (Gov.?) saying how it is white supremacists leading the riots? I give him points for “false flag” or whatever this kind of propaganda is called! Clearly white Antifa or similar involved but the other side? Dubious.

  61. Observe, analyze, predict, & prepare. Things change slowly until they change very fast. Regular LEOs are inept because most are now fat women and minorities, but the coming Jackboot corp will be bloody ruthless. Sheeple will willingly line up for slaughter, but the rest of us need to fight back. But be smart about it. Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous. Find a safe haven, go dark, be patient; then focus. The number of bad guys is really quite small and the problem is narrow. Your enemy is not your neighbor.

    • Simple, secret, solo, spontaneous. We are all told to publicly emote, complain, and accuse. Whatever our broader culture is coaching you to do, do the opposite, for your own good.

      • It serves no real purpose to punch out a wild-eyed SJW pretending to be a rioter. Move up the pyramid to the power-player that’s paying her a few bucks to go rave in the street. Now, you might can do so good.

  62. I’ve got my strategy. Recently I’ve been responding to talk about the riots with normie cons by pointing out that I don’t like to see anyone in power abusing their authority, not just white cops beating up black people, but black nursing and hospital staff punching and tormenting older white people (and laughing in one video, as a man slowly strangles to death while begging for help from his black nurse and she cackles). All these Boomers are getting old enough for at least this image of being at the mercy of their enemies to break through the conditioning. Not all rage is equal (or equally counterproductive). There’s the knee-jerk, amusing-to-our-ruling-elite rage that comes with the circus going on in the cheap street theater, online, and in the media, and then there is the quiet, bone-deep and transformative hatred that comes when one’s eyes are finally and truly opened. I’ve got my “Kids in Cages” (h/t Ocasio Cortez for the strategy). It’s “black fists beating helpless whites who marched for Civil Rights.” Not quite as short, but it works.

  63. This whole fracas smacks more of an externally driven low-intensity conflict than any racially-driven friction.

    • Indeed. Wuflu panic was dying down; not enough deaths to fuel the hysteria needed to sustain the lock-down. Now we have riots to close thd businesses and keep the sheep at home. MiniTrue is working overtime lately.


  64. In addition to the respectable conservative problem, over a third of whites under 40 are actively on the other side. Most of them simply need to be written off, as many will never wake up even when the mob attacks them. This does make the process of peaceful separation that much more complicated.

    • That’s the elephant in the room. Our most formidable adversary is a White person, not a minority. Our best hope is that our vibrancy overplay their hand and alienate those Whites. However, it is never a good plan to depend upon your adversary to make mistakes in a contest. Sigh.

      • So many of them have totally absorbed the indoctrination they have been taught in schools plus the entertainment industry making hip hop culture seem cool to them. Even personal bad experiences with diversity don’t change the minds of some of these fools. It is tough to know how many have to be written off as lost.

      • Or the goodwhites overplay their hand, and the vibrancy turns on them. I’m seeing a bit of that, this time around. Let’s have you and him fight it out. Maybe both sides can lose?

        • Exactly Dutch. White Job One right now is to get out the way and let the orcs and their would-be-masters fight over the scraps we leave behind. Unplug our minds and our money from the collapsing structure and watch it burn from our new locations at the right end of the supply chain where the food and water comes from.

          • +1, Exile. Quiet observation, from gray concealment on the perimeter, with energy coiled and captured, ready to go.

      • The Vibrants cannot overplay their hand when their white allies are brainwashed nutbags. The goodwhites are beyond redemption.

  65. Good advice but we need something more accelerated. What’s the end goal, when we do convince enough to tip the scale? The country will be totally in control of the left and it’s ruling cabal by then.
    Get rid of liberal and white hating associations? Hell I ticked that box years ago. The few that are still around in the family just shut up.
    Politically it seems obvious no solution in sight. I go back as an early Pat Buchanan supporter, attended rallies, donations etc. That’s all little ole me could do. No fun being a Paleo. Still I march on.

