The Awakening

Note: Today at 3:00 PM EDT I will be Fullmoon Ancestry. He is a writer and translator usually based in Europe, but back in the US celebrating Covid-19. He writes for Greg Johnson’s site and host Greg’s week D-Line show. We will be discussing Heavy Metal and Anglo-Saxon poetry for an hour or so.

The Great Awakening refers to a number of periods in American history in which there was a widespread religious revival among evangelical Protestants. These periods are characterized by an increase in church membership, but also the formation of new sects and movements. The people swept up in the movements are filled with a strong desire to reform not just religion, but carry their conviction into the rest of the society, in the form of social and political activism.

There are debates as to how many of these periods there have been. Historians agree that the first awakening began in the 1730’s and lasted about a decade. The British evangelist George Whitefield toured the colonies, preaching and organizing great revivals mostly among the British population, but also the Germans and Dutch. He also converted African slaves to Christianity, which was the first time since slavery was introduced into the colonies. He also founded the Methodist Church.

The second awakening happened in the later 18th and early 19th century. Like the first awakening, it was largely based in the Northeast and Midwest. This period of religious revival was accompanied by other social reform movements such as temperance and abolitionism. Reformers also agitated for things like limiting tobacco use, public dress codes and public health initiatives. The abolition movement emerged in the North from the wider Second Great Awakening.

When it comes to subsequent awakenings, historians disagree as to whether they constitute awakenings, rather than reform movements. The Social Gospel movement in the late 19th century is counted an awakening by some. The growth of conservative religious denominations in the middle of the last century is counted as a continuation of this pattern of religious revival. The difference is that the ruling class had abandoned Christianity in the 20th century, so they were unaffected.

The abandonment of Christianity by the American elites does not mean that the old cycle of moral revival went away. That old reformist rhythm did not disappear, but was instead channeled into secular causes. The New Deal, for example, was not solely about economics. The main thrust of the reforms was an effort to unify the country around socially useful causes. There were widespread reforms designed to improve public health, living standards and quality of life.

Similarly, the upheavals of mid-century had a strong spiritual element. Civil Rights was a purely moral cause with strong religious undertones. The language of the cultural upheavals had a strong reformist angle. The central claim being that America had become synthetic and commercial. Rejection of the materialism of the age was about restoring humanity. Of course, the feminists were building on female reform movements dating back to the prior century.

It may be that there is a biological element to these periods of reform. In the 18th and 19th century, the reformist impulse was channeled through mainline Protestantism, as religious revivals, with a social activism component. As Christianity faded from the ruling class, the reformist impulse was channeled through social activism. The New Dealers retained some Christian language, but they were secular reformers. The mid-century radicals were purely secular reformers with the zeal of a believer.

This may explain what we are seeing today. Go back to the 1980’s and the Left was in the decline. The decline pre-dated Reagan, but accelerated through the Bush I years into the Clinton years. Despite his rhetoric and the media propaganda, Bill Clinton was no Progressive reformer. His one foray into activism was heath care and once that collapsed, he raced to the middle and stayed there for his tenure. It was the election of George Bush in 2000 that woke up the Left.

The Bush II years were not a Progressive awakening, but the stirrings were there, with the revival of the anti-war movement. It was the election of Barak Obama that set off this period of radicalism and social activism. It was in this period when race relations began to deteriorate, mostly through the agitation of the ruling class. The same is true of sex relations, with the many rape hoaxes on the college campus. Obama himself became something of a religious figure for the Left.

One important difference between these secular spasms of reform and their Christian antecedents is the structure. Protestant reformers always had the framework of Scripture to both give their efforts authority and place limits on their desires. The limiting principle of Christian revivals is that salvation is for the next life. The moral principles are right there in Scripture for everyone to examine. The movements may have been led by men, but were guided by a doctrine that is clear to everyone.

The secular reformer has no source of moral authority or a limiting principle. For the secular zealot, salvation is in this life and there are no limits to achieving it. This is the problem with all radical movements since the Jacobins. When man becomes the source of moral authority, all of his actions have legitimacy. Those in opposition are not disputing the finer points of doctrine, but opposing the project itself. Eliminating the opposition becomes a goal of the project.

We see that in the current frenzy. The statue toppling is often pointless and absurd, but the motivation behind it is a reordering the present to fit the ideal. The elimination of the symbols and reminders of past sins is part of creating the glorious present. It’s clear in the language of the Left that the next logical step for them is the elimination of the people they believe are between them and their goal. The great racial revival will require the elimination of white men entirely.

The other difference between the Christian awakening and the secular variant is the former was an effort to elevate man toward an ideal. The latter is mostly a war against an imaginary enemy that prevents the emergence of the ideal society. The current reformers only want to rage at white people, for example, who they universally characterize as supremacists. It’s why the focus is on destruction. These secular revivals are narcissistic and shallow.

Now, this connection to past religious revivals explains how the ruling class has been so quick to embrace this latest spasm. They don’t know why they feel compelled to take the knee and feel glorious in so doing, but the revelry is just as real to them as it would have been to evangelicals Protestants. That reformist urge is like a monster inside them that has to feed every couple of decades. Even when it is bad for business, as in the case of sports, they join in the revelry.

The good news is these spasms burn out. This spasm may be an echo of the one which lifted Obama into office. That great awakening is nearing an end. It is a reaction to the reaction of normal people in the form of the Trump election. This summer the final flashes of it will subside and they enter their dormant phase. The bad news is a generation from now the young people swept up in this spasm will be leading a new spasm of narcissistic revelry.

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278 thoughts on “The Awakening

  1. I honestly can’t stand listening to the hosts constantly interrupting the stream to thank people for donating digital crap.

  2. If you have read “The Fourth Turning”, you would see the pattern.
    Awakening (1745) Crisis (1775) Awakening (1825) Crisis (1860) Awakening (1890) Crisis (1930/40) Awakening (maybe anti- 1965), and we are at the point of crisis again. They also coincide well with the Kondratieff wave of debt build up and liquidation.
    The heroes fight the crisis but lose the moral authority by the time of the awakening (WW2 v.s. Vietnam – trying to say it was honorable to be in the military even if drafted).
    I would recommend reading it as it might help focus what is happening.

  3. “The good news is these spasms burn out. This spasm may be an echo of the one which lifted Obama into office. That great awakening is nearing an end. It is a reaction to the reaction of normal people in the form of the Trump election. This summer the final flashes of it will subside and they enter their dormant phase.”
    I sure as fuck hope so, pal…

    • Well you know, if blacks ever had their shit together for real, with all their violence and drama they’d have taken over by now. Yet their greatest triumph is raping liquor stores. And Z’s not your “pal” dipshit.

  4. But, putting aside the Christian history, our immediate issue is that the White youth has been corrupted by the less than civilized ways of the Blacks. We’ve all seen this over-and-over. It goes back decades, with “high fives”, promiscuous dancing, driving like a ganster, booming bass from cars, gratuitous jewelry, bad attitudes, etc., and any number of slang utterances. It must be certain, that this was all foreseen by the jewish rabble, who intended this mal-influence, and who obviously tended to steer their children from this social malaise. Integration also engendered this idea of equality.

  5. Being basically Presbyterian, I tend to see the Great Awakening more through the eyes of Jonathon Edwards. Liberalism dominated the 19th century by incorporating a post-Kantian agnosticism, which resulted in Schleiermacher’s “feeling of dependence” and Ritschl’s emphasis on values and ethics. Sorry, this Christian history overview hit a nerve. 19th Century Liberalism rejected the deity of Christ, and and started the steady decline of Christianity’s influence in subsequent worldviews. Its a shame that people misunderstood Kant … if the same forces that created “what we perceive” also created our minds and ability to make “perceptions” and create “categories” (Kantian terms), then what we see IS what really is. Kant could not guarantee that, so we are left with the age-old “subject-object” problem, which is, “how do we know that what we see is what’s actually there?”, and its impact on the classical theories for the existence of God. Whew, I feel better now!

  6. In my opinion, the lie from which all other lies are based is the lie of equality. That lie needs to be smashed and exposed during every debate that concerns itself with “outcomes”. Will you be called a racist? Sure, you will … but ask them to define what a racist is … throw that stick and let them chase it.

  7. Incidentally everyone, since we’re on the subject, THIS ASTONISHING REFLECTION by Jim Goad has just been published at Taki’s Magazine. Does it sum up the thoughts of increasing numbers of people, here and elsewhere? Awakening normies included? I’m wondering.

    • Hate to blackpill but the millennials and immigrants are thoroughly indoctrinated and self-advantaging and so I’m not buying Goad’s thesis. He’s preaching to the choir and they’re about the only folks in the room remaining.

    • What a difference it would make if such essays by Goad, Coulter, Z, et al. could be the stuff of televised speeches by Right leaders and politicians. We got no one. We got nothing but our guns.

      • Maybe there’s a hope that OAN can make some progress towards the truth. But we’re so far removed from the foundational truth of statistically-proven racial differences that it would certainly be a long, long walk back. How is it that everyone is capable of walking around with the cognitive dissonance of seeing the truth every day, but being told that you MUST NOT believe it … its pure madness!

    • Last week, Ireland’s prime minister Leo Varadkar…

      Another country ruled by an invader (or descendant of an invader), who is lecturing the locals about how bad they are and is actively trying to flood the country with more invaders. When did the Irish become so cucked?

  8. I interpret the earlier Awakenings as people entering the middle class, as in “When we began first to preach these things, the people appeared as awakened from the sleep of ages—they seemed to see for the first time that they were responsible beings, and that a refusal to use the means appointed was a damning sin.”
    But I think the recent Awakenings are about the meaning of life to a modern educated person. Is it to be a lefty activist, heroically leading the victims to justice? That has been the theme since the Jacobins and I think it a fatal error.
    I lean to the Jungian analysis which calls educated people to be the creative agents, probably sacrificing themselves as the Sacrificial Hero, on the border between Order and Chaos. E.g., Jordan Peterson, who offered himself up as a sacrifice over the C-16 bill in Canada.
    And, I believe that Trump is enacting this Jungian paradigm, offering himself as the defender of the Deplorables against the full wrath of the educated Gentry.

  9. The Left has organized a mini-revolution in an era of peace and prosperity. This shows the value of organization, period.
    It invalidates the idea of optics, ideas, normies; no, it is all organization.
    Here is the CIA manual for instructing the Contras on how foot soldiers [often barefooted BTW] can approach ‘normies’ – it is quite valid. Of particular interest is when bearing arms; disarm their fear of you by letting them handle your arms unloaded, show them the basic functions, explain then the weapons are to protect them. >there are many such clever, simple tricks herein.
    Another is to listen to their problems and explain.
    Note – you do not need to go to war to lay the foundations for our release from our tormentors, nor Contra Z do we need to endure this endless drama eternally. In particular as Z is correct – they want we White Men exterminated.

  10. We’ll have no peace until we find our balls and rid ourselves of our tormenters.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are obviously an agent provocateur. Henceforth you are dead to me.

    • Clearly you’re a plant and not one of us. You don’t appear bright enough to be government, and that’s a low bar, but a mass troller sounds about right. Cheers.

  11. Havel’s definition of a post-totalitarian world: “Within the system, every individual is trapped within a dense network of the state’s governing instruments…themselves legitimated by a flexible but comprehensive ideology, a ‘secularized religion’…it is therefore necessary to see, argued Havel, that power relations…are best described as a labyrinth of influence, repression, fear and self-censorship which swallows up everyone within it, at the very least by rendering them silent, stultified and marked by some undesirable prejudices of the powerful…”

    Havel uses the example of a greengrocer who displays in his shop the sign Workers of the world, unite!. Since failure to display the sign could be seen as disloyalty, he displays it and the sign becomes not a symbol of his enthusiasm for the regime, but a symbol of both his submission to it and humiliation by it.

