Athens In Winter

It has been popular on the Right for a long time to compare modern America to the Roman Empire. Often the point of the comparison is to support the claim that America is an empire, rather than a republic. Alternatively, the point is to warn of an imminent collapse, just like what happened to Rome. The so-called conservatives, of course, reject the idea, because the Left requires it, but most Americans still cling to the idea that the country is some sort of democracy.

The comparison to Rome is a popular one because it is a well understood story and it has a clear end. The Romans lost their republic and became a dictatorship and then an Empire that dominated Europe. America, as the story goes, has lost its republic and is now an empire that dominates the world. The analogy is not intended to tell us anything about the dynamic that has led America to this point. It is more of a self-serving warning of an inevitable end dictated by history.

The thing is, Rome is not really a good analogy. The better comparison is with ancient Athens, which went from a democratic city-state to a democratic empire. Unlike Rome, Athens avoided the transition to authoritarianism. It remained a democracy even as it came to dominate the region and operate as an empire. Unlike Rome, it never accepted itself as an empire. The spirit that animated the democracy as a city-state remained as they came to dominate and control the other city-states.

That is something we see with modern America. The typical American, regardless of political cult, does not think of himself as a subject in an empire. In fact, most stubbornly cling to the old democratic ideas. Most white people, for example, think the constitution still plays a role in the law. They think elections make a difference. Even non-whites think elections matter, which is why they are organized. They want their guys in office on the assumption that their guys will act on their behalf.

Like Athens, America is an empire that does not know itself. Further, it is an empire that is blind to its own authoritarianism. Many are shocked, for example, at the widespread and coordinated response from the corporate oligarchs to the riots. They are baffled as to how they have these propaganda campaigns ready to go as soon as the riots were started in Minneapolis. They struggle to process why people are forced from their jobs for not cheering loud enough at the struggle sessions.

That really is the distinguishing feature of the modern American empire. No one can accept that it is both an empire and authoritarian. This is a society that bans books, throws men in jail for their politics and has created a form of internal exile for those found to be guilty of impiety. These were things that happened in Athens. Similarly, America is a financial empire, more than a military one. Athens became an empire when their currency became the default in the region.

Like Athens, the American Empire struggles to control itself. On the one hand, the economic prosperity allows it to generate great wealth, while on the other hand the internal incoherence leaves it staggering around like a blind giant. Twenty years in Afghanistan, for example, is every bit as insane as the Greeks invading Sicily in the Peloponnesian War. Democracy demands a unifying purpose, so that becomes the point of the democracy, finding some unifying cause.

The one difference, of course, is Athens was blessed with a neighbor that could defeat it in war and strip it of its empire. America has no enemy that can do that or even wants to do it. The Soviets were as close as we came, but the analogy does not work because Americans and Russians do not share the same heritage. The Spartans and Athenians were Greeks and saw one another as Greeks. No such relation existed in the rivalry between communism and liberal democracy.

The American empire lost its one rival in the 19th century. America became an empire when the Yankee north conquered the Tidewater south in the Civil War. At that point, the Athens of America became a continental empire. After conquering its great spartan rival, it then moved west, conquering the rest of the continent. In time, it expelled the European powers from the hemisphere. Then in the 20th century, the American empire conquered Europe and Asia.

Instead of reliving what happened to the Western Romans Empire, what we are experiencing is what would have happened if the Athenians had prevailed over the Spartans in the Peloponnesian War. Instead of the Athenian democracy being contained, it would have spread like a virus around the region. It is hard to know, but Hellenization would surely have been more widespread and more democratic than what eventually happened. The result would have been more familiar to us.

That means we can only speculate as to how the American Empire ends. It may be that it does not end until some military power rises up to defeat it. What was at the core of Athenian democracy is what is at the core of liberal democracy. That is, an absolute certainty that this system is the only one that can work. The intolerance of democracy is not rooted in fear, but in an unbridled confidence. Only a defeat in war can shatter that confidence in the democratic system.

Maybe the future is the present forever. On the one hand, the people at the top make sure to keep the food and fun flowing to the people, even turning protest into a form of spectator sport. On the other hand, it is one spasm of virtue after another, finding new villains and new victims of those villains. Maybe the only way a democratic empire can end is to be defeated by an external force. Maybe the end of history is what we are seeing today replayed over and over forever.

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287 thoughts on “Athens In Winter

  1. good. very nietzchean ending, but kinda true. until, the last final spasm, the one before the Judgement.
    then again, idk, the obligatory chipping for the obligatory plandemic’s vax isn’t off the table yet. so who knows. this is an unseen level of power and control the oligarchs wield, and will do so fully soon. it will be slow though. but who knows. perhaps we will be delivered to the hordes for our sins.
    specially that of false pride, when we claim to be a nation that defends itself by being safe and welcoming and democratic and spreader of democracy (?!), yet has pretty much allowed a paris-style commune in Seattle and outright race-class warfare in some urban areas, while the military is still outposted in many areas of the world “keeping it safe for democracy” (and Zionists), all while the nation’s middle to lower class men pretty much have to learn to code and hope for the best under corporate femcentric multiracial environments that will just turn them evermore docile and/or single.

  2. The people at the top use to ensure that bread and circuses continued, but that’s all stopped now. The Corona virus has proven that they don’t care to crash the economy, and it’s also shut down the circus, at least until ANTIFA fired up. I’ve always said that the U.S. hangs on as long as the checks keep coming, but this is the first time I’ve seen the bureaucracy actually play games with those checks. They’ve become overconfident or insane, and only time will tell the difference.

  3. Z, this was a good post. It’s actually a lot better than the typical “American Empire Bad” essays that tend to come out of Europe, like this one:
    While the linked essay was a very interesting read, it also revealed why Americans have traditionally been dismissive and suspicious of European academics. As good as it was, essays like the linked example tend to regurgitate tropes like “xenophobia,” “gun violence” and “imperial policing” without understanding that these signs of decay are not caused by imperial overreach, but simply by diversity. White America doesn’t have a gun violence problem, for example; only black America does. Remove black Americans and gun violence in the US would be at about the same level as in the Czech Republic.
    For all the essay’s length, it never admitted the underlying problem: that the American Empire is failing simply because it got too diverse, as all empires do. Ethnic conflicts and tensions rise wherever there is diversity, not because of ideological hangups, poor economic conditions or class inequality. Homogenous societies with poor economic conditions, ideological blinders, and structural inequalities—like the essay’s much-lauded China—have always been able to sustain themselves for centuries despite those problems due to their homogeneity.
    There are so many “rightist” intellectuals from abroad who are so thoroughly inculcated in the antiracism religion that they tend to blame imperial decline on all sorts of abstract issues—like the supposed problem of “liberalism’s manifest destiny” discussed in the essay—when the real problem is simply diversity. Unwilling to address issues of race and ethnicity, most intellectuals are unable to comprehend that America is simply just another Yugoslavia on the eve of civil war.

  4. I dunno, Z.
    This column has flashes of brilliance interspersed with a few clinkers.
    First, I do not think that a comparison with Rome is as trite as you make it sound. The Founders actively patterned this country on the Roman Republic. For God’s sake, the pseudonym of Madison and Hamilton in the Federalist Papers was “Publius Publicola.” They created a Senate, and a House that was similar in concept to the tribunes.
    That being said, the comparison with remains Athens useful — for post-Lincoln America, anyway. What is NATO today if not the Delian League? How is the bombing of Belgrade different from the attack on Melos — “the strong do what they will, the weak do what they must”?
    But if we are to be compared to Athens, it is not true that we don’t know how this ends. We do — Book 8 of Plato’s Republic predicts that democracy invariably degenerates into tyranny.
    Bank on it.

  5. The most recent Third Rail podcast (#156) described a good method for beginning to budge any normiecon friends or family our way if they’re not completely happy with the St. George bullshit but are still struggling to take their own (white) side.
    This method won’t work on leftist friends or family, but if you know people who aren’t completely happy with the current narrative, the Third Rail recommended pointing out that blacks are not oppressed, but rather pampered:
    In the entirety of human history, no oppressed people have EVER drawn closer to, followed or pushed into their oppressors. The first thing an oppressed people want to do is FLEE their oppressors, and human history has shown this over and over again.
    Yet since the 1960s, the only things blacks have done is push into white space: they constantly cry oppression, yet at the same time they incessantly move to white neighborhoods and insist on preferential inclusion in white institutions and organizations. No truly oppressed people would ever do this—they would take every opportunity to get as far away from their oppressors as possible, and shun every institution and organization of their oppressors as well.
    White people, and white cops especially, take every opportunity to avoid blacks, yet the latter constantly inject themselves into the white world and make nuisances and liabilities of themselves even as whites do every desperate thing possible to avoid confrontation.

    • Of course the Lefty response to blacks following whites around, is because the whites first stole, and are now hoarding all the good things. Money, etc. But yeah, your point was persuading normie, not Lefty. Good comment.

    • They are just following tactics introduced by the jewish civil rights guys. They have been using it for hundreds of years.

  6. “That means we can only speculate as to how the American Empire ends.” — Zman
    I speculate that the Empire ends as the lower IQ masses become an ever larger percentage of the population. I think we are close to the upper limit on the percentage of low IQ types and that the Empire can absorb and still function.
    When the US Empire finally has enough “diversity” to satisfy the lunatic left, the Empire will crumble.

  7. War, real industrial war, with China, can yet save us. Consider what would happen if China invaded Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, at the same which it is capable of (they don’t have sealift but they do have gigantic airlift — their domestic airliner capacity). And then hit Guam with a barrage of missiles some nuclear. And then even had a paratrooper operation to seize Hawaii and took some of Alaska, perhaps with aid from Russia?
    With carriers sunk and battle groups lost and perhaps even NYC, Chicago, LA, Seattle and Portland all nuked besides DC?
    What then?
    War, real brutal meat-grinder industrial war requires White MEN. Not soyboys, not power-grrrrl Lesbians, not Dindus, nor Pajeets, nor Karens and the like. White men. White men to build the weapons. White men to use the weapons. White men to command the men using the weapons.
    Just think of it … what Beta Males are made for. A giant meatgrinder. But better than peace. Better than a permanent labor camp from which White men never leave. After all, Apple, Nike, and the like need cheap high IQ labor (Africans and Halfricans can’t assemble Iphones) and the key to that equation of massive profits is CHEAP and HIGH IQ. Relocating to Wakanda is not in the cards. But imagine every White man in a camp, worked to death. For glorious profits for the Colors of Benetton.
    Compared to THAT future War looks mighty damn good. If we are lucky it can last generations and lead to every White woman being what they were in 1700 — limited rights and certainly not given much role in society besides wife and mother and prostitute. Dindus would be deported as a war time necessity. Same with Pajeet. Hispanics respond to leadership so there is that — whoever is strongest is who they back.
    All I am saying is, give War a chance. Peace is over, if you want it.

