Deep Blackness

In this time of grieving and self-reflection, it is important for white people to think about their whiteness. It is what George would have wanted. In order to fully appreciate your whiteness, you must first understand blackness. This is something that gets missed in all of these discussions. Whiteness does not exist outside the context of blackness, because white people simply don’t care about whiteness. In order for them to care, they have to be surrounded by blackness.

Most white people, of course, have the good sense to not live around blackness, so they struggle with their whiteness. The struggle sessions at the company or college help, but they are not the same as experiencing deep blackness. When you live in a place like Lagos, you never stop experiencing blackness. It is all around you, like a fog that never lifts. The show this week is a journey into blackness so you, a white person, can understand blackness in order to understand your whiteness.

The thing that white people never quite get about black people is black people, especially the talented tenth, obsess over their blackness. The rank and file are not reading books on their blackness or attending lectures about blackness, but they still experience the world through their blackness. The exception is the very narrow dealings they have with other blacks. In their interpersonal relations with black, the fog of their blackness tends to lift. Otherwise, it is always black for them.

Of course, this is an exhausting way to live. It is why all of your dealings with black people are tense, even with those who are nice. There’s always that veil of blackness through which the black person sees you. It’s why people from Africa or the Caribbean always strike white people are super happy. Those blacks are not living in the fog of blackness like American blacks. They find this obsession with blackness bizarre and confusing, which is why they tend to not like American blacks.

It’s also why the current ructions are so vexing to whites. Life has never been better for blacks in America. Trump’s tweets about black unemployment are is ridiculous, but it is a fact that the material life of blacks was at a peak. Think back to the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement and it started on the college campus. Privileged black students began to agitate about their blackness. Here they are living like royalty relative to most blacks and they are full of rage.

That’s the thing about black identity. Since it is entirely negative, they can only assess their happiness relative to whites. No matter how good they have it, they cannot be happy without the full attention of whites. The only thing record unemployment did for blacks is give them more interactions with whites and therefore a greater awareness of their blackness. It turns out that black happiness is inversely proportional to their interactions with white people. White fatigue is real.

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371 thoughts on “Deep Blackness

  1. Its strange … I was thinking, “what has this country done since driving a car on the moon and Chrysler developing a turbine-powered production family car?” (look it up … Jay Leno has one). All that I can come up with is the Internet, which is fine, but after 50 yrs, is that all that we can boast about?? Back in the late 60s, we were going to the moon and China was still using an Ox & plow. Now, the civilization gap is much, much closer. What happened? Did we hit a “Malthusian technological wall”, where instead of running out of food, we ran out of ideas? As an Engineer, I marvel at what those white-shirt & black-tie NASA Engineers did way back then … now look at us .. smh.

    • There is something to be said for the ‘low hanging fruit’ phenomenon when it comes to technology. It turns out the hard problems are *really* hard. And technology moves at the pace of genius. We aren’t generating and cultivating genius anymore.

      • It’s because the Idiots have won. We have an ideology that promotes idiocy. That is what ‘equality’ means: an idiot is as good as a genius. 
        We pay the genius more… maybe… but that means he pays a lot of taxes to support the idiots.
        The smartest are enslaved to the dumbest, because the dumbest are the largest group and growing in number.  
        We have a permanent single-party system with a Pro-Idiot Party. In fact we have incentivized the production of idiot bastards – infinity mixed race idiot bastards. 
        Society has been mobilized to make products and policy for morons. Like fast food , carbonated beverages , Hollywood movies and canned pop music ; democracy aims to make products for morons because they are an easier audience to please. Why spend time and energy on something intelligent, when something stupid will win the day?
        Thanks for the link.

  2. There was some talk about the commentators here being lynched later for not saying the right things about the dindus.
    Well, to keep myself safe …
    BLACK LIVES MATTER, to someone someplace but I have no clue who, where or why. After all, black thugs are a dime a dozen.
    Now, before you think that was meant in jest I protest that it is the best reply I have for those that were saying that if a man lies down with a monkey that two monkeys get up. I detest those who make fun of monkeys. They are creations of God. (maybe not his best work, but who am I to judge?)

  3. No worries. Whitey’s wakin up from a long slumber. All it took was the complete devastation of the country and everything we hold sacred. Whitey killed and dismembered more motherfuckers than all these other tribes combined. That’s why the Jews script pandemics and race riots… to put us in a pen, like sheep, like cattle…ain’t gonna fuckin happen.

  4. One thing that really disturbs me about the right in this ordeal is how we seem to have lost the ability to think for ourselves.
    I’m not just talking about feckless Republicans kneeling and selling us out, or gun-toting normies going all in on BLM, but how even those of us who do have our heads on straight seem to subconsciously imbibe leftist narratives and vocabulary, thereby automatically losing future arguments.
    For just one example, I noticed in the most recent Radio Derb, John referred to “protests and demonstrations” spreading to Europe. I respect and appreciate John deeply, so this isn’t intended as a “punch right” at all—if anything I’ve had to catch myself making the same mistakes. It’s more me wondering why we continue to fall into the trap of letting the left set the parameters and vocabulary for what is right or wrong.
    “Protests and demonstrations” jumped out at me because those words automatically set us up for failure down the road. This phrase bestows moral righteousness on the masses of nonwhites and white race traitors who have been ramping up their anti-white race hatred in the last few weeks. In point of fact, there have been no “protests and demonstrations” whatsoever since the guys with guns protested the virus lockdowns at various state capitols. Those were the last, most recent legitimate protests.
    Everything else since George Floyd got what he had coming to him has been race hatred. There is utterly no separation between “peaceful protestors” and “a minority of rioters and looters.” Nope, they’re all one enemy group and they’re all illegitimate and horrendously violent. Walk with a group of “peaceful protestors,” listen to what they’re chanting and read what they’re carrying or spray-painting. It’s anti-white racial hatred to the extreme.
    Again, I don’t mean to pick on John—he’s a national treasure. This is merely to point out how vulnerable we are at falling into the mental gymnastics that the left sets up for us as long as we keep subconsciously imbibing their vocabulary and dialectics.
    We saw the same thing with the take-off of the anti-white “Karen” slur on the right. Why do we keep digesting and parroting the left’s anti-white narratives and setting ourselves up for failure?

  5. So, it seems that the plan behind the current craziness must be to motivate the blacks to vote … that being the case, its almost a certainty that Biden will select that fat black female who narrowly lost the Georgia gubernatorial race as his VP, who will later become Prez when Biden taps out. Trump needs the Hispanics to save his bacon. Damn young white women will vote for Biden.

  6. I don’t know how you keep investigaging this stuff without becoming psychotic or going postal. Must be a basically phlegmatic personality (in the medieval humors sense).
    None of it is news to me at all, but my Negro Fatigue is so profound that after a few minutes I have to turn it off. And I feel embarrassed for all the decades and decades I was sympathetic to them and tried not to be “racist.”
    We truly are two absolutely incompatible groups and nothing short of separation can make life bearable for us. As for them, I care about their welfare as much as they care about mine.

    • “I don’t know how you keep investigating this stuff without becoming psychotic or going postal.” No shit, right? Zman is beyond alpha dog. He is hereby christened Alpha Motherfucker.

  7. In Deep Blackness news, our pastor proceeded to start his online sermon today with a verbal foot washing and how white people need to be quiet and listen to a black person. We had to turn it off, it was nauseating.

    • “Nauseating”. Yeah, I’m getting that sickly, covered in algae feeling. I’m getting email alerts from Facebook now saying people I know have posted a video. I rarely go on Facebook. I won’t open the emails because the last thing I want to see are the guys I used to party with in high school lecturing me about Black Lives Matter. I’ve got great memories of my school friends. They remain cool in my mind. I’m not gonna let ol’ Dapper Dan, Cozy, and Kip ruin my memories of themselves by letting me know they’ve turned into total faggots.

    • My wife listens to a podcast of the sermon at a church we go to (mainly to get free dinners). The topic today was of course, RACISM. In the middle of the pastor’s obsequious, grovelling speech this recent Chinese immigrant popped up and went on a long rant about how there’s plenty of anti-Asian racism and the blacks get all the attention, etc… Eventually they cut his mic and moved on. It was hilarious and sad that it took a foreigner with broken Engrish to try to put some reality back into things. The capitulation of the Evangelical churches to the poz in the last 30 years has been depressing and horrifying to watch.

  8. The police are boxer from Animal Farm you know. There is no problem that can’t be solved by working harder, training harder** is the latest deceit, applying the law better. All Boxer asked is not to be sent to the knackers when he’s used up. They are now being sent to the knacker.

    The Law of course for the police being their “Napoleon is always right.”

    The Pigs of course being the lawyers and politicians.

    The police are good men, but like the trusting Boxer (Russian peasanrs) betrayed and tossed to the mob.

    they need to walk.

    • I used to disparage Scott Adams for being a slow-talking arrogant bore. But any public personality who’s not bending over to blacks and our white masters right now is OK in my book. Takes a lot of balls. The first mainstream guy I heard promote the notion that American blacks were lucky for slavery was Joe Sobran. Though I think at that point he’d already lost his national syndication status. I probably read it in his private newsletter. Anyway, big ups to Scott.

        • The media is obviously going to keep the pot stirred all summer. Since there’s an effectively unlimited supply of blacks willing to be violent against the police and since everything is now on video, there should be an unrelenting stream of video of police gunning down poor ol’ Rodney Trayvon Floyd, who absolutely din du nuffin (except maybe aim a pistol at the cops).
          Just keep in mind that the Democratic and Republican National Conventions are in August. By then there should at least 6 more dindu shootings and hopefully there will be a nice heat wave in both Milwaukee and Jacksonville. All the ingredients are in place for a glorious big budget remake of Chaos in Chicago: 1968!

  9. I just listened to a 2018 interview with Thomas Sowell (on YouTube, not about YouTube, but available on the media platform, you know what I mean… 🙂 ). After spending too much time here, and against my better judgement sampling the headlines in the MSM, hearing an Afro-American speak to rationality is sort of like watching an old “Twilight Zone” episode 😀

  10. Zman: I am a fan.  I agree with 90% of what you write.  The following comment is just a minor qualification.
    I’ve lived 20 of the last 22 years in the Old Confederacy and will live out my life here, God willing.  To say (as you did at around 37 minutes) that “you are going to run into a lot of blacks in Appalachia” is misleading. 
    South Carolina and the Coastal Plain of North Carolina (East of I-95) are large, flat, fertile, well-watered plains and accordingly were ideal for cultivation using the large plantation methods with large slave dependent staffs used in similar areas in the rest of the Antebellum South.  As a result, these areas are heavily populated with the descendants of slaves.
    As one travels West, the terrain becomes more mountainous and less congenial to large plantations and large slaveholdings.  Farmers in Appalachia did not own slaves, at least not the huge dependent staffs found on the plantations in the Coastal areas.  As a result, one finds fewer relict blacks.
    A typical Coastal Plain town is Lumberton NC (elevation 131 feet) with a population of 21k and a 37% black population, the largest ethnic group.  A typical Appalachian town is Hendersonville NC (altitude 2,200 feet) with a population of 14k and an 81% white population.
    The Metropolitan Statistical Area where I live is in Appalachia (altitude 2,000 feet), has a population of 100k and a 92% white population.

  11. It would be interesting to know with the BLM people think about this statement…
    “The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”
    Malcolm X

    • I agree most strongly with his final sentence. The criticism of well-meaning liberals is correct too. The problem is broader than just white-black relations. Whether it is how you provide for your own children, or try to give aid to worse-off people or countries, there is a fine line between fostering self-reliance, helping out the truly needy in a temporary pinch, or encouraging or subsidizing failure, or for that matter, providing custodial care to those who really can’t fend for themselves. Charity is a positive good, but it should be applied intelligently.

    • That should be put on a plaque and displayed in all of the civil rights museums.

  12. Hope this isn’t too off-topic. After a recent thread on NextDoor tangentially related to today’s topic(s), and I wasn’t even the instigator :), after emailed replies to the thread had several posts deleted (not mine, but i can’t be sure), I decided to:
    I’m quitting NextDoor
    Dear Friends and Neighbors,
    We live in a time of great unrest and division within our country. Like many people, I believe the media not only reports things in a biased manner, but that they actively promote points of view that endanger our country. The pervasive sense of “political correctness” seems to reach all media, including here. While privately owned media (like this) certainy have a right to demand certain standards of behavior from their users, I have seen first-hand messages deleted that come too close to “thought police” for my tastes. I refuse to participate in such a forum, and so it with regret that I tender my resignation from Next Door. For those of you who remain, you are of course free to believe what you want, disbelieve (or be protected from?) adverse opinions or God forbid, facts, that might suggest the need to question commonly held beleifs or to question The Official Narrative. Speaking for myself (ok I stole the line from a country song) I would rather be hated for what I am than be loved for what I’m not.

    • I’m on NextDoor. In a nice neighborhood down the street from me, a black lady posted a pic and vid of their house being vandalized. She posted video of white teenage girl in mask squirting corn syrup on porch and door. And a photo of “go away ni**ergs.” And “Trump”, written in chalk on her driveway.
      Won’t bore you with details, but all factors pointed to the family doing it themselves, with help of a few young radicals. There were over a hundred sympathetic replies to her post. NOT ONE questioned her. Almost every post read like: “I’m so sorry! It’s infuriating that this kind of thing is still happening in our country! I’m on the verge of tears. Our hearts go out to you and your family.”
      I called the family out in an objective, non-inflammatory manner. I didn’t even mention race. The community freaked out on me. (Well, all the women.) Pretty much all variants of “HOW DARE YOU! You’re an AWFUL human being!” So most of my posts explaining why her story was suspect, were deleted. And I was sent warnings from NextDoor. Some commenters said I was a cowardly keyboard warrior. I offered to meet them at a local coffee shop. None took me up on it.
      It reminded me of how the world used to say Americans were so gullible and trusting. The Progs have really used that gullibility to their advantage.

