Selling Normie

One of the truths about politics that many would prefer to ignore is that politics is not about facts and reason. The game is about persuasion. If you live under a monarch, then the game is to create popular support in order to persuade the king that some policy is good for his people. If the ruler is a despot, then he needs to be convinced his best interest lie in a particular policy. In theory, at least, democracy is about persuading fifty percent plus one in favor of some course of action.

In order to persuade someone, you need to understand his needs and motivations in order to frame your appeal to him in a way that he can understand. Good salesmen always start by understanding what their prospect needs and why he thinks he may need whatever it is he may buy. He is far more likely to buy the widget that makes the boss happy than the widget that works a tiny bit better than the rest. He needs the widget and is motivated to make his boss happy.

A similar approach must be done with the sorts of people dissidents seek to persuade in the political arena. The so-called normie has become the universal white guy everyone says they want to bring to this side of the great divide. As President Barak Obama once said, he is the typical white person. This is the guy who votes Republican and listens to Rush Limbaugh when he is driving around during the day. His dream is to be left to live his life as he sees fit with whom he sees fit.

Normie would naturally come this way, but he has been convinced of a number of things that operate like a leash keeping him in lefty’s yard. For example, normie is sure that markets matter a great deal. When he sees all of the corporate oligarchs promoting black violence, he mutters to himself, “Get woke, go broke.” He truly thinks the marketplace will punish these companies. He thinks the sportsball leagues will suffer for kneeling to their black players. The fans will punish them for it.

The mistake made by dissidents when discussing the magic market issue is in thinking they need to be anti-market. The thing is, normie needs to believe the market will magically solve these problems because he is not motivated to act on his anger and frustration over what he is seeing. The choice he sees is to abandon the convenience of buying from Amazon or forgoing the joy of watching sports. If he is going to walk away from consumerism, there has to be something in it for him.

There is something similar at work with race. Normie has been told his whole life that if he just tries hard enough, black people will stop thinking he is a racist. It’s not that explicit, but that is the point of race messaging from the ruling class. They want white people in a constant struggle session over race, where they examine everything they do with an eye on reaching the magic state of being not racist. Since no such place exists, the struggle can never end, hence the endless riots.

It is why explicitly racist language is a dead end for normie. He sees that and is confirmed in his desire to not be a racist. Those taboo-breakers with their salty language and snarky comments are mostly singing to the choir. There’s a place for it and a need for it, but when it comes time to pitch normie on race realism, such language and symbolism is a deal killer. You become the salesman who walks into a Christian business using four-letter language and wreaking of alcohol.

Normie also likes feeling a bit self-righteous and sanctimonious. This is true of all people to some degree. All of us want to be good people in the universal sense, but we also want the people around us to acknowledge it. As John Derbyshire explained back in the Neolithic, social thought is a foundation of man. When it comes to politics, the easiest way for normie to feel good is to triangulate. He rejects the far-left, but also rejects those bad people and haters to his right.

You see this in business. Often a buyer will justify his decision as being the value proposition, which means not the best, but not the cheapest. It is a form of self-flattery that the good salesman can exploit. He recognizes that the buyer needs to feel like he is a reasonable guy not taken by fads and thoughtful in his analysis. Normie takes a similar approach when it comes to thorny cultural issues in politics. He naturally seeks some middle ground that he can then pretend is the high ground.

This is, in part, why normie remains smitten with immigration. It has always been framed for him as a choice between open borders and xenophobia. Normie really needs to believe that those immigrants want to be like him. To reject them out of hand is to reject himself. Again, it is a form of self-flattery. Think about how so-called conservatives sell normie on immigration. They talk about immigrants starting businesses and being natural conservatives who love Jesus and family

On the other hand, normie makes noises about the need for immigration being legal and measured, because it makes him seem reasonable. He rejects the chaos of open borders, because he is an orderly sort of guy. He wants a tough border, but as long as there is a legal process, he is fine with immigration. The current immigration levels have become his value position. He’s not taking the cheap route of open borders, but he is not going for the expensive option of a moratorium.

Then there is the weird fatalism of normie. He looks around at the madness of the day and thinks, “They have gone too far. The snap-back is coming.” This is similar to his belief in the magic of the marketplace. Normie just assumes the excesses he sees around him will cause the silent majority, of which he is a member in good standing, to move like a school of fish in a different direction. Millions of private decisions motivated by left-wing excess will put things back in order.

This is why talk of whites becoming a minority is so effective on normie. It’s not so much that he fears being at the mercy of non-whites. He fears he will lose the validation of being in that silent majority and that the silent majority will no longer be that magical force that rights all wrongs. In other words, so much of the normie mindset that keeps him tethered to conventional politics, depends on him believing he is part of a perpetual majority of good white people like himself.

It’s why the scenes of whites washing the feet of blacks and kneeling before them is so powerful, when combined with demographic reality. When normie understand he will be a minority and it means washing the feet, he suddenly becomes a highly motivated buyer for a new political ideology. The good salesman is always prepared for the motivated buyer. He does not bore him with a long sales pitch. He just presses on those pain points until he gets the sale.

Every salesman will tell you that there are good times and bad times. The good salesman weathers the bad times and maximizes the good times. Right now, it has never been a better time to sell dissident ideas to the normie in the market for something better. Not all are motivated buyers, for sure. Some people never let go of the past. You can’t save everyone, but there are a lot of white people looking around right now thinking, “There has to be something better than this.”

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352 thoughts on “Selling Normie

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  2. Normie used to be following establishment narrative for a comfortable life
    But today high education taught them that you can be plutocrat discriminated against poor, but you can’t allow to be racist
    So normal people are willingly becoming Anti-White Anti-racist, since all that matter is money
    Besides, people knew previous racial theater that only the poor who live in “bad neighbourhood” hurt from menace
    in fact, this is a good time to virtue signalling and get pleasure since they are safe
    but yes, it’s possible to persuade Normie who doesn’t have national spirit, because they care about money
    First, you have to convince that even people who same ethnicity has genetic difference, someone is beautiful and someone is undesirable
    Second, you convince that why other ethnic group incapable of producing wealth or invent anything eventually looting
    Third, tell them that they are the target since they have stuff that lootable

  3. Normie conservatives have very little ability to envision their world becoming much worse than what it is now. Bad whites who are in the middle of vibrancy are far less deluded than bad whites that live in largely white areas such as Wisconsin. That is why they could support Paul Ryan.

    I don’t know any Texas normies who think that Texas will go blue like California, a formerly solid red state, did. They firmly believe that their Mexicans are different. They won’t believe it till it happens repeatedly.

  4. It is hard to reach normie until they become desperate because the left controls the culture and conservatives have already acquiesced to letting them control it.

    I don’t know of a single conservative normie male who is desperate. They feel guns will save them and are anxious for BLM and antifa to come to their areas. They also believe that there are militias ready to kick ass.

    • They can ruin you without coming to your neighborhood by closing your bank account, shut you off from amazon, deny you a credit card, post your address, get you fired, post your photograph at the post office.

    • One story of tye transition. I was a lefty , was and still am a college prof at an ivy type school. I was on a site where sailer comments and thought he was an awful racist but i kept reading because he was so logical. Once i started reading and couldnt refute his arguments i switched my politics. But its kind of miserable. I have to guard my tongue 24 7 and its distanced me from my friends who are almost all left. Plus eventually the cultural revolution is going to get me. Sure would be nice if there was somewhere to go for people in our thing.

      • Anon, you have to find a community of like minded. You have to seek them out, they won’t come to you. Church, grass root political groups. There are many of us out there who are looking for ppl like you. It’s too hard to go it alone. Find a support group.

  5. When do we start being honest about what we stand for?
    We’re supposed to tell people what “they need to believe” rather than what really happens when you believe the market is magical?
    Being honest is the equivalent of walking into church drunk?
    We’re all Straussians now? Preach exoteric falsehoods about markets & race & save the esoteric truth for the inner party?
    Trying to out-Jew the Jews is a helluva way to appeal to quality Whites.
    I’d rather red-pill 3 guys who can handle honesty than 6 who have to be blindfolded just to meet us halfway.
    There’s sometimes a fine line between good salesmanship and fraud but this advice seems firmly planted in the “fraud” camp.

  6. The reason I’ve been lurking here for the last couple of years was to read the ‘normie’ comments.
    The one ‘Truth’ I could count on was that the official story was not true . 
    I had inform myself the hard way, by going to libraries and the libraries didn’t have the books I wanted to read, even when I put in requests for inter-library loans . 
    Even after I got online in the mid 2000’s I didn’t find Kevin MacDonald until 2011 – that put me back on track . 
    That’s why I admire men like Adrian Arcand, Revillo Oliver , George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. Wm. Luther Pierce. They had to do it the hard way by going to Libraries and digging through microfiches of vintage newspapers. Then they stood up and told the world what they had found.
    That’s not to mention inventors like Thomas Edison , industrialists Henry Ford and genuine heroes like Charles Lindberg. 
    Now it’s all there for anyone who want’s to know. 
    The last time something this big happened was When Guttenberg published his bible.
    About 15 million Europeans out of a population of about 90 million were slaughtered – that’s about 1/6th of the population . 
    Everyone knows this ! 
    All of you are inspirational. Especially the ladies.

  7. Paraphrase Septimus Severus; sell this to soldiers, no one else counts.

    I am losing all respect for my country. You didn’t see the Afghans or Iraqis take this Progressive shit.

    Hell the joggers don’t take it, this is a rejection of essentially Progressive live together nonsense.

    The ones threatening to march on the burbs and rural areas are white progressives. Burn down daddy’s house.

    I’m leaning towards Normie fails the Darwin exam.

    You have to be kidding Z.

    even if you convince them, the MOST they would do is vote GOP and not tell the Karen.

  8. I don’t understand why someone who rejects democracy is interested in selling normie, a decent but useless fellow.

    Even if he votes, its useless.

    The idea we’d get a war captain with democracy is idiotic, I cop to being an idiot myself with Trump. He’s better than the alternative.

    Normie will get it after his children are raped in front of him and he somehow survives, even then most of them will run like the curs they are.

  9. I agree with the post. Lots of new customers. I found that many are receptive to the facts if presented in a matter-of-fact diffident way. I always act unhappy about the cruel facts of IQ and genetics. I also have professional credentials so that might make it easier for me. When i first started talking IQ race realism in the comments of normie blogs it was as if i dropped a turd in the punch bowl. It is satisfing to see others pick up where i left off and repost stuff they got from me. I don’t do the twitters. Anyone seen race realism there? The counter auguments are easy to bat down. For instanse, Gould’s the mismeasurement of man was humourously written prior to the bell curve. No serious refutation of the bell curve has emerged. When we win, we should commision a statue of C Murray.

  10. We need our own theater. Besides released doxxed a customer email complaint about Amazon BLM support.
    We need lawsuits against Bezos personally seeking damages for this man and class action alleging Bezos has sent conservative customers info to anti factor harassment.
    And also class action on behalf of White victims of Black hate crimes that Bezos helped by donating and supporting a criminal Rico enterprise BLM. And showed depraved indifference to Black on White hate crimes.
    Indeed he should be sued globally there are many unemployed lawyers. Tobacco companies were immune until they were not.
    Even if losing Bezos should be forced into court to testify.

  11. Has anyone seen the usual suspects kneeling?

    I haven’t other than Schumer, who pretends to be Catholic.

  12. I fully expect the U.S. govt at some point to declare Ebonics as the official language of th Untied States. Muthafucka and He a good boy will enter the dicta of the U.S. Supreme Court.

  13. i wonder if all those joggers at the funeral realize they are asking for mercy and guidance from a white god named Jesus. Probably not. Well, maybe they do .and this fact proves what Zman says all the time. If the whites go away the joggers are out of Business.

  14. How can we sell any of this with a straight face when everything looks like a live episode of “Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp”

  15. Just ask your “Normie” friends and colleagues, what kind of future do they want for their children? A future of dignity and respect, or one where they have to stop off at their nearest humiliation center every evening after work and sucking black cock on national television? 

  16. By the way, I hear that a whole bunch of British DR people (having been sh*tcanned by WokeTech) are now opening accounts with vKontakte – the Russian version of Facebook.
    I confess that I have not looked into it but I will. It may have it’s own issues but I find it hard to believe that the Ruskies are having fainting spells over Trayvon.

  17. My gosh, this is masterful.

    I’m going to keep it open, and actually practice, as if I were a salesman for white people. Because I am!

    One who believes, utterly, in his product.

    I need to be better, for my people.

    I’ve been selling ‘dissidents’- and who wants to be the weirdo?

  18. Zman’s suggestions are good strategy but also, in my view, a litmus test.
    If any normie is still unmoved at the prospect of their children being loathed and detested minorities, then you know immediately that he or she is unsalvageable. Do not waste another microsecond on them.
    Do we really want any allies that are so contemptuous of and callous towards their own posterity? We’re better off without them. Leave them to go and wash Sh’niqua’s feet.

