The Chaos Election

If any other president in recent history was facing both wide scale riots and an economic depression before his reelection, the smart money would be on the side of the challenger, regardless of his quality. For the longest time, conventional wisdom has said re-election campaigns are a referendum on the times as much as the performance of the sitting president and his party. Despite the gloom and doom, Trump’s re-election chances remain a coin toss at this point in time.

Part of it is the fact that Joe Biden is a relic from a bygone age, a relic suffering from severe cognitive decline. If not for the shenanigans of the party, Bernie Sanders would be the nominee of the party right now. At best, the party would be looking at a deadlocked convention, from which they could select an alternative to a fossilized communist and a dementia sufferer. Trump versus a tattered museum piece is about the best match-up Trump can get in November.

Even so, this election is probably the first in this new cycle that was ushered in by the 2016 election. Maybe the 2016 election could be called the first post-post-Cold War election, but no one knew it at the time. This time, everyone seems to know that the rules are different and the forces shaping the election are different. Trump the Mule, the guy who breaks things and disrupts the natural order has changed the normal re-election pattern as well. This will be a different election.

That’s why the skeptical on-looker should be cautious about judging Trump’s behavior by the conventional metrics. For example, he has been tweeting during the black riots about how great he has been to the black people. This tweet was relentlessly mocked, but Trump will no doubt stick with it. Critics scoff that he is just a delusional civic nationalist groveling to blacks. From now until the election, he will talk about how he has been the best thing for black people since emancipation.

The thing that people on this side of the great divide often miss is that sentiment carries a lot of weight among white voters. This side is often too spergy to appreciate the value of gesture, but in the age of gesture politics, the sentiment counts for a lot. Trump’s apparent concern for blacks counts for a lot with his base. Those older white voters really do care about race relations. These riots, at one level anger them, but at another level they sadden them. They hate seeing it.

Take a look at those scenes of whites kneeling and bowing. The crowd always skews older, with lots of gray ponytails in the scene. Granted, these are aging libs looking for some final redemption before they die. That said, it is just an exaggerated sentiment common with older white people. They spent their whole lives trying to make race relations better. Even the right-wingers think it is really important for blacks to feel included in American life. It’s a big part of who they are.

That’s why Trump plays to that sentiment. His ham-fisted appeal to blacks is not really aimed at blacks, but at older whites who decide our elections. He’s never going to win over the gray ponytail crowd, but he will appeal to the weekday golf crowd. They see his earnest appeal to blacks and think well of Trump, despite the black youth rioting in the streets in every city. Talk to the sort of older white who has been vexed by Trump’s tweeting in the past and they are eating this up.

It’s also the nature of his appeal. He is not blathering about dignity and respect or any of the crap you hear from activists. He’s talking economics, things like jobs and crime, the sorts of tangible things that resonate with older white people. The Zoomers can mock the materialism of the Baby Boomers, but politics is about reality. Trump is appealing to the most important part of the electorate where they are, not where the Zoomers would like them to be. It will most likely work.

Not too put too fine a point on it, but look at what just happened in Iowa, a state in the heart of the Cuck Belt. Steve King was defeated in the GOP primary by some loser who will happily flood the state with Africans. If King was the nominee, he would win the general election for sure, but GOP voters could not tolerate someone labeled a racist by the inner party. The sin of racism is so powerful to the old whites that make up the GOP primary electorate, no one can survive a hint of it.

There’s also the black vote. Trump is relentlessly mocked for courting the black vote, but he may not be as dumb as he seems on this issue. The closest comparison in history to Trump at the moment is Richard Nixon. After the riots in 1968, Nixon won 14% of the black vote. This was the guy who ran the Southern Strategy, which was allegedly a crypto-racist appeal to former Klansmen. Clearly, blacks were motivated by something other than the superficial appeal to race.

The truth is, black voters, a distinct subset of black people, are a very conservative voting bloc. The thing is, they are conservative in the traditional sense of the word, not the neoconservative sense. That is, they don’t give a crap about economics as much as they care about their people. They look around at the riots and see this as a threat to their people and their communities. Blacks as a whole may have outlandishly high crime rates, but black voters incline toward law and order.

Trump will never win a big share of the black vote. Critics who think he thinks he can win the black vote are more delusional than they accuse Trump of being. What Trump is up to is appealing to that core black vote. If the choice is between an old white guy siding with the rioters and old white guy promising jobs, they will be much less motivated to come out in big numbers. That’s why Trump is working so hard to frame the choice for blacks in exactly this fashion.

The thing about the 2020 election is it will be a purely in the moment election, in that it will turn on how people feel at the moment. Trump the chaos agent won in 2016 because he had the knack of keeping people on edge. Some who never voted, responded by voting for the first time. Some who always voted one party stayed home or switched to a third party in a moment of anger.  Trump is a guy who likes chaos and seeks to create it in all of his endeavors.

In the moment, people act on instinct. That’s what Trump is betting on for his re-election this fall. If things are in total flux, his opponents are unable to get footing. More important, the voters are unable to settle into comfortable patterns. Riots, plague and economic devastation is maximum chaos. Voters may instinctively go with what appears to be the safe choice, but is just the familiar choice. More important, they will not be thinking about it, but rather acting on instinct.

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347 thoughts on “The Chaos Election

  1. How are hispanics viewing all of this? They’re a larger constituency than blacks, but tend to not vote. Maybe Trump showing a heart and talking of black unemployment, so that he can shore up the 6 blacks votes that he got in 2016, is more of a veiled appeal to the hispanics? After all, if he can feel the blacks pain, how much more would he feel their pain?

  2. i find this writing very interesting compared to the one the day before, a bit more sober and less pissed off. but can see why both are kind of right. Trump and his boomercon fandom do larp too much sometimes about the MLK dream, but IF properly applied the larp helps smooth things over while strong action is deployed in the background in a Caesarist way (also Jacksonian, TeddyRooseveltian, Nixonian ways). obviously this assumes the governors will be overridden by Trump if push comes to shove. Ike and JFK sent the troops to forcibly integrate and start this madness, it would be nicely symbolic to reverse this with a similar trend, troops sent to defend a safe separation between racial communities… of course, all this assumes Trump isn’t entirely larp.
    and yes, if it was up to me, let each community police themselves, us with neighborhood watch, them with neighborhood gangs. as you say, it is the same traditional urge, just expressed differently according to iq. in short, the much derided larp helps us realize “separate but equal” based on Christian subsidiarity was a-ok; but again, only if larped properly, back to when it was considered normal to live with your own while welcoming the odd stranger as long as he was a decent exception. even those old boomercons may realize their integration dream is dead once they realize they miss Steve King; then again, that will only happen when they see the GOP tool mess up their communities, as they are too old and frail (and many times, working) to be browsing shocking articles on AmRen like the younger dissidents and/or zoomers do. besides, perhaps too much of dissidence in general browses and lays about too much, they could have gotten the vote out for Steve King… hope Jeff Sessions doesn’t share the same fate; then again, maybe a full on Nationalist party will finally have no excuse not to exist.

  3. Black Americans are by far the most racist people on earth. Ironically, most of their racism is directed at other blacks. Sure, blacks hate whites. That is why blacks murder twice as many whites as whites murdering blacks.
    The evidence of black self-loathing is how many blacks they murder, assault, disrespect, sell-out, rape, etc. White liberal and Jewish self-loathing has nothing on black self-loathing.
    Put simply, blacks hate themselves. Most of them wish they were white. This hatred is so ingrained, few of them ask what any white person can do about how black people feel about themselves.
    Personally, I am tired of listening to blacks and whites crying about racism. The definition has become so convoluted that it means making any negative observation about a minority group.

  4. OK, but this doesn’t explain his failure to tackle antifa. After all, this is one group (being 99% white) who don’t enjoy racial privilege and can be treated in the same manner the left treats so-called white supremacists (see, for example, Charlottesville). Added bonus: antifa are the left’s shock troops — taking them out is very much to his advantage. I get the restraint with respect to the Negroes’ lives matter, but not to antifa. I’m afraid I’m going with VDARE on this, Trump never fails to squander an opportunity. He may beat Biden, but it’s not looking good.

  5. Not the proper topic, but everyone should watch “”. This Milwaukee Police Chief, or whatever he is, is pure gold. Speed up to the ~13 min part to see him begin to get emotional. Damn those ACLU bastards and their ilk! Get the snakes and parasites out of this country. You have 1 mother and 1 country … get your sorry asses back to Israel.

  6. Men are talking monkeys.

    We want to get to the top of the Tree.

    But of all the apes only men will chop down the tree if they can’t get to the top- destroying the object they sought.

    This has just happened.

    You are debating who’s going to be top monkey when the tree has been felled. Who cares?

    Don’t worry, at least the hard truths will be relevant again.

    I saw the social media that black guy command with bullshit to get down on the white girl’s knee
    First of all, when did people have right to harass an average person just for they have skin color that you don’t like
    and why the hell white women didn’t refuse to apply unreasonable demand 
    I almost doubt that she has false guilt and self-hatred idea or she and black guy had some sort of arrangement to film this
    I don’t blame the black guy though, it’s his nature to be anti-white racist and harm the white people
    But I hit the rock bottom about white women, what the hell’s wrong about them
    Seriously asking you guys to answer me that what’s the problem of white women

  8. OK, Trump is toast. Color Revolution (whoever said it) is right. The powers that be can’t /won’t wait for November, they are ginning up a coup now. Mattis called Trump a disgrace for his Emergency Declaration and use of troops. After the Secretary of Defense flat out told Trump that no, whatever order Trump gave he would counter-mand it.
    I fully expect Trump to be removed from office by his Cabinet or the FBI within weeks if not days.
    The question is, why remove Trump now? The answer I think is the Iran Deal. Its the only thing he killed and my hunch is that half of Official and Unofficial Washington DC was getting a healthy taste on that deal. Thus the urgency to get rid of Trump and salvage that deal and the payoffs (likely healthy commissions for sharing military tech and other stuff which is the only thing we make any more).
    So if they remove Trump … where is the end game. There are still massive protests in front of Eric Garcetti’s mansion. Garcetti is so soy-liberal he makes Bill de Blasio look like Classy Freddy Blassie. Andrew Cuomo looks like Steve Sailer next to Garcetti.
    What is the end game? Every White person in America kneels to Blacks? Gives up all their property? End of policing in America which is still demanded? Really?
    Its open season on White men now. Its why Trump was such a disaster and electing Hillary would have been … good for White men.
    President Hillary would not have enraged Blacks, White women, Muslims, trannies, homosexuals, those with real power and the center of the American system. Her victory would have certainly meant repressive measures against White men, but not non-stop hatred moving towards extermination.
    Already White women have made their peace and indeed largely agree with the extermination of White men, figuring they are largely hotter than Black women and so will be the prime Baby Mommas or squeezes of the new Black men rulers.
    The Clampdown is coming. Just not on rioters. On White men.
    My other sense is that most major corporations dream of slave labor camps filled with White men that are even cheaper than the Chinese ones filled with Uighurs and political prisoners. From harvesting body parts for high ranking officials to “Work Makes You Free” this Revolution brought to you by Nike, Nike the choice of looters and hipsters everywhere. Nike, when shooting an elderly White couple to death at their son’s gravesite, make sure you’re wearing Nike shoes. Also brought to you by Apple. Apple, the official provider of every degenerate rap video. Apple, because we spy on you even more than Google, and charge you five times as much. Apple, the choice of anti-White genocidal maniacs everywhere.

    • If the Secretary of Defense is actually in open defiance of Trump this may force Trump’s hand. If Trump has the guy arrested, for example, that may require more arrests, lots more. Once these kind of things get started they can’t be stopped easily. Trump may need to lock up half of official Washington to avoid a coup if things are really moving this way. That’s what I meant yesterday by Trump doing his own authoritarian putsch before his enemies can.

  9. On a lighter note, did I just read that we’re all required to wear Hawaiian shirts now? Wish I’d saved mine from back in the mid 1980s… they were sweet.

    • “On a lighter note, did I just read that we’re all required to wear Hawaiian shirts now?”
      On an even lighter note. Pelosi and Schumer are introducing a bill that will make it mandatory for White people to pick the cotton to make the shirts.
      There are large crowds of pussified liberals all over America groveling on the ground and begging forgiveness for their sins. This is the end game. And it’s no laughing matter. Like I said, pick life or pick death. It’s up to you.

