The Inner Party Revolution

One of the difficult things for people living in an ideological society is that they are suspended in a solution of propaganda. All of the information they receive is warped by the currents of the prevailing ideology. Everyone has some interest in shaping opinion, so all effort is put into promoting one thing or another. Since all parties are advancing a cause at odds with reality, truth becomes an enemy. The normal person trying to figure out what is happening is left to swim in a sea of lies.

That’s what makes the current events hard to decipher. Why has the death of a drug-addled black felon at the hands of the cops set the world on fire? Why is the institutional Left so exhilarated by the rioting? Why have the corporate oligarchs rolled out an information campaign in support of the revolts? For sure, the oligarchs are all members in good standing of the new religion, but there is an uncanny valley vibe to it. The whole thing is like a well-choreographed performance.

When normal people, not infected by the rage virus that seems to be the root of the new religion, look at scenes like this they are disgusted. Why is the mayor of that city exhilarated by it? What possible reason could he have for promoting it? Why are white people literally worshiping black people? That’s probably the most bizarre aspect of this entire circus. It’s like these white people have secretly joined a weird UFO cult and they think blacks are the visiting space aliens.

Again, in a world of lies and propaganda, it is very hard to know if any of this is planned or spontaneous. The entire apparatus of the Left is promoting and facilitating the protests. Make no mistake, that apparatus is a vast and extremely well financed operation. Still, the scale and absurdity to what we are seeing goes beyond what the Left normally can muster. It is clear that the new religion that has swept the country has these people thinking something big is happening.

Now, there is something else that gets little attention. A part of what’s going on is a push by the non-white elements in the new religion trying to make their move on the old white and Jewish people at the top. The Old Guard has run the Left since the 1960’s and the party since the 1990’s. The new swarthy guard thinks it is their time to run the show and this is their chance to make their move. These choreographed events are about showing the Old Guard who controls the rank and file of the party.

This is not just about far-left theatrics. The well-orchestrated moves by people like General Mattis, Mitt Romney and Secretary of Defense Esper suggest elements within the establishment think inner party leadership has been too soft with Trump. Mitt Romney may not be down with Team Brown, but he hates Trump and the people who voted for Trump with a passion. Leadership promised Trump would be removed long ago and here he is running for reelection.

Those are some subplots, but it is also clear that something very strange is happening within the upper reaches of the ruling class. The top editor of the Philly Enquirer was chased off by a woke mob for stating the obvious. The NYTimes is being overrun by far-left crazies. One of their top editors was forced out. Andrew Sullivan, a long time darling of elite society, has been put on mute. It’s increasingly clear that the inner party elite is scared of the woke monster they have unleashed.

What’s happening in the big media operations sheds some light on what has been going on for two weeks. All of the groveling and cheering by liberal politicians may not be entirely genuine. They may think it is their only way to avoid being another victim of the woke army they helped to create. That’s clearly what’s happening in the media centers and probably elsewhere. The strange willingness to indulge these mobs is really about a panic rumbling through elite society.

The street riots of the 1960’s were a training ground for the New Left that would eventually march through the institutions. What we are seeing is cheesy replay of that process, where street violence forces the establishment to appease the new element rising up in the inner party. Fifty years ago, people like Nancy Pelosi were the future of left-wing politics and eventually the leadership of the inner party. Today, the grotesque non-whites we see on-line are the future of the inner party.

The future will come fast. The forcing out of old white looking males from big media will now accelerate. The same will happen in the academy. One reason the police are being targeted is that even in brown cities, the cops are mostly white. That’s why they are plotting to dismantle the police. They want all of those white men out of their cities and this is the fastest way to do it. Look for every city to start competing with one another to see who can be the most woke in dismantling their police departments.

The paleocons and civic nationalists will, of course, try hard to find good news in all of this by making excessive comparisons between now and the 1960’s. Steve Sailer is all over stuff like this from America’s chosen rapper. “See? They are eating their own now. The fringes are falling apart!” That’s a fine coping strategy for those on the back nine of their lives, but it is not relevant to this age. Frankly, Mr. Cube is no longer relevant to this age, as he is a museum piece from a country that no longer exists.

The radicals of the 1960’s inherited a country and a ruling apparatus that was high functioning and manned by highly capable white males. The country and ruling apparatus of today is hollowed out and manned by incompetents. The radicals of the 1960’s were the sons and daughters of high IQ achievers. The radicals of today are the sons and daughters of peasants elevated into their potions by a system evolved to assuage the guilt of the old white people running it.

The Covid-19 panic gave us a glimpse of what is too come. The exaggerated incompetence of the politicians and the system itself was a preview of what lies ahead this summer. Rather than operate like public officials with a duty to their positions, local officials will be responding to the radicals with bizarre press conferences and a competition to see who can be most dramatic. Like the Covid panic, we are about to see a spiral of make-believe over the woke insurrection.

Having gotten a taste of blood, the radicals will be out in force this summer, especially at the party conventions. You can be sure Antifa and Black Live Matter are prepping to burn down Trump’s convention. That assumes any city will agree to host it. There is a good chance this will become the new fashion. Woke cities refusing to hold Trump events like rallies and the convention. Corporations will stop hosting GOP events until they renounce Orange Man and his wicked whiteness.

Read the biographies of Nixon people and you will find that one deep concern in the Nixon White House was whether a real revolution was afoot. It was a genuine concern, but the revolution, it turned out, was mostly within the inner party. The country was strong enough to contain it. Today, that old containment vessel is rusted and full of holes with no one around to repair it. The revolution within the inner party will surely break contain and contaminate the entire society now.

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434 thoughts on “The Inner Party Revolution

  1. Latest media hoax:

    • White Privilege – Not seeing a whole lot of WP on the basketball court or football field, and any other physical endeavor, to be honest. Watch a track meet … short, middle, and long distances are pretty much dominated by PoC. If we’re talking about $$$, then how about some JP?? And I don’t mean Japanese Privilege.

    It’s all about the media, boys.

  2. Zman stated, “The forcing out of old white looking males from big media will now accelerate.” I respectfully disagree … the “white-looking” males (who are jewish males hiding in plain sight) will be used to continue the guilt trip being applied to normie. Normie doesn’t know who he’s listening to.

  3. The moment the left march on an institution it loses all prestige, dignity, authority and social value. It is like a quantum pairing, as soon as it is observed by the left the institution decides it is useless.
    The woke crowd must be in hell. At least Midas in his misery turned everything to gold.
    To destroy the institutions all the left had to do was to turn up.

  4. I know those of us on this side of the great divide are a minority, but we are the ones with guns and balls. If things fall apart, and it looks like they might, life will get local fast and those with guns and balls will lead.

  5. The lunacy we’ve seen the last two weeks is like the Paul Wellstone funeral on meth. Biden went from speaking at Funeral #3, to sending a video message in the span of less than a week. The 1,000,000 protesters who were supposed to overrun DC last weekend? It would be charitable to say they got 10,000. Did you enjoy the DC mayor painting “DEFUND THE POLICE” in 20’ yellow letters? Today the Biden/DNC rejected this idea outright.

    The George Floyd riots have been an unmitigated disaster for both the anti-Trump Uniparty and the batshit crazy Antifa types. It won’t be a permanent setback, but it is very bad for them right now. Biden just kicked their central slogan to the curb, most likely because he saw the latest round of polling.

    I think the last 2 weeks have been illuminating for Normal People. The COVID19 lockdown hoax has been unmasked. They’ve also seen what a USA without aggressive policing looks like. And all of this has happened – nearly perfectly uniformly – in Democrat-run cities.

    Over on my side of the fence, we saw Esper decloak, revealing who he is, along with several current and past high-ranking military leaders. Trump didn’t get baited into doing something dumb. And millions of Americans learned that “defund/disband the police” is not metaphor. It is an actual goal.

    I’m no fan of our hyper-militarized police, and we’ve seen what the corrupt FBI and DOJ are capable of. But, after the last 2 weeks, nobody gets to pretend that the police have nothing to do with their towns not being incinerated by criminals.

  6. One question: has anyone seen any of the usual suspects kneeling? Because I haven’t. Mind you I cannot bear searching through those images, so I’m hardly scientific.

  7. Here’s a town that didn’t kneel, and bought in 2A to patrol when they heard protests were coming. Snohomish, WA.
    The Left’s counter was to cry on FB.

  8. From Kunstler’s, by Pucker:

    “wonder what Michael Rockefeller would say about defunding the Minneapolis Police Department?

    “Pep didn’t hesitate. He was surrounded by relatives and fellow villagers, and his status was built on how bold he was, how many people he killed, how many heads he took. He howled and arched his back and drove his spear into the white man’s floating ribs. Michael screamed, groaned a deep, inhuman sound. They hauled him up into the canoe, blood spurting from the wound. They knew what they were doing, had done it dozens of times before, were following sacred rules that prescribed every step of what they were about to do, rules that defined them. Made them men. Made them whole. For they were about to take his power, become him, and restore balance to the world. The fifty men rowed south on the Arafura Sea, standing up in a line in each canoe, the most important men at the stern and bow, the places of hardest work. Their shoulders and triceps rippled; sweat poured off their chests and foreheads; their backs glistened in the sun. They sang, shouted “Wo! Wo! Wo!” as they clacked their paddles on the sides of the canoe and blew bamboo horns that sounded like eerie foghorns. They laughed. They chanted “Wo! Wo! Wo!” over and over again. They were filled with adrenaline and purpose, the white man’s hot blood mixing with the water in the canoe, sloshing around their bare feet. A few miles south of the Ewta River, they turned left, into a barely perceptible cut in the shoreline. Here the ocean was silvery over the black mud, long banks of which ran along the shore. The jungle was thick green on all sides, nipa palm and mangrove roots like claws in the water. Flocks of sulfur-crested cockatoo flew overhead, screaming. The cockatoos ate fruit, and Pep and Fin and Ajim were like them, for they, too, ate fruit—human heads. Human heads were the fruit of men and powerful symbols of fertility, precious seeds that blossomed, grew, died, and from which new men sprouted. As they turned into the inlet—a deserted, beautiful place with small white waves rolling in, the mud shining in the sun and the river water brown, a place that had never seen an engine or a radio, a place where the spirits dwelled—they were about to acquire a powerful new seed: Michael Rockefeller’s head. There was no beach, just a brief shoreline of thick, soft mud the color of ash. They dragged the white man out of the canoe and slapped him on his skull. “This is my head!” screamed Fin, as the others gathered around, shouting and taunting. Michael was limp, gravely injured, blood oozing from his mouth, matting his wet beard. Fin and Pep and Ajim held his chest off the ground and pushed his head forward and with one blow of an ax in the back of his neck, Michael Rockefeller was dead. Ajim turned him over and thrust into his throat with a bamboo knife, then pressed the head back until the vertebrae cracked. Man, pig, it was all the same now—Michael was sacred meat. As others gathered dead branches from the forest and lit them with coals from the canoe, Fin made a deep cut from Michael’s anus to his neck, through one side of his trunk to his armpit, across the collarbone to his throat, and down the other side, exactly as the ancestors had instructed them how to butcher a man. Blood ran everywhere, soaking their hands, clotting on their arms, spattering their legs. Flies too, buzzing and swarming by the thousands. Fin broke Michael’s ribs with an ax, put his hand underneath his sternum, ripped it loose, and put it aside. Ajim twisted his legs and arms and cut them off and then pulled out Michael’s entrails with a vigorous jerk. Fifty voices chanted and sang in unison, a powerful, earthy rhythm that might have been the pulse of the mud and the trees themselves. It was sacred violence. The fire was crackling and smoking and hot, and the pieces of meat were placed in it to roast. When it was done, they pulled the charred legs and arms out of the fire, tore the meat off the bones, and mixed it with crumbly whitish-gray sago into long sticks for everyone to eat. Their hands were slippery with precious grease and fat, some of which they saved in small woven bags. If this had been a normal killing of a fellow villager just a few years earlier, they would have taken the body back to the village for the elaborate, shameless ritual that should ensue. But times were changing. This was a white man, and this had to be done now, here, in secret. They held the head over the fire just long enough to scorch the hair. Fin took the burned hair and mixed it with the blood they’d saved, which they all smeared over each other’s heads, shoulders, and bodies, even their anuses. They were coated in Michael Rockefeller. When the head was cooked, they scalped it, cut across its face from the root of the nose to the nape of the neck, and as they did this they talked about what Michael had been doing when he was alive. “He was eating fish yesterday,” said Pep. “He was swimming,” said Fin, “and now he is dead.” Ajim cut a hole about two inches in diameter into Michael’s right temple with a stone ax. The ax had a name, a new one. Its name was Mike. They shook the brains out onto the leaf of a palm, scraped inside the skull with a knife to get every last bit, then mixed the mass with sago, wrapped the leaf up, and roasted it on the fire. This food was special. Only Pep, Fin, Ajim, and Dombai, the most senior men there, ate it. It tasted rich. It was hard to be full in Asmat, and they were all now full. Finally they could rest, sleep without fear. They wrapped the skull in banana leaves, tucked it into Fin’s canoe, and paddled home.”

    Carl Hoffman

    Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller’s Tragic Quest”

  9. How did it happen that our Enlightened Urban Elites have turned the country into a holy rolling foot-wash-Baptist-style tent revival for atheists preached at by race mongers?

    • It’s called a “Moral panic.” The religon of woke is looking for witches to burn. It doesn’t matter if it’s for Jesue or social justice, “holy rolling” is what we do. America has always been a place where the livestock gets easily spooked and starts rampaging around, looking for scapegoats. It’s in our civic blood. It’s called catharsis. A ritual purification of fear and guilt. Many a philosopher has noticed that, for we humans, few things are more satisfying than watching our neighbor die in our place.

  10. I’m in favor of partition now, by the way. Here’s 15% of the US, on the coast, with oil and ports.

    God speed!

    What I am deadset against is we go hat in hand to beg for this, begging leave us alone. NO. They won’t.

    The African is of course a front for Elite Whites, Dems, and usual suspects. However they all want us dead. Had a look at BLMs web page today. All college grads, very slick. This was to be expected from education – any education. As well as any economic advancement.

    Of course they want revenge, more from Jim Crow past and marginalization present.

    BLM wants the 500K Africans in the USA (actual Africans) to be citizens, etc.

    Now what they want of course is genocidal revenge. Bringing Africa here can duplicate the template – of South Africa.

