Total War

The general pattern in American politics, at least from the perspective of normal White people, is that the Left gets carried away with itself, then there is a snap-back followed by a calm period of putting things back in order. For example, by 1985, most normal White people thought the books were closed on the cultural revolution of the 1960’s, even if the irritants had not been removed. The culture had developed the necessary callouses to carry on with the important functions of life.

Margaret Thatcher called this the ratchet effect. The Left would push society to the left, there would be a click and that’s where things would stay for a while. Everyone would get used to the new normal, finding a way to make things work. There was never a return to the old ways, as roll back was always impossible. For the Left, what they have, they keep, so rollback requires a continuation of the bloody war that the normal white people seek to end. There is never a rollback.

This pattern has always been a secret solace to normal White people. You see it with the current ructions. They quietly seethe in front of their televisions and post their displeasure on-line. The underlying assumption is that “they have gone too far and they will pay for this.” The Democrats will pay for it at the ballot box and the sports leagues will pay for it at the box office. It is a coping strategy that the Left now takes for granted, allowing them to operate with impunity.

Paradoxically the restraint and sobriety of normal White people may be the cause of this total war that has been unleashed on them. It is a total war. Everywhere White people are finding themselves threatened for the smallest indiscretion. A White presenting man was fired for holding his hand in an impious position. He may be the first Mexican fired for White supremacy. A Vermont school principle was suspended from his job for an insufficient enthusiasm for his new black masters.

Of course, our corporate tyrants are getting back in the game. They are feverishly rushing about looking for signs of Whiteness to erase. Of course, the insanity of the revolution dictates that spiting Whitey means removing black images like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben from products. Nothing says racial vengeance like erasing black faces from food products. Perhaps black people should just boycott food altogether, since the entire food chain is the legacy of slavery.

All of this retail madness being inflicted on normal White people puts national politics into a better light. This revolution at the top is not really about Trump or his political opinions, but rather about what he represents. It is easier to hate a symbol than a person, so he has been turned into an avatar that haunts the fever dreams of the mad men of the revolution. For them, he is pure evil and there can be no compromise with evil, no bargain struck with evil, no sympathy for the devil.

This is a total war. Before the 20th century, war was assumed to be separate from civilian life. Armies marched out into the field and fought one another outside the cities and towns. There was always spill over and invading soldiers are never polite, but there was some understanding that targeting civilians was immoral. The ideological wars of the 20th century changed that. The whole of society was organized around fighting the war and that meant the whole of society was a target of war.

We are seeing that with the Left now. This is a total war on White people. This means the symbols, the habits, the structure of society itself. This total war is not just fanatics in the streets smashing things. This is a total war launched and funded by the people in charge of American society. As we see with what’s happening in Atlanta, it is a war motivated by vengeance. Blacks and their enablers feel they are justified in whatever they do to harm White society. There are no limits.

Despite normal White people trying hard to ignore what’s happening in the hope it will peter out and they can joyously clean up the mess, it may be impossible to hide in that dream this time. Unlike the past, where the people in charge pulled back after things went too far, the people in charge are now leading the charge into madness. Big tech is pushing this stuff hard. Look at this promoted topic on Twitter. They are promoting this as well, hoping to keep the savages extra angry.

The fact is, there is no compromise with people who think this is true. The usual suspects have spent generations conditioning blacks to hate White people for the crime of stealing their identity, accomplishments and labor. They did not do this because they found it politically useful. They did it for the same reason abolitionists hoped freed slaves would rise up and murder the White population of the South. These people hate you and will not rest until you are dead.

Their commitment to the cause is right there in the promotion of the “White Strike” stuff on Twitter. The dummies behind it think it is clever, but it is just another way for the usual suspects to lure White people into a trap. No doubt frustrated Whites will post about it on their social media, which will then be used to fire them. There will be Whites who call in sick and end up on a list of potential heretics. Total war requires a total commitment and the usual suspects are totally committed.

This is where a certain personality type stands up demands a detailed, ten-point plan of action to fight the Left. That too is a trap. That just prevents the truly woke from shaking their people from their slumber. Instead they are turned into character in the morality play controlled by the Left. In total war, the first step is to get the people aware of what is happening to them That means not comforting them with a solution. The only way forward is for White people to rediscover themselves.

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407 thoughts on “Total War

  1. “the Left” and “the Right” meant something particular and concrete in late 19th century france.

    in contemporary america they are part of a universal, i.e. jewish, and therefore false and deliberately misleading, discourse.

    the US is a particular country with a particular people and a particular land.

    whoever speaks of “the Left” unironically is playing the language game set up for him by master. he’s a professional wrestling fan who doesn’t know professional wrestling is fake.

  2. “For the Left, what they have, they keep, so rollback requires a continuation of the bloody war that the normal white people seek to end. There is never a rollback.”
    Or, put another way,
    “What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is negotiable.”
    — Nikita Krushchev

  3. Whites have rediscovered themselves and found that the two most important things are to be seen as a good person and get the status associated with it.

  4. on the other hand, if there is a white strike, at least there is no more feeding the beast through bootstrapping and/or progressive taxation.

    the resistance, passive/defensive or otherwise, just doesn’t have to be advertised. in fact, the time for online playacting should have been over since the Foxcons/2A/libertardians resisted the plandemic lockdown. we need that spirit again, for a better reason by better actors now of course… just that the Spirit might just come down when the suburbs are attacked. because so far, normie whites have fallen asleep to the propaganda. they need to feel the jacking up close and personal.

    may the Lord save all races and nations, and that may all accept Him. specially that one race which historically supports it most, to the point of having built its homeland continent and a worldwide civilization (even including allies) under His Church… which after all, speaks Latin and Greek and, erm, Aramaic…

  5. From Owen’s comment above: “One thing I’m embarking on is a “meet selected neighbors” campaign.”

    That’s a great idea. I’m going to do the same. Just as you described, by using social “neighborhood” media. Even if I can find only 3 like-minded guys to hook up with. Because right now I’m on my own with my views.

    It’s difficult to signal. There’s risk of exposure. But guys on our side our definitely out there. They’re within our neighborhoods. Surely they are. And I’m not just talking about Normie-cons. There’s GOT to be D-Righters around.

    I was talking to a guy at a bar last winter. After a while you could tell he wanted to talk about Trump. So he says, “so are you Republican or Democrat”? I said, “white”. He laughed and looked thrilled. Gave me the bro handshake and leaned in and said, “I know exactly what you mean.”
    Anyway, like you said, we’re going to have to make such connections via social apps in our area very delicately. You said you’d wish you’d thought of it long prior to now. When people could speak more freely. True. But right now during this “crisis” is a good time too, since “neighbors” will be voicing opinions on it. Hopefully.

    Sorry too ramble. Just, great idea you had for making local connections in our thing.

    • An insightful commentator, Bartleby the Scrivener, has indicated he lives or works within blocks of me. I suggested a possible meet up or anonymous voip phone exchange but haven’t received a response. There are others where I live so perhaps we’ll eventually assemble a cell here.

    • Federal “justice” is a joke and long-dead. Get on juries and nullify the government’s cases.

  6. I’m a white woman and for most of my life I’ve been disturbed by the awful disrespect to Black Americans caused by Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. Why do we have to ridicule people of color just to sell grocery products? It became so upsetting to me that I could no longer walk down the pancake or the rice isle at the market. I had to ask my kids or husband to pick up things we needed on those isles.
    The removal of these degrading, bigoted images I think will begin to heal some of the racial scars resulting from 400 years of oppression.

      • Or be frugal like me and just melt butter with some brown sugar sprinkled on. Not racist at all. (“But sugar cane plantations! Slave labor!” cry the BLMers) 🙂

    • Your eather making crap up, or your neurotic. But if your serious, it means your criminally insane and a danger to yourself and others. I genuinely fear for your family. Heaven only knows what kind of ideological poison your pouring into your childrens minds. Anyway, that’s your husband’s problem ( that is, if you actually have a family and your not some weirdo pink haired communist lesbian, setting around with your six cats swilling chardonnay and listening to National Public Radio.) Anyhow, I was hoping that Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben would get together and start squeezing out some pickaninnies. My cotton fields won’t pick themselfs, you know. .

    • True confession: I’ll miss whipping the boxes before I make pancakes or rice. We use the images like puppets and auction them with the characters begging not to be separated but, of course, we separate them anyways. Then whup ’em again until they burst into song, “zippity doo da zippity ay, my my my what a painful day ….” Reflexively, the singing just earns them even more punishment. When we’re finished with them, as the obsolete implements they are, we discard them as garbage and forget all about them except for fond memories of the particularly entertaining floggings, tortures and humiliations. Fortunately, we’re stocked up with replacements. It’s good to be The Man.

        • Our larder is a replica of the vessel African Queen, an especially cruel yet profitable slaver. It’s where we chain our many boxes of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. Some boxes will expire and we’ll toss those into the pirhana aquarium and watch with fascination as the fish chew the characters’ faces off. And of course any of the chained boxes that start singing or crying for relief automatically gets the whip again. It’s good to be The Man.

    • Now now, Julie. Get down on one knee, face Minnesota, burn down a Wendy’s, write a check to BLM, you’ll feel better. Go forth and sin no more.

    • “Nancy Green, (aka Aunt Jemima) was born into slavery. She was a magnificent cook. When she was ‘freed’ she rolled her talent that into a cooking brand that GM bought & used her likeness. She died in 1923 as one of America’s first black millionaires.” from wikipedia

      Seems you hate successful black women. Why is that?

  7. Yes, its TotalWar.
    ‘Rediscovering ourselves’ is better put as “we either hang together, or we hang separately”. Things are gonna get uncomfortable. You’re in your 50’s (so am I); and its not what you want things to be like at this late hour of your life. But hey – just be thankful you’re not in your 70’s.

    Get hard. Get cold. Enough of the paleo crap. You have these moments of brilliance, and then you pull back.

  8. The most important thing to come out of this is the Cops walking away. Listen online to the Atlanta police scanners. Dead. Cops are walking away all over from the GoodWhite pols.

    Now that’s far more important than a burning Wendy’s or 3 blocks of CHAZ in Seattle.

  9. Normals are useless.

    Don’t worry, there are men about, pardon us if some are Mexican, etc.

    Whites are useless in self defense.

    Normie; “Are you saying our vote means nothing?!?! 😱”

    Mrs Normie; “Have you heard of QAnon?”

    “Have you heard of Out of The Shadows? Our elites are Satanic Pedophiles.”

    Me; Satanism is a commitment, our elites wouldn’t commit to selling their souls unless they were sure their lawyers could get them off.”

  10. Was in Columbus today doing some stuff. Drove down a nice side street full of Goodwhites in Clintonville, and the houses were peppered with “Black Lives Matter” signs. From there drove into a neighborhood in Morse & Karl area where Blacks actually live, probably about half Black or more — not a single fucking sign.

    Goodwhites are offering up their own throats.

    • And, of course. Columbus, OH is removing its statue of Columbus.

      “We would also like to express our sincere respect and thanks to the people of our sister city Genoa, Italy, who gifted the piece in 1955. We will work together to keep the shared spirit of friendship and culture alive as we consider how best to use this historical figure to educate future generations,” the statement from city council said.

      “Fuck you, Genoa.”

      • Ummm so for the reasons the mayor stated it would only make sense that they be renaming the city as well right? Otherwise the name is a constant reminder of oppression and divisiveness whereas virtually nobody actually sees the statue unless they walk on the capitol grounds.
        I just drove up near the Morse/161 and Karl Rd area recently and with my red pill lenses realized what a shithole that whole area has become compared to 20 yrs ago. All black, Somalian, and immigrants now. Nothing but check cashing stores, title loans, and liquor shops.

      • Here I was, driving through Columbus last night, thinking “it’s bound to happen.”