  10. Z Man said: “Even so, this election is probably the first in this new cycle that was ushered in by the 2016 election. Maybe the 2016 election could be called the first post-post-Cold War election, but no one knew it at the time.”
    “Democracy is the road to socialism.”
    -Karl Marx
    From K through 12 we got Democracy 101. Well folks, what your seeing on your screens is what I like to think of as Democracy 505.
    “You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death… Goodbye, Mr. Anderson…”
    -Agent Smith
    This bs about Democracy, however flawed being the best we can do, is for me, a Soul-Crushing idea. It is the inevitable train wreck bearing down on us all. Mass Democracy is the wheat thresher of political ideologies and the foundation of every leftist abomination. Individuals will survive, the masses will perish. Pick one.

  11. If Biden wins, who knows, he wouldn’t be the first Alzheimers patient to wander the halls of the white house, I hope that he wins with 99% of the black vote. Just to shove it in the faces of all these boomers and all these Sean Hannity/Shapiro/Breitbart types. I want them to wake up on Nov 4th with a big black dick jammed so hard in their boomer mouths that they can’t even breathe. Every day reality is escaping the scene more and more. Sickening.

    • At least the prior one was Republican and did a few good things, I suppose.

    • CivNat Conservative: I can’t breathe, just like George Floyd, because this black dick is shoved down my throat. Why won’t he get off the DemonRat plantation? Maybe if I pleasure him, he will become a conservative.
      My brilliant plan is to offer him my backside. That will own the libtards!

  12. How many blue states will sanction mail in voting before November? Red state voters will refuse to accept election results from these states. Sure, there will be an election but no agreed upon outcome. What happens then?

  13. This election does not matter. You are seeing the real power-dynamic play out in the streets and in media.
    This is a media-run country and Jews are the prevailing wind in the media sails. Financial interests are the second layer of power – same Tribe dominating there. The third layer is official government and the courts. Same story. The fourth layer is academia – yep, Them again.
    By the time you get to the fifth layer of hard power, cops & soldiers, last seen kneeling in the streets before the moral totems of their paymasters, you’re finally almost Jew-free but they’re entirely subjugated to the Jewish bottlenecks of power & shekels in the layers above them. See guys like Esper – a classic shabbos goy who built his resume in typical neo-con Jannissary fashion.
    The only solution for Whites is the dissident option – disengage from the kabuki theater and start building our own systems and infrastructure. It’s hard and it’s going to take more time than most casual commenters care to invest in real power politics vs. the sportsball simulation, but it’s the only thing that actually works.
    Playing politics still works locally & on the state legislature level because Jews don’t have the numbers and the allies to permeate the entire American system down to the municipal level and our numbers have the most impact vs. their influence on that level, particularly if you live in a small-population state off the Jewish priority list.
    But vote-wrangling for statehouse & national-office politics is almost entirely a dead-end and lightning rod that’s intended to waste your time and distract you from forming actual White solidarity and the networks it takes to exercise real power over our own lives.

    • That’s it, things are playing out in the street now, not in the rooms and halls. BTW, the kneeling is our new version of the zeeg hile. I will not be a good German on that one. Sooner or later, we are all going to be TOLD to publicly take a knee. Plan now for what you are going to do about it.
      As to the media, the next step is for Obama and GW Bush to openly speak up together for Biden, to offer, in him, a form of normalcy and escape from the riots and strife. Possibly as soon as tonight. The ones who are breaking your fingers, one by one, are offering a way out of forcing them to break any more.
      There is evil afoot, and it is about to get a whole lot worse, very quickly.
      OT, the video of the guys in Yucaipa beating up the Antifas. Inland Empire, my peeps!

  14. BLM’s demands to “take a knee” by police officers is defanging the police in real time. Obama’s DOJ already made it illegal for police to do any sort of proactive “profiling” so cops are restricted to responding to crimes AFTER they occur.

    Knuckling under to the mob is the final frontier may look “conciliatory” but conveys a kind of consent to what follows…

    This is exactly the agitprop BLM is designed for as even Bernie found out on stage in 2015 when those women grabbed his mike.

  15. Fuck Trump, Fuck these cucks, Fuck acquiescence, Fuck being nice. I’m fucking done. If we don’t stand up now it’s fucking over for whites. Fuck Trump, I’ll vote when Hitler II is on the ballot. APPEASEMENT IS COWARDICE AND WILL LEAD US TO RUIN

  16. Blah, blah, blah…the election doesn’t matter. America is officially insane, and the Old Grays can join the Karens and the Soy Boys and the Joggers in going to hell. They’re all a pack of whiny bitches, yapping chihuahuas and decidely not Presa Canarios. That anyone alive should experience a welter of emotions, whether anger tinged with sadness and a touch of disgust or some other mix, can hardly be a surprise. The media are working 24/7/365 to stoke those emotions and prevent even a minute of quiet reflection within which to question the motives of TPTB. I am done with all the hysteria. A lot of people just need to STFU and go off to die. /rant

  17. C’mon Z. We all know the 2020 election has been decided. Whomever the Dems put up will win. They will steal the election. Bet on it. Ballots will be stuffed. Machines will be hacked. The dead will vote, etc…
    No way the Dems/Reds allow a repeat of 2016.

    • And who would be around left to complain? Nobody.

  18. Great Hat Tip to you Z man by Vox Day on his blog. Your comments about severing connections with those who are not and never will be on your side.  Vox has built platforms and has been consistent on nationalism. The Z Man and Vox are such encouraging and exhorters to Truth. 
  19. The way I see this from over here, all the conjecture about whether or not Joe Biden is suffering from dementia is missing the point. He may be completely ga-ga or a crook or just an empty suit because none of it matters.
    The only important characteristic of Joe Biden is that he is Not Donald Trump. Because I see your next election as Donald Trump .v. Not Donald Trump. In that context, it doesn’t matter which barely warm body is dragooned in to play the role of Not Donald Trump.
    Indeed, if Charles Manson was still alive…..

  20. I do agree that his tweets are really targeting the whites who like the effort.
    Example: My friend – early 50s; stalled at a globohomo corp because they hired some black incompetent to run Marketing and he, in turn hired all his vibrants to do what they do; Evangelical, happy that his church is gonna buy a goat for some Indians or deliver food to some Haitians or build a well for Kenyans or whatever; not a big supporter of Trump. This guy turns his Facebook profile picture to black yesterday.
    Look: the globohomo serfs simply can’t be conservative in a meaningful way. They’re terrified of racist thoughts, they love immigrants so long as they are either legal or else mowing their lawn, they spend three hours a day in their car so their families can stay away from vibrancy, their church tells them every single thing about how they live is just fine, so long as they don’t make their wives unhappy.
    This guy really wanted Rubio and hates rednecks as much as Antifa does. So how the hell do you talk him in to voting Trump?
    Answer: give him reason to think Trump loves the blecques.

  21. When I look at comments on my I phone now I have to zoom in. Comes up with a split screen and comments on the left?

  22. Iowa is the most cucked of the cucked. I have had exchanges with a few “conservitives ” from there on boards and they are insufferable GW’s. between the ag economy there making $$$$ off the imported labor , and the lack of exposure to the inner city issues, they live in a GW paradise . If you want to be disghusted , google ” molly Tibbets ” and see what her parrents and friends did after her murder there .
    If you want to try a more rural life though, it would probably be a good place.

    • “GW”? You forgot to mention farm subsidies since 1930s. I have an “ancestral” family farm in IA. I’ve visited a handful of times in my life, not since 1980s. Back then, I don’t think they even grew anything, it was in the soil bank or whatever it is called.

  23. King would have lost the general election this cycle. The GOP leadership stripping him of his committee assignments greatly impacted his ability to make an impact for the district. Plus there was significant voter fatigue, even people who don’t necessarily fall into the good white camp were getting tired of the bad press. If he never would have done the interview with the NY Times, he might have made it. The relentless browbeating on racial issues is taking a toll on normies. They know they are losing and are looking for cover not realizing the loons attacking them want them dead.

    • An example why the left owns everything in this country. There are plenty of left wing politicians that everyone knows are absolutely bat shit crazy. Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, etc. but they receive the full support of the Democratic party because they support the agenda 100%. The Republican Party and their voters have “principles” that they sanctimoniously adhere to. The people of Alabama could have sent Roy Moore to the Senate, and assured Trump a strong, vocal supporter of his agenda but instead they elected left winger Doug Jones because Moore made the Nice White Ladies uncomfortable. Steve King is the latest example of the Republicans waiving the white flag. P.S. Still more public insubordination, the Secretary of Defense, Mike Esper, apparently just told Trump that he, not the President, decides how troops will be deployed. Active duty troops being withdrawn from the streets of Washington D.C.

      • I know Trump won’t (sigh), but for that Esper ought not to just be fired, he should be thrown in jail.
        What part of “Commander in Chief of the armed forces” does he not get?
        ETA: Esper’s actual comments were not as extreme as related above, but he still should have kept his mouth shut.

  24. We are in such uncharted water , I have no Idea what will happen. Between now and november, the covidbucks will end. the $600 per week extra that all the millenials are getting on top of their unemployment will be gone . It ends in july. they will realize that the places a large percentage of them worked at will no be re-opening . the reality of the economic destruction that the lockdown caused will start to be visable and real to them .
    I work in the manufact and construct. support sector. huge projects are being cancled daily, and with them orders. Among the older salesmen i deal with a palpable fear is starting to grow.
    The layoffs have started . so I can only assume stock market not withstanding , there will be real fear out there by election time.
    I just can’t see how this would help biden. For the life of me i can’t see anobody sitting in fromt of the TV watching biden commercials and saying to the wife ” I would sure feel a lot better about all this if Joe was in the white house.”

    • If the election even happens I see it as being mainly about Normalcy. The fanatical anti-Trumpers out doing recreational arson look numerous but that’s because they’re right where the media is. The problem is that while they’re noisy (and dangerous), they’re not big voters. First of all a lot of the young black hotheads are convicted felons who can’t vote. Then you have the white anti-Fa and wannabe-Fa. These people want to look good for their friends but are not big on follow-thru. Getting high and drunk and running around throwing burning pallets in the street is fun and exciting. Voting is boring and means standing in line with old people and filling out forms. Doing as little as possible of that is why they dropped out of Chemistry and switched to Gibberish Justice Studies.
      The election will revolve about who can convince people that they offer a return to Normal Life. The Establishment’s plan seems to be to just foment chaos and then try to convince Normal America that Biden (or whatever stooge they replace him with) is their ticket back to NormalLand. The problem is that Trump’s people will find it quite easy to associate Biden with the lockdowns and also the weak Dem mayors and governors who let the rioters run wild. The Dems can easily be associated with exactly the two poles of government that normie whites fear, tyranny and anarchy. You might even call it anarcho-tyranny but who would do that? Throw in some stock footage of a high fecal matter day in San Francisco, some riot footage, and the ads write themselves.

    • Judas priest. I was raised on stories of mom making flour sacks into clothes for my oldest sister and brother.

      Mom herself used to gather the coal by the tracks that fell off the train, and snake wood out of the hills to keep the house heated.

      My toilet and shower for near 20 years was 2 buckets. I live next to a ditch.

      Anybody here bathe or wash clothes in a washtub with a scrub board? I have.

      “Work your fingers to the bone, what d’ya get? Bon-ey fingers…”

      • My toilet and shower for near 20 years was 2 buckets. I live next to a ditch.

        Yeah, sure buddy.

        • Two buckets! Such luxury! 🙂 But seriously, there are still people in the USA with no electricity or running water..not many, but…

        • Lived in an abandoned 20′ travel trailer in the fields.

          Couldn’t get dependable water.

          Rarely home.

          The result of some really bright ideas at 28. Bit off a bit more than I could chew.

          Can’t tell you about success, but I could write volumes on failure.

          Go on, Jeremiah Johnson, ruck up that mule team, grab yer axe, and go build a modern town.

          It’s 107 degrees, you got 1 day a month, and 98% of your income goes to debt for the next 20 years or you go to prison. And you’re banned from banks.

          Have at it!

    • People are getting used to not having to pay rent, mortgage, student loans, parking tickets, whatever. What sane political motive would be served by cutting off the freebies before Election day?

  25. You’re certainly right about one thing in this piece, Z; this will be the Chaos Election, inasmuch as it will be a contest between the forces of order and civilization, on the one hand, and anarchy and savagery on the other. The barrier between civilization and barbarism is perilously weak and growing more so every day. A victory by the forces of savagery in 2020 may be the final salvo that undermines the whole edifice and ushers in terminal chaos. And there are lots of people out there in the streets who idiotically imagine they will benefit from those conditions.

