The Primitives

It is hard to gain perspective on the current crisis, due mostly to the mayhem and chaos that fills the screens of our life. Every day brings a new outrage. For a normal person, daily events are like drinking from a fire hose. First comes the howling from the usual suspects, then once that abates, it is the mob descending on the streets or on the life of a white person. Then more howling from the usual suspects, followed by the orgy of violence. The cycle just keeps repeating.

If you step back and take a look at things, one of the things that stands out is just how primitive and superstitious the people are at the center of this crisis. It is not just in their appearance either. The new religion that has emerged among our rulers is not a great leap forward in consciousness, but a leap backward. It is primitive, superstitious and simplistic in its statements and actions. It is as if the world has been taken over by an ancient tribe of primitives who hate us.

Take a look at the frenzy, among the nation’s circus performers, to lecture the rest of us about their goodness and our wickedness. The sportsball leagues have been the most egregious in this, as they are actively alienating their customers in an effort to appease a constituency that does not exist. NASCAR seems to be under the impression that the people burning down Wendy’s will one day be tailgating at Talladega. It is live action role playing combined with wishcasting into a marketing campaign.

Beyond the self-indulgent fantasies, take a look at this heroic statement from the National Football League. The point of this effort is to tell the peasants, otherwise known as customers, that the league is in a life or death struggle with the dark forces of systemic racism and historic injustice. These twin evils are why the league exists, not the pointless entertainment. The singular focus of the people running the NFL is the final defeat of this great enemy of democracy!

Notice that no one ever bothers describing these terms. The closest you get with systemic racism is “discrimination against black Americans is embedded in the political, economic and social structure of the country.” The implication here is that we have secret rules and laws that prevent blacks from doing something. They have to be secret, as we have spent three generations now erasing every rule, regulation and law that allows for any personal preference among white people.

The way around the absolute lack of evidence in support of discrimination is to treat it as a miasma that permeates white society like a fog. You see, you don’t even know you are an evil bigot because you are immersed in a racist system. It is a primitive form of communal salvation. Instead of blaming the drought on unidentified sinners in the village, the complete backwardness of black people is the fault of evil spirits that animate the institutions of modern society.

This primitiveness turns up all over the new religion. High paid activists on cable chat shows preach about the need for Americans, especially the white people who make the country possible, to repudiate their history of structural racism. That’s usually done in the context of the statue toppling or the desecration of cemeteries. Apparently, the twin monsters of systemic racism and historic injustice really hate it when a collection of brown savages topple over a statue on YouTube.

Let’s take these claims at face value. Let’s assume the way forward is for white people to have a group struggle session in which every bit of the past is repudiated. What happens after that is over? What is supposed to happen at that point? Will the clouds part and a new era of peace and harmony descend upon us from the heavens? Will all of the stuff that makes modern life possible stop working? After all, if you are repudiating the past, it must mean abandoning the works of the past, right?

Of course, no one knows and there is no point in speculating about these things, other than for entertainment purposes. The reductionists among us want to pretend that the people behind these spasms of lunacy seek power or they are trying to undermine Trump in the election. Small minds need to personalize things this way. In reality, the people behind what we are seeing live unexamined lives. They are caught up in this for the same reason people join religious cults.

The beautiful people from the NFL marketing offices don’t want to think about how it is they get to live like royalty by staging mock battles between gangs of black men for the amusement of white people. It is much easier to hoot about structural racism. The same is true of the people behind NASCAR. These people hate their fans, but they depend on them for lives of excess. These primitive howls about confederate symbols are a pressure relief valve for this conflict in their lives.

The primitiveness of this new faith is probably the appeal. Unlike a sophisticated religion that makes demands upon the mind of the believer, this new religion works for even the dumbest person. They just have to chant some meaningless phrases and begin smashing things up on their YouTube channel. It is another example of how liberal democracy cheapens and degrades everything it touches. Even the religion of it becomes a degenerate and artificial form of the original.

That may be the final irony of liberal democracy. This self-destructive ideology eventually reduces the most ardent adherents to simpletons, incapable of performing the basics required to keep the system running. Given the choice between a world run by howling primitives, rushing about smashing everything in sight, and any other form of rule, people will choose the latter. At some point, the people fear the primitives more than anything else, so anything else becomes the best option.

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295 thoughts on “The Primitives

  1. There’s some heavy shit in this post. Complex thought wrapped up in a few short sentences. If you’ve fallen into the mindset of taking Z for granted you could even miss it.

  2. Someone needs to bring RICO charges against the media. Can’t someone, maybe Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, crowdsource a RICO case against the media? Sounds desperate, but I am desperate!

    • There is an obvious antitrust case here as it pertains to google and facebook. We only need someone with the courage in government to pursue it.
      it all comes down to that. Laws are useless if no one with power is willing to use them

      • Falcone … Couldn’t agree more. I was thinking of how the Cable TV news outlets all sing the same tune and shirk their responsibility, as acknowledged sources of “news”, to not deceive, either by commission or omission, the viewing public toward a preconceived agenda. I’d like to think that this agenda could be easily demonstrated in a court of law, but I’m not a lawyer, and don’t even play one on TV!

        • All I know is this, the government’s job is to protect our rights. If there is an entity that has accumulated so much power or “market share” that it can work to diminish the free flow of ideas and expression, then the government has a case. These companies have the power to materially affect and limit our constitutional rights. The government therefore has to step in and fix the problem. That’s their job.
          when I say their “job” I am talking on paper, by law, theoretically. But we all know how they shirk their basic duties.

  3. “NASCAR seems to be under the impression that the people burning down Wendy’s will one day be tailgating at Talladega.”
    The tragedy is that these sports-ball leagues and civic organization want to purge all the older fans and attendees. The white tools will fill the stands

  4. Now that Zman got me started, I have just one more thing to mention in order to fully vent my spleen.
    During my more than 50 yrs on God’s green earth, I’ve noticed that White people are the most sarcastic of all peoples, and by quite a margin. Yes, it could be correlated to IQ, as some suggest, and its basically harmless, but it is definitely available in abundant supply.
    Musing on this, I thought that maybe this was, to some extent, a side-effect of the typical 70s TV sitcom (ex: All In The Family), where the presumptive middle-class family takes turns at zinging & zetzing each other. Oh, what great fun … thank you, Norman Lear!
    OK, spleen fully vented, I’ll return to my typical media bashing persona … thank you.

  5. I take some offense to the following statement made by Zman …
    “The reductionists among us want to pretend that the people behind these spasms of lunacy seek power or they are trying to undermine Trump in the election. Small minds need to personalize things this way.”
    “Small minds” … really? “Reductionists” … OK.
    Well, I think that a lot of us, in this very comment section, reasonably think that there is some link between the recent craziness and an effort to undermine Trump’s re-election. Is it the ultimate motivating force behind these things? Certainly not, but that doesn’t remove a secondary cause, or a more proximate one. Seems like to me that the “small mind” is in the “other brain”, on this point.
    And why do we make such snarky comments to each other? “Snark” is the hobgoblin of “small minds”. And I don’t mean just Zman, but I’ve seen other examples here. We should be treating each other as honest brokers in these things and foster communion of purpose instead of making cheap shots.
    Ok, sermon over.

  6. Folks, hello. Hello! “Saving” anyone now is a foolish errand and concept. It is time to think in terms of saving yourself. And perhaps some of your own flesh and blood. Your own children are being groomed, have been groomed, to snitch on you. They are watching you and are ready to report to their masters.
    I suggest you learn some good card games. We will need some way to entertain ourselves in the camps. Those not killed outright.

    • I know several forms of solitaire.Think they’ll let me keep my copy of Hoyle. I could argue that it will help keep a lid on things by helping keep inmates people occupied.

  7. Seattle shows the value of organization. Do they even have black peoplez in Seattle?
    Organization is how the Left is staging a Revolution in the midst of peace and prosperity. Not ideas, not salesmanship, not facts, not reason, not right. Organization alone is Power.
    Organization is Salvation.

    • Okay. Where is the White ACLU? I’ll donate heavily……..crickets chirping…maybe the penciling in the formation of a legal establishment designed to protect us should be moved from the back of the playbook.

      • Just organize, donate to your own group. The Left started poor and organized, many leftist organizations still do.
        They don’t tap into money until they show street or campus numbers – power. Sharpton didn’t start rich, nor MLK, Nor Jackson. They earned it – so to speak. Power just paid them off. Donate time, effort.

  8. “At some point, the people fear the primitives more than anything else, so anything else becomes the best option.”
    And so a global dictatorship run by the elites becomes possible. They could then control 8 billion people. Or they could control one billion after the proposed population reduction to save “mother earth”. And all those left would cheer the genocide.
    All of this could be exactly what those uneducated Baptist preachers were telling me in the 60s in east Tennessee. And then comes Jesus to save the few human believers left. Most of those left will be, or resemble, the black savages we see burning down things they actually need themselves.
    So be it, come Jesus come.

  9. The reductionists among us want to pretend that the people behind these spasms of lunacy seek power or they are trying to undermine Trump in the election. Small minds need to personalize things this way. In reality, the people behind what we are seeing live unexamined lives. They are caught up in this for the same reason people join religious cults.
    That’s the body of the snake not the head. The head has a purpose. When reuters puts up an obvious lie, they aren’t doing it just for religious reasons. There is a large segment of the population that are sheep. They believe whatever they are told by those people who run society, and they react violently when you oppose the views they’ve had instilled into them. Those people, that mob, is power when you control them.

  10. Z “It is as if the world has been taken over by an ancient tribe of primitives who hate us.

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡 On TV, law, education it has for awhile.

    Hint; they’re not Black.

    “Fellow Primitive Tribesmen”

    • We have more than one problem. The question is, “How many of these people can be saved? How many were molded and incentivized by the culture to behave this way?”
      If we decide that some of these people can’t be saved, they must not be allowed to dwell with us.

      • “Dwell with us.” Nice sentiment. Maybe we can bring people in with it. Reminds me of the great Platters song, “My Prayer”, with its linger.
        “When the twilight has gone. And no songbirds are singing. When the twilight has gone. You come into my heart. And here in my heart you will stay. My prayer, is to linger with you. At the end of the day. In a dream that’s divine. My prayer, and the answer you give. May they still be the same, for as long as we live.”
        Original title was “Before Dying”. Hence, “when the twilight has gone”. Written by Northern Irish fellow named Jimmy Kennedy. He also wrote “Harbor Lights”. Nuff said right there. You know the one, “I saw the haaaaarbor lights”.

