The Naked Eye

Imagine you are kidnapped off the streets and after a period blindfolded isolation transported to a small coastal village. instead of being chased by a balloon-like automaton, you find yourself constantly watched by cameras. You begin to notice that everywhere you go, there is a camera. You even discoverer them in the bathroom and in your sleeping quarters. Further, these cameras are beaming your activities to a large screen in the middle of the village in real-time.

Once you discovered the reality in which you were now living, you would begin to mull over the consequences. For example, escape would no longer be a possibility, as the cameras would be broadcasting your efforts in real-time. You could not try to plot with others in the village, as that would be broadcast to the whole village as well. Of course, things you may do in private, but never in public, would suddenly become public, once you forgot about the camera and did them as usual.

This is a good plot for a sci-fin story, but it is pretty close to reality now for cops in the United States. They don’t have to deal with cameras in the toilet yet, but they are recorded constantly as they go about their jobs. Often, they are recorded without their knowledge, so they now must assume they are always performing in front of an audience that is hostile to them. They get called to handle a misbehaving black and there will be an army of militant millennials holding up cellphones.

It is not just cameras on the street. The use of selective editing, which has become a feature of these hoaxes, means the cops wear body cams. Remember back to the O.J. Simpson trial and the cops had to deal with secret audio recordings of themselves long before Simpson murdered his wife. Mark Furman’s life was ruined by recordings of himself using colorful metaphors in an interview years prior. Cops are fired now for private communications that become public.

One thing these latest batch of riots seem to be revealing is that conventional policing is impossible in the Synopticon. The Panopticon is a situation where the few watch the man, like in a prison or an authoritarian state. The Synopticon is where the many watch the few, like a theater. The crowd watches the actors on the stage. In modern America, we have a combination of both. The state and its technology patterns watch us, while the masses and their cameras watch the police.

Most of the debate about the emerging surveillance state focuses on the state and its private collaborators spying on citizens. So far, we have not had a riot over Apple harvesting your metadata. We have been convulsed by video of cops beating blacks turning up on social media. Just wait until deep fakes make it possible for people to post realistic fake videos of cops abusing blacks. What happens when activists can use technology to identify the cops and that gets posted on-line?

If you are a cop, unless you are a rage-head moron, you have to realize that your range of motion is increasingly restricted. In these riots, the cops have been mostly useless, because there is no way for them to be effective. Even if they are following direct orders to end the violence, they know their bosses will not back them if a video of them getting rough with a hooligan shows up on-line. If a rioter captures one of them using colorful language in a melee with rioters, the cop is fired.

We think of privacy as just the area of our life that is off-limits to the public, but in reality, privacy is a spectrum. There are things that exist only in our head or perhaps with a few people in our lives. Then there are things known to family and close friends. Out further and there are things that are known to the community or maybe the workplace. The most distant belt is where we are supposed to find the things available to anyone interested enough to discover them, like an address or phone number.

Technology is collapsing the normal structure of privacy. There are things that get done in public that should not be broadcast to the world, just as there are things done in private that should not be made public. Those cops who took down the Gentle Giant did not spring from nothing. They were operating in the context of a career dealing with these sorts of people. The bit of the event we see is not the entirety of the event, It is devoid of context that would change how we view it.

This is happening all over. An academic, for example, discussing speech laws at a conference, could be secretly recorded. The recording is then edited to only include his recitation of prohibited words and phrases. All of a sudden, he is being forced into a struggle session by the mob. Alternatively, we have the situation of a jilted lover releasing private information about a public man. Things said in the heat of the moment, assumed to be private, suddenly become public.

There are some inevitable results of this. One is what we see with the cops. They can no longer do their job without personal risk, so they will evolve to avoid any situation where they could be shown in a bad light. We will no doubt see laws passed that ban the filming of rich people and politicians. They will not want to be subjected to what is happening with the cops. We’re already seeing signs in public buildings banning the use of cellphone cameras, Soon, phones will be banned entirely.

The more important change will be the contraction of the public space. On the one hand, those with nothing to lose will feel liberated in the public space. On the other hand, the auxiliary volunteer army of ideological enforcers will be emboldened to go crazy recording and reporting everyone. Those with anything thoughtful or controversial to say will flee the scene entirely. Even private conversation will collapse, as you cannot trust anyone to respect the ancient rules governing privacy.

Another consequence will be the collapse of what remains of trust. If you are a dissident, for example, you will no longer speak with anyone in possession of a mobile phone, even if you know them. In fact, the new tracking laws will mean all dissident will meet without phones. Not only will they fear recording; they must fear tracking, as the tech companies share this data with Antifa now. To voice a controversial idea now means living in a world closer to organized crime than politics.

Even apolitical people will have to assume that even their closest friends will be tempted to fink on them. Think of the “leaked” video of stars or ballplayers at private events or in private phone calls. These are all leaked by people close to the subject, so everyone now must distrust even their closest friends. The Synopticon will accelerate us into the no-trust society. The only place trust will exist is in secret societies that enforce their codes of silence the old-fashioned way.

In a world of a million leering eyeballs following your every move, lots of necessary things will simply stop happening. They will have to retreat to the world of intimate thought, but even there, coded to make it impossible to publicize. Outside, in the outer rings of the public-private spectrum, life will become simultaneously more intolerant and more vulgar. It will be a riot of uninhibited vulgarians and reckless scolds, where no useful work necessary for society can be done.

It remains to be seen if such a world can function. The riots suggest there is a point where the machine just stops. On the other hand, within living memory, people thought the current state was beyond the pale. Maybe people in the Synopticon will quickly evolve to become the uninhibited vulgarian or the reckless scold. Or maybe as we see in these cities, we stagger from one crisis to the next until finally the people are exhausted. We collapse while livestreaming it to the world.

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354 thoughts on “The Naked Eye

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  2. I’m not sure what metaphor would suffice, but based on the commentary, these past few posts I guess have been sorta spot on and fairly relevant. I have no doubt you’ll keep ‘em coming. Cheers!

  3. I’ve been thinking more about this whole cops vs. protestors issue this evening and I’m pretty much convinced, as another blogger I read asserts, that this entire thing is theater.
    Any disagreement with my main postulates below?

    • The government (federal and state and most big cities governments) is controlled by an elite that hates the people.
    • The police are agents of the state. They exist to protect the status quo and do the bidding of their masters.
    • Antifa and BLM are also agents of the state — they are funded by the same wealthy donors that fund the deep state. They are publicly supported by major powerful state actors. Major corporations are proudly supporting them.

    Thus, this whole elaborately staged conflict between the protestors and the police is all a sham, to justify further erosion of our civil liberties.
    There are no sides in this conflict that are “good guys,” because it’s all simply staged (of course, the useful idiots in the street don’t know that and the destruction they are wreaking is very real).
    The average good citizen is the sucker at the table.

    • No, the cops aren’t in on it, any more than soldiers are.
      but if you don’t like the cops we have now wait until you see what’s next – and its not the military. They will have guns though.
      what you are actually seeing is the start of collapse. It may arrest or even reverse, but I don’t see how or who.
      The DS/Deep State war will BTW be the Syrian model. Don’t pick a side. Pick all sides and pay them under the Table to kill each other off. Its how to win a war without an army, just money and spooks. It works.
      it’s also what they do.

    • I don’t think “the average good citizen” is a sucker. He abhors politics and just wants to be left alone to get on with his life.
      The endless media and leftist (pardon my redundancy) race baiting is to sow discontent, angst, white guilt, havoc, all to get rid of Trump.

  4. America is completely hostile ethnic alien occupied country
    European American, who get blood libeling ethnic slurs as “white” are attacked by ethnic aliens from every direction
    And too many people who consider them as “white privilege” are joining a winning team
    Cop like Derek Chauvin who doing his job get utterly ruined his life, the wife announced get a divorce and testified against him
    This should be ultimatum to the European American for a step toward file for divorce on America

    • Well you’re in luck. Your chance to file for divorce 🤣 is here.
      The secrets out; there are no men on the walls.
      Go. We ain’t gonna shoot except in self defense. Go. We see what happens when you do your duty.
      understand you’re part of the plan, and its not your plan, or mine. Its DS. But lets have this out, no war is worse than this degrading sham.

  5. I was feeling a little down lately. I’m so disappointed with the lack of racial equity and the many people of color being murdered by angry white police.
    But I resolved to break out of my sadness and I was successful. I visited the houses of 3 colored families not too far from where I live. I cooked a nice hearty dinner for one family of six. Baked chicken, potatoes, fresh corn and biscuits. They loved it. I painted the garage of a young single mother of color and took her trash to the landfill. Next day I made lunch for a group of teens of color who are living in an old place on Jackson street. I also mowed their lawn which was terribly over grown. They all shouted encouragement to me from the porch.
    if you guys are upset about George Floyd, volunteer to help people of color. The experience will bring a big smile to your face.

    • This is a letter from every religious leader in our country. In the end absurd sarcasm merges with reality, creating a moronic oneness that can only be seen every so many generations.

  6. Now I don’t feel like such a conspeerah-see theorist when I brought a flip phone with an anonymous phone number to the Mencken conference.
    My Apple tracking device stayed at home on my table for 48+ hours.

    • A few days ago, Whitney did recommend a Faraday Cage cell phone bag off of Amazon. I must thank her again, it works perfectly.

      • If one does not wish to be tracked via their cel phone, wouldn’t one just leave it at home? If it is removed from the Faraday bag it then becomes “visible”, no?
        What is the rationale?

        • @urbando:
          Agree. I believe that is true. I had the same thought process.
          But it is a good thing to have around the house, nevertheless. My friend has one, and uses it (don’t quote me; my memory is fuzzy after several months…) to store their car keys in, when they get home.
          Something about the use of their keys and the remote key-opening system of their car.
          I will need to re-inquire!

          • Thanks for the info, C. I looked up Faraday bags and they’re not very expensive; I may spring for one . . . because. I have that kind of key fob too; I will have to dig a little deeper.

      • Compsci: I have been looking at those. A friend (potential married yt female to be gently introduced to some of our ideas) has one, and I’ve asked her where she and hubby got it.
        Open to recommendations!

  7. I had the misfortune of eating lunch at a restaurant with ESPN on all of the TVs in the place. The so-called Worldwide Leader had angry blacks scowling about the New Orleans Saints’ QB Drew Brees merely stating that he didn’t agree with players kneeling during the anthem. Then there was his pathetic apology and groveling that was no different than the kneeling of whites to angry blacks I’ve seen on social media. Sickening.
    Then the next news item is how an audio recording “surfaced” of a college football player using a racial slur and how his college pulled his scholarship immediately, consigning him to the outer darkness.
    The next news item was a similar situation with a former Georgia white quarterback, whose private conversation “surfaced” and he apologized for it. All he said, jokingly I might add, was that only elite white people should have silencers for their guns. Apparently, that’s racisssssss in our current climate of nuttiness.
    I think the only silver lining is that the opiate of the masses, our sports, will have a lot fewer white fans. This is one of the greatest red pill moments of our century.
    The blacks right now remind of that line from Reese in the Terminator.
    “Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there, it can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with, it doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop…EVER, until you are dead!”

      • Yep. The frantic groveling will excite the Bantus into chucking you into the pot first.

        • Not you compsci, the “you/us” in general – just in case it might have been taken that way!

      • Nice, Compsci. I like that quip.
        Let me try to put a different spin on it. Outward behavior may not always reflect inner feelings.
        If my lucrative career depended on avoiding dangerous collisions with 300 pound POC, i might be a little circumspect too. Be very careful who you share your honest thoughts with, at least until your career is over. Just because something is true doesn’t mean it would be wise to say it. “Yes dear, that new dress looks great on you!”