    • Yep, even during the “immigration pause” during the COVID crisis I’m seeing more and more 3rd world savages in my area. In every area, even rural ones.
      The barrier between civilization and savagery grows weaker indeed. And the majority of whites cheer this on, as Citizen expressed above. They may regret it one day.

      • Even the Hutus will not benefit from anarchy. They don’t realize how fortunate they are to be living within Western civilization. If they successfully burn it down they will suffer horrors untold.

      • No, they’ll be true believers even as they kneel and die at their numinous negroes’ feet. Their children will regret it, and hopefully curse their parents’ memories.

  26. “Blacks as a whole may have outlandishly high crime rates, but black voters incline toward law and order.”
    Heh. Man, oh man. I cannot find the words.

    • Doublethink.
      Aztecs practiced mass human sacrifice but on the whole were pretty moderate.
      See its easy to slip in the contradictions and for the reader to skip over and be left with the second thought only.

    • “…but black voters incline toward law and order.”
      “Citation needed.”

  27. “This side is often too spergy to appreciate the value of gesture, but in the age of gesture politics, the sentiment counts for a lot.”
    Well, Z, you weren’t exactly thrilled with Trump’s gestural politics in front of the burned out church.

    • I stayed out of it yesterday, but Z’s criticism of that rubbed me the wrong way, too.
      Public expressions of faith are a requisite of political leaders. Does anyone think Clinton, Bush or Obama are devout? But the media let their public faith expressions pass. I’m not going to be harder on Trump than I am on everyone else.
      Clinton, the rapist and adulterer in chief? Right.
      And Obama, his constant twisting of religious statements to promote his favored public policies was profoundly angering to me.
      If Trump shows up at a burned out church holding a Bible in solidarity, that’s fine by me.
      I notice the media seemed to be more upset by Trump being there with a Bible than they did by looters being there starting fires the previous night.

      • Your last sentence – no doubt you were as surprised as I was by the media reaction

      • Viz, I shared Z’s anger at the gesture because it highlights the repeated trump failing. Taking NO actions that he could easily take to help his position , and then doing somthing theatrical and meaningless.

      • Bible got to me. Not the Church back ground effect. Not sure why. But I suspect is has something to do with the commandment of “…not use (ing) the Lord’s name in vain”. The Bible—if you are a believer—is the word of God. Trump is not a believer. He has no right to even touch the Bible, much less use it as a prop. If this were a Quran…

        • The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are what I venerate as a Christian. Elevating the Bible itself to something that a non-believer has no right to touch is simply idolatry — the Book itself is not the holy item.
          The commandment to not take the Lord’s name in vain is a commandment to believers, not non-believers, who can’t be expected to follow laws that they don’t yet believe in. I also believe it has more to do with making oaths than carrying Bibles.
          Furthermore, it is the opposite of what Christians are supposed to do. I prefer the attitude of the Gideons, who leave Bibles all over the world, for free, many of which are surely mistreated, in the hope that one person who needs it will open that draw in that hotel room that night and benefit from it.

    • I’ve expressed this before I know but I think it’s worth repeating. All I really hope to get from Trump at this point is the positive example of a pol appealing to whites for their votes based on identity, just as blacks, mexicans, and other identity groups do. Show that it is a winning strategy. Then pray that from that field of ambitious identitarians who adopt the strategy we get our Chiang Kai Shek to counter their Mao when things devolve further and the conflict intensifies.

  28. Regarding Steve King, a lot has been made of his support for Faith Goldy and, in turn, her support of the “14 words.” The more I read those words, the more they seem like simply the bare minimum for civilizational survival:
    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
    But they’re “evil.” If that’s evil, I don’t want to be good.

  29. First, Biden is just a placeholder candidate for now. He was used solely for the purpose of defeating Sanders and clearing the field. The Democrats will anoint a new (and Deep State approved) candidate during their upcoming convention after Biden drops out for faux health reasons. Second, The Ds fully expect to lose to Trump in the presidential race and are hoping to retake the Senate. That is their goal. The big wildcard will be the Durham investigations and potential indictments. Rocky road ahead.

    • This seems entirely plausible to me. Certainly more so then depending on dementia joe to make it through the election. I would guess that they want to seize the executive branch back at all costs though. If bringing the economy down didn’t work, incite widespread rioting. If rioting doesn’t work what is next? You have to assume at this point there are no options that are off the table.

  30. Spot on: “The thing about the 2020 election is it will be a purely in the moment election, in that it will turn on how people feel at the moment”. 
    Suspect very little, if anything, will move 40-45% each currently on the left (D) or right (R). The 10 – 20% (at most) still swayable will mainly decide on thier emotions ‘in the moment’. What that moment will look like is anyone’s guess.

  31. This Z-man post is a bit back to the “Trump is playing four dimensional chess” explanation for Trump’s behavior. Z-man probably reasoned more in writing this article than Trump does in a month. After almost three and half years, Jared Kusher still has Trump’s ear and Trump appears entirely reactive to me.
    I predict an electoral college blowout for Biden in November-he’ll get at least 330 electoral votes.

    • Great to see you here, Hamburger. You need to make your avatar visible. That’s quite a “brand” you have going.

  32. The Steve King loss is yet another reminder of why I’m not a Republican. Of course Iowa stands for “idiots out wandering around.” I’m entirely aloof to this election season. It no longer matters. They’re arguing over a country, that like the Titanic, has taken on too much water, is slightly listing, and has no future. Sure, the engine room is still operative, for now, but the water is about to stall out the engines. We have no national tribe that holds us together. Only the mighty dollar, the reserve currency of the world does that. That’s not enough. When the bills come due, and all states must be net contributors for the survival of the whole, everyone will scatter like jackrabbits, states and regions will want to detach themselves from the problems, and a whole new era of hopefully peaceful seperation will begin. The country will break down into the regional nations that have always simmered below. Alaska will probably go first, as it is an oil producing welfare state that will be expected to pay its own bills as oil becomes heavily taxed.

    • Our “tribe” is the dollar and the virus panic may well have killed it. The economists seem to be convinced that the economic fallout from the shutdowns is only starting. Breaking the US up into regional states might work well with places like Alaska that can be reasonably self sufficient. The problems will focus on places like California where the local Leftists have run up huge bills always with the assumption that, eventually, the rest of the nation would be forced to pay up. The real incentive to hold the Union together by violence will focus on that. No one will want CA as part of their new nation and it’s too dysfunctional to stand alone.
      The jokes about letting the Mexicans have it (back) notwithstanding, the Mexicans may not want it and are probably happy with it as a place to send their surplus workers and sell drugs in. Actually taking it over gives them a new headache on top of the existing ones like the fact that the drug cartels actually control large areas of the country.

      • I live here in CA, which constantly touts its “economic miracle” with the sixth largest economy in the world. It does have a glass jaw. So much of the wealth is tech oriented, and is riding that same bubble that we had in 2000, 2007 etc. When the economic implosion happens, and the dust settles, it will end up very much like Italy. It you look at Italy today, it’s a step above Mexico, especially in the north, but not much. CA will look so much like Italy It’ll be scary. You’ll always have incredibly wealthy, beautiful enclaves, the way Italy have Lake Como. But most of it will be a run down shthole with big problems. The Googles, if the still exist, will have long ago decamped to Singapore.

        • Yup, Italy was shockingly similar to Mexico at last visit.
          Take away the EU (German) wealth and the Mafia probably becomes not much less influential than the Cartels.
          However, Mexico does not have millions of Africans roaming around, selling drugs, bothering tourists, and raping women.
          Mexico has the brighter future.

        • It you look at Italy today, it’s a step above Mexico, especially in the north, but not much.
          You are confused. North Italy is economically at the same level as the wealthy parts of Germany, it also has high quality manufacturing and quality of life if better than the US.

          • That’s what I’m saying. California will have pockets of wealth and an economic engine, unlike Mexico.

          • OK, perhaps I am confused. Step above Mexico doesn’t seem like much. Italy is way above Mexico. The north is not even comparable. Parts of the south are very poor, but Mexico outside of the gated neighborhoods, tourist hot spots and Mexico City is much closer to Africa than anywhere in Europe.

          • I think we’re getting hung up on niggling details. However economically prosperous N. Italy may be, it and CA are both rapidly turning into shitholes, and Mexico does seem like a useful analog for what Italy and CA may both become.

          • Having visited Mexico about 4 times in the 2000s, I disagree. Yes, they have chronic crime problems. But ex- the border towns and their mess, most Mexicans have much better traditional values than your average American. It’s also (or was) Latin America’s most prosperous economy. Not as good as that sounds: the legal minimum daily wage is about $7. I haven’t been back because, sadly, kidnapping rich gringos is an income-producing enterprise in that part of the world, even if you’re not a rich gringo. Finally, they loathe Negroes, so don’t write them off completely 😀

          • I spent some time in the Southern Cone (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay). Then I went to Mexico. The difference was shocking. Southern Cone alone is a step above Mexico.
            Maybe we have different criteria.

          • @Hun: agree.
            Northern Italy is the economically more prosperous part of Italy.
            The southern half is more farmers and rural folk, which is how it always has been, esp given the slight differences in the weather / climate.
            (Like, say: Maryland versus Florida in terms of weather.)

        • Have visited a few times since 2017, mostly LA area. Skid Row is a depressing taste of what much of the USA is 🙁 But CA is truly crazy land. Another internet area I haunt, having nothing to do with politics, has a software geek in (I think) San Diego, who sometimes comments that he lives in a normal subdivision, where $1 million only buys you a starter home. Talk about extremes.

  33. “… Those older white voters really do care about race relations. …” — Zman
    I would say that the old leftist do, and perhaps even a lot of old “normies” do. But in my long life I have lived around southerners (Boomers and others) and the N-word is used. Why? Africans are horrible people who have been coddled for generations on end. (we now use “dindu” as n-word?)
    It is way past time to realize that the word Nigg## needs to be used for both whites and blacks where it is appropriate. I have heard and read honest, hard working blacks use the n-word to describe the sorts of blacks that create the ghetto. Time for whites to join them.
    And lastly, it may be time to consider civil war and total violence. I fear it is coming whether you want it or not. Look at the riots on the streets of the Dem cities and tell me we can live with those sub-humans.
    PS: to our fine host Z-man. I don’t want to be a guy who might get you in trouble with your platform provider. Perhaps you should give us (me) some guidance on what is acceptable to you in the comments section. If I ever went on a real rant, WordPress might go crazy.

    • I disagree with the Z-man’s characterization. His statement may be true in some cities, particularly the Dem enclaves. But, I am willing to bet that the sentiment is not to be found in the vast countryside outside of the cities and some affluent suburbs. I grew up in a community where joggers were sensibly relegated to their own neighborhoods, except for household help and other menial labor. They had one designated day at the public beach and were, literally, beaten if they visited the private beach.
      Those I see now are not ready to bow down to any person, not black or any other color or proclivity. Anti-fa says that they are ready to take it out of the cities. I am guessing a large number of folks are at the “Bring it” stage about right now. The BLM folks will not find an embracing group of willing sycophants.

    • Well, it’s that kind of pussy-footing that takes the wind right out of your sail. If you’re going to call niggers niggers then use the word “nigger” and to hell with the censors. My God, it’s just a word. It’s not like you strung one up on a tree for talking to a white woman. Either be a race realist or don’t, but stop talking out of both sides of your mouth and get off the fucking fence.

      • I don’t use the word nigger because I prefer no to. I use blacks or negro depending on whom I’m talking to. Call them niggers if you like, but it doesn’t help anything and makes you appear unable to control your anger.
        It’s important to remember that our beef isn’t with blacks, it’s with their handlers. We could take out any number of blacks in self-defense when they riot in our streets and assault our businesses and it wouldn’t fundamentally change our destiny in this country. Keep the wide frame view Maus.

      • Did you really read what I wrote? I was saying that the word needs to be used. Are you complaining that I said I did not want to get Zman into trouble by using the word in this comment area?
        Do you walk into other people’s house and start yelling all manner offensive words the first time you get there?
        I am going to type real slow for the impaired. I believe that we should use the word “nigg@r” in real life. I also believe that when you go to a man’s house or his web-home you should abide by the rules of the place.
        And that was what I was doing. I think Zman has earned that courtesy.

    • How ironic. I just replied to Mr. Stoval’s hypocritical pussy-footing around the actual use of the N-word by using the actual N-word. And my comment was immediately held for approval. I hope Zman has the stones to approve it before its ephemeral nature renders it nugatory. And if Mr. Stoval’s reticence is also due to this feature, I apologize for assuming that he didn’t try first but not for castigating his mealy-mouthed explanation.