      • These people can only be saved by being hit in the face by life. It happens, It usually doesn’t. There’s nothing we can do about it.

  11. How could you not triple parentheses “..ancient tribe”. What a missed trolling opportunity.

    • Maybe they would do us a favor and run as a third party…Might want to push that idea in certain circles just for the fun of it…Stacy Abrams could be their gal with Keith Ellison as vice…

      • Brilliant. Absolutely. Had not even thought of that.
        I voted for Trump to destroy the R party. He rattled some cages but even Steve King gets cancelled. Trump will leave no impact and the Rs are currently searching for their next Washington Generals dream team.
        I voted for Bernie against Hillary and against Joe to destroy the D party but Bernie settled for a new house in 2016 and I guess is checking out some new drapes and appliances for said house for bending over in 2020.
        But BLM is a whole different ballgame. Even though they are basically a bought off NGO they would cause some serious issues, drain a serious number of votes, and crack some serious fissures.
        Thanks. I now can say to all my academia “friends” I am all in for BLM with complete conviction.

        • BLM may be popular, who knows, but it sure is a basket of red pills. Red pills for all who want one. Red pills for the Civ-Nats having their racial software blue screen. I just slipped into a conversation with a CivNat friend, “Have you ever read the book The Bell Curve?…It’s fascinating.”

          • Ah, yes.
            The Bell Curve.
            That could not be published now, and it was published with great fanfare only a few hours ago. Without tenure the researchers would be gone. With tenure the researchers would at the minimum not be able to teach classes without 24/7 video to detect any thought or reality crimes and would never get another grant.
            I have this book in hard copy. One thing I have as a goal is to purchase all the most important books on hard copy before 11/03/2020. I have no doubt my Kindle will somehow lose the internet connection for some of my books even though I theoretically purchased them.

      • Great idea! Since 3rd Party candidates always divide the vote for one side or the other they could only help keep the Donald in office. Hell! In four years they could give Pence (or some other non leftist) a term!
        (Please note that I am not a Trump worshipper. I merely believe that he represented/represents the least objectionable alternative.)

  12. Z chastises us “reductionists” for being small-minded. Apparently, our deepest problem is liberal democracy.
    Whites could have a liberal democracy if they controlled their own culture and were not incentivized to accept mass immigration and egalitarianism as our highest values. Such a country would not be my first choice, but it would work.
    Whites do have a problem with pathological compassion, but I guess that it would be manageable if the culture was controlled by whites.
    Liberal democracy is a problem, but it is not our biggest problem.

    • If Zs articles were about the sarmatian tribe which rules over the western world, then I expect less people would get converted to the right side.
      Normies need baby steps to embrace reality.

    • Line, I’m a bit confused. We’ve said here before that Whites are Whites’ biggest problem. A few generations ago, Whites did control their own culture, more or less. Other Whites allowed/encouraged this control to dissipate and we lost direction of our culture precisely because of other Whites.
      Now there will be any number of folk who claim that our loss of control was really due to non-White, Jewish influence. Not arguing against such influence, but also not allowing Whites (bad-Whites) themselves off the hook here. What I’m thinking is that if we started all over again tomorrow, there are any number of Whites who would undermine the culture and head us right back into the cesspool of multiculturalism. It’s in their nature.

      • As Compsci notes, “Whites did control their own culture… Other Whites allowed/encouraged this control to dissipate and we lost direction of our culture…”
        How did whites find themselves in our current submissive state?
        I argue that we do have a a fundamental vulnerability. If our enemies control the culture, then the mass of our people cannot resist having their pathological compassion turned towards self-extinction.
        If I’m correct, then we must control our own culture. If a person has a lethal allergy, then the allergen must be excluded. How do you see it?

        • Whites are system creators. This builds Empire State buildings, and launches rockets to the moon, but what it does not do is protect the system itself from HIV like virus insertions. There is no social barrier to cultural protection in white countries the way there is in even the most primitive ones. So whites created the modern world, only to see it slip from our hands. If you think about the word “honor” it has a lot to do with it. We have none at this point. Honor is something that we lost in WW1 because we blamed it for the war, not interlocking systems that were infected with a virus.

          • A lot of the value in a system is that it makes it possible to swap out components and replace them with functional equivalents when they wear out. Consider that it’s actually a huge achievement that you can buy fasteners and fittings in a small set of standard sizes. There used to be dozens of incompatible units and terminologies for this stuff.
            When you’re talking about human systems the idea is the same. You put people in well defined roles, give them job titles and a salary, and they theoretically become interchangeable cogs in the machinery of corporations and governments.
            The problem is that this doesn’t really work. It especially doesn’t work when some of the cogs are all members of, say, a not-so-secret society of fellow (((cogs))). It also doesn’t work if some of the cogs you’ve been buying are just not as accurately machined or as strong as the ones they are supposed to mesh with.
            More generally this is the tendency of whites to “outsource” things without grasping the long term consequences of that. Outsourcing of the production of “culture” to a certain middle Eastern tribe ultimately gives you Hollywood’s numerous abominations. Outsourcing watching and protecting your community to professional police and security gives you cities and suburbs full of cucked, unarmed men who then lobby the state to make sure that everyone is equally disarmed, except of course the professional police. What whites need to learn is that maintaining a civilization requires vigilance and personal effort from everyone. Farming nearly every function of society out to the lowest bidder gives you the atomized, terrorized, and paralyzed society we’ve all been watching burn down for weeks on end.

          • What whites need to learn is that maintaining a civilization requires vigilance and personal effort from everyone. 

            As I read your piece, I heard an instrumental version of that famous showstopper from “Man of La Mancha”. Couldn’t help m’self.

    • The smallhats did this to us, it’s true, but it never could have happened without the acquiescence of Queen Karen and the Duke of Cuck

  13. Honestly, what I’ve been seeing in the news for the past couple weeks is just so unbelievably over-the-top stupid that I’m hard pressed to care anymore. Yes, a bunch of shrieking mad people and primitives have taken things over.
    In my wildest imagination 10 years ago I couldn’t have predicted this level of stupidity.

    • stupidity has reached “critical mass”
      the best thing we can do is to start our own communities and try to salvage some sanity at a very localized level
      Trying to deal with mass politics is a dead end. For every minor electoral victory will be multiple defeats simply because we are so vastly outnumbered

  14. “The beautiful people from the NFL marketing offices don’t want to think about how it is they get to live like royalty by staging mock battles between gangs of black men for the amusement of white people.”

    • To whatever extent we might lend credence to the concept of “structural racism”, the epitome of irony is for the wealthy beneficiaries of such racist artifacts to preach to those of us who posses no power of influence whatsoever. If they really believed what they say they believe, they’d immediately cease all televised and arena sports.
  15. I am reminded that there are also statues of, oh, say, Martin Luther King and Idi Amin. What a horror if someone were to pull them down.

    • Here in Tucson, AZ we have a statue of Pancho Villa, courtesy of our Hispanic brethren in our downtown park. Has been there for a couple of decades. Not a bad bronze. Takes a pose on his horse like Robert E. Lee. I remember the somewhat “smallish” uproar when it was decided by City to place it.
      So we voted to put up a statue of a “general” who invaded and attacked the United States, killed US citizens, and is a hero to foreigners (non-Americans) only. Meanwhile at the State capital, the topic of discussion is to remove all references to our Civil War history—several markers to the one major battle held in AZ. But Pancho remains sacrosanct.
      Whites are like that—which is why we are losing the culture wars.

  16. But those huge crowds- Brooklyn, L.A., Europe…

    They are also the Righteous…

    This is a New Church, a World Church.

    White Sharia isn’t what we thought it would be.

    We are in for the fight of our lives.

    • The weird thing is, their word-spells have defeated us, at long last.

      As if their focused concentration has summoned a dark Power over the lands.

      For all our genius, our might- our technology, our knowledge, our search- their ‘soft sciences’, mosaic legalisms, and strange “money” (not a medium of exchange or value), these feminine word-spells and curses have undone us.

      • This is why race is my religion.

        I fear the insula hindbrain, the majority of the world, whose purpose is the roil and boil of conflict and breeding, the animal province.

        The insula, aptly named “the doorway”, is susceptible to beastly ‘spiritual’ Infection.

        The Whites, forty thousand years ago in Europe, developed the frontal lobe difference, that cool, mechanical mind, as an antibody to Infection.

        We and the spirit that drives us are the only key to fulfilling the penultimate function- a winnowing process by Creation to be able to achieve the narrowest frequency, the only spiritual spectra to pierce the ionosphere barrier and reach the higher Heaven: to accomplish the Seeding.

        Else, we are trapped here, with the animals and their mad gods, trapped in the lower world of animal pain.

        **(I define Infection as a “spiritual” virus or germ that arose in the unseen, sensed electromagnetic ecosphere that exists alongside the biological ecosphere. This mindless Infection feeds on pain, the electrical surcharge of stressed nervous systems: it feeds on pain.

        Evil has a source. The intellects and philosophers cannot explain evil, nor our compulsion to good, as they don’t realise the unseen, radiant element.

        Whites, with their different processor, are resistant to Infection.

        The Seeding is radiant panspermia, the means by which the template of Life crosses the impossible void. Physical DNA cannot cross that stellar distance, but energy, imprinted by ‘spirit’ as radiant DNA, can and does: the Seeding, the end result by the forces of Creation.)

        • Forgive me, one more definition.

          The highest Heaven is the earth’s electromagnetic field, a toroidal vortex outside the atmosphere, yet powered by the battery of the eath’s iron core.

          It is a separate, purified radiant ecosphere, the layer of the Seeding signal broadcast.

          The layer Life’s soul-winnowing is meant to reach, across glacial eons (to us) of formation.

          (There we find such phenomena as the ancestral chains of memory that speak to us of ‘past’ and ‘future’, as their past is our future, and vice versa.)

          • “…sensed electromagnetic ecosphere.”
            Biology is electromagnetism written large into the statistical mechanical. (the “soup” inside every cell) Every biomolecule’s potential in this universe is defined by the shape of its local electromagnetic field.
            We are at the end of one era and the beginning of another, but never forget we have ALWAYS been outnumbered.