  12. “These secular revivals are narcissistic and shallow.”
    Sheeet, I iz likin’ dat, narsititic sounds dope, were muh snickers at, cracka’? Bitches wants me lookin’ good.

  13. F—- all this. What we all need to do is go out and buy dresses. “I want my rights now!”

    • My wife and I have a running joke she enjoys. I have a very “male” name, and she takes care of business stuff, mudane shit, over the phone. They still ask, “am I speaking to (male name)?” Incredulous.
      She laughs and says, “yes, is there a reason you are asking/?”
      Then we get a laugh out of it.

      • Years ago some miscreant on a commuter train tried to sucker punch me in the back of the head. But ended up getting laid out by an overhand right by my now wife. He wasn’t expecting that.

          • And she still has the missing knuckle from breaking her hand. Ex National team athlete. Guy made a big error in judgement.

  14. Z Man said: “Obama himself became something of a religious figure for the Left.”
    Hahahaha! Seriously. Check out these magazine cover. 😀
    I was raised in the kind of churchs that had revivals on a regualr basis. It was all about Salvation, Hell Fire, spreading the Gospel, the second coming, the Rapture and of course Armageddon. So I’ve always been able to relate when historians, Bible scholars and social critics talked about leftism being a derivative of Christian theology. Individuals formed into a mob finally have the power to expiate their guilt, and forget, at least momentarily, their meaningless little lives. Scapegoats have always been necessary for a peaceful, well oiled society and always will be. It’s who we are. Environmentalism and Social Justice. This is just another way of saying ” New Jerusalem. ” What blissful days. Rampaging, burning and murder. It sure beats video games and porn.

  15. Trump just publicly labeled the confederate flag “disrespectful.” The bull has begun to courtesy in the china closet.
    I feel like a man without a country. Perhaps, though, I can still be a man with a nation.

    • Hey, nothing to worry about! When the military runs out of Southern boys to serve as combat infantrymen, no doubt they will have an army of totally woke folks to step on IEDs and ride over them in unarmored vehicles. They might even have their own inside joes about “humvees”.

      • And as a plus, with the inability to ghost in here and edit posts, we can be characterized as “illiterate” by the wokesters!

      • Nor Broad Channel. I was in Manhattan over the weekend and it is remarkable. Just remarkable the dozens of boarded up stores I saw. Whole blocks of them.
        Yet no MSM coverage.
        Imagine the irony. /s

  16. this is well worth the time , it goes over the reasons people are behaving the way they are. it’s by a guy who posts as blithering genius. it really is the best rundown on the whys of this I have seen .
    the last part of this is prescient, the 68-69 summer of rage , summer of love hardened the goofy ideas that people who took part in that held at the time. I have commented before and gotten support for the observation that people who are of that age are completely impervious to observation, facts and reason. they really cannot be talked to about anything. becoming an adult in the late 70’s I have seen it all my life. these kids will be just as obstinate. They have invested so much in the ideaology , that it has quickened in them.

  17. Just like the anti-war left magically disappeared once St.Obama was elected, so will the current activists go away once the Demented-American wins.
    After that, the US will once again switch the slow and steady march forward, towards the bright future of mandatory homosexuality and black science. At least until the next election.

    • Disagree. Anti-war was a narrow front. Success in that instance is limited and quantifiable. What is on offer here is posited as the universal solution to all our “sins”. No limiting factor.

      • The anti-war was just a cover. The fact that they disappeared immediately after Obama was elected proves that it was never really about the wars in the first place.
        What I am saying is that the excesses will stop if Biden wins – the big protests, the marches, the lootings. The underlying agenda will continue, but using different means.

        • Yes, I remember that ‘solemn scroll’ CNN ran at the bottom of the screen, with each war casualty named. Seconds after The Lightbringer was elected, scroll over.

        • Good argument. But still in “si vis pacem, para bellum” Spidey sense is tingling on this one.

  18. The difference is, we’ve accepted a foreign god above our own.

    The Anti-Christ is already here.

    He came in 1954.

    The anti-Christ is not an entity–

    He is a culture. A conquest tribe, whose values are superior to our own.

    We placed our God- the spirit and symbol of our people- under another.

    Our God, the Christ, is subservient to, beneath, lesser than the Hebrew God.

    The meaning of “under God” in our Pledge is ‘Yehuda ackbar Christ’, “the Hebrew god is greater” than our Christ in a pantheon.

    Minor foreign holi-days now come first, before our own. Before our Christmas, Easter, and President’s birthdays, come RoshHashana, Passover, and MLK Day.

    Others have been placed before and above us. The ruling class dances to the strings of the higher status.

    The righteous, all unknowing, welcomed the anti-Christ with glad cries. They see the degradation as expected fulfillment of prophecy, and are lulled into complacent stillness, believing also that the Calvary is coming.

    Who told them that? They, the cavalry, are already here. We have been seduced into treating the guidelines like a magic comic-book.

    Our society reeks of the results:

    we are beneath all others now.

    White is the bottom, the untouchable, the lowest status.

    How much longer before it is “discovered” that Jesus had MidEastern, Hebrew, and African roots?

    His real-life Roman father, the emperor Tiberius, has already been written out.

    Born in the Levant, to a Jewish-Arab princess, raised in Alexandria; soon enough he won’t be white at all.

    • Were I to tell a campfire tale of Bear and Owl, a parable of the dog and the ox, a joke about the Frenchman and the Chinee, we wouldn’t ask, “who”.

      Genesis, for example, uses many archetypes- the Adam, Eve, and the Snake, Cain and Abel, Noah and his sons.

      These are the faces of tribes, of cultures.

      The Christ is the face, example, ideal, and archetype of our people. And… the Spirit within us, as well.

      The ancients understood that every people, every city, every nation had their own gods, the gods of their fathers, the temples of their ancestors.


      (Unknown to you, ‘the gods’ are real, as in real phenomena that can be measured. They are more than merely a symbolic figure or a cultural narrative.

      The immaterial, physical gods are multiplexed standing waves rooted in multiple emitter-transceivers along a genetic spectrum- a People.

      A People is biological parallel processing, with a function. The gods, the afterlife, our very reason for existing- all aspects of this function, the Seeding of living planets.

      The Creator of this seeding is the relentless, omnipresent force of binding, the weak nuclear force, allied with the pull of gravity, the push of electromagnetism, the entropy-release of the strong nuclear force, and the medium of time in which all swim.

      Intelligence, consciousness, the gods, the heaven, our bodies- these are local phenomena of our unique conditions, the living world- the Creator is above all of these.

      Daddy’s not coming to save you from the villain with his super-powers. The Hand of the Increate made you as the antibody to the inevitable dread Infection, so no more dithering.)

      • A little bit too new-agey for me, sorry 🙂
        “(Unknown to you, ‘the gods’ are real, as in real phenomena that can be measured. They are more than merely a symbolic figure or a cultural narrative.”
        Really? Why not write your paper, get it peer-reviewed, and collect your Nobel Prize? That’s a lot of money 😀

    • Forgive me for being obtuse, as our WASP ruling class was seduced and replaced, we’ve aquired literally a different dominant tribal “vibe”, or Spirit, passing down its bizarre messages.
      Add to that the presence of multiple radios, or tribes, all playing different stations- it is tearing our country apart.

  19. I don’t see this a some new awakening. I see it as the natural, tribal muscle flexing in the wake of a white man who lost his nerve years ago and fails to put anyone in their place. I see it as a mop up operation not of the Obama era but of the original mid 1960’s (and latest) “awakening” movement. The very tail end, where the old boomers in power relish the smashing of monuments by the young, misguided, bastard children (literally) of their revolution. Sure, the 1980’s was an ebb in that flow, but even in that era the social justice march was silently entering the board rooms of every entity that mattered. There was never a bulwark set against this and there still isn’t. Some of the craziest teachers I’ve ever had were put in their positions in the 80’s. Let us hope that a reactionary movement will soon be at hand, probably in the wake of this destruction.

    • Agree. Bill Ayer’s “Prairie Fire” list ‘police brutality’, ‘institutional (police) racism’, ‘racism’, and ‘inequality’ as four of its six planks to start the Revolution.

      The Weather Underground and Students for a Democratic Society had the same founders as the National Lawyers Guild that defended the Panthers then and BLM today. E.S.T., of course, Young **** On The Make.

      Need I mention that Ayers boosted Obama in the Annenberg Challenge, when they stole a dead Jewish Republican’s $150 million education fund for underserved yoots in Chicago? Both are still active, still dreamin’.

  20. Very insightful article as usual. Actually Charles and John Wesley started the Methodist Church in America, although George Whitefield was extremely influential. He almost convinced the enlightenment loving Ben Franklin to convert.
    Although Christianity was stronger in the South than the North, the abolitionists were people of faith as well. “As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.” The neo conservatives exploit this tendency in many Christians to save the world. Most Christians were sympathetic to the Civil Rights movement. And now too many are supporting Black Lives Matter. The church has failed to properly train its young people to be discerning.

    • The traditional third verse is almost universally omitted.
      “I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel. As you deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall seal. Let the hero born of woman crush the serpent with his heel”.
      No limiting factor there.

    • Christian Attorney in Ohio: ” . . . the abolitionists were people of faith as well. “As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free.”
      Which is not, of course, found anywhere in the Bible. Christ nowhere condemned slavery nor any degree of servitude, but rather reminded men of their mutual social and hierarchical responsibilities . The entire purported Christian premise of the Civil Rights movement was fabricated out of whole cloth to serve the zealotry of its participants. Christ died to make men free of their sin after death. Full stop.

  21. FDA just revoked the emergency use authorization on HCQ as a Beer flu treatment based on the flawed studies in the press.

    This scamdemic is some tiresome shit.

  22. I know I’m not being original in saying this but the question is from where will come the Thermidorian(s) who put an end to this madness. Generally speaking, the reactionary that stops the purity spiral comes from within the ranks of the crazy leftists. And he does it by spilling lots and lots of blood.

    • No, that is original, and well done.

      The question is, how do we encourage them? I’m ready to contribute to the gofundme for bus tickets, heck, whole fleets of Uber.

      Maybe infiltrate posing as a sympathetic ‘transportation director’?

      (And keep repeating ‘who owned the slave ships and the Mississippi Delta plantations’, folks, nail that like it was your kid sister, you gap-toothed hillbillies)

    • There is the old saying “The revolution eats its own.” Even in normal times, we are our own worst enemies. Example: Gun deaths? 2/3 of them are suicides. Of the remainder, about 80% of them is young black and brown men or boys shooting each other 🙁
      Re your spilling of blood, alas some of it will be non-combatants…

  23. almost every conservative commentator has likened the protests to a secular form of religion. everyone needs to believe in something.Remove the religion and something else fills the void, be it ‘new age,’ science, or SJW-ism.

  24. I respectfully disagree. This stuff is the Purge fantasy come to life for lower class Blacks and their White girl Manson Family followers. And at the upper levels the Ilhan Omars and A OC types wanting to push out the Pelosi s and start the White male labor camp.
    it’s Global too. Economy is not expand ing. Can’t expand. Won’t expand. China limits it as it has for thirty years. For non Whites to move up White men must die in camps. Largely our women are fine with that.