  8. Oops , I forgot to thank Bologa Tester for his excellent CTH article late yesterday.

    It was a dive on the maneuvers twixt Obama’s DNC/BLM new cadres and the oldline AME backbone.

    The blacks have their own world. Their politics, largely hidden from us, are driving much of the riot show.

    Gods, I am going to hate living in New South Africa.

  9. Or, this might provoke people like us into forming our own trust community, Gentry liberals need not apply.

  10. Interesting post; and many interesting comments. There is a lot to think about here.
    I got to thinking about the possibility of tech that could stop any electronic device from working in a given area. Tech free zones as it were. Either the tech is disabled for the duration of being in the zone or permanently broken. We could live in a zone, or go to a zone for recreation, or for meetings.
    There also was once the idea of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse or a non-nuclear one which could wipe out almost all of modern technology. I wonder if a dissident group could return us to a sane privacy via such devices.
    The future looks bleak for mankind in general, and especially for the individual and his freedom.

    • I got to thinking about the possibility of tech that could stop any electronic device from working in a given area. Tech free zones as it were.
      These technologies have been in operation for more than 50 years at the room level and to a lesser degree the building level (NSA). Beyond the room and building level it’s simply too expensive to implement.
      EMPs will not harm hardened nodes and networks. If you properly ground a device, including the metal frame of a vehicle, then the vast majority of electrons will take the path of least resistance into the earth. EMPs are like the novel corona virus insofar as you should take it seriously but it’s not as terrible as generally promoted thanks to classical physics.

    • Simple take out the cell towers and Big Ttech and the elite go blind. You have no idea how dependent they are on those things.Same with the FBI, DHS, etc.

      • Simple take out the cell towers and Big Ttech and the elite go blind. You have no idea how dependent they are on those things.Same with the FBI, DHS, etc.
        I personally spend a tens of hours on satellite comms each month. Readily ramped to hundreds hours per month. Everybody with a cable modem has a wifi router serving a convenient node.
        This communication of yours attributes an idiot and I personally believe you are better than that.

  11. Geez, the three main networks are actually broadcasting the martyred speared chucker’s memorial service! I heard it was going down, but had to see to believe. The increased genuflecting to the magical negro – hell, to the whole black population – is completely out of control.

  12. Little Brother is Watching you.
    I don’t think having a badge prevents or absolves someone of any sin. There is too much polarization of “Cops are brave heros who put their life on the line daily to protect you and never do anything wrong”, v.s. “Cops are brutal stormtrooper thugs”. The reality is Cops are human and we’ve been selecting for the wrong temprament. We wanted sheep dogs but get junkyard dogs that attack the sheep all too often.
    The pendulum has swung from cops always investigating themselves, finding themselves innocent, the taxpayers pick up the bill for the lawsuit, and even if fired, after a year or two the police unions have them reinstated with back pay. Those are the rules of the thin blue game.
    17 complaints of bad conduct against Chauvin before Floyd. Because nothing happened to him, he got the message he could be as brutal as he wanted, as did the officers standing around. (I think they overcharged and likely to be found not guilty).
    The Cops have an easy out, keep their dash and bodycams turned on so they have their view.
    In Louisville, there was a shooting of someone in the crowd and the Police did NOT have their bodycams turned on.
    Before, it was your word against theirs. Now it should be your vid against theirs. Why don’t the professors record and stream their lectures so everyone can with a few clicks check for selective editing (which Project Veritas has been accused of but they post the full footage).
    It is the cops that keep saying if you don’t have anything to hide, you shouldn’t mind them searching. Just after they tell you “I smell Marijuana!”. If the cops don’t have anything to hide…

  13. For those still on social media here is a folding chair Gif you can send to your favorite cuck prostrating themselves before the mob.
    For starters, may I suggest New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, who was groveling for forgiveness today after having the audacity of expressing his personal opinion about those that kneel for the national anthem. According to internet sources, his net worth is $120 million. You would think that would be enough money to tell everyone who doesn’t like his opinion to shove it and walk away with his dignity intact but Drew bowed to masters.

  14. I pretty much predicted the times we’re in to my family, the anarchy death spiral, etc. But I could never predict the feel of it. It’s a feeling of extreme sadness watching a close friend slowly die in the ER (being my country). But just as death is part of life for people, it is so for countries.

  15. Even before the era of mass smart-phone use, Tribesmen knew to do their real business in private, face-to-face meetings.
    The recent leak of a Zoom’d Jewish strategy session on White supremacy, BDS and other hand-rubbing matters shows what normally goes on behind those closed doors.

    So much for those who like to say “you crazy Joo-haters think they just sit around in rooms and plot against us, LOL.”

  16. So Mr. Z, what your saying is that Black Mirror isn’t dark, dystopian entertainment. It’s a series of mini documentarys. Progress is one of the devils greatest ideas.
    It seems to me that this phase of our decline will be like a high tech Red China with way better food. That is, for people in the city. There are still places in the countryside were people are holding onto pieces of yesterday. But that won’t last long. The citys are going to start emptying out as more and more people try to escape the madness. That of course will destroy whatever nice places that America has left. The smart fraction of real White people will figure out how to survive. The rest are banging on the slaughter house door, begging to be let in.

    • Hey! I just thought of something. I was talking yesterday about all those pussified liberals groveling on their bellies and begging for forgiveness for their white sins. That’s just going to embolden the radical spear chuckers. Mark my words, that won’t satisfy the lefty mob. The next phase will be the demand that whitey submit to a public humiliation and ass whoopins. Who knows, maybe they’ll bring back the stocks? It’s only a matter of time. Please God, let it be soon!

  17. “Oh, we think we know what’s right
    Oh, we know we know what’s wrong
    We tell ourselves so many, many, many lies
    We’re not pawns in any game
    We’re not tools of bigger men
    There’s only one who can really move us all
    It all looks fine to the naked eye
    But it don’t really happen that way at all”
    — The Who, “Naked Eye”

  18. Another warning:

    I didn’t know what “Hawaiian shirts” meant. Now I do.

    It means they’re coming for us.

    A hard left Jewish Democrat, academic Howard Bloom explained that the riots were organized by a secret cabal of wreckers and saboteurs, the “Boogaloos”.

    Interesting name. It must be a code of some kind.

    He went full Hollywood cartoon saying their uniform is Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and AK47s.

    Apparently they placed the pallets of bricks and incendiaries to indict innocent Antifa activists and disrupt peaceful protesters. They’ve tried for 40 years to start a race war to create a North American White ethnostate.

    Yeah. You can see how this works and where they’re taking the Narrative, can’t ya.

  19. From the outset I considered sail foams to be diabolical devices. In addition to the reasons Z so compellingly and ominously lays out, they contribute to car accidents, further human dissociation from reality and descent into the unnatural digital abyss, and are an aesthetic blight. I dare say they are infinitely more destructive than guns, but more subtly so.

    • I remember when I first started hearing people talk about “selfies” and I remember thinking “What a stupid fad, I can’t wait for this to end. ” That was about 10 years ago I think.
      One of the bad consequences of cell phones was one of its strongest selling points in the beginning: the ability for anyone, anywhere to call 911 whenever they get scared or upset. That has brought a much deeper embedding of law enforcement into everyday life compared to before cell phones.

      • A little while ago, I watched the British series The IT Crowd. It came out right in the beginning of the social media revolution — Twitter and Facebook became big right around the show’s second season or so.
        It was an absurdist comedy and they did some episodes mocking the lengths to which social media could go, unchecked.
        Every single one of their absurd scenarios is now day-to-day reality.

      • If the DR takes power , they can in fact ban them and take down the cell networks if they wish.
        Hell controlling all forms of internet connecting device or limiting them to say 56KBPS over a manual phone line is perfectly doable.
        In a closed economy this will control efficiency as well as allowing things like porn on demand to be strictly controlled.
        Given that the Dissident State will have to enage in widespread censorship for decades to prevent subversion and a counter revolution from globalists, might as well go full Luddite.
        And note too if people need to send say complex plans for something , put it on a disk or tape and user a courier.
        Not having real telecommunication won’t hurt anything.

      • I hoped rap was a fad that would fade, too. But nothing awful goes away in this country, it just grows stronger.

    • “cell phones”. I see you are another victim of imperfect peach wreck ignition, my friend 🙂

  20. We don’t need convincing fake video. People are so hungry for “evidence” to fit their assumptions, that they will run with any little obviously phony thing out there, or simply invent some whoppers on the spot, to “prove” their point. To question any of it is racist, sexist, and discriminatory. Case in point, Kavanaugh. A persecution woven out of whole cloth. There is nothing there. In the books as a rapist. There you go. The flip side is to ignore any real evidence that doesn’t fit the story. Nothing needs to be faked, the story line simply needs to be generated and disseminated. That’s the culture we live in now, and fighting it is pushing against a string, IMO.

    • Things That Never Happened is its own entire social media industry now.


      The only proper response is,

      “…and we all clapped.”


  21. I got the corporate “We mourn George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery” email last night, along with quietly menacing “racism will not be tolerated” caveat.

    Of course, the link to an anonymous tip line was included and encouraged for the Black members of our corporate ‘family’ and everyone who supports them, which is- of course!- everyone.

    How much longer before kneeling is allowed, then celebrated, then required?

  22. The cops are forced to treat joggers with kid gloves, but they are out of control dealing with whites.

    • “…but they are out of control dealing with whites.”
      Not always. The cops are very controlled when dealing with the pasty-white antifa Sturmabteilung.

      • I mean day to day. It is trivially easy to find video of cops beating up old women, shooting dogs and spraying and praying around crowds etc.
        Most people on the right simply cannot grasp that America is a police state and that the police state is also functioning under anarcho-tyranny.

  23. In 2017 I was in a van with dissidents to go to a secret conference led by names that many of you would know. The leader asked everyone to surrender their phones and they would be returned after. We all did except for one guy who kept texting for a few minutes. I angrily confronted him and he sullenly gave up his phone.
    Later, the event was shut down by the owner of the establishment. Rumor was that one of the caterers reported to the owner the names in attendance and he kicked us out.

    • This is why VDare now owns their own place. Not big enough for large conferences, but good for small seminars and strategy meetings.

        • There’s zero vibrancy in the area, so probably not. Small town West Virginia. Antifa and urban Blacks are scared of acting out in places like that.

          • Isn’t that where redneck revolt comes from?
            WV is the 2nd or 3rd whitest state in America. I imagine they have very high opinions of blacks there.

          • No, Redneck Revolt was founded in Kansas. And no, they don’t.
            WV isn’t one of your Cadillac White states like Vermont or New Hampshire.

          • “WV isn’t one of your Cadillac White states like Vermont or New Hampshire.”
            Showing your age there kiddo.
            Prius or Tesla.

          • I’ve been thinking about relocating and West Virginia is one of the places I am looking at, precisely because of how white it is and is not progressive. The main downside for me is the summer. I hear they are even hotter and more humid than where I am from, which Philadelphia.
            But I am tired of running. My entire family have been running all my life. I want to move for the last time.

          • Tars, from some headlines I’ve seen (may not be representative) it’s under aggressive attack demographically. They’re moving in rapefugees, and a couple of other towns have had gay denizens from DC take over. Do your due diligence and then some, wherever you move. Check out the school demographics in particular to see where things will be in 10 years.

  24. The most telling clue as to how this will progress is the law prohibiting the recording of phone conversations in DC. Remember Linda Tripp? That law exists to protect the inner party and nothing more.

  25. Z: “the tech companies share this data with Antifa now.”
    I try to keep up on this topic, but I don’t know of an example of what Z is referring to here. Is this a reference to the circumstantial evidence that Discord leaked the transcripts of some dissident groups?