    Now only a Drumhead peace is possible under present conditions, drumhead peace requires Drums.

    I’d say organize, but you don’t want to hear that here…so I’ll just say you all had better learn to make some dangerous friends if you want to survive.

  11. Recent events have made Kunstler more salty than usual today: “Why not try succeeding at school rather than prison?”

    • From the comments:


      “I was locked in my classroom with my students and I had a button under my desk that would bring in an armed policeman should things get out of hand.


      The windows were all opaque to keep people outside of the school from shooting at the students. Parents and students were not allowed to attend sporting events because of the gang violence.”

      Probably the first thing I noticed was that my seniors were functionally illiterate. They could neither read their textbook nor understand most of what came out of my mouth. 


      Of course, I didn’t listen and I started to teach some basic literacy skills in my classroom. This angered my superiors so much that they transferred me to an even worse school which was something I didn’t think could exist. This place didn’t even have opaque windows but looked like a concrete bunker. Active shooter drills, scares and events occupied most of my time.

      I didn’t stay at that school long opting, instead, to teach in prison. At least the students wanted to come to class. I did this until the State cancelled the program and replaced it with pharmaceuticals to keep their prison population “quiet”.

      Those kids today are now pushing 40 years old.”

  12. So what is the end game when every leader is Black. When every single person on TV is Black. When all the Military and Police type forces are Black? When Whites have no representation or power at all?
    I figure that is the end game — widespread enslavement of Whites as a cheaper, faster version of China’s High IQ slave labor factories. Its why Corporate America is all on board with this.
    And its Civil War guaranteed — if you believe Machiavelli about people not forgiving be made poor. To make all this pay every White person has to be put in a camp and their property seized.

    • The logistics of this scenario don’t work. There just aren’t enough blacks to pull it off, at least not enough who are minimally competent enough to fill all the spots. My guess is that this is what all the pozzing of whites is about. There are plenty of dysfunctional and substandard whites who could replace all the important posts currently filled by competent and locally accountable people like sheriffs and county cops. That’s what I think the push to disband the cops is really about. There will be a call for essentially direct federal control of all “means of violence”. That will indeed result in outright civil war. I don’t think such a transition would be peaceful. If you hear any media chatter about any disagreements between local and fed LEOs becoming “tense” or especially going to actual shooting I would begin paying a LOT of attention.

    • With the highest rate of population growth, Africa is expected to account for more than half of the world’s population growth between 2015 and 2050. During this period, the populations of 28 African countries are projected to more than double, and by 2100, ten African countries are projected to have increased by at least a factor of five: Angola, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia.
      White people are responsible for all of it, because we decided to give modern medicine and technologies to non-Whites, then feed them through aid programs so they could breed completely out of control.
      The most evil person ever to live was Norman Borlaug, the so-called Father of the Green Revolution, who is credited with saving one billion Africans from dying of starvation.
      In 1971, the population of Nigeria was 51 million. Thanks to Borlaug, it is estimated that the population of Nigeria will be 400 million.
      By 2050 there will be 2 billion jungle negroes in Africa with room temperature IQ’s .
      There are going to be four billion Africans in 80 years.
      So what we have with this ” White man’s Burden ” is feeding , clothing and housing infinity tar coloured nightmare creatures , each on top of the other, copulating and creating more negroes.
      Plantet of the Apes !

  13. OT: The “Read More” links on all of my devices are no longer working. Honestly I never liked that feature and would prefer if comments were just displayed in full.

  14. “There is no such thing as “systemic racism” against blacks.”
    Statistician William Briggs demolishes the very idea in one of the most powerful essays that I have read on this subject.

    Well worth your time to read this essay. One of my favorite paragraphs came early in the essay:
    “There is no such thing as “systemic racism” against blacks. The statements from every entity in the Cathedral—the web of elites who rule us—-proves it. If there was “systemic racism” emanating from the system, which is comprised of corporations, celebrities, universities, the bureaucracy, professional associations, and even weathermen, the system could never have issued all those statements condemning it. And supporting the riots.”
    I would like to make every school teacher in America explain this one essay.

    • Thanks for the link! What pisses me off is how conservatives don’t know how to fight like Briggs.
      They immediately start by caving to a lie, and automatically lose as a result:
      Listen up, conservatives: there is no separation between “good” protestors and “bad” rioters. They’re all one inseparable violent horde, and they’re all illegitimate.
      Listen up, conservatives: Floyd’s death was just an accident. That’s it. You don’t need to say “it’s a tragedy” just like you wouldn’t for any other mundane accident. Even more white guys suffer from accidents at the hands of police, or from outright malice at the hands of police. Whites are overpoliced relative to their crime rate and blacks are dramatically underpoliced relative to their crime rate.
      Listen up, conservatives: The only institutional racism that exists is against white people. Think of ANY program, organization or activity out there, whether it’s from the government, a corporation, a school/college, a nonprofit or a church. Name that program, organization or activity, and in three seconds we can give you the black-favored benefits that that program, organization or activity offers. If every single program, organization and activity in the country has benefits for blacks, we live in a black supremacist society.
      How the hell is it that conservatives were able to say this stuff in 2015 yet now they’ve seamlessly merged with the left?!

      • There’s going to be some rate of accidental deaths associated with arrests for everyone, of every race. Statistically, the more you get arrested, the more likely you are to be killed accidentally by the cops. Blacks get arrested a lot, so they get killed a lot.
        None of that matters though. The mass media seems to exist primarily to weave random events into a story that they’ve already written. It’s a lot like the ancient practices of reading tea leaves or more modern things like The Bible Code where the letters of the Bible were rearranged to “reveal” all sorts of prophetic messages. The problem is that if you know what to look for you can do the same thing with any random text.
        The more advanced races rose to their heights of achievement through their pattern recognition skills. They are now being destroyed by manipulative people who happen to own media machines that can contrive whatever patterns fit their narrative.

      • You have it spot on. Every organization in the US, if not all the West, is giving advantage to the Dindu. The black gets treated like princes and kings. They can kill you in the street and maybe spend a year in jail with their fellows learning the criminal trade.
        When the civil war comes, our problem is we will need to kill not only the non-whites but also about 1/2 the whites. How will we be able to tell the idiot liberals from the normal people?
        I know talk of violence is a downer, but the riots should show us all that we need to prepare.

    • Sir,
      Please don’t think that I’m mocking you.
      According to “Critical Theory” the facts don’t matter, they are irrelevant. It’s about their ” feelings ” and their feelings are just as True as your facts .
      To make the assumption that they care about facts is to assume:
      1) that everyone is rational , 2) that everyone has good intentions . 3) It assumes that the only reason that people want to discuss these things is that people want to get to the truth and it assumes , 4) that the truth will win out and that people over time will abandon the false idea. 
      There is no evidence to support these assumptions which are mere rhetoric. The vast majority of people are irrational and are not interested in the facts of a case.
      People don’t care if their point of view is true. They care about whether it satisfies some other requirement; financial , emotional, personal, political etc.
      They want your stuff . They will not be swerved !

      • I can agree with all you wrote. I am familiar with the leftist only being concerned about “feelings”. They are all middle school girls.
        But what Briggs was doing was talking to the ones that can be reached. The “Joe Normie” who can be de-programed. I think we need to work on those we can save. The rest we will fight in the coming war.

        • I kept a copy of your link .
          Only a small percentage of White men care about truth that corresponds to reality .

  15. How sad and pathetic Europe has become now that it mimics all US fashions, trends and memes. It used to be that American elite envied Europe and aped the old world, but now it’s exactly the opposite.
    Europe even chose to ape America by totally unnecessarily importing a race problem. Europe never had the problem of obsolete farm equipment littering its cities, yet they imported Africans and now native Irish boys are being murdered. Unforgivable.

    • Europe didn’t import a race problem out of love for swarthy hordes but out of love for cheap labor and the fact that the same (((globalists))) who make policy here in the US also own the parliaments of Europe. There’s also the divide and conquer methodology outlined in Culture of Critique and elsewhere. That is, keep different factions and races of the masses riled up at each other so everyone fails to notice the puppetmasters.
      Europe also mimics everything bad that America comes up with because it has no remaining reserves of moral or religious purpose and has had an official religion of nihilism far longer than we have. European society seems to have wanted to die for a long time but lacks the guts to pull the trigger itself and so adopts policies guaranteed to destroy it in the long run. It’s a sort of “suicide by cop” on a continental scale.

    • “Europe never had the problem of obsolete farm equipment littering its cities, yet they imported Africans and now native Irish boys are being murdered. Unforgivable.”
      Where the hell is the IRA?

      • The IRA never really existed except for a brief period at the beginning. It was entirely run by British Intelligence as the UKs part of the Strategy of Tension in the 70s/80s.

  16. We don’t realize that the Aztec Empire was a Mesopotamian colony.

    The Atlantic seaboard, from Cretan copper mines in Michigan, to labyrinths in Illinois, to large-scale masonry, highways, advanced astronomy and astronomical math, and irrigation in CentroAmerica, were carbon copies of pre- and Bronze age culture.

    The mound complexes in Mississippian Cahokia and Louisiana were supposedly done with mussel shells and the shoulderblades of elk.

    Yet no other Indian population in two continents developed these duplicates.

    Only sites accessible to Mediterranean seafarers. (Crete ships reached as far east as Indonesia. Thor Heyerdahl proved deep ocean could be done with reed boats.)

    Also- they were likely cannibals, with human sacrifice.

    In every Aztec town were large cages of men and women. You could pick one out, they would be butchered on the spot for tonight’s dinner.

    This is what the Spanish Catholics found. The mad priests tortured their victims for days before sacrificing them.

    That is what happens when the Usual Suspects, the Infected, have no killer Aryans to stop them. Do any wonder now at my enmity? Christian pastors imprisoned in Soviet bloc countries reported witnessing satanic-like rituals.

    This will be our future- but the Aztecs will have vaccine labs, fusion center surveillance and a military industrial complex.

  17. T his is just a wild-ass guess.  if we get enough radicals, we risk getting a civil war. Of course the differences are many, but do we get an outcome like the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s? A right-wing fascist dictator? A Francisco Franco of our own? Many people on the right would welcome that.

    • Franco set up a return to the monarchy. History books will tell you he overthrew a democratically established government. The truth is this democratic government was simply a front for communism. Similar to Chile with Pinochet, Franco recognized this and he saved his country from that evil. Being burned once he was not about to turn the government over to a democratic process that went so wrong in the first place. Fortunately, Spain matured under the Franco and the King and became stable enough to balance the democratic process with freedom. Chile seems to have some rough going as of late however.

      • Yes, mostly matches the history I learnt while studying Spanish Lit. One of my profs, no doubt muy liberal :), also said that more Spanish died after the war than during! I will leave it as an exercise to the reader whether a Communist government is bad, if it was democratically elected. Having obtained an MA (granted not in history) I know laughably little about Spain. One of the best (non-course) books I’ve read is Homage to Catalona by 1984‘s George Orwell. I didn’t detect anything “wrong” in his narrative, in fact it is a war memoir with typical dry English humour 🙂 While Franco was certainly a hardass in his early years, his “dictadura” (dictatorship) grandually mellowed into a “dictablanda” (soft dictatorship) and he was prescient enough to hand el gobierno to a democracy in mdi-70s.

  18. America used to be known for and laughed at for its bouts of puritanical fanaticism. Rightly or wrongly we’d be disparaged about it in our own textbooks. Now the world sees the formerly “young, dumb & crazy America” as its woke leader. Scary. I hope some student is out there raising his hand and asking the professor, “Could this be just another cyclical phase of America going nuts?” Of course the professor’s response would be, “Absolutely not. This time we’re right.”

    • No joke. Just over 100 years ago, women got the vote, and same pressure groups ( + clergy) we got Prohibition. The 1917 (?) Narcotics Act and the 1937 (?) Marijuana Tax Act were at least in part “racist” because of the (probably exaggerated) fear of The Negro corrupting white women with his drugs and Jazz music.

      • “…(probably exaggerated) fear of The Negro corrupting white women with his drugs and Jazz music.”
        Probably exaggerated? Black ghetto sub-culture has been oozing out of the ” hood ” and contaminating Anglo-Eurapion culture for over 150 years, maybe more. that’s not an exaggeration, it’s everywhere you look. you wouldn’t have Tupac Shakur without Scott Joplin.

  19. Z Man said: “When normal people, not infected by the rage virus that seems to be the root of the new religion, look at scenes like this they are disgusted. Why is the mayor of that city exhilarated by it? What possible reason could he have for promoting it? Why are white people literally worshiping black people? That’s probably the most bizarre aspect of this entire circus.”
    This is actually an old story. In the “jazz age” there where lots of white people adopting black music, black dance styles, black mannerisms and black drugs. In the 50s 60s ya get the same thing only more so. In the 60s there were lots of little hippie girls and Hipster girls proudly proclaiming that they screwed black men exclusivly. Abby Hoffman said in an interview that, most people didn’t know it but the leaders of the antiwar movement had taken a lot of their marching orders from the leaders of the black power movement. I think some of this crap comes from the idea of the noble savage.
    Death is one of the main reasons Civilisation will never stay in one piece. One generation follows another. Four or five generations out and few people even know or care who their ancestors where. There’s no fixing that.
    Here’s a seventeen minute video by historian Will Durant on the fall of Rome. It’s worth watching.

  20. Meantime in the WIndy City:
    “When the entire weekend is taken into context, 25 people were killed citywide from late May 29 through May 31, while another 85 people were hurt by gunfire, the Sun-Times reports, making it the most violent weekend in modern Chicago history”.
    Someone explain it again please how me being racist (whatever that means) is the problem, and how black lives matter.

    • No racial breakdown? Usually it is nearly all blacks, especially in Shit-cago (Chi-Congo?) 🙁

      • No need to break it down in Chicago. Nearly all black on black. See Second City Cop and Hey Jackass!:
        This said, our city is still beautiful and livable. I routinely walk to Lyric Opera from my office and there are another 50+ live theatres. I live next door practically to Second City Comedy and Zanies and down the street from the Steppenwolf. The food is ridiculously good and affordable here. My neighbors are smart as fuck, e.g., lead structural engineer, construction of Sears Tower, and I’m active with my neighborhood association (Old Town Triangle).
        Shit-congo is a misnomer, the LatinX and us Whites get along fine, we just need to remove the small hats and negroes.

