The Morality Of The Madhouse

In The Spirit of the Laws, Montesquieu outlined the motivations that drove citizen behavior in the three types of political systems known at the time. In republican forms of government, love of virtue is what motivates the people. In monarchies, it is the love of honor that motivates the actions of the people. In despotism, the people are motivated by fear of the ruler. He argued that the political system must match the inclinations of the people or it would not last.

Although Montesquieu did not address it, it certainly seems that these principles have a hierarchy of their own. Honor, for example, will give way to virtue, once the people begin to think they have a choice. Throughout history, monarchy has given way to democratic rule as the people abandoned honor in favor of virtue. Similarly, virtue has never been much of a match for fear as a motivator. Authoritarianism, the soft or hard variety, tends to overcome public virtue once the rulers realize it.

Montesquieu was working with the materiel at hand, so he could not contemplate the nature of liberal democracy. He knew of democracy, but only in the limited experiments among the ancients. Democracy on the grand scale as we see today was beyond the realm of plausible at the time. Similarly, liberalism was in its infancy. Liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law were purely theoretical concepts at the time, so he and other theorists had no working knowledge of them.

Almost three centuries on, we have a much better sense of what liberalism and democracy produce. For several generations now, the West has been ruled by the ideology of liberal democracy. Further, the West has worked hard to impose this moral philosophy on the rest of the world. Trillions have been spent, for example, trying to plant the seeds of liberal democracy in the Muslim world. South America has been forced to embrace the rituals and ceremonies of liberal democracy.

What we can now see that Montesquieu would not have been able to see is that something unique motivates the citizen in a liberal democracy.  There is no willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests. There is no desire to attain greater rank and privilege. There is fear, but not of a ruler, but rather fear of falling afoul of the general will. The collective morality in a liberal democracy works like an invisible fickle tyrant that terrorizes the citizenry.

We see this in the current turmoil. The citizen is now suddenly faced with a whole new moral order, as if the ruling class all converted to some new church. People who are slow to pick up on the morality are shamed and harassed. You can lose your job for refusing to use the right pronouns, for example. Two members of the Supreme Court just converted and declared that the Founders were actually sodomites in dresses, therefore sodomites in dresses are sacred beings.

Just as fear of the tyrant is a more powerful motivation than a sense of sacrifice to the needs of the community, morality is a much more powerful motivator than virtue or even fear of a powerful individual. Look at Donald Trump. He is incompetent, for sure, but his office has real power. Yet, fear of falling afoul of the new morality leads the converted to risk everything to destroy him. The needs of the new morality are pushing the followers to bring the country crashing down to please the new gods.

Unlike the motivations behind monarchy, republicanism and tyranny, there is no structure to liberal democratic morality. There is no sacred text or body of philosophical work to provide authority. Like a school of fish, morality shifts on a dime and that new direction is assumed to be the general will and therefore the proper course. Morality in a liberal democracy is a riot with no real purpose, other than to feed the need of the people to feel they are the virtuous actor in the great drama of life.

Without a controlling doctrine, morality in a liberal democracy has no limiting principles to contain the excesses. Everything worth doing is worth overdoing. No matter how pious someone is, someone else can be more pious. Each new fad becomes a race to the absurd, which is how we quickly went from tolerance of homosexuals to declaring transvestites sacred beings. You can be sure the pedophiles and polygamists are getting ready for their elevation into the ring of honor.

It turns out that fear, virtue and honor are no match for morality in the great battle of organizing ideas. Honor is an individual characteristic. It is something you give yourself through your own decisions. Similarly, the virtue of the man willing to sacrifice for the good of the institution is largely an individual creation. It has a collective component, which makes it more powerful than honor, but it is still individualistic. Fear, of course, is about saving your own skin or that of your family.

Morality, in contrast, pivots on the collective sense of identity. The chants of “who we are” resonate because it implies a choice. You can be inside where it is good or outside where it is bad. In reality, it reminds the people that they have no choice. To stand against morality is to stand against destiny itself. Those who resist the new morality are first anathematized then invisibilized. Liberal democracy maintains an invisible gulag for those who refuse to bend the knee to the prevailing morality.

The defects in monarchy, democracy and despotism are well known. The next in line to the throne can be a lunatic or a simpleton. Democracy eventually murders itself. The tyrant eventually dies, leaving a battle for power. It seems that the defect of liberal democracy is that it has no way to control the fanatic. They are not just allowed to run free, but they are encouraged to fully explore their fanaticism. Liberal democracy eventually becomes a madhouse run by madmen.

Modern America has entered the madhouse phase of liberal democracy. Just how far along we are in the journey is unknown, but the journey has begun. Evidence of this is the wanton destruction of civil society. The pointlessness of it is the point. No one in power is willing to defend the institutions and customs that defined old America. No one in power is offering an alternative, other than more fear of the mob. The only questions now are the timing and terror of the eventual collapse.

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337 thoughts on “The Morality Of The Madhouse

  1. Honestly, are we to believe that a bunch of ghetto-rat losers had the wherewithal to create this level of organized mayhem during these riots … I don’t think so! They obviously had help from the organized jewish sympathizer whites (or maybe they were jews) who made bricks and bottles of gasoline magically appear.
    My point? The blacks, as prone to violence as they are, did not act alone! AND, we need to point to the REAL problem.
    I honestly believe that blacks can be kept at bay at a reasonably small cost … yes, it cost money to feed people. But the root of the problem is the jewish “elites” that roust the blacks from the slumbers and get them in the “stealing mood”.
    OK, now what do we do? We focus on the root problem, do our homework, and tell people that jews like George Soros just donated $18 BILLION to the Open Society Foundation to help destroy your country. Its gonna be a tough slog but it has to start with awareness of the problem.

  2. a confessional state was always more solid, even if rotating between the three Aristotelian-Thomist forms of government. maybe that would control the madman – exorcize it, or burn it on the stake if absolutely necessary.

    btw this rotation seems inevitable during certain periods to be honest. if anything, this period of modern-Masonic democracy lasted too long; feeding on the bourgeois wealth that rose up during monarchical Christian Europe, as well as on the remainders of colonial wealth, and on the best genes that came during that period (the lazies and steriles used to simply chose the priesthood, sweet deal right?).

    but then came secularism, which gave us modernism, which gave us commercialism, which gave us feminism, which gave us free (international/interracial) love, which gave us the madness of the two-headed beast we have today: globalist elitists using brown socialist hordes and cheap serf-credit for endless sterilizing consumption as weapons. adoptions of the tenets of this beast killed the reason to keep the aforementioned best genes among the high-iq, btw; while the low iq breed less, but still enough to keep going and remain low-iq anyway. ergo only the (((chosen ones))) and Masonic friends running the show will save themselves, while the gentiles burn and the low-iq pagan hordes fight out the mad max world…

  3. Two members of the Supreme Court just … declared that the Founders were actually sodomites in dresses,

    Could somebody please give me a link to a piece online about that? I don’t disbelieve it. I just want to read more about it. I’m thinking the two in question were Notorious RBG and Sotomayor. Am I close?

  4. I’ve been around A LOT of black people. They cannot understand why you can’t let them slide on this ONE thing. “Yea, I stole this, but just let me put it back and it’s all good.” They always want a “do over”. “Yea, yea … my bad … I’m drunk, but I’m just gonna walk home … its all good.”. He was lying on every other question that they asked him. They don’t understand law and order and don’t appreciate it. Emotionally, most blacks get stuck at the adolescent phase, and there’s nothing that can help that.

  5. So, the Atlanta cop(s) have been charged with murder … cops, obviously, can’t shoot a black guy until he’s already shot them first! I watched all of the bodycam video on BitChute. I wish that the cop that wasn’t cuffing the perp would’ve had his hand on his tazer when the cop started to cuff the guy, because that’s the peak stress point and when an attempt to fight would occur. Bottom line is that if you fight the police, then you are taking your life in your hands.

    • “Bottom line is that if you fight the police, then you are taking your life in your hands.”
      The Supreme Court has affirmed the right to resist unlawful arrest.

  6. The White working class is keeping what’s left of this country up and running, because they’re honorable and bring integrity to their work every fucking day. Against all odds. Stop shipping food to Seattle, cut the power, let them kill and eat each other. Fuck em. The Orange Clown has a Jew cattleprod up his ass, he’s a useless rich douchebag…fuck him too.

    • That was hardcore dude. Not only kill each other, but eat each other. Alright. “Jew cattleprod”??? ok. hah, nice.

  7. At the grassroots level, it seems to me like so much of this is being driven by White (and to a lesser extent, Asian) women. From Nextdoor to Facebook to Twitter all I see are White gals of all ages clawing all over each other to signal louder about how much they love BLM. What happened to these women? Where are their husbands? I wonder. Seems likely to me that this–all of this– is just the result of modern females’ deep, profound unhappiness in the new role they’ve been forced by their own actions to play. It’s the dog that caught the car. They can’t admit that they’d much prefer to go back to a life where men make the decisions outside of running the household…but they really, really do. When the female protesters showed up at the Kavenaugh hearings dressed in Handmaid’s Tale outfits, they weren’t just making a stupid and overwrought “statement”; they were expressing subconsciously the deepest most forbidden desires of their hearts. Now, the biological scales are swinging wildly in correction. They want subjugation and they want it bad. So bad they’ll destroy civil society to get it–either at the hands of feral Black warlords (more likely) or from normal White men when we finally decide we’ve had enough of this lunacy (less likely, unfortunately). One way or another, these gals will be dragged back into the kitchens, “resisting” with heaving bosoms all the way.

    • Ageed … I think that the argument can be made that White men, at various times, did not stand up to protect White women from the invading hordes and Black abusers. This passivity, although necessary from a legal basis, sent a message to all White females that they were “up for grabs”. Females like to be “wanted” and, consequently, gravitated to those who “wanted” them. Basically, this mixing should still be against the law, like many of the socially controlling laws of yesteryear, it was repealed in the name of Liberal Democracy.

  8. RIP Aunt Jemima.. Such a strong, proud black woman assassinated by the far left. Actually the first black woman I ever saw, literally, as I was raised in an area with no blacks. With Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Nat King Cole, etc., who wouldn’t have been pro civil rights in the mid 20th Century? It’s too bad the articulate, classy negro went out of style. Now the only sophisticated negroes are community college professors with stank dreads who wear scarves, wire glasses, and blazers even in July. Fakers who play their assigned woke minstrel roles.

  9. It looks to me, like the U.S. is entering a ‘phase-change’ in a cyclical historical process. The process I’m referring to, is “Anacyclosis“. I suspect that all the Western liberal democracies will go through this same phase-change.

  10. In a godless liberal democracy, Morality is a loose canon rolling around the deck damaging, crushing, and killing every time a wave goes by.
    Under Christianity, there was broad agreement on the basics. It would produce a discussion and admission that Taxation is robbery, but perhaps necessary to prevent greater evils, but the conversation would be had.
    Now the problem is “systemic racism”, but the attempts at clarifying or focusing that to some actionable item is futile. It is like a stench you can’t identify as it seems coming from up, down, and crosswind.

    • [Probably stole this idea from elsewhere] Racism is such a powerful, pervasive, evil force that it afflicts the Black man even when no Whites are around. In fact, the Black people of Africa were crippled by racism After, During, and even Before the White Man ever set foot on the Dark Continent! Powerful stuff, indeed.

  11. In the House of Commons tonight, they held a minute’s silence for George Floyd. We truly are a conquered people.

    • Why shouldn’t a convicted armed robber be eulogized.? Furthermore, he was a drug addict (fentanyl, methamphetamine) and a fraudster (I don’t know a good term for “passer of counterfeit money”). For someone who probably couldn’t honestly obtain real money, I’d say the man showed a certain degree of initiative. 🙂
      Who knows what other accomplishments the late Mr. Floyd had to his credit?
      Why, he is so worthy of canonization that the very officer charged in his death “took the knee,” after a fashion 🤔

    • “We truly are a conquered people.” A lot of you guys just say stuff. Whatever’s most dramatic and depressing.

  12. “Liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law were purely theoretical concepts at the time, so he and other theorists had no working knowledge of them.” -Zman

    I find those concepts pretty theoretical right now. I can’t think of a time in our history when equality before the law was really true and not a platitude. It always depended on money and connections.
    Liberty as I view it existed only in the early days when the State did not have the power to dictate what you could do and not do. The state’s power to control you grew over time like a cancer making liberty a joke.
    Consent of the governed has always been theoretical. Consider the fact that Tennessee has never been able to leave the union if Tennesseans wanted to do so. That simplistic example shows the problem. There has never been consent by all.
    Democracy, liberal or not, is the worst form of government in my view.

    • Isn’t this where someone famous said “Yes, but it is least worst of all the alernatives.” 🙂 But what in your opinion would be a better form? A 18th-century style America is my choice, probably distantly followed by the largely theoretical “benevolent dictator.”
      Your opening point about equality before the law being largely an illusion — I have chosen to rule that valid 😀 Everything is relative (except, compared to an absolute reference — if you can find one) but especially with squishy concepts like the law. The USA probably was better in the past, but still holds up pretty well compared to many, maybe most, justice systems in all times and places. It’s my understanding that, at least sometimes, even something most of us would consider alien, like Islamic law, can be impersonal ( = fair) although very harsh by Western standards. As I understand it, for example, if you murdered me, you could pay a “fine” to my family as compensation, but it’s at my family’s discretion — they could literally have your head if they choose. Sure, such a law favors the rich but it still lets the victim’s kin decide the penalty. It does have its good points, one must admit. Of course, just like our legal system, I suspect that Islamic law rapidly goes into left field when actually put into practice.

  13. We need to gird our loins for what comes next. Of course, outright and open, formal 2nd class status for white people. Though, possibly in tandem with a one-child policy for white couples.

