Happy Juneteenth

I was tempted to take this week off, given that it is the sacred holiday of Juneteenth, a day when all white people are supposed to contemplate their guilt. According to this newly minted ancient custom, whites are supposed to sit at home with the shades drawn and the lights off. It’s sort of like what Jews are supposed to do on their sabbath, except there’s never any forgiveness or the possibility for salvation. This new religion is a one-way street for white people. We’re all going to Hell.

While it is not official, you can be sure our corporate tyrants will try hard to impose this holiday on us. It has already started. My bank is closing early today in celebration of Juneteenth, a holiday they just heard of last week. You can be sure the other global pirates will follow suit for next year. Then there will be a push to make it a Federal holiday, which will get no resistance. The reason for that is anyone who would resist will be silenced or threatened, as Juneteenth intended.

Of course, this Juneteenth nonsense is just another vehicle for sowing despair in the ranks of white people. It is a form of ethnic cleansing. Historically, ethnic cleansing is accompanied by the destruction and removal of the cultural and historical evidence of the targeted people. We tend to focus on the murder and violence of the concept, but the real crime is the destruction of that which ties the current people to their ancestors and to one another. It is a program to steal their identity.

This is what we see all over America. The condition of white people is as a conquered people, but one that still thinks they are in charge. Popular culture is erasing all traces of whiteness. The corporate tyrants are bombarding us with anti-white messaging through their ads and conduct. If the people in charge were lizard people from another planet, no one would be confused about what is happening. Everyone would recognize all of this stuff as the acts of a conqueror.

It is not hard to see where they are headed with this Juneteenth thing. In addition to black history month, June will turn into anger and resentment month, with the 19th being the high holy day of anti-white hatred. The gays will have to shift pride month to July, but maybe they will get a holiday out of it too. The Stonewall gay riots carried into early July, so maybe Independence Day is refashioned into gay liberation day. It sounds insane, but just look around at what’s happening.

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This Week’s Show


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  • 12:00: Libertarians (Link)
  • 22:00: Lower Case (Link)
  • 32:00: Librarian Impostors (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Juneteenth (Link)
  • 52:00: Conservative Quitters (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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346 thoughts on “Happy Juneteenth

  1. I’ve always pulled for blacks to do well. Always glad when they’re promoted to head coaching position for teams I hate (but truly glad they got the position for the image of their race, and also so young black kids see there’s true opportunity if they choose the right path). Now after this latest full blown fiasco of white denigration I no longer give a crap.

    Before when I’d see a new African American quarterback or anchorman, I’d be, “Godspeed black man.” Now it’ll be “fuck off, we’re not friends”. I reckon breaking the spiritually-altruistic habit toward them will take a few months. But I’m gonna start practicing. Whenever I see a striving black celeb, athlete, professional, etc, I will say the words in my mind, “fuck off, we’re not friends”.

    It’s like we were all getting along to get along at the poker party. Laughing it up. Then the black guys spilled their cards and each card said “kill whitey”. Yeah the jig is up. Time to snuff-out once and for all the sweet Midwestern kid I once was. He’s a liability.

    Besides the recent crisis, I’d been growing tired all these decades of having to be the guy who smiles and says hello first when passing a black. Same with Hispanics. They sense I “hate” or look down on them, so they never say hello first. I didn’t “hate” them in the sense they thought. Now let them go ahead and think I hate them. I now consider offering first acknowledgment as kinda cucky.

    If they want to nod a hello in the supermarket aisle, let them go first. I’ll return the nod, but they no longer get the smile. Lest they get the impression all whitey’s are as pussified as the ones they see on TV. Time to start giving them the Right impression.

  2. Where is the commenter UpYours with his negrophilia now that Trump is polling an amazing 6% with black voters?

    How’s that “we should tone down the “racism” and form an alliance with right-wing blacks to defeat anti-black, pro-crime-bill Biden” strategy working out?

  3. Thanks for putting the show together this week, Zman. And you’re 100% correct … White people build stuff, and despite being super black-pilled, I’m going outside to work.

  4. It just amazes me that there is a not-insignificant number of white people who can see stuff like this…
    …ignore it completely and still blather on about “Teeheehee, look at dumb lefty tearing down statues of racist DEMOCRATS!”

    I feel sorry for these blind people because they’re like lambs to the slaughter. And as for the Charlie Kirk types and GOP chaff who are leading them around the nose with “racist DUMBOCRAT statues” distractions… well, future white history will see that the chaff’s legacies are worse than that of Jim Jones.

  5. One small victory in this mad world occurred a few days ago. Stonewall Jackson’s closest living relatives wrote a ridiculous letter to the Harrison County, WV commission demanding the removal his statue.
    ”While we are not ashamed of our great-great-grandfather, we are ashamed to benefit from white supremacy while our black family and friends suffer. We are ashamed of the monument.” (Wonder how many feet they will wash once it’s discovered they didn’t capitalize black.)
    The Harrison County Commission voted for the statue to remain. The vote was 2-1. If you have a chance, send them an email or call to voice your support. Stonewall Jackson was born in Clarksburg.

  6. I agree with your point about liberal morality. I’m about fed up with every conservative qualifying their point. “we know the US has it’s faults but it’s a great country. It’s horrible the police murdered that man but it’s not all police.. There are some whites that are racist but. “.

  7. PS i want to encourage you cheap bastards to contribute to Zman’s subscribe star. I would hazard a guess that without a forum like this to vent. Your health would have be negatively impacted.

  8. Ot; just visted powerline. Our people are showing up and its getting frothy as hell. I almost wish i was on the ground in minneapolis. Thier pissed.

  9. Hi Z-Man. A suggestion, since they are coming for VDARE and obviously Unz.com as well, you should make arrangements. this site will be shut down just like Roissy was. The power-girls will simply pressure the DNS registrars to remove your domain name and give it something like the Nation of Islam or whatever.
    Dissident thoughts mean Dissident Politics. You should set up an arrangement where people can pay a nominal fee and get a weekly fax-blast of a column, or what have you, and set up a foreign hosted IRC server somewhere where people can discuss it. It sucks but everyone can see the writing on the wall.
    Personnel is policy, and the personnel of almost every corporation and organization is overwhelmingly female. Its why the national hissy fit. Just saw the protestors outside Mitch McConnell’s house. Almost all women. One fat soy boy, the rest White women.
    Observation: the economy has been in decline since 2000, and the only way to get ahead is to cancel someone. Jimmy Kimmel got canceled for his Karl Malone Blackface sketches, and Jimmy Fallon for his on SNL. Hachette editors and artists after getting old and no longer active movie director Woody Allen canceled (there was no way he could cast them or their friends in any movies any more so it was safe) have canceled JK Rowling. She will never have another book published and they are pressing the company to stop printing any more copies of any of the existing books.
    They will get their way, because no company can afford to piss off its White female managerial work force. That’s the reality. Its not going to get any better. Every woman in the work force is the sworn enemy of the White men around her — she wants his job and him gone. That there is no company without White men to run things is beyond her ability to think. She’s just good at feelz and repeating dogma.

      • Right … I guess that if you copy their URL into the TOR browser and access the website, then just bookmark it and you’re good to go.

  10. “Black Run America” implies that the orcs are running the show instead of acting as foot-soldiers. Call me a traditionalist – I prefer the more accurate “ZOG.”

    • A realist, actually

      I particularly adore the white Antifa foot soldiers of the ZOG pseudo-revolution. My God they are in for a surprise ending. The blacks are too low IQ and ignorant even to appreciate what is coming, but the snowflakes, while also blissfully stupid, will understand the full weight of Uncle Schlomo’s foot on their necks.

    • Exile; no one is running the show, hence the scramble for power.

      I’m actually thinking now that Trump hasn’t read one book on the French Revolution or the Communist Revolutions – I bet he thinks he’s still dealing with the USSR and the old school Dems.

      All that is gone.

      If Trump comes to understand his situation he’s going to get on a plane. He’s no Killer, but he is a survivor.

  11. Cinco de Mayo and Juneteenth are laughable. I’m not sure if I laughed harder at those contrived holidays or the debutante section of the Sunday paper in Texas back in the early 80’s. In defense of the debutantes some were of supermodel caliber. Some of them. All right. A few. Maybe one. Once a cad. Always a cad.

  12. Great show. I was particularly struck by the closing, and how much of this is intended to demoralize and discourage Whites. It makes me wonder what all of this will do to the already historically low White birth rate. I have two young children and I won’t lie–I’m almost constantly worried for them now. But having kids was and is the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t think anyone short of a saint can experience the joy of true, selfless love without them. But how many couples will delay having or never have families because of this insanity?

  13. Well now it is clear why that fine citizen of Atlanta Rayshard Brooks decided to violently resist the cops, steal a taser and then flee after failing the sobriety test. I was wondering why he went from being pretty cooperative and chill to violent at the snap of a finger. According to James Howard Kunstler in his Friday blog post today: “….Mr. Brooks had a long rap sheet for activities such as domestic battery and cruelty to children. He was on probation for a previous driving-under-the-influence conviction. A new one would have sent him to jail, knowledge of which, perhaps, prompted him to assault the two arresting officers and attempt to taser them— a saint in-the-making, for sure….”

    • I just wish that the other cop would have had his taser ready when his buddy went to cuff the guy … that’s peak stress time. Hard to believe that they’re not trained to do that. Cuz some of these perps are strong and can fight. You don’t want it to be a wrestling match.

  14. RE: lowry’s article. Pathetic and-or-but Predictable.
    nro has been peddling what is termed “neo-coenservatism” under a variety of disguises since the mid-1960’s. When Joonior showed his true nature in the mid-1990’s, We took his advice and “cancelled [our] own damn subscription”! Such articles, as his referenced herein, confirm the propriety of that quitting.
    Since then, we have no problem maintaining a social distance from so-called “progressives,” Alinskyite-liberals, antifa felons, and duplicitous neo-coenservatives.

  15. Regarding the term “stakeholder” it is regurgitated regularly in project mgmt, specifically the PMP certification.

  16. I am often perpexed as to why when seeing endless discusions on slaves and race blah.blah no even mentions where the etymology of the word stems from.

    Why would a state of being about blacks in the USA be named after the Slavs?

    Have you ever asked a normie this? It is very confusing to watch the reaction.

  17. “While it is not official, you can be sure our corporate tyrants will try hard to impose this holiday on us. It has already started. My bank is closing early today in celebration of Juneteenth, a holiday they just heard of last week…”

    JP Moron (you may know it as Chase) did this. Don’t know if zman was referring to JP Moron, or some other vile bank.

  18. At this point, all bets are off. Nothing is beyond the pale. There is no scheme so maniacal that the AWRs won’t attempt it. I can easily imagine Christmas officially being replaced by Kwanzaa. Thanksgiving Day will naturally have to go. The push for that has actually been on for quite some time. I can’t imagine Independence Day surviving the cleansing, either. And ultimately, America will be renamed, inasmuch as Amerigo Vespucci surely committed some racial indiscretion. Any idea what the new name will be?

  19. Honestly, here in America I never heard of Juneteenth until this post, still don’t know or care.


    • So after reading a little about Juneteenth (which seems a lot like a typical name a black women might give her child), I have decided the only appropriate thing for a White Man to say to a black on this new high holy day is:

      ”You’re welcome.”