    • Don’t be That Guy who posts long drawn out posts on social media about why you’re quitting social media.

  13. I touched on this in a reply comment but I wanted to raise it up cuz I think it’s an issue. How likely is it that any of us would be charged with a HATE CRIME after defending ourselves? This assumes that our computers n phones are confiscated while the police are holding us.

    • I’m certain that is yet to be undiscovered country in the Leftist push to silence/eliminate all opposition. It’s as simple as defining bad thought and open discussion as “hate”, then using such to taint the plea of self defense. Unless I’ve misread, Great Britain has made great strides in this area. Saying there are too many foreigners in GB seems to land you in the Courts.
      Biggest fraud of all times was the creation of the Fed laws wrt hate crimes. Every controversial White on Black incident is shortly thereafter announced to be Fed investigated as a hate crime candidate, albeit termed “civil rights” violation. This concept of dual sovereigns is way out of line and makes a mockery of double jeopardy clause in the Constitution. The Founders specifically left policing of crime to the States.

      • I think you’ll need to do better than that Frip. Maybe filming yourself setting fire to a police car or vandalizing a convenience store would help improve your case.

        • I can think of nothing funnier than us guys here being on the witness stand and the D.A. reading our black comments aloud to the court, broadcast to the world via CNN. “So Mr. Kincade, what exactly did you mean by, “You raise a human with a monkey, you get two monkeys.” And, “A black medical doctor is basically a white truck driver with a scalpel.”?

  14. Just seen Trump is rescheduling his 1st rally due to some made up black nonsensical word (Juneteenth – WTF sort of word is that ) that was in 2 books a year in the 2000s and is somehow now a Black Holiday.
    Its now obvious that Trump is part of the uniparty system and his role is to act as the Judas goat to bring in a dominant (((black))) culture over whites in the US. He is the good cop part of this routine.
    Its getting annoying that people can’t see the pro-wrestling aspect of this and in a way I am astounded at how quickly they have managed to cement Trump as some sort of white saviour while everything he has done concretely has been against their interests. Prison “reform”, Increase 3rd world legal immigration, promotion of blacks in authortiy and women at every opportunity, lack of action on any of this BLM/Antifa/coup crap etc etc.
    I imagine the techniques are very similar to the techniques used for Stalin and Mao for the cult of personality creation they tested out in those areas first.
    Solzhenitsyn wrote that even in the Gulags many people wrote letters to Stalin assuming that he would save them and he had just made a mistake in their case as they were loyal members of the party. Places like CTH are looking pretty similar in their delusions.

    • Juneteenth is the summer-months counterpart to Kwanza. Where I live, it’s an excuse for obese black women to wear skin tight clothes and present like a mandrill.

        • Dual celebration—the Blacks celebrate their ignorance of English language as slaves, while also celebrating the announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation on June 19th. Plus “Emancipation Proclamation” is pretty hard for most of them to pronounce, even today. 🙂

    • “My fellow blacks…”
      Eli Wallace of Brooklyn,
      aka Elijah Muhummed after the surgeries
      (ordered Malcolm X shot)

  15. Aaaand, the alt-white cucks return to suck on Xi’s dick again. Even if China opened immigration, no one is wanting to go to China. China is a polluted overcrowded shithole with a per capita income around that of Mexico. All the wealthy Chinese want out of China.
    What is with the Whites Xenophilia? The goodwhites have a hard on for Blacks and the alt-white a hard on for the Chicoms. At least the Blacks have big Johnsons, so the goodwhites hard-on is understandable.

    • Some people are planning an exit strategy because the situation here is trending in the wrong direction. The idea of having a White area of this country doesn’t prevent more massive wealth redistribution (they’re coming after our 401k plans) and constant underwriting of failed cities.

    • And I can guarantee you this … as soon as you get into a serious problem with a black person, that black persons lawyer is gonna have your computer confiscated and they’ll find out every website and post that you’ve ever made and your self-defense shooting will turn into a hate crime and goodbye for the rest of your miserable life where you’ll have lots of black people to keep you company … defending yourself will be risky for all of us.

      • Personally I love blacks. Everything I’ve said about them here has been in jest. I even bought a black dog just because he’s black. I didn’t even want a dog.

        • You know as I thought a bit more about your other comment it occurred to me that mere acts of mindless violence might not be enough. Especially for the people who post here, a more extreme penance may be required. Yes, that’s right, only “race reassignment” surgery will do. I expect to see this any day now.
          You’ll see a spot on CNN where they’re interviewing some schmuck – “yeah, I used to be a huge hater, had an account on Stormfront, card carrying Klansman, then I realized that all along I was just a black man trapped in a white man’s body. I went to see a guy doing an experimental therapy for my condition, Dr. Noah Judenreich. I’m so happy now. I joined the Democratic party, burned my Klan card and signed up on the Daily Kos. Phuck Drumphf!”

          • O yeah, well let me say i love blacks even more than you, Frip. I have a one eyed black cat who crosses my path quit regularly. My luck hasn’t been too good lately, but i’m sure things will improve. That other stuff i said? Infinite jest.

          • They have a problem with just about everything, and folks outside the demographic leverage/piggyback off the demographic and suspected slights for virtue-signaling and self-promotion.
            I order a negroni cocktail at one of my favorite haunts, Topo Gigio, and the ears of the millennials perk up visibly en masse. I just said a bad thing even though I didn’t — the term refers to the wings of the beetles that distillers used to process into the color red.
            So I feel free to use all permutations of the n-word, including itself. I just generally exercise better courtesy and don’t say it. But somedays.

  16. Clicked on Hun’s Imgur map link above. Browsed a few photos and saw Africans with plates in their lips. Somehow I’d forgotten for decades that they did this. I remember seeing pics of it in elementary school and thinking those people are scary stupid. Maybe I’d forgotten because even Prog whites realize how damning such images are. How dumb and profoundly bored a people must be to do such things.

  17. Sorry, off topic, but I don’t expect this topic to be presented anytime soon … Andrew Anglin of the DS, while not to be followed on every point, for who is, has some pretty good news commentary … any thoughts on this guy? His recent article on children was pretty funny and thought provoking.

  18.                Some time ago I watched a 90 minute video of a young Barack Obama addressing a group on his life as revealed in his first book, “Dreams from my father”. I’m not a psychologist, but it occurs to me that Obama’s blackness prevented him from being a satisfactory president. His whole consciousness is centered on himself as a mixed race individual, and his world view reflects back to himself, not outward towards addressing problems. An egoic fixation.

  19. Blacks are parasites on Whites. We will never be rid of them until we forcibly evict them from our settlement areas. We should have our own country or areas of white privilege and they should have theirs where they can exercise their privilege. It doesn’t have to be like it is now where they have the actual privilege but accuse us of having it.

    • “…The PRC, an ethnonationalist and aggressively racially chauvinist national polity with null immigration and no concept of jus solis increasingly presents itself as the global political alternative to the US…”
      All I can say is, good for China!

    • Nobody will listen. There is no reasoning with these people. No amount of facts, data, statistics or logic will change their minds.
      You can’t reason nor vote yourself out of this.

    • It’s a riveting read for sure, but it’s still just civnattery. “We are destroying one of the only truly successful ethnically diverse societies in modern history.” Yeah, this has never been true.
      Still, if I were to meet the writer in person, I wouldn’t insult or hurl them away. I guess I’d do my best to get them the next step over the river from civnattery to ethnonationalism. That is, the Chinese model S&D quoted above is the only model that has ever worked for nations. Polyglot multiethnic empires will never work.

  20. Like I used to say when people weren’t so woke, if the media we consume could emit tastes and smells, then the marketing of blackness would have been a colossal failure
    The can pretty them up to the eyes and make their voices sound soothing, but ain’t no way they are going to be able to sell them if people could actually get a whiff
    NFL, with all that stink and sweat, for one would be bankrupt. NBA too obviously. And porn? LOL don’t make me laugh

  21. “Most white people, of course, have the good sense to not live around blackness, so they struggle with their whiteness.”
    Zman my friend, I think you are doing some satire here and I am missing part of it, so don’t be offended by my take.
    I don’t want to be around black folks. There are nice, hard working black folks who are decent; but I just don’t want to be around them if I don’t have to be; even though I have enjoyed a beer with a black or two over the years.
    So, I don’t live around blackness as you put it; but I damn sure don’t struggle with “my whiteness”.
    I can’t really take credit for the accomplishments of my white ancestors nor do I share any culpability for their crimes either.
    White people gave you the industrial revolution and therefore the modern technological world and global society. What the dindu is looting every chance he can is available to be stolen because white men built the modern world.
    So, yes I do think whites are superior to blacks in certain areas. Important areas. But blacks outperform whites at sports-ball.
    As I have said now for decades. People are not the same. Races are not the same. Don’t like that? So what; take it up with God as I had nothing to do with it.

    • Re. “ I can’t really take credit for the accomplishments of my white ancestors nor do I share any culpability for their crimes either.” 
      Please allow me to respectfully disabuse you of this rhetoric, that is uniquely effective on a small percentage of White men, for whom personal honour and integrity are still meaningful. 
      1) The people arrayed against you are collectivists – they believe in collective guilt and punishment. It doesn’t matter to them, that you think otherwise. The burden of your ancestors is yours whether you like it or not – own it ! 
      2) Your heritage was passed to you as its steward. You are as responsible as I am, as are we all . We are more than individuals. We are part of long chain individuals in communities that run from our forefathers to our descendants.
      3) If we shirk our responsibility as fully integrated members of society, we become atomized individuals whom our enemies will pick of one at a time. 
      Our foe doesn’t want us to take credit for something which we did not personally create while holding us to account for ‘crimes’ that we did not perpetrate. 
      Europeans were uniquely responsible for a politics of individual ‘rights’.
      The politics of individualism in our current age of mass immigration and multicultural identities is fatal to White individuals . No nation was ever created and maintained by abstract individuals without particular identities and a strong sense of friend and foe. 

  22. While listening to Z (sipping some fine reposado tequila) and contemplating my lilly white ass privilege, I’ve come to the conclusion that that the black race is fucking pathetic.

      • The cream de la cream of negroes, in South African Universities average 84 basis points.
        ” The difference in mean test scores of African and White, and of male and female university students in South Africa on the untimed SPMs corroborate the previously found group differences reviewed in the Introduction. With Africans and Whites averaging Raven’s scores at the 14th and 61st percentiles, respectively, Whites average 1 to 2 SD higher than Africans. (The IQ equivalents are 84 and 105, respectively.) Men also averaged slightly higher than did women.”

      • Hun: “I would say about 105+. High enough for Blackness studies.” LOL. When I was in college we had to take “African-American History”. Black lady professor talked about the number 7 for three straight periods. LOL

    • I think the standard deviation is 15 points give or take and goes from 50% to like 90%. So talented 10th would be around 100 to 110 — so a black medical doctor is basically a white truck driver with a scalpel

      • Thanks a lot! My cardiologist is a Haitian immigrant. Actually, that is probably a good thing. Peferences or not, he has a, well, Doctorate in Medicine and is licensed by the State. And his incantations and amulet have really helped my condition 😀

      • so a black medical doctor is basically a white truck driver with a scalpel’ Get the f*ck out!!LOLOLOLOLO

    • The top 10% of a Normal distribution is 1.28 standard deviations. Assuming their I.Q. is Normal, with mean 85 and standard deviation 15, that translates to 104.
      That compares to around 119 for the top 10% for Whites. To put that in perspective, that’s the I.Q. we expect from attorneys, research analysts, executives, auditors, and the like.
      This number is reached by slightly more than 1.1% of blacks (it’s 2.28 standard deviations for them, so it’s a very tall order). For the black talented tenth, their abilities are on line with occupations like sales, computer operator, bookkeeper, assistant manager, secretary. That is, they throw out bookkeepers like Whites throw out research analysts.
      There is literally nothing a person with an I.Q. of less than around 83 can do in a modern economy. Not dishwasher, not trash man – nothing. And, as this is right at the mean I.Q. for blacks, it is immediately obvious that right around 50% of blacks are capable of literally no work at all in a modern economy.

  23. Also, an unarmed White man, who was also high on drugs, died in police custody yesterday or day before … hmm, no hysterical media reporting on that! It’s all about the media. We have to tell people that the media is trying to crush any chance of a hegemonic White Nationalism in the USA, which is basically what we had prior to the 70s. That’s the purpose of multi-culti.

  24. All of this looting, rioting, and confessing for a criminal who, while high on drugs, dies from a heart attack (coroners report) while in police custody … the media can create any crisis they want!

  25. Most Europeans have no connection to America’s Black problem. We’re just not interested that they are Black any more than we are interested that someone is Mexican, Asian or Native American.
    Ask any European about their attitude towards Blacks (or any other ethnic group in America) and you’ll quickly discover we are not that interested. If you asked someone from Norway “What to you think about Black Americans?” the most likely answer would be, “I don’t think about them at all.”
    And that’s the problem. Blacks know White America isn’t interested in them anymore and they want you to be.
    They know that White Americans once cared about them so much White America went to war with each other over them. And when that war was over, White Americans made laws to abolish slavery. And since then White Americans have given Blacks every possible opportunity, and every possible advantage. Why? Because White Americans cared about them.
    150-years later, Black Americans now have everything they could have ever imagined. They’re successful in sports and entertainment and many have excelled in science, engineering, law, medicine and as military leaders.
    But deep inside it’s not really about BLM or equality or jobs or education or wealth and success. Blacks want the most fundamental thing every human being wants from the day we are born. And that is to be loved and cared about.
    Specifically, they want White Americans to keep on caring about them, because the real inconvenient truth is – no one else on this planet cares about them at all. Not even their own people.

    • “Specifically, they want White Americans to keep on caring about them, because the real inconvenient truth is – no one else on this planet cares about them at all. Not even their own people.” Yep, you can only care about a people or a group of people so much. That’s why the entertainment industry nearly floods the market with “Roots” type movies. Black Sad/White Devil movies serve as smelling salts to keep people woke & angry.

