Systemic Collapse

Note: I will be on with Joseph Cotto and Paul Gottfried this evening to discuss big-brained stuff. The show is scheduled for 7:00 PM. This is a link to their YouTube page, but I’ll add a direct link when it is available. One topic will be my post about America and Athens, but there will be other topics as well.

One thing that seems to be true of all civilizations that are in crisis is they have a period in which the laws are no longer respected by the people in power. It is not exactly a period of lawlessness, as in chaos. That certainly does happen when the crisis reaches the point when the official authority can no longer project power. Before that, there is a time when the people charged with enforcing the laws simply stop doing it on a consistent basis. The law becomes arbitrary and selective.

A good example of this is what we see with the civil unrest. Mobs of people go into the streets looting and rioting, with very little push-back from the police. The politicians carry on as if they are in support of the rioting. It’s not as if these mobs are that large or all that fearsome. The police, if given the chance, could end the riots in a few hours with a minimum of trouble. The people pulling down statues could be arrested, charged with lots of crimes and sent to a prison. Yet, it does not happen.

Part of it, for sure, is that the local politicians are taking some weird pleasure in seeing their cities destroyed. They would like to join in on the mayhem. That is obvious with the child mayor of Minneapolis. In other cases, the local politicians hate the police and refuse to let them do their jobs. Still, in many cases, the local government is paralyzed by fear and incompetence. In Atlanta, the police are in open revolt against the local authorities over the corruption of the law by the politicians.

Lost in all struggles to advance a preferred narratives is what is happening on the ground in these cities. If you are a shop owner in these areas or a resident, you now live in a lawless age. Again, it is not entirely lawless, but the law is no longer clear and predictable for you. If you, as a shop owner, shoot someone looting your store, maybe you get arrested. Maybe the looter gets arrested, if things fall the right way, but you can’t know. The law is no longer clear.

A more ominous example is what we see happening with the Silicon Valley oligopolies now controlling the public square. Recently, Google threatened to end the advertising revenue of the Federalist and Zero Hedge. They did this at the behest of NBC, who called them up and asked them to do it, because NBC did not like that they allowed users to post comments on the stories. Google does not like people expressing their opinions either, so they happily agreed to threaten both sites.

There is a term for this. It is called extortion. Using the threat of force or property damage to obtain something from another is illegal in every state. What Google and NBC did to these sites is no different than what the Mafia used to do with local business. NBC said, “that’s a nice business you have there. Shame if something were to happen to it.” Then Google came in and smashed a few things to make sure both of them knew they were serious about it.

What’s even more amazing about this story is both NBC and Google have publicly bragged about what they did. They don’t dispute that they essentially muscled these two sites like gangsters. Their public utterances are enough for the FBI to arrest the people involved and charge them with multiple counts of extortion. They could probably even begin a racketeering case against Google. There are laws on the books for exactly this situation, yet the government is silent on the matter.

A less egregious example is what we see with the tech companies de-platforming people accused of impiety. In a better time, one-way contracts were strongly discouraged and highly scrutinized by the courts. It was assumed there was an unequal relationship between the company and their customer. The court tried to balance that relationship by heavily scrutinizing the contracts involved and the actions of the company issuing the contracts. The court defended the customer.

The reverse is now true. In every area of life, people are confronted by terms of service that run contrary to our legal traditions. Domain registrars, for example, willy-nilly break their contract with users like VDare. There is no remedy, as the courts simply no longer enforce large swaths of contract law. In fact, as we see with the Supreme Court, they invent new laws and re-imagine history to justify it. The courts are now something less predictable than a flip of a coin. It’s chaos in the law.

It is tempting to explain all of this as part of some highly orchestrated plot by the usual suspects, but in reality, we are in a period of lawlessness. The people charged with enforcing the rules either refuse for factional reasons or they simply can no longer project the power they theoretically possess. In the case of the courts, it very well may be fear from people with real power. John Roberts, for example, is most likely being extorted or intimidated by powerful people.

In response to legitimate power failing to act, illegitimate power is starting to step into the void and enforce its own rules. We see this with so-called private companies trying to impose the new religion on people. The NCAA, for example, is trying to force the state of Mississippi to change its flag. Again, it is resorting to extortion and doing so without regard for the law. A big part of what they are doing is displaying their power level by brazenly threatening the duly elected government.

What we are witnessing is not a revolution. The Left would love for people to believe that, which is why they have instructed conservative media to sell that idea. Instead, we are seeing the breakdown of order. Government, either because of corruption or ineptitude, is no longer able to enforce the laws. Private power centers, no longer respecting the spirit of the laws or the legitimate power centers, are beginning to fill this void, like gangs trying to impose order when the cops are gone.

The public sees this only from the outsider point of view. The legitimate power centers like state and local government, appear to be functioning, but for some reason they are randomly failing in their basic duties. Corporations and newly minted religious authorities are suddenly able to push people around without consequence. To the average citizen it does look like a revolution, and maybe that will come, but for now it is the slow breakdown of order. The system is collapsing.

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410 thoughts on “Systemic Collapse

  1. Howdy Zman. I get a lot out of your podcast. Thanks for putting in the work. I went looking for the show you mention with Gottfried. Can’t find it. You gotta a direct link? Thank you Sir.

  2. All of this “good think” must have a common source. All of the media is not just coincidentally converging on the exact same message and agenda … it’s being coordinated and organized by some group that wants to erase White people’s history, The Church, and the influence of Whites through miscegenation, immigration, and censorship … wonder who that might be …?

  3. We don’t know if its just the breakdown of order – on which I agree – or a revolution just yet.

    Right now the left marches to victory wherever it masses, so while DC falling is unlikely * that there is a major shift in power to the Left is a fact. There only constraint is the limits of their own numbers, so far.

    * The unlikely but possible change in DC is the flat out deposing of Trump. Then that city has no defenders and is wide open.

    not that DC gives you control of the nation or military – its more that we’d be headless.

  4. But, in fairness, it’s being allowed to collapse in certain cities … like Seattle where that dingbat mayor lady predicted “a summer of love”.

  5. Not one Republican stood up and made a stand for law and order … #VoteThemOut! Someone needs to start that … I’m too old to know how.

      • Primary-out whoever is the Republican incumbent … get the word out that if you’re a republican incumbent, your number is up … every White man is voting for anyone who will run against him! Out with Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Desantis … nobody stood up for us when the looters were running loose and they won’t the next time!

  6. I’m starting to hate this country … a 10 yr-old can view obscene porn in two mouse clicks, but learned people are unable to express their worldviews cuz it hurts the agenda of (((the usual suspects))).
    We need to vote for ALL NEW politicians. White American men need to unite in voting-out ALL EXISTING REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS. John Cornyn creating legislation for Juneteenth … WTH??? I’m closer to 60 than 50, and I’ve never heard of that damn thing.
    If you don’t vote for a new guy, then you’re part of the problem!
    We can drain the swamp if only we can unite in that one cause. Damn, I’m pissed.

    • You must be new here. You can’t elect new politicians because you can’t elect a new people. You’re not fighting a losing battle, you’re fighting a war long lost.

      • I’m saying that in an open election, we should, en mass, make it clear that any current incumbent republican is toast … not sure how to get it out there, other than SM, but that’s the goal. Gotta have a goal. I mean if anyone ran against Rick Scott or Matt Gaetz just vote for them. I know that I’m flailing but I’m just pissed that nobody is pushing back.

    • Lord God the normalcy bias.
      Vote out who?
      Vote in Who?

      The matter is being settled by force. And surrender.
      Voting? Its 2020.

  7. FYI … looks like (((YouTube))) took VertigoPolitix down again. Listening to that guy is like drinking from a firehose. He was on BitChute, but quit that cuz noboby was watching. Came back to YouTube, but it was really only a matter of time before some lemon-sucking hag reported it up to Mr. Faceberg.

  8. You see, this is where I tend to get off the boat with the Z-man, to wit …
    “It is tempting to explain all of this as part of some highly orchestrated plot by the usual suspects, but in reality, we are in a period of lawlessness.”
    I mean, really … we just happen to be in this period of lawlessness … it sprang from nothing.
    And, I suppose that (((the media))) and (((cultural marxism))), and (((Antifa))) … think George Soros, has nothing to do with this? And what about (((civil rights))), and (((immigration))), and all of the multi-culti commercials, and the fact that every significant anti-American movement since the mid-20th century involved jews at disproportionate levels (feminism, homo) … had nothing to do with this?
    And (((Jared Kuschner))) watching Trump’s every move, had nothing to do with this.
    And (((banking))), that is preventing payments to bad-thinkers has nothing to do with this.
    And (((Google))), (((YouTube))), and (((Faceberg))) had nothing to do with this.
    Of course, I can’t prove anything, but the preponderance of evidence would suggest to me that we didn’t just, haphazardly, find ourselves in a “period of lawlessness” … it was by design.
    Hope that I don’t get banned like other “bad-thinkers”.

  9. Cities have the problem that there are too many blacks, females, jews, or some combination thereof, as mayor or police chief. Imagine a black lady as police chief … I’d think that’d have to be some kind of joke! And that wus Minneapolis mayor crying at the GF funeral like he had lost his own son, which could never happen cuz he’s probably gay, was quite the act. I really think that we have no idea how deep the corruption is.

  10. Came in an hour or so late and was listening from the beginning… apparently when the stream ended, the video got marked Private, and anyone then listening got dumped out on their ear. Hopefully the replay will be available in due course.

      • Gottfried called it, you are quick and on point with everything raised. The video shows he gets the biggest kick out of you.

  11. “He recalled patrolling with a young white officer in a primarily African American neighborhood. The rookie was ready to jump into action over what sounded like an aggressive fight that turned out to be only a boisterous debate over Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James.“He didn’t understand the culture,” Birch said. “He actually thought it was a fight. Had I not been there to tell him to stop and listen, who knows what it would have turned into.”

    This is why segregation worked. Different peoples, different cultures, different expectations and reactions. Of course only black police should patrol black neighborhoods, and only white police should patrol white neighborhoods. The more you unwind the thread, the more you find the same logic will apply to schools, churches, businesses, and everything else. Separation maintains peace and minimizes interracial accidents that turn into resentment.

    We threw away so much pre-WW2 knowledge and common sense in our arrogant era of universalism, and we’re now paying the price.

  12. Here’s a perfect example of how current “protestors” are the elite of our society, and why the feds will never go after them:

    It’s amazing that it happened a couple weeks ago already yet barely anyone has heard of it: Driver happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, “protestor” who turns out to be a lawyer pulls out his gun and shoots the driver in the head. Amazingly, the “protestor” was arrested but somehow—no surprise—he raised the $60,000 bail and is out. Notice also how media uniformly used the word “protestor” instead of the more accurate “terrorist.”

    No wonder NPR attempted to meme innocent drivers as the supposed terrorists plowing cars into crowds of “peaceful protestors” – the media is desperately working overtime to deflect the terrorism committed by their colleagues and children.

    Anyone still using the term “protestors” should be ashamed of themselves and in the future the NPR cloud people will need to account for the blood on their hands. We will not forget.

  13. Total side note: I know the NFL is self immolating with all this BLM stuff. But man, look at NASCAR. It poured gasoline all over its franchise and lit a match. I’m not a fan of it but I can’t imagine that there won’t be some backlash over this. NASCAR reminds me so much of the Trump campaign, which is self destructing to accommodate two more magic black votes.

    • And this noose thing is very smollettish. As we all know it’s very common for white people to leave nooses, especially in garages.

      • Angry mulattoes desperately trying to find an identity in an America that is an on-off switch when it comes to race (you’re either white or black, there’s no in-between) always cause the most trouble.

    • NASCAR is functionally dead. What caught my eye was the ludicrous FBI assigned SIXTEEN of its buffoons to investigate this serious violation of a low IQ vibrant’s feelz (of course he orchestrated the hoax). These same jackasses haven’t lifted a finger to stop the vandalism, looting, and arson against federal buildings, ’cause racism or whatever.

      Boycott and destroy NASCAR and FBI.

      Defund the FBI.

  14. While many of you disagree with my points of view, and I do very much appreciate your points and perspectives, I think all of you will agree with me on this point –
    Thanks to all the craziness going on, we haven’t had to hear about or from that idiot Greta Thunberg! 🙂

    • We were fortunate enough here in the US to be blessed with her expertise on infectious diseases as part of an expert panel on COVID-19 one of the mainstream media propaganda outlets set up. But other than that the airwaves have been pretty Greta-free.

  15. Though I’ve gained some tangible skills throughout my young life, I’d still consider myself to be inept at trades. I want to fix this, but I dont know where and how it’s best to start. Advice?

    • So was I, until I bought an old farmhouse in the country…..Seriously, take a look at local trade schools, such as the Boces schools here in NY State. Some friends had their college bound kid attend a boces part time and get a welding certificate. There may be night classes, etc at a local community college on Small engine repair, carpentry, woodworking etc. once you’ve learned to do a little, you can pick up a lot from diy books. That’s how I learned to do rough carpentry and gardening.

      • I sorta picked it up out of necessity ad hoc. YT is amazing. Had a couple of old guys teach me stuff/techniques that was invaluable. The ad hoc approach is OK, but if you are really serious about being real good at something i recommend learning the best technique first so you don’t pick up bad habits that will later make your work subpar- trade school.

      • I agree. sink all your money in a fixer-upper. Make sure you really stretch and your back is against the wall. Hell, get your girlfreind pregnant while you at it. You WILL learn, and fast. Only half kidding.

    • Start with your interests. What would you like to know first? Woodworking. Plumbing. Electrical, etc? What are your resources? Do you have the cash to acquire tools? A garage/basement/shed to work in? Woodworking can be done with hand tools. Takes longer but teaches a lot of ‘lessons’. There are YT channels for that. As with most things. I suggest you start small, humble. Buy used books. For plumbing, electrical etc. Start thinking it as ‘play’. Learn what seems fun. OR if you have a goal/project already, how do you ‘sneak’ up on it? Best Wishes!

  16. The riots across America are the legitimate response of people who have no other means to rail against a political and economic system that no longer works for them. In fact they are simply following the advice, nay, instructions, of one of your founding fathers –
    “…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.” Thomas Jefferson.

    Or is Mr. Jefferson’s statement completely wrong? If not, then these people are actually doing their patriotic duty through civil disobedience. As are the police and other civil services who refuse to follow orders from their respective mayors and governors.

    To put things in perspective, one does not need to go back very far in American history to see the very same sorts of events have repeated themselves over and over again in just the past 100-years. I ran a Wikipedia search for “List of Incidents of Civil Unrest in the United States” and they are so common and so frequent as to be a national past time even the French would envy.

    Consider that in the past 20-years alone, the American government has wasted countless trillions to support endless wars, shipped millions of jobs to Mexico and China, failed to provide any form of social safety-net to the displaced middle-class workers, but somehow managed to send billions in aid to foreign countries while at the same time, bailed out one corporation after another at tax payer expense.
    These riots are no more about race than your Civil War was about abolishing slavery. But the fact is, your Government, just like European governments, isn’t working for millions of your fellow Americans.
    Are they really so wrong for following Mr. Jefferson’s advice?

      • Jefferson didn’t define what the new Government should be one way or another. Therefore it’s not unreasonable to assume a lack of Government would also be a viable option.
        Unfortunately that concept is unimaginable to the average American. You all seem to love government so much that you actually invented HOAs to prevent you from putting flags in your yards and then you turn around and complain about it! Well done! I’ve never quite understood that!?
        To Jefferson’s statement, one could argue the Founding Fathers did not consider democracy as an optional alternative. It’s never mentioned in the US Constitution so I think one can rule that out.