  11. Not to detract from our fire-breathing host, but here’s a playful fave with a wickedly genteel audience:

    A sample:

    “Alas, such considerations appear to have eluded the keen mental processes of the article’s author, Ms R— M—, a young woman who dutifully declares her pronouns”


    Transporter Malfunction

    • Also, F*ck Sebastian Gorka

      “We’re going to have to teach our kids to be strong, to take it on the chin…”

      FU FU FU FU FU

      PS- Ann Barnhardt isn’t on fire, she’s gone full nova:

      She exposes the false Pope’s pipeline / monopoly on queer boy prostitution rings in Argentina

  12. Observation: Trump for the first time in his life has shut up completely. He knows he is going to lose in a landslide — to Biden! So he is doing what he does best, making deals. To keep Jared and Ivanka out of jail. He likely knows he will be spending the rest of his life in Jail. He has not even blasted Bolton for his book and everyone in Washington knows Trump is toast. And his backers.
    Second: this BLM stuff reeks of Estrogen. If you look at the people attending, its all White women. With a few soyboy husbands and boyfriends dragged along looking they were attending a Twilight Convention.
    Third, White women are all in on BLM because the economy is contracting. They won’t move up unless White men are purged. They are allied with the Black people inside corp-Gov to get rid of their mutual enemies: White men. Its made worse by the fury of most White women for the big sin of White men: not being sexy winners. Just like in Russia the purges will never end because the only way to move up is to get rid of the person in front of you. In earlier times it would have been Witchcraft instead of “Racism.” Its a way for White women to settle scores against their mortal enemy White male nerds and move up into the C-Suite.
    Look at how much energy and time is spent by White women destroying nerd havens. First gaming, White women only care about it because White nerds like it. Second, movies and nerd movies/franchises. Star Wars first because it was so beloved. Then the Terminator movies. The producer of the latest one where they kill off John Connor and replace him with some lesbian noted “Lesbian twitter went beserk” for some twiggy lesbian they recruited. Yes of course the movie tanked and destroyed what remained of the franchise value just like Gay Picard and Gay Data in the Star Trek stuff destroyed the remnants of the Star Trek franchise. White women are filled with HATE HATE HATE for White beta males for the sin of being beta males. Normal women spend their time doing girly stuff, not smashing the nerd hideaway.
    Fourth, White women desire to be a Kardashian. With their very own rapper. With no talent or beauty all of the Kardashian Klan has made themselves into billionaires: Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kondom, Klamidya, etc. By being the fantasy for White women of the rapper’s whore. These three factors: White nerd HATE, lust for rappers, and desire to move ahead make BLM unstoppable.
    I mean, why NOW? Why not ten years ago, or ten years later from now? It is because the only way to move up is through removing White men as the economy shrinks not grows. Start up nation is dead.
    Which leads me to my last conclusion. There is no hope of victory and no point in fighting. Survival however is achievable but only through extreme effort. Dissidents (that means White men) should be on IRC. Or even fax machines. Actual, real fax machines. Buy one today. Learn Spanish. Change your name if possible to something Hispanic like Lopez or Martinez. Claim to be Hispanic. Expect the police to be defunded nationally, and self-defense against dindus to be an immediate capital offense. Expect raids nightly and eventually daily into nice White suburbs and the military to be called out — to protect the raiders.
    China looks eagerly at all this landscape and wonders if it can be conquered that easily. We should pray for war every night, as War puts women back in the kitchen, gays in the closet, and dindus in the ghetto. Recall there are other actors besides Globohomo. Not just China. El Chapo looks at much of the Southwest and South figures it could be his. So too does the New Generation Jalisco Cartel. Putin would like Alaska back.
    We have a nice, good, long, industrial war with nuked cities, carriers sunk, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Taiwan seized and a good part of the US under Cartel control, well we have a chance.
    To survive.
    Winning ended in 1964. But we can still survive.

      • (Bologna Tester, will you puh-leeeze tell us how to resize photos?

        Glad to see trolls on a roll. Dammit, where’s Gumby?)

        • I don’t know how to resize photos that work on this site. All I do is look for a photo less than 1000×1000 and set a link. The only time I downloaded one, resized it and then copied and pasted it here all I got was code.

      • Kinda resembles our mayor, Groot, wearing whiteface. You realize the negro holds minstrel shows of their own?

      • So BLM is not an estrogen fest? And if women are so malleable how come smart guys don’t play them?
        Seen lots of White dudes setting cop car s on fire? Saw at least two White women doing that.
        trump is 25 points behind Biden in W omen but ten pints ahead with men.

        white women win with BLM and men lose. Simple as that.

    • There is nothing, NOTHING, that I dislike more than agreeing with Whiskey. He’s either a cryptojew or a shabbos goy who believes that white women, the most malleable population on the planet, are responsible for his unhappiness. However, he’s not wrong:

      “Trump for the first time in his life has shut up completely. He knows he is going to lose in a landslide — to Biden! So he is doing what he does best, making deals. To keep Jared and Ivanka out of jail. He likely knows he will be spending the rest of his life in Jail.”

      • I don’t think Jared or Ivanka need to worry … their part of the tribe. Trump may be making deals to keep himself safe.
        He has been too quiet, and he should address the country. But maybe he thinks that if he doesn’t pick at it too much, it’ll go away and helps his election chances.
        I don’t like it … it feels like weakness to me and that’s never a winning strategy.

        • Trump is now the Mayor of Federal Buildings where Barr’s Federal Police (132K of them BTW) stand. He knows this, he knows his writ goes no farther, he acts accordingly. Biden is correct; Trump has and only ever had Prosperity.
          The Military leadership walked away from him publicly, if not the Troops (in truth Trump may have no Generals but the Generals have no Troops, but Trump lacks the stomach for that gamble). Trump is a spent force, he’s no Fascist Dictator. We need one, I suspect we’ll get one (or them) but Trump is very isolated. He acts accordingly.

    • 100 upvotes. Epic, right up there with all the marketing ladies wanting their own BDSM rapper / perfume store fantasy, “50 Shades of Black”.

  13. The underlying assumption is that “they have gone too far and they will pay for this.” The Democrats will pay for it at the ballot box and the sports leagues will pay for it at the box office. 
    Always a good thought but even today I hear worries that the NFL season may not occur or is only 60 baseball games played, the season is invalid and how great NASCAR will become popular.
    BYW-June 19 is now a state and city holiday in Virginia. Not only will all the statues come don, but the holidays will change also.

    • His wife died, very recently.

      He mentioned that his site will suffer delays. Irreplaceable, that one, one from the old school.

    • I interpreted his announcement of sporadic publishing as an indication Remus himself is suffering health issues. I sincerely hope to be wrong.

  14. Not sure about the USA, but up in Canuckistan our leftist ratchet has two components, the Liberals/New Democrats that turn the gear ever left and the Conservatives who act as the pawl to make sure the gear remains locked and never reverses. Not sure if the Dems/Republicans function the same way down south.

  15. #WhiteStrike. Says it all, in one word.

    As Rush said, just now, “we’ve tried everything else…”

    Of course it won’t happen- not immediately- but the concept, and its many underlying implications- can and must spread like a prairie fire.

    That we can’t WhiteStrike, and why not, is the most important thing for ours to digest.

  16. Personal anecdote: My wife is a very nice white lady. She is kind and caring, hates conflicts, didn’t care about or like politics. Since the recent troubles began:

    1. Almost completely out of nowhere she told me that we’d be better off if we’d picked our own damn cotton. She didn’t say it quite that pithy, but that’s what she meant.

    2. As long as we’ve been married, she’s never bothered to vote. She’s apolitical or, rather, thinks they all suck. Yesterday she told me that she’s planning to vote for Trump.

    3. Also yesterday, she told me that she was looking up where the most conservative places in the country were and asked what I thought about Wyoming. This is probably not a serious thing at this point, but we did spend a couple of hours looking at Wyoming real estate. The amazing thing was that when we looked at a house in a town for the first time, she’d click over to Wikipedia or another site to check the county demographics. We live in a county that’s 93% White now, but she was really digging the 98% White demographics you get in Wyomong.

    It’s been mentioned around these parts that a lot of how and when the big White Riot will start depends upon how upset and nervous White women get. Well, the white woman I know best is there.

    • Very similar with my wife. I vote twice because she hands me her ballot for marking and then she submits it. Apolitical or neutral.

      Today, she is uncharacteristically angered by and motivated against blacks and jews including some who are acquaintances. Does not accept to live in fear. Redpilled all-in and forever. She sees what I see.

    • Similar vibe here. For some reason, sensible women really don’t want their children killed and their homes burned down. Mine urgently wants to be far, far away from diversity.

      • Well boys you have the hardest part of the move done with now that your wife is on board now get your asses in gear and get the rest done…

        • Not to gossip, but I must say, Lineman has a pretty nice wife.

          She stuck him him through some difficult times,

  17. “there was some understanding that targeting civilians was immoral. The ideological wars of the 20th century changed that. ”
    See American Civil War, Sherman’s March to the Sea.

    • There are two facts of the 20th Century that somehow never get discussed..

      1. The 20th C was the century of Government by Democracy.
      2. The 20th C saw governments slaughter more people than all previous history combined.
  18. The Left are like pirates pulling on ropes, they used to say,
    “Take in all you can, give nothing back.” The Right is losing @ this Tug-o-War.

  19. You know who’s happiest that they’re going to kill Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben? My crazy Uncle Aaron. He’s actually my great- uncle, my maternal grandfather’s youngest brother. He’s pushing 80 now.

    The family lore is that Uncle Aaron was so crazy and so far out in the racist weeds that the local Klavern in Clay County, Alabama wouldn’t let him join. This was in the ’60s when the Klan was a real thing, not a bunch of LARPing douchebags and undercover FBI agents. The Klan, in ’60s Alabama, thought he’d be a liability.

    So as smug and happy as the SJWs and corporate virtue signalers are about the blow they’re striking on behalf of racial progress, my Uncle Aaron is going to be 10 times more ecstatic that he can walk down the cereal aisle at Piggly Wiggly without a bunch of cartoon joggers staring at him from the shelves.

  20. One thing I’m embarking on is a “meet selected neighbors” campaign. I live in a large, old and well-established subdivision near a major urban area. Like a lot of modern folks, I don’t know all that many of my neighbors, outside of those in very close proximity and a few parents with kids around my kid’s ages. These people are nice and decent but hopeless with respect to what we are facing.
    Presently, I’m combing our neighborhood’s social media pages, looking for White guys who give clues in their posts and replies that indicate they are sane, aware, and normal. I wish I had started this sooner, as people are getting more and more guarded with what they are willing to say.
    It’s a painstaking process, but I think it’s time well spent. When I have this list finalized, I’m going to start reaching out and try to set up a real-life group meeting. I’m going to use a “concerned dads” angle and focus on the need we all have, in these “uncertain times” to have a core group of reasonable men to rely on when/if the SHTF. I want to be very careful and thoughtful about how I do this and not scare anyone away. We need to start banding together. It’s not going to be a proactive group–I’m not looking to start some revolutionary band–rather, I want sane dudes to have my back and I theirs JIC.
    I also want no social media presence for our group, no identifiable symbols and the most innocuous name (if we even have a name) possible. Fight Club rules on discussing it.
    I’m still in the first stages but I’ll update if/when progress is made. If anyone has any suggestions on other things I need to consider as I do this, I’d be grateful to hear them.

    • That is a good thing you’re doing Brother I would just say make sure you can survive where you are at if your plan succeeds in getting people to band together otherwise you will just have a large refugee group…

  21. Their commitment to the cause is right there in the promotion of the “White Strike” stuff on Twitter. The dummies behind it think it is clever, but it is just another way for the usual suspects to lure White people into a trap.
    I’m not buying this line of argument. What isn’t a ‘trap’ if a trap can be communication itself?
    <i>The only way forward is for White people to rediscover themselves.</i>
    How? You’ve indicated virtually any communication between Whites is a ‘trap’.

  22. We have one card left to play. War, total war, with China. Let’s pray for war. War makes us needed. War puts women in the kitchen, gays in the closet, and dindus in the ghetto.

    The poz is just a symptom of lack of war. Van Crewald is right. So we need the enemy military more feared
    war now. War tomorrow. War forever.

    • Absolutely not.

      We can’t even police Washington D.C. – what makes you horny for a war with China, FFS? Careful what you wish for. I know a lot of Pac Coast sailors & Marines who aren’t telling me great things about our readiness.

      Van Crevald is an Ashkepath who lives in Israel – no shock he thinks war is the answer to everything. Looking at his bio, he appears to be a lifelong academic who despite living in Israel since the 1950’s has not managed to fight in even their own wars.

      • Absolutely correct, Exile. War serves the Clouds in several ways, a huge one being removal from the population and gene pool our potentially best and brightest. When the Left assumes absolute power soon, it will do a false flag into a CivNat area to try to incite the populace into war.
        No sale, even if the “terror attack” is in my back yard. We have one enemy and it’s the one asking for our service and blood. If another “9/11” happens, the first target should be domestic because it will have originated here.

        • “war now. War tomorrow. War forever.” The Waffen all-volunteer army worshipped health, strength, beauty, mind.

          War, not against China, but with China, and Russia.

          Ice People united, until the demons infesting the southern hemisphere from Africa to Western India are crushed, driven out, broken.

          Van Crevald’s capitol should be the first radioactive crater, let him crow then. Too bad his fellow dual card-holders were forced to exercise their passport option beforehand.

      • Always thought he was just a hysterical old idiot. Thanks for the heads-up. Hadn’t looked at it that way. I need to get more cynical, hah.

      • Of course he is and he wants us all to despair…There is a few others here that don’t want us to succeed also but they are mostly consistent so you know who they are…

  23. Removing Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben is erasure of POCs… clearly these companies are embarrassed to be represented by a POC… using these products is cultural appropriation…. did I miss anything?

    • I’ll miss Uncle Ben. A great rendering of what looks like an awesome Uncle. Won’t miss the modern Aunt Jemima. She looks so fake and alien. (The first Jemima with the head-scarf was good.) I was at the store the other day saw that the Land O Lakes Indian lady is gone. It’s just a big empty O in her place now. Used to be a great label. Such trivial idiots.