    • Just follow Z-man’s lead. He has commented—first I might add—on most all topics of discussion. He has also expressed his sentiments wrt hating groups and people. He has little time for such. Use Z-man type language and descriptors and you won’t go wrong.

  34. I was wrong again. I thought it was a minor score tween 2 punks.

    I guess everbody already knows the autralopithecine was a violent drug gangsta, so wacked on fentanyl and meth he started kicking the cops in the car.

    He’d been passing bad twenties all week, so he assaulted the cashier at the Korean who called it in.

    The cop is a hardass hard enough to deal with this district, most of the complaints are probably fake. Anybody can call one in and it must be logged.

    Rodney King was so tweaked on pcp, when a black female cop tased him twice, he laughed in her face.

    Somewhere in Texas the woman Floyd raided is saying, “ain’t karma a bitch”

      • I read the same stuff, don’t have the links off-hand. Yes, St. George, the gentle giant, of course, has a long record.

        • I knew about the record. I didn’t know that he had been passing bad bills all week or that he had assaulted the cashier.

          • He may have only menaced the Korean store, I’ve seen both the downplayed and the ‘assault’ comment.


            Verbal assault? That’s actionable, his drug-fueled threats would be a reason to call the cops. They knew this bozo.


            The interesting thing is that one of the first places to burn was a building on that block.

            It had $900,000 in counterfeit twenties stashed- the ones he was passing- and offsite Chinese owners.

            This whole sh*tshow may have started as cover for a larger mob operation.

          • This whole sh*tshow may have started as cover for a larger mob operation.
            Smells like a big insurance scam to me: Corona-chan stole their customers, so torching the shop makes a lot of sense.

      • It would be Hate Twitter, straight up confirmation bias, and you’re a good joe.

        Me, I am degenerate scum. I will never lie, I will get points wrong, but I no longer give a flying fig about being fair.

        If the cop’s name was Treyvon, they would stand up for him no matter what.

        Well now, my word is Vendetta.

        “A hundred, a thousand of yours, for every one of ours… because we can, you subhuman monsters”

      • Even Wikipedia, no objective source there, says that Floyd was a (I assume) convicted armed robber, sentenced to five years. Was high on meth and fentanyl at time of arrest. From one FB video I conclude that Floyd may not have been violent, but refused to enter the patrol car. I doubt being claustrophobic is an excuse. Whatever the police may have done wrong, I find it hard to believe that a man who can loudly say “I can’t breathe” sixteen times was being asphyxiated. The police may have acted wrongly, but murder? Manslaughter? That’s for a jury to decide, if the courthouse hasn’t been burned to the ground 🙁

    • Counterfeiting is an odd crime for a dindu. Unless this was just a case of him using a photocopier. Sophisticated counterfeit is now pretty much all done by organized crime or intelligence agencies. Of course, there’s also this one ethnic group, I think they call themselves the Jumanji who tend to be associated with “money stuff” and also with foreign and domestic alphabet soup agencies… It’s almost like someone a little smarter and better connected than a tweaker with a long criminal record might have given him the fake bills.

      • I’ve seen things that say that St. [dindu] knew yt cop when they worked together doing security at a club.
        I’m not even sure the dude has “passed on.” Show me the body.

        • Years ago, I visited the Federal Reserve (Kansas City). I got a tour of the check processing room (a fossill even 15 years ago). But what was cool is they have a little money museum, including sample counterfeit currency. Of course you can’t handle it, but even on close examination, all but the worst examples would have fooled me.
          Having established my credentials 😀 I speculate that at “retail” people like Floyd buy the fake stuff at a discount, maybe $10 real buys you $100 fake, whatever.

      • Word is the Mexican restaurant that both the perp and the cop worked at was a front for counterfeiting and money laundering, with sketchy ownership and a stupid visible business model. A long term deal that was a three-letter agency front for surveillance and the usual “fast and furious” sort of thing. The Wuflu lockdown threw off the business model by disrupting the “cash” flow, and Floyd went off script by spending the fake stuff willy-nilly. The killer cop was not even the arresting officer, but Floyd freaked when he showed up, because he was the enforcer for the scam. Floyd knew what was coming next. If the killer cop disappears or gets off, one way or another, so he doesn’t need to speak out, I’d say there is some truth to this.

        • I had originally thought that the stuff about Floyd and the cop knowing each other was rumor. It really seems like there’s a whole “Breaking Bad” subplot here that would be fascinating on its own.
          If the Alphabet People really are involved I wonder if the media was told that the story was about “racism” and not, say, the fact that parts of the American government have been counterfeiting their own currency and dealing drugs. Maybe the plan was to do a scaled down Rodney King psychodrama to give the Alphabet People time to burn the evidence. Then it just ballooned out of control the way these kinds of things do and instead half the big cities burned down.

      • Fentanyl Floyd was just low-level muscle and a mule for whatever counterfeiting ring he was involved with. I get the sense the cop was involved as well through their connections at the club they worked. You have to wonder if this whole episode wasn’t a hit to tie off a loose end.

  35. Trump winning or losing just doesn’t seem that important anymore. The reaction of a huge portion of whites first to the virus and now to blacks running amok is stunning and heartbreaking.
    The explosion of white self flagellation is sickening. We even see it with white policemen, who walk arm-in-arm with those who openly declare their hatred of whites.
    As a whole, we are people not worthy of self-rule. Those whites – who literally kneel before a foreign people – deserve what’s coming.
    And it is coming. Trump victory or defeat, it’s coming. Personally, I welcome it. My hatred of virtue-signaling whites who hide in the suburbs has boiled over. Bring black crime to their neighborhoods. Put blacks kids in their kids’ school. Tax their wealth to give to blacks. Force them to sign white privilege acknowledgements. Make them go to the black doctor.
    Make them live by their own rules. We will live by our rules. The near future is bleak, but we will come out of this. Our enemies benefit from the infrastructure we built. The tech firms, the gov’t institutions, the finance system, etc. They all function pretty well because we built them and still generally man them. That won’t be the case in the future.
    What happens when the FBI is 30% pozzed white?
    What happens when the tech firms are staffed by Indians?
    What happens to the banks and Wall Street when POC don’t pay their bills and debt is no long paid back?
    TPTB look amazingly strong at the moment because they still have competent whites on their side. That will change, either because whites are pushed out or because whites drop out.
    Let Trump break a few more things around Washington, but the real change will come with POC taking over a system that they can’t manage on their own.

    • Trump winning or losing just doesn’t seem that important anymore.
      Exactly. We’ve come a long way since 2016, when the champion of the white race was a homeaux, Catholic, kayak dramaqueen with a yen for blak kok. The old razzle-dazzle doesn’t work so well as it used to.

      • Yes, maybe the politics are moving faster than we realize. As much as we talk about how standard white conservatives are processing the rioting and looting, white liberals have to process that too. Most don’t, but it’s funny when they try. I was dumbfounded by a conversation I had last night with some white libs (I live in Pelosi-land). They couldn’t get past the corporate HR department platitudes about “working towards a more inclusive country” with its “long history of discrimination.” When you ask them to put meat on the bones, racial quotas? etc. They only grab onto the platitudes harder, like a life raft. I live in a lily white neighborhood, you would never catch these people getting off at the wrong freeway exit.

        • Yes, maybe the politics are moving faster than we realize. 
          The internet makes you politically speed blind. In ten years, we’ll have white sharia, with e-thots on their knees in the field, pulling up weeds one stem at a time, their vaginas inaccessible to all but the overseer.
          you would never catch these people getting off at the wrong freeway exit.
          Now I need to read Bonfires of the Vanities. Great Corona-reading. Never mind Alex Jones, but Tom Wolfe was right.

          • Tom Wolfe was a prophet or actually he had seen it all happen already. The Al Sharpton huckster, the search for the Great White Defendant, it was all happening in the NYC way before the rest of the country. Bonfire was great but ignore that worthless POS movie of the same name.

          • When was Tom Wolfe’s last book published? About 10 years ago, I believe. It was “Back to Blood.” There’s no way Wolfe could get a book with his typical content published in our Orwellian times today, by a mainstream publisher.

          • <i>Bonfire was great but ignore that worthless POS movie of the same name.</i>
            I don’t think it was that bad. You have two hours, you have to pick and choose; I think they chose well if – of course – politically prudently.

            Also, Chic is a classic, if rather artsy in style. 
        • Meat on the bones.
          Exactly. These people are hopeless. If I talk to them at all, I’ve moved to pushing them to make actual sacrifices for their beliefs.
          Quotas. Moving blacks to white neighborhoods. Reparations. Busing. Wealth tax. Etc. Liberal whites joined with POC to defeat us. Ok. I’m willing to join with POC to defeat liberal and cuck whites. Maybe it’ll wake a few up.

        • I think that’s why, instead of the crossed wrists signifying shackles in the movie version of 1984, they chose muzzles. The face burka.

      • Trump is at best a delaying tactic to give us time, but he also keeps many whites (Good and Bad whites) from dealing with the demographic reality. Trump is a distraction.
        I want Stacey Abrams and other POC to force Goodwhites to grovel and Badwhites to kneel. I want Goodwhites to admit to being the House N$ggers that they are. I want GOP Badwhites to see that they are field slaves that they are. If that doesn’t wake enough of them up, such a cowardly people deserve to die.

        • This is why I kind of like AOC and Omar. Anyone can be a 100% Marxist voter in Congress, hiding in the woodwork. I like how they expose the hidden context of what’s going on as they attempt to grab attention and self-glorify. I like how it makes big Democrat financiers, most of them (((financiers))) angry with rage. I like AOC just where she is.

          • AOC and Omar are great. I want more of them. I want the CivNat boomers and the Karens to get told how terrible they are. I want them to know what’s going to be taken from them and what’s going to brought to their neighborhood.
            And, yes, I know that this means that me and my family get hit. So be it. I’m tired of arguing with people who have no skin in the game.

        • You seem a little black-pilled today, Citizen but I can’t honestly say I disagree. I’m afraid that there’s going to be a mass culling of white people in the United States and Western Europe. The whites who survive will have racial attitudes along the lines of the WWII Waffen SS or Romanian Iron Guard.

          • Not exactly black pilled. I’m just catching it on all sides in my real world both over the virus and the riots. Probably lost an old friend because I wouldn’t wear a mask OUTSIDE.
            Caught all kinds of grief over the riots because when I asked, I said, “They’re boring. It’s same play that I’ve seen over and over since I was a kid.” Basically, I refused to admit my white guilt.
            I’m just sick and tired of arguing with or having to deal with Karens, cuck white guys and the occasional super liberal white lady. I can’t deal with the hypocrisy anymore.
            They are more than willing to put 40 million people out of work, cause God knows how many suicides, destroy millions of businesses, cause hundreds of thousands of domestic abuse cases, etc., for a virus that so far have been about the flu times two. (Take out the NYC area, and it’s a very bad flu season.)
            Why? Because they aren’t losing their jobs. Their income isn’t going down.
            And if you push back, do they discuss the issue with you, talk numbers, weigh the gains and losses – even the guys? Fuck no. They call on Pope Fauci and the other priests, sorry experts, who have been wrong at every turn to and tell you that you’re a sinner and selfish for not wearing a mask.
            Those same people can’t stop talking about the tragedy of some black guy getting killed by a cop and the anguish it has caused in the black community.
            Like parishioners at church, they all nod their heads and say a solemn amen when some black huckster or Nice White Lady on TV talks about racial injustice or systemic racism. Forgive me, Martin Luther King Jr., for I have sinned.
            Yet, these people live in white neighborhoods, send their kids to overwhelmingly white schools, and do everything in their power to avoid large numbers of blacks.
            But these same people, these laughably obvious hypocrites, will come down on me for simply saying that I don’t care about the black community.
            So, yeah, I’m getting pretty damned fed up with my fellow whites – and don’t get started on ((my fellow whites)). I’m tired of them getting their cake and eating it too. (So are blacks, by the way.)
            You want to destroy the economy for a bad flu season, then let’s triple taxes on those still with a job to pay for the stimulus.
            You love black people so much and think other whites (but not you, of course) are terrible racists, then go live with them. Or if not, let’s really address racial injustice and systemic/historical racism. Reparations, govt mandated affirmative action, busing, sprinkle blacks throughout white neighborhoods, especially high-income white neighborhoods, wealth tax on whites, weekly diversity training, no jail time for drug offenses, etc.
            I’m surrounded by hypocrisy, and it’s wearing me down.