        • Not sure what you’re toking there, Alzaebo, but I wouldn’t mind a toke or two. Sounds like primo shit!

  17. Or, as I say, the left is a Great Reaction, a lurch back to the primitive, with socialism a return to slavery, etc.
    We don’t appreciate, I think, just how big the cultural shift has been in the last 500 years away from primitive culture.

  18. To have a civilization you have to control the savages, which means someone has to collect the trash. The fact that race plays a part in the make-up of the trash doesn’t change that essential fact. What we’re seeing is the concept of a system defined and run by it’s garbage. Sooner or later people get tired of the smell and take out the trash.

    • the trash is also criminal and dangerous an murderous and thieving
      and that says a lot about the people in charge that hey take the side of those people and no good decent Americans

  19. We haven’t even seen the fun part. We’re collectively lying to ourselves about just how much money we’re spending to keep this defunct system alive. It will hit the currency. When it does you’re going to have welfare/food stamps/etc. that really won’t buy much of anything. Maybe a McRib. That’s when the magic will happen. These people didn’t just appear. They were grown, as if in a lab, by a multi-generational welfare state that’s at the end of its rope. These people can’t even go “back to the land” because they don’t even have basic agricultural skills and the diesel engine displaced them. In a time of multi-year scarcity they will resort to piracy. They’ll be dealt with in countless living rooms across the country when they attempt to home invade. Don’t expect the cops to help you much. Whatever we choose after liberal democracy it will be with the sting of having to deal with people literally trying to get into your house to rape and pillage during a sustained chimp-out.

    • that’s the whole point of taxation
      the liberal program is to ensure there is only very very limited upward social mobility
      What they really hate is the idea that commoners can rise up into the upper echelons. That’s the core issue. They hate that and do everything they can to nip it in the bud. If you are going to be rich, you must pass through their acceptance and admissions programs, meaning Ivy League education, toe the company line (liberalism), etc. And then maybe, just maybe they will let you into the club
      Why I am wont to say that liberalism is just the backdoor to the monarchy. It’s the Queen’s revenge

      • That’s true. It’s one big, and highly immoral obstacle course. The good news is that all of this is built on institutions that are now so hollowed out, so indebted, so useless that the price of admission is less and less worth it. It now pays to be a pirate. We’re about to enter another golden age of piracy, now that the golden age of fraud has been around for 20 years.

    • That’s why you need to arm yourself. The bandits of the future will generally attack liberals cause they are unarmed & have a soft spot for savages.

    • This is something that Martin Armstrong brings up: Socialism in it’s various forms – is dying. It’s finally run out of other people’s money.
      So what you see happening with all of the various riots and other assorted chimp outs – might just be the death spasms of a dying beast.
      Running around yelling “Black Lives Matter!” might just be another version of screaming “It’s not true… it’s not TRUE!!” – from people who are beginning to realize that the reaper is coming.
      When the government tries to raise taxes to support all those black lives – and the economy is taking a shit- we’ll start to find out what the truth is.

    • Armstrong on the death of socialism:
      “It is dying because the social programs can no longer be funded from pensions to the size of government employment. Because this is dying, it also results in aggressive fighting back in the system to try to save it. In part, this has been the intense hatred of Trump, and the Democrats feel they must take the White House to save their agenda. Consequently, the rise in activity is the direct result of it declining. If nothing was at risk, there would be no need for this intense rise in resistance. So they are reacting ONLY because it is failing. We see this in Europe where they are moving to cancel all currency to force people back to the banks where they will be charged negative interest rates for daring to save.
      Unfortunately, we have the last twelve years left. Marxism never works. They have tried it so many times. It fails because they try desperately to change human nature. They constantly portray someone having more than they do as evil and unjust. We are all created equal in rights, but not in talents. Some people faint at the sight of blood and others can be doctors. Some are great athletes and others can’t run 20 yards. We should see the end of Marxism with the collapse of governments beginning in 2032 moving into 2037/2038. ”

      • We are no more likely to see the end of Marxism than any other religion with dedicated adherents. As with any religion, Marxism has its die-hard true believers. Like all true believers, they will never accept the falsehood of their religion. Robespierre seized control seeking to institute a utopian system, publicly executing any/all who dared disagree with him. The reign of terror Robespierre instituted lasted until his own assignation with “madame la guillotine”. If history teaches us anything, it teaches us that any marxist regime instituted will come into existence only because of the dedication of true believers and will end only with the death of the leadership.

  20. Definition of “repudiate” (from [edited] with my perhaps overly analytical comments 🙂 To save time, just click on the “-” and move on to next post and you’ll have repudiated me 😀
    to reject with disapproval or condemnation;
    “I’m pissed off about X and I don’t like it!” OK, this definition covers mere denial of a thing.
    to reject as having no authority or binding force;
    Clearly this is seen in the various illegal activites. Surely rioting, looting, burning, assaults, and murder have gone unpunished in quite a few recent instances. So the law doesn’t mean much to these people.
    to cast off or disown:
    It’s understandabe to want to make a break with the past, just as we wish many things were different. What is more chilling is (in my opinion) when people want to repudiate reality, or at least what should be reasonable representations of it, such as science (behavioral genetics, racial differences, etc.) or history. I cited the famous Lysenko (USSR) disaster yesterday. But the USA is not immune to censoring academics. I can find you examples going back to the 1960s (Richard Lynn, I think). But the screeching for poitical correctness has gone to ridiculous extremes.
    Two years ago it was Prof. Amy Wax’s editorial, that didn’t even mention race! How long before professionals can’t even discuss important issues, perhaps case law or past studies even, because they are racially charged or might otherwise offend delicate sensibilities? We’re already there.
    to refuse to acknowledge and pay (a debt), as a state, municipality, etc;
    This one is not financial, although it happens at the indidual, corporate and state levels. I mean in the sense that we all have a “debt” to the past. To many people, this could mean a duty to uphold, or at least remember, civil or religious traditions of their ancestors. But I mean it in the inescapable sense: everything that exists today is a direct consequence of what existed before. Z sometimes says as much, probably in different words. This is just simple cause and effect. Not to get into the ancient debate of predestination vs. free will, but the salient point here is that we can’t change anything in the past. Yet the revolutionary would disown even knowledge of past events! This is also well reflected in the saying “If we do not remember the past, we are doomed to repeat it.” But the clean slate crowd believes (magical thinking?) that by banning or burning the history books and toppling the statues, now a marvelous new world shall be created, completely in alignment with currently fashionable whims of the momement! Ultimately, this is (again) one of my favorite themes: Nature (Reality) is no lady, she’s a bitch. Ayn Rand puts it more or less: “You can deny reality, but you cannot deny the consequences of denying reality.” In fact, repudiating reality is nihilism, but that was yeserdays’ rant.

  21. Whatever order comes it will be most assuredly anti-white.
    It’s easy to see even now. If our side lays even a finger on the protestors the Cops roll in hard and heavy against us. It’s clear the cops are targeting anyone who resists to mob.
    Conservatives have to get over their cop worship. Cops don’t like us – especially 2A gun owner types and certainly don’t like it when we defend ourselves.

    • Cops are going to start taking out their frustrations on us now
      if they haven’t already

    • It is why you have to think through multiple layers of response. Particularly how to sand up the gears in creative ways. One thing about Leftists is that anything sets them off. Around here we’ve had a couple of instances where I am certain some dumb 12 year old looking to troll sharpied a swastika in the schools. Each time that set off a full fledged Nazi hunt and hysteria that went on for weeks. Thought some people were going to spontaneously combust. Quickest way to break people down is to keep them in a hypervigilant state….day after day, week after week. Because honest to God, a lot of them believe secret Klaxons of Kluckers are actually meeting and plotting in their neighborhoods.

  22. The new religion isn’t just common among our rulers; the ruled seem to have accepted it en masse too. We’re long past Constantine trying to convert the rest of the Romans; they’re mostly all converted now.
    When there is 60% support for BLM you know the masses have accepted the new religion. Sure some “journalist” probably pulled that number out of their ass, but when you have all-white BLM rallies in small towns, you know the masses have been converted.
    Unfortunately “I support PEACEFUL protests” is the new “I support LEGAL immigration.” It’s just a matter of weeks before churches start taking down the crosses on their altars and replacing them with a new figure:
    In less than 10 years you’re going to see conservatives attacking each other over who is truer to the principles of Floydism.

  23. Yep
    100% of all of this black worship is due to a guilty conscience
    good whites know deep down they have sinned against blackness and are here to repent

    • Dropping to your knees before the black mob is the result of a generational program of intimidation, shaming and demoralization. Here’s how it worked in the Soviet Union.
      “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to. ” -Theodore Dalrymple

      • Yes, I have heard that humiliation premise before. Nothing new there
        but looking at things fresh with my own eyes, it is obvious to me the likes of Mitt Romney are now kissing black butt because he has a guilty conscience. There is no way a rich credentialed preppy guy like him can’t sit back and look at black behavior and not be disgusted, and same for most wealthy liberals. I know these people well. Now he feels guilty and wants to make amends.

        • “…but looking at things fresh with my own eyes, it is obvious to me the likes of Mitt Romney are now kissing black butt because he has a guilty conscience.”
           Mitt Romney is an Establishment hack and a never Trumper. He doesn’t have a conscience. He virtue signals because he thinks it’s in his best political interests and he wants to troll the President.
           And as far as all those other graveling jizzrags are concerned they aren’t showing contrition for a guilty conscience. Nobody begs forgiveness for a crime they didn’t commit unless they’ve had their conscience twisted in on itself. Those pathetic creatures have been brainwashed. That’s not guilt their showing, it’s masochism.

  24. The problem here is one of separating cause from effect. Did White racism cause black failure to advance, or did Black failure to advance cause White racism? What’s needed is a scientific experiment to finally settle this once and for all. Maybe something along the lines of removing all racially discriminatory legislation, and outlawing race preferences in choosing employees etc. The trouble is of course it could take 50 years or more before we we will know the result, and who can be arsed to wait that long? Perhaps one of your more technically minded readers could send this suggestion through a wormhole in the spacetime continuum back to let’s say 1960 or thereabouts.