  19. Slightly Off-Topic, but not really.
    If anyone is intellectually curious about societal & cultural shifts, revulooshun, and especially how this is all being re-played today, just as it was back in France in the mid-to-late 1700’s here’s an interesting talk that Ann Barnhardt (blogger, these days) gave about the French Rev., and importantly, the things leading up to it.
    This video was made in 2012, but is very, very relevant today.
    It’s about proto-Marxist progression and subsequent genocide is playing out today.
    (“Proto” Marxist b/c Marx the man wasn’t yet born when the French Rev. took place.)


    • Thanks, Carrie, I think it was Rwc who first reminded me of Barnhardt, and she has been on fire.

      Hat tip to Rwc, thank you.

      The AntiChurch, I totally agree.

    • Actually Lenin got his playbook from the Jacobins; Origins of contemporary France – Book III – the Jacobins. By Hippolyte Taine.
      Hitler read it too.
      I quibble with the Jacobins being proto-Marxist – they were originals, he copied.

  20. “…reaching the magic state of being not racist. Since no such place exists..”

    That’s just it. All of their manufactured crises are unreal, unattainable, and unresolvable.

    A false form of grace, since billions have found better lives through the gift of grace. The observable evidence is that grace works.

    Is this falsity an exploitable weakness, then?

    Our job is to defeat evil, after all.

    Not run away, not wait for rescue, but to confront and defeat it.

    Evil works by twisting our instinct towards its own end- thus, the Good is the stronger power, the deeper design.

    • That’s just it. All of their manufactured crises are unreal, unattainable, and unresolvable.
      Just so. The reason “you’re a racist” works so well, is because everybody is a racist so the accusation always hits a spot.
      We’re not progressing as long as “racist” is a slur, rather than a simple statement about unalterable human nature. Every time you insist that you are not a racist, you are affirming that being racist is a bad thing, helping to forge the weapon Globohomo wields so ruthlessly at our people.
      Always counter an accusation of racism with a polite, mildly curious “what’s wrong with being a racist?” You love your family more than you love your neighbor’s family; does that make you an evil person?

      • Felix Krull, the “r” word has to be defanged and the only way to do that is to respond to accusations with, “Yes. So what?” When enough people respond thusly, the word is dead.

        • I always say “Damn right I am! And you are too, everyone is!” and throw the hot potato right back in their laps.

          Make them justify themselves- a little struggle session of their own.

          I think they subconsciously seek confession.

          • “It’s OK to be racist”.
            Those are the stickers I want to see now. It’s the logical next step.

          • “It’s OK to be racist”.
            Sure it is. Because to be human is to be racist. It is ok to be human is it not?

          • “Takes one to know one”
            “I know you are but what am I?” (HT to Peewee Herman)
            or just borrow one from the black people – “Yo mama”
            As Z has said many times, the Left didn’t take over with complex, intellectual arguments, but with the equivalent of simple schoolyard mind-fuckery. A lot of their “arguments” are just name calling and the use of neologisms like “homophobe” that they invent themselves. There’s no reason not to use the same tricks against them.

      • Felix, you’re right!

        Like other natural features, as if we’re bad for being completely normal human beings.

        They are looking for prey.

  21. Racism is the pivotal issue here, the preference of your own kin to others.
    As long as Normie feels that is wrong, he will remain lost. Rather than snarky comments and coded messages, Normie must be told in clear language and in dead earnesty: “There’s nothing wrong with being a racist, it’s how we were all created.” Forget explaining about HBD or crime rates, tackle the core, moral condemnation head on.
    The apposite analogy is family: ask Normie if preferring your own family to the neighbor’s is morally reprehensible and if it entails hating the neighbor or wishing to kill him.

    • Yes. I have told people before that EVERYONE is racist because we all recognize those who are different. Why? Evolution. We evolved because nature or God or both wanted us to be able to recognize our own kind and those that were NOT our own kind.
      If you don’t like that fact, take it up with God.
      For generations on end we knew what a nation was. A nation is a community of people who share a common language, culture, values, traditions, ethnicity, descent, and history. That is what God was talking about when He told us he would judge the nations.

    • Felix,
      Yeah, in my head, there is a constant battle between your reasoning and Z’s. I see both sides. As you say, this is a morality play. However, I just don’t know if Joe Normie is mentally ready for such a leap. Too much, too fast, and he won’t listen.
      Whites in the states, at least, have literally been brought up on the evils of racism, well, white racism. We’ve been conditioned to view expression of white pride to be demonic.
      You’re asking Joe Normie to make a mental leap the size of the Grand Canyon. He’s not going to do it. He has to make this journey on his own – with us leading him. He won’t make that journey with a guy he thinks is Hitler. (And, yeah, I know that a lot of Hitler’s ideas – ethnic nationalism, not being ruled by a small minority, pride of people, etc. – were good things.)
      The compromise – for me, at least – is getting Normie to admit that it’s OK for whites to be proud of their heritage, just like any other group. Normies are all about fairness. If you ask them if it’s OK for blacks or Asians to be proud of their history and people, Normie will answer, “Of course.” OK, Normie, then shouldn’t whites be able to be proud of their history and people? Here’s how they always answer, “Well, yes, but we should also acknowledge the terrible things that whites have done, like slavery.”
      The reply: Well, every group has things in their past that were pretty terrible. Look what the Japanese did to the Chinese. But that doesn’t stop the Japanese from being proud of who they are. Shouldn’t the same be true for whites?
      Normie: Well, yeah, I guess, but like I said, we shouldn’t forgot the bad things that we’ve done.
      Me: Well, sure, but you’re not demanding that other groups list their bad deeds every time they say that their proud of who they are. A black guy can simply say that he’s proud to be black. Do you have different rules for whites?
      Normie: Well, no. It’s just that we should be aware of how a white saying that he’s proud of his heritage looks to other groups.
      Me: So you are saying that there are different rules. I can’t just say that I’m proud of my European heritage and the many great things that European Americans accomplished. That’s not fair. You’re being racist against whites. How is that better than those who are racist against blacks?
      Just keep hammering the guy with fairness. It will wear him down. Btw, this fairness technique doesn’t do a thing with white women. They don’t care about fairness one bit, nor have they in the past. For them, it’s purely about staying good with the dominant tribe/religion.
      With white women, I kind of agree with you. State calmly and strongly that you are proud of who you are. Women respect strength. Maybe bring up that their children will be discriminated against. Fear is another motivator for women, though most upper-middle class white women believe that they and their kids won’t have to deal with the brown horde, so that doesn’t always work.

  22. A picture is worth a thousand words. I’ve proposed before that a simple, effective technique might be simply googling up images of “American life 1950s.” You’ll get lots of Magic Negroes and Civil Rights Agitation, of course, but you’ll get a lot of Norman Rockwell-esque real life, too. Then simply ask what, exactly, is wrong with this picture? Especially effective, I imagine, when paired with scenes from modern life. What was so bad about that, such that we had to end it in order to get this? Back then, Americans didn’t watch sportsball; they played sandlot baseball with all their friends. They watched tv, yeah, but as a family (this of course is a prelude to cord-cutting altogether; baby steps). What could a family possibly watch now? Backyard cookouts. Lemonade stands. Crew cuts and letter jackets. Heck, hold a “theme party” (Millennials love those) – the “cordless cookout.” Everyone’s invited, but no electronic devices allowed. Just a few small steps to start…

    • A word is worth a thousand pictures i.e. sunset .
      I agree with you completely. I love looking at pictures .
      This person is still up on twitter. Great visuals – my guess is it’s a lady that curates the photos.
      There was another that did retro black and white photos captioned with ” press esc to go back “. If you do a google image search with that phrase you’ll find many of them however, the Twitter account has been deplatormed.

  23. I like this. The single most important argument, and fact (sometimes they do collide but not often) is that whites will become minority. Normie thinks he can afford to be ‘nice guy’ (as leftie defines it) b/c he still subconsciously ignores that his kind will be minority in his granddaughter’s generation. But removing that psychological shield of (false) safety, ie denial, can trigger a strong reaction. Some can’t handle it. Like Z said, you can’t save ’em all.

  24. This right here.
    This very topic is one of the great learnings / challenges of my life.
    I am not a “soft sale” type of person. More like: “hit them over the head with a brick, and ask why they don’t see what’s obvious.”
    The “soft sale” on bringing others to this side of the divide is one of the greatest challenges ever.
    (Especially with women. Sheesh. Women. [shakes head in frustration].) And yes, I am one. But a rare one, indeed. Range Front Fault, Whitney, and myself. (And I think 3g4me.)
    It’s an education in patience, to be sure.
    Gotta take the long view on this one, and keep gradually chipping away at the people who are “ripe for the picking.”
    And let the “never gonna change” ones go, and not waste time there.

    • On your list of females, also: Where Are The Vikings (who visits from time to time).

    • Again, this is just another golem variant that is being pushed to keep whites docile and sleepy.

  25. I had a bit of an epiphany about this last night because I of the existential dread I was feeling about where we are headed. Once I realized what the ‘play’ is I felt much better. This was also partially fueled by being blackpilled and defeatist on yesterday’s replies.
    I ain’t that guy. I’ve already faced consequences on this very topic most of you can’t (and shouldn’t) imagine. So how to prevent more of you from joining me? Then it hit me and it is something from the Game era and from Heartiste (PBUH). You are dealing with a mercurial emotional ego driven creature with the reasoning capacity of a 5 year old: modern western wahmen.
    How do you steer such a creature? Agree and Amplify! This is the weapon that you should deploy -immediately- to every Karen, soyboy, and normie that you know. Instead of pushing back that they are brainwashed cultists (they are), simply push them over the cliff and outwoke them.
    Karen: “I can’t believe you aren’t being more proactive in seeking out heretics racists to destroy!”
    You: “I can’t believe you are just trying to cancel people. We need to literally start killing them. This is the only way to really be sure since they can never be trusted again. At the minimum, life in prison.”
    You see where I’m going with this, but be sure the target’s of your wrath are shitlibs, fellow whites, soyboys, numales, and lefty wahmen only. Get the ‘revolution it’s eats own children’ kicked into overdrive so the purity spiral and circular firing squad gets turned up to 11. You cannot reason with these people but they DO respond to being not pious and holy enough. Use their religiosity as a weapon against them.
    p.s. The ability to link a disqus account appears to be broken today just fyi. “Invalid Request: Invalid parameter: redirect_uri (should match predefined callback URI)”

    • Apex:
      For my own clarity’s sake: I think I get your example. But let me ask again in a different way, using a different example:
      such as: the issue of reparations. As a strategy: agree & amplify.
      So: I’d agree with the sh*tlib about the topic, and engage them, ask questions about how much, who, how long, etc.
      I was a bit unclear on the “Karen” and “you” scripted example above.

      • It is as simple as taking whatever virtue signal they are spewing and dialing it up to Clown World Mega proportions. For normies, you want to follow up with questions like, I thought you supported this cause? Of course people need to be imprisoned or killed. This will cause enough cogdis in a normie that you gently ‘steer’ them back off the cliff.
        For shitlibs, you want to do the opposite and go full throttle. You must -always- keep them off their feet. This is the ‘neg’ from Game Theory applied to woke bullshit. You mean you only PARTLY support BLM because you don’t think imprisonment and execution are ok. Reverse psychology. They are NOT holy and righteous enough, you are. Ultimately, in a perfect world you’d catch them on video saying that insufficiently pious whites should be imprisoned and killed.
        This is how the Heartistes, Rooshes, etc. of the world (and perhaps Apex Preds 🙂 ) managed to bed lots of stupid lefty women in the 00s. Once you understand the childlike mind you are dealing with manipulating it isn’t terribly difficult.

    • JFC, sorry for the grammar / spelling mistakes in that. This is why I like having an edit button attached to an account. 🙂
      p.s. For the above strategy, the idea for normies is to ‘shock the system’ so they see in their confused minds the end game which likely will be tithes, danegeld, imprisonment, etc. for the insufficiently woke. There is a -lot- of historical precedent for this. For the wokesters the idea is to simply get them to destroy each other in case it wasn’t clear why you are using the same strategy on both groups. I often hear people saying ‘what do we do’. I just told you…. go forth and prosper!