    • That’s my concern – are we getting too late in the game for the incremental approach? At what point does the do or die 60 yard long bomb need to be chucked? Z is a deep thinker so he’s probably got a better handle on things, but it still worries me.

    • Go grey, get ready, don’t engage with anyone who is reacting emotionally to the BS that they are being fed. There is nothing in it for you to engage in dialogue with those sorts of people.
      Note who is actually trying to peel back the layers of the onion to see what is really going on. There is no excuse for buying what you are being sold, as everything is staged and fake. The people who are actively questioning things are the ones for us to engage with.

    • Don’t discount the effect these riots are having on white normie women. They are genetically evolved to protect their young and their tribe/community. This sets off serious alarm bells at the primitive mid brain level. They won’t tolerate the chaos and will persuade their cucks to follow them under the protection of strong men who can protect their interests.
      I’ve seen some striking change in attitude with normies the last few days.
      the spiteful mutants are the ones that can’t be helped and need to be selected out anyhow. They will be easier and easier to pick our as things progress.

      • I put a somewhat spicy take-down on FB last night. This runs counter to Z’s advice but I did it more so to cleave the dead weight from my FB profile. The two or so people that agree with me (one being the wife) can stay, the rest can go in the bin.

    • Are you able to meet like minded people IRL? If you want to have more fun as a Paleo don’t worry so much about the larger society and tipping points.

    • Propaganda needs to target women. Intelligently, no spergy nonsense.
      Women vote and that’s not going to change any time soon.

        • Both Limbaugh and Hannity spent an inordinate amount of time today on the “horrible murder” that set off the riots. I’m done with them. They are truly useless for our side. Zman described their type very well today.

          • I gave up on Hannity years ago but have listened to Limbaugh practically since the beginning – when he was basically the only national on air conservative game in town. Yet with all the years on the radio and all the zillions he’s made, he hasn’t changed the downward trajectory of our society & and culture one bit. No doubt he’s changed a lot of hearts and minds, but it hasn’t made any real difference. It’s always liberal democrats that are the problem – which is generally true, as far as it goes – and that’s as far as he will go. The little hats and joggers are his third rail.
            I used to get kick out of how excited he’d get when an obvious jogger would call in agreeing with something he’d said – like whooptee shit…

          • To his good- Tucker Carlson may not have a job at Fox after his monologue but it was very good and it pointed to our so called conservatives blaming whites for everything and doing nothing

          • I had debated to post almost verbatim what you just posted,I was so very saddened with his over emphasis not only on the police incident but also the outreach to the breakfast club- He never defended whites murdered by police at all or even mentioned it. It is the end of a long friendship that began in 1992

  66. If someone is posting anti-white, or even anti-racist stuff on social media, you have to come to the conclusion that, no matter how much of a good friend they are, they are not going to be convinced to join the movement. You also have to remember that they will be nowhere to be seen if you get in trouble, or even will join the rage mob.
    If someone is blaming Antifa, see if you can nudge them further. If someone is on ‘own the libs’ mode on social media, be wary if it’s the type of person who’ll put on the Hitler costume for the great morality play.
    The best strategy is to remember that the vast majority of people on social media are silent. Talk privately to the silent ones.

    • If a White is seriously shit posting anti-White material on social media, he/she is a race traitor. How can one work with a traitor? You can’t and if you think you have, think again. You’ll be back stabbed.

    • If someone is posting anti racist comments on social media, they aren’t your friend. They will let you down and turn on you if the SHTF. They will always seek out the validation of the group. We are entering a stage where the SHTF is far likely more to happen

  67. I could not possibly agree with this more than I do.
    We must accept that the white shitlibs are lost to us. In the long run, it is probably for the best anyway as their nature is treasonous.
    They will not balk at the thought of their children being a despised minority because a large cohort to do not intend to have children. Those few who do (or have) believe their children SHOULD be a despised minority.
    There is no reasoning with such a mentality. It is simply not possible and it is a waste of valuable intellectual and emotional energy to go on trying.
    We must build our own communities and institutions and simply disengage from those other communities and institutions which do not serve us and never will.
    This is our way. Because there is no other way.