  25. “The secular reformer has no source of moral authority or a limiting principle. For the secular zealot, salvation is in this life and there are no limits to achieving it. This is the problem with all radical movements since the Jacobins. When man becomes the source of moral authority, all of his actions have legitimacy. Those in opposition are not disputing the finer points of doctrine, but opposing the project itself. Eliminating the opposition becomes a goal of the project.”
    You put your finger on it. Lots of old White liberals who have inserted themselves into the fray as “allies” are gonna get the shock of their lives.

    • I have questions but not necesarily any answers:
      What is a source of moral authority? If not man, then whom? If you say God, isn’t this revelation still dependent on a man, even if you call him a prophet? Must it have a transcendent, divine authoritiy? Or is a consensus (say, a legal system, a government) a valid moral authority?
      Should there be a limiting principle? Oftentimes “yes.” But is it self-imposed (i.e. by your own morality, or by the group’s, or the government’s)?
      Even if the radical claims “no limits,” does not Reality (the laws of Nature) impose various non-negotiable limtis to man’s actions? Of course it does.
      What does “salvation” mean? You may claim a goal in a future life, an unseen world, but what good is that to a skeptic? The Hereafter is whatever the mystics claim it to be. Believers will be angry at me for doubting its existence. The point is that such claims are not falsifiable. That is a fancy way of saying that they can’t be tested empirically, to see if they’re true or false.
      In contrast, if you claim you can make a change for this world (e.g. “racial equality”), at least that should be definable, testable, measurable, and the success or failure of your scheme can be judged. (And, I would guess, this scheme is doomed to fail, since there is science that argues against such an outcome.)
      I guess if there is any thesis to this ramble, it is more or less: Morality, what is “right” or “wrong”, is completely arbitrary. We (Man) get to set the standards. Those standards are often different in different times and places. Individuals, groups, tribes and nations seldom agree on what is “right” or “moral.” Notwithstanding what I just said, if a morality is based, even in part, on natural laws, then it should have stronger claim to being valid. Perhaps a lame example but best I can think of: “Supoort your children.” Why? Because it has real-world survival value: it helps insure the continuation of your family line. I think one aspect of a moral code is that it requires free will. In other words, one could choose to obey or disobey.
      Please don’t get me wrong. I do have a moral code, and much of it shared with others I live around. I’ve found it generally helps me if I don’t lie, cheat, steal, rob, kill, covet my neighbor’s wife (or my neighbor!), and so forth; when there is a shared morality, the other reciprocates and I benefit.
      Anyway, that’s the philosphy diatribe for now. Let the – button hitting begin 🙂

  26. Granted that the Great Awokening represents a secular version of previous Great Awakenings:

    what will the role of science be? It could be argued that just as science catalyzed the demise of religious belief, science will also be the downfall of ‘woke-ness’; as it increasingly demonstrates the truth of human biodiversity, and the fallacy of egalitarianism.

    • Perhaps the Left’s frantic clutching of so-called “science”, as defined by them, is not only part of a recruitment of all things to their cause. It may also be an attempt to delegitimize legit science, for the truths that might come from it that will be, shall we say, not amenable to their point of view.

      • They are already hard at work on it. Just look at neuropsychology and evolutionary biology. Science has pretty much demolished the notion of blank slate and confirmed heritability. That is horribly dangerous and is actively suppressed already. They will work their way through the hard sciences in good time.

      • Your post makes me think of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged mythos: almost the Bible for libertarians, if you like. The interventionist government eventually collapses the nation’s economy, plunging the country into chaos. This part is all too real, a mirror of Rand’s hatred of Communism. However, what is (sadly) probably science fiction, other than the micacle motor that powers the hidden resort (Hidden Valley), is that the “men of the mind”, the productive of society, will be able to form their own successful society.Curiously, the Blacks have a similar mythos in their movie Black Panther, a so-so action movie. But there, the secret country of Wakanda has the miracle substance Vibranium. It’s amusing to note that Rand’s heroes are hard workers and intelligent. There is some SF silliness: the magic motor, refractor rays and (in the book) an acoustic weapon that destroys objects on a massive scale. Compare this to Wakanda’s wealth, all due to an ancient meteorite that brought the magic Vibranium. Wakanda has smart people, but it’s not clear how all their technology is developed. Now, where was I going in this long-winded post? 🙂 Oh yeah! While both are great stories, they rely on science fiction elements as the “savior” of the outside world. Alas, a collapse into a dark age is much more in the cards, given what we know of history. Sure, civilization will re-appear, but perhaps humans are condemned to go through these long cycles of growth, bloom, decay, repeat.

    • Unfortunately, there are plenty of SJW types in the “Science!” racket doing all that they can to shut down any discussion of HBD and such. The “Science!” racket has long ago been identified by the Usual Suspects as another institution to be subjected to Gramsci’s march. It started recently with the unpersoning of the older generation of genuine scientists in a move to scare the monkeys by slaughtering some venerable old roosters, and is proceeding further into the current generation. A war for the soul of science is underway, with the scientific endeavor pitted against the leftist idealogues. Victory against the idealogues is in no way certain; the left has penetrated the scientific journals, gateway to peer review, and thus to sit in the catbird’s seat to control publication.

      • The USA may get its own version(s) of Lysneko:
        If the scientists defy you, send them to Siberia. Appoint a toady in their place. The only problem is that science (in this case, Genetics) doesn’t give a damn about your ideology. Soviet science was set back decades. As somebody once said, Reality always triumphs over politics.
        What is alredy happening in Academia, and has been happening for years, is just a milder version of the Lysenko story.

  27. The south had slavery, which was ended. The north has zealotry, which has never been dealt with.

    • The north has had, and continues to have, slavery. Its zealotry is slavery except that its field hands loot, riot, and topple statuary and its house joggers are pamphleteers penning polemics for NRO.

  28. A big part of the insatiable urge for virtue-signalling is the frustrated desire for genuine meaning, purpose and recognition/respect.
    Like alcohol’s empty calories, Tweeting for George doesn’t satisfy those hungers like the old staples of fulfilling a role in an extended family or being recognized in a church and your broader community as a man of substance worthy of respect.
    The shallow jazz-handing regard of strangers sharing in your eight-minute hate on the cops just isn’t the same and the cuck’s monkey-brain knows it for a fake & gay substitute even if his big conscious brain says he’s doing the right thing.
    Our daily lives are also increasingly divorced from moral concerns if not actively threatened by them. It’s more noticeable in jobs like law where moral issues tend to be more explicit in your work but most modern jobs require us to make compromises and reduce people to statistics more today than in yesteryear.
    Scale as always plays a big role, with workers more easily conditioned to treat distant customers more casually and often poorly than they would a friend or neighbor.
    This increasingly de-moralized, de-purposed life where meaning is much more abstract and unexpressed in deeds & social interaction is driving our collective unconscious in ways we’re not self-aware of, or worse, aren’t allowed to notice.
    An unexamined life leaves you feeling like a leaf in the wind and a life you’re not allowed to examine leaves you feeling like a puppet on strings.
    And as fairy tales and Hollywood occasionally remind us, mistreated puppets and playthings are dangerous to leave lying around.

    • 2 months ago there were very few who were willing to allow the system to implode over Covid. There is now no other path. Re-purposing will come at a steep price but one that needs to be paid. Better now than later.

      • The system will not implode. This shit is 100% planned.
        If u think society breaks apart & good men will begin rebuilding Amurica u’re sadly mistaken.
        Wealth is being redistributed right now at the expense of small businesses. Rich elites are getting richer.
        A fascistic-communist form of government has been set up, after Trump leaves office this nightmare will probably take shape.

        • Planned. Absolutely.
          They’ve gotten too far ahead of themselves. They should have kept electing McCains and Clintons and Bushes. They would have gotten exactly what they had been working for stretched out by another decade or 3. Obama was their biggest mistake. Had they waited until he was 60 they could have crossed the goal line with hardly anyone noticing. Obama put the race problem on the front burner. Obama elected white advocate candidate Trump and the heat turned up. Their second mistake was the lost of control of their weaponized brown mob. They can control what the mob can spend but not their vocal and violent ubiquitous public presence.
          We don’t need every white to cross over. Just enough to so raise the costs upon and widen what is already badly fractured. Our rulers have made their commitment to a moral crusade that requires a constant social war waged upon regular whites…who are still a majority. Remove the anti-white whites and we are still a plurality.
          Public policy will continue to bring things into sharper focus for everyone.

    • Agreed. People’s lives are artificial in many ways. Work is often fairly abstract. People don’t have religion, or if they do, it’s pozzed. Interactions are often virtual.
      Covid and then the protests gave people, especially women, a chance to be a part of something big and, in their minds, real.
      This is one area where the Dems know what they’re doing. As much as it’s a lie and we hate it, they do offer their followers a moral cause: Fight white racism. The Dems explicitly state who is on their side – non-whites and whites who acknowledge their white privilege – and they offer them both tangible (free stuff to blacks and Hispanics) and intangible (the feeling of moral superiority and fighting a great cause to whites) benefits.
      Beyond the demographic tide, this is why the GOP is dying. It has no moral cause. Tax cuts, lower regulation? (Defending Israel is probably the GOP’s only real moral cause.) It refuse to acknowledge, let alone praise or reward, the people on its side: Whites. The GOP is a pointless party. It offers nothing. It’s not even opposition to the Dems.
      And this is where the DR shines. We offer a moral cause: Save European peoples and culture. Stop the oppression of whites. Build a community where you can be proud of who you are and where you’re children won’t be taught to hate you and themselves. Materially, we have nothing compared to the GOP, and yet, we have the advantage.

    • Exile,
      You are usually a high-functioning visionary with a meat and potatoes way of dicing up societal problems and Our movement. I often forget there is a bit of the poet in you.
      On detachment. The town I am moving to has no small number of grottos and public parks. These were set up by citizen groups and churches over 120 years ago. They are now maintained by government under Historic Presv. direction but their origin and (until the last couple decades) their maintenance was private/civic. They are beautiful and other-worldly.
      To whit, local people used to be able to invest in their community’s beautification and could personalize those places to reflect the local flavor, local struggles, and great men or groups could at least get their name attached to the process by putting their names on a plaque or maybe even meriting a statue for their efforts.
      Nowadays getting a park, if you can call it that, is a detached allowance of some polity. The struggle isn’t raising the capital from the people of the neighborhood or getting people to donate labor for its construction. Its whining enough to the city council to chuck some funds your way. Maybe even push it off on the grandkids by bonding it for 30 years. The inspiration of carving out something beautiful alongside your people has been replaced with construction codes, building regs, detached parks and rec workers, and ugly cookie-cutter parks of cheaply maintained flora and a plastic monstrosity for the kiddies to not get hurt playing on. All the character and inspiration of the local Target/Starbucks/Chipotle business park dotting Murica. And God forbid it have anything in the park that any single person can find “offensive”… that must be excised.
      There is a hunger out there to match the detachment you mentioned. The hippie-dippie types have the right of it if not the ability or beauty to back it up. They paint walls with murals and guerilla garden. They put a flavor on their areas (it may be patchouli scented and reek of skunk weed) but it is a flavor.
      We must stop being so law-abiding and truculent when it comes to investing in Our areas. We must find the way to allow Our people to invest in their towns and neighborhoods. We must figure out how to carve put space from public areas like the left does (We’ve largely abandoned these efforts to private property) but the Ledt manages to get public land for their half-baked projects. We have to give Our people something to invest in and become outraged when the Progs come to tear it down.
      I leave the thinking to the sharp fellahs with the legal minds, like yourself. I dont mind being the grunt and cannon fodder backing your efforts.