    • Apex, I’ve been using that technique for a few years now, and I can vouch for it being effective. I tend to do the “slow push” leading to 11 rather going directly to 11, i.e. I make normie turn the dial with me.
      Normie: We need to bring communities together and fight against racism and social injustice.
      Me: Absolutely, but talking isn’t enough. People have been talking about these things for years. We need to actually do something. (Start slowly pushing Normie toward changes in his life.)
      Normie: Of course, of course. I just contributed to the NAACP and Unity for All.
      Me: That’s great. I contributed to not just those groups, but other worthy organizations. (Show Normie that you care more.) But we whites shouldn’t think that we can just buy our way out of our guilt. You, me, all of us here. We’re all guilty of white privilege and oppression. Giving away a few hundred dollars – money that we don’t even notice it’s so small – isn’t enough.
      Normie: (He’s getting slightly nervous now. This is going past where whites usually go.) Well, sure. That’s why I went to the march, to show my support.
      Me: Yes, and that was great. But, again, it’s just words. We need action. Action that matters.
      Normie: (He’s starting to look a bit confused.) Like what?
      Me: First off, what about our neighbors who didn’t go to the march or who haven’t posted on Facebook supporting BLM and condemning racial injustice. Their silence shows that they don’t support BLM and that they believe racial injustice is just fine.
      Normie: Well, I don’t know if that’s happening. They may just think that things are complicated.
      Me: Complicated? What’s complicated about police murdering an innocent man? What’s complicated about white racism and oppression of minorities? We need to start posting the names of those who didn’t go to the march and who haven’t put up on Facebook their support of BLM and their opposition to racial injustice.
      Normie: (Definitely getting nervous now.) I’m not sure what you mean. We start publicly naming people who we think don’t agree with us.
      Me: Absolutely. It’s not just that they don’t agree with us. It’s that they’re condoning racism, police brutality and white privilege. The world should know that they’re racists. If they’re not, then let them post on social media that they want to join the fight against racism.
      Normie: I don’t know. Isn’t that like blacklisting people for their political beliefs? I mean, I totally disagree with them, but we should have freedom of speech.
      Me: Freedom of speech?! These people are racists and support murdering blacks because of their color. We can’t let people like that get away with those beliefs. Besides, they can say what they want. We’re not the government. We’re not stopping them from saying that they’re racists. We’re just telling the world about them.
      Normie: It just seems like we’re attacking people. They haven’t even said anything.
      Me: Their silence says what they believe in. And what’s wrong with attacking racists? In fact, we should contact their employers and let them know that they have racists working for them.
      Normie: Wait. Now you want to get them fired?
      Me: Absolutely. They’re racists! Besides, I’m not firing them. I’m just letting their boss know that they’re racist. He can decide what to do. Of course, we should let the boss know that if he keeps a racist around, that makes him and the company racist. And we’ll definitely let the world know that he and the company are racist.
      That’s how you let Normie see where this is going.

      • I see what you are saying but the problem is you are dealing with Joe Six Pack here who is NOT the sharpest tool in the shed. That subtle build technique you are using is great for ‘closing’ leftist retard women and bedding them. For what you are trying to accomplish, it may have the exact opposite effect.
        You are pitching softballs that they may absorb as truth in this hysterical time of clown world insanity. By slow boiling them, you may find them agreeing with you at the end because midwits gonna midwit. This is why I drop the hammer much earlier because that is how you get that cogdis circuit misfire when you go from shame them on Facebook directly to fire them, imprison them, or kill them depending on their history.
        But to each his own, at least we have an active psyop warfare strategy instead of sitting around kvetching w/ no game plan.

        • You have a point. These days, I might end up with them agreeing with me, which isn’t exactly the intent.
          Though I have seen my slow burn style work on a husband’s face as I talk to his NWL wife.

    • Haha, I made a similar comment maybe a week ago. Too lazy to go find it. Wahmen and soys are a collective hysterical woman, and White Men are men.
      We’re being faced with a giant shit test and we’re badly failing. Feminism is a shit test too. White men failed that one.
      These are existential. I pass every time, mostly because I don’t give a fuck about feminism or white privilege, and wahmen / soys are just annoying flies buzzing around. 99% of white men fail though.

  26. My own personal piece of advice: dont be afraid to plant the seed and wait and dont be frustrated. We are in this for the long haul. I consider myself fairly aware of what is going on, but it took me years and i had to hear things multiple times before i could accept them, and i went down several dead ends that wasted months of time and on and on. People will need time, in fact its probably a red flag if they instantly go from normie to believing it all imo.
    The number one personality trait youre looking for in my experience is lack of fear of ideas, or intellectual oppenness – someone who can dive into ideas they disagree with because they are curious to understand them if nothing else. That person may only take one seed of one idea to change their mind.

    • Still flipping over in my head of how to defeat the sportsball fanaticism. If/when whites find a way to bring one of their enemies to their knees, the world will change, and all they need to do is <i>not show up</i>; but Z is right, trying to sell them on the idea of giving something up is hard.

      • Since I don’t follow the negro felon league anymore, I’m not sure, but would guess there’s a reasonable chance they may not even have a season. Or if so, then a truncated, largely no fans in the stands season. As well, it would seem the college season may also be kaput. A lot of fans may walk away in that scenario once they realize they can actually live w/o it.

  27. Look how popular sites such as Unz and Dlive are, as well as various right-wing radio shows, videos, blogs and websites. The situation is not as hopeless as it may seem. There are a lot of people who agree in regard to race and immigration. The far-left makes the most noise, but to invoke Nixon and Trump, there is a silent majority.

    • But for how long?
      We will soon become a silent minority and being a minority requires very different tactics to being a majority.

    • I hope you are correct about “right-wing radio shows,” which seem counterproductive because of how strongly they affirm the “racism is bad” and “your belief is only valid if it helps blacks or you can find a black person who supports it” narratives.
      “Lowest black unemployment ever!” or “Candice Owens supports my beliefs!” are sad examples.

  28. All due respect, Z, I strongly disagree here. The whole concept of “reaching out to normies” is a giant waste of time and is comparable to the alt-right’s obsession with the unicorn black MAGAtards.
    Andrew Anglin actually wrote a great article on this a few days ago. In a nutshell, we’re not gonna convince any more “normies” of our ideas and positions. Those who wanted to choose a side have already chosen it. Battle lines have been drawn. The information on immigration, Zionism, neocon ideology etc. is widely and freely available online. If “normies” actually gave a shit, they would have done the research and changed their positions. The miniscule number of “normies” is not worth paying attention to. They are irrelevant. For better or worse, revolutions are made by a small number of strong-willed men.

    • The whole concept of “reaching out to normies” is a giant waste of time
      Then where did all the people on this talkboard come from?
      Back in the noughties, white nationalism was David Duke and Jared Taylor, today we are legion and Big Propaganda has resorted to a scorched earth strategy, burning their own business models down in terror of us.

      • Without sounding like a snob, we ended up here because we are predisposed to critical thinking and not afraid of PC bullshit. Yes, so far we are only discussing issues anonymously, but it’s a start. The “normies” are either too scared, too dumb, or too apathetic to be relevant.

        • Without sounding like a snob, we ended up here because we are predisposed to critical thinking and not afraid of PC bullshit. 
          So why didn’t we have this traction in the noughties? Were people less intelligent back then?
          Read the comments on all major DisRight talkboards, and you’ll find plenty who being with “I used to think…”
          No, proselytizing works. And I suspect it works better than we think. Several of my ostensibly Normie friends are total race realists and anti-globohomo – they don’t dare come out of the closet publicly due to the social penalty, so they pretend to be Normies, and I know for a fact they were bona fide Polyanna CultMarx only a few years back, so yes, pushing the Overton Window works.

          • I was a racist liberal for most of my life . The Ernst Zundel Trial and the firebombing of his house set me straight . I worked with a fellow who provided security for him at the trials.
            Seeing Tom Metzger’s son John and his mates bust Gerry ‘Geraldo’ Rivera’s nose on television let me know that there were Americans, who had not lost their minds.
            I had to shut my gob all my life.
            The last 4 years have given me hope !

        • Hard to believe now but only 3 years ago I was muh open borders, muh restaurants, muh individuals.

          • My gradual descent into the abyss started in 2016 with Trump… in 2018 it took a sharp turn.
            If it took us 3-5 years, and every other white is starting out now where we were 5 years ago… things will be “interesting” by the mid 2020s, to say the least.

    • I can’t disagree with bubba more. The number of normies isn’t miniscule. Trump won the election on the backs of normies. Those patriotic flag-waving MAGA folks at the Trump rallies are normies. The immigration issue wasn’t allowed into the mainstream until Trump shoved it there during the 2016 campaign. The info on Zionism, critical neocon idealogy and immigration (legal) isn’t in the mainstream. Rush and Hannity and even Tucker won’t (or can’t) talk about certain topics. Many of our guys have been and are still being banned from big online platforms, like FB, twitter, and youtube. Many books (like Greg Johnson’s) have been banned from Amazon. Reaching out selling to normies is critical and you won’t find more fertile ground to close the deal. Normies already love America. That’s a great starting point.

    • I think we can all agree Andrew “88” Anglin has already gotten all the adherents he ever will. He’s the oxyclean pitchman rubbing the severed hand on the carpet, and everyone emotionally stunted enough to not be turned off has already gone into that camp.
      Also, 0 for 2 on the reading comp: muh facts convinces 5, maybe 10 percent of any population – salesmanship, rhetoric, emotional appeals are needed for the other 95%: its marketing, not markets, that gets people on our side.

      • Exactly my point. The normies don’t give a shit about facts. Everyone knows blacks are predisposed to violence and live in dysfunctional communities. Everyone knows Jews run the media. Everyone knows immigration is out of control.
        The normies simply A) don’t give a shit or B) are too scared to say anything that rocks the boat. Either way, pandering to them is pointless.

      • Your opinion of Anglin is quite out of date. Daily Stormer hasn’t featured the Hail Hortler stuff in 2+ years.

  29. Good essay. You cannot sell something a person doesn’t want. But you can make them believe you have their best interests at heart when they are ready to buy. Then you’ll be their first choice. This is why it’s important to emphasize that racial separation is about love, not hate. Normies don’t like hate, but they’ve been taught that ‘love’ is the answer to everything. Also, the idea that we’re not talking about war, but a ‘racial divorce’ (as Greg Johnson puts it). This way of describing what WN stands for is more relatable.

    • Yes, they have been taught that “LOVE” is the answer. All you need is love and all that crap.
      I have asked Joe Normie if he believes that God is Love. You always get back an “of course”. Well, the God of Love built a hell for people. Apparently “love” does not prevent punishment.

  30. “It’s not so much that he fears being at the mercy of non-whites.” – Jackpot. That’s the problem right there. And this is why, I think exiled right wing Californians peppered throughout mostly the west are years ahead of the rest of the country. Californians who know what to fear and why. Whites are now a sub-minority in the state. The malfunctioning school systems are La-Raza brainwashing operations and have been for years. So when Tarantino does that hyper-sentimental, boring nostalgia trip about Hollywood and The Valley, in-between his blaxploitation movies, it was actually an obituary of a formerly white place. You would think normie would look beyond his geography and get a clue. “Oh, California is so crazy.”…Why is that normie?… idiot… fool.

    • You are right. An obituary. That’s one way to look at that film. I love that movie, though, and bought the DVD. When it first came out, I went to see it in a theater. I was lmao throughout. It really took me back to 1969 when my husband was on deployment during the Vietnam War. We were living near a base in So Cali in 1970, so I had time to get used to the ethos in that place. I remember being disturbed then that Sharon Tate was married to Roman Polanski. The thing I noticed about the film when I thought about it later was the lack of blacks in it — so refreshing that they weren’t cluttering up the place, being irrelevant characters in most of the lives of people I know, or even in Hollywood back then. Wish the movie’s ending was what actually transpired “once upon a time…”

    • You would think normie would look beyond his geography and get a clue.
      JR it’s that old frog in the pot analogy the heat was turned up slowly over time so they didn’t jump out…It’s funny when I talk to people that have made that leap and they see what living is outside of CA they always say I don’t know why in the h*ll we didn’t get out sooner and if they still have family there and they go back to visit they can see the filth they use to live in and it repulses them…

    • A lot of my current understanding of things derives from growing up in Baltimore during The Great Transition as it went from white to black. A lot of the trouble I have understanding the pozzed whites here on the West Coast is that I tend to assume most of the goodwhites here are just hypocrites who deny what they know from experience. Most don’t have the experience I did though. I wouldn’t wish on anyone the experience of being white in Baltimore, Detroit, CA, South Africa, or any other place overrun by PoC but it does seem to prime a person to become aware of a lot of uncomfortable truths. White people who’ve come out of such places have a great role in awakening others to the reality of just what will happen to them if they allow the demographic tsunami to keep rolling in. Schools, shopping, recreation, neighborhoods, walking in the park, driving, and of course work – let the PoC take over and it all goes to shit, and shit you will still have to pay for.

  31. To bring over Normie we need to be reasonable radicals. Good people and Good citizens but radical as hell and willing to throw out tidbits of truth to them when the opportunity presents itself.

  32. My reading of the state of normie in Britain is rather different than those about US normies in the comments above.
    I have been quite active on social media during this spasm and I can report that more than few eyes have been opened. Several previously card-carrying civnats and normiecons of my acquaintance are starting to look pink around the gills. I am seeing a level of awareness on my timelines that I did not see even a month ago. Very encouraging and, yes, I am doing my bit to nudge them along. No pushback at all.

    • Well, keep a light on for us over here (and maybe a visa handy). You guys still have a chance demographically. That’s done over here. We can’t save what was once our country. That horse is out of the barn even if that’s hard to see right now.
      Honestly though, any of the European countries could do what the Dems did here, except in reverse. They brought in non-whites to tip the scales. If whites woke up in England and took control of the government, they could import whites from S.A., USA, Canada, NZ and Australia, offering them a homeland for their people. They would come, and they would be severely pissed off.