    • We know the answer already, but are not allowed to say it. People, the majority of these folk are simply not cutting it as compared to other races. To blame all such failure on a secret conspiracy beggars the imagination.
      The data is in—whether on job performance, school performance, or civic performance. Knowledge that was once attributed to bigotry is now quantified and confirmed again and again. There is no need to run yet another confirmatory experiment by removing AA and other preferences to see if there is a reversal of results. We really don’t have the time.

    • I don’t think we have 50 years 🙁
      Perversely, the very existence of racial or other preferences (quotas, etc.) is a form of discrimination. Sometimes there have been court cases deciding for or against (most recently, the Supremes decided it’s ok for Harvard (?) to discriminate against Asians, for example.) Like many legal decisions, they will twist the logic pretzel-like 🙂 Rarely if ever will they admit that they are legislating a preference, but sometimes they can’t hide it. I don’t have specifics, but seems the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a on-the-face-of-it case of special preferences. How can a group be a “protected class,” enjoying special privileges in the law, how can that not be discriminatory against the non-protected (Whites)? Have you ever heard of a Black person charged with violating the civil rights of another race? Neither have I.

    • There are a whole bunch of issues with your post.

      1. you assume a correlation where there is no evidence.
      2. “Racism” is a universal human attribute. Only in the mantra inflicted on the West by the Jews- surely the most racist people on the planet, is it some sort of avoidable evil- and the paradox of racism being a trait of only one race is ignored.
      3. “Black failure to advance” seems to be a universal phenomenon. In fact you ignore the obvious, Black societies in the case of both Zimbabwe and South Africa revert to a lesser level in the absence of White leadership. If maintenance is impossible, how can advancement be expected?
      4. Scientific experimentation as a dispositive proof is one of the gains of the Enlightenment that the West has lost in this millennium, and is scarcely needed when simple observation is sufficient.

      I could go on.

  25. Hey! I’m an example of one of those small minds that attributes deliberate agency to the anti-white movement as a strategy for consolidating power. I think there is a great deal of evidence to support this opinion. Do you contend that it is somehow inevitable in the sense of a trajectory of civilizational decline?

  26. I don’t think we have the luxury any longer of simply engaging in an academic analysis of the epidemic of insanity that is sweeping the country. We have entered a fast-change phase in our societal decline. The crazy will be making it’s way to your doorstep soon enough, and you best get ready for it. If you live in a big liberal city, leave now, and find a safer haven somewhere else (call it a long vacation). Be prepared to feed yourself and protect yourself for 90 days. Hot summer ahead and with it, peak crazy.

    • My hunch is a lot of it is Goodwhite Boomerism in its final death throes
      I’ll bet you $5 this all fades from the public as they start dropping like flies
      there is their final redemption. They failed as parents, their lives were shallow. They made money, a Z notes, by organizing children’s games for black men. Or they sold garbage to kids, as in the case of Hollywood. Or they raped cities, as in the case of Romney and the financiers
      It always mystified me why Shawshank Redemption was so popular, and now I am beginning to know why. It was a foretaste of mass Goodwhite Boomer redemption

      • There are too many goodwhites in every generation for me to agree with this take.

        • Fair enough, but I have been around long enough to get a feel for the patterns and cycles of these things. Just as I felt that the Coronavirus thing was the Boomers reminding the young that they’re still relevant, that their fears and reactions are still relevant, I see a lot of that in this too.
          And I don’t mean this as an attack on decent people who happen to be of the baby boom generation. I mean the stereotypical faddish and ambitious boomer

    • Be prepared to feed yourself and protect yourself for 90 days.
      I would say if you have to feed yourself for 90 days without resupply then you better be able to feed yourself for at least 2 years…

      • This is just my 2 cents worth on current events and the likelihood that things will get more dicey as the summer gets hotter. And hoping that Z can get out of Lagos before the mob arrives at his front door.

        • Oh definitely Brother I understand that but like I tell people about an EMP hitting and wiping out the grid that it’s not a simple fix and don’t expect your power to be on anytime soon…So with the food situation if your production, your processing, your packaging, your transportation, your warehousing, and your stores go down and you have to rely on yourself for 90 days then just realize that you’re probably going to have to be situated for a lot longer time span…

          • I’m good for food supply. Saw 11 bucks crossing through my acreage two days ago. Easy shot if your hungry.

    Zman , you really are a very kind man. A gentleman, a master of understatement. 
    To call the people arrayed against us ‘primitive’ is to soft sell their true nature . 
    I think of them as savages and monsters, led by demons in meat suits, who are animated by carnival barkers and midway pitchmen, with a mass media megaphone. Turd flinging monkeys who insouciantly befoul their own nest. 
    In fact, the public square is a regular house of horrors – a freak show has escaped the circus tent – as wide as possible a variety of misfits, eccentric aberrations, oddballs, weirdos, nut jobs, wackos and kooks, as is possible to imagine in a febrile nightmare. 
    This horror show has only just begun ! 

  28. It is as if the world has been taken over by an ancient tribe of primitives who hate us.
    I hate to say it Keem-o-sabe, but we is already there. Maybe light on the ancient part, but they are clearly primitives and they clearly hate us, except for the blond womyns.

    • I wonder if in a millennia or two from now, Chinese scientists using genetic techniques will, as Reich has done for various ancient races, trace a continuation of Western (White) female lineage through this age, but note an abrupt ending of Western (White) male genetics?

      • That’s a pretty good supposition given current trends.
        White men will be liquidated, white women will be impregnated.

      • Take heart oh fallen Caucasians! The mitochondrial DNA of our race survives! 😀

  29. Truckers are now ceasing to deliver supplies to the cities where riots are occuring. When the supply of Kools, grape soda, forties of malt liquor, and hair straighteners runs out, things are going to get ….. interesting.

    • I think most truckers own their rigs now…it’s like their own mobile business. And their insurance doesn’t cover riots, so if their truck is destroyed by a chimp mob, they are just done for good.

      • Well they keep chimping out on the highways too. Multiple times I’ve seen news reports of “protestors blocking the highway”.
        If you’re in a car – and get stuck in that – you might at least have a chance to turn around and get out. If you’re in an 18 wheeler – you’re just stuck there. And I’m not completely familiar with how this works – but there is probably some level of driver responsibility for the cargo he is carrying. If the cargo gets damaged – even if his (or her) insurance covers the loss – it’s sure to go up.
        I get a decent number of freight shipments sent to me – and I do know that in many cases drivers get held personally responsible for freight damage. If for no other reason than because nobody else wants to eat the cost and they’re at the bottom of the blame ladder.
        Probably easier to just avoid the problem and refuse to deliver to an area that is chimping out.

    • The truckers stopping is good news. The police and fire need to quit too.

    • I read on another forum that I frequent – that all of the rioting is wreaking a little bit of havoc with the supply chain. Apparently the UPS distribution center in Hartford CT has a backlog of something like 250k packages (might be 500k – the commentor wasn’t sure) – because they’re redirecting packages from other distribution centers in areas of the country where they’re worried about the centers being burned down.
      To UPS’s credit – they’re trying to protect the shipments – but it’s causing a certain level of havoc.
      Heard the same thing about USPS – the Nashua NH distro center is inundated for the same reason , mail is getting redirected because they don’t want to lose it to a chimp out in other areas.
      My wife was freaking out last week – because a couple of packages she expected like a week before – had still not arrived as of Friday. Even the online tracking claimed they were delivered. Then suddenly they arrived.
      It seems the combination of Cornholeya 19 virus lockdowns forcing everybody to order online and get stuff shipped – combined now with the pervasive rioting – is really putting the distribution chain to the test.

  30. god damn i hope the NFL pays a very steep price for their negro lust. what kind of mindless white person would support it now?! it’s not like the product is any good, either, so why participate? guess everyone has the fever…

    • Methinks the tribe of sports aficionados is legion. There is a cacophony from an endless stream of what I would, normally, call sensible people applauding the end of the WuhanVirus because it will finally return our precious sports to us. I quit watching that crap years ago. There is an interesting back story there, but you only get to hear it if I know you well and we are face to face; it does not get committed to a written form ever.

      • Yep, sports is right up there with if not surpassing religion for the majority of white American males especially since so many suffer from the same deusion: “I could have been a contender!”

    • To steal from an old retort, I don’t think White people are who you think they are.

    • I guess there’s a reason the games are played on Sunday
      It will be the new form of worship

    • They won’t.
      Normie cucks are absolutely tumescent that the return of sportsball and the opportunity to worship sweaty black bodies draws nearer with each passing minute.

    • Agreed. Used be a big Cowboys fan back in the 70’s & 80’s when a good portion of the league was 2/3 to 3/4 white. Now it’s the exact opposite. F the negro felon league and their white fellators.

    • Let me frame the question in a practical way that most people could understand. This is meant to illustrate the challenge our movement has in trying to persuade the Goodwhites.
      When it comes to Joe Sixpack’s opinion of the NFL, which of these choices is more appealing:
      (A) To watch the Sunday football game while he drinks a twelve pack of beer, optionally with friends and family and preferably with the females of the household dutifully providing snacks and keeping silent in the other room
      (B) To spend time and effort to comprehend the political issues of the day, such as Kapernick & Co. “taking the knee” and all the virtue signalling of the NFL, etc.

      • How about C, Be outside with your family or friends doing something constructive or enjoyable…

      • Or he can get off his ass and prepare himself for the tribulation (take that in either a religious or secular manner) to come. Too much politics can be bad as well, in that most of what engages us in that vain is agitprop, designed to demoralize us. Sportsball insults/distracts us, the MSM propagandize/demoralizes us. Take your pick, both are corrosive.
        What can never let you down is conditioning and preparation—physical and mental. Drop sportsball and spend those three hours taking a walk (hike?). When the time comes you’ll be better prepared than 90% of your neighbors—and you’ll probably have the pleasure of outliving them as well.

  31. “The reductionist among us want to pretend that the people behind these spasms of lunacy seek power or they are trying to undermine Trump in the election. Small minds need to personalize things this way. In reality, the people behind what we are seeing live unexamined lives. They are caught up in this for the same reason people join religious cults.”
    From where Im sitting, its ironic that your alternative to the reductionists is itself no less reductionist. Suppose it depends on what you mean by “the people behind this”.