    • Wtf, it’s actually called Juneteenth…like they couldn’t come up with a real name for it in actual English

  20. Excellent essay by Dalrymple today who notes that, The phrase totalitarian democracy is not the contradiction in terms that it might at first appear, for there is little doubt that there are substantial numbers of people, mostly educated, who not in the least object to the imposition of a dictatorship of their own virtue in the name of the People.”

    • From Talman’s introduction to “Origins of Totalitarian Democracy”:

      “The totalitarian democratic school, on the other hand, is based upon the assumption of a sole and exclusive truth in politics… It recognizes ultimately only one plane of existence, the political. It widens the scope of politics to embrace the whole of human existence. It treats all human thought and action as having social significance, and therefore as falling within the orbit of political action. Its political ideas are not a set of pragmatic precepts or a body of devices applicable to a special branch of human endeavour. They are an integral part of an all-embracing and coherent philosophy. Politics is defined as the art of applying this philosophy to the organization of society, and the final purpose of politics is only achieved when this philosophy reigns supreme over all fields of life.”

      Seems about right. My dear wife and I were talking about the current “religious” elevation of blacks to holiness and the political requirement for whites to pledge to black lives matter. No one is allowed to be indifferent to politics, to be private, to have other interests than the latest temporary tempest; everyone must choose one of the binary bad ideas on offer. I am not interested in blacks, their phony holidays, or their infantile political ideas – which seem to be based in the magical thinking of their backwards ancestors (400 years is a blink in the evolutionary eye). I took two oaths in my life, one in marriage and one in the military – I’m done with pledges. I just want to live, pursue my interests, and have as little contact with blacks as possible. But no, blacks can’t be satisfied with that because THEY NEED US. We don’t need them, for anything.

    • I always thought that Sheldon Wollin got the US mostly right in his book, “Inverted Totalitarianism,” even though he was a liberal.

      It’s a worthwhile book, but it really could have benefitted from stronger, tighter editing.

  21. Historically, ethnic cleansing is accompanied by the destruction and removal of the cultural and historical evidence of the targeted people. We tend to focus on the murder and violence of the concept, but the real crime is the destruction of that which ties the current people to their ancestors and to one another. 

    Edmund Burke, wiser than anyone in today’s political flea circus, said that the social contract is not only between today’s citizens; it extends back through generations of ancestors and forward to those of the future.

  22. I have a little game I’ve played with Normies on the race riot matter.
    I ask them if they’ve been keeping up with the news about the Floyd protests.
    The answer, of course is always yes, lots of media coverage, police violence is terrible etc etc.
    I do a little goad: It seems that there’s a couple of hours of coverage on TV everyday.
    Response: Oh, it’s more than that yadda yadda yadda,,,
    My question, How many unarmed black men did the police kill in America last year?
    Response, Oh I don’t know exactly.. yadda yadda etc.
    Me : Guess.
    Normie: Oh a couple of hundred yadda yadda…
    Me: 9
    Me: How many white men?
    Me : 19.
    Me: How can it be that you have watched countless hours of TV devoted to this but the actual numbers have never been mentioned?
    Response: Gotta go.
    Done it 4 times this week. Always the same.
    Go thou and do likewise.

    • This is just one of the simple, yet effective number games the media plays.

      For beer flu they always mention the death number out of context. We’re not even halfway to the Asian or Hong Kong flu.

      The ongoing attempt to keep the hysteria going with case numbers is pathetic, people’s acceptance of it even more so.

      • Numbers of infections or deaths are irrelevant without referring to numbers tested, or how Covid deaths are defined. In other words, rates based on reasonable definitions, not raw numbers. Innumeracy reigns.

        Politicians, health authorities, and even some academics and scientists don’t seem to have room in their brains for sound statistical methodology.

  23. Sir, the savages are revolting!

    Yes, yes they are, but if we give them another holiday, perhaps they’ll eat us last.

  24. Need help?
    Call the Mob. They actually came – and nearly killed the business owner who called 911, 19 times. The PD are walking, the Army declines battle, looks like all you Haters can settle it yourselves, or negotiate with your pets.

    F_CK ALL OF YOU. Seriously. Defend yourselves.

    This is I freely admit the moment I’ve been lurking in hope for…that exact moment when all the whores and politicians call for help and we whisper….No…


  25. So, they want capital “B” Blacks and lower [case] “w” whites. OK (racist connotation intended). I’m changing tactics. I won’t use N***er anymore (see, I’ve already changed my tune). Now, they are all — every one of them — Africans. And they all have to go back. Repatriation is reparation. Normie must be led to understand, viscerally and without doubt, that they are not Americans, not hyphen-Americans. They are completely “other” and must go. Apartheid now!

    • I’ve already started referring to groups of dindus as “a murder of blacks” (sorry about that, crows).

  26. Why the F does Marketwatch.com have a special (((Ju)))neteenth report about how America perfected the art of demonizing black men?

    What planet am I living on?

    Oh, I live in BRA….

    • I remember when Manson had the whole country gripped with fear, and he was killing just a handful of people. He was the face of evil. I was young, but I remember being scared hard as a boy watching a documentary on it

      Now blacks kill each other left and right, and no one ever says they are evil. The churches don’t, which is why they are useless. Society looks the other way. Politicians encourage it.

      In my view, blacks should be held to the same standard, and that means, yes, they have a propensity for evil. And it needs to be stated loud and clear and no hemming an hawing. I guess that reality is too much to bear for the institutions tho. But for me personally, I don’t care; they are some evil bastards. Evil in the sense that evil is whatever results in one’s death and destruction.

      • A major background to the current problems is that Blacks cannot meet the standards of Whites.

        • and therefore murder is no longer a serious offense

          I mean it’s still serous, but it’s purely a legal matter. It’s no longer associated with sin and evil

          And thus it will keep going on because going to jail isn’t so bad if you’re black. Life in prison is worse than slavery if you ask me, so how bad could slavery really have been if people of today are readily willing or able to endure something much worse?

          Questions and more questions

    • Some of the younger guys that I work with told me that BLM messages are popping up when they play their video games … pretty soon we’re gonna look up and see it written in the sky!

  27. Ryan Faulk says that the literacy rates of African Americans during slavery was higher than that of Eastern Europe. In fact, they were measurably better off than most of the rest of the world including much of Europe. They were taller, they weighed more, they lived longer, had higher rates of literacy, they even worked fewer hours than most of the world. They certainly lived better than Africans.
    Ryan has talked about the interviews of former slaves as well. Life was nowhere near what is portrayed in the movies, which is what virtually all Americans know about slavery in America. Rape of African women was extremely rare. Even today the vast majority of white men have never slept with a black woman. It’s not because they can’t. They just don’t want to sleep with them.
    The liars can say pretty much anything they want about this subject. We cannot even push back against the lies about 21st century America, we most certainly cannot push back about all the lies of American slavery. What white person wants to say it really wasn’t that bad?
    That said, slavery was evil. Bringing them here was a seed with a long germination period that eventually grew into what we have. It is the worst mistake made in our history, possibly in man kind’s history. ALL of the anti-white stuff, no matter where in the world it is, ultimately comes down to the African slave trade and American slavery.

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  29. Creator of Juneteenth flag – looked on facebook. It appears she’s a white, possibly (((white))), woman living in NE.

    • Both the creators, Ben Haith and Lisa Jeanne Graf are very shy about posting photos of themselves, but I think I found one confirming Graf is White and my suspicion is that Haith is White also.

    • Of course she’s white.

      This is an elite revolt in Blackface.

  30. A lot of medical students feel like they are impostors during medical school they told us. I still feel it! 😉

  31. Terms like South Asian are capitalized because all points on a compass are capitalized. South in and of itself is capitalized no matter where in a sentence the world located. Same with Asian as it is based on a proper noun referring to a place in the world. So capitalizing South Asian is entirely apart from being an ethnicity (which it is NOT). Both words are capatalized in all other cases, even if nowhere near each other.
    These people are dishonest to their core.

    • Concur. Blacks can test their genetics and trace their ancestry nearly as well as most Whites. The rationale is a lie.

      • Senegal and Dahomey kept extensive lists of who was from where. (Most American blacks come from those ports.)

        They were valuable inventory, after all, the most important product. And a handy list of dissidents, as well.

        Literate Islam’s economy was based on slavetrading and repression, they had done this for centuries.

    • You may be wrong.
      The whole White privilege thing is bullshit to its core. What they call privilege is in fact competence. As a White Man (sic), my expectation is that I will be able to cope with all of the common, most of the unusual and some of the exceptional challenges that life presents- in the real world . That expectation is based on actual factual history and is usually met. When I need assistance my expectation is that another white man with specialized experience will show up. I can count on the fingers of one foot the number of times I’ve been relieved when some korean bint shows up to take down the tree that’s over-topping the house or when some simpering Patel in his sun-dress is assigned to rebuild the trucks transmission.
      What you attribute to deceit may just be general uselessness.
      That said, they are lying fuckers and the combination of the two is why they build and live in an alternate reality unrelated to planet Earth.

      • My point was that, one, South is always capitalized. You go down South for the winter. Same thing with Asia. Asia is a proper noun and Asian is a derivative of that proper noun.
        South Asia, together, does not form an ethnicity. It’s like saying “Southern European.” It’s a sub-part of a part of the world.

  32. I hate being on Zuckerbook (joined many years ago), however, on the rare occasion when I log in to see what is happening, I see that all my so-called “friends” all up in arms about this systemic racism. Everyone of them virtue signalling. But then I think I should reach out to them to let them know that had I known they were racist when I first met them, I would never had been their friend in the first place, therefore, I am now ‘unfriending’ them on Zuckerbook for being a racist. I wonder if they would actually say that I am right or would they say that they are not racist? It would definitely be an interesting experiment.

    • Worst case is they’ll accuse of being neo-Hitler, best case is you’ll crash their NPC programming until the next time they watch MSNBC and it resets:

      Them: “How can you not be against systemic racism?”

      Me: “If blacks are being held back from their true potential by whites, wouldn’t then black nations that have no whites be more successful?”

      Them: “Legacy of colo-“

      Me: “Hong Kong and Singapore were colonies too”.

      Them: “But American blacks have no history of intergenerational weal-“

      Me: “Japanese-Americans had all of their stuff stolen in the 40s and they were making more than whites by the 70s”

      And so on…

    • “Racist” is a meaningless word because it has no concrete definition. Fluid definitions suit the left; they can conjure up applications at random. A word ceases to have any relevance when it can mean anything. This has happened to other words in the language, but the different is these words won’t get you fired or un-personed the way “racist” will.

      I’ve had some thoughts on this subject so I’ll include them here. Examples of other meaningless words —

      The word “gentleman” originally meant a member of the landed gentry. Now it’s simply a word to use when you want to flatter a man. It is a meaningless word.

      Z quotes another example early in the podcast – “stakeholder”, which is someone with a pecuniary interest but was perverted in this case to mean someone with a concern. On this path “stakeholder” will cease to be a useful word.