  21. Side note: they don’t care about black-on- black shootings because that IS community policing.

    Vigilantism and vendetta

  22. Good point about Nixon thinking a revolution could possibly take place during the 1960’s turbulent period. The deal is those hippies actually got an ass whoopin from their parents now and again, they knew better.
    The idiots today are too far gone for just ass whoopins to do any good.
    They don’t know better.
    Unfortunately I fear it will ultimately take far more severe measures to stop where this is going.

  23. On Rush:

    “If these virtue signaling CEOs really cared about underserved communities, they’d bring our factories in China back- Trump could offer a fab tax credit.”

    This may involve drill corps like a scene from Conquest For The Planet Of The Apes: “No!…DO!!”

  24. “The normal person trying to figure out what is happening is left to swim in a sea of lies.” -Zman
    In the 1970s I saw that almost everything the press, government, “experts”, teachers, and others told me was false. Sometimes it was just false because the expert was wrong. We all are wrong at times. Sometimes what I was told was false because they lied. Sometimes they lied just for the hell of it, sometimes for profit, sometimes to protect their belief system, but most often for power.
    I learned to act like a detective on even the most simple of news items. It is amazing how often the “official story” just does not hold together. One can be right most of the time by refusing to believe whatever the official story is. I never believed the official 9/11 story for even a minute. But that does not tell me what did happen, only what did not happen.
    We are swimming in a sea of lies, distortions, and propaganda. It is almost as if Lucifer where in charge of the narrative here on earth.

    • “It is almost as if Lucifer where in charge of the narrative here on earth.”
      It’s a choice. Called free agency. I keep up with current events to be aware when the spanner is descending to whack. Agitating. Then I flip my attitude into gratitude for my miraculous life and those in it. Set daily news aside. This is a choice. I lighten up…my shoulders physically become lighter. I can see clearer, appreciate those in and what is in my life, and calmly move about my day. Fear the mind killer.
      Years ago I knew a Lakota guy who worked with “the medicine” who told me a story about every day evil. He wasn’t a drinker. He said he could stand in a bar, watch people drink, by drink 2 the minions were hovering around the person, by drink 3-4 the minions would attach themselves to the chest and back and the person would begin to shapeshift personality. Aggressive, argumentative, negative. Chemistry? What ever attributed to, over time this..whether by drink or what they think… eats one up physically and soulwise from the inside out. Rotten from the soul out and the head down. Call it WTF. Call it ridiculous. Call if whatever. Ignore it. Whatever. Just watch.
      I was dropped by the stork into a Secular Commie home. Taught to believe none of this. My parents laughed at Ronald Reagan when he proclaimed “The Evil Empire.” Laugh..he was dumber than a box of rocks! About 15 years ago, I could sense a switch had been flipped and evil was afoot. I thought…what does that look like and what does that mean? Here and there, a very young child takes great delight in setting the family cat alight. And repeats that act again.That is not epilepsy….a counselor can’t fix this….that is ****. Sudden evil..or..gradual embrace and descent…descent into evil by choice. The choices we make can inspire or degrade until the way back is forgotten. Evil does not look like evil. That’s why people fall for it and that’s why it works.

      • What the line from the movie, “The Usual Suspects”…The devil’s greatest trick was making people think he doesn’t exist. Yep. Evil is evil, no other term for it (when you begin to see it) suffices.

          • Nice to chat with you even if it is rather techy and disconnected and kindasorta not real people.

        • Hi CompiSci. The Range Daughter opined one of the main reasons for endless nihilistic riots and looting is a few generations raised on cell phones. People do virtual human contact and have little real human contact to work out the fine tuning of human interaction. So rioting and groveling are extreme human emotions, very stimulating and feel like a purpose as opposed to tappity tap tap tap, as the gradient of real every day human emotion is rarely plumbed. 1 to 10 on the Richter scale.

        • CompSci 
          Please forgive my being pedantic. 
          It was Charles Baudelaire, the father of modernism. He wrote that in a short story called “ The Generous Gambler “ which was published in a short book called “ Paris Spleen “ in 1869. 
          “My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!”



  25. The conclusion I have come to is not a very original one, but at this point I am convinced it is true. There is only power, that is it. Everything else stems from power Morality, tradition, and anything else associated with civilization.

    None of that stuff is possible without power to support and enforce it. The Left has spent 100 years acquiring power in this country.

    I am not sure what my role can be to help our side. But at this point I am ready to fall in line behind the 1st viable “Strongman” that appears.

    what good are civil liberties and “freedom” when enemies of civilization (that’s what they are) can gut a police station right in front of you and your mayor bows down to them and asks for their blessing.

    I never thought I would get to this point, but that is where I am. What is happening is not acceptable.

    • “But at this point…”
      I am of a similar mind. The traditional way is the new ruling class is comprised of whoever leads those who destroy the old ruling class. I saw some comment from George F. Will, the Cuckservative talking head, saying something of the order of “GOP voters will forget Trump very fast when he loses the election.” I used to assume that they were always being disingenuous when they said things this stupid (his implication being that we will all dutifully go back to voting for globalist Mitt Romney clones when Trump is done), but I don’t think that is the case for at least some of them. Cockroaches like Will didn’t build the corrupt globalist system, they inherited their roles in it from as evil but more capable men. Entropy manifests at all levels of structure. Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.
      War Pigs

  26. What about the fact the violence has been almost entirely restricted to “Blue State” America? I’m not aware of a single place that voted for Trump that has had riots. The urban/suburban areas that have been hit all voted for Clinton. (If someone knows differently, let me know — and I’m referring to actual violence though, not some lame a-holes taking a knee).
    It seems to me this has had all the markings of a golem getting loose and attacking its creators.

    • You are correct. There have been some threats to “take it to the suburbs”. My city about an hour south of LA is only 2% negro but there have been threats that have been credible enough for the shopping center down the street and just off of I-5 to reduce hours and have barricades on standby.

    • I think it’s the election. With Joe “Handsy” Biden being the D candidate, all of their support columns were bored and would stay home November. But if the joggers are all warmed up from their urban jogging, YT is worried about their job, and the vibrants are vibrating – well gee whiz, sounds like a really D-favorable backdrop for a contentious national election cycle. Meet the new boss, etc.

  27. This is like China’s Cultural Revolution of the 1970’s, unleashed by Mao due to dissension among the communist ruling elites. Our Red Guards are ANTIFA and the BLM, but Americans are armed to the teeth (and increasing private armaments by the day). If the balloon truly goes up, ANTIFA and the BLM could be annihilated. Otherwise, they may end up ruling ugly degraded cities which would be no-go zones for everyone else.

  28. True enough. Now, what should Whites do about it? I suggest stealth and guile while consolidating and networking. Prepare to take command of one’s territory in the most diffuse and subliminal manner possible. This is how our enemies got us into this position and we will need to use it against them. Silent running.

  29. This is the young bulls pushing the old bulls off the hill, using Alinsky community organizing tactics.

    The young bulls happen to include large nonwhite blocs, as happened in California, Canada and the UK.

    When Stacy steps up after Joe’s test results come in, she’ll need a new Vice President.

    Who better… than the Lightbringer?

    • And all we got out of this was some streets renamed BLM Boulevard

      Plus a few really, really crappy statues

      And those murals…don’t even

      • And those paper mache Greek columns, the Hollywood lighting. He juts his Il Duce chin and smirks confidently knowing his time that has been orchestrated, is now.

    • I think the same forces are still running the show. Blacks and Browns are incapable of long term thinking, planning and cooperation.

  30. The revolution within the inner party will surely break containment and contaminate the entire society now.” Perhaps. The next 5 months should tell the tale. Many forces are in play, and the outcome is by no means certain. For one thing, the opposition hasn’t even taken to the field. For another, who cares if the rat-infested cities burn? Sustenance—especially food—doesn’t come from cities.

  31. After this growing chaos comes some form of authoritarianism, the most important Q is which of many sides succeeds in securing for themselves the reigns of unrestrained state power. Not sure about the timeline of when, where etc though

    • That’s going to require the military. Probably a good thing that Trump’s promise to deploy them was his usual bluster. Though I wonder about where the troops to be withdrawn from Germany will end up.
      One thing to remember. The US empire requires the mutually reinforcing pillars of the US dollar and the US military. If the US military has to deploy substantial assets to maintain domestic control, the empire is toast.

      • It probably would require the military. My comment was admittedly written in a moment of exasperation. But there are not many cases in history where anarchy and chaos do not lead to strongman rule. The Arabs, experts in this if nothing else, have that famous saying “give me a thousand years of tyranny before one day of anarchy”.
        But for sure, I dont know what the future holds. The present already looks like a bad, post-modern action movie.

  32. There’s also a generational aspect to this that goes beyond the 1960’s and 70’s radical boomers. The boomers were always kept in check by the financiers 10-20 years older than them. Warren Buffett is an example of these guys, who were very, very smart and made their money when the BIG money was to be made just after the war, when the country was a virtual gold mine and cornucopia of opportunity. All that money they made compounded through the 70’s and 80’s, and they could write huge checks to various DNC subsidiaries to drive the inner party toward a moderate, very internationalist, and corporate driven agenda, not just to protect their assets, but because even as 10 year olds during the war they understood the tragic aftermath of conflict. These people are now nearly all gone, with the radical boomer trust fund babies finally being able to finance their vision, unencumbered, to reach that elusive earthly Valhalla. One powered completely by solar panels and wind turbines I may add.

  33. good article Z . one of the scariest parts or the corona psyop and the BLM campaign it the global nature of this all. It is all world wide. Even the BLM runctions. There is also a feel of coordination to it.

    • A “feel” of coordination? This thing is choreographed, right down to the smallest detail.
      The one thing they didn’t count on, was how easily people see through it all (even some of their supporters know it is, at root, a total con-job). Not that it will do us much good, most likely. That people are on to it means that they have to turn up the speed and the volume, quickly, and they are doing just that.

      • Sadly true. Even if Soros were to die tomorrow, his money would fuel this accelerated choreography for years into the future through a series of trusts and foundations that give oligarchs like him control from beyond the grave.

    • Yes, even in foreign countries. There is some humor to be had, like the crowd mob that was trying to vandalize a statue of Abe Lincoln. I guess they don’t learn much history in skool these days 🙂

  34. On the (my) bright side, I invested in a company that deals with reassessing mortgages for people who want to gtfo out of cities and suburbs. Like, now.
    I am making good money off of a small investment. Because people want OUT. There are more of them than you think.

    • 200 years ago, there was profit to be made by persons gleaning from large battlefields the teeth from the dead to make dentures for the living. Some good can come from great evil, but that still doesn’t sit quite right in some way. No judgement meant here.

      • No judgement taken. We’re hunkering down for a tidal wave of evil, and for some time, much of the world’s dry land will disappear. I too am getting the hell out with my young family; I too am armed, stocked, and stacking contingency plans six ways to Sunday.
        I’m just skimming the chaos for a little cash before I bow out. I’m going to need as much as I can get because there’s more than the Overton Window that’s closing.

        • Your first duty is to your family—that is the smallest White social group to be protected. From there you may spread out and join others, but without, you are nothing in the scheme of things.

    • Private security companies are also a promising area. Obviously firearms manufacturers as well.

      • Which firearms company specializes in domestic defense, rather than hunting?
        RUG is already up to 70 a share. What cheaper companies do you think I should be looking at?

    • As someone said the other day, the locusts are coming to be your neighbors. They won’t stand beside you; they’ll watch you and report you to the authorities. That’s what neighbors are for.

      • Well, that’s why I’ve got my crew. We’re all moving 45 minutes out to a rural area, each one of us no farther than 10 minutes away from the other.
        They’re older guys than me, so there’s the added bonus of having more time to learn before it’s me at the reigns 24/7. I’d gladly take charge, of course; I just think there’s a little bit of apprenticeship left for me.
        I’m scared to shit, but dammit, I’m ready to ride. And boy, is it thrilling just to be alive.

  35. How are so many middle of the road, non-progressive white women falling for this rouse? They are mothers raising little boys/young men! I’ve been absolutely shocked by the number of women I had thought were reasonably intelligent; it’s outrageous.

    • If woman hears victim her heart immediately resonates with the “victim”
      There’s also lots of virtue signalling involved, women HATE being outsiders,very rarely they go against trends. (Those who own Social media & mass media decides the trends)

      • -you are exactly right. Just wish they could understand the fact that their own children are the true victims.

      • You beat me to it. When I see these white women supporting BLM, I just tell them that they are part of the problem and that the Race2Dinner organization can help. That’s the group that gets white women to host dinners for women of color who in turn, berate the white woman for being a racist. Shuts their pie hole pretty quick!

      • but these are women with whom I’d had frank conversations about racial differences, black crime rates: etc.

    • ponder the fact that “50 shades of grey ” was the best selling book of all time , and no hetro man ever bought a copy.

      • I did. I gave it to the wife one Christmas in retaliation for something she’d said.
        Never been opened.

    • If you previously thought more than perhaps .0025% of women were ‘reasonably intelligent,’ then you’ve been wearing very rosey glasses.

    • Subliminal messaging through media (television, radio, ads, newspapers, magazines). It’s been a problem for decades. Watch almost any show and you will find examples of images or dialogue designed to steer your thoughts in particular directions. “Forgiveness, white girl with black man, etc.” I turned on the radio the other day and heard two words: better together. I turned it back off.

  36. All the talk about ending the police departments is for show. The police exist to protect them and to police us. They can write whole new mission statements full of SJW-isms all they want. They can even change the name from PD to crisis response unit or whatever other euphemisms they can come up with, but they will still do the same thing. In the end, the cities vowing policing cuts will be raising the PD’s budgets. The increased budgets will be needed to provide some gibs to “community leaders” They will probably create some civilian oversight boards and staff them with easy to control blacks. This has happened before in many different places.

    • Of course it’s for show, police is needed to stop bad whites from uniting
      What’s the point of framing whitey using NCA tech if there’s no police to incarcerate da supremacist?