    • “many have excelled in science, engineering, law, medicine and as military leaders.”
      Yeah, right…

    • You nailed it, right at the end. The love and care comes from your own. They are looking in the wrong places, that’s not our job, other than to our own. Beyond that, a bunch of bad people are leveraging that misunderstanding into one hell of a shitshow.

  26. I was recently reading a book called “Black Rage Confronts the Law” by Paul Harris. I thought it a relatively recent thing. But blacks have been justifying murder and the like in courts of law in America since at least 1846. The first chapter of the book discusses a case against a man called William Freeman. What a piece of work this guy was. He murdered a few people including a child after supposedly suffering the “indignity” of being convicted for a crime he supposedly did not commit (they always dindu nuffin) and suffering several crimes against his dignity while in prison left him filled with a just-rage against the world and white people especially.
    It really is remarkable watching the relative, usually the mother, of someone killed by police or a store clerk or a homeowner shout about the indignity. “They didn’t have to shoot him!” even when their loving son had a gun pointed at the victim. They take great offense that someone had the nerve to stand up to their boy who was just getting his life together and going back to school. It is almost as like they are incapable of reasoning through the consequences of their actions and that only possible reason they could have had for shooting little (6’3″ 220lbs) Jamal was cause he was black. I have been around blacks all of my life and I am still amazed by this.

  27. Sane non-Anglo ancestry Euro-Americans that still have ties to their ancestral lands should consider moving back. America is lost. If you say that you need to stay and fight, then ask yourself what was stopping you until now? The truth is you will never fight unless you have nothing to lose. And by then it will be too late. It’s probably too late now and you are still too comfortable anyway.
    Anglos, you’re screwed. Your ancestral land is on life support and most of your co-ethnics are busy giving away the last remnants of it.

    • Do I return to Berlin or to London (the cities my ancestors were born in)? Though I speak English and not German and despite being born and raised in the US, am more English than at least 1/2 of London, I would be going from the frying pan to a foreign frying pan. Berlin is out of the quesiton. I am 50 years old and not about to become fluent in German.
      What was that line again… at least we don’t speak German?

      • you can learn German fast
        You’d be surprised
        English is a Germanic language
        I would be going back to Italy. My brother already has to my parents’ chagrin. But the thing about Italy is that the citizenship is by blood, so if you have Italian blood — no matter where you live — you are still considered an Italian by law. You just have to go to the steps to make it official. And then you become a “dual” citizen of Italy and America. And that’s the part that bothers me. I feel like people would look at me like a Jew. But at some point I have to decide. I’ not getting any younger, and I love Italy as it is. Tough decision.

        • You could renounce your US citizenship. No more US tax liabilities. Though if you still have family there, I see how cutting all ties would be difficult.

          • That’s the tough part, my family here, mainly my parents
            But I have more extended family over there

        • Atsa good! 😀 Isn’t there usually a generation limit? For example, Ireland goes back three generations if I recall. If Paddy came over during the Famine, ye probably be out o’ luck 🙂

          • In Italy the bloodline laws date back to 1861, or when the unification into a single country was complete
            So if you can prove you have blood relatives from that point forward, you’re in. But the farther removed becomes an increasing obstacle
            My brother already has his Italian citizenship, so me getting mine is just an expense of getting all the birth certs and paperwork together.

      • London is 3rd World. You would be better off in Germany, or the further out areas of England. Cornwall area is probably least affected.

      • Unfortunately, your other two choices are worse. Better to stay and defend.

    • It is something that I’m starting to consider. For me that means Eastern Europe, but I like Eastern Europe.

      • If you like Eastern Europe, you should give it a try. Your quality of life will likely improve, assuming you can still make good money.
        My ancestors are from different parts of Austria-Hungary and I feel at home everywhere in the historic lands. It’s also a great feeling to know that you are in the land of your ancestors, continuing their legacy.

        • Why go to the trouble of moving? Just wait for a cold, drizzly day, and drink a bottle of exceptional quality beer. You have achieved 90% of the effect 😀

      • I was going to make a comment suggesting such a thing a couple of weeks ago; however, I thought it might’ve been a silly thing to say coming from a paranoid boomer whose thoughts might be exaggeration. Whatever you do, get it done before you turn ~60. Just seems like a general wall for every man. Common sense? Well, old-age will still bitch slap you, even when you expect it.

      • I agree. Even just having the ability to cut and run gives people a sense of comfort as things continue the downhill spiral (‘…well, if things get really bad I can go back to X’) The European mutt problem is the result of the evil of multiculturalism, even when it is confined to just one race. I am both English and German, but not really either.
        This is our homeland and we must try.

        • It’s also their homeland
          that’s the thing
          The question is are you willing to share it with them? The reality is America is never going to be anything but a mixed-race country. It will always bear the traces of its colonial past. So if the country goes the way of being partitioned, what is your land today (the land within America’s borders) is not going to be your land tomorrow. You are going to have to give a lot of it away to give them their space.
          But you never know. We could have a major war where all the blacks and the browns are sent off to die fighting for Freedom and Democracy (copyrighted).

          • I mostly agree. There is nowhere to send American blacks back to. Unlike “browns,” I tend to think of blacks as fellow Americans.
            The best option that is realistic is when the US finally admits to being broke and the police state collapses, allowing us freedom of association will be the only solution. This should be extended to both blacks and whites.
            I think a good number of whites will remain multicultural. But there will be plenty who want “good schools” and “safe neighborhood” and kids will grow up without being propagandized to hate themselves and that will become “normalized.”

          • I think the place is already broke
            Something is up. The government is paranoid and acting desperate. Not saying it is broke per se, but that is not the behavior of a confident organization. Maybe because of the feminization of society it’s the “hell hath no fury” writ large. These women are pissed that the serfs aren’t obeying them. Look at Pelosi with Trump; she can’t control him so she goes ballistic. And look at Whitmer.
            So, it’s hard for me to tell if this isn’t just a huge female freakout permeating society top to bottom, at least to a large extent, or whether there is something real behind the scenes that is making the government becoming a petty tyrant. Either way, it’s not the signs of a government that feels it is really in charge.

  28. I wonder if the military has a way of sending an electrical current into the ground that would electrocute everyone in a selected radius.

    • Electricity always wants to go to ground. If it’s already there, humans standing on top of the ground are very poor conductors: there’s no reason for the electricity to utilize them as a path.
      If the electricity is some sort of high-powered static charge in the air, then humans might be one of the many (though certainly not the most optimal) paths chosen for the charge to release itself — metal posts and poles, buildings, etc. would be the preferred paths. That’s basically man-made lightning.

      • So we just need to embed some metal in all the people we want to target in a crowd and then use a cunning electricty device to shock them.
        Now if I could just figure out how to remotely embed metal into people at a distance?

          • That won’t really do anything. Most depictions of that are as much sheer Hollywood as the ubiquitous “We have to get the bullet out!” back room surgery scene. (No, you most certainly don’t have to get the bullet out, and digging around blindly with a pair of pliers or hemostats looking for it will almost certainly do more damage than the bullet did by itself. That’s what killed President Garfield.)
            It works for small amounts of water, because the electricity stays on the surface of the water (while trying to seek a ground), but as the size of the area increases, you need an exponentially larger electrical charge to have the same effect.
            Everything that’s around you that’s a better ground than you diminishes that effect.

          • Vizzini going to disagree with you because electricity can travel through the ground creating different potentials or step potential as we call that if one leg is on one concentric potential and the other leg is on a different one you can become the path of least resistance and will kill you… That’s why if a powerline ever falls on your car you jump away from it with both feet together and then hop away keeping both feet together if and only if you’re in danger otherwise stay put until we can get the power shut off…

          • I briefly scanned the posts here on electrically shocking crowds.
            The military does have a microwave system that can project waves at crowds that depending on the intensity can cause pain, nausea, and vomiting.
            They set one of them up across the bay in San Diego around the times of the Tea Party protests. The Union did a not-negative piece on it at the time. But that’s when the possible targets were largely old white grannies and grandpas. Now they would shriek at the thought of deploying a device for rioters (er, I mean, protestors)

        • Metal in your body, unless it spans your entire body, does not make you a better conductor of electricity to the ground than you normally are. I’ve got a couple plates in my ankle — it doesn’t make me more subject to electrocution. I mean, maybe if you could get people to walk around with 10-foot-tall poles sticking out of them, it would make them more likely to attract lightning, but beyond that, no.

      • Nicola Tesla certainly could have built a small-scale lightning generator. He probably did 🙂 His talents were better used in other pursuits, like inventing alternating current. Striking someone dead with lightning sounds great in a story, but it is not realistically within Man’s power (pardon the pun.) And even if possible, extremely inefficient. Consider that the average bolt of lightning has enough electricity to power your all-electric home for about a month! (+/-)

  29. Total side note: All these Breitbart people and Hannity listening types who JUST LOVE John Bolton must be in quite a pickle. After building up this sociopathic monster take a look now. I can’t stomach voting for Trump, not that it matters anyway, but if the people turning on him give me every impulse to do so. He really has himself to blame though.

    • Hannity got a divorce, Mr catholic Angel
      I always said, here is a guy preaching family values all the time yet always seems to be in the studio working.
      And lo and behold, his wife left him because she wanted a husband who was around more.
      I can’t stand that phony bastard

      • When he was at home, if he was like he is on his show – meaning that he interrupts every sentence his wife utters to correct, debate, rebut, and/or otherwise denigrate it – I’d get tired and leave too.

        • I don’t blame the wife at all
          I get angry listening to him and never letting anyone get a word in

          • I stopped watching a couple years ago. Obviously, he’s not changed his modus operandi in the least

      • Purity tests like this are a classic mistake the Right makes.
        Paul said in Romans 3:23, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”
        And in 1 Timothy, “The saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. And I am the foremost of sinners”
        Humans are going to human. They’re going to make mistakes. They’re going to fall short of their ideals. They are sometimes going to do wrong.
        When those of us who have standards seek to topple those on the Right for hypocrisy, we’re competing against figures on the left who don’t actually have any standards beyond themselves, and who are therefore immune to charges of hypocrisy. So we lose.
        As Alistair Crowley sad “‘Do as thou wilt’ is the whole of the law.”
        Ironically, the rise of woke religion and its ever-raising stakes is the first time many leftists have somehow found themselves being deposed for sinning. “Eating their own,” as we call it.
        Let them do that. Don’t do it on the right.

  30. There is some hope emerging from the black undertow we’ve been subjected to for decades: I’m seeing increasing calls from blacks in the mainstream media, like the New York Times, for black children to be taught only by black teachers, for black neighborhoods to be policed only by blacks, for black people to be treated only by black doctors, for only black businesses to be allowed in black neighborhoods, and so on.
    These calls should be encouraged. For now, the calls are one-sided: blacks are demanding segregation at the same time as they continue to demand to push into white neighborhoods and white institutions, and for a cut of white resources to be redirected to themselves.
    But over time this may change: re-segregation of black businesses, teachers, doctors, police and firemen, etc. may gradually redirect the attention of the “talented tenth” (which has barely been able to keep its head above water in the white world) back to looking after its own race, as once used to be the case.
    Blacks and badwhites never really wanted integration anyway: it was a foreign concept pushed on the two by goodwhites (northeastern Yankees then and now) who only ever knew one black person, W.E.B. DuBois.
    There may eventually come a time when blacks will march and chant “Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, and Segregation Forever” without a hint of self-reflection, irony or sarcasm, and this should be encouraged.

    • NEVER! Access to white people, white neighborhoods, white schools and white institutions are what blacks want more than anything. To the extent that they do want to segregate, it is only the upper class blacks who only want to segregate to upper class black neighborhoods, schools and institutions. It really bothers them that they can’t move to an all black neighborhood. As soon as white people started agreeing to black seperation, they would immediately begin calling them white supremacists. They would very quickly learn that the children of upper class blacks have higher crime rates than lower class whites and that their children do worse than poor whites.

      • So true
        they want to have their own laws and rules and neighborhoods but also have the access to all of the feature and benefits of white society
        they are just royal pains in the ass. No other way of putting it. As they used to say in the South where I grew up “Blacks are an intractable problem.”

    • Most of us would cheer on such a movement 🙂 The big flaw I see in it is that Blacks would no doubt want their Black teachers, doctors and so on at “White” quality levels, which the Bell Curve tells us, alas, is impossible 🙁

  31. The sad part is Ms Johnson is not fully black. This woman is at least 1/2 white, possibly one of her parents a mulatto.
    I have noticed that mulattoes are the most woke of woke POC. Like Obama, most mulattoes barely know their black parent, if they know them at all. The statistics of white women who are mothers of 1/2 black children are appalling and even worse than black women. Over 90% of these women are single mothers and the high 80s of those women receive no help at all and a very high percentage of those women have no contact at all with the black father. I notice this Johnson woman mentioned her mother in the article and not her father. These poor children embrace their 1/2 blackness as a stand-in for their missing father.

    • It really is worth spending a minute perusing Ms Johnson’s website at and especially her photos page. Aside from her exotic vacations, the page seems to exist entirely to show how photogenic she is and what a great addition her picture would make to your company brochure complete with black hair. No hairhats on this woman.
      She is obviously very conscious of her role in climate change politics. She does not exist to do actual work or even to pretend to do actual work. She is a decoration and she knows it. There is not a single picture of her pretending to do work. How sad this must be. This is probably one of the root causes of her black resentment.

    • I would suggest you’re missing the bigger issue. They aren’t White and know they never will be. They don’t look anything like their White mothers. They are just smart enough, with their half White genetics, to realize they aren’t nearly as smart as the smart White kids. It’s terminal envy and resentment (which all blacks feel) writ large. Their entire life becomes an effort to repudiate their White half because they know they’ll never measure up.