        • right lol

          the man who spent his life devising how to form a government really wanted not a government but lawless anarchy

          • Check your history, you’ll find many peoples have lived quite well without a formal government. In fact, millions did so in America before Europeans showed up.
            Native Americans dominated the entire country from Mexico into Canada without a written language. Yet they traded, had land use agreements and other social attributes you could define as a form of government.
            A lack of formal government as the west understands it doesn’t mean people can’t exist and thrive. Who do you think built the pyramids of Missouri just outside of St. Louis?

    • Problem is, the right people aren’t rioting and the wrong people are. The rioters are living off the welfare state or off their parents. The tax slaves are as yet still compliant, perhaps because they are tax slaves.

      • The question is why are they living off welfare state or their parents? And what difference does it make? Even during peek periods of American prosperity, there were plenty of riots about exactly the same thing.

        • They’re living off the welfare state because they’re lazy and stupid, but not so stupid as to understand that they can collect more on welfare. These people couldn’t do anything but pick produce and we’ve farmed that out to Mexicans. Do you have any other questions Karl? These aren’t Germans who just don’t have access to some apprenticeship at Siemens. This is why I don’t go to Europe anymore. I always have to hear preening about what’s “wrong” with my country. Let me take you to Compton and I’ll show you what’s wrong.

          • “This is why I don’t go to Europe anymore. I always have to hear preening about what’s “wrong” with my country. Let me take you to Compton and I’ll show you what’s wrong.”

            Couldn’t have said it better myself. Many Europeans are waking up to the migrant crisis, but there remains an insulated intellectual class that fetishizes, glamorizes, and legitimizes the American ghetto.

            They’re like AWFLs, but benefit from even more comfortable distance (a whole ocean of separation) from the disorder than the AWFLs in their doorman+doordash buildings, gated suburbs, and “good school districts.”

            You’d think the migrant crisis would have woken the European left up—and in some places, like Denmark, it actually has—because Middle Eastern migration into Europe has been much more violent and disorderly than Hispanic migration into the US.

            The Chechans and Algerians are machine-gunning each other in the streets of Dijon, for chrissakes, and the Karl Horsts of Europe are babbling about economic decline and college tuition.

          • I never said these problems didn’t exist in Europe, but the topic is about American society and American politics.
            Please, feel free to join any German forum about German topics. Most Germans are fascinated by American politics because we have no connection to your social problems.
            Of course we’ve had immigrants. They’ve been roaming Europe for millennia since we’ve been fighting each other since we kicked the Romans out.

          • Unfortunately, we have Turks and Eastern Europeans who are on par with your Blacks for social dependency and criminality. Same flavor, but with a different wrapper.

          • Middle-Easterners and Turks are absolutely not on par with Blacks. You are just demonstrating that you do not understand.

          • At least their food stands (Shawarma) was tasty for the poor traveller. Yes us Yanks are often at odds with European sensibilities. But about 40% of us can trace German ancestry.

          • Vizz, I was in Berlin a couple years ago and what struck me was how everyone I talked to had an incredibly naive, simplistic view of American blacks absorbed from Hollywood movies.

            They basically all thought American blacks were like Milli Vanilli, and they couldn’t imagine how Americans could be so “racist” to such a supposedly harmless, peaceful and entertaining people.

            As always, familiarity breeds contempt, and many Europeans lack familiarity with the black-on-white violence that generates such contempt among American whites.

            Karl, imagine a series of refugee-on-German murders, rapes, or deadly assaults occurring not just a few times a year as those do in Germany, but a few times a day in every city of any significant size. That’s the scale of the black-on-white crime epidemic in the US, and that’s still understating it.

          • “Most Germans are fascinated by American politics because we have no connection to your social problems.”

            Thank you, you’ve just said it yourself right there: Europeans intellectuals have no exposure to or understanding of the ethnic tensions in our metro areas, so in your ignorance you pretend everything is a class or economic problem.

            Take JR Wirth up on his offer to show you Compton, or take our host up on a field trip of Baltimore. After a gang of “teens” beats you bloody, feel free to return to Europe and lecture us some more on college tuition or unemployment insurance, if you still have the stomach for that.

            I don’t care to join any German forums to talk about German topics (even though I do speak German) because I don’t know enough about German society and don’t want to superimpose naive American assumptions onto how I think your society works or should work. See how that goes?

          • Make no mistake, Europe is right behind you. We’re just a bit slower to arrive at the abyss. Not because we’re not heading that direction, but because we chose not to believe we are.
            Unlike France and the UK, Germany doesn’t have non-native, ex-colonial citizens moving in. But like all European western liberal democracies, too many here have been passing the cultural Kool-aid around in hopes unicorns and rainbows would solve our problems.
            Watching American cities burn does bring a fine point to the reality of what lies ahead for us.

          • Merkel got her start in the DDR as a politician dedicated to the destruction of the West.
            There is no evidence of a change in her ambitions.

          • If they can collect more from welfare than from working, it sounds like the system is at fault, not the people. Who in their right mind would work only to have less after taxes than by not working at all?

          • If you want an interesting, but short read, look up the The 25-point Program of the NSDAP. Consider how many of these points you agree with. You may have to rethink the reality of your deeper political views. Things stay the same because we stay the same.

        • Karl- those are Americans in the sense the Turks are German.

    • “These riots are no more about race…”
      And what do you think the phrase “kill whitey” scrawled on destroyed statues of white men means? The rioters have made it very clear through their slogans, scrawlings, and actions that this is a racial and ethnic conflict.

      Your comment is a perfect example of why Americans have always had a healthy disdain for leftist European intellectuals trying to project their outdated class consciousness fantasies onto American inter-ethnic conflicts.

      In point of fact, none of the rioters are facing economic uncertainty. They are perhaps the most pampered group in human history, with numerous set-asides, giveaways, sops, and economic subsidies in their favor. They are not hungry nor impoverished.

      The current racial and ethnic tension in the dying multicultural American empire has more in common with the inter-ethnic tensions in the Austro-Hungarian empire on the eve of WWI than any supposed symmetry with the 1877 railroad workers’ strike. Europeans typically consider Americans the ignorant ones, yet…

      • If the rioters had all been black, then yes. But when statues are pulled down and defaced by mixed races, then no.
        “None of the rioters is facing economic uncertainty” Then you are clearly more ignorant about Western economic future than you are of European history. Major conservative talkers from Jonah Goldberg to Victor Davis Hanson have stated that America is on a downward decline that’s not likely to return.
        I doubt anyone who attended a US university in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s graduated with $50,000 in school debt. Back then, American students used to work summer jobs to pay off their next year’s tuition. Good luck doing that now given the average tuition has gone up over 200%,

        • Blacks don’t have a monopoly on being stupid and brainwashed. If you’re a white kid, 22 or 23 years old, who just took out $120,000 in student loans to find out that Gilgamesh was gay, and that’s all you learned, no skill set, would you have the internal strength to look in the mirror and realize that everything you were taught was a useless lie? Or would you put on some dark clothing and lash out against the system, and dream of a new fantasy of a system where learning that Gilgamesh was gay is a high value skillset?

        • Oh lord, mixed race participation doesn’t mean those riots aren’t about race. All race riots, pogroms, genocides, mob attacks, etc throughout history have had self-hating elements participating in their own destruction. Look at the Kapos in Nazi Germany.

          Intellectuals such as yourself try to deflect, ignore, or downplay racial and ethnic conflict in the desperate hope of pretending there is some kind of class struggle going on—and that your kind will get to lead the class struggle—but the rioters aren’t interested in you or your economic arguments.

          Again, none of the rioters are facing economic hardship. Black participants are spoiled and pampered and have been since the Great Society, while white college-age participants have gotten themselves into their own “student debt” situations. They have all the luxuries of modernity anyway.

          Those in the US who are truly suffering economic turmoil – the silent, shriveling white middle class – are precisely those who haven’t been rioting. Only the pampered have been rioting, just like your migrants in Germany. This is no class or economic struggle and no amount of intellectual dishonesty and fraud can paper over the simmering racial and ethnic conflicts.

          To any extent in which economic turmoil may emerge from these conflicts, it will be economic destruction caused by racial dysfunction. Food deserts are caused by black crime. The disappearance of retail districts and the resulting unemployment is a product of black dysfunction. Economic disorder is itself largely a product of poor racial and ethnic group traits, which is why societies in much of Africa are in perennial destitution, yet white South Africans and Rhodesians were able to create vibrant economies in the same geographies with the same resources (and under sanction from the rest of the self-hating white world too!).

          • If you have a vibrant economy and job market I suspect things would be very different. But like the UK, your industries have collapsed and therefore young, uneducated people have no job opportunities.
            So I disagree with your statement they are not suffering economic hardship. Where will they be in 10-20 or 30 years from now? Better off than their parents? I doubt it.
            Working two jobs, without the ability to afford health care. Is that’s the new American dream? Because that’s exactly how they see it.

          • “But like the UK, your industries have collapsed”- you seem to think in headlines.

            I’ve been to Germany and it appears to be lifeless. Washed-up country with low fecundity and declining industries.

          • Are they pampered or just experts at using a system that liberal whites put into existence for their benefit?
            You’ll get no argument from me. A people without a written language, understanding of metal working or the wheel have no place in a modern world.
            There are only two groups that still exist in America which fit that description.
            One group you nearly exterminated. The other, you intentionally imported.
            Ironically, that same thing happened here.

        • Of course, the tuition has gone up precisely due to the imposition of programs supported by leftists like the ones rioting.

          If you think tuition is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.

          • It’s free here. You just have to be smart enough to get into University.
            As to the increase in tuition, I suspect it was corporate greed more than anything else. I somehow doubt the quality of education or teachers salaries went up 200%.
            Except maybe for the football coach.

          • In the US the prevailing orthodoxy is that everyone is just as intelligent as everyone else and everyone deserves to go to college.

            Tell the vast majority of Blacks they are not smart enough for college and watch the sparks fly.

          • Just like everyone deserves a home loan under Clintons’ Affordable Housing Act? That worked well.

          • Karl, I wish folk here would calm down a bit and listen. You have the start of a great insight about our University system that should be thrashed out and elaborated upon. Comparison with Germany is insightful.

            I believe Germany (and other EU nations) is not so mired in pathological egalitarianism/equality as we are in the US. To wit, college education for all.

            We have way too many students enrolled in University and there just isn’t enough quality students to go around—especially given our huge minority population.

            Of course, the rigor/standards of the education must decline to keep the enrollment going and students “graduating”—and so we have the majority of graduates receiving worthless degrees in fields no employer needs nor wants. Hence “degreed” students leave the University in debt and with no job of sufficient renumeration to pay such debt off.

            It’s a double whammy as we say here: Students of low ability can not obtain a degree in a rigorous subject, so the University offers phony “degrees”, which in turn means few to no decent paying job offers, which leads to inability to pay off debt.

            The student debt of course is easily acquired because of government guarantee of repayment to banks. Government guarantee because the American people buy into the lie of equal ability among all who desire to a University education. Indeed, they demand it.
            If we restricted attendance to the 15-20% or so that could major in a rigorous field of study, we could afford free tuition at our major institutions as well. Of course, then we’d have to close half our Universities and admit to our pathological egalitarianism/equality delusion.

    • And what would you consider the riots in Stuttgart the other night to be? The migrants shouting “fuck the police” (in English) reveal that Germany has turned into just another province of the American empire, an empire now coming apart due to ethnic and racial conflict.

      You guys don’t even have your own culture anymore, but ape (literally) ours.

      • The riots in Stuttgart were Turks. This has been a friction for decades. Like your blacks, they don’t fit well into German society. You have to understand a failed guest worker program to understand the actual premise.

          • In fairness to Horst, our most problematic guest workers came here against their wishes 😀

        • “You have to understand a failed guest worker program to understand the actual premise.”
          Actually, all you need to understand is why empires fail and the many ways the founding race find to commit suicide.
          Here’s a nice little vid to get you started.

        • Why the chants in English?
          Are the Turks tri-lingual – Turkish, German. English?

          Who was the intended audience?

        • American occupation bases demanded employment for the Turks as our WWll allies.

          The Germans were forced to let them in.

    • The irony is that the system works best for the ones rioting and looting. As a matter of fact it works mostly for them. When the system does change they will be the losers.

      • “Kill the Police”
        “Abolish Work”
        “Universal Basic Income”

        All slogans you are likely to see at a leftist rally.

        I am really curious about how this brave new world is supposed to operate.

        Clearly there are magic unicorns and elves in the background producing things, but why?

        • Most PhDs in Economics now believe that this is possible, MMT is now a mainstream philosophy. We’re about to go all in on it. Things like “productivity” and “purchasing power” all out the window. We an have our cake and eat it too. And then we’ll know what the word “scarcity” really means.

          • What is provided in Alaska doesn’t pretend to be a living income, or anywhere close to it, and what is possible for what is basically a large, sparsely populated petrocompany doesn’t apply to the rest of the US.

            Payouts for Alaska’s fund have never been higher than about $2000 in a year. That’s a feel-good token, not an income. To even bring it up in context of UBI is ridiculous.

          • What is distributed in Alaska is a share of the wealth it is selling to the lower 48, i.e., oil. That is fundamentally different than a universal basic income. Yes, it’s universal, but was never intended as an income sufficient to live upon.

            In any event, even if it were sufficient to support an Alaska citizen’s living expenses, it would be expected to run out when the oil supply is pumped dry or the price collapses.

            If you want to talk about UBI, then you need to talk about a process by which excess resources can be generated in a sufficient and sustaining manner to provide a living income for all eligible citizens, yet produced by only a fraction of those citizens. I’ve yet to hear a believable proposal addressing this.

          • Alaska sets a premise for a system that could work. Imagine if Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon paid out to individuals. They might as well since they pay no taxes to your government anyway.

          • No, it doesn’t. That’s ridiculously reductive.

            The premise is trivial “someone with access to a lot of money writes big, regular checks to a lot of people with less money.” Profit!

            The entire problem with UBI isn’t the premise, it’s the scale!

            All the UBI experiments suffer from the same fault. Of course giving UBI to a few hundred or a few thousand people in a single city helps them! Nobody doubts that!

            Writing large, regular checks to 330 million people is a different thing entirely.

    • Whose violence is legitimate is the kind of thing young intellectuals sit around and debate.

      In reality, there is precisely one thing that determines whether your use of violence was legitimate: whether you win and then get to write the history books.

      So do I give a fig about whether these young thugs are displaying a legitimate response? Not at all. They’re fighting in the names of things I think are lies and trying to impose a system I regard as disastrous.

    • Dear Karl. You are obviously a man pickaled in progressive sentimentalities as was Jefferson himself. After all he included “The persuite of happness” as a God given right without even a nod to morality or personal responsibility.
      John Adams said:” Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
      The U S Constitution can protect our civil liberties but gives little gidence to a person who lacks Christian virtue. Freedom without constraints is just a licence to rampage. What you see happening in American streets and elsewhere is, simply put, Jefferson’s dream come true.

      • Is it possible America is simply too big to govern? Can a political system that was invented over 200-years ago still be relevant and meet the needs of over 328 million people?

        If poor and middle class Americans are no longer being served by this system, what other choice to they have but to follow Jefferson’s commentary?

        The poor are used to yelling because no one listens to anyway. The middle classes are too proud and refuse to be associated with the poor. instead of using social systems created to help the middle classes in times of need, systems they pay for with their own taxes, they shun social support and blame the poor for being too loud while they move out of their houses and into their cars.

        The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget. Such being the case, all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and those must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas.”
        The left understands this all to well.

        • Yes it is likely we are too big to govern, especially since we made ourselves so “diverse.” That is why many hear support secession or separation.

          The rest sounds like clumsy stereotyping.

        • “The left understands this all to well.”
          Once you eliminate the hyper idelistic rhetoric and the oceans of unearned moral superiority all you find is the vicious clawing for power and a deep hunger for oblivion. Nihilism Mr. Horst. That is the rock bottom foundation of the leftist nightmare.

          • And why nihilism?
            They’re pissed we couldn’t fix it, so let it burn, that’ll show us smug, stupid bast*rds.

