The Nostalgia Loop

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One of the strange things that turned up quickly in the Obama administration was the odd sense of nostalgia about the whole thing. Lost in all the gaudy rhetoric about the seas rising and the birds chirping for the black messiah, was the references to old slights and past failures. It was not explicit, but it was there when you looked at their agenda as a whole. It was clear that a big part of what was animating them was a commitment to revisit and settle all those old scores.

Vengeance has always been a big part of the America Left. This is due to it being a spiritual enterprise, rather than an ideological one. They are atoning for past sins, so addressing those past sins is always part of the agenda. For blacks, vengeance is part of their identity. They dream of exacting revenge on white people. Still, if you looked carefully, the Obama agenda was more like a nostalgia tour for the aging radicals who managed and underwrote his political career.

The best example is health care. This was a fresh wound for the Left and they were determined to have a do-over, no matter the cost. The distinguishing feature of that period was the total lack of a plan to engineer a new health care regime. Instead, they just replayed the early 1990’s, but slightly different. The Iran initiative was a re-do of the Carter years. This time, they would do negotiations right. The same was true for their Russia reset. They were spiting Reagan.

It is not just the Left that has been trapped in a nostalgia loop. The so-called conservatives curdled into a Bill Buckle mystery cult. They spent the Bush years comparing Bush to Reagan. Then they spent the Obama years pretending Obama was Carter and their next Reagan was due any minute. Even Trump has gone in for the nostalgia politics. His MAGA idea is right out of the 1980’s and he was all set to run a Morning in America campaign this fall.

You can’t help but notice that the current ructions look like a cheesy reenactment of the riots of the late 1960’s. There is a distinct lack of authenticity. For starters, the black riots have as many white people as blacks. In fact, the whole foot-washer thing is mostly old white people reminiscing about the old days. There is a very strong Baby Boomer vibe to the anti-racism thing. They are pretending nothing has changed since their youth as a way to feel young again.

The young people involved in this stuff are more like hobbyists playing a role in a historical reenactment than people with legitimate grievances. The black looters are certainly people from the ghetto getting some free stuff. The people organizing the actions are bourgeois bohemians living in the suburbs. In fact, they are upper class members of the ruling class. Instead of using peasants for a human chessboard, they are using morons for a game of urban riots.

The nostalgia is most evident in the racial component. They are so caught up in the role, they are incapable of seeing the absurdity. We just had four days of funerals for a drug-addled black criminal. All of the corporate oligarchs are imposing anti-racism on their customers, even refusing service to them if they are not enthusiastic enough for the cause, but we supposedly have a white racism problem. We’re literally worshiping black people right now, but we supposedly have a racism problem.

It is not just race either. Feminism has been caught in a nostalgia loop for quite some time now. The whole campus rape culture business was just a remake of the war on chauvinism from the 60’s and 70’s. In the original, women in polyester pantsuits complained about men treating them as sex objects. In the remake, it was frumpy coeds complaining about horse-faced guys named Haven Monahan ravaging them in their fraternity. Same bodice ripper, new scenery.

Go back to the Bush years and the anti-war movement was just a bunch of oldsters reliving their youth through college kids they hired to play them in the remake of the Vietnam protests. They even used the same language. Days into Afghanistan, they declared it a quagmire. Note too that as soon as Bush left the scene, the protests came to a screeching halt. There were no anti-war Left in the Obama years, despite the fact he was droning the Muslims on a daily basis.

Step back and look at the last couple of decades and what we seem to be experiencing is the end point of American Progressivism. They have run out of great moral crusades, so they are rebooting old franchises. Just as Hollywood has collapsed into a series of remakes and reboots of old ideas, the political elite is reduced to replaying old political battles, but with better graphics. Of course, they make sure they are the hero in all of these remakes, just in case that was not clear the first time.

There is also the fact that this ruling elite is probably the most spoiled and pampered elite since the French Revolution. Scan the resumes of the people at the top and you don’t find any signs of struggle. Even the financial elites have ridden the warm thermals of a rigged system. Jeff Bezos thinks he is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but in reality, he is the product of a system that grants massive government subsidies and protections to a select group of insiders and friends of the system.

As a result, this ruling class operates on the assumption that there is never any consequence to their actions. The rioters did not burn down their houses or their businesses last week. They are not going to be forced into struggle sessions at their office or college job. None of this affects them. Again, like the aristocrats forcing peasants into a game of human chess, they get to take it all in as bemused spectators, enjoying the good life as an insulated ruling class.

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234 thoughts on “The Nostalgia Loop

  1. I’m listening to the Joe Rogan — Bret Weinstein interview. Very good! Thanks for the link. I just have to comment on one point Rogan makes at about 01:16:45: Rogan suggests (correctly) that police should have have training similar to Navy SEALS or Army Rangers that “weeds out the people of weak character.” This is a laudable wish. Alas, he makes no mention of the utter shortage of people wanting to be cops to begin with. This has only been exacerbated by the current climate. And, if any type of “weeding” Rogan proposes were tried, maybe 1% of those who were hired would make the cut.

  2. Z – it doesn’t matter who is doing it as much as what they have done.

    The worst thing that has been done is to racialize the Army – from the top.

    Some if you may think that ethnic militias are funny – you won’t when you’re living in wartime Yugoslavia.

    You won’t.

  3. I’m sure the irony of promoting something on Kickstarter with its #Blacklivesmatter header is not lost on you.
    Good to see they made their goal because my initial decision to throw them a buck was in doubt when I saw the funding site.

  4. Why is Z wanting us to donate to this issue. Many ranchers are boomers and we are supposed to celebrate their dying

  5. And what are we doing about all that is happening??? Not a damn thing, NOTHING. I am close to what is happening in Virginia- people posting the take down of statues and riots online- it is all crickets for a response-I tell you what- by fall this will be all forgotten- dumb white tools will cheer NASCAR and the mulatto Quarterbacks with foot washing at half time- our churches will talk about inclusion and revival-the only ones vilified and that will lose everything and face isolation, loss and possible prison will be those who stand in opposition and create platforms.

  6. Bruno said, “I’m not seeing anyone sticking their neck out to challenge the woke consensus.” Not so! Besides the growing numbers of the DR, there are mainstream voices too: Buchanan, Cotton, Adam Carolla, Matt Gaetz, Rand Paul, and Trump himself. Remember, the lying oligarch scum who control the media WANT you to feel dispirited, isolated and afraid. But what if Trump wins by a landslide and both houses of Congress fall into the hands of the new Trump party? It may well happen. So be not afraid! This game ain’t over.

    • Well, that’s correct. As discussed here, one side likes facts, the other tends toward emotion. Guess who’s losing—we are. 😉
      I think it was Oprah who awhile back talked about “her truth”. It seems that in this day and age, “my truth”, trumps facts and reason. F&R is how the White man pulled himself out of the jungle and created civilization. My truth is how the savage remained in the jungle. My truth is how the savage will drag us back into the jungle. We’d best learn this and adjust our tactics and strategy accordingly. Win, then return to F&R.

  7. I don’t know whether he really believes the things he tweets out or whether he’s just being cynical (I suspect the latter), but Trump’s tweets also function explicitly as a nostalgia trigger for MAGA voters.
    The thing is, while Trump’s tweets used to rally positive nostalgia connected to voters’ hopes (“what we once did in the past, I’ll do again!”), in the last year or so the tweets have turned into negative nostalgic baggage. It’s one thing to tweet “law and order” going into the 2016 election, but tweeting the very same thing going into the 2020 election only conjures disillusion. I wonder if Trump has yet realized he suppresses his own voter turnout with every tweet.
    It’s probably too late to turn around the disillusionment; four months is not enough time. Look at what happened with BLM/Antifa: when admin officials make vague promises (lies) that they’ll go after them, or other vague “law and order” promises, we’re immediately disillusioned. We now know the feds can’t go after BLM/Antifa because the feds are BLM/Antifa, and Trump has done nothing to get rid of the feds because he may not understand fully how dangerous they are. At this point what is needed is a wholesale shutdown and disbanding of the Department of State, just as one example, not any nibbling-around-the-edge reforms or delusions about replacing federal agencies or departments with “our people” or “the right people.”
    Going after BLM/Antifa would have required tracking government officials, bureaucrats, lawyers and judges, journalists, intelligence agents, politicians’ sons and daughters (both GOP and Dem), academics, media personalities etc. who were all rioting in the streets or providing support to those who were in the streets.
    “With virtually every institution in America expressing support for these terrorist groups, along with their connections to powerful officials, Donald Trump’s bluster about labeling them a terrorist group appears to be nothing but a gust of hot air.”
    During the daytime these people show up in classrooms, TV screens, newspapers, government offices and courthouses, but as soon as it gets dark they start smashing and beating. This is not a metaphor; this is what literally happens. As soon as it gets dark a “journalist” will assault people.
    I don’t think Trump ever imagined he would have had to undertake an actual war on every lever of power. It’s not enough to delude yourself into thinking that the problem is random, disorganized “bad actor” kooks, misfits, and outcasts. The people destroying things are not social outcasts like the losers and misfits of the 1960s (they weren’t really such back then either); they’re in the halls of power now, highly organized and coordinated. When Trump works with some congressperson, he may pick up that the congressperson doesn’t like him even if they’re nice to his face, but he may not realize that this same congressperson could very well be egging on their children and interns to riot in the streets. That’s how deep the rot goes.