    • Plan on a social credit system that heavily incentivizes whites to miscegenate or go gay.
      The incentives will revolve around heavy financial and freedom of movement penalties for bad whites.

  14. Conversations with the precious normies. Just last night…

    Me; Trump is a spent force.

    Norm; What do you mean?

    Me; He’s the Mayor of Washington, his writ goes no farther than where the Federal Police stand.

    Trump failed to build Con$en$us.

    His Peace for instance cost the Generals their prosperity$ so he has no Army now.”

    Normie; (despairing tone) “You mean our vote is meaningless!?!”

    I felt like an adult explaining to a child not to talk to other adults online.

    I think maybe we leave Normie out of this, its just too creepy explaining the Birds and the Bees to adults. It’s not as if they can do us or anyone any good at all. They can vote. Let them vote. Its a harmless enough pastime. Sorry, I’m just not needlessly cruel enough to do this…and its a profitless cruelty, like proving to a child that Santa Claus isn’t real.

    • Normie cux fail to understand that a universal voting franchise is merely an elaborate comment card system for the slaves.

      • Yes, but you fill it out and you get a complimentary meal and beverage on your next visit 😀

  15. I kind of wonder if this isn’t that last or next to last big gasp by the powers that be to get rid of Trump once and for all? The Russian collusion hoax dragged on for most of his term but didn’t really resonate with most people despite the worthless media flogging 24/7. Then the impeachment bs didn’t catch on, again despite media shilling. However, the dreaded virus has finally created a huge lockstep where a large % of the population and corporate America, thru fear or design has bought in lock, stock and barrel. Now, that same large % has “fish schooled” over to the racial injustice crap and the wiping away of White American history without missing a beat. Now that so many are on board voluntarily or involuntarily with this institutionalized insanity, there just needs to be one more big anti Trump Hail Mary that the masses can herd to. The question is, what’ll it be?

    • “Liberal democracy maintains an invisible gulag for those who refuse to bend the knee to the prevailing morality.”
      You can call it liberal democracy, but this is pure communism. This exact thing happened in Eastern Europe.
      USA is becoming communist, the thing that’s different from Eastern Europe is that many soviet countries maintained their ethno-nationalism, liberalism forbids anyone from having such views.
      The reason for this is that many jews were removed from their positions of power by the nationalist communists after bringing in communist regime. Jews did not wish the same thing to happen a second time so they twisted their doctrine, the bourgeouisie aren’t the ones blamed any longer, now they blame the whites.
      They’ve indoctrinated college kids & brought in large amounts of migrants in western world to carry out their revolutions.
      “Liberal democracy maintains an invisible gulag for those who refuse to bend the knee to the prevailing morality.”
      You can call it liberal democracy, but this is pure communism. This exact thing happened in Eastern Europe.
      USA is becoming communist, the thing that’s different from Eastern Europe is that many soviet countries maintained their ethno-nationalism, liberalism forbids anyone from having such views.
      The reason for this is that many jews were removed from their positions of power by the nationalist communists after bringing in communist regime. Jews did not wish the same thing to happen a second time so they twisted their doctrine, the bourgeouisie aren’t the ones blamed any longer, now they blame the whites.
      They’ve indoctrinated college kids & brought in large amounts of migrants in western world to carry out their revolutions.
      “Liberal democracy maintains an invisible gulag for those who refuse to bend the knee to the prevailing morality.”
      You can call it liberal democracy, but this is pure communism. This exact thing happened in Eastern Europe.
      USA is becoming communist, the thing that’s different from Eastern Europe is that many soviet countries maintained their ethno-nationalism, liberalism forbids anyone from having such views.
      The reason for this is that many jews were removed from their positions of power by the nationalist communists after bringing in communist regime. Jews did not wish the same thing to happen a second time so they twisted their doctrine, the bourgeouisie aren’t the ones blamed any longer, now they blame the whites.
      They’ve indoctrinated college kids & brought in large amounts of migrants in western world to carry out their revolutions.

    • Not to speak for Z, but how about his signing the EO on police reform? In general, blacks get killed by police because their off-the-charts criminality. To pretend otherwise is to cede ground to his enemies and truth itself.
      Or how about his almost total failure on the border wall, immigration enforcement, and birthright citizenship?
      I’m not saying that another politician could have done better, but let’s not pretend that feces is fine cuisine.

      • The failure on the “wall”. Citation in support? Wall is going up all around down here.

        • What percentage of the border has a new wall that isn’t just replacing existing wall (with materials that are easily broken)? I think you said 100 miles before. What percentage is that 100 miles in comparison to the entire border?

          • I said they celebrated 100 miles of completion of new wall a month or so back. Current claim is another 100+ completed by election. We’ll see. The 500 miles of old wall were repaired and are now a reasonable barrier. That took quite a while given no $$$ until emergency act and court approval.

            The thing to be noted here is that every person such as yourself, just spouts the same old tired misinformation of “no wall”. That is not the case—unless of course Trump loses and the Dem’s halt work immediately.

            Your anti-Trump arguments are simply tiresome because they are as inaccurate as the Leftists. In that you both have something in common—abject fear that in some small way, some small manner, Trump may actually prove successful and your apocalyptic dream may have to be postponed. Like a women scorned…

    • is useless a better word?
      Trump never did anything for his white base, he brags about giving blacks jobs, as if africans like working.

  16. Re.“Like a school of fish, morality shifts on a dime and that new direction is assumed to be the general will and therefore the proper course.”
    The insane sluts and their enablers, lead by the claque, are not interested in facts or ideas. 
    They need Social Proof. They’re tuned in to the murmurations emanating from the flock, that signal the direction to be taken. The band wagon is proof enough – jump on for the ride! 
    The only way for the establishment to save their asses is to use the organs of indoctrination – the schools and the media; to create a fake liberal democratic, multicultural consensus over ‘identity‘ and shared ‘values’.
    The electronic media can present whatever they like as a popular consensus or the opinion of the masses, even if no one believes it. Presentation and the mere exposure effect, confer legitimacy by manufacturing reality.
    There was a time when ‘truth’ was decided by counting heads ; fifty percent plus one equals verity. Counting is no longer required, when verisimilitude wins the day. 
    The cargo cult of television confers authority on media hacks who are presented as reliable arbiters of reality. Ultimate reality is divined by talking heads – ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’, validated by the media and media personalities, granted the indisputable imprimatur of television. 
    Certified reality is a cue for legions of half-wits to play their part. Anyone who doesn’t want to take friendly fire by crossing this manufactured consensus, best shut their gob. 
    Legions of grandstanding schoolmarms , virtue signalling scolds and hateful harpies monitoring our speech and making sure that no one engages in pattern recognition. They are assisted by their poodles, the physiognomy boys – the phys does not lie – the numales, manginas and homomaniacs, all fall in line behind the insane sluts.
    Liberal democracy is a useful smokescreen for anonymous plutocrats. The liberal managerial class ruling the West, preserves its own legitimacy by using manipulation and patronage to construct a democratic facade, for its own exercise of power.
    Ideas are the product of the human mind . When people attribute social change or political movements to broad conceptual frameworks like Gay Rights, Systemic Discrimination or Hate Speech, they deflect from the fact that behind those formations are people with money , power and influence, with an agenda, who are promoting those ideas . 
    Abstract forces do not promote social change, they don’t pass laws or make television commercials or seek to influence the direction of society. 
    The most important question is, who are these people? They have names and addresses. They must be called to account, held to their own standard of collective guilt and punished unto the third and forth generation.

    • Remember what’s actually going on here, boys, this is an alien contact story. Subspecies of the human race that have not had large-scale contact with each other for up to 125,000 years are suddenly being brought together unmediated for the first time, of course there’s chaos. Social institutions designed for altruistic co-operators are suddenly being exploited by people whose instincts and institutions fitted them for survival on the most dangerous continent on Earth, countries with societies designed for rice-growing peasants now have supersonic jets and nuclear weapons, people whose inherited social attitudes developed as a despised religious minority now hold unprecedented wealth and power among their erstwhile oppressors, it’s honestly a wonder things aren’t even worse.
      As in those old sci-fi stories, some go insane, some worship the aliens, and some resolve to fight back and preserve themselves. But this mess was literally tens of thousands of years in the making, it’s utterly frivolous to believe that just voting for some guy, or tweaking a few laws, is going to solve things. There is almost certainly a way out of this, but we have to survive first. make your preparations accordingly.

      • Great reply – versipellis underworld aliens, infiltrate and despoil the formerly untainted worlds of strong, good hearted, but gullible ice people.

        These shapeshifting collectivists, who create armies of outlandish hybrids, are similar to the cuckoo bird, “… the hatchlings of which immediately assume the right to toss out of the nest all of the other eggs – their adoptive parents’ entire natural clutch!…all that isn’t cuckoo!“ 

      • The characteristics that make White societies successful are the very ones that make them vulnerable to exploitation and infiltration. Honesty, Openness and Trust are not inherent to the chosen.

  17. What if the “ruling elite” understand all of this very well and simply believe that their brand of “rule” is a new and improved version of monarchy, by committee, so-to-speak? All the more reason they detest Trump seeing that he could very well cause a shift back towards ‘a love of virtue’ Am I off here?

  18. To analyze political structures, like liberal democracy or republicanism, without reference to the races of the rulers and the ruled, is to ignore the most consequential forces.
    Montesquieu wrote about political philosophy in homogeneous white societies. That’s not what we have now.
    Of course, we are descending in to a madhouse. But liberal democracy in the USA is just a symptom, not a cause.

    • Yes, as we say, politics is downstream from culture. Iceland can make do as a socialist country, sub-optimal as that is, because it’s filled with nice, little Icelandic people.

    • Line, how do you reason this? Liberal democracy as we’ve developed it, has given universal suffrage to all (the worthy and the unworthy). For example, I would maintain that if we had none of our vibrancy voting, the pol’s would in turn not be catering to such and much of what passes for normal in this society would not be happening. Sounds more like cause than symptom.

      • It’s a symptom, because the real cause isn’t the democracy — you say yourself that things would be different if we had none of our vibrancy voting. But it is our nature — biology, culture, whatever — to allow our vibrancy to vote. South Africa, Sweden, Rhodesia — it’s a seemingly irresistable urge for us to offer the vibrants a seat at the table, and eventually a knife at our throats, and it rears its head no matter what political system under which we are operating.
        We only manage nice civilizations for as long as we keep the vibrancy out in the first place, and we have a darned hard time mustering the will to do that. The Nordic countries and Iceland are only getting eaten by vibrancy slowly, because a lot of the vibrants don’t really like living that far north.
        We weren’t always that way, I don’t think, but that’s the way we are now. How much is nature and how much nurture, I can’t say.
        Whether it’s liberal democracy, republicanism, monarchy, oligarchy, socialism or communism, the concepts of egalitarianism and universalism seem to spread in the West. Even the most inequal Western societies pay lip service to the concepts.

      • Compsci, I can’t speak for Line, but your response sounds much like my husband when we’re debating possible futures. He posits that if/when all vibrancy and small hats are removed, so too will the vast majority of problems and conflicts, and then the system can function as designed with a few tweaks here and there. I disagree, because whether small hats or churchians building their New Jerusalem, that messianic fervor always springs up again somewhere. Even all White societies have their bottom 10%, their easily led, and their women. The vibrancy and the excess are symptoms, and the small hats may be pumping poison, but it’s the basic system that makes it all possible. The concepts of democracy, egalitarianism, and the universal franchise need to be ditched, along with the ‘innate’ goodness of the common man and wisdom of the ‘experts.’

        • Still don’t follow you and Viz, nor are you following me. My argument has always been that suffrage is a privilege to be earned and not a birthright. Universal suffrage was not envisioned by the Founders. They set government up basically that way. In addition, they included a concept of a federation of countries (States) to further weaken a future totalitarian Federal government. Their writings indicated a great fear of democracy as rule by mob—you know, like is the case today.

          Things seemed to work until unscrupulous politicians expanded the right in order to gain political power. And here we are. Whether we can go back to halcyon days was never mentioned in my posting, it’s you interpretation.

          However, since you mention it, then maybe you’d best figure out how you want to organize your new “homeland” in which your new society will live and hopefully thrive.

          Have yet to hear how you will handle decision making across the populous you intent to organize. Because if you give everyone the right to vote—even excluding say, women—you’ll be right back where you started from within a century, or 4 generations, which is the time after which no one in living memory will be around to tell the tale of what got us there in the first place.

  19. If Donald Trump is “incompetent”, how do we describe the presidents who came before him?

  20. IMO. Your frame of runaway democracy is off base.
    We are seeing the emergence of a new cult – enveloping the ruling class of our country. The cultists are attempting to leverage control of the ruling class and media to impose their beliefs. But that has happened throughout history and has nothing to do with “democracy” as usually meant – as you use it.

  21. One thing that liberal democracy does to help fanatics explore their fanaticism is to attempt to destroy, at every turn, the role of fatherhood in the lives of children. The Supreme Court decision this week was yet another blow against fatherhood, where genders float freely in this new exploratory environment. As a matter of fact the entire setup from day one, the design of the welfare state and tax system is a virtual factory for an unruly, emotive, bastard population. A population that loots an Old Navy 20 years later, which is sad on more than one level. As a matter of fact, a Christian, transported a couple hundred years to the present would call this whole society….satanic.

      • For years I’ve been saying that God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology for allowing this despicable facsimile of a country to go unsmited (unsmitten?). Yes, one could claim he’s removed his blessings or presence and is allowing us to destroy ourselves, but I want fire and brimstone, dammit!

      • Imagine no rule by spirit-cooking pedophiles
        Its a Moon Shot if you ca-an
        No Baphomet in Oklahoma City
        No preachers mewling
        Trust the Pla-an

  22. Fear is what has allowed the morality to get so out of control. A lot of this “morality signalling” is just fear masquerading as morality and the failure to stand up to it is entirely down to fear.