    • Herr Horst, you make some valid criticisms. You’ve achieved a lower (-) ranking than my worst posts have 🙂 Perhaps I’m being presumptuous here, but I think I speak for most of the regulars here if I say something like: The people you see “protesting” (does rioting, burning things down, maiming and killing each other count as peaceful protest?) demonstrate by their actions that they could not govern themselves. What is happening in Seattles “autonomous zone” alone demonstrates that. Or Chicago, or ….

  17. I agree that the system is collapsing. Seems to me that this is a good thing to the leftists. They imagine putting together a heaven on earth as soon as the deplorables have been destroyed.

    The wild thing is that most of them have not even glanced at history. If they had they could see that the “revolution” will destroy them along with the evil deplorables.

    The society is falling apart along with the law. The dissidents may see it coming, but what is to be done?

  18. I have to admit, today was the first day I ever watched the original George Floyd video. I honestly just didn’t care that much about the incident that sparked the madness in itself.

    When I watched it, what stuck out to me was how rapidly there was an ambulance present. It had to have been called either before or as soon as Floyd became unresponsive. Not the actions of officers who are either willfully or negligently trying to get him killed.

    Also, you can tell Chauvin is not putting a lot of pressure on Floyd’s neck. Every time Floyd shifts around, Chauvin’s knee gives, allowing Floyd room to move. Most of Chauvin’s weight is on his other leg.

    The moron who is berating the cops throughout the entire video almost certainly did more harm than good as it distracted the police from their work and forced them to spend time, attention and energy on crowd control.

    • Look, it’s all optics being shown to an audience without the slightest understanding of the incident aside from that one video and no experience with police procedure/practice. I’m not supporting the police. Hell, even police I see are decrying the procedure seen in the video. I simply know that what we are seeing here is another example of the accusation being the verdict and the inclusion of a trial as unnecessary.

      In theory, the law that protects the Chauvin (as in a fair and impartial trial) is the same law we might depend on someday. Of course, we now know that is gone. Ironically, this incident wrt Chauvin and Floyd seems to be little different than a “lynching” in the manner of the old South. It’s just taking a bit longer.

    • I think the forensics will show he tried to eat his stash to avoid more jail time – bad move when you’re slinging fent instead of weed.

      Chauvin could have slammed one of those adrenal horse-needles into Floyd’s chest (ala Pulp Fiction) & he’d still be a Sky Kang today. I don’t think the knee mattered.

      Plus, if you can’t breathe, how do you yell “I can’t breathe?”

      • One learned commenter who worked with, let us say, extremely disadvantaged yufs, informed us that in all confrontations this is in every case what they exclaim.

  19. Three mass shootings over the weekend in Chicago, with a total of 102 shot, and 14 killed. And nary a word about it in the mainstream media. The upside? Not one was lite up by the police. I guess the protests and new policies are working!

  20. Headlining my newsletter from the Whitehouse today:

    Dr. Alveda King: Trump Is Moving the Nation Toward Police Reform and Racial Justice

    Blackity, Blackity, Black. “Racial Justice” == White genocide.

  21. Z Man said: “To the average citizen it does look like a revolution, and maybe that will come, but for now it is the slow breakdown of order. The system is collapsing.”
    I believe that the lawlessness you describe is a symptom of a revolution that has already taken place. I agree with Peter Hitchens when he says that, we live in post-revolutionary societies. The revolution was televised but few people were paying attention.

    • The “revolution” happened before most of us were born. It was nursed in the universities in the early 20th Century and began 10 years after the war. It’s been ongoing the entire time and this is just the mop-up-operation. We’re living in an end result of something not a new beginning. That’s for the future.

    • I am not so sure the breakdown is “slow” any more. It feels more like an avalanche that is just now really getting under way. There is a moment where all the shit simply breaks loose, and the Wuflu lockdown feels like the precipitating event, to my eyes.

      • That was one of Orlov’s points in “Five Stages of Collapse” – once it gains momentum it tends to move exponentially – a feedback loop that turns events that could have once been handled into a shitshow because the system has no chance to recover before the next kneecapping event.

    • Garrett beat them all to it. “There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. But they are gazing in the wrong direction. The revolution is behind them. It went by in the Night of Depression, singing songs to freedom.”

  22. What disquiets me the most is our opposition’s feral and incessant retardation. Is there some secret clause etched into the statue of liberty that encourages the huddled masses to beat the shit out of each other when they want more money?

    Once, I was one of the deniers. “Oh, they’re nuts, but I doubt they’d try to foment some weird race-fetish revolution.” And yet here we are. At least once a day, I stop and ask myself what the actual fuck is going on, and I wonder if I’m just a contestant on some weird game show.

    It’s always the neomanagerial schoolmarms who ruin everything from within. It’s worse than a barbarian horde because you have to coexist with them all of the time, and they just keep getting louder and louder like some shrieking infant at mass. And you just want to turn to the kid’s handlers and say, “I know he can’t help it, but can you please remove him from the room?”

    Anyway, a small cohort flushed trillions and now we’re getting slapped around for it. Oh well. Have kids, make friends, sign off.

  23. When I read this I think of the often shared quote by the crazy Frank Zappa. As with the best crazies, they occasionally have flashes of brilliance: “The illusion of freedom [in America] will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
    The illusion has become quite expensive to maintain.

    • Zappa had his moments. No surprise he was an oddball – father did poison gas research for the military, grew up in Lancaster, CA (near where one of the recent dindu-DIY-lynchings happened – the Antelope Valley has the highest suicide rate in LA County for good reason).

      • Yes, very few people know that and it makes perfect sense that he would come from that environment.

  24. In the novel Snowcrash, the US has collapsed and America is a series of autonomous franchise zones, where corporations, entrepeneurs and gangs run small independent enclaves.
    Mercenary Armies and private security are used everywhere. They are essentially gated communites where order is enforced internally. Some are luxurious and many poor. A lot are racial segregated. Highway companies run the roads between and have their own armies. The intermediate zones are like beirut.

    The Fed has has ceased to exist but for some symbolic buildings that it keeps control of, is obsessed with getting the remaining employees to do pointless work, is irrelevant and the ex-president works doing the dishes in cafe.

    Weirdly enough part fo the plot uses the idea of global mind hacking (from a corporation) using a linguistic virus based on Sumerian that creates bicameral zombie like people that are borg like and hyper-destructive and descend on each area like a plague. They become simple repeaters of the messages broadcast into their minds (sound famiiair eh?).

    It seems to be getting closer.

  25. Inspired by the beauty of Royal Palace of Aranjuez,Concierto Aranjuez is one of the masterpieces of European musicWritten in 1939 in the aftermath of Spanish civil war and in the wake of Second European Civil War this masterpiece brings the beauty of the past in the dawn of destruction, as an remainder that in the end the beauty is eternal and as such will always remain
    One of the best performance of this piece by Paco de Lucia

  26. Another example of legal breakdown is the unaccountability of Deep State satraps. We’ve seen these people commit every sort of criminal act in their attempts to depose Trump, yet none of the criminals will go to jail or perhaps even be brought to trial.

    Contrariwise, however, local and state governments seem omnicompetent when it comes to sentencing entire populations to house arrest, destroying small business, and punishing rebels, all in the name of a half-baked “public health crisis” called COVID-19. This stands in sharp contrast to their treatment of ANTIFAG and BM terrorists. Clearly AWR ideology, not functional ineptitude, has much to do with this disparity.

  27. For essentially stateless Whites inside the increasingly lawless North American Economic Zone, we have to start replacing the institutional support that’s now either dysfunctional or weaponized against us.

    Self-defense, jobs, welfare and even basic infrastructure like water, medical & fire services are no longer things we can rely on the system for without a thought.

    As a few guys have already observed, the crazy prepper crowd warning about Mad Max is looking more level-headed and prepared by the day.

    The gay bikers of Road Warrior are kitschy compared with what’s to come in terms of ethnic gangs, narcos & ZOG-bots squaring off for pieces of desirable turf.

    I’ve bought into the slow-staircase-fall theory of collapse here before but I’m leaning more for Dmitri Orlov’s version at this point. At least for the high-complexity fragile apex of society, expect collapse to be sudden and exponentially accelerating.

    We’re on a timeline of decades now, not centuries. What looked as late as last year like a problem for our great-grandkids may be a problem for our own children once they reach our age. Let’s not sit on our asses and leave them without the knowledge and resources they need to make a future for their own kids.

    We can likely maintain an industrial age-ish level of society for quite awhile even as things fall apart but that’s still a couple of steps back from where we are right now. A lot of our younger generations don’t have the skills needed to operate in that world, and a lot of us older guys have grown soft and fat in the “knowledge economy” as well.

    Hard times make strong niggas & break bitch niggas. Step up, Whitey.

    • Particularly good advice on the water and electricity. Gov. Minstrel Show in Virginia threatened to cut both off in counties that failed to implement gun control measures. Gov. Abusem in California and Gov ZOGster in Illinois actually cut off water and electricity to small businesses that continued to operate during the COVID fraud.

      Soon, the vibrants in the urban areas at a minimum will be intellectually incapable of providing essential services unless grape drank constitutes water. Post-Katrina New Orleans is the template for them.

        • “We’re on a timeline of decades now, not centuries.”

          Meanwhile, there are dindus with daggers in the doorway demanding to defile Daisy and Dolly.

    • Yes. The narcos are a valuable model to study for what is coming and what happens to an economically dependent people.

      Where narcos instill the most power through terror is not in the external randomness of violence, though that is a useful tool, but rather by extending the threat of violence into the various veins of the current system until no appendage can be trusted to be outside their reign.

      Formal authority and innocuous affiliations alike are all potential agents of terror. This happens in no small part because the people are too reliant on the corrupted system for their bread. The sooner we extricate – or at least insulate, our people from the system the better off we will be as the various toxins flow through those veins in the years to come.

      • Screw, I don’t think we need to wait for the narcos to see that in action. We’re already seeing anti-White terror ops being conducted with the assistance or at least the willful inaction of law enforcement, particularly on the federal level.
        Anarcho-tyranny is a form of terror in itself. Like campesinos in Latin America, Whites are learning that the authorities are best avoided, more a threat than some of the outlaws.

      • “Narco” makes me think Latin America. I’m not up to date, but apparently gun control is highly variable depending on the country. On a humorous note, I think it is El Salvador, that has firearms check (like a coat check) at shopping malls, so that people aren’t packing heat inside 🙂

  28. This one dovetails nicely with yesterday’s Sunset of Trump. Granted, most of mischievous shenanigans are occurring in blue black states and cities, so who give a s***. But the chaotic nature of the mess is bad optics – although it may wake additional squeamish law and order types to the reality of the situation. Throw in more statue toppling along with incessant White groveling further egging on the chaos, and Trump standing four square over it all and…..doing virtually nothing. I really hate the fact that we’re just deflating away in this manner, leaking oil all over the place. Going gently into that bad night.

    • I don’t credit Trump the “4D chess” belief, but don’t under-estimate the value of giving your enemy enough rope to hang himself with. As you and many have noted, virtually all the mayhem is in the Blue states, precisely where it should be happening. How is this bad to our side?

  29. I think everyone can agree we would’ve been a lot better off if “all men are created equal” would’ve had “under the law” added to the end. All men are not created equal.
    We no longer have equal protection under the law. Our system was supposed to prevent political witch hunts that ended with those on the wrong side of the ruling class either put to death or imprisoned.
    Even if the cop in Atlanta or those jogger chasers in Savannah beat the rap, they’ve already been tried and convicted by the media. They’ll be persona non grata and will have to spend the rest of their lives in hiding like Salman Rushdie.
    Even though Rushdie is an abominable lefty, I always felt bad for the guy having to worry about bombs and snipers as he lived in fear. I never thought our Lefty friends would take a page out of the Muslim playbook.
    If you would’ve told me in February that this stuff would accelerate to ludicrous speed, with statutes being torn down of all white men and riots going on without being put down, I would’ve laughed at the proposition.
    The only advantage I can see is that anyone who straddles the fence is going to have choose a side. The events of the past month have made that abundantly clear to anyone paying attention. Nominally “conservative” folks I know have cucked and joined the other side because of guilt. The only advantages I see of this situation is that the Fifth Columnists among us are revealing themselves and the end game of our betters is being unveiled more every sickening day.

  30. I wish I still had my copy of Harry Browne How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. Unlike most of his books, which recommended buying Gold and Swiss Francs (although they probably have a cameo appearance here 🙂 ) Browne made a good case for individual freedom. Relevant to today’s Z missive, he had this to say (from memory, so of course imperfect):
    The laws won’t protect you. Governments will pass, change or ignore laws as it suits their purpose.
    He also noted that many of the ways a government operates are, in fuction, no different from the mob or organized crime. E.g. taxes = protection money, licenses and inspectons = control over how your run a business, etc. These are true. But I support the idea that we need at least some level of government, and for better or worse, government needs the “monopoly on the use of force.” Otherwise, how would it enforce its rules and laws?
    Even in whatever you consider the USA’s golden age, if you accept the above quote, then it follows that, at best, the laws were selectively enforced. Did American Blacks truly have equal treatment under the law, 1860-1968? Hell no. Do they today? Open for debate. Did the Federal government honor the many treaties it made with the Indian Nations? Has it honored its gold standard since 1933? Has Hillary gone to prison, or even been charged for the Email fiasco of years past? Nope. The point I’m trying to make is that in the best of times, the law is very selectively enforced, and the more in power a person or group is, the law seems to affect them even less. It’s disappointing, but won’t you agree that even in the good times, many in our country were above the law?
    Do private corporations weild too much control over freedom of speech? Sure. Have they compromised our privacy and perhaps other rights? Of course they have. And the worst of it is that it may all have been legal, under current nebulous laws, laws written (of course) to usually favor the powerful over the weak. The big over the small.

    This argument is to claim that even in good times the law will be selective and will be partial to those in power, or those who bankroll those in power. I agree that we are in a period of decling value or respect for “rule of law.” Whether we’re in a revolution or not is for discussion, but so far as I know, all revolutions have the featue of the laws no longer applying, as well as new laws being invented more or less on a whim. These last two, are certainly present and increasing now.
    Although it doesn’t exist today (here) it certainly did in our frontier history: there is something to be said for simple frontier justice. No complex laws. You got along with your neighbors or else you got run out of town, your property burned down, or you were swinging from a rope on the branch of a large tree. Such justice may be making a comeback in our future, as the once-legitimate forms of government lose their credibility and lacking civilized resources, people help themselves.

    There’s an old West Virginia saying: There are three boxes for a society to redress its problems: The ballot box, the jury box, and the last resort is the cartridge box.:D

    • That picture got me thinking about conservatism’s relationship to institutions of authority. I’ve always wondered where conservatism’s respect for the police and military comes from. Conservatism is—or was—about maintaining traditions, but history shows that nations and empires have often used the police and military to break traditions, not to reinforce or preserve them…

      This is making me wonder if conservatism’s death ca. 2020 is actually the culmination of a centuries-long stagnation: what if for most of western history conservatism has been inadvertently putting its support into institutions not designed for preservation, thus never getting any reciprocal support? This is hardly a novel argument—some people have argued that conservatism started its decline in the Enlightenment—but it does teach us that whatever “our thing” is, it isn’t conservatism because we’re not trying to save or preserve anything, but rather attempting to chart our own, new path.

      • I’ve always been highly skeptical of the police and surveillance state. I felt a little lonely arguing that the patriot act was bullshit. The old crackpot was vindicated once again. I know you guys are blackpilled but i’m damn near ebullient. Took alot heat for uprooting the fam from a beach community and heading back to the hills 10 yrs ago. Begin to feel the warm glow of a newfound respect from wife and even kids. If i were younger, i might consider heading to SA. Lot of opportunities down there shortly i suspect. Opportunities of a different kind than i speak of too. You young dis guys aught to go there and bring back a wife. A marriage visa in your back pocket would make you a highly sought after prospect. You could punch above your weight, at the very least.