    That’s why all the rioters are being released from jail en masse; there is a desire to avoid too much local inquiry into who these people really are. I bet that if you were to dig into the backgrounds of the people who caused damage in DC, once you sifted out the chaff of opportunistic black looters, the remaining people were either the children of media figures, academics, NGO and government agency directors and politicians, or the actual figures, directors and politicians themselves. Hell, I bet the damage to the Treasury Department, for example, was probably done by millennials working in the Treasury Department or in other government agencies, government intelligence or their contracting companies. The same repeats for every other city: filter out the usual opportunistic black looting and it was the elite, or children of the elite, of that city doing the destruction. This is an internal aristocratic palace power struggle. We just can’t do it as tidily as the Saudis can.
    It’s much easier to understand why corporations are hopping on the BLM bandwagon: their wokeness conveniently deflects from the post-lockdown realization that these corporations no longer deserve to exist. Jeff Bezos shaming one of his Amazon customers neatly deflects from a discussion over whether in a new era of Great Depression level unemployment, corporations like Amazon should be broken up and their wealth returned to the communities they’ve looted and plundered for so long.

  8. I tried to go into Best Buy today. They wouldn’t even let me in the store, said I had to have an appointment.
    The only thing I can figure is that Best Buy is planning for Chapter 11. Why would they actively turn away business otherwise?

    Z Man said: “Step back and look at the last couple of decades and what we seem to be experiencing is the end point of American Progressivism. They have run out of great moral crusades, so they are rebooting old franchises…”
    Seriously, I’m getting bored to death with the “summer of love” part 87. Oswald Spengler talked about the exhaustion of originality. And speaking of the “The Nostalgia Loop.” We now have our own Paris Commune right there in Seattle Washington.
    This isn’t a Revolution. These people are simply walking through a door that’s been left wide open. It wouldn’t suprise me to find out that members of the mayors staff are on the local antifa steering committee. Wait till these numbskills finally realize they’ve been used by the very power structure they despise. The Machine uses everything to build and maintain itself. As long as you live in Civilization, your a component of Civilization. Even the homeless are nothing more than raw material to help grow the “Helping Community.”
    And speaking of homeless people. The ones inside the Seattle Commune snatched all the free food. 😀 😀 😀 😀
    When the grid goes down, the winos will have to teach the synthetic Bolsheviks how to survive in the concrete jungle.


  10. We are in our own way just like the Good Whites, don’t want trouble, don’t want fuss, just a good life.
    We aren’t delusional about how we get there though and that truth hurts.
    The Good Whites can’t stand the pain and they latch onto anything to make that go away.
    The dirty truth is our side would do to learn to long for a little revenge. The day we’d feel happy watching our enemies dance the Tyburn Jig or better would be happy bringing our kids to those festivities is the day we can start to fix things.
    In any case this is a state of mind not a call to action Often when you have that mindset, you don’t have to use it. It must be genuine though.
    As nearly the only good advice from a movie goes “Be nice till its time to not be nice.”

    Poor Christopher ended in the lake,while “buy more ammo bro” are running to even further a suburb, always cowardly, always full of shit trying to justify his cowardice
    Yet “bros” let me tell you something you ran to the wall and there is no running any longer
    Quickly scan through tweet comments to see how darkies, jews and commies celebrate your demise
    Like all vultures they feel the blood and they will not sop until the bones only remain

      • Just listened to your link. That’s the hardest sounding cracker I’ve ever heard. Those old time whites loved nothing more than saying the world mongrels. “And the white girls, becoming pregnant, with MONGREL babies.” LOL. I knew there was no way he was gonna finish his tirade without slipping that one in.

  12. Z and Blog followers—I just checked with the American Cattlemen Association because I smelled a rat and appears this documentary website may be bogus, or not, and IS NOT associated with Am. Cattlemen Asso.
    Z—after looking at the Kickstarter fundraising page, I don’t see an organization nor contact info for the documentary.
    This is the reply to my inquiry to the American Cattlemens Association
    “Good Morning! This is not us – I myself would be leary of this – thanks so much – have a great day!
    Pegge Hutchinson
    Sr. National Account Executive
    American Cattlemen 
    American Dairymen
    Twin Rivers Media LLC.
    Phone – 515-574-2296
    Sorry for the hornets nest…..hope I’m wrong and I’m not donating to this.
    I wrote the editor of Range Magazine, Carson City NV and no reply yet.
    Z—Big thanks for your interest in western range and land/regulators matters. This one looks belly up….but keep your interest to the West! Try again!

    • I personally know the people behind this. All you have to do is read through the site’s FAQ and you will see who is behind this.

      • I did and I did. “ FAQ section “….we aim to have Facebook pages for The American Cattleman that address all 435 U.S. House Districts, individually.” I do beg your pardon if I have annoyed the crap out of you. I don’t see another reference to another production group so you can see why this led me to The American Cattlemen Asso.. This is what was in the documentary FAC answers and what I followed up on. If you know these folks….fine. Who are they please.
        I would have contacted you directly and not aired laundry but probably not through your email. So I moved fast on this as folks’ credit cards were possibly at risk.


        • “The American Cattleman” is the name of the video, not the name of an organization. That’s why there are no references to the National Cattleman’s Association on the site. I know the people behind it. They asked me to mention it which I did. If you don’t feel comfortable giving them five bucks, then don’t.

    • We are not affiliated directly with any particular cattlemen’s group so as to maintain the freedom to criticize certain political figures without bringing their wrath immediately down upon the very people we wish to support. However, R-CALF is pretty close to us, as we aim to put their CEO in front of the camera for a big part of the production.

  13. Jeebus. I posted a comment about windowless bunker “schools” for urban yoots, and these dippy old c*nts are saying, “we can do a better job educating students about the Constitution and the FFFounding FFFathers…”

    Lotsa opportunity in the Take a Knee industry

  14. Talk radio: “…to make sure that George Floyd didn’t die in vain…”






    • “Lowest black unemployment ever!”
      “Candice Owens gives me permission to be a small government conservative!”

  15. Excellent post. The elites are trying to stop time because they believe that ‘history’ belongs to them, that it begins with them and if they can stop ‘history’ they can live forever.

    • I think that explains so much of this
      The old hippies really believed the “revolution” would happen during their lifetimes, hence the sudden urgency and frantic behavior as their lives are coming to a close
      A race against the clock

  16. Just start publishing the addresses of journalists, would fix a lot.
    Anyway, I was thinking about the corporate shit. A lot of these guys are owned by funds who are owned by states. The chinese and the saudis and the list goes on. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the corps fomenting division…

  17. That’s why I say the left is a Great Reaction, a lurch to the primitive. Vengeance is a prime example. That’s what the rule of law was supposed to deal with. The other thing is fault. Mercia Eliade:
    “The primitive… cannot conceive of an unprovoked suffering; it arises from a personal fault… or from his neighbor’s malevolence… but there is always a fault at the bottom of it[.]”

  18. Imagine what an unbearable little harpy this chick was. The article is a tendentious effort to blame her death on the cops, of course:

    ((())): Check
    Worthless degree (Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability): check
    Working at a coffee shop: check
    SJW (“a fierce but compassionate supporter of environmental issues and social justice”): check
    Another article by Yaron Steinbuch, who Felix pointed out earlier. I mention it because it occurred in my closest city, the city where I do business.
    The Post is the “conservative” New York paper.

    • There’s another box regarding Sarah Grossman and Yaron Steinbuch that you left unchecked.

    • ”An ER nurse reported her death as a suspected overdose”
      “Grossman’s sister has said online that Sarah may have died from respiratory issues after being exposed to tear gas. Her post has since been edited to remove the reference to tear gas.”
      Nice headline.

    • Have you looked at the Daily Mail lately? Only a few years ago it passed for a conservative paper in the U.K. Well, it’s seen the writing on the wall and in principle (not in style) is almost indistinguishable from the Guardian or the BBC now.
      The Stalinesque darkness falls on the just and the unjust. As Britan’s white supremacist playwright has his most famous white supremacist character say, “The time is out of joint.”

  19. I am nostalgic for the time when stupid ideas were at least novel. They can’t even seem to do that anymore, be novel idiots that is.

  20. I would say the GOP recently broke out of the nostalgia loop by choosing to throw white people overboard. The old “law and order” and “BLM is bad” messaging Republicans used to put out as recently as 2015 used to be implicit overtures to white people, but now they’ve given up all that and are all in on foot-washing.
    Of course, even back when the GOP used to express implicit whiteness, behind the scenes they were always Mitt Romney types – doing everything possible to rip away white livelihoods while mocking whites dying deaths of despair as a result –
    Black people have gotten way more sitting comfortably on the “Democrat plantation” than whites have ever gotten from the Republican plantation. Aside from a handful of rare exception candidates like Jeff Sessions, I fail to see the value in supporting the GOP anymore.