  8. There’s actually a lot of parallels between America and the Roman Empire.
    Beginning with the fact that both were founded as Pirate Bay’s – and retained that dna throughout their history.
    Moving in to the fact that both grew exponentially by absorbing neighboring and conquered peoples.
    Which meant that neither was ever a unified people – a nation. Instead they were both fractured societies held together for various reasons – originally exinstential threats from neighbors. Later internal threats and the financial prospect of conquest.
    When Rome defeated their prime nemesis – Carthage – in the 2nd century by and were the most powerful country in the Mediterranean world, they began to tear themselves apart and entered a period of prolonged internal wars lasting almost a century and a half. The only thing that pulled them together was more conquests – unnecessary wars – and even those offered temporary respites.
    The point of comparison between the US today and the Roman republic would be a decade after their defeat of carthage – and were sliding into their first round of extended civil wars – hot and cold.

  9. “Maybe the end of history is what we are seeing today replayed over and over forever.”
    I have to agree with the assertion that if something cannot go forever, it will stop. This cannot go on forever.

  10. We all know the truth behind this. It’s not about racism, or inequality. The disadvantages in life for certain groups will not be magically wiped away once the statues, plaques, monuments and history books are properly scrubbed. They tell us this is to reveal the “truth” or to be more “inclusive” of what America is supposed to represent.  

    No. This is a systematic design to erase a people’s history, culture and legendary figures from our past. To shame us and disgrace prior achievements till all pride in our ancestors is vanquished. 

    Ask yourself these questions: Why? Who gains from these actions? Where does this stop? What is the logical conclusion to this process? Which figures are NOT being scrutinized from our history for elimination?

    Confederate figures today, sandblasting Mt. Rushmore tomorrow? Banning certain media such as movies, books, websites and personalities that are considered on the wrong side of history? Who granted them the eternal moral authority to decide?

  11. One of your best posts.
    I would note the problem of the elites is keeping the food and water flowing to the masses during the latter chapters of “Atlas Shrugged”. Let Eddie Die. (sorry if you decide to be Eddie).
    Those maps of counties or precincts show Galt’s Gulch in red.
    The madness would end in a month or two if the power pylons and/or the water systems were interrupted. And that isn’t something that takes much effort.
    Out here, 1. No one would bother, or be able to get near. 2. We’re preppers, and it would be a moderate inconvenience and we might have to pay more attention to our gardens and livestock.
    Its nice to be hundreds of miles from the madness. Even nicer to know where and how to block the roads to keep them on the far side of the interevening mountains. The few who can survive might be salvagable.
    Lagos won’t suddenly die of some kind of heart attack. Like Atlas Shrugged where there was Tomato Juice because Orange Juice was cut off it will be a slow strangulation. But you will suffocate, and might notice it has become harder to breathe each day.

    • You guys who live in the middle of nowhere are so smug these days LOL. Seriously, I’d rather run the risk of being raped and pillaged in the city than live at the end of some 27 mile dirt road.

  12. The Athenians were really bad at keeping their empire together. As soon as any of Athens’s tributary allies took a vote and decided not to pay the tribute, Athens would take a vote to kill all the men and sell the women and children into slavery. Not a formula for a lasting / growing empire.
    Even without the Spartans, Athens would have quickly reached the point where too many small states hated them and were willing to make common-cause to smash the empire. Rome, and U.S. were far more benevolent to their conquered populations.

  13. Sold all my remaining shares last night because I had their COVID shrieking timed, and what do you know, would ya look at that dow. Now, all of these “experts” are warning us simpletons about “potentially permanent economic damage.” Uh, THAT’S WHERE OUR SIDE WAS AT THREE FUCKING MONTHS AGO.
    These people are literally retarded; that is to say, they are utterly unadvanced in their thinking and in their social priorities.
    To anyone who can put even just a thousand into the market, do it soon (albeit not yet, and cautiously) — the balloon is quickly deflating, and wouldn’t you like a stake in some of those lovely, federally subsidized defense/security stocks while the gettin’ is good?

  14. …if the Athenians had prevailed over the Spartans in the Peloponnesian War. …

    Hellenization would surely have been more widespread and more democratic than what eventually happened.”

    What eventually happened after the Peloponnesian War?

    • Alexander the Great (Father, then son). Then breakup of quickly obtained empire, ex. Ptolomy (General) held Egypt for 300 years. Romans gradually invaded and conquered Greece, but highly regarded them as slaves. Greece was handed over to Eastern Roman Empire during division. That’s as far as my interest lies

      • It marked the end of the world as they knew it. 
        Conquest by Phillip of Macedon and the end of the city state system . 
        His son Alexander conquered Sparta, followed by most of the known world and died young, leaving it all, “ to the strongest “ – “Hoti to kratisto” ! 

  15. I don’t consider America an empire. Empires are military and political. America’s hegemony, if you want to call it that, is overwhelmingly economic and cultural. So, unless you redefine empire, America doesn’t qualify. But, whatever you want to call it, it’s clearly at the last ditch. What will push America over the edge is multiple massacres of innocent whites in white neighborhoods or peaceful gatherings of whites. It will take atrocities of this sort to jolt white people out of their suicidal slumber. And they will happen.

  16. Somewhat off topic, but when a former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury writes a column today like THIS (citing other mainstream voices saying the same thing), and author Ann Coulter does the same with THIS—a breakthrough is occurring.

    • Paul Craig Roberts used to write for Counterpunch. Of course that’s when Cockburn was co-owner. Now days they wouldn’t let him past parking lot security.

  17. That we indulge these creeps in all their #MeToo style charades-

    As if WE failed THEM in some manner.

    It’s a giant, recurring civilizational neg…

    One that Normie accepts!

  18. America IS being conquered from the outside so if the Athens analogy was to work it would end with Athens being swamped with Persians, Egyptians, Assyrians, you name it, all invited in by the Athenian democracy. I think Rome is a better analogy for that. Rome, like America, did not (at first anyway) suffer a crushing military defeat like Athens did.
    What is happening in the world right now does not just involve America or the West but also the non-Westerners flooding into the promised lands. Was Athens overrun with alien migrants at the end? Maybe not b/c it was chastised by its defeat to Sparta. Maybe that defeat was a blessing in disguise, a sorely needed reality check.
    To find useful historical analogies to today I would really start with Glubb. In the age of decadence he saw that entertainers replaced explorers, inventors, generals and other ‘doers’ as the celebrities of society, that it became all about making money, not doing ‘great things’, that women were promoted in public life and that frivolity and pessimism overtook the public mood. This happened with the Assyrians, Romans and in Baghdad during Islam’s golden age. It probably also happened in Athens. Patterns of N>3 are more powerful analogies than single cases. What we are seeing is the phase where decadence starts to transition to the collapse phase and here, in the Western canon (China and India have their own versions), the fall of Rome is the most well-known and perhaps largest known case.

  19. So-called conservatives. This is coming from the guy who denounced the Lockdown protesters, while he sat on his ass and pontificated. Yes only G-Man has the true, correct beliefs!

    • to be fair, Zman did notice the conservatives were better during that anti-lockdown struggle than the secular HBDissidents that wanted to believe the Science of Blessed Cochran and Sailer, and thought once proven right on mass coronadeaths they’d be proven right on the bell curve and buy books from C-C… except, not.
      you can’t trust people who only believe in matter, as matter is much more easily bent and twisted around – specially brain matter hoarding purely material truths.
      now, if conservatives counterprotested against CHAZ and BLM just as hard as against lockdowns and gun-taking, they would conserve even more of not just their genes (which can always be miscegenated without proper guidance) but also more of worthy divine and natural tradition. which is what conservatives want… right? so it is good to call them out now and remind them of their values and the genes that both build them and are shaped by them (talking about the normiecons that won’t do anything Fox News doesn’t say, not the fewer based cons that are now in Seattle facing the hordes), just as it was good to extol their virtue resisting the plandemic lockdowns while the secular dissidence trusted the Science false god.

  20. This is a society that bans books, throws men in jail for their politics and has created a form of internal exile for those found to be guilty of impiety. 

    Not arguing the part about books being banned and I have read of people in jail solely due to their politics. I would, however, like an example of internal exile. Not arguing,mind you, just wanting an illustration.

    Maybe the end of history is what we are seeing today replayed over and over forever. 

    DAMN! but I hope you are wrong on this. I figure sooner or later the whole “vibrant” edifice is just gonna vibrate into its constituent elements and come crashing down around the – increasingly incompetent – leadership’s (and their constituents’) ears.

  21. I mean the way the Athenians conducted themselves (recalling the good general, etc) in the war against Sicily was insane, but the actual idea of it…if they had won they would have controlled the world, basically. Would have given them enough resources to win the Greek wars, and from their it was smooth sailing for the domination of the world.
    I’m reading Creasy how could you tell

  22. They say the “Founding Fathers” paid special attention to the fate of Ancient Rome. They wanted to write the constitution in such a way as to avoid Rome’s descent into tyranny, thus the “balance of powers” we make so much about. Never mind that the Romans had a highly-developed republican system also with its own balance of powers. Their republic lasted longer than ours ever will.
    That chapter (ours) hasn’t been written yet, but maybe we did get Athens instead of Rome. That would be just like history, in avoiding one fate, we get another just as bad if not worse.
    What seals our own fate is the totalitarian nature of the hydra-headed corporate monster. Our current corporate masters (and most of those who serve them) all think alike because of the triumph of the Leftists’ Long March Through The Institutions, which in particular took over our educational system from top to bottom without Conservatism, Inc. seeming to raise much of a alarm. That system has trained — or should I say indoctrinated — our current leaders from a very young age.
    You know it’s bad when you have a Phi Beta Kappa holder asking you what you mean by “bread & circuses,” as has happened to me. Part of the problem is the STEM fields themselves which tend to attract the conservative temperament. They train competent technicians but they don’t train the mind broadly. And then on the other end of the scale, degrees are created in contentless “critical studies” fields and their precursors the “education” degrees, and we’re supposed to pretend they have value. Like a lot of other nonsense we’re supposed to pretend. We are revolutionaries by necessity simply for telling the truth. George Orwell said it was a revolutionary act to simply tell the truth under such a regime, but don’t remember his exact words.