  31. I knew the US was in deep do do years ago when the HS grads my company hired couldn’t do column addition. It’s a simple test. Does your education system work. If it can’t or won’t teach basics you don’t have a future.

  32. Now, more than ever, be smarter. Jackboot LEOs exist, and they will obey their Leftist masters. If you are dissident right and commit a serious crime, they will throw the kitchen sink at you and break the law themselves if they have to in order to fry your ass. It is not a level playing field. Leftist looters go free, you will not be given equal treatment. Do not play into their game. Now is the time to be as invisible as possible.

  33. If the system is collapsing this would be a great time to create our own subsystem. The Muslims and Jews both showed us courts, ethnic enclaves, and even ethnic police forces are possible in the absence of state power. Aside from numbers and maybe waiting just a bit longer for the right time, what’s stopping us?

    • The state still has plenty of power to obliterate any Joe the Plumber types trying to set up a subsystem. The other semi-autonomous groups exist because they are state sanctioned.

      • Yes, they have the power. Will they use it is the more pertinent question. It’s one thing to surround a compound in the wild, another to root out a dissident system that can slink into the shadows. How much more do we have to take before putting into practice the systems that have served other groups well. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, I’ve got bad news for you…

    • The failed system is half of it but the other half is identity. Aka the shared belief that we have a right to exist as a people.

      To Muslims and specials identity is everything. And our own institutions have seen fit to anoint them saintly status, while subjugating the identity of the architects and builders of those very same institutions.

      Whites will recognize a broken system long before they will recognize their identity as a tribe.

      Our institutions have all been coopted and gutted; the skins donned by usurpers, invaders, and grifters. So 50, 100? years of bifurcating our people from our institutions has left us with a spiritual chasm that must be bridged.

      All the “lowest black unemployment” type memes are illustrative of this chasm.

      Until we share the belief that we are a distinct people entitled to our own way of life and destiny, the failing system will produce a lot more of these empty impulses to elevate proxies, human shields, and scarecrows above our own interests.

      I see glimpses of hope that the chasm is closing distance but there is much to be repaired in terms of our own systems and institutions.

      And in this effort, the debate over reclaiming those that have been coopted vs building new from scratch is above my pay grade but seems to be part of what impedes our progress.

  34. System collapsing & Revolutions go hand in hand.

    Revolution’s purpose is to break the old law, which leads to system collapse.

    I am 100% certain elites intend to bring forth a “solution”, a new form of government(one party rule, similar to china, which intends to remove the borders of all countries), z on the other hand seems to think they are a bunch of imbecilic clowns who lost touch with reality.

    The elites would have not gotten where they are if they were not highly intelligent & if they did not have cold blooded shark instincts.

    • Never overestimate what can be accomplished in the near term with middling intellect, but cold blooded ruthlessness. Still don’t rate many of our would be oligarchs very highly on the Stanford-Binet, but very high on the sociopath scale. Holding it is another thing. Our rulers think they are riding this tiger, but in reality they have the wolf by the ears.

      • Western elites do not represent one monolithic group, some are incompetent & weak minded, while some are highly efficient, chaos is a ladder, the most ruthless individuals will come out on top. The purpose of the policians is to become scapegoats for the elites. Mobs of people attack Trump or Hillary, but they are not the ones who move the chess pieces.

        The problematic elites are the jewish oligarchs, they cooperate exceedingly well, they hold reign over many western resources & they have Israel to run to.
        The thing with the oligarchs is that u can’t remove the promethean/world government ideology from their sociopathic brains, it’s ingrained in their souls, they simply hate christianity & europeans to no end & it’s highly unlikely we’ll get to see them all wiped out, they will find a new HQ from where they can subvert, that’s what jews did when they left USSR for USA.

      • The elite wll tend to be a bit more intelligent. But a couple things work to our advantage. In the first place, never did a government exist that didn’t have two, and probalby many more, interior factions always vying for power. There always will be elements looking for an opportunity to stab a competitor in the back, in order to advance his career or to gain favor with their Patron. Secondly, even if most of the Elite had wealthy, Elite educatons to match (of course they did), the vast majority of these were little better than what public educaton offered. The very watering-down of education they foisted on the hoi polloi has permeated even their august centers of learning. It’s not like they study Greek, Latin and the Classics any more.
        Let’s face it, your Harvard or Yale BA or MA sounds impressive at the coctail party, but less often mentioned is it is in at a best a soft science, or not a science at all. How much do you think an MA in Woman’s or Grievance Studies, or even Business Administration, or Political Science really taught, even in the Ivy League? These people will be lucky if they can write a coherent paragraph or tally a column of numbers, much less actually use logic, critical thinking, or know anything about the scientific method.
        Yes, there will be intelligent people (even a Fauci) but they must, of course, be closely screened to make sure they are politically acceptable, and that must reduce the available choices a bit on its own. And these people are usually in the background and may not even appear on camera, possibly be named in print.

    • Ah, but that one party solution will wear all the jewelry of the old two-party republic. We are halfway there now. They will tear down the past and give us grey pablum as our history, but the red, white and blue bunting ain’t going anywhere.

    • They already have one party rule and would not make the mistake of changing a game that has been perfected. They must keep the appearance of an opposition working against them. That is one of the mistakes the Soviets made while the USSA is still up running and ruining.

    • You are correct in your assessment of the elites. They are capable and can can adapt to and learn from whatever they manage to implement. They also have a great weakness. They are too self assured and sanctimonious in their sense of righteousness. They have marginalized 10s of millions of capable and intelligent White men who are now beginning to slowly organize themselves. The costs in controlling White dissent will become increasing disruptive as things become more volatile. They may continue to rule but the threat to their rule will also continue and become better organized.

  35. Really looking forward to the podcast. Zman is getting really good in these formats, natural talent. Don’t be a bully, lol.

  36. Politics, except at the local level (like school-board at the most) is probably a waste of effort. Disputes about what kind of books kids should be reading/programs they should be engaged in (or not engaged in) are clarifying and perfect ways to meet like-minded people and also know who the psychopaths and truly evil people in your communities are (who many times look just like you). Google “Frank Borzellieri.” The guy monkey-wrenched some very bad people in NYC. It should be easier in cities and towns that aren’t quite as progressive and insane (not that it will be easy anywhere now).

    • Have held for a long time that there is a lot you can do to create FUD among the “elitist” cohort. Our locals go to bed every night thinking Nate Forrest and Hitler might be hiding under their bed. Watching the current “Cancel Yale” movement with great interest. You have no idea how heartbroken the locals here that proudly wear “Y” caps and shirts around would be if the new name were “George Floyd U”

      • “Cancel Yale” is music to my ears. It’s going to be a great example of elite hypocrisy, when they refuse to change the name from that of a slave trader.

  37. The comment section was the saving grace of the wasteland that is The Federalist, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they only allowed it to last this long because they knew that most people didn’t come to read the articles.
    It’s still surprising they buckled, since I was under the impression they got most of their funding from a few rich guys and advertising money was minimal.

    • Megan McCain could bankroll it on her own with her beer heiress money. Her husband is constantly being interviewed from any one of the numerous properties they have all around the US. But in the end, Ben still wants to get the “A” list cocktail invites as a member of the “loyal opposition”. He might surprise us, but I rate those odds low

    • I didn’t realize they’d buckled, but just went over there and their comments appear to be shut off. Ironically, one of the current articles is “Conservative Cowards Are To Blame For Falling Statues.” They’d know all about conservative cowards, wouldn’t they?

      I’ll never visit there again.

      • It appears the folks at The Federalist believe AG Barr along with Congressional Republicans are going to swoop in and save them. They still need to get a little farther along the learning curve.

      • Funny thing is, most of what I believe was deemed “racist” looked more like false flaggers. Brand new IDs drop in and bomb with stuff that looked like it was out of a Klan recruiting manual or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and then disappear. My take is it is simply a test run of an election season tactic.

        • To most modern people, the truth looks like a Klan recruiting ad. I’m currently sending a moron on another board into the throes of outrage because I have dared to present the HateFact that the average Black IQ is about 15 points lower than the average White IQ.

          • don’t forget to mention asian and ashkenazi IQ. It makes it go down easier and gets the jews on your side. Throw in subsaharan and aboriginal if you really want to shock. also the mismeasurement of man by (((gould))) was written, laughably, prior to bell curve. No serious refutation of murrays work has emerged. Er, a friend, that trolls normie sites told me all these pionters.

          • Franklin sat down with boy wonder Jefferson to tone down the Declaration over many drafts. If those signatories were given a do over that equality meme would be 86’d like the poison it became.

  38. Another interesting parallel to the late-stage USSR. After Stalin nearly wrecked the country — again — by throwing everyone in the gulag, Khrushchev et al realized that they had more slave labor than they could use (similar to the Roman Empire torpedoing its own economy via latifundia). They realized that it was more efficient, and far, far cheaper, not to gulag any but the worst dissidents (see e.g. Vladimir Bukovsky’s memoir To Build a Castle). The best method of control, it turns out, is simply to cut off dissidents’ ration cards. We’ve outsourced that to Google, of course, instead of centralizing it in the KGB — it’s the American way!! — but the end result is the same. The only question is: Is Trump Andropov, Gorbachev, or Yeltsin?

    [Special bonus prediction: The gulag never went away, because some of it was central to the Soviet economy. (In the darkest days of the NKVD, it was something like 40%(!!!) of the entire economy by some measures. There was just no other way to get gold and uranium. In the US, it’s the service sector that’s going to get gulaged. The Diversity can’t keep their own water and power running, much less cure diseases or code phone apps, so it won’t be long before some AOC type decides we need to nationalize service industries. The thought of “antifa” herding doctors and computer programmers into Das Neue Reich Labor Front is hilarious].

    • You are 100% correct about the Diversity’s lack of technical skill.

      It’s going to be very interesting to see if the Maoist lunatics can corral enough white cucks to keep the water and lights on in Wokeanda, much less maintain and improve the complex information and weapons systems they need to oppress people.

      • Without discounting ideological motivations, naked self-interest, maliciousness or spite, I’d add incompetence as well, in particular the Peter Principle applied to affirmative action failure . 

        Man jawed lesbians are competing with evolutionary throwbacks as affirmative action window-dressing in political offices as well as, police or fire chiefs. Their qualifications are advanced degrees in ‘cultural stupidity studies’ and targeted characteristics other than merit.

        Affirmative action fails across the board from the the political, social and physical breakdown of society, to the disintegration of public infrastructure. 

        Warships are being crashed into one and other. Brand new airliners are falling out of the sky. Formerly successful corporations are led into receivership and bankruptcy, while Corporate and Government secrets are sold to co-ethnics in former homelands. 

        The ladies that designed the Florida pedestrian bridge that crashed down killing passersby, were the product of a culture opposed to the “ hegemony of meritocratic ideology “ associated with “ masculine culture” . 

        The security of the water supply and electric power are of concern. I’ve noticed short blackouts where previously this was not an issue. The Romans provided their towns and cities with clean water which in our time is at risk. Public works is being converged and all those newly arrived divershitty hires will jump to the head of the queue for supervisory and management positions. 

        The real horror show would be to find yourself on an operating table after an emergency, being reassured by a smiling, newly arrived Nigerian surgeon, that the surgery he/she is about to preform on you is routine. 

          • Re. “meritocratic ideology” and “”masculine culture” that marginalizes women.” , please see 


            Re. Design Team. 

            It appears that prior to the collapse all the publicity was about the vibrant all-female design team that, after the collapse, became a fictional, vibrant all-female design team, that actually dindu nuffin. 

            You’re probably right, however, the publicity for the bridge prior to it’s collapse included a quote from one Leonor Flores, a project executive, who as it turns out, didn’t work on the bridge saying, 

            “It’s very important for me as a woman and an engineer to be able to promote that to my daughter, because I think women have a different perspective. We’re able to put in an artistic touch and we’re able to build, too.”

            Further, “ … an article by “The Squawker” published 12 days prior to the tragedy explained, “Flores’ quote [proved] that MCM had allowed senior-ranking female employees to prioritize aesthetics over safety… Leonor Flores… says her number one priority when building bridges is to make sure they look pretty. Nothing else matters,” according to PunditFact.” 


            I didn’t revisit this until just after reading your comment – my bad ! 

            In any case this is further evidence that the media megaphone is being used to hack people’s mind’s by providing astroturfed Social Proof, in this case , the vibrant lady engineer concerned with aesthetics over function and make-believe “senior ranking female employees”. 

          • Point remains that the structural design—which had been used before, and most importantly, the inept installation—which broke the bridge in essence—had nothing essentially to do with women involved with the firm.

            A tragic comedy (dark) of errors.

          • Re. “ Point Remains … “ 

            The point is that the Truth is irrelevant. 

            The core of Liberal Democracy and so-called Debate is the old Liberal concept from John Milton to John Stewart Mill that open debate on a topic with everyone involved sharing their opinions , what will happen eventually is that the True Opinions will eventually defeat the False Opinions which will fall away leaving only the True Opinions.

            This is the argument for the Liberal Democracy that we live under. No one with any sense believes that this is true and it is unlikely that the people who wrote these platitudes thought that they were true because it assumes : 1) that everyone is rational, 2) that everyone has good intentions. 3) It assumes that the only reason that people want to discuss these things is that people want to get to the truth and it assumes, 4) that the truth will win out and that people over time will abandon the false idea. 

            There is no evidence to support these assumptions which are mere rhetoric. The vast majority of people are irrational and are not interested in the facts of a case. It’s not that they have an incorrect point of view but that their point of view isn’t even meant to be true but rather useful for them.
            The truth of the matter is irrelevant. What they want is something that will make them feel better about themselves. It’s not about getting to the truth but supporting your class status or political ideologies that justify your position in the world or even just to sound intellectual . People don’t care if their point of view is true. They care about whether it satisfies some other requirement; financial, emotional, personal, political etc. People believe what they want despite the truth. 

            Even if you accept the idea that Truth will always will out and that people in general have that motivation, the fact is that debate has always been tightly circumscribed by powerful institutions.

            To reiterate, the media megaphone was being used to hack people’s minds by providing astroturfed Social Proof; in this case, the vibrant lady engineer concerned with aesthetics over function and make-believe “senior ranking female employees”. 

            Once the bridge collapsed the media narrative changed , the vibrant ladies disappeared and the tragedy became about the structural design and the “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading information” libelling vibrant lady engineers and all female design teams. 

            The reason why most Whites are easily duped by such tactics is because they we assume that basically everyone else has our sense of fair play, more or less. It is difficult to comprehend that some groups of people, do not subscribe to fair play at all.

            This entire retarded argument brings to mind the ‘riveting’ scene in“Schindler’s List“ where Amon Goth has the edumacated yenta engineer shot, after she complains about the “structural design“ of the concentration camp barracks. 


            Cheers ! 

      • Live in a place where most of limo Leftists work on Wall street and related occupations. They regularly post on local FB questions about such deeply technical topics as “how to change a car battery”.

    • Your prediction is not too screwy. A new version of the 1930s Works Progress Administration (?) but this time it will discriminate against White people! If the economy deteriorates a lot, there would of course be calls for some type of public works program. Finally, your comments notwithstanding, most service sector jobs don’t requre much smarts or training. And with any program, competence or even attendance won’t be a top priority, given the nature of big government and what they will be working with 🙁

  39. Very much true. For all its claims to almighty power, the state on all levels is close to incompetent when it comes to enforcement of those claims. Granted, if you get in their crosshairs, it can be an expensive defense but tech companies and other corporate goons have plenty of funds to lavish on their legal departments.
    But for those of us who live on Main St…
    As Zman states, the system is slowly sinking to collapse. Take a simple example: magistrate courts. They deal with mostly mundane matters but they’ve been shut down for the past 90 days and are only going to reopen in my state in another two weeks. Meanwhile, evictions, garnishments, small claims–these cases continue to snowball into this outsized glut that’s going to be shoved down the judicial maw once the first judge raps down his gavel declaring court is in session. There is no way they can cope with the sheer number of cases. The courts will be overwhelmed.