    • Whites still make up a majority of people in the country, and will continue to do so for decades to come; at least 90% don’t buy into the ‘Sacred Negro” narrative, no matter what they feel compelled to say publically, and they WILL have political representation, one way or the other. If the GOP chooses not to heed their wished, the GOP will disappear very quickly, simple as that.

      • Whites still make up a majority of people in the country, and will continue to do so for decades to come.
        …and will be the largest ethnic group this century out.

      • Per 2014 U.S. Census Projection Report: By 2045 Non- Hispanic Whites = 49.2% of population. Appx. 30% of these are maladjusted mutants possessed of the Progressive Holy Ghost. Whistling in the graveyard?

  21. Another nostalgia prop is “The Homeless” who are pulled out of mothballs every time a Republican president gets into office, only to miraculously disappear when a Democrat takes the oath of office. We’re now on out third iteration of this piece of Reagan-era agitprop.

  22. This whole country, for many, many years, has been a warm thermal for all sorts of people who in normal times would crash to the ground. The elite aren’t really elite. In most times the elite really are the elite In times of decay they’re just pretenders. When the cold headwinds come, they’ll just drop like stones to the ground.

    • Yep
      Our “elites” think getting the most votes from a bunch of slobs makes them special
      Winning an election does not make one “elite”

  23. Resistance to White genocide is punishable by law:

    Now, I know these are unwise LARPers who you may think had it coming, but believe me, you’re next. As far as I can tell from the article, they didn’t actually do anything other than say “mean” things. I’ve noticed that we say mean things here, sometimes.
    Most of the people imprisoned for being members of National Action have never done anything a normal person would consider a crime. They are truly modern-day political prisoners.

    • While the US is not responsible for the UK, we will have leverage, Were we in power, we’d have the option of cutting them off from all aid and trade along with anyone doing business with them.
      There is no reason we can’t export our values once we are in power and tell the Euro trash, we won’t invade you but we have no truck with any White nation that does not share our values.

        • Its harder to enforce them as we are an armed population and as you will note from people showing up armed over the lockdown and in readiness for looters getting increasingly more willing to use them.

          • I hope you are right. We’ve shown very little sign of not retreating on every front, so far.
            NASCAR just banned the Confederate flag, because their only Black driver demanded it.

  24. But the outright genocidal element seems new.
    Or just more nostalgia for Ukraine and the Kulaks?

  25. Spiritual enterprise indeed.
    Never (in my lifetime) have these words rang more true: Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.Also appears a certain passge of scripture has been appropriated and modified to suit certain needs: Vengenace is mine, we will repay, saith the Cult of the Left.

  26. If you can donate to that film, I also encourage it. Nearly every rancher I know works a full time job just so he can support his passion. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I know many guys with much bigger herds than me who struggle every year and always post a loss. They do it because the love the land, and the cycle of life and doing something to them feels meaningful. But it is nearly impossible for small ranchers to compete with large industrial ranching. Only a very small portion of the steak or ground beef you buy at the store goes in the pocket of the rancher who spent a year or two raising it.

    • A farmer eating in D.C. almost choked when he looked at the bill.
      His bowl of breakfast cereal cost as much as he got for an entire bushel of oats.

    • We can cut out that middleman so that cattleman can get his rightful share in a Community of people that love their Community more than profit…

    • You should put that in the comments on our kickstarter page. The comment section there could use some help and this is something our guys say over and over. Thanks!

  27. If were talking generational politics…

    I agree that were living in a boomer movie. Which begs the question, will this change any time soon? Seems to me Xers don’t like the boomer thing, but have largely gone along with it for lack of alternatives.

    Millennials, at least those of us with boomer parents, have been puppets. Maybe the ones with X parents too, I’m not sure. Dutifully doing what we’re told. We were shaped to finish the revolution. Will we become our own people?

    Doesn’t seem to me Zoomers have yet found their place in all of this. Interesting to see what it’ll be.

  28. There is a United Kingdom based blog where I’ve been Lurking over the comments, for almost 5 years . 
    Morgoth, a working class Geordie who runs it, has branched out into youtube videos, but has kept the blog alive just for the comment section, which is a social club for people just like all of you – similar to the Rover’s Return , a fictional pub on the long running soap “ Coronation Street”. It’s moderated by an Anglo-Scot lawyer who works in Texas, aka. Gentleman Jim Crow. Please remember, ‘Air Strip One’ is now a Police State. 
    The inspired people who post comments are both a window into what is actually happening in the UK and an outstanding curatorial tool for me because they post links and share memes many of which can be repurposed to your ends. Think Oswald Mosley’s coolest grandchild crossed with Enoch Powell .The trending topics at present are the ongoing chimp-outs and the Iconoclasm that is visiting the former Imperial Capital. 
    Some of you may be interested . 

    They are your birds of a feather in the so-called Old Country . 
    Enjoy ! 

      • I saved copies when you first posted them; ty.
        What may be lost forever are the Tony Hayer’s original TV guides. I remember when commenters would be all over him like ugly on an ape, for his fixation on posting his BBC TV Guides – as it turns out it, those very salty, program summaries, woke up more than one Beefeater. 

    • Oh gods, to hear the joyous, wicked slang of the old Telly readers!
      I’ll have dry wit, with a twist.

    • Coronation Street was the first show I can remember that normalized transexuality, via the Haley Cropper character. Fuck Roy’s Rolls!

  29. All right Zman. I think you can take some responsibility for the American Cattlemen making his goal!

      • And I just pulled an old crystal-crunching relative over to our side of the divide. She’s still on the riverbank and cautiously looking around for cross-burnings. But I’m confident she won’t be going back. Cognative dissonance is a bitch at her age.

        • “Defunding the police” gets the AWFLs right in their wheelhouse. They want the cops to save them when the mobs come to burn their house. “I’m not so sure that’s such a good idea” is what they say, but “hell no, are you frikkin crazy?” is what they are thinking.

    • Can’t thank y’all enough for the pledges, and if y’all didn’t know I’m a long time reader of Z, though I must remain anonymous for now.

  30. For better or worse, our current masters are better at befuddling and misdirecting the peasants than were the French aristos just before the revolution. The propaganda machine is so large and so effective, and the brute force aspect (Antifa et al) so abetted by law enforcement, that I fear this is going to be a very difficult tyranny to break. Not to get too black-pilled, but we are facing a long, uphill battle.

    • I don’t agree. Most of the leadership of the Left are paper tigers and bullies. They will fold rather quickly (and likely hightail it out of town) when personally punched in the nose. Playground rules . . . when the bully first steps up, puffs out his chest, and bellows his first threat; you kick him in the balls and quickly administer the beating of his life. Its the only way to be sure.

      • Ah Tom A, I wish I could believe it was so easy. Unfortunately, it is very hard to come face-to-face., or even to identify the actual Left leadership. They are off in the shadows, completely safe, completely invisible, pulling the strings. Meanwhile. their BLM and Antifa foot soldiers get a free pass to loot and riot from the police, and their propaganda wing dominates both the MSM and social media.
        Try and fight back on street level? Take a look at what happened to the Proud Boys, or to the people who tried to stand up to the mob during the current riots.
        History says it will take a great deal to get millions of normies riled enough to actually take a stand against both BLM/Antifa and the police — especially when they are swimming upriver against a strong current of. disinformation. Lord knows, there has been enough provocation in the last 40 years, and so far we have taken it lying down. Not saying we can’t turn the tide, but it will not be simple or easy.

        • Let’s just see what happens if/when they try to invade and loot the homes in overwhelmingly white areas or in rural areas. I’ve got a sneak suspicion the home team wins in a rout.

      • Half the military is now non-white. Zog controls the treasury. How many Good Whites can they find to fill out and lead the military as anti-white mercenaries? Probably a lot. Ideologues and those looking for economic stability.
        At best we’re probably going to end up with regional fragmentation. USGov won’t be able to control all areas though they will probably never stop trying to do so.

        • I agree the US will fragment.
          This is why once you catch your breath you have to conquer. This is the historical norm and while war is terrible, at least under perpetual conflict there won’t be room for degeneracy.
          Also actual war fighters are overwhelming White and Hispanic , the later catagory far from being loyal to the degeneracy.
          Goodwhites aren’t really suitable for urban warfare as a real taste of real violence would make them into bad men.
          Also most of the Anti Whites in the military are most Civ Nats, in other words good imperial citizens which is a whole other breed of cat. They will follow orders, its what soldiers do, but they can also be peeled away.
          Its far from insurmountable . What ails us is a lack of drive, a lack of lust for revenge and for spoils. We just want to be let alone to our own ways and some prosperity. To our leaders this smacks of withdrawl and imperial decline.
          That decline terrifies them more than anything, they can’t perfom the actual fixes required (stable family, stable jobs, good wages, repatriation and an end to debt) so they result to currency debasement (which is failing) and hope the imperial cult will keep it going for just a while longer.
          The system can’t work. Even printing trillions and handing it out as reparations won’t goose the economy to life and failure to spread that gravy to Whites as well will defeat the purpose and turn many Whites into their enemy.
          For the elite it is a no win scenario so they’ll submit to any degradation or madness to avoid actually fixing anything.

