President LARP

After close to a week of dithering, Jared Kushner allowed Trump to stage a publicity stunt, where he waddled out of the White House down to the church the looters had burned the other night. In front of the cameras, Trump held up a Bible and said some things. They said it symbolized national resilience to the mob violence that is engulfing the nation’s cities. In reality, it was the perfect image for a presidency that is nothing more than live action role playing.

Trump holding up a Bible is as ridiculous as Democrats talking about the Constitution and the rule of law. Trump is famously not religious. His life has been one of hedonism and self-regard. He does not attend services and breaks into hives whenever he has to speak about religion. There’s a good chance he was worried that he may be struck by lightning out there. It was the sort of highly choreographed political stunt that symbolizes everything that people hate about democracy.

That said, it will work with the plan-trusters. Scott Greer took to Twitter to announce that Trump saved his re-election campaign. Lots of his fellow plan-trusters seem to agree, at least for now. Way back in the election of 2016, Trump said “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” He took some grief for that at the time, but he was right. For his supporters, Trump is a vehicle through which they experience an alternative reality.

Under Trump, a new form of fantasy game has emerged. This new game is where Trump voters, and those adjacent, rush to social media in a crisis and start posting about “what Trump should do…” It’s followed by what is often a sensible suggestion, but one that will never happen. Then a long back and forth of various strategies about what he should do ensues. Sometimes Trump will goose this along with some tweets that are designed to encourage this form of role playing.

Of course, Trump never does anything. He’ll tweet out some outrage porn to the Left and make some vague threats, but otherwise he is all talk and no action. Right now, for example, he and President Kushner are trying to figure out how to win back the six black votes they were counting on this November. Now that “lowest black unemployment in history” has proven to be something less than the inspirational message they assumed, it is back to the drawing board.

In lieu of action, these internet fantasies fill the void left in these voter’s minds. They get to pretend that Trump will actually do something other than laugh at them. They look at Trump awkwardly holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church and imagine it is a great moment where the country rallies around their hero. They get the same rush from the make believe as they would from the real. Trump pretending to do whatever it is he is promising is the same as Trump actually doing something.

In fact, they often believe it is real. Talk to a true-blue MAGA type and they will tell you Trump has clamped down on immigration and is now “draining the swamp.” If you point out the facts, they will call you a “libtard” and refuse to discuss it further. For example, many of these people not only think he is building the wall, but that it is already built, which why he no longer discuss it. The fantasy version of the Trump presidency is so fulfilling it has supplanted the real Trump presidency.

This is a form of false consciousness. Instead of workers unable to understand class reality and their own exploitation, it is white conservatives unable to process their diminished status in America. In the real world, they are at the bottom of the social hierarchy, slowly being eliminated from society. In the fantasy realm, they are still the top dogs. In the fantasy version of Trump, he is one of them, acting on behalf of their interests, when in reality, he is a tool of the ruling class.

An interesting off-shoot of this is that when you can get a Trump supporter to acknowledge that he has done nothing for them, they switch tracks. He stops being the God-Emperor and becomes Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. He is the sincere reformer being thwarted by the corrupt machine. In an instant, the main character in the fantasy goes from omnipotent leader to impotent victim. Trump fighting Washington is just another version of the fantasy.

Both sides of this fantasy have one thing in common. There is an unspoken, instinctive contempt for democracy. In the God-Emperor mode, Trump is issuing edicts and imposing his will on the nation. In the tragic hero version, the will of the people is thwarted by a corrupt system. In both versions, voting and debating, the core of democracy, have no role. One version is the hero slaying democracy and the other version is the hero being slain by democracy.

This form of false consciousness is not exclusive to Trump fans. His enemies now engage in their own fantasies. They imagine him as Orange Hitler and they carry on as if he really is a dictator. Further, they will convince themselves that Joe Biden is reversing all of Orange Hitler’s polices, once he is in the White House. Within days of Biden taking office, they will pretend Biden has swept aside all of the things they spent four years pretending Trump was doing.

The difference is that with the Left, they expect the fantasy to be made real and they get angry when it fails to happen. We saw this in the Obama years. They really did think he was the prophesied messiah, who would usher in a new era. As the reality of his administration became too hard to ignore, the Left got mad. When Trump won in 2016, they got super-agitated and have remained so ever since. The current round of riots are just a carryover from the disappointment of the Obama years.

For the normie right, anger and rioting are off the table, so they will continue to indulge in the fantasy game that is the Trump presidency. He will continue to monitor the situation and consider doing things. Maybe a symbolic executive order will be tossed in for effect. Meanwhile, his base will invent scenarios in which he drains the swamp and owns the libs. The less he does, the deeper the fantasy. Trump is the first virtual President, playing a role for the amusement of his voters.

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447 thoughts on “President LARP

  1. Hmm … the Kushner image showed up fine in the input control area/canvas whatever this area is. Blew up when I posted it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Given what we know about either party do we want a man, or a woman who self identifies as a man, or a man who self identifies as a woman, or a woman, or a non binary, or whatever, that is a person of action at all?
    I know the lessor of the evils argument is old and tattered, but it is in fact legitimate. Imagine a Hillary.
    A virtual president who at least uses the word thugs, says not all Mexicans are the spawn of Mother Teresa and at least “says” things I want to hear is better than the other option.
    The other option we had in power for 8 years was a mullato who constantly said, directly or through minions that all white people are bad, that all white people should pay, old white man, on and on and on. Not hearing that for 4 years has been the greatest gift ever.
    Reagan’s 11 commandment was never adopted by the right crowd, or the conservative crowd or whatever you want to call a crowd, but the left have sucked it up and swallowed hook, line and sinker.
    The libs very rarely attack their own, and when they do it is a chosen sacrificial lamb, NEVER the one in charge, ever never never.
    Just like Trumps famous I could shoot someone on 5th ave statement, Obama could of said I can rape a white women daily while in office, make the bitch bear my kids and put them all on welfare and left would of been like, well, thats not so bad, we could of had a Republican president………..
    Of all the things the dissident right can focus on, daily, day in and day out, Trump bashing should not be one of them. I will never understand it.
    The dissident right, in all its forms reminds me of the Christian Church. There are what, 30,000 different types of churches now in the US. How is that working out for them? White people seem to perpetuate this fractional in all aspects of life.
    Don’t work hard to revolutionize and take over the existing structure. Just slam it daily and invent a new movement. It is the poorest form of persuasion when trying to grow a movement.
    I live down the street from one of the biggest, maybe the biggest I am not sure, mosques in Florida. They arrested like 14 out of there after 911, including Sammy Al Arian. The place has doubled, maybe tripled in size since then.
    There are minor prayer places around and a few store front setups elsewhere, but for the most part they stick together like flies on a pile of shit. And guess what, they are winning. The place is huge and has more money to spend than all the local Christian denominations combined. When is the last time you heard an actual Muslim in real power speak bad of another Muslim in power. Or even speak bad of a terrorist.
    Any movement could learn a thing or two from that bunch.
    And as far as Trump doing nothing during all the unrest, well, I find for the most part people who live in the shit holes that are burning are the ones complaining the most.
    I for one think we should let them burn. The Feds stay out. Live in the shit hole you voted for. And if you didn’t vote for it move out or suck it up.
    Same thing went for corona. The people advocating and bitching for a lockdown were for the most part old people.
    I like my virtual president far more than any actual one I have had in the last 4 decades. And at least there is actually something worth watching on tv. Liberal shit holes on fire, my never favorite series and I dont even have to pay for Netflix.

  3. here’s a news channel showing black riot all the time, stop racism etc.
    and some point they show white girl approaches black teenager to protect from cops
    Are those younger generations of white women are a lost cause?
    I didn’t see any ethnic group of people like as white people trash their ancestors and turn over their own people
    most of other ethnic group is just being with their own people

  4. Not to go against my newly found accelerationists ethos, but i will add a tiny white pill. Been over at powerline blog. Run by a couple of minnisotans. mainstream conservative. Think i spotted the metamorphosis of a couple goodish whites into bad whites. Brings a little tear to this old racist’s eye when a bad-thinking hatchling is born. Once you go bad you never go back.

  5. I don’t think they can trust the soldiers National Guard or Regulars either.

    No one wants to shoot the sacred Black man.

    Trump of course is out there saying the proper things about George Floyd, and babbling about Law and Order.

    COVID broke Trump.

    he just had no plan for pandemic, and he’s done. He was brilliant at what he did, the moment he needed govt to work it failed, probably deliberately. Side note America has never been a people or nation that reacted well to unexpected threats. Not just 9/11 or Pearl Harbor but all the way back to King Philips War. We have many strengths, but unless on offense hard we’re asleep. That’s the story of COVID- any President wpuld have failed.

    • I think Z-man said it best, our basic organizing principle as a nation is now “fear”. Not sure that such is a strategy for success as a nation.

  6. Zman — I think you are being a bit unfair to Trump. Not that he is not a blowhard who is bad at politics. But … that his entire career started at the top. So all he is good as is deals. In politicking — rewarding friends and punishing enemies he is very, very bad. As bad as Obama was (someone else who never did much politicking but was protected by the press) and Bush Junior and Senior. Reagan was better but the only really good politician President was Ike who spent his whole career in the military politicking. As Ike noted in Crusade in Europe (I read it, highly recommended) Napoleon fell in estimation as a strategist as those historians understood the nature of his coalition enemies.
    And I think you also underestimate the moment. We are at yes a 1917 Bolshevik Revolution movement.
    Right now, there are thousands of young, mostly White people outside Eric Garcetti’s Mayor Mansion in LA demanding that the LAPD be disbanded and for reparations for slavery. None of this would benefit the mostly White crowd in any way, and is IMHO their desperation and need for corporate approved rebellion at work with most of then unemployed and permanently unemployed. In the shots I saw, I did not see the usual Black Bloc weirdo losers and freaks we usually see out here. The demands are stupid — Garcetti is not going to do away with the LAPD nor is going to depolice Los Angeles. Nor is he going to take people’s houses and give them to Black people.
    Its lockdown fever and the only way it ends is in blood. These demands and marches won’t stop, and they are going to intensify. Hit the suburbs and start looting. People are going to shoot to keep their houses from being burnt down. Even if they go to jail, other members of their family will still have their houses. And knowing they will go to jail, they will try and take out as many as possible no matter what.
    At a certain point, there will be blood in the streets on a massive scale. Look at the violent protests in Paris. Or Dublin. Or Copenhagen. No one there cares about a jogger maybe or maybe not dying at the hands of a policeman in America. The aim of the young crowd is to stage “The Purge” movies for real as they know they have no future. They want to kill normie for real and take all his stuff. That literally is their plan and demands. Globally. Call it the reverse 1848.
    Already the non Fredo Cuomo brother is getting ready to depose de Blasio. Who let gangs run wild looting Fifth Avenue. Next step, looting all those high rise aparments run by oligarchs and THAT will never do.
    The Salem Witch trials ended abruptly when the Governor’s wife was accused of being a witch. This stuff will end when Malibu is in flames. Or the Upper East Side.
    At any rate, the road is open for America’s Pinochet. President Stacey Abrams could well kick off the hottest of Civil Wars, a death struggle as the only way the demands of Black people end is themselves owning White slaves. That is literally their demand.

    • Ike federalized the national guard in arkansas and brought in the 101st airborne to enforce black integration in schools against the wishes of the majority of the population.
      Remind me again what a good president he was?

      • Integration seemed the right thing to at the time. Separate but equal was the law of the land before the Brown (no pun intended) case, but the black schools were not equal to the white schools. Anyway, except for his Supreme Court picks (Warren, Brennan) Eisenhower has been our most conservative post war President. No new federal programs and balanced budgets almost every year. Outstanding on immigration as well–Operation Wetback sent all of the illegals home. He became a Christian while he was President–Billy Graham was more than a golfing buddy.

    • Anyone who Presides over a country that burns elite Manhattan neighborhoods down deserves re-election.
      in fact I like the idea of megan mccain’s neighborhood burning down SO MUCH I don’t even think I want Biden’s running mate to be black, I want Trump’s replacement not to be Black, but a straight up Nigger. Go niggers Go.

      If you come to my neighboorhood I’ll shoot, but you are welcome to white liberal neighborhhods. 
      NIGGERS 2020.!!!

      My neighborhood in Manhattan is eviscerated and looks like a war zone. DeBlasio and Cuomo are an utter disgrace. This is not America. Our leaders have abandoned us and continue to let great American cities burn to the ground and be destroyed. I never could have fathomed this. 

  7. When you folks stop with your two minutes of rage against Trump. TPTB just shut down WRSA. Just like Chateau Heartiste( and GAB isn;t a decent substitute for it)
    This is the DR future.

    • Sounds like a great reason not to vote for the guy who’s continuing to let this happen.
      You’re drinking Black Pill Label this evening, I see. Tomorrow you’ll be preaching “let’s fight” and optimism after downing a jug of Sweet Polyanna’s Moonshine. All you do is counter-signal and you don’t have a plan. Why should anyone bother to listen to you? If there is no future, why do you even bother to post?

  8. Number of trump cultists her largely exceeds my initial estimates
    Lol after 4 (almost) years and long chain of treason towards people that elected him these retards still come in his defense with the most retarded line you could hear “but bro who else”, the line you could hear every 4 years for last 60+ years and results of that stupidity these days are more clear than ever
    Kind of OT but these are the days of nigger insurrection throughput the western world, savages are destroying our culture and civilization but a single leader to stand against it is nowhere to be found. Perhaps if 50+ years ago we started to reject all politicians of orange kind today we would have Men to rise up
    Scene from Paris today If you read twatter the post you will find out that you are hated as a white men not as an American of French I have no idea where that coward and granny fucker Macron is but it is absolutely irrelevant We have defend ourselves alone man by man street by street


  9. Another theme that’s been worked to death is that Trump is a “transitional” POTUS to something better. The best we can do for now. For those of us who’ve been paying attention to Right-wing politics for longer than the Trump presidency, this was a familiar song. We’ve been listening to it all our lives.
    Every Conservative hill to die on has been died on – yet the Gay Oligarch Party shambles on, a zombie opposition in star-spangled greasepaint, dancing to the drums of that voodoo (((they))) do so well.
    Now that it’s “Leaning Forward” on its knees, fabulously Trumpy NuCon stalwarts like Rob Smith & “Lady” MAGA can’t get enough of this Right-wing stuff.
    Conservatism’s last fig-leaves of credibility on actual American interests were law-and-order and abortion.
    For law & order, we got Kim & Kanye, criminal justice repeal & replacement (aka “reform”), based Blacks & D.C. cops taking a knee.
    On abortion, another Republican presidency is soon ending and despite muh Supreme Court being the reason many still held their noses and voted GOP, baby-killing remains not only a booming industry but was recently declared “essential,” with Planned Parenthood remaining open for murder during the Covid restrictions.
    Yes, I know, Styx, “Incrementalism, Trump can’t do everything. muh Constitutional limits, he’s not a dictator!!!”
    But America sure wishes some other wigga was right about now.

  10. I predict you will do a follow up post in the next couple of years, maybe as soon as six months, on your surprise that it turned out Trump really was building the wall and draining the swamp. I agree that Trump does LARP, but you covered only one way of how he goes about it. His second method is to get it done for real, and then he LARPs about it when it is too late for anyone to realize what he has done and stop him.

    • David, I see you have decided to leave out your avatar pic for your Trump posting – good move, it looked kinda (((foreign))). The fake last name wasn’t helping either.
      This hasbara is no more credible than your Christian Zionist posting, FWIW.
      Sometimes the content matters more than the window-dressing, and the dogs around here just don’t like the taste of what you’re selling

      • You have the wrong David. This is my second or third post on the Zman over the course of about three years. I never posted anything about Christianity or Zionism.

        • Same totally implausible 4D-chess excuses for Trump as another guy I guess. One Hopium addict looks like another to me nowadays.

          • Same totally implausible 4D-chess excuses for Trump as another guy I guess.
            ^Exile’s excuse for confusing me with someone else. My post had 1 prediction, and 0 excuses.

          • Exile, lighten up.
            You’re exceptionally downer this evening. Don’t let events affect you, enjoy every moment of life.
            it was always a gift on borrowed time.
            If the real shit happens what will you do? We’re at least closer now. Seriously, lighten up, for tomorrow or the day after we die.