    • Call me a “reductionist” all you want, but I do believe that at least a portion of the motive behind the lunacy (or at least the continuation/extension of it) is to undermine the President. If not then why do they persist in blaming him for all the troubles?

    • The author has misframed this as an either/or when it is both: unexamined lives that are very obviously gunning for power, whether they understand this or not.

    • Correction. About two rows back to the sign-holder’s right is a female jogger with her hands to her mouth screaming something.

  32. The Left says
    Seek Peace and Work for Justice
    What do those words mean to me?
    It means leave me alone in peace or I will organize my community with weapons and give you the justice that you deserve.
    Nobody organizes and uses tactics effectively like a group of pissed off white men.
    Hopefully we got enough of us to fight this religious cult descending upon us.
    At the very least we are gonna have to radically separate.

    • An old friend used to say, “White men can’t jump but they sure as hell can march.”

    • Which is why I shout from the rooftops that we have to be building Communities so that we can fight effectively when we have to and separate when we need to…

      • Missoula is like every other college town and playing monkey-see-monkey-do. But how’s the Bitterroot? The churches and such? Are the locals pushing back or ignoring the attempts to evangelize?

        • Yea they are to a degree, problem with all white areas is that most that live there have never experienced the vibrant up close and personal so they have a harder time seeing the end result of diversity taking over…

          • Great. And I wanted to retire to Montana. Care to share what the Eureka area is like? Whitefish perhaps?

          • How about further south from the Bitterroot Valley into Idaho….Salmon, ID seems like a nice place.

          • The Bitterroot is where I’ve been inviting people to come…Or like Wolf said into Idaho as well…

          • Just saw that a Boise church is removing a stained-glass window depicting Robert E Lee. The converged have colonies everywhere, anchored by all the churches.

          • Whitefish is definitely pozzed, but Kalispell is more mixed. With the huge influx from Cali and Seattle, that and the cost of housing will probably keep getting worse.

          • Whitefish? Dang, I spent my vacation there. 😉
            On the other hand, poz’d as it might be, it was a breath of fresh air from where I live.

  33. I don’t want to be a nagging nellie here, but I wish the Zman would do a tighter job of editing with these pieces. There are multiple typos in the opening paragraph. His material is otherwise excellent. It deserves a cleaner presentation. I concede that this may be a petty nitpick, but I think that it matters at least a little. Again, the Zman is a fantastic commentator and I’m hesitant to knock him for anything. Hopefully this criticism is constructive.

      • Again, I really hate to even point it out. You’re a hell of a writer! I guess that I just like to see your material presented with maximum effectiveness.

    • it’s a Zen thing; the flaw highlights the surrounding perfection – makes it ‘pop’. 90% of the time spent on a post is determining just where to put these “mistakes”.

      • Yes Karl, and how often have we seen typos that seem to have “unintended “double meanings?

        • There’s nothing wrong with typos that have double meanings. In fact, those aren’t so much typos as brilliant little quips.

    • I never wanted to point out the typos because I don’t want to slow him down. I can understand everything clearly. Reminds me of a joke. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that can extrapolate to find missing information…

      • there are 10 types of people..
        those who understand binary math, and those who don’t.

  34. Steve Sailer has said, “The truth leads to understanding, lies lead to dead ends.” Since it’s pretty much illegal to openly discuss and analyze racial differences, then of course blacks failing to achieve equally will lead to this. What else can it be other than the concepts they’ve come up with like white privilege and systemic racism? All the money and programs spent on trying to lift blacks out of poverty and dysfunction has failed, and since the reason can’t possibly be racial differences, it all has to come down. Fires, looting, statues toppled, and certainly more to come…The “dead ends” Sailer referred to are looking like “dead civilization,” or perhaps “dead white men.”

    • That’s the logical result when ideology trumps fact and reason. This is why there can never be a “conversation” on these matters.

      • You state succinctly what I spend several hundred words trying to say! 😀 Well done.

    • So much of this is ” Social engineering . When real engineers produce an airplane they build according to real science — MATH physics chemistry. Then they build a prototype then test it in a wind tunnel , also they have a supercomputer to run theorytical tests then a test pilot fly the first plane for a long time to debug the problems and then the plane is produced for use. Now and then they make a mistake and the plane is recalled. Compare that with so called social engineers who created ” Great society programs” based not on any science but their ideas, opinions and prejuidises. A bunch of mad scientists build a Frankensteins monster.

      • Modern SJW (“social engineers”) are the equivalent of whever geniuses at Boeing made the change to the 737MAX that has resulted in two crashes (when I last heard) and they are seemingly still trying to get the bugs out. This, in fact sounds like a classic example of a good idea (stall avoidance system? Collision avoidance?) that goes awry and creates the very disaster they are trying to avoid. Sort of like playing with SARS viruses, modifying them to studying pandemic potential and then (hypothetically of course 😀 ) one escapes and causes the very pandemic they were claiming to mitigate against.

        • No corrections to your comment, Ben, but an addition. If one looks at the accident specifics and some commentary from US pilots—who had the same occurrence/experience with the stall system—it comes down to who was in control of the aircraft. The third world airlines had pilots simply not up to the training and standards of a first world pilot, ex. US pilots who have commented on and experienced the stall problem.
          Basically their comment was that you needed experience, knowledge and immediate decision making to correct the problem (details excluded here for brevity). One crash reported the pilots looking through the 737 instruction manual before hitting the ground. ;-(
          Boeing’s problem was attempting to produce a push button operational system (aside from such a beast requiring extensive computer control just to fly). I saw a flight simulator of the cockpit. They literally line up to the airport run way and press an icon saying “land this bitch”, and watch. Ditto for take off. That seems to work for 99.99% of the time. The other .01% you come up short.
          The bad boy in me can’t help thinking that Boeing’s flaw was in making an airplane that was “damn” fool proof and selling it to third world countries, who specialize in such fools.
          Nothing here excuses Boeing, nor the FAA who certified such an automated beast—the complexity is at the edge, or even exceeds, human understanding. Just to comment on the human/machine interface and problems involved.
          Closer to home examples we will directly experience shortly will be our automated “smart” cars when they get around in popular use.

    • It was always my understanding that these periodic outbursts of black violence were just shakedowns. There would be some arson and looting, and the skeevy black “leadership” would make some speeches and strongly hint that some “community development” money, filtered through their pockets of course, could make it all go away. More generally, affirmative action seemed to be a polite way of recognizing that blacks couldn’t cut it and needed special help.
      This time I get the feeling that the media itself, rather than race pimps like Maxine Waters or Jesse Jackson, is keeping the pot stirred and that the demand is basically for blacks to be magically made “truly equal”. Since this amounts to asking for the law of gravity to be repealed, there’s potentially no limit to the destruction.

  35. “Given the choice between a world run by howling primitives, rushing about smashing everything in sight, and any other form of rule, people will choose the latter
    Living in the midst of several bands of Ojibwa, I have witnessed many buildings, fully functioning parks and recreational areas turned over to them via “land claims”. It’s an ongoing demonstration of quickly nature can reclaim man-made structures. Victims seem to have no idea what amount of effort is required to simply keep nature at bay, be-it personal, social or physical.

    • There are websites run by South African Whites who compare before and after pictures of SA since joggers rule. Amazing how fast primitives change the environment to suit their level of culture.

    • I’m very familiar with that very tribe. To this day they are called bogans. The city is the metropolitan centre for hundreds of reserves from hundreds of miles around.
      For the youth, often away from the band for the first time to attend school or just to visit the “Big City” it can be a deadly experience. The City often has the highest murder rate in the country and don’t you know, the cause of native on native violence is ‘racism’, structural discrimination and White supremacy.
      The city is beautifully located and they built nature trails along the lake and rivers and in the former port lands. Unfortunately you can’t use them, because you’ll run into Blameless Indigenous Aboriginal Tribal People drinking and partying and going toe to toe in drunken knife fights .

      • Da Yoop? If so, fellow Michigander here, although I’ve lived elsewhere mostly, and know I am extremely familiar with The Keweenaw, in fact, I have a current floatplane reservation (pun) to Isle Royale. Or, you’re on the other side but regardless it’s good to see somebody post from territory where they can likely survive SHTF even with bogans.* I’m not so fortunate in this respect, although young drunken indians are dangerous as hell my local vibrants are armed with full auto carbines and pistols and not just cars and knives. Good luck.
        *a former wrestling partner was full bogan and a fantastic guy when sober but under the influence he was scarey

    • I consider myself to be a “builder” – in that I’ve built my own house, a large barn, restored a number of cars and motorcycles, weld up my own workshop equipment when I can to save money, build my own guns from kits….. etc.
      As such – I am acutely aware of the effect that you are referring to. I’ve often told people: ” Look – it has taken me YEARS of time – many hundreds if not thousands of hours – to build my house and enhance the property, but I could burn it all down in 15 minutes with a match and 5 gallons of gasoline.
      It’s far far easier to be destructive – than it is to be creative. To make matters worse : I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many many people who see destruction – as their creative outlet. When they burn something down they get a “high” and actually think they accomplished something.
      The only way to really deal with people like this – is to eliminate them. The fact that we as a society are letting them run rampant is a sure sign we are heading right down the shitter.

  36. I vaguely remember listening to a comedy album by David Frye “Richard Nixon Superstar” where at one point “Pres. Nixon” speaks to “Jerry Rubin.” Nixon asks Rubin what he wants and Rubin replies something to the effect that they want to tear everything done. “What next?” “I don’t know, man, maybe we’ll just sit there and groove on the rubble.”
    In most times and places, virtue means doing the right thing and living a life of personal integrity. That’s not true with the Woke. What counts is not doing the right things, but saying the right things and holding the right attitudes, and, if a politician, voting the right way. A Woke person may live her life in blatant, diametric opposition to her purported ideals, but that’s okay because they all do. Accusing them of hypocrisy is pointless. Like pouring water on a duck, it just rolls right off.

    • I know one answer to the question “What next?” They blame all the destruction on the evil “Orange Man”.

      • Orange Man is just a gollum for them. What they hate and seek to destroy is the remnant of White men who haven’t completely groveled – those who voted for Orange Man. Trump is useless to any genuine White nationalist, but he is the face of White America that they seek to smash. It has very little to do with a mere election and much more to do with who they’re specifically targeting for destruction – and that’s not merely you, but your children and grandchildren. So being over 60 (which I am) doesn’t cut anyone any slack, if you have posterity and any hopes for their having a future.