  23. Our authoritarian overlords along with their corporate oligarch co- conspirators are seemingly hellbent and confident that foisting this nigocracy (of the negro, by the negro, for the negro) upon the rest of the country is a sure winner, with the shriekers and scolds fanning the flames while keeping the hoi poloi in place. I doubt an external power would even bother, other than to help along the internal subversion when and how they can. Perhaps a well placed nuke on the DC mall to hurry things along wouldn’t hurt. Head west Z.

  24. Maybe a still better analogy is Carthage. After two centuries of exceptionalism that peaked with our mighty war elephants (nuclear armaments) we have been conquered by the Poz and our earth salted with the global detritus of the southern hemisphere. We will become a desert wasteland of almost zero future relevance beyond resource extraction. About us, people will laugh derisively in order to avoid weeping at our history. When the left chants Black Lives Matter, what they really mean is America delenda est.

  25. Here’s the American Empire in all its glory. During the “pandemic” cops were busy harassing peaceful white people on park benches, yet just a few weeks later the very same cops are nowhere to be found when blacks are assaulting whites on the very same benches:
    I used to be on the fence about “defund the police” because even in the biggest most hellish diversitopias the cops represent some of the last vestiges of working class white people. But except for maybe cops in rural and small town areas, most of these guys will protect and serve only their pensions.
    Another case in point was when that black rioter in Portsmouth, Virginia was brained by the statue it was tearing down. The cops stood by and watched, but as soon as the other rioters called out “medic!” the cops rushed in to help the Darwined rioter.
    It’s clear now the cops can go. Defund and seize their pensions too.

    • You must live in a peaceful area. When police react in a way that is anti-public good—as however one defines that, you correct that behavior. If the corruption is deep, you might start all over again. But how one in this society does without a police force needs to be explained to me somewhat more in detail.
      As to their pensions, that is a general problem with public employees and weak political administration, not really a police problem in particular. The problem as I see it, being worse in blue States than red States. One good correction is to not allow retirement collection before a min age, like 55 or 62. Way too many cops, work 20 in one agency, then “retire” only to work another 20 in another agency therefore collecting two pensions in their early 60’s—one of which they’ve been getting since their 40’s.

  26. The future as eternal Groundhog Day? Now there’s a depressing thought. I doubt it.
    My guess is that the decadent American empire and soon-to-be-decadent Chinese empire will both be overthrown by a religiously-driven culture. Religion gives a culture faith in the future, a reason to reproduce (ensuring demographic victory) and the confidence to be aggressive and suffer to achieve its goals.
    Given those guidelines, I would bet on a new Caliphate. Maybe not this century, but latest the next one.

    • I suspect the future leads to the historical norm with no great powers and probably hundreds more nations.
      It will not be a Caliphate as Islam is too prone to decadence and disorder in differentiating measures. Saudi Arabia is basically a time bomb waiting to happen and Iran, while an actual theocracy is sicker than we are.
      Now religious people will be the winners, using the US as a example. the highest fertility rate in the US is the Amish who if their fertility continues at current levels will be the majority people in the US from a mere 10,000 not long ago.
      Have 7 kids to adulthood double your population every twenty years and while it won’t stay that way for the Amish, only religious people have kids therefore the only people will be religious.
      Longer term prediction are impossible but if I were to hazard a guess I’d suggest over the next hundred years we will lose most of our tech base and decline to somewhere like 1900 or so with some higher tech knowledge but limited energy and complexity.

  27. Hey, totally off topic but does anybody have investment advice in this crazy market?
    I’m making money day trading but if anyone has some tips I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • Yes I do. Put some gold under your bed. Then stock up on lots of MREs and Ammunition.

    • (this is not investment advice but one man’s opinion) Real assets but not necessarily real estate. Especially in places like CA. Real estate is regional and spotty. Obviously a 95% white area in a vastly white state would have a natural premium. I’m a commodities oriented guy myself, particularly energy. There’s a phenomenal podcast, MacroVoices, that has great guests, is very buttoned down, has a smart host who gives great advice. I would start there. It’s not investing 101, but a reasonably smart person can follow along.
      Stay away from CNBC scum, as a matter of fact do the opposite of what they say.

      • Buy the dip, snort some coke, rinse and repeat. Then jump off the Empire State Building. Because your part of the problem not the solution.

        • Look, when I said take profits yesterday, it was tongue in cheek. But obviously it wouldn’t have been a bad idea. Day trading is for suckers. Yeah, you might hit a winner here and there or maybe even get on a hot streak, but unless you’re willing to put a lot of time and effort into it, eventually you’ll flame out. You’re best off putting the bulk of your liquid investable assets in quality dividend paying stocks – admittedly a little tougher with the economy semi FUBAR – and good growth companies in tech and perhaps healthcare. The market has had a hell of a run since 3/23, totally Fed induced. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess, but we’re in the historically weak six months of year, market performance-wise. When you start reading about guys claiming to be knocking it dead day trading, watch out – very reminiscent of 1999-2000 when the dotcom bubble blew up and took the know-it-all’s down with it. Keep some powder dry.

    • Invest in anything with a defense contract with the Gov. And WAIT. The market is collapsing right now. If you were smart, you just made a little money off that last wave and you’re readying your cash when the prices bottom out.

    • Yes, thanks for asking. Stop day trading. Buy stocks with good dividend yields at good prices, usually when they’re down. Keep a bunch of cash to take advantage of market debacles like today’s. Hold some gold in the Perth Mint ETF, ticker AAAU.
      There can be no guarantees, but your long-term odds will be better than by day trading and you will need to spend less time managing your investments.

  28. When we talk about military supremacy, we’re really talking about naval supremacy. With the advent of hypersonic missiles anything floating on the water becomes a liability. But much like the Europeans during WW1, we won’t comprehend that our military is assembled around dated technologies and strategies until it’s too late. Carriers were already a liability before the new technology. Now they may as well be white elephants, clipper ships, destined to go to the bottom of the South China Sea. Ironically, where everything started going bad for us over half a century ago. And, being a democracy, with citizens raised on Terminator movies about nuclear war, we will not pull the nuclear trigger. We will retreat with our tail tucked between our legs as first Hong Kong, and then Taiwan is consolidated into greater China. What’s left of our Navy will pull into base in a stunned silence, with an assorted mix of brown people, women, and homosexuals disembarking the ships that made it. The economy will be a basket case by then, it already is. The country will disintegrate from within after that. One of my greatest fears is that our politicians, either party, will want some militaristic rallying point to bring us together. It will be a disastrous, Spanish Armada like situation. Calls for political retribution will be fierce.

    • We did a test run for your retreat scenario, years ago, at the end of our involvement in the Vietnam War. The experience was devastating to our cultural confidence, at the time. It led to Jimmy Carter’s elevation to the presidency, so he could further scold us about our shortcomings.

    • It is not just that it is obsolete. If the carriers were not obsolete, the problem of replacing a sunk carrier still exists.
      We have the same problem with fighter jets. We simply do not have an industry capable of building them entirely from America or even America, Canada and Mexico. Too many of the parts come from overseas that cannot be made here. This is probably also true of tanks.
      All of the military is heavily dependent on technology that is not exclusively American. Worse, the shipping lanes could not be kept safe by America and many of the imported parts come from the region, not to mention the country we are most likely to have a real war with.
      This stuff seems so obvious. It is difficult to imagine that there are no adults in the Pentagon who understand this.
      This is the really obvious stuff.
      The military is loaded with “diversity” and their track record is horrible. The all black squardon of WW2, who were going against Germans with inferior training flying inferior planes and with every disadvantage, still had a very low kill ratio that if the rest of the airforce had, would have ended in our defeat. Even this was the cream of the black crop. Our military today does not have the cream of the blacks.

      • Can you cite an example of a critical part not made here? Or more to the point can not be made here? Airplanes are often joint ventures which allow other countries to purchase, but that we depend on these countries or the planes don’t fly? Not sure I’ve heard of that. In any event, odds are a war will be short and whatever we need, we have on hand or we do without. WWII’s long ramp up time is not planned for in WWIII. But a I’ve not a strategist.

        • I do not know the specific parts that could not be produced here. Presumably it would be the electronics. Our electronics industry has been decimated, especially in the last 25 years. Any LCD screen in these machines is imported, for example.
          It’s possible we could build factories to produce what we need, but that takes time. You have to build the building itself and all the production equipment. It all has to be engineered. Even a greatly accelerated program would likely take years. This is assuming the underlying infrastructure is capable of doing such a thing.

  29. Ppl who keep predicting and awaiting the collapse of america are going to be waiting a long time.. Maybe if Ray Kruzweil or Elon Musk invents life extension, someone will live long enough to witness it. Unlike the empires of antiquity that came and went, or even the British empire, America has no rival of comparable strength or ruthlessness.

    • Ppl who keep predicting and awaiting the collapse of america are going to be waiting a long time”
      I respectfully disagree. Given current trends, it’s not going to take a rival of comparable strength or ruthlessness, a mid-range power will be able to do it. Like Athens, America will be its own worst enemy. It may have taken such a rival to have defeated America in 1955, or 1985, or even 2001, but that’s no longer true. As you can probably tell, this is not your father’s United States. I don’t take particular pleasure in saying this, I’ve loved this country with all my heart. But gone is gone.

      • If you look at the rest of the world, they are not doing any better. Europe has as much social decay as the US. South America is corrupt and weak. ..Africa. Russia is also corrupt and weak.

        • Then it’s a game of passing the torch to survive. And to whom will the boomers pass that flickering torch — brown people with only repeating consonants in their names?

    • That’s just it. Collapse from the rot within; not conquest by the Mongols on the horizon. America tolerates, nay welcomes enthusiastically, the dregs of humanity because even those from the lowest economic and social class who are of European extraction can’t be bothered to mow their lawns, butcher their meat or raise their children. We have become a nation of spoiled children who consider poverty to be having a used car or anything other than the most recent iteration of the Iphone. The pioneer spirit that defined America in the 19th century and so attracted the white European immigrants has been utterly lost. And so it is time once again to cowboy up.

      • Cowboy up? What does that mean? Are we all supposed to raise our own cattle in our backyard, slaughter them in our apartment, and freeze the meat in our basement? While taking time out to fix our car, rewire the house’s electrical system, upgrade the plumbing, and plant and weed a vegetable garden?
        I don’t want to belabor the point, but frankly, I am tired of calls to become expert in every trade and Do It Yourself. Some people just don’t have the temperament and prefer mental work. If an individual enjoys improving skills in a few areas, great. But demanding everyone cowboy up — incidentally, in the real Old West, many people followed professions instead of leading cattle drives — is unrealistic, a utopian concept similar to the leftist insistence that everybody can benefit from a college education.
        We don’t have to be as anti-intellectual and irrational as our benighted junior radicals.