      • A few weeks ago, I noticed we had a box of land ‘o lakes butter with the squaw front & center. I saved it as it could be worth big bucks down the road!

  24. These people hate you and will not rest until you are dead.

    I wish every “facts and logic” guy and every “reasonable conservative” understood this.
    You can’t reason with the enemy. It just makes you look laughably weak.

    • Speaking of normie friends. In light of the recent unrest it’s a good time to send normie articles about what’s really going on. You and the articles won’t come across as so aggressively ‘racist’, since the recent articles are written from a defensive angle in response to Prog-Black violence and white-devil talk. Z had a popular piece near the start of the riots. Gregory Hood’s articles at AmRem would be good for normie, as he conveys the ideologies thoughtfully and with style, but with an uncanny clarity, (a la Z). Jim Goad with his funny and brutal truths is good for younger dude normies. Plenty of others. The time is good for this now. And feel free to edit or delete sections of articles that would turn-off particular normie friends and family members.

      • I’ve been sending those videos of white people being randomly beaten, usually sucker punched. No response. But I know the wheels are turning.

  25. Funny. It’s almost as if a new Islam is being created… but desert-dwelling Bedouin came up with that one all by themselves, didn’t they?

  26. There is no such thing as a unitary White population. Italians and rednecks are both white yet so culturally distinct that they may as well be of a different race. Almost all of the division online on Twitter and elsewhere on social media is between values, not race, such as democrats vs conservatives. Wealthy and middle class whites want little to with poor whites. Same for NE coastal WASPs vs. White Southerners.

    I think racially-aware Protestant Whites will be the last holdouts, while the rest are assimilated out of existence. maybe also whites in Northern Europe, but the future is a more beige one.

    The closest thing to a white unified population was Germany from the late 19th century up until Hitler’s defeat, through ultra-nationalism that was strong enough to lessen class and cultural difference. But conditions today could not be more different. Technology, culture, and careerism has made any sort of mono-identity/culture an impossibility. If White nationalism is to succeed, the left vs. white framing has to be abandoned but I don’t see that happening. Things will have to get much worse economically before such conditions present themselves again.

    • All that you say about white division is true. However, when the Somalian or the El Savadorian wants to hurt you, he doesn’t think, “Oh, that’s an Englishman,” or “That’s an Italian,” or “That’s a Norseman.” He thinks, “Fuck whitey!”

      From that our unity must come.

  27. This has been my concern for a while. Decades ago, when White culture was prominent and strong, the left had to utilize the patient incremental strategy to move society & culture their way – and there was little to no serious pushback from the right. Now, imo it’s far to late for us to employ the same tactics. The left is in full blown blitzkrieg mode and there’s going to be no negotiating our way out of this, barring submission. God knows what’ll take to truly wake up enough normal Whites that the dust cloud rising up beyond the horizon spells their doom, but we my find out soon – perhaps this summer or November at the latest. In the meantime, heads on a swivel and prepare to man the ramparts.

    • Z is right, it’s bad, but this is also the best opportunity we’ve had in forever, the left is even having a hard time trying to find someone to wear the Hitler costume to oppose their plans.

  28. Part of white people “finding themselves” is having the principles (which most don’t have) to have a detailed boycott list of everything they consume. Imagine if white people did this en-masse. I’ve had one for years. I pulled my money out of Chase years ago already. What self respecting white person would ever buy a Nike toothpick? What self respecting white person would ever buy an NFL ticket again? Or even subscribe to Netflix. These companies do this because they know whitey will just shrug his shoulders and keep buying product. Do you think I would ever shave with Gillette again? I would sooner put my face under a John Deere combine. It also involves writing e-mail saying why you will never do business with them again.

    • Agreed.
      Also choose one target at a time and very publicly destroy it. The NFL would be an ideal first choice since it was brought to its knees once before and we know the template. The NFL also is about to offend even the fat slob civnats who support it. Very publicly boycott the NFL and ostracize White friends and family who continue to support it in any way. Cancel your cable (you should anyhow, but that’s beside the point) and tell the provider you have decided to do so because you no longer watch the one product they offered, the NFL, that caused you to subscribe. Go after their sponsors and any public figure who says anything positive after the NFL. Oppose any public funds used to support an NFL stadium or event. This one is highly doable and the NFL is an anti-White institution that richly deserves to be humiliated and destroyed.

      There are many ways to conduct war. The economic component always is important and destruction of the NFL and those who depend on it actually is achievable within a year or so.

        • Alinsky was evil and correct.

          The NFL is such low-hanging fruit and the Normies already went there once. Really, really destroy it. Call CivNat talk radio and sadly tell the host you no longer can support such an anti-American institution, etc., etc. Chide friends and relatives. That’s an easy initial target, and a HUGE one.

        • How To Create A Socialist State
          by Saul Alinsky

          1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

          2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

          3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

          4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

          5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

          6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

          7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

          8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

          How’s he doing so far? Pretty good so far?

          Go thou and do likewise.

      • That’s my plan too, though I have an easier time of it being in Ohio. I’d have an easier time getting New Englanders to swear fealty to Satan than getting them to swear off the Patriots, but with Brady gone maybe that’s gotten easier.

  29. Now SCOTUS rules DACA repeal “arbitrary and capricious.”

    This just amounts to the Court saying “we hate you and you won’t challenge us.”

    But vote Trump b/c Supreme Court.

    The entire system is fake and gay.

    There is no point in voting for anyone who doesn’t at least expressly promise without equivocation that they will challenge the legitimacy of the entire kritarchy including the Supreme Court and the process of judicial review itself.

    Someone is basically going to have to promise to be the dictator Trump was made out to be to even be worth considering.

    You can’t make any political system or theory work with dishonest, grifting mangerial class elites who hate you.

    This is a problem of personnel as much as policy. As our Fellowest Whites say about the Palestinians, “you can’t negotiate with people dedicated to your destruction.”

    Just walk away, Whitey. It’s not like you have any other choice at this point. They’re not even bothering with carrots anymore.

    • In the words of Andrew Jackson, paraphrasing, “you made your decision now come enforce it.” No one has the balls to say that.

      • Yep – not even close.

        The only legitimate chance would have been to call BS on the first kritarch overreach, pack the Court in 2017 and force a Constitutional crisis.

        But literally no one in either party would ever mention this, much less do it.

        America’s over. Start working on what comes next for Whites.

  30. I mean, it’s kind of true. Whites lifted Africa out of the stone age and now they are swamping our countries. We’re all gonna be living in mud huts in the death camps at this point. All because we gave blacks all of White civilization.

  31. “Paradoxically the restraint and sobriety of normal White people may be the cause of this total war that has been unleashed on them. It is a total war.”

    Restraint, cowardice, guilt, whatever it is, has certainly emboldened the enemies of Whites. Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, he became the avatar of whiteness. So when Whites did not push back after the Jewish-led coup started, it was perceived correctly as weakness. When Whites dutifully submitted to a lock down and loss of their livelihoods supposedly to combat a patently fraudulent “killer” virus, it was perceived as weakness. There actually has been some pushback on a few of the monument and memorial destructions. Guess who got arrested? Guess who the propaganda organs described as terrorists?
    Very soon small factions of Whites will turn to what is initially terrorism. The Zionist lackeys will respond with overwhelming force and subject even Whites not responsible to absolute horror. The responsible Whites initially will be demonized and hated by fellow Whites. Those initial terrorists will be people loathed in general: bikers, former prisoners, the chronically unemployed.
    Then more Whites will turn to terror, and will be less demonized because what happened the first time round to the innocent. When it gets to the point where Whites who demonize other Whites fear for their safety, it will be total war. This is the scenario playing out now. It is how all actual revolutions evolve. What we are seeing now is a pseudo-communist revolution funded by the Cloud People. Their pawns have bought into the universalist religion they have been sold, Anti-Racism, which is anything but.
    Will Whites prevail? Maybe. And that’s possible only because their enemies decided to unleash genocide prematurely. They would not have done so if Whites had responded forcibly to the coup, to the lock downs. In an odd way, this cowardice, guilt, restraint, whatever, may have worked to the Whites’ benefit in the end.

    • The problem with the vast majority of whites is that they have just enough to lose. There’s always that 401K, that pension, that property to which you don’t want some lien attached. You can’t throw a punch if you’re worried about the equity in your townhouse. Once most of this vaporizes in the vacuum of the Fed balance sheet (it’s coming) I see a different tune. It’ll actually have a black comedy feel to it. The Fed just finished monetizing all of this years Treasuries by the way. We’re beyond insolvent. The looming insolvency crisis will be the rocket fuel for so many of these feelings. You can already see some of this in South Philly. Working class whites with no future, who look like they just got out of prison, are striking back first.

      • Financial collapse will be the rocket fuel, yes. The outliers already striking back one day will be remembered as heroes and martyrs. Those who go first often are despised until they are lionized.

  32. All of this relates to what I was writing about yesterday. The game is changing. CivNat Normie Whites can no longer hide behind their “We’re all Americans” or “I don’t see color” platitudes. Neutrality is not an option. Now, you must openly declare your love of the Narrative. Failure to do so, hell failure to show enough enthusiasm, will get you fired and blackballed forever.

    The CivNat middle of the line has collapsed. There’s nothing to stop the people that hate us from implementing any number of actions to turn us into groveling helots.

      • The CivNat middle was always going to collapse. Just a matter of when. But CivNats did stop/slow Progressives from implementing more drastic measures against Whites. Now, there’s nothing left to stop them. Over the last two weeks, Whites collectively admitted guilt for all of society’s ill. The Progressives have their confession.

        Now, they will pronounce the sentence.

        • No. PROGGY whites did so, on behalf of us all without our consent, to great acclaim while the (((media))) broadcast it all to build a preference cascade to emotionally entrain the simple-minded. I’m not saying the phenomenon was not real, but don’t overestimate.

          • Agree that most Whites don’t like what’s going on. But the “face” of Whites – the GOP, corporations, etc. – have completely embraced the sin of White racism.

            That matters.

      • Two of my neighbors (retirement community for everyone but me) were talking about what would be the fewest number of amendments to the Constitution that would fix our problems. I didn’t have the ball to say, just change to preamble to make it pertain solely and exclusively to whites, everyone else is second-class, non-voting in perpetuity, etc.

    • +1. Here’s rooting for a few more exhibits of Seattle Autonomous Zones, or (perhaps?) an Atlanta with a “no police bothering black folks” for several days…these things do or would do wonders to open sleepy eyes …

  33. article would be better if you took into consideration that all the “on the ground” mayhem is in dem controlled cities. also, your analysis doesn’t mention the effects of brownies taking over the dem party completely.
    i think this is a fatal miscalculation by the left, and is revealing a lot of hidden bad actors. the final battle scene from “Once Were Soldiers” is a nice analogy of what’s coming for antifa and blm:

  34. War? This is a war of numbers, and we lost that war perhaps a decade or more ago.
    White people cannot win without the population, especially when a solid 25% will continue to attack their own.
    This is now retreat. The big question, retreat to where……
    We are going to become like Christians in Somalia.
    So you had best be prepared or convert.

    • Frankly it was over in 1964-1965. The corpse of civic nationalist America just didn’t start stinking until the 1990’s. Pat Buchanan rode those fumes to the high-water mark for systemic White opposition. It’s over.

      It’s better we have 20% of Whites who understand this commit to revolutionary change than to try and play majority politics for consolation prizes.

      They’re not going to let us win no matter what we do in this system – we have to walk away.

      • True. Doesn’t that make the all the Sean Hannity’s the real enemy? The ones who keep us under the dome in The Truman Show as they make money on us?

      • You have to first be able to walk away. That requires throwing a lot of sand into the system’s gears and making it more painful for the system to respond to walking away than not responding (that assumes some rationality but it’s probably there).

        Now that written–you were right about accelerationism. These vibrant riots and assaults and attacks on Whites have shown me acceleration was necessary. In fact, this reverse acceleration from our enemies has given me the first glimmers of hope. They moved too quickly. We still may prevail. And that is qualified, as it should be.

        • They can’t stop us.

          They can’t even police D.C, Minneapolis or Atlanta or handle a low-intensity pandemic.

          And they’re not going to get better at chasing us as we subtract more functional White cogs from their system.

    • Untrue, whites will be a plurality all through this century, at least, we have plenty of numbers. “Hispanics” are not united and most hate blacks with a passion. Many whites now “tomming” for BLM will come around as the cost starts to become apparent. even Jews are starting to split, as someone noted above. And black birth rates are not much higher than whites, in the USA.

      The greatest enemy is despair and complacency. No retreat, camouflage, and dig in for the long haul. The future belongs to those who persevere.

      • Also, keep in mind that it isn’t just numbers that are important, but the geographic distribution.