  11. To vote for Trump or not? I dunno. Here are my thoughts, let me know what you think.
    I’d like not to vote for him to punish him for doing next to nothing on immigration, legal and illegal, and bringing back manufacturing. Instead we got feed-the-rich tax cuts and moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem.
    However, if someone besides Trump wins, there is a decent chance that some of my friends or allies, or me, might face court cases for things we’ve said on the internet. Conceivably, some could be imprisoned for thought crime.

    • Line, check out Bill Barr’s efforts to jawbone big tech into backdoors to encryption and his DoJ’s position on guys like Rise Against Movement, the NYC Proud Boys and James Fields. How’s that civil rights prosecution against the Charlottesville police & antifa collaborators coming along?
      Trump’s position on H8ers is better than what you’re going to see under a Democrat (or a Communist for that matter) because Jews want you prosecuted for thought crime and they run the only two parties that matter. Tell me that Zion Don doesn’t have to ask them what he can have for lunch, much less give them any static about prosecuting guys like Us.

  12. I voted for Trump and agree that he should have done better. This is as good as it’s going to get though before the country breaks up. Yeah, (((Jared))) really needs to be stuffed in an oven.

    • I saw that and I was just about to post it here. Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. This whole ordeal may be worth that video clip.

      • I don’t know, DeBlasio’s mulatto looking like Ol Dirty Bastard really gave me a chuckle…

  13. Holy crap there are a lot of butthurt Trump supporters who refuse to move on in this thread.

  14. Long time reader, first-ish time commenter. My frustation currently is that I have reached a point that I think time for talk has ended, and action is required. But there is no clear action I can see besides standing one by one and so falling one by one, ala Harrison Bergeron. I feel like I am willing to die to protect my family, but eventually we are doomed to lose unless we unite. I find that I look to Z as some type of touchstone, and I am almost waiting for the word. Anyone else like that?

  15. WOW Z !!!
    You finally de-cloaked as a never Trumper.
    Was awfully suspicious . You seemed to dance around it , but now you’ve come out and completely trashed the president.
    That’s okay . Better to know now then find out later. It’s too bad . Really liked this blog . Oh well.

      • I don’t call it dawdling. What part has burned? Wait! New York City is in trouble?!! We should rush to the rescue? bwahaha Are you fucking KIDDING me? Flood the tunnels, burn the bridges, mine the Hudson. Let hangry diversity eat shitlib. Send in the recon drones to record the entertainment for posterity. NONE of them are my people and they have made their utter contempt and exterminatory hatred of my people oh so crystal clear.
        Here is some reality. The cities that are in trouble are FORMER American cities. NYC has gone from American, to foreign occupied, to foreign, to enemy. Even on 9/11/2001 it probably wasn’t worth the effort, but we were blind bleating sheep (me included). Trump is the last of the defeated old guard WASPS from NYC and when his time in DC is over, he won’t be going back.
        When empires undergo expansion phases they ALWAYS have a flow of imperial peoples (as opposed to the native population that started the empire) to whatever cities the imperial tax revenue end up. Some peoples live in a place in good times and bad, and perpetuate, advancing human civilization two steps forward one step backward rinse and repeat, while others are migratory and follow the flow of wealth as it moves hither and thither with the rising and declining fortunes of empire.
        I recall reading an account of Cairo (ancient Memphis) during the close of one of Egypt’s imperial phases. It was multicultural ingathered with all the human jetsam and flotsam of the ancient Mediterranean, but 50 years later (at the end of imperial cycle) it was completely Egyptian again. (as it is now, not coincidentally) I doubt the non-Egyptians were asked to leave politely. Egypt is still Egyptian. The burning cities of Murka are not mine, and I don’t care.

        • OK, after sifting through that mound of bloviating garbage, here’s the thing you’re missing: people want Trump to do something because they know that first it might be a diverse city, but next it will spread to their OWN city, town, or suburb.

    • “President Kushner.” Through inscrutable means, they always control our leaders. Another argument for separation.

  16. I disagree that Trump supporters will stand by him no matter what. I think most Trump people in Alabama will vote for Jeff Sessions even though Trump said not to. Likewise in Kentucky where the courageous Thomas Massie is still popular among the MAGA crowd in spite of Trump attacking him for not backing the stimulus package.
    Trump is half a loaf. He’s delivered very little, but has shown that an America First platform can win. He took on the military industrial complex, “free” trade, Wall Street, immigration sentimentalism, etc., and still won. The Republican Party now endorses policies that it ignored before. Granted it is mostly rhetoric at this point. However, if we get a Kris Kobach or a Josh Hawley in the White house, we might just yet vote our way out of this. Yes, its against the odds, but its still the best strategy at this point.

    • RE: AL senate race. Would seem Sessions likely to win the Roll Tide vote v. Tuberville

  17. I have been out of the picture for a few months and got back to online life today. One thing I’m noticing: has the size of the comments changed for everyone, or just for me? How can I fix this? (Apologies if this has already been asked…)

    • The article said the police knelt down because they felt pain of the black community. Heritage Americans, well you can just FOAD.

  18. I found out why Breitbarts love Obama, from Rush: he can say “Obama”, meaning black, without saying the taboo word, “black”.

    As if black could ever be anything but ennobling and inspiring.

    Rush: “…a white supremacist believes that they’re better than other people…and they’re lunatics”



  19. Even for Trump that stunt was weird and cringe. The way he kept holding it and changing his pose was awful. So reporterette asked if that was his Bible and he replied “It’s a Bible”. I wonder where he got it, it looked brand new.
    It was amusing for the spectacle value and how it upset people but what they hell was the point of that?

    • Same spectacle value as a year or so ago when he was trying to find or reference ‘two’ Corinthians.

      • As a Christian, I have respect for someone who even pretends to be one. It takes courage in today’s world and it attests to a conviction that Christianity leads to better civilizations that the alternatives, that we shouldn’t throw away the trappings.

        • Right Doc,
          I view Trump as a non-Christian leader that is sympathetic to we Christians. He is very much of this world. Maybe he’s friendly to us because many are part of his base, or simply out of nostalgia for an past America. I imagine early Christians felt the same way about pagan emperors that weren’t keen to persecute them.
          I doubt I’ll see an actual Christian President in my remaining days. Sure, they’ll all go through the motions of of civic ceremony and attend this service or that but with all the genuine belief of any other ribbon-cutting ceremony.
          I may live long enough to see a President actually eshew or denounce Christianity and simply dispense with the formalities. This is assuming we continue to have “elections” and “Presidents”.

          • Trump is a testament to how beat up Christians have become that they cling to him simply because he talks the talk.

          • Yes. At this point I’ll settle for lip service and not openly attacking us. Pathetic? That’s certainly a way of looking at it. Wishing to postpone the big guns being brought to bear against us? That’s simply human nature.

      • Christianity aside, why do you support him? It’s not about his faith or lack thereof, I mean just on policy & lack of performance.

        • Good judicial appointments and standing up for religious liberty. On immigration, he’s delivered a few things–fewer refugees and part of the wall. (Derbyshire, a Trump skeptic, did the research and had to admit that part of the wall has been built plus repairs to the part that already existed.)

  20. Trump “considering” labeling antifa a terrorist organization.
    He promised his supporters he would press for the prosecution of hillary for the email crap. But as soon as he was sworn in to the presidency he backed off and said this:
    Donald Trump reveals he won’t try to jail Hillary Clinton over her email server because it would ‘divide the nation.
     There’s a long list of that kind of s**t. When he doesn’t follow through on the antifa thing, will his people finally realize that their on their own? Probably not. He’s all they have.
    “Do not look to nobles, nor to mere human beings who cannot save.”
    Psalm 146:3

    • We wanted Ford to take Nixon to trial as well. He pardoned him and lost the election. Seems to be a gentlemen’s agreement that the winner in these political “contests” has mercy on the loser. Sweet deal if you can get it. Reminds me of the old medieval wars, where peasant and lower cast were slaughtered and “nobles” ransomed.

      • “Seems to be a gentlemen’s agreement that the winner in these political “contests” has mercy on the loser. Sweet deal if you can get it.”
        If trump thinks he’s going to get that same deal he’s nuts. It doesn’t matter if he wins in Novermber or not. When he leaves office, they are going to hound him to his grave.

  21. Trump, like any President, has had his failures but he has also had successes. He revived a moribund economy, and the stock market is betting it will boom again once Covid is behind us. He has a good foreign policy record – eliminating ISIS as a military threat, cancelling the insane Iran deal, standing up to China, moving to get us out of Afghanistan. Do you really think Trump (or anyone else) can solve the problem of black dysfunction? Do you think the immigration situation will improve if Biden is elected President and the Senate goes Democrat?

    • The Iran deal wasn’t insane, and it was interesting how quickly the left threw Obama under the bus when he made a deal that had such a negative impact on “our greatest ally”. That being said, Trump does get points for at least not being goaded into starting WW3. He also gets points for canning various Obama regulations and calling off the business destroying SJW crowd in the justice department (and elsewhere).

  22. Rush is about 3 seconds away from saying Black America is rioting over taxes.

    Schlomo is going to have more discounted real estate than he knows what to do with.

  23. Everyone today is lamenting at how repressive and lowbrow our culture is. I would like to present the case that this happened because we allowed the left to capture the institution and plant their own subversives inside, along with disregarding the institution as not leading to a high-paying job.
    The reality is that humanities in colleges set the cultural tone for the nation. All the things that are debated and discussed in humanities courses eventually make it into the mainstream culture. For example, the ideas of censorship, safe spaces, and “canceling” problematic free speech all began in college. I remember that there was an article in the Harvard Crimson in 2014 arguing that academic discussion was “problematic” and that the real focus should be on social justice.
    At the time, conservatives just used it as another prop to show how stupid the left is. Of course, every right thinking and practical minded person believed this validated them going into a practical major like engineering or the sciences. Everyone laughed at the new low colleges went to, along with making fun of people who would become future barristas.
    Well guess what, some of the future “barristas” were able to get corporate jobs in your HR department or as deans in your colleges. And these people have now been setting the tone for censorship and anti-white rhetoric. Ignoring the humanities has led businesses to impose such a repressive environment that one would think they are now in the Soviet Union again. And those new deans have now hamstrung your math and science departments so that even subjects relying on objective truth like math have more discussions on creating social justice for math rather than promoting excellence and objectivity.
    This is as much conservatives fault as it is liberals. Conservatives will tend to ignore humanities as a major because of them saying to themselves: “What practical use will this subject give me?”. Of course, with how amok the humanities are today, no one could blame them. But conservatives long had this attitude before it reached this point. Conservatives main function has been to find a high paying job, buying a house, and starting a family without regards to the culture they would bring up that family in.
    Of course, all this started shortly after the 60’s revolution and the long march through the institutions, when the new radicals who became faculty members junked the humanities focus on Western education as “imperialist”, “sexist”, “racist”, etc. All of a sudden, Plato, Aristotle, Milton, Kant, etc. were replaced by feel-good curriculum, junk humanities classes (history of comic books anyone?), ethnic studies, and far-left degradation of Western culture. People like Jacques Barzun saw this coming. Which is why he wrote “From Dawn to Decadence”. He wanted to create an elegy to the Western culture that he knew was superior and which he knew it’s discarding would lead to a new dark age.
    Conservatives need to form a concerted effort to retake the humanities. Capturing the cultural centers would lead to a gradual normalization again of our culture.

    • Part of this is because we have no institutional (civilizational) right wing. We used to have one, but it was destroyed before I was born by Conservatives, not by the left. (basically, just in time for the destruction of Bretton Woods and the beginning of fiat currency) The money-worshippers in the eGOP viewed them as more of a threat to their unbridled greed than they viewed the communists.
      The white rich truly deserve everything they have coming. I know they think they are going to control the nuevo left with their money, but they are wrong. The rich in Weimar thought the same thing about Hitler. Controlling people with pots of money in a system works when one is seen as the legitimate ruler of the system. When there is no legitimacy, governance reverts to gun rules. There isn’t a single example in human history of a ruling class that relied upon mercenaries (loyalty ONLY a function of money) for civilizational protection of life and property that didn’t end in the dust bin of history. The blacks and browns will replace every white in the ruling class with their own, by any means necessary.

    • I was in college in the early seventies and had gone to a public HS that offered two years of calculus, two of physics, four of Latin, etc. My first college roommate bragged to me about his HS, where one of the English teachers had them write papers on Beatles or Dylan lyrics. I said to him, “I’m glad we’re in college where it’s serious learning.”

      • Exactly. I did not know such at the time, but it hit me like a book first year University. My math class text book was exactly the same as last year HS. I was not so wise however, and my thinking was “Sweet, I’ve got an easy A”. Today I’d say, “What the hell am I paying you for? Where do I drop this mediocre class?”

    • Completely agree. Average normal American cannot fathom the levels of bizarre ideas found in colleges. And studying STEM offers no respite from the nonsense … my step-daughter’s EE class this semester includes preferred pronouns for each TA on the syllabus.

  24. here is a short vid laying out the reality of the political situation for the DR.
    tthey probbly already have plans to blme the DR for the looting and shooting antifa has been doing. then you will see the slowly eliminated from the
     “slowly being eliminated from society” Z refers to.

  25. Good one Z, pointing out the obvious ,if of course your not looking through jaundice eyeballs . Derbs been pointing this out too. No wall paid by Mexico,DACA still intact, no tax break for me ( union trade journeyman) I’m always amazed how many of my union brother’s support trump. This guy hates private sector labor unions. I was born about 20 blocks from trump tower so I had front row seat to the sideshow. Maybe the next time Kim the NBA pipe fitter Kardashian is in the Oval Office they can read the good book together.
    nobody for president in 2020
    who’s Going to lower taxes? Nobody
    who’s going to drain the swamp ? Nobody
    who’s going to do the right thing by whites ? Nobody
    paid for by Nobody pac fund USA 9785436987

  26. One of the funniest things about the current riots is watching the absolutely predictable reaction of the Left to this. There are four distinct stages that the Left goes through any time someone on their side commits an atrocity:
    1) Denial – it didn’t happen (“Stalin didn’t really kill any Kulaks, that’s Nazi propaganda”, “there are no riots, only peaceful protests”). When the evidence becomes overwhelming, they go to…
    2) Admission, but flipped – (“Ok, yeah it happened, but it’s good (Those Kulaks had it coming, white America deserves to have it’s stuff burned down”). When the badness of what is happening becomes too obvious to deny, they go to…
    3) Admission, but minimization – (“Ok, yeah, it happened, and it was bad, not THAT bad – Stalin only killed FIFTEEN million people, not twenty, not THAT many buildings were burned down!”). When this inevitably fails, they rech the final, near hysterical, stage…
    4) Admission, but shift the blame – (“Ok, yeah, it happened, and it was bad, and it was very bad, but it was actually the RIGHT’s FAULT – Stalin was paranoid because the West intervened in the Russian Civil War it was actually disguised white supremacists telling blacks to burn those buildings Oswald was a CIA agent pretending to be a Commie Manson was COINTELPRO Vickie Weaver was THREATENING Lon Horiuchi with that baby!”
    I see we’re at Stage Four of Liberal lying already. They’re getting desperate…

  27. The most blackpilling thing about the riots has been the asymmetrical police response. The rioting itself by the usual suspects isn’t surprising or unusual.
    There’s lots of footage out there showing Hispanics, Asians and Arabs successfully defending themselves and their property without reprisal. And good for them, but…
    Every time a white person has attempted to do the same, they’ve been disproportionately arrested by cops who somehow have the ability to make arrests but not stop any looting, or beaten or killed (sometimes even arrested after being beaten!), or at best doxxed and threatened by goodwhites and “fellow whites” for trying to defend themselves.
    The cherry on top is that the entire conventional right—from Trump on down—has thrown white people under the bus. Not a single ounce, or even an empty word, of support.

    • Reminds me of the guy who was “ashamed” of his “fellow whites” in Snohomish for patrolling their suburb to defend it from rioters and looters. Betcha he’s NEVER complained about Shomrim doing the same thing in certain other ethnic neighborhoods.

  28. Agree with everything you write, Z about Trump. However, later in the comment section you seem to be promoting “accelerationism.” Whatever.
    Voting generally doesn’t matter, as you yourself have written, but it’s an interesting topic, I guess. Similar to arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Given where I live, I know that my vote won’t count, so the only reason I vote is for the dinner-table conversation. That’s about it.

