The Sunset Of Trump

President Trump kicked off his re-election campaign with a rally in Tulsa Oklahoma on Saturday night. The most remarked feature of the event was the tiny crowd that bothered to show up. Even the Breitbart zombies could not help but notice that the arena was about a third of capacity. The other remarkable feature is that Trump pretty much used recycled material from the past, rather use the event to reframe his flailing election campaign. It was very low energy.

In fairness, the run-up to the event was marred by the mayor declaring a state of emergency, along with warnings that mobs of Antifa would be there to beat people trying to enter the arena. Even the dumbest white people are starting to realize that the police are there to protect the Left and their masters, so going to an event like this means running a gauntlet of protesters, while the cops cheer it on. Trump can forget about holding rallies this summer. The Left will not permit it.

Still, there is a marked lack of enthusiasm for Trump. By the standards of his rhetoric, his presidency has been a spectacular failure. His two great achievements are throwing open the prisons so violent blacks can prey on his voters and massive give-sways to the super-rich and global pirates. If you voted for Trump because of immigration, you have gotten less than nothing from him. Immigration has increased, work visas have increased and he bungled DACA into a permanent program.

The worst aspect of Trump and the one that will probably cost him the election is he keeps endorsing the morality of his opponents. In one breath he tells his voters he will fight the Left. In the next breath he tells them the Left is standing on the moral high ground and he worships at their feet. DACA is a perfect example. He could have rescinded it and been done with it. Instead he spent years telling us he cared more about these invaders than the Democrats. The court believed him.

If Trump was actually fighting for his issues, his lack of accomplishment could be turned into an asset. People can respect a guy who keeps fighting against a system that is as thoroughly corrupt as Washington. That’s not the case here. Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for Senate, hired John Bolton, opposes Jeff Sessions. He has spent his entire time in office singing the praises of blacks, Hispanics and migrants, while never mentioning white people, the people who voted for him.

At this point, a reasonable person has to wonder if Trump was not a Manchurian candidate all along. If in 2016 you were hoping to derail white populism one more time as you slammed the prison doors shut, what would you do different? Millions of white man hours were invested in Trump that could have gone to building a second party or building a legitimate alternative to the ruling class. Trump was actually a delaying action all along, so the ruling class could finish their work.

Now, a lot will happen in the next four and half months, so it is foolish to write-off Trump completely at this point. He is running against a dementia patient. Lost in all the tumult of late is the fact that Biden has declined even further since we last saw him. By the fall the choice could very well be a terrible disappointment or a man unsure of where he is at the moment. That and the background could be blacks looting and burning white neighborhoods in the suburbs while the cops laugh about it.

Trump can also help his cause by firing the Hillary Clinton supporter he has running his campaign at the moment. That’s right. His campaign manager, Brad Parscale, did not vote for him in 2016. He could also sideline the Chabad agent assigned to him. That would be Jared Kushner, the genius mind behind throwing open the prison doors so BLM can riot in the streets. Kushner really does resemble a lizard person, so maybe Alex Jones is right about that one.

A campaign centered on reviving the economy and restoring law and order would at least have some coherence. He could then run against both parties as responsible for the mayhem we are seeing. It would be cynical and dishonest, but it would probably work to re-energize his campaign. It would also force Biden to defend the establishment and the current mayhem. Forcing Dementia Joe to speak in public should be Trump’s number one priority throughout the summer.

Whether or not Trump does anything to save himself is an open question at this point, as he looks like a beaten man. His rally in Tulsa was a dud and it was clear he knew it as soon as he waddled on the stage. He was once again setup to fail by people around him, people who worked hard to prevent him from winning in 2016. At this stage, it would be remarkable if Trump realized he has to stop trusting his enemies and doubting his friends. It’s possible, but the window is closing.

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515 thoughts on “The Sunset Of Trump

  1. Of course, the story is that the millennial TikTok’ers snatched up a bunch of the free tickets and never showed up.

    • It’s not free tickets. It doesn’t work that way, at least not the rally I went to. The RSVP means nothing unless you make it there early enough to get in the door. There were thousands turned away at the one I attended, and they had all RSVPed via text message.

      • I think that I saw that story on DS. So, if the people don’t show, then I suppose they can let in whomever is waiting, which, as you mentioned, is hundreds or thousands of people. Bottom line for me is that he couldn’t dwell on the elephant in the room, i.e., rioting & looting, cuz he basically did nothing to stop it … he would, in essence, be complaining about himself!

  2. Trump can also help his cause by firing the Hillary Clinton supporter he has running his campaign at the moment. That’s right. His campaign manager, Brad Parscale, did not vote for him in 2016.

    He also didn’t vote for Hillary either. His absentee ballot didn’t arrive on schedule because he was working in another state for the Trump campaign.

    Lost in all the tumult of late is the fact that Biden has declined even further since we last saw him.

    Also lost is that Biden is under investigation in Ukraine for the $4.5 billion in US aid that was stolen during the Obama years. If, by some miracle, Biden is even remotely close to Trump by October, one phone call and Trump can have Biden extradited to Ukraine to face charges there for his crimes. Good luck to the Democrats getting that fixed just before the election.

  3. 1/3rd the capacity? Shouldn’t the arena have been at 1/6th the capacity, since they were enforcing social distancing. Under those circumstances I wouldn’t have even bothered.

  4. So I just got around to this weeks aural assault and want to get on the record that I will not be following the Z-man’s diktat.
    I have always capitalized Jig and Yid and shall continue to do so.

  5. I think we’re largely past the point where elections matter, except at the state and local level. I play the World of Warships game and one truism is that battleships don’t turn on a dime. Asking Trump to turn our ship of state, steered for years by those who’d benefit from driving it off the edge, in four years from impending doom was asking a lot.
    Most Republican second terms are always a let down mired in scandal. Reagan had to deal with Iran-Contra. W had to deal with the opposition to the Iraq War and the mounting casualties. Even if Trump is re-elected, they’ll tie him up with one manufactured “scandal” after another, perpetually putting him and his team on the defensive.
    I’ll vote for him this go-around in the vain hope that maybe the next term will be better. There’s really no alternative. Libertarian? They’re Progressives who pretend to be right-leaning.

    • Thanks for the laugh.
      “W had to deal with the opposition to the Iraq War”

      What the barking mad dipshit (and your intellectual coequel) “had to deal with were the results of his moronic decision to perpetrate what was possibly the biggest war crime in US history.

      • I’m against ad hominem in all cases except when the recipient includes “Dr” in their name.

  6. The “system” was designed by honorable people of their era to be administered by and for honorable people. If you have a problem with the system it just may be due to your own inattention to the honor of those for whom you vote.

    • Honor and reputation used to be important. You could seal a deal with a handshake.Hell, men would fight, duel to preserve their honor. The honorable man is rare – non existent in politics.

    • The attributes that make White civilization so successful- honesty, trust, openness and low time value, make it vulnerable to those who do not share those values.

  7. The kneeling imagery can be weaponized for us. That’s our future under them. On our knees, forever. Let them own it.

  8. If I didn’t watch Trump’s entire rally yesterday I might have believed the nonsense inn this article.

  9. Trump was the last chance to save the system within the constitution. Was a bit of a dud. So now it’s whether the coming strongman, ‘the Man after Trump’, will be one of ours or theirs. Either we or they are going to the camps and copter rides. Better them.

  10. Everything about Trump is post-mortem now, but so is the Office of the Presidency. The Beltway has committed, I hope you are.
    You are watching the collapse of National Governance.

    Moreover not being competent at anything but sowing chaos the Beltway have undone National Government on the question of public order. Now they don’t even notice, as the Federal Police for now are protecting them. In truth they’ve undone the police nationally, and most important the Generals refused to restore order.
    We don’t have a national Army that can restore order folks.
    We don’t have police anywhere they’re really needed.
    The President’s interface to the military is through the Chain of Command – and by delivering on peace, he cost the Generals their prosperity, and they have forsworn themselves, publicly.
    At the same time the police are withdrawing wherever challenged, who can blame them? They are betrayed.
    There’s nothing holding back the enemy now in the streets but their own limited resources, the Left has run out of Troops at the Turning point. That will probably not save us a trial.
    For those of you who’ve been wishing for collapse; you are looking at it. Slow now, but it’s done. We really are over the Rubicon….and there’s no one officially standing for the State.
    For those wishing for Bo0g@loo hope you’re ready, it’s really not a day at the range.
    You might want to use the time you have remaining to go for a run and go to the range. If you don’t have a crew yet, the gun club *if open* is your best shot.

  11. Just once, I will say sorry to all but one rude loser for the occasional bold or italics, the phone interface does not allow normal type. Z is aware and has no problem with it.

    • To me this only shows that the old “the problem with youth violence is single-parent households” canard is probably not completely true. The map reveals that there doesn’t seem to be much correlation between high-functioning societies and two-parent households: a good chunk of Africa and the ME/Central Asia have low rates of single-parenthood yet still have some of the most dysfunctional societies on Earth.

      I will concede that the near-universal single-parenthood among Afro-Americans certainly doesn’t help them.

    • Thanks for that. I’ve long known it was a problem. Had no idea it was so uniquely high.
      To accurately update Derb.
      We are Fucked.

  12. He’s a Jewtool. He was always a Jewtool. They control both sides and manipulate your mind via Jewtube. Voting’s a joke. It’s a big Con, like the Jewvirus, we’re being set up for the kill. Wake up and smell the roses, while you still can.

  13. I watched the rally, and it wasn’t the same man. He’s diminished.

    It wasn’t just the rally size.

    Never mind the Candidate, the President is now basically the Mayor of Federal Buildings where Barr’s Federal cops stand.

    You are unfair to Trump, he did a great deal for the economy. He also delivered on Peace – which cost him his Generals – as peace is not their prosperity. Eternal Stalemates are their prosperity.

    I should mention that our Generals now have no respect from the ranks, they are openly known as war profiteers and worse- Losers.

    So no coup is likely.

    However he can’t use the Army to restore order.

    Trump promised peace and prosperity, he delivered both then lost both with COVID. Biden is right, he doesn’t have any card but the economy going again and the elites will take care of that. He can’t run on law and order either, the Police are openly and justifiably walking away as they are betrayed.

    Z– Trump never ran as the White Separatist Candidate. Its unfair to hold him to that standard.

    Reasons to vote Trump?

    1. Biden
    2. Whites aren’t ready to do anything, certainly the DR is not. All 200 of us. Whites will defend *some* of their own neighborhoods, until the new replacement police tell the good whites they can’t. Do be certain the Left has a plan for this. And most will go along as there’s no RW organization to turn to. > just remember, I must be Fedpoasting of course. But there’s no organized resistance beyond Biker gangs. The Left will march where it wants. There’s nothing in its way, and no leadership. There is also a distinct aversion to organizing or leading from the Right.
    3. Mock Breitbart but at least they have a guy to vote for, a better plan than shitposting.
    4. By the time Fall gets here whites will be ready for Hitler, but there’s no one. Just Trump or Biden and Biden is clearly a front.

    The Left is winning because they organize at every level, and understand power. In those terms – power and organization there is no Right, and there is no Right.

    Needless to say neither side will accept Defeat in November, but only one side is organized for Civil War or for Repression and Consolidation if they win.

    Some of you need to stop saying mean things about BLM. They’re going to be staffing the New Federal Police starting in November. They won’t wait for January.

    Now in truth I think an actual Civil War would be along the lines of the Spanish Civil War- if, and only if Whites organize, or if the Vets organize. The chances are tiny for whites – all our leaders are co-opted cowards- the Vets would only be local at the start – if they started.

    In truth while the elites want Trump gone this is a system that serves now only the interests of a few that inflict suffering on the many, and few including me would dare pull a trigger for it on US soil. We’re betrayed and all know it.

    Better get yourself that gang boys.
    You’re on your own for now.

    • I should add; the next President also begins as the mayor of Federal Buildings, and if its Biden not even that. Not to worry, Antifa and BLM will change into their shiny new uniforms. Not kidding, of course they have a plan for consolidation,

  14. In some respects Trump is like a Gorbachev, and Biden resembles Yeltsin. One of the bad things about 1984 was that it posited a competent Inner Party. But time and time again, we have examples of incompetence and rivalry at the top destroying empires: the Hittite, Assyrian, Elamite, Alexandrian, Roman, and Ottoman Empires come to mind as well as the Soviet one.
    Biden is a bad sign — that a senile and very frail/fragile looking old man is all the Inner Party could come up with. The Soviet Union was salvageable in the 1980s and even as late as 1989 something could have been retained even with the fall of the Wall. But the old guard resisted the reformer Gorbachev, and instead got drunken Yeltsin followed by “tough Czar” Putin. The reason for this was generations of purges by various toadies of anyone competent above them meant any real reform to save the system was impossible. See Cancel Culture, #metoo, bLM etc.
    Indeed with Biden at the top the looting will be incredible. I expect crushing Whitey taxes that will be for “reparations” and will be looted away and stuck in St. Kitts and Nevis, or the UK, or Singapore just like the Yeltsin model. Or that guy from Ukraine. Most of it skimmed off by Hunter Biden and pals.
    I ask, who exactly is the Inner Party? At least Hillary Clinton inspired fear, rational or not, over Arkancide which may or may not be real. I am undecided on that. Nancy Pelosi? Chucky Schumer? Jerrold Nadler, with pants pulled up to his armpits? Al Sharpton? Susan Rice? Isn’t that pretty much the Inner Party and a bunch of idiots?
    Ironically the only thing that might save us is War. Real War, with China, and real massive defeats. That usually gets the rich and powerful in a panic and booting the existing dynasty for a new one that will protect their holdings from an invader. Hopefully China invades India and drags us in to a big defeat about five months into the Biden Admin.

    • A Biden Administration would throw India to the wolves in a nanosecond and they know it. China bought Biden years ago and would ruin him spectacularly. LOTS of PRC money is being funneled to help Biden even now.

      But as for your larger point, yes, and it already has happened in Afghanistan. The reason the Inner Party keeps Americans bleeding there is to keep up the pretense the United States is anything other than a paper tiger.

      • There’s not going to be a Biden Administration.

        The writ of the “President” is no farther than where the Federal Police stand, and Biden won’t have even that…

        When you have no police and no army and we don’t, you don’t have a national government. You have buildings, and people but not a government.

        • Excellent point. Also, if Biden were to be elected, he would be the first president ever who would be a lame duck upon taking his first oath. It’s a total grift and the Regency would be lit AF.

        • But wouldn’t you think Dems with even half an IQ point would see the mental state that Joe Biden is in no matter how much they hate Trump? Are they going to pull Big Mike out of the gorilla pit as the Dem candidate? Wouldn’t be surprised.

          • Once Biden drools his way past any “debates”, the could pull the ol’ superdelegate switcheroo and put the real hand-picked puppet in.

    • Don’t forget Yuri Andropov. He was my first indication that the Soviet Union was on its deathbed.
      ETA: Oh, and Konstantin Chernenko immediately following. A nation that kind find only sick old men to run it, is a sick old nation.

    • Politicians and bureaucrats are the outer party. Next level up is the network of think tanks, foundations, and corporations. The real “inner party” members avoid publicity.
      War will not save “us”, only “them”. They will manage the next one just like all the others before, and the proles on all sides will pay the price.

  15. Say what you will about the President, but consider, if only for a moment, the alternative. As eon over at DBD put it so succintly, “If Hillary had won, Antifa and BLM would have been the Tonton Maconte to her ‘Mama Doc’.”
    I figure those alleged “FEMA camps” the conspiracy wackos have been hollering about forever would be operational and filling. And blogs such as this would long since have been a thing of the past. Carp all you want. In my experience the universe seldom presents us with a simple choice between good and bad. Usually the choice is between awful and OMFG!! Considering the alternative, Trump ain’t all that bad.

    • If Trump had lost, we would have suffered open borders throughout the Americas with no immigration or trade controls. This was revealed in one of the Clinton emails. That alone, even if just a lull, made it worthwhile.

    • I agree with you that under non-Trump, some of my friends would probably be in jail for crime think.

      But, you must acknowledge, that Trump and the Republicans use this argument against us to demand our votes while giving us nothing.

      • Galls the hell outta you anybody-but-Trump mokes to admit that Trump is miles better than the alternative, doesn’t it?

  16. Instead of bashing people for not seeing the light, we need to focus on making the light brighter.
    What we should do is find three issues we can rally the most people around and then build the most compelling elevator pitch (i.e., something someone can say in 30 seconds).

    then stay on message.

    • Trump 2016 already provided your three issues:

      1. Stop immigration
      2. Bring manufacturing jobs back home through tariffs and federal coercion
      3. Stop the forever wars in the middle east.

      It’s a winning formula. I imagine everyone in DC knows it’s a winning formula. Yet none of them, including Trump, can execute it. Why?

  17. Every time I hear of the new nation formerly named Chaz, I immediately think of their would-be mascot, the fat tranny Pillsbury doughboy Chaz Bono. Every single time. Chop is equally evocative…..Off with their heads! They need a better advertising tranny.
    Thank you Z for your observations!

      • Hahahah! Sweet! Let’s get our backs into the decline.🔥

         When Trump was elected president I was utterly flabbergasted, then absolutely thrilled that the swamp queen got her ass beat. I didn’t think President Trump would be able to fulfill all of his campaign promises but I thought he would get at least a few good things done. And he did. The economy was way better under Trump than Obama. And for what it’s worth, he’s put a lot of Conservative judges on the bench. But two things have really shocked me over the last three and a half years. The sustained, massive and vicious push back he’s gotten from every possible direction. Plus the fact that, even though he had a successful TV show that portrayed him as the guy that knew all about hireing the best possible staff for his company, in actuality, the man can’t hire worth a damn. The fact is that, it doesn’t matter when he leaves office. When he’s gone the Beast System is going to want revenge. Plan accordingly.

      • Read Ted’s Manifesto. It’s available online, free. Very insightful work and somewhat inspiring when you consider Ted followed through with his principled beliefs somewhat misguided.

        • I’ve heard him referred to as “Uncle Ted,” although I don’t sanction mail bombs. His writings are quite good paleoconservative fare. However, he wouldn’t have recognized racial politics if he had tripped over it.

          He’s more of a “some people are producers and some are parasites” guy, who doesn’t see the tribalism that is the most powerful underlying force.
          Yes, a few blacks are producers and some whites are parasites, but that is not the deepest issue.