    • I’m old enough to remember when lefty talked like this. Used to think these were leftist sentiments, but with perspective I realize it’s just the common sense.

  29. On Dlive:
    This is a tricky and non-intuitive platform, especially for the age group that makes up most of your readership. As smart as he is, Dr Johnson is like a monkey on a football with it. If this is what we have to go with, it is what we have to go with. That said…
    Whoever hosts needs to arrange for replays of all streams. Don’t know how to do this, but it needs to be done.
    It would also be a good idea if someone figured out how to convert them into mp3s and posted them somewhere easy to find. An increasing number of people listen to these things in rural areas without broadband, while operating power equipment, etc.
    Streaming is for cityslickers, cubicle-dwellers and cosmopolitan types.

  30. I guess that the last paragraph is meant to reassure us that the current lunacy is about to end, and won’t be back for a decade or so. Perhaps that is correct. Once President Trump has left the scene in seven months, perhaps the temperature will cool down. After all, President Biden won’t be giving any stemwinder rabble-rousing speeches. But watch out for Vice-President Harris or Abrams. Or even Warren.

    • No it won’t. The mob will be empowered. The Democrats think they are bestride the horse right now, in fact they are being dragged by the stirrup. Think Girondists and Mensheviks.

    • The odds favor Trump still being around another 4 years. He’s similar to Nixon, unliked by the majority, but less scary than the alternative. Biden is such a joke of a candidate that even with wide spread cheating, I doubt he can pull it off. Trump needs to stay on the offensive, though. Although Nixon prevailed among the voters, he did not finish his term. The left will continue fighting him with all means possible. Biden is already talking about his fear that Trump will steal the election.

      • If a Dem says they are afraid the GOP is doing something, let’s call it X, an honest appraisal of the situation would feature this headline: DEM PLANS TO DO X.

  31. <i>The moral principles are right there in Scripture for everyone to examine.</i>
    That’s like saying the principles of suspension bridge design is right there in a box of Legos.
    Religion is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from biology. That’s why religious Minnesota has almost identical core values to atheist Sweden.

    • Not so, Felix. Not always. The Reformation springs to mind. Hell, the birth of Christianity springs to mind. The noble classes were dead set against both, and the movements flourished anyways. Faith can and does drive culture and sometimes even genetics. Classical Christian communities took a very dim view of interracial marriages, for example.

      • <i>Classical Christian communities took a very dim view of interracial marriages, for example.</i>
        All healthy tribes do.

    • The readers cherrypick like mad, because they pick what speaks to that inside them. The rest they ignore- yet those parts speak to someone else.

      Why this works, and works well for many, is because part of our brains are made to sense something beyond the merely physical, yet those parts don’t use words to communicate.

      They deal with perceptions in a hologrammatic fashion, not in the linear fashion used to deal with the material world. Try putting a dream into words- we can’t.

      Religious symbolic literature, tarot, astrology, the 1001 strange pursuits- these are all the nonverbal brain seeking a language, to describe what it is built to sense.

      We don’t develop an organ of perception unless there’s something there to perceive.

      Atheists, they aren’t “making things up”- they speak in a kludged dialect that encourages sensitivities oriented partly to the social, and partly to the spiritual.

  32. I think they know they took it way took far this time. Four funerals for a recidivist violent drug using criminal? Uh. Ok. Then the total anarchy. The prevailing motive behind a lot of religious revivalism is an attempt to bring order to a disordered world. If this is a revival, it’s a strange one, because its chief components are anarchy and lawlessness. People already inclined to support reforms to a hyper militarized police force were immediately driven out.

    Then blacks noticed that some of the chief problem-causers…are white Antifa anarchists. When you heard all that early reporting that “white supremacists” were responsible, that was the dawning realization that there were an awful lot of dirty white liberal hipster assholes throwing fire bombs. The media always assumes that “good whites” on their team are saints, so they’ve had a hard time reconciling Antifa. (The arsonist who burned down Wendy’s in Atlanta…was some chunky white girl.)

    If you view things through a red team / blue team lens, there are a lot of warning signs flashing for blue team. Stories of Hispanic communities arming up and running off looters, for example. Or, the breathtaking speed with which Biden rejected “defund the police”. The riots themselves just suddenly…stopped. Coverage of them stopped. Poof. Gone. The blanket media coverage (Oprah took over entire cable network at one point)…gone. Every corporate commercial had “#blm” in it. Gone.

    The public backlash to this has been an immediate, angry, rejection. It’s an awakening of its own – a demand for law and order and sanity.

    The anarchists will tear down a few more statues and declare symbolic victories. The public reaction in November could well be staggeringly bad for the secular fanatics…

    • Hey, when you are charging $50 for a selfie with casket, gotta strike when the market is hot.

    • I wish the election were tomorrow. Between now and November, too many fence-sitting whites might revert to Dem given a few days in a row without being called racists to their faces.

      • My sister in law, an instinctive conservative, was distraught by the justified shooting of a black in Atlanta. “The police have shot another black man!” I guess that she only read the headlines and looked at the edited video.
        From where I sit, a lot of non-inquisitive conservatives are being successfully deceived and beaten down by the media. These conservatives just want the liberal media to stop beating them with unbearable news and will agree to anything to make the beating stop.

    • I hope you’re right. Secular I may be, but I’m a secular white nationalist 🙂

  33. Well, I hope the “final flashes of it will subside and they enter their dormant phase.” But I can’t help thinking that all this carries the whiff of Madame Mao about it rather than George Whitefield.

    • Like a Royalist during the Reign of Terror, we are powerless to stop it and can only wait for it to consume itself.

      • Meme,
        Try harder to not be so black-pilled. I understand it is difficult. I fight off days like that as well. Did you think Our struggle was going to be quick, easy and bereft of darkness?
        Faith and patience.
        The depths have not been plumbed yet. The depravities are only now showing on the horizon. The blood spilling now is just a trickle against the torent that is coming.
        The time of testing Our people again is nigh. We’ve already seen that the kneebenders and footwashers haven’t the mettle. Good. Let them be hammered out as the impurities in Our steel that they are.
        Welcome the trial and testing. Faith and patience.

        • “We’ve already seen that the kneebenders and footwashers haven’t the mettle.”
          It is good that they have been exposed early. They were there in 2016, too.

  34. The revivals of past centuries were limited by the practicalities of life in that era, namely that there was far less leisure time and hard work was a necessity to stay alive. Few had the luxury of protesting all-day everyday. If you wanted to eat, you had to work. Not so anymore. Our modern environment no longer imposes a penalty for being a lazy bum most the time and a protestor when the urge strikes. Instead of aspiring to be virtuous via the imposition of equal thought, we are becoming whining layabouts that pitch a fit once in while.

    • Which is why these various UBI and other schemes are being pushed so hard. Nothing like having a permanently contracted rent-a-mob

      • It’s almost as if the Populares coopted the Republic by distributing grain to the proles, free games for all and land for veterans. Except that today’s grift is perpetrated by the Optimates. As satisfying as the Ides of March may have felt to those who sought to conserve the Republic, it not only failed in its goal but accelerated the decline. The iron rule of oligarchy is inescapable. The real problem with the “awakenings” noted by Zman is that these periods of increased fervor by the mobs make it harder to avoid the all-seeing eye (back of your $1, top of the pyramid, perfect symbol for the perennial oligarchic project) by living in the shadows and flying under the radar.

    • Charles Sheffield wrote a sci-fi book called Sight of Proteus where cheap genetic manipulation and absence of disease basically brought forth all of mankinds most degenerate monsters as people remade themselves into all sorts of freaks to glorify their own narcisism. He described it as a generation of monsters released from the Id by the fact your biology was no longer a limiting factor.
      It appears that this is sort of the same in that the current delusional thought you can make ones self whatever you want outside your own inherent limitations and absence of external struggle has allowed a similar outpouring of internal narcisistic pathologies in a generational splurge that are normally overwhelmed by external signals .

      • If any such technology were actually available at least some people would use it for self-improvement though it would certainly present new temptations and hazards for degenerates. The thing driving today’s radicals is ultimately their realization of, and unhappiness with, the realization that all peoples really are NOT equal. Since no actual means of altering this fact currently exists they will ultimately be tempted to carry out their mission of “leveling” by force. Rather than a sort of transhuman diaspora I see a Harrison Bergeron scenario as more of a danger. You can’t “unsaw” a tree that’s too short but you can certainly cut a tall one down.

  35. The great racial revival will require the elimination of white men entirely.

    I know (and care) not about other boomers, but this old white man has no intention of “go[ing] gently into that good night.” I’d far rather go down swinging (and shooting) on my feet than meekly dying on my knees. Living as I do just outside what in bygone days would have been referred to as “n***er town”, I expect trouble sooner or later.

    a generation from now the young people swept up in this spasm will be leading a new spasm of narcissistic revelry.

    By which time I’ll be in my grave emulating John Brown. It will be my grandchildren and great-grandchildren who have to put up with that nonsense. I will well and truly be out of the fray.

    • Bill if it comes to that race realities will re-assert themselves the way they did on the plains of Africa when the Boers settled it. The race war that the boons want will not be won with 85 IQ soldiers.

  36. The good news is these spasms burn out. This spasm may be an echo of the one which lifted Obama into office. That great awakening is nearing an end.” And it’s coinciding with coming climax of the current 4th Turning, predicted to peak around 2025. The question is: What comes out the other side? How we ultimately handle the current chaos as a society and polity may give an answer.

  37. Zman im afraid i will have to stop reading this blog if you keep blaming whites for their problems rather than pinning it all on the Jews. What this topic really needed was a 4.5 hour podcast examination of how every single revival involved a Jew somehow. Protestants are actually crypto Jews? Mind blown.
    I was thinking the other day about whether or not to vote for Trump when it occurred to me that in just 4 years he made our local leaders lose their minds so hard that they allowed a mini independent country to form inside of the USA. If we can get results like that in 4 years we ought to give him 4 more just to see what else he is capable of inspiring. A Biden presidency, where things go back to normal for normie and dissidents are systematically and quietly silenced and Chaz is shut down? Letting something that comparatively boring happen would be a tragedy. Vote Trump, vote Chaz.

    • Protestants are actually crypto Jews? Mind blown.
      In the early 1600s Puritans were often referred to as English Hebrews.

      • Mr. Smith doesn’t realize he worships a foreign God- one let back in by the Lord Protector Cromwell, who went on to sell the Irish Werbergundian Christians into slavery.


        Maybe he can trick his blind ol’ Da into giving him his brother’s birthright when he’s drunk and tired after an orgy with his slave-girls?

        Winning is the only true holiness.

        Hint: Mr S, they don’t read your New Testament. Could care in the least what it says, okay?

        • Forgive my rancor, Mr. S., but Christians are not dull children, and I will not treat them as such.

          Addendum: Tried to edit out that bit about their founders- my anger had got the best of me.

          Too late, I apologize.

    • Speaking of Chaz, siege should be laid, all supplies cut off along with electricity & water and lets see how those jackoffs last and/or continue to make demands. Any identifiable Chaztards who surrender or are captured are imprisoned w/o trial. On the other hand, it is a blue city and state, so F*** them…

      • I vote for catapults flinging in the heads of professors and journalistic allies as a first kids glove option.

        • We never did get to really test the neutron bomb to see if it lived up to its hype. Does it really “kill the people and leave the buildings standing?” Time to find out! We need to act quickly though before the Chazians all die of STDs and dysentery.