    • Taibbi and Stoller are at least honest documenters of The Heist (that’s why you’ve never heard of/read them.)

  29. trump has done nothing for his base. Covid and the riots could have been his moments to shine, but instead he looks like a weak bumbler. He will lose, and he will deserve to lose.

  30. There’s one option and one option only and that is white racial organization. Trump hates whites at worst and couldn’t care less at best. He and his cronies are looting america from the top and the anarcho tyranny of blacks and brown will loot america from the bottom. Whites have no legal or institutional protection anymore. Had this riot been whites, they would have been killed in 24 hours and politicians would have done victory laps around the country for a month. The state will only intervene to crush whites, otherwise the state will stand down and allow the looting to continue as long as their position remains untouched. The politicians hate you and the institutions are now designed to destroy you. The sooner you realize this, the sooner this gets better.

  31. What strikes me about using troops domestically, using the insurrection acts, is that each governor has access to National Guard troops. The rioting/looting isn’t really hard to put down. Maybe the problem is that local politicians, like the national ones, aren’t up to their jobs. And if that’s the case, I have no problem sitting back and watching a community self destruct because of its poor voting decisions. This is why everyone needs to be armed. If we use the military to put don something like this, what won’t it be used for in the future? And if that’s the case, why not elect a generalissimo instead of a President, and if that’s the case, then why bother with democracy at all? The big question is who will left in charge of the military when democracy eventually fails.

    • Of course – the problem is willpower not manpower. Minnesota doesn’t need the 82nd Airborne to quell a riot. The local and state cops backed up by their own national guard have way more firepower and resources than needed. Electing mayors and a governor who side with the looters is the problem. Having an openly Antifa AG doesn’t help either.

  32. I love this site because Z see’s things a few steps ahead but on this point I don’t agree. I wish Trump would be more forceful, I wish he’d build the damn wall…christ I wish he’d channel Pat Buchanan an lay out why having a population of worthless taxpayer funded minorities is bad for the business of America, but its not happening. He’s leaving Afghanistan, he’s identified the majority of the lefties in the media for who they are, he’s called out all our enemies foreign and domestic. Its not a bad thing. Having a piece of shit like Biden and a gap toothed fake governor as VP would be the final nail in the American coffin.
    The dissent Right has a ton of great ideas but until its packaged correctly or the guilt ridden white majority realizes that their country is being systematically drowned in minority shit….we’re getting nowhere.
    Now we have at least 2 Brigades of 82nd deploying or preparing to deploy. One of which is an Infantry BDE and the other MP’s. Neither practice law enforcement domestically. Neither side of this fight is going to want to see this. if things continue, the joe’s will fall back on what we’ve learned over the last 20 years of war….
    Trump has given these animals enough rope to hang themselves and they have. Maybe just maybe he will enact z’s list of his current failures after Nov. Id rather take that chance then friggen Biden and that pig he may run with.

    • ‘Saving the country’ is the wrong metric to use in judging Trump. The 1965 Hart-Cellar Act doomed our country. There was never any chance that Trump was going to save it starting in 2016. While the country as a European state has been murdered and cannot be saved, the American nations within can be. Whether he is intending to or not, Trump is preconditioning the battlefields of the future by changing perceptions. He has done a great job of baiting our enemies into showing their true faces and delegitimizing their power structures (media, federal police, etc) and upending their “rape America for fun and profit” China-trade revenue streams.
      Are we better off enduring the 2020-2024 portion of the long slide down with Trump as command authority of the forces of order (all the while acting as a catalyst to an awakening of noticing) or are we better off with anti-white communist Biden/Abrams as command authority?

      • I see Trump as throwing a few hurdles in front of a few of our enemies running towards us. Nothing more … also *nothing less*.
        You are absolutely correct about putting aside any dream one might have for a savior.

      • Horace: The 65 Immigration Act was a mortal blow that was killing us slowly. But then Ronald Reagan signed the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act. That sped up the decline by about 30 years. Put it on steroids if you will.

  33. Fantasy will only detach from reality when the eviction/foreclosure notices start being issued. And the dumpster diving begins by the former (white) middle class. The American white middle class is the most used and naive people on earth. The world isn’t kind to the naive. Anyone watching a nature program, knows what happens to the naive fawn that can’t correctly process the world. This is the ultimate failure of white America, the inability to process danger and the precarious state of the world around them. A world where they’ve always had security, food, utilities, etc. Many illusions will be shattered over the next 10 years. When that happens there tends to be a hell of a recoil in society.

    • But the thing is JR, whites were once favored by Darwin. Is why he was so successful. Something changed in his genome or his environment that has caused him to fall out of favor. Something in the environment or in the genome of our competitors is allowing them to out compete us.

      • The white man is favored by Darwin only in an environment of scarcity. The white man created the future, modified crops, vaccinations, medicine, refrigeration, even air conditioning. When he did that he removed the scarcity quotient thus causing the inferiors to explode in population. As this population of browns and blacks meet the upper limit of resource constraints, they will be put in check, but not before trying to pillage the white man. This was all described by Malthus in the 1790s.

        • Good answer, JR. Makes good sense. We are about to enter another age of scarcity so the theory would predict that when we do, we will see a resurgence of whites, unless their population falls below some threshold number and they become extinct before they can rebound.

          • This is why geography is important. It’ll never happen in a place like Georgia for example, where they’ve reached a critical mass. Atlanta may as well be the Congo. They don’t do well in cold environments. How many would even live in the north if the welfare and all of its heating subsidies were cut off. The future of the white man in North America is in the northern latitudes.

          • Like Minnesota? Canada is also becoming the white man’s grave. Scarcity, the struggle, yeah, that’s part of it, but there is also something defective in the white man’s psyche – the self loathing, the guilt, the submissiveness, the ethnomasochism. He seems to thrive best as the underdog, a place he is headed for!

      • “…changed in his genome or his environment…”
        Civilizations ARE ecosystems. This is literal assertion, not analogy. All of the social, political, and economic systems of the West co-evolved with our genome. We have allowed hostile foreigners to come into our civilizations and remake its systems to be more favorable to them, and less towards us.
        It’s as if there were an intelligent species living on Mars, well-adapted to the low temperate low pressure environment. Along come some Terrans from Earth to terraform Mars, making it higher temperature and pressure (like Terra) without consulting the Martians. The Martians do not do well in higher temperature and pressure (like deep sea fish brought to the surface). They must quickly become more like the Terrans to survive (and lose their Martianity) or vanish.
        Our civilizational ecosytem has been changed around us. We were the stupidly nice white people (with our bewildered good will to the other), and we must lose the stupidly nice or vanish.

    • I wish I could give infinity upvotes. What’s happened with SARS and the Riots has distracted from the biggest heist and wealth transfer in history. It’s been 2008 on steroids times 1000. And yet no coverage in any mainstream media. Strange (just kidding). People will lose their homes and businesses. Their debt will be offloaded to us while their assets are transferred to the multinational corporations and too-big-to-fail banks.

  34. Disheartening to read some of these comments, especially those who say the dissident right has nothing to offer. I’m reminded of the two great political philosophers, Pete Townshend and P.T. Barnum.
    Pete’s followers chant “I won’t get fooled again” … never mind that every Republican president since Eishenhower has slit my throat to remain in power.
    And then there’s the worldly-wise P.T. Barnum … remember what he said?

  35. The cops can easily identify the looters, the smashers and the fire starters through facial recognition and cell phone data. There are cameras everywhere and everyone is carrying their own personal tracking device leaving their digital fingerprints everywhere they go. Finding and arresting the culprits is trivial. I have zero confidence this will be done. This is the anarcho part of anarcho-tyranny.

    • Say this for Trump, though, he’s obviously got a few competent people working for him. Designating Antifa as a terrorist organization was a great move. Invoke the Insurrection Act, grab a few dozen of Soros’ lily-white Finest, and put them up against the wall for inciting domestic insurrection (while letting the local yokel juries let the Diversity off with minor property crimes charges, if anything). Great optics, and nothing clarifies the mind quite so well as well-aimed gunfire. Plus a few less SJWs in the world, and that’s always a bonus. Hell, maybe one of them will roll on his paymasters. However you slice it, nice move. It’ll never happen, of course — Trump has long since proven himself the Ultimate Keyboard Commando — but someone in his circle was thinking for once.

      • I was mainly talking about the local police in each jurisdiction. But the feds could make examples of a few and send them to prison for decades.
        Really, I think prison is a better punishment with better “optics.” What I mean by that is it is one thing to give your life for a cause and be a martyr, it is quite another to be branded a terrorist and have yourself and your family shamed and humiliated and serving decades in prison. It is easier to face certain death than the other option for most people, I think. The optics of being humilated, branded a traitor and sent to prison probably puts more fear into men than being put up against the wall and shot.

  36. I still have a soft spot for Trump. I kind of lean toward the tragic hero version, the guy who meant what he said but gets betrayed by people close to him.

    What Trump has shown me is that the current system can’t be rehabilitated. It will have to collapse, whether that be fast or slow.

    It took less than a year to completely neuter Trump. I’ll vote for him one mire time mostly out of nostalgia. 2016 had some magical energy and I will always look fondly on that period.

    After this election, I most likely will either not vote or vote for 3rd parties.

    • Not even close to tragic hero material. Just another self-serving lunkhead. In over his head from day one. Now a frightened old man.

  37. The problem with Trump is that he’s a big talker without the action to back it up. Why he dithered for a week letting these blue state mayors and governors do nothing to stop what is now an insurrection is beyond me. He still hasn’t invoked the Insurrection Act and sent in the troops to break up what is no longer a protest, but a rebellion. I say unleash the 101st Airborne, A-10s, AH-64 Apaches and AC-130 Specters on the rioters.
    The one thing I wonder about these blue state officials is how they can justify throwing the book at legitimate business owners who defied their tyrannical, paranoid “shelter in place” orders for the Kung Flu, but won’t arrest rioters making an expensive mess of their cities. It’s a cognitive dissonance I’m still grasping to understand. Maybe they support the rioters and their aims. Maybe they know business owners won’t fight back like rioters. Maybe a little bit of both.
    My FB feed is littered with two types of people:

    • Goodwhites virtual signaling how awful it is what happened to this perp and how we need to make all of these drastic changes because the system is racissssssssssssst.
    • NormieCons clutching “muh Constitution” and telling everyone loudly how much they love that fraud and sexual deviant MLK and how we can’t violate the constitutional rights of the rioters.

    I can’t decide which more I hate more. I think the thinking among the former is doing so is a public act of piety and these folks, especially the ones at the protests, think that they’ll be eaten last.
    As for the second, I’m amazed how they’re so unaware that the ship on “muh Constitution” sailed years ago when a godless, unelected superlegislature called the U.S. Supreme Court found rights to infanticide and sodomite marriage in that document. Just this week, the so-called court ruled that a stupid, hyped-up virus can trump the First Amendment on the free exercise of religion.
    I want to say to them that playing by the rules in of itself is honorable, but when the other side says no rules, win at any cost, you can’t just clutch the rulebook and cry foul. I guess they’re in the mindset that says “as long as we follow the rules and we lose, we’ve retained our honor.” I think they’re blissfully ignorant of what these hordes of restive minorities (soon to be majorities) have planned for them and their families.
    Both types are cucks who believe this blood libel against white people. I wish we could do a better job of informing these folks that the age of identity politics is here and that the old rules are pointless. Failing to bring more to our line of thinking is an invitation for genocide.

    • It’s been said before here: the difference between Candidate Trump and President Trump is like the difference between Night and Day. Why is that? What happened? What changed? It will be at least interesting to hear all your theories (spare me the “Q,” though.)

      • Trump is not a politician. Simple as that. He’s a successful businessman (leave the specifics for now) who is used to being the boss and being surrounded by “yes” men. He assumed when he said jump, all those in his new political circle would reply, how high? But this is politics not business and election to the highest office in the land did not make him absolute monarch. He was beset inside and out with swamp folk and out of his element.
        We wanted a non-politician and we got one. But learning on the job is not a good way to assume such an office. When Trump leaves office and a Dem of color is lined up—say a fat, Black, room temperature IQ, hag from Alabama is put up. Then we’ll see another example of such mismatch.

  38. It is curious you did not mention Tucker Carlson because I feel certain you watched it, a slice of history with a epic 26 minute rant that he unleashed last night. I say this because you mentioned Kushner and it is the first time I have heard a talking head really unload on Jared like that.
    It was, in fact, one of the most truthful pieces of political speech I’ve heard in years and to be honest, how that guy still has a show on a major news network is a mystery to me. You CAN’T tell the people that both sides are rigged to f-ck them over and that the (((Kushners))) of the world simply keep them running on a hamster wheel. Tucker, basically, named the Jew on live TV last night. He also named the perfidious other “Nikki Haley” who LARPs as a white person but wears a skin suit just like the tribals.
    The guy really should run for president, the problem is, he is starting to inch closer to the third rail on many topics and his Breitbart watching joe six pack normie audience probably aren’t ready to swallow jagged black pills just yet. If you did not see this I recommend you watch it, and perhaps even save a copy for archival because you won’t be seeing such raw blistering political truth unleashed against both political parties, including a sitting president, very often.


    • Tucker is going to get himself fired within a year. The window of acceptable opinion is shrinking by the hour. They’ll probably replace him with some blond bimbo who will go back to owning the libs.
      The last exit was passed 4 years ago when trump passed a tax cut instead of an immigration halt. The end of the road barriers are approaching much sooner than I expected.

      • The window of acceptable opinion is shrinking by the hour…
        But, but, I was told that Trump was moving the Overton Window rightward!

    • I just watched that and I really have to say how frustrating it is to watch it. He shows video of blacks attacking various white people and talks about all the anti-white hatred espoused by both sides and then ends by saying America isn’t racist! He has bought the line that racism means white people being bigots against non-white people. Will his grandchildren being saying that as they are being killed?

    • When considering whether supporting Trump has any value and whether there is any hope for the United States (regardless of what you think of Tucker Carlson), watch the video linked by Apex Predator from approximately 3:30 to 8:00 minutes. Murder, brutal beatings, arson, and looting: All of this is happening publicly and in the open and government is unwilling and/or unable to stop it.

    • Not a big fan of Tucker, but this is frightening and should be seen by all Americans. I can understand why the Z-Man is upset with the Orange Man. What is particularly scary is the support given to the antifa and BLM radicals by the establishment. I open my Spotify today to listen to music and right in front of my face are messages supporting Black Lives Matter. I see pictures of 5th Avenue stores in NYC, many of whom probably support and contribute to BLM, with windows smashed. I see pictures of demonstrations in Newark without any social distancing supported by our governor who calls people who disobey his out of control lockdown orders “knuckleheads”. Our leadership is worse than incompetent; it is pathologically dangerous.

  39. Trump understood in 2016 that he wasn’t elected because of the economy. This is a post election lie. Trump was voted in because people were tired of everything. The forever wars, the mass migration, ISIS and what had been near monthly black riots in cities across the country.
    He let a bunch of wormtounges into his head that it was the economy and black and Mestizo unemployment numbers would make or break his presidency. It is all a lie. If Trump would just get rid of these people and follow his own instincts, he would be sailing into an effortless reelection.

  40. Who gives a shit what government (including Trump) thinks? Nothing changes. We jump from one disaster to the next.
    The real question we need to be wrestling with is how to best organize your neighborhood to keep families and self safe.
    Any thoughts from Lagos?

  41. I have a son in law in the police force but I have no illusion it’s gonna take a near collapse on Wall Street and Good Whites being dragged out of their suburban homes by rabid negroes to change anything significantly.
    Wall Street looks good today and President Kushner is smiling.
    Trump is a sales guy. And a decent one. He is still selling his snake oil pretty well.
    He is the best we got right now and until reality sets in and we get some bad whites leading us
    it is what it is I guess. Good essay.