          • I watched Ted documentary on Netflix. Unabomber, In His Own Words. He’s of the few to qualify as what I call a Superweasel. He even sounds dicky. Squeeky voiced and excitable soyboy. He’s not part of us, not even close.
            When it gets down to it he’s just a seething misanthrope. A loathsome misfit since his mid teens. The kind of guy to plan women’s deaths just because he’s nervous around them. He saw a doctor in college to try and get a sex change. This was in the 70’s…

            He’s not the only smart guy in the world. Big deal. Kind of guy who ends up hating and disdaining everyone he meets. Superiority complex. So he goes to live in a cabin. Becuase he’s THAT insufferable to himself and others. Not just a cabin. But a one room cabin. He lives in a one room cabin for like 20 years. Where BTW, he’s a peeping tom to his neighbors.

            Come on. Guy sent mailbombs to people. That’s only excusable in a time of literal war. And even then you’d prolly feel too shitty to actually mail it. He didn’t care if someone’s wife, secretary or daughter opened the package. (At least he couldn’t be sure who’d open it.)

            I’m not surprised you say he didn’t see the racial angle. A guy who sends mailbombs is the kind of guy who doesn’t have the balls to be racial. He probably folds his underwear.

            People get the wrong impression (as did I) because he looks like a wildman with an IQ and hates the powers-that-be like we do.

            But he’s a little dweeb. If I were a guard at his prison I’d stick a mailbomb in his mouth and set it for 14 hours. So he’d have a long time to think about what he did. And I’d let him know it’s not going to kill him but just severely disfigure his face and hurt real bad forever.

          • “just a seething misanthrope.”
            partially, but mostly he’s just very autistic.

          • Kaczynski is certainly autistic, whatever that has come to mean. Frip here wishes he had autism to excuse some of his trains of expression, I bet. But the excuses will not hold.

          • True. Thought it went without mention that he’s a freaking nutcase. Although I do have a problem with the autistic excuse for such people. Most autists don’t shoot up their high school. Autists who are also seething loser misanthropes, do.

      • Ted probably has more admirers in government than he does on the Left or Right in the country at large.
        Ted would seem like a regular guy [to them] who made some mistakes.

        I want to emphasize this point: Normal Americans making common sense points in DC = CRAZY.
        What is normal to us is CRAZY to them, that’s how alienated our government is from us.

      • Of course I’ve read his manifesto;
        but I was wondering if anyone knows of any archives of his other writings, and perhaps his prison letters? I understand he has quite a following.
        post a link if you know.

    • Yes. Join the Biden Campaign. Find (or create) their documents relating to their “Final Solution” to the Whitey … AND Hispanic problem. Leak leak leak.
      Hispanics don’t like blacks much. Half the gun sales in Southern California seem to be first time Hispanic gun buyers figuring bLM is coming for their neighborhoods. Hispanic dudes are not big on the whole anti-Fa trust fund anarchy thing.They like their pickup trucks, beer, cowboy boots, etc. The Dem Coalition is fragile. Each HATE HATE HATES each other and suspects each other of the worst. As Ike said, appreciation of Napoleon’s brilliance faded as historians realized he mostly faced coalitions.
      What we need for SURVIVAL is for Hispanics to need us. And to suspect rationally that the chop won’t stop with the Chaz giving the chop to Whitey. But also them and particularly in formerly Black neighborhoods.
      I’d rather NOT have unlimited Hispanic immigration but given a choice of living under the Nation of Islam or Northern Mexico I’ll take the latter.

  18. That’s an interesting idea of whether Trump was bit of a Manchurian candidate all along. It does seem odd he appoint people who are diametrically opposed to him in his alleged policy goals. I kind of like the way he has been treating washed up Mustache Man who got us into the Iraq war.

    Too bad he does not enough sense to kick (((Jared))) and Ivanka out of the Whitehouse advisory staff. He was also up against a number of Republicucks/grifters who are in league with the left.

    I did pay lower taxes under Trump and it was nice to have a president that seems to have a genuine love of the working class.

  19. Unfortunately, I’m assuming that we are looking at President Kamala in 2021, and all that entails for western civilization.

    • All white men must bow down to President Stacy Abrams or lose their jobs and be deplatformed.

  20. At this point in 2016 Pail Manafort was the campaign manager (until August), and Billy Bush was dropped on October 7th.
    What he needs is a 1M+ jobs report in 10 days.

  21. Much of what you say is true. Trump has hired some awful people, but he has been betrayed by people he trusted as well. Gorsuch has started the Souter/Kennedy journey to the other side. Jeff Sessions, who was one of the best Senators, was a horrible Attorney General. He let the Swamp run DOJ for the first three years.
    The main value of Trump has been to show that a populist and national conservative agenda can win at the ballot box. Most Republicans give lip service to it now. Some like Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley appear to be true believers. Tucker Carlson, who espouses the agenda that got Trump elected, has a very popular show, but probably won’t last much longer. Z Man could be right that we cannot vote ourselves out of this mess, but we shouldn’t give up on trying. It buys more time if nothing else.

    • It buys time and importantly time makes a difference.

      I don’t want to upset people of the boomer generation, and I don’t mean to, but I have always said even decades before “Hey boomer” was a meme that things are not really gong to change until the boomers start dying off. Paraphrasing an old Updike line, but they have to die off and make space. They are simply too culturally and economically dominant to allow other plants to grow in their garden. And so what we are getting are a lot of weeds and strange occurrences that find a way to thrive in this situation because new heathy plants cannot find steady sustenance.

      When the mass die off begins to happen in a significant way, everything is going to change. All of a sudden people of my age are the elders. Gen X. An we are way way different and fewer in number and the future may again appear bright for disaffected millennials. I mean truly bright. We just don’t know how it will play out, but every year we can keep the hippy monsters at bay is going to make a difference. We just have to be ready to provide that alternative moral framework to fill the coming void.

      • Anecdotal, but the only pushback I’ve seen against the lock downs and anti-white riots has come from the aged and dying Boomers. I hope that’s wrong but it is what I’ve personally observed. Their deaths will make room but whose room? They may be the last group of people to resist what is becoming a genocide.

    • “Tucker Carlson, who espouses the agenda that got Trump elected, has a very popular show, but probably won’t last much longer.” If you’re talking about Tucker’s actual life not lasting much longer, I agree. Seriously, how is this guy still alive? His security detail must be absurd. We’re fortunate to have him. There doesn’t HAVE to be a Tucker Carlson right now. Sitting in his chair could easily be another Con.Inc type. The dude takes few prisoners. He skewers hard. He’s kind of a barely contained spastic. As mentioned here before, it’s suspected he’s been studying at the foot of Zman for some time now.

      (For you grammar Nazis. It’s my understanding that Z only has one foot.)

      • While studying at the foot of Z is a good thing, Carlson doesn’t need to do so. Much of what is happening in the last few months is too obvious for intelligent people, even those in deep denial like Boomer Cons, to ignore.

        I hadn’t considered the assassination angle, but basically all of us know the plug will be pulled on Tucker’s show once the Murdoch kids hear too much criticism while drinking with liberal friends at the Ty Bar. His run has been spectacular, though.

        • It’s not just recently with Tucker. For a few years now commenters here have noticed shades of Z in Tucker’s “insights”.

          • Good point. Has Carlson ever explained what made him transition from cuck to sorta woke?

          • Not sure. I know his relatively new-found aggression was spurned on by John Stewart embarrassing him for being the Con Inc fence-sitter he used to be. It’s on YouTube. Other than that, I think he’s simply a high IQ guy who started reading the D-Right’s top writers.

    • It buys more time if nothing else.
      What is time though if you aren’t using it wisely…

      • Line, using the time is the key! If the world says “get along, keep your job, sign your kids up for sportsball, plan your winter vacation now..” then Using Time looks like the opposite!
        Sell your house at the peak of the market, don’t let the lie of job security trap you in little Mogadishu. GET OUT NOW.
        Analyze potential safe havens around you. Retreat, regroup, find your people, and get ready. We ain’t seen bad yet, but it’s comin’.

    • Trump tried to hire people competent in government.
      But they were Never Trumpers.
      Trump tries to put MAGA in there but they’re incompetent in government – the government we have is a maze, literally.
      In fact it’s a multi-dimensional maze.
      The bureaucracy itself is of course solidly Never Trump.
      And fears, loathes Americans.
      Trump tries with loyalists, but they talk like people from America…or even like we do. = Crazy to anyone in DC who knows how to file documents correctly and where the men’s room is at…even conservatives.
      I want to emphasize this point: Normal Americans making common sense points in DC = CRAZY.
      What is normal to us is CRAZY to them, that’s how alienated our government is from us.

      You must also understand that DC lives in a culture of fear and drama, tattle taling and gossip. Paranoia.

      So if someone say quotes Red Dawn “We live here” no one ever wants to be associated with that person again.
      They’re afraid they’ll be purged, Hell they’re afraid for their lives.
      Not kidding. The Paranoia is profound, and an excellent control mechanism.

    • Neil Gorsuch is a former member of the CFR, along with several other Trump picks including Powell, Esper, and Bolton.

  22. I am a boomer and I listen to a lot of boomers still with confidence in Trump although they really can’t tell you much of what Trump has done well other than be Trump. Most boomer relish their 401k and keep watching their 401k balance.
    The deal is the usual suspects and their cohorts in banking and the corporations are busy carrying off the bank vault to finance the boomers children’s future and the foundation of that 401k balance.
    Trumps odds are probably still at least 50/50 but he has done damage to his brand with some of us who really pay attention. The darkness that awaits us after Trump I do not think many boomers comprehend.
    And the next generation seems to relish its arrival.

    • millennials will be loving Boomers the minute it comes to collecting their inheritances

      that is largely what all of this about, at least from the standpoint of younger white people. They feel cheated but are just as greedy as everyone else, but most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of older people and they are in effect shut out of the money system.

      Millennials are the children of boomers. To think, for them to even entertain the idea that they are really so much different, is asinine. As soon as they have the money they will buying those same BMWs or whatever is the hot brand at the time. The only difference between boomers and them is age; the boomers were able to get started making money in their 20s. For millennials it will be in their 30s and 40s.

      What we are experiencing right now is just a prolonged temper tantrum because they thought by now they would be driving around in nice cars.

      And they will drop and dispense of their love of blackness as soon as it happens. Just like the boomers went from group love and peace and anti materialism to the complete opposite of that. And once Agnews blacks will come to the realization that they were just being used. Again. And they will have something new to scream and bitch about.

      • Wait until they discover their boomer parents and other relatives have spent or else donated everything and there will be no inheritance for them. At least they’ll have their expensive social justice degrees to fall back on.

        • Important (and oft overlooked) point on those worthless Liberal Arts degrees:

          The Millenials who got them did so after being told by their Boomer parents “all you need to do is go get a degree and you’ll automatically have a job Waiting!”

        • You make me think of where I live. When I was starting out, everyone who was educated and white had to buy house in Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks. That’s where you went for the “good schools” if you lived in greater Los Angeles.

          Now that the kids are grown, none of them want to live there in the boring suburbs, and it’s like retirement village. I think the median age is 55.

          So all those formerly expensive houses have lost a ton of value. And I wouldn’t buy one. Kids won’t be happy when mom and dad leave to them some open concept box of a house with granite countertops that harken back to the 1990s

          • What’s really going to shatter the millennials is when upon the death of their last parent, usually mom, they learn she donated the entire estate to a pet cause of hers and left nothing for the kids. I’ve already witnessed this and the tears and overreaction were delicious.

      • The wealth transfer might not go as smoothly as expected.

        President Abrams will certainly muscle in on the estates which are “systematically racist” and impose huge taxes.

        Furthermore, all the good middle class jobs are going to H1bs, or other immigrants. Sure white millenials might live comfortably but they still have no career and no future.

        People don’t realize how indescribably awful things are going to get. Likely eveything we plan for, our current financial and political system, etc. will be totally gone.

        • If they realized that they would be banding together with other like minded people and would be preparing like there was no tomorrow…

        • People seem to intuit it. The Boomer cucks for the most part do not, but there’s a substantial minority of that generation (mainly in the South and West) who have seen the handwriting on the wall for some time and they are mad. The dwindling Silents left, Gen X, the Millennials, and Z generally seem to understand, too.

        • that right … after Stacy Abram takes charge, it’s gonna be “show me the 401k privilege!” “show me the $$$, Whitey!” That is one angry looking black woman.

      • Bumper sticker: “We spent our kids inheritance!” And they auctioned off our social cohesion and capital to China and the third world for the sake of quarterly bumps in the stock market.

        Don’t get me wrong. The average younger person is just as culpable as the average boomer.

  23. Filling 1/3 of a stadium in the midst of a viral pandemic that is still killing people and widespread unrest isn’t terrible.
    Joe Biden got what 3 people?
    Now this doesn’t mean Trump isn’t weak or Q isn’t psyops bullshit but its a sign of the times.
    That said no one should have expected a 70+ hotelier to be the “The Guy” . t wasn’t in him. His job was to buy time. Any failure to that end is not his fault though. Covid 19 started to unravel the entire planet and while a very smart government maybe could have predicted and prevented , those don’t exist.

  24. Trump’s re-election prospects are shaky largely because he has been identified as contra America’s new religion, Anti-Racism. The irony is rich there for all the reasons you noted. The Jewish Establishment son-in-law helped persuade Trump to embrace mass migration and pass jail break for black super predators. No doubt Jared convinced him to stay sidelined while cities burned. While Trump probably didn’t lose any of his core base, he probably lost persuadables who didn’t vote for him precisely because they thought he would not deliver.

    Still, and this is counter-intuitive, I give a tiny edge to Trump because the black rioters probably are going to ratchet up and the pathetic suburban wine moms will get scared of Biden and his vice president of color. Terrorism works until it doesn’t. This Establishment-sponsored pseudo-revolution is spiraling out of their control. They might can reel it back in but I give a slight edge to the rioters, too.
    I totally discount Trump was a Manchurian Candidate for the Establishment because of everything they have burned to the ground to run him out of office. Granted, it has not cost them their power but it has laid bare how bloodthirsty and corrupt they are, and with an economy teetering on the brink, the pseudo-revolution they have sponsored could become a real thing and actually threaten their gibs and eventually even their lives.

    • I give a tiny edge to Trump because the black rioters probably are going to ratchet up and the pathetic suburban wine moms will get scared of Biden and his vice president of color. Terrorism works until it doesn’t.” Good comment. Just a gut-feel counterpoint. I assume the rioters take direction from higher-ups. Whoever gave the ok to riot, can also sense when the near-term goal has been met. If things get too hot, they turn it off. (Unless the black hordes are truly out of control. Are they?) 2nd, I could be wrong, but the riots never seem to reach “wine-moms” in the suburbs. So just how worried wives are is hard to tell. The violence is all for the betterment of the Party. If rioters become a liability, the Party will shut them down. You control the remote. Dems control the thermostat.

      • I’ve seen indications that Antifa, which is terror for hire, has splintered into some factions that cannot be controlled, and the feral blacks doing the looting are not backing off. Now as for that latter, if they get the sense the police will step up they might stop, but these are incredibly violent and low IQ people.

        There have been ventures into the ‘burbs and the Dems moved quickly to reel those back in. My guess is this is about to spin out of their control.

  25. Zman, we’re on the same page, but as you can see from the comments many others still harbor hopes. That somehow the reckoning can be delayed, that they can insulate themselves, that something can be salvaged. And they condemn as ‘defeatist’ anyone who tries to look at things objectively. I don’t pretend that a total collapse wont bring tremendous pain and suffering, but I’d still rather see it sooner than later. All those now trying to copy the White flight of the past have yet to face demographic reality. There are vibrant rapefugees in West Virginia and Idaho. People just cannot accept that it’s over and time to move on. The only thing Trump might delay is that facing of reality by the final few who are able.

    • But I’ve been told on good authority that the Saxon will begin to hate at any moment!!!!

    • But are we not factoring in who the Hispanics will side with? I don’t think that they necessarily want to be in league with the blacks. I’m thinking that they prefer to work n send money home, not to mention retire in their home country with American dollars.

  26. I think you all confuse Trump being a failure with the nation being a failure. The nation has failed. No one man is capable of bailing it out. The Trump of right-wing dreams would never have gotten elected in the first place and would still have failed if he did — probably gotten himself successfully impeached. Why?

    Because half the citizens of the US and probably upwards of 90% of the political and ruling classes have no interest in saving the US.

    It’s one thing to save a people that want to be saved. It’s another to save people in spite of themselves.

    • There may be some out there who are angry with Trump for failing to bring about some whiteopia, and I agree that it would be absurd to assume one “savior” could ever do that.

      But I think most of the anger with Trump is that he failed spectacularly on even the most modest, minor and mundane things, not that he failed to bring in some kind of new world order.

      From day one of the administration, Trump could have done more to protect his supporters both in person and online, and he did nothing. He could have reformed bureaucracies better if he didn’t fill his administration with the very Conservative Inc people that hated his guts. He could have defended gun rights better if he didn’t simply agree with the last person who said something. He could have cleaned out the DOJ better and not sicced them on his own people when they were attacked by leftist street thugs. He could not have pandered to blacks, a group that will never vote for him. He could have rescinded DACA and skillfully used executive orders to at least the same extent as Obama did. Even now I’m hoping he uses a late spate of executive orders to rescind birthright citizenship, halt all immigration, mandate e-verify, and so on if I knew his advisors and aides aren’t just going to sandbag him – but that gets back to the issue of his shitty ability to pick good people.

      None of these things require any kind of grand pro-white struggle or ‘heroic revolution against globohomo’ or anything like that. These are simple executive order tactics that any competent president can use to protect his base and build support. The fact that Trump failed even with such milquetoast basic introductory executive action suggests that another 4 years could very well be worse.

      It hasn’t been a total loss, of course. Someone mentioned earlier how Trump effectively revealed the media to be dangerous anti-white enemies. And the SALT II reform was a blow against blue states, even though the tax cuts themselves were ludicrous hot air – we’re so beyond Bush-style tax cuts as a useful method to build support.

      There are some other administrative victories that I think don’t get talked about often enough – the (probably temporary) revocations of Obama’s “affirmatively furthering fair housing” push and Obama’s “dear colleague” guidelines for school admin to allow black students to run wild, as well as DeVos’ suspension of the anti-white “rape” crusade on college campuses. These “reforms” would all be brought back under an Abrams or Harris presidency, so it may be worth voting for Trump again simply to delay them, but there better be a game plan for what to do after 4 years when these anti-white “reforms” will only come back yet again.

  27. His speech seemed a little low energy and he looked a little worse for wear. But – DJT is a student of Sun Tsu – so they say –

    Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” – Sun Tzu

    • I’m kinda with you on this. Forget the politics. I am just speaking about the man. I sense he is playing possum.