  32. The struggle session here is awful. The guy was just throwing out hypotheses.

    Nowhere in the article does anyone attempt to give a medical explanation why Blacks in Ohio are getting COVID-19 twice as often. “Because racism!” isn’t an answer!
    We can’t find solutions if we have to walk on eggshells when talking about the problem.

    • Yes, I’ve read a few woke articles on how COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Blacks. You see, the poor dears are alerady downtrodden, and extra oppressed by this George Floyd mess. For some reason, nary a mention of their appalling lifestyle choices that contribute to their out-of-proportion obesity, smoking, drinking, drug abuse, STDs and various traits that tend to bad health outcomes, most of which are co-morbidities for COVID-19. But I guess Whites caused that, too.

  33. In the entire history of life on planet earth there has never been a place and time where black pyrsxns stood a better chance of realizing their full potential as hxmyn beings, than right here and now. No place where it was easier to succeed. Yet here we are.
    Maybe now that Gone With The Wind has been banned, and all the statues desecrated, and all the corporations extorted, and all the social media censored, and all the insufficiently enthusiastic purged from employment, and all the police defunded, and all the cities burned, and all the small businesses destroyed, things will finally change for the better. This time for sure!

    • Looking outside – from my vantage point pigs aren’t flying yet

  34. As a native of the deep South and a former college basketball player, I’ve been around blacks all my life. With most black athletes, it took me beating the hell out of one of them to earn their respect. One tormentor would insult me constantly, try to injure me with cheap shots (imagine the punishment doled out by the “Bad Boy” era Detroit Pistons or mid-1990s New York Knicks) and eventually, they’d provoke me into a confrontation that I won by punching the guy in the face. If I had a dollar for the times in practices where I had to take a swing at a black teammate, I’d be a rich man.
    Once I was accepted as a “baller” and an alpha male who didn’t back down like other whites when confronted, I earned their respect and they accepted me as one of their own. That’d be when they’d talk very frankly about various conspiracies such as how the CIA invented AIDS, how certain things in the tap water were designed to emasculate black men, etc.
    When I’d press them for a source, they’d inevitably cite their homie down the street. When I told them they should verify anything they hear or read with independent sources, they looked at me like I had lobsters crawling from my ears.
    One of the dirty little secrets about college athletics, especially football (our directional commuter school didn’t have a team when I was there, but I’ve seen the “academic center” built exclusively for the football team) and men’s basketball is that the amount of fraud that takes place in order for these guys to first qualify to even get into school and then keep them eligible is rampant, even at the little piss-ant schools like I attended.
    Tutors do all of their school work for them and most of them, dumber than a box of 10-penny nails, are unable to do college-level work even in the crib majors that our coaches directed them to study. Even with their work largely being done for them, my teammates struggled mightily to even show up for class, which required our coaches to bird-dog them like elementary school kids.
    The NCAA has made rules to make it harder for schools to pass a lot of these mental midgets, but the athletic programs continue to skirt them with all of these “academic centers” and other dodges like the no-show classes that weren’t enough to get UNC sanctioned.
    All this to entertain the wealthy alumni and keep them donating, preferably to the athletic department so they can have nicer facilities and recruit more black athletes, who receive useless degrees and a tiny chance at wealth in the pros in exchange for playing sports.
    Why normies root for these athletes, most of whom hate them, just because they wear the colors of their alma mater is beyond me.

    • I had a similar experience playing sports with blacks. I tell people that blacks put whites into three buckets. There are those they see as prey, those they don’t see at all and those they fear.

    • Another dirty secret about college athletics is that the “campus rape crisis” is coming almost exclusively from the black athletes, not from white jocks. But since white women are not allowed to lash out against those higher up on the pyramid than them (black men), they’re forced to punch down on those lower on the pyramid (white men).

      • my experience jives (heh) with all the above. I tired of the blackness of basketball so much, in fact, I took up fighting directly instead of basketball under the constant threatpoint of fighting. violence is their language. Speak it or get spoken to.
        I got exceptionally good at shooting from range in part to minimize contact. But eventually they bring contact to you regardless.
        In college I played one of the whitest sports. It was fantastic. But my love of basketball would keep me close to the other side. Granted I am old and sore now but I won’t play ball with more than one black body on the court.
        A dear female friend played ball at a top 5 D1 program. The retardation and violence and lesbot aggression was a huge issue at most schools. Luckily her coach was excellent and kept it under control.
        This didn’t, however, protect her from receiving an unsolicited muh black dick from the men’s team. She wasnt the only one.
        All this covid risk fear is nothing compared to sending your young coeds to State U full of actual (black) rape culture. And sorry but its not the LAX team.

      • Don’t forget all the white coeds that are annually fed to negro sportsball recruits to try and lure them into playing at one of the various football factories.

    • Thirty years ago, as an undergrad at a small-time, yet D-1, school, I had an English class in room that was used for a math course for the vibrant members of the basketball team. If I got to the room early enough I would see what had been left on the blackboard. To call it first-grade level mathematics would insult 6 year olds. I wondered why they didn’t dispense with the charade and just quietly comp them credit hours. It was a Catholic University so maybe they felt morally obliged to make a pretense of education.

      • I’m dating myself, but I had a college French class with Emmitt Smith. He showed up on Day 1 and was never seen again but was given a passing grade

        • Not related to race, but a guy from my neighborhood played on a D-1 National Championship football team in the 70s. His father was a local cop and later police chief of our town. His father went down to school one weekend for a game and started ripping his son for selling drugs. How else could he have so many nice things in his apartment? Guy (who played cornerback) says, “dad, if I make a pickoff today, you’ll see.” Sure enough he intercepts a pass in the game. After the game, he comes out of the locker room and several alumni come up to him and shake his hand, congratulating him on a good game. He walks over to his dad and shows him the wad of cash he’d just had placed in his palm.
          My friend is white, but I can just imagine how this goes today with all the widespread negrophilia among the rich, white crowd.

        • I’m sure he wrote a dissertation on Heidegger’s concept of time in the work of Rabelais away from class…

    • Why I say what I do about the police thing with blacks.
      Blacks can kill blacks, and they don’t care
      But when a white does, oh Lord. All hell breaks loose.
      It’s because it’s an ego bruise. Their whole concept of themselves is that they are physically superior and when a white cop beats them, he gets the better of them, and they can’t handle it
      They will allow us to be “smarter” but not stronger

    • I’ve never had to take a swing, but I get your main point.
      I’ve found that as long as you stand up for yourself and show you have a spinal column you won’t have a problem with the brothers.
      The gamma/jellyfish type goodwhites are the ones that need to worry. The brothers look at them like a lion looks at gazelles.

      • Yep
        Last time I had one mouthing off to me I said “take a swing” and he backed off, pissed as hell, but he left

  35. “Ruction”: new word to me. Where do you find these, Z?
    “That’s the thing about black identity. Since it is entirely negative, they can only assess their happiness relative to whites. No matter how good they have it, they cannot be happy without the full attention of whites.” (emphasis mine)
    A salient point I’ve learned reading your essays, Z, is that there is no appeasing radical demands. Obviously this is a broader problem that social justice. And hardly a new problem. Proverbs 30:15-16: “There are three things that are never satisfied, four that never say, ‘Enough!’: the grave, the barren womb, land, which is never satisfied with water,and fire, which never says, ‘Enough!’”

  36. There is no solution to any of this (except isolating yourself from it), because what these do-gooders are asking for doesn’t exist in the real world. They are asking for a black escape from the very human emotions of pain and sadness. Blackity-black is just focusing on it to create a vicious cycle of intense hurt, and placing blame for it. If our wealthy modern culture has taught us anything, it is that wealth and success does not take the pain away.
    Then there is the matter of leveraging black angst, by others, to tear down our culture and everything we have ever held dear. But that is a backstory for another day.

    • This is correct.
      In a way the new BLM religion is like Calvinism, where one is irrevocably damned and there is no mechanism or even hope for absolution.

    • Now imagine those were white people the white cops would be in there arresting everyone that were protecting their Community, that’s how sick our society is…That’s why we need our own system…

      • Over time I think we will see that cops will behave differently in different localities. Cops in Wichita will be much more favorably disposed toward white self defense than cops in Minneapolis, for instance.

    • Dominicans down in the Bronx did the same thing. Back in the Liberty City riots made same mistake of invading a Cuban neighborhood and bunch got shot. Our nearest Mexican cohort is mostly “cowboys” from the Texas border area. Per my housekeeper, they have having none of that shit. Hispanics are the big wild card here.

  37. I still can’t connect to Disqus anymore here, or Google. I get errors connecting. With Disqus the error is:
    Invalid Request: Invalid parameter: redirect_uri (should match predefined callback URI)
    I’ve tried on multiple browsers.
    I miss my Avatar! 🙂 With the current flood of White submissiveness, I’ve gotten a whole new spate of spineless virtue signaling about my Avatar on Disqus sites.
    These people seem to think that if we just keep trying not to offend and appeasing just a little more, this time it will work.

    • I love the part where she accurately describes the NYC hospital as Third World quality.

      The financial incentives she describes are another dead giveaway that beer flu is a planned op/scam.

        • Holy shit!

          That ending was straight from the film Coma!!!!

          Also, all those mystery meat doctors that can’t speak English need to go back.

  38. Your podcast and blog are a two edged sword. I love hearing deep thought on like minded ideals, but the realization of the futility of it all depresses me for days….

    • I think Z has a point though. My race-based mutterings would get ZERO feels from the ol’ FB friends list a few years ago and now there’s at least a few, and while the normie-libs/Karens put on a good show, even they seem to know it’s empty (“here’s my black box on Facebook, please don’t ask me about it…”). It’s completely different from the “immigrants in cages” and “tranny debacle” where they were outsourcing the results of their “feelz” to someone else, with this it directly impacts them personally.

      • I don’t know if the race/demographic factors have become fully apparent yet — mostly because far too many are afraid to express the mildest opinion on that subject — but I don’t think there’s any doubt that here in normie-land there’s a growing feeling that enough is enough. I’m hearing it a lot. Many seem to instinctively want to withdraw from the madness. If that preserves them while the wildfires burn up the colored, antifa, and Karens then it’s a good strategy but it’s just as likely to surrender the playing field.

        • Liberals believe that policies like school integration will exert a civilizing force and magically raise up the negro who will model their behaviour on their fellow classmates.

          And as Steve Sailer has observed, leftists are starting to get very upset that there aren’t enough White people to go around.

          • Integration was initially to equalize the playing field. Schools of all “colored folk” were deemed inherently unequal due to poor quality, funding, teachers, etc. SCOTUS turned over “separate but equal” prior court ruling because they accepted the lie that these schools were what kept the poor colored folk unable to compete with Whites.
            Bussing was simply to insure that no school would be funded (treated) differently and the implicit assumption was that all students were the same and all would do well—regardless of classroom mixture—if treated equally.
            That is a fallacy that is still commonly brought up today by SJW’s three generations on. The initial law suites by minorities actually had some merit. The few higher level Black students excluded from White school did do better when removed from their all Black environment. But as we now know, more than a smallish percentage of minority students produces an environment that kills the school experience for everyone else. Hence white flight wherever bussing was implemented.

          • Interesting exceptions exist (“existed”):
            Paradoxically was a sought-after Negro secondary school with outstanding students, but it went to shit after Brown vs. Board of Education. It still exists, but I doubt anyone accomplished has graduated from it since 1950s. Maybe in sports 😀
             I have a still living fossil venerable relative (on the white side of my family 😀 ) who graduated from Anacostia High (WW II years). The city has changed a bit since then.

          • I’d argue it’s an anomaly, but not an exception to the point I made above. When you have a school—regardless of student race—that is selective, and holds high standards, both academic and behavioral—you can produce a Dunbar.
            Now obviously, you won’t get as many Black Dunbars as White Dunbars, but you can get them. Just like we have a CalTech, an MIT, or a Georgia Tech—but not one such institution in every State, just a select, special few across an entire nation.
            Here’s an example of the opposite effect: I sent both children to the one *public* gifted HS in the area—yep a public one. Consistently ranked in top 5 or so *in the nation*. So highly thought of that *all* graduates got a full ride scholarship to our State Universities and others as well.
            Shortly thereafter (after the kids graduated), the school Board turned “poz’d” and decided that such a school was discriminatory (too many Bright Whites from the University faculty) so they changed the admissions criteria to admit the top ten percent of all the grammar feeder schools. Of course, those schools were in the main, minority enrollment schools, where the top ten percent was a meaningless measure of academic potential. The best of the worse, does not produce scholarship.
            Well, as readers here have already guessed, in 3 or 4 years, the school vanished from the national rankings. All that remains today is a pretentious name and past awards and noted alumni in some glass boxes in their auditorium. But damn, they sure are diverse!

    • You should see it as exciting
      knowing that the future is being formed right now is pretty cool

  39. One of the most effective measures to use against black hyper racism is apathy.
    It drives them nuts that we don’t care that Trump speaks in Tulsa.
    The United States is refighting the American Civil War to a large degree.
    This time Washington and Jefferson get reconstructed along with us Confederates.

    • With apologies to Howard Jarvis: “I’m apathetic as hell and I’m not going to care anymore!”

      • Round about 2300 edt this evening – if anyone hears someone yellng that from out a window – probably me.

  40. The reason we have no moon base, no city on Mars, no robot butlers, no immortal talking heads in jars or any of the other stuff we were supposed to have now is because there are not enough negro scientists. 
    We don’t have enough negro scientists because White people are involved in a secret conspiracy, to hurt and oppress negroes and cause them to fail. As a result of this conspiracy, negroes are poor, and the poverty then causes them to kill each other nonstop.
    Of course, poor Whites don’t act like that. But it’s more complicated for negroes, because not only are they poor, but they also get their feelings hurt by the secret White anti-negro conspiracy.
    All poor American negroes want is free everything forever, for them and their entire extended families, and their dozens of future children, and all of the future generations to come. Is that really so much to ask, White man? After… the Holocaust?