    • There is no other racial group on the planet that has half of their population actively working towards the destruction of the entire group. In the videos that I saw over the weekend, there were a fair amount of whites participating in the festivities. Other groups support their own. It seems any attempt to try to establish communities will be hampered by constant infiltration of informers.

  68. Watching the events of the last few days, it is impossible for a sensible white person to not get angry.
    But, I’m not. I’ve been watching this for too many years to respond with anything but an indifferent, “well, what did you expect?”.
    If white people were interested in doing something for their own sake, they would have done it by now. No use giving myself additional heartburn over it.

    • Go back and review the events of summer 2016. If I was LE, I’d be thinking about the massacres of LE that took place in Dallas and Baton Rouge. The virus is loose again, and we can see the infection spread.
      Many hearts and minds will be won simply by focusing on what actually happens and ignoring most of what is said.

    • Right there. I just don’t care. Z is making me think about how to use the riots to our benefit, but as to the riots themselves. Boring.
      It’s the same show that I’ve seen since I was a kid. Also, I no longer care a whit about this entity known as the United States or blacks or cucks or Jews or liberal whites (outside of tactical issues, I suppose).
      I just don’t care about these people. You might as well be telling me about some high school soccer game in Paraguay.

      • You just described my thoughts perfectly. Thank God that I’m recently retired and have moved away from a blue state/city, so I don’t have to hear co-workers and HR staff bitch anymore, while I remained silent and bit my tongue.
        Unless a strong red state secessionist movement arises, I’m done trying to do anything about it. My only protest for now was to refuse to pay my semi-annual property tax, and state estimated income tax. I won’t pay them until the covid lockdown fully ends.

        • If you perfectly agree with Citizen, then are you using the riots, or other such events, to our benefit?

      • Such indifference among white males is what got us into this mess. The sad fact is that most whites don’t give fuck as long as they are making bank and will let the world burn down around them.
        The Left OTOH is very motivated and they are rewarded by with getting control of the system and reducing most whites to the level of tax serfs.

        • Oh, I’m not indifferent. I just know when one game is over and it’s time to start trying to win the game at hand. The USA that we knew is terminal, demographics ensure that it will die. We will never get along with blacks. Half of whites are pointless and traitors.
          That doesn’t mean that I don’t care deeply for those whites who care about their people and carve self-determination. I’m trying to figure out how to start us on the path a future of our own.

        • The way the elite have stacked things almost no one including Whites can make a decent living like they used to with being sneaky as hell and as such long held dreams of “fairness” are dust.
          Also we are a nation of grifters at heart, there are innumerable ways to make sure you get paid and other people don’t.
          The more the squeeze goes on, the more people will deal with it. This happens everywhere among every people even the GOPe and the soon to be gone Boomer-Cons.
          That said the Right does lack motivation. There really isn’t much that our side has to offer.
          I don’t think many people on the Dissident Right want patriarchy and all the responsibility therein since they’ll just be a plow horse with an ungrateful woman as an owner.
          Same shit, different day. No thanks.
          Also our side must understand that what is needed-is hard, family stability and economic stablity come at an immense material cost in modernity and if one American tradition is still in tact, its got to be “I won’t pay the cost for that.”
          Also the “muh liberty” issue is going to jam us up big time. Newsweek I think was whining “Are Americans to Libertarian to Govern” when people decided to open up and ignore dumb orders anyway.
          These people can sod off but I will admit they have a point.
          Making modernity work requires an authoritarian society and people not only will not pay for it, they won’t allow the Authoritarian Right to fermented with the looting, with marriage, with the Internet and might not even allow the mass repatriations required for a functional society

      • On the subject of to our benefit: The riots are the explanation for why the police officer had his knee on that guy’s neck. This is who these people are inside, and the cops act accordingly.