    • I’m of the opinion that even in south africa the whites could reclaim control and set up a white country. If they coalesced and the gloves came off we would probaly have to interven with airsupport for egypt befor all was said and done. A reasonable sounding guy like zman or even an exile could probaly win election in appalachia The poor whites there gather sympathy. Use it and set up an appalachain corridor that discourages diversity. Make it a no-go zone?. Organize white advocasy groups mostly secret and submerged but that might pop up occasionaly to help out the tribe. Educate whites on the program that is being run against them. If a critical mass of whites simply told these people to kiss thier whites asses, i think you would find the effects highly salubrious.

      • The mountain lands, where our people were born.

        The high ground- an Appalachain corridor, the upstate Alleghanys, Poconos, Catskills; the Ozarks, Rockies, Sierras… I’m starting to like this.

        • Negroes don’t like forests, mountains, or redneck whites. So the mountainous regions in redneck country are the place to be.

          I don’t know about the Rockies. The shitlibs tend to flock there. (For example, Colorado has a fag governor.) I despise them worse than the negroes.

        • Although often derided as white trash or hillbillies, the ancestors of much of the white tr- er residents 🙂 of Appalachia were runaway indentured servants (white slaves, if you like) from Jamestown. So if naught else, they have a yearning for freedom in their family history. Relatively few native born (white) Americans can make such a historical claim.

  35. The alt right has to be filled to the gills with feds, either that or they are just the dumbest f**ks on the planet. Either way they are completely toxic.

    This whole white strike thing has two major problems:

    1. It wont happen so it has no upside and has the downside of becoming enemy propaganda as Z pointed out.

    2. It hits the enemy where they are strongest. They dont need us, if by us you understand they dont need people willing to go on strike. There are plenty of whites who will continue to work, and they can apparently print money indefinitely, and it should be apparent at this point that a lot of the economy isnt really producing real value anyway. Plus the left has a strong point in these businesses….get them to crush some of the strikers and all youll have is more unemployed people in your “movement” and less morale.

    So once again the alt “right” is handing the enemy their followers’ heads on a silver platter with no upshot. I wonder: how many of these so called leaders have a job they actually need to strike from and will risk gettimg fired from?

    Imo its entirely possible the alt “right” thinks in terms of left wing tactics because they are in character left wing. They are going to continue to be a thorn in our side until they are finally crushed, but then the question becomes how do we prevent other dissident leftists from coming in and labeling themselves right wing and causing us problems? Assuming im right….

    • Who is this evil, useless “alt Right” you rail on?

      What is your plan for opposing this system? What does your “right wing character” suggest Whites do?

      • Reread my post, thats not what i said. The alt right is making a tactical error with this and its going to make it hard to instill an identity in white people. Intentional or not, they are screwing this up for the police and the rest of us.

        I could be wrong. And theyve made it clear no one will talk any sense into them. So lets watch and wait. If a white strike happens and liberal fanatics and minorities come crawling back hat in hand begging us to keep running society for them, i will admit i was wrong.

        Otoh if a strike happens, leads to the atlanta cops being villified by association with “nazis”, people being fired from their jobs, and yet another morale boost to leftists then drop me a line. I wont say i told you so.

        • So White activists should avoid activism because we’ll be called Nazis?

          Or just because whatever we do that doesn’t result in “Winning” = a morale boost for Lefties?

          • You can bifurcate your life. I have. Your clients don’t need to know your personal opinions. You can save that for your barber. The problem I have is while dissidents now have a good internet structure, despite the de-platforming attempts (see V-Dare yesterday) there is no white version of the ACLU. I would send checks their way if we had one. Just take the ADL’s charter, insert “normal caucasians” into the appropriate fields, and run with it.

          • There’s no point to having a White ACLU – constitutional protections and court cases are for non-Whites only. See the Supreme Court this week.

            The idea that Shlomo has to follow the rules and allow Whites their day in Court just because the laws look color-blind on their face is a prime fallacy of the optics crowd and civic nationalism.

            Justice in America is a matter of what group you belong to, no Whites invited.

            Sadly, if you want justice, or simply want a society where you can live in peace, you need to join the people who’re making a just White society the only way that remains – by moving on from America.

            The days when you could just send a check to some group in Washington to keep you safe are over – frankly they were over in the 1960s.

    • Unfortunate truth. Strikes are useless. Poor people burning their last savings, rich can just sit back and enjoy the life. And hire somebody else. Or just sit back and enjoy the life. Poor rats need jobs, not people who can just quit business and move to Maldives.

    • I’ve hung out with most of the figures on the alt right. Almost to a man, they are righteous dudes, although sometimes intemperate. I would be surprised if any of them are feds.

      Perhaps you’re a bit of a Monday morning quarterback, who is quick to criticize, but is never going to do anything? Are you a bit too perfect for this messy world?

      If we hadn’t tried Cville, you would be chastising us as “keyboard warriors.”

      • Youll have to grant me that when i say “alt right” im referring to figureheads and not everyone who is a part of the movement generally. I dont know most everyone i only see the popular ones.

        Ill admit that fed shouldnt be thrown around lightly as an accusation. But the real point of that statement was that their tactics are so self defeating that they are doing the enemy’s work for them. I stand by that.

        You can criticize me and call me out for lack of action all day. But so far no one has bothered to tell me how the white strike is actually productive. At any rate you dont have to convince me, lets wait and see.

        • A White Strike builds and flexes White solidarity. It’s what the Yellow Vests are already doing in France.

          Euros in general are ahead of us on this, largely because of better labor organization.

          Explain how the White Strike “does the enemy’s work for them?”

          I’m not criticizing you for not doing anything personally, for all that you should, I’m criticizing you for always telling everyone else not to do anything because fighting anti-Whites in any way always means they win.

        • You know what maybe i came on a but strong. Im opinionated but i saw that video of the white guy at the mall getting beat and apologizing and groveling and it had my blood up so high i could barely focus. Probably not the best time to be commenting.

          Im going to take a few days away to get some perspective, maybe read How to Make Friends and Influence People lol.

          • “had my blood up so high i could barely focus.”

            Roger that. Same here.

            Our logical mind and ethical heart get in the way, at times, best to not go charging off half-cocked.

    • The .alt right is a boogeyman these days. Its not a movement.
      Its dissipated after C Vaille exactly because it got a little too chummy with Tiki Torch Nazis
      That said going Galt or on strike is quite doable and perfectly legal.

  36. Yesterday, the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers publicly declared its conversion to Black Lives Matter and its devotion to Saint George Floyd.

    In its statement, the BBO proclaimed:

    “As lawyers, we have a unique obligation to ensure that the law is applied evenly and without bias, particularly when it comes to African Americans….We may no longer remain silent. We must state uncomfortable truths. All of us need to look within ourselves to understand how our actions, and in many cases our failures to act, have impacted the lives of who have been subjected to racism and injustice all of their lives. Change is needed. We must listen to the voices of those who have been marginalized. We will do so with open hearts and open minds.”

    Its good to know that an organization charged with policing the legal profession openly embraces the proposition that while all animals are equal, some or more equal than others.

    • “…ensure that the law is applied evenly and without bias, particularly when it comes to African Americans…”

      I say that we have to stop debating our enemies and cut the crap about “owning the libs” but I still can’t help laughing at the stupidity of the above quote.

      • Yes, you are right, we do have to stop wasting time debating our enemies.

        However, as you note, that does not mean we can’t laugh at the stupidity of the pozz.

      • Thank you for pointing it out. I missed it the first time. Indeed, equality for all, but more equal for some than others…

    • Lawyers, as a group, is the most SJW converged profession. The law is hopelessly progressive and has official sanctioning bodies that have rules barring people with sense. You can be disbarred for crime-think.

      • You won’t get an argument from me, but let’s not forget college professors, college administrators, physicians, social workers, and public health commissars.

    • Instead of gauzy, blanket statements on culpability, let’s have some specifics, Massachusetts lawyers. Which one of you sandbagged a negro? What did you do to him? Which one of your colleagues looked the other way?

    • “evenly and without bias, particularly when it comes to”

      No bias there then.

      All animals are equal.

    • “…We must state uncomfortable truths…”

      How Orwellian. What they really mean is “…We must state comfortable untruths…”

    • Playing card companies should produce a deck containing all aces, for sale to attorneys and politicians 🙂

  37. Everyone needs to be forced to very publicly take a side!
    White silence is violence. #Blacklivesmatter

    That is the silver lining of total war, assuming they have the guts to keep it going. Everyone MUST pick a side publicly. We find out who the cowards are and who the traitors are and we find out who our allies are.

  38. A friend once gave me advice that probably saved my life at a time when I was going through trial-by-female. He told me to stop playing her game, stop trying to ‘win’, because that was part of the game. It worked. Not only that, she gave me some of the vindication I wanted. Later on I understood why: she was trying to take me down with her.

  39. Getting control of corporations was a genius plan from their standpoint. Two conservative friends who work for a huge corporation are being called in today for questioning about their social media accounts. Our enemies control the schools, media, government, and now corporations. And now the plan is to get control of the police. For our side, we need numbers and now it’s getting difficult to speak freely in order to recruit the needed numbers we need.

    • If your friends have social media accounts, they are fools. Just like all those who say “Oh, the government cannot monitor everyone all the time.” But big tech/big business can and does.

      • Agreed. They have algorithms and unlimited storage, so yes they can monitor everyone all the time. And they only have to make examples of a few to scare normies from straying.

  40. The schism is not entirely binary. Those of the Aztec persuasion are generally not sympathetic to vibrancy while their work and family ethic is opposite. Also, they have more kids.

    • Aztecs are not White. Their children cannot/did not/will not build nor sustain a White civilization.

      • Foreign disease caused a 90% population loss in both South and North America. The mestizos are descended from Euro conquistadors and their Indio donnas- they are half White, a hybrid.

        Close enough. Look below Baja- ultra-modern hospitals, oil refineries, media infrastructure. Their ferals are empowered by the Prohibition created to enrich Jewish gangs.

        Another example: India. 4000 years after we were subsumed by the dravidian abos, yet their civilization is still cast with our footprint.

        • I say send them back, and our AWFLs and soys with them. For them to gain our White genes is the point of this whole bloody enterprise.

        • The rule of law is a bit more of a nebulous concept south of the border. On the plus side, Mexico has very few of negro blood and they are not especially loved by the majority mestizos, enmity that clearly has persisted in those who have lived in USA even many generaciones.. Also, you can hire as many Mexican domestics as you want and not get in any trouble with the government 😀

      • I’ll take them as allies though. Like someone said earlier, we can divvy the spoils up later. Then we can have the Border Patrol man the new border on the Colorado River. It’s a better natural barrier anyway.

    • Not entirely bad people though not our people and many need to be repatriated,
      Also US Latino fertility is at the 1.8 level vs 1.6 for Whites, not that much different and it is in decline throught the region. Brazil is well below replacment and Mexico is at or below

  41. The Haitian massacre also occurred because one group of white people riled them up against a different set of white people. In the end, every white person was either killed or exiled. Not a single white person remained on Haiti.

  42. A couple of things here to consider:

    1. How can this be a “war on white people” when most white people support it? It makes no sense for people to go along with their own destruction.
    2. white people have most of the wealth. You guys need to watch Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah
    • 1.) Most whites are middling intelligence and prone to being herd followers. This is fine, but even if they feel something is wrong they won’t rock the boat.
      2.) No, you can sit and spin on a spike.

      • Duck is getting a bit better though, recommending Colbert is not as silly as his usual recs. Still sucks but its slightly better.

    • “white people have most of the wealth.”
      Of course. Why would anyone be so incredibly stupid as to think that a European society would be any different? The wealthy and the criminals in a white society will be … shockingly enough … white. I was born American into a white society. This diversity multicultural transformation only accelerated in the last 30 years. We real Americans are a confederation of European nations like the Swiss (who by some metrics like language have substantially more internal variation that we do), saddled with a bunch of Africans like the French. Is anyone claiming the French are not European?

      Shitholers who don’t like it can go back to their shitholistans and create their own wealth there. We owe them nothing. Broken-amygdala white leftists who think that white people should feel guilt for their ability to create nice places to live while others fail at the same in their own lands (or even in our lands with our help) will be erased from this universe, mostly by their pet diversities.

    • Hint: Distinguish between jews and whites. The jews control the culture, to a first approximation, and they have hijacked and incentivized the pathological compassion of whites towards self-extinction.

      Further, jews are massively over-represented in the hated 1% yet no one dare mention “jewish privilege.”

      Hope that helps.

      • Also, many of the “Whites” that you see on TV are actually jewish … lecturing us about White privilege in an attempt to provoke guilt. Sadly, White women seem quite vulnerable to this tactic.

    • As to No.2 – Even if true, so what? Whites created most if not all of it so why shouldn’t they have it?