    • The thing is, many poor whites *do* take on ghetto culture. Dalrymple documents this quite well in Life at the Bottom. There is always a violent underclass of your ethnic group (just as there is a upper, ruling class), even in a homogeneous nation. America’s is worse than most because it combines the problems of the underclass with the problems of African genetic personalities and a chameleon (((upper class))).

      • Yes , forgive me , I meant poor Whites in general, by population . Those that live on the East Coast of Canada or in Appalachia for instance . 
        I do understand what you mean and it’s difficult to observe. The other thing I’d add is that when you have only one or two negroes they will try to conform to the White standard. When you inflict a plurality of negoes on poor Whites, many of them will be dragged down to the negroes level. 
        Liberals believe that policies like school integration will exert a civilizing force and magically raise up the negro who will model their behaviour on their fellow classmates . This defies Newton’s law that for every force there is an equal and opposite reaction – that the negro will drag down the human. 
        When you have negroes , a Liberal society will treat everyone as a negro, because to do otherwise would be ‘ unfair ‘ to the negroes. All social norms and standards are dragged down to accommodate the lowest common denominator. 
        Everyone with any sense, knows that without an anchor point, one cannot pull the other, without also being dragged somewhere towards the middle. And that anchor point is precisely what Whites are abandoning.
        By accommodating negroes we abandon first principles and standards such as free speech and free association, which could possibly exert a more beneficial force upon them. By doing this we slip backwards into superstition. 
        The proscription against the word n*gger, is one such superstition, that transforms it into a magic word . The word itself is transformed by negroes, into a talisman or incantation that absolves the negro of their own negritude . 
        There is a reason that Liberals are concerned with the meaning of words. Words are powerful. “ My daughter married a gentleman of colour “ does not carry the same meaning as, “ My daughter married a n*gger”. This is a very old principle. 
        To reference Zman’s post from yesterday. After the war between Athens and Sparta started : 
        “Words had to change their ordinary meaning and to take that which was now given them. Reckless audacity came to be considered the courage of a loyal ally; prudent hesitation, specious cowardice; moderation was held to be a cloak for unmanliness; ability to see all sides of a question inaptness to act on any.” 
        – Thucidides 3.82.4 
        Negroes destroy everything they touch. There’s no reason to soft pedal this with qualifiers such as “Not because I dislike negroes”. 

  41. Dark Matter and STEM’s lost opportunities. She’s is absolutely correct. We allow all kinds of opportunities to slip through our hands in all scholarly and research communities because of all the time and energy we spend attempting to slay the racism dragon. It’s just that Ms. Johnson has all the pieces of the puzzle poorly arranged.
    The ‘talented 1/10th’ of Blacks shoehorned into white institutions are barely average. Most are well below average. So far below average that their theses and dissertations are largely ghost written to just get them up to being minimally acceptable. They take up positions earned by white boys and girls who are capable of doing serious useful work. White kids are brow beat from an early age. Many now just ride out their school years just to get it over with and to get away from the daily struggle sessions. Consider the opportunity costs of savaging, dulling and damming off all of those naturally smart white kids. It’s not just STEM. It’s all of scholarship and every single sector of our society. We cut down orchards to make room for scrublands.

    • We cut down orchards to make room for scrublands.
      You sure know how to turn a phrase YV…That is truth right there we harm good so evil can flourish…

    • I will quibble. Blacks take positions that were to be filled by more capable whites, yes, but in a sane society at least half the whites in college would not be there. This half, or more, of white society then find themselves seeking jobs that should not exist created for people like them. The fact that it takes two blacks to do the job which should not exist that are designed to not be done by one white man is another question.

      • I agree with you. 15% to 20% of high school grads are capable of handling and would benefit both themselves and their society from a rigorous university program. 5% at the graduate level. We’re pushing 70% at this point. There used to be more practical pathways to learning and training for those less intellectually drive or able. Because the system was so hell bent on opening itself up to Blacks it by default had to expand and open itself to all comers…maybe soon taking an application from Koko the gorilla who has a higher IQ than some of our current scholazzz.
        Our people are so badly damaged that many very capable kids have had their development snuffed out well before they even enter secondary school. Most of the potential in our tribe, especially in the most sensitive, dies an early death. The brow beating white kids take every day of their lives from the anti-white agenda in our educational institutions starting in preschool and kindergarten…and the war and misdirection against whites in all of youth pop culture are psyop war crimes. Our school children are so young and have no real ability or understanding in how to push back are fed a CNN tier and worse constant dose of “white is evil” propaganda.
        Maybe Bartleby was a Mozart who was ground down by a civilization that had pushed aside beauty for material pursuits. How many Bartlebys are we churning out in a civilization in which our past is killed off, our present is penance and our future is non existence?
        We’ve lost so much of what could have been that it is painful to look upon what we are.

  42. “…you must first understand blackness.”
    Or we can just read a few of their rap lyrics.

    • I will never understand blackness. Not possible. I grew up around blacks and came to understand only that you cannot trust them. I don’t care how reasonable they seem alone, get them in a crowd with other blacks and they all turn into “joggers”. Nothing seems to please them other than getting one up on whitey.

    • I will never understand them and they will never understand me. One of the many things we pretend is not true, and thereby feeds the shitshow.

  43. I don’t have any social media, but my ‘lady friends’ do and I just can’t even… as the progs would say.
    If one more middle / upper class white women posts her mandatory BLM and virtue signaling screed… it is so fake, cowardly, and disgusting. If they really want to help they need to do the same thing I recommended when it was de rigueur not that long ago to also virtue signal about illegal immigrants being housed in shelters.
    If you want blacks ahead here are your steps to rocket them forward white lady. Remember what I said earlier this week the strategy must be. Agree & Amplify
    1) Give your current paper pushing 6 figure salary make-work job to a black person who is a new hire. You take their job to show you are ‘down for the struggle’ thereby losing a zero off your current salary. If you aren’t willing to do that then you need to at least donate 50% of your salary every month to a black family in need.
    2) Immediately let a black family move into your luxurious house. You have plenty of space and there are so many ghetto families living stacked in small shitty apartments like cordwood. They would LOVE to chill at da crib in your McMansion.
    These two are a ‘good start’. If you can’t manage this Nice White Lady and/or Shitlib Box Wine Aunt you are an incorrigible racist and need to be shamed and socially destroyed. I’ve said it before, turn these fucking lunatics weapons against them. Make a LOT of noise and start pointing fingers at these fake and spineless virtue signalers. You will get woke points and will never be banned for demanding more and you will also get to terrorize these mental midgets. Its a win-win.

    • Oh my gawd. The fuggin women. They fall for this shite hook, line, and sinker. Back in my naive days I used to think it was essential to know something about our rulers and I bought “The Audacity Of Hope” by Barkie Obutthole.
      I got a couple chapters in and gave up. It was like Xirl Science except in negro flavour. Like our blog host, I came to the conclusion that The Magic Negro viewed EVERYTHING through the lens of race, and that if elected… that would be what American politics would be all about. My shitlib mother called me names and accused me of all The Bads. I gave her Obama’s book, told her to read it, and call me names AFTER she’d done so. No dice, I was a racist, a fascist, literally worse than You-Know-Who. I learned later from Dad that she’d gotten a few chapters in and threw the book away. She was a Good White, and she wouldn’t concede a single inch to a Bad White. She called me names, I called her a stupid bitch … and it went that way with all the women in our pozzed family. The men would teeter, politically speaking… but the women were all in for social justice and no bones about it…

  44. Blacks are utterly ungrateful as to how good they’ve got it in this country. Of course, everything they do have is because of Whites, which is why they’re so resentful – they know the truth and can’t stand it. Be that as it may, every day they should be thanking the lord God almighty their ancestors were shipped over, and we should be cursing the same.

    • Wasn’t there a philosopher of some sort (who shall go unnamed) who felt that open ended charity was an insult to the person receiving it? This result is not wholly unexpected and it happens with people other than blacks.

      • Several philosophers. Hoffer was a wealth of wisdom.
        The resentment of the weak does not spring from injustice…but from the sense of inadequacy and impotence. 
        We cannot win the weak by sharing our wealth. They feel our generosity as oppression. 
        Craving, not loving, is the mother of reckless giving of oneself. 
        Resentment becomes a constituent principle of want of character. 
        That which corrodes the soul of the persecuted is the monstrous inner agreement with the prevailing prejudice against them. 

    • People don’t value something that was not earned.
      As a people, what have blacks ever earned in the US?
      The answer is nothing, not even their freedom.
      Hundreds of thousands of white lives have been thrown away to grant blacks freedom in the US.
      Not finding a way to pick our own damn cotton is the worst mistake this country ever made.

      • Second worst mistake was not shipping them all back to the Dark Continent after emancipation.

    • I read a lot of Gary North in 1970s-80s. He often preaches against envy. Of couse I can’t recall the exact quote, and he was not dealing with race, but envy in general. But here’s a paraphrase: “If you are among the better-off in a society, it does no good to pay compensation (or support) to the worse-off. In fact, your very ability to do so will arouse hatred and envy in them.” North was very much an advocate for what they now call prepping and forming rural, tight-knit communities. If you like pessimism, North is a must-read 🙂

    • It’s really no mystery. Blacks would be far happier with a lower standard of living than they have right now if only whites were doing no better than they. It is a fact rooted in surveys that people, and white people no less, when offered a theoretical choice between seeing their incomes double in ten years while the income of wealthier people quadrupled, vs everybody’s income improving 50%, choose the latter.
      The alternative is acknowledging that Blacks lived happier lives in the days when they were entirely separate, by law or through free association.

      • I am dubious that this would only apply to Blacks. Income inequality is, in fact, a long-term social ill and, when it grows (like it has in the USA for decades), is a predictor of social, political and economic ills. Not saying everybody must be equal, but the opposite extreme isn’t very nice either.

    • They will shoplift and rob from a store. Eventually they will riot and burn it down. And then the community is ungrateful when the store is not rebuilt. 🤔

  45. I was thinking about a lot of these issues yesterday.
    I grew up in the south post-civil rights. In high school, everyone still self-segregated. Whites with whites. Blacks with blacks. A smattering of Asians. Little animosity but always frank acknowledgement of racial difference to the point of epithets but I don’t ever recall discord. However, little social interaction and black-white dating didn’t happen.
    Fast forward to today. I exercise in a park where plenty of people hang out and float tube down the river. Plenty of white-black couples among the younger set and mixed groups in general. Never would have happened when I was growing up.
    Of course, hordes of people have moved here since my time in high school but I’m wondering if this aspect is sustainable in the long term. More and more, it does seem to me like the majority of the younger generation have a fundamental view of the world completely different from my generation and the ones that came before them. Exclusively present-oriented, malleable to whatever officially sanctioned opinion is put on by the media, they will go whichever way the PTB tells them to go. And be real smug about it.
    I think what happens inevitably is we become more like Latin America. Mestizo mixes everywhere. High crust whites (ahem) still calling the shots with a few asian and hindus thrown in the hierarchy.
    The pyramid wins again.

    • “I think what happens inevitably is we become more like Latin America. Mestizo mixes everywhere. (((High crust whites))) (ahem) still calling the shots”

      I’m assuming that was what your ‘ahem’ was for but if not— Fixed that for ya… and yes, we are becoming like Brazil which is exactly what the ‘high crust whites’ have been trying to accomplish for several decades so they can be at the top of that pyramid ruling over a bunch of mud colored people & golems.
      Now the pathological altruism has hit levels probably even they couldn’t conceive of. The stupid sheep we call white women should finally be dusting off their barren wombs to mass produce mongrels for their ‘fellow white people’ as they are instructed to do.

      • Yep, though what’s interesting is that the population collapse is happening everywhere (except Africa). I spent a lot of time south of the border for work and everywhere the story is the same…educate the women and send them out into the work force. They pop out 1-2 kids max and then go back for more work.
        Latin America it makes sense the 2 incomes household since getting paid in local wages is a quick way to learn about inflation the hard way but a similiar brainwashing is happening to the women…careerism, feminism etc.
        Nothing is going to change unless there comes a way to encourage population growth and allow people to keep their money.
        Which might require the yellowstone caldera exploding…

        • Fertility is plummeting in Mexico and is now below replacement.
          Fertility in South Korea is like 0.9 or something insane, each generation there is shrinking over 50%. White fertility of around 1.5 or 1.6 seems high in comparison.

      • Now they are inflicting altruistic punishment on people that do not zealously and publicly validate our ‘guilt’ and dispossession . 

    • The majority culture is black. Everyone is assimilating to black people and their failures.
      We have to make something different.

      • Absolutely. Hispanics instinctively gravitate toward negro mannerisms with their music, clothes, and behavior. White trash aren’t far behind. It seems like every single Mando-pop, K-pop, J-pop song has to have a god-awful rap break in it.

        • Yup. The entire world is consumed by Negro Fever. It’s no longer just the whites.
          Arabs and Indians don’t seem to be too affected. But their kids are.

    • The miscegenation process you describe would take a long time to bear fruit–so to speak. “America” will fracture and a white ethnostate will form long before that occurs.

      • Just tell me where to move….
        The conceptual problem I have with an ethnostate is how does it happen. What’s the engine that’s going to convince millions of ethnic Euroamericans to pull up stakes and settle away from where they are currently. I could see it happening but my crystal ball says it would only do so in reaction to severe pressure.
        Another interesting idea is county rights. Plenty of small enclaves exist even now and the office of sheriff contains more authority than most people realize.

        • The motive force for the ethnostate will be multiple massacres of innocent, peaceful whites in their own neighborhoods or at gatherings of some sort. Perhaps a white neighborhood or two will be torched. In any event, this will precipitate the creation of neighborhood militias–which are already forming, BTW–and the linkage of those militias into armies of a sort. A hot war will ensue, and thenceforth demands for and creation of the ethnostate. That’s how I see this playing out.