  26. The Truman Syndrome is already a problem. I think this and similar psychiatric disorders will explode in an environment similar to what is described here. And sadly the description seems realistic enough

  27. Wait for the crash, pick up the pieces. There is now absolutely no alternative. Start preparing at the local level, then work up. When the crash comes, secession for the (more or less) healthy portions of the country will be come a possibility, but not before. The good (or bad) news is that things are accelerating, the great ship is going down. Be ready to get into a lifeboat with some like-minded people, and pull away fast, the undertow is going to be huge.
    FWIW, the people of the US are not the only ones who need to be preparing for this. India, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand need to sink their differences and unite fast, if they don’t want to be ChiCom concubines, because the US isn’t going to be in any position to bail anyone out. As for Europe, the are going to have to decide if they want to spend the next fifty years fellating China, Russia, or the Arab world – the US will no longer be an option.

    • If the Dems win in November, China will seize Taiwan next February. We will do nothing about it. Whether we should respond is a separate issue, but the point is that the Uniparty has been bought off by China, and they will quickly call in their chit. Their waiting game will be over. We will do nothing but bang the table for dramatics, and everyone on all sides knows that going in.

      • This is, unfortunately true, unless Taiwan starts cutting a deal with India and Japan right now, or develops nuclear weapons. In any case, even if Taiwan can count on the US now, they won’t be able to for long. You can’t count on a nonexistent country.

      • There goes the naval trade routes.

        Who knew the Chicoms would save us from globalism?


        (As well as our municipal pensions?

        h/t, earlier commenter)

  28. Some religious cults employ the practice of shunning those who stray into forbidden behaviors, or thoughts. The shunned remain in the village, but are no longer members. Our ubiquitous social media have made the practice universal. Now we even have the mask as a constant reminder of who may participate in the village life, and who is shunned. The devout are faceless in public, but free to boast of their compliance on the socials, and even try to outdo one another in just how closely they toe the party line.
    Dissidents are free to remain silent, lest they lose their livelihood. We are permitted to keep our thoughts locked up tight in our heads.

  29. Some of Z-Mans recent posts describe the 1960’s TV serial “The Prisoner”. Anyone interested in Orwellian type 1984 society updated with surveillance technology (even 1960’s imagined) will get a lot out of it.
    There are some really great episodes, that show the techniques of a communist or “free-democratic” style society, and how they all only have a false set of choices for the individual.
    The moral of “The Prisoner” is perhaps that everyone begins to suspect each other as being part of the system, so no resistance ever grows to a dangerous size.

    • This is why President Trump is avoiding using the insurrection act. He isn’t sure that he won’t face a coup from the officer corp and some of the ranking enlisted.
      This kind of thing has happened many times in history before as has the religious hysteria (this time in the form of woke) at the time of economic Armageddon.

      • Its not the Officer Corps or the ranks, who are like cops in many ways except ..well…soldiers kill, they don’t have another real interface.
        The coup isn’t from the Officer Corps but Corporate Officers – that is the Generals. One butt licking sgt’s twitter feed aside, we are to the right of most, and I don’t mean Conserve.Inc.

      • The coup isn’t from the Officer Corps, but Corporate Officers – our gutless, sellout coward Generals. Who are bluffing BTW, but Trump doesn’t know that, or won’t chance it. He you know isn’t a gambler, he’s a plotter with instincts.

        He’s also not a killer, he’s a businessman. > Have I not said for years this was his tragedy if he becomes a tragic figure. He is already – he is defeated, a shell. He wanted to finesse his way out of this, he wanted to be Reagan – now he’s Buchanan. His tragedy is we needed a Sulla, we got a salesman.

    • The highest ranking enlisted man in the US Army appears to have thrown in with BLM and Antifa. His G.I. Joe facade is certainly deceiving.

      • I figure this is why none of the kneeling Guardsmen are up on charges of insubordination or mutiny.

    • He’s a political hack doesn;’t surprise me.You don’t make his rank without serious asskissing.

      • If the DR takes power its standing military will be its Navy and nuclear corp and that’s it.
        Instead of long term retirement driven service it will be a term or three and entirely driven by national defense.
        Some other not our people get invaded, not our problem. Aware Isolationism for the win.

      • We rarely get good CSM’s these days. That’s just a PC robot.
        I wonder if the asshole knows he just rendered the Army Combat ineffective. The one’s who trust him can’t kill now, the actual killers won’t know because we know this kiss ass will sell us out.
        He also looks like a moron.
        But I have been telling you all for days there are no men on the walls. Believe me now?

  30. I’ve heard that some police departments already will only send black officers to deal with incidents involving black perps. Day maybe coming when cops must be 100% black to avoid the spectre of “whitey beatin’ a black man” and all that entails.

    • I think that once they have their own homelands or preserves, their law envforcement should be the same race 😀

  31. The HBO series Watchmen is a SJW jerkfest but it does show some possible future developments. For instance the police on the show are all in masks to prevent them from being targeted off duty.
    The criminals of course are some mysterious white racist group provided as convenient fodder for the black heroine to beat up.
    Why she and her black stay at home husband are even raising some white deadbeats kids. He stops by from time to time to squeeze them for money. Mighty white of them I think.

  32. But tech is here to stay, right? At the expense of civilization and humanity? Something’s got to give.

  33. The peasants are merely doing to their overlords what the overlords have long aspired to do to the peasants.

  34. I’ve lost a lot of sympathy for cops over the past few days. The kneeling really bugs me. That was a dam break for a lot of anti-cop thoughts. Why are they no knocking people in the middle of the night? Remember when they did that to a nice white, Republican couple over some NRA shit?
    The fact is that the cops that BLM are calling to be abolished are agents on the payroll of our enemies. Their only reason to oppose us are the very paychecks that their masters want to cut.
    The only downside that we must fight against is federal law enforcement filing the vacuum.
    Sure, watching Africa reclaim our cities will be humiliating. But we must secede in our mind.

    • The kneeling really bugs me. 

      Kneeling is a form prostration to which submission of your life is granted to someone, or something, else. In my experience, its almost always been religious folks kneeling before the Lord, fun times with the woman, and people kneeling to be executed. Cops doing so makes absolutely no sense. They just look like pussies. Love’em or hate’em, a cop’s job is to project force and looking like they can.

      • The kneeling is the breaking of the will, and subsuming it to the powers that be. It will be required soon, like us older guys who used to do the pledge of allegiance in school every day.
        IMO, the kneeling is personal in a way that no other affirmative action or other jogger tax is. The others are impositions, but the kneeling is BOHICA, up close and personal.

      • In the ceremony of vassalage, the vassal knelt before his lord, placed his hands between those of the lord and promised to be the lord’s man. The lord then promised protection for the vassal and they exchanged a kiss to seal the relationship. Kneeling before another man (kneeling before a priest was okay because he represented God) was considered so demeaning that a man would do it only as part of an elaborate ceremony that permitted him to retain his self-respect.
        Hell, a man only bows and a lady only curtsies before a monarch–they don’t kneel. Kneeling without a ceremony is a blunt and demeaning acknowledgement of subordination. A man may die, but he does so on his feet!

        • An apt—and only correct summery—for Western culture. Kneeling to joggers and their like is entirely another matter. Such will get you and your progeny eliminated from the gene pool. 🙁

      • Oh, don’t worry about those cops.
        They are more than willing to roll hard and heavy on any white that dares go to church or open their small business.
        The real question is – what are whites going to do in those scenarios?

        • Those white cops are going to be replace by gangs ofblacks and insane good whites.
          Why do you think there is a big push to defund and gut the police as they stand right now.

    • Kneeling really screws up my sight picture. I’m willing to go absolutely prone before an enemy … it’s the preferred shooting position when using a bipod.

      • That’s only if they are a long ways away if they are up close shooting from the hip is more than adequate…

  35. There are no men on the walls, and that secret is out.

    The people may not be exhausted but the defenders are, and they’ve had enough.

    Meanwhile our very own Marshall Petain signals not to shoot; on this Mad Dog may be taken seriously, The one ruthless decision he made in Iraq was to betray his own Marines at Haditha. See Haditha 7.

    I refer to Mattis denouncing Trump, also Dempsey. Both are signaling don’t shoot.

    Trump is alone, but so is the government at all levels.

      • It’s especially troubling because the idea of men being born equal is in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. The 14th Amendment does speak of “equal protection of the laws,” but that’s a long way from personal equality. That a senior member of the U.S. military has such a twisted notion of the founding principles of this country is quite concerning.

        • The Declaration of Independence, of course is important to our country, but surprisingly, it has no legal standing. And this “equality” thing has caused myriad problems. People are not equal by any measure, not even wealthy White male land owners.

          • DoI is a “foundational” document. Correct, not law. Nonetheless it can be understood as aspirational—even though as you said, misinterpreted wrt “equality” under law.

    • Your comparison is unfair to Marshall Philippe Pétain, who was called in after France suffered a catastrophic defeat, in which he participated not one bit (he was French ambassador to Spain). The French National Assembly voted him full authority to form a government and he probably did as well as anyone in preserving some kind of French autonomy until ultimate German invasion and occupation of all of France. And he was 84 when called to power. As the French say, La vieillese est un naufrage. (Old age is a shipwreck.)
      A better historical person for your comparison might be Pierre Laval, an opportunistic, scheming French Third Republic politician.

  36. Brave new world: All police chiefs / officers are women who were / are HR specialists. Cops on the beat are any POC with permission / encouragement to find white people to beat (funny…huh?). Sociopaths encouraged to apply.

  37. Chicken and egg.
    If we didn’t have abusive cops, would we care about monitoring them? Of course, to some degree we’re always going to have abusive cops, so there will always be value in monitoring them, but policing Blacks requires more head-knocking than policing Whites does.
    This is, as far as I know, an unexplored component in why the Black crime rate rose after Jim Crow was repealed. Of course, the Black crime rate had always been much higher than the White crime rate, but White cops, sheriffs, marshals and citizens were allowed to deal with Black criminality very harshly.
    In the post civil rights era, we had to pretend that Blacks could be policed exactly the same as Whites, thus we lost several cities and nearly lost more. It wasn’t just the welfare state.
    Unspoken is that there are still two different standards of policing. Sheriffs in White rural areas and cops in nice White suburbs aren’t as heavy-handed as cops in urban Black neighborhoods, but then when something public happens, we have to pretend that either that isn’t true or it is wrong.
    We’ll never return to a reasonable standard of policing until either there aren’t Blacks to police, or the double standard is openly acknowledged and accepted.

    • A few years ago had an interesting conversation with a recently retired NYC Corrections officer who was my Uber driver. He was still pretty young so asked him why he put his papers in. Pretty simple answer–even in an environment like Rikers, there were always generally understood “rules” between the prisoners and officers. Yes, they were violated, but usually easy to spot the ones what would do it. He said the younger ones coming in now were almost uniformly “feral” (his term). Would do anything at any time to anybody. Between cumulative injuries and having to work 100% hypervigilant, he was done.

  38. A lot is going wrong in our society due to the accelerating changes brought on by modern technology and way-to-much leisure time arising from unprecedented affluence. Yes, government will attempt to fix these problems with more nannyism, endless new rules and regulations, and a surveillance state that makes privacy extinct. But this will inevitably lead to a collapse of some sort and a resurrection of real hardship and survival-of -the-fittest competition. Nature wants us to select for smart, strong, and resilient; not fat, lazy, and stupid.

    • We are living now in a ratopia. The earth is too small now, the living is too easy. Human life is being coming to an end on this planet as a flourishing kind of life. But, we see a new step in evolution, remember spacex.