      And he has to know, and surely does, that if he wants to “energize the base” all he has to do is crack some antifa skulls

      He may be saving it

    • I also watched the entire rally. Energy level was OK except near the end and he got a little gassed. My problem is that he disappeared during the riots when he should have been the most visible. I wish that he could’ve marshalled a couple SEAL teams or a platoon of Marines and just strutted right through the middle of the rioters and fixed the problem … like something Gen Patton would’ve done… those are good optics.

  28. Yesterday, vxxc Toxic masculinity vector wrote, “ How about a post on normalcy bias? lol”, which is strangely appropriate to today’s article. 

    Heuristics in decision making and cognitive bias colour our deliberations.

    That particular vector of contagion is a primary virus of attention.

    Compare; “ Oh look the tide has gone out early today “, with “ I’m from the government, I’m here to help you.” In both cases the proper response is, “ Grab the children, head for the hills! “ 
    First we believe, then we disbelieve. Belief leads to disbelief to uncertainty. Uncertainty is a lack of faith and doubt is the foundation of wisdom.

  29. Another example of why we should steer clear of BLM/Antifa rioters; as usual the enemy media is engaging in deflection:

    As frustrating as it may be, a sitzkrieg accomplishes a lot more right now than confronting the FBI’s patsies.

    If nothing else, at least one major victory to take away from the Trump presidency is his unmasking the media as the enemy of the people. As the Zman said in a post some time ago, that’s a significant victory we can make use of even after Trump’s long gone.

    • Well sure, going into the lion’s den is a fool’s errand, but I do love to see whites fight back against general black antagonism:

      So while fighting the BLM cannon fodder that the elite set up for us is stupid, we should probably expect to see harsher white reactions against black criminality. You love to see it.

  30. I think we’re done. Even on supposedly “conservative” sites I get roasted for pointing out that it is delusional to think that Trump’s path to victory is to just court Blacks harder. Egalitarianism is a helluva drug.

    • those sites are filled with bandwagoners

      Fact of life we have to deal with

      But as soon as we start winning, whatever form that takes, the bandwagon fans will be coming over here and buying their Z Man coffee cups and baseball hats lol

      Nah nah, I know Z Man will never stoop so low but just making a point

      • And if he sheds some White voters who think he cares more about Blacks and Israel than he does about his base, he loses the election.

        • The typical white voter does not have the same antipathy to blacks and Jews that lots of people in the DR seem to.

          And the DR is a lot thinner on the ground than typical white voters. The DR does not punch above its weight; it doesn’t punch at all.

    • Yep, I’m very black-pilled … the weakness shown during the rioting makes Whites look like big pussies and that includes Trump. And I hear the talk about some women being afraid, but I wonder if these women actually see the blacks as the real men who are willing to fight. We lost big-time. We lost respect and we have zero leverage … we got our asses kicked.

    • And I know that we can’t go into a liberal city and expect to prevail cuz we’d be fighting the rioters and the police. It’s really how the media portrayed the mayhem and then the groveling from whites afterward … and the damn kneeling. I felt sick to my stomach.

  31. What a perfect example of horseshoeism:

    Black guy: “I couldn’t help it, it was instinct!”
    Race realist white guy: “I know, I keep telling people the same thing!”
    Secretly race realist lefty: “I know, that’s why I keep sending my kids to “good school districts!””
    Oblivious conservative: “Ah, shucks, don’t say that, the Democrats turned you into this. It’s not your nature to react like that, bad politicians led you astray!”

    • This is the correct response right here:

      I’m disturbed how many people- including people on the right- seem to have internalized and accepted brutal violence as an acceptable reaction to mean words. Even if a racial slur or nasty word had been thrown out, physical violence as a reaction isn’t legitimate.

      That’s what happens when we internalize the left’s “words are violence, therefore physical reactions are legitimate” narrative.

      Looks like a similar thing happened not too far from the Z-man not too long ago, but never made it into the national media:

      At the time, the local BLM/Antifa attempted to circulate a slander against the man that he had supposedly tossed the n-word at the black teens. He never did, but even if he had, their reaction of punching him to death would never have been acceptable.

  32. Trump’s greatest achievement was a tax code change. One that capped blue state tax deductions. That alone may have been worth his election (but not re-election). It will force people like me to eventually exit our blue states. The democrats won’t bring the deductions back. They’re just jaw boning and need the cash. The blue states were free riding on that deduction. No one even understands the exodus that’s about to happen. Notice that blue states never lowered their taxes to accommodate the Federal change. The economic tables will be turned by this over the next five years. No California, Google and Facebook can’t fund the state budget alone. Your golden goose is dead.

    • I suspect tons of federal money will flow to the Blue states and cities to compensate for some of the loss. But you are right, it can’t make up for the SALT losses and the mass exodus that is about to happen regardless of who wins in November will be the White version of the Great Migration. There is a great sorting underway and it will accelerate. States likely will break apart whether formalized by law or not.

    • The WuFlu crisis is being deliberately exacerbated in Blue States in large part to justify/force a Federal bailout of the wreckage of the financial Tsunami caused by their ludicrous government staffing and pension expenses. Trumps little boot in the nuts (I assume his feet are as small as his hands) with tax deductibility certainly makes it worse , and is therefore to be welcomed but is not the proximate cause,

  33. Trump is a showman surrounded mainly by overt and covert enemies. If I walked in and saw all the empty seats at that rally I would have felt it was a bit of a dud also. A few sources say opposition bought up many seats that they never intended to use, so their plan achieved the intended deflation of enthusiasm.
    But I never thought that Trump is or was going to save anyone. He’s a mildly effective anti-accelerant. Don’t vote, or vote for Biden, if you want to speed up the demise of what’s left of the “system”. If Joe wins, it will wind up being some female poc running things. If you’d like that regime, go for it.
    If you know about Bible prophecy, Islam, Marx/Lenin, Frankfurt School, you know the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The time is the only question. The options vary from head for the hills now, to go gray and keep your head down, to be an activist to try to save as much as you can. And your choice may change as time goes on.

  34. Rabbi Trump is starting to come out as another self-hating white. He can’t make a speech or statement without certifying himself as anti-racist. Instead of taking a firm stand against BLM / Antifa dementia, which could restore his cred with those who voted for him in 2016, he takes the soft option of sassing Biden’s dementia.

    Trump sounds like a deep-dyed egalitarian: he can’t take one position and hold it, because that would leave some people out. He has to be all things for all people. As in the old joke, “Go to it, wife! Go to it, bear!”

    As you say, Zman, the rhetoric sounds tired, a copy-paste of material from the wayback machine. Other than his pro forma apologies to persons of choler, it’s the same old, same old. His MAGAphone no longer carries his voice very far.

    As someone who remembers life in the ’50s, I can’t quite push myself into being an accelerationist although my mind tells me it might be the only way. But upcoming events might push me there.

    • Problem with Trump is that nobody really takes him seriously … he’s not a serious person.

    • There was too much joking and story-telling at the Tulsa rally. Damn it, guy … the friggin country is under attack … do something!!! Maybe he knows that he can’t do anything.

  35. Another solid post Zman and I agree with all of it except for the glaring addition of Jeff Sessions as someone you think is worth supporting. Sessions is a traitor that caved at the earliest sign of shitlib pressure and has shown 0 remorse for it. He had no duty to recuse but he did anyway, he had a duty to disclose to Trump that he would recuse, and even though his opponent is an open borders cuck, literally anyone deserves to be in power more than Sessions (despite his work on immigration). Even if Trump had wanted to MAGA, Sessions alone is responsible for Rosenstein, for the appointment of Mueller, for basically handicapping Trump’s first four years.
    On another note, I’m not able to post comments anymore on this new system on my iphone. Where it says “join the discussion” I click all around it and nothing happens.
    Lastly, are you ever going to do a writeup on why 99% of billionaires are shitlibs or silent? The only US billionaires possibly not in the shitlib camp or silent are Thiel, Mercer, Trump (lol), and maybe one or two more.

  36. What I saw of the police in Tulsa they did nothing to keep BLM/antifa goons away from the MAGApeeps. There is no way I’d attend a Trump rally given how indifferent the cops are
    You’re also right his rallies are the thing of the past because of this and because his campaign manager can’t set up a decent website to filter out Dems jamming up the reservations.

    That said, Trump came off as weak.

    • It could have been a lot worse – it looks like Tulsa narrowly avoided breaking out into race riots again (which, incidentally, the blacks instigated back in 1921 too), but the atmosphere was definitely tense and the MAGA crowd got a lot of abuse hurled at them.

      I got the unpleasant, scary impression that the Trump campaign used its base as actual cannon fodder*, and would not have done a thing to support its base had worse violence broken out. Trump would have scampered off in his helicopter as his supporters would have been lynched in the streets.

      *That partially explains the diminished turnout too: a good chunk of his base has been demoralized because they’ve realized Trump treats them as cannon fodder. “No way I’m going to be beaten to a bloody pulp for wearing a MAGA hat – fuck that!”

  37. I watched the rally and was impressed by the crowd – the largest peaceful gathering in months and 99% not wearing masks. If anything I hope it set an example for the people cowering to Karens and the millions of others afraid to go to any social setting. Any other comparison is to pre-Covid is not pertinent,

    As for criticisms here, I just roll my eyes wondering who that perfect Z candidate is and how he would get elected. And then the carping I’d hear when the Z candidate did not do the perfect thing because he had to compromise or deal with two other branches of government, one whose power is accumulating more each year. The Muslim ban was stopped by a Hawaiian judge, not because Trump didn’t try.

    It’s funny – z tells us we live in the demographic age and to come to grips with its inevitability. Then complains that Trump did not stop the results of the thing he says is unstoppable. I don’t think Trump can stop or reverse anything but I do think he has tried to slow it down and has actually succeeded in a couple cases. An example is the near cut off of all refugee admittance, already slowed to a crawl before Covid. I also don’t seem to remember any new wars we’ve entered creating new refugees.

    If you disagree then by all means vote dem and watch even the small things he has done go full throttle.

  38. Behold the civic orgasm that will be broadcast with stentorian obduracy sometime during 2021: the holy transubstantiation of the presidency when white Saint Biden resigns his office to a sacrosanct angry black woman VP. Karens will weep with joy. Unmasked, vibrant citizens will exercise with gratitude in shopping malls outside of normal business hours, lo, far across the land. 

  39. A couple of observations from your inveterate Blackpiller, per Kevin Michael Grace.
    First, the Blackpill is good and healthy for you. It gets rid of hopium, which is worst drug of all. There is no, none, nada hope of victory but the real possibility of survival. Survival is possible and by giving up on fantasies of victory one can possibly survive, with lots of luck and planning.
    Second, it would have been better for Hillary not Trump to have won. In victory Madame Hillary might have shown some fatigue in pursuing BadWhites into the weeds to hunt down the last one, as opposed to the rage of her defeat galvanizing every pussy Hat wearing White woman (that’s all of them) and the political system.
    Third, the Bushes and Mittens are the best the system will allow. Someone like Trump produced an allergic reaction and ALL and I do mean ALL of: the military, the police, the Republican and Democratic Party, the Judiciary, the media, the court systems, all Judges, business and their oligarchs, and the intelligence community worked in unison from before his inauguration to remove him as fast as possible. Against that not even Stalin could survive and Trump is not Stalin.
    Fourth (here comes the blackpill), the election of Trump produced a counter-reaction thats even more extreme. Whitey being canceled left and right. Statues being toppled. Every site that ran for years under Obama shut down. Biden is a slam dunk to win, despite being dead. Its Weekend at Bidens and the miracle of animatronics. Either “Trump (White) supporters belong on the trash heap” Susan Rice or the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms will be the real President.
    Expect a White tax, paid yearly. The Beat Down Act of 2021, allowing any black person to beat down any White for any reason at all. The No Arrest Act of 2021 where no black person can be arrested for any reason if they don’t want to be arrested. The Get Whitey Act of 2022 outlawing any self defense by any Whitey against any black person for any reason. Expect all actors, officials, cops, people on TV and Movies, all the Generals and Admirals, and all the corporate leaders save the established oligarchs to be black. And to stick it to you Whitey 24/7.
    Expect the “Eliminating Whitey” Act of 2023 forbidding Whitey from having sex or kids with another White person of the opposite sex. (Homo OK!) Expect the “Final Trash Heap Solution” act of 2024 mandating re-education death/work camps for the cheap slave assembly of Apple Iphones and such.
    Bluntly put, that is the price we are paying for electing Trump. We’d still get them, eventually but they came sooner and harsher with more of society behind them.
    Fifth, Trump was holding his own nearly with Biden though still down when BLM exploded and took him down. If the election were held tomorrow and only men voted, Trump would win by about 5-7 points. If it were held tomorrow and only women voted, he’d lose by about 25 points. As anyone who has seen in person or on TV these BLM rallies can attest, its mostly White women, some DNC Bill Ayers anti-fa types (trust fund thugs) and blacks. White men are not to be found.
    The revolt of the elites against the Dirt people has power because it drags along White women who never met an aristocrat or star they didn’t want to … make an instagram pic with. Plus BLM is a handy way to demonstrate piousness and get rid of the White male competition in the race to the C Suite. White women have predictably overwhelmingly sided with black rioting and burning and looting. Duh. That’s the whole point.
    What boomers and the like don’t get is that the disorder and rioting and looting and chaos is the whole point. Most White people enjoy it and want more of it. Few own anything at risk, and the middle to upper classes enjoy other White people’s misery so they can feel good about themselves. Its just like support for Islam went UP not down after 9/11.
    Sixth, anyone looking at BLM and blacks must concede the immense power of a negative identity. Look at what blacks have done, from Stepin Fetchit in the 1930s to being the controlling, dominant power of the US forcing Whitey to kneel constantly all through the power of negative identity. It sure worked for blacks. Maybe Whites should give it a try.
    Seventh, learn Spanish. Change your name to Lopez or something. Have a useful skill to people in Ecuador or Costa Rica. And remember the Jews on the SS. St. Louis. Those few that got off in the Domincan Republic lived. Those who tried vainly to get into the US returned to Germany and death.

    • Yep, no denying the intensity of hatred and its positive electoral effects for the freed slaves

      We need to counter it with an equal passion. I think it’s there but needs a focus. And I think part of the solution will be to admit that blacks are simply bad dishonorable people. Everyone knows it deep down. Any people that thrives in mayhem and criminal inner cities is not a good and decent people. Once people accept that premise, the contours of the future will begin taking shape

      Framing blacks as simply evil is what needs to be done.

    • Agree with the Spanish. In a stunning turn of events, the Latin world will be more peaceful, prosperous, and stable than the Anglosphere.

  40. Zman: “Millions of white man hours were invested in Trump that could have gone to building a second party or building a legitimate alternative to the ruling class.”

    That’s true and depressing. Of course, Trump seemed like he might be a true badass during the campaign. So, he really was the horse we had to bet on.

    Like another tough talking Republican narcissist, (Arnold Schwarzenegger as California governor), I’d hoped Trump would realize there’s no way to drain the swamp or change this Pozzed nation. But with a maniacal grin, go gangbusters trying anyway. Just for the hell of it. Sign, say, and do EVERYTHING that would piss off Prog EVERY second of every day. Occupy the office solely to make a statement that would resonate. Make a righteous ruckus. Aim for 1 term only, but go gonzo. Be the bull in the Jewish China shop. It would even satisfy their narcissistic needs. They’d be written about forever.

    But nah they just blended in.

    Taking from Zmans post title. Hoping a new phrase will be used to describe anything that started with great expectations, but ended up in wilting failure.

    Bob: “Yankees started out so well this year. What the hell happened?”

    Ted: “Yeah, season was a real Trumpian sunset.”

    • Trump seemed to be a badass, but I always noted he had a weak chin. Not a strong proud and aggressive chin.

      And those old stereotypes proved true.

    • My Trump-hating, Floyd-carping, virtue signaling friends, now safely ensconced in the whitest place they could find, assure me Trump will stage a coup.

  41. Ugh, a black pill. Z, your unflattering portrait of Trump sadly rings true. If he wins (again) it’ll be because he’s the lesser of two evils. I hope he continues his hands-off approach to the continuing riots. Don’t underestimate the value come fall, of looted, burnt-out ruins of stores or police stations. Who was really responsible will be obvious to most of the local voters. BLM-ers, Antifa, local Democrat collaborators will be higher on the blame list than Trump and “White Racism.” In fact, if I were him, I would send in relief supplies to the CHAZ/CHOP to actually let them LARP for longer, and maybe even expand the franchise! Great advertising for our side, and the Dems would be incapable of condemning it. Hell, even at Woodstock in 1969, at one point the Feds brought in supplies.

  42. “Whether or not Trump does anything to save himself is an open question at this point, as he looks like a beaten man.”

    As an anarcho-capitalist I do try to refrain from voting, but I have found that I vote against people. I was not a fan of Trump but since Mrs. Clinton is a Satan stand-in as far as I am concerned, I voted Trump.

    I got banned from the treehouse place for mildly criticizing Trump bombing a middle east country based on obviously bogus information. It was a “he should have known better” comment and BLAM I was gone without even a comment.

    I will vote Trump again as the Democrats have shown they want to kill me. Both my wife an I will be gone by the end of the next presidential term, but I would prefer not to be beat to death in the streets by “joggers”.

    Trump may win on the basis the Dems are evil. (not that Trump is great)

  43. Perhaps the last American artist of the Right, H.P. Lovecraft described their current moment back in 1927:

    “The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would become as the Great Old Ones, freed and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside, and all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy.  And then the liberated Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy themselves, and all the Earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.”

    • That’s why I’ve gone off the deep end as a religious atheist, should the seed of the Lucifer- either Isaac’s fey replacement or Ishmael- deliver the world to their Dark Lord.

      Look at the historical pattern. Neither built anything; they watched others build and then took it. The weapons we, and we alone, have made are a prize beyond fever dreams.

      It says something that the Owners would rather rule a world of murderous erectusii than share, or join.

      (In their polytheist past, while they still worshipped Ba’al as part of the pantheon, Isaac was sacrificed. The angel and ram were a later addition reflecting the politics.)

  44. Say what you will of Trump, he won’t seem so bad to yo wannabee founders of Honkeytopia when President Kamala Harris gets busy putting you in your place.

    • Kamala is nothing but a ho. Her only achievement in politics was spreading her legs on Willie Brown’s desk. She’s not smart enough to do sh it. She can try though.

    • It’s a tricky situation for sure: Trump may be “less bad” than an actual negress holding the reins of power, but it’s possible that having an explicitly anti-white president helps mobilize and energize oppressed whitey.

      The opposition finally taking off its mask has galvanized whitey in the past month like nothing else, while 4 more years of Trump might just put us back into a “everything is fine for now; we have 4 more years to plan” slumber. As the Z Man said, “Millions of white man hours were invested in Trump that could have gone to building a third party or building a legitimate alternative to the ruling class.”