    • Well it is good to read an optimist. The sad part is I don’t see the foundation for your optimism. The emerging Estados Unitas Americanos might not just have a different name than the United States of America, it will have a different people too.

  30. The endgame for our current situation is the “gibs”. The lockdowns and the “free” monthly cash payouts are welcomed by a lot of people, especially the young adults, who see all of this as some sort of birthright. They love getting paid for not going to work. Even the looters are rationalizing their take as “it’s all insured”. In a few months, the free gibs run out, just in time for the elections. Then you will have many angry people.

    • Insured? Is it? Last policy I looked at—for that matter all policies I looked at—have clauses directly *excluding* losses due to war, riot, or insurrection (or flowery language to that effect). Seems this present situation fits the bill for riot.

  31. Of course, by the time Athens was defeated in the Peloponnesian War, its internal politics were such a shambles that generals were being appointed by rival political parties in the hope that they would lose, its alleged “allies” hated it, and its finances were exhausted by an enormous unproductive bureaucracy; a power in such straits was bound to lose to someone very soon, its defeat was as close to being a foregone conclusion as anything can be, Sparta just happened to be their major antagonist when it happened. When this thing starts to go, it’s going to go faster than anyone imagined possible. As C.V. Wedgewood said about the Holy Roman Empire, the US is lumbering from crisis to crisis, each time righting itself with more difficulty. I’d be willing to bet that almost everyone reading this now will live to see it happen.
    And, oh, yeah, Athens was also ravaged by a plague, almost certainly brought in by refugees and Athens’ global trading economy. Stop me if this is starting to sound familiar.

  32. The defeat of America will ultimately be economic. The US Dollar being the reserve currency and, to a lesser extent, our military and our arms industry along with oil priced in Dollars are what gives America her power and Americans their standard of living. It is the world’s job to produce stuff and it is our job to consume those products and have parties. A pretty good gig if you can get it.
    Our military is a paper tiger. Basically, none of our military equipment can be replaced in real time in a war. Even the weapons made in the US are not being made entirely from American produced raw materials. If an aircraft carrier were sunk, it would take America years to replace it.
    The military production of the 1940s is staggering. The US built over 100 aircraft carriers in about 5 years. America built over 65,000 planes in about 6 years. America made hundreds of millions of bombs. Everything about armaments in the 40s was done at a staggering scale that blows the mind. At the end of this orgy of death and destruction, we had most of the gold and most of the world’s production assets.
    We enjoy a standard of living that we could not possibly generate for ourselves. When the end comes, everyone is going to be poor.

    • I doubt any country prepares for a war and assumes production of major equipment after the fact. Even those damn cruise missiles, all made here at Raytheon take a long time. We have what we need if the war planned for is quick and there’s a lot of somewhat obsolete stuff in reserve, for example Abrams Tanks. Like 8000, last I read, parked in the middle of the desert.
      In Tucson, we have the airplane boneyard, which is really a misnomer. The planes are mothballed and ready to be placed into service if needed. That’s where you’ll find lots of stuff still flying elsewhere. B1’s, Warthogs, even B52’s. We pull them out and refurbish as needed to replace totaled aircraft in service.
      But you are essentially correct. The best defense is a strong economic base should a war come about. WWII—I read in a book I lost somewhere—was precisely that example. The Great Depression at the start of WWII had left over 30% of our industrial capacity idle, along with a goodly number of employees. Just that idle capacity for production was larger than all of the Axis war powers production capacity combined. In essence, the war was lost by them the minute we joined in. After the first year, the rest was basically mopping up. There were no major victories for the Axis powers, only measured retreat.

  33. I know that the Spartans eventually died out. Some Roman writer wrote about the last “graduation” ceremony. Don’t let women own the means of production folks.
    But what happened to the Helots? I’m getting tired of ours.

      • Yep, but at least in Sparta, the Helots were mastered by their superiors or betters. Now we are mastered by our inferiors. The result is the same—slavery—but perhaps more shameful in our case. Much more shameful.

  34. Considering the changing ethnic makeup, I’d venture to say thay your Empire is becoming more like Carthage. Mercantile, increasingly reliant on ethnic mercenaries (“freedom fighters/greatest allies”), using navy to safeguard trade routes. The questions is: who’s going to become new Phoenicians? After all, you already have a prominent share of semitic people in the imperial elite and commerce.

  35. In a republic we need votes.

    Allowing the Progressives to brainwash our women means we get fewer childre to vote with.

    Allowing the usual suspects to financialize everything means we have no way to maintain community.

    And finally allowing external powers rise on the back of our jobs like we have with China and allow the feral underclass to burn our cities and topple our statues while we sit on our ass and watch on TV in this Athenian distopia will be our undoing.

  36. Or, the financial Ponzi scheme finally collapses, the fiat currency becomes worthless, the federal gravy trains derails, the parasites start starving, and a glorious tyrant arises to “fix” everything. The few remaining free Alphas form militias in hopes of defeating the Jackboot corp, and chaos reigns supreme for an interregnum. Great misery ensues until a new paradigm emerges to rid us of the societal rot.

  37. “It is more of a self-serving warning of an inevitable end dictated by history.” Your use of “self-serving” is curious. This would mean “having concern for one’s own welfare and interests before those of others”. Certainly a nation should put its own interests ahead of others, except perhaps in the rare case when an action really is in everybody’s best interest. But how could an inevitable end dictated by history ever be in a nation’s interest?
    Is the USA an empire? You’re damned right it is! Especially post WWII, America has dominated much of the world. The dollar is a “reserve currency.” Much of the world speaks English as a second language, especially Europe that was conquered — excuse me, “liberated” by the USA. We have massive trade with these countries. We export a lot of our debt. In recent decades we’ve been overrun by barbarians — pardon me, “enjoyed wholesome immigration.”
    Greece was rarely (never?) an empire, as you observe. It was at best a coalition of often warring city-states. Modern Europe is not much better, minus the bloodshed.
    The Roman empire is probably the best historical portent to America’s future. Barring a major natural disaster (Asteroid impact, etc.) we are likely, in fact, to devolve precisely as the Roman Empire did: We will disintegrate into smaller countries, with a generous helping of regional civil wars. This isn’t rocket science. In our own lifetimes (well, most of us) we have the lesson of the ex-Soviet Union, now one or two dozen smaller countries. Just before America became the world power, our mother country (UK) lost the mantle. Their empire too has turned into a diverse collection of now independent nations. Before them, Spain. And so on. These former colonies of course still have a legacy of the one-time ruling country: languages, customs, legal systems. Even after 2000 years, much of the West still has recognizable traits of Greek wisdom, Roman principles of law, and bastard descendants of Latin 🙂
    Unlike the USSR, when America goes, as you note, there is no likely replacement as a world leader, so bet a few chips on some version of a Dark Age too.

    Superior take, manZ, much needed. When a proplem is understood it is no longer quite as vexing.

  39. the fact that the covid scare and the riots have such a coordinated feel to them is true . Today they started the easily pricdictable ” second wave” screaming. The number you cannot ever find its the number of people tested. because if you could find that you could easily prove that the background rate of infection is constant and probably declining. The complicity of the GOP at the national, state and local levels in both of these events
    lets the mask fall . We have no influience at all. where will we be in 2 years? look at china now . Social scores, tracking , etc.
    the only diffrence will be that the CCP doesn’t hate the chineese people , whereas our rulers clearly don’t like us .
    this means they are going to go back to the more severe lockdownsoon.
    The fall elections will be the kind of debacle that the Iowa caucus and more recent primaries have been.
    China has elections too, for what it’s worth.
    It would be intresting to hear Derb’s insight into how the average chineese manage life there . He has reletives there.

    • Ignore the infection rates. Look only at death rates. They can pad the death rates, but they can only pad them so much, because deaths require actual bodies.
      ETA: Well, let me walk that back a bit. It’s harder to fabricate the deaths, but not impossible. I’d mention a possible historical example, but that would be illegal in most parts of Europe.

      • Look at the total death count.
        Even with NYC juicing the count as much as possible, it’s just the flu, bro.

      • Northern Virginia remains on full lock down. Daily deaths in the state of Virginia with 8.5 million people have been in or near single digits for two weeks. Yesterday’s death toll: One. Day before: Two. Day before that: Three. Yet, we’re still on lock down.
        Total deaths: 1502. Death toll after three month 0.018%. So this Black Death will end up killing 1 out of every 5,000 people in the state, the vast majority of whom would have died in two years or less anyway.

        • It’s spiking in Az—but that was expected and warned against. However, MSM is ginning up fear porn nationwide using Az as an example of foolish opening up.
          Top health officials here are still talking about need to open up and accept increase in COVID infections. County Health here said there are ICU beds available. Fear mongers—including my own doctor—scream the ICU beds are shrinking, but that’s because the hospitals opened up for elective surgery (long postponed, sucks to be you with cancer as you let it spread for two months).
          People in general are less fearful and more accepting of “casualties”. I had never worn a mask (face diaper), nor will I. Use sense, live life. As the saying goings, “Cowards die a thousand deaths…”

          • I’ve was forced to wear the mask once. Lost an old friend over my refusing to wear a mask OUTSIDE.
            But I’ll give credit to the other side. They have great marketing with all of this, especially the masks. “It’s not about your freedom of choice. You’re not wearing a mask endangers others as well. That’s why you have to wear it. It’s not about you.”
            It’ll be the same with racism and “climate change.”

          • My reply to exactly that shaming technique is that individual sacrifice on behalf of my fellow man is between myself, my minister, and God. It can not be demanded by the State of a free individual and I refuse to relinquish that freedom.
            If folk are that concerned, then I propose they stay at home and self quarantine themselves, thus making us both happy.

      • The initial bills designed to fight the pandemic included funding to hospitals for COVID patients. Medicare pays $12K per COVID admission and $39K for intubation of a COVID patient. Hospital administrators therefore label everyone and every death they can “COVID related” and they are not audited by the Fed’s—especially when there were few valid testing methods for the virus.
        This is rumored *not* to be a trivial number in the stat’s regarding the pandemic. Where the truth will/may come to light is when the death records and numbers can be compared to death records and numbers before and after the disease for a period of years to get a baseline.
        For example, one might detect a spike in overall deaths for Mar/Apr/May 2020, but also see a decline in causes of deaths from pneumonia, cancer, heart failure from 2019 or 2021. So COVID can be the cause of the spike, but would it also cause a decline in other mortality? Food for thought. But that’s just the White person in me being foolish. ;-(

  40. I used to think Alex Jones was a nut job for always bringing up the Chinese instead of the usual suspects as undermining our culture.