    • Bruno, you can afford to be indifferent because it hasn’t hit you close enough to home yet . When it comes to the suburbs, it will be a different tune normie is dancing to. I’m not angry, but I’m staying alert and getting ready. Things will get a lot worse before they get better . Now is the time to prepare , if you haven’t already.

    • If white people were united, this would be a minor problem. Jim Crow worked pretty good in the South. Now we see why it was necessary.
      Let’s look at the bright side: now we know the answer to Fermi’s Paradox (about why we haven’t found evidence of intelligence elsewhere): every species must have its own self-haters, its own antifa.

      • Fellow-White People do everything they can to make sure White people don’t unite, including demonizing the idea of White solidarity b/c it leads to another you-know-what. We won’t have Jim Crow again until we become the 110th country to send Fellow-Whites packing.
        Without wealthy, influential monkey-wrenchers making the job harder, we can finally deal with the messes they’ve helped make re: Blacks, Women & Sh*tlibs.
        There are about 5x as many Blacks in America as Jews.
        What’s more realistic, sending all those Blacks to dirt-poor Africa where they have no existing roots and are wholly unwanted, or sending the world’s-richest-minority Jews on aliyah to the very wealthy country they already have that needs more Jews b/c Muslim fecundity?

      • For every civilization that reaches the mouth of the Great Filter lies the Great Dindu.

      • Exactly, doc. It’s as if some people, but apparently not yet enough, are waking up to the wisdom of our ancestors and realizing that ending segregation was dismantling Chesterton’s fence. Apartheid now!

    • You are correct not angry. Won’t get angry until the joggers and their allies try to bring it to me. I am old and I really just don’t give a shit anymore. Nobody is going to take my shit from me if I get a chance to defend myself. You should have a high capacity freedom dispenser close at hand.

  69. I’ve had great success with a simple “OK, Karen” whenever one of these dorks starts virtue signaling. Their typical response is to unfriend you on social media, avoid you in real life (they of course lack the balls to say “fuck you” to your face).

    • I’ve used that a few times as well. I get the claim that “Karen” is an anti-white meme now, but it is highly effective at telling the white liberal that you have no respect for them and no interest in their preaching. It really stings them, which is why they are working to turn the insult around on us.

      • It is an anti-white meme. But since Karen’s are anti-white ideologically, it is sensible to use that pejorative against White liberals. However, using it publicly is probably self defeating. The black who publicly rants against poorly behaving joggers gets no play in the black community. Maybe that would be a good strategy for us.

        • “gets no play in the black community. Maybe that would be a good strategy for us.”

        • it is good strategy, until it is used to justify Brown v Board yet again. exceptions don’t disprove the genetic rules. and even if you think they can be disproven with enough inculturation+improving genetics, well you go and do all that it in the black community as an crusader, missionary, whatever. but not bring back such community with you.
          even if the gaps are solved, don’t mix things up; which probably won’t happen fully if ever, because even then the Lord wills natural tribal attachment through subsidiarity. local action is the most apt to reflect nature. thus miscegenation should be an emergency-only survival exception to the natural rule. aiding the stranger doesn’t mean he ceases to be one, just not being a dick needlessly to him.
          for example, you may help a colored lady change her tire, but if it looks like you will die surrounded by a flash mob when you proceed to do so, then you can choose to be: a senseless martyr for a non-cause, a worthless flyer who will have to move endlessly, an exploding neurotic like the boogaloo Dylan Roof types, or a humble yet stout resister. there’s been too few of this last class compared to the others, as this is a person who does not want to erase all nonwhites or even resist violently, but doesn’t want all of whiteness to be a martyred either – because martyrdom consists of sacrifice for a divinely natural good, such as the survival of your faith and ethnos. and goodness knows offering whites at the altar of blacks hasn’t stopped them – it is thus an sterile sacrifice to evil forces. so better to sacrifice to our own altars. besides, we both can have Christian altars, blacks and whites, so at least that can be used to cool down things if needed.
          true, even Revelation says some Jews will convert on the last day – but again, only some exceptions, as of course Saint John also mentioned certain bloodsteins (heh) not going away. besides, sadly it seems we are going off the opposite end, (((them))) converting us back into useless pagans having to deal with perennial “democratic” infighting, while getting taken over by waves of swarthy barbarians and corporate-statist-led mob rule…
          fwiw, enough conservatives, even cucked/free-trade ones like Charlie Kirk, are getting closer to the truths about ethnicity. him asking for law and order is a covert way of saying “put the riotous nwords in jail”. the dirtbag left, they are probably spending whatever podcast money they have left on the bricks being planted on the street corners, because they can’t fathom categories outside of class. that said, they are right in that if artificial class distance is added onto natural race divisions, it makes the whole thing pop more messily; if only these leftists recognized God and his divinely ordained nature, they’d recognize natural races and groups too…