  37. Watched the “new normal” play out on small scale the last two days. Local eatery that is gradually reopening and has been a fixture in town for years. Supports all the local causes, runs fundraisers on premise…locally owned. Make the mistake of carding a “vibrant” customer with a fake out of state license. All hell breaks loose. Mind you, the local PD and liquor control regularly fun stings on these places so they card EVERYONE–including my own kids. But the usual chimp out occurs, followed by social media postings accusing the place of racism. Everyone springs into action on the local FB pages accusing the place and gnashing their teeth that we have actual Nazis! in our little burg. Owner has to post up soppy apologies, then meet with the local high school anti-racism Red Guards for a struggle session to understand how unconsciously racist they are. Then post up how they now “understand” how holding vibrants to the same standard as everyone else, even if it means potentially losing their liquor license and being held financially liable under out state’s draconian Dram Shop Act is a mortal sin against the collective. Not embellishing a bit of this and happy to furnish the redacted FB posts to any interested party. We’re tipped over the Abyss.

    • What else would they do. At this point we know for sure they’re going to burn the restaurant down if they don’t submit. So anyone that stands against this tide needs to understand that everything they own is going up in flames. I had a client tell me yesterday that insurance does not cover riots. There’s a clause. That Wendy’s that burned went down in Atlanta, it’s not covered

      • What else would they do.

        Say “no more.” Our ancestors stood up and faced death against threats a lot more serious than a crowd of vibrants and SJWs.
        On your feet or on your knees?

        • yes Vizz, never apologize. At some point the divide must be allowed to rip through the entire landscape.
          Paying tribute – or protection money, to the dusky mob and its jihadi white suicide cult is just renting time.
          All taxes are wont to go up over time. In the case of SJW, the tax becomes an operating license, revocable at any time for failure to submit to the latest test of faith.
          Might as well test the real market now. If there aren’t enough people to support you because you are a good business – or who will flee from you because heretic, you are on borrowed time anyhow.
          But I think there are still enough of us – and even normies, who would patron a business because of their stand.
          I know my take is gambling with other people’s livelihood, but I also find myself shying away from people, business, and organizations that grovel before moloch. I doubt I am alone in this. So there is that to consider as well.

          • In the case of SJW, the tax becomes an operating license, revocable at any time for failure to submit to the latest test of faith.
            A novel twist is they want to “license” public servants like the police. Fees and requirements will continually escalate. You’ll need to literally take a knee or bow before your non-white superiors if you wish to continue eating.

          • Have you ever driven through the not just neglected, but abandoned sections of big cities? It feels scary, like being in an ememy country. Not just a ghetto, but block after block with not even a liquor store, and few or even no people in broad daylight? Georgia Ave. in NE Washington DC has this vibe (or did 20 years ago). If you don’t have an urban wasteland to visit, you can get a reasonable (and safer) substitute by seeing a “travelogue” of Detroit’s abandoned and razed neighborhoods. Of course, the causes of such decay are complex, but certainly (failed) desegregation and loss of factory jobs play a big role. Is this what more of America is going to turn into?

          • I too want to speak to the manager when a decent person is threatened w BS but once they cave I’m done. Principles matter.

        • When they kick down your front door, how you gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun?

      • Tough crap for Wendy’s. They kissed blm ass and can reap what they’ve sown. So can shit-shak for that matter.

        • Shit Shak had a choice.
          Either it was deliberate poisoning of the police with intent or it was accidental sloppiness in cleaning the machine and any member of the public could be poisoned.
          The morons chose the latter.
          What sort of fool would ever go there again?

      • Note to all readers here. Neither is your home, nor possessions, nor automobiles, etc, protected from riot, war, or insurrection. Never read a policy without such specific exclusions. And you can be sure the Insurance industry’s new policies will make such language even clearer upon renewal.

        • Just want to correct this…these are covered. “War” is generally excluded, but generally requires a declared conflict. Had to deal with this issue in the couple years after 9/11. Damage to an automobile is covered under “comprehensive” property damage clauses. What ends up happening is riot prone areas are redlined and end up in very, very expensive “FAIR plan” facilities, making it uneconomic to run a business in these areas.

          • No it’s not! It’s just another example of pervasive White Racism! Redlining! No wait, that’s for mortgages… Insurance discrimination! Etc.

      • Well actually it does–defined as “riot and civil commotion”. Irony is many of those owners of businesses that were closed by COVID can now recover property and business income if looted and burned. But the stats for small businesses shut down by these events is the a very large percentage, even after rebuilding never recover as customer move on.

    • Sam, I don’t know which state you live in but here in Texas selling alcohol to a minor is much more than a risk of losing a shop’s liquor license. In Texas a minor who purchases alcohol commits a misdemeanor. The person who sells the minor that alcohol commits a felony. Unfortunately, in our current world, just about anybody is well and truly damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

      • Don’t know the criminal statutes on this, but very well acquainted with the civil liability side and basically the seller in our state is strictly liable for any consequences of the sale. Either way, the bar was in the right. It’s just funny to see the same people that howl on FB every time they see kids having a “woods party” with beer, then howl when an establishment that has everything on the line checks a vibrant ID.

        • Before my time slightly, in the pre “Mothers Agaisnt Drunk Driving” changes, but here is how the law (maybe) should be: in Washington D.C. it was not illegal to serve the underaged alcohol, but it was illegal for the underaged to buy 🙂

      • White man’s law, just like White civilizational and behavioral norms, do not apply to sub-Saharan savages. It’s nothing rational, but it’s the pozz’s iron-clad policy. No exclusions or exemptions.

      • Wow, hard-ass Texas. This is just another example of (perhaps) felonies that shouldn’t be. But Florida is as bad, for example driving on a suspended or trespassing in a construciton site are felonies. There are probably legit reasons the State does this, but it shows the arbitrariness of the misdemeanor/felony divide. In one State I can probably beat the shit out of you and just get a misdemeanor, but if I sell booze to the wrong person I’ve lost my voting, gun-owing and what other rights. My home state (VA) has the dubious honor of the parents who served alcohol to minors and copped misdemanor convictions for it. Perhaps not unusual in itself, but it was fought all the way to the supreme court and was world-wide news. Seems to me two years in jail for serving beer is a bit harsh, but..

      • Out of curiosity asked one of my kids who interns down there and sure as shit, he told me that a store he frequents when he is down there has a prominent sign that says “If you are not 21 and are using a fake ID, we will call the police”. No retail clerk making $17 bucks an hour wants to take a felony rap for some stupid kid.

        • I worked at a gas station/convenience store years ago as a clerk while in college. Franchise owner told us all the profits came from alcohol sales, not snacks, cigs, or gas. We were to ALWAYS card to make sure they were 21, no exceptions. He wanted ZERO risk to his liquor license.

    • Similar manifestation here in the Boston area.
      David Andelman, co-host of a long running foodie and restaurant review program, The Phantom Gourmet, has become yet another victim of BLM and the cancel culture.
      Andelman’s program has been “placed on hiatus pending further review” by WBZ-TV Boston (the local CBS affiliate) and WSBK-TV.
      Andelman’s transgression? He had made a series of posts on his personal Faceberg page mocking BLM protests and calls for defunding the police. For example, he wrote, “defund potatoes, not the police.”
      In another post, he suggested that Boston’s Back Bay restaurants offer “touchless, curbside looting.”
      He penned a post in which he declared, “[w]e don’t take a knee here. This is America, not Game of Thrones.”
      Andelman had praised Drew Brees for the QB’s statement that he would never agree with anyone disrespecting the flag.
      Like Brees, Andelman has now apologized.

    • Geezus Kryste.
      I’d be interested in seeing those FB posts – where was this?
      Curious/slightly perturbed that it might be local to me.

  38. More and more, I feel like I understand how a resident of Richmond in April 1865 or Berlin, spring of ’45 must have felt.
    All the year previously, the consensus has been that while things were dire on the fighting front, the situation could be salvaged and the tide would soon turn. Just keep the faith.
    Only to wake up one morning to find that the barbarians are within the gates ready to prowl and pillage and wipe out every last trace of what your ancestors had built, laboriously, at huge cost, over centuries.
    The difference between then and now is that the Virginians and Germans actually gave it a shot by fighting, you know, defending their civilization.
    The vast majority of modern-day whites just surrendered without a fight, quietly, silently. When not actively aiding and abetting.
    Now comes the Reconstruction…

    • Basil Ransom: “Only to wake up one morning to find that the barbarians are within the gates ready to prowl and pillage and wipe out every last trace of what your ancestors had built, laboriously, at huge cost, over centuries.”
      But why? How did this happen? I’m fully onboard re small hat manipulation and destructiveness, and every native cohort has its own bottom decile, but I just cannot connect the past to the present. If genealogy has taught me anything, it’s shown how people – most not much more than peasants – struggled to survive. They married and bore children and worked and died – amid war, famine, disease, and earthquakes. Some of them survived, and they kept on working and breeding and rebuilding. Yet now their descendants, the heirs of all those centuries of struggle, sip at their sidewalk cafes and cuddle their miniature dogs and genuflect – and not even to barbarians, but to mere savages. Merely having things too easy doesn’t seem to account for that total disconnect that altered a dominant race’s behavior so radically in such a short time.

      • The final, most brutal redpill is that most Huwites prefer the Matrix the smallhats built for them.

      • the people sho built everything had families . somethng many noew do not do . they were also bound to each other through their fait. these are the pillars the arch for the western civilization rested.