    I now think the Chinese, Progressive, and Usual Suspect alliance is the Axis alliance.

    Not sure I see this playing out like Athens although I do think that we resemble late stage Athens more than late stage Rome.

    • What if, “the Joos” conspiracy is pushed by China in order to distract the “alt right” from who is really behind the curtain pushing the insanity.
      Nobody really knows, but the ChiComs are rising on my list of evil subversives. From my connections with the Jewish community they are not pleased with the current situation either (but who knows).
      However, whitey ALWAYS lies down and takes it, so there’s that. Been noticed more pissed off looking white guys than usual lately, though.

  41. VDH reminds us that, after the war, Athens was implementing mass executions based on the outcome of a vote.
    Look. Aquinas was right, democracy is mob rule. Mob rule is tyranny. We live in a tyranny.

    • “Close the city, and tell the poeple, that something’s coming to call,
      Death and darkness are rushing forward, to take a bite from the wall.
      You’ve nothing to say? They’ll drag you away!
      If you listen to fools, the mob rules.”
      — Black Sabbath “Mob Rules” (1980)

  42. Clausewitz says that “War is politics by other means.” The corollary to that is: “Politics is war by other means.”

    In liberal democracy, the vote is the ultimate weapon that will fell our nation state. A foreign army need not cross the mighty Atlantic or Pacific, he just needs to flood the country with enough voters and money to change the government policy of our nation.

    That is the end of America. The unwashed refuse from abroad hanging us with the chads on the voting ballots we gave them.

  43. Revolution, white extermination
    Revolution, whites exiled to reservations
    Revolution, South Africa
    Revolution, a Napoleon
    Revolution, Rhodesia

  44. One thing that I’m reasonably confident of is that stasis is not likely. The Left have promised their troops “fundamental transformation” of the nation.Their internal dynamic requires incessant movement toward utopia. They get very stroppy when the pace slows.

    • Stasis rarely exists even in Nature. Maybe “dynamic equilibrium.” Even less often in human affairs. I’m reading about Buddhism, and while a lot of it is nonsense of course, the “impermanence of things” is a core tenet.

  45. The thing that will destroy the American Empire is the same thing that gave birth to America in the first place. A nation destroys itself when its founding principles are carried to absurd lengths. Sooner or later, radical egalitarianism will engulf us all in consuming flames of passion.

    • There’s a lot between the Peloponnesian War and Phillip II. You’re getting it mixed up with the French Revolution.

  46. There is still one more transition to go: once the party feels completely secure in its power it will likely put the leftist agitating on ice and focus on stability of its power. We wont need people burning the cities down when theres no need to consolidate power anymore. Maybe theyll allow the occasional riot as a reminder of their glorious revolution but it will all be ceremony by that point.
    America is powerful, but what remains to be seen for me is if after making this transition, America can go toe to toe with more ethnically homogenous powers like China indefinitely. It will depend on how the process of stabilizing power goes over the next 5 to 10 years.
    Even then demographics could be a ticking time bomb. As a minority, whites will continue to outbreed lowering their numbers further than the absurdly low fertility already is. Can we remain a superpower with continually dwindling amounts of europeans? Idk. But at the very least these shifting demographics means the stabilization of power will probably never be complete. The party is going to have to keep adjusting to the changing demographic reality over time and so now that I think about it i see a potential for slow decline to 2nd place and possibly beyond. But that could take as much as one or two generations at least.

    • There’s certainly something to that. But they’ve gotten where they are by promising “fundamental transformation”. They’ve got a huge fraction of the nation—especially among the younger cohort—pumped up to bring that transformation about. It would be very difficult for the elites to tamp that down.

      • These revolutions are created, encouraged, and financed by “the system” or the ruling class. They promised them fundamental change only to get them into the streets but the point is these revolutionary movements like BLM have no power outside of what the ruling class gives it.
        BLM is a great way for the ruling class to push their agenda further and consolidate power further but revolutionary movements go from useful to threatening to the ruling class once they have served their purpose. All it would take to stop BLM is to cut their funding, sever their networks, stop making their websites for them, even crush them with hard power if necessary. And they will, because theyve already shown they can and will do whatever it takes to remove even minor threats to their status quo. Promises mean nothing to power and without the resources and blessing of the system itself no group can even begin to effectively organize let alone make changes. Like i said, my money is on groups like this existing in a ceremonial way. Once the revolution is complete you will kniw because these groups will no longer cause any meaningful change to the system.

    • Is Brazil a super power? Is China concerned about Mexico’s dominance? What about Haiti? Zimbabwe?
      The elites must be really stupid to do this, or they purposely want to destroy the USA.
      If one believes that demographics are destiny, the USA is destined to lose its superpower status.
      In fact any country that remains relatively homogenous will maintain prosperity. Estonia will be wealthier than Sweden in a few generations. Russia will be more powerful than the former USA.

      • Yep, the U.S. will fade as a superpower due to demographics. We simply won’t have the money nor the capable manpower. What’s more, blacks and Hispanics don’t care about China. Even whites don’t care about China nor should we.
        The point of a government is to protect its people. The U.S. govt utterly failed to protect its people. In fact, it allowed and facilitated an invasion of other peoples. Let the whole thing die.

      • A country’s real strength is in its economy. Multi-culturalism aside, Russia has some big problems there. We of course may experience such economic collapse as Whites decline and the parasite drain the host.

      • Personally I dont think they had a choice. In order to destroy the entire Western world all at once required first massive ideological indoctrination but then massive “bio” power. Without importing other people, there was a very strong and ever present threat to power through democracy, however tepid and ineffectual it may be you can only do electroal shenanigans for so long before you risk revolution.
        It may be a great irony then that the strategy they needed to use of importing nrw voters may ultimately be their downfall from power because at some point the burden and inefficiencies of it will have to become too much. Maybe theres a way to make it work but I cant see it.
        Brazil is a great example. It is okay for Brazil to be Brazil because it was never a superpower anyway. Brazil as a white minority ruled multiethnic country is stable. The US is the heart of the empire. If it goes the way of Brazil there will not be stability it will tear down the entire neoliberal order across the west. At that point anything is possible.

    • I actually hope you are correct. From the lack of pushback on even the crazyiest covid and riot abuses, It looks to me that consolidation took place long ago. they have just decided to quit pretending.

      • Yeah the control over institutions took place long ago. The trap was set this is just them springing it. Imo they saw the election of Trump and other events as proof that their power wasnt unchallenged. They are moving things along further and faster now to shut down any potential threat to power, i think they really are scared an adult will step in and rally the people to bring back sanity before its too late.

    • This has all the earmarks of a cultural revolution in the China model. Corporate America is terrified, social media will destroy lives, and now even STEM fields in good colleges, the news organs are speaking with one voice, mass vandalism is now permitted..
      As seen on twitter: The Cultural Revolution in China didn’t end until Mao sent in the Army to arrest the Red Guard and throw them into either prisons or work camps on farms.
      Anyone seeing Trump (or anyone) doing that, here?
      I can’t believe this is happening in my lifetime. It’s a no kidding Communist push; if there is a “deep state”, they’ve been pushing for this for 50+ years, and they seem to be pushing quite hard now.

      • The ruling elite is backing the American Red Guards, all right. Today I drove past a public high school (financed by tax money). The official electric sign, which used to announce graduation ceremonies and such, was flashing: BLM.
        The Powers are either convinced they no longer have to hide their heavy hand, or are desperate to make the final mop-up. More likely the former — they’ve pretty much crushed all public criticism of the Great Cultural Revolution, so why worry? But the wicked flee when no man pursueth.

    • The Jewish plan to fight China is to flood the country with people. When China passes us in GDP per capita this decade, the democrats will throw open the borders to increase it. “Imagine a billion Americans” will be the tag line.
      I’m calling my shot on this.
      It is in the nature of animals to transform their environment to suit themselves. Our bestest Friends Ever are most comfortable in cities. They will not rest until every inch of this continent looks like NYC or Los Angeles.

      • I dowt the Gewz will fight the Chinese. More likely an alliance. The Chinese can appreciate a focused, manipulative, ruthless, unapologetic people, and vice versa.

        • The Chinese however are impervious to guilt and if they decide to execute all their guests in some horrible fashion which they will sooner than later no one there will care .
          As they are not Christian or much like us at all , cannot be cozened or shamed into feeling bad about it.

  47. Why would any foreign power bother to attack the US when they could just wait until we self-destruct then calmly move in and pick up whatever pieces remain? I suspect that the raging blacks, however, wouldn’t fare well under a Chinese master. There’s always a silver lining.

    • China is already taking rapid control of media and academia. Unlike the right, they know where the power resides in this country.

      • One wonders, will the Chosen Ones abandon the USS Goyim and join up with the Mandate from Heaven? Have they already done so?

        • You’ll know the answer to that question as some guy called Yitzhak Teitelbaum adopts a name like Zhou Feng.

        • None of Mao’s “advisors” were Chinese. No fellow Marchers served on his Inner Council

          They were, ahem, “foreign”, even during the Cultural Revolution- which was their idea and design, along with the Great Leap Forward.

          The temples, burned with 5,000 years of history and the monks themselves inside, appealed to Emperor Mao, as every Chinese dynasty burned the records of the previous. Even Huang Ti, the “First”, was not; the Yellow Emperor defeated the Red, then erased him.

          Mao himself was a nobody, even during most of the Long March.

          It was there that he got noticed, outwitting a rival warlord with a force much, much larger.

          Dang I wish I could remember the details. It was on John Batchelor’s show.

          • Oops. I wondered when the Red Princes, Mao’s grandchildren, kicked “them” out– then I remembered the word, “outsourcing”.

            China began it’s rocket ascent just after Russia fell. China was the backup Plan B.

            Heck yes the Mandate and Chosen are married.

            Who runs the New York 10th Federal Reserve District, aka Wall Street and Madison Avenue, and pioneered foreign direct investment?


            Update. Oh sh*t, sh*t, sh*t.

            I just remembered the Belt and Road- control of the Heartland.

            Russia is doomed. We’re seeing a replay of the Islamic Conquest- combined with Ghengis Khan.

          • Red Chip Kapitalism on one side, State Communism on the other, while riding the tiger;

            this kosher sandwich is starting to look familiar.

            The Zman wanted to know where this will go. How about defeated enemies and a world in the hands of the Owners?

            The Long Victory, with Jerusalem as its capitol.