    • Never realized what sheep women are until the last couple of months. They went straight to ‘stay home, stay safe’ hectoring to anti-racist nagging without even blinking.
      Trying to stop them from infecting my normie wife feels like a life or death struggle.

      • Women are fascists and socialists by nature. The founding fathers understood this, and wisely refused them the right to vote. The worst of them think exclusively with their emotions, which are all too easily manipulated.
        Contrary to our esteemed blog host… I don’t think they will be reasoned with until they are confronted by the consequences of their voting habits, good and hard. Of course the usual weasel words apply: not all women are like that – just most of ’em.
        He IS correct in that it is time to part ways with Leftie. Way, way past time as a matter of fact. These people are not your friends.

        • Chet-John-Citizen: Citizen nailed it! This is a life and death struggle for your women. The Greeks understood this 2,400 years ago as this socialist collectivism women display is a hardwired response. “The Assemblywomen is a comedy written by the Greek playwright Aristophanes in 391 BC. The play invents a scenario where the women of Athens assume control of the government and instate reforms that ban private wealth and enforce sexual equality for the old and unattractive.” Sounds like now in history. Human nature does not change.
          Citizen understands the most powerful drive moving women is subconsciously identifying the dominant male and drawing toward him. HBD stuff and ancient. When Ogg is gored by the mammoth and dies, the woman with child turns to another family unit to take her in. Likely that man had more than one woman because the men were hunting and dying leaving more women than men. And women learned to kiss butt of the dominant women of each family unit to curry favor and acceptance of being second or third wife. This is where and why women are competitive with other women and don’t team play well. Women by instinct turn to dominance/strength in men for good breeding genes and protection not even once thinking that in reality Jamal will be happy to make a deposit and run leaving her to raise the children in poverty because now black nor white want her nor the half breeds.
          If I could roll back the 19th Amendment I would. And I’m a woman saying this. I am deeply ashamed of women running on emotional tribalism and not thinking to make decisions. A few early suffragettes understood this and worried women would vote tribally and not on merit. So you men are pretty much powerless as you watch your women absorbed into the great feeling miasma, while those of us women who do think are outliers and considered dangerous to other women.
          These dynamics will not change until some type of collapse happens, women are scared shitless and their entire survival is at stake. I believe only then will women walk on their lips through broken glass on their knees for you to provide and fix broken stuff, which the vibrants can’t fix.
          The Range knows. I married a man with an engineer brain.

          • I don’t know if we need a collapse. But what we do need is a community of our own, a community that offers an alternative to the larger society.
            White women will see a community that’s safe, has good schools and gives their children pride in themselves.
            We already see such communities in our society. Amish, Mormons, Jews, Muslims, Indians, etc. They all have their own communities that have their own rules (rules that are often quite different from the larger society) and yet their women happily accept those rules because they know that they and their children are safe in these communities.

          • Ha! You’re so funny! I don’t “need” a collapse either! Yea, let’s do community first. However, I know wahmyn! It will take something collapse-like to get women scared enough to crawl back to white guys that make stuff.
            BH is reading out loud Earth Abides. Notice Em is a black woman who survived the pandemic and Ish stumbles into her. She aligned with an Aspie white engineering type that can think and some do/make. Just saying. George, the guy that can build and do is characterized as few thoughts or thinking. 1940 How George Stewart a Berkeley English prof characterized those that really do.Ish spent most of his time thinking and trembling.