      Languages change with time but one of the beauties of the English language is its intense expressiveness. You have a word for everything; even potential synonyms are highly nuanced and suited for different situations. For example, “fantastic”, “tremendous”, “magnificent”, “excellent” all mean something very different dependent on context, but I usually see these used as a superlative for “good”. If we use words indiscriminately they lose their utility and beauty, and we lose our diversity of description.

      • Sloppily used words not only erode distinctions, but scupper original meanings. “Fantastic,” for instance, meant based on fantasy rather than reality. You can argue about which of those two a statement represents, but not that fantasy means wonderful.

        “Tremendous” originally denoted something extremely large, important, or powerful — reducing it to a lazy synonym for “I like it, baby!” is an act of linguistic treason. Dynamiting precision in speech and writing makes it ever harder to communicate when what remains amounts to pidgin English.

      • Another reason to read 18th and 19th century literature, especially Fielding and Dickens.

      • You’re a racist if you form a generalization about the experiences that you’ve had throughout your life … it’s called the scientific method. Induction followed by deduction.

  33. Check your local media for “Juneteenth Celebrations” and plan your day and travel routes accordingly. I live in Los Angeles (Capetown-on-the-Pacific), so I’ll just settle in with a good book (Robert Penn Warren’s “All the King’s Men” currently in progress) and keep the Citizen app running on my phone, just for general Jogger activity awareness.

    • The movie with Sean Penn is like watching Trump’s election

      It’s the same story pretty much, outsider vs insider politics

      It was very illuminating

      And this is not pro trump or anti trump viewpoint, not political, just a viewpoint from a “human interest” standpoint

      • The book is so well written that I hesitate to watch it be twisted and reduced into some sort of messaging vehicle for current year thinking (though the film was made in 2006).

  34. Whites weakness is ‘reason’. We think we need a reason do do anything. (((The Usual Suspects))), however, are very good a ‘reason’ so they have psychically emasculated Whites. Give up on ‘reason’. Your race is your reason. Your skin is your uniform. No White has to explain why they want what they want to anyone (even another White). You want what you want because you want it and what every decent White wants is racial separation. The choices are simple: race war, racial separation, White subjugation by (((The Usual Suspects))) and their pets. #WhiteStrike

    • the day whites simply state “I don’t want to live around them and be around them” will be a watershed moment

      It’s the equivalent when someone asks you “Why don’t you like so and so. What’s your reason?”

      And you reply, I just don’t like his face

      No one will ever argue back on that

      • “the day whites simply state “I don’t want to live around them and be around them” will be a watershed moment”

        that pretty much sums up my limited political philosophy.

  35. Having lived and traveled in many other countries, I am still extremely grateful for having been a citizen of this great country. Thanksgiving is a holiday still worth observing. However, since we are apparently governed by a hostile ruling class, treating this July 4th as a day of silence might be appropriate.

  36. Rich Lowery makes $400k…per year? That one kind of blew me away. Holy crap I spent the last 40 years in all the wrong various lines of work.

  37. Z, you are too hard on Libertarians. I’ve always called myself a “Little L” libertarian, yet even four decades ago as a teen, I saw the folly of an open immigration platform. I’m sure many of their other official postions are indefensible too. But look at what they would approve of: Absolute freedom of association (e.g. freedom of any individual, group or business to discriminate for any reason, including race, including irrationally). Smallest possible government. Re marriage, I agree that the State should stay out of it, save for the concept of a “civil union,” primarily for rights of inheritance or property. If a man wants to marry a man, or a sheep or a tree, for that matter, what business is it of yours? Or of the government?

    • So…NALALT. Personally I don’t want to live around anyone who’s buggering sheep, or has anthropomorphic relationships with trees or bushes.

    • The immigration issue would have to be the last domino to fall.
      There’d be little immigration pressure if all of the gibs doled out to the huddled masses went away and no-one was forced to have any dealings with them.

    • it’s our business because men marrying men corrodes society

      and we all have to live here

      I have to live with the women having kids out of wedlock, the lunacy that infects women after they have five abortions, the faggotry that leads to the normalization of pedophilia

      that idea of what “Paul and Tom do in their bedroom is none of my business” is a total bunch of horseshit

    • Libertarians are solitary hunters

      Conservatives are pack: alpha competition, bull outer ring

      Females are herd: camp, level teams, heifer inner core

      Liberals are outliers seeking to enter

      We are the Herd who Hunts, an omnivore troupe

      Ambitious outlier packs bark and howl louder than their numbers, attracting members

      Eventually they break up the ageing bull ring, and become the new core

      The former bull ring fragments into outlier packs, and begins growling to the next young bulls

      • Libertarians are solitary gatherers

        they’d be with the cavewomen plucking berries off the vine while telling the women how awful and mean their husbands are and how they could do so much better — hint hint. Meanwhile husbands were off hunting

  38. People who think that after the statues are torn down they will still be able to read about those figures in history books are idiots. The statues are just the physical representation of the erasure of any unapproved history.

    It is already almost impossible to get honest history, because history in academia is controlled by leftists.

    My daughter has a hobby of collecting very old books and it is amazing what you can read in books published in the 18th and 19th century about American history that is simply unknown to people today.

    • It’s more important than ever to save and collect old books, DVDs, printed photos, and digital material saved offline on flash drives and the like. I’ve saved my printed 1953 dictionary because it has no entry for “racism”: back then “racism” was understood as the natural, healthy inclination for different groups to express in-group preference.

      With the corporate Ministry of Truth editing internet-based history and school textbooks every day, preserving and passing down the truth becomes critical.

      If we don’t pass it down, then Woke Minitrue will continue to inculcate young white people into self-hatred to a point where white kids will willingly walk to slaughter.

      • Yes, and I would add that the point of remembering the truth is not so much to convince lefty (that’s a waste of time because lefty doesn’t care about the truth), but to prevent ourselves and our posterity from becoming demoralized and deracinated.

        When the anti-white left is pushing the narratives that blacks “built this country” or that Beethoven was really black or that the indigenous “Cheddar Man” people of Britain were really black, they’re setting the groundwork for white genocide.

        Future white kids who are taught to think of themselves as worthless, rootless transients will be easier to get rid of, whereas white kids who continue to understand that ungrateful coloreds lacking any agency actually depend on whitey (and not the other way around) will continue to have a fighting spirit, because they will understand that if they can boot the coloreds they will only be better off for it.

      • One of my great regrets is throwing away (along with hundreds) a 1963 grade school book with a picture of JFK on the preface page.

        It was a history of quips, anecdotes, cartoons, and bits from every American Presidential election.

        Sort of like a Twitter thread, a gold mine of factoids and issues. A marvelous entertainment.

        I could’ve presented myself as a PhD level historian with that kid’s book, it was that good.

        • I AM a PhD level historian, and I wouldn’t recognize half that stuff. We professionals don’t concern ourselves with petty matters like “what people in the past actually thought and how they lived.” We have much more *intellectual* concerns, like detailing all the ways left-handed lesbian stagehands were oppressed in the reign of Louis XIV.

          • It seems we have something in common. I took my doctorate in Russian history from the University of Missouri. Fortunately, I found a cadre of excellent, rational professors and this made grad school rewarding and valuable. I got lucky.

    • Buy books in their original form if you can and have the room

      they will be worth a pretty penny

      The internet can change the original texts as they see fit. Like spray painting books with graffiti and generally filthying them up like they do to neighborhoods.

      I will be going to many a used book store in the coming months and years and collecting a massive library. I already have a decent one. People with the means should all be doing the same

    • Vizz – I’m always on the lookout for old books as well. Anything you can recommend?

      • A lot aren’t in print in any form. A recent favorite of my daughter’s is “Sermons By the Devil” by Rev. W.S. Harris, 1904.

        A good one I don’t have handy (at daughter’s house) is something like “Kings of Industry” — will correct the title when I can confirm — published in the late 1800s. It is bios of major figures in business and commerce throughout the early history of the United States.

        A really excellent one, (again, will get title later) is a history of the civil war written in the years immediately following the war, so all the major participants are still alive so it was really impossible to BS people about what happened.

        Just for yucks, get hold of original printings of the Hardy Boys mysteries from the ’20s. They’ve been continually rewritten over the years and politically corrected and “modernized” at every step.

        To read what the enemy had to say, there was this fantastic progressive propaganda book that was written pretty much as a campaign advertisement for FDR in 1932. It’s interesting to see how he calls upon patriotic imagery to basically advocate for American Socialism. I’ll talk to my daughter later this evening and see if I can get titles — she took her whole collection with her to Maine when she moved up there.

        • Much appreciated. I just did a quick search on Sermons by the Devil and this passage caught my eye:

          The river of life rises at the gate of Heaven and 
          empties into the ocean of Death. At the age of ac- 
          countability each individual is launched into the 
          stream about midway, and he must either drift with 
          the current downward or work against it upward. 
          The river flows with different degrees of rapidity 
          as you go from the shore toward its center. The 
          chief end of human life is for one to struggle 
          against the natural currents and push his way far- 
          ther and farther up the stream toward Heaven and 
          It is very easy to move with the current. Idle- 
          ness is a drifting toward death. There are many 
          things along the banks of this river to attract at- 
          tention, so that by looking intently toward the 
          shore, no one will realize that he is surely drifting 
          toward the black waters of Destruction. It is the 
          purpose of Satan to engage one's thought in any 
          manner whatever so as to keep his hands from ply- 
          ing the oars against the stream. 
          Happy the person who refuses to give his time 

          Brought back memories. My mother used to say things in a similar vein such as “the hardest thing is usually the right thing”, and “water flows downhill”.
          I’ll get a copy. Thanks again.

  39. Likely there aren’t many Black readers here, but on the off chance, I have prepared an editorial for Juneteenth 🙂

    Dear Black Folk:

    White people haven’t done enough for you? Let me present you a list, very partial, of what we have done for you:

    In the war that tore our country apart, Union men who died came to about 360,000. Slightly less Southerners died, but we can assume they were pro-slavery and don’t count. To be fair,many of those Union soldiers were draftees and thus didn’t serve willingly. Still, if you scaled that for today’s population of the USA, it would be about ten times more. That would be 4 million mostly white Americans died so you could be freed, at least indirectly.

    Since 1865, we (whites) have spent trillions of dollars (an exact figure isn’t easy to find) for “the Negro,” to educate him, to house him, to provide him medical care, to (it was hoped) to advance to the level of the rest of the country. While many succeeded, many have failed. 

    In the past few years, and especially this year, the prevailing political opinion seems to be that all black men are victimized by the police too much and for no reason. Police are being fired and sometimes charged with murder, when an arrest goes wrong. Rarely or never have I heard of the part Black men play in this conflict. I’ll freely admit that sometimes the cops overstep their authority. Innocent people are killed. But this is what, one in a thousand, ten thousand, cases? Why are you so unwilling to admit that Blacks were nearly always in the wrong? The police aren’t there because they were obeying the law. Come on. Finally, Blacks need to learn that, when dealing with a person with deadly force and the law on their side (in theory at least), it is not generally recommended to struggle, to grap for the officer’s weapon or to be violent? These actions greatly reduce his survival chances. And finally, can you admit that when a death occurs, in virtually all cases, the police or civilan’s use of deadly force was justified?

    Entire once-great American cities have been reduced to third-world conditions, largely because of Black dysfunction. To be more honest, largely because of the actions of liberal Whites that were claiming to “help” you, while actually making matters worse.