        • Probably because they are spineless parasites and will latch on to the strongest available host. But there is a key difference that will never allow them full control again.


          The stealth skinsuit they wear now switching from ‘fellow white’ to tribal when politically expedient will be completely nullified. That’s a huge part of their power. And related the Holocaust Guilt Card also has zero effect on Chinese. They will be bit players at best should they hitch their wagon to the East.

    • This! The real estate we are on is some of the worlds best . It will not be left unattended .

        • China and their expansion needs wrt real estate is Russia’s problem, not the USA’s. Massive squatting occurring along Russia’s Southeastern border with China.

  48. “Maybe the future is the present forever.”
    Nah. The underlying biology is changing too much.

  49. Without getting into a spergy discussion of economics I would simply note that the sinews of the Anglo-Zionist empire are financial and always have been.
    This is why the actual military footprint needed to maintain it has been so small.
    Were I seeking to topple this arrangement I would strike at its linchpin: the dollar as global reserve.
    And I would strike in the chaotic aftermath of a couple of elections in which first one half of the demos and then the other viewed the process and outcome as illegitimate.

    • 2020 election is to my mind a lot like 1860. No matter who wins, the violence gets worse.

    • Not sure how ‘Small’ this is… the US Empire spends > $700bln on military presence all around the world, and can project power using Naval and Air forces far more than ever before. I mean, we still have bases in Germany, just in case the Red Army comes charging through the Fulda Gap…
      Behind the money is aircraft carriers, long range bombers, and special forces.

      • True, but in terms of GDP spend and manpower it’s basically a token force. When western oligarchs want to bring someone around to their way of thinking they whip out the IMF and access to the debt markets more so than tanks and carriers.

      • Virtually all that power is useless in fighting the enemy where we will be defeated: at home, and largely by an “enemy” composed of U.S. citizens, or at least resident aliens. 🙁

        • Yup, the Star Wars freak show bars abroad are going to be jumping, once our military assets are stranded abroad while we tear ourselves up at home. Lots of deals made over nice, shiny, advanced equipment that will largely be inoperable by the likes of them, in their necks of the woods.

    • “This is why the actual military footprint needed to maintain it has been so small.”
      I do like well done satire. Please play again soon.
      You do realize that the US spends as much on “defense” as the rest of the world combined?

      • budget =/= actual military footprint
        But I do like it when illiterate morons misunderstand basic English & reproduce quotes that refute the very point they think they are making.
        It saves me a lot of trouble.
        Your move, tough guy

  50. Military defeat is the only way to stop the rot.
    The cabal in DC, like the cabal running Wall St., don’t care at all what happens to the rest of the country. That’s been obvious for some time now.
    However, were some capital ships of the US navy to go full fathom five…that would push the RESET button down a little further.
    To use the Roman analogy, it was the legions that kept the thing going longer than was necessary. Eventually, once hollowed out from within, even the German running the legions couldn’t sustain belief in “Rome”.

          • money line from the article , by the officer in charge at the time of the incedent
            “Captain, I fucked up,” she told him.

          • I believe we are pulling tritium from weapons, reconditioning it, then using it to reload depleted tritium weapons. This is a temp fix since we have so many weapons to spare. Not sure where the project to make home grown tritium is at this stage. But the British are shutting down their reactors that make our supply soon. Pretty sure however, it is a fairly high priority. Oddly, it was Obama who worked with Congress to update our stock pile of nukes. Never could figure out why.

          • That is what I think as well. This does mean lower reliability and continuous decline in the stockpile size though.
            Roughly by the numbers, the crisis started in 2013 so by 2025 (5 years from now) assuming no new tritium we have half the nukes we had in 2013 and by 2032, 25%
            This assumes no outside tritium and maximally efficient recovery.
            This should be enough decline to reduce the risk of a declining or dying empire spite nuking someone while retaining enough to protect us from PRC invasion
            As far as Obama’s attempted fixes, people in his cabinet told him it was needed and so he did it.

    • One optimistic thing about a possible military coup in the USA: whatever its ideological faults, the military is made up of the better half (30% actually) of the population. We may end up being ruled by authoritarian dictators, but at least they’ll have mostly competent people in power.
      It’s sobering to know that (rounded up for non-test-takers) about 20% of whites, 35% of browns, and 50% of Blacks are too stupid to even qualify even for infantry or marines. These standards have been in place many decades. And many of the ones who do pass are definitely not the brightest lights in the harbor. I now realize “the few, the proud” was no exaggeration.

        • What bollocks. The thugs who sign up to murder people they’ve never met are far from the better half.

      • An actual military junta would be hard to sustain against a population was well armed as the US unless people wanted and supported it.
        Hell even Antifa has custom AR15’s and at least some skill in using them and in dirty ops.
        Its a hellscape to fight in.
        Now I suspect Obama purged all the high ranking types with Right Wing sympathies so it would have to come from the lower ranks or some corporal of our own.
        I’d guess simple exhaustion and collapse like the USSR instead.

  51. We may be more like imperial Athens than we are like imperial Rome. But unlike the people of Athens the public face of our oppressor is not another Greek. It is a savage dancing in the firelight set by a ruling class that is rapidly losing its Greek character, whatever little it has left.

    • This brings to mind Eastern Roman Empire Emperor Justinian sending his General Belisarius to ‘liberate’ Italia and bring it back within the empire. The descendants of actual genetic Romans weren’t cheering in the streets over having new ‘Roman’ leaders who didn’t speak Latin but Greek replacing their contemporary Christian German rulers. Blood matters. If the only choices are between being ruled over by two sets of foreigners the best one can do is keep out of it as much as possible and hope the least noxious least degenerate side wins.
      That’s why I don’t get worked up over Chinese infiltration. Yes, they despise us, but their primary strategic objective is to remove the threat the American Empire poses to their civilization. Their animosity is not exterminatory. I’d rather be ruled over by an aristocracy (natural or legal) of my own people, but barring that I’ll take Chinese nationalist communism over Jewish internationalist communism any day of the week.

      • The Chinese interest in the West strikes me at being more scavenger like than imperial like. They have a few populous outposts here but most are more interested in mining what they can in both wealth and knowledge and then heading home. A lot of 1st, 2nd and even 3rd gen hyphenated Americans have headed back to the homeland. Unlike the Indians, the vast majority of their US college grads return to China within a few years.
        Dominating trade and trade routes is what they focus upon…but political dominance on this side of the Pacific strikes them as more trouble than it’s worth. Their version of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere includes the whole of Asia, all of Africa and control of all trade route along with the medium of exchange. They will have some setbacks but they will eventually get what they want.

      • What evidence can you point to, in defense of the idea that the Chinese animosity to us is not exterminatory? Heck, the Chinese appear to have an exterminatory approach to many of their own co-inhabitants.

        • All the Chicoms need do is keep agitating/funding the 5th Column inside the country: Antifa/BLM.

    • “ Winston, if you want a vision of the future, imagine a fat she boon twerking atop the ruins of Western Civilization forever. “

    • Also the Greeks stayed intact as a people during their imperial time. Rome and its army slowly became less ethnically Roman. Wish I could find it, but a historian back in the 20s or 30s looked at the graves of Rome and showed that ethnic Romans slowly disappeared, especially from the nobility. Between low fertility – especially among wealthy Romans – and immigration, the actual Romans just faded away.
      In addition, capable ethnic Romans who made up what was left of the middle class moved away to the provinces. Sound familiar?

      • Essentially correct. And the Italians of today are not the dependents of the Romans of yesterday.

        • I wouldn’t go that far. I have met a lot of people in Italy that look like the Roman statues (faces, hair). There is an imperfect continuity.
          That being said, Southern Italians may have a lot of Middle Eastern blood and Northern Italians have some Germanic and Slavic blood…

          • Germanic and even Norse rule extended the length and breadth of Italy, including Sicily. Now the extent of interbreeding, I’m not sure, but clearly northern Italy is more Germanic, while southern Italy has a stronger Arabic tincture.

          • Not disagreeing, but the Romans of Caesar’s time were not the Sicilians of today in the South, nor the Germanics of today in the North. Perhaps some Gallic blood. There were many tribes beyond the Italian Alps in Gaul and early on, Rome was successfully invaded by a tribe of Gaul (forget who, but it caused them to reorganize their army). But the Germanics were on the other side of the Rhine when Rome was kicking ass under Caesar.
            After the fall of Rome, the Italian peninsula was invaded several times by tribes like the Vandals and Visigoths. Not to mention all those damn slaves Caesar and company had taken in during the good times centuries before.
            There was a lot of blood mixing outside of the earlier major tribes of the Italian peninsula than combined under Roman rule in the early years.

          • True. The Romans were purebred Italic. Significant genetic changes probably didn’t begin until the 4th century A.D.

  52. “Maybe the end of history is what we are seeing today replayed over and over forever.”
    When studying these historical parallels it’s interesting to look at each culture’s assumptions and presuppositions – their worldview. Every culture that has placed man as the penultimate center of the universe enters a death-spiral. It’s as if the herd-man has a rabid desire to rid himself of metaphysical questions … “we must find the meaning of life in ourselves, in our lifetime” seems to be a common thread. It’s also interesting to see how long it takes man-centered humanism to unravel when riding on the coattails of their ancestors’ theistic worldviews. (In our case, Christianity and Calvinism had LONG coattails.)
    When the cosmic order is smashed, God is dead, and metaphysical questions are dismissed, the end result is baked in the cake. We’re created to replay history over and over, complete with despair and chaos … that’s where man is designed to be after thumbing his nose at his Creator.

    • clearly the lose of faith is not survivable for a culture . personal faith is essential for a man or family to have meening as well . It is intresting to see that despite the decline of the ” mainstream ” churches , there seems to be a revival in Trad catholic and Orthodox faith.

      • Agreed. I think the loss of faith comes after the loss of truth. Read Solzhenitsyn’s essay “Live Not By Lies.” He was a fellow dissident who recognized that we each have individual responsibilities to secede from non-truth and courageously stand for reality. You know what makes our enemy’s hair stand on end? – Objective truth and verifiable reality.
        Interestingly, the embrace of man-centeredness is what drove the mainstream church into the arms of the Left (until the Left recognized they no longer needed them.) J. Gresham Machen had a few things to say about this as he was drummed out of the Presbyterian church in the 1920s. Another good read for any small-o orthodox, Machen’s “Liberalism and Christianity.” As a Christian I place the responsibility for our present American chaos on the church and cowardly believers. Over the last couple millennia in Western cultures, wherever the church goes along to get along, disaster looms.