  42. There are two problems as I see it. The first is the “I feared for my life” defense by the cops. Utter those magic words and they are guaranteed to get off, no matter what the circumstances are. This defense has been backed up by the Supreme Court. Although, I’m not sure if the cop could claim that in the Minnesota event. Which brings me to my second point…the militarization of the police. Not only are they starting to look like the army with all the body armor, weapons, armored vehicles, etc, they have been hiring ex-military personnel who bring this gung-ho attitude to the job like they are out in the combat zone in Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever they were deployed. Policing has changed over the last 50 years where you could trust going to them for an issue to now, where you have to avoid them at all costs because you may end up in a body bag. I’ve seen cops these days that have more tattoos than someone who did hard time in Leavenworth for 30 years. It’s almost like there has been a role reversal.
    All that is in no way to say that black crime is not rampant as the statistics will confirm it is. And all these so-called protests have done is to bring out the thieves who will use them as an excuse to rip off stores, etc.

    • Funny how “fearing for my life” is NOT an excuse for any breach of discipline in the military. I hope the cop worship is ending.

      • I, for one, have had it with the cops. From personal experience. The MAJORITY are thugs with badges.

      • Who gives a fuck? Don’t sign up if you know you can’t hack it. And it doesn’t give you a right to act like a sociopath against unarmed civvies once you get back and strap on a badge. Not following what your point is here…

    • I don’t know where you live, but in MA the cops (Urban and Staties) have been the enforcement arm of organized crime since forever. The local guys in the ‘burbs seem to do their jobs, though.

  43. I don’t know. The stroll down to the church after Trump relieved the DC mayor of her responsibilities and the Guard started using Blackhawk helicopters to scare the hell out of the rioters seemed pretty effective to me. A lot of this rioting is intended to bait Trump into “doing something”, so he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t. Meanwhile, the riots are running out of fuel. Like a wildfire blowing back over scorched earth, less fuel means less fire.

    They can’t go outside the commercial areas. If the rioters head into residential areas, they’re going to die in large numbers, and they know this. We know from experience that people have no problem opening fire on people trying to get into their homes. Murder and violent crime in this country are at historic lows because the costs have gone up.

    I’ve taken the approach of pointing out that this is what America looks like in the absence of aggressive policing in urban areas. Our hyper-militarized police have some serious problems. But, I think for a lot of Americans, they’re getting a good look at what the Coalition of the Vibrant has in mind for America.

    ive also had fun pointing out all the wealthy white suburban progressives posting “Hate has no home here” memes. That always kicks in about a week into the annual riots. I know I’m not going to change their minds. But, there are people who intuitively get it when I remind that we’re all supposed to pretend not to know where WWSP lives and where her kids go to school.

    I say that a lot “Remember, you’re not supposed to notice…” It’s like the old Pink Elephant thing. Try not to think of it. You can’t.

    telling people what they’re not supposed to notice is a great way to get them to notice…

    • The old range I used to shoot at popped up on the news this morning. Apparently Jaquarious and his friends tried to get in, failed and came back the next night. Not thinking in advance that the owner might be there. One ended up taking the ambient temperature challenge in the parking lot, courtesy of Rule .223. That will get around the ‘hood.

    • It is not so much that attacking suburban homes would meet with (possibly) armed resistance from the inhabitants, but that it would likely cause a radical shift in the optics. The rioters’ handlers can’t risk losing the support of WWSPs and NWL females.

      • It just isn’t going to happen. I lived in LA from ’92 – 94. They talked that same nonsense then. Mobs are based on group courage – get out of familiar territory, thin out the crowd because of distance, angry armed residents, suburban cops who are paid to protect residents – not by blue city mayors… that courage runs out very quickly and they scamper back to burn more of their own neighborhood.

      • Yeah, I agree with you. But the bloodshed would be epic, which is mainly why they won’t do it.

    • I dunno, Club Riot had scheduled a visit to a well-to-do hamlet outside the city and the hamlet responded by boarding up all the businesses on the strip and basically surrendering it to the rioters (though the plan was thwarted by a curfew and, if I had to guess, some key arrests). A different hamlet which was threatened just bumped up their police presence, but that location has horrible, horrible traffic issues so nothing came of it; not sure what Club Riot was thinking on that one.

      • Again, boarding up the businesses on the strip tells you people have insurance to replace the stuff inside. That is very different than Club Riot heading into a residential area with fire bombs. There are elements of the terrorist who are no doubt accusing their fellow rioters of lacking the appropriate convictions. But the smarter ones understand the problems of mass and the tactical advantage of people able to light up the streets and backyards signs they can see better from their second floor sniper nest. It would be a bloodbath.

  44. Trump is neither the problem nor the solution. In a sane society, most citizens should be productive and carry their own weight. We shouldn’t be whining that government isn’t stepping in to solve every problem with federal nannyism. Local urban police are inept because of affirmative action hires (that’s a real problem), but mobilizing the army to kick rioter ass is stupid on steriods. Just get the fuck out of the way, and shotguns will put a stop to rioting in a heartbeat.

    • You can skip shoot #4 buck off the pavement and protesting with feet and ankles full of shot suddenly becomes a lot less fun.

      • I prefer a loud pump action like the Remington 870. First two rounds are rock salt, next two are bird shot, and the balance is 00 buck. If the idiots in front of you are still rioting after the bird shot rounds, they are probably on serious drugs and constitute a lethal threat which warrants using the 00 buck. And a Taurus Defender in a side holster with five .410 shot shells as a backup.

        • Less than lethal rounds are expensive, and I’ve seen the thought that they’re ultimately counter-productive, ie., if you’ve pulled your shotgun out to level it at someone you’re probably not thinking “thank goodness for less-than-lethal!”.

          • Less than lethal will help with the inevitable ‘wrongful death’ lawsuit at least.

  45. Wow. Right off the bat, the first two comments are bitching about Zman not giving Trump enough credit.
    It really is a personality cult among Normie conservatives. Of course, it’s also a ridiculous anti- personality cult among the NeverTrumps, especially those who are coming from the right side of the aisle. Hardly anybody is able to actually just call balls and strikes when it comes to Trump.
    Among my normiecon friends it really is impossible to be even mildly critical of Trump without being accused of having supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. Last night they were all doing exactly as the Zman described, claiming that Trump’s walk to the church was just about the greatest display of American leadership since George Washington crossed the Delaware.
    And what about the awkward way he held his Bible up, to make sure everybody could see it? No real Christian waves their Bible around like that outside of your Holy Roller mountain preachers and they only do it from the pulpit when the Spirit is moving them. It just looked silly.
    But my normiecon friends, churchgoing Christians all, bought it.

    • “But my normiecon friends, churchgoing Christians all, bought it.”


      What are you offering to sell your normicon friends?

    • Just recently a comment here was upvoted by people who believed that “Q” had taken root in the hearts of minority communities. I don’t know what to make of any of it.

    • Hardly anybody is able to actually just call balls and strikes when it comes to Trump”
      This is because arguments about Trump are proxies for other arguments. Most anti-Trump people on the right don’t want Trump to win re-election. They want things to get really bad really fast for whites so that a certain % of them wake up to our situation and stop putting hope into a politician. Most Trump fanatics want something, anything, concrete to latch on to. Trump at least occupies an elected office. Plus some of them benefit from views on taxes and energy regulation. My view is different from both of these, and there are many other different views out there. But all of them involve big strategy issues for the right-of-center. When people pretend to argue about Trump’s record they are really arguing about strategy.

  46. From the local perch, until the 10th Mountain Division shows up in NY, it is all theater. Rioting is spreading closer now and no sign that DeBlowhole or Little Il Duce intend to do a thing about it. And doubtful Trump will.

  47. In our democracy, they let you vote for what you consider the lessor of two evils. Many picked Mrs. Clinton as the most evil bitch ever to be seen on the national stage and so voted Trump.
    The pity is that so many think the system really listens to them and that politics can possibly work in their favor.
    If Trump were really in charge there would be troops in the streets killing the rioters. No rubber bullets but real bullets and flame throwers. As president I would damn sure give everyone a spectacle.

    • But what would Karen mommy say to see her little snowflake lit up like a Roman Candle?

      • I suppose I should care about the words of a Karen mommy, but I know I would not give a damn. When a kid joins an insurrection then the kid is in a war.

        • Speaking of Karen, where is she? While just a couple of weeks ago she was shrieking, wagging her finger, and scolding mothers taking their kids to the park, people trying to enjoy a day at the beach, or peacefully protesting for their constitutional rights. Weren’t all those violators of social distancing “going to kill us all”?

  48. Under Trump, a new form of fantasy game has emerged. This new game is where Trump voters, and those adjacent, rush to social media in a crisis and start posting about “what Trump should do…”
    That’s a daily staple of all political writers about every significant politician. The pundits are all geniuses, or must pretend that they are. Some, like former Chicago Tribune political scribe David Axelrod, actually move on to direct campaigns, a lucrative affair. It’s a small wonder that in an era when the street-side soap box has transmuted into social media and blogs, people with an ax to grind quickly get into supplying free information to the universe. Everyone has an opinion, justified or not.

  49. My local police force kneeled in front of the Black Friday Shoppers. Thinking it might be time to abolish the cops like they supposedly want.

  50. It’s hilarious. My business partner, for whom I have a great deal of respect, gets downright tearful when talking about DT. Thinks the man is the living, breathing embodiment of all that is good in America and through whose efforts alone the economy is “booming”. (Up until two months ago that is…).
    It’s impossible have a logical conversation with him. I try and point out how Trump really hasn’t done anything while in office but he refuses to listen.
    I think 90% of his passion for the Prez is just despising the other side. And who can blame him?
    As the US continues to sink into the sea of red ink, I think the shift in politics is going to go back to the local level (eventually). There is still a lot of power, and pertinent power, in offices like sheriff.

  51. So Trump supporters are acting exactly like Liberals. Who woulda thunk it? “The second time as farce,” as I believe Jay-Z said.

    • “The second time as farce,” as I believe Jay-Z said.
      Your quoting Jay-Z? You must have majored in Race and Ethnicity Studies.

  52. Hey, I just realized that everything that is happening is actually an argument against Universal basic income. I bet a lot of the people rioting right now are getting $600 a week plus an employment. Whomp whomp.

  53. What is most interesting to me is the real time shifting of the Overton window. It’s becoming so small that the Conservative Inc establishment is becoming indistinguishable from the left.
    Tucker Carlson understands this, he was calling out Niki Haley essentially demanding that the country experience pain. Same with Pence. I even saw Marco Rubio call out right wing agitators in these protests.
    It feels like we’re watching a breakdown of the theater play. We’re supposed to watch two sides play act and dislike each other. It ruins the experience when we see them behind the stage hanging out and agreeing with each other.

    • Ever watch Mystery Science Theater 3000? We’re all starring in a B movie even those guys couldn’t dream up

    • what you are seeing CW is the GOP laying the groundwork to join the dems in blaming the DR for what antifa did here and going after them . remember both parties work for the same people. Donors with agendas, not us

    • There’s the saying that Republicans are Democrats from 10 years ago, give or take. So Republicans are entering their Obama years.

  54. Trump is far from perfect but he’s smart not to take the bait the left is setting out right now. Using the active military or nationalizing Guard units would be a huge mistake – playing right into their trap.
    Right now all this crap – the brutal city cops, the weak responses to rioting, the burning cities – all belong to blue mayors and governors. The minute Trump sends in the military, it all belongs to him.

    • Someone needs to take responsibility and restore order. It doesn’t matter who it “belongs” to, in order to have a functioning society and economy we need law enforcement. If liberal politicians think this is going to stop or burn itself or we somehow deserve it for racism he has the responsibility to step in and override them.

      • Why? Those cities were already non-functioning. Most with real riot problems are in blue states and still locked down hard due to the fake pandemic. Restore order and return everyone to house arrest?

        • Watch the seven hour(!) Youtube that Jim Lileks linked to yesterday. (TBH, I skimmed it). Just a local guy wandering the Minneapolis streets in real-time at night. The locals are not angry, not marching, no mention of Floyd George, they are just wandering around, opportunistically grabbing some Free Shit and watching their neighborhood burn. No energy there, just witnessing the moment. Taking selfies alongside a zombie National Guard soldier standing in front of a Humvee. My one take on the whole thing is that those people are simply lost joggers, not really knowing what to make of any of it, or what to do. Non-functioning, on all levels, to the core. Quite different than the curated stuff we are being bombarded with. Leave the cities to their own, let them find their way, but get the hell out of Dodge for yourself and the people you care about. There is nothing in the city to save or restore.

          • Yup. They and the Muslims in the EU are the dog that caught the car.


            Nature has a little surprise for them.

            Friends with names like Cholera.

            They have no wypipo ditties like “ring around the ro-sey, pockets full of po-sie…”

          • Just some unfortunately collateral damage, like murdered Feds in Oakland. 🙁
            I agree that Trump’s best course is to keep the military out of it and let the Blue pols take the credit they deserve 🙂

        • Why indeed? They made their bed, let them lay in it. Optics, baby.
          This is the activation phase of anarcho-tyranny. We face it now, or our descendants live it forever.

    • Good lord. The country is transitioning to a slave state for whites and you are worried about optics and owning the issue.
      It is not TV it is real. Get over this media is more real than life thing.

  55. If you’re not happy with Trump, just get Honkeytopia set up. You’ll see that running the country is easy. You just have to issue orders and people hop to it and do what you say.

  56. This is the Rotfront with smartphones.

    From lockdown to curfew- covid was a beta test.

    Flyers went out announcing ‘upcoming events’ in multiple cities.

    Pallets of bricks and incendiaries were pre-placed.

    Scripts for Party loyalist mayors were written ordering the cops to stand down.

    Media booked AM radio on talk and sports shows to preach.

    Antifa called BLM, said “text the flash mob, we got cover”,

    And the balloon went up in time for the Friday night news dump.

    Now they’re shooting cops, and going to turn Floyd Ferdinand’s funeral into a Steven Lawrence holiday, a national day of repentance.

  57. I take some pride in stating that until a few weeks ago I didn’t even know what the LARP acronym stood for. Thanks to ZMan, I do now, but remain blissfully ignorant of anyone who is engaged in said activity and whatever the hell it is they do when LARPing.
    Maybe Trump is a LARPer, but more likely he’s just a typical arrogant NYC business man used to getting his was by being arrogant, pushy, and use of very sharp elbows. Doesn’t translate well to politics and the childish Twitter reactions to every perceived slight do nothing to help himself, or anyone else.
    That said, here in my decidedly non-LARP world, the Trump option is a far sight better option than any man, woman, or beast the Left has to offer. I grant you, things may be diffferent in your world.

    • LARPing for rednecks:

      “I’m an Injun! Muh granny was a full-blood Cherokee!”

      The conqueror is now low status, while the conquered is higher status.

      See: Negroes, Usual Suspects

      This is the cultural virus.

      Our values have been Inverted.

      “We done stole it!”

      • Slightly OT, but the most prevalent current LARPing and an illustrative example is people who assure you that they had Covid ‘before it was widespread’.

  58. Fear. It is one of the most powerful motivators to get people to either embrace a lie or avoid the truth becoming almost incapable of processing it.
    I noticed this with people in my life, when I try to red pill them if i am not careful some will say it literally puts their stomachs in knots. Thats for stuff I consider mild stuff you can see in the news if youre looking.
    I notice a similar phenomenon with active shooter events. When the event begins people will often be upset because someone is setting off fireworks, or they will assume it is a prank, or they might even laugh thinking its a publicity stunt. Some of this is normalcy bias as well, but at the end of the day the human brain cant immediately process something horrible, and to be woken up to the reality of our modern age, especially after being raised on the kool aid of us being the top dog of freedom, is horrifying.
    Believing that some bafoon is secretly working behind the scenes to fix everything, that a 4chan troll actually works for a secret cabal of intelligence boomers working to turn America back to the dream of a shining city on the hill, is freedom from fear and unfortunately from the truth.
    Btw Z i realized why the “alt” “right” was rooting for economic destruction. Ive spent some time watching videos and listening to podcasts where they rail against capitalism. I saw someone, tbf a commentor, say that the reaction to coronavirus is real because capitalism would never hurt the econony without good reason, but it did so coronavirus is real.
    This is what i mean when i say the so called right is swamped with ideology. I believe they wanted coronavirus to destroy the economy because the economy is capitalism and capitalism is the source of all of our problems. Well, that and a certain group.
    Its a shame, because they have some great insights into how capitalism is wielded against our interests but theyve eleveated it to some godly status where it has a mind of its own and operates without human input to the point where you get lunacy like burning down the economy to save us somehow.
    Im also beginning to believe the alt right is just bio leninism for whites which is why it can never accomplish what it wants: theres not enough bio in their leninism. But ive typed way too much already.