    Just with evictions alone, say what you will about landlords, but these people have to collect rent to pay their mortgage. If they can’t evict, they can’t pay the servicer. if the servicer can’t pay the lender, the lender has to foreclose.

    This is a hell of a fix coming down the turnpike, all man-made and manufactured by our elites. I don’t think they know what to do next…

    • The inability to enforce contracts is a hallmark of a failed state. The United States cannot enforce contracts. You are absolutely right about rental properties. We are witnessing their appropriation. Along with the destruction of small businesses, all redoubts of economic independence are being erased. That’s one of the main motivations behind this Cloud People-sponsored pseudo-revolution.

      • Yes, I would say it’s why the USG still has the loyalty of the Silent Majority of citizens appalled by the riots and insanity but unwilling to give up on the system. They still believe they can get wealthy as their boomer parents and grandparents did by cooperating with it.

        More and more are realizing that ain’t gonna happen, however…

      • “Expropiation.” Agree the legal system is increasingly broken, at least if you are white. 🙁

  40. We are conditioned to accept legitimate power and to address any disputes through established public institutions. Illegitimate power can force people to bend the knee…while they await the opportunity to slit the throats of these self satisfied usurpers who hold onto power the way a rodeo cowboy holds onto a bull.

    • That’s the crux of it, isn’t it—legitimate power. As I think of my many conversations with normies, they could easily boil down to an unyielding/undying belief in the continuing “legitimate” power of a State which long ago, in so many ways, lost legitimate power and now simply dons the trappings of such as a show for the masses/rubes.

  41. In a hundred years, Trump will be seen as the president who ushered in the final breakup of the United States. This will be recognized as a good thing by almost all concerned. If you find this unlikely, remember that Lincoln made inevitable the bloodiest war in our country’s history, and until recently was regarded as a secular saint. Countries the size and composition of the US are simply unsustainable without great decentralization, and that died in 1964. Despite some ritual bows towards liberalism, Christopher Caldwell was right – the Civil Rights Act made inevitable an attempt at hyper-centralization of the US federal system in the name of “equality” and this made the collapse of America about as inevitable as anything can be.

    By the way, China is in the same boat – just wait until Three Gorges breaks…

    • It’s believed the Taiwanese have told the CCP that their method of retaliating against a military subjugation will be to punch a hole in the Three Gorges. I wonder if they could pull it off, but at worst it’s a nice psychological deterrent.

      • Taiwan could in fact pull it off.

        If they have delivered this message to China, Taiwan also has realized the United States is done.

    • Trump is perceived by many as some sort of return to the good old days. Reagan was that, to some extent, but Trump is actually a big “F-You” going out the door, as civilized society takes a walk. There is nothing left to conserve.

    • Countries the size and composition of the US are simply unsustainable without great decentralization, and that died in 1964.” It can’t be over estimated how important it is to understand that decentralization died in 1865. 1965 was only one more nail in the coffin.

  42. Spot on from local observation. And the lawlessness can reassert itself much more quickly than the ones cheerleading expect. In only a few weeks the combo platter of no bail, police pullbacks and disbanding plainclothes crime squads, we’ve seen NYC putting up numbers that will soon give Chicago and Lagos a run for their money in the violence league tables. More locally, unlike all the other years I recall, every night sounds like Beirut on a bad day with all the local vibrant crowds firing off commercial grade fireworks until the wee hours. In the past the police would have tamped this stuff down. Now, what is the risk/reward of wading into a group of vibrants to tell them to behave? Zero chance of positive outcome. And the local limo-Leftists are outraged that their dogs are upset and babies being woken up. I just chuckle.

    • And the local limo-Leftists are outraged that their dogs are upset and babies being woken up. I just chuckle.”

      They need and deserve to suffer and it is good to see happening. It appears some domestic terror groups have spun off from Antifa, which is terror-for-hire, and cannot be controlled. The same applies to some of the feral blacks looting and terrorizing. The local police might be able to push back the ferals but they’ve got their handsful with the non-astroturfed terrorists.

    • Wait until the vibrants start making unsolicited visits into their homes, and local law enforcement who will either do nothing or arrest the homeowner for calling the police on a minority.
      Shoot, shovel, shut-up will be the new 911.

      • Funny you mention that. Has been an uptick in roaming youths stealing the contents of any vehicles left unlocked in the middle of the night. And similar howling and consternation–and when pointed out that the current no bail laws plus general ignoring of small property crimes–“but we’re different, we’re goodthinkers”. Again, hilarity.

    • My daughter just told me that a woman was asking one of their little Facebook neighborhood groups whether she should call the police on the vibrants who were doing just that – fireworks for hours – because her baby couldn’t sleep. The woman got torched by neighbors shaming her for imagining she should call the cops when vibrants get KILLED by police, you know.

      Shut up, they explained, and turn on some white noise for your baby.

      • Shut up whitey and turn on White noise to mask the sounds of darkness approaching. Reckon that sums up 1965 – current year.

        • Great year to pick, ’65. I lived though that year; and I could not vote yet so don’t blame me.

          But the stage was set in the 50s. No one ever mentions that. The parents of the Boomers always get a pass.

          It took the evil left a long time to get us to this point. There will be no peace until after the civil war; and I have no idea who will win. God knows, but he has not told me.

          • i think people mention that often, actually. Many people would haul my ass back to the enlightenment to point to the devils in our making. Or maybe the garden of eden.

            swing a cat back through time and you will hit a thousand turns of the dial none of which are ever anyones fault because the dial was already in motion when they took the station.

            You would also hit a thousand lampposts absent the corpses of those same devils. Thats progress I guess.

            ‘65 has a nice ring to it. Being thats the first full year of official civil rights and the production of the ford mustang. I do love intersectionality.

            so no boomer hate from me. My hate flows freely across arbitrary generations to all fat fucks who would trade their sons and daughters and legacies and heritage for a gypsum box full of chinese crap or a handjob from a manic pixie huluhoop hippie at a edm festival.

  43. “What we are witnessing is not a revolution.”

    Correct. It actually is a pseudo-revolution. Literally fascist corporations and Cloud People are using literally communist punks and low IQ ferals to consolidate power. It is similar to the Cultural Revolution in that regard, but this is a raw power grab.

    • Joe Rogan had an evolutionary biologist on last week by the name of Bret Weinstein (I know, I know) who gave the best answer I’ve heard as to what the recent unrest is all about.

      Looooong but worth it:

      • I’ll listen. Have heard a several of his interviews before. He is an interesting guy. And while still “liberal” got a severe wake-up in the Evergreen fiasco.

        • He was part of the crowd that started all this shit years and years ago when he was an undergrad at Penn State and went all SJW on a frat because he disapproved of them having strippers at their parties.

          I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

          • I think it was Penn. And would put him out either. But he is interesting to listen too. And much of his opining on evolutionary biology affirms heresies we know to be true.

        • RFF – think of it as a Girondin explaining the Jacobin mindset.

          The line that sticks in my head is when he said that BLM (and it’s enablers) are creating a reverse Jim Crow; something our esteemed blog host has mentioned as well.

          Wienstien understands these people in a way that only a Left Wing Jew can.

          • That is why I invest some time listening to him and his brother Eric. No different than the time spent dealing with China right after WTO accession. The inside knowledge is invaluable. Amusing finding everyone now suddenly discovering the Chinese have an entirely different worldview and game. Knew that fifteen years ago.

          • Agree. The Weinstein brothers and Sam Harris are, if nothing else, interesting and intellectually coherent. They are all leftists that have been run off the reservation.

          • Girondin explaining the Jacobin mindset.” Small brained crickets.
            Jim Snow I understand. Love you man thanks! Will listen though I spend most of my time in action than being still.

          • If you’d like my esoteric French Revolution references to make sense, definitely check out the Revolutions Podcast (it’s in all the places you’ll find podcasts).

            France is series 3 – the host takes 54 episodes to cover it and it’s phenomenal.

          • JaQu’eez’ius Crow can only be created under the auspices of a black supremacist society. And that is what “America” is rapidly becoming.

          • Weinstein pretty much says exactly that in the interview. I was truly shocked at how honest he was.

          • Sounds like he’s one of us but is afraid to admit it to himself or anybody else.

      • Bret Weinstein does have interesting and original things to say despite being a man of the left.

      • BW doesn’t say it directly, but when he describes Democrats starting to behave “differently” under Clinton, it’s the US in full-on Empire mode. Clinton was operating under the new paradigm of US moving into former Soviet satellite areas and trying to alter pipelines around Turkey.

        Reagan had concentrated on nationalist type goals (due to US still having the Soviets balancing our power internationally). Ditto for Thatcher in UK. Then the USSR disintigrated.

        Bush GHWB introduced the benign “safe-space” sounding “New World Order” as the Soviet Union disintegrated, and the acceleration of American Empire began. He instigated the proto-War for following wars with the Original Gulf War. People knew, at the time, it was being egged on with Sadam Hussein. (Even the people who witnessed SH’s statue being pulled down were planted by the CIA. Iraq didn’t have any mob of progressive children to do the dirty work. Go back and look at the old footage – it was a sparse crowd.)

        Clinton then fired up the Anti Serb War and Somalia. Biden is an old hand at watching people be thrown to the wolves while jerking himself off about International Tribunals at The Hague. Milosovich was savagely railroaded. Way to pay back a WW2 ally, among other tragedies.

        Another outcome of war about this time the Empire was starting to militarize the police forces. Other blowback of Empire took longer to blossom. MN is a perfect example.

        The Empire is collapsing.

  44. These riots are an extension of 9/11,the twin towers getting destroyed marked the end of worldwide european hegemony.

    Now they are intending to take europeans right to govern themselves.

    • We have hundreds of millions of guns and enough ammo for several wars along with vast reserves of combat expertise and more.
      Problem is we are a victim of our own success, having becomes fat, complacent and entirely civilized. We also have stupid amounts of freedom in many areas, most not good for us.
      Its a nice cosy life most of us do not want to destroy.
      We certainly could concentrate on making sure we can keep a high tech military operational without imports and than change things by main force.
      The question is into what?
      I have my thoughts. So lets hear yours.

  45. If there are individuals in your vicinity who employ exterminatory language in relation to white people…

  46. Consider the Armenians:

    I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race, this small tribe of unimportant people, whose history is ended, whose wars have all been fought and lost, whose structures have crumbled, whose literature is unread, whose music is unheard, whose prayers are no longer uttered. Go ahead, destroy this race. Let us say that it is again 1915. There is war in the world. Destroy Armenia. See if you can do it. Send them from their homes into the desert. Let them have neither bread nor water. Burn their houses and their churches. See if they will not live again. See if they will not laugh again. See if the race will not live again when two of them meet in a beer parlor, twenty years later, and laugh, and speak in their tongue. Go ahead, see if you can do anything about it. See if you can stop them from mocking the big ideas of the world, you sons of bitches, a couple of Armenians talking in the world, go ahead and try to destroy them.

    William Saroyan

    • Or the Basques: they survived the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Visigoths, the Mohammadans, the Castillians, the Aragonese, the Franks, the Commies and the Fascists.
      The Vikings attacked the Basques only once and then decided they’d rather raid the Mohammadans instead.
      What’s under threat here is America, not Americans.

      • The Basque country, Brittany, western Britain were much more able to re-establish tribal structures and effective “military” resistance.
        Specialization, characteristic of most of the Roman world, worked….as long as it worked. Romans bought their pots from professional potters and bought their defense from professional soldiers. From both they got a quality product. However, when disaster struck and there were no more trained soldiers and no more expert potters around, normie Romans lacked the skill and structure needed to create alternative economic and military systems. Under these circumstances it worked better to be Backward Basque.
        An aside: Nevada has a chuck of Basques starting as sheep hearders, then owning large ranches. Lots of Basques. Lots of Basque sheepherder jokes.

        • You beat me to mentioning the Carson Valley basques – HUGE influence in Northern NV politics to this day.

        • Americans are not Romans. The Romans were not a curious people – the by an large got by with the tech, the math and the philosophy they inherited from the Greeks. (Quick: Three Roman inventions?)
          Americans are one of the most creative and entrepreneurial peoples in the world. The lack of deep tribal roots is a handicap, yes, but people are now reminded they’re white every sixty seconds, and the penny has been in free-fall for a while now. Nature will reassert itself.
          There are about 200 million Americans alive today, that makes you the biggest white nation in the world, next to Russia.
          You will be the first to go into the fire and the first to emerge from it. By then, our enemies will have forged a true American tribe, pissed off and looking to take names.
          I’m amazed at their chutzpah. Look at the last 100 years and ask yourself if you why you’d want to piss white people off?

          <i>Lots of Basque sheepherder jokes.</i>

          Have you ever noticed that sheepherders make the best rugby players? Wales, Brittany, Australia, New Zealand…?

          • Trick question, eh? There are two Roman inventions. Concrete and law. There was never going to be a third; centralization hates invention and loves uniformity. Maybe the Dark Ages have gotten a bad rap.

          • I’d add the “arch”. Perhaps invented elsewhere, but definitely not Greek and definitely the use of was perfected by Rome (at that time), otherwise they’d have never built their aqueducts to water Rome.
            Special mention can be made of applications of basic knowledge such as road building, hot baths, and bridges (they spanned the Rhine within days, crossed and taught some pesky Germans a lesson).

          • No trick question. I can’t even think of one without googling.
            Concrete, law, sanitation or the masonry arc, are not Roman inventions, despite what an astounding number of “Top Ten Roman Investions”-listicles claim.

            It seem the only legitimate Roman invention is bacon. Mind you, I’d argue that this alone qualifies them as the second-greatest inventors in history, next only to the guys that invented beer.

          • This may be so, but remember the Chinese invented gun powder whereas it took the West to turn it into field cannon and armies of flintlocks.

          • Yes. The Roman achievements are all the more startling considering their relatively primitive technological basis.

            Some guy on the internet noted, that the Romans had all the tools available to build steam engines. He suggested that if they hadn’t had slaves to do the heavy lifting, the Industrial revolution could’ve happened 1,500 years earlier.

          • Hail Marduk that gave us beer, the drink of immortality

            – the Babylonian Necromonicon

          • Felix and Meme…Lived around the Basques and what a grateful group happy to be landowners. Plus the cooking is delicious….steaks-oxtails and meat. Basques produce big solid guys.
            Felix….got it But…we still have a Wahmyn/Karen problem to deal with. Until we fall far enough to really scare the crap out of women, until women run fear and scarcity, and you men aren’t shackled to their The Assemblywomen demands and acquiesce to keep access to the bed, only then will the women will crawl back to you. The time will come when you will need to rope them in. You men will then be freed up to invent and fix things again in a future world. Quite a ways into the future.

          • <i>But…we still have a Wahmyn/Karen problem to deal with.</i>

            Once the welfare state collapses and they’re going to have to find a real job or another sugardaddy, I bet they’ll soon hear the siren song of a quiet, kids-and-kitchen lifestyle.

      • My father’s joke was about a greybeard in his village who, when asked about all the countries he lived in replied, “ I’ve lived in Austria and Hungary, in Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Germany, without once having left the village.” 

      • Oh, the AWRs want to subjugate the white race alright, even if that means knocking off a few million of us in the process. However, we’re in far better shape to repulse our enemies than the Armenians and Basques ever were. As for America, it is not under threat; it is under six feet of earth.

  47. When the police and local authorities stand down when vandalism, looting and arson takes place, it makes them complicit in the crime. No, even worse, it makes them accessories since they are implicitly threatening any law-abiding citizen who intervenes with arrest or death. It is anarcho-tyranny as has been defined by early observers on the Dissident Right.