      • There is an article out today saying that nearly 80% of truckers won’t deliver to cities that defund the police. TPTB can surely arrange a Berlin Airlift to rescue a Minneapolis… but can they feed their hives when it’s also a San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, etc.?

    • You can take the Puritan out of Massachusetts Bay, but you can’t take the Bay out of the Puritan.
      (referring to the M. Bay Massacre of the Indians, who befriended the Pilgrims fleeing Puritans.)

  38. I doubt that it will burn out this summer.
    These social patterns play out over decades – even generations.

  39. Agreed that these outbursts are cyclical, but disagree this is a normal one. It has become very obvious there is extensive coordination among the Deep State, their propaganda organs, and various leftist politicians. The black predators and white communist punks are just pawns used in a pseudo-revolution to strengthen the hand of the Cloud People. This will not end well.

    • I’ve seen reports that donations to black lives matter go straight to the dnc – that is just a new marketing / fundraising arm for them.
      Which seams entirely plausible given the coordination between the activists, media and dem politicians.
      Its also weird, and says that some group are complete dumbfucks. Either the general public or the people organizing all this. Because the “evilly racist” cities are all deep blue and the real core of the democrat party is public employee unions – of which cops and affiliated groups are a key component. So this campaign is simultaneously highlighting the complete failure on practical and moral grounds of democrat party governance and at the same time pushing away and demonizing a key part of their coalition and fundraising.
      They’re burning the village to win election in it.
      Dont see how that’s a viable long term strategy.

        • Keenly aware we either have until January or 4 years. “They only have to win one election.” Then steal future elections.
          As always more than 1 card of self-hate on the table. We as a culture have no purpose. We are taught in school to hate our country and hate our whiteness. For a long time, women have taught other women to hate their biological reality. Whites in countries of almost no blacks are walking on their lips through busted glass. Whites around the world hate themselves from New Zealand to Sweden. White Marxist wahmyn in South Africa are leading in tandem with the ANC to destroy white landholders. Am hoping for a ringer, the unexpected that changes the destruction trajectory. Short of that, white self hate/white altruism and lack of purpose will reduce us to ashes by salting the earth of our culture. One can hope for a secession in whatever shape that will take, but Northern Progressives did not allow that the last time. When this dust settles in our small communities, our own self-destruction will leave the door open for someone else to walk in. A vacuum in nature is unstable and rapidly filled….by someone else. We left the door open. When the next collapse occurs in which we know hunger and death, then Whitey may be scared enough to start fixing things again and know his purpose.

        • Only one, I agree.


          Since the previous Community Organizer-in-Chief runs BLM, the militant arm, I see this as our Stalin moment.

          ps- Saml Adams, what’s the word from our social betters?

      • Does anyone know if BLM is a non-profit? If so, and the above statement is true, that is (I’m pretty sure) a flagrant violation of the law (funding a political campaign by a non-profit.) Likely they are not that stupid, but hell, it is worth checking out.

      • Any white element of the Left is subject to excommunication now, extermination later. It is only shocking, despite their union affiliations, white cops have not been expelled yet. The bean counters cannot decide whether to kick white women to the curb or not, but elections no longer are the issue. Those are exercises of functional and for the most part white polities. The United States is a failed state and while majority white only tenuously so.

    • Don’t forget the CCP. They are in on this as well. They have huge interest in a Biden win.

  40. I’ve long noted the Puritan, Salem, Massachusetts feel to progressives,
    just like the Bourbons, they’ve forgotten nothing, they’ve learned nothing. All that’s changed is their God. Their new God, The State, is just as vicious and capricious as their old one,

    • …and the current Devil or Satan is, of course the White Man, or if no personification is needed, pure Evil is now Racism.

    • It pretty much seems some people are genetically revolutionary in their own society (activism often runs in families for many generations). Their numbers rise and rise and every few generations there is a war where thus far they have lost and been killed in great numbers.
      Their numbers diminish and we start again for the next similar movement wearing the clothes of the era.

    • The best way to fight back is to let the burning continue while giving the perps a helpful road map to their actual rulers. This would serve two purposes. It would send the chickens home to roost and it would set 90% of Antifa in having to defend their parents homes or if failing to do so get them all disowned.

      • They’d stall on the way and get distracted by the first lootable Walmart or they’d stop for chicken at KFC. We need to be more proactive. Remember, these guys tore down their own monuments to black involvement in the civil war. Most can’t read at all, never mind a map.
        Fact is we should all contribute our own personal funds for some charted buses out to the Cloud suburbs. Wouldn’t it be great if some joggers ran amok on Hillary’s or Pelosi’s street? And wouldn’t it be simply horrible and awful if some black lives were lost as the Donks defended their estates? Wouldn’t it be just heart breaking if bricks and construction materials were used in the attacks…?

        • Tearing down monuments to black involvement in the civil war is part of the plan. All history must be erased, and reconstituted along the lines of the required narrative. Get rid of the statues of the abolitionists, as whites cannot possibly have any “good” in them, and the idea that whites and blacks fought together for the same cause must be eliminated, all as part of establishing the narrative that whites are irredeemably, 100% evil.

          • There are 10,000 books in the Old Testament, they never stopped writing it. (Talmud studies in yeshiva take several years.)
            I can just imagine the OT passages on this time, when they write them 500 years from now.

          • What you describe is much closer to what sentry, who shall remain nameless 😀 , kinda sorta called me a few posts above. Nihilism has several meanings, most of which mean nothing (pun intended) 😀
            No moral systems exist, might as well tear or burn it down, without any idea of should or even could replace it.
            “Now what’d ya think is nothing/ Might be something after all.” — Van Halen, “Mean Street”
            I can see the appeal of nihilism: The urge to destroy just for the thrill of it. Likely the mobs are not all nihilists. There is a vague idea that something new could be built. You can’t rebuild everything to your whims. Yes, you can tear down the vanquished civilization’s temples and buildings and build new ones, melt down the statues of the old rulers and cast new ones, perhaps a pleasing likeness of you, but the movement’s accomplishments are still constrained by whatever limits Reality imposes. The current revolutionaries’ dreams (Can they even define them?) are as nebulous and unachievable as Rousseau’s “Perfection of Man”, Communism’s “New Soviet Man” or [insert the utopian fantasy of your choice.]

      • Our worst case defense scenario here is simple. Have one Albanian immediately abutting me. His take? “There will be no trouble here, I will call some people”. So just have to defend one front–and my instructions to the boys is simple. We’ll direct them to vast majority of the neighborhood that is Progressive and unarmed. I think that is choice that any vibrancy from the abutting city will easily understand.

          • Yep. And you do not want to fuck with it. The Albanian neighborhoods have had zero problems. Since I’m on his flank, like minded and armed, am part of the “tribe” for now.

          • Eastern Europeans have a lot of experience in dealing with crazed Leftists. Around here in the NW we have a lot of Russians. I haven’t looked into it but something tells me the Russian sections of Portland didn’t have trouble during the recent riots.

        • “… direct them to vast majority of the neighborhood that is Progressive and unarmed.”
          heh. Put up “Gun Free Zone/Free Stuff Zone” signs in every proggy yard.

  41. I am a skeptic in most matters, including religion. If anything is obvious from today’s essay, it is that social movments come and go. The Bible has been used to justify slavery, fighting slavery, keeping the peace or going to war. Applied to what our country’s future may hold ☠ I could easily cite Scripture that would seem to justify mass killing (the Israelites conquering the land of Canaan were genocidal maniacs. Only the improbability of the events cited softens the horror.). The other other side could find plenty of pasages suggesting we try and live in peace and harmony. On a lighter note, we could find support for living apart and not mixing with other races (more credibility if you were one of the ((tribe))) 🙂
    Similar critique could be made for any other religion, I would guess. The point is that one should judge critically, using fact and reason and not rely (wholly) on ancient texts or traditions. The world is a complex place, and it’s unlikely that a goat herder scrawling on papyrus three* thousand years ago had all the answers to today’s problems.
     *1,300 years ago if his name was Mohammed 🙂

    • Ben you don’t need the bible to go on a killing spree. In fact, if you actually read that thing and understood it, you’d know that invoking God’s support for unjust wars takes some serious mental calisthenics. The idea of the bible was too prevent senseless killing.
      Socialist revolution has killed more people – and more joos than holy wars ever did.

      • Concur! For the record, I have read most of it.
        My point was that people can (and do and will) twist the words of a holy book, or any respected authority for that matter. As the old saying goes, “The Devil can cite Scripture for his purposes.”

    • Meh, european countries were doing quite well before secularization.
      Mohammed’s islam is anti-christian religion that focused on invading europeans & enslaving them
      U relativize too much, it’s a symptom that belongs to nihilists. The ideologies of these religions are not similar.

      • Perhaps I’m a relativist. May we compare things? You may even compare them to the absolute of your choice 🙂
        I’m not a nihilist (I had to look that up.) I do have respect for laws and customs, nor do I seek to tear everything down. I’m certainly not a philosophical nihiist: He rejects all reality and denies that any objective basis for truth can be found. I’m: Skeptic yes, but also empiricst (only sensory data of real world counts), but also rationalist (allows mental “realities” but preferable validated by a real-world experiment…empiricism again.).
        I don’t want to start any religious disputes. But this thread does raise interesting questions of Biblical and secular history.
        I agree that Islam is surely a revolutionary religion spread by “sword and fire.” But where did the Koran get its ideas?
        From Judaism mostly (I think). Taken at face value, the OT’s stories of the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt and their eventual conquering of the lands that God gave them sound a lot like “invade and enslave” you mention, with a generous helping of genocide thrown in.It’s all there in the Book of Joshua if you’d like to read it.
        I concede the point about Judaism and Islam having that key difference. Even though Joshua (and perhaps other texts I am unfamiar with) portray the ancient Jews as ruthless conquerors, to my knowledge there is nothing in secular history about Jews conquering a country. I don’t count the modern state of Israel since it was created by Western powers, nor annexation of West Bank lands, etc. In fact, the non-religious history of the Jews has been quite the opposite: (relatively) peaceful co-existence as a guest population in various Gentile lands.

  42. Progs are pushing the Atlanta Wendy’s incident to keep the momentum going, but it has less traction than even jogger man, and is even getting pushback from cucks.
    Also saw a bizarre mass ritual for black trans people, so things are getting pretty weird.
    All in all, the nonsense will stop when things get so odd and isoteric that no one can even speak the same language to each other, or the rioters start accusing the actual ruling class of being the modern day witch, racist.

    • I didnt see the black tranny thing in brooklyn; but i wouldn’t be surprised to see the blame for their troubles put on white urologists who perform gender reassignment surgery, rather than upon their own innate psychoses. there’s always a way to blame whitey; you don’t really think there are any black urologists or surgeons, do you??
      I did meet a world famous urologist-surgeon once, a pakistani Dr Aiset Hashmid, author of The Penis, who lived on Long Island. Is gender reassignment a long term play by Islam to genocide Westerners? He seemed like such a nice man what with his british blonde wife, his mercedes and his beautiful mulatto children. went to a lutheran church too.

      • It’s pretty clear that one of the secondary goals behind pushing alternative lifestyles is to use them as bait to lure a (tiny) percentage of whites away from normal lives and reproduction.

      • Lot of money in that business. Hence the push to get government medical programs to cover it. Interesting thing is the number of people now reverting back to original gender after discovering the problem was in their head, not body. No different than anorexia. What I shudder to think about is the long term effects of what are effectively Munchausens cases, where “having” a tranny kid is a social totem–but now pouring hormones into pre-pubescent children. Twenty years on that is going to be a medical disaster.