    • “the alt right is just bio leninism for whites which is why it can never accomplish what it wants: theres not enough bio in their leninism.”


      It is!

      It’s Nature’s way.

      Not enough bio is our strength and our weakness. So well put.

    • ”the economy is capitalism and capitalism is the source of all of our problems. Well, that and a certain group.”


      Markets and private property are good. These aren’t capitalism. Capital is the problem, which you said as much. Debt and the money men, keeping prices high, making it near impossible for regular people to get in the game without getting into debt slavery.


      If not for Marx, economic populism wouldn’t be as difficult to communicate.

  59. “This is a form of false consciousness.”
    Exactly. Will it last if the violence is not meant with a federal response, as Trump said? Probably.
    The best symbol in my mind of how pathetic conservatism is manifests in law enforcement “taking a knee” with “protestors.” It is simultaneously vomit-inducing and hilarious.

    • Don’t you worry…those kneeling cops are going to roll hard and heavy on any suburban or rural YTs who get frisky and dust off some vibrant looters with their ARs.
      YTs response at that time will determine if there is any liberty in his future or if he can plan on an eternity as a slave/catamite/dinner for America’s vibrant future people.

      • They were beating him up in the cop car, too.
        These were two perps- one on parole, the other on ‘the payroll’- they knew each other, and the legbreaker took the opp to settle some minor score when he saw his old chum back doing his usual stupid.
        If they were both black, we wouldn’t even know their names- they’d just be “another 49 dead this weekend in Dinduland”.
        Meanwhile, there’s some lady in Texas ( where Floyd was in prison)- she remembers the home invasion, and is now thinking, “Karma’s a bitch, eh?”

        • I think it went well beyond settling a minor score. I think both were into something shady via the nightclub.
          The cop either saw an opportunity to silence a guy who could rat on him or the criminal higher ups saw an opportunity to tie up an obvious loose end and ordered the hit.
          Not sure at what point the other dark forces out there realized that the hit had the potential to foment riots and civil unrest. Maybe they offered Floyd’s family a huge payout and the guy went willingly, with martyrdom a bonus in the deal.

  60. All true. And Trump is still the best president of my life (I’m 63). Think about that for a moment.

  61. Trump is leading the illusion of the United Socialist States of Amerika. The citizens play at loving him hating him and everything in between. It is of no consequence. Not many know or understand where they need be. It is different with almost everyone. Emotional channeling of anger can be a positive motivation as long as the house of anger is not lived in too long. Oppressed dissident whites have been to the mountain top and know what needs to be done. Some things are worse than death. It is time to rid ourselves of The White Man’s Burden. The communist socialist progressive Antifa pussies can go as well. An amicable separation is the preferred avenue of recourse. GTFOM Rosebud.

  62. That Trump has done nothing for white separatism is true, but he never ran on that. That he has done nothing is untrue. Had he dropped have done more than any Prez since Reagan. He has done much, just not enough.

    his real problem is he’s not a killer, and we need one as POTUS. Never mind the Constitution, sanity will do.

    We don’t need Hitler, we need Stalin to purge the Communists, or at least dominate them,

  63. What disappoints me is how weak he’s proving to be. He’s allowed cities to burn and society to be locked down. In the last 3 months!

    The thing is, he used to have fight in him. Where did it go?

      • Maybe, maybe not. He’s still the same guy who once said that some Charlottesville protestors were fine people. That was off script.

        Riots would obviously be a different matter, but does anyone seriously think whites would riot right now? Otoh Tucker Carlson talking civil disobedience says things might be changing.

      • One good thing the riots do is show TV watchers who is actually doing the rioting, shooting, looting, breaking and burning.

    • He was always complicit in the plan. Trump is a Judas goat and always was.
      He goes on and on about minorities and for some reason everyone thinks he the last gasp of white America.
      He is as much a part of this transition to a new South Africa as everyone else.

      • I think he buckled after Charlottesville, and if he felt public opinion shifted the other way he’d change his tune. He’s a politician. Whatever his real feelings, he has to go with the flow to some extent or get destroyed. He used to buck it more at any rate.

  64. The entire country is a fantasy. I can’t wait for the worshipping of blacks that’s going to happen in the wake of this. Whites simply can’t come to grips with the reality of the situation and that the only path left to them is the one that liberal society says is completely off limits to them and that’s racial awareness and solidarity. They just won’t do it. I expect different degrees of burning to go on for the next decade as whites cling to their precious classical liberal ideals and prostrate themselves before their foreign conquerors.

    • Yeah it’s funny. People know about divide and conquer, but in America they think that means division between the races.


      It obviously doesn’t matter to tptb that cities are burning over racial divisions. What keeps them up at night is race consciousness among whites. Trump’s sin of sins was accepting Pepe. Even if it was a cynical move, simply signaling that it’s OK to be white can’t be tolerated.

      • Have you not seen the kneeling and asking forgiveness of your new black masters?
        This is going to be the new mask virtue signalling.

        • I have. What I mean is whites being divided against themselves is the issue. The kneelers aren’t saying they love blacks, they’re saying they hate whites and themselves for being white.

    • Boy, I hope black worship doesn’t get any worse than it is now or we will truly and irrevocably screwed. All we’ve heard day in and day out is how much pain and hurt the black coonmunity is in. Pain & hurt my ass – a sizable percentage just saw this as an opportunity to f things up more than they do naturally, on a regular basis, while at the same time grabbing a little bling.
      I saw two things today that were disturbing: one was a video on twatter of some blm jogger(admittedly well spoken) who runs up to a random White gal and tells her that to atone for her White privilege, she must get down on her knees before him – and she did it! I’m surprised the nog didn’t whip it out.
      Secondly, our ceo sends out an email discussing the tragic deaths of the latest three joggers whacked by YT and how our country still struggles with racial injustice, blah, blah blah. Jesus, I hope it doesn’t get worse.

      • And we thought #MeToo naggers were bad

        I actually listened to a few sports stations, although I’m allergic to sports. They don’t have any games to talk about, so…

        My gods. She-Man was insufferable, but Jogga Cripes will be intolerable.

        The Great Negrification is at hand.

  65. Trump is the president we need! A place holder who tweets.The only way to kill the dueling conservative fantasies about Trump saving and defending legacy America is to let the rulers and their feral mobs run wild until the scales finally fall from the eyes of conservative America. Half measures will only reinforce and give those fantasies a second wind. Better to let things bottom out now than to breathe life back into the system and allow it to limp along for another decade. Let’s bottom out and await the rise of Pres. Stacy Abrams…then maybe nostalgia America will finally get it. Dissidents are being awakened daily. Let’s not get in the way of our enemies when they are doing us an enormous long them favor.
    We are so far down the Wonderland rabbit hole at this point that any act to slow things down will make ending it even more difficult for us further down the road.

  66. Conservatives are the strangest people: if a leader doesn’t implement your 976 point plan immediately you walk off the field in a huff and let the other team win by default.
    Leftists don’t act that way. They just want to move that needle to the left, bit by bit, a little every day. Remember gay rights? “We just want to get married.” Now you’ve got to bake that cake, suck that cock, and let your son be turned into a daughter.
    That’s what moving the needle does. Leftists play a long game and they’re good at it.
    Trump, as awful as he is, moved the needle slightly to the right.

    • Trump had the opportunity to move the country to the right, but failed, and the backlash will just move us further to the Left.
      He truly is our Louis XVI. Recall that no one was talking about abolishing the French Monarchy until Louis tried to bolt the country and got caught. That’s when he lost the crown, and ultimately his head.
      Failure moves the Overton Window the opposite direction, something the Q-Types would do well to learn.

      • Trump’s loading of the federal court system with conservative judges will change things for the better for a generation. That’s one positive thing off the top of my head. For detailed discussion of the positive things he’s done for immigration see

        • Dissidents reject the notion of being ruled by Kings in Black Robes.
          Has Trump done anything on immigration that will prevent a Permanent Demographic Majority for Democrats in the next decade?

          • If you’re asking for the President to undo 60 years of stupidity in 4 years, you’re either a fool or a leftist attempting to demoralize us into just laying down and dying.

          • You seem to be new here, so let me fill you in:
            This is a Dissident Right outlet, run by a Dissident Right author. Neither this outlet’s proprietor nor most of us long-time commenters believe that a country based on the 1787 Constitution can be saved.
            Trump gave us some false hope, but we’re intellectually honest people and understand that it was never to be.
            As for this November? As Z said in Friday’s podcast “If Biden wins, things might be marginally worse, but I don’t think it makes a huge difference either way.”
            I’m not interested in your deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m interested in surviving to reach shore and building something new.

          • Finally an old-timer tells us what’s going on awound here, but where’s the manifesto?

          • You do realize there is no hiding from the war against whites in the coming decade.
            You think it’s bad now, just wait until Fat Stacy is running things, it will be Zimbabwe 2. And since resistance is a foreign word among Dissident Whites I see a lot one way trips to the incinerator or quarry.

          • I couldn’t agree more about the Gap-Toothed Sheeboon, but it will be the NormieCons who are making those trips you mentioned.
            Some of us have already spent the last three years hiding in plain sight, and have lots of practice at it.

          • So?
            We won’t be in America after blatantly overt war on whites is declared (as opposed to just overt).
            For the next little while, the left will continue to waste its time by sucking its own dick whilst simultaneously trying to bite it off. It can’t control anything that isn’t media or politics.
            Start now and we might not be worth the trouble.

          • Meme….maybe I’m overwrought today but as of this moment I am both rearranging the handsome deck chairs and quite aware the ship is going down. My BIG button is being bullied by the angry-eyed mulatto mafia bitches screaming reparations at us. See RWC below. As I can multi task, surviving to reach shore and building something new is paramount.
            Thornton Wilder/The Skin of Our Teeth was right! Some things never change.

          • the problem is you think he’s trying to undo something? He’s not undoing anything he strengthening it. He tweets that he’s thinking about doing things but he never does it. Why? He doesn’t want to. Israel didn’t have to wait a week to get everything it wanted. Whites will wait forever.

            sorry, but he’s not on our team. He never was. What’s more is that no politician or institution is. We are completely in our own.

          • Monk, keep reading. You’ll find Meme to be wiser than you think, albeit she brooks no excuses.

          • Dissidents may reject it, but it is the reality we live under. You can’t change the reality without dealing with it.

          • And how do you suggest dealing with it? By tweeting about “strongly considering” stuff?
            The reality is that Trump is the last BadWhite who will have an opportunity to effect events for a long time. He may or may not prevail in November, but after he does leave the Ascendants will rule until they f**k up on an Allende-level.

          • Quite so, Meme, what it proves is that there are 3 things that matter in a democracy:
            Demographics, demographics, and demographics.

        • Won’t matter a damn bit when, not if, the leftists get control again. They don’t care what judges say, if they don’t want to. They do what they want, and play by their own rules, which they make and they change whenever it suits them. Legality is a convenient fiction.

          • I agree that lefties do whatever they want, but one of the key ways they have done this is with lefty judges. It does make a difference. Your 2A rights will be gone if they get a majority on the Supreme Court.

          • You mean like how our First Amendment rights were tossed out by a Republican appointee?

          • That’s an interesting question. I often wonder what happened between Nov. 2016 and Jan. 2017. Especially as regards the ME. Trump went after the Saudis from 9/11 until his election. Then his 1st trip is to go dance with the Saudis and make nice. Doesn’t make sense.

          • NumbersUSA opposes using race or ethnicity as immigration criteria.
            Stopped reading after that.

    • I’d agree with you if we were having this discussion in 2000. Now, it’s too late for moving the national needle a bit at time. We don’t have that time anymore. The demographic tide is rolling in and won’t be stopped.
      You’re right, Leftists play the long game, and they won. That game is over. They will control the presidency within a decade and the House soon thereafter. That means they control the judiciary. The political game is over. The current game is trying to build a community that can defend itself from a hostile government and larger society.

    • Really? Have you checked the tweets coming out of the West Wing(Trump and Javanka)? Have you noticed who Trump chose as head of National Intelligence?

    • Without specifics Monk, let me just add to your spot on analysis that we—as a group—have let our virtues be used as a weapon against ourselves. Had we played by the rules set by our enemies, we’d not be in this calamitous end game.

  67. I’ve been consistent in voting in every national election since I could vote. I have seriously considered boycotting all elections from now on. I figure that all my vote does is signify my consent to the people who want to destroy me and my nation.
    I’m not entirely convinced though. A part of me wonders if it might be beneficial if Trump gets another four years. A lot of these trump-tards are making the excuse that when Trump gets reelected he will have the freedom to act decisively against the swamp.
    If we give trump the chance to screw up for another 4 years, that might be enough to wake up a few more plan trusters. If Trump were to lose, the plan trusters will continue to believe their own bullshit and may never wake up.
    Lets help the plan trusters persist in their foolishness, so that maybe, just maybe, they will become wise.

  68. Trump’s blustering and threatening to do this or that – or else has been a big disappointment. Especially since he’s taken more s*** in the last four years than anything I’ve ever seen. He gets torn a new one 24/7/365 no matter what he does/doesn’t do, says/doesn’t say. It really is amazing what he’s put up with. My fantasy is he just says f*** it bitchez LARP time is over, and goes full turbo dictator. But, unfortunately that’s all it is.

  69. So Trump is a fraud. Kushner is President. ZOG becomes more powerful.
    But in November, what are we supposed to do? Vote for Biden/Abrams? Stay home?
    I will vote for Trump(Kushner). ZOG is better than a black communist regime.

    • Exactly. WTF do people on this side, including this blogger want to do? Do they really “welll it’s all the same’ if we get Biden or Trump???? Biden and that hideous black creature from Georgia a heartbeat away from the presidency??? People who say this on our side are insane. The TRS/FTN crowd are a good example. They don’t seem to think things through.
      The whole “Trump is no different, he such a disappointment …” schtick is tired and wahmenly.

    • Think about the last forty years. People voted for Reagan expecting big cuts to the welfare state, big cuts in spending and tax cuts. The welfare state got bigger, spending went up and taxes stayed the same, but were made simpler.

      People voted for Bush expecting spending cut, conservative judges and a return to normalcy. Instead we got massive sending, forever wars and a surveillance state.

      The point is, voting for the opposite of what is promised may be the winner after all.

      • I’ve thought that since Clinton beat Bush in 92. He did pretty much the opposite of what he campaigned on.

      • Z-Man, you have been on a hot streak since the beginning of the lock down. I am afraid your characterization of the Orange Man and his supporters is spot on. However, not to be in Trump’s defense, we should recognize that we are saddled with a two party and political binary system (except for a growing number of states like NJ which effectively are one party states).

        • I think that’s fair. I think if we had other options, people would not be inclined to fantasy. Where I live, people think the governor is a far right wing guy, when he is pretty much just a garden variety liberal. In other words, everyone pretends the guy is Pinochet.

          • Not to sound too off the charts and get off topic, but was Pinochet so terrible? He was certainly 100x better than “Fidel” or “Che”, heroes of the left. Until recently, Chile was the most successful Latin American country. (I have had this running argument with a left-wing friend for decades.)

          • Pinochet was a lot closer to Cincinnatus than to Fidel or Che. If you want a modern comparison, closer to Franco of Spanish revolution fame.
            The Left hate him because he set an example of the only force/process that could successfully defeat their utopian/socialist “democratic” power grab. Still holds true today.
            If a Superman is to come along to correct our course, it will take such an individual as mentioned above.

      • you complain about reagan and taxes, which pissed me off no end .. especially his “saving” social security by raising that tax from 2% to 15%;
        But when Cuomo the Elder was governor he did something even more egregious. he signed an income tax increase that was to be phased in over 4 years; when the fourth year came around he was running for re-election, so he delayed implementing the final increase.. he touted it as the biggest tax CUT ever! it was no such thing.

      • The greatest redemption arc would be to hang Bush jr. for war crimes.
        Things would sort themselves out after that.
        Of course, that’s a LARP fantasy too, but all too satisfying.

        • I am on the record (for what it’s worth) stating that in retrospect that Gore had win the first election.
          That said, I do wish the eliminatory rhetoric would desist.
          Chet – if all morons were to be hung, then how long for you, my dear?
          I would miss your comments.