      • Yeah that will save us. Sure. There is no escpe to a magic new frontier and the special spaxce station to save humanity will be Jared Kushner and special people supping on our suffering from high above.
        If you want a real future that’s not Elysium or Max Headroom its going to be 40K or Dune not Star Trek

      • Pressure to leave the nest.

        But can we?

        The dense microbiome is integral, and it took billions of years of unrelenting effort to create.

        • Nicely said . True is there is no pressure to leave the nest. Space is even more profoundly unnatural than the cities that are killing us.
          It always amazes me how “progress driven” many American conservatives are, still stuck on a frontier ethos from a century and half ago, acting as if a fully developed world power is still in its exploratory phase.
          That needs to stop and if we are to actually have anything to conserve, moving away from the Libertine sentiments of the Enlightenment to a preservation and fertility driven actual Conservatism.

      • Spacex? really! the idea that we need to go into space is so preposterously stupid it doesn’t think about the infrastructure it took to put up the international space station that was home to a few astronauts. the cost of sustaining even that small place is outrageous .cost to go there is $55m. and you don’t get to stay long for that.

    • A lot is going wrong in our society due to the accelerating changes brought on by modern technology and way-to-much leisure time arising from unprecedented affluence.”
      If the post-Wuhan economy goes as far South as I think it might, people will have even more free time than they do now but will spend it in soup lines, if there’s any soup to stand in line for.

      • We’re probably about to learn that there is no escape from the Malthusian Trap…only a delayed reckoning.
        0 A.D. 200 million
        1800 1 billion
        1900 1.6 billion
        1930 2 billion
        1960 3 billion
        1975 4 billion
        1987 5 billion
        1999 6 billion
        2011 7 billion
        2022 8 billion
        The industrial revolution was in full swing by 1900 so in 100 years we increase the world population by 4. Four million year to get to 1 billion, 200 to get to 8 billion. At some point we’ll stumble into over stress the system.
        The demands for more and more stuff from all corners is eventually going to hit a wall. Most natural resources are only renewable at best over a decade or two, at worst over eons. Add multi-culti tensions to this mix on top of regional conflicts and the present world population becomes unsustainable. Going back to 5 billion is probably more likely than is hitting 10 billion.
        If we had an ethno-cultural America maybe we could ride this out if we let the non-Western world deal with their own problems. No control over our present equals no control over our future. We have very serious immediate problems and very serious long term problems.

        • We have too many people because we don’t really need these many people. But the population will/is level off. We are growing because of delayed death, not births. Really, the world’s age cohorts look like a top. Large die offs (natural) to come. That’s the good news.
          Bad news is the youngest cohorts are heavily third world and Africa remains a problem. In short, Whites are doing the dying. And it looks like the world average IQ will decline from now on due to that and the end of the Flynn effect.

      • No they won’t and in any case it will be the money boys up there, Brave men not wanted as they cause trouble.
        Space is an orbital rat utopia not a valiant colony.
        Also note that any Lunar or Mars colony if such a thing is possible will have no freedom as one mistake will mean the death of everyone.
        Mars has no useful water, very little air, no arable land , heavy radiation and soil made of rocket fuel.

        • The money boys will not colonize space because it will be hard and dangerous. The ones that will go will play with DNA to have their offspring survive. Many will die but some will survive. Live adjusts. 1969 with Apollo was a high water mark of western civilization.We went back instead of going forward. Time to resume.

  39. Why would any policeman in our future utopia bother to use force? If force cannot be used because of the risk of serious injury, how can the lawless be suppressed? Answer: they can’t.
    Welcome to anarcho-tyranny.

    • A rapid descent now leads to a higher bottom and lesser pain overall. Better to bottom out now than to continue the slow swerve into the ditch and then over the cliff. In case no one noticed, the guard rail just evaporated.

    • Yes, the phrase anarcho-tryanny has never seemed more apt. We’re in an era where whites get arrested for going to church; blacks are allowed to loot major cities and burn down police stations.

    • There will be two worlds.
      Those with elected police chiefs- i.e. Sheriffs and those with Appointed police chiefs- major towns and cities with ample diversity. (yeah yeah Portland San Fran yada yada)
      Guess which one you should be living in?

    • We call it the Department of Safety, DPS.
      Not ‘police’ or policing, anymore.
      The UK calls it Elf’n’Safety.
      That’s why their firemen can’t go into a burning building, or the cops into a no-go zone. They might get hurt.
      What to do then? They stay busy arresting the people who point out that no-go zones even might exist.

      • No -go zones don’t exist in the Uk, or if they do why don’t you name them?
        I mean if you’re talking no-go zones why not focus on France or the US.

  40. Whatever happens from here on out we won’t be going back to being allowed to be good economic producer and consumer drones. Every corner of life will require its black square and bent knee…and more and more for them and less and less for you.
    Crushing A few pockets of resistance will become the required redemptive act for Good Whites ( palace eunuchs) to hold on to some little corner for themselves. The monkey and his organ grinder is a problem once removed. There are vast numbers of Good Whites who will faithfully play anti-White Janissary. Acceleration is no longer a strategy it is how things will now operate. We are about to learn what sort of stuff the white tribe is really made of.

    • I’m sorely afraid we’ve already learned – they will, almost to a man (and certainly to every last woman) take to their knees, and remain there.

    • Did you expect otherwise? The US empire is dying and a dying empire will resort to absolutely any lies or degradation to live just one more day.

  41. What it means is that those that have the information control everybody. If you pop up as a problem, your most embarassing intimate, or intemperate actions can be quickly compiled and used against you. Got drunk and bitched about niggers or jews? Masturbated to tenacle porn? bragged about grabbing pussy? Beat the shit out of a suspected child molester of a protected group? Which reminds me. Who was running epstein? We know he was an intellegence asset. That has gone dark. You’d think a leak would emerge, a peep. What did the FBI find on his tapes. I think we live in the greatest tyranny teh world has every seen. Prove me wrong.

          • Both were welfare queens who destroyed the highest civilization on the planet.

            What d’ya mean, hubris?

            They’re following a tried and true guidebook, that’s why they wrote it.

            They don’t use your New Testament. Really they don’t.

            Saul was a Jew, hunting Jews, remember?

            Jesus didn’t rail against the Roman government. That’s not who he was fighting. He was utterly right.

    • Given the jews are in reality the hyksos who occupied northern egypt even establishing their own dynasties until they were pushed out in 1550 bc to Judea (otherwise known as the exodus). This alluded to by Jewish historian (1st century ad) Josephus Flavius (despite modern historians trying to hide this.
      They then invented a whole mythology of their own back story and cast themselves as victims when they were the occupiers.
      So maybe not that different in reality.

      • Didn’t help when the Egyptians erased the very stones memorializing their 200 year rule, but the Egyptians erased the records on rulers they wanted to forget a lot of times.

      • Not even all their own. Heavily borrowed from Babylonians and who knows what else. Voltaire is interesting reading but not recommended for theists 🙂

    • Six million of God’s darlings making their way back to Africa with a negro under each arm . I don’t think that God would part the ocean for them , so they’d have to swim for it . The negroes , not known for their aquatic skills , would have to hope the bagel goblins don’t take forty years to make the coast of Africa . 

    • Not so fast, you may be onto something. What Promised Land can we send them to? 😀

    • Vizzini, I re-read your comment.
      Now that’s how it’s done, baby!
      That is shaping a Narrative!
      We are in for the fight of our lives.
      These guys are so committed, focused, simply so damm good at what they do.
      The Wuhan plague is God’s punishment on whites for their racism, amirite?
      So. Damn. Good. At what they do.

  42. The Mob analogy is a good one. Ironically this might lead to the restoration of some kind of community – there will be neighborhoods that are “radio silent,” where people can get on with their lives, because any online Karen-ing is met with Vinnie and five of his buddies from up the block… There are worse places to live.

  43. This is happening all over. An academic, for example, discussing speech laws at a conference, could be secretly recorded. The recording is then edited to only include his recitation of prohibited words and phrases.

    This already happens, but they don’t even have to bother taking things out of context. I read and there are already incidents of professors censured for using prohibited words in context in literature, history or legal discussions.

    • One of the last straws in my teaching career was having a student berate me for… Anti Semitism, I guess, but in reality it was Aggravated Feelbad. For putting up a slide that outlined Nazi beliefs, clearly labeled as such, in a Modern European History class. Evidently the way you’re supposed to teach this now is Ilhan Omar style – “from 1933 to 1945, some people did some things.” Turned in my papers at the end of the semester.

      • Look at the makeup of graduate students when you were a student and compare that to today’s crop. It’s over.

        • Considering that one must have a degree for a Management State career, meet our future rulers.
          Ye gods. It’s a lock. They can’t hire out of the phone book, per the hiring regs. They must choose from this cesspool.

      • Remember that old Mercedes commercial that was based on the history of M-B cars….it just sort of skipped over the 30s and 40s and picked back up at LeMans in the 50s? Hell, when taking a years worth of Modern German history, Peter Hayes made us read most of Mein Kampf–sort of hard to understand the period without doing that. These poor kids would spontaneously combust.

        • I have no idea how eminent scholars keep their heads from exploding. No doubt they agree with these goons politically… But “agreeing with these goons” entails, necessarily, that your life’s work is meaningless at best, one step from thoughtcrime at worst. Denial is an amazing thing, and no one is better at it than scholars, but still…

  44. All true. And then there’s our hubris in berating the Soviets and mocking present-day China. Western totalitarians, though, are so much kinder and gentler, offering the masses velvet-lined handcuffs on a volunteer basis. Hell, we even line-up to pay for our $1000 handcuffs, pay a monthly fee to keep the surveillance active, and then go on to believe that modern life isn’t possible without them. But at least we’re free, right?

    • Americans are no freer than the Chinese or old Soviets. Making people realize this is a worthy goal. It’s a tricky thing to do with normie cons, but ask them how a non-violent Chinese man can lose his job, friends, or go to jail in China. Most know the answer. Then ask how the same happens here. The answer is “criticizing minorities”. Then point out the biases of most major news organizations, most politicians, all of academia, and big business. Whom do they side with? There’s your State. Now ask them, can you rise to the top, even the middle, of American society when you are known to harbor unkind thoughts towards a minority, or can be made to seem like you do? No? That’s the line. Since most everybody is prejudiced to some extent, it’s a very effective line. If you want to play the game in China, make nice with the ChiComs. If you want to play the game in the USA, make nice with the anti-racists. Do you feel our country is superior to China now?

      • You’re assuming facts and logic work when dealing with a mass religious fervor, such as today’s White privilege/numinous Negro insanity. You are sorely mistaken.

  45. The concept of the panopticon, via Michel Foucault by way of Jeremy Bentham, was not that the one watched the many, but that the many couldn’t see exactly who the one was watching, and so everyone was on their best behavior, for fear that they were being watched. This created an internal voice so that one policed themselves rather than being policed. And it also was supposed to force the prisoners to police each other. It’s working in American society much better than it did in prisons (they tried it in Statesville, Joliet, and Pentonville, and it hasn’t really succeeded) but that’s probably because American citizens are more docile and broken than American prisoners. Flyover states are basically Caucasian reservations, only unlike Injuns we pop pills to death rather than wrecking our livers with firewater to quell the humiliation of being a defeated people.
    Orwell used to talk about something similar to Foucault’s idea, but the example he used was the circus dog who only jumps when the whip is applied to his back versus the circus dog who jumps before the whip is cracked. View the elite as the whip-holders in this metaphor, and progressives and mainstream conservatives as the dogs who jump before the whip is cracked. Dissidents would be those who not only refuse to submit to the lash, but are trying to find ways to bite the master’s ankles.
    Progressives ruthlessly police their own normal impulses and deny they exist, which means that they have no private lives or even private thoughts, which is why they are insane and miserable, and also why PC culture is their whetstone that keeps the blade sharp; comedians/conservatives/sane human beings have bad thoughts, and admit to having these thoughts, and really aren’t bothered provided the thoughts stay thoughts (or words). Progressives cannot distinguish between thought, word and action, which is why they are simultaneously so sensitive and so psychotic.