    • Excellent.

      Virtue signalling for those in front, (per Citizen),

      morality signalling for those left behind.


      Greed and fear runs the market.

  23. It may be that much of the madness has been deliberately created. Then of course, liberal democracy makes it easy for madness to spread.

    • Thanks foe posting your essay, Vizzini!
      I look forward to reading it!
      BTW: is your screen name from the character in “Princess Bride” ?
      (Just noticed funny typo above. But given the subject matter of late, I have decided to leave it….)

      • Yes, it’s from The Princess Bride.
        ” Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?”
        Vizzini was a ridiculous character, infatuated with his own intelligence. It’s a reminder to not take myself too seriously.

    • Will check it out. I don’t see an “about” link at your site. Care to say something about yourself? Background? How long you been commenting here at Zblog?

      • No, I don’t think any of that is very interesting. I’ve mentioned parts of my background in posts where I think it is applicable, but I am not interested in “About Me” posts or pages for now.

  24. Okay I take back my comment yesterday about your take being reductionist.
    If you have children, btw, and you dont want them being radicalized into fanatics by the system, relentlessly teaching them how this system works, and undermining its morality for them is the only vaccine against it afaik.
    I have been pounding into my kids’ head how morality is being used as a bludgeon to make us weak. Usually through stories cos theyll actually listen to stories and it doesnt feel like they are being lectured.
    Now being one of the “small minded” who thinks this is being used for our ruling class to solidify their power, i dont totally agree with your theory. Maybe it is a matter of degrees as far as how much agency the ruling class has in all of this. The real test then is whether or not the US finally stabilizes politically into a left wing regime and the revolution comes to a halt or it just continues to decline because there is no real ambitious ruling class and theres no breaks on the train.

    • You wrote that as if you think the US doesn’t already have a left wing regime in place.
      It’s not a question of left-wing at this point – but rather a question of whether we’ll get an outright Commie regime in place of the current left wing one.

      • yes, I meant to write something like “a stabile left wing regime” meaning they stop agitating the underclass to get more power.

  25. It’s more than just morality and social ostracism. There’s an iron fist inside that velvet morality glove. Not being invited to parties is one thing, losing your job and being blackballed forever is quite another.
    But I would agree that these whites (not the Jews, however) wield that power with a true sense of righteousness. The Karens believe. I’d also agree that Progressivism by its nature can’t stop. To be a Progressive, you have to be out in front of the general population in your beliefs. Once society as a whole comes around to your beliefs (either by persuasion or force), you lose your moral righteousness which forces you to move out in front of society no mater where it leads.
    That’s why the CivNat collapse on race is disturbing. Average whites have adopted the views of the Progressives which will force the Progressives to move farther out ideologically. If Joe Normie now says that white privilege is real and white racism is the cause of black problems, Progressives must start to espousing positions that Joe Normie finds too a bridge too far, such as reparations, kneeling to blacks, whites signing certifications admitting their racist sins, defunding police, allowing black crime, etc.

    • I don’t think Joe Normie is saying that at all. The media is highlighting those few Joe Normies who have said that. We don’t want these people anyways.

      • I’d say that it’s a bit of both, the media hyping whites who grovel, but I think that a lot of us have seen in our own lives and in our areas a certain capitulation of CivNat types who went from “I don’t see color” and “we’re all just Americans” to “racism and systemic injustice are real and we whites need to listen to the black community.”
        Regardless, it doesn’t matter to Progressives. Just like with gay marriage, the new accepted view of society with no real push-back anymore is white racism exists and is the main cause of black problems. Whether Joe Normie fully believes that or not, it’s what he says in public. But Progressives never want to be in the same ideological spot as Joe Normie. They are Progressives after all.
        The Progressives will now need to move to a new position on race. Now that whites have admitted their guilt, Progressives will demand more action, more groveling by whites. Progressives will push that to the point the whites start to disagree, which will make Progressives once again out in front of whites (at least in their mind) ideologically and thus more moral again.
        As to your point, no, we don’t need to whites who willingly grovel. However, we can recruit those whites who are beginning to realize that there will never be a truce in this war, that they will never be left alone. We need to recruit the whites who are waking up to the fact that they won’t be able to just hide and live their lives. The Progressive whites and their brown horde will come for them and demand money and fealty.

        • The CivNats are going with the program, but I have noticed how many of them have smartly learned to simply shut up and say or do nothing. The Proggies hate that, and the next step will be to make the ask for positive affirmation of their cause. CivNats will do it by rote, with their fingers crossed behind their backs. Then will be the ask for sufficient enthusiasm, like the videos of the NK big shots clapping wildly so they don’t get taken out and shot. Incremental asks will never end, but they are asks for a set of ideas that have no concrete goals, but are instead simply a variation of Lennon’s “Imagine”. At some point, the laughing and giggling start among the CivNats, and it all quickly unravels. But there is likely a lot of ruin between now and when that comes to pass.

    • Yes but……….. there really is only so much insanity a society can suffer.
      Sooner or later – thru one method or another – the insanity will be reigned in. I’ve seen a lot of comments over the years about how normies have just put up with all of the insanity – because it didn’t really affect them.
      But now it IS. There are issues with the supply chain, the BLM is looking for in-your-face handouts, cities are burning – etc.
      Maybe I hang around with the wrong people – but nobody I know seems very encouraged by any of this – and it’s definitely getting noticed.

      • I assume that the CivNats being quiet and not responding is going along with noticing. But there is a big bridge, occupied by the troll of upside-downside personal trade offs of career and social standing, that may block the way from those CivNats truly coming over to our side for some time yet. Just my take on the thing, YMMV.

  26. Two points
    1) Beyond the timing and terror of the collapse, there are a set of interrelated questions. First, do we stand clear or do we help topple it over ourselves? If the latter, how to push the Old Republic over so that it crashes down on our enemies? Second, what do we do when Zero Hour arrives, and how do we do it?
    2) We are already seeing a lot of new people popping up here and all over the dissident sphere. These numbers are only going to increase as the cultural revolution plays out. How to interact with them? I mean, how to treat them in a way that is absolutely clear about what they are getting into, prevents entryism to the greatest extend possible, and avoids the sort of often self-defeating a$$hole behavior common to other popular dissident sites?

    • The current system is based on so many unfounded assumptions (racial equality, renewable energy, debt based monetary system, subservience to Israel, military overreach) that it will topple on its own. Stay out of the collapse footprint and survive to pick up the pieces.

    • Our numbers are still few and we are the designated fall guys. Stand clear, as much as you can, and survive to live another day. Do not fall for the CivNat idea that you have agency here, or that voting our way out of it will work. We have targets painted on our heads (as do the goodwhites, though they have no idea…), and thats just the way it is.

      • Yup.
        Unless you are surrounded by a like minded community of at least a dozen families discretion is the better part of valor.
        Grey man theory all the way until you can find such a community.

  27. I think virtue is an individual trait, as in the pursuit of excellence and an ethical life. Honor is a code of virtues shared among peers while morality is a commonly held ethical framework for a society. Traditionally honor and morality held each other in check. Excesses of moral piety could be stopped by manly honor while excessive violence or rivalry resulting from honor could be stopped by a genuine respect for morality.
    Long ago western civilization decided to do away with honor because there are no peers – we are ALL equal after all. The moment that a man could face prison for punching another man for insulting his honor, or challenge him to a duel, was the moment that civilized society started its death spiral with unchecked fanatical public morality.
    Men of honor would not allow a fraction of what is happening today, but everybody knows that men of honor will spend a significant part of their life behind bars.

    • Honor is also connected with enforcement. It used to be if I insulted your honor, you were not a man unless the two of us went out and had a gunfight from which more than likely only one of us would coming back. Once the state took over the role of enforcement, honor inevitably withered away when the means to enforce it was taken away.

      • Exactly. And there is no redress for a breach of honor in the justice system because running to authorities to report someone for challenging your honor is a distinctly unhonorable thing to do even if it was enforced. It’s like the entire system is designed to squash manliness except among those that don’t care about a livelihood or imprisonment – a perfect recipe for chaos.

  28. In reading stuff here about Trump I honestly don’t know which way this republic goes? I voted for Trump and will again but I just have a gut feeling if he pulls this one out it will be by the skin of his teeth. We are too far gone. This is not 1972 and men like my father are in their graves.
    And if Trump does pull it out what then? We just got the transvestite ruling yesterday from the Supreme Court led by one of his appointees.
    Our culture war has been lost.
    We are deep in the nihilist phase of our republic and while I pray that we can come out of our stupor but I have my doubts that it’s possible without a cleansing and reorganization of some kind.
    In reading stuff here about Trump I honestly don’t know which way this republic goes? I voted for Trump and will again but I just have a gut feeling if he pulls this one out it will be by the skin of his teeth again. We are too far gone. This is not 1972 and men like my father are in their graves.
    And if Trump does pull it out what then? We just got the transvestite ruling yesterday from the Supreme Court led by one of his appointees.
    Our culture war has been lost.
    We are deep in the nihilist phase of our republic and while I pray that we can come out of our stupor but I have my doubts that it’s possible without a cleansing and reorganization of some kind.

  29. Z Man said: “No one in power is offering an alternative, other than more fear of the mob. The only questions now are the timing and terror of the eventual collapse.”
    The madness can’t go on forever. Sooner rather than later an authoritarian regime will have to take over and clamp a lid on the chaos. I don’t see anyone on the horizon with the charisma and gravitas to pull it off, but the people that own and operate this hell hole won’t let eveything completely collapse just to placate the church of woke. If I’m wrong, then the mass uncontroled immigration will be going in the other direction .

    • I thought Tom Cotton sounded pretty good calling out the thought police. Not sure if he has enough charisma to catch on nationally.

      • Cotton is more Gay Oligarch Party goy-feed. Do not be fooled.
        101% support of Israel, capital gains tax cuts, pro-Deep State cyber-monitoring & financial disclosure b/c terrorisms, interventionist foreign policy & endless military spending and OFC, condemned White supreemissses after Charlottesville.
        Decent on immigration, 2A & abortion but he’s never had to take a stand that mattered on them – a lot of Cruz-tier grandstanding with no real downside risk. Gives you great 100% Conservative ratings, but no skin in the game. It’s not like these are controversial positions in Arkansas.
        Has he commented on Sessions vs. Tuberville?

        • Ugh.
          It’s truly sad how the vast majority of whites don’t realize that our fellow white people’s holy book is as, or possibly more filled with hatred than the Quran.

      • Cotton crowed about the 125,000 new jobs his latest bill helped create; he didn’t mention that they all went to H1B Indian tech migrants. Sorry.

        • Cotton is bad, but not as bad as Mike Lee. Jesus. Between Lee and Romney the Ut-ards are in a tie with South Carolina for worst GOP representation, and that’s saying something. Pay no attention to the facts, just vote what billion dollar mega-cult wants and pay your tithe.

      • Was this his New York Times op-ed? I didn’t read it, and admit I don’t know much about Cotton, but I was amazed a liberal rag would give a forum to a conservative with an argument against The Narrative.

  30. The madness is not confined to the USA. It has been exported to my imperial province where BLM is now the most potent political and social force in Britain.
    Already, our institutions are “reviewing” every historical symbol and landmark in advance to ensure compliance. The “conservative” government of Boris Johnson did everything short of physically grovel to the mob and pledged to “do much more to combat racism”. What they mean, of course, is that our history and culture is going to be dismantled and put in the shredder.
    We have only had a minute taste of what is to come; a waft of scent emanating from the Africanised future that is being cooked up for us with assiduous care in the kitchens of the academy, the boardroom, the courtrooms, the newsrooms and administrative halls.
    That said, I refuse to allow despair into my life. Despite the undeniable truth that a lot of red pills have dropped in this last two weeks, it is not enough yet. Most British normies are still wandering around in a state of bewilderment, clinging to the hope that things will settle down, sanity will be restored and chanting the mantra of “hypocrisy” in the impotent hope that it if they keep repeating it, they will banish the evil spirits.
    The tipping point is here.

    • The Corbett report called this WW 3. It’s the globohomo oligarchs war against us. All of the control features we’re seeing from pandemic to BLM riots are world wide, and designed to control and subjugate. They’ve got the leftists and all the institutions under there sway. No wonder the Donald seems like a blithering idiot.

    • People such as us are going to have incredible repositories of history, that the people of tomorrow will not even believe had ever happened. The powers-that-be will strip the past down to some grey, oppressive maismatic thing, and we will have stories of valor, of sacrifice, of beautiful construction and creation, and it will be our secret history. We are the monks, in isolation, that will make the transcripts for people yet born to read, so that they might understand where they came from.

      • Just to be clear on the monk thing, we can pass down knowledge & still carry swords & get laid.
        I’d rather be a Lindisfarner than a Lindisfarnee, IYKWIM

  31. I’ll stick with Machiavelli re: the political primacy of fear.
    Fear has power or we’d be posting with our real names. Our fear comes from being on the receiving end of power – as in Charlottesville.
    If morality trumped Fear, Good Whites would actually live in the hood instead of Vermont.
    The resistance to Trump is backed by real power and is emboldened by his inability or failure to instill fear in his opponents by exercising his own power.
    Havel’s Blacked-grocers of today aren’t putting the Square of Submission in their shop windows because of morality – they’re afraid of what will happen if they don’t.

    • Agree, though I believe that the situation is complex. It’s partly about fear for many whites, but it’s also about morality for many whites, particularly women. That morality is what gets so many whites to vote for a party that openly hates them – not that voting is going to matter.
      Social ostracism goes a long way, but as I mentioned in my comment, it only goes so far. I use a pen name not because I’m afraid of not being invited to parties but because I’m afraid of losing my job and being blackballed forever.