      • Call it the George Costanza strategy (for those familiar with the show)

      • Z-man, you are cherry picking Reagan’s agenda. He ran on more that the old welfare queen cliches. He also ran on strengthening the US military and reestablishing its morale—destroyed under Carter. He was also a Cold War warrior and reclaimed the field and took up the battle with the USSR. Won’t go into the economics picture, but that was as important in an economy with 13% inflation and growing.
        Point is, not all things could be done without complete control of Congress, he never had that. So compromise was in order. He wanted his 500 ship navy, Dem’s wanted their illegal voter base. He wanted tax cuts, Dem’s wanted increased welfare. Reagan had to choose—and he did. He got what he wanted, Dem’s got what they wanted.
        Reagan was successful, the problem is in hindsight, we don’t see his priorities as good for the long term health of the country.

        • How dare you, Z, pointout what has actually happened?
          Seriously, this comment section, if you could do it, would deliver a hilariously predictable segmentation model.
          Isn’t anyone going to assert what Eisenhower would have done?

          • Eisenhower federalized the national guard and used the 101st airborne to force black integration on state schools.

    • Copying this from JudgeDread on Gab (who is no fan of Trump):

      I’m voting for Trump and advise everyone else to.

      That is also about survival. Trump may be a failure, but he is not a scheming enemy.

      Biden’s cabinet will be all antifa and SJWs all of the time and they will never rest until every thought criminal is in federal prison.

      • Exactly. The fact that 50% of Americans would vote for a corrupt, lying, demented kiddy fiddler rather than an expert business man who is a patriot is bizarre. Trump is America’s best chance of survival.

        • The best I can say for Trump is that he’s the only option for buying us more time to prepare for what’s ahead. One way or another Trump is gone in 2024, and 20-to-1 odds that he’s replaced by a Dem that will make us all pine for the good ol’ Obama days.
          I’m sure a lot of folks here may vote for Trump, but it’s a matter of motive: 1) Vote for Trump because he’s a 3-D chess master, or 2) Vote for Trump because he shunts Stacey Abrams to 2024. As for me and my community, only Option 2 folks are a welcome part of my inner-circle.

          • Trump was always a rear guard action. The only thing that could have made Trump a real victory for our side is if he had demanded a moratorium on immigration (legal and illegal). But, of course, he didn’t because he’s a CivNat Boomer.
            We’re not getting out of our predicament through traditional politics. That’s over.

          • Stacey Abrams sets me off like an M-80. Will vote for Trump or Felix the Cat or WTF if it pushes Angry Abrams or Angry Michelle back 4 years. Screw Trump accomplishing anything, and his horse too. Am so bored and done arguing over him. A few years out the stars might align for us to push back. Or not…will wait and see. Pushing now would be only kamikaze. Take care O Captain My Captain!

          • Yeah, I should just shut up and let the Trump supporters enjoy their remaining few months of Constitutional fantasy-land; that shiny, happy, indivisible Republic of E Pluribus Unum with liberty and justice for all.
            Frankly, and it’s just a hunch, I don’t think Trump’s reelection is in the cards. It’s just not worth arguing about, particularly since some of Trump’s supporters are potential allies in What Comes Next. But the MAGA hat-wearing set, many of whom are my acquaintances? They sure don’t seem prepared for What Comes Next. Biden is the perfect President for the leftists … it’ll be like 4 years of Weekend at Bernie’s.

        • Trump will mean nothing to us after we leave America as we know it to form our own communities.

      • Voting is a joke and it’s likely that voting itself is inherently evil. Voting removes responsibility from the voters. As the world burns down around us voters look slack jawed as they mumble, ‘but I voted’.
        Refuse to vote and regain your own personal responsibility. Until enough people realize voting is simply the act of giving away your own responsibility (and hence power) we will never find an actual solution for anything.

        • You are so smart that you are legitimately retarded. You are Rain Man.
          Actually, what I am seeing is that Z is now attracting Bots to his comments section.
          I am telling you peopke that we are.walking a fine line: Z does not have time to monitor his comments section for morons like Snow. It is.our duty to otherwise ostacize these.fools. Fools like Hun

  70. For the Left , Trump is Hitler . For some on the Right he is the good Tsar , battling rapacious boyars . Trump is a figurehead that the left can personalize as its enemy . They understand his words and rhetoric as actions , when all he offers his supporters are words , to deflect from the fact that actions speak louder then words . He is a diversion!  
    Lenin formulated the problem as “ who , whom “ . Who is an insider and who is an outsider ? The rights and responsibilities of the in-group extend to whom ? Contradictions between the in-group and the out-group are resolved in favour of whom ? 
    Is an out-group with an alien system of duel morality based upon insider preference , entitled to the same rights and privileges as a population that follows a universal system of morality predicated upon fairness and equality of application ? 
    One strategy that a coherent collective living among outsiders can pursue , is to promote disunity and confusion in the out-group and cohesion within their own in-group .
    If paid agents of an out-group are promoting disunity among your in-group , the most effective remedy is to target the paymasters . To do otherwise is to play “ Whack-a- Mole “ . 
    If there is no cost imposed , they have no reason to modify their behaviour . The same is true for the lunatics who are taking over the asylum . If you want the freak show to return back to the circus tent you will have to impose a cost on subversion . 
    Ideas are the product of the human mind . When people attribute social change or political movements to broad conceptual frameworks like “ Marxism “ or “ Capitalism “ they deflect from the fact that behind those formations are people with money , power , influence and an agenda , who are promoting those ideas .
    Abstract forces do not promote social change , they don’t pass laws or make television commercials or seek to influence the direction of society nor do they plan and organize demonstrations , protests or riots . 
    The most important question to ask is , “ who are those people ? “ They have names and addresses and can be called to account . 
    Your foes have no problem at all personalizing their adversaries and making examples of anyone who talks out of turn . As long as they pay no personal cost there is no reason to expect that they will stop pursuing their own program , at your expense .  

  71. So when does the Breitbart crowd have their When Prophecy Fails moment?

    November, perhaps?

  72. IMO the Jimmy Stewart version is pretty close to reality.
    All the deep state had to do to co-opt Trump was throw him a couple meaningless pr wins and they couldn’t even do that.
    BTW. You seam to accept the left’s premise that the permanent bureaucracy is the ultimate expression of democracy.

  73. Thanks Z, you’ve given us an insightful picture of Trump and the Trumpaholic Syndrome.

    • ZMan has provided an insightful picture of Trump and the Syndrome on several occcassions. Sad as it may be, Trumpaholic Syndrome is less bad and not fatal vs. 4 yrs (or more) of BidenAbramsHarrisPelosiScumer Syndrome – which would be terminal.

      • People on all sides are hanging onto political solutions, because they have been trained to do so. That is not the answer. Unfortunately, we are barrelling headlong into a “law of the jungle” environment, and politics will have no say in the matter, until we get to the other side of it. As such, today’s Z-man essay, on one level, is a form of trivial comment-bait. On another level, it is pulling the cover off, for all of us to see, how much so many of us are still depending on political solutions. Politics is the carnival, the center ring of the bread and circus thing ($600/mo. and standing in front of the church, if you prefer).
        The broader American (and Western) community is dead. It has been captured and beheaded by the moneychangers and the power-obsessed. Our task is to carve out the remnants of our own community among the ruins, because every other community is dead, too. The left and the POCs do not have any communities any more either, only alliances of convenience in order to leverage goods and political power in their own directions.

  74. Trump was always a showman, and the stunt last night was insanely good optics.
    The problem is he is all showmanship, and the people in the shadows who can actually execute his rhetoric hate him. He only has himself to blame, since he hired them.

    • With Kushner and that pet rock brained wife of his having any sort of advisory role with Trump, we have no chance. He knows they are lefties but either he really is one too or just isn’t up to the task of thinking for himself. If so, for Gods sake bring Bannon back.

      • “bring Bannon back.”
        pence retires
        bannon named as VP
        trump retires
        bannon becomes prez
        tucker carlson named as VP

        • Tucker only looks good by comparison with his colleagues. Whenever he talks about race, inevitably he invites on a token to say what he cannot. Same thing with women and same with gays. This is the GOP of 25 years ago which all goes in the direction of where we are.
          Anyone willing to listen to Tucker will inevitably hear his bad opinion of Trump, for all the wrong reasons, for all the same reasons as the rest of the press. His criticisms of Trump are not our criticisms. They are identical to the NYT’s criticisms. If Trump were doing what he promised he would do, his lack of proper “respect” for his office would be completely irrelevant. If anything, I rather like his lack of decor for the process and for the office. It just shows how fake it all is.

          • Whenever he talks about race, inevitably he invites on a token to say what he cannot. 

            So on live TV he should just say n1ggers are the problem to millions of viewers vs. using a sock-puppet minority to convey the message for him, and thereby, having a job to return to the next day. Got it… anything else he should do to exit his job more rapidly?
            He is the closest thing we have to a DR ‘spokesperson’ so he chooses his words very carefully, one might even say masterfully, to dance on that razor edge between raw unfiltered truth and the PC crap he has to tolerate to have a job the next morning.

          • No, you moron. You can speak frankly and accurately about race issues without calling people n words. Are you really that dumb that you cannot understand this?
            You are either a disingenuous traitor or you are stupid to comment on the issue.

          • I’m banned from your Supreme Dark Lord‘s VoxDay’s super awesome-o abode of sycophants where I noticed you are an active supplicant still, so I’m going to go with stupid/midwit/gamma for myself.
             BTW: I upvote lots of your posts including other ones on today’s topic, but you are just wrong here. He is doing a pretty good job of tightrope walking these topics so we will have to agree to disagree.

          • Look, you came across very nasty. If that’s not the way you meant it, then forget about the name calling and accept my apologies.
            But my point still stands. Dancing around the issue has been failing for decades. The other side does not do this. Tucker showed video after video of mobs of blacks attacking white people. The whole thing is about race. Pretending it’s not is not helping.
            The other side is openly stating their hatred and contempt for white people. This is never going to stop if you cannot even acknowledge that it is happening. Tucker showed tweet after tweet, including from national Republicans denouncing white people and saying that all white people need to feel the pain. This is just short of a call to genocide.
            I am not saying Tucker needs to sound like TRS. I don’t think he should. But he can sound like an adult and talk frankly and openly about the hatred that is being spread for my people on TV, radio internet, newspapers, in our schools and colleges.
            He made it through his entire monologue giving example after example and then concluded that there is no (very little) racism in America. How can anyone honestly come to that conclusion unless they are working off of a different definition of the word racism?

          • Apex and Tars,
            Glad you are sorting this out. I enjoy reading both of you whether I agree or not with your arguments. You are both on the same side, Gentlemen.

          • He’s an employee. Every employee toes the company line or finds him/her/xir/them selves out on the pavement. Everyone that’s ever worked in corporate-land understands this.

        • Bannon is a civic nationalist, he’s kosher-right. As he told the Norwegian media:

           I do not believe in etno-nationalism. I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s stupid. I’ve said this ad infinitum.

          Etno-nationalist, racist, anti-semitic. We won’t work with these people. And there is a reason. Not only is it wrong – morally wrong, but you’re never going to help working class people, because you’re never going to win.


          • Damn. Anti-semitism is my sport.

            And for what it’s worth, I’ve started listening to Le Tuck.

            C’mon, friend. Shake hands.

          • Bannon is a decent enough guy but he’s part of the system just a slightly dissident country clubber . Stuff like ethnic nationalism terrifies them.
            Its understandable, an economy where people like him can thrive needs to be open and have a lot of trade.
            An EN economy is closed to most outsiders, eschews most trade for doing it local and in some cases may not even allow vistors or tourism for long periods.
            If E wins its the end of the empire he still serves, the end of most globalism and a radically different social structure.
            No Boomer is going to be OK with that.

    • This has been my single biggest criticism of Trump. Most of the people from the campaign are long gone and have been replaced by swamp creatures.
      One thing he should do is move some of the departments far out of DC. Because the swamp is not just the government, it is the DC metro area. The swamp knows each other and their kids go to school together. It is one big holistic swamp. Moving things physically will break up that part of it.

      • Segregation now, segregation forever!

        That simple physical move would do more to reform the Fortress than an hundred revolutions.

  75. The point about “the left pretending Biden wiped away everything that Trump pretended to enact” is the driving force behind our uniparty democratic republic. The billions to special interest groups and Israel aren’t imaginary, and neither is the gradual hollowing out of the middle class. But as long as both sides can prop up their token rage porn issues to deflect attention, the real “progress” doesn’t matter.
    Also, I think everyone is missing the real intent behind Trump waddling out to hold a Bible in front of a church. I think he was trying to use the Bible to burn his fingerprints off so that he can go out and loot a McDonald’s without leaving a trace.

    • I’ll bet that Trump’s relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem, the increased aid to Israel and any annexed territory will NOT be reversed by Biden or whatever democrat gets in. So Trump’s got a legacy after all.

  76. Okay, but without a better plan, bitching and groaning about Trump is an even bigger LARP, and the people who engage in it are even more useless.

      • No, I’m calling you useless until you have a better plan. We’ve hit the limit of the practical utility of bitching and groaning about how the world ain’t fair and isn’t handing us what we want on a platter. Complainers bring nothing useful to the table at this point, and despair is a sin for a reason. We have serious, hard work to do, and wallowing in edgy nihilism is a waste of time.
        Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

          •  Even boomers want to know how to be an effective dissident and to what end. If Trumps not the answer, nor Dems, nor anarchy, nor ethnostates, then what is?

          • The slow grind of building our own communities. I’ve written about it a ton. Z has talked about it a ton.

          • So what happens when we build our own communities and a vindictive leftist fedgov and their handmaidens in the media decide that our project is illegitimate? Legislation is passed to impose diversity upon the ever dwindling number of conservative white enclaves via open borders, federal housing dictates, shithole refugee resettlement, mandatory community racial redistribution, federal hate speech legislation, a gutting of the second amendment, and a hundred more dystopian possibilities the white hating left has considered. Of course, they will be willingly assisted and encouraged by the thirty to forty percent of delusional whites that sympathize with the nationwide chimp out we are experiencing. At that point, perhaps we will realize that the left has no intention of allowing us to build our own communities. Our progeny will be a despised minority for whom no atonement is possible. Accept reality: TINVOWOOT. The events of the last week and the last few months have made a number of things very clear. For starters, the violent left is extremely well organized, funded, and means business. The official right is cowed, weak, and impotent. Law enforcement will not protect you or your property if their safety is in jeapardy. Furthermore, law enforcement at all levels would be completely annihilated in the face of violent, armed, and well organized mass insurrection. In the near future, it will not be Antifa that is the designated target of the DOJ, but rather the various permutations of the dissident right. The tech giants will be more than happy to help. The left regards us with a venom and rage that would make Mao proud. Get ready for struggle sessions so that you can get your mind right. On the bright side, fedgov and half of the states will soon be insolvent. The national debt is projected to be 256% of GDP in 2024 and 537% of GDP by 2028. Let that sink in. The US may be a ward of the IMF by the end of the decade.




          • Bernd,
            Yep, all that’s true. We’ve got a lot stacked against us. But let’s not forget that our opponents aren’t Gods. They really aren’t that bright. Also, they are simply wrong about how the world works. That’s matters. The more than run the system, the worse the system gets.
            A little over a hundred years ago, whites dominated the world and were proud of themselves and their past. Asians – outside of Japan – were a defeated people. Muslims were a mess. Africans were, well, Africans. Israel was still just a dream for Jews.
            My point is that things change. Stay in the fight. Opportunities will arise.

          • Hubris. White Europeans conquered the world and perhaps, made the fatal mistake that non-Whites would adopt our culture’s values. Except for some of the Asian nations, by and large that expectation has failed. As Z often notes, in so many words, is that the West having noted the failure of nearly all these ideals of equality, is now well on the way to deny reality and punish those who resist the official orthodoxy.

          • As CSC notes you are correct on every point. Every point.
            But other than watch Rome burn while sitting in your nice house watching Netflix or ingesting opioids in your trailer park what are you going to do? They want to kill us. We only die once so why not die well on our terms.
            On the “bright” side your national debt observation is on the money as the kids say. But if you think the US will become a ward of anyone you might rethink that. We don’t spend more on military than the next 10 countries combined for nothing. If we go out, we go out with a bang which might be good for our thing; who knows.