      • Citizen, I’m afraid that we still have a way to go. But at least there are some small, green shoots.

      • If the UK had a government committed to BRITISH people, I would immediately leave this shithole Ontario and go back to my ancestral homeland.
        As it stands now, though, the UK is on the same path as us but with further to fall. It is probably more depressing to live through a place going from 85% white to 50%, than from 50% to 30% (Toronto).
        It’s all by design. Everywhere has to be the same to keep us from leaving.

        • Yep, at the moment, Europe and the UK are better demographically than the US and, I guess, Canada, but they’re still on the same path, just a bit behind us. In ~20 years, they’ll be right where we are now unless they change course. And I truly hope that they do. We may need a place to flee to.

          • Wow, Canada will be majority non-white likely before the U.S. That’s amazing. You guys really made up for lost ground. Canadians always did like to beat their big brother.
            Granted, you were at least smart enough to bring in Indians and Chinese instead of Mexicans. Canada has imported an over class while Americans imported an under class, though we’re bringing in the Indians and Chinese now as well. Good time ahead.

          • Yea but when you think about it Citizen it’s better to be ruled by the stupid evil rather than the smart evil because you can live in the cracks while building a resistance…

  33. These riots and the sucking up to the rioters has been demoralizing as hell. Watching all of this just makes me think “we’re doomed”
    The videos of cops kneeling and taking the knee and joining the protests is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. While one group of cops was cucking in the worst possible way, another groups of cops was literally slashing tires in the Kmart parking lot.

    • The sight of the cops and national guard kneeling just makes me shudder. I’d rather die than take a knee.

  34. He rejects the chaos of open borders, because he is an orderly sort of guy. He wants a tough border, but as long as there is a legal process, he is fine with immigration.
    We were bombarded with stuff like this watching the cartoons as kids! Can you blame normie for this?
    This is pretty weak sauce compared to what the kids are getting today.
    If you want to see a glimpse of tommorow’s society, watch some sesame street and cartoons.

  35. Most normies are not much interested in details. They live in the moment. Any interest in the past is almost always for entertainment purposes or a justification for the present. Z is absolutely correct: any appeal that isn’t immediate and at the gut level is wasted breath.
    “We’re going to become a minority, a hated minority even if we stop all immigration. What’s your plan? Let the market decide? Allow the Constitution to magically undo what has been done to us during the past 70 years? Our forefathers resorted to much stronger actions with a lot less at stake…but we’re going to continue being reasonable? That’s your plan? Let the system function as it was designed to do and all will right itself? You’re living in nostalgia America. It no longer exists. It’s been dead for awhile. Like every other damned group in this country we need to learn to take our own side. We are stewards of our inheritance not its wholesalers. The opportunities your fathers had are no longer available to your descendants. What will you tell your children and grandchildren who have greater social demands placed upon them with fewer and fewer means of meeting for pushing back on those demands? It’s progress. It’s just how things worked out? You need to be creative and find a way to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, Little Horatio Alger! ” (Make your own canned pitch. One that you can extrapolate upon when the opportunity arises.)
    Aim at the gut. Keep a bit of iron in your voice with a bit of humorous needling. Part with them suggesting that we all need to widen this discussion. Most normies in one form or another see a lot of what we see, they just lack a framework in which to understand it. Getting someone to see the problem as an intentional and manipulated problem is always the first step. How to deal with it and why action is called for can come later. Zman’s post today is a necessity. This blog attracts a certain type of individual, both commenters and readers. We all tend to overthink things far beyond what most normies are capable of responding to, at least initially. A normie friendly pitch, a brief one, will grab their attention where a more weighty and/or lengthy one will not.

    • Every conversation should include whitey becoming a minority. A despised minority. If I have time I like to briefly describe the ’65 Immigration Act, saying that’s where it all started. I’ve yet to find a Normie who’s aware of that. They tend to think becoming more multiracial is natural and they way America is supposed to be.

      • ’65 is a good place to begin once you’ve caught their interest.
        The immigration act.
        The attack on family stability with the Griswold Act making contraception easily and the freely available.
        The attack on public decency with the overturning of the moral code Challahwood once had to abide by. The Pawnbroker gave a green light to nudity in film. It was only a foot in the door if even that but in hindsight it gave the redlight district access to mainstreet and everyone’s home.
        An attack on cultural unity, an attack on family stability & formation and attack on public decency. All of it planned with an intent to do harm to our social fabric. About as natural as putting strychnine into a salt shaker.

  36. FWIW I was normie until I went broke for a while after ‘08. Eating plain rice, taking a job as a janitor, and selling possessions to make rent put things in perspective. I believe prosperity, or at least its appearance, is the biggest barrier to appealing to normie.

    For instance, when someone says ‘white’, normie hears ‘inequality’. On some level he knows that white means white and that he’s disliked simply for being white, but he can afford to delude himself. He has the luxury of being naive.

  37. All well and good, and I wish you success in your goal of persuading others that societal insanity is not a good thing. But what if you’re too late or the pool of robust men is declining faster than the growth rate of parasites? What then? What kind of world are you saving us for? How much dead-weight can you carry on your back before you keel over? What if the parasites win? What is your Plan B?

    • “Dr. Blacklove – How I Quit Worrying And Learned To Love The Negro.” The White Race is riding the self-hate bomb all the way to the target.
      On your feet or on your knees, White Boy.
      America is finished. Look to your own.

    • TomA, just a reminder that there are still 200 million (out of 330 million) white people in America. That’s significant.

    • Planning to fail always succeeds. That really is the motto of conservatism. They start from the assumption that they will lose and then begin negotiating with themselves on how they can compromise with the Left.

      Either we rally our people or we perish from the earth.

      • Rally, in the physical sense, is the goal. The salesman’s toolkit is limited to talk / messaging / narrative / body language.
        I hope to influence family and friends based on what they see me doing. Evangelizing is easier when they start the conversation.

        • That’s why building a community (as much as that might seem a pipe dream at the moment) is so huge. Witnessing with their own eyes a group of normal whites enjoying themselves and feeling good about their people without looking like a bunch of Nazis would change a lot of minds very quickly.
          Imagine Joe (or even Jane) Normie looking at one gathering where they must be around people that they don’t really feel comfortable with and where they have to acknowledge their sins. Then, they see another group where they can let their guard down, feel comfortable and no one asks them to grovel. Sure, some self-hating whites or the truly indoctrinated will choose the former, but most will choose the latter.

          • A smile in the face of your enemy is powerful. Smiling at our people that feel like they’ve lost hope is life-changing.
            Not to put to big a point on emotion, our people need hope. Normie is desperate to feel better about the future. Educating (with facts) comes after they see (with their eyes) what could be. To your point, Citizen, it’s time to work toward building a neighborhood, then village, then town, then city on the hill…

          • Moss, this is an important point. Normie is lost and in turmoil. Offer him a place to rest his emotional head, and he is ours. We don’t win this through politics, and voting is pointless now. We win it through community and shared faith. They offer Normie a physical and emotional refuge, and that’s what he wants and needs right now. Some will flatly refuse the offer, and others will be receptive but unable to divorce themselves from the politics of the situation, the politics that is placed front and center by the usual suspects, and which we must walk away from. Blind side everyone, converts and enemies alike, with appeals to community and faith. To the matter of whether there is a ticket out and away from the hell we are descending into, my take is that faith and community are the paths of redemption and renewal.

          • Yes, there are alot of confused, alienated, and atomized white people out there. They look depressed and terrified, but also clueless. They don’t have the intelligence to succeed financially, nor do they have good family connections etc.
            I make sure to give them a big smile, talk to them, ask them how it’s going, etc. I have no idea how to proceed with anything big but we can all do little things. Treat them like your brothers. If we all do this good things might happen.

      • History teaches that when you go to war, your chances of success go way up when you first train your troops to be better combatants. if you believe the war will be won with words, then by all means, train a cadre of salesmen. If you believe the war will more visceral and existential, then train accordingly. Look to the internet for videos of people trying to persuade rioters & looters to back down. See how well that worked.

        • We’re not going to war. We’re dissidents trying to undermine the current regime and create a community of our own for when we can come out of the woodwork.

        • Persuading rioters and looters is a fool’s errand – they’re lost causes. On the other hand, some fool inadvertently showing what lost causes they are might just tip some normies to this side of the divide.

      • White folk should start creating no go zones, sharia style. Start policing themselves, anyone who tries to breach it gets assaulted by the entire community.

    • So what’s your Plan B? Rollover and die.
      We’re just trying to move forward. Recruit where you can. Build relationships IRL. Will that lead to anything? I don’t know, but “enjoying the decline” seems a cowardly way to go. Also, we have the blueprint for success. Small but dedicated and organized groups can accomplish a great deal. Granted, the other side knows this as well and will do whatever it can to stop us, but I suspect that over time, they’ll have other problems to deal with as POC take the reigns of power.

      • One of the biggest factors on our side is the truth about racial disparities. Once the normie reaches that, there’s no going back.

        • On the contrary. Leftie race pandering is basically noblesse oblige, with Leftie as the noble. The more oblige he displays, the more noble he feels.
          The key is to deflate the notion that being a racist is morally suspect.

      • I have no quarrel with proselytizing and recruiting. Go for it. I hope you succeed. And I’m not enjoying the decline. Rather, I’m suggesting that burying your head in the sand is not a sound survival strategy either. My take is that normal people are not going to be receptive to persuasion until their back is against the wall.

        • TomA. To your point, when your back is against the wall you find where the real test lies. I’m not putting stock in it, but perhaps our people will find some deep, genetic-ingrained power to fight their way out.
          On the topic of waking Normie up, the goal would be to help them act out of strength vs desperation.

      • I can’t stand the “enjoy the decline” people.
        There are so many single white women in their 30s, looking for a decent husband. Many white men are giant man children who either never put down the work to have a career, or want to pump and dump. Most are “enjoying the decline” on a subconscious level. They are afraid of putting in the hard work to improve their and their childrens’ future. Game is good and stuff but it should be used as a tool to find and hold a good relationship or marriage.
        You had this point earlier, but the issue really is with white men.

        • You mean the “White women in their 30s” who spent their teens and 20s riding the cock carousel and now expect stable men to accept their sloppy 102nds?

          • NAWALT, unironically.
            Plus, better to have white children with a “reformed” CC rider than to have none. Demographics are destiny.

          • Better to get married in your late teens or early 20s before all the woman have attained the thousand-cock stare.

          • Yes, that’s ideal.
            Unfortunately for college educated, urban whites, this is highly unlikely.

          • I did. It all depends on your priorities. If you are not really willing to change your priorities, you are just making noise.

          • I know Vizzini and I did too but you know that’s its way harder these days than it was in your younger years…The prospects are way slimmer because the poz has gotten ahold of so many young men and women…Which is why I stress once again to be building Communities so the young do have the opportunities to find a good mate and have lots of children…I have two good looking son’s that are going to be looking for that suitable mate very soon😉

      • Improve your robustness. Become a better man, in the evolutionary sense. More fit, more capable, wiser. Shed the fat, add muscle. If you weren’t born will native high intelligence, learn to be extra aware and shrewd. If you can’t fend for yourself, start acquiring those skills now. Learn to shoot and hunt. You have absolute control over everything I’ve just mentioned above, and no excuse to distract yourself with skilled jaw-jaw.

        • Nah that’s just more atomization and individuality.
          Pretty sure everyone here can shoot, has decent street smarts, and could survive in the woods if he had to.
          1,000 white men with muscle are 1,000 attractive white men. 1,000 white men working on their collective muscle is an army.

          • I guess its a matter of perspective. You believe a well-organized militia is going to beat the Jackboot army of a future tyrant and I will put my money on a few dozen unknowns aiming their efforts at a few dozen tyrannical power-players calling the shots. Ancient wisdom . . . a man operating solely out of his own skull cannot be betrayed.

  38. Loved the analogy of the salesman walking into the Christian business dropping f bombs and wreaking of alcohol – you can just imagine the look of horror on the owner’s face. Same thing with n bombs, and they got to back to Africa.

    In all seriousness, this crap has been going on a long time, got much worse under obomba but has gone exponential during Trump’s years – it really is just breathtaking how bad things have gotten recently. One would hope that lots more people than obvious see this shit for what it is, but with the speech edicts these days there’s too much fear in mouthing even the most plain vanilla dissent. Life is still too easy for most to really want to seriously rock the boat, but hopefully the time is coming one way or another.