  39. Bam:
    “The way around the absolute lack of evidence in support of discrimination is to treat it as a miasma that permeates white society like a fog. You see, you don’t even know you are an evil bigot because you are immersed in a racist system. It is a primitive form of communal salvation. Instead of blaming the drought on unidentified sinners in the village, the complete backwardness of black people is the fault of evil spirits that animate the institutions of modern society.”
    The invisible enemy, to use an unfortunate phrase, is a common feature of religions and their secular counterparts, utopian political ideologies. Whether demons or wreckers, the inability to achieve utopia is the fault of unseen forces that have to be expelled. How is that expulsion achieved? Via perfection of the population through confession of sins and/or wrongful beliefs and penance for past sins.
    The more ignorant the belief system, the greater the need to punish heretics who point out the internal contradictions and ludicrous claims. Sinners who don’t repent have to be eliminated BAMN.
    “Given the choice between a world run by howling primitives, rushing about smashing everything in sight, and any other form of rule, people will choose the latter. At some point, the people fear the primitives more than anything else, so anything else becomes the best option.”
    The primitives are mere foot soldiers for the cynical Cloud People who manipulate them. The other options become possible only when either (a) the Cloud People need to rein in their uncivilized enforcers or (b) the Cloud People are eliminated so that their primitives become sitting ducks. We likely will see frequent domestic terrorism in the near future against such seemingly disparate institutions as the NFL and Big Tech. Consumers will seek alternatives. Financial collapse will spread upwards. So one of those two things will happen, and we do not know which. The problem is it may take a long time.

      • Crystal balls assume some level of intelligence and industriousness. More likely goat bones in the dirt. And we get some yummy food when we kill the goat. Hey, wait a minute, where did the goat milk cheese go? I am so confused.

  40. Do people actually chose the latter or do they slide into a new kind of captivity as the old turns to ashes?

    Seems to me that the poo flinging savages are just the physical manifestation of the dimness that has become mainstream, a kind of reactive apathy and general idiocy of the masses.

    A lot of talk of agency lately; namely the goodwhite impulse to remove it from POC lives. I can’t help but to feel that this is also a kind of projection as well. Systemic and structural and micro etc are all ways in which normies can avoid the truth themselves, to subscribe to the cloud and the miasma, thereby avoiding the need to go all frontal lobe themselves.

    The biggest larp is that grown ups of all stripes are pretending to approach the poo slinging as an intellectual problem when in fact they are avoiding responsibility for stewarding the truth in favor of the feelies just the same as the vibrants who fling their rage upon the structures of whiteness.

  41. Then more howling form the usual suspects, followed by the orgy of violence. The cycle just keeps repeating.
    It works so why bring it to an end? Since the Snivel Rites Era they’ve pointed an accusatory finger at our civilization, they get the Blacks to chimpout, 1/3rd (more?) of our tribe agree to do penance for our sins…and we give ground. As you’ve noted KISS gives easy answers with simple to follow rituals. They’ve run the table for more than 2 generations. The theology runs deeper than ever even though its practical application is beginning to badly fray. The desire to implement any other option will continue to grow…but to be implemented? Rock bottom is still a ways off. We still have too many little comforts.

  42. That may be the final irony of liberal democracy. This self-destructive ideology.” Profound words. Unutterable 25 years ago. Unthinkable 50 years ago. Now no less than obvious. Increasingly so.

    • “…This self-destructive ideology.”… Unutterable 25 years ago. Unthinkable 50 years ago.”
      You left out, “Desirable now”. Time to change horses? Embrace authoritarianism? We know beyond doubt that the people—as we have assembled them—can not govern themselves according to a democratic process as we’ve defined and implemented. Our Founder’s experiment has failed.
      We can argue around the edges as to the when’s and why’s, but there seems no solution possible to retain/correct the system. So the question is, you want mob rule—anarchy, or strongman rule. Strongman rule has always historically won out over the mob.
      So the real question is who’s strongman is to rule? Ours or theirs? That is what is really being determined in the streets. This may not be the final battle in the war, but it seems a pretty good indication of where we are going to arrive sooner or later.

      • We won’t have a lot of say in the strong man. This is bigger than the D-right. We could nudge things certain ways though. BAP talks about this some in his book.

      • “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams

        • Exactly. Sound governance and the rule of law start in the brain, not on a piece of paper. The chaos outside starts with the chaos inside. It’s that freaking simple.

    • That may be the final irony of liberal democracy. This self-destructive ideology.” Profound words. Unutterable 25 years ago. Unthinkable 50 years ago.
      Plato predicted that democracy would self-destruct in Book VIII of The Republic… 2400 years ago.

  43. Our NPC like so called betters – politicians, ceos etc., are surely kowtowing to the howling primitives unfortunately and we’re caught between and betwixt. There is absolutely no original thinking from this crew and there actually is a miasma permeating our society – it’s called idiocy.

  44. All you need for proof that “racism” has nothing to do with it, is to look at the location of the excesses. I’ve been having great fun with former ivory tower colleagues, who are of course doing the full sackcloth-and-ashes routine. I simply point out that they live in nice little college towns, where everyone is to the Left of Mao Zedong.* You’d have a better chance of spotting a yeti riding a flaming unicycle on the quad at high noon than seeing even a Republican, let alone some kind of radical rightwinger, in one of these places. And that’s been the case since at least 1968. If there’s any “systemic racism” left, I note, then either y’all are the shittiest teachers in the history of the world, or….
    *(you’ll have to trust me on this, I guess, but Democratic presidential primaries are hilarious in a college town. Since “more-radical-than-thou” is the only game they play, and they play it with a ruthlessness the football coach only dreams of his guys bringing to the gridiron, it’s always a contest to see who can be the most disparaging to the Dems’ anointed candidate.Since “conservative” is the worst insult these people can think of, they throw it around with wild abandon. Watching people insist, with a straight face, that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are “conservative” gives one unshakable, zen-like self control. After so many years deep cover in college towns, even guys named after cities are afraid to play poker with me).

    • To a lefty friend, I casually tossed a remark about being bothered by the white collective guilt theme being pushed by the Democrats. I think that approach may not change any minds, but at least it cannot be answered by a CNN rage head. The lefty friend ignored the comment and instead reverted to TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) mode.

    • So true. I know an art historian who once told me she was a Marxist in one breath, and with the next said she was a centrist. Thing is, in wackademia, she IS a centrist.

      • That’s the key to understanding academia, if for some insane reason you want to: when they say they have all kinds of intellectual diversity, they aren’t lying. Feminist Maoists have deep, long-standing grievances with Maoist Feminists. Nursing and petting these grievances is, in a VERY real sense, social life in a college town. They have nothing real in their lives – I mean this 100% literally – so they have to invent some. You can put that on Western Civ’s tombstone if you like, because we allowed it to happen.

      • The MAGA crowd is different, as are the president’s priorities. All usurped imo.

        At any rate we’re in the leftist backlash. I’d bet the rightist hammer comes next. Probably even authoritarian by American standards.

          • The Jacobins were still around after Thermidor; they never returned to power because all their most talented people were headless.
            That being said, the Royalists came out of hiding and had a lot of fun collecting Sans-Cullotes scalps in the ironically named (by today’s standards) White Terror.

        • I’ve given up waiting for the Right Wing reaction.
          As I mentioned yesterday, I now believe that the average white person has had their racial clarity moment and has actively chosen suicidal cuckery.
          The stars are right and C’thulu has risen from his Cyclopean Tomb at Ry’lyeh. We are those who knew the horrible truth.

          • It could be it never comes, but consider the blood and weirdness the French put up with, also how fat and happy the royalists must have been under the Ancien Regime.
            The big difference in America is that the left so far hasn’t tried to actually destroy the right. If the bigwigs start losing wealth and privilege, to say nothing of life and limb, it’ll be a whole new ballgame.
            Then again I have a feeling we’re watching a movie based on the French Revolution, so the undoing of our Jacobins should be in the script.

          • The “racial clarity moment” will be a large-scale massacre of innocent whites in a white neighborhood. I’m afraid that’s what it’s gonna take.

          • The racial clarity will not move cowards. I mean Whites, but I repeat myself.

            They’ll run. Again.

          • Don’t bet on it. Whites might cuck and offer their daughters to the Negroes.
            Historically, conquering armies have taken the women of the defeated. How many GIs came back from Korea, Japan and Vietnam with Asian wives? Negroes are doing the same thing with white women today.
            How many white girls did you see in those riots last week??? A LOT.

        • Since the Left’s “demands” are essentially for the realization of Isaiah 11:6 “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb…” and Jesus is apparently still on vacation I can’t see any other endgame really.
          It’s pretty obvious that fake democracy is being replaced by real democracy (outright mob rule) and the only real support for that is stupid college girls and the mobs of looters themselves. The elites supported the mobs initially but are probably starting to get nervous with all the talk about dissolving the police.
          So is Trump the Rightist hammer? I don’t see anyone else applying for the job but that doesn’t mean some as yet unknown governor or senator won’t turn up. Personally, if I were advising our putative President for Life, I would say it’s time to station “minders” in all the news organization headquarters, aided by sinister looking men in sunglasses and suits with suspicious bulges in their jackets. This is the genius of Putin, BTW. He knew that restoring order meant seizing the REAL center of power in a modern society, the media. I mean if Trump is going to be attacked as a Russian pawn he may as well do like Vlad would.
          One bit of amusement we will have if this is how it goes will be watching the ruling class’ corporate tools jerk their narratives around 180 degrees. They’ve already got the ads made about how “we’re all in this together” and “pulling together in a time of crisis”. They just need to add in “with Glorious Leader Trump” in a few places. They can probably even use most of the original footage and audio.

          • Not sure what Trump is anymore, other than a performer playing to the crowd. Whatever his convictions, he doesn’t resist the political winds too energetically.


            If things take a hard right turn, I could see him being the hammer. If they stay left for a while, he could be Louis XVI, as MemeWarVet has said.

          • He’s desperate to win reelection and will do whatever he thinks will ensure that outcome. And right now it means kowtowing to the mob of savages.

          • And right now it means kowtowing to the mob of savages
            Louis XVI tried that too (see his speech on the first anniversary of the Bastille.)
            It didn’t end well.

          • Trump doesn’t have it in him, he never did. Trump’s cards were peace and prosperity- and peace cost him the Generals. So he has no Army.
            He’s no Killer – never was.
            His bet was on prosperity. He also built no “consensus” in government – ie everyone gets rich. Successful Presidents since FDR feed the machine – Trump suffered from the delusion that elections mean you’re the CEO of government.
            He’s done. He may get re-elected but he’s a spent force.
            I hate to say it; we need a dictator and there’s none in sight.

        • Even the French Right had organization – the aristocracy for instance. The Right, certainly the online only DR has none. All too scared of Feds, or any other excuse that will do.
          Online is only venting; this is a relief valve only.