  53. “Only a defeat in war can shatter that confidence in the democratic system.” Hell we’ve been losing more than we’ve been winning for a long time, even though it’s only in proxy wars far from home, and it hasn’t made the Powers that Be any less hubristic (only drones and flyover state whites die, so who cares?). America just doesn’t need to lose; it needs to lose on its home soil, and from the sky. I bet you the rioters (sorry “protesters”) might start being civil if someone dropped incendiaries and white phosphorus from the skies over Minneapolis and Chicago. Willy Peter makes men believers. I’d rather be ruled by Kim Jong Un or Putin than kinte-cloth wearing carpet kissers like Pelosi and Schumer. Bomb us yesterday, please.

      • And we only defeated the Japanese in WWII.
        The loss of 1/3 of Europe was a clear defeat.
        Gulf War 1 was a clear victory, but was equivalent to beating on the disabled kid in school

        • Disabled kid with a blind fold and both his legs broken, really. Iraqi armored and infantry battalions had to use their recon units to see where nearby friendly units were. One particular laughable incident I remember in the push into Kuwait was a Republic Guard combat unit fielding school buses to the AO a few clicks away from American positions.

          • I remember some guys who were still kicking around from the First Gulf when I was in, and they said having thermal gun sights in sandstorms against Republican Guard tanks was basically fish-in-a-barrel. Probably easier than droning weddings.

          • One of my many fond memories of Desert Storm (seriously – war is nothing if not intensely interesting, and I derive fun from such things) is of a video some infantry guys made. They used gun-camera combat-action footage from their infantry fighting vehicle and set it to Ice Ice Baby.
            The line I recall best showed them pulverizing some pathetic ‘strongpoint’, intoning “Check out his crib while my Bradley dissolves it.”

    • This country and democracy are slowly deflating like a downed dirigible thanks to the rot from our black, brown, yellow and big nose termites. We (or at least they) need to be put out of our/their misery.

      • The black, brown, and yellow people are just symptoms.
        White men are cowards, traitors, children, and pussies, on the whole.
        I agree that the small hat people have played a big part of throwing us for a loop.

        • It’s true white men aren’t putting in a good showing recently.
          However, let’s not forget that white men are the most tied into the leviathan state and are the most easily crushed by it.
          The vibrants are free to do as they please because the leviathan state ignores and/or permits their antics.

        • “White men are cowards, traitors, children, and pussies, on the whole.” Unfortunately this is true for the most part. 

          White Seattle politicians and police have ceded a zone of the city to armed Antifa and BLM overlords who are requiring ID and protection money from the residents. And no one, including Orange Man, is doing anything but talking or tweeting.

          I saw it on a personal level when I was in elementary school and my family moved to a black ghetto. At the age of 10 or so I vowed to myself that “they” would have to kill me but I would fight back no matter what. Funny, or not so funny, I am having to have the same conversation with myself now as an old(er) man. With the difference being that there is a good chance I will be defending myself against white people. 

          You never really know what you will do until you do it. I did it when I was young; will I do it when I am old? Don’t know yet but as Lineman notes it sure helps to have a Community.

          • Pentagon is not on Trump’s side. National Guard is under governors’ command with the exception of DC. I am amazed the man is still standing and trying to fight not unlike yourself @10.

          • I certainly will give Trump credit where credit is due. And I absolutely agree that his ability to even get out of bed in the morning is stunningly amazing with the 24/7 hatred thrown his way from every direction.
            And he is not responsible to be my or our savior.
            That said and acknowledged, I at least hope he is John the Baptist to a future Jesus for all of our sake.

          • Trump is wise to let Seattle destroy itself. Let normal people see what happens when AWRs are in charge.

        • White men are cowards, traitors, children, and pussies”. But we weren’t always. 70 years ago we were quite the opposite. We will rediscover our courage, our dignity and our honor.

          • The genetics are still there, they don’t change than fast. WWII killed less than 500k, that’s not enough to change a population of about 116M at the time.
            The culture and our curse of prosperity has trained us into subservience. But what was learned can be unlearned. That’s the whole point of basic training in the services, isn’t it?

    • We’ll lose overseas, our “enemies” (such as they are, our real enemies are inside the border) can already smell the weakness and know that a strong strike might fracture the empire. Would Americans, most of whom are completely clueless, support waging some giant war in Korea if our bases were overrun? Would they support a giant war with Iran if they sank a bunch of our ships? Iffy; a lot of people would ask why we even had people in these spots, I know I ask it of myself now.

          • You are probably right. Taiwan’s inventory of vehicles and aircraft is not large or very modern while China has made great strides, especially with their Air Force.
            China also has hypersonics that the West has no credible defense against.

      • I don’t see any reason anyone would provoke us when we are franticly destroying ourselves. Sun Tzu said “when your enemy is making an error, don’t interupt him” …or something like that.

    • <i> Hell we’ve been losing more than we’ve been winning for a long time</i>
      There’s losing and there’s losing. Afghan gunboats aren’t prowling the Delaware, Iraqi cruise missiles aren’t raining down on New York, and you aren’t speaking Vietnamese.

      • I made the distinction in my post, said most of the losing we were doing was by proxy in hellholes. I’d be more worried about my fellow citizens at this point (if they can even be called that) than getting “Red Dawned” right now, though.

        • <i>I made the distinction in my post, said most of the losing we were doing was by proxy in hellholes.</i>
          Neither war was fought by proxy. “Proxy” means you pay others to fight for you.
          Anyways, only an empire citizen may casually make such a distinction. For any other country, “losing” means there’s foreign troops on your soil, buying blowjobs from the local girls with chocolate and nylons.

      • Yet we are overrun with Afghans,, Iraqis and Vietnamese people who aren’t part the culture.

      • Hutus and ANTIFAGS have taken over Seattle and Minneapolis, and we’re all about to be speaking Ebonics.

  54. There is a lot of maybes in your closing paragraph.
    I read a bunch of maybes yesterday from a post on my wife’s facebook. She has friended a female boomer cousin of mine who is all knee jerk Trump support, first responder type fan and such. Yesterday she and all the like minded friends of her went all maybe it’s time for the statues to come down and let them have their own heroes. Maybe protests are good, the new civic action don’t you know.
    How soon they flip and bend a knee and act like they always believed in the new normal. Of course most were women but then women do know when to jump ship and side with the new rulers, perceived or otherwise. I’m sure Greeks didn’t have to deal with these idiots they just swallowed the inevitable rot and faded away.We’re pathetic.

    • I told a conservative girlfriend yesterday that women should never have been allowed to vote. And she agreed with me. Talk about crazy times! Now I’m just waiting for the Antichrist. I’m pretty sure that’s next

      • I’ve gotten similar responses from several conservative women. They don’t want the responsibility. Then again, these aren’t women with daddy issues.

      • Because I’m an idiot, I had a similar conversation at work. Jokingly, of course, and I made the point that Prohibition would never have happened without women voting & being politically active.
        One of these days, they’ll send me to a camp.

      • It sure does have a book of revalation feel to it . Especially the way the churches have been slammed by the shutdown. they have reopened the strip clubs and the pot despensaries never closed , but the churches are still not allowed to open in a functional way.

        • It illustrates the failure of the Church to stand for anything. Once the Church stood separate and equal to the State. Now it’s more often an appendage.

          • sadly correct . their “charities ” all get govt. money . take the kings coin, dance to the kings tune.

          • Sadly true, but also a bright side. Belief is within the individual, and needs no organized and poz’d religious organization. Took me awhile to discover that after I wandered away from such organizations. But as you’ve probably concluded, I’m kind of “slow” in these matters of understanding. 😉

          • there been a relentless attack on the Christian Church and theism, in general, since the 60s, and churches have not stood firm and the media is all too happy to broadcast the new roles of gays and women in positions of authority in the Church … very sad.

        • Naw. Imagine what it was like in the 20s and 30s of last century. Dust storms that created their own weather patterns with giant lightning storms that probably made you think that God himself was upset with you. Don’t forget the famine, plague, and war. Not just war but industrial, mechanized war. Nothing glorious or honorable about machines chewing up meat and spitting out hamburger. They must have been sure that the end times were upon them.

      • A woman agreeing with you is scary enough. But that she didn’t get pissed off is even odder! 😀

        • my wife and daughter would agree. there is a group of sane woemen out there. If you young guys ever meet one, marry her immeadiately.

      • Thats where there is a bit a kink in Z-man’s analogy of Greek democracy—universal suffrage. Greeks had strict requirements for having a say in their democracy or body politic. Slaves, women, landless, etc could not vote. And that makes all the difference.

        • It didn’t stop our Empire from forming. women’s suffrage was nearly 3 generations after the Civil War.
          Our Constitution didn’t help either.
          Hell even a Constitution the size of a dozens Manhattan phone books from the 80’s delineating every lawful action of the State wouldn’t help.
          The Ambitious will always subvert the rules to their own ends and its nearly impossible top punish them for it as the use the system to insulate themselves from consequences

          • I just have to wonder who the men were that voted for women’s suffrage?? Why would any man, at that time, think it is a good idea for women to vote? Maybe it started locally n then grew … sorry for my ignorance.

      • Back in the suffragette days, the majority of women didn’t want the franchise.
        The problem is that Democracies and Republics put a heavier weight on political noise rather than good sense and as such always drift left.

      • I told a family acquaintance, a leftish lesbian, that I might seriously consider trading the second amendment for the nineteenth. Didn’t go over well.

      • I’ve always said that the majority of women don’t really care about voting or politics. If they woke up tomorrow to find their voting rights gone, it’d be met with a shrug of the shoulders … except for the 1.8% that would wail n gnash their teeth, nonstop, on the MEDIA until the 98.2% agrees.

    • Our statues say a lot.
      For example: When they placed Defiant Girl by the Wall Street Bull, it symbolized two things, submission to the gynocracy, and a signal that we are no longer a serious country.
      On a positive note, what the left picks to replace the lost monuments will inspire no one, but will just be narcissistic masturbation for the art community.
      Ii will make Obama’s presidential portrait look acceptable by comparison.

      • “Ii will make Obama’s presidential portrait look acceptable by comparison.”
        I see drag queen statue time in our future.

      • At least you still have a graven image.
        Won’t be too long that it will be just Brutalist holocaust monuments crafted out of poured concrete and abstractions displaying rusted metal.

        • ”Brutalist holocaust monuments”
          Failure to capitalize Holocaust is a hate crime. Report for re-education.

      • Yeap, and I might note that for others to have “their hero’s” does not necessitate the overthrow/replacement of other’s hero’s. The Romans learned this in their expansion to empire. Conquered areas had their hero’s and gods accepted within the Roman politic—as long Roman law remained supreme and the taxes rolled in.
        Jews could not accept this and were made an example of in typical Roman fashion.