    Democrats, both black and white, are largely to blame for making your lives worse. They point the finger at white racism, but where are these whites that are so racist? To the extent they could, they have distanced themselves from the disorder and crime you allowed your communities to slide into. Can you blame them? How is the white man at fault, when he isn’t even around?

    This country is being polarized again, largely because of the failed (and perhaps impossible) vision of achieving racial equality. Will it be worth a second Civil War? Might there be better solutions than calling everybody a racist, while your own people are your own worst enemy? It’s not white police killing you, it is nearly all black men killing each other. When are you going to admit this, and demand a stop to it? When are you going to admit that it isn’t white racism, but Black behavior that is causing your troubles? Are Whites really to blame that Black Men are many times more danerous than the average White? When are you going to finally shut off the money and support for those who claim to serve your interests, but really are only enriching themselves, even as your situation worsens?

    • Ebonic conjucation of the very “to be”:

      He be, you be, she be, they be, we be, I be.

      • Actual sentence spoken to me by a black co-“worker”:
        ”He be do real good sometime.”

  40. Speaking of Reconstruction and American blacks, here’s an interesting timeline.  At 1804, importation of African slaves into the U.S. was made illegal and the black population was 400 thousand.  By the commencement of the War Against the South in 1861, the black population was 4 million.  (This implies a TFR of around 4, which is pretty low by African standards.)  By 1870, the black population was down to 3 million.  If there was any genocide conducted against blacks, it was done by Lincoln having disrupted the old modes of living.
    As long as we are tearing down statues of Confederate heroes as racist, let’s get rid of the Lincoln hagiography, particularly including the Lincoln Memorial in DC.  Lincoln was violently racist (by modern progressive standards) and we should direct the rage of the BLM mob against him on those grounds.

    • American slaves were the only ones in the Americas to reproduce, and reproduce prolifically. Make of that what you will. A J Froude describes the reproduction problem and the very different states of slavery and around the Caribbean in The Bow of Ulysses.

      • Absolutely right. Black slaves in Jamaica were completely disposable; they were worked to death and then replaced by new imports. Since after 1804 American slaves couldn’t be replaced, they had to be treated carefully. (See Genovese, “Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made”.)

  41. Integration with blacks does most of its damage at a deeper instinctual level.

    Compare the intellectual demands and expectations of a high school textbook from 1915 to one from 2015. Even 101 level college texts expect less from us than what our grandparents and great grandparents were expected to comprehend.

    Compare a pop composition from 1915 and its dependence for beat on the notes played in a bar of music by the rhythm instrument… to the primitive boom-boom-boom of what gets played today and consider the demands the former makes on both mind and body… compared to the lobotomizing effects of today’s constant noise. For ages we heard music intermittently, religious ceremonies and around the hearth in the evening. A lot of it being choral music backed by rhythmic strings and dancing woodwinds. Even today so much melodic music is forced to ride on top of a “pocket” of the booming of a bass guitar and drum. And instead of a few hours of intense listening per week we get a non stop onslaught of half listened to white noise. Glued to video screens aside this has to have an extreme dulling effect on our ability to comprehend integrated complex patterns.

    Dulled senses make us more passive and less resistant to being shaped by unwelcomed influences. The back and forth discourse that goes on in the public square rides on top of our aesthetic sensibilities. If they are healthy we can more easily differentiate what we prefer and what we reject. A sensibility that has been gutted becomes incapable of or less capable of such differentiating…or of even having an interest in doing so.

    This is one of the ways in which multiculturalism kills identity. It always seeks the lowest common denominator. Whites aren’t averaging up when they mix or are forced to accept black anything. As bad as putting up with their overt institutional demands may be, the damage done to us at a more instinctual and aesthetic level has been much more serious and will be much more difficult to undo.

    In a way, at least in terms of aesthetic sensibility, we have all become mudsharks.

    • That is truth right there Brother we have lost so much and most don’t even know it because it’s hidden from them… Society has chosen the path of least resistance and has been destroyed in the process…

    • Oh, but for those long-gone days when “integration” was only something discussed in Calculus courses 🙂
      Based on experience, racial integration leads to social dis-integration 🙁

    • @YVES:
      In a knee-jerk reaction to your comments, especially about music, I just went onto Amazon and purchased two boxed sets of music CDs:
      One of “Greatest Hits” of Baroque Masterpieces, and
      one “Greatest Chamber Music” (Hayden, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert)….
      so that when we can no longer access this greatness via the interwebz because reasons, I can at least hear the greatness on my “old school” stereo with a three-CD deck.
      But thank you for the inspiration.

  42. I awoke to a chill in the air this morning (unusual for late June) and it reminded me that Fall is just around the corner, and therefore its never too early to begin thinking about hunting season. This is a good time of year to gather information about where the good hunting grounds may arise. Identifying game is often times opportunistic, but you can increase your odds of success by being ultra-observant. Taking notes is always a plus too. You’re never too old to add a few skills.

  43. Honest to goodness, I have never heard of Juneteenth until this year. It sounds like it should be a day for joggers to thank white people for freeing them from slavery but it doesn’t seem to be working out that way.

  44. Musk apparently DGAF

    Musk responded cryptically: “Who do you think *owns* the press? Hello.”

    • Hey, I’ve got BN bookmarked n regularly watch his videos. I’d like to think that he’s on the up-n-up, but he’s got alittle too much schtick in his presentation … maybe he’s just trying to be a bit entertaining in the process, which I can appreciate.

  45. A month, a day now two (MLK; June-whatever). What’s next? Access to media time. Soon, straight Christian Whites will only comprise 40% of the US population. Of this demographic, born-males are just under half of the members. Our assigned access to media will be 4.7 hours each day. We’ll not be permitted to publish one minute more. Of course, we’ll only appear in commercials as dunces and villains if without triggering the others our existence can even be tolerated. It’ll be justified like political airtime: equal access.

    we’ll whip ’em good

      • I give up. C’mon, spill.

        Is that, uh, Cajun Ebonics?

        Lobstah Eddy?


        Low Wisconsin, maybe?

        (I can only make out one word in three from Wisconsin farmers.)

  46. I was surprised at how many normals have told me that they are done watching professional sports this past week. My watching has been going steadily downhill for a long time and is probably over now.

    • The people who run pro sports leagues and obviously the players have no idea how bad the Wuhan Flu shutdown is going to be for their leagues. ESPN’s website visits have gone off a cliff since December although they seem to be stabilizing now. These leagues shutdown, people figured out they could find other things to do with their time and they don’t need to go back. Gamblers were essentially forced to quit cold turkey, some of them will realize how much money they are saving and not go back.
      It will take some time for this to show up in rights fees paid to leagues and advertising, but eventually there will be a huge showdown over revenue between owners and players. Work stoppages will lead to a further decline in revenue. We are past peak interest in watching pro sports. The players are not going to handle the ramifications of what that means well.


      • Interesting note with the gamblers.
        A good half of my friends who follow the NFL do it solely for fantasy football leagues. The actual games are becoming secondary to the stats.
        It’s basically a less-spergy D&D game.

        • Fantasy football has not been impacted yet. My impression is that fantasy football peaked about 5-6 years ago. It will be interesting to see how many don’t go back to it in the fall. Fantasy and gambling are the two big drivers of interest in the NFL. Baseball is well on its way to becoming a minor sport. No city or state government will ever be blackmailed into spending big money for a Major League Baseball stadium again.
          Sports gambling in casinos was just legalized nationwide in 2018. It took time for states to setup laws and then casinos to setup bookmaking operations. Many of them had only been operational for a few months when sports shutdown in March. Casino losses could be huge coming out of this shutdown.

          • Spengler noted our economic woes with China-style competition comes from the fact that their governments subsidize capital infrastructure like ours subsidizes sports stadiums.

      • The MLB players are already refusing to acknowledge the new, post Beer Flu economic reality we live in.

        • For whatever reason, the people associated with Major League Baseball are the greediest and most tone deaf of all the sports leagues. The 1994 strike that canceled the World Series did permanent damage to fan interest and is within the living memory of everyone involved. Their fan base is clearly aging quickly and there is little international interest in the sport outside of Japan and the Caribbean. They had a chance to be the only the game in town and completely blew it arguing over money. They will get what they deserve.

      • Welp, there goes our biggest national holiday- the Superbowl.

        “Are we to be left with nothing?!”

    • Watch boxing! Something soothing about watching two black guys beat the crap out of each other.

        • The idea of Kamala being president is truly frightening. That being said, if Hillary were president now, would things be any worse than they are? It does seem that the radicals in power do feed off The Orange Man.  

        • Yeah at least dems get people fired up to resist. Although I give credit to the reopen protests.

        • From an accelerationist standpoint the election of Trump is a huge positive, particularly if it caused the opposition to make their move too soon. We’ll see.

    • I read it. A truly cringe-worthy cope.

      It’s the NormieCon equivalent of a “Here’s how Japan can still win!” the day after Midway

    • Twitter:

      This is a violent, state backed Bolshie cultural revolution, the degenerate children of the elite are slumming it with lumpenproles to destroy all symbols of the previous civilization.


      BLM is a quick coverup of the coming vaccine Killshot, the Jericho option- they’re still working on it like mad.

      (Jericho Option is a certain plucky little country has Dimona nukes in range for every major modern city.

      The Killshot will hold a globe hostage for an antidote.

      Full funding by DARPA, Five Eyes, and the Corporates.)

    • I think our country will collapse sooner for other reasons, but I recall reading that, at least in part, the Middle Ages dragged on because the Church kept adding holy days (holidays) for so many Saints and such, that the economy began to suffer, that the days avaiable to “labour” grew less and less 🙂 At least in part, the Reformation turned back this tide. The modern welfare state version — “retirement” — is probably as untenable, long term.

      • The Jacobins went the opposite direction when they created their calendar.

        It had 10-day weeks with one day off.

        • The Jaobins were thoroughly evil. A long work week like unless you are the owner of said property is essentially slavery for all.
          I’ll note this mindset also eventually lead to massive labor unrest till the 40 hour work week was restored and to the rise of Communism.
          The later obviously was lousy but it did actually increase prosperity and lower the work week by about twelve hours.
          Right now, most people are truly needed maybe twenty hours , forty for high skill people, more for owners.
          Our system can’t adjust to that though and while the elite encourage race baiting as a distraction, its part of the underlying problem.

      • If true the church kept adding Holy Days because there wasn’t enough land or work to go around. The forced work sharing and that tightly regulated economy allowed more people to live off less land.
        The Black Death put an end to that with a 30-50% population decline
        Whatever the modern Catholic church has become, back in the day it was a soulful bureaucracy.
        As far as retirement, if modernity is to make it , its going to be replaced with some sort of basic income minted not taxed.
        If we don’t and just get rid of retirement, the number of children will decline further as no one will be able to move up the ladder and worse as people realize they need to save for when they get sick , can no longer work or they get fired, the savings rate will starve everyone of demand.
        This isn’t all bad,m we don’t need that much to be happy but modernity is insanely expensive and a wage starved economy like ours can’t fix natural wear and tear.
        The reason for this mess is that the same modernity had become an efficiency trap and the move became farm to factory to permanent under or unemployment resulting in roughly 50 years of subreplacment fertility on a near global basis.
        This is resulting in debt deflation on a massive scale and erosion of so much commerce that even the Elite are getting nervous.
        Its not the lockdown that’s causing it but an underlying structural issue.