    On another note, Elmer Fudd lost his gun…

  39. Look, IMO to seek to come up with ideas to “convince” this “Normie” is to BE Normie. To buy into the idea that what ails the culture can be fixed at the ballot box. Again, one man’s opinion here, you might as well buy into the any other leftist premise along the way. There are plenty on the march now to choose from.
    Once their nation fell, partisans had to figure out ways to survive once they chose to take to the forests. They made the choice NOT to collaborate. Not to be hauled off to a labor camp. Now it was about survival in the forest.
    That is where dissidents are at now. Trying to “convince” Normie runs the risk of outing ones self TO Normie. Gives Normie the power to out YOU to your employer, government agencies, and so on. Do you really trust Normie enough to do that? In terms of your risk/reward analysis, again: do you really trust Normie enough to do that? To EMPOWER Normie to do that?
    Scroll back the record to November 2016. Has life gotten better since then? Did you “vote” your life better? The life of the Nation? Without going into the alternatives, Hellery and what that could have entailed, stay on bird in the hand. What evididece, real PROOF do you have that the ballot box will heal what ails?
    The choice may be, re-elect POTUS Trump and see a continuation of chaos. Or elect the feeble front man, and see chaos magically “end”, to replaced by repression.
    In either of the above cases, if you choose to take to the forests, wisdom dictates you plan on how to best survive, or even prosper, within. IMO it starts with NOT wasting time on Normie with the risks that entails, especially in blue states and locales where you are really against the mob. Stay gray, choose your forest and keep your discipline. People that recommend home schooling are on a better track, as they suggest a specific strategy for inoculating your children from Marxist programming.

    • Excellent points. The real question is WHEN to head off to the forest. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we need to understand that the time is coming. Never compromise. Take no prisoners.

    • I’m with Owl on this. Z is begging the question that “Wake Up Normie” (“Sell To”) should be a strategy at all. Given limited time and personal resources, I believe those of us behind enemy lines should be vacating, not worrying about those that are asleep or panicking. Sell the house before the bubble pops, liquidate your junk, get mobile and retreat to areas where the potential to find community and protection is greater. My company will eventually show up on the Silence Is Violence radar. When it happens, I’ll maintain silence, not show fealty, and be gone. The work lies ahead. There is enough to occupy all of my time, energy and emotion.

      • Moss, I agree with your points, and you put it better than I did in terms of specific, concrete suggestions. I live within commuting distance of a blue capitol that was sacked recently and is undergoing continued turmoil. Already, the housing prices here have INCREASED since the riots, when I was expecting them to go down.
        While my wife is not a Normie, as a decent woman she has normal concerns. Yet, she has agreed to the plan of sell and get out while the getting is good. That makes her the only “Normie” I need to convince. However, SHE has convinced another family member to do the same, sell and get out while the getting is good.
        We have been around the country and have a feel for the places still worth living in. We are in the process of picking one.

        • Excellent news. Operating as a couple is a huge advantage. It’s also freeing, as head of the house, to get a different perspective and trust the input.
          I failed to listen to wise voices in our space months ago and I’m playing catch up. Massive lifestyle shifts now in order to move toward stability are absolutely temporary pain. Remember that. Take action while you can, operating under the radar. Soon enough the Eye of Sauron will reach everyone!

      • Z is begging the question that “Wake Up Normie” (“Sell To”) should be a strategy at all… those of us behind enemy lines should be vacating, not worrying about those that are asleep or panicking… get mobile and retreat to areas where the potential to find community and protection is greater.
        I understand getting out if you’re “behind enemy lines” but we’re running out of places to go. Maybe we can’t wake up Normie everywhere, but we need to wake up Normie somewhere.

        • Federalist, Why do you need to wake up Normie given the opportunity cost of doing so? Consortium perhaps is valuable. A serious question.
          I’m operating under the assumption that there is more I can do to become durable, lean and defendable. To limit the System’s impact on me once they command everyone, “Bow”! My motivation is not at the exclusion of Awoke Normie’s coming along to help. It’s simply that investing in Normie “Wake Up Drops” is low on my cost/benefit analysis.

      • Moss,
        Z isn’t question begging, the “build communities” thing has been discussed at great length here before. Run to the hills is not a viable long term option – you will just die alone and scared. Throw away everything and follow me only works for Jesus, and you ain’t Him.

        • Fellow Educated Redneck,
          I contend that Z’s choice of topics suggests he thinks this is important enough to discuss. So, I stand by my position.
          Lao Tzu might agree that the hills are a good place to attack from, in numbers of course.
          And the Rich Young Ruler that Jesus turned away was confronted with his idol. It had nothing to do with wealth and everything to do with his heart. Jesus read saw into his heart and mind, that’s all. A strange reference to my position, IMO. I appreciate you weighing in.

  40. seems like normie deserves whatever bad things come his way then. adding this guy to your movement/group is like adding oatmeal to concrete — you ain’t making the concrete stronger by doing so.

    • There’s a lot of us who were Normie at one time. For a lot of us, it wasn’t all that long ago.

    • Well, yes I’d be very wary of giving “full membership” to just any rando who thinks, say, that dissolving the police is a stupid idea. Lineman below mentions keeping him from joining the enemy. In a post above Mitch describes seeing some of his friends posting pictures on Instagram of their kids protesting with BLM signs. Raising doubts among normies about the pozzed narrative won’t necessarily bring them here but it’s worth it if it gets them to at least remain silent when this stuff happens.
      Social media allows virtue signalling campaigns like posting BLM signs and Floyd protests to spread. Interestingly, this can be modeled somewhat like the spread of a virus. Getting people to at least NOT participate in the latest pozzed madness is a way to, dare I say, “flatten the curve” of these things. A person who is exposed to a virtue signalling pandemic but doesn’t pass it on is like those people who get exposed to Covid-19 without getting sick.

  41. The other possibility is that Normie’s real pain is the terror of racism. Of all things in this world, they want to be absolved of racism more than anything else. More than they want their children to flourish, more than they want functioning cities, more than anything at all.
    If that’s the case, then it’s the rioters who have made the sale: Normie really wants to be humiliated and they’ve found a way for him to get what he wants.

    • > Of all things in this world, they want to be absolved of racism more than anything else.
      Too bad for them in this new religion there is no forgiveness.

        • They think just one more self-flagellation and they will reach heaven. They complete the ritual and a black man tells him, no, you must do more, you must degrade yourself more. Such is the pattern they will follow, their own personal hell, for eternity.
          Even Dante would find that a little extreme.

          • Maybe, Chet. But recall the worst Hell is reserved for traitors.
            In fact, there are specifics. Those who betray their family, their nation, and their guests are treated with special torments. These apply with special force in these times.

    • My standard sales pitch:

      “Racism is a word invented by a foreign pervert, so a foreign communist could murder white Christians. That’s what that word was invented for.

      Why would you accept being judged by people who use that word?

      Racist means white Christian.”

  42. People seeing themselves as the reasonable middle is pervasive, largely because being in the middle means they think they are safe from backlash from both the extreme left and extreme right.
    For example, the normie overwhelmingly supporting BLM, but also overwhelmingly supported using federal troops to quash the riots.
    One way to break the conditioning is to show that even the most milquetoast normie take will lead the mob to destroy you. The Drew Brees incident jarred my old man. I asked him, flat out, why he watches and cheers people who hate him every fall. Planning to do the same for my brother in law.

    • The Drew Brees prostration to Negrolatry is the final straw for me.
      Yes, in the words of Joe Walsh, “my, but [I] learn so slow.”
      But, better late than never.

      • My office mate told me yesterday that he’s washed his hands of football following the Brees groveling. He’s actually one guy who means it. It pissed him off to no end when he wandered through the break room yesterday and a couple normies were sitting there watching sportsball talk shows on the TV, being fed a torrent if anti-white sentiments by the hosts.

        • Yeah, I know lots of Boomers who “actually meant it” when they quit due to Kaepernick, too.
          “Well, yeah I’m watching again but only one game per week”
          “Well, yeah, but my QB doesn’t kneel for the flag”
          “Well, yeah, but they don’t show them kneeling anymore. MAGA – let’s play ball!”
          Let’s hope this time is different. I’m sure every day a certain number of people are waking up and putting on the steely armour of determination that we have here. But it’s such a tiny minority, still.

          • Here, in the heart of Patriot Nation, there were many who echoed the same.
            “I’m through with the NFL, except for the Patriots.”
            “The only games I watch now are Patriots games.”
            A variation, “except for the Pats, and a game with playoff implications for the Pats, no NFL for me.”
            “I’m done with the NFL except Belichick and Brady.”
            “I’m not a hypocrite cuz Brady had a MAGA hat.”
            The other day I told my wife that we are through, she responded by asking, “what took you so long?”

          • Well, some Boomers mean it. I stopped watching niggerball about 20 years ago. No college or pro football or basketball.
            I watched a little soccer, but I see too many blacks there now. I was a football coach at one point decades ago.

          • UFO said, Every day a certain number of people are waking up and putting on the steely armour of determination that we have here. But it’s such a tiny minority, still.” Yes and no. Yes, people are waking up—it’s hard not to, given the times—but they may not be (or may not remain) “a tiny minority.” We’ll see when the orcs really do invade the suburbs as they’ve been threatening.

        • One way we can identify “prospects” for Our Thing is stuff like this. More and more people are disgusted and horrified at the directions being taken by many aspects of the pop culture. If your friend is willing to swear off football he may be ready for other ideas.
          Which issue to lead him too? Well, all our ideas are connected to some degree just like those of the enemy so it may not matter which specific thing you pick. Just base it on what you know about him. If he likes guns, as do many normie whites, invite him to a shooting event. If he’s the intellectual type and has expressed some interest in the JQ, maybe suggest The Culture of Critique to him. The point is bring him into “the network”.
          Footnote: This is one reason I get pissed off when I hear people on this or other DR blogs speaking ill of the “2A boomer types”. Think of those network diagrams you may have seen. These are often drawn to show the “nodes” in different colors or sizes by how many connections they have with other nodes. Guns and 2A issues are a YUUGE node (in the US at least). Those things have millions of connections to other nodes and many to our ideas as well. Just the other day one of my favorite (but totally civ-natty) YouTube gun channels talked about the riots and flashed up a shot of Soros, clearly linking the two. Yesterday he was expressing some skepticism about the lockdowns. He’s clearly being influenced by some of our ideas. He’s been talking to some people – our people. He may not openly embrace the DR yet but he’s preparing his viewers for openness to some of what we talk about. Also, when the time comes I think he will make the right choices about whom to cast his lot with.

  43. Z-Man’s comment about “never been a better time to sell dissident ideas to the normie” would be so true if facts governed thinking. I certainly hope he is right. But living in a deep blue area of the country has made me acutely aware of the social pressures to follow the new state religion. Right now the dissident right lacks a megaphone and institutional presence (at least around here). It seems that the current main priority would be to simply keep the flame alive and wait for the left to further overreach. As for persuading “normie”, perhaps citing polls such as that showing that 72% (Monmouth University) of blacks are basically satisfied with their local police might help. In other words, corporate (“normie”) America is more “woke” than blacks!

    • I’m surprised at the results of the Monmouth poll. Last night on Tucker’s show, he pointed out that defunding the police is their plan to re-make the police force with cops sharing their idealogy. Another institution they will take over and one with guns.

      • Tucker has been right on about this since the riots started. I don’t believe any polls these days, even Fox has Biden ahead. They were so skewed in 2016, that I have to think it’s part of the psy OP.

  44. Z-man’s suggestion is better than anything I can come up with. But I’m not sure it’s going to work; a lot of normies are just too far gone to be reached by normal methods of persuasion. Perhaps when the police are defunded and the rioters get to the “nice” section of town they’ll realize they slept too long.
    [O]ut of the dream house stumbling
    One night into a stranging air and the flung
    Rags of children and thunder of stone niagras tumbling,
    You’ll know you slept too long.
    Newsreel by Cecil Day Lewis
    Or, Experience is a dear teacher, but fools will have no other.

    • Check out the poetry of Juvenal to really get a sense of what is happening to us today.

      • Good call! I have not read him before but highly relevant. Somebody recommended lovecraft’s The Cult of Cthulhu yesterday and I read that also. I like it when the comment section suggests reading material

        • If you liked Call of Cthulhu; I’d recommend “The Shadow over Innsmouth” and “At the Mountains of Madness” next. Both highly relevant to ‘our thing’ and great, creepy stories.
          All of it is available free at

          • I am going to read both. I am pretty selective about the fiction I read because I hate being emotionally manipulated but I do enjoy being creeped out!

          • Nope. Nope. Nope.


            There I was, reading “The Shining” on the porch. I was so engrossed, night had fallen.


            All the house lights were off, only the porch light was on. The crickets and frogs were singing like mad. I got to the bathtub scene, her dead, wet hands reaching for his neck, and the crickets and frogs… stopped.


            Pitch black. Total silence.

            No light switch inside by the door.

            I would have cross that room-

            in the dark.


            Too scared to move. To move outside that fragile cone of light, on the porch.

    • You can only redpill normie if normie has a strong enough emotional connection to you. Good friends, family, that’s it; otherwise, they’ll dismiss your opinion or forget it entirely.
      My wife was dismissive of this whole thing, even though there were screaming blacks two blocks down from our house on Sunday. Not breaking anything; they were just screaming. She told me that they were doing no harm. I told her to imagine herself being pulled into a frothing crowd of feral blacks and beaten until she miscarried.
      The blood ran away from her face. She didn’t bring it up again, but she’s much keener on checking the demographics of a town before we make our move.