          • Survival threatened. No back to the land skills. Food scarcity. Stuff broken. That will stuff a sock in the pie-hole of screaming harridans. Odd man out does nothing. Hitting the wall hard is reality.

          • I’d guess NYC’s Hasidim would be happier if they could go on their errands with an automatic rifle on hand. Probably their brethren in Israel are allowed to 😀

          • Wow RFF. I almost feel sorry for your basic huband. You hold highly unusual and formidable views.

          • Hi Sid. Thanks! If I had a tail I would wag it! The only time you need feel sorry for him is when I talk his ear off. You’ll enjoy this….since men talk less than women, I check in with him to put me on his “dance” card for a good time to chat. I rarely ask him to drop everything. When we catch up, I limit talk time to not overload him. Then I appreciate him and all he has done and how he covers my back. We are a team and I cover his back also. Best to you.
            PS: Yes I hold highly unusual views. No problem for BH. To women I am often a threat. Don’t quite smell like their wolf pack.

          • Thanks for stating clearly what I have strongly suspected about the hens.
            Don’t tell other wimmen. They will pick you to death (but, you already know this).
            Again, thank you. Truly glad you and hubby are a team, and your backs are covered.

          • RFF, that’s quite the black pill. Not saying you’re wrong, just hoping we don’t have to fall quite that far for women to come around.

          • Yep…sorry Gauss. I just ran up like a big friendly golden retriever and dropped the skunk at your feet. I forget it’s not always what folks want. Until the dark swantz guys lose dominance and women feel truly deeply afraid for their very security, I don’t see it changing.Have hope….there will always be some good women mixed in. You guys just have to be more discerning. Take care.

          • Thank you, Range! There are likely a few unicorns on this blog who agree with you about the 19th Amendment.
            (I am one of them.) Usually it’s the ‘deer in the headlights’ look when I say that. (But I am kind an do at least inform them what the 19th Amendment does.)
            I think we may need collapse. I would favor seeing most wahmyn walk… how did you put it? “walk on their lips through broken glass on their knees” in order to get back to beg forgiveness for alpha whitey engineer to take them in.

          • Carrie…bless you and the horse you rode into town on. Notice I changed the common western phrase. Am thinking on your missive. The words “need collapse” is not me advocating for collapse. It just is. Collapse (in an unforeseeable form) is the carrier, the vehicle that brings the chaotic change that allows the rearranging of male/female relationship to return to the immutable fundamentals. Thanks and take care hon.

          • Thanks Alzae! And I thought I was chasing a stick woofing. Glad you got some understanding from it. Best to you.

          • I was explaining Aristophanes to my wife a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was doing OK but things started to go awry when she asked
            “So you think I shouldn’t be able to vote then?

          • Dear God…Won’t be playing poker with you! Hold them closer to your chest.

        • You are both correct I suppose, and I need to be more specific too.
          Shitlib communities WILL collapse on themselves. They already are; and it’s primarily women and their soys driving it. The question is, will they take us with them.
          The play ahead will be much like Canada’s when fwench socialists undermined their own economy. Turdo The Elder saw provinces that made sacrifices and controlled their spending… and being the commie fag that he was – he labelled them “Have” provinces. Provinces like Queerbec that were infested with corruption, incompetence, and irresponsibility were termed “Have-Not” provinces. So the **** invented a transfer scheme where money was collected from the fortunate provinces, and redistributed to the “unfortunate” provinces. As California and other shitlib states become ever more unfortunate – look for them to make a similar play. The women will be the ones that go for it too.