    • Yes, but as I discussed with a retired cop friend last night, the police are not going away—ever. But the issue is, what will replace them? You can disband the current “White” force, and simply hire back the token coloreds—and then some. That has the benefit of a quick change. The bottom line is who replaces them and what do the new “rules of engagement” look like”
      I maintain that the current police force functionality will not be improved as the liberal airheads will put into effect their ideological beliefs wrt human behavior, diversity/inclusion, and social justice. Crime will increase, incompetence will rise, folks will flee and those who can not will suffer the effects of such ideology over reality. Be careful what you wish for.
      We’ve already seen such on a minor scale where I live in the public schools. Fed’s a year or so before Obama left got involved in school discipline matters. All schools were mandated to stop disproportionately disciplining the vibrancy as compared to the Whites. Discipline—bad already—collapse in the more vibrant schools. Chaos. We still have not recovered as the students have figured out they are disciplinarily, “untouchable”.
      Imagine an entire city in which this happens wrt crime. NYC seems an budding example with their “no bail” and “no enforcement” policies. Turn style jumpers, fare skipping, aggressive pan handling, public urination, alcohol consumption, shop lifting, litter, homicide rising. The list goes on.

      • I would actually attribute some level of the rise in violent crime in last few years to the “reform” of the “school to prison pipeline” and the total collapse of discipline in schools.
        I am not wishing for a total rollback of police, though in some ways, the police state really does need to be rolled back. As it is, the police state is mostly only affecting good white folks paying fines. Of course, in the rural areas and the suburbs, the law is applied to the letter.
        If other cities are like my city, and I hear that they are, it is pretty difficult to get sent to prison from one of these big cities. Enforcement is very lax. The cops may bust heads in the hood, but there are 16 million arrests a year in the US with only 2 million in prisons and jails. These high numbers are because in the cities, people just are not being sent to prison until they do something really bad. We have the opposite of broken windows policing.
        This is why I believe we are under anarcho-tyranny.

        • During the lockdown when I never even saw a patrol car on the streets in my suburban area of southern California, I think crime actually went down. And this was after CA released numerous prisoners. I think it was due to more people being at home deterring burglars and porch pirates. Now that things are opening up, I saw the thin blue line giving scores of tickets to those illegally parked near a re-opened park. “To protect our pensions and to serve our political masters”.

          • Is there anything wrong with the police ticketing cars or people if laws were being broken (unless the victims were Black, of course)?

  37. “worship black people.” You pressed the 5000 megaton button there. Yes, the white guilt ridden are now ready to go all the way and announce their intent to live as white slaves. It’s not possible to talk around this one, you will either submit or get ready for a long hard slog. I’ll be one of the sloggers and I hope there will be enough of us to slog out to the other side.

  38. Can someone explain to me how cities can burn themselves to the ground and still dominate the nation? How does suicide become an offensive tactic? Something stinks. Is it rot or a rat I smell? Or is it that the majority is still unaffected?

    • Oh, come election time the classic blue machine will be rolled out. Walking around money, cigs and probably now stamp bags of fentanyl laced H too.

    • They still have the votes which are in a much better position to be harvested effectively.

  39. Going to be pretty hard to confiscate the guns when those idiots are too busy fighting amongst themselves. Everyone of those converge groups hate each other as much as they hate us. Frankly it’s gonna make it a lot easier for us to carve out our own place because of this

    • Agreed. This is like the crisis of the third century for the Roman empire. Eventually, the western half broke up into enclaves. The process will take decades for us rather than centuries.

  40. The golems are running amok . 
    This is like a cross between a homo version of the Russian Revolution and The Zombie Apocalypse. 
    Gawping soy boys , preening numales , insane sluts , manginas , homomaniacs , man jawed lesbo-lunatics, lumbering graffiti covered oompa-lumpas, and coal burning mud sharks , all with purses drawn, fighting to secure the ‘rights’ of criminal schwartzes and the ugliest, most poorly presenting hominidae, from almost every culturally and genetically alien subspecies on earth. 
    Meanwhile, behind the scenes , orks , ghouls , goblins , golliwogs , bogies , spooks and demons in meat-suits are making their move on the ringmasters.
    Having lost control of the plot and sensing an approaching zombie apocalypse, local and regional chieftains are acting as if they’ve received the order “ it’s every man for himself ! “
    Assembled australopithecines rejected the Turdeau’s genuflections , mocking his affection for minstrel shows and coal black grease paint . 
    The only people that deserve replacement with this freak show more than the ‘good’ White politicians and White policemen, are the ivory queens . 
    Aunt Jemima is coming for Snow White and she’s backed up with an army of more capable, emasculated travesties, decked out in lipstick and powder. 
    America’s newest cultural export is equal representation for every single minority on earth . Because there is no such thing as ‘ truth ‘ or an objective standard, there can be no determination of right or wrong , therefore different minority perspectives should be empowered to impose their own unique narratives. 
    For your amusement : “ A Clockwork Orangutan “ meets “ 12 Million Monkeys “ in “ Close Encounters with the Third Word “ . Coming soon, to a town near you ! 

  41. so the nigs and mexicans take over the dem party — and all of the whites are now voting Trump. fund raising for the dems falls off a cliff, and the party splits because nigs and mexicans hate each other.
    the pandemic bullshit actually inoculated the country against further leftist shut downs. by letting the protests happen — during the shut down — they nullified any credibility for future shut downs. plus the normies learned how to march on a capital.
    the cities are shit holes and will stay that way, but i think they will lose all political power. a lot of the browns will self-deport over the next couple of years, too.
    I think the unusual activity Zman is talking about here, is more do to with Trump’s faction coming in for the kill. The cabal is throwing up all kinds of chaff to distract everyone, but none of it is working as hoped. don’t think the dems can do their usual october surprise thing, because they have been doing that continuously since Trump got in. but i think Trump can drop a fukkin’ bomb on the dems and rinos, with indictments and arrests a month out. watch all those dirty gop senators get right into line after seeing Burr et als shredded.

    • “I think Trump can drop a fukkin’ bomb on the dems and rinos, with indictments and arrests a month out. watch all those dirty gop senators get right into line after seeing Burr et als shredded.”
      What kind of fevered delirious fantasy is this? Trump isn’t going to do anything.

    • “and all of the whites are now voting Trump”
      Have you turned on the news or read a website in the past week? What are you on about? Whites are the ones propelling this both Dem and Repub. You are living in an alternate reality either out of fear or retardation, doesn’t really matter either way. Reality wins.

    • There will be more than enough Jews to fund and control the party. Hell, they ran the NAACP for years and when they relaxed their control, the NAACP almost went bankrupt.

  42. Sitting through a conference call right now on how my personal oligarchs are going to signal their virtue. More later.

    • I’m sure we all got emails these past few days from CEO types who could hardly put pen to paper such was the state of their grief over the events of the past two weeks. My favorite was getting one from Petsmart; the irony was rich in that one. My own global mega-corp sent out a letter of contrition and penance to all employees. I can only imagine the forthcoming “training” that we’ll have to pencil whip in the coming weeks.

    • How do you withstand it from within. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

    • I’m glad I’m retired so that I don’t have to put up with that crap. I can say whatever I want because I can’t be fired.

  43. Yes to all of this, and most importantly, there will be Jackboots. No tyranny has ever succeeded without a corp of thugs to intimidate the sheeple and eliminate the dissident Alphas. And they will number in the 10,000s and have government sanction. And they will be well prepared to suppress militias and conventional opposition movements. And they will be utterly ruthless. And do not be fooled, these are not LEOs as we have known them. Jackboots are a covert army of invasion and a new paradigm will be needed to win against them.

    • When you have jackboots of different races who hate each other it’s gonna be kind a hard to get organized. It’s one thing for Chinese jack boots to get organized or Nazi jackboots to get organized. They we’re all the same race. It’s not gonna work the same here. African-American people hate Latinos. They hate gay people. What about the Nation of Islam blacks and the Christian blacks. They hate each other. Do you think the Mexicans are going to be down with a bunch of black panthers coming in other neighborhoods to take their guns? The Brazil model for America is becoming more and more plausible

      • They will be white, and they will know exactly who they are and what they’re doing. They will have been conditioned to follow orders without question, and they will see themselves as being righteous. They will infiltrate dissident movements, and they will attack with shock and only with overwhelming numbers. And they are already here.

      • You aren’t really this naive are you? These same ‘coalition of the fringes’ who would normally be at each other’s throats have done just fine for the past few years under a single mantra that will make them even more cohesive now that the gloves are off: Get Whitey
        You are delusional. Yeah, it will fall apart, but that will be long after you’ve been eradicated. More clear now?

        • Apex, he won’t be eradicated. He’s a subcon larping as a dissident right American.

          • wtf does Subcon even mean? god damn I need a handbook for all your acronyms.
            I admit I am naive sometimes but when you said that all the other groups would band together in an even more cohesive manner, I nearly spit out my water. That is absolutely absurd.
            The reason they have done fine for the last few years is because whitey has been making sure that the electricity and water and roads and other infrastructure is functioning well. What happens when the white guy isn’t around to fix things?
            Also, Don’t me give the South Africa nonsense. The black population there is a huge majority. Here, the AA population is stagnant and will likely decrease as the abortions ramp up.
            EDIT: SEE THE BELOW POST BY Thatperson……he articulates the point well

          • It means subcontinental. Indian, Sri Lankan or Wacky Paki. Take your pick, we don’t care. You are not one of us and you need to go back. Or through the chimney, we don’t care frankly.

          • lol. You want me to go back to Detroit… my place of birth? good one. And who is We? Try sending me anywhere. I am a full proponent of the second amendment.

      • Agree. What we’re in for is a mass fight among the nonwhites/foreigners over who is top dog. Blacks will get whacked first as they are too pathetic compaired to everyone else. Cartels already drove their asses out of LA. This trend will continue until the strongest bush monkeys run everything.

        • The whole point of Civil Rights was so that blacks could move out a black neighborhood. I got banned from another site for saying the same thing using slightly course your language. Hopefully that won’t happen here.


          • For some reason I can’t edit the above, so:
            The whole point of Civil Rights was so that blacks could move out of a black neighborhood. I got banned from another site for saying the same thing using slightly coarser language. Hopefully that won’t happen here. 😈

  44. I’m not a leader but I play one on TV. The good whites are boat anchors. They are the epitome of rationalization. All actors. Playing a part in the story. Their, I marched for civil rights moment. The kneelers and appeasers are part of the cargo cult. It is all entertainment. They all want to be in the show. Casting ourselves adrift from them is better than allowing them to drown us in a sea of diversity and delusion. Like Romney and Bush they are all a bunch of holier than thou pussies.

  45. Instead of America in the late 1960s, look to the USSR in the late 1980s. There’s an Inner Party revolution for you! Wish I hadn’t deleted my archives, I had a whole post on this, but the gist was: The whole Soviet promotion system then, like the SJW promotion system now, was based on fealty to ideology… whatever that happens to be. Which, naturally, selects for feckless weasels whose only talents are ass-kissing and shifting with the ideological winds. Were you wired in enough to figure out that an article about linguistics, for pete’s sake, was the signal for a major policy shift? Then you were destined to go far in the nomenklatura, comrade.
    The turning point was Khrushchev’s famous “secret speech,” the one in which he denounced “cults of personality.” Ol’ Nikita of course had no real problem with cults of personality — his own was pretty robust; it only seemed mild compared to Stalin’s — but denouncing them was a good tactical move. That’s all it was, tactics, aimed as much at Mao Zedong as at the Russian Politburo. Khrushchev was the only figure with any pull to survive both the Purges and The Great Patriotic War for the Motherland — he knew what he was doing.
    But then Gorbachev happened, as my students would’ve written back in my teaching days. He was a youngster during WW2; he started his training for the nomenklatura right as Stalin died — that is, crucially, he started his rise when Soviet politics ceased to be full-contact. The losers in Nikita’s day got tortured to death, and their families sent to the gulag; in Mikhail’s day, the losers got sent to administrate a tractor factory in Siberia. Not quite the same thing…
    Once the nomenklatura finally put one of their own at the top, it was over. Khrushchev was both a sincere Communist and a standard-issue Asian despot; when they conflicted, the latter won out. Gorbachev was a sincere Communist… and that was it. He really believed, in a way that the earlier Chairmen simply couldn’t. He and his merry band of new-generation do-good-niks couldn’t wait to force the last of the old fossils from WW2 out of office… and, well, here we are. The analogy’s not perfect, but it’s a much better guide to what’s happening than yet another aging-Boomer ode (or condemnation, to taste) of the soixante-retards.

    • Yep, and Gordy tried his damn best to reform Communism, but it was too late. All he could do by that time was watch it collapse.

    • I think the whole “collapse” of the USSR was a recognition that the business model no longer worked and a cover for transferring the state assets to the (((oligarchs))). Isn’t it strange how the state assets ended up in the hands of unknown mid-level technocrats who belonged to a persecuted minority after receiving the advice of (((Harvard economists)))?

      • Kevin, now I know why David Goldman failed to “reform” Estonia, and quit in disgust.

  46. Police have maintained anarcho-tyranny for decades so we shouldn’t shed any tears for their coming disappearance.
    But at the same time, any of us in suburban, rural and small town areas need to be prepared for incoming self-hating white refugees. When the South African style home invasions ramp up in major cities, there will be goodwhite refugees flooding your quiet areas and bringing all their race traitor corruption with them. Do not let them in. Do not forgive. Do not forget.
    Start finding out now which properties are for sale or rent in your area, and start developing a screening process to ensure they don’t end up in the hands of race traitors. Otherwise your quiet hamlet may soon be swamped by people fleeing their own bad decisions, only for these people to enthusiastically turn your hamlet into Lewiston, Maine.
    Do not forgive. Do not forget. If self-hating whites don’t want cops, that’s fine, all the better for us. But they need to live with their decision. If they think they’re so right, they can hire private security or beef up their Shomrim forces. They do not get to flee to the countryside to escape the consequences of their indulgence of blacks.

    • Yeah I live in an “urban-suburb” that’s still mostly white, and although I’d like to think that most whites have a clue, especially after neighboring urban-suburbs have “fallen”, it can be dispiriting. I recall a woman getting carjacked and when she was interviewed by the TV station she was flummoxed as to what level of poverty and desperation drove the yoots to do such a thing…

  47. The most fascinating aspect of the entire protest movement has been the lack of full spectrum warfare practiced by the left. The power system has not been destroyed, there have been zero cyber attacks, while food and water still pour into the cities.

    It’s indicative of the fact that we are dealing with room temperature morons at the moment who do not actually want to overturn society. They just think they can change the rules to favor blacks and everything will be the woke nirvana they were told they would see.