      •  “not that voting is going to matter”


        My biggest hope and fear in single statement. Hope that this will recede and the “silent majority” will temporarily mouth the safe platitudes while pulling the lever for ratcheting this back.


        The fear that the votes will be undermined and the amoral Leftists/Globohomos will just manufacture victories. Of course, that fear rides tandem with relief… relief that we no longer have any moral obligation to abide by the rules.






      • It isn’t morality to simply ape the mob. Indeed, most woke whites subscribe uncritically to the cult of victimhood, which explicitly denies agency for practically everyone but heterosexual white males, the putative patriarchal oppressors. True morality requires an act of the individual’s will predicated on his or her having chosen that act with a fully informed conscience. This is why the NPC meme is so accurate and provocative as an accusation. It would be more nuanced to say that while some are acting from fear, others appear to be acting from something akin to religious ecstasy from participating in a purity spiral of virtue signaling.

    • Fear has power or we’d be posting with our real names.”
      Exile, I don’t think it’s ever been put more succinctly.
      We can’t even hold a g-d meet up where we could get to know each other, help each other out. In a fear-free society, we’d spend a few days every summer at SailerCon, or Lagos-by-the-Z. Instead we’re completely isolated.
      I’m not saying it’s unwarranted or irrational; the stakes are high. But it’s true that most of us have been wearing a mask long before it became a fashion accessory.

  32. What if you guys are wrong?
    What of things get better?
    I find it hard to believe that things are as bad as you guys say they will be when at least 80% of the people think the protests and changes are positive.

    • Things won’t get better, because what is happening now is based on lies, and you can’t build a solid civilizational foundation on lies.

      • Kenny’s question seems to be in good faith. He sounds like my brother who believes that our country operates on a pendulum that swings from conservative to liberal and that everything will be okay, almost by definition.
        I can’t prove to Kenny that things won’t magically go our way, but I would just ask him for his reasons to believe that they will.

        • Ditto for my BIL. He says the exact same thing. Everything is a pendulum swing to him, it will get better. This is magic thinking that is simply a protective device for the psyche.

          • Nobody knows how things will play out. But if you plan for the worst, the surprises are usually good ones.

          • Dunno. I’ve been a lifelong pessimist and am a bit on the skittish side. Not with my opinions, tho.
            I don’t know if would apply to the optimist/trolls discussed here, but I’ve found that when debating with someone, that at a certain point I say something like: “If anything I’ve said is untrue, or if there is an error in my reasoning, please point it out.” In most cases the person abandons the argument 🙂
            My ego would have me believe that I’m smart, but isn’t it more likely that a lot of arguments I’m getting are just bullshit, and my retort is a defense mechanism?
            Needless to say, I’m not popular in social circles. 😀

    • Well, if I’m wrong, then you’ve helped to organize your community, gotten closer to your neighbors, become more self-sufficient, and made The World A Better Place ™. It’s a no-regrets strategy, right? And of course, if you don’t think that 80% of people can be wrong, or lying to keep their jobs, you haven’t studied much history, which I feel is probably the case.
      Of course, I doubt that you have any interest in helping communities of people like me, but I’m feeling charitable today, and will assume that you’re not Tiny Duck wearing a new even more tiresome skinsuit…

    • Even if what you say is true, what you are experiencing is 80% (a made up number?) of people expressing that the protests and changes are positive. You have no idea what they truly think.

      • One should be skeptical of surveys. What people say they believe and what they really believe are often dramatically different. It’s obvious that social pressure and similar will influence a person’s words, but probably not so much their beliefs. In economics this is called a “revealed preference” and is sought after information by marketers, etc.
        This is not merely an academic curiosity. Remember “New Coke” (1985 or so)? Coke did surveys and respondents said they preferred the taste of Pepsi. So Coke altered their ancient formula, unaware that people actually preferred Coke (shown by buying preference) yet reported differently in a survey. This was a major, expensive mistake for Coca-Cola.
        An excellent humorous (I hope!) joke to illustrate this is the classic marriage trap when the wife asks “Does this dress make my ass look big?” The Candide would answer “No my dear, it is your big ass that makes your ass look big.” Most husbands would choose their words wisely, but that may not mean the unvarnished truth. For your Bible readers, there is the teaching about it not being the words of a man that matters, but his deeds. By his works he shall be known, I think. I am the Layabout so I have few works, but many words 🙂

      • But when the tide’s out, this hole in the sand is so nice and warm and dark. What’s that funny roaring noise? 🙂

    • Kenny,
      I up-voted you for swimming up stream. Maybe you are right. Stay flexible and frosty though. If you are right and things get better you can have a good self-satisfying chuckle… if not, you better have made some fallback plans and hardened your heart for what is to come.

    • “…80% of the people think the protests and changes are positive.”
      Hahahaha! 80%! This is exactly why legalizing marijuana was such a bad idea. 💩🤢

      • I think that’s unfair. For example, many states have legalized marijuana for medical use. As soon as I found out, I got a license and am now proudly part of the millions helping in the search for a medical use 😀
        In seriousness, Marijuana is one of the least dangerous drugs. Not completely harmless, but pretty tame compared to alcohol even.

        • Ben, that remains to be seen. The argument that it’s better than alcohol is fallacious, or at least factious. It certainly is better than say, that synthetic heroin, krokodil, they use in Russia or meth. But does that mean we need another drug or more soma for our already dull witted teenaged population?

          We’ve had 10,000 years to get used to alcohol and we know what the effects are. We know how potent it can get—200 Proof, or 100% (usually not better than 196 proof with moisture). Marijuana on the other hand is not what we had even in the 70’s with most stores now offering double digit percentage THC plants. Not to mention concentrations produced by distillation—hash oil. And of course, any number of youth have died or gotten sick through illegal THC vaping modules.

          Already we’ve seen reports on the candies and cookies made with THC in them. Some States I believe have outlawed such for sale. There are any number of studies which seem now to be indicating that daily use, especially with young minds may indeed lead to reduced cognitive ability. Of course, that always get tricky wrt cause and effect. (With joggers, how can you tell?)

          But I will agree, it probably no longer possible to reduce use through criminalization, but I refuse to tout it’s “merits”,

    • You must have different source of information than I. 80% is a big number. Are 80% in agreement on anything in this land? Sources/citations?

    • what area of the country do you live in, Kenny?
      if you are a new reader and legitimate (ie not a troll), by all means, keep reading.
      and with each daily reading of Zman’s posts, your assignment is to look in your own life / town / environment (including tee vee) And find an example (minimum one, but ideal 2-3) in your own life / surroundings, of his blog subject matter.
      the objective is to get practice opening your eyes, both metaphorical and actual.
      (I am, among other things, a teacher, so at least when Our Thing needs small group elementary-level instruction, I am here!)

  33. Sobering indeed. Man oh man, great post! There is ABSOLUTELY no one in power at any level who will confidently and with certitude speak truth to or call out this madness. They fall all over themselves to vie for the most virtuous, most moral as they leap into the void. It’s hard to see any glimmer of light in this tunnel of blackness.

  34. Over the years, we have retreated farther away from the trappings of major civilization. I have lived here for almost a decade and I can count the number of joggers I have seen on both hands. Even the section 8 housing here, populated by mostly down on their luck white people, are clean and well ordered. Crime is low and mainly of the druggie/burglary type. I do not miss the cities. I do not miss the great dark crowds of entitled miscreants bent on stealing my shit because they are too damned lazy or unmotivated. I worked hard for decades and, in every job, produced value far in excess of what I took from the economy. It has been a good run. I just want to be left alone for my elder years.
    I read a quote many years ago; it seems appropriate. There is a storm a-coming; and, it is starting to rain.

  35. Polygamy is still sort of meh among the woke, as it is far to focused on a traditional one man-many women dynamic for the woke to really accept it.
    Polyamory, however, where degenerates live with and debase themselves with multiple “partners” is the new buzzword. It’s especially (un)holy when each partner has his own pronouns and proclivities.

    • Polygamy is associated with icky white guys with giant beards, and icky states in the Intermountain West

    • Can’t think of a single functioning society where polygamy is practiced. Even when culturally supported, the 30-50% of males who’ll never mate get hosed.
      Maybe Utah with the Mormons as it comes back into the open. Worked for awhile when they got going (low male to female ratio), but it’s a loser strategy for the kind of society I’m down with.
      Polyamory is just weird.

  36. “You can lose your job for refusing to use the right pronouns, for example.”
    That actually happened to me last year. Academic job.
    It was actually a terrible, low-paying job, and they were trying to get rid of me before that for purely political reasons but couldn’t because I was competent. So that was the pretext they ended up using.
    It wasn’t intentional, by the way. Purely innocent mistake. Some “transgender” looked like a male, so I addressed “him” as such. I had no way of knowing otherwise, but it turned out to be a female. HR accused me of “harassment and discrimination” and launched an “investigation” of me and took me off the schedule before the “investigation” even began. I recognized it for the set-up that it was and just resigned on the spot rather than waste my life trying to defend myself against a ridiculous charade in which I was guaranteed to lose.
    They didn’t miss a beat. They immediately replaced me with someone zero expertise, almost no experience, and inferior zero credentials who was willing to work for the low pay and toe the party line. (They’re just using him, too, though, and he will surely get axed when they want to fill the spot with one of their political buddies).
    I have officially stopped giving a fuck about what anybody thinks and stopped trying to “fit in” with mainstream society, which is now controlled by these Bolsheviks.
    I do, however, greatly fear that the government will send in armed goons in a MRAP to kill me if I make one misstep someday.
    Just like the Soviet Union.

    • The university is by far the single most anti-white institution we have and it’s been that way for a very long time. If we come out of this calling our own shots it will have to be completely rebuilt.

      • Universities are an obsolete institution that made sense in the 14th century but with the changes in technology are a net, and nearly complete, waste of resources today.
        We need our very own Henry the VIII to do to them what he did to monasteries, that had similarly outlived their usefulness to society.

      • Raze to the ground, sow with salt.
        Homeschooling and in-group teaching is going to be the future for Our Thing for a long time to come.

        • Sounds like a joyous idea,burning the universities should cheer the remaining sane american whites.

        • Homeschooling is probably not an alternative for tertiary education. K-12 great. University, not so much.
          Online is much better alternative, albeit not sufficient for all training. And online needs to be careful managed to be effective. Online is much, much more than a camera set up in front of a lecturer.
          STEM education which often requires labs and hands on stuff would seem problematic as well. Not sure how a human anatomy class would be taught at home over a Zoom connection. 😉
          Rather than burn down the system, fundamental reforms can/need be made. For example, Europe issues Bachelors degrees in three years—not four. Why, they don’t milk students for tuition, nor offer remedial courses in HS basics, like Math and English, nor much in the way of electives. And of course, students are tracked after grade school into academic vs non-academic career paths. No country will waste resources in putting students of low intellect into University.

          • Thank you for the reply. I assume you are from Europe? Yes, most countries there seem to have a saner University system. I’m probably over-generalizing, but often the education is free, but you must qualify, and openings by specialization are limited so you might not get in even if you otherwise qualify. And, in general, your governments don’t waste money and effort on educating those of lower ability.
            However, I’ve read that in some countries (Greece?) a college degree is basically worthless because the rich can “buy” a degree for themself. America has all this and more; we have everything from diploma mills, to programs that actually train and educate people. Of course what we comment upon here is the political and other rot that slowly is poisioning the academy, as Xman bemoaned.
            Similarly, our primary/secondary education system has become so watered-down in half a century that the results are all over the map. In some cases a High School diploma will be from a good school, but oftentimes it worth little more than for wiping one’s backside 😀
            100, maybe 60 years ago, many States did not require school attendance past 8th grade. An American High School diploma was – easily – the equal of a 4-year degree in today’s Universities (for average students.) Yes, standards really have dropped that far. Today, of High School grads, roughly 15% of whites, 30% of Latinos, and 39% of Blacks are too stupid to enter the Armed forces, even the Marines!
            Come to think of it, the average Black IQ (about 85), equates to an 8-th grade education (“old style” I guess). That makes my Wikipedia comment all the more relevant (see my reply to Yves Vannes above). Perhaps in the old days, at least in Virginia, they did not routinely educate “Negroes” past 8th grade, except for the gifted, who got sent to Washington?
            If you’ve received your education in Europe, thank your socialized stars 🙂

          • Ben, I sometimes assume of the other commenters here that they are familiar (fed up?) with me. As you are not, then I’ll tell you.

            I am not a product of European education. All American, but before the great poz’ing of the University system. My professors as a young undergrad wore suites and ties and even smoked in the classroom during lecture.

            I spent my entire career in higher education at the university. I am a first generation American as well. My father came here after the war from an occupied country. America was all he thought about (that and food) while he was under occupation. All my family on my father’s side remains in the old country, and if you knew my name, you could Google any number of them who are faculty in universities over there. I was surprised at this myself, but it runs in the family I guess.

            However, what I state wrt university education is only my opinion based on my experience and often, is not as insightful as some of the other commenters in this group. So treat it with a grain of salt at times.

            I have my biases—such as a hesitation to toss the institution out because of the crazies who have taken over. At least not until I see my recommendations for remediation fail under test. Most have never been tried here in the States, but can be shown to be useful elsewhere.

      • The academics and MDs were 2 largest(percentagewise) groups that voted for Hitler in 1932.
        “Intellectuals yet idiots”. They never changed.