      • Z is wrong on that claim.of his about whites organizing. Most would have done nothing. Look at VA and the gun grab there. Whites did nothing but have a stupid brofest.
        Drop the stock market by 15,000 points and then Z might have a claim. BTW why do you think the elites propped up the DJ and RE markets? To keep whites from wigging out and the small RE investor from doing walk aways. Had the DJ and RE markets collapsed it would have set off whites big time.

        • Agreed. Stock market crash will galvanize whites in a way the circus in the inner-cities these last few weeks has not.

  45. “He has spent his entire time in office singing the praises of blacks, Hispanics and migrants, while never mentioning white people, the people who voted for him.”

    There was one single time he mentioned them without ever turning it into an opportunity. It was either a true slipped-through-the-hands moment, or he was instructed never to follow up on it:

    Toward the end of the Elijah Cummings-Baltimore-Shithole drama, Al Sharpton chose to throw his hat into the ring. Trump tweeted his disdain of Sharpton, and that tweet was forgettable except for the very last sentence: “[Al Sharpton] hates whites!”

    I distinctly remember that the left, which usually attacks and mocks every Trump tweet, was forced to ignore and stay silent with that tweet. They didn’t know how to react to it: how do you react to someone who baldly blurts the truth that someone in the Inner Party hates whites?

    With the left caught flat-footed, that was the opportune moment for Trump to pivot from discussing how Al Sharpton hated whites to how all of black America hated whites to how the entire Inner Party hated whites. He could have continued using explicit “they hate whites” language- there would have been no need to conceal it in “they hate the working class” language.

    But instead Trump’s handlers reigned him in and chose to pivot his presidency toward negrophilia right at that moment, and here we are today. A low energy, demoralized base.

  46. “Law and Order” is the way to go. Nixon ’68 and especially ’72 — McGovern was such an inept candidate that Richard Nixon, the guy who was actually running the war at the time, somehow outflanked him as a peacenik. Joe Biden makes McGovern look like Solon. But at this point, it’s pretty hard to give a shit — it’s clear we’re on our own; the faster we own it, the faster we can get the inevitable horrors over with.

    • The problem is, back in those days, even the Democrats in power dug law and order. Mayor Daley (D) was cracking hippie heads in 1968 Chicago. Today, we’ve got the Not So Secret Six inviting modern day John Browns to kill Whitey, and it’s off to the gulag if you dare resist.

      • Maybe the perfect wake-up call for whitey is about a thousand more videos of that Macy’s employee beating.

        • Whitey ain’t waking up. That’s magical thinking of the type Libertarians are fond of.

          • I disagree and I have seen the evidence with mine own eyes. For sure, not enough yet but think of where we were a month ago.

  47. The lesson here is that we must not permit our judgment to be clouded or occluded by emotions. Anger, despair and rage are enemies to be avoided.

    Now is the time for clear, cold thinking. Hate is good but only if properly channeled, controlled and directed. Hate and fury must become our servants, not our masters.

    This war is not over. In fact, it has not even really begun.

    • The war is over. It was over the moment “conservatives” accepted the Left’s moral framework.

        • we’re here because we are the last men standing

          This is our team, the players we have to work with

          We are the ones who bothered to show up

          No one else is going to be coming to our games to see us play until we give them something they want to see and can get behind. And we have to figure out what that is. And sure, maybe in time we will be getting some of the big name fancy recruits. But for nw we are the Bad News Bears

          • “we’re here because we are the last men standing
            This is our team, the players we have to work with..”

            Then the war is not over.

          • Falcone,
            Perhaps your defeatist tone is unintentional. If it is, some encouragement. We, Our White People, are just beginning to wake up. This is far from over. The suck is just beginning. BUT, we will come through this valley, en force.
            I was mildly aware months ago what was happening. The clues were financial indicators that shook me from my hamster wheel. I trusted what I was smelling, seeing and hearing, and began to make huge changes to prepare for what was obviously a Depression.
            Now, I see the war coming is much larger and more dangerous (starving feels less scary than being mobbed and murdered) than I knew. So more work, more change, more resolve to win.
            We will organize and move toward the issue when the time demands it. Meeting the mob head on is not the time.

            1. Hang in there. Harden yourself mentally to the work ahead
            2. Cast off burdens, tighten control of your financials, move to better, Whiter density
            3. Train in your strengths, learn in your deficiencies
            4. Find goodness and joy everyday. Remember, White people built the modern world. We create, we build, we are good.
          • I am not defeatist at all. My apologies if it comes off that way.

            Rather, I am trying to express my opinion that we be proud of being here and part of a small select group and let’s recognize we are the only ones here right now so let’s work with what we have and get moving

            I think that is exciting as hell.

          • Great comments. This isn’t over by a long shot. Hell I’m getting cross. And not alone.

    • I was confused by this for a long time. It wasn’t trump they hated but fact that the white working class elected him against thier wishes. They still show a bit of spirit. Also note that the only ones standing up to the protesters, and it ain’t alot of them, look scruffy as hell. that’s my beloved white working class.

      • their hatred of us was always like an ambient light whose heat was growing in intensity. Trump was like the magnifying glass that allowed the light to focus on its target with burning precision. And now the left are all walking around with magnifying glasses provided them by the lunatics.

        Yeah, but make no mistake, we are the ones they hate.

      • One important positive about Trump is that he’s a true, proud, unapologetic white man. Early in his tenure he defended Western civilization and made many politically incorrect remarks (viz African shitholes), and while he may not attack the AWRs as forcefully as he should, he’s not about to kiss Hutu feet and shine their Stacy Adams. Trump is a white man’s white man. He’s a throwback in that regard, and I think that is the main reason the AWRs hate him so much. White men are supposed to be weak, humble and hangdog. Trump is none of that.

    • Anti-White Racists, folks

      If only we would reflexively jump to defend our own, no matter what he’s done, as they do theirs.

      (Interesting conspiracy bit on Chauvin- somebody’s posting pics comparing neighbor Chauvin A to killer Chauvin B- the low, slungback ears of B are distinctly different. That’s the fellow white tell that can’t be hidden.)

      • Floyd had enough fentanyl and morphine in his system to kill a horse. The cops didn’t call the ambulance fast enough. Neck restraint was standard procedure. See article at

        • Yes, thanks, that’s why he was saying “I can’t breathe’- the booey was kicking in, paralyzing his respiratory system. It’s elephant tranquilizer.

          People in the crowd wondered loudly why B stared at them without relent, even after GF had lapsed into unconsciousness.

  48. Trump wasn’t a planned Manchurian candidate. The establishment didn’t decide to run a phony populist. They hated him and took three years to trust him. They began to trust him because around year two they found out he was full of sh it and really believed in nothing but himself. If anything he’s our first entirely nihilist President. Even more so than Obama. I saw the clown show yesterday and it was a pancake makeup wearing old man on a used car lot trying to sell the worst lemon to someone who already bought a lemon from him four years ago. I can think of nothing I would rather see than the country hitting the wall while an Alzheimers patient roams the halls of the White House, sans pants, not even recognizing his own wife.

  49. As Zman notes alot could happen in the next 3-4 months. I think we are surrounded and the situation is dire. Good! Darkest before the dawn and all the other cliches. We are one massacre away from big changes. Currently a man cannot operate in this society with dignity. Hopefully the men are begining to notice.
    I to have my doubts about Trump (putting it mildly) but he is probaly the the luckiest SOB in history. He is positioned to have a chance to go down as one of the greats in history. Perhaps i am feverishly optimistic but i refuse to believe with the traditions and blood of our ancestors that we will go out on our knees. Plus i’ve always known that we have become fat and complacent as hell and that it would take some jarring humilation to shake us from our somnolence. So i’m glad they have providied it. These fools have over-reached. They could have just waited another 50 yrs and they would have had us. I always secretly sorta envied my father and grandfather their shooting wars. Little did i know that i may get mine.

    • I predict a Kievan Maidan, where snipers shoot into a woke crowd- and we get the blame.

      It’s in the Wiemar playbook.

      • Weimar? LOL! No need to go that for back. ‘White supremacists’ did Minnesota dontcha know? And they collared a couple in Las Vegas and UK. The full force & assets of the alphabet agencies are being deployed to ferret out all these hideous supremacists that are causing all this violence at the peaceful protests man. Expect it to really go into high gear when they start sniping the crowds as you said. Alphabet agencies have a long history of setting up stooges for this type of work.

    • I always secretly sorta envied my father and grandfather their shooting wars. “

      Not only should you not envy them you should be full of rage that they were hoodwinked into fighting brother wars spilling European blood so that skinsuit wearing lizard bankers / industrialists could continue to operate across both continents with impunity. If anyone really knew the machinations that went on behind the scenes of both World Wars there wouldn’t be enough lampposts to support the full weight of it all. We backed the wrong side…

  50. Trump rallies are the CivNat Ghost Dance.

    Did he mention record black employment this time?

    • I am not very political but hated hillary and liked that trump was causing mayhem in DC. So I voted for him. I am not really sure if I ever even believed half the stuff he was promising. I live in California, and part of me was thinking it would be great if illegals were all sent home, but that means all of those apartment owners and everyone else set to lose lots of money and Trump couldn’t risk it. But in 2016 I remember telling my dad, who reminds me of trump and was on the bandwagon, that Trump was just a Yankee nigger lover, and even my dad agreed, and turns out my hunch was right.

      it was fun. I’ll say that But now it’s hangover time

      • all of those apartment owners and everyone else set to lose lots of money

        What are (((they))) producing of consequence? They lease and jangle the finangle. But for them, we could buy, well you and youth could — I own my own properties outright and I always get negged despite being subpar GenX starting out then working hard whenever I reference my personal and household net worth. Next.

    • I think they had to goose the crowd with electric cattle prods to make them cheer when he mentioned Black Achievements for the 600th time.

      The tired hesitation was, ahem, noticeable.

  51. Trump has never been anything more than a self-inflated con artist. He knows how to stoke the crowd with bombastic rhetoric, but he never delivers actual value.

    Bring on President Stacey Abrams! If that doesn’t awaken the sleeping White beast, nothing will.

    • I think the beast is awake. The problem is the beast isn’t as big as we had at first imagined. A tough pill to swallow perhaps. But Maybe we’re it. We’re the beast and have to start figuring out how to make ourselves heard and feared.

      • I live in NYC, the belly of the infernal Beast, and I can tell you a silent majority does exist, and surprisingly includes more than a few Asians and Hispanics.
        People want stability and order, not rioting and race baiting.
        I know many immigrants from the Balkans, Russia, and a few from China and Korea, and they don’t like this shit AT ALL. They are not hiding their disgust and fear over where this could all go, and these are folks who know full well what totalitarianism looks like, as well as large scale ethnic warfare.

        • I hear ya, but I was referring to the sleeping white beast, not the electoral majority.

          as far as the mythical white beast that one day will awaken from his slumber, I think the beast is already awake and that beast is us. this is as big as it gets.

          • give it time. it is still early. my hill tribes at watching intently. Could be wrong, but i do not believe they will bend the knee.

          • the moment a white person agreed to take orders from a black, be it a coach or a military superior or whatever, they bended the knee

            I stopped playing sports because of it. I just couldn’t listen to a black person. It wasn’t mean, it was just instinctively I didn’t respect and trust them.

            And here I am today on the dissident right. Not many people shared my opinions, or if if they did they didn’t let it change their plans.

            But maybe I’m wrong on that. Maybe a lot of people did tolerate that black coach or that military superior and have a lot of anger bottled up because of it. Maybe things are ready to explode. I don’t know, I have always been different in these ways. What is going on right now in the heads of normies I can’t say.

          • Well, i’ve never had a black coach or teacher or boss for that matter. LOL maybe it’s a proximity issue.

        • Yep. This shit isn’t what most immigrants, legal or otherwise, bargained for when they came to the US. In fact, we’re rapidly approaching the point where America may be a net exporter of people. It’s getting that bad.

          • If my family knew I would have to take orders from Africans, they wouldn’t have moved here

            America seduced a lot of people with a ponzi scheme of fleeting wealth

          • In your dreams. What they “bargained for” was lots of money and opportunities at Whiteys expense. The $ and the government gibs are just too easy here. No,they will arm up in their own ethnic communities and police their own, and the cops (of any ethnicity) will leave them alone while continuing to squash Whitey.

        • Hence my earlier suggestion to consider foreign countries. I’m not up-to-date, but there usually are plenty of smaller right-wing authoritarian countries where Whites (not to rule out Asians or other races tho) control the government, even if they are a minority. Often foreigners are tolerated at least, as residents, especially if they bring money, give some jobs to the locals etc. Just hiring a maid & gardener is within your budget if you have a pension or other income.
          I’d looked into this, Mexico or maybe Panama years ago, but I’m stuck in Florida with a home, a car payment and four cats.
          Probably the biggest practical problem is how to keep your money safe.Traditionally you’d keep most of your money here, but with what’s coming, the future USA or Europe will seize anything the can. And your new home country sadly has no history of a stable bank system or the absence of a kleptocracy. It’s a tough question. Another “advantage” of being a foreign guest is that you usually have no choice but to avoid local politics, unless you want to get your ass booted out (at the least, if you’re lucky.)

        • The non-whites are angrier about the disruptions than whites.

          I live in a part of Toronto that’s <40% white. The BLM protesters are always blacks, and young white women. The Asian/Indian majority has no interest in either blacks or whites. If things did get unruly here swift collective action would be taken to pressure local authorities to restore order. Be it BLM or white nat. uprisings.

          Hard to know what to do when the majority of our own people won’t take our own side.

        • And here we go again with civnattery 101. All your precious immigrants, the Hispanics and Asians and Balkans, BRING THE CHAOS WITH THEM. Yes, I’m SHOUTING. Again and again we see this “muh principles” fallacy. It doesn’t matter what they say they want. It doesn’t matter if they’re as good as you think they are. They aren’t White European. Their genetics were formed in an utterly different environmental cauldron. They cannot maintain, let alone replicate, your culture. They are not on your side – not even as temporary allies. They are here to take away your children’s heritage, and you cheer them on!

      • We’re already hated. We’re not feared. However, in order to be feared, we first have to be effective.

    • The pickanniny running the plantation house would be even more perfect than street ho Harris.

    • It’s not a matter of them awakening them, it’s s a matter of what they are going to do.
      Z predicts with a Biden win, things will be a continuation of Obama’s reign. If that’s that case, whites won’t do anything. It will be a slow genocide for whites.
      We either spicy smart or die.

  52. I agree with the article, but I’m still going to vote for him. The alternative is worse and Trump does provide some good comedy and he really gets under the skin of all the right people.
    BLM is not going to stop if Biden wins. BLM was rioting across the nation in the Obama years. Antifa and BLM existed before Trump. The media is not going to stop hating whites, nor will the brown hordes or the elite. Things are most certainly not going to get better by getting worse. That’s just a cope.

    • Is the alternative worse? That’s one of those assumptions right-wing people have been conditioned to repeat so they shut down their minds, but is it true? Was Clinton worse than either Bush? Was Obama worse than Bush? By any measure, both Bushes were disasters for white people and conservatives.

      The point is, let’s not juts assume Dementia Joe is worse than Trump. He may not be.

      • Yeah and people keep saying that things got worse for black people when Obama got elected. Maybe the best plan is to vote for the person that you think would hurt you

        • Blacks don’t vote according to whether they are better or worse off than four years ago. They vote according to habit, how best to stick it to YT, and for who promises the most gibs.

      • Your last 2 sentences are the goofiest thing I’ve read in a loooong time.
        Sure, Zman… let’s give Sleepy Joe and Kamala a chance.
        I mean, what could go wrong? Sure, you will be outed and unemployable, as will everyone commenting here, but beyond that, Biden might be Okey Dokey!

          • depends how we define worse.

            if worse is measured only in shorter increments of time, Trump is way better than Obama. I was getting seriously down and depressed under Obama in those last couple years. I think the spike in small business owner sentiment is a reflection or a proxy for the emotional state of regular white people. Life improved dramatically for me and many others with tangible improvements for me financially and many others.

            But if worse is measured against a generational time frame, or as it pertains to the larger cause of white betterment, then, yes, I think I agree that Biden would be no worse than Trump.

            Trump is one chapter in what will become a long saga.

          • I’m finally seeing daylight, after hammer blows since Clinton’s first reign. I missed all the uptake, can’t get it back, but I’ve got my best chance right now under Trump to at least get my feet under me.

            Not mad at Trump: I’m mad at myself. I believed far too much of the CivNat poz and allowed this to happen. I trusted the Jew.

          • The MAGA vs dissident divide is an interesting one. Pro-MAGA folk don’t seem to grasp that the Red team and Blue team are the selfsame team. I’m fond of the pro-MAGA folk, just as I’m fond of my grandson’s faith in Santa Claus. But in 2024 my grandson will understand objective reality, while Mr. FoxNews will go all-in for Josh Hawley in 2024.

          • No, it’ll be that insufferable twit from South Carolina. Not Graham, different one. The sacred hindu cow of our new vibrant majority.

          • The MAGA folks want to hang onto an America that no longer exists. I am voting for Trump myself, and give him a slight edge if the riots ramp up, but it likely is the last vote I ever cast. This will transition from politics to violence in short order.

          • How would that be different from the last four years?”

            You’ll probably be seeing the difference in due course.

          • Isn’t this just the same old Conservative Inc. scam? “Look fellers. We are terrible and we fucked you six ways to Sunday, but those dastardly liberals will be much worse!” It’s just another argument for not changing anything, while expecting something to change.

          • Change can take many forms. Changing politics is just one venue of opportunity. You can also change your methodology for influencing politics. Right now, the Left is using it’s useful idiots to engage in lukewarm violence in order to proactively alter the upcoming election. They are stuck on lukewarm because they have no Alphas. But there are still lots of Alphas in the wild. Which team do you want to bet on?

          • Believe me, I want things to change and I’ve long since given up hope that the Republicans or Conservative Inc. would ever make it happen. All I say is, it will be worse under the Democrats, including much worse trying to organize a meaningful third-force opposition.

          • We want it to become unbearable and inescapable sooner rather than later. Nothing on our side will coalesce until there is no other option. We need the fires to burn now.

          • It will be certainly unbearable, If everything slides, you might get your wish that it’s inescapable also.
            Have fun.

          • Trump’s election made a few differences. One looms large. We know from HRC’s intercepted/leaked emails she intended to establish an EU-like economic zone without borders and immigration controls from Cape Horn to Point Barrow. We got a four-year reprieve from browns to the south just spilling into here X 10,000. It was the main goody Clinton would have delivered Soros and the death blow to the white working class. Of course this particular email never gets discussed because McConnell and Ryan would have been fully onboard.