    • The Texas public university where I toil also gave us the day off, and sent the memo out at about 6 p.m. Thursday evening! I could only think that some Diversity Hutessa told the president he had to close the uni for Juneteenth.

    • It’s not a day off if it comes with an assignment (watching a documentary about a black grifter, in this case).

      • I’ve had to do exactly that with prerecorded diversity indoctrination and click appropriate responses and/or contribute typed responses. I used the event as an excuse to start drinking cocktails early in the day.

        When not fiddling with gin and tonic, I talked back at the screen and had a ball ripping on and imitating the babbling apes onscreen. I deliberately clicked on the worst possible answers and wrote plausible yet “ignorant” hilarious commentary.

        Nobody reviewed the damn thing. I wish they sent me copies of the video and my answers. It wasn’t a bad way of getting a buzz on.

  47. Part of the problem is that we live in a multi-racial (national) country. The other part of the problem is the Puritains. There is a strain of our own race which has always been hell bent on righteously persecuting the other half over a moral cause. There must be found a solution to the Puritain problem.

  48. Casual male outlets such as Social Media banter, Video Games, and Sportsball are opiates for the white male to sit back and do nothing. The only stronger opiate is pornography. There would be no downside to keeping it nonpolitical, but that’s not how they roll. Can’t help but think this is a tactical error to start tearing it away.

    • I have been working for months to get a couple close friends to pry themselves out of the twitter flame war echo chambers. They are smart and definitely on this side of the divide but just can’t or won’t push away from the smedia table to spend that energy IRL. The Scott Adams and other spergy and snarky smart-guys just give them the feelies. I warn them of the self-licensing that the socials create and how “winning” some twit wit with anonymous morons does not move the needle. I got them off of Ben Shapiro and mostly off Joeprah but they just can’t seem to grasp the real war is spiritual and emotional and that “reason and evidence” circle jerking is how we got here. Perhaps our host might take up the topic of how to bread crumb (or board across the face) these guys into more productive vectors.

    • I do hope the left returns to its “second wave” virus hysteria because they only end up creating golems that turn against them. As you said, I hope sportsball continues to remain shut down so white men are weaned off that opiate.
      I hope “racist” video games and video game companies are pulled too- if the younger dissident right ever needed a kick in the pants, it’s the removal of insidious sit-on-the-couch video game culture. Look how much the gaming lexicon- like “NPC”- has infected the dissident right.
      Finally, I hope leftist hysterics insist on keeping public schools and colleges closed in the fall too. The sooner white parents realize it’s better to homeschool their kids or send them to informal locally-organized schools, the better. And college finances are remarkably brittle- even modest drops in attendance and the resulting loss of student loan income could sink many colleges. Good. Fuck em.
      Let the anti-white left unwittingly continue to generate a new white consciousness. As you said, we should revel in their tactical error.

  49. Since we’re now making up holidays based on obscure events, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Flight to Varennes night this Saturday Evening.

    Bonne Chance!

    • @MEME:
      That’s excellent. Thanks for pointing that out.
      I am just finishing a book about Marie Antoinette during that time.
      I will wish people (as a French speaker) a happy “Jour de la Fuite a Varennes.”

      • Perhaps no figure in human history has gotten a rawer deal that M. Antoinette.

        I hope you despise the Duc de Orleans as much as I do after reading that book.

    • I was just talking to a friend of mine who works for the major cable company in the country. He was on a conference call this morning in which everyone was told that if they happen to post anything on social media that runs counter to the narrative (globohomo, the Pozz, the 4 bads, etc.) they can basically kiss their job goodbye.

      How much longer can we allow these people to empower complete strangers to act as judge, jury, and executioner on our livelihoods?

      • Big cable and the like are trying to stay in the Elite class when historical forces have doomed them and all industrial age elites.
        This is suicide long term but our elite is desperate not to lose power. That is a fate worse than death.
        Americans are at the mercy of “capital” and have been for a long time. Our wages and jobs get cut as soon as possible. Again suicidal but status and control outweigh rational thinking.
        As for an end, it comes either when the Elite destroy the masses and themselves or one or more factions are willing to use force to break away.
        Chaz or Chop or whatever its called now is a kiddie example but its what is needed. Separate nations for different people.
        They key to our side is simple, make it a great place to raise kids by any means necessary and repel outsiders with brutal force.
        Once we figure we can do that and make it happen, we can end this nonsense.
        And yes sure CONUS and all that . The US is fake country-these days and while Elite media are happy to gaslight people about that, everyone knows its bunk.

    • Exactly. That protestant work ethic takes away precious time from having a family and feeds the endless appetite for the money junkies.
      Learn to live with less , have a bigger family and be happy instead of emulating the elite who are addicted to money and status. The only reason to bust your ass is if you are Amish and you keep most of what you make.
      Catholic or Mediterranean work ethic plus large family wins the day.
      And note I am aware that people in Northern climates have to work harder, save more and all that. Most Whites live in temperate or warm climates not Norway and even the ones in the North work like dogs often to feed elite parasites.

  50. I think the entire month of February should be a holiday with programming 24/7 about all the wondrous contributions joggers have made for the benefit of humanity – ok, it’d be an actual five minutes played over and over 24/7….

    On another note, noted “Christian” ceo Dan cathay (chik-fil-a) groveled pathetically yesterday, washing the shoes of some jogger and exhorting Whites to repent their evil ways. The great culling can’t come soon enough.

    • Yeah, when Chik Fil A, NASCAR, and the Southern Baptist Convention started their woke groveling, the remaining grains of optimism for my beloved South frittered away. I think I heard a fat lady singing.

      • They are taking down the John C. Calhoun statue in Charleston. She not only sang, she left the building.

        • Funny how I don’t see any whites tearing down MLK statues… do ya think the cops would magically appear and start making arrests if THAT happened??

        • This is supremely ironic. If only the cancelist were capable of grasping what irony is. Calhoun was an extemely accomplished stateman. He, far more than any man, averted succession twice, and at a time when the North was in no position or mood to go to war over it. Mutual hatreds would have been satisfied with separation. No Calhoun, no War Between the States because there would have been no United States of Indivisible to go to war.

  51. The condition of white people is as a conquered people, but one that still thinks they are in charge.

    Well they could be in charge, but that would entail some sort of shared sacrifice. I see this all the time with “hills not worth dying on” which is just a justification for doing nothing, ever.

    • I think it is finally starting to dawn on a lot of white people (normies) that they are no longer in charge.

      Sadly, it may not really hit home until most of them are in nursing homes or assisted living and treated like worthless garbage by the colorful staff

      • I’m in my late fifties; my darkest nightmare – the slow smothering death under the pillow, held down by my laughing African “caretakers”.

        • Cappy Cap suggests a Smith and Wesson retirement plan.
          Me? I suggest we bust ass to prevent that future but if we can’t, you can always think about what you can accomplish if you no longer care to live.

          • Yep, I have definitely considered the S&W plan, because when you can’t continue to live without the constant support of people you despise – the people you have spent your whole life planning and working hard to avoid contact with – why live a day further?

          • If you were in a Community of our people you wouldn’t have to worry about that because you would be taken care of by our people who know you and have known what you sacrificed for our people and you will be treated well…Also you would teach our history to our youngsters in the stories you would tell…

    • There are archives, now probably very hidden wrt slave days and slave laws in the South. The Savannah Society has some reprints I’ve read. Seemed legit, but I suspect will be decried as false or a rewriting of history. There were rules wrt treatment and such which seems reasonable given the fear of slave rebellion in the old South. A sadistic owner or overseer could initiate a rebellion which would endanger the local populous, so I can imagine such laws regarding treatment as being passed. If Christian kindness seems far fetched (after all, what’s Christian in slavery), then self preservation seems a reasonable explanation.

      I’ve also read the US archives from the Fed project to collect remembrances of slavery from the last of the living slaves. All very dry and somewhat boring. Perhaps most surprising for their *lack* of vitriol. Seems our current crop of Black folks 6 generations on have more grievance than those actually experiencing slavery. 🙁

  52. I’ve never met a Jogger who celebrates Juneteenth, or has even mentioned its existence

    • Though to be fair, how could you tell the difference between “sitting around not working for Juneteenth” and the other kind?…. a racist would ask. A horrible, horrible racist. I denounce you all.

    • The “holiday” is not targeted at joggers. The audience is guilt-ridden Goodwhites, who probably will kneel before all black people who pass them on the streets and offer up their children to joggers for gang rape.

      • Exactly. This will be a day of White atonement, a day Whites acknowledge their White privilege, the sins of their ancestors and their own sin of conscious (or unconscious) racism.

        • It sure looks that way. Never mind that none of us had anything to do with slavery, that the vast majority of our ancestors had nothing to do with slavery, that most slaves were sold into slavery by Hutus, and that hundreds of thousands of whites died, in part, to abolish slavery. We’re all still uniquely guilty for an institution whose scope has been global since prehistoric times.

    • In my former city it was an official festival in the “traditionally black neighborhood”. Which really just meant that a bunch of gypsy peddlers set up their stalls and in a kind of reverse-covid all the regular porch drinkers got to walk down the boulevard harassing hipster white girls and generally making a mess of the place while some loud music blasted from a stage buckling underfoot of two tons of angry black lady operetta. I will miss that kind of rich cultural experience. Of course here in my new town they are putting on an Independence Day celebration in which you are “encouraged to stay on your own porch and listen to the local symphony via radio”. Some kind of irony in there I reckon.

      • I was hoping that this year a new tradition of a “police holiday” could be celebrated, sort of The Purge in the black part of the city. No worries of the Po-Po, do your thang, and too bad if you’re on the receiving end 🙂

    • If you do a google search limit it to <2010 there are 253 hits on the entire internet (and lots of those are redated Trump pieces).

      So basically it has never existed. Now why would Trump suddenly start pretending it did?

      • Trump is old nomenklatura a civic nationalist and a hotelier and terrfied of widespread disorder. Anything he can do that can keep the stupid system alive a bit longer he will try.
        No matter what he does though, the system is on a fail train.
        The best future is separation with closed borders, the other is US goes Rwanda x Bosnia X Yemen and in any case China wins.
        So as to avoid a total black pill, in theory there is a slight chance that a genuine authoritarian Right state could take charge and after a few decades of horrible put the US together.

        • Trump understands that the Hutu riots are severely damaging his reelection chances. From here on out, there is little he won’t do to try to pacify them. But the AWRs understand the value of the chimp-outs, and will manage to manufacture at least one more before election day.

          • There will be several before his next rally in Tulsa as well in some attempt to cancel it.
            But given his opposition if the President keeps his equanimity which I suspect he will, there is a very good chance of a win anyway.
            He’s also started a few cable ads tying Bide to China . This is actually sound given it was the history channel which is very very Right White for TV.
            Something to consider also, as much as any of us would love a real crackdown and simply crushing the Left like a bug, the US would not survive it and can’t recover from such a thing as of yet.
            We cannot make enough chips for national defenseand until we do and with enough surplus capacity to keep them from being destroyed during the civil war, its a non option.
            The world economy and basically all tech will simply stop in a matter of months and the PRC will either own or destroy all production.
            The President is well aware of this and until that is remedied, the risk is too high.
            And note this is doubly complicated by our school system. We lack the ablity to teach the smart people we have.
            Its a difficult fix to be sure.