  46. What Z writes is true and all very possible. But what if we just don’t care? If people just go about their lives, cameras on or not, saying the same shit they’d say normally. The early ones caught saying a racial epithet will be scooped up in the media struggle session, but once this gets to the “I am Spartacus” point where we ALL spew racial epithets in solidarity, then the synopticon loses its power.
    This is highly fanciful, I know. But we can get scared or we can get bold. In fact there are people on our side that may like to be on camera telling truth bombs, and they will go viral too. The US is just going through its own Cultural Revolution, and I’m looking forward to challenging our Red Guards.

    • I see a business opportunity. Buy my latest gizmo that detects the presence of electronic recording devices. For a few shekels more, I have upgrades that will jam them for you.
      Organized crime has been dealing with finks and snitches for ages. You snitch – and you go to the morgue. Or you swim wit da fishes. You run… they will find you, eventually. They’ll kill your family in front of you before they put your lights out. The rich and powerful will adopt the same tactics. Epstein killed himself, nudge nudge, wink wink.
      hitmen will see an uptick in business too! Privacy will just become another profitable commodity.

      • “Privacy will just become another profitable commodity”
        Not sure if you meant that seriously, but that’s actually a good idea, and if someone had the technology (beyond just Vinnie and a few pals) and a business plan I’d consider investing.

        • I would invest too but I’m broke 🙁 I’ve joked a few times during the lockdown that it might be time to start selling those “stop snitchin'” T-shirts to white people too.

      • In the current situation am now happy to have a wealthy Albanian mob lawyer as a neighbor.

      • I’m not in the industry, mind you, but I’ve been told a few times in my life that the pros (e.g. spies, government, etc.) have equipment that is undetectable even by experts and their equipment. This may have been true for years. Hence the advice for those in positions of power, behave as though you are always under surveilance, because there is a good chance that is the case. Of course, as already has been mentioned, you are still screwed if they cut & paste to make up whatever evidence they want 🙁

    • Amen, brother. If we live in fear and self-censor in a misguided expectation that Zman’s Synopticon can be subverted, then we’ve already locked the chains on ourselves. I refuse to kowtow to the insanity. I have practiced years of frugality and saving to develop the financial independence necessary to weather public opprobrium. At this point, the only thing TPTB can do to folks like me is kill or imprison us. Are they ready to make some martyrs?

    • I’ve heard too many false promises of “I am Spartacus” to trust in any group claims of support or “I’ll have your back.” Perhaps you and others will have better luck.

    • I had thought that there would be more open defiance of the lockdowns for just this reason. This whole thing is just so stupid that no one will go along knowing there aren’t enough cops to bust everyone who keeps a little shop open.
      I think eventually the lockdowns and now the riots will cause a more lawless spirit to arise among whites though. Most are not as immersed in politics as we are and are surprisingly unaware of what’s been happening. My own wife seldom seems to know about the latest media panic until I tell her about it. Eventually it will sink it with more normies that the “normal” they crave is gone and not coming back. They will figure out that the people in power are simply not going to let them go back to their normal.
      I think it’s too early to tell if there will be more widespread defiance. The guys with rifles on the rooftop in CA was encouraging as was the video of the antifa getting beaten up in Yucaipa. Also consider the groups of shopkeepers and homeowners who went out to patrol their streets there and also in that video of similar defense groups out in suburban MN. These people will not forget one another. They could be forming the core of the small communities we talk about here.

    • “If people just go about their lives, cameras on or not, saying the same shit they’d say normally”
      I’m not necessarily brave, but I am stubborn and increasingly pissed off. The practical upshot of this is that while I’m careful about HOW I say things, I’m no longer really holding back on WHAT I talk about. And I don’t believe there is any virtue or power in using racial epithets. (Not for some moral or prissy or cowardly reason, but because I think it doesn’t add anything, and can turn off the undecided.) Talking about black dysfunction,for example, is not improved by calling them things. “Black” is perfectly adequate.
      Anyway, so far it’s had amazingly little detrimental effect to my life, and on the positive side, a number of “normies” have cautiously approached me to talk about politics and ideas. Turns out even in the liberal academic medicine world, there are a LOT more people sick of the hypocrisy and dysfunction than one might think. And that’s why I’m letting it hang out a little more than strictly prudent. People who are on our side, or amenable, need to know that they are not alone.
      (And one of the most satisfying things recently was when a young guy — and when did 30 become “young” to me? — said to me, “I’ve known for a long time that things are wrong. But after talking to you I’m learning how to spot what’s wrong, and how to articulate it.” For whatever I know about that sort of thing, I have to thank Z, the commentariat here, and like-minded persons. Thank you!)

  47. BTW. The Synopticon may help with peaceful sorting – self segregation. Ubiquitous video will make it clear that different people have different cultural norms – intuitive ways of behaving and interacting with each other. That “they” really aren’t “just like us” – which is ok and just a reality. And that people would rather live near people like themselves.
    People already intuitively know that, but at a sub conscious level. Ubiquitous video can push that forward.

    • You’re delusional. The willfully blind will remain so – and anyone who is not ‘racially aware’ today is part of the willfully blind – by his own choice. In my book they have all earned their fate.

      • Yes. A corollary problem is not being blind, but having to bow to societal norms, to not dare to speak plainly of some sensitive topics. You know, like the average white family wanting to live in a community with “good schools.” They’re not racist by any means, they merely are concerned for their children’s education 😀

  48. As a first-hand experiencer of the egregious ultra-violence of the state, you aren’t going to get a terrible amount of sympathy from me from cops being watched 24x7x365. If that is what it takes to weed out the many sociopathic / power mad personalities that seek out law enforcement jobs, so be it. The system is irredeemably broken for the most part so perhaps enough ‘watchers’ will have those folks of that particular bent move on to places they belong which is either cleaning floors in silent impotent fury, or in a warzone. They have absolutely no business having qualified immunity and a monopoly on lethal force.
    I’m going to file this under the same mantra that the police state used on us post 9/11. “Don’t worry about us listening / watching, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear…” Indeed.
    Secondly, the Official State Religion is beginning to take a more concrete shape. (see links below) We often talk here about how Diversity has all the elements of a fundamentalist religion. It has now become official. There is no debasement that goodwhites won’t endure. It is why Mollie Tibbets parents gladly sacrificed their daughter on the altar to at least maybe wash away a little of that Original Sin.
    This has now been completely weaponized nation-wide so it is a really good time to be a black man. Because you can literally get white women to kneel before you which means a quick unzipping of the fly is all that is required next so that any lefty shitlib white women can ‘service’ you for the crimes of her ancestors.
    That mass gathering for the ‘struggle session’ and the recitation of the ‘prayers / mantras’ of repugnant disgusting white guilt happened right near me. Bethesda, MD which adjoins DC and is SanFran / Portland levels of lefty retardation.
    I can guarantee you opportunists will jump on this. If black people had passed a ‘collection basket’ among those white retards groveling on their knees most of whom are somewhere between well off and wealthy, I guarantee you they could have cleared tens of thousands of dollars. This is the new church, and the new religion precipitated out now, and their will be tithes & fees collected which the guilty sinners will gladly give.
    We knew all this would come to pass, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. We need separation badly and I hope they will even allow it at this point. We may simply be rounded up instead…

    • Processions of self-flagellating penitents in the streets, except now the “God” puts YOU on the cross.

    • I was near the ‘92 riots in LA. Even then the behavior didn’t surprise me at all. Diffusion of responsibility is only a thing in populations that have personal responsibility in the first place.
      What I did find interesting were the rooftop Koreans and the “Black Owned” signs. Almost 30 years later and my how we have grown. The looting is the same but it seems that “black owned” is exactly right.
      Some video of generation soy cheering on looters is making the rounds. Cheering to whines when the bricks come hrough their windows: “we’re on your side!” In my pleasant prog hood, “Black lives matter” yard signs spring up like spring poppycucks. black owned indeed.

      • If I saw one of those signs I would be sorely provoked to vandalism. And I’d probably do time for it.

    • A works based religion where salvation is not actually attainable, and where the work involves shaming yourself in front of BLM. Sounds like a pretty bad deal to me.
      Apparently most Christians have joined the new faith. George Floyd, 2020 Jesus. Muslims appear to be sticking with Mohammed. Some virtue nodding has to be done but the True Believers are white, many ex-Christian.

    • Official state religion is correct. It’s not just some rich liberals. Cops are kneeling. Senate Dems are kneeling. State legislators are kneeling. Biden is kneeling.
      Ostensibly, it’s to “honor” the Floyd or to pray for peace. BS. It’s to publicly acknowledge their subservience to a religion that blames “white racism” – something all whites possess – for society’s ills. It is now official.
      And what stands between them and doing what needs to be done to eradicate white racism: the GOP. The Washington Generals of politics are our defenders. Any bets on how long it will be before they bow down?
      Even if the GOP had some balls, it wouldn’t matter. The Dems are about to own the White House, the House of Reps and the judiciary. The party that officially hates you and me is about to gain permanent power.
      You will be forced to kneel unless you can create your own community.

      • I’ve recommended this book here before, but must do so again. In Ash Donaldson’s “From Her Eyes A Doctrine,” (shockingly not yet removed from Amazon) he lays out very close future where the White tax is law, where White breeding is forbidden, and where only in a few separate, closed communities do Whites truly survive. It’s heavy on Asatru which is not my thing, but its political and social observations and recommendations are spot on.

        • Funny. I liked the Asatru parts the best of that book.
          FWIW I’ll heartily second the recommendation. It’s well written and the heroine and hero are sympathetic. I view it as allegorical science fiction where the allegory is pretty damned obvious. The world-building is good in an ethno-political sense, but there are too many logical holes to read it as “hard” predictive SF.

        • This is a great recommendation. I think the only reason it hasn’t been memory holed is because the name of the book doesn’t immediately reveal the ‘thought crime’ contained in the pages.
          It is scarily accurate especially since it’s epicenter in the novel is Minnesota! I’ll be picking this up for sure, probably in paperback since I’m sure they are going to ‘disappear’ the electronic edition sooner or later.

      • White Racism is a potent force. It should be studied by science. It is so powerful that it apparently keeps the Melanic Hominid™ backwards, decades after Whites have been kicked out of a town, a city, a country. In fact, it’s so pernicious it afflicts these peoples even before they had any contact with the White Devil Slave Master.

      • I have to wonder if all the emphasis on kneeling in the Game of Thrones in recent years wasn’t some form of predictive programming.

    • Our long, expanding experiments in criminalizing sin has given us criminal cops with no lessening of sin. We need grey law, as the Zman says.

      More on incentives, cont.

      • I want to speak on the new State Religion.

        The Cult of Equality isn’t going to treat us equally, anything but. We will be accused of any wickedness.

        The CoE is designed not to make all equal, but to cast down the conquerors.

        It does this by lifting the conquered.

        Not through merit, but by status.

        The conquerors are pictured as low status; the conquered are pictured as above them.

        Thus, victimhood and grievance become the new ladder of judgement.

        I want to be anything- but White.

        • But the thing to remember Alzaebo, is that the thing they want from us, they can not create themselves. In the end, whether we are here or not, it will not end well for them. They want what they can not create, nor maintain.