    • Hi Duck.
      Most Whites either keep their heads down make the proper mouth noises to avoid having their lives ruined as needed and just hope it goes away. About 10% are down the it and another 20% are Civ Nats. The rest are fine.
      The elite have ALL the wealth basically and while they are mostly White (mostly Oprah for example is a billionaire) its not all Whites just a few of them. Making it a race vs class issue makes the protestors a tool of the elite.
      And I know Colbert and Noah’s ratings are down but shilling here for viewers is pathetic. Besides these guys are up there with watching paint dry in terms of entertainment.

  43. Like the capitalization of “White.” If our betters are going to capitalize Black, we should do the same for our side.

    I’ll give the other side credit. They don’t hide their hatred or disdain for us. Capitalizing “Black” but not “white” is childish in many ways, but it also openly declares us to be beneath blacks. It’s a statement of power.

  44. OT: The Supreme Court ruled against Trump stopping DACA.
    I already knew the system had no legitimacy. The only question now is how many videos a Roberts diddling children do they have?

    • Even more horrifying than a pedophilic video of Roberts, what if this rock-ribbed “constitutional conservative” scholar really believes that the Constitution requires DACA?

    • That’s what I’m thinking … the jews and their sycophants have the goods on a lot of people … or their family. Any of it can be leaked.

    • We have been so subverted for so many decades that blackmail is hardly necessary to create traitors.

  45. I think rolling back the hyper militarized police forces would qualify as the ratchet moving back not forward. Any pol interested in 2A assaults is going to get nowhere. Nothing like a little terrorism to remind people that they might be on their own.

    We’re not in total war until 100 “peaceful protesters” walk into a neighborhood intending to burn it down, and 99 of them die in a hail of bullets from the locals.

    We’re not there yet, but that’s ultimately what this is leading to. Right now, the terrorists care more about optics, which is why the riots were deliberately fizzled. At some point, burning down their own stuff isn’t going to accomplish anything, assuming it ever accomplished anything (usually not).

    • This pseudo-revolution is funded by the Cloud People. It is very real likelihood that their pawns, the Anti-Racism religious fanatics, may not be reined in. This actually would be a good thing and would bring about exactly what you described is necessary to unleash total war.

      • You can tell – a real revolution would have burned the Cloud People, including “let them eat gelato” Pelosi. This is not a revolution, but a purge of deplorables from the public square by use of BLMers and fellow travelers.

      • To understand this conflict, take ten minutes
        The revolt of the public in 10 minutesThe dude is ex CIA and far from a fun presenter but the ideas are very important.
        On the other hand from that, the elite hate the rest of us and groups like BLM/ Antifa etc are being used as pawns to prop up the elite systems
        This is an old ploy
        Quoting V is for Vendetta here,
        Sutler : I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want every man, woman and child to understand how close we are to chaos. I want everyone to remember why they need us!
        We don’t need them, we don’t need big anything or nearly anything the establishment has to offer and can do far more for less money and with better results.
        This causes or elite to melt down since once you get into he upper class nothing even death is worse than being cast down.
        Like Lucifer, Non Servium and it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

        • Thanks for the link. That’s a pretty solid analysis, particularly the potential for the lock downs to turn out to be an extinction-level event for institutions and the elite. They certainly are acting like it is with their foot soldiers trying to solidify their grip.

    • The “Albuquerque Plan” is being hoisted right now. It calls for an army of social workers to respond instead of sending men with badges and guns in a lot of cases. Not a bad idea.

      It’ll work up to the point a 51-50 (insane person) dices up or rapes a plucky young social worker. Or the social worker’s goodies run out for handouts in the hood. Then back to square one; men with guns.

      The idea that all these problematic elements are lacking is some understanding and love will not mesh with biology.

    • Not in total agreement. Earlier today was the suggestion that Atlanta police hold off any arrests of Black men for a while (or if not, I’m making it now.) If white police are killing too many blacks, and too many of them were going to jail anyway, what kinder action could a big city police force do, than announce that the lcoal union had decided to be in solidarity with BLM, and that for the next weekend, or month or whatever, no black men would be arrested. Imagine the positive response from the Black community. 🙂
      I’m prone to writing sarcastic essays, so if I don’t find something the net, I’ll probably do one here. Think of me as the Onion of the dissident right 😀

  46. Scariest comment from the Taco Bell thread:

    The “operating room” nurse who can completely “emphasize” with the young man. Probably wrote that from her sail foam.

  47. We are descended from men who could hunt successfully, and the best among them were cunning hunters, not just talented at killing their prey. You see this is the natural world everywhere. And, of course, camouflage is extremely helpful. As is the element of surprise. We have dulled those skills because we can easily buy meat at the grocery store, but those innate traits will be awakened when cornered. Coming soon to a theater near you.

  48. We will not cower before The Zman.

    What do we want? TEN POINT PLAN!

    When do we want it? NOW!

    Who’s gonna write it? ZMAN!


    • Nice, but Z’s point is quite important. A ten point plan is a recipe for division and infighting. Win first, then bicker.

      • Also ten-point plans (or any-point plans) are signalling intentions to the enemy class. Why tip them off?

        • Yes. That was the secret of the Yellow Vests in France: they had no manifesto, no demands, only “fuck off and die, please!”

          • Also , and maybe more importantly, they had no leader or leaders that could be centred out . No one that they could quote out of context or verbal.

          • Been thinking about the Yellow Vests.
            So odd we didn’t see breathless, daily updates about rampaging white yoots.

      • True. There need not be a detailed blueprint at this point. However, I think a general set of principles could be useful. We need something to bind our identity and give us a broad goal for which to shoot.

        • “. . . The TL:DR version of our platform is ‘Under the Dissident Right, America is a great place to have a family.’ Simple, accurate, to the point and encompasses our entire platform in an elevator pitch. Everything we do flows from this and anyone in our movement whose goals are not wholly aligned to the idea needs to go as well. Once we get off our asses and start communicating that goal and working to it we can make some headway.” – A B Prosper

        • <i>However, I think a general set of principles could be useful. We need something to bind our identity and give us a broad goal for which to shoot.</i>

          The ethno-state.

    • Why 10 when 3 will do.

      (1) its okay to be white
      (2) be white
      (3) if #2 is challenged or falters, refer to #1.

    • The traditional explanation of why the Whites lost to the Bolsheviks is that they didn’t have a coherent political program.

      Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnston makes a strong case that this is a deflection and that the Whites, despite having money, were unable to buy what they required, because the other European nations would not resupply them at any price.

      Nonetheless – a political program is de rigueur.

      No young man in his right mind should agree to fight to uphold a system dedicated to feeding upon him, while privileging every other group in society at his expense. You would have to be a retard to agree to fight, so that you can continue to be ruled over by insane sluts , homomaniacs and non-Whites who are financed and enabled by the “every single time people”.

      To fight to maintain a legal system that hands your children over to insane sluts, that gives non-Whites lighter sentences because they are not White, while handing down severe penalties on Whites for minor infractions because of hate speech laws that were crafted by “the people of the double standard” ? Hardly.


      The only reason to fight would be for self-defence or reward. The reward of gains made in combat. The division of spoils between brothers in arms in a männerbund and the imposition of a hierarchy, based upon merit, as well as discrimination and intolerance of enemy out-groups.

      Why fight and maybe die if you don’t gain women, land, food and resources. The women are the spoil. It’s not something they need to be consulted about. If and when young men start dying, the opinions of women will be worth exactly one tall glass of warm spit. The men who fight, decide the rights and responsibilities of women.

      “ A nation of men has therefore a right to procure women, who are absolutely necessary to its preservation: and if its neighbours, who have a redundancy of females, refuse to give some of them in marriage to those men, the latter may justly have recourse to force.” 
      -Emer De Vattel “ Law of Nations “ # 122

      Alas , I’m not a Philadelphia lawyer . 

      • Probably just as well. These days you’d be a Soros funded ultra-liberal DA. 🙂

  49. We are going to have to go through the fire and when we come out on the other side, assuming we haven’t been annihilated, we will be a compact group that will defend its own interest but I don’t see any other alternative to that fire.

    • Honestly we would be 70% of the way there if we just had a ton of kids. Christianity was on to something there.

      • I’m unconvinced, granted it would help us greatly. (((They))) could still indoctrinate our children as they did when we were 90% or so.

    • As James Burnham said about Communism, “We may not have to die in large numbers to avert a Communist future, but we will certainly have to be willing to die in large numbers. If we do not adopted the slogan ‘Better Dead Than Red!’, then our children will almost certainly be Red, those who are not dead, too, for good measure…”
      True then – true now.

  50. There is a bewilderment Whites feel as they try to reason through everything that’s happening. It’s a mistake, like the mistakes described in The Gift of Fear, that remarkable book that explains to people that they are afraid of things because they ought to be afraid of things.

    All these stories about people being found in burnt-out hotel ballrooms because they simply couldn’t believe that the place was on fire. The ability to listen to your gut, the product of thousands of generations of survival tests, and to conceive of the horror that is about to descend is a gift and we have been ignoring it for a long time. But Whites keep thinking there is some deal we can cut to make things better.

    • Yes, it is like men who try to negotiate for desire in a potential mate. The cringe factor is off the charts. You cannot negotiate the innate. Yet we have been buying that dark whore flowers and dinners for generations and we are still in the friend zone. If only we could be nicer…

      • Yes, it is like men who try to negotiate for desire in a potential mate.

        Courtship, dowries, outright gambling an expensive meal, a shiny rock, or a piece of metal on the off chance to bypass the knickers would constitute “negotiation” in the past.

        • One can “negotiate” a marriage, but not the passion that should accompany it. It exists or it doesn’t.

    • The ability to listen to your gut, the product of thousands of generations of survival tests, and to conceive of the horror that is about to descend is a gift and we have been ignoring it for a long time.
      Amen on that problem is a lot of people when they do listen to their gut it scares them back into denial or they see the amount of work they would have to do to counter the horror that they despair and become apathetic to the whole thing…

      • Yes. The “gut” has become vestigial, when in fact it is part of our sacred bond to the natural law of the world. The humiliation of political correctness has numbed our senses – particularly in the young who take the word of globohomo as truth, such that common sense and the ancient spider sense are both sublimated. I think this is a big part of the anxiety and depression that is running through the population as well. Ignoring truth can kill you quick but it can also twist you into all kinds of less-than things. We were gifted these innate connections with the truth not just for survival, but also to be human and to bond with other humans to make more humans.

  51. Re. “These people hate you and will not rest until you are dead.“
    “When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.” 
    – Sam Hyde

    • Good to see fellow millenials and zoomer humor represented in this discussion. Poor sam was too edgy for them slipped alot of red pills through his humor. Cant have that.

  52. I’ve been over at powerline blog. I almost feel sorry for the boomers, they don’t know whether to shit or go blind. It takes a force of will not to become enraged with the conservatives, but i have detected some shifts in attitude. I definity detect a schism amoung the jews. Many are worried that they have gone too far. Alot of dancing. I have even mentioned the rootless cosmopolitain elite, no push back. Surprising.

    • I’ve tried redpilling my late Silent Gen parents. It’s hopeless.

      They are totally unable to process anything outside their frame and try to shift the conversation to something innocuous.

    • I have also been reading Powerline. The writers are clueless as ever, Scott Johnson still thinks pointing out Gov. Walz’s hypocrisy on the government shutdown while allowing the riots will matter with Minnesota voters. The people in the comments section seem to be slowly waking up, the felony murder charge against the officer in Atlanta was a light bulb moment for a few of them.

      • Yep, see more of that. Of course they often “moderate” those out. I’ve been banned there for a while now for bluntly pointing out things that are now being more openly discussed.

        • i got a pretty good discussion on race and IQ going there. Saw a guy repost a IQ map i had earlier posted. Thier somali problem has caused them to wake up to some extent. Johnson is sly jew. Supersmart and tenacious as hell though. Have noted that JHindracker has been reading unz and some fairly edgy stuff. I was shocked when he recently did a post about what a fucking moral degenerate MLK was. Johnson shadow banned me a while back for fairly innocuous critism of that pudgy tool J Goldberg. I have been jumped and called a jew baiter several times but they sorta tolerate me now. Of course, i never went hard about what a good guy uncle H was or disputed muh 6 mil or anything.

    • Agreed. The boomer bull still shows up for the fight but it looks more and more emaciated every day. Long ago I’d get corrected on my naughty views, and then later they’d pretend to not hear me, and now they silently nod when they know no one else is watching.

    • In terms of the ratchet effect, the only parts of the “Right” that have actually seen gains in the last fifty years are the NRA and the Home Schooling movement, which is of course why both of these groups are sniffed at as declasse by the ConInc establishment. It’s not just a coincidence that these people are also the only parts of the Right that feel as fanatically about their issues as the Left does about theirs – which tells you something about what it takes to win. You can dismiss the NRA gun guys as a bunch of Minuteman wannabes, and the homeschoolers as a bunch of God-bothering weirdos, but the simple fact of the matter is that the freedom to own and defend yourself with a gun, and the freedom to homeschool your kids, are about the only areas where ordinary white people have seen their freedom increase in the last fifty years. If the “Movement” conservatives had learned from these guys, we might not be facing the imminent breakup of the US today.
    • I have to disagree with your contention that gun rights have increased in the last 50 years. We are one or two supreme court justices away from no gun rights at all. They will hang their hat on the lies about the meaning of “well regulated militia” or that it’s no longer necessary for the security of a free state. Or they will just allow the state to regulate guns out of existence.