        • A viable ethnostate would be nuked from orbit, in about three seconds flat, because reasons. Accept that, for now, such things must start small and mostly invisibly.

      • Show it to me… ANY evidence of a white ethnostate forming. Surely this far into the death spiral it should have started by now, right? And given the current political climate I’m sure once TPTB found out about it they would definitely not deploy the full might of the police state against it. They would just reverse decades of forced integration by gunpoint and let you go your own way.
        Every time you comment here lately I wonder what the color of the sky is on the planet you are currently inhabiting. As I said before there are only 2 explanations, you are either extremely obtuse and unaware like a boomer or WN 1.0.trapped in 1990 or you are very afraid so cannot bring yourself to face the current reality. Which is it?

        • Have to agree with Apex. Whites are a minority in California and are close in other states. Do you see white identity movements starting in any of them?
          The U.S. isn’t going to break up into smaller countries. What’s far more likely is Brazil, a big mess of everything where a 90%-95% white elite rule over various shades of brown. The middle class is small and too buy fending off the criminal class to make waves.

          • I’m afraid the vast majority of whites in California are race traitors. Obviously, our warriors and leaders will not come from there.

        • Organization obviously precedes the creation of the ethnostate, and, although in inchoate state, this is occurring on the neighborhood level with the creation of militias. Arms and ammo sales are going through the roof because it’s finally dawning on whites what’s at stake. These are all early preparations for creating the ethnostate. What will trigger the great leap of white consciousness and martial bellicosity is atrocities against whites so heinous and consequential that even the AWR media cannot cover them up. These events will happen. One would have to be “obtuse” to think otherwise.
          As for you, I’m afraid you are a black pill salesman whose raging defeatism is terrible for our side. With enough of your type, you run the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and crushing the spirit of our people. Good day.

      • I tend to agree with the Brazil-like prediction. Most White people who disagree with mixing are older and won’t do anything drastic … the MEDIA will continue to promote mixing so white women will continue to welcome black men as their suitors.

        • Most white people have an innate repulsion toward blacks that must be overcome by wall-to-wall propaganda and miseducation. The unnatural is pitted against the natural. The former has its victories, but over the long haul the latter will win out. And do not count out older folks doing something. They can still strategize, and pull triggers. And there are rumblings…

          • We also would have the advantage of not being highly deterred by “life in prison” when that’s not a very long time 🙂

          • Yes, that’s true, Ben … statistically speaking, I’m closer to the hereafter than the herebefore (had to make that one up!).

    • My interactions with Blacks is limited. The only positive one I can cite: My last year or so in the Army was at Pentagon, conveniently close to where I’d grown up (Washington DC suburbs). Still, I hardly knew downtown, it was seedly even in 1980s. In the military your friends are usually the people you work with, so Andy & I hung out some. We did a couple trips into the hood just for atmosphere. Andy wasn’t local, but he’d attended American University so knew the area. These field trips were a bit of an education to me, even if it was only to go to Bass Liquors on Rhode Island Avenue. Years later, I learned that the Black service members (and whites, to lesser degree) came from the better grade of citizens. Applied to an employer: if you are offered a Black man with an honorable discharge, you immediately know some important factors you can’t easily know otherwise: His IQ is > 85 (50th percentile or better), he had no serious criminal record including juvenile and he wasn’t likely to abuse drugs and generally in good health, and finally, could take orders and do a job. If 70% of all young adults are unfit to join (all races), it follows that the honorably discharged are the better 30%. Due to Black’s inherent faults, I’d guess for them that number would be closer to the top 10%. Hmm, the talented tenth.

      • All true, but remember the talented tenth will produce an average IQ of what, 105 or so. Not bad, but not at the level of hard sciences mastery.

        • Point conceded 🙂 The further you get on the long tail (right side) of the IQ bell curve, the less blacker it is, and the whiter and probably even yellower and Jewisher 😀 Fortuantely life stll has much on offer to the vast majority of us whom the genetic lottery gave capabilites somewhere between “Can tie his own shoelacess” and “Built a time machine in his basement” 🙂

          • No denying your point. I must confess to talking waaay too much wrt IQ. Folks also inherit any number of behavioral attributes as well. These can often produce a pretty successful individual in life without an extremely high IQ.
            Shit, I had a Black guy sell me a mattress five years ago for several grand. Lasted about three years. Like he needed a college degree to see me coming. 😉
            If I sound like I’m writing off or denigrating individuals of average IQ, that’s not the case. I just don’t want to spend societal resources on four year, phony degrees. Get them where they’ll be successful.

          • I got a useless degree and learned a lot, though by no fault of my professors. I just used the college’s resources to gain actual skills while I talked shit to the artsy chicks.
            Aaaaaand now I owe 30K

      • Interesting point. Many, many years ago worked construction in the summer. Superintendent of our crews was an ex airborne guy from Vietnam. Had a lot of black guys on the crews. Office sent a new guy they hired who was black. Almost the moment the super found out he was honorably discharged Army, he put him in charge of the other black guys.

    • Basil,
      I grew up in as a kid in the South and the same dynamic was present. Elementary school was 50/50 white/black and outside of a few black high performance students ne’er the two shall meet. We were happier that way and by all observations and metrics… so were the black kids.

    • Surprised and discouraged to hear this.
      Even in Canada, race-mixing isn’t that common. You might see a few trashy white women with a black, and some minority SWPL types with trendy urban women. The Middle and especially Upper Middle classes are very, very white and this doesn’t appear to be changing.
      Essentially they are using your tax dollars to subsidize affirmative action jobs for blacks – and they use that money to be attractive enough to marry a white woman.

  46. Can anyone identify the performer/performance of this week’s bumper music? I recognize it as a German version of the Russian song “Meadowlands” (“polyushko polye”). Thanks.

      • Well, it’s in German for one thing (“ueber die heide” is “over/through the fields” … my German was never as good as my Russian), and one normally doesn’t hear the Soviet/Russian marching song sung by a clear-voiced woman. If it’s a German version of the Russian song there may have been some liberties taken with the lyrics.
        Of course I could just be wrong. Or maybe we’re thinking of different songs of that title? Search engines show one song by that title from South Africa, which I’m guessing is not the one in question.
        In any case, I’d like to identify that piece of bumper musing well enough to find a copy.

      • Thanks very much.
        Yeah, definitely not Meadowlands (aka “Cossack Patrol”, Polyushko Polye, etc.), though the melody sounds similar in places. Perhaps I just have a tin ear.

    • FAUN – Federkleid (Offizielles Video)
      It is very beautiful. I’m a sucker for this sort of pop music . It does sound like it’s ‘ inspired ‘ by Cossack Patrol – not that I’m claiming it’s derivative.
      I listened to the Alexandrov Ensemble version and Ivan Rebroff’s magnificent interpretation and it doesn’t sound the same to me, though there is a similarity to the main musical phrase.
      Makes one want to ride on Poland !

  47. I lived until my early teens in a majority black city(murder rate higher than Detroit). After us older ones left the confines and protection of Catholic schools we learned real quick about the other race. Dad did everything to sell the house and get us out of there but eventually surrendered the home and took the hit. A few months later after moving my best friend was stabbed and more hi-jinks followed after that.
    I have worked with them, interacted with them in my subsequent years. I have had good dealings in business but that doesn’t negate all the rest of the crap they bring to the table. It has never worked with them and it never will.
    Is there some kind of program like the witness protection program where whites can be relocated and given a new identity in a white community? Something like the covert village Patrick McGoohan was dropped into in The Prisoner.

      • Darn! You thought of it before me. The only idea I have would be a land where one must live honestly, work hard (that’d rule me out), respect the life and property of one’s neighbors, and so on.

  48. At one of the many consciousness-raising sessions I was forced to attend back in my ivory tower days, I took the angry lesbian facilitator’s advice and began exploring Black social media (to “educate myself,” of course, since we had all day to kill there in the lecture hall). I can’t claim it’s exhaustive, but since this was a *long* struggle session, I did get a lot of exploring done.
    I observed that Blacks live in a world totally devoid of personal agency. They believe in bizarre conspiracy theories. They think slaveholders skinned their slaves to make shoes. They think the classic “pants around the ankles” look of the 1990s gangsta comes from a practice called “buck breaking,” in which slaveholders raped their field hands to show ’em who’s boss. 4G cell phone towers cause cancer (I suppose we’re up to 5G now, and yes, the fact that all these posts were undoubtedly made on smartphones completely escaped them). They’re fervent believers in astrology (yes, really). And, of course, any and every “___ was really African” nonsense — Plato, Jesus, Colonel Sanders, you name him.
    Conspicuously absent: Any notion that one should get a job, or an education (other than “educate yo self” about whatever bizarre conspiracy they were posting). Most strikingly, no sense of the passage of time — them getting upset about slavery is, of course, like my Paddy ass getting upset about the Potato Famine… well, ok, bad analogy (the Irish being the Diversity of Europe, of course), but you get my point. Their world is simply tangential to ours, with no entry points I could figure out.

    • I read a piece on some guy who lived in Africa for quite a while and the thing he brought up quite a lot was this lack of a sense of time in Africa. He pointed out they seem to have no sense of future or the past except in a vague manner.
      The other thing he found weird is that no one seemed to have any self directed hobbies during their spare time.

      • This is true of barbarians in general. The Plains Indians had the same mindset, lack of agency, daily interaction/constant effects of the supernatural, and living in the now, with the past and future being vague places mostly discussed as narrative.

        • Our Anglo-Germanic-Celtic ancestors had the same superstitions and nature-based paradigms.
          Difference is , while at the same time we were a tribal animist people we built things like Stonehenge and Newgrange.
          And, we got over it.

          • Any people with a folklore or elaborate mythology have a sense of the past. That’s the whole point of mythology is tying a people to their past and to their origins.
            Superstitions are part of human nature in general, but a sense of the past is not universal.

          • Yep, and inculcating societal values. Lot’s to be learned by knowing a society’s myths.

          • Difference is , while at the same time we were a tribal animist people we built things like Stonehenge
            Off topic, but you have no idea how hard it is not to make a “Spinal Tap” reference here…

      • A lot of the none-white world contains the similar notion of time. Punctuality and time preservation (maybe I should say “efficiency”) are not exclusively white bread concepts, but damn close.

        • clock time is not “time”
          there are various forms of time.
          When people refer to time, it has a different meaning than mere clock time. When people speak of Africans and their concept of time it is in addition to their lack of adherence to clock time. Their whole idea of reflections and reminiscences are different. It’s kind of bizarre when you deal with blacks and figure this out. What this must imply is that their memories work differently, which seems impossible to some. My guess is that most whites would reject that concept that different people have different ways of processing their memories. But we know it’s true even among our own kind.

          • No, dude, time is time. How it is measured is different according to units (e.g. seconds, minutes, days, years, decades, etc) and according to what purposes and tool of measurement you might be using (like a watch or a calendar). For all practical purposes it doesn’t change.
            “Concept of time” and “adherence to time” are not exclusive to one another – “concept” still requires people to follow the same day/night cycle (I’m a night person, but most people aren’t, ergo I need to adjust my schedule to operate in the daytime). “Adherence” is just a mater of showing up where you need to be when you planned to be there (ever been stood up on a date? broad just “forgot” to show up).
            The rest of your comment makes no sense relative to my original post, but it is true everyone’s brains work differently.

      • This is known as “colored people time” or “CP time” for short.
        It explains why ebonics and many indigenous African languages have only the present tense and lack the past and future tenses. “He be chillin'” = “He relaxed around the house yesterday instead of completing the chores his wife asked of him.”
        Of course, if one lacks the past tense, every supposed injustice that a white person understands as having occurred in the past every black person will see as still existing today. And if one lacks the future tense, it’s no surprise if the person has high time preference and lacks the ability to delay gratification.
        If there is no conception of the past nor an ability to plan for tomorrow, everything turns into living for the moment. Maybe this is why Kunstler has always placed such a high emphasis on teaching blacks proper English instead of excusing their Ebonics as whites tend to do these days – proper English allows one to learn to let go of “beefs” (the past) and to delay gratification (the future).

        • I had not made the connection that without a time oriented mind states the past events are actually mentally constructed as happening now so any past grievance is always now even if it no longer exists.
          It must lead to a semi-hallucinatory mind state where the nonexistent and real are overlayed on top of each other. Must be pretty confusing to live in that jumble.
          Reminds me of the schizophrenia descriptions of not having a sense of time in any ordered way. Which creates huge psychosis pressures.

          • To be fair, blacks’ lack of the past tense isn’t just expressed in violence against whites, but in violence against each other and against all other races too.
            When a black says “they be beefin'”, that could very well mean a falling-out between two black people that occurred ten years ago, yet if those two people were to bump into each other today the old resentments and arguments would be just as fresh as they were ten years ago.
            The lack of a past tense explains the high black-on-black homicide rates, for example: a good proportion are not drug or gang-related as one might think, but rather killings over mundane arguments and slights that simmer for decades. This is why ghetto killings tend to ricochet between different matriarchal clans for years and why a black funeral is just as likely to raise fresh gunfire as the original gunfire that led to the funeral: the “beef” is never quashed, but lingers forever in the present, seamlessly transmitted from black person to black person as one after another is killed. But even then, they never die: their coffins continue to bounce with life!

          • You have perfectly described a blood feud, which is rare in the modern world. I’ve heard of it in relatively backward countries like Albania. In some communities, young males must spend almost all their time safely locked away at home, because another local clan wants to kill him in revenge for a wrong from a generation or more ago. Sounds worse than the American ‘hood…

          • Orwell: “…Nothing exists except the present, in which the Party is always in power.”

      • Hobbies? What are hobbies, but exercises for the mind. Low level IQ types live low level existences. A lion in the jungle has no hobbies. It eats its fill, then lays about conserving energy until it gets hungry again and must—out of necessity—hunt. Being a layabout is a good survival strategy.
        But some races progressed beyond mere daily survival and built high civilizations. They have hobbies.