          • AMEN, Citizen.
            Hang in there. We hear you.
            I know it doesn’t help, but there are others on our forum like you, who are also getting worn down.
            You’re not alone.

          • Thanks. That rant was more personal that I meant.
            I have a family. Every single thing in our society tells my kids that I’m wrong. It just feels like I’m fighting the tide sometimes.
            We need a community of our own. We need back-up. I’m worn down today, but on that, I have more belief than ever.

          • Flu times two? Not yet. Covid deaths to date (Johns Hopkins) 382K. Normal flu year 395K. And here’s something interesting from the CDC website two minutes ago: “Note: The week of April 4 was the last week in-season influenza burden estimates will be provided for the 2019-2020 season.”
            That must be the date they got the memo: all flu deaths are now Covid.

          • Citizen, fwiw you are one of the few reasons I’m still reading here. Too many newbies here making Z blog like Sailer a few years ago. I’ve been a blackpiller for a long time, and tired of the hypocrisy long ago as well. But I’ve never cared about the approval of people I despise. One of my husband’s oldest friends sent us a propaganda video about Trump’s wall. I responded that White women of childbearing age were 2% of the world population and it is just about game over. Next day that friend, who has refused to arm himself for years because he didn’t think he could control his anger, texted he was going out to buy a shotgun. My husband insists I don’t give people enough time. My reply is that we ran out of time decades ago.

          • Yeah, I’m a Sailer refugee as well. Don’t get me wrong. Steve is great. He gave up a career to tell the truth. I’ll send him a meager $10 a month until he dies.
            But, I agree with you, things are getting very personal. Something about this virus BS and the riots has brought beliefs to the forefront. Things will calm down in a bit, but people won’t forget how other reacted. Not me, not others who thought I was jerk. The time to choose sides is getting closer.

          • Great rant.
            I would only add that we can’t forget Fentanyl Floyd was a junkie criminal degenerate that failed at life.
            Some martyr.

    • Your thoughts are very justified , no arguing that. But I hope trump wins , because it may slow down the steepening descent. I have kids , and every day of normalcy is a blessng to be thankful for.
      as for
      “What happens when the FBI is 30% pozzed white?
      What happens when the tech firms are staffed by Indians?”
      where have you been!?!?!? those thing both happened a decade ago. its 100% now
      Family and Family are the most important things, and those are not as dammaged under trump as they wuld be under joe. I am trad cath , and so, not an accelerationist .

      • Unfortunately, I’m not a practicing Christian nor are my family members. I’ve got no back up and I face the onslaught of the entire propaganda machine hitting my wife and kids every day. And I worry that I’m losing.
        If reality is the only thing that will wake people up from the brainwashing that they get, then I say bring it on.

        • Stacey Abrams or some substitute will help fulfill Menchen’s prophecy of giving the public what it wants good and hard. Trump is an appeaser who occassionally flips the finger. Either way, neither path leads to the future. I don’t know how this play ends but certainly no one knows less than the players.

          • Thanks. Christianity was never a part of my life. My parents just never talked about it – good or bad. I believe that they made a mistake.
            But what I do know is that we’re facing an opposition that is deeply religious. Without that kind of faith on our own side, it’ll be hard to win.
            Btw, the pope just said that racism and exclusion were terrible things that the church condemns. Had to laugh about the exclusion part.
            Maybe, it’s time for a European Christian Church. I’d definitely look into that.
            But, again, thank you for the link. I will look into it.

          • @Citizen:
            As a practicing Catholic, I can tell you: The Church is in schism as I type this.
            Jorge Bergoglio (a.k.a. Francis) is not the legitimate pope. He’s a scumbag h o m o (much evidence for this) living in a Roman Bath house, quite literally.
            Benedict XVI is still technically the real pope, based on some Canon Law that there’s no point in getting into.
            But my point to you is: don’t base what you hear from Jorge as the reason not to consider Catholicism.
            It has a lot of things going for it, even though it’s always had a “PR problem, “as I like to call it.

          • Maybe, it’s time for a European Christian Church. I’d definitely look into that.
            Call me when the head preacherman starts quoting Urban II rather than MLK II, and the choir sing Battle Hymn of the Republic rather than Imagine.
            Apart from a small fringe, all I see Christians do is kissing the feet of the sinners, and the greater the sinner, the greater their Jesus-gasm, because the more forgiving you are, the better your standing with Jesus.
            Sorry, but Christianity is useless in this situation. It’s all about turning the other cheek, forgiving your debtors and meekly letting the Jews nail you to a cross of foreign manufacture.
            Every patriotic Christian should read Michelle Malkin’s book about the refugee-industrial complex. There are more Christian organisations in it than there are Jewish ones.
            We should have Euroislam instead and righteously wipe our enemies off the face of the planet with utter prejudice and divine sanction.

          • Unsolicited advice, hope you don’t mind.

            Whenever I feel the walls closing in, I say, “Lord, I know because you love me you have a plan for me, your will be done.”

            It takes the weight off my shoulders and lets me act authentically. Don’t know much about theology, but it works for me.

      • I have kids , and every day of normalcy is a blessng to be thankful for.
        What normalcy? That ship has sailed a very long time ago.

      • I, too, have kids – and life has not been ‘normal’ since their birth. They have never known a majority White country. We insulated them as best we could, sent them to Christian schools, etc., but they both know where they stand on the totem pole and that there’s no future for either of them. F-k ‘normalcy.’ The 24/7 pozz is ‘normal.

    • Even South Africa still has plenty of white liberals who think blacks can do no wrong and that whites are still oppressing them.
      It may be satisfying to watch the virtue-signalers get what they deserve, but it’s not going to help. Many of them will not change their minds.

      • <i>Even South Africa still has plenty of white liberals who think blacks can do no wrong and that whites are still oppressing them.</i>
        Indeed, they have as many shitlibs as America.

    • The acquiescence to the state-choreographed virus panic, particularly by otherwise aware people such as Greg Johnson and Steve Sailer, indeed was heartbreaking. It also was dangerous because you can draw a straight line from there to the state-sponsored riots, which feature televised black on white violence, usually against defenseless people. I will shoot to kill and know others who will. But how many others are there?
      I have noticed with keen interest the military politicians virtue signaling and, more alarming, expressing solidarity with the thugs today. All the conservatives who thought their beloved military would even protect them should have had their eyes opened but probably didn’t. All the conservatives who love law enforcement have witnessed the sorry spectacle of cops kneeling before the victors, the Monsters of Color.
      This isn’t waiting until the election, which doesn’t matter anyway except around the margins. It’s on.

  36. The riots have been a world breaker. For the first time, I really get that this isn’t our country anymore, and all these white women approve. We are going to be internal exiles, or maybe end up exiled in Siberia.
    Time to start learning Russian.

    • I think that between the riots and the virus, something has changed in a lot of us. I was mentally disengaged from the country before, but now, I’m starting feel it toward people, even friends and family. It’s hard.
      The amount of whites publicly endorsing the racial injustice, i.e. whites are terrible, ideology is shocking. Whites (especially “conservatives”) who were kind of on the fence about blacks seem to be quickly moving toward embracing them as their saviors. Bad things are coming.

      • Yep. But I’d also say that there are Whites falling over to the other side—our side—as well. Example, our local radio conservative morning talk show host here, today, is talking on air saying things about the hundreds of “Whites” kneeling and repeating pledges of obeisance to “Blacks” at one of these protests. Played the clip and all. It was disgusting and scary. I thought I heard everything before that clip.
        Look, this is FCC controlled talk radio. Hosts don’t speak in racial terms like White vs Black. They are always careful to include their typical NABALT disclaimer. But not today. This guy took Whites at that protest to the woodshed. His critique of the event would have fit right in our typical commentary here. He all but called them “race traitors” in name, but he described their actions pretty much spot on wrt to such a conclusion.
        That’s my white pill for today. For a black pill was the follow-up phone call from a listener also complaining about these rioters and then reciting his Boomer libtard credentials least anyone call him “racist”: “…I don’t hate Blacks, my son in law is Black, he’s a nice guy, my grandchildren are half Black and I love them more than anything…” Good grief, depressing. His lineage completely destroyed and his grand-spaw will grow up without a culture and race, but sure to hate him in his old age for his. Sigh.

          • The description was that this was organized. All Whites wore black shirts with some logo on them. They were there with similarly uniformed Blacks. Speaker at the podium/stage was a Black organizer/activist of sorts.
            Like some church service or so, there was a litany of charges against Whites or society in general read out, and then the whites were on their knees and held their hands over their heads (don’t shoot stuff) and repeated what the speaker told them to say. They chanted back to the speaker and in front of hundreds of Blacks things like, “…we promise to remember our White Privilege and not use it to the disadvantage of our brothers, … and such crap.”
            Of course this was staged and controlled for the cameras…but what right thinking (i.e., sane) White person (or even a person of color) would willingly debase themselves like this. This incident seems in line with any number of anecdotes noting such behavior of Whites around Blacks.
            I was skeptical until this morning, but no longer. Something bad is going on when such behavior is endemic in a race to this extent. Citizen has a better handle on this than I and seems to be suffering from it to a greater extent. Her comments take the day here. I only confirm from my poorish standpoint.

          • Us Whites just cause so many disadvantages to Blacks with our Priviege, we should let the Blacks rule themselves so they can rise to their peak of human self-actualization, unfettered by Whites 😀

      • Don’t mistake the kowtowing urbanites for what would happen ex-urban. I know a shitload of white folks and not a single one of them would take a knee for these shitheads. And you can bet that not a single one of them thinks that a black would be our savior. It is more likely that the insurrectionists are getting seriously close to exhausting our patience.

        • Yesterday I saw 6 or 8 people lined up in front of a suburban gun store waiting to get in. Today there were at least a dozen. This is not an affluent suburb, it’s lower middle class–people with little enough so they can’t stand losing any of it.

      • You are right. However, there are whites moving closer to our side as well. Certainly in the minority. But no double those who were “racist” before are doubly so now.
        Any white that virtue signals for the blacks is worse than a sub-human – at least blacks and other races have the basic human instincts to support their own.
        Also – alot of whites are doing this because the riots haven’t actually hit any white areas yet. They think that by being “nice” they will be spared by the blacks/Antifa. If this violence does head for the ‘burbs they might change their tune pretty fast (not on Facebook of course, but they would demand law and order).
        Lines are being drawn. If only 10% of whites will take our own side, so be it – that means only 10% are genetically fit to live in our new world. That’s still 19 million white Americans.

        • This is true. We don’t need all whites. Indeed, we don’t want all whites. We just need a community of our own. A community that’s proud of their people.
          We’ve lost that. The beauty of such a world makes money seem trivial. (Don’t get me wrong. I love money, but it can only buy things, not a community.)

      • This – the first paragraph. The events of the past quarter have taken me from tolerance of loved ones and friends on the other side of the divide to incredulity and now, I don’t want to communicate with them. I’m not quite to hostility but I’m sure I would be if I had to be around them.
        This includes my older brother, whom I have idolized all my life. Smart as a whip. He disinvited us all from a family reunion we’ve had at the family home on a lake on the Fourth of July for forty years ‘out of concern for our health’.
        I had made him a present (I do art) and gave it instead to my brother-in-law. The Z chromosome is thicker than water.

        • I’m sorry to hear that. As I mentioned somewhere, I think that I’ve lost a friend of nearly 30 years – over a mask – so I somewhat understand.
          I fear that I may lose much more. My wife is a Nice White Lady. NWLs and members of the Dissident Right aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. (In truth, she’s not much different politically than when we met. I’m the one who has changed. Not her fault. She married a cuck and got a lower-IQ Z Man.) We’ll see.
          Sometimes, I wish that I could stop, ignore what I see around me. We have enough money to insulate and isolate. But this is all bigger than my little life. I’m not a religious person, but I believe in my people and want them to continue.
          Perhaps my people are my God. I don’t know. But I do know that I can’t ignore them. I can’t see what’s happening and be happy watching some Netflix show made by people who hate me or buying a Lexis.
          Good luck and know that there are others out there like yourself. We’re lost at the moment, but at least, we’re starting to look for each other.

      • Try learning just … 14 words.
        Get back to me when you can confirm whether Google Translate got this right:
        Мы должны обеспечить существование нашего народа и будущее для белых детей.

        • My daughter, who is fairly fluent in Russian, said that is a good translation of the 14 words.
          But you need a little bit more to live a country.