      • Unfortunately by then there will be no more free state that a milita would need to defend. I guess Maryland will need to find a new state motto. 🙁

  53. Re. “ For them, he is pure evil and there can be no compromise with evil, no bargain struck with evil, no sympathy for the devil.”

    This is a religious war, not an ideological war. We are their devil. They aren’t going to negotiate with the devil nor will they just let us alone. The devil needs to be fought every day, all day until he is destroyed. That’s what we’re up against. We can’t forget that.

    We don’t like them, they don’t like us, and we can’t live together. We’re never going to have a dialogue with these people, no matter how logical or lawful our arguments are.

    The idea of a final conflict, of putting an end to an ongoing struggle or putting an issue to rest, is a European conceit; from the Pagan concept of Götterdämmerung or Ragnarǫk and the destruction of the gods and of all things in a final battle with evil powers; to the Christian idea of Armageddon and the Last Judgment.

    Racism isn’t real, only hatred, anger, and evil obtain. The charge of ‘racism’ is a hoax. All the blood shed to stamp out racism has not only been been in vain, but for an evil and unnatural cause.

    These people are zealots , they are ‘theologically’ driven maniacs who believe that rules don’t apply if you are fighting evil – when it comes to ‘wickedness’ anything goes to overcome it’s effect and put on end to it’s influence.

    Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam . 

    • Agreee with you, mostly. The current social justice movement(s) have been compared to a religion — and it does have many of the features. Not the least of these are unquestionable faith in unprovable tenets, or unlike “normal” relgious beliefs in other realities, the SJW religion has tenets that are disprovable using logic, science etc. (E.g. “All races are equal”). But that doesn’t matter to a religion. To a True Beleiver, facts or argument will not sway. That’s why the world has fanatics that will gladly kill themself and anyone they can take with them (Radical Islam is the best recent example, although others could be found in history.) The only ways to deal with such people are to isolate them where they can do no harm or kill them. As is often noted, every movement needs an enemy. Christianity has its Satan. We clearly are the “devil” to the SJW crazies of the day. Calling someone a “racist” has all the power (and vagueness, and conveniently for the accuser, hard for the defendant to disprove) of a hapless person being accused of being a witch in midieval Europe or early America. If you’re a racist, there is no way to prove you aren’t. It is the all-purpose trump card, to condemn the perceived opponent. That is us. But, alas, it will be many collateral Goodwhites too. Due process? Innocent until proven guilty? Maybe still in court, but not in the court of public opinion.

  54. We’ll see. The cops in Atlanta are walking off the job. The Law Of The Jungle goes into effect tonight. This will end only one way… and I doubt the result will look anything like Wakanda.

    • The ‘felony murder’ charge is rather perplexing to me. That charge will not stand. If an sjw jury or judge convicts, one assumes they will win on appeal.
      Felony murder is a charge you lay on co-conspirators when a person dies because of a felony crime. The person who pulls the trigger doesn’t get felony murder. That person gets a murder charge. If a clerk shoots and kills your partner in a hold up, you get felony murder or if your partner shoots and kills the clerk, you get felony murder.
      They are going to have a really hard time explaining what felony crime the police were committing. They are going to have an even harder time explaining why the primary shooter was charged with felony murder and not murder 1 or 2.

      • You’re assuming that impartial justice is still a thing. It’s not.

        This is a state-sanctioned lynching, and it won’t be the last one.

          • I don’t think so. Felony murder is life without parole, max. My suspicion at the great number of charges is an attempt to intimidate the suspect and secure a plea deal while placating the mob. Works to get the other cops to testify on the shooter as well. It’s a travesty as has been said.

      • Maybe they went with an excessive charge in the hope it is thrown out rightbbefore the election, thus ensuring massive new race riots.

        • Yes that’s what I’ve been wondering too….Going with an excessive charge hoping it is thrown out then cue the riots. Hell, Atlanta will burn again if that happens. But, who knows, he may end up being found guilty because any jury will be so afraid to follow the law and good sense in their deliberations and decision. It is utterly ridiculous to be sure. The cop was doing exactly what he was trained to do. He, and his partner, could not allow that jerk to get off the parking lot and out into the night in that violent state of mind with one of their stun guns. “But but it isn’t lethal”. No, but a thug can do a lot of damage to someone. It’s not a toy either. He had just violently resisted arrest, grabbed a stun gun, and made a run for it. The training is to neutralize that perpetrator with deadly force even. Should the training be changed? Maybe. But this cop is already trained that way. He was doing his job, and now his life is completely ruined. Can you imagine being a cop now? Having to add to the danger list right under, “Might get killed today”….”May get charged with a felony for executing my training”. No thanks.
          Thanks for anyone who read this. I needed this rant. I am phuggin pissed!

      • Correct.
        In order for Leftie to effectively use his armies of helper monkeys…he has to remake the laws and undermine several portions of the American constitution. Even now, the courts simply aren’t pozzed enough for his needs. I say he has arrived at his Rubicon. If he continues the assault on rights and law enforcement, there is a very good chance that Normie is going to put his beer and potato chips aside, turn off the noggerball on TV… and pick up his rifle and defend himself, his family and his property. If he stalls and dithers…he loses even more of the political momentum that he’s been losing since Hillary lost the election in 2016.
        If Normie DOES get off the couch en masse and gets in the fight against the orders of the Cloud People… Trump will be free and clear to do the same and one might finally see some arrests of the more obvious traitors and activist judges. I break with the dissidents, if the coast was clear and the support was there… I believe Trump would be crazy enough to do it.
        That is what the chess board looks like from Leftie’s side… and why they are so erratic and hysterical. Expect more very bad decisions from our leaders sooner rather than later…

      • Think show trials. The cops are the new “shirkers, wreckers, and right deviationists.”

      • Overcharging is a feature, not a bug. Similar to Minneapolis, where there is probably a decent case for one of the lower level manslaughter charges, any of the possible outcomes is a win/win for leftists who are not looking for “justice” in any form that we think of it. If they win at those charging levels, they get a head on a pike and invite more of the same. If they lose, then it begets a new round of riots and looting that advance the agenda in a different way, since there is no “justice”.

        • It’s not really an over-charge, it’s a charge that is something different. It’s like charging a burglar with shoplifting.
          Georgia statute § 16-5-1 – Murder; felony murder:(c) A person also commits the offense of murder when, in the commission of a felony, he causes the death of another human being irrespective of malice.

          It’s not an “over-charge” it is the wrong charge. It just seems insane to me. They have to prove that he was in the commission of a felony crime.

          • They have to prove that he was in the commission of a felony crime.”

            He was. Racism while White.

      • If you shot a person running away, you are almost always going to lose. Manslaughter at the least 🙁

        • They are trained to neutralize a perpetrator like that from getting away, in this case off of that parking lot. He had just violently fought them, stole a stun gun and started running away. He was in the process of turning around to fire the stun dart at them when the cop fired his weapon. Shooting in the back was not intentional, but technically that is where he was struck. It was a fluid situation. The main point is that ALL cops are trained to use lethal force in that situation. They are trained to stop a perpetrator who becomes a general threat to the public. They had to stop him from getting outside of that parking lot. Period. They did their job and it was a success. Period. If this had happened last year, sure it would have been a controversy, but now we are in the “new normal” and white cops get charged for murder by doing what they’re trained to do.

        • Many years ago, I came very close to shooting a home invader. He turned out of my kitchen and damn near ran over his buddy that was just coming in the door they broke in through. If I’d shot, probably would have hit him in the back. It was a split second thing. That is how fast these things happen.

    • And they reached out to other nearby precincts who declined to also walk off, because they didn’t want to lose their state jobs/pensions. White solidarity is a nice myth, but I prefer to face reality head on. It’s long been an online meme that if White men went on strike everything would stop – but too much is now automated and other White men would stab the striking Whites in the back in a heartbeat.

  55. The whitestrike crowd is just virtue signalling as well because I can guarantee they are not building Communities which is the only way we can have any effective way of countering the Communist…

    • True, general strikes can be a valuable weapon when paired with other actions, but as a sole tactic, they have never worked, anywhere, for the Left or the Right. BTW, if you want a glimpse of what the coming conflict is going to look like don’t look to the US circa 1861, or Spain 1936 – look to Ulster 1975. The only question right now is who gets to be the IRA, who gets to be the UDA, and what group of poor schmucks ends up being cast as the British Army…

    • I also consider it possible this is malicious given it has to be obvious the strike wont happen and if it does it wont work. Then again ideology is capable of making otherwise smart people do stupid things so who knows?

      • Yes, what I think of as the “One Weird Trick” strategies, that involve doing something obvious that gets you an easy win, almost never work, because the enemy can see them too, the enemy can do math as well as you can. See the Somme, the British General Strike of the 1920’s, Allied strategic bombing in WWII, the German U-Boat campaigns of both wars, McNamara and Vietnam, etc, etc. Any strategy that begins with “all we have to do is…” is almost certain to fail. If it’s that damned obvious, the enemy has seen it too, and it’s probably a trap. Engage and respond…

        • By the way, this is not to say that cops in Atlanta and Minneapolis shouldn’t strike – it’s a very good first step. But they/we need to know what comes next. The Left is all in on this, they’re not just going to fold.

          • More effective than strikes would be simply refusing to arrest black suspects unless they agree to go willingly. If there is any resistance, back off and let them go. This is not a fireable offense, but the resulting bedlam would send a clear message.

          • Those cops striking is one of the best things to happen in a while. It has the potential to energize and awaken more than a few people. Which is maybe why the alt right felt the need to jump in and inject some unpopular racial sentiments to…idk demoralize the cops and turn the herd harder against them? Apparently?

            Theres a decent chance this causes the cops to back down….

          • This is hardly an original idea but: If I were a cop, sitting in the donut shop drinking my coffee, and a call came in about Black crime, I would take my sweet time responding to it, if at all. Even the dumbest cop (and there are plenty) is slowly learning that the system is 100% against him, that Black Males are sacred, and there is way too much downside if anything goes awry. Frankly, it is much easier to stay in the precinct house or car and let somebody else (or nobody, for the matter) handle the issue. While I don’t wish black mayhem on any innocent victim, even a black, if we could get the equivalent of a nationwide sick-out, a refusal to arrest blacks behaving badly, it might provide excellent publicity for our cause.

        • Very true. The response to criticism is telling as well: shame and block. People keep trying to talk sense into these knobs and they just wont listen.

        • The Somme was launched early by the British because the French were being destroyed at Verdun and were begging for relief. They were undeprepared because they were planning to attack in more than 5 weeks time.
          The Somme offensive worked in that it kept the flighty French in the war.

        • The allied bombing of Germany was a very effective strategy and certainly a lot less inefficient than the alternatives.

  56. Whites have been separating themselves from diversity and attempting to keep it at arm’s length for decades. That’s why suburbs exist and continue to move further and further out. It’s how we’ve always dealt with these problems and thing are probably not going to change. Section Ape is going to invade every region and every zipcode except for those of our rulers. There’s no place to go any longer. If your enemy no longer allows you a means to escape a confrontation then you are forced to deal with the problem in a different way. There will be no satisfactory copes and no give and take. If enough of us rediscover that we have critical group interests then we’ll probably work out what needs to follow. Our enemies have made this inevitable.

    • This actually is a good thing. The first whites to fight back–and there have been some, and it has happened–will be demonized. The next group will be less demonized.

      • Charlottesville will probably someday be seen as that first foray naively planned and clumsily executed.
        The best thing we can do now is organize and stay out of the way of our enemies. We don’t need any martyrs.

        Our tribe isn’t really interested in arguing and fighting. We’re a pastoral people: let us be and allow us to pursue our interests. Others pursue and poke at us trying to get us to react to their games and taunts. Because we don’t, because we smile and attempt to compromise, because we’re always willing to give up a little something in exchange for calming things down our enemies always assume we will do this forever. Because they are quick to react and take offense they assume because we don’t that we are a passive target. What they don’t understand is that we ride out conflicts in the hope that they settle themselves. When they don’t … we don’t argue and fight … we annihilate.

    • Happening in real time all over the place in the last 2 weeks, re: no escaping the violence. I have seen 20+ videos like the few I’m going to share below. You will -never- see these on any MSM news channel. These all happened within the last 7 days. Had the races been reversed in any of these cases you would not be able to avoid 24/7 coverage of it on every major (((news))) channel. The narrative is 100% crafted & scripted now with absolutely nobody except Tucker Carlson even attempting to show anything resembling reality.