            I expect a Biden Administration would try to implement the same immediately. The draw here is much less now with images of rampaging black savages and fake Covid death tolls filtering down to Latin American.

          • National politics should probably be an afterthought for the most part. Either way, we will get screwed. It is time to organize outside the system in all aspects of life, and especially prepare the next generation for what they need to be. Not political agitators doing blogs and podcasts, but White men who can build a civilization without outside help, including capitol from wall street and crap products from Asia. This is now a generational project.

        • Sure, you will be outed and unemployable, as will everyone commenting here,

          This is happening right now and Trump is fiddling like Nero. What is it like to live a life ruled by fear and uncertainty? I’m not familiar with it because I have -already- been outed and am unemployable and had the badge orcs pointing guns at me. Yet here I am.
          You strategy is to just hold on a little while longer hoping they will eat you last right? You sound like a white leftist when you posit this, just FYI. What is coming is coming whether you choose to face it or not.

          The only rational argument I could gather from your strategy is that you may have a few more years to ‘prep’ now that the writing is 100% on the wall. But I also any forward looking person would have seen that writing years ago already.

          • You know Apex I think it all comes down too that they are hoping that someone else will fix the problem…Like you said when the fear and pain hits only then do they realize that it’s all up to them whether they live or die and they actually start to do something…

          • Seneca said: You can take Fate by the hand, or you can get dragged along. The choice is yours 🙂

      • The alternative is worse emotionally for me. Trump makes life a little more bearable. It’s like at least getting to hear the radio station I like while attending a mostly black high school. The alternative is something like Hillary which is like the worst radio station on top of all the bullshit. I would probably kill myself. Just kidding, but trying to make a point.

        I understand the shallowness of this, but I am sure I’m not very different from a lot of people. Four years of my life is a pretty significant chunk of it, so if I can eke out some enjoyment by having Trump around then I’ll take it.

        but I also know it’s just a delaying maneuver. I know what’s coming.

        • That’s an excellent point. The president, strangely enough, is part of our aesthetic and psychological environment. And aesthetics and the psyche are profoundly important things.

        • I remember how interminable the Obama administration was. How it just dragged on and on. Despite the disappointments with Trump, the last for years have flown by for me.

        • I think he is a useful skin suit for the inner party. If he wins, look for the mobs to disappear, Covid to disappear, the GOP to purge anyone connected with Trump, the FBI/CIA scandal to be broomed and so on. The inner party will be celebrating like it is 2008, but it will be a rush to stasis. For the inner party, those mobs are just pieces on the chess board that can be easily sacrificed.

          • If the mobs and Covid disappear, that’s a huge step to making the average person’s life better.

            why are we defending an orange fraud who has delivered zero for us??

          • On the contrary, if Joe wins, it will be all Pol Pot all the time. Because that is the Inner Party. Jello Biafra may be many things, but he had their number in the late 1970s. And nothing changed. Jerry Brown, subject of California Uber Alles, is now … RETIRED. The people running things will be: Susan Rice, the BEAST from 20,000 Fathoms, Biden’s coke-head son, and his idiot wife.
            HILLARY was the candidate of Malibu and the Hamptons, and those types are not in it for Pol Pot. Susan Rice? Stacey Abrams?
            That’s the danger of the Biden Presidency. Yes he’s a slam dunk to win, and win by massive margins — most Whites want to vote for Biden to give up and surrender to Blacks so they stop rioting.
            But it does not stop there as Biden and the people around him are too weak to exert pressure and lack Hillary’s ruthless Arkancide history of getting rid of troublesome people. Weakness matters and Joe Biden looks … frail and with senile dementia.
            The anti-fa types are toppling statues, burning books, and now digging holes in the ground and trying to plug in extension cords for “geothermal” to get electricity (I kid you not). I can see a Cultural Revolution and Red Guard / Pol Pot type movement for years. One of my professors in Tsinghua University related how he went from analyzing steel production at the Ministry to shoveling pig shit for ten years in the boonies. The Inner Party is as stupid as the Outer Party. Since its their sons digging holes in the ground and trying to plug an extension cord in.
            Not to mention the fact that with a contracting economy only a purge of anyone White and competent will allow those lacking those qualities to move up. So its pretty much guaranteed under President Abrams/Rice.
            Perhaps only WAR, real WAR with China can save us from the purges.

          • Maybe, but we always get these warnings after the so-called conservatives just adopted the latest left-wing program. “Look fellas. We may have done all the things we warned the Left was going to do, but this time it is different.” It’s never different. Vote Republican, get what the Democrats promise.

          • Biden’s purpose is to lull people into thinking that a 2020 Democrat win will calm things down. People assume old mellow Joe will nod away lazy afternoons in the White House and we can live our lives unmolested by the white haters. Trouble is, Biden will be in a memory care home a year after he’s elected and we’ll have a fire breather like Kamala Harris in office. The crackdown on palefaces under her will be worse than under Obama.

          • As a meaningless aside, Stacy could be a head-fake for the surprise VP candidate, Susan Rice. The newsies would collapse in collective orgasm at Lady Obama.

          • Note that Susan Rice and Stacey Abrams are members of the CFR, along with the Clintons, Soros, Powell, Fink, etc.

          • >the GOP to purge anyone connected with Trump

            If Trump is humiliated, then maybe dropping in on the first county-level party meeting of 2021 might not be a bad idea. Especially if Limbaugh is in the ground by then.

            The copes will almost certainly be a re-hash of the 2012 autopsy, along with the “Trump wasn’t a real conservative” bit.

            There may be a certain number of people who are open to new ideas. A short, well-prepared yet upbeat “Conservatism Is Dead” talk might find an audience, if there is anyone under say 60 present.

          • Locally, Z, I’ve seen indications the feral black contingent is not controllable and Antifa types are breaking from the Establishment that has bankrolled them. If the Uniparty can rein in their thugs and cool down the pseudo-revolution they sponsor, Biden wins in a walk. If, as I suspect, there are elements who refuse to tamp it down, Biden loses narrowly.

            I think it doesn’t matter what either Biden or Trump does at this point. The rioters will call the shots.

            ETA: Exactly right about Biden. The United States will have a regency if he wins. The man is a figurehead/Pied Piper for Whites in the Rust Belt. The claim his Veep would be anymore than a puppet also is bullshit. We already are a dying empire ruled by oligarchs. They just will come out of the shadows if their team wins.
            Also, the reference to “Antifa” was a generalization. There appears to be domestic terrorist groups splintering from the Establishment-funded Antifa and they don’t appear to be following orders.

          • Friday night I was discussing this very topic with a good friend of mine. He agrees with you. My counterargument, however, is that now that the Free Shit Army has the taste of blood in its mouth, it won’t go quietly into that good night. I do not believe, in other words, that TPTB will be able to control the evil djinn they have released. What’s more, various malicious maniacs such as Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and that Castro A-hole, will seek to inflame the mob further. We’re in for serious conflict, one way or the other.

          • That means a slow genocide for whites because they will not do anything they aren;t already doing which is nothing.
            Stasis = death for whites both culturally and people wise.

      • Dementia Joe will simply be a figurehead who lets the people who hate you really run amok. He will be in a memory care home a year after he’s elected and his VP will be running things. You’ll find out what worse is when the federal government led by somebody like Kamala Harris starts slapping honkeys around. You think you have to operate underground now. Get a bigger shovel

      • Yeah. There’s that. Can’t argue with any of it.
        I guess even the most cynical people like me try to keep hope alive, even if the hope is pretty false. The recent SCOTUS decisions are a huge black pill. We can’t even pretend the courts are important.

        • I respect that. I’m actually quite optimistic, just not about the current system or the people in it.

  53. Fwiw I heard they stopped allowing people into the rally. Haven’t bothered to confirm that. Was listening to the rally and Trump even admitted he was only giving an OK speech. Interesting.

  54. In many ways, the failure of Trump’s presidency was inevitable. His election may have been a massive grift or, more charitably, a marketing success. Whether he was simply unable or never intended to follow through with his many election promises is irrelevant, it’s the marketing that was important.
    What’s important now is not what Trump can or cannot do. What is important is what follows Trump. I think, and I may be wrong, that the most likely outcome will be some kind of dictatorship possibly accompanied by active persecution of the regime’s enemies. The dissident right will be among those enemies but also the establishment cons.
    For those on the dissident right, the focus will have to be on survival until the left wing regime destroys itself. Only those who are now going see the end of this drama.

      • I thought the same way. Now i’m not so sure. I do know that i’ve become to feel shame that i might leave this mess to my children to clean.

        • We should clean up our own mess, I agree, and leave our heirs an inspiring example like our mums and dads in the Depression and WWll.

          Trust the genes-

          Sidvic: ‘hill tribes are watching intently’

          vxxc: Let it be now.

    • Anne Barnhardt said Trump was a particular type of grifter (not for money but fame for the Trump name) from day one. She may well be proved right. Conservatives are complete failures who couldn’t even conserve the ladies’ room. Cucks and grifters all. As for the “two parties” in Murika: That’s a con-job as well. You have the D-Jerseys (NY Globetrotters – Pedocrats) and the R-Jerseys (Washington Generals Gay Old Pedobears) playing an utterly scripted fake game to waste the time and energy of the idiots being enslaved. Trump won in 2016 by pretending to be something different. Guess he was just another grifter. At least he was more entertaining than ¡JEB! (please clap).

    • Here is an essay I wrote yesterday. A bit long, but somewhat releated to today’s postings.
      You Won

      A still fictional letter of surrender to the forces of Wokeness, the social justice warriors, whatever you wish to  call them. From a spokesman (we still use sexist terms here) from the vanquished evil white race.

      Let’s pretend you’ve won. In fact you haven’t yet, but factors seem to be in your favor. Not the least is the below-replacement birth rates. Not only of Whites, but even Afro-Americans — one of your core constituencies. Not only in the USA, but also Europe and other countries. Given our liberal immigration legal and otherwise for over half a century, this guarantees that Whites will decrease as a share of the total population over a period of many decades. These trends are not likely to reverse. 

      Politically, the tipping point can’t be far away. Of course, it depends on the country’s government. Sometimes your side will gain control by a simple majority. Other things will require time, and the increasing share of a liberal (Democrat, in the USA) electorate. You’re already in control in many areas. I can’t pick an exact date, but it wouldn’t be too hard to calculate that, just based on future ethnic proportions and to assume that they’ll vote Democrat. Just for argument, let’s say that by 2050 you’ll have enough to control ⅔ of both houses of Congress. That will give you ultimate control over laws that are passed, to ratify Amendments or even to call an Article V convention and trash the old Constitution and write a new one of your own liking.

      As I said the White race is on the decline. Not completely gone, but on the way out. I don’t see any avoiding it. Why deny it?

      When we’re nearly gone, what will you have won though? You may not like the results. But first, let me count the changes that you wrought over the decades. It’s notable that none of this could have been possible, without White help. As recently as the mid-20th century, we were 90% of the population. We’re far less now. When we drop below half, our doom is sealed.

      Just to keep things simple, I will focus on Black vs. White. Of course the White man did wrongly to many other minorities during his tenure here and elsewhere. Much of it of the same character against the Negro. But it was only the Negro who was enslaved. I don’t deny that the White Race has much to answer for. The fairness of punishing the descendants of what a tiny fraction of the-living Whites did, is another matter. There haven’t been any slaves for 150 years. But on the positive side, what did whites do for the Black man?

      Well, starting in 1860, at least 300,000 White Americans died in the Civil War (on the Union side). This was, at least indirectly, to secure the end of slavery and thus freedom for the slaves. Despite much opposition, over the following century, the Black man slowly got education, voting rights and so on. By the late 1960s he had — on paper at least, nearly the equal rights of the White man.

      But somewhere along the line something went wrong. Many Blacks advanced given the news freedoms, opportunities and protections of the law. But overlooked is that many more Blacks did not advance. They either remained in their backwards ways, or even slid to lower standards than before the push for equal rights began. Do you accept “vital statistics” as a measure of the health of a community? I don’t have figures at hand, but I’ll bet the peak of health of Afro-America was around 1950. If out-of-wedlock births, employment availability, a minimum of crimes, especially violent crimes, marriage statistics and so on indicate the health of a society (I think they do), then every granting of rights to Black America perversely led to a deterioration in the overall quality of their lives! How can this be?

      You gained the right to move into neighborhoods, yet when these became majority-Black, they were far worse than when Whites lived there. Why? When you gained the right to integrated schools, the black children still performed poorly as whites who used to go to the school did, or even compared to the few whites that remained in the school. Why? If white racism is to blame, and surely Jim Crow continued it until the 1960s, it still does not explain the persistent disparities.

      As Civil Rights expanded, so did the interpretations of the law. To my eyes, they grew ever sillier. For example, at the beginning, it seemed perfectly reasonable that Blacks should not be discriminated against in housing, or job applications, and so on. But it soon became apparent that as a group, Blacks couldn’t perform to white standards. So new schemes were enacted, racial quotas for one. Or preferences. Sometimes these were ruled illegal as they were — correctly — seen as a preference, which is a form of racial discrimination of itself. Later, twisted new ideas came in force, such as “disparate impact.” This meant that a race-blind rule still resulted in unequal outcomes for distinct races. Again, no one asked “Why?” If they did, the default answer was “Racism!” The types of claimed racism multiplied like rabbits: structural, unconscious, cultural, implicit, and so on. But the creeping racial preferences continued to grow. It didn’t occur to those in power, or doubters were hushed or dismissed, when a doubter would point out the risks of giving a handicap to a person just because of his race. This wasn’t a golf game. What happened, in practice, was that the same job title, or university degree, would be granted to a Black man at a lower standard of performance than would be expected of the White man. When carried to the extreme, this resulted in much higher drop-out rates of Blacks from courses they were not qualified for. But the long-term effects were more insidious. Not the least of these was the suspicion of people of any race, when given a credentialled Black professional, that he was a lower-quality product than if he had been of a different race. And statistically speaking, these “racist” suspicions were correct! Lastly, it must be noted that all things well-intended preferential treatment actually corroded the value of the rare genuinely talented Black. He was lumped in with the much larger population of counterfeits. 

      The justice system has suffered mightily. Yes, the black man was and maybe still receives “too much” scrutiny and punishment by the law. Or does he? Long term statistics suggest that a black man is anywhere from 6 to 12 times as dangerous (violent crimes) as a white man. Even with decades of statistics (the government takes homicide pretty seriously), it is difficult to get an accurate figure, but ten times as violent is a good estimate. While over the decades, and especially in 2020, all the media focus is on whites (usually cops) killing black men, the unspoken truth is that virtually all Black murders are at the hands of other Blacks. This is true for all races, but Blacks are violent far out of proportion to the rest of us. Again, nobody asks “why?” Finally, as America is still burning and rioting because “Black Lives Matter,” the crux of the problem is that black lives really don’t matter — to other blacks. At least by “white” standards, virtually every time a cop has to use deadly force, that use was justified. And it’s not only Blacks killed by the police. White people do it too! But only at a tiny fraction of the Black rate. Where are the protests about the 95% or whatever, of the cases of Black killing Black?

      Another sign of the impending end of White rule is that much of what I’ve described here is no longer permitted in polite, or even academic, discussion. For years, we’ve experienced that gradual unpersoning, deplatforming, doxxing, call it what you want, but the gradual disappearance of opposing views of The Narrative. What is The Narrative? For this essay, let’s say that it’s the belief — not to be questioned — that all races are Equal, that all of Black’s problems are caused by Whtie Racism. Of course much else goes with that, but what I’m describing here is the de-platforming of dissenting voices. This happens in many ways. Speakers at colleges have been booed off stages, cancelled and sometimes physically attacked. Web sites, newspapers, magazines and such may lose their social media accounts, payment systems (credit card, paypal, etc.). Amazon pulls certain titles from its online book store, lest some pressure group be offended. These are all private corporations, and it can be argued they have a right to police content, and maybe they do. Professors can’t even discuss racism as it appeared in history, or literature, or even legal cases, without risking their career, or at least a complaint. 

      But that is still censorship by any name. We haven’t yet gotten to outright government endorsed censorship, but it’s coming. There are already laws for “Hate crimes” on the books. “Hate speech” may face a tougher fight — the First Amendment is not dead, but it’s on the hit list. But even if you could eradicate all truly racist, merely hateful speech, what about what I claim are facts? What if there really are cultural, racial, perhaps genetic differences between the races? All the censorship in the world won’t change those facts. Not unique to the present moment, the problem of totalitarianism is that while it can censor, condemn and disappear its opponents, it cannot change whatever is true in Nature by its dogmas.

      You scream that we must de-fund the police. Do it, I say. We are already at that point in many cities. Stop arresting Black men. Do it, I say. Let the brothers do what they want. If I were a policeman I would say “Fuck it. I risk my life and my safety every day. Now I risk my career and even my freedom any  time I confront black people.” Many of them are already quitting. Just like public school teachers, they know that their administration, their local government cares not the least for them. Those people in authority care only for the next election, or to appear virtuous. The black man is sacred, can do no wrong, the cop must be sacrificed or made a scapegoat. Any police who remain will have to accept this. Frankly, it’ll be easier to stay in the donut shop sipping the coffee than respond to the radio call of any crime involving blacks. So let’s cancel the police. Whites will have to take the law into their own hands. In any confrontation, but especially with Blacks, they will, of course face stiff legal penalties, as bad or worse than the cops risked, but who else is going to defend their property, their homes, or even their lives? Not the police.

      So in conclusion, you have won. You now have whatever your dream is within your grasp. I never asked: what exactly was your dream? Did you even have one written down? Or was it just to destroy the old system. You’ve toppled all the statues of the old, racist system. Gone are the generals and politicians of the revolution,the Civil War, event of 20th century politicians. Well,they were slave owners. Or they were racist. But you’ve trashed the statues of many who fought for the rights of those you claim to represent. But what thell, go ahead and erase history. All revolutionaries do it. Nothing wrong with it. But, what are your new ideals? What will replace what you’ve finally demolished? 

      Was capitalism evil? Who will rebuild the burnt out areas of the cities your riots destroyed? Who will rebuild the neighborhoods abandoned long ago by those who actually built and maintained them? Who will rebuild and restock the food stores that have been looted and burnt down by the rabble? The short answer is “no one.”

      You win, you have conquered the evil White man. The only thing that hasn’t happened — yet — is the final takeover. When will you come and finally take us away to the death camps? “Can’t happen here?” Of course it can. We are well on the way to it already. I don’t see any way of stopping it. Yes, there will be resistance, maybe even a civil war. But you’ve got the numbers on your side. But when you’ve finally won, I’d rather be dead than live in the rubble that you will call the promised land.