        • The people they are at war with would say :
          Ми пмусимо захисчетe існування нашого народу та майбутнє для наших дітей.
          They’ve fighting to do just that for over a 1000 years .
          Ще Не вмерла Україна !
          Слава Україна !
          Героям Слава !
          Je peux écrire en français si vous voulez.
          On ne peux pas aller on fugue .
          Hail Victory !

          • No offence taken . I’m not easily offended . 
            The Québécois are a remarkable indigenous North American tribe . The men explored half the continent and though outnumbered put up a heroic fight against “ les anglais perfide “ . The White man is always outnumbered ! 
            More impressive are the women . In the mid-17th century King Louis sent over 800 young women called the King’s Daughters , who commenced to having children – double drill with no canteen . These women and their daughters had between 10 and 20 children each for 300 years . They are the reason there is a tribe called the Québécois . I’ve met many who were the baby of the family i.e. the 19th or 20th in birth order . 
            Since time immemorial, one of the most basic truths of human existence is that no tribe can survive if it fails to perform two functions: defending itself from enemies and bearing children who can continue the line. 
            If the community should neglect either of these tasks, it can be destroyed in a single generation. Men and women are each designed by nature to perform one of these two essential tasks. 
            In Sparta, the only marked graves were reserved for men who had died in combat and women who had died in childbirth, since both had died in service to the community.

        • I can’t speak to the translation; but judging from the Cyrillic lexicon, you’ve only got eleven “words.” Stick with English, the language Jesus spoke, or German, because die vierzehn Woerter has that certain uebermensch quality that really pisses off the Karens and Soy Boys.

      • St. Petersburg is really nice this time of the year.
        It sure beats Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Flint, Gary, LA, Newark, NY, Philadelphia, Portland, San Fran, Seattle, and Washington.

        • I lived in Moscow for 16 months between 2016 and 2018. If I could have mastered the language I might have tried to live in Russia indefinitely. But learning a difficult language in your seventh decade is difficult.

          • What brought you to Moscow?
            Did you enjoy your sojourn?
            Did you ever get up to St. Petersburg?

          • My daughter’s dance education brought me to Moscow. I only changed trains in St. Petersburg. Many years ago I visited Volgograd. As I’ve said, if could have mastered the language I might have stayed in Russia. Yes, I very much enjoyed Moscow–I occasionally get nostalgic for it, something I never do about my time in London or Paris. Now I’m an expat living in France.

          • Good for you for accompanying your daughter with her dance education. Was it the Bolshoi Ballet?

          • The Moscow State Academy pf Choreography, popularly known as the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Founded by Russian Empress Catherine the Great around 1763.

    • Russia is an empire . Russian nationalists are proscribed . The average Russian is a virtue signaling neo-con civic nationalist , who in addition to embracing 100 + ethnic minorities , embraces anyone who learns their language , converts to their religion and embraces their values . Putin is not going to save you and why would anyone accept people who flee from their own country ? 

      • I don’t know. Christians for example are suckers for the born-again/conversion types. It reconfirms/affirms To them the correctness of their belief system. Russia may have those folk as well. Certainly we have them here in spades—we call them CivNats—and it is a main source of our current problems. Hell, you’ll even spot me relapsing at times in this forum. 😉

        • Christians for example are suckers for the born-again/conversion types.
          That’s quite literally the only kind of Christian there is.

      • I see little chance of a rebellion succeeding. Especially with the improving drone technology. Outside of the Dissident Right, most whites have spent the past week and a half engaged in utter submission to BLM.
        It won’t be liked by many here for understandable reasons, but what we are enduring is a pogrom, a Kristallnacht.
        If we aren’t going into exile, it will be prison or a futile death by rebellion.

    • NO No Nooooo!! No Russian!
      I’m sure you were joking, but really, from a linguistic perspective, just the alphabet is not something I will be learning.
      See also Ann Barnhardt’s blog post about not getting militarily / tactically flanked by Russia / China on the North American landmass.
      Interesting content:
      And also this:DUDE! I’m on your side!
      [short 1-min video of a “bro” throwing a brick through a “bruh’s” apartment window]
      [There is no charity in Hell.]

    • It’s still 85% white-ish. Long time since our country was. Downsides of moving are many, not the least would be the cost of shipping all your household goods 🙂

  37. The fact that Z needs to explain the boomer mindset to younger people is a good sign.

    Reading the King article, it’s unbelievable how they twist his words: “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies”. Shocking racism 😛

    • Yeah, and we seem quite often to be lamenting that other pol’s—like Trump—are not spouting off daily with more of the same. If you want to effect change, you have to remain in the game. It’s a fine line.`

      • Honestly I’m encouraged that he lasted this long in Iowa. Within a few years such sentiments won’t be shame-able.

  38. <I>Trump the Mule, the guy who breaks things and disrupts the natural order has changed the normal re-election pattern as well. </i>
    Not a helpful analogy. Trump doesn’t have supernatural powers, he won because of the internet.

    • Trump ran away after San Jose rioted against his supporters. We should have noticed this when it happened four years ago.
      If his supporters get attacked, he thinks we are weak and abandons us. He won’t leave Twitter for Gab/Parler for the same reason.

        • Indeed you see it.
          Trump is not in opposition to the Mainstream. He is part of it.
          It is not accident he was heavily involved in pro-wrestling and lots of black civil rights stuff. Wake up its a show. All those DS appointees, tweeting about the injustice of a coup, or lockdowns, or riotnginstead of recognizing he is the freaking president and actually has some powers.
          Trump is the star spangled caped blond hero in wrestling that whips up the crowd as he gets hit by chairs from out of the ring and the referee punishes him and not the “bad guys” for all the obvious rule breaches. He gestures for help but nothing is ever done.
          The crowd go mad for the injustice as he is apparently blind-sided over and over then after the show they all retire for drinks.
          Trump is there to ensure white america is held in stasis while whites are pushed into persecuted status. He is fully in on it and boy are those Trump supporters going to pissed when they are sat in their shitty apat waiting for the race police after he sells them down the river again.

          • Makes me want to hit him with that chair.
            The CivNats point out these things happening over and over, but they can’t say WHY

          • People can’t change long held identities and beliefs very fast if at all and frankly Civ Nats are rightly terrified of the implications of our views.

  39. Blacks as a whole may have outlandishly high crime rates, but black voters incline toward law and order.”
    No, they don’t. Democrats are not law and order people.

    • Blacks want civil rights laws strictly enforced. If hate speech laws existed, as they do in the other Anglo countries, blacks would demand harsh punishments.

  40. “The truth is, black voters, a distinct subset of black people, are a very conservative voting bloc.”
    “Blacks as a whole may have outlandishly high crime rates, but black voters incline toward law and order.”
    Don’t blacks vote liberal 90+% of the time?

    • They may poll conservative but they vote for Democrats about 90% of the time. Republicans trying to win the black vote are chasing a unicorn. The best tactic is to make the election uninteresting to blacks (Biden might do this, which is why he is under pressure to pick a black female running mate.) The other tactic is rigorous enforcement of the voting registration laws with an eye to reducing the number of black voters.

      • That’s why I like this, too, the Zman has their number.

        Boomer blacks are like us, raised with the same Big 3 networks, the same stories, the same news.

        Some, a few, are still radical wannabies- nappies instead of hippies- but most are slapping their foreheads in disbelief.

        They don’t know what or how in he!! happened to their kids.

        Blacks are as CivNat as whites.

        Both were raised in the Civil Rights era.

        • Agreed, except for the last part – blacks are nowhere near as civnat as whites.

  41. The Georgia governor just extended the shutdown until mid-July. There can’t be a third quarter recovery if we’re still shut down in the third quarter. Schools in Georgia appear to be planning to still be in virus mode in the Fall. We’re doomed (apologies to Derb).

        • I support the right of people to freely assemble and conduct their Affairs as they like. Unfortunately the virus takes no account of man’s laws and a huge Rebound in cases is almost inevitable.

          • So some old people die, a few people get a very nasty illness but survive and other people get the flu?

    • No. You are confused. He was referring to the utility service shutdowns for delinquent bills. Most businesses in GA are fully open.

      • Ah. The media up to their old tricks, playing this soundbite out of context, but not that.

        Sowing confusion, as usual.

        Why? Because then we need more of their services.

  42. Is there a model for what the US will devolve into more specific than than expected progression of a democracy into a tyranny? Rowanda meets Brazil with 300+ million rifles in the citizens hands? If we allow them to disarm us, I’d say South Africa meets Cambodia.

    • The good scenario is that the United States becomes a North American Brazil-chaotic but functional. The bad scenario is it becomes a North American South Africa, with whites a despised and persecuted, yet indispensable, minority.

      • In both scenarios, the society borders on collapse. The US is a highly technical society. It’s what makes life enjoyable. Brazil has to import all that stuff and as their Olympic fiasco showed, really can’t maintain such at their level of populous ability—Smart Fraction anyone?
        SA has already crossed that threshold with the National electric grid failing and utilities in some large major cities, like Capetown, have no tap water in homes anymore.
        I have seen video of the women in Capetown running down to the city center to fill clay pots with water, then walking back to their apartments with them on their head. Well, I guess that beats walking to the nearest river. 🙁

        • The US will not go the SA route as the other groups also have low fertility.
          The highest fertility outside religious splinter groups is the Pacific Islanders who are probably just at or below replacement.
          Blacks and Latinos are on par with Whites and Asians lower.
          No one is having babies.
          What will happen is we will get poorer by the month due to elite looting and a moribund economy.
          Over time things like running water and electricity will get harder to keep going so we’ll look economically like mediocre bits of Latin America but with an aging urban population and a lot of guns.

    • The US will not be disarmed. Compliance with registration is nil and of late everyone has armed up. Record sales even in a depression.
      Most buyers are new buyers too.
      No analogy exactly fits us but the civil war in Yemen with heavily armed tribes and a lot of land comes to mind.
      If Fed Gov fails, many will die but new nations will from the ashes and they will be homogeneous

  43. The older white voter has no idea how young people and not just the young black think.
    I work with a young black guy, we get along fine and we talk about current events.
    His view of how police should handle looting is to look at what the value of the items are. He said “ it’s not worth a cops time to stop the taking of small items” and then he says “ only one cop should be needed for an arrest” then he says “More than one cop and it makes abuse more likely”
    Our major cities are in serious trouble. Tucker Carlson got it right last night. Tucker said who will want to be a policeman in the future?
    Actually what normal white guy will want to be a cop in the future?
    i did not tell the kid that I would shoot his ass if he came “protesting” up my street.
    i was nice.

    • For sure not in any negro infested hellhole. But even in relative Whitetopias there is danger, as they’ve infiltrated everywhere like the roaches they are. And with their propensity for violence and criminality… Check out the latest sbpdl story on Unz.

    • He said “ it’s not worth a cops time to stop the taking of small items” and then he says “ only one cop should be needed for an arrest” then he says “More than one cop and it makes abuse more likely”
      Yeah, leftists are down with that decriminalization of petty crime. That’s working out great. And the “only one cop should be needed for an arrest just means “If you’re going to pull a big job, bring a few homies so the cop is outnumbered.”
      Me, I favor allowing citizens the use of deadly force for attempted theft of so much as a pack of gum. I guarantee you will see a sharp decline in robbery.
      I’m all down with fewer cops if it means empowering citizens to defend themselves with less fear of legal retribution.

        • Inner cities while not as dangerous or well armed as these days were far from safe.
          Also there was a loot of sub rosa crime , child molestation , spousal abuse, child abuse and neglect police brutality and such that was ignored.
          It was safer than now true but some Boomer friends of mine have told be hair raising stories of small towns that made me think they were on a hellmouth.
          Also by the mid 60’s public trust and safety had started to fade and by the 90’s the US crime rate was nuts.
          Fixing it through mass incarceration worked but it fixed symptoms not problems,
          Even beyond the recent madness the fact we haven’t bee able to have a clean budget since Clinton simply tells me that the US can no longer be governed and that Leftist are just taking advantage.
          How we do that in a legal manner is a tough question but relying on elections or the system to fix anythings is folly.
          You muster vote to control the bleed but the fix comes elsewhere.

          • “a loot of” = great pun/typo (or be ye Scottish?)
            “hellmouth” = I had to look it up, never heard the term before and I is smart.
            I share the standard narrative that our country has slowly gone to shit since the 1960s. The (violent) crime rate is curious. Yes, it peaked in 1990s. But then it declined greatly. “Freakonomics” guy said the peak/decline was largely due to the prevalence of legal abortion beginning in 1970s. Plausible, but I did some lookups and this would not explain the huge drop in violent crime since its peak in early 90s. Pretty sure it has not declined to 1940s or 50s levels yet, nor will it.