      • Although it was in a different context, a few days back I posted what happened to Washington, D.C.’s Dunbar High School. It was ironically, a school for high-achieving Blacks that was ruined by Brown vs. Board of Education.
        I think a similar thing is happening to the universities, quality and politics-wise, albeit over a much longer time period. I found the Wiki particularly amusing because I assume Wikipedia is a Liberal snake pit, yet given such a bias, the article seems very objective.,_D.C.)
        I was intrigued by the Fairfax Co. VA comments. Of course decades before my time, I grew up in that county, so it’s a bit of local history. VA was pretty skinflint back in the Jim Crow days, and it was mighty white of them, so to speak, to pay for the higher education of the “Negro.” Students would’ve had long commutes by train/trolley, even in closer towns.
        I didn’t check the list of illustrious alumni, but on a bet none of them attended after 1954. Good to know they have good athletics program! 🙂

    • Sympathy. I hope things get better.
      If I have to address a man in a dress as a woman, I don’t know what I’ll do. I need a job, but I’m not sure that I could actually mouth the false words.
      Once again, we return to the 1984 movie where O’Brian tortures Winston until he says that O’Brian is holding up 5 fingers when he is holding up 4.

    • I do, however, greatly fear that the government will send in armed goons in a MRAP to kill me if I make one misstep someday.”
      They will, I’ve already had the armored car full of goons at 3 am and I got it from a work dispute just like you. But unlike your tranny that just ran screaming like the shriveled sack mutant it was to HR against you, mine ran to the cops. Consider yourself lucky as if you get a criminal charge or your story goes public you will have a really hard time getting employment again.
      That is where we are headed next now that the police can’t actually go after blacks anymore. I said it before they will do anything to hold that power as many of them are damaged people which is why they seek that profession. If whitey as the target is what it takes to get public acceptance again, they will go all in. Look no further than the Covid-19 crackdown on ‘SWPL’ activities if you doubt this outcome.

      • During my evening walk I was thinking precisely about the problem that “police can’t actually go after blacks anymore.” What if that becomes the norm? Of course, Black crime will get much worse. But what will non-criminals (any race) do? Lacking recourse to the law, some of them will defend themselves by force, up to and including a gun. I wonder how many cases of white man shoots black man (with murder, civil rights, etc. charges if caught) it’ll take to ratchet up the country towrads a hot civil war? Do you think we are heading this way or am I just being paranoid?

        • Of course they won’t go after POC, but reserve their efforts on the easy prey, Whites. That is to say, those folk who won’t give them grief. But even that will ease and a level of lawlessness become the new norm. Even before now, there was difficulty recruiting new police officers as to prior decades. The job was always dangerous and for the crap you took, not too great in renumeration, but it was prestigious. Grade schoolers wanted to be doctors, lawyers, cops, when they grew up. Now, not so much.

          Life will be a little more harsh and brutal, especially for those without resource to peaceful gated communities, and private security, and Whitopias.

          As the police departments become less White, their functionality will decrease. Detective work involves some smarts and dedication. White beat cops strove for that promotion and rise in rank and pay. How will this work when our “new” police force all resemble the “rent a cops” we see standing by the door in our department stores checking packages?

  37. ” timing and terror of the eventual collapse” . given the current lockdown madness and the slow moving tranwrek that the supply chains are becoming, this event is likely to be global in scope. something unseen in human hisory.

      • I just had a phone visit with my extended family. My 30-ish cousin told me of the wonderful Supreme court decision that upheld tranny and gay rights (I still don’t know the details, nor care.) I told her that I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it on the right-wing sites I frequent 😀 Now I have. I still don’t care about the details. I did (tiny) red-pill my Liberal cousin: I stated that everyone should have the same rights. We must plant the red pill where we can, and hope it may have some effect.
        On a slight tangent, as I was talking my evening stroll (still safe in my community), I was trying to recall what (in my opinion) is the proof that we have become a silly country: As a candidate, I nominate the SCOTUS decision a few years back that a Bakery had a right to refuse to provide a gay wedding cake, and that this was a religious freedom issue. I’m not saying the decision was right or wrong. I do claim the mere fact that such a decision ever entered into the legal system shows that we long ago became a silly nation. That one takes the cake! :D. We are doomed, I agree with you, Mr. Derbyshire! 🙂

        • The wedding cake description is incorrect. The baker would sell a cake already made, he had many on display, but would not decorate such specifically for a gay couples wedding.

          There is a difference. One is selling a commodity to whomever comes through the door—and it was shown he had other, gay customers who for years entered his bakery and did business with him. Never did he turn them away or treat them differently than any other non-gay customer.

          The other involves participation in—or celebration of—the wedding. To wit, he was requested to decorate the cake himself in special ways, ex. two groomsmen holding hands, and so forth. This he could not do in good conscious. He also I believe recommended an alternative bakery which he knew did such cakes. But of course, that wasn’t why the gay couple were there. They were looking for a court case in order to “cancel” his livelihood and make an example to others who might not celebrate gayness to the appropriate extent.

          This is little different from photographers refusing to take pictures of such a wedding celebration. I believe this has been upheld by some courts.

          l’ve been to several weddings with professional photographers—including my own— and I can see how one might have a problem with two same sex people and poses that are traditional between man and wife and groomsmen and bridesmaids. You’d need experience in the gay community. Remember, if folks don’t like your pictures, you make little to no profit on the engagement.

  38. Even a mad king had financial incentives not to go overboard. Nowadays nearly all of the pushers of the insanity are nearly immune to any practical financial considerations. They are either in the government, academia, massive foundations, in the outright monopolies in the tech sector, or in the media oligopolies.
    Imagine giving the nastiest AWFL in your neighborhood a couple million to work on community advancement and watch the swath of destruction she will cause. That’s our nation right now.

    • Fortunately the damage such person(s) will do tends to be limited by the sheer greed and incompetence of such movements. After skimming off as much as you can for yourself, and for your closest friends, whatever remains will — sort of — be put to use in whatever the organization’s stated purpose was. Particularly in these “woke” times, such a mission is likely to be very ill-defined. For example, in practice, what does it really mean to (I’m making these up) “empower disadvantaged urban youth and give them opportunities to participate in society” or to “increase access to affordable health services by the at-risk”? If that is your mission statement, then anything from a vocational jobs training program, to midnight basketball, to printing up anti-drug-abuse or healthy-diet pamphlets, and so on. Many of these are doomed to fail simply by knowing a bit about human nature: people are stubborn. They aren’t easily swayed to give up things they like, be it unwholesome foods, sex acts, recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco and so forth. No is the welfare mother with five offspring to care for, or the multiple convicted felon with a sub-80 IQ likely to even attend any offered jobs training, nor is it likely than any employer will offer such a cretin a job even if he/she does “complete” said “training.”
      None of this is to say that no good ever comes from such publicly funded efforts. But any actual progress comes at a huge overhead cost, and most of the money merely feathers the nests of those who handle the funds, or their cronies.
      Looked at another way: Have you ever worked, even on the edges, of any government agency or program? Then you’ve seen first hand the inefficiences, the waste, the failed objectives, excuses, the limited ability to change course or even discipline the incompetent, and all the other folly of such programs. This will be many times worse when people of color are in charge. An excellent example of noble objectives, billions spent, and failure is this:

      • There is an idiom that may not be current but sums up Government programs:
        “Good enough for government work”.

  39. Good essay. One takeaway is: no one type of political system endures for long. Monarchy becomes tyranny, leading to revolution. Perhaps a different despot replaces the old. Sometimes a republic is born. History provides interest exceptions. Spain is odd. Most recently, a mellowing dictator (Franco) peacefully handed rule over to a democracy. Spain has a long history of liberal-consersative-democracy-dictator; its ex-colonies have remarkably similar stories. Maybe they’re not typical. But one style of rule never lasts more than a few centuries. This is even to be expected; change is constant and unavoidable. Many things are cyclical. With governments and societies, probably the major cycles are decades and centurys in duration.
    What does our future hold? Of course, no one can know for certain. When I look at recent (past century) history, I see many parts of the globe that were to some degree a democracy. Many parts of Africa, the Mideast, were relatively liberal. Often these were current or recent colonies of European powers, or at least influenced by them. Once the foreign power withdrew, usually (always, perhaps?) things deteriorated. I wryly note that most of America’s cities have decomposed similarly in the half-century or so since the white “colonial” power turned things over to the Melanic Hominid™ popuation of those once-mighty cities. Almost certainly, there is a racial-social element in these changes of power and the results thereof.
    Age-old tribal and religious divisions reappeared and an apparently-unified country broke up into smaller fiefdoms. Sometimes this seems to settle out relatively peaceably, think of cold-war era Yugoslavia or USSR, apparently successfully divided into a few dozen countries. I note with pride that these populations are mostly Caucasian/Asiatic. Ah, but what happened in the Middle East? Beirut, once the “Paris of the Mid-East” is now a patchwork of neighborhoods, usually by religious and political affiliation, ruled by local warlords and militias. Much of Africa, Black and non-Negro, are much the same. Is this what Europe and North America are fated to devolve into?
    Imagine an America where not only are no Blacks or Browns allowed into your neighborhood, but if any dare, they will be shot on sight. That may sound like heaven to the mostly-imaginary White Supremacist, but consider the rest of the story: there is no State or Federal government anymore, at least not one that can restrain the local militia’s actions. No more civil rights. And you, Whitey, will fare no better when you need to leave your zone. Like many, I think that “homelands” are a good idea. But in practice they’re not going to be two hge nations, instead they’ll be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tiny enclaves and no-man’s-lands between them.
    Contemplate how this will cripple the movement of goods and delivery of services. Yes, some supplies will move, but rather than inspection and taxes by government authorities, it’ll be bribes paid to each checkpoint that may let you pass, or they may just keep your cargo and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to walk away. Inconceivable? Even today in much of the Third World, things are little better. Even being able to get a letter reliably delivered as we are accustomed to in Europe, the USA and perhaps most of Asia is an historical anomaly. Want an item of even moderate value delivered to some countries? Possible but expensive; the recipient will probably have to meet you at the airport for any realistic hope of the intended recipient actualy obtaining the item, and impossible unless a bribe is paid to the right people. I have an aquantance, a former flight attendant. He said that on passenger flights to various African nations, they’d routinely have to bring a briefcase of cash, in order to pay the various expenses.
    One thing is certain: We are truly letting the incompetent lead us. Partly this is because anyone with clearly defined values or goals is often correctly viewed as a threat by a large portion of the electorate. So the blandest, wishy-washy, pie-in-the-sky promises sound most appealing to the voters. Consider 2016. Trump, a buffoon with zero political experience, steamrolled the field of professional Republicans and narrowly won the Presidency. Not because he was good, but because he was the best of a bad bunch, the “none of the above” candidate. Hate me if you are a Trumper. I’ll probably vote for him in the fall, if elections are allowed. But only because he’s the lesser of two evils.
    Things have only gotten worse since then. Bad as he is, neither side has put up a more credible candidate than Trump for 2020. The other side is offering us an incipient dementia case, albeit one with extensive experience in politics. The Veep is still undecided but probably will be a shocker. There is a good chance that this appalling team will be ru[i]ning the country starting in just 7 months.
    History tells us that it will take a major, serious crisis. Then the “man of the white horse” will appear. And then we will have our despot. 🙁

    • trump won because he was not part of the single donor led globalist billioner owned party. That is why he is completly isolated and never supported by the GOP establishment.

      • He won because he was rude and crude. Not the pol we were used to and that differed him from all others. He gleaned the “protest” vote of people who were tired of the same old shit. Seems to me he has a chance if that image remains through the next election. Certainly, the chaos expanding plays into that—as long as he is not considered the cause.

    • The thing that jumps out to me about America is how different we all are, and yet cohesive. The colonies were very different, yet they stuck together and overcame an empire. The young republic tore itself apart in civil war and yet the nation survived and grew.


      This time it’s different, because the people are different, but we’ve overcome long odds before. It’s what we do, and having the big break up and reformation seems to be how we settle these things as Americans.


      The script does call for a future Napoleon, but that’s all it is— a script. We’re going to play it in a way that suits us. For instance, the 20th century was the communist century, and while it sounds crazy that America had communism, I’d argue that’s what this liberal democracy business is. The American flavor of the stuff. Everything big, centralized, efficient, radically egalitarian, yet it had to at least make a show of individualism and self government, etc. We’ve adapted it to suit the national character, but the spirit of the thing is communist, and it’s ending. Not being an authoritarian society, the process is messy, noisy, tragic, violent— American.

      • Disagree on the cohesive part. Big cities hate rural areas, anyone who has religion is considered a moron, and frankly, everyone under 30 has been taught for 18 years to HATE this country.
        I’d love to see a peaceful split off.

        • I kind of disagree too, but we’re still here. It’s always been a tenuous union, yet we stick together for whatever reason, so it must not be as tenuous as it appears.

    • probably the major cycles are decades and centurys in duration.
      That may have been true for most of history, but these cycles are tied to the speed of information and movement (of both goods and people), which has increased exponentially.

    • You say that the country will split into many parts. You see it already in incipient form. Sanctuary cities and states dont honor federal law, after Virginia gun laws some counties don’t honor state law, and in Seattle a private group chased away police and patrol their own territory with guns.This is only a beginning.Civil war didn’t start in Fort Sumter in 1861 . It started in Kansas in 1856. 200 people died over there over the issue of slavery.

      • I’ve posited this before, but if we had a “Civil War II”, and using the new casualty estimate for the First 🙁 Civil War, and scaling to today’s population, we are looking at 6 million dead. If it occurs, broadly speaking, the issues will be much the same: Federal vs. State (or individual) control, freedoms infringed. Also the treatment of Blacks figure heavily. Hmmm…

    • I’d welcome a despot.
      We have no more sovereignty as Whites today than we’d have under Ivan IV, Vlad the Impaler or Bad Uncle.
      And they weren’t committing White Genocide. They fought enemies of their people, not the people themselves. That would be an upgrade for Western Whites.

    • Ben, a bit of clarification wrt Spain and Franco is in order. Franco named Juan Carlos (King of Spain) as his designated successor. In turn Carlos headed a Parliamentary Republic. One reading your post might assume Franco created something akin to a democracy as we understand it in the US. I’m pretty sure Franco distrusted Democracy and did his best to avoid such excesses, however he knew he could not live forever.
      As Z-man pointed out, it is most likely we who are an aberration wrt our form of “democracy”, which I might add was *not* the original intention of the Founders—we sank ourselves over a period of two centuries, and created this beast we now decry.