      “What is left of your dream? Just the words on your stone.
      A man who learned how to teach, and forgot how to learn.
      — Queen, “White Man”

      • We’re about the same age. I’m a few years older. We’ve lived through most of your narrative. They ask, demand, loot and burn…and at every turn we gave up something asking for nothing in return. Again and again and again.

        Our enemies are who they are and they pursue their interests. We sacrificed our great great grandfathers in the 1860s and with only a few exceptions have sacrificed every generation of Whites ever since. This is the worst part of it all. We have become so conditioned to self effacement at so great a cost to ourselves and to that of our posterity…that we may be incapable of putting and end to it. Maybe it will remain dormant until we are a small and long beleaguered group…and only then will that long hidden spirit that so easily conquered the world begin to show itself.

  55. It is hard to take but Trump really is the dog finally catching up to the car it chases. What to do now?
    Many always agree that are our great problems aren’t going to be solved politically. Capture the culture first. Does it look like that will ever remotely happen?

  56. ZMan, you hit this one out of the park. This is one of your very best works. You nailed it. Excellent… brilliant… enlightened.

  57. “It would be cynical and dishonest, but it would probably work to re-energize his campaign.”

    In other words, ops normal.

  58. You should have called this post “Black Pill Sunday.” Trump is neither the problem, nor the solution. And the current social dynamics are the result of a last spasm of resistance from the Deep State prior to Durham’s indictments. Expect lots of fireworks from the 4th of July onward til November. Ancient wisdom, use this time to find safe haven and improve your robustness. We may yet live to see the beginning of the rebound.

    • Speaking of “social dynamics”:

      2016 was the Twitter election. Trump played that hand masterfully.

      2020 may well be the Tik Tock election; Trump was tolled very hard in Tulsa.

      A $1 per ticket fee, payable by traceable credit card would fix the mischief from last nights rally numbers.

      But the real point is the engines of persuasion have moved on from Twitter, and on to newer platforms that frankly, old people like me don’t care about and don’t want to. It’s weaponized visual persuasion,as powerful as it is shallow.

      • The fact the Brad Parscale fell for a troll that was so simple and transparent shows what intellectually vapid bullshitters guys are. It was something a junior high kid would be able to see a mile away.
        There was zero cleverness necessary to pull it off.

    • And the current social dynamics are the result of a last spasm of resistance from the Deep State prior to Durham’s indictments. Expect lots of fireworks from the 4th of July onward til November

      I think you got lost on the way here. You are looking for comments section thatta way—>

      You got it man Q was right all along there will be a TOTAL round up of hundreds, no thousands of deep state critters to celebrate the 4th of July this year. And Trump will lead the charge on a white horse shouting Deus Vult! as he rides charging from the White House to the Capitol Bldg. Nigga please…

      • In the past I have read that the ooga booga occult practices that the elite participate in requires them to publically confess their wickedness in some form. This is what Qanon is looking like to me. Trust Wray, activate Sessions, yeah right.

  59. Yesterday, I read Lawrence Austers’ “The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism ” I got to say, I had the most surreal feeling reading that while all the statues were toppling.

    Anyway I think it’s time to get rid of trump. Let’s go ahead and get this show on the road. The existential threat that white people are facing won’t be realized until it gets a little more obvious. Some of the white people are going to sacrifice themselves and that’s fine, they’ll be in the front lines and they’ll be cut down first but seeing them cut down will wake up some other white people. The country is over. It does not exist anymore. Now is the time to take up your holy cause so that your people will survive. We’re all about to say goodbye to the ennui that seems to affect so many in the modern world and hopefully in a couple thousand years from now we’ll have a bunch of ancient documents that barely anyone understands that reiterate over and over again “don’t let the women gain power and dont tolerate sodomites”

      • I suppose it’s good that they report bad incidents. You have people in the US who believe Europe is more violent than the US because the stabbings, shootings, “random” attacks in the US are often not reported at all.
        You have to go to the Daily Mail to find coverage of these crimes in the US.

    • That’s a fantastic essay, right up there with the Enoch Powell “River of Blood” speech, or the book “Camp of the Saints.”
      I encourage owning hard copies of each..the burning of books is right around the corner. I call it my “Forbidden Books Bookshelf” (which surprisingly has gone up considerably in value as publishers signal they won’t dare publish bad think like Camp of the Saints again).
      No candidate, vote, policy or awakening is going to change the vector this country is on. Despair, however is a sin. No one can control what’s going on in your own head.

      • It is good. I bought it hard copy. $127 that was kind of pricey for an essay but it was worth it. And I tried to buy the camp of saints but it has actually gone out of my price range since he died. My entire library is the philosophy history, knowledge, and religion of our people. I feel like I’m building it for someone else. I’m not sure who.

        • Nevermind, it was only $55 Now it feels like a bargain! I have a huge collection of out-of-print books

    • I’ve been going back & forth about this in my mind. I’m starting to lean towards a Biden vote because why draw out the misery any longer? It is very clear that your average white american is a complete fucking retard with no understanding of well… anything.

      History, racial IQ, who actually makes the trains run on time / delivers the food / electricity / etc, what the actual function of government is, what happens historically when you put black people in charge, who invented nearly every single item they use & interact with on a daily basis.

      So that means we have hit an impasse if the status quo is maintained. So rather than the long slow slide, I think accelerant being thrown onto the burning Wendy’s is maybe the way to go. Like I said agree & amplify. Make it really bad because yes, it will hurt you, but just like any Stage 4 cancer patient (the former USA) chemo also kills the cancer. (hopefully) The first beneficiaries of rapid accelerationism will be shitlibs and good whites due to proximity. This is important because any with a shred of self preservation will start to rethink their positions rapidly. The rest are genetic dead ends and need to be culled anyways.
      You can already see the first glimmerings of this with anecdotal stories post around the web, some in this very comments section, and one in particular I find amusing because its in my AO. A DC area lefty shitlib wahmen message board. They are sorta kinda maybe starting to understand that all this diversity shit was maybe not the best thing to virtue signal about since the barbarians are literally at the gate(d) communities and they are tearing down anything that is white, period.

      You have to have a workable strategy and 4 more years of Trump limp-dicking it forward isn’t one. If Tucker Carlson ran on a 3rd party platform that would be a strategy, I don’t see that happening. So that leaves us with fuel for the fire. What is the one thing that will cause the tides to shift? White women being afraid. This can’t happen soon enough because it changes their view, the view of Joe Sixpack, the view of the White Knight Cop who is always protecting m’lady, etc. etc.

      Remember what changes behavior rapidly and permanently: Fear & Pain There has never ever been a better educational tool invented yet, so use the two you have.

      • White women being afraid may be one possible but limited solution. I doubt the average white is a retard. But concerning race, he, she and it certainly acts like one. Much of the problem probably comes from our elites and their institutions. This is far beyond Trump. Most people do not have the time, energy or inclination to think critically or philosophize. In fact, it is much more psychologically easy to believe. We rely on the elites. Elites are necessary but they can be extremely harmful and even dangerous. Just look at WWI. Just look at the U.S. now.

      • “What is the one thing that will cause the tides to shift? White women being afraid.”

        And they’ll suddenly discover a sincere desire to have homes and children again.

        I’m living proof- a Boomer, son of a WWll vet.

  60. ZMan wrote, “…so going to an event like this means running a gauntlet of protesters, while the cops cheer it on.”

    Excellent, ZMan, thank you. Thank you for speaking this critical truth that the dimwit right still doesn’t get

    • Remember San Jose in 2016 when the La Raza mayor and police chief funneled unarmed Trump supporters right through the rage mob. Trump and Sessions did absolutely nothing. I never heard them even mention it. Do you think if a Republican mayor and police chief did a similar thing to Obama supporters Loretta Lynch and the DOJ would let that pass? If Trump and Sessions had legally curb stomped those San Jose officials like they should have a lot of this stupidness we are seeing today would not be going on.

  61. So tiresome. Yes , JVanka is a blight. Trump disappoints and doesn’t follow through on his promises, etc. blah blah blah. WTF is the option?
    I am still waiting for an election Doomer to give me an answer. Their response might be “Oh, we will elect Biden and the obese toad from Georgia as his VP and then things will really accelerate downhill but lead towards our final victory!!!”
    We didn’t get comprehensive amnesty under Trump. That alone makes it re-electable. We didn’t get any more wars under Trump.
    The rally was fine last night. The Tulsa mayor scare people away with his dire warning of violence and a (rescinded) curfew.

    • You are suffering from battered wife syndrome. Your man did not slap you around as hard as usual, so that’s proof he really loves you.In this case, Trump could have slapped you around more, but he let keep some of your teeth, so it’s all good.

      • You have a better option?

        And also, I never ask bloggers to post links but in the case of Pascale, is there any reference to him being an HRC supporter? My searches all show him working Trump in 16.

        • You: I plan to jump off this cliff.

          Me: That’s a bad idea.

          You: Do you have a better option?

          • With due respect (and I mean it), you seem to be getting a touch of the TDS, Zdude. I get it, but just don’t get blackpilled, man.

          • It’s better to accelerate the inevitable than to permit the oligarchs to reform stronger than ever. Our Thing is better off with Biden/Abrams this January than what will be served up after another four years of The Golfing Dorito Finger. Those whom can be converted to our cause may not come over at all if they age the four years, instead, when their neighborhood burns and their kids are completely corrupted under open progressive rule, we can acquire a critical mass with the converts aboard.

          • Cool, and I agree, but I simply was referring to not being blackpilled regardless of feelings towards the retard in office.

  62. At this point, the left is so ascendant and has its hands on so many levers, and has so thoroughly ingrained its values into the minds of almost every single American that regardless of whether Trump was a set up for us we probably should consider him a liability. In fact, that probably explains Trumps behavior: most people swim in leftist water, they dont even consider that there is an alternative other than some nebulous concept that the alternative is pure genocidal evil.

    This is going to sound defeatest but i have mulled this over for a long time and I believe Trump is a liability because 1. The leftist revolution will not be stopped. We control no institutions, the populace doesnt yet have a moral framework to even understand our ideas as anything but pure evil, and do i even need to explain why use of force would be foolish at this point? 2. Trump in office makes us a target, all of us even the leftists. So long as anything or anyone is a visible figurehead of both us as a people and a reactionary force to the left’s ascendancy, it makes us target number one for soft and sometimes hard ethnic cleansing, humiliation, and demoralization.

    The left has ensured that there will be no counterrevolution, by accident or on purpose they boxed it all in. Trying to find some way to undermine them or fight the tide is only going to make them work harder to destroy us in every sense of that word, in fact it energizes them. I think we may have to accept the inevitability of their transition to total power. This is a conclusion that some of you may have already reached, but not reaching it is probably causing many to waste time and energy. Instead, we work to survive, segregate, and then thrive. I dont fully know what that part looks like yet. But unlike, say, TRS i dont think the left are genocidal towards whites per se because of jews getting revenge or something, rather the left view us as a threat or at least a rallying point because so far we have done what we can to stop it electorally, marching in the streets, etc.

    Like the amish, and not too dissimilar to the jews in a sense, its time the minority of us who know better to focus our efforts away from the losing battle and on to finding a way to survive and then hopefully thrive after the transition. Like a disapora except we would be a separate tribe even from members of our own race. Our values, our culture and so on would have to define our membership and they may have to be so exclusionary that no one who lacks our perspective would even consider us as anything other than an odd anomaly. Normie and his friends should feel the same way about us as they do the amish.

    Long story short, it may be best for us if Trump loses. In fact if we stop going to the streets, or agitating leftists on social media, all the better as well. We stop giving them an obvious target that threatens their unnatural control of society. I know i sound like a beaten dog just accepting fate, but hear me out: we cannot survive endlessly fighting the ascendant leftist regime, but the regime cant survive its own contradictions forever either, at least not in a world where other nations are competing for power. If we can remain a vanguard through the descent then we will be in place to reclaim something on the other side. If otoh we decide to be a constant reactionary force to them, well, their lunatice furvor might just kick in so hard they end up removing us from the equation completely.

    • You are probably right, Irish Farmer. It usually is a big mistake to rely on one person, especially one as flawed as Trump. The left achieved its dominant position after decades of working through institutions that now even include the military and big corporations. The dissident right is now in such a hole that will require decades of effort to dig itself out.  

    • Jared and Ivanka would certainly like for us to vote for Trump again, but we would be stupid to do so. We can be forgiven for believing and hoping the first time, but he’s older and weaker now. If he wins, he’s handing the reins to them (more obviously than he already has) and taking the easy path, while setting his progeny up for possible power. I never really liked him, but voting for Hillary was unthinkable. Voting for Jvanka is equally or maybe more galling. Bottom line: He didn’t fight for us this term when he was facing another election. He certainly won’t next time. Our needs are quite irrelevant, and we are the trash whites (or dirt people, as Dave Chappelle calls us), and no loyalty to us is even contemplated. (First and last time I watched his show.) We would be like the white conservatives who voted for Obama in the name of racial harmony-useful idiots. And, as IrishFarmer points out, his election may well crush us. Note: If I hear from another person how hard Trump “tried”, I may be physically sick.

    • Since I am one of the resident pessimists, I must nod my head in agreement. If I were a young man (I’m not, I’m 58), and single etc. I would seriously consider if moving to another country is the answer. But I don’t think there is anywhere in the world that will escape whatever’s coming. That said, if you have family ties in a stable, not to say affluent, country, you might weigh your options. In my lifetime I’ve seen some of this happen: first they will impose exchange controls (you won’t be able to take your money out), until finally you will not be allowed to leave; you are now the property of The State. 🙁 Defeatist? Of course. But, in retrospect, leaving Russia in 1916, or Nazi Germany in 1938 would have proven very good ideas. Alas, all the English-speaking countries are deteriorating in a similar manner. A final problem is the better countries won’t take you, well maybe on a 30-day tourist visa.
      Can you imagine how popular a country would be if they announced that the government was set up along lines of 1950s America, and only Whites of Euopean ancestry could immigrate? 😀

      • Perhaps one day we will have made our own thing we dont have to flee from. I believe it will happen, even if i only live long enough to see the seeds planted.

        But we will get there.

        • Why in the name of blazes would they accept US immigration? They have a country, a people, a culture, a language. Why would they allow people who stood idly by when stripped of all of those in? You’d be as welcome as a Californian in Texas, except unlike Texans, these people don’t have to let you in. Stand and fight in America, or go quietly into the night.

  63. Biden is unaware but how much is Trump actually aware of?
    He’s always been a touchy-feely guy because that’s what he reacts to. Others have always ironed out the details in the backroom once he’s completed his performance art.  If the throngs are cheering he’s contented. If not he’s all ears to his handlers who control his world view…
    He’s surrounded by people who would not be out of place in a Hillary or Jeb cabinet. His right fringe is Rush and Hannity. For Trump Tucker is now little more than the embers of a dying fire at summer camp…it was fun but its day has passed. Even as a candidate he was never outside of the kosher sandwich…and despite his Chabad handlers he’s moved steadily to the left. The agenda setters have almost won so why bother with the false dichotomy any longer.
    He’s still something of a loose cannon. He may play the hero at the 11th hour and manage to garner enough votes from a desperate people to win again. And then again under the protective cloak of conservatism screw us in every possible way and buy even more time for those who await a more opportune time to destroy us.
    His defeat and a Biden-Abrams-Bottoms-K Street win would be the best thing for us. Maybe not in the short run but it would force Whites to act on their behalf or suffer, and suffer badly, the consequences of their inaction. The Trump effect isn’t similar to the Thatcher Effect…it’s more like the Kevorkian effect. Die a quiet death while dreaming an intoxicating fantasy of recapturing an old glory that is already dead.

    • Reminds me of the euthanasia scene in Soylent Green. One day of comfort and real food, a movie of beautiful scenes- of what was lost, plays on the big screen as they drift off. Of course they will become the soylent green themselves (“its people!”) to literally feed the illusion of hope and propagate the lie.

        • I first saw Soylent Green at the drive-in as a kid. Didn’t see it again til about 45 years later.

          Astonishingly good- I don’t think anything could ruin such prescience.

          (“Who are you?”… “Furniture.”)

    • It takes brass cajones to step up, fight and die and they are rare among people. Most whites including the DR types will not.
      And make no mistake we will not achieve anything without a lot of bloodshed because everyone else wants the brass ring as well.
      It will make CW1 look like a picnic.

      • As a group We aren’t blank slates. Somewhere buried within us is a drive for self preservation. Is it so deeply buried that it never surfaces in enough of us…or will it erupt and as you say…make CW1 look like a picnic?
        Our enemies have turned up the heat and will continue to do so. We about to learn a lot more about our tribe or what’s left of it.

      • I am actually willing to fight and die. But I won’t do it alone or gratuitously. I must be convinced my actions will contribute materially to Our Thing. This requires leadership and I don’t see evidence we have it at an operational level. An isolated McVeigh-type incident invariably produces a counter-reaction that undermines attainment of the objective. Show me the leadership, help me join or form the cell. Mirage.

        • Leadership comes naturally amongst men you dwell amongst and share bread and battle with… Imagine the Army do leaders just appear or are they cultivated and brought up through the ranks and by their actions and deeds are chosen as leaders… Untested and Unknown leaders usually end up with their men dead or captured…You have to have Community before you can build a movement…But it’s hard work and kinda boring so it doesn’t get done…

  64. Zman wrote, “Even the dumbest white people are starting to realize that the police are there to protect the Left and their masters.

    Bingo, ZMan!… 98% of the right moronically has “cop love” and believes cops are their saviors. Asinine. Antafifa are the government’s shock troops and the police are Antafifa’s body guards.

    When it goes down George Soro’s police will be the ones cracking the law-abiding’s skulls. The war will be George Soro’s police and George Soro’s military with a few soy-boys and browns thrown in against the free whites.

    • When it gets real and you’ve lost friends and family, Antafifa will go down like files… at your pleasure fast as you can switch mags. But when the USSA Red Gov sees their soy-boys going down, then it will be on. You’ll have every cop within 100 miles and several attack helicopters and MRAPs putting a dent in the party.

      You mark these words, you dimwitted on the right. Antifafa can be brushed aside. But who’s going to gleefully crack your skull? Who?

    • Not really true among younger people. Orange County had a pro cop rally , and I doubt there was anyone under AARP age there. And Conservative younger people do have time with the economy and all they just lack the interest. Even our side is a little NWA was Right these days.
      And while as always I suggest lawful actions only and trying to prevent this, if it goes hot, we won’t be fighting in the streets. We’ll be fighting a dirty war against anyone supporting the other side in any way, the softer the target the better.
      Its also not exactly a race war , there are race elements but most people are going to fighting for a shared culture , rural/small town and suburban right vs city left .
      The only wildcard is say Chinese troops in which case w behave a Red Dawn scenario . I suspect even the pozzed military won’t go for that though. They know they’ll end up dead afterward.