        • Well said. The only minor exception to this is maybe long married women.
          Now I’m fine with a repeal of the 17th, 19th , 23rd and 26th at least but if we are going to allow women’s suffrage married with kids only.
          I would not mind restricting the franchise and holding office to property owners married with children (no foreign adoption and no gay marriage obviously) or widowed.widower obviously.
          Long married women still tend to authoritarianism but its the “Conservative protect the established society” type.
          Combined with a hold on voting when you move and restoring the 21 years old requirement would go a long way to fixing the society we live in.
          Oh there still would be Karen’s galore but hectoring people who are raising trash kids, making sure that a Conservative society is supported is good work for them and for us.
           Ya can’t beat the Karen instinct but you can aim it where you want it, if and only if you take reigns on society and direct it in a pro natal, pro civic, pro tradition and pro White direction.

      • The average man has something of the ape or monkey about him – how else to explain that they go about repeating mass media slogans like demented parrots . As for the women they are natural born conformists . Orwell had them sussed when he wrote :
        “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.”
        The same was true of German women in the 30’s . 
        The normals are our people . They are gullible and they have been cozened with Social Proof provided by the electric and print media , as well as in indoctrination centres where they paid for their own conditioning . Most will change their song and dance tout-de-suite , when they are slapped upside the head with brutal reality. Those that don’t are unfortunately lost to us .Those that act on behalf of our foe are traitors who are beneath contempt. 
        When young men start dying the opinions of women will be worth exactly one tall glass of warm spit . 

      • White women simply want to stay on the good side of the tribe in power. It’s in their DNA and for good reason. Back in clan days, they would need the protection of the tribe so they could raise their children. If they were kicked out of the clan (especially if their man had died hunting or something), they and their children were as good as dead.
        Women always have their radar up for tribe rules so they can follow them. We know what tribe is most powerful today. Women watch TV or check Facebook for the rules. Asking women to go against the dominant tribe is insane. If you want women to change their behavior, offer them a different, powerful tribe that can protect them.

        • Drove through Riot Township in my Midwestern city yesterday. (It was in the day time). It was quiet but on one corner there was a crowd of black glad little posers waiting orders to march. They were 95% white, and 90% women. No doubt the brothers are eagerly anticipating getting some of that. It will probably be kept on the down low but no doubt the rapes will be happening like at Occupy squatter camps

          • If you click on the little settings cog on the bottom right of your posted comment it gives you back the “Edit” function.
            Gotta have your cursor over the comment, (at least in Firefox.)

      • Just this week had a “discussion” with wife regarding such social, “conformity”. She’s always of the mind, go along to get along. Here in this town, there is a battle between economic shutdown types and open up types. Gov has lifted shutdown, local city is attempting to circumvent with local orders. Now the battle is at street level of mask wearers vs non-mask wearers and companies taking sides by requiring such of customers.
        Wife of course says this will all die down and has her mask at the ready. My response was I’d never patronize such a business, now or in the future. There must be a price paid. I guess our compromise is to avoid such businesses when we are together. Nonetheless, Z-man’s admonishment of “disassociation” is taken to heart by me for both personal relationships and business.

      • Here’s the thing. All of these comments about women are generally true (and they apply to a lot of men, these days, as well). But they don’t know it. Fish, water, and all that. The advantage we have is that we understand something that they do not. Don’t tell them! Use your understanding, at the right moment in the proper situation, to leverage your advantage.

      • They are like sheep….until their children are threatened. Ask them about their kids. If their kids live in a particular big city, send them a clip of black violence against whites in that city. (One is sure to be available.)

        • This is why working class white women aren’t as pozzed as upper middle class white women. Their children are much closer to POC. Upper middle class white women keep their kids in heavily white schools. With the kids safe, these women go about cementing their place in the dominant tribe, which means being liberal or, at most, a color-blind CivNat.

      • Women pretty much play follow the leader
        And what’s been funny to me is the guys they sometimes perceive as being a “leader” but are laughable to men. But women can be fooled. Same with handsomeness. Guys they find handsome men will not.
        And fitting in with this are black guys. Women, most of them probably, see black guys as the leaders b/c they act all tough and are muscular so their default is to assume these are the guys who will be able to protect them, not necessarily in the immediate term but say a fight breaks out at a club and they gravitate to the black guys for safety. And on a larger scale. Like “Yeah China, let’s see you invade and try and beat the guys on our football teams, lol” And many men are the same as if blacks are invincible.
        And black men buy into it. I think a lot of this hatred of white cops is an ego bruise because a white guy got the better of them. And it infuriates them. But blacks getting the better or killing them doesn’t really register.