    The upswing is that once these “reforms” prove not to work – Quantavius still can’t do math, Laquisha still is not marriage material, no blacks win Nobel science prizes or land on the moon – the radical wokies will start implementing full scale warfare and things will get ugly.

    Be prepared.

    • “room temperature” is unfair. Most of them are “moderately warm summer day.” Now, we’d like them all to reach room temperature, but that is a separate issue 🙂

  48. “That’s why they are plotting to dismantle the police. They want all of those white men out of their cities and this is the fastest way to do it.”
    I am very doubtful that any configuration of a ruling class will ever exist without some form of police. What will happen is that either whites will be purged from standard police departments, or some non-standard non-white enforcer organization will replace the police. In either case, most enforcement action will move to the suburbs, where extortion will be imposed on the productive classes. The real question is, will the latter put up with it? There are an awful lot of old boomers with deer rifles and nothing to lose.

    • That’s correct. There will always be police. The elite will hire theirs as they do now. Inner cities will construct something for public consumption. But since it must be different—hence less effective—for current policing, it will fail and the inner cities become even more dangerous. That leaves the burbs in a dilemma. I assume we will have some combination of neighborhood watch and private hire.

      • Aren’t police forces a relatively recent (less than 200 years) social development?

        • Yes. British invention. But we are not the same Christian, White people as 200 years ago. Self policing isn’t going to fly. We can help—as temp deputies for emergencies—but it’s a full time occupation these days.

          • In the cities, perhaps. Mostly, the police exist to protect criminals from mob justice. County sherrifs and deputies seem to do a pretty good job in less populated areas.
            The need for police is directly related to the need for Goodwhites to pretend that the cult of multicult has no problems at all.

    • We’ll likely see the cloud people adopt the practices of their South African brethren. Private security will be bought and walls built to protect their interests. The unlucky jibronis without the means will have to fend for themselves, while being lectured at for their intolerance and original sin.

      •  As well as facing murder charges and civil rights violations if they do try to defend their property or person.

         data entry data entry on an Android phone gets weirder every day.

    • but where will future supplies of gold Rolexes come from if they do that?😀

  49. It’s sad to say but it’s not just America infected by this. The rest of the West has fallen in line with this whole mess.

      • Only a portion of North Italy. They have been flooding the place with more Africans since Salvini resigned. Between the 350-500 thousand Han and all the Africans plus the White Italians’ far below replacement birth rate, Italy is just as done as everywhere else, barring war.

  50. I just added a copy of the open letter by the wife of Drew Brees to my emergency medical kit to be used in the event that I ever have to induce vomiting. Literally just few days ago, Brees and his wife were probably middle of the road CivNats. But now they have been moved by the “holy” spirit. We just witnessed a religious conversion in real time. How these people could live in a place like New Orleans (I used to) for so long and not understand the nature of the problem is unbelievable. It shows just what a bubble they live in.

    • That’s just it. They don’t live in “New Orleans” as any normal person would understand it.

        • You can justify anything you want using the bible. Which is why it has been a potent tool of the Left. In general, religions are based on faith and don’t really attract critical thinkers. That’s why grifters like Osteen, Bakker, Roberts, Hagee etc. are so successful. You would be much better off using Aesop’s Fables to teach your kids moral lessons. It’s far more interesting, better written and kids will recognize that the the talking animals are not real.

          • You can justify anything you want using *anything*. Christianity is far more than ‘good moral lessons’, even if most never get past that idea.

  51. I dont think the left are afraid at all. They are fanning the flames and creating a global movement of this specifically because these riots are sending a thrill up their legs. This is the final boost needed for them to fully solidify their control. Its also a test run for future crises. Coronavirus will be back in the fall, global warming is always with us, and of course someone is going to go on a spree killing.
    My predictions for the next 5 years. Sometime before the 2024 election will come electronic voting. The point of democracy is to give dissenters a chance to hold the reigns of power. In modern times it was used by those in power to create dissenters to take the reigns from traditional America. No reigns passing will be needed anymore, so if it doesnt go electronic where it can be tightly controlled then I expect a massively enormous amnesty soon with resettlement in all of the right places. Otherwise I expect no voting tho I consider this unlikely since they will keep consistent with their prior professed values.
    The coronavirus and riots thing showed they are getting better at using a manufactured crisis to control their rent farms. As soon as there is a mass shooting between now and 2024 that kills at least a handful of people from a white guy, they will trot out the same playbook and use the opportunity to get that checked off the list, this goes double if it is after Trump is out. There will be riots, there will be further purges, the nra will be destroyed and we will see the first white person fired from his job for owning a gun or donating to the nra, and there will be no legal challenge. Owning a gun, if it continues to be allowed at all, will be something you hide from people and keep hush about because it will make you a dangerous and immoral person. Any white defending themselves from a non white will be destroyed no matter how clearly legal it was. Either gun ownership will stop or it will be made unbearable.
    Many of Trumps’ court nominations will be impeached or otherwise removed. Anyone who cant be known to play ball will be gone or at least put on notice. Cant risk the courts putting a stop to this even for a moment.
    There will be a crisis about Trump before the election. This time the GOP will go full drama tho. Whether it is a sexual assault accusation or a racism or whatever the GOP will completely turn their back on him and many will resign from admin before election. They wont stop him from running but they will make him look like he is completely isolated and impotent.
    Theres no practical reason to make these predictions but its Monday and i dont feel like working just this second.

    • if the Left isn’t scared, that’s a good thing
      A cocky fighter is what you always want

      • “Avoid the enemy when he is full of vigor, strike when he is fatigued and withdraws.” Sun Tzu.

        • My old wrestling coach, back in the day, said- “Confidence is worth 100 lbs.” Scared is looking for an exit and making excuses to rehab ones self-respect. And, yes, confident does not = cocky.

    • If Trump’s court nominations are anything like his cabinet nominations, they won’t need to be impeached or removed. They’ll stab us in the back.

  52. This is the fourth day in a row I’ve been dominated by dread feelings. I have to admit the WuFlu Virus and the Floyd riots were the biggest one-two punch I’ve received in my long life. Even during the fall of 2016 I didn’t feel this dire to the dread i feel, which is an intuition based upon the realization that certain tenets I felt were present are now being blown away to the winds.
    Make no mistake: It’s only going to get worse. The Left has identified the weak points, and with kneeling cops, will only make it worse. If Trump loses, and we lose the Senate, the country is over. And the kneeling cops, along with the kneeling military, will not side with the normal American and his 2nd Amendment veto. By then, the Federal Cops created to enforce the New Constitution will overwhelm even our seasoned militarized rural dwellers, and humanity is doomed.
    Sucks, but what can you do?

    • Don’t let it get to you
      It’s nothing but cheap psychological warfare
      Like using big bangs and noises and loud planes overhead to disorient and frighten villagers

      • Correct. Disinformation designed to demoralize. If you believe in these people being stupid, you know they can not function without a White majority in control. They will try and fail. This in turn will open many eyes.
        I’m hoping that some cities like Minneapolis really do defund the police and fail spectacularly.

        • So they fail and we add another Detroit. Do you really think that will change anything? Eyes opened to melanin=dysfunction is barely crawling, and they will be forced to remain on their knees long before any of them get to the walking stage.

          • Perhaps, but visible failure is always the first step to being woke. It is a necessary, but not sufficient condition as we would say back in the day.

      • I agree that us normals would trounce the Left easily in a fair fight. My own concern is that I can see how the Left will essentially hijack the election process without the ability to monitor the situation.
        But I’ve done my part. For what its worth, I’m documenting every instance of every LE and military that has kneeled or, ffs, how a police chief lied COMPLETELY FACE DOWN to the BLM gods. To be blunt, the last hope of defense was using the 2nd Amendment Veto in after the American Anschluss, but I was banking on the fact that most local LE and US Military would not support the oppression of federalized troops. The cops kneeling was what sent the chill to my spine that hasn’t left.

          • And if he stopped relying on processes and laws that were the product of White men and a White society.

    • Bro, don’t let it get to you. That’s the worst thing you can do. Just concentrate on you and yours (if you have that) and ride it out as safely as you can. Shit can’t run forever like this. I look at how the Covid nonsense was handled and am more or less convinced the other side is hardly antifragile. They can barely hold themselves and this whole mess together as it is.

    • first , It’s already gone. rebuild your life. faith. trad catholic or orthodox. family if you have it . friends. It’s really all there is.

  53. The military’s involvement in the insurrection tells the tale. While chemical and biological weapons in the hands of civilians opposed to the Inner Party sort of will level the playing field, the pieces are being put into position for a coup, show trials and genocide. Conservatism, Inc., will be down with anything the military does and will criticize the civilians who unleash weapons of mass destruction. We will be lucky to get a partition without massive losses of lives now. Dissolution will happen over time even though the new nations that arise from the ashes will not be internationally recognized, at least for a while.
    “Mitt Romney may not be down with Team Brown”
    He in fact is. Go back and check his laudatory remarks about Antifa.

    • Romney is the Uber Yankee. He would eagerly set up gulags throughout the South. Mitt hates us with the hot, hot heat of a thousand suns.

      • If there is a silver lining to Mittens’ presence in the Senate, it is that it demonstrates that Whites are still capable of acting in accordance with ethnic interests.
        He was elected because his family is LDS royalty. This is a negative manifestation of a positive instinct.

      • The LDS church is in grovel mode. Their monthly mag and bookstore catalogue is peppered with white grandmothers holding black grandkids…blackity-black-black-black. Laughable because Mormons mouth this pious platitude but don’t live this way. Read Bruce Charlton’s take on the fall of the non-essential churches.
        President Ballard’s (head of the Mormon 12) daughter lives directly across the street from me. No ghetto vibrancy around her nor Romney. For Thee, Not For Me! And yes Romney hates us with an ego-deranged white hot passion. Talked with an old Mormon gal who nattered she doesn’t understand why he undermines Trump but she can’t vote for him anymore. Well I’ll be! On the other hand, The Range doesn’t give a crap anymore. Just getting Ready!
        Friends returned to church yesterday…..a weak non-essential church that demanded 6 feet between each family, everyone masked and short services. Meh!
        PS: We shall get together with our neighbors, the husband an ex-CHP, to discus…ahmmm…community protection. Happy to have one in my neighborhood.
        We traveled to north of Mr. Lassen in way northern People’s Republic of the West to meet with Basic Husband’s family to scatter the ashes of the old matriarch who died at the beginning of the WuFlu gaslighting. On the drive up, Basic Husband worked with me to get my brain set to not walk into multiple fever swamps and booby traps by talking my way into them. Damn, I done goot! We got the hell out of Dodge mid afternoon, breathed a sigh of relief, and then back to the Reno overnight. Saw people with signs lining 4 street corners a mile away from motel, but with a laugh noticed they were Boomer homeless with panhandling signs. Have since returned to the land of deer and antelope playing regardless of 5th column takeover.

        • The Mormons’ genealogy website, FamilySearch, has had mixed-race families and non-Whites on their home page for about 5 years now. They push the usual excrement that everyone else does. F them.

        • Saw a pic of a woke protest crowd.
          One can only see the hair, eyes and forehead of the guy in front- but yup, it’s Mittens.

          • I see the Romney mouse future….squeek!….as I gaze in the crystal….yes…it’s a lampost! As mentioned herein, Stalin “took out” multiple layers of military and organizers because they were a threat, he didn’t trust them. The tea leaf for Mittens’ future is grim.

        • In a previous life of High Net Worth bankstering I had dealings with the LDS money men. They were among the smartest most sophisticate I ever met and I did deals with 2 of the top 5 wealthiest men.
          Stupid they aint.

      • That’s among the better arguments for a rapid dissolution, which is coming anyhow, Epa.

  54. The difference between the old guard and the new guard is that the old guard never fully believed the “all groups are perfectly equal” mantra. The old guard believed that there was racism against blacks, but they also understood that blacks weren’t as capable as whites, which is why they never went full retard.
    The new guard truly believes that all groups are equally capable (and why not, it’s what they’ve been told their entire lives) and that any differences are 100% due to white racism. The new guard looks at the old guard and says, “Why didn’t you ratchet up the solutions to inequality over the past 50 years since the various gaps weren’t closing.”
    The new guard will continue to push ever more intrusion solutions to inequality. And since racial gaps are genetic and can’t solved, those solutions are going to get very intrusion indeed.

    • That’s the definition of insanity. Just keep doing what has never worked…but do it with zealous intensity in the expectation that “faith” will get you to the promised land of egalité.

    • In teaching, my colleagues truly believe that all are capable of doing equatable schoolwork. If we just understand the trauma that has been inflicted upon them, they can be educationally saved. If nothing else, the quarantine showed the dullness of that population. Trying to get the POC’s to do anything was impossible, if I just would have made one more phone call I guess…….

      • Those who can’t . . . .the dumbest of all the dumb women I ever knew all wanted to be teachers.

        • The male teachers I know are secretly very based. They see the evidence before their eyes and adjust accordingly. The female teachers are convinced that THIS time, the ugly duckling is going to turn into a swan. Just like da movies said….

    • Will any level of intrusion gets blacks to an equal level with whites? I would say no, but then there could be extreme wealth transfers, like maybe giving up your house or your retirement funds to blacks. Those are the kinds of things it would take to satisfy their demands. Or maybe it’s not enough…

      • You’re too good hearted. The answer isn’t no, it’s that the stars will burn out first.
        Since the Great Society programs were implemented we’ve spent something in the neighborhood of $20 trillion dollars on trying to bring Blacks up to even a basic Eurasian level. Welfare, grants, subsidies, housing, food, access to modern medicine, technology a free ride though our best educational institutions and on and on. We provide them with jobs at every level of government to give them access to a middle class life, we now do the same in private industry. They don’t have to compete for these jobs nor do they have to attain even a minimal level of competence. All we ask is that they just show up and not be disruptive. Take the money and live a comfortable life. We give them functioning schools and they destroy every single one of them. We give them decent homes in working class and middle class neighborhoods and they can’t be bothered to replace a board or add a new coat of pain. Our cities are police states because that’s what is required to control large Black populations.Those homes your grandparents built are now zoos. Every single institution and every aspect of our culture has been ghettoized. If you mix a highly evolved culture and a primitive culture the highly evolved one isn’t averaging up.
        The Black riots of the ’60s + $20 trillion = The black riots of 2020. Nothing has changed. The largest and most expensive social experiment in world history has been a catastrophe for all involved.
        Our natural striving to seek and create has been damned up and misused. Against the wishes of most of our tribe. All for nought. The costs to our social milieu are incalculable for we are no longer even able to dream what we might have dreamed and accomplished.
        This is the true tragedy of our age.