  65. So the one thing that the Trumpians tout as the thing that will turn the tide—the overwhelming enthusiasm of his base—turns out to be non-existent.

    • One rally during riots and a purportedly deadly epidemic still with far greater turnout that Biden got does not indicate a massive lack of enthusiasm among a naturally conservative and cautious lot.
      Don’t get me wrong, enthusiasm is down but Trump is not out.

    • Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” – Dean Wormer

      Not directed at you, Mel.

  66. On the individual level I see the Trump delaying action playing out with increasing frequency. The anarcho-tyranny of BLM/Antifa is penetrating deeper into the lives of the slumbering masses but there is nowhere for them to plant those seeds. Orange man bad and orange man lowest black unemployment leaves them in a dark alley with nowhere to go.

    Just yesterday a super lefty acquaintance was all worked up because her yoga studio got cancelled by a couple of rabid sjw lgbtpocs.

    All those freaks had to do was facebook post about how the owner had made them feel unwelcome. The owner had posted some virtue signaling about blackness on the site and that was it, the mob turned that currency around on him.

    Her summation: “its not okay to be white right now”. So you have the illegality of whiteness in such plain view that even a commie yoga grifter can see it. And yet our prez can’t utter the word “white” but can tapdance on the graves of his voters while TPTB rush in and trillions of gibs go missing while white people argue over the efficacy of homemade masks.

  67. Boy, there’s a bitter pill to swallow on Father’s Day! I, like a lot of others had at least relatively high hopes for Trump but it’s pretty tough at this late date to get fired up about much of anything. He’s surely a whole lot of bark and very little bite. One thing he has done for me: my hatred of the left – in all its various permutations – knows no bounds. There is no fate that would be beyond the pale for those bastards. I just hope I’m around long enough to see some of the just retribution.

  68. I actually think his greatest achievement was his candidacy. The energy and fun we had in 2015-2016 was something special. And at that point it did really seem that the left was demoralized after watching Trump beat all the odds.

    But that’s it, unfortunately. He’s bungled everything up ever since then. At this point, getting excited for Trump or a Trump re-election is like getting excited for an upcoming 8-8 season in the NFL with a 2nd-rate quarterback. There’s nothing to look forward to.

    • I actually think his greatest achievement was his candidacy. The energy and fun we had in 2015-2016 was something special.

      But was that Trump’s achievement, or did Trump merely ride the tiger?

      • Trump woke up the tiger, maybe accidentally. But his personality and willingness to wack the other GOP candidates around was key to waking us up. A Jared Taylor type could never have done that. Now that we are awake, hopefully we can grow up a little and accept serious if boring leaders as is normal for us, as long as we are able to keep him focused on being on our side.

      • Trump 2016 was a legitimate accomplishment. He was the only person who could have gotten off the mat after pussygate.

        He was the most populist Republican since TR, and if he’d governed that way he’d be on cruise control to a second term.

        • Personally, endorphin highs of 2016 have long worn off for me. He couldn’t have governed that way, the poz is everywhere so it would have taken a actual revolution. Cheeto-face was always just a carnival barker. And reluctantly — coming from one — a boomer. It will take a different generation — not sure which — for anything to happen.

          • I don’t buy that. For example, he could have rescinded the DACA EO. Instead, he used it to prove he cared more about illegal invaders than the Democrats. Sure, the Left would have gone to court, but he could have responded with a new EO every week that the Left would have to take to court. This is what the Left does on guns. They keep passing the same laws despite the courts knocking them down.

            Trump could have been much better, but he never even tried.

          • Sure. Except that it’s pretty clear that Trump had no idea what he was going to be up against, or how to exactly to fight it.

            IRC it was you who pointed out that a sane establishment would have coopted Trump by giving him a few PR victories and then doing what it wanted to behind the scenes.

            Which would have worked because I don’t think he has any core beliefs and just wanted to be president for the ego stroking.

            It’s telling that the establishment couldn’t bring themselves to do even that. It’s even more telling that his response wasn’t to fold but to dig in his heels and fight back.

            If he wins re-election I expect he’ll push his agenda out of spite – as a fuck you to dc hive – even if he doesn’t believe in it out of principle.

            Which works just fine for me.

          • You’re assuming Trump was somebody other than he actually is. Personally, I don’t have any trouble admitting I was wrong about him. Let’s face it, Jared is in charge and we know what that means.

      • What’s the difference? Prior President rode the tiger after a fashion as well. He was an AA candidate, of zero accomplishment, groomed his entire life for political ascendency.

  69. I think the energy at the next few rallies will tell the story.

    it will also show just how organized are the Antifa people, if they can keep taking their act to the various stops on the road. And also keep up their energy.

    we will see if Trump can tire them out or if he even has it in him. I wouldn’t be surprised also if Trump is playing possum a little and acting beaten down.

    we shall see.

    • The complete lack of violence and mayhem in Tulsa may encourage greater turnouts in future rallies. Also, silly though it undoubtedly is, the KOVID spike in Oklahoma doubtless deterred many older Trump supporters from attending. The Donald had a lot going against him last night. But he’s been the underdog for the last five years, so he’s used to it.

    • This is perfect example of the sort of mouth breather Trump assumes is his base. They are dumb, they watch Fox News and they repeat catch phrases fed to them by the marketing department of Conservative Inc. Trump correctly assumes these dopes will turn up and vote for the guy with an “R” next to their name. The mistake Trump is making is in assuming these people constitute a majority of voters. They may not even be a majority of white people now.

      • Well, I certainly understand where this site is coming from. You are the one assuming – and a lot. You also assumed a lot in 2016. How’d that work for ya? I’m a mouth breather, eh? I’m dumb, eh? I watch Fox News, eh? TDS is not a catch phrase, it’s real and lives within you. I’m not dumb and I don’t watch Fox News, nor any TV news other than maybe the weather. The things you just said are insults fed by you and others time, and time again. Try to be original instead of doing exactly what you accuse me of. Hope your intolerance improves. I know It’s difficult with TDS, but after Trump wins reelection, maybe you’ll realize it’s futile. Happy Trails.

          • The problem here is neither that we have displays of TDS, or “mouth breathers”. It is that we have most often a “disagreement” (to put it mildly) on the facts, or premises of the argument wrt Trump.

            Wherever Trump criticism is made, it is often absolute, rarely nuanced For example (not to restart a tired discussion), as in failure to control immigration. No mention made of any successes, just a claim of abject failure.

            The criticism of failure to build the “wall” is always absolute and repeated over and over again—often by the same folk—only to be refuted over and over again. Few days ago, I pointed out the celebration a month or so ago of the first 100 miles of *new* wall in response to a “no” wall comment. Couple of days ago, HS announce the finish of the second 100 miles of *new* wall (as I predicted as well). HS also announced new construction in critical areas around Yuma and other areas.

            But these events are never noted, nor refuted when pointed out. Nor, are the events wrt MX aid in the endeavor to prevent border crossing, nor the Court injunctions on EO’s from Trump having to be fought every step of the process.

            There are any number of claims made today wrt Trump and his Presidency, again one sided. And the response to rebuttal, “OK Boomer”. That’s not a persuasive argument—if an argument at all.

            That Trump’s presidency is a failure or not, seems not the issue and in any event is usually left to historians in retrospect summation. Reasons why we see such now are. But those can’t really be understood without a reasonable discussion of the facts—sans emotion. Some folk here understand that and we see it in commentary, others—pro-Trump and anti-Trump—just vent.

          • I concur. I expected an adolescent response because I was responding to an adolescent opinion. I got it, too. (this is Boomer)

          • Compsci and Rwc gave you articulate responses, Your Neighbor. It may be that you’ve dropped into a more nuanced setting than you are used to and it is easy to haze the new guy but end up with Rwc’s “circular firing squad.” Stick around. Go easy on the criticism and you should be treated with civility for the most part. Everyone here (with the exception of a few nutters) all have the same desire to help Our People.

          • Guys like you and Z are why whites can’t get their shit together you are all to happy to form a circular firing squad.
            Instead of forming a big tent party for whites, you’re doing the heavy lifting for the opposition.

            You really think the Orcs and the globalists give a shit about some artificial distinctions you guys have for whites you despise.? No they don’t.

          • If an ethno-state is ever created it will be done by the left.

            Figuring out that sales pitch / marketing effort to actuate that is the real political jujitsu.

          • They already want it but the mainstream such as it is will call them “The Right.” since they’ve been doing that for propaganda purposes since the 30’s.
            In its nascent form the .Alt Right, these guys were included with Our Thing which was a mistake as public discipline and op-sec have always been a problem with that lot.
            That said Our Thing needs to ditch the GOPe economy adherents along with any remaining grifters and libertarians the sooner the better.
            We may well choose socialized medicine or we may not but whatever path we chose, extreme concentration of wealth and free passage of capital and peoples are anathema to a god place top have a family.

          • More than anything I think we need a careful and detailed analysis of what we’re really up against and what we hope to replace it with. Consider that a lot of the real power in today’s world does not lie with governments at all but with multinational corporations that operate as “ghost nations” within every nation they infect. Governments are increasingly just their enforcement arms, hired goons to crush opponents. Many (most?) of our laws are even written by lobbyists working directly for them. This isn’t even hidden.

            It’s easy to just say “smash them”. It’s not easy to see that they came about because of real world needs to coordinate production and distribution globally and also to insure that a globally standardized worker/consumer unit needed to be created. Even in the absence of the globalized system of advertising and propaganda they have built there will still be a core of essential production that must be coordinated trans-nationally.

            We need economists and operations analysts to work on ways to solve these problems of essential production. We need technologists and computer experts to stop making yet another internet startup scam that delivers specialty ice cream to hipsters. Instead they can work on small scale production technology to re-localize production and re-create real jobs, especially for men. It’s really sad to go around a city like where I live and realize that maybe 80% of the workforce seems to consist of pozzed young women.

            An exposition of these things, done in an appealing and hopeful, rather than angry, way could even shift some wavering lefties to our side. No one really likes large corporations, just making people understand that not everything “right wing” is a disingenuous marketing campaign hatched at General Motors would be a major accomplishment.

          • Boss. Gonna call you boss, el Jefe, lo Honcho.

            I can feel the adult part of my brain waking up, smelling breakfast, and getting interested. This is steak and eggs for those who won’t touch the race aspect.

            By gum, I think you’ve just given us our way out.

      • I’m reminded of how Mitt Romney thought he would reach the White House solely on the votes of small business owners.

      • A lot of the push back you’re receiving is not MAGA tier bellyaching. It’s Hazony tier pilpul. You poked a stick into their little hornet’s nest last year and they aren’t quite sure how to respond…so they show up here and there playing the reasonable ones with a pathway to political redemption. They worry about too much too fast so they want to rein things in before it all gets away from them.

        Dissident sites have seen a significant uptick in traffic so expect more and more of this sort of push back and trolling. They want to bait as many dissidents into unforced errors as they can. They understand that a Trump defeat plays much better for us than it does for them. Their focus has always been to keep people from organizing locally (what they can’t control if it’s too widespread) and putting their hopes in national politics(which they completely control).

        Smoothing over or at least putting aside the differences in the dissident movement would make us a harder target and help all involved keep our focus on the who, where and what.

        • The biggest flaw among Our Side is the insane level of finger pointing aimed at other whites just because of their age or grouping..
          This is self-destructive. And guess what it makes us easy prey.
          And no a Trump defeat doesn’t work out for us given how fragmented whites are. We will be picked off quite easily. What do you think Big Tech has been doing? Building a nice database of white malcontents they can give to the Fed for round up.

          • Trump sucks all of the energy out of the tent. People wait for him to do something…anything. He runs out the clock.
            Without him people will understand that we have to group and act to protect ourselves or we get rolled over. It’s not just dissidents. It is now the majority of whites who our enemies see as a problem that needs to be eradicated.

            It’s better to have our enemies tighten the screws now while we are still 50% of the population than to ride things out for another handful of years and have to do so with 40%…30%…Time is not on our side. We are already an effective minority. 25% of our tribe will be remain anti-white no matter how bad things get. It has to happen this decade.

            Trump’s job at this point, whether he intends to or not is to keep whites from feeling they need to form white interest groups. He many be with us in spirit but he is stillborn in the flesh. With him out of the way and our enemies stirring the pot we sink or swim. No more treading water. It’s exhausting our will and our ability to push back.

          • I would just add one thing to that amazing screed Brother and that is the banding/building is a whole lot easier when we aren’t taking fire so anyone that is still on the fence about it better get crackin’😉

          • Anyone who posts here can be pretty sure they would be in such a database. I don’t know how many of “us” there are. I think we would be less likely to be “rounded up” than to be denounced and excluded in the 21st century manner: doxxed, fired, loss of publishing banking, other not-rights. None of our constitutional rights would be violated, just all our corporate privileges 🙁

        • I don’t agree that a Trump defeat helps us. I do agree that the obsession with national politics is very much a sort of sportsball type spectatorism. It diverts effort into a controlled arena where the enemy controls all the entry points.

          There is still at least the chance that Trump’s 2nd term will see action against the tech giants. Trump has a personal beef with Twitter and it may be that he will act on that if not some abstract love of freedom. I think we all agree that Trump’s ego is huge. Anything that damages tech gives us more time to organize and more time for alt-tech like Gab to mature. I can’t really imagine Biden doing anything against tech since they are part of the establishment’s system of control.

          • Trump is a banded bull. He plays along because his family will be destroyed if he doesn’t.
            If the present openly anti-White not-so-cold-war doesn’t drive enough Whites to some form of protecting their collective interests…then maybe we don’t deserve to survive. If our tribe is that spiritually dead…or so pathetically protective of what little comforts they have left…then let’s find that out now rather than later. Then the rest of us will know where we stand.

      • Not smart, Z. It was hard enough for George Washington to keep things together back when we really were a monoculture. Today, it’s even harder. There is an argument to be made for being an accelerationist. But many of us happen to believe we are one or two more elections from throwing gas on the fire. After that, I’m in. Pence may will BE the accelerant.

  70. <i>His two great achievements are throwing open the prisons so violent blacks can prey on his voters and massive give-sways to the super-rich and global pirates.</i>

    You forgot about moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

      • Oh c’mon now. Over the flames, I could hear grateful negroes chanting “Gorsuch… Gorsuch…”

        • What you heard was, “gibs-me-dat-fuk! gibs-me-dat-fuk! ….” (in the modern ebonic language, dat-fuk implies “n sheet.”)

      • Honestly Capt S; Trump picked from a list given him by conservatives, a dream list.
        That they’re all turning on him just shows how political the Court has always been…the wind is blowing against Trump so the Court goes with the current.

        • Noted. I’m simply regurgitating the excuse people give on why they vote for Trump. The lesson-learned, then, is that there’s no “dream list” of black robes that’s going to change a damn thing.

    • With the Sandbagger-In-Chief riding off into the sunset (or muddling through another four years) we can write off any great white hope of having Our people represented in the system as is.

      We tried. He failed. TPTB have trebled their efforts to humiliate and destroy us.

      We are morally free at this point.

      • Ohh please there was no chance at all that our people would get real representation.

        And there is no reason a white hope cannot arise even with Trump in office. Trump is a non-entity for the most part now. He’s afraid of the rioters and has no control over the government anymore.

        • Rwc 1963,

          I think you misunderstand me, Sir.

          We were obliged to go through the motions of pretending there are rules and the game is fair. It was always a stacked deck but the moral imperative of playing the hand out is completed. With clear conscience we can step away from the rigged game.

          A hundred posts here and I don’t think I’ve mentioned Trump once. He was always a forlorn hope in my book. While he may have fronted himself as a representative of heritage Americans for opportunistic or vague personal notions, he nevertheless became the expression of the Will of those people. And we have seen that TPTB and their henchmen will pull out all the stops to crush us. Even a weak and inconsistent figurehead enrages them enough to muster all means, legal and illicit to end us. They’d feed the country into the maw of civil war before they’d ratchet back their goals one inch.

          This is okay, Rwc. Many of Our people placed their stake behind a Great White Hope that would allow them to have a voice. It was never going to happen and it is good that they see it.

          No single man or even cabal of men are going to ride in like the cavalry and save white people. TPTB have made sure to lame the horses and replace the officers with commissars. It is going to be up to us to save Ourselves. It always was but now we are free from having to watch the horizon for Our rescuers.

          I never lose hope and I certainly won’t lose a single iota of it should Trump lose reelection or continue to stumble along for four more years. For me it has always been about Our People and giving the system one last chance. Well, the system is the syphilitic whore I knew her to be and now we are free to focus solely on Our People sans rules.

          If you are, a happy Father’s Day, Rwc. And if not, joy of the day to you.

          • Happy Father’s Day to you as well Brother I hope you got to spend time with your family…I had to work 😉

          • Lineman,

            I did and am sorry you missed yours. As always, thank you for keeping the lightning flowing.

    • Officially recognizing Israel’s annexation of the occupied Golan Heights is another feather in his cap. Real estate is his business .

    • I’m going to help you out Felix since you keep posting the same thing over & over without the self awareness to realize it is not working for whatever reason. (Einstein, definition of insanity?)

      HTML tag italics do not work anymore. But as you can see from what I just wrote; Italics, do indeed, still work. While you are posting here direct your eyes to the little bar of icons at the bottom of the comment window. See the B, I, U, etc? Bold, Italic, Underline, etc as has been standard for at least the past 30 years on any word processing software going back to at least WordPerfect. Here to help… 🙂

      • <i>without the self awareness to realize it is not working for whatever reason.</i>

        It’s a protest. Petty, perhaps, but still: not allowing HTML in your comment field should be considered a First Amendment violation.
        And while italics work (you can even use ctrl+i), linking text doesn’t.

      • Oh, you’re bothering others now.
        Well, I will still pray for you Apex Asperger.

        You must be a teacher laid off by COVID, no children to harangue. How sad.

    • Actually Felix that was a costly decision for Trump.
      Peace has cost Trump the military, or at least the Generals.
      Moving the embassy to Jerusalem effectively ended the Palestinian conflict, which was always about aid money through UNWRA and the rest, especially the Palestinian leadership.
      So it was Trump actually being the Peacemaker for real.
      Where it cost Trump is generations of American’s in the State Dept and Foreign Aid, DS/CIA etc have made entire careers on continuing the Palestinian money machine; this cost him a great deal of support in government and the Beltway. Multiple generations of Americans have retired rich [the point of government] off Palestine, it’s a career handed off for decades.
      An actual legacy, like a Trust Fund that kept renewing.