          • Part Scot but it was a typo. 😉
            As far as crime in the 40’s, from 1941 to 1945 a most angry young men and essentially all criminally inclined ones were at war. Nothing from that part of the era can be considered useful as policy now .
            Heck we had a partial repeat from 1950-1952 as well.
            I hate bleating “current year” like a Lefty but it fits
            Simply, our policy choices have to be adapted to 2020 and clinging to the mythical or even actual past is worthless whether its Civ Nat 1942 or Old Union 1792 , all deads eras with extinct (or nearly so) peoples.

    • your cowworker is not your problem , he is workng , and not rioting . your problem lives in your neighborhood . they are the completely brainwashed antifa kids who have been steeped in the guilt stuff for 13 yrs of ed and 4 to years of college. look at the videos of them in portland. your coworker may not like you, but antifa really really want to hurt you .

    • Shows a great nativity for a Black guy. Well, I guess a few of them (talented tenth) grew up in White neighborhoods. I’ve had the same discussion with White, university associates. Socially dumber than hell, but what do you expect. They don’t live with them, they interact with them in a controlled environment—the university. They mostly never grew up in the diverse, utopian neighborhoods they dream about.
      Crowds, as in civil unrest crowds—Black or White—are inherently dangerous. Cops learn this fast, or they become statistics. The reports are filtering in as we speak. Store owners and unlucky schmucks in Blue cities are—being defenseless—getting stomped to death, while in the more red States potential victims with weapons are having a better go at it and running up the talley on the rioters/looters.

  44. Why does he want to be president? But I guess now he has to be because if he’s out of office the people in office will relentlessly come to destroy him and his progeny. There’s no easy way out for Trump

    • Apply for political asylum in Slovenia? Not easy, perhaps, but possible.

    • I came on to ask that question. Why does Trump want a second term? Has he even asked himself that question? Does he know why, or is it only because he’s found himself in the biggest game around and he hates to lose a game? There are games to be avoided because a man doesn’t want to win. You don’t have to be Cincinnatus to know this.

      • I’d say a good deal of narcissism. A re-election discredits the claim that Trump is a freak of political nature—an aberration, a one-off. But then again look at the entire field of Presidential wannabes, Dem and Rep for any number of elections. All I see is pure ego driven. I can’t believe any of them has anything besides themselves in mind, albeit they can and will cause mischief if elected.
        Hard to claim—and I like Trump—that he has much of an agenda that he absolutely, positively must finish for the people. He doesn’t seem that ideologically driven.

      • I’m going with Ann Barnhardt’s theory: that Trump’s desire to be Prez is about ego and “brand Trump.” It’s soemthing he can put on his resume.

      • There are 2 civil wars. One is the anti-white war and the other is the progressive-conservative jewish civil war. Trump is indebted to the conservatives. The future fortunes of his children and grandchildren are tied to the conservative jews getting the upper hand. It is always the positioning of his family’s in the Jewish civil war that matter most and come first in all of his decision . Nearly all of his grandchildren are Jewish. All of his great grandchildren will be Jewish. It is where all of his political and personal short and long term interests lie.

  45. it’s important to remember that all of the bad stuff is happening in dem run states (and cities) only. and the nation is watching dem officials stand down and open the gates to the invaders. dem communities are being burned out and the officials are on tv talking about white supremacists. so yeah, Trump is going to win 50 states and the dems are going to be annihilated at the state and city levels too.

    • When politicians complain about “white supremacy,” what they’re really doing is promoting non-white supremacy. It is that simple.

      • I watch little TV, but I’m assuming that videos show (and text describes) mostly black, some white, people acting badly. Isn’t this in a way, advertising for our side? If normal people think that burning down your city, looting stores, and shooting cops is democratic free expression, we surely are doomed.

    • Every white woman under 30 that went to university is basically a BLM shill, or will face social exclusion.
      Mock them as they deserve, but these people have power. If not for “white college” women of all ages, Trump would be easily re-elected.

      • On facebook, every white person I know who’s posting at this time about white privilege, BLM, systemic racism, white fragility (whatever the hell that is) are women. They eat this nonsense up

        • They see this as the dominant horse so they are all in on it. This was discussed a couple days ago I think.
          It would be wrong to be mad at them for it. Women are like children, and natural followers. White men must step up and provide alternatives. It’s essentially just a shit test that white men are failing badly.

        • Yeah. I have one Puerto Rican friend who posts non-stop about how lawless rioters need to be brought under the boot and the other one posted a critical post with the video of the black kid beating the guy at the retirement home. From my white friends/relations it’s just one f’n BS post after another.
          I guess maybe it’s because my Puerto Rican friends live around blacks so they’re not fans while my white relations don’t.

          • Hispanics here in California outright ethnically cleansed Blacks from many neighborhoods.
            The FBI made aarrests and got a few token conviction . The people accepted that was the price they’d pay and viola, its now a Hispanic neighborhood.


          • Yes I read that one. I don’t like their methods (fire bombing, really???) but you can only like their results. Perhaps the ends do sometimes justify the means. And they’re probably more tolerant of los gringos because we need our lawns mowed 😀

          • Truth is the ends almost always justify the means. Power is after all truth.
            The Hispanics know if they want that turf they have to fight for it.
            Problem is using the wrong means screws up your ends.
            We Whites want something more complex, peace, good order, maybe a bit of civic nationalism and prosperity.
            We also are not in any position nor posses the willingness or will for such things so we don’t use them.
            That might change but if it does and Fed Gov can’t stop it, the Union will probably be over
            As for Cali tolerance, most Latinos are part White, that’s what a Mestizo is after all and many are White (Criolo stock) with those groups intermarriage here is far from rare and unremarkable. Its a minor issue.
            Indios, mostly Indian are at the bottom of the ladder though and friendship between Whites and Indios (from experience, I have a family friend whose Guatemalan ) will get you looks from some Whites.
            Its kind of more class than race like it was in the old days but we are as bigoted as anyone.
            People don’t change

          • Send them the video of the old WWII vet dying as his black “caregivers” are laughing at his pleas for help and complaints of not being able to breathe. If it still exists on the internet.

    • That’s a logical interpretation of these events Karl, but the lefties did not aquire the logic gene. I hope all those blue cities cry for Federal bailouts only to be told by Trump that its a state issue,call your Governor.

    • It is wickedly satisfying and wonderful to see cuomo and Deblasio bashing each other .

    • Don’t get cocky. One big unknown is the aspect of election fraud in close States. Dem’s will pull out all the stops in 2020.

      • He might be a controlled shabbos, but most Presidents are.
        He might be a CivNat, but most Presidents are.
        One thing he isn’t is someone who actively hates his own. That’s good enough for me.

      • Who do you think volunteers to be on the committees that count and verify votes? These white college women and their equivalents. The same people who are providing justification cover to the rioters and murderers will be counting your vote.

    • Maybe. Arizona is getting hit hard too. Still a homogeneous well armed and socially tight polity is the best place to live for most.
      Looters planned to visit Snohomish but had a change of heart when they were informed there were 1000 armed militiamen there.
      That is how order is maintained.

      • I don’t follow even local news too closely but here in FL Orlando & Tampa have been hot spots. The Polk Co. sheriff actually suggested that residents shoot looters if they arrive, which in this state is probably legal (Stand your ground, Castle, etc.) I would vote for the man if I lived in that county ! 🙂

    • Karl:
      Are you forgetting that the “D” and “R” division is a farce?
      Most (let’s say 80%) people in positions of political power: federal, state, regional, or local, are part of the paradigm: the really good ones who are true leaders, have no desire to have anything to do with politics at all.
      Just a friendly reminder that the D/R paradigm is a false one, for the most part.

  46. The last six months have been one for the record books, but I got a feeling we ain’t seen nuthin yet.

    • The Globalists are like 5 year olds, testing the limits of what they can get away with.
      They’re learning it is quite a lot.

      • The stuff going on is new to the US but hardly new to Latin America.
        Hell Antifa is now using Shining Path style tactics
        The dissonance comes from us being unwilling to admit we a dying empire rapidly becoming just another country in the Americas, run like one, populated like one, unstable like one.
        The reason is immigration yes but more importantly our leadership is incapable of solving even the long standing core problems that could in theory be solved.
        Worse when we attempt to solve what seems to be an immediate crisis , like when a novel virus from China arises , we can’t even maintain a consistent narrative but resort to heavy handed censorship, gaslighting and tactics that defy common sense and logic.
        Its no wonder that people are boiling mad and latch onto something as an excuse to lash out.
        And as for looting, obviously don’t go and steal but seriously how hard is it to understand people like looting?
        Your ancestors liked looting, you’d like looting too. Hell if you play many computer games what is the best part? Looting.
        Its also very hard to feel sorry for places like Rodeo Drive where no one can afford parking there (its three hundred dollars) much less buy anything.
        Frankly the sooner we accept this is just another nation in the Americas, formerly rich and uncommonly well armed and get on with it the better we’ll be.

    •  worst riots since at least worst riots since at least the 1960s. Obama’s father civil war was in the future even before 2020. It looks a lot closer now.

      Pardon the incoherent post. I can’t even added it on my phone for some reason.

      How about a delete option?

      • Try double tapping the box where you want to type. Was having a hard time myself before I figured that out.

      • I actually thought the double “since at least” was meant to be there.
        It actually reads as being witty: since this is not the first time since the 60’s that we’ve seen this type of behaviour.

      • I’d agree, we’ve not seen anything like this since 67-68. But three things I think makes these different—1) lots of Whites, 2) organization, 3) police/government indifference or inability to contain such.

  47. WordPress deplatformed Bracken’s blog yesterday. How long before they do the same here?

      • That’s good – the difference between “hosted” and “powered by” elude me.

        • I use their software, as it is freely distributed. If they order me to cease using it, then I’ll use something else. Frankly, I have been contemplating alternatives anyway, as WordPress is a good example of you get what you pay for.

        • At the risk of appearing to live in the Stone Age, is it really a Herculean task to start and run an organization like WordPress?
          is there some magic spell or code?
          i thought this when Chateau went down, and now WRSA. I confess I would not know where to begin. Being held hostage by organizations that despise you doesn’t seem like a good business model.

          • Western Rifle Shooters Association.
            The gold was in the prepper links, as WRSA didn’t carry ads.
            They were flag waving patriots who wouldn’t say “Shlomo”, old-fashioned defenders who stayed away from the anti-semitism–
            But it was the veteran tactical links that brought them down. They were starting to talk serious, and making too much noise about boogaloo.
            Somebody please, tell me what the heck was “bleib ulbreg”??

          • WRSA has been heavy on CW2/boogaloo for a very long time. I’m sure the current anarchy is what prompted the de-platform.

          • “Bleib übrig” is German, and it means “to stay or remain; to be left over.”
            Pron: “bleib” has a “long i” sound, so we’re not pronouncing it as “bleeb” (like bleed) … But rather as it’s written: the same sound as the “i” in “right.”
            übrig = “oo-brig”
            Here’s a good link: (Reverso is a good tool)

          • Bleib übrig was a phrase that Germans began using after 1943 as a substitute for goodbye or see ya later, when the combined bomber offensive was reducing German cities to rubble. It took on another meaning in 1945 as the Red Army approached, with their propensity for sacking cities with the attendant rape and murder.
            Since WRSA was all about prepping and Civil War II and tacticool muh guns, they cast back to the collapse of Germany in 1945 as a touchstone or benchmark, copping a catchphrase from then. I looked in once in a while, but it seemed there was a lot of “we’re gonna hole up in the mountains” kind of vibe, which isn’t practical solutions to this stage.

          • More than a third of all websites run on WordPress. A software that was written by a 12 year old boy, btw.

  48. You’re probably correct, he more than likely has a lock on the weekday golfers and on older blacks. In 2016 he squeaked by with a majority of white women and a majority of Asian men. That’s probably not going to happen this time around. Both now see White men as weakened so their instinct will be to bet on the socially approved horse. More older voters have died off and more younger voters are now on the rolls. The shifting sands work in his favor but demographics have gotten worse…so is that trade-off 6 of this and 6 of that…or is it skewed in one direction? He has a chance he hasn’t earned.
    But then there is the real lesson of the 2018 election: the post-election election. If close enough the Dems will simply turnover however many districts they need to give themselves a win. The chance of conservatives stopping this is zero.
    If he doesn’t win big he’ll lose.