      • Oh yeah. They tore up Atlanta for three years straight on Juneteenth in the 90s.

        So I told some some black friends in DC, “c’mon man! Road trip! Let’s go party hardy!”… and these gangstas looked at whiteboy like he was flat out of his mind. They knew the score.

        ps- don’t nobody mention Devil’s Night, Halloween version Black.0

    • I did on Thursday

      I guess it’s becoming a big thing among the black celebrity class and their wannabes

      But it also coincides with the big BET party at the Roosevelt in Hollywood which is next week and for years has been a pretty big deal

    • Literally never heard of this until Zman mentioned it.

      Asked my wife (southern belle)… pretty much said, “Yeah, it’s a thing in the south. But nobody is proud of it.”


      • I’d heard of it, having grown up in the South… but it was more or less a joke, like Cinco de Mayo – a good excuse to goof off and drink beer, if you felt you needed one. This applied equally to all races.

  53. Once upon a time the race grifters thought the new federal MLK holiday was the answer. Then Kwanzaa & Black History Month. Now Juneteenth. Note how the celebrations have morphed from individual days (that we could choose to ignore) to months-long, seasonal pity parties. What’s different from 30 years ago, though, is that many (most?) whites are conditioned to shut up and take a knee.

    I’ll give the government school system and academia credit – they’ve been very effective in cultivating converts to the new religion.

    • To me Kwanzaa seems like a largely failed attempt to supplant Christmas that peaked in the ’90s.

      So, in a sense it was simply ahead of its time. Watch (((them))) try to resurrect it later this year.

      • (((K)))(((w)))(((a)))(((n)))(((z)))(((a))) (((n)))(((e)))(((v)))(((e)))(((r))) (((r)))(((e)))(((a)))(((l)))(((l))(((y))) (((r))(((e)))(((s)))(((s)))(((o)))(((n)))(((a)))(((t)))(((e)))(((d))) (((w)))(((i)))(((t)))(((h))) (((b)))(((l)))(((a)))(((c)))(((k))).

      • Kwanzaa was invented by the CIA to create a fake culture for blacks that would enable the State more loyalty and control.
        It didn’t do well, Blacks tend to a Christians varaints but in the 60’s as now the State hates the church.

    • Bucket of fried chicken says that the NFL is gonna trade those pink socks for some wakanda print for a month long struggle sesh. Ever since they got mildly embarrassed about the titcancer scam with Susan they have been looking for a new angle. Will be interesting to see if they also lay off the military slobbing a bit due to the police being kissing cousins of our forever war machine. Prolly not. Money talks. Plus all those chevy commercials celebrating black workers (lol) can’t carry the show. Either way ts gonna be fun to troll my sportsball friends over getting cucked (again).

      • They will do a separate month for kente cloth.

        They will double down on the pink crap to encourage AWFLs to spend money on the league and fantasize about being Dez Bryant’s next pincushion.

    • “But you gave us the smallest month, motherfuckers!” ☻

      The fundamental problem with any indoctrination is that external reality doesn’t budge, no matter how persuasive your training was, nor how many people you send to the camps or execute.

  54. Aww, I was finally just getting used to the stank eye for saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “happy holidays.” Now I’m going to get a whole new stank eye for saying “happy holidays” instead of “oooga booga Kwanzaa” or whatever “traditional African greeting” they’ll invent in November.

    • Thanks for the link. From it. we learn that:
      Protecting your property is threats and violence.
      Looting and burning is peaceful protest.

      The little local newspaper Greenwich Time is, of course, an offshoot of Hearst Media.
      Hearst is of course, famous for the accurate boast to his photographer “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war”.
      The war that he furnished gave us Puerto Rico, or to be more accurate, gave us to the Puerto Ricans.

      If there is to be violent resistance to the propagandists, the corporate tools running these little ragsheets could well be the first to go.

      • Ah but when your power is ascendant, Empire is so intoxicating. What’s wrong with adding a few more colonies? But even a hundred years ago, a skeptic could easily have pointed out how poorly Spain, then France had fared with their empires. France didn’t sell us the “Louisiana Purchase,” what would be come a large part of the Deep South because it was such a fine, profit-making operation! England’s divestiture of its empire would take another half century or so. Just like the cited countries, we have gotten, and will continue to get, precisely what we deserve.

        • Spain and France created empires to loot. Neither Spain nor France ever considered colonization/immigration outside of that goal. That’s one of the reasons for so much mixture of the native population with the Whites. Whites did not bring their women over. The just took native women for sex..They lost all eventually.

          At least the English colonized with the goal of a new and better life for the colonizers/immigrants. Look at any country with an English or American presence. There is a difference. Even India was left with an English bureaucratic system. Even in Africa, the former English colonies are better off than most others.

          We took over the Spanish colonies, but peacefully allowed the Philippines their independence and they are a reasonably functional country. PR can always leave and become independent, they just prefer to be a welfare case living off the US teat.

          Not a promotion of empire, but some dysfunctional societies would definitely be better off under White control. Imagine Liberia under a 100 years of a US governor. We might have gotten it off the ground as a Slave homeland.

          • (Compsci- as an aside, could there be a difference due to Catholic vs Protestant culture? Hierarchy vs guild?)

          • Tocqueville (a Catholic Frenchman) describes Anglo-Americans Protestants to be far superior in custom, commerce, and energy compared to the French in North America as well as the Spanish, both of whom were Catholic; Catholicism leading men toward obedience, Protestantism toward independence. That was then, of course, before Protestants strangled God toworship equality.

          • No argument there. As a born Catholic, I can attest to the difference. But why take my word, for what you see with your “own, lying eyes”. 😉

          • Your final point I agree with. But my main point above was that the the European countries or the new world countries would have been better off if they never dabbled in colonialism.

        • France owned nearly the entire middle of the North American continent- and had near bankrupted itself helping us in our Revolution, so it could hold on to the key great river transport from Canada to New Orleans.

          Spain owned everything from Oregon to Kansas. Our Revolution was part of Great Power moves- but then, everything white people do ends up Great Power.

          • The truth is they didn’t own anything. Possession is ownership. We might want to remember that.

    • Interesting that the entire New Mexico incident is carefully described to omit–1) the guy retreated when threatened with violence, 2) apparently first used pepper spray when initially pursued, 3) was threatened audibly with shouts to “kill him” 4) was then further pursued, hit repeatedly and forced into a ground fight with a mob, 5) in a couple of frame captures a knife is visible in the hand of the primary attacker and 6) when he finally pulled a concealed handgun, shot only the attacker with the knife, removing the imminent threat of grave bodily harm or death, then ceased firing. BTW the police that responded found more than one knife dropped by the attackers in the immediate vicinity of the shooting.

      • At least one dropped knife was imprinted with the antifa logo. Once formally recognized as a terrorist organization, possession of an antifa knife during one of these attacks will be per se guilt and felony conviction.

        • Only if the Feds step in. As we’ve seen the locals will “decline to prosecute”. Thank you George Soros. But post November, if Biden wins, I’m certain DOJ will be issued orders to show no interest in these cases.

        • Umm, no. ANTIFA is the Fed’s paramilitary arm.

          They have gotten away with it in DC, Portland, Charlottesville, and a multitude of others.

          Cops and anti-fascists play for the same team.

          • Yup.

            The Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies are controlled by the DNC on behalf of the CCP.

            The military is highly suspect. That’s why the recent spate of generals popping off in the media was so troubling.

          • People will quibble with “on behalf of the CCP”, not knowing that 20% of US public employee state pension funds were invested in ‘Red Chips’, Chinese corporations, in 1992– lifting them out of a 1950s bicycle economy. The promotion of offshoring began in earnest.

            When the USSR fell, China was the Plan B replacement. Globalism refused to rebuild the infrastructure already extant in white Eastern Europa, content only with robbing it into penury.

            The Soros-led financiers then engineered the collapse of the Thai baht and 1997 fall of the Asian Tigers, clearing the way for China’s fast-track rise.

          • Do you think the stagnation of the Japanese economy in the early 90’s may have had a helping hand from the (((usual suspects))) as part of a multi-pronged effort to facilitate Chinese ascendency, rather than having happened because of a real estate bubble or whatever boilerplate cause the textbooks give?

          • My opinion is that this was a product of reaching the limit on how much people could consume.
            Wage arbritarge, low birth rates (cause in part by wage arbitrage) and simple consumption fatigue was enough to put a high cost producer like Japan down.
            Heck I’ve read articles where afluent Africans are complaining about the lack of variety and having little to buy.
            The crazy part of this is as the US gets poorer, the depression mindset kicks in and consumption declines across the board on a long term to permanent basis.
            Certainty an after lockdown bump was going to happen with the handouts but its not sustainable and this will end most developed economies.
            I’d guess is that China’s plan is simply take Taiwan and thus lock the global semi conductor market and alloing them to starve other nations of production thus controlling military rivals
            Even if China goes to an internal market its potential economy is larger than the US and Europe together and so it rises to primacy.

          • You may have answered a long held question. Inflated Tokyo commercial real estate collapsed because half the loans were to Yakuza investors- who wouldn’t keep up the payments. Mr. Nice Banker ain’t gonna make a collection on the Yakuza.

            Well, who would loan to the triads, then? Somebody older, and even more dangerous.

        • Not only will Antifa and BLM never be officially recognized as terrorist organizations, but the feds won’t be going after any individuals in those groups either. In fact they’re ignoring them completely and Trump’s DOJ will instead be going after anyone who tried to defend themselves with hate crime charges.

          There’s a good argument for why BLM and Antifa shouldn’t be declared terrorists: we all know they are terrorists, but with new anti-terrorism tools at their disposal the feds would only go after pro-white fraternal organizations instead: look how Trump’s DOJ treated the Proud Boys vs. Antifa in New York.

          We already have all the laws necessary on the books to put away Antifa and BLM for good if the feds really wanted to. But they don’t want to and they never will because the feds, their kids, and their media and corporate connections are Antifa and BLM. What the fed can’t do in his official suited capacity he hires some Antifa goons to do on his behalf.

          This is why Z is always cautioning the dissident right not to get embroiled in street battles. It’s not cowardice as some of the hard-headed “we should be fighting these guys!” dissidents might argue; it’s simply a recognition that it’s utterly stupid to go fight some FBI suit’s green-haired FTM tranny son brandishing a knife. You will be railroaded. Of course the agent’s tranny son will get off.