      • Much of that is simply attributable to lower average cognitive function levels. One of my kids asked a question about how someone in the check out line could have several thousand in tattoos, hold a $1200 iPhone and carry a $500 handbag, yet swipe an EBT card. Answer–lower cognitive ability correlates with very poor time preference skills. There is literally no notion that avoiding the tattoos and a cheaper phone means you can pay tuition for the education that might mean you will have sufficient money to make all those purchases AND not be on welfare.

    • In my California days one of the most liberal pissants I knew privately hated blacks. He had no clue about them, did not know how to act in their presence, felt VERY uncomfortable around them, and ended up marrying and having children with an Asian. I can only imagine what is in that shithead’s mind these days.
      On another note, I am having some technical problems. My avatar (Gabby Hayes) is not showing up, nor am I listed as a member, which I am. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

      • Maybe he was a liberal pissant, but give the man his due. He knew to avoid the Melanic Hominid™, to not expect them to behave as he did (“actin white”) and marrying an Asian is genetically preferable.
        And I was wondering about “Member” status. How does one obtain it? I donate enough to cover the electricty used in Z’s night light in his hallway bathroom, so what makes one a member?

      • My avatar does not show up either. there is something broken in the URI that logs into various services (google, facebook, disqus). This is what I get when I try to connect to disqus: Invalid Request: Invalid parameter: redirect_uri (should match predefined callback URI)
        Similar results for the others. This just started happening last week or so.

      • I posted the apropos section from Gone With the Wind (the book) awhile back about how Northern Whites looked upon Blacks. Can’t find it right now…

    • Don’t forget that sharks still patrol the old slave shipping routes just waiting for the next beautiful black body to get chucked overboard.

    • In the mid-90s a fellow-white (Mary Lefkowitz) wrote a very good book about her experiences in pushing back against black demands on the university campus. It’s worth reading.
      Amren has a few article about the whole affair.
      History Lesson Odyssey, Mary Lefkowitz.

    • “They think the classic “pants around the ankles” look of the 1990s gangsta comes from a practice called “buck breaking,” in which slaveholders raped their field hands to show ’em who’s boss.”
      My understanding of that fad was that it came from prison. Wearing your pants half way down your ass or lower meant you were “available” for some good times shall we say. I’m sure if that were made public, a lot of people who wear their pants like that would quickly pull them up.

      • My understanding is that it’s prison chic, but not that kind. Inmates in maximum security aren’t allowed belts, since they can be made into weapons / suicide aides / both (aka “the Epstein special”) very easily. So, wearing your pants halfway down your ass was supposed to indicate that you’re the kind of tough G who would be sent to maximum security. But who knows? Maybe it’s just a stupid fad; Blacks hardly have a monopoly on looking like morons while chasing fads.

    • Severian – mere speculation, but I was thinking about the degree to which tribal people lived in mythic time. For example: Horsa and Hengist, though interacting with people living in historical time, claimed to be something like 8th grandchildren of Wodin. Same seems to be true for the Viking. How shocking it must have been to interact with historical people.
      I wonder if it might be true that blacks also live in mythic time: a great oppression was lifted by heroes who claimed their birthright of having been kangs and so forth. Maybe that’s a beginning of understanding the expression of black self-understanding.

      • The Scandinavian environment selects very harshly for future time preference, so I doubt they took any of that “grandson of Odin” stuff literally. Regarding Blacks, though, this is their one and only gripe that I agree with: They have no past to speak of. Worse, even if they knew exactly to which West African tribe their ancestors belonged, it wouldn’t matter, because those tribes had no accomplishments to their name either. I’m not saying the entire problem with the whole non-White world is “a crushing historical inferiority complex”…. but I’m not not saying it either.

    • “I observed that Blacks live in a world totally devoid of personal agency.”
      Too right. Cucks are always complaining that blacks are treated as if they have no agency. There’s a reason they are: blacks generally have no agency.
      Their consciousness has been shaped by countless generations of life in Africa. The weather doesn’t change much seasonally as it does in temperate zones. Near the equator the length of days is similar year-round. There’s no reason to plan — they just wait for animal prey to wander into spear range. They don’t build boats; why go anywhere when, as far as Africans can imagine, it will be the same as their own territory.
      Negroes’ hormonal storms are survival traits for the tribal wars synonymous with native Africa.
      In short, they are well adapted to life in their ancestral environment. They are square pegs in other environments with different cultural values. No amount of remedial classes, government jobs, and midnight basketball will change that.
      Over time, encouraging blacks to return whence they came will be a boon to blacks and whites.

    • What you discovered was the effect of an average IQ of 85 on a population. Stupid people believe stupid things, because their minds don’t work in a logical and discerning fashion. That and there never is enough gathering/retaining of facts and information in such weak intellects to “put it all together”. It the difference between high civilization and simple survival existence.

      • One of the conspiracy things going around Black social media actually WAS attributed to Hitler. Something about how, in the absence of his Reich, America was certain to dominate the world, because it had the most Jews… and, of course, the Blacks are the *real* Jews, because of course they are (I swear to you this is 100% real).

        • Oh, I don’t doubt it. Look into some of the kookier beliefs of Louis Farrakan and his sect of Black Muslims. Warning: there’s a spaceship – really.

  49. Blackness is defined solely in terms of taking from whites. It can never be satisfied or fully expressed until the whites are gone.

    • New “White Privilege Tax” for all White People Supported by Minorities in Shocking Racism Experiment
      You can take solace in the fact that there is at least one person of color who has enough intelligence and honesty to articulate who is responsible for creating civilized society.  
      Although a bit lowbrow, in the referenced video at 5:33 a woman states when asked to sign a petition for white people to be taxed a 1% white privilege tax that “if it wasn’t for you guys, we wouldn’t have all of this …” 
      She gets it, but is probably one in a thousand.

      • sems to me white people have been paying a huge tax burden for decades for the minorities (I wish there was another word – its so HR it makes my fingers twitch).

        • Bu there is no place left to go.
          As Tolkien pointed out Orcs were elves once twisted and mangled by Sauron to a mockery of the original race.
          This is where the majority are headed.

          • Tremain,
            I meant metaphorically. Other than the small move within America to form communities of Our people. I’ll not surrender America (the place) as my ancestors go back to before the beginning.
            The Tolkein analogy is us leaving them to their own devices

      • Prove to me that I already don’t pay a 1% White person tax that goes into minority pockets.

    • But thar ain’t no Wakanda and dey gwon kill the goose dat lays dem golden eggs. How are the satisfied blacks (Whitey is finally dead and gone) going to keep the grid running and orchestrate the production and processing of foodstuffs? Satisfaction for the bix nood crowd isn’t going to last long when the flat screen they liberated from Target doesn’t have any more talking pictures. No, the ever constant dissatisfaction of blacks is a feature, not a bug, and demonstrates vibrantly why envy is such a terrible sin that coveting joined the big leagues with murder, adultry and theft in the Decalogue.

  50. Oh come now! Are you all gonna pass this up? Anyone???
    Okay. I’ll do it:

  51. I’m really blackpilled right now. I saw on the local network yesterday that the rich white bitches in my neighborhood are trying to destroy a twenty-year-old restaurant for insufficient wokeness. It’s the kind of restaurant that has supported the community, green spaces, sports events things like that for 20 years and they are trying to destroy while turning a blind eye to the fact that they are sending their pink children out to be hunted like animals. I hate these women

      • But their children will. When I was young I really didn’t understand the sins of the father will be visited on the children. Now I do

        • And, if you accept the genetic influences, even a non-theist will agree with the ‘sins of the father” quote.

        • These women would literally (and I truly mean literally, not using the word as a faux exclamation point like most do) turn their blond-haired, blue-eyed daughters over to the black mob if they thought it would absolve them of their implicit racism. Half of these kids will be destroyed by their aberrant parents. Perhaps a few will accept reality. I hope they damn their parents’ memories for eternity.

          • Think of the liberal white mom, never so proud as when she can tell the other wine moms about her gay son, or her daughter dating black guys.
            They are truly one of the two primary sources of the problem.

        • You cannot shame the shameless. You cannot be morally superior when dealing with unadulterated evil. You can only kill it.

    • Like this fetid pile of rancid monkey vomit.
      An actual Museum curator advising how to destroy bronze statues to glorify her own Narcissism. She has a non job surrounded by the output of countless skilled craftsmen through history and her only thought is fingering herself over how wet she will feel over their destruction.
      At some point I believe violence will be the only restraining factor in the insanity.

      • I hate these women so much. I don’t even know why I care. I don’t have any children. I have one niece and she lives in Canada with her parents who think Trudeau is too far right.

        • It is why I think we need to focus on punishing them for their wickedness above all else. I understand the other tribes jockeying for power and spoils. This is the nature of things.
          But those of Our People that betray their own… Ashes in their mouths. They should be Our first and foremost focus to destroy in whatever legal means we have.

          • In an environment where they may be destroyed, there probably will be no legal framework.

          • Touche, Sir. Please grant me the benefit of reading between the lines because of TPTB. 😁

        • Whitney,
          You care because you care about your Our people and children. It breaks your heart to see Our kids abused, mislead and maligned. It angers you to see Ours systematically toppled by the other tribes. It enrages you to see white parents betray their own children.
          For whatever reason you don’t have children of your own, I appreciate your love of Our People and your fervent desire, to fight back for Ours endears you to me as truly motherly.
          Bless you

    • I live in the beating heart of Karenland. Watching them confirms my belief that they are women who are, in a way, lost. For thousands of years, middle-aged women found self-worth in having a family, creating a community (serving their tribe) and being good members of their church (serving God).
      The Karens, even the ones with children, have either partially or completely lost all three. Karens have been taught that having children stopped them from having a wonderful, fulfilling career of importance. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve heard a Karen tell her kid, “I gave up my career for you, and this is how you act.”
      Karens truly believe that they sacrificed something huge to have kids.
      White community has completely collapsed, while churches seem to have gone all-in on the narrative. As a result, Karen types look to find self-worth by serving the only tribe and church that they know.
      To them, they are building up and improving their community and being ever so righteous, even more righteous than that other Karen down the street. (Middle-aged white women have been competing with each other over who is more righteous since the dawn of our people.)
      The Karens are simply looking to do what they’ve always done, but that desire has been turned against them. And that’s where white men come into the equation. We don’t offer them a community. We’ve abandoned that role to TPTB. Granted, we were tricked, but come on, it wasn’t that good of a con.
      White women abandoned white men because we lost control of community. Karens are annoying as hell, but they’ve always been annoying. It’s just that before, they were being annoying in building our communities and pushing our agenda.

      • There’s this website by the name of nextdoor – I’m sure most have heard of it. I check it out off and on just to see what’s up in da hood. Well, it’s totally populated by karens, especially with this kung fru nonsense. Mostly bitching about people not wearing masks in order to save humanity. I want to weigh in sometimes but it just isn’t worth it. However something came up a couple of days ago where I just couldn’t resist. We’ve had a fairly large wild fire in the mountains around town and of course the local media has been hyping it up big time – like its never happened before. Some potential evacuations were announced – mostly for a couple of areas butt up against the montaña and you wouldn’t have believed all the pearl clutching and vaporing. Hilarious.

        • When I saw a flock of posts by millenials lecturing about how we all need to embrace anti-racism, I said FU, and nuked the ND account. I used it only for coyote sightings and local crime stuff anyway. No loss.

        • The other day I saw an AWFL roll into two stores sans face diaper.
          Nothing happened to her. WTH

        • I posted elsewhere, that I just resigned from NextDoor, due to censorship, thought police, etc. Not even directed at me (directly) but I don’t need that bullshit and left an editorial so explaining 🙂

      • A commentor, female too, at Briggs’s website posited that women are wired to scold and mold, but that with the collapse of the family and the advent of boutique children, they’ve lost the natural outlet for such behavior and have now resorted to satisfying their biological urges on society at large.

      • Whitney-Citizen-Penitent—Am hearing a theme that men should have seen women going bad and should have squashed the bad behavior. Stop the your-fault thinking. You couldn’t have stopped this. Importantly, you could not have recognized this decline in women. These are much bigger cycles that have repeated throughout history. First, remember the cycle that produced Aristophanes’ The Assemblywoman in 391 BC.
        Second, Indian people in the U.S. experienced women gone bad cycles, i.e. the Hopis. The Hopi people are not “The Hopis” a uni-tribe of people, but are many different bands of people that migrated to 1st-2nd-3rd mesas n/w of Flagstaff Arizona, migrating from the collapse of the great Chaco culture late 13th century, the migrating different bands/tribes of people leaving the Colorado Plateau country during the 14th century, migrating bands leaving Spanish conquered pueblo country in New Mexico 17th century, all at different times arriving in the Mesa country in Northern Arizona.
        The Hopi’s teaching stories from deep history tell of periods of their history when the people go corrupt. Women figure centrally in all Hopi narratives of destruction either as objects of desire who lead men to corruption, or as the focus of violence between men from opposing villages. Women in the eastern pueblos were cordoned off from most aspects of the Katsinam religion, and women were excluded from the most powerful aspects of ceremonial life. Hopi history and teachings are a series of villages gone corrupt in which often the tribal head sought complete destruction of his village for there was no way to redeem his people.
        Awat’ovi, the easternmost pueblo on Antelope Mesa, had stood for centuries as the eastern gateway to the whole Hopi landscape. In the Autumn of 1700, it fell easily to an early dawn assault, not by traditional enemies such as the Utes or Navajos, but to a combined force of Hopis from neighboring villages. The leader of Awat’ovi opened the gate to allow them entry and complete destruction of the village. Each time the cycle would run into corruption, the turn from the good Katsinam to sorcery, instead of men gathering in kivas to examine the meaning of life, men and women would use the kivas for gambling and other. Married women abandoned their husbands for the company of other men. Young women rather than displaying traditional modesty, would dance in the kivas at night then seek out men. When the Katsinam teachings were discarded, the destruction of the village was sought, usually by the “medicine” head of the village. Wholesale obliteration rather than individual persecution, in the storm that washes away the corruption and brings a fresh dawn of renewal.
        I hope I am wrong, yet until we reach a tipping point in the corruption cycle and women experience broken stuff, fear and hunger will they return humbly to you.
        This is not new in history nor is it your doing or your failings as men. You are within the cycle and the rare few that can step away to observe. In our society, the standard bearers are women; in Hopi, the standard bearers are men. Few can recognize the larger dynamics that create decline.