      • No doubt, it’s a Muslim plot to turn as many non-Muslim males into “females” as possible. Then they can be treated as second-class citizens under Islam. Win-win! 😀

    • You probably meant “esoteric” (“understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge”). If you are inventing a neologism, I’d guess “isoteric” would mean “esoteric in an equal way” 🙂

  43. A major difference this time around, though, is the prevalence of Blacks. Blacks still believe in miracles and wonders – Google up “Dr. Sebi” for instance (be sure you’re current on blood pressure meds). An actual “second coming” type event would not surprise me (and no, having lots of Whites is no defense. I taught a LOT of college girls over the years, and trust me, the only difference between them and grunting savages is perfume and vocal fry. If this COVID crap was even half as bad as it’s billed, they’d be trying actual human sacrifice by now).

    • The WASP component has also diminished. The American Left is about to be overrun by their gollums.

      • As the GOP loses the demographic battle over the next decade, particularly at the presidential level, the Dem old guard – Jews and gentile whites – will fight it out with the new guard – blacks and Hispanics led by Indians.
        The old guard will have the money and the organization, but the new guard will have the numbers and the Dem’s moral high ground. The old guard wants to rule over a country similar to what they grew up with, while the new guard wants to fundamentally overturn that world.

        • I don’t think there’s much unity let alone comity between blacks and Messkins.

        • Here’s a log for the “Our country’s going to hell” fireplace. I’m surprised I’ve never read “Article V” (Constitutional convention) here. Once the demographics swing that far, I’d rate it a possibility. All they need is 2/3 of both houses or 2/3 of States’ petition, and they presumably could write a new Constitution that would have little resemblance to the current one.
          On the other hand, why go to all that trouble? It’s quite possible that the country will just continue on its merry swirl down the loo 🙂 … No need to observe existing laws. Plenty of countries already fit that description. Why shouldn’t the USA eventually be one of those? 🙁

      • Had another collective sackcloth and ashes ritual here last week. This time the goodwhites invited some BLM types to harangue them. No foot washing from what I could tell. But FB lit up with self abnegation and virtue signaling. Wonder if it will become a weekly ritual.

      • kind of makes me wonder how someone like Chuck Schumer (he’s jewish and not WASP but whatever) thinks of this. He’ll be 72 when he’s up for reelection in 2022. It makes me wonder if he simply stays in office longer than he should for fear of a loony tune succeeding him.

      • Which is where it most likely all goes kerflooey. Who among us can’t imagine the likes of AOC actually going out there to the “mostly peaceful” protest, lighting a Molotov, and yelling “vamanos!!”? (And lest we forget, she’s somehow one of the smarter ones). At that point, I guess we’ll find out for real how it’s going to go.

    • I saw a story, not sure how true, that a white woman/girl set the fire at the Wendy’s in Atlanta, story being “White Girl Sets Fire, Black People Blamed”. I couldn’t help but laugh, reassuring when my son laughed at it too.

      • Maybe. Don’t care. Out of control White females are as bad as Blacks. Barefoot and pregnant, man.

    • …trust me, the only difference between [college girls] and grunting savages is perfume and vocal fry

      That’s pretty good. Accurate, too. I hear some of my daughter’s college-age friends talking about how tearing down monuments can provide a useful basis for a more just social structure, moving forward, and I despair. I had hoped to see a certain innate feminine cunning that would recognize threats to the tribe and unthinkingly reject those threats as if an autoimmune response. But that’s not happening.
      They really do nothing but look for the strong horse. There’s nothing under that analysis; it’s strong horses all the way down.

  44. Did you see the revival in Brooklyn yesterday? That one should give you pause.
    On a lighter note, my brother informs me my niece is sobbing and wailing about her privilege. I am proud of her, first one in the famly.

    • My kids keep track of all this on social media. They have common sense and at the knowledge of history I’ve imparted to them. But even they are astonished at the self flagellation among upper middle class white kids. My youngest daughter pops into my office at least once a day with the latest “what the fuck?” example from Instagram or Snapchat. They are wise enough to stay out of it. But “silence is violence” is the latest watchword among these kids.

      • America is just going to hell. If you’re an honest black man you can’t even scout out houses to burglarize jog through a neighborhood or sleep off a drunk in your car rest at a Wendy’s, without getting killed. Where are they going to get their fried chicken if they burn down the store just because they’re pissed off? (some Wendy’s used to have chicken, and it was tasty).

        • Wendy’s still has chicken sandwiches, but they are awful. Like many a restaurant, Wendy’s is apparently at the point in their business life where they serve the customer cheap garbage. What passes for their chicken sandwiches is a case in point.
          Think, “new pizza shop in town.” Oh boy! They use the best cheese. Best olive oil. Customers rave, “this is great pizza!” Then the owners switch to crap ingredients, as they enter the phase where they make money. Eventually, they fill their pockets. restaurant closes. New restaurant comes into the retail space. Rinse, repeat.
          What passes for a chicken sandwich at Wendy’s now is a slab of poor quality, tasteless breaded chicken. One piece of lettuce. A limp bun. And some mayo, carelessly wiped on it by a lackadaisical worker bot.
          I think you’d have to be blind drunk to eat that sheit.

          • Haven’t eaten at one in years. But many years ago met a guy who was a beef supplier. Unique to fast food, Wendy’s sourced the fresh beef locally and was fastidious on quality and content. A Wendy’s guy would do a “cook down” on every shipment to ensure the fat/lean tested exactly to their spec. Shame they’ve gone to crap too.

          • I miss the superbar 🙂 Was a big fan of the hamburger bun garlic bread.

            My parents put most of their money into the homestead, so we were ‘poor’. We ate wholesome meat, veggies, and fruit we grew. But every now and then we’d go to Wendy’s as a treat. Kind of weird, looking back at it.

          • It’s funny, but even though we were pretty well off, fast food was a “treat”, so maybe a trip to one of the old school McDs every couple weeks for a hamburger, little packet of fries and a small Coke. So never got in the habit. Nor my kids.

          • When I was a starving, yet working college kid, Burger King® came out with the salad bar, and the “salad in a pita.”
            I would split the pita open on a tray, and heap a mound of salad and fixins on top. Regular feed.
            One day, geeky manager guy, same kind that is now in his glory telling you to “keep social distance” at big box stores … comes over. Said he had “been watching you” and the salad had to “fit inside the pita…”
            Being same guy now as then, told him to back the f*&k off, but to feel free to show me in writing where that was. He wandered off and never said another word to me. I enjoyed many a stack of healthy, cheap food until there was no longer a salad bar there.
            Could never figure out why they took it away. Faact is, like nice NPC sheeple wandering the parking lots, outdoors, driving alone in cars all masked up, no one else I saw ever maxed the “salad in a pita” experience. Maybe that’s why they are fatter Gen Xers now, than I am!

          • Junk food fan here. This is slowly changing (I’m on statins now ) 🙂 … I still eat too many cheeseburgers (never at McDonald’s, unless starvation…) I still will eat their chicken and fish Foodoid® type sustenance. Salad bars never had a very good sanitation rep, even if they could be the good deal you cite above. I doubt we’ll see the return of salad bars, buffets, or (here in FL at least), even soda fountains accessible to the unsatistary pigs average customer.
            Not all fast food is unhealthy, just most of it. For example, Wendy’s taco salad has that greasy ground up dead cow you crave, yet with an abundance of fresh vegetables 😀

    • The black tranny tent revival in Brooklyn is an interesting microcosm of how blacks project their collective failure onto other races.
      As black trannies have been killed over the last decade or so, they’ve tried to meme themselves as victims of evil whitey. But the dirty truth is that the only people killing black trannies are “cisgender” black men, including black policemen. Black men, upon discovering that the women they were screwing turned out to be men, see this as a taint (pun intended) on their honor, so they kill the trannies in a flare of passion and anger.
      Black trannies are trying to project the murderous impulses of their fellow black men onto whites, but if they want to live maybe they’d do better to keep away from “cisgender” black men? Go bang some self-hating white soyboys instead, and live for the next day.

      • It’s the same with pretending murderous white cops are the scourge of the halcyon inner city. In reality, of course, the Hutus are 86ing one another by the hundreds every day. White cops killing, let alone murdering innocent blacks is statistically insignificant.

      • You’ve just posted the equivalent of the disturbing 90s movie “The Crying Game” 😀

  45. Re. The New Deal – “ The main thrust of the reforms was an effort to unify the country around socially useful causes.”
    I would add , not just the country but the world . 
    Just like the Athenians , who insisted that their ‘allies‘ take up democratic forms of government and were intolerant of those that didn’t, the American state, not content with warping the minds of Americans, take up crusades to spread secular superstitions around the world. 
    To inspire and rationalize the entry into the Great War it was “ the self-determination of states “ . 
    To convince the boobs to enter the slaughter that was the Second World war it was the “ “ Four Freedoms “ as guiding principles of Liberalism’s new world order, which Revillo Olive noted were “the rake off , the pay off , the shakedown , and the fix “ which have been the pole star of those fattening on gift of Democracy. 
    The propositions behind the ruling ideology branded as Globo-Homo and exported everywhere that Americans are involved , are not just wrong but essentially delusional.  
    The twin premises of this ideology of the last 50 years are the idiocies of ‘ Equalism’ and ‘Blank Slatism’ from which flow all manner of stupidity i.e insane sluttery , homosexualism , transsexualism , imposed tokenism etc. 
    If you’re going to be involved with the Americans , bend over , because it’s anal sects , tattoos and the human sacrifice of the unborn for worldly gain. 

  46. I’m not so sure this nightmarish awakening is going to subside anytime soon. There’s a long, hot summer ahead, an extremely contentious election, possible real ramifications of the deep state coop (as obomba would say) topped off by “second wave” virus hysteria. I’d keep some powder dry.

    • You summarize my incohate thoughts very well. Eventually the movement will burn itself out but I’m afraid that the fire is only just begining.

    • My feeling, as well. The rioting was spontaneous around the USA and in Europe. That means the usual leftist professionals are front-running this operation. If we had a functioning FBI, we would already have followed the money that keeps Antifa and other radical groups in business. Obviously, the Establishment likes this arrangement.

      • America partisan has a very good article on the organization and tactics of antifa. There was some serious money put into training.

      • We do have a functioning FBI… It functions to try to overthrow the president, it functions to entrap whites with bogus terrorism charges, it functions to “infiltrate” the non-existent “Klan,” and it functions to hire and promote gays, women, Negroes, and duplicitous scum like James Comey..

    • Yeah, I fear this sad stupid year has plenty more in store for us. I see 2020 as likely to be organized into basically 4 “episodes”.

      1. Episode 1 (The Spring Season): Virus panic and testing of waters to see how willing people are to accept authoritarian measures. Basic theme “we’re all in this together”. Theme song – Kumbayah.
      2. Episode 2 (Summer): Basic theme – “oops, it looks like we’re not all in this together, evil Whitey and white cops not cooperating”. Theme song “Fuk da Police”
      3. Episode 2.5 (August Interlude): Dem and Rep conventions answer the question of how well a convention center will burn. Theme – The 2 parties are out of touch with the problems of real America. Theme song – pick any Boomer pop anthem they might have been playing in Chicago at the Democratic Convention in ’68. Possible wildcard – Joe Biden is finally outed as having been dead for the last 2 years and hastily replaced.
      4. Episode 3 (Fall Semester??): College kids still mostly not in school, AntiFa organizing for 6 months beginning to pay off. New Red Guards forming to give useless grievance studies kids something to do. Theme song – “Helter Skelter” (Manson’s favorite tune)
      5. Episode 4 (Election chaos): The insanity graph is basically vertical at this point and the butterfly effect makes predicting anything pointless. Theme song – the power is out so we can’t play any music for you. Make your own theme song with drums made from the skulls of fallen enemies.
  47. “The bad news is a generation from now the young people swept up in this spasm will be leading a new spasm of narcissistic revelry”
     I live in a very isolated community where the public works has been usurped by retired teachers and a pride activist. We now have a mayor taking the knee in a community with zero blacks and the term “homophobia” being thrown around by the gay bully.