          • Armed rebellion now is worse than suicide. We need to consolidate our position and focus on living our lives in peace, prepping for the worst in the meantime.
            Are you a glowie?

          • Jesus Christ – you’re 53 years old and you’re still reacting to criticism by rebelling against your Boomer parents? No wonder you have nothing valuable to offer.

          • Jesus died a slow horrible death on a cross
            If you are a believer this was awesome for many good reasons but as for , the rest of us non believers ?
            We want to win without doing the Jewish Martyrdom thing thanks.
            Subtle as serpents has its place but sometimes snek needs to bit too.

          • You are even stupider than Hun and these other commenters I occassionaly slap around. How the hell did Americans ever become so rich? Hint: It weren’t brains. Even Z would.need to concede this.

          • Boomers actually got stuff done unlike us Gen X.
            It was mostly the wrong stuff but still.
            Hell these rioters actually get stuff done.
            Again its the wrong stuff but still.
            I don’t expect this kind of thing from Conservatives nor advocate it but I’m with Anti Dem. We are so focused on our families and selves actually building something bigger, talking to neighbors seems daunting
            Now Snohomish had the right idea, the city managed to pull 1000 militia the other day and prevent any looting.
            Till the rest of us get there, let me ask you this.?
            Are you getting fit, are you getting trained, are you getting tactical, do you know your neighbors and are you building systems of governence to fill in power vacuums ?
            Most importantly are you making friends and contacts for face to face meat space.
            Or are you just LARPING, carping and complaining.
            Its not going to go away, the economy is only going to get worse and thinsg will get worse.
            It may collapse. it may go hotter than this, it may just become a hollow state
            Are you getting ready and again are you making friends in meat space
            There are plenty of more things you can do and while I think what you do has value, it needs to be less philosophical and more practical.
            And yes in case anyone asks. I practice what I preach within my ability to do so and of course within the law.

          • AD has been around a long time than you have pal.
            Worrying about Feds under every bed is useless anyway. Understand they are out there and find a way to do what you must.

        • Look, there are no easy, quick answers. Just accept it. If you are looking for Superman and Z-man is not it—look elsewhere. We sleepwalked into this situation going on three generations now. You expect marching orders tomorrow? Z-man does his part in focusing folks. That is an immense contribution to the cause if nothing else.
          Take a breath, there are lots of fellow posters here equally frustrated.

        • This is just more kosher-sandwich BS, Anti-Dem.
          This site has hundreds of posts and comments and pods covering “What We Must Do” – starting with “stop believing in the GOP or voting your way out of this.”
          You’re coping and deflecting, or you’re shilling. This is not a good faith criticism either way.

        • Lead, follow or get out of the way. I need to take time to absorb the profundity of you comment. Bear with me.
          Ok. I’m ok now. I’ve recovered my equilibrium.
          AntiDem – where are you leading to. Are you sure the path you are walking isn’t over the edge of.a cliff? Seems a bit foggy out there to me. That orange glow you’re following…I’m not sure.

        • 1: Redpill your family.
          2: Gtfo into the woods or a rural area with other like-minded people.
          3: In the meantime, stop trying to stick it to the left, and don’t go on public crusades for the right.
          Z’s talked about these things before. Sounds like a plan to me.

      • He isn’t calling you a libtard or running away. He is pointing to a serious problem with the right.
        I am just as guilty of being long on complaints and short on solutions. We will have to get around to addressing this problem at some point.
        Here’s my plan when it comes to voting. Vote for the most right wing candidate in the primary, the least worst in the general, have ZERO expectations (then you won’t get frustrated later). Get off work in the middle of the day so you don’t have to stand in line for too long. Of course, you should never make political donations unless you have millions to give and you’re a special interest. Sound like a good plan?

        • This has been explained a million times. Wasting time on long detailed agendas is stupid. The only thing that matters right now is to a) waking up as many whites as possible to the demographic reality and b) getting them thinking a white first. The people demanding five year plans and 85-point agendas are trying to distract people from what is important.

          • Where’s Curt Dolittle to give us 10,000 words of verbal diarrhea when we need him?

          • I don’t know Z. I’m keeping my powder dry until I see what Eric Cantor thinks of all this.
            Amirite Henry?

    • As a sailor I learned the value of bitching … if you listen and penetrate the shrouded truths, quite often you’ll discover your blind spots. A good leader also recognizes that whenever confronted with a crisis, look for solutions in increasing concentric circles around YOUR desk. Another life-lesson … my experience is that bitching can lead to constructive brain-storming, problem-solving. Don’t forget our 18th century revolution began with bitch-sessions in the local tavern.
      It’s not useless to bitch and groan if that leads to an understanding that reliance on Trump (or any governmental stooge) is a fools errand. And if that further leads to increasing reliance on self, family and community, all the better.

    • Man this post has brought out a surprising amount of butthurt. I didnt think people who knew about this blog also were so on board the trump train.

      • Learning that we ain’t voting our way out of this will be a hard won knowledge.

      • There’s a lot of newbies here, no doubt brought in by Z being one of the few to speak realistically about Corona-Chan.

      • I;m not but the Dissident Right has nothing to offer whites. It’s a empty can with a dew rocks in it.
        Seriously I can’t point alienated whites to a data even a 1 page flyer that explainjs what the dissident right is,what it stands for and what it’s goals are.
        The DR big thinkers had years to get their shit organized and do out reach and they did squat
        We’re mostly all hat and no cattle.

        • Theres a few reasons for that. One is the DR has consistently attracted low status whites which has meant a lot of people more interested cooky costumes than practical organizing. Second, imo a lot of left wingers came over hoping to carve out an alternate power niche and have been and continue to be death spiraling into nonsense ideologies and doomed strategies about what will fix things.
          There really is no solid dissident right. Or there is to the extent that you are dissident right. If youre waiting for a movement to come back and set things right it wont happen. The left is mere years away from complete political hegemony and unchallenged power. They have proven they have the strenth, will, and moral high ground to crush any challenge to that power. Being dissident now means surviving the transition, staying out of jail for instance, and then working to build up a community of like minded individuals who will be ready to handle whatever comes next. The problem here is defining the line between community and movement but ill leave that to your imagination.
          My personal recommendations are education, physical fitness, spiritual fitness, and doing what you can to turn the people in your life over to the truth. All while avoiding the ideologues that clog the scene, for instance if youre gonna give money i would choose zman over trs any day unless you have a lot of hang ups about the holocaust for some reason.
          Imo we dont really want a movement right now anyway. A movement can be infiltrated, subverted, crushed, and used to demoralize and delegitimize our cause. But Im no strategist so ymmv.

        • <i>I can’t point alienated whites to a data even a 1 page flyer that explainjs what the dissident right is,what it stands for and what it’s goals are.</i>
          I can give it to you in one word: Ethno-nationalism.
          It’s really that simple.

          • Some of us are missing the point.
            I understand the psychological need for some road “map” to follow. Lord knows I’ve asked for one and never was satisfied. That is not happening here and frustration builds.
            Here’s the way it is folks: Z-man is not your cartographer! You are all your own cartographers. Z-man is your damn guide, pointing out the landmarks on your journey through society. It’s your job to note them and draw your own map!
            In the discussions here people interact with each other and exchange/critique their partial maps. Eventually improving their end product. When that product will be ready for distribution who knows. Perhaps the road goes on forever. But it’s a journey well worth undertaking for your race.

          • Also, let’s shoot the bear before we sell the pelt. There’ll be plenty of time to hash out the politics once we’ve defeated globohomo.

          • Hang together or hang separately.
            Your road map as vs the road map will end up getting you smashed by the larger mob of guys willing to hold their nose on things they don’t like and follow
            In order to facilitate a win , figure out the least you will except , make sure there is nothing that would cause betrayal and work together.
            It was bad enough the original US had to accept slavery. We can do better.
            If we can’t than let it burn , tribe up and take power in a smaller homogeneous polity
            It won’t be long before the union is gone away. Might as well enjoy the decline and benefit from it.

          • Nailed it Comp.

            Z-man is not your cartographer! You are all your own cartographers.

            It has taken me a few months to realize, with a few boys here in the comments, that the Shooting House Rules apply here, too.

            1. No one is coming
            2. Everything is your responsibility
            3. Save who needs saving
            4. Kill who needs killing

            A recent long form essay on Jacksonian roots and it’s current state reminded me that my people share deep communal roots that appear to collect and concentrate them when needed.
            To heap on Zman’s point, system-wide plans and centralization are the enemy at this point. Focus on your surroundings, training, neighbors, resources, and mental toughness. Get things in order as fast as possible, and be ready to jump in when the time is right.

        • Who are the “DR big thinkers” again? You’ve read, but ignored what Z has to say on this topic, but you post anyhow? Why?

        • RWC’s riding his big black-pill cow today. Try asking him what his plan for getting our shit together is. He can’t be bothered to put together his own 1 page plan for anything. I have yet to see one coherent actionable paragraph in the year-ish he’s been doom-posting (and hope-posting and fed-posting and a dozen other kinds of posting depending on what’s on sale at the local Liquor Barn).

      • Trump 2016, for whatever flaws it had, at least offered BadWhites an alternative.
        Trump 2020 is just a Breitbart-driven mess of Civic Nationalism with zero appeal to non-BoomerCons.

      • We have a well defined alternative but first the white empty hope in some sort of civic nationalism has to immolate itself.
        When that happens whites will have their public Road-to-Damascus moment and finally drop all of the wishful thinking that goes into “if they act like us they can be like us” universal brotherhood of man under god and constitution delusion.
        Then comes separation and removal.
        Then reforming and/or building institutions that serve all of white society. This will require reforming politics so that it serves the needs of all groups of whites with give and take, with reciprocity and an economic system that meets the needs of all and builds multi-generational communities…and not one that uses individuals to satisfy the bottom line. A family wage, a limited franchise and policies that encourage and support family formation for our people.
        This site and many others are full of the details.

        • “Then comes separation and removal. “
          And in between Separation and Removal is a long road of violent ugly. I hesitate to call it civil war because it won’ t be as simply clear cut as two warring factions. Police state and skirmishes. We shall wait and see the forms this come-apart will take.
          How Lenin and Stalin planned is not us. We already live in a surveillance state so our planning and upgrades will look different. Any type of grouping up will be met by brutality and violence.
          Last night, Antifa threatened on Facebook to come to the Salt Lake corridor, from Provo to Logan, go to people’s front door and shoot them to kill. This is a highly organized insurrection. Wrapped pallets of bricks showed up in New York, Lagos, Bay Area. They’ve been organizing and ware-housing insurrection supplies for awhile. Within 5 minutes of the rogue cop shooting, the activist planners in the multitude of Soros funded groups knew what opportunities they had and jumped on it. Never let a good crisis go to waste. The talking point memes went out to the Pravda news pronto, the pot was stirred and they hit the streets. In California last night in daughter’s Antioch and Brentwood in the delta, the Soros groups posted on ZuckUBook that those suburbs would reap the whirlwind, while all across the country a variation of this Facebook threat was launched. Family is fine this morning and rattled, but rioters did gathered on Hwy 4 and near Target. The night before Antifa hit downtown upscale Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Danville, my old world. I left 10 years ago. It sucks to be Cassandra.
          Yesterday, a number of you guys realized you’re walking on eggs with your wives. I’m doing the same with B. Husband who has regressed to Barr and Durham still have something up their sleeves, glued to Laura Ingram, Trump and Bible, collecting bumper stickers for the Utah Sheriff’s Asso, flags, and so on. Sigh! I just treat kindly and stay out of the fever swamp. My head won’t work if I beat it bloody against him and the wall. Treat kindly and don’t mistake a crocodile for a chihuahua in family or friends. Had my head bit off more than once and had to grow it back. Pick your battle; don’t die on this hill arguing with spouses. Keep Aware and Stay Alive!

          • Glad to hear you daughter is okay. The corridor along Hwy 4 is unrecognizable from what it even was 10 years ago. The last time I was in Brentwood I was surprised by all the blacks I saw. Section 8? Contra Costa Co. was already lost when you left. Most of the whites left in the entire Bay Area are either bugmen in their soul or bugmen forced by circumstance. I left in December.
            You are right, things will go from ugly to very ugly. But we can make things a lot easier on ourselves if we let Civnatism and Trump-hopium die off first. Covidjig is making dissidents by the minute.
            Volatility forces everyone’s hand.

      • Rwc, people around here don’t like to here it, but you make a point. We need to offer whites an alternative. However, you know that we can’t at the moment.
        We can only do the small things right now. Finding each other IRL and getting small groups together that quietly work for our community. We need to build a foundation so that when things get worse, and they will, whites have groups to join.
        I’ll be the first to admit, the odds are against us. I’ll also admit that we’re starting at the very bottom. But what exactly do you propose that’s better.

        • Afraid you misread my missive. I agree with you. I watched my Trot parents chase unicorns and grow into miserable hollow old sots. Youngers hate to hear that there is no way forward at the moment because youth is the principle of action. And I’m not defending Trump.
          I’m old enough to have learned when there is no clear way forward, just breathe. Be still. Quit flailing around. Listen, particularly inside. You will know. You will know when the wave is right and time to shoot the curl. Options and doors will open up. In the future, what has not formed will later become obvious. This will start rolling. And when it does, you may not get what you wish for. If we move too soon, all may be lost or greatly damaged, or at worst some die due to haste and at best learn to patiently regroup and wait. Learn poker, when to hold and when to fold, and folding is not the end; another hand is always dealt. The new form may be unrecognizable in it’s infancy. And will take on a “life” and shape of it’s own. When movement is created, the direction it goes in may not be contained. All is change now.

    • The better plan is to accept that we’re not voting our way out of this. The better plan is to start finding each other IRL, then form groups that help the general community (but are really geared to help whites), find more of us through these groups, start forming groups that push for equality – not white identity, just against whites getting discriminated against, those groups slowly morph into white advocacy groups and away we go.
      There’s an actual plan. Will it take time? Yes. Is it grunt work? Yes. Will it actually work? Don’t know. But it’s better than believing in a country and a system that no longer exist. Trump’s a decent enough guy (a huckster for sure, heart is in the right place), but he was never to lead us out of our situation, but no politician can. That route is over.

    • The DR wil be politically powerless until we can offer Beltway jobs, and everything’s designed to prevent that.
      It’s not bitching… it’s called brainstorming.

  77. When I tried to explain to my wife last night that Trump looks weak and ineffective with the riots she countered that the states wouldn’t let him do anything. I explained further what he could do and she just wouldn’t get it. Dems bad.
    I saw the future when minorities rule how it will be. That Mexi-sheriff in Texas siding with the crowd and shouting about we (blacks-hispanics) have been historically treated badly and how they need to fight whitey. The most illuminating scene I have seen in a while.

    • All politicians play at helplessness. It’s some toxic combination of refusing accountability and social cache via victim hood.
      The pols running the show are now just victims too. Even police chiefs are getting in on the action. They all count on cover from the media and a public too stupid to figure out that they’ve been running the system for years and so are the source of “systemic” anything.

    • I’m more convinced that ever that we’ll see some nasty stuff in the near future. The Dems and the media pushing hard the racial injustice narrative. The GOP is terrified to push back even as riots are going on, much less if the Dems start passing racial injustice policies.
      It’s not hard to imagine what can be done to whites in the name of racial or environmental justice. What’s more, a good chunk of whites will welcome it as a means to redemption. The virus has shown how easily people can be cowed in the name of some public emergency. Just substitute racial injustice for “crush the curve” and a politician can get away with a lot.

      • Unfortunately, most of our tribe won’t drop the nostalgia America fantasy until something like you’ve suggested happens. Our choice seems to have deteriorated into poison by the dropper or poison by the barrel. The quicker our people are force to drop the pretense the better our chances.

        • Until middle and upper-middle class whites both feel some pain and figure out that their POC preachers are distinguishing between Goodwhites and Badwhites, that we’re all just whites, it’s going to be an uphill battle.
          But that’s been the case all along. However, I’m beginning to see how hard this is going to be. We’re going to lose friends and family members over this.

        • To clarify:
          An anti BadWhite pogrom.
          If Goodwhites want to remove their genetics from the gene pool, let ‘em.
          If the pathological altruism gene passes out of existence, that’s a plus for the 14 Words.