      • Men get their purpose in life from an idea. It might be a stupid idea, but it’s an idea nonetheless. Women get their purpose from the group. And the group, today, is this sick, dysfunctional culture of ours.

    • Karens exist because we allowed this to happen. Women are by nature easily socially conditioned. Once so conditioned they become the red guard in helping to maintain that social order. They spent 10s of thousands of years leaning to accept and embrace a new conquerors so they could better protect their offspring. In a social order defined by our tribe through our institutions of which we are in control this is a good thing. It adds stability to the society. If our institutions come under the control of the worst of our tribe and the malignant manipulations of foreigners then the innate communal gifts that women bring to how a society runs are now in service to tyranny and rot. It is always men who set the agenda. Women serve what has already been established.
      We allowed this to happen. We allowed our worst men and foreign parasites to define and set the social parameters. If we’re serious about dealing with Karens then as men we need to deal harshly with the usurpers. 90% of women won’t budge as long as those setting the agenda remain unchanged. In the mind of a typical female, if we can’t protect and run our own society then we can’t protect their children so they have little reason to listen to us.
      If we were to overturn things in our favor tomorrow the first thing women would do is to demand to know why. Once explained they would then spend the next month whining about why it took us so long. They are what they are.
      On a related note…”by other means” doesn’t work anymore. Most men understand this in one fashion or another. So they look for any possible reason and excuse not to have to face the harsh realities in the hope that crossing that line can be avoided. Many of us will continue to engage in this up to the last minute when the Berserker gene finally breaks through its carapace. We are what we are.

      • Exactly. I made the same point above. Bitching about white women following the rules of those in charge is insane. It’s like bitching about fishing swimming. It’s what women do – and should do.
        Face it, boys. We got conquered by another tribe. And women are doing what they always do when their men get beat; they suck up to the new men in charge.

        • “Face it, boys. We got conquered by another tribe. And women are doing what they always do when their men get beat; they suck up to the new men in charge.”
          Ouch! The truth hurts! Of course, look around to see mostly soy boys, gays, trannies, pajama boys in mommy’s basement, soft men with high voices, women know they’d better suck up to the new men in charge. Literally!  

        • While I don’t advocate it, this would explain the social/religious institution in many counties (Islamic mainly) that keep women on a vey short leash. It also explains the brutal punishment, including killing of a woman who “strays” even if she was raped against her will. Harsh traditions/taboos protect the tribe (and its genes) from any outsiders.

      • 100% agree, YY. MGTOW is a short-term situational survival strategy, not a lifestyle option. It’s a good idea for a guy currently facing divorce-rape but you’re going to need to find a better replacement for that dented can – sooner than later.
        The guys appealing to incel/volcels, telling guys in 2020 to demand virgin brides under 20 b/c TradCath etc… are either wishcasting spergs or cynics playing a numbers game for Trump votes.
        In either case, they are not helping bring us more White babies and more happy White men & women.
        Everyone’s at least a little broken and people who stoke the purity-spiral fires of sexual resentment are anti-social forces, not pro-social.
        Karen can be a bitch and “manning-up” is a short-end-of-the-stick solution for men but in the end, the only alternative is either dying alone or catching a bad case of The Gay.

        • I saw the exchange you had in which you argued for compatibility and bonding by living life and growing a family as being superior to the romantic need for perfection and feverish devotion from the get-go. Absolutely. We’d have gone extinct if we all waited for Mr. & Mrs. perfect. We fall in and out of love (infatuation) as we fall in and out of sickness. We build a deep love (bond) through commitment, shared experience and the joyful and at times not-so-joyful responsibility of raising children.

    • I would prefer “you live near good schools, don’t you?”
      Pretty much calls out their virtue LARPing.

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