    • Anarchy-tyranny, coined by Sam Francis. I always like to give him credit, since his greatness was underappreciated when he was alive. He saw all of this coming.

        • Take Tucker’s challenge if you think the ruling class won’t stand up to rioters. Imagine the rioters being Tea Party people and the administration being Obama’s. Do you think he’d hesitate to use force to save the MLK statue and the Federal Reserve Bank building?

          Do you think armed separatists in Fort Worth or Wheeling would get a pass?

          It’s only Republicans who lack legitimacy in Current Year America, because the masses — and they themselves — question their full fidelity to our ruling precept that “all men are equal.”

          • Republicans are part of the system. The GOPe job to is say “Let my guys have a few more years to loot before we go Wakanda meets Cuba.”
            White Right rioters OTOH would present an actual threat to the system.
            Obviously, don’t do stupid illegal stuff but if you could get that going with enough people to matter , why would you bother? You’d have an enough men for an insurgency and some serious El Sendero Luminoso style shenanigans instead of being a bunch of shitheads destroying stuff and waving signs.

      • Sam Francis may have been underappreciated by the larger population, but those of us who knew and read him loved him. My God, if only he were still with us. I would love to hear his take on the goings on today.

        • You’re absolutely correct, Mark. Here are some comments at the time of his death: When Sam Francis unexpectedly passed away on February 15, 2005, Congressman John Duncan (R-Tenn.), in his eulogy on the floor of the House stated, “I admired his courage. He was politically incorrect on almost everything, which made him right on most things.” Thomas Fleming, editor of Chronicles magazine, remarked, “In so many ways he was the opposite of most conservatives. He rarely talked a good game, but he always played one.” Vladimir Palko, Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, said Sam Francis’s “views and comments on conservatism, religion, and current culture-war issues were both valuable and impressive, and one could get to know his character through them.” Veteran political activist and organizer Howard Phillips commented, “What a genius, yet so unappreciated!” British publisher Derek Turner observed, “Even from a trans-Atlantic perspective, I can see that his death has deprived the American Right (and, for that matter, the Western world) of one of its most distinctive and eloquent voices.”

    • Ok, so this contributor, Jack Dobson, gets it. Bravo, sir, you’re among the few that can see how it works. But we are ultimately doomed, because there aren’t enough Jack Dobsons. Too many of you here suffer from “cop love” and believe the boys-in-blue won’t be coming for you. How sadly mistaken you’ll be.

      • Thanks but I haven’t noticed much cop love on this blog. In fact, Z was one of the first on the DR to point out the military and law enforcement are not our friends.

        • To any of you that don’t get this, consider… a restaurant in Texas tries to sell a hamburger and gets a military assault… parts of a US city are occupied and crickets. Can it be more clear???

          • Go over to powerline blog (it’s out of minneapolis) and read the comments or, better yet, leave a few. I think the scales have begun to fall from a few eyes.

          • It needs to be crystal clear and widely understood that LEO can play paddy-cake with the soy boys all day and night while they destroy the cities but anyone coming out to the country to F with the free citizens will not all be going home

          • Bingo.

            The red areas need to open up and stay open.

            Anyone who attempts to interfere needs to be made an example of in the worst possible way.

        • Hmmm, let’s antagonize cops and grunts from dissident politics. After all they just have the most real world experience with the Floyd Georges and Achmed Suckdishes of the planet.

          Sounds like a plan. Not a good one, but a plan.

          • City cops usually aren’t on our side anyway.
            Most are on are on the paycheck and pension side.
            Once that goes away or too many of their buddies un up lifers for legit shoots or pased over for a brainless Dindu needing a social promotion they’ll reconsider but for now most will follow orders.
            There are exceptions, some police and whole departments have a good rep with regular folks and many rural sheriffs are on our side.

          • Probably remember this from a movie or a novel. If we get into some serious civil disorder where Whites are forming vigilante groups, I hope the local law will have the good sense to keep out of their way, lest they get hurt.

          • Most grunts and cops have been pozzed in recent years. Obviously those who haven’t been are tremendous potential assets.

          • Starboard, I was once like you. For decades I thought that exact same thing. So, what has it gotten you? What has it gotten us? What has appeasement achieved ? When your skull cracks under an LEO baton, what difference will it have made that you offered an “olive branch” to the the LEOs? Wake up my friend

      • Not really. A great many dissidents from WRSA to Vox Day are all NWA was Right these days.
        For the Kurt Schlichter, the guys on the border, many were part of the system and any case it takes time to change ingrained views reinforced by decades of propaganda.

        • abprosper… excellent comment… never thought of it exactly that way but yes indeed you’re right…

    • The system may not be collapsing but rather transforming into “1984” light, given the apparent confidence shown by financial market investors. The system denies freedom of association to the white middle class (from the increasingly aggressive interpretations of the 1964 Civil Rights Act). On the other hand, the ruling classes robustly exercise their right to freedom of association (e.g., privatization of censorship by tech giants). Probably a double standard, but they have an iron grip on the megaphone.

      • Yeah, I’m wondering if what we’re seeing is less system collapse and more consolidation of power. There’s a very clear pattern to law enforcement. It’s not random.

        Sure, it’s random to the law as written, but the enforcement of Narrative rules is very consistent.

      • It is collapsing. I look at the financial market confidence as a grift to draw more small investors into the mix to turn around and collapse the market again. Already we are reading how much overconfidence there is in the market. That’s the tell.

        • Huge tell, agreed, Jack. Greater Fool Theory working itself out to ensure TPTB get’s their capital out.

          • Yes but the capital won’t buy much of anything. The entire global economy is melting down , hell the Gulf States especially Saudi Arabia are near broke.
            We aren’t getting a lot of news from the rest of the world being concerned with our own BS but Oh Crap!” would be far too modest.

    • Exactly! I’ve been saying this forever. And it doesn’t stop there. When they stand down as the “protestors” throw things at them, spray things in their faces, etc., it’s an approval of assault, and one thing is clear watching all of this. The “thin blue line” would suck a thousand dicks to keep their pensions and other bennies. Just like everyone else, they worship their own pensions, which will be vaporized as all of this falls apart.

      • JR Wirth – What’s more, any “kneeling blue liner” isn’t a representative of a legitimate government. Person in a government costume kneeling to the mob? Ok, you just became part of the mob and will be regarded as such.

    • Related re: anarcho-tyranny (AKA selective law enforcement) Another horrible case of police killing a suspect under shaky justification. Oddly, no media reports whatsoever even though it happened recently. 25 year old female, that should be big news right since her crime was simply running a red light which escalated into her murder.
      Surely, there will be murder charges brought against the cop like Atlanta? Not so much… what is different about this case that it isn’t on every news station 24×7 I can’t quite put my finger on it…

      Understand yet white people?

  48. I’m expecting cash to get scarce as more and more small businesses find ways to dodge federal, state, and local taxes by moving more transactions to cash.

    • the war on cash is a front that has been active for quite a while. Big tech and big finance are fully on board with taking cash out of the system. The youngsters are already all-in. The covid no-cash trend is another move toward this new normal. But yes, figuring out how to operate within and without the system is a huge part of the future for our side. Which is why our archipelago of communities will have to figure out an economy of our own, for our own.

      • The time to worry is when the Melanic Hominids® and others in the drug and related underground trades only accept credit or debit cards.:D

    • If “Biden” wins and the Left assumes power, look for a rapid transition to be imposed toward a cashless society. What redoubts of financial independence remain will be extinguished.

        • Nah, no real point in that since the dollar was disconnected from gold long ago.

          Whenever they need to, they just print up a couple trillion and give the bulk of it to their friends and a token to the peasants to try to keep them quiet.

          • You’re so 1970’s. They don’t “print up” money except a few billion for circulation. Now they press a button and it magically appears and is “transacted” into the appropriate accounts. You do believe in magic, don’t you? In the last 3 months the fed has “created” 3-4 trillion in Chink Flu relief for the damage they caused the economy. Do you think with the collapsing economy of China they bought those “loans”? Or Americans ? No way Jose, that sir is magic. The Weimar collapsed because they actually had to print the worthless script and physically hand it out but now with modern technology it just appears. We can flood the market with “cash” without flooding it with actual money.

          • You want to know what’s crazy. The trend to deflation is so bad printing our way out of our problems, dumping near a year of GDP into the system won’t even work.
            What happens is all the extra money goes into getting rid of debt (including stock buy backs here) paying basic bills and into savings.
            The US savings rate is the highest its ever been and even an end to all lock downs won’t restore the consumer economy.
            Give a man a dollar, it goes to debt relief or into the bank.
            Eventually most consumer debt will be paid off and I think people will just avoid borrowing
            I guess the power that be hope paying off the joggers will get them to spend but after the riots, no one wants the risk.
            Ultimately consumption will decline vastly and I think the new normal will be Neither a Borrower nor a Lender be and Do I Really Need That?
            The recession we’ve had since 1973 will become a hard depression as the economy shrinks and even “big” everything goes tits up.
            As society decays, Washington will lose power and the risk of forcing rebels back into the fold shrinks.
            Fun times.

          • “Ultimately consumption will decline vastly and I think the new normal will be Neither a Borrower nor a Lender be and Do I Really Need That?”

            Never underestimate the power of fixed habits / amnesia / stupidity and of course greed. “Shop till you drop” is in the blood. Americans are not going to let a little pandemic / economic collapse slow them down. Right now, people are buying stock from bankrupt companies that admit their stock is worthless. 😲💸😭

          • True but enough people are getting creamed and at least one committed suicide over it to make the point.
            Also so many people are unemployed, underemployed or faced wage arbitrage they can’t buy.
            Banks also won’t lend eve though awash in cash.
            There will still be idiots but things will change.

      • Back in 2016 I read an article about, and I’m stretching memory here, a venerable old leftist professor (writer?) that was urging no quarter for “conservatives” after Hillary’s assumed win later that year. He urged a complete shunning and destruction of Traditionalists in America. It read like a playbook for today’s nonsense, only she didnt win. Have searched but apparently can’t find the right search words.

        Anyone else remember that story and if so can you post the link?

        • Sounds like something Noel Ignatiev would have written. That said, the vast majority of profs hold views similar to Ignatiev’s, so the possible author list is truly massive.

          • Found him. It was Mark Tushnet. I misremembered, he was focused on liberals unabashedly attacking evangelicals and conservatives.

            But looked up Noel Ignatiev. Tiny hat, of course. Passed away, Devil take him.

      • I suspect not as even mostly cashless and highly White Sweden is telling people to keep currency since systems everywhere are failing,

    • I once heard a russian say that he knew it was getting bad because all these we-buy-gold places started popping up. That happed here about 10yrs ago.

  49. Well at least for today I have had the opportunity to read your blog. How much longer?

      • Don’t be so sure, Z. The guys that are ascending to power now are the kinds of people that kill millions when they get rolling…

        • Look no further than the recent comments about deplorables made by Kamala Harris, a vibrant woman whose sole achievement in life is opening her legs for Willie Brown.

          • don’t sell her short. i hear she has made many accomplishments, with many powerful men, in many positions, both natural and unnatural.

          • To think they were seriously pushing her for president. Our first whore pres. Or would that be JFK. Nah he a a whore monger. Hey, another under-utilized word poised for a comeback!

          • Uh, if Biden makes her his Veep there is more than a chance she will be President in a few years.

          • Getting wildly unsuited people into positions of power is part of the game. It is an element of the contempt exercised by the powers-that-be over the rest of us. It is no accident that an addled dementia case is being offered up this time. They are letting us eat cake, they are.

          • The very names Kamala and Obama are symbolic of America’s descent into the Third World abyss.

        • The fact that Amren is still on YouTube is rather puzzling. I know that Jared is not a fan of the JQ and will not participate in discussions regarding civil unrest. Explanations?

          • TOR is a complete trap. Lots of exit nodes run by various US govt depts and of the other large ones who knows who owns them?
            It was pushed by Snowden and Applebaum and the rest of the fake whistleblowers.
            Its entire design was so they could practice monitoring encrypted packet routing and hide their own packets in the noise.
            Do not use it unless you want to be flagged for future investigation.

    • Soon to follow state terror will be unleashed on anyone who comments or even just reads blogs or sites outside the bounds of officially permitted discussion. That is those that remain.

    • Bison Prepper went ahead and self-sensored. I signed up for his mailed CD posts. I think smoke signals and Morse Code may make a comeback!

    • If you include rapine and pillaging as employment.Then the numbers still hold up. Come on meme, don’t be so concerned with Trumps election. All the conservative Boomers tell me, barring cheating, it is the bag. PS this saxon has begun to hate, i can assure you. saw your blackpill comment.

      • Trump getting his ass kicked in November will merely bring home to the Breitbart set what we’ve known for months. And those Saxons don’t hate anything other than their rascal scooters running out of charge.

        • Funny story. One of my nieces had a birthday recently. She set up one of those in-lieu-of presents accounts on facebook with donations to go to a BLM outfit. Being an asshole, i was the only one to comment. I expressed concern that my donotion might be used to buy gasoline to burn down a police station. She raisied a total of 25 dollars (out of 300$). I strongly suspect her little cuck boyfriend contributed that. My little branch of the saxon tree has begun to hate, at least.

          • Too bad the in-lieu-of-presents account didn’t work with both pluses and minuses – like the comments here do.

            Because that would have really revealed the truth.

        • The cope for them is going to be to blame it on China. My parents are about midway between us and the Breitbart crowd and they think China intentionally gave us the virus to hurt Trump. Plus, it’s more comforting for Boomers with a Cold War mindset to fixate on a foreign Big Bad than to admit to how dire the domestic situation is.

      • I’d like to see “pillage” make a comeback in common usage. Alway thought it a wonderfully encompassing term.

        • I was in a museum in Kuala Lumpur back in the 90s and they had on display a device called an “Amok Catcher”. It was an iron bar that forked out into a two foot wide pincer with barbs on the inside. It was used by the constabulary to catch persons “running amok”. That’s another term that needs to be revived.

          • maybe a nice little thesis to explore usage of words as this collapse progresses. Alot of medieval terms may make a comeback. I’ve already heard dane geld thrown around some.

          • Big fan of the Halligan Bar. Was pretty damn good at using one to solve all sorts of problems in a different profession. But a mill file to the spike end and you’ve got a pretty good melee weapon.

          • Good show. i had to look that up. It occurs also a good shibboleth for identifing old firefighters or law enforcement types.

          • Look harder.

            Any decent sex shop will have a leather or similar one if you are going for that muzzled handmaiden thing.
            If not any kink friendly metal worker can make you one.

          • I suppose a freind told you all that esoteric and highly specific information? Blacksmiths? who knew?

          • Girls….notice we’re not commenting. We’re just whistling past the graveyard!

          • Poor RFF. Has to pretend other girls read these threads. Nope you are the only one../ and it’s OK.

        • I like “plunder” because my cheeks puff out when I say it and if I use a deep voice I sound kinda like Sebastian Gorka.

          • Asked Basic Husband to talk in his deep voice dirty Russian to me, but it’s just not working.

          • Then threaten to recruit authentic russian. You will have the poor sap speaking fluent russian in no time. Come on folks. Am i teh only one around here that understands power politics?

  50. Two and a half years ago I posted here that we’re headed for Mad Max and everybody here poo-poo’ed me.. Hm…

    • More like Spain under the Visigoths. There will be some central authority and some legitimate local authority, but tribal power will prevail for most people.

      • I’m seeing civil war… or a five way food fight. Some tribes will have to be dealt with before any peace or order can be achieved.