      It is the truth of what happens when you tell an already stupid & violent people that they are oppressed and that they have free reign to retaliate without any interference by the law. These are hard to watch but you need to watch them. This is important. And the next time you see a virtue signaling Karen, I strongly recommend simply linking them under a comment, tweet, whatever. No caption is necessary. They speak for themselves.

      Teenage girls & boys, the elderly and infirm, these animals will attack anyone at anytime. If you don’t feel unbridled rage after viewing I can’t help you.

      • These are good. The visual medium is probably more effective for many people than is the written word. Z’s site attracts a more reflective type. Most people are not of this type.
        There’s a large repository of these sorts of things kept by Colin Flaherty. He must have 1000s by now. Wrath of Gnon is another one to keep in mind. A brief passage with an attached picture to drive home the point.

      • It says a lot about the perps’ intelligence, that they or their homies so often think it’s fun to make a video of felonies in progress, and then they post it on social media. If only the authorities had the backbone to arrest these idiots; they give enough evidence!

    • Just a footnote to “White Flight” history, but I find it curious that the Exodus of whites to the suburbs began even before WW II. Remember this was still years before various courts and laws had weakened legal segregation. Why the early start? I’m too lazy to research, but I’d conjecture the cities were already getting too “dark” from the Great Melanic Hominid® Migration. Also the automobile and highways were a booming thing, even during the Depression.

      • The earliest form of white flight may have been the exodus from Africa over 50K years ago…

      • Industrialization drew a lot of Blacks into the northern cities. WWII accelerated it. A lot of Southern and Eastern European immigration made the largely Northwestern European old stock uncomfortable. There was also a need for more room. The population of the country was expanding rapidly.

  57. “The only way forward is for White people to rediscover themselves.” What does that mean, exactly? The answer is important. Really important.

    • It means rediscovering that you are not an individual. You are part of a collective whole what is a nation, a people, and that your in-group preference is natural and healthy to the survival of that people

        • We don’t. We might have a higher degree of openness but most of what we see happening right now is very effective brainwashing

          • Exactly. Even if we do have some biological directive against self-interest, certainly we can overcome a second order issue of biology.

            If three generations of white women can be convinced that the first order biological drive to reproduce with their men is too primitive and that motherhood is oppression and office jobs are liberation, we can convince ourselves that in-group preference is not evil and maybe even necessary once again.

          • We do, Whitney. The great Church enforced outbreeding in the Middle Ages to break the clans is unprecedented. An unforeseen side effect was the evolution and elevation of Europeans. It’s defect is that it is vulnerable to being taken down by a single clever inbred people with their fanatical cult of outbred allies. What ethnic group trust Jews?, Blacks famously don’t trust Jews, Chinese don’t trust anybody, never did. This is normal yet we don’t admire blacks or Chinese for this trait. Trust is an extraordinarily productive prescription but nobody reads the warning label.

          • The church stopping cousin marriages was 100% beneficial for us as a people.

            Until about a hundred years ago, white people had solidarity with other white people when push came to shove and would choose to support them at the expense of the other. When we were having a civil war here, Mexico was having its own upheavals and one of the reasons, that was explicitly stated, that Maximilian became emperor was to give succor and protection to the white people in Mexico against the hostile other. We need that feeling back

          • The altruism quotient. We’ll have to watch that in the future. It’s a feature when controlled, a path to nightmares when left unbridled.

        • We don’t, our group cohesion has been kept under foot by 70 years of government repression, often at the point of a gun.and constant surveillance.
          Both the ruling and political classes have worked very hard to keep whites from organizing along ethnic lines because they fear them.

      • And that we have a basic right to live together according to our beliefs and customs, and in line with our glorious heritage.

    • White people, at he very least, need to be able to be embarrassed for supporting those who hate them and want them dead. If we ever bag a “big game” like Nascar or NFL then things get interesting, but if white people can’t even be bothered to just not show up then we’ll just stay on the escalator to our demise.
      Something that half-black pilled me was the Nick Sandmann (sp?) episode. All the Catholics had to do there was go to a church in a different diocese for a week to force a change in support of their people, and they couldn’t even be bothered to do that; defending their people, their children, wasn’t even worth a 15 minute drive.

  58. the Trump avatar for legacy white America was clear to me even before the beast cackled about the “basket of deplorables”. But it is a massive denial blind-spot for goodwhites and even many normies who play swiss with their politics to preserve their social standing.

    They will run down the 128-point list of Trump evils, each with enough merit to allow them to dismiss the trump avatar whole hog without having to tread too close to the edge of those white cliffs.

    The media are quite effective at generating more evils of orange man such that it never ends. Every news cycle, a new reason for good white people to avoid the halo of orange man.

    The latest ratcheting seems to be waking some of these people up to the reality that they can’t escape what has already indicted them. But thats part of the problem: escape. The path from evade and avoidance to a solid spine of direct action is not well founded.

    Then there is the signaling of “this is not about race; TBTP want to divide us” which is half true but also takes those fledgling impulses toward spine-building and turns them into twitter rants about “banksters” and soros and the constitution.

    • Trump Derangement Syndrome is one of the main forces fueling the current hysteria. Is Trump an albatross or a support? Given the current binary two party system though, the thought of a President Kamala or Warren does give one pause.

  59. Damn our White ‘decency’. Despite our legacy as the very builders of civilization, modern Whites can’t (yet) even coalesce into a cohesive structure to stare down the chaotic and barely organized left. We have jobs. We love our families. We hope to enjoy the fruits of our labors. We don’t, in short, rock the boat, for we have everything to lose.
    I don’t doubt that when the point of no return arrives, we will hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats. Efficiently. Ruthlessly. And ultimately successfully. The only question is where that tipping point is, how much we will take before even our ingrained ‘decency’ is pushed beyond its limit.

    • “We don’t, in short, rock the boat, for we have everything to lose.” And freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Must we wait till the “nothing left to lose” point? Waiting too long is exceedingly dangerous. It can mean defeat, or even extinction. History is replete with examples. There is both the “WHEN” question, and the “HOW” question. They present together; both must be answered correctly, or at least not botched entirely.

      • The When cannot be answered in advance. It will happen when it happens. And I think it’s coming soon.

      • Sadly, it is a universal human failing to let things deteriorate until the 11th hour. Almost nobody tries drugs (incl. booze) just once and says to himself “Boy! That sure makes me feel good! But I see trouble ahead if I keep doing it, so I’d best lay off.” No, they continue to indulge until major problems crop up. The lucky ones can get “clean” but I’m pretty sure the majority continue unto death (this is the case for alcoholism, alas.) The same principle applies to nearly any behavior with a risk of excess, whether gambling, using a credit card, or take your pick. And the fault scales well to the group, national and international level. 🙁

    • This threatened “Now they’ve gone too far” point has been posited again and again for the past 50 years. It’s fundamental to Steve Sailer’s raison d’etre. But there is no point that is too far for most people before they pull back, afraid, and appease their tormentors. The State’s efforts for the past 150 years to mold people into obedient cogs have been wildly successful. There is no ‘mass’ filled with pioneer spirit ready to revolt. I read repeatedly of Whites terrorized and raped and killed by the vibrant and none of them have hoisted the black flag, but rather a sea of white flags of surrender and obliteration. Yeah, a big black pill, but I call it like I see it.

      • We have never been in this extremity in the past. This is uncharted territory, and if you cannot sense the pent up rage in whites, then you need to have your antennae recalibrated. There is nascent organization, there is preparation for war, and there are rumblings in the mountains, fields and hamlets…

        • Do you have on scintilla of evidence of this beyond your own rose colored glasses LARPing?

          Put 3 links in a reply here to back up your assertion. You are optimistic and that is great, but optimism w/o reality to back it up is exceedingly dangerous. The only push back I’ve seen was in Ohio recently, and that was a nice first step. Other than that, I see very little out there and I consume tremendous volumes of content related to this stuff. So 3 links…

          • I know what I know and I hear what I hear and I read what I read. Believe me or not, the choice is up to you. Militias are forming, weapons and ammo are being stocked. When it all goes down, those local militias will link up and become loosely federated armies.

          • And what will those militias of fat boomers do? Share pictures of their half-Mezstizo grandchildren?

          • Some younger than boomers, many in good physical shape, and many with martial training. If it comes down to it, they’ll make a meal of the Hutus and their soy-boy fellators.

          • Instead of armies, imagine soy feds piloting fleets of expensive drones. That poses a problem, does it not? And where’s your money at?

          • I’m Gen X and agree with Ostei
            However you’d be surprised what a fat old boomer can do.
            And if there is a half mestizo or two in the mix who cares?
            That’s what 3/4 White? Whatever.
            Almost all non Whites are from immigrtation and even here in Cali mixed race isn’t super high
            Historically Whites will bang near anything
            And yes an immigration freeze and repatriation is needed and nigh mandatory the Mestizos aren’t the enemy and this isn’t actually a WN movement.

          • I don’t doubt that such organizations exist. They are (or will be) labeled “terrorists” by the government when the time comes. I hope they are wise enough to avoid communication using any means the government can intercept, and that means virtually all of them.

          • Oh, they’ll doubtless be labeled terrorists, but it’s just a label. So long as the US military doesn’t begin dropping fuel-air bombs on towns in the midwest and west, it won’t matter all that much.

        • Great rhetoric, Kozelskii, but I’m a White nationalist rationalist. I want facts and examples, not merely soaring words. I see abject surrender.

          • In time those facts and examples will be overwhelming in their abundance. You will see.

          • Why do you think you’ll find truth online? Especially illegal truths?

      • Here’s the problem. The moment any whites start openly resisting the BLM/Race Traitors TPTB will come down on them like a ton of bricks and you know it.

        Maybe not the local PoPo but the FBI an DHS would roll in in with everything they have. Plus they have access to lots of military assets as well.
        Whites know this.
        If we resist it cannot be conventionally

        • The FBI is what? 15,000 prettily suited pansies?
          The local cops: those responsible to elected politicians are a problem there are about 800k of them I think. It’s a problem that gets solved by knowing where they live and what the wives and kids do. Without much effort they can be made so paranoid about protecting their own that they won’t have time to protect the political filth let alone chasing “terrorists”
          Don’t know about Sherrifs but there may be hope there.

    • Hear hear! I’m glad somebody besides me is saying this. I have a strong suspicion we are very close to the tipping point, and once it arrives, there will be a polar shift within the white race. And when that happens, may God have mercy on blacks and race traitors, because we sure won’t. The AWRs are conjuring something far beyond their ken.

    • It is difficult to see how we conduct total war considering that the vast majority of whites have evolved (or been shaped by our institutions) into helpless (and mostly hopeless) Eloi. The provocations by the ruling class will need to be increased by at least an order of magnitude; and that might not work either.

      • No, not the vast majority. One quarter of whites have what it takes to do the hard things right this very minute. Then there’s another 45% (the normies) who will eventually provide essential support to us. That leaves the 30% of race traitors who will eventually suffer an awful fate.

        • That’s not a glimmer of hope, that’s a flaming beacon.

          Oh, I would. I would, in a frickin’ heartbeat. Dammit I wished I’d joined the army and trained.

          • As long as you are of sound mind and in good physical shape, you can help. If you are capable of performing combat functions, there are ex-military men who will train you.

          • I think some one here did mention the army was good for training…

            If you’re in the age range go, there’s time.

          • Those of us who believe as we do are brothers under the skin. And we’ve got three millennia of common heritage flowing through our veins.

          • You don’t have to “find yourselves” if the enemy found you first.

            You do have to fight, and band together to fight.

  60. If only… As Clausewitz pointed out, it is the attacked part who starts the war: until he starts defending himself, there is no war.

    • This is related to the concept of whites rediscovering themselves. But what does that mean exactly?

      • It mean whites embracing identity politics with the same fanaticism as Jews. From the moment you wake up on the morning until you go to sleep, your every decision must be prefaced with one consideration and one consideration only: “what would benefit white people?”

        • I’d recommend starting your day with a cup of Black Rifle Coffee, but it’s got “black” in its name, so I guess you’ll have to stick with Alaska Chaga.

          Drinking mushroom brew has worked for white people in the past.

          • Depending on the type of mushroom, it can be very entertaining but will put you out of commission for several hours.😵

          • TMI: In the immortal words of Monty Python, mushrooms really “open up the sluices at both ends.” I’ll stick to coffee, thanks.

      • Doesn’t it have to mean something like: deciding there is no point rationalizing these events beyond the simple observation that they hate us and want us dead?

        Jordan Peterson (I know) set this up with a lecture about how powerful IQ is for employment. If your IQ is sufficiently low, there is literally nothing you can do in a modern economy. His point was, there is no solution for this fact: you can’t just tell people to work harder, you can’t give them job training. There aren’t solutions.

        Same thing here.

        • BTP – I would suggest that accepting that they hate you and want you dead isn’t enough. Normie wants to know why, what has he done, and how can he fix this. So back to Zman’s point – White people must learn to accept that it is their mere existence that is the ‘aggression,’ and the only acceptable resolution is their death and their children’s deaths and their history’s erasure. Until Whites internalize and accept this, they will continue to go willingly to their obliteration from history, one by one. And the Karens will lead them.