          • “If Hutu heroes replace our own…”
            If we’re that stupid and weak, we deserve it. Why should white people survive if they won’t fight for their own fucking lives? I’m sick of wringing my hands about “the white race.” Obviously, most white people in America are willing to go along to get along. Screw those people. I hereby declare my allegiance too all White people, WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO LIVE!

          • Well, half of what you decry is now accomplished—more or less. Is it not?
            What do you call the removal of Confederate statues, Columbus defaced and his holiday “canceled”, military bases scheduled to be renamed, etc., We see such all around us almost daily.
            The cancel cultural R&R simply awaits the second step for completion, replacement. Postal service honors POC. US currency will tout a POC on the “tenner” soon. Navy ships named for mediocre Black servicemen remarkable only because they simply did their duty. Soon even that will not be necessary judging how quickly a felon like George Floyd can be transformed into national hero and martyr who must be worshiped—and is.
            As I’ve said before, you can mark time and measure our decline by these occurrences. You’ll know the final defeat has happened when the Founding Fathers are cancelled. And so it goes.

          • Agreed completely. The anti-white movement has been rampaging for quite some time.

          • Maybe part of the problem is that the White demographic shows an aged population. So the over-the-hill gang is just trying to avoid trouble and bide their time, whereas the higher testosterone youth has been partially brain-washed, so it doesn’t leave much of a resistance?

      • The replacements are insignificant. The attacks on the statues and monuments, symbols of the white race, are the important thing.

    • Yes the war bride index is one of many barometers of the end times. But in a land where the future is a brown female, how long can statues of settlers and paintings of Delaware crossings that “don’t look like me mommy” really be expected to stand?
      I remember years ago when I was a young, eligible bachelor. The big concerns of my contemporary women, aside from catching aids cuz we were all gonna die, was getting knocked up or married too young, impeding their career plans or law school dreams. Fast forward a decade and every girl inc publication was screaming: where are all the good men?
      What kind of empire doesn’t grow its own people?
      The double-helix of heritage America decoupled long ago. Luckily little hats invented social media, so all those feral female feelies can reattach to the script in real time and thirsty supplicating males can play their part to welcome refugees and take their knees for justice.

      • “What kind of empire doesn’t grow its own people?”
        Our empire was started by regional northern elites who destroyed regional southern elites to make themselves the defacto ruling class of the entire country. They then created unaccountable centralized institutions like the Federal Reserve but through arrogance, incompetence, and weakness allowed themselves to be displaced from those institutions by Jewish-led multiculturals. This left American non-elites to be ruled over by hostile foreigners who utilize the empty shell of our electoral system to give us the illusion that we have a say in civilizational decision-making. The post-WASP ruling class will happily let us vote on how much to pay county animal control, but will never willingly let the real Americans have any say in civilizational issues like immigration or monetary policy.

      • What kind of empire doesn’t grow its own people?
        I don’t remember the source and didn’t save the link, but there was a study several years ago basically looking for populations underserved for higher education, that is to say smarter kids who in a normal country would be in college but in our country were not: primary result -> midwestern whites. The Wuhan virology institute actually had an NIH grant. Our globalist ruling class invests our money in everyone but us.

    • My birthplace (thank God I never lived there) Washington DC put up a statue of the late not-so-great Marion Barry in 2018. Even comedian Chris Rock had a skit about Barry: “He smoked crack and got his job back!” (re-elected into DC Gov.). If this is not a good memorial of how silly our country has become, what is? Can you imagine what future historians will think of us, if they know the story behind such venerated figures? 🙂 As was mentioned here in the past few days, given this, is it really such a stretch that Mt. Rushmore will be revised to portray (I propose) MLK, Barry, Obama, and perhaps a marytr like Floyd? If there is any “good news,” its that when Islam finally sweeps the former USA, they will dynamite those images just like they have with other historic icons, which are a no-no to their mysticism.

    • The capitulation of whites these past two weeks has been stunning. Actually, it’s worse. Capitulation implies defiance. This is more of an embracing of the Cult of White Racism and Black Idolatry. CivNats, corporations, hell, NASCAR, all have fully accepted the narrative of white racism (past and present, conscious and unconscious) causing all of society’s ills.
      They all say that we need to listen to the black community, i.e. whites need to shut up and do as they tell us. If we thought that we were dissidents before, we’re much farther down that road now.

      • Normie is in a very bad place right now.
        But what else can we do but just keep redpilling and wake up the wake-up-able?

        • Take care of the relationships in your life, and the people. Live your faith, whether your church supports it or not. Don’t let it ruin the one life that you have. since you are here, i think you probably already know this though.

    • You : so for their existence black had to tear down a white ancestor
      it ultimately threatens the white woman’s existence
      after then black looting you without hesitation since white admit that you are born with original sin, and nothing positive will come from them
      and you ok with that?
      Women :  Yeah, because that’s what the TV and school said
      it’s so predictable, women always side with the winner
      The problem is white flight, white men pack up and leaving strategy won’t work this time
      In case of Orania, seems white women in south Africa doesn’t have mood to move there
      A town already complain lack of women
      Same thing happened to US, white women don’t want to go along side with white men

  55. The lurch from enemy to enemy is just an increasingly desperate search for meaning. Consider, for instance, that there are several obvious things that totally cynical rulers would do if they wanted to crush opposition. Why not legalize fentanyl / oxycontin? Tranking Whitey out is a lot more efficient than beating him down. Same way with the obstreperous among the Diversity. Make “Ghetto Affective Disorder” a DSM-VI syndrome and put the Pfizer whiz kids on it. The fact that this is both obvious and unthinkable says this is a fundamentally ideological crisis. Even Machiavelli, of all people, said that no one can be purely evil (by which he meant “brutally instrumentalist”) all the time, even when it’s to his obvious advantage. Military defeat is one option, but ideology can also defeat ideology.

    • >The lurch from enemy to enemy is just an increasingly desperate search for meaning.
      It’s also a way to keep people looking in the wrong direction.

    • Our society will now require lots of scapegoats in order to keep everyone cooperating. We are those scapegoats.
      Now what?

      • White American’s tend to Irish resistance regardless of ethnic background and as such slowly but surely things get worse. In economics this is called friction and by and large its what we get.
        Large firms that could pretty easily do difficult projects now end up firing most of the capable employees on political grounds and being run like a bad junior high student council. Oh they can bungle through projects but gradually they fail more and more.
        More and more facets of society get like this and than the nation collapses or is forced to a level it can maintain.
        The recent unpleasantness has sped things up a fair bit but if we follow the path the USSR set, we are about 15 years out, maybe a bit more.
        As for genocide or the like, its possible but Bad Whites are well aware of this possibility, becoming rapidly organized and have vast amounts of arms and the training to use them. Its unlikely.
        Also a real race war would force a collapse and as mentioned before the leaders of a rotten Empire will suffer nearly any indignity or humilation to keep the Empire alive another day.

    • I’ve not read Bacon, but one quote of his I really like is (from memory): “We are much beholden to Machiavelli and others, who write what men do, and not what men ought to do.” 😀

      • Machiavelli was not a bad guy. He even advocated that you treat people kindly, either that or destroy them, but to treat them badly but leave them in a position to seek revenge was unwise. Some of the best advice I’ve ever read.

    • <I>Why not legalize fentanyl / oxycontin? Tranking Whitey out is a lot more efficient than beating him down. Same way with the obstreperous among the Diversity. Make “Ghetto Affective Disorder” a DSM-VI syndrome and put the Pfizer whiz kids on it.</i>
      Theyre already doing that. By diagnosing kids with. ADD and ODD and the like and then drugging them into compliance.

      • I’ve taught a LOT of those kids over the years at the college level, and they’re far from tranquil. If anything, these days it feeds their raging sense of entitlement, since an official ADD diagnosis is a “get out of schoolwork free” card. You wouldn’t believe some of the bullshit “disability” accommodations I’ve been forced to make for “ADD.” I would wager long, long money that the vast majority of the kids out there “peacefully” hurling bricks through shop windows have Adderall prescriptions.

  56. There are several time periods which make for comparisons to today.

    What they all have in common is the feeling that we are in the waning days of an Ancien Regime.

  57. This is a society that bans books, throws men in jail for their politics and has created a form of internal exile for those found to be guilty of impiety.”
    Now where have I heard that before?

      • Same people who invented CV-19 apparently. I like the “burying of scholars” part. Now why didn’t we think of that?
        “In 213 BCE Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, ordered the Burning of books and burying of scholars and in 210 BCE he ordered the live burial of 460 Confucian scholars in order to stay on his throne.”

        • Funny , I get:
          “According to the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), in the 7th century BCE King Jehoiakim of Judah burned part of a scroll that Baruch ben Neriah had written at prophet Jeremiah’s dictation (Jeremiah 36).”
          It’s somehow similar to Iconoclasm and the contrary viewpoints of the Egyptian v.s. the Israelite.
          Our entire history has been gaffed with frauds , interpolations and omissions.

          • “Our entire history has been gaffed with frauds , interpolations and omissions.”
            You forgot propaganda.That’s history 101 in a nutshell. Always has been.

      • Who invented book burning ?

        I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Nazis. I have a hunch they cribbed that from somebody.

    • Everyone kvetches about the Nazi book burning, but nobody bothers asking what was in those books. If we had the power, we would likely be burning those books too.
      All societies burn books. What we are interested is in what books are burned and by whom.

      • They burned pornography and books extolling communism. The Hitler Youth also burned down a clinic that pioneered sex reassignment surgery. Oh, the horrors!

        • They burned pornography and books extolling communism. The Hitler Youth also burned down a clinic that pioneered sex reassignment surgery. Oh, the horrors!

          OK. So the Nazis weren’t ALL bad. I’m okay with that. In my experience, in this world, there are no unalloyed blessings OR curses.

    • It’s also a society where government, big business, education and the media have banded together to demonize a race and target it for punishment.

      • The Cultural Marxists, yeah!
        Its the Cultural Marxists!
        Who also invented Arson for the Insurance money, its called Cultural Marxist Lightning in these parts.

  58. It’s time to name names.
    its obvious the ANTIFAgs and the joggers are only useful fools.

      • I wonder what those names will have in common? Anyone?

        Yup. I-yid like to hear them named.

    • George Washington Clinton Jefferson Smythe the IV.
      what other name could it be?
      And of course here in The Named we have Mr Z the external force, and why this part at least won’t go on forever.

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