  31. Yes, almost all of what acutely ails us is top down. We have aided (or allowed) the top echelons of society to become infested with the unfit, undeserving, and unscrupulous among us. I estimate that over half the politicians in DC are corrupt grifters, and most of the remainder are functional idiots. And the tech tyrants are all soulless manipulators intent upon converting everyone else into sheeple. The good news is they are relatively few in number. A very manageable problem.

    • One takeaway from the whole FBI scandal is realizing just how much time the very top echelon that is supposed to be our “bulwark” against spying and terrorism was spending sending dirty texts, humping and scheming with one another for career advancement brownie points. All on our dime. Didn’t seem like much work was getting done.

  32. “It is not just race either.”
    This is a civilizational war. Who does this civilization belong to? Who feels part of it? The Americanized-Africans have never fit into this or any other part of Western Civilization. They don’t belong in this civilization but have no way out, so what they can’t transform into their own they burn down so it can’t be ours. They have no country of their own, no sense of ownership or belonging or source of pride that leads to dignity.
    The (European) American people are now in exactly the same situation because our native elites have sold us out by bending knee to the internationalists who own and control our financial system and mainstream media.
    How many factions in the coalition of the fringes actually buy into the multicultural utopia nonsense the globalists peddle to legitimize their rule over the American Empire? It seems to me they are all in it to openly and brazenly advance their own racial and ethnic interests.

    • Another thing, blacks will survive quite well and perhaps thrive if the cities are burned to the ground and become de facto jungles
      in a sense, they may be trying to “go back home” by burning things down, feeling the tug of nature
      We Whites won’t do well at all in that environment.
      Maybe unconsciously they are trying to create an environment for themselves where they feel strongest and best able to fight

      • Not really, The US food supply is brittle as it is. A mass famine in urban America is amazingly easy to produce.
        Hell just the shut down from this virus nonsense has mile long lines to food banks in a few weeks.
        After the Western Roman Empire imploded Rome went from 1 million souls to 10,000 scavengers, a 99% reduction.

      • Yea because they are such farmers to grow their food and they know engineering so well to keep the infrastructure from failing, and such hard workers to keep the lights, water, sewer, and garbage intact and running, very skilled medical workers to keep their people alive…The blacks are a very dependant race and to survive need to be supplied by outside sources…

      • Whites are exceptional in that environment. Ask the Indians, the colonial British, the Germans, the Japanese. You just forgot how to fight. We ain’t nothin like you

  33. It is strange that the crowd is 50% rioters and 50% people recording the riot on their phones and posting it on social media. Gives it a real staged feel. Hilariously, they then claim that Klansmen Nazis came in and looted the black-owned businesses – but every cell phone and security camera missed them.
    Whitey is sneaky that way.

    • My kids were keeping an eye on their social media and the number of LARP’ers from our area that were down there was astonishing–and it was all about “getting the picture” to post up on Instagram or snapchat to other people. A couple kids in town got gassed and arrested and were all butthurt about how that could happen to them. Guess they didn’t think about that part.

  34. It’s reboots because TPTB don’t want the sequel. If white racism really is the cause of society’s ills and those ills don’t go way, then the logical conclusion is that whites are refusing – whether consciously or unconsciously – to give up their racism.
    The next step – the sequel – is either 1) severely re-educating whites (what we’re seeing now, but which, naturally, won’t work); 2) defeating whites to the point that their racism can’t harm anyone; or 3) getting rid of whites.

    • Defeating/liquidating whites is the “Defund Police,” endgame.
      What the Left really means is getting rid of the current police and replacing them with vibrant, Fed-controlled NVKD-style death squads.

      • Yeah, we’ll see if this is all just a reboot or if we’re moving on to the sequel. Certainly, the genuflecting of whites to blacks is new. Also, I don’t remember reading about corporate CEOs getting fired in the 60s for not being sufficiently on board the racism train. Some of this is new.
        We’re definitely in the Re-Education phase where whites must acknowledge their racism and learn how to do better. Defeat the mind first, then the body.

      • They got the Russians to kill their own people.


        “Kill the farmer! He’s holding back!”

        “Kill the landowner! His rents are too high!”

        “Kill the factory owner! His pay is too low!”

        “Kill the banker! He works for the rich!”


        And then, when everyone else who knew how to run anything was gone, only the leaders of the Revolution were left.

        • The same thing will happen here.
          Leftists and their vibrant pets really seem to believe that food originates at the grocery store and electricity comes out of the wall like magic.
          They also seem to believe YT just waves his magic wand and new technologies fall out of the sky in response.

        • If any of those would of banded together then that plan would not of worked…We need to learn from their mistakes but we are running out of time and hardly anyone has a sense of urgency…

          • There is no sense of urgency because life is still easy and free from material want in the suburbs and small towns.
            Things are beginning to re-open and everyone’s 401k is up.

      • No. Those squads would only be active in large, black cities, and as soon as the defunding happens, the remaining whites flee. The outer burbs and white rural areas won’t be defunding anything.

    • Citizen, only your step #3 can ultimately work by definition. Whites are racist because they do better in life’s challenge than people of color—not because they ride at night covered in sheets, or they communicate with each other via secret handshakes with the White boss. Racism has been defined basically as inequality, with the racist coming out on top in any chosen comparison.
      So if you want to be found innocent of the sin of racism, you must resign yourself to a life of mediocrity and discrimination. Some Whites—those on the left side of the Bell Curve—will see little change in their life’s trajectory, but most others are in for a terrible time.

  35. If we have to re-live the nonsense they should at least have to produce a few good protest songs. Where’s Country Joe when we need him?

    • Hah! Country Joe & the Fish Vietnam song – liked that one when I was a kid. Hey, maybe they reprise dion’s Abraham, Martin & John to Freddy, Trayvon & George – perhaps to some Crap beat – since everything is now blackity black black.

  36. It really is all so tiresome, but at the same time enraging. The same freaking morons pounding the same drums, but this time in HD, as Z pointed out. The question is, when will come the storming of the bastille?

    • The question is, when will come the storming of the bastille?

      What makes you think the bastille will be stormed at all with a completely cowed population? There has been just as much history of meek supplication to terror (if not more) as uprising. Bolsheviks, Maoists,etc.
      And for more relevant racial take overs, Haiti and South Africa. Those countries are both doing really well today after they removed all the white people, aren’t they? Expect the US to look somewhere between Haiti / SA in the future if nobody pushes back.

      • It won’t be Haiti/SA.
        Don’t forget 1/4 of the country is Asian/Indian/Hispanic/Arab. Don’t forget the millions of Badwhites. Frankly none of those groups would be defeated by blacks. Blacks are a pretty laughable group – yet whites are currently entranced by their “black magic”.
        It’s hard to predict the future but if I had to guess, I would say a) a Latino dictator or b) a CCP dictator. Ideally there would be a white dictator but I don’t see it happening. If b) happens we should pray that the CCP decides to leave us alone, rather than exact revenge for colonization and the Opium trade, which is far from a given.
        I think Badwhites would cross over and accept a Latin dictator, or even CCP dictator on the right terms, at this point. But Badwhites are not the high IQ or wealthy, or powerful whites – likely not strong enough to start their own revolution.

        • Hispanics are a wild card. The Bronx Dominicans went right after the looters that tried to get into their neighborhood last week. Our local varietal is mostly from “cowboy country” in northern Mexico, more in common with Texas than the rest of the Mexico. Per my housekeeper, they want zip to do with this shit and when there was a large local protest, were in “autodefensa” mode in case it got out of hand. Not to dissimilar from the Liberty City riots I recall from my youth–blacks tried to go into an adjacent poor Cuban neighborhood and got shot for their troubles.

          • Yeah, just like the French-Canadians who never assimilated after centuries (even in the USA where they were heavily assimilated they still speak French), Latin Americans might be the same. Remarkable fortitude and rejection of Anglo norms and culture.
            The less assimilated any group becomes, the better. But the flip side, is that us “Anglos” are not welcome in their group either. They will fight hard to defend themselves, but Anglo is on his own. Once their territory is secure, Anglos and blacks need not apply.
            We can hope that they provide a role model. However, it’s not uncommon to see a white guy in Ontario spout ridiculous prejudice and obscenities about French Canadians, while his own neighborhood is now 25% white. Ugh, Anglos. We need to sort our shit out soon.

          • I’ve said before–you can learn a lot from studying the Quebec’ers. Even where I grew up, there was a ton of Canadian winter residents–the Quebec’ers segregated in their own areas.