      • FWIW, most states have breakdowns of demographics for their public school systems. It’s a round about way to find out things your realtor can’t tell you. Also a good proxy for how good the local schools are, because..well, unsayable reasons.
        NYT (yes, I know) ran a great piece on “mapping segregation”. It’s a fantastic, zoomable map based on 2010 census data and color coded to give you a very good look at the entire country. I’m actually surprised it’s still up.

    • We won’t get a ‘told ya so’ moment.
      It’s so late in the game, though, what I want is for them to suddenly remember us.

  45. “…walks into a Christian business using four-letter language and wreaking of alcohol.”
    ‘Reeking’ not ‘wreaking.’

  46. “One of the truths about politics that many would prefer to ignore is that politics is not about facts and reason. The game is about persuasion.”
    Too many WN want to believe that facts and reason persuade, but they cannot persuade people of modest IQ who can’t/won’t make the effort to understand, and, as you note, whose psychological comfort zone is wildly threatened by (what they see as because Jewvision has told them so) deviating from the safety of the herd.
    Messaging has to be simple , which is why those who ‘meme’ well are so effective in this day.
    And, that messaging has to be visual, with few words.
    The age of persuasion through the written word is long over, if it ever was – someone like me who does not deal with the media of podcast (talk radio) and videos is soon out of the loop.
    The despised minority angle is probably a winner – picture kneeling before the Negro through eternity…
    …but we cannot forget that liberal culture has created generations of Whites who have no internalized notion of duty to their children/grandchildren.
    For that reason, the Boomers and most Gen-Xers are a write off. They will just follow the pack and the young White man is the hope. 

    • You underestimate how tightly people cling to their beliefs. Highly intelligent people are not exempt.

  47. This is it. Now is the best time we’ve ever had to Sell Normie. With the riots, the lootings, the burnings, the kneeling, the washing of feet, the BLM in giant letters on the street in DC, with the open pathetic cuck behavior of elite whites, the worshiping of a career criminal, if we can’t convert Normie to our side we’re bad salesmen and the West is doomed.

    I myself can’t watch the scenes of White people genuflecting and washing the feet of negroes – when I think of that photo of the Bishop of Rome doing just that, I am filled with disgust ! 
    How is it possible that this is not a spectacular own goal ? 
    Maybe the target audience isn’t the normal White person but the negro and non-Whites? Maybe it’s for a global audience ? Maybe these are astroturfed media events created to provide social proof like Bernays’ ” Lucky Strike” cigarette ad campaign ?
    I’m told that that is the main reason for Interracial pornography is that it’s evidently predicated upon satisfying a revealed preference by young male negroes. Maybe it’s the same with all the commercials ? 
    Is it possible that my reaction is anomolous ? 

    • You see all those genuflecting idiots and have to ask a lot of certain dissidents if they still want an ethno-state.
      Genuflecting is only something done in a catholic church. Easy to remember.

      • So just because some on our side are traitors we shouldn’t want our own country for our people…We will definitely have to be vigilant in keeping the good whites in line or kicking them out if they go insane…

        • Lineman, I think you’ve got the Zman’s message backwards.


          Whitey’s instinct is to get in line, to be good as he can– and that trait has been tricked.


          We don’t need Black ‘justice’. They beat the sh*t out of their own, all the time, because it’s like water off a duck’s back. Doesn’t faze ’em.


          Us, we’re like dogs, wanting to be welcome in the pack. If you beat a dog, he doesn’t get nicer, he gets suspicious and mean.

        • No AWRs in the ethnostate. Period. But they wouldn’t want to be there except to subvert it anyway.

      • Coming from the perspective of someone who was actively involved in a certain movement during the 2016-17 timeframe, the whole “Ethnostate” thing really blinded us to the very serious issue of Gentile GoodWhites.

    • Note the discrepancy in reciprocating of foot washing. If one wants to signal fellowship and reconciliation, then such an act is done by both parties. But when it symbolizes subservience, only one party washes. That is how I explain it to others.

    • You are 100% wrong about interracial porn. It has a secondary knock-on effect of letting black males live out fantasy yes. It’s primary function and this has been the case for decades since porn become legal is to normalize the white female / black male paradigm. Negro bucks are the ‘right’ choice for feminine white women. This is consumed by young white males who then internalize this pathology.
      Taking their already broken sense of identity even further down. Hence the multi-prong attack of faggotry/trans/etc plus the IR porn. You are seeing an explosion in the number of white boys who ID as gay/bi/etc as well as just a general pussification / emasculation of young men. Fellow whites have been very busy haven’t they? And they have been the porn kingpins since inception. Again, should all this turn a different way remember well who did this and why so we can also say ‘never again’ just like they do.

      • I’ve always though of interspecies romance as bestiality. I have to avert my gaze.
        With regard to the homos I used to think it was clever to say, “what a man did with his horse in private was none of my business as long as he kept the barn door closed”. Now they have parades in the street with their farm animals and are sent into schools and libraries to recruit converts – i.e the ‘fallacy’ of the slippery slope.
        I looked into it a bit – Institut für Sexualwissenschaft and who was behind the changes ‘normalizing’ homomania in the American Psychiatirc Association DSM.
        The statistics relating to both pathologies as well , but it’s very challenging not to be repulsed, and it’s not a topic that any normal person would want to discuss.
        When it has come up, just listing off all the statistics usually shuts up whomever you’re talking to tout-de-suite. Works esp. great if there is an audience.
        The people responsible need to be called to account .

    • I think you’re on to something.

      Our mistake, often, is in thinking that they’re speaking to *us*.

      That’s why the messages don’t really make sense- to us. It’s code.

  49. The tact I try to use is that you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else, no one is going to respect a loser who hates himself and tries to gloat about being a loser. Not sure if it works or not though. I extend it with my analogy about how the airline safety video tells you to put your oxygen mask on first: you won’t be able to help anyone if you don’t bother to save yourself first. I then take it to the next step and ask them if they’d then put the mask on their own kid first, or a total stranger; what if it wasn’t your kid but your nephew? Second cousin? Etc.
    Seems like maybe it’s a method to get people to “back in” to our way of thinking; it’s a bit of a leap to get people to believe that they’ve been lied to their whole lives and that they were duped by it.

    • First off: tack, not tact. Sorry, pet peeve.
      You are right on about loving yourself; and it goes farther into the concept of respect. In terms of the airline question, I would put on my mask and then the mask of anyone dear to me if they were incapable. If a stranger were having trouble, I might help them only so much as it would not endanger me in any way.
      As to the article. I don’t want to be a good person, except to my wife and kids. Everyone else can FOAD; especially if they are involved in promulgating this unpleasantness in any way. I walked away from my siblings because they all devolved into a pack of leaches wanting some level of “gibs” justified by our blood relation.
      As to the site. I cannot log in under any of the connect with options.

    • I’ve used that oxygen mask analogy for years. Easy to understand and easy for people to apply to many facets of their lives.

  50. Some things sell themselves. The propaganda organs try to hide the violent attacks on whites. We need to circulate the available vids as widely as possible and ask “imagine when your children are a minority.” I do think there will be a backlash, but the question is whether it will be overwhelmed by those who prefer to be subjugated. This is one area where the DR can determine the outcome in short order.

  51. Normie and a lot of dissidents think the ship will right itself in the November election. Supposedly that is when the silents will have their voice heard. I mean, just look at Biden. Trump will destroy him in the debates.
    The coronvirus lockdowns were just a trial run to see what normie would put up with. For God’s sake they are still wearing masks! Now most really do think this present theater is about black lives and justice. Need I quote a title from Derbyshire’s book here?

    • It is very dispiriting how many people never even questioned the lock downs. Yes, that’s happening now to a small degree but look at what it took for that even to happen. Derb unplayed things.

      • I was in the odd position of never really being challenged on the lockdown. All my business is “essential” and none of the Rural Kings, feed stores and big hardware stores near me even required masks. Some of the ones in the city did, but I managed to avoid frequenting them when doing my business.
        The only time I had to wear a mask was when taking my daughter to the urgent care for a dislocated kneecap. They had me over a barrel then. The most offensive thing was that there was a metal detector at the entrance to this new urgent care in this nice 99.999% White small town. It was totally incongruous. They made me hand over my pocket knife. I didn’t have a gun because it’s state law in Ohio to not bring a gun into a hospital.

        • I haven’t worn a Karen Kloth yet. In fact, I cancelled my bi-annual cardio checkup because the clinic required wearing one.

      • The meaning of the KOVID Krackdown is that the Constitution isn’t worth the paper upon which it’s printed.

    • Derb’s book (10 years ago?), for the younger folks is titled “We Are Doomed.”

      • Derb’s book is a gateway drug in the world of Peter Turchin and his cyclical theory of history. Good stuff, I’m inclined to think is right, but depressing as hell.
        Derb’s book, in his inimitable style, will make you both laugh and cry.

    • My city is totally locked down. I see people alone in cars with masks. People on the streets with masks with holes cut for them to breath through. Walking down the sidewalk people get out of my way and walk on the street. It’s really weird.
      The thing is I still live in the heart of darkness and my eyes are filled with ugliness daily but the horror-show only gets worse .
      Egad ! 

      • My shock is that such things as mask wearing and other “preventatives” are not even justified under scientific study. I read whenever bored or motivated enough the direct, published studies that are supposed to drive such economy shattering recommendations by our “experts”. And I find that in any number of cases, their recommendations are at odds with current data and analysis.
        For example:
        NEJM, May 21 study on mask use by public. I’ll save you the read. Mask use in close, constant contact settings—like hospitals, nursing homes—good. Mask use by folks in outside settings, brief encounters (stores), not shown to be effective—possibly even counter productive.
        Thats the science. What goes against the science must be done with ulterior motivation, and yet folks argue with me that some self-declared expert on TV knows what’s best. Perhaps it’s as simple as…most folk are too stupid to be anything, but slaves!

      • I find this so strange.
        Go to Toronto, the second worst hit city in Canada by COVID, and it seems like nobody gives a fuck. Few people wearing masks, people out in groups, etc. People from all swaths of life just don’t care, from rich to poor. Maybe some superficial “efforts” (elbow bump instead of handshake).
        If we had to see one benefit of non-white immigration, I suppose this is it. Arabs, blacks, Indians, and the various 3rd worlders living in the GTA are not keen on “social distancing”. Karen can’t really shame you because there are so many of THEM not doing it.

        • In my neck of the woods, its Whites that don’t wear masks. Latinos and Blacks seems to enjoy wearing them probably because it was anti social a few months ago.
          Its getting less common and around here honestly no one cares. Its nearly back to normal or whatever passes for it.
          There are a few areas with Goodwhites and Karens, they’ve bothered friends of mine but I get left alone. I guess I look too feral.

      • And there you lurk, shuddering, not with fear, not with rage, but trying so damned hard to keep from outright howls of laughter…

    • Seatbelts , Motorcycle Helmets and No Smoking in public places, were the nanny state’s trial runs. The ‘lockdown’ and current social engineering programs are on another level altogether.

    • All this is temporary, David. Race reality IS going to reassert itself, good and hard. Many on both sides of the divide hate Trump… But there he is. People laugh at derision at the mass media and our leftist rulers. A lot of leftists are horrified at the notion of disbanded police departments.
      When the police departments fall, and the chimp-outs come daily to respectable and affluent neighborhoods, when the beautiful people start getting their noses rubbed in leftist militancy… Normie is gonna fuggin snap. He’s halfway there already. Historically… This is what happens. Black supremacy is going to be a very, very short lived phenomenon.
      The 600 lb gorilla in the room is not Normie. It’s Lefty… And once we deal with the blacks… If we’re smart we’ll deal with Lefty too.
      “IF” we’re smart… And that is a very big ‘if’.

      • I have found that people on the normie left are easier to convince than people on the normie right. Normie right are true believers in blank slate, stock markets, “we all came from somewhere”. Look at the cowboy hat black man from Wisconsin standing up for cops on TV!
        I sense that normie leftists recognize the truth but are ashamed and afraid to express it. Their rejection of the truth can come out as anger, denial, or fear.
        I predict that when the hammer drops the normie leftists will fight more viciously to defend their neighborhoods, schools, and lifestyles than the righties will. Go to any normie left establishment – craft brewery, good school, Trader Joe’s – they are in fact white ethnostates.

        • UFO, that makes total sense.

          The sounds don’t mean anything, they are hoots and calls to other monkeys in our tree. Chirps and tweets to other birds in our flock.

          Barks and howls to other coyotes in our pack.

      • I admit I have never read Art of the deal. But I think Trump is such a weird negotiator that if he were courting your daughter he would pretend to be in love with your son. When you’re at your peak of shocked he would then negotiate a good Dowry and then agree to marry your daughter. 😀

    • In a way da left is right, whites are racists, they do have a natural disgust of black folk & blacks are indeed incapable of reaching white/asian living standards.
      This is problematic for someone who holds equality as the most important factor in his moral system, this means he can’t ever achieve salvation so he feels justified in attempting demographic suicide

    • Ohh. The constant lowing and mooing is intolerable. As if these diddy bints playing dress-up meant anything.