    • @BerndV:
      Crap. I was worried that that would happen eventually.
      Thanks for sharing the news with us all. I haven’t been over to WRSA in a while.

  49. I like it! It’s natural to see Trump as either a big dumb goon, or an n-dimensional chess master, depending on the direction of your wishcasting, but for all his manifest weaknesses the guy IS a shrewd businessman, and the first thing in business is to know who you’re dealing with. That’s how I read the declaration of “Antifa” as a terrorist organization — he knows he’s really dealing with Soros et al. Invoke the Insurrection Act, put Soros’ lily-white shock troops on Federal trial in front of military tribunals, and watch the fun. I don’t think he’s actually going to do this, of course — if for no other reason than he can’t be sure “his” people would actually obey orders — but it’s a shot across the bow. So far Soros has called his bluff, but it’s a pretty shrewd play of a fairly poor hand.

    •  military tribunals and firing squads. It does have a certain attractive ring to it.

      • As I say, it’ll never happen. Our active duty military is full of gays, girls, trannies, and SJWs; I shudder to think at the kind of genderfluid pansexual hose beasts that must make up the National Guard. At this point, it’s even money that they drop their weapons and join in the looting. It’s a bluff, but it’s a pretty good bluff… and a man can dream.

        • Well, I wouldn’t go that far…but…now that I think of it, wasn’t too long ago we had NO police join the looters in Walmart after Katrina. So there is precedent isn’t there?

    • Antifa has not been declared a terrorist organization. I doubt it will ever be declared such. They are too useful.

      • There is no authority for Trump to declare such—unless, he can connect Antifa to a foreign agent. Otherwise it’s a local terrorist organization and no law prohibiting or naming such exists.

        • Isn’t antifa international in its construct? Would that apply a connection to “a foreign agent.”?

    • No, Sev, it’s all just talk. And talk is cheap. A shrewd real estate developer gets things built, usually at a profit but with at least enough cash flow to perpetuate the enterprise. What tangible thing has MAGA built? It looks more like the abandoned hole of a bankrupt project with each passing day. The era of steel for railroads, then for skyscrapers, has ended. Instead we get ubiquitous access to porn and tweets and TikTok idiocy and all manner of 24/7 bloviation on our amazing “talk machines” brought to us by the amazing geniuses of Silicon Valley. Silicon isn’t just for fake boobs; it’s the uber-element of all fakeness.

  50. I can’t see Biden winning. I try to picture him on a stage debating Trump and it just doesn’t work. Trump would mock him for a while, then at least pretend to feel bad about beating up the old senile guy. Biden would get flustered and release a stream of incoherent frontier gibberish.

    • Which is why we will never have debates. Corona was the best thing to happen to Biden. As long as he is sheltered by a media that ignores or coached him, he can be an empty vessel.

    • But Biden’s likely response to Trump’s insults will be macho bluster, which will trigger more macho bluster from Trump.
      Biden will challenge Trump to a push up contest or an IQ test. Trump will call Biden a pussy. They will probably hold a spontaneous arm wrestling contest.
      I’m telling you, the Trump v. Biden debates may be some of the most entertaining and ridiculous spectacles you have ever seen.

      • I expect to see Trump come out in a Mexican wrestler’s mask and hit Biden with a folding chair. From there the debates will become less dignified.

      • It would be hilarious to see two old guys calling each other pussies and beating the shit out of each other.
        I wonder if big media truly understand how unintentionally comical they are to everyone but themselves.

  51. This is the crux: <i>”The thing about the 2020 election is it will be a purely in the moment election, in that it will turn on how people feel at the moment.”</i>
    There’s really not a lot of analysis needed beyond that statement. Much as both sides of the political spectrum like to bloviate about rights and truth and justice, the typical universal suffrage voter doesn’t give a rat’s rump for anything beyond his personal gravy train. Another thing is that the election boils down to what? – about 15% of undecideds? How are these 15% swayed? Thirty-second ads, or now more likely, a tweeted meme. Guessing the winner between Trump & Biden, five-months out, is an impossibility.

  52. It is difficult for me to try to rationalize voter sentiment when half of them have IQs lower than 100. And this is where our corrupt Media Class comes in. They know all the hot buttons and they have no compunction about pushing them.

  53. <I>His ham-fisted appeal to blacks is not really aimed at blacks, but at older whites who decide our elections. </I>
    The reality is that the left’s Afro-Philia isn’t aimed at blacks, it’s aimed at leveraging white guilt. A certain level of black voting is just taken for granted.
    Blacks are just a prop used by both sides.

    • Maybe, but I think that a growing number of whites are starting to truly believe the rhetoric. It’s like a religious fanaticism is taking over whites – and that religion is the Cult of Equality.

      • I agree that it’s a form of religion, but I think that it’s better called the Cult of Negro Veneration.

        • Of making you venerate, kemosabe.

          Of making you kneel.


          I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sermon from a a synagogue demanding that the kosher seek redemption from their darker brethren.

          “Oh no, not that again!”

          Well, now there’s a poster showing the young leaders of antifa- and guess what?

          Youuu guessed it.

          All blue Stars, just like media!

          • When Antifa has done it’s job of pasting the blame on white people, the blue stars will either have or go back to their sinecures.

            That’s what happened with the McMicheals and the Christian day care centers- satanic pedophiles wanted to paint a picture that the innocent Christians were satanic pedophiles.

            Projection; Inversion; reverse curse-spells of words and imagery.

            That’s why and how only a Bernays could cook up an art called Propaganda. None of this is “crazy”– it’s mage war.

      • Hold on! Another case of reverse word-spells, curses hidden in esoteric mysticism.
        They don’t worship “equality”.
        What they worship, is being Against White Supremacy.
        They would never advocate for your rights.
        Dragging you down is all that concerns them (so they can “steal it back”.)

        • You’re right. It’s not equality they seek. It’s the destruction and subjugation of me and my people.

    • Here’s the thing. Goodwhites, up to now, have been able to take the masturbatory action of speaking and posturing as “allies” of Antifa and especially BLM, without any personal cost. The dynamic of what is going on now is going to force them to make a choice, to either shut up and stand down, or to directly involve themselves in all the crazy that is going on in the streets. The true believers and activist leadership are going to demand “put up or shut up”, either by giving over a bunch of their own money and wealth, or getting out there in the street and literally taking a brick in the face for the cause. And then there is the matter of which houses and which neighborhoods for the looters and thieves to plunder, once the inner cities are stripped. They will go for the softest targets, because this, at root for the looters, is about Free Shit, and the Fess Shit is harder to get at in the Badwhite neighborhoods. Schadenfreude time, I guess.

    • What is white guilt about? Never understood it, never felt it, never took to it in school.
      I suspect it’s a lazy way of dealing with bad conscience. “It’s not something I chose to do, it’s that I’m white.”

  54. In his book “ The art of the Deal “ he said to give up those things that don’t cost any money , especially things that carry only symbolic value . 
    Is it possible that most of those scenes of White obeisance before the negro , are staged to provide social proof for suckers ? 

  55. If the election were held today Biden likely would win. Nonetheless, if I had to bet on the outcome, my money would be on Trump. The riots have started to hit where the Karens and wine moms live, and it’s probably a good strategy to let their neighborhoods burn a while before acting.
    Brilliant line about this being an “in the moment” election, and quite true. That makes it next to impossible to spin. Advantage: Trump.

    • Let me add something about Steve King, too. It should be a cautionary to two groups of people on our side.
      First warning goes to the MAGA types who thinks Trump has changed the GOP. He has not in any substantive way. Cucks rule the roost in that party even today. Second warning goes to the accelerationist types. Take a hard look at King’s defeat. The only thing that will be accelerated as things stand will be the last barriers against non-white communists consolidating power.
      We aren’t there yet, but it is a good guess these riots, particularly if they start to affect upper middle class whites, will be helpful.

      • Worth noting that King had been stripped of his committee assignments. It’s been the case for a long time that if you have a congressman without any meaningful committee assignments it’s as good as not having a congressman at all. So his voters had to decide if sending King back as a protest vote was a meaningful trade-off for getting absolutely nothing out of D.C. It’s not as easy a call as dissidents might make it out to be.

        • What important committee work has been done in the House of Representatives this Congress? No, Iowa Republican voters in the 4th Congressional District are all too ready to virtue signal and prevent Steve King’s re-election.

        • Kushner is pure cancer, no doubt. Trump probably only had a handful of people he could trust during what was an outright coup attempt and Kushner was one of them.

        • And don’t forget Kushner’s little Gun Control Barbie wife. She cries and Daddy gets her another pony.

    • Well, that’s precisely what Trump is doing. He has no incentive to rush military units into a liberal bastion like Minneapolis and then get blamed for the ensuing loss of life. Lefty planted that garden, let him pull the weeds. The dumb libs will eventually get a belly full of it and blame their own politicians. Look at the acrimonious Cuomo vs. DeBlasio rift. That is exactly the kind of internecine conflict we need to encourage among our foes.

      • Oh, the Left will blame the Bad Orange Man readily enough for not swooping in with our heroes in uniform, or blame him for sending in the troops when they oppress their sacred joggers. Either way, Orange Satan gets full blame rather than the Democratic politicals, because when it comes to unity, they don’t do like our Republicans, ever ready to stab each other in the back, or us, time and again.
        Of course the true conservative Republicans will be waiting in the wings with knives out to stab him in the back for either course he takes as well, because we can’t be racist or the poor black dears might vote 96% Democrat in the fall.
        But you are correct, that it’s all enemy territory. Let New York and LA and Chicago burn.

      • Can we just call Minneapolis “Lagos on the Mississippi” from now on?
        (no, wait. That could also be St. Louis. or Memphis. Disregard)

        • Not Lagos. Minneapolis has been Mogadishu on the Mississipi for quite a while now.

      • I have an idea: how about Cuomo activates our healthcare heroes to deal with the riots? Police and nurses together would be so heroic it would make superman menstruate with delight. Maybe if enough of them take a knee I’ll mercifully die of disgust.

  56. Is there any doubt at this point that within a year of Trump leaving office he will be assassinated?

      • Nah. If I’ve learned one thing after Bush and Obama, former Presidents are never held to any reckoning. EVER. End of story.

        • both bush and obama were deep state patsy’s . trump is not . his only hope of not going to jail is kushner and his …….cohort they have…… a little influence in DC and they may veto retribution because of his stead fast support of their …concerns.

        • Nixon was helicoptered out to San Clemente. Trump and family will have to go overseas – maybe one of his hotels.

      • he will be given some long sheets, then change out the guards and turning off cameras for a small time window, leaving cell unsupervised for enough time until…

    • It will be attempted if he is re-elected prior to inauguration. But, yes, the terror will continue. To be blunt, given how much Trump has sucked up to the GOP Establishment, it is a good thing he has been treated so abysmally because it has dampened that impulse.

    • Doubtful.
      hell be forgotten within days of leaving. Assuming he makes it out alive.
      One of the problems with current America is that it’s always day zero – society exists in an eternal present, none remember the past or can accurately foresee future consequences.
      Shortly after leaving office Trump will be replaced by a new demon to rally against.

      • No way. Trump’s insult to the morality of our Elite is so profound that they are going to destroy him his children his grandchildren and destroy the whole line if they can. I’m not a trump fan but I can see that

        • I fear you are correct whitney , this would be a warning to any other ” non approved ” person from teying to run off with the presidency in the future.

        • Good point, but I’m doubtful “destroy” as in assassination is in the cards. To assassinate is to create martyrdom. If a lesson is to be taught, you must break the man and drive all acolytes away.

          • Trump is an incredible man. It’s inspiring that he still hasn’t been broken. In fact he looks more determined than ever. The photo-op with the Bible showed a battle-hardened and grizzled brawler.
            I worry about his health, but his grit is really inspirational.
            He is disappointing in terms of policy but he’s one man surrounded by thousands of snakes and 60+ years of deep state treachery and incompetence in motion.

          • No offense, but you have incredibly low standards to be impressed by a politician. For an opportunist the guy is incredibly lazy.

    • Is there any doubt at this point that within a year of Trump leaving office you’ll be a Borg Drone? Your bloodlust is a symptom of a deep spiritual sickness. Look in the mirror, and ask yourself some serious questions about your humanity.

  57. //:0//:0Check out the picture of Biden kneeling before the assembled AME …. Supplicant? (can’t figure out how to post it)

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