        • There are plenty of high IQ Badwhites (see this very blog for example) and quite a few wealthy ones too (though they are veeewwy veeewwy quiet now). The problem is that we are diffused throughout the population and across the nation. Every revolution has a leadership elite and a rank and file and our rank and file is already well armed and mobile.
          Dictators arise in response to chaos and usually with the support of the majority who are just desperate for order and normality. We are still the majority so any dictator would probably arise from Badwhites or Badwhite adjacent leaders.
          This sure sounds like Trump, right? The Left has certainly painted Trump as a dictator since he took office. So far, though he’s failed to act like one. I still see a pretty high likelihood that someone will stage some kind of coup from the Right this year if things do not calm down Real Soon Now. If the media/Left (but I repeat myself) have a few more shoes to drop this year and ramp the madness up to 11 I see it as inevitable. Trump may also, at this point, be in a potential crossfire between some as yet unknown Pinochet type and perhaps a pozzed Lefty General (see footnote below).
          In a post a few days ago I also suggested that Trump himself may need to stage his own coup of sorts to avoid this squeeze. If you hear about lots of people being arrested in DC and Trump is on all the channels making a speech with that serious furrowed brow look he gets, this is probably what’s going on.
          Footnote: The Left has no militia. We do, so their only potential armed force is, well, the armed forces or some faction thereof themselves. The chatter about armed uprisings of blacks is mostly fantasy. Blacks have a lot of guns, but mostly handguns and illegal ones at that. This means they can’t legally practice with them and are notoriously bad shots. This may also be why the Left has shifted focus from handguns (which actually are the main crime guns) to long guns like the AR. If you see a mob with pistols coming down your street you can get up on the roof with an AR and shoot them all before they get close enough to use their guns.

      • Unless someone is in at least their mid-50s they don’t know how much we’ve lost. All they’ve experienced is a decaying social milieu with a rocketing financial sector which is now the only measure of good/evil. Which is exactly what we are going to continue getting.
        City centers will be come deserted, suburbs will become more diverse, filthier and more dangerous. The shopping outlets well outside of the city will turn into periodic war zones selling things of increasingly inferior quality. Shanty towns of whites will spring up here and there as people move away from the vibrancy but who have burned through all their saving and can no longer buy a home. That $300K ranch house isn’t worth 1/10th of what you paid for it. Living in a 7th Century like enclave in the woods will seem like paradise compared to all the noise, violence and potential danger of what were once quiet suburban settlements. We will be revisiting diseases we don’t even have a Latin name for because they were overcome 1500 years ago, ironically when much of Europe actually spoke some Latin.
        But there will be a pot of gold for all and sundry somewhere down the road as all watch the Dow work it’s way up to 40K…50K…
        Motley Fools to Morbid Fools.

        • For the same reasons we’ve been fleeing from diversity for nearly 3 generation. Self imposed. Anything and anywhere to live in peace.

        • You are starting to annoy me with your inane shit. Ask South Africans you dolt. ‘Remove’ as in you will be the new n1gger in your own nation. No political power, servitude, marginalized, and yes, in some cases physically removed.
          You questioned me on this earlier too so tell me Ostei are you going to go out guns blazing when the terror squad shows up on your door? Are you even American? Because I’ve been in that spot already and it is real easy to LARP about what you are gonna do from behind a keyboard when a dozen armed men show up for you.
          South Africans had plenty of guns too and they went quietly into the night under the same immense social pressure we are facing now. More clear now retard? Stop replying to me if you are this dense.

          • You compare America, where whites outnumber Hutus 6 to 1, to South Africa where whites were a small minority and you call me a dolt? Well, if I’m a dolt, that makes you a sub-asinine imbecile. Ad hominems aside, yes I’ll go down fighting if I’m going down at all. And I obviously won’t get any help from defeatist pussies like you.

      • I don’t know AP – White South Africans were vastly outnumbered and the writing was on the wall – as most likely were the French in Haiti. Here, we’ll be a heavily armed technical minority in a couple of decades, so I guess we’ll see. As either Ep or DW said, I hope I’m around to see it. These bastards need to pay a price….

        • Whites aren’t projected by census to be a minority until 2070. Lets stop using this as a crutch, or a pitch. Its 2020.
          How about plan 2030: Bleached America?

  37. Not only are they reboots, but the original material was weak to begin with.
    Democracy is incapable of creating truly great stories. Since it quickly devolves into an egailtarianism that abhors risk, the tales of heroic struggles in times past are always from undemocratic institutions, such as the military, or a gaslighting narrative, such as the Civil Rights Movement or about any presidential biography. Read any biography of a progressive hero and there’s a hint of fakeness to all of it, as it downgrades the human and social connections to something paper thin.
    There’s no excitement or virtue in faceless people in the background moving around people like puppets, or a vast bureaucracy where no one is willing to make a decision.
    It’s the reason why one’s inspiring children’s books are still full of kings and queens, and saints and martyrs if you are religious. It’s the reason the best heroic books start in quaint little towns and not modern cities.

    • The reason there is a hint of fakeness is primarily because they are all fake. You attribute it to something else, but you have correctly identified it.
      They are constructed from whole cloth. Their life stories make no sense because they are, as the Spy guys call it, Legends, not real lives.
      Since at least WW1 most of the accepted history has been one long set of fakes after another.

  38. No one is talking about the trillions of dollars in bailout money that governments everywhere have handed out to their pets !
    Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd that there has been a V shaped recovery, with the DJI regaining almost 9000 points in less than 80 days ? 
    Entire economies are shut down . People everywhere are out of work . No one’s talking about “ too big to fail “ and the price of eggs is up 20 % .
    The street theatre is over the hurt feelings of negroes and not because the poorhouse awaits. Is that the diversion ? 
    Are the financial wizards are preparing to fleece the dupes driving the sucker’s rally ? 
    What about the money ?

    • As you’ve hinted, the stock market is a game that most of the “people” do not get to play. It will simply prove another instrument to emphasize the division in the country between the elites and everyone else.

    • Speaking of money, look at the tsunami of protection money donations that BLM has fleeced from corporate GlobHom virtually overnight.
      It’s absolutely insane. BLM is now a black-supremacist domestic terror organization with hundreds of millions of dollars in its warchest.
      George S. must be tickled pink that he no longer needs to provide funding.

      • It seems to me the stock market is being used to launder money out of the US in a quick fashion.
        Just the same thing happened with bitcoin in the Jan after Trumps’ election. Then it suddenly went away again.

  39. A good parallel is the Salem Witch Trials. The last of the old guard Puritans had kept the colony on lockdown for years — bad race war, economic instability, heck, there was even a plague. The hysteria came from kids and their new, aggressive “Yankee” culture acting out, colliding head on with the very last of the old guard desperately clinging to power. The girls made the accusations, yes, but it was the adults — specifically guys like Cotton Mather, who were all-in on the old world but couldn’t get out of their fathers’ shadows — who were responsible for the hysteria. (Ol’ Cotton went from “the Colony’s leading public intellectual” to “international laughingstock” within a decade). If there’s hope, it lies in that, because recall how the trials ended — they finally started accusing the colony’s actual leadership (see the current wave of blue-on-blue scalp hunting, e.g. Crossfit etc.).

    • Agreed that it’s ruling elite fragging each other, but I don’t think it’s going to stop, or burn out. What I think we are seeing is just a spurt of water that’s coming from a hole in the dam. What’s building up behind it is a demographic reality. This specific lunacy may burn out, but it will be quickly succeeded by yet more grasping for power.

      • Also, colonial New England had far fewer people and the ruling elite was not divided into as many factions as ours. There was less fuel to burn so the fires burned out quickly. Due to the increasingly ridiculous and weak appearance of the Establishment Old Guard as symbolized by Biden, there’s much more of a scramble for power with Indians, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Wammen, Chinese, and others vying for the top spot. It shouldn’t be too hard to encourage blue on blue fragging.

    • These times and tribulations are a version of the Salem Witch Trials, with the salient evidence of witchhood being the color of one’s skin. One cannot escape, once accused, so one must go grey, step away, stay out of the fray. Let others bear the personal consequences of the accusations, it’s the only way. This will ultimately burn out, as an all-against-all amongst those who participate in the fight.
      There is no rational response because there is no concrete “ask” in the demands. Protagonists cannot make an ask other than an existential one, given 70% black single mother childbirth, the cycles of violence and poverty in their communities, the high time preference, the high testosterone, and the IQ issue. All chickens and eggs, and there is no rational answer to it. Which is why the blacks get frustrated and angry, and everyone else goes in circles about it. They are trying to find resolutions that don’t exist in the real world.
      The lack of a concrete “ask” is the Achilles Heel of the movement. If one must engage, ask for any sort of concrete proposals or policies. There aren’t any, and that’s a huge source of cogdis for those who are actually doing anything in their movement other than ranting.
      But this is indeed the Salem Witch Trials writ large, and you and I have no answer for our skin color. Don’t put yourself in a position of being confronted on it, for your own good.