          • It’s not for lack of trying – day what you will about a certain event three summers ago; Identity Europa and others certainly tried.
            The post below about being in Richmond in April 1865 applies to our situation pretty well.

          • The right has ample organization and funding but lacks focus. As long as there are safe places to run to and money to be made, they’re satisfied with the status quo. Both of these things are becoming doubtful. A desperate right would be a fearsome thing, as hard as that is to conceive these days.

          • The real deal, splitting the US into homogeneous separate polities isn’t yet on the table.
            It probably needs to be though since Militia Right , White Nationalists, Paleo Cons Libertarians, Christendom 2.0 types assorted Secularists and the rest cannot make for a coherent Right since they all want different things, many of which are incompatible.
            The other option is some kind of Federalism where the various factions agree to basically become the mono party and the new elite.
            Problem there is borders.
            The national border is manageable if its its closed but building a coherent economy with automation and the absolute hatred “capital” has for paying good wages isn’t easy. We can’t allow a race to the bottom.
            Problem is me using the term “capital” even semi ironically much less my nationalist economic policy ideas would be enough for half the factions to disavow me in an instant or worse and knowing those skunks so long as they can loot, defect to the Left.
            We can kick some of the factions out but too many and you have nobody remaining to do the job.
            Also worth considering, the internet makes mockery of moral borders and systems.
            How do we deal with that is not easy and a wrong decision will get you turned on by your own side.
            We need a 10% with strong agreement on everything even if the decision is to do nothing about some evils.
            We may want 1950 idealized but our tech may make that impossible
            Hell our society make it impossible. While more natal than the Left many ofour guys especially younger ones are more MGTOW than family man.
            If a lo of us don’t want Ozzie and Harriet and the Patriarchy , we won’t sacrifice for it.
            If we can adjust to those facts and simply come to realize that even with that unpleasant fact any of us are better than these loons and change is worth any cost, we can make change.
            If we can’t it will end up a kind of slow roll to an insurgency/collapse which is much worse

  45. Quick aside on the NFL thing, it’s amazing how dumb these people are. And by “these people” I mean everyone but the owners. The Twitterati have actually laid down a condition: They’ll stop “protesting” once a team signs Colin Kaepernick (funny, I thought it was about “civil rights,” not getting some washed up mulatto a job, but whatevs). Owners, at least, seem to get it, that this will never, ever stop — sign Kaepernick, and they won’t stop griping until he starts. Start him, and they won’t stop griping until he wins every game (because, of course, him losing is “racism”). And he’ll never win every game, because he sucked four years ago, which is why he was a free agent in the first place, and now he sucks with four years of rust on him. Oh, one of the owners will eventually give in, of course, trying to purchase some Karen points from people who won’t come to the games anyway, but until then it seems like a tiny shred of reason prevails somewhere…

    • he’s dumber than that. he’s a free agent because he walked away from the last year in his contract – which was a player option. he could have played another year if he wanted, but he chose to walk…

    • The fans are not the customers of the NFL;
      the advertisers are the actual customers.
      The fans are the “product” that the NFL sells to the advertisers.
      The players are just an operating expense.

      • But the result is much the same. No fans and no advertisement, and bye bye NFL. Little would make me happier than to see the NFL collapse and vanish forever.

      • Just like Twitter, YouTube or Google really.
        I’m with Ostei philosophically though I don’t watch any of them nor does anyone in my social circle so I won’t notice if say ESPN goes tits up unless I hear about at this place or maybe Vox Day’s blog

    • They may be smarter than you think. How much you wanna bet that the Nogger Football league spends far, far less on social justice than “250 Million”? Especially as more and more fans start cutting the cord? If they were serious about this shite, Kaepernick would already have been signed.
      Eventually they will figure out they don’t have to actually play him. All they have to do is hire him on and give him some important-sounding title and run him as an affirmative action mascot instead of a player.

      • How much you wanna bet that the Nogger Football league spends far, far less on social justice than “250 Million”?
        Certain bet they won’t. For starters, it’s an illusory promise that isn’t legally enforceable. Moreover, human beings, much less joggers, don’t retain information for long. And The Narrative will shift soon enough just as it did with russians-virus-BLaMe/BlackLiberationMovement.

      • Football needs another specialty position. You know, we have the long snapper, place kicker, 4th down back, etc….well Colin could be like the ‘long kneeler.’

        • Actually, I see him being moved up to a corporate position, making far more money, AND getting to continue with this charade.

      • I wouldn’t bet on that. Whites are getting sucked into this and have no fight in them. Look at the approval numbers for BLM. I have no confidence in white resistance to this.

    • I am at the age where I have more years behind me than ahead of me. I refuse to waste as little as one precious second of my remaining life watching dreadlocked Negro criminals in spandex pants chasing a football on Astroturf.
      Caring about the Negro Felon League is the ultimate in white male self-debasement.

  46. I’ll say this for lefty whites: they sure know how to get their black voting base fired up. They won’t be leaving anything to chance this November, so don’t think for a moment things will calm down. The larger and more enthusiastic the Trump rallies, the angrier and more dangerous black and Antifa mobs will become.

    • The larger and more enthusiastic the Trump rallies, the angrier and more dangerous black and Antifa mobs will become.

      Truer words. As Emmet told Mal in “Silverado”, “It’s gonna get mean!”

    • blacks don’t give two shits for floyd george or any other nig. they like to riot and loot innately, and do so at every opportunity. black voters don’t want their neighborhoods destroyed, and are already well disposed towards Trump.

      •  black voters don’t want their neighborhoods destroyed, and are already well disposed towards Trump.
        Yet come November, assuming there are elections, Blacks will line up overwhelmingly for animatronic Biden. When are you going to stop believing Lucy’s not going to pull that football up for Charlie Brown this time?

      • Man, I gots to be getting me a new big screen TV and a vacuum cleaner. This week’s baby mama will see what a good provider I can be until she gets tired of my crap and kicks me out on the street.

      • A lot of GOP types probably thought the same thing back in the late 60s, just before the blacks started voting in black democrats to destroy our formerly great cities.

        • Partition.
          Or Hitler.
          Former is a mess, but the latter is too dangerous.

      • Why downvote?
        black voters are not identical with blacks. That’s political reality.
        which doesn’t mean they’ll vote for Trump.
        I am now in favor of partition BTW. Its that or Hitler.

        • i could get behind a pinochet. i fell hit my head and contracted tourette’s syndrome. I randomnly yell nggers and hitler-did-nothing-wrong. Really pissing off the wife and kids. Little concerned about going back to work.

  47. “It is as if the world has been taken over by an ancient tribe of primitives who hate us.”

    You could have left out the first four words.

    Everything is just so crazy. I had two people in my life say “well I like to like think positively about things” one of them actually recommended The Secret to me. I’m just worried I’m accidentally going to say “Chimp Out” out loud. It goes through my head so many times a day I feel sure it’s going to come out of my mouth pretty soon.

    • The constant extortion to “be positive” and “dream of a better world” is the worst part of this new religion. If you try to pin them down with any concrete policy criticism, well you just have to dream of a better world.
      Hope and Change rotted their brains.

      • Complete rot. That and ‘The Cult of Niceness’. Every now and then I’ll point the etymology of the word nice to people.
        late 13c., “foolish, ignorant, frivolous, senseless,” from Old French nice (12c.) “careless, clumsy; weak; poor, needy; simple, stupid, silly, foolish,” from Latin nescius “ignorant, unaware,” literally “not-knowing,”

    • I think all of us feel like we’re on the verge of speaking one truth or another which will destroy our lives. We are awash in maddening lies, but to call them out is to call down destruction upon our own heads. This must be something like what it was to live in the USSR from Khrushchev up to Gorbachev.

      • My knowledge of USSR history is a bit spotty, but I’d much rather take that bet under the leaders you cite, than Lenin or Stalin 🙂

        • Yes. As awful as “America” is right now, it’s not as bad as the USSR under Lenin, the troika and Stalin, but we’re headed that direction, I’m afraid.

      • That’s why we build our own Community so we can speak the truth and not have to hold our tongue but speak out against the evil…

    • My younger son started a new job yesterday. Although immature and naive in some ways, he’s heard the truth at home for years and knows not to even hint of it in public. Was sitting with a couple of other new trainees (one a mulatto) and the other White guy brought up the national chimpouts. Said mulatto declared “I don’t see color” at which point my kid smiled, said he was cutting out 5 minutes early, and left. Smart, but it saddens me I’ve had to teach him to lie about everything to everyone.

    • Whitney, I want the best for you, but I sense the potential for a great comedy here. I would love to have a camera follow you through your daily life as you struggle mightily to hold your tongue.

      • I’ve been expecting someone to confront me about not wearing a mask but so far nothing. I did read an article that said people that refuse to wear the mask might be Psycho or Psychopaths or something like that. Perhaps that’s why no one’s saying anything

        • Nobody’s said anything to me either about my refusal to wear a Karen Kloth. At least, not to my face.

    • The common front support of BLM and Antifa by Woke Capital is particularly disturbing and disheartening. It gives us a huge sense of being occupied by hostile forces. Are the CEO’s driven by some strange religious urge? That would seem doubtful, given that they are by nature superb calculators of self-interest. One possibility is that they are being pushed by recently hired SJWs fresh from academia. Another is that the lockdown has demonstrated the considerable powers of the governors and the state with their ability, heavily supported by the MSM, to determine what is “essential” and what is “non-essential”. Woke Capital might just be paying off the barbarians and fanatics in the hope that it just blows over.

      • I’ve you’ve been observing corporate advertising and corporate “community outreach” over the last couple of decades, its support for ANTIFAG and BM is no surprise. The AWRs have totally coopted and corrupted capitalism.

      • Live in that world. First, most are cowards and terrified of any adverse publicity. Two, HR is as infiltrated as an Ivy League university. Three, GC tells them to avoid any risk. Four, if you are in a regulated business the “woke” regulators can kill you by a thousand cuts. Seen that one first hand, over and over. Five, if your business is successful you have enough money to throw at the race pimps to make them move on to another target (see, Jack$son, Je$$e et al) If it doesn’t blow over you have enough “fuck you” money to get out of Dodge anyway–and since most in those positions have sociopathic personalities, what happens to everyone else is a tertiary concern to you. I could go on, but that sums it.

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