      People don’t realize that Trump’s Peace in Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, refusing Cold War with Russia, China, refusing War with the NORKS cost him the support of the Generals, and the professional Beltway War profiteer class.
      Now when he needs them – and America needs them – Trump finds he cannot order the Generals to restore order in America.
      This is happening at the exact moment the Police are collapsing – not that I blame the police for walking, they are betrayed and should walk away.

      This is a post mortem not just on Trump you know, but the Presidency. The next President starts with at best a loyal secret service detail, hopefully. It will be interesting to see how long DC can function with an open figurehead President, which is what Trump is least in terms of Power over the Federal government.

  71. Not to boomer bash but Trump does what he does because he is a quintessential boomer in his views of the world and the system as a whole.
    In other words, he doesn’t see the system itself as being corrupt to the core. Instead, he clings to the illusion that it’s just being prevented from working correctly (instead of accepting the reality that the system is working as designed) by a few “bad apples”. Again I think a part of this is simply age. By their very nature, old people do not want to turn the apple cart over and start building something new. Instead, they want to tinker with the apple cart and keep things going along so that they can live out their few remaining years in relative peace and prosperity. Look at the Q stuff; people will grab on to an obvious fantasy that some sort of “storm is coming” because “patriots are in control” no matter how much reality is slapping them in the face. They know, they JUST KNOW that at any moment, those police who stand around and do nothing while a mob beats the crap out of a guy until the right moment comes when they can swoop in and arrest the guy if he decides to defend himself against the mob are suddenly going to turn around and start cracking commie heads in the name of ‘Murica. Everyone keeps being told they just need to vote for the right people or they just need to vote for people who will put the right people on the Supreme Court. Yet, the results keep coming out the same no matter who winds up on the court or who you vote for. This is the reality. And the fact of the matter is that most people will choose to ignore a reality that unpleasant, most of all old people.

    • Yeah but the aging hippies are old too but they don’t want to tinker with the system. Supposedly they want to blow it up or have their young cronies do it for them.

      but if Trump still doesn’t get it, that the system is rotten to the core, then it’s a failing of his. Maybe because he’s super rich that if the system is rotten then it means he may be too since he thrived in it and is a product of it, so therefore it can’t be rotten in his mind.

      but it’s just bizarre all around. We have susan rice hating on us loudly. And these are the people in government Hostile to us, looking not to rule and govern us but to make us hurt It’s a sick country filled with sick people And if this is “democracy” then you can keep it and I’d rather we look for something better

      • I think the biggest joke we’ll find out one day is that Trump’s “wealth” was just an interlocking set of leveraged loans. Exactly like…the system. Replete with pure fraud on Wall Street, filtering all the way down to main street. If “the system” could actually occupy talking meat, it would be Trump.

        • I think the biggest joke we’ll find out one day is that Trump’s “wealth” was just an interlocking set of leveraged loans. 

          That’s practically everybody’s wealth. We won’t find out who’s actually rich until the banking system stops working.

          • Divide everything by 20

            That’s pretty much what everything is worth in terms of actual cash since there is only about $15 trillion of it and yet the appraised “values” of everything from houses to stocks is like $300 trillion

    • They still think the commies are going to nuke us if we don’t buy the world a Coke. Hard to beat childhood programming.

      I was thinking about that the other day. They had MLK and the moon landing. My generation had Rodney King and the Challenger disaster. To give only 2 examples. It’s no wonder I find their perspective so hard to relate to.

      • We spent our childhoods losing our fathers and becoming latch-key kids. I can still remember walking home from school and hearing about the space shuttle blowing up and also the mayor of my city bombing a city block (the MOVE disaster). This along with books and movies about the impending nuclear holocaust. But at least we got to see the Berlin Wall fall. Gen-X was the last generation to experience a major positive event which changed the world.

        • From what I saw on my cul-de-sac, mom generally pushed dad out of the picture because he was a workaholic who didn’t pay enough attention to her, as she was off jazzercising her a ss off when he actually was home to pay attention to her. Driving home “late” in her new 3 Series, angry that he didn’t make enough to buy her the 5 Series.

          • You have just described my childhood to a tee. At least I learned how to cook for myself. Fellow Gen X.

        • You don’t count every new app and site that comes along? Major, positive and world-changing all, better faster and cheaper every few years! You’d better take your Soma and rethink your position.

        • MOVE disaster

          I don’t remember a lot about that, but as far as I remember, those guys had it coming. One of the few times in history that having a Black mayor was beneficial, because only a Black mayor could get away with that kind of slaughter.

          • The mayor ordered a police helicopter to air drop a padlocked satchel which contained twenty-five pounds of C-4 and a timed detonator. Mussed their hair up a bit and resulted in one heck of a fireworks show. Coming to organizing meetings for Our Thing soon except delivery will be by drone. “This is Dominos, your pizza delivery has arrived, please open the door.” KABLAMMM! (an Israeli technique)

          • MOVE took over a building in a rather violent fashion and was nooisy and public so the cities Black mayor wisely dealt with it.
            Our Thing is going to be a hell of lot more discrete and if it every goes to that, there are plenty of ways to return the favor.

          • Re your second para, I am skeptical for many reasons, although I do pray you are correct and I am mistaken. In my neck of the woods, actually the core of a major metro, it’s extraordinary when I can identify a supporter of Our Thing. Typically, the rare maga attire wearer is mere edgy rebel and not a true believer or useful ally. I have helped convert a few but the numbers are not encouraging. Most folks just keep their heads down and parrot the narrative. Time will tell.

          • Our thing will be…

            Ah, but their thing IS…

          • Our thing will be…
            Ah, but their thing IS…

            Their thing is old and decrepit and our thing, provided it can sustain and grow, should have the vitality theirs lacks. I don’t see them rejuvenating a base anytime soon.

            Time will tell.

            Now whip it
            Into shape
            Shape it up
            Get straight
            Go forward
            Move ahead
            Try to detect it
            It’s not too late
            To whip it
            Whip it good
            When a good time turns around
            You must whip it
            You will never live it down
            Unless you whip it
            No one gets away
            Until they whip it

          • We know what it is, a great place to have a family but its not exactly easy getting the Right to cooperate.
            Beyond that, a lot of us have no idea how to have a proper family, lacking fathers, mothers, siblings and often other relatives as well.
            So many relationships have been messed up far before the Internet area that its hard to have a basis and to make it work.
            If you want the toll of modernity, try this.
            I know a family that went from sizable with high survival rates split off and than from a recoverable 3 adults (Boomer age) to basically nothing
            From those three Boomers there were 2 children (Gen X) and no grand-kids or wives or anyone else and only little if any interest.
            By comparison, a minimal family would have been 3 Boomers , 6 Kids and 12 Grand Kids some of whom might have a Great or two.
            A growing family would have been 3 Boomers, 9 Kids and 27 Grand Kids and some Greats.
            This isn’t even rare with below relacment fertility for near half a century
            How we build a society that makes a big healthy family workable and sell it to demoralized and non religious people is not easy.
            On top of that distribution of wealth must be fixed. As I’ve often said, every machine, every kiosk installed is a baby not born.
            Abortion ended many babies but automation and free trade butchered even more.
            Changing this part of our culture will essentially require huge effort to change an ingrained habit from the founding times.
            The only other options are allowing the population to stay in decline till there are enough jobs and/or complexity collapses or to move the society to a deliberate agrarian model somehow where most peoplel live on self sufficient farms
            We probably have enough land for that , maybe but we’ll be rather poor.
            Its not easy but the current model can’t work. No steady jobs, no moral society, no babies, no future.

          • Its not a fight where arms matter. If I had the powers of some superhero and became Justice Lord Prosper, nothing would change.
            Short of rape gangs ala Nicolae Ceaușescu nothing can cause a fertility rate to go up till it does.
            Religion has been tried, failed. Short term wealth redistribution, failed ,Jobs programs, failed.
            Every nation, every culture will fail.
            Maybe, maybe with an extreme amount of effort we can reach a stable state or a slight growth that is about as good as it gets.

          • I mean actually fight.
            That’s usually a precondition for reproduction – staying alive.
            (Iphone is weird now with new page. Apparently Bold until the first period or sentance. Strange)

          • Speculation: increasing dystopia, 1984 or North Korea style to end-game, possibly increasing automation ( = less people needed). At some point, call it The Fall, massive die-off due to system failure and/or deliberate genocide. Remnant populaton perhaps 1/10 or 1/20 of final peak, subsistence near-stone age. Time line, don’t know.

          • The ability for anyone to maintain anything in modernity is in decline in real time. I’ve seen it day after day.
            The dystopia goes with it as we won’t even be able to manage an industrial society on any scale much less something that complex.
            Now a massive decline in population by 80% would put as at 1850 levels, just sustainable , 90% about 1700. That we can sustain.
            On a long time line, a couple of centuries or less in theory, the US will be a very White, very Christian nation.
            No predciction this far ahead is realistic but
            The Amish TFR is between 5 and 7 (7 will double every 20 years) with high retention the Evangelicals and other relgious types like devout LDS are at about 3 with at least baseline retention and a few other groups have big families too.
            Secular folk have maybe 1 or 2
            Over time the base of people to maintain modernity will fade and we’ll get a new base, something pre oil and with limited coal and other resources.

          • The MOVE thing was hilarious and cathartic. As recently as the 1980s these big city police departments didn’t kid-glove it with Black militants. But from the MOVE thing came the Mumia Abu-Jamal thing, and the Philly police force has long since been proper “cucked’ as the kids say. They don’t get out of their squad cars these days.

        • Easy tiger, your Reaganism is showing. East Germany went from the frying pan of communistic suppression and into the fire of western racial mongrelization and destruction of ethnic pride. Note that while many eastern bloc nations labored under the yoke of communism, they remained ethnically homogeneous. “Big government” is not evil so long as it works toward the interest of the volk.

          • However true that might be, that is in hindsight. At the time, it was seen as a giant positive world altering event. It was on TV for like a year. It was a big deal and it had an effect on us. It was super-optimism is a time that already had so much optimism songs like “The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades”

      • Absolutely. I’ve been dealing with this forever. And a boomer will literally finger wag to you about how they “bootstrapped” it. They were handed a country that was number one, or near number one in every metric. Bootstrap my a ss. To this day they believe their own hype.

        • In Boomer’s defense, “Muh Bootstaps” were still a real thing when they were in their teens and 20’s.

          My frustration with them is not understanding that the world has changed.

          • In 1970, if you told some dirty begging hippy to get a job, it was an entirely legitimate insult. Good jobs were low hanging fruit.

          • Boomers (I’m one) are more interested in getting that SS check and gliding in for a smooth landing. Don’t give it to them!

          • Frack you, I paid FICA for 45 years so yes, I like the SS check. I hope you don’t get one.

          • I’ve paid it for 23 years and counting. Something like 10 cents of every dollar I’ve ever made, and I’ve never had illusions of getting a penny of it back when I retire. Millions can say the same.

        • Yeah I love it when I see comments about how those snowflake kids aren’t inheriting a thing from me! I’ve started pointing out that the kids aren’t even going to inherit a nation from them. Zero self awareness. It’s astonishing.

          • Time for me to step in again with the “generational accusations” bullshit is bullshit.

            People in each generation behave as they have been raised and as the times nudged them. Most people aren’t really good at striving against the tide of humanity. Boomers — you’d act just like Millennials and Gen-Zers if you were raised like them in the same circumstances. Gen-Zers and Millennials, the same in reverse.

            People suck and are largely short-sighted. Major revelation. Try reading the Bible sometime. The authors had that nailed several thousand years ago. But since people suck and are largely short-sighted, every new generation has to act like it’s a great revelation.

            As for not inheriting a thing from me, nope, not in this case. Unless the fucking midwits in charge manage to turn us all into paupers I’ve created a legacy that will bestow if not fabulous wealth at least respectable self-sufficiency on my kids, if they’re willing to take it up and put in the work.

          • I try to be even-handed about this stuff. And frankly I’m most critical of my own generation for being puppeteered, which is pathetic. But all the same I get frustrated hearing what I’ve known for most of my life (re: being cut out of the will) as if it was our fault. We’ve always known about demographic replacement, national bankruptcy, being priced out of our home so it can be sold at a tidy profit, etc. It’s adding insult to injury. So good on you for not rubbing it in.

            What the right needs to realize is that hope of revenge, though twisted, is something young people can look forward to. That’s why the left is now on the march and the right has stalled. The right abandoned the future.

            The future was there for the taking in ‘16 and we let Pepe get branded a neo-nazi, we let the usual suspects hijack MAGA, and I (in my small life) was ineffective in waking people up to what was happening. It’s on us.

            All the same, I get sick of boomercons pissing in the wind and pissing in young people’s faces in the vain hope of keeping them down long enough to run out the clock. They love their stuff more than their posterity.

            Love of money is whitey’s sickness, though, having an expectation of poverty, young whites don’t suffer as much from it. Rejecting right wing populism for being ‘trashy’ was the fatal mistake. Again, it’s why the left is on the march, and it’s also why you see the alt-right flirting with bros.

            At any rate, these are the points I think need driving home. An impoverished future ought not to be rejected in favor of no future, and young people ought not give in to the temptation to take revenge.

          • I would just say help them out now if you can Vizzini so that you might get them to Self Sufficiency a lot faster because who knows how much time we really have…

          • Do you get the feeling the Coup has already happened?! Maybe during the Wuflu lockdown They just took over. What do think a coup is supposed to look like anyway? Now consolidating power. Who needs rule of law. Notice now a new proclamation via a crisis gets made, the media blasts it out everywhere, then the Karens-Blue Haired Cat Wahmyn, Orcs, Trannys, Soyboys beat the rest of us into submission. No need for legislation. Kiss their feet!
            Anyone noticing the 2030 The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum agenda current now on Youtube. Their agenda is clear and right out there in the open to view. And only 30,000 views. Right under our nose. Prince Charles will stuff it up your nose with disgust. They shut us down and watched our reaction. So the next big reset will be global warming, and if it isn’t….climate change…leading to wealth redistribution. Chaos and collapse. We are so deeply blinded to the inverted big lies.
            I know women who would rather be shot, seriously shot, then be called Raaacist!

   The Great Reset

          • No coup. This is collapse.
            The only coup was the Army refusing to follow the President’s orders.
            That’s the limit of what can be done by the DS, and it suffices.
            We have a collapsed National Government that can’t squash an uprising of sub-par enemies.
            The truth is we’re past the Turning Point but the enemy ran out of Troops at their own Turning point. This is a setback for them, there’s no one in their way, not officially.
            This is actually what Failing State looks like at the beginning.

            There are no cops and no soldiers standing in their way, just a shortage of bodies to continue the advance.

            We still have of course a Federated system and some state and local governments are wavering/firm, but their on their own.

          • Sentiment understood but what you’ve written is a bit much. As Adam Smith wrote “There is much ruin in a nation.” The reference here might be a place like Argentina. Hasn’t been a normal functioning country for decades, seesaws back and forth between socialism and free market liberalism (i.e. what passes for the “political right” down there), defaults on its national debt every decade or so. Periodic civil unrest, high crime, but it’s affluent enough that things just kind of go along. Long story short, yes America is maybe a failed state in the Argentina sense of that term, not the Venezuela sense.

          • Vizzini is right, generational terms are marketing terms, and in truth really only apply to the elites and the 10% strivers underneath.

            I know plenty of good, based Boomers, mind you often Vietnam Vets.
            Same with X-ers, same with Z, same with whatever we’re on. These terms are used by marketing for those who want to buy into – and mortgage themselves to – a system we are watching collapse in real time.

          • NAXALT goes without saying, yet I think there’s some utility in the idea of generations. I can’t honestly relate to postwar America any more than someone born since 9/11 can relate to the 80s/early 90s that shaped my outlook. And for my part, I can’t imagine never knowing peacetime, or being plugged into the matrix from birth.

        • I’m a boomer. When we got married, my wife and I had $1,500 between us, college degrees that we both worked to pay for and a ’68 Camaro. We came from lower middle class families, so no financial help there.
          We had three kids. Paid college tuition for two of them and the third got a full boat academic scholarship.
          We retired as millionaires. This was all due to hard work, nothing else. So, yes I believe in bootstrap, you ass.

          • You don’t see how you stepped right into the boomer stereotype that was waiting for you.

            this is something we can never do for the left. Z man draws this parallel with the Hitler costume on stage that one of our guys “agrees” to wear.

            the best thing that can happen when the left storms the “nazi” high ground is for no one to be waiting for them on top. Any other action lends legitimacy to the system because it justifies the left’s reactions in the public mind. Just like Mr. Boomer here seems to justify some latent anti-boomer resentment. If he simply kept his mouth shut it would peter out.

          • After curve flattening and now rolling over to rioting blacks, yeah, a little bit of resentment. It’s time to get a grip on this thing.

      • I’m a late boomer (1961). Your comparison is partly correct, but the US space program had its fatalities (Apollo 1 fire) and, unless I’m mistaken, all the rioting Rodney King (1993) to date doesn’t compare to the riots of the 1960s. And, unfortunately, there are still plenty of nukes in the world. Even though I live in the sticks in Florida, I am walking distance to what was once a “secondary nuclear target.” No idea today, but it is a regional airport and a National Guard site. But I’d rather go with a bang than a whimper 🙂

        • My perception of these events, and I’m pretty sure it’s typical, was that we’d passed the peak. The game-changing promise of science was about to decline, so was the promise of racial harmony. This was about the time disillusionment was starting to settle in permanently.

          • You can choose any date for the the peak of a civilization. I’d add to your comments, my vote is for 1970 (+/-). The USA had won WW II 25 years earlier. The first Boomers were 20-30s. The USA reached many of its peaks economcially around 1970. We’d just landed on the Moon. Post-WW II, we had made great strides forward in Civil Rights, it seemed. We really thought The Negro could finally take his place as a fully equal citizen. Hell, we were on the gold standard until 1970! Yes, there were doubts and sign of rot by early 60s, but the optimism was there. It’s also worth noting that, in real terms, US wages peaked in early 70s and haven’t returned since. People generally trusted the government, until the JFK assasination laid bare the “Deep State,” and a decade later Nixon finished off whatever credibility the Execute once had. The USA is a majestic old oak, with a few green leaves on its crown, but rotten to the core and just waiting for a big storm to bring it crashing down. 🙁

          • 1970 sounds good to me. The 70s are reputed to have been a pessimistic decade. Then we bounced back in the 80s and 90s, and then we went off a cliff in 2001 and haven’t recovered, except maybe briefly in 2016.

            This could be the End, or the beginning of a new era. All I know is that the America that was is gone. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.