  40. It really is amazing that Whites are less than 60 percent of the population, but we’re still playing the ole’ blacks v Whites thing. 28 percent of the population is just being ignored. Okay, maybe the Hispanics get a shout out as a POC.
    Its bizarre. The America I grew up on has Asians and Orientals at the top of the hierarchy. In contrast, the Gen X crowd and above is still playing out the 60s.
    A lot of it is that Hispanics and Asians don’t really DO politics, they just take over and empower the AWFLs which explains California and Texas.

    • That’s the hilarious part of all of this. Whites, blacks, Jews, none of them can move on from 1965. It’s as if the mass immigration of the past 50 years didn’t happen. Hispanics, Asians, Indians, who are these people. Whites aren’t kneeling to the Mexican guy or Asian lady. Even liberal whites would feel very odd apologizing to an Indian.
      It shows you how fake all of this is, and how fragile. It’s make believe. And Mother Nature is very, very unkind to those who ignore changes in their environment.

        • They have in DC, there was a Mexican guy going around asking white ladies to kneel for him, since he was “a leader of BLM”. They all did.
          However, I don’t think we’ll ever see the majority of white ladies kneeling to Asians or Mexicans. They secretly hate Asian and Latina women because they are higher up on the beauty pole than them.

      • Yeah, it’s funny to watch.
        The Asians/Indians/Hispanics/Arabs are generally sitting this one out on the sidelines, in bewilderment. I had an Asian acquaintance ask me what was going on. I told him that this is a struggle between white factions, Jews, and blacks that has been going on for centuries.
        Whites live in a delusional world where it’s still 1980 and they’re in the super majority. It’s how Boomers cope. Apparently we aren’t the only ones though – it’s oddly reassuring that Jews and blacks are also stuck in 1980 (or 1960 (or 1860??)).

  41. Waiting and hoping for the inevitable backlash, then never seeing it happen, is a real blackpill.

    • The backlash will have to wait. The piling-on comes first.
      D.C is full of chatter about expanding the affordable housing market for under-served populations. They aren’t going to be building them in the inner city. The Obama era drive to Section 8 Mayberry will make a strong and probably unopposed comeback.
      Last week Fed Repo loans to wall street went up more than 200%. The week before that they went up 700%. This isn’t being used to restart paycheck America. It’s being used to peddle hopeium in the hoi polli by using a rising DOW as a sign of thing moving in the right direction. Don’t worry be happy for Covid and St. George slew the dragon. A backlash to what? Progress?

      • This. The elite (((property developers))) are saying

        “it’s time for a Reckoning with Racism”-

        and are pursuing a colonization push, a Manifest Destiny, marketing a $15 trillion reparations program for themselves and their settlers.

        New Israel, the old marketing to lift them to the top, is about to become New Palestine- and we’re the Palestinians.

        All real wealth is in land, and real victory is territory.

        It may be nostalgia because the oldies are in a hurry before they croak- or a replay of successful strategies, used over and over.

      • Was at ground zero for that the last time around–thankfully we had a local county executive that drew a line in the sand and litigated against HUD. But the goals were crystal clear, among them the unilateral right to come in and change zoning laws. Which in our highly developed area, literally meant buying up properties in a SFD neighborhood, razing them and putting a Section 8 apartment building in. That even got the Goodwhite’s attention. Knew a landlord in town that owned smaller multi-family buildings–she tried to only take elderly section 8 renters. The others were almost always disasters—rent to a mother with 2 kids, then a month later the boyfriend and six other relatives have moved in. Tenant friendly courts make eviction take a year and in the meantime the apartment would be trashed top to bottom, sometimes even looted of the appliances.

        • All of Cali is at ground zero on the local zoning law issue. The state legislature failed to pass state wide zoning laws last year but will try again.Its hard to believe that the Dems which totally control the state would be this stupid but while I would see them protecting a few uber rich towns like Malibu and Laguna Beach many seem to be all in on completely destroying the state for good.
          The plan would be that since single family house zoning is obviously racist developers can purchase a lot, raze the house, and build a 3 to 6 story apartment building with 30% Section 8 requirements. As an added benefit they would build no parking because obviously everyone is going to ride the clean and perfectly safe public transit and not own cars.
          Ah….Nirvana at last.

      • all the repo’d houses in the areas with good schools will be deemd low income housing .

    • Nothing is possible without organiation. Mind you – organizations can be quite legal and benign – and so spread like a virus that does little or no harm.

      Backlash requires organization.

  42. Yep.
    With the youth, it’s the brainwashing of the public schools and the fact they were curdled in the Saint MLK cult from day they stepped into kindergarten to the day they leave the college campus to enter the “real world”. Just this past week, the graduates of the top five prep schools of the city staged a march past the Guv’nor mansion in support of BLM. Their smiling parents waving from the sidelines. TV cameras rolling. The youth feeling like they were on the right side of history unlike those old meanies Grandma and Gramps.
    And I live in a Deep South state.
    Plenty of boomers though are shocked. My mother thinks the entire world has lost its fricking mind, an utterance I let her know I am in 100% agreement with.
    Possible white pill: I still think there is a remnant of at least 50% of the country that is getting entirely fed up by this BS. The problem is they have too much to lose standing up to the corporate overlords aka their employers.

  43. Perhaps what we’re seeing with all this is that Jewish-American culture has reached a dead end (in more ways than one). That subculture has been driving politics and pop culture in the US for a couple of generations a d literally ran out of ideas during the Bush years. They’ve been passing the slid into oblivion with nostalgia and ever worse remakes.

    • Great point. Jews have pretty well defeated their big enemy, gentile whites, who now parrot Jewish propaganda. American and European Jews have no real enemy left in West since they boxed themselves into a corner about bitching about Muslims in Europe. (Sure, they hate Palestinians, but they’re defeated too and it just doesn’t feel as good as hammering whites.)
      Jews need an enemy to survive psychologically, but there’s no one around so they’re re-booting past (generally fake) grievances.

      • They will do what they have always done and invent one. I am a little surprised white nationalists have not been showing up in Israel.

  44. I know there will be consequences eventually. I’m just worried I won’t live to see them

  45. “They have run out of great moral crusades, so they are rebooting old franchises.” That explains so much. Thanks, Z.

  46. You’re in a groove, Z. Another great one. The whole reenactment insight is pretty darn brilliant.

  47. Great stuff.
    We do need to make a distinction between the Ruling Class and the non-elite majority of aged Boomer Hippies, though. The latter has displayed a proclivity to destroy everything, in essence to take it with them to the grave because they didn’t get everything they want. The former probably has some trepidations that could get a bit too close to them. Otherwise, yes, the former enjoy the hell out of the mayhem and terror. I’m completely down with encouraging the domestic terrorism that is infringing on the Ruling Class’s boundaries, though, and think it should be encouraged to go as far as possible.
    Call it a trial run by proxy.

  48. As I post, I am one of the few people at my workplace left holding the fort. My entire line of management, up to the director (effectively the CEO in this context), have taken the day off in protest.
    Here’s what’s really scary. Previous incidents where the world went nuts, there was at least one adult in the room to say, even if unheeded, “maybe we ought to think about this?”.
    This time around, I’m not seeing anyone sticking their neck out to challenge the woke consensus. Nobody has the balls to open their mouth. I can’t say I blame them.
    We are at the point where people are scared to open their mouths in defense of sanity. I have no idea what happens next.

    • It gets worse is the next step. Sharp observation.
      I’m not an accelerationist precisely because the public is hardly ready and is outright hostile to what has to be done. In short, we would lose right now. This will change as our people become angry serfs, and that may not take all that long, but it needs to be organic.

      • Being forced to sell your house and move out of a once-great city will leave a bad taste in the mouth of Normie. He might even re-think all that kum-bah-ya crap he was fed in his misspent youth.

        • Especially when he sells his $850,000 Center City Philly Classic And finds out now that “it’s vibrant” it became a $150,000 row house. Period.
          At least now he won’t need to worry about parking!

        • That already happened in Detroit, Philly, Camden, Newark, etc.
          As Z said this is a re-run of 50 years ago.
          If whites didn’t wake up back then I don’t see why it would be any different now. Perhaps if this happens rapidly there might be more Boomers stuck?

          • Big difference is there’s fewer places to run. Before you could get a house in the burbs and keep your city job. Today you practically have to change your life. Soon whites will have to wake up.

          • Not necessarily. Sometimes cultures just die.
            That said it only requires a small number of people to be awake and willing to raise hell.
            Ideally we want CONUS to be ours or mostly so but if we can’t have it, embracing our own society is the next best thing.
            Ultimately our future will need to be smaller anyway. Big, efficient everything is a huge part of our problems, making society brittle creating a hunger for cheap labor and an efficiency trap all at once.


          • All good points. I wonder what it will take to make people feel like their backs are against the wall. Until then it’s hard to say how much fight we have left. Maybe the will to live is already gone, but I just don’t have that sense yet.

          • Organize. Just don’t go rad, or hard right. Don’t break the law. Go hunting, hiking, fishing. Events take care of matters. Organizing logistics alone is a major concern. Gas, vehicles, water, food.
            planning trips. Go make it a “charity” to help fellow rednecks. Read patriotic poems, organize heritage america cultural events.
            You’re own bodies including your precious idea generators (overstimulated tripe mischief maker, aka the brain) were first built inside mommy as a skeletal and nervous, digestive system before the brain formed. Before you were born. Build something – they will come.