      • Compsci, you are of course accurate. I’ve even been outside his palace but that doesn’t make me an expert. But, so far as I know, all modern (past century or so) European countries with a monarch have been actually controlled by a parliament or similar. Usually the monarch has little, if any power in the government. Even having been a student of Spanish lit, I confess I don’t know the details of the current Spanish government. The more important point in my earlier post is that Spain dramatically swings its political pendulum between Franco-like Church and conservatism and liberalism and that’s going back a couple centuries, to 19th at least.

        • Well, there you got me. I don’t pretend to know the powers granted to the King. But what I’ve heard is that the King was well liked by the people (similar to the Queen today in GB) and as such was a strong figurehead to lead the people into a semblance of democratic rule.

          This was important. What Franco rebelled against 30 years previously (and what he is hated for by the left) was overthrowing the Constitutionally elected government of Spain that was turning communist. He robbed the Leftist commies of a foothold in Western Europe. Quite similar to Pinochet and Chile in the 70’s.

          Franco was no fool. He ruled Spain until capitalism got a foothold and then left a strong central figure to maintain the momentum after him.

    • History shows that monarchy is by far superior to all other forms of government. Somebody has to be in charge and hold the ultimate responsibility. Only monarch can do that. Not a clown monarch, like the ones that exist in the West today, but one with real power.

  40. The phase that we are going through right now is sad and dangerous, but necessary. Normies have to realize that the old America is dead before we can start to build something new. This is very hard, because it’s patriotism and loyalty that keep the normies trying, and these are genuine virtues not to be discouraged by any movement of the Right. But just as loyalty to your parents does not include stuffing their dead bodies and pretending that they are alive, loyalty to country does not include pretending that we’re still living in the United States.
    The battle for the United States is over, but the battle for America is just beginning. Start building from the bottom up, right now, where you are, with what you have. As Peter Brimalow once said, It’s going to be a big wreck, with lots to salvage.

    • This new front in the race wars is useful. The capitulation of CivNat types changes the game. In just two weeks, CivNats have gone from “I don’t see color” and “we’re all just Americans” to “racism and systemic injustice are real and we whites need to listen to the black community.”
      The center has broken. There is no resistance to a full assault on whites.
      Now that CivNats have admitted their guilt (whether they believe it or not, they’re saying it publicly), Progressives and non-whites will demand more action, more groveling by whites to atone for their sin of racism. Sadly, there will be whites who willingly grovel.
      However, we can recruit those whites who are beginning to realize that there will never be a truce in this war, that they will never be left alone. We need to recruit the whites who are waking up to the fact that they won’t be able to just hide and live their lives. The Progressive whites and their brown horde will come for them and demand money and fealty.
      Soon, very soon, whites will be required to sign confessions of their guilt. A perfect example is the Boy Scouts now requiring kids trying to reach Eagle Scout to get a diversity and inclusion merit badge. Anyone who has a job requiring certification and continuing ed credits will need to have Diversity and Inclusion credits just as you need an Ethics course. And guess what, you don’t get your credits unless you agree to everything in the course.
      This will happen everywhere. Whites will be required to publicly acknowledge their racism and their willingness to “listen” to non-white communities. Naturally, this will go along with more tangible punishments such as a wealth tax, housing programs, etc.
      But my guess is that it will be the mental degradations that will cause the most anger in whites. What’s more, wealthy whites won’t be able to buy their way out of those.
      At first, I was depressed by the past few weeks and the collapse of so many whites, but I now see it as a needed push. We need enough pressure on whites to get them to move. They need to see that it’s not 1965. We’re not the overwhelming majority of the population holding all the power, and thus can brush aside progressives and blacks. Whites need the slap in the face to wake them up, and it’s coming. Most will just take it, but many will decide the future for them and their children as a hated minority isn’t worth the current humiliation.

      • Agreed, some whites will collaborate, but once they see that there is no way out, that collaboration will not save them, that, as Anti-Gnostic once said “You skin is your uniform in this war”, they will start to come over. As for what Mr. Kentwood said, I wouldn’t put too much stock in what people are saying right now, 90% of this is just cheap virtue signalling, with no cost – yet. When the Vibrancy starts burning their McMansions, we’ll see.

        • You are delusional. I was out walking today and some father was was walking his toddler. He was playing loud gangsta rap on his phone while pushing a buggie and asking his 3 year old if he liked biggie smalls.
          They have already chosen suicide.

        • I hope you guys are right, that a revolution might turn back the clock. But sadly the demographics are against us. Over a period of many decades, I think we (and other countries) will see the gradual waning of perceived white power structures. I don’t know about signing pledges, but certaily a continued erosion of gun rights, school and property choices, etc. Us whites, or even going back 2-3 generations, have had a hand in this. We “lost” the right to segregate our neighborhoods and schools in the late 1940s, 1950s. The 1964 Civil Rights Act chipped away what little remained of Jim Crow The 1965 immigration changes… All this when our country was 90% White! Blame the Jews, really??? Sure, we had our affluent suburbs and exurbs but those are slowly getting Vibrant. Hard to see how we get out of this mess. Despite occasional arguments along these lines, I just don’t see the Vibrants coming to us crawling, saying “Please don’t leave White people! Save us from the Hell that we’ve created!” 🙁

  41. I think you guys forget that this movement (or whatever you want to call it) is MASSIVELY popular. Most white people under 50 that I know are openly talking about white privilege and ending white supremacy. They support taking down racist iconography.
    I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. People I know are already talking about abolishing private schools and banning firearms. Most people want hate speech laws and feel that the media needs more gatekeeping power.
    I don’t have any opinion on the matter but from an outsiders perspective it seems to me that white conservatives are in for a rude awakening.

    • As I’ve posted the last couple of days, most Whites have already had the moment of racial clarity and have actively elected suicidal cuckery.
      See previous day’s posts about Cthulhu and R’ylheh

    • Probably depends on who your circle of friends are. Things like banning school alternatives usually seem quite the imperative to the childless, or die hard ideologue. But to those with children, they suddenly seem to prefer the best education to the alternative—sacrifice of their progeny on the alter of pathological egalitarianism. Not sure the riots over school busing in Boston were by conservative Rep’s.
      Firearms are similar in that you have no need for them until you have a need for them. Then you line up with everyone else to buy out the local gun shop. Here, for example, the ad’s on the radio literally state when shipments arrive and what time you may come by to buy such. As was the case with toilet paper, they are sold out within hours. I live in a Leftist/Liberal county/city, but I am pretty certain not all those in line are Whites.
      But I concede, anything is possible with the level of stupidity and ignorance of the average voter. Heck, even talking about voting implies that folks—right or left—really have say in such matters, and we know that’s a fairly tenuous assumption.

  42. Morality, collective morality, is imposed by sanction either socially or from on high. It requires access to power and the levers of power. The intense jockeying going on right now between the factions of the left is the ultimate effort to harness Democrat party machinery and grab a hold of the power ring that is FedGov. At that point, corporate power and Fed power will be in lockstep. The republicans will do nothing to stop the advance.
    Hope lies in the sheer incompetence of these people. At some point, people stop listening. After all, the Soviets were the big bad boogeymen until over the course of a week, they suddenly weren’t and the whole thing folded up shop…

    • There is another hope: and this is that what we might be seeing , are the death throes of a dying system.
      I posted this yesterday , but it’s worth posting again because it’s relevant to your post.
      Martin Armstrong is of the opinion that what is happening is that socialism is dying. It is (like Thatcher said) – running out of other people’s money.
      In that context – the screams of “Black Lives Matter!!” – have more of pleading quality to them. Especially if you take into account some of the info I’ve seen on how much the typical black costs society just to keep alive. Blacks are a net drain. Once enough people fully come to realize that – and the government tries to increase their tax raping – a lot of people are going to start asking serious questions about the welfare state – and most specifically – WHO is on the dole.
      It is dying because the social programs can no longer be funded from pensions to the size of government employment. Because this is dying, it also results in aggressive fighting back in the system to try to save it. In part, this has been the intense hatred of Trump, and the Democrats feel they must take the White House to save their agenda. Consequently, the rise in activity is the direct result of it declining. If nothing was at risk, there would be no need for this intense rise in resistance. So they are reacting ONLY because it is failing. We see this in Europe where they are moving to cancel all currency to force people back to the banks where they will be charged negative interest rates for daring to save.
      Unfortunately, we have the last twelve years left. Marxism never works. They have tried it so many times. It fails because they try desperately to change human nature. They constantly portray someone having more than they do as evil and unjust. We are all created equal in rights, but not in talents. Some people faint at the sight of blood and others can be doctors. Some are great athletes and others can’t run 20 yards. We should see the end of Marxism with the collapse of governments beginning in 2032 moving into 2037/2038.

      • One could make the argument that we are in the midst of the dying of the final boss of the Progressive project. I wish it were so.
        One important element of what is going on is that there is no concrete end game for them; there are no tangible goals. This is simply a nihilistic exercise in destruction and elimination of everything in sight. As such, there is no rational response to such an irrational ask, other than to deny it and resist it in total and everyday.

          But there is a goal. If someone, or say a well organized gang, gained by fraud, would it make sense for them, to get rid of the people who know about that larceny, who could possible call them to account ?
          I think there is a movie there – I’d call it “The Dark Syndicate“. 

    • After all, the Soviets were the big bad boogeymen until over the course of a week, they suddenly weren’t and the whole thing folded up shop…

      It took them 70 years to go from fanatical revolutionaries to apathetic incompetents.

      • Yes and I’d say our current ruling arrangement, set up by FDR, codified by Truman, is also starting to look mighty long in the tooth as the current kommisars toddle away in their dotage… as you point out, it takes about 70 years…

      • The fanatics just moved on to the Europe/US. the rest were just playing in the system until they got bored.

  43. I think that Donald Trump is going to win the next election in a landslide. The people that hate him now are going to be absolutely horrified by who comes next.
    Pull back. Looking at the big picture, the liberals are starting to eat each other.

    • The Common Sense Calvary ain’t coming.
      Its too busy posting on Breitbart about how not racist it is.

      • Correct. Trump & Co. IS the Common Sense Cavalry, and they’ve been pinned down and outflanked by the deep state. I dunno about you, but this lunacy is not invoking any fearful or honourable or virtuous feelings in me. All I got now is a quiet, cold fury and a murderous rage against the people responsible.
        A blitzkrieg is coming. Necks will be stretched, people will be purged and genocides will be in the offing.

        • There will be plenty of opportunity for payback when the Reign of Terror has passed. Until then, look out.

          • Exactly Meme. This may pass like other crazes that have swept society before.. or it may not (at least in the blue hives). But if you are in a smaller burg or town, keep lists. If this subsides or turns into societal breakdown, punish those that participated in this. Ruin, besmirch, undermine, tar, and hinder them in all ways possible. If this eventually passes they should be encouraged to excise themselves from Our communities. If it does not, they will only become a fifth column weeping sore amongst you. They are wicked and deserve no rest or joy outside of complete repentance and humbling themselves publicly.

        • Plan-Trusting, seriously? Next you’ll be going on about how Q is going to save the day.

          • I am merely stating the obvious. Things can’t keep going like this. Something is going to give. When it does… most of the people who are good at fighting will be on our side. Leftie is burning his own cities down. For him to continue, he is going to need massive infusions of other people’s money. The next civil war is not going to look like the last one.

        • We all know that this summer’s riots and occupied zones are just a small preview of what will happen if Trump gets re-elected. My only real hope at this point is that that may become the turning point.

        • So it’s not just me.
          I’ve found a deep inner well of rage that just seems to not want to go away.
          I keep having visions of doing really bad things to people who want to do violence to me and/or my family.
          I keep wondering where my compatriots are though. Good to hear that I’m not the only one.

          • Compatriot here. Just not a lone wolf unless I’m on the defense. And I look forward to offense.

          • There are a lot of us.
            This mindset wins wars like the ones we are facing but since t we loathe chaos and have yet to agree upon a working order that is worth the risk and cost , we wait.

      • Yes, even Mozilla (Firefox) has the little banner now about “Black lives matter. Black voices matter. It’s about time we listened.” The Poz is everywhere. I can’t (easily) resign from Firefox as I like the browser. I’ll see if there is somewhere I can send an email of disapproval 😠

      • Conservatives are like the suicidal charge at the end of the life of brian.
        As they crest the hill and you think they are going to engage the enemy. They immediately top themselves.

    • Don’t legitimize a system that is out to destroy you. Get involved in local groups and politics if feasible. If you’re in a vibrant area do whatever you need to do to get out. If you have to take a pay cut and give up some economic security consider it self-preservation. Things are going to get even worse. If you don’t get out now will you even have a choice to do so in the future? A nice home and a good job in a place run by enemies and animals who want you at least gone if not dead. Just how long do you think you’ll be able to hang on to those things?
      National politics is off the table for us. The only thing a Trump win can possibly do for us is drive our enemies to outright warfare. Even if he wins because so many are desperate and they manage to elect him…they will pull the plug as they did with so many local elections in 2018. Should he survive he will play your champion while he screws you from all angles. Think local act local.
      Let’s withdraw as much as we can from Clownworld. Give them a taste of a world without YT. It will force the issues of group identity and group interests that so many in our tribe are determined to avoid. We can’t destroy a system that wants to destroy us if we keep shouldering all its needs.

      • Too many old people, at least where I’m at. The immediate concerns and survivability of the community will always lose out to getting a more comfortable old-folks shuttle bus.