    • Hey Apex — I hear you on Leftist retardation.
      I live near The Cemetery on the other side of the river.
      And just an hour ago saw a 15-year old with a sign (clearly going home to his mommy’s home in the ‘burbs) about our current issues.
      Do Z-man website “members” have the ability to send communications?

      • re: Sending communications, not that I’m aware of. The few people who have been in contact here I believe did that directly. I can be reached at
        I don’t think there is a ‘baked in’ email / message tool in this software platform.

    • This is why in many ways our goals line up with these idiots. The State is morally bankrupt. In ALL the possible things that they can do with actual murders, assaults, attempted murder, etc. that these rioters have caused what do they focus on?
      ‘White supremacists’. You will be hunted sooner rather than later, prepare for it because it will be ubiquitous.
      The FBI is ‘all-in’ on the radical leftist agitprop. They posted LGBTQ support on Twitter during a fucking week long riot, that tells you mostly everything you need to know.

  49. Those who have chosen to become police for the generous gibs ,short career, and ridiculous pension, might at some point have second thoughts eh?
    There was an old Outer Limits episode (O.B.I.T), that had a disguised alien give us a machine where we see into the daily lives of others. When caught in the act , he mocked his captors saying they couldn’t stop it, that once released nobody would stop the use of it. They would desire it way too strongly.

    • There is a short story where people can listen to their neighbors through their radio. I cannot recall the name of it, but it is the same concept.

      • In the 1980s you could do the same if you had a scanner and too much time on your hands. They were called “Baby monitors.” 🙂

      • Some may recall “ Party Lines “ which were a sort of series circuit , with multiple users on the same line , anyone of which could listen in on calls . They were common in some rural and remote areas into the 80’s . 
        There was also also a film about a spook, who while obsessed with his own privacy, hires himself out to invade the privacy of others , only to suffer the same intrusion by his former paymaster. 
        The Squareheads made a film on a similar theme called “ The Lives of Others “ . The fictional good Stasi Hauptmann has been replaced in contemporary Germany , with an outsider ; an officious Bolshevik ideologue and former Stasi volunteer , named Annette Kahane ( Kohen ) . 
        There is another John Cheever story called “ The Swimmer “ that was made into a film with Burt Lancaster . It’s a strangely appropriate metaphor for our current circumstance . The seemingly well-regarded protagonist swims home through a variety of suburban swimming pools , each place in turn less welcoming , only to find his own household , vacant , broken down and deserted .

    • Check out The Light of Other Days by Stephen Baxter. Wormhole technology leads to real-time viewing of any person or event at any time now or in the past. It is an absolute loss of privacy. Lots of other stuff goes on, but the kids simply grow up knowing there’s no reason to even think about hiding anything, and adapt automatically. There’s a parallel here with today’s young-uns having been woven into the net since they were in strollers

  50. After watching one of those reality TV cop shows, I turned to my wife and said “I would take less than a week before I shot someone for being too stupid to live.” On the other hand, my wife was surprised at how easy it was for the cops to come up with a reason to search you or your vehicle.
    Cops have a tough job because most of the people with whom they deal are idiots. Of course, that leads to getting cops who are authoritarian jerks. A better people leads to better cops, because they don’t need to be authoritarian jerks.
    One thing that has become obvious is that the authorities, for the most part, are only willing to enforce the law on those who follow the law.

    • There’s a problem with policing in America. They escalate too quickly and are all paranoid that every encounter is seconds away from turning violent – which puts the on a hair trigger – and leads to overreaction 99 times out of 100.
      Ultimately, however, the problem is cultural diversity. Different cultures have different tolerances for petty crime and public behavior. The cops are trying to enforce the ruling Anglo Puritan low tolerance on vibrant cultures that naturally have a higher tolerance for such – which leads to friction. The same policing in an Anglo-Puritan culture would be fine – which is why you don’t see much complaints from white suburbs.
      The only solutions are cultural assimilation. Which has been ruled out by our rulers. Or a policing level that accepts higher levels of petty crime, public disorder and more general lawlessness. Which has been unacceptable to the suburban and rural whites who still have the Anglo-Puritan culture.
      CA is evolving into the latter – with flat out acceptance of petty crime and public disorder in places like San Francisco

      • The only solutions are cultural assimilation. Which has been ruled out by our rulers.

        It hasn’t been ruled out. It’s just impossible.

    • 40 years ago a retired county police Lt. Told me what he thought about the type of personalitiescoming into the Academy: about the only difference between the new breed and the types they chase and arrest was the badge.

    • The sympathies of your average white person to the plight of cops took a dramatic downturn when they decided arresting moms on playgrounds and surfers for violating distancing was a legitimate use of power.

      • From an old cop show (Adam 12, maybe): “I don’t create the laws, Sir, I just enforce them.” Left unsaid: “I get credit for enforcing laws; I prefer to minimize the professional and personal danger to myself.” Given the choice between writing up a surfer and going after some Melanic Hominids™ transacting business in an alley, which would you choose?

    • It’s pretty hard to understand why you’d be on the side of the police. They’re big government goons, uneducated, mouth breathing , knuckle draggers in many cases, implementing whatever big government nanny state policy that is decreed .
      They have been flooded with affirmative action hires for a generation . Whenever the government requires the narrative to be enforced, it’s with the help of police.
      They have to deal with negroes and dysfunctional non-Whites , which means that law enforcement is reduced to the lowest common denominator . To do otherwise would be unfair . When you have negroes everyone is treated like a negro. Now you have negroes non-Whites and female police officers , who will extend to you that very same standard. 

      • It can’t be stated enough that female officers on a beat are the absolute worst. A good number of them are out of shape ham beasts and bull dykes. And just about every last one of them has a massive chip of toxic femininity on their shoulder.

      • I must protest the mouthbreather part, and I submit a defense of the talented tenth, too- but yeah, the good ones are increasingly chased away.

        • Dear Sir , 
          With all due respect , please forgive me for disabusing you of your misapprehensions .
          The police are paid instruments of the state . They are the enemy and as collaborators they are beneath contempt . 
          On a hunch or a false allegation they visit people in the night . Bust down their doors . Shoot their dogs and if you’re lucky enough not to be shot , they will drag you away and imprison you . The media will make you out to be a demon and the courts will often side with the media verdict . 
          My parents were slaves i.e. people who are not paid for the work that they do . The Germans rescued them from the Bolsheviks . They too, did not pay them for the work that they did , however they let them work their magic on the land feeding the war effort . They had only good things to say about the Germans who were kind to them . 
          The so-called “ talented tenth “ are the natural leadership cast of your enemy . Why exactly would you want them to infiltrate your institutions ? 
          The “ White Man’s Burden “ was the first great progressive psyop . We don’t owe them anything .They owe us ! The sooner we separate ourselves from these and other aggressive moochers the better off we will be . 
          With all due regard , 

    • One thing that has become obvious is that the authorities, for the most part, are only willing to enforce the law on those who follow the law.
      Right, it’s anarcho-tyranny. They will shut down a church service for the Corona-Panic, but they won’t even attempt to shut down a riot. They’ll arrest a woman in front of her children for not wearing a mask, but they won’t arrest rioters flagrantly committing multiple felonies right before their eyes.

    • >  I turned to my wife and said “I would take less than a week before I shot someone for being too stupid to live.” 
      Every father should watch a season of The First 48 with his teenage son.

  51. It seams to me that the long term consequence of the Synopticon and reordering of privacy will be negligible. At some point information overload will kick in and it will all become background noise.
    Thats exactly what happened in CA with the prop 65 cancer warning signs. People used to freak out about this or that thing causing cancer and people were predicting the passage of prop 65 would lead to major changes. Proponents that “public awareness” would force changes – opponents that fear would induce paralysis and crash the economy. Instead everyone ignores the signs and there’s less palpable fear of cancer than there was before.
    In a way, the Synopticon is an extension of the global village.

    • Maybe. Everyone freaked out about “google glass” 10 years ago. Now no one would notice.
      But constant surveillance and the immolation of all privacy has destroyed all social trust. Not only do I have to guard my words against possible offense now, but must consider what I say now may destroy me 10 years from now as the Overton acceptability window shrinks again.
      Heck, most of the leaders of both parties would be considered lepers if they expressed their opinions of 20 years ago in public today. They signed up for that nonsense…I didn’t.

      • That “nonsense” was berthed in academia, imbued in its charges, and thence disseminated throughout society. Academia is the engine of our destruction.

  52. Many people in small villages live in a Synopticon already, with a very limited privacy that is prone to being ripped away at any moment. Everybody knows who’s gay, alcoholic or adulterous, who beats his wife, who beats her husband, who’s addicted to prescription drugs and who is having group sex on their trip to Ibiza.
    <i>Just wait until deep fakes make it possible for people to post realistic fake videos of cops abusing blacks.</i>
    Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Once deep fakes have become ubiquitous, people will be forced to judge news items against their own, common sense, not to trust anything they haven’t fact checked themselves. At the moment, everything Normie sees on cable is fake as well, only presents as legit so it’s swallowed without a hiccup.

    • I live in a small, rural community and sure that stuff happens. People I hardly know come up and ask me about stuff that I have no idea how they found out about.
      But it’s not the same thing. That’s just an efficient gossip grapevine. It occurs among people who actually socialize together, who actually have a community.
      What the Zman is talking about is far more pernicious.
      ETA: To clarify, I agree with Apex Predator that I don’t care if the police are monitored all the time. I just don’t like the monitoring of private citizens.
      However, the burdens of policing Blacks render policing impossible. That’s why we need separation.

      • I recently moved to a rural part of MD, 30 some miles directly north of the Zman. I would have to drive 10 miles to the Walmart before I could reasonably expect to see a black, it’s solidly blue/white collar/ farmer armed to the teeth whites. My wife mentioned to a neighbor that we planned to hit a local bar/restaurant and was treated with “I didn’t know you were into that sort of thing”. Turns out It’s the scene of the local wife-swapping, throw your keys in the pot-luck bowl etc. action.
        Much red-faced confession of ignorance.
        I thought that was a 70’s.80’s thing. Who knew?
        (Answer-everybody but us, it seems)

        • I may be speaking out of turn here, Lineman may not be happy with me for sharing. He booked the back room of a nice restaurant for our January meet-up dinner. The owner, during the reservation process, wanted to know if we were part of “that” group who regularly booked the place for their “meetings”—yup, swinger sessions. Also in a lily white suburb, a few tens of miles from the big city. It’s a thing, apparently. See? Meet up and learn new things about people!

          • The big F is how the girls kept the peace for 10 million years when we were were bonobos. I say honor our ancestral traditions.

            Those chimps, however, are loud, rude animals who should stick to their own tree.

          • Gag. If I’d known that’s what went on there I wouldn’t have been able to eat. Wife-swappers/Swingers gross me out on a visceral level. Some reason it makes my skin crawl… I’d have made a lousy eskimo or viking.

          • Lineman quietly told me about it at the end, when we were paying the tab. Perhaps keeping it mostly under his hat that night was a good thing. He did mention that the owner asked because he was trying to not let that sort of thing in the door any more, if that is of any consolation. Kind of sounds like the owner, once he found out what was going on, cleaned house (it likely was a place to meet and go somewhere else from there).

          • They definitely meet there are go elsewhere. I say this because, although we had the curtains drawn and the doors closed, while I was proposing a toast the waiter just barged in.

          • That is sick , sick , sick. I am sorry that crap didn’t stay in the 60’s where it belongs

        • Maybe not exactly your area, but the MD and no. VA mountains are very pretty. The problem is that you’re never far from primary nuclear targets. This has been true since at least the 1960s 😀

      • I too have no problem with the police being monitored during the course of their duties, during every interaction with the public, at least. With the powers they possess and assume, accountability is an imperative.