    • I have been shocked by how many/most? white people have so quickly jumped onto a bandwagon that has a destination that is, obviously, the destruction of white people.
      I find all this really frustrating just because I could see it coming down the pike when I was in high school and if I could see it as an ignorant teenager so could all the other supposed educated and intelligent adults around me and yet they just chose to lie about it or ignore it.

    • And what ability do you have to fight back? How do you take the war to them?
      You don’t. You can’t. Until we answer those questions, we go nowhere.

      • Actually you can – to a certain degree.
        Our traditional church has warded of several attempts to pozz it by queers, feminists, and SJW’s. we are unfailingly polite and respectful to them, but when they start trying to change our traditions we reject those efforts as a group and will not be drawn into argument with them. If they persist we politely ostracize them and exclude them as trouble makers. With no drama or theatrics, they lose interest and walk away.
        If you face a burning, looting mob… find a concealed position and start shooting.

  48. “the good news is these spasms burn out”. True. But they do, until they don’t. And like the, perhaps apocryphal quote attributed to Lenin, “there are decades when nothing happens, but weeks where decades happen”. We’re at the wrong end of one of those cycles now. Stay frosty.

    • The demographics are different now than in the last cycle. Hippies blowing up empty buildings is different than cops literally lying on the ground while cities burn, or Senators wearing Afrocentric garb and washing black feet. This isn’t a revival or awakening. This is Heaven’s Gate/ Jonestown/ Put on your sneakers stuff. Hopefully Pelosi will drink the Kool-Aid and enter Wakanda feet-first.

      • This is a civilization that no longer desires to live. It will soon be as much a memory as Czarist Russia or the Antebellum South.

        • That’s not certain, Meme: Things look ugly right now, but big forces are in play, the outcome still unclear. It’s not a done deal.

          • Z likes to point out that all we need to do is get Whites thinking racially…
            But most Whites have shown they’d rather die than do so, and will actively collaborate in hunting down those who do come to our side.
            Where does that leave us?

          • No so, Meme: If Zman thought it impossible to get whites thinking racially, he wouldn’t have urged it. And current events are having a clarifying effect on “said thinking.”

          • I think the clarity moment has come for most whites.
            They choose death over being called a mean name.

          • Maybe. But thinking that exists “now” won’t necessarily continue to exist as events unfold. Think of the Jewish Authority that worked with the Nazis to corral the Jews in the beginning. That didn’t last.

          • When I was young I always wondered how the Jews of Europe mostly peaceably went to their deaths.
            Now I know half a dozen white women that I am certain would not only get into the boxcar, they’d tell their captors where you and I live and offer the keys to their cars so someone could fetch us.

          • most whites? C’mon, dont exagerate, probably less than half have given themselves to the globo-homo path.

        • Definitely. Whites throughout the world have lost confidence in themselves and in the civilization that their ancestors built.

          • mostly cause of demographics imo, when u see urself get replaced in ur own country u become demoralized

          • Indeed. Mud people are gonna mud. Miscegenation may be great for breeding horses and dogs; but I don’t see much evidence for its value in human relations. The only anecdotal exception, which is entirely a matter of personal taste, regards the particular physical beauty of half-Japanese, half-white women. Of the several I have known, none has been plain or ugly.

          • Not really. Once you’ve achieved everything you can possibly need or use and can’t rise in status what else is there?
            Modernity destroyed tradition and tradition is why people reproduce.

          • Whites are being told that our civilization has lost confidence in them, and in itself. This is partly a con job, to sucker the unwary. There are a bunch of allied players and forces, doing this to us. That doesn’t mean the outcome is a good one, but a bad outcome is not foreordained. The psyche of the players on the different sides is a huge element in how things play out. They have a head start on us in this important aspect of things.

        • This is a civilization where enough individuals have not suffered firsthand, instead of witnessing things on a pixel screen. This is a civilization that believes that if it votes the proper person into office, things will be OK. The two sort of go together, for a lot of people, IMHO.

        • Jim may be right but if the US goes, good riddance.
          We’ve done far more harm than good over the last 80 years.
          If we won’t grow up and act like a developed nation than we deserve to join the 3rd world or collapse like the USSR.

    • Zman’s post is timely for me. I’ve been trying to anticipate the future of this quasi-religious crusade by BLM/Antifa. It doesn’t seem like a revolution, as much as a madness-of-crowds thing, an earworm pandemic. But who knows what is taking shape in the minds of those who can only vandalize, not create?
      History provides an ambiguous take. The tent-revival, Bible-waving earlier frenzies did burn themselves out fairly promptly (while leaving an imprint on the culture). Encouraging.
      But the political precedents are more mixed. The Red Guards got their comeuppance — after countless acts of cruelty and murder. But their birth mother, the Chinese Communist party, has been cracking the whip in a less melodramatic fashion since 1949.
      Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia eventually sputtered, but only after there were hardly any surviving real or imagined enemies to send to the skull farm.
      As for the Bolsheviks, they made way for the Soviet Union and 70 years of Stalinist terror and repression.
      Our current militant assclowns are, as Zman implies, unconsciously acting out religious revival archetypes. At the same time they have a political playbook that has been inflaming mobs since at least 1789. I don’t expect today’s mob scenes to carry on in their present form too much longer; but what they may evolve into, when adopted by government, deep state, and the running dogs of capitalism doesn’t bear thinking upon. Except we must.

      • I don’t think most people understand that these Leftist revolutions start with a period of tumult and chaos – and then simmer down into generations of tyranny, murder, and repression. 1917 didn’t really end in Russia until 1989. A whole human lifetime was consumed pursuing the fatuous dreams of Communism. Americans seem to have no real concept of this. They are accustomed to living in a TV reality where nothing lasts more than 23 minutes before there’s a commercial break. They are also accustomed to the idea that nothing strays far from normal before swinging back.
        I would call this the 9/11 fallacy. The 9/11 hijackers took advantage of the fact that the passengers on board the hijacked planes thought they knew what to expect from a hijacking. The plane would land somewhere, demands would be made, hostages bargained over, and eventually everyone or almost everyone would get off the plane alive. Eventually, on Flight 93, everyone realized what was really going on and made a desperate attempt to regain control of the aircraft. They failed but this is the spirit we need to get Americans to adopt – The Spirit of Flight 93. This isn’t some fad like the Macarena. The current madness could well lead to generations of darkness.
        The track record of internal forces rising up to destroy Communist regimes is poor. I can only think of Hungary in 1956, where, without Russian aid, the regime would have fallen. The CCP in China still remains in power and seems to not only resist losing its grip but is making aggressive moves to expand militarily and spread subversion of Western institutions much as the USSR did at its height.
        Pol Pot’s regime was destroyed by foreign invasion but there is no power or collection of powers that would be able to destroy whatever a hard-Left USA would become. Depending on how quickly it was able to consolidate power, it might even be able to spread its revolution to other nations using its vast military power and economic influence unless those assets are destroyed in the revolution itself.
        There is still hope though. Most people think the Russian revolution happened in 1917. If they know any other trivia about it, it’s the fact that, due to the different calendars, the October Revolution actually happened in November. Fewer are aware though that the Bolsheviks did not control all of Russia until 1923, after a bloody civil war which they almost lost. The current equivalents of the White Russians (ironically mostly white Americans) are much better armed and have better communications that the adversaries of the Bolsheviks ever did. Let’s storm the cockpit before it’s too late.

  49. The more we examine the Elite, the more we come to see that Moldbug’s analysis holds true, even if it was incomplete in dissecting some circles of the Elite and their peculiar behaviors.

    • I remember reading Yarvin in American Mind and thinking, ‘huh, times have changed when this guy is allowed a megaphone’.
      Our host contended a few years ago that he didn’t say anything new, but resonated with many online people because of his style. True or not, that fact such a non-mainstream character is allowed such attention is interesting.
      Same with the immortal BAP.

      • Moldbug’s personal goal was to become a member of the elite. His semi-coherent ramblings were his ticket.

        • I never understood why Moldbug had so many followers given how obtuse he was. Someone like Gregory Hood is much easier to read.

        • I’ve noticed that in recent months Yarvin has reappeared and given several long interviews. After watching a couple on YT, I arrived at two observations: 1) This guy is seriously annoying and much worse as a speaker than as a writer, though just as prolix; and 2) he must be preparing to push something, but isn’t clear about what that is. Does anyone know if he’s about to drop a book or something similar? In both interviews I gritted through, he had this annoying habit of referring to a source without much explanation but asserting that his interlocutor (and, by implication, we the listeners) are familiar with it, yet never waiting for confirmation of that fact. It comes across as arrogant and unhelpful. I have to conclude that Mencius Moldbug has jumped the shark.

    • Moldbug is such a poor writer that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Verbose, deceptive, desultory. I can’t believe people actually take him seriously. It reflects poorly on you to cite him.

  50. There are some Christians who lack a limiting principle and view man (or rather some men from New England universities) as above reproach, and it seems that the “reformers” we’re plagued with even today are the descendants (morally and a lot of times via blood) of the Yankees still tormenting normal white people in the Midwest and South. This explains anti-racism, I think. How can some white people not pay for the sin of being white, while all the other ones must? Because the whites at the Ford Foundation or MSNBC are the predestined. Why does the “and then?” dynamic (as Paul Kersey called it) exist in race relations, whereby any concession by white people results in a demand for a new concession by blacks and their progressive handlers? Because the sin is original and unless you are predestined (rich and from New England) you are doomed. It’s a protection racket masquerading as a claim for reparations. Even proles have this Boston Brahmin complex (look at how unhinged Stephen King has become over Trump). This could explain why Jews assimilated so well to this power structure (aside from the usual reasons): they view those not like themselves as unclean, not misguided. The revival tent is big, but only accepts junior partners who are good at taking orders (the black underclass, white heroin addicted Antifa types, people crippled by their sexual degeneracy). The problem with the New Deal was that it worked too well, that working class whites became autonomous and got their own ideas. The Great Society took care of this problem, since it offered aid to those who would never be self-sufficient (minorities/single deracinated white people) which assures their permanent loyalty.

    • And any concept of reciprocal responsibilities has been erased from a huge cohort of the population. Watch all the footage of the latest Atlanta fiasco and the accompanying chatter from these same classes. 20 minutes of polite, even deferential treatment from the two officers, but as I’ve seen working DWI accidents, once you blow over the limit and fail the other field tests, the PD has to arrest you for drunk driving. Then the guy goes full apeshit, steals one of the officers weapons, tries to use it on him and gets shot for his efforts. But all you see it “murdered for sleeping in his car”. The notion of any personal agency for this cohort has been erased. The officers will now be brought up on charges and politically prosecuted. And the cycle will go on. This is not going to end well.