      • Yes Yves. Yes. This. I’ve already come to the conclusion Ours dont get to have cities, at least not in the foreseeable future. Even as we gather into communities, the unwelcome mat must be laid out for any noticable number of others that will inevitably be drawn to Our productivity and success. Castigation for those of Our tribe that start the stirrings of the same old social justice lies. Dont know if it is possible but it is the only way I think.

        • “Give them a taste of a world without YT.”

          Yes, yes, this.

          I am sick to death of the hucksters, tools, and beaming idiots declaiming,

          “Why are we here? God sent us angel guides named Floyd to teach all his children how to luuurv one another!”

        • Just imagine the joyous miscreants in the past who said somehting like: “He said he was gonna castigate me! But he just whip me and forgot to cut off my dick!” 😀

      • If the last four months have taught anyone anything, it should be that the system is your enemy.
        There are a few holdouts still on our side, but they have no power. Good cops etc… would best serve Whites by turning in their shields & joining our communities outside this system. Servicemen too.
        Uniquely-positioned monkey-wrenchers aside, that is. There’s a role for that but those will be outliers.
        Jews are not going to let White interests be discussed, much less advanced, in politics on a state or national level.
        We have to plan to first survive then fight. Let TPTB have the favelas as we remove functional White cogs from their matrix and add them to our groups.
        Living White is better than living “well” in a society that wants to destroy you.

        • Be sure to avoid the outward appearance of living “well” in our communities. This draws in what I call the “wine and cheese” people, who aspire to live well but bring in all the goodthinking that accompanies it. Ideal is a balance of good community bones but a scruffy and slightly downscale exterior appearance.

          • This community is called rednecks. No wine and cheese there. There’s a reason they are the only ones you are officially allowed to make fun of: they are a model of a white society.

          • Wine is tolerated if it’s in a box. Cheese is OK if it is Velveeta or plastic-wrapped cheese slices.

          • I’m with you, Dutch. I never liked suits as much as blue jeans and boots, which is why I don’t miss trial work as I get older. You’d be amazed at the disdain I garner for driving an old Chevy pickup instead of some upscale sedan. Wine and cheesers judge by appearance; but the only way to really know a man is by his deeds and not by his look. Words may sound fine yet be entirely empty. It’s why the rise of social media and the preoccupation with “optics” are ultimately dissatisfying. Real community is like a good stew, just a few simple ingredients cooked together slowly.

          • There is nothing wrong with wine, cheese, and guns. They go well together. Civilization with teeth.

      • The lone wolf needs encouragement too. Remember Mr. Tarrant, the Aussie who killed quite a few in New Zealand a year or two back? I don’t condone his actions, but if you read his manifesto, he had a lot of crazy shit, but also some very practical advice along the lines of : “Work your way into the system, ina place where you may have future influence.” Especially based on his MO, I don’t think he had community organizing in mind 😀 Joining any group entails risks, all the more so if/when certain activities become illegal or even suspect. Even now, our internet fingerprints are saved for years, and little if any privacy protections exist. Of course, the Feds can vacuum up anything they like. The truly paranoid know how to cover their tracks. “The System” already knows who I am, so I have no incentive to hide. My point is that some individuals want to stay the lone wolf. What then can they do now, or when the balloon goes up?

        • The paranoid are useless. They’re hiding in a basement with their internet turned off.

    • Even if Trump manages to overcome balls to the wall mail fraud we can plan on enormous race riots and Leftist attempts to gin up CW2.
      Hell, the CHOP is a trial run for further Leftist secession.

      • I’m not too worried about it Howard. Consider our opponents: they are so dumb that they burn their own cities, and have even knocked down their own civil war monuments. They are already begging for food in the CHAZ, and that cunned stunt of a mayor in Seattle has had her house vandalized by her own freedom fighters.
        i personally am convinced that this will end in violence… but it “should” be settled fairly quickly.

    • You’re right Glen. Meme and the rest of the naysayers don’t get Trump at all. He’s biding his time right now while making it clear exactly where he stands. Excellent strategy. He will win in a landslide and the ensuing four years will answer the question posed by Zman. It will be up to Trump. Fingers crossed.

      • Oh, and by the way, the climax of the current Fourth Turning is forecasted to hit around 2025. Fits right in to the timeline.

        • Agree with both Glen and Jim, thank the heavens we don’t have a Trudeau l or ll. God save Canada and the Commonwealth.

        • Amen on that Brother they do it out of desperation or just because they don’t want to put any effort into securing their own future…

    • What difference does it make? Trump hasn’t accomplished anything. Not even an improvement to the balance of power in the courts.
      Wasn’t Gorsuch Trump’s pick? Wasn’t he supposed to bring sanity back to the Supreme Court? I heard many people say, “Well, we don’t have a wall, the swamp has not been drained, but at least we are getting back the courts.” Yeah, right… All that’s left is the joy of triggering the libs.

      • I tend to agree. Cf. Brett Kavanaugh. For example, it’s possible “converged” Gorsuch punted on the spate of 2A cases because he and the like-minded believe they can strike for a better position once Ginsburg slides down the fast chute to Hell. Then again Gorsuch is Episcopal so ….

        • They just take turns to play the cuck so it looks like they are occasionally conservative. Jeez can’t you people see its a 3 card monty?

  44. This is truly no country for old men.
    Without even fear of a bullet or incarceration, men (or males) that I thought were like minded will bow, kneel, and apologize repeatedly.
    Just reading comments on a news article today regarding masks, one is confronted with fact that the Karen phenomenon is not just for women anymore.
    And Trump? Missing in action.

    • You are not going to vote your way out of what’s coming Dave. You know this.
      Nor is Trump going to come into your family and bitch slap some sense into Karen. That’s your job. Given that Karen is now protected by the state…good luck with that. She needs you now like a fish needs a bicycle. There is a reason that most mythologies have Karen in starring roles like that of Eve and Pandora.
      Guys like us are going to have to run down our women and joggers and put them back on the leash. It’s either that or collapse.

    • “And Trump? Missing in action.”
      It’s a freaking miracle the guy’s still standing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Who else can you name that could endure the crap that man has had to put up with, and still walkout in front of the cameras every day, smiling and joking. He’s one tough old bird, I’ll give him that.

      • Yes he has endured. To that I give him credit. Still, his bloviating constantly about what he will do, you know, I dare you to cross this line. Enough throw us a bone will ya?
        Don’t say Seattle fix it or I will and do nothing. Maybe doing nothing is right, so why say it?
        Yes Glen, I know voting our way out won’t work. We all know that. So I await orders. What should I do?

        • I agree with the “let it burn” attitude for areas that brought this upon themselves. As you say, if the strategy is let it burn, then tell them that is the strategy. This “man up or else I will” followed by nothing, makes Trump look impotent. Better to say nothing, or even better to say “you voted for this mess, you fix it. We’re not bailing you out.”

        • Trump shouldn’t do anything about CHOP.
          CHOP is a LARP intended to bait Trump into sending in the 1ID to level the place, thus proving himself to be the Orange Hitler the Left claims him to be.

          • Boston Radio, Howie Carr-
            A caller to Howie’s Chump Line, in a perfect JFK voice, intoned:
            “Ask not,
            What CHAZ can do for you…
            Ask what,
            You can do for CHAZ”

        • His throwing around empty threats is very frustrating. Not only do they not take empty threats seriously, but the threats used to get my hopes up.

        • Trump will shoot his face off, but he will put a crisis to good use too. The blue city states are getting what they voted for, good and hard. They are literally burned out smoldering shit holes. Whitey is packing up and moving out. All these corps that are so sympathetic to BLM are pulling up stakes and quietly doing the same. Contrary to us – Trump has nothing to lose by sitting on his hands and watching Seattle burn. Even Leftie can’t argue about who is responsible for it, and Normie is starting to flirt with the red pill.
          If I had to issue orders, mine would be to stand down, stay alert, enjoy your beer and popcorn… and keep your rifle and sidearm close at hand. The reason this is all getting so ridiculous is that Leftie is getting desperate. At some point he either has to surrender or do something REALLY rash and stupid… and then it’s payback time.

          • This kind of slow strategy is frustrating to our side but it makes sense when most of the people on your side both nominally and actually are wobbling between cowardly and risk adverse.

          • yeah, sort of like my experience in the market. Too late, I learned what “trailing stop loss” is 🙁 It got me out of one trade with a $100 loss, but an earlier one is down about 50 times that 😀 Unlike politics, nobody’s fault but mine in the market.

          • There are no markets. There are those who are prewarned of the Feds actions and the suckers.

          • It is extremely frustrating to watch Trump make what seem like idle threats but I tend to think that, mathematically his “let it burn” strategy does make sense. Consider two possible strategies here:
            The Iron Fist: Trump invokes the Insurrection Act and sends in Federal Troops, CHAZ or CHOP or whatever it’s called now is crushed, order is restored by force. Results: By November, liberal whites have forgotten that it was THEIR OWN lefty mayors and governors who first destroyed their economy with lockdowns and then let their cities burn. Additionally the media has installed a new narrative – Trump REALLY IS Hitler! See, he sends in troops to crush peaceful people just trying to have a groovy weed fueled festival of communal living, skanky sex, and vegan hamburgers. Maybe people on Facebook start passing around a picture of tank idling next to an old man with a BLM sign. Biden support goes up slightly. Meanwhile, in the countryside and suburbs, his white supporters see him as basically just doing his job. Support for Trump solidifies but does not increase much.
            Let it Burn: Eventually the inner cities in the Blue states are pretty much totally burned over. If things get really out of control some of the Cloud people see their nice white neighborhoods and boutiques burn. Starvation, disease, and drug overdoses eventually lead the CHAZians to come out begging to be arrested so they can get some clean water and food. Results: Urban Blue populations are thoroughly demoralized and the only blame they can place on Trump is for not being their granddad’s Hitler. Lefties start talking openly about Biden’s mental state. Support for Biden goes from lukewarm to ice bath. Support for local libshit mayors and governors basically vanishes. A few of the less committed Lefties even defect to Trump and vote for Republican challengers for state and local offices in November. Meanwhile, suburban and rural whites who were already going to vote for Trump have become much more fired up seeing just what kind of people his enemies are and the kind of chaos they create. Karens still share their pro-BLM stuff on Facebook but are secretly terrified for their safety. They either don’t vote or secretly vote for Trump.
            The mathematical angle is this. Divide the voters into two basic groups, Biden-leaning and Trump-leaning, call them B and T, respectively. American elections tend to be close so B and T are roughly the same size. In The Iron Fist, B goes up slightly, T stays about the same or maybe rises a bit. The result is too close to call but probably B > T. Biden win by a hair. In Let it Burn, B goes down a lot, T goes up a lot, T >> B, Trump win in a landslide.

          • Well said. I’d vote for “Let it burn” too. Win, win. Trump could even pick up some of the Libertarian vote* by saying, correctly, that the Federal government should not interfere in the affairs of State or Local governments 😀
            *Maybe even all 0.1% of it 🙂

          • Yeah, but the non-interference in State responsibilities has already been blow with his EO’s and Congressional Bills designed to rein in local law enforcement (really pander to the joggers)—ban choke holds, create data base for bad cops, restrict/strip immunity, standardized police training and certify such at the Federal level, etc.

            This action is nothing less than an usurpation of a Constitutional power reserved to the States. If it passes, it will be as drastic a blow to States’ Rights as when the Fed’s took over the State militias, now know as National Guard. Trump’s action is neither libertarian nor conservative.

          • Yes, what Trump is doing is perfect, whether he moronically stumbled into it or is shrewdly playing his weak hand as strongly as possible. I think his history shows it’s the latter, but if it’s the former then just as well.

      • I totally agree with all that, but also agree with David that his constantly threatening to do this or that and never following through just makes one want to scream “do it godammit!!” Hell, he met with the families of all the recently terminated negros yesterday and went on and on about what wonderful and loving people they were. Unfortunately, as many have stated, he’s not gonna save or change anything.

        • Sure he is.
          Just not by direct action – which would probably backfire if he tried.
          Instead, he’s getting his enemies to expose themselves and pissing off normy in the process.
          Thats building a base for future direct action – that will take a long time to reach fruition. And truthfully may not anyway. But the reality is that if it fails – there was no hope anyway.
          A lot of people on the D-Right long for going down in a blaze of glory soon – over a long hard slog to victory.

          • Keep telling yourself that when Trump signs the next prison reform act to let even more black criminals out of Jail. Or has the next meeting with black leaders. Or the next record black whatever..
            He is fucking you over big time and you can’t see it.

        • I was once told by an elder that I highly respected (perhaps it’s old saying): “Never make a threat you aren’t prepared to carry out.” Guess Trump is not one for such advice?

    • That was an odd movie. The hit man’s weapon was too exotic to be serviceable. Practical lesson: if you ever find a large sum of money, as soon as possible transfer the money into a dfferent container that doesn’t have a radio tracking device in it. And don’t bring water to the dying 🙂

      • Also: if asked to call a coin flip, finding out the reason behind said flip is strongly recommended

      • The old are stunned, dumfounded by the new, thus the title. The non-traditional new ways of doing things have a paralyzing effect on the old. The old men in the novel don’t understand the new world that is being created. Thus the choice of weapon used by the killer is symbolic of the book as a whole. Just as the Antifa/BLM axis leaves most frozen in place as to how to handle this new apparition rearing its head. The melanin-worshippers must experience some vague fear of unattainment at the same time hoping that somehow their current expiation will be the last time. If only.
        The Antifa/BLM axis is highly unstable however. NT… J will tear it apart. The ranks of BLM are highly vulnerable & suggestible to conspiracy theories so the Proto-calls and its ilk can always be invoked to create division among them. The response among tribe will be to shut it down, and they control the media.

    • “Karen” is an anti-white slur designed to humiliate and denigrate normal white women. Nobody on the right, let alone our side of the right should be using it.
      It is so nakedly anti-white. I really don’t understand why I see so many conservatives using it and even a lot of people on our side of the divide. The women being slurred with it are all white and most of them are normal. Example, that woman in Central Park. She had EVERY RIGHT to be fearful with that young black guy.
      This anti-white slur is disgusting.