      • “We are not voting our way out of this” still applies. Trump’s effect has been to pull the cover off of the game for us to more easily see what is going on, but not to do much about it. That’s one for two, but one more than any other politician has offered up to us.
        Trump will either bring the hammer down shortly on a lot of people and movements, or he will not. Either way, he is probably done by November, and destined to either go home or to be a placeholder for four more years.

        • We don’t know for sure what 2nd term Trump during a depression would be like vs 1st term Trump during a boom. No one can say with confidence that he would be a mere placeholder.

      • The response to the virus was my first hint that VERY BAD THINGS would continue to happen after the virus fizzled. Even 20 years ago if someone broached the topic of a “lockdown”, some intelligent, clean shaven men in generic off-the-rack suits would have appeared as if by magic. These men would have advanced degrees in things like mathematics, economics, and operations research. They would have sat down with all these governors and other pols and calmly explained that even if the worst models of the pandemic were correct (and the worst case scenarios almost never pan out) a few million deaths, almost all amongst the unproductive, would need to be accepted because the economy is not a lightbulb that can be switched off for a few months so everyone can hide from the bogeyman.
        Those men never appeared. This suggests to me that our society has lost an important mechanism of self-correction and sanity checking. This is somewhat like when a person gets AIDS. All kinds of opportunistic infections arise and are not fought off. The specific thing that kills the patient will be any of hundreds of rare cancers, bacteria, or viruses (maybe even Covid-19!). The real cause is the AIDS though.
        So the media and political virtue signallers decided to go with a remake of Rodney’s Song but with a larger budget for CGI and pyrotechnics than the original. What’s next? Who knows, the only certainty is that there will be something. Our society has AIDS and it’s not certain if we caught it early enough to deploy the drug cocktail. If and when the rioters run out of buildings to burn this summer there will be something else to keep the madness going. What will it be? Soon, we’ll spin the wheel of misfortune again and find out.

        • I figured the US would be on its way to failed state , Bugaloo or USSR adios by the 2030’s. Looks like the Wuhan flu basically compressed the collapse timeline on the end game.

          • Yeah, this thread has just convinced me to vote for Biden. let the good times roll! guess i’m and Accelerationist now. Come on in bois, the waters fine.

          • Well that certainly wasn’t my intention. In spite of everything I remain on Team Trump. I’d say there’s about a 25% chance at this point though that there won’t even be an election to worry about.

      • Tread gently, my friend. I speak from sad experience. With loved ones, it’s better to go too slow than too fast.

    • I’ve heard this song and dance about what Trump could/should do, for as long as he’s been elected. Am not overly impressed. You wanted a Superman and you got a politician who continues to work within a framework of Constitutional precedent that has been established before him.
      Keep asking for you authoritarian dictator, you’ll get him—but you won’t like it.

      • Authoritarian? I just want him to do his effing job. Something other than mean tweet.

        • Exactly .
          As for an authoritarian as long as El Jefe is close enough to our guy I’m fine with it .
          Right now it seems like we are getting a President great at a mean tweet sesh and looting via Kushner and not good at bringing the hammer down.

          • When will our pinochet arise? A couple of helecopter rides would have many salubrious effects! Kidding aside, the shift from the manufactured covid crisis to a hate whitey orgy stikes me an overplay of thier hand. We are in active humilation territory now. One can no longer operate within this system with dignity.

        • No, most of these posts assume he has authority not granted him in the Constitution. You want a Superman. You say he should do this or that and rarely if ever point to the Constitutional language or precedent that would allow such action. And even when such is done, no thought is given to the political ramifications of such. You’d be happy to see “action” which is either overturned in the courts, or brings about a successful impeachment. You’d settle for glorious defeat rather than incremental progress.

      • Most critics are just making themselves feel OK about their plan to not vote for him in the upcoming election.
        To quibble with your point: Trump’s binding constraints are not the Constitution. It’s a mixture of his own faults, high ranking bureaucrats, Republican Senators, The People (and their opinions, especially low info potential voters).

          • If he wanted to ignore Kushner et al. he could. I don’t believe any of these theories about him being blackmailed by Mossad.

          • Exile I haven’t been around here for a while. Do you ever get that closed forum up and running? That’s a great idea.

      • When you and I can use our real names to have this discussion online, Comp, talk to me about how lucky we are to live in a Constitutional framework that respects precedents.

        • What we do here, has little to do with the topic of what Trump does and the Constitution and the precedents Trump decides to follow.
          Pseudo names are because of other people using such in aggressive manner, e.g., doxing, to the detriment of free expression. But that is an attack not directly prevented by the Constitution. As far as the government attacking a commenter, a false name gives them not one wit of problem. They can and most likely do know who each and everyone of us are on this forum.
          I’m also not so paranoid/scared as some who advise we speak in coded language/words as others are—mostly to the detriment of speaking clearly and concisely to their point.

    • As a person who had voted for a D his whole life until Trump I am fairly unique on this blog. Long story short I saw the 2016 election as the Flight 93 election per the famous essay.  I know the liberal mind. 
      “2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees.  Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain.”
      This is another extraordinarily excellent essay by Z. The facts as hard as they may be is that Trump does not know how to fly the plane. 
      The one thing Trump has done is expose the nightmare of what is coming for us. I will certainly give him that. 
      Where we go from here I don’t know. I always gave whitey and the West about a 1% chance of survival and that percentage has not changed. The build small communities option discussed by some on this blog seems such a pathetic and non heroic path but I see no other. 
      May God, if he exists, have mercy on our souls. 

      • Small communities aren’t pathetic, especially if there are a lot of them. Furthermore, doing something that you know you can make work is far less pathetic than dreaming of something heroic that will never happen (or that will never work the way you think it will).
        I’m curios: Why did you stick with the Democrats for so long?

        • Good questions.
          I did not mean imply that small communities are bad. I would certainly hope for a peaceful secession. Barring a quick divorce it just seems so much more grand, epic, and quick to saddle up the cavalry and charge.But losing which we surely would at this point is not a solution and I have no illusions about the glory of combat. Building small communities is very hard and time consuming is my baby whine.
          Why D for so long? I could write a book. For one thing I believed that they actually were for free speech, truth no matter what, the middle class, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness even against ever growing evidence to the contrary.
          And actually the main thing was due to the internet I was able to finally find intelligent and honorable writers who were conservative. You guys from the DR talk about gatekeepers and suppression of truth but unless you have lived as I did, as most liberals live, you simply don’t see that. I would read George Will and the like and I was embarrassed at how vapid they were. When I jumped the great divide it was virtually instantaneous because once blinders were off they were off.
          He who has eyes to see let him see, indeed.

          • You are right — building a community is hard. Unless you are retired or very adventurous you have to stay where the jobs are, and settle for virtual communities. That is the situation I am in. On the plus side it is relatively easy to dispense with epic dreams so that you are left with (1) thinking small or (2) doing nothing as your only options. It is easy for me to choose between those options.
            You have an interesting story about leaving the left. You also have insight about the liberal hive mind that a majority of the DR does not have. (Most are former libertarians, apolitical, or paleo cons). In your case there was an an accumulation of evidence. Knowing which evidence to bring out is valuable. In his previous post, Z was right about how to talk with conservatives: show the demographic trend data.

          • Well, congradulations, very very few men change thier mind based upon evidence and reason. The early conditioning is hard to break. Sets men apart, and there is very few true men, from the animals.

      • Although I,’m mostly conservative, I’ve been a monthly Greenpeace supporter for a few years. Today I got one of their emails showing how socially conscious they are, including Black Lives Matter and all the other Liberal dreams of late. Finally, I realize their mission has strayed far from enivoronmental/ocean wildlife. Just look at their website. Well, my eyes have been opened. I am going to cancel my donating and tell them why I’m leaving if they ask. I guess it doesn’t fit their world-view that not all of their donors who cared about the envirionment appreciate share their other views, or think they should even have other views. Here’s a suggestion: if you are donating money going much beyond your home town, most of that money is probably funding stuff that has nothing to do with what you signed on for.

        • Among other affiliations you might rethink shopping at Target unless you want the Zman in this sun-dress in your daughters bathroom and Lowes just proudly announced their support for the rioters, so Home Depot it is.

      • Ex, I couldn’t agree more. When the 82nd airborn is stged to patrol washington , the shit is very real aand very bad

      • “I saw the 2016 election as the Flight 93 election”
        In other words, total fantasy with no connection to reality.

    • clearly those groups have a historical grievance. But to act upon it is as illogical as to act upon religious hatreds going back to Thousand Years. A more interesting question would be to ask those people What kind of world they get when their enemy is finally gone.



    • The chaos in the streets is out in the open but this sort of behavior goes on every day in any school that is even 5% black/brown. Above 20% is a loss of control, more than half is literally worse than a zoo. This school is 20% white and 80% colored.
      You don’t need to listen to the whole thing, 2 minutes will show you what happens in hundreds? thousands? of schools like this one every single day.

      • I’m amazed that teachers put up with these environments at all. Hell of a red pill for these traditionally liberal idealists, at least fresh out of university.

    • Ironically, Mexican gangsters are better to have around than Mexican sheriffs. At least they protect their goddamn territory.

  78. Way too cynical here, Trump actually has made a lot of changes, such a limiting legal immigration and yes, building the wall. Let the nignogs have their fun, after all it’s mostly Democrat areas that are in flames.

    • There’s nothing cynical about the realization that Trump doesn’t have the executive or intellectual gravitas to do anything meaningful. He craves flattery and he gets it from his sycophants. Worse, he fires anyone who is not a sycophant. Pretty easy to see the guy is an empty suit, far out of his depth.
      Another key point – Trump was top of the heap of the 2016 GOP candidate pool, coming on the heels of Bush, Romney, McCain. Could you agree that the GOP has an affinity for weak sisters? Sure, if our standard of excellence is “he’s not Hillary” then Trump was a win. Damned low bar though, eh?
      Now we have Trump with, at best, a mediocre track record, with the likes of Haley and Pence on the bench. The other option are the Dems. And the reasonable man shouldn’t be cynical?
      We need more ridicule, more mockery, more cynicism … more grasping of this reality: no crisis is resolved via elections, particularly in a disunited democracy of universal suffrage.
      The “better plan” over reliance on Trump? Keep your larder stocked and your powder dry.

      • You may be a touch too cynical, but mostly correct.
        I know I was somewhat surprised at Trump getting the better of the GOP candidates in the debates, “how are they getting rolled by this guy?”. If Trump is an empty suit then the rest of the GOP exists as slightly denser air; cardboard cutouts would have put up more of a fight.

      • Not being hillary is nothing to be sneered at, i’ll take trump regardless of his faults over pretty much anybody else, he is sadly our last realistic shot.

    • Correct.
      And – this problem does not belong to Trump. It belongs to We The People now. Even the niggers up here in Canada are chimping out. The blacks have opted for The Law Of The Jungle rather than the Law Of The Land – and there is nothing Trump can do about that except start a civil war. Boys, we knew long ago that we aren’t going to vote our way out of what is coming. This problem was being created before most of the commenters here were born.
      What Trump did was not a PR stunt. It was a gesture – and as a man of faith I appreciate it. The people trying to replace him hate whites, they hate Christians, and more than a few of them want to kill me and take my chit. Hell – they are blaming people like me because their niggered pets are burning down their cities. Burn, you fuckers.
      If a diversity mob comes down my street, the M14 comes out and it will do my politicking for me. Stuff like this is why our ancestors kept blacks on a short leash and lynched the odd one here and there as a warning to the others.
      Accuse me of LARPing, I don’t care. You may not be interested in the Boogaloo… but the Boogaloo is very interested in you…

        • I must agree. Watch your language as such can produce nothing but backlash to this site. No one needs use such trigger words to express a point.

          • John Smith didn’t do anything wrong other than tell the absolute truth.
            In any case, don’t speech police. Its no different than cucking.
            The exception is advocacy of illegal acts and I’m not seeing that here at least for Americans.

          • Calling it “speech policing” is hyperbolic. I’d prefer to think of it as reminding people that saying “NIGGER” all of the time is bad for optics and scares away fence-sitters. What benefit does such language confer?

        • I’m with MIForest on this one.
          We need to be better than caved-in, low IQ mouth-breathers.
          ”Jogger” would have gotten the same point across and been funnier.

      • I’ve just spent the past three nights on my rooftop. I live a stone’s throw from Second City Comedy in Chicago. thousands of rioters were within shouting distance. I have been armed with semi-auto rifle, pistol and fire extinguishers. My wife is petrified. My neighborhood is entombed in plywood and nothing is open. Helicopters are overhead continuously and I hope they don’t shoot me.
        At this time, I could give a whiff whether somebody here expresses himself with potty words. The mayor of my fine city uses them against the President. Let rip.

        • Think beyond the chaos. Riots will disperse, words will remain. Not everyone who’s “language policing” is a schoolmarm.
          And you make sure to kill everyone who threatens your family. Joggers who survive such encounters only grow more bold.

    • Homer, he is pandering to India because he is going to increase legal immigration by 500% with a new ‘NAFTA’ with them if he gets re-elected in order to provide cheap labour to the tech industry and take good paying jobs away from whites. he will also provide amnesty for all the illegals and then will tour america reminding everyone that it is always Republicans who provide amnesty to people who enter the country illegally. He’ll be right about that. He has exacerbated the situation. he has done nothing about legal or illegal immigration and has done nothing about foreign intervention. How could he? he is surrounded by his zionist handlers. He has done nothing.

    • Homer, has Trump built any “new” wall that wasn’t just replacing existing wall with new wall that can be cut through with tools available at Home Depot?
      If he has, I’d like to know.

      • Then you need to read more. Couple of weeks ago, there was a celebration of the first 100 miles of “new” wall *built* in just this sector. Had the ICE Sec (acting) attending. There are currently lawsuits attempting to halt more building in this sector because they claim construction technique is blowing up sacred artifacts. The new, faster, technique is to excavate foundation with explosives and set the fence in ground on the rubble. I’m not an engineer, but the description I heard sounded good.

        • Trump signed the Cromnibus that prevented him from using any of the taxpayer-funded prototypes in building the wall. Then he signed another Cromnibus that gave border counties veto power over any barrier being built. His DOJ sued the “We Build the Wall” people, temporarily preventing them from building until some judge intervened.

          • And then Trump declared a national emergency and shifted $$$B’s to the border wall. So what’s your point. He got the money. The first bills were necessary because he wanted military funding increases. Those came first, then he kicked the Dem’s in the balls and laughed. Don’t cherry pick your argument’s data and please be complete, not one sided. This isn’t a HS debate.

    • Based on a glance at latest gov’t stats: the only immigration category that has declined during the Trump admin has been refugees (and that not by much.) Every other category is up. Most disheartening is the issuance of discretionary work permits to border-jumpers contra 8 U.S.C. §1158(d)(2). In the hundreds of thousands. Way higher than Obama.

      • Those stats end in 2018. The beginning of the longest stretch of boom times in the States and the final defeat of Dem challenges to the border enforce and declaration of emergency. Looking back at this table:
        You will see the trend downward, even in Obama years. What the old stat’s won’t show is the effect of MX arm twisting to keep folks away from border and in MX. There has been news reports here, with pictures, of well over 2K Africans—yes, Africans—rioting in MX because they want to approach the border to claim asylum, but the MX won’t let them approach.

        • There’s a lag-time on all stats issued by the gov. Part of it due to fiscal v. calendar year, and part of it due to collecting and assembling data takes time. So there’s always going to be a lag. A fiscal year lag is normal if you look at previous years.

        • Dude, border crossings in April of this virus year are higher than the April after Trump took office. I was once as you are now, believe me I’m sympathetic.

      • Also a lag, but this includes an estimate on net migration for 2019:
        The recent decline is driven mostly by people moving back to PR, which mostly isn’t due to Trump policies. On the other hand, the very tight labor market (before corona) draws in more than there otherwise would have been, reducing the downward trend, and making his policies appear weaker.
        It is very difficult to isolate the impact of a set of policies on immigration. In the fog of incomplete data and confounding variables people believe what they want to believe. What matters to me is that has pushed for some restrictive policies (executive orders, agreement with Mexico, etc.) that no reasonable person thinks Clinton or Biden would have pushed for.

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