          • Something like the Bracken Cube here
            estern Rifle Shooters is still around though they have not reposted the article on the new blog so you won’t find it as of yet and this image will have to do.
            My personal take is a bit different as it will highly depend on where you live but its close to Glen’s
            Mostly IMO the teams will be

            White Right + Friends (85%+ European Whites and Lefty Austrian Enthusiasts along with some Asians and a smattering of others including technically White Hispanics and a some Blacks)
            White Left +Allies (this is The Upper Class The State and Big Centralizers as well)
            with lesser factions being
            Some Non White Hispanics, Blacks, some Asians Native Americans and others in rough order of importance.
            Over time, the US systems will erode into general lawlessness and might collapse.
            Collapse can be fast like the USSR or slow like Mexico which now has pirates , autodefensa and drug warlords along with a weak central government)

          • I asked because I am just wondering who it is that is fighting on our side and what they have done as of today.

            Right now we really aren’t fighting back. So it’s not really a war so much as it is us getting oppressed. It’s not a war until we start fighting back.

            The number of blacks who will fight on our side is infinitesimally small. Hispanics will be mostly on the other side or neutral. At best, it will only be a small portion of ‘white passing’ Hispanics that would fight for our side. Of course, all of the racial organizations would be against us. Indian (dot) will be against us near 100%

          • Clue me in, please. Why would most Indians be against us? Hard-working, lots of engineers and entrepreneurs, close-knit families… they SHOULD be natural allies. If, as you posit, they are not, why is that?

          • For the same reason Hispanics, blacks and Asians are against us. They are for their people. They think of themselves first. They see white people as a competitor.

          • x.
            The actual sides are whoever is fighting, that’s unclear at present. We know the police and army aren’t, we know the Spanish and Bikers, along with noggers and Antifa are.

            Don’t worry the parties just beginning. At present the elites are fine, enjoying the show with rare exceptions like CNN Atlanta, so it will continue on these many paths. To be helpful it will take a hard year of real widespread fighting to even start to firm up the sides. Even if we’re blessed to getting down to 2 sides they will then need 2-3 years to get organized – followed by 18-24 months to Victory.
            10 million dead, 30 million wounded, same number displaced, tens of trillions of 2020 dollars$.

            That is the optimistic case, basically Civil War conventional replay.

            Not so optimistic is the 30 years war, triple everything above.

          • If things were to get that bad, might as well pepper up the scenario. How about foreign invasion? I can’t see Canada invading, eh? Nor Mexico, she sends her excess population here already. Widesperad disorder in the (former?) USA might be too tempting for a major power like China or Russia to resist. Perhaps not a land invasion, but selective bombing to take out any remaining military power we might have. Troubled times indeed.

      • Am reading The Fall of Rome by Ward-Perkins as easy relaxing night reading.
        Z—You are spot on. “There will be some central authority and some legitimate local authority, but tribal power will prevail for most people.”
        “Because the military position of the imperial government in the 5th Century was weak, and because the Germanic invaders could be appeased, the Romans on occasion made treaties with particular groups, formally granting them territory on which to settle in return for their alliance.”–The Fall of Rome
        Let’s appease by giving them the center of Seattle. The inner cities become Africa? Will the imperial powers eventually give away chunks of the Southwest to Pedro?
        The theory Ward-Perkins is pushing is, not the dominant view, the Roman Empire really did fall to violent invasion, the Roman world did see a catastrophic collapse of living standards, and the Dark Ages were genuinely…dark. Ironically, our future portends Dark Ages in metaphor and Jamal.

        • And yet, as the cities disintegrated, the lower class lived longer and was healthier. A serf had a better diet than the poor in cities. The literacy rate went down but it wasn’t high anyway.

          Now ask yourself, are cities healthy? They certainly are inhibiting our reproduction rate. Are we healthy, the country is morbidly obese, testosterone levels have cratered, we eat garbage coated in sugar.

          • Is it coincidence that, worldwide, only recently did the majority of Earth’s teeming populace now live in cities? Recall there are close to 8 Billion of us now. My kindergarten view of world history is: during growth of civilizations, the peons move to the town or city seeking the better life. Stadtluft macht frei. Not taught to the wee ones is that like everything else, nothing lasts. This is one thing Buddhism has right: the “noble truth” of impermanence, arising and ceasing. There is a lifespan, and cultures, countries and civilizations come and go. While it apparently hasn’t happened in our current epoch, isn’t it likely that as the system falls apart, life will be relatively better in the countryside? Alas, given our level of development, over-development ( = abuse of resources vs. what nature can support) I think the only solution will be a massive die-off of (primarily) those who are in the cities or otherwise dependent on high-tech for their subsistence. That is the majority of the populace. The future may literally belong to those who can homestead, far out in the countryside, with minimal to no connection to the outside world. Personally, I like civilization and I’d rather be dead. And in any scenario approaching what I’ve described, I certainly will be 🙁

          • Life is simply a series of waystations of place and situation. We don’t get stability in those waystations, as we did in the “old days”, where one could establish himself and spend his whole life in one place, successfully doing one thing. The earth shifts quickly under our feet now, and we need to get ourselves oriented to that.

          • Dutch, what do you believe causes(ed) the earth shifting? Is a focused effort to return to some traditional lifestyle able to stop the “shift”?
            I’m operating out of the belief that my decisions going forward could have legacy effects that minimize my kid’s need to chase the job / mammon. The chaos of late has changed my priorities drastically. Suddenly the homestead with plenty of land available for kids and grandkids seems valuable.

          • The difference is that “back in the day”, Americans generally aspired to the white-bread culture, complete with nice public spaces, an expectation of general courtesy to all by all, and a settled mythos of Columbus/1776/Washington/Lincoln. People knew how to operate and how to live under such a thing. All of that has been yanked out from under us now. The behavioral models are ghetto, the mythos is being forcibly torn apart, and the nice and peaceful public spaces and public interactions have been destroyed. We need to adapt to the new things, and, frankly, I cannot imagine raising a family or living in a neighborhood that operates in the midst of all of that. Too many of our peers believe the old ethos is still operative or can be reconstituted on a grand scale in the midst of all of this. I think not.
            My kids are grown, I live in places isolated from the drama, and I don’t really see much upside in engaging in any of it. I think flight to greener pastures is the only way. My other take is that laying low, and raising your family right in an appropriate neighborhood and community is all we have. The greater culture and all the old expectations of what constitutes appropriate behavior are lost to us. Personally, I am up to six game plans. Four involve pretty much complete abandonment of the life I know today. Two involve using my passport, on a one way trip. I am watching, thinking, and game-planning.

          • Thanks, Dutch. I see the loss of trust clearly.

            Personally, I am up to six game plans

            I’ve only got two plans. Both are messy and due to the complexity of my situation, involve retreat and regrouping first. The Passport Plan was discussed recently, so perhaps I’ve got 2.1 plans. Short sighted it seems after reading you’ve got six!

          • I agree that the last tatters of the veneer of the heritage American ethos and culture have been been torn off in the last few months and having lived in Brazil see that culture becoming the dominant reality for urban America quickly in some places and slower in others.

            I am glad that you live in places isolated from the drama and can make plans appropriately. I am also “watching, thinking, and game-planning” but mine is much tougher because I do not have my family on board. So the actions I have taken are very piecemeal and not connected. I am working on what I can.

            I certainly have the option of abandoning my family. With a split of pensions, house, assets I could set up nicely in other types of areas discussed on this site. But……

            For those of you who can escape to fight another day I agree; do it NOW.

          • to where, though?

            I’m in Canada. Young and single. There’s really nowhere to go. I’m currently living among the enemy, my neighborhood is now 70% non-white.
            White flight has never gotten us anywhere in the past.

          • I certainly feel your pain. I have lived in ghettos when I was a child. After I was on my own at 20 I was able to move where I wanted to move for graduate schools or work without thinking of vibrancy. But that was way back in the day.

            I am also retired from primary employment although I usually am working on short term paid projects primarily to help out my children afford a life free of vibrancy. They know my views and history but will admit to no clue of what is coming for them. They have spent their entire lives so far in homes or in graduate schools that hug the beach.

            Whole sections of California where I currently live which were at least 80% white 20 years ago are gone. Beach towns and mountain areas are pretty much all that are left in CA.

            Read some of the posters here and get a feel for where they live and more importantly HOW they live.

            It is not going to be easy for the young who need at least decent earnings but there are ways. I would be gone to one of a number of places already if my family was ready.

          • Great sentiments. what countries or at least regions of the world, do you see as best? which places in the US?

          • I saw that when it first dropped. For all that I have my own issues with the conservative mindset, the author of the think-piece they comment on is really trying to build a castle on sand. The part about having to accommodate the deconstructed, ever-changing modern family is the worst aspect. For all that we can’t just go back to some past era, denying biology on both the racial and family structure level isn’t workable no matter how much you demand we eschew tradition.

          • Yep. I particularly liked this bit:

            Thanks to a grossly prolonged and cloistered education consisting of self-righteous busywork, the modern credentialed mind, crown of human historical intellect, expresses its visionary morals by ordering the bad man to stop being mean, as if mutual distrust and lack of cooperation among competing groups can be reduced to the moral failings of the raging, inbred xenophobe, most likely clad in overalls, who, if only he possessed self-restraint like the ancients, would welcome anyone and anything into his society, community, neighborhood and family.

        • I have argued all along that the best outcome of the situation in Seattle would be for it to successfully secede and become a city state. Perhaps Trump will tacitly allow that to happen. One can hope.

        • Here’s a crazy idea: don’t give them shit.

          Appease them by sending them back to from whence they came.

          • CD…I get your frustration….reality says to me You try and start a campaign to vacuum them up and send them back. Don’t see a single ruling overlord yet will send them or anyone back except us. Remember what Bill Ayers wanted for you and me. Re-education camps or become daisy fertilizer. You have a big brain CD but we should have picked our own cotton. We didn’t. The caissons loaded with gibs and free stuff are rolling out as we think and make arguments. Best to you!

          • The only remotely similar thing I’ve ever heard about (and visited) is a commune in Copenhagen. Christiania
            You can read the article if you like. I visited in 1995. The Danes then and probably now are cvilized, certainly compared to USA. Then the city was mostly white, but notable (guessing) Mid-Easterners. Relevant to Seattle, add any Vibrancy to a commune as would happen in the USA and peaceful coexistence probably won’t last long before the shootings start. Oh, you say that’s already happening? Too bad 🙁

      • Speaking of Spain… I hope we have a Gen. Franco somewhere, because we’re gonna need him…

    • That surprises me. hell, half of us are crackpot preppers and hoarding heirloom seeds and looking into beekeeping.

      • Sid….am curious why you equate preparedness with nuttiness? Preparedness is a gradient (been in the water industry too long) not all Ruby Ridge. Just curious why the dislike?

        • Everything I have seen of preppers indicate that they are insane. The scene is permeated with consumerism. Preppers are constantly doing reviews of knives, fire-starters, pre-packaged meals, axes and other stuff you can buy. Comes across as kind of pathetic.
          Not all disasters are equally likely. Not all likely things are equally likely in different places. Where I live tornadoes are almost unheard of, but 3 foot snow nor’easters can and do happen. Bug out bags full of toilet-paper, fire-starters, axes and knives are not going to be much help in the event I get snowed in for a week.
          Even when they could be doing something sensible, they do stupid things. Having a rolling stock pantry is sensible. You have canned and other non-perishable foods in a decent quantity that are a normal part of your diet that are stocked and used on a rolling basis so there is always a month (or whatever you think is diligent) of food. But instead of that, you get preppers buying a ton of food they don’t normally eat at a high cost. Or even things like military type MREs.

          From what I can see of them, and to be fair, that’s youtube and blogs which skews to attention whoring and shilling, prepping is a hobby for insane people who like to buy “survival gear” and who think the end of the world is neigh who ignore the basics. They think it’s a product. Don’t even get me started on remote bug-out bunkers.

          • Wow….that’s animosity. Like I asked Sid and now you, that’s a huge reaction. What button is pushed? Why so much anger? I no get. They are not swinging their arms and hitting you. Hell, I’m reacting to Jamal more than people consumed with prepping. Why give a shit about them? They’re not taking food from your mouth and they’re not Jamal breaking down the door. Again, there is a degree of preparedness. Basic Husband and I are “prepared” for some civilisational bumps and not prepared for humongous bumps and bumps we choose to ignore or are ignorant of. I and a lot of folks don’t obsess about being prepared. We have a nice pantry and now I don’t have to think about it. Hell, Z writes big-brained articles about where the economics alone will end up…in the toilet. Rome.

          • Well as you say it’s a gradation. And you can be counterproductive if you become immoderate just like any pursuit. For instanse, my father took the largest chunk of his fathers inheritance and bought silver bullion back in the day. He would have been much much better off plowing that into the stock market, but the collapse was imminent you see. Financial guys get this because they have seen many guy go broke betting short on something like japan’s bond market. They know it’s coming but it doesn’t materialize in thier timeframe. see the zerohedge motto. Funnily dad started to sell his silver several years ago. When i was visiting this hillbilly came in and produced a huge wad of sweaty cash. Dad went in the back room, rumaged around and come out with a tray stacked with silver for the guy. I just shook my head. He also collects ivory heh.

          • Sid….you have guts man. It is personal, I get it. Thanks for your background. I understand your defensive stance and protect that. Am not trying to talk you out of your reaction. Just know some of us didn’t give away the homestead and have made preparations slowly that didn’t hurt the budget. WTSHTF you can come to my house and eat my food! In return, you give me good conversation and change the cat box.

          • Anger? What anger? You asked why people don’t take preppers seriously and I attempted to answer the question.

            Are you saying you don’t think there are people, for example, on YT, claiming they are preppers and doing what I said I have seen them do?

            Am I imagining 10 years of rice and bean storage here:

            I am not “angry” about dullard preppers. I myself keep storage of certain foodstuffs and try to stock up on stuff on sale. I have radios and batteries to power them. I have lights and fuel and batteries to power them. I have a couple of kerosene heaters and about 40 gallons of kerosene storage. I know how to do a lot of basic repairs. I can and do bake bread.
            What I don’t have are pounds and pounds of food I don’t normally eat. I don’t have a bunch of overly expensive knives and ferro and magnesium fire starters and I have not laid out 10s of thousands of dollars for a remote underground bunker. That does not make me angry, it makes me sensible.
            I don’t care about them. I was answering a very specific question you posed. Don’t ask if you don’t want to hear an answer.

          • Tars, you have a point. I’ve floated around the prepper scene for nearly 20 years now and honestly, the best preppers I’ve seen (excluding defense) are the hippie-dippie permaculture compost types. They often live the lifestyle from soap making to bee keeping. The Appalachia variant are on par minus “the community” support aspect that the hippies have.

            A lot of modern suburban prepping is “gear-queer” showoffery. Not all but a lot. I’ve met preppers that have the latest fluted titanium floating barrel on their ARs which on sheer specs far exceed the skills of any shooter, much less the pre-diabetic person holding it.

            Prepping is great, finding your stride in reality is almost as important as finding a like-minded community of mutual support.

          • I could not agree more.
            I would say maybe 20 years ago prepping was a much different scene. A lot of these guys liked going into the woods (which I myself do) and some would do review of that gear occasionally. Most of it prepping was skills based and lot of it was, as you say, around a hobby. People made soap or candles and the like. A lot of “guy stuff” like running a gas engine from wood-gas is a good example. Or homemade windmills. At times it appeared as a rationalization for doing fun things like that.
            But then it expanded into what it is today. 20 somethings living in apartments in the suburbs with their bug-out bags, gear and “life style” all centered around product. They can’t start a fire a hundred different ways, but they cannot do simple repairs to their homes (if they have them) or cars.

          • Like I said, it’s a gradient. Not all people who are prepared are 10 on the Richter Scale. Everything you said pertains to “some” people who prep.You’re annoyed with these people. You still haven’t gotten around to what the button is that sends you into annoyance. You and I have a lot more in common than end times preppers. You and I don’t get our knickers in a twist about the religious nuts who kill themselves in sneakers. So why bother with end-game preppers? Just look at them as a bit empty and prepping gives them purpose. Lots of people are doing weird things to create purpose. Best regards Tars!