  52. My close family has really seen the light after these recent chimpouts. Scenes of blacks burning down cities, taking down historical monuments, wanting to defund the police & whites being blamed for everything has made them terrified but angry at the same time. I think now is the ripe moment for normies to buy into a new political ideology, as you put it. It’s now or never, if whites can’t wake up during this tumultuous time, then it’ll never happen I’m afraid.

      • This is disgusting. Erasing American history like this. What’s the names they’re gonna put now? Fort George Floyd? Fort Jemima?
        What a joke.

        • When (when, not if) they take dynamite to Mount Rushmore, what four faces will go up if they re-sculpt it? Okay, MLK is one. Harriet Tubman? Obama? George Floyd?

          • Plans are probably already underway. They’re just waiting for another “incident” as an excuse.

          • They won’t wait. They will create the incident when they think the time is right.

          • They’re not capable of building a monument like that. Like the Indians that have been trying to build the Crazy Horse Monument for the past 90 years, they just don’t have what it takes to pull that off.

          • All of the white sculptors are dead. They cannot build anything themselves, only co-opting is possible.

          • Wouldn’t that be cultural appropriation, though?? Isn’t that why joggers don’t speak English?

          • Africans reshaped the sphinx’s lion head & replaced it with a black man’s face, they’ll do same thing to Mount Rushmore
            500 years from now blacks’ll say USA was created by them

          • 500 years from now blacks’ll say USA was created by them
            They say that now.

          • BUT WAIT: you make an assumption about the engineering skills (not to mention the artistry) required to create said “new” sculpture on Rushmore after the “old ones” are gone.
            Who’s gonna do all that work? Kareem, Pajeet, and Juan?

          • Does the Stone Mountain monument in Georgia still exist? I’m pretty sure it was at least defaced.

          • Yes, it still exists and always will. It is ENORMOUS. Most people don’t grasp the sheer scale of the thing. Or the fact that it’s carved of sheer, living granite. It was put up there, so it can be removed, but doing so would cost an enormous sum and would take years. But here’s how stupid joggers are: A member of the Atlanta City Council–about 20 yrs ago now–suggested that the carving be sandblasted off of Stone Mountain. No, that carving is not going anywhere, which is not to say they won’t cover it up somehow, but even that would be a enormous undertaking and would cost Lord KNOWS how much (and would have to be maintained at significant, continuing expense to the state of Georgia), so we can expect that carving to remain, although possibly not to public view.

        • Tearing down statues of white heroes and scrubbing their names from the public sphere is a metaphor for the dismantling of civilization. And it is happening right before our eyes.

        • In the end they’ll regret racializing the army, and fucking with all those southern/midwestern boys.

        • Renaming is just the start. The Revolution will need lots of office space for their diversity and sensitivity departments.

      • They are methodically and inexorably showing us just what they intend to do. Any and all remnants of bad whytes will be removed — first white supremacy, then removal of statues, banning of symbols, and renaming (schools and) military bases.
        A great proportion of the soldiers — enlisted and junior officers come from the old South. I wonder how they’ll react?
        Impure thoughts aired are now proscribed. How long until they justify full life reviews to determine prohibited thoughts and private action? It is coming.

        • Don’t be too optimistic about the current crop of military folks. From the first day the enter the service, and continuing daily throughout their careers, they are hammered with the poz. Just recently, I had to sign a Page 13 (generic letter of acknowledgement) that I would not be involved in any way with any WS groups. They intentionally left the definitions vague, but people have been disciplined for joining different white/European/Southern identity orgs.
          Remember, the US military has always been the proving ground for every left-wing movement. It’s a captive audience that is very used to doing whatever they are told. Oh sure, many don’t actually believe it, but they won’t dare go against it. We all see what happens to those who do.

          • Trust me … I gave them over 33 years: E1-O6; command through Brigade. I was part (and target) of all those things.

          • They’re going to regret racializing the army- like this disgraceful SMA – who’s name can be put next to Bremer.
            He is our Bremer.
            They’re going to regret dissolving the Constitutional Govt even more. If there’s no Constitution we’re free agents.

        • You’ll know it’s lost when they seriously begin to “erase” the founding Fathers. Most all of whom are directly or indirectly cursed with the sins of racism and slavery.
          It never ends. It began with allowing the creation/elevation of their pseudo hero’s to the pantheon of national recognition—MLB, Chavez, Parks. Whites were generous in that regard—“let them have their own paid holiday”—they said.
          But appeasement never ends and only brought more demands as resentment grew. Reconciliation only announced our weakness. The South was ripe for deconstruction and humiliation when White numbers declined below 50%—just needed the spark to cow poor Normie into acceptance.
          Statutes and now military bases. Watch for the first base to be named in honor of their latest martyr, Floyd. (Navy ships have also been so named recently.)
          And perhaps they are right. In a society where equality and diversity are sacred issues—rather than liberty and freedom—then such folk are the appropriate icons. To the victor goes the spoils. Early Christians took over ancient pagan temples throughout the Middle East, scratching out the old gods and carving in crosses. Mohammedans in turn took over the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.
          My dog is the park immediately goes to the largest tree, sniffs, and then pisses all around it—announcing to all that he is now the top dog. And so it goes.

          • ‘then pisses’

            (I’ve cleaned a thousand ladies’ rooms, and they don’t have graffiti. Definitely a male doggy thing. In case anyone’s curious.)

        • A great proportion of the soldiers — enlisted and junior officers come from the old South. I wonder how they’ll react?
          And these young men (and wiminz) have been bathed in the diversity Kool-Aid since conception, the same as any coastal kid from NY, MA, CA etc. The officers got mega-doses of it through their respective commissioning sources, especially the ROTC kids. Once they arrive at their duty stations, they are subjected to constant diversity and inclusion conditioning and practically forced to swear a greater allegiance to those “principles” than the ones of the very country they vowed to defend. The ones who object to it will remain silent for fear of facing figurative (for now) public execution. I spent too many years on active duty to be optimistic about the good ole boy soldier/sailor/airman/marine rising up against left-wing tyranny. They will likely keep their mouths shut, their heads down, and do their jobs until it’s time to ETS, leaving their chosen branch to rot from the inside without them. It is the same thing we see with law enforcement nationwide. The situation for them passed untenable years ago and has now reached a point of lunacy. They’re used to working without support from the top, but we’ve arrived at a place where the people who control their money are about to zip the purse shut for good while they say and do nothing as maniacs call for cops to be shot dead like wounded animals. How much worse can it get for them? If you know a cop then you know someone who is positively terrified to to do their job, yet day in and day out, they press on.

          • They won’t be happy but the USG figures it can replace them with Hispanics I guess.
            This won’t win any wars, not that the USG is about winning wars but the risk of being splattered going up against the Chi Coms over Taiwan or somewhere is very much higher.
            If this happens, the less of people on our side killed the better.
            As far as renaming bases, it sucks but if they do this, so can we, if we take power,
            Put them back to rights, hell rename things they like to something we like.
            Stop being such a stick in the mud and look at the toolbox you have when you take power.
            Nothing they like needs to be preserved since none of it was part of our tradition in any way.

          • Maybe it would be a good thing if all police departments everywhere were made to disappear. There are millions of heavily armed white men out there just waiting for that very situation to appear–where there is nobody to punish them for what they have wanted for so long to do.
            Maybe with Lenin we should say, “The worse, the better.”
            These people should be careful what they wish for; they might just get it.

          • Been all over FB with my real name telling Blue Friends walk away, only defend those that appreciate you.
            Meanwhile sis and kids making Care packages for cops; Pre-packaged Boxes with Blue letters “Thank you for Protecting Us.”

          • I think investing in supporting police a wise investment.
            I think the elites will regret betraying the police, the army, forcing degradation upon them.
            Jim Crow you know was far a worse mistake than slavery; it was degradation, no other impact. A slave can understand being worked for money – but to degrade ? Only yo raise the status of poor whites?
            As we can see before us, degradation is worse than chains, than death.
            Of course this isn’t even nogs idea. Its the Karens and the usual suspects.

          • Yes, being being told to kneel is a powerful image. Affirmative action for instance is nationwide and effects peoples lives, but as a recruitment tool kneeling beats it.

          • Sounds to me like Normie isn’t the only one scanning the horizon for a signal fire from home.

          • We despise the PC.
            The PC preachers are the rejects who can’t cut it on the line.

        • If one looks hard enough, one can find evidence of CrimeThink in just about any white who died before 1980, which means the totality of Western civilization is ripe for eradication.

          • What was once the norm, and acceptable: first they criticized, then attacked, then made immoral, and finally unthinkable. At the end, it all will be illegal, if that even matters anymore at that point. But yes, once things like honor, truth and believing in the goodness and supremacy of our then-culture, the reality of two sexes, that marriage was between a biological male and female, these were things of which most were guilty. And though all of this, they hated us and our beliefs, and they lied, and schemed, and burrowed beneath and within us. Now we are without recourse.

          • You didn’t think you were getting out of this without a fight did you?
            In the US we sell enough arms and ammo for an entire civil war ever quarter and have for decades.
            Its just a matter of being willing to pay the toll.
            As always my public stance is to not break the law or to do stupid things but sooner or later , its going to be bullets or boxcars so best tribe up and be willing to grab power.

        • Food shortages and the Grand Solar Minimum will bring people back their senses. Or weed them out. Unemployment will bring a lot of folks back down to earth. Forced vaccinations will replace BLM as the Next Big Thing.

          • the covid lockdown has done economic ddamage to the world economy and the complex supply chains. It’s not all visable yet, but lots of countries overseas are faceing dire times ahead . I have noticed locally that nce things dissapear form the wearhouses , stores cannot order more of them from overseas. I think this will be getting much worse soon.

    • is it just me or did it seem like the black rioters needed wipipil 😀 to show them how to commit directed mayhem?

  53. The amount of friends who I thought were sane but have gone totally woke over George Floyd is astonishing. Instagram is full of friends posting BLM posters, praising their kids for protesting, begging for patience as they listen better, etc. People who I thought were normies are actually too far gone. Are normies becoming extinct?

    • What do these people do for a living? Do they deal with the public? The reason I ask is that the new BLM rhetoric is “Silence is violence.” People are getting called out for simply not saying anything. So, these people might only be supporting BLM out of fear, to stay on the good side of the mobs, so they won’t lose their jobs, or customers, or whatever.
      I personally don’t care about this now. But if I had to worry about kids and mortgage payments and still had my old newspaper job, maybe I’d also be paying lip service to BLM. Better to be a phony than be jobless and homeless.

      • They are public declarations that 2+2=5 !
        The Roman Senators offended by Caesar’s ostentatious fashion crime of wearing only purple, all had a go at stabbing him .
        Maybe that’s the point – to elicit complicity and implicate oneself in the lie?
        I too am not in a position where I’d have to willingly go against my conscience.  

        • Your actions are far more important than your words. I think even that thought is in the good book somewhere.

      • It is better to be a phony right up until some joggers bust your skull open for being white, or rape your daughter for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
        I like the salesman/market comparison our esteemed blog host uses. I am a former marketing guy myself, and I see things slightly different.
        The market has changed. Our enemies are now making fatal mistakes, one after another. Normie now has no choice… When shitlibs disband police departments to appease the blacks… And run dementia patients as presidential candidates… and Normie personally has to deal with the growingly dire fallout from leftist idiocy… He has nowhere else to go. I am unhappy with letting the left take ownership of our language and telling us what terms we can and can’t use. If we have to moderate our language for normie and the left, they’ll be moderating everything else too. In fact, that is precisely how I got here… I couldn’t take their cultural Marxism anymore.
        Could it be that the market is so bad… that the drunken sales guy spewing racial slurs actually looks GOOD to Normie? If it isn’t now… It soon will be and no bones about it!
        Our ancestors were not hateful, sadistic morons. They understood the black man and did what was necessary to control his nastier behaviour problems. Because blacks have low IQ, their justice has to be simple, fast – and brutal. When they lynched a black the perp almost invariably needed it. Even black slaves lived better than the wild blacks if Africa.
        I see vast herds of normies headed our way…and the challenge will be to prevent them from running away with the dissident movement and cucking it as they did with the Tea Party, the Oath Keepers and others.
        Best of luck to you and the boys, Z.

        • Glenfilthie,
          I see where you are going with the rejection of self-moderation but I don’t think the tide has washed in yet. It’s easy to become comfortable in the harsher language of subjects we know to be true (and even be pleasantly surprised when we discover a normie receptive to our ideas) but dont think for a second that normie won’t enthusiastically serve you up right now in a last gasp effort to fit in with the new social norms.
          Yes, there is a hunger growing among Ours for truth and no small amount of disgust for the way things are going… but it is still the time for delicacy and diplomacy.
          I would gladly welcome mayhem now for the sake of my children. This is the long struggle though. If we are to have a chance it will be a multi-generational struggle. Our kids and grandkids will not escape it. Patience is Our path. I will not be around to see the end result.