          • It’s about time everyone understands that the broader culture has done nothing less than declare a religious fatwa against our very existence. We are the heathen that must be taxed, beheaded, or enslaved. All three are being employed, and the most broad and insidious is the enslavement of the soul. The idea that we must be made to publicly declare our fealty to something we know to be false, in order to break down our spirit.
            There is no going back, the broader culture is done. We inherit and reestablish some semblance of what once was, only on the ruins of where we now dwell. Ruins both physical and spiritual. There is no going back. Like Charlton Heston declared on the ape’s beach, “They really did do it”. They did, we just haven’t quite realized it yet. There is still an outward semblance of order, but it is a false one. The stepmother of the Atlanta cop just got fired. Of course she did. No one blinks an eye. Posting on this site isn’t going to get you hung, simply calling it up on your sail foam will be enough to do it. Silence=guilt. Failure to applaud long enough is guilt. Failure to disown relatives not converged is guilt. Badthink equals terrorism. People are buying into all of this. Normie is rolling with the tide. He thinks it will all blow over, that his normalcy bias is still how things are going to resolve (a lot of Germans thought that, too, some decades back). He’ll vote one more time against it this fall, but that’s all he’s got. For our part, arguing the details is a version of fantasy football, trying to parse out how it all works and what it all tells us. What it is actually telling us is various elements of “game over, thanks for playing”. And remember, once you are singled out, there is no act of contrition that will redeem you. None. Not being singled out is your only near term strategy. Being singled out is being put in an orange jumpsuit on a sandy spot in the Middle East somewhere. Same mentality, same “no way out”. Understand that. You have agency only until you are singled out. After that, it is simply a battle of wills. Having your will broken will not change the outcome, because you are not facing normal people, they are orcs. Breaking your will is simply setting the table for what they were going to do to you anyway. Normie doesn’t understand that, he thinks he can talk his way out of trouble.
            We need to remember that we are at odds with people who are at war with themselves. There is no “happily ever after” end game on their side. The end game is their own suicide, but they need to take us down as part of it. To allow us to survive or thrive in the face of their self-loathing is some sort of cosmic injustice. They must turn the guns on us before they turn them on themselves. Whatever their deep-seated issues are, taking us down first is a part of their deal. Putting distance between us and them might help, our organizing up might help, and our understanding what we are really up against might help. No one knows how it all plays out, but please understand, there is nothing to go back to. That ship has sailed. Uncharted territory is what lies ahead. The orcs have taken over, and that has to be clear to everyone here. We have not seen the storm yet. We are in that dead time where the wind acts differently and the clouds are starting to swirl, the last calm before the storm.
            OK, my pill sure is a black one today. Rant over, carry on, all hail the new holiday.

          • Heck, Mayor DiBolshevik was proud of his mulatta Antifa daughter getting arrested in New York.

    • I’m not sure I would want to join a white “militia” that wore t-shirts extolling George Floyd.

      • OTOH if vibrants are to be extolled at all it should be the freshly dispatched ones. Here in Chicago they dispatch one another for our benefit and so I’m willing to extol them but only on t-shirts and toilet paper.

  55. I think the plan now is to use black violence not so much to terrorize whites as to punish them for voting for Trump last time. Some powerful people with bottomless pockets were humiliated last election and they want our blood to flow. Also, the booming biblical voice of the preaching classes (media, law, education, etc.) right now has that same hysteric undertone as last time, which implies they may be howling so loud because they’re afraid there are enough silent white people not buying this crap and waiting to take a swing in November. Whether or not you think Trump is useless or the bees’ knees is irrelevant because they think he is Hitler meets the Czar. Re: our elite, I swear nothing is as dangerous as a group of people who are powerful yet perceive themselves as powerless, minority or no.

    • In Feb 2020 the normie MAGA guy could argue that a moderately functional government was truly effective against the mob. The Constitution, the rule of law, well equipped cops, a civil society – the CivNat rested his case on these things. Throw in a little COVID, a little racial unrest, a little anarchy, a little SCOTUS malfeascence, and what is Mr. MAGA left with? Yeah, that 3D chess thing. Time for Mr. MAGA to give up on politicians and build trenches in his own community, because you’re right – the enemy smells blood and fear.

      • If, in some hypothetical world where telling the truth wasn’t heresy, and I were running Trump’s 2020 campaign, I would keep it simple: Do you like it when you flush your toilet and it works? Vote for the guy who doesn’t hate white people and enjoy modern amenities for at least a couple more years. Like Haiti? Honduras? Want to be hacked to death in your bed with a panga and have your property expropriated? Biden can get you there quicker.

        • Better example is Cape Town, SA. Before turning it over to joggers, it was a first world city. Now it has no water, no sewer, spotty electric, trash in the streets. Haiti and Honduras never got to the level of producing a first world city, albeit Honduras was much better than Haiti in that regard.

          • Yet, there are still some soy-whites in SA, who claim that nothing bad is happening there and that their blacks are still oppressed by whitey.

          • At least they had the sense to take the nuclear weapons away, or so I heard, probably in these pages. before the Handover,

          • If whites–and Chinese, I suppose–totally abandoned Africa, it would return entirely to bush in about 40 years. And the world would be a much better place.

    • The ONLY reason I am voting for Trump again is to piss these people off, win or lose.

        • Absolutely. Read any of the old literature wrt the Indian wars and the pioneers spreading westward.

          There is a compendium of Army Scout reports from the Plains Indian wars, “Scalp Dance”. Chilling. The Indians took particular pleasure in torture of captives. The soldiers on patrol took a spare bullet and placed it in their hat band. The last bullet of course was for themselves to avoid capture and torture.

          Rescue patrols would describe the carnage they came upon when they found an ambushed patrol. They would examine the bodies, and found those dead that were untortured—all were scalped—had a single bullet hole into the head. The last round. Those injured and unable to finish themselves off were horribly mutilated.

          Any pioneer of those days, particularly women, would have chosen death before submitting to the gang rape and horrible torturous death afterwards. But you’re right, it takes guts to jump off a cliff. Women were different in those days, but so were men. Life was not easy, nor long in any event. None of us will live forever, but we’re sure act like it.

          • In my neck of the woods, the Apache were notorious for their cunning and cruelty. There’s a website that has digitalized thousands of newspapers around the country and there’s a segment of our local paper published in the 1870’s wherein all the latest atrocities were reported on and discussed. They were truly hated and feared in the territories as well as Mexico. I imagine most tribes treated captives similarly, but you sure as hell didn’t want to get captured by those bastards.

          • The Comanche were the bad-asses. They pushed the Apaches out of the Southwest plains and desert; the only tribe tough enough to run with the Comanche were the Kiowa. They all got what they deserved.

          • Go back to the American Renaissance archives of their annual meetings. Possibly a decade, but I don’t have a year.

            They had a speaker, an American Indian—Comanche. He speaks eloquently of his tribe and their territorial expansion and how they were the largest, most feared, and successful of the tribes of the West.

            Yes, they kicked the Apaches ass and ruled all of Texas and pushed North to the Sioux of the Great Plains. They were the greatest nation of Indians—that is—until they met the White man and were almost driven to extinction as a people.

            But here’s the kicker, he’s not there to complain nor brag, but to warn! To warn the audience what happens when you become complacent—and above all guilty—and forget your warrior roots. He says in so many words, “you kicked our ass, what happened to you”.

            He challenges the audience as to why don’t they at least follow in their (Comanche and White forefathers) footsteps and fight. “…The Comanche at least put up a fight, how can you dishonor your ancestors by allowing your replacement as a people…?”

            I’m paraphrasing here, it’s been a long time since I viewed it on YouTube, but it left an impression. Another in a long stream of non-Whites or non-Americans who have a better grasp of reality regarding the current situation we find ourselves facing.

          • You could probably flip flop the Apache and Comanche back and forth as both were known for extreme brutality. I believe the Comanche territory was mostly northwestern and western Texas and eastern New Mexico. Apaches ranged from central New Mexico through out central and southern Arizona into Mexico.

          •  The irony is…

            Indians all across the country hated and feared each other! At corn harvest time, the Apaches, Utes, Comanches and Navajo would attack the Hopis and raid their corn and villages. Ask Lakota how they feel about the Crow, and conversely.
            Notice they did not team up and push the wasichu/white foreigner back to the Atlantic. They don’t team up. If they had, our history would have looked different and taken longer to move west.

          • In Wartime the white man is not above such atrocities. The cyanide capsule does not only exist in spy novels. 😲

          • Yes, and is no longer a sin—thankfully. Even the Catholics have eased off on much of such strictness in doctrine. Certainly, promotion of death as the consequence of pain relief is now accepted.

            I’m not at the level of the Dutch or Swiss yet…but as I get older…

          • I wasn’t talking of euthanasia in my comment directly, albeit did reference the Dutch and Swiss—but pain relief through heavy sedation that is known to shorten life expectancy—although not predictably end it.

            To this effect such is now allowed, but removal of normal life support such as food and water, not. However, artificial life support, ex. ventilation, can be now removed. Similarly, support treatment such as dialysis can be rejected—that is sure to kill you in three days to a week or so.

            To be fair to your concern, I admit it is a slippery slope indeed.

          • Read james lafonds stuff. The indians would often adopt whites into thier tribes. Many whites perfered them to the cruel slavery that awaited them in early plantation america. Whites can be bastards, the biggest perhaps, too. In fact, i’m pinning my hopes upon it.

        • Ever hear of Hannah Duston? This is one of my favorite “Secret Histories” of America … The short version: Her village (Haverhill, MA) is attacked by Abenaki. She had just given birth, so was too weak to escape with her husband and the rest of her family and stayed behind with the newborn. Abenaki dash the baby against a tree and take her captive. Travel upriver into what is now New Hampshire. When the Indians are sleeping one night she gets hold of a tomahawk, scalps the Indians, frees the other captives and steals a canoe and escapes with them back home (also collects a bounty on the scalps) … a statue of her still stands in downtown Haverhill.

          • My grandmom was of the Duston family, in Haverhill.
            The story is broadly right but not terribly accurate in many respects…not any less horrifying. It is likely thatat they killed many more than one of her children. Duston did indeed return for scalps but that was because the King was paying serious money for scalps at this time as the French were supporting Indian raids against the English. She did collect for several but not the entire bounty. The social justice warrior was a very different thing in that day.
            Local faux injuns picket the statue every year. Indian criminal lives matter too.

          • Damn, that is one of the most badass, and horrifying stories i have ever heard that i believe. Brave and practical. With those bloodlines, i would watch my daughters closely. It might be maternally inherited. Jan Lamprecht , my favorite SA nazi, just did a podcast on the portuguese civilian defense in angola during a black uprising. To say the women aquited themselfs well is a vast understatement. http://africancrisis.info/index.php/video-audio-1970-angola-incredible-portuguese-mother-beats-black-terrorists-in-a-gunfight/

            we think we have challeges. we are a bunch of cucked pussies compared to our ancestors, and the portuguese apparently. Who knew?

      • Actually, that is now beginning to fit into my picture of things to come. Those who once decried Trump as being a gatekeeper might now think of him (as a second term president) as an accelerationist. Imagine the mob taking to the streets in the next four years under a Trump presidency. Imagine a scenario of a lame duck president Trump trying to retain control of the streets. Interesting times.

        • Trump already caused accelerationism from the Marxists. All they had to do was flatter him and he would have rolled over, too, ironically. While he obviously has been a disappointment, to say the least, the bullshit the communists are doing now to undermine him very well could accelerate the broader population outside the Dissident Right. I look for things to get so bad around October/November people will have to choose sides literally and skin color will be the determining factor for most.