      • Gotta disagree with you there.
        ”Karen” describes a female unhinged from traditional White power structures, serving as a prison guard in the Tiny Hat’s brave new world.
        It’s useful and encourages noticing.

        • The “Karen” thing started when a white woman called the police on a bunch of blacks ignoring the law and barbecuing in a park that had rules against barbecuing with an open flame. But rules don’t apply to blacks. Another early “Karen” was a woman refusing to admit a black man following into her apartment building despite the rules and signs saying you weren’t allowed to do it. Woman lost her job and was kicked out of the apartment complex.
          These were fairly normal white women trying to follow the rules. Civilization requires we follow the rules.

          • When can we start booting out the primates who don’t (or can’t) follow the rules? Every minute we let them stay, civilization deteriorates 🙁

          • Agree. However like so much language it has been co-opted and perverted by the left- one call use the word liberal with its original meaning and let’s not get started on the sodomites.

      • I agree that “Karen” is an anti-white slur and although I am pro-white, I have mixed feelings about it.
        Let’s acknowledge that there are few people more irritating than liberal white women. Take my sister for example, please!
        Liberal white women need to realize that all of their earnest virtue signaling is not going to save them from being torn apart by the Judeo-Brown mob.
        Finally, we have to bring white women back to our side, if whites are going to continue to exist. Fortunately, white women are the most easy humans to mold.

        • “Karen” isn’t targeting liberal women. It is targeting normal white women. Why should a woman alone in a park have to defer to some young buck’s antics? This is disgusting. While she was probably a liberal woman, most of the “Karens” have been normal white women.

          • You really need to detach yourself from VoxDay, the white knighting miasma from that place has completely clouded your mind. ‘Karen’ by & large are -not- normal white women. They are entitled lefty cunts with ‘I need to see your manager’ hair, problem glasses, etc.
            You reek of supplicating beta, don’t go there man. Just because VD is an ultra white knight out to slay the ‘incel gamma’ don’t go full retard along w/ him. Liberal white women need to be grinded into dust since they are one of the main cogs in this wheel of degeneracy.

          • +1
            Spot on. Females who are not under domination by a strong male naturally become Karens commencing from birth. A barren womb at 30 and its Karen permanency.

          • What does any of this have to do with VD? I don’t recall him taking this side on “Karens”
            Maybe I am just hearing different Karens than you are. The last one I heard was a white woman who questioned someone making a giant black lives matter sign outside of her house next door. Most of them have been about not deferring to random black people.

          • Just because once in a while a slur is misused doesn’t negate its the truth is most cases.
            No doubt jogger or whatever else has been misapplied too, there are still a lot of joggers.

          • Why should a woman alone in a park have to defer to some young buck’s antics? This is disgusting.

            Fully agree, but why should you care? It’s not your job to protect them. Even in a more sane society with far more cemented, traditional gender norms it still wouldn’t be your job to do so.

        • Now you tell me. At age 58, a lot of opportunities are long gone 🙂 But on the upside, I’ve never had to pay alimony or child support, and no kids wanting to possibly move back into the house, bringing apalling lifestyle choices with them 😀

      • It is ! If I were to guess, it’s a slur that was made up by non-White customer service people, who don’t provide proper service .

      • they are not white they are golems. They may look like they are inhabiting white bodies. But they are have been replaced by a semi-autonomous part of the collective.

        • Slightly off topic, but if you like horror/detective novels, consider Bari Wood’s 1981 novel The Tribe. This is where I first heard of a “golem.” Without giving too much away, there is a tight-knit group of aged Jews in NYC. Some odd things start happening. Investigator finds out the men had been in a Nazi concentration camp where, somehow, they’d been kindly treated, unreasonably well so 😀 given the scarcity and privations of the war’s final months. Jumps ahead to present day (1980) NYC, their group is being assaulted by thugs. So they conjure their ancient protector…

      • “Karen” is an anti-white slur designed to humiliate and denigrate normal white women.
        Absolutely. And thank God. It’s about time white women started to catch some shi$. I want to promote every anti-white slur that I can. I want white women and liberal white men to know that they won’t escape the tribunals. They don’t get a free pass. They won’t be accepted as fellow victims of white oppression.
        Many, many of our fellow whites need to big slap across the face to wake up and this is one of those.

        • I suppose if you are an accelerationist, this makes perfect sense.
          I kind of agree that all white people need to be made to understand that “white people” and “whiteness” means you. That there are no exceptions. There are not “good” and “bad” whites, that there are only “whites”

          • Not at all true. Goodwhites are more of a threat than non Whites are by any measure.
            As real as race is, this is not a race war , it a culture war between the Elites who are uniformly Globalist Left and the Nationalists.
            Non Whites while they have agency, sure but are political pawns of the Elites
            And note those Elites are for the moment uniformly White (including Jews and some White Hispanics in that category)
            Its White on White

          • That is not the context in which I meant it. I meant that you cannot take off your white skin. That if the killing started, being a “good white” doesn’t help.
            Just yesterday or the day before some 92yo white woman was punched in the face by a young black male for absolutely no reason. Why does he hate white people so much that he just punched a random 92 year old woman in the face? That is the context in which I meant it.

          • Yes, saw the video on Yahoo this morning. “The Knockout Game.” Colin Flaherty wrote a book about it, that title I think. Just over a year ago, the same thing happened at a fair in Frederick MD, killing a 50-ish white man. Also caught on phone video.

          • Your skin color is your uniform is very true.
            That said we have no place for at least the true believers among the the Good Whites either. They are counting on us to save them at the last and they don’t deserve it.
            We can have more children to replace them and don’t need people with a genetic tendency to Leftism in pour polity even if we share a skin color.
            When it comes to politics blood will tell.
            My attitude is that of the madman Rorschach from the Watchman par phrasing a bit
            This city and its people are afraid of us. We’ve seen it’s true face..The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their fornication and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, ‘Save us!’…and We’ll look down, and whisper, ‘no.’

          • Agree with the dissenters. Of any large group, even our hypothetical united whites, there will be the normal variations. This is equally true of all large groups of humans.Judged by any valid standard (not one that is made of rubber and twisted to suit the needs of the moment), there will always be some who are above average, most in the middle, and some of low quality. Our race may be blessed with a better IQ bell curve than most, but a moral Bell curve would still have many losers on the left side who are as much of a threat, if not more, to civilization than whatever non-White bogeyman a paranoid mind can imagine.

      • Ok, I will give you Gretchen Whitmer. This no enemies to my white makes no sense. The people who are destroying our country while using blacks are white. The liberal scolds are white women also.
        slur?my ass.

        • This, and Whiskey’s take on Karens and AWFLs are correct.
          Liberal, goodwhite women hate white men and want us dead. This goes triple for blue-collar, working class white men.
          They are just fine competing to be Raz Simone’s next pincushion of the week.

        • “No enemies to my white” makes as much sense as “no enemies to my right.”
          The later gave us Christopher Cantwell and Matt Heimbach.

      • Women on our side , hell all White women have an obligation to not be a bunch of entitled bitches.
        What they need to be is a decent human being, a wife and a mother and yes its in our culture, themselves too. Hell be brave. Its in our women.
        The ones that act like little Stazi snitches or call the cops over bull crap deserve all the hate.
        And for the record, this isn’t new. When I was a young teen in Arizona , one of these little shits called the cops on me for my complexly legal fake nunchaku. The cops of course would not tell me who the snitch was and took my sticks
        Taught me two good lessons, cops suck and Karens male and female are out there.
        And your complain mt, do some women get name called unfairly? Yes. That sucks. Most though deserve all the derision we can muster.

        • I too was a rebellious teen, although my violations didn’t run to weapons. In defense of the law, you’d be amazed, or dismayed, how many people (usually young men) who have been killed because they had a replica gun. In fact, people can be (and have been) convicted of armed robbery with a fake gun. Ideally there’d be better education for teens, but yeah, largely wasted effort, even with the white ones 🙂

          • Common sense and common law indicates that we go easy on the young dumb teens when the actions aren’t extremely serious.
            We fail to do this because our society is dysfunctional and because we have trouble admiring that different groups have different maturation rates and different intents.
            A fix though requires an authoritarian Right regime that will make sure that there are stable jobs and stable families and probably a rational moral teaching at every level.
            Not easy.

      • Yes, but by being anti-white it gives us cover to attack the unhinged white women and have it leave a mark. Why not fight fire with fire? We aren’t using their term, we’re abusing to our own benefit.

    • I never grasped that concept, no country for old men, until recently.
      I sit around looking at the place around me and realize this is not a place where I can get old in. It just isn’t. It’s not safe, I always have to be on guard, etc.
      I will have to live with it I guess. Although it is not what I envisioned as a young man. I imagined getting old in a place much nicer.
      Oh well. That’s life.
      Like that old INXS song, all those years of learning, just to learn again.

    • Donald the Trump has been particularly uninspiring lately. Words are his kind of action. In his term so far he has pretty much limited himself to his own brand of conservative virtue signaling, while doing nothing to enable it. Remember his declaration about ending birthright citizenship? A lollipop for his followers. If any such plan exists, it’s on the highest shelf in the attic.
      As Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Rabbi Trump has recruited Rabbi Kushner as the power in front of the throne while he blisses out on what he likes best, speaking at rallies.
      I’ll vote for him in November in an abyss of distaste, because I couldn’t stand thinking that anything I did — even passively, like staying away from the election entirely — helped open the gates for the dementia candidate and his veep qualified for office by proper skin tone and anti-white bona fides.
      Whether he is re-elected or not, “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.”

      • I shudder to think, Gravity, that when those last words were spoken (“If you have tears…”), Rome had already endured four years of civil war, and would shortly embark on 13 more.
        it reminds me that a commenter on Sailer recently compared Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar to Trump, Pompeo, and Kushner. He did not identify this generation’s Antony, though.

        • I shudder to think, Gravity, that when those last words were spoken (“If you have tears…”), Rome had already endured four years of civil war, and would shortly embark on 13 more.

          Exactly, that’s what I was implying that we are looking at. Maybe not 13 years — things move faster these days — but in principle the same.

    • Or White cops in black run america. I see the cop in the apelanta shooting of the hard working, family jogger has been charged with 11 counts including felony murder and is being held without bail. They have no chance in a majority or even large minority city in this so called country. There’s absolutely no upside in confronting a jogger and unlimited downside including loss of life, loss of freedom, loss of career, loss of future prospects. If at all possible, walk away – as soon as possible….

  45. It’s gonna be fun when President Abrams sets up “Da Committee of Public Safety an Sheeeit”

    • And this is what I send to my kids–who are finally becoming as upset and fearful as they should be–so they may understand exactly what era they are living in and without all the illusions they were raised with. How many people ever know the era they are living in until it has gone by? It may be depressing but it is more than anything clarifying. This is a treasure of clarification.

      • well, i for one, am taking notes. Gotta know where to send the death squads when i take over and assume dictatorial powers. Oh how i long for the crowds chanting Viva el Sid. In minecraft, of course.

    • Sobering is listening to Donald Trump recently. I am Z’s age and have always voted when eligible.

      I’m not going to vote. It kills me in a sense. That’s a good thing.

      Trump is no less demented than Biden. I don’t believe it’s a cohenincidence, either. Sh_t.

      • Then you will deserve to lose your country.

        Also, comparing Trump to biden in that way should disqualify you from commenting on anything based in reality as you are clearly woefully incapable.

  46. “Honor is an individual characteristic. It is something you give yourself through your own decisions. Similarly, the virtue of the man willing to sacrifice for the good of the institution is largely an individual creation.” This explains why “virtue signaling” so perfectly defines what progressives do, and why the term pisses them off. It shows that what they’re doing is a performance with no real meaning or worth. If the old cliche about “character is what you do when no one’s watching” holds up, the progressive version would be, “Compassion is what you pretend to have when the person you pretend to care about is far different from you, and other white weirdos like you are watching the performance.” Honor is in individual deeds, which is why they’re so mob-oriented, and why there is no limiting principle for them, since they’re doing nothing but chasing a (dopamine) high. They went from gay rights to transsexualism for the same reason someone goes from brown tar to fentanyl. They needed a bigger hit.

    • Dead. Solid. Perfect. Find it ironic that the same ones leading the local virtue signaling mobs in my little burg are the same ones that the moment they are no longer childless abandon their previous vibrant neighborhoods in the city and decamp here. Or several years ago, when the poor, vibrant city next door wanted to develop an abandoned industrial area into shopping went batshit because the traffic would “destroy their quality of life”, mobbed town meetings, filed lawsuits. Same people are now taking knees and worshipping our new vibrant overlords. I will enjoy it when the mobs come for them.

    • Agree that much virtue signalling and similar is just empty, feel-good theater. This is exactly what Jesus preached against in his teaching (I’m probably paraphrasing so don’t jump on me!): “Don’t do things publicly for praise by the crowd, as the Pharisees do. Praise is the only reward that they will get. Instead do good in secret and God who sees all things will reward you.” I won’t revisit my morality essay of a few days ago 🙂 but: I think the most important morality is the individual’s. Certainly approval of a group can be important; in many cases the group can serve a useful function to the individual (or to protect the group), in encouraging certain conduct while discouraging others. The Jesus story, that is an example of worthless public adulation. Virtue-signalling in so many words

      • The words I remember from the KJV of that passage are “Whited Sepulchare” – could be wrong but I got to use it a few days ago on a posturing Lutheran.

    • I wish we could convince more of these people to go for the biggest hit of all and just kill themselves. It’s too bad most don’t have the guts and they manifest their longing for death by encouraging mobs to burn things. It’s a sort of “suicide by PoC” if you will.

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