      • Agree. I checked “The Root” Sunday night and this was only substative news piece on the front page. I’d expect bias from The Root, but the story will be the same in the MSM. The country seems to be convinced that any police activity against a black man must be brutality. Granted there are going to be times when force was excessive or even mistaken (Breonna Taylor) but these are, so far as I know, a tiny minority of arrests. Even with the current crop of martyrs, have you noticed that rarely, if ever, does the Black man not resist? This is one of the complexities of the George Floyd case. He clearly didn’t resist, at least violently. Cops by definition do not deal with the cream of society. We should cut them more slack, yet punish them when they do wrong. With the current drift, it seems like the police will not be allowed to arrest anyone, at least Blacks. Anarchy next stop, please make sure you have all your personal belongings… 🙁

        • I was frankly more upset at the Taylor incident than any of the rest of these. Wrong address, no announcement, boyfriend was apparently a legal firearm owner. Taylor seemed to be an upstanding person who was doing useful and hard work on behalf of society—and you have to pass background checks for emergency services–so not one of these “four violent prior felonies” types. Yet crickets at the time. And have a real beef with PDs that buy all these toys, then to justify feel like they have to go around playing Fallujah on US citizens.

        • So is the common black reliance on violent resistance a real thing? If so, is it a cultural thing or is it inborn? Seriously, where does this come from? Do we need to add it to the list of fundamental incompatibilities between the different races and cultures attempting to live together?

          • Don’t know. Have some limited exposure to it from my Fire/EMS days. Think it is a combo platter of low cognitive ability and socialization. Once you get a below 85 IQ “time preference” is a real challenge so most of your decisions are made in the moment with less frontal lobe capacity to consider second order consequences. As you have emptied a lot of these ghettos of the black middle class–who decamped long ago, you are left with the remainder. Add in zero socialization in fatherless families, so there is no inherent sense of “agency”, well, you get this.

          • The etsablished state justifiably has low legitimacy with many segments of the population.
            Its not just Blacks either, its anyone whose income is not in the top 10% and often anyone who isn’t White even if they are well off and respect-the law.
            Driving while black is a real thing.
            And yeah, welfare sure and all that but all in all I can’t blame them one bit.
            This is why our upper classes foment race war and intersectionalist degeneracy by the way.
            This keeps them in power, allows virtue signalling and grifting and best of all prevents groups that would together be able to foirce them to make an economy that benefits working people.
            Getting angry with Blacks or hell Antifa for lashing out against perceived injustice is just chasing the matador’s cape.

          • Not really. Negroes in the period 1865-1965 knew their place, and kept to it because unlike today, they had a respect for white men based on fear. Now they no longer fear us, and their violence is encouraged. So their propensity for savagery can be kept in check, but only through fear.

          • And their creative abilities, particularly in music, can only flourish when bounded by and channeled through white cultural forms. Once white culture is delegitimated what blacks produce is rap.

          • Not exactly.
            In the old systems everyone on the straight and narrow benefited to some degree, could get married to a nice girl, have a nice life and be healthy and prosperous.
            A lot of this went away with wage arbitrage and automation.
            Black folk got hit harder but so did a lot younger people of all ethnic groups who simply are expected to compete with 3rd worlders, slave labor and automation.
            The results of this have been just under 50 years of below replacement fertility for every group and large scale riots every couple three decades. (60’s, 92, 2020’s)
            Until we can find a way to make sure that wages go up , marriage stays stable for all groups the US has no future, period,
            Black and White are side issues, the real fight is top 10% vs everyone else.
            And yes this probably means some flavor of socialism, social democracy, economic nationalism, UBI or whatever else.
            The other options are genocide or Brazil or if we are very lucky, a vigorous rotation of the elite

          • Their minds have been poisoned since birth, fed a steady diet of ‘the cops are gonna pop your ass for nothing’ starting at momma’s knee. They believe it, and act accordingly, and get their asses popped. The people telling them this don’t see the connection.
            As far as the way goodwhites are acting, it just hit me that they are scared of blacks. Scared to death. And not being fighters, all they can think to do is to capitulate. They think blacks hate them for reasons that can be addressed.
            The reasons cannot be addressed because they are race-based, and that’s taboo. So they are scared and willing to give up a lot if the blacks will just quit being scary.
            Anyone but them can see where this leads.

          • Clearly some of the ingrained attitudes and beliefs of Blacks (and us for the matter) is learned. Yet some of it is innate (genetic) according to many authors (none you’ll read in the MSM, of course). It is human nature to tailor your narrative, your life story if you will, to your circumstances, typically we take credit for our successes and blame outside factors for our failures.

      • Whites are always responsible for the bad behavior of blacks. This urge exists in both the left and the “right” (gop types). Left wing whites blame systemic racism and the right wing types blame the welfare state and most recently, white agent provocateurs.
        It’s a white guilt sandwich and either way, it’s all our fault.

          • Harris is totally captive of his audience. I listened to his latest podcast and he had to virtue signal about Trump every 30 seconds and about how Trump is on the verge of installing a Fox-News-esque right wing dictatorship. Either that or he is an even bigger clown than I thought he was.
            They have everything. They have all the institutions, the rest of the media, they have corporations and the deep state. But one single news network, who agrees with almost all of the progressive orthodoxy, is just too much for them to bear. It is comical watching them kvetch about Fox News. Fox is CNN 10 years ago. During the day, it’s MSNBC.
            Harris’s cosmopolitanism colors everything he says. He is completely blinded by his own ideology.
            He’s totally wrong about the cops too. He thinks a few jujitsu lessons will solve the problem. Even if cops had the time for constant Brazilian Jujitsu lessons and practice, and it made the cops more effective, it still would not solve the problem. He completely ignores all of the female cops. The police force looks larger than it is because there a bunch of quota hires who are completely useless when fighting with a young aggressive criminal. He can’t say it because his audience would crucify him. But I also think he thinks martial arts are magic and can turn anyone into an arresting machine. He has no concept of fighting.

          • Sam Harris is a rather sad figure. It’s so obvious to me that he’s on his way to being de-personed by his old Lefty “friends” and yet I’m just as sure it will be a total shock to him. Comrade Harris is so focused on pleading his case to the NKVD that he has failed to notice that he’s already on the train to Archangel.

          • I don’t follow Harris much, but he did do an interview with Murray of the infamous Bell Curve 🙂

          • He who pays the piper, calls the tune….
            I used to listen to a weekly, 15 minute podcast that looked skeptically at pop culture supernatural stories…It was a real fun show; the host knocked over quite a few hippy-dippy sacred cows in those early days.
            Anyhow, the host was a computer programmer who got railroaded by the FBI and had to plea bargain to avoid spending the next 3 decades as a guest of Uncle Sam. When that happened, the podcast was his only income, and his Lefty patrons had him doing shows about gender fluidity.
            Can’t say Sam Harris’ current state surprises me.

          • No, I think there is more than low IQ at work here. There are plenty of white dumb fucks ( <= 85), in fact numerically roughly the same absolute populations due to the different normal distributions of IQ by race. Yet violence seems to be disproportionately a black thing. There likely are (or “should be”) studies done about this. Two easy conjectures:
            (1) a genetic basis (perhaps the so-called “warrior gene”);
            (2) Environment: For example, on average whites have 10-20x the wealth of blacks, so the white dullards are likely to be better looked after by family, friends or neighbors than is typical in the black community, so it follows that they’d be kept out of trouble better.

          • I think it’s the genetic mesh. The worst whites exist in a larger white population plus there is a reversion to the racial mean.
            If you take any particular black and put them in an otherwise all white population, they are going to try to conform to the norm as best they can.
            The local environment created by blacks is just a lot worse than the local environment created by poor whites. It’s like a self-polluting environment. The marginal black ends up being raised in an awful environment. Where he might have been able to pull himself up had he been raised in a better evnironment, it is his people that create this worse environment that led to his downfall.
            Take open-air drug dealing. Generally speaking this is intolerable to whites. Open air drug dealing brings all kinds of other ills to the neighborhood. Whites dime out anyone trying to set up an open air drug market in their neighborhood. So all those ills are kept at bay.
            Whose fault is it for the black kid being raised in such a bad environment? It is his neighbors that allow things like open air drug dealing to take hold and bring all of the evils to the area and lure young dumb men into a life of crime with the promise of easy money.

          • Good catch, however does it make much difference in the scheme of things? I did not see the Wendy’s go up in flames while the White woman was trying to ignite Wendy’s, but suppose she did?
            There seems to be lots of video showing Black (and Whites) looting and assaulting in Minneapolis. I would also note that a lone White women would seem easy to stop if the crowd was bent on keeping good optics for their protest. Surely a counter protest of good old boys would have provoke some response from the crowd. But a White women doing what they perhaps all desired? Not much.

          • This really isn’t a Klan of Klucks kind of place chum.
            Besides everyone knows these riots are multi ethnic much like the ones in 1992 .
            I’m glad of it as its made it hard to pin on Whitey for a change.
            These days Anti Racism / Intersectionalism is a smokescreen for deeper issues, mostly economic and a convenient way for the elire to distract the young, dumb and full of cum people out there.

          • Dude, get over your negrophilia already. Blacks will never like you, blacks will never ally with you and will never vote Trump, and Trump will lose in November.

          • I don’t care about any of those things actually though I’d prefer a Trump victory.
            It still doesn’t change a thing.
            This is not a race war. While its true that most street crime and violence in the US is Black on Black with a nasty amount directed elsewhere.
            That point is moot.
            The people screwing us over are our hostile elite and they are rich or wannabe White people.
            I’m not going to chase the matadors cape of race when I see the matador behind the cape and he’s my color.
            At some point when our elite are removed from power, however this happens, we can take charge and deal with the race issues however we see fit.


      • The lawyers will want to look at the officers web activity … AHA! They visit RACIST web sites ( whatever “racist” means) … motivation established, guilty of a hate crime, have fun in the big house. Instead of all that, they’ll be given an opportunity to resign, which the media will interpret as guilt. “We played the flute and you would not dance. Then we played a dirge and you would not mourn.”

    • There is a historian/political philosopher who has studied this battle between man’s earthy aspirations (immanence) vs. other worldly ideals (transcendence): Eric Voegelin. He begins during its manifestation in the 2nd Century A.D. with the Gnostic Movement. Immanence is man’s fervent belief in the perfectibility of society by man with an anointed class imposing its will. Transcendence is man understanding his imperfection and making allowances for god, nature and the afterlife to act as final arbiter.
      These were books written in the ’50s and ’60s. He’s a German writing in English so they are not a quick read. Substitute race for where he gives importance to culture and tradition. Books well worth the effort.
      The New Science of Politics – is there this idea gets fully developed.
      Order and History – 5 volume development of this theme beginning in the Pre-Christian world.
      If you’re interested in getting your feet wet Thomas Bertonneau has a short intro:

    • No! I won’t stand for that! It is beyond the pale! They torment the normal whites of the northeast as well!

    • Your comment about the New Deal is interesting. My father was born in the early twenties, and after serving in World War II, he made a career in the State Department. He got out as soon as he had his 30 years in. And it’s not like he worked in the mail room. One of his co-workers later became Secretary of Defense. And I recall one of the things he told me was about working at high levels of the government: unless you were a member of the club you didn’t have a chance. They would let you hang around and pretend you were a member but you never could advance. And certainly my family didn’t come from the Brahmin new englanders. More like the dirt poor midwesterners. So figure that was nearly half a century ago, meritocracy was already on the way out if it ever existed at all. It probably existed briefly but only in the early 20th century.

      • If we had any meritocracy at one time, it was in the military. A fatherless, troublemaking immigrant punk like Phil Sheridan could get into West Point and end up a leading general and Texas military governor.

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