        • That would just be a rerun of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Within a few years, they will have forgotten why they moved the suburbs in the first place and their kids will have never known.
          It has been the mass movement to the suburbs that has allowed people to remain race egalitarians. Once they shut down anything with a city bus route to it, like skating rinks, movie theaters and the like, they were more or less insulated from living near their pets.

          • Ah, but they’ve seen this movie before. They could make excuses back in the 60s/70s. No more. Pattern recognition has kicked in.

          • I think you are underestimating the enormous power of denial. Feelings just don’t care about our facts.

          • As far as I can see, the demoralization of America is nearly complete. Who has the balls and the capabilety to do anything about it? The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Or how about the Hells Angels?
            It was great to see people out there protesting the lockdown. But did so many of them have to wave those damn Confederate flags around?They where just begging people to spit on them.There’s not going to be a second Civil War. But like I keep saying, cut the head off the snake, and the body dies.

      • This is why I think a city needs to burn. Minneapolis is a good choice since this seems to be the epicenter of retardation at the moment. Plus – normies don’t usually perceive Minneapolis to be a shithole on the order that they understand places like Detroit, D.C. and Baltimore to be. Having Minneapolis burn and be taken over by BLM and/or Antifah types would be a huge “WTF?” moment I think for a lot of normies.
        It would be a “if it can happen there it can happen here too” type of thing I think could be used to slap normie about the face with.
        And I don’t think the public at large is entirely ignorant to what is going down. My Democrat voting brother in law voted for Trump – and then brought up the rioting subject when we were over there the other day – and mentioned the pre-positioned pallets of bricks. Talking to a co-worker yesterday I hadn’t talked to in months – and he said he was driving up from Florida in a few weeks. I made the comment ” make sure if you see plumes of smoke coming from a city – go around it!” – and he laughed. Then he also brought up the subject of the pre-positioned pallets of bricks.
        So it does seem like people are paying attention to at least some of this.
        My wife – who for as long as I have known her had this whole livin’ in the city dream, has recently started talking about moving to a different location to stay away from the insanity.
        I think you’re going to find that the insanity drives more and more people over to our side – in short order.
        But we need them to burn a city.

        • Seattle appears to be making a serious run at leading that league table. Apparently Panty-fa has carved out its own little Paris Commune and invaded City Hall. I’d say the Feds should just keep hands off and let this little experiment run its course. Same way I though pre-nuclear North Korea should have preserved as a warning to anyone else.

      • As the left is showing once again what wins is organization. Not message, not optics, not money, not normie – organization.
        Call it Norman’s fuxing bake sale struggle fuxgin cookies.
        just organize.
        “They’re not receptive to our message.” JFC all respect organization.
        “we’d lose right now”.
        We are all losing everything right now.
        “What needs to be done.”.
        go fishing then hunting. Baby steps.

    • Perhaps I live in a bubble, but I can’t get past thinking this is all just a tempest in social media bubbles. The people I know fully on board are all Twitter parasites. Shut off or tune out the media and everything is fine. Even the media is reporting that polls show about 10% support for defunding the cops.

      • If only. This is quite real. I don’t use social media but if it started there it has now migrated to the real world.

      • Social Media is real life now, at least up to a point.
        It’s not full-on Matrix level yet…but give it time

        • Don’t see it with my circles.
          If anything, use of Facebook and other media has decreased dramatically in my circle. Stats over the last couple of years bear that out.
          Before I destroyed my Facebook account not too long ago, I would guess about 80% of my acquaintances had accounts, but only 20 percent of those were active in any way.
          The problem is the elites take social media VERY seriously, to the point of insanity, which was why it was so effective to drag those morons on Twitter in 2016. It’s also the main reason it’s seeping to the real world, not so much because of your average user.

          • That’s the challenge as we retreat to our community “circles” – recognizing that the enemy’s circle is simultaneously growing/advancing. I don’t like to use the word “retreat” but that’s the reality. And we shouldn’t dismiss the social media aspect, because that’s where the enemy organizes itself … the Twitter cancer seems relatively benign & moronic until The Diversity show up burning & looting.
            At this point in the battle it seems The Diversity has taken the cities, academia, and corporations. Next on the list is suburbia and rural towns.

          • This is a civil war, but up till now it has mostly played out on social media. It will continue to be a war of words on social media, even as it escalates to the real world.
            We must meet the enemy where they are … Twitter & Facebook & Instagram; we must also try to reach normies at those venues, to educate them about the nature of the Left, and to convert them if possible.
            Fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them over here (in the real world)

          • Yes, and if we tell them we are not going to play — that they are no longer part of us and certainly not “American” they’re not going to calmly accept that response.
            They’ll do what they are so good at, and use against us traditional Americans’ own love of and attachment to our nation, history, culture and people. In that drill, they are expert.
            We must have a method to counter that.

          • I agree. When I tell the liberals that “Hey, it’s your country now, you’re in charge” they become immediately deflated
            They need to feel like they are upsetting Average White Guy or they have no meaning in life and fall apart.

          • “We must have a method to counter that.”
            Yep … I’m all for ripping a few pages out of Alinsky’s playbook. We’re in a fight for our lives and we can’t play by gentleman’s rules.

          • Yes, the diversititis disease will descend next on suburbia / small towns. Maybe I’m grasping at straws, but that could be a tougher objective for the mob law-and-disorder crew to overcome.
            Urban areas, most with a large population of angry blacks and white liberal surrender monkeys, are a demographic soft target. Outside the city, ways and means of defense are different because the inhabitants are different. (Obviously I’m speaking in generalities, with exceptions in both cases.)
            The burbs include a much greater percentage of people with something to lose. That heightens the senses. Those residents have to calculate where their interests lie when the Jacobins show up in their territory. Seeing their families, businesses, and neighborhoods under threat starts the hormones flowing a lot more strongly than seeing video clips of police standing idly by while the destruction derby happens in the urbs.
            As for the small towns and rural areas, the rules are very different.

          • I’m hoping you’re right about our rural areas. My rural area, however, tends to think they’re a 21st century Mayberry, insulated from what happens in the cities about 60 miles away. Meanwhile in our public schools their kids are fully conversant in wokeness. My neighbors are armed to the teeth but when I talk to them about civil unrest scenarios and Rules of Engagement I don’t gain confidence. I think we’d do OK against the mobs we’ve been seeing lately, but what if the mobs organize themselves into tactically sound squads and platoons? I don’t want to oversell the enemy’s ability to plan & execute, but I also don’t want to just write them off as an undisciplined mob either. That latter point (in tandem with political generals) has gotten a lot of good men killed in every war.

          • The ANTIFAGs are cowards who will flee at the first whiff of smoke and the Hutus are an anarchic rabble. The combination would get itself massacred. The only concern, and it’s a big one, is US military involvement.

          • I like to see as regrouping Brother we have been fed so many falsehoods that took us away from where we thrive the best amongst our own kind…

        • Yes. The feminization has altered the art of the tantrum. The nostalgia for youthful marches on washington fails to grasp that the kids of today are not okay. And of course in that failure is the reason the kids are not okay as that long march has successfully gutted them and turned them into media skinsuits.
          In the sepia glow of the ponytail boomer at least the cameras were pointed out to the scene.
          In the dystopian remake, instead of the passerby with flower in her hair throwing peace signs into the camera we have a million narcisistic girls and their soymale tagalongs filming themselves act out their own demise.
          Indeed its spiritual. For me its hard not to sum it all up as the work of the devil. Evil cloaked in virtue just as those old hippie boomers the other day beamed with pride as they walked home in their new black BLM t-shirts.

          • I noticed alot of the girls at the BLM protests are dressed slutty, in the same summer ho clothing they wear out at raves and festivals.
            Same chicks looking for attention, can’t get thirsty boys drooling over them at raves so they go out to riots instead. I wonder how many guys are out prowling for some snizz during the riots.

          • I rember an old commie in an interview saying all the anti-war and anti-nuclear protests in the 70s were great places to get laid as the women were always up for a 1 night stand. And that is why he joined.

          • If you’re a sleazy and irresponsible guy, I imagine there is no better hunting grounds than a pro-abortion rally.

          • I’ve noted before that a lot of the “fuel” the Left runs on is just beta male thirst. There are sadly still a lot of young men who have not heard the Gospel According to St. Heartiste and thus think that by adopting or pretending to adopt women’s lefty politics they will get some nookie. Of course they don’t realize that these same women secretly despise them and will be looking lustfully at the buff guy in the MAGA hat who came to heckle the protesters instead. The betas never seem to wise up probably because, unlike most self-improvement activities, going to a protest is easy and, if you’re part of the mob instead of trying to fight it, relatively risk free. There’s also the seemingly favorable female to male ratio in these things.
            When I was much younger I got involved in some evangelical Christian groups for a lot of the same reasons. I was never sure how much I really believed but Sunday morning church had all the advantages of Friday night rioting – low risk, low time investment, lots more girls than guys. I quickly realized though that most of the young women had little interest in the guys who came to church and were actually dating “the unsaved”. The internet was new back then but thankfully today’s guys have lots of red-pill and Game resources available to clue them in about this stuff even if their family didn’t. So sure, go to the riot, but don’t go to meet the skanky, tatted, pierced, amoebic women. Go to get that flatscreen!