    • Correct.
      And this is why we (including our esteemed blog host) … need to vote. If nothing else, Hillary’s loss in the last election was a raised middle finger to our owners. I get that Trump pisses the dissidents off… but he makes the left absolutely nuts and that’s a good thing.
      Put another way… it can’t hurt to vote.

      • True – it can’t hurt. But frankly I’m a lot more interested these days in my local sheriff’s election, or the new hire for my county’s solid waste manager … these are personnel decisions that matter to my community. I’m OK with mocking the left with a vote for the GOP but that’s as far as my expectations go.

    • Given how completely controlled politics has been for the last 100 years. Do you really, really believe that Trump is somehow outside the power system?

      Somehow he got himself put on the presidential nominee ballot, somehow he wasn’t excluded from the debates, somehow his campaign was funded and aired, somehow he had part of the GOP machinery working for him. Somehow all the nominee ballots were not rigged.
      Lets say he managed to outsmart the entire GOP machinery and turned it against them and then overwhelmed the uniparty vote rigging in enough states by some magic.
      Then he got into office and has done fuck all for his election base and tweeted how helpless he is at all the unfair things that have been done to him. Yet used none of the presidential power available to go on the offensive.

      Instead its been Israel and Blacks/hispanics/women all the way (with the occasional pandering to Illegal aliens).

      Oh and he is being used to set up fake Cold War 2.0 with China to rerun the 50s-90s money scam with the USSR all over again. Being an active participant in the COVID hoax (again for CW 2.0) and now fully on board with the BLM and internal chaos strategy being run in front of you. Again he is helpless to intervene? Cause he is only .. oh I don’t know… the actual President.

      Look again at your assumptions. Trump is a willing stooge and I can’t hear his rallies as his actions are deafening.

      • Thanks, folks, I’ll go for the “in yer eye” vote.

        “set up fake Cold War 2.0 with China to rerun the 50s-90s money scam with the USSR all over again.”

        Well put, tremain, very well put–

        but Trump is a spoiler for us as well as them.

        An alpha’s job is not so much to do anything, but to act as a flagpole around which we organize ourselves.

        All this would happen without him, so I’ll take the White acceleration: Let it be now.

        (What? Let the brats have all the fun?)

      • Given how completely controlled politics has been for the last 100 years. Do you really, really believe that Trump is somehow outside the power system?” YES. For one thing, the Deep State has come into the open in trying to remove him. Whether you think he’s done anything or not—and I do, within the incredible constraints he has faced—even normies can now see that the Deep State exists, and the evil it is. I’ll vote for Trump gladly, and expect good things to happen in the next four years.

        • “I’ll vote for Trump, and expect good things to happen the following four years from him.” Fine and well, as long as you understand Tremain’s point and that dissidents who think along these lines are your eventual allies when the music stops. And Trump or no Trump, that music is ending. Some of us would change tenses – it has ended.

          We dissident skeptics aren’t your adversary; for those my age and older, we’ve simply been observing (and often voting for) this GOP for 40+ years. We bet large on GOP impotence and/or cowardice, hoping to lose but always – always – winning the bet. You’ll have to forgive our cynical ways, but we rather tend to think that Trump skepticism is grounded in realism.

          And yes – noted – the Deep State is exposed. Ike also exposed it. JFK started to crack the lid and got squashed. I served in the belly of the beast (White House) for two years and observed how the Executive hand fits in the Deep State glove. But Trump has shown the Deep State that it doesn’t have to stay “deep” any longer. They’re exposed because they’re ready to be exposed, and well prepared to transition from guerilla tactics to open warfare. Trump ain’t gonna stop that train.

          • Fine and well, as long as you understand Tremain’s point and that dissidents who think along these lines are your eventual allies when the music stops.” I believe that Tremain’s point is in error, but as a dissident I have never doubted that he and other dissidents are my people and that we’re all on the same side, both now and when the music stops.

          • Ditto. With the exception of a troll or two, we are all like the blind men describing the elephant from different points of grasp—but at the end of the day, we are all touching the same elephant!

        • You remember Edward Snowden yes?

          The CIA plant fake whistleblower who was used to normalize the acceptance of a massive surveillance state by the general public?

          Or the endless fake shooters that really showed up the anti-gun lobby and who they really were?

          Or the fake Bill Buckley conservatives who were used to get Americans to constantly lose to the left by never opposing the new radicals?

          You mean using stooges to get normies to accept evil things like that?

          • That reminds me of something. Decades ago when it was the most common mass media, the CIA got various books published it promoted desired points of view. But I haven’t heard anything about how the Deep state is involved in the mass media nowadays. But it would be almost certain that it is in one way or another.

          • I cede ground to no man with regards to paranoic tendencies. But these guys are not omnipotent or have a cleverness superpower. Snowden fake? Why not just keep it secret? The times call for mirror within mirror thinking but you got pull it back sometimes. PS i agree that Buckley was probabaly a CIA play and fishy as hell. I also think the the price of admission to our elite may involve commiting a morally repugnant act they can use to control you. I will be very surprised if they don’t have roberts on film diddling a boy or something. I also think that they hoping one of us goes all F-Your-Optics and shoots up a black church or something. Then they could really lower teh boom. Now is the time for whites to think clearly, coldly and behave in a carefully calculated way. I really think the ritual humilation is them shaking our tree hoping a nut falls out.

        • this . the treatment of trump is the look behind the curtian that those with eyes to see needed to see the game .

      • trump is clearly outside the system . I don’t know where you see any of the GOP establishment working with him.
        Do you really think they would do all the crap you see going on if he were just one of the agents of the deep state?
        We don’t think he can fix anyting. they have completely flumoxed his agenda. they have’nt eve thrown him a bone on the wall. they are soing the minimum the try to keep the illusion of choice alive .

    • I see everything that’s happened in the last three months, including Covid1984 as part of a simple and vindictive effort to punish us for putting Trump in there, whether he’s done anything or not. We defied the elite and hurt their pride. I’m sure there’s also an element of trespass. They see the Presidency and Oval Office as their property. The White House is a wing of their mansion and we dared to rent it out to an uncouth hillbilly. Never mind that Trump is a New York liberal with more Jews in his family than probably live in all of Wyoming or that Bill Clinton actually was a hillbilly. Trump wasn’t “vetted” by “their people” so he might as well be one of the Dukes of Hazzard.

      The problem seems to be that, contrary to the conspiracy theories many of us entertain, they probably aren’t acting in a coordinated fashion. They all harbor the same bruised pride and feelings of superiority but probably didn’t get together in a smoke filled room to see if they were all on the same page. The media, in particular, seems to be a loose cannon. If they had checked in with the useless, empty suit liberals who now run major cities they might have realized that these guys had no real plan to deal with the inevitable chimp-outs that would follow the Floyd video and now the numerous copycat ones. They may also have been buying into their own narratives about Trump as Hitler and thought he would be chomping at the bit to send in troops to crush the urban mobs. When he let the libshit cities burn as their manchild mayors fiddled they had no fallback. The media are the dumbest layer of the ruling class. A career in “journalism” is what rich people suggest to their more brainless offspring. If little Chelsea is a dimwitted bimbo or little Randolph is a dumb jock it’s off to get that “Communications” degree as daddy’s legacy admit at the Ivory School. We should try to encourage further recklessness on their part.

      They also may not have realized that they would create a new kind of Trump supporter, the rage Trumper. I know this pretty much describes me at this point. I was a lukewarm pro-Trump guy, until this spring. Now I’m driven to vote for him, not so much out of love for his policies or actions, but out of sheer hatred for the ruling class and everything it represents. The year is still young too. There are many more opportunities to make more blunders ahead yet for our rulers and their media tools.

      • There it is.This isn’t a coordinated campaign by smart, evil people; it’s a very loose conglomeration of stupid, evil people, each doing xzhyr own thing. For proof, consider any Goodwhite you know. They’re textbook narcissists, right? Everything’s a movie, and they’re the star… and movie stars don’t work together in committees, and they sure as hell don’t do it in private. The ever-increasing radicalization isn’t ultimately directed at us; it’s directed at all the other radicals who keep trying to steal the spotlight.

        • It would be truly tragic if we didn’t find a way to use these people’s mental illnesses against them too. Also, if there is a Directorate of Sooper Evil somewhere they probably start each meeting with “what the hell did those buffoons do this week and how can we do damage control?”

          American society is now a gigantic party boat where everyone is drunk and high, the captain was fed to the sharks months ago, and the passengers take turns at the helm. The problem is that the ship is 30 miles long, displaces a billion tons, and when it finally hits something there’s a fair chance that the whole world will sink with it.

    • Not just black violence, even simple reaction to black antics that aren’t supplicating and meek will get you charged & locked up. (Another new incident from 3 days ago)

      Case in point, man on private property out in the STICKS (Spotsyvania County VA) gets charged by local police. This breaks the false narrative that you will be ‘safe’ in the inbetween places from cops looking to get the boot off their neck by terrorizing white people. Not going to happen. POC now know that all they need is a smartphone and an attitude to break whitey on the wheel.

      It is just that normie whites are slow learners and are in shell shock from the speed at which this all happened. Being an early adopter of this anarcho-tyranny terror by the State I saw the writing on the wall long ago. It is going nationwide now! Better get those communities formed that Lineman is constantly preaching about.


      • Oh, this is no problem. We need to join with the blacks in calling for the police to disband. Heartiste was always talking about “agree and amplify” as a “game” technique. Time to put some of that stuff to use. Let’s ALL just get rid of the cops everywhere. I mean it’s not like that leaves a power vacuum that, outside the major cities, could be filled by certain armed citizens. No, everyone will be peaceful everywhere. When you start to hear “Fuk da Police” blasting from old pickups in little towns you’ll know Whitey is starting to get it.

  56. I wonder if I’ll have any/many deliveries today to joggers living on the 2nd floor of section 8 housing today. They’re usually the largest part of my business. I’ll see if today being “June-teenth” makes a difference. I figure it could go either way.

    • Your a statistic waiting to happen man…You think when they get the urge to kill whitey that since you deliver their packages they will spare you…You need to get out of that area before that happens…

      • All of us here are statistics waiting to happen. With Bill, they can just roll outta bed, bust a cap, and go back to sleep.

        • Where Lineman lives, the chances of him getting attacked by a feral jogger as about as high as getting hit by lightening.

        • Where I am at to be killed by a jogger would be an anomaly not a statistic and the ramifications would be a lot different…

          • Sure, but when SHTF how will you get coffee out there. Here there will be decades worth in the looted remains as joggers have no interest. You will have to learn to survive on chaga, which contains no caffeine. Grim.

          • That’s why I stock freeze dried until I can get my beans growing in my heated greenhouse…,😉

          • Someday I’d like to visit you. I don’t even need a bed as I’d backpack through given my understanding of where you are living. If an eatery exists near enough, I buy since I can’t really pack gifts. If no eatery, I could ask a former skydiving buddy to airdrop what fits through his door, sorry no tail ramp. I am not a government tool of any sort and would consent to search and jump through hoops to vett. Someday.

          • You and Ostei wouldn’t want to leave once you got here so I would plan on staying awhile 😉

  57. It must have made you so happy that the podcast coincided with Juneteenth. Got to take your pleasure where you can huh!

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