        • The problem is not the professional monitoring, it’s the social justice shitstorm that may hit you, even if you’re doing your job properly. As I understand it, police chief is a political appointment in most of the US, so you are liable to get shafted by your boss as well as the mob.

          • The alternative is law enforcement agenices with carte blanche to ruin your life in a way the tech companies and corporate oligarchs can only dream of. The United States Supreme Court has ruled in multiple cases that police can legally lie to you. Your only recourse to being railroaded by a juiced up, low IQ gorilla, is to hope someone taped him in violation of his oath. Even that may not do you a whit of good. This is another area in which we’d be wise to avoid the NAXALT principle. Good cops may exist, but the law enforcement profession as a whole has surrendered its assumption of trust.

          • Yes, the problem is edited videos to shape the desired narrative. For example, hypotheticlly, the police arrest a Black in Minneapolis. Caught on multiple videos. Apparently no one has asked yet why a man can say “I can’t breathe” a dozen or more times, in a normal voice. I was under the impression that speech required moving air out of the lungs. Perhaps I’m wrong?

          • “police chief is a political appointment in most of the US”
            Are you suggesting that the courageous and intelligent Danielle Outlaw may have gotten her position for reasons other than sheer ability and merit? I’m shocked and disappointed.

        • I’d like to see cameras in the classroom after some of the wingnuts, slackers and perverts I had the pleasure of having as teachers in public school.
          The teachers are constantly mouthing the “for the children” platitudes but their unions clamp down on any move to allow parents to actually view in real time what is being taught in the classroom.

      • Agree, Vizzini. My tiny Nevada town in the 70s had more serious lunatics than UC Berkeley, yet it was and is one of the last havens of family, sanity, and peace.


        God bless Mom and Sis for taking all of us there after the desegregation riots in Cali.

    • The village example is a good one and I thought about addressing, but was short on time. The thing is, the village is highly personal, while modern society is now highly impersonal. Knowing that Fred is a drunk is a different than learning that the avatar called Fred is a drunk. You judge people you know in person different than those that exist as characters on the stage.

      • <i> The thing is, the village is highly personal, while modern society is now highly impersonal. </i>
        Good point.

      • That’s stage one for anyone trying to go underground – create a fake online profile. The greatest advantage we have is that these people are a lot like their pets, the Urban Achievers – dumb and profoundly lazy. So long as your avatar looks right – are we still doing the all black thing, or was that just yesterday? – they’ll look no further.

        • That’s stage one for anyone trying to go underground – create a fake online profile.
          Yes. In fact, it should be a constitutional amendment that all citizens have a right to an anonymous online account. Online anonymity may be one of the single most important factors behind Trumps election.

          • American authorities – and Americans in general – have a lot more respect for their constitution than in other Western countries.
            That (rather than the Constitution itself) is why America still has some measure of free speech: every country has a first amendment of some kind, but only Americans take theirs seriously.
            I’m told the Soviet constitution would’ve made Thomas Paine weep with joy.

          • It’s highly ironic when I recall how shocked I was by my British flatmates, back in 1980, praising Nixon as a terrific president and wondering why he had to resign. In my then liberal self-righteousness, I said “Because he tried to subvert the Constitution.” Thing is, despite a liberal upbringing, I actually meant it at the time. I regarded it as sacred. Now? Don’t make me laugh.

          • Thomas Paine?
            The notorious Jacobin who would have lost his head within days, had not Robespierre lost his first?
            I don’t care if he wrote Common Sense, he was a proto-commie POS.

          • FK, I believed that, too, until our acquiescence to the Korona Krackdown. In three short weeks, our Constitution was shredded and burned, and we did little more than whimper. The US Constitution is a dead letter.

          • In three short weeks, our Constitution was shredded and burned, and we did little more than whimper.
            But at least you are aware of it. Euros are like “what do you mean, constitution? The government can do whatever it likes, right?”

          • Yes, the US always revered its constitution more than European countries, I imagine, because we’ve never known a form of government other than the constitutional. But, like everything else that was good about America, it is no more.

          • You do not speak for all Europeans.
            Most of your constitutions are a few decades old so no wonder you are indifferent to them being crushed underfoot.

          • Pretty sure I was disillusioned earlier, as to the regard most of our political masters had for the Constitution, but still disappointing.
            What shocked me was how many “freefor” people caved instantly, and how many of those not only swallowed the propaganda and the party lines, but repeated them aggressively and viciously attacked dissenters.

          • And for what? It’s not as though we were confronted by the Black Death–although we are now–or that Covid was plausibly orders of magnitude more severe than annual flu outbreaks. We were stampeded into trampling the Constitution by a nothingburger. One historical lesson from this fiasco is that culture trumps constitution.

          • covid was not much worse that the annual flu. and with the padding of the death count by misclassifing deaths , it may be no worse at all.

      • The other thing is that you know the character of the people whom you grew up with . You know their idiosyncrasies and predispositions , be they political , social , religious or personal .
         We used to say ‘ Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me “ or “ He’s entitled to his opinion , it’s a free country “ . Today people say , “ you best not say that “ or “ I wouldn’t say that if I were you “ . 
        Among the urban mob , people sort themselves out according to trendy ideologies , with social opprobrium – the snub , the cold shoulder and the stink eye delivered to those that do not conform . 
        The problem is the meta politics . We need to change the calculus so that the vehement disagreements are over what’s best for Whites.

      • With all credit to Kipling,
        The men of my own stock,
        They may do ill or well,
        But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
        They are used to the lies I tell;
        And we do not need interpreters
        When we go to buy or sell

      • The difference in the village is you also have to deal with the direct consequences of being an asshole. You will dealt with face to face. Big difference. The latest fad around here with social media is rounding up all the profiles of kids who didn’t put the “black” icon up and/or searching their “follow” profiles for bad thinkers–then engaging in a group hate. In the olden days that would get you punched in the face. We’re now in a society where there is zero sense of reciprocal obligations.

        • Saml – That’s part of the destruction of hierarchy and social order. Hierarchy is, after all, a series of reciprocal obligations and duties, not merely the ‘who’s on top’ over-simplification by knee-jerk idiots. But ‘murricans are high on ‘rights’ all the time, and no one ever utters a word about obligations to one another (unless it’s to make the mentally ill or the non-Whites feel ‘safe’). Bring back face-punching and dueling – it’s far preferable to this insidious snitching campaign.

          • Yep. I’ve often said to those who might listen that you can ask any 12 yo in the US what their “rights” are, and they’ll lecture you without end—but change the question to “what are your responsibilities” and they’ll be mute, or after a sentence or two, silent.

      • Wonderful distinction. My next-door neighbor is a drunk. Starts early, sits on the front porch working on a case of beer, the whole time saying hello to passers-by and keeping treats on hand for the dogs. Those who don’t know him disparage him. I sit and talk with him about the world. He used to be a cage-fighter and has some great breakdowns of opponents by racial group. (Says Samoans were the toughest: “You have to go for the larynx. Paralyses ‘em.”) Nice guy to boot, but then again I’m not a Samoan.

        • Doctor, that’s a good observation. To me, a drunk is someone acting out of normal behavior and being a nuisance of sorts. But there are quite a few functioning (?) alcoholics out there who I found to be interesting company as well. I just feel saddened that they have decided to end their days in such a state.

          • Important distinction.
            An ex long time girl friend of mine had a father who was a drunk and drank and gambled away the minor fortune his father had left him.
            A now dead friend drank away his pain until he drank away his life but was a completely righteous, intelligent, helpful, and good man.
            I will say that in watching what seems the complete capitulation of white Western leaders in every field to the our Floyd conquerors the last few days that I am understanding the opioid suicide of my poor and lower class white brothers more than I ever have. Just as I understand the alcohol and drug suicide of the Indian tribes.They are defeated; period.
            The questions remains; will we be thrown into the dustbin of history. I am more black pilled than ever. But again, what are our choices? Death comes only once to every man. We can die on our knees or die fighting in whatever manner seems the most likely to save our people.

        • “Starts early, sits on the front porch working on a case of beer”
          Total side track here, but I had a patient like that. On the intake exam I was mandated to ask “how many drinks per week?” and the man thought for a moment and replied, “One hundred and … uh … sixty eight.”
          “I have 168 beers per week, 24 per day. Did I do the math wrong? Look, doc, every morning I walk to the gas station and buy a case of beer. I drink that case of beer over the day. If I run out, I just stop. I don’t go back to the store until the next morning. A man’s got to set a limit on his drinking.”
          Hahaha! He’s right. And despite the case a day, he was in remarkably good shape. Also he was able to do multiplication in his head.
          Rock on, Beer Dude.

      • being from a small town, I’ve seen some of that . Fred may be a drunk, but if he is also helpful and kind , reasomable intelegent , and doesn’t cause trouble whe he drinks , he will still be acepted and cared for.

    • Good points. Years ago, I read a columnist who forecast that soon photo (and by extension, video) evidence ediiting would become so good that it’d be impossible to tell real from faked. I guess we’re pretty close to this already, even with “consumer” grade software. How would this affect law enforcement evidence? They will still use it, but will need to prove a chain of custody, etc. In other words, it’ll be as (un)reliable and (un)acceptable as such evidence currently is.

  53. As a boy in the late 70s I was told “never say something on the phone you wouldn’t say to a cop.” A generation on, I told my daughters, basically, “never say anything.”
    Special note to ZMan’s Catholic readers: never never never take your phone into Confession with you. Even if you think you turned it off. Never.

      • A priest breaking the seal gets excommunicated.
        For all the other parts of the Church that have gone to the dogs, the Seal of the Confessional is still solid.

        • Welll….
          The seal is only as solid as the priest hearing the confession.
          Catholics (myself included) are obliged to watch, look, listen, and do your homework on who your confessor is.

  54. Something will come out of the other side but this is definitely civilizational collapse. The civilization is the civilization of Western man and that’s the reason it’s happening wherever Western man is. I think this is some sort of cyclical happening that can’t be avoided though the method of the downfall can be different from civilization to civilization. The question for me is will the downfall of the West take the rest of the globe with it? How interconnected are we?

    • At the moment, we are very connected. And that is part of the problem. We need to become semi-independent so that a failure in one part of our civilization will not be fatal to the rest. I like to think that the examples we see in places like Minneapolis and Stockholm will serve as warnings to other areas of our civilization.

      • I got to admit I’m hoping for the opposite. The West is falling. That means someone else is going to have to come in and be in charge and I do not want it to be any Asians. Asians are capable of a brutality that Western man cannot even conceive. I would rather have Anarchy and let that shape out for a couple hundred years than have any Asian Nation rule over me

        • Yeah, read up on Japanese colonialism in WW2… and then recall that the Japs thought the Chinese were ruthless, cruel barbarians. The only upside will be ask the liberals who decry white imperialism getting to experience, personally, the kind that uses King Leopold’s Ghost as a how to manual.

          • I am not reading up on that. I’m not going to pollute my mind like that. I have managed to glean enough information to know the truth without having to stare at it full in the face. I know for sure no Asian is going to be our benevolent overlord

          • At least you admit you’re weak in a certain way; that you have certain arbitrary sensibilities to maintain.
            I have to admit I never understood this point of view. I’ve read liberals state the same thing, they won’t read something, say Mein Kampf, because of its author and associated histories. Yet here they go on, yapping endlessly about the dangers of approaching fascism. The history, as per its definition, is history. Already happened.

          • That’s not why. I’m not polluting my mind with torture porn. I don’t consume the sexual poor either for the same reason

          • Some things are not necessary. You don’t learn to detect forgeries by looking at countless examples of forgeries, but by knowing the intimate details of the real thing.