        • Range,
          Always a pleasure to hear from you, ma’am. Oh, I agree… things are cyclical and reoccurring in descents… nor do I think it is our fault. My little girl is a proper Lady. I, most others here, lay the blame for Our women on the trifecta: women’s suffrage, two societally devastating world wars, and the little hat tribe.
          For now, Ostei is right. As long as this democracy shambles along at 52% women and TPTB in the ruling class and the media can peddle their division proxy wars then we are at an impasse. Cataclysmic societal collapse, the mockery of democracy worsening, and the rulers losing the ability to exercise power and control… all bets are off.
          Karens beware.

        • Range,
          Good points. History is a story of cycles, and women gaining political power shows up again and again, always as a sign of a decaying society.
          I do believe that all of us, and not just the Karens, will need to experience some pain before we wake up. Right now, it’s simply too easy to go with the flow.

    • I live in a heavily East Asian neighborhood in The People Republic of NJ. There are no BLM signs or struggle sessions going on to my knowledge. This Cultural Revolution seems to be driven by white women from academia.

  52. Fifteen years ago or so (maybe more) I was in a good white boutique eatery where a young black male had come in to order a sandwich to go. He didn’t like something about the sandwich (I think the guacamole) and he chewed out this lanky white hipster “sandwich artist” with a goatee for like ten minutes. The good white smiled the whole time and finally asked the black kid, “What can I do to make you happy?” The black kid said, “You can’t make me happy.” I wasn’t “aware” back then, but I remember thinking that this social arrangement was not going to work, even then. It’s profitable for the talented tenth/hustler class, people like Ta Nehisi Coates, to keep the current arrangement going, and the usual suspects enjoy it as a way to harass normal whites and decimate their social and political (and economic) capital, but I don’t think anyone else wants it. Included most black people. So how do we stop this crap?

    • Not sure how trustworthy Black Facebook is, but I get the impression that blacks want their black grocers, black butchers, black beauticians, etc. back and the foreigners (not-whites) who currently run those establishments gone. I get the impression that they blame YT for the destruction of their own economic base (such as it was) and, well, they’re not entirely wrong…

      • The main thing that destroyed the black community is what destroyed America more generally. I know a mainstream economist who constantly points out that segregation gave black businesses captive markets that basically worked to subsidize black infrastructure. Serious cops allowed to do their jobs would also keep the black crabs at the bottom of the bucket from tearing blacks actually trying to ascend limb from limb as they tried to do better. Big box stores and online retailers will benefit from the riots just as much as they benefited from the lock-downs. It’s almost as if it was intentional. Maybe I should stop scoffing at Alex Jones.

      • I happened to see a Martin Lawrence movie “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” a few years ago at a family member’s house.
        It’s a redemption arc story about a well-to-do black man needing to find his roots and humility by returning to his hometown in the South.
        It’s a black Mayberry. No crime, no drugs, and everyone in town is black and doing well. Sure it’s full of blackity-black conversation and the only major white character is a bimbo girl that serves only to be ridiculed and humiliated as a sex partner for one of the black men. All in all it is a black paradise.
        What struck me as ridiculous and profoundly sad is that despite no prohibition against them building themselves such a town, or even having the financial capital to do so… there is not one town in America like that. Not one. Sure there are black neighborhoods and certainly in the South small hamlets entirely full blacks but not one where violence, drugs, poverty, illegitimacy, and crime are not a daily presence.
        This nice black town could only be created in the fever dream of a Hollywood studio. I certainly don’t hate black people but the stunning reality that they dont want to be with us, and make our lives exponentially harder, and yet cannot create even a single decent town themselves… is jarring.

        • This is what galls them. They know they cannot make an all black town work. There is not enough of them in any particular area and even if there was, it would revert back to the mean. The funny thing is, what is conveyed in that movie, based on what you are saying, is not what they want. They don’t want a town that is functionally white, just with darker skin.
          They want a town which is free of all of the ills of black culture while maintaining a black vibe and black culture. That is absolutely impossible. They know it and it eats them up. It is also why despite the calls of black segregation, the moment whites started agreeing, they would begin calling them white supremacists.

          • Exactly. Blacks are Blacks worse problem—not Whites. They know this deep down, but can not accept such. Therefore the alternative is to blame something else for their predicament. In their case, White racism. This will never change until they separate from the current society and perhaps are no longer reminded daily of their societal shortcomings as compared to Whites.

          • “… perhaps are no longer reminded daily of their societal shortcomings as compared to Whites.”
            I doubt it Compsi. I wish you were right. But more likely a prolonged separation would only likely spawn myths and tales among them about how we left and stole all of their technology and achievements when we bailed on them.
            Either way, if you are correct and they don’t have the constant failure reminder or I am and we become their boogeymen… win win; we are separated and I won’t care.

          • Good points. If freedom of association were allowed, people could separate or mix as they (instead of the government planners) saw fit? Want to live in an all-white (or Black) neighborhood? No probem; the town (or board of directors) would have the legal power to enforce just that. Want to allow anyone to live in your town? OK. Want to keep dangerous thugs out (no matter their color)? That should be allowed too. As someone (Harry Browne I think) once wrote: “Governments don’t rule, they overrule [freedom of choice by private citizens].”

        • A lot of this is the fault of Ronald Reagan.
          Not for reasons the Leftists would suggest y but simply, he wanted out of a marriage he didn’t like and so was part of the push to make divorce easy.
          Easy divorce destroys families and without a strong intact family nobody does well ,
          Black folks do even worse than Whites.
          In some sense Ronnie was our Henry the 8th destroying the religious and moral structures of a nation.
          Fixing this though means getting rid of the Libertarian ethos and requires a State in our hands willing to enforce stable economic and moral systems.
          Wages must go up, jobs stay stable ,families must be intact and out of deadlock births must be rare.
          Otherwise no civilization

          • Yup, and the first of Ours that mentions needing to import labor or women’s suffrage gets the Natuonal Razor treatment.

      • You rarely hear the Talented Tenth criticize the Untalented Nine-Tenths. Makes you wonder how they managed in the days of segregation? I’m of the opinion that on the whole, blacks were better off pre-Civil-Rights, in sense of better “vital statistics” (lower crime rates, less out-of-wedlock births, etc.). “But we had to sit on the back of the bus!” ☻

        • Every single indicator of social health among blacks declined with the culmination of the so-called “civil rights movement” and the creation of the so-called “great society.”

        • Thomas Sowell frequently states that from the 20s to the 50s black incomes rose at a faster rate than they did post civil rights.

          Obviously this is cherry picked data and he ignores the reality of diminishing returns. But there is a reason they called it the happy days.

      • This is the only way forward. For us, if we can save ourselves and do it. For them, I wonder, in such a world where we depart each other… will their future grandmother’s tell yarns about us to the Littles.. “They were mean to us at one point, then they weren’t, and when we couldn’t keep making em feel bad about it they finally just left.. and oh Child… the things they used to build for us and give us… you should have seen the wonders. Indoor toilets, electric lights and clean water. Lordy, too bad they were racist. ”
        We will be the Elves that sailed to the West.

    • “So how do we stop this crap?”
      Keep adding the unsolicited guacamole?

    • How do we stop this crap? Genocide would be morally wrong. Separation would be ideal; but I wouldn’t hold my breath hoping for widespread de jure apartheid. (Though nothing prevents you from striving to achieve personal de facto apartheid. Just stay away from big cities or much of the South.)

      So, since they hate you already; just tell blacks who harangue you to STFU. Sadly, as Zman points out, merely refusing to care, to fail to demonstrate that you care deeply with words (BLM) and deeds (kneeling), will have the Goodwhites firing you from your job and making you a social pariah. First, get your own house squared away. Save diligenty in order to have F-You money and find some (it’ll be only a few) true friends who are also fed up with the black black blackety black.

        • Yea Dutch but without the blacks you could tell the goodwhites to STFU that is even if you had to worry about the goodwhites…

          • This is long, my apologies. I get your point. Blacks are not innocent players in most of this, but the goodwhites and their allies are stupid followers that fall for emotional manipulation, and who are, in turn, under the sway of their mostly white and (((“white”))) manipulators. Those manipulators are truly evil people, who thrive on bedlam and stir the pot to get everyone at each other’s throats. The manipulators are hiding behind the goodwhites, who are in turn hiding behind the blacks, each urging on the people standing in front of them. If it wasn’t blacks, it would be something else. In my experience, getting ourselves completely away from it and letting them fight it out with each other (because the way they are being all jacked up to be angry, means they have to take it out on someone close by) is the only answer that makes any sense. The sad thing is that openly expressing appropriate anger about it, on our side, simply feeds into the chaos that the manipulators want to have happen, the chaos that feeds their agenda. Standing aside and letting them have at each other is one of the better of a bad set of choices, and there isn’t much satisfaction in it. But we owe it to ourselves, and our own, to take care of ourselves.
            There is a video going around right now, where a bunch of Miami cops are taking people down in the street and facing off with other low lifes. It is so easy to root for those cops and wish they could bash a hundred of those people, instead of one or two. That’s just falling into the emotional trap. We have to be stone cold sober about all of this. Part of it is recognizing that, in part, a bunch of blacks and goodwhite dupes are being played, big time. There are too many of them, the poison runs too deep in their souls, and all we would do, if we are not careful, is tangle ourselves up with a few of them. We would get our skulls busted and lives ruined because we stepped into the fray, where both the crowd and the authorities would turn on us for vengeance. We have to step away, and remember, too, that blackity-black is, in part, a shitshow game that non-blacks are playing on us and our families. Donating to BLM goes directly to the Democrat Party so a bunch of old whites can pay to get themselves re-elected, do the bidding of their masters, and skim a bunch of gibs for themselves. Blacks are just a pawn in that game. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant, but all this is something I try to remind myself of, every day. It’s so hard not to fly off and say or do something stupid. Our culture doesn’t need to be this way. We are all being played, and there isn’t much we can do about it right now.

          • I pity the blacks. If their handlers get a bunch of them killed, well, progress requires sacrifice.

          • So, Blacks blame whites and whites should blame the ((( manipulators))) Maybe they all should look in the mirror. Its all a sympton of western decline. How come english would not protect their women and girls from rape and that from rape from outsiders?? Protecting your women is an instinct. You don’t outlearn it in some Frankfurt school . You either have it or you dont. Jared Tailor says ” Its not that the Jew is strong, it’s that white man is week.Welfare is not only funneling imoney to Blacks. How many Whites work in this system and how much money goes for their salaries? How much money is stolen? It,s hard to look in the mirror.

    • That’s the point Joey Junger
      They will never be happy; or sated; or content.
      Their lives revolve around drama. You could give every Orc man woman and child, a million dollars, a paid off home of their choice, and a life with no responsibility, and they would still find something to bitch about.
      Whats that saying?
      Dogs gotta bark,
      Fish gotta swim,
      Dudes gotta be, Dude.


    This young lady’s parents expressed their disapproval at their daughter partying (and likely having sex with) black men. She went to jail over an obscure law, but she’s now “outed” her parents as thought criminals and the story has gone viral. Look for these struggle sessions to increase as this girl and millions like her begin to snitch on family members. I’m so glad I don’t have a daughter.

    • After these snitching sessions of ordinary people reach critical mass, there’s going to be a massive stigma associated with using social media unless Zuck and others start to crack down.
      Only the 15 or so percent of true believers actually like snitches.

      • Agreed. I think the most frightening thing to me is children doxxing their parents for thought crimes so that black people can come to their homes and harm them. I never thought I’d see this day in America, but it’s upon us now.

        • Reminds me of the phrase “If you send your son to be educated by Caesar, don’t be surprised when he comes back a Roman”

          • One upside to the madness as Leftist areas disband police, Karens lose what power they have.
            In the end a little more law of the jungle and White Boy MS13 will handily improve bad behavior.

    • Pavlik returns. However, Pavlik (correctly) paid the price for his treachery – at least according to the story. This girl get TV interviews.

      • Wow. People seem to know Pavlik. It is amazing how well Western people know Eastern European history. Just a quick reminder that there were no diversity in Soviet Union and Eastern Europe so all “progress” with ca 50 million dead was made by our own beloved educated white liberals..

    • Apparantly the parents backed off because the charges have been dropped.
      Tucker had a segment that showed a white teenager breaking down in tears about how much she hated her “racist” parents and family.
      Get your kids out of schools! No TVs in the house either. No personal sail foam until they are 18 for them either. Preferably move to Green Bank, West Virginia (cell service/wi-fi outlawed).
      It is outrageous that our society has reached this point where you basically need to totally shelter your kids from the world.
      But I hope this goes on and gets way worse.
      You can not be neutral! Pick a side!
      White silence is violence. Black lives matter!

      • A while back there was a 17 year old who killed his sister and mother in Texas because they were racist. There must have been more to than that, but god…

    • What’s even more disturbing are the comments. Read through some of them and you’ll see how flawed these neo-Marxists are; they literally can’t decipher facts on race and violence without resorting to personal insults against “racists”. It’s sickening, but we’re chest deep in a cultural war and it’s going to worsen. I highly suggest that Dissidents become familiar with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and how it mirrors what’s currently unfolding across the West.

    • White trash family.
      It’s the parents fault their daughter is behaving like that in the first place.

    • ” Black on black deaths don’t matter “.
      “Half black lives matter half as much”.
      Mulatto lives matter (to one set of grand-parents).
      BLACK OLIVES MATTER ! to discerning barmen.

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