          • I’ll go to get that Lego set.
            In all seriousness, game/redpill really has helped me, not just in dating but in all parts of life. I don’t feel bad if I’m not getting laid now, either.
            It brings you up to the level of people who learned game naturally, the “cool kids” in high school.
            There are alot of betas still, and a growing number of blackpillers, who gave up despite knowing Game. If everyone knows Game then 80/20 comes back into full effect.

          • Judging from the pictures of the BLM protests in Boise, the protesters were 10% black, 20% ponytail Boomers, 20% soyboys, and the rest young white women.
            I feel such sympathy for our young men trying to find wives in this unholy time.

          • Sleep with, uh, “WOC’s” and then when you’re ready to marry, go to a Mega Church, find Jeebus again and wife up a nice young white girl.
            That’s my plan. Phase one is working. Phase 2 is more important though.

          • you are ruining your ability to bond with women. the best thing you can do for yourself is to goo to Roosh’s site , and waths some of his stuff about exactly why this is hurting you and them.

        • Take a look at the Tablet (yes, I know …) article dated 8 June — Titled Mau-Mauing Mark Zuckerberg, by someone called Liel Liebovitz …
          The writer is obviously not a Trump supporter, and is surely NOT sympathetic to us. Nonetheless, he objects to what he sees.
          The article relates that Leftist attack machines have locked onto Zuckerberg because he won’t censor Trump. They are savaging him, but he’s still holding fast. Obama and Rhodes have called him out by name. Clintons and their state of character assigns too. One other big time lunatic said that since Trump is immoral, anything is permissible.
          Zuckerberg’s quote: “Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online.”
          The author also lays out how Big Tech has constructed a vast array of “secret initiatives” intended to replace the Dem party’s structures and initiatives. Even some Dem party officials are complaining.
          The Tech moguls have some initiative called Mind the Gap, that is part of this whole shadowy organization. They are erecting a wall of secrecy around their orgs and owns.
          Sounds really benign to me ….

      • The follow up will be as real and as widespread as was the burning and looting of our cities.

      • this will not go away if you turn off the tube. the power our crazy politicians siezed during this is permanenet. they will never give it back . we will be wearing masks for the rest of our lives.

    • I must have missed something, is today some sort work holiday in the corporate world in honor of St. George Floyd? In regards to the social media part of this, I am seeing posting from friends I considered normie Republicans attending protests with their kids. I think there is a lot of fear, and they are hitting a critical mass and people don’t want to get branded with the scarlet “R” over this.

        • Thanks. I wonder how many parents still think encouraging their kids to go into a STEM field will spare them from this madness.

          • STEM is a bunch of Indians and Arabs preaching about how we need more tolerance for “minorities” and affirmative action, despite being in a large majority in the field.
            AKA Give me your job, and let me give it to Rakesh, Akash, and Sunjit. What can I say, they’re playing the game. Whites still haven’t figured it out.
            It takes a tough man to be working in the STEM fields these days, that’s for sure.

          • Indians, Arabs, Chinese, hell basically any foreigner from anywhere other than NW Europe or Canada, have a huge advantage against American whites. They don’t need to be taught to be nepotistic and tribal, they just are. It comes naturally to them because it is, after all, the default setting of H. sapiens.
            Americans (and Europeans to a lesser extent) have received “special training” by (((special people))) though. They live (and are dying) by the values of fairness and “equal opportunity”. Indeed they believe so much in this horseshit that they will often discriminate against their own family and friends in hiring and promotion decisions because we wouldn’t want to show “bias”. Meanwhile the Indians and others just chuckle and forward their cousin’s resume to their company’s dimwitted HR bitches.

          • dude. Indians are family based in their loyalties. NOT tribal. In fact, having an Indian in your place of work guarantees that he will prevent any other Indian from succeeding if he has the power to do so.
            Indians have no civic pride; nor racial.
            Their allegiances are to immediate family: wife,kids, then mom/dad, then maybe brother, sisters, cousins, uncles.
            A distant second is the religion and THATS IT.

          • What a croc of shit. Every tech org I have worked at has the same pattern of incompetent Indians hiring much more their own kind than whites or other asians.

          • whatever. But it’s true. Take it from an Indian. The surest way for me to get fucked is to trust an Indian with anything.

          • tons and tons of them from what I see.
            but if you are going to get a degree , do iot in engineering.

      • Yes the fear is real. But that is why courage is the essential virtue. One of the many inversions that defines the modern era is that of pride supplanting courage.
        I wonder when or even if, there will be a point when normies will figure out that what they are afraid of losing has already been lost.
        They care about what their neighbors might think but they have no actual community with those neighbors. They are chasing the dragon. It is only a matter of time before the tolerance exceeds their ability to appease that beast.

        • Wow, Screwtape. “I wonder when or even if, there will be a point when normies will figure out that what they are afraid of losing has already been lost. What a powerful, accurate and terrifying observation. gave me a friggin’ chill reading it. Because it’s true.

    • “Nobody has the balls to open their mouth.”
      Unless, of course, they’re opening their mouth to a black person’s balls.

    • Yep. Was on a very small group call of our exec team the other day. There was none of the “everybody” run out and protest, but more along the lines of how can we all reach out to minority employees and “start conversations”–as things go in the current Jacobin atmosphere it was fairly benign. But at one point, at some risk, I did drop a turd in the pool. In the context of “conversations” simply asked “what if the majority of the white employees you are asking to do this are absolutely shit-scared (not term I used) to even go there?” That stopped the conversation dead in its tracks. No one had ever considered that, in current atmosphere, many of those employees know that even a hint of “racism” reported to HR–which is now defined as “anything the hearer does not like”–is a wee bit of a hindrance. I stopped short of suggesting that HR just come up with a “racial catechism” that we could have them recite–as that would have come off as too sarcastic.

    • For you guys who are old enough to remember, was there a sense of the apocalypse in 1965-69 the way there is now?

      • Too busy chasing tail to notice. But my memories are tinged with nostalgia, plus the optimism of youth, so no, don’t think so.

      • Wasn’t there but from what I garnered from reading listening to broadcasts and things like the Nixon recordings, I’d say yes.
        Truth is the protests were nearly as destructive and probably more numerous even allowing for the 75% increase in population we’ve had.
        Difference is we were a confident, real world based people with a certain measre of trust in government at least from most people .
        What we weren’t is weak screen people addicted to social media.
        Sure we watched TV but it was at most a few hours a night and everyone watched the same three or five channels

      • No. There was not much organization to the Black riots and those were contained. Civil rights stuff explained away as due to discrimination—then being addressed. Hippies were anti-war, anti-establishment, free love, but inconsequential and mostly White druggies. Chicago 8 were your closest to anarchists. They and some like groups—Black Panthers, Symbonese Liberation Army (Patty Hearst), Nation of Islam, etc. were one-offs. They were never as big or organized as AntiFA, and had their 15 minutes of fame and faded from concern.
        Old folk griped like Boomers do now, but the old guard pol’s were not afraid to reestablish law and order. Hell, Mitt Romney’s father, George, had the National Guard taking back Detroit. He wasn’t bending the knee to dead joggers. We were in the whole a White nation through the 60’s.
        The apocalyptic sense I feel today comes from a realization that the White established control of the State which we take for granted is now over, never to return in our lifetimes or even the lifetime of our grandchildren or our grandchildren’s grandchildren. The replacement of White order is the chaotic “order” of diversity—where each group does what is “right in their own eyes”. So we have such bizarre and unthinkable actions occurring such as defunding police. (Think of it as junking your car because it had a flat tire. Such is the level of thought of our current leadership.)
        People with room temperature IQ’s now occupy the high ground in our cultural institutions and government—we have placed them there in our never ending search for equality—and pretended that they were (by dint of station) now functional occupants of the positions we placed them in.
        I believe it was Rushton or Lynn who found no successful democratic societies where the average IQ was below 90. We shall soon test their hypothesis.

        • I agree with you Compsci. Despite all the upheaval of the late 60s, there seemed to me to be a sense of overall optimism about the future. The middle class was still strong, people believed that science would solve most problems, that capitalism “worked,” that a college degree was desirable. People believed that religion strengthened the country, not weakened it as we see today. That was the beginning of the end. What we are seeing today is the end itself. I don’t believe this feeling is merely because of my own approaching demise.

      • from what I remember they seemed to think they were building a new and better world . just listen to the music from that time .

    • I’m actually seeing the opposite. People I was sure would not rejoin the human race show signs of cracking. We had a small discussion and they didn’t spontaneously combust. Did you see what I said? A discussion I say! Small, but still… I’m giddy!

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