          • “Weak”?

            That’s absurd. For avoiding filthy fiction designed to incite, a blood libel on our people to boot?

            Retract the accusation.

          • (Personal note: Templar, Chief Two Buckets replied very late to you yesterday with a brief example of my disastrous, ruinous failure.


            Whitney is anything but weak.

            She employs more people than I ever will, and believe me, that takes sand and moxie. I bet she even has running water!)

          • The only PoC who might be benevolent overlords would be Indians, and they’re simply not ruthless enough to become overlords to begin with.

          • LOLOL. Indian overlords!
            The Indian guys will make the white guy the boss simply because of the color of his skin.
            “You are White? You run the show. We don’t give a shit if you don’t know what is going going on.”

          • Are you talking sub-continent Indians?
            Benevolent overlords? This is sarcasm, right? Try hyper status conscious, obsessed with class, rank, title and hierarchy, and given to rules lawyering.
            If any “colored” group is going to supplant Jews in the US, it’s Indians. Not East Asians, regardless of population IQ means. East Asians are autistic compared to South Asians.

          • Yes, but at root they’re not violent or mean-spirited. They might nag and harangue, but they’re unlikely to torture and slaughter.

          • King Leopold’s Ghost”- 10 million! Basketfuls of hands!


            Still, E.S.T. got all of Leopold’s money, so it worked.

            Like taking candy from a baby!

            And just look at WaCongo today!

          • Interesting. Both agree and disagree.

            Asking questions outside the box, expanding the franchise of knowledge, was the intent. Male thinking.

            But the greedy midwits, interested in knowing only enough to lift their own boats, knew to expand the social franchise with such unproveable sentiments as “we are all God’s children.” Female thinking.

            Pure political calculation.

            The original #MeToo movement ended up overloading the lifeboat.

            What hath priestly celibacy wrought?

          • The Enlightenment has been good in a lot of ways, but it’s also revolutionary. Without the endless revolution it loses its reason to exist, so it had to carry in it the seeds of its own destruction.

          • “We are all God’s children.”
            So were Cain and Abel, also cited as the Old Testament’s first example of the “Brotherhood of Man” 🙁

        • Asians are capable of a brutality that Western man cannot even conceive.”
          What, are you against capitalism?

          • It won’t be two centuries but if you think about after the Bronze Age collapse and the appearance of new power centers took about four hundred years. Things were happening and that 400 years and it wasn’t Anarchy but it wasn’t culture either

          • Change happens far more rapidly now than ever before. Look at 1964 through 1969, and look at the last 12 years. We are destined for anarchy, and sooner than later, apparently, but my guess is that it will last less than 10 years. The rebuilding process, whatever form it takes, will take considerably longer, though.

          • That was a world of 150 million people, Europe had around 8 million.
            In a world of 8 billion with 400 million in Europe and 350 million in the US and billions on our doorstep looking for resources…we’re in for much worse.

        • The Asians’ brutality springs from an innate detachment from anyone not considered them – generally intimate family or extended clan, in all cases genetic race. That’s one reason (among many) I am so scornful of the White men who claim Asian wives are ‘feminine’ or ‘demure.’ Their operating system is a brutal, cold practicality. Their sole interest in you is your utility (racial, social, financial). Their reality is the opposite of the Western romantic’s.

          • Well, in a way, they have a better understanding that marriage is a contract that needs to be fulfilled both ways. Better than the typical western wife. They make sure the kids get educated. They make sure the house is running efficiently. They have no problem in balancing the finances.
            They may not be romantic enough for our taste, but there are other qualities that will make sure that the husband’s life is not shitty.

          • Give you that you are a subcontinental Indian, of course you are going to see ‘value’ in an Indian wife.

          • It obviously doesn’t matter to you, but some of those Indian girls are total babes. If I couldn’t have a white woman, I’d likely plump for one of those.

          • I see value in an Indian for several reasons…..all perfectly logical. The first one before anything else: because I want my kids and grandkids to look like me. That is the argument any white person should tell their daughters for making sure the marry a white guy. Don’t you want your kids and grandkids to look like you?

          • There’s no assurance they will look like you. I know plenty of white kids who don’t resemble their dads. I see guys married to Japanese women and their sons are spitting images of their white dads (I lived over there for years). I think the whole argument is rather shallow. Besides, I’m no oil painting, I wouldn’t want my daughter looking like me.

    • Collapse is the remedy. And Europe will likely precede us to the bottom. And everywhere on the planet will experience a different type of roiling when things get dicey. As seen with the current epidemic of riots, the police will soon become full-time bystanders and chaos will reign. There are about 300 million firearms in private hands in the US. Our catharsis will largely be influenced by that unique circumstance.

      • I’m not sure Europe will fall as hard as the US. For all their problems, they’re not nearly as diverse. They’re emulating the empire, but the bones are solid. I don’t see how America survives without giving up a big piece of its foundation (E pluribus unum), even if its original meaning has been tortured.

        • Europe has disarmed its citizens, and most of their alpha male bloodline was killed off in the world wars of the past century. Almost all their nations are ruled by weak women and their standing armies are a joke. In Wisconsin alone, there are over 200,000 skilled hunters who have actually killed prey. I know a retired doctor who has killed 4 adult deer with a pellet gun. I like our chances here.

          • Good points, and I generally agree about our odds, but the toll of blood and disillusionment, if it ever comes to that, would leave a deeper scar on the US. Even Britain is still overwhelmingly British. We no longer have a supermajority here. Europe will recover faster.

          • Yes, it’s good that real men still exist in America. But outside of blowing away some overgrown rodents, we haven’t done jackshit up to this point. The real men should have dropped the hammer on this madness years ago. And I don’t think we will until the Hutus and their allies come after us in force.

          • Perhaps ….. but perhaps not. Check out the pictures of the boys up in northern Idaho. Yes, it’s not the prevalent behavior, at least not the one we’ve seen. But it’s there.

      • At this point I’m no longer certain Europe will beat us to the bottom. We’ve got a helluva lot more POC than they do.

      • The bottleneck of success: overpopulation and its consequences.

        Nature is indeed beyond morality.

        Proof that Creation is blind.

        An unrelenting force, not a master plan.

        A pet peeve- whenever intellectuals say, “consciousness underlays reality”, they are trying to fit a square box into a round hole to keep from pissing off the audience. Bad model.

        I think larping as old-time religions- Wotan, Jesus, Mohammed- is going to leave us rudderless. Drifting blind, again.

        The common wisdom works, but to such a limited degree.

      • The moment any American unsheathes his trusty firearm, the police will stop being bystanders and that right quick.

        • Only if said American operates individually or with a small group. If he organizes in larger numbers, the police will leave him alone even if his unit kills. Ultimately the police will want to live.

      • “about 300 million firearms in private hands in the US”
        Not to sidetrack too far, but it’s almost certain that the number of privately-owned firearms in US is well north of 500 million, and very likely higher than that. And even more important than firearms is the amount of ammunition in private hands.
        The 300M number is a deliberate UNDERestimation from TPTB. In the same way that the number of illegals was set at 11M for decades. It’s disinformation to lull and/or gaslight the public.

        • It’s better than that. Increasingly and in large numbers we are acquiring tools that enable us to easily build sophisticated firearms and roll our own ammunition. The police and military are well behind us civvies in this respect.

    • Probably will take the rest of the world with it, but some parts of the world don’t have very far to fall, so they might not even notice. “Functioning societies hardest hit.”

    • Civilization is already lost. We have some of the trappings of civilization, but they are hollow and empty. Families are spread across the country or around the world. There are rarely generations all living in the same town or the same neighborhood. It used to be the norm. Civilization was based on community and community was based on family or a series of close-knit families.

      • Such good replies to TomA, all.

        (Sorry I go off the deep end.)


        Tars, that’s just it.

        We’ve never faced modern transportation before.

        We have no historical models for this. It all used to depend on how fast man or animal could walk.


    • We are in a slow motion collapse unfortunately.
      Our entire nation is being looted not just the Nike stores in the cities.
      The 401k holders just don’t know it yet.
      We are gonna have to split apart and keep and control our own technology companies.
      I want my tech company overseen by Jared Taylor not Jared Kushner.

    • I used to wonder how the people of The Levant and North Africa could fall so easily to a rag tag bunch of Arab Bedouins when they had the legacy of Roman arms and tactics. Well, they had the technology to defeat the Arabs but not the will. They were soft. I see white Americans including the police all over the country on their knees bowing before the stupidest and ugliest people in the world, and I don’t have to wonder anymore.
      Of course, this applies almost entirely to “blue” cities. Rural people will probably reorganize at some point into separate peoples.

      • Not only them, but Persia and parts of Byzantium fell to the Sand Hutus. Truly astonishing. Much like the Mongol conquests six centuries later.

      • Roman “tactics” were intricately linked to Roman “people” who formed the legions (initially). Tactics, but more so army formation/structure were easily observable to the enemy and could be copied—if they had the ability to implement. They did not, due to biology and culture.
        I know it sounds a bit simplistic without elaboration, but that’s the essence of it. As the “Roman” legions became more and more non-Roman, they became less and less effective as compared to their typical “barbarian” opponents. The empire peaked in the second century, and a slow decline followed as foreigners were admitted and then incorporated into the legions—basically mercenaries. Things did not happen as fast then, so the process was slow, but inevitable.

    • I love history . if you look at alll the coup-da-ta’s in the 50’s and 60’s in south america,africa, and some of asia. the steps are the same :

      • general cerfew. , this keeps the opposition from mobilizing andy supporters to defend them or orgainze.
      • suspend the constutution of charter of rights. under the pretense of emergency.
      • loot the treasury to pay your supporters . ( stimulus bill as big as a years budget)
      • get controll of the media. (long ago)
      • rally your supporters, and hold a sham election to put your guy in power.
      • consolidate power.

      well this hasn’t happened here , so I don’t know what you are so worried about.

    • Given modernity’s inherent trend to degeneration or self-cancellation, three broad prospects open. These are not strictly exclusive, and are therefore not true alternatives, but for schematic purposes it is helpful to present them as such.

      (1) Modernity 2.0. Global modernization is re-invigorated from a new ethno-geographical core, liberated from the degenerate structures of its Eurocentric predecessor, but no doubt confronting long range trends of an equally mortuary character. This is by far the most encouraging and plausible scenario (from a pro-modernist perspective), and if China remains even approximately on its current track it will be assuredly realized. (India, sadly, seems to be too far gone in its native version of demosclerosis to seriously compete.)

      (2) Postmodernity. Amounting essentially to a new dark age, in which Malthusian limits brutally re-impose themselves, this scenario assumes that Modernity 1.0 has so radically globalized its own morbidity that the entire future of the world collapses around it. If the Cathedral ‘wins’ this is what we have coming.

      (3) Western Renaissance. To be reborn it is first necessary to die, so the harder the ‘hard reboot’ the better. Comprehensive crisis and disintegration offers the best odds (most realistically as a sub-theme of option #1).

    • The question for me is will the downfall of the West take the rest of the globe with it?

      If the west falls I hope it takes the rest of the world with it. If our civilization has to fall I damned well hope it takes the rat bastards in China, Africa and Japan down, too. One bright spot in the potential gloom is the effect it will almost certainly have on the Muzzies. Those assholes will starve en masse. No Muzzie nation feeds itself. All import most of the food their people eat. When the global transportation web collapses those people are gonna get mighty hungry mighty quick. Who knows? Perhaps the famine and resulting die-off will come to be known to future historians as the “Great Culling”!
      Makes me glad I’m old so I won’t live to see the worst of it. Feel bad for my kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids, though. Talk about hell on earth.

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