          • Van Jones dropped the mask a couple of weeks ago on their feels about the AWFLs and they still don’t get it. They are the damned.

        • And Jordan Petersen’s point is why I keep repeating that the Left’s vibrant pets literally can’t into STEM in significant quantities, no matter how many hand outs and set asides they receive.

        • Peterson’s is merely a polite version of Ron White’s “You can’t fix stupid”.

          Despite his obvios blind spots (and I asssume they are deliberate) I have a lot of time for Peterson.

          • he was willing to talk frankly about IQ. The cucks at NR won’t touch it with pole. Thus the blantant lie that systemic racism underlies black preformance goes unanswered.

          • More importantly, the lecture you describe wrt IQ comes from a class lesson in his university course. Peterson filmed all class periods and they are available for viewing.

            Say what you want, he was very brave to even touch such a topic, but that was then, this is now. And Peterson had his 15 minutes.

          • We are on the cusp of being able to “fix stupid” … at least at the beginning of life, and to select for/against a host of other genetic traits or defects. But…eugenics! Yes, it’ll be outlawed (probably is some places already). But like much new tech, the super-rich will take advantage of it first. Just like abortions in the old days, you may have to cross a border to get the service, but it’ll happen. I don’t follow this particular tech, but I think the Chinese already are doing this with CRISPR tech. “Brave new world” is inevitable, barring a major disaster.

        • There are always Solutions. Some more more palatable than others. A brave man will choose the least of two evils. The hesitant will have the solution choose them. 😈

      • It means you can take the easy first step of no more Hollyweird movies, music, or negro sportsball.

          • I agree, and that is sad. I’ve avoided church and the “Churchians” since the “troubles” started.

        • I agree. I got rid of my TV decades ago and that was one of the best things I did. Instead of spectator sports, it is better and much healthier to hike, swim, fish or do some other physical activity. Instead of watching a propaganda movie, read a book (or listen to an audio book). There are literally thousands of quality options. This may somewhat restrict one’s social options, but trying to be friends with a CNN or New York Times rage head is not worth it.  

          • Agree 100% A decades-old statistic that still amazes me is that the average American watches 4-5 hours daily of TV. A famous quote called it a “vast wasteland” and that was 58 years ago. Sure, the choices have expanded but it is nearly all very poor quality. Even if you try to pick and choose, that takes effort. Probably you learn more just reading Z’s daily essay and all the discussion. Well worth the few bucks a month that some of us contribute!

      • As a substitute I recommend taking up new hobbies and learning new skills, especially those that are useful in a decaying society. Go outside. Get more exercise.

        For culture, focus on the classic literature and music from Europe. Search out and support new artists in both fields. I would stay away from film and TV because it is so pozzed at this late date.

        • Excellent advice. Immersing yourself in the incredible richness of our civilization is sustenance for the mind and soul, while physical fitness will be necessary when we are confronted by the ultimate trials.

        • I see you beat me to my words. Yes, the classical music and other arts are a good option. Another neglected area of interest is the highly rich history of science and technology (e.g., Galileo, Newton, James Watt, James Clerk Maxwell, Louis Pasteur, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, etc. etc.). If we must be saddled with collective “white guilt”, why not collective “white credit”?

      • This is more than a black-white war. This is also a communism-capitalism war. I would bet most of the antifa communists and their backers are white or jewish.

        • It’s a pseudo-communist revolution. The backers of Antifa and BLM are Big Tech and Corporate America. They want competitors eliminated and dissenters cowed. The thugs are dispensable drones.

          It is crony capitalist vs. white working and middle classes by proxies of color. It is more important in the long run to take out Amazon and Google than Shanika or Brandon the Faux Red.

    • Interesting, but I haven’t gotten around to reading On War. Does Clausewitz address anything remotely close to state-sanctioned insurgency?

        • Also recommended is Rise and Decline of the State, the best primer on politics around. Be advised that van Creveld is a Kayak, so I recommend the free copy:

          Van Creveld makes the interesting observation that rulers are more afraid of their own armies than they are of their enemies’. This could explain why the usual suspects are busy homo-ing up the armed forces.

          Counter-Currents recently had a piece on why young men should volunteer for Empire Service. I don’t agree with much of that, except for the premise, especially if you are in Europe: the military will teach you how to fight, and if you miss the boat, you can’t learn it later unless you pay a shitton of money to go to some dodgy, private training camp in Russia.

          I once met an ageing Danish anarchist – old school, no “Cap” involved. He was a reserve lieutenant in the artillery so I quizzed him why an anarchist would serve The Man. He laughed condescendingly. When he had been an aspiring young bomb-thrower, one of his older comrades had pulled him aside and explained that if he wanted to learn about explosives, he should join the army. And what better way to attack the system than from within?

          The Left has had 100 years to write the rule book. I suggest we start reading it.

      • No. Clausewitz was very much of the 19th C., and only deals with wars fought in an orderly and civilized fashion, by people under a unified command and in proper uniforms: civilized people vs. civilized people.

        In his time, locals would sometimes picnic next to the battlefield to watch the action.

        • The War Nerd (John Dolan) has written about how big set battles like Gettysburg are unusual. Most wars are akin to Boko Haram slaughtering a village but keeping the girls and livestock.
          He’s turned into just another leftist scold these days. Sigh…

          • Yes.
            Clausewitz was relevant for an era of war that has lasted less than 200 years, and when wars were little more than a recreation or family disputes for bored monarchs.

            <i>He’s turned into just another leftist scold these days. </i>


            All the War Nerd columns used to be freely available on, but these day they’re paywalled. I suspect as much out of embarrassment than from pecuniary motives. Some of those columns would have him crucified in thirty seconds in Wokeworld.

        • oh yes for the good old daysof civilization when the people from Washington could come out on the train to Manassas to watch the festivities


        • No Felix, Book 6 – People’s War. He was very aware and impressed by the Guerrillas of Spain- who of course were being supplied by the English.

          Any history of The Peninsular War will also cover same.

          Mao certainly studied Clausewitz.

          The other one to study is Michael Collins. Forget the Romance – he was a banker. Collins Power was money and guns, bullets – ie Logistics. Even his approach to and winning the Intelligence War was basically a banker writing off bad accounts.

          we don’t actually need more soldiers , we need bankers and people in freight transport/logistics.

      • Yes, People’s War, chapter 6.
        You may also read his Testament to see how he felt about French Occupation of Russia.

    • There is self defense galore, entire small towns in Ohio and Oregon showing up armed to repel outsiders.
      Defense however is not a winning stragegy and leave us alone is not an ideology.
      You have to want something enough to take it. Once that is achieved? Well its on.

      • Fortunately, as in basketball, defense converts to offense quickly and easily.

  61. I had a gut feeling for a couple of years that the by next decade we will see a totally different world from today, the 2030s will be the start of the post-boomer World.

    • Assumptions are dangerous. I had assumed the revolution would come soon AFTER I had died. But it looks like this old geezer will soon be faced with a nasty occupation government. Rage against the dying of the light, boys!

      • Same. The speed is the only surprise. If whites prevail, and it will be very difficult now, it will be because this started too soon.

        • We will prevail. But the first step toward doing so is rejecting despair and believing in the fruit of our superiority.

          • Depending on how the Messkins swing, the numbers could be close to even. We could form a temporary alliance with them to vanquish a common enemy, then divide the spoils after our victory.

          • In the California prison system, it’s basically whites and Mexicans against blacks.
            It seems to work for them.

          • Have you seen what passes for the opposition?
            Drug addicts
            Soy boys
            Welfare blacks
            Liberal Arts majors
            Geeks who work for big tech

            And the only reason they were a threat was because the cops backed them up. And the cops now find themselves in the same boat as we are,

          • You are…right. But it will be difficult now. I would not agree if they had waited just another five or so years.
            No despair here.

      • It’s come faster than I expected, too. In February, I would have guessed America had another 35 years before it all came crashing down. As it presently stands, we are one massacre of whites in a white neighborhood away from full-blooded hot war. It could happen today, or it could happen in two years. But it will happen. And that is why you all need to arm yourselves, if you haven’t already. I have.

        • How big a white massacre do you think it would take? Paul Kersey has been documenting white killings in small numbers for years. None of these has made a blip beyond their loved ones and Kersey’s readers. I honestly think we could see a capture-torture-execution of – let’s say a dozen – whites without prompting any larger response. Depends on the place, of course, but I think we are much farther down the road to self-subjugation as a race than many of us here realize. Our fellow goodwhites would rationalize away a ‘small enough’ massacre without any problem whatsoever. They would reason that the victims deserved it.

          • It would have to be double digits, and in a white neighborhood, or a peaceful, non-political gathering such as a family reunion or church. And it couldn’t be just one or two shooters spraying the crowd with the fire hose; it would have to be a mob of Hutus attacking with all sorts of weapons, including clubs and knives. Clear video evidence would also be necessary.

            Now, as to the goodwhites, such an incident would not change them at all, of course. They are traitors and they would cheer on the carnage. But the normies would swing our way so hard it would give you whiplash. And that’s all it would take.

          • Yep. It will take an attack that is unprovoked, organized and ruthless, especially upon the innocent/helpless. Something that says, “There for the Grace of God…”. Think of something akin to our typical school shooting.
            Seems much? Remember the MSM will attempt to downplay anything less.

          • It will have to be so large and so dreadful that even the enemedia cannot convincingly spin it as so-called “racial justice.”

          • It will take no massacre, optics, idea, cups of coffee, or any event that will make the slightest dent. Only organization will make any difference, my God Lynch mobs invariably began as committees of vigilance.

          • Organize, or no event will make any difference at all.

          •  imagine a Charlottesville where right-wing protesters for whatever reason were killed in Mass by local or even worse Federal authorities. That would be a good fuse to a shooting Civil War. 😯

          • I do not think it is going to be a civil war. Its going to a dirty war , till separation is archived or one or more sides are exterminated.

        • as a government bureaucrat would say I tend to co






           sorry phone acting sorry phone acting stupid, will try to fix at home on PC

          • Z and others, please forgive my untidiness. For some reason I can’t revise my own posts from the home PC. Despite my best intentions, I am doing the textual equivalent of an intoxicated party guest who mistakes the hallway closet for the bathroom 😀

        • I assumed the Great Undoing would ten years after Trump (Trump defined here as any Trump like figure)

          It appears The Beer Virus and the other insanity pushed it up 5 or more years.

          Ah well as J.R.R Tolkien wisely wrote
          “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
          “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

  62. > They did it for the same reason abolitionists hoped freed slaves would rise up and murder the White population of the South. 
    A pretty brutal redpill was to read that there was mass death and starvation among the freed slaves after the war, since Lincoln and the abolitionists didn’t give a whit about them once the war was over.
    Must have missed the day they taught that in my high-school history class.

      • Rob Lindsay had an interesting piece about over-the-road truckers refusing to go into certain cities which will break down logistically in something like 96 hours without trucked-in supplies: Blacks prior to the Great Migration at least could sharecrop and engage in husbandry.

        I haven’t checked out the CB squawk (do they even still have those?) but I’m betting no Breaker-Breaker wants to be the next Reginald Denny.

    • It’s important to remember that the Haitian Revolution was still within the living memory of the older generation during the lead-up to the War of Northern Aggression.

      Terrorist mastermind John Brown knew exactly what he was calling for.

      • Yes, John Brown was the pretty much the slap leather moment for much of the South, the moment when they finally realized that the Yankees hated them and very much wanted them dead, preferably at the hands of their own slaves. No raid on Harper’s Ferry, no civil war in my opinion. It woke up the South like nothing else.

        The book “The Secret Six” by Otto Scott is interesting, going into the people who financed Brown to go down South to try and kill as many of their fellow Americans as possible. Brown bungled it and then the entire liberal class of the time made him out to be a martyr. Sound familiar?
        A couple of the secret six at least went into hiding after the raid, thinking since they might be tried for a terrorist conspiracy….these days our pols, corporations and lefties blatantly finance and support our modern day John Brown’s.

        I think about trying to explain what is happening outisde in the streets to my departed grandfather and I’m at a loss for words….

    • Lincoln couldn’t give a whit even if he wanted about the sacred negroes, since he was dead when the war was over. And there was a 10 year military occupation of the Confederacy called (in a wonderfully Bolshevik phrase not out of place in Lenin’s mouth) Reconstruction. The crazed abolitionists in Lincoln’s party were quite interested in their beloved negroes, going so far as to impeach President Andrew Johnson for insufficient zeal in punishing white Southerners and negro idolatry. They finally lost interest when a 10 year occupation failed to break Southern whites, who had the first iteration of the Pointy Hats, who unlike the idiots in the modern version, were respectable men, and almost all Confederate veterans who knew how to make war.
      There were a lot of whits given from 1865-1876.

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