          • I don’t think about them. I was answering a question. Granted, is not posed directly to me, but I thought it sounded interesting.
            It’s not even like I disagree with preppers. But like everything else, people go nuts with it.
            There is fakeness to it. People who buy a homestead and go live on it, to me, are a lot more respectable than the idiots posing on youtube (which is where most of my exposure comes from. It used to be blogs, but there are none that I have perused lately) and reviewing or shilling the latest product. Whether it be a knife, a ferro fod, cordage, MREs or classics like “20 things your bugout bag needs from the dollar store” or “how much survival gear can you get at Walmart for $10” They turn it into a freakshow.
            Preppers are actually selling “fat wood” on the internet. We’re talking little 2 or 3 pound bags of impregnated pine that can be found in a forest. Another thing popular with these types are people selling like 10 pound bags of sand with a few sprinkles of gold thrown in for more than double (or triple or infinite) the value of the gold specs so they can pan it and “find” the gold specs.

          • Honey….now I see you….good. You make sense now. You took the time to explain to me what tricks you off. Understando (am practicing pidgeon Spanish). I hope you took in my point that those type of preppers are filling a hole inside them by making a material purpose. You’re way past that.

          • Honey….now I see you….good. You make sense now. You took the time to explain to me what tricks you off. Understando (am practicing pidgeon Spanish). I hope you took in my point that those type of preppers are filling a hole inside them by creating a material purpose. It’s one thing to be prepared; it’s another to cater to Fear the Mind Killer. You’re way past that. Thank you for your effort to clarify.
            Ha! Now you see a dynamic in the Range household. Him: I don’t know why I said what I said. I don’t want to talk any more. Her: Just a little bit more….or shall I get on your Words Dancecard for later this afternoon? Ha! Women may be born with a limited number of eggs to pop lose; but I think men are born with a limited number of words to use and have to dole them out carefully for fear of using them up and reverting to deaf mutes. I see a Monty Python skit out of this.

          • Tars,

            Dont get me wrong… if you have the excess means to buy good gear and MREs… by all means do so.

            But if my choices for TEOTW are a redneck deadeye with a .22 showing up with a brace of squirrels, the ability to make moonshine and hotwire a car, and his Wiccan baby momma who knows medicinal herbs… or the mid-level exec that moonlights as a prepper with his custom AR-10, 20 rounds of ammo, and a 300,000 lumin flashlight for which he is frantically reading the instructions… well, I’m going with the crackshot cracker and the witch. Hands down.

          • Its a misinterpretation of what is going on .
            Most of us grew up in a consumer society and talking about what we bought is essentially status whoring for Joe Sixpack
            Besides people like to share and the risks of saying “I have a cool knife you might like.” on YouTube is really low risk and might score some swag.
            These days prepping is mainstream and commonplace enough you can buy dried food at any Big Box in the boonies.
            That said old fashioned rural preps aren’t for the most part something that needs to be shared. Yes I have a shovel and some water and such.
            Its not interesting enough to share so you don’t see it.

          • Not much I disagree with there.
            The way I see it is that there are people who see the problems we see (even if not from our viewpoint) and have an intuitive (if not explicit) understanding that there might be problems. These people do what they can to be as prepared as possible, maybe occasionally doing stuff that seems excessive. But these are the people I am not talking about.

          • These are my thoughts on prepping.

            I’m trapped in a small apartment right now. I barely have room for furniture, much less endless prepper supplies. This isn’t by choice but can’t be fixed right now. The problem I have is being trapped where we can’t save enough to escape (Portland, OR area) and knowing no one else around who cares about what’s happening except for those of my neighbors who are on the wrong side.

            My wife might soon have an opportunity to take a job in Phoenix, AZ. The rents are lower there and it would certainly be nice to get away from Oregon’s 9 months of rain. I know AZ is overrun by Mexicans but I actually prefer them to white hipsters. Some Mexicans are quite based while pretty much all hipsters are far too smug and self satisfied to reach. My job is crap right now and I’m sure I can get a better or at least not worse one in AZ. Going to AZ might not be a permanent solution either. It would at least give us the ability to save money. Which brings me to….

            Mobile and skills based prepping: Given where I’m at right now (both geographically and mentally) I feel like it would be more helpful to focus on learning new skills like welding, machining, wiring, basic farming that can work anywhere, gunsmithing and sharpening my shooting skills, and maybe looking at used RVs. I know this conjures up talk of Mad Max but honestly, there are MUCH worse fates than living for a while in an armored RV. I’ve written here before about how I see the eventual US breakup as resembling more the India/Pakistan partition than the US CWI. In any case it seems to me that the nature of the prep depends on the nature of the threat. This is also why so many preppers seem crazy. They’ve got everything from asteroid strikes, to climate change, to race wars on their list of worries but your approach to those things needs to be as diverse as the threats themselves. It seems to me that staying mobile and having lots of useful skills, both for use in barter and in repairing you own equipment, is the best strategy until things stabilize more.

            Anyway, these are some ideas I got to thinking about today as I wrote a long post on “civil unrest” on a gun forum I frequent this morning. I just wanted to throw this out there and see what people thought.

          • I know Portland is pretty left wing, but isn’t it mostly white? While it certainly comes with its own problems, not being around diversity is probably the most important thing you can do if you see something akin to 1947 India. Better still, is they don’t need to pass through Oregon on their way to Central and South America or Puerto Rico.
            Personally, I see economics as the bigger risk (more likely to happen in the next 10 years). The race war just seems very unlikely in the immediate future without severe economic disruption. This crap has been happening since the 60s and 2 sided race riots (where whites riot against blacks and black riots) has a history going back to before the founding.
            I read part of a book in the last couple years called “The Philadelphia Negro” and it really shed a lot of light on the race problem. All of the same crap was happening in the 1600s. Quakers were the Jews of their day forever trying to make blacks white and failing just as miserably at that goal as today. Race riots and gibs programs and capitulation followed by a complete failure to change anything.

          • It certainly is white. The problem is that almost everyone is a deracinated virtue sniveling lefty and the city itself is now unlivable as well as so expensive we can’t really afford to live here anymore. Think San Francisco with fewer gays, slightly fewer homeless, and much shittier weather. I can easily see Portland’s downtown being taken over by the same communists who seized Seattle. I don’t think those people would last long in AZ. Literally and figuratively they couldn’t take the heat.

            There’s also a problem that I keep running into which is that virtually ALL of the “tech” jobs here are in fru-fru little startups full of hipsters and SJWs. These people are often incompetent but they get jobs because they “fit the company culture”. I’ve been told straight out that I do not fit many times. Well I don’t. I wouldn’t want to fit in with these people. Arizona would probably just be a way-station anyway where we save some money for a while. Also, there are lots of Mexicans there but also lots of ex-military right wing whites and conservative minded retirees. I would fit better with those white people than the pastey shitlibs here. Thanks for the feedback, Tars.

        • well, guess it a technique. i am an academician. I suspect the waters i swim in would be like a moonscape to you.
          probaly hard to believe, but some consider me eccentric. If one calls oneself a crackpot a in self-depreciating manner you stay a harmless eccentric. If you stockpile weapons and speak darkly of the coming collapse you sound dangerous. If you keep it light and airy, you can get away with alot. haha, you’re not a beekeeper are you? Did i hit too close to home. my apologies if i did. you one of my favorites.

        • Like the business I’m in, it is merely an assessment of probabilities. Our term of art for actuarial purposes is “tail events”. You adjust your “preparedness” based on the probabilities of different events–based on geography and current events. It would differ from case to case. And you allocate resources devoted based on that.

        • Prepping is many things. My 2 cents are that the right prepping, for your situation, is a very, very good idea.

          The way I see it, prepping is akin to survivalism but openended. In survival training you often learn that your first four priorities are medical (are you hurt, do you need to bandage something etc), shelter, water and food, in that order. If there are hostiles (or alternatively dangerous animals, effectively a lion or grizzly is a non-human hostiles), avoiding contact w them moves up to the front.

          Among things I find incredibly sensible are food for a long time, water purification, a knife, a gun for self-defense and some ranged weapon that uses renewable or reusable ammo for hunting such as a bow and arrow.

    • Things will get real when whites realize legitimate government power is finished. Can’t respect authority when there is none. We’ll have to build a new one.

      • I’m throwing my hat in the ring for warlord. The quaratine has given me delusions of grandeur. Actually, that chaz may have inadvertently shown us the way out. I wonder what would happen if whites declared a autonomous zone, say west virginia, and picked a warlord to run the place.

        • National guard. If that didn’t work army. If that didn’t work ……you get the idea. We are going to be much more circumspect than that at first, unless we are led by madmen.

          • I take it I don’t gete ur vote for warlord? Fine, when my candidicy for warlord is sucessful your accss to my stable of concubines (all the women in WV between ages of 17-25) will be severely limited.

          • Re: Army and National Guard now contains disproportionately high numbers of blacks and Hispanics. If you send SGT Quintonius into his old hood and tell him to shoot Shaquan, his loyalties may become conflicted. Maybe some White officers accidentally get shot in the back somehow, um jes sayin…

          • The Military: hard to predict how they’d act in a system breakdown scenario. The military is heavily Southern. 57% white, 16% black, 16% Hispanic. In a mutiny situation, I’d expect factions rapidly would form along racial lines. The services actually are the better portion of the population, increasingly so with the more melanin. 40% of Blacks are too stupid to even enlist, 30% of Latinos, 15% of Whties (roughly, only considers High School Grads). Regardless of race, you could rest assured they would not be friendly to civilians, that language in the Bill of Rights notwithstanding. On the other hand, they might make alliances with local warlords. Or become them.

          • Think Camp of the Saints. Nuke.

            By the way, I think the medium-term goal of the statue-pullers is to delegitimatize the Constitution as written by slave-approvers and then get rid of it.

            I know that document is no longer operative, but this move, which I expect by the end of the year if Trump wins, will shake a big group of whites our way.

        • SidVic,

          Will consider it. Have a few questions first. Will you have dental and medical? Obviously profit-sharing but stock options? Can I opt out of rapine (not my cup of tea and Mrs. P would surgically reduce my T level) if I really throw myself at the whole pillage and plunder part of the job? Finally, as a Scots descendant I’m quite comfortable in wool but I find leather chaffing… will there be allowances for warlord henchmen uniform variations? Thanks in advance for your consideration.

          • FYI Penitent Man

            Im at the hospital getting a stress test, and while waiting, am reading the blog. Your comment responding to Sid regarding conditions for your vote made me laugh out loud and have difficulty breathing.

            the Drs and nurses think I’m nuts.

            Thank you for the satisfying laugh!

          • Bartleby,

            Health to you, Sir. If SidVic offers a telecommute-friendly horde environment I’m definitely interested.

          • Medical and Dental are covered, but necessarily primitive. I have a buddy that is a vet, but to be honest, i’m a little concerned about his range of treatment modalities. Most appear to involve “putting em down”. Finally, as alluded to above, access to the harem is the primary reward for supporters. Except the redheads, those are reserved for me and the most accomplished redheaded warriors. Part of our mission statement will include conserving the highly recessive redheaded genes in thier purest form.

          • Mrs. P is already a redhead and mostly Scandi/Irish so I’m good on no access to the harem. I’ll opt out but take inner-circle “reward” (if I merit that) in full access to the horde-espresso-capucino machine in lieu. I feel like we could really be a good team (well, you know… warlord/henchman arrangement) and look forward to seeing some of your employment brochures.

          • Past breeding age. Dont get any ideas Warlord. Hate to upset that dynastic cart you are planning before it even has a chance to get harnessed to a team. 😁

          • Dude….way visual! You and Mrs. P sit down for an evening watching The Warlord/Charlton Heston, and a hefty bribe to Mrs. P so you can get about learning to pillage, and the advantage of The Privilege of the Gentry Warlord. Ahhum…

          • Range,

            Thanks for the tip on the Heston film. Mrs. P is a bit new-age and I laid it on too hard with having her watch “Vikings” (the newer series). She insists her ancestors were simple sea-faring farm folk that were invited to Dalriada by welcoming Saxons and Celts. Me pinning her down and forcing her eyes open to watch the “blood eagle” scene while yelling “farmers my ass!” might have been too much. And we’ve met… you know I always strive to be gentlemanly. But seriously… sea-faring farm folk? My ass.

          • Oh good Lord! Just slipped off the bed laughing! You wise man you! Basic Husband has remnants of red hair and whitey white freckles. After reading Cornwell’s Uhtred series, I tease him the Vikings certainly stopped in his East Brit village and had their way.

        • We would have to brand it as something other than “white.” Going all white separatist at this early stage would be suicidal.

          • good piont. We will make it a spooky hillbilly enclave. No mention of race at all. If cameras arrive it will be necessary to black out every other tooth and throw on a dirty pair of overalls or the henchmen uniforms that PM mentioned. Hell we will actually actively recruit blacks, just in a ham-fisted and uncool way. I don’t really joke here. I have being laying on the spooky appalacian shit for years now. It works, blacks are terrified to come here. Sometimes i will see a black guy at a interstate gas station and screw with him for fun. In my best hillbilly accent ” hey bubba, you not from around here, are yous?” “anyone ever tell you, you got shapely lips?” things of that sort and maybe twitch a bit. Most of the time they smoking tires getting on the interstate. In the new world whites will have to become crafty.

          • I’ll stop now. I think actually slipped into real campaign mode for a moment. Who knew warlord larping could be so much fun.

          • Heh. Coincidentally, I watched Deliverance, for the umpteenth time, Saturday night. It’s a perfect film. And I’ll take Aintree, even under a lake, over Seattle every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        • Sid, you’ve got my vote if you’ll provide a Paige for carrying weapons and things, maybe some transportation (horse? donkey? MadMax vehicle?), and have a BBQ now and then.

      • “Legitimate government ” was the weapon they have been using for more than a century to undermine and alter all of our institutions and culture. We’ve been manipulated into wars, into mortgaging our future and that of our children and grandchildren, traditional communities have been atomized so effectively that we now have more meaningful relationships with fictional characters on television than we do with our neighbors, our families and our friends. Through legitimate government we have been enslaved to the needs of the market and we’ve been bamboozled into handing over our civilization to savages and parasites.

        So now their work is almost done. Why bother with the formalities any longer. Let the beasts run wild. Collapse? Thank God. Finally.

        • “Consent of the governed” was always the phrase and considerable money and effort was expended manufacturing the illusion of such consent.
          Either the desire or capacity for such Prestidigitation has gone. I’ve been ranting at the few who will listen (And I suspect that the dog never really understood) for several years that civilizational collapse was first, nigh, lately starting, but I had no idea that a return to pre-enlightenment mores could be accomplished in 6 months just because of the flu.

        • I. subvert the government

          II. demoralize the people so they can’t tell the difference

          III. have your way

          Yep, collapse, and yep, thank God. If that’s what it takes, so be it.

      • One schism that’s going to afflict our side for a considerable time is that ppl, otherwise on the same side of the big issues, will arrive at the conclusion that ‘legitimate’ power is dead and that ‘vigilante’ power is therefore legitimate, at very different rates.

        Some will be using force on their own for understandable reason while others will condemn this as ‘criminal’. And this will be a tough issue to agree to disagree on. I’m personally moving towards ‘it’s soon cowboy land and you are morally entitled to use your own force instead of running to the undependable and unpredicable ‘authorities.’ But others, who have not broken through that glass door will be ‘appalled’ by this even if they are right in their minds. This is a bad place to burn bridges on I think but will be hard to tackle.

        • Not sure how it’ll work. All I know is white people can’t stand a lack of peace and good order in the neighborhood. That’ll help move things along.

    • This is one of the most black-pilled comment sections around. And you’re gonna act like your black-pilled comment was “poo-poo’ed”? Your Mad Max scenario is pretty much predicted here about 50 times a day.

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