      • That’s a cope. Even if it were true, it just makes them cowards. They aren’t going to “call out” some rando on twitter or instagram.

      • dang dude you got more negatives than I did I gave you one plus but I think you still be my all-time low. 😮

      • They practice what 99% of us have been practicing for decades: keeping our true thoughts to ourselves when needed. But now our enemies have changed the rules: a public protestation of piety to the new idols.


        No brotherhood means we face our fate alone. A family, a home, a career are now at stake and there is no one who can stand with you to push back and do so effectively. We don’t need martyrs we need warriors.


        Swallow that bitter pill for you will find it a great motivator. Doing so to simply get along and survive is to die before you’re dead. Find a way to seek out your natural brothers. Do so sub-rosa. Build yours until you can break theirs.


        That first step to free yourself from their yoke will be the most difficult. Once you begin, a sense of purpose and a need for action through brotherhood will fill you with an appetite to drive forward. Do so wisely. We don’t need everybody…just enough willing to see it to the end.

      • “Better to be a phony than be jobless and homeless.”
        Did you ever hear of self-employment?

    • Normies follow the pack. Safer that way. The problem is, the longer you follow, the more you internalize. Their brains are literally rewiring themselves. Wife shared a verse from 2 peter the other day to help me feel a bit better.

      And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;) The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

      These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

      • Glad to see a verse from the KJV here. The new translations read by millions are pozzed and are a large part of the problems we face today.

        • To some degree. I like the poetry of King James. Every translation has its strengths and weaknesses, IMHO. There’s a lot of theology that is inferred by many of the translations (and don’t get me started on ‘commentary’ footnotes – it’s one thing to put the Greek in the note, another completely to ‘explain’ a passage for the reader).

      • “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

    • It’s insane. The funeral for St. George was a joke. I’m still waiting for them to post a photo of the gentle giant from his middle school basketball team days, playing with a kitten.

      • The left has been turning dead thugs into saints since day one. To call a lefty a hypocrite, is simply redundant.

  54. I can see the day coming when all white people will be expected to publicly wash the feet of a black person on Martin Luther King Day. Soap optional.

    • I saw it said somewhere that Jesus washed the feet of his apostles, NOT the Pharisees and NOT the Romans.
      i thought that was a great line.

      • When MLK Foot Wash Day becomes de rigueur, liberal Christians will be there to provide free paper towels and coffee.

        • No. Liberals will be there to sell special towels and event-specific coffee for the occasion. It’ll be Kwanzaa For Whitey.

        • They are not Christians. They are AWRs who’ve hijacked Christianity as a vehicle for their ideology. Belief in Jesus as the path to salvation doesn’t come into the bargain.

          • This whole disgrace has completely taken over my church. It’s not a church anymore. It’s a racial political action committee now.

          • In that case, it is no longer your church. get out now. And don’t look back. Depending on where you live, there are sound alternatives.
            All the best!

          • As a small child I attended the mortgage burning for my Episcopal church building. A year ago, five queers were running the place and there were approximately five attendees. The diocese carried the operating expenses including salaries.
            A few weeks ago the building was listed for sale. The other Episcopal church within 50 miles is bordering on collapse and it will go under according to childhood friends this next year.
            From ashes to ashes and from dust to dust. I converted to Orthodox Christian. Queers and SJW need not apply.

          • My mom’s church is dying for the same reasons. A few years ago they went Hard Left and drove all the families away. So now the church membership are all aging liberals – congregational hospice, it’s just a matter of time before the church literally dies off. I told my mom to stop arguing the finer points of Protestant theology and instead start commenting how their church building, the oldest in her state, constructed in 1805, will make really nice condo’s in a few years. Apparently that line has caught some people’s attention. But not enough to change anything.

          • Kiss the devil’s ass one time, and your breath will never be minty fresh again.

      • I wish someone would grab that anti-Pope by his scrawny neck and point that fact out. I lay this on whole thing on him and his washing Saracen feet stunt. I say this as a Roman Catholic. Of course, that would take Cardinals and influential Bishops to do so, and they obediently went along with the entire shutting the churches down for covid. You know, cause Jesus wasn’t a rock the boat type. Isn’t “Go along, get along” in the gospels somewhere?

        • @Penitent:
          I too am R.C.
          And as the lovely Ann Barnhardt likes to point out: if one, just one of these gutless, feckless, useless Cardinals stopped being “afraid for their lives” and had 1 other person film them on an iPhone, followed by a quick upload, they would begin to put an end to this whole thing.
          Imagine: a five-minute video naming names and telling the truth, and the whole house of cards would begin to tumble.
          But that would, of course mean, that said Cardinal (of the video) would likely lose his life. But I thought that’s what the R.C. church was based upon?
          I have lost no love for any of those useless men.

          • Archbishop Vigano, Chaput and as far back as Archbishop Lefebvre have been fighting but the putrid rot is deep.
            From your lips to God’s ear, Miss Carrie.

        • Actually He allowed a prostitute to wash his feet. And kept the company of the unclean and deviant but not in the way the demented Lefties like to portray, as if he was just cool with what they did and hip to different “lifestyles”. Jesus always forgave but with the admonition and command to “Go, and sin no more”. Quite a different reality.
          If the anti-Pope washed the feet of M.E. and African migrants seeking admission to the faith, eschewing their former religions, and repenting their sins… he would have at least been doctrinally and theologically correct.
          Instead he argued “succor to the poor” which is patently misleading. Were their feet so dirty as to require medical attention? That would be an act of charity. None of these migrants were seeking the faith and repenting so it was just a gross stunt. Either way he upsets God’s order and instead of rendering aid to those people in their homelands serves up his own tribe as a sacrifice to feels.
          Bergoglio has betrayed his role as defender of Christendom and betrayed the people of Europe, may Satan take his duplicitous soul.
          I don’t want to hijack Zman’s comment section so I’ll leave it there. Just thought it was a pertinent point.

          • Actually He allowed a prostitute to wash his feet. 
            Right, my mistake.
            Still, Christians are a bunch of wet hens, morally, and get a virtue-buzz when they wash the feet of criminals. And the more reprehensible the criminal, the more virtue they experience, because the bigger the sinner, the more joy in heaven over you forgiving him his transgressions against you.
            Forgiving the virtuous is child’s play, only a good Christian can forgive their brother’s murderer.

          • They’ve been tricked- into reciting the shahada.

            This is where and how they’ve been quietly hijacked. Redirected, all unknowing. The Zman gives us a perfect picture, today, of the means.

            I hesitate to explain, but will.

            It’s a short explanation, too.

            The Christians are absolutely necessary for what they do, just as “atheists”- not active anti-theists, but simply those with a different operating framework- are absolutely necessary for what they can do. Complementary.

          • If they have been highjacked, it is as much their own fault as that of the kidnappers. The Scriptures are there for their learning, and there are sound churches, too, but you have to DO something to find them, so the people you are talking about can’t be bothered–for exactly the reason Zman says in this article–they like to feel good about themselves. They like feeling smug. And making an EFFORT to learn anything is beyond their capacity or their will. THEY DON’T WANT IT. These people are highjacked because of their own ignorance–willful ignornace–and their own egos.
            Nothing remotely Christian about that.

          • No. You are confused. Nobody–including God–forgives unilaterally. It doesn’t work that way. Forgiveness and pardon follow
            ONLY upon (1) confession of guilt; and (2) request for pardon and forgiveness.
            These people who go around indulging their egos by all this trendy “forgiving” are not Christians at all, regardless of what they, or you, or the public at large may think.
            Forgiveness is not, and by definition cannot be, unilateral. Ever.

          • No. You are confused. Nobody–including God–forgives unilaterally. It doesn’t work that way.
            Just calling it as I see it. Your theology may differ (Christians all seem to have their own, personal Jesus who coincidentally always happen to share their idiosyncratic moral values) but the huge majority of Christians are all about bending the knee and washing the foot, and it’s not just the prelates either: next to cat ladies and e-thots, the bane of our generation is church ladies.
            But if you could post a link to some Christian organisation embracing ethno-nationalism or even Christian nationalism, I’m all ears. Half of all the organisations footnoted in Michelle Malkin’s book about the refugee-industrial complex, are Christian.

          • Christianity?
            Speaking of can’t save everyone…

          • Felix,
            Christians all seem to have their own, personal Jesus who coincidentally always happen to share their idiosyncratic moral values”…
            Not really. It shouldn’t be comfortable, or an easy fit, for a creature to emulate or kneel before divine perfection. I love a well shaped womans leg but I strive mightily to not look lasciviously at women who are not Mrs. P. I enjoyed the thrill of combat but should have eschewed that primal exhilaration. I enjoy victory too much, pride too often, and can relish petty revenge.
            No friend, an easily adaptable god for me would be Conan’s Krom or Thor. Easy: drink, rut, win, enjoy and vengeance. But those aren’t God.
            You might be placing the cart before the horse. What you think of as personally adapting Jesus to them may be quite the contrary… they are emulating the will of their master whether or not they’d rather do things as they saw fit.
            I ended up going on too long again and I spent the night working on a mountain in blustering winds so I’ll sleep now. Be well.

          • Some are “wet hens”.. I like that saying.
            Perhaps. Depends on what you view as a Christian.
            Was the act of these sorry whites a Christian act? It must be broken down.Were the black recipients penitents seeking forgiveness and entrance into the Body of Christ and thus the act was given as a humble welcome from one sinner to another? No.
            The blacks were not approaching with humility seeking closeness to God and were instead looking for homage from the whites. This is the act of a victor or conqueror for them and nothing to do with God.
            The whites for their part were not committing the act as a humble act of welcome to another Believer into the fold or as Christ did to teach the act of service. These whites virtue signalled to their peers some inane misconstrued guilt for “white crimes” against the blacks.
            Nowhere in the gospels is that motivation portrayed. What these whites and blacks committed is a deformation of Christ’s intent and therefore heresy. Anathema.
            To approach Christianity as a simple set of good/bad checklists and masochistic tasks is churchianity. Obedience to God requires thought and nuance. If you stop at “Above all love one another deeply” as the Left likes to quote… you never beg the question of what is the rest of the “all”. The verse doesn’t say “Love everything and dont worry about the rest”.
            Christians are supposed to be humble but brave. Forgiving but resolute. Healer, but crusader if necessary. It’s a tough row to hoe for flawed creatures. This hippy-dippy squishy pseudo-Christianity is apostasy.
            Sorry to drag on Felix. I respect your point of view and enjoy your writing so I took the time. I just wanted to make you aware there is a robust masculinity to Christ and oft what you see with the churchianity types is a feminine-exclusive mockery of gentle aspect of Christianity.

          •  I just wanted to make you aware there is a robust masculinity to Christ
            If you say so, but I’m just not seeing it out there, not in the real world and not on the internet.
            When Trump waved that Bible around, it wasn’t a threat to wage holy war, it was an attempt to Jesus-shame white Christians into forgiving the wicked.
            Modern, mainstream Christianity is little better than a branch of Amnesty International, a George Soros-operation.
            Also, Jesus was a kike.

          • Behold a glutton and a drunkard! A friend of tax collectors and sinners. This is one of my favorite quotes

          • Ah, you do realize that you’re quoting one of the Carpenter’s Son’s critics, don’t you.

        • Felix Krull said: ” Jesus washed the feet of prostitutes.”
          Your not much of a bible scholar, are you? If he had washed the feet of prostitutes they would have crucified him twice.

      • It was a symbol that He, their Lord and Master, cleansed them of their daily sins. Jesus was not begging his disciples for forgiveness.

      • The whole “feet washing” thing is just alien. Biblical, yes, but misplaced in the modern western world. Does any culture on the planet still do this?
        In the words of our red guard overlords, how is this not “cultural appropriation?”
        What’s next? Prima Nocta? Self-flagellation? Crucifixion?
        DIE, indeed (Diversity, Inclusion, Equality)

        • Here is the greatest irony. Christian theology is the cornerstone of leftist ideology. Christianity without Christ. Think that over. Christian ethics and virtues detached from Christ, is in fact the wellspring of all leftist iterations.

    • “Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.” 
      ― Oswald Spengler

    • Truly Clown World:
      • If a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend to agree with him.
      • Somehow it’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.
      • Russians influencing our elections are bad, but illegals voting in our elections are good.
      • It was cool for Joe Biden to “blackmail” the President of Ukraine, but it’s an impeachable offense if Donald Trump inquires about it.
      • Twenty is too young to drink a beer, but eighteen is old enough to vote.
      • People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves.
      • Inflammatory rhetoric is outrageous, but harassing people in restaurants is virtuous.
      • People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for their degrees.
      • Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you’d better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.
      • Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-bangers who jump the southern fence are welcome.
      • $5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for “free” health care is not.
      • If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.
      • People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.
      • We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, but it seems like a great plan to us.
      • Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.
      • Criminals are catch-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it’s a violation of THEIR rights.
      • And pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us “racists”?!
      (lifted from Second City Cop blog today)

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