        • “My only regret is that I have but one upvote to give” – Some Old White Guy

        • “The largest and most expensive social experiment in world history has been a catastrophe for all involved.”
          An experiment is exactly what it has been. The communists are like an entire tribe of Mengele’s experimenting upon the children of the West. That the complete failure of their experiment is resulting in dead and unborn white children is simply the tails side of the “heads I win, tails you lose” coin toss. They are monsters.

          • Mengele was a nice man who saved jewish lives from typhus and other diseases.
            Deprogram yourself.

          • Although the fictional version of Mengele certainly describes those self same communists- projection at work again.


            (True, the real Mengele was a kindly combat nurse.

            Horace, the Mengele story was a fundraising stunt by a group called CANDLS- “survivors” who had no surgical scars.)

          • There really never was an “experiment”. Social science was never used in a scientific method as we usually define such. Hence it’s pretty much inevitable that we fail.

        • “$20 Trillion”? THAT is a very conservative estimate. Otherwise, no arguments! Carry on!

      • Protests are simply passive-aggressive shaming and scolding. That said, the Vietnam war protests had a concrete and achievable goal, to end the war. The current protests have no concrete goal, only an existential one, that cannot be achieved until people get their heads on straight. But the powers-that-be will continually stir the pot so that can never happen. By the way, pummeling people you disagree with by scolding and shaming them is not exactly a recipe for success.
        The “goals” of this thing are unattainable, by design. It is simply a framework to perpetuate a forever shitshow, so that certain elements can take advantage of aspects of it.
        I have taken to saying, “Yes, there is institutional racism. It is created by the dominant race in the culture living under the creed of the race. Name one dominant race that has given up its dominance, where things don’t go down in flames. Name one culture where racial or religious dominance is shared, and things go well. It doesn’t exist, you cannot name one instance, ever, in human history. The real world says you live under the creed and values of the dominant race or religion, and that’s the way it is. If you don’t like what you live under, then shut up or move to a different place. Those are the only choices you get. Unless you want to burn down the status quo and establish something else in place of it, which is a process filled with ruin and suffering. Those are your only choices. The rest of it is fantasy, about as realistic and imaginary as a certain John Lennon song”.

        • The protests were winding down years before the Vietnam War ended. The victories for “civil rights” came from backroom political deals and judicial fiat, not marches.

        • Many of us would love to shut up and move to a different place. The problem is we are not allowed to keep other people from moving to the place that we moved to. 😡

        • No one wants to eliminate racism, they just want to change positions of power with the “decried” racists so as to practice their own racism—upon Whites and others to be named at a later date. One only need look at South Africa to see how this will play out over the power transition period and beyond.

      • It’s impossible to bring Blacks up to the level of Whites. But tearing Whites down to the level of Blacks is pretty straight-forward….

      • Even that won’t work. Blacks will piss away any amount of money that you give them. Also, no amount of money will stop them from killing each other – and whites. They don’t kill each other now because that are hungry or need money for a place to live. They kill each other over stupid fights.
        There’s no amount of money that can make black people into white people.

        • Exactly look at kaepernick raised white had everything and still turned out to be a n*gger…

        • White people are White people because there was a survival premium for certain characteristics: intelligence primarily but openness-inquisitiveness low time value and trust.
          These have long been absent in black populations and in the 20C were reversed for blacks.

      • Theoretically, if the laws and responsibilities were enforced on blacks, those most genetically disposed to social pathologies would eventually removed from the population over hundreds of generations. Of course, everyone else would have to put up with centuries of shit. So I guess it will remain only a theoretical possibility.

        • You’re being too optimistic when you estimate centuries. Try thousands of years of environmental and genetic pressure plus White admixture, and you still would get less than an average White society.

          • It might be much faster than that. Murders in England declined fairly quickly with capital punishment. That was a matter of a few centuries.

          • Agree: Russian and Ukrainian wowen are famously attractive but no one talks about why: The men the ugly women would have married (I know it’s bizarre but there used to be a correlation between marriage and childbearing) were slaughtered in the Wars for Democracy . The few surviving men chose the best looking women- no surprise there, Look what can be done in just 100 years.

      • It has been stated that if you took all the resources of the US and divided them equally among the populous, within a decade or so, the same individuals would have the most and the same individuals would have the least. In short, we’d be the same society of unequal distribution of wealth.
        Better believe it.

    • Apparently native americans are worse than blacks(cause of welfare) despite having higher IQs, there are many right leaning folks who believe blacks would bloom into kangz if government stops giving them free money.

      • I grew up with bogans . I never met a bantu until I went away for school at the age of 18.
        The difference between a wagon burner and a congoid, is that the Blameless Native American Aboriginal Tribal Person, needs alcohol to act like the schwartze acts when sober.

      • Native Americans do not have higher IQs than blacks. Like the blacks, they never had written language or the wheel.

        • You mean to tell me that they did not have basilicas, roads, and infrastructure that was destroyed when we decided to conquer ’em fair and square? And that 60+ Millions of them were not genocided during our Westward expansion? And that they did not engage in human sacrfices and cannibalism before we ruined their frat parties? I am shocked — shocked ! — I tell you!
          By the way, could you provide me with a pre-Columbian census so I do not get carried away in my white self-righteousness?

          • Yes I am saying all of that. The Aztecs would be considered functionally retarded white people.
            I am not defending imperialism. I wish we would have left the whole shithole alone. Fuck those retarded savages.

          • Those retarded Savages as you call them left some very impressive archaeological monuments. I don’t think Africa has anything to compare to Machu Picchu Chichen Itza and similar Central American or South American buildings. Also, why not give some credit to the Savages that somehow managed to survive in Arctic and sub-arctic climates.

          • I agree but somehow they didn’t have the get up and go to, well, get up and go.
            The Aztec and Inca achievements make one give thought to the Ancient Alien nonsense.

          • I’m gonna agree with Ben here. We do know of Native Americans working out schedules of eclipses and the tracks of the planets and of course they did have writing and some mathematics, at least among some groups. My guess is that NA were somewhere intermediate between whites and blacks in average intelligence. The maths and writing systems were probably due to their geniuses but this is always the case. My guess is that Africans simply had such a low average IQ and such low population density that getting even a handful of them that were smart enough to put together a system of writing or math was impossible.

          • The pre-political correctness anthropology/genetics argument is simply that the Negroid race never developed beyond a certain point because there was no “selection pressure.” In other words, they were good enough to survive in their environment, and the brain did not have to develop to the higher levels that Caucasiod and Asiatic races had to, to deal with harsher environments. The old world primates, if there are any left, are very close relatives to Man, but none have near the brain capacity of even the Groid 🙂 A brain is “expensive” in evolutionary terms, and even these non-human primates are optimally adapted to their niche — otherwise they would have died off millions of years ago.
            The Americas indigenous people are supposed to have come via Siberia, so I guess they would be related to Asiatic.I’m no expert in anthropology and the Spaniards dd a lot of damage, as conquerors often do, but the Inca, the Maya had some great “Western” style achievements, as Pozymandias notes above. A few of these are impressive enough that exactly how they were built defies reasonable explanations to date (Machu Pichu, I think).

    • And if and when all the evil whites have finally been eliminated, any shortcomings will be blamed on “residual racism”. 🙁

  55. My fellow Honkys, let’s be honest, this isn’t our fight. We have no power over this. If anything this summer is revealing one thing: Steve Sailer was right again.
    If the GOP is to win anything we must make the Democrats, the Black party. The ONLY group that defended the inner cities were hispanic street gangs. The whites holed up in their Stategic Hamlets watched it all posting insipid “Rooftop Korean” memes.
    But I am confident the outer party is still functioning. The GOP will happily follow the Democrats in their Negro idolatry. So nothing will change.
    We are well and truly fucked.

      • That’s true, and Trump is leading the charge with his obsession with “low black unemployment,” etc. GOP needs to focus and amplify everything BLM is doing, including showing black behavior and crime stats, and really make blacks look bad. Imagine the campaign videos the GOP could produce showing the worst in black behavior and tie that all in with the Dems. Turn the propaganda around on them. Of course I’m dreaming and it won’t happen because they’re pussies, but it would be glorious and Trump would win in a landslide.

        • To contribute my lone data point: My conservative brother still believes that low black unemployment will cause the blacks to rally to Trump.
          In general, they don’t want jobs. They want to take your stuff!

          • And after reading here for however long, so many here are still thinking politics is the ticket. It would be sad if it wasn’t what I already expect from most people.

          • Nonsense! If you buy them shiny new stuff of their own, they will let you keep your stuff, at least for a while.

    • Sailer is about as relevant today as the constitution (i.e. not at all) – still smirking with wry amusement, certain that things will right themselves and then oh won’t they all feel silly. That’s his take and he’s sticking to it.

    • Don’t know what he future holds, but the USA is definitely in a new era and like a snake has shed its old skin

    • Anyone seeing 73 year old Trump pulling off a Caesar Augustus moment and rebirthing/renewing the republic?
      Me neither. Assume the worst is coming, sooner rather than later.

      • No, because the military seems to be overrun with wokefags all the way down to the lowest enlisted ranks, and they’re all getting mass gibs from the United States of South Africa government.

        • Looks like we are using 40% minorities overall at this point. If we assume a significant percentage of Good-Whites, then less than half seem to have potential to go against the tide.

    • First ask yourself, do I want the US to come back? To what? To when? All the better periods that you may favor led to this one. It’s a one way street. The anti-Federalists were right. Nothing would hold back what was coming. Give credit to the plan for lasting 72 years. The left never respected it, and they count on the right dragging it behind them. And we do, reverently.

    • Understanding that the 1787 Constitution is done is one of the pillars of the Dissident Right

      • That’s very true. I haven’t seen it said, though it must have been. It needs to be said a great deal more.

  56. These incredibly strange and frightening events are like something from the Middle Ages. There seem to be many factors involved, including institutional radical chic and white anti-white feminism. Perhaps our ruling classes are hoping that the whole brouhaha will die down after the next media induced hysteria. The stock market current boom would seem to be evidence of this.

  57. Every day I get more sympathetic to Bruce Charlton’s Notion of actual demon-worship (and supernatural demons in charge) of TPTB.
    The inversion of sacred ritual is a common feature of cults…
    Pray about this, folks.

    • If you’ve never read The Call of Cthulu, now is as appropriate a time as any. It’s about a cult of Nonwhites and their allies who worship a demon that will, when the stars are right, destroy White society, and our complete inability to do anything about it.
      Its in the public domain now – should only take you about an hour to finish:

      • One really does get the feeling this is what the arrested Cthulu cultist describes as, “the Great Leveling.”

    • I think most of our Elite are pedophile Satanists. And even if some of them aren’t, they are adjacent and complicit. And tie this in with the generational promotion of atheism, which clearly they don’t believe, they believe in Supernatural forces but the only real resistance towards them is God so if they separate you from God they’ve separated you from your only hope

      • Even if they don’t believe it, they behave as if they do. There was a ceremony in Europe a few years ago to open a tunnel that went through a mountain. It is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen. Then there’s the building designed to look like the tower of Babel.
        Here’s a link to just a few snippets of the tunnel opening cerimony:
        Here’s the whole thing:
        It is REALLY creepy.
        Then there’s the people running the EU. Just look at them. They are physically repulsive. I just saw a video of winnie the flu meeting some European leaders. Macron and Wicked Witch of the West was there with some EU guy and they are hideous, especially the EU guy. They are just repugnant looking. Totally look like pedos.

    • Well, that “spirit cooking” is not going to go in the pot all by itself, now, is it?

  58. Get your ass away from large urban areas and any communities dominated by government jobs. You must find an area where you can get to know people and find out which ones are trustworthy. I have members of my family who grew up working for government and they have been pozzed. Bad moon rising, folks.

  59. In an extremely wealthy neighborhood near me black lives matters signs have popped up in a couple yards. They’re exactly the same. Homemade, black spray paint on some old sheet stretched between two tall wood stakes hammered in the ground. They both look like crap but the point is is there exactly the same. Different houses different streets but somehow there was a common thought process. I do feel there is a spirit descending over us right now. A terrifying spirit

    • There is BLM signage on churches, stores, and people’s yards in the various white areas around where I live. Also white people carrying signs that contain slogans of the their new masters.
      I assume this public homage is intended as a shield meant to keep them safe. It probably will help to keep them being the last ones eaten.

      • BLM signs appeared in our neighborhood. I tore them down as they were posted on community property without HOA permission and did not meet CC&R requirements.
        The shopping center just down the street had credible information that the rioters were planning to take it to our suburb so they have deployed barricades and reduced hours. The last thing we need is the rioters thinking they had any sympathy for them.
        My wife posted on nextdoor that these people don’t speak for the neighborhood and if they want to put up signs to do it on their own property.

        • My HOA is even stricter. Technically the only sign allowed even on the private property is an official for sale sign.

        • I’m in the NE. How can legally I tear down these signs? What can I do and what and where can’t I?

          • If on private land, you cannot lawfully tear them down without permission of the property owner or an authorized representative. If HOA you need to operate through the HOA, no independent justice.
            If on public land, you cannot lawfully tear them down if the signage poster has obtained a permit to affix the signs there.
            However, if on public land the posters were not authorized by government then they are effectively trash and you can lawfully remove them exercising your First Amendment rights as a counterstatement. Just claim “green” practices by not merely tearing up the signs but collecting them in a trash bag and perhaps composting them. Do not impose your own signs by replacement tactic, a judge is not going to view that favorably. It’s their signage or no signage.

      • If it is any Solace, described a social fad for whatever reason. It is almost certainly not reflective of what the majority of these people really believe.

    • It’s the white equivalent of “Black-Owned Business” signs that popped up during the rioting, looting and arson. Like those, it won’t work for them. Expect big houses to be outlawed and seized as the first phase of socialist distribution in these cop-free zones.

      • Expect big houses to be outlawed and seized as the first phase of socialist distribution

        Just like Allende’s goons were doing. Until someone put a stop to that.

    • You people need to get out of the cities and suburbs. Some idiots try to organize a BLM rally in my rural Oklahoma county this past Saturday. About 30 people showed up. Half of them were fat white women with their half negro chillens in tow. Maybe 5 negro men in all.
      There were more rednecks driving trucks with Confederate flags than “protesters.” There are still white men with balls in this country. Just not many in the cities or suburbs.

      • Well, in defense. Hard to drive hundreds of miles to get such good “news” whereas, local media broadcasts these demoralizing events 24×7.

        • Compsci, no one gives a shit about rural Oklahoma (including people in the metro areas of OKC and Tulsa). That’s why I like it. We are off the radar of the nut jobs in power.
          We can still live as proud white people because we don’t matter. I don’t want to matter. I just want to be left alone.
          The only thing most people know about rural Oklahoma is from The Tiger King. I watched one episode. Other than the faggottry, it’s pretty typical of the rural part of this state.
          I know it’s not for everyone on our side. I just want our people to know such places exist. West Virginia and eastern Kentucky seem like similar areas for dissident whites in the eastern US who want to escape the madness.

          • The vast majority of rural America is similar to rural Oklahoma in its views. If the black supremacists try to bring their shit to the sticks, they’re gonna get it.

          • Ha! On a back road, there’s a typical, tiny Oklahoma town, right above the Texas border

            Just down from the quirky homemade windmill farm (barrels as wind blades, that sort of thing)- there is a home, a building like a smaller Parthenon.

            Greek columns, majestic stone facing, and on the top, giant chiseled letters: GOD’S HOUSE

            There it is. Now you know where He lives, west of Ardmore or Dumont I think.

      • In our little mid state town, there was a rumor last week a bunch of blm & pantifa protestors were going to bussed in from the metro area a hundred miles away. As a result, a good number of armed citizens gathered at the supposed staging area. Turned out it was an unfounded rumor, but nice to see folks push back against this crap.

    • Not seeing that in my middle-middle-class white neighborhood, but I am seeing lots of American flags. Yes, believing in America anymore is quite silly, but at least it’s a show of resistance, paltry though it may be, to the Hutu supremacists.

    • Like panting a red X over their doors. But the angel of death shall not pass over them if they have a flatscreen visible in the window.

  60. And meanwhile, our side is run by a well-meaning, but clownishly ineffectual leader whom the other side is convinced is Satan incarnate.

    Reminds me of a certain French King whose rule came to an end very abruptly in 1793…

  61. Yep, we’ve got a collection of “ way past their sell date” white geezers, soy boy whites, idiot blacks and hysterical wammens running the show and this is what we’ve devolved to. I’m not saying everything was hunky dory back when the dreaded patriarchy ran the show, but at least there was a “can do” attitude and we we’re moving confidently forward into the future. Now, it’s just a bunch of hysterical loons running around in a panic, kowtowing and turning everything over to the lowest intelligence and most criminally inclined segment of our population. What could possibly go wrong?

  62. Hmmmmmmmm. Some of the nogger worship from the big corps make sense. Consider: you can’t have any assets in vibrant areas lest they get torched in the next chimp-out. You are going to have to reposition them in safer (read, white) areas, and the optics of that are terrible.
    Perhaps they think they can offset them by sucking black cack?

    • The obsidian idolatry is off the charts. The goodwhites ratchet up as expected. But what frustrates me is guys I know on our side of the divide who match every move of the black pawn with their own.
      They keep sending me twitt clips and whatnot of pocs being stunning and brave by standing up to the totalitarian BLM regime.
      What they always seem to miss is how these brave black voices always qualify their opinion with: (a) I am a poc and therefore have the authority to speak about “race”; (b) I have been a victim of raciss whites; (c) my opinion is informed by talented tenth black scholars. IOW, they are not on “our side”, they are not about the truth but just a different form of virtue-signaling. These anti-woke pocs never challenge the frame of white privilige or systemic racism or any othet part of original
      sin of whiteness. Only the means employed by the extremists.
      Makes me realize once again just how far away even dissident white men can be from their right to exist as a people.

      • Those, “brave black voices,” you mention are just another type of golem sent to suppress whites.

      • It seems only Whites go against their race—as in active opposition and communing with the enemy (POC). But we knew that already.

        • Compsci, they’re scared of the other competition.

          They use pseudoscience developed as spell-language to defeat the white heroic-based males, an art developed in the distant past.

          It’s a feminine art, undermining through gossip to avoid direct retaliation; the act of disapproval / approval has replaced the art of challenge.

          British parliamentarians used to relish strong questions during Question Hour, but no more.

          Here is a fascinating thread I discovered yesterday:

      • They are definitely not genuine and when push comes to shove, they’ll side with the bros & hos against YT, guaranteed.

      • The do that because of an ideology called ” Critical Theory ” that was devised and promoted by a group of scheming levantine confidence men, who taught them an easy to remember sales pitch that they repeat ad nauseam .
        There is no such thing as “Truth“ or an objective standard or being objectively better or worse, right or wrong, or more able or less able to make an argument because these are all structures and examples of different perspectives which are all unique and of equal value that therefore should be heard.
        Every racial group has a unique narrative and none of them are wrong. You can’t reason with a negro that they aren’t oppressed because they believe they are and that’s their story. 
        Each sex or particular “aboriginal“ or ethnic or grievance group has a particular tale to tell so, it’s just a way to write about your ‘feelings‘. 
        The only reason I think that Plato is a better philosopher than the boot lipped Kimberly Crenshaw , who by the way has appropriated a blonde bleach job for her nappy haired dreadlocks, is because I’m a White male and I can’t separate my judgment from my being a White male, so we can’t know who’s better because there is not objective standard, therefore you have to have equal representation from every minority on all philosophy faculties .
        Extend that representation beyond the Academy across the board, in a Global World where the golliwogs outnumber you 7 to 1 .

    • “.. reposition [big box stores] in safer (read, white) areas,”
      Time for the white suburbs to write new zoning laws to keep the big boxes out, lest they attract people from the burned out areas who need to shop.
      perhaps maximum square footage limits would keep them out, and preserve the domain of Mom & Pop stores.

      • Yeah – that’s a great idea. Max square footage, max parking spaces, that sort of zoning thing can be effective. Part of the problem is that, just as the chinese have bought out politicians at the federal level, developers are good at buying local pols.
        There’s an interesting site called, “strong towns,” that gets in to this sort of good urbanism. It’s a fascinating read for lots of reasons, one of which it that it remains entirely naïve about how blacks work in cities. They imagine these cool towns where vibrancy is allowed and, in a hallucination, pretend that vibrancy won’t drive everyone out.
        Still, they get some things right.

    • Big business is paying huge Danegeld here, on top of everything else about it. Stay out of the papers and away from the klieg lights.

  63. White refugee relocation camps also known as suburbs are the new inner party’s best friend. They will joyously feed the crocodile as often as need be so they can…put in another productive day at the office, do the grocery shopping, take their kids to their lessons, keep their streaming service, have their brakes replaced, drive up to the mountains for the weekend and all the other SWPL.
    The collapse will fray the edges of their communities slowly working its way throughout the whole. Those who can’t hold on will be seen as not being the right kind of person. Their insularity will become more and more cultish. Some will need to be roasting on a cannibal’s spit before they finally get it, many will never get it. Seventy-five percent of YTs will never ever roar against the dying of the light. 
    The twenty-five percent not willing to go gently (maybe even that’s too optimistic) have their work cut out for them.

    • Imagine being a farmer on the outer edges of these suburbs. Life will be getting very interesting for these sons of the soil. “Look, dad! Another dead body!”

      • If they survive the first night raid on their farms they will abandon it the next day…You will have to have some sort of buffer between you and the savages and the suburbs won’t do that for you…

        • Only good location is one not easily reached by any interstate highway. Smaller, winding, easily cut/blocked roads.

    • Yves – I do think that 25% is far too optimistic. But for that tiny remnant of us who will not submit, ever, I would offer the words of William Henley:
      Out of the night that covers me,
            Black as the pit from pole to pole,
      I thank whatever gods may be
            For my unconquerable soul.
      In the fell clutch of circumstance
            I have not winced nor cried aloud.
      Under the bludgeonings of chance
            My head is bloody, but unbowed.
      Beyond this place of wrath and tears
            Looms but the Horror of the shade,
      And yet the menace of the years
            Finds and shall find me unafraid.
      It matters not how strait the gate,
            How charged with punishments the scroll,
      I am the master of my fate,
            I am the captain of my soul.

      • If only something like this had been the anthem of our generation instead of Imagine.

    • The sad fact that at least half of these people hiding the suburbs don’t root for the home team, but take all the advantage of home court.

    • DAMN! That woman has been in politics longer than I have been alive! This was 60 years ago!

    • One-hundred bucks says he did her. She was brought up in that way of life. You give helpful national leaders what they want, which mostly comprises young boys they can murder, but the historical record suggests the Kennedys only liked women.

    • Oddly enough, I think she’s always seen herself as a devout Catholic.
      Plus, JFK wasn’t like Bill who roll around with anything that moved. Gotta give JFK some respect…the man had standards…(Jackie, Marylin Monroe at her peak)

    • From the look on that sleazy bastard’s face, you can tell that JFK is thinking about how he can maneuver her into a White House closet.

  64. Well, I hate to be the guy to do the terrible-optics nasdapping, but what we’re up against is nothing less than genocidal left-wing totalitarianism.

    And the only thing that could counter it is some kind of very strong right-wing authoritarianism. We are so far off from that as to be almost laughable, while they are quickly rolling up our freedoms. We’re really underdogs at the moment.

    But for the many influential people who read this blog, I would just point out this general truth of political science: that in the long run the only two choices are left-wing or right-wing authoritarianism. And that one of those two is much better for the good, honest people.

    • The only choice is White wing – Extreme White Wing – the social order can be sorted out after the fire’s put out .

    • Is there still a Freikorps around to put down such a revolt, and if so, would our woke leaders call upon them?

      • That’s what a lot of people miss in this rhyming game we play. We are not about to relive the sacred WW2 mythos.
        Fascism relied on an entire generation having combat experience. A world war had seen the old conservative monarchies washed away by huge state controlled total war economies. It was enough to make a socialist dream of uniting his highly regional nation in a massive centralized state.
        We don’t have a massive population of combat veterans. That describes maybe 1 percent of our population.

        • This is true. Fortunately albeit harshly, a small minority of that one percent have skills in the uses of chemical and biological weapons (the Surveillance State probably has them under watch already). That will be the only way to level the playing field if they can pull it off. The Francoists prevailed in the Spanish Civil War only because they disregarded all conventions against use of chemical weapons, to give one example.

        • If the US left NATO, the Russians could roll right to the English Channel in a few months. And I would be cheering them on.

          • It would be tactically irrational to invade a country that is committing mass suicide when you can simply wait a few more years and roll the tanks right in unopposed.
            Once we’ve regressed to ooking and eeking and throwing shit at PCs and other technological devices it won’t be much challenge to grab this highly desirable land mass for resources / real estate.

          • China will get here first. They’ve already got an invasion force millions strong on the West Coast up through Hongcouver.

          • I’ve wondered the same…have my money on China. In the long stretch well after I won’t be thinking, wish I could stick around to see China (1.4 B) vs Islam (1.8 B) duke it out! Shame I have to miss it.

          • FWIW, you’ll see the occasional article on RT in which they’ll make noise about wanting Alaska back.
            I can think of worse things.

          • they’ll make noise about wanting Alaska back … I can think of worse things
            Alaska is one of my potential retirement destinations. When I stuff my patent law shingle in the drawer I may be flying floatplanes with my former jump buddy. That’s what he does now and I wouldn’t mind flying pax and cargo in Alaska. So a Russian occupation and seizure would probably interfere with my plan, and it’s a “worse thing” for me as I’m not licking Russian boots. Unless you have a prettier locale with winter weather this acceptance of relinquishing Alaska does not wash in this house.

          • Well, you and Tyrone could keep flying the Rainbow Flag down here in ‘MURICA!!!
            Welcome to Z’s comment section. You’re welcome to stay, but understand that Normie Patriotardism doesn’t really fly here…

          • The Russian’s occupied Paris in 1814 and went home. The Cossacks found the service in the greasy spoons too slow !

          • And I never imagined 10-20-30-40+ years ago that I would also cheer them on.
            If Russia had been (or would be) consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary — as required by Fatima — that “roll” would be Europe’s salvation … even if they overstay their welcome by one or two generations (again).
            But even without the Consecration, such a move would be exponentially better than the retrogressive insanity and Middle Eastern Filth that is there now and in England.

          • The promise at Fatima was fulfilled, though. Russia WAS reconsecrated to Holy Mother Church. That’s why Bolshevism was overthrown. It will take time, however. Be patient, my friend. The Holy Orthodox Church founded by Jesus Christ will prevail!

        • One veteran can teach 10. 10 can teach 100. There are enough sand war veterans available.

          • A technique the Weimar Republic would use to great success.
            But that isn’t the point. 1920s society had already experienced a form of national socialism. Ludendorff had all but deposed the Kaiser during WW1 and ruled the German state.
            Mussolini had his own history with the unification of Italy, republicanism and socialism. An entire generation had been kicked out of the socialist movement becuase they enlisted in a bourgeois war that failed to bring about the global revolution.  
            The ingredients for fascism aren’t present today.

          • Agreed. Who cares what recipe works to save us? What ingredients do they have, what do we have?

          • One can always improve, thanks, but I’ve been involved for a long time now in such things. Not the best of my group, but not without some understanding/experience. I don’t “advise” others falsely.
            Been in the field along our border humping a rifle with others of such ilk. It’s a young man’s game, and young were most others—but not all. Some will call it LARPing, that’s your call. I take no offense. But when you are walking across country in the middle of the night, with no help for thirty miles, it “adjusts” your thinking.
            The above video brings back memories. I helped set up and maintain the cameras in that particular location. I recognize the site, so I include it here for this group’s amusement. There are many other videos which I had no hand in, so credit goes to others. Details as to what happens when detection occurs, I keep secret. But the videos have been approved, edited, and posted by others so I can share.
            There are videos which I can not find right now showing such groups being led by armed guides. Such was the nature of these smugglers. And hence the need for bearing arms.
            Enjoy. It’s not today’s topic of discussion, but in a sense I think pertinent. Seems a lot of people think folk in these troubled times are going to bend the knee. Bullshit.

        • Fascism also relied on Communism, and we certainly have that out being very active in the streets.
          If only 1% have combat experience than the next question is how much of that 1% do they have, how much do we have? If not how much can we get?
          I’m not quite sure about 1% but that’s not really a constraint.
          It’s actually closer to 14 million veterans with the training to do the job, perhaps 3 million have been under fire.
          Our real problem is we don’t organize while the Left does.
          That’s what has made all the difference. People here keep talking about swaying normies – as if that matters.

  65. One solution to the “sea of lies” problem is to wean people off the mainstream media, to just relentlessly attack and shit on NYT, CNN, BBC, et al.

    The problem is, it’s hard to redpill the masses about the mainstream media…without control of the mainstream media.

    But we’ve just got to keep at it like coked-up beavers. Not much else we can do right now.

    • The problem is that we must get to the children. The reason the media even works is because we have a population of people who are incapable of thinking, especially on this subject. They have been conditioned since the time they were small children to believe in equality and anti-racism. It is embedded in their identities.

      • The normals are incapable of critical thought . They function on the level of emotion as it relates to their conditioning, with key stimuli triggering fixed action responses. The state controlled indoctrination centres and controlled media have set up emotional landmines that are activated with trigger words rendering them incapable of autonomous action. 
        Thought leaders , those that finance them, their agents and those interested in their ideas have made their decisions and know where they stand.
        Our target has to be the normal that resisted his conditioning and the mid-wit, that is still capable of independent thought, with a capacity to formulate a picture of the world that corresponds with reality. 
        We do not have to overthink our dispossession or reformulate what is a simple message . The non-Whites want your stuff . They will not be swerved ! 
        The people who are against you and their hirelings have names and addresses . They need to be called to account . We need to hold them to their own standard of collective guilt and punishment , unto the third and forth generation. 
        We do not need any new ideologies . You don’t have to reinvent the wheel . The only way to secure “ Freedom of Association “ is total hegemony . The winner takes it all . The loser takes the fall . 

        • Just a question are you going to be able to do that all by yourself or do you need a Community for that to be accomplished???

          • In point of fact you have all the ‘rights’ which you can vindicate yourself.
            You have the ‘right’ to all the pie that you can stuff in your mouth.
            I’ll trade you a a Turkey dinner next Tuesday for a real ham sandwich today? Deal ?

          • To have total hegemony you are going to need numbers right otherwise you will be living in their world because they understand the numbers game…

          • Lineman, I will answer you earnestly . I don’t have the solution. 
            My people were targeted as kulaks i.e. tight fisted – they were farmers, shepherds and Cossacks. They wanted freedom of association . They reaped the whirlwind. My father was made an orphan during the Civil War and my mother’s family starved in the famine of 1932/33. 
            We were on the losing side in the last War. The Germans rescued them. The Germans wanted “Freedom of Association”. They were unable to vindicate that most basic right though they fought bravely, to the very end. 
            My parents worked the land feeding the war effort and, as with the Soviets, they were not paid for their labour until they were awarded a small German pension in the 80’s. When you are not paid for your labour you are a slave. They never had an unkind word to say about the Germans who liberated them, nor did anyone else in our community. 
            The Southern Cavaliers wanted “ Freedom of Association “. They acquitted themselves bravely and are an example for all eternity. For a time they rechristened self-determination as Jim Crow – in the end the kritarchy ruled against them at every opportunity. 
            The Boer of South Africa wanted “Freedom of Association“- their women and children were rounded up and starved in concentration camps. 
            The South Africans rebranded “ Freedom of Association “ as “ Apartheid “ and the Rhodesians called it “ Independence “ . Regrettably, chivalry and reasonableness failed them . 
            When the Melians declined the ham sandwich in favour of a Spartan Turkey dinner , the Athenians answered: 
            ‘Of the gods we believe, and of men we know, that by a necessary law of their nature they rule wherever they can. And it is not as if we were the first to make this law, or to act upon it when made: we found it existing before us, and shall leave it to exist forever after us; all we do is to make use of it, knowing that you and everybody else, having the same power as we have, would do the same as we do.’
            John De Warenne, Earl of Surrey (1231-1304) when challenged in 1278 by royal commissioners to produce title to his land, produced an old rusty sword declaring, “Here, my Lord, is my warrant ” (warrantus: a pun which no doubt appealed to the somewhat intractable sense of honour of the time). My ancestors came with William the Bastard and won their lands with the sword, and by the sword I will hold them against all comers.” Earl John won his case.
            What is is , it’s always been that way and there is no sign that this is ever going to change . If you have a right , then who do you petition to uphold it ? Who enforces that right ? If you have a right, which is a limited entitlement in a legal structure, to whom do you appeal that right to ?
            Tort resolves differences between people with differences. It resolves those differences by judging the cost. Emotions are not a cost, they are what you have to bear! However, tort is secured by violence. The violence of men.
            I’m not the Big Brain and I don’t have all the answers. However , I remember that everyone and their uncle thought that the Soviet hegemony would last forever; then one day the Berlin wall fell and Santa had Nicolai and Elena Ceaușescu shot on Christmas Day – soon after the Union itself was dissolved . 
            On Festivus there is the airing of grievances . My hope is to live through the Interregnum, Lustration and the settling of accounts. 
            The White man is always outnumbered. 
            Lineman – I like Glen Campbell as well , however I prefer “ The Highwayman “ – what one man alone singing with a guitar can do is inspirational . 
            “ Oh! the metempsychosis! Oh! Pythagoras, that in bright Greece, two thousand years ago, did die, so good, so wise, so mild; I sailed with thee along the Peruvian coast last voyage – and, foolish as I am, taught thee, a green simple boy, how to splice a rope! “ 
            Hail Victory ! 

          • I hear you Brother thing is you can’t get Freedom of Association unless you have the power to do so…The kulaks lost because they just wanted to be left alone…They didn’t want power so they never banded together to gain it and were picked off one by one which we will be also if we don’t…
            PS my handle didn’t come from Glen’s song its my profession…

          • Huh. I never knew there was a job to draw the lines in my kids school books. Now I know. Thanks for your hard work lineman. I assume you use a ruler because they’re always straight!

      • The young seem the most vulnerable to propaganda; they were the most afraid of the Covid hysteria and are posting BLM on their social media profiles. Many of my children’s friends who grew up in fundamentalist and evangelical churches are engaging in this nonsense.
        Home school if you are able. Pay others to do it if you can’t yourself. Teach your kids and grandchildren the Bible. Be careful of youth groups, though. Most are lead by woke young pastors who believe racism is our greatest sin. Last night my daughter went to her youth group. Of course the subject was racism. A young man asked why he was working three jobs to pay for his college while the black kid next door had free college. He was quickly shut down.

        • The entire organizational structure of the US is suffused with anti-white racism. The only way to avoid it is to withdraw as much as humanly possible and to consort with those who are not AWRs.

        • The national denominations are all converged on this point. They buy the Jesus was an immigrant-anti-racist. They are selling progressive sjw-ism in a Christian wrapper.
          The second you allow your children into this unholy mess, they will brainwash them. The proto-SJWs and SJWs have been in control of everything having to do with children from the time I was a kid in the 70s and probably before then too.
          This is why the religious have always had lots of programs involving kids. They wrap up the religion in such a way that it becomes part of their identity, of who they are.

        • The Bible is solid. The churches are worthless and pozzed. And they will work to get your daughter on a mission trip to some third-world hole and to either marry one of its denizens or adopt one in order to cut her genetic line.

    • Some guy in history took control of the media away from the enemies of his people.

  66. Minneapolis just voted to defund the police. I have a Young Libertardian friend there who’s TL is all about how can we find the right solution to policing, lol. All agree police are the problem. I told them this was lol hilarious, if they don’t like the cops they’ve got wait until they see the replacements.

    Now the replacements are BLM, that is BLM’s core demand.

    • The replacements are the deputies of the Hennepin County Sheriffs Department. Caveat: Assuming they are willing to go in.

      • Worse, you will be unemployable with ‘cop’ on your resume. Moreover, hundreds or thousands of your colleagues will be competing with you regionally for new cop jobs, private security or any other position you can hope to get. In a recession or depression.
        Property crimes will be the great barometer for civil collapse. Once violence is unprosecuted, as it mostly is where I live, unless against a protected class, then society divides into gangs and factions with whitey as the prime target.
        In other news, I returned from the park outside my doorstep in Chicago. Aside from the park personnel removing the graffiti on our statues, it’s an absolutely gorgeous day and I caught the dandelion parachute release into the sunshine with several other locals and we burst into laughter everything was so perfect. All white, middle-aged, and apparently having fond memories of better days triggered by the dandelions.
        At least today looks to be an excellent one.
        Edited to add: Just prepared to cross a street. A military Humvee drove by. It was equipped with a CROWS II remotely-operated machine gun turret but without the ammo box loaded. WTF needs a .50 cal to suppress rioting? It’ll chew through buildings right quick. Hmmm….

        • I would LOVE to have one of those [ CROWS II ] for personal and property protection, target practice, and perhaps even some duck hunting.

        • Worse, you will be unemployable with ‘cop’ on your resume.

          Or find jobs in private security for the super rich and gated communities.
          Gated communities will have guard towers like some places in South America. Luxury prisons, away from diversity.

      • The policeman will probably get his full pension and go to another force or private security company to work.

        • Heh, honestly hadn’t thought of that, and I used to work in that field. Yeah, private security should see a really nice boon if deconstructing the police forces really takes off.

    • Imagine an army of Mohammed Noors- the half-trained quota cop who killed Justine Damond- riding around in technicals, dispensing “justice” whacked out on khat (or the domestic equivalent) and you begin to understand what the tranny freaks on the Minneapolis City Council have in mind.

      • Who’s going to repair Mohammed’s car to make sure it functions well. Who’s gonna make sure the $300,000 police vehicle that he’ll roll around and has good Internet In the vehicle? Who’s going to make sure to take it to the dealer to make sure that the tires are working right? Unless you can figure that out it’s just gonna be a bunch of mad max gangsters Roaming around like idiots.

        • There are enough woke pozzed whites to still do the blue collar work in these cities. And once they run out of them, it will be a very binary solution because by that time they will have full control of everything.
          “Fix our trucks, or die.” Tough choice…

        • The non-whites would rather rule over a dysfunctional dystopia than serve in a highly functional white society.
          Don’t worry though, our “fellow white people” will find a way to make the system function without us.

      • At the micro level, certain people have very specific goals in mind. In the black areas of Minneapolis, no-go zones and sharia law will be practiced by the locals (because it works so well in Paris). When it quickly goes shithole, racism will be blamed, and more gibs will be demanded for those areas. There is a method to the madness. It simply adds to the whole separation thing, from where we sit.

        • Black areas are already no-go zones in the vast majority of cities. Defunding the police will make entire cities no-go zones.

          • Yep, and your point is…
            We can see that….now think small local…and view future history in geologic deep time. The near future is brutal.

          • The conservatives over at powerline all griping about not being able to sell thier houses(for top dollar) and get the hell outa minneapolis. Much fun to be had in the comments section over there these days. The jews are in a tizzy of gatekeeping. My jewdar is being sharpened to a razor edge.

      • Yes. Strangely they are saying that – and no one accepts it. I am being un friended over pointing this out and saying its partition or war.

    • Give Minneapolis some credit. The Somali cop killed the Australian woman a couple years ago is doing 10 years for manslaughter or similar.
      Don’t know if they could even achieve the same outcome now

      • I’m going to be really disappointed if they don’t eliminate the Police Dept. in Minneapolis. I was counting on that sequence of events (no police and a burning city) – as a “teachable moment” for some of the people I know who just can’t seem to wrap their heads around what is going on.

        • Don’t count on their heads wrapping around anything. I don’t care and leave them to their wayne’s world.

          • Wow….stepped on my tongue. I do care about You….am protecting myself and don’t give a care about The People because they are so brainwashed nothing will wake them up. No more Glenn Becking how to talk to a socialist. The civil war is here.

  67. The woke members of this generation have been the richest proles in the history of the world. They have no real concept of what poverty and misery are actually like. They probably believe that when their efforts are rewarded things will return to a kind of normality that includes their being in charge of the redistribution of the wealth. Sadly, there won’t be any wealth to redistribute until they’re returned to subservience.

      • Probably not before you though, because they are will to do any debasement necessary to survive, like all cowards in history.
        So while you aren’t wrong they are necessary now from a numbers perspective to usher in the new Theocratic Government of Woke which is what the Democratic party will be renamed to soon. Then it will be Uniparty and Big Brotha in perpetuity after that.

        • Revolution devours its children. The woke whites will be first, because they will be seen as competition and/or not reliable.
          The ones who kept their heads down will be ignored or allowed to exile.

        • Naw. The white wokes will be the first ones up against the wall because they’re the softest targets.

        • I could be dead before I see it, but the Woke ‘uns are first against the wall after most revolutions.

    • It is really galling how goodwhites honestly believe they will be left to go back to their McMansions and SUVs after their vibrant pets get, “muh equality.”

      • It is clear that my liberal friends subconsciously believe that while I will be forced to live in a teepee, without electricity or combustion, that they will be granted a special pass from Obama or Al Gore to retain their heated homes and Priuses, due to their faithful service to the cause.

        • They don’t realize that people like us are the ones who keep their lights and heat on…Once that tipping point is reached it will go downhill fast which is why once again I will say better have Community when it happens or you will be in a world of hurt…

    • You are distracted by economics and comparisons of historic standards of living.
      The real issue is that they hate traditional white people. We are the Kulaks and we are marked for subjugation, if not extermination.

      • Yes, constant reminder of the economic angle is a weird one here. It’s just a cope. Wealth redistributed or wealth washed away, you’re still stuck in a land full of these idiots who wish you dead.

        • Perhaps because economics will be a prime weapon of the genocide. Get woke or lose your job and starve. You didn’t build that business (per the sainted Obamatard); so your “partners” will confiscate their share. And if you do get woke, be prepared for some tasty bug protein with those collard greens. The bottom line truth is that cultural genes require economic epigenesis for their real world expression. In other words, economics is a necessary but not sufficient efficient cause of culture.

          • “Perhaps because economics will be a prime weapon of the genocide. Get woke or lose your job and starve. “
            Already happened to me. Former academic. Doing manual labor at the moment. The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution has come to Amerika, kids…

      • Hi Line! Stalin shot his first line of generals, then on down. They’ll get the big surprise.

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